Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Epilogue [Complete]7/21/08

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Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Epilogue [Complete]7/21/08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Category: Charmed/Roswell crossover
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.


Thanks to Touch of the Wind for this beautiful banner!

A/N: It has come to my attention that the familial ties may be confusing as well as the ages of the characters. Here is a list of each characters name, age, and parents. I hope this clears things up for everyone- please excuse the age adjustments that I made for when the Charmed Ones began having children and how far apart. Some of the careers attributed to the Charmed line seem far-fetched due to age, but please bear with me. All other characters not listed here will either be minor or self-explanatory.

Liz Parker: age 18, child of Nancy and Jeff Parker
Alex Whitman: eternally 17
Maria Deluca: age 17, child of Amy Deluca and unknown
Michael Guerin: age 18, alien origin
Max Evans: age 18, alien origin
Isabel Evans: age 19, alien origin
Prue Halliwell: died age 25, child of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennet
Piper Halliwell: age 49. child of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennet
Phoebe Halliwell: age 47, child of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennet
Paige Halliwell: age 46, child of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder
Leo Wyatt: age 51- unknown parentage, married to Piper Halliwell
Coop: age 50- unknown parentage, married to Phoebe Halliwell
Henry: age 47- unknown parentage, married to Paige Halliwell
Wyatt Halliwell: age 26, child of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt
Chris Halliwell: age 23, child of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt
Bella Halliwell: age 23, child of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop
Melody Halliwell: age 22, child of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop
Lorelai Halliwell: age 21, child of Phoebe Halliwell and Coop
Henry Halliwell: age 22, child of Paige Halliwell and Henry
Patricia Halliwell: age 21, child of Paige Halliwell and Henry; twin to Melinda Halliwell
Melinda Halliwell: age 21, child of Paige Halliwell and Henry; twin to Patricia Halliwell

Chapter One

Liz raced up the stairs and slammed the door shut to “her“ apartment. Everyone had gone insane. Her parents had just been buried a week ago and already people were asking her to make decision on what she was going to do with the diner, where she was going to live, whether she was going to graduation; and she simply didn’t have the answers.

The emotions of the day came crashing down on her and Liz ran into her bedroom, locking the door behind her, and closing the drapes. She collapsed on her bed and warm tears rolled down her cheeks and off her chin, it was not the first time she’d cried all week, but it was the first time she had been able to sit alone in her room and not be interrupted. Maria and Michael were her pillars through the arrangements and the burial, but it wasn’t enough- Liz missed Alex, she’d needed Max, and Isabel wouldn’t have been an unwelcome sight either.

But Alex was dead, Tess was gone, Max wasn’t the same, and Isabel was glacial at best. Nothing was like she expected it to be. School was ending, she hadn’t been accepted to Harvard, and being Valedictorian had turned out to be more a hindrance than an accomplishment.

More tears rolled down her cheeks and Liz brushed them away while sobs came pouring out in a hysterical symphony. Her parents had been so thrilled when they’d found out she’d made Valedictorian- they had both listened dutifully to her many revised speeches and when she had finally settled they’d both bought her a bouquet of flowers and applauded as she practiced for them; the night before they died.

The doctors said it appeared that both Parkers had had aneurisms which, though odd, was passed off as nothing because no other conclusive evidence provided another possibility or answer. Liz knew better. Some…things had appeared out of thin air and shot off what looked like blasts- something akin to Michael’s own, but it didn’t matter what they were; her parents had been sent flying and crashed into one of the living room walls. Liz had screamed and held up her hands, hiding her face, she’d her screams over her own and the smell of smoke and when she looked back at the things that had been in front of her; they had disappeared, smoke and dust being left behind.

Liz had stood still for a good ten seconds before dashing to her parents side. The whole thing was a terrifying nightmare, worse than any alien/FBI show down she’d ever gotten caught up in. Liz had reverted to what she always did when something abnormal happened, she had called Max. He had come along with Michael and Isabel, but they were clueless, and Liz realized after too many failed attempts to heal them; that Max was of no use and her parents were dead. Michael, Isabel, and Max had disappeared so Liz could call the paramedics, and Liz had done so in shock.

When they arrived, the team had lifted the cold bodies onto stretchers and taken Liz with them in the ambulance- thankfully the Crashdown had been closed for over an hour and their wasn’t a crowd to block the procession. Maria had met Liz at the hospital and Liz had told her how the others had come and failed, and how in the ambulance the paramedics had done CPR and it was for not. Liz had held Maria as the younger girl had cried in her arms, and then Amy and Kyle when they rushed in ten minutes later. The sheriff had taken off an hour later and joined them while doctors delivered the already expected news; he’d taken off his hat and sat down on a bench- not saying anything for over twenty minutes.

Everyone had been trying to give Liz suggestions, get Liz to do something; but they didn’t seem to understand her inner-turmoil. She’d lost her parents, she did not want to jump in and become a part of Maria’s family unit, even if she loved Maria and her mom. She didn’t want to stay with Michael in his apartment. She didn’t want to graduate. She didn’t want to work. She didn’t want to go to college in Las Cruses. Liz just wanted to curl up and cry. She felt so alone, more alone then when Max left her, more alone then when Alex died, more alone than when the group had excluded her, and definitely more alone than when she realized how normal and uninteresting she really was.

Her sobs quelled slowly, but the tears kept coming in large cascading drops. Liz buried her face in her hands and hiccupped several times. When a flicker of light came through the cracks of her fingers, Liz gazed up to see a woman materialize before her out of white and blue orbs. Immediately, Liz sobered.

“Who the hell are you?” Liz demanded.

“My name is Paige. I’m here to help you.” The older woman seemed benign, but the words were so ironic and opposite of everything she wanted that Liz actually laughed. Full throaty laughter bubbled up and out of her mouth and it quickly turned hysterical. The tears started again and Liz’s eyes dropped to the floor.

The older woman approached her and Liz scuttled back on her bed while trying to stop the unceasing noise coming from her. “I don’t want help. I-” Liz chocked as she sucked in too much air and didn’t stop Paige from leaning down to place a hand on her back; which almost instantly ceased her chocking.

“Liz, I know you have been through a lot this week. More than anyone your age should have to face, but I came here to help you. You are special, more special than you can imagine and I know that right now you are in pain, but you aren’t alone. I know that you feel lost, I know you don’t think I can relate, but I can. I lost my parents when I was in high school too; but unlike you, I didn’t have anyone to help me.” The words were soothing and Liz calmed a degree. She didn’t understand how this woman had shown up from whirling lights, or what she was talking about when, how she, Liz, was possibly special, but the sound of Paige’s voice affected her in a deeper way.

They sat for two hours, Liz didn’t speak much; not from a blatant immature refusal to do so, but simply because she couldn’t. Paige told her about herself, about her sisters, her children, her nieces and nephews, about witches and demons, about the great battle of good and evil. She told her about Liz’s parents and how they were powerful coven leaders that were well acquainted with the “Charmed Ones”, the label of her and her sisters. Paige acknowledged her birth as being “unforeseen” and “twice-blessed”. Apparently the death of her parents was magical and caused by demons. In addition to the well-weaved web of fantasy, Paige told Liz she had the wonderful opportunity to go to “magic school” and explore her “gifts”.

Furthermore, Liz had been shocked when Paige told her she knew about Max and the others, about their hybrid status; that she knew the universe was not exclusively the race of mans, and it would be hypocritical and vain for anyone in the magical community to assume humans and Earth were the only creatures in all the stretch of the universe.

All of this filtered into the skeptical scientist part of Liz’s mind, a part that had went dead for well over a week; and Liz reveled and took relief in its revival. Nothing Paige said made sense to her, none of it logical or orderly, but the belief that she was special, the knowledge she could do something good made her feel lighter. But a few questions still plagued her.

“Why didn’t they tell me? Why did I get these “powers” now?” Liz air-quoted the word powers, but tried to tamp down her natural cynicism.

“Knowing what terrible demons exist in the world, you parents bound your powers at birth. They did not want you to have face demons or the perils that come with being magical. Liz, you have to know they loved you so much all they wanted to do was protect you.” Paige had a patient look on her face, one full of caring and Liz nodded her understanding.

“But why would you come for me now? I mean if my powers are bound-” Paige started shaking her head and Liz cut herself off.

“When they died, your powers once dormant, came to life. That’s why it’s necessary for you to go to magic school- you have to train, learn to control your gifts, and then you can come back here.” Liz froze. She couldn’t leave now, not when everyone was still grieving, not when the diner needed her; what would she tell everyone?

“I can’t leave. I mean, what about everyone else? My friends, people my family has considered family, they are grieving. I cannot leave them behind. What about the diner? What would I tell everyone?” Seeing all the flaws, Liz started to shake her head in rejection.

“You graduate soon, right? Well everyone wants you to move on, get better. Tell them you are going to travel, that you need to get away, and that you’ll write- which you can. I’m sure someone will keep the diner going; your parents probably have many managers and accountants.”

“Yes, but…I’ll miss them too.” Liz felt the welling of more tears and tried to blink them away.

“Of course you will, but they will be here when you get back. And they love you, they will understand. People find great resolve and strength after tremendous loss.” Paige hugged her and Liz clutched at her as a life line.

“Will you be there? At magic school?” Liz mumbled into Paige’s violet sweater.

“One of my daughters, Patricia, works there. And two of my nephews, Chris and Wyatt, Piper’s sons, ’s they teach there. Piper’s husband, Leo, is the headmaster. I stop by a lot. I’m a social worker though, so I don’t spend much time teaching. I lecture there once in a while. I also haven’t had a charge in quite sometime, ten years actually. The elders, the higher council that have watched over you since birth, decided you were too important a charge to be given to just any white-lighter.” Paige pulled back to smile at Liz.

“I’m sorry I ruined your retirement plan.” Liz gave a small smile in return and Paige laughed.

“I don’t mind. I like helping good people; and you are a good person, Liz.”

“I do not feel like it all the time.” Liz still felt remorse over Alex’s death, even though it had not been her fault; he was still one of her best friends, she should have done more, known more.

“We all think we make mistakes, and we do, but that is not what makes you a bad person; it is how you react to them that make you who you are.” Paige went into further detail of how they would extract Liz from Roswell, and when everything was set for after graduation; Paige suggested she go to sleep and rest up for school, then disappeared in her beautiful whirling white lights.

Liz glanced around at the shadows of her room and bit her lip. She had had very little sleep since the attack and even less since the funeral. Sleep did not sound like a valid option. Getting up, Liz made her way out into the hall and down to her parents bedroom- which had not been disturbed once from the moment of their death. Breathing in deeply, Liz turned the knob and opened the doorway. Everything looked the same as it always had except the bed was unmade.

Gliding around the room, touching various objects, Liz came to the trunk at the end of the bed. Kneeling down she stared intently at the ornately carved wood; her parents had never allowed her to open the chest and Liz had always listened for their benefit, but now she let herself unlatch the catch and pull open the lid. Liz’s eyes widened as she saw candles, incense, jars of herbs and flowers, a map, crystals, pendants, and a large book that seemed to be attached in the middle- as if at one time it has been two books.

Her touch lingered on the different items, but the call of the bound pages was too much for her, and Liz lifted it from the clutter of the others. The trunk swung shut as she let it go and she curled up in the middle of her parents bed. The scents of her mother’s perfume and her father’s cologne calmed her as she turned to the first page. It resembled a lesson out of a historical textbook, except the tale was one of wars between clans, gifts established in the Murray coven, obviously her mother’s family. As she became more absorbed she found spell entries, demon pictures and labeling, there was an entire section on herbs, remedies, and potions. When she reached the middle, Liz realized the book was in fact the culmination of two separate books; again she read historical witchcraft facts and more stories of old battles, and the powers imbued to the Parker coven; and then proceeded to a more extensive section on demons and labeling, spells were more abundant too, but the potions were less in volume, despite their fascinating quality.

As Liz flipped to the end she knew she wouldn’t remember half of what she had read, but was overjoyed to have found something of her heritage, something of her parents. There was a family tree in the back- it listed everyone from both families and Liz got a small shock to see her own name as the apex of both. Before she drifted off, Liz replaced the book into the chest and her eyes lingered on the cover: where a single crescent has sat now emblazed a full moon. The sight was beautiful and set Liz at ease with the evenings course of events.

A/N: Okay so this is my first Crossover and I had a hard time deciding whether to do one between Charmed and Roswell or Dark Angel and Roswell- eventually Liz and Chris won me over. Let me know what you think of this short first chapter. EK!
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Re: Beyond Destiny [Liz/Chris] CHMD XO (Chp 1)

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Two

“We each take a path in life, we each will grow up to become someone; but we had to start out somewhere. We have all grown together, learned together, walked the same steps to where we are today. We have all had the one teacher that motivated us like no other could, and that one teacher that we had no connection to; but everyone of us has had a common bond over the last thirteen years- from step one, in kindergarten.

Experiences, friendships, emotions- all things we’ve gone through to get here. I’m proud of myself for being here, for having succeeded. My parents…were proud of me too, and so are my friends and their parents; and each of us should look to one another at this moment and say “thank you” and “congratulations” because it was the indirect knowledge that we were not the only ones that got us this far. But it is the knowledge that we will each go our own ways to become independent and whomever we are meant to become that unifies us at this crossroads in life. Some of us will search the venues of higher education, others will break into the world and take to the workforce- and together we will once again contribute to a whole.

The words I speak today to all of you will be a distant memory, a fond farewell to graduation; but the feelings you feel and the people you see- they will be the collage of all your hard work and future success. The teachers present here today will be the center of your rebellious stories, passed on to your children, and yet they are the ones that instilled you with an arsenal of capabilities that will enable you to live your life. And to our parents…we love you each, thank you much, and represent you now. To my graduating class, I congratulate you on your next step.”

Applause exploded through the auditorium as Liz made her way to the stairs after her speech. Paige stood among the faculty ready to congratulate her on her excellence and wish her luck in the future. The words were still swimming around in her head and she merely managed a dimly lit smile of thanks. Everyone was receptive to Liz’s leaving except the pod squad, but they knew her stance. Maria made her promise to email or write; and in a way that had made Liz feel better about going. Paige had already delivered her clothes to her room at magic school, and Liz had locked up the apartment after packing up her parents belonging and placing them in storage. Jose, Michael, Maria, and several other individuals had already set up a schedule to run the Crash and now, with diploma in hand, Liz was ready to leave.

Finally, Liz made it to Paige who was grinning broadly while clapping. “You did wonderfully. That was some speech.” Paige hugged her and then let her go as Liz’s friends came over, and disappeared into a crowd of parents.

“Lizzie!” Maria beat everyone to the punch and launched herself on Liz. “We made it! I’m so excited. We are no longer in high school. I wish you were staying for the party tonight.”

Isabel came next and the welcome was barely lukewarm. “Congratulations. Nice speech.”

Michael, stoic as ever, hugged her slightly and added in, “Good work.”

And then came Max. He offered her a bow of the head, kiss on the cheek, and pitched out that he was “happy” for her and “congratulations”. Liz had nodded, attempted a smile, which came out as more of a grimace, and turned away.

“I better get going guys. I want to make it into Arizona before nightfall. I’ll miss you.” This was mostly aimed at Maria, but they all mumbled out in kind.

Paige waited patiently as Liz wended her way through the crowd of graduates; stopping occasionally to congratulate some of her acquaintances when they took hold of her robes or shoulder. Together Liz and Paige disappeared into the parking lot, still empty, and Paige clasped her hands and Liz steady herself for the orbing. As it was her first time, Liz felt slightly nauseas, but relatively light.

The ground turned steady under her feet once more and Liz opened her eyes after realizing at some point in the shift she had closed them. “This is the atrium here at magic school. Our books are placed here- a library of sorts. Detentions usually consist of students stacking books on the shelves.” Paige nodded to ten-year-old girl on their left that was haphazardly levitating books to the bookshelf. A professor was on her in seconds relaying how important these novels were to the magical community and the girl proceeded to more carefully stack the books, by hand.

The awe of the majestic halls made Liz feel small; the archways and the hard wood and the way everything seemed to gleam- a sense of propriety felt necessary, but at the same time an overwhelming sense of purpose settled into her bones. Students milled from a number of classrooms and the hallway stretched out before them with an endless pathway. Everyone looked normal, all the kids were dressed like everyone in normal schools; same cliquey tendencies also- Liz noticed as a group of girls walked by glaring at her.

“You’ll find a lot of kids here are…abrasive, but for the most part they’re all good people waiting to make a mark for themselves magically and help the greater good. You will see Leo first. Remember him? Piper’s husband the headmaster?” Paige tossed Liz a glance as she skirted around a group of preteens clumped together chatting between classes.

“Yeah, Wyatt and Chris’s father, right?” Liz let her eyes stray to a particular snatch of people up ahead, one of the older guys looked her way and she smiled and in turn he winked. As she passed them- trying desperately to listen to what Paige was telling her- she failed to notice the glare from the girl on said guy’s arm.

Paige led the way to another door, this one closed, and knocked before entering and holding the door open for Liz. The setting of the room was anything but what Liz had expected. It was stoically decorated with no pictures, one globe, and wall to wall shelves of books. The floor matched the architectural design of the hall, but a forest green rug cushioned the legs of two chairs that sat in front of a simple wooden desk. The kind face attached to the man sitting behind the desk smiled broadly and got up to greet them .

“Paige, hi! How are you?” He addressed Paige first and enveloped her in a hug across the simple structure separating them.

“Hey Leo, I’m good. This is Liz, the new student I told you I’d be bringing by. You are our first stop.” Paige twisted around to face Liz and smile encouragingly. Liz felt that her hands were sweaty so she swiped them off subtly on her jeans, under her gown, and held out her hand. Leo’s handshake was strong, but yielding. Liz remembered what her dad used to say about the character of a man and the feel of his handshake- she shook the thought from her mind.

“Well it’s really nice to meet you. I noticed you didn’t have the chance to change yet; you graduated today if I remember right. Valedictorian?” Leo’s voice was softer when he addressed her and Liz nodded.

“Yes. I just got her from there actually. I was wondering if you had the opportunity to sort out a schedule for her.” Paige answered verbally for Liz and swept the spotlight away from her, a needed relief in Liz’s opinion.

“I wrote it up a couple days ago and I have it-” Leo rummaged around on his desk and pulled out a piece of white paper with script scrawled across the front. “Here you go.” He grinned at Paige, hugged her once more, and then turned to Liz who was still standing towards the door Paige had ushered her through.

“Don’t worry about your first week, it takes time to get into the swing of things. Someone will always be available if you need anything; if you need me specifically- just call my name. I knew your parents well, Liz. I’m so sincerely sorry about what happened to them, to you.” Liz heard the words and even though she heard them a thousand times at that moment it was just what she needed to hear.

“Thank you.” It was the first and last thing Liz said to Leo- who beamed at her statement- and then she backed out of the room before he could say anything else that would be comforting or understanding; the feel of tears welling up in her eyes was already a red alert, the last thing she needed was to be sobbing in someone’s arms like she had Paige’s.

A short moment passed, then Paige joined her in the hallway. Everyone was in their next class or off elsewhere down the long corridor. “So you have four classes as of now. First hour, Power Practice/Defense with Professor Wyatt Halliwell. Second you have Spell-casting and Scrying with Patricia Halliwell- my daughter. Followed by third hour, Potions with Chris Halliwell, and finally, Theory and Tactical Research with Coop- Phoebe’s husband. You will find out what each class entails from each of the individual professors tonight.” Paige read off the paper and then handed it to Liz.

“Tonight? What’s going on tonight?” Liz stared at the titles of her newest classes and then gaped at Paige’s next announcement.

“I am throwing you a Grad-Party tonight, at the manor.”

“I don’t want a big fuss, okay? If I did I would have stayed back in Roswell and gone to the big ta-do that Maria planned for everyone.” Crossing her arms, Paige shook her head and led the way further down the hall.

“I am throwing you a party. Your parents would have wanted to celebrate the occasion you have been building your life toward for the past thirteen years.” The urge to smack Paige for mentioning what her parents would have wanted when they clearly weren’t there surprised Liz and she bit down on her control. She knew Paige was only trying to make the transition from average 18 year old nobody to super-witch Liz Parker easier, but it was a lot to deal with right away.

“Fine.” The energy to argue was null and the logical part of Liz realized she would need to meet her professors eventually. When they passed five doors from Leo’s office- Paige pointed to two that were side by side.

“Those are your first two class periods.” The nameplates on each door acknowledged the reigning professor for that classroom. They traveled down six more doors and then Paige pointed to the left where it clearly said “C. Halliwell” and Paige murmured something about her nephew sounding like a lawyer’s name. The final destination was two doors down on the right from Chris’s room and Liz scrunched up her nose wondering why they called her fourth hour professor “Coop” and not something more official sounding.

“What’s with the nickname?” Liz voiced her thoughts.

“Coop is a cupid, he met Phoebe back when Chris was just a baby and me and my husband, Henry, were just married. The Elders sent Coop to Phoebe as a means to apologize for interfering with all her past relationships and eventually they tied the knot. Cupids don’t have full names or last names; so now that he’s started to work here in addition to being a cupid we call him by what he is most comfortable, Coop.” Paige nodded her head and made a face that said “it-is-how-it-is”.

“So where will I be sleeping?” Liz had been pondering this all week, Paige said she was to go to Magic school, but would she really be living there.

“All students stay here at the school because some of them don’t have homes to go home to; and there are enough bedrooms because this hallway is endless- literally.” Paige started to amble down the hall, Liz in check, and the two made there way not far from Liz’s first hour classroom. “Okay here’s you key.” Paige produced an antique copper key and handed it to Liz as she stepped aside.

Inserting the key to the room, Liz turned the lock and pushed- hard. A loud creak and the door swung open slowly and a circular room appeared before them. In addition to the wooden door and floors, a queen-sized bed sat dead center- Liz’s trunk at the foot of the bed. Pristine, white sheets and pillow cases were neatly folded and primped and the scent of lavender permeated the room; comfort and exhaustion suddenly deadened Liz’s senses and she had to take a seat on the end of the bed.

“Do you like it? I know there isn’t much to it, but I figured you would want to personalize it yourself.” Paige had stepped into the room slightly, but for the most part she leaned against the doorframe watching Liz’s pensive expression.

“This is great. And you are right, I do not think I would have been as comfortable in here if someone else had left their mark.” Liz said as she turned more fully toward Paige.

“Well I have to go, I was supposed to be at work an hour ago. There is this kid, Nathan Reynolds, we suspect that he’s being mistreated in his foster home and I have to check up on him.” Paige explained.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hold up your day.” Immediate regret and a feeling of being a hindrance gave Liz pause.

“Oh don’t worry about it; the family was expecting me and probably wouldn’t have been themselves around me- now I have the element of surprise.” Paige smiled and laughed off Liz’s apology, instantly making the girl feel better. With a pretty “so-there” pout of her lips, Paige orbed out with a finger wave.

Moments later as Liz lay back on her bed, Paige orbed back in. “I forgot, I’ll pick you up for the party tonight at seven, dress casual.” Paige swirled away again as fast as she had appeared and Liz sighed at the thought of the big event. Settling in for a short nap, Liz decided she would deal with her emotions, her party, and her magic later.

Author's Note: Hey everyone I really appreciated all of the reviews. Thanks so much for the support and positive feedback. Can't wait to here what you think of this short chapter. EK!
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Re: Beyond Destiny [Liz/Chris] CHMD XO (Chp 2)

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Three

Liz leaned against the banister for support as she and Paige appeared on the landing of the staircase in the Halliwell manor. The Victorian styled house was beautiful in it’s antiquity and Liz appreciated the refined furniture and the interior decoration. She felt slightly self-conscious in spite of the fact she yet to meet anyone. She tugged at the bottom of her black, crocheted, long-sleeve off the shoulder top; the straight, black, knee-length skirt and the black knee-high boots she wore were perfect in her opinion, she hoped it made the right first impression.

Paige had showed up five to seven and commented on how pretty Liz was with her hair down in long waves and her make-up done nice. Paige herself had sported straight legged, black pants and a green emerald cut top. Liz couldn’t say she was surprised by the older woman’s fashion sense- she just did not seem that old despite her forty some-odd years.

As Liz let go of Paige’s arm she made her way down the steps, Paige following closely. “This is a magnificent house.” Liz found herself saying as she stopped in the living room.

“Thank you.” Liz turned to face Piper as she announced her presence.

“Hi, I’m Liz.” Piper smiled indulgently and shook Liz’s proffered hand.

“It’s nice to meet you. Leo and the boys are a bit late. Phoebe is in the kitchen with Coop getting some drinks. Hello Paige.” Piper let go of Liz’s hand and embraced her sister.

“Hey honey. Do you know if Henry Jr. is coming? I know that Henry isn’t going to be able to- something to do with one of his parolees.” Piper nodded.

“Yes, he dropped by earlier with a Sarah and a nice bottle of wine.” Liz absorbed the conversation quietly.

“Good. Oh Bella, Melody, and Lorelei are going to be her at seven-thirty.” Liz was shocked to see yet another stunningly gorgeous woman enter the room. Phoebe and Coop held two trays of what looked like champagne into the room and set them down on the low coffee table after passing everyone, including Liz, a glass.

“Hi!” The pretty smile that lit up Phoebe’s face was contagious and soon Liz was smiling broadly while accepting a surprised hug. Coop hung back and when Liz turned and offered him a smile and handshake he obliged.

“I’m Liz, nice to meet you.”

“Wow, what a pretty girl you are. Smart too, from what Paige tells us.” Charm and delight radiated off Phoebe as she obsessed over Liz’s wardrobe and hair and her “enchanting” smile.

“Thank you.” There was a sound behind them and Leo, Wyatt, and Chris appeared.

“All of you are late.” Piper gave a stern reprimand, but it melted away as she hugged each of her boys.

Liz felt solely inadequate among all of these attractive people- despite Phoebe’s flattery. Her eyes ran over Leo who had the same warm, open demeanor; then moved on to the tall man next to him- at least 6’ 2” and highly attractive: curly hair, defined chin, boy-like charm graced his features and the same good-natured personality greeted her when Paige dragged her over to the new arrivals.

“This is Wyatt.” Piper waved her hand to her first son, the man next to Leo. “And this is Chris.” Phoebe backed off from the hug she had been giving the third man.

A breath caught in Liz’s throat at the sight of the third new arrival. He was two inches shorter than Wyatt and had darker hair. His azure blue eyes were clear and held a depth that seared her; his lips looked soft and Liz had the urge to lean in and kiss him. His attractiveness was only comparable to his aura- it felt like he was more complicated somehow, there was more to him than the simple charm that came off of everyone else.

“Hi.” The soft spoken word came out as a whisper, sultry and appraising.

“Hey.” They shook hands and Liz’s sense calmed- the sensation was phenomenal; similar to that of Paige’s when she had soothed Liz’s cough, but it was more profound. The twinge of unease Liz had felt upon arriving at Magic school and the manor settled.

Piper broke between them to get the door when the bell rang and Liz spun away to face the opposite wall, her eyes landed on the champagne and she hurried over to grab another flute.

It turned out that Henry was able to get away for an hour or two and Liz was pleased as he had a more normal feel. His personality was subtle, a good opposition to Paige’s more vibrant flare, and his sense of humor reminded Liz of Alex, in a good way.

Seven-thirty came around and two pretty girls showed up- twins. Liz had to do a double take at the two. Patricia and Melinda were two of the most outrageously beautiful woman Liz had ever met. Both had the same fair complexion, but it was starkly contrasted with short-cropped onyx hair on one-Melinda- and long pin-straight hair on the other- Patricia. Large hazel eyes peered out from identical sets of eyelashes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Additionally, both girls had long, straight, pointed noses and bee-stung lips that most woman had to pay for.

If not for the arrival yet another person at the door, Liz was certain she would’ve made a fool of herself by staring too long at the twin girls. Isabel was gorgeous, model worthy, but even these two woman would have given her a run for her money.

At the door, Piper invited in three more woman and Liz knew right off that these were Phoebe’s daughters, without the obvious fact that they were the only ones missing aside from Henry Jr. Phoebe raced over, dragging Coop with her to greet their daughters. Introductions were made and Liz learned that Bella was the oldest and worked for a law firm, Becker and Sons. Melody was the middle child, but by far the prettiest of the three- her olive complexion and dimples gave her femininity the other two had, but not quite to her extent; she worked as a bartender and part owner of P3. Finally, Lorelei introduced herself, she was self-assertive and held a strong personality. By far Lorelei was the most interesting, she ran a shelter for abused woman- an honest to God angel on earth, she gave hope to hundreds of women everyday. Yet again hugs were exchanged between Liz and the three sisters and flattery was an obvious trait among Phoebe and her children because Liz was blushing by the end of the chatty introduction.

Time passed and everyone entertained themselves by talking to one sibling or relative and Liz hung back drinking socially. Piper played perfect hostess and didn’t even bat an eyelash or issue a reprimand when Henry Jr. orbed in an hour late- not that that stopped Paige from smacking him on the back of the head and making him apologize to Piper and Liz. Liz had smiled engagingly and shook his hand while he, an exact replica of Paige in male form, explained how his soon-to-be-wife, Sarah, was pregnant and kept insisting he orb home at a shout’s notice.

Henry Jr. had the same sense of humor as his father, but was more flamboyant like his mother. Liz enjoyed his company and couldn’t help laughing and languishing lazily backward on the couch they had seated themselves on. It turned out that Henry Jr. was the manager of P3 and the other partner; Piper had apparently turned over the club when she decided to open her own restaurant.

Despite what a good time Liz was having, her eyes kept straying to Chris who was holding what looked like a serious conversation with the twins. Eventually Henry Jr. excused himself to have a chat with Lorelei about something.

“Hi Liz. I’m Patricia.” Liz looked up from her spot on the sofa and realized that one of the twins had wandered over to talk to her.

“It’s nice to meet you. You’re one of Paige’s daughters right?” Liz asked.

“Yes I am. And I’m going to be one of your professors.” Patricia smiled and Liz was star struck for a moment before replying.

“Yeah, um, Spell-casting and Scrying, right?” Liz shifted and smiled as Patricia took a seat next to her.

“That’s right, good memory.” Silence reigned for a moment and then Patricia glanced down at her hands before looking back up at Liz with tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Liz was startled by Patricia’s sudden emotional shift.

“I just feel how much you miss your parents. How out of place you feel here. I’m so sorry.” Shock was prevalent and Liz shook her head.

“How? I mean…How do you feel what I’m feeling?” Liz questioned.

“She takes after her Aunt Phoebe.” Phoebe popped into the conversation. Her smile was sympathetic and endearing as she placed her hand on Patricia’s shoulder.

“I wasn’t even trying to pick up anything.” A soft more stable toned Patricia.

“It happens when you’re new.” Phoebe explained.

“I still don’t understand.” Liz jumped in.

“She’s empathic like me. We have the ability to feel what others are feeling, even if the feelings are buried deep down.” A knowing look entered Phoebe’s eye as Liz glanced toward Chris before blushing and focusing her eyes back on Patricia.

“Sorry if I upset you.” Liz felt ridiculous for apologizing for something she couldn’t help feeling or stopping others from feeling, but Patricia had such kind eyes it was difficult not to want to see her smile.

“It’s alright, not your fault in the least.” Patricia said with a watery smile and a deep sigh.

“Are you excited about Magic school, Liz?” Phoebe intoned.

“Nervous actually. I can’t quite wrap my mind around all of this.”

“Don’t worry, things will come easy for you with your gifts. Give it time.” Phoebe nodded once more with a knowing glance before excusing herself.

“So what do you like to do in your spare time Liz?” Having gathered herself, Patricia tactfully changed the subject.

“I enjoy science and writing. I love seeing how different components come together to create things. And writing has been an outlet for me for quite sometime. How about you?” Liz allowed the switch without incident and breathed a sigh of relief at not having to address her grief.

“I love poetry. I’ve actually been published. Not that I’m famous, but it’s nice to walk into a Barnes and Noble and see my book on the shelf in the Poetry section.” A radiant smile spread across Patricia’s face and Liz returned one of her own.

“That’s amazing. How exciting. I’ll have to buy one first chance I get.”

“You do not have to do that, I could lend you my copy.” Patricia practically beamed at Liz’s interest.

“Sounds good. I look forward to it.” A friendly accord formed between the two and Liz knew that Patricia would be someone she could relate to, and with Patricia’s upbeat attitude, Liz had a feeling she would be her magical equivalent to Maria.

A short while later Patricia got up to go get a drink and Liz took the alone time to acquaint herself with all the faces around her. The Halliwell family interacted like nothing she had ever seen; everyone of them had a bond that Liz could see and feel at every turn. Cousins, nieces, nephews, moms, dads, brothers, sisters- no matter the bond between them they were tied together in a comfortable way. The only one that looked slightly out of place was Melinda- who sat off to the side only occasionally talking to her twin and Henry Jr. Everyone else flowed perfectly, a harmony born to each of them.

Closing her eyes in an attempt to stop the wiry discomfort from rising up inside of her once more, Liz was surprised when she heard Piper announce dinner. It was close to 8:30 and Liz had never had dinner so late, but she assumed Piper had been waiting on Henry Jr. to arrive and for her soufflés to set.

Wyatt came over to escort Liz to her seat, which as it turned out, was between the twins and across from Chris, Wyatt, and Henry Jr.; Piper and Leo sat at the ends of the table and Paige and Phoebe sat opposite Piper while Bella, Melody, and Lorelei sat with Coop and Henry on Leo’s end. The spread was sumptuous and Liz was in heaven with the heady scents and flavors that she was exposed to. Conversation flowed as freely as the wine and Liz gave little thought to why they allowed her to drink while she was underage.

“So Liz what is you plan to do once you have learned how to control your powers?” Coop asked from down the table.

“I’m not really sure. I used to want to be a molecular biologist, but that career path doesn’t really hold much desire for me anymore.” Thinking about science brought up thoughts of Max and the others and what she had been through with them and her warm happiness chilled. When Liz reached out for her wine to take a fortifying sip the whole class iced over- the wine turning solid.

Liz gasped and yanked her hand back which resulted in the glass falling over and rolling on its side down the table to Piper. Everyone quieted for a moment and Liz felt utterly embarrassed. Cheeks turning red, Liz felt a rush of heat and anger at being the center of attention; she was upset at Paige for putting her in this position considering her lack of control and confused as to why her powers would appear now. Looking at the glass, Liz glared at the inanimate source of her troubles while rubbing her temples to ease a sudden ache and the ice defrosted before everyone’s eyes and wine spilled all over the table.

Piper kicked back her chair and got to her feet to avoid having the red liquid douse her clothing. The table, no longer quiet, erupted into action. Phoebe and Paige started cleaning up the mess, the twins asked Liz if she was alright, and the others started conversing amongst themselves over the obvious fact that Liz had just used two gifts unique- pyrokinesis and the ability to freeze things.

“It’s okay. Calm down.” Patricia placed a hand on Liz’s shoulder among the chaotic goings on around them. Melinda handed Liz a glass of water and Liz gulped down the whole glass and then started to sputter apologize and Piper was already waving her apology away.

“It’s happened from time to time for all of us. Besides at least you didn’t break anything- that’s a record for this family.” That got a laugh all around the table and with that everything went back to normal.

The cacophony of voices and clinking of silverware and fine china made Liz perfectly at home, despite her mixed emotions about the new developments with her powers. When Piper brought out the desert- three types of chocolate soufflé and a rich and creamy teacup of homemade coco she felt utterly certain no one had spoiled her this thoroughly since her sixteenth birthday. By the end of the meal and dessert, Liz felt decadent and indecently full. Chris was the one to escort her into the more formal living room and Liz was stunned by what she found.

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige had decorated the formal living area with flowers, streamers, and a large congratulations banner that read “To the next generation of brilliance, Liz Parker!” The elegance of the room and the expensive flowers and the odd glowing lights that hung above head made Liz want to cry. The wine and champagne had made it so Liz was emotional and she found she wanted to say something for all the kindness around her.

Everyone quieted when Paige looked to Liz for her speech. “This is extravagantly kind of all of you, and I can’t express how appreciative I am of all of this. Coming here is hard and has made me uneasy, but among you I feel welcomed and wanted in a way I wasn’t sure was possible. Kindness and caring are not common among mankind, but in this home my faith in others has been renewed. Thank you so much.” Liz felt a tear slide down her cheek and embraced the nearest person to her- Chris.

Liz heard applause and a couple of “aw” sounds, but the scent of Chris’s sexy, suave cologne hit her nose and the feel of his arms around her drowned her other senses. Her right cheek brushed his shirt and the feel of the silky material made Liz sigh. Her tears stopped and Liz pulled back reluctantly only to be greeted by more hugs from others wanting to comfort her.

Everyone gathered around the center coffee table, sitting on the many settees and armchairs conversation flourished once more. Paige praised Liz’s speaking skills and reiterated a couple lines from Liz’s graduation speech. Liz shrunk back slightly in pleasure, leaning against her armchair’s backing. Being the center of attention was a peculiarity, but Liz didn’t shirk the praise. Her eyes wandered back to Chris every once in a while, and she had accidentally caught his eye on several occasions, and by the end of the evening she was sure she had made an ass out of herself, but the fuzzy warmth from the alcohol stopped her from caring too much.

The grandfather clock rang off two chimes and that was when Piper began to usher people to the door. By two-thirty only those that could orb were left, and Piper was playing the voice of reason and insisting that Leo had work and needed to go upstairs to bed. as well as insisting that the twins, Henry Jr., and her sons needed to get home and soon everyone was orbing away. Liz smiled when everyone either clasped her arm or hugged her on their way out. Before long Paige, Liz, and Piper were left.

“Thank you for the more than wonderful party, Piper.”

“You are more than welcome. I’m glad that I was able to make you feel even an ounce better. You are very gifted, in more than magical means.” A toothy smile made Liz lean in to hug Piper goodbye. Paige and Piper hugged before Paige took hold of Liz and orbed away as Piper cleaned up the room, refusing their help.

Paige orbed Liz to her room and hugged her before orbing off to Henry. The evening had been a great success, in spite of the slight drama with her new gifts and Liz felt drowsy with contentment. With a quick change of clothes, Liz slipped into bed and was soon asleep fitfully.

The next morning around nine, Liz heard a knocking at her door. Her head throbbed a bit and Liz rubbed her temples slightly before climbing out of bed and opened the door. “Good morning, honey. How are you?” Paige stood their bright and fresh in a long, black skirt with a grey scoop-necked sweater carrying a box of donuts and two venti cups of coffee.

“My head is killing me.” Liz retreated from the door and sat back on her bed as Paige came in closing the door behind her. Paige placed the donuts and coffee on Liz’s trunk and walked over to her, she touched Liz’s temples and instantly eased the ache to a degree that was uncomfortable, but not painful.

“I won’t heal it all the way because this will help you remember not to drink so much next time. Anyways you have class in an hour so I thought I’d make sure you were actually awake for it. That and I thought coffee might help make you more…aware and donuts will give you a good sugar rush.” Paige handed Liz a venti white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and enjoyed her own as they both dug into some glazed donuts.

“Thanks Paige, this is really nice of you.” The coffee and donuts were working their magic and slowly Liz’s sluggish mind registered that she would be expected to use her magic today- on command.

“Paige, what if I don’t know how to use my magic?” Liz had no idea how to make things happen.

“Listen Liz, being at Magic school isn’t about knowing how to do things, it’s learning how to do them.”

“What if this is all a mistake or a fluke?” Liz bit her lip nervously.

“I wouldn’t be able to sense you if you weren’t magical Liz. How do you think I was able to find you in your room in New Mexico if not without some magical connection?” Paige waited patiently for Liz to calm herself and acquaint herself with reality once again; she’s been expecting some more resistance, but knew it would be minimal.

“Worst that could happen is I go, find I’m a fraud, and get to go home.” Liz muttered to herself and then scoffed at her pessimism. “Yeah and maybe I can pretend aliens and magic don’t exist too.” Breathing in through her nose and letting out a sigh, Liz nodded to Paige and got up to change. All of Liz’s luggage was under her bed and she didn’t know where else to put anything.

“Um, Paige, I think I’m going to need to buy an armoire and an end table. Some nice sheets and pillow cases too.” A mental list of all the things Liz would need formed in her head and she racked up: laundry basket, armoire, end table, sheets, comforter, pillow cases, and a bookcase. “When do you think I’ll be able to go shopping?” Liz turned to Paige.

“Well I think that you could order everything online and then have it shipped to the manor. I’ll have Leo, Wyatt, and Chris bring it here. Do you have a laptop or are you going to need to use mine? Oh and a credit card?” Liz pulled out her second suitcase after changing and extracted her laptop and wallet.

“My parent’s bought me a laptop for my sixteenth birthday and I just recently got a credit card. I’ll have to call Mr. Larson, my accountant, about how the business is doing.” Liz thought this conversation sounded odd; having an accountant was weird.

“Okay well here’s the address.” Paige pulled a pad and pen from her black, Kathy Van Zeeland purse and wrote out the address and area code for Liz before grabbing the half-empty box of donuts and empty cups of coffee and telling Liz she would drop by later.

Liz resigned herself to doing everything later and hunted around her trunk for her schedule, after replacing her laptop, wallet, and the piece of paper in her suitcase. Everything was mapped out for her and Liz nodded her head as she ran over the room numbers and where Paige had taken her yesterday. It occurred to Liz she never got around to asking Coop, Chris, Wyatt, or Patricia what classes would involve and what she might be required to bring to them. Liz stuffed her schedule in the back pocket of her low-riders and straightened her white tube top and black, mini jean jacket.

Leaving fifteen minutes early, Liz took off for Wyatt’s room. The door was closed so Liz knocked and then opened it. “Morning Liz, you’re early.” Wyatt wore jeans and a blue button down shirt, the opening of his black robe giving a glimpse of the fabrics underneath and his smile was cheerful and welcoming.

“Yeah I forgot to ask last night what this class would require.” Liz said.

“Why don’t you show me your schedule and I’ll see what you need- this class is all about honing your powers so all you need is you.” Liz smiled as Wyatt held out his hand for Liz’s schedule.

“Thanks so much.” It didn’t take long for Wyatt to deduce that Liz would need her family’s book of shadows- another new phrase Liz was unfamiliar with. She thought back to the book in her trunk and mentioned it to Wyatt, who smiled a cute, boyish smile before replying that that was it.

“I really appreciate your help.”

“Not a problem, Liz.” Wyatt went back to preparing for his class and Liz slipped her schedule back in her pocket. She looked around the normal- if not architecturally advanced- classroom and took a seat at one of the desks.

The fifteen minutes passed quickly and Liz heard the door to Wyatt’s classroom open and turned to see an onslaught of students enter the room, laughing and pushing each other around. The cute guy Liz had spotted yesterday in the hall took a seat next to her and smiled.

“Hey.” He looked to be nineteen and had dark blonde hair that curled a little at the tips and lay in longish sweeps. His eyes were a rich amber, while his nose was short and pointed; his lips were thinner than average, but when he smiled at her, his gorgeous white toothy smile lit up his whole face. Liz absorbed his muscular build and noticed he wasn’t on the tall side maybe 5’ 11” tops.

“Hi. I’m Liz.” Liz held out her hand as everyone else settled in around them and smiled broadly when he gave a nod and shook her hand.

“I’m Jordan Skye.” Wyatt called everyone’s attention to the front of the classroom and Liz released her hold on Jordan’s hand to turn and face front.

“Today we’ll be have a hands on activity-” Wyatt paused as the class broke into excited shouts and clapping. “I will be the demon and it will be up to you to get passed my shield- not to mention the fact that I will be using my power of deflection. Sound simple?”

Some of the kids smirked while others pointedly looked away. Liz tensed, took a deep breath, and shook her head from side to side to clear her anxiety and followed everyone to the front of the room as Wyatt asked a short red-hair girl with Irish features to put the desks at the back of the room. Liz pondered for a moment how he expected one petite girl- maybe 15 years old- to move close to forty desks, but the girl merely waved two hands at the desks and sent them neatly backward against the opposite wall.

“Alright form a line. I’ll call you up one by one.” Wyatt stood in the now open space of the classroom and waited for everyone to follow orders. Once everyone was in place he called up a tall, skinny guy who could’ve passed as a basketball player with his height. “Come on up Tyler.”

It took less than two minutes before Tyler was skidding across the room on his ass. Five more minutes passed and Liz began to see a trend when three more people were thrown halfway across the classroom. The students that had stepped up thus far has taken a full on offensive attack; something Liz had learned better than to do because of the pod squad’s escapades. Wyatt seemed to be focusing and anticipating attacks and they flew back like a fly being swatted away due to annoyance.

Finally, Liz was called up and Wyatt’s demeanor changed slightly; it looked like he was less on guard and the insulting handicap hit home. No one really expected much from her. Oddly, even though Liz had her own misgivings about her powers the fact that everyone else did made her angry and embarrassed.

Glancing around the room and behind Wyatt Liz spotted a flag on the back wall and prayed that she could set it on fire. She thought about what had happened to melt the wine; Liz remembered getting angry and confused and upset and tried to rouse those emotions. The flag burst in to flame as Liz’s hands went to her temple and while the class was distracted, Liz took the opportunity to make a dash passed Wyatt. Unfortunately, he turned to her and when to send her flying, only she stared at him almost frozen with fear- a shiver going down her spine and thrust her hands out in front of her to take the brunt of the force only to find that Wyatt iced over mid-wave of his hand.

Liz stared in shock and then dashed to his side. The class erupted into whispers as some people came to stand by Liz- leaving a two foot radius between them and her. Fascinated by her gift, Liz laid a hand on Wyatt’s extended bicep and in that moment Wyatt gasped and some of the students in the way of his outstretched hand went flying. Liz jumped and moved back behind Wyatt and he turned with a smile.

“Good job. Nice tactic.” Wyatt’s teeth chattered as a residual effect of icing over and defrosting, but clapped for Liz and told everyone else who still had yet to try to get back in line.

Standing off to the side, Liz glanced at the flag that had been on fire and realized that someone had doused the flag with water. “That was my work.”

Peering to her right, Liz came face to face with Jordan; he hung back off to the side, having already tried and failed earlier to get passed Wyatt. “You threw water on the flag?”

“No, I control water. My gift is elemental. You were pretty impressive. I didn’t know you have two active powers.” His interest seemed piqued and Liz smiled at the compliments, though she was unsure that she wanted to flout the fact she had only just discovered her powers herself.

“Is that unusual?” She figured it was a subtle change for the flow of the conversation.

“Well kind of. I mean the Charmed Ones and some other higher level witches, such as the Halliwell lineage have multiple powers, but for the most part not many people have more than one gift.”

“Oh.” Liz wasn’t sure what to say. Together they watched as the remaining students tried to get passed Wyatt and two more succeeded, but by the time class was dismissed, Liz was positive she was sufficient and beamed at the fact she was not as out of place as she thought she might be.

Walking out of the class, Liz wondered what the rest of her day would be like.

Author's Note: Thanks for all the reviews, I appreciate and enjoy reading all of them. Well let me know what you think of chapter three. EK!
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult)Ch 3 1-24-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Four

Liz began to amble toward Patricia’s room when Paige orbed into her pathway.

“Hey honey, how’s it going?” Paige gave a big smile and Liz had a feeling something was going on.

“I survived.” Liz joked back and waited for whatever Paige needed to tell her, hoping it wouldn’t detain her too long.

“Change of scheduling. Leo told me that he wanted you in a more advanced potions class because of your previous interests in science, and as the only advanced level of potions is taught second hour by Chris we switched things up a bit. I know you’ll be great. I have to run. Good luck.” Paige gripped Liz’s arm for a moment before orbing away.

Liz sighed and felt the added pressure, but shook it off and hurried from Patricia’s door to Chris’s. Entering second hour, Liz noticed that all the kids were grouped around the room socializing. Not noticing anyone, Liz took the direct approach and went up to Chris’s desk where he sat organizing some papers.

“Chris? Uh, I’m mean, Professor Halliwell?” Liz bit her lip unsure of how to address Chris. He was dressed similarly to Wyatt, but Liz couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off his lips.

“Yes?” Chris looked up at her and Liz felt a jolt when her eyes locked with his entrancing blue eyes- eyes that appeared to be darker than when they first met, almost sapphire. Liz swore that she felt his hands everywhere on her, but the next moment when she sucked in a hesitant breath, the feeling was gone.

“I was wondering if you assign seats?” The answer was only marginally important at that moment when Liz watched him run a hand through his hair and stand up.

“No. If you are mature enough to practice magic, you are perfectly capable of finding a seat.” A sexy smile spread across his lips.

“Right.” An engaging smile answered his, and Liz wondered if anyone else noticed their subtle flirtation. Chris came around the desk and Liz took a moment to collect herself when he walked passed her to address the class and she got a view of him from behind.

“Alright everyone find a seat.” Kids responded almost immediately, Liz acknowledged how well Chris held a hand with the students. Liz waited a moment for the majority to find their seats before picking a seat at one of the front desks closest to Chris’s own desk. An Indian girl sat beside her and Liz noticed the exotically high cheekbones and the rich coloring her perfect skin had.

“Hi.” The girl smiled a small, close-mouthed smile and reached a hand out for Liz to shake. Instant distrust settled over Liz and Liz couldn’t help the slight grimace when she shook the hand offered to her.

“Hi, I’m Liz Parker.”

“Leila Walker.” Leila turned away from Liz to pay attention as Chris started in on a potion to invoke psychic senses. With a swipe of her hand against her thigh, Liz tamped down her agitated senses and focused on the lesson at hand.

“Supplies are in the hutch cabinet to my left and the potion is on the board.” Looking passed him, Liz read the instructions off the board and quickly pulled out her book of shadows, referencing the potion which she could have sworn she’d seen before. Midway through the Murray section of her book, Liz found it. The instructions were the same, except that three other ingredients were listed in her book.

Raising her hand, Liz waited for Chris to acknowledge her. Shortly he joined her and Liz cleared her dry throat and asked, “Why are the ingredients different than that in my book? I mean I didn’t plan on using my family’s book, but I remembered seeing this same potion in here.”

Chris’s expression became pensive as he read and studied the page in her book.
“The only thing I can think of is that this potion is geared toward your lineage specifically. The extra ingredients are more common in camouflage potions; potions that change to format the person who is taking it. Give it a try, the ingredients aren’t lethal- we’ll see where it takes us. Okay?”

Nodding, Liz got to her feet and went to where the other students were gathering. Pushing through the crowd of students, Liz gathered supplies and headed back to her space. Following the potion recipe like a scientific formula, Liz got through it more quickly than the other students; and when it came to the final step, Liz had a were sense of foreboding.

Looking at the last ingredient, Liz measured out the appropriate quantity and then took it in her palm, lowered the temperature of the provided Bunsen burner, and then tossed it in with conviction. The resounding explosion shocked Liz, who threw up her hands in what was becoming a habitual reaction.

A green shield came to life, barely visible and quickly shattered and Liz went flying backward into the far wall, landing on several desks. Sounds slowed, the floor before Liz’s eyes blurred, and darkness was closing in from the edges of her vision. Footfalls and voices hummed through her mind, but Liz couldn’t distinguish who was speaking. It registered that someone had positioned her body so that she was lying on her back and a pair of hands were lightly brushing the skin of her now bare belly.

Warmth filled her and Liz felt a delicious shiver run the length of her body and concentrate on her stomach. Her vision came back, clearing and defining the shapes around her; meanwhile, other students were injured and from what Liz could see, being healed by other professors who had come at the sound of the explosion.

Focusing in on the person who was watching her, Liz realized it was Chris who was worriedly checking her for any other visible wounds and it was he who spoke first.

“How do you feel? Anything else hurt?” The rich sound of his worry was palpable and Liz almost smiled.

“I’m fine. Been through worse.” Sitting up carefully, Liz put a hand to the back of her head and realized it was sore and
she was light-headed from moving. “Maybe not one-hundred percent.”

Chris leaned in and placed a hand at the base of her skull, and once more the warm shiver zinged through her. The feeling was incredible and the smell of Chris permeated the space around her; as lost as she was in the sensations her eyes drooped closed and she breathed out a sigh of pleasure. Just when she thought she would moan, Chris’s hand and warm retracted, pulled back on its welcomed invasion of her body.

“Thank you.” Liz’s eyes opened enough that they were half-closed in a sultry awareness that Liz saw reflected in the mostly-stoic blue eyes.

“You’re welcome. Sorry about the kickback of your potion, I didn’t take into account the Belladonna mixing with the St. John’s Wart.” The way that Chris’s eyes darkened when Liz ran a hand over her exposed stomach afforded Liz the knowledge her feelings weren’t one-sided.

“How are you, Liz?” Wyatt interrupted their conversation and Liz pulled down her shirt to cover the exposed skin.

“Better; thank you for asking.” Liz was only marginally annoyed by the interruption, she wasn’t sure of what would’ve been said next anyway, so she turned with a small smile and addressed Wyatt.

“One of the other students said that you produced a green shield right before the explosion hit.” Thinking back to the incident, Liz recalled the shimmering, green shield that appeared a mere wisp of what Max was capable.

“I’m not sure how it happened. In honesty nothing in particular was going through my head other than shock and ’oh is this going to hurt’, and I threw up my hands out of habit. The shield is…” Liz glanced around and then whispered discreetly, “…A by product of Max’s healing me, at least I think so. He has the ability to create something much more effective.”

Both Wyatt and Chris considered this, silently communicating with one another, then turned back to Liz. “One of my most basic powers is producing a shield.” Wyatt looked for Chris to continue.

“The powers may be from different origin, but what I’m thinking is maybe you could study how to invoke it’s use at will- Wyatt would be able to help you.” Chris met Liz’s eyes and under his scrutiny, Liz felt as if she was coming undone at his gaze.

“Sure.” Liz steadied her eyes on Wyatt to break the connection she felt forming between her and Chris.

“Okay, we start on it tomorrow, show up a bit early for Defense.” Wyatt smiled his boyish smile and his charm eased Liz from her fevered state of unrest.

“Now why don’t we go take a look at your potion.” Chris drew her attention.

“There’s some left?” Liz puzzled.

“Yes. We test some out and see if it produces the right effect.” Liz followed Chris back to where the desk were being set back up. The girl, Leila, was already seated and trying to salvage the remains of her work; she glared at Liz when she sat down beside her. Liz’s book of shadows was on in sight, sitting on Chris’s desk- a sigh a relief left her lips before she also began examining her potion.

The Bunsen burner was off and tucked away in the hutch cabinet along with the other ingredients has borrowed. Some potion that had spilled out of the brass container Liz has been using, was being cleaned up as Liz took a look to see how much was left.

“Doesn’t look like much.” Liz said.

“It’s enough for two vials.” Came Chris’s reply.

Wyatt transferred the violet liquid into two vials and handed one to Liz. “It can’t hurt you, not if you followed the recipe correctly. The last part of this potion is to bless it before ingesting. The spell should be on the page you found the potion. Melissa if you could get Liz’s book for me.” Wyatt asked a student on the other side of the room.

Melissa nodded and Liz watched as the book disappeared from the desk only to appear from thin air with a thud landing on the desk in front of them. “Thank you.”

Liz flipped through the book and opened it to the right page before reading the incantation under the ingredient list. “Seers far and wide, I call the power deep inside, With these words I declare, Send whispers of the future through the air.” Holding her nose, Liz swallowed the potion in one gulp and the unpleasant taste was quickly replaced by shock when gale-like winds picked up in the room. The pages of the book fluttered and the cover of the book slammed shut as Liz gasped and everything became unfocused.

Swimming in through picture after picture, Liz found herself sucked into one colorful, realistic scene and realized she was in the manor. Piper was sitting at the dinning room table talking to Paige and Phoebe- her face was somber. The three women were succinctly throwing out ideas on how to deal with a threat to the manor. In a burst of electricity a handsome male made himself known.

Piper threw back her chair as Phoebe and Paige jumped to either side of her. “What are you doing here?”

Before anyone else could say a word, the man created an electric ball in the palm of his hand and began firing ball after ball at the sisters. Paige orbed out just in time to miss being his first kill; Phoebe unfortunately wasn’t able to move out of the way. The ball hit her side and Phoebe knocked into Piper on her way down. Piper started blasting at the man, whom by the looks of it was in his mid-thirties. Leo chose that moment to orb in while Paige knelt protectively over Phoebe, healing her as Piper stood before them.

Liz watched at Leo and Piper attacked the man in practiced ease until he was forced to retreat, a mysterious smirk on his face. Turning her attention back to Phoebe and Paige, Liz saw tears running down the youngest sisters face. Paige was shaking her hands and calling Leo for help. Together they crouched over Phoebe and brilliant light shown from both their hands; Piper stood hands twisted and her face hardened.

“Piper.” Paige stood after her third attempt and flung herself at her oldest sister and started to cry, while Leo kept trying to no avail.

Pulling back, Liz felt herself being released from whatever dream she was caught in and the tears leaking down her face kept coming when her eyes came back to the present. Chris and Wyatt had taken a hold of her and she had to pull free from them to wipe at her tears. Melissa, the girl who had given them Liz’s book, glanced their way and a moment later Liz found a tissue in her hand- a tentative smile along with it.

“What happened Liz?” Chris urged.

“I-” What had happened, Liz wondered. Could it have been a vision? She could only recall something akin to this happening once before back in Roswell when she was around Max and Tess and saw them together- and it hadn’t been through a connection to Max because he had been on the other side of the room. “I’m not sure. It was like moving through pictures or still scenes of different plays and finally I got sucked into one. I saw Piper, Phoebe, and Paige- they were at the manor talking about some threat and then they were attacked by some man. He killed Phoebe.” Liz blotted her eyes.

“I thought this potion was only supposed to make us more psychically aware.” Several students had gathered and a jock-stereotype shouted out from the back.

“It was. For some of you that means emphasizing natural feelings of empathy, others having more than a hint of what people are thinking, but for some with an undiscovered talent in premonitions it will help manifest your hidden talent. Apparently Liz has visions.” Liz heard some people groaning about how unfair it was she had so many gifts and Liz was to hurl her book at them and knock some sense into them. Did they think it was fun to see future death? Did they have to worry about getting so upset that they set things on fire? Or freeze people, possibly friends, into ice cubes?

“Okay class dismissed. Be prepared to test your potions tomorrow in class- for those of you haven’t already imbibed some.” Chris called the class to and end and Wyatt excused himself as Liz made to clean up the remaining items.

“It’s alright, Liz. I’ll take care of this. Do you mind if I hold on to this second potion? It doesn’t look like you are going to have to worry about seeing into the future.” It was meant as a joke, but Liz shook with the enormity of how the day was progressing. “Hey relax, okay? We’ll work through this and eventually it won’t be such a big deal.” Taking hold of Liz’s shoulders, Chris hugged her.

The weight of the day rolled off her in waves and Liz took that moment of weakness to unburden her feelings on him, as she had at the party; the pain dulled a bit more each time she was around him. Liz mumbled about her family, missing her friends, how strange it was to have alien and witch powers, how scared she was of being different in such an extreme way that even the magical community would see her as a freak. He mumbled back reassurances and then when her tears and panic had subsided, he pulled back.

“I know this is really inappropriate.” Liz sniffed and then laughed at herself feeling like an ass.

“What? Seeking human comfort?” Chris made it seem like a laughable offense and in a more intimate gesture he interlocked his fingers with her while forming an unconscious bond between them. “I’m here. You are a sweet person, Liz.” He used his other hand to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear and Liz trembled with the urge to lean up and kiss him. At the last moment he let go and stepped back. “I’ll warn the Sisters and later on Paige will probably be stopping by to have you ID the demon. We have faced more than this Liz, and just because you saw it happen doesn’t make it your fault. Good luck with the rest of your day.”

Confused as to why he pulled away, Liz fidgeted from foot to foot before grabbing her book from the table and headed out the door, leaving the vial on the table. Students wended their way through the halls and Liz realized that a curvy path became more pronounced as her peers caught sight of her and saw that she was coming toward them. The outsider feeling settled in again, but Liz let it go and walked the distance to Patricia’s room and then entered where some students were already seated.

Patricia’s layout for her classroom differed from Wyatt’s and Chris’s. The desks were split in half and facing each other from opposite sides of the room and Patricia’s desk was opposite her chalkboard. Patricia was stunning in pinstriped pants, a cream off-the-shoulder top, and black ankle boots. Her hair was long and shimmering as it had been at the party; the entire classroom was effervescent with contentment and charm- much like the professor.

“Liz! Hi, I’ve heard you’ve been stirring up the school this morning. I’m glad you made it to my class, it might seem more mundane, but it’s essential to helping you survive in the real world. Why don’t you take a seat next to Melissa Sims? Melissa raise your hand please.” Peering around her, Liz’s eyes alighted on the same Melissa from her previous class and the brunette smiled as her hand extended in the air.

“Thank you Melissa.” Patricia called as Liz took a seat next to Melissa at the far corner of the room.

“Hi.” Melissa offered her hand and Liz shook it.

“I’m Liz, which I guess you know.” Laughing at herself, Liz relaxed. “Thanks for the help back in Chr…um, Professor Halliwell’s class.”

“Not a problem. I remember my first day here. I was freaked out by everything and everyone, including myself. I have the power of teleportation, which wasn’t fun to find out; I mean one second I was talking to my best friend and playing that one game- you know anywhere but here- and the next I’m sitting on a beach in the Caribbean. My white lighter, Cara-Anne, she orbed in and I nearly had an aneurism! It took them two months to convince me to go with them. Turns out my powers also include, you know, the whole teleporting objects thing.” The long rant ended abruptly and Liz blinked a couple times before nodding and giggling a bit; Melissa reminded her a lot of Maria.

“I think I would have been pretty upset if I had teleported myself to another place on the globe.” Both girls grinned and chuckled a bit over the picture Melissa painted.

“Despite all the stuff I’ve heard about you, Liz, you seem like a really nice person. Sorry about your parents by the way. I don’t know if I could say I understand what you’re going through, but…I lost my dad when I was six and my mom kind of disowned me when she found out that I am a witch- she’s extremely religious and told me I was the spawn of the devil.” The sympathetic face was genuine and Liz did take for granted that the girl seemed to be trying hard to be nice and welcoming.

“Thank you. I’m sorry about your dad and I can’t say that I would prefer your situation.” Patricia took that moment to start class.

Everyone was paired up, given a map and some herbs and three distinguishing characteristics of a demon they were to scry for. Patricia explained that each of the herbs was used to narrow the search for specific demons and it was up to each pair to determine which herbs would be of most use.

Liz and Melissa were paired up and Liz noticed she too had a book of shadows. Scanning the room, Liz found that everyone was pulling out their own individual books. An array of seals and symbols littered the covers of the various book, but one difference Liz established was that all of the books were thinner than her own; most were an inch or two thick at the most.

“Okay so you can check your book, it’ll probably give us more to go on than mine- I just started it and it turns out I’m first generation; no one else in my family history has ever had powers before. Therefore, I only have what I learned in classes thus far. I mean don’t get me wrong, Professor C. Halliwell teaches us a lot in potions, but he can’t cover everything in a year.” Liz nodded and flipped open her book. She cross referenced the demon, hoping maybe it was listed in some section, and when Liz stopped on it’s page the accompanying depiction was gruesome and the description even less appealing.

“I have something.” Mid-search, Melissa snapped her book shut and joined Liz as they poured over her volume. “It says that he is called Nuzeric; a lower level demon with the power to project antipathy in his prey which leads to an emotionless state where all enjoyment perishes and they become a hallow shell of their former selves. At this point, Nuzeric is able to attack and kill his victim, then feed off of their life blood to gain strength. His weakness is water, when around or submerged in water, Nuzeric’s power decreases and his blood slows in his veins making movement difficult.”

“Well done.” Liz jumped when she heard Patricia’s comment; so fully immersed in her task and the demon’s description she hadn’t noticed anyone approaching. “Now you can really impress me by locating him. Bonus points if you can come up with a vanquishing spell by the end of the hour.”

As Patricia walked away, Liz scanned the page for anything else that might help them, but found nothing. Melissa was smiling at their praise and reading the ingredients available to them. “Sage, St. John’s Wart, Marshmallow root, Anise, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, Mullein leaf, and an index card that says we have one open option to pick anything else we deem necessary.”

Quick minded, Liz told Melissa to get a bottle of water. Meanwhile Liz went in search of a bowl. Approaching Patricia, Liz found that a cupboard behind the desk held various assortments of tools for their use and quickly grabbed one for the bowls and moved back to her desk. In the time it took Melissa to find a bottle of water, Liz had started analyzing spells and the structure- an attempt at breaking down how to write a proper one.

“What is the plan here Liz?” Melissa put the water bottle down next to the bowl.

“Well I remember reading that Mullein leaf is for purification, much like water. Water is Nuzeric’s weakness and why? Because if I remember reading correctly, water is the element used for empathy- the exact opposite of antipathy.” Liz instructed Melissa to pour both the Mullein leaf and the water into the bowl, mix it with the scrying crystal, and then proceed to scry with the crystal and map.

“What are you going to do?” Melissa was already mixing.

“The spell, remember? I’ve been looking at the spells in my book and trying to figure out the structure. The only main theme is rhyming and specific characterization for whatever demon is meant to be destroyed.”

“Okay.” No more questions were asked, but Liz knew Melissa thought she was trying to show off even if Liz really wasn’t.

Fifteen minutes later Melissa had the location and Liz had the spell. Patricia asked for them to go up in front of the class, pin up the map and the location on the corkboard to the left of the chalkboard with other students maps and assumed locations. They were then asked to read their incantation.

“Destroy his malice with empathy, Take away antipathy, Remove this evil without emotions, Cleanse him now by the powers of the oceans.” Liz recited her spell and handed it to Patricia who beamed with delight.

“Excellent. Not only do we now have a location, we have a way to vanquish Nuzeric- and for those of you who don’t know, that is the demon’s name. Class dismissed.” Patricia hugged Liz with a congratulations and then flounced over to her desk to mark up plans for tomorrow’s schedule.

“Bye.” Liz said as she made her way out the door, Melissa right beside her.

“Good class, huh? I thought Patricia was a bit flakey at first, but she’s actually really smart and nice. So what class do you have next?” They paused in the hall long enough to determine they were going their separate ways and promised to sit together again tomorrow.

Coop’s classroom was by far the biggest and the chalkboard was full of dates and names. Coop stood arms crossed waiting for everyone to quiet and settle in.

“Today you will be copying these names and dates done and in your individual books. Each of you will research your assigned topic and then present your findings to the class. We will be watching clips of each event tomorrow after presentations. I want to see effort; do justice to magical history- or you will be doomed to repeat it- which as we all know could end poorly.” Coop signaled Liz to his desk after assigning each topic.

“Hey Liz, Phoebe asked me to make sure you felt welcomed and I’m more than happy to do that. You will be exempt from this assignment, but tomorrow I’m going to show you how to produce holographic images of historic events that will correlate to the topics we have picked out. For the duration of the hour you can concentrate on brushing up on your own magical history. Your Book of Shadows is quite lengthy- I trust you have already skimmed it. Welcome to my class.” Coop smiled and Liz returned it and went to the only available seat in the class of 46 students- to the far right in the front row.

The class hour passed without interest and Liz was drooping with exhaustion from the events of the day. Everything had been a head rush and Coop’s class had given Liz the opportunity to unwind. Making her way back to her room, Liz planned on a long nap. Unfortunately Liz walked in to find anything but relaxation.

“Hey Liz.” Alex sat smiling on Liz’s bed, the guitar his parents had given her in hand.

Author's Note: A bit of a twist there at the end, huh? :lol: Thanks for all who reviewed. This chapter took me a while to write, but it turned out being really fun. I hope all of you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. EK!
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch4 2-6-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Five

The first thing that registered as Liz came to was that someone had put a cool cloth on her forehead and she was shivering. Someone was talking to her in a soft voice, and the voice sounded so familiar; Liz was struggling, trying to open her eyes, a throbbing in her head made the task all the more difficult.

Finally succeeding, Liz pried her eyes open and Alex came into her line of vision, sitting beside her on her bed and making circles with his thumb on the hand he held. “Alex?”

“You’re awake.” A broad smile crossed Alex’s face and Liz stared uncomprehendingly for several moments before lurching forward in bed and clutching him in a hug so fierce she knew he would have bruises.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re here.” Liz began crying, streams of tears rapidly slid down her cheeks and off her chin, sobs and heaving breaths tied in with her hysterics and she mumbled unintelligible words. Her fingertips turned white and her hands clenched him to her so that no space separated them. Alex rubbed his hands up and down her back, attempting to soothe Liz.

“Shhh…I’m not going anywhere. Calm down. Focus on breathing, come on.” Her shutters and coughing from crying with such intensity, slowed slightly, but her grip remained unrelenting.

“I…I can’t believe you’re here. God Alex, I missed you so much. I-” The sound of tears interspersed through her speech slowed her down, and the effort to speak became too much, so she broke off and let him hold and comfort her.

“I understand how upset you are; I got that from when you fainted.” Alex chuckled a bit to ease the tense atmosphere, but it did nothing for Liz’s hold on him.

“I love you, Alex. When you…died I went insane and then I found out what happened, but-” Liz sat up in a sudden movement and stared at him, her hands going to his face. “How are you here? I mean I saw them bury you. I found out how Tess killed you. And it was all my fault Alex, I should have seen it.” The tears reasserted themselves when Liz said the last and Alex shushed her.

“You couldn’t have known what Tess was going to do, we thought she was like the others. I don’t blame you at all. The fact that you went so far to find out the truth, that you knew I would not kill myself- that meant a lot me Lizzie.” Alex kissed her forehead and ran his hands up and down Liz’s arms when she shivered.

“How are you here, Alex?” Liz buried her head against Alex’s chest sniffling.

“I’m a white-lighter Liz. After I died, I was given a choice: move on or become a source of good, a guide to special people like you. I know what you went through Liz, I witnessed it and came to you and the others in your dreams- but it’s forbidden to reveal yourself to people outside of the Elders control, and at the time that meant you too. I’m so sorry. You have been through so much, especially with you parents.” Alex held onto Liz’s hands.

“You know? Did you see them? Can I see them?” Liz’s eyes lit with excitement and hope. Alex almost cringed with his next words.

“No. I didn’t see them. I heard about it, everyone up there has heard about it- they were considered great leaders for good. But you can take comfort in knowing that they are adjusting fine, they were both made higher beings. You can’t see them, not now, your pain is too great and the wound is too fresh, you have to let them go. Seeing them now would keep them alive for you, trust me I asked and this is what I was instructed to tell you- they wouldn’t have let me come unless I was clear on this point.” The shattered expression on Liz’s face had Alex leaning in for another hug.

“Going through this is harder than anything I’ve ever had to face in my life- even the alien stuff. Alex, I miss them so much. I never really realized how much they meant to me; I miss everything: seeing them everyday, working with them, dinners, even my dad’s overprotected side.” Running a hand through her hair, Liz pulled away and wiped at her face.

“I feel the same way. It’s terrible, I mean I’m fine and doing something good, but my parents don’t know that, and they are in such great pain over my dying. We will get through this Liz, and I can see you now. I will be busy with my charges, but I’ll always be here for you if you call for me. I missed you and the others.” Liz studied Alex for a moment and then went in for another long, gripping hug.

“You’re still my best friend.” Liz heard him mumble into her shoulder and Liz nodded in response.

An hour passed and conversation flowed back and forth between the two. Liz asked him what it was like to die; if it hurt; where you went; who was there- he answered some and told her that the rest was supposed to be unique to each individual. In turn, Alex asked Liz about Maria and Michael, graduation, Isabel, and what happened between her and Max; not once did he touch on Tess. Liz explained how she was valedictorian,- something he commended- about how close Maria and Michael were; she expressed the broken relationships between her and the Evans’s and then how her parents had died. He sympathized with her loss and smiled when she mentioned Paige, who he said had welcomed him when he had crossed.

Liz outlined the party and her first day and all that encompassed and her growing feelings for Chris. “The fact I’ve known him two days feels irrelevant and how he dims the pain I have been experiencing is surreal. I feel so immature and naïve because its’ only been two days and I’m already obsessing over him.” Liz crinkled her nose in disgust at her own school girl thoughts.

“I knew I liked Isabel the second I saw her, Liz. Maria was obsessed with Michael from the get go and Max had a thing for you since you were little kids. Feelings do not make sense, they are not easy, and you never know when to expect them. You cannot plan your emotions around your life, it never works out that way. I say you let things develop as they may and worry about the consequences later.” Alex advised.

“I guess I just feel guilty because when I’m around him, I do not feel all that sad; which sounds terrible because my parents just died and you not too long ago.” Liz reasoned out.

“Hey do not make me the reason you miss out on something great. Think of it this way, would your parents want you to stop living? What would your mother tell you right now?” Alex gave her a no-nonsense look and waited for Liz to answer.

“My mom would tell me to do what makes me happy.”

“And your dad?” Alex pushed.

“That I was his little girl and he better be good enough for me.” Liz giggled a little and Alex chuckled.

“That sounds like Mr. P. And you know how I feel.”



“I’m really glad you’re here.” A single tear trekked down Liz’s face and she smiled for him.

“Buck up Parker, I’m not going anywhere.” This time Alex swiped away her tear and smiled in return. A jingle noise entered Liz’s room and she let her eyes rove over the room perplexed. “I have to go Liz. A charge needs me. I’ll see you later. Call if you need me.” Alex orbed away at the last and Liz slumped against the bed, as the arms holding her up disappeared.

Sighing, Liz sat up straight and thought about the reality of her life. ‘Okay Parker, think. Your parents are gone, your best friend is back, you have graduated, and you have just found out you are a witch with kick-ass powers, some alien; some not. What do you do?’ Liz came out of her thoughts long enough to peer over the edge of her bed, and look at her trunk.

‘I have been stuck in the Alien Abyss with no actual benefit and now that I have escaped I walk away with a door prize. On top of that, my heritage has finally done something for me other than give me high cheekbones and a petit frame.’ Mind racing with possibilities, Liz slid off her bed and knelt before the trunk. Flipping up the latch, Liz’s eyes roved over the treasury her parents had left her. ’Time to stop wasting what you have been given. After all, one thing you definitely learned is that you never know when life is going to take things away from you’.

Liz grabbed her book from the trunk- Alex had tucked it away for her when she fainted- and began to reread the aged pages, absorbing everything with vigor and a voracious desire to do something, anything. A spell jumped out at Liz twenty pages in, an enchantment in which, the spell-castor will gain the ability to mimic the voice of anyone she has heard or hears. Assuming it would be a good first solo spell she began to gather the supplies.

Five purple candles, a bundle of burning sage, two rose petals, and several drops of blood later- Liz meditated Indian style inside her circle; the poultice bag she used to hold the ingredients hung loosely around her neck. “I hear the words, I know the name, I wish to sound just the same.” A slight breeze fluttered the candle light, but the candles remained lit.

A heartbeat passed and Liz felt and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Thinking of someone who she wanted to imitate, Liz said aloud. “Is that it?” When her plain voice rang through the room she sighed and got to her feet. “Alright then.” With a huff, Liz took to clearing away the candles and tossing the poultice bag in the trunk.

Figuring she had time before Chris or Paige came to discuss her earlier vision, Liz pulled out her laptop. She noticed she had one new message from Maria.

Hey Chica,
I miss you already and want you to come home soon. You were amazing at grad and the party after was not the same with you gone. I know things between you and me have been strained lately and I’m sorry. I’ve been so focused on Michael and dealing with the Czechs and Alex passing and your mom and dad- I can’t and didn’t bother to imagine what it was like for you. If the reason you left was because of me or anyone in the group please come back. I have been such a selfish friend and I want to make it up to you. I hope you are doing well and that you are feeling better. I can’t wait to see you again. Please write back ASAP.
Love Ria.

“I miss you too, Maria.” Maria had been right about their friendship issues, but Liz couldn’t bring herself to feel all that bad about how far apart they had grown apart. Ever since Liz had brought Maria into the group, Maria had been all about Maria; about Maria and Michael; about Maria’s pain over Alex’s death; about Maria feeling left out when Liz got flashes- despite how close they had been growing up, Liz had come to the conclusion that Maria was out for Maria. They still had fun times once in a while and Liz couldn’t say that she didn’t miss her friend- because she did, but not the one she had now. Liz missed the Maria who giggled with her when Kyle had first asked her out; the Maria who held Liz when her Grandma Claudia died; the Maria who had a passion for singing and a “men be damned” attitude.

Liz sent back a short, I’ll be home eventually. Miss you too, love Liz.

Just as Liz was shoving her suitcase back under the bed, Paige orbed in. “Hey Liz, what are you doing?”

“Oh you know-” Liz’s eyes widened as she abruptly stopped speaking. Her voice had sounded just like Maria’s, down to the breathy undertone and falsetto pitch.

“What just happened?” A confused expression colored Paige’s face and a hint of surprise entered her voice.

“I, um, well…I cast a spell.” Liz rubbed her throat and shook her head as if to clear her ears.

“A spell? What kind of spell?”

“It was a mimic spell. My voice has the ability to change to whose ever voice I hear and know. I’m not sure how it works though.” Liz thought about Paige’s voice and said, “I was just tying an email to Maria.” Her voice didn’t change to Paige’s, which only confused her more.

“Okay. Can you go back to your own voice, your kind of creeping out just a little bit.” Paige measured “a little bit” with her thumb and index fingers.

“I don’t know how to Paige.” Liz continued to rub her throat.

“Well what happened just before you started to sound like this?” Paige questioned.

“I already told you, I emailed Maria.” Paige’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when Liz spoke; she had picked up Paige’s voice. “I don’t know how I did that.” Both women’s eyebrows flexed at the last as Liz’s voice changed back to Maria’s once more.

“Okay you are totally freaking me out. Let’s get you to the manor so we can fix this and then deal with the vision.” Liz agreed and took hold Paige’s hand.

“Thanks Paige.” Liz said. Paige nodded in return as they orbed away.

As they orbed into the Manor’s kitchen, both heard a crashing sound. Liz half turned to her left when Piper exclaimed an epithet and froze the bouncing pots that had just dropped with a resounding clatter.

“Damn it!” Piper unfroze the pots with a twist of the wrist and sighed with frustration at the mess of food and bowls on the floor.

“What happened?” Paige chimed in confused.

“Another freaking earthquake. Second one this week. I mean how much is it to ask for one meal to go uninterrupted? Hi Liz.” Piper ranted for a few more minutes as the three tried to clear away the food spill and rinse out the pots that had at one time contained pasta with white sauce and a vegetable soup accompaniment.

“How was school, Liz?” Piper asked when everything was finally taken care of.

“Eventful.” Liz frowned when she heard Maria’s voice.

“Huh? What’s going on here?” Piper’s eyebrows flew up incredulously as she glanced from her sister to Liz.

“She cast a spell to manipulate her voice, and before you say anything; no she hasn’t had the personal gain speech yet. I thought I would have more time to explain before she decided to explore her powers.” Paige gave Piper a playfully preemptive glare and then turned to Liz.

Anticipating said “personal gain speech”, Liz rushed into the conversation. “I realize there are some things we have to talk about, but shouldn’t it wait until later? I mean between my voice and the vision I had earlier we already have a lot to do.”

“Vision? What vision?” Piper spoke up.

“The one I was just about to mention.” Paige smiled and averted her eyes back to Piper from Liz.

“One of you better start talking.” Piper brooked no argument.

“Well today in Chris’s class we were doing a potion to enhance psychic ability and apparently I have yet another gift- surprise. I went into a dream-like state and saw a demon attacking and killing Phoebe. Chris told me that he would talk to you guys about it, and mentioned briefly IDing the demon.” Liz summed it up fairly quickly ignoring how her voice changed at the drop of each name.

“Uh huh. Okay. Well Paige why don’t you take Liz up to look at the book and I will get started on a reversal potion for Liz’s voice. What did you use in your original recipe?” Liz ran down the short list of things she used and went further into detail about the voice changes.

“It seems as if all you have to do is say someone’s name to change your voice.” Piper deduced.

“That makes sense.” Paige agreed. “Try it.”

“Piper. Okay did it work?” Even as Liz asked everyone in the room noted the difference. “Wow, my first spell and it worked!” Paige and Piper congratulated her even as Piper began mixing a reversal potion and Paige led Liz up to the attic.

Liz gasped at how antique the attic, thrilled by the discovery- her grandmother had had an obsession for old houses, more specifically attics. A woman in her thirties stood behind a stand that held a thick aged book and was muttering to herself, glancing up to smile at her and Paige before going back to her perusal.

“Hey Billy, what are you up to?” Paige hurried to join the blonde as Liz studied her surroundings. She laid eyes on a statue off in the back corner of the attic and gravitated toward it. Liz recognized it as a statue of the Egyptian goddess Nut. Nut governed over the sky and embodied night time- the stars and sun. Nut was Liz’s favorite Egyptian Goddess; when she first began to study the Egyptians the aspect of gods and goddesses intrigued her and Liz felt an affinity for Nut over all others.

Brushing her hand over the statue of a beautiful woman with a vase of water balanced on her head and stars painted across blue skin and a shiver rushed through her. Paige called her out to her and Liz tucked her hand back at her side and moved over to join the other two women.

“Liz this is Billy; Billy this is Liz.” Paige waved a hand between the two and then went back to writing out something and then handed it to Billy. “Here’s the perfect spell for that demon, if it is low-level like the book states.” Billy nodded cracked a joke about the book ever being wrong and then waved a farewell to Liz.

“Bye, it was nice to meet you.” Liz spoke still in Piper’s voice and when she gave Billy a quick run down of what was up, Billy “wowed” and thought that that was “so cool”.

“Nice meeting you, Liz. Bye.” Billy took off at a jog out of the room and closed the door behind her.

“Alright so this is our book of shadows. It is magically protected against evil and has rarely let us down. Why don’t you take a look through the book and try to ID the demon while I check in with Piper seeing how that potion’s coming along?” Paige nodded her head as if Liz had already agreed and then orbed out.

Shifting to stand in front of the book, Liz commenced searching the book for the killer. Page after page of information and depictions- many similar to the ones in her own book- while others were more personalized and gruesome. Liz paused, coming across one with pictures of a younger more vibrant Phoebe with an incredibly sexy man. The peculiarity of it hit her, deciding it was really none of her business, Liz continued to rifle through the book.

Piper and Paige came through the attic door a half hour later and Liz still had no luck. Piper handed Liz a cup with what looked like yellow liquid and then turned her eyes back up to Piper and Paige. “What do I do with this?”

“Drink it.” Piper said.

“Drink it? It smells disgusting and is yellow.” Liz raised her eyebrows and slanted a look at Paige as if to say “are you crazy”.

“It can’t hurt you and it’ll stop you from sounding like my twin.” Piper urged.

Choosing to hold her nose, Liz downed the potion and was surprised when it tasted like cinnamon mixed with water- not pleasant, but not vile either. “Okay.” Liz tested her voice and found it still sounded like Piper’s.

“Oh right the spell.” Paige handed over the spell she had written for the reversal.

“Take back this gift, invoke my voice, remove now any other choice.” With a sudden coughing fit Liz leaned a hand onto Paige. The fit subsided shortly and when Liz opened her mouth to say she was fine her voice was back to normal.

“You should be more careful with your magic, Liz. It is a gift like the spell said; don’t take it lightly or misuse it.” Piper advised sagely while Paige agreed.

“I won’t. I guess I just wanted to see what I could do.” Jilted, Liz handed back the now empty glass.

“Don’t worry about being able to do things, you will have plenty of time to acquaint yourself with your powers. Enjoy as much normal as you can in your free time- trust me it’s rare.” Liz went back to reading through the Halliwell Book of Shadows after conceding her point.

Finally, Liz came across the demon she was looking for. “I found him.”

Piper and Paige came over to her from where they sat and Liz started to read aloud. “Tektra, a high-level demonic guard and hired hand of the Source. Said to control electricity in any form, Tektra a dangerous opponent. His other abilities include shimmering and regeneration. Should the need arise Tektra has been known to form factions in the absence of power. No known way to kill him.”

Liz’s eyes widened with horror. No known way to kill him meant that Phoebe might still die. Neither sister seemed quite so terrified, but Liz had to take a seat on the nearby armchair and concentrate on breathing. ‘How do you kill or stop a demon who is so powerful there is no way to kill him.’ Liz wondered to herself as Piper and Paige had a hurried and hushed conversation.

“Liz?” It was Piper trying to rouse her. “Look Liz, we have dealt with many a demon, especially like this. Just because no one knows how to kill him doesn’t mean it can’t be done.” Reasoning Liz understood.

“Okay, but how do you expect to know how to kill this demon when no one before you could?” Liz asked.

“Well…we will just have to figure it out.” Paige chimed in pointlessly.

“Listen, you just have to trust us. You are new to this whole thing and we do not expect you to jump into it. You have
done your part. Paige will take you back to magic school and you can relax.” Piper gestured to Paige to take Liz away, but Liz

“I’m the one who saw Phoebe get killed. How do you expect me to do nothing? What if Tektra succeeds?” Liz was obstinate on the issue, complete unmovable.

“It’s safer for you at magic school.” Paige said trying to take hold of Liz, but she twisted out of Paige’s grasp.

“No. It is not safer for Phoebe. She could die. I know my reaction to the demon wasn't great, but I can't just not help.”

“So could you.”

“I need to help you.” Liz’s voice turned shaky.


“You don’t understand. I watched my parents die. I wasn’t there to say Alex when Tess manipulated and killed him. I had no clue those things were going to happen and I still feel responsible. How can I knowingly walk away from this when I feel it deep in my gut that I can help?” Neither sister responded.

“Let me help you. Isn’t that what you asked of me Paige? Why should it be any different the other way around?” Liz stared Paige down to the point Paige had to look away and meet Piper’s eyes.

“Alright.” Piper spoke up for both sisters and Liz’s heart lightened and that shiver she felt earlier when brushing the Egyptian statue returned.

“Let’s get to work.” Paige encouraged and together they went back to researching.

Author's Note: Hey guys I loved all the reviews. Sorry it took me so long to update. Hope you enjoyed it. As always, let me know what you think. Egyptian_Kiss!
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch5 2-22-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Six

“Hey mom!” Liz heard someone shouting from downstairs and turned her head toward the attic door in interest. When silence followed, Liz went back to her spell- trying to think of something that could help the Sisters.

The attic door flew open more fully to reveal a tousled Chris. He was wearing jeans and a polo; his hair was a wild mess and dirt smudges covered him head to toe. “Oh Liz, hi. Have you seen Paige or one of the Sisters?”

“Paige is in Chinatown collecting potion ingredients, Phoebe’s at work, and Piper said she had to run down to the restaurant- someone called in sick.” Chris swore violently before apologizing.

“Can I help you with anything?” Liz asked curiously.

“No, I just had a couple of shape-shifters after me and I needed someone with a little fire power on my side.” Chris explained while giving Liz the once over.

“Can’t you just use yours?”

“My active powers aren’t quite that helpful in the underworld.” A shadow passed over his face and Liz wondered if she had touched on a sore spot.

“What can you do?” Liz was genuinely interested as she shifted to get a better look at him.

“I orb, heal, control the weather, and can touch people with my mind- almost like a physical touch.” Liz had the sensation of someone’s hand on her shoulder and out of instinct her hand went reached up to touch that same spot.

“Wow, that’s impressive. Couldn’t you just choke the demons with your mind touch?” It seemed like a valid question to ask.

“Demons are less susceptible to mind attacks. I need a more effective power with this.” Liz nodded her understanding.

“I wish I could help, but I haven’t really learned to control my gifts.” Glancing down at the empty notepad, Liz came to the conclusion she was really much of a witch with spell writing either.

“What are you working on?” Chris crossed the room and sat beside Liz.

“Trying to write a spell for that demon in my vision. His name is Tektra and there is no known way to kill the electricity demon. He is the hired hand of the Source- whatever the hell that is- and has formed factions in times of struggle.” Liz explained with a sigh.

“How about you try and help me with my problem and I’ll take time for yours?” Chris suggested, ignoring her comment's about the Source, he didn't feel the need to scare her. With a quirk of his right eyebrow he awaited her answer.

“I don’t know what I can do about the shape-shifters though.”

“Consider this a learning experience.” Holding his hand out to her, Chris waited for her to take his hand.

Taking a deep breath, Liz placed her hand in his and they orbed away from the manor. Moments later they were in a dank cavern that smelled strongly of sulfur. Jagged rocks and a smelting heat dominated the area. The dirt floor was littered with sharp pebbles and bones. Boulders gave them cover, but the overhanging rocks made it necessary to crouch.

A sound drew their attention and Liz squinted to make out four creatures human-like in appearance, but with black eyes, ragged hair, a hunched demeanor, and bulging fanged teeth. Chris whispered that they hunted and killed in packs and could turn into anyone they chose.

Listening, Liz heard the demons speaking in gravelly tones. “The factions are rising, if we don’t make a move soon and strike the magical community with all we have and gain some leeway, when the Source is taken out we will be just like any other bottom feeding demon.”

Peering at the tallest of the four, obviously the leader, Liz saw him reprimand the others, who released grunts of dissatisfaction. “We went after one of them- he got away. If he hadn’t orbed when he did I would have gotten him.”

“But you didn’t.” The leader replied.


“You did nothing to help us, now he knows we’re onto him and he and his family are going to come looking for us.” One of
the submissive shifters joined the argument.

Chris had apparently heard enough as he locked eyes with Liz and then pointed to the demons. Her nerves stood on end and when he jumped out from behind Liz and whipped up a dust storm for cover. Liz threw herself out after him and with anxiety coursing through her, threw up both hands aimed in the shape-shifters general direction.

A shriek rang through the cavern and Liz saw fire come out of the palm of her hands. The brilliant light illuminated the cave’s cavity and scorched one of the smaller shifters, wounding but not killing her indirect target. With more confidence, Liz aimed more specifically at the wounded demon and concentrating on the heat she made the same flinging gesture and an even bigger flame pulsed through her hand and at the creature; who abruptly went up in flames.

Chris shouted for Liz to try again and aim for the leader, but just as her fire reached him, he shimmered out leaving behind his two companions. Sweat and grim covered her as Liz hit the ground; Chris had flung himself at her when one of the shifters attacked in retaliation. Doing his best to keep up the dust cover, Chris rolled off of Liz and she saw the worry in his eyes.

“Hurry up and aim for the last two.” Chris touched her arm in a show of support and the sensation traveled through her body.

In a moment of clarity, Liz gained her feet and dodged the lethal claws of one of the demons. Her eyes found one of her targets and an intensity built inside her, rising with pulsing finality from her core and without some much as a twitch of her wrist the demon disintegrated before her.

Chris’s hoarse cry tore Liz’s attention from her most recent vanquish and she realized that the remaining Shape-shifter was straddling Chris, his sharp-clawed hands digging into Chris’s chest. Gasping with fear and anger, Liz’s eyes squinted at the shape-shifter and the demon flew off of Chris and into a cave wall. As she turned to finish off the vanquish, the Shifter shimmered out of reach.

Chris’s coughing alerted Liz to the situation at hand and she skid to his side. Blood saturated his polo and his chest had two bad injuries. The second she was close enough to touch, Chris took hold of her arm and they orbed to the manor. The thud to the attic floor caused Liz to lose her balance, but she was bent over Chris a moment later.

“Oh God.” Tears came to Liz’s eyes as she saw the damaged and she cried out for Paige.

“What happened?” Paige asked as she orbed in.

“Forget it, heal him.” Liz said angrily, wiping at the tears on her face with her dirt covered sleeve.

Paige placed her hands over his torn chest as Chris’s breathing became ragged. Several moments passed as the golden glow of Paige’s power began the healing process. The skin healed over and the blood disappeared. The only evidence that Chris had ever been harmed was the holes in his shirt and his coughing fit as he sat up.

“Are you okay?” Liz scurried back to him, helping him sit up and rubbing his back soothingly.

“I’m fine. Good as new.” Chris acted as if nothing had happened, but Liz acknowledged the flash of concern in his eyes.

“Does someone want to tell me what the hell just happened?” Piper thundered from the doorway.

Everyone twisted to face her and Piper gave a sarcastic facial expression that bespoke her upset. Paige stood and joined her sister, draping an arm around her shoulders while Liz shrunk back from Piper’s rage. Chris seemed perfectly calm, his features giving nothing away.

“I had a problem and Liz helped me with it.” He explained calmly.

“Liz? She was supposed to be here working on a spell.” Piper directed her gaze at Liz and tilted her head with a belittling attitude that Liz didn’t take kindly.

“I am in the room. If you have something to say address me.” Liz got to her feet and squared her shoulders. Even as she prepared to argue her position, Chris’s hand on her shoulder stayed her.

“I asked for her help when none of you were here. In exchange I’m going to help her write the spell she was having trouble with.” Chris attempted to cut the fighting off at the knees.

“She’s not experienced enough to be helping you duel demons. Why didn’t you ask your brother or one of your cousins?” Piper refused to give up quite that easily.

“I did, but it was too inconvenient for them at the time and Liz was here.”

“And how am I supposed to become experienced if I don’t do anything to gain experience?” Eager to defend herself, Liz chimed in.

“Liz that is what magic school is for. Do you think I retrieved you so that I could put you in active danger?” Paige said from her stand point.

“No, but if I don’t apply my powers outside of a completely safe environment than how am I going to be ready for real danger? And Chris was there to orb me out if things became too dangerous.” Liz reasoned.

“Oh yes he did a wonderful job of that, torn up chest, blood everywhere, both of you covered head to toe in dirt.” Piper taunted sarcastically.

“That’s enough. Liz did nothing wrong. She did a great job and now we have two less demons to worry about. Instead of picking on us, how about you turn your attention to the fact we learned demon factions are rising to take out the Source.” Chris asserted.

“Demon factions? What demon factions?” Paige’s interested was piqued.

“We heard the shape-shifters talking about the Source and how when he was out of the picture the factions would rise and if they didn’t make a name for themselves now they would remain at low-level.” Liz summed up.

Paige and Piper came more fully into the room and took a seat on one of the random pieces of furniture available to them.

“So someone is out for the Source and the demon world is organizing to prepare for it.” Liz nodded in agreement at Piper’s statement.

“Just great. This is exactly what we need.” Piper’s tone became pessimistic.

“Do you think that maybe that’s what my vision had to do with? That Tektra is trying to raise a faction and gain power by killing the Charmed Ones?” It was like a puzzle and putting the pieces together was just as logical as figuring out a science equation. Liz pondered what else could fit.

“Highly possible. Good reasoning.” Chris complimented. Liz felt a fleeting touch run down her arm and she inhaled sharply, her eyes darting to Chris.

Chris smirked slightly at her reaction, but refocused on his mother and Paige. Both were bickering over something and his attention was split. Liz threw him another look and wet her lips, something that did not escape his notice.

The sideways looks he gave her let Liz know he was flirting with her. Purely out of feminine reaction, she smiled at him, but when Paige threw her hands up in a gesture of defeat, she turned back to the squabbling siblings.

“We have decided that after dealing with Tektra we are out. We have trained you and your cousins and Wyatt how to fight and it’s time for all of you to do the fighting. The Charmed Ones are going into retirement.” Piper declared and then stormed from the room.

Paige glanced back and forth between Liz and Chris, then followed her sister out the attic door. Gaping in silence, Liz blinked a couple times before snapping her mouth shut and taking a seat facing Chris.

“Did they just quit? I mean I’ve been researching your family’s history and-” Liz made several shocked noises before continuing. “Did I just witness something that is going to make the history books?” Liz questioned aloud.

“Possibly. My mom has tried to quit several times and years ago when she fulfilled her destiny she chose to start training me and Wyatt as kids and same thing went with my cousins. They haven’t completely stopped though. They have participated in a vanquish here and there.” Chris spoke as if the Charmed Ones quitting wasn’t news.

“By the way, you did good. My first demon vanquish was when I was thirteen- and I did it with a potion.” Chris joined her on the sofa and she couldn’t stop the sultry look that came over her face.

“Thanks. I was terrified, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I thought I would freeze up or get killed. Worse, I thought I was going to get you killed.” Liz voiced her fears.

“You have a long way to go before being able to go on vanquishes alone, but you made a good start of it.” Liz nodded while staring at his lips and her eyes flickered to his just as she leaned in, a breath away from kissing him.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Chris whispered something in return, but as his lips met hers, Liz could care less what his reply had been.

His kiss was aggressive as were his full lips and questing tongue. Liz gasped at the sensation of his arms coming around her, exploring her over her clothes. His tongue entered her mouth and the sexual tension flew up a notch. Chris ran a hand down her spine and then back up under her shirt. The fiery need to be closer to him guided Liz’s hands to his backside and then up to his biceps where she clutched him closer.

Chris sat back, pulling her to straddle him on the sofa and lost in his touch, Liz paid no mind to how public a display they were making. Pulling back, Chris urged Liz to lift her hands in the air and removed her shirt in a swift pull of material. The moment the shirt hit the floor, Liz came to her sense enough to glance at the open door.

Sensing her uncertainty, Chris used one of his gifts to shut and lock the door before attaching his mouth to the side of her neck. The sensuous feeling of his tongue gliding smoothly over he creamy skin had Liz grinding her hips into his erection and gripping his shoulders harder.

Chris nipped his way down to Liz’s satin bra and he made short work of undoing the hooks holding it to her. Liz bucked hard against him as Chris enclosed one of her nipples with his mouth, flicking his touch over the bud with teasing strokes. A moan broke the silence of the room and Liz bowed up into his mouth.

“Chris.” Liz moved her left hand down to the bottom of his shirt and moved her hand under the material uncaring of anything else. Rippling abs came to her touch and Liz passed them and the torn holes of Chris’s polo to tweak his own nipples. Fraught with frustrated desire, Liz moved her hand down between them and massaged his shaft through the rough fabric of Chris’s jeans.

Chris moaned against her breast and the tingling vibrations had Liz crying out with pleasure and moving her hand away to grind against him once more. The faster Liz rotated her hips against him the wetter she became. A building intensity rose through her and with eyes shut, Liz focused on the pleasure on achieving something new and amazing.

Pulling her face down to kiss him as Liz rode him through their clothing, Liz felt herself tighten. His hands were sliding up and down her back increasing the energy begging to be free. Just as Chris groaned and was about to come, Liz felt the culmination of their activities- someone knocked at the door.

Both froze in place and held their raging breath. “Chris? Liz? Why is the door locked? Come on guys I need the book.” Wyatt’s voice came through the door loud and clear and Liz’s eyes widened as Chris grabbed up her bra and began putting it back on her with gentle caresses.

Climbing off of his lap, Liz grabbed up her shift and threw it on with quick movements and just as she did, Wyatt orbed into the room. “Hey guys didn’t you hear me?”

“Sorry Wyatt, I was caught up in trying to write this spell and Chris was offering suggestions. Right Chris?” Liz glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and saw that his erection was pressing persistently through his jeans and his breathing was slightly irregular.

“Yeah. I have to get going, do some recon on those demons that shimmered out earlier. I’ll see you in class tomorrow Liz.” Something touched his eyes that Liz responded to and she nodded.

“Okay.” Chris orbed away and Liz noticed the fact that Wyatt was smiling knowingly with his arms crossed.

“I came to look up a new demon to base tomorrow’s lesson on. Mom said you were up here. Need help with that spell? I could take a look at what you and Chris came up with.” Wyatt offered.

“No!” Liz snatched up empty legal pad and held it to her chest. Her body was still coursing with the energy and lose of Chris’s body. “I think I want to finish it myself. Thank you for the offer though.” Gulping down a fortifying breath, Liz rushed from the room, hearing a ghost of a laugh as she did.

Making it to the second floor, Liz scanned the doors, looking for a place to hide away and calm herself, but being unfamiliar with the layout of the house she made her way to the first floor and hid away in the front sitting room. She took a seat by the fireplace and ran a hand threw her dirty hair and noticed a mirror hanging on the wall. Liz wandered over to it and blushed with embarrassment as she realized her shirt was on backwards- not that the difference was extremely noticeable as it was a solid colored black tee, but she felt her face flush with heat none-the-less.

Fixing it up, Liz then took in that her arms were smudged with some dirt and that the shirt and pants she had changed into earlier were dusted with debris. It was a wonder that Chris had found her appealing in the least. In addition to her unkempt appearance, Liz wondered how someone so gorgeous as Chris was could be single, let alone interested in someone several years younger than him. Unlike Max or other boys she had been interested in, Chris was mature and a wise air surrounded him- as if he knew too much and was stressed by the weight of the world on his shoulders. It made Liz angry that Piper, his own mother, would add to this stress by choosing now to call it quits and how Paige could go along with it seemed unfathomable.

Sighing, Liz took up her notepad and started thinking of the spell. An hour passed and night fell upon the manor. An urge to go outside overcame her and Liz tossed down the pad that held broken rhymes and random words that came to mind and made her way over to the French doors in the adjoining room.

Stars filled the sky and Liz was overwhelmed by just how much she had missed them. Night had always been a warm blanket of security and comfort for Liz, even after she learned that they held more than innocent planets vacant of life. Max had made the universe seem like more of an adventure and despite the bitter feelings she felt about how things had gone between them, she had made them that way and it hadn’t effected her relationship with the night sky.

Paige called to her and Liz crossed her arms as the older woman came out to join her. “I thought maybe you would want to get back to magic school and get some sleep. It’s getting late and me and Piper have stopped for tonight.” Paige inquired.

“Just a few more minutes okay? It’s been such a long day and I haven’t enjoyed looking at the stars that much since my parents died.”

“You know Liz, Piper was a little harsh earlier, but it is because she knows that she has to let go eventually. Chris and Wyatt are ready to fight demons on their own, but Piper has never been one to let go. If she could she would protect them forever. I talked with Chris after you can down earlier and he told me how well you do. You cannot imagine how proud I am of you; I know this whole thing is hard to accept and it is only your first day. I promise, it gets…less confusing.” Taking in everything Paige had to say, Liz nodded.

“I can understand wanting to protect people. I wish I had known sooner about my gifts. Maybe I could’ve helped my parents. Or my friends.” Liz shook her head and took a breath refusing to get teary yet again.

“And if you had had your powers and still hadn’t saved them? Do you think you would blame yourself any less?” Paige asked.


“So stop dwelling on what you could have done and focus on what you can do.”

“I’m ready to go.” Liz took Paige’s hand and waited as Paige didn’t orb them away. Regarding Paige, Liz discerned the meaning of her touch and at that moment they orbed back to her room and Liz hugged Paige before the older woman left her.

‘This has been the longest day ever.’ Liz thought after washing up with the water basin someone had put in her room and then slipping into comfortable pajamas and under the covers of her new bed. With a sigh she was asleep, the difficulties of the day giving way to the peace of night.

Author's Note: Surprise! lol, I had the time and desire to write another chapter early. In case you guys didn't see it I left an author's note about the characters names and family ties, it's listed in Chapter 1. I enjoyed the few reviews I receieved and appreciated the input. Let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch6 2-25-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

A/N: Hey everyone! Wow was I thrilled with all that feedback! Thank you so much for the encouragement and I'm glad you all liked the Liz/Chris action. I wanted to clear up something that was brought to my attention. Chris did have telekinesis on the show, but I placed that power with Liz in this fanfic. I hope you all continue to read and review; as I enjoy every comment. Thank you again. Enjoy, EK! :D

Chapter Seven

Waking up the next morning was difficult and Liz debated whether to stay in bed as long as possible or get up, and greet the day. She slumped back against her pillows for another ten minutes, running through the pros and cons of laying there lazily before getting up with a sigh.

Liz’s mind played over the day before as she dressed, and Liz found herself blushing and smiling when she thought of Chris. He had a sexy confidence that she knew would look arrogant on anyone else and he also managed to invoke her in her the same confidence. The feel of his hands on her had been incredible and his mouth had made her moan and move in a way that was completely foreign to her.

Tugging out her suitcase, Liz reminded herself to invest in a dresser. A short while later she was dressed in a pair of her favorite worn jeans and an emerald green tank top that laced up at the top. Getting comfortable, Liz assumed it would be easy to go through Wyatt’s class if her clothes were more flexible.

With an hour left before class, Liz pulled out her laptop and checked her email to find that it was empty. The next half hour was spent cruising the internet picking out several pieces of furniture that Liz could picture around her room. She ordered two standing lamps, an ornately carved armoire and end table, with a matching desk, a large, antique armchair, a few colorful, throw pillows, and an accent blanket for the end of her bed.

Fifteen minutes before class, Liz became hungry and she went out in search of something to eat. As Liz exited her room a voice shouted out to her and turning in surprise, Liz’s eyes landed on Jordan who was waving and smiling from the center of a group of people. A smile of her own lit her face and Liz made her way to join the group.

“Good morning Liz.” Jordan said.

“Morning.” Liz returned while glancing around at the other people around her.

“Liz this is Tara, Weston, Keith, Laurence, and Velvet.” Jordan named then off and each greeted her in turn.

“Nice to meet all of you.” It didn’t escape Liz’s notice that Tara was glaring at her.

“So where you from Liz?” Weston asked in, his expression friendly.

“Roswell, New Mexico. You?”

“Upstate, New York.”

“Oh I’ve always wanted to visit New York, despite what people say about the unfriendly people.” Liz rejoined.

“You should and we aren’t unfriendly, just bluntly honest.” Liz’s smile widened at that nodded.

“What are you doing out here this early anyway?” Velvet, a pretty, African-American girl, asked.

“I got hungry.” Liz explained that being her second day that she was unfamiliar with where everything was.

“Well I’ll show you.” Jordan offered as he stepped away from Tara and Keith, both of whom looked put out.

“I would appreciate it.” Came her response.

“Jordan weren’t you going to walk me to class?” Tara spoke up, her blue eyes narrowing on Liz.

“Keith and you have the same first period; I’ll walk you tomorrow.” Jordan waved them off and he and Liz took off
together back passed Liz’s room.

“Your friends seem nice.” Liz made an attempt at polite conversation.

“They’re great. We all arrived the same time a few months back and because Magic school’s classes had started up back
in January we kind of became our own group of friends- as everyone else had already come together.” Jordan detailed his first few weeks at Magic school and Liz laughed when he outlined his first spell- and how he had caused all the floorboards in his room to break upward.

Jordan and Liz entered a hall, tons of students already rushing around inside, and walked over to one of the open bars of food and Liz grabbed a napkin, bottle of water, and two apples. As she munched on her first green apple, Jordan continued to explain his less than spectacular magical experiences. Ten minutes passed and Liz realized they would both be late if she didn’t hurry. They both made their way back toward Wyatt’s room as Liz polished off her second apple and started drinking her water in earnest.

Just as Liz walked into class, pitched her water bottle into the nearest recycling bin, and wiped her hand- Wyatt came into class. Liz sensed his bad mood as he passed by her desk. A hush fell over the class and Liz scanned the class to see if anyone else realized the unpleasant atmosphere. Several people were examining Wyatt as he commenced class- speaking in strident tones, his face blank. The odd switch from yesterday’s behavior had Liz on high alert.

“Today all of you will be placed in pairs. One of you will have a magical object given to you to protect and the other will be the one attempting to take the artifact. I will ring a bell and you will switch objectives. Does everyone understand?” Everyone replied with a murmur of assent and Liz observed Wyatt’s relaxing demeanor.

Liz ended up partners with Velvet, who Liz hadn’t recognized from yesterday. Wyatt came around with jeweled amulets and Liz felt the weight of it in her hand as he declared her the one to protect the artifact. Velvet had smiled coyly at Liz when Wyatt shouted for everyone to began and then was gone before Liz had time to register her absence. A second passed before Liz’s sense jerked into high gear and she was kicked in the back- sent flying forward to her knees, amulet still in hand.

Peering behind her, Liz scowled when she recognized Velvet, a smirk on her face. In the next moment, Velvet was gone once more and Liz’s attitude turned annoyed at the next blow to her back. Rolling to the side, Liz gained her feet and without an actual thought, she flung her arm out wide and the empty space of air and matter before her chilled- the outline of a human form froze mid-step and Velvet’s backhanded swing paused six inches from Liz’s face. The air became even more dense and frosty when Liz came to the conclusion Velvet had no qualms about fighting dirty.

Wyatt’s whistle blew and Liz peeked around at the other pairs, many of whom were out of breath and some sitting protects sitting sullenly on the floor, their objects in the hands of their partners. Taking the high road, Liz placed a hand on Velvet’s shoulder and willed her warm. The ice melted beneath her palm and the cold dense air around them heated. Liz ducked just in time to miss the backhand coming directly at her.

Wyatt’s whistle sounded a second time and Liz handed Velvet the amulet explaining how she had frozen Velvet as her third attack was about to land. Velvet frowned intensely, put the amulet around her neck, and then told Liz she was ready. Liz thought about freezing Velvet again, but was unsure she could create the same effects with Velvet’s guard up. With little conviction, Liz attempted to freeze Velvet again, but the other girl dodged her attack and began moving to avoid staying in one place too long. Liz concentrated her eyes on the necklace and the chain and thought about the clasp. Taking a step closer, Liz examined the jewel.

The brief notion of setting a fire for distraction occurred to Liz, but with a shake of her head and a fake try for the amulet- Liz reconsidered; she wasn’t positive her aim could be that well controlled and Jordan was too busy to put her fire out while she made a play for the amulet. Fingers twitching with anticipation, Liz decided and with a squint of her eyes she focused on the amulet. The object went zooming across the room, away from Velvet, and into a corner.

Both girls ran for it and Liz squinted at the artifact again, getting it closer to her than Velvet and in a scooping move, cradled the amulet to her chest. Unhappy and undaunted by the loss, Velvet disappeared and Liz felt her hands come up to grab the necklace, and with a shove, Liz’s shield appeared and Velvet was sent skittering back on unsteady feet only to fall and land hard on the floor; Velvet’s arm twisted at an odd angle while she cried out in pain.

The class paused in their activities and Liz winced at the sounds Velvet was making. Wyatt pushed his way over to the pair and kneeled down beside Velvet to heal her. The other girl quieted and sat up, wiping at her tears, and glaring at Liz angrily.

“She should be kicked out of class for breaking my arm.” Velvet stated, demandingly.

“This exercise is the prepare you for demons and harmful situations in the real world; am I supposed to ban someone from class because they are better armed than you?” Wyatt asked, rhetorically.

“I didn’t intend to break your arm, Velvet.” Liz said, despite her own reservations on the girl’s methods, Liz hadn’t actually wanted to harm her.

Class ended twenty minutes later after the other pairings finished the exercise and Liz rushed out to Chris’s class, wanting to get away from Velvet’s attitude as soon as possible. She thought about Wyatt and asking how he was- knowing his mood had to be caused by something- but dismissed the idea for escape purposes. Kids at Magic school were extremely competitive and making friends with them was an experience that Liz wasn’t altogether enjoying.

As there was a twenty minute pass period between classes, Liz walked into an empty room, the door swinging shut behind her. The room seemed spotless despite her mishap the day before. Chris sat behind his desk writing something and Liz couldn’t keep her mind from wandering to what an amazing body he had and the sexy pout of his lips. He mumbled something and Liz made her way over to see what he was doing. When she was five feet from his desk he looked up and smiled.

“Morning Liz.”

“Morning. What are you working on?” Liz asked as she came around his desk to peer over his shoulder. His rich scent hit her and Liz briefly fought the urge to lean into him from behind, but gave in when one of his arms snaked out and wrapped around her waist.

“You said you needed help with that spell and as we were interrupted last night I decided to work on it and see if maybe it would give you something to work with.” Their eyes met when she leaned passed him to take a look at what he had written out.

Chris tugged her down onto his lap as he turned the armless chair to face her and stole a kiss as she settled in. Liz’s heart sped up and her mind slowed down as she rested her flat palms against his chest. The kiss was seductively slow and drawn out; when Chris pulled back, Liz’s eyes had drooped to half-mast and her breathing has increased. Her lips felt swollen and sensitive to touch, so when he leaned in for short peck she moaned out a soft prayer.

“Chris, I-” Liz heard the door to the classroom opening and hopped up and away from Chris. She was disappointed by the disturbance and glad all the same. Her attraction for Chris was growing over the brief moments they spent together and she couldn’t make head nor tales of what they were, or what they had the potential to be.

A few students came jostled their way into the room and took up some seats. Liz turned back to Chris find that he was composed and Liz wondered what he was thinking. None of the students paid any attention to Liz, but a couple stopped their prepping to say hello to “Professor Halliwell”, something that had Liz biting her lip and disappearing out the door of the classroom.

The reminder that Chris was a teacher made Liz feel uncomfortable about the whole affair- or whatever was going on between her and Chris. Liz veered off the path of Jordan and his friends as she headed toward her room to retrieve her family’s book. Her run in with the less-than-desirable Tara and Velvet marked the fact that Liz wouldn’t be spending much time with that particular clique of people.

After sitting the duration of the pass period in her room, Liz headed back to Potions and grabbed her seat next to Leila without a word or glance in Chris’s direction. Leila tried to make chit-chat as Liz flipped unseeingly through the pages of her book, but for the most part silence met such attempts.

“We are going to be working on a potion to put your enemy to sleep. For those of you that don’t already have this potion in your book, the ingredients and directions are on the board.” Liz peeked up from her book at the board and her eyes met Chris’s and the physical feeling of someone’s hands running up and down her sides had Liz shivering. Breaking eye contact, Liz checked her book before opening to an empty page and writing down the potion.

As soon as Liz stopped writing down her first entry the entire page flashed and the handwriting became calligraphy; beautifully written in Old English scrawl, her untidy handwriting disappeared. Liz stared in amazement at the page before shaking it off and going to the hutch to gather the spices and ingredients.

When Liz was finished with cutting and mixing the right proportions, she heated everything at the simmering temperature written on the board and in her book and when she was finished, Liz grabbed several vials and filled them with the potion and labeled each; short-handing the name, date, and ingredients used to make it. Years in the science lab had drummed into her the importance of labeling her work.

“It looks like your finished.” Chris stood in front of her desk and Liz nodded, avoiding his eyes. “You should test it out and see if the others are worth using.”

The insinuation that her work wasn’t going to be good enough or that she had made it incorrectly insulted her. Grabbing one of her potions she tossed it at his feet. The shocked look on his face before he passed out on the floor was satisfaction enough.

“Anyone know how long that’s supposed to last?” Liz asked after everyone stopped gawking at her.

“It says an hour, but I assume if he’s forcibly awakened that it shouldn’t take long.” Melissa said as she smiled at Liz and
stood by her side.

A twinge of remorse caused Liz to bend down and shake Chris a couple times, but when he refused to wake she shrugged and searched the circling crowd for someone who could be more useful.

“I can wake him up.” It was Leila. She crouched down beside Chris and placed her hand on his shoulder and a moment later, Chris jerked and woke up. Leila and a few others helped him into a sitting position.

“How did you wake him up?” Liz questioned.

“I have the ability to astral project myself and others. I astral projected into his dream and then pulled him out with me.” She explained it like it was simple. The fact that it was reminiscent of Isabel’s power gave Liz an idea about what kind of personality to expect from Leila.

“At least the potion works, right? I mean that was the question wasn’t it?” Melissa directed her questions at Chris who nodded.

“Yes, it was. Good job Liz.” His eyes were devouring every each of her and Liz couldn’t decipher whether it was with lust or anger. “Why don’t you go and put the vials in the hutch. Top shelf, right hand corner. And I’d like to discuss something with you after class.” The class erupted in noisy murmurs around her, and Liz smiled in reply and started cleaning up her area as others tested their potions the appropriate way; by pouring some into a bowl and adding water to see if the color turned green- an indicator that that particular potion was ruined.

Everyone filed out after putting their potions in the cabinet and grabbing up their books. Liz sat in her seat until they were all gone and the door to the room had swung shut. Chris motioned for Liz to join him behind his desk and she did.

“What’s with the attitude? One second we were fine, next your getting moody with me?” Chris folded his arms over his chest and leaned his hip against the desk in a defensive manner.

“It’s just that you are my teacher and I don’t even know what we’re doing?” Liz felt snippy and knew that she was moving fast with her questions as she had only known him for three days.

“Look I don’t know. I’m attracted to you. You are an adult and we both know the teacher thing isn’t going to last long. Tell me what you want us to be doing.” The decision was on her and Liz already knew the answer.

“I want their to be an us.” Liz’s voice turned soft as she spoke.

“Okay.” Both leaned in and Liz returned his kiss with fervor. Liz opened her mouth to explore his and wrapped her arms around his neck as he hoisted her up onto his desk; neither noticing the fluttering papers that flew off his desk.

Liz’s shirt rode up as his hand teased the strip of skin that revealed itself. The worn jeans adorning her legs were flexible and Liz wrapped her legs around his waist, bringing herself closer to him. The sensations from the night before stirred to life and Liz felt herself letting go and embracing the frenzy of her body. Her hands unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans as she snaked a hand into his boxers, caressing his semi-hard member to full stand. Chris nibbled on her lower lip as she gripped him firmly and began pumping him as her other hand gripped at his well-sculpted ass.

Liz increased her speed as Chris’s breathing became more erratic and he began pulling into her hand, whispering her name like a prayer. The rousing excitement in her flare as she heard his soft pleas and groans and the wild way he bucked into her palm. On of her hands worked on the buttons of his shirt and when the material fell apart to reveal the well-toned abs and Pecs she had explored with her touch the night before, Liz leaned in and kissed a trail of open-mouthed kissed from his neck to his nipples.

“God, Liz. Oh fuck.” The way he swore inflamed her and Liz lightly bit his right nipple, licked it, and pulled back to blow gently at the moist skin. Chris was done right then, with an exclamation and an upward surge he came. Liz watched as the milky essence flowed over his shaft and on to her hand, but didn’t stop pumping him until the was no liquid left.

The sinuous feeling of need coiled in her abdomen and Liz gripped Chris’s arm with need. He grabbed a tissue a handful of tissues from the corner of his desk and cleaned the mess he had made, tossing them into a nearby bin before kissing her voraciously once more. The sound of chatter outside Chris’s door broke them apart and Liz realized that classes were about to begin

“You are amazing.” Chris whispered as he kissed her lips briefly. Her answering peck was enough to satisfy what was left unsaid. Both went about fixing each others clothes and mingling kisses in between, but Liz felt the burn simmering and had to pull back a couple times when things began to heat up once more.

“Why don’t we get together tonight to work on that spell?” Chris suggested.

“Okay.” Liz was eager for more time with him.

“I’ll stop by your room or we could go out somewhere.”

“I think I’d like to go out somewhere. How about seven?”

“That’s fine. I should be done with planning my schedule for tomorrow by then.” Chris nodded as he helped Liz off his

“Good.” Liz kissed him on the cheek and then picked up her book as she left for Patricia’s class.

Many of the students were already in their seats and Liz smiled as Melissa waved at her from across the room. Patricia was behind her desk talking to one of Liz’s classmates and obviously not ready to start class yet. Making her way to her desk, Liz sat beside Melissa and scanned the board for the day’s lesson, but it was completely blank.

“So what had you so peeved in Potions?” Melissa asked.

“I’m just having an off day. I found out my friend, Alex, who died a few months ago is now a white-lighter and I’ve been helping the Charmed Ones with this demon that was in my vision yesterday.” Both girls talked about how their days finished out the day before and things they were planning on doing in the near future.

“You know what I want to learn to do?” Melissa asked as she faced Liz.


“To read minds. I want to know what people really think when you ask them ‘how are you’ and see what they really think of me.”

“You know I saw a spell the Charmed Book of Shadows about that.” Liz replied.

“Oh really?” Melissa’s interest was piqued.

“It had a caution label at the bottom; something about not knowing what you might hear and from who. And if you think about it do you really want to know what everyone is thinking about you all the time? What if your best friend thinks you are being annoying that day? Or if your boyfriend is thinking of another girl? They would never say anything like that to your face and that’s mostly why thoughts are kept private, don’t you think? I mean if you said everything you were thinking all the time without filter, you would probably end up hurting a lot of people’s feelings.” Liz had thought about saying that spell, but with the warning at the bottom and her own self-esteem at stake it had seemed too risky.

“I guess your right, but maybe if you worded it right you would know only what you wanted to, like an on/off switch.” Melissa became excited all over again and despite Liz’s skepticism and Paige and Piper’s warnings of personal gain, she couldn’t bring herself to squash Melissa’s excitement.

Apparently Patricia was having them work individually on scrying for demonic activity with the law. Liz’s interest was supreme because the notion of lawyers going to hell being more than a figurative phrase seemed surreal. The scrying was easier for this topic as it was a generalization and Liz was amazed by the findings of the class; over twenty-nine law firms played host to demons. By the end of the period, Liz had written down the locations of each in her book and again the page flashed and the writing turned to beautifully penned calligraphy.

Coop’s class went by faster than all the rest for Liz as she absorbed the fascinating histories and detailed battle images of each name or date Coop had assigned the day before. One in particular that stuck out was Cadence Murray, an Irish matriarch of her family. The picture as well as the story of a girl who grew up in Ireland as a barmaid’s bastard child only who later started the Murray coven entranced Liz. The resemblance between both women was remarkable and the picture of the other girl was one of fierce pride and fiery spirits. In addition to the short, biographical background and holographic imagery- a quote from Cadence’s diary was recovered and the student presenting the historical piece read it aloud.

“It is in our times of weakness we find great strength. If I shed a tear it will be full of loyalty and memory- two things worth crying for.” For some reason that struck a cord in Liz and as she exited class, her head posture was full of proud honor.

Author's Note: Well there you have it. Chapter 7. Let me know what you think. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch7 2-28-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Eight

Seven o’clock came around and Liz was sitting on her bed with her book of shadows on her lap waiting for Chris to arrive. The time between class and waiting for Chris had been relatively calm. Alex had dropped by to spend time with Liz and she had filled him in- after swearing him to silence- on the Chris situation. His reaction had been neutral as he asked her where she thought their relationship would go after Liz left Magic school, or even if she had a plan for herself alone. The answer has been less-than-desirable in Alex’s opinion because she hadn’t really had one, but he had told her he would be there by her side despite whether her decision was a mistake or not.

After Alex orbed away, Liz had sat thinking about what would become of her and Chris, but with the how new things were between them, she had to take a step back, or risk a headache. She had checked her email and read through the ones updating her on the state of the Crashdown in her absence. Maria had yet to write again and Liz wondered if her curt reply had upset her, or if the she just hadn’t bothered to find time; either way Liz shrugged it off.

Liz assumed that her book would come in handy and as she had nothing else to bring to work on the spell. The more Liz read through the contents of the book the more entranced she was with the magical community. The idea that almost every mythical creature science had disproved actually existed was boggling and exciting. The stories of her families long history with the craft outlined everything expected of Liz, and in spite of her reservations, Liz knew she would try to live up to the expectations of her heritage.

Chris orbed in at five after and Liz stood up, grabbing at her book, as Chris greeted her with a soft kiss on the cheek. His arms came around her in a hug and the gentle hum that came with his touch had Liz holding him tighter. They orbed out of her room and the sensation of weightlessness and surrealism hit her as it often did. Her eyes were closed and the rush of particles flowing around her, lacing through her was heady and what Liz had imagined flying would feel like- and in a sense that’s exactly what she was doing.

When they stood on solid ground, Liz took in her surroundings. A forest of tall, emerald green trees and earthen floor covered with an array of dazzlingly colored flowers set a majestic scene. The sky was visible through the branches of the overhung canopy and stars peeked through like glimmering pinpricks of light, winking serenely overhead. The flowers perfume scented the fresh air that Liz breathed in deeply. It was only when Liz felt Chris’s arms come around her that the setting became real and Liz realized a large blanket sat on the ground nearby.

“This place is gorgeous.” Liz whispered, in awe of everything around her.

“I chose this place because it is nexus of good energy. There are few like this in the world. It is equidistant to the five elements used in magic and therefore a place ruled by magic. If you are going to be inspired here would be a great place. Another nexus you have been to is the manor, but this is more private.” Chris whispered into her ear from behind and Liz leaned back into him, her head tilting back for a kiss.

A brief kiss had Liz spellbound again and she would have kept going, but Chris tugged her toward the blanket and sat them both down, her book in her lap and a pad and pen in Chris’s hand. Liz thought he might try to distract her with more kisses or touches, but he had turned business-like and straight to the point. Liz found Tektra in her book, but little more was said than had been found in the Charmed Ones book.

“Wait we don’t know of any way to kill him, but do we know his weaknesses?” Liz asked.

“Have you come across something new?” Chris returned.

“No, but if we know his strengths then we have to know his weaknesses right?”

“Keep going.” Chris urged.

“Well he works with electricity. What doesn’t go well with electricity?” Liz asked rhetorically, watching Chris smile as she answered her own question. “Water!”

“Right. Now go with that and start writing.” Chris handed her the pad and Liz started writing with frenzy. Chris sat back watching her and though the feeling of his eyes on her and invisible hands roaming over her body had her nerve-endings raised, her mind moved quick, rhyming and patching words together.

“I’m finished. How does it sound? With water now I vanquish thee, end his power of electricity, with the words inside my heart, from here on earth let him depart.” Liz thought it was rough and maybe even a stretch, but it sounded serviceable.

“Not bad. Now if you can apply that and make a potion; I say we have a vanquish.” His compliment caused a smile to bloom over her face that Liz couldn’t stop. The way he went from serious to sweet warmed her.

Liz pushed the book, pad, and pen away and reached over to Chris and pulled him down to kiss her. The air around them charged with energy and Liz acknowledged what Chris had told her earlier about the nexus and it being a source of power. The hairs on her arms raised and the tension that had been crackling between them for the last few days hit a peek.

Chris responded in kind, taking a hold of her waist and closing the gap that separated them. He laid her down on the blanket, cushioned by the soft grass beneath, and took the opportunity to lift her shirt from her body and kiss the exposed area of her chest down to her bra, which she deftly unclasped and placed on her shirt. Chris leaned in and sucked one of her hard peeks into his mouth, eliciting a hiss from the Liz.

Her hands went to his hair and she clutched his head to her breast, the heat and excitement tingling through her body and centering in her abdomen. He caressed the nipple with his tongue and drew back and moved on to the other. The night air hit the moisture he left behind and the clashing of cold and hot made her fingers flex. Liz drew his mouth up for a raging open-mouthed kiss as he worked her pants off her.

Once her jeans were gone, Liz was left in nothing but her bikini panties. One had snaked down and slid under the fabric of her underwear and a finger entered Liz as she moaned with unbridled fervor and writhed as Chris pushed her higher. The sounds of nature faded and when a second finger entered her, Liz’s own cries were the only thing to reach her ears.

Just as Liz was about to fly apart into a thousand, unhindered pieces, Chris’s hand left her; and Liz’s eyes- that had slid shut some time before- snapped open and whispered protests left her. Their eyes met and Liz watched, enticed, as he slid her panties down her legs, trailing kisses as he went. Once the material was gone, he shed his shirt and rid himself of the rest of his clothing before settling down between her leg, his head at her entrance. Knowing what he was about to do, Liz made a move to stop him, nervous and exposed, but his mouth was faster and the moment his tongue entered her, Liz fell back with a deep inhalation of breath.

The stars above felt closer as Liz’s hands fisted in Chris’s hair; one of his hands was massaging her left breast and the other was rubbing the bundle of nerves that had her legs quivering. Chris made a sound as his mouth faceted over her slit and Liz arched with the incredible feeling of ecstasy, the flames inside her pooling and lapping at her- the measure of which extended beyond reason. Liz couldn’t help thrashing her head from side to side, biting her lip, and moving her hands to his biceps. With a violent shudder that quaked her whole body, Liz dug her nails in Chris’s toned arms, and came apart. It felt like she was orbing or flying, every nerve in her body was firing and Liz couldn’t stop the spasms as she came. The air around her caressed her, chilling the sheen of sweat layering her body and the high seemed as though it would never end.

When Liz came back to herself, breathing heavy, but feeling like she wasn’t breathing at all, Chris had moved up the length of her body and the hard press of his erection was in full contact with her wet, heated core. There was question in Chris’s eyes as he touched her face and kissed her lips gently as though she was something fragile and beautiful- a gift.

Liz pressed her lips hard against his and Chris took this as ascent. Slow and full of tenderness, Chris entered her with a controlled thrust. Liz’s eyes widened a degree as the full fitted feeling came over her, the sensation of her walls stretching to accommodate him had her head shifting from side to side and when he broke through her barrier the slight twinge of pain and unease was drowned out by the utterly complete feeling that overrode it. He paused for her and Liz nearly lost her breath with anticipation and as she bucked up to meet his thrust he went even deeper.

The encouraging movement had Chris thrusting at a steady pace, a frustratingly slow, but steady pace. His length and girth had her moaning loudly, urging him on in whispers and thrusting up to meet him half way. Chris groaned her name in chanting prayer and picked up the pace as her legs clasped around his waist harder, pulling him closer. Her walls were gripping at him, begging him to stay, and with each inward thrust Liz began to cry out- filling the night sky with her voice and the sounds of their love-making.

“Liz.” Chris’s groan had Liz spasming around him in waves, coming hard with a rush of heat and slick juice that ran over his length and the grip of which had him shouting out in completion. He pumped faster for several seconds then pulled out soft, pulling her back against his front to spoon; arms wrapping around her.

The daze of pleasure fogged her mind and Liz stared unseeingly at the meadow of flowers, barely feelings the kisses fluttering across her shoulder and neck as Chris hugged her to him. She had lost her virginity and the experience had been one of the most fulfilling in her life. Max had been the frontrunner for a long time; she and Maria had both thought that when the time came for her to give herself to a man it would be him. The idea that she and Chris knew little to nothing about each other passed through her mind, but the overwhelming desire and sense of rightness cocooned her from her doubts.

Nothing in her life thus far had been normal, so why would her first time having sex be any different. That hum that Chris’s touch brought was pleasant and welcomed and his consideration with her- despite the fact he hadn’t known if she was or wasn’t a virgin- had been heart-warming and the way he had caressed her and looked at her had almost caused tears to form in her eyes.

“Do you regret this?” Chris’s normally in-charge voice was mellowed and soft; it reminded Liz of how things sounded and felt when she was dreaming.

“No. Do you?” Liz whispered.

“No.” He replied.

Liz wondered if they would remain a secret, or if his family would know. Obviously the students at Magic school couldn’t be told- the teacher-student dichotomy was something sacred even in the magical community.

“Are you going to tell your family?” Liz closed her eyes as she waited for the answer.

“Yes. Things at Magic school should be kept quiet, but I trust my family.” Chris’s voice was stronger, but still calm and flowing with the atmosphere around them.

“Good.” Liz turned in his arms and kissed him before snuggling into his hard body, pressing as close as possible. Her limbs were heavy and exhaustion filled her.

Another blanket came to rest over them, but Liz’s mind didn’t have the energy to question where it came from. Her eyes drifted shut and she whispered nonsense into his shoulder before sleep took hold of her.

Chris stared down at Liz, the tumble of dark hair mussed from their activities and he’s arms squeezed her tightly for a second as she fell asleep. The blanket he had summoned was warm and the feel of her feminine curves against him comforted him. It had been a longtime since had had invested his feelings in a woman. More since he had been as interested in one as he was with Liz. Liz was sexy and sweet and the hint of knowledge that she often gave off had him intrigued.

Bianca had been the last person he had trust and that mistake still burned him. Her betrayal smarted still. Bianca had been a mystery to him, something to unwrap and figure out; the fact that she was a supernatural assassin trained to kill had been dangerous and fun when he was seventeen. Their relationship had been fueled by rebellion and hormones and- admitting it now- stupidity. His mother and father had both warned him, and in a way that added to the excitement of being with her. When they turned eighteen he had impulsively asked her to marry him and she had played the thrilled, emotionally attached fiancée perfectly.

The slap of cold reality had been harsh and unforgettable. The day he found out she was getting closer to him, marrying him, so that she could strip his powers and get to the book and the rest of his family had been blindingly painful and so plainly obvious he hadn’t returned home after breaking things off with her and running away to another continent. Australia provided the time he needed to heal and when he returned two years later- Chris had hardened himself against optimism and cruel cynicism had replaced it.

Tilting his head of to the sky, Chris contemplated what the hell he was doing. When he came back to work at Magic school and be apart of his family again women had not been on his list of things to do or explore. That had been three years ago and Chris wondered what had changed. He had slept with the occasional one-nighter he met at P3 and even enjoyed a few dates, but getting into a relationship had been a big “NO” in his book.

Liz felt different though. The day he orbed into his parent’s house and saw her staring at him with large, amber eyes that had perused him, Chris had been enflamed.

Remembering the times she had cried to him, Chris realized each time he had comforted her he had felt closer, and those times when they had stolen kisses and touches had aroused his interest even more. He’d heard about her life in Roswell, about the aliens she had entangled herself with, and how her parents had died. His mom had been the one rallying for Liz when the Elders had questioned her future. Aunt Paige had been the one to speak out about her possibilities and accepted when the Elders assigned Liz as her charge. And in addition to his mother and Aunt Paige, Chris had been stunned when his Aunt Phoebe had staged a full on trial in favor of Liz’s entrance the magical community- bringing in kids that had been considered lost causes, but had turned into active members of magical community, vanquishing demons, and protecting innocents.

In spite of how much his family had supported Liz’s right for magical education, Chris had his doubts about how they would react to him and Liz. She was five years his junior and the last time he had picked someone special to be with it had blown up in his face- in a big way.

Glancing back down at Liz, Chris ran his left hand through her hair- untangling the silky strands of chocolate colored hair. Liz mumbled something in her sleep and her head lolled back onto his outstretched right arm, using it as a pillow. Her upturned face was peaceful; Chris took his, now free, left hand and with a flick of his hand a net of orb-lights stretched up about their heads and illuminated her face. The flawless skin was normally a creamy, golden hue, but due to the overhung lights had an ethereal glow to it. Her soulful, doe eyes were closed, the short curly lashes lay against her high cheekbones. Liz’s perfectly straight nose and alluringly full lips added appeal to she already possessed and Chris’s thoughts flew away.

Chris rest his head back on the blanket and closed his eyes, letting himself fall asleep, the lights overhead fading as he .

Sunlight beamed through the leaves about her, and Liz opened her eyes at the sound of birds chirping and rustling leaves. The spectacular surroundings she had seen last night were beautiful in a completely different way as the sun bathed over the scene. Liz felt Chris beside her a ridiculously, deliriously happy smile spread across her face and she shifted to lean up on her elbow to see Chris as he slept. His body was relaxed and the arm draped over her waist lay there without a grip. His features were relatively the same, but the lines that usually marred his forehead with concentration or worry were nonexistent.

The sound of buzzing bees had Liz observing her surroundings more closely and she realized a bee was several feet away pollinating a flower and Liz froze with fear. She was allergic to bees and hated the sight of them. With a twist and fling of her arm, the bee froze over along with half the field of flowers in front of her.

“You are afraid of bees?” Liz twisted back to Chris as he spoke up and saw that he was leaning back on his arms, chest exposed, with the blanket around his waist.

“I’m allergic and I hate bugs.” Liz said.

“You have faced demons and are preparing to fight even more and you are afraid of creatures a billion sizes smaller than you?” His amusement had Liz rolling her eyes and pushing him with mock anger.

“They are creepy- I just don’t like them.” Liz explained as she reached for her clothes.

“Good morning by the way.” Liz threw over her shoulder as she yanked her shirt over her head.

“Good morning.” Chris said as he pulled her down to kiss him. It was a languid kiss full of ardor, then they both went about getting dressed.

Chris folded up the blankets and handed Liz the pad, pen, and her book. She went into his arms and rested her head against his chest as he orbed them back to her room. As they appeared, Liz heard someone gasp out an “oh my God” and recognized it as Paige’s voice. Stepping out of Chris’s arms, Liz turned to face Paige where she was sitting on Liz’s bed.

“I was wondering where you were.” Paige’s attempt at an impassive face was poor and the wonder and shock in her expression and voice had Liz squaring her shoulders and peeking at Chris from the corner of her eyes.

“Morning, Aunt Paige.” Chris greet.

“Morning Chris.” Paige scuttled off the bed and Liz went about putting the book away, leaving the pad and pen on top of the trunk.

“What are you doing here?” Liz tried not to sound defensive, but there was a slight snap to her tone.

“I thought maybe you’d like to go out to breakfast early, maybe even catch a shower at the manor- it’s more private than the bathrooms here at Magic school.” Paige’s worked her face into a less judgmental expression and her voice sounded more calm.

“That would be great.” Liz said, trying for nonchalance.

“I have to get to my apartment and clean up for classes. I’ll see you in second period Liz.” Chris leaned over and kiss her purposefully on the cheek before waving and saying “bye Aunt Paige” to Paige.

The moment he was gone, Liz blew out a breath and sat down at the foot of her bed.

“So you and my nephew, huh?” Paige sounded more girlfriend-like now that the elephant was out of the room.

“Yeah. Listen Paige, I know that you might not be that supportive, but I don’t need a mother right now. I need a friend.” Liz said, looking the older woman in the eye.

“Honey, I won’t say anything about this to Piper or the others until your ready- and then I hope that it will be you and Chris that will tell them. I’m not going to tell you what to do. I hated that when I was a kid. In fact I was pretty rebellious.” Liz cracked a smile of relief and Paige urged her to grab a change of clothes so that they could head to the manor and Liz could grab a shower before they went out to breakfast. It was the nudge she needed and the friendly invitation that was welcome. Rummaging around in her stuff- Liz hurried to gather her things as she and Paige orbed out to the manor- and encounter the rest of Chris’s family.

Author's Note: So what did you think? I enjoyed writing it and with all the wonderful reviews I was spurred to update sooner than I would have. My family is going through a tough time right now- our family dog has cancer- and I wasn't sure I would be updating until Wednesday, but with all the feedback to brighten my day, I was inspired to write. Thanks so much, let me know what you think. EK!
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch8 3-02-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Nine

The manor was a hotbed of activity when Liz and Paige orbed in on the stair landing. Piper and Leo were sitting down to breakfast with Wyatt, Patricia, Phoebe, Henry Jr., and Melody while Melinda raced passed Liz and Paige on the stairway, heading for the attic. Liz wondered how often the Halliwell home was packed this full as she followed Paige into the dinning room.

“Morning Liz.” Piper welcomed from the head of the table; she was passing out food to the table’s inhabitants.

“Morning.” An awkward feeling settled into her as Liz spoke with Chris’s family.

“Why don’t you use the upstairs bathroom, it’s on the left of my room.” Paige spoke up as she took a seat next to her son and poured herself some orange juice.

“Thank you.” Liz vaguely remembered Paige telling Liz where her room was, but to escape the eyes of Chris’s family, as welcoming as they were, Liz sped up the stairs and opened a number of doors in search of the bathroom.

When Liz finally found the bathroom the large size surprised her, but she set out fixing the knobs in the shower and stripping down. The shower was spacious and when the warm spray hit Liz as she stepped under the showerhead, Liz moaned. The heat relaxed her muscles and soothed the ache that had set in. Liz shifted a bit, looking for shampoo and winced at the soreness between her legs- the newly worked muscles causing twinges of pain. Mind wandering, Liz massaged the shampoo into her scalp and ran her soapy hands down her body, washing away sweat and dirt. In addition to shampoo, Liz worked some condition through her long hair and by the time she was out of the shower, she felt refreshingly clean.

Liz’s stomach grumbled as she dressed and rubbed lotion into her skin, the prospect of breakfast hurried her movements. The crocheted peach top Liz chose was tight and hugged her body, emphasizing her curves and falling short above her belly button; a pair of dark hip-huggers were snug around her waist. After quickly brushing her hair and teeth and placing her laundry into her satchel bag, Liz sauntered more confidently down the stairs.

The dinning room had cleared out some and Liz found herself seated at the table with Paige, Wyatt, Henry Jr., and Piper. “Morning.” Liz beamed as she piled eggs and bacon onto her plate.

“Did you have a nice shower?” Paige asked, mentally deciding to take Liz out to a café some other time.

“It was wonderful. I love the bathroom, it was beautifully decorated.” Liz said between mouthfuls.

“How are you doing in your classes, Liz?” Henry asked from his seat beside Paige.

“She’s doing great. A natural talent, really.” Wyatt praised Liz from his seat across from her- eating a short stack.

“Thank you. I had some difficulty with the exercise in class yesterday because Velvet can become invisible, but it was invigorating.” Liz tried to put a positive spin on the undesirable fight between her and Liz.

“Invisible, really?” Henry seemed far more interested than the others and asked how the scene had played out and congratulated Liz when Wyatt jumped in to glorify her success.

Toward the end of breakfast, as Piper cleared the table with Paige’s help, Chris orbed in. He looked as sexy as ever, Liz noted, taking a seat next to her and slipping a hand in her own. Their fingers laced on her lap and Liz fought the blush as Piper entered the room and Wyatt and Henry greeted him. Nervously, Liz clenched and unclenched his hand in her own.

“Good morning everyone. Liz.” She turned at the sound of her name on his lips and sat stunned as he leaned in to kiss her. Liz’s mind registered what was happening and responded sluggishly at first before placing a hand his cheek and opening herself to the pleasure of his touch.

When he pulled back, Chris asked if there was any breakfast left. Liz gauged the reactions of everyone in the room: Piper was gaping, Paige was purposefully looking elsewhere, Henry was unreadable, but Wyatt was smiling from ear to ear one of his most heartbreaking smiles. Wyatt met her gaze and beamed even brighter.

“What was that?” Piper demanded, her face darkening.

“What?” Chris asked, feigning ignorance.

“Don’t you act dumb with me Christopher James Halliwell.” Piper was pointing an accusing finger at him and Liz wanted to say something, but felt it was Chris’s place.

“Liz and I have become involved.” Hearing him say it, proclaim it, had Liz smiling into her glass of orange juice.

“She is five years younger than you! You have only known her four days.” Piper thundered from her seat, a disbelieving sound punctuating her statements.

“Liz is an adult and so am I. This is our business.” Chris logically defended.

“How can you come into my home and-” Piper began accusingly.

“Please don’t lecture me, I am not a child. And you are not my mother.” Liz cut in, attempting a calm veneer.

“If I were-”

“If you were is unimportant because you aren’t. Mine is dead. Excuse me.” Liz jerked back her chair, ignoring the harsh noise as it scraped the floor, and strode to the door.

Once outside, Liz took several deep breaths and sat down, head in her hands. The door behind her creaked open and Liz fought not to cry as she blinked repeatedly. An arm came around her shoulders and Liz peered through her curtain of hair to see Wyatt’s face. It was odd, but he reminded Liz very much of Alex. Quiet, calm, smilingly good-natured; and she took comfort in his presence.

“Mom’s just a little overprotective, it has nothing to do with you as a person, or a witch, Liz.” Wyatt said.

“I know. My dad was the same way with my boyfriends. They want to protect you so much that they try to pick and chose who you are with and what you do. I didn’t mean to make a scene back there.” In spite of her justifications, Liz felt ridiculously childish for arguing back.

“Oh you didn’t cause a scene, my mom does that just fine on her own.” Wyatt laughed, gently shaking Liz as he did. “She can be stubborn.”

“It doesn’t help that my temper flares quick nowadays. I used to be so soft spoken and reserved.” All the claims people made about her back in Roswell and her own memories of all the times she had bit her tongue despite her anger rushed back, and Liz wondered when the dramatic change had taken place in her.

“Being submissive does not help you as a person or a witch. I like your determination and confidence. Besides you need that if you are going to date my brother.” Wyatt joked and Liz laughed.

“Why thank you, Wyatt.” Chris made himself known and Liz stood up to embrace him.

“I have to get to Magic school early, one of my more unspectacular students is coming in early for help.” Wyatt didn’t apologize, but he did wink at Liz and disappear with laughter in his eyes.

“He’s really nice.” Liz mumbled into Chris’s shoulder.

“Wyatt’s a charmer. Should I be jealous?”

“No.” Liz realized that she had yet again forgotten to ask Wyatt what had been wrong with him yesterday, and vowed to do so after class.

“I’m sorry about my mom.” Chris said as they pulled apart, stepping down and sitting on the stoop.

“I understand. I shouldn’t have snapped back.” They joined hands and Liz couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy Chris looked as he stared down at her.

“You had a right to say something.”

“I want your mom to like me; I don’t think yelling at her is going to help me with that.”

“She already likes you. Mom is just being a mother.” Chris blew off Liz’s protestations to the otherwise.

A blast from inside grabbed both their attention and Liz raced in behind Chris as he threw open the front door and entered the foyer. The shape-shifters from Liz’s last fight were attacking Paige, Piper, and Henry. Paige had been thrown into the banister of the staircase and was unconscious on the steps. Piper was ducking in and out from a corner in the dinning room. Meanwhile, Henry Jr. was orbing in and out, avoiding the fray.

Chris pushed Liz out of the way as one of the shifters lunged toward them. Skidding across the floor and into the safety of the living room, Liz slammed into the coffee table. Liz got off the floor and rushed back into the other room and witnessed Piper vanquish the weaker of the two shape-shifters before being thrown into a wall by the leader. Chris was attending Paige and Liz couldn’t see Henry Jr. anywhere. Squaring her shoulders, Liz focused on the demon and with an outstretched hand motioned her hand- the demon erupting in flames as he hovered over a bleeding Piper.

Dust fell to the ground where the demon had been and Paige coughed in the background. Liz ran across the room and went down on her knees to see if Piper’s wounds were serious. Piper accepted her hand when Liz took hold of her to pull her to her feet, both groaning with the effort.

“Are you okay? Where are you hurt?” Liz examined her top to bottom searching for any injuries.

“I’m fine. A bump on the head is all.” Piper claimed, moving passed Liz to the base of the stairs, checking on Paige.

“How’s Liz?” Chris’s voice floated into the dinning room and Liz was warmed by his concern.

“You better heal her, she has a gash across her stomach and it is bleeding.” Liz heard Piper’s reply and was stunned when she glanced down and saw that Piper was right. The red liquid was dripping down her exposed stomach and the pain throbbed through her.

Paige, Chris, and Piper reentered the room just as Liz placed a hand over her wound. “Liz don’t.” Paige cautioned, about to move around Chris, but he beat her to it; his hands coming to rest over Liz’s injury.

“How did it happen anyway?” Piper asked from her vantage point in the archway of the room.

“It must have been when I hit the hard edge of the coffee table in the living room.” Liz inhaled deeply at the intensely intimate tingle that Chris’s healing and touch provided.

“How did you end up in the living room?” Paige questioned, tilting her head in a confused gesture.

“I knocked her out of the way of an attack.” Came Chris’s reply.

“I’m fine now.” Liz breathed out when Chris stood up, the wound and blood gone.

“Where’s Henry?” Piper wondered out loud.

“He was orbing in and out during the attack and when I came out of the living room, he was gone. I didn’t see where he
went, I just jumped in to stop the leader.” Liz said.

“Thank you. For helping me, I mean.” The stance that Piper shifted into was defensive. Her arms crossed over her chest and her mouth was shut tightly.

“You are welcome.” Liz offered a smile in hopes that it would be a peace offering. The return smile was small, but existent and Liz’s own grew.

“Henry might have been hurt and orbed away. He doesn’t have an active power; he can heal, but he hasn’t cultivated any other gifts.” Paige explained, a touch of sympathy reaching her eyes.

“It doesn’t mean he should have left Liz and mom to their own defenses while I healed you- he could have helped.” A spark of anger intoned itself into Chris’s voice and Liz knew there was some sort of rivalry there.

“Maybe you should be get back to teaching.” Paige sniped at Chris in reprimand.

“Yeah, I have to get back for class and I still want to put my laundry in my room and grab my book.” Liz tugged on Chris’s arm to stop the burgeoning quarrel.

“Alright. I’ll be by for dinner mom.” Chris redirected his gaze to Piper who nodded.

“You’re welcome to come too Liz.” Piper offered without meeting Liz’s eyes.

“I appreciate that, but I have plans tonight.” Liz returned. Goodbyes were said before Chris orbed Liz back to her room.

“What plans do you have?” Chris asked as Liz went about putting her stuff away and collecting her book of shadows.

“Alex is coming by to hang out, we’re going to watch old episodes of Will and Grace on my laptop.” Liz said.

“Oh.” Liz looked up at him at his “oh” and saw he was staring at her. Leaving her book on her bed, Liz stood on tiptoes to kiss him. The moment their lips touched temptation enflamed them both and Liz moaned into his mouth. When his hands skimmed over her bare belly and back, Liz felt something click inside her and suddenly her head was filled with images of Chris.

*Chris as a child, making it rain.

*Chris arguing with Wyatt and shoving him with invisible hands down the last two steps at the manor.

*Chris orbing onto the top a bridge.

*Chris kissing an exotically beautiful woman.

*Chris surfing in azure blue waters.

Liz broke their kiss and inhaled deeply, clutching Chris’s shirt and trying to organize the chaotic images rolling through her mind. Flashes- Liz was having flashes. Another perk of being an alien, Liz thought.

“Liz?” Her name penetrated the jumble of thoughts running through her mind and she peered up at Chris, catching his puzzled expression.

“Sorry. I get these flashes sometimes when I become intimate with someone.” Liz puzzled over why it hadn’t happened last night when they made love, but could only guess that their making love had triggered that particular skill and opened her to it.


“It’s a side-effect of being healed by an-” Liz didn’t know if Chris knew, as Paige had, about her past and Max and the others. “Of being healed by an alien.” Liz let out a disbelieving breath at her own statement. She had been keeping the others secrets for so long that saying it out loud to someone not in their group almost felt like a betrayal, but Liz wanted no secrets between them.

Seeing the unease in her eyes, Chris responded slowly, “I know about your life in Roswell, Liz. The Elders have been overseeing your life since you were born and there is little that our families didn’t share with one another.”

“My parents knew?” Liz asked, incredulous.

“Your parents were well-revered coven leaders, I doubt anything in your life was unknown to them.”

“That’s not comforting and now I have so many questions.” Liz realized that none of them would be answered because she no longer had parents. Forcing those thoughts away, Liz hugged Chris, kissed him on the cheek and then picked up her book as she headed for the door.

“Bye.” Liz turned to say, but Chris was already gone with a goodbye of his own ghosting through the room as he orbed away.

Shaking her head, Liz walked into the hallway only to run into Jordan. His hand had been poised to knock when she had opened the door and bulldozed right into him. A smile lit his face and Liz couldn’t help but return it with one of her own.

“Would you want to go get some breakfast again today?” The intimate way Jordan leaned into Liz as they ambled along the hall toward Wyatt’s class had Liz off-step.

“I actually had breakfast with my white-lighter, Paige, this morning.” Liz left out the dramatic events of the morning.

“Oh.” The put out tone of voice had Liz nibbling her lip and reconsidering.

“If you’re hungry though, I’d be glad to go with you.” Liz said, smiling.

“That’s alright; how about tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, I’ll met you a half-hour before first in the dinning hall and we can eat and talk.” Jordan’s easy going air had Liz opening up, and friendship was building between them.

They arrived at Wyatt’s class just as the first hour began. Melissa waved at Liz from across the room, and Liz returned the gesture enthusiastically. A glow surrounded Liz, and she felt content with how things for her were progressing. Everything had been jumbled and tainted by grief for so many weeks that Liz had forgotten how fun it could be to have normal relationships with people, and in spite of the magic and the demons, she was positive things were taking a turn for the better.

Nothing in life was easy, but being away from Max and a destiny that she played no part in was refreshing and reminded her that as hard as things got caring about someone else shouldn’t be hard- it should be natural. Chris presented a fun, sexy, uninhibited part of her life, everything her life should be, and even with the obstacles in their way, the feelings were easy and in a way he was a mystery and unlike Max it wasn’t because of a big secret about who he really was, it was deeper and had to do with experiences and growth.

Wyatt was up at the front of the room trying to outline their daily schedule, but Liz was a million miles away. In her daydream, Liz was bare, her arms covered in goose bumps as the wind breezed over her exposed skin. Flashes of his eyes, his lips, his hard, sculpted body flared in her mind’s eye, but were lost in the sensations his hands were creating as they skimmed the intimacies of her body.

An involuntary gasp escaped her. His lips whispered across her neck and jaw and nibbled reverently on the outline of her ear. Heat pooled, lapped, and flared in her lower abdomen; his questing fingers stroked her to a fine peek, and Liz lost her breath, fingers digging harshly into his back, creating crescents. Liz wrapped her long, slender legs around his waist, finding that they bother were completely unclothed.

Just as Liz tilted her head back for Chris’s kiss and the unbelievable pleasure sure to accompany it, the sound of her name pulled her unfocused gaze and erratic breathing under control.

“Liz?” Wyatt stood a few feet from her.

“Yes.” Liz spoke breathlessly.

“I want you to partner with Melissa for this exercise.”

“Oh, okay. Not a problem.” Neither mentioned her state of apparent arousal, but an amused glint that Liz was beginning to recognize as a trademark, acknowledged what neither would say.

Melissa stood waiting by her usual desk and she too looked amused by Liz’s obvious distraction. “Have a good daydream?”

“More like a fantasy.” Liz stated with a sultry smile.

“Dirty!” Melissa laughed. “How about we get back to the assignment?”

“Okay. So what do we have to do?” Liz questioned.

“A single glass mirror set in pure silver with a star engraved handle has been hidden in the school and each set of partner’s has to find it and get through it’s magic shield to win. Now come on, we’re already behind.” Tugging at Liz’s arm, Melissa set the pace, hurrying them to the door.

Wyatt’s class milled around the hall and Liz wondered how they were supposed to figure out where the object as Melissa explained that no clues were going to be provided for them.

“So what is this? I mean how are we supposed to find it without indications of where it is?” Face set in a “what?”
expression, Liz spouted off her concern.

“Think about it Liz, are we going to have clues in the real world when we have to beat someone to something important?” Melissa reasoned.

“True. Fine, but how do we do this?” Mind racing along, both girls offered and discarded possible ideas.

“Wait. How does your teleportation work?” Liz asked Melissa as they turned a corner- wandering aimlessly.

“I think of the place I want to be and the desire carries me to it.” Clear confusion rang in her answer.

“Do you think that you could teleport us to an object instead of a place?” Liz asked.

“I’ve never tried that before, but I’m game if you think it’s viable.”

“Let’s do it!” Liz said confidently, getting into the competitive spirit. Melissa took hold of Liz much like Paige did when she planned to orb Liz with her and a moment later they were in another room- a library of sorts. The feeling of teleporting was instantaneous and almost like breathing, the sensation was nothing like orbing in Liz’s opinion.

“Alright, I think it worked. It has to be here somewhere.” Melissa exclaimed with excitement.

They split off into different direction and Liz started checking draw and small cupboards that lined the floor, inset into the bookcases at the base. It was fairly silent except for the occasional passing students outside the door. Melissa cried out ten minutes later from her spot across the room from Liz and called Liz over to her.

“Did you find it?” A light of triumph lit Liz’s eyes; she jogged to Melissa’s side and saw the described mirror laying in an antique Grecian bowl, a filmy liquid covering the desired object.

“What should we do? I mean do we just grab it? Or should be call Professor Wyatt and see what he wants to do? Or maybe we should-” Liz cut Melissa off by attempting to stick her hand in the unknown substance. A repellent force halted her hand and sounded off an alarm of sorts- both girls jumped to their feet, Liz carrying the bowl. Short moments passed and Wyatt joined them, along with the rest of the class.

“Excellent, you found it. Now I may have left out the fact that only one person can reach into the contents of the bowl and retrieve the mirror, and that person has yet to be found as of today.” Wyatt’s smirk at the groans and exclamations of how this task was “like a trick question”.

Liz was determined that there had to be a way to get at the mirror- it was irritating that she hadn’t succeeded the first time and she didn’t believe that their was no way with all the magic they possessed to claim the mirror. Setting her shoulders, Liz placed the bowl on the table and started rhyming in her head. In spite of how long it had taken Liz to create a spell for Tektra, the feeling that the mirror was attainable had Liz zipping through the lines and finally settling on a spell. Wyatt’s voice droned in the background, but once again that day Liz was too distracted to pay attention.

In hushed tones, Liz whispered, “Magic called help me gain this gift, Aid me now with a lift, Raise this mirror let it drift, To my hands let it shift.” The hazy fluid turned clear and separated as the gilded mirror rose from the depth of the Grecian container and flew into Liz’s hands. A static sting reverberated through the air and Liz’s hands jerked with painful sparks and green beads of light pulsed in her hands. Wyatt cried out for the students to calm down and Melissa was beside Liz, staring on in awe and fright.

Liz huffed out breaths, the pulsing shocking her similar to when she received flashes, and with a sudden explosion of green light beaming up and out of the mirror’s glass- it ended. Liz was being to conclude that magic was either violently, surprising, or outrageously understated.

“Are you okay?” It was Jordan, Liz realized as she glanced between the mirror and the people around her.

“I’m fine.” The truth of her words were a ridiculous contrast as to what just happened.

“What happened?” Melissa said in the background and Liz’s eyes moved to Wyatt, waiting for an answer.

His loss for words was obvious, but Liz gleaned from the way he was incredulously impersonating a fish that whatever it was, it was unexpected. Composing himself, Wyatt answered, “The mirror was a gift from the Greek gods to humanity- or rather the magical community. It was forged by the God of War as a means to spy and interpret the meaning of life and it’s possibilities. Five other gods each added a restriction as to who could use it. Athena claimed that the carrier would have to be loyal, true of heart. Aphrodite stipulated that the possessor had to be beautiful in an understated manner. Hades declared that only a person who had died and been reborn would touch the mirror. Poseidon, second only to Zeus, attributed that the mirror’s owner must have been born to a region disassociated with water- for someone so unfortunate would surely be worthy of such a gift. And lastly Zeus himself laid one necessary trait upon the mirror’s controller- the person destined to own the mirror must be a leader among all others of great strength and gifts as he himself distinguished his own power among gods.”

The captivating story had instill a majesty over the class. Everyone was quite and Liz felt the sudden burden of all she had taken on by accepting the mirror. She wondered why the mirror had rejected her at first.

“Why couldn’t I get the mirror before- when I tried to stick my hand into the bowl.”

“The God of War, Ares, laid no restrictions on the possessor other than the will the fight for what they wanted. My guess is that your desire and ire to fight is what completed the requirements of retrieving the mirror.” Wyatt spoke with reverence in his tone.

“I still don’t understand what it does.” Liz said, perplexed.

“The object in your hand is known as the Mirror of Fate- it has the ability to see into the past, anywhere in the present, and the course of the future; in addition to sight, the possessor is said to be able to pass through the glass when they so choose, to visit anywhere in time they please.” A hush fell over the class and Liz could do nothing but stare into the mirror, awed.

Author's Note: I want to thank all of you for your support- I appreciate all the kind words. My dog is being treated with an herbal remedy, and he has seemed to have more energy, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up to high. I'm sorry for the wait on this chapter, but I've had a lot going on. I hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know. Thanks for the reviews. EK! :D
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Re: Beyond Destiny (CHMD,XO,UC,Adult) Ch9 3-08-08

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Beyond Destiny
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or Charmed or anything linked to them.
Rating: ADULT
Pairings: Liz/Chris, Piper/Leo, Wyatt/?, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Henry, Michael/Maria.
Summary: Liz is the twiced-blessed heir to the Murray-Parker coven. When Liz's parents are killed by demons her powers are unbound and Paige is assigned to be her new whitelighter. It is decided that Liz will attend magic school where the next generation resides and sparks between the Parker and Halliwell lineage will ignite.

Chapter Ten

The rest of Liz’s day went by in a bit of a blur. She had been late for second hour having gone back to her room for a breather and lost track of time, consumed with thoughts about the mirror and what it possibilities she now had open to her. Chris had excused her lateness and the feel of his hands teasing her several times through the class hour distracted her from her worried thoughts and made her smile. The potion for the day was easy and took half the time she would’ve thought- it was a potion for forgetfulness; the person who drank some of the draught would remember anything that had happened in the last week in great and extensive detail.

Patricia’s class on the other hand required a great deal of concentration; Melissa attended most of the work because Liz had mistakenly set the map on fire as she stared at it, her thoughts elsewhere. They accomplished the task of locating a group of leprechauns and summoning some of their gold- which in turn caused one to appear in class and bless them with good luck before retrieving his bit and leaving. Melissa had been thrilled while Liz had stood unanimated by her side.

Finishing out Coop’s class had piqued Liz’s interest slightly, as they continued to study strong covens throughout ancient history and then been assigned to do further research on their own families ancestry and beginnings in magic. When Liz had asked if they needed to present pictures, Coop said that was an excellent idea and tacked it on as an afterthought, something that hadn’t made Liz any more popular in the fairly anti-social classroom.

Liz sighed as she waited for Alex to show up, sitting down on her bed and glancing at the silver mirror at the foot of her bed. The idea of seeing what the others in Roswell were doing was too big a temptation to resist. Taking hold of the mirror, Liz realized she had no idea how to work it. She tried just thinking of Maria and touching the glass, but that didn’t work. Determined, Liz whispered Maria’s name and stared at the mirror, which she held by the handle, but when nothing happened, Liz grew frustrated.

“Maria.” Liz said again, this time touching the glass with her fingertip and retracting it in shock when Maria’s bedroom came into view and her voice floated on the air in Liz’s room.

“What are we doing Billy?” Liz’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head when she saw a very naked Billy in bed with an equally naked Maria.

“Enjoying each other’s company?” Billy replied, leaning over and kissing Maria soundly. Liz watched in disgust as his hands slid beneath the covers and Maria started moaning, but Maria pulled back from the kiss and started speaking again.

“I know that. What I mean is that I’m still with Michael and I don’t think I can continue to do this if we don’t decide where we are.” Maria bit her lip in pleasure as Billy’s hands remained busy under the covers.

“Baby, we are musicians and we have known each other for ages- just let it flow. Let the music take us where we are meant to be and in the mean time forget everything else.” Liz couldn’t believe that Maria was buying that line of bullshit, but when the scene turned X rated and Billy began thrusting into Maria as she screamed in abandon, Liz fought the bile rising in her throat, and had to look away. The sounds of the pairs lovemaking had Liz reaching out to touch the mirror and whispering Isabel’s name.

Maria’s cries and Billy’s grunts disappeared and Liz heard Isabel’s voice fill her room. Looking back into the mirror, Liz recognized Isabel, sitting on the grass in front of Alex’s gravestone, tears running down her cheeks.

“Alex, I feel I’ve lost everything. Max and that bitch are together, she came back. I wanted to rip her to pieces, but Max stopped me. Tess claims that the baby they had together is connected to her and would die if she dies. Michael was almost ready to risk it, but he considers baby Zan family and that softened him. Liz is gone, she took off after her parents death- I feel bad how things ended with her and me and the whole group. Kyle left too, he said he was done with this drama and Liz had the right idea leaving. I wanted to go to; I was accepted at college in California, you know that one school I told you about, but Max pulled the “king” card and threatened to turn our parents against me. Maria’s a total stranger, not that she and I ever got along, but I feel so alone now.

“Michael is too busy playing uncle to see how far gone Max is, how Tess has strung him around her finger. She’s only been here two days and it’s already two days too long. Graduation just barely ended days ago and now she’s back, I think her timings too perfect; I think she waited for Liz to leave so that Max would be left vulnerable to her.” Isabel ran a hand over her face, swiping at the tears, and tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“I miss you. I was such a bitch to you and you still loved me. I couldn’t admit it to myself, but I loved you too. Everything for us was finally going perfect, despite your reservations about us, you gave me a chance, and I was finally ready.” Isabel erupted into tears and placed a delicate hand over her mouth to cover the sobs. The beautiful flower display she had brought was littered with her tears, and Liz’s heart went out to Isabel. Both girls sat without words for a long stretch of time.

“It’s not fair what happened to you and I blame myself; no, I blame what I am, where I’m from. You did not need me to ruin your life, not any of us. Some days I wish that Liz had never told you about us, and other days…I’m just glad that I had you while I did.” More tears leaked out of Isabel’s eyes and Liz started to cry too, feeling the pain twinned in her, the only difference was that Liz got to see Alex and Isabel never would. The injustice of that fact killed her and Liz had to change the scene to something less private.

“Michael.” Liz whispered through her tears.

“I have another five hundred.” Michael’s face swam into view and Liz saw that he was in a department store, a high-end department store. The clerk currently attending him took the wad of cash from Michael’s out-stretched hand and tinkered with a few keys and boxes before stashing away the money.

“The ring should be sized and inscribed in a few days. When will you have in additional thousand dollars left of your six thousand dollar lay away order?” The clerk eyed Michael with condescendence.

“I should have it paid by the end of next month, I’m working close to fifty hours a week. Let me see the ring again.” Michael demanded, uncaring of the clerk’s snobbish attitude.

With a sigh, the clerk withdrew a box from under the counter display and clicked open the black velvet box and Liz gasped at the size of the ring; the diamond had to be at least one carat set in what looked to be white gold. The images of Billy and Maria in bed together had Liz ready to vomit, especially when a pleased smile crossed Michael’s face and he reached back into his wallet.

“I think I have another two hundred.” Liz watched the transaction and shook her head. Placing her finger back on the mirror, Liz whispered Kyle’s name.

The setting changed and Kyle appeared. He was wiping his hands off on a red rag, grease covering a majority of his person. He was humming some jaunty tune and moving wrenches and other tools around in a garage.

“Hey Kyle you finished with Rico’s car?” A balding Hispanic man appeared in the mirror and Liz stared avidly as Kyle nodded and murmured something before tossing a set of keys toward the other man.

“I just finished.”

“Good. Clean up here and then all the guys are headed to Angie’s for a drink and to catch the tail end of the game.” The man smiled at Kyle and Liz watched as Kyle returned it.

“Alright. I’m almost done anyway.” Kyle went about fixing things and then walked into the office. Liz saw a wall full of awards that said “Texas’s best” written on them. Kyle was in Texas, Liz mused. The idea almost had her giggling; the entire time they had dated she had warned him he was practically a full-fledged cowboy and he had laughed it off, but now he was working and living in Texas. She wondered if he was going to college there, but shrugged it off.

Content that Kyle at the very least was okay, Liz spoke the last name she had been dying to say. “Max.”

Everything was black for a moment, then the wailing of a child was heard and a light clicked on revealing a ragged Max lying in a bed that Liz didn’t recognize. The mirror followed Max’s progress toward something in a corner and Liz saw that it was to a baby blue crib with white lace pillows and a wooly blanket. Max picked up the crying child and began cooing to him, rocking him in his arms, and checking him to see if he had dirtied his diaper. The mirror obliged Liz with a view of the baby, and Liz saw that he was beautiful.

Amber eyes and curly blonde hair had Liz smiling softly. The baby fussed for a moment and Liz saw his skin was creamy and soft, perfect and unmarred. A small pert nose and slightly large ears accompanied a charming, toothless smile and Liz warmed to the child instantly. Tess was a monster, Max was an emotionally unstable, mass of judgmental authority, but the baby they had created was innocent and untouched by the sins of his parents.

The sound of a door opening had Liz waiting in anticipation to see who would enter the room.

“How is he?” Her voice had Liz freezing up, eyes turning cold, and heart hardening.

“Fine, just a little fussy.” Max cooed to the baby, eyes never straying to Tess.

“I wish he would just sleep through the night; then maybe I’d get some decent rest.” Tess’s selfishness had Liz gritting her teeth and ready to jump through the mirror and right down on top of the skanky bitch.

“Zan is a baby, Tess. Unlike you he has a reason to whine.” The cold address that Tess received from Max had Liz applauding him.

“Why are you like this with me? I’m your wife, the mother of your child.” The pouting reply was less than satisfactory.

“You are a murdering, lying bitch whose sole contribution to my life our son. And if his life didn’t depend on yours, you would not be here.” Max whispered this in her direction, coddling Zan to his chest as if to hide him from Tess’s malicious taint.

“Give me Zan.” Tess demanded, hands out.

“No. Go back to bed. Get your ‘rest’.” The irritation in his voice brooked no argument and Tess slinked from the room.

“You ready for bed little guy? Huh, baby?” Liz smiled at Max and Zan and realized she harbored no ill-will toward Max; regret, yes, but nothing more. She prayed that baby Zan would have an easier life than any of them had and that Roswell wouldn’t turn out to be the hell hole it had been for her for him. A resolve formed in Liz’s mind and she knew she was going to get to the bottom of this ‘link’ between Tess and Zan and when- she knew it wasn’t a matter of if- she had the proof it was a bunch of bull, Liz was going to go and liberate Roswell and the universe of Tess; and maybe make Zan’s life a bit easier.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked from behind Liz. She turned the mirror over and hoped it muffled the sound of Max singing Zan to sleep.

“I was waiting for you.” Liz said, getting up to hug him, then pulled away, casually picking the mirror up off the bed and wrapping it in a cloth, then placing it in her trunk. She hoped that he didn’t ask her about the mirror because she would not lie to him; and she knew it would upset him to see how things in Roswell were progressing.

“Cool. You know this new charge I have is a real pain.” Alex plopped down gracelessly onto Liz’s bed as she grabbed up her sleek, black laptop and brought it to sit on their laps as she joined him on the bed.

“How so?” Liz questioned, browsing the web for a link to free video sites.

“Firstly, he’s fifteen and hasn’t learned the meaning of music yet, therefore he listens to rap and other talent less music. Second, Kevin hates being told that using his powers of telepathy cheat on tests is considered personal gain, and will therein end up biting him later with a kick from karma. And lastly, he keeps sneaking out of his parents house and going with his friends to get drunk; making it increasingly hard for me to convince the Elders he is a good kid.” A hefty sigh left him, and Liz glanced over at him.

“Do you remember when we were fifteen?” Liz asked.

“It’s not like it’s been that long, grandma.” Came his sarcastic reply.

“Well grandpa, let me refresh you. We found out that Max, Isabel, and Michael were aliens, fought the FBI on a weekly basis, hacked computers, encountered alien enemies, attempted and failed to have relationships with aliens, and had to lie continually to our parents. We weren’t exactly poster children for what you wanted your kids to be like. Is this kid really bad? I mean to him the most important think is passing Geometry, being cool, and having fun. Don’t you remember that party we went to and got arrested at? Were we bad kids? No. Fifteen is a touch age. You aren’t an little kid, but you aren’t an adult either. Add in the weirdness of magic and I’d say he has it pretty rough. My guess? He just doesn’t think you can relate.” Liz finished her monologue as she found the right hyperlink.

“Maybe you have yet to discover your calling in life. I think you should be the white-lighter.” Alex quipped and Liz rested her head on his shoulder as she widened the picture on the laptop screen and Will & Grace came on. The two laughed at Jack and Karen while sympathizing with Will as he dealt with a mess Grace made.

A small argument broke out over who the best character on the show was at the end of the third episode they watched together.

“You are wrong. Jack is too funny.” Alex argued ardently.

“Sorry he’s too flamboyant. Can you say narcissistic? I like Karen. She’s funny, crazy, and all over the board until you need her- in a pinch she is there.” Shifting to get more comfortable, Liz laughed at Alex as he pretended to be offended and did an overly dramatic sigh and threw a hand against his forehead- it reminded her of Jack.

“I will conceded if you admit that Grace should be a secondary character due to her lack of contribution to the show!”

“No way, it’s called Will & Grace for a reason! Besides she adds is the question mark of Will’s sexuality. Is he really gay or is he just confused? His obviously unlabeled feelings for Grace add to the shows appeal.” Liz scoffed.

“Please, she’s a whiner who depends on Will too much. And he’s so gay. No self-respecting male wears a bathrobe that short!” Alex exclaimed. Both met each others eyes and burst out laughing over their mock fight, the only thing missing was Maria telling them to stop fighting and watch the damned show, waiting for a moment when Grace starts to sing and shouting her own uncomplimentary remarks at the screen. The thought sobered Liz a little and she set the laptop between them.

Suddenly the room rippled with an iridescent glow, washing over the walls and the floor and dozens of flowers appeared. Daisies, roses, lilacs, lilies, sunflowers, orchids, wildflowers, exotic breeds, budding tulips- the list went on and Liz’s eyes widened. A bouquet of Desert Roses landed from the ceiling into her lap- a card in the center. The fragrance surrounded her; and she took a moment to inhale and close her eyes. Eager to read the card, Liz opened her eyes only to find Alex holding it and preparing to read it aloud.

“I missed your smile in class today. Enjoy the flowers. Yours, Chris.” A broad smile bloomed over Liz’s face as she snatched the card and hugged the flowers in her lap to her chest, smelling the fragrance, and sighing.

“So I guess things are going good with you and Chris.” Alex said, gesturing to the room around him.

Guilt ate at Liz for a moment, she wondered if she could tell Alex just how good things were going between her and Chris, then realized that he had always been there for her, and she could trust him. “Chris and I are in a very intimate relationship.”

Alex’s eyes enlarged to saucepan size before he regained his composure. “I didn’t know it was that serious.”

“It wasn’t. Not until last night. I feel indescribable with him. Max was an infatuation, something that burned out; but this thing with Chris is sexy, fun, slow, and fast, and passionate and sweet…I can’t really put it into words for you, but I think it’s normal. No, not normal, it’s extraordinary.” Liz breathed as she got of the bed and flitted from one vase of flowers to the next. Some were tall, others were short, some hung from the ceiling on chains, and petals littered the floor and her bed.

“Are you sure he feels the same? I mean he’s not just using you because your new and fun and beautiful?” His worry was wasted on Liz in her opinion and she told him so. “If you think he’s a good guy, I’ll give him a chance. Besides, he’s related to Paige, he can’t be all that bad.”

Alex’s optimism had Liz smiling all over a gain and she felt like grabbing him up in a hug, but the lure of the flowers was too much and she didn’t return to the bed until she had smelled, touched, and stared at every bouquet and arrangement. From his spot on the bed, Alex commented on how it would be a waste of romantic gesture if Chris really was only out for sex, especially cause he already had that. Liz ignored him and yanked one of the flowers off the stem and tucked it behind her ear, finally returning to the bed.

“Parker I hate to break it to you, but it’s getting late, and a charge is jingling.”

“Sorry I interrupted our night.” Liz apologized as she clutched Alex in a warm, energetic hug.

“Please, you deserve this Liz. Enjoy your flowers and tell Romeo he better watch his step if he hurts you.” Alex puffed out his chest in a manly façade and Liz giggled as he orbed away.

Smiling mischievously, Liz hopped off her bed, and threw open her trunk; picking up the mirror. She put her laptop away, and crawled into bed. Once situated, Liz touched a fingertip to the mirror and whispered Chris’s name.

“I’m just saying that she’s really young.” Piper spoke up from an end of the dinning table at the manor.

“She’s also a great girl, mom.” Wyatt rejoined from his spot opposite Chris.

“Piper, honey, we hardly know her, couldn’t you give a chance?” Liz heard Leo say.

“Remember the last time we gave one of Chris’s girlfriends a chance?” Piper threw out.

“I’m still in the room you know.” Chris protested. “And my relationship with Liz has nothing to do with you, mom.”

“If she could be my future daughter-in-law it does.” Piper proclaimed and Liz dropped the mirror with a gasp before
coming to her senses and retrieving it.

“I’m not talking marriage right now. She is my girlfriend and as much as you’d like to be able to veto that decision, you can’t.” His answer was a disappointment and a relief to Liz.

“Not that marriage is out of the picture; it’s just not the question right now.” Wyatt spoke up, smiling benignly.

“Wyatt.” Piper’s tone held warning.

“What? Liz is a great person. And an amazing witch. She got the mirror you know.” Wyatt bragged for her and Liz could have kissed him in thanks.

“Mirror?” Leo asked, his interested piqued.

“Yeah, the Mirror of Fate.” Liz observed Piper’s gaping reaction with a smidge of smug satisfaction. Chris looked incredulous and Leo remained smilingly peaceful as he ate his meal.

“That doesn’t mean she is good for Chris. Being a good witch has nothing to do with my hesitation.” Piper argued once more.

“Then what is it? Huh, mom, what?” Chris snapped from his spot at the table and Liz bit her lip. “Cause if she makes me happy what is the big fucking deal.” The curse word was sexy coming from him and Liz imagined being with him right then.

“Chris.” Leo spoke up from his end of the table, a one word reprimand for his language in front of his mother.

“No. I’m not going to let mom bully me out of a great relationship. Guess what I’ve been making my own choices since I was seventeen and I’m not going to stop now because of a mistake I made in the past. You love me mom? Then get over this problem you have with Liz and accept the fact that I’m not a little boy anymore.” Standing up from his seat, Chris tossed down his napkin and orbed away.

The image faded and Liz rewrapped the mirror and placed it back into her trunk. She felt awful about the fight Chris had with his parents, but a part of her was pleased with his defense of their relationship and the way he had stated she made him happy. The only one that seemed to really disapprove of their relationship was Piper.

Swirling orbs of blue and white illuminated Liz’s otherwise now dark room. Chris tossed up a net of orb lights and Liz got off the bed to greet him.

“Hi.” Liz leaned up and kissed him.

“You like the flowers?” Chris whispered in the dimly lit room.

“They’re beautiful. I love them.” Liz whispered back.

“Where’s Alex? I thought you had plans?” Chris’s blue eyes were gorgeous in the illumination of orb lights.

“He had to leave, it’s kind of late.”

“Oh right. I’ll go, you should sleep you have classes tomorrow.” Chris moved to release her, but Liz held him tighter.

“Stay with me.” The invitation was bold and Liz pulled back, holding his hands, and guiding him to the bed as she slipped under the covers.

“If you want me to.” He responded, letting go of her hand to strip off his jeans and shirt.

“I do.” The phrase brought the idea of marriage back to the forefront of her mind, and Liz bit her lip as he slid into the bed beside her. The kissed a bit and Liz rid herself of her shirt and removed her slacks, laying half on top of him in her underwear.

“You’re beautiful, Liz.” His sexy voice rumbled, growing heavy with sleep.

Liz trailed a kiss from his jaw to his lips and then with a tender, lingering kiss, rested her head down on his chest; his hands clutching her close to him. Chris mumbled a goodnight to her as she kissed his chest and Liz slipped off to sleep.

Author's Note: Wow, I loved the feedback. Unfortunately my dog took a turn for the worst this weekend and we had to put him to sleep- it was the humane thing to do. I appreciate all your well wishing and you couldn't imagine how pleased I was to hear that my story is a favorite to some of you- that means a lot to me. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Let me know what you think. EK!
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