Behind Her Eyes (AU,M/L,ADULT)Complete

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Behind Her Eyes (AU,M/L,ADULT)Complete

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Fri Oct 08, 2004 10:56 pm

Title: Behind Her Eyes

Author: Tanya (behrsgirl77)

Rating: ADULT(just to be safe)

Category: M/L w/Aliens – That’s right you are reading correctly.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but my thoughts. Roswell and it’s characters are not mine, neither is the concept of how they came to be. I will put them back very used, but happy!

Summary: These are becoming harder and harder to write. So let’s see if I can try. Elizabeth Parker has been an actress since she was nine years old; she’s beautiful, rich and famous. She is known as Hollywood’s ‘good girl’ but lately her actions are not fitting into the mold of Hollywood standards. Max Evans has been fascinated with Elizabeth Parker since he was twelve years old. What happens when his wish comes true? Will he discover the secret that she holds just below the surface that she has fought so hard to conceal? Most importantly will he be able to just walk away and let her go?

A/N: This is my fifth story this year (boy I’m a busy girl!), but my first attempt to write aliens into the story. So I will be wetting my feet so to say with this fic. I will not be divulging into how and why the aliens came to be, however I will give background throughout the story to better explain their situation. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Special Thanks to: Hybrid Angel for my beautiful banner and Earth2Mama for doing the grueling job of being my beta! lol!



“Last night at LA’s premier club Ruby, Elizabeth Parker was spotted with her newest boyfriend, actor Josh Davis. The couple have been seen together for the past three months, so the question is, when will she dump him and move on to the next victim?”

“Last week we tried to get an interview with her and Josh, but as it has become customary for Elizabeth, she pushed the photographers out of the way, spouting on and on about her being tired of them always being in her face.”

“We as reporters have to ask ourselves, when did Hollywood’s good girl turn bad?”

Max Evans watched intently from his living room couch, the news story currently making headlines this evening. They just flashed a picture of Elizabeth across the screen and Max simply sighed heavily; placing his arms behind his head and leaned into the back of the couch.

“Why are you watching this crap Maxwell?” Michael enters the room just getting home from work, taking a seat beside Max. Why did Michael always have to ruin his mood? He didn’t ask for much out of life did he?

“Well, hello to you too Michael! Have a shitty day? Come home to ruin mine?” Max says sarcastically to Michael without even turning his head away from the screen. They were still flashing pictures of Elizabeth across the screen and Max couldn’t get enough of them. He thought she was so beautiful.

Michael sees the all too familiar lost look on his friends face; he was tired of watching him drooling over that girl. He quickly snatches the remote from Max’s hands and turns off the television.

“Hey! I was watching that!” Max turned quickly trying to snatch back the remote to no avail. Michael was not relinquishing it, not until he said what he needed to say. Max was pissed off at this point. He was going to miss the rest of the story if he didn’t hurry up and turn the television back on. He simply raises his hand and the television comes back to life.

“No cheating Maxwell! I have something to say.”

“I don’t give a shit Michael, I’m watching something so you can wait until it’s finished.” Max turned his attention back to the screen but noticed that the story was over with. Lifting his hand once more to turn the television off, he angrily rose off the couch.

“Are you happy now?! I missed the rest!” Max was furious, standing above Michael. That was it for Michael, standing up from the couch to face Max.

“Max I’m tired of watching you obsess over that girl.” Michael didn’t really want to argue with Max, but he was growing weary and concerned over how Max always reacts with regards to this girl…this girl he has never met, and probably never will.

“She’s not that girl, She is like more than that,” Max defended weakly. He knew he was pathetic. He was obsessing over Elizabeth, but so what? This is what his life was reduced to. If he couldn’t have it, he could dream it...couldn’t he? Surely there was nothing wrong in doing that right?

“Yeah okay whatever. Look shouldn’t you be doing something else with your free time other than drooling over her? I mean what is the big deal? Yeah she’s hot and rich, but she’s a grade A, first class bitch.”

“Don’t talk about Liz like that!” Max grounds out at Michael. He doesn’t even know the girl but he felt the need to defend her. He knew he was not far from completely loosing his mind, but he couldn’t help it.

“Liz? You don’t know her and you give her a nickname? God Maxwell…Wake up! You live in the real world. Get off of Fantasy Island…it’s sinking buddy.” Michael finishes with a dramatic plop back down onto the couch.

“Whose on Fantasy Island? And who has a nickname?” Tess inquired walking into the room, causing Max to groan out load. He didn’t want to have this conversation with everyone in the room. Even though he and Tess are best friends he didn’t want her to know about that, about Liz. He tried his best to hide it but thanks to Michael the whole house would know by tonight.

“Elizabeth…Liz, you know the love of his life and also if I could point out someone he knows nothing about! He gives the girl a nickname! What the hell is that about?” Tess walks further into the room and stands beside Max, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Aww, I think that’s cute.” Tess says seriously, then breaks out into a full blow laugh. Max rolls his eyes heavenward. “Great! Who’s next?”

“I give up! You guys would never understand. I’m not even going to stand here and defend myself or my feelings to the both of you!” Max turned to walk out the room when Michael’s voice stopped him.

“You know Max…what would the people on our planet say if they knew their King was pinning over a movie star? Max turned around and walked back into the living room. He stood on the opposite side of the couch looking down at Michael and then back up at Tess. He knew they were just messing with him, but right now he wasn’t in the mood. Right now, he was frustrated…mentally and physically frustrated to be exact.

“In case you forgot Michael…our planet is gone. It was destroyed by a war that ended several years ago. Years after we were born here…on Earth! So my only planet is this one, just like it’s yours, so I don’t have anything to prove to anyone.”

“It’s still a disgrace.”

“What’s a disgrace?” Max found himself quickly wishing for Scotty to beam him up! His sister Isabel had entered the room after hearing raised voices.

“Max.” Michael quickly answered the question.


“Isabel, it’s really nothing, you should be lying down. The baby is due anytime now so you should be resting.” Isabel looked down at her protruding belly and rubbed on it gently. She couldn’t wait to become a mother; the fact that she and Jesse could have children was amazing in itself. They always thought when they were growing up that it wasn’t possible. However, a few months ago they found out it was indeed very possible.

“I’m pregnant, not cripple! So, tell me Michael…why is my brother a disgrace and to whom?” Isabel gave Max a pointed look, and then decided that she was more tired than she figured. She took a seat on the couch next to Michael.

“He’s a disgrace because of his demented obsession with Elizabeth Parker!”

“It’s not an obsession!” Max yelled, trying to defend his pride. He yelled out of sheer embarrassment. Not only did his best friend know, but also now his sister knew the truth He would make Michael pay, maybe not right now but when he least expected it…he will pay.

“Oh it’s not? I’m sorry but who in this room owns every single movie she has ever made? Who in this room has every single interview she has ever done on tape? Who in this room has pictures of her secretly stashed…”

“Michael!” Max roared. He couldn’t believe it; Michael was divulging every single dark secret Max kept. He looked right at Michael and he was fuming at this point. Having fun was one thing but to air his business in front of everyone was not cool.

“I’m sorry Maxwell, but maybe you need to go out on a date or something. Maybe that will help with your little obs…”

“Michael! Stop riding Max already! He likes the girl and there is nothing wrong with it. I have crushes on a lot of movie stars, it’s perfectly normal.” Isabel defends her brother, knowing all about his obsession with Elizabeth Parker. She knows he is a very private person; they all have to be because of who they are. Maybe Michael was right though.

“Max, when was the last time you went out on a date?” That was it! He was leaving the room. This was the worst day of this life thus far!

“Isabel, I’m not doing this again. You have Jesse; Michael has whatever tramp he’s dating at the moment and Tess? Well Tess can date whomever she wants. I’m not going to throw myself into a meaningless relationship, knowing it can never amount to anything but lies.” His sister had set him up on several dates throughout his twenty-seven years of life and they never turned into anything more than meaningless conversations and make out sessions.

“Max, you and Tess can always give it a go.” Michael pipes in.

“What?! Excuse me, but I am standing right here! And Max and I tried that whole thing years ago and yeah that was just gross!” Tess scrunches her face in disgust. It wasn’t that she didn’t find Max attractive, in fact he was drop-dead gorgeous but they had tried to ‘date’ and it turned out horribly. That’s when they decided that they were better as friends.

“Hey it was just a suggestion.” Tess picked up one of the pillows on the couch and threw it at Michael.

“Must we always resort to violence Tess, you know…”

“Enough! I’m done! This conversation is over! We will not discuss my life anymore!” Max stated with finality behind his voice. That would leave no room for discussion.

He left the room shortly thereafter and made his way into his bedroom, closing the door behind him and removed his clothes. He stretched out across his bed in nothing more than his boxers and stared at his ceiling.

Max wished everyday that he wasn’t who he was. He thought that maybe then he would have a chance. All the wishing in the world wasn’t going to solve this problem because just like Michael pointed out minutes ago, he didn’t know Liz and probably never would. And he wasn’t suddenly going to become completely human!

He turned onto his side and turned off the lamp on his nightstand, closing his eyes. He then pictured the girl who captured his heart. He was twelve at the time, and they spent every night together his dreams.

TBC...Shall I continue?
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A/N - Thanks for the amazing fb guys!!


Miranda - As far as how he's going to meet her I can't tell you that but I can say soon!
Dreamer06 - I am very busy but I write ahead at least 5 chapters of each story so that I don't fall behind :wink:
frenchkiss70 - Tiph! Isn't he a cutie? You just want to *hug* him right?! Oh I couldn't tell you were in NEVER! LOL!
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Bixie - Ah yes the aliens...LOL
NewYorker18 - Big *hugs*
Lizzy88 - Yeah those damn aliens, but again it's not going to be the main focus of the story it just makes things a bit more complicated :)
RoninBehr - *cute* name!
g7silvers - As far as what they do, you'll get that in the next part. And yes all of them live together and Liz...well that I can't tell you :)
sweetbrowneyes - *big hugs*
abbs007 - Stop making me laugh! LOL!
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foreverdreamer15 - Yes Tess is all good in this one!
Jason's Lover - That is exactly the reason why I wrote it...*obsession*
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Chapter 1

“Liz! Come on and get up already! You have to be there in twenty minutes. You still have to go through makeup!” Maria DeLuca shouted at her best friend and boss. This is becoming a daily ritual. Maria would show up at Liz’s doorstep, ring the bell never getting a response. Ultimately she would have to let herself into the house and drag Liz out of bed.

She didn’t know what happened to her best friend. Whatever it was, she hoped that she would one day open up to her. Liz was unresponsive; she had a late night last night and had one two many drinks.

“Maria! Please, just five more minutes,” Liz grumbles out, pulling the covers over her head. On top of the raging migraine she had, Liz was also hit with a monstrous wave of nausea. She knew she had to get out of bed; she really hated that Maria, her best friend and assistant, had to come every single day and drag her out of the house. Usually it was kicking and screaming, some of the time.

Liz wasn’t proud of who she became, even though she knew what she was doing was not only hurting herself but also the people around her; she just couldn’t stop. She needed for all the pain and emptiness to go away. She was determined to continue searching until she found that thing…that one thing that took it all away.

So far her search has been in vain because she didn’t know what could possibly help her forget and move past the fear that she had, the loneliness. It’s quite ironic, she was surrounded by hundreds of people everyday, yet she felt like the loneliest person on the planet.

She wasn’t always like this; no she was happy with her life. She loved acting and still did. However, a few months ago, things changed. Memories returned and pain settled deep in her heart. No matter how much she wished it away, the reality she knew wasn’t any better. Life was cruel and mocking. She was tired of trying to fit into what everyone wanted her to be. She decided to just be who she was; if no one liked it, too bad.

That, however, was not the best attitude to have when you are trying to sell movies. Movies she was currently receiving close to ten million dollars a piece for. She knew it was hurting her career, something she worked long and hard for since she was nine years old.

Liz finally gave in and rolled off the bed, quickly making it into the bathroom in time to empty the contents of her stomach in the toilet. Maria was worried for her friend. She was partying excessively lately and hanging around with people she normally didn’t. On top of that, she started to smoke. Smoke? Maria couldn’t quite figure out that one. Liz’s mother died of emphysema three years ago; it was caused directly to her smoking for so many years. Maria just couldn’t understand that.

“Liz? Are you okay?” As Maria rushed to the bathroom door, Liz quickly stood and slammed the door so she could take a quick shower.

“Yes Maria, I’m fine! Now would you just get me something to wear so I can get the hell out of here?” Liz snapped at Maria. Maria however took no offense to it, she was used to the attitude she received from Liz. Sometimes it was difficult for Maria to distinguish her job with her friendship when it came to Liz.

Maria was, of course, thankful for all the opportunities she has had working with Liz. Maria never wanted for anything; Liz took care of her quite well. Maria was her friend, but sometimes she felt when she would try to be a better friend to her, Liz would get defensive. Liz would sometimes tell her that her job was not to worry but to get her ass to places on time.

That’s not to say that they did not have their good times because they did. In fact twice a month they would get together, have dinner and just hang out and do normal friend things. They would also invite their best friend, Kyle Valenti. Kyle has been Liz’s manager for the past three years. They have all been friends for close to seven years.

Liz had met Kyle at a party that was being thrown in honor his father, James Valenti, a big Hollywood director. They hit it off and even went out on a date once, but it didn’t work out; they both decided friendship was the best thing for them. Kyle had already taken over most of the duties of being her manager when her mother, Nancy became ill a few years ago. After Nancy died, Kyle stepped into the role of Liz’s manager perfectly, seamlessly.

Speaking of Kyle, Maria’s cell phone rang at that exact moment. She didn’t need to see who it was; she already knows who it is before she answers.

“Good morning Kyle. Yes, I’m bringing her in a few minutes. I know she’s going to be late but what do you propose I do to get her ass out of bed on time?” The one thing Maria was tired of was being the middleman between Liz and Kyle. Kyle never wanted to raise his voice to Liz but he could easily get her to do it. That part was unfair to Maria.

“Okay! I got it! You know what Kyle, tomorrow it will be your job to get her out of the house on time since you think I’m the problem!” She shouted into the phone just as Liz stepped out of the bathroom in her towel.

“Maria! Please stop yelling my head is fucking killing me. It’s entirely too early for it.” Liz rolled her eyes and began to dress. Maria, earlier, had already picked out an outfit for her to wear and placed it on the bed.

“Liz you know what? I’m tired of this shit! I don’t need it, so you can talk to your manager. I’ll be outside and if you are not out there in five minutes, I am leaving your ass behind!” Maria dropped her cell phone on the bed before exiting the room.

“Boy, she’s beginning to become so temperamental.” Liz thought aloud. She couldn’t figure out Maria’s mood swings lately. Maybe she needs to get laid or something, Liz thought to herself. She then leaned over and picked up the cell phone.

“Liz! What the hell is your problem lately? You have a job to do. Let me know when you are done and when you don’t want to do it anymore. Dealing with this bullshit everyday is working my last nerve. I love you Liz but I don’t know what’s wrong with you lately, and I’m not going to presume to know either.” Liz immediately took offense and cut Kyle off.

“Your right Kyle, you don’t know what’s wrong. That’s not your job! Your job is to manage me, not be my physiologist. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to finish getting dressed. I’ll see you in a few.” She snaps the cell phone shut thereby ending the telephone conversation as well.

“What the fuck is everyone’s problem?! God! I’m the one that has to have people in her face day in and day out, answering absurd personal questions. I swear the both of them are killing me.” Liz muttered to herself while she finished dresses. Five minutes later she was out the door.

When Liz got in the passengers side of the car, Maria didn’t say a word; just put the car into drive and took off. They were in a the car for a few minutes before Liz decided that she was wrong; she really needed to stop taking out her frustrations on her best friend.

“Maria, I’m sorry.”

“Save it Liz.”

“Maria, look I’ve just been under a lot of stress. I should not have taken it out on you or put you in the middle of me and Kyle, which I know I do to you a lot. I truly am sorry that I hurt you Maria. I didn’t mean to; you are my family…you and Kyle are the only family I have left. I can’t loose you,” Liz said sorrowfully. It was true; the only family she had left was Maria and Kyle. Liz’s father left her when she was three years old and has not returned since. And as far as any other blood relatives she might have out there, they didn’t concern her nor did she care to ever meet any of them again.

“Liz, I know you are, but sometimes I think you feel like you can walk all over me and I’ll just take it. I won’t,” Maria said to her friend seriously. Maria was hurt and she didn’t want to loose her either.

“I know. I’m so fucked up right now Maria. I just need sometime to figure things out.”

“Maybe you need a vacation or something?” Maria suggested, but she wasn’t serious. Liz hadn’t taken a vacation since her mother died.

“You know what? You’re right! I do need a vacation. So do you and Kyle. You guys have been busting your asses for me for years non-stop; we all need one. I think that’s exactly what we will need to plan as soon as this movie is released. Just sometime to relax.” Liz thought about it a little more and decided that that was exactly what they all needed. She was not naïve enough to think that would rid her of her problems but it would definitely help ease some of the stress they were all under.

“That’s a great idea! Now all we have to do is convince Kyle.” Maria turned her head and looked at Liz who had a worried look on her face. Maria had enough confidence to know that if anyone could get Kyle to do something he really didn’t want to do, it was Liz.

They finally made it to the set with five minutes to spare, which of course did not make anyone on the set feel better. Usually everyone knew Elizabeth as a professional first and foremost. Lately things have been off with her and no one knew why. Some speculated that it had to do with her current boyfriend; others said that she was just tired of the life. Only one person knew for sure and that was Liz herself.

“It’s about damn time!” Kyle stormed up to the car not even waiting until Liz was fully out of it.

“Damn it Liz! We need good publicity for this movie and you showing up late on the last day of filming is the not best way to accomplish that.” Liz extricated herself from Kyle and proceeded to light a cigarette. They walked over to her trailer so she could get her hair and makeup done.

“Why do I even bother Liz? Why?” Kyle sighed exasperatedly. He knew that they were having the same arguments day in and day out, yet it accomplished nothing. Maria saw the anger boiling under the surface for Kyle. She tried to help the situation a little.

“Kyle its okay; she’s here now and after this, she has nothing lined up. We all just need a break okay? Just…let’s get through today.” That seemed to calm Kyle’s nerves down for the moment, so she went with that and told him to just wait over by the set for them. She would be bringing Liz in a few minutes.

When Maria entered the trailer, she had to roll her eyes heavenward. “I don’t understand what you’re telling me? Are you saying that you won’t have my dress ready? Because I was there last week and you told me you would have it ready!” Liz yelled into the phone, the dress that she had picked out not more than a week ago for the movie wrap up party had suddenly become unavailable. Designers usually lined up outside Liz’s front door, but apparently this one had problems with the shipment. It was going to arrive one day too late.

“I need that dress today not tomorrow! It’s the fucking wrap up party…get it ‘Wrap Up’… we wrap up the film today! Not tomorrow! God! Can’t you guys do anything right?” Liz slammed her phone shut and threw it against the wall, successfully shattering it to pieces. Maria made mental note to pick up another cell phone later that today.

“Liz! Honey, it’s okay. I will go and get you a dress in a few minutes. It will be perfect.”

“Thanks Maria. I’m sure you will be able to get me a dress that I will love; it’s just these people piss me off! They had one job…get a fucking dress to me on time! Is that so hard?” Liz let out a loud huff and let the hairdresser put the finishing touches on her hair before making her way outside the trailer.

Walking the short distance to the final set, Liz had suppressed her urge for a cigarette. She knew it was a bad habit. She started a few months ago, thinking that she wouldn’t become dependent on them, but they quickly became very addictive especially with all the stress.

“What color do you want?”

“Oh I don’t know. The other dress was a dark royal blue,” Liz said as she approaches the director.

“How about green?”

“Green? Maria that is like my least favorite color.” Liz stated while scrunching up her face and throwing the ‘it better not be green look’ Maria’s way before turning her attention to the director. Maria suddenly had a perfect dress in mind.



“Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do Maria.”

“Okay then, I’ll see you later.” Maria left with the two goals; one to buy a new cell phone, the fifth one in three months and to pick up the dress for Liz.

After the director yelled ‘cut’ for the last time on the set, Liz couldn’t wait to get home and take a nice long bath before tonight’s party. She hadn’t heard from Maria all day. Since she didn’t have her cell phone any longer, she asked Kyle to drop her off at home.

“Liz, I’m sorry for yelling before it’s just… I miss you.”

“I know Kyle. I miss me too, but I’m just working through some things. Just…can you hang in there a little while longer?” She pleaded with him, knowing that she was not only worrying him and Maria but herself as well. She was drowning and she had no idea what to do to save herself.

“Yes, you know I can. Now I’ll see you later. Is Josh coming tonight?”

“Yeah, he’ll be there with me.”

“Good! Okay, love you.” Liz leaned over the seat and placed kiss on Kyle’s cheek before exiting the car.

“Love you too Kyle.”

Liz made it upstairs to her bedroom pealing off her clothing one article at a time, dropping them on the floor without a care in the world. She had a maid. After all, that’s what she got paid for right? She turned on the faucet and poured her Champagne and Strawberry bubble bath into the water, and slowly sank herself into the tub.

Sighing and leaning her head against the back of the tub, Liz tried to relax her stressed muscles. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind for tonight. Liz knew that she has to be on her ‘best’ behavior, but that doesn’t mean that she has to be happy about it.

She just wished things in her life would make sense; that all the pain she has gone through lately is for a reason, but she can’t help being the bitter person she has turned into. Liz was afraid, no, she was terrified that she was losing herself and would never be able to find her way back.

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A/N - I know you guys have ALOT of questions like; what the hell is going on with Liz, when are she and Max going to meet and of course that damn vacation...I can't answer them at all of course, but I will say you don't have to wait long at all for Max and Liz to meet so just sit tight. And thank you so much for the fb it really keeps me writing more than you know!

Bixie - I totally appreciate you giving it a shot even though "A's" are not your thing *hugs*
frenchkiss70 - Tiph are you anxious or what?! I love it!! *hugs*
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Dreamer06 - Yeah pushing your luck for twice a week for now...don't worry eventually it will be twice a week!
xsuper_ novax- HI and thanks!
Sternbetrachter - HI and sorry no Alex in this one...mainly because Isabel is only in the fic for short periods of time, not a main focus at all and it made better sense to leave Alex out of it. Since I like to write them together and *in* the story. Hope that made sense.
Coley452 - LOL! That *might* do the trick!

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sweetbrowneyes - Tif girl my part is not done but it will be tomorrow I *hope* LOL!
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BelieveInTrueLove - I will say this Max will NOT be a sap and no Max and Liz have never met before :wink:
Lurkers - Hope you are enjoying thanks for reading!

Special Thanks to Earth2Mama my beta!

Chapter 2

It was another lonely Saturday night and Max didn’t have a damn place to be. Tess was out on a date with this guy she met at the hospital she volunteers at; Isabel and Jesse went out to dinner and Michael…well Michael was currently upstairs probably trying to swallow his latest girlfriends face.

Max needed something to take his mind off of the day he had yesterday, which will now be known to him as the day from hell. He rolled off the couch and made his way over to the bookshelf filled with movies across the room. He pulled out one, starring his Elizabeth of course and popped the DVD into the player. He then went back to lying down on the couch.

After the opening credits, the first face Max sees is that of his love. He felt so ridiculous pining over a girl he doesn’t even know, let alone has never talked to or seen up close. He couldn’t help it; she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He did however wish he could just meet her, just once and then he could move on.

He felt drawn to her from the first time he saw her on television. It was a cereal commercial. He was sitting home one day after school when he was twelve and her face popped on the screen; he was awed. She was the cutest girl he had ever seen; her eyes were big and brown. They held so much in them, and through the years he studied her eyes. He would stare at them trying to figure out what lied beneath them; what kind of person she really was.

Was she the kind of person that could accept that he is not of this planet? That he was a half alien, half human hybrid from a dying planet? And most importantly, could she be trusted with the secret?

A secret that only three people besides, Michael, Tess and Isabel knew. Max truly believed that they had been able to stay out of danger all these years because they had kept the secret to themselves. It was only four years ago when they all decided that it would be better for them to tell Max and Isabel’s parents. Isabel had wanted to tell them for so long and finally one day Max decided that it would be okay because he trusted them. He did have his insecurities that they would not accept all of them, but the Evans’ did not disappoint not in the least. They accepted not only Isabel and Max but Michael and Tess as well and vowed to take that secret to the grave, knowing damn well what would happen if the wrong people found out.

The last person to find out was Jesse. He found out on accident actually. He and Isabel had been dating for a few months and one night they were both out pretty late after leaving a club. They were held up at gunpoint. The gun was aimed at Isabel but Jesse pushed her out of the way, taking the bullet. Isabel had managed to drag Jesse’s body into the car and get him home. When she arrived thankfully Max was home along with Michael to help carry Jesse in. That’s when Max had to make a decision, it was a matter of life and death. He could easily heal Jesse but what did it mean to his family if he did? He didn’t know Jesse well enough to know that he wouldn’t run and tell someone about what happened, but then he asked his sister. One look at her, pleading with him to do something and that she loved him, was all it took. If Isabel trusted him then there was no reason for Max not to. He placed his hand over the wound and within a few seconds, Jesse was healed.

That was the first time Max had used his powers to heal such a deep wound; he was out of it for a few days. He just slept. His body needed to regenerate the energy he used to heal Jesse. After that, Jesse had thanked Max, had thanked all of them, knowing that his life was in their hands; if they weren’t there he would have died. He vowed as well to keep the secret forever and never tell a living soul. After that event Jesse and Isabel grew closer. They married a year later and were now expecting their first child.

Max tried to focus on the television but was slowly dosing off in the middle of it. He had been thinking of Liz again, of what it would be like to be with her. To touch her, to hold her, just to see her even. He was slowly but surely falling asleep.

He crossed the crowded room, the music was loud but when he saw her; it felt like his heart and the world stopped. She was there, standing in the same room as him. He couldn’t believe it! She was slowly approaching him and he couldn’t believe it.

“Hi.” She smiled shyly at him. He couldn’t help the smile that had plastered itself across his face.


“You feel like dancing with this lonely girl?” she asked. Not waiting for an answer, she turned around and made her way onto the dance floor. Max swallowed thickly. He didn’t know what to say; was this real? Was Liz Parker really asking him to dance? He didn’t wait for his mind to answer those questions; he quickly joined her on the dance floor.

She looked beautiful, he thought. She was wearing a lavender floor length strapless dress. When he finally stood before her, she looked into his eyes and took his breath away. She was just as gorgeous up close as she was on screen. She wrapped her arms around his neck. As if it was second nature, he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She felt perfect; the entire moment felt right. What she said next had him struggling not to pass out.


“Yes Liz.”

“I love you Max. I always have. I’m so glad I found you.” He didn’t say another word. Instead, he bent his head slightly and pulled her closer. He sealed his lips with hers. She tasted so sweet on his lips. He had dreamed of this moment for years. He deepened the kiss and pulled her even closer. She moaned softly into this mouth, causing his senses to heighten. They both pulled away panting heavily from their starved lungs.

“Max, I need you.” He didn’t think this time. He simply slid his arm around her and pulled her off the dance floor.

“This way.” She pointed down a long corridor, which led to her hotel room. Once they reached the door, she opened it with her key. Max then swept her off her feet and entered the room.

Closing the door with his foot, he carried her into the bedroom and placed her in the center of the bed. He had been waiting his entire life for this moment. She lay perfectly still, watching is every move. He looked at her with a hunger in his eyes; a hunger that only she could fulfill. He removed his shirt and pants allowing them to fall with a small thump on the floor. He then crawled up her petite body and laid flush against hers.

Elizabeth reached up and pulled him closer, placing her lips against his. She slid her tongue into his mouth, thereby allowing him greater access. At the first contact of her soft tongue against his, he felt his body come alive. There wasn’t one part of his body that wasn’t on fire; not one part of his body that didn’t want to join with hers.

He pulled away, pulling her up against him into a sitting position. He then unzipped her dress and began pulling it up over her head. He waited with baited breathe for his first look at her naked body. She raised her arms to assist him. His heart was racing, his lower regions were aching to be touched by her soft skin; he needed her badly.

“Max?” She whispered out to him, stopping his movements.


“I’m glad I waited for you.” She smiled shyly and he leaned in to kiss her sweet lips once again, except…was the telephone ringing?

“Shit!” Max fell off the couch at the shrill of the telephone. He couldn’t believe it; it was just getting good.

“Hello? Jesse? What? What’s wrong?” Jesse was talking so fast that Max couldn’t for the life of him figure out what the hell he was saying.

“Isabel, what’s…oh…oh?! Okay well where are you? You need to get your asses back here.” Max couldn’t believe it; Isabel went into the labor in the car and Jesse was on his way back to the house with her. They should be arriving in ten minutes or so.

Max quickly hung up the phone, turned off the television, and went running up the stairs to Michael’s room. Without any pleasantries, he opened the door. Just as he suspected, the girl was half naked sprawled out on Michael’s bed.

“What the fuck Maxwell! Was the door not closed? Did you forget what knocking was or what?!” Michael growled out.

“Look Isabel is going to need the both of us in a few minutes so your girlfriend or whatever needs to get the hell out!” Max shouted out, he was tired of being the responsible one, tired of being the one that worried about everyone. Just once, he thought, he would like to live life freely like everyone else did.

“Oh shit! Okay! Look, Stacey, you need to go now!” Michael hurried his girlfriend along, grabbing her off the bed into a standing position.

“What? But, Michael we were….” Michael’s current girlfriend was covering herself up with nothing more than a scrap of material she was using as a shirt.

“Out woman! Out!” Michael helped her out of the room, taking her clothes with him. Max just shook his head and followed them out.

Five minutes later, the front door burst open with Jesse carrying a heavy breathing Isabel in his arms. Tess had just pulled up to the house when she saw Jesse lifting Isabel out of the car, so she quickly rushed to help.

“Put her in the guest room.” Max directed at Jesse, since that was the only room on the first floor with enough space for what they needed to do.

Not that Max was an expert, but he had read several books and seen several movies. He had felt mild disgust when he first saw a woman in labor. However, he got used to it and knew that he was as prepared as he could be. If something went wrong, he could always fix it right? He couldn’t think about anything going wrong. They at least knew that the baby was human, at least by physical appearances; internally, was another story.

Tess was another great help. Since she volunteered at the hospital, she was able to become a certified midwife. Therefore, any documents that needed to be drawn up at the time of birth, she could easily do without any suspicion being raised. He really had nothing to worry about; he could do this, but he was nervous as hell.

This was his sister and she needed him. He wouldn’t let her down no matter what. He entered the room and Isabel was in pain. He can see it, hear it for that matter, but he doesn’t let that interfere or break his concentration.

“Max? Is she going to be okay? I mean she’s early and…” Jesse was worried for his wife. They knew that the baby looked human, at least according to Max. Max was able, as well as Isabel, to connect with the baby and not only get a sense of its condition, but also a mental image that flashed into their minds. They had a very good idea that the baby looked human.

“It’s okay Jesse. Max has everything under control.” Michael explained as calmly as possible to Jesse. Both Michael and Tess were assisting Max, who was currently telling Isabel to push one last time.

“It’s a boy!” Max said, holding his nephew in the air and smiling proudly.

“Wow! Max you did great!” Tess said, taking a seat beside Max on his bed some hours later.

“Yeah…it was just amazing, you know. I mean I helped bring Nicholas into this world. I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now. I can’t even describe it,” Max said, lying down on his bed in complete awe of what took place under this roof tonight.

“I know. I’m so proud of you Max. You are always so calm even under the most extreme of circumstances. I mean anything could have gone wrong, and I know for a fact that you would have been able to fix it.” Tess beamed brightly at Max. She knew he was no longer her King not in this life anyway, but she knew without a shadow of a doubt he must have been one amazing King in his past life.

“Thank you Tess. That means a lot coming from you.” He smiled up at her, but what she said next left him speechless.

“I hope that one day you’ll be able to deliver my children Max.” Tess said with a tinge of sadness laced in her words.

“You…you think about that?” He asked her kind of surprised because she had never talked to him about that before. He knew that she dated, but he never thought past the fact that they couldn’t get serious with anyone…ever.

“I do. I know I shouldn’t because of who we are; that’s not going to change. But I can’t help but feel jealous of Isabel. I mean I’m happy for her, don’t get me wrong, but because of an accident she gets to have a chance to become a mother. I’m just stuck.” Max understood exactly what Tess meant; he quickly sat up and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“I know. I’m so sorry Tess. Maybe, one day…just…maybe one day.” He knew there wasn’t anything that could be said to soothe her, so he did the only thing he could; he held her until she feel asleep and then carried her to her bedroom for the night.

When he got back to his room, he was beyond exhausted. He wanted nothing more than to pour himself into bed, which is exactly what he did after turning off his light.

Max was having a hard time sleeping. He usually was so tired from working all day but today was a big day in his life. Today was the first day that Max Evans realized how bad he himself wanted to experience what Isabel and Jesse had. Today was the day Max Evans realized for the first time in his life…that he wanted to have children.

Tonight Max Evans would not sleep peacefully because of his latest revelation. Having children was just another dream that he would never see come true. He would never be able to have that, just as both Tess and Michael would not. They were just…roaming the earth waiting until their time here was over.


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A/N - I know you guys can't wait and I promise it won't be Chapter 20 or 10 for that matter!

Thanks for the great feedback!

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As far as the Artificial Insemniation, yes that would work. However Tess would have a child and still not be fullfilled because she would only have her "brothers" to share that with. Not the same thing as having a child with the man you love and who loves you just the same. Not that I'm knocking it at all, far from it, I don't think they would be thinking about that as on option...seeing as how they are all looking for love. At that point she could have just slept with Max and got the job done with a lot less hassle or testing but that's not the same thing...just so you see where I'm coming from...I hope that made some kind of sense if not...sorry :wink:

I am just in a rambling mood today I guess...Hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 3

“Liz, Josh is here!” Maria yells upstairs to her friend, who has been getting ready with her makeup artistic and hairdresser for the past three hours. If she was late, Kyle is going to be seriously pissed off.

“I’m coming Maria!” Liz was getting infuriated with Maria at this point. She was nervous as it was. She needed to be on her best behavior and she honestly wasn’t so sure she could pull that off right now. Liz was so tense and nothing was helping. In fact, she was pretty sure Matt her hairdresser was about to throw her out the window if she made him change the style one more time.

Finally, she decided it wasn’t going to get any easier and she needed to face the firing squad. The main thing that irritated her wasn’t the pictures people wanted her to take; it was the questions. They kept asking about her and Josh. Personally, Liz liked Josh, a lot, but that didn’t meant it was serious; at least not for her. She couldn’t get serious with anyone, not ever, or so she thought.

“You look beautiful.” Josh said when Liz descended the stairs, which lead into her living room. She smiled shyly. Liz still wasn’t use to people calling her beautiful; Liz never believed that she really was. When she looked in the mirror, she didn’t see anything other than the shell of the person she should have been.

“Thank you. Are you ready to go?” Liz asked Josh, just as Maria entered the room from the kitchen with a bowl of fruit.

“Oh good, your ready. Kyle will be calling in about fifteen minutes if we don’t get there,” Maria said around a mouthful of fruit.

“Real classy Maria,” Liz said while retrieving her purse from the table in the hallway.

“What? I’m hungry Liz. I mean I have to wait around for you for hours on end until you’re somewhat satisfied with your hair and makeup. I don’t know why you try so hard. You are like so pretty without anything at all,” Maria stated honestly. She knows that her best friend doesn’t have a lot of confidence. Being in the public eye, where people sit back and pick apart every single flaw they feel you have, is hard on Liz. Maria knew, however that Liz had thick skin. Liz was tough; she needed to be in that business.

“Enough with the damn compliments! Let’s get this shit over with.” Liz said as she opened the front door, where the limo waited.

“I need a cigarette,” Liz said, looking through her purse hoping that she didn’t leave them back at the house.

“Liz do you really need to smoke?” Josh said a little irritated. He didn’t know why Liz started smoking; he just knew that he hated it.

“Yes I do.” Liz said not even looking up from her search.

“Ah ha! Found it!” Liz said triumphantly; then, she proceeded to light the cigarette.

Maria couldn’t understand the habit, but she spent most of the day with Liz so she was getting used to it. Maria still needed to roll the windows down before she choked.

“Damn! You’re more excited to get a cigarette in your mouth than to see me?” Josh stated hurt laced in his words. He liked Liz, a lot, but lately she was somewhere else. Half the time, she barely acknowledged the fact that he was in the same room with her.

“Yeah, well, it calms my nerves. If you don’t like it, you can go.” Liz said without any remorse. She was getting tired of Josh and his little comments towards her. It’s time to move on, she thought to herself.

“What the fuck does that mean?” Josh turned to Liz not believing what she had said.

“You know what it means. You know where the door is anytime you’re ready,” Liz said while she took in a deep drag of her cigarette. She didn’t even take the time to look at Josh, missing the sadness that made its way across his face.

“Alright, let’s retract the claws and smile for the camera. Liz you need to get yourself in check,” Maria said sternly leaving no room for arguments. Sometimes, she felt like she had a child and that child was Liz.

Liz flicked her cigarette out the window. Then she popped a piece of gum in her mouth and sprayed some perfume on to cover the stale cigarette smell.

The limo pulled up to the red carpet, right on schedule. Kyle approached and opened the door letting Josh out first, followed by Liz.

Liz was highly irritated with Josh but she did a good job of hiding it. They took pictures together and separately. A few minutes later, they were in the building and the party was underway.

“So how was the party?” Maria asks when Liz and Josh get back into the limo.

“It was good. I had a good time actually; we both did.” Liz said with a smile on her face. The smile seemed very believable and Maria believed that Liz was being very serious. She turned and took note of Josh’s face as well. It appeared that things were definitely better than when they had first arrived.

“I’m glad! Now I need to head home after we get dropped off. I’ve got a lot of work done the last few hours but I need sleep desperately,” Maria said wanting to make it clear that she would not be sticking around. Now, Josh and Liz could have some time for themselves.

“Thanks Maria.” Liz smiled and then leaned her head back against the seat to clear her mind. The party was great. She couldn’t wait for the premiere of the movie, which wouldn’t be for a few months. In the meantime, she would be in two smaller independent films until the premiere. After the premiere, she decided that would be when she would take a much-needed vacation.

They made it back to Liz’s house. Maria quickly said goodnight to her and made her way home, which wasn’t far at all. In fact, it was just four houses over. Far enough away to have her privacy but close enough that if Liz needed her, she could be there in less than five minutes.

“So?” Josh knew they had a good time, but he wasn’t sure what frame of mind Liz was in.

“Yeah…I had a great time. Thank you for coming with me and putting up with me,” Liz said and then placed a kiss on Josh’s lips. He quickly responded, wrapping his arms around her and deepening the kiss. Liz pulled away slightly.

“Maybe…we should go upstairs.” Liz said a little hesitant but she felt comfortable with Josh. She turned and proceeded to climb the staircase leading to her bedroom. Once inside the room she removed her shoes, while Josh removed his suit jacket.

They stood before one another both nervous for different reasons. Liz was nervous because she wasn’t too sure about what she was doing. She knew that things would not go far but what if Josh expected them to? Josh, on the other hand, was nervous because Liz had never invited him up to her bedroom before. He was ready to be with her, but they had never discussed it. He wasn’t sure what exactly she was expecting.

Once again, Liz initiated the contact. She placed her hands against his chest and leaned in to kiss him. Josh raised his hand to Liz’s back, trying to get closer to her, and she allowed him to get closer. She was beginning to lose herself in the kiss.

Josh slowly walked them to her bed. When her knees reached the bed, he gently asked her to lie down. Liz complied and then waited for Josh to join her. He laid down next to her, gently running his hands up and down her arms and her stomach anywhere she would allow him to touch. Their breathing began to increase and their kisses grew more demanding. He heard a small moan escape her lips and he couldn’t help himself.

He rolled himself on top of Liz. She reached her arms around his neck and continued to kiss him, enjoying the feel of his lips against hers. He is a good kisser, she thought. Josh’s need for her grew by the second. He took a chance and ran his hand down over the front of her shirt. Liz moaned at the contact. She could feel his arousal press into her thigh and then his hand passed over her breast.

Then, Josh did something unexpected; he rolled off Liz without breaking the kiss and began to slide his hands down her legs and up her skirt. At first, Liz was in such an aroused state that she didn’t realize what was happening. That changed the instant she felt his hand go up her skirt. She pushed him off the bed, hard.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Liz yelled furious as she jumped off the bed.

“Liz! Fuck! What the hell is your problem?” Josh said while getting up from the floor. He didn’t understand this hot and cold moment Liz seemed to be having.

“My problem is I never told you to do that!” She couldn’t believe it. How could he think that sticking his hand up her skirt was okay?

“Excuse me? Liz…you were the one that started this. I figured you wanted to move forward. I guess I was wrong,” Josh sighed dejectedly.

“You’re damn right you were wrong!”

“Look, I’m sorry but you were the one all over me.” Josh said getting angered by the fact that she was blowing the situation out of proportion.

“…All over you?! Stop kidding yourself. A kiss is a hell of a lot different than being all over you. I mean, we don’t even know each other, what made you think I wanted you to touch me like that?” Liz knew she was overreacting but she couldn’t help it.

“I don’t know Liz, maybe because you were moaning! Or maybe it was because you invited me up to your fucking bedroom! Look, I’m not going to stand here and defend my actions to you! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Get out and lose my number!” Liz yelled while marching to her bedroom door, holding it open for Josh to walk out of it.

“Are you serious?!”

“Yes, I am. Get out!” She yelled once again, except this time tears sprang to her eyes, knowing that she would break down any second if he didn’t leave.

“Fine! You know what Liz? You are fucked up! You need help!” Josh said before he walked out of the room.

As soon as Liz heard the front door slam, she sank down to the floor on her knees and cried. She didn’t know why it was happening to her now. She didn’t want to remember but she couldn’t help it. The images were with her while she was awake and while she was asleep; there was no escape.

Sleep would not come that night or any night after that. No matter how much she wanted to forget, she knew she couldn’t. Liz knew that just like she knew that she could never be happy.

She felt as though she would have to live her entire life bitter; just surviving but never knowing what it would be like to really live, if even for just a little while.


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A/N- I know you guys are waiting for Max and Liz to meet and I tell you it's only like 3 or 4 more parts so just sit tight!

I know you all think Liz has gone completely nuts or is on a 24hour PMS fit...but it's neither of the two and of course I can't tell you either...sorry but if you know me you already know you'll get all your answers.

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Chapter 4

“So, Max what do you want to see?” Tess asks entering Max’s bedroom. He had just gotten out of the shower and was trying to find something to wear for tonight.

“I don’t know, whatever you want.” Max said without turning around, standing in front of his closet trying to find his favorite pair of jeans.

“I knew you were going to say that. How about we decide once we get there?” Tess decided it was a losing battle, knowing that he couldn’t decide on a movie. This way, Max would get to make the final decision without thinking he was choosing for her.

“Sounds great! Are you ready?” Max finally turned around to see Tess was already dressed and ready to go.

“Romeo, why don’t you hurry up and get dressed. I’ll wait downstairs for you.” Tess turned and walked out the room, closing the door behind her. Alone now, Max could get dressed. Lord knew that she needed to get out of the room quick; she had no idea Max was just wearing a towel when she entered his bedroom. Too bad he’s like my brother cause he is one fine looking man, she thought to herself.

Ten minutes later, they were in the car headed to the theater. Once they arrived, Tess tried to pretend she wanted to see all the movies; thereby allowing her plan of letting Max decide which movie come into play.

“Tess, why is it you are only this difficult when it comes to movies?” Max asked as he approached the ticket booth.

“I have no idea. It’s just so hard to choose.” Tess lied and slid her arm around his waist.

After the movie was finished, they decided to get some dessert and talk. They went to the local coffee shop, ordered their drinks and took a seat.

“So, how’s it going with Jeremy?” Max asked Tess about her current boyfriend. Tess didn’t date much, but she really liked Jeremy. They had a lot in common.

“It’s going great actually. I really like spending time with him and he’s really good to me.” Tess said happily, thinking about her date last night with him.

Max noticed the expression on Tess’ face change and wondered what it was all about; so he asked, like any good concerned friend would.

“Nothing Max.” She answered too quickly for him.

“Stop the bullshit; tell me.” He pushed for her to open up to him.

“He just said that he liked me. That he hoped it could turn into something more,” she finished sadly. Max knew exactly what Tess was referring to. He wished that he could give her the okay to do it, but he couldn’t. Their lives have been pretty normal, as normal as they could be, because their secret was kept safe. They couldn’t let anyone in, not when their lives depended on it.

Tess knew that there were several things floating around in Max’s head, mainly guilt. She knew that he felt responsible for all of them. Even though he wasn’t King, he had a strong sense to protect them and keep them from experiencing any pain. That, however, was impossible and she told him as much.

“I know. It’s just…it’s as if it’s programmed into me; I can’t help it.” Max smiled slightly knowing Tess knew exactly what he meant. They sat in silence for a little while longer before Tess approached the subject that had been on her mind for the past few days.

“You know Max, you could easily meet her if you wanted to. I just get the feeling you don’t want to,” she said to him not hiding the smirk on her face; especially when she sees him begin to squirm.

“I want to…it’s just that, why?” Tess was slightly confused by Max’s question.


“Yes, why would I put myself through that? Who’s to say she would even want to meet me?” Max said dejectedly. After all, she was Elizabeth Parker, movie star, the most beautiful woman in the world; what would she want with an alien-human hybrid with nothing to offer her? He thought to himself.

“Yeah right!” Tess said dramatically while slamming her hand against the table. Was he serious?

“Max, let me explain something to you okay?”


“Maybe you haven’t realized this yet or not, but you walk into a room…all female eyes are on you. I mean, look at tonight for instance or any other night we go out together. The death glares I get are enough for me to want to walk a few feet behind you.” Tess said truthfully.

“Really?” Max said in disbelief. He never saw that.

“Yes really.” She rolled her eyes exasperatedly.

“Look, it doesn’t matter because I’m not about to bother Cal with my silly mission or whatever.” Max said while standing. It was getting late and he had an early morning at the construction site. Tess rose with him but the conversation was not over just yet, at least not for her.

“Why not Max? I mean he is our protector.” Tess said once they reached the confines of her car.

“Why not? How about because he is our protector; not our Hollywood hookup,” Max stated with a defeated sigh he didn’t want to have this conversation. In fact, he was cursing Michael at that very moment for even saying anything about Liz to anyone.

“You know Max, we have been on this planet for twenty seven years. We haven’t asked him for anything,” Tess said simply stating a fact. Cal Langley was a very popular movie producer but he was also their protector on this planet. He was the one that was sent to earth with them to be sure they were taken care of and kept out of danger.

“I know. I don’t want to start now. He takes care of us financially; hell, we only work because there isn’t anything else to do. Just leave it alone Tess.” Max said leaving no room for argument.

Tess knew what Max was saying was right, but if he could get Max to meet Elizabeth then maybe Max could move on or be satisfied. He deserved it. He never asked for anything, always took care of them and their needs, but it was about time they started doing for him, she thought.

“Okay Max, I’ll leave it alone.” For now, she said that part silently already plotting her next move. Of course that would involved a little recruitment. She knew she could get the approval of Isabel, but Michael that was another story all together. She hoped that Isabel could come up with something.

Later that night, Max laid in bed thinking about what Tess had said about him meeting Liz. As great as it sounded, he knew he would be setting himself up for disappointment. It wasn’t like anything could come from it but heartache for him. She would be perfect and he wouldn’t be able to be with her.

It wasn’t fair and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. The one thing in this world he wanted, he couldn’t have. He had to suffer, watching her from a far. Max had to endure stories about her and her boyfriend, wishing that it were him.

He dreamed of having a life with her. Every night he would have dreams of her and him together. Sharing a life, being happy together. He knew they were only dreams but he treasured each and every one of them.

People might call him a fool, but didn’t everyone dream of meeting a celebrity they liked? The only problem was, Max knew that he could easily make one phone call and he would have his wish. That part was very tempting but that was also what kept him away. Because Max Evans knew that if he ever met Elizabeth Parker, he couldn’t just walk away.


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Since I'm tired as hell I'm dropping this off. I hope you enjoy and thank you guys so much for the feedback I really appreciate and love reading it!

Chapter 5

The next morning, Tess started working on her plan to get Max to meet Elizabeth. Her first stop was Isabel. All she had to do was get Isabel to help convince Michael it would be a good thing for Max. They could take a trip out to LA for vacation, in the process, giving Max his one wish.

“Hey Iz! How are you and Nicky doing?” Tess asked as she entered Isabel’s bedroom. Isabel was currently sitting on the edge of her bed with her son resting comfortably in her lap.

“I’m good Tess…still tired, but I’m good. Thank you for yesterday.” Isabel smiled brightly at Tess. “I was happy to help, but Max did it all you know,” Tess said, laying down the groundwork to ease into the conversation she came to have.

“Yes, I know. I don’t know what we would do without him,” Isabel said honestly. She didn’t know what they would all do if Max wasn’t there to keep them in line and safe. Isabel envied Max for being so selfless. He would do anything for the people he loved.

“I know he does so much for us. He would rather go without then for one of us to be left wanting.” Tess took a seat next to Isabel and ran her fingers through her nephew’s hair and smiled in awe. It was amazing to her that a few short hours ago he was still inside of Isabel waiting to be born. Tess decided not to focus on that for very long.

“So, I was thinking. You know how Max hasn’t really taken any time for himself to do anything he wants? I think I have come up with the perfect solution!” Tess said enthusiastically but when she looked up at Isabel the smile faded from her face.

“Michael will never agree to it Tess.” Isabel already knew what Tess was going to say. Isabel had thought about doing just that several times. However, she knew Michael and she knew her stubborn brother, it was a losing battle.

“Come on Isabel, you have to help me! I mean, Max deserves this one chance and if nothing comes of it then we come home. No harm no foul.” Right? Tess thought to herself.

“And just how do you think you are going to one; get Michael to agree this is a great idea? And two; get Max on a plane thinking this is a great idea?” Isabel was not trying to be pessimistic but she knew the biggest hurdle wouldn’t be Michael, like Tess probably figured. No the biggest hurdle to get over would be Max. After thinking it over a few minutes, Isabel agreed to help.

“No fucking way! Have you both lost your minds?!” Michael jumped off his bed. He couldn’t believe it. They must have been sipping on the bottle again or something because honestly they couldn’t be serious.

“What is wrong with us wanting to do this for Max?” Tess couldn’t understand what the big deal was. They were simply going on vacation or so that’s what they were in the middle of telling Michael.

“Tess, I’m not stupid. I know damn well what you are trying to do here. It’s not going to work. He can’t go there and meet her. Do you know what that would mean for us?!” Michael could understand where Tess was coming from, but Isabel of all people? He just couldn’t believe they were tag teaming him on this one.

“Michael would you just calm down. What is so wrong with Max meeting her just once?”

“Just once? Right! He’s in love with her and he doesn’t even know her. You are not going to be able to drag his ass back if he meets her. And then what happens if something happens between them?” Didn’t they think about that? Michael thought to himself.

“Happen? What would happen? I mean honestly Michael; she is a bitch you said so yourself, she probably won’t even give him the time of day. And maybe that’s for the best, that way he can just get over it.” Isabel said trying to lighten the severity of the situation.

“Isabel, I know Max is your brother. I also know that I’m a guy; but despite that, even I know Max is what girls would call a hottie.” Tess couldn’t keep a straight face and neither could Isabel. Did Michael actually say hottie? Michael however did not find it amusing.

“Hey! I’m being serious. There is no way she wouldn’t fall for him. Let’s not even talk about the fact that if she does fall for him, what that means for our secret.”

“What does it mean if she finds Max to be a hottie?” Tess said as serious as possible but the laughter was evident in her eyes. Isabel couldn’t hold it in any longer. She burst out laughing. Michael simply rolled his eyes.

“It means that he’ll be all over the television, newspapers and magazines. That would not be good. That’s too much exposure; that’s not safe.” Michael was serious; it wasn’t that he didn’t want Max to be happy; all of their lives were at stake.

“Look Michael, we understand what you’re saying. Do you think about what it’s like for him? I mean, do you understand that he is miserable? He, for whatever reason, is obsessed with her and if this would make my brother happy then I’m willing to agree to it. I know it’s not safe for all that exposure, but I think you’re jumping the gun Michael?” Isabel was trying to get Michael to see the big picture, but Michael was not buying it; she could tell by his face.

“Can’t you try and understand a little? Isabel has Jesse and now Nicholas. You and I can date anybody we want but not Max.” Tess pleaded desperately with Michael.

“He has a choice. I can’t help it if he doesn’t want to date anyone.” Michael crossed his arms across his chest he was not budging on this topic.

“No, that’s not why. Max has dated in the past but he was always home early. While he was out, he would call home to check on us. He is on twenty-four hour guard for us; to make sure we are safe and protected. He sacrifices any happiness he may have had with a girl for us. I think it’s only right that we do this one thing for him. We owe it to him.” Tess stood her ground. She knew Michael was stubborn, but she wanted this for Max with all her heart. Isabel could see Michael waver and decided to seal the deal with a few more words.

“Michael, I know you worry about us. You have a weird way of showing it but you still care. And that’s why we need to do this for Max. Michael, he isn’t happy. He’s a shell of himself and the more time that passes, the more he regresses. I’m worried about him; please Michael.” That’s it! That is all it took. Michael lowered his arms and nodded his head. Both Tess and Isabel ran and wrapped their arms around Michael, thanking him by plastering kisses all over his face.

“Alright! I know I’m great but you guys have a problem.”

“What problem?” Tess asked.

“How are you going to get Romeo on the plane?” Tess and Isabel looked at one another then back at Michael and smiled.

“Oh no! I am not going to be the one to convince him!” Michael shook his hands in the air, but knew it was futile. They could get him to do anything they wanted.

“Fine!” Michael left his room in search of Max who was outside in the backyard taking a few laps in the pool.

Max emerged from the pool and wrapped a towel around his waist when he heard someone approaching.

“Hey Michael.” Max turned around and greeted him.

“Hey Maxwell; I need to talk to you about something.” Michael took a seat on one of the lounge chairs still trying to figure out what exactly it is he was going to say to convince Max this is a good idea.

“Sure, what about?” Max was a little confused. He could see Michael struggling with an internal battle and he just hoped that it wasn’t anything too serious.

“I was thinking we need to take a vacation.” Michael figured he’d take the most direct approach without actually coming out with the whole truth.

“A vacation? Okay, sure we can do that if that’s what you want.” Max thought that was actually a great idea.

“Where do you want to go?” Max asked while motioning for Michael to join him back inside the house.

“Oh I don’t know, California?” Michael said as nonchalantly as he could, hoping Max wouldn’t catch on just yet. Unfortunately, Max knew exactly what Michael was suggesting. The part he didn’t understand was why Michael was approaching the subject. He was against anything that had to do with any kind of exposure.

“Really? And how did you come up with this destination?” Max turned and eyed him suspiciously. Michael was not one to squirm under pressure but Max could read him like an open book; he hated that.

“I figured it wouldn’t be far from home since Isabel and Jesse wouldn’t be able to go and well I’ve always wanted to see it.” Michael tried hard but he was pathetic and Max knew exactly what he was doing.

“Isabel! Tess! Get down here now!” Max yelled knowing damn well the both of them were listening intently.

Isabel and Tess jumped when they heard Max’s voice filter through the house. They knew they were in for it, but it was three against one; surely they couldn’t loose.

“Hi Max, how was your swim?” Tess started as both she and Isabel entered the living room.

“Cut the shit Tess. How is it that Michael of all the people in the world would come to me and ask about taking a vacation? To California no less.” Max crossed his arms over his chest. He knew what they were trying to do. He appreciated it, but he had already decided it was a bad idea for himself.

“Max…look we need a vacation, you need a vacation. California is not that far away. You know that Nicky, Jesse and I won’t be able to go so you would still be close enough in case anything happened which it won’t.” Isabel tried to reassure her brother but he was not swaying.

“Look guys I appreciate it, really I do, but I’m not going.” Max sighed in defeat. He wanted to go but knew the prospect of seeing or even meeting Liz was too great. He would not risk his heart like that.

“Besides, we are not going to walk up to Cal’s front door and start asking him for favors.” Max was irritated at that point. He was tired of discussing it.

“Well, then we won’t!” Tess stated firmly. Hell, they were aliens after all. Aliens with powers, surely they could do this without Cal’s Hollywood hookups right? Yes! She thought. They could do this on their own.

“What are you talking about Tess, you need Cal otherwise…” Isabel trailed off and figured out exactly what Tess was referring to. A smile graced both their faces.

“Oh no you two! No! You will not use your powers out in the open like that!” Max knew that this was turning into a loosing battle. Once Isabel and Tess got going on a plan, it was very difficult to get them to drop it.

“Why not? It’s not like I would be so obvious about it; besides, I’d only use them if necessary. Everything else I will do legitimately.” Tess tried to reassure both Max and Michael since she could see both of them were steaming mad.





Back and forth Tess and Max went. Ultimately, Michael was the one to conclude the argument.

“Maxwell, you need to go. You need to meet her once and for all. Then, you’ll find out she isn’t everything you think she is. You’ll find out the hard way that she doesn’t give a damn about you, just herself.” Michael was trying to get Max riled up enough so that he would start defending her to the point where he convinces himself that he needed to go.

“You’re wrong Michael. She will be everything I know she is. And what makes you so sure she couldn’t care about me? I think she could…couldn’t she?” Max turned to look at both Isabel and Tess, who quickly reassured him that Elizabeth could in fact care about him.

“See Michael you don’t know it all,” Max, said triumphantly.

“Whatever you say Maxwell. You’re too scared to even go. This argument is useless. I mean, you defend her but you haven’t even met her; so sorry, but I don’t believe she is anything like you think.” That was it the nail in the coffin.

“Oh really! Well I guess when we get to California I’ll have to show you won’t I?”

“Yes, I guess you will.” Michael said with a smile on his face. Isabel and Tess were jumping up and down with happiness and Max…Well Max Evans just figured out he had played right into their little scheme. Now, he had a newfound determination to prove Michael wrong…to prove the whole world wrong about Elizabeth Parker.


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A/N - Well guys I have some good news on this fic. I will be updating it twice a week. Saturday's and Wednesday's. I just want to say thank you for the great feedback I love reading it and it keeps me writing! Hope you enjoy this part!

Chapter 6

“You okay Max?” Tess asks, her best friend who was staring out of his bedroom window watching the rainfall.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Max said somewhat preoccupied. Tess knew that he was thinking about something but she didn’t know if he was ready to talk about whatever it was. Their trip was coming up in a week. She knew Max was probably nervous.

“You want to talk about it?” Tess took a seat across the room on his bed and waited for him to answer. Max didn’t move, but he did want to talk to Tess; he was just grateful to have someone like her in his life.

“Do you think it’s stupid?” Max asked her knowing that even if it hurts his feelings, she would be honest with him.

“No Max, I don’t. I mean yeah it’s cute that you like her and want to meet her. Like Isabel said, there are people like that all over the world that dream about meeting an actor or singer. Hell, some aren’t even that choosy; just someone famous would fit the bill. Max I won’t discredit your feelings. We’re different; maybe you feel something for her that no one on this earth could possible explain. I mean, we don’t know why we are here; maybe there’s a reason why you are so drawn to her, or maybe it’s just your hormones kicking in.” Tess said jokingly to Max. She was trying to lighten to mood; she didn’t like seeing him so torn.

Max just turned his head to face Tess and then just shook his head and laughed at her comment. “Thank you for understanding,” he said with a smile adorning his face. Tess was happy that she was able to put that smile back on his face. Max then got up and took a seat on the floor at the foot of the bed.

“This is going to sound weird but a part of me wishes that I don’t even see her; that way, she can stay perfect in my mind. It’s like I’ve spent years, as Michael would say, obsessing over her. To finally meet her and be disappointed; would be just devastating you know?” Max looked up into Tess’ crystal blue eyes and saw her nod. Tess raised her hand to brush through Max’s hair; it always soothes him.

“I know what you mean. It’s just something you need to do for yourself. Max, I really hope that if you get a chance to meet her. I promise you this, I will do everything in my power to get that to happen; that she turns out to be everything you ever dreamed of. But if she’s not, it will be okay Max. You are a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have you love them.” Tess didn’t say that out of pity or even jealously. She was simply stating the truth. When they first found out that she was sent to earth to be with Max, she couldn’t have been happier. However, they learned quickly when Max and her tried to be more than friends; it just felt all wrong. They both knew that they could never be anything more than friends but regardless, she loved him just like he loved her.

“I hope so too Tess. Thank you.”

“For what Max? You keep thanking me. I’m only doing what I know you would do for any of us.” Tess smiled and placed a kiss on top of Max’s head before leaving the room.

After Tess left, Max was alone once again with his thoughts. He really did hope that Liz turned out to be everything he believed she would be. But, what if she wasn’t? He really didn’t want to think about that, not because he wasn’t ready to face reality, but he wasn’t ready to let her go.

Max still could not understand why he was so drawn to her. It made no sense. There were lots of girls that he dated. Hell, there were even thousands of other celebrities, but no one made him feel the things he felt when he saw her face or heard her speak. No there was only one Liz for Max; only one beautiful girl’s face that he could close his eyes and picture at any moment.

“Hey Maxwell.” Michael was walking past Max’s bedroom. He saw the door was open and decided to peek his head inside to see how Max was doing.

“Oh, hey Michael. What are you still doing up?”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Oh? Can’t wait for our vacation either?” Max just smiled, knowing he could easily rib Michael.

“Actually Maxwell, I am looking forward to it. I mean two weeks in the sun, beaches, half naked girls; what more could a guy ask for?” Michael said as he laid down on Max’s bed. Max got up off the floor and sat on the bed.

“I just can’t believe three months have passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday; Tess and Isabel were putting their little plan together and now we’re leaving next week.” Max said somewhat upbeat. He needed to make the most of this trip after all.

“You okay?” Michael asked as he eyed the look on Max’s face. It was uncertainty that he saw there.

“Yeah, just thinking you know? It’s like I’ve waited my whole life to even be in the same vicinity as her. Now, I’ll be in the same state. Tess was mentioning something about a premiere? Anyway, it’s just a lot to absorb.” Max said getting a little agitated. On one hand, he couldn’t wait until they got on the plane. On the other, part of him wanted to stay locked in his bedroom forever.

“It will be okay Max. Just calm down, be your charming self. Girls love that shit.” Max turned and eyed Michael suspiciously.
“And what do you know about being charming?” Max asked. He has known Michael all his life and never once did he see Michael act remotely charming towards anyone.

“Hey! I can be charming. I just don’t feel like it. I haven’t found the right girl yet but when I do, I’ll charm the pants off her.”

“I’m sure you will.”

“Get your mind out of the gutter Max.”

“Me? Look, I was simply stating a fact. You are the one that mentioned the removal of an article of clothing.”

“Such a shame Maxwell.” Michael said shaking his head in disbelief.

“What is?”

“They could have made me King but instead they chose you. I mean, what were they thinking? You are too sensitive. Your mind is always so damn cluttered with sexual fantasies.”

“Sexual fantasies? What are you talking about? I’m not the one that has a girl in his room every night.” Max rebutted in disbelief.

“So, I get lonely. There is nothing wrong with seeking the attention of some poor lonely human.” Michael tried to defend himself.

“A different girl every night. Is that really necessary?”

“I’m trying to broaden my horizons.” Michael answered with a knowing smirk on his face.

“You’re trying to broaden something alright; horizons have nothing to do with it.” Max answered and received a pillow in his face.

“See Michael. That is why they made me King.”

“Yeah, why’s that?”

“Because I’m more mature than you.”


“Ha? What does that mean?” Max crossed his arms over his chest waiting to hear what Michael had to say to that.

“That means, you drool over a girl on television and in movies. You have pictures of her in your room. You swoon over her every night.”

“I do not swoon!”

“Oh, but you do everything else?” Michael knew he cornered Max and he loved it.

“Payback Michael. Just remember what they say about it.” Max warned. He would get Michael back for everything.

“Do I need to come in here and referee?” Isabel said as she entered Max’s room, holding her son against her chest.

“Hey Iz.” Both Michael and Max said simultaneously.

“Boys.” Isabel raised her eyebrow at them. They both started laughing.

“So, how’s he doing?” Michael asked.

“Good. Sleeping a little better, which is great.” Isabel said while placing a kiss on her son’s head. Michael walked up and dropped a kiss on his nephew’s cheek before saying goodnight and exiting the bedroom, leaving Isabel with Max to talk. Isabel had already mentioned that she would be by to see Max that night after dinner.

Max approached Isabel and extracted his nephew from his sister’s arms to hold him while sitting on the bed.

“He’s so beautiful Isabel.” Max said in awe.

“Thank you Max.” Isabel took a seat next to her brother. She could feel his anxiousness roll off of him in waves. She just wanted to try and help calm his nerves a little.

“So, next week huh?”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.” Max knew that Isabel had pushed hard to make this happen. He was grateful, but terrified at the same time. After talking with Michael and Tess, he was feeling a little better about the entire situation.

“Are you really Max?” Isabel asked him truthfully.

“Yes Iz. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel like puking my brains out every five seconds.” Max smiled and laughed a little looking at his sister.

“I’m glad. Max, I want to you to go and have a great time. If it happens it happens; if not, it’s okay. I…”

“It’s okay Iz. Thank you. I know what you mean. Trust me, I’ll be fine.”

“I just don’t want to see you hurt.” Isabel said sadly.

“I won’t be. Besides, everyone is jumping all over this Liz thing. I’m almost positive I won’t even meet her. What are the odds?” Max asked because to him, the odds were against him. Who was he after all? Nobody, that’s who; at least to everyone on this earth.

“You’re right Max.” Isabel didn’t want to tell him what Tess already had planned to insure; that Max would at least be in the same room with Elizabeth. So, she kept that to herself and bid her brother goodnight.

After Isabel left, Max decided he would flip through the television until he fell asleep. As soon as he turned it on, he saw a re-run of one of those entertainment shows. They were speaking with Elizabeth regarding her upcoming movie, which would premiere sometime next week.

Coincidentally, around the same time, they would be arriving in California. Unbeknownst to Max, he would also be attending that very same premiere, with a little help from his best friends.


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Thank you so much for the great feedback...I'm glad you see your anticipation of their meeting! I also have to give a big thank you to my beta Ellie (Earth2Mama) cause yeah I've been bombarding her with chapters...and...don't tell her but I sent her 10 and she thought that was alot...well I have 3 more on my hard drive...but SHH don't tell her :twisted: Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 7

“Maria?!” Liz called out from the kitchen where she was popping some popcorn.

“Yes Liz?!” Maria yelled back from the living room couch.

“Did you call the dress maker and confirm that they would have it ready for Tuesday?”

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s.” Maria rolled her eyes. Did Liz think she was an amateur at movie premieres?

“Are you sure they aren’t going to fuck it all up?” Liz said as she entered the living room, taking a seat beside her best friend.

“Yes Liz, don’t worry. I have it all under control. In fact, I’m stopping by tomorrow to pick it up; you can try it on to make sure it fits.” Maria tried to reassure her friend. She knew was just nervous about the movie. Maria couldn’t understand why Liz would get so anxious about it. She had yet to make a flop at the box office and her career was far from over.

“It will be okay Liz.”

“I know, I just can’t help it because I feel like one day I’m going to make a movie and everyone will hate it…hate me.” Maria reached out a hand to stroke her friend’s arm. She knew Liz was very insecure with herself, always had been. She had no idea just how beautiful she was. Maria wondered if anyone in this world would be able to convince her friend of that.

“Girl, you have no idea what people see when they look at you. One day I know you will understand what it is that people love about you. I know you feel lost honey, but it’s going to get better. I can feel it,” Maria said hoping to cheer Liz up. Liz however just rolled her eyes. Maria had probably been to see her psychic that morning. That is what she would rely on everyday, and Maria truly believed every word of it.

“Oh really? And did she tell you when I would meet my prince charming finally?” Liz said sarcastically.

“Yes, she did! I’m not sharing that information with you; I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise,” Maria stated as if she really knew but was of course completely lying, her psychic told her good things are happening in the near future, and Maria would be happy about that news, that is if her psychic didn’t tell her that at least three times a month.

“You’ll see Liz. You’ll see.” Maria turned back to face the television and Liz simply threw a piece of popcorn at her friends hair.

“Real mature.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too.” Liz smiled mischievously then turned back to the television.


“Max are you done yet?” Michael called into his friend’s room; they needed to pack up the van waiting to take them to the airport.

“Yes! I’m almost done.” Max yelled through his door. Truth of the matter was he had been ready since last week when he finished packing. Last night, he didn’t sleep at all. He was too anxious about leaving and possibly meeting Liz.

There was a small knock at his door and he yelled for whomever it was to enter. “Hey Iz.”

“Max, are you procrastinating again?” Isabel knew her brother and she knew he was terrified of what might happen when he got to California. She knew, however, that no matter what he would make it. She only wanted him to be happy.

“You know me Iz. They’re all waiting aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are. Now come on Max and have a great time.” Isabel started to cry; she was going to miss her brother. Since the time they were young, they were never away from each other longer than a few days.

“I’ll call you everyday.”

“No, you won’t Max. You will be on vacation. I want you to enjoy it and you better not be in that damn hotel room!” Isabel reprimanded her brother. She knew that was exactly what he would do. However, she had faith that Tess and Michael would keep him in check and very occupied.

“Yes mother. Love you Iz.”

“Love you too! Now don’t go breaking too many hearts.” Max just blushed and slung his bag over his shoulder, making his way towards the front door.

“You okay?” Tess leaned over her seat to check on Max who had been silent since the plane took off.

“Yeah, I’m good. Thanks.” Max offered her a small smile.

“It’s going to be great! You’re going to love it.” Tess tried to cheer him up, but it was useless. She could feel the anxiety, fear and longing roll off of him in waves. She decided she would leave him alone for now. As soon as they landed, she needed to work on her plan to get them into the premiere in two days.


“Maria? This cannot be the right dress!” Liz yelled from her bedroom down the hall to her friend.

“Yes, it is Liz!”

“No! It’s not. It’s just…all wrong. I’m going to look like shit!” Maria walked down the hall, into her friend’s bedroom and watched her try on her dress for the premiere the next day.

“Liz, it looks so good on you!” Maria wasn’t lying. The dress was exquisite.

“I don’t have anything to hold this shit up! I thought they were adding straps or something!” Liz was getting really fussy; she knew it, but today had been a bad day. She had good days and bad days. Today, however, was definitely on the top of the list of all time bad days.

“I hate it!”

“Liz, you don’t hate it. You tried it on already and you loved it. It’s perfect for you! So, stop it.” Maria tried to calm her friend down. She thanked the heavens above for the simple fact that Liz did not always act like this if she did; Maria would have surely killed her already.

“I’m sorry Maria. I just I need to be alone right now.”


“Maria…please?” Liz pleaded with her softly. She was ready to have a nervous breakdown at any moment now.

“Liz? Why don’t you tell me what’s going on? I’m your best friend. No matter what it is, I’m here for you.”

“I can’t Maria. I wish I could, but I can’t…I’m sorry.”

“I wish you would. I just want to help you.”

“I don’t need help Maria. I need…I just…I want to be happy.” Maria quickly crossed the room and wrapped her arms around her friend, holding her while she cried. Maria said a silent prayer for someone out there to hear her and send help…soon.


They had been in LA for one day. Tess had already been shopping since that’s what she wanted to do as soon as she got there. They were now waiting for room service to arrive when there was knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” Tess said since she was closest to the door. When she swung it open, however, it was the last person she expected to see.


“That’s right! Live and in the flesh…well, live anyway.” Cal entered the hotel suite. Shortly thereafter, both Michael and Max entered with surprised looks on their faces.

“Cal? What are you doing here?” Max asked wondering how if they didn’t call him, how he knew they were there.

“I should be asking you the same thing your Majesty.”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t call and tell me you would be here. How am I supposed to protect you if you keep me in the dark?” Cal crossed his arms over his chest.

“If I didn’t call you, how the hell did you know we were here then?” Max challenged him. Cal knew he was caught. Truth of the matter, he knew where they were at all times; it was his job after all.

“Oh hell! Alright, fine; I always know where you are. Seriously though, you need to contact me when you move around like that. You’re split right now and it makes my job a little bit tougher.”

“So, what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to know what you were here for.”

“Vacation!” Tess piped in; she didn’t want this turning into a long conversation about what they could and could not do. She had a goal and hell would freeze over before someone ruined it.

“And you chose LA?” Cal already knew what they were there for. It was up to them to find what they were all looking for.

“Yes, it’s bright and sunny!” Tess was failing miserably and she knew it, but she was trying her hardest.

“Alright then. I’ll just say be careful and watch your backs. Your Majesty, may I talk to you for a moment…alone?” Max nodded and both Tess and Michael left the room, giving them some privacy. Although it really didn’t matter since Max would tell them later anyway.

“Yes?” Max waited for his lecture…except he never received it.

“Your Majesty, I only have one thing to say to you.”

“And that is?”

“Your destiny is about to change. Just be sure the road you chose to travel down is the right one. Once you chose, you can never go back.” Cal then turned on his heels and exited the hotel room, leaving Max wondering just what the hell he was talking about.

TBC…Saturday (if I hold out that long - yes finally the inital *meeting*)

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A/N - I know...WTF? Did Cal mean?! Well I will say that some of you are on the right track in thinking, particularly Frenchkiss70 (Tiph, somehow you manage to pick up on my thought process the fastest!) Cal isn't the same one from the show...obviously, he only has a few parts and they will be cryptic. They are for Max to figure out. So here goes the part you have been waiting for. Oh! One more thing...things will move quickly with our lovely just be ready :twisted:

Chapter 8

“Tess? Where the hell did you get these?” Michael asks as Tess hands both him and Max press passes for that nights premiere and after party.

“Well, let’s just say I wiggled my fingers and poof! There they were!” Tess smiled brightly. She was glad she was able to pull it off. She was having a tough time trying to find out what they looked like. She had to scour the area that morning just to get a glimpse of what the passes looked like so that she could manipulate them.

“What were they before you changed them to passes?” Max asked with an amused smile on his face. After all, he couldn’t be mad; how else did he expect her to get the passes?

“They were brochures for the hotel.” Tess shrugged, walking past the both of them.

“Where are you going now?” Michael asked. He was still very hesitant about the whole plan. What if they got caught? Tess was set in her ways so Michael would just have to sit back. He knew how important it was to her to do this for Max. If he really stopped and thought about it, he was actually very excited to get to go to a Hollywood premiere. He knew it was definitely a once in a lifetime chance, so he decided he would stop complaining and just observe the situation.

“To find something for the two of you to wear.”

“What do you mean? I mean, can’t we just wear jeans and…” Michael stopped when Tess burst out laughing.

“What the fuck is so funny?” Michael crossed his arms over his chest.

“Michael, you need to wear nice pants…a shirt…a tie.” Tess rushed out the last part. Max just stood by watching, knowing exactly what was coming next. Under no circumstances did Michael ever dress up…ever. Max knew that, so watching the reaction coming from him was priceless.

“Wait! What are you talking about?” Tess was already running from the room. Her soft blonde curls bouncing as she made her escape. “Nothing!” She yells from Michael’s bedroom. Michael was making a mad dash for the room when a slight tug from Max’s hand stopped him.

“What?! Come on Maxwell there is no fucking way I’m going to wear a tie or dress pants!” Michael pleaded with Max to make this situation better. However, by look in Max’s eyes, Michael knew it was once again a losing battle.

“You have to Michael.”

“Fine! But you will pay and so will she!” Max released him and followed him back to the bedroom where Tess was currently ransacking their suitcases.

“You didn’t pack anything other than jeans and shorts?! What the hell! I mean do I have to do everything around here?!” Tess said throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation. Now they were going to have to go shopping; they really didn’t have too much time left.

“Let’s go boys!” Tess stormed past them, grabbing her purse from the couch and stood at the open door waiting for them to follow.

“We don’t want to go shopping.” Max whined. He was so sick of shopping. After yesterday’s all day shopping extravaganza, he was done for the year.

“Maxwell Phillip Evans and Michael James Guerin, get your asses outside this door!” Tess bit out through clenched teeth leaving no room for argument. The boys of course followed but very reluctantly to say the least.



“In here Maria!”

“Oh my God! Liz you look absolutely breathtaking.” Maria covered her mouth with her hand. She was not exaggerating at all. Liz looked beautiful there was no denying it.

“You think?” Liz looked at herself in the mirror once again. She thought she looked pretty, but breathtaking?

“I wish you could see it.” Maria finished sadly and approached her best friend placing her arms gently on her shoulders.

“Thank you Maria.” Liz turned around and hugged her best friend. She knew that she should really just tell her what’s been bothering her, but she was ashamed. She didn’t want her to think badly about her. Liz swore to herself that she would never tell a living soul her secret.

“Ready?” Maria knew Liz was in deep thought but she didn’t want her getting depressed on a really big night for her friend.

“As ready as I’m going to be.” Liz smiled and they both made their way downstairs, outside to their waiting limo.

Once they reached the theatre, the limo door opened to reveal Elizabeth to the press. The flashes from the cameras went off by the hundreds and people were calling her name left and right. Even though she had been doing this for years, this part was always so unnerving for her. She usually walked down with her mother, but now she did the walk alone. It was times like this she really wished she had her mother still. She would just lift Liz’s spirits and make her remember that there was always something to smile about.

Almost reaching the end of the red carpet, Liz felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up at attention. It was as if someone was watching her. What was she thinking? Of course there were thousands of people watching her; she was probably just being paranoid.

What she didn’t know was that a certain secret admirer had been watching her every move since she exited the limo.


She was by far the most exquisite human being he had ever laid eyes on. She flowed down the carpet with a beautiful smile on her face. When the limo doors opened, he saw just a small glimpse of her, but he felt his knees buckle slightly. His breathing had become more difficult; his heart was racing a mile a minute. She was breathtaking, that was the only word he could use to describe her.

She walked right past him; she didn’t notice him of course. Why would she? He thought to himself. It didn’t matter right now, self pity aside, he would absorb as much as he could of her. He tried to memorize everything about her at that moment; from her long silky thick brown hair, to her perfectly shaped round eyes, to her beautiful smile and perfect teeth. He even went so far as to memorize the dress she was wearing; it was a light blue strapless floor length gown. It looked so soft. Max wanted to run his hands over it just once; he bet that her skin was just as soft, if not softer. He sighed internally knowing this was the reason why he never wanted to meet her, never wanted to get too close. He could feel himself getting sucked in and he knew he was defenseless to stop it.

“Maxwell, we need to get our asses inside.” Michael leaned over and whispered to his friend, who was practically drooling over Elizabeth. Not that Michael could blame him; the girl was a fox, there was no denying it, but that didn’t mean he wanted to be carted off to jail for her either.

“Max, Michael is right; we need to get inside.” The three of them slowly made their way to the entrance and were stopped by security. Up until this point, they have not used their powers for anything but the passes. If that didn’t work, Tess would not be deterred. She would use her real powers if she had to. She really didn’t like using them at all, seeing as how they got this far without using them; she was not going to turn back now. The security guard looked over their passes and then at them once, twice and then called someone else over. They were all getting worried.

Max gently squeezed Tess’ arm silently telling her to wait. Max knew that Tess was ready, willing and able to use her powers to change the security guards minds, but knew that it would only be a last resort. Using her ability to mind warp someone into either seeing or thinking something that isn’t really true or there took a lot of her energy and he would not risk her safety just to get into the theater.

“Go ahead.” The security guard finally let them through and they all breathed a sigh of relief.

“That movie was great!” Both Tess and Max agreed once they got back in their rental car in route to the after party. Michael had yet to pipe in on his thoughts. Inside he knew that he loved the movie but he didn’t want to say it out loud for fear of being made fun of.

“Oh you know you loved it Michael.” Tess ribbed him knowing damn well Michael enjoyed it. He even laughed a few times; that never happens because Michael is a hardcore action movie watcher.

“Whatever.” Michael shrugged and they left him alone after that. No need to get him all riled up before the party.


Who are they? Maria thought to herself from the corner of the room. The after party was in full swing. She was just about to cross the room to talk to Liz, but three people she had never seen in her life entered the room. Her reaction was to call security but when she saw two of the most gorgeous guys she had ever seen, she decided to sit back and watch from a far.

She knew they weren’t with the press. She had known the press long enough and knew damn well they were not it. She watched as the pretty petite blonde stood between the two guys. One was tall with adorable features and sandy brown hair that looked as if it needed to be trimmed but fit him perfectly, she thought. The other was not as tall but tall in his own right with dark raven hair, beautiful features and perfect hair. Funny how they were the exact opposite, but they seemed like they were really close just by watching their actions.

“What are you looking at?” Kyle came over when he saw Maria staring at something or rather someone.

“Look at those three over there.” Maria motioned her head over to Max, Michael and Tess. When Kyle turned to look, however, he couldn’t take his focus off the beautiful blonde. He wondered if one of them was her boyfriend because he would sure like to get to know her.

“Do…do you want me to call security?” Please say no! Kyle shouted in his head; he wanted an opportunity to see just who that blonde was.

“No, don’t. Just wait.” They both continued to watch the three across the room, who still hadn’t noticed that they had been caught.


“Michael, would you tone yourself down?” Tess hissed out. It was bad enough that most of the girls’ attention in the room were focused on Max and Michael the second they walked in. But while Max simply tried to avoid eye contact with any of them, Michael was throwing out winks left and right.

“What? I’m just blending?” Michael shrugged his shoulders and continued to search the room for a fresh piece of…

“Michael, Tess is right. Would you stop hitting on every girl?” Max couldn’t believe it. Michael, of all people; the one who said they have to keep a low profile. Yeah low profile my ass, Max thought.

“Oh shit!”

“What?!” Both Tess and Max turned to face Michael.

“We are so fucking busted!” They all looked like a deer caught in the headlights when both Tess and Max turned to follow Michael’s line of vision. Sure enough, Maria and Kyle were staring at them knowingly.

“What the fuck do we do now?” Michael turned to Max panicked.

“You’re asking me Romeo? Were you not just thinking about your next meal a few minutes ago?” Max turned to Michael.

“No time to argue. We need to think of something quick.” Tess interrupted when she saw a blonde and damn fine looking guy approaching them.

“Hi.” Maria piped in first.

“Uhm hi!” Tess said a little too cheerful.

“And you are?” Kyle asked Tess. He knew he was flirting big time and of course the other two guys did not look happy about it. He just hoped that one of them wasn’t her boyfriend.


“It’s nice to meet you Tess.” Kyle said reaching out his hand to hers. Tess didn’t know what to do. She was lost in his blue eyes, so she returned the hand gesture. Michael cleared his throat breaking the moment.

“We were just leaving.” Michael quickly said. He knew they were busted and it was not looking good from his view.

“Leaving? Why? I mean you just got here.” Oh shit! Maria thought. She was not supposed to say that out loud. She saw Michael raise his brow in question.

“I mean, we all just got here a little while ago. I’m Maria by the way.” Since neither guy was forthcoming, Tess decided to do the introductions.

“This is Max and Michael.” Aha! So he’s Michael, Maria thought.

Michael, on the other hand, was trying hard not to stare at the gorgeous blonde in front of him with the greenest eyes he had ever seen.

“Maria, what are you doing? I thought…” Liz had searched the entire room for her friend. She finally spotted her in the corner of the room with Kyle, talking to two guys and a girl. She couldn’t make out who they were since their backs were facing her. She decided to find out what was going on. When she did, she came in contact with the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her life.

At that moment, the room went silent as their eyes met for the first time. His eyes bore into her soul; hers into his. No one else existed, just the two of them. Who is he? Liz wondered.

Breathe. Just breathe Max. She’s standing here, in front of me. She’s staring straight into my eyes, Max thought to himself.

They didn’t blink; they simply stood there a few feet from each other and studied one another, memorizing each others faces, locking this moment in their minds to keep forever.

The moment did not miss the attention of the small group. They wondered just what the hell was happening.

Only when they heard the sound of someone clapping in the background, did the staring match end. Max tried to wet his parched throat. Liz tried to get her breathing and heart back to normal. No one had ever affected her that way.

“Liz…I’d like you to meet, Michael, Tess and Max.”

“Max.” Liz whispered his name and it did not go unheard by Max.

Did she just sigh my name? No, that’s just my imagination, he thought.

“Hi.” Tess reached out her hand. She had to admit, Max was right; the girl was flawless and didn’t seem bitchy at all. Maybe people were wrong about her after all.

“Hi. It’s nice to meet all of you. I’m sorry but we need to get going.” Liz finished sadly. She had just found him and now she had to leave. The look of desperation did not go unnoticed by Maria.

“Yes, we have to go but ah Liz? Can you just wait for me outside; I need to use the ladies room.”

“Sure. Bye. Again, it was really nice meeting you.” Liz gave a shy smile and wave before she turned to leave with Kyle, who had already said his goodbyes.

“Bye Liz.” They all said in unison, watching her walk away.

“So, where are you guys staying? Or do you live here?” Tess tensed up a little at the questions, but surprisingly Michael spoke up.

“We don’t live here; we’re here on vacation. We are staying at the Northgate Hotel.” Tess and Max’s heads both snapped in Michael’s direction. Wasn’t he the one who was always about keeping low profile? Tell no one anything about them? They just didn’t understand his sudden change; divulging everything about them to Maria.

“Oh, that’s a really nice hotel. Well, I have to get going. Nice meeting you; maybe we’ll see each other again real soon.” Maria winked before turning and heading outside.


After leaving the party, shortly after Liz, Maria and Kyle had, they made their way back to their hotel for the night.

Max hadn’t really said too much in the past hour, so Tess and Michael decided to just check up on him. Tess knocked lightly on his bedroom door.

“Come in.” Max was lying down on his back staring at the ceiling. He was going over in his mind the fact that tonight was officially one of the best nights of his life.

“So, you got to see her. Is she everything you thought she would be like?” Michael asked standing in the doorway.

“No.” Max answered emotionlessly.

“No?” Both Tess and Michael asked. They were confused; even they saw how beautiful she was.

“No. She was more.” Max sighed and closed his eyes. Both Tess and Michael exchanged small smiles before leaving, closing the door behind them.

To Max, she was perfect. Her voice was angelic. He couldn’t wait to dream of her tonight. Somewhere deep inside, he wished that tonight he wasn’t the only one dreaming.

TBC…I will post another part on Saturday cause you guys are so great to me :wink:

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A/N - I'm glad you guys enjoyed their's the next part and I left you guys a little note at the end :wink: Thanks for the great feedback makes it all worth while!

Chapter 9

The next morning, Tess rolled out of bed and wanted nothing more than to stay there. However, there were things that needed to be done. For instance, she needed to find a way to get Max and Liz to meet again. After all, their first quick meeting went better than expected. The look that crossed between Max and Liz was undeniable, especially to anyone that witnessed it; there was just something about the two of them together.

After she showered, Tess decided she needed to wake the boys up or they would just sleep all day. Making her way to Max’s room first, she figured she’d start there; Max was a hell of a lot easier to wake up than Michael.

“I don’t want to get up; just leave me.” Max said from underneath his pillow. He had the best dream last night and wanted to see if he could get back to where it left off.

“Max come on, I’m hungry.” Tess said while pulling the covers off of his body.

“Don’t!” Max yelled and pulled the covers back against his body.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Tess looked confused; she was simply trying to get him out of bed to help her wake Michael up.

“I’m naked under here,” Max said while rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Tess just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Not that she thought of Max that way but she was a woman after all. The way she looked at it was, what girl wouldn’t want to see a naked man as fine as him?

“Sorry Max. I didn’t know. Look can you just hurry up. I’d like to have breakfast while it’s still morning?” Tess waited with her hands on her hips for Max to answer since it seemed as though he was making no attempt to move.

“Oh alright! Damn, can’t I get one day in bed? I’m supposed to be on vacation, relaxing and…” Just then there was a loud knock on the hotel door.

“Expecting company?” Tess turned and smirked at Max before running off to answer it.

“Room Service!” The gentleman from behind the door yelled when no one answered his first knock. So, he knocked again this time a little harder.

“I’m coming!” Tess yelled as she rounded the corner of the hotel suite and ran straight into Michael.

“Whoa! Where’s the fire?” Michael said as he steadied Tess on her feet.

“What the hell are you doing up?”

“I heard a knock.” Michael shrugged and made his way to the door. Tess stood there in shock. Since when does Michael hear anything in his sleep? She thought.

“Are you serious?!” Michael shouted from the living room area. Both Tess and Max had managed to make their way into the room a few seconds later. They all watched as three gentlemen pushed in three carts of food.

“W-who ordered this? Michael?” Tess turned and she already got her answer just by the look on his face. She turned to Max who just shrugged; he had no idea who ordered all that food.

“Miss…there is a note for you,” one of the men turned to Tess and answered. Tess had turned to get her purse to pay them a tip, but they shook their heads and said it was all paid for.

“Read the note.” Michael said to Tess.

“I would Michael but where the hell is it?” They searched the table and Max was the one who found it. He opened it and read…

Since I didn’t know what you all liked, I ordered one of everything on the menu. It was really nice meeting you yesterday, but far too brief. After breakfast, get dressed. A limo will meet you outside to take you on a tour of the town…Hollywood Style. After that, I am inviting you all for lunch. The limo will take care of getting you there as well.


“Let me see that.” Michael said as he practically climbed over Tess to get the note from Maria out of Max’s hands.

“Oh? Does someone have a crush?” Max teased.

“No! I just wanted to see what her handwriting looked like.” Michael shrugged and both Tess and Max looked at one another, mouthed “handwriting” and then laughed.

“Fuck off! We need to hurry up; we don’t want to miss the limo,” Michael said while lifting a plate in his hands and began to eat.

“Right Michael that would be a tragedy,” Max continued with his ribbing. Michael continued to ignore him, shoving food down his throat.

Almost two hours later, the limo showed up at the hotel. Max, Tess and Michael had waited in the lobby; Michael had insisted that they wait there so they didn’t miss it.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I mean, I didn’t even have to try and it’s all working out!” Tess stated in the limo. She was wracking her brain for hours last night trying to figure out how to get Max and Liz together again; not mention the fact that she wouldn’t mind seeing Kyle again, but that was beside the point. Now she wouldn’t have to do anything.

“Calm down Tess. You might pop a vein or something from smiling so much.”

“Laugh now Michael, but when you see Maria you are gonna be drooling again!” Tess said and slapped Michael on the arm. They continued back and forth for a few minutes when they both noticed that Max was quite for the entire ride.



“You doing alright over there?” He was looking out the window, thinking about Liz. He was going to see her again and he couldn’t wait. At the same time, he was terrified. What would he say to her? Would she even want him there? Of course that would mean that Liz would have to be there. Maybe it was just going to be Maria. Max slowly started to spiral back down into a depressed state.

“Max, it’s okay.” Tess tried to comfort him but she wasn’t sure what was going on in his head. She knew that he wouldn’t talk about it in front of Michael. He was private and even though he loved Michael like a brother, that didn’t mean that he wanted to air his fears to Michael. He never liked to come off weak to people; after all, in his previous life he was a king.

“I know Tess. I’m just thinking you know?”

“About what man? I mean you saw her, she seemed decent and she was a fox!” Michael said while playing with the DVD player.

“Can you stop saying that about her Michael?” Max finished somewhat irritated. He felt total possession over Liz and it was growing by the minute. Where did that come from? He thought to himself.

“What? That she was decent or a fox?” Michael obviously didn’t notice the tone of Max’s voice the first time, however Tess had.

“Michael, back off the fox thing. Okay?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Michael knew that it was getting to Max, but he meant no disrespect. He would do anything for Max. He was not beyond hurting anyone that hurt him.

After that minor altercation, the rest of the limo ride was in complete silence. After the tour of different main attractions, the limo driver advised them that he would be bringing them to the Parker residence.

Max went back to a complete state of panic. What was he going to do now that he knew for sure he would be seeing Liz again? What would they talk about? Would she be as anxious to see him as he was her? Max knew it would be a long car ride to her house.


“Maria! Have you lost your entire mind?!” Liz shouted from inside her closet, which took up one entire room in itself. Maria had just told her that Max, Tess and Michael were on their way over for lunch. What the hell was she going to wear? Today was not a good day for her; she barely got any sleep, she had bags under her eyes and a whole fucking closet full of nothing to wear! She was going to have a breakdown soon and it would not be pretty. Although she wanted to see Max again, what would she say to him? He would probably think she was a basket case. What if he didn’t think about her at all?

Maria saw the look of complete devastation cross her best friends face and quickly rushed to her side, embracing her. “Calm down Liz. Max seems really nice; they all do and besides you are not going to be alone, Kyle and I will be here.” Maria tried to offer as much support as she could to Liz.

“Besides, he was hot!”

“Maria! Would you get your mind out of the gutter for one second and help me here?” Liz just rolled her eyes heavenward; she needed Maria to be serious for one minute, was that too much to ask?

“What? Girl I haven’t had a date in…well too long put it that way. I will say that if they are related, then they definitely emptied the gene pool. Not only is Max gorgeous, Michael is a fine piece of man if I do say so. I mean even Tess, she’s like…”

“Perfect.” Liz finished sadly. Tess was perfect. She was beautiful with her big bouncy blonde curls, crystal blue eyes, a perfect body, and what seemed to be a great personality. What if she was Max’s girlfriend? The thought made Liz sick…literally. She went running for the bathroom.

“Liz? Babe, are you okay?” Maria was almost knocked off her feet by Liz who made a quick dash for the bathroom.

“I’m just kidding myself Maria. I don’t know him and even if I get to know him, this won’t lead to anything.” Liz rinsed her mouth and dried off her face, turning the light off behind her and made her way into her bedroom.

“Why do you say it won’t lead to anything?” Maria took a seat beside Liz who was seated at the edge of her bed.

“Because it won’t; it can’t and I won’t let it!” Liz said with a determination Maria had seen very often. It was the determination that said, “No matter what, I will do things my way and if people get hurt…so be it.” It wasn’t right, but Maria didn’t know how to reach Liz when she was on that level of thinking.

“Why? I mean what if he’s the one? Would you just let him go?”

“Yes,” Liz said without a flinch.

“Yes? Liz listen to yourself. Do you want to be alone for the rest of your life? Don’t you want a family or just someone to hold you and be there for you?” Maria craved that but knew that until she actively sought out someone to share her life with, she would be alone at least for the time being.

“It’s not real Maria. Love is not real.”

“Yes, it is. You love your mother, right?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Then you believe in love.”

“That’s not what I mean; she’s my mother and I will always love her. I’m talking about the love between a man and a woman, it’s not real. It can’t be.”

“Why not? Because your father was an asshole to your mother and left? Or because you’re too scared to put yourself out there?”

“I’m not scared Maria; I’m terrified to put myself out there. Why do the people that you love, that are supposed to love you in return, hurt you the most? That’s not love Maria; it’s just a game people play to pass the time. I for one am not wasting my time with it,” Liz finished sharply and stood to resume her task of finding something to wear.

Maria didn’t know what else to say. Instead, she just decided to pick up the discarded clothing around the room and then check on lunch.


Why does she have to push me on everything lately? Liz thought to herself while putting the finishing touches on her outfit. She couldn’t decide what to wear, and finally decided on a pair of comfortable dark blue jeans, red tank top and sneakers. After all, there wasn’t anyone to impress. It was her house and she should feel comfortable she thought while making her way down the hall to the staircase leading into the living room.

The guests had arrived but Liz didn’t rush to greet them. As much as she lied to herself about not caring about seeing Max, she did with every fiber of her being. She wanted to look into his eyes again. She wanted to hear his voice and even hear him laugh. The amount of things she wanted from this man, a man she knew nothing about, was limitless. She just hoped that when the time came, she could stick to her choice and let him go without a second thought.

TBC…because I know I'm leaving you guys hanging again...I'll post another part on Monday :wink: