Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult)chpt 15 1/9/09 ~Complete~

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Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult)chpt 15 1/9/09 ~Complete~

Post by jake17 » Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:52 pm


Title: Relentless Obsession
Author: jake17
Rating: Adult
Coupling: L/M
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell …just my dreams of beautiful Max Evans.
Summary: Max comes from another world far away and is swept into an obsession he cannot control a desire he cannot escape from. How much will he risk to satisfy this unyielding need to possess this beautiful girl he has only begun to know.

Chapter 1.

He watches through her window with a burning curiosity that has driven him to defy the rules and risk his life and the lives of the ones he loves.

His forehead hits the window pan as she pulls her uniform from her body revealing her young untouched form to him.

He lets out a shaky breath as he places his hand on the glass. His need to touch her is desperate and unyielding.

Night after night he comes to her… watching in the dark… hiding in the shadows.

At first he told himself that it would be enough just to watch …just to be near her.

Deep down inside he knew that this was a lie… something he told himself to justify his betrayal…his lies.

It all began a few months ago. He was chosen from his class along with five others to cross the galaxy to visit this beautiful primitive planet of which the inhabitants called Earth.

He was part of a team that was sent to observe human behavior and collect samples of plant and animal life. It was more of an educational mission something that only the best students were chosen to do .

He had one more year to finish his instruction back on Antar. Then marriage would follow and a family.

His life had been put in place for him long ago by his parents…what he would study …who he would marry… the life he were to lead. It’s just how things were done in his world.

A world that was very far away. A world that didn’t possess the dark haired beauty that would steal his heart…leading him down a path that would make him turn his back on everything he knew…on everyone he loved.

They would appear at night when the moon was not yet full in the sky. They were quiet organized. They moved through the darkness with swiftness and precision. They possessed powers and intelligence far greater than humans.

His planet was peaceful ...lacking of war and violence. Which was why they studied in secret. They were invisible to Earth’s people. The consequences of being discovered were incomprehensible. They had the capabilities to fight back - to kill but this was something that was considered to be unimaginable.

The rules were simple and strict. No interaction of any kind for any reason with the human race. Anyone who dared to cross these forbidden lines would be banished forever forced to live on a neighboring moon abandoned and alone.

This was something that no one ever questioned in all the many years that they had decided to explore other worlds and venture from their small red planet.

It was certainly something that Max had even considered… that is until the night he laid his golden warm amber eyes on her.

She caught his eye from above. Hearing music he glanced up to see the most beautiful creature he ever laid his eyes upon. She was gazing through her telescope at the stars above.

He was immediately entranced by her …lost in every detail…. mesmerized by every aspect of her.

She seemed to move in slow motion as she pulled a stray hair from her flawless face and tucked it behind her ear.

His body felt as if it were on fire as he watched her stand away from the telescope and stare up at the stars.

He found a way …an excuse after that night to return again and again.

Max was a sweet sensitive soul…his heart was pure his intensions always good. He never wanted to hurt anyone but she had stirred something deep inside him. He was left with an intense desire that took over every rational thought leaving him helpless… a slave to his constant dreams of her.

Dreams where he would taste her sweet skin and touch her soft curves sending her to a place where she would tremble and whimper beneath him.

As he stood outside her window that night one thought pushed all others from his mind.

‘I must talk to her”

His heart raced as he watched her lie back in her bed. Too hot for covers she turned over to her side with only panties covering her petite frame.

He breathlessly whispered as he closed his eyes and started to concentrate.

‘Tonight she will dream’

‘She will feel my touch’

‘She will know my embrace’

A soft sigh soon escaped from Liz as she fell into a deep sleep.

He stood at the end of her bed and closed his eyes as he effortlessly drifted into her mind.

Liz arched off the bed with a breathless moan

“Who are you”
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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 2 6/9/08

Post by jake17 » Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:18 pm

twilight: whew! I was so happy to read your reply!! I've never written anything like this before or on this board and was hoping I wasn't making a big fool out of myself! :roll: thank you so much for saying that you loved it! You made me feel so much better!! :D
angelina: hello sweetie.. all your questions will be answered in this so happy you are here! thanks so much for your sweet fb! :D
XYZ: wow you never read a story like this .. I'm so happy!! I really hope you like this next part! thank you so much for your kind words! :D
begonia9508: hello Eve! Yes it's like the farytale that lives in my crazy mind :lol: thanks so much sweetie love that you found this! :D
Natalie36 wrote:he can invade my dreams anytime
:lol: omg me too!! what a thought! :wink: thanks so much for your fb sweetie!! I love it! :D
dreamer19: insecurity is a horrible thing! :wink: thank you so much for your beautiful words I really appreciate your opinion! :D
IheartMax: :lol: No little green men seashell! :lol: only our hot & sweet Max! just the way we like him :wink: so happy I have you hooked .. now I know I've done my job! :wink: thank you sweetie :D
Dreamer 4 Ever: thank you so much for liking this !! hope you enjoy the next part! :D
Lena 7: so happy I have you hooked too!! thanks so much for letting me know!! :D

Chapter 2.

“Who are you?”

A soft whisper filled her mind and awakened every part of her body.

With a shiver of desire running through her she rolled onto her back and ran her hands down her thighs.

“Don’t be afraid”

His voice was soothing and sensual. Even though she had no idea what was happening she knew there was nothing to fear.

Suddenly she found herself standing in a field. She was wearing a white sundress that flowed around her brushing against her thighs. She was barefoot and could feel the cool soft grass underneath her feet. The scent of lilac filled the air awakening her senses.

Liz looked up to see the sky full of thousands of stars and a moon that was so big and bright she felt as though she could reach out and touch it.

Her hair swept across her back and shoulders as she looked around to see if she was alone.


Her soft whisper struck his heart making him dizzy and weak.

Max struggled to find the courage to show himself to her. What had he done. How could he ever explain this… who he was. Surely she would be terrified. Swallowing his fears he stepped out from behind a tree at the edge of the field.

He looked the same as he did in his world…handsome beyond words. His dark black hair fell over his golden amber eyes. His body was strong and toned as if it were carved out of stone from a magnificent sculpture of the perfect man.

Although he possessed the physical attributes to capture any girls attention… it was his heart that was his gift. He felt everything more deeply, cared more strongly and loved more passionately then anyone from this planet or his own.

He walked barefoot as well with black pants and a white button down shirt that made his golden skin glow under the moonlight.

His eyes were fixed on her as he emerged from the tree. Max was standing behind her afraid to speak or even move. Her beauty had paralyzed him.

There was so much he wanted to say. So much he wanted to do. If only he could get past her soft brown hair that danced across her back with every movement.

If he could only look away from the hem of her dress that grazed her thighs that he wanted to touch so badly.

The graceful way she turned her face as she searched her foreign surroundings for him sent his heart racing.


Liz turned around with surprise not expecting him to be standing right behind her.

She licked her lips and looked bashfully down at the ground truly stunned by how handsome he was.

His sultry gentle low voice spoke again sending the most exquisite shivers to places she had not yet discovered.

“Please don’t be afraid”

He slowly found the strength to move towards her. Keeping a safe distance so as not to scare her spoke again.

“Your name …please my sweet flower tell me… what are you called”

She bit her bottom lip wondering what was happening …and why was she dreaming of this mysterious stranger… mostly she was wondering what it would be like to touch him.


“Liz… your name is as pretty as the lilac fields that cover this meadow.”

“W-What …I-I mean who are you”

Liz had never heard anyone speak quite this way before … his expressive eyes almost put her in a trance as she boldly took a step towards him.

“They call me Max”


“W-Where I come from.”

“Where you come from?”

Liz fought with her rational mind deciding to abandon any clear and sensible thoughts as she accepted everything he had to say without any hestitation or doubt.

Her wide deep dark eyes studied every inch of his stunning features. Helplessly her gaze locked on his full soft lips. Her heart pounded at the image of him leaning down to kiss her.

Slowly he reached out and took her hand in his. He raised them both up to the night sky and pointed to a constant light that stood brightly against all the twinkling stars.

“Do you see that glowing white light that stands just above the moon?”

Liz moved closer so she could see it from his view… or at least that’s what she told herself when she inched towards him.

“Yes…it’s not a star… it’s a planet. Only stars twinkle this light is steady”

Max looked down at her and smiled. Not only was she indescribably stunning she was also intelligent and interesting.

“That’s right… it’s a planet. It’s my planet”

Her eyes widened with wonder and fascination.

Still holding her tiny hand he worried that he had revealed too much too soon.

“Am I dreaming?”

A small smile swept over his face as he cupped her cheek in his big gentle hand.

“Yes and no”

“I don’t understand?”

“You don’t have to tonight…this is enough for right now”

“But w-where am I? Did you bring me here?”

“I thought you would like it. I wanted you to feel safe. I-I wanted to meet you”

“I’m sorry I still don’t under –

“Shh it is almost time for us to part. Soon you will wake but you will remember everything that has happened tonight.”

“No… not yet please I-I don’t want to go. It’s so beautiful here a-and I want to spend more time with you”

Max breathed out a shaky breath not believing how excepting she was of something she didn’t even understand.

“We have to go…but I will come back again. If you would like me to”

Her chest rose and fell from her breathless response as she looked up at him with her eyes as bright as the sun.

“Yes …please I want to see you again. Talk with you…live this dream again.”

“Tomorrow night I shall return …I will take you to the ocean. We can walk along the white sands and talk more.”

“Who are you?” she breathed out

“Someone who came very far for you…to be near you … to –

“To what?”

Max answered her by pulling her close and tilting her chin up to meet his face.

His voice dropped to a husky low whisper as he moved closer to her.

"To do this”

Slowly gently as the night breeze gently swirled around them he captured her mouth.

Tenderly he parted her lips and breathed her in.

Liz gasped as she quickly sat up in bed.

Breathlessly she looked all around her searching for him.

She pushed herself up against the headboard and pulled her knees to her chest.

“It was only a dream.”

She touched her lips with the tips of her fingers tracing the path that his soft tongue had taken just a few seconds ago.

No matter how many times she tried to tell herself that it was a dream... that he wasn’t real ...deep in her heart she knew that wasn’t true.

Her eyes flew to her window and up to the stars.

Immediately she noticed the one constant steady beam of light that hung just above the moon.

She breathed out once again this time feeling the loss of his gentle presence.

“Who are you Max?”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 2 6/9/08

Post by jake17 » Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:36 pm

Natalie36: Hi! So happy you think this is romantic!! thanks so much! :D
roswell4life: I wish I had dreams like this too! :wink: thank you for being here! :D
IheartMax: Oh seashell I'd send him to you if I could! :wink: thanks so much sweetie! :D
extingman;"Very gentle but forceful".. oh yes! I love that! happy you see that! thanks so much! :D
angelina: Hello sweetie! You will find out more about his family in the next chpt. thanks so much.. im so happy you like this! :D
Keepsmiling7: Thanks for the fb! hope you like this part! :D
begonia9508: Hi Eve! I'll leave my windows open too.. hey you never know! :wink: thanks so much sweetie! :D
alien614: IM so happy your hooked!! I just hope I can keep you here! thanks so much for your fb! :D
twilight: :oops: :oops: wow, thank you for your incredibly nice words, they mean so much to me! Oh they will see each other in reality.. he is just easing her into the truth about him. thank you so much for being here! :D

Chapter 3.

Liz let out a sigh of relief as she closed the door to her bedroom. She had spent the entire day thinking about him… dreaming about him. She couldn’t get him out of her mind.

His beauty was beyond anything she had ever known. His gentle spirit stayed with her refusing her any break from her memory of last night. She wanted to feel his touch again… she wanted more.

Liz closed her eyes as she ran her fingers over her lips. The image of him kissing her …breathing into her was overwhelming.

After undressing she stepped into the shower. Liz licked her lips as she let the hot water run over her skin.

She leaned her forehead against the cool tile and whispered aloud.

“Please come to me Max”

Outside on the balcony Max wiped the sweat from his forehead. He was breathless - shaky. He could feel her inside. He knew she was standing under the steamy water. He knew she was thinking of him … wanting him.

“Soon” he breathed out as he closed his eyes to steady himself.

After her shower Liz put on her robe and stood in front of the window. She had no idea he was standing merely inches away from her against the bricks of her balcony.

Liz looked up at the beaming light that hovered over the moon. She bit her bottom lip and slowly let the robe fall from her petite body.

Max slammed his hand down on the rough surface of the wall. He could feel everything she was feeling…and it was killing him.

She slipped into her bed and pulled the white cool sheet over herself.

“Come back to me” the words barely escaped her lips but it was enough… enough for him to hear her.

Taking a deep breath Max lifted her window and came inside.

This time he walked over to the side of her bed and knelt down to her.

“I'm here Liz … I’m here”

Reaching out he gently grazed her bare shoulder with the tips of his fingers.

Suddenly she could hear waves crashing and seagulls crying in the distance.

Sand surrounded her feet and came up between her toes.

“I’m here Liz … I’m here.”

She gasped when she felt his hand stroking her shoulder.

This time her dress was pale pink with tiny straps. It flowed past her knees clinging to her body.

She could smell the salt water in the air and soon began to feel the cool water as it lapped against her legs damping the edges of her dress.

Bright stars blanketed the sky as the huge full moon danced directly over their heads.

Slowly she turned to face him. Her eyes were shinning brightly and her smile was inviting and warm.

“This is beautiful”

“I’m so happy you’re pleased”

“I-I was hoping you would come back”

'I know' He smiled as his heart once again felt the peace that only she was able to bring him.

“I haven’t been able to think of anything else since last night. But I never expected all this.”

Liz looked up at the sky and spun around like a little girl.

Max smiled overwhelmed seeing her so happy .. knowing that he was the cause of her joy.

Suddenly she stopped. Her smile turned into a more curious expression as she walked closer to him.

Tentatively she reached out her hand and touched his cheek. He put his hand over hers and closed his eyes.

This time he wore black. The first few buttons of his shirt were free and gave her a slight view of his magnificent chest.

Breaking her stare she shyly looked up at him and asked him if he wanted to take a walk.

“Sure… anything you want Liz”

Slowly they wandered down the shore of the magical world he had created for her. He wanted so much to take her hand. He watched her as she twirled a long piece of her dark hair around her fingers.

“I don’t understand Max if you’re from umm.. another ...well how do you know about me?”

Liz looked straight up into the sky … while his eyes never left her.


Max was so worried about scaring her. He didn’t want to tell her everything but he didn’t want to lie either.

“We can come here… to earth … anytime we chose to… we have been for thousands of years.”

“So you come here in …umm”

Liz made a circle with her hands and moved it around higher and higher. She just couldn’t say the word.

“A spaceship?”

He gave her a wide grin to know that there was nothing she could ever say to upset him.

“Well yeah”

“In the beginning that’s how it was done but now we can virtually go anyway with just our thoughts. It’s not something anyone can do. There is deep meditation involved, years of discipline and training. You have to be mature past a certain point but it’s how I can keep coming here.”


Max stopped walking. He could feel her starting to tense.

“Are you ok Liz…I know this must be hard to hear”

Liz took a deep breath in and looked down at the water as it lapped against her ankles.

“It’s just you seem so …


“Max is the way you look how you really are or just how you appear to me?”

Max looked mortified …he realized that she must be wondering if he was tricking her. That the real him must be like every horror movie she ever seen.

“No no Liz I would never do that to you… this is really me. We are not that much different from you. I would never deceive you.”

He looked down at her hand that was by her side and gently held it to his chest.

“My heart beats like yours …can you feel it Liz?”

She trembled as he moved his shirt open and placed her hand directly on his bare chest. Warmth immediately spread through her fingers down her arm and through her body.

Liz started to breath heavy and close her eyes. Faster and faster her heart raced while her body pulsed with pleasure … pleasure unlike anything she had ever known.

Suddenly she cried out and fell into his arms.


He picked her up and carried her to a higher part of the beach. With a wave of his hand a blanket appeared. He carefully placed her down and moved his palm over her chest to make sure she was ok.

Instantly flashes appeared in his mind. They were images of them making love .. of Liz clutching his strong arms moaning beneath him.

He quickly removed his hand and sat back. His eyes were wide and his body hard. He realized that when he put her hand on his heart he left himself open to her. She had seen and felt all his secret desires for her.

He stared at her afraid of what she would do … how she would react. He decided that he had done too much and started to close his eyes to bring her back… so she felt safe in her bed.

Just then he felt her hand on his arm.


Her whisper was filled with urgency and need.

He moved closer to her...hovering over her face trapped in her stare that begged for him.

“Are you ok? I ‘m so sorry Liz. I never meant for –

“Max... kiss me”

“Liz –


Max could feel his hold on their dream fading. He tried hard to keep it together. He needed to feel her lips …to taste her …to lose himself in her again. Ignoring the risks he seized her mouth. A soft moan escaped from her as she wrapped her arms around his neck gently forcing him to lay over her small frame.

Max groaned feeling her beneath him. Following her driving need for him she pressed her body closer to him and wrapped her legs around his strong thighs.

“Liz … Liz…I have to stop …before –

Suddenly Liz was lying in her bed. She gasped when she opened her eyes and found herself looking into his darkened amber gaze. They were still wrapped in each others arms.

She just then realized that she was without clothing …completely naked under his warm hard muscular body. Her pink dress was left in the memory of their dream.

Max was frozen afraid to move. He couldn’t hold back his feelings as his husky deep whisper filled her room.

“Y-Your so beautiful …I-I .. oh god Liz -

His mouth fell open. He could feel her body responding to his. He could feel her breasts against his smooth chest and the searing heat that pulsed between her thighs.

He buried his face in her neck as he tried to calm himself down. He fought against every instinct to rid himself of his clothes and bury himself deep inside her. He felt drunk, dizzy and... happy.



Slowly he pulled back and looked intensely into her innocent eyes. He softly kissed her lips as he revealed his heart to her. He had to tell her he couldn't hold it back any longer. These feelings were scary and exciting. Completely worthless in his world but to him it was all he cared about...she was all he cared about.

"This must be the emotion I've read so much about in your poems and songs. I you Liz"


Suddenly he began to feel a pull… something breaking his connection to this world.

“No … please no…

He knew what was happening.

”Liz I will be back … I will come back I –

He quickly began to fluctuate between this world and his own.

Soon he was gone.


Liz sat up in bed pulling the sheet up to her chest.

“Oh my god … your real …this is really happening”

Max was exhausted. He sat before his father terrified, shaking and already hurting from the loss of her touch.

A loud angry booming voice forced Max to look up.

“We need to talk”

“Yes father”
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 4 6/21/08

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garcia88: So happy you found this! I hope you like this part! thanks for the fb! :D
angelina: Hi sweetie.. thanks for thinking that they are hot together..I hope I can continue that.. thanks so much for being here.
Natalie36: love you here!! so happy you like like this.. thanks so much for your fb! :D
totallizfan: whoa! I got you to come back to me! :D I was so happy when I read your reply... thanks so much for coming out to tell me how you felt! :D
Alien614: Thanks so much! hope you enjoy this part. :D
Lena7: thank you! I appreciate your fb! :D
roswell4life: thanks for being here!... I hope this is soon enough :wink:
Ariel70: Your questions will be answered here, thanks for your fb! :D
IheartMax: OH man wouldn't that be nice seashell.. :wink: I hope you enjoy what he does next! thanks so much sweetie! :D
paper: :lol: maybe I'll give him a little break... :wink: thanks for being here! :D
begonia9508: :lol: Earth may be banned but Max is very determined Eve.. I can't see him staying away.. :wink: thanks so much for your fb sweetie! :D

Chapter 4.

Max shook from fear as he hung his head unable to look his father in the eyes.

“Did you think no one would notice?”


“Don’t sir me boy! You have been missing for hours at a time… for weeks now.”

“You don’t understand –

“I don’t understand? I think it is you that is lost my son. Your mother and I have taken great time and care in setting up this marriage. There is much riding on this union. Our family’s reputation and standing in this community for one. Why would you risk everything that we’ve done for you… what exactly have you been doing on that planet full of Neanderthals?”

Max’s head was spinning. He’d realized his father did not know about Liz. He had to think of something fast before he figured out what was going on. Max had the problem of being too sensitive … wearing his heart on his sleeve. This was something that his people rarely did …he’s feelings were very hard to hide because of this. This was seen as a great weakness to his family. He did his best to conceal his emotions as he began to speak.

“It’s totally harmless father. I am interested in their culture…their ways of expressing their feelings to each other. I think my research will be great for my thesis on the exploration of the traditions and customs of extraterrestrials.

“Maxwell if this was for school then why the secrecy? Why didn’t you request transportation from Professor Florian.?”

“I don’t know father … I guess I didn’t see the need to bother the Professor with such trivial matters.”

“You know better Maxwell …to make unauthorized visits is highly frowned upon and often is seen as very suspicious.”

“Yes I know … I am sorry it will not happen again”

“Well I suppose that will suffice …just do not attempt this again. I will not notify your teacher this time but I will not cover for your mistakes again. You are a man now and you must take responsibilities for your actions. As far as apologies go it is Victory who you should be asking for forgiveness. She has been looking for you… she’s here now and she is not happy.”

“Yes father of course … please can you send her in”

“Good … mend things and we’ll move on”

His father went over to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. It was a rare sign of affection.

“This union will bring great happiness to both our families Maxwell. I am very proud of you.”

“Yes father.”

Max was torn inside. He loved Liz …and now he knew what that meant. To love her was a betrayal to his family and his future wife. A sin … an unforgivable sin. He knew what would happen to him and what was worse he feared what would happen to her. His people were not violent but under these circumstances there would be no telling what revenge would be taken out on her.



Victoria stood in his doorway dressed in the finest gowns her wealthy family could afford and dripping in the most expensive jewels. Her red hair stood tall on her head and her green eyes were sharp and cold as she stared back at him.

“Took another trip to that barbaric world again I hear… did you forget we had an arrangement?”

Her chilly demeanor ripped through Max. It made him long for the warm friendly innocence of his Liz. He marveled how two people could be such polar opposites.

“No Victoria… please forgive my foolish behavior. I meant no harm”

“ Maxwell I have better things to do than sit around and wait for you… Now let’s go! Everyone is waiting at the restaurant. The photographers were all set to capture our photos for the engagement section of high society news. You have ruined most of the night we can only hope that they are still there.”

Max nodded and followed her out of his room. He barely heard a word she was saying. All he could picture in his mind was Liz’s beautiful smile and how her eyes lit up when she looked at him. He glanced up at Victoria as she rambled on. He was sickened knowing that this was his fate…his destiny. He could feel his heart breaking as the memory of Liz's body beneath him drifted further away.

He had to come up with a plan …he could not live this life that was laid before him. Max spent the rest of the night dreaming of his Liz and thinking of a way to see her again. His mind could think of nothing else.


Liz muddled through her daily routines with great sadness.

It had been a week since that night they shared. Every evening she would look up to the heavens and call out his name.

She heard his words over and over in her head.

“Liz ….I love you”

She tossed and turned in her bed wondering what happened that night. Who pulled him away from her…and would he ever come back.

Max also in bed turned to his side. He knew that it was too risky to fully transform to her world. His body would not be present on his planet and he could not chance that so soon after his father’s suspicions. There had to be another way to communicate with her. He could no longer bare her total absence.

He slowly closed his eyes and started to concentrate. Although his body had to remain here there was a possibility that he could transport his energy …his intentions across a plane of consciousness. For this to work she had to be thinking of him too. The connection had to be both ways. He sighed wondering what the chances were at that moment she would be thinking of him.

He stripped himself of his shirt and turned to his side again. He took very deep breaths and worked very hard to imagine her lying next to him.

Slowly she stared to appear beneath his hovering hand. A smile swept across his face as he envisioned her dressed in her tiny white night gown with her long raven hair that cascaded down her bare shoulders.

She was clear to him that part was finished but the hard part was still to come. He hoped against hope that she would be there thinking of him…missing him.


He called out to her with his mind over and over. His heart raced at just the possibility of connecting to her again.


Liz slowly turned on her back as she felt herself waking from a dream. She had been dreaming of him …dreaming of their night at the shore and the sensations that coursed through her as she touched his heart. She heard his name in her head over and over.

Suddenly she sat up in bed startled.

She definitely heard him but she was now wide awake.

She ran to her window and looked over her balcony but it was empty.

“Max? Are you there?”


Not knowing what else to do she climbed back in bed and closed her eyes. She thought maybe he was trying to pull her into another dream.

Patiently she waited for him to take her to another magical place.

Max’s breath was ragged as he started to feel her presence.

“Liz …please trust me …I need to touch you… I’ve missed you so”

That’s when she felt it.

A warm sensation flowed through her as she felt a gentle pressure against her cheek.

Liz parted her lips and called out to him.


Her energy was vibrant and alive full of passion and acceptance for him. He was overwhelmed by her loving pure heart. The fire that flowed through her ignited an intense need deep inside him.

“Be still my beautiful Liz”


“I am dying inside without you my love"

"Max I don't understand ...why can't I see you?"

"I cannot come to you. What I had been doing is forbidden but I will find a way. I will find a way to come back to you"

"But you can feel me Max"


Liz slowly lifted her nightgown over her head. She hungered for his touch. Her breath was coming out in short gasps as she anticipated his soft caresses.

Max was breathlessly panting sensing her bare body that was displayed for him and only him.

“I love you Liz. You do not need to do this...that is not why I am here” He whispered into the air.

"Max I need you... please touch me"

Slowly he began to move his hand over the image of her that was lying close to him on his bed.

" beautiful Liz"

His fingers danced along her neck and skimmed her collarbone.


His hand shook slightly as he ran his fingers gently over her breasts. He circled her hard peak as he drowned in her moans.

“Oh god Max”

Liz arched into the air under his invisible touch.

Her hands reached out and pulled the sheets into her fists. She grasped at them as she fought for control over the ache that was growing between her thighs.

Sweat covered his bare chest and face as he moved lower making lazy circles over her tight stomach.


Her pleas made him groan as his body became painfully ready for her.

“Touch me”

His hand was shaking as he swallowed hard and continued his descent.

Max shuddered as he touched her for the first time.

His caresses were not firm. They were light as air. This proved to only increase the incredible sensations rushing through her.

Max clenched his jaw as he desperately tried to silence his cries to her.

His fingers fluttered over her wet core making her reach up and grasp her head board as she fell back against her pillow.


She called out shamelessly as he circled her sensitive spot and brushed against it several times.

He was dying inside wishing he could be there posed above her ready to take her.

Stretching his mind further needing more he parted his lips bringing the hard tip of her breast into his mouth.

Her cries were sweet torture for him as he felt the beginnings of the delicious tremors building through her body.

He groaned against the image of her breast as he felt her body begin to shake.

He began to circle her very sensitive spot faster and faster as he kissed and licked the hard peaks of her breasts.

He could feel her coming closer as her cries became louder and louder in his head.

“Liz …my sweet Liz…I-I want to make love to you"

She was writhing and arching into nothing on her bed as the invisible mouth and hands moved over her ….loving her…making her lose control.

"Yes Max yes. I need you"

Just then he heard a noise outside his room and then a soft knock.

The interruption broke his concentration. He had lost her.

Max fell back onto his bed in a pool of sweat shaking as he worked to get his breathing under control.

Immediately he reached for his blankets and pulled them up to his chest in an attempt to hide his aroused body.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me Isabel”
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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 5 7/9/08

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garcia88: HI Kris. thank you so much for your sweet fb! hope you like this next part! :D
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Natalie36: Send vic off in a spaceship! :lol: your the best! thanks sweetie :D
IheartMax: Im leaving his shirt off for this entire update just for you sweetie! :lol: you are the best!! thank you! :D
twilight: so happy you like this! I know freaking destiny again! :twisted: thanks for being here! :D
Hunter: Hey! you're reading my story! :D So happy to see you here!! Very sweet of you to think I'm talented ...that means a lot! thank you so much!! Hope so much you like this part! :D
Flamehair: :oops: omg how freaking nice are you!! I don't even know what to say to all of your kind words.. except they mean the world to me really .. you have no idea... thank you so much Syblle You are a sweetheart.. kiss Leo for me!! :D I feel so funny telling you about my new stories but I promise I let you know next time. thanks again :D
Darkmoon: Hey D.! So happy to see you here!! I was so surprised! What an honor that you like this! I know this isn't your kind of story ...thank you so much for all your kind words!! :D oH and I had a great time in Maine! Thank you so much for asking! the best part was noticing the computer in the lobby and realizing I wasn't going to miss your thursday update to "Death is a playground" :wink: :D

Chapter 5.

“Isabel what is it?”

“I need to talk to you about mom and dad”

“It’s late I’m sure whatever it is you have to say can wait till morning”

Isabel sighed and locked the door. With her head hung low as if trying to find the right words she sat on his bed.

Max sat up and became worried noticing the seriousness of her demeanor.

“Ok you’ve got my attention what’s going on?”

She took a deep breath and finally looked him in the eyes.

“Max you may have mom and dad convinced that your little trips to Earth is for educational purposes only… but that’s about all you have snowed.”


“Look Max Victoria is not a stupid woman she knows why this marriage was arranged. Our family is desperate for the respect and security this union will bring … especially when a child arrives. That will forever secure our family… it is imperative that a child is produced.”

Max felt sick inside at the very words he was hearing. His facial expression was giving it all away. This was the very last thing he wanted. He couldn’t imagine touching anyone except his Liz …his love…the one who held his heart in her hands.

“Someone as rich and powerful as Victoria knows she can have anyone.”

Isabel took his hand pleading with him.

“Max you know what she wants from you. She is not a stupid woman if she even feels for a second that you do not desire her this will bring certain disaster…for all of us”

Her eyes turned soft and sympathetic as she watched the pain come across his face.

“I know you feel very deeply Max. I know that you act and think with your heart but this is one of those moments where you must think with your head. You must do what is right. Your life isn’t the only one at stake here. You have to be a man and face up to what is expected of you.

“Max if I have figured out that you have an interest in someone on Earth than how long do you think it will take for everyone else to find out. If you care at all for this human you must do what is necessary to protect her too. I feel for you …I really do but Max …you know this is forbidden. Beyond the shame you will bring to your family think of this girl and your future. “

“You need to end it Max. End it now before it gets out of hand. Pour all your attention into this wedding and Victoria soon you will forget all about this person. Max if you really think about it you will realize this is the right choice.”

She squeezed his hand and left the room closing the door behind her.

Max pulled his knees up to his chest feeling as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He stood and walked to his window. Hearing Isabel’s words in his head he pressed his forehead against the pane of glass.

He could never forget about Liz. He could never pretend to love another. His heart was no longer his own it belonged to her and nothing and no one could ever change that.

Max felt trapped closed in he needed to get out clear his head. As he walked through the darkened house he heard someone softly crying. It was his mother.

She was curled up on the couch covered in a blanket sobbing into her hands.

Max ran to her. He had never seen his mother or any of his family show such emotions before. Falling to his knees he wrapped his arms around her and whispered gently.

“Mother please tell me what is wrong … why are you crying?”

“Max my son... it hurts me to have you see me this way but I cannot control the fear that fills my heart. I heard the elders speaking today. Victoria is having doubts …doubts about the marriage. Max please you must go to her our future depends on it... everything does.”

To see his mother cry was killing him.

“I’ll go now mother I will fix everything please …don’t cry don’t worry I won’t fail you”

Max went to stand and his mother took him by the hand.

“Max when I was bound to your father I was afraid too. You will see that feelings will grow over time. You just have to give it a chance Max.”

Max gave her a weak smile and nodded.

“Yes mother I know that you are right. Please go to sleep I will handle everything”

Max wandered through the woods that led to Victoria’s mansion. He glanced up at the three moons above him and stared at the tiny light to the left of the smallest one.

His body ached for her. His heart pounded just thinking of her and the way she reacted under his gentle caresses. She was so alive so passionate. Her heart was open for all to see. How he wanted to kiss the place where he felt it beat so strong. How he wanted to make her arch into the air and hear her breathless moans.

He couldn’t even begin to imagine what to do about his dilemma. How can you make your heart feel something it doesn’t.

Finally reaching the giant double front doors he reluctantly knocked as he ran his fingers through his hair just now realizing he never even put his shirt back on.

Brenda their maid finally answered looking questionably at his attire.

“Maxwell it is late –

“Yes I know I realized that and I am sorry but –

“Well isn’t this a surprise!”

Victoria stood at the top of the tall staircase in her long silk robe.

“You are dismissed for the night Brenda”

“Thank you Miss.”

Brenda bowed to her and disappeared to her small room at the end of the kitchen.

Victoria slowly made her way down the steps glaring at his bare chiseled chest with every step she took. Yes she could have any man she wanted but no one had ever challenged her the way that Max had. Men from all over sent her gifts and showered her with complements. Max was different. His beauty was beyond compare but she was growing tired of playing cat and mouse. She had needs and if Max was not prepared to satisfy her she demanded to know why. Every man worshiped her the fact that Max was constantly pushing her away infuriated her.

Walking over to the bar Max poured a green liquid into a glass and quickly tossed it down his throat wincing as the burn made his eyes water.

Victoria cocked her head to the side looking irritated.

“Oh I’m sorry would you like a drink?’

“I’ll have the same”

Max nodded as he tried to steady his shaky hands.

Victoria took a seat on the lime green couch and crossed her legs. The slit from her robe opened to reveal her long porcelain legs. As she reached out for her drink one side of robe had fallen past her shoulder to reveal her very ample breasts to him. Clearly she was trying to seduce him.

Max sat beside her and stared down at his knees.

Closing his eyes he pictured his family …his mother crying. How selfish he was being.

“So what do I owe the pleasure of this visit.”

“I-I was just thinking of you and I wanted to see you”

There was no feeling in his voice no emotion. Every word felt as if it was being forced from him.

“Hmm I must say I’m surprised to see you here Max. You’ve been very…distant …I was beginning to wonder if this marriage was-

“No I-I mean … yes … this is what I want”

Victoria let the other side of her robe fall past her shoulder leaving herself bare for his eyes.

“Victoria I thought that …that-

“That sex was just for procreation? Sorry to disappoint you but I know all about the pleasures of the flesh. I’ve traveled far and learned quite a bit about what a Man can do to stimulate a woman.”

Victoria started to run her long red nails down his hard chest.

“Let’s just say I intend on finding out just how gifted you are in this area.”

Her ice cold eyes fell up to his face as she lifted his chin and brought her bright crimson lips to his.

Max closed his eyes tight and tried so hard to think of his responsibilities of all the lives that counted on him.

He felt her nails run up the back of his neck to his hair as she forced his mouth open and swept his tongue with hers.

His stomach was in knots. He felt sick.

“Touch me”

Her words were not full of love and desire but demanding and harsh.

Max suddenly heard Liz in his head .. her sweet soft moans filled his heart.

Touch me”

Suddenly she took his hand and placed it over her breast.

“Do I have to teach you everything Maxwell? Are you completely useless?”

Max snapped open his eyes and stood.

“I’m sorry this was a mistake. I wasn’t feeling well. My deepest apologies Victoria your beauty is beyond measure. It’s just not the right night. I have to go”

“Excuse me!”

But before she could get the words out he was gone.

Max took off running through the woods. He ran as fast and as far as he could until he reached the caves of Aragon.

Breathless he ran inside and waved his hand in front of the opening securing a large boulder in front of it’s entrance.

He leaned up against the cool rock and slid down until he was sitting with his face buried in his hands.

Ignoring the proper steps he closed his eyes and used all the energy he had left.

Liz was startled awake when she heard a loud sound in her room.

Rising from her bed she looked down to see Max lying on the ground shaking and breathing deeply.


She quickly locked her door and went to him.

Wrapping one arm around her shoulder she helped him on her bed.

She reached for a blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders and brought a glass of water from the bathroom over to him.

“Here just try to take a sip”

After taking a small sip he looked up at her with tremendous relief and love.

“Max what happen?”

“I’m ok ..I didn’t follow the proper steps … I was wasn’t prepared. I just couldn’t wait.”

“Couldn’t wait for what?”

“To see you again”

He quickly seized her lips and melted in her sighs and whimpers as she kissed him back with all the passion and longing of a girl in love.

Pulling the blanket from his shoulders he laid her back onto her bed and covered her body with his

She could hardly catch her breath as he covered every inch of her exposed skin with his mouth.

Hoarse whispers spread across her wet skin as he declared his undying love for her.

“I want all of you …your heart that is as pure as the waters that flow through the glaciers of the highest mountains. Your precious soul that radiates your kindness and innocence through every part of your being. Your body that possesses my every thought … every dream.”


“You have captured me …every part of me.., I can’t breath can’t think. My only desire is to please you... to love you... to make you cry from pleasure”

Breathlessly Max placed his forehead against hers as he held her cheek in his gentle hand.

“Just tell me please … tell me so my heart can rest… do you love me my Liz… do you love me?”

Liz was overwhelmed by his words and his sincere expression of his feelings for her.

"I love you with everything that I have … with everything that I am. Max take me …take me till there is nothing left …make love to me till there is no beginning or end to us … till we are one”

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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 6 7/25/08

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Lena7: Hi! Yes Max is in trouble... but he'll find his way out.. :wink: thanks so much for being here! :D
tinie38:kris! so happy you're here and you like this!! thanks so much! :D
begonia9508: Eve! Wow I couldn't said it better myself! :lol: loved your fb!! thank you!
Natalie36: Hey you! hmm I'll give you some dreamer insurance .. so there may be a little heartbreak but all will end well.. :wink: thanks so much for being here! :D
keepsmiling7: Hi! Yes Victoria is a problem ...but there has to be a villian right? :wink: thanks so much for your fb! :D
Flamehair: Yes she is worse than Tess.. just wait!! :twisted: love that you are here sweetie .. thank you! :D
garcia88: Hey Kris.. sorry this took so long .. I hope you enjoy this part! :D thanks for being here.
Hunter; I hate Victoria too Hunter :wink: thanks so much for being here!! :D
IheartMax wrote:...Max was shirtless the entire update...just the way I like him!
I did it again just for you sweetie! :lol: thanks so much for being here! :D
angelina; Love that you are here as always ...I hope you like this part.. thanks so much! :D
cocopucks: Hi! happy to see you here! thanks for the fb! :D

Chapter 6.

Tears started to burn behind his eyes as he swept his tongue across her trembling skin.

Guilt washed over him. The fact that Liz was completely in the dark about everything wrenched his heart. He wasn’t lying to her but he wasn’t telling her the truth either.

He looked up at her in awe. Her innocence and purity was unmatched. She was striking… her cheeks were flush with passion …her lips parted letting out her soft breathy moans.

His head fell against her breast as he held her gently in his hands. Feeling something was wrong. Liz opened her eyes in confusion.

“Max? Please don’t stop”

His weary eyes opened once more to gaze up at her. She was shocked when she saw the broken expression cover his handsome face.

“What’s wrong?”

He lowered his head in shame tortured by the fact that he was going to have to tell her the truth and possibly risk loosing her forever.

Max could only manage a soft whisper as he rolled over on his back and covered his eyes.

“Max you’re scaring me … please …are you in danger? Talk to me”

He waved his hand in front of him extinguishing the candles that she has lit before he came. He needed the safety of the dark. He couldn’t handle seeing the rejection he knew would soon come. He didn’t want to see her hurt.

“I’m in trouble Liz”

Liz fixed her clothes and brushed the hair away from his eyes. Please I want to see you Max.

“No…not yet”

“Why …what’s going on?”

He picked up her hand and ran his thumb over her soft skin. He couldn’t be that close to her and not touch her. Not even now.

“I should've been honest with you from the beginning …but …

“Honest…about what Max”

“I said that our worlds were basically the same and that is true except when it comes to marriage.”

“You’re married?”

Her voice cracked in pain as she released her hand from him and got off the bed.


Max stood and walked behind her as she stared out the window. She was now bathed in the moonlight and almost seemed to shine.

His voice was shaky but soft as he whispered close to her ear.

“Liz when I first saw you my whole world turned upside down. I had never felt such emotion. You …changed me …woke me up. I never understood what love was till I laid eyes on you. You made me question everything. For you… for you I was willing to risk everything.”

“Max what …I don’t understand”

“Liz I have been promise to another.”


“I’m so sorry Liz. I should’ve told you from the start but I-I …just never thought you would ever return my feelings. I never thought you would except me …fall in ..,

“Love with you?”


“Well you were wrong”

Liz turned to face him. Tears were streaming down her face as wrapped her hands around his neck and looked up into his glassy eyes.

“Call it off …end it …tell her you love someone else”

Max looked away knowing that this would impossible for her to understand.

“It’s not that simple Liz …god I wish it were”

She removed her hands and started pacing the floor.


“Liz where I am from marriage is not formed out of love …it’s an agreement between the families …a merger for a better future for everyone involved. Like a damn business deal. Everything falls on my shoulders... my family will be ruined if I don't do this.”

“So you don’t love her”

Max turned to her shocked at her statement.


Max grabbed her and turned her around so she was facing him.

“I love you and only you. I could never love another. I could never feel for anyone else the way I feel for you. You are the one the only one. You have to believe that.”

Her voice was quiet and slow.

“I know. I can feel it when you look at me. When you touch me.”

Her eyes were filled with desire and need. His admission had only fueled her passion for him. She wanted to feel his hands on her … his mouth claiming her untouched body.

In an instant he felt it too. The heat was undeniable … the fire that was between them all consuming.

“I’ll find a way….

Before he could finish she was in his arms and kissing him. Her hands reached for his jeans in an attempt to rid him of the barrier that was between her and finally feeling him inside her for the first time.

Max moaned as she ran her fingers across his stomach and below.

“Liz …wait …I. Oh god”

“I don’t want to wait Max. Please make love to me”

Stepping back away from him she pulled her nightgown from her body. Staring at his darkened eyes she moved across the bed and held her hand out to him.

Max ran his shaky fingers through his dark hair. His mind raced for the strength … the strength to stop. His head was telling him to figure out a way that they could be together first but his heart and his body was screaming to take her.

Slowly he walked over to the edge of the bed. His chest heaving from his deep breaths ...his eyes burning over her naked body.

Ridding himself of the rest of his clothes his choice was made. For tonight everything would be forgotten.

She held her breath as he gently parted her legs. Hearing her moan as he ran his fingers between her thighs he knew he could never leave her.

He knew he would have to find a way.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 7 8/25/08

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thank you to everyone who left fb
I didn't save my responses but I will come back and do that... :(

Chapter 7.

With gently sweeping grazes of his fingertips he caressed the soft skin of her thighs

Her body arched in response as she grasped onto the headboard above her.

"Max" she breath out.

She couldn't believe the intense desire… the overwhelming heat that torched from his hands to the place between her thighs that screamed for his touch.

"Liz open your eyes" his voice was so no louder than a slight sultry whisper as she peered out to him through her long dark eyelashes that fluttered as her trembling lips parted.

With great care and love he rained kisses over her body.

Soft whimpers escaped her lips as she gazed at his unimaginable beauty.

Her skin started to shimmer with a prism of colors ..a trail left by his tender lips.

As he slip his mouth over her jaw down to her neck she felt as though she were flying …floating into a world foreign to her. She saw bight light dancing all around the room and thought for a second that this must me a dream.

Another one of his magical journey's that he brought her to like an angel giving her a glimpse of heaven.

"You are so beautiful.. you cloud my mind .. with your love Liz. I can't think of anything else.. you are my world the reason for my very existence."

"Max" she breathed out helplessly as indescribable pleasure ripped through her body.

She began to tremble unable to grasp what was happening to her.

He felt her tense and writhe under his mysterious caresses.

The prism of light sparkled hovering over her sensitive skin.

He glided his tongue across her hard peaks …swirling sucking until she was grasping at the headboard with all her strength. Her knuckles her pure white as she held on for dear life.

Slowly sent open mouthed hot kisses down her stomach while he lifted her hips in the air pulling her thighs around his neck.

Her face blushed in embarrassment as she gazed down at his dark head position in the most intimate way.

"Max …wait ..I -I ..

Her voice trailed off as his tongue dipped against her wet core lapping up her essence as he caressed her breasts barely touching her skin.

"Oh …oh Max!"

Her entire body was now glowing ..shimmering. The light bounced off of her walls and through her window.

Over and over he gently tasted her lost in her cries ..drowning in her beauty drunk from her sweet honey.

He had never experienced anything like it .. her total surrender her burning lust. It was driving him mad.

He tried to keep his mind clear ..he tried not to image himself pounding inside her.

Quiet moans escaped his mouth as he continued to lick and nibble at her sensitive nub.

Suddenly her cries became more urgent ..her trembling thighs moved tight around his neck desperately trying to pull him closer.

He felt her resisting ..holding back. He knew this was her first orgasm and he knew she was scared.

"Liz let go.. let yourself feel this"

"I don't …I-I don't know if I can"

"Please .. you are safe with me. I want to give you this Liz .. I need to taste you.. all of you"

As if his words had some mystical power over her she flew over the edge with such a force he had to hold her hips down to concentrate on her. He wanted this to last ..he wanted to please her love her.

As she slowly came down he moved with great care up her body and held her face in her hands.

With her eyes wide open now she looked in amazement at the luminous colors that flickered over her skin and onto the walls.

Breathlessly she whispered to him.

"What is this .. its so beautiful?"

"It's you Liz. It's the essence of you being ..your soul. Our love brought it out. It happen with me because I ..I am…

"An alien" she answered softy and without fear or hesitation.


"I need to feel you inside me Max..please take this ache away. I need to feel your body against mine."

Slowly he nodded knowing how careful he would have to be. Knowing also that he had dreamed of this moment for what seemed like an eternity.

He brushed her hair away from her face and looked into her eyes with such intensity it made her tremble once again.

"I want you to know that I love you Liz. That I would sacrifice anything to be with you to love you. It isn't a choice anymore .. you are in my heart buried in my soul."

"Max.. I love you too"

Slowly he laid over her body as they breathlessly gazed into each others eyes.

Her hand slid around his back gliding up and down his strong muscles that flexed with each movement he made.

Separating her thigh with his knee she felt his hard arousal slid again her heart.

Her eyes widened as a force more powerful than they both knew existed took over.

Just the slight gliding pressure of his hard cock pressing against her was enough to send delicious shivers over her body.

Her lips trembled as he pressed his forehead against hers refusing to break eye contact with her.

Suddenly his face winced as if he was in pain. He could feel the pull breaking his hold on this world.

Panicking he cried out refusing to believe that he was being ripped away from her yet again.

"No!.. Not this time!"

Sweat covered his brow as he wrestled with the invisible force that was yanking him back to his world.

It was obvious the pain he was in as he grabbed a hold of her face trying to get one last glimpse of her beautiful face and the way she looked at him with such love.

"NO!" She cried out as she held onto him tightly.

Tears welled in his eyes as he pleaded for forgiveness for a life he had no control over.

In an instant he was back on his planet.

His hands covered his eyes as refusing to look at the person that was hovering over him.

"This time there will be consequences …this time I will not be able to protect you my son"

"Y-You don't understand father. I love her"

"I'm sorry to hear that son because you will never see her again"


All my fb for chapter 7. is lost :( :( :( I did not save it...
So sorry that I can't thank everyone properly...I hope every knows how much I appreciate all your kinds words!!
These replies are very special to me... this is extremely upsetting! :(

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Relentless Obsession (AU,L/M,Adult) chpt 8 8/26/08

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darkmoon: so happy I made your brain melt out of your ears :lol: You are just awesome thanks so much for being here! :D
garcia88: Hi kris, so happy you like this! thank you!! :D
angelina: HI sweetie! suffering still in this chpt but you know me dreamer! thank you!! :D
Flamehair; love that you thought it was hot! thanks so much! :D
Hunter: hi sweetie!! So happy you love this! thank you!! :D
twilight: thank you so much spectacular update how sweet was that!! :oops: :D

Chapter 8.

Max leaned up against the cold damp wall of the cave and pulled his knees up to his chin hiding his face from his father.

Between the indescribable rush of pure love that was taken over him and his fathers words he was a complete wreck.

He needed her. He no longer felt complete without her. What he did feel was a deep endless pit of loneliness and despair. Max could actually feel physical pain stabbing through his heart. The pleading look in her eyes is the last thing that he saw as he was ripped out of her arms.

He was so close …so close to making love to her. He shook his head back and forth almost being able to imagine being inside her. Feeling her warm walls pulling him in surrounding him … consuming him. He was twisted inside knowing how he could have pleased her. The places when he knew he could have taken her.

He wanted to know that intimacy… that connection that only comes from the moment you give yourself completely over to that other person. He knew at that moment he would only be able to share that moment with her.

He knew without knowing that she was his soul mate… his partner through this hard cold life. Max knew he could no longer live this way he’d rather take his last breath than go through this life without her by his side.

Max was shaky and sweaty as he pulled his knees in tighter and began to mumble her name. He shivered against the cold that rushed through his body removing once and for all the warmth of her skin that had been pressed up against him.

“Max! Max! Can you hear me? You are in trouble here and I’m not sure I can help you this time!

With a low raspy voice he murmured through his hands that were covering his face.

“Dad it’s ok …Victoria doesn’t know about Liz."

His dad slid down the wall beside him and stared off into the distance.

“Yes… she does Max”

Max quickly lifted his face up to meet his fathers worn tired eyes.

“Max she not a stupid woman. It doesn’t take a genius to notice your disappearing acts.

Then after tonight …

“What do you know about tonight …

“You don’t reject a woman like Victoria and expect there not to be a price to pay.”

“How does she know..

“She followed you Max. She followed you and waited for you to make the leap between space and time. She watched as her suspicions were confirmed and then she called me to her house to talk.”

“I still don’t understand how she could’ve know I was with Liz.”

“Max she heard you… whispering her name over and over again.”

“Oh my god”

Max stood and started pacing back and forth at the implications of this.

“I guess you gave her quite a show …moaning and sweating and calling out to her.”

Suddenly it hit him. What if put her in danger somehow? Just what was Victoria capable of if pushed over the edge.

He knew how cold and manipulative she could be. Betrayal was the worst sin you could commit on his planet …besides the ultimate crime …revealing yourself to a human.

“Father you must tell me exactly what she said”

His father avoided eyes contact with him as he moved towards the opening of the cave,

“Why don’t we just get you home. You look like you need rest”

Max grabbed his father by the shirt and spun him around to face him.

“No dad tell me right now! Please!”


His empathy gave away to frustration and annoyance as his voice boomed against the cave walls.

“With immense humiliation our family was called to her mansion. Of course we had no idea what was in store for us when we arrived”

Max could picture his humble family in her outlandish gaudy grand room sitting on the ugly green couch.

“She told us of your indiscretions… your betrayal.”

“She went on describing in great detail how she could destroy our family. We would be outcasts living in shame. We would have to exist on the furthest reaches of the desert planes. We would not be allowed to communicate with anyone ..even our closest relatives. This includes your sister too Max. No college, no career, no union for her. She is only nineteen and would live out her years will us alone.”


“Let me finish Max. Your mother, I and your sister would be allowed to stay together. Living off the land excommunicated from the rest of the world but you…

“What about me…

“Max she wants you to live out the rest of your days in the caves of Talaragon …. completely alone isolated.”

“She can’t do this ..

“Max I’m not finished. If we don’t do what she wants she will force our family to be ripped from the rest of the world but what she will order to have done to that human is far worse...she will be

“What father?!


Tears welled in his eyes as he leaned into his father for support. The agonizing pain struck his heart shattering it into a thousand emendable pieces.

His voice was cracked as when he asked his next question.

“What are her conditions”

"Simple enough really but in a way very complicated...

His arm slid around Max’s shoulder in an usual sign of affection and forced him to walk out into the darkness.

“You marry Victoria. You never visit Earth again and obviously never see her again”

“If you do see her again or break any of the rules…we lose everything and your love will suffer the ultimate price.”


Max laid on his bed as the tears one by one spilled down the sides of his face.

There was no way he could let his family suffer the rest of their life for him.

Turning to his side he held in stomach wondering if the pain would ever lessen … if he could live a life married to a heartless creature pretending and faking his way through the endless days.

One thing was for sure he would never be able to get Liz out of his mind ….his heart …his soul. He belonged to her now. That is forever …no one could ever take that away from him.


1 month later
Liz's room

The past month had been a living nightmare for Liz. She still couldn’t get through the night without crying herself to sleep. She worried constantly that he had been hurt or worse.

She wondered if she would ever smile again … ever feel real happiness. She always heard that the pain lessened as time went on but for her it only increased.

Max was the most beautiful person she had ever known …he was permanently a part of her heart... her soul. She knew she could she could never love another.

Later that night after another long exhausting meaningless day Liz did her nightly ritual of homework, chatting with her parents and a shower.

As she stood under the hot water she almost welcomed the tears as they came. She longed for some sort of release even if it was the flow of tears as she once again dreamed of him.

Finished with her shower she pulled a small white cotton nightgown over her head and combed her long dark hair.

There was only one thing left to do now. It was what she had done every night since she had seen him last.

Slowly she made her way to the window and glanced up at the moon. A sad smile swept across her face as she focused on the bright light that hovered over the moon.

“I love you Max-

Just then her hand touched something soft on the window sill.

Looking down her heart leaped into her chest as tears of joy flooded her eyes.

She picked up the blue flowers that had surrounded them in the meadow the first time she had ever seen him.

Liz held them up to her face breathing in their lovely fragrance as she looked frantically all around for him.

“Max! Max! Please are you here!!"

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Chapter 9.

Max sighed as he watched in his minds eyes Liz frantically looking for him while she held the blue delicate flowers in her hands.

He wanted so badly to appear to her. It had been a month since he had touched her face and kissed her soft lips. The pain was unbearable.



Suddenly he popped open his eyes to find Victoria glaring at him suspiciously across the room.

“Hello Victoria”

She walked slowly looking at him up and down squinting her eyes as if she were trying to read his mind.

She sat near him on the big green couch and placed his hand inside the slit of her long scarlet evening gown.

“What were you thinking about?”

Max stiffened as she moved his hand up her smooth thigh. In the past few weeks he had played the dutiful fiancé.

He smiled through the endless plans for their wedding. He tasted a million wedding cakes, looked at a million invitations and stood by her as she tortured the wedding planners with of her insane demands. He was living up to his part of the deal even though it was killing him.



She moved his hand closer and closer up her thigh while she laid her head against his shoulder and breathed out.

“I asked you what were you thinking about my love”

Abruptly he pulled his hand away from her and walked to the window.

Touching her was the one thing that he could not force himself to do and she was well aware of that.

“I’m not thinking of anything. I-I’m just tired.”

A frown was replace by a determined grimace as Victoria made her way over to him.

Max dug his fingers into the thick velvet drapes as she wrapped her arms around him from behind.

Her thin silk gown held little to the imagination as she pressed her body up against his back. Her long blazing red hair fell against his neck as she brushed her crimson lips to his ear.

“I believe you have kept me waiting long enough Max. Tonight when everyone has left the engagement party I will expect you in my bedroom.”

She snaked her hands underneath his shirt and laughed when she felt him clutch his stomach muscles.

“Hmm yes I believe it’s time that I’ve seen this beautiful body that you’ve managed to hide from me all this time. I expect great pleasure from you tonight darling. Believe me no one will benefit if you decide to disappoint”

Max squeezed his eyes shut clenching his jaw in disgust.

Her hands moved lower to grasp him but Max managed to escape from her hold just in time before she had a chance to touch him.

”I-I need to go get ready now. I'll be back soon"

Max darted out the door stumbling past the maid in his haste to leave.

Victoria smiled inwardly whispering before taking a sip of her drink.

‘You can’t run forever Max.’

Max breathlessly burst threw the doors of his bedroom and collapsed on the bed letting his head fall into his hands.

After many minutes trying to calm himself down he fell backwards onto his back in the darkness.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw his tux hanging over his closet door and turned to his side.

Out the window he could see the moon that he shared with his lost love. His eyes became heavy as he laid there staring at the brilliant white light as it shown down against his window.

He longed to see her again. Max had worked hard to keep his secret visits to Liz short and infrequent. He was always careful not to let her see him. He just had to know if she was safe. Sometimes it would only be for a few moments. He was always so fearful of being caught he never dared to stay long.

It was usually while she was asleep he would watch her from the corner of her room. Pain would wash over him as he restrained himself from reaching out and touching her. He would often see the tracks of her tear stained face knowing that it was him that was causing all of her pain.

He always ended up convincing himself that it was better this way. That it was better for her if she never knew he was there.

He wrapped his arms tightly around his chest knowing that he wouldn’t be able to put off Victoria much longer. He couldn’t imagine giving that part of himself to her. He pictured Liz in his mind. She was always so full of love and innocence as he hovered over her small body. He didn’t know how to fake such emotion such passion.

He struggled with what Victoria ask of him. He couldn't imagine being intimate with anyone but Liz. The thought was just impossible for him comprehend.

He needed go to the only place he felt safe and loved. He needed to feel her in his arms again…to hear her soft voice speak his name. He knew it was wrong and selfish but he couldn’t help himself. The need for her was too intense to ignore any longer.


Liz tossed and turned in her bed lost in yet another dream of him.

Words floated from her mouth as she pulled on the sheets.

“I love you Max”

“I love you too”

Suddenly her eyes flew open. She sat up in bed panting looking into the darkness.



“I’m here”

Liz sat up on her knees and struggled to find the husky whisper that had haunted her dreams.

Slowly he stepped out of the darkness just as beautiful and graceful as the first night she saw him.

She stepped off the bed and tentatively walked towards him.

Her shaky soft voice was music to his ears as he drank her in.

“A-Are you real?”

Max breathed out as he pulled her in and captured her lips. His hands sought out the smooth skin under her tank top caressing her back as he pressed her close to his chest.

It was a desperate kiss full of lost moments and too many lonely nights.

Breathlessly he pulled back and held her face in his hands.

“Oh how I’ve missed you Liz”

Her eyes filled with tears as she trying unsuccessfully to will them back. His heart broke as they spilled down her flushed cheeks and over his fingers.

“Please don’t cry Liz”

“I never thought I would see you again. W-What does this mean?”

Her face lit up as she wiped her tears away.

“You found a way didn’t you! I knew you would! I knew you would come for me I kne-

Her joyful ranting halted when he released her and walked to her window.

Liz nodded quietly understanding exactly what his silence meant.

Nothing was settled. He was not free.

“So when is the wedding?”

Max winced at her sarcastic tone knowing she was justified in her feelings.

“Liz I have no choice.”

“There is always a choice Max”

Impatience and frustration flared across his face as he turned to face her.

“Not when the choice is your life Liz

“There is no life without you Max”

Max shook his head and sat on the bed.

“Your eighteen years old Liz. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t be ridiculous”

Silently she sat near him.

“So do you Max. Don’t throw it away. Don’t marry her”

Max gently pulled her in close wrapping his strong arms around her.

“I don’t expect you to understand Liz. Our worlds are different. Just being here with you I’m risking too much. I shouldn’t even be here. I just couldn’t bare to –

He became very quiet as he let her go and walked back into the darkness. He was just making it worse. Drawing out the painful conclusion. It was a mistake to have come, he was only causes her more pain. He had to leave this was something impossible for her to understand.


“Max? No wait! Bare to what? What it is Max?”

She grabbed his hand before hearing his faint whisper just before he disappeared.

“I will always be yours Liz”

He panicked when he spotted the clock on his night stand. He was late. Victoria was going to be furious. Just then Isabel came rushing into his room.

“There you are!”

“Everyone’s at the mansion Max! We assumed you were already there. What is going on? What are you doing?”

Max looked down visibly upset.

“No. Max why are you doing this to yourself? Do you want to get Liz killed?”

Max stared back at her with a hurtful pained expression.

“I’m sorry. That was out of line. Look Max this is something you are just going to have to except.”

Just then his cell phone started to ring.


“Tell me your lying in a ditch somewhere unable to move because anything less then you dying is not going to pass for you making me look like a fool!”

“My car … it’s my car. Isabel will tell you she’s here if you’d like to talk to her she came to get me.”

Isabel grabbed for the phone as she pulled his tux from the door and threw it at him.


Max stood politely against the wall thanking her their guests for their generous gifts as they filed out of the mansion.

Victoria was saying goodbye to his parents and his sister when he walked over.

“Just three more months and we’ll be family”

“Yes and may we say just how pleased we are. This union has brought such happiness to our home"

“Mom dad you should get Isabel home it’s getting late.”

Victoria brushed by Max running her hand over his butt and whispered in his ear.

“Say your goodbyes and meet me upstairs Max”

Max’s mother could see how distraught he was. She hugged him in an uncharacteristic move.

“Son we all have to make sacrifices. I know that the hardest ones to make are the ones that involve the heart. In time you will see that this was the best for everyone involved.”

Max nodded forcing a smile from his face as he closed the door.
He looked up at the winding staircase that led to the master bedroom and slowly made his way towards her.

He swallowed hard as he pushed open the double doors revealing the candle lit room and Victoria lying nude across the massive bed.

“Take off your clothes Max”

Max closed the door and stood with his back to her. His hands were shaking as his body screamed for him to run. How was he going to do this? He stared at the door refusing to look at her.

He closed his eyes as he recalled the threats she made against his family...against Liz. He felt as though he had no choice. He had to protect her.

"Max? Is there a problem?"

He cleared his throat as he turned to face her.

"No. No problem"

Closing his eyes again he struggled to find a way to get through this.

Slowly he began to see his angel in his mind. He could see her sitting on her bed with her hand reaching out for him. She was so innocent. For a second he realized that this was a gift. If he could sustain these images maybe he could do this.

His slid off his jacket and placed it over a large chair in the corner of the room.

“Come here Max”

Max obeyed and walked to the edge of the bed and closed his eyes.

Soon he felt the warmth of her hands as she unbuttoned his shirt and caressed the skin underneath.

Her lips seized his in a searing kiss as she stripped him of his shirt and grazed her nails down his muscular form.

“Mmm very nice Max”

He squeezed his eyes tighter as he hung on to Liz’s image. A soft moan escaped his lips as she pressed her breasts against his hard chest.

“Oh yes Max. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.”

Max was breathless now as Liz caressed his stomach going lower to his hard arousal.

He heard the zipper of his dress pants release and soon felt the cool air as his clothes were pulled down his legs.

A low groan spilled from his open mouth as he felt Liz kiss and lick his neck. His desire for her was so strong he couldn’t hold out any longer. Taking her soft pink lips he reached down and grasped her bottom and pulled her against his hard cock.

Max was lost helpless as he lowered her down to the bed. His angel looked up at him pleading for him to take her.

Kissing his way down her body he lavished his tongue over her hard peaks making her arch into him with intense pleasure.

Carefully he parted her legs with his knee. Her hands raked through his hair as he moved back up to her lips. He needed to look at her as he made love to her. He needed to see the love in her eyes - the love that was only meant for him.

Moving against her she opened her legs welcoming him inside. He shook as he began to thrust inside her.

“Oh yes Max!”

Hearing her voice the illusion was shattered. His eyes flew open and he gasped at what was beneath him.

A sharp pain shot across his chest and dug painfully into his guts.

“I-I am so sorry…

Max stood quickly and frantically pulled his clothes back on.


“I-I don’t feel very well I’m so sorry”

Pure rage slowly took over Victoria as she rose from her bed and slipped her silk robe over her pale shoulders.

Her eyes flickered from emerald green to pitch black as she lit a cigarette and stared out the window.

Max took off running through the woods as fast as his legs would go. The wind wiped against his bare chest as he dogged the trees running as fast as he could.

Spotting the cave he ran inside and slid down the damp wall. Quickly he closed his eyes and began to concentrate.

Covered in sweat and gasping for air Max leaned against her bedroom wall.

His tearful eyes gazed upon her as he approached her bed.


"Please Liz wake up"

"I need to talk to you"

His voice cracked as his tears fell against her bare shoulder.

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Chapter 10.

Liz heart raced as she slowly came out of her sleepy fog. In the darkness she couldn’t see his tears.

She misread his intentions.

“I knew you would come tonight. I can’t explain how, I just knew.”

Liz blushed as she pulled the sheet from her naked body and raised her hand up to cup his cheek.

“I need you just as much as you need me. I can’t wait any longer.”

Seductively she pulled him in close and whispered against his lips. Her hands reached around his neck and through his dark hair.

“I want you to make love to me Max. We can find a way out of this. I understand how difficult all of this is on you but you have me. I know you love me. Show me Max …show me how much you love me.”

Max looked away as his tears spilled down his face. Avoiding her eyes he carefully pulled the sheet up so she was covered again.


Embarrassed she held the sheet close to her body.

“Did something happen?”

Max slid down onto the floor and leaned against the wall.

Confused Liz wrapped a blanket around herself and knelt by his side.

“You’re scaring me Max. Please tell me what happened.”

She tried to pull him close but he shook his head back and forth and covered his face with his hands.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

Suddenly she understood. Her hands slowly slid away from his body as she stared mindlessly at a spot on the floor. Silently her eyes filled with tears as her brain tried to comprehend what had happened.

Max looked up at her feeling the agonizing pain of seeing her in such despair.

He reached out to touch her shoulder breathing a sigh of relief when she didn’t move away.

“You and Victoria…you had sex with her”

The words fell from her mouth calmly and slowly as her bottom lip trembled.

“Yes…well no”

He pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her holding her head under his chin.

Her arms remained still by her side completely unresponsive to him. Still staring at the invisible spot on the ground.

“She wanted me to. She made me come to her bedroom tonight. I-I felt as if I had no choice Liz.”

As he continued he brushed his face against her soft hair.

“What she could do to my family …to you. I felt as if I had no choice. I thought if I could picture you in my mind…if I could pretend I was safe in your arms. That it was you…

Liz stood from the floor and walked over to the window.

His heart felt as if it was being ripped apart as the distance between them grew.

“I couldn’t do it Liz...

“Max what are you telling me?”

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I imagined it was you, that I was with you. That it was your body, your heart, our love…until-

Each word was a knife to her heart. His arms that meant to comfort her only served as a reminder of how they had been holding Victoria only moments ago.

“Until the moment that I couldn’t fool myself any longer. I open my eyes, we felt so wrong, so cold. I can only share that with you Liz…no matter what the cost. I-I left I ran away. I can’t imagine what is going to happen now. I only know that I can’t be without you. I can’t pretend to love someone else.”

“How could you?”

Liz took another step watching as his hands fell from her waist.

“I had no choice-

“You keep saying that but you did Max. You did have a choice.”

“Liz please…you don’t understand.”

“Just go. Disappear like you always do.”



“No! I can’t lose you. You wanted me to show you how much I love you.-

Max turned her around and pushed her up against the wall.

What are you doing!”

Max placed one hand tightly around her back pressing her hard against him.

His other hand cupped her cheek tilting her face up to his darkened eyes

His thumb traced her bottom lip as he clenched his jaw trying to restrain his feelings that were raging towards the surface.

Do you have any idea how hard it’s been to stay away from you! I would risk everything …give anything to be with you! Don’t you see how trapped I am? If I stay away from you I lose you! If I leave Victoria I lose you! What am I supposed to do Liz? Tell me!! Because my heart can't take this any longer! I can’t breath when I'm not with you! It hurts Liz!!! Why does it hurt so bad!”

Breathlessly he stared into her eyes pleading for understanding.

In a shaky soft voice she whispered painfully back to him.

“Try to imagine how much it would hurt to know that I made love to someone else.”


“Please just go Max”

Horrified Max held her close as he slowly disappeared.

Even after he was gone she could still hear the words that he whispered over and over again.

“I'm so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Sobbing she fell to the floor only to back up quickly against the wall her eyes wide with fear.

“Hello Liz. I would introduce myself but I think you know who I am.”
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare