Choices & Consequences(M/L,Teen/Mature) A/N [WIP]

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Choices & Consequences(M/L,Teen/Mature) A/N [WIP]

Post by Zanity » Sat Oct 22, 2005 12:12 am

Choices and Consequences (CC, M/L, Teen/Mature) -- Banner by ~Amara~

Author: Zanity

Summary: At the end of DESTINY Max doesn’t let Michael stop him and he runs after Liz. He’s made plans; this latest turn of events has pushed up the schedule and changed just few things but…….

Pairings: Primarily M/L but other CC pairings will be present.

Rating: Most of this fic will be Teen but it will hit Mature in Chapter 2 for the purposes of “cementing”. The rest of the fic will be back to teen.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything; most especially not the rights to Roswell. The only fictional sources I’m referencing or intentionally quoting are episodes of Roswell. (i.e. the first line in this Fic is directly from “Departure”) Any similarities between my story and other works (aside from the afore mentioned Roswell Episodes) are either pure coincidence or my memory mosaic-ing ideas I liked in the past through my imagination. In either case it’s unintentional, so please don’t take offense. Once again I don’t own any of the characters, places, events or anything else; I’m just playing with them for a while.

Author’s Note: Texts between asterisks are thoughts, or telepathic communications, or notice that what happens next take place in the mind’s eye (i.e. *Flash*). The mind is capable of concepts and ideas that lie beneath the level of language. Some concepts and ideas can be conceived of in the mind instantaneously while they would take minutes or even hours to explain in English; while other concepts and ideas will never fully translate to any language. Thus any text between asterisks will rage from the literal thought or communication when possible, to a condensed approximation to, or translation of the actual thought or communication when the thoughts described don’t perfectly translate into the form of communication I’m stuck with English.

Author’s Second Note: While I will do my research and strive for accuracy on details this is fiction and some things will just be different from reality (i.e. In this fiction you can get you passport made while you wait at the DMV)

Chapter 1 -- Choices

Michael restrains Max, “You gotta let her go.”

“No! I’ve got to fix this! I need her! Especially now!” Max shouts as he shakes free and runs after Liz. Catching her by the arm he turns her around and begs, “Liz listen to me, please here me out. If when I’m done you still want to leave me then fine, but promise me you’ll hear me out first.”

Liz looks at the pleading and determination in Max’s eyes and she can’t deny him his chance to talk. She sighs, “Alright Max.”

Max drags her back to his jeep and lets her in, the quickly hops in himself and starts driving to his house.

“I thought we were going to talk, Max!” Liz accuses.

Max looks at her and begs, “We will, I just need to get some things, please Liz this means a lot to me and so much has already changed I need the rest of this to go as close to how I planned it as possible, if I’m going to live though it. Please, just trust me on this for a few hours OK? That’s all I ask.”

Liz folds her arms and sighs.


As they pull up in front of Max’s house he jumps out of the car. “Stay here Liz, I’ll be right back.” He runs inside and grabs two suitcases from under his bed that he had already packed in case something like this happened. Then reached back under the bed and pulled out a box opened it up and grabbed two velvet boxes one blue and one black and shoved them in his pockets. He pulled out a couple of envelopes he had filled with his banking needs put one in his coat pocket and one in one of the suitcase. “Thank God for contingency plans!” he muttered. Finally he flipped through a few file folders and pulled out the one he needed, opened it up and took a note out and an envelope. He wrote out a quick note to Isabel and put it in the envelope. Leaving both notes on his bed, he picked up the suitcases and folder and left.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Liz and I need some time alone and away from Roswell. We have our cell phones turned off, but we will be checking our voicemail daily in case of emergencies. We won’t be answering calls that just ask where we are etc. so don’t try. We’ll be fine and will call if we need you. We don’t know when we’ll be back maybe tomorrow, maybe later, but for sure we’ll be back in time for school. I love you. I’ll see you soon. Please don’t worry.


PS Make sure Isabel and Michael see this note.

Envelope addressed to Isabel with another note inside:


If you try any alternative forms of communication and it’s not a life or death situation, so help me it will be one when I get back to Roswell. I really need this time alone right now, after everything that’s happened. I love you and I will be back. Please don’t try and contact me.

Your pleading brother,


Max put the suitcases in the trunk and the file on seat between him and Liz as he drove to Liz’s place. “I’ll be right back.” he said as he grabbed a note from the file ran up her fire escape and left it on her bed. Then he looked around and opened his mind to the echoes of Liz’s presence he felt in the room until *Flash* Liz hiding her journal. He grabbed the journal from its hiding place and ran back down. After putting the journal in the trunk he hopped back in the car and drove westwards out of town into the desert.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Max and I need some time alone and away from Roswell. We have our cell phones turned off, but we will be checking our voicemail daily in case of emergencies. We won’t be answering calls that just ask where we are etc. so don’t try. We’ll be fine and will call if we need you. We don’t know when we’ll be back maybe tomorrow, maybe later, but for sure we’ll be back in time for school. I love you. I’ll see you soon. Please don’t worry.


PS Make sure Maria and Alex see this note.


Liz, by this time, is curious. Max obviously has made some pretty elaborate plans. “What’s going on Max you couldn’t have planned all this for just a talk?”

Max sighed. “Liz, I’ve been planning this on and off for years…. First I thought I’d never get to do this, then I thought I’d have more time to plan and make things perfect, but I knew the way my life is, things could get bad real fast so I made alternate plans for just in case. Now please trust me for just a little while longer.” Max begged.

Liz complied and Max drove off onto a side road 15 minutes later, then 5 minutes later went off road until they came to a beautiful little oasis in the middle of the desert.


Liz gasped, “Its beautiful Max!”

Max replied, “Not half as beautiful as you, Liz!” Liz blushed as Max got out of the jeep, walked around the car, picked her up, and carried her to the shore of the small pond.

Setting Liz down he took a deep breath, looked into her eyes, and started to speak. “Liz, I love you more than anything in the universe, I need you, and I’m not going to live without you. If you honestly don’t love me anymore, then connect with me one last time and prove to me that leaving me like this is what you want, that it is what will make you happy, and I’ll support you the whole way, at least we can still be friends; I’ll do anything to make sure you’re happy. But if you’re just pushing me towards my destiny, then my destiny will be to turn myself back into the FBI or in to the Air Force or some other agency. We both know what they’ll do…” both Liz and Max wince as they recall what happened to Max in the White Room, “…but I’d choose that destiny a thousand times over before even considering living a destiny with out you; not to mention trying to have some kind relationship with that selfish, deceitful, conniving, and manipulative Tess. When she first came to town, the very first thing she did, before even saying one word to me, was to use her mindwarps to make me see, supposedly seductive images that I found repulsive. Then before ever identifying herself as an alien much less my supposed destiny bride, she attacks me with her powers and strips me of all my control, even to the point of violating my free will, in order to force me to kiss her. I cannot and will not have any kind of romantic relationship with someone whose first choice would be to have me as her mindslave.”

Max shudders, takes a deep breath and continues, “My heart, my bed, and my hand in marriage are nobody’s birthright. They are gifts for me to give to whomever I choose, and I offer them all freely to you. Liz, if you do still love me….”

He pulled out the blue velvet box from his pocket and opened it up revealing a gold ring with blue gems forming the “Spiral Symbol” that was on the orb they found together; a symbol that, to Max, had come to symbolize their love. Liz gasped as Max kneeled and continued, “… I promise to love you always, and do everything within my power to make you the happiest girl in the Universe. Elizabeth Parker will you marry me?”

Liz just looked at Max in shock. *If I still love him? Of course I still love him. How could he think otherwise?* Then it hit her, exactly what he was saying. She’d experienced flashes of what the FBI did to him last time they got their hands on him. And now, here was Max Evans, the love her life, giving her an ultimatum…. Marry me or I’ll go let myself be tortured to death and the hands of people who hate me, because any other destiny would be too painful to even think about... well he did mention a third option but it would be impossible for that to ever happen. It brought tears to her eyes as she began to realize just how much she meant to him. *How could I say no to a plea like that?* Her heart melted and she leaned over and kissed him; then with tears streaming down her face she replied, “Oh Max, yes, of coarse I’ll marry you!” She kissed him again, and as the kiss deepened their connection opened up and waves of love swept through them both.

She was still weeping with joy when Max began again with an unmeasured relief in his voice, “Thank you, but in light of recent developments, you do have one more choice to make tonight….” Liz grew curious again, Max continued, “… when we get back to Roswell you can be my wife, we’ll finish high school, I’ll do everything in my power to get us into Harvard so you can study molecular biology like you’ve always dreamed, and we’ll leave this alien destiny crap behind forever. Or, when we go back to Roswell you can be my wife and queen we will probably still finish high school and maybe even manage to go to Harvard but I’ll be the king my people want me to be and I’ll fight this war they want me to fight with you beside me as my queen. So, Elizabeth Parker will you be my queen?”

Liz studied Max’s eyes and realized he really didn’t care at this point which way she answered this question, that this was her choice. He was telling he loved her, that she was his only destiny. He knew that this whole alien thing had changed everyone’s lives and he was giving her the chance to get out of the whole “Alien Abyss” for good… and promising to come with her! She thought for a few moments and then realized she would be his queen, Max’s home world, his people were counting on it; she couldn’t let a whole planet suffer just so she wouldn’t have to deal with alien problems. She couldn’t be that selfish, that’s why she ran away from him in the cave in the first place. She answered with determination, “Yes Max, I will be your queen.”

Max smiled, Liz had made her choice. His world had changed her life and he’d given her a chance to keep him and leave it, but she willingly chose to stay a part of this; he would harbor no more guilt on that account. He put the ring on her finger and kissed her tenderly before sweeping her off her feet and carrying her back to the jeep. Max started the jeep and started heading back for the main road, but when he got there he turned west again.

A puzzled Liz asked, “Where are we going Max?”

Max grinned, “I told you when we got back to Roswell you would be my wife, and I meant it.”


They approached a gas station Max pulled over went to the trunk and pulled out the suit cases gave one to Liz and said, “Time to get changed.” Liz opened the suitcase and her mouth dropped when saw a gorgeous white dress that felt smooth and soft like it was made of silk. However, the dress glittered with out texture making it look almost ethereal. To Liz’s quizzical look Max waved his hands, referencing his powers, and responded, “I made it myself, patterned after the dress you’re always wearing when I marry you in my dreams.”

Liz’s heart melted all over again as she went into the bathroom and changed putting her old clothes back in the suitcase. She emerged to the sight of Max waiting for her in a pure white tuxedo… she was stunned.

As Max saw Liz emerge from the bathroom wearing the white heals and the dress that he’d seen her in so many times before as he slept, he noted how the dress flowed across her curves; it was a dress fitting for the queen of the stars. He gasped, “Liz you’re even more beautiful in that dress than I ever dreamt possible.” Liz blushed, and then smiled as he helped her into the jeep. Max quickly jumped into the jeep and headed to the jewelers.


As they pulled in Max reached into his jacket and pulled out the envelope he’d put there earlier and took out the two debit cards that were inside. He looked them over and handed the one that said Liz Parker to her and said simply, “Wedding expenses.” The other card he put in his wallet. As they walked in Max said, “I’ve already got your ring we’re here for you to pick out mine.” Liz smiled and looked around. After a short search, she found the perfect ring it was a gold band with an infinity symbol etched in diamonds over and over all the way around the band. She bought it and Max used his powers to make it fit perfectly. Liz was starting to get really excited as they left for the florist.


Max quickly ran in and bought a bouquet of a dozen white roses. Returning to the car they could sense each others anticipation as they headed to the next stop… the wedding chapel.


When they pulled into the wedding chapel Max grabbed the file and opened the door for Liz, then they walked into the chapel arm in arm. Max walked right up to the counter and said “We’d like to get married.”

“I’ll need to see some ID.”

Max and Liz gave them their driver’s licenses and Max said, “My dad’s a lawyer and he said because we’re not 18 yet you’d need these.” as he reached into the file and pulled out an official copy of each of their birth certificates, and a forged consent form from each of their parents.

Upon receiving the four documents the clerk smiled and said, “My, but you did come prepared.” Max and Liz smiled as the clerk continued, “It will be $25 for the wedding license, $50 for the ceremony and since you didn’t bring your own witnesses it will be $20 dollars for each of 2 witnesses bringing your total to $115.” Max put his debit card on the counter it charged through. The clerk pulled out a blank license and filled it out. Liz & Max both signed it then were led to the back room where they stood in front of the altar.

The minister asked them if they wanted the traditional vows or if they would be reciting their own. Max and Liz both wanted to recite their own, so Max began.

“Elizabeth Parker, you are the love of my life, and the focal point of my universe. When I first laid eyes on you, you looked up and smiled at me from a crossed the field, in that moment I knew that you were the only one I could ever give my heart to. In that instant every cell in my body came alive with the knowledge that one day I would either win your heart and marry you, or be condemned to live my life alone. You complete me, and fill the void in me left by the loneliness of my past. You are the queen of my heart and the home of my soul. I vow here today that I will never leave you nor fail to protect you. It will be my reason for living to make sure a frown never again crosses your beautiful lips. Along with this ring, I give you my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul. They are your possessions, to do with as you please. May this ring symbolize the bond we are to share, sealed by the strength of our love.”

Max put the ring from the black box on her finger, another gold band this one with 5 diamonds in the shape of a V just like the healing stones had been on the cave wall. Max wasn’t sure why, but when designing the wedding ring the symbol seemed appropriate. As the ring slid on to her finger, the two symbols merged showing a white V inside the blue spiral.

“Max Evans, I knew when I smiled at you that day that you would be important to my future. However, I never thought I deserved you, or would even have a chance to attract your attention, until last September when you changed my life forever. Since then our minds, hearts, and souls have merged in a way I never imagined possible; to the point now where living a day without you is the single most terrifying thought in my life. When you hold me in your arms I feel safe and secure, like everything is right with the world and nothing could ever go wrong. There, in your embrace, is the place my heart calls home. I know we have a long road ahead and I promise to be your ever present strength and comfort, as we walk that road together. You are the king of my life, and your happiness is my deepest desire. All that I am is now, and forever will be yours.” Liz smiled and continued, “May this ring symbolize the bond we are to share, sealed by the strength of our love.”

Liz slipped the ring on Max’s Finger.

The minister was moved to tears by strength and sincerity of the confessions of love the two teens had just made. He tried to regain his composure and announced, “By the powers invested in me by the State of New Mexico, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Max looked into Liz’s eyes then kissed her deeply and the kiss only grew deeper, and as the connection between them flared and they each sensed the joy and love of the other. As the broke the kiss Max looked at the minister who handed him the wedding license now signed by him and the two necessary witnesses and said, “You know, I’ve been marrying people for 35 years, some couples you can tell are going to make it, and some you can tell aren’t. But this is the first time I have ever been moved to tears by the vows two people have shared. You two really have something special and I wish you a long and happy life together.”

Max then paid for extra prints both on disk and on paper of the wedding photos the chapel employees had taken, as well as purchasing the wedding video.

Max and Liz thanked him and Max put their wedding license and wedding photos in the folder with his other important documents. While they walked out to the car Liz said, “So I think it’s about time you told me what the rest of your plan is.”

Max smiled and said, “Soon Mrs. Evans, very soon, the next stop is the honeymoon suite at the hotel just up the road, once we’re checked in, we will discuss the rest of my plan.”

Liz smiled and thought *A few hours ago this was the worst day of my life and I thought Max would be lost to me forever, now I’m Mrs. Liz Evans, Max’s queen, and in a few moments I’m going to be making love to him…. Max Evans the man of my dreams, who can take the worst day of my life and make it the best…..I can’t wait.*

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A/N: Thanks for the feedback everyone. Don't worry AlienAngel I'll get back to Roswell's reaction to a missing Max and Liz next chapter. But for now back to Max and Liz...

Chapter 2 -- Actions

Max & Liz walked into the hotel and Max held up their wedding license and said “We’d like to rent the honey room suite for the night.” Then place the debit card he’d used to pay for the wedding. When he received the key to their room he walked Liz to the door opened it then carried her through the threshold and lay her down on the bed.

Sitting down next to her he said, “Ok, so the rest of my plan....” Liz smiled gleefully as Max took off his jacket and continued, he told her about the notes he left on each of their beds, then he got the other envelope out of his suitcase and pulled out two more debit cards and grabbed a small rock he’d put in the suitcase just for this purpose. He held the rock in his hands and turned it from an ordinary rock into a 24k gold strip right before Liz’s eyes. He handed her a debit card that said Liz Evans on it, and said, “Tomorrow I thought we’d go to the DMV and get your drivers license changed and get us both passports, so you can use that. I used the gold trick to fill this joint account with $1 million dollars devoted to our honeymoon expenses and if we start running low on funds I can always make more. I figured we could spend the rest of the summer traveling the world, hitting all the romantic hot spots, plus any place else you’d like to visit. Then the day before we get back to town we call everybody and let them know we’re coming and arrange to meet our parents at the Crashdown before it opens and I’ll have a presentation prepared for them to talk them in to not fighting our marriage. Then we arrange to meet the gang at the quarry and fill them in. I figure on trying to talk your parents into letting us move into that apartment that no one’s using behind the Crashdown, I think you once told me it was originally being fixed up for your Grandma Claudia. Then we go back to school. So what do you think?”

Liz looked at him stunned and asked, “You have been planning this haven’t you?”

Max smiled shyly and stated, “Well, I originally hoped to propose at our Prom and marry you right after graduation, but, yeah knowing my life like I do, in September when that actually started looking like a possibility instead of an impossible daydream, I made contingency plans for if something happened and I had to push up the schedule, and now I’m glad I did.”

“Me too!” Liz cooed as she wrapped her arms around her husband.

Max smiled, then looked at her seriously and said, “So Mrs. Evans, about what we’re going to do for protection…”

“I’m on the pill, Max; I have been since right after our night in the desert.” Liz interrupted.

“I don’t trust it; given my unique chemistry it might be ineffective, besides I doubt you brought enough in your purse for the next three months. I was thinking of a more long term solution, but I also have a couple short term options too if you, um, don’t feel comfortable with my first idea, so don’t feel pressured or anything I want to do this the way you want, OK?” Max interjected.

“Ok,” Liz said, smiling at Max’s uncertainty, *That’s my Max always putting me first*, “So what’s your long term plan?”

“I could use my powers to make you grow barriers inside your fallopian tubes, it would have the same effect as tying them, and then I could dissolve the barriers again when we are ready; but, if anything happened to me it would take surgery for you to be able to have kids with anyone else.” Max suggested. “Alternatively I could just dissolve your eggs every month or my sperm after every time… the uh err short term solutions.”

Liz laughed, “I like the first solution it sounds safer. I wouldn’t want you forgetting one day and us ending up pregnant before we’re ready, besides if anything ever happened to you I wouldn’t want kids with anyone else.”

Max smiled at her words of devotion as he stood Liz up and carefully removed her dress. Placing his hand on her abdomen he made the needed connection and searched through her cells, finding the ones he needed, he pushed them to reproduce and grow the desired blockages in her tubes. He then proceeded to search below the newly formed barriers for any eggs that may already be farther along. Finding one he dissolved it into its base proteins and broke the connection. “There, now we don’t have to worry about getting pregnant before we’re ready. But I do hope you want to have kids someday, because I certainly do.”

Liz smiled, “At least two, maybe more.” Then she began unbuttoning his shirt and vest while he took off his shoes and pants.

When Max was standing there in just his boxers he reached behind Liz and unclasped her bra, slowly pulling one strap then the other off her shoulders then letting it fall to the ground. Liz responded putting her fingers in the waistband of his boxers and sliding them to the floor. Max then did likewise with her panties leaving them both standing naked in front of each other for the first time. As their eyes hungrily searched up and down each others bodies Liz suddenly felt self conscious, *What if I’m not pretty enough for him.* But Liz’s fears were quickly dispelled as Max gasped, “You’re perfect, even more gorgeous than I ever imagined.” Liz stared fascinated by Max’s well muscled body, as her eyes drifted appreciatively down to the part of him she’d never seen before.

After a few moments of admiring her perfection Max scooped Liz up in his arms and laid her down on the bed. “I’ve read a few books trying to figure out how to make this good for you, and I’d like to try something… Do you trust me?” he asked. Liz nodded… all the answer Max needed. He grabbed her wrists and held them together above her head with his left hand and began massaging her breast with the other. He kissed her deeply then moved on and began sucking on the breast he wasn’t massaging. He began switching back and forth between the two breasts constantly sucking on one and massaging the other.

“Oh, Max….” Liz began to moan as she felt the desire building inside her. As Max continued pleasuring her breasts, she cried, “I need you Max.” But Max had his own ideas. Soon reason was departing from Liz’s mind and she bucked her hips trying to get closer to Max. Max was ready and quickly retreated constantly maintaining the hold on her wrists. Liz was writhing mindlessly with desire a few minutes later when finally she climaxed. As Max watched her body shudder with the release, he released her arms, which were immediately clenching him closer to her. They kissed deeply while clenching together. As her faculties began to return she questioned, “Oh Max, what did you do to me?”

Max kissed her tenderly and answered, “Hopefully, made you feel real good.”

Liz catching her breath pleaded, “Oh yes Max, but now I need you inside me.” Max smiled only to happy to comply. He began to slide inside her but stopped as he reached her barrier. He brought his hand up and started sliding it in between them when Liz, realizing what he was planning, cried out, “Don’t you dare Max Evans! I want to feel every part of this!”

Max sighed, “I didn’t think you’d go for it, but I didn’t want to hurt you. I had to try.” Knowing that there was no use arguing about it, she could be just as stubborn as he could, he placed his hands on her hips and gazed into her eyes forming a connection. If she was going to feel any pain at their joining he was going to experience it with her. With the connection formed he pulled her down as he thrust foreword breaking through her barrier and forging their connection into a bond. They merged in a way neither had expected. They felt their heart beats and breathing synchronize. They felt each others emotions wash over them. They heard each others thoughts come tumbling into their heads. They each became aware of the physical sensations the other was feeling… the pleasures, desires and pains. It all swept over them in an instant. It took a moment to adjust but then they began in unison, each exploring the other’s body with their hands and mouths. They experimented and studied learning exactly where and how to touch to trigger pleasure and how to touch to stoke the fires of desire. Soon they began thrusting at a rhythm that they sensed would put them both over the edge at the same time. When it happened the two orgasms swept through them from one to the other each setting off another orgasm in the other beginning a chain reaction that wouldn’t end till over an hour later when they both collapsed from exhaustion. As the second wave hit Max rolled over on his back bring Liz to the top where she was when they lost consciousness.


Suddenly they found themselves standing face to face surrounded by a white light so bright nothing else was visible… just each other. They kissed and the flashes began. Unlike their previous experiences with flashes these were continuous… beginning with their earliest memories and ending at the present, not missing a single experience, thought, emotion, or fantasy in between.

Among the highlights….

Liz saw…

*Flash* Max coming out of his pod… … Max and Isabel communicating wordlessly knowing they had to stick together… …Max and Isabel sensing Michael… …Michael finally revealing himself only to hide as headlights approached… … The Evans taking Max and Isabel to the orphanage… … Max trying to comfort Isabel who was crying herself to sleep because she didn’t know what happened to Michael… … Max crying himself to sleep from sheer abject loneliness… … Max’s mom giving him a toy house telling him it would bring him home. It didn’t help but he would be strong he didn’t want to hurt his mother… …Max getting off the bus his first day of school and sensing, then seeing Liz across the field. Somehow sensing she was his future he allowed her to fill the void of loneliness he’d been hiding since his mother bought him the house… …Max and Isabel reuniting with Michael… … Max trying to convince either Isabel or Michael that he should tell Liz the truth. Knowing if he got support from either one of them it would be enough to push past the fear she might think he was a monster and run away from him… …Max seeing Liz skin her knee and dying to go heal it for her… …Max staring at Liz across the hall try to get up the courage to tell her… …Max watching Liz limp around on a sprained ankle, desperately wanting to go over and heal her… …Max standing at the ladder outside Liz’s balcony for the umpteenth time trying to get the courage to go up and tell her the truth… …Max spending time at the Crashdown just to bask in her presence… …Abject terror as Liz is shot… …Fury at Michael for trying to stop him… … Concern as he tried to heal her… … Relief as she was healed and opened her eyes… …A slew of fantasies and in between these events, fantasies of telling her the truth, kissing her, marrying her, making love to her… …Abject terror as he told her the truth and his worst fears cam true and she ran away from him… …Determination that he couldn’t loose her now as he waited for his second chance outside the Crashdown… …Relief when she seemed to accept him after the connection… …Longing as he sat in the jeep with her wanting to kiss her, but remembering her initial reaction and deciding he shouldn’t – she deserved someone who wasn’t a monster, she deserved better than him… …ecstasy when he saw her locker room fantasy and knew she loved him, that no part of her considered him a monster… …Revulsion at the mindwarps Tess used to try and seduce him when she first got to town… …Helplessness as he fought for control over his own body as Tess used mind control to get him to kiss her… …Absolute revulsion when Tess and Nesadeo told him that Tess was his destiny – how could he be expected to be with someone who would try and force him to do things against his will. No way Liz was his destiny every cell in his body told him so… …Fear at Liz’s abduction… …Terror as one of his worst nightmares came true and the FBI captured him… …Holding on to the thought of Liz as they tortured him, he’d get out and back to her somehow then everything would be ok… …Terror and despair as he saw the VR simulations of Liz getting killed… …Unmeasured relief as he reunited with Liz… …Absolute horror as he saw his absolute worst nightmare coming true as Liz ran away from him, determination spreading over him, not now, he couldn’t lose her now… …The fear, desperation, determination, love, and joy of the days events since the he left the cave.

Max saw…

*Flash* Liz learning to walk… … Liz wearing the cupcake dress to please her mother… … Liz seeing Maria in pain when her father left and befriending her… … Liz and Maria befriending Alex… …The three friends at a sleepover… … Liz looking up at a picture of the Harvard Campus her dad put above her bed and wanting to go there… …Liz playing with her friends in the field and suddenly looking up and smiling as she sensed Max for the first time… …Liz trying to get Max to join her friends playing ball, and feeling a little hurt when he refused… …Liz reading an article about molecular biology by a Harvard Professor and deciding she wanted to study under her… …Liz watching pleased as Max stood up to some bullies on Alex’s behalf… …Liz ecstatic when she and Max were assigned as science partners… …Liz fantasizing about Max kissing her right there in front of the whole lab… …Liz redoing her hair and makeup every day before lab trying to get Max to notice her… …Liz fantasizing about Max asking her out… …Liz staring longingly at Max when he wasn’t looking… …Maria trying to convince Liz that Max was interested in her, he must just be shy… …Liz getting shot… …Liz hearing Max’s voice asking her to look at him, she’d do anything for that voice… …Liz getting a warm feeling as Max healed her… …Liz feeling overwhelmed as Max told her the truth, needing time to think… …Liz’s feelings turning to absolute love and devotion during the connection as she realized the same Max Evans she’d been pining after all these years felt the same way about her… …Liz needing Max as her grandmother was dying… …Liz’s hurt at seeing Max kissing Tess… …Liz’s relief and hatred when she found out about Tess’s mindwarp abilities being used to try and control and seduce her Max… …Liz wanting to comfort Max after experiencing flashes of the White Room… … Abject pain as she ran away leaving Max to his destiny… …The complete joy and happiness starting from his proposal until the present.


As the flashes stopped they both found themselves clothed in the glow that Max’s touch so often created on Liz, and standing in the center of a “Spiral Symbol” out in a desert that looked like where they healed Michael. All of a sudden the V symbol glowed on Max’s forehead and shot out imprinting an identical symbol in Liz’s head. Max’s face flashed concern which immediately subsided when he sensed it hadn’t hurt her. As they moved in to kiss both V symbols shot out colliding and creating another V symbol floating in midair. The new V fed by the other two began to grow until it touched down in between them. It then proceeded to lower until the top of the V matched the end points of the Spiral they were standing on. The “Spiral Symbol” immediately began lighting up starting were the top of the V rested and tracing in towards the center. As Max and Liz embraced and kissed, the center lit up creating a barrier of light all around them. The barrier constricted and capsulated around them becoming almost skin tight binding them together. They then began to rise off the ground flying upward at a remarkable speed. They watched as earth retreated and they soon recognized the path they were taking as the reverse of the trip Liz had witnessed in her flashes. Their flight through space ended as they touched down on a planet circling a red dwarf in the middle of the whirlwind galaxy.


Max and Liz were standing in awe as they looked around at their surroundings. They were standing on a beach filled with pink sand looking up at a lavender sky containing three moons. They looked out over the dark blue sea and noted water appears to be the same on both planets at least. As they surveyed the area they spotted a figure approaching, vaguely human but more luminescent, they looked down at themselves and realized she looked much as they did right then. As the figure approached its appearance focused into the same apparently human female that had claimed to be Max’s mother in the orb communication. She bowed slightly and greeted them, “Welcome my son…” then looking to Liz she gasped, “… By the Creator, you’ve found her; you’ve finally found your queen.” Regaining her composure she bowed slightly toward Liz, “My queen. I’m sure you both have many questions, let me start by saying I am pleasantly surprised that this communication is possible. I have long wondered after both your safety and your happiness my son, and now, I’m gratified to see you have found both; at least in a measure.”

Liz spoke next latching on to the words that gave her hope, “Y- yo -your queen? So Max does get to pick his bride, he’s not destined for Tess? We’re not ruining everything? I mean the message from the orbs said that they were married here.”

As Max winced at Liz’s words, and his mother felt a pain of guilt as she could see that her message had obviously been a point of contention between her son and his chosen queen, “Of coarse he can choose his bride, but Zan chose you as his queen long ago, the night his father died and the royal seal passed trough the genetic link to him. The seal always causes certain changes in the one it inhabits; when Zan received it, he began having visions, of you. He insisted that you were his queen and his destiny and he commissioned 10,000 seekers showing them his mental image of you. He ordered them to search all 5 planets for you. After searching for over three years his 21st birthday was approaching and our law says that the King, Queen, Crown Prince, or Crown Princess must be married by their 21st birthday and conceive an heir by their 30th birthday, because only a true heir can receive the seal and have the ability to control the Granolith, the loss of that control would put and end to the line of secession and would certainly mean civil war and an end to the prosperity of our solar system. King Zan searched through every law and tradition to try and find a way to extend the deadline and came up with a plan that functioned, though it stretched his rights to the limit. He reluctantly agreed to marry Ava under certain conditions. The first of which he wasn’t giving her the title or authority of queen, the second he refused to consummate the relationship because he was saving himself for his queen and when he found you he intended to have the first marriage annulled on the grounds that it was never consummated. This bought him an extra 9 years to look for you. Four years later the war came and he was killed. Marriage bonds are dissolved at death so when I sent his essence to earth to be reborn, Max was free to choose any queen he wished. The possibility that his choice might be a human was planned for. There were triggers placed in him so that any human he chose, providing she reciprocated his desires would evolve and develop the abilities she’d need to defend herself. Though the possibility of him finding the queen he claimed was his destiny was not considered. I’m glad he finally found you.”

“So you’re saying because Max and I love each other I’m turning into an alien?” Liz asked.

“Not at all, you are now and always will be completely human. The changes I referred to are from what humans are today into what humans will eventually become, the completion of human potential. You should have already sensed the changes taking place by now, I can sense they are already complete.” Max’s mother said with a note of concern.

Liz replied sheepishly, “I’ve been feeling them for some time now I just didn’t know what they were, and I didn’t seem to be developing any powers and it actually feels kind of good. I sort of just thought it was the effect Max had on me... so, what was supposed to start these changes and how long are they supposed to take?”

Max’s mother answered, “Contact between the two life energies of those that wish to be together would start the process that should last no more than four years, but further contact between the two life energies would accelerate the process.”

Max and Liz looked at each other and in unison said, “The connections and the flashes.” Then Max looked at his mother and asked, “Were the same, uh, triggers put in the other three too?”

She responded, “Yes, we didn’t want any of the Royal Four having mates that would be relatively defenseless when their enemies attacked.”

Max then drew the “Spiral Symbol” and the V symbol in the sand and asked his mother, “We’ve come across these symbols I know that they’re important but I just can’t seem to remember what they mean?”

“The first symbol means many things. It was originally the symbol of unity. Over the years it’s also come to mean communication, place of meeting, the bridge between, etc. even to the point of representing our galaxy …” his mother began, “… The second symbol is the Antarian Royal Seal. It is imprinted on your life energy and is the proof that you are the rightful king. Assuming you have an heir, upon your death that seal will be transferred from your life energy to that of the rightful heir.” As she finished she placed her hand behind Max’s head and the seal began glowing in his forehead again.

Max smiled, “Liz has that now too.” Raising his hand behind Liz’s head mimicking his mother’s motions he made the seal glow on her head.

Max’s mother’s jaw dropped, “That’s impossible! In the entire history of Antar there has never been a bond that was close enough for two to share the seal.” Recovering her composure, “Well, I guess that explains how you had enough energy to contact me.” At Max and Liz’s confused looks, she explained, “In any bonding of two people the new whole becomes stronger than the sum of its parts. The closer and stronger the bond, the more that is true. The bond you two share is stronger than any I’ve ever even heard of. As a result I have no idea what all the effects of your bonding will be, nor the limits of what you’ll be able to do. Vision Conferencing across the galaxies is almost impossible with out the aid of a communications orb to amplify the signal, but the two of you were strong enough to contact me.”

Max beginning to understand questioned, “Ok, so we contacted you? That means we should be able to do it again if we want to right?”

Max’s mother replied, “Yes, you contacted me and; yes, you should be able to contact me any time you have enough strength to do so, communication at this distance takes a lot of energy. I don’t know how draining it will be on the two of you. Given the strength of your connection it may become second nature to you, or it might be more draining and leave you needing rest. Like I said before, I just don’t know.”

Max worriedly questioned, “And this is safe, I mean we were told the orbs could attract our enemies; is communication without them safe?”

His mother answered, “Yes, while the orbs can be tracked, unaided telepathic communication, such as Dreamwalks and Vision Conferencing, is secure.”

Max satisfied with that asked, “So, if I show our protector that Liz has the Seal, it would prove that she is my queen and falls under his protection?”

“It proves much more than that; but, yes it would have that effect. But why would you need to do that? All the protectors we sent with you were members of your personal guard, they were all aware of the mental image of your future queen and should have recognized her on site even as I did.” his mother replied.

At this Max began to get angry but he reigned himself in and explained, “One of our protectors, in fact the only one that’s made contact with us, kidnapped Liz pretending to be me as a ploy to thwart the local governments attempt to study me. I’m positive that if I hadn’t gone to rescue her and his plan had worked that he would have killed her. He even tried telling me that I shouldn’t trust her with our pod chambers location.”

His mother looked aghast to here this news.

After a few moments of silence, Liz smiled and asked, “So, now that you’re my mother-in-law, what’s your name? What do I call you?

Max’s mother answered, “My name is Riandra.”

At that Max and Liz each gave her a hug and Max began filling her in on the facts and events of his new life. He told how wonderfully his adoptive parents and treated them and promised that he’d try to bring Isabel along the first time he tried contacting her after they got back to Roswell. When they questioned her about Michael’s and Tess’s families, and whether they’d be able to be present in these communications later, she replied, “Lord Rath’s father, General Volar, is currently the head strategist in the Loyalist Resistance, unfortunately the rest of his family as well as that of Ava’s has been lost in the war. If we know ahead of time when you plan on making contact, I can arrange to have an open connection to Volar which should draw him into our communication. After you’ve met you should be able to contact him directly thereafter.”

When they were done talking Max and Liz said goodbye to Riandra and promptly found themselves back in their suite.

Max looked at Liz and smiled, “I told you, you were my destiny.” And suddenly that word didn’t seem so bad.


Max smiled as he was the first to wake the next morning. As he woke he found that he and Liz were still intimately joined from the last of their lovemaking sessions that had gone on through the night. He smiled while watching her sleeping form for a few minutes until he felt the first moments of consciousness taking shape in her mind. *Now this is the way I was meant to wake up in the morning.* he thought to himself. He was only a little startled to hear Liz’s reply, *I couldn’t agree more.*

*So, you up for a shower?* Max asked.

*With you, anytime!* Liz replied.

Max grabbed Liz’s legs and wrapped them around his waist, then held her tight while the made their way to the shower. When they reached the shower he pulled out and set her down. The both gasped as the physical connection broke and they were left with only the sensations of their own bodies. They smiled however, as the quickly realized that their mental and emotional bonds remained intact. They smiled even broader when they realized the physical connection returned with any kind of physical contact. They each took their turn washing the other, starting with the hair and working their way down, Max as he went used his healing powers to remove any injuries or soreness from the night’s activities. As it began to cool, Max used his powers to keep the shower warm. They both emerged from the shower several hours later, after several rounds of cleaning and lovemaking, completely famished. They redressed in their street clothes, then while Max packed up the rest of their belongings Liz noticed her journal, grabbed it and started writing...

May 29th, 2000. Last journal entry.

I was Liz Parker. This Journal began with the end my life it seems only fitting it should end the same way. 9 months ago I died and Max Evans brought me back. That day the life of Liz Parker her mother’s perfect little girl ended, and the life a new Liz Parker, a Liz Parker that had secrets, lied to her parents, ditched school, hang out with aliens, helped them search for clues to their origins, and helped them hide from the FBI began.

Yesterday, once again Liz Parker’s life ended. To say the days leading up to it had been an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement. I almost lost Max twice, first to the FBI then to a destiny with another woman, but he fought his way back to me each time. Now, Liz Parker is gone forever, and I’m beginning a new life in her place. I’m Liz Evans and I’ve a long road ahead, a road I’ll be traveling with Max, my husband and my king. I’m Liz Evans, the new queen of Antar, and I’m happy.

Liz closed the book as Max was finishing packing. She walked up to him and said, “This is yours now, it was Liz Parker’s journal, now everything she was is yours. Liz Evans will start a new one which you’ll be welcome to read anytime.”

Max smiled at the thought as he packed the book away, and then they headed downstairs and had a big continental breakfast before checking out.

After they checked out they went straight to the DMV and got Liz’s drivers license changed to her new name and they both got their passports. Now, armed with valid ID, they headed to the next stop -- the mall -- to pickup a few essentials for a three month trip; extra suitcases and luggage, a few changes of clothes, a new journal, a high-end digital camera, a laptop with a CD burner and few blank CDs to store pictures on, and last but certainly not least a few hygiene essentials.


On the road again, Liz questions, *So, where to next?*

Max answers, *I thought we’d start with the Grand Canyon because it’s only a days drive from here. Then we could hit the airport and charter a private jet, you know one of the fancy ones with a hot tub and bedroom and everything and use it to go everywhere else. We’ll go anywhere and everywhere you’ve ever dreamt of visiting. We’ll see all the sights and have lots of fun in transit. This trip is just for you and me we’ll make it perfect.*

*Hmmm… Fun in transit sounds promising… but on a serious note we should probably work on my powers this summer too, so I can defend myself against Tess when we get back.* Liz thought back.

*I know, I thought maybe tonight we could see what you can do and work on it from there. If I understood Riandra and Nasedo properly almost all of our powers are human. And because of our bonding it’s like the energies involved in our abilities have merged and we’re running off of combined pool that’s bigger than either of us had access to before. So I should be able to teach you to do everything I can, then we just wait to see what new abilities you develop on your own and I should be able to do those to.* Max thought.

They continued in silent conversation discussing their plans as they traveled down the highway toward the Grand Canyon taking a few rest stops along the way, and alternating drivers. As Max drove Liz pulled out her new journal…

May 29th, 2000. Journal Entry 1

I’m Liz Evans and yesterday my life began. Maybe I should explain, until last September I wasn’t living; I was going through the motions trying to get to a future that I thought I had all mapped out. Then Max Evans changed my life forever when he saved me from a fatal bullet wound, with just a touch. He opened my eyes to a whole new world that had been all around me my entire life. In the following 9 months he taught me what it means to live, and what it means to love. Then yesterday, he was at it again, yesterday he married me and changed me from Liz Parker a small town waitress, honor student and resident science geek, to Liz Evans, Queen of Antar. Now, this is the life I chose. I have to live, hide and grow stronger. I need to learn to use the gifts that have been granted me as a result of my husbands love. One day I’ll have to help fight a war first against the enemies that followed my husband here to Earth, then back on Antar to help liberate our home world. Our home world, in one sense it seems kind of weird to call it that. After all, Max doesn’t remember it, and I’ve never been there, at least not physically. Yet, it’s the world that sent me Max, it’s the world that calls him king, and it’s the world that – even though I’ve only met one resident of it, and she was my mother-in-law – calls me queen, and yes, it’s the world Max and I will one day live on. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a problem calling it home; because everything I know about it links to Max and “Home” is in his arms. Even now the fires of hope are probably just being rekindled as his mother spreads the news that their King has survived the crash and is accepting the responsibility to fight for his people’s freedom. I can’t believe it, here I am casually writing about rallying the troops for an intergalactic war; but this is the life I chose and would choose again. We have a long road a head of us, but Max and I will walk that road together, so I’m happy. Well enough seriousness, the rest of the summer belongs to Max and me, to enjoy to the fullest before we return to Roswell and with it reality. But for the next 3 months we’re going to have fun.


Max and Liz pulled in to a hotel right next to the Grand Canyon and checked in. After bringing in their luggage, Max turned to Liz and said, “So, my beloved, why don’t we see what you can do power wise? Let’s start by seeing if you can use the shield.”

Liz thought for a second, searching through her memories of the flashes she got from Max for a time when he used the shield. Upon finding the right memory, she duplicated Max’s reactions, from then, within herself; and a shining green shield materialized in front of her. Smiling, she recalled a time when Max changed the color of something and proceeded to turn her blue shirt red.

Max smiled, “Impressive, you’re a natural.”

Liz replied, “I just remember a time when you did something in the flashes I got last night and the duplicate the same feeling in me. You see, you already taught me everything you know about your powers… Now, since my husband has obviously given me some pretty amazing wedding gifts, I think it’s time I show my appreciation.” With a wave of her hand she changed her clothes into a liquid that flowed right off her into a puddle on the floor where they solidified back into there original forms.

Max looked on in awe, then said, “Now I know I’ve never done that one. Nice touch!” as he waved his hand and duplicated her efforts on his own clothes.

After making love for a few hours, Max called and made arrangements for their plane to be at the airport the next night, and reservations with a tour group for the Grand Canyon earlier in the afternoon. Finishing that, they resumed their previous activities until they fell asleep.


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Chapter 3 – Facts, Fictions, Mysteries, and Solutions

Back in Roswell…

“Isabel, call Michael and get him over here, right now!” Diane Evans hollered.

Isabel quickly complied wondering what was up. She and Michael had covered for Max last night stating that he was staying with Michael, but they had done that before and always gotten away with it.

Michael showed up ten minutes later to find a very cross looking Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and a very confused Isabel sitting in the living room.

“Which one of you wants to tell me what these are about?” Philip questioned, as he showed the two teens the two notes his wife had found on Max’s bed this afternoon.

Isabel decided to take the offensive when she saw her parents had opened a note specifically addressed to her. “You opened, and read a note addressed only to me, Mom, Dad, how could you? Notes from my brother to me are just that, from him to me, and none of your business. As for the other note we’re as much in the dark as you are, it even says at the bottom to show it to us, why would it do that if we already knew all about it?”

Michael, relieved that Isabel was handling her parents, decided they need a meeting with Maria and Alex to figure out what to tell Tess. *If Tess finds out Max and Liz ran off alone for the summer she is going to be royally pissed.* he thought to himself.

Diane trying to calm her daughter down said, “We’re sorry, sweetie, it’s just that Max is gone and we need information.”

“You still shouldn’t have opened my letter!” Isabel exclaimed, thinking *Thank God Max anticipated that they might do that and kept his note cryptic or else we’d really be in trouble.*

Philip getting exasperated tried, “Like she said we’re sorry, but Max’s note to you seemed to indicate that you know how to get a hold of him, is that true?”

Isabel wanting to head off this line of questioning before it got any farther stated, “Yes, I have a way to get in touch with Max. No, I’m not going to use it unless there’s some kind of emergency that requires his immediate attention. And no, I’m not going to tell you how I can get a hold of him. I refuse to betray Max’s trust. I won’t do anything to jeopardize our relationship, he means too much to me.”

Diane worriedly begged, “If he means that much to you, help us find him. He could be in serious trouble out there all alone.”

Isabel, looking at her mother incredulously, said, “First off he’s not alone, he’s with Liz. Max would never do anything that would put Liz in danger, so whatever they’ve got planned, Max is satisfied that it’s safe. Second, we’re talking about Liz ‘You’ve gotta have a plan’ Parker and Max ‘We’ve got to get more information and cover all our bases’ Evans. The note to everyone was type written so one of them planned this. If Max planned it and can’t convince Liz to go along with it, or Liz planned it and Max doesn’t think it’s safe they’ll be back tomorrow like the note says. If whoever planned it talks the other one into going along with it they’ll be back by the end of the summer, again just like the note says. Either way this isn’t a spontaneous two teens running away together, this is a well planned trip for the two of them, and the only trouble their going to be in is with you and Mr. and Mrs. Parker when they get back. The hand written note to me was a last minute detail to tell me how important this is to him.” Waxing thoughtful she continued, “Which means either Max planned it, or he’d already been brought up to speed and thought it was safe by the time he left.”

Philip, following his daughter’s line of reasoning, asked, “So why would Max or Liz plan this?”

Michael, knowing the answer, dejectedly stated, “To get away from us. Max is the one Isabel and I always come to with our problems; Liz is the one that Maria and Alex go to. The last month or so has been tough on all of us, especially with finals week thrown in the mix. The rest of us would go to Max and Liz and talk with, or in my case blow up at them and it would help us, but Max and Liz just kept getting more and more stressed between dealing with us, and they had their own problems to deal with. They needed to get a way from us, so they could help each other.”

Isabel got a dejected look on her face as she realized Michael was probably right. She felt guilty for not seeing it sooner, she was usually the one to go have a late night talk with Max to help him deal with his problems, but she’d failed him this time. And this time Max’s problems had been his worst nightmares. “He’s right.” she finally said.

Understanding, finally dawning on both parents, they resigned themselves to deal with this when Max and Liz got back.


Same time at the Crashdown…

Alex questioned, “Hey, Mr. Parker, Liz around?”

Jeff looked at Maria, who was standing behind Alex, “Isn’t she with you.”

Maria who had covered for Liz saying that she’d stayed at her place last night replied, “No, she left early this morning, said she had a lot to do. Do you mind if we check her room?”

Jeff shook his head and said, “No, go right on up.”

Reaching Liz’s room they found Nancy sitting on the bed apparently in shock. Alex asked, “Mrs. Parker, are you OK?” Not getting a response he tried again a little louder.

Jeff heard Alex the second time and rushed up to check on his wife, “Nancy? Nancy, what’s wrong?”

Nancy just handed Jeff the piece of paper in her hands and continued staring of into space. As Jeff read the note his face started turning red with anger and he turned to Maria handed her the note and demanded, “What’s this about?”

Maria and Alex both read the note at the same time before Maria went off into hysterics, “Oh My God, Liz’s gone. At least she’s with Max, so we know she’s safe. Why didn’t she tell me? Which one of them planned this? Oh, Liz we’ve got some talking to do when you get back. We need to talk to Isabel and Michael. Tess is so going to be pissed if she finds out…”

“Calm down Maria” Alex interrupted, “Sniff some cedar oil or something.”

Maria starts a quiets mantra, “You’re right, I’m sorry, calm down…” sniff.

Jeff looks at Alex, “You care to explain any of that?”

Alex smiles, “OK, for those of you that don’t speak Maria I’ll translate…” Maria shoots Alex a glare, but Alex continues, “Liz is with Max, and Max is nothing if not extremely overprotective of Liz. As long as their together, we don’t have to worry about Liz’s safety, Max will take care of that a hundred times more efficiently than any of us would. We’re a little surprised because Liz didn’t tell us about this. Liz and Max are both obsessed with plans, Liz makes long term plans, where as Max takes whoever said ‘No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy’ seriously and plans one event at a time but makes contingencies to make sure if things go wrong he still accomplishes his objective. This letter is typed and mentions they might be back tomorrow so only one of them planned this, and that parts in there in case they can’t talk the other one into going along with it, either way this is a well planned trip and there’s not much anyone can do to stop it. If Max planned it, then the only one who could stop it is Liz. Maria’s going to have a girl talk session with Liz when she gets back because she’s going to want details of what Max and Liz did for three months alone and un-chaperoned. Isabel and Michael might know something if Max told them, so we should talk to them see if we can get more details of exactly what’s going on. Tess is a new girl at school whose bound and determined to try and take Liz’s place as Max’s girlfriend, but she’s so completely not Max’s type that he’s repulsed by the idea. But if she found out Max and Liz are spending the summer together alone, she’d be angrier than a dropped hornets nest. That about covers the translation any questions?”

Jeff questions, still a bit angry, “So, you’re telling me that my daughter is on a three month vacation alone with Max. There’s more or less nothing we can do about it until they get back, and the only thing I really have to worry about is whether or not she’s coming back sexually active?”

Alex realizing he may have said too much, and trying some damage control says, “Essentially, but I wouldn’t worry all summer if I were you, in fact I’d consider it a personal favor if you’d pretend Liz went to spend the summer with her aunt in Florida – without Max. It would help you not worry, and if you’d keep it as a cover story especially if Tess stops by asking questions, so Maria and I won’t have to deal with an angry Tess for the summer. We didn’t do anything to deserve that and Max and Liz will be more than capable of dealing with her when they get back. Those two can plan and maneuver their way around just about anyone when they’re working together, she won’t stand a chance. When they get back, you can deal with whatever happened or didn’t happen then. It’s like Max says, ‘No use worrying about it now, when we can’t do anything, and we don’t have all the facts. ‘”

Jeff sighs in defeat, Alex is right, “Ok, but those two are going to be in serious trouble when they get back.”

Maria finally calming down says to Alex, “Ok, let’s go talk to Isabel and Michael and make sure the Evans don’t blow things with Tess.”

Alex begins walking out, “Agreed.”


A few minutes later at Michael’s apartment…

Maria, banging on the door, demands, “Michael is Isabel here, we need to talk!”

Isabel opens the door, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Alex questions calmly, “I take it there was a note in Max’s room too?”

Isabel matter-of-factly responds, “Two actually, one of which essentially warned me not to dreamwalk them unless I want to pay dearly for it later.”

“I can’t believe Max would leave a note like that! What if your parents saw it?” Maria exclaimed.

Isabel handed Maria her note and icily countered, “I said it essentially said that, not that it used those words.”

After Maria and Alex read the note to Isabel, Alex commented, “Well it looks like if Liz planned this Max was on board before they left, and I’m assuming since Maria was covering for Liz last night the tomorrow in the note is today, and since they’re not back yet and it’s getting late it’s probably safe to assume that either way their both onboard now and are planning on staying out the whole summer.”

Isabel nodded, “Michael and I covered for Max last night, so I’d say you’re probably right.”

Michael spoke up, “So, what are we going to do about Tess? I don’t want her yapping at us all summer about how Max is refusing to face his ‘Destiny’.”

“We talked Mr. and Mrs. Parker into telling any interested parties that Liz went to spend the summer with her aunt in Florida. Now all you have to do is convince your parents to claim Max went somewhere alone, then we all stick to those stories. That way Max and Liz can be the ones to deal with Tess when they get back.” Alex offered.

Isabel got an idea. She walked over to the phone and grabbed a piece of paper, waved her hand over it and it became a note that read:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I need some time alone and away from Roswell. I have my cell phone turned off, but I will be checking my voicemail daily in case of emergencies. I won’t be answering calls that just ask where I am etc. so don’t try. I’ll be fine and will call if I need you. I don’t know when I’ll be back maybe tomorrow, maybe later, but for sure I’ll be back in time for school. I love you. I’ll see you soon. Please don’t worry.


PS Make sure Isabel and Michael see this note.

“I can probably get Mom and Dad to pretend this is the note Max left, and then I’ll show Tess the note Max left me and she’ll think Liz wouldn’t listen to him after the cave message and he’s of somewhere trying to recuperate from both the white room and Liz dumping him. That should keep her off our backs until they get back.” Isabel suggested.

They all agreed and went their separate ways.


“Mom, Dad?” Isabel questioned.

“Yes sweetie?” came her mother’s reply.

“I just met with the rest of our friends and we were kind of wondering, if Tess comes by asking for Max could you show her this note instead of the one Max left, and pretend to know nothing about Liz’s whereabouts?” Isabel asked.

Diane read the note Isabel was handing her and noted that it was pretty much identical to the real one except with every trace of Liz removed. Being curious, she questioned, “What’s this all about?”

Taking a deep breath Isabel explained, “Max loves Liz, and Liz loves Max. The problem is Tess is obsessed with Max and won’t take the hints Max gives that he’s not interested, nor Max’s polite refusals; and Max as been to polite so far to tell her off. When she finds out the Max and Liz are spending or have spent, depending on how long we can keep it from her, the summer together she’s going to hit the war path, and we don’t want to deal with an angry Tess all summer. We think it should be up to Max and Liz to break the news to her, and deal with her tantrums when they get back.”

Diane remembering teenage rivalries, decided to pump her daughter for some information, “So, Max isn’t interested in Tess?” she questioned.

Isabel still needing to get her mother’s cooperation figures it couldn’t hurt to share a little gossip time with her, “Not a chance, Max only has eyes for Liz. The idea of dating anyone else, much less Tess who is about as un-Liz as you can get and still be female, actually repulses him. Max would probably kill me if he knew I told you this, but he’s had Liz pegged as the girl he’s wanted to marry ever since the third grade, he finally got up enough courage to let her know how he feels earlier this year, and at the rate things are going between them it looks like he might just get his wish.”

Diane, getting more information than she’s ever gotten about her quiet son, decides to continue, “So, your saying the reason Max never seemed to be interested in girls, is because he was interested in girl, singular, and he was too nervous to ask her out?”

Isabel liking being able to talk openly with her mother, and not seeing any harm in continuing after what she’s already said, replied, “Nervous? No, it goes much deeper than that, Mom. Everyone has at least one fear that absolutely terrifies them beyond reason. Some people are afraid of the dark, others snakes. Some people are afraid of heights, some people are afraid of mice. Some people are afraid of spiders, some people are afraid of the water. Some kids are afraid of monsters under the bed, some veterans are afraid of loud noises. But not Max, Max’s fear, the fear that terrifies him, the fear that haunts his nightmares, is the fear of rejection. First and foremost is the fear of Liz rejecting him, next is fear of your rejection, then comes dad, then me, and lastly Michael. When Max wakes up in the middle of the night from a nightmare his first words are never, ‘Get away from me’, or ‘Let me out of here’, or ‘Get them off me’ or ‘Stop’, or even ‘Help me’. His first words are always, ‘Please, don’t go’, or ‘Don’t leave me’, or ‘I need you’. He feels he’s some how undeserving of our love and support, and fears one day we’ll realize that and withhold it from him. That’s the fear he had to overcome to let Liz know how he felt, and it took the thought that she could have been killed the day of the shooting last September, and he would have lost her anyway, to do it; one fear overriding another.” Isabel was in tears at this point, she could empathize with her brother’s fear. She felt it too, just not to the same extent. She was almost certain their parents would still love them if they knew the truth, that they wouldn’t see them as monsters, almost.

Diane was thankful for the insight she was getting into her son, she knew Max would never tell her this, and she remembered clearly his reactions right after he somehow put out that grease fire, and the fear she saw in his eyes then began to make sense. However she was, never the less, mindful of the effect this conversation was starting to have on her daughter. She decided this was enough for now and thought back to what started this conversation so that she could end it. Remembering she stated, “OK, your dad and I will cover for you with Tess.”

Isabel remembering why she started this conversation in the first place replied, “Thanks Mom.” and went up to her room to call Maria.


“Hello?” Maria answered.

“Hi, it’s Isabel, I’ve spoken to my mother and everything’s taken care of. We’ll all be fine till they get back; but those two better have planned more than just their trip, because when they get back all hell is going to break loose.” Isabel stated.

“You’re telling me… um Isabel? Do you have plans for the summer? ‘Cause being that Max and Liz are gone, and Michael is planning on working every spare hour he can get, well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with Alex and me… unless of course you had other plans or prefer to hang out with Tess or something.” Maria rambled.

Isabel remembered the last time she and Maria had tried getting close, she hadn’t given Maria much of a chance; but a lot had happened since then, and she would like to spend more time with Alex. After a moment’s pause Isabel said, “Sure, sounds like fun… hopefully we can hit it off better than last time.”

Maria chuckled, “Yeah, I promise not to freak out this time. Well, I’ve got to go, my mom’s calling me, talk to you later, bye.”

Isabel smiled this could turn out to be a pretty good summer, even if it’s going to be a nightmare fall.

Then another idea struck her and she made one more phone call.

“Hello?” the sheriff answered.

Isabel began, “Hi, sheriff this is Isabel, and I have a favor to ask.”

“What is it?” queried the sheriff.

Isabel responded, “Max left town with Liz. He left notes at our house and the Parkers’. After everything he’s been through he needs time to heal and since Michael’s not exactly the counselor type, not to mention the fact that he’s fighting his own demons over the Pierce incident; and the problem he’s trying to deal with is: the fact that he just lived through my worst nightmare makes me a bad choice to talk to; it sort of puts Liz at the top of the list of people that can help him right now. So if the Parkers or my parents call to have you look for them could you sort of drag you feet and give them the time they need?”

The sheriff remembering the way Max looked when they got him out of Eagle Rock, like he’d been through hell and the look on Max and Liz’s faces when they reunited, like they were each others’ salvation, answered, “Sure, I’ll run interference for them, is that all?”

A relieved Isabel replied, “Yeah it is, thank you sheriff, and goodbye.”


In a hidden chamber on Antar…

Riandra walked into the room where Volar was having a strategy meeting and sat down to wait to speak to him. Volar noted her arrival and quickly wrapped up his current point and dismissed the meeting. Once they were alone Volar questioned, “What is it my queen?”

Riandra excitedly announced, “I have much good news. The king lives and has found and bonded with the queen of his visions. His relationships with Vilandra and Rath are as close as ever. He has accepted the responsibilities of fighting for his people and eventually returning here to rule. His bond with his queen is so strong that together they were not only able to Vision Conference me from Earth, but they share the seal as well. I must seek an audience with one of the prophets and see what the Creator has said about this, but I think the tide of this war just shifted heavily in our favor.”

Volar’s jaw dropped. He quickly zeroed in on the news that hit closest to home. “My son, is alive and well?”

Riandra responded, “Yes, unfortunately it seems he has not had an easy time growing up on earth, but he is alive and well. We have to be careful, however, with how we handle the news because with the exception of Ava they’ve all been raised as humans by humans and know very little about their true potential or our situation. The king and queen are currently participating in an earth custom called a honeymoon, apparently on earth immediately post bonding a new couple travel alone together to become familiar with each other intimately while visiting various locations that are considered romantic. They plan to use this trip to become more adept with their abilities as well and will be contacting me periodically to learn what they can. When they return to their home they plan to help train Vilandra and Rath. Unfortunately, it appears Ava was raised by a shape shifter who claims to be sent as one of their protectors but either did not recognize the queen, or deliberately decided that a human queen was unacceptable, because he threatened the queen, deliberately put her in danger, tried telling the king not to trust her, and tried getting him to choose Ava over her. Hence we may not be able to trust Ava, and we certainly can’t trust this shape shifter.”

Volar became infuriated at that last news, but through years of practice remained calm and stated, “So, we make plans to train the king and help him determine who his allies and enemies are, then with that done we spread the news far and wide of his survival and bonding.”

Riandra and Volar spent much of the next few days privately planning this turning point in the war.


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A/N: Thanks for the feedback, here's the next part.

Chapter 4 – Healing

Max woke up terrified screaming, “…Liz, please, I need you!” As consciousness started to sink in he found Liz still in his arms and held her tight. Still in panic mode, he began repeating, “Liz, I love you, I need you, don’t ever leave me!” over and over again, like a mantra.

Liz waking up at his first out cry immediately began to try and comfort him, “It’s ok my love, I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.” Sensing it wasn’t enough she dove into their connection and searched his mind for the nightmare that had him in such panic. When she found it, it nearly broke her heart…


Liz says to Max, “I can’t be with you anymore, I need someone who can give me a normal life.” as she runs into Kyle’s arms.

Max dejectedly replies, “I understand, you deserve that, you deserve a chance to be happy. It was selfish of me to try and drag you into my life. You deserve someone human you can love, like Kyle, not a monster like me. But can we at least still be friends?”

Liz answers, “I don’t think that would be a good idea Max. You remember the last time we tried to be friends while I was dating Kyle.”

Then all of a sudden Kyle’s friends showed up holding baseball bats, standing between Max and where Kyle and Liz were standing. Liz shouted, “Goodbye, Max.” as she and Kyle began to run away. As Kyle’s friends restrained Max the dream began morphing between the present scene, Liz running away from Max in the band room, and Liz running away from Max at the cave. Images of Liz shot and lying on the Crashdown floor, and the images Pierce showed Max of Liz being killed also filtered their way into the dream.

As the all scenes merged Max began shouting, “Don’t leave me…

Liz couldn’t believe the depth of terror and despair that was present in Max through the whole nightmare. Looking for further understanding she searched his memories for the scenes that she knew were real and any related memories. It shocked her, at how with two little acts; she’d managed to hurt Max so deeply. She began to understand what Max’s motives were in resisting their relationship for so long. She discovered that when Max had finally given in, that day in the Crashdown, he’d given in completely and with out reservation. He’d invested himself in their relationship so fully, that while he could cope with the torture Pierce had dished out for days in the white room, and come out a little physically and emotionally scarred, but relatively the same Max; Liz in running out of the cave after the destiny message, in a few short seconds had nearly shattered him. Liz knew she had to fix this to help Max heal.

Liz wrapped her consciousness around Max’s and pulled them both into the vision plane. Here, she grabbed Max’s face and looked him in the eyes and said, “Listen to me Max. First off, I love you. Second, I’m sorry I ever dated Kyle, I knew then that you were the one I wanted; but I didn’t think you’d ever be interested in me, so I thought I’d settle for what I could get. It was a mistake, I knew before I started that my relationship with Kyle would be a dead end. Our future plans were too different, and after dating him; well, let’s just say one of his ideas of a romantic date was me watching him play football on the Playstation, and he was a lousy drunk. Third, you’ve let me see into the very depths of you soul and I know you are not a monster…”

Liz waved her hand and Kyle’s friends appeared.

Liz continued, “These four are monsters, we were just friends at the time, you’d told me that, that’s all we could ever be. You’d never kissed me, you’d never hugged me, we never held hands, and except for when you healed me and then subsequently showed me your soul, we never even really touched each other… all to my dismay. But the point is you’d been a perfect gentleman and they beat you up. Even if you’d been doing what they’d accused you of, or for that matter even if you’d been sleeping with me, as long as I wasn’t complaining they would’ve had to be monsters, to want to do that. And you, you were the kindest, sweetest guy I’ve ever known, and not only did you not fight back, but you didn’t press charges, you didn’t retaliate, you told Michael not to retaliate, and you didn’t even complain about it.”

Liz waved her hand again and Everett Hubble appeared.

Liz continuing, said, “He was a monster, you’d done absolutely nothing wrong. The only thing you’d ever done that was even unusual was save my life. So, he appointed himself judge, jury, and executioner and determined you deserved to die for that terrible crime…” waving her hand again she made Pierce appear, and once again continued, “… and he’s the worse monster of them all, for that same terrible crime of saving my life he determined you deserved to be tortured to death. These are monsters Max. You are not a monster.”

Liz focused and changed the scene around them into the Crash Down the day of the shooting, then she began again, “Right here, you knew monsters like Pierce were out there and you risked everything to save me…” changing the scene to the night Max came to her at the hospital, she said, “… and here you’d just been beaten by Kyle’s friends and warned to stay away from me, but you came anyway, because I needed you…” changing the scene again to the night he healed Kyle, she hammered home her point, “… and here, after all the pain Kyle and the Sheriff have caused you, with Kyle lying there dying, a lot of people would have just let him die, but not you, you’re too caring for that, you couldn’t let it happen, you saved his life. You’re not a monster Max, you’re the kindest, most gentle soul I know, you’re more human than any of these monsters, and you’re even more human than anyone else I know.”

Changing the scene to her memories of the night of her blind date, Liz went on, “Fourth, I don’t want normal Max, I had 16 years of normal, constantly wishing something would happen to make my life more exciting. I was miserable with normal Max.” She played the scene baring her emotions of the night to Max, showing him how bored and miserable she was until she found him in her room. Showing him how much she loved the romantic magical evening that followed, how that her only regret that evening was that this was a drunken Max that cared about her and loved her, and worked his magic for her; how she dreaded that sober Max would once again not want anything to do with her. She showed him how she felt that from the moment they left alone through the moment they shared that unbelievable kiss on stage, it was the best night of her life up until that point. As Max walked off the stage apologizing Liz’s thoughts echoed loudly the words she’d wanted to use then, *You didn’t ruin it Max, you made it.*

Liz looked back at Max and said, “You asked me, ‘What’s so great about normal?’ the answer is nothing. If you had done all those things sober, if I had known that it was really you talking and not the alcohol, I would have accepted your suggestion of running away in an instant. I love your alien side Max. When the announcer asked me to describe my dream guy, I wanted to point at you and shout he’s sitting right there, but I couldn’t so I just described you. I knew he’d think you were a local, but I love my ‘Tall, dark haired, mystery man, from an exotic location’. Antar is about exotic as you can get. I love you, all of you; and I will never ever leave you again. I’m yours for good now Max, there will never be anyone more deserving of my love than you. You are the love of my life, my soul mate, and my destiny.”

Upon finishing her speech she kissed Max, flooding him with all the love and devotion she could summon, as she allowed them to return to the physical plane. She made love to him until; exhausted he drifted off, back into a peaceful sleep.


As Max awoke he smiled down at his sleeping bride. He couldn’t believe what she’d done for him earlier. He’d woken up from one of the worst nightmares of his life, and she’d known just how to heal him from it. He felt better now, about himself, than ever before, and he had Liz to thank for it. She never ceased to amaze him, and he loved her all the more for it. He watched her sleep lying with her head against his chest for several minutes before he felt her mind gradually emerging from its’ slumber. As her eyes opened he smiled and said, “Good morning, beautiful.”

Liz looked up into his eyes and responded, “Good morning, pleasant dreams this time around?”

Max blushed, “Yeah… Look I’m sorry about earlier, this is our honeymoon it should be a happy time. You shouldn’t be having to deal with my nightmares...”

Liz interrupted, “Stop that Max, stop apologizing for things you have no control over. For crying out loud, we just rescued you from an FBI torture chamber. I expected you to have nightmares, and I expected to help you through them; to finally get a chance to do something for you after all you’ve done for me. What I didn’t expect was that you were more hurt and terrified by me running out of that cave, than you ever were by anything Pierce ever did to you. I’m so sorry Max, I thought it’s what you needed but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m so sorry, it will never happen again, I promise you that. I’m never ever leaving you again.”

Liz was crying from guilt as she pulled her self tighter into Max’s embrace. Max tried calming her, “It’s OK Liz, it’s OK; I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, and you did a pretty fine job of making it up to me this morning. Don’t worry about it OK. I need for you to be happy this trip, it’s sort of the point, so, let me see you smile, hmm?” then he kissed her tenderly, slowly deepening the kiss, poring his love and forgiveness into it. When he broke the kiss he was rewarded with a smile from Liz. “Let’s go get cleaned up, and eat.” Max suggested.


After a shower and breakfast they checked out and headed for their tour of the Grand Canyon. They brought their camera and got lots of pictures. As Max drove them to the airport Liz pulled out her journal.

May 30th, 2000

I’m Liz Evans and this morning I discovered something humbling. I discovered just how much my husband loves me. He keeps giving of himself for me and I keep failing him; yet still, he loves me. The first time I failed him was when I started dating Kyle, granted I didn’t know Max even gave me a second thought at the time, but I did know that Max was the guy I wanted. But after that first failure I was shot, and Max risked his safety and the exposure of his secret to heal me. Then he told me his secret and I failed him the second time. He’d just saved my life, and then told me a secret he’s never told another human being before and I ran away from him. Then, I failed him a third time by accidentally letting the boyfriend I never should have had see the evidence of Max’s healing. He, being the sheriff’s son, told his father bringing me to failure number four where I not only didn’t destroy the evidence of the original wound, but I also let it fall into the hands of the sheriff, who promptly sent it to the FBI to be analyzed. Failure number five, I failed to keep Max’s secret from Maria, and she almost told the sheriff. Failure number six, I started becoming really close friends with Max and didn’t dump Kyle. This earned Max a beating at the hands of Kyle’s friends. Then Max came through for me again, by comforting me and helping me say goodbye as my grandmother died. Then, I failed Max a seventh time by telling Alex his secret, OK, so that one turned out fine, and Max said that they had agreed to tell him anyway, but I didn’t know that at the time. At the time, I was breaking his trust yet again. Then I was good for a while, and we finally started getting really close when I failed him for the eighth time. I couldn’t tell the difference between him and Nasedo and I got my self kidnapped. Max was there for me again, but when he came to rescue me I repeated failure number eight and Max got taken by the FBI. The FBI drugged, interrogated and tortured him, before we got there to rescue him. Then I failed him for the tenth and I vow my final time, when I ran out on him when he needed me the most. Yet, after all he’s done for me, and all the times I’ve failed him in return. After all he’s suffered through, his fears and his nightmares aren’t of more torture, or more pain; no, his nightmares are of losing me. I don’t know how he can love me so unconditionally, and I know I don’t deserve the love and devotion he’s given me; but I also know this. I will never fail him again; I will not let anyone or anything come between us again; and I will always stand beside him, strengthening him with my love and support. I’m Liz Evans and I am now certain of two things, Max needs me, and I won’t fail him again.

As she finishes writing they pull into the airport and load their stuff on the plane that will be home for the next three months.


As Liz and Max were getting settled into the plane the pilot asked, “Where too?

Max shot a questioning look at Liz, who responded, “I think Paris sounds like a good first stop.”

“Paris it is then.” the pilot responds and heads up to the cockpit.

As the pilot leaves Max locks the door behind him and looks over at Liz, “We need to talk about that last journal entry.”

“Max, when have you had time to read my journal?” Liz questioned.

“I don’t need to read it; I can hear your thoughts as you’re writing it. And there are a few things you should know about your, so called, failures. First, when you started dating Kyle, granted it hurt, but I was trying everything in my power to hide my feelings from you at the time. I knew my life was dangerous, and thought you deserved better. I wanted you to be happy and if dating someone else did that, even for a while, then it wasn’t failing me. Second, while running out of the band room on me hurt, it is what I expected, and the fact that there wasn’t any revulsion on your face when you did it, was enough that you weren’t failing me then. Third, I could have repaired the bullet hole in your dress. In fact it would have been easier than repairing the one in your stomach. We both made mistakes on that particular cover up, but then neither of us had much practice at that point either. Fourth, when you told Maria, and Alex my secret, they were both threatening to tell the sheriff. You told them to protect me; that’s not failing me, that’s coming through for me. Fifth, what Kyle’s friends did was not your fault; you’re starting to pick up my bad habit of blaming yourself for other people’s actions… not a recommended course of action. Sixth, Nasedo is a shape shifter, being able to fool people into thinking he’s someone else is his job. You didn’t fail me there, I failed you. My life, my supposed protector put you in danger, it was my fault I had to fix it. And finally as for you running out on me in the cave, you’ve already more than made up for it. So no more feeling guilty about it OK?”

Max pauses until Liz nods, then continues, “And that bit about not deserving my love is nonsense. You are beautiful and you are brilliant. You care about others so much that you often put their needs ahead of your own. You have a curiosity, love of truth, and an inner strength that are simply amazing. What’s more you complete me, some people figuratively call their spouse their other half; but with us, it’s literally true. When you’re around is the only time the world around me feels right; when you’re gone every thing is just a little off, even the air I breathe tastes funny when you’re not around. I need you, I love you, and there is no one on this planet or any other that is more deserving of that love. You believe that the reason I pulled back was because I was afraid, while I admit that was part of it, my more pressing concern was your happiness. I didn’t think any human could ever feel the way you do about me, and I didn’t want you sacrificing your happiness to be with me. I didn’t want you to be with me out of gratitude, or sense of obligation because I’d saved you. I was wrong, I know now that I’ve hurt you when I pushed you away, and I’m sorry.” As Max finished his speech he started kissing her, and they became so lost in their love for each other they didn’t notice when the plane took off. It wasn’t until they woke up four hours later that they realized they’d joined the mile high club.


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A/N: Thanks for the feedback and sorry this chapter's so short the next one will be longer.

Chapter 5 – Learning & Growing

Max and Liz had decided during their dinner in the Eiffel Tower it would be just about them. They weren’t going to worry about anything alien tonight. After dinner they had a wonderful night on the town before retiring to the plane to make love all night. When they woke up the next afternoon they decided they should check in with Riandra.


Riandra entered the temple late at night. It was dangerous for her to come here. While Khivar wouldn’t dare desecrate the Temple of the Granolith, he was looking for her and to be caught outside would mean her death; but she needed answers and this was where the chief of prophets was, so this was where she came. She knocked at the door to the prophets dwelling and was bid entry.

As she entered she realized she wasn’t the only one visiting the prophet at the moment and her fears spiked momentarily before she recognized who the other visitors were. They were three old friends, masters at the academy, and she wondered what they were doing there. She turned her attention to the prophet and spoke, “Prophet Elias, I have come to seek the Creator’s council regarding an urgent matter.”

Elias smiled and announced, “The All Wise Lord has informed me of your visit.” Indicating the others in the room he continued, “These are they that He has chosen to train the king and his queen. Given the unique nature of the situation, they have all agreed to teach them via direct transference in order to expedite their training. It falls to you to train the king’s sister, and to Lord Volar to train the king’s second.”

Riandra smiled not surprised by this; but still having questions she asked, “The king and queen share the seal, how will this effect things?”

Elias patiently and cryptically announced, “The Almighty has put many things into motion, and allowed many other things to be set in motion. When everything comes together at the moment of truth the king will have to make a difficult decision. If he chooses wisely all will be well; if he chooses selfishly all will be lost and we must await another to save us. The king has it in him even now to choose wisely and his queen will push him towards the right decision. Since our scriptures are unavailable to him, he should be advised to study Earth’s scriptures and spend time in communion with the Creator through his connection to the Granolith. The All Knowing One is eager to teach those who are eager to learn. The more of the Almighty’s lessons the king learns, the easier it will be for him to choose wisely when the time comes.” With that, Elias retired to his bedroom.


Max and Liz watched as four figures joined the vision plane in front of them. They sized up the three new comers as they waited for Riandra to introduce them. All three appeared to be in their sixties by earth standards. Two were female one was male and they all had eyes that said they’ve seen too much.

After a few moments Riandra introduced them indicating the first female, “This is Lady Ratala, a master in the gifts of truth.” Nodding towards Liz, Riandra stated, “These are your gifts, Ratala is here to connect with you and teach you the mechanics and intricacies of your gifts then you will need to practice. If and when you need further training you may Vision Conference her and she will assist you.” Then indicating the male, she introduced, “This is Lord Vash,” looking at Max, “he is the master in energy and matter manipulation that trained you in your first life. He stands ready to do so again.” Finally indicating the last member of the trio, she concluded, “And this is Lady Altrena, she is here to teach you to shield your minds against unauthorized entry or manipulation as well as mental attacks.”

Ratal went to Liz and made a connection and Liz and Max both learn...

*How to receive and control flashes of the past*
*How to receive and control flashes of the future*
*How to read the intentions behind peoples words and know what their hiding*
*How to do remote viewing*
*How to astral project*
*How to locate someone from their possessions*

Vash makes a connection with Max and Max and Liz both Learn…

*How to manipulate subatomic structures*
*How to create an energy shield that is elastic*
*How to create an energy shield that is solid*
*How to create an energy shield that damages and destroys matter it comes in contact with*
*How to bend light to make things invisible*
*How to bend light to create mirages and illusions*
*How to make matter soundproof*
*How to create a soundproof energy shield*
*How to generate energy blasts*

Altrena connects with both Max and Liz and they learn…

*How to shield against Dreamwalks*
*How to shield against Mindwarps*
*How to shield against Mindrapes*
*How to shield against Mind Control*
*How to shield against anything from one individual*
*How to shield against anything from anyone not specifically allowed in*
*How to block everyone out completely*

As the three tutors complete there tasks they leave the vision plane leaving Max and Liz alone with Riandra. Max upon processing all he just learned asks, “Why wasn’t there anything in there about healing?”

Riandra answers, “Minor healing like cuts and bruises and broken bones is done by manipulating molecular structures. Anyone who knows how to manipulate molecular structures should have no problem with it. Major healing is not a gift of our people,” looking at Liz she continues, “nor will it be one of yours, but a gift of the Creator to those that bear the Royal Seal. Only the Creator can teach you more about that gift. Seek Him through your connection to the Granolith, the connection that the Royal Seal is the evidence of.”

Max questioned, “What is the Granolith? How would my connection to it help me contact the Creator?”

Riandra explains, “The Granolith is our ‘Ark of the Covenant’ it is our contact point for the presence and power of the Almighty. Like King David of Earth, God has granted our kings access to Him and His power. And apparently He has chosen to bestow this gift on your queen as well as she now bears the Royal Seal.”

Max and Liz look at each other as this new knowledge sinks in. Riandra interrupts their contemplation with her next statement, “There is one more gift granted to the King and his closest confidants; a gift that has been kept secret for generations. There is another mental shield, or rather immunity. It’s a permanent alteration to your mind that alters the way mental powers work on you. Once it’s done if someone mindwarps you into seeing something that isn’t there you will see it transparently but reality will be the most prevalent sight; similarly if someone tries mindwarping you into not seeing something that is there you will see it become slightly transparent once again reality will be more prevalent. If some one tries mindraping you, you can direct them to fake memories or just let them find nothing, if someone tries mind control you’ll hear their voice telling you what they expect but you’ll have free choice to do whatever you want. And lastly if anyone tries to dreamwalk you, you will get what amounts to a knock at your dream and you can decide to let them in or not. If you’d like I can show you how to do it but you’ll need to summon the Granolith into the connection.”

Max and Liz agree and the three of them connect. Max and Liz both concentrate on bringing the Granolith into the connection. When it arrives Riandra shows them how to protect their minds and they do it. Just before Riandra leaves the vision plane she cautions, “Use the shields Altrena taught you to hide the fact that you are immune to mental powers, a big part of this immunities effectiveness comes from the fact that the enemy doesn’t know you have it.”


Max and Liz spent the rest of the summer practicing their powers while traveling the world. They visited Big Ben in London, the Coliseum in Rome, and the Acropolis in Athens. They saw the Aurora Borealis in Stockholm, and they spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii. But they had the most fun in what became their last stop before flying back to Arizona to pick up the jeep and drive home, Vegas. There they got to use some of their powers openly claiming to be street magicians and had a blast. They also kept in touch with Riandra to keep her updated on the progress of their powers and to strategize what they were going to do about the Hardings upon their return to Roswell.


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A/N: Thanks for the feedback everybody. This part's a little long but the last one was quite short so it evens out... Enjoy!

Chapter 6 -- Consequences

September 1st, 2000

I’m Liz Evans and it’s time to get back to reality. Max still has nightmares of the white room every now and then. It still amazes me that the parts which wake him up screaming in terror are the parts when Pierce starts in on me. Pierce performs all kinds of horrors on him and he tosses and turns but the moment I’m in danger he wakes up in panic. It’s humbling how much he cares about me. I’ve had a great summer traveling the world, loving my husband, and learning to use the gifts I’ve received as a result of becoming alien royalty. But tomorrow we’ll be back in Roswell, and this dream we’ve been living this summer may just com crashing down around our heads. Max is confident he’ll be able to work everything out, I just wish I shared his optimism. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, but until then I’m Liz Evans and I’m scared.

After Max and Liz checked in to the hotel they spent their wedding night in, just a half hour drive from Roswell, the pulled out their phones and started making phone calls to prepare for their return.


Liz called Maria on her cell.

“Hello?” Maria answered.

“Hi Maria.” Liz began.

“Oh my god, Liz it’s you! What’s up? Why are you calling? Is something wrong? Where have you been? And what’s the big idea running off and not saying goodbye?....” Maria rambled.

“Calm down Maria! I’m fine. Everything’s OK. It’s just, Max and I will be arriving back in Roswell tomorrow, and we needed to know what you guys told our parents when they questioned you before we call them and arrange for the inevitable confrontation with them.” Liz interrupted.

Maria calming down said, “Alex and I told your parents that wherever you were, as long as Max was with you, you’d be safe because of how overprotective Max is. And we even talked them into pretending you were spending the summer in Florida with your aunt so we wouldn’t have to deal with an irate Tess all summer. Isabel and Michael took care of the Evans you’ll have to talk to one of them about that.”

Liz responded, “Yeah, Max is on the phone with Isabel as we speak. By the way, we need to talk to the whole gang when we get back tomorrow. We have big news, both local and Czechoslovakian, but uh, leave Tess and Kyle out of the initial meeting you guys will need to know first, because Tess is going to be unpredictable when she finds out, and Kyle just really isn’t part of our group yet. So have the rest the gang meet us at the quarry at say 1:00 tomorrow.”

Maria answered, “No worries Liz, we’ll be there minus Kyle and the gerbil.”

Liz finished, “Thanks Maria. See you tomorrow.”


Max called Isabel on her cell.

Isabel, noting Max’s number on her caller ID, arranged for a little impromptu privacy and answered, “What’s going on Max, Where are you?”

Max responded, “Hey, Iz! We’re in a hotel just outside of town. We’re coming home tomorrow and I’m just about to call our parents and arrange a meeting with them, but first I need to know what you guys told them when they questioned you.”

Isabel replied, “We told them that you and Liz probably just got stressed out between finals, playing counselor to the rest of the gang, and trying to cope with you own problems too; so, one of you had obviously planned a little get away so you could help each other out instead of worrying about the rest of us. Then after talking things over with Maria and Alex, I made another note that looked like you had left alone… without Liz and made sure mom and dad would cover for you with everyone else so we wouldn’t have to deal with an upset Tess.”

“Thanks, Iz; by the way, we need to have a meeting tomorrow, just the original six of us, 1:00 at the quarry. Liz and I have some news, how did Liz put it, oh yeah, both local and Czechoslovakian.” Max stated.

“Don’t tell me that’s their code word for… oh well, it could be worse. So until 1:00 at the quarry, then you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.” Isabel finished.

“Bye Iz.” Max said as he hung up.


Max and Liz looked at each other and took a deep breath, the next calls were the hard ones; the next calls were their parents.


Liz called home and waited nervously as the phone rang.

Jeff answered, “Hello?”

Liz sheepishly responded, “Hi, dad.”

“Liz! Are you ok? Where have you been?” Jeff immediately questioned.

“I’m fine dad. Everything’s OK. I just called to tell you Max and I will be arriving home early tomorrow and we want to arrange a meeting with all four of our parents; we have a lot to discuss. Would 6:00 tomorrow morning, in our living room be OK?” Liz questioned.

Jeff answered, “6:00 tomorrow it is then, and you better have a lot of answers for us.”

“We will dad, see you then.” Liz finished and hung up.


Max dialed his house and waited.

Diane answered, “Hello?”

“Hi, Mom.” Max replied.

“Max! Is that you? Where have you been? Is everything alright? When are you coming home?” Diane queried.

“Whoa Mom, yes it’s me. Long story. Yes, everything is fine. Tomorrow early, that’s why I called we need you and Dad to meet us at the Parkers at 6:00 tomorrow morning. We have a lot to discus and we need everybody together to do it.” Max responded.

Diane quickly agreed, “Yes, we’ll be there. I’ll see you then and I agree we have A LOT to discus.” before she hung up.


“Well that went as well as can be expected.” stated Max.

Liz took a deep breath and said, “I’d have to agree.”

Max set the alarm for 4:00 and said, “I now its only 5:00 now but we’ll need a good nights sleep tonight so let’s shower and head to bed.”

As Max and Liz washed each other in the shower they used their healing abilities to relax all the muscles in each others bodies. This left them both so relaxed that when they got out of the shower they both went straight to bed and were out before their heads hit the pillows.


As the alarm goes of both Max and Liz wake up and christen the new day to calm their nerves for the up coming meetings. They then get dressed and check out and begin the last leg of their trip back to Roswell.


Max picks Liz up out of the jeep, she’s holding a box with the binders and videotapes Max prepared for their parents inside, and he carries her into her parents’ living room where he sets her down and prepares to face the four angry parents sitting in the room. Liz sets the box she’s holding down and takes her place by Max’s side, then Max begins, “Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Parker Liz and I got married.”

This statement is of course answered by a chorus of “What!?” from all the parents. In the pandemonium that follows the following can be made out…

Nancy questioning, “Liz, are you pregnant?”

Jeff renouncing, “No you didn’t!”

Philip proclaiming, “It can’t be legal, we’ll just have it annulled!”

Diane stating in shock, “Oh my…”

The rest of their statements, questions, and accusations are lost to noise being created by the other parents.

Liz braces herself in her husband’s arms, while Max shakes his head and waits for them to calm down. After a few minutes of continued yelling, he decides to get things back under control, and in a tone of authority befitting his role as king he hollers, “QUIET!” As the parents quiet down, Max continues still in a tone of authority, “I know what you guys are thinking and I know most of what your objections are going to be so if you’ll let me explain I can answer your concerns a whole lot more efficiently than the shout fest I just witnessed could. Even criminals are entitled to a defense, so I ask that you hear us out before you pass judgment. Can I count on you to do that?” He looks pointedly at each parent soliciting a dejected “Yes” from each one before he continues.

“Now first off Liz is not pregnant, if she were this conversation would be a lot simpler, we wouldn’t need your permission. We’d just inform you that we’re married and you’d have to deal with it. As it is this conversation is a little more complicated but our lives are in much better shape.” Reaching into the box he started pulling out the binders and tapes and hading one to each parent as he continued, “Second you’re right dad it technically isn’t legal yet and any one of you has the right to get it annulled, however just as our choices have consequences so do yours. I’m handing each of you a binder and a video. The video is of our wedding ceremony. The cover on the binder has one of our wedding photos, as you open the binder the first page is a copy of our wedding license. The next two pages are copies of the consent forms I forged.” Reaching into the box he pulled out a folder and removed two pieces of paper and placed them on the table before continuing, “These are replacement forms all filled out requiring only your signatures. Hopefully by the time Liz and I are done we will have convinced at least one of each of our parents to sign these making our marriage legal. The next two pages in the binder are copies of each of our birth certificates; the next few contain copies of our current driver’s license and passports in Liz’s case both with her maiden name and her married name. The rest of the binder is filled with pictures of us in various places we went on our honeymoon.”

Max paused for a moment so the parents could look through their respective binders, then began again, “Now I know you’re probably thinking this was irresponsible and that we’re ruining our lives, but that’s not the case. It may not be a decision you approve of, but we made it full well considering the consequences and are planning on facing those together. I know we’re young, I hadn’t planned on doing this quiet this soon but believe me when I tell you that this marriage was and is going to happen one way or another; even if it takes us another two years to pull it off until we’re both 18 and you’ll have no more say in it, it’s going to happen. Now originally I hadn’t planned on proposing till later this year or maybe even next year, and then I originally planned on us getting married the summer after graduation. Then we would move in together when we both went to Boston, Liz to Harvard, me too if I got accepted if not I’d be going to another college or university in Boston. On the original timetable I’m sure none of you would have had any huge problems with it, but either way we’d be 18 and you could either accept us or not that would be your business.”

Taking a deep breath he continued. “However, some things happened, at the end of the spring, that are too personal to go into right now and we were forced to move up the schedule. Now this has the following consequences that need to be addressed, first now we need your support, now you actually do have the power to stop us, second we need to do something about living / sleeping arrangements for the next two years. In order to discuss those topics properly I’m going to overview a best case and worst case scenario from our point of view followed by what we are realistically hoping for.”

Meeting their parents eyes he states, “Best case would be that all four of you sign your permission and give us you full support. Mr. and Mrs. Parker let us move into the apartment behind the Crashdown that they fixed up for Liz’s Grandma Claudia. Next spring on our first anniversary we have a wedding ceremony to renew our vows with all our friends and family present. This gives Mr. Parker his chance to walk Liz down the aisle, and Liz the chance to have her maid of honor and brides maids and throw the bouquet and me a chance to have my best man and throw the garter etc. Then when we graduate we both go to college in Boston as originally planned and we’re back on track.”

He pauses to let that sink in before continuing, “Worse case all four of you fight us on this as much as possible. You annul our marriage. You send us off to boarding schools on opposite sides of the country. Liz and I file for emancipation to avoid this and fail. We try to run away and you get the sheriff or other law enforcement official to track us down. March comes around and I turn 18 and transfer myself to a school wherever Liz is. I help her try for emancipation one more time so that we could try and get married again on our first anniversary, but fail. October comes around and Liz turns 18 and transfers out of boarding school and we move in together. We both graduate. On our second wedding anniversary we invite our friends to be witnesses while we elope again. And we work our way through college wherever we can.”

Once again he pauses to let the parents digest what he said before continuing, “What we’re realistically hoping for is that we convince at least one of each of our parents to go ahead and sign their permission legalizing our marriage. Then we either, find and rent our own apartment; or if the Parkers agree, we could arrange to rent the apartment in back of the Crash. We understand that we are asking for the rights and privileges that belong to the adult world; and that with rights and privileges come responsibilities and obligations. So realistically if we want the right to be married we need to accept the responsibility of paying our way. But we also know that if Michael can make a go at it with one income, then we should be able to with two. It may not be as fun or as pretty as life at home with you paying our way, but if that’s the price we pay for being together so be it. Then we’d still want the wedding ceremony next summer and we’d still plan on college in Boston.”

He pauses to solidify his composure before he continues, “The next thing I need to address is the fact that there are multiple parts of marriage, and while you may have the power to annul the legal contract, Liz and I will still be married in our hearts and minds. We will still honor our vows to each other, and we will refuse to take off our rings.” *Not to mention we’ll still be married by Antarian Law.* he states through his connection to Liz before finishing, “Lastly I’ll address the most important issue regarding marriage; our feelings for each other. I love Liz with all my heart, I have since the day I first laid eyes on her and I will until the day I die. She is the love of my life and she completes me in a way no one else can. I’d give my life to protect her and would willing pay any price if would make her happy. In fact in Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5 Juliet asks Romeo to stay longer and he responds with his willingness to stay and face his death simply because it is her desire, I know for a fact that given a similar situation I would respond in kind to Liz’s desires. She is my life and I will not live without her.”

That’s when Liz spoke up saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mom and Dad, Max has done most of the speaking here because he’s better in these situations than I am but there is part of this you need to hear from me and that’s my feelings for him. I love him, not as in a school girl crush, not as in puppy love, but I truly deeply love him with my entire being. He’s my soul mate. I never told you this before but I was in the room when grandma died, and for just a few moments she regained consciousness, Max was there at the time to support me so he can verify that I’m telling you the truth. Anyway, when she woke up I told her she meant the world to me and that I didn’t know how I was going to go on without her. She told me that I’d be fine that when she looked at me so excited about life that she saw herself. She said that was a gift that she’d take with her. Then she asked me to promise her one thing, that I’d follow my heart wherever it may lead me. I gave her that promise and then she passed on. That sort of makes it her last request and I plan to fulfill it. The thing is my heart belongs to Max, it’s in his possession and the only place my heart can ever lead me is someplace with him. Even if I don’t know Max as well as I know I do and he someday breaks my heart and shatters it into pieces, every last piece of that shattered heart would still belong to him. And following my heart would still bring me back to him. There will never be another Max in my life and I beg you to please support us in this decision.”

After Liz’s speech Max could sense that it left her emotionally drained so he picked her up and stated, “This conversation and the anticipation of it has been hard on Liz. I’m taking her to her room so she can get some sleep. You should watch one of the tapes of our wedding video. Then, if you have any unanswered concerns, I’ll be in Liz’s room. Please be quiet as you come in, because Liz will be sleeping. She’s already made her feelings and wishes known and I can speak to everything else, so try not to disturb her.” With that he carried Liz to her room and used his powers to help her relax into a peaceful slumber.


After watching the movie, when the parents started discussing what to do, Diane excused herself and went to talk to Max. Entering Liz’s room she found Liz sleeping on her bed with Max gently stroking her face saying, “That’s right, rest now my love, when you wake I’ll have this whole mess straitened out one way or another. Have sweet dreams my beloved…”

“Max?” Diane interrupted.

“Yes mom?” Max replied, without turning his attention away from Liz.

“Does she know?” Diane questioned. When Max turned to look at her with questioning eyes, she clarified, “Your secret.”

Max took a deep breath and answered, “Yes, she knows, you can’t build a relationship on secrets or lies. I could never allow our relationship to get anywhere near romantic until she knew.”

Diane feeling a little hurt asks, “How come you can trust her and not me?”

Max knew this was coming, but she already knew he was different and already had an idea of some of what he could do, and he had been baring his heart a lot lately, so he figured he could tell her a portion of the truth with out really pulling her any further into this. Having this in mind he began, “God mom, this has nothing to do with trust, it really has nothing to do with what I want either. Try to understand, I knew from the day I first laid eyes on Liz, back in the third grade, that she was the only girl for me. I knew I could either be happy with her or miserable alone for the rest of my life. I knew those were the only two options for me, but I also knew I had a secret that I could never share, and I knew I could never have Liz unless I told her, it wouldn’t be fair to her. All said and done I knew back in the third grade that unless I could somehow tell Liz, I would spend my life alone. On top of that there was a very good chance that as soon as Liz found out, she’d want nothing to do with me, that she’d think I was a freak or a monster. Add to that the fact that part of the secret is that, like what I did to the bird I can help people.”

Fighting back tears he continued, “Now for seven years knowing what I knew, can you imagine how many times I sat in the Crashdown watching Liz trying to get up the nerve to tell her, how many times I’ve stood at the fire escape that leads to her balcony for the same reason, or how much it hurt me every time she got a scraped knee, or a twisted ankle, or a broken arm, or got a cut, or a burn knowing I had the ability to go over and take away her pain, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t risk exposure. Or could you imagine how much it hurt to see her start dating someone else because I had to hide what I felt about her. Then one day, both the worst day and the best day of my life, September 18, 1999, Liz was shot. I couldn’t loose her I just couldn’t. She was there dying, leaving me, and I couldn’t lose her, so just like the bird, I healed her. After that something changed, what ever it is in me that wouldn’t let me tell her before, made it so that I couldn’t not tell her then.”

Having lost the battle to hold back the tears he pushed forward, “But even then I had to keep my distance. I had to give her time to sort out her feelings; I didn’t want her to be with me out of gratitude, or some since of obligation. Her happiness was too important to me for that. It wasn’t until her grandmother was dying and I was the one she turned to for comfort, and I was the one she wanted to hold her and comfort her, and it was my shoulder she wanted to cry on, that I began to believe that my dreams of being with Liz might come true. Anyway the point of the matter is; I knew I could trust her and had wanted to tell her for seven years and couldn’t, before fate stepped in and forced the issue. Similarly I know I could trust you, and I really want to tell you, it’s just not in me, I just can’t. I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to tell you, I also hope that when that day comes the knowledge doesn’t change your life too much. But whatever happens know this, I love you; and you and dad finding us is one of the best things that ever happened to Isabel and me. Believe me I know what the alternatives look like and they aren’t pretty. Can you accept that, and trust me?”

Diane saw the vulnerable look in her son’s eyes as he asked that last question. She also knew today was costing Max a lot emotionally. She’d never heard her son open up in entire years as much as he had in the last few hours. All of a sudden she knew she couldn’t deny him either of the two requests he’d made today, so she answered, “Yes, I can trust you, and I’ll sign the consent form.”

At that Max eyes lit up and Diane thought the smile that crossed his face was priceless as he hugged her and professed his gratitude. After a few moments Max pulled back and asked, “When you go back down if Mr. and Mrs. Parker haven’t signed yet could you send them in?”

Diane responded, “Sure honey.”

Max realizing all that he said suddenly asked, “And Mom? Could you please not mention the healing to anyone… including the Parkers?”

Diane, confused, asked, “Why wouldn’t you want the Parkers to know what you did for Liz? It can only help elevate you in their eyes.”

Max with a pained look on his face replied, “Remember after the fire, how hard the sheriff tried to get you to question me? He had been hounding me, looking for dirt on me because he suspected what really happened the day of the shooting. The fact that I have these abilities made me a threat in his eyes, even though the only unusual thing I’d ever done was save someone’s life, but that didn’t matter because I’m different I was a threat. People are afraid of people who are different, the more people there are that know I’m special, the more danger I’m in. Please you have to help me keep this quiet.”

Diane’s eyes widened as she finally started to see why keeping this a secret meant so much to him. She’d do anything to protect her son, so she said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize… of coarse I won’t tell anyone.” Mother and son shared another embrace before Diane went down stares to rejoin the others and sign her consent.

As she left Max turned back to a sleeping Liz and gently stroked her face once more saying, “One step closer, now if I can just convince one of your parents. Don’t worry everything will be ok my beloved.”


Diane arriving back in the Parker’s living room wasted no time in signing her consent to the marriage. Philip immediate questioned her, “What on earth are you doing?”

Diane looked at him straight in the eye, and with all the determination of a mother protecting her cubs stated, “I’m giving them my full support and unless you want to be sleeping in the guest room for a very long time, so are you.”

Philip looking shocked asked, “Why?”

Diane answered with a question of her own, “Philip, when was the last time Max asked us for anything? Anything? And for that matter, when was the last time he spoke to us about his feelings, or his plans for the future?”

Philip thought back and honestly couldn’t remember Max ever asking for anything and Max never discussed his personal life, so he answered honestly, “I can’t remember.”

Diane pushing forward said, “Neither can I, but now he’s not only asking, he’s baring his soul and he’s begging us for this and I’m not about to turn down my son the first time he’s ever asked for my help. Besides even you have to admit that they seem to have thought this through rather thoroughly that this isn’t just some whim or spur of the moment thing. Both Isabel and Michael made a big point of telling us that both Max and Liz are planners. If they think they can work this out and Max wants it this badly there is no way I’m going to deny him. And beyond that I’m going to do everything in my power to support him in this. He loves her Philip according to both Isabel and Max he always has. Please help me give him this.”

Philip looked at his wife and knew he lost this one; the determination in her eyes told him he’d best join her or he would not be a happy camper until he did. So he turned and signed his name to the consent form.

The Parkers just looked at the Evans incredulously until Jeff spoke up, “I can’t believe you two are going along with this.”

Diane looked at Jeff and said, “Max wants to talk to the two of you if you haven’t decided to sign. I know they’re both young, but honestly Max has always been more mature than anyone in his age group, and while I don’t know Liz all that well, from what I do know and from what I’ve been told, I’m pretty sure the same can be said about Liz. You heard what they said earlier, neither one of them is planning on having this interfere with their future; further they are both prepared to fight for this. Honestly, besides the fact that you don’t want to give up your daughter so soon, which by the way if they end up living in that apartment back there, she’d still technically be living under your roof, do you have any real objections or concerns?”

“No not really,” Jeff admitted, “It’s just they’re so young how do they know what they’re feeling is real and not just teenage hormones, or a high school crush?”

“I think you two should go up and talk to Max, and watch his reactions towards Liz, how she’s got his attention even when he’s focused on talking to you, it should help assuage your doubts.” Diane stated.

Reluctantly the Parkers went in to see Max.


As the Parkers entered Liz’s room they saw Max gently grazing Liz’s sleeping face with the back of his hand saying, “It’ll be ok Liz; I won’t let them take me way from you. It’ll be alright you’ll see…”

Jeff cleared his throat to get Max’s attention the queried, “You wanted to see us?”

Max looked at the Parkers but never stopped caressing Liz’s face as he spoke, “Mr. and Mrs. Parker, I know that to say you’re not too happy with me right now is an understatement. I can imagine what you’re feeling, because I know what my reaction would be if my daughter came back home to Liz and me at the age of 16 telling me that she was married and just got back from a three month honeymoon; and it definitely wouldn’t be pretty for the boy involved. But I also know that Liz would rein me in and after my initial reaction, and I’d have to start considering things rationally. I’d have to start considering the fact that my daughter does have a life of her own, with her own feelings, her own thoughts, her own opinions, and the ability to make her own decisions. That’s what I’m going to have to ask you to do right now.”

“I know for a fact the Liz loves you both very much, I also know that one of her biggest regrets is that with all the changes that have taken place in her life this year, she hasn’t been able to be the perfect daughter she’s always tried to be. She feels like she’s letting you down. She feels the distance growing between you and her and it both scares and hurts her. That’s a big part of the reason we want the apartment behind the Crashdown, because I don’t want to take her a way from you. I don’t want her to have to make a choice between us. I can’t let her loose you. But I also can’t let you take her a way from me.”

Stealing a glance at Liz he took a breath and continued, “All throughout history children have grown up, met their mates, and left their families to start new ones. It’s the way of things, but right here, right now, in this culture, Liz and I found each other much sooner than what is the norm. As a result none of us, parents and children alike, are quite ready to let go of our previous bonds. Marriage at our age however, is not unprecedented and in some cultures and in some periods of history it’s even common place. Liz and I both love each other very much and we know that this is the right thing for us, we need this. You’ve heard our declarations of love earlier as well as our vows to each other. If you’re being honest you’ll have to admit those aren’t words spoken during a high school fling but rather things that are said when truly in love. But Liz still very much needs both of you as well, so I’m begging you if there is anything I can do, anything I can give you, anything I can tell you, anything I can promise, that will convince you to support us in this, please tell me now and I’ll do it. I don’t want Liz to wake up to have to deal with this again. Having us on opposite sides is too hard on her; so whatever I need to do to resolve this, tell me so I can do it now.”

Jeff and Nancy saw how affectionately Max was behaving towards Liz even as he was speaking to them. The words he spoke rang with both the truth and the concern he had for their daughter. They looked at each other and knew this battle was over; especially with the kids having Philip and Diane’s support, as lawyers they could do a lot in supporting the kids in this; and the way the kids and laid it out, the more they fought them, the worse their lives sounded. The Parkers both knew weren’t going to be able to stop this now. It was Nancy who spoke, “We’ll sign the papers, and we’ll discuss living arrangements later. But if you ever do anything to hurt her, I will personally make your life a living hell.”

Max responded by looking her in the eye with a gaze so piercing it sent a shiver through her as he spoke, “No Mrs. Parker, if I ever did anything to hurt Liz, my life would already be such a living hell, that anything you might do to me would seem like heaven in comparison.” Then softening his gaze he leaned down to wake Liz with a kiss. As Liz stirred and opened her eyes to see Max a smile crept across her face. Max smiled back saying, “Good news love, our parents have agreed to sign their consent.” With that Liz’s eyes lit up, her smile broadened and her arms wrapped around Max who looked over to the Parkers, and announced, “I live to create smiles like that, thank you.”

Liz suddenly becoming aware of her parents ran over to them hugging them both saying, “Thank you, thank you, you won’t regret this I promise you.”

Jeff and Nancy shared another look. Both were a little encouraged that they were making the right decision by their daughters reaction to the news, and they were both thinking, *God, I hope we won’t.*

After the Parkers returned to the living room Liz shut her door and sealed it while Max soundproofed the room. Noting that it was still only 9:00 and their appointment with the gang was four hours away they celebrated with a couple of rounds of love making and a shower before re-entering the living room.


Upon entering the living room Max grabbed both consent forms and placed them in his binder of masters, and grabbed the other four binders stating, “I’ll return these with copies of the legitimate consent forms this evening.” Then he looked at the Parkers and asked, “Would it be alright if we had a little get together in the Crashdown after it closes tonight? You four could join us, we have gifts we brought back for everybody and pictures and slides of our trip to show everyone.”

The Parkers smiled hesitantly, “Sure we’d love too see those.”

With that Max and Liz thanked their parents again, grabbed their box of the remaining binders and videos and left.


In the jeep Max used his powers to duplicate the master binder into the remaining binders while Liz changed a couple of papers into copies of the newly signed consent forms. She put one copy of each into a folder that already contained a copy of their marriage license; the school will need those. The then drove to the bank and got a safe deposit box and put the master binder in it. Then they headed out to the quarry to face their friends.


Max and Liz arrived at the quarry to find their friends already waiting for them. Max helped Liz out of the jeep and they both bent the light around their rings, making them invisible, before the casually approached their friends.

Isabel spoke first, looking at her brother she queried, “So what have you and Parker been up to all summer?”

Max looked at her with a smirk and responded, “Parker and I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time together this summer, in fact we parted company less than 24 hours after we left the cave.”

It was Maria that jumped in next with, “Don’t tell me you two didn’t spend the summer together.”

Max smiled, “I said Parker and I spent very little time together…” as Max continued both Max and Liz let their shielding drop to display their wedding rings, “Liz Evans and I spent the balance of the summer on our honeymoon.”

The shocked silence that followed was broken by Michael raving, “How could you Maxwell! You heard the message from the orbs! You belong with Tess! What exactly is Liz going to do to help us against our enemies? What were you thinking Maxwell?”

Max with fury in eyes stared right back at Michael and responded, “First off I do not accept that I have no choice in whom I marry. Second even if Liz was off limits under absolutely no circumstances would I ever be with Tess, no more than you and Isabel could ever be together. Thirdly my decision to be with Liz is just that my decision it has nothing to do with you or our enemies. And Fourth…” calming down a little and looking at Liz sending her a flash of what he wanted her to do he sarcastically commented, “Will you please do something to help me knock some sense it to Michael?”

Liz smiled and responded by snapping her wrist at Michael in a shooing motion causing Michael to go flying more than 50 feet straight up in the air. Max chuckled as he stated, “You might want to set him down gently unless you were planning on a healing demonstration too.” Liz raised her hand and it glowed softly as she slowed Michael’s descent and made him hover six inches off the ground for a few moments before allowing him to fall unceremoniously to the ground.

Max glaring at Michael questioned, “Now, do you think you can remain calm enough to have a rational discussion about this?”

Michael looking at Liz shocked, questioned back, “H- ho- how did you do that?”

Liz giggled at the shocked looks from everybody, and replied, “Apparently it’s a side effect of one of you guys choosing a human as your mate. There were triggers placed in you when they designed you that cause us to evolve a few thousand years or so, so that we won’t be defenseless against your enemies; that is assuming we accept your choice.” She smiled and melted into Max’s embrace as she made the last statement.

Max explained further, “When I healed Liz in September I had to form a connection with her to do it, I got to see her during that connection. I already knew long before that, that Liz was who I wanted to spend my life with and I had that knowledge during the connection. That was the first part of the trigger, the second part was when I reversed the connection and let her see me. Some time either before or during that connection she had decided the same about me, completing the trigger and beginning her changes.

Apparently the changes can take up to four years but further connections, i.e. when we were getting flashes accelerate the process. So by our people’s standards Liz and I have actually been engaged since then. Also right after we made love the first time on our wedding night there was this bonding ceremony that took place on the vision plane, you know where we healed Michael. So we’re married by the standards of both of are planets and Liz is officially my queen.”

It was Alex that asked the next question, “So how do you guys know all this. I mean some of that like the four year thing seems awfully specific for you to just figure out.”

It was Liz who answered, “Yeah, well, after our bonding I was feeling a little guilty about standing in the way of destiny and was wishing we could speak to Max’s mother, then all of a sudden while still on the vision plane we sort of flew to Antar and did. Riandra called the technique Vision Conferencing. She gave us a lot of new information and helped us learn about our powers over the summer. Which reminds me, we need to schedule a time tomorrow when Michael, Isabel, Max and I can get together because there’s someone Riandra wants us to meet and we think Michael should be there when we meet him for the first time. Then Isabel when we’re done here Max and I will take you to meet Riandra so she can setup the meeting for tomorrow.”

Michael immediately asked, “I take it Riandra is the name Max’s and Isabel’s mother, but who does she want you to meet that you want me there for?”

Max got a huge grin on his face when he answered, “She wants us to meet, General Volar, your father Michael.”

Michael’s eyes went wide at that news and Isabel stammered, “You mean you want to take me to meet our mother today and both of us to meet our parents tomorrow?”

Max still smiling, “Yup, it’s sort of like a dreamwalk we need a mental image of who we’re trying to contact in order to do it, we could reach Riandra because of the message from the orbs. Whenever we plan to meet her tomorrow she’ll make sure she has an open connection to Volar when she enters the vision plane so she can take him with her. Once we’ve met we’ll be able to contact him again anytime he’s not busy.”

Michael questions, “Not busy?”

Liz answers, “Unlike a dreamwalk this doesn’t actually take place in their heads it takes place on the vision plane. When we try to contact them they feel a slight pull on their minds telling them that someone is waiting for them on the vision plane, so they finish what their doing and then the join us there. One day we had to wait over half an hour on the vision plane for Riandra to show up.”

Max then speaks up, “And one last bit of news, we can’t trust Ed Harding. It seems one of King Zan’s gifts in his first life was that he got visions. Specifically, he had visions of Liz being his queen. He spent seven years searching their entire solar system for her before he died. While he did marry Ava, who they made Tess from, it was a ploy to buy time because of some law stating that a king has to be married by a certain age. He refused her the title of queen and refused to consummate the marriage so that he could have it annulled when he found Liz. When we all died there, all marriage contracts and betrothals ended just like they do at death here. The thing is all of our protectors that were sent here were members of King Zan’s personal guard and all privy to his mental image of Liz. So if Ed Harding was sent here as our protector he should have recognized Liz on sight as my Queen. That means he either isn’t who he said he is or he’s betrayed me. You’ll also note I’m calling him Ed Harding not Nasedo, that’s because he may not be the same shape shifter that Riverdog knew as Nasedo. And Nasedo may be a real protector.”

Maria looked from Max to Liz incredulously, “Boy, when you two say you have big news you don’t kid around. Is there anything else we should know about?”

Liz said, “Uhm, yeah first you’re all invited to the Crashdown after closing tonight to see pictures from our honeymoon and to receive the gifts we brought back for everyone. Second, all of us that have them need to work on our powers at least once a week for a while. And third and most importantly, Max and I are planning on renewing our vows on our first anniversary next spring so that we can have a wedding ceremony with all our friends and family. Maria, would you mind being my maid of honor, for it?”

Max cut in, “And Michael would you be my best man? And Iz would you mind doing your planning Nazi thing for it?”

Smiles and squeals reigned for the next few minutes as they worked out the details of who would be doing what in the wedding ceremony, what time would be good for Michael to meet his father, and when would be good times to work on their powers.


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Chapter 7 -- Reunions and Confrontations

As the others took off to get ready for the evenings activities Max and Liz drove Isabel out to the Pod Chamber. Max grabbed the blanket he always keeps in the trunk and laid it out on the pod chamber floor, and laid down in the middle with Liz and Isabel to either side of him with their fingers interlocked through his. As Max and Liz began to concentrate all three found themselves standing hands still interlocked on the vision plane. He looked to Isabel and said, “Hang on tight.” as they began to rise of the ground and hurl through space along the route that Max and Liz both now found familiar. As the three landed on the Antarian beach he continued, “Welcome home Iz, we can let go now, I don’t know how long it will take for Riandra to show up, but now that we’re here you’re free to look around while we wait.”

Isabel dropped her brother’s hand and examined the landscape. She found it to be breathtaking. As she was looking down the beach she noticed a faint glow. As it came closer she became excited as she realized it was her mother joining the Vision Conference.

As Riandra entered the vision plane and saw three figures on the beach her heart skipped a beat. She waited a moment until she fully integrated to the plane and their forms came into focus before she ran to her daughter’s embrace and exclaimed, “Oh my darling Vilandra, how I missed you so.” Looking over to her son she questioned, “How much time do we have?”

Max smiled, and answered “Six hours on our side I wanted to make sure you had all the time you needed for Isabel’s first time.”

Max and Liz went for a swim to give Isabel and Riandra time to get reacquainted. And Isabel and Riandra spent the next three hours discussing anything and everything before Max and Liz rejoined them.

Riandra spoke to Max and Liz, “So tell me, how did your human parents take the news of your bonding?”

Liz replied, “About as well as can be expected, they weren’t happy but they are supporting us. They will be fine given time. We will be ready to meet General Volar about 16 hours from now, if that would be acceptable and we will have both Isabel and Michael with us for that visit.”

Riandra answered, “Yes, I’ll make the arrangements. Vilondra and I will spend some time working on her abilities tomorrow then; she has inherited my talents, so I will be the one to teach her.”

Isabel spoke, “This is just so amazing; I can hardly believe I’m here. How often will we be able to do this?”

Riandra replied, “As often as Max and Liz have the time and energy required.”

Max announced, “Liz and I were discussing it and decided that we’d visit at least once a week bringing along anyone who desired, but we could do it more often if the need arose. And we thought we’d visit nightly for at least the first week or so until we get what we’re going to do about Ed Harding figured out. Oh and could you teach Isabel how to start a Vision Conference and enter the vision plane now? It will make it easier for all of us to visit if we can meet on Earth’s vision plane instead of having to be together physically.”

The four of them spent another two hours talking and interacting as a family before Riandra connected with Isabel long enough to teach her the basics of Vision Conferencing and dropped out of the vision plane and the others flew back to earth’s vision plane before waking.


“Wow that was amazing!” exclaimed Isabel.

“Yeah, now you can Vision Conference with us, but I’m guessing just like when Liz or I try it alone you won’t be able to leave the galaxy to contact them on your own. However it will be helpful for us to be able to keep in touch that way with each other. Plus as now that you can join us on the vision plane on your own, we can meet there instead of physically, when we want to go meet Riandra or Volar. It will make these visits easier to arrange. We’ll make sure Michael learns to do it tomorrow.”

Liz announced, “It’s 9:00 now what do you want to do for the next two hours before we’re due at the Crashdown?”

Max answered, “Anything to avoid running into Tess, I’m so not ready to deal with her right now.”

Isabel smiled, “Yeah, after everything you two have been up to this summer I can understand why. Tess is going to be furious when she finds out.”

Max questions, “So how did your summer go?”

Isabel responded, “I spent most of the summer hanging out with Maria and Alex. We had a lot of fun down at the lake, and I took them on a few dreamwalking adventures. Michael just worked the whole summer and Tess, well Tess was on a ‘we shouldn’t be wasting our time hanging out with weak inferior humans, when we could be practicing our powers’ tirade all summer.”

Liz’s stomach growls and she says, “How about we head to the Crashdown a little early and get a bite to eat.”

They all agree and soon are on the road back to town.


After dinner Max and Liz both helped close out the café before the after hours party with their friends and parents. As they showed photo albums from their trip, and they shared stories of all the places they visited; the parents took stock in the fact that they seemed happy. Afterwards Max and Liz retired to Liz’s room.

Now that they were back in Roswell, Max decided it was time to confirm their suspicions and confront their supposed protector. Within moments he was on the vision plane; five minutes later Ed Harding appeared, “I thought I told you using the orbs wasn’t safe.”

Max answered, “I’m not using any orbs.”

Ed Harding replied, “That’s impossible, when I left Tess’s powers were more developed than any of yours, and she only had a mental range of 250 miles.”

Max took this news in stride and deadpanned, “Well, I’ve improved my powers over the summer.” Then getting down to business, “The reason I contacted you is, I wanted an update on how you’re doing with shutting down the special unit.”

Ed Harding replied, “It’s going well. Most of the evidence has been destroyed, and soon the senate committee will be pulling our funding and shutting us down.”

Max nodded and started on the real reason for this contact, “By the way, what’s your name?”

Ed Harding asked, “Excuse me?”

Max clarified, “Back home, what was your name? What did you do there?”

Ed Harding replied, “My name is Dhardn. I was a first lieutenant in your army. I was assigned to guard the capitol city.”

Max nodded and thanked, “Thank you Dhardn.” Then he stepped out of the vision conference.


As his consciousness returned to Roswell it immediately sought out Liz’s, *We were right, he never was one of our protectors.* He turned and held Liz tight. Now they had one more enemy to worry about, and Tess was raised by him. They found comfort in each other as they made love. After basking in the afterglow for awhile they prepared themselves to test the rest of their theory. They concentrated on contacting the man they’d met only once before, the morning after they found the orb.


Max and Liz had waited on the vision plane only moments before he arrived. He bowed deeply and greeted them, “My king, my queen.”

Max looked at the Hispanic looking shape shifter standing before him. After a moment he questioned, “So I was right you are our protector? The one who knew River Dog and left us the message?”

Nasedo answered, “I am.”

Max questioned, “Then why didn’t you protect us from Pierce and Dhardn.”

Nasedo replied, “The Creator teaches us that even as fire tempers steel, and purifies gold; so also, we must be strengthened and taught by the trials in our lives. My orders were issued with that in mind. If I protected you from everything, how would you ever grow strong enough to face your enemies? My orders are to protect you only from those things you are not yet capable of handling yourselves.”

A look of guilt flushed over him and he continued, “I must apologize for I have failed in that responsibility. I acted to protect young Michael; I found out later that you had already solved the problem with the help of your adopted father. I should have acted sooner or not at all, please forgive me.”

Shock swept through both Max and Liz as they realized what he meant. It was Max who voiced their suspicion, “You killed Hank.” When Nasedo nodded his confirmation Max replied, “I’ll have to discuss this with Michael he’s the one who was affected. We only came to confirm the status of our allies and our enemies.” They then exchanged parting pleasantries and were gone.


Back in their room Max and Liz lost themselves in their love for each other until sleep came to usher them into the new day. As their consciousness took hold in the new day, they christened it properly before washing each other and preparing for their trip to Michael’s.


When they arrived at Michael’s apartment they found Isabel and Michael already waiting for them. Before beginning the vision conference they filled Michael and Isabel in the two conferences they had the night before. As they broke the news to Michael about Hank his expression was unreadable.

Max told him, “We won’t be contacting Nasedo again until you decide what we should do about that. It was your life that was affected by his actions, so you get to decide the consequences.”

The four of them then stood in a circle and linked hands. When they reached the vision plane Max and Liz each tightened their grip on the other two’s hands. They flew through the stars until they landed on the Antarian beach.

Within moments two figures began to materialize. Max and Liz stood back and allowed Isabel to run back into her mother’s embrace. The waves of emotion coming off both Michael and Volar were palpable. “Dad” and “Son” were the only to words spoken as father and son reunited.

Max stood back and smiled, he knew how long Michael had waited for this moment and it felt good to be able to give it to him. This time it was Volar who asked, “How long do we have?”

Max answered, “As much time as needed. We have no other commitments today.”

Volar nodded and he and Michael decided to take some personal time to get caught up, while Isabel was eager to begin her training.

Riandra turned to Isabel and said, “You have inherited my gifts, the gifts of espionage.”

As she connected with Isabel, Isabel learned…

*How to enter dreams*
*How to manipulate and control another’s dreams*
*How to enter the subconscious of a waking mind and experience their point of view*
*How to enter the conscious of a waking mid and communicate*
*How to search another’s mind and view their memories*

As she came out of the connection another woman was waiting for her. Isabel looked confused until Liz said, “This is Lady Altrena, I contacted her so she could teach you to shield your mind.”

After a brief connection Isabel had learned all the shielding techniques Altrena had already taught Max and Liz. Michael and Volar rejoined the group at this time and Michael too learned the shielding techniques before Lady Altrena left the conference. General Volar told Michael, “You have inherited my gifts, the gifts of war.”

As father and son connected Michael learned…

*How to generate a really big blast*
*How to control a blast to stun or to kill*
*How to absorb and incoming blast*
*How to short range teleport as long as he could see the destination*
*How to sense an enemies location*

When Michael and Volar were done Max and Liz summoned the Granolith and immunized both Michael and Isabel against mental intrusions. When this task was completed, General Volar showed the four teens how to form a foursquare. He taught them that once a foursquare connection is formed all the members of the foursquare could tap each others gifts unless or until the connection was broken. At this time Michael also learned how to Vision Conference.

When the training session concluded they rejoined Earth’s vision plane before breaking the conference and returning to Michael’s apartment.


Back in the apartment the four teens decided to keep their foursquare connection active on a semi permanent basis. After all the only reason to break it would be to establish a new foursquare with different members and since Alex and Maria didn’t have powers… yet; and since Tess couldn’t be trusted right now they were the only four available. After forming the connection, Max and Liz steeled themselves for their next confrontation, Tess.


Max knocked on the door to the Harding’s house and waited. As Tess answered the door her eyes lit up at the sight of Max, but the immediately narrowed at the sight of Liz standing next to him. Max announced, “Hi Tess, we need to talk.”

His tone of voice allowed no argument, so she invited them in. Tess didn’t miss the affectionate way Max and Liz were acting towards each other and she immediately knew she wasn’t going to like this conversation. She eyed them suspiciously and questioned, “What’s going on?”

“Liz and I got married.” Max announced. Immediately both Liz and Max felt Tess trying to gain entry into their minds. Max’s eyes flashed with anger. He spoke with a carefully controlled voice, though the anger in it was evident, “Your mind games won’t work Tess.” Then his eyes grabbed hers and a wave of fear shot through her as she couldn’t look away. She saw determination, anger, and authority in his piercing gaze. The next words chilled her to the bone as she knew he meant every word, “And if you dare act against me, or play any of your mind games on my friends or family, I promise you; you will live to regret it.”

Lightening up just a little Max continued, “You were sent here as part of my team, as far as I know we’re the only four Antarian-Human hybrids on the planet, even the universe; that makes us family. You still have a place with us, just not the one you were expecting. My heart belongs to Liz, she is my queen. I hope you can learn to accept that because it’s not going to change.”

As he finished his speech he took a deep breath and drew strength from Liz’s presence, and concluded, “We just came to let you know because it’s going to be all over school when it starts up again on Tuesday and we thought you deserved to hear it from us first.”

As Max and Liz left she tried once again to mindwarp them but to no effect. A cold panic swept over her. Dhardn was expecting her to seduce Max and get pregnant. She didn’t know what happened to Max over the summer, but he wasn’t the boy she was manipulating at the end of the spring. He could block her mindwarps on both him and Liz, and when he spoke he was beginning to sound like a king. She pulled out her cell phone; she was going to have to speak to Dhardn about this.


September 3rd, 2000

I’m Liz Evans, in the last two days we’ve confronted our parents about our marriage, met with friends and confronted enemies. It’s turned out better than I could have hoped. I just hope our luck holds out as we now settle in to face our future.
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Chapter 8 -- New Beginnings

As Max and Liz walked out of Tess’s they began a silent conversation. Liz asks, “Did you see that flash?”

Max confirms, “Yeah, we’ll make sure to be here when it happens. Then we’ll see what we can do.”

Then they felt it, the draw to go to the Granolith. They headed out to the Granolith Chamber; when they got there, their eyes met. One phrase echoed through their connection, “It is time.”

Their hands met and power began surging through them. They each placed their free hand on the Granolith and it began glowing with an array of rainbow colored lights. Soon the lights merged into white glow that wrapped itself around the Granolith. Max and Liz stepped into the Granolith together, then they were gone.


Tess called Dhardn and he answered, “Hello?”

Tess replied, “Max is ruining everything!”

Dhardn responded, “So take care of it, that’s your job.”

Tess was quivering with fear when she answered, “I can’t. He left for the summer; I thought he was trying to cope with his little girlfriend dumping him and what ever Pierce did to him. But he came back married to the little tramp, and strong enough to block my mindwarps on both him and her. I don’t know what to do!”

Dhardn’s mind started racing, *So that’s how he got so strong. He bonded himself to that human. But humans are weak, how could he get that much strength from bonding with one of them? None of that matters now, he won’t be getting Tess or any other girl besides his new mate pregnant; he’s biologically incompatible with anybody but her now.* His next question startled Tess, “Could she be convinced to betray him?”

Tess had been inside Liz’s mind enough last spring, trying to convince her that she didn’t belong with Max that she knew the answer to that question, “Not a chance, she’d rather die.”

Dhardn thought, *Alright then, no heir, I’ll just have to bring Khivar the heads of the royal four and hope it’s enough.* He concluded his conversation with Tess, “I’m coming back to Roswell. I’ll take care of it.”


Max and Liz found themselves in a throne room. They looked upon the man sitting in the throne. He was clothed in elegant robes of the purist white they’ve ever seen. They met his eyes; they were eyes of white flame, emitting a love so immense they almost had to look away. If they hadn’t grown accustomed to their own loving gazes that had been ever increasing in intensity over the summer, they would have had to. Then the white flame in his eyes grew and engulfed his entire countenance. The increase in the love radiating from the man was too much, and they averted their eyes.

Then the man spoke, “Welcome by beloved, my anointed, my chosen ones.” When he spoke the voice was dripping with authority. It was not the authority of parents and teachers, not the authority of kings, but the authority that even the elements obeyed. It was the authority of creation, the authority of God that they heard in that voice.

Now neither had ever been particularly religious, but Liz had been to church enough and knew enough of the scriptures to know what they were witnessing, and thanks to their connection Max was immediately aware of it too.

They were standing in front of the son of God, and God Himself was speaking to them through him. Immediately they felt the guilt of all the mistakes they’d made in their lives and they dropped to their knees, feeling unworthy to stand in His presence. Their silent repentance was genuine and soon they felt it. The seals locked inside them began radiating energy; but not just any energy, it was love and forgiveness.

They watched in awe as the energy swept through them and their own countenance and clothing was transformed. Their clothes turned white, not as pure as those of the man standing in front of them, but still purer than any white found on earth. Their skin began to glow, again it wasn’t the flame that radiated from the man in front of them, but it was pure white light.

Suddenly with new confidence they both stood and God once again began speaking through his son. “I am the God of all creation, the guardian of all justice. And you are my chosen ministers of justice. If you will place your faith in Me and obey My words; I will use you to return all that has been stolen, restore all that has been unjustly destroyed, and to punish those who seek injustice, to rein over my servants and unite them with my children. And as your reward I will withhold no blessing from you, you will have but to ask and it will be yours. Will you serve Me?”

As Max and Liz made the decision to accept they felt that same energy emanating from their seals begin to merge with their own energies, and their own love for each other grew as their bond to the Granolith was made complete.

Max faced his Lord and stated, “You have already granted me my hearts desire,” he shot a glance to Liz indicating that he was speaking of her, then looking back he continued, “but I have planets full of people looking to me to save them. Then if I manage to succeed at that, I’ll be expected to rule. But I’m just a kid; I don’t know how to accomplish what’s expected of me.” Then he made a request reminiscent of the request another young leader once made to the Lord, “So now my only request is this, grant me the strength necessary to help my people and wisdom necessary to lead them. Grant me the ability to do justice to this destiny I find myself with.”

The Lord was pleased, just like Solomon of old, the young king standing before him asked not for things for himself but for things to help those he’s slated to rule. Like Solomon of old he knows that a King’s job is not one of dominion one of service. And like Solomon of old, in addition to granting his request, He had every intention of eventually blessing this young king with all things he didn’t ask for. But for now His only reply was, “It shall be unto you as you have requested of Me.”

Then Max and Liz found themselves exiting the Granolith, back in the cave in New Mexico.


Michael and Isabel worried. Half an hour ago their foursquare connection was broken and no one had seen Max or Liz since they went to Tess’s. They knew they were headed out to the Granolith chamber, but here they were and there was no sign of Max or Liz.

Suddenly the Granolith began to glow and Max and Liz materialized inside. Michael and Isabel were both shocked at their appearance. Their clothes were whiter than anything they’d ever seen and their skin was glowing with light of the same color.

As Max and Liz stepped out of the Granolith and became aware of their surroundings, they spotted their two friends staring at them. Max questioned, “What are you guys doing here?”

Isabel regained her wits enough to answer, “The foursquare connection went dead, and we came to see if you two were ok.”

Liz apologized, “We’re sorry. We didn’t know the foursquare connection would be broken when we went in there. I guess we were out of range or something.”

Michael questioned, “What happened to you?”

Max answered, “Let’s just say Liz and I had a religious experience. It seems that the Granolith is the alien version of the Ark of the Covenant and we were told to spend time connected to it. So we came and it was amazing.”

Then he noticed that he and Liz were still both showing signs of their recent encounter with the Almighty and they concentrated on returning to normal. When that task was complete they rejoined the foursquare. As they left the cave Liz questioned, “So are you two coming with us to evening services tonight?”


After an evening service where the minister preached on the topic of Job, Max and Liz returned to the Crashdown to find all four of their parents waiting. Jeff began, “We’ve been discussing your living arrangements and we’ve come to a decision. While we agree that you should start taking some of the financial responsibility, we’re still your parents and we want to help. Philip did some checking and the average price for renting an apartment around here is currently $350 a month plus utilities. We’ve decided to let you two rent the apartment in back, that you requested, for $200 a month including utilities.”

Liz immediately launched herself into her father’s arms, “Thank you, daddy!” Max kept a tighter reign on his emotions, but it was obvious that he too was pleased with this solution.

After dinner and an hour of conversation with their parents, Max and Liz again retired to Liz’s room. They decided to wait till tomorrow to begin moving their stuff into the apartment. They once again made love until they fell asleep still joined, body and soul.


They awoke early the next morning and began moving the essentials into their new apartment. The apartment was small having one bedroom, one full bathroom, and a living area with a small but functional kitchen and dining area. It was also joined to the Parkers’ apartment via the laundry room both places shared. It came already furnished with a king sized bed in the bed room, and a couch and a love seat in the living area, and a table and chairs in the dining area.

The first thing Max and Liz did was use their powers to insure the place was sound proofed. The last thing they wanted is for Liz’s parents to overhear their lovemaking.

When early afternoon rolled around Liz suddenly remembered the flash they’d seen the day before and they headed over to Tess’s house.


Dhardn entered the house and promptly blasted Tess across the room. Tess looked up at him through eyes of fear and he yelled, “I make a deal for us to get off this useless rock the humans call a planet, and gave you one assignment; seduce Max Evans. And you can’t even do that.”

He blasted her again and continued, “Now he’s bonded himself to that human girl and is incapable of conceiving a child with anybody else. Now you’re useless to me except as another corpse of the royal four to deliver to Khivar.”

As he delivered the killing blast Max and Liz burst into the room. Max shot his shield out to try and protect Tess but he was only partially successful and Tess slumped to the floor unconscious and dying.

Max and Liz’s bond to the Granolith soared and once again their clothes went white and they began to glow. Acting on a new drive for justice, Liz went to her side and attempted to heal her, but with out being able to form a connection she couldn’t repair the damage. She could only sustain her until Max was finished with Dhardn.

Max’s eyes flamed as the events of the last few minutes flashed through his vision. He wrapped his shield around Dhardn effectively imprisoning him. When he spoke it was the voice of the king sitting on a throne of judgment, “Dhardn, you are hereby charged with treason against the crown of Antar; conspiracy to commit treason; conspiracy to commit murder; the murder of an unknown number of innocent humans, including Sheila Hubble; and the attempted murder of Tess Harding. How do you plead?”

As Dhardn looked at Max, there was something in Max’s countenance and demeanor, some force he couldn’t place. But whatever it was, it denied him the ability to answer anything but honestly, “Guilty.” The word was ripped from his throat and he trembled in fear of what would happen next.

Max’s response was immediate, “Then you are hereby sentenced to death.” After uttering the sentence Max changed his shield to the one that destroyed matter and clenched his fist. The shield collapsed in on itself in response turning Dhardn into a cloud of subatomic energy particles.

Turning to Tess and his beloved mate, he knelt down. As he and Liz joined forces the worked their way though her mind to the last remnants of Tess’s life energy. As they did they witnessed her life.

*Flash* Tess being beaten for being to emotional… …Tess being beaten for failing in an attempt to use her powers… …Tess being taught her “duty”… …Tess being taught humans are weak… … Countless more examples of Tess being trained to betray Max and being beaten whenever she failed to do or refused to do what was asked of her.

When the flashes stopped they found themselves surround by darkness, but their visage was still emitting and aura of light. They saw Tess’s form lying beaten and broken before them and they focused they’re healing energies on restoring Tess’s mind.

Tess awoke and looked around surprised not to find herself in her home. She looked at Max and Liz and asked, “Where are we?”

Max answered, “In the deepest recesses of you mind. You took quite a beating. But Liz and I are keeping you alive.”

Tess asked, “Why?”

Max answered, “Because I’m here to serve justice. I know you were raised to betray me. And I know the hell Dhardn put you through in the process. And I know you had no choice in the matter. But Dhardn is dead now; he can’t hurt you ever again. Now you do have a choice and here in this place there can be no deception.”

After pausing to make sure she understood, he continued, “You can choose to continue on the path you were raised to travel, or you can join me and help me free our people from Khivar’s tyranny. If you choose to join me it will mean giving up this idea that you and I will ever be romantically involved. But the Creator has promised that you would be justly compensated for all that you have suffered.”

Tess understood what he was saying and what was happening. She was dying but if she chose to join him she would not only be allowed to live but also to find happiness, but it would mean giving up on everything she’d ever been told would be hers. It would mean turning her back on everything that she was taught all her life. Or she could choose to stay true to her upbringing and they would allow her to die. And here in the deepest parts of her mind the choice would have to be real; if she tried giving them lip service it would be detected immediately.

She stood and made her decision. She wanted to live, she would just have to adapt to this new situation. She spoke the words that would forever change her fate, “I will follow you Max.” Suddenly her mind was filled with light and warmth and all three of them awoke to find themselves back in the Harding’s residence.

Tess looked at Max and Liz. She knew she owed them her life, and she knew she’d made a decision to follow them so close to the core of her being that she could never betray them. And she knew that they knew, but she felt empty inside. The three teens shared a knowing glance.

It was time to start over, time to begin anew.


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A/N: Thanks for the Feedback Everybody sorry I'm so long between updates. I've got a chapter or two of house cleaning my chararcters relationshps coming up I hope no ones dissapointed.

Chapter 9 -- Life Goes On

Max and Liz arrived at Principal Forrester’s office early the next morning, just as his office hours opened. The principal commented, “Good morning Miss Parker, Mr. Evans, to what do I owe this pleasure?”

Liz handed him the folder they had prepared as she stated matter-of-factly, “Max and I got married over summer break and I need you to add these to my file, and change my name in your records as I’ll be going by Liz Evans now.”

Principal Forrester was shocked, but as he glanced though the papers everything is in order; marriage certificate, parental consent forms, even photocopies of Liz’s new driver’s license. He looked back to a smiling Max and Liz, “Do you mind if I call your parents to verify this?”

It was Max who answered, “Not at all feel free to call whomever you need.”

Forrester made calls to both the Parkers and the Evans. Upon receiving verification he looked back to the newlyweds standing in front of him, “Very well then, congratulations, I should have time to enter the changes in the computer and print up new class rosters before your first class. Will that be all?”

Max and Liz both nodded and took their leave.


Max and Liz had gotten AP Chemistry together first period. Despite one or two problems, they had been a couple of Ms. Hardy’s best students in AP Biology last year. So when she started calling attendance and read “Evans, Liz” she knew that it must be a computer glitch of some kind, so she called out, “I’m sure this is a mistake but, Evans, Liz.”

Liz immediately answered, “No mistake Ms. Hardy, Max and I got married over summer break, so it’s Liz Evans now.”

To say the teacher was shocked would be the biggest understatement of the year. But she quickly regained her composure when her class erupted into chaos at the news. Once she got her class under control it proceeded without further incidents.


The gossip mills at West Roswell High were as good as they come. So, by second period the news was all over school. They couldn’t believe it. At the end of last year, Max and Liz had been together, but Tess had made no secret of the fact that she intended to change that. So they had all waited to see how the battle for Max would turn out. But nobody had expected this.

By third period people were speculating on what exactly happened between Max and Liz and Tess. One of the popular theories was that Liz had slept with Max in an attempt to get him to choose her over Tess, Liz got pregnant and Max took responsibility and married her.

Any one who knew either Liz or Tess could have told you just how ludicrous that was. First, Liz would never have used sex that way and second, Tess would have in a heartbeat.

Further anyone who exercised any powers of observation at all could see the love and devotion Max and Liz now had towards each other. It was almost tangible; it surrounded them and pervaded their every look, their every movement.

Most of the faculty recognized it; and some even harbored feelings of envy or jealousy that these two had found so young what they themselves had not been able to find.

The students, however, were a different matter. Many of them lived in a world so shallow and self absorbed that they were incapable of recognizing love. Hormones and lust drove their relationships; and for now they were satisfied with that. By the end of the day, two such students would make the mistake of acting on their misconceptions.

Max and Liz coming back married was surprising, but even more surprising were the changes that all three had undergone. Last year Tess had been outgoing, determined, and about as unsubtle as they come. Now she seemed broken, lost, and introverted.

Liz’s change was more subtle, she was still just as polite and friendly as ever, but now she had a confidence about her. It was like she’d found her place in the world and now nothing would deter her.

The change in Max had been dramatic. Last year he had been polite, quiet, shy, and more than a little mysterious. For the most part he was still polite, quiet, and mysterious, but there was nothing shy about the Max Evans that came back from the summer break. No, this Max Evans had no problem informing you of his position or telling you what he wanted, and this Max didn’t back away from confrontation when he cared about the outcome.


It was now fourth period and Max was in the locker room getting ready for gym when Tommy Hoeg walked up to him, “Congratulations, she must be one hell of a lay if you were willing to marry her.”

Max’s eyes burned with rage. *How dare he insinuate that my relationship with Liz is all about sex? I would never use her that way! And she would never allow herself to be used like that!* He desperately clamped down on his emotions so he wouldn’t seriously injure the guy and turned around. The anger was barely visible in his eyes, but his voice left no question as to what he was feeling, “What!?”

Tommy tried to placate him but took the wrong track entirely, “Calm down man, we all know you knocked her up, I mean why else would you have married her.”

Nobody saw what happened next coming. Partially because it was something the Max Evans of last year would never have done, and partially because it happened so quickly that if you blinked you would have missed it. One moment Tommy was standing there talking to Max, the next he was about two feet off the ground with his back up against a locker. Max was holding him there with his left arm and the only strain evident on his face was that of holding himself back from hitting Tommy with his right fist.

Then Max spoke with a passion that left anyone within earshot unable to deny the sincerity of his statements, “I married her because I love her so much that the mere thought of living another day without her as my wife causes a constricting pain in my chest. Because whenever we’re separated my heart aches to be returned to her presence. Because she’s the love of my life, my soul mate, my dream girl; and I could search the universe over for eternity and not find a more perfect mate. Because I wanted to show the world that she is mine to love, cherish, and protect. Because I wanted the world to know that I am only for her. Any or all of the above are true, feel free to repeat them instead of the idiotic reason you’ve just spouted. And for the record, while the thought of Liz carrying my child one day thrills me to no end, that day isn’t here yet.”

He then released Tommy who slumped to the ground. After a few moments of shocked silence the locker room was once again teaming with conversation. Max turned back to his own locker and Tommy scampered away silently noting never to say anything that was even close to disrespectful to Liz in Max’s presence ever again.

It was then that Kyle approached Max, “Congratulations Max!” Max turned to look at Kyle wearily. When Kyle saw the look on Max’s face he was quick to state, “Hey don’t worry, Liz and I made our peace. As long as you treat her right you’ll have no problems from me. I’ve seen the way she looks at you, I’m happy for her.”

Max smiles, “Thanks Kyle.”

Kyle thought for a moment before questioning, “Ok so after that display I just have to ask. When my so called friends beat you up last year, why did you just stand there and take it. I mean it looks like you could have taken all four of them easily, even without any, shall we say, out of this world magic tricks.”

Max smiled again, “Well a couple of reasons actually. First your dad was after me and the last thing I needed was for one of them to file assault charges and have the other three back up their story. At the time your dad would have believed them over me instantly. And second, Liz was with you at the time, I’d told her my life was too dangerous for us to be anything more the just friends.”

At this Kyle rubbed a phantom wedding ring on his finger and laughed. Max chuckled, “Yeah well I later realized she was in just as much danger being by friend as long as she was insisting on helping us out. Any way she was with you and those guys, in their own sick and twisted way, were defending her honor. I find it difficult to hurt anybody for trying, however misguided the attempt, to do what every instinct within me tells me to do.”

Kyle nodded, “Yeah, I guess I can see your point.”

They continued talking as they headed out to gym and a new friendship was formed.


Kyle and Max walked out of the locker room after gym class together. As they were walking through the halls to their next class, Pam Troy literally threw herself at Max. Max’s reaction was immediate; he pushed her away, roughly.

Pam couldn’t understand it. It was obvious to her that he didn’t have a problem with sex. He had obviously gotten Liz pregnant; after all why else would he have married her. So she didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let them have a little fun. She questioned, “What’s Liz Parker got that I don’t.”

Kyle knew Pam was in trouble, he’d just seen what Max had done to Tommy and he knew Max wasn’t going to tolerate anybody questioning his relationship with Liz. He looked around and saw Liz and Tess talking down the hall, he also saw Maria and Alex coming this way, as well as a host of other students gathering to see what would happen between Max and Pam. *Now this is going to be good.*

Max glared at Pam, “It’s Liz Evans, and you don’t want me listing your faults next to her strengths. So just drop it.”

Pam was incredulous. *My faults next to her strengths? Is he kidding?* She answered him, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want.”

Max heard Liz’s reply, *I’d kinda like to hear it too.*

Max shook his head, *Well, she can’t say I didn’t warn her.* “Fine then, you want to know what Liz has that you don’t, an IQ higher than her dress size for starters.”

“You want more? Liz is beautiful, like an angel, perfection personified. Where as whatever beauty you started out with, you have adorned and exploited until it’s no longer beauty but lustful sexuality. Then you wield your sexuality as weapon, using it to manipulate and control the men around you.”

“Liz is selfless, putting the needs and desires of others above her own. You are selfish; the only time you care about the needs and desires of others is when you can use them to manipulate somebody.”

“Liz and I love each other. You don’t love me. You don’t know what love is. The basis of your every relationship is lust, either yours or his. I’m just a challenge to you; I’m something you can’t have so you’re interested. If I gave in, exactly how long would that relationship last before you got bored of me at set your sites on someone new.”

“Liz is mine and mine alone, just as I am hers and hers alone; until death do us part. You don’t know the meaning of the word monogamous and being that you’re still pursuing me even though I’m married means you have no respect for the sanctity of marriage. How many guys have you serviced, or allowed to service you? How would I ever be able to trust you to be faithful to me? How many would I be sharing you with, both before and after anything that happened between us?”

“You have been throwing yourself at me since freshman year. I have tried ignoring you and I have tried politely telling you I’m not interested. And while I guarantee thoughts of you were no where near my mind as I was proposing and saying my vows, I’ve even tried coming back married, but you still can’t take the hint.”

“Now since you obviously have trouble comprehending these things, I’m going to make this as simple as possible. I am not interested in you now, I have never been interested in you in the past, and I will never be interested in you in the future. Now you’re on notice. If you try something like this again I’ll file sexual harassment charges with the sheriff’s office, if that doesn’t deter you I’ll have my dad help me file for a restraining order, and if you violate that I will have you arrested. Have I made myself clear?”

Pam stood there in shock. No one had ever spoken to her like that before. But she couldn’t deny anything Max had said. She didn’t know how to respond.

Liz had no such problems however, as she made her way to Max and sealed her lips to his. She pressed herself against him and wrapped her legs around him. The kiss was searing and possessive and left no doubt in those watching exactly what Liz felt about Max’s speech.

As the kiss continued, Pam’s jealousy finally broke through her shock and she stormed off. She just couldn’t understand Max. *How can he be so obsessed with love and marriage? We’re still in high school! Why can’t he allow us to just have a little fun.* A portion of the students present were like Pam and couldn’t understand Max’s point of view at all. But after what they’d just seen and heard they would respect it.

Tess however, had listened carefully she too had wanted to know what Max had seen in Liz. As she listened she was appalled at how much of Max’s description of Pam applied to her. She had tried to manipulate and control him with lust and sexuality, she had added another weapon mindwarps. She didn’t love him she was just going to use him to get pregnant so she could please Khivar, another man she didn’t love. She had been selfish and power hungry.

Then she saw the kiss Liz rewarded Max with and the love that was obviously radiating off of both of them. Nasedo had taught her emotions were a weakness, but this love that is so important to Max, seems to make him stronger. He’s definitely been stronger in both powers and personality since he got back from marrying Liz. All of a sudden she felt jealous, not of Liz and Max being together but of the love they so obviously had for each other. She wanted to experience that; she wanted to love and be loved. She purposed with in herself to try and find that with someone.

Many others who had witnessed the exchange were also having similar thoughts as Max’s speech resonated through them. Many snapped out of the stupor they’d been in and realized just how selfish and shallow they’d been. It was these students who now found themselves sharing in Tess’s jealousy of Max and Liz’s relationship.


After Max’s confrontations with Pam and Tommy no one else dared question that Max and Liz were together and married precisely because there was nothing else they would rather be.

As the first week of school wore on, their feelings became even more obvious. Nobody was surprised to find them both extremely possessive of each other. But what did surprise everybody was the easy way Kyle and Tess both seemed to fit into their close knit circle of friends.

No one understood how Liz’s ex and the girl who tried to steel Max away from Liz could be welcomed so easily by both of them. But never the less it was apparent that this year there were two new members to the group that had been six when school had let out for the summer; and everyone wondered what this year would bring.


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A/N: Thanks everybody for reading and thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry about the long absense hopefully the next update will be much sooner. So without further ado....

Chapter 10 -- More Choices

Maria awoke to a tapping sound coming from her window. She went to investigate and found Michael outside knocking. She opened the window, “What are you doing here at…” she checked her clock, “2:13 in the morning?”

Michael answered, “We need to talk. Can I come in?”

Maria let out an exasperated sigh but motioned him to come in.

Michael had been avoiding Maria all summer; it was just too dangerous to be around her, but things have changed. He took a deep breath and pleaded, “Maria, I’m no good at these kinds of conversations so will you please just let me get everything out before you start arguing with me?”

Maria looked angry but she nodded her consent and Michael continued, “Ok… I meant what I said the last time we spoke. Our lives Max’s, Isabel’s, Tess’s and mine had just gotten a lot more dangerous…”

Maria interrupted, “I know that Michael….”

Michael shouted, “Please let me finish!” Taking a breath he continued, “So any way our lives were getting a lot more dangerous… I mean Liz was kidnapped; Max was captured; Kyle was shot. And I… I became destructive. When Max and Liz were running from the FBI, I blew up a car. I didn’t think about it, I didn’t try to, I just did. When Pierce was shooting I killed him, I didn’t mean to, I just reacted to the threat. Afterwards all I could think about is… What if it had been you? You know how we get; we argue… a lot. What if you had gotten me really mad one day and I just reacted and you got hurt or-or even killed.”

Maria gasped, “Oh Michael.”

Michael had tears streaming down his face as he continued, “Don’t you see, with the others it was different they could control their powers, I couldn’t. And the only thing I could think that would be worse than something happening to you because of how dangerous my life is, was something happening to you because I couldn’t control myself.”

Maria tried to comfort him but he shook her off and pulled himself together, “But then Max came back and a couple things changed again. We learned that if you and I did continue our relationship, if I let you in, it would change you like it changed Liz. You’d be able to help take care of yourself, so it’d actually be safer for you if we were together. The other thing that changed is Max and Liz took me to see my dad who taught me how to control my powers, so I’m not as dangerous to be around.”

Glancing up and meeting her eyes, his face a study in uncertainty, he concluded, “So if I haven’t completely blown things between us, if you can still find it within you to want to be with me… I want to try to connect and activate those triggers.”

Maria nearly launched herself at Michael, kissing him and hugging him. Michael knew part of their triggers had already been completed; he’d seen inside of her and chosen her. All that was left was to open himself up and let her in, and hope to whatever god that was up there that she would choose to stay with him. He cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. Then for Maria the flashes came.


After Dhardn’s death, Max arranged for Tess to move in with the sheriff. Neither felt it would be wise to have her living on her own. Kyle was helping Tess get the last of her things moved into their house as he asked, “What’s up with you lately?”

Tess questioned, “What do you mean?”

Kyle explained, “Last year before school let out for the summer, you were confident, out going, always smiling… now you’re quiet and somber and you always look lost.”

Tess sighed she really didn’t want to talk about this. Then she looked up and Kyle’s concerned eyes and she decided it couldn’t hurt to talk, “Last year I knew what I was supposed to do. I had a mission to accomplish, I’d been trained for it all my life and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. I was happy because I was finally here, my life on the run was over and it was time to do my duty.”

“A few days ago all that changed… Dhardn tried to kill me. Max killed him and then saved me. Now everything I’ve been taught my entire life is no longer true, and I have no clue what I’m going to do.” She smiled ruefully, “Hence the lost look.”

Kyle asked, “Are you still going to try to get Max to accept you as his destiny?”

Tess shook her head, “No, Max is my king, and Liz is his chosen queen. It’s no longer within me to betray him like that.”

Kyle, a little confused, asked, “What do you mean it’s no longer within you?”

Tess looked at Kyle and tried to figure out how to explain, “Kyle, how much do you know about the brain and decisions?” To Kyle’s confused look she continued, “Because of what my gifts are I know a lot about them. So let me walk you through this and see if you can understand.” When Kyle nodded she asked, “What are you planning on eating for dinner tonight?”

Kyle answered, “I don’t know probably a TV dinner.”

Tess then asked, “And if you opened the freezer to get that TV dinner and saw… say a frozen pizza sitting there, would you maybe change your mind?”

Kyle nodded, “I guess I might.”

Tess explained, “That because that’s a surface decision. People make and change them on a whim for no reason whatsoever other than they felt like it. Now another question… While you were dating Liz would you have accepted a date form Vicki?”

Kyle asked, “Hey, how do you know about that? You weren’t even here when…”

Tess interrupted, “Kyle last year I spent a lot of time inside the minds of everybody around here. That’s part of how I figured out that Dhardn was wrong about emotions only being a weakness. Max chose love, and when he came back he could block me from both his and Liz’s minds. He’d gotten stronger.” Seeing the look of horror on Kyle’s face she continued, “I’m sorry I did it now, but I can’t change it. I can however promise you I’ll never enter your mind again without either your permission or a direct order from Max.”

Kyle is outraged as he replies, “So you’d invade my mind against my will if Max ordered it?”

Tess shrugged, “He’s my king, and I’ll obey his orders. If it makes you feel any better I don’t think Max would ever order me to do it. But I’m trying to make you a promise I can keep, and I can’t keep a promise if it means disobeying a direct order from Max.”

Kyle still outraged questions, “So you’re what his slave now?”

Tess emphatically denies, “No! I’m not his slave; he’s not my master, he doesn’t own me, I’m not his property… but he is my king. Now there are limits to a king’s authority, but asking me to use my gifts to get information, or to hide information is not beyond them. Besides that, this is Max we’re talking about; can you picture him even trying to treat anybody as a slave?”

Kyle calmed down a bit and shook his head. He remembered the new friendship he’d been developing with Max this last week and scolded himself *What am I worried about Max is an ok guy, he’d never do anything like that.*

Seeing him calm down Tess repeated her earlier question, “Now back to the question at hand, while you were dating Liz would you have accepted a date form Vicki?”

Kyle shook his head, “No.”

Tess said, “But after Liz broke up with you, you did date her. So your decision not to date Vicki was a slightly deeper decision. It was the second kind of decision, the kind you only change for a reason. But valid reasons to change this type of decision are common. Next question… Would you kill Tommy?”

Kyle again shook his head, “No.”

Tess questioned, “What if you caught him making out with your girlfriend?”

Kyle answered, “I might beat him up, but I wouldn’t kill him.”

Tess questioned further, “What if you caught him holding a knife and trying to rape your girlfriend.”

Kyle thought for a little bit before answering, “Yeah, I might kill him with his own knife.”

Tess explained, “So your decision not to kill Tommy is an even deeper decision. The third type of decision, one you’ll only change under rare or extreme circumstances. Ok… last type, would you ever rape Liz?”

Kyle looked shocked, “NO WAY!”

Tess prodded, “What if one of Max’s alien enemies was trying to get to him, so he planted a bomb in your chest and told you it would go off in 48 hours if you didn’t rape and kill Liz?”

Kyle adamantly stated, “Then unless you or Max or somebody could get it out, I’d be dead in 48 hours.”

Tess nodded, “See that decision, the one not to rape Liz has been made at your core, it’s a part of you. You would die before changing your mind. When Max saved me we had a discussion in my core, and that’s where I made the decision that he was my king. So it’s no longer within me to betray him, I’d die first.”

Kyle nodded his understanding before asking, “So do you still have feelings for him?”

Tess shook her head, “You don’t understand Kyle. I never did have feelings for him. Dhardn raised me to believe that emotions were a human weakness, one that I should rise above. He taught me that it was my duty to mate with Max. My feelings and his were irrelevant, this was duty.”

Tess’s eyes softened and she began to look a bit vulnerable again as she finished, “But looking at Max and Liz I can see where emotions can be a strength, and-and I want what they have. I want to find love.”

Kyle smiled as he asked, “So would you be interested in going out and seeing if you can find it with me?”

Tess’s answer was a shy smile.


Isabel was sitting in the Crashdown laughing at a joke Alex had made. She’d been thinking a lot about what’s happened over the summer with everybody… she finally came to a decision. “Alex, remember when I told you what’s between us could never be anything like a date?”

Alex’s face suddenly dropped in disappointment and he nodded. Isabel continued her thought, “Well, we’ve been getting closer over the summer. And Max and Liz have proven that interspecies relations can work… maybe I was wrong Alex.” She looked up at Alex and tentatively asked, “Are you- Are you still interested?”

Alex’s answering grin reached his ears.