Just One: The Weight Of The World (CC/UC,ADULT) COMPLETE

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Just One: The Weight Of The World (CC/UC,ADULT) COMPLETE

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Title: Just One: The Weight of The World
Sub-title: Third Time’s the Charm
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended. I do however claim Kivana Eli Xothorn as a past life of Liz Parker, as well as Serena Young, Nikki and Vince Lewis. Banner by Anniepoo98.
Rating: Teen/Adult
Parings: Max & Liz, Zan & Serena, Isabel & Rath, Vincent & Ava, Tess & Alex, Zan & Liz, Isabel & Kyle, Nikki and Kyle, Rath & Lonnie, Jim & Eleanor

Summery: This is the sequal to Just One. You don’t have to read that one but to understand this one much better, you could. In this fiction, things will go completely different, from the very beginning. In Just One, my main character, Kivana Eli failed to restore peace on Antar the way she should have so she killed herself. Zan and Max, the two ment hat loved her used the granolith as a time turned and now, she is given another chance to make things right. This is a new life for Liz Parker, where nothing is what what it was in the original story, not even her.

Addition Information: Since I'm putting a whole lot of my own characters, I might as well warn you about them. Serena Young looks like Anne Hattaway, Nikki Lewis is Lee Sobieski, Vincent Lewis is Billy Zane(bold). Eleanor is Jodie Foster. Khivar is Hayden Christensen(Star Wars Episode III)

Prologue: Sempter 23rd. Journal entry one. I’m Liz Parker and five days ago, I could have died. I can only hope that the changed events that took place will work for the best this time.

I live in Los Angeles with my godfather Kal Langley. I was about five when I decided that I don’t want to live in Roswell. First of all, two many bad memories; second, it’s a shame how someone could look upon you like that. Making aliens ugly and evil. When, all we want is live our lives.

I was about five years old when I began to remember my past life. In fact, I remembered two, in one, I was Kivana Eli Xothorn, the heiress to the throne of Ryctor. My father’s best friend Zannder Sr. kileld my parents and took me and my brother Khivar to live on Antar with his children Zan and Velondra. I grew to love Zan and Khivar loved Velandra. You see, my brother was a bit special. In the way humans look at special. That made me the heiress.

In my other past life, I was Liz Parker. I was also Valerie Benz. Together, I made Kivana Eli reborn and be happy with Zan. Now, I see the mistakes I had done in that life and I couldn’t live in Roswell knowing my friends would be hurt by me, by the secrets that I shared with them because Max Evans saved my life. So he didn’t save my life.

Instead, I got a chance to live with my uncle Kal in Hollywood and let me just say, it is the best life, no matter what eveyone says. Here, I had it all. I had a million credit cards and two rooms made into my closet. I know! And the shoes, not conting.

I developed my powers at the age of 6. That very same year, I met Serena Young. I knew right from the start that she would be imporant to me. On a play day, we were in the fieds running and she suggest we climb on a high tree, so I accepted. She’s a much better climber then I am, by the way. She beat me to it and reached the top. And then she fell for it, which was like 7 feet high. I know!

I couldn’t loose her so, I healed her. It took her a while to get over but she did everntually. I didn’t understand then how I could do it when I couldn’t help Maria. But I did. Well, it had to be either me or Max but she eventually started walking. About two years later, she developed her own powers. She’s been my best friend since then.

Eleanor lived not far from us, just as I remmebered, with her primary look being the actress Jodie Foster. I know! I was about 9 when I asked my uncle Kal to get the royal four for New York. He did as I told and I became friends with them. Ava and I became best friends. Lonnie was a bit on the side until I finally told her one afternoon what she done and she opened up a bit. Zan and I had the instant connection but I always felt that something wasn’t right. Didn’t understand it then.

Finally, at the age 16, this year, Kal sat me down and said my parents what me home. I screamed and yelled and threw things across the room but nothing helped. I had to go. I hated Kal for nothing doing a good job in convicing them. He knew what happened the last time but didn’t do anything to stop me. Finally, when I calmed down, I asked Kal to call the Young family and ask them if Serena could come live with me. It took him a while to convince them but he did it.

We packed up our bags, I packed up a million stuff that eventually couldn’t fit in my royal blue convertible Jaguar, so Kal said that he would fly the rest of the stuff down to Roswell for me. So we hit the road.

I should probbaly mention that about two years ago, one my friends, Nikki got shot in a liquor store and before I could stop myself, I healed her too. Luckly, nobody saw us. Now, Nikki is a kid of a girl that would do anything for attention. But this time she decided not to tell. Actually, she told her brother who later came thank me and after that, I had my own ‘I know an alien’ club.

But when I moved to Roswell I left those two in L.A. with the dupes. Couldn’t really take Nikki since her powers are slowly kicking in and it wouldn’t be safe for her just to burn something up, specially not before the Roswell Royal Four, if they were even still in Roswell. I took a deep breath and drove through the country.
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Chapter 1

Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Maria, Alex and Kyle gathered in the back room of the Crashdown and looked at the TV as Nasedo pretended to be Pierce. Last summer, they heard about destiny and they decided to stick together but not to follow it.

Max watched through the room thinking about it.


His mother had told him that he was weded to Tess, Isabel was his sister and she was supposed to marry Michael. As soon as the message over, Isabel moved to Kyle and Michael joined Maria, making it very clear that they had intetion of being together, not in this or any other life. He was left looking at Tess who watched him with her big blue eyes. –“Sorry, Max, but I’m happy. You’re my brother and not my husband and that’s not going to change. Not now, not ever.”- she informed him and walked to Alex who kissed her forehead. With that, the choice was made, they would continue as they did before, the four siblings without any real blood connection, expect between him and Isabel. Still, he was glad in away . . . almost as if he was now free for something or someone else.

[End Flashback]

Maria and Kyle laughed into the TV as Nasedo made a fool out of himself. Jeff Parker suddenly walked through the backdoor. –“Maria?”- he called her and she walked over to him. –“I’m not sure if you know but Lizzie is coming home today.” – he informed her and she nodded. Isabel’s attention suddenly moved from Kyle to Jeff.

“Sir?” – she called to him. Everyone looked at her, including Maria and Jeff. –“I’m gona be showing her around school.”- she informed them and Jeff nodded. –“Thank you, Isabel. Would you like to show her around town too?”- he then added. It took her a moment think about it and then nodded.

“When is she coming?” – Alex moved his head up, forcing Tess to move hers from his shoulder. –“She was supposed to be an hour ago. I called her godfather who just said that she might be shopping In Phoenix or something.”- he shrugged and left them alone.

They exchanged looks of the newcomer, wondering how things would go on from now. Suddenly, the doors swinged again, a girl wing long brown hair, green short skirt and a simple dirty green tank top walked inside and held the doors opened with one hands and shopping bags in the other. Maria and Max exchanged another set of looks thinking that it’s Liz.

Anoter girl walked inside with long brown hair. She had a skirt so small that it was on the half way from her knees and waist, looked like a red school skirt, with a white blouse up. She had a lot more shopping back in her hands and she seemed to be talking to herself.

“What you mean, Fel? God, it’s only the guys birthday? How many times to you get? Listen to me, calm down. He’s your boss, you work him and you can do this. No, he doesn’t want anything spicy. If you so mention Tabaco, I will depert you to the land of your great great great grandfather, understand? He hates it! In fact, I think that uncle Kal is even allergic. Just order a big cake. I don’t know. Chocolate, Coconut or some shit. Whatever. Bye, Fel.”- she finally hung up and took the hands free set from her ear and looked the group in the back with a wide smile.

“Hi.” – she said. –“Serena, could you take this upstairs to my room and tell my dad that there are bags in the car. Not to mention that he’s gona be going to airport to get the rest of my stuff.”- the girl that was holding the doors, took the shopping bags from her and walked upstairs.

Liz looked at the group before her. They were just like she had the carved into her memory. She was surprised to see Tess with them, let alone Alex holding her hand.

”Him, I’m Liz Parker. Liza for some of my friend, Ellie for others and Lizzie to my dad.” – she said and paused, forming a fake smile on her face. –“But don’t you dare me Lizzie, cause I hate it.”- she said and then looked at them, waiting for hteir own intrudactions.

“I’m Alex Whitman and this is Tess Guerin, my girlfriend.” – Alex started first and nodded towards Tess intuducing her. –“I’m Isabel Evans.”- Isabel said with Kyle next to her. –“Kyle Valenti.”- he added. Liz smiled. –“Deputy Valenti’s kid?”- she asked him. He nodded. –“He’s the sheriff now.”- she nodded. She returned her gaze to Isabel. –“I love your shoes!”- she suddenly pointed. –“Thank you.”- Isabel added, smiling.

“I’m Michael Guerin.” – Michael suddenly said and Liz looked at him with a nod. Her eyes fell to the short blond that was not standing next to Michael. She knew who it was the very second that she entered the room but she kept her cool, pretending like she doesn’t recognize her. –“Maria.”- Maria finally said. Liz kept a blank look. –“DeLuca.”- she added. Liz nodded, still keeping a black look.

“Nice to meet you. All of you.” – she said talking to them. Her father walked down and opened his hands to hug her but she took a step back. –“Eww, dad. You were going to hug wearing that! Like I’m gona be running around town smelling like fast food. God!”- she said and took another step back. They watched as Jeff Parker rolled his eyes and walked out through the diner with Serena with him to help with the luggage.

Liz walked upstairs to her room. Max turned to his friends. –“That girl has her nose a bit too high.”- Tess pointed and Max nodded agreeing with her. They returned to the TV.

She came back about 10 minutes later, wearing a different tank top but the same skirt, with different shoes, they were not boots and black and long and leather. Her hair was in a ponny tail. She looked at the group that was still there, almost every girl sat close to her guy while Max sat alone in his armchair. When she came down, Michael and Maria looked at her and everyone else followed their direction and Max turned around.

“Isabel, my mom tells me that you’re gona be showing me around town.” – Isabel nodded, moving a bit away from Kyle. –“Bussy now? Cause I’ve got tuns to do later.”- she explained. Isabel nodded and got up.

“Could we stop at some hairdress cause I seriously need my hair done again.” – Serena and her dad walked inside with several suitcases. Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex got up right away to help them.

Liz took Serena’s hand to keep her downstairs. –“Coming?”- she asked her friend, who only nodded. Isabel nodded to Tess and Maria as she left and the two followed her. –“Ellie, I hope you’re not going to do your hair again.”- Liz glared at her. –“I told you. Convertible sucks! It messed my hair up!”- she pointed out as the exited the diner.

“Ellie, you had it done before we left L.A.”- Serena pointed out another thing as the walked down the street. Isabel rolled her eyes hearing them but smiled. It felt good being around her own finally. –“So, we can go to this hairdress? She’s good. She does my hair.”- Isabel motioned towards the window before them.

Liz looked at her hair for a second and then nodded agreeing. All three went in. The walked out about an hour later, Isabel had her hair curcled while Serena’s and Liz’s were shinning beautifuly as it fell down their shoulders. They walked down the street as Isabel explained each and every place the cam across.

Finally, they cam to the UFO center, just went Max was walking towards it. He stopped when he saw the three of them. –“Max works here.”- Isabel said, explaining Max. Liz raised her eyebrow to the mention of that and looked at Max and then Isabel. –“So does he like hate you?”- she suddenly asked her. Max and Isabel didn’t understand the question. Serena hid her smile.

“No, why?” – Isabel asked, confused. –“It’s a status death when your brother does such shameless jobs.”- she said, glancing at Max, making sure he heard it. –“Yea, I know. But people just forget it.”- Isabel defended herself.

”Yea, as if. They’re probably just feeling sorry for you. Come on, Serena.” – Liz said with a mean tone of voice and then walked pass Max with Serena, leaving the Evans siblings alone, just staring at each other. –“Isabel?”- Max tried to call his sister but she turned the other way without say another word.

Liz glanced back for a second, she knew it would hurt Isabel, because she always tried fitting in, keeping an Ice Princess face and everything. Before Max could see her look, she walked away without looking back again.
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Chapter 2

Severall weeks after that, Liz kept avoiding the gang in any way she could. After the incident with Isabel, they weren’t so keen on hanging out with her either. Maria would talk to Serena from time to time but she soon realized that Serena was a pretty closed person. She reminded her of Michael a bit.

And then, a star fell from the sky and Max called a meeting in the UFO center. Everyone gathered there, expect Alex, who was late. When he finally came walking down the stairs, he mentioned it to him. –“Alex, you’re late.”- he told him but he said nothing more, seeing the spooked face on his friend. Alex pointed to the top of the stairs, where strangly stood six people. Four of them looked exactly like Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess, while the other two they didn’t know.

They walked down the stairs. They intruduced each other and then Zan, their Max, intruduced the two humans. –“That’s Vince and Nikki Lewis.” – the two siblings nodded.

“So how . . . why are you here?” – Max finally asked them. –“We knew of ya forever so we thought we should go meet ya.”- Tess’s dupe with long green hair explained, standing right behind Zan.

”Did you follow your destiny?” – Tess finally asked, seeing how Zan and Ava were close and Rath and Lonnie were close. They looked at her confused. –“Hell, no!”- Zan pointed out. –“Ava’s my friend.”- Ava nodded agreeing. –“These two just fuck each other.”- he said poiting at Rath and Lonnie.

Nikki suddenly reached for her cellphone and dialed a number. Zan looked at her only nodded, without a word spoken. She moved a bit away so others wouldn’t hear their conversation. Max looked at Zan. –“Chill, duke. There is more of us and she’s just letting them know how we stand.”- he explained and Max nodded.


Liz and Serena sat in last booth and drank coffee laughing. Jeff would look at them from time to time and offer them something to eat but both refused. Then Serena’s cell rang. She looked at the caller and smiled, showing it to Liz. Then she answered it. –“Hey.”- she said. –“How are you feeling? Great! Where are you?”- she paused. Liz watched her, waiting to hear what their friend said. –“Here? Cool. And everyone else? Great. Yea, cool. Love you too.”- she said and hung up.

She saw Liz’s face, unpacient. She put the cell on the table and the looked back at her best friend. –“She’s better. They’re in town.”- she explained. –“What? Where? Don’t tell me-”- she said but stopped as Serena nodded her head. Liz shook her head.

”They should have come to me first.” – she protested and leaned back, crossing her hands. –“Don’t worry. They’re all stopping her afterwards. They don’t know anything, the cornballs.”- she added. –“You should get dressed cause he’s coming here.”- she said, smiling. Liz looked at her. –“Who?”- pretending like she didn’t know. –“Zan!”- her friend shouted and then covered her mouth, as everyone looked at them. Liz nodded and they rushed upstairs.

Jeff shook his head not understanding a single thing about them.


Nikki returned to the group and Zan looked at her waiting for an answer. –“Call her, all set.”- he nodded and looked at Ava. –“Ava, you take Nikki with Vince right away so she can lay down. It’s been too much for her.”- Ava nodded and walked to Nikki. As soon as her eyes met Vince’s, she blushed.

They walked up the stairs as Nikki protested, being able to walk. –“What’s with her?”- Isabel suddenly asked. Lonnie decided to answer her question. –“She got shot two years ago and our leader healed her. She’s changing and developing powers so she’s weak.”- she explained. The Roswell gang looked at each other, not understanding. They looked at Kyle then. He was shot before the summer and Max healed him. They wondered when he would change.

“I’m hungry.” – Rath suddenly declared. –“Seen that diner Crashdown on the way. Let’s head there.”- he said and Zan nodded.

Tess pulled Max by the hand and as their eyes met, she knew right away what was on her mind. Liz was there and this could be a problem. They looked at Maria. –“Don’t worry. It’s closing time so she won’t be anywhere near the place.”- she explained and they nodded.

They began walking up the stairs. Max kept staring at Zan. –“What?”- his dupe asked him annoyed. –“It’s just that, I don’t know, the longer hair looks good on you. I should try it.”- he added.

Lonnie came next to her brother and shook her head. –“This world has enough Zan’s. Cornball looks good for ya.”- she said and just walked up to Rath giggling. Max felt a giggle on the back and looked behind him. Tess, Isabel and Maria were laughing to Lonnie’s comment, until Max gave them a look. They covered their mouth and tried to put a serious face.

They walked across the street and then waited while Maria and Michael walked into the diner. Only Jeff was inside. –“Mr. Parker, we’re gona close up for you.”- Maria said as soon as she saw him. He smiled and nodded. He saw several people outside. –“You can stay in if you want just not too loud.”- he added and she nodded. –“Lizzie and Serena are upstairs with three of their friends if you need them. But I dout it.”- he added, walking in the back and then upstairs.

Michael motioned to everyone to come in and they did. They sat in a few booths while Michael walked into the kitchen and started cooking up several burgers for everyone. Lonnie walked to an old stereo system and put up a song they could actually dance for but she had no idea what the title is.

Ava and Vince walked through the back doors, Ava kept blushing. Everyone looked at them, not understanding why they were inside. Zan looked at Ava. –“She’s sleeping.”- he nodded.

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Parkers, kind of were always naive when you think about it. For like two seasons of the show! But she's their only daughter and it was better that she asked to go to family then to a boarding school(I never got over what Jeff did in s3!) But now that you mention it, she is royalty! They just don't know it. Kal does. Which explains two rooms a a closet and getting the dupes when she asked him to.

Sure, they did. The dupes were gone then, hiding. Besides, they couldn't just leave town, both of them with a diner running.

Yep, I thought it'd be cool of Lonnie said 'their leader'. She couldn't say 'their leader that is doing their leader'. She could have. But I resisted. Nobody's doing anybody . . . yet. Maybe Lonnie and Rath.

Yep, the dupes are nice. Zan is Zan. Ava is the best friend. Rath is the war commander and the king's best friend and in his role. Lonnie knows what she did in the other Liz Paker life, how she turned out good. So yea, she's doing better. Thanks for the feedback(will never get used to this word!) . . . . chapter 3 . . .

P.S. What do you think of the banner?

Chapter 3

Up in her room, Liz and Serena kept throwing around outfits to wear. Liz wanted to look hot and Serena wanted to follow. As soon as Vince and Ava left the room, Nikki opened her eyes and they began dancing to a music that was only in their heads. They started picking out outfits out of Liz’s closet.

Serena picked black leather pants and a dark red tank top with black leather boots for Liz. Nikki then picked a short black skirt, white tank top with naked back and black shoes for Serena and Liz finally picked a mini black dress with black boots for Nikki.

Once they dress, Liz waved her hand over Serena’s hand and a beautiful plat appeared across Serena’s shoulders. Serena waved her hand over Nikki’s hair and gave her short brain hair a wet look and then she waved over Liz’s curling her hair.

Once they were done, they looked at the mirror and smiled at their work. They slowly walked out of the room and walked downstairs. They stayed in the back room for a few moments, watching the gang in the diner.


Zan looked at the doors to the back room, feeling as if he was being watched. He looked at Lonnie and then Rath. Max noticed their looks but before he could react, Liz walked to the diner, followed by Serena and Nikki.

Liz had a wide smile, that finally after all this time wasn’t fake. She started moving her hips to the song as she slowly walked. Ava quickly moved up so Zan could get free. Then she sat back inside.

The Roswell gang watched as Zan walked to Liz and put his hand around her waist and picked her up. She rapped her legs around his waist while her hands went around his neck.

Right before everyone, they kissed, in a very long, demending kiss. Finally they broke it off, in need of air. She smiled as he put her down and continued to dance her own. Zan kept watching her. Max felt someone pull her arm. He looked around and found Isabel.

“What’s going on here, Max?”- his sister as him and he shrugged.

Liz joined Lonnie and Rath and the two girls started dancing around him, moving their hips, untilt he song finally ended. Max watched as Zan moved for Serena to sit next to Ava. He noticed that his actions were nerveous, each and every one of them. He looked at Liz as she sat next to Serena. Zan kneeled in the other booth as his hands fell on her shoulders.

“What the hell is going on here?” – Michael demanded to know. Liz looked at him. –“Chill, dog!”- Rath sounded just as Michael was. He and Lonnie now stood next to the booth. Liz reached her hand and put it over Rath’s shaking her head once.

“It’s O.K.”- she told him and then looked at Michael.

“You wana know what’s going on here, Michael?” – Liz asked him and he nodded. She looked at Serena and Nikki behind her. –“I’m special. And not that kid of special. I mean, I’m gifted. A lot more then you guys. Not to mention that I don’t get tired when using my powers, instead, I get stronger.”- she explained. The four roswell aliens looked at her in shock.

“I met these guys when I was 9. I told my uncle Kal that I want to know them.” – she said, with her eyes going from Lonnie and Rath, to Ava and finally up to Zan. –“I healed Serena when we were kids, knowing that she would be imporant to me some day.”- she said, looking at Serena who was doing something weird with Ava, their hands were glowing. –“W . . . what is she doing?”- Tess asked looking at them.

“How, they’re re-telling each other what they’ve missed. You don’t know about that?” – they shook their heads. Liz shrugged. –“Nikki and Vince joined like two years ago. Nikki got shot so I healed her. Not really sure why. And she’s in the process of changing right now. Vince is here for the ride.”- she said, looking at Nikki who sat between Serena and Ava and then at Vince who stood next to Lonnie and Rath.

A slow song suddenly kicked in and Liz stopped talking. She looked up at Zan who finally nodded. Rath and Lonnie moved aside so she could get out. Zan took her hand and led her into a clearing in the diner and they began to dance. His hands went around her waist while hers went around his neck.

The roswell entire team looked at them not understanding how they could just go like that, in the middle of the story. Serena’s voice interupted their toughts. –“There isn’t more to tell. They were soul mates in their past life and they’re living it now.”- she explained looking at Liz and Zan. –“Soulmates?”- Max asked her. She looked at him.

“Don’t you remember your old life? And a girl called Kivana Eli?”- she asked him. He shook his head. She looked at Michael, Isabel and Tess, they all shook their heads.

“Damn, this one is really behind.” – she commented to Rath and Lonnie who sat next to her, with Lonnie is Rath’s arms. Liz and Zan kept dancing through the song, with occasional kisses, ignoring the rest of the world in that moment.

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Chapter 4

The next day, Zan came to see Max at work. They walked to the back but Brody interupted them. Zan kept staring at him. –“This is my twin brother Rex.”- Max explained to Brody. –“I see. I didn’t know you had one, Max.”- Brody said with his gentle british accent. Max nodded. –“I didn’t either. But he’s here now.”- he said, smiling. Brody smiled and, shaking his head left them.

“I know that dude.” – Zan suddenly said. Max wasn’t following. –“I just do.”- he answered. –“So what did you want to talk about?”- Max interupted his thoughts.

”Oh, right. Before we came, we got invited to the summit of planets.” – Max narrowed his eyes listening. –“We represent Antar, while there are others that represent the other four planets.”- Max nodded. –“Why did they contact you?”- he finally asked.

Zan shrugged hearing the question. –“Well, ya see they know ‘bout us. Ya sent the signal but on Antar, they only read that it was from Earth so they asumed it was us.”- he explained, clearly not sure either. Ma nodded again.

”Why are you telling this?” – Zan shrugged. –“I don’t wana go. And Liz tells me that ya’re supposed to go.- he explained. Max wasn’t following. –“How would she know that?”

“Ya don’t know? See sees the future and the past. ” – he nodded, all proud that he knew something Max didn’t. It was a silly game that the two kings played. –“Really?”- Zan nodded again.
“I wana go.” – he finally said.


Liz sat on her lawn chair on the balcony staring at her home system when she heard a noise. To her it, was like from a different time. To the person coming up, it was completely new. She suddenly saw Max’s face. She smiled as a memory came to her mind. She blinked getting rid of it as she watched him step on her balcony. –“Hi, Max. What are you doing here?”- she asked him right away.

“I . . . Zan told me about the summit and how you said I’m supposed to go.” – he said and then looked at her. She nodded. –“You want to know how I know?”- she asked, he shook his head. –“Zan told me how you see the future and the past.”- he said and she nodded again.

“So . . . what are you doing here?”- he sat on the wall silently, thinking. He wasn’t sure why he was here, not for sure. –“I’m not really sure.”- he confessed. It was confusing. He never opened himself to anyone, sometimes not even to his own sister or Michael. And now, he was just opening himself to a girl he barely knew.

“Thought that you didn’t.” – she just said and smiled. He watched her and noticed something clearly different, from the past few weeks or the day before with Zan. –“So, you and Zan . . .”- he started trying to get her out of his mind, reminding himself that he couldn’t begin looking at her like that. She nodded. –“There isn’t anything big going on between us. He’s great and he’s a wonderful clone of Zan but he’s just not right. I can’t put my finger on it but something’s different.”- she said and he nodded.

“He’s not that Zan.” – she shook her head. –“That’s not what I meant. I’ve been with Zan in this life and we even married, we had beautiful daughter. But now, it just seems like all we have is a past life memory. Mostly, my memory.”- she showed him her soul. He watched as she talked, with such spirit. –“Sorry.”- she said, realizing his look. She blushed a bit.

”For what?” – he said, not even realizing her cheek color. –“I don’t usually get this open. I like my role of the bitch in the group. Zan loves my role too. I just . . . I just hate putting it around you.”- she finally brought herself to say. He looked down, blushing. She saw his cheek color and smiled. –“Would you like to come with me to New York?”- he then said.

She shrugged to his question. She needed this to be a friendship since she clearly couldn’t avoid him. –“I don’t know Max. Maybe it’s not-”- he nodded before she could actually finish. –“Right. You’re with Zan.”- she nodded. -“Yea . . .” – she said.

“I should go.” – she watched him walk on the ladders. –“Yea, good night.”- she said and he stopped. –“Night, Liz.” – he said and climbed down.

She lay back on the lawn chair and stared back at what was once home. Someone came through the window, Serena. Liz watched as she sat on the other lawnchair and then leaned back. –“You alright?”- she heard her ask and nodded.

Serena was always the carring one. She was the only looking after her and cleaning up all of their mess. Liz would keep apologizing over and over if she could but she couldn’t allow that Liz Parker out, not in a million years. She was glad that she had Serena to do it. –“Was that Max?”- she then asked.

“Yea, it was. He spoke to Zan about Summit and about powers.” – she said and looked away. –“What?”- Serena asked right away, seeing her friend looking away. Liz looked at her blushing with a weak smile on her face. –“He asked me to go with him, to New York.”- she told her.

Serena’s eyes widden, along with her smile. –“Nice!”- she pointed out fist and nodded her head but then she turned a serious face. –“What about Zan?”- Serena had always carred about Zan and Liz always knew that. It was because of Liz that Serena didn’t try a move on Zan through the years.

For the first time, Liz began to wonder if maybe Zan had similar feelings because he was always a bit shy around her. She made a mental note to herself to ask him about it and then she returned her gaze towards the five stars in a V shape. –“Yea, Zan. I said I couldn’t go.”- she answered her without looking at her.

She knew that Serena had nodded but she didn’t look back at her friend. She heard her get up and climb back into her room but Liz kept looking up. If she had looked back at Serena, her friend would have seen the tears that had filled Liz’s eyes. Something had finally made sense to her, after a long while. She just hoped that it wasn’t true. She loved Serena so much but she loved Zan more. She depended on him, like she had before, the last time.

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Chapter 5

The sun entered her room. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself blinded by it. She turned to the other side not wanting to get up. She heard the doors open. –“Rise and shine! School!”- Serena’s voice came. Liz covered her head with her pillow. –“This sucks! I wana sleep!- she said and felt the smell of fresh made coffee. It was a shame how she had gotten addictected to it.

She sat up so quick that the pillow went flying across the room. Serena took a step back not expecting it. Liz looked at her and her outfit . . . it was very . . . not Serena. A blue skirt to her knees, white blouse with long sleeves, her hair combed back and light make-up. Liz raised her eyebrow, without even realizing it.

“What?” – Serena asked her right away. Liz shook her head and then nodded towards her. –“When did you become a nun?”- Liz said with a bit of sarcasam in her voice and Serena rolled her eyes as she laughed. –“I did dress normally but you dad said I couldn’t go like that to school.”- she answered.

Liz narrowed her eyes, not following. –“Serena, you don’t even listen to your parents when your wardrobe is in question.”- Liz pointed out. Serene shook her head. –“Gee, do I look like I wana be going through the ladder today!”- Serene just said and put the coffee on the nightstand and left the room.

Liz sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand, it was 7.30 which meant she still had time to take a shower.

When she returned to her room, she walked to her closet and took out mini red skirt, white lace top and her half way leather boots. When she put it on, she combed her hair and after that, she waved it, giving it a shinning sense.

She sipped her coffee as she glanced at the watch, she had about a half an hour more. She looked at the mirror again not being able to decide what to do with her face. Finally, sha waved her hand over her lips, adding a lipstick of the same red as her skirt. As she waved her hand over her eyes, there was a black eyeliner and soft red shade. Once done, she took her car keys and her bag and walked out of the room.

She was expected by her father who only shook his head. –“Get real, dad. Your head shaking isn’t going to stop me.”- she said and walked passed him. –“Lizzie, you can’t go out like that.”- he pointed out. She only waved her hand at the end of the stairs and walked into the diner.

“Sweetie . . .” – her mother said looking at her and holding two scarmbbeled eggs with bacon in her hands. Liz looked at it with narrowed eyes. –“Mom, what are you doing what that?”- she said, staring it it. Nancy Parker shook her head with as mile and reached the plate over to Liz, who took a step back. –“Yea, right. You and dad seriously need a head check. How do you think I’m so thin? Cause, like, I don’t eat any of that crap! God!”- she said and waved her hands in the air.

Serena sat at in the booth with Max and Isabel and ate breakfast with them. She stopped next to it and put her hands on her hips. Serena looked at Max’s look. –“She’s here, isn’t she?”- she said and watched him nod. –“I was just trying this.”- she said, looking at Liz.

”Yea, I bet you did. I hope you liked cause it’s gona be on your hips, Serena!” – she pointed at her hips. –“Actually, I’ve been eating here for years and-”- he felt Liz’s cold glare on him. –“I see that.”- she said. –“Come on!”- she said nodded towards the doors.

“Where are we going?” – Serena asked. –“To have breakfast.”- they could hear Liz’s voice as the two left the diner. Max watched as Nancy Parker opened the crash and threw the food it. It was no good now, getting cold and everything. He felt sorry for her, thinking how Liz was being unfair to everyone.


Serena followed her through the street. They walked for a long while. –“Alright, Ellie, don’t know what you’re looking for but it’s clearly not here!”- she finally said and stopped. Liz stopped too and looked at her. –“I’m not looking for anything. Maybe a restaurant where you can sit and eat your own stuff.”- she said with a smile and Serena rolled her eyes. –“Roswell is not L.A., Liz. People are gona question if you eat your own stuff in their place.”- finally she sighed, knowing that her friend was right. God, she hated when Serena was right. –“Let’s just get into the car and go to school.”- Serena nodded.

Isabel and Max walked out of the diner just when Liz and Serena came to Liz’s Jaguar. –“Isabel, who are you sitting with today at lunch?”- Liz’s question came as a surprise to both of the siblings. Max was already in the jeep and looking at Liz as Isabel turned around, only to see Liz leaning to her car.

“Why?” – she asked. –“Seen you sitting with the club all the time and thought I’d give you a fair shot sitting with the elite, seeing that you got what it takes. Just ain’t doing anything about it.”- she said and opened the cars doors and slid in.

Serena was already inside, with her sunglasses on her nose. Liz did the same and started the car, driving off before Isabel could actually answer her. –“God, I really do hate her sometimes.”- Max heard his sister mummble as she got into his car.


After school, Max and Isabel drove into the diner, only to find that Michael, Maria and Tess were already working. Serena and Liz sat in, now, their usual booth next to Max’s, speaking quietly. Until they finally sat down, he couldn’t make what they were talking about. –“So you’re O.K. with it?”- Serena whispered.

There was nothing so he assumed Liz motioned her head with an answer. –“Afcorse. You and Zan have been acting weird forever around each other. I have . . . I haven’t seen anything like it since . . . well since after Max healed me and we couldn’t actually be together. Weren’t sure about being together and all the weird looks and everything.”- she said and then he heard a sigh.

Isabel looked at Max weird, hearing what they were saying. Tess walked up to them wearing her alien uniform, and a ponding face. Isabel and Max looked at her. She didn’t hear what Serena and Liz were saying. –“Usuals?”- she asked them. Max nodded. –“Actually, I’ll just have a shake.”- Isabel said and her eyes fell to Serena and Liz who were now looking at them.

“Hi.” – Isabel said, not interested in speaking to them. Max turned around to look at them since he felt it would be rude just sitting there. Once his eyes met Liz’s, she looked away but Serena smiled with a nod. He could see her looking at her friend and rolling her eyes.

Tess returned with Max’s cherry coke and Isabel’s straberry shake with an tabaco bottle and then walked away. –“What do you think he ordered?”- Serene suddenly asked. Isabel looked at Max. –“Will Smith burger with a cherry coke. The usuall.”- she said under her voice but Max and Isabel had great hearing.

Isabel’s eyes narrowed hearing it. Max shrugged, trying to say that it was probally and accident that she knew it or seen him. But he was fooling himself. She was never hear at this time of day.

“Oh, man! I’m late.” – Liz suddenly said and got out of the both and walked through the backdoors and upstairs. Serena leaned on the leather back and sipped her coke silently.

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Vince, Nikki, Serena and then Zan. Serena has the long while Nikki has the short a bit up brown hair. This is the ep where the dupes come to Roswell, after the star fell. But no Future Max came since there was no need. Nasedo is dead, killed by the skin. And they were in the cooper summit and Michael saved them. Liz just wasn't with them.

Yea, Khivar. No, not fully butt hey know of him. Specially, Isabel since Nicholas told her stuff about it but I'm gona bring her mind freakings a bit later.

bitch to a T?

You gave me a good idea about helping Max with his powers! Thanks.

Chapter 6

Liz rushed up the stairs and got into her room. He sat on her bed waiting for her. As she came in, he looked up at her. Before he said a word, she closed the doors and leaned on them, watching him.

It was strange even remembering how he looked when she first met him in New York with his spiked hair, tattoes and piercings. In this life time, he grew up a bit different. He only had two piericings on his face, one in his lower lip and one in his eyebrow.

He had the tattoo as Ava, Lonnie and Rath did, the symbol of the royal four. His hair wasn’t spiked but long, to his shoulders and down.

She turned the key and it made a little click. Zan’s eyes went to the lock and then to her eyes. He quickly got up from the bed thinking how he had something out of his system. She walked to him and kissed him before he could stop her. Their tongues met and dueled for several minutes as his hands went around her waist, while hers were over his cheeks.

Finally the broke the kiss, in the need of air. He watched her brown eyes looked at him. –“Liz, I need to talk to you.”- he finally said. She looked down, avoiding his look. She wanted a kiss before he began and she assumed what this was about. She had a similar conversation to Serena only moments ago.


Liz and Serena set in their booth and Maria bought them their drinks. –“Liz, I need to tell you something.”- Serena began. Liz shifted all her attention to her best friend and lowered her glass on the table, waiting for her to start.

“Look, I know what you and Zan have is like since ever and it really seems like you love each other.” – she paused. She looked at Liz, waiting for her to say something but her friend waited. She was thankful for that. –“But . . . something’s been on my soul, Ellie. For years now. Actually, I think it’s been here . . . ”- her hand went over to the middle of her chest area, meaning the heart. –“. . . since he came into our lives. Zan.”- another pause. They eyes met.

”I think I love him, Liz.” – she finally blurted out. Liz’s eyes grew larger hearing her words. She knew what she meant, exactly what she meant. She finally nodded, hiding her look. –“And Zan?”- she asked. She looked at her. –“I don’t know. I’m not gona do anything, Liz. We’re friends. I just felt you needed to know.”- she nodded to her own words.

A second later, she looked at Liz. –“So you’re O.K. with it?”- Serena whispered. She nodded. –“Afcorse. You and Zan have been acting weird forever around each other. I have . . . I haven’t seen anything like it since . . . well since after Max healed me and we couldn’t actually be together. Weren’t sure about being together and all the weird looks and everything.”- she said and then he heard a sigh.

[End Flashback]

She knew what he was going to tell her. He took her hand and led her to the bed. Then he stepped back. He couldn’t sit next to her right now. She watched him move, her senses became stronger. She could hear the gentle wind outside, the click slowly ticking, him moving. It was strange how her mind reacted to this.

She finally got up and took his hand. –“Just tell me, Zan.”- she told him. His free hand moved to her cheecks. –“God, ya’re beautiful.”- he watched as her eyes rushed to the left and right, waiting for him. –“I took me a while to realize and I’m sorry I put ya through all this”- he started. They were so close they could kiss. He looked at her lips for a moment but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Instead, his eyes fell to hers. –“Serena.”- she spoke intead of him. Her voice was sad. But it wasn’t bitter or angry. She seemed at peace with it. He narrowed his eyes, not understanding how she knew. –“I just spoke to her, Zan. She told me she loves you.”- she explained.

He blinked not believing. –“And now that you love her . . . you have no problem.”- she said and looked away. His hand went to her chin, moving her face up, towards her. –“And ya?”- he asked her. –“I’ll be fine. I just realized that I love you and I want you to be happy.”- he didn’t understand. He had never really known anyone like that. Not even in his past life.

”What?” – he asked her. –“I love you, Zan, but I’m not inlove with you. Not anymore. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure if I ever was. It was all based on another lifetime. No, on two other lifetimes.”- she said and smiled.

He moved away from her and sat on the bed, thinking about her words. Maybe, she was right. Maybe it was the same for him. He didn’t even realize when she walked towards him and stood between his legs. Blinking, he broke out of his thoughts and looked at her, her hands around his neck, smiling.

It was a smile unique only for Liz. Wide and sweet, so loving and giving. He rarely got images from her but in the ones that he got, he could see that smile. His hands instanlty went around her waist. –“Zan?”- she called his name. And he nodded, showing that he was listening.

”She’s downstairs now. But Max is down too so it wouldn’t be smart to go down. Maybe she could come here to get me something.” – she said winking. He smiled. She was had jumped into the role of his friend in a heart beat, without any questions asked. But noticed that she wasn’t movig, she was still in his arms like everyday since they met. She kept smiling at him. –“What?”- he said with a goofy smile on his face. He had a feeling something was coming now, something silly.

But she didn’t say anything. She leaned down to him and kissed him, passionatly. Almost instantly, she let him see her, see their moments together, their wedding, their daughter, their kisses and their moments. When she pulled back, in need of air, she found him smiling to her. She gently bit her bottom lip, thinking how she would be missing their time together.

Then again, he would always be here. He would be her friend because everything they shared, in her memories that she had given him and their past life. –“I’m gona go tell her now.”- she said and he kissed her on her left cheeck. –“What was that for?”- she asked as her hand went over the cheeck.

“A brand new start for us.” – he told her. She shook her head, smiling. –“True.”- she said and slowly broke free from his legs. They kept their hands together for a moment more before she was too far.

He leaned on the bed and took a deep breath, feeling a huge weight lifted of his shoulders. He didn’t have to lie to her anymore. It felt nice.


She closed the doors behind her and began crying her heart out. She stood by the doors of her bedroom, just crying and shaking. She was happy that she had done something nice yet it was goodbye to the life she had known with Zan.

Finally, she took a deep breath and her hands went over her eyes. She walked downstairs. –“Lizzie, are you alright?”- her father asked her from the kitchen doors. She nodded with a smile. –“I’m great, dad.”- it was only partly a lie.

She walked into the diner. Isabel and Serena looked up at her. Max noticed his sister’s look and he looked at the back room and found her there, with her eyes red. She walked to her booth and got in, looking at Serena. –“Are you alright?”- she asked her. Liz smiled and nodded.

“It’s a bit hard. But I’m alright. Serena, could you go and get me my Bio book?” – she suddenly asked. Serena nodded. Isabel wondered why she put up with her. As Serena left, the siblings could hear a sigh.

”Why are you like this to her? She’s your friend!” – Isabel suddenly said. Liz looked at her, not understanding. –“She does everything you ask her.”- Liz motioned with her hands for her to stop.

“Isabel, it’s nothing like that!” – she kneeled on the seat. Max looked at her, and her smile. –“It’s a cover. I can’t actually say . . . Zan’s up.”- she said. Isabel narrowed her eyes, not understanding. –“What?”- Liz just waved her hand. –“Never mind now. It’s a brand new start for us . . . all of us.”- she said repeating Zan’s words. She sat back in her booth and felt a treat for her. –“Tess?”- she said, seeing her walk back.

”Yes?” – the blond alien girl said. –“If it’s not too much trouble, could Michael make me a S. Weaver burger with Saturn rings?”- she asked her. Tess wrote it down, nodded and walked away. –“I thought you don’t eat this food.”- Max suddenly said.

“I’t a treat for being good.” – he wasn’t sure what she meant. –“Besides, it’s like a one time deal.”- she added.

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Dupes are . . . will let you know where they are staying. FBI have always been after them. I'll guess I'll have them explain later why there were FBI agents after them. But yes, that's where Kyle got shot. Next chapter . . .

Chapter 7

Liz sat in the diner for hours. And so did Max. Isabel got tired of sitting so she took off. He offered her the jeep but she wanted to take a walk. Now that he was alone in his booth, he decided to sit in his usual booth. He could see Liz shaking her head, looking down.

Finally, she looked up and her brown eyes met his amber eyes. They were always like posion to her. –“You alright?”- he asked her. She nodded. –“You wana join me?” – he said. It seemed like it took his forever to get it out of his throat. –“I don’t wana-”- she kept talking but he shook his head, so she nodded.

She moved to his booth. –“You wana re-fill to that.”- he said, seeing the glass that she left in her booth. She shook her head. –“But coffee would be nice.”- she said and watched him nodd. –“Tess, could you get Liz some coffee?”- he told Tess when she passed them. She looked at him, Liz and then back at him, nodding.

She returned a moment later with a fresh cup and poired hot coffee into it. –“She really doesn’t like me.”- Liz said and smiled. –“True. But that’s only because you’ve been a bitch since you came to town.”- she raised her eyebrow to his honestly. When he didn’t say anything, she took a sip from her coffee. –“A bitch, ha? In L.A. I even had a title. Ice Queen Langley.”- she said and giggled to herself. Max didn’t join her.

She put the cup down. –“Look, Max, you don’t like which clear so why the joining booth and all?”- he finally asked, a bit angry. He leaned to the table. She kept her back to the back of the booth with her hands crossed. –“Liz, I do like you. But you’re acting like a bitch. Strangly, the other night you weren’t a bitch. So what’s up with that?”- he need to know.

She looked the other way. A gentle smile formed on herface and she couldn’t stop herself. –“What’s so funny?”- he asked. She shook her head. –“Nothing’s funny, Max.”- she leaned more to the table. –“You said you like me.” – she said and a blush appeared on her cheecks.

“What about Zan?” – he suddenly asked, like she was asking him out. She widen her eyes and pointed up. –“I’m sure he and Serena are going to have a great life.” – she finally said. He wasn’t following. –“True, I was with Zan. But we . . . we’ve loved each other all our live.”- she said with a smile on her face. He didn’t say anything. She could see on his face that he didn’t understand.

“I love him because of history we share. But I’m not inlove with him. Not like . . .” – she suddenly paused, realizing what she was about to say - ‘Not like I love you. And I’ve always loved you like that.’. he waited for her to finish her sentence but nothing came.

”Like who?” – he asked. –“Not like you’re supposed to love a guy.”- she added. He nodded. –“I should get going.”- he said and she nodded. She finished her coffee and then they both got up. –“It was nice talking to you.”- she said and he nodded, leaving her.

Tess passed her and walked into the backroom. She decided to have a little talk with her. She followed her inside. –“Look, Tess, I realize that Max is your friend-”

“No, Liz. He’s like my big brother.” – she said and Liz smiled, glad to hear it. –“I have intentionof hurting him.”- she finally said.

”Then why are you such a bitch all the time.” – she asked her, putting away, the plates to look at her. Looking at her, Liz could almost see Ava. –“Why? Because I’m scared of letting people in. If I let them in, they could get hurt.”- she told her. She didn’t know Michael was in the kitchen and he heard her talk.

”What do you mean?” – Tess didn’t understand. True, it reminded her of Michael and he used to push everyone but she never expected someone else to be like that. –“It just seems like everything I want to open my heart to someone, they get hurt.”- she said, leaning back on the lockers. Tess didn’t say anything.

“Serena, she could have ended up paralized. Nikki, she could have died. Alex did die once. And Maria ended in a wheelchair.” – her eyes filled with tears again. Tess leaned to her. –“Alex died?”- she suddenly said. Liz looked at her, her eyes. Tess really did care for him.

“Tess, there is a very powerful thing in the desert. Something so powerful that can not only send you guys to Antar but it also send someone through time or return time.” – she said. Tess narrowed her eyes not understanding. –“Time went back. Everyone got another chance. Even you.”

“What does that mean?” – she looked at her. –“It means that in this lifetime, have Michael as your brother. In that, Nasedo raised you and you turned to the enemies, did everything to get things things your way. You were bitch.”- she said, looking at her. Tess started shaking her head. –“That’s not true.”- she suddenly said.

Liz nodded. - “It’s not, Tess. This is your life. You have Max, Michael and Isabel. And Alex. And Maria and Kyle. You have them. You have a family. He can’t hurt you. He can’t destroy again, like he did.” – she told her. Tess took a step back.

Michael suddenly came from the kitchen and rapped his arms around his sister. Tess was never his sister and they both knew. But while Max and Isabel had Diana and Phillip, they only had each other. –“It’s O.K.”- he whispered to her, looking at Liz, angry.

“I’m sorry.” – she said and walked passed them, upstairs.

She she got to her room, there was noone inside. She climbed through her window and moved a brick, just like in the old lifetime. She pulled out her diary and walked to the the lawnchair and began writing.

Why is everything so hard? I had the perfect plan. No heart involved. And then again, I’m human. I look at them and I want to hug them, I want to be their friend again. I want to throw away my past and be me again. God! I hate this.

At least, Zan will be happy now. More happy then I could ever make him, with all the things that I must do. Tess is happy, having her family. So that worked well. Isabel hates all and all. But Max . . . he keeps pushing and pushing and I find myself stopping myself before I say things that I could regret.

My heart is broke so much right now. I lost Zan and I can’t open to Max. I keep worrying that Tess will leave over and over again. Or that I will hurt him like I hurt everybody I know and love. I always did that, always. Why should it be any different now? I had a duty to do and then my life is pointless . . .

She paused as a tear fell to the page. Her hand went to her eyes, moving the tears. It hurt her to write, it hurt to be. She was never bitch and she hated it. Why she put up that fasade, she couldn’t know. But what she didn’t understand was why she couldn’t be the bitch around Max. This was all to push away. And it wasn’t doing a good job.

He told me he liked me. I just smiled. I almost told him that loved him but no, that is not an option. Not now, not ever. These kids have been throug so much. Why can’t I just do my deal, and just die. God! Mother, why does my heart keep being swallen by all the emotions. If I’m so powerful as uncle Kal says, why can’t I just rip them out of me. . .

She closed her journal as she heard the ladders shaking. She returned to the open brick and put it inside and closed it. When she turned around, she found Max at the top of them. –“What are you doing here?”- she asked him. He looked down and back at her. –“If you want me to leave-”- she shook her head.

”I couldn’ actually get you leave, ever.” – she smiled. –“So what is that you want?”- she sat back on the lawnchair, watching him sit on the wall. –“I said things that I shouldn’t and I know that.”- he told her.

She suddenly got the urge to get up and walk to him. She did that, finding herself right next to him. He watched her. –“Everything you said was true. So you don’t need to apologize.”- she told him and smiled.

She didn’t even realize it but while her eyes fell to his lips, her tongue went over hers. He looked back at him. –“So, being lab parents isn’t so -”

“Max, shut up and kiss me already. And don’t scared by what you see if you see something.” – he didn’t understand what she was saying but she didn’t let him ask. He got up, and his hand went to her face, gently touching it. She smiled. A unique smile that only Liz Paker possesed, the real Liz.

He leaned his head to hers and their lips touched. With a sudden adrenalin rush, their tongues met like for the first time, they dueled strongly as flashes hit both of them without seconds thoughts.

[Max’s Flashs]

He could see Liz waking up from nightmares when she was a girl, how she went to live with Kal, how she healed Serena, how the dupes came to L.A., how she became friends with them, how Zan and she first kissed. He could fee how she was dissapointed when they were not connected. He could see her heal Nikki and how she saw Ava and Vincent’s looks.

He could see her noticing Serena and Zan, how she looked at him. And then before he could stop it he go swepped into something else, something different.

He could see himself looking at her in the school yard, in her cuke cake dress, how he watched her through the years, how she got shot and he healed her, how he told her about his secret, how they kissed connecting, how a weird looking version from him came from the future. He could hear him talk and what he told her. He could see himself looking at her and Kyle, how the future version of him danced with her and then there was darkness. There was nothing more to it because there was nothing more to them after it.

He also felt her feelings for him, her struggles and her pain. How it was hard for her being a bitch all the time. How she felt she had to. But he could see how she longed to hug her friends and be O.K. with them.

[Liz’s flashes]

As their lips met, she could see him. How he broke out of his pod, how he waited for Tess, how so got out and he took her hand. How he and Isabel lost her and Michael, how the Evans family found them, his first day of school felt so lonely, as if he was waiting for someone to be there but she was never there.

She could see how he saw Michael tell Maria, how he healed Kyle after Pierce shot him, how Maria told them that she told Alex, how he was glad that Isabel, Michael and Tess had someone to love them. She could feel his emptiness.

She could see herself through his eyes whens he walked into the back door, how he he thought that she was beautiful but he dissliked her from the start. How he wanted to know her and how didn’t like Zan kissing her or dancing with her. How he longed to kiss her.

[End Flashes]

They broke the kiss and continued to look at eachother, so close. She could see a smile on his face and she smiled too, glad that he didn’t jump off scared. His hand touched her face again and she could feel his other hand around her waist. He didn’t want to let go, afraid of loosing her.

“What was that?” – he finally asked her. She blushed with a happy smile. –“Us. Something I’ve been missing. Our connection.”- she told him.

“I healed you in another life.” – he told her and she nodded. –“I wanted to believe that that was out connection. But looks like it’s not.”- he pulled her close again and kissed her again as her hands rapped around his neck and his went around her waist, gently lifting her up with every kiss and tongue duel.

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Chapter 8

Two days after, after closing, Max, Michael, Maria and Isabel sat in one booth, Tess, Alex and Kyle sat by the counter. Rath and Lonnie sat in a separate booth making out while Zan and Serena sat in the last ont talking quetly. Maria looked at them and at Max. –“How can he be like that? Liz is his girlfriend. And Serena? She’s best friend!”- Maria jumped into the friend role without even realizing.

”They’re not together anymore.” – Max explained. Michael and Isabel looked at him interested in what he knew. –“She told me. It turns out that those two have shared look forever. It was time for them to do something.”- he said and looked down.

Liz walked into the diner and looked at Zan and Serena. Everyone around them thought she would snap but a smile formed out here face. She nodded to them and Zan nodded to her. She walked away from them and looked at Rath and Lonnie. –“Rath, I’m a bit hungry.”- she told him. He looked at Lonnie, who smiled.

He looked at Liz and nodded, getting up and walking into the kitchen. The Roswell aliens watched him and Michael wanted to get up and stop him but Liz put her hand over his shoulder. –“Don’t worry. He’s a cook too.”- she said and her eyes met Max’s. –“Hi.”- she said. –“Hi.”- he answered right back.

“Liz.” – a voice came from behind her. She looked around and found Tess walking to her. –“I’m sorry about the other day.”- Liz started right away. Tess just motioned her hand to forget about it and she hugged her. Liz wasn’t up to date with something clearly. But she hugged her back.

When the hug broke, Tess looked at her. - “What you said the other day . . . I’m sorry. I grew with Michael, I kinda know what you’re going trough so if you need to talk . . .” – Liz nodded smiling. –“Thanks.”- she said and looked at Alex behind her. –“Your boy is getting a bit unpacient.”- she said and winked to her.

Tess left her there and walked to Alex, kissing her. Liz stood there for a moment, glad and then she turned around to Max, Michael, Isabel and Maria in the booth. –“Dinner served!”- came Rath’s voice from the kitchen before Liz said a word to them.

He walked out of the kitchen and handed Liz a plate and a tabaco bottle and turned away to sit back with Lonnie. Max instantly motioned to Isabel to move, after her, he moved to. Liz looked at him and then sat at the space he got her.

He looked at her platef or a second, scrambled eggs, a bit red. –“He cooks them with tabaco in them.”- she explained and started eating. It felt good feeling something familiar in her mouth. –“Mmm.”- she said after a while. Everyone looked at her. Rath sticked his head up, waiting for some commentary about his cooking. –“Perfect.”- he nodded and returned to Lonnie.

“So where are Nikki, Vince and Ava?” – she said after a while. –“Nikki went shopping.”- Serena said from the last booth, looking up at her friend. –“Ava said she’s gona go see a comidy. And Vince that he’s gona go check what’s the movies. You know what that means.”- Liz giggled. The roswell gang looked at her.

“What does that mean?” – Isabel said looking at Liz.

“It means that they’re not gona get anywhere near the movies. Good for them. It was about time, you know.” – she smiled. –“Agreed. They’ve been staring in each others eyes forever. It’s more depresed then your memories.”- Lonnie suddenly got up and looked at Liz.

“Hey! My memories are nice.” – Liz protested. –“If you like patetic romance. Just once I’d like to see ya get into a cat fight in those memories.”- Lonnie continued. –“How about you?”- Liz got up and looked at her. –“Ya couldn’t take me.”- Lonnie laughed. –“Ya sure?”- Liz suddenly said, with Lonnie’s voice and accent, raising her eye brow as she crossed her hands.

“Lonnie, I know ya think ya’re thought but ya’re forgetting what’s behind her.” – Zan said as he and Serena walked to them. –“Yea, the granolith. I’d like to see ya fight without it.”- Lonnie continued. –“Trust me, I don’t need agaist you. The royal family of Antar was never that strong. Zan can join, I’d still beat you.”- Liz continued, taking a step closer to Lonnie. Lonnie followed her move.

Max, Isabel, Michael got up from the seats. Tess followed their move from the counter and Rath from his booth. –“Ya wana bet?”- Lonnie went on. –“I don’t need bets. I can’t take you right here. You want proof, I close the granolith. Just you and me.”- she said. They moved a step closer.

“Maybe ya should just stop this.” – Zan wanted to come between them but he felt Serena holding his hand. She only shook her head. –“Would you two stop it? You used to be best friends.”- Serena tried peacfully. Lonnie and Liz kept looking at each other.

“I stopped being her best friend when she sent me to the gates.” – Lonnie blurted out. –“True, I could send you there again. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I beat you’d love to have Khivar again. Guess what, sweetie, he’s more into human now!”- Liz said and then laughed. Her laugh was a bit nasty.

“HOW DARE YOU?! I AM VELANDRA OF ANTAR! YOU ARE BENETH ME!” – Lonnie started yelling angry. But as soon as she did, she fell to her knees. Liz looked down upon her. –“Lonnie, you’re like my sister and I love you. But don’t you even say that again. You will always be beneth me. I am the one with power, I am the one with royal blood in her. I am the one that lets live. I am the one that sent you here. You understand me?”- Lonnie looked up at her.

She suddenly began breathing loud, as if she was unable to do it for a long time. Liz closed her eyes and shook her head. –“I’m sorry.” – she suddenly said and took a step back. –“I’m sorry.”- she said again and then ran out of the diner.

They looked after her but they didn’t know where she went, not for sure. Rath kneeled down to the ground and put his arms around Lonne. –“I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean any of it. She just provoces me!”- she said. –“I know.”- he just said and picked her into his arms.

“Where did she go?” – Max looked at Zan. –“I don’t know. Maybe the chamber.”- Max narrowed his eyes, not following. –“What chamber?”- Isabel asked first. –“The granolith chamber.”- Serena answered, coming next to Zan and putting her hand on her shoulder.

”I’m going.” – Max said. –“We’re all going, Maxwell.”- Michael said. –“Alright. Two cars.”- Max said. He looked at Rath and Lonnie and then Zan and Serena. –“You guys wana come?”- he said, looking at his dupe. Zan nodded. –“Alright.”- they walked out.

Max, Isabel, Zan and Serena drove in the jeep while Maria, Michael, Alex, Kyle and Tess drove in Maria’s Jetta. Liz’s Jaguar was gone. They drove into the desert. They came to the stone. Max waved his hand over the finger print and then put his hand over it. –“Wait, how could she come in here?”- Tess asked as they walked in but she said nothing more as they heard a voice inside.

“God, why am I like this? I got this chance I thought can do it. I just have to re-arrange a thing or two.” – Liz cried inside the granolith chamber. Max motioned his hand for them to stop. She hadn’t heard the come in.

“But it’s not that easy, isn’t, mother?I forgot to shut out all the human emotions inside me. All the emotions. God! At least I saved Tess from Nasedo. That’s a plus. Lonnie didn’t turn out to a complete bitch and Rath’s not her most faithful lover ready to kill his king!” – she paused for a second, breathiong heavily.

“Can’t you answer me? I let Zan go! The more I think about it . . . I can’t help wondering why did Zan leave Ellie, why did he change his mind after all the promises, after all the kisses. But I don’t have an answer.”- she sighed.

“You’re not supposed to an answer. It’s inside Zannder’s heart. Only he can give you an answer.” – a female’s voice suddenly spoke, Liz got startled by it and fell back. –“Mother?”- she said, staring at the granolith. Being the closest, Max could see her staring at the granolith. –“God, you’re still beautiful. Just like I remember you.”

”Why of course, my daughter, I was killed young. I will forever be young.” – Liz giggled. –“You would grow young for centuries even if you didn’t die then.”

“So true. But it is a shame that, no matter how much power possess, we could stop our lives being taken by Zannder Sr. but I do blame him. A man taken by the greed for power isn’t a man that should be blamed. Just like brother.” – the woman kept speaking. –“I know. And I tried to help him but he can’t be helped. I must finish him before he fools any of us this time.”

“I know, and you are right. He must be punished. He was given too many chances and he lost them. But there is a summit that Maxwell must attend, so please, he mustn’t be late.” – the woman told Liz.

”I know. Do you want me to go?” – there was silance. –“It must be as it was the last time.”- finally the woman said. Liz looked down. –“Tess. Tess has to go.”- she said. –“So I could save him again?”- another sense of silance.

“Afcourse not since Rath and Lonnie are here. Lonnie will not make the deal with Nicholas and she won’t try to kill him.” – she kept nodding to herself. Max looked at Zan who nodded his head. He would explain later.

“But you’ve done well, Elizabeth.” – the woman continued. –“Stop putting this show of an evil girl and let your heart be free. You deserve it. Maxwell will regain for what Zannder has done your heart. He will not fall for his Avarisa, for Tess.”- the woman spoke. Max looked at Zan, thinking that she spoke of him.

“He won’t?” – Liz asked. –“No. His destiny says of being together, being one, a unit. Not romanticly. The sooner you get that, the sooner your heart will be at peace. And I assure you, my daughter, once your heart is at peace, our worlds will be at peaces.”- Liz got up and reached towards the granolith.

The granolith chamber began glowing stronger. –“Thank you, mother. And . . . I love you.”- she said. –“I will be happy and I will be free. I will do be duty and then I will live my life. And then one day, when I am old and gray and have a happy life behind me, I will fall asleep and join you and my ancestors.”- the glow became weaker and she walke dout of the chamber, only to be startled by Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Maria, Alex, Kyle, Zan and Serena.

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Are the Roswellians aware of the other timelines and what transpired in them?
No. Expect what she tells them. Max is party aware because of their kiss.
Did the Roswellians know about the pod chamber? If so, did they know about the granolith? Does the granolith only recognize Liz?
Afcorse, it's the same timeline as in the show when Max went to the city. Is going to go to the city. They know about the podchamber since before summer and they know about the granolith for a bit while. Well, the granolith always knows Liz but it also reacts to the four too.

Chapter 9

She wipes a few tears from her face with her sleeve seeing them. –“How long have you been here?”- she asks them. –“A while.”- Zan answers as the rest seem a bit out of place. –“So ya actually saw her.”- he continued and she nodded with a smile. –“Just like I remember her. I wonder if it was only my memory.”- she added and he shook her head. –“Please!”- he said with a goofy smile. Everyone looked at him.

”It’s a shame she didn’t see ya grow up. Noone could tell ya apart” – Liz smiled. –“True.”- she said and then looked at Max, who still seemed to be processing. She took a few steps towards him but her questions were still not dirrected to him. –“How’s Lonnie?”

”She’s okay. Rath’s looking after her.” – Serena answered her. Her eyes met Max’s, finally. –“Hi.”- she said, trying to start somehow. –“How was your mom here?”- he asked her right away. –“Her essance is part of the granolith.”- she said and the paused. –“This is gona take long so maybe we should go somewhere.” – she said and looked at everyone around them.

“No, here is fine.” – he said. It was the first time she realized his face was actually sharp. Like after he found her with Kyle in another life. –“Serena?”- she said, looking at him. She wasn’t going to allow him to take her easily.

”You sure?” – Serena asked and Liz nodded, without her eyes moving from Max’s. –“We might as well make seats ‘cos, like I said, it’s gona be long.”- she then said. Max, Isabel, Tess and Max looked at her, not understanding. –“God, do I have to do everything by myself. Serena!”- Serena walked to her and took her hand. They closed their eyes. Seconds later, as everyone turned around, two long couch’s appeared, one oppositive from the other.

Max, Isabel, Kyle and Zan sat on one side while Michael, Maria, Tess and Alex sat on the other one. Serena and Liz decided to stand. –“Alright. I’m sure you found the destiny book already.”- Liz said and Max nodded. –“But we can’t stranslate it.”- he added.

”Well, yea. Antarian language is very hard. I took me about 10 years if my old life and five to re-learn it here. I thought Serena to read it too.” – she said, looking at her friend. –“Why?”- Michael asked. - “Backup plan. Something I learned from your mother.” – they didn’t understand.

“If Max dies, you are the king in his place, Michael.” – she explained. -“Serena?”- she said and then moved into the shadows. Serena was a true storyteller, she saw that when she first met her, when they were still kids. She had told the story to her, along with Kal a million times, preparing her for this. It was strange how she spent most of her childhood preparing Serena to be part of her life. She didn’t realize it then but Kal once told her that she was preparing her to be her heiress. She didn’t understand it now. And she wouldn’t, not for a long time.

“There are five plantes in your star system.” – they nodded, knowing that. –“Yet, a long time ago for Earth, there was six of them.”- Max looked up at her. –“The sixth planet was called Ryctor and it was the ruling planet of your system. Now, the people of Ryctor, specially their royalty are very powerful. I mean, in the power sense.” – she paused, everyone looked at her at this point, their full focus to her.

“The Ryctor people held the granolith. The granolith is a powerful object. But it is only an object if you take away all it’s power. It grows stronger with each generations of rulers on Ryctor. To be more correct, with the death of every king or queen, more correct, queen, makes it stronger. Their children gain that power.”

“King Metpar and Queen Laqua weren’t so bad people. True, perhaps a bit cold. The queen gave birth to two children. A baby girl and a baby boy, twins. Now, the son would have been the heir but he was found a bit special. Yes, that special, Michael.” – she added to her story seeing Michael’s weird look.

“Kivana Eli and Khivar Xothorn.” – she finally said their names. Isabel looked at her. –“You mean, Khivar actually has the right to be on Antar?”- Max and Michael looked at her. Serena shook her head. –“I said, Khivar was special. The heir was a heiress, Kivana Eli. Now, this is a very powerful person. She the strongest in her entire family. She has aposolute control over granolith and she can access it so many way.”- she paused for a second. –“When you use your powers, you weaken because they are not really yours.”

“See, everyone had powers kind of in your star system. Only, the Ryctor people were strongest. Before you came here, Kivana Eli, realizing the mistakes that she had done, out simple jeleausy, she gave a small bit of her blood to each and every one of you, to give you more streight.” – she could see their confused looks. –“Jeleausy?” – Max asked. Serena nodded and looked into the shadow where Liz stood. –“I wouldn’t be fair for me to say the story.” – she said and then went to sit next to Zan.

Liz walked out of the shadows and took a deep breath. She had once told this story the dupes and they took it hard. She didn’t know how they would take it. –“Kivana Eli was about four years old when her father’s best friend Zannder Sr. came to Ryctor and killed him before her eyes. He did the same with her mother. But when he came to her and her brother, he couldn’t kill them. They were the heirs and they would claim it eventually but he couldn’t kill children. Instead, he took them on Antar and they grew with his own children. He thought that they wouldn’t remember. He didn’t know that Kivana had a mind of two, almost if she was thinking for her brother.”

“Through the years, his son, Zan fell in love with Kivana Eli and Velandra fell for Khivar. Everybody loved everybody. And Zan . . . he swore on enternal love and what not. And then he met Avarisa. Kivana Eli never understood it but he soon infromed her that he was so to marry the blond. Kivana Eli’s hard was crushed. But she learned to deal with it. And then on his wedding and corination day, he told her that he would make her a free woman and then marry her to his third command, Margon. But the new king didn’t know that Margon would be the first to stab his back.” – she took a deep breath. I felt like she was talking in one breath only.

“At that point, Zan was aware of Kivana Eli’s history. She went straight to Khivar and did something no man or woman had done before. She give him a half of her mind. She gave him so many knowladge and memories that . . . it destroyed his heart.”- she paused and closed her eyes, not allowing her tears to fall. –“After the wedding and the corination, she hushed Velandra to open to gates and that promised that she allow the end of her marriage with Ratos and marry Khivar. Velandra was her best friend and she believed her.”- Liz stared at Isabel, who seemed to have the hardest time understanding.

”Once the skins were in town, Khivar joined her. She killed Avarisa before Zan’s eyes but what she didn’t expect was that Khivar would turn his back on her. He killed Zan before her eyes and then Ratos. Velandra’s heart was broken that she killed herself, in the belief that it was ll her fault.” – she walked to Isabel. Isabel looked up at her with tears in her eyes, as if she could rest now. –“It’s not your fault and it never was. Nicholas never knew the story, Isabel.”- she told her and then turned around, sighing.

“After that, Khivar prepared a corination for his sister. He couldn’t become king because even in the old system, she was meant to be queen. What he didn’t count was that she would turn her back on him. You see, when Kivana Eli was about 12 or something, she came across a cave. She found the queen inside with ten pods.” – Michael looked at her, lost. –“The queen told her that their future teller read that in the future, a great evil would take and she need to protect her children. She made a clone of the woman that she was told would be her son’s wife.”

”Who were the last two?” – Michael’s question stopped her. She looked at him. –“Two clones of Kivana Eli.”- he narrowed his eyes not following. –“Queen Myra was not stupid, Michael. She knew how son looked at her. But she also that he would marry by then. But she needed there for her son’s support. She didn’t know that it was all fault. How could see? The granolith hides his own.”- she said.

“She returned to cave later, the day of corination and she gave a bit of blood to the eight pods and almost took a whole bunch her to her clones. She barely made to the palace alive, only to kill herself.” – she said and looked down. –“Withotu Kivana Eli, Khivar is just a man by the throne, dictating. He has right over it. Only Kivana Eli.” – she finished.

”So we need them. The clones of Kivana Eli.” – Max suddenly began speaking, ready to jump. Liz looked at him and shook her head. –“They were born and they grew up, the let Kivana Eli free and she was sure that she did all the right things. Until the end when she realized that she failed. Why? Because she trusted her brother, believing that he was still her baby brother. When she killed herself, she let the ment hat she loved return back time.”- she answered and looked down.

“Who?” – Tess asked. –“Me an’ Max.”- Zan answered her. Max looked at him and realized he was right. Her memories. –“I healed you that life, didn’t I?”- she nodded. –“What about the other one?”- Isabel asked.

“I couldn’t afford another one. So played around.” – she said with a weak smile. –“That’s what yout old me, right?”- Tess asked, she nodded. –“Nasedo raised you in that time. He made a deal with Khivar. Max knocks up you and you deliver his son and the three of them and you’re a home run.”- she explained. –“Don’t worry, you’re safe from him.”- she added, with a smile.

“What else did you change?” – Max looked at her. Their eyes met. –“When I was five, I left for L.A., the last time, you healed me so I had to tell Mari aand Alex. And I thought that I brought them all into this. It turns out I was wrong.”- she stopped talked and sat on the floor silently, staring into the light that the granolith gently produced in the old pods.

“Who is Kivana Eli?” – Tess suddenly asked. Everyone looked at her and then at Liz, who said nothing. –“Liz?”- Max called her. She looked up at him. –“I am.”- she finally said. –“I was. I’m not even sure anymore. I’m not sure if I even Liz Parker anymore.”- she added and shook her head.

Max didn’t react right and before he knew it, Zan walked over to her, kneeled before her and rapped his arms around her. She rested her head on chest. - “Shh, we’re not blamed for the sins of our fathers, remember? Your mother’s rule? It’s use on us too. We will not be blamed for the sins of our past-lives. Alright?” – she nodded gently and continued to lay her head next to his heart.

After a moment, she looked up at him. –“I need to go home.”- she finally said and got up, leaving Zan there. –“Everyone, up!”- Serena suddenly said. They did as she told and the couch’s dissapeared. Isabel looked at her. –“It was part of her imagination. She’s not here anymore so neither are they.”- she explained and walked to Zan, taking his hand, for him to get up.