Taken (CC ADULT) Chapter 25* Complete* 7/17

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Taken (CC ADULT) Chapter 25* Complete* 7/17

Post by magikhands » Tue Feb 08, 2005 6:02 am

Title: Taken (Revised)
Author: magikhands
Rating: ADULT
Category: CC except for the first chapter
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell or its characters
Summary: This takes place during season three however Tess does not kill Alex or get pregnant. She also has no agenda for taking them back to Antar. Nesado is dead. Main characters are Max, Liz and Tess, the others as supporting.

AN: I decided to re-write my first fanfic that I wrote, hoping to make it better :?

Warning: This is a CC fic however, the first chapter does have a moment of UC/Slash for plot purposes but be assured that this is a CC so please no throwing of rotten veggies at me. Image


Chapter 1

Liz grasped Max’s hand tightly as they stood together in front of the door. He looked at her and she smiled encouragingly. He reached out, rang the doorbell and waited. Liz could feel the nervousness that coursed through him. She squeezed his hand in reassurance. He glanced at her and this time it was his turn to give her a nervous smile.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked.

Liz nodded. She knew that if they were to finally continue this relationship, they would have to confront the one thing that could stand between them having a future together.

They both turned back to the door as it opened. There was a quick look of surprise upon Tess’s face when she saw who her visitors were.

“May we come in?” Max asked.

Tess simply nodded and moved aside so Liz and Max could enter. She led them to the living room where they sat next to one another on the couch while she sat in a chair across from them. Tess opened her mouth to speak but the ringing of the phone interrupted her. Tess answered the phone and listened to who was on the other end, glancing briefly at her guests.

“I’m sorry Kyle, but not tonight.” Tess said. “I’ll call you later, ok?” A smile played upon her lips. “Me too.” She said before she hung up the phone.

She turned her attention back to her guests and apologized. Max regarded her with a cocked eyebrow but Tess simply shrugged her shoulders.

“I think it’s time that we talked.” Liz said, breaking the silence that had settled over the room.

Tess nodded. They talked at length about all that had happened since Tess had arrived in Roswell. Each person was able to talk freely about their feelings and about how Tess’s actions had affected them. Max made sure that he stated once more that he had no other feelings but friendship toward Tess, professing his love was for Liz.

Tess looked at the couple that sat in front of her. She saw how their hands were tightly clasped together, giving each other strength. She longed for the same with someone. At that thought, the image of a blue-eyed boy appeared in her mind and she had to bite her tongue to keep from smiling. ‘Maybe, just maybe it was possible.’ She thought still watching Max and Liz.

“I have come to think that you are correct.” Tess said. “Anyone can see how much the two of you love each other and how right you are together. I knew it the first time I saw you together.” Tess looked down at her hands in her lap then looked back up, her voice a little softer. “But I had to do what I was raised for 11 years to do. Nesado had me believing that Max would be mine, that we’d be together like we were on Antar.”

Tess paused and focused on Max. “I know that you don’t care for me like that. It has finally sunk into my thick skull that we will never be together like that. I’m sorry for making it so rough on you.”

Tess turned to Liz. “I’m sorry to you also Liz. I want to stay here. I have no one except Max, Michael, and Isabel. They are all the family that I have now. I like you and would like us to one day become friends. Is there a way for me to show you how sincere I am?”

Max went to Tess and kneeled in from of her. He embraced her in his arms, pulling her close to him. He could not help feeling sympathetic toward her. She had been raised by an unfeeling alien that had taught her that her human side, the side where all her emotions came from, was nothing but a weakness. One that would destroy her.

“You are family Tess. You are one of us and were meant to be with us from the beginning so shall you stay with us.” Max wanted to make sure Tess knew that they wanted her there with them.

Tess’s body shook as she sobbed, finally allowing her tears to freely flow. Max held her, his hand running through her hair until she calmed. But as he held her, he realized how close she was to him and how warm her body felt. She was soft, petite, a perfect fit against his body. He could not explain in words the emotions that he felt but his jeans suddenly felt tighter as his dick stiffened.

Instincts took over the moment Tess raised her head to look at him. He lowered his head and gently kissed her lips. They were soft, delicate, and she tasted sweet. The logical part of Max’s brain screamed out, telling him that Liz was sitting behind him, that what he was doing was wrong. The thought of it possibly being another mind warp passed briefly through his mind but another part of him said that it wasn’t. It felt different than anything he’d ever felt before. Unable to stop what was happening, Max slid his hands up her body as their kiss deepened.

Liz sat shocked at what was unfolding before her. But as she looked on she could not help feeling how right the two of them looked together at that moment. The scene of his darkness next to her lightness was erotic as the two gently explored each other’s bodies. She could feel a warm wetness seeping into her panties. Watching Max’s hands slip beneath Tess’s shirt and caress her breasts called to Liz. She felt a strange, ghostly touch upon her own breasts. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back in the bliss that she felt enveloping her body. She sighed and forced her eyes open, feeling drawn to them.

Liz stood and placed a hand on Max’s shoulder. He broke from the kiss that he was sharing with Tess and looked to Liz, his eyes filled with confusion and helplessness. Liz knew exactly how Max was feeling as the same emotions filled her. She said nothing but took both his and Tess’s hands and pulled them to stand. It was Liz that led them upstairs to the bedroom.

Liz released Max’s hand once they entered the bedroom and turned her full attention to Tess. She moved so that her body stood before the blondes with only inches separating them. Liz reached out her hand and caressed the other girl’s cheek. Tess closed her eyes to the touch and sighed. Liz took a deep breath and allowed her body to take control as she began to undress Tess with pain staking slowness, making sure that Max was aware of every touch and caress she gave Tess in the process.

Max watched Liz undress Tess and knew that something very alien was happening to the three of them. Under normal circumstances, this would never have occurred but it was quite apparent that they were no longer in control of what was happening to them. He tried to break the force that held him in place, not understanding why they were doing this, but he was unable to or able to tell Liz to stop. He had no choice but to watch.

Deep inside of Max he felt something awakening. Something that was a part of him yet it wasn’t. It was this part that told him that if he was to have any type of future with Liz, to love her completely, that this had to occur and no other way. But Max still resisted giving up his control. He hated not being in control of his body and emotions. He had felt a loss of control when Tess had come to town. He was drawn to her and hated that this deep emotional link kept putting them together when all he wanted was Liz. Then they were told that they had a destiny to fulfill that they didn’t want. This seemed to have put more of a barrier between him and Liz. He felt restrained with his actions toward her, like they would only be allowed to go so far.

So he stood and watched, as it was now Tess’s turn to undress Liz. He wanted to close his eyes but felt entrapped by the form of Liz’s body being revealed to him. She was beautiful, like a goddess. His goddess. A groan escaped his throat as both turned toward him, nude, and approached.

Tess and Liz reached out and touched him at the same time, sending a hot shock through his system, stimulating every nerve. As they carefully took his clothing off, their hands trailed his exposed flesh, leaving a light that faded when their hands passed over his skin. Max groaned in pleasure, their touch sending ripples of desire through him. Only when they were all undressed was Max able to move from his place in the room. Tess took one hand while Liz took the other and pulled him toward the bed. The crawled upon it and immediately tangled together, allowing their hands and lips to explore where they wished.

They broke apart after some time, all three breathing heavy and sweat already glistening on their bodies. Max turned and pinned Tess beneath his body, entering her swiftly. She gasped as he filled her, breaking through her virginal barrier. He took but a moment to let her adjust to his intrusion before he began rocking in and out of her body. What Max and Tess shared felt much like a mating ritual. What was happening between them was quick and primal. Their need to consummate demanding to be met.

Liz laid next to Max and Tess, watching and listening to their groans and grunts of lust, all the while caressing Max’s backside. She never dreamed that she would be able to watch Max have sex with another girl. Normally, just the thought of him being with another tore her heart to pieces. But as she watched Max pump Tess hard and fast, she knew that this was different. This was a necessity though she didn’t know why yet.

Max and Tess climaxed together and as soon as his body finished spending itself into Tess, he rolled away from her so that she could lie next to Liz, who had rhythmically switched her caressing hand from Max’s body to Tess’s. She felt the sweat on her body and waited for Tess’s breathing to slow.

Liz bent her head and flicked Tess’s nipple with her tongue, enjoying the gasp that her touch gave Tess. Liz let her hand travel down to Tess’s nest of blonde curls and she felt the slickness of Max and her mixed together. Liz found the swollen clit and began gently rubbing it, causing Tess to buck her hips. She looked at the blonde’s face and kissed the swollen, red lips. They were soft and sweet, unlike a guy’s but she tasted Max mixed with in with Tess’s sweetness. Liz felt Tess reach down and find the wetness that ran between he thighs and together they found a pleasing climax, their hands on each other and their lips locked together.

Again, Max was forced to watch Tess and Liz together as they caressed and had sex with each other. Normally, this would be any teenage boy’s dream come true but this situation was a bit awkward. He felt a little like an outsider watching something he wasn’t to see, like a sacred ritual. Max closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of delight coming from the two as they came closer to their ecstasy. He could barely wait for them to finish because he somehow knew that it would then be his turn with Liz.

Once she was done with Tess, Liz moved quickly so that she pinned Max beneath her much like he’d done to Tess. Her breath was rapid and her body still trembled from her orgasm from Tess but Liz knew that she could wait no longer to be with Max. She felt his hard length against her wetness and smiled down at him. The sounds of Liz and Tess’s pure lustful ecstasy had made him hard once again. She raised her body, shifting it slightly and then slowly sheathed his throbbing penis. He stopped her descent when he felt her barrier, revealing about her what he already knew. He was going to be her first.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He said softly.

Liz saw the love that he possessed for her in his beautiful golden eyes. She bent her head and took his mouth to hers, letting their tongues mingle as one before pushing fully down upon him, finally breaking all barriers between them.

Max felt the pain that filled Liz’s body and caused her to still her movements. It shot through his body like arrows and they both groaned. He wanted to reach out and heal her pain but as if she was reading his thoughts, she shook her head and started moving upon him, sending wave after wave of sensuous pleasure through him.

Tess had finally caught her breath and watched in awe the magic of Max and Liz’s love. She wanted to get up and leave them alone but her body would not do as her mind told it. She still felt the need to be there with them, to share this time as they made love for the first time. She slid her body closer to them and began to caress and kiss both Max and Liz, in a sense of approval of their joining. Internally, as if linked to them, Tess felt the pleasure that Liz and Max were enjoying as she touched them. And again, she had a release as the two lovers climaxed. As they lay there breathless, in the afterglow of bliss, Tess knew that she could finally let Max go. She was willing to leave him in good hands.

Max kissed Liz as she rolled off his body to the opposite side from where Tess laid. He turned to Tess and kissed her.

“Thank you.” He whispered against her lips. Then with one girl on each side, he pulled them close and they drifted into a sweet slumber.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The man waited patiently as he kept his sites trained on his target. Looking through his scope, he could see the three figures huddled together, sleeping. ‘Damn lucky guy.’ He thought as his target moved slightly between the two girls, pulling them closer. What this young boy had done was every man’s wet dream and the man envied the target.

He had no idea who these young people were or what they did to gain the attention that they were receiving but he wished that he didn’t have to be the one here, doing this. Orders were orders and he always followed them. He knew that after this mission, his team would be de-briefed and then told that this never happened and that they were never there. Something every member of his team was used to, but that didn’t mean they liked it one bit.

A voice barked an order into the earpiece that he wore. The man steadied his arm, took a breath, and pulled the trigger. The male jerked slightly as the dart hit the perfect position in his neck. Beside him, the girls made similar movements. All targets were hit. Mission completed.

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Chapter 2

Post by magikhands » Wed Feb 09, 2005 3:34 pm

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm realizing that this is going to be more interesting than I planned. I'm finding that I'm rewriting a lot more than I thought I would. Where before a chapter was only 3 or 4 pages, it's now 8 or 9 but I'm still hoping that I will clarify and add more details to this story. I look at a paragraph and think 'Why in the world did I write that?' I wonder if these famous authors do that too...lol Oh, and I added a banner to this :P

Chapter 2

A sharp pounding headache woke Max. He was lying upon a something very hard, its cold surface sent chills throughout his body, goose-bumps covering on his skin. He tried to open his eyes but they felt heavy and confusion clouded his mind. He turned his body over and cried out in pain as his body ached and his limbs felt heavy like someone had strapped lead to them. The throbbing that was in his head caused tears to gather in his eyes. His head hurt, every inch of his body felt bruised and battered, his mouth was dry and his tongue thick.

Max laid where he was, his mind straining, trying to remember what had happened to make him feel this way. He remembered going to Tess’s house with Liz but then after that, things grew blurry. He could remember a bolt of primal desire filling his body as he held a weeping Tess, then the feeling of losing control over his urges as he watched two silky, soft bodies rub against each other. He could recall that his last thought was of how free he felt and how happy he was now that Liz was totally his and how good it felt to lie between the warmth of Tess and …LIZ!

Thinking of Liz made his eyes snap open but they immediately closed again because of the pain the blinding light caused as it invaded his pupils. He managed to open his eyes a tiny bit and found that a wall was next to him. Max somehow pushed his body into a sitting position and leaned his back against the wall while his groans of discomfort filled the silent room. Slowly, he opened his eyes little by little, allowing them to adjust to the brightness of the room.

He looked around the small room and knew that he was no longer in Tess’s home. The room that he now occupied was very small with the walls, floor and ceiling the color white. Panic filled his body and his breathing became rapid. Flashbacks of Pierce in the White Room invaded his mind. His hands balled into fists and he felt his nails digging into his skin. Max closed his eyes and demanded his body to calm down. He knew that it would do him no good to panic. He needed to stay calm, find out who had him and what they wanted of him. He opened his eyes again but they fell on the steel table that stood in the middle of the room. It looked like one that was found in a morgue. The thought of anything belonging in such a place near him made his body tremble.

Max lifted his arms, forcing his hands to relax and ran his hands through his hair. “No, this can not be happening again.” He whispered to himself. “Please, no.” He softly cried as he rested his head on his arms.

“Hello Max.” A male voice boomed from unseen speakers.

Max lifted his head and winced as the loudness of the voice hurt his head. He stood slowly, using the wall for support. He was determined to not show the person behind the voice that they could effect him like Pierce had. He was not that naive 16 year old boy that Pierce first captured. No more would he back down against those that saw him as a threat. He’d been treated like that once, but not now.Max straightened his form though his head swarmed, threatening to engulf him in the darkness that outlined his vision. He felt nauseated and very weak but he fought it with ever fiber in his being.

“What did you do to me?” He croaked, his throat dry and scratchy. He could not help the grimace as the sound vibrated in his head.

“Don’t worry Max. The effects of the drugs we used will wear off.”

“How do you know who I am? Where’s Liz? Tess?” Max tried to sound forceful in his questions but the drug still swam in his body, making his head groggy and his speech a little thick. He had a hard time concentrating. The pain his head also seemed to sharpen every time he spoke. He had to close his eyes for a moment, afraid his body would collapse and betray the strong front that he was putting up.

“For now, they are unharmed.” The voice assured him. “But right now, I need your cooperation. Max, I need you to lie on the table and be very still. It is very important for the test that we will run on you. Will you do that?” The voice almost sounded friendly like a doctor instructing a child during an examination.

Max opened his eyes and wanted to shake his head no but the darkness had edged further in on his vision. His stomach churned and cramped but he dared not let go of the wall or risk sliding down it.

“Tess?” Max asked again. “Liz?”

“If I show you that they are well, will you do as I said?”

Max had a hard time focusing on the words that were being spoken. He wanted to puke his guts out, curl up in a ball, and just sleep. He’d only been ‘sick’ twice in his life, when Pierce had him and when he had healed all those kids in Phoenix. He did not like this feeling at all and wondered if he would ever feel right again.

“Max?” The voice questioned, waiting for an answer.

Slowly Max nodded, not trusting himself to open his mouth at the moment. He knew that he would endure anything to make sure that Liz and Tess were unharmed and keep them that way. He also knew that this man was using the girls as a bargaining chip, something to help control him and to have him do what they wanted. He would play this game, for now..

“Look to your left.” The voice commanded.

Max turned as he was told and watched the whiteness of the wall fade into a window. He could see Tess lying on a silver table like the one in front of him, draped with a white sheet. She was lying on her back, eyes squeezed shut and he could see tears running down her face.

“What are you doing to her?” Max asked. He could see that she was in pain but otherwise in one piece. There were no outward signs of incisions or dissections.

The window became a solid wall again. “Look to the right.” The voice said, ignoring his question.

The wall to the right became a window but this time it was Liz lying on another silver table like Tess had been. He could see that she too was in pain as she lay there, jaw clenched and eyes shut tightly. There was nothing he could see that could be harming them as he watched her still form. “Liz.” Her name came out choked and weak. His body leaned heavily on the wall, wanting desperately to go to her and wipe away the tears that fell from her eyes. The image of her faded, the window turning back to a wall.

“No.” Max softly pleaded. He laid his head against the wall, his face filled with the regret that was in his heart. “What are you doing to them?” He asked again, unable to control his emotions as his own tears slid down his cheek. He was powerless to help either of them, he was unable to stop this from happening to them all. He had vowed to keep his family safe, for them never to go through what he once did but he had failed. He had once again been trapped and captured but this time Liz and Tess would suffer also. This feeling of helplessness fell hard upon Max, his legs sagging as he felt like giving up and letting them do what they wanted. Surely he could no longer live if something happened to Liz or even Tess.

“I showed you that the girls were unharmed…for now but that decision is up to you. Now do what you said you’d do. I really don’t want to force the issue and see one of you hurt.”

Knowing that he had no choice, though he wanted to give up, Max knew that he couldn’t. He would find a way out of this, for the sake of the girls. He pushed himself off the wall and stumbled to the table. Each step he took seemed to drain strength from his body. It took the rest of his energy to climb on the table. By now, his vision was consumed with darkness, leaving very little of the bright white. He was grateful for that as he closed his eyes, begging for it to take him.

“Keep your eyes closed. No matter what you feel Max, you must keep still or the process will have to start all over.” The voice instructed without emotion.

Max reached out and gladly embraced that darkness that he’d been fighting. He wanted to slip into its black gripping arms and forget every vision, sensation, and sound if only for a little while. An abrupt searing pain brought him back to consciousness that began at his toes. The pain moved slightly to his foot then ankle with the slowness of a snail. He now understood why Tess and Liz looked so pain. The sensation of a thousand needles prickling his skin moved up his calves to his knees. He wanted so badly to jerk his legs away and scream for them to stop but he remembered the voice saying that they would have to start all over again. He knew that he could not go through this pain again so he clenched his jaw and tried to keep his breathing a steady rhythm.

The prickling continued up his thigh, a heat spreading over his groin then moved to his abdomen. Max silently begged for that darkness to return, to take him from this pain but he knew that it would not yet let him succumb. The searing pain reached his chest and continued its course up his body over his throat and face. It seemed like an eternity that he laid there, enduring the agony this procedure, whatever it was for, did to him. When the prickling finally swept over his head, Max finally gave in to his primal urge and screamed. It was filled with his anger, fear, grief, confusion, and pain. He released all his pent up emotions in that one long scream, releasing them from his body.

Exhaustion set in as the prickling left his body, leaving only the throbbing headache. With his eyes still closed, he heard the door open and footsteps enter the room. Max forced his eyes open and watched through his blurry vision as two men, dressed in white scrubs secure his ankles and wrists to the table. He did not struggle knowing that it was frutile. One of the men reached into a bag and pulled something out and held it up. Max stared at the object until it came into focus, finding that it was a syringe. The sight of this caused an old panic to set in again. His mind flashed back to his time in the White Room. Of all the needles and drugs that had been pumped into him. His breathing quickened, his chest rising and falling fast as he pulled on his restraints.

“No, please, don’t.” Max begged the man.

The man ignored him and while the second one held Max’s arm still, he pressed the needle into Max’s arm, drawing several vial of blood. Pulling the syringe out, he reached back and pulled out another syringe that was filled with a clear liquid. He quickly injected it into Max before stepping away.

“No.” Max cried, his head feeling groggier and feeling the darkness slowly creep back in. Max closed his eyes and welcomed it this time, falling into its dark warm embrace.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

A man sat in a chair and watched a wall covered with tv monitors, paying special attention to the three screens directly in front of him. Each screen showed a small room that housed a person lying upon a thin mat. He looked to the one on the left then switched over to the one on the right but the one that held his attention most was the middle screen that showed the young man that he now had in his custody. The boy was healthy and strong but the man knew that this one could be very dangerous also.

The door to the room opened and another man entered and laid a large stack of paperwork in front to the man sitting in front of the monitors.

“Here are all the results Dr. Harper.” The man said then took a step back. He looked at the older man in front of him. He was not a large man, only about 5’10” but when this man walked into a room, all eyes were upon him. His hair, once jet black now was littered with silver. His dark eyes were piercing when they looked at you, as if they could see inside of you. He looked younger than his 60 years.

“Tell me what they found Peterson.” Dr. Harper said as he continued studying the monitors, not yet looking to his assistant.

“The male is as you suspected. He is the same that Agent Pierce had over a year ago. He is not completely human. The blonde female is just like him, but we have no other information on who she really is. Where she was born and who her parents are were false information. The second female, she’s 100% human but…” Peterson paused wanting to make sure he had Harper’s full attention.

Harper turned his head and looked at his assistant. The man was twelve years younger than he but he was a brilliant man when it came to science. Harper took in the sight of shorter man wearing a white lab jacket over his white shirt and black pants. His small brown eyes and balding head seemed to accent his slimness. Peterson pushed the glasses up on his nose, a habit he had when he was nervous. Harper couldn’t help the thought that his assistant was the picture of nerdom.

“Yes?” Harper prompted Peterson.

“She’s pregnant.”

Harper’s lips twitched as if to smile and a brow rose. “How far?”

“Uuhh, by the tests we did, only about 28 hours which is quite amazing really. We’ve never been able to detect a pregnancy this early.”

“Yes, well we are not dealing with ordinary people Peterson. I’m assuming that it’s his.” Harper’s eyes went to the brown haired girl on the monitor. She was curled up on the mat sleeping. “We’ll keep her too. Do the additional tests needed on her. I want to find out exactly how she is doing.”

“What about the other two?”

Harper’s eyes went to the boy and blonde girl. “Start the psychological assessments on them. We will add the other one after we are done with her.” He handed Peterson a folder then turned back to the monitors when his assistant left.

Harper smiled. “This is good. Very good.”

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Another chapter will be out in a couple of days.

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

When Max woke again, his head still hurt and his stomach cramped as nausea hit him. His body ached, feeling like a truck had hit him. When he opened his eyes, he found that he was still in the small room that he was in earlier but the table was no longer in the room. He sat up with much effort and saw that they’d laid him on a thin mat. His vision swirled and stomach made a protesting noise with his movement so he held his head in his hands and waited for the moment to pass.

The door opened, Max looked up. He watched as two large men entered the room and stood over him. They wore blue medical scrubs; the muscles in their arms and chest stretched the seams tightly against their bodies. It was amazing how similar these two men looked wearing the same clothing and having the same build, short haircut and bored expression. Some irrational part of Max felt like laughing at how silly they looked to him at that moment, but he did not.

The two men bent down, each taking one of Max’s arms and pulled him to his feet before helping him out of the room. They walked down a long hall that Max found was lined with closed doors. Neither man said a word, barely stopping when Max’s legs gave away and stumbled. Taking much of his weight, they lifted his body higher and practically dragged him the rest of the way down the hall.

Stopping in front of a door, one of the men opened the door while the other pushed Max inside none too gently. He fell to his hands and knees and heard the door close behind him. Max raised his head and found that he was alone again.

This room was bigger, about 20 X 15 feet, and appeared to be a bathroom. There was a walled shower area that had four showerheads protruding from the walls, much like the ones he had in gym. Next to that area were two toilets in stalls but no doors. Then by the door was a cabinet that held two sinks and a shelf holding towels and folded sets of scrubs.

Unable to find the strength to stand, Max crawled into the shower area. He reached up and turned the shower knob before slipping off the boxer shorts that had been left on him. He waited but a moment before the water turned hot then slipped under the spray, letting the heat run over his hurting body.

He rose to his hands and knees with the intention of standing but his stomach decided to protest and force its contents up. Max felt a little better afterwards. He was actually able to pull himself up to his feet, leaning heavily against the wall but he still let the hot water run down his body, doing its job of loosening and soothing his muscles. While he stood, he vomited several more times, his body working to get the drugs out of his system.

Max soon found some strength and left the shower feeling a little better and his head more clear. He walked to the sink and looked in the mirror to find a stranger looking back at him. He looked like hell, with dark circles under his eyes, and his face filled with fatigue and sickness. It was then that he noticed for the first time a thin band around his neck. He reached up with a hand and fingered it. He tried using his powers to remove it but they felt restrained, somehow blocked. He sighed and pushed away from the counter. Max found the scrubs meant for him and put them on. His stomach churned again, threatening to vomit even though there was nothing left when he lifted the white material in his hands. Images of his time with Pierce once more flashed though his mind while panic swelled in his gut. He took a deep breath, pushing his emotions aside and put the clothing on, knowing that he had no other choice.

The two men who had dragged him to the bathroom were waiting outside the door when Max opened it. When he saw them, his hope of escape that had built when he tried the door and found it unlocked, deflated. They escorted back down the long hall but they stopped at a different door. They practically threw him inside then closed the door. Max tried the door. It was locked as expected. He turned to look at his new surrounds and found himself once more surrounded by white. He really hated that color.

This was the largest room yet. There was a small table with three chairs and a large mattress on the floor serving as a bed, covered with white sheets. A screen stood in the corner concealing a sink and toilet. Feeling very weak and tired, Max lay heavily upon the mattress and closed his eyes against the brightness of the room, hoping the throbbing, still present in his head, would subside.

He dozed off, waking when he heard the door to the room open. He lay there awake but not willing to let the person who entered know it. He heard someone stumble then an ‘umph’ sound. He sat up and saw that it was Tess kneeling on the floor. She was wearing white scrubs and looked pretty bad. Like him, she had dark circles under her eyes and looked like she’d been through hell. Her face was white and he could see that she was still quite sick from the drugs. It was apparent that the drugs used on them wrecked havoc on their chemical sensitive systems.

Tess looked up and relief washed over her face. She struggled to get up but was unable to do so by herself. Max moved over to her and helped her stand. When he reached her and gathered her into his arms, she clung tightly to him.

“I don’t feel so well.” Her voice coming out in a whisper.

Max helped her over to the toilet where she kneeled on the cool floor. He took a washcloth off a shelf, wet it and kneeled beside her. When she began to vomit, he held her hair back and wiped her face with the wet cloth.

Though he was still weak, when Tess was finished, he picked her up and carried her to the mattress. He laid her gently down and crawled up next to her, holding her in his arms until she stopped shivering. When the shivering stopped, he could tell that she had fallen into a sleep of exhaustion. He did not know what they did to her, but he was sure that it was similar to what happened to him.

As he lay there in the quiet room, with only the sound of their breathing, he could feel something inside of him grow. As time continued, he realized that it was a connection that was growing. There was fear and worry that was not his inside of him. It was a strange sensation. He closed his eyes and concentrated on it, trying to figure it out.

Images invaded his mind. They were of Tess. He saw her as a young girl huddled in a corner with fear as Nesado stood over her yelling. He watched as she grew in her powers and felt how proud she was of herself but there was no one around to share in the glory. He saw her hiding behind a locker watching him as he walked down a hall at school.

Max opened his eyes and looked down at the sleeping blonde. He let his hands run through her hair. It was Tess that he was feeling. He didn’t know how, but they had formed a connection. Their time together in Tess’s room before their capture came to mind. Something had happened between the three, something unusual. Max had to believe that was when this connection began.

Thoughts of Liz invaded his mind. Her smiling face and how her body felt against his almost made him groan. He feared for her safety. By now, their captors knew that he and Tess were not fully human, but Liz, she was. Would they let her go? Would that kill her? Max felt his chest tighten with fear for her. Where was she? They brought Tess to him, why not Liz? Were they still testing her or was she already dead? So many questions but he had no answers. He didn’t even know who had them. But if Liz was dead, Max was sure that he would know. They had something special, he could feel her still within him, not strong like he could with Tess now, but he would know if she was gone.

Max took a deep breath and grabbed tightly to his control. He would not indulge in letting go. He had to be strong for Liz and Tess. He had to maintain control. That was the only way that he could get answers and find out how to get them out. He steered his thoughts away from Liz and thought about Isabel. How long ago had they been taken? Surely Isabel would notice and go to Michael. But would they be able to find them?

Tess whimpered and shifted in Max’s arms. He soothed her back to sleep by running his hand through her hair, letting her know that he was still there. He looked down at her face and found that she was once again sleeping. He wished that sleep would come for him.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Isabel stood at the door and knocked. No one answered but she knew that he was there. He was probably asleep but this was important enough to disturb him She used her fist and banged on the door. She should have used her powers and unlocked the door but everyone had agreed to let Michael have his privacy since this seemed to be Alien Headquarters most of the time.

“Screw privacy.” She muttered as she placed her hand on the knob. The door jerked open, pulling the knob from her hand, startling her.

“What?” Michael growled at her, his face scowling with displeasure.

It was Michael’s appearance that startled Isabel more than his attitude. She was used to his crankiness and knew that she had woken him. He came to the door in his boxers and without a shirt. Her eyes were drawn to the bruised and red flesh on his chest.

“Uuhh, Michael…” She stammered, her mind going blank as her eyes were still stuck on his chest.

Michael ran a hand through his disheveled hair and sighed. “I’m sorry Iz. What is up?” His voice was calmer, softer.

Isabel finally tore her eyes from the bright red teeth marks to ask what she came here to ask. “Have you seen Max?”

Michael shook his head. “No, not since yesterday. I thought he had to work today.”

“He was supposed to but he did not come home last night and Milton called earlier looking for him. He never showed for his shift. I can’t find Liz or Tess anywhere either. I am really starting to freak because now I can’t find Maria. I know she had the day off but do you think that something has happened to them?”

“Izzy, come in.” Michael moved so that she could enter. “Let me get some clothes on. Then we will go over all of this.”

While Michael went to his room, Isabel paced the floor. She had gotten Kyle and Alex by phone earlier, inquiring if they’d seen Max or Liz. Neither had heard from them. In fact, it was Kyle who had asked about Tess. Apparently she was supposed to have called him last night but she never did and there was no answer at her house. The two guys volunteered to go around town to usual haunts looking for the three while she came here.

Michael came from his room dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. Maria followed behind him, adjusting her shirt. When Maria looked up at Isabel, she blushed and looked away.

“Ok.” Michael said, grabbing a Snapple from the fridge. “Now tell me what is going on.”

“Last time I saw Max was yesterday before he went to pick up Liz. They were going over to Tess’s to talk. He never came home last night and according to Liz’s parents, she didn’t either. They called our house this morning looking for her. This is not exactly like Max or Liz and I’m getting worried. Now we can’t seem to track down Tess either.

“What about Tess’s house? Did you check there?” Maria asked.

A knock sounded at the door. Before Michael could move to answer it, it opened, bringing Kyle and Alex into the apartment. Isabel turned to Alex. “Did you find them?”

He shook his head as he sat on a stool at the bar of the kitchen.

“Did you check at Tess’s house?” Michael asked Maria’s question again. He was starting to get a little worried. This was definitely not like Liz or Max.

“We went there but all the doors were locked and there was no answer.” Alex said.

Kyle, still standing near the doorway, looked at the small group. “I think that we should check it out again. That was the last place I was able to reach Tess and we know that Max and Liz went over there. Your alien mojo can get us in to check out the inside.”

“Let’s go.” Maria said, taking hold of Michael’s arm and dragging him to the door. Isabel and Alex followed.

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Max could feel that Tess was awake before she moved. He had felt her wake in his mind. It was still strange but comforting, knowing that he was not alone in this like before. He knew it was a selfish thought but he could not shake it.

Tess lay in Max’s arms, accepting the warmth and security that he provided but she was mentally wishing that it were someone else’s strong arms holding her close. In her mind, she could still see those blue eyes, the ones that reminded her of the ocean, deep and at times mysterious. She remembered the last time she heard his voice and how she felt inside while he spoke simple words of greetings. She sighed, wondering if she’d ever see him again.

Tess lifted her body from Max’s, needing to move her stiffened body. She sat up and stretched her arms and back while moving her neck from side to side. Her body ached and she was the most uncomfortable that she’d ever been. Her head was still hurting a little but she felt better. She knew that she looked horrible and she still felt weak but she was glad to be alive. And not alone.

She turned to Max and felt a shift in her mind. It was very strange, as if someone was moving in. There was another presence within her and as her eyes met his amber ones, she knew that it was him.


‘Shhh.’ He said inside of her head. His lips had not moved but his eyes glanced toward the corner of the room by the door. Tess glanced that way and found that a camera was mounted there. Someone was watching them.

Tess felt another shift and found that she could feel emotions that were not hers within her. She closed her eyes and tried to quiet them.

‘Sorry.’ Max said. ‘I guess we both have some adjusting to do.’ He mentally buffered his emotions.

‘How did this happen?’

‘I’m not sure but it could have to do with what happened when the three of us were together.’

Tess stood from the mattress and stretched her body, trying to loosen the muscles. She went behind the screen but continued the conversation in her head.

‘Where is Liz? Have you seen her? Is she here?’

She had so many questions but Max had no answers. ‘I don’t know where she is but I can feel that she is near, that is all.’

Tess came from behind the screen and sat on the mattress.

“Are you feeling better?” Max’s voice was scratchy.

“Yes but my head is still hurting. How about you?”

“The headache will go away soon. It takes it awhile for the drugs to completely wear off.” He ignored the question about how he was because he didn’t know.

Tess sighed. Max reached out and fingered the thin band around her neck. He’d noticed it while she slept. This brought it to Tess’s attention.

“What is that?”

“I don’t know.” He said aloud. ‘I have one too. It appears to suppress our powers. How, I’m not sure. But they know a lot about us.’ He said in his head.

“Who is it that has us?” Tess asked aloud. She figured that if someone was watching them and if they didn’t want to give their telepathic abilities away, that would be a question that she would ask.

Max understood what she was doing. “I don’t know. I’ve seen no one but some medical people and two men that like to use their muscles.”

“Me too.” Tess looked at Max and saw that guilt filled his expressive eyes.

“Quit blaming yourself Max. There’s nothing you could do.”

He lowered his head and spoke softly. “It is my fault Tess. The government knows about me. They had documents on me. I should have left Roswell. You and Liz are here because you were with me. How can I not blame myself?”

Tess put her hand on Max’s should, trying to comfort him. She didn’t know what to say to make him feel better. If Kyle were here, he’d quote something from Buddha, not that it ever made since, but somehow his words always made her feel better.

‘Tess, I can feel her. I know that she is near but I can’t get through to her. I can’t tell her that I’m here and alive. I can’t tell if she is hurting, alone, or what they are doing to her.’

His voice inside of her head was filled with anguish and hopelessness. She felt tears well in her eyes with his emotions.

‘I wish I could help Max. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to do.’

‘Neither do I.’

The door opened and the same two men in blue entered. They carried trays that held food and drink in their hands. They placed them on the table then left without a word or glance at the two on the mattress. They looked at the trays and felt their stomachs growl. They were hungry yet they were scared to put food in their still sensitive bodies.

“Come on. Let’s try to eat something.” Max said, standing and hold out his hand to Tess. ‘We are going to have to keep our strength up if we are to find a way out of this.’

They sat at the table and ate a little. When they were finished, they went back to the mattress and rested.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Tess’s house was dark when Michael and the others arrived. There were no lights on inside or out and it looked as if no one was home. They walked around to the back of the house so that they would not attract attention. The last thing they needed was a nosey neighbor calling the cops. They tried the back door and found it locked. But that was not a problem with Michael and Isabel around. Using his powers, Michael placed his hand on the knob and unlocked it. He heard the click and slowly turned the handle. He went in first, slow, making sure that all was clear. Kyle entered next, then the girls, with Alex bringing up the rear. As they made their way silently through the house, they only turned on a lamp or two. Just enough so that they could see.

When they came out to the den, Liz’s purse was sitting next to the couch while three half filled glasses filled with warm coke sat on the table between the couch and chair. It was obvious that Liz and Max made it over the night before. The group fanned out and searched the bottom floor of the house, searching for clues of what may have happened to their three friends. Other than what they found in the den, nothing else stood out. There was no struggle and everything seemed to be in place.

They made their way upstairs and found the bedroom. The bed in Tess’s room was unmade. In fact, it was in a very rumpled state. They also noticed that her window was open but nothing else appeared out of place. No other clues of suspicious activities could be found. It was simply as if they disappeared.

Kyle went to the bed and looked down. He was no expert, but he was sure that only Tess could not have made a bed look like this. When one person slept in a bed, they usually stay in one area. This bed, the sheets were completely wadded in many places and the entire surface looked to have been laid upon, not just one side like someone sleeping alone would lie. This bothered Kyle but he did not voice his concerns to the others.

“Well, now what?” Alex asked as they stood in the room.

Michael shrugged, baffled as to what step to take next. Max was the one who was good with this, not him. He sat on the bed and placed his hands beside him. The contact of his hands to the material caused a bombardment of images to flash before his mind’s eye.

**Max, Liz and Tess lying naked in the bed, embracing one another.
**Max and Liz having sex while Tess curled up next to them, watching, touching them.
**The three sleeping together, Max in the middle of Liz and Tess
**Men, dressed in black clothing, much like a SWAT team would, lifting their sleeping bodies from the bed and carry them away

“They’ve been taken.” Michael stated.

“What? How do you know?” Maria asked.

“By who?” Kyle asked.

All attention was on Michael. “I don’t know but they were here. Max, Liz and Tess. I saw flashes of the three, here, in this bed.” He looked up at the others and found that they shared the same shocked face. He could see that Kyle’s face also held a hurt look to it. “They were sleeping when men in black outfits came and took them away. They could have been unconscious because I didn’t see them wake.”

“Not again.” Maria whispered as she wrapped her arms around herself. She couldn’t believe that this was happening again. It had only been less than two years since Pierce took Max.

“Where did they go?” Isabel asked. Her voice was higher in pitch, showing her anxiety and the desperation that she felt.

“Iz, try reaching them. Maybe they can help us find them.” Michael encouraged.

Isabel nodded and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She knew that if she didn’t calm down, she would not be able to concentrate. She laid upon the bed and tried to relax as the others sat on the floor around her. Alex took the spot on the floor right next to her and held her hand. Michael stayed on the bed and held her other hand, ready to lend her any extra energy that she may need. Isabel took several deep, cleansing breathes and cleared her mind. She felt no pain, no grief, nothing. She let a mental picture of Max float in her mind and she reached out to him. She felt nothing. She tried again, hoping that their closeness would draw him to her. But once more, nothing.

Next she let an image of Tess push out Max’s. She reached but came back empty handed. Last she tried Liz. She did not expect anything because they were not really close. As she reached out to the image of Liz, she felt a small spark. Isabel raced toward it and she felt that it was Liz. She didn’t know how she knew but it was who she sought. Isabel tried to reach out and hold the spark in her hand but it evaded her. Isabel took a deep breath and tried again and took hold of it.


‘Isabel.’ She heard but it was so far away and weak. She tried pulling it closer but when she did so, she felt pain. The pain was sharp then turned to burning. Isabel let go of her connection and watched as it faded.

‘Liz!’ She tried again but there was nothing but darkness now. Isabel sat up, gasping for breath as the pain she felt subsided.

“What did you see?” Michael asked as he and Alex both reached for her.

“Nothing.” Her voice was shaky. “I felt nothing from Max and Tess but…” She paused to catch her breath, clearing her mind of the pain that she still felt vibrating under her skin. “Liz. I felt her. It was strange really. I couldn’t get close but I know it was her.” Isabel looked at the others. “She may be drugged but I felt pain when I tried to get near her.”

Tears fell from her eyes as she fell apart in Michael’s arms. “Oh, Michael. What are they doing to them?” She sobbed leaning on him while Alex held onto her hand.

“It’s alright. Sshhh. We will find them.” Michael looked at the others. He immediately took charge. “Let’s go back to my place and we will try again later. Kyle, call your dad and let him know what is going on. We need his help.”

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Dr. Eugene Harper sat in his chair and watched the monitors before him again. He noted the time on his watch and wrote it down. It had been over 36 hours since he had put the blonde female in with the male. In that time, they had spoken little and when they did, it was in hushed tones. As they were observed, Harper could see that they were close. They gave each other comfort and looked out for one another. He had seen them several times lie upon the mattress together, the male holding the female in his arms but that was the extent of their intimacy. These gestures were the signs of two people together in a stressful situation, their reaction was quite normal according to studies that were done in the past on other subjects.

Harper wrote several more notes before he picked up the phone. He briefly glanced at the lone figure on another monitor before turned his attention to the two. Before he moved on, he had to be sure that his theories were correct.

“Do it.”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The two men in blue scrubs walked into the room again. These two had been the only people they had seen since Max and Tess had been placed in this room. Tess called them the Tweedle Twins, from the movie Alice in Wonderland. She said that they reminded her of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum except without the fat, jolly stomachs. Max laughed at this assessment.

Their names were John and Steve. On the rare occasion that they did speak, they had called each other by name. They had spoken of him and Tess as if they were not even in the room, making lewd comments and stares at Tess. It appeared that John was the dominate, aggressive one. He spoke more often, or more accurate, he ordered them. They were to stay one the mattress anytime they entered and they were not to move until they left the room. So far, he and Tess had done as they were told, not wanting to cause undue stress to their situation.

The Tweedle Twins escorted Max and Tess to the large bathroom. The door was closed after the four entered the room. The two men stood in front of their captive audience, arms crossed over their chest and evil smiles on their mouths.

Looking up at them, Tess instinctively took a step closer to Max. She didn’t like how these men were looking. They gave her the creeps when they looked at her and smiled. She felt as if they could see through her clothing and it made her skin crawl. So far, she had been unharmed but she was not sure how long it would last.

“Take off you clothes.” John demanded.

Anger seeped into Max. His eyes narrowed on the two men. He didn’t care if they were larger than him and he didn’t have any powers to help with a fight. He would not allow them to do Tess harm. He could also feel Tess’s fear shudder through his body.

“Go to Hell.” Max growled menacingly.

John looked over at Tess and his smile became broader. Max saw this and moved his body to block Tess from his view. He refused to show the fear that was cramping his gut. He watched as the man pulled a device from his pants pocket. He held it out and showed it to Max. It was a small black box with several buttons on it. Max had never seen anything like it before. An image suddenly projected from it, showing an image of a sleeping Liz.

“One press of this button.” John pointed to a tan button. “And your friend here will be filled with a harsh, excruciating pain that radiates through her body. Now, do as I said. We need your clothing.”

Panic swept through Max. He could not let them cause Liz pain. He did not have a clue what was already done to her but he would not cause her any unnecessary pain. He would do anything they wanted to protect her and he knew that these two men knew it. Why else would they use that strategy? But what choice did he have?

Max sighed inwardly in defeat. He turned his back to the men and began to undress, his body still blocking Tess from their sight. He nodded to Tess and told her to do what they wanted through their connection. He closed his eyes when he saw her start to undress. When they were both free from there clothing he turned slightly and held out their clothing. He had no idea why they wanted them and he knew that he would receive no answer if he asked. These two probably didn’t know either.

It was Steve that reached out and took the clothing from Max. He smiled approvingly at him. He loved the fact that they had so much control over these two young people. It was intoxicating. A rush like he’d never felt. He knew that they were only hired muscle to do the Doctor’s dirty work, but it was the kind that he and John enjoyed and took full pleasure from it. They’d always been the type to bully around the weaker ones in school. Control was a natural high for them.

“Go shower.” John commanded. “You have less than 20 minutes to finish your business.” He and Steve left the room.

Max stood staring at the closed door. Confusion sank in. He knew that they had all sorts of tests ran on them, but what else did they want? The unanswered questions that he had floated around in his head but he was no closer to figuring it out.

He felt Tess’s hand touch his shoulder. He became very aware of the fact that Tess was standing behind him nude. Yes, she was a beautiful girl but there was no physical attraction to her. His entire being belonged to Liz. He could feel how uncomfortable she was in their state and he forced himself to turn back toward her when she said his name.

His mind tried to rationalize the fact that he’d seen her without clothing before and had even explored it during that strange session with Liz but even then, there had been no intimate attraction. As he had pondered what had happened more and more recently, he realized that it was some sort of ceremony. A passing of sort. What had happened between the three felt right at that moment. It had felt primal and instinctual. There was no other way to describe it.

He kept his eyes to hers. “Let’s do as they say.”

Tess dropped her hand from his shoulder and walked across the floor. She started a shower and stepped under the hot spray. He had closed his eyes when she walked away and sighed in relief when he heard the shower begin. He was trying to be respectful in their strange situation and tried hard to keep the fact that they were both naked from his mind. Max then went to the farthest shower from Tess and turned it on.

The hot water felt pleasing to his body. His body was still sore though he knew that it had to be a couple of days since the drug was in his system. He felt tired much of the time and he had to wonder if that band around his neck did more than just block his powers.

Max’s thoughts drifted to Liz again. What were they really doing to her? Did she feel alone and afraid? He remembered his experience with Pierce and how utterly alone he felt until Isabel contacted him. He needed so badly to hear her voice, to touch her, to see her beautiful smile. His heart ached knowing that she was going through all of this because of him.

A sharp pressure ripped through his body causing him to pause his thoughts until he heard a whimper. He turned to where Tess was showering and found her body crumbled on the floor.

“Tess!” He ran over and took her in his arms. By the look on her face, he could see that she was in pain. That was what he was feeling in his own body through the connection though it wasn’t as strong as what she was experiencing.

As quickly as the pressure began, it ended, leaving Tess lying still in his arms sobbing. Her body trembled and he could see how drained she felt.

“It’s alright Tess. It’s over. You are ok.” He assured her, having no idea what had just happened. She nodded.

When her body calmed its shivering, he carried her out of the shower and set her on the counter at the sinks. He gently dried her body, without a word or hesitation, intent on keeping himself calm before helping her dress into more of those damn, horrible white scrubs. He helped her down and she sat on the floor against the wall. Her eyes were closed and her face pale. Whatever had happened to her really sapped her strength.

When Max dressed, he opened the door to find the Tweedle Twins were posted outside waiting. Refusing to let the men touch her, he picked up Tess and carried her back to the room that they were sharing. The men were smart and didn’t say a word as they opened the door and closed it behind Max.

Max laid Tess on the mattress then sat on it with his back against the wall, her head in his lap. He sat there in silence, his hand unconsciously ran through her hair. The motion was comforting to him. His mind was back on Liz and wondered if they had done anything like this to her. Images of the things that Pierce had done to him flashed through his mind but this time it substituted Liz in there instead of himself. Damn, he wished he could see her and help them out of here.

Tess opened her eyes when she felt it again. Only this time, instead of it being a sharp pain, there was a lot of pressure in her chest and throat. She heard Max make a gargled noise and looked up. It was obvious that it was Max experiencing what she had felt earlier. Tess sat up and embraced Max as he gasped with the pain.

She looked up at the camera in the corner and shouted. “Stop! Stop it! Please.” The last word begging, full of grief at what was happening.

The pain continued a little longer than it had for Tess and stopped abruptly. She urged Max to lie down while his body shivered. She covered him up with the sheet and tried hard to keep him warm She had felt very cold right after they had done it to her and she knew that his nervous system was in havoc. She sat there and watched over him, soothing him as he did for her earlier as he fell into an exhausted sleep.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Kyle waited for the Sheriff at Michael’s. They worked through several senerios hoping that one would sound sturdy enough to present to Valenti when he arrived. Right in the middle of a discussion about where the three could be held, Kyle got up and walked out. Alex stopped his argument with Isabel and watched Kyle go out the door. Isabel and Michael stopped also and watched in silence as the front door closed behind Kyle.

Michael looked at the others who were looking perplexed at Kyle’s behavior but he had an idea what was going on. He got up from the couch and followed Kyle outside. Just outside the door, Kyle leaned upon the railing of the walk. He was looking out into the darkness. Michael stood beside him and they stayed that way for several minutes.

“About those flashes I had…” Michael began.

“I don’t want to know Michael.” Kyle interrupted. “What they do is their business. I should have known that he would have them both.” There was bitterness in his voice.

“I know how you feel about Tess and …”

“Tess and I are friends.” He snapped. He turned his head to Michael. “I really liked Liz but the moment that he saved her life, it was over with us. Then when Tess came to town, it was to get with Max. I should have known that he would have found a way to work it all out.”

“Kyle.” Michael’s voice was stern and gruff. “Listen, what I saw, well, yes, Max, Liz and Tess were all in bed together…and they were…well yes they did that but why don’t you wait and let Tess explain things. I’ve seen the way you look at her. I’m not a total ignorant pig. I’ve also seen how Tess reacts to you. She smiles every time you enter the room. She’s never done that before.” He scratched at his eyebrow. “You know as well as I do, that when it comes to us hybrids, unusual things happen.”

Kyle said nothing and looked out into the darkness again.

“Kyle, you’ve known Liz for years. Is she the type to just up and have a threesome? Would she really share Max, her soul-mate, like that?” Michael questioned, trying to get Kyle to rationalize it until they could find out what happened.

Kyle bent his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know what to think anymore.” He said softly.

“Well, save your judgments until after we save them, ok? Then if there was no logical alien reason it happened, I’ll help you kick Max’s ass.”

Kyle nodded and gave a small chuckle. He had grown close to Tess and she had admitted to him about how she felt nothing for Max but it had still hurt when Michael had said that the three were in bed together. Kyle watched as lights entered the parking lot and his father got out of his Sheriff SUV. He approached the two. Neither said a word and turned to enter the apartment.

Valenti told them that he’d pulled some of his resources but all of them came to a dead end. His suggestion until they could figure it out was to cover for Max and Liz the best they could. It was agreed that they would let the Evans and Parkers think that Max and Liz went away together. Then when they got them free, they would figure out what to tell them.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Harper was ecstatic. His theories that he’d pieced together through the years were proving to be true about his ‘guests’. For four days, he had done tests on the three subjects that were quite interesting. The two hybrids’ bodies were fast adapting and healed very quickly, even without their abilities. Their genetic makeup was proving to be interesting as well, bringing to light technology that Earth had yet to develop.

The male and female had been together for over two days with fantastic results. They seemed to have bonded a close relationship that was not observed before they were taken. He did notice that as time continued, that they seemed to anticipate each other’s moves but that also could do with who they were. That aspect would be delved into later down the line.

Harper looked down at his notes once more and noted the time. The male was pacing the room. He looked over to another screen and it showed that his heart rate was up again. The bands around the two’s neck did more than surpress their abilities, it also monitored their heart rates and some other systems. They were genius contraptions that had been invented only recently using the information from past studies. It worked better than the drugs that the Special Unit had used because the subjects were more alert and they could gather accurate results. They were working quite well.

Harper had noticed the agitation of Max grow in the last twelve hours. He spent much of his time pacing the room. It reminded him of a caged tiger waiting to get released. He had to remind himself that if he was not careful, this one could turn into a vicious being to protect what he thought of as his.

He knew that Max was getting worried about the human girl. He and the female had spoke of her often and expressed their concern for her. Harper made more notes of the male’s activities, pleased with the results. He had purposely withheld the human from them, wanting to see his reaction. If he was correct, that was the essential key to controlling him.

Peterson entered the room. “Here are all the test results on the girl. We are done for now and you will be very please with her progress. She is in perfect health and the baby is doing well.”

“Perfect.” Harper looked at the other man and handed him a folder.

Peterson read what was on top and nodded before leaving the room.

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roswellian504 wrote: want to post to let you know how much I enjoy/enjoyed this fic but at the same time I feel a little redundant as I've read it before. So I will maybe just lurk about reading when you update but not really posting unless I feel the urge.

Please don't take this the wrong way, again I really loved this fic the first time I read it which is why I'm reading it again. :D
It's no problem dear. Trust me, I don't write fics for feedback (though it's nice :) ) I write them because an idea gets stuck in my head and I love writing (or at least trying :lol: )

But when I came across this fic, I skimmed through it and found that I could extend it and put more details in it this time around. Like I didn't have Michael and Kyle's talk in the first one, And I'm even thinking of changing the ending, who knows until I get there.

By the way, thanks everyone for the nice feedback! :P
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Chapter 6

Post by magikhands » Mon Feb 28, 2005 9:15 pm

Chapter 6

The Tweedle Twins once more entered the room Max and Tess shared unceremoniously. They walked to the mattress and pulled Tess up, ignoring Max’s protests. Tess struggled as they pulled her toward the door. Their grips on her arms were vice-like and ungiving so she was unable to pull away.

Max tried to intervene but Steve used his free hand to backhand him, treating him like a fly that was bothering him. Max fell back toward the mattress. His strength had been stripped from him just minutes before from a fresh round of surges by the band around his neck, bringing forth more frustration with his helplessness. He could only watch as they took Tess from the room and close the locked door behind them. Max sighed in defeat and wiped the blood that ran from the cut on his lip, thanks to Steve.

An image of blasting the Tweedle Twins floated in his mind. He could see their bodies flying back, smashing against a wall and crumble to the floor much like Michael did to Pierce. Even the thoughts of possibly killing someone could not deter the slight smile that formed on his swelling lip.

‘Tess, where did they take you?’ Max asked in his mind, hoping their mental communication was still intact though they were separated.

‘I’m back in that little room where we started.’

‘Are you ok? Did they hurt you?’

‘I’m fine Max. I’ll have a few bruises the size of their hands on my arms but that’s my fault for fighting them. But they didn’t do anything else, just shoved me in here and left.’

Max sighed in relief. He never liked how those two looked at Tess. He had a feeling that if it weren’t for whoever was in charge telling them to leave her alone, they would willingly do more than look. He lay back on the mattress and closed his eyes. He and Tess spoke for a little while just to keep the quiet that surrounded them from driving them insane along with keeping his fears for Liz as calm as possible.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Liz was tired and weary. She felt as if she had been in this room forever. She didn’t know if it was day or night or even how long she’d been there but she felt as if the silence was going to drive her mad. Her only relief was when she slept. In her dreams she would be with Max and their family and friends surrounding them. There were no destinies, no FBI hunting them and no one trying to break them up. It was there that she would whisper something in Max’s ear and he would give her the largest smile that ever graced his lips before picking her up and swinging her around. Yes, that was a little sappy, even for her logical mind but it made her happy.

For the time she had been in this room, she had only seen medical personnel. They were garbed in white scrubs and performed test after test on her. They drew her blood many times along with a full physical. They spoke to her only to ask her questions concerning her health. She knew that they had found out what she knew inside but no one mentioned it to her. They continued doing tests and treating her like a subject instead of a human being with feelings. Most of the tests were painless but there were a couple of things that did cause her pain. They did several of those body scans on her that had her in tears.

Liz was worried about Max and Tess. She had asked several times where they were when she first woke but no one would answer her. When she could, she had jumped up from the table and grabbed a syringe that on a nearby tray. She had backed into a corner and held it up, ready to stab anyone who came near. The personnel stayed back. She could see that they wanted to use force on her but that would risk injury to her and her child

“Where’s Max?” She had screamed at them. She was tired of them not answering her questions but still they said nothing.

“Liz, please put the syringe down. You know that we don’t want to hurt you or your child.” A male voice came from unseen speakers.

“Who the hell are you? Where are Max and Tess? What did you do with them?” Her voice was a little shaky but it was still firm. Her body felt weak from the testing and the small amount of food that she’d been given.

“Your friends are fine. They are resting in a different room.”

“I want to see them.”

“When we are done with our tests, you will see them again.” The voice said in a soothing tone as if she were a small child he was trying to console.

Tears of anguish and stress puddled in Liz’s eyes. She blinked quickly, trying to keep them from falling. She was so tired of all the poking and prodding. She wanted Max. She needed to feel his arms around her. She need to hear his voice whisper comforting words to her soul. She even wanted to see Tess again. She closed her eyes for a moment and reached inside of herself. She knew that Max was still alive; their connection was still there and knew he was near but she needed him, they needed him.

Slowly, a doctor came toward her. She looked around and found that it was hopeless. There was no way she was getting out of there unless they let her out.

“You promise?” She asked the voice, looking up to the ceiling. She knew that she couldn’t trust this person who was holding her against her will but it somehow made her feel better.

“Yes, soon, you shall see Max again.”

Liz let her arm down and dropped the syringe. She stepped away from the wall and walked back to the table. The people in the room moved out of her way. She was too tired to really care about them anymore. She climbed back on and lay upon her back. She closed her eyes, trying to find that place where Max and their child filled her world. Slowly, a tear trickled down the corner of her eye.

That had happened what seemed years ago. Now, Liz sat in the corner of the room on a small mat and waited. She would close her eyes every once in a while and have a conversation with her child. The thought of she and Max being parents frightened her but not so much as being in this place for the rest of their lives did.

The door to her small room opened and two large men dressed in blue scrubs walked in. They took her by the arms and led her out of the room, down a hall. They quickly pushed her into a room then slammed the door shut behind her. At first, the brightness of the room blinded her but as her eyes adjusted, she saw a dark haired figure sitting on a mattress, amber eyes staring at her.

“Liz?” He croaked, his voice thick with emotion.

As Max looked at the petite figure that was shoved into the room, he could not believe that she was really there. Surely, he thought he was dreaming again. He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds then opened them, expecting her to be gone. She was still there.

“Max!” Relief filled every inch of her body. She rushed to the mattress and embraced him tightly. She pulled away only long enough to grab his face and kiss him but he withdrew from her, wincing with pain. That was when she noticed the swollen cut on his lip and the dried blood on it. Her face fell. He was hurt and she’d just caused him more pain. Her heart tore at the thought.

“Oh Max. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Her eyes filled with tears.

“It’s ok Baby. You didn’t know.” He tried giving her a reassuring smile without it causing too much pain.

Max took her face in his hands and gently kissed her lips, their softness intoxicating him. Slowly, he deepened the kiss so it was comfortable for him. Physically and mentally he pulled her closer, letting everything about her soak into his senses.

**Liz’s fear of her solitude invaded him
**He felt her sickness when the drugs finally wore off
**He felt her pain and fear as test after test was performed on her
**He felt a strong quick heartbeat. It was rapid and could feel it radiate through is own body and behind it, he could feel a deeper, slower beat. The two were different, separate, yet within the same space.

Max pulled away from Liz, breaking the connection and stared amazed at her. ‘She’s pregnant.’ Max thought.

Liz gave a small smile and mouthed the word yes. Max’s look turned to shock.

‘You heard me?’ He asked in his mind.

‘Yes.’ Her beautiful voice sounded through his head.

Max pulled her near and held on for dear life. The excitement and joy he felt overwhelmed him. The wonderful, smart, brave girl that he held in his arms was carrying his child. Their child. One that was made from love. This excitement was only dulled a little with their white surroundings, reminding them of their situation. Max kissed her again, allowing the love and passion he felt for her shine through. She responded with the same fever.

They lay upon the mattress, wrapped in each other’s arms for hours. Their hands caressed each other as they spoke softly to one another aloud and in their minds. They were very aware that ‘someone’ was watching and felt shy at doing what they really wanted to do to celebrate the moment.

Max told Liz about his mental link to Tess and made sure that he left their connection open just enough so that he and Liz could have some privacy. Tess was lonely but was happy that Liz was reunited with Max again.

The muscled Tweedle Twins entered the room and stood near the mattress where Max was holding Liz. He pulled her closer to him as adrenalin began pumping through his body. His body stiffened in anticipation of protecting Liz. He looked up at the men with a hardened, determined expression.

John’s lips twitched into a smirk, knowing that he could easily handle this kid no matter how determined this boy looked up at him. He was itching for a chance to knock his attitude down a notch or two. He would show this boy who had the upper hand, the one in control. A voice sounded in his earpiece that he wore. His smirk slid from his lips. ‘Damn, there goes the fun.’ He thought.

“Let’s go, both of you.” John said, making room for them to rise.

Max unwrapped his arms from Liz’s body only long enough to help her stand then he moved his arm to lie around her waist. Steve led the way out of the room with John behind the two. They took them to the bathroom Max had been in earlier. When they walked in Max turned to the door expecting to find the two men standing there smirking. He was surprised to find that the door was closing and they were alone. This confused him.

Liz looked around the room and thought how wonderful it would be to have hot water running down her body. She felt as if she hadn’t felt clean in weeks. She wanted to wash away the tests and the feel of other’s hands upon her, poking and prodding her. She turned to Max.

He gathered her into his arms and ran his fingers through her hair, feeling her shiver in response to his touch. Kissing her lightly, Max moved his hands to the bottom of her shirt then pulled it up and over her head. This gave him full access to her breasts. He looked upon them and couldn’t help but think how beautiful they looked to him. He watched as she shifted and looked up to find her blushing. He smiled and reached a hand out to softly caress one’s edge. Her nipple hardened with his touch, sending a surge of blood to his groin.

A growling noise rose from Max’s throat as he bent to take the hard bud into his mouth. His tongue gently caressed it while his other hand sought its twin, rolling the nipple between his fingers. The assault brought a gasp fromm Liz, her hands threading through his hair, pulling him closer.

Max lifted his head and kissed her lips deeply as his hands moved further down to her waist. He broke the kiss and stepped away, bending and taking her pants with him. He was eye level to her hair-covered nest and could smell her essence. He wanted so badly to taste her and he knew that she wanted it too, he could feel it within him but first they needed to shower. Above her desire, he could feel her need to wash away what she had been through.

He stood and saw the disappointment in her face. He couldn’t help the smile that broke out on his lips. She looked like a three-year old who had dropped her lollipop in the dirt.

“Let’s get cleaned up first.” He whispered in her ear as his tongue flicked out at her earlobe.

Shivers ran down her spine as she felt his warm tongue on her skin. She nodded and watched amazed as he stripped from his clothing. ‘My god. He’s beautiful.’

Max blushed as he looked at her. She had forgotten about the telepathic thing and a blush crept to her cheeks. She did not know if she would like this power. It could be inconvenient at times. Max smiled and led her to the showers.

‘We shall see.’ He said inside her head.

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Chapter 7

Max led Liz to the shower. He turned on the water, making it as hot as they could stand it. They stood together in each other’s arms, letting the water pound their bodies.

After several minutes, Max broke away from her embrace and kisses, reaching for the shampoo. He poured a small amount in his palm then proceeded to wash her hair as he gently massaged her scalp. Liz totally relaxed under his touch, leaning back to rest against his body. The feel of his fingers sent shivers of pleasure through her body. Max then got the soap and with deliberate slowness, lathered her body, covering every inch. Max’s hands sent her close to the edge of orgasm as their silky, gentle touch caressed every inch of skin. Her body felt hot and burned with a consuming passion that threatened to explode.

Max then rinsed Liz thoroughly of all soap, making her feel fresh and clean. As soon as he was done, Liz turned and returned the favor. She did much as he did, making sure that her hands lingered longer on and around his groin, noting how stiff and ready he was. Her fingers explored this area, memorizing every inch of him. Liz knelt as she washed both of Max’s leg and as she rose, she flicked her tongue across the head of his length. Max groaned and it twitched with pleasure.

Max took her in a strong embrace and kissed her soft lips. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you Max.’ Liz said as she turned her body and rested her back against his chest, his arms still wrapped tightly around her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Max’s arms around her and the hot water that still pounded their bodies. She could feel his erection pressing on her back, causing a heat to burn hotter in her own body. She adjusted her weight and made her back rub across him. Max moaned into her ear as he licked the lobe. She smiled mischievously.

Liz felt this sharp pressure in her body, radiating to her head. It took her breath away unexpectedly for a moment. She then felt Max slip away from her. Her eyes flew open and saw him on the floor, curled into a fetal position, his face grimacing with pain.

“Max!” She yelled, panic filling her voice. “What is wrong?”

She knelt beside him and pushed the hair back from his face. Wave after wave of pressure crashed into her as she watched Max suffer from some strange sudden ailment. As fast as the pressure began, it stopped. She looked down at Max again and saw that his body was starting to relax but he was trembling and pale. He did not look very good.

“What happened?” She asked but Max just shook his head as he tried to catch his breath. He got to his knees, and then with Liz’s assistance, he rose unsteadily to his feet.

“Let’s get dressed.” He said weakly.

Liz nodded, not knowing what else to do. She reached over and turned the water off and helped him out of the shower and dressed. Liz was worried about Max. She felt him block her and she didn’t like it at all. As she helped him dress, she saw that there were unshed tears in his eyes.

“Why are you blocking me?” She whispered, taking his face in her hands.

“Let’s get back to the room.” Was all he said as he pushed off the cabinet. He stumbled a little but with Liz’s help, he made it to the door then down the hall.

Once they were in the room as before, Max went to the mattress and collapsed on it. His body felt completely drained of energy though he had kept up a strong front. He refused to let those muscled Tweedle Twins see weakness in him. He closed his eyes and let out a breath. Liz was instantly at his side. He opened his eyes and looked into her big, beautiful eyes. He could almost drown in them, feeling the love that she had for him. But at that moment they were filled with worry and fear for him.

‘Max? What is happening? Are you ok?’ Tess asked through their connection. She had felt that something was wrong and felt the immense pressure within her own body as the neckband did its work on Max.

‘Yes.’ His answer simple.

‘That was more powerful than the others. Are you sure you are alright?’

‘Yes. Liz is here.’ He felt Tess back off but he could still feel her concern for him. He knew that she didn’t like not knowing what was going on but there was nothing she could do for them right now.

Max looked at Liz and gave her a small smile to ease the anxiety she had, it didn’t work. “I’m alright, really. It will pass. It just takes a while to recover sometimes.”

“This has happened before?” She asked surprised. She had not felt anything like it before now. Surely she would have felt it if it had happened to him.

Max nodded then fingered the band on his neck. Liz had noticed it earlier but it did not register until now what it could be.

‘It seems to block our powers. Somehow they know enough about our physiology that they found a way to suppress them without the use of drugs.’ “This does it.” He said aloud. “Tess has one also.”

“But why don’t I?” Liz asked, but she already knew that answer. It was because she had no powers and they didn’t want to harm the baby.

Max shrugged, putting on a good show for the person that was watching. ‘Somehow, Tess and I think that with our powers blocked, this has somehow brought out our telepathic abilities. That our bodies are responding to the stress of our energy suppressed.

‘Ok, but that doesn’t explain why I can do this also.’

Max lifted a hand and caressed her cheek. ‘Because you carry my child.’

Liz smiled and leaned closer to kiss him. Already, his cut was almost healed despite the short time since it happened and the pain was no longer there. At first the kiss was light and cautious, but their desire and need for each other grew as the kiss deepened. The images of their time together in the bathroom entered their minds, fanning the flames of desire that roared in their body. Their passion increased as they drew closer together.

They quickly shed their clothing as their desire took control. The need to connect on such an intimate level was strong, unbending. It was something that each craved down to their soul. Max ached to encase himself inside of the woman that he loved with every fiber of his being. He needed to feel her tight, wet core wrapped around his hard length.

Liz’s body hummed, echoing Max’s need. It caused her body to tremble with a longing to touch him all over, to taste him. She felt an urge to be as close as physically possible, to connect on another level. She slid down his body and placed a kiss on his thick stiff dick. It twitched and he moaned at the sensation of her soft lips upon him. Slowly she placed his length into her mouth, letting the warmth of her mouth surround him.

“Uuggghhhhh! Liz, yes.” He moaned.

Slowly, she slid her mouth up and down, feeling herself start to drip with need between her thighs. Max rode the waves of pleasure until he could take no more. Swiftly, he lifted her from him, unknowing where this sudden energy came from, and flipped them so that he knelt over her. He thought that she was so beautiful and felt lucky to have someone as strong and loving as she. He looked down at her and wanted to take it slow, he wanted to savor every feel of her body, but his desire was undeniable. He needed her, now. Max plunged his dick swift and hard into Liz.

“Max.” She gasped as he filled her body. He groaned in response.

They melted into one, as their connection, physically and mentally, took hold. They could no longer tell where one started and the other stopped. Their emotions were blending as one, intensifying the sensations that ran rampant through their bodies. There was no slowness, as their primal urges possessed them.

Max pushed deeply with each stroke as her hips raised to meet him. They murmured words of love aloud and inside their minds as they continued their intimate bonding. Max leaned down and captured Liz’s lips while he kept their rhythm steady. Images flashed through their heads but none were clear as they flew by swiftly.

Max felt a flow of energy run through his veins. It was like Liz was giving him some of her own. His mind wanted to ponder it but he was too overwhelmed with the sensations of their joining to think at all. He felt a presence within his mind that his desire did not wipe out. It was a soft, sweet voice. He could not understand the words it said, but he could feel the love that it had for him. He looked down and locked eyes with Liz. They were both feeling it. He smiled and she did the same.

The pleasure that had built in their bodies was now too much. Max pushed faster and felt Liz tighten around them. Together, they climaxed, their desire exploding as they cried out the other’s name.

Max collapsed on Liz then rolled to the side, taking Liz with him. She nuzzled into his neck and sighed with contentment. No longer did they care that they were being watched. All that mattered was each other and their child.

‘It’s a boy.’ Max’s voice was filled with joy inside of her head.

‘Yes. He loves you as much as I do.’

Max smiled and held Liz close as they closed their eyes. He vowed that somehow, he would get them out of there and he would make Liz his wife.

‘Yes, that would be nice.’ Liz said as she drifted off to sleep.

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Thanks for the fb guys :) I meant to leave a note the other day and tell you all that this had been moved to the Alien Abyss thread. I hope everyone finds it ok. A new part will be posted later tonight. Have a great day! :P
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