NEW Challenge Rules and Guidelines 01/31/06

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NEW Challenge Rules and Guidelines 01/31/06

Post by ISLANDGIRL5 » Tue Jan 31, 2006 11:51 am

Hey folks!

Sorry to change things around on you yet again, but I’m in the process of getting this forum as organized and neat as possible. I want to get rid of some of the clutter, so that things in here are easy to find. So, Please, read:

Here are the rules for the new challenge threads.

There are 4 challenge threads, listed and described below. The challenge threads will not be in stickies, they will be left to float around the forum. However, you can find and get to each of the challenge threads from the links left in this thread. It is now MANDATORY for authors to post challenges in the respective challenge thread. Author’s – don’t start a separate thread for your challenges. Figure out which of the four challenge threads your challenge belongs in, and post your challenge there.

The fifth thread is the Taken Challenge Thread. This is the thread where the author of the challenge, or the author that took the challenge will post a link to the story, and the number of the challenge.

Link to the Old Challenge thread Here.

Link to the (old) New Challenge Thread Here.

The challenge threads linked above will be deleted on February 15, 2006.

CHALLENGE AUTHORS: You can repost your challenge here, if you still want it to be open for someone to take. Simply repost what you put in the other thread. However, you must read the rules below first.


1. Choose which Challenge Thread your challenge belongs in. Challenge threads available are:
  • Conventional/Cannon Challenges – Something that picks up where the show left off, or something that picks up after a certain episode. General rule of thumb, same as the fanfic forums…if Max healed Liz in the Crashdown in September of 99, then your challenge belongs here. CC couples only, meaning Max/Liz, Maria/Michael, Tess/Kyle, and Alex/Isabel or Jesse/Isabel. Example: A challenge for a story where Future Max gets Liz pregnant, and how the characters deal with this.
  • Alternate Universe Challenge – If your challenge takes place in a universe different than the one portrayed on the show, then your challenge belongs here. Examples: Challenges for stories that involve no aliens, stories in which human from the show turn out to be aliens, stories where Max doesn’t heal Liz, and the things on the show never happened. Example: A story where Liz does get shot, and ends up in a coma, or a challenge with no aliens, where Max and Liz are best friends, and fall in love.
  • Unconventional Couple Challenges – If your challenge is for a story that puts together a couple NOT seen on the show, then the challenge belongs here. Example: Polar challenges, Ground Zeor challenges, In-Crowder challenges, etc. If the couples are not Max/Liz, Maria/Michael, Tess/Kyle, and Alex/Isabel or Jesse/Isabel , then your challenge goes here. Examples: Challenges where Liz leaves Max in Destiny, and marries Sean Deluca instead.
  • Crossover Challenges – If your challenge is a crossover challenge, meaning involving the Roswell storyline and or characters with that of another show and it’s characters or storyline, then your challenge belongs here. If your challenge incoroprates any character from another show, then it belongs here. Example: If you write a challenge where Liz runs away after Destiny and ends up in Smallville, where she falls in love with Clark, then your challenge belongs here. If your challenge involves Lucas from One Tree Hill moving to Roswell and getting involved in the Alien Abyss, your challenge belongs here.

2. NUMBER YOUR CHALLENGES! Make sure that your challenges are numbered, and go in numerical order. If you are reposting a challenge from the Old Thread, remember that the number WILL not be the same. Post the same challenge, but number it according to the numbering on the corresponding challenge thread. EACH CHALLENGE THREAD HAS ITS OWN NUMBERS!

3. Challenge authors: When one of your challenges is taken, you MUST go back to your original post and edit it. Leave the Challenge number in your post, and the title if you wish. You MUST leave the challenge number, so that the numbering system won’t get confusing, and new challenges posted after yours will still be in numerical order. ERASE the challenge, and leave word that it was taken, and to go to the Taken Challenge Thread for a link. Erasing the challenge after it is taken makes it easier for writers looking for a challenge to know which ones are still open.

3. Authors who take a challenge: Once you take a challenge and commit to write it, it is your responsibility to contact the author of the challenge and let them know the challenge has been taken. Let them know what number challenge you took, what challenge thread it was on (Conventional, Alternate Universe, Unconventional, or Crossover), and what page of the thread you found it on so they can go back and edit their post.

4. It should be worked out between the challenge author and the author who took the challenge which one will post a link in the Taken Challenge Thread. We don’t need both posting a link to the fic. BUT--At least one of you needs to post a link if you're going to list it in the Taken Challenge Thread.

5. When posting in the Taken Challenge Thread, it is up to you whether or not you want to repost the challenge. I would suggest you repost it so people looking for a certain challenge story will know which story it is they are looking for. Reposting the challenge is up to you, but you must put the challenge number in your post as well as what thread it came from. Some people may look for stories based on the Challenge number.

6. Do not post new challenges in the Taken Challenge Thread, and do not post taken challenges in any of the four active challenge threads. That’s how the other thread got so long, and so confusing to read.

If you have any questions or comments about the new rules and/or new threads, PM them to myself, or Bordersinsanity, or post them here. BUT--DO NOT POST NEW CHALLENGES ON THIS THREAD!!

I think that’s about it….so, Happy Challenging!
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