Never Let You Go (CC,M/L,MATURE) Ch7 02/04/09 [WIP]

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Never Let You Go (CC,M/L,MATURE) Ch7 02/04/09 [WIP]

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Title: Never Let You Go

Couples: M/L & CC

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: You know I don't own them so don't even ask, but I do hold a special place in my heart for a certain Jason Nathaniel Behr. I want to think I own a little of him, in my mind anyway and in this story as Maxwell Evans

Some parts taken from Heart of Mine and Third Eye Blind's Never Let You Go

Summary: Things at prom didn’t go as expected. Will Liz and Max be able to move passed Liz’s suffocating speech? Yeah it’s not the best summary, but I don’t know where this is going yet, but just bear with me. It’s not going to be a long story, 5-10 chapters tops.

Chapter 1

Roswell High Gym

Liz P.O.V.

Dancing with Max Evans has never felt so wrong. This is the man I love, want and need, but I can’t have him. He has a destiny that I’m not meant to be a part of; and looking around at all my friends and how they seem to easily pair up with their other alien halves, I just can’t help but wonder, ‘Why me?’. Why can everyone else be happy and I have to sacrifice it all for the betterment of the world. Then my eyes travel to Tess. She’s sitting at our table holding Kyle’s hand, but I know better than to think that means anything more than a simple friendly gesture. She only has eyes for my Max, or rather yet her Max, I guess. Then I look into Max’s eyes and see the hope that I allowed to grow by asking him to prom and as much as it hurts, I have to do what’s right. I have to squash this.

Stepping back, away from Max away from everything, I begin, “I feel like my whole life for the past year has been waiting for some really bad news. Oh, you know, by the way, I remember Tess, and I love her. It’s really paralyzing…”

“I know it’s not easy,” Max said.

“No Max, it can be. It can be really, really easy. You know, we both just stop pretending,” I say with tears in my eyes.

“What do you mean,” Max asked as his heart breaks just a little bit more.

“You know, maybe we’re both holding onto something that’ll never be. Max, maybe we should let go. I have been in so much pain this whole year, and it’s like I’m suffocating,” I said feeling as if I could just scream, cry, and pass out all at once. I’m in the most incredible pain and I don’t know how much more I can take.

Max P.O.V.

Liz was right about me remembering Tess, I do. But I don’t and could never love her. Liz the only one I truly love. I loved her even when she broke my heart. I loved her even when I didn’t particularly like her. No matter how hard I tried not to love her I could never get her out of my mind, my soul, my being. Then, when Liz began to turn away and leave me...again after she gets her little rant out she expects me to do nothing? Does she just expect me to let her leave? No, not now and not this time. I have something to say too.

Reaching over to grab her arm before she completely turned on me, I say, “No! No, you don’t get to leave like that and just have the last word. Not this time. You always do this. You don’t think it has been the same way for me? This past year has been the worst of my life. All I ever wanted was you, and I know you know that. So what if I remember Tess? I have been working with her to do some memory retrievals…”

There's every good reason for letting you go
She's sneaky and smoked out
And it's starting to show

Cutting me off Liz says, “Yeah, believe me, I know.”

“Yeah, but what you obviously don’t know is that I remember some of who I was and she was, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t love her. DAMN IT LIZ, I LOVE YOU!!!” I screamed. She’s got me beyond frustrated and I don’t know any other way to convey to her how I feel. How does she not know how I feel about her.

I never let you go
I never let you go
I never let you go

“Even when I shouldn’t love you, even when you break my heart over and over again, even after I’ve seen you with Kyle and Sean, I can’t help but love you. Even when I don’t like you or trust you, for what ever sick and twisted reason I LOVE YOU. Because really how many times do you have to kick me before I get a hint right? Then after what happened with us in Vegas and you ask me to prom, I think this is finally my chance, we can start over and you tell me you’re suffocating. How did you think I felt when you came into my room spewing shit about Romeo and Juliet before throwing my worst fears in my face? You told me you wanted normal boys that you wouldn’t die for me, and that I basically wasn’t worth your time or effort, but God I was so stupid, blinded, and I still couldn’t give up on you. I refused to believe that was the end."

I never let you turn around, our back on each other
That's a good idea, break a promise to your mother
Turn around your back on each other

Bringing my voice down to no more than a whisper then, I said what I was to scared to say for a long time, "I made a fool of myself time and time again to get you to be with me, but then I knew it was the end when I saw that all you really did want was normal.” I'm looking towards Kyle while I say this and even if Liz doesn't turn to acknowledge it, I know she knows. I can feel it in her. “But I just couldn’t believe you’d do that to me and you keep insisting what I saw with my eyes was true when I knew it couldn’t be. Then, you would just do things to contradict everything your actions said…You drive me crazy! You are like this paradox to me. You say you don’t want to die for me, but you are the first one aboard on any mission. You say you don’t want to be with me, but I ignore you and you can’t stop following me and act like nothing happened. You put your life in danger to save mine and you’re there for me when I need you, but not ever when I want you. Is it that I push too hard? What do you want from me? I am trying to give you my everything and it’s never enough.”

You say that I've changed
Well maybe I did
But even if I changed
What's wrong with it


By the time Max was through both were in tears and neither cared to noticed the crowd they had created. Maria and Michael did though and were the ones to step in and pull them aside to stop them from saying anything more reveling than they already had.

I never let you go
I never let you go
I never let you go


Hallway outside the gym

I never let you turn around, our back on each other
That's a good idea, break a promise to your mother
Turn around your back on each other

“Max, you have to calm down. If you two want to hash out all you problems that’s fine…great, because it’s about damn time, but not in front of the whole junior class,” Max was barley looking at Michael, his eyes were focused on Liz and Maria who seemed to be in their own heated conversation.

And our friends are gone and gone
And all the time moves on and on
And all I know is it's wrong, it's wrong


“Liz, you have to tell him. Too much has happened for you not to. I admire what your doing, but you don’t have to be the martyr here because if you keep this up you’re going to break him,” Maria said honestly.

Liz was still having trouble controlling her tears, “I know Maria. I know okay, but I can’t... I just can’t, I promised him I wouldn’t.”

And all I know it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong
If there's a reason, it's lost on me
Maybe we'll be friends, I guess we'll see

“Damn it Liz, do you even hear yourself? You made a promise to someone who doesn’t even exist anymore. This Max does exist, and he’s the one you have to deal with now. SO JUST TELL HIM THE TRUTH,” Maria yelled the last bit out enough for Max to hear and come strolling over to them.

I remember the stupid things, the mood rings, the bracelets and the beads
Nickels and dimes, yours and mine, did you cash in all your dreams
You don't dream for me, no (goodbye, goodbye) you don't dream for me, no

“Yeah Liz…tell me the truth,” Liz looked up at Max like a deer caught in the headlights and dropped to the ground in a fit of sobs.

But I still feel you pulse like sonar from the days in the waves
That girl is like a sunburn
I would like to say
The girl is like a sunburn
I would like to say

She could not take it anymore, it just hurt too much.

She's like a sunburn
She's like a sunburn
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Thank's to all the fb'ers
In the flash back (not to be confused with flashes, Liz= Red, Max= Blue and Maria= yellow)

The song used in this chapter is, “What Happened to Us,” by Hoobastank

Chapter 2

The second Liz broke down, Max was by her side. He grabbed her and pulled her to him right before she hit the ground. He picked her up and held her close, just letting her cry, while Michael and Maria watched on beside them. All that was running through his mind was why Liz couldn’t open up to him; tell him whatever she was hiding.

Max just did not know what to do. The pure heart wrenching pain in all her sobs forced Max to hold her tighter. Never in his life had he felt more helpless—more lost. He made a slight head gesture to Michael and Maria to indicate he needed some privacy as he took Liz over to the study nook that was in the school hallway. Several minutes had passed and Liz still had not stopped crying. It wasn’t as hard and tortured as it began, but she was still sniffling and mumbling slight incoherencies.

Max decided to take action then. Liz couldn’t keep up like this, neither of them could, and if she didn’t want to admit to herself how unhealthy this was for them both, emotionally and physically, then he would just make her see.

He picked Liz up with one arm under her knees and the other supporting her back, which lead Liz to instinctively pulled her arms around his neck and burry her face into Max’s neck. He walked them out to the limo the guys all rented for tonight and gave the driver directions to Michael’s place, never once noticing the piercing blue eyes that were throwing daggers at the couple as they drove off.

Tess was fuming.

After seeing the little display Max and Liz pulled in the gym she was sure Liz would stomp on what was left of Max’s heart and all she would have to do was finish picking up the final strands. She had already made him believe that she would be his constant shoulder whenever he needed it; and since Liz slept with Kyle it had been so much easier on her because now Max was coming to her with his issues. Sure she knew that Max and Liz were “mending” their friendship ever since she and Max returned from New York, but she knew as well as anyone else with eyes that Max and Liz could never really be just friends, not anymore anyway.

So, as much as Tess kept telling Max that going to the prom with Liz didn’t matter and all that mattered was her teaching him how to retrieve his memories, finding their way home, and anything else remotely alien related, seeing them together was too much to bear. She thought she was finally getting through to Max, and once Liz finished spitting him out the final phases of her plan could go into effect. However, Tess rethought that road of thinking when she walked into the hall to find Max with Liz in his lap and their arms wrapped tightly around each other.

Now, Tess needed some serious space to breath…to think. She has come into the hall to get some fresh air, after Kyle had pulled her into the utility closet to profess his undying brotherly love towards her as a settlement that they would never be anything else. She was so relieved that he didn’t come out saying that he had feelings for her and now all she wanted to do was sit and get her bearings quickly before going back into the gym in search of Max, but she didn’t need to go to the gym.

The sight Liz and Max made from across the hall was unmistakable. From where Tess was standing, she could see how Max had his hands all over Liz, who was planted on his lap, and she could faintly hear Liz moaning. Then what took the cake was when Max shot up with Liz still in his arms and she put her arms around his neck as he carried her out the door to the exit.

‘That stupid bitch has him wrapped around her little finger,’ Tess thought as she followed a slight distance behind them and reached outside just in time to see them driving off in the groups limo.

Once they reached Michael’s, Max told the driver to go back to the school to wait for the others, while he carried a now sleeping Liz into the apartment. Once inside he took Liz into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. ‘God she’s beautiful,’ he thought as she finally calmed in her sleep.

I thought it was too good to be true
I found somebody who understands me
Someone who would help me to get through

Max pulled up a chair next to the bed and watched Liz. While running his fingers through her hair, he began speaking softly to her. “Why did you do it Liz? I love you so, so much. I know you loved me. So what happened? Why did you have to sleep with him? Don’t you know what you are to me, what you’ll always be?” Max spoke these words to her in her sleep because he intended to keep his promise to not ask her these questions again, but also more because he couldn’t bear to hear the same answers come out of her mouth, not again and definitely not tonight. But none of that stopped him from running his fingers through her beautiful hair, a task he has missed for nearly a year.

And fill an emptiness I had inside me
But you kept inside and I just denied
Some things that we should have both said
I knew it was too good to be true
Cause I’m the only one who understands me


Liz looking up at someone who looked like him, but older telling Liz, “I saw you with Kyle. He's turning out to be a...a great guy. Maybe it would be better for you to be with a human.”

Liz looking up at him disbelievingly and then wiping the tears out of her eyes to give a sad smile, “Don't you realize what you are to me...what you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you.”

*End of Flash*

Completely confused at what he just saw, Max pulled his hand away from Liz and unintentionally pulled her hair as it got caught in his cuff links.

Inharmoniously, waking up to a sharp pain in her head, Liz groaned a light “Ow,” as her eyes fluttered open. Looking up into the only eyes she has ever been able to lose herself in and momentarily forgetting her current situation, she reaches out to lightly run her fingers over Max’s cheek. “Am I still dreaming,” Liz asked as Max grabbed Liz’s hand that had made it way down his neck and was now on his chest.

What happened to us?
We used to be so perfect, now were lost and lonely
What happened to us?
I know deep inside I worry did I lose my only?

“No…no your not,” were Max’s only words as he pulled Liz’s hand away.

“Oh, where are we?” Liz asked as she sat up to take in her surroundings. When realization dawned on her she asked, “Why are we at Michael’s?”

Who could have known the lies that would grow?
Until we could see right through them

Ignoring her questions Max looked at Liz and said, “I just had a weird flash Liz…while you were asleep I saw some things…”

“Max just don’t okay, not right now,” Liz pleaded. She was just starting to piece together the evening and everything they said tonight was flooding back too quickly...

*just stop pretending… let go… I remember some of who I was and she was…I don’t love her. DAMN IT LIZ, I LOVE YOU!!! You made a promise to someone who doesn’t even exist anymore… he’s the one you have to deal with now… TELL HIM THE TRUTH… tell me the truth…*

…and it was making her head spin again.

Seeing how distressed she appeared Max let out a heavy sigh and said, “Then when are we going to talk because what we’re doing to ourselves now isn’t good Liz, it’s just unhealthy. What happened to us Liz? When did you decide that lies were going to be the basis of our relationship? I need to know what the hell is going on. We used to tell each other everything. There were no lies, no secrets. None of us are happy anymore and don’t even tell me that you’re fine…” when Max saw that Liz closed her eyes and her complexion begin to pale he stopped his slight diatribe and worriedly asked, “Liz…Liz are you okay?”

We could have made it work,
We could have found a way,
Should have done our best to see another day

Making a decision and praying to whoever may be listening that she was making the right choice Liz began, “No, I’m not, and I haven’t been for a long, long time. Could you please just heal my head ache before we hash everything out, please,” Liz said with sad eyes.

But we kept it all inside until it was too late
And now we're both alone, the consequence we pay
for throwing it all away, for throwing it all away...

Max let out a long slow breath, it was happening, finally they would just put everything out there. He knew he wasn’t going to like everything Liz had to say. He finally resigned himself to the fact that Liz slept with someone else… with Kyle, her normal guy who was everything he wasn’t. And even though he was not sure if he could move passed it, he knew he needed and wanted to try. Regardless of that, he also knew that Liz was hiding something from him, something huge. Nothing had made sense for months, but he was sick of how things were between them, and just the thought that they were going to actually begin to mend what was broken had him shaking with anticipation. Raising his trembling hands to Liz’s head he put a hand on either side of her and began to healed her.


Liz laying in bed staring at a worn photo strip of her and Max

Liz with a veil over her head acting like she was getting married

Liz dancing with a long haired leather clad Max.

*End of Flash*

Pulling back Max stared at Liz a little confused, but a slight smile tugged at his lips when he thought he figured out the flashes. With a smirk, feeling the need to lighten the mood some before things got to intense, Max said, “So you like me with long hair and in leather. Is that like one of your fantasies of me, looking kind of rough?”

Liz looked up at Max shocked. God she wished sometimes that she could control these flashes, but all that was running through her head was whether or not to tell Max about his future self, and if so, what? God she was glad it was only a headache he was healing. He would have probably known everything from the flashes if it were a different ailment. And like a bight light bulb shining above her head Liz smiled and said, “That’s it,” that is how she’ll show Max. God knew it had to be easier if he saw everything and then she filled in the blanks, than having to just tell him all at once. She was sure they’d still have to talk about everything, but at least it would all be out there.

Of course Max thought that she was just answering his question, if not only with a slightly off reply, but he was glad Liz still thought of him at all. So, as Max was about to reply with some other witty comment, Liz cut him off, “Max I need you to stop.” Looking into his eyes with all the love and adoration she could muster, she led Max onto Michael bed pushed him down and straddled his hips.

Confused by the turn of events but not completely sure if he wanted them stopped he stuttered, “Uh, Liz…I-uh-I thought we were just gonna talk.”

In spite of the comment, Max let himself be lead to the middle of Michael’s bed with Liz still straddled above him. Putting her finger up to Max’s lips she said, “Hush, we’ll talk after, okay, just let me do this. We need this,” and she laid herself over the expanse of him and dropped her lips down to his.

The kiss started slow, as if customizing themselves to one another again, but that didn’t last long. They hadn’t even touched this intimately in such a long time that this kiss was like a little tear in the river bank before the damn bursts. They began to kiss passionately, hands roaming everywhere, their moans and groans could definitely be heard throughout the building and then all the flood gates fell open and the flashes began.

What happened to us?
We used to be so perfect, now were lost and lonely
What happened to us?
I know deep inside I worry did I lose my only?
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thank you all fb-ers as well as special thanks to my beta Dream Weaver 3119, LairaBehr4 for the advice, and Dreamerlaure for the lovely banner :D

LairaBehr4: thanks for the extra help and fb
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and any lurkers


NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You,


Chapter 3
(song by: S. Johnson / S. Thompson lyrics)

Baby, Baby, I just don't know what to do
I fell in love again, but why am I so blue
And darling, darling, it's all because of you

There were so many flashes that Max found it difficult to truly discern anything from them. It all started out normal enough; just the same type of flashes he usually received from Liz during their connections. Some were from her past and others from moments they shared the last year, but then the scenes changed.

Max continued seeing flashes, but none of them made sense. All he could really distinguish were the feelings behind them. He was seeing more visions of himself he earlier assumed were from Liz’s fantasies of him. Though now, he could really see the differences that lied between them were much deeper than clothing and longer hair.

Max noticed how much older the other him was, as accentuated by the gray streaks in his hair, the tired ware of his face, and the scar on his arm. Either Liz’s daydreams were very intricate or, ‘Maybe it wasn’t a fantasy,’ Max thought as he saw them laughing, crying, and even dancing together. ‘Was this real? No it couldn’t be,’ he relented. Then, without warning, he saw something he never wanted to relive.

You put a hold on my heart and soul
Leaving me so confused, so confused
Sweet baby, sweet baby, please have mercy on me


Liz giggles as Kyle says, “Feels good to make you laugh again.”

“It feels like this is the first time we've talked...since...” Liz says trying to recall their last real conversation that did not revolve around their favorite Czechoslovakians.

Completely genuine Kyle continues, “Feels good to do that again.”

“Yeah. It does feel good,” Liz adds, but Max took those words and actions in a completely different light.

Max saw himself showing up at Liz’s window with the Gomez tickets in hand. He was no longer merely a bystander in the flashes. No, now he does not only see himself seeing Liz and Kyle in bed together, he’s in his same shoes feeling everything he did that night all over again. His reaction is the same both times, but instead of dropping the Gomez tickets he dropped his hands from Liz’s face and severed their connection as Kyle’s last words rang clear in his mind, “Well, I guess it worked.”

*Flash end*

You put a hold on my heart and soul
Leaving me so confused, so confused
Sweet baby, sweet baby, please have mercy on me

Confused at Max’s sudden retreat Liz asked, “What happen..?”

Not even letting Liz finish her thought Max furiously spat out, “Why, why would you show me that. God Liz! Next time why don’t you just show me you and Kyle fucking? It isn’t bad enough that I have to see every part of that day in my dreams each night, but you…you have to make it worse by making me relive the worse day of my life!”

Shocked she tried to explain, “No Max you don’t…”

I've never loved anyone quite like this before.
First time you, first time me
But I need to know, I need to know

“I don’t what, huh? Don’t you think me seeing it once was good enough? Do you want to pour more salt on my open wounds? How could you be so…so arg, just how could you purposefully show me this shit again?” Max said trying to hold back the tears that seemed to be forming in his eyes. Then turning away from Liz and seemingly talking to himself, he continued, “What the hell is my problem thinking that we could…shit, I…I-I don’t even know any more.”

Liz’s already broken heart shattered further at the defeat she heard in his voice. Soon she felt the tears gathering in her own eyes, no longer able to hold them at bay.

With no regard to Liz’s feelings, he turned hurt eyes upon her. He had tears rolling down his cheeks and a lump in his throat that rivaled any he’d previously know. Beaten and crushed he breathed out, “All you do is drive me crazy,” then getting louder with each sentence he said, “Is it that? Do you want to break me? Is that it, Liz, because if it is you don’t have to try anymore,” Max finished before rapidly making his way out of Michael’s room, slamming the door in Liz’s face before she could get a word in.

How long you plan on dragging me through
So much pain, so much hurt
It's so hard to stand on two feet

Everything was happening so quickly and Max’s words and expressions were ripping through Liz like sharp claws at her heart, but when the door slammed in her face she was swift to respond.

“MAX!!!” Liz shouted as she ran after him. “Max,” her voice rasped again.

He had already made it half way to the front door but Liz’s voice stopped him in his tracks. Max hadn’t expected her to follow after him and he no longer felt as if he honestly knew her, not like before. He didn’t know what to expect from Liz anymore and that hurt more than what was bearable. He wouldn’t turn to meet her gaze and with his back facing her he let out a simple but intense, “What?”

'Cause it's all about what you're doing to me
So why won't you love me like I need to be

Upset at their entire situation and how nothing seemed to be coming out right she tried to explain again, “Max you don’t understand.”

A cold hard laugh spewed from Max’s lips, “Understand… UNDERSTAND,” he said his voice rising, “It’s been a long time since I’ve understood anything that has passed through your head.”

You tell me you love me
Then you show me something else,

Placing herself in front of Max, Liz pleaded, “Max will you just shut up and let me explain…” But seeing at how distraught Max looked she calmed her words, “Please, Max please.” Liz put her hands in his and led him to the couch. “I tried doing this the easy way, but I guess nothing is ever easy with us, is it?”

But I can't blame you 'cause you didn't know how I felt
And I don't know what to do baby, I'm so confused

“What are you talking about?” Max asked frustrated.

“I wanted to let you see and feel everything I’ve been through but I guess I’m not as good at connecting as you are,” she said trying to be as light as she could before having to get into the heavier conversation that would probably consume the rest of their night and the following days to come.

“You didn’t have to show me that,” Max said angrily.

“You don’t know what you saw.” Liz stated quietly.

And baby, baby, baby
I don't really wanna bother you

“Apparently,” he scoffed, “but I know what you’ve been telling me for close to six months now, and I know you have been lying to me and insulting me by acting like I wouldn’t know as much.”

“Max, I know and I’m ready to tell you the truth if you’d just listen,” Liz pleaded once again.

“I’m listening,” Max relented dropping the sarcastic jabs more interested in finding out the truth than being angry.

You gotta make it right and I mean right now
Or I'm puttin' on my walkin' shoes

Deciding to start at the matter that would get the most attention from Max, Liz just blurted out what she’d wanted to tell him for months, “I didn’t…I mean I never slept with Kyle.”

His breath caught in his throat as Max’s eyes snapped up to meet hers when the words left Liz’s lips. He knew he couldn’t have heard her correctly. There was no way that after he finally resigned himself to the fact that the scenes he saw, the words she spoke and the betrayal he felt since that horrid October night were true, that all his hopes, prayers, and dreams were actually coming through the light. He wondered if the long day was just making him hear the things he wanted.

Max turned to look at the clock. It was after midnight. His honey eyes were worn with the trial and tribulations of the emotional rollercoaster that had been the last few hours… no—who was he kidding, the last year of his life ever since Tess and Nescedo had come to tell them all about royalty, duties and destinies was when it all started to fall apart…when she started to pull away from him.

Baby, Baby, I just don't know what to do
I fell in love again, but why am I so blue
And darling, darling, it's all because of you

Liz was fretful. Max wasn’t saying anything and he looked at her with an expression she couldn’t decipher and then looked away, so Liz reiterated a bit stronger, “Max, I didn’t have sex with Kyle.”

She said it again but this time he knew he heard her; yet, for the life of him he was just too tired to say anything but, “Okay.”

“What? What, do you mean okay?” If Liz was expecting him to say anything, it surely wasn’t a defeated okay.

You put a hold on my heart and soul
Leaving me so confused, so confused
Sweet baby, sweet baby, please have mercy on me

Looking at Liz, honestly seeing what seemed to be directly through all her barriers, her eyes, straight to her soul, Max knew that this confession was what she had been hiding from him all these months. Some part of him knew this all along. Deep in his heart, he knew there could be no other truth, but he’d accepted the notion that Liz could actually sleep with Kyle because she said it so many times. After a while, he was too hurt … too tired to keep fighting it, but his heart would never let him believe it.

Too much was going on and he needed everything to just stand still, “Yeah…okay,” he repeated.

Grabbing Liz’s hand Max lead them back into Michael’s room. He closed the door behind them, and then started to undress. Confused by Max’s reaction and tonight’s turn of events Liz stuttered, “Uh-Max? W-w-what are you doing.”

I've never loved anyone quite like this before.
First time you, first time me
But I need to know, I need to know

“Taking off my clothes,” he said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

“Why?” Liz asked then.

“Because I don’t tend to sleep with so many clothes on, let alone a suit and a tie,” Max said dryly.

When Liz began to protest, telling Max she had so much more to say, he let out a low groan and grabbed Liz by the back of her neck pulling her into a hard but all too swift kiss. Then moving his lips up to her ear he whispered, “Tomorrow,” but when she started to argue some more he kissed her again. He kissed her lips and her neck, while moving his hand to the back of her dress, pulling the zipper all the way down to right above her behind, where the zipper ended.

How long you plan on dragging me through
So much pain, so much hurt
It's so hard to stand on two feet

“Max,” Liz said in a low questioning whimper.

“It has been a long day. I am tired, too tired. I need to sleep now. And yes, I get you still have a lot to say or explain, but I don’t know if I can handle any of that right now, or if I honestly want to.” Max said in a tone no louder than a whisper, while running his hands up and down Liz’s bare back. “You say you didn’t do anything with Kyle and I believe it, anything else you can explain after a few hours of sleep.”

Only a few hours ago he would have given the world to hear this explanation, but once Liz spoke the words that he’d been dying too long to hear all the adrenaline he had been running on today finally ebbed. Knowing that tonight would probably be the best night of sleep he’d had in a long time, here alone with Liz in his arms, and that once she’d explain whatever it was she needed to his sleeping schedule would probably fall back into the same restless routine it had been in since his night in the white room, he decided that an explanation could wait. “Michael keeps his t-shirts in the second drawer,” Max said pulling away from Liz and heading towards the bed.

Cause it's all about what you're doing to me
So why won't you love me like I need to be
You tell me you love me
Then you show me something else

Liz was in a slight daze from the heady kiss Max planted on her lips. She knew she should not be allowing Max to do the things he was doing. There were so many things he didn’t know, so many things he should know, but when he pulled down the zipper of her gown, and pulled her closer to him—the way he touched her naked back, grabbed her waist, and the round globes of her backside and simply the way he was able to touch her everywhere inside and out, made Liz forget that any of this may have been wrong. It didn’t feel wrong though. It felt good. It felt right. So now, at this very moment, feeling right won out above all else because absolutely nothing but his hands and lips mattered.

Whatever right or wrong may have been, nothing but Max was important and when he started to whisper an explanation into her ear she didn’t know if the words had made any sense but oh did they sound great.

When Max pulled away and continued to undress himself she did catch his last words even if she couldn’t find much reason to them, “Huh? What?” Liz asked.

But I can't blame you 'cause you didn't know how I felt
And I don't know what to do baby, I'm so confused

“I mean you don’t have to wear anything to bed. I don’t mind if you want to cuddle up naked,” Max said teasingly, though the thought did start to wake him up a bit more. Taking in Liz’s confused stare Max relented and said, “There are clothes to change into in the second drawer. Help yourself.” He then crawled into Michael’s bed in nothing but his boxers and thin wife-beater.

Getting the hint Liz conceded. She threw on a t-shirt that landed half way down her thigh and slipped the dress off under the shirt. She kicked off her shoes and followed Max into bed not sure if it was too soon to feel confident about what their future may bring.

And baby, baby, baby
I don't really wanna bother you

Max held the covers open for Liz, then pulled her back close to his front and began drifting off easily with only the thought of Liz floating through his head, “Tomorrow,” he told her.

‘Breathe,’ Liz thought, ‘just breathe,’ as she pulled Max’s arms tighter around her waist and closed her eyes, “Yeah, tomorrow.”

You put a hold on my heart and soul
Leaving me so confused, so confused
Sweet baby, sweet baby, please have mercy on me

Neither wanted to think about how little was covering the other or all that loomed in the immediate future. As they drifted off to sleep, the most vital thing to both of them was the peace they felt in each other’s arms.

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Chapter 4

What do I do to ignore them behind me?
Do I follow my instincts blindly?

RED—Red was the only color she could see as the limo sped off. Her temperature was rising, her skin was flushed, her head was spinning and she was long past seeing straight. The fire raging inside of her quickly made her forget about her plans; all she wanted to do now was rip Liz apart. 'This is all her fault,' Tess thought for the umpteenth time.

Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams?
And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?

‘Focus,’ she tried to command herself but to little avail.

Watching the limo as it sped out of the school parking lot, it took all of her control not to use her powers to stop it before it got out of her reach.

Do I sit here and try to stand it?
Or do I try to catch them red-handed?

‘Focus,’ continued the mantra in her head.

‘It was happening again,’ Tess thought. Her mission was being corrupted and all her mind could contemplate was that, ‘It was all because of that damn human.’ Just the thought of Liz's name was like a acid on her tongue.

Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness,
Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?

‘Focus,’ she had to continue reminding herself.

“Everything that has been happening is her fault,” Tess finally said aloud. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, this wasn’t why she came to Roswell. She had come here with thoughts of finally finding her family and going home. They were supposed to be her family…they were supposed to know her, love her; Max was supposed to love her. Though, now she realized those were the thoughts of an idealistic child with rose-colored glasses. They already had their family, their friends and their loves. She was merely an intruder standing in the way of their normal lives. “They are all fools,” she said into the wind.

Because I can't hold on when I'm stretched so thin
I make the right moves but I'm lost within

Thinking back to this time last year when she first came to Roswell she could not help but laugh at how quickly things turned. How things she thought she knew were simply falsehoods—masks held over the faces veiled as truths to protect years of strategically placed lies. She did not come to Roswell with thoughts of betraying them she mused, but then again she knows better than anyone that things don't always go as planned.

I put on my daily facade but then
I just end up getting hurt again


“How could you bring them up here like this? You know the Special Unit is close. You saw that camera. Who do you think put it on them in the first place? Our friend, Pierce,” Nascedo sneered.

“Oh yeah, so why don’t you just kill him? According to Max, you’ve done that before,” Tess remembered saying so clearly.

“What has he been telling you? You’re going to trust him over me? Listen, you and I have spent a lot of time together. Now I don’t want to say we’re family…” Nasedo started but was cut off quickly.

“You’re not my family. You never will be. Max, Michael and Isabel are.”

“Fine. Go have your little reunion. If I have to kill people, I kill people. Pierce is dangerous. You all still need me if you expect to survive him.”


Tess didn’t know all Nesedo did to protect the two of them when she was growing up; and she didn’t get it when she first found out, but now, now she knew to get what you wanted, what you deserved some extremes were necessary. And she'd be damned if a little detour was going to push her off her course, her mission.

By myself [myself]
By myself [myself]

All they had to do was accept their destinies and none of this would have happened. They would have been a family; they would have gone home as the four square and taken back Antar. They would be ruling Antar and with the Granolith taken their rightful power back over all the Whirlwind Planets. She knew it would have only been a mater of time before order was restored and she would be Queen.

I ask why, but in my mind
I find I can’t rely on myself

She was meant to be Queen and they weren’t going to take away her birth right just because they wanted to live their little fantasy world here on earth, while ignoring what was going on in the rest of the universe. She was going to be queen one way or another and she found her way to assure that without Max, Isabel, and Michael help. To her, they were all weak anyway and she managed to align herself with the real power.

Tonight’s little display only seemed to establish how thing with Max were never going to change. No matter what route she took Max always seemed to find his way back to Liz.

I can’t hold on
To what I want when I’m stretched so thin

Liz Parker, an insignificant human, had managed to wrap Max around her little finger, but Tess refused to let the mess that prom had become ruin months of hard work and planning. She had changed direction before and now would be no different, in fact it would be simpler then when she first came. Max was finally accepting her as a friend and trusting her enough that she knew she could use it to her advantage.

“They are all going to pay,” Tess voiced to the virtually empty streets. Anyone paying any attention to her would think she was mad...anyone who was truly looking would know she really was.

It’s all too much to take in
I can’t hold on

Tess’s furry was boiling over and all this thought of the past just brought her abruptly to the present where Max and Liz were probably rekindling their old flame, mending their old bond. No, she couldn’t let that happen. She would not allow it. She was letting too much time go by and she could not let things go too far with Max and Liz or everything would truly be ruined. Turning around quickly Tess was surprised at who she found.

To anything watching everything spin
With thoughts of failure sinking in


West Roswell High Gymnasium

Michael and Maria entered the gym after leaving Max and Liz alone to work out their problems. Once inside they were quickly bombarded with Isabel and Alex in a rush to ask if everything was ‘alright.’ After Maria’s cryptic answer of, “The world can only hope it will be,” they all went back to their table to unwind some, all with different thoughts on their mind.

Michael was upset that Max and Liz were loudly stating all their business in the middle of the school gym floor, but was glad that at least he was able to get them out the crowd that was forming so the argument ended up sounding like nothing more than a lover’s spat. However, nothing could make him want to be anywhere else after seeing how happy Maria had been when he entered the dance.

Maria was excited and terrified at the same time. She was ecstatic about Michael showing up at the dance for her and that he was taking those dancing lessons, even if he still could not dance worth a lick. But mostly, Maria was just happy she did not have to kill Michael for cheating on her. Michael did everything he did for her, so that she would be happy and that made her love him so much more. Also, seeing Isabel hanging all over Alex made her smile too, knowing they were probably as happy as she was at the moment. Problem was her other best friend was in a really bad place right now and so many truths were going to come out tonight that she had a feeling all their joy would be short lived. She did not even want to think about how Michael would take the news about her knowing their future and not saying anything to him. Honestly, she didn’t want to think about any of that right now, she just wanted to be with her boyfriend. “Come on Space Boy, I like this song,” Maria said dragging a groaning Michael to the dance floor.

“Damn woman my feet need a break,” Michael began to protest as Maria took him out.

“Your feet, you’ve been stepping all over mine since you got here, so cool it Michael it’s only a slow song. Here just hold me and sway to the music.”

Smiling at the little spitfire in his arms Michael replied, “I can do that.”

Isabel and Alex were still sitting at the table, Alex’s arms wrapped around hers and holding hands as they watching the party go on around them. They were feeling slightly guilty for enjoying themselves so much while their friends and family were obviously going through a lot of pain. But Alex thought nothing could wipe the smile off his face tonight. He was simply happy—happy that everything with Isabel was falling into place; and happy that she was finally seeing him the way he saw her. He loved her so much and if the time he spent in Sweden taught him anything it was to seize the day. Now that he had Isabel he did not want to let her go. Thoughts of Sweden had him tapping his fingers over Isabel’s hands, and then a sudden but strong pulsing feeling on the side of his head above his left ear.

When he snatched his hand out of Isabel’s quickly to grab onto his head, Isabel jumped to action immediately. “Alex—Alex, what’s wrong?” Isabel tried to question as she placed herself in front of him.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Alex tried to say but couldn’t take his hands off of his head while saying it. The pressure was too strong.

“No you’re not. What’s wrong?” Isabel said worriedly. .

With a slight twitch of his head and a weak smile Alex tried to play off the whole thing, “Isabel, really it’s nothing. I just get headaches sometimes and that was one of them.”

“Since when do you get headaches,” Isabel asked, this being news to her.

Trying to think back to a time when this wasn’t normal he rubbed the same spot on his head, “Uhm, I guess since Sweden or maybe after,” he reasoned.

“Have you gotten checked out by a doctor,” Isabel said worriedly.

“Iz, it’s nothing really…”

A gasp from Isabel cut him off quickly though, “Your ear, Alex it’s bleeding,” Isabel said reaching over to the table to get a napkin.

“Oh,” Alex said surprised. He reached up to touch his ear, but Isabel pushed his hand away. “Okay I’m just going to the bathroom.”

“I’m coming with you…”

Chuckling Alex began, “You know they designate sexes to the school bathrooms. Now, usually I wouldn’t,” but Isabel cut him off again.

“Alex, this is not funny,” Isabel stated before dragging him off to the bathroom.

“Alright Whitman, didn’t think you had it in you. And with the lovely Ms. Evans, nice,” said Thomas Malamoot seeing Isabel pulling Alex into the boy’s room.”

In her best Ice Princess tone, Isabel stared him down and said, “Get out Tommy.”

‘Feisty,’ Malamoot thought but decided against voicing his opinion as he walked out. Everyone seemed so touchy tonight and after the slight altercation he had with Kyle by the punch bowl earlier he decided to keep his mouth shut. “Chicks,” he said instead as the door closed behind him.

Ignoring Tommy completely once he left them alone, Isabel went to check the stalls and when she found the bathroom empty she decided to sealed the door shut for added privacy. “God Alex, come here,” Isabel said and tapped the inside of his ear with a dried paper towel, “Does it hurt?”

Alex didn’t answer. He couldn’t answer. Isabel was touching him so gently and she seemed so worried about him that he forced himself to bite his tongue. He knew Isabel, and knowing what he knows he learned from past mistakes; the last thing he needed to do when Isabel was finally seeing him was confess his undying love for her. He didn’t need that blowing up in his face so rather than that he just stared at her.

“ALEX,” Isabel screamed while shaking Alex’s shoulder and snapping her fingers in his face.

“Huh, what?” Alex asked

“I think we should go to the emergency room. I think you blacked out there for a second. You don’t seem to be bleeding anymore. Maybe Max can look you over,” Isabel rambled a bit nervously.

On impulse Alex pushed Isabel’s hand off of his face grabbed her by the neck and kissed her to stop the rambling. When he pulled back to see a slightly dazed Isabel standing before him he smiled and said, “Isabel I am fine, really. And if you really want I will go to the doctor or have Max work his magic tomorrow, but tonight—today has been near perfection and I want the chance to make it completely perfect. To get that however, I want to finish the dance and then take my lovely prom date to her doorstep and kiss her goodnight.”

“But Alex…”

“Isabel I am fine. I promise, it’s just a little blood,” Alex said. However, inside he was a mess of nerves and not only because of Isabel but also he was no dummy to think that his bleeding ear meant nothing. He has been off and a little weak all week and when he found a locked file on his computer with nothing but the words ‘Leanna is not Leanna’ he knew something wasn’t right. The intense flashes he once confused for vivid day dreams he had been having for weeks and now with his bleeding ear, he knew there was something terribly wrong.


If I turn my back I’m defenseless
And to go blindly seems senseless

“Tess!! I have been looking everywhere for you. What happened? Are you okay? Are we okay?” Kyle rambled when he came face to face with Tess.

“Oh Kyle, what no…yeah, everything is fine. I was kind of hot in there and so I came to get air, but everything is fine really,” Tess said plastering on a fake smile, all the while thinking she really did not need this right now.

If I hide my pride and let it all go on then they’ll
Take from me ‘till everything is gone

“Really because you look flushed,” Kyle said while giving Tess a one over.

“Like I said I was hot…”

“Maybe you’re coming down with something,” Kyle guessed.

“We don’t get sick,” Tess quickly stomped his theory.

“Right, well then you want to go back inside,” Kyle suggested.

If I let them go I’ll be outdone
But if I try to catch them I’ll be outrun

That was absolutely the last thing she wanted to do, but none-the-less she complied. She could not just disappear without it being noticed, she thought. Tess decided to get them all to leave the dance as soon as possible, in case she had to stop anything from happening with Max and Liz. She knew Max and Liz would be talking for a long time before anything happened, which bought her a few precious minutes that she did not want to waste.

If I’m killed by the questions like a cancer
Then I’ll be buried in the silence of the answer

“Where is everyone?” Kyle stated when they made there way back to the dance.

“There’s Michael,” Tess pointed out as Alex and Isabel came up behind them.

By myself [myself]
By myself [myself]

“Hey guys,” Alex greeted as he led everyone back to the table. “It looks like Maria isn’t gonna let Michael get off the dance floor any time soon. You want to join them?” he asked Isabel holding out his hand.

Isabel was reluctant at first. She really wanted Alex to get checked out and she did not believe for one moment that he was really okay, but the look on his face at her hesitation made her say, “Fine, a couple more dances but then we are leaving.”

Alex smiled then, “As you wish.”

I ask why, but in my mind
I find I can’t rely on myself

Tess’s ear perked up when she heard Isabel’s comment. ‘Perfect,’ she thought. “You know I’m kind of done with this too. I think we should be getting ready to leave soon,” Tess said to Kyle and then got up to tell Michael and Maria of their plans.

“Hey guys we’re about ready to wrap up our night. Isabel and Alex said a few more dances and then they want to head out and Kyle and I are thinking the same,” Tess said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

Maria was annoyed by Tess’s intrusion, “The night’s still young,” Maria said pointedly to Tess, while trying to bite back her snide remark to leave her and Michael be. She was having so much fun with Michael and did not want it ruined yet.

Michael on the other hand wanted to make Maria happy but was dying to get out of the dance. These things were so not his style. “We could continue the night in my place,” Michael whispered huskily in Maria’s ear and that’s all it took for Maria to turn back and say, “You know Tess that’s fine we’ll meet you all up at the table in a bit.”

How do you think I’ve lost so much
I'm so afraid that I'm out of touch

Tess didn’t even want to know what Michael could have possibly said to Maria. The look on both their faces was enough to turn her stomach. However, as she went back to find Kyle she was surprised at the ache that rose in her heart. Over by where she left him, was Kyle and Vickie Delany. He was whispering something into her ear that had her laughing and running her hand up and down his chest.

How do you expect... I will know what to do
When all I know Is what you tell me to

As quickly as the emotions came, they left just as fast. She did not know where that momentary flash of emotion came from but just chalked it up to a fleeting moment of confusion. She didn’t have those types of feelings for Kyle although she did care for him, as much as she could for any human, she did not care who he flirted with. Walking back to the table she flashed Vickie a smile and sat next to Kyle.

Kyle gave Vickie a kiss on the cheek and said he’d see her later. With a smile he turned to Tess and rubbed his hands together saying, “I’m so ready to go when you guys are.”

“Why are you so happy?” Tess could not help but ask.

Don’t you know
I can’t tell you how to make it go

With a smile a mile wide Kyle said, “Vickie’s mom is staying at her boyfriend’s place tonight and she invited my over for a dip in her hot tub.”

Tess just rolled her eyes, she was about to mention 80 degree desert heat on this less than cool mid-April night, but was cut off from speaking by a grinning Michael, “Nice,” was all he said, while reaching over to give Kyle a pound.

Maria slapped her boyfriend’s chest and murmured, “Pig,” but Michael embraced her lips with his own effectively stopping any more words.

A couple songs later Alex and Isabel joined the group, “Does anyone know where Max and Liz went?” Isabel asked. They never came back to the dance, not that anyone expected them to, but the group had all come in the same limo and she didn’t want to leave Liz and her brother stranded.

No matter what I do, how hard I try
I can’t seem to convince myself why

“They left a while ago, but I’m sure the limo’s back by now,” Tess commented as the group made their way to the parking lot, sure enough finding their driver waiting. The group let out relieved sigh, if all for their own reasons, but this was still to be a long night and they were all ready to leave the West Roswell’s junior prom behind for bigger if not necessarily better endeavors. None though was more anxious than Tess Harding.

I’m stuck on the outside
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Lines from episode 'End of the World' used

Chapter 5

Liz’s eyes began to flutter open. The annoying red blinking light of the alarm clock caught her line of vision. She tried to move but a pair of strong arms pulled her into place. Max snuggled against her back holding her tight.

Liz laughed then. She couldn’t help it. Happiness—pure unadulterated happiness is what she felt and God it was great. Max was holding onto her as if, if he dared to let go she’d disappear. She couldn’t truly blame him though; from his standpoint it was she who was always running away. But how he held her in his sleep caused a peaceful content smile to creep upon Liz’s lips. Even if he was doing it subconsciously, it was the first time in too long that she felt complete. It gave her faith.

However, for all her faith, Liz could not help the nagging voice in the back of her mind that made her wonder, ‘What if?’

The ‘What ifs’ were what had been plaguing her for the better part of the past year and with everything inside of her, she wished she could just ignore them.

But how could she?

What if Tess had not let go of the idea of her and Max?

What if she and Max got back together and Tess decides to leave? All these months of pain and suffering would have been for nothing; and in the end, they would all lose.

Liz could not help but think of all her friends then. Michael and Maria seemed to be making it work. Michael was working to be better for Maria. He was trying to be a good boyfriend for her and make up for past mistakes.

Isabel and Alex seemed to be working towards the same thing too. Though, if she knew anything about Isabel that could go anywhere. She always ran hot and cold when it came to Alex and their relationship, yet for Alex’s sake, Liz hoped Isabel was serious this time. And if that kiss she witnessed earlier tonight was any indication, maybe there was hope for them yet.

Liz felt hope and faith were all she was living on these days and being in Max’s arms right now only served to heighten these feelings even if it were only for the moment.

It was still the middle of the night, only a bit more than two hours had passed since they got into bed together. Nothing had changed much, even if she had told Max the truth about Kyle, stating a fact didn’t change their situation. Whatever steps she took could affect the future of the world. Anything she did to change the steps she had put into place with Future Max could cause irrevocable consequences.

Was it selfish to tell Max the truth?

Everyone was finally in a good place with one another. Tess even seemed to have found a good home with the Valentis. If Kyle showed any indication that he could stand any of this alien business it was sure enough more for Tess’ sake than anyone else's.

‘Maybe it could be okay to tell Max the complete truth,’ Liz thought to herself as she twisted her body to stare into Max’s face.

He looks so peaceful.

I am crazy in love with you

Max grabbed her tighter every time she moved causing Liz to lie across his chest. Holding herself up by her elbows Liz took this close quiet time to examine Max’s features.

I am crazy in love with you

If anyone walked in on them now they would get an eye full. Though Liz could not stop her hands from wandering over his arms, his biceps, shoulders, then neck before resting there.

It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me
It's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to be

She caressed his cheek and a flash of their earlier kiss assailed her. Leaning in her forehead lightly onto Max’s, Liz moved her head slightly to give him light Eskimo kisses. Her hands maneuvered their way into his undershirt to rub his sculpted abs before her lips found his again that night. She placed open mouth kisses over his parted lips.

He is so beautiful.

But there are facts in our lives
We can never change
Just tell me that you understand and feel the same

Liz thought that in his sleep, he had no wear to his features. "There is so much you don’t know. *kiss* Is it fair to tell you if it could mean the end of the world? *kiss* I love you, but I-I just don’t know what to do. *kiss*”

This perfect romance that I've created in my mind
I'd live a thousand lives
Each one with you right by my side

“Whatever you do, don’t stop that,” Max’s voice was so unexpected Liz couldn’t help the squeal that left her lips at his words. Keeping within the theme of surprises for the evening Max flipped them both over pulling Liz under his body before kissing her senseless. Her lips, her cheeks, chin, neck, nose, eyes, Max kissed her everywhere, while keeping her pinned under his hard body.

“Max,” Liz moaned out when Max let go of her lips, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I was. You woke me up,” he explained while pressing into Liz’s stomach.

“How much did you hear?” she moaned out again. She couldn’t help that Max elicited every word out of her mouth as a moan. He was touching her in ways she had not been touched in close to a year and his hands and lips were exciting her in ways that only moans could express.

“That you don’t know what to do, but you seemed to be doing fine from my end,” he said the words in a deep sensual whisper that had Liz’s body shivering.

But yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstance
And so it seems like we'll never have the chance

She knew the responsible thing to do would be to stop Max and have them talk before anything got too out of hand, but as his strong hands reached up her legs then thighs to pull up her over-sized shirt and caress her hips, all thoughts of responsibility flew right out of her head.

Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny
And you can't move on even though you try

Liz wrapped her legs around Max’s waist and her panties fitted against his tented boxers. He pushed into her, over and over again trying to ease the ache that was building between them. Neither his lips nor his hands were kept idle, he kissed her hard, he kissed her everywhere his lips could reach, his hands moved up to stroke her breast and it was all electric.

Ain't it strange when you're feeling things you shouldn't feel
Oh, I wish this could be real

Liz was enjoying it and if her moans and groans weren’t enough of an indication to that, the way she enveloped him within her arms and legs should have been. However, when Max tried to completely remove the shirt off of her back she stopped him. He looked deep into her eyes and said, “I love you Liz, I love you more…”

A flash suddenly hit her and whatever words Max was going to say laid dead to her ears,


"Liz, what's about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us are about to change...grow deeper. We become inseparable, and nothing comes between us ever again, until..."

"You're only making me love you more," Future Max screamed out in frustration.

"I just said no to Gomez." Liz heard herself say again.

"You said no the last time, too. I didn't take no for an answer."

"So we went to the concert."

"No. The night of Gomez I came to your room. That's the night that things between us were cemented."

"Cemented. So when you say cemented, you..."

"We made love."

*End of Flash*

And at the echo of those words everything shifted.

Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life
And you don't wanna face what's wrong or right

“Liz…Liz, are you listening? Did you hear what I said?” Max’s hurt voice broke Liz out of the flash

She moved her hands to cover his and move his palms away from their positions on her breasts. Pushing Max back, Liz pulled down her shirt and covered her exposed body. “We should stop,” came her shaky voice.

Ain't it strange how fate can play a part
In the story of your heart

Max could not hide the hurt in his eyes even in the darkness of Michael’s room. The rejection of his advances was painful, but all too common. He’d told her he loved her twice in their intimate position and all it did was make Liz stiffen. Shaking his head yes, Max said, “Sorry, too fast…just give me a minute,” but he did not want to lose their closeness, even if he felt hurt. Laying his head on her chest and moving his hips so that his lower anatomy was no longer press directly into her, Max tried to make them both more comfortable in a situation that could quickly become awkward.

Liz nodded and said, “Don’t be. I’m not.” She feels him grinning on her chest; he was at least happy that she did not regret what had happened so far.

Sometimes I think that a true love can never be
I just believe that somehow it wasn't meant for me

They just lay there for a while and Liz began running her hand through his hair in what was meant to be a relaxing manner but caused the exact opposite effect. With a deep groan, Max said, “Liz if you really want me to stop I am okay with that and I understand, but you need to stop too.”

Life can be cruel in a way that I can't explain
And I don't think that I could face it all again

“Sorry,” Liz said knowingly.

“Don’t ever be sorry for this. It’s just been a while,” Max tried to explain.

“So yeah…I just need to be over here for a second,” he said lying on the opposite side of the bed.

A few, less than comfortable, seconds passed before Liz said, “You know we need to talk…”

I know what all you're about
A deeper love I've found in you
And I no longer doubt

“I thought we were waiting until morning.”



You've touched my heart and it altered every plan I've made
And now I feel that I don't have to be afraid

“No, I can’t just sleep anymore. It’s time to wake-up now. I-I need to tell you,” Liz said with determination as she sat up straighter in the bed they shared.

Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny
And you can't move on even though you try

Sitting up to look at Liz Max breathed out a shaky, “Okay.”

Taking Max’s hands into hers Liz began, “First, I want to ask you to listen. Don't say anything, okay? Um, because I...I have a lot to say, but once you start talking—everything gets changed, and I just want to make sure that I say everything to you, so just don't say anything."

Max pulled his hands away from Liz’s then, “The last time you said almost the same words to me was the worst day of my life second to the night I saw you in bed with Kyle.” His dejected tone broke Liz’s heart, but also made her more resolute than ever.

Ain't it strange when you're feeling things you shouldn't feel
Oh, I wish this could be real

“Oh, Max. I-I’m sorry, but none of that…I didn’t mean any of it and you knew, even then you knew, so please just listen. I promise I’m just going to explain everything.” Placing her fingers upon his lips Liz looked into Max’s eyes and pleaded, “I love you, I never stopped loving you, so just remember in all of this, at least remember that.”

Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life
And you don't wanna face what's wrong or right

And so she told him. Liz explained everything that happened from going to see Madame Vivian to his Future self showing up on her balcony and all the events that followed. She tried to explain her conflicting emotions from having Madame Vivian telling her all she had ever wanted to hear to a future version of Max telling her she had that and even more, but that she would have to give it all up for the sake of the world. She told him how much it hurt her to leave him last summer and then to stay away all those months after, how it broke her every time he pulled closer to Tess, but how she knew it was not her place to say anything. She even let out all the times she felt so close to telling him everything especially after Christmas and even more so in Vegas. All the while, she was reiterated her love for him in her words, touch, and through their connection.

Max sat there letting her words sink in without ever saying a word. He knew whatever she said would be exhausting and he was right it was, but at the same time he was glues to every word she spoke. Everything she said, everything she’s done since October was because some version of him asked her to break his heart right before she was ready to make love to him. They were supposed to be married in less than two years. She loved him, she always had, but would their love mean the end of the world?

Ain't it strange how fate can play a part
In the story of your heart

“Max, say something please.” Liz had stopped talking some time ago but Max just sat there. Liz felt as if he was looking through her and it was unnerving.

“What am I supposed to say? 10 minutes ago we were…you know and now, well now this. I don't know what to say Liz.”

“Do you still love me?” The words were but a whisper from Liz’s lips but Max heard them all the same.

I locked away my heart

“Yes, Liz, YES! How can you—if there is one thing you can always count on Liz is that I will always love you. I never stopped either, you have to believe that. I wouldn’t be here if I didn't.” Liz nodded but both she and Max knew it was a front. “Liz?”

But you just set it free

“The future you, he disappeared because I got you to stop loving me. That is how we changed the future…”

Emotions I felt
Held me back from what my life should be

“I was angry, more than angry, I was mad and hurt, but my love never faded. I pushed down my feeling because I though—I thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

I pushed you far away

“Oh Max, I’m just sorry.”

“So am I.”

“So, what does this mean for us? What about Tess and…”

“Forget Tess, for now just forget her or anyone else. This is about us. For once just disregard everyone and tell me what you want, because I want you,” Max said with a sincerity that brought tears to Liz’s eyes.

And yet you stayed with me

“I want you too. I want us,” Liz said moving closer to Max.

Taking the same action Max moved closer to Liz, “Then we’ll fix this. We’ll fix everything. I want you, you’re all I ever wanted,” Max said before leaning in to kiss Liz with a passion he’d never known. He held her tight made love to her mouth with all the feeling he could draw as their connection roared to life.

I guess this means
that you and me were meant to be


Neither saw the light that began to emanate around them or the piercing eyes that watched them from the bedroom window. They were even too wrapped up in themselves to notice the commotion in the room next door.

that was a song by j.lo that i always wanted to use titled 'Ain't it Funny'
(don't particularly like the song but love the lyrics. does that make sense??? well regardless, i think it was just right for the chapter)
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Re: Never Let You Go;M/L CC/Adult Ch6 teaser 7/7/08 a/n 10/20

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here's the next ch. enjoy and HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY to all those who have been or are in the military or have/had friends and family there (which is like everyone if i'm not mistaken :D )

Chapter 6

After the limo driver dropped off Kyle and Tess at the Valenti’s, Isabel decided to stay with Alex. She was so worried about him and did not believe for one moment that he was doing well, despite his protest.

Michael and Maria ended their night back in his apartment. All Michael really wanted was to remove his dancing shoes and spend the rest of the night with his girl. He knew Maria was pleased that he did a good thing tonight. This dance was important to her, and even if he could not admit it out loud, it was to him too because all Michael wanted was to make Maria happy.

“Wait… do you think we should knock?” Maria asked hesitantly.

“What?” Michael asked when Maria pulled his hand away from the door knob. “This is my place,” Michael said incredulously.

“Michael! The driver said he dropped them off here a few hours ago. You don’t know what could be going on in there. They have a lot to work through and I don’t want to interrupt.” Maria continued to explain in a high whisper.

“So what, you expect me to sleep in the hallway?” Michael said already pushing Maria out of the way.

“Michael will you just stop and listen first.” Before Michael could push her out of the way Maria grabbed hold of the knob and turned angry eyes at Michael. “Shut up and listen. What’s going on tonight could change history as we know it, so back off! Now, let me see if I can hear anything through the door.” When Maria did not hear anything, then and only then did she allow Michael to open the door as she directed him to walk in slowly.

“I can’t believe you have me sneaking into my own place over Max and Liz,” Michael muttered begrudged.

They walked into Michael’s apartment to see the room was dark and seemingly untouched. “They’re not here,” the disappointment in Maria’s voice was evident. She hated seeing her friends so sad and angry. Max and Liz loved each other and regardless of her feelings for Tess, Maria would work just as hard as anyone to make sure she stays, if it meant saving the world and seeing her best friends smile again.

Not for one second did she believe Tess would take the whole Max and Liz situation in stride, but Maria doubted that they were in the same place as a group as they were late last year. She was not blind to the close relationship Max had began developing with Tess as of recent, but even if Max only saw it as a friendship, she knew Tess saw it as more…or at least the potential to be more.

Maria did not care though; she’d seen how Tess had integrated herself within the Valenti family and even saw a nice side to her when she invited her mother to spend Thanksgiving with the Valenti’s for Jim. Even if that thought sickened her more than she’d like to admit, she hardly believed Tess would up and leave now when everyone she knew and cared about was in Roswell. Now all she had to do was convince Liz before it was too late to salvage her relationship with Max.

“Well that’s good then,” Michael said interrupting her thoughts.


“I said I am glad they aren’t here.” Michael demonstrated why by pulling Maria into him. He kissed her full lips before pulling back to give her a knowing grin.

Maria rolled her eyes but led the way to his bedroom. She’d have to talk to Liz tomorrow to see what happened and where they’d disappeared to. “I hope they’re working out their problems,” Maria said stopping at the door to Michael’s room.

Moving Maria’s hair out of his way Michael moved in for a soft kiss on her neck. “I’m sure they’re fine and sucking face somewhere or I don’t know giving each other long intense stares.”

That got a smile out of Maria. Michael, never being known for his patience, put his hand over Maria’s to help her open the door. Neither got more than a step into his room before the hallway light illuminated the bedroom and the two sleeping figures occupying his bed.

A squeak left Maria’s lips, but before words could form, Michael’s hand was covering them and as quickly as he could he pulled her out and shut the door.

As Michael dragged Maria out the door her foot caught on some unseen material. Bending down to remove the intrusive cloth that stuck to her heals Maria said, “I guess they worked out their problems,” as her shocked eyes pulled up Liz’s prom dress. Never had she imagined that this is how their night would conclude.

She was still taking in what she had seen as Michael’s voice intruded on her trance. “I can’t believe he christened my bed before I did,” at Maria’s dirty look he couldn’t help but say, “What? That’s just not right.”

“Michael this is serious,” Maria said wagging the dress at Michael.

“Who’s not being serious? He could have asked.”

“Michael,” Maria scolded though her voice never got louder than a whisper. She walked back into the living room with Michael on her tail, dropping the dress on the back of the couch.

“Why are we whispering again?” Michael asked behind her.

“We’re not,” she protested. “How could they just do that? Does this mean they’re back together? This was too fast. Does Max even know about what happened?” Maria was talking to herself by now, but that did not mean she didn’t catch the strange looks she was receiving from Michael.

“What are you talking about? I thought you wanted this for them.”

“No, Michael. What I wanted was for them to talk about their problems. I didn’t want my best friend to lose her virg— virtue…I uh…you just don’t understand…” Maria back tracked but Michael caught on quickly.

“Uhuh—what are you talking about? You’ve been acting kind of strange all night and I already know about Liz if that’s what you’re talking about…everyone does.”

Maria’s eyes narrowed at Michael before she turned an equally angry voice to him, “Listen Spaceboy, you should know more than anyone that appearances are deceiving.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Michael asked now convinced that whatever Maria had been hinting at all night was more than just about Max and Liz’s relationship. Looking closely at Maria, Michael narrowed his eyes and asked the question that had been bothering him since Maria exploded at Liz at the dance, “What are you hiding?”

Stepping away from Michael and turning her body from him, Maria innocently asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. I know you; this is more than your concern over Max and Liz’s relationship.”

Maria didn’t want to lie, but she wouldn’t break Liz’s trust, so she did what she’s bested over the years and talked around the topic the best she could. “I’m just worried about my best friend and her happiness. I don’t want our group to break-up either. We’ve all gotten so close and then everything with Tess last year and this year and all the crazy alien stuff aside from her…” Michael kept looking at her skeptically, he knew there was much more to the story than she was letting on, and Maria knew he wasn’t buying any of it. His disbelief was written clear across his face. Dramatically as she could, Maria let out a grievance of hers that had been bothering her since Liz confided in her the truth about the future version of Max. “Fine, I’m just scared that if Max and Liz can’t make it work, then what chance do any of us have? What’s the point?” Maria finished plopping onto Michael’s couch with a thud.

I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do

Michael didn’t move. He couldn’t. He did not know what to say. He knew he’d never be able to promise her forever. If this year’s numerous alien encounters taught him anything it is that his trip home was eminent.

But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you

Home—He’s always wanted to go home since before he even knew where or what home was. If he got his chance to go, how could he not take it? He ran his fingers through his hair and took a seat next to his girlfriend. “I don’t know what to say to make you feel better. You knew what it was to get involved with me, with us and this whole situation. I tried to push you away before because of it…”

And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

He saw the fear and hesitation those words brought to the surface for her. He knew it was still all too fresh, but if this week had taught him anything, it was that he’d do just about anything for the spitfire in front of him, even lose major pride fumbling across a dance floor. Pulling her close Michael continued, “But I’m here now. Anything you need, I’ll be there for you; and I’m sorry if I wasn’t before, but I’m trying now. I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m not good at this stuff, you know that…” Tears were threatening to fall down her cheeks and Michael thought he’d really stuffed things up for sure, but as he slowly began to retract his arm away from Maria she quickly grabbed it back.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

“No Michael, you’re wrong. You knew exactly the right thing to say,” Maria said before covering his lips with hers in a deep kiss.

Michael wasn’t really sure what he said, but whatever it was had Maria throw herself on him and pin him down to the couch. She was kissing him senseless and he was happy.

I'm sorry that I hurt you
It's something I must live with every day
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears
That's why I need you to hear

Finding happiness seemed to be the goal of the night and Maria was working hard to make sure she showed Michael just how heavenly he made her feel.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

His hands caressed her neck and her back, and as beautiful as he thought she looked in her long white dress, now it was cumbersome and intrusively blocking him from his intended destinations. The looseness of the bottom half of her outfit however, allowed Maria the freedom to entwine her legs with Michael’s and soon enough their minds were far from the two waking figures in the next room.

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you


“Thanks for the night Kyle; it was a lot of fun, but I’m so beat. I’m going to bed now,” Tess said as she locked her door for the night. She quickly waved a hand over her outfit and changed her dress to a dark shirt, jeans and sneakers. Not wanting to come up with any such explanation if Kyle or Jim came to check in on her that night, she quickly closed her eyes and concentrated on her two roommates. They were soon both fast asleep in their separate corners of the house and she was sliding out the front door like the slippery snake that she was. The nagging at the back of her head that some might mistake for a conscious at using the only two people she knew to truly care for her was drowned out by a mission she felt bound to see to the end.

The intricate web Tess had been weaving since she came to Roswell was in danger of unraveling if Max and Liz’s earlier actions were any indication. She had some serious work ahead of her tonight, but nothing was going to stop her from achieving her ultimate goal.


“Isabel please relax,” Alex tried for the umpteenth time as Isabel came to a screeching halt in front of Michael’s apartment.

“You refuse to see a doctor tonight, so you’ll see Max,” Isabel stated as she put the car in park. “I stayed with you tonight to try and talk some sense into you but that obviously isn’t working.”

“Ouch that hurt a little. I thought you stayed with me because the Whitman charm has finally taken you completely over and…”

“Alex enough with the jokes, I’m serious. Let’s go,” Isabel commanded as they got out of the car and walked into Michael’s.

“Don’t you think we should knock,” Alex said they reached the door and noticed Isabel looking around before going directly for the locked knob.

“No,” was her simple reply as she walked into an eyeful on the couch.

“Oh my God…” Isabel shrieked as she turned her face into Alex’s shoulder.

“I told you we should have knocked,” Alex whispered keeping his eyes closed and slamming the door with his foot, effectively getting the attention of their friends on the couch.

Michael quickly moved his hand out from under Maria’s dress and pulled them both into the sitting position. Barking at Isabel’s turned figure he asked, “What the hell are you two doing here?”

“We were looking for Max. I guess he’s not here.” Isabel said never turning back to look at her friends.

“He’s in the bedroom. You can both look now.” Maria tuned in.

“Ewww-Eeewww-Eewww…OH MY GOD!!! Did you like flip a coin for who got the bed,” Isabel asked disgusted, not really caring for an answer.

Alex opened only one eye to make sure it was safe, before a grin hit his face and he opened both eyes, “That’s more than I ever really wanted to see from you.”

Maria matching his grin said, “Please you’ve seen way more.”

“What?” Both Michael and Isabel questioned her head finally leaving their place between Alex’s shoulders.

Avoiding her boyfriends questioning stare and the awkwardness of the moment Maria asked less harshly than Michael, “What are you doing here again?”

Looking to Michael’s bedroom with a hint of disgust, Isabel wondered if she should just drag Alex to the E.R. She really did not want to know what could be going on between Max and most probably Liz, but she did not want to waste time. Quickly, Isabel got back to business and said, “I need Max to check out Alex. Something is wrong with him.”

Maria jumped up and rushed to Alex. “What’s wrong? What happened? Is it something alien?” she said while checking him over.

“Maria, chill,” Alex said pushing her back some. “I’m fine; Isabel’s over exaggerating.”

“We don’t know what it is, but his ears were bleeding at the prom.”

“What!” Maria gasped. “Why didn’t you take him to the hospital.”

“He wouldn’t let me.”

“Hello, I’m right here. Stop talking to me like I’m not. I’m fine. It happened, but then stopped,” Alex said a bit aggravated, but neither girl was listening. He was being hardheaded and they were too worried for him to hear what he had to say. His fingers began tapping rhythmically on his side as he tried to ignore his growing headache.

“So that’s why I was looking for Max instead of going to the hospital. I figured Max could scan him and see if he could fix what’s wrong. If it’s really bad maybe he can get to it before it gets worse.” Isabel reasoned to Maria.

“Yeah, yeah, no you’re right, okay let’s get Max,” Maria said ready to drag Alex into Michael’s occupied room.

“Maria stop,” Michael said, coming back into the conversation. “Look,” he said pointing to the bright light that seemed to be pulsing out the door through every angle.

“Mother—” the expletive stopped dead on his tongue before he could get out the rest.

Alex gripped his head and groaned in pain. With the blood dripping from his ears and nose so no one noticed the way he steadily tapped his fingers on his head.

Michael caught him before he collapsed. He put Alex on the couch and quickly the commands went flying, “Isabel, stay with Alex. Maria, check the bathroom for anything to stop the bleeding. I’m going to get Max.”

“Michael…” now it was Maria that didn’t know what to say. Her best friend was bleeding on the couch, and her boyfriend was walking into a glowing room that held her other best friends that could possibly be in danger—God only in Roswell.

“It’s okay; watch Alex,” was all Michael said before turning back to his room. Slowly, with his arm raised in defense he went for the knob preparing for any danger.

“No listen,” Maria said stopping him. “I just thought of something. I don’t think it’s anything dangerous there. Remember the last time glowing was involved with Max and Liz…” Michael just made a face and turned to look at the door, “this is a lot more glowing, so…” she was ready to instruct him on what to do but she kept turning her eyes back to Alex bleeding on the couch. Pushing the first aid kit into Michael’s hands Maria went directly to Michael’s closed bedroom door. “Here, let me.”


Looking into the window outside of Michael’s bedroom Tess cursed to herself. She should have known this is where they would be. After her first stops at the Crash Down then Max’s left her with nothing but the knowledge that at least they weren’t far, seeing how Max’s car was still at his place, she made her way to Michael’s. She kidded herself into thinking that nothing was going on since there were so many people at Michael’s, but boy was she wrong.

Tess had first looked into Michael’s living room window to see if she could spot anyone. What she saw was Michael and Maria going at it on the couch. She was about to turn away and take her search elsewhere before she caught sight of Isabel and Alex. She quickly turned to the other side of the apartment building trying her hardest to stay low and out of view. She knew the cloak of the night would aid her, but much to her misfortune it did very little to assist Max and Liz. The full moon above gave Tess more than enough light to see the two scantily clad figurers through Michael’s bedroom window.

“No,” she whispered into the night, her eyes ready to bulge out of her head in anger. “NO,” she said a little louder, hitting the side of the building with her open palm. She did not even notice the angry red wilt that was growing with her hasty action as he ranted and paced outside the window. “Shit, shit, shit, think...this can’t happen, this cannot be happening. Think, think, think, what do I do?” She couldn’t believe that after everything, all Liz had to do was take off her clothes and Max would drop everything to get back with her.

She had to do something quickly before they went too far. ‘This is already too far,’ she thought, but then the situation got worse than she thought possible. Her eyes and mouth opened in pure shock as a powerful glow began to pulse around the two lovers. “It’s beginning,” she spit out angrily. Tess’ eyes seemed to almost blaze in the night as she realized everything she feared was happening before her very eyes. She knew there was no way to stop what was already under way, what was now inevitable, so she relied on the only thing she could to postpone what was going to happen. She closed her eyes and began concentrating on a warp, no longer able to control the tears that slipped through her closed eyes.

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Re: Never Let You Go;M/L CC/Adult Ch6 11/11/08 a/n 1/25/09

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A week...a week and 1/2 whatever :roll:

Thanks to everyone that has left feedback...

LairaBehr4: thanks it doesn't happen enough though :oops:
Dreamers_fan_believe: i really hope you like this one too
Natalie36: Well she'll worry you a bit more here too
Alien_Friend: Thank you
DaleStateShorty:thank you i hope you read them and enjoyed them
keepsmiling7: thank you
Hunter: thank you
thetvgeneral: thank you

i have no problem admitting that i thrive on it :D. it's kinda like crack for me. you just get this itch and until you get that tiny hit you just arent quite satisfied :oops: (well ok maybe that was a little much :roll:)

ima stop now. thanks for waiting and i hope you like it.

here's a little recap to get you started...

From Ch. 5

“I want you too. I want us,” Liz said moving closer to Max.

Taking the same action Max moved closer to Liz, “Then we’ll fix this. We’ll fix everything. I want you, you’re all I ever wanted,” Max said before leaning in to kiss Liz with a passion he’d never known. He held her tight made love to her mouth with all the feeling he could draw as their connection roared to life.

Neither saw the light that began to emanate around them or the piercing eyes that watched them from the bedroom window. They were even too wrapped up in themselves to notice the commotion in the room next door.

From Ch. 6

“No listen,” Maria said stopping him. “I just thought of something. I don’t think it’s anything dangerous there. Remember the last time glowing was involved with Max and Liz…” Michael just made a face and turned to look at the door, “this is a lot more glowing, so…” she was ready to instruct him on what to do but she kept turning her eyes back to Alex bleeding on the couch. Pushing the first aid kit into Michael’s hands Maria went directly to Michael’s closed bedroom door. “Here, let me.”


Chapter 7

“Max do you feel that?” Liz asked when Max’s lips left hers for further exploration down her neck. Every molecule in her body was slowly heating up and it was the most incredible feeling Liz ever experienced.

Stopping to look Liz in her eyes, Max responded from his heart, “This is how I always feel around you Liz. You drive me crazy and I never want these feelings to end. I love you, now and forever.”

A brilliant smile crept onto Liz’s lips and she replied with words she wished she could have spoken to him first. “Don't you realize what you are to me...what you're always gonna be? You're the love of my life. Anyone else, would have been second best. There'll never be another you. I love you.”

“I remember that…I mean, I saw you say that to me…the other me in a flash before,” Max said matching her smile. His hands never stopped caressing her and he emphasized each statement with a kiss until Liz stopped him with a hand to his chest.

Liz pushed Max back slightly to say, “I meant every word then, as much as I do now Max Evans.” Her voice came out husky and deep; one hand rested on his cheek and the one on his chest slowly moved down to the hem of his shirt, before Liz helped him remove it from his body. Slowly, their lips met again as the golden glow that had been emanating from their bodies grew stronger.


A distant noise kept penetrating Kyle’s senses but he couldn’t quite place it. His head felt foggy and he wasn’t quite awake, but he definitely was not sleeping. This felt different… suffocating… drowning into a haze, but the incessant noise would not stop, until it did and Kyle met the floor with a hard thud.

“What the hell,” Kyle cursed as he came up from the floor only to hit his head with the bottom of the coffee table. “Fuck,” the expletive left his lips freely as he rolled over onto his bottom to sit on the floor and hold onto his throbbing head.


Kyle reached for the cell phone he dropped at the foot of the couch and in a pained voice let out a harsh, “What?”



“Yes, Vickie. Kyle where are you? I’ve been waiting for you. I’m wearing that bikini you said you liked. Why aren’t you here yet? You didn’t forget about me, did you?”

Her voice sounded a bit hurt and Kyle felt like a bit of a tool. He looked down at his clothes. He was still fully dressed in his tux; all he had taken off were his shoes. He still hadn’t said a word to Vickie and the voice on the other end quickly changed from hurt to outraged.

“Are you sleeping?”

“What, uh no, no…” Kyle answered quickly but unconvincingly.

“I don’t believe this…”

Kyle slowly stood up only to be met with a dizzy spell and finding his butt landing quickly on the sofa. “Listen Vickie, I’m sorry. I just have this splitting headache…”

“Look, Kyle if you changed your mind…”

“NO! No, I mean no…it’s not that…”

“Then get your cute little behind over here. I turned on the hot tub 20 minutes ago.”

Hot tub, right shit, “I-I *cough* uh yeah. I just stopped off at home to grab something for my head and to change…”

“Don’t worry about that and just get over here. I’ll be waiting.”

And with that she hung up the phone and Kyle found himself stumbling towards the kitchen looking for something to calm his head. He wondered if someone spiked the punch, but then thought against it when he realized all the aliens had been drinking from the same bowl. He needed to get his head straight if he was going to drive, but that thought quickly left his mind once he opened the front door and realized there was a car missing in the driveway.

A quick peek into Tess’ room had Kyle’s heart beating triple time. He didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but how could he not? This was Roswell after all, and following the year he had filled with one too many alien invasions and near death experiences, tonight just felt too weird. The last thing he remembered clearly was being in the limo. How did he get home again? He quickly picked up his cell and called Tess. No answer. He peaked into his dad’s room and found him much like he found himself earlier, fully clothed and on top of his somewhat made bed. He was tempted to wake his dad, but thought against it. It could be nothing. She could have decided to go for a drive…he could have really just been tired and not remembered falling asleep; it had in fact been a long day. He tried Tess again before giving up and moving onto Liz’s cell phone.


“Remember the last time glowing was involved with Max and Liz…” Maria reminded Michael and ignored the face he made when his hand let go of the knob, “this is a lot more glowing, so…” she was ready to instruct him on what to do, but she kept turning her eyes back to Alex bleeding on the couch. Pushing the first aid kit into Michael’s hands Maria went directly to Michael’s closed bedroom door. “Here, let me.”

The sound of a heavy guitar riff and the deep bass of sticks hitting drum skins ripped through the air effectively making everyone in living room jump three feet in their own skin.

Double vision,
Trippin on my words
Can't shake it off
face to the floor

“What the hell,” Isabel let out in a high whisper, holding onto Alex as if he were in immediate danger from someone in the room.

Undisguised things that I've never seen before
I go down like a deck of fallen cards
Like a deck of cards
Like a deck of cards. Yeah

“That’s my phone,” Maria said then. “It’s Kyle.”

“How do you know,” Michael questioned.

“‘Porcelain Buddah’ by Sunk Loto,” Alex said trying to laugh and get his bearings back only to groan at the pain in his head.

“Alex don’t,” Isabel started then turned to Maria, “Max,” she pleaded softly.

Contorted, distorted, it's livin' through me
We're living in a land of hypocrisy
Nowhere to run, no place to hide
My unscarred face hides my blackened darker side
Hides my darker side

Maria conceded then quickly added, “Pick it up; tell him to come with the Sheriff. Maybe he can help too.” Isabel nodded then reached for the phone.


Liz was enjoying everything Max was doing to her. Later she’d remember Madame Vivian’s words of ‘not being left wanting’ but once she’d lost her shirt and Max latched onto one pert breast, no one was on her mind but him.

They devoured each other’s bodies, touching, feeling, tasting everywhere they’d desired for so long and when the time came to remove the last two thin pieces of clothing left on their lower bodies Liz looked deep into her lovers eyes and said, “Max make love to me.”

Tears were streaming down Tess’ face like a river that had burst through a dam. She tried to warp the would-be lovers but wasn’t getting through their minds; blocked by the very light that was making them visible to her. Tess’ eyes opened to be greeted with the sight of her beloveds lips latched onto the now very naked Liz Parker’s breast. She’d always hated Liz but now she’d despised her, cursed the day she was born. She caught sight of Max’s hand moving ever so slowly down Liz’s body and her body involuntarily moved closer to the window. She tried not to envision herself and Liz switching places, knowing it would be useless and short of attacking them physically there was nothing that would stop them now…


Maria opened the door to Michael’s bedroom swiftly. The bright light momentarily blinded her, but she swiftly became accustomed to the light and had the courtesy to blush at what she walked in on. She’d known all along that this was the most likely scenario but knowing and seeing are two very different things, and now that she was in the situation she just wanted to get out. Closing her eyes with both hands over her face she tried to get Max and Liz’s attention. No words seemed to penetrate though, so with an exasperated sigh she turned to her boyfriend.

Michael, unlike Maria, had no problem looking at the couple in front of them with some sort of morbid fascination. He was stuck wondering if the first time Maria and him took this step they’d be succumb to this weird alien glow and if it would make things…better.

“Michael, stop looking and do something.” Maria scolded as Michael quickly averted his gaze back to Maria. “They can’t hear us. Use your powers and…” Maria stopped and just waved her hands gesturing in their direction at what Michael should do.

“You want me to blast them,” Michael asked confused. Raising his hand a bit he continued, “I mean maybe I could put it on a low blast…”

“What? No you idiot. What the hell is your problem? I just mean like push them off the bed of move the mattress from under them,” Maria said grabbing Michael’s hand before he did something stupid.

Michael thought the blast would be a better solution, slightly peeved at what his best friend thought was appropriate behavior on his bed, but he let it go. Alex needed attention now and they’ve been wasting too much time in this uncomfortable situation. When he peeked back to the bed his eyes bugged out when he saw where Max’s hand was going and with a bit of a mischievous smirk, ‘God, Max is going to kick my ass for this,’ he thought as he closed his eyes and raised a hand to yank the mattress out from under the couple.

Both Max and Liz scream but it is hardly in passion. Michael used the floating mattress as a barrier to cover the almost nude bodies and yelled out, “We have a situation, get dressed.”

“Michael? What the hell man…” Max started grabbing onto the blankets to cover their bodies, but Maria quickly jumped in.

“Guys it’s Alex. You have to come out here fast. You need to heal him Max.”

Still a bit shocked, Liz jumped in, “Maria what happened?”

The glow was gone, so Michael slowly lowered the mattress, still blocking Max and Liz from view, but exposing the window to Maria’s line of vision. In all the haste and embarrassing commotion, Maria was trying her hardest to avoid looking directly at the couple as she told them to just hurry up. “Alex needed help,” she stressed again. As she and Michael were about to give Max and Liz the space to get dressed, her eyes wandered to the window where angry blue eyes met shocked greens ones, “OH MY GOD!”

Everyone turned to Maria, but Liz was the first to take action. Wrapping the sheet around her body she got up over the mattress and said, “Maria, what’s wrong? Is it Alex? Max hurry…”

Maria’s hand rose to the window on instinct, but as everyone whipped their heads around Tess was already gone and all Maria could say was “That’s just sick, esa mardita loca… she’s just sick,” then turning to her confused friends Maria added, “Tess was at the window.”

Liz’s eyes almost bugged out of her head. She wrapped the blanket tighter around herself as a hundred different thought raced through her mind. Too much was going on, “We don’t have time to worry about that now. Let us throw some clothes on. We’ll be right out.”

Michael and Maria only nodded before walking out the door.

“Liz…” Max started but he didn’t quite know what to say.

“Don’t, please just don’t. Alex needs us; he needs you.” Liz tossed the blanket aside and threw the shirt she had on earlier while tossing Max his clothes.

“Let’s go,” Max said after getting dressed. He held his hand out to Liz and led her into the living room.

“MAX!” Isabel’s voice bellowed.

The daunting sight that followed Max and Liz’s entrance brought everyone’s stomachs into their throats.

“Alex,” Liz breathed barely above a whisper, “Oh God Alex,” she cried again before all hell broke loose.
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