Index of Award Winners by AUTHOR - Rounds 1-12

This is the gallery for the winners of the fanfic awards to show off their fics, and their banners!

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Index of Award Winners by AUTHOR - Rounds 1-12

Post by singerchic4 » Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:15 pm


Flash Powder (WIP) MATURE by 2X4
Petal of Hope (WIP) by A Rose is True Blue/Talena
What's So Great About Normal? by Allie1031
Uphill Battle (Complete) by Anais Nin
Happenstance (WIP) by Angel
The 24 Series (WIP) by Anniepoo98
The Gift (UC, K/I, Teen, 1/1) COMPLETE by Anniepoo98
Villain Of The Piece (UC, N/A, Mature) Complete by Anniepoo98
Denial Ain't Just a River(AU,M/L,Adult) COMPLETE by Applebylicious
Everything's Not Lost (WIP) by Applebylicious
Finding the Way Home (WIP) by Applebylicious
Good Things Come... (Completed) by Applebylicious
Home for Christmas (AU,M/L,R) [Complete] by Applebylicious
Lovers (M/L/N ADULT) [Complete] by Applebylicious
Not So Little M/L [Complete] by Applebylicious
Out With the Old (AU,CC,MATURE) [COMPLETE] by Applebylicious
Six Days to Sunday(AU,M/L,Mature) COMPLETE by Applebylicious
Till Death Do We Part AU/CC M/L ADULT [COMPLETE] by Applebylicious
Passion (M/M & UC/CC, AU, ADULT) Complete by April
Darkest Days (Complete) by Ash
Flood (Complete) by Ash
Go Ask Elizabeth (Complete) by Ashley
Kiss the Flame/Rope the Wind (AU,M/L,TEEN) [Complete] by Ashton
Time Will Tell (WIP) by Ashton
Running with Scissors (WIP) by Assilem_1
A Dupe's Responsibility (WIP) by AweInspired
Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) (WIP) by behrinthecity
Book Of Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Complete by Behrsgirl77
Confessions Series (WIP) by Behrsgirl77
Let Love In (M/L,AU,Adult) Complete by Behrsgirl77
Second Time Around - AU M/L ADULT [COMPLETE] by Behrsgirl77
Someone To Love You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Completed by Behrsgirl77
Unbreakable (M/L, AU, Adult) WIP by Behrsgirl77 & Itzstacie
When Your Heart Wants More (AU,ML,Mature) Complete by Behrsgirl77
Wings of an Angel (AU,ML,Adult) Completed by Behrsgirl77
Love & Marriage - AU M/L ADULT [COMPLETE] by blake
Time Changes Everything (WIP) (Mature) by Blue*Soul
A Special Kind of Love, M&L, Adult, + tag: The Question by Breathless
A Walk in the Park by Breathless (Complete) ADULT by Breathless
Afterburn (Complete) by Breathless
Aftermath - M/L - ADULT (Complete) by Breathless
An Imperfect Life - M/L, MATURE (WIP) by Breathless
Downfall M&L Complete by Breathless
Maxeo and Lizziet (Complete) by Breathless
TAT: In The Beginning (M/L, AU, Mature) Complete by Breathless
Charmed Again (CHMD,XO,CC,TEEN) Completed by Buffsteraddict
Captive Hearts (Complete) ADULT by by Breathless
Chasing the Son (WIP) by by Midwest Max
Convergence (WIP) by Caelan
Don't dream it's over - DA Xover, Liz/Alec (ADULT)(Complete) by Calinia
Never Underestimate Fate by Calinia
Persistence of Memory (CC ALL,TEEN) Complete by cardinalgirl
The Pathway is Broken (WIP) by cardinalgirl
A Bride for Zan (WIP) Mature by CareNicoleIQ
Stumbling Out of Darkness (Complete) by carenicoleIQ
CHAMELEON - Complete by Carol000
Freefall (AU,M/L, Adult) [COMPLETE] 4/17 by Carol000
Dreamer Holiday Series by Carol000
Dreamer Holidays: New Year's (Complete) by Carol000
A Month Of Sundays (AU,M/L,MATURE) [Complete] by cherie
Carnival Of Souls M/L TEEN Complete by cherie
Children of Eden (CC, MATURE) (WIP) by Chione
Driven Under (ADULT) Complete by ChrissyP47
Playing Cupid, AU, M&L ~ WIP by Comet
Behind the Lies by Cookie2697 (Complete) by Cookie2697
Everything (Complete) by Cookie2697
Hope Alone (Complete) by Cookie2697
Destiny's Folly (Complete) by cookieman1234
Discord (Completed) by cookieman1234
Illusions (WIP) by cookieman1234
The Art of Forgetting by cookieman1234
Finding Yourself (Complete) by cookieman1234
Strangers Again (WIP) MATURE by Crashdown_51
The Broken Vow (WIP) MATURE by Crashdown_51
Good Things Come In Twos(UC, Teen) Complete by darkmoon
And the Road Shall Lead You Home (Completed) by Deejonaise
Elisabetta and Massimiliano (Complete) by Deejonaise
My Life as a Teenaged Superhero - AU, M/L, ADULT [Completed] by Deejonaise/Applebylicious
Regarding Max (M/L) by Deejonaise
Stay the Night/Yours by Deejonaise
The Way Love Goes by Deejonaise
Walking the Road - CC - {COMPLETE} by Deejonaise
When Love Isn't Enough (Complete) by Deejonaise
Where the Road Goes - CC - {COMPLETE} by Deejonaise
Yours - CC M/L ADULT - {COMPLETED} by Deejonaise
Strong, Dangerous & Undeniable (WIP) by Destinee
Revising Destiny by Devil Kitty
The Evil Within ~ M/L + CC, ADULT, Complete by Devil Kitty
Beloved Unloved Series (WIP) by DMartinez
Close Encounters of the Strange Kind (Complete) by DMartinez
In Search of... COMPLETE (Zan) MATURE by DMartinez
The Fate of Destiny (WIP) ADULT by DMartinez
The Secret of Zan (Complete) by DMartinez
These Dreams (SN,XO,UC,Mature) Complete by DMartinez
Where Once Stood Kings...(Mature, Max) COMPLETED by DMartinez
Ghost (WIP) ADULT by Doublestuf
Within Me (WIP) by dream on
When She's With You (M/L/Z) by DreaminginPurple
Revelations - MATURE (Complete) by EmilyluvsRoswell
The First Year (Complete) by EmilyLuvsRoswell
The Homes Series (Complete) by EmilyLuvsRoswell
Broken (M/L, ADULT) Complete by Emz80m
Endings & Beginnings (M/L AU ADULT) Complete by Emz80m
Forbidden (M/L ADULT AU) - Complete by Emz80m
I Like Short Skirts (M/L ADULT AU) -COMPLETE by Emz80m
Love of the Land (M/L ADULT AU) COMPLETE by Emz80m
Mixed Up (M/L AU ADULT) - COMPLETED by Emz80m
Pieces Of Me (M/L AU ADULT) COMPLETE by Emz80m
Room Mates (M/L L/K ADULT AU) - COMPLETE by Emz80m
Some Girls (AA, M/L, L/Ma, ADULT) [COMPLETE] by Emz80m
Songs of the Heart (M/L ADULT AU) by Emz80m
Ghost (UC, AU, Mi/L, Mature) COMPLETE by Evansgurl01
Empty (AU, ML, MATURE) - complete by Evelynn
Obsessed (AA, AU, Max-centered, MATURE) - complete by Evelynn
The Denial Game (WIP) MATURE by Evelynn
Shadows -- CC -- MATURE (Complete) by FallenMagic
Best I Ever Had (WIP) by Fanatic101
I.O.U by Fehrbaby
The Truths about Dating and Mating (WIP) by Fehrbaby
"Happy Birthday, William" - BtVS- Adult - Complete by femmenerd
Second Chances (UC, Z/L, Adult) complete by femmenerd
There's a 1st Time...(FF Slash, I/S, Adult,1/1) - [COMPLETE] by femmenerd
Without You (WIP) by Fred
Senior Trip (AU with aliens) A/I M/L M/M Mature complete by greywolf
Specimen (K/T, ADULT) Complete by greywolf
Snowed In (M/L, AU, Mature) Complete by Heavenli24
The Yule Log (AU, M/L, Mature) Complete by Heavenli24
Spread 'Em (AU M/L,NA ADULT) Complete by Hopeless Romantic
Traveling Soldier (M/L AU TEEN) Complete by Hopeless Romantic
The Fourth (AU, K/T, CC ADULT) Complete by Icalynn
Spin (Complete) by incognito
Homecoming (Complete) by ISLANDGIRL5 & Kath7
Closer (Complete) by Itzstacie
Welcome To My World (AU,WA, M/L,Adult) by Itzstacie
Double Negatives (WIP) by Jadalyn & Lauren
Mouth (Complete) ADULT by jasper711
Own Me/Our Story (WIP) by jasper711
A Day in the Life of the B-Team (UC/CC, Teen) Complete by jbangelo
I Could Have Loved You (CC,K/T,TEEN) Complete by jbangelo
To Sunrise from Indigo (UC,K/I,MATURE) COMPLETED by jbangelo
Dismissed! (WIP) by JBehrsGurl
Pathos/Chaos/Terminus (Complete) by JO
My Angel (A/I + CC~Adult,FF) COMPLETE by KarenEvans
A Mother's Love (CC, FF, TEEN) (WIP) by Kath7
Between the Sand and Stone (Complete) by Kath7
Born of the Stars (WIP) by Kath7
Brothers and Sisters (WIP) by Kath7
Burn for Me (Complete) by Kath7
Fall On Your Knees (TEEN/CC/FF) by Kath7
Maybe I'm Amazed (A/I, Complete) by Kath7
Out of the Woods Trilogy (Complete) by Kath7
Silent Lucidity (Complete) by Kath7
Sins of the Father (CC,M/L,TEEN) [COMPLETE] by Kath7
Please Remember - (AU, M/L, MATURE) [COMPLETE] by kay_b
Redemption. CC M/L COMPLETE 21/11/2006 by kerri240879
Vertigo (WIP) ADULT by kerri240879
Shot Through The Heart (SV, Mature) WIP by KiaraAlexisKlay
Kryptonite and Chaos (WIP) by krystalstorm24
Still Yours (WIP) by Kzinti_Killer
Eats, Shoots and Leaves (Mature) (WIP) by LairaBehr4
The Butterfly Loss (WIP) (Adult) by LairaBehr4
Fail Safe (Complete) by Lelea
Leftovers~ ADULT~{COMPLETE} by Lelea
Love the Second Time Around (WIP) by Lillie
A New Start by LittleBit
Always Saying Goodbye (SN, XO, UC, Mature) WIP by LittleBit
Others Like Me (WIP) by LittleBit
All's Fair In Love And War (AU,M/L,Mature-Adult) Complete by LittleHottie510
Forever Fades Away (M/L,AU,Adult) Complete by LittleHottie510
LivE's Short Stories by LivE
The Experiment Series - M/L (Complete) by LivE
Carve UR Heart Out (WIP) Mature by lizard_queen & Crashdown_51
The Bodyguard (AU,M/M) Mature-Pt 15 - 7/2 - COMPLETE by LovinGuerin2Much
Scripted (WIP) ADULT by Luzser1800
Just Friends (DA, M/A, Teen) Complete by Lyra
Surviving the Darkness (WIP) ADULT by magikhands
The King's Surrender (Slash, Z/Kh, ADULT) [COMPLETE] by magikhands
Unusual Loves (UC,Slash,ADULT) [COMPLETE] by magikhands
Lost Soul (WIP) ADULT by magikhands
Serendipity (Every Path Leads To You) (Complete) by Majesty
The Kindness of Strangers (Complete) by Majesty
To Hell and Back - Pt 30 - (WIP) by Majesty
Consanguinity (CC)(Teen/Mature) COMPLETE 3/27/07 by majiklmoon
Goodbye to You (Mi/L MATURE/ADULT) - [COMPLETE] by majiklmoon
Broken Wings (AU,M/L,ADULT) Complete by max and liz believer
Love By Any Other Name (AU,M/L,MATURE) COMPLETE by max and liz believer
Mnemosyne's Daughter (M/L, MATURE) COMPLETE by max and liz believer
Snapshot (AU, M/L, MATURE) WIP by max and liz believer
Behind Bars (WIP) by maya
Prisoner of Love (ML/AU/ADULT)-Complete by Mia Nora
One Max Over the Max (Complete) TEEN by Midwest Max
Question (Complete) by Midwest Max
Searching For Liz Parker (Complete) by Midwest Max
The Son Series - CC, MATURE (WIP) by Midwest Max
The Offer (CC ALL, YTEEN) (WIP) by Misha
Innocent - M/L - MATURE - (COMPLETE) by mockingbird39
Shifting Realities by Mt Gazer
Goldiggers (WIP) ADULT by nibbles2
Aficionado (AU M/L Adult) Complete by nicola
Brooklyn (AU M/L ADULT) Complete by nicola
Our Affair (WIP) by Nikki
A Parker Family Christmas (M/L, CC, Adult) by OrangeSky
To Have and To Hold (WIP) by Pathos
Haulden in Roswell (UC, ADULT) 07/04 COMPLETE by Patroclus76
Finding Ulysses (Complete) by Peachykin
A Dupe Jones (UC, Zan/Syn, Adult) COMPLETE by Pinky Banana
Cinderella can kiss my ass!! (Polar MA) COMPLETE by polar4eva
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Bitter (WIP) by Raychelxluscious
Always Waiting for Someone Else (WIP) by Realistic Dreamer
Shower Reality-(AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt3 [COMPLETE] by RebeccaBehrEvans
Boys of Summer/Taking You Home (Complete) by Rosdeidre
How to Disappear Completely (Complete) by Rosdeidre
Winter Solstice by Rosdeidre
Antarian Sky(Complete) by Rosdeidre
TAT: Malign AU/ADULT (WIP) by Rosdude
Till We Meet Again (WIP) by roswck
Sins of the Father - AU - M/M - {COMPLETE} by RoswellChic4Ever
Amaranthine (EY), (M/L, TEEN) COMPLETE by roswellianprincess16
Awakening (M/L, Mature) COMPLETE, 07/31 by roswellianprincess16
Starry Days, Dark Nights (CC ALL,TEEN) Ch 14 [COMPLETE] by roswellianprincess16
The Cravings Series(AU Double Dipper Z/L/M ~ ADULT) Complete by RoswellOracle
Mind Of An Artist (UC, Z/L, ADULT) Complete by RoswellOracle
Absolution (A/I, AU, ADULT) Complete by Rowedog
Never In Doubt (M/L, AU, TEEN) Complete by Rowedog
Rightful King (AU, Mi/L, Teen) WIP by Sablaine
Secrets (AU,CC,MATURE) Complete by SAFIRESKYE26
The 12 Days of Christmas Complete by SansuCry
Eternal Ruby of Darkness(M/L,Adult) [COMPLETE] by Shadowlynxbehr
Ringing in the New (AU,M/L,Adult) [COMPLETE] by Shadowlynxbehr
The Legend of Daring Elk and Horse Dreamer (AU, M/L, Adult) Complete by Shadowlynxbehr
Roswell: Destiny Calling (CC, Mature/Adult) WIP( by Shiesty23 & Zygote
Broken Innocence (AU,M/L,Mat) (WIP) by spray & dreamer
Confidential (M/L - Mature) (WIP) by sprayadhesive
2023 (CC, Mature) WIP by starcrazed
I Forgot To Tell You...(CC,A/I,TEEN) Complete by StargazerUK
Into the Lion's Den (Complete) by StargazerUK
Love and the Single Woman by StargazerUK (Complete) by StargazerUK
Will you still love me? (A/I,CC, TEEN) COMPLETED by StargazerUK
The Screaming Alien (WIP) by Sue
A Father's Legacy (WIP) by sugarplum7
The Party Challenge (Complete) by Susan709
All His Fault (AU,M/L,MATURE) [COMPLETE] by sweetbrowneyes
Best of Me (M/L,Mature) Conclusion 1/14/07 by sweetbrowneyes
Making the Magic Last (AU,M/L,Mature) COMPLETE by sweetbrowneyes
So Here We Are(AU,M/L,Mature) [COMPLETE] by sweetbrowneyes
Burning to Feel - CC/UC, MATURE (Completed) by sylvia37
Everything To You Series - CC, MATURE (Complete) by sylvia37
Stolen Moments (M/L, Adult) Complete by sylvia37
Can They Hear You Scream? - (Complete) by TaffyCat
Fortunate Son...Other/CC...TEEN...Complete by TaffyCat
Those Meddling Fates....(ADULT) Complete by TaffyCat
Always, Spaceboy ( ADULT) (complete) by Tasyfa
Firsts / Full Circle / Silkening (SERIES COMPLETE) by Tasyfa
Reawakening (complete) by Tasyfa
Splitscreen (WIP) by Tasyfa
The Bitter Dregs by Tasyfa (complete) by Tasyfa
The Forging of a Lifebond (CC,M/L,ADULT) [COMPLETE] by Tasyfa
This twinned soul (complete) by Tasyfa
Here Be Dragons (Complete) Adult by tequathisy
HOMECOMING QUEEN (Teen) complete by tequathisy
For the Roses (WIP) by Tesseract
Viral Apocalypse - All CC/Slash - ADULT (Complete) by Tharos
Because of You (Complete) ADULT by To_Kiss_A_Frog
Calendar Boys (WIP) by To_Kiss_A_Frog
Chasing Memories (M/L - Adult) COMPLETE by To_Kiss_A_Frog
Echo (M/L - Adult) Complete by To_Kiss_A_Frog
Sexual Healing (WIP) (ADULT) by To_Kiss_A_Frog
The Scientist (UC, Z/L, ADULT) [COMPLETE] by To_Kiss_A_Frog
A Thousand Lies Have Made Me Colder (WIP) by TrueLovePooh
Saving the Best for Last (Complete) by Watcher Tara
Two Down, Two To Go (UC, ADULT) Complete by Watcher Tara
Nice To Meet You Anyway(AU,M/L,Mature) 25Oct COMPLETE by willowbv
Blue Remembered Hills - M&L CC - Complete by WR
Last Christmas - COMPLETE - MATURE by WR
Of Cabbages and Kings (CC,M/L,ADULT) Complete by WR
Parisienne Walkways - ADULT - (M&L) Complete by WR
The Christmas Angel (AU,M/L,ADULT) [COMPLETE] by WR
The Devil Inside (M/L, AU, ADULT) Complete by WR
The Importance of Being Elizabeth by WR
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