Something More (AU, M/L, ADULT) COMPLETE, A/N, 9/1

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Something More (AU, M/L, ADULT) COMPLETE, A/N, 9/1

Post by Heavenli24 » Sat May 27, 2006 1:34 pm

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Title: Something More
Author: Heavenli24
Pairings/Couples/Category: M/L
Rating: MATURE
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.
Summary: Liz Parker is a senior in high school and is known to the majority of the senior class as the quiet, studious science geek. But not everything about her is quite as it seems. She’s harbouring a secret; one that she’s not planning on telling anyone about any time soon…well, no one except the one person who shares that secret, that is.
Author’s Note: This story is a little different from my usual stuff, but I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. It’s written as a mixture of normal parts and Interludes, which take place alternately in the story and I’ll be posting them in that way. Also, just to warn you now, it contains several adult scenes.









His hands are like fire on my skin, their warmth causing havoc on my senses. I can’t get enough of his hot, hard, muscular body. He nuzzles my neck, leaving a wet trail as his tongue flicks out to taste the skin there. My head falls back against the wall, and I clutch at his short, spiked hair with my fingers as his lips and hands work their magic on my body. I’m practically panting already and he’s only been here a matter of minutes

I gasp, a sharp intake of breath, as he runs his hands down over my lower back and to my butt. He squeezes lightly for a second, before cupping the back of my thighs and hoisting me up. Instinctively, I clamp my legs around his waist, whilst thanking God that I decided to wear a skirt today. Although come to think of it, I seem to be wearing skirts quite a lot these days. I shiver as my lower body encounters the bulge in his jeans and an aroused moan unintentionally escapes from my lips. God, what this man does to me!

I barely have time to adjust to the change in position before his nimble fingers make their way under the thin material of my panties and brush my clit lightly as he pulls them to one side. I feel like I’m about to explode as I wait for him to unzip his jeans, one-handed, and free himself from their confines. His hand returns to my butt and he supports me as I pull a secretly stashed condom from my bra, tear it open and roll it onto him. With a sigh of pleasure on both our parts, I lower my body and sink down onto him. God, this is heaven. I can’t believe I had to wait a whole weekend for this.

He begins thrusting into me eagerly and I wind my arms around his neck, cupping his head as I lean in to kiss him frantically. After several moments, he pulls away and looks at me with a pleading expression. I fight the urge to roll my eyes, as I already know exactly what he wants. With a faint smile, I reach for my top and unbutton it slowly, knowing that I’m most likely torturing him with my languid actions. My suspicion is confirmed when his hands squeeze my butt more forcefully and his thrusts become more impatient. Moving a little quicker, I pull my shirt open and undo the front clasp of my bra, exposing my bare breasts to his hungry gaze. I move my hands to my chest and cup the two globes of warm flesh. Unhurriedly, I massage and squeeze them, occasionally flicking my thumbs across the hardening nipples. I watch his face contort in pleasure at the sight before him and in return, he slips one hand round to stroke my clit. That’s all it takes. Less than a second later, he’s moving frantically inside me, as I roll my hips to match his rhythm and his lips take the place of my hands on my flesh. I can feel my release building up and I know that he’s close too. As a final gesture, I reach down to cup his balls in my hand, stroking them softly with my fingers, something that never fails to send him over the edge.

“Oh, God!” he moans quietly, so as not to disturb anyone outside the room. “Yes! Yes!”

His fingers quicken their movements on my clit, causing my orgasm to wash over me. With one final thrust, we fall apart in each other’s arms, clinging to each other as we ride out the overwhelming waves of pleasure.

It takes several minutes for my breathing to return to normal. I slide down his body as he carefully lowers my legs to the floor. We barely look at each other as he pulls off the condom and tucks himself back into his jeans as I fasten my bra and button my shirt. He’s ready before me and moves to the door.

“Same time tomorrow?” he asks with a wink.

I just nod and watch him disappear through the door. Once he’s gone, I finish tidying myself up, pick up my bag and make my way to homeroom.

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Post by Heavenli24 » Tue May 30, 2006 12:04 pm

Hey guys, thanks so much for the encouraging feedback :) . I was a little unsure about posting this story because it's a lot more adult than I usually write, so I'm glad you like it :) .

Thanks to:

Poison Ivy

Okay, here's Part 1 for you. Each part will be followed by an Interlude, so the next update after this will be Interlude I.


Part One

“Hey, look who it is…Little Miss Science Geek, all ready and raring to go!”

I close my eyes for a moment, clamping down on my anger at the sarcastic remark, before racking my brain for a suitable comeback.

“Yeah, well, this is a Biology class,” I reply scathingly, raising my eyes up to the cocky quarterback, who is smirking down at me as he stops at my desk. “It would be kinda stupid to take the class if I didn’t like science, now wouldn’t it?”

He just crosses his arms, rolls his eyes and scoffs at my retort before moving on towards the back of the room, his fellow team-mates following behind, not even bothering to hide their grins. I let out an annoyed sigh, shaking my head at them as they walk past me. Completely unintentionally, I look up as the last one passes and for one brief moment, our eyes meet. His expression unreadable, he averts his gaze a second later as if nothing happened and continues on to join his friends at the back of the classroom. Joking and laughing with them, he slides into a chair, completely engrossed in whatever weird conversation they are currently engaging in.

That guy…the eye contact one…was Max Evans, ladies and gentlemen; star athlete and most popular guy at West Roswell High. He is the Captain of the football team and the most totally and completely out-of-my-league person in the entire school. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t seem to be able to say a nice word to anyone who is not part of his little ‘popular’ group. And his friends…don’t even get me started on them! The worst one, John Matthews – the quarterback – was the one laughing at me just now. I just don’t know how it is that anyone can be that unaware of people’s feelings all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Max himself is the most pleasant person in the world to be around, but at least he doesn’t put people down and expose their worst weaknesses in front of everyone. No, with Max, it’s more like if he doesn’t consider you cool enough to talk to, you don’t even get an acknowledgement.

Okay, so here’s the thing: despite what I’ve just told you about Max Evans, I may just have a teeny, tiny little thing for him. I mean there’s no denying that the guy is gorgeous; he definitely has the tall, dark and handsome thing down; but there’s something else too. There’s something mysterious about him, he has this charisma about him that just seems to make every girl fall at his feet.

Well, every girl except me, that is; because, you see, he may look like the perfect man, but I’m not naïve enough to think that he would actually make good boyfriend material, or that he would ever settle down, especially not with someone like me. But hey, we can all have our fantasies of a perfect world, right?

Besides, it’s not like I’m a complete science nerd or anything. I mean, I do enjoy the subject and well, school in general, but I do have friends and a life outside of it. Unfortunately, this is high school and so-called first impressions of people tend to stick. Although, if I’m honest, I don’t really mind that much if people label me a geek; I know that there’s much more to my personality than that; and I have friends, close friends who like me for who I am and don’t judge me, just as I don’t judge them. Besides, isn’t it better to have a small group of really great friends who like and respect you, than have loads of casual acquaintances who claim to be your friend but chances are, they just want to use you to gain popularity?

So basically, this scene just seems like your average, run-of-the-mill, ‘science-loving geek in love with good-looking popular guy’ high school situation; but you see, there is a twist to this little tale.

Because said science-loving girl (a.k.a. me – and my name is Liz Parker, by the way) has a secret; one that no one else knows, and that no one else will ever know, judging by the current state of affairs.

Well, okay, that’s not quite true.

One other person does know my secret, because it’s actually their secret too.

Who, you might ask?

Well, that would just be telling…


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Post by Heavenli24 » Fri Jun 02, 2006 10:43 am

Thanks for the feedback, guys :) :

behrluv32 - Thanks :) .

dreamsatnight - Ah, now that would be telling :wink: !!

Behrsgirl77 - Thank you :) . Would you believe that I didn't intentionally write Liz as comical?!

LairaBehr4 - I'm pleased you think so :) - I was a little self-conscious about posting the adult parts :roll: .

Blue*Soul - Oh no, she's not meant to be a tease :o !! The details will come out eventually :wink: .

clueless - Thank you :) .

LoveIsForever - I'm not going to say anything for fear of giving away the plot :wink: .

abbs007 - Thanks :) .

ShatteredDreamer - Thanks :) . I have no doubt that you won't tell, but I doubt it'll make the secret come out quicker :lol: !

A/N: Sorry the parts are so short in this fic - I feel kinda bad that they're only a few hundred words rather than a couple of thousand, but that's just the way they turned out :roll: .


Interlude I

I sigh and lean against the counter. It’s not even halfway through my shift, the Crashdown is heaving and I’m just not in the mood to deal with irate customers right now, not to mention the fact that the booth in the corner currently contains several of the football team, including John Matthews and Max Evans, and said booth just happens to be in my section.

“Hey, Dad,” I call from my position next to the smoothie machine. “I’m taking a break.”

“Okay, sweetie,” he replies. “Don’t be long, though, it’s busy tonight.”

“I won’t.”

Wearily, I make my way to the backroom and with a sigh of relief, lean my head back against the row of lockers next to the bathroom. I jump when the bathroom door suddenly opens and a hand reaches out to grab my hand and pulls me inside.

It’s him.

“What -?”

“Shh, don’t say anything,” he warns softly as he lowers his mouth to the side of my neck. His hands creep between our bodies and tug at the opening of my Crashdown uniform. I feel him smirk against my skin as the poppers come undone and he pushes the material aside, pulling it down my arms. He lifts me up and perches me on the ledge next to the sink. Quicker than I can comprehend, he unclasps my bra and pulls it off me, doing the same with my panties a moment later, and dropping both articles to the floor. I feel vulnerable in this position, practically naked before him, but at the same time, an erotic thrill sweeps through my body at the thought of all the people innocently enjoying their meals just beyond the door, not to mention my father, and the fact that we could get caught any minute.

My mind goes blank, however, when his tongue flick across my already aroused nipple and his fingers slip between my legs, caressing my lips lightly. Feeling a little guilty that he’s doing all the work here, I reach for his belt and unfasten his pants. My eyes widen, and I gulp as he springs free. No matter how many times we’ve had sex, the sight of him, hard and ready for me, never fails to send desire shooting through me.

He enters me with two fingers as I wrap my hand around him. He lifts his head from my breast and braces it on my shoulder as we set up a unique rhythm, his fingers thrusting inside me in time with my strokes. I feel the pressure building up, and I realise that he must know I’m close, because he begins gently flicking my clit with his thumb. As I get closer to release, my hand involuntarily pumps him faster and harder, and within moments, we’re both crying out in ecstasy.

As we try to catch our breath, we let go of each other, still panting heavily, and he sets about cleaning both of us up. When he’s done, I slide off the ledge and reach for my bra and panties, but he grabs them from me and stuffs them in his pocket.

“Sorry, I’m keeping these for a while,” he smirks.

My jaw drops open. Surely, he can’t expect me to finish my shift with no underwear? Obviously he does, because he grabs my uniform and slips it on me. As he fastens it up, his hands brush lightly against my clit, and then my sensitive nipples and I feel myself getting wet all over again.

God, how am I going to last another two hours in this state?

He doesn’t seem to care about my embarrassing predicament though, because all he does is give himself the once-over in the mirror, plant a quick kiss on my lips and leave the room with a wink.

“Bastard,” I mutter beneath my breath and quickly lock the door again so that no one else can come in. I look at myself in the mirror. I’m a mess. I curse him for his impulsive nature, although even as I’m doing so, I can’t deny that I enjoyed it.


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Post by Heavenli24 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 12:47 pm

Thanks to everyone who left feedback for the last part - I really appreciate it :) :

dreamsatnight - Thanks :) .

LairaBehr4 - You don't have to go into details, don't worry :) . Thanks for your reassurance though, it's given me a bit more confidence in posting this :) .

Erina - You'll just have to wait and see what's next :wink: .

L-J-L 76 - Thanks :) . First off, whoever said it was Max and Liz in the Eraser room and the Crashdown? :wink: Don't worry, all your questions will be answered in the end :) and as for Liz and Max's friends, this next part should give you some more insight.

Mica - Thank you, here's the next part for you now :) .

A/N: Just a quick note to say that there is a little UC in this fic, but not much. I posted the story here because I decided there wasn't enough UC in it for the Alien Abyss board.


Part Two

“Hey Liz, wait up!”

At the eager shout, I stop walking down the corridor and turn to face the direction of the sound. I smile; it’s Maria and Alex, my two best friends in the world. I wait for them to reach my side, Maria greeting me with an impulsive hug and Alex leaning down to plant a soft kiss on my lips. Oh, didn’t I mention? Alex is kind of my boyfriend. See, the three of us have been friends since elementary school; we’ve always done everything together. Until last summer, that is. At the end of junior year, Maria was offered this great opportunity to stay with her aunt in New York for the summer, which left Alex and I to fend for ourselves.

We kinda grew close over the two months Maria was out of town and by the time senior year began, we were dating. Our relationship is not exactly what you would call serious, or passionate even, I mean we haven’t slept together or anything; but for now, it suits us. It’s nice to have someone to share thoughts and feelings, and even kisses with. I think we both know that it’s not going to be a long-term thing; that we’re only really with each other to fill the empty void that not being in love leaves. But for now, I’m happy.

“So, chica, what did you get up to last night?”

I shrug, “Not much. Unlike some people, I don’t seem to be able to get out of working four nights a week. By the time I finished my shift, I was too exhausted to do anything else.”

Maria shrugs too, “Hey, it’s not my fault if your parents own the restaurant and you just happen to always be around to lend a hand.”

I shoot her a withering look, but before I can think of a suitable response, Alex steps between us, slinging an arm over my shoulder.

“Hey, come on ladies, that’s enough. We’re late for class as it is; we don’t need you two holding us up any more than necessary.”

“Fine,” I sigh. “Let’s go then.”

We start walking to class together. Alex moves his arm from my shoulders and instead loops it round my waist. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Maria rolling her eyes. I’m not really mad at her, you know; it’s just kinda fun to wind her up sometimes.

As we near the classroom, we see that an embracing couple is halfway blocking the doorway. Great. It’s Max Evans and his girlfriend - or should I say, flavour of the week - and they’re practically going at it right there in front of the English classroom. We come to a stop about a foot away from them and Maria angrily clears her throat.

Excuse me,” she exclaims. “This is a classroom, not a pay-by-the-hour hotel room!”

At the sudden interruption, Max removes his tongue from the cheerleader’s throat and glares at Maria.

“It’s a free country,” he retorts.

But, Maria isn’t having it and folds her arms in a no-nonsense fashion. After a brief angry staring match, he sighs.

“Fine. Come on, Tess, We’ll continue this later.”

He waits for ‘Tess’ to straighten her clothes, before grabbing her hand and leading her into the room. Just before he sits down, he turns his head in our direction again. His eyes meet mine for a moment, his expression blank as usual. Just as quickly, he turns back to the blonde cheerleader and resumes flirting with her. I roll my eyes and nod absently as Maria goes off on one of her ‘teenage males are scum’ rants, as we enter the classroom ourselves.


“So chica,” Maria starts, as I place my lunch tray down on the table, “you coming out with us Friday night? It’s the big game remember?”

“Geez, give me a chance to sit down, why don’t you?”

She actually has the gall to look apologetic. “Sorry…it’s just; you know how Alex and I get about basketball. I’m already planning the seating arrangement and transport.”

I manage to suppress a giggle at how Maria can be so organised over attending a basketball game, but somehow she never seems to be able to turn her homework in on time.

“Sure, count me in,” I tell her before taking a sip of my orange juice. “It starts at seven-thirty, right?”

“Yep. I’ll pick you up at seven and then we can swing by Alex’s on the way.”

“Alright, that’s fine by me. Hey, where is Alex, by the way?” I look around but I don’t see him.

“Hey, don’t look at me,” she retorts. “He’s your boyfriend.”

I don’t know what it is, but ever since Maria found out about Alex and me, she’s been kind of funny about our relationship. To be honest, I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s jealous; not because I’m dating Alex, since in her own words, ‘I wouldn’t date Alex in a million years!’, but because it’s changed the dynamic of our childhood friendship.

Alex chooses that moment to arrive at our table, saving me from answering, as he takes a seat next to me and leans in for a kiss. We pull apart however, when Maria suddenly snorts.

“God, what is his problem?”

“What is whose problem?” I wonder, turning away from Alex to look at her.

She nods towards a table behind us. “Max Evans,” she spits. “He’s just sitting there glaring at me! God, he’s not still annoyed about this morning, is he? ‘Cos that would just be pathetic.”

With a frown, I turn my head to peer at the tables behind me. Sure enough, there he is. Max Evans; staring in our direction with a thunderous expression. I shoot him a glare on behalf of both Maria and myself and promptly turn my back on him again.

“Just ignore him,” I advise. “He’s probably pissed off that he didn’t have time to get in Tess’ pants earlier.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” she scoffs, dismissing him with a wave of her hand. “He’s not even worth thinking about anyway.”

“So, anyway…” Alex uses the opportunity to speak up. “I take it we’re all sorted for the game Friday night?”

“Yep,” says Maria. “I can’t wait. It’s supposed to be the closest game of the season. I’d say we’re in for some action Friday night.”

As the two of them start intently discussing the team’s line up for the game, I return to my lunch; although for some reason, I can’t seem to get Max Evans’ stony expression out of my mind.


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Post by Heavenli24 » Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:27 pm

Thanks for the feedback and your thoughts on this story :) :

behrluv32 - You're probably right, but I didn't say either of them were perfect :wink: . Remember, there's been no mention yet of who exactly Liz is having secret sex with - who's to say it's Max at all? and also, who says there are any feelings involved in all of this? I certainly haven't specified yet :wink: :) .

LairaBehr4 - I'm not saying anything about whether it's Max or not! Yeah, Liz is supposed to be what is she doing? Good question! Her actions aren't exactly conventional, but does she always have to do the right thing here? :wink: . As for Max, who knows what's going through his mind right now!

LegalAlien - Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) .

anonymousarfan - Thanks :). We'll learn more about Liz and Alex's relationship soon, but since the UC is only slight, I wouldn't read into it too much.

dreamsatnight - Yeah, you could be right about standard high school relationships (I don't actually know - we have different high school dynamics here) :) .

Mica - Thanks :). Liz and Alex...I agree it's not something that you see often in fics (I'm not too keen on the pairing either, so don't expect to see too much of it) but that's how it worked for this story.

Erina - Yeah, I got fed up of the 'Liz is alone and quiet while Max is the only one hooking up with the opposite sex' storylines :) .

behrlyliz - Thank you :) . The question is, is there any meaning behind those quick glances, or are they simply coincidental?

clueless - Thanks :) .

RASaero611 - I actually agree - I'm not an Alex/Liz fan (True Bluer? Is that the right shipper term?), but in this case, it's more of a friendship masquerading as something more. And Max...well, he could have just been glaring at Maria, who knows? :wink: The other question is whether there is any jealousy involved at all ? :P

Zansgirl - Thank you :) .

sydniepaige - Thanks - glad you like it :) .

ShatteredDreamer - Yeah, I haven't seen the Liz/Alex pairing often in fics, although I would be including much of it. As for the question of whether Max is jealous...maybe, maybe not :wink: and yes you will find out how the secret rendezvous started eventually :) .

A/N: I also wanted to drop this off, which I just found out about today :D :

for You Can Always Count On Me


Interlude II

It’s half time and I’m standing in line for popcorn. Something brushes against my butt - a hand - and I instinctively know it’s him. He doesn’t get too close and at first, I think he’s there for the same reason I am, but then he slips something into my hand, a piece of paper, and leaves the line. Careful not draw attention to myself, I unfold the note and scan over it.

North end of the bleachers - 2 minutes.

I look up quickly, but I can’t see him anywhere. With a quick glance around to make sure no one’s paying attention, I pretend that I’ve changed my mind about popcorn and move away from the refreshment stand. A coil of heat forms in my stomach, as I think about what I’m about to do - and in public, no less!

It takes a little longer than two minutes, but eventually I manage to slip behind the darkened bleachers. He’s already standing there, waiting for me. He doesn’t even wait for a greeting; instead, his strong arms come around me as he urges me to wrap my legs around him. I cry out at the feel of his erection pressing into me, rubbing against my most sensitive spot.

“I didn’t see you this morning,” he whispers as he fumbles with my top. “I waited for you.”

“Sorry about that,” I manage. “I had to see Mr. Seligman before class,” I explain between ragged gasps. “I’ll make it up to you, though.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure of that,” he smirks.

He doesn’t waste time with removing our clothes; he simply releases himself from his pants, slips a condom on and pulls my panties aside roughly.

“God, I need you,” he pants, as he trusts into me forcefully.

All I can do is cling to him tightly as his energetic strokes cause my body to move up and down above him. The thrill of having sex in a public place, especially one filled with thousands of teenagers, where anyone could walk in on us as any moment, just adds to the excitement and before I know it, I’m coming. Hard. My short, breathy gasps become low moans of pleasure and the orgasmic sensations ripple through my entire body.

Man, I don’t know how I ever lived without this!

A few minutes later, we both find our release and then slowly come down from the high it produced. He doesn’t let go of me though, but instead opts to slip his hands beneath the hem of my top and flatten them against my lower back, rubbing lightly. I shiver at the contact and can’t seem to stop my own hands from curling round the muscles of his upper arms and running my fingers over them. We stay like that for a few moments, gently caressing and stroking each other.

That’s the thing about these ‘meetings’ of ours; they’re merely about touching and feeling and our own enjoyment. We don’t talk, we don’t think, we just act on our instincts; and in a way, that’s what makes it so good.

When I slip back into my seat next between Alex and Maria at the end of half time, I have to struggle to keep the grin off my face. I feel…well, liberated, I guess…and I like it.


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Post by Heavenli24 » Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:30 pm

Thank you to everyone who left feedback for the last part :) :

behrlyliz - Thank you :). You'll find out eventually, but not just yet :wink: .

RASaero611 - You will find out who it is in the end, I promise :) .

Zansgirl - Thank you :) .

tabby - Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) and here's the next update for you...

anonymousarfan - Thanks :) - new part coming up...

LairaBehr4 - I don't mean to protest too much :lol: , I just don't want to give anything away, but at the same time, I'll feel rude if I don't say anything at all in response to your feedback :) .
LairaBehr4 wrote:Hey, I never said Liz had to be a saint, but her behavior here isn't merely unconventional, as you say, but it's down right dubious and deceitful. That is definitely very un-Liz. She hears the way Maria talks about Max's playboy ways, she recognizes her position in this interesting little triangle of a friendship with Alex and Maria, and she just doesn't seem to be thinking about what her actions mean, not only for herself, but for her friendships and even her working relationships (assuming Maria and Liz work at the Crash together). Not to mention the lovely double standard for boys and girls is even worse in high school, so while whoever her partner is (and again, I'm voting for Max) will probably be high-fived in the hallways and asked to recount their exploits in the locker room, Liz will be (more than likely) labeled as a slut for her behavior. I don't argue that either of them is better than the other, but that doesn't mean that they'll be treated the same way after the shit hits the fan.
Crap, you've got me thinking now :lol: ! Basically, when I came up with the idea and wrote the story, I was basing it on how the situation would play out if it happened in my high school (not that you could get away with having sex on school property, but what the hell!). And since the high school politics are pretty different here, Liz and her partner probably wouldn't experience the slut label/high-fives from the guys, and the whole thing wouldn't be that big a deal if it came out. Also, most of the more popular guys at my school were actually pretty decent underneath their reputations - if they slept around it was with girls/women they met in nightclubs or bars, not at school, and several of them actually had steady girlfriends, who were friends with all the guys, so as far as I know there wasn't much 'locker room talk' going on (mostly because the locker rooms were only really used by the 11 to 14-year-olds and Sports Science students). If anything, it was the girls in my year that slept around, not the guys!
As for Alex, Liz and Maria...Alex and Liz know that what they have is not serious and neither would be that upset if the other found someone else, and Maria is feeling uncomfortable because she doesn't know how to act around them anymore.

Okay, I'm gonna stop rambling now...sorry :oops: .

abbs007 - Thank you :) .

clueless - Thanks :) - here you go...a new part.

ShatteredDreamer - I was wondering if the basketball/football thing would get noticed :lol: - so you're right, it could be Max.

dreamsatnight - Sorry, I'm not at liberty to say just yet (sorry, I've been watching too much CSI) :lol: .

Mica - Thanks :), and the updates are quick because the story's already finished :lol: .

JMoore - Thank you :), your questions will get answered eventually. PS. Welcome to the board, I hope you'll have fun here :) .


Part Three

I have to suppress a groan when the teacher announces today’s assignment and whom we’re to work with. Of all people, I get stuck with John Matthews (the quarterback, remember?), and his ever-present sidekick and fellow football jock, Sam Davis. The two of them always seem to take great pleasure in tormenting me and calling me a nerd, and as a result, they never get any kind of work done in class. Ever.

Oh well, looks like my grade in this class is about to take a nosedive.

“Hey, Davis,” John nudges his friend with his elbow as they approach my table. “Look who we have the pleasure of working with on this fine day. The ultimate nerd!”

Beside him, Sam sniggers and I have to work hard to keep my expression pleasant and unaffected.

“Well,” he continues, “at least this means we’ll get a good grade on this assignment.” He slides into the seat next to me whilst Davis plonks himself down at the other side of the table. “Isn’t that right, Miss Goody Two Shoes?”

I keep silent, knowing that if I open my mouth to speak, I’ll say something I’ll regret.

“What? You got nothing to say to that? No lame comeback?” he jibes.

Again, I ignore his comment and start looking over my notes for the assignment.

“Hey, Davis, what do you think? If she’s this compliant about doing our work for us, I wonder what she’ll be like in the sack? We could probably do anything we wanted to her and she wouldn’t complain.” He looks over at another table. “Hey, Evans,” Across the room, Max looks up from his desk. “What about it? An orgy with Little Miss Science Geek here? I bet we could have some fun with her!” His words have me seething. I may not want to cause a scene, but there is no way anyone talks to me like that!

Max doesn’t reply to the comment, but he briefly shifts his gaze from John, to me, and back to John again, before sending him a withering ‘Her? Are you out of your mind?’ glare.

I turn to John, my control snapping. “You know what? You’re scum. All of you. Do you have nothing better to do than waste your energy being rude to me? Well, I’m not going to let you or anyone else walk over me anymore. If you want a good grade in this class, you’re going to have to earn it yourself. And as for sleeping with you? I wouldn’t touch you with a bargepole - I have much higher standards, thank you very much!”

“Ooh, someone’s testy!” he retorts immediately, apparently unaffected by my outburst. “Hey, never mind, Evans,” he calls across the room again. “Looks like she’s frigid!”

I close my eyes and count to five, repeating ‘he’s not worth it…he’s not worth it’ over and over in my mind. I look up at the clock; still twenty minutes left to go. With an angry glare at my two assignment partners, I grab my notes and move to the other end of the table. Ignoring them, I get to work on the assignment. I keep my head down, with my eyes fixed on the book in front of me for a good five minutes, but soon my concentration begins to wander. I feel a tingling on the back of my neck, as if someone’s watching me, but when I look up everyone appears to have their heads buried in their books. I shake my head and return to the assignment.

I breathe a sigh of relief when the bell finally rings and I can leave the hell that is known as History class. I meet Maria and Alex outside in the corridor. They just had a free period and so we have a few spare minutes to talk before they go off to their next class and I head for the library to get some studying done.

As we stand by a row of lockers and catch up on the morning’s events - I inform them of the display John Matthews put on in History - the jocks exit the classroom and form a small huddle opposite the three of us. They’re all laughing heartily and every now and then, one of them will look over at me and smirk. I roll my eyes.

“Come on, guys, let’s go. You two will be late for class if we don‘t hurry up,” I say quickly. Anything to get anyway from those animals for a while. Alex and Maria grab their bags and we make our way down the corridor. As we pass the group of sniggering adolescent males, I feel that strange tingling sensation again. I glance around quickly and come face to face with Max Evans.

“Excuse me,” I murmur, brushing past him quickly. He frowns slightly, but moves to the side to let me pass nonetheless.

Maria and Alex’s next class is just down the hall, so I leave them at the door and start towards the library. I’m just passing the Eraser room, when suddenly someone grabs my arm. I don’t even have time to look around and check that no one is watching, before the door opens and I’m pulled inside.


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Post by Heavenli24 » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:52 pm

Thanks for all your feedback and comments, I really appreciate hearing your thoughts :) :

Gaby7tvm - Not for too much longer, I swear...just a couple more parts :) .

clueless - Thanks :) . You'll find out soon, don't worry.

kittens - That's a good question, actually, one I hadn't thought of before. I'll see what I can do :wink: .

Behrsgirl1230 - Sorry :P , I'm back now though.

Erina - I guess that's for the guys to know and the rest of us to wonder about, huh?

TrudyGill23 - Thanks :) .

abbs007 - See the reply to kittens above :wink: .

behrluv32 - Maybe that's how Liz and Max have acted around each other for years and that's just how things are? :) As for Liz snapping... Max's glare across the courtyard was almost a week ago, and she dismissed it immediately, just like she did with all his rude actions - She was never mad at him in the first place :) .

Lolita - You'll find out eventually how it got started :) .

behrlyliz - I guess the real questions is: do either of them actually want to go public? And if it is Max, does she even care how he acts around her?

Alex Balex - Thanks :) .

Behrsgirl77 - I know what you mean :lol: and who's to say it was his idea?

L-J-L 76 - Thanks :) and your questions will be answered in the next few parts :) .

dreamsatnight - You're right, I'm going gonna answer yet :P .
Zansgirl - More is on the way :) .

Pheobe04 - I'm thinking about doing something from his POV, but I'm not sure what yet :) .

JMoore - Well, you've got at least 5 more interludes to get through, so I guess you'd better stick with your Max idea, in order to read them :lol: . And of course I do know the who, why and how and you know what? I am having a ball :wink: .

Jason's Lover - Thank you :) .

RASaero611 - As far as the jocks go, Liz probably just ignores them most of the time!

tabby - You'll find out soon :) .

LairaBehr4 - I meant that your FB made me wonder if I'd completely overlooked an important aspect of the relationships between the characters - which is not a good thing when the story is already finished! Maybe Liz did let them off too easily in the lab, but when you hear those kinds of comments from them every day, I guess it's hard to take them seriously.
LairaBehr4 wrote:Okay, what high school do YOU go to that doesn't enforce the double standard? Cuz I think that's where I want to send my kids.
Okay, the double standard was there to some extent, but if it had happened at my school, people probably wouldn't have reacted much to it. I think that in some ways, British kids can grow up quicker than US kids. We can buy cigarettes, leave school, go into full-time employment, and have sex legally at the age of 16. Plus, despite the reserved stereotype, sex is not as much of a taboo subject here as it can be in the US (in the UK, I gather Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction' was just considered amusing, not inappropriate) so by the final year no one really cared who was sleeping with who; it was more of a 'been there, done that when I was 15' sort of attitude :roll: .

Aoedele - Thanks :) , and I'll tell you now: it's not Michael!

ShatteredDreamer - It's definitely a teenage boy thing. The guys at my school used to try to embarrass the quiet, shy girls by making suggestive comments just to see how they'd react!

A/N: I just want to say thank you to Behrsgirl77 for making a wonderful banner for this fic :) :


A/N #2: I'll apologise now for this Interlude being so short, but don't worry, the parts will be getting a bit longer after this :) .


Interlude III

“God, you are so hot right now,” he murmurs throatily, his hands grabbing my hips from behind. He presses his lower body against me so that his hardness nestles between my denim-covered butt cheeks and walks me towards a table against the wall. “You should stand up for yourself more often.”

His hands slide up to my breasts and he cups them over the material of my shirt, squeezing gently. A whimper escapes my lips as the feel of his thumbs running back and forth over my nipples sends tingles shooting down my spine and straight to my groin. I feel myself getting wet and my heart rate quickens in anticipation.

My stomach muscles contract involuntarily when he reaches down and unfastens my jeans, before slipping his hand beneath my panties. His fingers walk their way down through my curls and when they reach their destination, he slips one between my lower lips, encountering my wetness. He nuzzles my neck, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin there as his fingers start up a pleasure-inducing rhythm.

The closer I get to the edge, the more he angles my body down towards the tabletop.

“Put your hands on the table,” he murmurs breathily.

Normally I might hesitate about being in this position, but I am so turned on right now, that I’ll do pretty much anything. I lower the top half of my body down towards the table surface. All too quickly, his fingers disappear from my clit. The protest freezes in my throat however, when his hands cup my butt briefly and then he pulls my jeans and panties down. His hands leave my body completely, and for a moment, I feel incredibly vulnerable, but the second I hear the sound of his zipper being lowered, the self-conscious feeling goes away.

I feel his hands on my hips again and I almost jump when he steps closer and his hardness comes into contact with my bare buttocks. He leans down until I can feel the skin of his stomach against my lower back and his breath on my ear.

“Condom?” he asks.

“My bra,” I rasp in reply, closing my eyes when he reaches in and retrieves it from the lacy material.

He slips it on and positions himself at my entrance.

“You ready?” he checks.

“God, yeah…”

That’s all he seems to need and within seconds, he’s thrusting into me eagerly. At first, his hands rest on my hips, guiding my movements, but once I get the hang of it, he moves them back to my breasts and then alternates between massaging them and stroking my clit. The pleasure is almost overwhelming and I tremble as he fills me up again and again.

It feels like an age since we went at it behind the bleachers Friday night and my body finally releases all the tension that has been building up over the last few days.

I don’t know what I’ll do when the inevitable happens and we have to stop doing this.


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Post by Heavenli24 » Mon Jun 12, 2006 11:14 am

Thank you for the feedback - I'm really enjoying reading and replying to it :) . I know the Interlude was short, but hopefully the next few parts will make up for that (both in length and in content) :) :

Pheobe04 - Thanks :) - not too long now before we find out who it is.

behrlyliz - Thanks. Just curious - what double meaning were you thinking of with his statement? My brain's being a bit sluggish today :lol: .

dreamsatnight - Thanks :) .

JMoore - Well it was finished before I started posting, but I'm in the process of adding a couple more parts to finish it off properly :) .

Aoedele - Don't worry, you'll find out who it is soon :wink: .

behrluv32 - Thanks :) .

ShatteredDreamer - Yep, he was in her class :). And about them having to stop - what does that say about the nature of the relationship, if Liz is not expecting it to last much longer? :wink: .

Thumbelina - You know, despite the courtyard glare (which may or may not have been directed at her) and the look of distaste in the classroom, Max hasn't actually done much to Liz except treat her with indifference - just like he does anyone else who's not one of his friends. And the look in class...I'd say it was more the response that John and Sam were looking for from him than anything else - which is something that Liz would most likely understand anyway :) .

RASaero611 - Thanks :) .

LairaBehr4 - The problem with the setting of this story is that I wanted to do something set in the US, but then kind of used the hs politics that I grew up with - which makes things a bit complicated :roll: Here, we don't have such a clear cut distinction between 'jocks' and 'nerds' - mainly because we don't have 'jocks' as such (if you want to play sports professionally, you leave school at 16 and train at a proper sports club - you don't get into professional teams by playing in hs and college). The majority of the popular guys at my school, were actually very smart - a couple applied to Oxford and Cambridge and a some of the others are lawyers and scientists now! There wouldn't have be much point in informing the guys at my school that I had more brain cells than them, since they were in the same advanced Physics/Maths etc. classes as me and were straight A students!


Part Four

‘Oh great,’ I groan, as the bell above the Crashdown door sounds and in walks Tess Harding, on the arm of none other than Mr. Max ‘I’m God’s gift’ Evans. I roll my eyes. Could this day get any worse?

I guess so, I decide, as they take a seat in my section. I take a deep breath, square my shoulders and approach them, order pad in hand.

“Good evening, my name is Liz and I’ll be your waitress tonight,” I inform them, through gritted teeth, a forced smile appearing on my face. “What can I get you?”

Tess looks up at me in disdain, as if I have no right to be in her presence. I mean, how does she think she’s gonna get anything to eat if I don’t take her order? Geez!

Max sends Tess an unreadable look, before cutting in, “She’ll have a Caesar salad, low fat dressing and a mineral water.” He sounds amused as he rattles off her order and then watches how Tess nods in approval at his choice.

I roll my eyes as I scribble it down on my order pad. Typical cheerleader - eats no calories at all - I wonder how she has the energy to cheer on that diet.

“And I’ll have a double cheeseburger, large fries and a chocolate milkshake,” Max adds purposefully, although I notice how he deliberately leaves out the food’s alien-themed names. Hey, I can’t help it if my dad has lame ideas for the restaurant’s menu! I bite back a grin as Tess glares at him, presumably because of his idea of good nutrition.

“Okay, got it. I’ll be right back with your drinks,” I tell them, shoving the pad into my apron.

I deliver the drinks and then the food to their table, accidentally letting out a snort when Tess eyes Max’s plate of junk food longingly and then looks down at her own salad in disappointment before reluctantly tucking in. Once I’ve completed their order and I’m satisfied that I have attended to all my customers, I slip into the booth in the back, where Alex and Maria are currently sitting. I’m still smirking over the whole Max and Tess thing as I greet them.

“What’s up with you?” demands Maria when a giggle escapes my mouth.

“Oh, nothing, just Tess Harding’s eating habits, that’s all,” I tell her with a smirk.

Maria looks over at their table. “Oh God, what did that airhead do now?”

“Okay, get this,” I start with a grin “She orders a salad and mineral water and then stares at Evans’ burger and fries, her mouth watering as if she’s been stranded on a desert island and hasn’t seen food in months!”

Maria rolls her eyes, “Typical.”

“I know!”

We sit comfortably in the booth for several minutes, just chatting about this and that, until I notice a customer signalling for my attention. I get up to attend to them, but Tess stops me on my way back to our table. She wants to upgrade her water to a Diet Coke. With a sigh, I fetch it for her, place it in front of her and then turn to leave. As I walk past them, I feel something brush against my leg. It’s Max’s foot.

“So, guys,” I say as I slide back into the booth, “what’s going on Friday night? Are we going out somewhere?”

Maria frowns, “Uh, Liz, don’t you and Alex have a date planned Friday night?” She looks to Alex, who nods. Oops, I totally forgot that we’d agreed to go to the movies this weekend. Actually, I haven’t exactly been a great girlfriend lately. Alex and I haven’t been on a proper date in weeks. To be honest, I think the two of us are more like friends who hug and kiss occasionally than a couple in a relationship.

“Oh, uh, yeah we do. Sorry, Alex, I guess it slipped my mind,” I apologise.

He shrugs, “Hey, no problem. You know, how about we all go together Friday, save Maria from a lonely night in front of the TV?” I sigh in relief; looks like Alex might be on the same page I am in our ‘relationship’.

Maria holds her hands up in protest. “Hey, I don’t wanna intrude or anything. You two just go alone, I don’t mind.”

I lean towards her. “Hey, it’s okay, we don’t mind. Come with us,” I insist.

She reluctantly agrees and I share a look with Alex, who smiles; I guess we’re just gonna go back to being friends again then, which is fine with me.

“Oh look, Little Miss Up Herself and her ‘I’m All That’ toy boy are finally done,” Maria snorts suddenly. I look towards the front of the café, and sure enough, Max and Tess are waiting impatiently by the cash register. I raise my eyebrows at Alex and Maria, before getting up to serve them.

“Back in a minute, guys.”

I reach the register and paste a smile on my face. “Thank you for dining at the Crashdown this evening. I hope everything was to your satisfaction.”

All I get is a scoff from Tess and a strained “Yes, thank you,” from Max.

“Okay then, that’ll be $9.35 then, please.”

Max reaches into his wallet and hands me the money, his hand briefly brushing against mine as I take it from him. I place it in the till and print off their receipt. When I look up again, I find Max looking at me, a weird expression on his face.

That’s strange, I think, as I watch them leave. He’s never given me much more than a blank stare before.


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Hey guys, thanks for your FB :) :

Behrsgirl1230 - Don't worry, we're getting closer to finding out who it is :) .

RASaero611 - Yeah, you probably would get something from Liz's POV normally, but it was my deliberate intention not to have her give anything away with her thoughts :P .

kittens - I guess you do get cliques within all types of people. My school was fairly small compared to some and since half of the year group left school at 16, there was only about 100 of us left by Senior year. Although there still were a few clique-y people, everyone pretty much got on with everyone else - if someone had a big party, basically everyone was invited, regardless of whether they were cool or nerdy, or whatever :) .

belleoftheball - See, the confusion is all part of the fun :wink: ! And to answer your question: yes, I did have to leave it there, but hopefully this next Interlude will cheer you up a bit :P .

Poison Ivy - Thanks - the truth is going to come out very soon :) .

behrlyliz - Not long left now until we find out who it is :) . And I get your 'double meaning' statement now :roll: - I guess I was thinking of both meanings when i wrote it, but I thought maybe you'd thought of something else :) .

Aoedele - Well, if your idea is the same as mine, then, thanks :) - we'll just have to see if you're right.

clueless - Thanks :) .

ShatteredDreamer - At this point, any of your thoughts could be valid, although I'm just going to let you keep on reading to find out :P .

LairaBehr4 - I can do one better and give you an update today :). And yes, there's another 'Interlude' coming up next. I have to say that I'd much rather be in California than England right now, though! The gorgeous 80-degree weather of last week has disappeared, and we're now left with cloud and cold wind - oh, how I miss the summer weather in the US - only 6 weeks til i can experience it again though :D !

tanglepants290 - Maybe :lol: ! Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it :) .

pandas2001 - That's good to know :) - hope you enjoy this next part.

Mica - Thank you :) . I wish I had a beach to go to, though - the nearest one to me is yucky and polluted and not exactly fun to visit when it's cloudy, rainy and only 60 degrees!

Zansgirl - Thanks :) . It's cool that it's got you reading a Dreamer fic. I haven't attempted to write any other pairings yet, but I am starting to read a few non-Dreamer fics myself :) .

Earth2Mama - Thanks - I'm glad you're enjoying it :) . you'll find out who Liz has been seeing soon - not long to wait now.

dreamsatnight - Thanks :) .


Interlude IV

I almost jump in fright when I enter my bedroom later that night and there he is, lounging comfortably on the bed. I don’t have to wonder how he got in: I usually leave my bedroom window open slightly to let the air in. Add to that the fact that I have a balcony outside my room, which is easily accessible by way of a ladder, and it’s no surprise that he got in here unnoticed. What’s confusing is why he’s here. This is the first time he’s ever come here and I’ve never been to his place either.

I open my mouth to ask him what the hell he thinks he’s doing here, but then he looks at me with those inviting ‘I want you’ eyes and my mind instantly goes blank. I don’t know how he manages to do this to me. He can make me go from feeling perfectly normal, if not a little tired, to completely turned on and begging for his touch in less than a split second.

Before I can even make sense of the situation, he slides off the bed and comes to a stop in front of me. I quickly reach behind me to lock the door; I don’t want my parents walking in on us unannounced. His eyes devour me as he slips my cardigan off my shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. His hands make their way under my shirt, caressing my bare skin as they move upwards, taking the material with them. He makes quick work of removing my bra and barely a moment later, it joins my shirt and cardigan on the floor. I shiver with arousal as he stills for a few seconds, his eyes raking over me, before covering my breast with his lips. As his tongue flicks across my nipple, he reaches for the buttons on my jeans, undoing them slowly, letting his fingers dip beneath the waistband as he goes. It causes my stomach to tighten in anticipation.

My jeans slide to the floor, pooling around my ankles and he halts his ministrations on my skin to kneel down and lift each of my legs in turn to pull both the denim and my socks free. Within a matter of seconds, I am practically naked before him. Still kneeling before me, he lifts his hands to my hips, and begins to tug my panties down. They too slide to the floor and despite the fact that my legs feel like jelly and I can barely hold myself up, I somehow manage to kick them off. He lowers his mouth to my clit, suckling it gently, and I have to support myself against the door as the beginning waves of pleasure begin to crash over me. He hooks one of my legs over his shoulder, using the opportunity to stroke inside me with his fingers. It doesn’t take much of his skilled manipulation to send me over the edge. I clutch at his soft hair as my body convulses with every caressing stroke of his tongue and my breath comes in short, gasping pants as I whisper his name. He continues his ministrations even after my orgasm has retreated and as my breathing returns to normal, my body beginning to relax, he places a soft kiss to my inner thigh and gently lowers my leg to the floor.

With a wicked grin, he makes his way up my body, his warm hands trailing up my sides and coming to rest over my breasts. I can’t resist his mischievous expression and soon find myself returning his pleased grin. In one swift movement, I reach for his shirt and pull it up over his head.

“My turn,” I smirk, as he lifts his arms and the shirt drops to the floor. I turn him around so that his back is to the door and, mimicking his earlier stance, I fall to my knees in front of him and busy myself with his belt buckle. As I undo the clasp and reach for his zipper, his hands drift down to my shoulders. His thumbs gently massage my skin as I open his jeans and ease them down over his hips a little. He’s already hard and throbbing beneath his boxer shorts and a thrill of excitement runs through my belly as I free him from their confines and close my hand around his length.

I run my thumb over the tip and stroke him a couple of times before lowering my head and taking him in my mouth. His hands stop their ministrations on my shoulders and he threads his fingers through my hair, holding my head in place as he gasps my name. I let my hands drift up to his butt and slip them into his jeans to pull them down. They pool around his ankles, but I couldn’t care less. I use my fingers to massage his butt as I run my tongue along his smooth length, before taking him into my mouth fully and moving in the rhythm that he taught me. His gasps and whimpers increase in intensity as I add my hand to the mix and I know he’s close. Suddenly, his hands pull my head back and he reaches down to pull me up. In one quick movement, he kicks off his jeans and propels us both across the room to the bed. Once there, he wastes no time in situating himself between my thighs and sinking into me. We begin a fevered rhythm, one that has become extremely familiar to us in the last few weeks, and it only gets better from there. By the time his orgasm hits, he’s managed to send me over the edge twice more and I’m nothing more than a trembling mass of hot, sweaty flesh.

Our movements slow and our bodies relax, but apparently, he has no intention of moving just yet. We lay together, my body trapped deliciously beneath his, for several minutes, just enjoying the feel of each other’s naked skin. However, all too soon, he rolls to the side and reaches down for his trousers. I lay back and watch the flexing of the muscles in his back and shoulders as he dresses, and within a couple of minutes, he’s once again fully dressed. He moves to the window and prepares to climb through, sending one last glance in my direction.

“Thanks, Liz,” he says with a boyish grin and a glint in his eye. “See you tomorrow…perhaps in the Eraser Room?”

I nod sleepily. “Tomorrow’s good,” I murmur contentedly.

He winks and hoists himself through the window. I don’t watch him leave; I’m too busy basking in the satisfied state he’s left me in.


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Post by Heavenli24 » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:52 pm

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback :) :

clueless - Thanks, and I think you'll like this part :wink:

behrlyliz - Thanks :).

abbs007 - :)

Earth2Mama - I might not have emphasised it well, but the whole point of the last sentence was that even if she was a little disappointed that he was leaving, she was feeling too sated to think about it :) .

RASaero611 - Sorry, that was kind of the point - that she spoke his name, but we didn't get to find out what it was :wink: .

Behrsgirl1230 - They did kiss in the Prologue, although that was done on instinct, in the height of passion, and perhaps they kissed in the 'Interludes' we didn't see?!

jamy21 - :wink:

Mica - Thanks :) .

anonymousarfan - Well, technically she did call his name - we just didn't get to hear it :wink: .

kittens - Maybe staying the whole night was just too intimate?! And wow - only 200 kids in the entire school - I thought we were quite small with 200 per grade (1200 students aged 11-18 in total). Some colleges for 16-18 year olds here have about 6000 students (that's only 2 grades worth)!

Alex Balex - Really not long at all - I promise :wink: .

ShatteredDreamer - Yeah, it was almost a 'thanks for the good time' departure, but you're right, Liz didn't care :) .

sprayadhesive - Thank you - I'm honoured that you decided to leave FB anyway :lol:. Maybe 'Mystery Guy''s actions are kind of cruel, but remember that although this is in Liz's POV, there's still a lot in her mind that's not touched upon. Also, it's kind of like, if they ignored each other before all this started and they don't want to give anything away, there's no reason for them to stop ignoring each other now (if that makes sense).

dreamsatnight - They did kiss in the very first part, but it's not something they do often. In terms of the Interludes, yes he has been the one to initiate things, although that's not to say that Liz hasn't started it on other occasions that we haven't seen :wink: (btw, it wasn't intentional that he was always the one to go to her)

LairaBehr4 - Yeah, you're right, they did kiss in the Prologue, but not since then (if I remember correctly).

Erina - Yeah, he is getting bolder :lol: and what about all those other times they snuck off somewhere that we didn't get to see?

madroswellfan - Thank you :) .

Poison Ivy - Thanks - you'll find out the who very soon and the why will follow along later :) .

Blue*Soul - :wink:

JMoore - Well, your ideas for how things could progress are all interesting possibilites, although the rest of the story is already done so the outcome has already been decided :wink: .

sunrise102 - Don't worry, the answers are coming :) .

A/N: I know several of you were wondering about the protection/lack of condom issue - that question will be answered in this part :) .


Part Five

It’s Monday morning and I’m totally distracted. Something’s been eating at me for a few days now; so much so, that I was totally out of it at the movies with Alex and Maria on Friday night, and I’m not going to rest until I’ve confronted my problem. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Every time I try to sort things out, something comes up and I have to put it off. Not anymore though; now I finally have the opportunity to get it done.

All I need to do now is pluck up the courage to do it. Which I’m going to. Right now. I swear.

I steel myself and pull open the door to the almost empty library, where he is apparently studying. As far as I know, he’s a pretty average student, but he’s definitely not one for spending time in the library, although I guess things can change. I march over to his table and plonk myself down opposite him. He looks up in surprise.

“I need to talk to you,” I state firmly.

“What are you doing?” he hisses, looking around frantically.

“Look, I know the arrangement, okay?” I retort angrily. “No communication between us in public, but this is important,” I insist, trying not to sound desperate.

He watches me carefully for a moment before sighing. “Fine,” he relents. “But can we do this later?”

I lift my eyebrows and sigh in exasperation, but agree all the same. “Okay…”

“Look, meet me behind the bleachers after school. We can talk there.”

“But what about practice?” I shudder at the thought of all the jocks standing right across the field from us.

He shakes his head, “It’s been cancelled today; Coach Richards is off sick. No one will be around.”

“Right, okay,” I nod. “So…the bleachers after school. And I’ll definitely see you there?” I shoot him a look. He’d better not back out now and decide not to show up.

“I’ll be there,” he states firmly and then glances around nervously. “Now go, get out of here…before someone sees us.”

With a sigh, I get up and leave the room. Oh, I can just see this going well.


“You’re late,” I state, as he appears, almost twenty minutes after school let out. I’ve been standing here all that time, my arms crossed over my chest and my foot tapping anxiously.

“Sorry,” he says, but he sounds anything but. I raise an eyebrow. “I got stopped coming out of class and I couldn’t get away,” he admits then, before dropping his backpack to the floor. “So, what am I doing here?” he shrugs, his hands held out to the side.

I exhale shakily. This is it. “Okay, so here’s the thing….I think I might be pregnant.”

He goes still, the colour draining from his face. “W-what?” he whispers in shock. “No, no, you can’t be. That’s just not possible,” he insists. “We were careful.”

I scoff. “Nothing is a hundred percent, Max,” I remind him softly. “And besides, we weren’t always careful.”

“Yes we were,” he insists. “I made sure of it.”

I shake my head. “Are you forgetting last week, when you came to my room? We didn’t use anything then.”

He stares at me for a moment, his face stricken, before he sinks down onto a pile of crates behind him, his face in his hands. When he doesn’t move from the position for several seconds, I get worried.


He lifts his head and I see the scared expression in his eyes. “Liz, you can’t be pregnant,” he states again, this time forcefully. “You can’t. Do you understand that?”

Yes, I do understand, I realise, as my heart sinks. He doesn’t want it. He’s refusing to even accept the possibility of this happening.

“So…what? You’re just going to ignore this and hope it goes away? It’s not that simple.”

“Liz, listen to me. This…what we’ve been doing…it wasn’t supposed to be serious. It was no strings attached, remember? I wouldn’t have even started this if I thought any different.”

I feel tears prick my eyes. “And what, I would? It was the same for me too, Max. I didn’t intend for anything like this to happen either. We were having a good time, that’s all. But if something went wrong and I am pregnant, then we’re gonna have act like adults and face up to it.”

“Liz, you know that’s not the only option here -”

“No!” I cut him off harshly. “I am not getting rid of my baby. Not for you, not for anyone! I don‘t care how much it might affect my life, I could never kill a child like that.”

Max stands up then, looking at me intently for several moments, before stating calmly, “Well, then, I’m sorry, Liz. I guess you’re on your own.”

“But…Max…please,” I splutter. He can’t be serious about this.

He simply shakes his head slowly and backs away from me, from the conversation altogether. Numbly, I stand there and watch him turn and walk away, as the tears escape from my eyes and begin their slow, meandering descent down my face.