Unforgettable Nights M/L Adult Pg 4 AN 12/14/07 [WIP]

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Unforgettable Nights M/L Adult Pg 4 AN 12/14/07 [WIP]

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Title:Unforgettable Nights
Author:Jennifer (aka: Roswell3053)
Rating: Mature
Category: M/L AU w/o Aliens
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of it's characters.
Summary: Liz and Max had a crush on each other during highschool, but they were both to scared to say anything. What happens when their friends get together and decide that it is time to set them up?

Author's note: This is my very first attempt at writing a fic. Please be gentle, but also be truthful and let me know if I am even doing a good job. I don't have a banner (nor can I make one), so if someone feels inspired to create one for me I would greatly appreaciate it.


Chapter 1

Max Evans walked into the apartment and threw his keys on the entry table. He was having the worst day, and all he wanted to do was take a hot relaxing shower and go to sleep. However, the outside world was not going to let that happen. While he was headed to the shower the phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID, he saw that it was his best friend, Michael Guerin, so he decided to answer the phone.


“Maxwell, what are your plans for tonight?”

“Shower and sleep! Why?” Max asks with a hint of worry in his voice.

“Change your plans man. You and I are taking out the two most gorgeous women on the planet tonight.” Michael answers enthusiastically.

“Ok. Just who are these women?”

“It’s a surprise. Now get dressed and be ready by 7:00. We will be there to pick you up.”

And without another word, Michael hung up the phone. Sighing, Max goes into his bedroom and prepares to get ready.

At exactly 7:00 someone starts banging on the door. Reluctantly Max opens the door to reveal his best friend Michael Guiren with a huge smile on his face.

“What are you smiling for?” Max asks while trying to see the two women in the car.

“Come on Max. You are going to love your date for the night.”

Max looks at Michael disbelievingly, but proceeds to lock up his apartment. Michael returns to the car with a huge smile on his face. He can’t wait until Max sees who his date is for the night. Once Max approaches the car, his heart almost stops. He sees none other than the object of his affection sitting in the backseat of Michael’s car, Liz Parker. Max throws Michael a questioning look, but all Michael does is smile and get in the car. Hesitantly Max gets in the car wondering what Michael has planned.

“Max, you remember Liz Parker and Maria Deluca don’t you?” Michael asks with a smirk on his face.

“Of course. Ladies how are you doing tonight?” Max asks.

“We’re doing great, and yourself?” replies Maria.

“Good.” Max says while looking curiously at Liz who has remained quiet so far.


2 Hour Ago

Liz walks into the apartment that she shares with her childhood best friend Maria. She had another long day at work and just wants to relax. Liz heads straight for the sofa and sits down. Just then Maria comes bouncing into the living room with a huge smile on her face. Liz wonders what has her friend in such a good mood, but she knows that Maria will tell her soon enough.

“Liz, you need to hurry up and get ready because we have dates tonight.”

“Maria, what are you talking about? The only thing that I have planed for the night is to sit right here, relax, and watch TV.”

“Come on chica I promise that you will not be disappointed. I have the perfect date for you.”

“Maria, you said the same things when you set me up with your cousin Sean, and do I need to remind you about that nightmare?” Liz asks less that enthused.

“Ok, I know that that was horrible, but I promise that you will not be sorry. We have to be ready by 6:45, so hurry up and start getting ready.” Maria pleads.

Liz decides that it will be better to go along with Maria’s plans instead of trying to argue. At least this time Maria will be there with her so that if she gets bored or this goes bad, she won’t be alone.

At precisely 6:45 there is a knock on the door. Since Maria is putting on her finishing touches, Liz answers the door. She is shocked to find Michael Guiren, best friend to her high school crush Max Evans, standing at the door with a smirk on his face.

“Hi Liz. How are you doing?” asks Michael breaking her out of her shock.

“ I’m fine. What are you doing here?” she asks skeptically.

“Well, I’m here to pick up you and Maria for our double date. Where is she anyway?”

Just then Maria walks down the hall with a big smile on her face. “Here I am. Are you ready to go?”

As they are walking down to the car, Liz notices that there is no one else, and she wonders where her date is. Just as she is about to ask Maria looks at her with a look that Liz can’t quite recognize.

“First we have to go and pick someone else up, and then we will head to dinner. After that we can go to that new club Paradise that just opened up.” Michael states.

“That sounds great.” Maria says while looking at Liz with a secretive smile on her face.

About 15 minutes later, they pull up at some apartments. Michael gets out and lets them know that he will be back in just a minute.

While Michael is walking up to one of the doors, Liz starts drilling Maria. “Okay, since when are we going on a double date with Michael, and who is supposed to be my date? I didn’t even know you talked to Michael. I thought that you couldn’t stand him. What happened to that? Huh?”

“First of all, you are rambling chica, and that is my job. Relax. Secondly, I ran into Michael today and we started talking. We were talking about getting together tonight, and I asked him if he had a friend so that we could double. He said that he had someone in mind, so we set everything up. It’s no big deal.” Maria said with a smirk.

“Ok. That still doesn’t answer the question as to who my date is.” Liz states knowingly.

“Why don’t you just look out the window?" Maria says.

Liz turns her head and sees Michael walking towards the car with someone behind him. Just as she is trying to look behind him, he moves out of the way and she sees Max. She blinks her eyes and looks again just to make sure that she is not seeing things, but he is still there. She turns to look at Maria who is smiling like a fool. Before she has a chance to say anything, both Max and Michael get into the car. While Michael, Max, and Maria are handling the pleasantries, Liz just silently sits there with a look of shock on her face. She can’t believe that she is going out on a date with Max Evans. From the look on his face, she can’t tell how he feels about this double date, and she doesn’t know if that is a good or a bad thing.

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Unforgettable Nights

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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I was so nervous posting this, but ya'll have made me feel a lot better.


LovinGuerin2Much - Thank you so much!

Here is the next part.

Chapter 2

During the ride to the restaurant, Max and Liz kept sneaking glances at each other, but they didn’t dare say a word. There was a comfortable silence in the car that no one seemed to want to break.

Both Michael and Maria were sitting in the front set with huge smiles on their faces. Earlier that day when they had run into each other, they decided that it was time to step in and get their best friends together. Michael had always known that Max had a secret crush on Liz, but Max was always too afraid to say anything to her about it. While he was talking to Maria he decided to ask her if Liz was seeing anyone.

At first Maria thought that Michael liked Liz, but he informed her about Max’s longtime crush. That is when Maria came up with the idea to get them together for a night out on the town. She told Michael that Liz had had a crush on Max since high school, so they both agreed to keep it a secret from their best friends and surprise them with the double date.

When they arrived at the Italian restaurant, they were quickly seated. Michael had discreetly requested a booth so that Max and Liz would have to sit in close proximity to each other.

Neither Max nor Liz minded sitting next to each other. They were both quite please with the seating arrangements.

After the waitress came and took their orders, Maria decided that if she did not start talking, that Max and Liz would sit in silence forever, so she tried to find out what Max had been doing since high school. “Max, what have you been up to since graduation?”

“I went to college at UNM where I got my law degree, and after I passed the bar, I came back to Roswell and joined my father’s law firm. I have been working there ever since. How about you?” He stated shyly.

“Liz and I went to New York where I studied music. I decided that I wanted to teach, so I came back here.” she stated with a smile.

“That’s great. You always had a lovely voice Maria. I am glad that you are putting it to good use.” Then Max turned to Liz and asked, “How about you Liz? What did you study in New York?”

Liz was still a little wary of Maria and her intentions, but she decided to put that to the side for now and answer Max. “Actually I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Then when Maria decided that she wanted to be a teacher, I thought that it sounded like a great idea. I have always loved both science and kids, so I figured what better way to combine the two. When she told me that she was going to come back to Roswell, I just decided that it sounded like a great idea. This way I could still be close to my parents and my best friend,” she said while playing with her napkin.

The entire time that Liz was talking, Max was staring right at her. Maria and Michael on the other hand were patting them selves on the back because of how good things were turning out.

When the food arrived, they all ate while talking about their different school experiences. After Michael and Max paid the check, they were headed out of the restaurant and ran straight into Max’s sister Isabel and Maria and Liz’s best friend Alex Whitman.

“Isabel? Alex? What are you guys doing here?” Max asked confused. Last he heard his sister was dating some doctor, so he was surprised to see her there with Alex.

“Hi Max. Alex and I just finished dinner, and now we are going to Paradise. How about you?” she questioned him with the same confused look on her face.

“Actually that is where we are headed,” he replied nonchalantly.

While Max and Isabel were talking, Liz and Maria were quietly grilling Alex about his date. They both wanted to why he had not told them about his date.

“So Alex, when did this happen and how come you did not call and tell us?” Liz stated with an amused look.

“Well, I ran into Isabel last week, and we started talking. We ended up getting coffee and talking for about 2 hours. When we were getting ready to go our separate ways, I decided to try my luck and ask her out on a date. I did not want to say anything to you until I knew how things turned out. You both know that I have liked her for a longtime, and I just didn’t want you to get my hopes up more that they already were,” he replied guiltily. “Now I want to know how the four of you ended up here together.”

Maria quickly explained about running into Michael earlier in the day.

Throughout both Maria and Alex’s explanations, Liz was sneaking glances at Max. She did not notice the amused looks on her friends’ faces or the way that Max was slightly blushing because Isabel had just asked him about being there with Liz.

After everyone’s questions had been answered, they all agreed to meet up at Paradise.

They all arrived at the club a few minutes later. Max offered his hand to Liz to help her out of the car. She took his hand and was surprised when he held on to it while they were walking towards the entrance. Max was bursting on the inside because Liz had not pulled away. Neither noticed the smiles on their friends’ faces.

Once they were all in the club, they found a table near the dance floor. The waitress came over to get their drink orders. The guys all order a beer and the girls order Pina Coladas. Everyone was having a good time listening to the music and getting reacquainted with each other.

After the 2nd round of drinks, Max finally got up the courage to ask Liz to dance.

“Liz, would you like to dance?” Max asked.

“I would love to,” she replied.

At first there was an awkward silence between the two, so Max decided to ask her about her job in an effort to break the silence.

“So, Liz, how do you like teaching?”

“I really enjoy it. Most of the kids are good and seem to be really interested. What about you Max? Do you enjoy being a lawyer?”

“Yeah. I sometimes work long and hard hours, but it is totally worth it.”

“That’s really good. I’m glad that you found a job that you enjoy” Liz replied.

Now there was a comfortable silence between the two, but Liz could tell that Max wanted to ask her something. She didn’t know if she should just come out and ask him what it was, or wait for him to say something. In the end, it was max that broke the silence.



“Can I ask you something?”


“How did you feel when you found out that I was your date tonight? I mean I know that we didn’t’ socialize that much during school, except for during Bio, but I am just curious if you were disappointed tonight.” Max asked while shyly turning his head to the side. Max took her silence as a bad thing, but he decided that since he already asked her, there was no point in backing down now. He turned to look her in the eyes to see if he could figure out what she was thinking.

Liz waited until Max turned his head back to look her straight in the face before answering him. “At first I was mad at Maria for setting me up on another blind date since her track record is so bad when it comes to finding me a date. However, when I saw that it was you, let’s just say that she is definitely getting better in finding someone that I will be interested in. I could not have asked for a better date.”

Max let out the breath that he did not even realize that he had been holding. She was glad that he was her date.

“I almost called Michael back and tell him that I couldn’t make it tonight because I don’t really like to go out on blind dates, but I am so glad that I didn’t. I would have been extremely mad at myself had I messed up the chance to have this wonderful date with you.”

Liz just blushed at Max’s confession. She couldn’t believe what he had just said to her. She felt like she was on “cloud 9”.

Both of them just kind of stood there looking at each other for a few minutes. Neither had noticed that during their little conversation that they had drifted closer and closer together. They were now only mere inches from the others lips. Slowly Max bent down a little, while Liz stood up on her toes, their lips met in a soft but tentative kiss. When he noticed that she didn’t pull back, he decided to try and deepen the kiss. He slowly caressed her bottom lip with his tongue and she quickly responded by opening her mouth. Their tongues met in her mouth and slowly caressed each other. When the need for air became to great, they pulled apart panting heavily. Neither wanted to break the moment, but as reality crept back in on them they noticed that the song was ending. Hand in hand they walked back to the table and to the amused looks on their friends’ faces. Neither cared or noticed that they were both grinning from ear to ear because their secret dreams from all those years ago finally came true.

When they finally reached the table, Maria didn’t take any time at all to excuse herself and Liz, so that they could go to the bathroom. Alex just shook his head because he knew that Maria was fixing to grill Liz. He knew about Liz’s true feelings, just like Maria did, but he decided that Liz would tell him what was going on in her own time. He did not feel the need to bombard her with questions, but with her gone, that left Max wide open for interrogation and a little intimidation. He was not about to let that opportunity pass him by.

Alex decided to start politely before he actually said what he really wanted to. “So Max what have you been going since high school?”

“Just college and work. You know the usual.” Max could tell that Alex was trying to get a read off of him regarding Liz, but he was not going to give him any reason to think that he would do anything to hurt Liz. Max wasn’t stupid. He knew that Liz and Alex were very close, so he decided that if he would just play along and answer Alex’s questions. “How about you?”

“Pretty much the same. You know, college, work, and, of course, watching out for my girls.”

“You’re girls?” Max knew what was coming next.

“Maria and Liz. They are my best friends. Almost like little sisters to me. I like to make sure that no one is planning on hurting them in any way.”

Before Max could respond to the underlying threat, Maria and Liz returned to the table.

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Thank you everyone for the feed back. I created a banner, and posted it at the begining of the first chapter. Take a look and let me know what you think. It is my first banner, so if it totally sucks. I'm sorry.

cowgirl (my inspiration and pain in the butt)

Chapter 3

Through out the night Max and Liz talked about every thing that they could think of trying to get to know one another better. They were so consumed talking to each other, that they did not notice Alex and Isabel leaving.

Maria and Michael were sitting back watching their two friends get closer and closer. They were happy for them. Maria asked Michael, “How do you think things are going between them?”

“From the looks on their faces, I would say that things are going very well. I just hope that Max will find the courage to ask her out on another date, where you and I don’t have to chaperone them.”

“I think that they will do just fine. Now, we were actually supposed to be having a date as well, so why don’t we get to that.”

“Now you’re talking. Let’s go dance.”

Michael and Maria both got up to go dance. About that same time, Max and Liz became aware that they were sitting alone at the table.

“Max? Where did everybody go?”

“I’m not sure. I never noticed anybody leaving the table. You had my full attention.”

“I know what you mean.” Liz blushed. She decided to be bold and ask Max “How about we do our own disappearing trick?”

“Let’s go!” Max eagerly replied. They both got out of their seats and headed to the door. Neither noticed that Maria and Michael watched them leave, but they just decided to let them go.

Once Max and Liz were outside, they decided to talk a walk to the park. They walked silently hand and hand towards their destinations both seemingly lost in their own thoughts.

“Liz?” Max suddenly broke the silence.


“I want to tell you something. I have wanted to tell you all night, but I just didn’t know how.” Max stated shyly.

“Just come straight out and tell me Max.”

Max was staring at the trees in the park trying to find the right words to finally tell Liz Parker how he felt about her. He felt like he was back in high school again, and it amazed him that she still had that effect on him. Trying not to over think the situation because he knew that he would end up chickening out, he decided to just start from the beginning.

“First of all please let me get this all out before you say anything.” He waited for her to nod her head to begin. “I guess it started about 10 years ago. I don’t know if you remember me much from high school, but I was very shy. I didn’t date at all, and the only people that I associated with were Michael and Isabel. That first day of school our freshman year was the best and the worst day of my life. When I found out that you and I were assigned as lab partners in bio, I was so happy. I had always had a crush on you, and I hoped that being partners would bring us closer together. Then I found out that you had a boyfriend. I didn’t know how serious it was, but I was devastated nonetheless. I decided that if I couldn’t date you that I would jus be happy with us becoming friends.” Max paused to look at Liz, and he could not believe the emotions he saw crossing her face. Sadness, heartbreak, and something else that he couldn’t figure out, so he decided to continue. “I know that we really only talked during class, but I lived for those days. When you and Kyle broke up, I was jumping for joy inside, and I decided that I was going to tell you that day how I felt about you. Then I saw you and you looked so heart broken, so I didn’t say anything. I thought that you truly loved Kyle and that there wouldn’t ever be a place in your heart for me, so I decide that I would just try to continue to be your friend. I want you to know that in all of the time that has passed, my feelings for you never changed. Even now, I want to get to know you better and get the chance to show you how much I care about you.”

By this time Liz was in tears. Max had wanted her way back then, but he thought that she was love with Kyle. She needed to let him know that she was never in love with Kyle. The reason that she broke up with Kyle was because she had feelings for Max and she didn’t want to lead Kyle on. She never knew that Max felt the same way about her. She didn’t know what to say to Max, so she did the only thing that she could think of. She reached up and pulled Max’s head down to hers and kissed him with everything that she had. No holding back.

When the need for air became too much, they broke the kiss, but not the hold that they had on each other. Liz decided that she needed to be honest with Max. “I want you to know that I never loved Kyle. When you saw me the day that he and I broke up, I was sad because I hurt him, and that was something that I didn’t want to do. I know that he had strong feelings for me, but my feelings for someone else were stronger. I didn’t want to lead him on, so I ended it. The person that I really wanted to be with then is the same as now. It’s you.” Liz waited for her words to finally sink in with Max, and she knew the moment that they did. For at that precise moment, Max crushed his lips down on hers with the same fierceness that she had used earlier. When they broke apart, they just stood there holding each other. Neither wanted to let go. They had already wasted so much time, that they didn’t wait to waste any more.

Max looked at hi watch and realized that it was close to 2 AM. “Liz, I think that we should start heading home. Would you me to walk you to you house, or do you want to get a cab?”

“Let’s walk, but I want to go to your house. I want to spend some more time with you alone, and since I live with Maria, we can’t do that at my place.”


The walk home was silent, but neither minded because they had a lot of things on their minds. Both of them were having similar thoughts. They couldn’t believe that they had wasted so much time that they could have been together just because they were to shy to admit it.

When they reached Max’s apartment, he unlocked to door for them to enter. He was a little nervous because he didn’t know what Liz would want. Did she want to just talk? Did she want to stay all night? Did she want…? His thoughts were cut off with Liz’s next move.

Liz was waiting patiently for him to close the door. She had made a decision on the way here, and she just hoped that Max didn’t have a problem with it. As soon as Max shut the door and turned around to face her, Liz decided that this was it. She launched herself into Max’s arms, which he immediately put tightly around her waist. Then she said “Make love to me Max.”

Max was stunned, but only for a second. He quickly regained his composure and lifted Liz up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist while he carried her to the bedroom. All the while her lips and hands were wreaking havoc on his body. Once he entered the bedroom, he slowly set her down on her own to feet. He then looked straight into her eyes and asked her “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She answered without hesitation.

That was all the assurance that he needed. He slowly stated to remove her top. Kissing every inch of skin that was exposed. Once he top was off, he threw it to the side and helped her on to the bed. Before laying her down, he unhooked the clasp on her bra. He pulled the left strap off of her should with his teeth, and then repeated the action on the right strap. Once the straps were down, the only thing he had left to finish pulling the material down her arms and completely off of her body. Once she was completely naked from the waist up, Max decided that he was going to worship every inch of skin that he saw before moving lower. Gently he started licking and nipping at her collarbone and moving his way down. Her reached her luscious mounds and started to gently caress the right one with his mouth. He kissed and licked everywhere on her breast, except for her nipple. He then repeated the same process on her left breast.

By this time Liz was arching her back trying to get him to latch on to her nipples to bring her some relief. When Max was satisfied that he had worshiped all of her breasts, he latched on to the right nipple and began to suck like a starving baby.

Liz was in heaven. Max had worked her up so much that she could already feel her climax approaching. She has never had someone worship her body the way that Max was. As soon as he started to suckle her left breast, that was all it took to send Liz over the edge.

“Oh god Maaaaaaaaaaaaaax!” she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Max didn’t release her nipple until she came down from her orgasm. He waited for her breathing to return to normal, and then he asked her “Are you okay?”

“I’m perfect. Absolutely perfect. I have never had that happen before.”

Max was glad that he was able to bring her pleasure like she had never had before, but he wasn’t done with her yet. “Just relax and let me please you Liz. I have wanted to do this for so long.” Without waiting for a response from her, Max started back on his journey down her stomach to the waistband of her jeans. Max slowly unbuttoned them to reveal a red lace thong. Max removed her shoes from her feet slowly sucking on each toe, and then he pulled her pants down her hips and off of her legs. Then he kissed his way up the inside of her right leg. He got all the up to her bikini area and switched sides. He could smell her sweet sent, and wanted to taste her, but he wanted to finish worshiping her body. By this time his pants were getting so tight, that he thought that he might die, but it was well worth it. When he finished with her left leg, he grabbed her thong with his teeth and removed it from her body. “Gorgeous!” Max said while he took a minute to commit every inch of her naked body to memory.

Max slowly settled down between Liz’s legs and snaked his tongue out for his first taste of heaven. He licked her from back to front and then from front to back. Slowly he inserted a finger into her slick passage and began to alternate his finger and this tongue dipping in and out of her pussy.

“Ummmmmmmffffffffffffff…Max…soooo good……more please”

Max knew what she wanted, and he wanted it too. He inserted a second finger into her while his tongue went in search of her clit. He slowly drew circles around her clit with his tongue all the while driving Liz wild.

“So close. Don’t stop. Pleaseeeeeeee” Liz cried out.

That was all the encouragement that Max need to latch on to her clit and gently bite down.

“Oh my god, MMAAAAAAAAAAAAXXX!” she screamed as her second orgasm of the night washed over her.

Max eagerly drank up all her juices like a starving man. He didn’t miss a drop. When she finally came down from her orgasm, Max slowly moved up to her and kissed her with all of the passion and hunger that he had.

Liz tasted herself on Max and it just started to turn her on again. She decided that she wanted to worship Max’s body just as he had done to hers. Without breaking the kiss, she reached to the hem of his shirt and slowly started to pull it up. When she had no other choice, she broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head, but she immediately attached her lips to his body kissing, licking and nipping everywhere. She teased his nipples the same way that he had done to her. Slowly she turned them over so that she was now on top. Now she started her trail down his stomach running her tongue around each and every defined muscle on his abdomen until she reached the waistband of his pants. She unbuttoned his pants, and then carefully pulled his zipper down over his erection. Max lifted his hips so that she could pull his jeans down his legs. Since he had kicked his shoes off earlier, all she had to do was tug his pants off. Once his pants were on the floor with the rest of their clothes she turned her attention to his black boxers and removed them as well.

When Max was completely naked lying in front of her, she took the time to drink in his body. Then she tentatively reached out and grabbed a hold of his stiff member. She slowly started pumping him up and down.

“Oh god Liz. That feels so good baby.”

Liz decided that she had to taste him. She snaked her tongue out of her mouth and licked the top of his cock before opening her mouth and sliding his cock as far in her mouth as she could take him. She started a slow and torturous assault on his member, which was quickly bringing him to completion. She started to speed up as his hips started rocking. She could tell that he was close, and she wanted him to let go.

“Let go, Max. Cum in for me.”

That was all it took to make him go over the edge. Liz never stopped sucking on his thick shaft. She greedily drank every drop that he gave her. When his orgasm was over, she let his cock go with a pop, and surprisingly he was still hard. She looked at him curiously.

“What can I say baby? This is how I always am around you. I want to be inside you so bad.”

“Then take me Max because I need you inside me just a badly.”

Max quickly flipped them over, and slowly entered her for the first time. He inched into her depths slowly giving her time to adjust to his size. Once he was fully sheathed inside her, he held still for a few moments until she started to rock her hips letting him know that she was ready.

“Baby, you are so wet and so tight.”

“Oh Max! I am so full. Faster…harder”

Max didn’t need to be told twice. He gave her what she wanted. He pounded in her as fast and as hard as he could. He could tell that he wasn’t going to last much longer, so he inched his finger in between them to play with her clit.

“Oh god. So close” Liz cried.

“Cum with me baby.”

He could fell her walls tightening around his cock and he knew that she was with him, so he let go and let her milk his member for every last drop.



They cried out each other names at the same time. Max fell down and rolled off of Liz. He wrapped his arms around her to bring her closer to him. His lips instantly crashed down on hers for another breathtaking kiss. When they broke the kiss, Liz snuggled in closer to Max.

“That was wonderful.” Max told her sincerely.

“You were wonderful Max. I have never had that many orgasms in one night. Thank you.”

“No baby. Thank you. You made all my dreams come through tonight.” Max said as he kissed her on the forehead.

“Mine too.” She said sleepily. “Do you mind if I stay here tonight?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. Night baby.”

“Night Max.”

They drifted off to sleep wrapped tightly in each other’s arms. Waiting for dreams to relive the wonderful passion that they shared.
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Unforgettable Nights

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Sorry about the delay. I finally got my computer back in working order.

Thanks for the feedback.

RiaRath101 - You will just have to see how Maria and Michael are. Hehe. I promise that you will eventually love it.

vampyrax - Shy Max left along time ago.

Behrsgirl77 - Thank you. I hope that in the next few chapters you will understand why they Jump a few steps.

maya - Thank you.

Erina - Hopefully the next few parts will explain why they didn't wait. You won't get the full story unitl at least chapter 5.

Chapter 4

Max was the first one to wake up the next morning. He didn’t want to disturb Liz, so he just laid there holding her tight and watching her sleep.

Liz slowly started to wake up. She felt someone’s arms around her and started to panic. Then she remembered what happened the previous night and began to relax into Max’s warm embrace. She slowly opened her eye and was looking straight into the most gorgeous pair of amber eyes.

“Morning,” she said.

“Morning. Did you sleep well?”

“Wonderful. You?”

“Absolutely perfect. It was the best night’s sleep that I have ever had. Do you want some breakfast?”

“That sounds great. Would you like some help?”

“Sure. Let me get you one of my shirts to put on.” Max said while getting out of bed and putting on a pair of his boxers.

Liz couldn’t help but admire the wonderful view of Max’s naked backside. She let her eyes travel up from his fine ass all the way to his shoulders. Watching as his muscles moved while he was putting on his boxers. She was so busy staring at his body that she didn’t even notice when he tried to hand her his shirt to put on.

Max stood there watching her eyes roam up and down his body. He started to feel his cock harden from all the attention that her eyes were giving him. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that you won’t be getting out of that bed” Max told her huskily.

“That would be fine with me.” Liz said while trying to bring him back to the bed.

Max didn’t need any other encouragement. He quickly removed his boxers and attacked her lips in a hungry kiss, while his hands started to pinch and twist her nipples. He broke the kiss in desperate need of air, but did not let his lips leave her body. He slowly started to kiss and nip his way down her body making sure to pay attention to every inch of skin from her chin to her breasts.

Liz’s body was humming in pleasure from all the attention that Max was giving her. She knew that he wanted to please her, but she needed him inside of her.

“Max, I need you inside me now! Please.”

Without hesitation, he thrust completely inside her wet core, then pulled almost all of the way out and thrust back in. He continued to thrust into her slowly watching the pleasure on her face. He knew that she was close, so he gradually started thrusting faster, but that was not fast enough for Liz.

“Please Max. I’m so close. Faster.” Liz groaned in both pleasure and frustration.

Max couldn’t deny her, so he started to thrust faster in and out of her wet core. He started to fell his balls tighten signaling that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. He reached his hand in between them to pinch her clit, and that was all it took.

“Oh god, Max! Yessssss!” Liz cried out as her climax washed over her making her walls clamp down on his hard cock milking him dry.

Liz’s climax was enough to take Max over the edge shooting his seed deep into her. He collapsed on top of her, but quickly rolled them to the side with his now soft member still inside her. As they lay there trying to catch their breath, Liz’s stomach growled letting Max know that she was hungry.

“Now, we need to get up and start breakfast.” Max laughed.

Liz reluctantly agreed and let him get out of bed.

After they eat breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, Max decided that he needed to take a shower.

“I am going to take a quick shower.” Max said.

“Do you want some company?”

Max didn’t even need to say anything because Liz could see the hunger and desire in his eyes. She just followed him to the bathroom and waited for him to turn the shower on. When he adjusted the shower to right temperature, he started to remove his boxers, so Liz followed suit and removed the shirt that she was wearing.

Liz stepped in to the shower and under the water. Max quickly followed and watched the way that the water trickled down her neck, over her collar bone, through the valley of her breasts, down her flat stomach, and disappeared from his sight into her mound of curls. He wanted to follow that same path with his tongue, but decided that he wanted to tease her first. He picked up the scrunchy and put some body wash on it. He slowly started to lather her neck and then moved down to her breasts. He ran the scrunchy over her right breast and around her nipples making sure to get soap on every inch, and then he repeated the action with her left breast. Once he finished with her breasts, he continued lower over her stomach and down each of her legs making sure to leave her wet core for last. When he reached her core, he decided to use his hands to make sure that he reached every inch inside and out.

Liz was in heaven as Max washed her body. She had never thought of a shower as anything sexual before, but she was quickly learning that that was exactly what a shower with Max was. Once Max had finished lathering up her body, he moved her under the water and helped her rinse off. Then he grabbed the shampoo and washed and rinsed her hair.

“My turn.” Liz said as she picked up the scrunchy and put some body wash on it. She decided that she was going to torture him the same way that he had done to her. She moved the scrunchy down the same path that Max had on her body making sure to leave his hard member until last. She slowly started to run the scrunchy around his member, but then decided that her hand would work better and add more pleasure. She spread the soap up and down his member, and then reached down to his balls making sure that they were lathered up as well. She helped Max rinse all of the soap off of his body. She had to let Max wash and rinse his own hair since he was so much taller than her.

When Max was done he turned off the water, opened the shower curtain and grabbed a towel. He dried himself off and then turned around started to dry Liz off. Once they were both dry, he picked Liz up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid her down in the middle of the bed. He crawled in-between he legs and ran his tongue around her clit before plunging two fingers into her wet core.

Liz’s hips bucked uncontrollably while Max licked and nipped at her clit. “I’m so close….Don’t….stop.” Liz breathed out.

Max had no intention of stopping. He wanted her to come apart in his arms, so he inserted another finger into her heated core and pumped his fingers faster and faster.

That was all it took for Liz to reach her climax. “Maaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxx!” Liz screamed.

He continued to drink down all that Liz was offering him until he licked her dry. He kissed his way back up her body until he reached her mouth. He attacked her lips hungrily. He slipped his tongue in her mouth at the same time he thrust his hardened cock into her wet core. Breaking the kiss fro much needed air, Max moaned at the feeling of her walls clamping down on his cock. “So tight…so good” Max breathed out.

“Harder, Max…I’m sooo…close.”

“Cum with me baby.”

That was all it took for them to climax together crying out each other’s names. After their bodies cooled and relaxed, Max looked over at Liz with a smile on his face.


“I can’t believe that it took me 10 years to tell you how I felt about you. I can’t believe that I wasted all of that time.” Max said somewhat shyly.

“I know what you mean. Can you imagine what would have happened if one of us could have gotten over our insecurities? We could have been together this whole time.”

“Why don’t we make up for lost time? Let’s go out to dinner tonight. I want to get to know more about your life now.”

“That sounds great.” Liz said with a smile on her face. “I need to go home so that I can get ready for tonight. Would you mind taking me?”

“Not at all. In fact, why don’t I get dressed now, and then I can take you home. When we get there you can get dressed while I wait for you, and then we can go see a movie before we go to dinner.”
“That sounds perfect.” Liz said while getting out of bed.

They both got dressed and headed to Liz and Maria’s apartment. When they got there, Liz and Max walked in and found Michael and Maria huddled up on the sofa together watching TV.

“Oh look who remembers where she lives?” Joked Maria.

“Shut up, Maria. You probably didn’t even notice that I wasn’t here.” Liz retorted with a laugh.

Maria blushed while disentangling herself from Michael’s embrace. She got up and looked at Max and Liz with a curious expression on her face. “What are you two doing today?”

“I am going to change, and then Max and I have plans.” Liz said with a smile.

Max leaned down and whispered into Liz’s ear. “Make sure that you pack a bag with some clothes for tomorrow. You probably won’t be coming home tonight either.”

Liz blushed and nodded her head. She started to walk to her bedroom with Maria hot on her heals. As soon as she closed her bedroom door, Maria started with the questions.

“Okay chica. Spill. What happened last night? Did you tell Max that you have had a crush on him since high school? Did you and Max have sex? Who made the first move? How was it? Was it everything you ever dreamed? Come on tell me I want to know.” Maria whined.

Liz just laughed. “Maria, I am not telling you anything right now. Max is waiting for me, so this conversation is going to have to take place another time. However, I will say that it was magical, explosive, miraculous, phenomenal, extraordinary. Pick your SAT word.”

“Did you tell him about what happened in New York?”

“Maria, please don’t bring that up. I plan on telling him tonight, but I am just not sure how to bring it up. I want to tell him because if he truly feels for me the same way that I feel for him, he deserves to know. It is part of my past that I am not proud of, but it also helped me to realize a lot of things about my life. You setting up the blind date just helped to push me in the right direction. Now, please let me get ready in peace.”

“This conversation is so not over. I want details tonight.”

“Well you will probably have to wait until tomorrow because Max told me to pack a bag for tonight because I probably wouldn’t be coming home tonight either.”

“Fine, but tomorrow we are having a girls day complete with ice cream. Max will not be allowed in this house again until I have details.” Maria demanded while giving Liz a look that said she meant business.

“Okay, but you do realize that this goes both ways don’t you. I want to know what happened between you and Michael as well.”

“Great. I am going back into the living room now, so that you can get ready.”

Meanwhile back in the living room.

Max sat down on the couch next to a smirking Michael.

“What are you smirking for?”

“Well… How did everything go last night?”

“I am not discussing what happened between me and Liz with you.”

“Come on. I hooked you up. The least you could do is give me some details. Something.”

“I already told you no. I will however say thank you for setting up the date last night. It was the best night I have ever had.” Max said with a smile.

“Your welcome, but I still want details.”

“Well you aren’t going to get any, so just forget it. You don’t see me asking what happened between you and Maria do you.”

“If you want to know, I’ll tell you. I’m not a prude.”

“If I wanted to know I would have asked, and I am not a prude either. I just think that some things need to remain private, and from the way that you and Maria were huddled on the couch when we got here, I have a pretty good idea that you and I both had a great night. Let’s just leave it at that.” Max said with finality in his voice that Michael knew meant he wasn’t getting anything else from him.

They both looked up when they say Maria come back into the room. She took her seat back on the couch next to Michael, and told Max, “Liz will be out in a minute.”

Max nodded that he heard her and waited for Liz.

A few minutes later Liz walked out of her room with a bag in her hand. Max stood up and met her at the door. They both said bye to Michael and Maria while walking out the door.

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Hey Everyone. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to update. RL has been very hectic, and I just couldn't get this part right. I am still not completely happy with it, but I give up on trying to make it any better. I have already changed it like 3 times, and I believe that this is the best of the 3. Let me know what you think.

Thank you everyone that left feedback. This should answer your questions about New York. There will be more about things that happened in the next chapters as well, but this should explain the main points.

L-J-L 76

Chapter 5

Max and Liz decided that they didn’t want to go to a movie since they couldn’t get to know each other while watching a movie. They instead decided to shoot some pool.

“I’ll make you a deal, Max. For every ball that you sink, I will answer one question, and for every ball that I sink you will answer one question.”

“Okay. That sounds fair. Would you like to go first?”


Max set the balls on the table, while Liz prepared to break. Once Liz set the cue ball where she wanted it, she aimed the pool stick and took her shot. She dropped the number 2 and number 6 balls.

“Okay, I get to ask you two questions. Let me ask both of my questions before you answer. Who was your last serious girlfriend, and how long did you date?” Liz asked shyly. She was kind of nervous about Max’s response, but since they were trying to get to know one another better, she figured that getting the hard conversations behind them would be best.

“Well, you don’t start off with the easy ones do you.” Max stated with a chuckle. “I guess the only quasi serious girlfriend that I have had was Michelle back in college. We only dated for about 6 months my freshman year, but I just knew that she wasn’t the girl for me.” While Max gave Liz time to absorb his answer, he took his shot and sunk one ball. “I am going to keep shooting until I miss, and then I will ask my question or questions.” Max stated while lining up his next shot.

Liz nodded her head letting him know that it was okay, and Max ended up sinking 3 balls before he missed.

“I am going to ask you two questions first, and then after you answer those questions, I will ask my last one. First, who was you last serious boyfriend, and how long did it last.” Max figured that he would ask her the same questions she asked him.

Liz smiled. “My last and only serious boyfriend was during my last year of college. His name was Zan, and we dated for about a year.” Liz was not going to give up any more information that he asked for. She wanted him to ask the underlying questions, so that she would know that he was truly interested in what she was telling him.

Max thought about her answer for a minute before asking his last question. He noticed that she didn’t tell him anything about why they broke up like he had, so he decided that he was going to have to put off the other question that he wanted to ask until his next turn. “Why did you break up?”

“He wasn’t who I really wanted or thought he was.” Liz replied shyly while getting ready to take her shot so that Max wouldn’t see how red her face had suddenly become. She was so busy trying to hide her embarrassment about her answer that she scratched and completely missed the ball that she was aiming for. She looked up at Max and noticed that he was trying to hold in his laughter, but he was failing miserably. Liz just stuck her tongue out at him and then huffed, “Your turn.”

Max couldn’t control his laughter any more after Liz started huffing.

After Max composed himself, he took his shot, but only made in 1 ball. “Since I only have one question this time, I am going to ask you an easy one. How did you meet Zan?”

“Zan and I met at a club that he was working at.”

Liz took her shot and ended up sinking 4 balls before she missed. With a huge grin plastered on her face, she turned to Max. “First, how did you meet Michelle?”

“We had classes together.”

“What classes?”

“Math and English.”

“Where was your most romantic date with her?”

“We went to this Italian restaurant, that I can’t remember the name of, for Valentine’s Day.”

“Okay.” Liz faltered for a minute trying to decide if she should ask the question that she really wanted an answer to. After looking Max straight in the eye, she knew that he would answer her with the truth, she just hoped that he wouldn’t hate her for asking it. “Did you and Michelle have a sexual relationship?”

Max knew she was going to ask sometime, he just didn’t think that she would ask this soon. He decided that he needed to be completely honest with her. “Michelle and I slept together once. She was my first and only until you.” He admitted shyly.

Liz was flabbergasted. She didn’t know what to say. Max, the god, standing in front of her had only slept with one person before her. She knew that he was telling her the truth because he kept his eyes locked on hers the whole time he was speaking.

Max noticed the look of shock and then happiness on her face. He decided that he needed to take his shot, so that he could divert some of the attention from him. Max sunk his last 3 balls, but missed the 8 ball.

Liz braced herself for Max’s questions, knowing that she opened up the opportunity for him to ask about her and Zan’s relationship. She just hoped that Max was okay with her answers.

Max smiled. “First, what is the most romantic date that you have ever had?”

“That’s easy. I haven’t had one.” Liz replied while looking at the shock evident on Max’s face.

Max was shocked. Liz had never been on a romantic date before. He took a minute to gather his thoughts before he asked his second question. “What is the most romantic date that you can think of?” Max asked. He needed the answer to this question more than any other. He wanted to make sure that he remedied this situation as soon as possible.

Liz thought for a minute before answering Max.

“I would have to say having a nice, quiet picnic with a soft blanket, candles, flowers, maybe some wine, and the setting sun off in the horizon.” Liz replied, while seeing the exact picture in her mind with Max sitting on the blanket with her.

Max was starting to plan a romantic getaway with Liz in his mind when he realized that he sill had one question left. “Last question, did you and Zan have a sexual relationship?”

Liz wasn’t shocked by this question, but she had hoped that Max would forget to ask her based on the first two questions. “Yes. We had sex for the first and only time the night before we broke up.” She stated with a little bit of embarrassment, hurt, and resentment at the same time.

Max was shocked. He wondered what happened for them to break up after such an important and intimate step in their relationship. He knew that he would have to tread lightly when he asked Liz about it, but he just hoped that she would trust him enough to be honest with him.

Liz decided to take her shot knowing that Max was trying to figure out what happened between her and Zan. She wanted to tell him, but the thought of him looking at her the same way that Zan did after was enough to keep her quiet. She lined up her shot on her final ball and sunk it straight in. She took her shot on the eight ball and held her breath. As soon as the eight ball fell into the pocket, she let out her breath and smiled smugly at Max. “I win.”

“Okay you get the last two questions.” Max sighed in defeat. He was hoping that she would miss the eight ball, so that he could sink it and find out what happened between her and Zan.

“What are you looking for in a long-term relationship?”

“I want someone that will love me for who I am, someone who will be faithful, and someone who wants to have at least 4 kids.” Max replied with a chuckle at the end.

“Wow, four kids. Well that answers that question. Last question. Are you ready?” Liz waited for his nod before asking him, “Who do you see as the mother of these four children?”

Max was shocked that she asked him that, and since he didn’t want to scare her off, he decided to answer the question as vague as possible. “I want the mother of my children to be my soul mate and the love of my life.” He told her while gently caressing her cheek.

“You cheated. That was a very vague answer.” Liz pouted.

“I will give you a clearer answer when I have one, but for now let’s go to dinner.”


On the drive to the restaurant, both Max and Liz were quiet. Max was trying to figure out how to ask Liz what happened between her and Zan, while Liz was trying to figure out how to tell Max the truth about what Zan did to her. They both decided to wait until the other one brought the subject back up before saying anything. However, Max figured that Liz would probably put off telling him anything else until much later, so if she didn’t say anything by the time dinner was over. He was going to ask her.

They had casual conversation while they ate dinner. Liz knew that Max was curious about her relationship with Zan, but she admired the fact that he was giving her the time that she needed to get her thoughts in order before she said anything.

After dinner, they headed back to Max’s house. Once they got there, Liz decided that she wanted, no needed to tell Max the whole story. He had been honest with her, so she decided that he deserved the same thing. “Max can we sit on the couch and talk for a little bit?”

“Sure,” Max said. He was hoping that Liz would open up to him about Zan, but he decided that he would let her tell him what ever was on her mind before he brought the subject up again.

“Please don’t say anything until I have told you everything. If you interrupt me I might not be able to get it all out.” She waited for him to nod that he understood before continuing. “I know that you are curious about what happened in my relationship with Zan that caused us to break up after we slept together for the first time, and I will tell you, but I need to start at the beginning in order for you to understand everything.” Max nodded his head letting her know that he was okay with that. “When I first met Zan he had all of these girls basically hanging on his every word. I wasn’t really interested in him at the time, so when he tried to talk to me I just blew him off. He was real persistent, and after about 2 weeks, I decided to give him a chance. We talked everyday and went to the movies or dinner at least once a week. I explained to him in the beginning that I was not the type of girl that just had casual sex with people. He said that he respected that, and that he would wait until I was ready. After dating for about 9 months he started to bring up the issue of sex again. I told him that I was just not ready to take that step yet. He wanted to know why, so I told him the truth. I was still a virgin, and I needed to be sure that when I finally had sex, that it was with someone I loved. He was shocked that I was still a virgin, but he said that he would wait as long as it took because he loved me. I was starting to have strong feelings for him, and at the time I really thought that I loved him and that he loved me.” Liz paused for a minute so that she could get the next part out.

“We slowly started to drift apart after that. I didn’t really see him as often as before, but he kept telling me that he was working more. I decided that I was going to go to the club where he was working one night just so we could spend some time together. When I got there, he was working the bar, so I went over to him. He asked what I was doing, and I told him that I had come to see him. He said that he was glad that I did as he leaned over to give me a kiss. I asked him for a coke, because I didn’t really feel like drinking. I don’t really remember much after that. The next thing that I clearly remember is waking up in bed naked with Zan next to me. I didn’t remember what happened or how I had ended up in bed with Zan naked, but the one thing that I knew for sure was that we had sex. I was confused until I felt Zan stir beside me, and then my confusion turned to anger. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.” Liz was in tear by this point, but she knew that if she really wanted to have a relationship with Max that she had to tell him everything, so she continued.

“I asked him what happened at the club, and he said that he just slipped a little something into my drink so that I would loosen up. I started hitting him and screaming at him that he raped me, but he just laughed at me. He told me that no one would believe me because when he and I had left the club that I was telling everyone that ‘my man and I were going home to have sex’. I didn’t know what to do. I told him that I never wanted to see him again, got dressed and left. It wasn’t until the next day, that I found out that he had been sleeping with this girl named Tess the entire time that he and I had been dating. He told me that he just wanted to prove that he could have me, and then told me that he didn’t really love me. He just told me that he did so that I would have sex with him, and when I still didn’t want to he decided that he was tired of playing games with me. He said that he had wasted too much of his time with me that he felt he deserved to at least be compensated, so that was why he finally decided to slip me something in my drink. I was devastated because I thought that I had done something to deserve what he did to me. I thought that I wasn’t worthy of any man’s love after that. I was so hung up on trying to find the one person that would love me for me that I never actually saw that he treated me bad the entire time we where together. After that, I decided that I was not going to let another man treat me the way that Zan did again. I didn’t date for quite a while after that. After Maria and I talked about everything, we decided to move back here. It wasn’t until a few months later that I started to get sick. Maria convinced me that I needed to go to the doctor, and that was when I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do. I am not the type of person to kill a child, but I didn’t know if I would be able to keep the child knowing what the father did to me. The decision was taken out of my hands because I ended up miscarrying about a week later. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to make a decision about what to do with the baby, but then I felt like a horrible person for being happy that I wasn’t pregnant anymore.”

Through out Liz’s confession, Max slowly pulled her into his arms offering her moral support. He knew that Liz wasn’t through telling him her story, so he just held her while the sobs racked her body.

When she finally calmed down enough to continue, she took a few deep breaths and slowly pulled out of Max’s embrace. “If it hadn’t been for Maria, I don’t know if I would have been able to pull through my sadness, but I slowly started to come to life again. I was still very leery of dating anyone, but I decided that I had to try. By not going out and living my life I was letting Zan win, and I was not about to do that. I have only dated a few about 3 guys since then, including you. In fact, you are the only person that I have slept with since that horrible night.” Liz admitted shyly. She slowly looked up into Max’s amber eyes and saw something flicker in his eyes, but she didn’t know what it meant.

Max was appalled that someone would treat Liz this way. He had half a mind to go find this Zan guy and beat him senseless. No better yet he wanted to kill him for all that he put Liz through, but he knew that Liz wouldn’t want that. He wanted to take her back into his arms and protect her from the rest of the world, but he knew that it wasn’t realistic. However, he decided that he would do his best to make sure that Liz never had to go through anything pain that again.

Liz wasn’t sure what else to say, but she could see that Max wanted to say something. “Go ahead Max. Say what ever it is that you are thinking. I know that you are probably disgusted with me, and its okay. I will leave if that is what you want.”

Max was shocked that she thought he would be disgusted with her. “First of all, there is no way that I could be disgusted with you. You didn’t do anything wrong, and I don’t want you to leave. I just don’t understand how someone could do that to you. I mean you are so sweet and caring. I want you to know that I would never, ever do that to you. I have cared about you for to long to do that. I hope that you can trust me enough to believe that, but there is one thing that I am curious about. Why would you have sex with me on our first date, when you have never done anything like that before? Not that I am complaining or anything, I am just curious.” Max quickly replied.

“Max,” Liz sighed “I never thought that you would do something like that to me, and I am thrilled that you care enough about me to tell me. I guess the best way to explain why I didn’t wait with you is because I have already waited for 10 years, and I didn’t want to lose this chance. I think that I have always been waiting for you. Even if you had decided that you never wanted to see me again, I would have been okay because I had at least had you once. That and the fact that you let me control our pace, and that means more to me than you will ever know. You made our first time together exactly what I dreamed my first time should have been. Perfect.”

“Liz, I feel the same way about you. I have always cared about you, and now that I have the opportunity to show you, I am not about to let you get away from me. You are stuck with me.” Max chuckled.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Liz replied as she curled into Max’s strong embrace.

They shared a tender and passionate kiss, and just sat on the sofa holding each other for a while just enjoying being in each others presence. Both were thinking about the conversations that they had today and what would happen between them now.

Liz couldn’t believe that Max still wanted to work on a relationship with her. She knew that he was always an amazing person, but she kind of felt like she wasn’t’ good enough for him. She was so exhausted from everything that had happened, so she decided to close her eyes for a few minutes. That was all that it took for her to fall fast asleep.

Max noticed that her breathing had evened out, so he picked her up carrying her into his bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and then crawled in behind her quietly whispering “I won’t ever let anyone hurt you again” into her ear before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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This part is short, but I just couldn't get the rest of what I had planned to flow right, so I figured that I would at least go ahead and post this part.

Thanks for your feedback I hope that you like this part.

Chapter 6

Liz was the first to wake up the next morning. As she slowly opened her eyes, she noticed the Max was still sleeping. She briefly wondered how she got in his bed when the last thing that she remembered was sitting on the sofa telling Max about Zan. She must have fallen asleep, and he carried her into the bedroom. She felt Max tighten his grip on her waist, so she turned her head to look at him. “Morning.”

“Morning, beautiful. How did you sleep?”

“Good and you?”

“Great because you were in my arms. How are you feeling this morning? You look distracted.”

“I’m okay. I want to talk to you about something. It really doesn’t have to do with us, but since you are the only other person, aside from Maria, who knows about what happened between me and Zan, I thought that you might not mind.” Liz admitted shyly.

“What do you want to talk about? If you need to get something off of you chest, and you feel that you can share it with me, go ahead.”

“Well there is a little bit more to the story. I mean, I told you everything that happened between me and Zan, but because of our break up Maria was affected too. I feel bad for the problems that it has caused her, but I haven’t really had anyone to talk to about it. When I try to bring the situation up with her, she just shuts down on me.”

“How was Maria affected?”

“She was actually dating Zan’s best friend, Rath, and because of what went on between us, her and Rath broke up. Maria and Rath were really happy together, and I think that she really loved him and probably still does, but when she found out what Zan did to me, she went to talk to Rath about it. He told her that he knew Zan was sleeping with Tess, but he didn’t know that Zan was planning on doing that to me. She got so angry with him because he didn’t tell her about Zan that she just quit talking to him. He would call the house all the time, but she wouldn’t answer the phone. When we moved back here, I gave Rath our address, and told him that Maria just needed time. She and I have talked about everything that happened between me and Zan, but she is still hurting from what happened between her and Rath. She won’t even talk to me about it. I just feel guilty for doing that to her” Liz sobs.

“Baby, you didn’t do anything to her. She made her own choices. If she decided not to talk to him, then that was her decision. You didn’t tell her that she had to stop seeing him just because you and Zan weren’t together anymore.”

“I know that, but she has so much pain that she is holding inside. It’s like as long as she is focusing on me and my issues, she doesn’t have to deal with her own. She sets me up with you because she knows that even though I have gone out on a few dates, I never really opened my self up to the possibility of a real relationship with anyone. She is always putting my happiness in front of hers, and I hate the fact that she does it. Don’t get me wrong. Maria is my best friend, but I just wish that I didn’t unintentionally cause her so much pain. She looked happy with Michael when we went to the house yesterday, but I don’t want her to hold herself back waiting to make sure that I am happy. Does that make any sense?”

“Baby, all I can tell you is that she has to heal in her own way. If the only way that she can justify her actions with Rath is to try her best to make you happy, then you just have to let her, but don’t be afraid to let her know what you are feeling. She will discuss things with you eventually, and maybe Michael will be able to help her heal emotionally.” Max told her while gently caressing her arm.

“I know that you’re right, but I guess that I just needed someone else that knew the whole situation to give some insight. There is one more thing though.” Liz said hesitantly.

“What is it?” Max asked somewhat afraid of the answer. He had a feeling that he was not going to like what ever she was about to tell him.

“Remember that I told you that I gave Rath our address.” She waited for Max to nod his head yes before continuing. “Well, Rath sent me a letter last week to let me know that he wanted to come down to talk to Maria. I haven’t told her yet, but he will be here on Friday.”

“Liz, you really need to tell Maria. She has the right to know. If she finds out that you knew that he was coming, and didn’t tell her, she is going to be upset.”

Liz sat there thinking about what Max said, and decided that she was going to tell Maria when they were having their heart to heart this afternoon. “Thank you for listening Max. Now, why don’t we get have a little fun before I have to go home. Maria is going to be waiting with ice cream for an all girls day, so I would like to make up for some more lost time.”

Max didn’t have to think twice. He leaned forward and attached his lips to Liz’s.

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I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post the next part. RL has been horrible for me lately. I would like to think everyone that has hung in with me through this time. Thank you all for your well wishes. I am so tired right now that I am about to fall asleep, but I just finished the next part so I wanted to share it with you all. I will try to reply to everyone's feedback tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Michelle!!! I got this done just for you.

Chapter 7

Liz finally got home and Maria was waiting with ice cream and spoons.

“It’s about time you got home chica. I was wondering if Max was going to let you out of bed today.”

“Very funny Maria. I told you that we would have our girl talk today, so I am here. I just had a few things to take care of first.” Liz said with a blush when she sat down on the sofa.

“What would those things be?”

“None of your business.” Liz said while throwing a pillow at her.

Maria moved just in time to avoid getting hit in the head, and ended up falling off of the couch. Both girls broke out in laughter at the situation.

“Okay chica. Enough with trying to hurt your best friend in the whole world that coincidentally helped you to hook up with the gorgeous Max Evans this weekend.” Maria said with a smirk. Turning serious, Maria asked her, “Did you come clean with Max about he who shall remain nameless?”

“Yes, I told him about everything that happened, and the shocking thing was that he wasn’t disgusted with me. He was actually very sweet about the whole thing. He told me that he didn’t understand how anyone could do that to me. He also said that he would never do anything like that to me.” Liz told her with a dreamy smile on her face.

“I knew that he wouldn’t be disgusted with you. I tried telling you time and time again that it wasn’t you fault, but you just wouldn’t listen to me. I guess it took Max Evans to give you a nice roll in the hay for you to believe it.” Maria said in a sing song voice.

With that Liz relented and blushed bright red. “Well what happened between you and Michael this weekend?” Liz asked trying to change the subject from her and Max.

“Nothing much. We talked a lot, but as far as anything else, we just did some making out.” Maria said. “I think that he wanted more to happen, but I just wasn’t ready to go that far. He seemed to be okay with it. He didn’t try to push me into doing anything.” She said with a smile.

Liz was happy for Maria. She knew that Maria wasn’t ready to open herself up again, and she was glad that Michael accepted that. “So what did you and Michael talk about all night?” Liz asks her while trying to keep the smile off of her face.

“We talked about what we had been doing since high school, and when things started to heat up between us, I ended up breaking down and telling him about Rath.” Maria sighed. She could see that Liz was about to say something, so before she could, Maria said “I know what you are thinking. I haven’t even talked to you about Rath since we moved back, but talking to Michael was so easy. He didn’t know anything about our relationship, and he didn’t have any other baggage connected to it.” Maria didn’t want to hurt Liz’s feelings, but she needed her to understand that the only reason that she didn’t want to talk to her about it was because she didn’t want to bring up any bad memories for her.

Maria took one look at Liz’s face, and knew that she was thinking about something, and she just hoped that everything would be okay. “What’s the look for chica?”

“Maria,” Liz sighed “I have something that I need to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I am not exactly sure how to say this, so I am just going to come right out and say it.” Liz took a deep breath and then said. ”RathwillbeheretoseeyouonFriday.”

“Wait a minute. What do you mean that Rath will be here to see me on Friday, and how do you know this?” Maria screamed.

“Before we left New York, I gave Rath our address. He wrote me a letter saying that he was going to come down to see you. He says that he really misses you, and that he wants to be with you. I wasn’t’ sure if I should tell you, but when Max and I were talking this morning, he made me realize that it wouldn’t be fair to you if I didn’t tell you.”

Maria was fuming that 1) Rath would be there on Friday, and 2) that Liz wasn’t even going to tell her about it. She grabbed a spoon and started eating some ice cream in an effort to calm down before she spoke again.

Liz knew that a quiet Maria was not a good thing. She decided to sit down next to Maria and eat some ice cream while she waited for Maria to finally blow up at her.

Ten minutes later, Maria had quit eating ice cream, but she still hadn’t said anything. Liz was starting to worry that Maria was really mad at her, so she decided to tell her why she did what she did. Before she could say anything, Maria started talking.

“I don’t know why you think that telling Rath where we are living would be a good idea Liz. I mean first of all I broke up with him, and if I wanted him to know where I was I would have let him know.” Maria said while trying to hold back her tears.

Liz was starting to feel even worse that she already did, but she knew that Maria was right. “You are right Maria I shouldn’t have interfered, but I was so worried about you. I knew that you loved Rath, and you were hurting so bad all because of me. You were leaving everything that was important to you behind so that you could come with me. I know that you only broke up with him because he didn’t tell you about Zan, so I figured that once you had some time to cool off that you would realize that you really wanted him.” Liz told her not bothering to hide her tears. She wanted Maria to understand that she just wanted her be happy.

After listening to Liz, Maria decided that she needed to explain to everything to her. With a heavy sigh, she started. “Liz, I should have told you this sooner, but I just didn’t know how. For that I am truly sorry, but before I do, I want you to know that I didn’t leave everything that was important to me in New York. You are my best friend, and no one is more important to me than you. I may have thought that I loved Rath, and I probably did, but when you decided that you wanted to leave, there was no question in my mind about whether or not I was going with you.”

Liz just nodded her head because she knew that Maria needed a few minutes to gather her thoughts.

“I was very mad at Rath because he didn’t fell that it was important to tell me what Zan was doing, but the reason that I broke up with him had to do with us.” Maria told her.


“Rath, why didn’t you tell me about Zan? You know that Liz is my best friend and how important she is to me.” Maria screamed at him.

“It wasn’t my place to tell. I didn’t think that it was that big of a deal. Liz wasn’t giving it to him, and Tess was. It is as simple as that.” Rath told her with a shrug.

Maria was flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe that Rath though that. “Are you telling me that if I hadn’t slept with you that you would have gone behind my back?” She asked with hurt and anger in her voice.

“Do you actually think that I waited for you? We were together for 4 months before you and I had sex. You knew that you got involved with me that I was always with someone. Do you think that I actually went without for 4 whole months?” Rath told her with a laugh.

Maria was fuming with this new revelation of his. She couldn’t believe that she was so blind to what he was doing behind her back. “You are an asshole. I can’t believe that I fell for your lies. Would you have drugged me too if I hadn’t slept with you?” she screamed at him.

“What are you talking about drugged you?” Rath asked with confusion.

“You know exactly what I am talking about.” Maria stated, but seeing the look of confusion on Rath’s face she decided to elaborate. “Zan drugged Liz and then raped her!!!” Maria screamed at him.

Rath was floored. He couldn’t believe that Zan would do something like that. He knew that Zan was determined to get into her pants, but he couldn’t believe that her would rape her. “Maria, I don’t know what you are talking about. I know that Zan was fucking Tess behind Liz’s back, but he would never rape someone. You need to get your facts straight before you start blaming someone for something that they didn’t do.”

“You need to talk to your boy because I know what he did to Liz. I can’t deal with you any more. Liz and I are leaving the city, and I don’t want to ever see you again. You are nothing but a selfish asshole. I hate you!” Maria said as she stormed out of the apartment.

End of Flashback

Liz was holding Maria as she cried. Liz couldn’t believe everything that she had gone through with Rath. “I am so sorry. I didn’t know.” Liz cried. “I would have never given him our address if I had known. I know that it is too late to stop him from coming, so the only thing that I can think of to do is have both Michael and Max here on Friday.”

“I think that would be a good idea. You do realize that Rath may not be coming alone. He rarely goes anywhere without Zan. He will probably bring him here with him.” Maria told her.

Liz went completely white. She had never even thought about that. She will have to tell Max when she calls him later. “I think that we need to get some sleep, and talk about this tomorrow.”

“I agree with you. I just want to make sure that we are okay.” Maria said.

“Maria, I have no reason to be upset with you. I am the one that should be asking you that.” Liz cried.

“I know that you were just trying to help me, Liz. If I had told you the truth sooner this would have never happened. Let’s call the guys and let them know what is going on. Maybe we can all get together tomorrow after work so that we can figure out what to do.” Maria said with a small smile.

“Okay. I am going to call Max now.” Liz said as she got up from the couch and went to call Max.

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Hey everyone!! Here is the next part.

tequathisy - Thanks

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LairaBehr4 - Thanks. I figured that I would get this finished and out tonight so that maybe you would stop harassing me. :lol:

RiaRath101 - I know that you want Ria and Rath together, but I just don't see it happening...Maybe next time.

Earth2Mama - You will have to wait to see.

BehrObession - Just have to wait and see whether or not Zan is going to be there.

IzzyEvans2201_PuertoRico - Now violence never did anybody any good, but I agree...Zan does need the tattoos nocked off.

LairaBehr4 - Your welcome for the feedback or your story, and I thank you for yours as well. Without further ado.....

Chapter 8

After Liz talked to Max and explained everything that Maria had just told her about Rath, he agreed that both him and Michael should be there on Friday. He told her that he was going to talk to Michael and see about maybe them picking the girls up from work.

While Liz was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, she started feeling really guilty about what her actions are going to cause Maria to go through. Not to mention the fact that she didn’t even think about the possibility that Rath might bring Zan with him. As soon as she thought about what Zan might try when he got to town, she remembered that Max would be there beside her, and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. With a smile on her face, she drifted off to sleep dreaming about Max and the wonderful weekend that they spent together.

Down the hall

Maria was having a similar conversation with Michael. He agreed that he wanted to be there in case she needed him. She also briefly explained about Zan and the possibility that Rath may bring him with him. Michael agreed to get together with Max so that everyone would be on the same page.

After getting off of the phone with Michael, Maria decided to go to sleep. She was so drained because of what was going on that she fell into a fitful sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Monday After Work

Liz and Maria met Michael and Max for dinner at Senior Chows to discuss everything.

“Michael and I will pick you both up from work on Friday at 3:30. That way hopefully we will able to get to the house before anyone shows up.” Max said.

“I think that sound like a good idea.” Liz said, and Maria just nodded her agreement. “I also think that you both should have enough clothes for the weekend. I don’t think that it would be a good idea for us to be alone this weekend, even if they do agree to go back to NY.”

“What do you mean by they?” Max asked a little confused.

Liz fidgeted nervously before saying, “I think that he might bring Zan with him.”

Max was quite for a minute trying to reign in his anger. He didn’t want Liz to think that he was mad at her. “Why do you think that he would bring Zan?” he asked.

“Rath and Zan are best friends, and Zan doesn’t think that what he did was wrong.” Maria answered because she knew that Liz was not comfortable talking about it.

Max just nodded his head while he was trying to think about how he was going to be able to keep himself from pounding Zan into the ground. Then an idea came to him. “Why don’t Michael and I stay with you this whole week? That way if they come into town earlier than expected, they will see us there.” Max said while looking at Michael for conformation that he was okay with it.

“Max, you don’t have to do that…” Liz started to protest, but Max wouldn’t let her.

“I want to. There is no way that I am going to let him hurt you again.” Max said. Then he leaned into whisper, “Plus I am sure that we can figure something to occupy our time.”

Liz just smiled and said, “Ok.” She looked at Maria to make sure that she was okay with it. Maria just smiled and nodded.

“Well since Michael and I drove here together, why don’t you go with me Liz, and then Michael and Maria can go to his place. Then we can all just meet back at your place.” Max asked.

Everyone agreed, and soon both couples were headed off in different directions.

By the time everyone got back to Liz and Maria’s place, it was almost midnight.

“I am so tired.” Liz said.

“Me too.” Max agreed. “How about we head to bed?” He told her.

Liz just nodded her head as she headed towards her room with Max following right behind her. “Goodnight Michael, Goodnight Maria.” Liz hollered out right before she shut the door.

“What time do you need to get up in the morning for work?” Liz asked Max.

“Since I am too tired to take a shower tonight, I need to get up at about 6:30.” Max replied.

“Ok. I am going to get up at about 6:00 that way I can take my shower first.” Liz told him as she set her alarm.

Both Max and Liz changed into something to sleep in, which for Max was just his black boxers. Liz was wearing a short baby blue tank top and matching boy shorts. Max licked his lips as she climbed into bed and snuggled into his arms. He laid there hold her for a few minutes trying to calm his body down when he heard her softly snoring. I guess that she really was tired. Max thought to himself. He laid there holding her tight before sleep finally claimed him.


The rest of the week was calm with no sign that Rath had come to town early, By Friday, both Maria and Liz were nervous. They both knew that Rath was going to show up at the house, but also knowing that Max and Michael would be there with them helped to calm them down.

The ride home was silent with everyone in their own little world. As they all get out of the car and walk to the apartment, they don’t notice that they are being watched.

After going inside an changing clothes, Max and Liz are snuggled together on the couch watching TV waiting for Michael and Maria. As soon as Michael and Maria walk into the room, they hear a knock at the door. Maria and Liz share a nervous look as Liz snuggles closer into Max’s embrace.

Michael notices how nervous Maria has gotten, so he decides that he will go answer the door. “I’ll get it.” He tells everyone.

Michael walks over to the door, and before he can reach the handle, someone starts banging on it. Michael opens the door to find…

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Well here is the next part. Is it safe to come out of hiding yet?? :lol: I hope you like this new part. It is a little short, but you will all get what you are wanting...eventually. :lol:

tequathisy - I am glad that you like Michael and Max.

Queen Fee - I hope that you didn't stain anything. Some of your questions might be answered....

maya - Thanks. :D

Earth2Mama - I hope that you like this part.

nibbles2 - You are going to have to wait to find out.

LairaBehr4 - I knew that it wouldn't get you off my back, but considering the fact that you were prewarned, you should feel somewhat comforted. hehehe :wink:

Cocogurl - Thanks and Welcome!!

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Chapter 9

Flashback to Wednesday

Liz was grading papers during her conference time when her cell phone started to ring. She knew from the ringer that it was Alex, and then she remembered that she never found out how his date with Isabel went.

“Hey, Alex.” She answered the phone.

“How are you doing sexy?” She heard Alex say.

“You are so silly. You have been one of my best friends forever, and you know that every time you say something like that it just gives me creeps.” Liz replied with a shudder.

“I know, but it is kind of fun to creep you out every now and then.” He said with a laugh.

“So did you just call to creep me out or was there actually a purpose to this conversation?” She asked with mock annoyance.

“I was actually calling to find out how your date went with Max? I saw that you left the club together, and I just wanted to make sure the he treated you like a gentleman.”

“He was absolutely wonderful. We went for a walk in the park, and then we went back to his place. Then the next day we went to shoot some pool. What about you? How did your date go with Isabel?” She asked.

“I am glad that you had a good time. Everything with me and Isabel went good. We were thinking about going out again on Friday, and we both thought that maybe you, Maria, Max, and Michael would like to join us. You know kind of a way for everyone to get to know one another better.”

“I don’t think that we will be able to do anything on Friday.” Liz replied a little shakily. Just thinking about Friday was starting to get her worried again.

Alex picked up on the nervousness in her voice, and asked her, “What is going on Liz? One minute you are talking about Max with a dreamy sigh, and then as soon as I mentioned Friday, you started to get nervous.”

“Well…the short version is that Rath will be in town on Friday.” Liz said. She knew that Alex was fixing to start firing off questions, so she just waited for him to start.

“Wait a minute. I thought that he didn’t know where you and Maria moved to. She said that she cut all ties with him.” Alex said with confusion in his voice.

“Okay…Alex, I am going to give you a brief run down of everything, but you have to keep all of your questions to yourself until I am through. Okay?” Liz asked.

“Okay.” He said.

So for the next 10 minutes Liz explained everything that had been going on. She told him about giving Rath the address; Rath writing her and telling her that he was coming on Friday; Maria confiding in Michael about everything that went on with Rath; her confiding in Max about everything that happened with Zan; Max and Michael’s plan to stay with them this week just incase Rath came to town early; and the possibility that Zan might even be coming with Rath. When she was done she waited for a response from Alex, but she couldn’t hear anything. “Alex are you still there?”

“Yes. I was just trying to absorb everything that you told me. What time do you think that they will get here on Friday?”

“I am not sure. We are going to head to the apartment right after work, and just wait.”

“I get off work at 4 o’clock on Friday, so I will come over as soon as I can. I want to make sure that nothing happens to either you or Maria.”

“Alex you don’t have to do that. Both Max and Michael will be there. We will be fine.” Liz told him, but deep down she was grateful to have a friend like Alex. She knew that he would want to be there to protect them.

“Liz you know that I am going to be there. Now I don’t want to hear anything else about it.” Alex told her.

End of Flashback

Michael opens the door to find Alex Whitman standing there with an anxious look on his face.

“Hey Alex. What’s with the banging?” Michael asks with a little bit of relief.

“I was afraid that I was too late.” Alex replied slightly out of breath while stepping into the apartment.

“Alex!” Maria and Liz yell at the same time.

“What are you doing here?” Maria asks with confusion written on her face.

Alex is momentarily stunned until he sees the guilty look on Liz’s face. “You didn’t tell her?” He asks Liz.

“With everything else that was going on I just kind of forgot.” Liz said a little sheepishly.

“What didn’t you tell me Liz?” Maria asks starting to get a little worried.

Liz can already see the wheels turning in Maria’s mind, and she knows that she better explain before Maria jumps to the wrong conclusion. Liz quickly explains about the conversation that she and Alex had on Wednesday.

“Thanks Alex.” Maria says as she pulls him into a hug.

Everyone gradually moved back into the living room waiting for the dreaded knock on the door. Just as Liz and Maria were getting settled next to Max and Michael, another knock was heard at the door. Liz and Maria just looked at each other knowing that this was it.

Since Max and Michael were holding onto the girls, Alex got up to answer the door. He looked through the peep hole and saw a man that he assumed to be Rath standing there. He gradually opened the door and asked, “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for Ria and Liz.” Rath says.

“And you are?” Alex asks.

Before the Rath can say anything, Zan moves from where he was hiding. “It ain’t none of your business. Just tell Liz and Ria that they got company.” He smirks.


Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria can hear the entire conversation going on at the door. When they here Rath’s voice, Maria starts to tense up, but with Michael slowly rubbing her arm up and down she starts to calm down some.

It isn’t until Liz hears the rough voice that she knows belongs to Zan does she really start to panic. Max sees the panic written clearly on her face, and he doesn’t even have to ask. He knows that things just got a little more interesting, and he can’t wait for an opportunity to get his hands on that scum bag.


Okay, I am going back into hiding now... :D
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A/N: I hope that you like this part. I can tell you now that there are only about 4 or 5 more parts. After the next part things are going to move kind of quickly.

maya - Zan is. . . well, you'll see.. :lol:

Queen Fee - I'm out of hiding. I hope that I won't have to return after this part.

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Cocogurl - That is a very true statement.

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BehrObession - Well here you go.

Earth2Mama - Read on to find out...

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Shadowlynxbehr - I hope this is enough to satisfy your appetite. (by the way, I love your stories.)

Here goes nothing...

Chapter 10

One hour ago

Zan and Rath were driving around town trying to find out where the girls live. Once they finally found the address that Liz had given Rath, they parked the car. They both got out of the car and walked to the girls’ apartment. Rath knocked on the door and waited for someone to open. After standing there for about 10 minutes they decided that the girls weren’t home yet, so they went and sat on a bench by the playground and waited.

When they finally saw the girls walking towards the apartment, they were pissed to see two guys with them.

“Didn’t Liz know that you were coming today?” Zan asked Rath a little confused and a little pissed.

“Yes. I sent her a letter 2 weeks ago letting her know that I would be here today.” Rath told him. Truth be told, Rath was pissed that there was some guy holding Ria’s hand.

After sitting there for a few minutes contemplating what was going on, Rath said, “Well I guys those guys aren’t leaving. Let’s go knock on the door. I am sure that those guys don’t mean anything. “

As they stood up from the bench they noticed another guy running towards the girls’ apartment. Rath and Zan stood there watching as this guy banged on the door. Rath saw the guy that was holding Ria’s hand open the door and let the other guy in.

“They are probably just some old friends from high school. I am sure that there is nothing going on. Ria wouldn’t do that to me. Even though she left New York, I know that she still loves me. She just needed to make sure that Liz was okay after that crap that you pulled on her.” Rath told Zan with a frustrated sigh.

“Whatever dude. If they had stayed in New York we would all be at our houses getting a little something. If you know what I mean.” Zan smirked at Rath.

“Well let’s get this started. The sooner we get to the door, the sooner we can get this over with.” Rath said.

Rath and Zan walked up to the door and knocked. They were curious as to who would open the door.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for Ria and Liz.” Rath says.

“And you are?” Alex asks.

Before the Rath can say anything, Zan moves from where he was hiding. “It ain’t none of your business. Just tell Liz and Ria that they got company.” He smirks.

“I don’t know who you think you are, but I am not going to tell them anything until I know what you want.” Alex tells Rath and Zan.

Zan is getting pissed, so instead of answering Alex, he just pushes past him and walks straight into the apartment. “Liz. Baby doll. Where are you at?” Zan hollers as he walks into the living room. The sight of Liz in the arms of another man stops him in his tracks causing Rath to run into him.

“What the hell…” Rath starts to say, but trails off when he sees Ria in the arms of another man.

“Who the hell are you?” Rath asks staring straight at Michael.

Michael just smirks before saying, “I’m Michael, Maria’s boyfriend. And you are?”

“What do you mean you are Ria’s boyfriend? I am Ria’s boyfriend.” Rath states.

“Excuse me. Did you not take me leaving the city without telling you were I was going as a clue that I didn’t want to have anything to do with you, Rath?” Maria screams.

“Calm down, Ria. Let’s talk about this first.” Rath says.

“My name is Maria. M-A-R-I-A, not Ria. I have always hated it when you called me that, and don’t you dare tell me to calm down. You are the one who showed up uninvited to my house and brought the walking penis with you.” Maria says as she tries to keep a straight face, but she fails miserably when she hears Alex, Michael, Max, and Liz start laughing.

“You’re just jealous that you wanted me, and I wouldn’t give you the time of day.” Zan tells her completely ignoring the other people laughing at him.

“Let me tell you something dickhead. Not every girl wants your dumb ass. Case in point you had to drug my best friend just so she would sleep with you.” Maria yelled into his face. It wasn’t until she heard a gasp beside her that she realized what she had actually said.

Michael and Max are looking at both Rath and Zan thinking that things are about to get real bad. They turn to look at each other, and they just nod at each other acknowledging to the other that what ever went down, they would stand behind one another. Max pulls Liz closer to him to try and help her stay standing. Maria starts to apologize to Liz for blurting that out, but before she can, Zan starts talking.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Ria. Liz came crawling into my bed willingly. She was all over me in the club that night. She was trying to strip me in front of everyone there. It took every ounce of self control that I have to get her to the crib before pounding into her sweet ass.” Zan said with a smirk.

Zan was so wrapped up in looking at Liz, that he didn’t see the fist that was headed straight for his face.

Max was beyond pissed during Zan’s little speech. He couldn’t believe the nerve of the guy. He felt Liz start to shake with fear, and that was all that it took for him to jump into action. He lifted his fist, and punched Zan straight in the eye. Zan stumbled back a little, but he didn’t fall. That didn’t deter Max. He just hit him again and again.

Zan had been so stunned from the first punch that it took him a while to realize that he was getting his ass beat. Before he actually had a chance to swing back, he felt the punches stop.

“Max!” Liz screamed. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she didn’t expect this. When she realized that Max wasn’t going to let up, she turned to Michael and said, “Michael stop them. Please don’t let him get hurt.” She cried out.

Liz crying was not something that Michael wanted to deal with so he reluctantly started to pull Max off of Zan. “Alex! Get over here and help me.” He yelled.

Both Alex and Michael were finally able to get Max off of Zan, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to try and go after him again. The only thing that seemed to be keeping Max in check at the moment was Liz’s hand on his chest. She was slowly helping him to calm down some.

When Zan finally tried to open his eyes, he noticed that Liz, Alex, and Michael were holding Max back. He looked straight into Max’s eyes and could see the furry burning within.

Rath was just as stunned as Zan was. He knew that Zan deserved what was happening, but he was still shocked that it was happening. He saw Zan start to get up and looked as if he was going to try and go after his attacker, so he decided to stop things before they escalated further. “Let’s go Zan. We will come back later.” Rath said.

“You are not welcome in this house ever again. If I ever see you here or around Liz again, no one will be able to stop me from putting your ass 6 feet under.” Max screamed.

Zan turned around and looked at Liz. She was holding onto Max’s arm like a life line. He knew that he was just going to make things worse, but he couldn’t stop himself. “The only person that has the right to tell me that I am not welcome here is Liz, and she hasn’t said anything. You just better enjoy your time while you can because I will have her back in my bed, pounding into her before you know it.” He smirked at the way Max tried to lunge at him again, but couldn’t because of the two guys holding him back.

“You, son of a bitch! I don’t ever want to see you again. Get out of my house, and get out of my life! If I ever see you again, I won’t stop Max from beating your sorry ass to death!” Liz screamed. She finally had enough. “One other thing, I would have never, and I mean never willingly gone to your bed. Who knows what kind of diseases Tess left there.” She screamed before slamming the door in his face.

Zan didn’t know what to say. He never knew that she knew about Tess. He followed Rath back to the spot where they had parked their car. On the drive back to the motel that they had rented, he had a lot of time to think about what had happened.

He knew that he had made some bad choices regarding Liz and his relationship. He should have never put anything in her drink, but he was getting frustrated that she didn’t love him enough to have sex with him. That was the only reason that he had been fucking Tess on the side. He knew that she was easy, and wasn’t really looking for a commitment. That worked perfect for him. He could relieve his sexual tension, and Liz would never know anything about it. He never should have told her that the only reason he was with her was to prove that he could get her. That was the biggest lie of all. He was with her because he truly cared about her, but he was just too much of a chicken shit to admit it.

The more he thought about it the more he realized that he knew the perfect way to get her back. He just had to plan this right or it would all backfire in his face. By the time that they headed back to New York, she would be begging to come along.

Rath on the other hand was pissed off at Zan’s childish behavior. He might have been able to convince Ria to give him a chance, but Zan had to go and open his mouth and start shit. Rath decided to wait and go back without Zan. Maybe then he would actually be able to talk to Ria.


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