You Can Always Count On Me(M/L MATURE) COMPLETE A/N 12/2

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You Can Always Count On Me(M/L MATURE) COMPLETE A/N 12/2

Post by Heavenli24 » Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:59 am

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Title: You Can Always Count On Me
Author: Heavenli24
Pairings/Couples/Category: M/L
Rating: MATURE
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.
Summary: Best friends Max Evans and Liz Parker have just graduated from High School and are spending the summer before college travelling across the country together. But what happens when they realise that maybe they don’t know each other quite as well as they thought; that there are things that each of them kept from the other? Will their friendship survive the trip?

Author’s Note: This is an AU fic – no aliens, but with the usual CC couples (M/M and A/I, but the jury’s still out on the status of Max and Liz’s relationship :) ). It will be a fairly short fic probably only 10 parts or so. Please let me know what you think, feedback is always appreciated :) !


Part 1

I’m standing at the top of the bleachers, just staring out over the football field, lost in thought.

High School. I can’t believe it’s finally over. It’s been my entire existence for the past four years, and now…it’s just ended.

I’m pulled from my thoughts by an arm being slung across my shoulders and squeezing me tightly.

“Having deep thoughts again are we, Parker?” an amused, deep voice questions beside me. “Better be careful, you don’t wanna hurt yourself.”

“Oh, ha ha, very funny, Evans,” I retort dryly, elbowing him in the ribs playfully. I turn my head to look at him properly. He looks good in his Graduation robes, very grown up. I study his profile for a second before turning back to watch the rest of the senior class celebrating with their friends and families.

“It’s hard to believe this is it, we’re done,” I say softly, partly to myself.

“Yeah, I know, four years,” he replies wistfully.

We stand there in silence for a couple of minutes, just taking it all in, the atmosphere, the excitement. But, I can tell the exact instant when the sombre moment passes and Max relaxes, returning to his usual teasing self.

“So, now we have exactly three months of freedom before we have to leave for college and start growing up. What will we do with ourselves?”

I know he’s joking around, but I can’t resist getting a jab in, “Oh, you know, I’ll just be here, working at the Crashdown, maybe getting a head start on the whole college preparation thing…”

He looks worried for a second, although he should know perfectly well, what my plans for the summer are. “Liz, come on, you’re not seriously gonna spend the whole time studying? You promised me you were coming…” he trails off, giving my his puppy-dog eyes.

I can’t stop the grin appearing as I nudge him, “Max! Of course I’m coming with you, we’ve been planning this for months! What do you take me for? I’d never let you down,” I feign disbelief at his suggestion that I would just leave him in the lurch. “But, the look on your face when I said it – ” I crack up then, unable to take it any longer.

He just shakes his head and rolls his eyes, as his arm tightens slightly around my shoulder before letting go completely.

“Come on,” he holds out his hand and I take it. “Let’s go mingle, I have a feeling our parents are itching to congratulate us and take pictures.”

As he pulls me down the metal steps towards the ground, I can’t help smiling. Right now, everything is great in my life. I graduated in the top five of my class; in three months I’ll be heading to Harvard to study Biology and right now I have my best friend in the whole world by my side.

Less than five minutes later we’re posing for photographs. For some of them it’s just me and Max together, for others I’m standing alone and the last ones are the whole group together – me, Max, Max’s sister Isabel and his other best friend Michael, Michael’s girlfriend and my best girl-friend Maria and last, but not least, our good friend and Isabel’s boyfriend, Alex.

It’s standing there smiling and joking with them that I realise how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life, to have Max Evans in my life. Max is my best friend; we’ve known each other for years, pretty much since kindergarten. We’ve grown up together in Roswell and amazingly, managed to stay friends all through Junior High and High School, despite the whole puberty, becoming young adults thing that usually causes boy-girl friendships to evaporate. But, now at eighteen, although we’re obviously different now than when we were eight-year-old kids playing together in the park, he’s still the one person I can talk to about anything, the only one I really trust with my problems (well, the non-girly ones anyway – that’s what Maria’s there for) and I don’t know how I’m going to survive in the Fall, not being able to see him everyday. He’s going to be at UNM and living in Albuquerque next semester, while I’ll be living two thousand miles away in Massachusetts.

Which is why, this summer we’ve arranged a trip away, to see the country, just him and me. One last hurrah, if you will.

Well, actually the original plan was that we would all go travelling together; but the others can’t make it. Michael has to work the whole summer to pay the bills and Maria didn’t really want to go without him. Isabel is planning to move up to San Francisco early, for a pre-college summer course and Alex has been offered the opportunity to work as an intern for a local computing company during the summer.

So, it’s just going to be Max and me. We’re leaving in three weeks. Max wanted to go sooner, but I realised that I would need to work for a few weeks to earn enough money for the trip. We’ve already paid all our expenses, but I’m going to need spending money for food and everything. To be honest, I can’t wait! We’re taking Max’s jeep and just driving round the country (well, as much of it as we can, anyway), having fun on the way. It’s going to be great!


Three weeks later

“Come on, Liz! Aren’t you ready yet?” I hear Max’s irritated voice shout from downstairs.

“I’ll just be a minute, okay?” I call back; slightly annoyed at his anal-retentive attitude to making sure we leave on time. We’re going on vacation, for God’s sake, we’re supposed to be relaxing!

Where was I? Oh right, the suitcase. For some reason, I can’t get it to close. I’ve been trying to shut it for the past half an hour, rearranging everything, taking stuff out and repacking it, but nothing’s working. I’ve even tried sitting on it, but that didn’t help!

Oh, great! Now I can hear his footsteps coming up the stairs! I take a quick glance around my room – shit, it’s a mess! Max isn’t going to be pleased when he sees this and realises that we won’t be able to leave until I’ve tidied everything up.

“Liz, what the hell are you doing up here?” he demands as he flings open my bedroom door. “Oh, holy shit…” he trails off in disbelief when he notices the state of the room.

I cringe and smile at him sheepishly, “Um, do you think you can give me a hand here, Max?” I ask. At his sceptical look, I start pleading, “Please, Max? I can’t get this case closed…I’d really appreciate it…I promise I’ll make it up to you, I’ll buy you dinner later…the quicker I get this fastened, the sooner we can leave…” He’s now staring at me with an incredulous look on his face, so I flutter my eyelashes at him and give him my best pout.

Eventually he sighs and rolls his eyes. “Fine, Parker. But just so you know, I am only doing this so we can finally get on the road.”

He makes his way around the tangled mess of clothes on my bedroom floor and begins struggling with the suitcase as I bend down to gather up some of the clutter. Eventually he manages to zip it closed and takes it down to the jeep while I finish straightening out the room.

Once I’m done, I grab my jacket and run downstairs to where my parents and our friends are waiting to see us off.

Max already said goodbye to his parents back at his house and he’s not really one for hugs and teary farewells, so he’s just outside by the jeep with Michael and Isabel, waiting for me. I throw my arms around each of my parents in turn and give them each a kiss on the cheek, promising to be careful and look after myself. I then turn to Maria and Alex who suddenly engulf me in a big three-way hug and won’t let go even when I try to wiggle out of their grasp and head for the back door of the Crashdown. I end up leaving with one of them one each side of me, our arms linked.

We approach the jeep in time to see Michael and Max giving each other a manly hug and a pat on the back, before pulling apart and exchanging a complicated, yet somewhat juvenile handshake. Amused, I clear my throat to alert them of our presence and Max sighs in relief.

“Finally! Now maybe we can get this show on the road?” he says, exasperated. I should be offended by his comments, but I know he’s not being completely serious; he just likes to tease me about my lack of time-keeping skills. I simply raise an eyebrow and refuse to comment.

He rolls his eyes at me as if to say ‘Women!’ and exchanges a knowing look with Michael, which causes Maria to glare at them both. However, Max just shrugs and turns to Isabel. He wishes her good luck in San Francisco, since she’ll be leaving soon and then hugs her fiercely. He and Isabel are really close considering they’re siblings; maybe it’s a twin thing.

When he’s done, he turns to me and grins. “Ready?”

“Yep,” I reply excitedly and turn to the others, “I guess this is it, guys.” But, I find I’m unable to move; I’m just rooted to the spot. “I’m going, then. Here we go,” but I’m still not leaving. I don’t know what’s come over me.

I’m pulled out of my trance, however, when Max grabs me by the arm and literally drags me to the car, “What is the matter with you, Parker? Geez, anyone would think you didn’t want to go,” he says as he deposits me in the passenger seat.

I look at him indignantly, “Of course I want to go; it’s just…” I gaze back at our friends. “I don’t want to leave them.”

“They’ll be fine without us, Lizzie,” he reassures me. “Won’t you, guys?”

They all nod simultaneously, which makes me giggle. “Alright, fine. Let’s go then, shall we?” I try for perky, but inside I almost feel like crying. Sure, I’ve been looking forward to this trip for ages, but now it’s actually happening, I don’t know if I can survive the whole summer without seeing everyone.

I don’t have time to worry any more because Max hops in and starts the engine. “Bye, guys,” he calls as he starts driving. “See you in a few weeks.”

I just have time to swivel round in my seat and wave to my friends and my parents, who have now joined them, before we turn the corner and they disappear from sight.

I turn back to face the front and relax into the passenger seat. Max turns his head towards me, a big smile on his face and I can’t help but grin back.

This is going to be the best trip of my life.

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Thank you for all your wonderful feedback :) !

Sweet Liz
L-J-L 76
dreamer destiny

I now have a banner for this fic - thank you so much to Evelynn :) ! Go check it out on page 1!

Also just wanted to leave a quick note to say that the idea for this fic actually came from a similar road (well plane/train) trip that I did with two of my friends last year. Most of the places that Max and Liz visit are places I went to on my trip.

At the end of each part I'm going to try to post links to pics of the towns/cities/places they go.

So here's part 2, hope you enjoy...


Part Two

Day 1 – Monday June 23 2002

We’ve been on the road for almost 2 hours now and my excitement has not diminished in the slightest. We’re having a great time; apart from the tiny argument we had an hour ago over where we should go first. I wanted to go see Chaco Canyon, but Max claimed it was boring and wanted to see the Petrified Forest instead. So, we butted heads for ages until I pointed out that the ‘Petrified’ Forest had absolutely nothing to do with terrified trees and scary ghost stories, so now we’re on our way to the canyon.

Max is driving right now and he’s whistling this awful off-key song, which if I weren’t so happy and relaxed, would completely get on my nerves and I would just –

“What are you writing in there? Is it about me?” the mischievous voice cuts into my thinking pattern and I stop writing. Damn, it’s like he has special ‘Liz is writing about me’ radar or something.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I retort, slamming the book shut. Juvenile, I know, but I can’t help it. “Why don’t you just concentrate on the driving and let me worry about what I’m writing, huh?”

He shakes his head and lets out a low whistle, “Geez, no need to be so uptight, Lizzie! And here I thought we were best friends, embarking on the trip of a lifetime together; but if you’re gonna be like this the whole time, then maybe we should just turn back now?”

I whip my head round to face him. “Don’t you dare, Max Evans!”

He just rolls his eyes and turns to concentrate on the road again, “I was only joking, Parker. Nothing in the world is going to make me turn around and go back home now.” I can see him trying to conceal a smirk at how easily he can annoy me.

I don’t say anything, just let out a huff and sit back in my seat to watch the scenery go past. It’s pretty much always like this with Max and I. There’s such a comfortable atmosphere between us that there’s usually a constant, easy banter between us. It’s nice, it makes me feel accepted, like I can say whatever is on my mind and I know that Max won’t think I’m crazy or anything (I’ve had bad experiences with people who just don’t get me and send me strange looks whenever I come out with something random).


Three hours later, we finally reach Chaco Canyon and as we get out of the jeep to look around, I see it’s not really a canyon, but is actually the ruins of an old Native American settlement (Anasazi, I learn later), surrounded by huge rocks.

As we begin walking through the ruins, Max casually slings his arm around my shoulder.

“Wow, this is pretty cool,” he says and I find myself biting my lip so as not to giggle. This, coming from the guy who said this place would be boring and why would we even bother stopping here?

“Yeah, it is,” I agree and we continue on through the canyon.

By the time we’re finished and ready to leave, it’s almost sunset and neither of us are really in the mood to drive very much further tonight, so Max suggests we go to the nearest town, get something to eat and find a motel room (yes, a room, one; get your mind out of the gutter, Max and I are friends and besides, it’s cheaper to get one room with two beds than to stay in separate rooms).

By 7 pm, we’re situated in a small, but nice motel room in Gallup, New Mexico since it was the only town we could find with a decent place to stay. We got take-out pizza and some snacks and are now sitting on Max’s bed, the food between us, watching TV. I only manage to eat three slices before I’m totally stuffed, so I leave the rest for Max and lean back against the headboard so I can concentrate on the TV.

A couple of minutes later I notice a prickling sensation at the back of my neck and I can tell that Max is watching me.

I shift, uncomfortable under his gaze, “What?” I ask without taking my eyes off the screen.

“Nothing,” I see him shake his head out of the corner of my eye. “It’s just…I’m really glad we’re doing this, Liz.” The teasing tone from earlier has gone; he’s serious now. I guess that warrants my full attention, so I mute the TV and turn to face him.

Yeah, me too,” I smile. “It’s going to be great, isn’t it? The best summer of our lives.”

He grins and nods in agreement. “That is, if you don’t get on my nerves too much,” he says, back to joking, but he turns serious again a moment later. He looks at me for a second before speaking again. “I’m really going to miss you when you go off to Harvard, Lizzie.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna miss you too, Max.” I tell him, for lack of anything better to say.

He sighs, “God, what am I going to do without you around to tease every day?” he wonders.

I feel the need to lighten the atmosphere a little and give him a gentle nudge, “Hey, that’s what this trip is all about, Max. You and me, spending some quality time together before school starts,” I tell him. “And just think, by the end of it you’ll probably be so fed up with me that you’ll be glad to be apart for a while.”

He smiles again and shakes his head at me, “Never gonna happen, Parker. You’re stuck with me now. We’ve been friends for what, fourteen years already? You’re not going to get rid of me that easily.”

With that said, he reaches over to discard the empty pizza box on the floor and scoots up next to me, taking the remote from my hand and turning the volume up once again.

One feature film and half an episode of E.R. later, I’m practically asleep on Max’s shoulder. I’m startled though, when he suddenly switches the television off and the room descends into silence.

“Hey, what’d you do that for?” I mumble, my eyes half closed. “I was watching that!”

“No, you weren’t, you were half asleep! Your eyes have been closed for the past 20 minutes,” he argues. “Besides, I’m tired and we have lots to do tomorrow.”

He’s right, in the early hours of the morning we’ll be setting off for the Grand Canyon, which is a good eight-hour drive from here. We worked out that we should get there in time to watch the sunset from the South Rim, which I’ve heard is spectacular.

“Fine,” I grumble and pull myself up into a standing position. “I’m going to wash up and change for bed, I’ll see you in a couple of minutes,” I tell him, grabbing my wash bag and pyjamas from my suitcase. I head into the bathroom, leaving Max to change in the bedroom.

When I remerge from the bathroom I notice that Max is already in bed, only his head, bare chest and arms visible. I wonder what the girls at school would think if they knew I would be spending the next few weeks sleeping in the same room as a half-naked Max Evans? I know that most of them find Max completely drool-worthy, but I’ve never really seen it myself. To me, he’s just Max Evans, the boy I used to climb trees with and make mud pies with, not Max Evans, the potential love interest and, dare I say it, sex god.

To be honest, I don’t really get what all the other girls see in him. I mean, sure, I guess he’s kind of attractive, but you’ve really got to look at the bigger picture here. He has all these weird, annoying habits that just get on your nerves; like the fact that whenever there’s a football game on, you can’t pry him away from the screen for the world; even if you’re having a major crisis and desperately need his help, he’ll make you wait until the game is over before paying any attention to you; and when he’s nervous or worried about something, he just about drives you crazy with his anxious pacing and inability to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds. I don’t really know how anyone could be in a relationship with him and not get completely irritated by him eventually.

However, for some reason, they don’t seem to have minded so far. Although that might be because none of Max’s girlfriends have lasted much more than a couple of weeks; with the exception of the most recent one, that is. Tess Harding was a junior who transferred to Roswell High from Michigan a year ago and had caught Max’s eye back in March. They started dating and Max seemed hopeful about the relationship until one day a few weeks ago she just broke it off with barely a word or an explanation.

It surprised me because he had always been the one to finish it, not the other way around. I’m not naïve, he may be my oldest and best friend, but he is a guy and I know what guys are like. I have little doubt that there was sex involved in those relationships and I suspect that Max probably got bored with them after a week or two and then dumped them.

I know its an awful thing to say, but let’s face it, I’m sure that a lot of men go through that kind of thing at one time or another in their lives.

I suddenly notice that Max is staring at me strangely and I realise that I have been standing here like an idiot for the last few minutes. I feel my face flush with embarrassment as I quickly cross the floor to my bed and climb underneath the covers.

“Night, Max,” I say as he reaches up above his head to switch off the light.

“Night, Liz,” he replies, his voice tinged with amusement over my actions.

I fall asleep tonight with one thought on my mind: I can’t wait to experience the rest of this trip.


Chaco Canyon 1
Chaco Canyon 2
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Thank you so much for your comments,

dreamer destiny - yes, it is amazing!
Sweet Liz

A lot of you mentioned obvious sexual tension between the two of them - the strange thing is, I didn't deliberately write that in, but I guess it came across that way anyway!

Here's part 3...


Part Three

Day 3 – Wednesday June 25 2002

We spent today hiking down the Grand Canyon. This place is amazing and just completely awe-inspiring. Last night Max and I watched the sunset from the top and just like I’d heard, it was absolutely stunning. Tomorrow we’re going to take a helicopter ride down to the Colorado River and a bus tour around the rim.

We’re moving on from here Friday morning and will be spending a couple of days in Phoenix (well, Scottsdale actually) – it’s going to be kind of a relaxation period before the real travelling gets underway!

Max and I have been getting on great so far, well apart from the little arguments over who gets to drive (Max has been insisting on doing it all himself no matter what I say – I think he’s worried that I’ll crash his precious jeep or something. As If!) and what we should listen to on the radio – I won that one since he wouldn’t let me drive.

Uh oh, I have to go now. Max is hungry and is shooting annoyed glares in my direction.

Oh well, I guess that’s it for today.

I roll my eyes at Max as I close the journal and stash it in my suitcase. I know he’s curious about what I’ve been writing in it, but it’s private, full of my personal thoughts and feelings and for my eyes only. I’m sure he thinks I write all this stuff about him in it and he’s paranoid about what I really think of him (insert exaggerated roll of my eyes here). It’s kind of sad really, considering that most of what’s written in there has less to do with him and our friendship and more to do with what we’re doing on our trip and my feelings about going to college on the other side of the country, away from my family and friends.

Max groans as I search for my jacket. It might be the middle of summer, but it still gets cold out here at night.

“Come on, Liz! Hurry up!” he eventually bursts out. “I’m starving here.”

I finally spot the coat lying on the floor, half underneath my bed and quickly scoop it up.

“Alright, alright. I’m ready. No need to get so impatient!” I exclaim and grab his hand, pulling him towards the door. Although I haven’t admitted it to him, I’m starving too.

We eat at a small all-night diner we passed earlier in the day. The meal takes place in relative silence; we’re both exhausted from walking all day in the summer heat and I barely have enough energy to lift the fork from my plate to my mouth, let alone enough to make conversation.

An hour later, completely worn out, I practically fall into bed back in our motel room. Max has decided that he’s not yet sleepy enough to go to bed and promptly turns on the TV. Usually this would elicit a not-so-pleasant reaction from me on the importance of him being quiet when I’m trying to sleep, but tonight it doesn’t matter, I’m asleep practically the second my head hits the pillow.


Day 6 – Saturday June 28 2002

This is the life!

It’s about 95 degrees here in Scottsdale, Arizona and right now, I’m lazing by the hotel pool in a tank top and shorts – I couldn’t find my bikini this morning. It’s 10.30 am and it’s a Saturday which means that Max is most likely still in bed. However, I’ve been sitting out here in the gorgeous sunshine since 9 am, so I haven’t seen him yet today.

We’re staying at the Days Inn, which is next to this really great shopping mall. We checked it out (well more like I had to drag Max around it) yesterday and then last night we ate dinner at this gorgeous Italian restaurant called Oregano’s. The food was the best I’ve ever tasted; the only sell one dessert there: half-baked cookie dough topped with ice cream but it was so good that I think I’m gonna have to make Max eat there every night we’re here…

“Excuse me?” I’m interrupted from my journal writing by a soft, masculine voice.

I close the book carefully and peer up in the direction of the voice. It belongs to a tall, well-built guy with sandy blond hair. He’s standing a couple of feet from me in just a pair of swim shorts and a towel slung around his neck. If I had to guess, I’d say he was about twenty. I can’t stop my eyes from leaving his face and drifting lower, wandering down over his chest. I take in the rippling stomach muscles and I let my gaze fall to the trail of hair that begins at his belly button and snakes down beneath the waistband of his shorts...

I suddenly realise what I’m doing and quickly raise my eyes back up to his face. I can feel a blush forming on my cheeks and I hope that he hasn’t noticed. However, his lips are curled up in a smirk and I know that he knows exactly what I was just thinking.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he speaks again. “But I was wondering if this seat was taken?” he says, gesturing to the sun lounger on my left.

“No, it’s not taken,” I say, although a quick glance around the pool indicates that, apart from a middle aged couple at the other end, we are the only people here and there are about twenty-five other free loungers that he could have taken.

“Thanks,” he replies and takes a seat on the edge, still facing me. He holds out his hand, “Hi, I’m Aiden.”

I reach over and shake his hand, “Liz.”

“Nice to meet you, Liz,” he says, a dazzling smile breaking out over his tanned face.

I smile back, “You too.”

“So, where are you from, Liz?”

Aiden and I spend the rest of the morning in pleasant conversation. I discover that he is actually twenty-one and a Geography major at the University of Phoenix. He’s also really easy to talk to and I find myself having fun with him. It takes my mind off my most recent boyfriend (well, ex-boyfriend) Kyle Valenti and our unpleasant break-up a few weeks ago.

Kyle and I started going out a few months ago and although we became very close, he just wasn’t the right guy for me. We’re still pretty good friends, but looking back I think that’s probably all we’ve ever been. Maybe there was an attraction between us, but I wasn’t in love with him, not really. He didn’t make my breath catch whenever I saw him and although his kisses were nice, they weren’t filled with raw passion or anything.

Aiden and I are still sitting in the same positions when I finally spot Max standing just behind our chairs. His hands are in the pockets of his shorts and he’s wearing his favourite Nirvana t-shirt, which has definitely seen better days. As I smile at him and wave him over, I notice that he has this weird look in his eyes. It’s an expression that I haven’t seen on his face before and it strikes me as kind of strange. But, when he realises that I’ve noticed him standing there, his face changes and a smile appears. As he approaches us, I scoot up on my seat to make room for him at the end.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” I smirk at him when he sits down.

However, he’s not looking at me; all his attention is focused intently on the guy sitting opposite me. I frown, wondering what’s wrong with him today. He’s usually cheery and polite when he’s meeting someone new.

I glance over at Aiden, who is looking at me quizzically and I shrug. “Max, this is Aiden. We just met this morning. He was just telling me all about the joys of student life at the University of Phoenix. Aiden, this is Max, my best friend.”

Aiden holds out his hand, “Nice to meet you,” he says pleasantly. But Max just stares at his outstretched hand for a minute or two, before finally, he smiles and shakes Aiden’s hand.

“You, too,” he replies tersely.

Now I’m really confused. I don’t know what’s got into my best friend; he’s never been rude to anyone like this before.

I turn to him, “So, are you here to join us in this gorgeous sunshine, Max? Maybe take a dip in the pool?”

Max finally turns to look at me, his expression unreadable, “You know what? I’m just gonna go take a shower; freshen up. I’ll see you later, Liz.”

He stands up and with a slight nod in Aiden’s direction, he leaves quickly. I just stare after him in a state of bewilderment, before turning back to face Aiden.

“Sorry about him,” I apologise.

“Hey, no big deal,” he dismisses it casually. “Seems like a nice guy though.” His tone is serious, but I see the doubt in his expression. He raises his eyebrows as he speaks, which causes me to burst out laughing, which then makes him chuckle and within minutes we both have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

We sit together by the pool for a while longer, but then I decide I’d better go see how Max is doing. As I make my way back to our room, I think about what a great guy Aiden seemed to be. Even though Max and I are leaving Arizona tomorrow, I exchanged phone numbers with him and we agreed to keep in touch. Who knows, maybe something will come of it in the future?

I find Max sprawled on his stomach on his bed, staring intently at the TV.

“Hey,” I announce my presence, quietly clicking the door shut. “What’s up?” I ask as I take a seat next to him on the bed.

“Nothing,” he mumbles, his eyes not straying from the screen.

“Come on,” I nudge him. “I know when something’s wrong with you.”

He sighs and twists round on the bed so he can sit up and face me. “It’s just…this is supposed to be our holiday, Liz. You and me, having fun, together,” he says, but he’s not looking me in the eye.

“What are you talking about? This is our trip,” I say, but then something occurs to me, “This isn’t about me talking to Aiden this morning, is it?” He just fixes his gaze somewhere over my shoulder and doesn’t reply. “Max, we were just chatting! He came over to say hi, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well,” he huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.

I stand up, “Look, if you’re gonna be like this all day, I’m going shopping,” I say, reaching for my purse and heading for the door.

He makes no move to stop me and I wonder briefly if there’s something else going on with him, something he’s not telling me. But I’m not going to push the subject right now, he probably wouldn’t tell me anything anyway. We’ve been pretty much attached at the hip so far on this trip; maybe we just need to spend a few hours away from each other.


Grand Canyon at Sunset
Grand Canyon 1
Grand Canyon 2
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Thanks again for the feedback,
dreamer destiny
Sweet Liz

POM wrote:Cool, an update!! I wouldn 't know about Road Trips...i've never been on one < I boring life > Just wondering where is that Canyon located?
POM, I forgot to answer your question when I posted part 3. The canyon is located in North West New Mexico, not far from Gallup.

Here's part four...

Part Four

It’s almost dark when I return to our motel room and there is no sign of Max anywhere. Exhausted, I drop my shopping bags on the floor next to my bed and flop backwards onto the mattress. I reach over, grab the TV remote from the table, and begin channel hopping.

Fifteen minutes later, the door opens and a dishevelled Max comes into view. I eye him curiously and raise an eyebrow at his appearance.

He looks down for a second, then grins sheepishly and shrugs.

“Sorry about earlier, Liz. It’s just, I didn’t wake up in the best mood this morning. I didn’t mean to take it out on you,” he apologises and then holds up the carrier bag he’s holding. “Peace offering?”

I grin and roll my eyes, “Hey, it’s no big deal. Really,” I dismiss, but I know he saw my eyes light up at the prospect of finding out what’s in the bag. “On second thoughts, “ I add, “What d’ya get me?”

“Us. What did I get us?” he corrects. “First off, we’ve got your favourite take out meal, Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken, followed by two big slices of…Double Chocolate Fudge Cake,” he says, grinning triumphantly as I let out a squeal of pleasure. “And last, but not least,” he reaches into the bag, pulling out a six-pack. “Beer!”

“Max! How in the hell did you get beer?” I cry. “You’re only eighteen, how did you manage that one?”

“Well,” for a second, he looks like he doesn’t want to tell me and I fear the worst, but then he changes his mind and what comes out of his mouth is the last thing I expect to hear. “I kind of ran into that Aiden guy at the supermarket down the road, and we got to talking. You know, he’s not really that bad a guy,” I roll my eyes at his reluctant expression. “Anyway, I apologised for the way I greeted him this morning and next thing I know, he’s buying beer for us!”

All I can do us laugh at the incredulous look on his face as he tells me this. He looks like a little boy who’s just received his Christmas presents early. I roll my eyes at him again and pat the bed next to me, inviting him to sit down.

“We good?” he asks as he sits down.

I nod. “We’re good,” I tell him and reach for the bag of food.


Three beers each and the whole bag of food later, Max and I are lying next to each other on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. My head is spinning slightly, but in a good way, and my arms and legs are all warm and tingly from the alcohol.

It’s not like I’ve never been drunk before, though. I’ve been to parties with my friends, had a few drinks and ended up making out with the odd random guy occasionally, but I’ve never been drunk with just Max before, in a calm setting like this and it’s a little weird.

“God, I’m stuffed,” groans Max from beside me, his hand covering his stomach.

“Hmm,” I mumble in agreement, not having the energy to avert my eyes from staring at the ceiling and look at him. “That was a lot of food,” I sigh.

“But it was good food,” he interjects. “And drink,” he adds after a beat.

“Yeah,” I sigh and we lapse back into silence again.

I close my eyes and relax, ready to fall asleep. Just as I begin to doze off, I hear a loud thump, followed by a muffled yelp. My eyes fly open at the sound, but when I spot the cause of it, I burst out laughing.

There’s Max on the floor, one arm hooked over the side of the bed, attempting to pull himself up. Only the top of his head and his eyes are visible.

“Oh my God, Max!” I exclaim when I’ve recovered from my outburst and he’s managed to hoist himself back up onto the bed. “What did you just do?”

He’s blushing with embarrassment as he shakes his head and I almost feel bad for him. Almost. But seeing him sitting helplessly on the floor just now, brought back memories of all the stupid things I’ve done in the past that he’s laughed at, like tripping over my new long black skirt in the middle of English class or dropping a whole plate of food into the lap of my 8th grade crush when I first began helping out my parents in the Crashdown, and I just can’t find it in me to sympathise with him right now.

“Yeah, yeah, just laugh it up, why don’t you, Parker?” he huffs, but his words are slightly slurred and he’s having trouble getting readjusted on the bed without slipping back off again.

I try to hide my smile behind my hand, but from the offended look on his face, I know I’m not being very discreet.

I remove my hand from my mouth. “Sorry, it’s just, that was so funny!” I exclaim. “It’s nice to see you being the clumsy one for once, Max.”

“Hmmph,” he grunts, crossing his arms across his chest as his lips form a pout. He’s now staring intently at the TV screen, which I know is his way of trying to pretend that I’m not there.

I take the opportunity to study his profile, the alcohol in my body making me see him in a different light. He looks so adorable sitting there, slouching like a defiant young boy, his bottom lip sticking out defiantly.

I let my eyes travel over his features; the long, dark eyelashes that any girl would kill for, the cute little ears that have always stuck out slightly at the top, the straight, masculine nose and the incredibly full lips that are all too often pulled into a mischievous smirk.

My gaze ends up fixed on his short, slightly spiked hair. It just looks so soft and I imagine that it would be all silky and smooth if I were to run my fingers through it. Those three cans of beer must have really gone to my head, because now I find myself reaching out to touch it, feeling its texture as my hand slides through the short strands.

Just as I’ve buried my fingers in the hair above his forehead, I feel him jerk beneath my touch and too late, I realise what I’m doing. His turns to face me and I begin to make my apologies.

I get no further than, “Sorr –” before my voice trails off and my hand slips down to cup his ear and the upper part of his jaw. He has this strange look on his face again and I don’t really know what it means. All I know is that now my eyes are locked completely with his and I can’t look away.

“Lizzie,” he whispers softly and I feel his hand on my bare arm, stroking it gently. The movement of his hand causes a shiver to run all the way up my arm. Before I have time to think about what’s happening, Max is lowering his head towards mine and all I can register is the fact that those full lips are just millimetres from my own.

I don’t know what’s going on here. I’m not attracted to Max; I’ve never been attracted to him. Ever. So why is my heart suddenly beating so fast? Why have my palms just now become sweaty? My tongue sneaks out to lick my lips in anticipation.

Oh my God! Is the last thought that goes through my mind before the feeling of Max’s soft, warm lips on mine takes over completely.

My left hand is still resting against his face, my thumb stroking his slightly stubbly cheek. I bring my right hand up to the other side of his face and then cup his jaw with both hands. Max’s left hand is still caressing my arm, but now his other hand is buried in my hair, supporting my head, tilting it up so that I meet his lips fully.

I feel his tongue tracing my lower lip, sending tingles down my spine. I’ve kissed enough guys before to know what that means, what he wants and I open my mouth slightly, allowing him access.

I practically sigh as his tongue slides in to tangle with mine. My arms have now made their way up and around his neck and I pull him to me tightly. No one has ever kissed me like this before; no one has ever made me feel like this before. Not even Kyle, and we were together for months. I have to say that now at least I know one reason for all the female attention that Max seems to get…

He is a great kisser.

Max has moved his hand from my arm to my lower back. Right now, his fingers are tracing small circles there and it feels…I can’t even describe it. It’s luxurious. I just want to stay like this forever, wrapped up in my best friend’s arms.

Wait. Best friend. Max is my best friend! What am I thinking? I can’t do this!

As much as I don’t want to right now, I force myself to loosen my arms around his neck and break the kiss, pulling away slightly as I do.

“Liz,” I feel Max’s breath close to my lips as he whispers my name, but all I can think is that this was a really stupid thing to do. My eyes slide open and I extract myself from his arms.

“I…umm…I need to get ready for bed,” I mumble. I can’t bring myself to look at him; I’m afraid that if I do, I will make a complete fool of myself and blow this whole situation out of proportion. I slide off the bed and grabbing my nightclothes, I stumble towards the bathroom.

Once inside, with the door locked behind me, I sink down onto the lid of the toilet, my head in my hands. God, what did I just do? What did we just do? My head is spinning and I’m beginning to feel sick; the beer is really not agreeing with me now.

Pushing all thoughts of Max and that amazing kiss to the back of my mind, I take my time changing and brushing my teeth, dreading the moment when I’ll have to leave the safety of this bathroom and face him again.

I needn’t have worried, though, because when I finally pluck up the courage to unlock the door and emerge from the bathroom, I find that Max has already passed out on his own bed, although on closer inspection, it appears that he was either too tired or too drunk to bother changing properly, since his jeans have been haphazardly dropped to the floor, but he is still clothed in the same T-shirt he’s been wearing all day.

I shuffle over to my bed, the bed we were both occupying just a few short minutes ago and climb in, pulling the covers right up to my chin. With one last glance at Max, I reach over and switch off the light, sending the room into complete darkness as I fall into a restless slumber.


Max is already up and out of bed when I wake after my crappy night’s sleep. I crack open one eye to see him packing his bags and trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to make his bed at the same time. I let out a low groan as I pull myself up into a sitting position. My head is simultaneously pounding and spinning and I have no idea if I’ll be able to make it to the bathroom without throwing up.

I carefully ease myself out of the bed and stumble towards the bathroom, too embarrassed to acknowledge Max on my way. When I reach the bathroom, I practically fall against the sink, using my hands to support my body and keep it upright. It’s not fair! Why me? Max doesn’t seem to be suffering with a hangover this morning; although, it’s probably because he’s more used to drinking beer than I am. Me? I’m usually a white wine and cocktails kind of a girl.

I wonder what he’s thinking about this whole situation right now. I mean, how am I supposed to act around him now? Do I just pretend that nothing happened between us last night; that everything’s normal? On the other hand, do I try to talk to him about it?

One thing I do know, is that it shouldn’t have happened and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Max bringing back that beer last night.

I also know that it can’t happen again. He’s my best friend, it just wouldn’t be right.

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Thank you for all the great feedback, I love to read your comments :D !

Sweet Liz
dreamer destiny
L-J-L 76

Part Five

Well, it’s official. Sunday June 29th 2002 has been the most awkward and uncomfortable day of my life.

I have just survived almost eight hours alone in a car with Max, driving to San Diego. It should have only taken us about five-and-a-half hours, but stupid me decided that I was feeling well enough to drive (since it was my turn really) and ended up taking a wrong turn and getting us completely lost.

On top of all that, I’ve had to deal with the weight of Max’s stare, which I’ve been feeling on me almost all day, and all these awkward moments when we both reached for the radio dial or a handful of potato chips at the same time, our hands brushing accidentally as we did.

I was too chicken to say anything to him before we left Scottsdale this morning. I probably should have brought it up with him, but I just couldn’t pluck up the courage to do so and now I think I’ve made the whole situation much worse. Max has barely said two words to me all day, at least not anything that hasn’t involved talking about stopping for food or complaining about the fact that I went the wrong way.

We finally reach the motel that we booked into before we left Roswell and I see that it’s not nearly as nice as I’d hoped. It’s not in a particularly nice area of San Diego – a fact proved by the adult entertainment bar/venue that is situated across the road, less than fifty yards from our hotel building.

Despite the area that we’ve ended up staying in, it’s still not yet dark when we arrive and since neither Max nor I are in the mood for fatty, fried food, we set off on foot in search of a nicer place to grab some dinner.

We eventually find a Subway and order sandwiches, deciding to carry them back to the hotel before we eat. The journey there is spent in tense silence, neither of us saying a word to each other, but after we’ve ordered our food and start heading back, Max finally breaks the silence.

“Liz,” he says quietly, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. I don’t notice immediately that he is no longer walking with me and continue on regardless. “Liz,” this time it’s louder and more forceful and his arm shoots out to stop me. At the feel of his warm hand on my arm again, eerily mirroring his actions from last night, a ping shoots through me and I get this awful, anxious feeling in my chest. I force myself to remain calm, however, and slowly turn to face him.

He had this pleading look on his face and I can sense that whatever he’s about to say is important.

“Max?” I question.

“Liz, I’m sorry,” he blurts out quickly.

I don’t understand, “Sorry? What for?”

He runs his free hand through his hair, frustrated. “For last night,” he confesses. “I didn’t mean to…If I hadn’t brought that beer back…” he struggles for a second, eventually deciding on, “I’m sorry, I was in a bad place yesterday. I was having a bad day, I was feeling vulnerable and then you were there and – ” he stops, letting out a sigh. “I’m just sorry, okay?” he finishes, removing his hand from my arm.

“But – ” But you weren’t the one who started it. I was. It’s on the tip of my tongue to say, but for some reason I just can’t get the words out. Saying them would imply that I might have some kind of feelings for him, and I don’t. Have feelings, that is. I never have. “Okay,” I sigh, agreeing with him.

“So,” Max concludes. “Can we just forget about it? Pretend it never happened? We’ll just think of it as a momentary lapse in judgement and leave it at that, alright?”

I smile weakly, “Alright,” I nod and then ask, just to be sure, “Friends?” I hold out my hand for him to shake.

He smiles properly, taking my hand and nodding, “Friends.”

We shake on it and then begin making our way back to the motel. We walk in silence again, but now the tension is gone.

I’m dying to ask him exactly what got him into that bad mood yesterday. I realised that something wasn’t right with him when he was rude to Aiden when they met. He’s never acted that way in the entire time I’ve known him, which leads me to believe that something happened to upset him. But, I can sense that tonight is not a good time to bring it up.

Maybe tomorrow.


I don’t get to talk to him tomorrow, though.

We spend the entire day sightseeing. We visit downtown San Diego and the Harbour area in the morning and the world famous San Diego Zoo in the afternoon. Nothing out of the ordinary happens while we’re out and Max seems to be back to his usual joking self and although the normal, easy atmosphere usually present between us isn’t quite back to normal, it’s pretty close.

However, despite the fact that we were joking around again, as if nothing had happened the other night, I can tell that Max is completely avoiding the whole subject. He’s deliberately leaving anyone’s thoughts or feelings out of our conversations and only concentrating on the here and now; making lewd comments about the animals in the zoo and laughing at me when I drop my entire ice cream cone on the floor and in the process, splatter my nice, new, pale-blue top with half-melted chocolate ice cream.

I don’t have the opportunity to talk to him properly until Tuesday.


Day 9 - Tuesday July 1st 2002

I had a great time today - we went to Sea World! I’d been to the one in Florida with my aunt, but Max had never visited it before and we had fun exploring all the different sea creatures and watching the seal and dolphin shows. Max even dared me to walk through the Great White Shark tunnel, which I’d refused to do at the park in Florida. It wasn’t that bad really, but I got my own back!

On another note, I finally found out what was bothering Max on Saturday. We were sitting there, at Sea World, waiting for the Shamu show to begin and he just blurted it out. I’d noticed that he’d been distracted most of today. He spent half the time snapping at me for no apparent reason and the other half just being his normal self; and now I know why…

Six hours earlier

“Okay, Max, I walked through the shark tunnel for you; now it’s my turn to choose where we go,” I grab his hand and drag him towards my destination.

He gasps when he sees where we’re heading and tries to pull away from me. “Aww, come on, Liz. You can’t make me go over there! I won’t do it,” he warns, but I just keep tugging him along regardless.

“Hey,” I turn to him. “You made me do something I didn’t want to do; now you’re going to do this for me. Think of it as payback,” I smirk.

He turns his head fearfully towards the creatures currently residing in the pen in front of us and I have to bit my lip to contain a giggle.

Who would’ve guessed that Max Evans was scared of sea lions!

However, I know I’m the only person he’s ever confessed his phobia to and I’ve been sworn to secrecy; not even his parents or Isabel know.

I force him to stand there and watch the animals as young kids and their parents dangle fish over the side, feeding them. I tease him about the fact that he can barely even look at them, let alone hold fish in front of their noses, but I worry that I’ve taken it too far when he suddenly shakes his arm, freeing it from my grasp and stalks off in the opposite direction.

“Max!” I call as I run after him. “Max, I’m sorry,” I touch his arm from behind and make him turn to face me. “I didn’t mean – ”

However, he cuts me off, “That’s just it, Liz! You never mean to do anything, it always just happens!” he bursts out. He takes a deep breath and runs his hand through his hair, “Look, I know I shouldn’t have made you go in that tunnel, but come on, Liz, I know you enjoyed it, really. You know how terrified I am of those...creatures,” he shudders, “But you just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?” his eyes are accusing and suddenly I feel about six inches tall.

“I’m sorry, okay?” I don’t really know what else I can say.

He just nods stiffly and suggests, “I just need some time alone, Liz. I have a lot on my mind right now. How about we part ways for now and meet up again at four for the Shamu show?”

“Fine,” I sigh. I don’t really want to spent the next hour wandering around her on my own, but I can see that Max isn’t the best company right now and maybe it would be best to give him some space for a while. I paste a smile onto my face, “I’ll see you at four then, Max.”

He gives me a small, appreciative smile before turning to walk away again. As I watch him leave, I realise that I really do need to talk to him and get him to open up to me about what’s been bothering him lately.


It’s just gone four when I finally make it to the whale pool for the Shamu show. As I approach the entrance, I see Max already standing there waiting for me. The previous tension in his shoulders seems to have disappeared and he looks more relaxed now. When I reach him, he gives me a sheepish smile and links our arms. We make our way into the standing area and as we spot somewhere to sit, he leans down and giving my arm a squeeze, he says softly, “I’m sorry about earlier, Lizzie. I didn’t mean to get angry with you, it was my problem and I took it out on you. Can you forgive me?”

I smile up at him and squeeze his arm in response. “You’re forgiven, Max,” I tell him. “Just don’t let it happen again,” I say sternly, but with a wink, so he knows I’m just teasing.

We take our seats, but a quick glance at the time has me wondering why exactly we decided to meet at four. The show doesn’t start until almost five. When I lean in to ask Max this, he just shrugs and mumbles something about wanting to get good seats, although he does look a little embarrassed that we’re here so early.

Ten minutes later, I’m so engrossed in the pre-show advertising and information that’s showing on the big screen in front of us that I almost jump out of my skin when Max’s voice suddenly sounds from beside me.

“Tess called me,” he states bluntly and I whip my head round to face him in bewilderment. “On Saturday,” he elaborates. “Tess called me. She said something that upset me. That’s why I’ve been in a bad mood lately.”

My mouth forms a surprised ‘oh’, but I don’t say anything yet. I’m just glad that he’s telling me this.

“I didn’t mean to take it out on you, Liz,” the apologetic expression on his face is sincere. “It’s just…I don’t know what to do about Tess.”

“What did she say to you, Max?” I question tensely. I think now might be the time for me to step up to do my best friend duty and have a little chat with the ex.

Max averts his gaze from me and looks out over the killer whale’s water tank. “She’s pregnant.”


Downtown San Diego 1
Downtown San Diego 2
San Diego Harbour
Sea World - Dolphin Show
Sea World - Shamu Show
And in honour of Max – A Sea Lion

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Thank you for all your comments :) ,

dreamer destiny
- I'm glad you like the pictures
Sweet Liz
youre my dreamgirl

I forgot to mention this before, but that first picof San Diego was actually taken right next to the Convention Center, just a few weeks before Jason Behr, was there promoting The Grudge!

Anyway, here's part 6, hope you enjoy...

Part Six

I am in shock.

Max got Tess pregnant. I mean I knew he was probably sleeping with her, but it never really sunk in until he said those words.

“She’s pregnant.”

After he tells me that, he stands up and practically runs down the steps of the bleachers. I can do nothing but stare open-mouthed at his retreating back, frozen in my seat. My first instinct is to go after him, but I have no idea what I would even say when I catch up with him. So, I just stay there, glued to my seat and force myself to sit through the entire show, when really, it’s the last place I want to be.

There is no sign of Max when I reach the park entrance after the show. I try calling his cell, but it’s switched off so I assume that he left earlier and just hail a taxi for myself.

I don’t see him immediately when I return to our room, but on closer inspection, I find him in the bathroom. He’s sitting on the lid of the toilet, elbows on his knees his face in his hands.

I lean against the doorframe. “Max?” I whisper. “Are you okay?”

He lifts his head and I see the red-rimmed eyes and dry tear-tracks on his cheeks.

“Oh, hun,” I cry and run forward to take him into my arms. “It’s alright,” I rub his back comfortingly. “We’ll get you through this, okay? You don’t have to worry; I’m here for you. I’ll help you, with anything you need,” I swear.

“It’s not mine, Liz,” he mumbles against my shoulder and I freeze at his words.

“What?” I pull back to look at him, releasing him from my arms.

“It’s what I’ve been upset about. She’s two months pregnant and it’s not mine. She was cheating on me and she got pregnant.”

I frown, “And she just called you up and told you this? What a bitch!”

He shakes his head, “No, not exactly. She told me that I was going to be a father and that she was counting on me to show her my support.”

“Okay…” Something’s not quite right here. “So, what makes you think she was cheating on you?”

He wipes his hand across his face and breathes in deeply. “Because I never slept with her, Liz.”

Huh. Can’t say I saw that one coming. “Max, if you didn’t sleep with her, how exactly can she say that you’re the father of her child?”

Max closes his eyes and I notice a flush of what I can only assume to be embarrassment appear on his cheeks. “She kind of thinks we did. Have sex, that is,” he admits.

Okay, so this picture is just getting stranger by the second. How can a girl think she’s had sex, when the guy (who is someone I would trust with my life) swears that they didn’t do anything? How does that work, exactly?

I voice that last part out loud.

“The thing is, it was this night a couple of months back. We went to this party and Tess got really drunk,” he says.

“The one at Tom’s house,” I recall. I had been there with Kyle that night and I noticed how much Tess was drinking. I remember feeling sorry for Max; that he had to spend the whole night looking out for her instead of enjoying the party.

He nods, “Yeah. Anyway, Tess was really out of it, so I took her home, put her to bed. But, she begged me to stay with her. She tried to…you know… with me, but she was drunk and I just…I didn’t want to…it wasn’t the right time…” He stumbles over his words as he speaks. “So…I stayed with her, I pulled off my shirt and jeans and slept in her bed. When she woke up the next morning, I guess she just assumed we’d…done it,” he tells me. “We broke up a couple of weeks later and I’ve hardly spoken to her since.”

I don’t say anything; just rub his arm in comfort.

“And then she just calls my cell, right in the middle of our vacation and expects me to pay child support and help raise the baby! It’s not even my child. She betrayed me!” he exclaims angrily. “And on top of all that, she calls me again this morning,” I tilt my head in surprise. Why I didn’t know about that? Max sees my expression and explains, “You were in the shower.” Oh.

“I just can’t believe she had the nerve to call me again! After I told her exactly where she could stick it the first time,” he cries angrily. “Can you believe she tried to explain her way out of it? Tried to convince me that the baby was somehow mine? I mean, I think I’d know if I’d decided to give…to sleep with my own girlfriend!”

“Hey, Max, calm down,” I pull him to me once again. “It’s okay. It’ll be okay,” I reassure him, rubbing his back.

The nerve of that bitch! If I ever see her again, she is going down! No one uses my best friend like that. No one.


Day 12 – Friday 4th July 2002

We’re still here in San Diego. We had originally planned to move on by now, but Max has been having a tough time this week and he hasn’t really been up to travelling anywhere else, so we stayed here and took in more of the sights. We’ve decided to leave tomorrow and since today is Independence Day, tonight we’re going to go back to Sea World for their celebrations and firework display.

I’m trying to help Max through this thing with Tess the best I can, but he’s having a hard time getting past what she’s done. He’s been pretty miserable this week, although today he woke up a little cheerier than usual. I think he’s finally coming to terms with it and is realising that Tess cheating on him wasn’t his fault.

It’s a gorgeous day today and right now, Max and I are sitting on the beach, although he’s just staring out at the ocean while I’m writing this. I feel really bad for him; he’s supposed to be enjoying this one last summer of freedom and now Tess has ruined that for him.

Well, I m just going to have to do everything in my power to make sure he enjoys the rest of this trip.

We spend the rest of the day at the beach, just relaxing and chatting. After a lot of convincing, I even persuaded Max to go in the sea with me, despite his protest that it was way too cold. And you know what? He was right. It was fucking freezing! My reaction to the temperature got a laugh out of him, though, so my idea can’t have been all bad. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found my new bikini, so I was forced to wear a T-shirt and shorts again, which stuck to me uncomfortably after our foray into the ocean.

We have fun at the fireworks, too. It seems that Max is returning to his old self and for that, I’m glad. Maybe I can make him forget about all this.

In the morning, we head up to LA. Although it’s only about ninety-five miles from San Diego, Max refuses to let me drive, insisting that he’d much rather be tired from driving than have to put up with me getting us lost again. After about twenty minutes of arguing with him about it, he finally persuades me to let him drive by bribing me with chocolate.

Anyone who knows me will know that I never turn down an offer of chocolate, especially the European stuff. My aunt (the one in Florida) visited the UK and continental Europe a couple of years back and brought back all this gorgeous chocolate, I fell in love with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Galaxy and don’t even get me started on the Belgian pralines!

Anyway, we’re going to spend a few days exploring LA, visiting Universal studios and doing the Hollywood Tour (my idea) – Mann’s Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame, Sunset Blvd, the Farmer’s Market, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica – all in the space of a few hours! Who knows? Maybe we’ll get to see some celebrities or something!


Day 13 – Saturday 5th July 2002

LA is so cool! I can’t believe I’m actually here, in the entertainment capital of…well, the world, I guess! And right now, Max is reading this over my shoulder and rolling his eyes at me – yeah, Max, I know you’re there!

Okay, he’s gone now. It’s a good thing I was only writing about this holiday and not anything that he could use to embarrass me later!

So, anyway, we made it to our hotel by midday today and we’re just gonna stay here and relax for the rest of the day, maybe check out some shops for gifts – I promised Maria I’d buy her something ‘LA’ and tacky!

Okay, go to go now, Max is gesturing frantically at me to get a move on so we can check out the outdoor pool. He’s even all ready to go, with his swim shorts on and a towel in hand. Me? I’m still in my normal clothes and I think my bikini must be buried somewhere deep in the bottom of my suitcase!

I put down the pen I’ve been using and tell Max that I’m nowhere near ready yet so he should just go ahead and I’ll meet him by the pool in a few minutes.

He lets out an annoyed huff, but turns to leave anyway, calling out a sarcastic, “Well, if you hadn’t decided to spend the last twenty minutes writing in that thing, then maybe you would’ve been ready by now!” before he shuts the door behind him.

I just roll my eyes at the closed door and get off the bed, going in search of the missing blue bikini.

I eventually find it hidden in a pair of shoes. Whoever came up with the idea that rolling up your underwear and stuffing it in your shoes to save space when packing was seriously deranged. I’ve been looking for this bikini for weeks, ever since we left Roswell.

I get changed quickly, because I imagine Max is probably tapping his foot and checking his watch every five seconds, wondering where I am.

Wrapping my towel round my body and picking up my sunglasses, a book and my CD player, I make my way down to the pool. I find Max lying on one on the sun beds at the edge. His sunglasses are covering his eyes, which I assume are closed. The pool is pretty busy, but I can see that he’s saved the chair next to him for me – his towel has been placed haphazardly on the side of it.

“Okay, I’m here now,” I say, setting the sunglasses, book and CD player on the floor. Max’s head jerks up at the noise; he’s obviously surprised that I made it down here so fast. I turn around to remove my towel so I can place it on the sun lounger and lie on it.

“So, anything interesting happen out here while you were waiting for me?” I ask, but there’s no response.

“Max?” I query and turn to face him. He still hasn’t said anything yet, but he’s just kind of looking at me. At least, I think he’s looking in my direction. It’s hard to tell when he’s wearing those sunglasses. Maybe he’s just spotted a cute girl across the way or something and is now trying to get her attention.

“I, um…hey Liz, you made it,” he gives me a small smile and then stands up. “I’m just…gonna go for a swim, cool off…it’s really hot out here, you know?”

I frown in confusion as he abruptly turns and heads for the pool. He dives smoothly into the deep end and begins a length of fast front crawl (well, as fast as you can go in a pool full of kids). I can do nothing but shrug at his strange actions, taking a seat as I grab my sunglasses and CD player and start on my book.

That boy is so weird sometimes.

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Thanks for the feedback :), I love reading your comments!

youre my dreamgirl
- re-reading your post has made me want Galaxy chocolate too!
begonia9508 - Oh, I don't know, I know of plenty of girls who have gone out clubbing and have woken up in some guy's bed, not knowing or remembering if they slept with them or not!
dreamer destiny
- You're depressed about being only an hour away from L.A? I live 5000 miles and a whole continent away!
POM - I only actually spent about a day in L.A., we spent most of our time at Disneyland! But it was fun seeing all the sights.
harroc83 - Remember, up until that phone call, Tess thought that she had slept with Max.
L-J-L 76

Okay, here's part 7...

Part Seven

Day 16 – Tuesday 9th July 2002

Wow, we’ve had a busy couple of days! On Sunday, we did the Hollywood tour. It was really cool seeing all the places from the movies and TV shows. The tour bus drove us past Angelica Houston’s house and Tom Hank’s ‘entertainment’ home in Bel Air. We finished up on Venice Beach where they filmed Baywatch. I had to laugh when Max suddenly became very interested in the surroundings when the tour guide informed us of that little fact!

Yesterday, we visited Universal Studios. It was really interesting seeing all of the sets props used for the movies on the backlot tour and the rides were great too, especially the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future ones!

But, guess where we’re heading to now?


Okay, I know, it’s kind of immature to be visiting Disneyland when we’re on a post-high school, pre-college road trip, but I’ve always loved the place and although I can’t get Max to admit it, I know he’s excited about going too. After all, he was the one who, when we were ten, suggested that after we graduated high school, when we had jobs and were enormously rich, we should go and live in Disneyland – right there in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle!

I can’t wait to –

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!”

The jeep jerks slightly and my pen slips as Max slams on the brakes. He’s glaring angrily at the car in front of us that just pulled out unexpectedly and almost crashed into us.

“Bastard,” I hear him mutter under his breath and I raise an eyebrow at him. He’s normally a pretty laidback driver; he never gets road rage.

I don’t know what’s gotten into him the last couple of days. I thought he was getting better after last week; but since the weekend, he’s been unusually snippy and sarcastic towards me. I mean, he’s okay most of the time, like when we’re out sightseeing and doing stuff, but in the evenings he’s been kind of closing himself off. He’ll just sit on his bed, his eyes glued to the TV, eating take-out. I want to help him, ask him what’s wrong, but every time I try, he just dismisses my concerns as nothing and brushes it off.

I turn to watch the passing scenery. “No need to get angry, Evans,” I mutter quietly, but he hears me anyway.

“What was that?” he asks sharply.

“Nothing,” I say quickly; I know that tone of voice and the last thing I want to do right now is argue with him.

“No, you just said something about my driving. What was it?”

I sigh and gesture to the car ahead of us, “I said, no need to get angry.”

“What, so I’m just supposed to be like you, all happy and perky all the time? I can’t have a bad day once in a while?” he questions stiffly.

“No, Max. That’s not what I meant,” I tell him, apologetically. “And is that what you think? That I’m always cheerful and carefree? I have problems too, you know, just like everyone else.”

“Yeah, I suppose you must. After all, you spend so much time writing your thoughts and feelings down in that journal that you must have dozens of issues needing to be resolved,” he retorts snidely.


I try to muffle the sharp gasp that escapes my mouth at his harsh words, in a desperate attempt to show him that I am unaffected by what he just said, but I’m unsuccessful. It really hurt. Is that what he really thinks of me? That all I do is write down problem after problem in my diary and then just go around pretending I’m happy and that nothing is ever wrong in my life? God!

I feel the sting of tears in my eyes and quickly turn to face away from him again. I don’t want him to know that he’s made me cry.

Usually this would be the point in our argument when Max (or I, if it was my fault) would say sorry and we’d just go back to normal. However, no apology comes and I don’t say anything because, well, he’s the one in the bad mood, not me.

The journey continues on in silence and I force myself to keep my head turned and not look at him. When we finally pull up at our hotel, my neck is stiff from being in the same position for so long. A quick glance towards Max in the driver’s seat shows that he’s obviously driven the whole way with his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel – his knuckles are almost white.

Given the frosty atmosphere currently between us, all I want to do right now is go to sleep and pretend this day never happened. Unfortunately, it’s barely six and I’m starving, so going to bed now would be pretty pointless. But, I do have to get out of the car and away from this enclosed space, so, speaking the first words between us in almost an hour, I volunteer to go check us in. Max doesn’t reply, but I see him give an almost imperceptible nod, which I take as an ‘okay’ and I get out of the car.

Ten minutes later, I return to find Max still sitting in the same position, his arms cross over his chest. I brace myself as I approach the vehicle; from the mood he’s in, I know he’s not going to like what I have to tell him. It seems there was a mix-up with our booking and the only room they have available has only one bed. Granted, it’s a double, but it’s still just one; which means we’re going to have to share for the next four nights. Now, sharing a bed with Max is not something I’ve never done before, but it has been almost seven years since our last same-bed sleepover and I don’t think the idea is gonna go over too well right now.

However, when I tell him what’s happened, his reaction is not exactly what I’d expected. Well, it’s more of a non-reaction really. He just sits there in total silence as I tell him and then, without a word to me, he simply opens his door and gets out, grabbing his bag from the back as he does so. Then he stands next to the jeep, waiting impatiently for me to join him. I sigh, gather my stuff and make my way to our assigned room. Max still says nothing; he just sets his jaw and follows behind me.

The minute we’ve entered the room and have put our bags down, Max announces that he’s going for a walk and stalks out, leaving me staring after him in dismay. Maybe I should have said something after all, you know, to bury the hatchet or something.

The embarrassingly loud rumbling of my stomach (it’s a good thing I’m alone in this room) brings me out of my thoughts. I really don’t feel up to finding someplace to eat, so I grab my purse and make my way down to the motel reception, where I saw a couple of vending machines earlier. They only seem to stock junk food (God, I’ll need to go on a diet when we get back home), but I buy a couple of Cokes and enough potato chips and cookies for the both of us, in case Max doesn’t get anything to eat while he’s out.

I wolf down the food as soon as I get back to the room and then start sorting through my suitcase. I’ve been getting really bad at being tidy with my clothes when we move between cities and now everything’s a mess. However, when that’s done (well, somewhat anyway), I find myself at a loss. For lack of any other ideas, I decide to take a shower. Maybe it’ll help me relax.

Max arrives back to the room while I’m still in the bathroom, which startles me when I walk back into the bedroom, with one towel wrapped around my body and another positioned turban-style on the top of my head; I didn’t hear him come in.

“Hey,” I greet him quietly. He’s standing by the bed, eyeing the mess of clothes spewing out of my suitcase disdainfully.

“Hey,” he replies, so softly that I can barely hear him; but at least he said something, which is a start. Then he turns to me, his expression vague and raises an eyebrow. Not in a teasing way, though. No, this is more of an annoyed ‘what the hell have you been doing in here?’ look.

I’m really not in the mood for this, so I brush him off.

“Look, just lay off, okay?” I sigh, as I walk past him and start searching for something comfortable to sleep in. “I thought maybe you’d be in a better mood by the time you got back, but I guess not, huh?” I look up from what I’m doing to find him watching me again. Uh oh, that twitch in his jaw has appeared – the one he gets when he’s angry. He lets out a frustrated huff.

“If you’re finished in the bathroom, I’m gonna take a shower,” he states gruffly and swings his bag onto the tiny amount of space left at the edge of the bed. He unzips it and reaches in, immediately pulling out everything he needs. Bastard. How is he always so organised?

He stalks into the bathroom, practically slamming the door behind him. Okay, so maybe I feel a tiny bit guilty now. I really don’t think I helped anything by talking to him like that.


I’m sitting up in the bed (the right side, of course) and reading my book, when he finally emerges from the shower. He’s clad in a slightly damp t-shirt and boxers, his hair still a little wet. Glancing over at him, I notice how the shirt is clinging to him somewhat, his nicely muscled arms and chest showing through the thin material. However, I can’t help but smother a giggle at the sight of his hair; it’s sticking up in all directions.

He just glares at me in irritation when he hears me and then pulls back the covers on his side of the bed, slipping underneath them quickly. Without another glance in my direction, he turns over, facing away from me and then settles down to sleep. Concerned, I fix my gaze on the back of his dark head and frown. I can’t believe we’re arguing; well, not arguing really, it’s more a case of not talking than arguing. In all the years that we’ve been friends, neither of us has ever given the other the silent treatment and it hurts that it’s happening now.

I hope that tomorrow we can work this out; I’d hate for us to be angry at each other in the so-called ‘happiest place on Earth’.

With a sigh, I close my book and turn out the light, settling under the covers myself. I take care to leave a safe distance between Max and I and roll over to face the window.

As I try to relax enough to fall asleep, the only thought running through my mind is that I’m going to have a long night ahead of me.


The Walk Of Fame
Mann's Chinese Theatre
The Baywatch Beach
Universal Studios
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Hey guys, thank you for all your comments :)!

dreamer destiny - I'm sorry you're missing LA, although an hour isn't too far away :) !
Erina258 - Don't worry, the reason for Max's behaviour will be explained eventually!
POM - I actually knew Disneyland was in the OC before I even went there, but now every time I hear Phantom Planet's California I think of that trip!
jbangelo - Thanks, I'm glad you like this story and I hope you enjoy this next part.
alana - It made me laugh when I read your first reason for Max not saying anything :lol: ! I also realised that although I originally said that this would only be about 10 parts, I don't want to end it yet, either!
anonymousarfan - Sharing a bed? Oh the possibilities :wink:!
lazza - You know what? I think you could be right :wink: !
begonia9508 and RoswellRulz - Don't worry, it'll all work out in the end!

I realised when I was writing a new part earlier, that somewhere along the line I screwed the dates up - I was trying to stick to the actual days and dates from 2002, but July 4th was actually on a Thursday that year, not a Friday, so I've moved the dates forward by one day - stupid me :roll: !

Anyway, here's part 8, hope you enjoy...

Part Eight

The first thing I become aware of when I wake up this morning is that I’m resting against something soft and warm and definitely not a cotton sheet. My eyes are still closed, but instinct tells me that a broad shoulder is propping up my head, my right arm is wrapped loosely around a trim, T-shirt-covered waist and judging by the leg hair I can feel brushing my calf, my right leg is tangled up with someone’s else’s.

Oh God, I’m curled up in bed with Max! My heart thumps in my chest as I realise my position in relation to him and my stomach lurches as I remember how we left things last night. I’m dreading opening my eyes and having to face him now.

The thing is, before our previous situation came back to me just now, I was just thinking about how comfortable and…safe…I was feeling as I stirred from my sleep; like waking up like this every morning would feel like the best thing in the world.

Oh my God, what’s happening to me? I’ve never felt anything for my best friend before; I’ve never even wanted to. So why is this happening to me now?

It’s not like he’s going to be interested in me, or anything. I mean; have you seen the girls he’s gone out with in the past? Okay, I suppose they were nice enough, but most of them were either on the cheerleading squad or were those tall, sophisticated, beautifully poised girls who held themselves with such an air of confidence that I could never compete with them. After being with them, what would he see in me; a five-foot-three, flat-chested, self-proclaimed science-geek? I also doubt he’s particularly interested in a long-term, committed relationship right now, especially considering what just happened with Tess; and long-term and committed is kind of what I’d be looking for, if I was to enter into something new. I think I’m done with casual boyfriends for now. I want the real thing; I want someone I can talk to, someone who understands me, someone who loves me and I’m sorry, but none of the guys I’ve met recently seem much like the settling-down type.

My musings are put to a stop when I feel slight movement under my cheek. Max’s hand flattens against my back and I can feel the muscles in his arm flexing against me. I cautiously open my eyes and peer up at his face, hoping against hope that he’s still asleep and therefore I can shift positions back to my side of the bed without him ever knowing.

But, as my eyes meet his warm, hazel ones, I can see that my idea is not going to be possible. I break eye contact, bracing myself for the inevitable annoyed glare and brush off that I know he’s going to send my way, but it doesn’t come. When I look back up at him, I notice the barest hint of a smile tugging at his lips.

“Max?” I wonder, my voice coming out in a whisper. But he just shakes his head and places a finger against my lips, before dropping his hand to his side.

“I’m so sorry, Lizzie,” he whispers back. “I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. Maybe this whole ‘living-in-close-quarters’ thing we’ve been doing these last few weeks has just been getting to me,” he pauses for a second. “But when I opened my eyes just now and saw you lying next to me, all innocent in sleep, I realised what a jerk I was to you; and after everything you’ve done to help me this last week, it was completely uncalled for,” he gives me those puppy-dog eyes that he knows will get me every time.

I shake my head, “Max…” I never could stay mad at him for long. “Wait, you were watching me sleep?” I ask, slightly embarrassed. He doesn’t say anything, but the shifty eyes and guilty expression give him away.

I watch him for a second, intrigued, but then my thoughts from a few minutes ago return and I suddenly feel uncomfortable and awkward in his presence. I carefully untangle myself from him and sit up, smoothing my hair self-consciously. What’s going on today? I’ve never felt self-conscious in front of Max before.

I move to swing my legs over the bed, but a hand comes out to stop me, closing around my wrist. I close my eyes at the feel of it.

“Hey, where are you going?” asks Max.

I open my eyes again and turn to look at him over my shoulder, “Bathroom. I really have to go,” I lie.

“Oh, okay,” he says, releasing my wrist so I can stand up.

Once inside the bathroom, I brace myself against the sink and stare at my reflection in the mirror.

What the hell? I can’t be falling for my best friend!

Can I?


It’s really weird; when I emerge from the bathroom this morning, I find Max fully dressed and ready to go, a smile on his face like everything’s back to normal. Honestly, I can’t figure him out right now.

“What are you so cheerful about this morning?” I ask him suspiciously.

He shrugs, “I guess I realised that life’s too short to get angry. I shouldn’t have given you the silent treatment last night and I’m sorry that I was such a bastard to you. We’re on this trip to have a good time and I don’t want us to be fighting about stupid little things. We’ve never really argued before and I don’t want us to start now,” he finishes.

Wow. “And you came up with all this, in the five minutes I was in the bathroom?”

He looks down at his shoes for a moment, “Well, actually, it’s kind of been on my mind for a few days, but I felt stupid bringing it up; I didn’t want to sound like a girl or something,” he states, but that twinkle in his eye has returned

My jaw drops in mock anger, “A girl?! What, like me, Evans? I’ll have you know – ” He cuts me off with a hand to my mouth as he spins me in the direction of my suitcase.

I feel his warm breath against my ear as he says quietly, “Just get dressed, Parker. I wanna go to Disneyland.” See. I told you that deep down he was excited about this too.

I send Max out to get breakfast from the motel reception, where they provide Danish pastries and coffee for all the guests, while I get ready for the day. As I’m pulling on Capri pants and a tank top, I decide that I’m not going to dwell on whatever I may or may not be feeling for Max right now. It’s never gonna happen, so why waste time agonising over it and risk ruining a fourteen-year friendship in the process?

When I leave the room to find Max fifteen minutes later, I take a moment to admire the gorgeous view of palm trees from our door. When my gaze drops down to seek out Max, I see him leaning against the rail at the bottom of the steps, a cup of orange juice in one hand and a sticky pastry in the other. He looks so adorable standing there waiting for me, his backpack looped over his shoulders that I almost drop my resolve and prepare to throw caution to the wind, but then he looks up and notices me and I know I have to stick to my earlier decision.

“Come on, Parker, get your ass down here,” he calls up to me when I hesitate at the top of the steps. “Let’s get going, already!”

I roll my eyes as I make my way down to him; looks like the old Max is back and raring to go. I can’t resist playing with him a little, so I breeze past him and call back over my shoulder.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Evans? The park’s about to open and you’re just standing there with food in your hands!” I toss my head and smirk when I hear him swear and come after me.

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I got these for you! And I’ve been holding them for the past fifteen minutes while you’ve taken your time getting dressed!” He’s all offended now and I struggle not to laugh when he mutters, “Ungrateful bitch,” under his breath before handing the cup and Danish to me.

“Oh, lighten up, Evans, I was only kidding,” I reassure him, but he still looks put out. “I’m sorry, okay, I didn’t mean to make you wait. But, thank you for getting breakfast for me, I appreciate it.”

In an attempt to make everything seem normal with us, I link my arm with his like I’ve done for years and together we approach the park.


The day whizzes by and I’m having a great time. It’s only early afternoon, but Max and I have already been on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (twice – it’s my favourite), Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted House, Peter Pan and the Mad Hatter’s Teacups! Now we’re heading over to Disney’s California Adventure Park. I’ve heard they have some great rides there. I really wanna go on the Soaring Over California ride and the Grizzly River Run. The California Screamin’ roller coaster looks pretty cool too. I’m not too sure about the Tower of Terror though, I’ve never been good with vertical drops; or elevators, for that matter, but I’m sure Max is gonna try to persuade me to go on it. I’ll just have to be strong and not give in.

We walk through the entrance into the park and Max immediately spots the sign to Soaring Over California. He grabs my arm and starts dragging me towards the Fastpass machines. We collect tickets for the ride and then grab something to eat while we’re waiting. An hour and a half later, we emerge from the ride, expressions of awe on our faces; well, at least I assume that’s what I look like, since I can’t actually see myself.

I turn to Max, “Okay, now it’s my turn to choose, so let’s go check out the River Rapids!” I start walking in the direction of the rapids excitedly, leaving Max to trail behind me. Luckily, when we reach the entrance, the wait is only 10-minutes. As we wait in line, I observe the ride, which looks really cool; it even has drops and occasionally this huge geyser comes up out of the water and soaks whoever happens to be in that section of the water at the time!

“There is no way I’m letting that thing get me,” says Max, as I watch the geyser completely drench an entire raft-full of people.

I laugh, “Max, if that thing shoots out of the water and we’re right there, I don’t think there’s going to be any way for you to avoid it.”

He snorts, “Yeah, well. We’ll see.”

I shake my head in amusement. “Well, you’re about to find out, Evans,” I say. “We’re up next.”

We get into the tyre-shaped raft, along with six other people and fasten our seatbelts. I look up and grin at Max, who’s sitting next to me. “You ready for this?” I ask.

“Hell, yeah!” he grins back, before slapping his hand over his mouth, sending an apologetic glance towards the family with two young children, who are sitting opposite us.

Five minutes later, we get out of the boat absolutely soaked. The geyser actually went up underneath our raft and both Max and I got covered from head-to-toe in water! It’s a good thing it’s a gorgeously hot day today and therefore, it won’t take long for us to dry off.

I squelch over to a bench and take a seat so I can remove my shoes. I’m suddenly glad I wore sandals today, unlike Max, who will now have to spend the rest of the day in saturated sneakers and wet socks. With a grumpy expression, Max comes to sit down beside me. First, he toes off his shoes and then peels his socks away from his feet. As I observe him doing this, I can’t help but notice how nice his feet are, all perfectly formed and in proportion. The thought makes me smile.

“What?” he asks from beside me. My head snaps up as I realise that I was staring at his feet.

I shake my head, “Nothing!” I exclaim quickly. “Just thinking, that’s all,” I add and fix my gaze on the wall opposite us.

“Oh, okay,” he looks slightly puzzled. “Liz?” he says after a beat.

“Yeah,” I turn to look at him again. And stop. I can’t tear my gaze away from him; he has this look in his eyes. I don’t know what it means, but something about the way his eyes are fixed on mine is preventing me from looking away.

“I…” I wait expectantly for him to spit it out. “I…”

“Oh my God! Liz, Is that you? What a small world, eh?”

The unexpected sound makes me jump and my head whips round in surprise.

It’s Aiden.


The Palm Trees Outside the Motel
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Big Thunder Mountain and the Steam Boat
Entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean
Grizzly River Run
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Thank you to everyone who left feedback for part 8:

dreamer destiny

Erina258 wrote:Oh, I can't believe I forgot THAT Aiden! I really need to stop learning to my studies and read fanfiction in one time... Sorry... I will try to change...
Don't worry about forgetting Aiden :) and thank you for the nomination for Best AU without Aliens :D !

POM wrote:[Okay, I love going to disneyland--I've gone on my birthday for the last two years, plus the countless times before that and I also went on Grad Nite !!

~* I love buying hats over there! LOL~ Did you buy a mickey hat?~*i bought a hat, it was a huge cake and it said happy birthday, and you pressed a button and the candles twinkled. I got a lot of attention with that. For Gradnite, ours was before graduation and I bought a Mickey Hat that looked like the graduation hat, and it had the mickey ears on it, I ended up wearing it on Graduation. The principal liked it!! *~]
I didn't buy a Mickey hat, but I did get some Tigger ears! My parents took me to the park in Florida when I was a toddler (I can't believe it was 21 years ago) and bought me one then. But I am going to Disneyland Paris in January, so maybe I'll get one then :)!

Wow, going to Disneyland on Grad night sounds fun :) . We don't have a graduation ceremony in high school, but my university graduation night was spent gettting drunk at a black-tie ball in the grounds of a castle :) !

Anyway, here's the new part...

Part Nine

“Aiden? Wow, what are you doing here?” I exclaim in surprise. This is the last place I would have expected to run into him again.

He shrugs, his hands in his pockets, “Oh, I came down to visit my aunt and uncle here in California; and my annoying brat of a ten-year-old cousin,” he rolls his eyes and gestures with his head to the excited young boy across the path who is currently jumping up and down in front of the souvenir shop window. ”Insisted that I bring him here for the day.”

I laugh, “Sounds like fun,” I tease.

He gives a small snort and shakes his head, “Yeah,” he says, raising his eyebrows. “So, what brings you here, Liz?”

I glance quickly at Max, who has a frown on his face and appears to be looking everywhere except in our direction, “Oh, just something we both wanted to do,” I tell him. “I mean, who doesn’t like Disneyland. Right, Max?” I ask and nudge him playfully. His head suddenly snaps in my direction, his expression surprised.


“Honestly, Max. Pay attention,” I nudge him and then nod in Aiden’s direction “I was just telling Aiden why we decided to come here.”

“Oh,” he says, but offers nothing more. I look back at Aiden, standing near the bench we’re sitting on, but his focus is now on Max.

“Hey, Max. Good to see you again,” he holds out his hand to him, which Max shakes cordially.

“You too,” he replies.

“Hope you guys enjoyed those beers the other night,” Aiden adds, a twinkle in his eye. There is a moment’s silence as we both avoid glancing at the other and shift awkwardly at the memory of that night. It looks like Max isn’t going to say anything, so I jump in.

“Oh, yeah, we did. Thanks, Aiden, for buying them for us.”

“Yeah. Thanks, man.” Max seems to have found his voice again.

“Hey, no problem. Anytime,” he says. “Just let me know if you guys would like anything for tonight.”

“Oh, um,” I shake my head quickly. “I don’t think we’ll need anything, but thanks for the offer.”

“Sure,” he says and then seems to notice something by the shop. “I’d, er…I’d better go rescue those poor girls over there from the clutches of my evil cousin.”

I look over and sure enough, the boy is tormenting two small girls with a rubber snake. I snigger at the sight. “Yeah, maybe you should do that,” I tell him.

He rolls his eyes at his cousin and squares his shoulders, “Okay, I’ve got to go brace myself for the ensuing argument. You guys have a great time and we’ll keep in touch, right, Liz?” he asks and I nod.

“Sure thing.”

He smiles briefly at me and then prepares to confront the ten-year-old. “Right, wish me luck,” he says and makes his way over to the shop.

I smile at his retreating back and watch as he tries to grab his cousin. It’s only when I hear an irritated cough coming from beside me that I remember Max is still sitting next to me.

“Oh, sorry Max,” I turn back to him. “We were in the middle of something, weren’t we? What were you going to say just now?”

“Oh um, it was nothing,” he says. He seems reluctant to say anything more, so I don’t push him.

“Oh, okay. So you wanna go get an ice cream and head over to the pier and arcades while we dry off?” I suggest, in an attempt to lighten the mood.

He looks over at me, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Sure,” he stands up and holds out a hand to me. “Let’s go.”


Day 18 – Thursday July 11th 2002

It’s three-fifteen in the morning and I can’t sleep. Right now, I’m sitting in the chair by the window, the small, dim table lamp providing just enough light for me to write this. Max is asleep on the double bed in the middle of our room and I’m spending more time watching him than writing this journal entry.

I feel really awful for what happened last night.

Max and I were on our way back to the hotel, when my cell phone rang. It was Aiden. He’d dropped his cousin home and had the evening free. He asked me to dinner and a movie and I said yes. I didn’t even think about leaving Max alone for the night, or how he might feel about me just abandoning him like that. All I was thinking about was getting my mind off the growing feelings I was having for him and going out with Aiden seeming like the best way to do that.

Don’t get me wrong, Aiden is a great guy; I had fun with him and when he kissed me at the end of the night, I didn’t pull back, at least not right away. But the second I walked through the door of our motel room at just gone midnight and saw Max’s face; I knew I’d made a bad decision. He was annoyed with me and we ended up getting into a full-blown argument.

Now I’m torn. Half of me is saying ‘just get over it and tell him what you’re really feeling’, but the other half is telling me ‘what good would that do, he’s your best friend and suggesting anything more could ruin everything.” I just don’t know what to do anymore…

With a troubled sigh, I close the journal and move to stash it back in my suitcase. I take one last look at Max, sleeping peacefully, before I lift the covers of my side of the bed and slide beneath them. Max is turned on his side, facing me and I gaze at the contours of his face; the flawless slope of his nose, those oh-so-kissable lips and his strong, defined jaw line. I can’t resist leaning over and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

“I’m sorry, Max,” I whisper. “For everything. I hope you can forgive me,” I say softly. “Sweet dreams.”

I smile at the innocent, untroubled look on his face for a second, before I turn over and let sleep overtake me.


We’re both in better moods when we wake up a few hours later and the subject of Aiden and our argument doesn’t come up at all. I think we both just want to forget about it and put it behind us. We spend another fun day at Disneyland and although there’s still some tension between us, Max spends most of the time cracking jokes and coming up with dirty comments about the Disney characters. We don’t speak about our personal lives at all.

Since it’s our last night here, we decide to eat dinner at the Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney. The food is really great and there is an aquarium right in the middle of the restaurant! The atmosphere is light between us as we walk back to the motel and I can’t help but admire the gorgeous sunset, which, with the palm trees at the side of the road, creates a beautiful landscape. I’ll miss this place when we leave for San Francisco in the morning. It’s a long drive up there, so I’ve insisted on doing some of the driving, which after a lot of convincing, Max finally agreed to on the condition that we switch before we reach the city so as to avoid a repeat of San Diego. We’ve arranged to meet up with Isabel while we’re up there, since she’s already left Roswell for her pre-college summer course.

By the time we reach our room, Max has me in stitches of laughter at his impression of a pirate – I think we did Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times! I unlock the door and we stumble through. I barely make it to the bed before I kick off my shoes and fall back onto it in exhaustion. Max pops into the bathroom and I close my eyes tiredly as I wait for him to come back.

A minute or two later I hear the door open and close again, but I don’t feel like opening my eyes just yet; I’m too comfortable. But it seems Max has other plans.

“Hey, Liz?” he asks.


“This trip – its been the best thing I’ve ever done; I want you to know that,” he sounds hesitant and in curiosity, I force my eyes open and sit up on the bed. He’s standing by the bathroom door, his hands in his pockets. His hair is all messed up, as if he’s just run his fingers through it and he looks so cute. “I know we’ve had our differences these past few days and I know that it’s been mainly my fault – ” I open my mouth to protest, but he beats me to it. “And I just wanted to tell you that there’s no one else I’d rather be doing this with.” He shakes his head, “Not Michael, or even Izzy. I don’t think I’d last a week living with either of them!”

I smile at his joke and my heart warms as his words register. What did I ever do to deserve a friend like him?

“Me either, Max. God, can you imagine Maria and I spending all that time on the road, alone? I’d go crazy!” I exclaim. I feel slightly bad about saying that about my best girlfriend, but I know how she can be sometimes. “So, you think we can put our differences behind us now and start again, no bad feelings?”

He grins, “Sure, no problem. It’s all forgotten.”

Unable to help myself, I grin back at him and pat the bed next to me. “Hey, come on, sit down. Let’s have a relaxing evening in front of the TV, so we can be all refreshed for tomorrow.”

“Okay,” he replies and comes to sit beside me. We adjust our pillows and lean back against the headboard. I reach for the remote and begin flicking through the channels in hope of finding a halfway decent movie to watch.


“Yeah?” I stop flicking and turn to face him.

“Can I ask you a question? It’s kind of personal,” he queries.

“Well, I suppose it depends on the question, but go ahead, try me,” I reply, curious as to what he wants to know.

“What happened with you and Kyle? I mean, why did you guys break up?”

I frown. I’m not exactly thrilled to be talking about the subject. “Why do you want to know?”

He shrugs and looks towards the TV screen. “It’s just…we never really talked about what happened between Tess and I or between you and Kyle back then; and well, you know about Tess now and I was wondering if perhaps Kyle did something similar to you and maybe you might wanna talk about it…or something?”

I give a small smile at his thoughtfulness, but then the memory of how Kyle and I ended comes back to me. My face falls and I shake my head, “No. There was no cheating anything like that; not from his side, or from mine,” I tell him quietly. “It was me,” I confess. “I broke it off with him.”

Max looks puzzled, “But, you were upset after it happened; I thought he’d been the one to – ” he breaks off his rambling abruptly, running his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to – What happened?”

“He wanted more from me than I was able to give,” I start. It’s hard to put this into words.

“God, Liz. He didn’t…you know, force you, or anything did he?” Max cuts in suddenly and seeing the horrified look on his face, I realise that my words gave him the wrong impression.

“Oh! No, Max,” I shake my head, vigorously. “Nothing like that. He told me he was in love with me. But, I just didn’t feel that way about him; I mean, yeah, we were sleeping together and I really cared for him, but I wasn’t in love with him, so I– ”

“Wait, you slept with Kyle?” My eyes snap to him as he cuts me off, but his expression is unreadable.

“Well, yeah,” I tell him with a small laugh. “It’s not like I’m a complete nun or anything, Max. I do know how to have fun.”

“Was he the first?” asks Max quietly.

I roll my eyes, “Geez, what is this, twenty questions?” I ask. He doesn’t respond, just keeps looking at me. “Fine! No, Kyle wasn’t the first. That honour went to Robert Caldwell in the tenth grade.”

Max sinks back against the headboard, his eyes flickering around the room and I wonder what he’s thinking.

“Why didn’t you tell me about any of this?” he asks softly.

“It wasn’t something I ever really felt comfortable talking to you about, Max. You may be my best friend, but you’re still a guy and there are some things you just don’t talk about with a guy. I never asked you about your sex-life and you never asked me about mine.”

“That because I thought you didn’t have one!” he exclaims and then covers his mouth with his hand. What?

“You thought I was a virgin?” I ask incredulously.

“Well, yeah,” he states, as if it should have been obvious. “You’re my Lizzie, your not supposed to grow up and have adult relationships.” Touched as I am that he wants to protect me, this isn’t 50 years ago and girls these days are not all sweet and innocent anymore and I tell him as much.

“Yeah, I know,” he replies. “But I still don’t like the thought of you…doing stuff with those guys.”

I snort, “Well, you’re going to have to accept it, Max. I’m 18 years old and I can make my own decisions. It’s not like I particularly want to hear the details of all your little liaisons, either.”

“My…what?” he looks at me in confusion.

“Oh come on, Max, I’m not stupid. I have a pretty good idea why none of your relationships, bar Tess of course, have lasted longer than a couple of weeks.”

His eyes narrow, “You think I…”

“Didn’t you?”


The Rainforest Café
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Thanks once again for your comments - they really make my day :) :

dreamer destiny
- The idea was that it's not just guys who can have sexual experiences with people they are not in love with - girls do experiment too :) .

Kylie the control freak - does Liz have to be getting at anything :) ? She's explained to Max why she didn't tell him, but the response she got wasn't quite what she expected!
- you'll just have to wait to find out :)!
jbangelo - I don't know that Max would be upset about Liz's conclusions, maybe he would be more embarrassed that he wasn't as experienced her or as most guys his age. P.S. Thanks so much for the nomination :D !
- Thank you, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

I was actually quite surprised at the reaction to part 9 - maybe it's because when I was Liz's age, most of the girls I knew had had sex by then - the age of consent in Britain is 16 and the national average for girls to lose their virginity is 17, so I was trying to be realistic.

I do admit that it is more unusual for the guy to be a virgin at 18 and I wanted to explore the sitiuation where what you usually assume about guys is not always true.

Part Ten

“Didn’t you?”

Max looks away from me and leans his head back against the headboard. He seems to be struggling with something and I almost ask him straight out why he’s having such a hard time admitting to something that I know he’s done. I open my mouth to say something, but he speaks first.

“No, Liz. I didn’t,” he says quietly.

What? “You…didn’t,” I repeat.

He shakes his head, a slight movement, “I didn’t sleep with any of them. I’m…I’m a virgin, Liz.” He closes his eyes as he finishes, as if it’s too embarrassing for him to admit face to face.

I feel my mouth opening and closing repeatedly, but no sound comes out. Max is a virgin? My entire world has just been thrown off balance. Everything that made sense in my life before this moment is now completely foreign to me.

How is it that Max Evans and I have been best friends for so long and it turns out that we don’t even know each other? At least, not where it counts. All those deeply buried thoughts and feelings that two people who are as close as we are supposed to be, should share; we didn’t share with each other.

Suddenly I feel like the world’s worst friend. I know I just told Max that there were some things that men and women just didn’t talk about, but come on! I feel like the entire picture I had of Max in my head is now completely wrong. It feels like I’ve never really known him and I wonder if maybe, right this moment, Max is having similar thoughts about me.

“Y – You’re…” I can’t get anything more out and when I don’t continue, Max looks at me, trepidation visible in his eyes. He nods sombrely. “But…Why?” I blurt out, unthinking, but then I realise how it sounds and backtrack quickly. “I mean, you’re eighteen, you’re a guy, you’ve had a string of gorgeous girlfriends, none of which have lasted more than a month; I guess I’m just a little shocked, that’s all.”

“I…I just…” he lets out a huge sigh. “God! This is hard. I never expected to ever have this conversation with you, Parker.”

As eager as I am to hear his answer, I have to take a moment to revel in the feeling that his informal use of my surname gives me. It’s almost playful and it reminds me how close we are. How easily we can usually talk to each other and how comfortable we always have been in each other’s presence.

I reach over and touch his arm, just below the elbow. “Hey, Evans,” I stress, teasingly, before turning serious. “You know you can talk to me, I’m not gonna judge you, or laugh at you. I promise.”

He stares at me thoughtfully, ”I know.”

When he doesn’t continue, I lower my head slightly and raise my eyebrows expectantly.

He looks down and I see his eyes linger on my hand still resting on his lower arm. I lift it off him and his gaze lowers to his hands. “This is probably going to sound kinda pathetic and not very masculine, but I’ve always believed that you should be in love with the person you decide to sleep with,” he says and a wave of shame washes over me, because up until a couple of years ago, that’s what I’d believed too. It’s funny how life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. “Sure, I could have easily pushed that belief aside and had sex with the girls I went out with, but that’s not me, Liz,” he looks up at me again then. “I wouldn’t have felt comfortable being that close to them physically, when I wasn’t close to them mentally and emotionally,” he admits. “I know that makes me sound like a complete girl, but I can’t help the way I feel. And it’s not like I’m saving myself for marriage or anything, I’m just waiting for the right girl.”

Wow. I think that’s the most he’s opened up to me about his personal thoughts and feelings, ever. My heart clenches in my chest as I realise how hard it must have been to confide all that in me. “Max,” I start, but further words fail me.

I can see a flush starting to rise from his neck, up into his cheeks and he looks away again, “Don’t, Liz, don’t say anything, I don’t think I could handle it.”

“No, Max, that’s not what – ” I place my hand on his shoulder and his head turns towards me once again. His gaze lingers briefly on my hand before it reaches my face. “It’s not stupid, or girly or anything like that. I actually admire you,” I tell him and his expression turns sceptical. I shake my head, “No, I mean it. Unlike me, you didn’t give in to peer pressure and the teenage desire to grow up quickly; you’ve stuck to your beliefs and I admire that.”

His expression becomes incredulous and I can tell that he’s relieved. I smile at him gently, before making a swift decision and wrapping my arms around him in a hug. At his lack of response, I realise that he’s surprised, but it only takes a second for his body to relax and I feel his arms come around me, his chin resting against my shoulder.

“Thank you, Liz,” he whispers close to my ear and I nod.

“No problem, Max,” I whisper back and hold him tighter to me.

We sit there like that in silence for a couple of minutes, but then my back starts to ache from being in this position and I groan, so we both pull back and grin at each other.

Max is the first to break the silence, “Boy, am I glad Michael and Alex aren’t around right now!” he exclaims, and the horrified expression on his face at the prospect of them finding out about this conversation makes me burst out laughing.

“So,” I say when I’ve calmed down. “Now that’s out of the way, what do you say we get started on finding that perfect girl you’ve been waiting for?”

I was only joking, but his smile fades and his expression turns serious, thoughtful, a far away look in his eyes.

“Hey, Max,” I wave my hand in front of his face to get his attention. “What did I say?”

He shakes his head and focuses on me again, “What? Oh nothing. It doesn’t matter,” he smiles at me and then relaxes back on the bed, concentrating on the TV screen again. He grabs the remote from where I placed it down on the bed and flicks through until he finds a movie that we both like. I settle down next to him to watch it and it’s thirty minutes before I realise that he never answered my question. However, I’m too tired to think about it now; I can talk to him about it another time.


Day 20 – Saturday July 13th 2002

After a long day of driving yesterday, we finally made it to San Francisco. True to his word, Max let me drive most of the way, only insisting that we switch when we were an hour or so away from the city, which although I’d never admit it to him, I was glad about, because by that time I was exhausted!

Despite my tiredness from driving for so long, we had a great day yesterday. Ever since our talk on Thursday night, the atmosphere between us has been lighter than ever and all the tension that was present between us just a few days ago has now completely dissipated. We spent the whole day laughing and joking around and Max seemed happier than I’ve seen him in weeks, or even months, for that matter.

Last night, we checked into a motel on the outskirts of town for some much needed rest (luckily, in separate beds this time) and today we’re going to meet up with Isabel at her college. That is, when Max decides to wake up and get his ass out of bed!

You know what? I give up. I’m off to take a shower.

When I come back from my shower, a towel wrapped around me because I stupidly forgot to take any clothes into the bathroom with me, I find Max still asleep on his stomach. The left side of his face is squashed against the pillow and his mouth is open in an unflattering position. His right hand is tucked under his chin at an odd angle and his leg is half off the side of the bed, poking out from under the covers. Usually the sight of him like that would have made me snort and roll my eyes, but for some reason, today I think he looks cute.

With a shiver, I realise that I’m still wearing only a towel and the air conditioning is blasting from the wall beside me. I make my way over to my suitcase and pull out a skirt and top, along with some clean underwear. Not really keen on going all the way back over to the bathroom to change, I take a quick peek at Max, who is still fast asleep and facing away from me and decide to just go for it and get changed right there.

When I’m done, I throw another glance over at the other bed and let out a sigh of relief; Max hasn’t moved an inch. A peek at the clock on the table between our beds shows that it’s only eight-fifteen, and we’re not meeting Isabel until eleven. It doesn’t look like Max is going to get up any time soon, so I scribble a short note for him and decide to go for a walk. There’s not much to see where we’re staying, but the sun is shining and it’s a nice, warm day, so I just go for a wander.

I walk for about 20 minutes and end up at this small diner at the side of the road. Knowing that Max will most likely wake up hungry and acknowledging the fact that my stomach is rumbling, I go in and order two take-out breakfasts. When I return to the hotel at nine o’clock, I find Max is finally up and dressed.

“Hey, I’m back,” I call. “I brought breakfast.”

There’s no reply and I look up from balancing the food in my hands to see that he has his nose buried in a book. Wait! That’s my book! Oh God, this is embarrassing; he’s found the romance novel that I was trying to read without him noticing. I place the breakfast boxes down by the TV and lunge for the book.

“Hey, that’s mine, Evans! Give it back,” I cry.

He looks up from the page and gives me a mischievous grin, “Is it now? You know what? I don’t think I will, it was just getting interesting,” he says and begins reciting from it, “she watched hungrily as he pulled the wet T-shirt over his head, a gasp escaping her lips as his washboard stomach came into view. She felt the familiar warmth spread through her stomach, moving lower as he caught her gaze and began walking towards her. Licking her lips in anticipation, she let out a helpless sigh as his head lowered to hers and he kissed her – ” I snatch the book from his hands and quickly hide it in my backpack.

“Hey, I was reading that!”

“Not anymore,” I grate, my teeth clenched.

Max raises his eyebrows, “Looks like someone might be a little frustrated right now,” he quips. “And I’m not just talking about your current mood.”

I gasp, offended, “I am not frustrated,” I tell him. “And anyway, look who’s talking!” I retort, but the moment the words leave my lips, I regret them. I open my mouth to apologise, but he doesn’t look offended or upset. He’s grinning.

“That’s what my hand’s for, Parker.”

Oh, eww. I so did not need to hear that.

“Max! Oh my God, that’s disgusting! I did not need to know that,” I exclaim, but he’s just sitting there smugly, his arms crossed over his chest and a thought occurs to me. “Oh God, you haven’t…while we’ve been living in the same motel room, have you?”

He smirks and I realise he’s enjoying my discomfort. “And what if I have?” I make a face at him, although I’m mortified to admit that a small part of me is aroused by the thought of him – my God! I am a disgusting person!

“Oh, relax, Lizzie!” he rolls his eyes at me. “I haven’t done anything, okay?” he starts laughing, “But that look on your face when I said it…”

“Okay, okay! So this is ‘let’s all embarrass Liz’ day is it? Fine, well now you’ve done your job,” I huff. “So let’s eat breakfast and get going, shall we?”

Max just smirks at me and gets off the bed, reaching for the food I brought back with me; tucking in, he lifts an eyebrow in my direction.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Parker? We haven’t got all day, you know!”

I roll my eyes again, this time in exasperation and turn to eat my breakfast.


Sorry that there's no pics today - they didn't really go anywhere in this part.

I didn't actually visit San Francisco with my friends, so if anybody has any pics that they would like me to post in the next part, please PM or email them to me and I'll include them.

Thanks :)
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