Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature)AN12-23-09[WIP]

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature)AN12-23-09[WIP]

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'Title: Scientists and Transgenics

Author: SnowyOwl-17

Category: Roswell/Dark Angel Crossover

Pairing: Alec/Liz (obviously)

Rating: I'm leaning toward a Mature rating...I don't think that it will be an Adult rating, but I'll be sure to change it if it does

Disclaimer: Alright so I don't own Dark Angel or Roswell...cause you know if I did they would both still be on TV. Anyway, both shows are owned by their respected creators and all the others who worked on them...I mearly have been inspired to take their characters and write about them. I also don't own the...main idea (?)...behind this story. It was a challenge that was thought up by Jezebel Jinx...I have mearly decided to take that challenge and hopefully produce something you enjoy!!! :D

Summary: This is a Challenge that was posted by Jezebel Jinx...
#34 Scientists and Transgenics Taken by SnowyOwl-17

Couple: Alec/Liz

Rating: Teen/Mature/or Adult

Summary: Alec is a transgenic, Liz is a new Manticore scientist. It is against the rules to have relations with a transgenic let alone fall in love with one but in this matter Liz doesn't follow the rules very well.



-Liz killing someone to save Alec

-Alec meeting Rachel/another transgenic could have been sent or Alec doesn't fall for can basically do whatever they want with this story line.

-Liz becomes pregnant by Alec.





Liz smiled to herself. She had finally done it. After all of the shit she had been though during her high school years and her time in Roswell…she had finally done it. She took a moment to look at the school she had called home for the past five years.

Looking back at the diploma within her grasp, she once again and smiled and whispered to herself, “I did it, Alex. I just wish you could be here to see it.” As her eyes welled up with tears she felt an arm wrap around her waist, “He is here to see it, Chica. And I can tell you right now we are both so proud of our Harvard Graduate.”

Liz turned to look at Maria De Luca-Guerin, her best friend, “Thanks, Ria.”
Maria shook her head, “No thanks needed, Chica. As long as we both followed our dreams, that’s all we could have done to truly honor his memory.”

The two hugged each other tightly as they got misty eyed thinking about their friend who was there in their hearts, memories and in spirit, “So where are you going, Miss. Harvard-grad-microbiologist?”

Liz laughed and pulled back from the hug, “Wyoming. I'm a new scientist in a DNA Lab. I'm helping other scientists see if there is a way to prevent certain birth defects in fetuses.”

Maria looked at her friend with wide eyes, “Wow! From Roswell to Wyoming…just with a better paycheck! So, when you become the world's next doctor that cures some famous disease, remember that I was there when you wanted to bash your head against the wall as you studied for your Biology Final senior year.”

Liz laughed and shook her head, “Yeah, Yeah, not my most shining of moments. But you have no worries, I promise not to forget you. Besides how could I, you know for a fact you are going to call me everyday, even if you have to tell your manager to go shove himself.”

Maria thought about it for a moment, but then nodded, “Yeah, you're right.” The two laughed and then hugged one more time.

“Thank you, so much, for helping me pack up my stuff last night,” Liz said. Maria just waived her off, “Don't even worry about it, Chica. Now remember to call me when you get to Wyoming, yeah?”

Liz nodded, “I will. But you better go…your manager is glaring at us again.”

Maria just rolled her eyes, “Don't worry about him. He’s just on a power trip because Michael is at home with Isabel, trying to keep Jesse alive while dealing with a very pregnant princess.”

Just thinking about it caused Liz to cringe, “Well better Michael than Max. Isabel would probably blow him up.”

Maria just laughed, “Yeah, I think he is as high on her shit list as the Gerbil.”

The two had one last laugh and then said good-bye. Maria heading back to Roswell, where she and Michael were staying until Isabel gave birth, and Liz to get some last minute things done before she headed off to Wyoming.
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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch1 7-3-07

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Liz sighed as she made her way to the Med Lab. On one hand she really no longer wanted this job. She hated that she had unknowingly become apart of another government conspiracy…that technically the government didn’t even know about. That was certainly one she had never thought she would have ever heard, and yet here she was. She hated the fact that there was nothing she could do to stop the hell these soldiers were put through. She also knew that if she tried to leave…they would kill her to keep her quiet.

Dieing wasn’t what she was afraid of…going out with an alien king had rid her of that fear far more quickly than she had ever thought possible. What truly scared her was if she left…the soldiers she helped wouldn’t have what little help and compassion she was allowed to show. Over the months that she had been here she had met a few of the soldiers and she knew that they were thankful for what little help she could give them.

So there it was…the other hand that outweighed her need to leave…and it just happened to be her need to help. Michael had always told her that she was to nice for her own good…if only he know how true he was.

Liz put on her smile as she opened the door to the room that had a soldier waiting for her, “Hi there, 494. I’m Liz from the DNA Lab. And I’ll be tending to that wound of yours…do you have any questions?” She could tell that he was confused and he had every right to be…most DNA Lab Techs didn’t make it to the Med Lab. She gave a slight giggle which got his attention, “I was first trained as a Medical practitioner and then in Molecular Biology. So every now and then they have me on double duty.”

She had read over his file before, so she knew that he was only following ‘orders’ to not question his ‘superiors’. And according to Manticore riles for the soldiers, even the doctors were their superiors. She had to admit, he was a good soldier. She had a feeling he would flourish under Michael’s Command…and maybe one day he could even surpass him…but she knew that stuck in here she would never get the chance to see him do so.

Despite the depressing thoughts running through her mind, she kept her smile as she put on her rubber gloves, “Alright mister lets get this shirt off and take a look at the injury, shall we?” She had to laugh as he moved to take his shirt off, “Hold it right there soldier. I know you have a far better healing system than I do, but until I know what your injury consists of, what do you say we try not to make it worse, okay?”

She couldn’t help smiling again at his confusion. She moved her hands to the hem of his shirt and gently began take it off of him, while trying her best not to injure him more than he already was. “You can talk, 494. I’m not going to tell anyone that you had an intelligent thought and voiced it. Heaven forbid you do something so human,” she couldn’t help the sarcasm that poured out of her voice as she thought of Manticore’s ridiculous riles.

“You’re not like the others,” was his first statement as he watched her gently remove his shirt from his bloody injury.

Liz just gave a knowing laugh as she brought up a damp towel to remove some of the dried blood on his shirt, that was holding the shirt to his injury…no need to reopen and scabbed cuts. “Yeah, I’ve never really been one for rules. My brother-in-law, Michael, used to nearly rip his hair out when we were teenagers,” she said with a smile at the thought of General Stickler-for-being-in-charge.

“You’re married?” he asked.

Liz chuckled and shook her head, “No, he’s married to my best-friend and sister, Maria. I dated Michael’s best-friend/brother when we were younger, but I would never want to be married to the man.” She kept her focus on his shirt as she finally got the fabric loose from the drying blood and jagged skin of his open injury.

“Is this Michael a rules guy or something?” he asked causing her to look up at him in amusement. She could almost see his desire to roll his eyes at the thought. She just smiled at him and shook her head as she began to gently clean the blood off of his shoulder, “No, he comes from a long line of Military men. His twin brother was a general in the Military and his older brother…his much older brother was more or less in charge of an entire army. Rathard, his older brother, followed in their father’s foot steps. His twin brother, Brendan, was killed in the line of fire when he and Michael were 17 (A/N: I know that this age sounds unrealistic, however I’m going on the assumption that the Antarian army doesn’t have and age limit. So just go with me on this. Also, Brendan is Rath from New York, but if you have any confusion let me know.), she stopped to retrieve another cleansing pad and throw away the used one.

“Vladimir, his father was killed in action before Michael and Brendan were born. Rathard was killed protecting his unit when Michael and Brendan were 12,” she began again. “And at 14 Michael’s mother lost her battle with a rare form of Cancer. By 15 both Michael and Brendan were in foster homes. Michael wanted to join the army as the men in his family before him had, however, the foster family he was with, refused to allow him to join. – By the time he was old enough to join to do what he wanted, he was dating Maria. She didn’t want him gone all the time, so he joined the army to get through college and then he came home and married Ria,” she finished with a smile on her face at the memories those stories brought forward.

She had known this story by heart; it was kind of hard to forget when technically Michael WAS Rathard and ‘Brendan’. And technically Michael was head of an army…it was just the Antarian Army. Needless to say Maria refused to loose him to two armies.

By now Liz could finally see the actual injury that 494 had sustained. “Well it looks like that bullet is going to have to come out,” she said in amusement at his surprised look. “Bullet?” he asked. She leant the palms of her hands on the medical bed and looked at him with a big smile, “Yeah, big guy…a bullet. Your adrenaline probably kept you from noticing it and then because of your DNA makeup most of the pain was gone which probably registered to your brain as a small scratch.”

494 sighed and rolled his eyes, “Great, and here I thought this would be the first time I didn’t get shot on a mission.”

Liz laughed as she grabbed the tongs that would allow her to gently, as possible, pull the bullet out, “You get shot on every mission?” She knew he was watching her work; she could feel those green orbs on her. “Seems like it,” he muttered.

“Well, you’re taking this better than I would have. I was shot once in my life, and that by far was enough for me,” she said as she frowned in concentration as she found and grasped onto the bullet.

“You were shot?” she could hear the surprise in his voice. She just nodded, “Yeah. I was 16 and working at my parent’s diner. Wrong place at the wrong time…got shot in my abdomen and almost bled to death on my dad’s restaurant floor. Not a fun time let me tell you.”

She caught him looking at her with a raised eyebrow after she placed the bullet in a kidney dish. She gave him a smile and laughed self-consciously, “What?”

He just smiled and then lifted his left hand and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, “You’re like no one else here.” Liz blushed and ducked her head slightly as she picked up an alcohol pad to wipe his injury clean. “Thanks,” she said in a whisper and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He smiled at her wider when she saw her look at him. She couldn’t help but smile in return.

After cleaning the hole in his shoulder she looked at him, with the smile he knew he was putting there, “You need stitches, big guy.” He smiled and gently grabbed a hold of her wrist, “Can I see where you were shot first?”

Liz smiled widely, “Well I would but I don’t think they’d appreciate me flying you all the way to New Mexico just to show you exactly what tile had my blood on it.”

He smiled at her and laughed, “Oh you think you’re funny do you?”

Liz laughed, “I’ll make a deal with you. You let me stitch and patch you up and I’ll show you my scar.”

He leaned forward; close enough that she got a front row seat to see the mischief twinkling in his eyes. “You got yourself a deal, smartass,” and then he leaned in and pressed a light kiss to her lips.

When he pulled back he had to chuckle at the shocked look on her face. After a moment she finally woke up and smacked his chest lightly, “You’re supposed to call a girl pretty or something like that before you kiss them! You don’t call her a smartass, you smart aleck!”

He just smiled at her the entire time after that and watched her face as she fixed him up. Finally he felt her placing a gauze patch on his shoulder and then taping it up. She began backing up a bit but he caught the hem of her shirt, “I thought I got to see this scar of your?”

She smiled and nodded her head, “Go ahead.” He smiled and placed on hand on her hip, pulling her back to him. He gently lifted the bottom of her shirt to look at her abdomen. She knew when he saw it, because the hand on her hip gripped her a little tighter. He looked up at her and into her eyes as the thumb of the hand holding her shirt, traced the scar she had gotten when she was 16. And that’s how they were for a few moments.


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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch2 7-7-07

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Since the day she had fixed up 494, no one at Manticore had yet to ask her to do double duty in the Med Lab. But a couple times they had passed each other, and there was always this smirk on his face that she would just have to smile and roll her eyes at.

Ever since he had kissed her and the look in his eyes when he traced her scar…the smart aleck and he beautiful green orbs had yet to leave her mind or her dreams.

She had once thought that the only eyes she would ever fall into would be those of Max Evans…and yet every night she fell farther and farther into those gorgeous green eyes. Maybe—just maybe she was finding apart of herself that she thought Max Evans had destroyed a long time ago.

The door to the DNA Lab slamming open brought her out of her thoughts. She quickly turned and found Lydecker standing there with a few guards next to him. “Miss. Parker, we are going to be moving you to the upper Labs, with 494.—Are you aware of the rouge X5 that has already killed 5 victims?”

Liz nodded in confusion, “Yes. My records show it is X5-493 from the escape unit in 2009. What do you need me to do?”

She could have sworn she saw a slight pleased look on his face, however, it was gone as fast as it…slightly…appeared.

“Well, Miss. Parker, I don’t know if you are aware, but 494 and 493 are genetic twins…in every sense of the word,” he said stoically.

Liz didn’t know what emotion she was supposed to be feeling; but so far she was having an inner battle between shock, concern, worry and dread. She knew that even if they hadn’t caught 493 yet…494 was still being tested and put through psyops.

Lydecker interrupted her thoughts, “Miss. Parker, you specialize in microbiology. We still have 493’s records and blood samples from when he was a child. I need you to test those against 494.”

Liz frowned as she began thinking, “That should work; however, newer samples from 493 would help greatly. I realize that his, 493, DNA wouldn’t have changed; but, to put it simply, having him out in the world causes to many unaccounted for variables. I don’t know if 493 had been exposed to something or had taken something. I need as much information as I can get to assure that I can either determine that it is or is not genetic.”

She watched as Lydecker looked at her for a few moments and then turned to the guards, “Go get what she needs.” After the guards left he turned back to her, “We have been a step behind Ben…493…the entire way. It will take some time before we can get you new data and samples.”

They were both silent and staring at the other before Liz finally broke the silence, “Ben?” Lydecker sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, “The 2009 unit was known as unit 2.—they are my kids…as are all these kids here. But there was one special one in unit 2. She was X5-452. She called herself Max. I made her to look like my late wife. She was going to be the daughter that we never had. Also in her unit was X5-493 or Ben and X5-599, Zach. All the kids in unit 2 were like bothers and sisters…but Max, Ben and Zach were always closer. Zach was the Commanding Officer and Ben was the Second in Command.”

Liz sat down as she tried to grasp what he was telling her, however, ultimately something didn’t make sense. “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking…why are you telling me this?” she asked him in confusion.

Lydecker looked at her with a smile, “I’ve been watching you while you’ve been here. When you take care of the younger kids you mother them. And with the older ones you befriend them. You show them compassion. —At first I wasn’t sure if that was something they should know…but then this thing with Ben happened.”

Liz watched as Lydecker stared off into space, “He had turned into a cold blooded killer. I’ve checked into the background of all his victims. There is no connection between them. In fact most of them were good people.”

Lydecker turned to Liz, “What is your impression of 494?”

Surprised, Liz had to this for a moment, “He is a good soldier. He follows orders, and doesn’t step out of turn even when he is confused.” Lydecker smirked, “But…”

Liz sighed, “But he and the rest were taught loyalty to their unit. Which is how it should be, however, you have to account for the fact that that loyalty is going to carry over into friendships, relationships and family. It’s not just human instinct. Your X5’s are part feline…cats are the same way, domestic or otherwise.”

Lydecker actually looked interested in what she was saying, “Sir was there something that happened before unit 2 escaped?”

Lydecker seemed to think about it for a moment, and then nodded, “Yes. Their brother Jack died from a seizer. And the night they escaped it appeared Max was suffering from one as well. Zach was holding her upright and Eva had a gun pointed at me. On of the guards shot and killed her. All I wanted to do was get to Max. –She is my little girl.”

Liz couldn’t help but sympathize with Lydecker. On some level she didn’t want to…but the look on his face…she saw the internal torture he felt. “Sir, you have to think of it from their point of view. Your idea is that you are providing a home, protection and the necessary skills for your children. But to them…they needed to protect their pack. Most likely Jack’s death probably made them think that you thought Jack was defected and expendable. And then Max starts having a seizure…they weren’t willing to loose another of their pack. –Animals have a protective nature to them. They probably felt like they failed Jack in their inability to protect him. – They wouldn’t want to fail another of their siblings…another of their pack.”

She could tell that Lydecker understood what she was saying…after all he was a man of science. However, she was not beginning to understand something as well.

Liz got up and walked over to the stack of files on her desk. When she found the ones she was looking for, she brought them over to Lydecker, “These are some things Renfro has me working on…you might want to take a look.”

Lydecker looked confused, but took the files and took a quick glance at them, “Let me make copies of these and then I’ll get them back to you.”

Liz nodded and watched as Lydecker moved to leave the Lab, “Lydecker…is 494… conscious?”

Lydecker turned to her and raised an eyebrow, but answered her anyway, “No. Renfro assumed psyops and reindoctrination was the action to be taken and placed him in for extensive doses. I had originally planned for a simple genetics comparison, as I am having you do, and to use the psyops as a last resort if needed. –I had him removed from psyops as soon as I heard he was there…why?”

Liz took a deep breath, “It’s that loyalty to the pack thing. When he first wakes up he will most likely associate me with his pack, because I’ll be the one ‘caring’ for him…if he sees or senses the guards, whether he’s hurt or not…he’ll attack.”

Lydecker looked confused and surprised, “You want me to leave you alone with and X5 without guards?”

It was Liz’s turn to raise an eyebrow, “You tell me you’ve been watching me since I’ve been here, and you expect me to believe you didn’t watch me and 494 that day in the MED LAB? In fact I’m guessing that’s another reason you picked me over the other DNA techs, to do this.”

Lydecker smirked, “You and I are going to get along fabulously, Miss. Parker. –Just make sure you keep taking care of my kids…especially 494.”

Liz, again, raised an eyebrow as she watched Lydecker leave with what appeared to be a knowing smirk on his face.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch3 7-15-07

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Liz raised an eyebrow as she took in the “Lab” that Lydecker was moving her and 494 into. It was an open floor plan…except for the bathroom. To the left was about a 20 by 20 foot area that was the Lab and the rest looked like an open loft.

Liz looked at Lydecker waiting for an explanation. He just gave a slight chuckle, “This was Sandaman’s old living quarters. He was the original founder of Manticore. These kids are as much his as they are mine, however, the committee, at the time, had gotten power hungry and decided to make his kids for something more than he had intended.—He’s been hiding ever since.”

Liz couldn't help but think that Renfro was most likely a perfect example of what the committee had once been like; she was sure that there were probably a few still like that. All she could do was hope that they were fewer and greatly out numbered.

Liz walked over to the lab to investigate, “He knew Microbiology and DNA testing.”

Lydecker nodded, “You’re the best Manticore has seen since Sandaman himself. –And he would be thrilled to see someone care for his kids as much as he does.”

Liz shrugged, “Off the record, I think your X7’s are slightly creepy.”

Lydecker let out an amused chuckle, “Most do.” He turned toward the door at the sound of a knock resonating from outside the doorway. He opened the door and motioned for the guards to carry in the things from Liz’s desk in the DNA Lab; some of her personal things from her private quarters as well as a still unconscious 494, on a hospital bed.

Liz knew to put on her ‘government’ face. “Put my personal things on the couch. Put my Lab stuff on the table, I’ll unpack it all myself. And put 494 on the bed, and then you can leave the hospital bed in front of the Lab’s Island,” she told the guards in her best ‘just do it or else’ voice. Both she and Lydecker kept a watchful eye on all of them until they were done.

Lydecker nodded, “You’re dismissed.” The guards hesitated. One was even brave…or stupid… enough to look back as 494. Noticing this, Lydecker yelled, “You’re dismissed!” The guards quickly departed. However, Lydecker noticed two guards take position outside the door. He walked over to them, “What are you two doing here?”

One of them spoke, “Sir, we have orders from Renfro to stand guard.”

Then Renfro appeared, “Yes, they do. I noticed you must have forgotten to assign guards. So I took the liberty of creating a schedule myself.”

Liz wanted to roll her eyes at how proud of herself Renfro sounded. Renfro reminded her a bit too much of Tess Harding…She hated the woman even more now than she already had.

Lydecker glared at Renfro, “Did you check the entire report?” The condescending tone he used caused Renfro to waiver in her confidence, something both Liz and Lydecker caught, “If you had read the entire report you would have noticed that the entire Committee of Manticore decided against guards being posted and that people without a high enough clearance was not allowed up here!”

Liz watched as Lydecker stepped to Renfro. He toward over her and spoke in a deadly soft voice, “You don’t have clearance to be here. –You better watch your step—you’re playing on a short leash. Your position here at Manticore does not have half of the rights you seem to think it does. One more wrong step and I’ll hand you to the committee.”

Liz had to pretend to be preoccupied with one of her files so that she wouldn’t burst out laughing. She knew Renfro had never seen Lydecker like this…Daddy was playing today. And today, Daddy had a wounded cub that needed protecting.

She looked up just as Lydecker looked at the three standing outside the door, “You are dismissed. And you better call of the guards because you really don’t want me to have to do it for you.”

After Lydecker closed the door Liz smiled at him, “How did it feel? Protecting your son like that?”

Lydecker smiled and looked over at 494, “It felt really good.”

Liz smiled and motioned to the door, “Go on, Daddy. You’ve got work to do. –Don’t worry I’ll take good care of him.”

Lydecker gave her a small smile before reluctantly walking out the door and leaving her alone with 494.

A few hours later Liz had finished unpacking all of the stuff she had brought from her desk in the DNA Lab, as well as the data Lydecker had given her on 493. Her personal items were in the bureau, as well as some extra Manticore fatigues she had requested for 494.

Now, having done that, she was checking 494’s vitals to make sure he was okay. Everything appeared to be in working order…Now; it was just a waiting game until he woke up.

She had to smile as she took in the sight of the young man before her. Granted, he wasn’t much younger than her; he was probably around 20-22 years old. That would only make him between 2-4 years younger than her. Yet, when he was asleep he had this boyish innocence about him. It was rather adorable.

“Are you going to stop looking at me soon? I know I’m gorgeous, but I’m trying to sleep here!” his voice startled her out of her thoughts.

She had to laugh at that, “How long have you been awake, Alec?”

He opened his eyes slowly and looked at her in confusion, “Alec?”

She just smiled down at him, “I got sick of calling you 494 and I can’t go around calling you smart aleck…” she shrugged, “So I decided on Alec…” She became solemn at her next thought, “Plus…sometimes, when you truly smile, you get this mischievous look in your eyes that reminds me of my friend Alex.”

Alec took her hand into his own and gave it a gentle squeeze, “Alex?”

She gave him a watery smile, “He was mine and Maria’s best friend growing up. He was killed when we were 17. He’s the reason I am where I am today. By the time he was killed I had more or less given up my dream of going to Harvard and being a scientist…But I wanted to honor his memory…and he always encouraged me to follow my dreams.” She let out a strangled laugh, “And here I am a Harvard graduate and a scientist. And I couldn’t be happier…” she paused to think about it for a moment, “Well I could be…but for that Renfro would have to be dead,” she shrugged slightly.

Alec laughed; but then he got serious, “I don’t really know how all of this comforting stuff works out there…but if you need to talk…”

Liz smiled and nodded as he trailed off.

But then he sat up and moved closer to her, “Thank you, for naming me after someone important to you. I kinda like that my name wasn’t just randomly picked.”

Liz smiled and closed the distance between them and brushed her lips lightly over his. After a moment she pulled back and smiled with unshed tears in her eyes, “You’re welcome…and thank you for understanding the importance of the name.”

“Now, stop stalling and answer the question… How long have you been awake?” she teased to try and lighten the mood.

This time he glared at her, “Since you stuck that damn thermometer in my mouth. I almost chocked to death!”

Liz just smirked and patted him on the shoulder, “Toughen up there, big guy. It was only an itty bitty thermometer for the guy who has better gag reflexes than a new born baby. Besides it wasn’t like it was going to kick your ass. –Now, I need a sample of your blood. Then you can take a shower; it’s through that door over there and I had Lydecker get you some extra fatigues that you can find in the bottom drawer of the bureau.”

She could feel his eyes on her as she walked over to the lab area and collect a few things before walking back over to him. She sat on the edge of the bed next to him, slipped on some surgical gloves, tied a piece of rubber tubing around his upper arm, cleaned a spot on his forearm, and then drew a small test tube full of blood. She then took a piece of gauze and placed it over the pinhole, “Hold this here.” She waited until he did and then she removed the rubber tubing.

She smiled at him, “Alright, you’re all set. You can take a shower now.”

She went to go get up when he gently grabbed her arm. She looked at him and noticed his serious face, “Liz…why is this happening to me? What did I do? What did I do that made them just one day pull me out of drills and throw me in psyops and reindoctrinization? And now they have a tech from the DNA Lab studying my blood? Lizzie…what did I do?”

Her breath caught in her throat at the desperate tone his voice had taken. They really hadn’t told him what was going on…he thought he was being punished.

She removed her gloves and put everything on the floor next to the bed, yet never broke eye contact. She moved herself more onto the bed and took both of his hands into her own, “You didn’t do anything, Alec. You’re not being punished, I promise. –Do you remember that unit that escaped in 2009?”

He nodded, “Yeah. But what does that have to do with what is happening to me?”

Liz took a deep breath and cupped one side of his face, “X5-493 is your genetic twin brother. He was one of the 09ers to escape. And recently he has been killing innocent people and tattooing his barcode on the back of their necks. The murders are always the same and extremely brutal. They have been one step behind him the whole way and they are beginning to think they may have to kill him…that he may be beyond help. –They just want to make sure that what ever is causing 493 to do this is not going to happen to you. Renfro was the one who threw you into psyops and reindoctrinization. Lydecker had you pulled out as soon as he found out.”

“So I was being punished for something my genetic twin brother, a twin brother they created, did?”

She could hear his anger and knew it was justified. “Lydecker isn’t going to send you back to psyops or reindoctrinization and Renfro can’t either. You’re here with me for the next 3-6 months at the least. Lydecker also made sure Renfro didn’t have clearance to come up here. From her on out it’s just DNA analysis, okay?” she told him calmly, to try and calm him down.

She noticed his glance toward the entrance. “There are no guards. I specifically asked Lydecker for no guards. He and the committee both agreed that was fine,” she reassured him.

He looked back at her. His eyes were still hesitant and filled with uncertainty, “Just you and me?

Liz smiled and nodded. “Just you and me,” she whispered before leaning in to give him a soft kiss on the lips. She felt him relax tremendously and then he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. She straightened out her legs and lay down next to him as he held on tight.

“Look at my DNA later,” he whispered. She just nodded and let him hold her as he lost himself in his thoughts.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch4 7-20-07

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KiaraAlexis Klay
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It had been just over a month that Liz and Alec had been living in Sandaman’s old living quarters. Everything was going smoothly now that Alec was no longer trailing her every move out of boredom.

Liz looked up from her work and smiled slightly as she watched Alec running on the treadmill that they had gotten Lydecker to bring up for him. She had to shake her head in amusement; Alec spent hours on that thing. He would always joke about keeping up his perfect physique…even though she knew he was more or less designed to never be out of shape. But she had to admit, to the voice in her head, which sounded an awful lot like Maria, when it said, ‘He was made to be sex on legs.’

However, besides the progress she had made in keeping Alec preoccupied and burning the energy he was used to burning on a daily basis what with drills and all, she was making little to no progress with the genetic makeups of Ben and Alec. She had isolated as many individual genetics that she could find within Alec’s DNA. However, Ben’s old DNA had either been taken care of poorly or had been purposely destroyed. At this point all options were more or less open.

So now the only option she had, to see if Alec would turn out like Ben, was to compare Alec’s DNA with that of a different ‘serial killer’. However, that wouldn't prove much of anything since Alec’s and Ben’s DNA is vastly different from that of her ‘new’ samples. Now she just needed Lydecker to find Ben and get her a working sample of his DNA.

But, thankfully, so far her smart aleck seemed to be as clean as a whistle. She was honestly beginning to think that Ben’s biggest problems were mental or chemical imbalances in his brain and it also may have quite a bit to do with the fact that he escaped. None of the 2009 escapees knew anything of the ‘outside’ world, when they escaped. And she was beginning to think it took a toll on Ben more than the others. If Ben and Alec were anything alike, then they both just wanted to be good soldiers and didn't take failure well at all.

Just as she was about to store her daily work, her cell phone began ringing. Liz smiled and took off her gloves to answer the phone, knowing fully well that it was Maria, “Hey, Ria!” However, before she finished Ria was screaming loudly over the phone. Liz had to quickly pull the phone away from her ear; then she smirked when she noticed Alec stumble, on the treadmill, and bring his hands to his ears before looking at the phone with mock death in his eyes.

“Honey, I love you, but could you please save my ears,” Liz asked Maria when she finally brought her cell phone back to her ear.
“Sorry, Chica. I'm just so excited…” Maria said happily. Liz had to laugh, she could just picture Maria jumping up and down in excitement,
“Yes, I can tell. Now are you going to tell me or ruin my ear drums?” Liz chuckled as she began to finish cleaning up her work for the day.

“Isabel had a baby girl!” Maria screamed.

Liz smiled widely, “Really? What is her name?”
“Aleida Diane Ramerez! And she is as cute as a button!” Maria gushed.
“Oh! That’s so cute! Send me pictures, okay? And tell Isabel and Jesse congratulations for me!”

As the conversation continued…on Maria’s end anyway…seeing as how Liz couldn't get a word in edge wise, Liz got more and more suspicious. Maria had always thought babies were cute, but lately she had been extra excited about it. She was about to tease Maria about that fact when there was a knock at the door and Lydecker walked in with and older man.

“Hey, Maria, I have to go, okay? And remember to send me pictures!” she said with a smile, knowing for a fact that Maria was now pouting.
“Fine, but you owe me girl talk soon! I'll talk to you soon, Chica. I love you, bye,” Maria gave in, causing Liz to chuckle.
“Bye, Maria. I love you, too. Say ‘hi’ to Mikey for me!” she teased and hung up.

She smiled at the two men. “Hello, I'm Liz Parker,” she said as she held out her hand to the man she didn't know.
He smiled at her and shook her hand, “I have heard many good things about you, Miss. Parker. I am Sandaman.”

Liz’s eyes widened and she looked over at Lydecker, who chuckled, “Don't worry, Liz. Nothing bad is happening.”

Liz relaxed a little and looked over at Alec who was standing rim rod straight. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Lydecker and Sandaman look at him as well. “494 do you think you're ready for a mission?” Lydecker asked.

Liz quickly looked at him with cold, hard eyes, “What kind of mission?”
Sandaman looked at her in surprise; Lydecker just smirked at her knowingly, “It is just a simple information retrieval mission, Liz. I promise.”

Liz shoulders slumped in defeat when she saw the hopeful look in Alec’s eyes. She knew he was beginning to feel like a caged animal, “Fine.” She sighed, then, once again, turned cold eyes toward Lydecker, “But whoever he has to be…they damn well better know he has a girlfriend!”

Alec looked at her with wide eyes. Then he glanced at Lydecker uncertainly. However, when he saw Lydecker’s amusement, his uncertainty turned into confusion.

Before Lydecker could comment on her amusing display, Liz interrupted him once again, “And remember, as far as I can tell, Alec is fine; But I haven't had a chance to look at Ben’s DNA, so for the sake of Alec’s sanity…if you need someone killed…have someone else do it.”

Now it was Lydecker’s turn to look surprised. Liz just rolled her eyes and muttered, “Well, if you and your government program weren't such a big secret you wouldn't have to worry about exposure, even though technically the government doesn't even know you exist. I am terrifyingly familiar with the concept of secrecy at all costs.”

Liz walked over to Alec and stood on tip toes to kiss him. When she pulled back she gave him her ‘girlfriend’ look, “You do something stupid…like die…and I'll be your biggest worry…you got me?”
Alec just smirked and nodded, “Yes, dear.”

Liz tried to glare at him but she couldn't help but smirk at him, “Smart aleck.” Alec just smiled widely and leaned down to kiss her, when he remembered Lydecker was in the room. He looked over at the two men hesitantly.
Lydecker just smiled, “You know most soldiers actually kiss their girls before leaving for a mission.”

Liz laughed and pulled Alec into a kiss. When they broke apart she ran her fingers through his hair as she looked him in the eyes, “Come home in one piece, okay?”
Alec nodded and leaned his forehead to hers, “I'll come see you when I come back to report, okay?” Liz nodded and hugged him tightly.

“Alright, baby, go get debriefed,” she smiled and gently pushed him toward Lydecker. Alec looked at her uncertainly. She just smiled, “Don't worry about me. I knew what I was getting into when I fell for a soldier…I just didn't know a mission would come this soon.”

Lydecker interrupted their moment, “Don't worry son. You're being debriefed today and you still need to learn to play the piano. So you won't be leaving right away. Don't worry, you'll have time to say goodbye to your girl.”
Alec looked at him and nodded and then turned back to Liz, “I'll be back later, okay?” Liz nodded as Lydecker lead Alec out.

Just before Lydecker walked out the door he turned back to Liz, “You're good for him, Liz.”

Liz was quiet as she watched Lydecker leave with her boyfriend. She turned when she heard Sandaman clearing his throat. He raised an eyebrow at her, “If you don't mind me asking…How is it that a normal girl, like yourself, finds herself in a relationship with on the most deadly X5’s in Manticore history?”

Liz stood her ground and searched Sandaman’s eyes, as the two stood with the pregnant pause and deadly silence between them. Liz finally shrugged as she confidently held the man’s gaze, “Truly…what is normal? And just because his skills and abilities are deadly doesn't make the man deadly…and make no mistake Mr. Sandaman…Alec is as much a man as any other walking this green Earth,” She walked over to him with a smirk on her face and in her eyes, “And myself…well…lets just say I'm…special.”

Sandaman smiled at the young woman standing before him, “Come, Miss. Parker. There is someone I would like you to meet.”
Liz raised an eyebrow as Sandaman motioned for her to follow him, “I thought the committee had you running for your life?”

He turned to her with a smirk on his face, “I have my ways, Miss. Parker. Now come with me, and as we walk you can tell me all about your relationship with…Alec?”

She nodded to confirm that he had gotten Alec’s name right. But then she frowned, “What business is it of yours about my relationship with Alec?”

He smirked as they walked down the hall, “My dear, Alec is as much my son as he is Lydecker’s…if not more. I have never wanted for my children half of the things the committee has put them through and from what Lydecker tells me about you…the three of us share similar beliefs about what has been happening over the past few years.”

Sandaman stopped and turned toward Liz, so as to look her in the eyes. Liz noticed how serious Sandaman was and got a little nervous. “I was hoping you would help Lydecker and myself improve Manticore to what I had once hoped it would be…and not what it has become.”

“If you don't mind me asking…what did you want Manticore to be?” she asked curiously.

Sandaman smiled lightly, “I first started Manticore to create a group that would be able to take on a group called the familiars…And it would appear I have that…now I just want these kids to be who they are and not be outsiders in the world.”

Liz smiled and nodded, “I think I may know just the thing…but for now…let's go see this person you want me to meet.”

Sandaman nodded and the two began walking. A few moments later Sandaman asked, “So when did you and Alec begin your relationship?”

Liz laughed a bit and smiled at Sandaman before she began her story.


Liz was sitting on the couch going over some files while Alec was in the shower. She had not only been looking at the near useless samples of Ben’s DNA, but she had also been going over and comparing early medical histories and things of that nature, of both Alec and Ben.

She didn't notice Alec come out of the shower until he sat on the couch next to her…in nothing but a towel. He leaned forward and took the papers out of her hands and set them on the coffee table, “Come on, Lizzie, all work and no play make for a boring day.”

She mock glared at him. She had gotten used to him walking around in nothing but a towel after his showers. Although, she really wasn't about to complain, it had been a while since she had seen such a gorgeous guy shirtless…up close anyway.

Alec just smirked and began placing kisses on her shoulder and then her neck.

They had been living together for the past two and a half weeks and during that time they had gotten to know each other well. He knew she hadn't been with anyone in a while and that her college boyfriend had cheated on her…He had nearly destroyed the apartment during that particular conversation.

And she learned that despite having a few friends within his unit…he often felt alone. She also knew that had Manticore encouraged dating…he could have his pick of X5…or any other X series…females. The thought that Alec might one day decide he wanted to be with another transgenic rather than her unsettled her stomach quite a bit.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed his kisses. They hadn't gone any further than making out and she knew they wouldn't now either. She moaned and brought her lips to his. She could feel him smile into the kiss before licking her bottom lip with his tongue.

She opened for him and began to enjoy the taste of Alec. They eventually pulled back to breathe. *They smiled at one another and Alec traced Liz’s jaw line to giver her time to catch her breath, he smiled thinking about how he doubted that this was what Manticore had in mind when they trained him and the others to hold their breath for long periods of time. (*A/N: Most of this line came from my BETA DarkWolfYingFa!! Your the best!!!)

Alec leaned his forehead against hers and looked down as he intertwined their fingers. He looked back at her and Liz could see his hesitation in his eyes. At that moment he was vulnerable. “Lizzie…” he whispered slightly, “I know I'm not the ideal guy for a normal girl, what with living in a secret government facility and having animal DNA and all…But I really like you. I've liked you since that day in the Med Lab, I…I just didn't know that that was what I was feeling... I have never felt anything like this before. – And if you're okay…”

Alec began to ramble nervously. Liz couldn't help but smile with unshed tears in her eyes. She had an idea how hard this was for him. She brought up her hand to his face and placed a finger on his lips, “Alec…are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

He swallowed thickly and nodded. Liz's smile widened and she let a tear fall, “I would love to be your girlfriend.” Alec let out a relieved sigh and smiled widely.

Liz took both her arms and wrapped them around his neck and moved to straddle him, “Who says I like normal, anyway?”

Alec just smiled, pulled her into a kiss and held her tight.

*End Flashback*

Sandaman smiled as Liz finished her story with a far away look in her eyes. He didn't know what it was about Elizabeth Parker…But she was something special, and he was looking forward to getting to know her better.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch5 8-1-07

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Liz glanced at Sandaman a couple times as he led her down a dark hallway. She gasped and felt tears come to her eyes when she saw the caged and undernourished ‘animals’. “Why are they locked up?” she asked with an unsteady voice.

Sandaman sighed sadly, “Those ones are the X2’s and X3’s, barley any of them still exist anymore. They are more animal than human. They don’t speak and they act like the animal they are.—As far as we know the X3’s can understand what we are saying, however, the X2’s cannot. Those ones over there are the X4’s. The majority of their traits are human except for their outward appearance. Before I had to go into hiding they all had the run of this floor…”

“You know we’re standing right here and can hear you, asshole!” the one that looked like a lizard said.

Sandaman chuckled, “That would be Mole. He always has had a colorful personality.”

Liz raised an eyebrow and thought to herself, ‘Reminds me of someone I used to know,’ as an image of Ava popped into her head.

“What about the original X’s?” Liz asked curiously.

Sandaman smiled, “There are only two X1’s, but I call them my boys. They are special. Come this way.”

Liz followed Sandaman down the stairs when she heard, “Father?” She watched as Sandaman smiled affectionately.

“Yes, Joshua. There is someone I want you to meet.”

Liz watched as the large shadow of a man appeared out of the darkness and tried to hide his face, but she could see…the poor guy had too much K9 DNA in him. She smiled at him and held out her hand, “Hi there, Big Guy. I’m Liz.”

Joshua slowly reached for her hand and held it. “L-Liz s-special?” he asked roughly.

She laughed and nodded, “Yeah, Josh. In some ways I’m special.”

Joshua sniffed the air, “Cat?”

Liz chuckled, “No. The cat is my boyfriend. He has cat in his cocktail, as he likes to call it.”

Joshua leaned his head to the side, “What’s in Liz’s cocktail?”

This caused Liz to frown. She knew she had Alien in her cocktail now, but technically Antarian powers were ultimately highly evolved human powers…so what exactly did that make her and the others? She looked Joshua in the eye, “You know what, Josh…I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

No one said anything for a moment and then they all heard whimpering. “Isaac!” Sandaman yelled in concern. Liz noticed Joshua look scared as Sandaman ran off to Isaac.

She walked up to him and placed a hand on his arm, “Hey, big guy, what’s wrong?”

He looked at her sadly, “Joshua try to protect Isaac. Try to be good big brother…but they locked me away from him.”

Liz wanted so badly to comfort the gentle giant, in front of her, “Come on, big guy. Show me Isaac. I won’t hurt him, I promise.” Joshua agreed, but reluctantly and when they got to Isaac and Sandaman...Sandaman was crying along with his son as he rocked him back and forth. When Sandaman didn’t say anything she looked at Joshua.

“Isaac sad father had to go. When he wouldn’t stop crying they cut out Isaac’s tongue to make him stop,” he said angrily.

Liz knew she had to try. No one deserved that, especially not the poor guy in front of her.

She slowly walked over to father and son and let Isaac smell her to prove she wasn’t a threat. She smiled at Isaac when he looked at her, “Hey there, tough guy. I know you probably think that there is no way for me to help you…But will you let me try?”

She waited and let Isaac study her to his heart’s content and rewarded him with a large smile when he nodded yes. She gently brought her hand to his head and smoothed back his hair that was damp from falling into his tears, “I want you to look into my eyes and don’t look away, okay?”

It took less time for him to respond this time, which let her know that she was going to have to leave the connection open both ways, so that he would know that he could trust her. With that thought she opened the connection between them and felt around for his damaged appendage. She tried her best to ignore the scene’s of his life, that made her want to kill the guards, and put all her energy into finding some way to ‘heal’ his tongue.

When she was done, she gently broke the connection so as not to scare him. She was extremely weak from the energy she had used. Before her world went black she saw Isaac turn to Sandaman and say, “F-f-at-th-er?”

‘It had worked,’ was her thought as she watched everything fade out.

Liz groaned as she began to wake up. The room she was in seemed so bright, which caused the pulsing pain in her head to worsen. She felt people around her and heard them talking to her, but her head and her pain was taking center stage at the moment. She winced when she tried to sit up, “Aspirin!”

She felt someone help her move back to sit back against the headboard. Then she felt a glass of water being placed in her hand and as aspirin at her lips. She opened her mouth to take the aspirin and then slowly and carefully brought her glass of water to her lips and swallowed heavily.

She plopped back heavily and sighed, “Fuck that hurt!”

“Baby, are you okay?” She heard Alec ask. She reached out toward his voice and felt him grasp her hand.

“Can we turn the lights out?” she asked quietly.

“Okay, they’re out, Lizzie,” she heard Lydecker say after a moment. Liz slowly opened her eyes and tried to relax a bit.

She sighed and found Alec, Lydecker, Sandaman, Isaac and Joshua standing around her in concern, “How long have I been out?”

Alec leaned over and smoothed her hair lovingly, “Baby, you’ve been out for three days,” he said in concern.

“Huh. Never realized that had such a kick to it,” she groaned.

“Little guy okay?” Joshua asked her.

Liz smiled at him, “Yeah, I’m good big guy.” Then she looked over at Isaac, “How about you, tough guy? How are you feeling?”

Isaac sat down next to her and held her hand, “Isaac want to thank…little tough guy.”

Liz smiled at him and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek, “Don’t worry about it, tough guy. I’m just glad I could help.”

Sandaman placed a hand on her foot, which caused her to look him in the eyes. “Thank you, Liz, for what you did for Isaac.—I don’t know how you did it, but I am forever in your debt,” he told her seriously.

Liz shook her head, “You owe me nothing. If I ever see the guards who did that to him I will kill them myself. –Just do your best to find out who ordered the guards to do such a thing and I’ll consider us even,” she said in the most deadly tone any of them had heard come from her.

“Liz if you don’t mind me asking …how did you do what you did,” Lydecker asked curiously.

Liz just looked at him for an extended moment in complete silence, “If I tell you…the information I give you does not leave this room or those in this room.” She waited until the five of them agreed.

Liz looked at Alec, “Do you remember the day you looked at the scar on my abdomen that caused me to almost bleed to death on my father’s restaurant floor?”

Alec nodded in confusion, “What does that have to do with what you did for Isaac.”

She looked at the others, “An alien/human hybrid had the ability to heal me.” Liz gave them all her stern look that told them she was deadly serious, “I will not reveal who this person was and if you look into it or try to find this person I will do something you won’t like!”

Lydecker help up both hands and motioned for her to calm down, “It’s alright, Lizzie. No one who would even think about doing what you are thinking is in this room.”

Liz glared, “Then you better mean Renfro will NEVER find out!” Both Lydecker and Sandaman nodded.

Liz sighed and closed her eyes; she slowly opened her eyes as she began speaking, “As I was saying, this human/alien hybrid healed me. –However, what we didn’t know was that by healing me he transferred or changed something within me that gave me similar or the same abilities.”

She looked over at Isaac and gently squeezed his hand, “I’m sorry Isaac. But I cannot guess whether or not you will develop abilities. I can only expect what happened to me. However, I’m not an alien/human hybrid. My blood cells look the same as human blood cells, where as his did not. So therefore I don’t know what will happen. The only thing we can do is keep a watch out for any changes that occur in you.”

Isaac squeezed her hand, “Even with abilities, Isaac wouldn’t have been able to talk. Thank you.” Liz knew what he meant and his easy acceptance of the situation brought tears to her eyes. She had been in his position once, and she hadn’t handled it as well as he was. Although, that may have had something to do with the fact that he had probably seen her entire life through the connection she had made when healing him.

She pulled both of her hands free and pulled Isaac into a tight hug, which she knew surprised him; “You will always have me as your sister. That I promise you Isaac.”

Isaac pulled back with hope in his eyes, “Isaac have father, brother and sister?”

Liz laughed and happily nodded, “Yes. You will always be my ‘tough guy’ brother and Joshua will always be my ‘big guy’ brother.” Both Joshua and Isaac looked like kids on Christmas; then Joshua walked over to join the hug. Liz just laughed and smiled happily as she hugged both of her brothers.

“Liz, little guy,” Joshua said and then looked at Alec, “Alec, medium guy.”

Isaac looked at Joshua in confusion, “Alec?”

Joshua nodded and pointed at Alec, “Alec have cat in his cocktail…”

Isaac looked over at Alec and sniffed the air. At Isaac’s growl, Alec backed up and held his hands out.

“Hey! Whoa! Hold it! It’s not like I asked to be part cat! So don’t go taking it out on me or anything!”

Liz had to giggle at Alec’s predicament, which just caused him to glare at her.

Joshua shook his head and turned Isaac to look at him, “No! Alec is Liz’s boyfriend. Alec have cat in his cocktail.”

Alec raised his eyebrow at that, “And he would associate Liz’s boyfriend with smelling like a cat because…”

Liz laughed, “Because when he met me he smelled cat and thought it was me. So I told him my boyfriend had cat in his cocktail.”

Alec then rolled his eye before looking at Joshua, “Well, please remember that all the guys that smell like a cat are not all Liz’s boyfriend.”

Joshua shook his head, “Other cats don’t smell like Liz.”

Alec got a smug look on his face, “Really?” At that Liz leaned over and smacked Alec upside the head.

Alec looked at her incredulously, “What the hell was that for?”

Liz rolled her eyes, “To deflate that male ego of yours. It was becoming quite difficult to breathe in here.”

Alec began pouting, “You’re a mean girlfriend.”

Liz couldn’t believe how he could go from a twenty year old guy to a five year old kid in two seconds flat. She just leaned over and kissed him before smirking, “And yet you’re my boyfriend, so what does that say about you?”

Alec mock glared at her, “That I’m a glutton for punishment, obviously.”

At his sarcasm Liz raised an eyebrow, “I do have the ability to make you sleep on the couch.”

Alec shut up so quickly after that that Lydecker and Sandaman could no longer hold back and burst out laughing; while Joshua and Isaac were just smiling.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch6 9-6-07

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Liz smiled as she felt pride in Alec flood her. She couldn’t help it. She was sitting next to him on the piano bench as he continued to play the most beautiful music she had ever heard; she had been listening to him play every now and then, but now it was just the two of them.

Four days ago her man couldn’t play any of these fabulous works of art and now here he was…an expert…playing Mozart, Schumann, Beethoven and many more. Not to mention the look of concentration as he played was the most adorable thing she had seen in a long time.

As he finished playing he looked at her uncertainly just in time to see a tear fall down her face. It hadn’t been Mozart or Schumann that he had played for her… “Where did you hear that?” she asked him curiously.

He shrugged, “When they were training me how to play they took me to a music store to look at music books of newer music, so that my cover wouldn’t be completely unbelievable, and the song was playing over the store’s speakers.”

Liz leaned over and captured his lips in a kiss; she poured everything she felt into that kiss. When she pulled back she had tears streaming down her face, “I loved it, Alec. And I love you, too.”

Alec smiled then leaned back and pressed the play button on the stereo behind him and the music he had just been playing came through the speakers.

“May I have this dance?” he asked with a wide smile on his face.

She nodded and stood up. She fit in closely to him, tucking her head under his chin and laying her hand over his heart as the words to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Before Your Love’ wrapped themselves around her and Alec.

I wonder how I ever made it through a day
How did I settle for the world in shades of gray
When you go in circles all the scenery looks the same
And you don’t know why
And I looked into your eyes
Where the road stretched out in front of me
And I realized

I’d never lived
Before your love
I’d never felt
Before your touch
And I’d never needed anyone
To make me feel alive
But then again,
I wasn’t really livin’

I’d never lived…
Before your love

I wanted more than just an ordinary life
All of my dreams, seemed like castles in the sky
I stand before you and my heart is in your hands
And I don’t know how
I’d survive without your kiss
Cuz you’ve given me
A reason to exist

I’d never lived
Before your love
I’d never felt
Before your touch
I’d never needed anyone
To make me feel alive
But then again,
I wasn’t really livin’

I’d never lived…Before your love
I’d never lived…Before your love

And I don’t know why
Why the sun decides to shine
But you’ve breathed your love into me just in time
I’d never lived
Before your love
I’d never felt
Before your touch
I’d never needed anyone
To make me feel alive
But then again,

I wasn’t really livin’
I’d never lived
I’d never lived

When the song ended she looked up at him and saw love shining brightly in his eyes, “I love you, so much, Alec.”

He smiled and lent his forehead on to hers, “I love you, too. –I was completely confused about how much I felt for you and then I heard the song and it kinda fit. You know, with me being in Manticore and all. You came into Manticore’s crazy picture,” he smiled and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “and turned everything I ever thought I knew upside down.”

Liz laughed through her tears. The man in front of her was always sarcastic and a smart ass…but he loved so deeply…he felt so deeply and so beautifully…that she couldn’t help but love him all the more.

“We have a song,” she said giddily.

He looked a little confused at the concept; she giggled before she began explaining, “Couples usually have that one song that means something special and it becomes their song.”

Alec smiled in understanding, “I like that tradition.”

He lifted his hand and wiped away the trails of tears staining her face and then leaned down to kiss her again.

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her. Her man was leaving tomorrow and she didn’t want to let go of him. When the need for breathing became necessary for Liz, Alec pulled back and once again leaned his forehead upon hers.

Alec smirked and looked at her mischievously, “So my girlfriend has alien in her cocktail?”

She couldn’t help it; the way he said it just made her laugh. They hadn’t talked about it yet, but he hadn’t been acting any differently since finding out what made her different, “I told you…normal isn’t really my thing…and that goes for me too, not just my boyfriend.”

She watched as his smile made its way all the way up to his eyes, “Let me just clean up and we’ll get back to the apartment, okay?”

Liz just smiled and nodded.

She knew he was probably more open minded about her differences, especially considering he was a Manticore made hybrid of sorts…but that hadn’t stopped her worst fears from playing through her mind. However, every move he made was slowly eradicated all of her doubts. He truly was the most amazing man she had ever met and she was ‘gone off the deep end’ in love with him.

She stood there watching him as he closed up the baby grand piano, collected the CD and put it into his cargo pants pocket, then turned off the stereo. He then came over and took her hand and lead her out of the room while turning the lights off.

Liz cuddled into his side as they walked back to their apartment. His training room had been right down the hall from their apartment, which meant it was still within the clearance zone so Renfro, who was still walking around, being her bitchy self, wouldn’t have the opportunity to cause any trouble.

“We are moving to the Seattle location after you leave tomorrow,” she said quietly.

Alec shrugged, “That just means that when I come back to report, I’ll get to see you longer.”

Liz sighed, “I know, but, I’m still going to miss our apartment. What if the facility, in Seattle, doesn’t have an apartment?”

Alec leaned down and kissed the crown of her head, “We’ll figure it out, baby.”

She nodded as he opened the door to their apartment.

They were just sitting on the couch enjoying each others touch, company and the glow of the fire place, when Alec broke the silence.

“I know this probably isn’t how you want to spend this night, but…Michael’s brother, the one you dated in high school, he’s the one who healed you wasn’t he?” he asked curiously and quietly.

Liz was still for a moment before nodding as her head rested on his chest. She intertwined their fingers before she spoke, “Max was adopted with his sister Isabel when they were about six years old. Michael wasn’t found by the Evans family; he was put into State care and was later adopted by the Guerin’s. Michael wasn’t really Max and Isabel’s brother…but they thought of each other that way. –According to…everyone…Max was in love with me the moment he saw me, but to shy to do anything about it. Plus, he wasn’t sure I would accept who he was; but that day in the Crashdown…he said he couldn’t let me die.”

Alec was quiet and let her talk.

“I was grateful to be alive…but after being apart of Manticore and your life…I can see why Michael was so upset when Max decided to tell me his human/alien hybrid secret,” she said softly.

Alec looked into the fire place as pieces began falling into place, “Michael and Isabel were or are human/alien hybrids as well…inadvertent exposure.”

Liz just nodded, “I don’t think I ever truly grasped what Isabel and Michael felt when Max took their choices into his own hands and out of their own. One life is not worth the inadvertent exposure of three, which would ultimately lead to the unprecedented interruptions and destruction of the lives of those they loved and knew.”

Alec tightened his right arm around her waist in a protective manor, “If you don’t mind me asking…remember when you said you would never want to be married to him…why not?”
Liz was silent for an extended amount of time before she whispered one word…one name, “Alex.”

Alec frowned in confusion and moved his head to look her in the eye, “Huh?”

Liz climbed out of his arms and off of the couch. She walked over to the window and stared out at the night sky for a minute or two before she began to tell the story of when she was hurt the most in her life.

“There was a fourth. Her name was Tess…and she was more or less Max’s wife. Back on his home planet Max was King and Tess…Queen. –One day Max came back from fourteen years in the future and told me to make his younger self fall out of love with me, to save Michael, Isabel and…the rest of the world,” her voice was distant and Alec knew she wouldn’t hear him if he said anything.

“To make a long, agonizing story short…I pretended to sleep with my ex-boyfriend, Kyle. I had to push him toward Tess. –He took me to prom. We had become friends at that point and agreed to go with each other and I was falling for him all over again. – He kissed her that night…at prom. He even lost his virginity to her that night,” she took a shaky breath and turned her gaze to her boyfriend.

“He got her pregnant…the heir to the throne.”

Alec wanted to kill the asshole for hurting Liz this way. But he reigned in his emotions to let her finish.

“Anyway, she had been mind warping Alex, to get him to translate the destiny book. He would have done it if she had asked,” she hiccupped.

“He started to remember, but she had mind warped him to much…there was nothing left for her to warp…but she tried anyway. – Then she mind warped Kyle into thinking my best friend’s dead body was a bag of fucking luggage,” she was yelling in anger.

“She tried to make it look like he committed suicide! He didn’t believe me when I said Alex wouldn’t do that! Because I wanted to prove Alex had been murdered and give his parents some kind of closure. I was the bad guy!” she sobbed.

“He believed her! The woman who tricked him into fulfilling some fucked up deal made forty years before that, by getting pregnant! The bitch who murdered my best friend! He believed her over me! – I would have died for him, Alec…and he believed her. He turned the rest of my friends against me, except for Kyle, and acted like the only ones who mattered were him and Tess! Fuck the fact that Alex’s parents were in agony thinking their ONLY child killed himself,” she sobbed and fell to the floor.

Alec was next to her and holding her close within a millisecond.

“She took Alex from the world…and he let her live because she was the mother or his child. – Even after Zan was born. – In the end she sacrificed herself…but he wouldn’t let anyone make her pay for killing Alex because his son needed a mother. – On some level I understand why he did that; I know she didn’t mean to kill Alex, but she did. I know Zan needed a mother and that she loved her son despite everything else she was…but this selfish part of me wanted her dead…so badly. – He brings out the worst in me, Alec,” she whispered the last part.

Alec closed his eyes and tried to calm down. He wanted to make those two pay…but he knew then he would be no better than Tess. But he vowed then and there, that Max would never hurt Liz again.

He picked her up and carried her over to their bed and just held her in his arms. He could hear as her body began to shut down as she fell asleep.

“Promise me I’ll be able to give you a family someday, Alec,” she whispered in a sleep filled voice.

Alec smiled knowing her mind had unconsciously caused her to ask him of that. He kissed her temple and whispered in her ear, “I would love nothing more than to have a family with you one day, Elizabeth Claudia Parker.”

She then snuggled into him some more and let the last bits of sleep overtake her. Alec smiled and followed soon after.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch7 9-27-07

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Thank you all so much for being patient with me. Classes are crazy as I'm sure you read in my note earlier today. But everything appears to be on my side today because I get to post a chapter for you and I have free time to work on some more with out further interuption...onto my thanks and then the story!!!

Thanks for the feedback! I absolutely love what you all have to say and I hope you enjoy the new chapter!

Touch of the Wind
Jensen Lover 37


Scientists and Transgenics

Chapter Seven

Alec woke up about two hours after having fallen asleep at Liz’s side. He looked at the still sleeping form of his girlfriend and slipped a piece of hair that had fallen in her face behind her ear.

He wanted to go on a mission so badly…but he didn’t want to leave her here all by herself. He knew that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but he didn’t want anything to happen to her. She was quickly becoming everything to him.

He gently removed himself from their bed as a thought came to him. He stopped moving when she stirred, but smiled when she curled into herself more and buried her nose into the spot where his head had been resting on the pillow. She was burying herself into his scent.

Oh yeah, this slip of a woman with a heart of gold had not only stolen his heart, but had opened it up and buried herself into it forever. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead before heading out of the apartment.

He nodded at the guard as he began to pass him at the end of the stairwell, which separated the floor he and Liz where living on with the rest of Manticore. Then he stopped and looked the guy in the eye, with a promise of death in his own, “Anything happens to her while I’m gone and I will personally make sure you suffer…are we clear?”

He watched the guard nod in fear. Alec then smirked in that charming but lethal way, “Good.”

He then once again began walking toward his destination. Soon enough he found himself in front of the familiar cell of his SIC. He opened the little window in the door and hissed, “Hey, jerk wad! Wake up and let me in!”

He saw his…well…he guessed he could consider his SIC to be his best friend…anyway he watched his SIC shoot up in surprise, “494?”

Alec rolled his eyes and shook his head, “No, moron, I’m 497! Yes it’s me now open the damn door!”

The habitant got up and pulled out a tool to jimmy the door open from the inside, and then let Alec in while rolling his eyes and then glaring at him, “If you were 497…” he smirked in a leering way, “You wouldn’t be standing right now.”

Alec rolled his eyes and pushed his way past 532.

“I’m so glad I came all this way to find out you have finally admitted to your sexual escaped with the only female you’ve been lusting after for…ever,” he said sarcastically.

532 frowned as he closed the cell door and turned toward his CO, “494…”

Alec interrupted him, “Alec.”

532 looked at him in even more confusion, “What?”

Alec smirked, “Alec. It’s my name. Maybe you should have one too…how about…Biggs…you’ve got a bigger ego than I do sometimes.”

532 snorted, “Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.”

However, 532 smirked, once again falling back into the normal comradery that had always had, “But if you believe that, then something else of mine must be bigger than yours too.”

Alec rolled his eyes and snorted, “Sure, Biggs. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Listen, I need to ask you a favor.”

Biggs once again looked at Alec in confusion, “4…Alec, what the hell is going on? You’ve been gone for like three months after being dragged away by bodyguards and you never said anything about a mission! And now you show up, out of no where, with a NAME, asking for a favor, no explanation, and…” he stalled and sniffed the air as his eyes widened, “You smell like a female…but not a transgenic female!”

Alec sighed and ran his hands through his hair, “Look Renfro had me in psyops for something another transgenic did…he just happened to be my genetic twin. Then Lydecker had me living with one of the scientists to do DNA analysis.”

Then he took a deep breath, knowing that the next part would shock Biggs to no end, “Her name is Liz and… I plan on taking her as my mate.”

Biggs’ eyes widened, “What! ---Alec, 623 has been after your affections for years now!”

Alec sighed and rolled his eyes, “Yeah, and if you listen to her all she sees in me is an Alpha! Granted, great boost to my ego…but Liz is with me because she wants me. I know she loves my body and my arrogance on some level…but she doesn’t look at just the fact that I’m an Alpha male…and yet my ego still benefits…and sometimes gets wounded, but she’s more than worth it.”

Biggs sighed and sat down on his bed, “Man, you know the unit isn’t going to take this well. It’s like mating outside the pack!”

Alec rolled his eyes, “Which eventually would have lead to inbreeding.”

Biggs sighed knowing that by Alec’s attitude he wasn’t going to win, he would also be getting answers from Alec at a later date, “What do you need, man?”

“I’m leaving for a mission in the morning and I want you to keep a look out on Liz for me. Manticore is being moved to Seattle after I leave, and you’ll probably be able to smell me on her,” he said matter-of-factly.

Biggs nodded, not even bothering to ask how Alec knew all this. Alec had always had his ways, “You want me to try and get the Unit to accept her somewhat, as well?”

Alec nodded, “Yeah, but keep a close eye on her afterwards, you never know what one of the more…territorial…females might do to her.”

Biggs nodded in agreement, “Alright, I’ll keep an eye on her. How long is your mission?”

Alec shook his head, “I don’t know, yet. It will depend on how much information they need me to retrieve. – I’ve got to go, Biggs. She probably has woken up by now.”

Biggs nodded and the two stood up, “Alright, we’ll talk later about this genetic twin thing of yours. And take care of yourself on your mission.”

“Thanks, man. And you know me. I’m always alright,” he smirked and walked out of the cell leaving a baffled Biggs behind. There was definitely something he had never seen in Alec before and as of that moment he didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

As Alec made his way down the familiar hallways that had habited him just over three months ago, a voice stopped him, “Hey, there.”

Alec sighed and turned around to 623, the Alpha female of his unit.

“623, get back to bed, you have an early wake up and you don’t have shark in your cocktail,” he said in his CO voice.

The redhead raised an eyebrow with a smirk on her face, “I heard you tell 532 you were going on a mission tomorrow…aren’t you going to stay for a send off?”

Alec raised an eyebrow, “Do I smell like I want a send off?”

623’s smile faltered a bit, “Come on, 494.”

She walked up to him, “You’ve never turned down a send off before.”

Alec grabbed her wrists as she reached up for him, “623, when have I ever taken a send off from you? –I think you’re beginning to confuse me with 532.”

That caused 623’s smile to fall completely and turn an angry gaze at him, “You’re the Alpha male and I’m the Alpha female we’re supposed to be together! Not you and some…weak scientist!”

Alec growled and glared at her and moved to be nose to nose with her, “She is far from weak! And she is just as Alpha in her own right! – You are in my pack 623, but you degrade my mate again and there will not be a place to hide that will keep you safe. You may be Alpha female but I still out rank you in both military regulation and pack law!”

623’s eyes widened in fear. She had never seen 494 act this way and he truly had never pulled rank on her in such a way before. She knew that as Alpha he out ranked her by a few ranks and if she challenged it in any way…she wouldn’t win.

“You are apart of my pack 623, but don’t push it!” he said before giving her one last warning with his eyes and walking away.

As Alec made his way back to his apartment he ran into a frantic Liz. He gently grabbed both of her upper arms and looked at her in concern, “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Liz looked up at him with relief in her eyes, “Alec!”

She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Alec held her tight and ran a hand up and down her back and asked soothingly, “Baby, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Liz buried her face into his neck, “You weren’t there when I woke up and then I felt you get really angry.”

Alec held her and let her feet fall to the floor. She was still shaking from all the adrenaline that had been running through her. Had anyone of Manticore’s not so…friendly variety seen her during before he did…he didn’t want to think about what could have happened to her. The guards weren’t known to be the kind to ask questions before taking action; had they found her in her adrenaline induced frenzy, they most likely would have taken action now…and screw the questions. He thanked…whoever, that she hadn’t made it out of the clearance area. He brought his hand up to her face to look her in the eyes with a confused look on his face, “Liz, how did you feel my anger? We haven’t even mated yet.”

Liz’s eyes glazed over and whispered, “Yet?”

Alec smiled goofily, “Yet. –Now, how did you feel my anger?”

Liz looked down and blushed, “Antarians, don’t mate, but they do claim…and I may have claimed you when I told Lydecker to let everyone on your mission know you have a girlfriend.”

Alec lifted an eyebrow and smiled, “May have?”

Liz shrugged self-consciously, “I’m not really sure how it works, and all I know is that when you claim…you claim for life.”

Alec put his fingers under his chin and looked at her, just feeling this sense of awe when it came to her, “What would have happened if…”

Liz just looked at him. “I don’t know. I never met anyone from Antar who had claimed someone and the other person didn’t reciprocate,” she said quietly.

Alec pulled her closer, if that was possible, “Mate with me, Lizzie.”

Liz smiled up at him with tears in her eyes, “You sure?”

Alec pulled her into a passionate kiss that he was sure would absolutely steal her breath away. He pulled back so she could breath and gave her nose a nuzzle with his own, “I’ve never been more sure about anything. I know it’s soon, and we haven’t been boyfriend and girlfriend long but I can’t imagine being mated to anyone else.”

Liz let tears of joy roll down her face. “Love me, Alec,” she whispered and nodded at the same time.

Alec smiled and picked her up and carried her back to the apartment, knowing that within a few hours Liz would be his; what the ordinaries called a wife.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch8 11-11-07

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A huge thanks to all of my readers for the feedback and the bumps! I love you guys.

Touch of the Wind
Jensen Lover 37
Queen Fee

So, finally, here is the next chapter!


Liz looked up from her paperwork as someone opened her office door and stuck their head in.

“Biggs is in Exam Room 3, Parker,” one of the medical assistances said quickly and then, just as suddenly as he had popped his head in, he popped back out.

Liz sighed and shook her head as a smile grew on her face. She quickly filed her paper work and then began making her way to the Exam Lab.

Liz shook her head when she saw her mate’s best friend. Biggs looked up and the amusement she felt left her quickly at the sight of his beaten up face. She quickly made her way over to him and began doing a quick scan for injuries.

“Biggs! What the hell happened?” she demanded when she found the bruises that were currently gracing the majority of his body.

Biggs shrugged, but stayed silent.

Liz pulled away from him and placed her hands on her hips, while giving him her ‘you better tell me or your current injuries will be the least of your problems’ look that had him, Alec, Joshua, Isaac, Lydecker, Sandaman and a few others quite scared. If you weren’t scared of the looks Liz gave…well…Biggs and Alec were just convinced that you had serious issues.

Biggs groaned and let his shoulders fall dejectedly.

“You and that damn look of yours,” Biggs muttered.

Liz began tapping her foot as she waited for her…brother-in-mate? ... Who stayed silent.

Biggs sighed and finally gave up, “I got into a fight.”

“No shit, Sherlock!” she said sarcastically.

“Oh! Come on, Liz! The ass totally had it coming! I don’t care if they don’t approve! They have no right to talk that horribly about you! Alec is their CO and you are his mate! They better learn to get over their shit and learn to deal!” Biggs said angrily.

Liz sighed and brought her hand up to Biggs cheek, “Biggs, you can’t fight them all. I know a good majority of them don’t like me. But I also knew what I was walking into. I am mated to the most sought after Alpha male there is. I knew I was going to get the looks and the attitudes.”

Biggs sighed and placed his hands over hers, “Maybe so. But they are his pack and you are his for the rest of eternity. They should get to know you. You shouldn’t have to put up with this shit.”

Liz smiled at Biggs, leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, “You’re a good man, Biggs. And you cannot imagine how happy I am knowing that Alec and I have such an amazing friend like you.”

Liz smiled as she watched Biggs shift uncomfortably. If there was one thing about Biggs that not many knew, it was that he didn’t take praise so well; especially when it was for something he felt he should be doing and didn’t deserve praise for. She decided to take it easy on him today.

“Alright, Biggs, lets get you looked at and then get you on your way,” she said as she began fixing him up.

However, while she was fixing him up she couldn’t help but remember the day that she had met Biggs and then Alec’s unit. That had been one stressful day, but it was also the day she expanded her transgenic family.


Liz looked up as she began moving boxes and things from the moving trucks and into the Seattle facility. There stood one of the transgenics. He was just looking at her…studying her…she wasn’t sure why though. But, finally, he broke the silence.

“He told me he was planning on mating with you. I just hadn’t assumed that it would be so soon,” the gruff male said.

It was with that that Liz knew who this transgenic was. He was Alec’s SIC…X5-532.

Liz just stayed stationary as she looked at him, before speaking softly, “It was a spur of the moment decision.—I won’t hurt him. I swear. I love him too much.”

X5-532 gave a sarcastic laugh, “I don’t know much about love, Liz. But I do know that when someone says that they love someone too much to hurt that person…the other person sometimes still ends up getting hurt.”

Liz nodded slowly, “I know. My ex-boyfriend used to say the same thing to me. Next thing I knew he was cheating on me with the one person I could stand least in this world. Then before you know it, little miss manipulator got pregnant.—I won’t hurt him, 532…I know what it’s like to get hurt by the one who is supposed to love you.”

532 just looked at her and seemed to be weighing what she had just said. After a few moments he nodded, “My name is Biggs. And Alec asked me to keep an eye on you while he’s gone. The unit isn’t going to take this well.”

Liz gave him a slight smile.

“I never expected that they would,” she told him softly and truthfully.

Biggs smiled and nodded, “Alright. Come on. Let’s get this over with. The sooner you meet the cats with claws the sooner we can get your wounds cleaned up and far away from pissed off female X5 transgenics.”

Liz had to give a laugh at that, but nodded, put down the box she had been carrying and walked over to him, “Lead the way.”

Liz walked alongside Biggs as they made their way to the outdoor drill yard. The walk there had been more or less silent when Biggs suddenly stopped and turned to her.

“This most likely not going to be pretty, especially with the females; the males will see you as their leader‘s mate, but the females will see you as a threat. In their mind you took Alec from them,” he told her seriously.

Liz raised an eyebrow and gave him a ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’ look.

“Biggs, I did take Alec from them. I’m not a transgenic and I mated with their top male,” she said with a serious tone.

Biggs was silent for a moment, “Okay, yeah, this is going to be bad.”

Liz rolled her eyes as he turned around and began walking in the other direction. Liz reached out and grabbed his arm and yanked him back, “I don’t think so mister. You’re not leaving me to the lion’s den by myself. I may be the ‘top gun‘s’ mate but I have a feeling it won’t help me live long.”

Biggs’ shoulders fell and let out a defeated sigh before turning his head to look at her, “I’m a transgenic. I’m not afraid of anything…how the hell are you getting me to walk you into the lion’s den?”

Liz rolled her eyes, “You may not be afraid, but you’re loyal. It’s not me that’s getting you to go out there with me…its Alec…your brother and best friend.”

Biggs rolled his eyes and turned back around and began making his way outside, “Remind me to kick his ass when he gets back.”

Liz just smiled and shook her head in amusement as she followed her semi brother-in-…mate, or something like that.

After a moment the two entered the court yard and made their way over to Alec’s unit. However, before they made it to the group one of the females blurred and Liz found herself pinned to the cement wall of the facility with a snarling female in her face and her windpipe slowly crushing under the increasing pressure of the red head(‘)s fingers.

“Your mate isn’t here to protect you! And as far as I can tell…you’re a threat to MY unit,” the red head said with a manipulative tone to her voice.

Despite the pain she was in, Liz knew that this red head was the alpha female of the group and most likely had the backing of the group. For a sad, pathetic moment she thinks she may have had a slight idea of what Tess had felt when she first showed up…That moment of sympathy toward her enemy in youth made her sick to her stomach, especially after all the shit Tess had put her through.

Her thoughts were interrupted when all the sudden she could breath again, albeit raggedly. She brought her hand up to her neck and roughly filled her lungs once again as she watched some of the males and some of the females pulling the red head off of her.

Liz looked up when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was one of the younger females, probably about 15 years old. The young blond girl looked at Liz in concern, “Are you okay?”

Liz nodded slightly and then turned to look at what was happening to the red head. Liz’s eyes widened slightly when the red head escaped the binds of the other’s grasps.

However, what shocked her more was the young, blond, girl stepping in front of her, “623! You may be the Alpha female of the group but that is only due to age! You forget you place! My brother will have your life if you hurt her.”

The blond glared at the red head and Liz could tell that on some level the red was extremely intimidated. Everyone from the unit watched as the red headed glared at the blond, but ultimately stood down.

However, before the red head stormed off she glared at Liz, “This is not over. 494 is meant to be mine…and mark my words…he WILL be MINE!”

Liz sat back trying to not only calm down but also to try and understand what the hell had just happened. She watched as the blond kept her intimidating air about her as she looked at the rest of the unit, “Is there anyone else who wants to take up a problem at the moment?—If you have a problem either come to me or 532 on your own time, or you can wait until 494 gets back from his mission.”

Then, Biggs comes up and stands next to the blond and addresses the group, “Whether you like the situation or not, Liz IS 494’s mate. She is not to be harmed while 494 is not here, and believe me when I say should 494 find out there are any problems…I wouldn’t want to be you.”

After a few moments, some of the members of the groups went of in the direction that the red head had left, but some of the others stayed.

One of the males walked up to Liz and held out his hand to her.

Liz looked up at him hesitantly and slowly placed her hand within his and allowed him to pull her up, “Don’t worry about the rest of them, they are just used of 623 being head of the females. Sometimes they forget 841 here has a higher ranking. But don’t worry there are enough of us who know 494 well enough to know he doesn’t make impulsive decisions.”

The young blond smiled at the guy and walked up to him and Liz, “What 725 is trying to say is welcome to the craziness that is our unit…and in my case family. Just to let you know, I’m liking you for a sister-in-law a hell of a lot more that I would have liked 623.”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock, “You’re Alec’s sister?”

The blond smiled widely as tears came to her eyes, “He has a name?”

Liz smiled bashfully and nodded, “I named him Alec because he reminds me a lot of my best friend who was killed when I was a teenager. His name was Alex. So, I named your brother Alec so that he would still have his own identity but still have a name that meant something.”

The blond had tears streaming down her face and a smile that seemed to be growing by the second, “Thank you!”

But they the blond got a bit shy, “Would you name me?”

Liz looked at her curiously, “Wouldn’t it mean more if Alec named you?”

The young girl thought about it for a moment, “Don’t normal people have 2 names…and first and a middle name?”

Liz looked at the striking blue eyes looking back at her and nodded her head, “Alright, I’ll give you a name, on two conditions…”

The blond looked hesitant, “What?”

Liz smiled softly, “One, you let Alec give you another name when he gets back from his mission and two…” she clasped her hands on each side of the blonds face and looked at her seriously, “Don’t ever refer to yourself as not being normal again. No, what’s normal to you is not normal to others and vice versa, but that is because there is no set normal. Normal is an abstract word you can’t see it and you sure as hell can’t have one set universal definition when it could to people and actions. You are beautiful and fiercely intimidating when you want to be, and I’ve only known you for a few minutes. Never, think that because you’re not like someone else that you are not normal. You are your normal and that is all that matters…Claudia.”

Claudia once again had tears streaming down her face as she looked at Liz.

“Claudia?” she asked softly.

Liz smiled, “It was my grandmother’s name. She died of a heart attack when I was a teenager. But she taught me so many valuable lessons while she was alive. I miss her everyday…but I know that she’s with me with everything she taught me.”

To say Liz was surprised when Claudia pulled her into a tight hug was an understatement. But, she smiled and wrapped her arms around the younger girl…she hugged her sister. Liz smiled and tightened her embrace on Claudia…her sister.

~End Flashback~

As Liz was fixing up Biggs the door to the Exam room opened; she looked up and smiled, “Hey, sweetie, what can I do for you?”

Claudia smiled at her and gave Biggs and kiss on the cheek, “Can we talk when your done with Biggs?”

Liz looked at her sister in concern, “Sure, I’m almost done. Then we can head up to the apartment okay?”

Claudia smiled and nodded, before hopping up on the hospital bed, of sorts, next to Biggs.

Biggs smirked at Claudia and shook his head in amusement, “Hey, squirt.”


Alec paced back and forth in front of the baby grand piano, listening as Rachel played various compositions of music.

“Watch your pace,” he commented as he listened. He had to admire that Rachel was a natural when it came to playing the piano, however, due to the fact that she didn’t have the transgenic ability, it would take her a great deal longer to master her ability.

Alec turned when he heard a throat clearing. Standing there smiling was Robert Berrisford, “That sounded wonderful, my dear,” he said as he placed a kiss on Rachel’s head.

Rachel laughed, “I like Simon a lot better than my last teachers.”

Alec smiled slightly and turned to Robert Berrisford, “Is there anything that you would like changed in Rachel’s curriculum now that you read it over, Sir?”

Robert smiled, “No, Simon. The curriculum is fine. However, I do need to speak with you.”

Alec nodded, “Of course, Sir. Rachel, please continue with the compositions and we’ll move from there later.”

Rachel nodded and smiled widely at him.

Alec then turned to Robert Berrisford and followed him into his office.

“Simon, please have a seat,” he said as he sat down behind his desk.

Alec did as he was told with a slightly confused expression of his face, “Is there something wrong, Sir?”

Robert sighed and folded his hands on top of the desk, “Simon, my daughter is at a very impressionable age. And I’m afraid that due to your age and my daughter’s age I am forced to ask you to leave my daughter alone.”

Alec looked at his employer in complete confusion, “I’m afraid I don’t understand, Mr. Berrisford. I would like to be Rachel’s friend to allow her to be comfortable and at ease as she learns new and more difficult compositions. Her ease will allow her to pick up the complexities faster…But I’m afraid I don’t understand…you want me to leave her alone…are you firing me?”

Robert Berrisford once again sighed. Alec caught the slight tone of annoyance embedded in the sigh.

“Simon, the simplest way for me to put this is…Simon, Rachel has a crush on you,” Robert said bluntly.

Alec’s eyes widened in shock and then brought his hand to his head and closed his eyes, “Oh god, I thought Liz was joking.”

Robert Berrisford looked at him with a confussed look on his face, “I’m sorry, Simon, I’m afraid you’ve lost me.”

Alec sighed and looked at Robert, “Liz, my girlfriend, we talk on the phone all the time, she just started a new job as a medical Technician for birth defect research,” he couldn’t help the pride that filled his voice. But he knew Berrisford caught it too, and it could only help his case at this point.

“Anyway, one night, out of nowhere, she tells me Rachel has a crush on me. I thought she was just pulling my leg. She has an odd sense of humor when she’s stressed,” Alec finished as he took off ‘his’ glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a very REAL headache coming on.

Berrisford looked at him oddly, “Simon, are you saying you thought, and still think, it’s preposterous for Rachel to have a crush on you?”

Alec winced on the inside. He knew Manitcore had made him perfect, therefore increasing the odds of awkward situations such as this…but Berrisford didn’t need to know that.

“In all honesty, Sir, yeah, I do. No offense, but I’m a 22 year old piano teacher…sometimes I wonder how the hell I have the girlfriend I have. Liz is…amazing. I don’t know what on earth she sees in me 99% of the time,” Alec only half lied through his teeth.

He became even more confused when a smile grew on Berrisford’s face.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of this amazing Liz, would you? As Rachel’s father, if I’m going to have to crush her dreams, I’d like to see this girl who has your heart which my daughter seems to want,” he chuckled lightly.

Alec actually blushed a bit; hopefully that little tidbit would never get back to his unit or his wife. But he smiled and nodded as he put his glasses back on and pulled out ‘his’ wallet, from his back pocket and opening it to his favorite picture of Liz. He handed the wallet over to Berrisford.

“It’s the picture on the right. It was actually her college senior picture,” Alec said with a smile.

Berrisford smiled and handed the wallet back to him, “She’s beautiful, Simon.”

Alec smiled, “Thank you, Sir.”

Berrisford nodded, “Hold on to that Angel, Simon.”

Alec nodded, “I plan on it, Sir. I’m actually proposing when I see her during the Holidays.”

What Berrisford didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. He just needed to prove to Berrisford that he was taken so he wouldn’t watch him any more than he already was. A suspicious or angry Berrisford meant a mission gone wrong and that was something he wasn’t willing to do.

Berrisford smiled at him, “Good for you, Simon. You’ll let me know her answer?”

Alec nodded, “Of course, Sir.”


Liz and Claudia made their way up to the apartment in silence. Liz could feel the nerves coming off Claudia in waves. Something was obviously on the girl‘s mind and Liz wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

When they got inside the apartment they sat on the couch and Claudia got straight to the point.

“I want to help you find Ben,” she said quickly.

Out of all the things Liz thought Claudia wanted to talk about that was hardly what she had expected. She just looked at her sister for a few moments of shock filled silence. On one hand, Liz could definitely use the help, but she also knew that Alec would flip a lid if he found out that she was letting his little sister help her look for his murderous twin brother. Especially, now when she was absolutely positive the reasons behind his killings had nothing to do with anything except a mental instability that originated from the original practices of Manticore.

“You couldn’t have just said that you think you might be pregnant?” Liz asked as she sighed.

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Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch9 12-28-07

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Thank you all for staying with the story and for all of your feedback. I am so sorry that it took me so long to update this story. But I hope you are staying with the story and that you like the new chapter. Please let me know what you think. Your feedback helps my muse!!!

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Touch of the Wind


Chapter Nine

Alec ran through the Seattle facility, not caring who he ran into. He just wanted to reach Lydecker to find out what the hell happened to Liz. He had never been so scared as he was when he got the phone call.


Alec was sitting at the dinning table with Robert and Rachel as they ate lunch. The three didn’t do this often, but Robert was home to eat lunch with Rachel and they often invited him to join them. The lunches had never been too horrible. Robert and Rachel would bring him into the conversations about one thing or another. It was usually very comfortable. Alec had even come to enjoy them. That is until Robert began to bring up Liz. Before that Rachel had always been really happy and would look at him and her father with big smiles and lots of laughter.

However, lately, Alec had noticed that Rachel was looking at him with either sad eyes or the other eyes. Those worried him the most—it was the times that she looked at him with calculating motives. He really didn’t want to know what her seventeen year old mind was coming up with as days passed by. From what he knew about the teenage female transgenics, they could be pretty…colorful…when they were thinking of ways to get their competition out of the way. He wasn’t exactly to sure how much of that trait ordinary females had.

He sat quietly as Robert and Rachel caught up on the past week’s events when his cell phone began to chirp. He quickly wiped his mouth, apologized, and excused himself from the table in order to answer the phone call.

“Lehane,” he said as he answered the phone.


Alec tensed at the tone in Lydecker’s voice. Not to mention that Lydecker was risking the mission by calling his cell phone.

“Alec…Its Liz. There’s been a breach in her mission.”

Alec felt his heart drop to his stomach, “What do you mean?”

They sigh Lydecker let out didn’t set well with him, “She was able to locate Ben…but we think Ben had to have known because he got to her before we could get to him. –Alec, we don’t know where he’s taken her. But please, believe me when I say getting her back is my first and main priority.”

Alec closed his eyes to ward off every emotion that roared through his body, “I want to be there. I-I need to be there.”

He knew he was getting choked up in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he didn’t care…his ‘brother’ had his wife.

“You know I won’t say no. I want you to go with the story that Liz was in a really bad accident…does he know Liz by name?” Lydecker asked curiously.

Alec gave a slight wince, “Yeah.”

It was like Lydecker could hear or see him wince, “Don’t worry about it, Alec. Believe it or not it just adds more credibility to your story. –Now, I have one of your guys coming for you in a cab, He could be there in about 10 minutes.”

Alec nodded, “Alright and thanks.”

“No problem. See you soon.”

And with that the two disconnected and Alec tried to get his emotions under control as best he could…but it just wasn’t working. He took a deep breath and wiped the tears from his eyes and made his way back toward the dining room.

Robert Berrisford was the first to notice him. The older man looked at him in concern, “Simon, is everything okay?”

Alec swallowed thickly and shook his head, “No, actually it’s not. – … Liz was in a really bad accident. That was her dad on the phone.”

The whole dad part was not really a lie, Lydecker and Sandaman had been looking at Liz as their daughter for a while now.

“Sir, I really am sorry, I know the contract says…,” Alec started but Robert shook his head and held up his hands.

“Nonsense, Simon. Take as much time as you need. Believe me when I say that I have some idea of what you are going through right now.”

Alec realized that the older man mostly likely did know exactly how he was feeling…okay not exactly, after all his genetic murderous twin brother didn’t have his wife held captive.

Alec just nodded and than scrubbed a hand over his face, “Thank you, Sir.”

Robert shook his head, “Think nothing of it, Simon. The only thing I want you to worry about right now is Liz. All I ask is that you keep me posted on her condition.”

Alec nodded, “Of course, Sir. And again, thank you.”

Robert smiled sadly and nodded, “Of course. Now go to your girl, son.”

Alec gave a weak smile and nodded. He quickly looked over at Rachel to say goodbye, but she was looking down at her plate and stabbing her food with her fork rather violently. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know the thoughts that were running through her head right now.

~*~*~End Flashback~*~*~

As Alec made his way through the facility he stopped when he heard Lydecker, “494!”

He looked over at the man that looked far colder than he had looked in the past seven months. He immediately followed in the direction that Lydecker took off in.

“What the hell happened?” Alec demanded when he caught up with Lydecker.

Lydecker sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “We’re not sure, Alec. She was working in the DNA lab with your sister and then out of nowhere Ben pops up and takes her captive and then blurred out. Claudia tried to stop him but he threw her across the room. He probably didn’t get a chance to smell the familial scent that the three of you share.”

Alec’s frown deepened as his anger boiled, “It probably wouldn’t have stopped him. —how did he get in?”

Lydecker sighed, “The council is currently questioning all the guards and the CO’s are questioning their units. But all we’ve gotten so far is that they thought he was you.”

“Damn it! That means he’s been doing his homework. He knows we’re twins and he knows about me and Liz,” Alec groaned.

Lydecker nodded, “However, we’re thinking he found out about Liz first and then found out about you through his research about her.”

“Which means he’s been monitoring her,” Alec sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Alec immediately heard one voice, in particular, the second he walked through a set of doors that lead to…well, the headquarters of this mission he guessed.


He lifted his head in time to catch the blonde bundle of tears that flew into his arms. He held her tight as she cried.

“Shh. Shh. It’s okay, Lia. We’ll get her back, there isn’t any other option.”

He knew what he said was true. There was no way in hell he wasn’t getting his wife back.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Claudia’s sobs got stronger, “You have to get her back, Alec. You just have to!”

Alec frowned and pulled back to look his sister in the eye, “Claudia, what aren’t you telling me?”

As tears streamed steadily down her face she shook her head, “I can’t tell you.”

He growled and closed his eyes for a minute to calm down a bit. After a moment he opened his eyes again and looked her in the eye with a sternness he didn’t usually pull on his sister: his rank as a transgenic. His rank as CO.

“Claudia McKenzie McDowell! You are going to tell me what is going on right now!”

Claudia let out another sob and closed her eyes before nodding. After another moment she looked back up and him, “She wanted to wait to tell you during the holidays. She wanted to give you a reason to enjoy Christmas. She only had a couple of weeks left to wait, Alec.”

Alec urgently searched his sister’s eyes.

“What? What was she going to tell me, Claudia?” he asked in a whisper.

Claudia looked him right in the eye and whispered, “She’s pregnant, Alec. She’s pregnant.”

Alec just looked at his sister in disbelief, as did the rest of the room who were now dead silent.

Liz groaned as she came to. Her head ached in a way she had never felt before.

“I was wondering when you were going to come around,” said a voice that sounded like Alec’s but at the same time didn’t.

Liz sighed and rolled her head back, despite the pain, to get a look at her husband’s twin brother, “I see we finally get to meet, Ben.”

He growled and pushed his face close to hers, a dangerous look in his eyes. Liz flinched back in sudden fear, pushing her head back into the hard surface behind her, which unfortunately felt like solid cement, “You don’t get to call me that!”

Liz clenched her jaw in response to the pain that shot through her head. When she flinched she had pushed her head back into what ever the hell was behind her. She nodded slightly despite the pain as she turned her head back to look at him, “Alright, then what can I call you? Somehow, I don’t think you’d take kindly to being called 493, either.”

Ben narrowed his eyes and ignored her question, “Who is the X5 that looks like me?”

Liz looked him right in the eye. She was about to take a long shot but from what she knew about Ben, it was probably her best bet, “He’s your biological twin brother. His designation is 494.—His name is Alec.”

Ben looked at her with a surprised look on his face.

“He has a name?” he asked in disbelief.

Liz nodded, “So does your biological baby sister. Her designation is 841. Her name is Claudia. In fact, she was the blonde you threw across the room back in the lab.”

Ben was silent for a minute, but she saw the vast number of emotions pass through his eyes. He was like Alec in that aspect, that was for sure.

But then he shook his head and angrily pointed a gun at her, “Stop messing with my head! Why were you looking for me?”

“Because you and Alec are twins! Identical in every way possible, including genetics which means that I was searching to make sure that what ever is causing you to kill isn’t a neurological trait that is carried in Alec or Claudia as well. Your actions got your brother thrown in psyops. –… But mostly, because, I want to make sure my mate, my husband, and the father of my unborn child will be there to see his child…your niece or nephew…grow up,” she finished quietly.

She couldn’t stop the tears that came to her eyes, “I want the love of my life to be able to experience a true family something that he was deprived of as a child. I want Claudia to know that just because she isn’t what the ordinaries consider normal, that it doesn’t make her a bad sister or that she can’t be a good aunt or that she isn’t worthy of A man or woman’s love just because she is a transgenic.”

“I want you to know that you don’t have to be alone and if you let me help you, I will help you find your unit, your pack, your family. I will help you with any problems you have. I want you to be apart one word of the family I have with Alec. I won’t let Manticore touch you. I will play mediator between you and Alec,” she said quietly.

After a moment she looked at him earnestly, “I swear to you…Manticore is changing. Be apart of that change. Show the assholes that run Manticore what is wrong with it! Be an uncle to your nephew and a brother to your twin brother and your baby sister!”

She knew she was playing dirty as she touched upon his weak points…but it was working…she could see it in his eyes.

He shook his head dejectedly, “I can’t. I have to get gifts for the Blue Lady so that she will protect me and my siblings.”

She looked at him in confusion, “Blue Lady?”

Ben nodded, “The Blue Lady. When we were kids I found a picture of her. She’s beautiful. And we give her gifts so that she will save us and protect us.”

Her mind was racing a mile a minute and looked at him hopefully.

“Will you show me the Blue Lady?” she asked quietly.

He was silent for a minute but then nodded, albeit reluctantly. He walked over to her and pulled her up by her upper arm, her hands were still confined behind her back. But when she stood up she got dizzy.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

He looked at her in concern yet still cautious, “Are you okay?”

She gently nodded but then quickly leaned over and away from him and emptied her stomach. She felt him hold onto her and steady her as she got sick.

Once she was done he reached for the cleanest cloth he could find and wiped her mouth for her.

She looked at him and gave him a slight smile, “Thank you.”

He was still looking at her in concern, “Are you okay? Why’d you get sick?”

“I’m still in the first trimester of my pregnancy, so I still have morning sickness; so if I get dizzy I get sick, too. Plus, I think I have a concussion,” she said softly.

He nodded but was still looking at her in concern, “Alright, take it easy and we need to get you something to eat.”

With that he began to lead her out of…wherever they were. All she knew was that it was an abandoned building.

“I swear I won’t try anything. But the restraints will draw unwanted attention. Plus, I have money in my back pocket. We could go to a diner or something,” she suggested. She really wanted to be somewhere that was relatively public for the time being.

He reluctantly nodded and removed her restraints, allowing her to pull her hands to her chest and soothingly rub her sore wrists. Then she felt him wrap his arm around her waist and his gun being pressed into her side, “Stay close. This part of town isn’t the best.”

She just nodded, knowing that what he said easily translated into ‘don’t even think about trying anything’. She wrapped her arm around his waist so that she could steady herself if another bought of dizziness came on…plus it would draw less attention to them. It also allowed her to grab on to him quickly if a problem should arise. She knew she had to stay focused. If she didn’t she might not be able to use the current situation to her advantage. This gave her the opportunity to figure out as much as she could about Ben; but it also gave her a chance at allowing Alec and the others enough time to find her.

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