I Want You (UC, Z/L, Adult) - [COMPLETE]

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I Want You (UC, Z/L, Adult) - [COMPLETE]

Post by femmenerd » Sun Mar 06, 2005 5:36 pm

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Author: femmenerd aka Lucia
Title: “I Want You”
Pairing: Zan/Liz
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine.
Summary: Zan is the lead singer and guitarist of “the Screaming Aliens” and the object of many people’s desire. But all he really wants is Liz Parker. But will she allow herself to put aside her fears and give in to temptation?
Author’s Note: I really should be working on one of my other fics but this just popped into my smutty little mind and needed to be written. This is much raunchier than my usual fare so be forewarned.
New Author's Note: It has recently been brought to my attention that there is a fic titled The Screaming Alien by ShellSueD. It's a very funny challenge response fic in which the aliens and humans switch places. The connection between the names is completely coincidental.

It was dark inside the club save for the dim red lights concentrated on the stage, bathing his face in a warm yet eery light. The dance floor was thick with people and the smoke, breath, laughter and general chaos that rumbled from them. And with very few exceptions, every woman’s (and quite a few men’s) lustful gazes were trained on Zan as he gyrated and thrashed to the beat. His voice electrified the air as he strained to get the song out of his writhing body. As he sang he somehow managed to integrate groans and growls into a melody, as any true rock star can. He was the devilish prince to the frantic, ragtag crowd, cocking an eyebrow as his voice came out in a low, mesmerizing tone.

“I want you,” he growled into the mike, with a slight sneer that made not a few women cream their black leather pants or tattered designer jeans.

Liz stood alone – the only person not moving, simply staring at his lean form glistening with sweat under the hot lights. He was wearing a slight smear of black eyeliner that made his golden eyes stand out that much more when he looked directly at her as he repeated the line.

“I want you.”

She shouldn’t have come her tonight – had debated it with herself over and over again, even as she slid into skintight black jeans and a matching black T-shirt, even as she applied more than the usual amount of eye makeup, even as she found herself riding the subway here, to the club, knowing exactly where he would be and how he would make her feel.

She took a sip of her drink – a whisky sour – to try and settle her nerves. The lemony-sweet tartness tantalized her taste buds as the strong liquor warmed her blood. Not that she needed help to get any hotter…

They were too different. It didn’t make sense. He didn’t fit into her world of studying and nice clean fun with the nice clean men who left her cold. Every chance meeting they had made her blood boil for days. He invaded her consciousness with his swaggering walk that suggested so much more, and his cocky grin, the way that his eyes seemed to undress her with every glance even as they cut right through to her soul.

She couldn’t admit it to anyone, even Maria, but she felt drawn to him in a way that just wasn’t natural; it went against all reason. And it frightened her a bit but it wasn’t him she was afraid of – it was what might be unleashed in her, what things might come out of her depths that she wouldn’t be able to lock back up again.

His eyes were closed now and he seemed almost oblivious to the throng of people dancing, some of them slamming into one another in a joyous ritual. All of his energy seemed to be focused on the black electric guitar slung low almost to his hips. Watching him finger the strings, Liz caught her breath, imagining those calloused hands on her skin.

She moved into the shadows to nurse her cocktail and try to pull the remnants of her self control back together. Her head was swimming with the fantasies she had been repressing for weeks now.

She hid there, under the cover of the relative darkness in the corners of the club, watching him work his magic over the crowd for the rest of the set. She could see how his stage presence seemed to emit an aura of raw sexuality, hypnotizing everyone.

When the last song was over, she slid out of the teeming club into the brisk air of the street, shivering at the cool nighttime breeze against her simmering skin. She touched her hand to her cheek. “Shit, do I have a fever?”

Before she even had a chance to extend her thought any further, she heard heavy steel-toed footsteps coming up close behind her. She swung around and nearly ran into him as he came rushing out of the club, panting slightly.

“Where you think ya goin’ Angel?” Zan said in a low tone.

“I was…I was,” Liz stammered.

“You was runnin’ away is what you was,” Zan’s tone was even, slightly amused maybe, but calm.

Without realizing it Liz had tripped into the alley behind the club and this was where Zan had followed her. But they were still close to the sidewalk and the glare from the streetlight brightened the angles of his handsome face, gleaming off of the piercings in his eyebrow and lip.

Liz bit her lip slightly. “Well, I had to leave you to your adoring fans you know. I wouldn’t want to interfere.” She tried to instill a sense of humor into the awkward situation.

“I don’t give a rat’s ass about all of that. There’s only one person I was singing for tonight.”

Liz gulped and her brown eyes grew wide. “Oh yeah?” she said softly, looking down at her pointy toed boots.

“Yeah.” Zan’s voice resonated through her body as he began to slowly circle around where she was standing.

“It’s you Liz. You’re who I thought about when I wrote that song. I wrote it the day after we first met.”

Against her better judgment she looked up to face him, watching mutely as he continued on.

“Every night I fuck you in my dreams, Angel.”

His words sent a wave of unadulterated heat shooting through her body. She could hardly believe that she, good little Liz Parker from Roswell, New Mexico, was standing here in this dirty New York City alleyway hearing these words from Zan, lead singer and guitarist of “the Screaming Aliens,” sex god extraordinaire. His words were crude but something about the way that he said them tempered them, made them sound like a prayer.

“And I can tell you want me too. I can see it in your eyes even as you’re walking out the door.”

He moved closer and she didn’t tell him to stop. She simply stared deeply into his eyes mesmerized as he continued to seduce her sanity away with that voice.

“Zan, it’s not that I…”

“In my dreams, I can feel your body against mine and I’m always confused at first when I wake up and you’re not there lying naked beside me.”

Liz closed her eyes and visualized what he was saying to her, her breath growing increasingly ragged with his every word.

“And in my dreams you kiss me back when I reach for you. And your skin is so soft against mine…

He was just a few inches away now. She could almost feel his breath on her skin as it came out in silvery puffs that floated into the chill air and dissolved.

His lips crashed into hers with an intensity that nearly bowled her over. And before she knew it she was kissing him back, feeling his mouth hot and insistent against hers. They stumbled back against the brick wall of the adjoining building, her back against the wall, his hands rifling through her dark silky hair. He held her bottom lip gently in between his teeth, his tongue lightly teasing her before she deepened the kiss, letting her tongue out to stroke his. Liz felt like little electrical currents were igniting inside her, set off by the way that his mouth was making love to hers.

“I want you Liz.”

Liz sighed and gave in, admitting the truth to herself as much as she was admitting it to him. “I want you too Zan.”

His eyes lit up and that devilish smirk swept over his face.

“You’re coming with me Ms. Parker,” he said, grabbing her hand.

“What? Where are we going?” Liz was confused, her brain addled by the crowded club, the whiskey and the Zan kisses.

“Upstairs baby. To the Casa de Zan.”

“You live above the bar?”

“Indeed I do. And I told Rath not to come home tonight and that he had to load up the amps this time.”

“Pretty sure of yourself weren’t you.” Liz crossed her arms over her chest in mock petulance.

“Nah, just hopeful,” Zan said seriously.

They were running now, through the alley to the fire escape, his hand closed over hers leading the way. When they reached the top of the stairs, Zan grabbed Liz by the shoulders and laid another earth-shattering kiss on her as he pushed the door open. Once through the threshold he picked her up easily, cradling her in his strong arms as he kicked the door closed with his boot. He kissed her all the way to the bedroom tossing her gently onto the bed. She leaned back expectantly as he simply stared at her reclining form.

“Shit, you’re beautiful Angel. You have no idea how much I’ve thought about this.”

“Well, if it’s anywhere near as much as I have…” Liz couldn’t believe she was saying the words out loud.

Zan growled appreciatively and dove onto the bed after her.

With grace like a panther he made his way toward her on the bed, his eyes burning holes into hers. Soon he was hovering over her, one leather clad knee in between her legs spreading them. He stared at her for a moment with a smirk, tossing his head to try to get the stray pieces of his spiky black hair out of his kohl-rimmed eyes. Liz held her breath as she looked up him. She couldn’t believe how his every movement was so charged; he was like walking, moving, breathing sex.

Almost hesitantly she brought her fingers up to graze the skin just beneath his faded T-shirt. In response he reared up on his knees and quickly pulled it up and over his head, tossing it with no heed to where it landed as he lowered himself back down over her. Time seemed to move slowly for Liz as she watched his face, his lips, advance towards hers, capturing them. He kissed her like he was starving and she was his first meal in weeks.

Her shyness evaporated and she was freely moving her hands over the rippling muscles on his stomach, his tattooed chest, arms and back.

“Yessss baby, touch me,” he hissed.

In response she moved her hands lower and grabbed him by the ass, pulling his hips in to meet hers as she ground herself against him.

“Do you want me to fuck you Angel?” Zan murmured into her ear as he bit her lobe seductively.

Liz could only moan.

“Do you want me to fill you up with my cock?”

Liz sighed and grabbed him by the sides of his head and kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue into his mouth with urgency, feeling the hard metal of his tongue piercing as he twined his tongue with hers.

Her pussy was throbbing as she moved against his body. She could feel the stiffness of his erection through his leather pants and it was driving her wild. She moved her hand down to unzip him but he stopped her.

“Uh uh Missy, not until you say it.”

“Until I say what?” she groaned in frustration.

“Tell me that you want me to fuck you.”

Liz moaned. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before.” She wasn’t sure what had come over her.

Zan grinned as he brought his hand to her breast, tweaking her nipple lightly until it stood up in a hard peak jutting out through the fabric of her T-shirt.

“Now that’s more like it baby,” he whispered against her neck as he nipped and sucked at her soft flesh.

Liz trembled as she unzipped his fly and his massive prick fell into her hands. He wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his battered black leather pants. Teasingly she glanced up as she watched the expression on his face grow even more heated as his mouth fell open with the touch of her small hands on his rock hard cock.

“Tell me Zan. What do you want?” she queried as she stroked his length firmly.

“Gah! I want to watch you come so hard while you’re impaled on my dick.”

With those words as an invitation, she lifted her shirt over her head and removed her black lace bra with nimble fingers.

He fell upon her breasts, sucking a succulent pink nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue against its hardness. She moaned as he suckled her, running her hands through his messy hair. She felt herself growing wetter and wetter as he moved from one nipple to other while roughly massaging the other with his fingers.

She wriggled free just long enough to wiggle out of her jeans, revealing the matching black lace thong that completed the set. Upon seeing her lace clad pussy revealed to him, Zan brought one rough hand down to meet her wetness, pushing aside the flimsy fabric and thrusting two thick fingers into her sopping core as his thumb played an urgent melody against her engorged clit.

Her voice came out in strangled animal sounds that she hardly recognized as her own as he worked her cunt into a frenzy.

“You ready for me baby?”

“Yes!” she yelped. “Give it to me Zan. I want it now. I need you.” The words flew out of her mouth before she had a chance to censor them. She silenced the small voice in her head that wagged its finger at her in shock. All she knew was that she had never felt more free, more alive than she did at this moment.

“Alright baby. Just wait one more second,” Zan said as he kicked off his boots and removed his pants, throwing them on the floor with zeal.

The anticipation was killing Liz as once again Zan crawled towards her, splendid in his utter nakedness. When he reached where she was lying against the pillows encased in soft black pillowcases that matched the sheets and comforter, he abruptly pulled her hands above her head, pinning them lightly as he kissed her.

She watched as he touched himself, guiding his cock swiftly into her pussy. She sighed as he entered her. He moved slowly at first, thrusting all the way in and then pulling back out, only to fill her once again to the hilt.

His teasing was more than she could handle so she switched places with him in the power position, flipping over and taking him with her. He released her arms easily, not minding the back and forth of their play.

She was sitting on his cock now and the ball was in her court. Liz reared her head back, tossing her silky brown hair back as she proceeded to ride him harder and harder until she gasped - she was so turned on.

Zan reached up to grasp onto her slender back, urging her on and meeting her thrust for thrust. The next thing she knew he was once again latched onto her breast with his hot mouth, sucking on her hard as she bounced on his cock.

“Ah yes. Zan. Suck me while you fuck me,” Liz cried out, her movements growing faster as she came closer to the edge. She was beyond feeling self conscious now, having stumbled into a realm of unadulterated sensation.

Her mind went blank as she rode him so hard and her vision filled with stars as she came to a shuddering orgasm, shaking as she exploded.

Before she had a chance to fully recuperate he had flipped her over and was caressing her round ass as he prepared to enter her again, from behind this time.

With one hard thrust he was inside her again as she held onto the pillows, letting him take her for a ride.

“Oh Zan, I want to feel you come inside me,” Liz moaned.

“I will, princess, I will, but I’m not quite done with you yet.”

Leaning over, Zan wrapped his arm around her so he could play with her clit while he fucked her.

Liz bit down on the pillow to suppress the scream that she knew was coming on.

“It’s OK baby, let it out. It’s good for you,” Zan panted in between heavy breaths as he kept up the pace of his rhythm.

She came even harder this time, not sure how it was possible that a man could make her feel this good.

As her inner walls squeezed tightly around his throbbing cock, he drove into her with one final mighty thrust as his seed spilled into her waiting pussy.

They both fell back upon the bed, gasping for air. Liz closed her eyes, shocked at her own wanton behavior. Then she felt his lips tenderly touch hers.

“You’re amazing Liz. Better than in my wildest dreams.”
“Oh yeah?” she smiled.

“Yeah, but let me rest for a minute. Then I’ll be back with more.”
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Post by femmenerd » Sat Mar 12, 2005 5:14 am

OK, this was supposed to be a one parter but I have been convinced to write a couple more parts. So we all have Jeanine aka BelievnDreamsToo to thank for the way that she "mused me up." But it is still going to be a short story. I have been abandoning my more "serious fics" for this scandal lately and I need to go back to them. There will be one more part after this and then I also promised Angel aka Riarath101 that I would write a Streetwalker tag. However, I am finding myself rather seduced by this Zan so you never know, there might be more vignettes later. We'll see.

Thanks for all the feedback cowlady, orphyfets, Darknhauntinglove, janesdilemma, Applebylicious, Xandra, purpleant, BelievnDreamsToo, Mariael311, magikhands, xsuper_novax, Ellie, and linliz68. It's much appreciated. I was a little nervous about posting this, not that there isn't the sex in my other stories but...

Anyway, enough babble, more steaminess.

Part 2

Even while sleeping soundly Zan seemed to pulse with energy, glowing with an erotic force that Liz thought might be able to power the entire city if need be.

Her eyes slid over his slumbering form, feasting on every glorious inch of him. She couldn’t sleep she was too wound up, energized by the transformation deep with her that his touch had inspired. Her blood was still boiling from their passionate couplings; long into the night the fire had raged…

She watched his sculpted chest rise and fall with each heavy breath that he took. He was lying on his back with one arm behind his head, bringing the taut muscles of his bicep clearly into her view. The black fabric of the sheets wrapped around his lower body seeming to caress the toned lines of his lower abdomen, leading down…

Liz couldn’t believe that she had waited so long for this. Knowing what she did now, how could she have held back? Ever since they first met all those weeks ago, it had been like an alarm was ringing inside her body every time they saw each other.

She had been waiting patiently for Maria back stage, like the ever dutiful best friend that she was. It had been Maria’s first real gig since they had come to the city and they had both been wrapped up in the excitement ever since Maria found out that her band would be opening for “the Screaming Aliens.” Liz had been so proud of Maria that night. Despite the serious case of nerves that had attacked her before the show, Maria had overcome her anxiety and given the performance of her life. Singing her heart out, Maria had managed to entrance everyone that night, accomplishing the difficult task of getting the crowd to pay attention to an opening band, especially considering the enormous popularity of “the Screaming Aliens.”

Fiddling with her hair as she waited on the couch in the back room, Liz wondered what the hell was taking Maria so long. She couldn’t wait to celebrate with her friend. It was one of the things that she treasured the most about their friendship – the way that they both supported one another’s various endeavors. Liz smiled. Maria even managed to be enthusiastic when Liz talked about her work in the lab. Even though science was Liz’s passion, she was aware of the fact that it was not exactly the most exhilarating topic for the majority of people. But Maria always listened patiently and when Liz had won an award for being the top chemistry student at Columbia you would have thought that it was Maria who was receiving the honor – she was that excited for Liz.

Liz looked down at her watch. Where was that crazy girl?

At first she didn’t notice him come into the room. But then she heard a rustle by the door and looked up only to find herself up close and personal with the most beautiful man that she had ever seen leaning against the wall and staring at her with those electric eyes. In Liz’s view he was an exotic creature…NOT at all like the kind of guys she was used to growing up in little old Roswell, New Mexico. Kyle Valenti he definitely was not. Her high school boyfriend had been handsome to be sure, but this man was smoking hot in a way that hinted at dangerous pleasures she couldn’t even fully imagine. Watching him on stage that night she had tried to resist being swept along with the tide of female adoration but found it impossible to resist. The way he moved on stage was magnetic – Liz couldn’t tear her eyes away.

“What’s up beautiful? You waiting for me?” his speaking voice came out scratchy yet melodic, maddeningly self assured. His low tones reverberated through her body, vibrating in her secret regions.

Liz felt tongue tied, confused. “I…”

Before Liz had a chance to fumble at a retort, Maria bust through the door in a full blaze of diva glory.

“You know you want it Rath. Just admit it. I know it. You know it. But it ain’t gonna happen for ya buddy.” Maria was laughing hysterically as she sashayed into the room. She was glowing from her success, a beer in her hand and a silly grin on her face.

A tall, broad-shouldered punk with a sandy Mohawk stumbled in after Maria who Liz recognized as the drummer for “the Screaming Aliens.”

“Don’t flatter yourself Deluca,” he growled.

“Sweetie!” Maria exclaimed as she saw Liz, coming over to wrap her arms around Liz. “There’s my best girl.”

Raising her beer in the air Maria shouted animatedly in the Rath’s general direction. “Whatever Rath. This here is my date for the evening so I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to cry yourself to sleep…again. This, boys, is my girl Liz, the brightest star in Columbia’s premed department. She’s too good for the lot of you.”

Maria wasn’t sloppy drunk, but she definitely had a buzz going, not just from the beer but also from her triumphant turn on the stage that evening.

Liz blushed at her friend’s remarks, still feeling Zan’s eyes burning into her despite the commotion that was Hurricane Maria.

“Nice to meet ya Liz. Make sure you get your crazy friend home safely. I think she’s having hallucinations or some shit,” Rath said with an amused tone.

Maria stuck her tongue out at him, tossing her long blonde hair flirtatiously.

Rath punched Zan in the arm lightly. “Hey Zan, get your ass in gear. We gotta go help the guys pack up the gear. I’ll see you later Roswell…in your fantasies.”

“Ya, OK dude. Chill.” Zan reluctantly removed his eyes from Liz as he and Rath headed for the door. On his way out, Zan turned around. “Nice work there Maria. Seriously, you rocked.” Then he shifted his gaze to Liz, smirking just the tiniest bit. “Nice to meet ya Angel. I’ll be seeing you.” And they were gone, leaving just the echoing sound of their heavy boots stomping in their wake.

Once the boys were safely out of earshot Maria turned to Liz and let out an ecstatic moan. “Oh my god Liz. Can you believe it? Me, Maria Deluca, singing on stage at a sold out show. It’s too much, isn’t it? Now tell me honestly, how was it?”

Liz smiled indulgently at her friend. “You were amazing hon. Really. And I’m not just saying that ‘cause I’m your best friend. You brought down the house. Now, tell me, what the hell was that just now?” Liz cocked a knowing eyebrow at Maria.

“Oh that, with Rath? I just like to taunt him. He’s just so easy to tease.”

“Sure. Sure.” Liz smiled at Maria, knowing there was more to the story that would come out in time. But in the meantime, she couldn’t stop thinking about the enigmatic lead singer and his mysterious last words.


And see him again she did. Frequently in fact. After that night he and Rath took to coming to the coffee shop where both Liz and Maria worked nearly every day. While Rath and Maria flirted and traded barbs, Zan proceeded to worm his way deeper and deeper into Liz’s subconscious with each visit.

When he asked for a cup of coffee it sounded like a proposition and Liz found herself having trouble keeping her hand steady as she poured his coffee. Black, lots of sugar.

He was so straight forward it unnerved her. And when he spoke his voice gave her chills. Perhaps the weirdest thing was how she found herself telling him things she never would have expected she would say to anyone. When he asked about her studies, she found herself spilling forth about her most longed for ambitions. And when the subject was family she unloaded about all of her grief for her grandmother’s death that she hadn’t even shared with Maria. There was just something about the steadiness of his gaze that made her brave, well at least about that kind of thing.

She still fought the undeniable attraction between them. If she told him some of her most guarded secrets in casual conversation then what the hell would happen if she slept with him; what would be revealed?

The raw nakedness of her desire. That’s what had frightened her, Liz decided as she came back to the present.

Lying there watching him sleep she was inundated with his scent, musky yet sweet, overpowering her senses. Liz shifted a bit in frustration. How could she still want him after the night they had had? But then she had been waiting for this, maybe she hadn’t been willing to admit it to herself but she had been.

Slowly, hesitantly, Liz began to touch herself, slipping a finger down to her pussy, feeling it slick with desire once again. Lying flushed and naked in Zan’s bed, Liz felt more open and brazen than she ever had before.

She closed her eyes as she continued her erotic ministrations. Her mind flooded with images, sensory fragments of the way he had fucked her so completely just hours before. Her breath caught in her throat as she picked up her pace, increasing the pressure on her clit as she breathed in his nearness.

It wasn’t the first time that she had stroked herself with Zan on the brain. Since they met that night at the show, her fantasy lovers had all eventually worn Zan’s face, even if she tried to think about something or someone else as she got herself off in the privacy of her own room. And it was Zan’s voice that echoed in her mind as she came, over and over, thinking of him the entire time.

Liz felt herself grow warmer as she came closer and closer to the edge. She opened her eyes once again to look at him and was surprised to find him awake, gazing at her intently.

She knew she should be embarrassed but the way he was looking at her just turned her on more. So she didn’t stop touching herself, seeing his eyes drift down hungrily.

“You are so fucking hot Liz,” he whispered. “You turn me on more than anyone ever has before.”

She moaned, somehow knowing that he meant it, and it wasn’t just because of the way that his swollen cock was making a tent in the sheets.

He moved closer, bringing his lips to her ear. “I want to see you get yourself off. There is nothing more beautiful than your face when you come.”

His words alone nearly brought her to orgasm. She looked into his golden eyes as she began to shudder with pleasure. As she came, the rhythmic waves of her orgasm ripped through her with almost unprecedented intensity, leaving her breathless and shaking under his gaze.

She lay back on the pillow as he covered her mouth with his sensual lips, teasing her tongue with his.

Abruptly she broke off the kiss as a wicked grin spread across her delicate features. She pushed him onto his back, climbing over to straddle him, feeling her juices wet his cock as she rubbed against him teasingly. Then she draped her hair across his chest to tickle him before moving her mouth down to take his nipple into her mouth. She laved it with her tongue before grasping his silver nipple ring in between her teeth, pulling lightly until he moaned with pleasure. Slowly she moved her attentions southward, nipping and kissing the flesh of his rippled abdomen on her descent.

She kissed the inside of his thighs as she grasped onto his hard cock firmly with her hand.

“God Liz,” he moaned. Her name on his lips was music to her ears as she took her tongue to his dick, licking from base to tip, slightly tasting herself on him from before. She swirled her tongue around the head of his penis, enjoying how his body reacted to her, tasting his precum on her lips.

“What do you want Zan?” she asked teasingly, knowing exactly what he wanted.

“I want to feel your beautiful lips around my cock,” his voice sounded ragged, almost desperate with need yet still somehow strong even in the heat of his raging desire.

She took all of him into her mouth, sucking strongly. She could feel his hands shake as he stroked his fingers gently through her hair. She felt a tremendous surge of power, knowing that she had him at her mercy - he wanted her so much. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock like an ice cream cone, looking up to see him throw his head back, lost to his passion. She formed a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down as she took all of him in her mouth.

Sucking cock hadn’t always been her favorite activity but with Zan it was different. She got off on his pleasure and the knowledge that she could make this tough, gorgeous man helpless to his own desire…for her.

As it became clear that he was headed straight for the abyss Liz snaked her hand around to put pressure on the sensitive spot behind his balls and Zan came, growling her name as his hot seed spurted into her mouth. She swallowed, feeling very self satisfied.

“Holy shit Liz. That’s all I can say.” Zan panted, pulling her up into his arms, wrapping them around her as he kissed her passionately.

“You’re full of surprises Angel. I think that fucking you might be my calling.”

Liz smiled as she rested her head against his chest, feeling his pounding heart beat against her cheek. She hoped so.

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Post by femmenerd » Sun Mar 20, 2005 6:40 pm

Hi all. Sorry to post and run but my friend is picking me up in 5 minutes to go to the movies. Check out the banner that I made for this story at the top of the thread. Thank you all so much for reading and responding to this story.

Part 3

The train rattles on its rails, shaking her body as it carries her homeward, but the vibration of the subway car is nothing compared to the tremors in the pit of Liz’s stomach.

Closing her eyes as she lifts a shaking hand to her swollen lips, Liz flushes involuntarily at the sensory memory of his touch. The glorious ache between her thighs is proof of the way that fantasy has become flesh, and desire has taken solid form.

Her eyes catch those of the woman sitting across from her whose gentle smirk makes her wonder to herself – is it that obvious? Do I look like a woman who has been ravished beyond her wildest dreams?

The train is practically empty at this early hour. Too early for most commuters and too late for late night revelers – now is the time for love’s nomads.

She had been slightly anxious when she arrived at his show last night. Had it all been a dream? Even though she saw him all the time in the light of day when he came in to the café for coffee trailed by the ever effusive Rath, seeing him on stage was a different, other worldly experience. Under the hot lights, it was Zan who was electric. Especially now, given her new intimate knowledge of his every sinew, every secret place hidden beneath leather and faded denim. Each movement was a reminder of the libidinal magic he could work on her under cover of darkness…in his bed, propped up on the bathroom counter, the kitchen table…

The usual crowd of screaming admirers were already in full force. Liz slid between their frantic dancing bodies, holding her secret close to her chest. I have felt this man inside me. I have collected his moans and swallowed his kisses whole. She marveled to herself as she moved through the crowd as if hypnotized, finding herself staring up at the stage. All her hesitancy evaporated when at last he saw her and she knew that it had been no dream. His eyes looked greedily upon her slight form as he continued to sing, to growl and chant in her direction. She could feel his words as well as his stare inject themselves into her as his voice called out to her, “I want you.”

She smiled up at him, knowing now that his words were true and that they were meant for her alone. They fell from his lips like a promise, no longer felt like any kind of threat. In his arms she had found her wildness released and now it could not be contained. But she didn’t care, didn’t want it stop; she couldn’t bear for these feelings to go back underground.

For a moment she forgot the crowd, lost touch with everything except for herself and the gorgeous man on stage and the heat unfurling between them.

Song after song, the whole set went by in a blur as her anticipation grew over the course of the night. Maria stayed with her after “the Screaming Aliens” had finished playing. They laughed and clinked beer glasses together and vaguely watched the next band as the boys packed up their gear. But Liz’s mind was elsewhere and thankfully, this time, Maria pretty much left her alone about her absentmindedness. Liz suspected that this might be because Maria was experiencing a preoccupation of her own with a certain swarthy drummer but whatever the reason she was thankful for the near absence of teasing.

However, despite having been so good all evening, Maria couldn’t help but get one little poke in as Liz got up to go to the bathroom just as things started to die down. Cocking an eyebrow and tossing her hair over the shoulder of her too-fabulous-for-this-world pink fake fur jacket, Maria caught Liz’s arm and simply said, “So I imagine I won’t need to be escorting you home this evening, huh Chica?”

Liz blushed and was on the verge of stammering when Maria answered her own question. “No worries babe. I’ll see you…when I see you.”

Liz smiled thankfully and took off for the bathroom.

Staring into the smudged mirror in the women’s room, Liz felt as though she could hardly recognize this woman whose face stared back at her from between the scratches and graffiti – her eyes glittered with expectancy of the exquisite indecencies to come and she felt…beautiful.

Working hard to collect herself, Liz opened the door and stepped into the hallway only to be ambushed immediately. His hands gripped the soft flesh of her hips firmly through the material of her short black skirt as his lips found their way to her neck. She sighed as she brought her arm up behind her to grip the back of his head, pushing him further into the carefully coifed chaos of her hair. Rivulets of desire cascaded through her as she felt his hot breath on her skin, his hardness pressing up against her insistently as he licked and sucked at her neck. She leaned her head to the side, eyes closed in pleasure as her gestures gave him all the permission he needed.

Still grasping her hips he swung her around to face him.

“I’ve been waiting for you Angel.”

Up close she could see how the slight sheen of sweat on his face made his cheekbones glisten under the dim red light emitted from the exit sign at the end of the hallway. She could taste his scent in the air in the way that you only can once you’ve become lovers. He brought a finger to her lips which she took into her mouth and bit playfully. He closed his eyes briefly as her teeth made contact with his skin, opening them wide the next second as he stepped even closer to her. Drunk on his scent and made brazen by the strength of her desire, Liz took the opportunity to lift her hands to his chest and push him against the wall. His breath caught in his throat as his back made impact with the concrete wall of the corridor. He grinned in response, his smile daring her to keep going.

Keeping her hands pressed against the muscled contours of his chest barely covered by the thin material of his T-shirt, Liz scanned his body with her eyes. She looked him up and down, making her lust apparent in a way that she never would have believed possible just a week before.

“See something you like?” His voice came out breathy and low.

Liz lifted an eyebrow at his teasing question, the force of her lips against his her only answer.

In her seat on the subway, Liz still feels the burn of his lips. She blinks, suddenly remembering where she is. She knows that she should feel tired; she has been up all night after all. But all she can feel is the lingering excitement pumping through her veins. Shifting in her seat, she feels as though she cannot contain all the feelings welling up inside her as she relives the evening’s encounters in vivid detail.

They had fucked up against the wall barely two steps inside his apartment, his pants in a pool of leather at his ankles, her skirt hiked up around her waist. She lifted her arms around his neck as he drove into her, feeling weightless as he held her up with those arms.

Liz feels her pulse escalating as she closes her eyes, remembering the chiseled lines of his wrists. Was there a part of his body that didn’t make her panties wet, she thinks to herself, incredulous. Those wrists, attached to those arms, the lines of his lower abdomen leading down…

She had come screaming his name smashed up against the wall in the entranceway to his home. Now, as the train hurtles along, she can feel that primal scream echoing in the moisture pooling between her legs as she thinks about it. Her inner walls contract, feeling the absence of his cock.

All night their passions raged on, proving that this was no one night thing – this was a full fledged inferno of sexual obsession.

They finally made it to the bed after spending some time on the floor in the living room before getting caught in the hallway on their way to the bedroom.

As they fell onto the bed, Zan caught her up in his arms once again, kissing her slowly this time, his tongue tasting her lips. As he moved his head away from hers he lifted a hand to her hair, threading his calloused fingers through the soft layers. Liz gazed at him entranced, watching as his eyes roamed from where his hands were touching her hair back to meet her eyes. A look of wonder crossed his face as he said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known.”

There was something about the tenderness in his voice juxtaposed with the forcefulness of the way that he had just fucked her that made her heart contract. Here was a man who didn’t think that she would break, who knew how to apply just the right amount of pressure, yet also looked at her so reverently it seemed to consecrate the unholy way that their bodies burned for one another.

Liz shivers as she recalls the way that he had slowly undressed her, his eyes ravenously taking in each newly exposed part of her body as it came into his line of sight. He stripped off her top and buried his face in her chest, his tongue moving deliciously over the soft swell of her breast. It seemed like forever until he finally made contact with her already hardened nipple under the satin casing of her bra. He lingered there before lifting a hand behind her back to unhook her bra. When her breasts were freed from their binding he began to suckle her in earnest, looking into her eyes as his mouth nipped and teased. She let out a moan that felt like it was erupting from her soul.

Responding to the obvious need in her voice, Zan hooked his fingers under the elastic waistband of her skirt, pulling it down with one hard yank. She lay there trembling with need, wearing nothing but her panties and the pair of fuck me heels she had plundered from Maria’s closet for the occasion. Zan smiled seductively as he moved his head down to kiss the sensitive spot on the inside of her thigh. Her uncontrollable trembling told him exactly what to do so he pulled her panties off, balled them up in his hand, smirking as he looked at the crunched up wad of red silk in his hand before tossing it aside. He dipped a lone finger into her opening, using the moisture he found there to lubricate her clit, moving his fingertip in expert circles.

Liz thrust her head back, calling out to him, “Zan, I need to see you too.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said in an amused yet aroused tone.

He proceeded to stand up, leaving her lying there watching him from the bed as he slowly pulled his shirt over his head. He looked up at her with a teasing expression on his face as his hands moved to his already open belt buckle, stopping there for a long moment until he heard her call out once again.

“I want you now Zan. Stop toying with me.”

“Don’t worry Angel. I’m coming to you.” He pulling his belt through the loops with a snap and his pants once again cascaded to the floor. He wriggled out of them quickly and gracefully, freeing himself from his boxers as he climbed back onto the bed where she was waiting.

Liz’s mind focuses on the way it felt to have him slide into her, filling her to the hilt. In spite of herself, she feels her breath quickening and her inner walls contract once more. Practically involuntarily she squeezes them around his phantom cock, feeling a jolt of pleasure shock her system as she does.

In her mind’s eye, he is fucking her into oblivion. The strength of the memory is so great that her body continues to react. She can practically feel his warm breath against her shoulder and his weight against her body. She can feel him pushing into her through the walls of her fantasy.

Pleasure rockets through her entire body as her walls pulse and squeeze in on themselves leaving her breathless and in shock.

Jesus Christ, she thinks to herself as the train comes to a screeching halt. He gets me off even when he’s not here.

No, this is no one time thing – this affair has changed her…for good.

That's it folks....for now.
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