Afterglow of Disillusionment [DA XO,UC,MATURE] {WIP}

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Afterglow of Disillusionment [DA XO,UC,MATURE] {WIP}

Post by vampiricheart » Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:26 pm

Thanks to Onarek for the fab Banner!!!

Title: Afterglow of Disillusionment
Author: Vampiricheart/Nikki
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don’t anything but my plot and my imagination.
Category: X-Over w/ DA
Summary: Liz is the youngest of the X5’s that escaped in the 09’ breakout. She was adopted by the Parkers and only they know of Liz’s “enhanced” abilities. Everything up to S3 happened. As Liz struggles to get life back on track with Max and everything else in the aftermath of Departure, a new arrival in Roswell threatens to reveal her secrets, intrude on her life and dismember her world…I know that sum. sucked…

A/N: This story NOT Dreamer Insured. It may seem like so, but that’s just to set everything up. I’m just telling you now so you don’t get to chapter 5 or 6 and are like “WTF!” For the people who hate Max, you probably will find the Dreamer crap right after Departure nauseating, but don’t worry, it won’t be there for too long. I just love angst. Liz will be a bit of a Doormat in the beginning, pretty much like in the show. But she’ll get over it.….




I’m having a hard time trying to fathom how I’ve ended up in such a shitty situation. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last year, actually. So far…I’ve got nothing.

I let my eyes cautiously travel about the Jetta from the backseat, not wanting to meet the gaze that I feel trained on the side of my head.

I feel his hand squeeze my hand lightly, causing me to meet his eyes. The silent plea in his their makes promises of something better and for the first time I see the soulful, amber pools that trapped my heart so desperately almost two years ago. It’s moving and I almost forget that a mere hour ago, Alex’s murderer and Max’s “baby’s mother” was revealed to be the same person. But only almost.

The mere thought shoots white rage down my entire body and for moment, I want to rip my hand from Max’s grasp, find something sharp and slowly take his head off. I have to take a few very deep breathes and get myself under control. Calm down Liz…

He must’ve sensed my conflict, because he gently pulls some of my hair behind my ear.
“You okay, Liz?” his voice is soft as he stare at me imploringly. I nod and force a smile and he returns it.

I hardly even notice that we’re home until the car comes to a stop and I see the neon Crashdown sign above my car window. As I move to exit the Jetta, I’m halted by Max’s tender grip.

“Can I come over later? We really should talk… about everything.” His eyes are boring into mine, and the intensity is only for a moment, but it’s enough to yield me.
“Yeah…” My voice is horse. I have no actual want to talk with him, all I really want to do is just lay down. Sleep, if it ever comes to me, not that I need it really. But I agree any way. I’ve lost my fighting will and I’m just tired.

He smiles slightly and I look away to the front seats where Kyle and Isabel sit, pretending not to listen. I spot Michael and Maria pulling behind us on his Motorcycle. I feel a pang of jealously when I think of when Alex died. How Michael, was so completely there for Maria. How everyone had someone to lean their head on… except me. I definitely didn’t have Max. I look back at him to find him still staring at me.

Michael and Maria get off his bike and began to walk towards us and I take this opportunity to make an exit.

“I…uh… I’m just gonna go and get some sleep. I haven’t really had any, you know.” I don’t anyone a chance to say anything and head into the restaurant, upstairs and into my room. I lied. I’m not sleepy at all. Hell, I don’t even need sleep. I wish I did, at least there would be some fashion of escape from the hell that my life has once again become. The only other time being my childhood. Before I escaped of course. I gingerly let my fingers touch the space on the back of my neck where my Manticore “tag” is, my mind wonders to my escape, my siblings, my adoption.

X5-328. The designation sends unpleasant shivers down my spine. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I ever had to go back there or how I’d get out. I, luckily enough, have managed to keep my genetically engineered origins from everyone but my parents. Something that I’ve been playing around in my head for the last year or so.

On one hand, I don’t want to put anymore danger in anyone’s life just by knowing me. We’ve all got enough of that simply from the alien abyss. On the other hand, I can’t really see any of them taking the news very lightly at all. Plus, the more people that know, the higher the risk of the government getting involved. The government’s scrutiny of me would clearly cause an eye to be cast at Max, Isabel, and Michael.

With nothing else to do, I basically have no other choice but to wait for Max to show so we can have this “talk.”



I hope you guys liked the first part. Please Leave feedback, It motivates me to write....[/list] :)
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Post by vampiricheart » Fri Sep 02, 2005 8:58 am

1st of all, I just want to say that I loved all the feedback I got. It all made me smile and really did the motivation thing in writing. That's pretty much how it works, I only write when I feel like people are enjoying it...

Alright, here it is, the new post :)
I Probably should've said this earlier in the beginning, but.... yeah well anyway, this story is gonna be... well.. pretty dark. With Alec/Liz/Max atleast.
It may take a minute before the L word(aside from lust) comes into the picture... It will eventually though.

Okay, now with the replies...

Calinia It's kinda nice to know that I lost my feedback virginity to one of the best X-tremers ever!!...yeah I'm even kissin your ass on my what :? ? Like I said before, this is a Liz/Alec story.
If not, writing will lose all it's joy to me and I will never be able to update again and it will be all your fault!
Like hell you will... :x
No really...don't do that..... :shock: Oh and BTW, glad you loved the interests, they're my essentials to living happy....along with a update of WTRBTF and DTD, that is....

Onarek Glad that you loved it... Probably not as much as I *Love* the banner, though, you gotta be my official bannermaker let me tell you... Alec will be showing up very shortly, maybe even in this part????

Polar Attraction Your post made me go back and lookup some of those unfinished stories of mine... I'm actually thinking about renewing some of them. I just had to post that it wasn't dreamer insured b/c I didn't a bunch of disillusioned Dreamers, and disgusted non-dreamers...It may take a minute for her to fully grasp that she doesn't have to take anyone's shit, but you will see it slowly coming to the surface, I kinda just wanted to capture the 'show' Liz in all her doormattiness and then have her grow from it.

forever dreamer Happy to see that you liked it.. Yep, it's Xtremer. One post coming right up...

blubear01 You feedback made me laugh :lol: Yep, this is a Xtremer. I love them 2gether too! And Liz will *eventually* be kick ass, and Max will *definitely* get his ass kicked all the way to hell.... Whoa that felt nice... anyways, glad you liked it...

Ace Roswell Bump Duelly noted... New part just below...

alexceacar Hell yeah everyone here is a Xtremer!!! If Not then GET OUT!!....Naw just playing :lol: even though you may want to if you're a diehard dreamer... I hate Liz and Max together too.. It's very hard to write Liz with deep feelings for Max without sounding sarcastic. But I have to do it... for a little bit anyway..

Tina N Blair New part just below....

aussietrueblue Well, here's more of the story and I'll even be nice and throw in a'lil Alec.

Wow that was alot, even though it didn't seem like so... anyways that's for the FB and I'll try to get a new part out no longer than once a week, even though, for the moment I only have classes that end at 2 everyday, so I may be posting alot more frequently...
Now, on with the post....


Chapter 1


That’s my initial thought when I look into the mirror of the Crashdown bathroom. I have dark circles around my eyes and my skin has become pale and unattractive despite the intense sunlight in Roswell. Everything that once made me feel beautiful, my dark hair, my eyes, my skin, has lost its shine, its grandeur. It’s all not a surprise. I feel like shit lately, thus, it’s only natural that I look like shit.

I don’t go through a lot to cover up my faltering appearance, no one really notices anyway. It’s been a little over three months since the events of last spring, and everyone seems to be moving on and going about their lives as if nothing ever happened. As if Alex never died and the rift that embedded itself within this autocracy that we all refer to as a ‘tight-knitted’ group of friends were never there.

Maria has, of course, been busying herself with Michael. Big surprise there, huh. I’ve actually only talk to her while at work and school. This doesn’t hurt like it once did considering it’s been this way since Future Max. After school and work, we both seem to go our own separate ways, only really bonding in the aftermath of a drastic situation. The part of me that isn’t numb misses her and slightly resents her for her abandonment. Resents both Michael and her for their happiness. Something that even though I’ve tried, struggled, and finally just started pretending, I can never quite grasp with Max. Not like it once was before…Tess.

Despite that fact, I still love him. Even as he leaves me for weeks as he searches for his son. His son. His and Tess’ son. The cold trembles begin again at the thought. They come every time I think of it. Every time he says ‘my son’ as he passionately offers the details of his finds on his search.

I find it funny that he doesn’t have any idea that he’s hurting me. With every mention, every clue, every hope that flashes across his face at the prospect of ‘saving’ a child that he created out of the deception of the love that had for me, a piece of me crumbles. Becoming obviously clear that things can never go back to the way they were.

But I just can’t bring myself to give up on the hope. I love him. We’re soulmates and I have to stand by him no matter what, right? Maybe I’m just being selfish. No, I am being selfish. And I need to get over it.

I’m in love with a great guy, who has made some mistakes….okay, a lot of mistakes. But I love him and I have to stand behind him regardless.

“Hey Liz, you alright in there sweetie?” I hear Maria ask from outside the bathroom.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I say as I flush water over my face hoping to wash away some the discomfort that has distorted my features.

As I walk into the front of the restaurant, I see Max sitting at his usual booth chatting with Michael. When he spots me, he smiles warmly, regarding me with affectionate eyes. I involuntarily smile back, comforted that he’s back from his search and is happy to see me. I reprimand myself for previous doubts and stride over to sit next to him. When I sit he kisses me softly and smiles.

“I’ve missed you…” his voice is quiet and sweet. I’m not sure how I feel about this.
“I’ve missed you too.” I respond lightly, blocking out any mental objection. What the hell is the matter with me? Why can’t I just let go?

Michael sighs and gets up from the booth. I don’t know what he’s so disgusted for, as many times I catch him sucking down Maria’s face in the break room a day.

Isabel walks in and I’m suddenly slightly irritated. I have been every time I see her since the news of her engagement to Jesse. Funny, how after almost two years, Alex still hadn’t gotten over her, yet she’s fine in what… three months after his death. I can see her grieving for about… a day.

She sees Max out the corner of her eye and continues to walk right pass us. Max almost knocks me out of the booth and onto my ass trying to catch up with her. I sigh. Clearly, the moment’s gone and I’m left with no other real option, but to sit and watch as the potential argument between Max and Isabel unfolds in the middle of the diner.

“You can’t keep ignoring me Isabel,” he says in a low voice. No response comes from her as she sits on a stool and pretends to read the menu, like she has no clue what’s in it. How long has she been coming in here, again?

As much as I don’t like the fact that she’s marrying Jesse, I don’t agree with Max’s reason for disapproving it. Max simply doesn’t like it be it’s just that…he simply just doesn’t like it. I honestly don’t think that’s all that fair, but hey, who am I? Just a fly on the wall…

He repeats his previous statement and he still gets no response.
“Dammit, Isabel,” his voice drops to a low growl so only she can hear, and well, of course I hear it…transgenic, remember? He grabs her arm firmly, “you need to stop this little tantrum you’re throwing just because you’re not allowed to marry your summer fling.” She whips around to him sharply. She tries to keep her face hard, but her eyes give her away. She nearly terrified. I feel the prickly sting of regret for her. I wish there was a way I could help her. One thing everyone has been trying to avoid was acknowledgement of Max’s developing temper.

“Max, please let go of me. I don’t want to get into this now. Okay?” her voice is wavering and you can tell she’s bordering between sadness and fury.

I rise from my position in the booth and silently walk over to them, placing my hand softly on Max’s shoulder. “Max lets go sit down, okay,” I plead softly, hoping he doesn’t turn his hostility towards me. Not that he’ll hurt any physically, but it would really be a shitty way for everyone to find out about me…

He levels Isabel with a pointed glare before finally wavering to me as I guide him back to the booth. As I walk away, I send Isabel, an apologetic glance. She gets up and leaves, briskly.

I am once again, silently mystified as to how it is that I find myself in this position with this man.

As the day comes closer and closer to its end, I’m virtually content. Max left and for the first time in a few weeks, I’ve been having a relatively comfortable time with Maria, and Michael, Kyle.

“So you’re actually telling me that Fight Club is a better movie than The Matrix,” Kyle states incredulously, “you’re insane!”
“The Matrix is great, I’m not saying that it isn’t, but come on. Fight Club has action, humor, and mind trips from start to finish. The Matrix goes through too much crap to get to the action. Especially in Revolutions,” Michael defended shrugging, “plus, Fight Club has that really hot sex scene.”

“What?! And the Matrix doesn’t? The Matrix: Reloaded?!”

I refrain from listening to the amusing debate when Maria walks up.
“They’re still at it?” I don’t know if she asking or stating. I simply nod. We both chuckle.
“I don’t know…I think agree with Michael,” Maria says while sliding her arm over his shoulders, “especially with Brad Pitt all half naked and glistening the whole time…”
Michael stopped and glanced up at her and says flatly, “Maria, please…don’t try to help me.”

“I don’t know Mike, I think Maria here pegged your feelings perfectly.” Kyle egged laughing lightly. Michael glowered and was about to retort when Maria spoke again.

“Then again, Kyle, Keanu Reeves all brooding and powerful…that’s sexy.”

Kyle grimaced, “Okay, Maria, welcome to a guy’s conversation.” I can’t help but laugh at Kyle emphasis on the word ‘guy.’
“Yeah, sorry babe but you don’t qualify.” Michael adds shrugging her off. Maria feigns indignant and walks off to get a costumers’ food when she hears the bell ring. Michael and Kyle continue their banker and I sit laughing at them. It’s nice actually. Sitting here laugh with friends without any tension or troubles. Hell, just laughing period is enough to satisfy me.

The evenings are always pretty dull in here, so I usually find myself sitting at a stool either studying, or cleaning up early. It’s nice to get a break from that while still maintaining normalcy. Sitting around can get a bit boring… but nonetheless, amusing.

Then, as if on the strangest type of queue, the entrance bell chimes and two people walk in. A guy and a girl. The guy looks about in his early-twenties and the girl looks to be in her late teens, about my age, if not maybe a year or two older. I can’t help the feeling that I know them in some way, especially the girl. They sit down at the nearest booth that just so happens to be, that’s right you guessed it, in my section. How ever did you know?

The guy is tall and well built, with dark blonde hair that is not too short but doesn’t go past his eyebrows. Of course, I notice the fact that he has completely gorgeous hazel eyes that almost look like pools with green, blue, and brown flickering in them. His skin wasn’t all that tan, yet still had a bit of a gold tent. In a nutshell, he’s pretty damn hot.

The girl is very pretty also, with dark hair that’s straight like mine. She has green eyes, though and is a little taller that me. Her build is a little more toned than mine.

It is obvious upon first look that these two are definitely not from around here. It’s something that not only I notice, but Maria, Kyle, and Michael also.

They send me a blatant look that clearly says ‘get over there and do your thing.’ I take a moment to wonder why it is that every time someone new shows up; it’s up to me to find shit out about them. Right. They are in my section. Dammit… I get up and walk over to them reluctantly. The familiarity with the girl and the…mild… attraction to the guy nagging at the back of my brain. It’s a humming that I have to shake my head to get rid of.

“Hi, I’m Liz. I’ll be your server today. What can I get you?” The girl is staring at the menu and it’s clear from crinkling of her brows, it confuses the crap out of her. The guy moves his gaze up to mine in recognition. Almost as if he just registered something. He looks me up and down. Then, he smirks. It’s cocky and…well sexy. So much so that when he does it, I felt heat creep up into my cheeks.

I suddenly feel very self conscious and I mentally curse my father for these ridiculous uniforms. I quickly shake it off.
In that one moment, I realize something. I don’t like him. What the hell is he smirking at anyways? I hope he doesn’t plan on becoming a regular here.

The girl finally looks up at me and she smiles.
“Yeah, um…,” she trails off looking down at the menu again, “can we get a minute?”
“Sure.” I respond.
“We’ll call when we need you.” The guy said, leaning back, smirk still there. I want to sneer.

When I get to the back, Maria, Kyle, and Michael are there waiting for the skimmy. They look so ready to hear it. Kinda hate to disappoint them. I simply shrug,
“they’re not ready yet.”



Okay did that suck? I'm trying replinish my writing skill. It's been a while I wrote a FanFic.... tell me if you like it..
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Post by vampiricheart » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:17 pm

Okay so here's the new part. It's kind of transitional piece to tie up to the next part.... If it sucks... then I'm sorry. like I said, it is just to get to chapter 2, which will be much better.

As for the feedback, I just wanna say that you guys crack me up....
Even though, I just wonder, who ever said that the girl was Max?

Calinia I know, I know the "Im a doormat and that's okay" thing Liz has going on is very irritating, but she has to be on that level before she can get where she needs to be when she tell Max to go fuck himself and moves on. She'll get there it may take long though.... Alec and Max you say??? you really think so???? :twisted: You'll find out what there really doing there after a while, it's not good though, so don't be shocked.... :wink: Liz just feels that she dislikes Alec cause he make her feel things she's never instant passion.

bluebear01 Thanks for the compliments, they make me blush :oops: ... Alec will be in the part bigtime after this part. This part is just Alec's entrance into Liz's life. She'll get her backbone and her realization of Max's unworthiness...

Emma916 You make me blush too. The Liz/Alec action will start seriously in a couple of parts or so, but the Liz/Alec interaction will start in the next part, this is just boring transition. I still hope you like it, though!

Roswell Slayer I'm glad that you liked it!! But who's Dez? :lol: As I said to Kat, she needs to be all weak and vunerable to grow into something good. you know, you gotta lost something in order to be able to find something. I hate her in that mood too, though. I owe my banner compliments to Onarek, but thanks anyways :mrgreen:

Valo Thanx for the compliments :oops: Alec is already there.. :lol: Max pisses me off too. but I know exactly why...he's a asshole.

behrstars And I wouldn't want to wiat anylonger...soooooo, here's the new part below!

Zevrillion Glad you liked it and your wait is infact over....

KaT723 Bump noted and answered...

mrsjbehr Thanks! one chapter 1 coming right up...

orphyfets Glad you liked it, heres the new part!!

aussietrueblue And here's a friendly update :D

Liz2Infinity This is weird cause I really didn't mean for that part to...cliffhang. I just wanted to stop. :lol: Well, of course one stranger is Alec but... Max...I'm not so sure.... :twisted:

WomanofMystery Thanks for the flattery :oops: I think we all were diehard dreamers at some point, it just kinda fades away... towards the end of the show, Maria started to drift down that consistantly annoying role that Max had previously, she never really came back from it, thus she may not in this sorry. :( Especially since I've got plans for Michael :wink:

forever dreamer your port made me laugh... slapping Max with a pigeon is quite appealing...

foxychar One part coming up!

And one with the story......

Chapter 2

A week later

“Liz?” I blink back to reality when Michael’s hand waves in front of my face. It smells like raw hamburger meat and the intensity of it makes me want to vomit. Damn these enhanced senses to hell…
I acknowledge him with a glance and move his smelly hand from in front of my face.
“I’ve been ringing the bell for a whole minute; table 4’s food is ready…you okay?” He sound a bit concerned, which takes me aback a little.

“Yeah, I’m good, just tired.” It’s not a complete lie. I am very tired, but it’s mainly because I haven’t had much sleep. Aside from the usual insomnia, I’ve been plagued with this strange feeling lately. For about a week now. It’s a tingling in the back of my neck, and a pinching in the gut.

It’s telling me that something altering to about to happen. True enough, I always get this particular sensation every time something life-altering occurs. The escape from Manticore, Max healing my bullet wound, Alex’s death, and Tess. I end up spacing off for what seems hours pondering it.

Michael has actually been the only one to notice so far, aside from Kyle who has been busy trying to bring home income for his house since Sheriff Valenti lost his job.
Everyone else has been concerned with Isabel’s wedding, Max’s son, and the newest problem: the two new arrivals in Roswell.

When they came in here last week, everyone had me find stuff about them. Or as much as I could from just taking their orders. Who are they? What are they here for? How long will they be here? Where are they from?

I found out that the smug guy’s name is Alec and the familiar girl’s name is Brin. They’re brother and sister. They’re from some “town” in Wyoming and they just moved down here for reasons I don’t know. I always feel stupid asking tons of questions to total strangers…

My dad walks in and hands me a stack of papers…they are completed job applications. “Lizzie, can you make sure you get the back office ready for the interviews while I run to the store?” Interviews?
“What interviews?” We’re having job interviews today? For what? We’re completely stocked with people…
“For a new cook. Jose quit last week remember? Michael hasn’t had a day off since then.”
“Yeah, I haven’t.” Michael says gruffly passing by.
Jose quit? Where the hell have I been? Oh yeah, I remember, eye-deep in alien abyss, that’s where.

“Oh…okay, I’ll get it done.” I don’t know what else to say…
When he leaves, I take the last few orders to the rightful tables before handing the section off to Maria and start on the task at hand.


The interviews went pretty fast and by the evening, there was only one interview left. I’m on break and currently, in a booth with Max, Maria, Michael, Kyle, and strangely enough, Isabel. Everyone is currently getting along, even though, every now and then, small pins of contempt shoot between Max and Isabel. Max isn’t intimidating anyone and being slightly… agreeable as he holds my hand comfortably between his two hands. A gesture that reminds me of before things got bad. I let a small smile edge my lip at the thought. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything will be fine as long as no one brings up the “marriage” thing, the “son” thing, or the “new people” thing. As I’m looking out the door, my mind drifts to the previous week in here when Brin and Alec walked in. Well, to be more specific, Alec. I hate the fact that every time he looks at me, I feel all unsure and disarrayed. For that, I find his distinctive attractiveness laced with a deviant undertow unnerving.

I have enough self-consciousness from when Max is reeling from the excitement of finding his son. This is almost… everyday, surrounding the moments when he feels enough to make love to me for a few minutes.

I always thought that when Max and I ever decided to reach that level, we would be, as Future Max said, inseparable. That wasn’t necessarily true though. Just like the idea that Tess was beneficial to the group isn’t true. I check the bitterness I feel creeping up my back, freezing my heart.

When we do make love, it’s strangely awkward and…uncomfortable. Maria talks about when she and Michael made love and how incredible it was and I cringed. Max and I have been sleeping together for months and I’ve never had an orgasm. After he finishes, lands a sloppy kiss on my face and mumbles incoherently that he loves me and how great it was. Then starts talk about his son and his plans. He then drifts to sleep while I’m left awake and unsatisfied. My heart wrenches and I’m then feeling inadequate and low.

I’ve come to two probable conclusions: Max is under a lot of stress and once everything with his search is over, he’ll learn to be more passionate; or, I am simply not capable of that sort of intensity.

My mind drifts back to Alec and his alluring gaze. This particular gaze, on the other hand, promises sexual satisfaction. Wait, where the hell did that just come from? A wave of guilt flows through me at the fact that I just thought of another man in a sexual light while holding Max’s hand. A man I personally don’t like even. Just… slightly…. attracted to.

The door is suddenly opened and my mind automatically recognizes the enterer as Alec himself. He’s alone this time and when his eyes lock with mine, those warm tingles wash over my skin. I have to fight back a shiver.

When he recognizes me, a mischievous glint flashes across his features. When he smirks at me, I look away remembering my previous declaration of my dislike of him. I force myself to look at the people around me who I’ve been completely unaware of for the last ten minutes. Of course, they all have their eyes trained on Alec as he walks over to counter and takes a seat.

“That’s him.” Max says more than asks. A sigh escapes my lungs as everyone does exactly what I expect them to do. Look at me. I slowly get up from my position next to Max and stride over there. I guess I’m off break…

“Hi, I’m L--,”
“Liz,” he cuts me off then sends an arrogant glance, “I remember.” So do I. Last week, when he came in here with his sister, Brin, he was being purposely difficult. Brin was pretty cordial, but he, is an ass.

My patience is suddenly tried and I’m irked. Funny how he can make that happen in less than three minutes… I put my elbows at my hips and lean on the counter, completely forgetting the task at hand.

“What do you want to eat?” I refuse to let him aggravate me anymore.
“Actually, Bumpkin,” A shortened nickname he referred to me as last week: Country Bumpkin. I hate it when people make fun of my “small town girl” status, “I’m here for an interview.” My breathe hitches in my throat and he smiles smugly.

Oh no.


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Post by vampiricheart » Sat Sep 10, 2005 9:19 pm

Hey guys!!!! I'm back with a new part. I hope you guys like it!
I am being kind of rushed so I'm I'm not going to go through each response, I'l just say that I appreciate all the wonderful feedbacks I got and Here's the next part!!! I't has more L/A and... well.... I just hope you enjoy it!!! Please leave feedback !!! I need it!!!
I also will say that elfangel01 may hit the nail on the head :wink: .

And now, On with the part!!!!


Chapter 3

“Orders up Bumpkin.”
Why does he have to call me that? I know, I get it; I’m a naïve girl with no knowledge of anything outside of Roswell. Dually noted. I’ve asked him to stop it a few times but he simply shrugs and calls me it five minutes later.

I hate the shrug. Michael’s got the shrug and even Kyle, when he’s all smart-ass-y. It’s just a guy’s way of avoidance and simply saying: ‘Hey I’ve got a penis, so I don’t care’. But then again, so does everything that Alec does. From crowding the front counter with women waiting to fulfill his every fancy and want, to his sideways comments about…well everything that could possibly upset me. I suspect that’s his motive.

I walk up to the counter from my spot in the booth with Max and the rest of the group, and send him the best glare I can muster up. I don’t usually glare at people, he just brings it outta me… like every time I see him.

“Aren't we a ray of sunshine this afternoon.” He smirks at me, completely unimpressed with my mug. I’m sure he’s seen worse, he’s got to be this overbearing with mostly everyone he meets.

I roll my eyes at his obvious jeer. “I was until you decided opened your mouth…” I smile at my own retort. I honestly don’t know where it came from. I usually laugh off jabs and digs.

“Well, you know, everyone is entitled to my opinion,” he feigns sincerity, nodding dramatically, “even you, Bumpkin.” He walks off to the back as I sigh and return back to the booth, with the group.

“What was all that?” Max said sending me a narrowed gaze. I’m suddenly feeling like a child in trouble for something unknown to me.
“What was all what?” No really, I want to know.
“You seem pretty sociable with the New Guy.” Isabel offers casually, motioning to the counter. I look around the table to find everyone waiting silently for some form of response. I honestly have no idea what is going on. Me sociable with Alec?

“Alec? I’m not sociable with Alec. I don’t even like him. He’s a douche bag…” I notice them slightly shocked by my unusual usage to describe someone. I surprised myself.

It does seem to make them shake off any further questions and continue thoughtlessly. Max turns to me and makes a small gesture to where Alec just disappeared. He looks serious and I know exactly what’s coming…

“Now that he works here,” Now that he works here? Alec has been working here for about two weeks now. Max is a little late, “I think you, and Maria should take turns in watching him… you know like work your shifts around his so one of you is always here to keep watch in case of something funny.” He gives everyone time to adjust to what he just said, then he continues, “Liz said the girl…”
“Brin.” I finish for him and he sends me an ‘I know’ glance, “the girl, Brin, will be a senior with us this year so we all can pretty much watch her.” He finishes letting his orders sink in.

Even though, I pretty much knew what he was going to say before he said it, I still let out an inner sigh of frustration. I always hated this part of the paranoia. The creepy stalking of anyone who Max deems worthy of suspect.

“Got it.” Maria is surprisingly enthused about the whole idea. I guess because he’s never really talked her. Or seen her because she usually works on days that Michael cooks.

After everyone else agrees, everyone turns to look at me. I realize that I have yet to speak, or more like, agree. I nod and force a cooperative smile. I really don’t want to. I tell myself that it’s because I don’t want to spend more time than necessary with Alec. I wouldn’t want to have to slap him…or kiss him.
Goddamn those thoughts. Goddamn them to hell. Goddamn him for being so cunning and…attractive.

My submission warrants a small squeeze of my hand and a warm smile from Max. I feel like a pet suddenly. Like I just did what my master requested and that small hint of affection was my reward.

I hear the bell ring for an order and I look up to see Alec giving me an impatient stare with one eyebrow raised. He motions for me to hurry up and I just want to hiss at him. Then claw his pretty little hazel eyes right out.

I sigh heavily and head over to him, wondering in the back of my head why he’s so capable of getting to me so much.


After we’ve closed and everyone had left, it was just me…and Alec. My parents were upstairs probably sleeping. I figure if I clean up the front and he cleans up the back, we’ll have less of a chance of him pissing me off.

Of course, that only works for about ten minutes and then we’re both in the front. I’m sweeping while Alec sits idly on a table and there is nothing but the sound of sweeping. Even though I decided about an hour ago that I was through being Alec’s sarcasm pin pillow for tonight and resorted to silence, this would probably be a better chance than any to try and find something out him.

“So, Alec,” I pause trying to come up with a good question without sounding like I’m prodding, “tell me about yourself.” I’ve manage to avoid looking at him until now. He’s giving me a cynical look and I just know we’re about to start bickering.

“Are you serious?” he scoffs and he rolls his eye. Guess a little cordial snooping is out of the question. That one response is enough to make me resort back my earlier silence.
“Well, I’m a Scorpio, I enjoy long walks on the beach, but not as much as I enjoy curling up with a good book, but I gotta tell you both mean nothing compared to joy I get from having senseless convos with squeamish co-workers…” I visibly cringe at the harsh sarcasm of it. The smirk that never really reaches his eyes sends hot anger into my limbs.

Before I realize what I’m doing I’ve lifted the mop stick and am now pointing accusingly two inches from his face.

“Look, all I was trying to do get to know you. I don’t know, I guess I figured it may be a nice thing to do, since we’re gonna be in each other’s space almost everyday. But clearly, you’re not the type of person who understands such normal rituals as that. And personally, I think you’re as capable of cordiality as I am to attempt it with you. Which stems to about none.”

It all comes out in a rush and I have to a calming breathe to keep from smashing something. Like his face.
He looks surprised, but not at all impressed. He cloaks his surprise in a matter of seconds and raised his eyebrow. The smirk, of course, in place.

In a matter of a second, he grabs the mop stick my hands and in the process, has slammed me firmly against his body. I gasp at the contact. He hand is on my waist, the warmth of it is seeping through my uniform and very is distracting. My breath hitches in my throat.

“I don't know what your problem is, but I bet it's hard to pronounce.” His voice is too smooth to be compatible with the insult which only infuriates more. Along with the satisfaction that flashes across his face when I gasp, of course.

“Aren’t you off?” My voice is cold and hard. I didn’t know it could sound like that. I forcefully push away and past Alec and go head for the break room. He can lock up, I just don’t to be around him anymore than necessary. I’m tired and I’m going to bed.

When I reach the back, I began going through my locker gathering my things to head upstairs. I hear the break room door open and then close. When I look back to offer some rude comment about not wanting to be around him, my throat tightens as I see the look on his face. He looks serious, but not angry. As he suddenly starts to stride towards me, I see that his hazel have darkened and it makes heat flush through my limbs just to settle in my groin.

Before I can think, I’m pulled by my waist into his hard body and my lips firmly against his. His kiss is burning and slow, yet passionate and firm. I feel myself slipping into the kiss, sinking. He slips his tongue into my mouth deepening the kiss, as I feel the cold of the wall behind me, cooling me down.

I involuntarily slide my arms around his neck lifting myself to meet him. I have never been kissed like this before and I feel the solidness of his erection. He presses into me and I moan, suddenly wanting to feel it without the clothing barriers.

And then he breaks the kiss smoothly while still having me pressed up against the wall. His lips are swollen and he’s smirking, but his eyes are still dark. I’m merely catching my breath. Wanting to pull him back, dying to continue.

A throaty moan escapes my lip when he presses me with his prominent stiffness. He grins in satisfaction, and then moves his lips to my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my body.
“How’s that for ‘cordiality’?” Despite the horse thickness in his voice, the implication of his statement is just enough to rip me right of the daze. I’m suddenly feeling humiliated and insecure, which in turn, infuriates me.

But I just can’t think of anything to say. No insult, no belittlement, no undermining. After all, it would be redundant because, well, look at what just happened. This also infuriates me.

I slide myself from seize against the wall and slowly back away from him. My eyes never leaving him. I feel like I take my eyes off him, I’ll suddenly be raptured back into his spell. His cunning spell. I hate him.

I let the thought simmer while gathering my things to go upstairs. I refuse to be around him any longer. I finally take my eyes off him when I reach the staircase.
“Lock up when you leave.” I don’t meet his eyes.

I quickly turn around and using a bit of my transgenic speed, retreat upstairs.


It’s three in the morning and I’m laying in my bed hating myself, but most of all, hating Alec. I can’t believe I let myself be pulled into his allure. And it was only to prove a point. If he comes near again, I’m going to castrate him. Plan and simple.


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Hi Guys!!!! I'm back with Chapter 4!!!!

First off, I just want to inform you all that this chapter is the beginning of the end for Max/Liz. Also the beginning of the end for "Doormat Liz."

There isn't much Alec in this part but, we will get some serious Alec in the next part 8) .

I also loved all the feedback I got cuz I really hoped that you guys would like that last chapter. so...on to that now....

Roswell Slayer I'm just like Santa aren't I.... :D I didn't want Liz to be a virgin when her and Alec finally got together. it adds more touchiness than I wanted to have in here. I thought it was gross too, which is why I had to screw it up with Max being terrible in bed...

alexceasar Yeah I know M/L are gross, but I didn't any guilt trips about taking any virginities. Plus if Liz is a virgin, it'll take longer before she and Alec land in bed. you know... all that dawson's creek-y like stuff.

bluebear01 Glad you enjoyed it. Don't worry, Liz is coming closer to her revelation of Max's assholyness. like I said, this chapter is the beginning of the end for M/L.

Zevrillion Man of few words are we???? :wink: Glad you liked the part, here's a new part Just For You.

aussietrueblue thank you for your FB. Liz will get em' back...just not really in this part....

Emma916 Thanx for the comp. and there will be more L/A interaction in the next part...

o0IceBubbles0o yep big *barf* on the L/M crap. and are you kidding me?? More then just two thumbs for L/A!!! I'm just gonna let it slip since elfangel01 already kinda guessed it, that they already know about her.... :wink:

orphyfets Glad you enjoyed it, Liz and Alec are amazing....

lizandzackfan Im happy that someone actually *loves* this story! Here's the new part! I hope you love that too.

stargrl678 Liz definitly drop Max... maybe even soon....(not soon like in this post though :( )

cfitch53 "HOLY HOTNESS"? that made me smile....I'm glad you thought it was great...She'll drop him. don't worry. BTW, you get ur ass back here and update your story miss missy....

Onarek that really is the best reason to dump Max... not the only.. but the best :lol:

foxychar :D

WomanofMystery Your FB always makes me smile...we share alot of the same sentiments with the whole M/L thing... :D She'll dump em' though, I'm not saying when...but it'll happen and it'll be good...

Liz2Infinity I'm glad you really liked this last chapter, I liked writing it...I also liked writing this chapter so read on...

Sweet crap that was alot...I don't know how Calinia does it each post.... Thank you guys for all your wonderful feedback though....

Now, on with the next part....

Chapter 4

In another world, in another circumstance, I’d usually be ecstatic about the first day of my last year in high school. Not today though. Its hell and all I want to do is run home and crawl under my sheets and cry. This is the first time that I will be walking through these hallways and won’t see Alex. I feel the tears well up in my eyes. They threaten to spill over my cheeks when I walk into my AP Literature class. I was supposed to have this class with Alex. We purposely scheduled it that way, as we did with all our classes each year. Now, with the exception of Economics and Biology, I’ll have every other class completely alone.

Times like these, I wish I had taken the initiative and took care of Tess myself instead of letting Max allow the tramp to escape. Or, that Alex, Maria, and I would’ve just kept our distance after it all, thus, diminish any further involvement in the Alien Abyss.
Either way, what stings the most, is the realization that everything that has happened over the past two years wasn’t worth Alex’s life.

When the teacher walks in, she shuts the door behind her and begins.
“Hello class, my name is Mrs. Matusik. I’m looking forward to…” She trails off when the door is opened and a brown-haired girl walks into the classroom. She looks around slightly. Everyone’s staring her and she notices. It only takes a second to recognize her. She’s Brin, Alec’s sister. It’s strange, they don’t look alike, and she doesn’t seem as….unpleasant.

She realizes her interruption and is slightly uncomfortable.
“Sorry.” She walks over and hands Mrs. Matusik her schedule, then takes a seat in the only available seat. The one next to me. She greets me with a warm smile.
“Hi, you’re Liz right?”
“Yeah.” Her congeniality makes me smile and I once again don’t understand how she could have any relation to her arrogant brother.
“I’m Brin, Alec’s sister, from the other day.” I remember who she is. Max drilled her into my head; Alec drilled himself into my head. I pretend to just realize it.
Before we both can say anything more Mrs. Matusik begins her lesson for the day.


As it turns out, I have all but one class with Brin, to the unease of Max and Maria, of course. Michael doesn’t seem to mind either way. Strangely enough, in Economics with Michael, he was actually a distant friendly. Something I couldn’t see Michael as with anyone he didn’t know. Kyle seems to be okay with her. He actually cracked a few jokes with her in our French III class.

He and Kyle would be the only ones though. Max eyes her with obvious suspicion in biology. Then he sends me warning glares when we seem to be getting ‘too chummy’ in class. Maria treats her with contempt in Biology and in Trigonometry. I don’t think Brin minds much, even though she is virtually nicer than Alec, I noticed her defensive streak at the glares and snide remarks of Max and Maria, responding with a coolness that is more or likely all Alec. She doesn’t like them and who can blame her. I found myself not liking them either lately.

“So, since you have officially become my tour guide and official first ‘friend’,” she offers lightly as we walk out of the building, “you wanna hang out or something? I’m not really looking forward to going home to an empty house just to sit alone. Alec’s probably at work.” School’s finally over and I can actually say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Plus, I kind of enjoy Brin’s company. She’s very laid back and funny. I realize that this is the first day that I have not been around any of the ‘I Know an Alien Club’ for longer than an hour of two. It’s also the first time that I’ve hung out with someone ‘normal’ in literally months. It’s refreshing, really.

At her comment about Alec having to work today makes me remember that I also have to work today. Oh Shit.
“I actually have to work today too, why don’t you come by though.” When the words leave my mouth, I realize that I’ll most likely regret it later. Not that I don’t want to hang out with her, but the ‘paranoia pack’ will probably be sitting their usual booth. And that could go bad.

“Alright, well let’s just run by my house first to put all my books down.” We start to walk towards the parking lot and I feel like I’m cheating on someone. I’m looking over my shoulder every ten seconds to make sure none of the ‘I Know an Alien Club’ is around. I know it’s silly but I can just see how that whole scenario would play out.

Let me just say for the record, that I don’t know what Brin or Alec did before they got here, but their house is nice. Nicer than Max and Isabel’s house. It’s in the same area as their house but it’s…so huge. I don’t ask how that’s possible with Alec working at the Crashdown with me and as far as I know, Brin being unemployed. I simply look around and leave when she’s ready to go.

On ride home, I look at my phone and realize that I have twelve missed calls. Six from Max and six from Maria. This entire time I haven’t even thought of them or the Alien Abyss. Being brought back to that brings a frown to my face. Reality settles on my stomach that I have to deal with them and probably as soon as I get home. I feel like I’m in trouble. It’s silly, but I do. And it frustrates the shit out of me.
“What’s wrong?” she sounds casual and I feel compelled to tell her.
“Nothing, I just have a lot of missed calls from Max and Maria.” I shake off the gloom that has floated over my fair mood. She gives a throaty chuckles and I don’t feel so bad about avoiding them.
“I’m sorry but I have to ask. What the hell is up with your friends?” I have to chuckle myself at the question. I honestly don’t really know.

“They just get a little weird when new people come to town…” to put it lightly. “We’ve had some… trouble with new people before…” like them killing my best friend.

“Yeah, well, Kyle seems cool… and even Michael,” She smiles slightly. I can’t help but wonder what that’s about. I don’t ask though. I don’t think I wanna know… “They may need to get over themselves. Because they seem to have a bit of a pompous complex.” I know she’s right, but I have the natural instinct to defend them. They’re my friends.

“They’re cool; you just have to get to know them. Maria really is a… great person she’s a bit quirky, but great and Max… can be a little overbearing… but he really is a sweet and loving guy…”I trail off somehow not really buying my own words.

“Okay, well whatever you say Liz.” she chuckles lightly, putting a hand up in defeat.
“So…I take it Max is your boyfriend…” she says this rather matter-of-factly.
“Um…yeah…” I’m a bit uncomfortable… mostly because I’ve recently made out with her brother.
“Don’t sound so enthused…” her light sarcasm makes me smile and cast a look her way. It’s like we’ve been friends for much longer than a day. I’ve been friends with Maria for years and I swear she has no idea who I am at times.
“No, no…I…I love Max. We’re soulmates.” I nod the statement out. Somehow, it just seems a little like bullshit.
“Sounds deep.”

We ride the rest of the way in comfortable silence. And I let my mind drift. Or more like brood over my situation with Max and in this…group. A situation in which I am currently loathing. This is something I’m not really used to. Usually, I could cope with the treatment from the group, as long as Max and I were together and we worked things out. I’m finding myself tired of the bullshit and I don’t really know why.

Maybe it’s the fact that for the first time in a long time, I feel…normal. I’m not walking with Maria, or Max and listening to them go on about the son or Michael… or the son or Michael or some investigation of potential enemies. I’m talking with Brin and I feel like a normal girl. I’m not filled with anxiety over Max, and I like it. And mostly because I’m not expected to do or act a certain way. I enjoy the feeling that I can do what I want to without worrying about what Max and Company were going to think. Even if it was just for an hour or two, it’s just enough to make me want to hold on to that.

When we finally get home, Alec is already there. Our gazes locked when I walked through the door. This causes goose bumps to rise on my skin and I quickly break the staring contest. My recollection of what happened three nights ago flashes through my head causing my face to flush and my blood to heat. I see him look down and smirk out the corner of my eye and I want to stalk right over there and smack him.

In my seething, I don’t even notice Brin leave my side and take a seat at the counter near where Michael is talking to Isabel. I also don’t notice Max at his booth across from Maria, with both their eyes trained on me.

I really want to go sit next to Brin, but they are giving me the ‘look’. That we need to talk look. I reluctantly shuffle over to the booth where I am pulled down by Maria. I sigh inwardly holding my breath.

“Where were you today, after school?” Max questions his voice holds barely concealed accusation. He is, of course, the first to talk. He always is… fearless leader and all. I simply give him a confused look. I suddenly feel like playing dumb. I have to hold in a smirk. It wouldn’t be taken very lightly.

“We were looking for you for like ten minutes.” Maria then jumps in. Ten minutes? Really? That long? Well I’m so sorry?

“I went over to Brin’s to drop her stuff off.” I say the sentence like it was the most obvious thing in the world. All of the sudden, I’m feeling a little… bold. Or maybe I just don’t feel like being compliant right now. Both Maria and Max give me an exasperated look. Clearly that was the problem. I, of course, knew that though.

“I know I said to watch them, Liz, but I never said get chummy with them. They could be our enemies…” I let out a sigh and roll my eyes.

“I know Max, I’m suppose to ‘stalk from afar’ blah, blah, whatever; but how do ever expect to learn something about ‘your enemies’ unless you talk to them even a little? They don’t exactly have it stamped on their foreheads, now do they?” My voice oozes with mock. Maria and Max are both shocked by my bluntness. Hell, so am I. I don’t know where it came from. I suddenly just didn’t want to hear it anymore. And let me tell you that pretty much did the job, because they’re very much stone silent now. Still stunned.

I take this as my opportunity to make an exit. Right now, even being around the Casanova behind the counter is more appealing than sitting in that booth.
“Well, I’d love to continue this talk but I have to get to work.” I turn to walk away and I feel…different. I grin to myself and all but skip to the back.



I hope you guys like that chapter...Next part will have A/L!!!!
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Hey guys I'm back with a new post! Thank all of you for all the amazing feedback!! I really appreciate it. It really makes me want to get chapters out faster than usual. Well....I hope you all *really* like this part.... I think you will....

polar vixen, I'm glad you loved so many parts about the chapter, it took me a while to write, as did this one... yeah, no one (out side of the pod squad) really believes that Liz and Max are soulmates. Here's a new part.... :D

aussietrueblue , the kicking of Max to the curb is coming, just not in this chapter. Not the next one either....But that won't stop alittle L/A action til' then...

WomanofMystery, I hate Maria in this too. Of course I wrote it but still... Liz will be getting a full back soon to accomidate with her new view of her friends.

Zevrillion, Okay, okay, here's the new part....just don't hurt me All Merciful One :shock:

bluebear01, thanks for the compliment :oops:. Liz and Brin will be becoming very good friends in this...mostly they're sisters. Before you think about it, don't worry, Brin and Alec aren't really Bro and Sis. That'll be alot gross. :shock: It's just a front.

behrstars, I'm happy that you liked the part, I hope you like this one...More backbone will be growing in Liz....

orphyfets, :oops: I'm glad that you loved the part. Liz will be telling off Max and Maria more, not really in this part though...

Jezebel Jinx, I'm glad that you understood where I was coming from with the Max/ Liz sex thing... I wanted to avoid any serious emotional difficulties, early on. save that stuff for later....

Roswell Slayer,Nope, she's not really buying the whole 'soulmate' thing anymore. And Brin and Liz will come into a really good friendship, especially when Liz realizes that she's her sister... And Brin remembers that Liz is her sister...(think back to a DA episode) hint, hint...

mrsjbehr, I said the same thing while writting it... :D

elfangel01, Liz will be getting a little more than a backbone...

foxychar, Glad you enjoyed it, and here's a new part that I hope you enjoy too.

Wow, I'm glad to have all you guys as readers!!!! And since I'm not a jerk, here's the new part!!!!

BTW, I am at the moment listening to the Grease soundtrack. Isn't that such a great movie. I know I'm a dork, but I just *love* that musical....


Chapter 5

“What was all that about?” Maria has cornered me in the backroom and I am immediately irritated. I’m not exactly sure why. She doesn’t give me much of an opportunity to respond before she goes on, “We were just worried about you. You’ve been spending time with these people and for all you know, they could be like…Tess number two and three.” I roll my eyes at Maria’s embellishment of a worst case scenario. I’m slightly guilty for my previous attitude towards her. Slightly.

“As terrible as that whole scenario is Maria, I highly doubt it. They don’t seem to have the slightest interest in Max, Isabel or Michael.” I’m hoping that she’ll just drop it if not only because I simply don’t to talk about it, but also because Alec isn’t very far from break room and I can hear him stirring about the kitchen.

“How do you know, Liz?” This kind of rhetorical question reeks of Max. Something I find a bit disturbing. Max’s paranoia has apparently rubbed off on Maria, which he in fact, got from Michael. Strangely enough, even though Michael still has his stonewall suspicious persona, he’s toned down the extreme mistrustful-breaking-into-houses-in order-to-investigate behavior. With Max and Maria clearly picking up where he left off.

Alec walks into the break room to get supplies I’m guessing and of course throws me a glance and a smirk. I’m irritated without even knowing why really.
“Aren’t you supposed to be…working?” stupid question, I’ve been the one who hasn’t been in the front yet and I was supposed to start twenty minutes ago.
“Aren’t you?” he levels me for a second with a defiant look before disappearing behind the doors again.
“Smart ass.” I mumble. Maria rolls her eyes at the exchange. Giving me an obvious gaze.

She then continues staring at me waiting for a response to the previous question and I wonder if she really intended on me answering that stupid question. I shrug nonchalantly.
“I don’t.”


I come back to the front to find Brin and Michael talking at the counter and if I didn’t know better, I’d say the he was…smiling…a little bit. I had no idea Michael was capable of such a thing. Her back is facing the back and her elbows are leaning on the counter, feet dangling casually. An overall laid back look. Michael is in similar posture only he is facing the back where I am. And his eyes have never left her. I have no idea how to feel about it. Maria’s my best friend. A little aggravating at times, but still, never the less, my best friend. On the other hand, as much as it is strange to admit it, Michael and I have become friends…sort of. And Maria has been strange lately….

I don’t really have enough time to finish the thought before Maria is over there, wrapping her arms around Michael protectively from behind. She then plants a sloppy kiss on the side of his face. Stealth Maria…very smooth. He looks slightly shocked and awkward at her obvious claim of him and sends a look Brin’s way. Maria then looks at Brin sweetly.

“Hi…Brit right?” she holds out her hand for Brin to shake with the smuggest look I’ve ever seen grace Maria’s features. I’m embarrassed that I actually took up for her earlier. Brin seems unfazed by her obvious contempt and simply returns the sweet smile and takes her hand firmly.
“Brin actually, but don’t worry, I forgot your name too. Only I won’t try to guess it.”

I have to hold in a laugh at the comeback and I barely succeed. Michael, on the other hand, isn’t as able. As soon as the slightest sound of a chuckle leaves his lips, Maria levels him with a death glare that’s full of anger and hurt that he finds Brin’s remark funny. She sends me a glare.

“Not interested, huh?” she says in a low voice before she quickly soaks up all her pride and stalks back over to where Max is sitting.

She slumps down hard in the booth, clearly pissed, and Michael looks exasperated. Brin is looking through a menu, seemingly unconcerned, even though she shoots Michael an apologetic glance, shrugging slightly.

He unwillingly gets up from his spot on the stool and walks over to her, knowingly about to get verbally clobbered.


Hours pass and finally its thirty minutes till closing. Brin decided to take off after a while with the excuse of homework. Maria storms out with Michael in tow some time before that. After an hour of stares, Max finally leaves. When I see him walk out, I feel wave of relief. I was getting a little tired of Max sending glowers at Alec’s every time I so much as looked at him for longer than a few minutes. When he notices the death glares, Alec naturally returns an even more unpleasant glare until Max decides to look away. Men and their pissing contests… I roll my eyes at them both before continuing with my day. I tell myself it’s just stress of the day that has me all irritable with Max….

Since everyone left, I’ve been doing everything in my power to keep myself away from Alec, only speaking to him when handing him an order and little stuff in between. I don’t think I can be around him for longer than five minutes without him doing or saying something to make my blood boil…or make me remember that goddamn kiss, which…also brings my blood to a boil. I might as well admit it. It’s no big deal. So the guy can kiss… big freaking whoop. He’s probably had tons of experience in the field…and much more experience in more…in-depth aspects.

I shake the thought as soon as it ventures there, which is something I’ve been doing all day. Every time he looks at me to be exact. He grins, he raises his eyebrow in that way that lets you know that he’s thinking of something that’s bound to make me angry…or hot. Since that kiss, I’ve been ashamed to admit that I secretly want feel to warm softness of his lips, the hardness of his body against mine again, despite the intentions or the outcome. This makes me a little guilty when I see him and I’m with Max. Mostly because Max is then, the last thing on my mind. The part in me that couldn’t give less of a damn, wants to walk right up to Alec and return the favor and show how much of a tease I can be. Something that I’m just going to blame on hormones implanted in me by those bastards at Manticore. For some reason, every time I’m around him for an ample amount of time, I feel urges and hazy want that threatens to cloud my usual good judgment. Maybe I’m about to go into heat or something. That being a more solid of a reason to stay the hell away from Alec. With the closing coming in closer and closer, I’m finding this hard to do. To sum it up, I’m a bit afraid to be alone with him, for what I’m just going to pretend to be my sanity’s sake.

The sound of the last few people leaving yanks me out of thoughts. I look around at the restaurant to see a complete mess. It’s a good thing mom and dad are at some convention other wise they would have my ass. I quickly lock up and get to work. I figure the faster I get this crap done, the faster I can get upstairs and away from Alec before he -or I- does something stupid.

I walk to the kitchen were I find him cleaning. I know I probably don’t have to say anything to him about cleaning so we can both get the hell out of here, but I tell myself that’s it necessary.

“Um…Alec…do you think we can get this all done kinda soon?” I make a gesture to the front. He is now gazing at me sideways and it sends a shudder through me that I try to conceal.
“Why Bumpkin, you got plan with your...boyfriend?” the trademark smirk displays frankly that he’s making fun of me…again…for the hundredth time today. I take a deep breath, the warmth in my limbs are bated with a simmering frustration.

“Even if that is the case, it’s none of your business.” I give him the rudest stare I can come up with, but he doesn’t seem to give the least of a damn.

“I guess that’s a ‘no’ then.” He shrugs and turns his back to me but continues talking, “speaking of which, does he have some sort of issue? He sure does have a bit of a staring problem.”
“Maybe because you have a bit of a kissing problem.” I don’t know why I brought that up. It only brings up a memory that I’ve been trying to get over. Unsuccessfully so.
“Somehow… I don’t think that’s it.” His voice is confident and the knowing look in his eyes that speaks volumes. Okay, so I didn’t tell Max about the kiss and why should I? He’d only freak and do something stupid. I don’t have let Alec know that, even though, I think he already does.

“How do you know I didn’t tell him?” I’m challenging him, not wanting him to call my spade. His skeptical expression turns into something that is deviant and is as if he’s about to tell a secret. He walks up to me slowly and is now so close that when he then, bend his head slightly, he’s only inches away from my face, his level breathing hits me softly on the face.
“Because, I wasn’t the only one participating in the kiss. You seem to getting into it if I remember correctly.” The lazy smile playing on his lips and the proximity is testing my ability concentrate on what he was saying. But sure enough, I caught it.
“I have no idea what you are talking about.” My jaw is firm and it takes all my power to keep it that way and not to start trembling. A challenged spark crosses his features and suddenly, I’m against a counter being devoured, my firm resolve completely out of the window. It’s completely off guard and it takes a moment before of letting him have his way with me that I respond.

As I began to reach for him, pull him closer, feel him, a shrill ring from a phone scares the shit out of me and I jump from his grasp, not getting far, he kinda has me pinned.
After a few seconds, I realize that the ringing is coming from me and I reach into the side pocket of my uniform, and pull out my cell phone. It’s Max. For a moment, I contemplate whether or not to answer it, finally deciding to get it over with.

“Hello,” my voice comes out horse and shaky. I’m completely uncomfortable with still being pressed up against Alec while Max in my ear.
“What took you so long to answer the phone? I wanted to talk to you about what you found out about our possible new enemies.” If I didn’t feel so guilty at the moment, I’d be pissed by his apparent lack of consideration. I could have been sleeping or something. It couldn’t wait till tomorrow. Of course I wasn’t sleeping, but he doesn’t know that.

The fact that Alec is now currently running a finger along the belt of my uniform pulling me closer into his evident erection is making it hard to think straight, let alone come up with an answer. I have to bite back a moan.

“I uh…look Max, just….can I call you back later, I’m not finished closing.” In response to my lie to Max, Alec offers a deviant grin which upsets me.

I don’t wait for Max to respond before hanging up the phone and throwing it on the counter, suddenly guilt ridden and angry with myself for still being very much turned on.
I’m so conflicted with the entire situation and I’m becoming increasingly unable to resist the urge to continue with my previous doings. Alec regards me with a satisfied-with-himself smirk.
“Now, were you kissing me back this time…or is that your defense mechanism?” the mockery of the question, sure enough, proves his point and pisses me off at the same time.
“Get over yourself.” I growl in response, pushing him off me and turning to leave.

Before I can reach the door, though, I am suddenly being held by Alec from behind by my waist. His lips attack my neck in such a way that I am instantly dizzy by the immediate arousal that has shot into my veins. I instantaneously slump against him as I lean my head back to capture his lips in a fervent kiss. His hand moves to cup one my breasts. I can’t help but moan at the contact, wishing that the material of my uniform was no longer there. As if he could read the thought, he swiftly rips open the top of my uniform and snakes a warm hand over my bare stomach before sliding up to once more, tracing the skin under my breast, his touch and kisses alike leaving a hot tingling sensation that drives me crazy and clouds all senses but touch. Alec’s other hand at my thighs firmly massaging the bear flesh there. He has moved his dangerous lips back to juncture between ear and my jaw, and now is sucking hard. I just know there’s gonna be a mark there, not that I give a shit now. I’m going to regret it in the morning.

Warms hands have snuck beneath my bra and is now rolling my nipple between two fingers. I can’t fight the throaty moan that escapes my lips as the sensation sends a shock of pleasure right through me. The other hand is teasingly tracing an outline of my groin from over my skirt and the anticipation of his hands on me elicits a powerful feeling of arousal that has pooled itself between my legs. I groan in frustration, bucking my hips up to his hand for more pressure. Taking the hint, my skirt is pulled up and he doesn’t bother removing the undergarment there, he slides his hand into them swiftly. His finger traces the outline of my outer lips before dragging along my drenched opening, applying pressure on my nerve endings, only to flick the bundle of nerves above it. He then begins to lightly rub my clit. I instantly jump at the sensation as something between a moan and a whimper is swallowed by Alec’s hot mouth. His kiss is bruising and only adds to the intensity that raptured my senses, leaving me breathless, panting. I move the one of my free hands to grasp hold to his hair. The softness sliding it sliding through my fingers, and is softer than I’ve thought it to be. My other hand holds Alec’s hand in place, needing him there the most.

Every feeling, every sensation, is heavy and I can no longer comprehend what is what. The sound of my heart bounding in my ears counters with the feel of Alec’s heart bounding on my back. And I can only hear my panting. I only feel what he is doing to me. As he increases his speed, I go lightheaded as warm tingles spiral upward from the pit of my gut. My pants turn to gasps, then to a quite vocal cry as the spiral reaches my chest only to explode into the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced. Alec doesn’t stop what he is doing and its intensity washes over me again and again and again until I’m exhausted and sweating and sliding against him. He has to hold me up to keep me from slumping onto the floor.

I’m completely gone.


Okay….so that was an orgasm. I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time getting tonight’s events off the mind, thus, having a hard time successfully getting to sleep.

Every time I close my eyes, I feel his hands touching me. I feel the drawn out, liquid arousal. I feel the urge to go and find him and finish this game.

And then,… I feel the guilt. The ‘Normal Liz’ settles back into my form and I remember that I have a boyfriend, who, aside from the trials, loves me. And I just cheated on him. With someone I personally don’t even like.

What guilts me more though, is the fact that the first thought I had when I arrived to my room wasn’t, ‘Oh my God, I just cheated on Max….with Alec!’ but ‘ Oh my God, I just had the most earth shattering -and first- orgasm of my life…with Alec!’. The Max thing was really a second…or third thought. My second was how was going to be able to look at Alec in the face again tomorrow. Of course, I don’t work tomorrow, but he does and I’m more than likely am going to see him throughout the day, this being my home and all.

I slump to my bed in exasperation, my head in my hands. What have I done? or more frankly, what have I let Alec do?

I’m suddenly cold in my bath robe and when I uncover my face, I am slightly startled to see Max coming through my window letting in a breeze. I’m more shocked that despite my transgenic abilities or Max and my ‘connection’, I was completely unaware of his presence. This, for me is a first. Was I so completely lost in my thoughts of previous events, of Alec, that I hadn’t heard him climb onto my balcony and open my window?

I rise at his entrance through my window, suddenly feeling sick and tired. I’m sure he doesn’t notice though. I offer him a questioning look.

“Max, what are you doing here? It’s late.” I know that Max doesn’t and never really has hold any regard to the hour of with it is okay to climb though someone’s window.

“I came to tell you that I forgive you for your outburst, earlier. I understand that you were under the stress of trying to figure things out with ‘What’s Their Names’. All and all, I forgive you. You just have to remember that, it’s me. I usually know what’s right and would appreciate it if you respected that.” He nods the last part of the sentence and I suddenly don’t feel so guilty. I suppress the indignation that wells up in me with the bated reasoning that I’ve just cheated on him

“Plus, you sounded really weird on the phone earlier. I figured I’d come over and see if you were okay.” His voice is smooth as he takes in my appearance in nothing nut a bathrobe. I instinctively pull it tighter around my body. He doesn’t notice and walks over to me and kisses me, pulling me close to him. Even though, I just got out of the shower, Max’s affection a mere hour after Alec and I…well did what we did, unnerves me, sending guilt and a nauseous feeling to puddle in my stomach.

He intends to make love, and is performing his usual display before diving into it for the sole purpose of getting himself off. I, on the other hand, have every intention to get Max out of my room as so as possible and go to sleep. I’m exhausted.

As he begins to back us up towards the bed, I firmly place my feet on the ground, preventing any further movement. He pulls back when he realizes that he can longer push me towards the bed, giving a questioning look.

“What’s wrong?” The concern in his eyes is touching enough to make me want to weep for what I let happen earlier, suddenly hating myself. Still, I can’t have two guys in one night, especially in descending order. Even though, Alec and I didn’t have sex, it still counts for something.

“I…just don’t feel well, tonight.” I look down, feigning illness. “I kind a just need to get to sleep.” I turn swiftly from him and head for my bed.



I really hope that wasn't's kinda my second attempt at anything sexual....I didn't really like my first attempt.....Let me know though..... :P

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Hey guys, just wanted to post this short little chapter that I actually love. Like I said, It's a pretty short one, but I think it would be a little out of wack being combined with the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it in all it's tiny goodness. I enjoyed writing it. Oh and the next chapter is almost done.

And also, thanks for all the FB!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Chapter 6

I suddenly have the feeling that everyone’s eyes are on me when I walk into Crashdown. Of course, this is mostly just my imagination, but it feels like it. Mostly because when I walked in, my eyes immediately train on Alec. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been able to get him off my mind. Or what we did, for the matter. It only takes a few seconds before he looks up to meet my gaze. Not wanting to get caught a staring match, I quickly look away, finding Isabel sitting at a booth with tablets and notebooks in front of her. She looks a little frustrated and alone. She probably thinks Max is near to bust her chops for the wedding. An issue I have experienced a change of heart on. I decide to go over there, making peace.

“Looking over wedding plans?” I say as casually as I can, sitting down in front of her. She offers a confused look before clicking into her Ice Princess persona.

“I thought I was ‘exiled’ the group.” Her voice is quiet, but equally cold. I usually flinch at this tone coming from her, explaining why we never really became good friends, but today, I’m not all that impressed. I actually understand her hostility.

“Look, Isabel, I know that we never really were friends and that all got worse after Alex’s…death. And it sucks now for you because no one seems to wanna let you live your life.” I pause letting out a sigh and looking down. Being supportive is tiring. “I just want you to know that you’re not exactly on your own. If it counts for anything… congratulations.” I shrug the last statement out, suddenly feeling cheesy.

Her features soften and she graces me with a smile that never really reaches her eyes. My heart goes out to her simply because I know that smile all to well. It’s a part of my daily front.

Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, she puts her hand up to her mouth and starts sobbing quietly, mascara drenched tears stream down her usually flawless cheeks. It takes me a full minute to realize exactly what’s going on. She’s crying and I have no idea what I should do. Comfort, I know, but this is Isabel. She never loses her composure. Especially over something that I just said. She clearly sees my confusion, and sniffs herself together long enough to explain herself.

“I’m sorry; it’s just that…since the announcement of the engagement, no one, and I mean, no one, has congratulated me. Not even my own mother. Let alone Max.” She shakes her head sadly before returning to her weeping. Not knowing what else to do, I move from across from her, to sit beside her. Cautiously wrapping an arm around her shoulder in comfort. Rubbing her back, lightly. This is a bit strange considering we are in a booth in Crashdown in during the midday rush. I cast a subconscious glance to the back where Alec is to find him already looking at me, clearly aware of the sobbing girl beside me. He gives me a roll of the eyes at my sorry attempt at consoling and returns to his doings.

I really don’t know what I’m supposed to say. I’m already guilt ridden at the fact that I never thought about what she might have been going through before I cast my judgment on her. So, as a result, we just kinda sit there, in the middle of my parents’ restaurant, until her tears subside.


That only takes about ten minutes and then I’m back across from her and she’s managed to apply her usual imperial façade back into her features. We sit making small talk. She’s clearly embarrassed about having lost it in here, and in front of me, for that matter….

“Umm…would you like to see some choices for dresses and locations I’ve picked out?” the question is sudden and her look is hopeful. I realize then she probably hasn’t talked to anyone regarding the wedding itself. Something that probably bothers the ‘Christmas Nazi’ to no end.

“Sure” I nod, slightly touched that she’s asking me. She slides a notebook over to me and points to the dresses that she’s circled and rated from best to least. I must say, Isabel has always had taste. They are all very beautiful and…well... very Isabel. I let her know that.

“Can I ask something?” I look up to find her staring at me with a questioning expression, waiting for my permission. I nod, prepared to hear anything.
“Don’t you ever wonder what it may be like if you… weren’t with Max? I mean, I know you guys are… soulmates and all, but,” she stumbles on her words a little and I can’t help but notice her concealed amusement when she said ‘soulmates’, “how do you know you’re not stuck in a rut?” she finishes in a rush and sighs, placing her hands flat on the table.

Well, I was not prepared to hear that. I look down, torn between not wanting to have this discussion and my secret desire of wanting to know the answer myself.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked,” she looks genuinely apologetic. I quickly shrug it off.
“No, no, it’s fine,” I take a deep breath, now stumbling on the words myself. I take a minute…or five to find them, “I…I don’t really know… I guess I just… don’t. Max and I have been going through these things for such a long time, that I’ve just…”

“Settled.” She finishes for me and I don’t agree, even though everything inside me screams ‘bingo!’

She takes in my unsure appearance, leaning in closer and lowering her voice.
“Liz, if you really can’t think of a reason why you’re not in a rut… you probably are. But if you’re having trouble with that, just ask yourself one question. ‘What does he so for you?’ When I wasn’t sure whether or not to accept Jesse’s proposal, I asked myself that question and I realized that…Jesse makes me happy. He rescued me from a terrible time in my life trying to cope with Alex. And even though, I’ll never love him like I loved Alex, at least I do love him. And at least this time around, I can at least tell him.” She finishes and I’ve realized that she has reached out to grasp my hand. She gives it a squeeze before she gathers her bridal books, gets up and leaves me stunned in thought.


I hope you enjoyed it!!!! I just wanted a little moment of clarity before I got back to the L/A stuff. It's gonna have to be taken care of sooner or later, so why not now!

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Here's the new post!!! Yay! Oh, and just cause I remembered being asked this, the timeline for Roswell is of course after "Departure", while the DA timelime is anytime long before before "Designate This".

N E Ways, here's the new part!!! I hope you guys love it, like it, whatever, just leave more great FB!!!!!

Chapter 7

About five minutes after Isabel walks off, Maria walks over, in her work uniform. She plops down in front of me.

“What did Isabel want?” she asks this with apparent disdain in her voice. Maria has been as vehemently against the wedding as Max. Kyle and Michael are partial, just trying to keep the peace.

“Nothing really, just some insight on wedding plans.” I shrug, trying to seem as casual as I can. I have no intention of sharing our talk with Maria.

“Since when are we supporting this?” We? Oh that’s right; we only make decisions as a group.
“Well, I don’t know when you are going to support it, but it’s her decision and I support it.” She gives me a look like I’m crazy, while I’m wondering what the hell happened to my free spirited best friend.

She sits back in the booth and sighs heavily. Shaking her head as if I’m simply misguided.
“Liz, -”
“Maria, did you come over here to argue with me over whether or not it’s okay for Isabel to have a life?” I’ve suddenly lost my patience for the direction this is headed. I’ve made up my mind.

She looks a little hurt by my dismissal of her topic, but she quickly sucks it up.
“Okay, clearly you’re in a bad mood…” she rolls her eyes and looks sideways. Me? Bad mood? Never! She doesn’t take much stock in the statement before moving on.

“Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about.” She then leans forward, her voice becoming quieter.
“I’ve noticed that our new cook has a tendency to stare…at you. I mean like all the time. Since you walked in.” My attention is captured at this and I involuntarily glance at Alec who at the moment has his back to me. Before I get caught looking at him, I quickly look back at Maria who is looking at him.
“So?” I put on the most nonchalant voice, even though the thought of Alec staring at me elicits small shivers to pass through me. Mostly because when I’m looking at him long enough, I tend to do something stupid.

“I’m saying that, for whatever reason, he seems to have an interest in you.” I’m mildly insulted by her ‘for whatever reason.’

Before I can utter a response, Max walks up, and takes a comfortable seat next to me. A few minutes later, Michael and Kyle sit down also.

“What are we talking about?” Kyle asks casually. I scowl at him even though I know it wasn’t his intention to put me on the spot. I then glance at Maria, praying she doesn’t answer truthfully.

“Alec has a thing for Liz.” My prayers are, like always, completely ignored. The second the statement is said, Max’s eyes are boring into the side of face.
“Who?” Kyle asks confused.
“The new cook,” Michael offers, “Brin’s brother.” He adds after a second. Maria sends him a sharp glare at the mention of Brin’s name. I glance from Michael and Kyle to find Max staring at the table, seemingly deep in thought. He’s upset, I can feel it radiating off him. I’m suddenly paranoid that he may know about my infidelity. A cold sweat breaks out over me as I have no choice but to sit, sandwiched between Max and a wall, as the conversation unfolds.

“What do you mean ‘has a thing for Liz’?” Apparently, Michael is trying to get the light off him.
“Well, he doesn’t say much to anyone except her, and he…watches her.” She finishes this statement with the confidence of someone who has just cracked a major code.
“And you gathered this from…watching him I guess?” Kyle responds giving her a skeptical look. I am once again reminded of why I love Kyle so much.

“Hey, Max’s orders were to keep watch of our enemies and that’s what I’m doing.” She answered defensively. Before anyone can say anything else, Max speaks up for the first time.
“That’s right. Those were my orders and I’m glad that one of you are following them.” He regards Kyle, Michael and me with a steady look. I’m ashamed that I seem to be the only one affected by it. Michael gives him a challenging glare and Kyle rolls his eyes, looking away, not impressed. Maria smiles in victory, which annoys me to the point that I no longer want to listen to this. Apparently, while I was out having great orgasms, Max went and found himself a new pet… then, named her Maria.
“This could be just another way to get to us…” Max continues his ramblings and I can’t help but zone off.

In my zoning, I catch an eye at Alec. I can’t help but notice how completely… hot he looks back there. Sweat has molded his black tee to the hard curves of his shoulders, arms and chest. His hair is damp from the heat of the grill and it all gives him a glimmer that makes lingering desire swim through my limbs. In the midst of watching him, we lock eyes. I quickly look away, heat creeping up to my cheeks for him having caught me staring.

From what I can tell, Max is still discussing whatever it is that he’s talking about, and I linger in it long enough to build up courage to look back to the kitchen. I intend to only glance, but when I look over there, I am completely unprepared when my gaze meets Alec’s. The desire is no longer lingering when I notice the darkness in his usually light green eyes. He is leaning on his hands against the counter and the look on his face, in his eyes, takes me back to last night. It all is enough to make me groan. I want him, and I want him now. As if, he literally heard the thought, he smirks slightly, the lightness of it still not enough to lighten his eyes. It only makes him look, deviant, and very, very, arousing.


I try desperately to suppress the moan that threatens to escapes my throat when he cups my breast after biting my neck firmly. I am pushed against the wall of the bathroom and Alec is driving me crazy.

After, a few minutes of us staring at each other, Alec raised an eyebrow and walked to the back, his telling me to follow. I then excused myself from the conversation about whatever, saying I had to use the restroom. When I got there, I was instantly scooped up and slammed on the wall with Alec’s body and lips quickly following mine.

I am almost undone by the sheer roughness of our engagements. It’s something that I’m not used to and it’s something I’m definitely loving.

He moves a hand to my ass before giving it a squeeze and pushes himself against me, his arousal presses into my lower abdomen and I groan as the pleasure of what it might feel like filling me shoots sparks into my skin. It trills me and turns me on, to know that I can arouse him as easily as he can me. His lips capture mine as he undoes the buttons of my jeans in one swift movement. I’m too gone to wonder whether or not he’s ripped any of them.

A hand that has until now been tangled in my hair now is quickly wandering its way across my stomach. Before doing so, he lets a finger graze the back of my neck where the barcode is. The contact sends shivers through me. Prolonging the anticipation and making my body hum in frustration. Impatiently, I grab his hand, sliding it smoothly to were I’m arching and burning. I feel him grin against my lips at my impatience.
“Eager are we?” his voice is husky as he slides a finger inside. This time, I can’t suppress the deep moan that has left my vocal cords. I feel like I’m fire and I instinctively grab his silky hair and pulls him back to meet my lips in a rough kiss.

He responds to my brutality by sinking his teeth into my bottom lip, then ramming his fingers deeper, eliciting something between a yelp and a whimper. Of course, this pleases him.

“Liz?” Max’s voice brings me to reality, like a cold splash of water. A series of knocks soon follow as well as attempts at opening the door. I’m suddenly terrified that he’ll try to use his powers to get here. I don’t put it past him. This scares the shit out of me.

I instinctively move to fix my clothing with lightening speed. My heart pounds through my chest with startlement and arousal that’s still aching within me. As I work briskly to fix my garments, I look up at Alec who hasn’t moved to fix himself, but is instead, looking me with enough passion that I want to continue devouring him. Even though he grins at my frantic attempt at arranging my clothing back to its rightful place, I can see an underlying irritation at Max’s intrusion lining his features. I’m sure I have the same exact irritation mirrored on my face.

When I moved to open the door and slide out of it, I am grabbed by the arm and kissed brutally, “This isn’t over.” His voice is husky and thick, yet not louder than a low murmur. I began to tremble.

When I open the door and slide out, I am met by the concerned faces of Max, Maria, Michael, and Kyle. All staring at me, questioningly. I make sure that it is closed before anyone can take a glance in.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” my breath is short and Max is looking at me suspiciously.
“You were in the bathroom for a while. Are you alright?” Kyle says, he’s looking like I just made him state the obvious.
“Yeah,…I...uh…wasn’t feeling that well, you know.” I’m then grossed out by what that implication means.
“Why do you look flushed? Why are you breathing hard?” Max then fires off without concealment of suspicion.
“And where’s Alec?” Maria then asks, not giving me enough time to answer the first questions.

I motion for us to move back towards the front while answering their questions as sharply as I can. I notice Michael cast me a strange look.

“Like I said, I wasn’t feel well…..I uh…must’ve ate something, you know.” I rub my stomach dramatically, then, move to sit back down at a booth.

They all give me skeptical looks before deciding to let it go. When they all sit down, Max sits next to me and moves to kiss me. I instinctively try to move but he catches me on the cheek. When he looks at me quizzically, I simply smile.
“I’ve been vomiting” I clearly didn’t think of the grossness of the statement until after the words left my lips. I earned a disgusted grimace from Kyle and Michael.

A few minutes later, I see Alec reappear in the kitchen. We lock eyes for what seems longer than just a few minutes as heat creeps through my body. When I break the stare, I see everyone staring at me. I let out a sigh.



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Hello Readers!!! I wanted to thank you guys for all the amazing feedback. I was truely blown alway. I totally love you guys. I'll start the individual 'thank yous' in the next part.

like I said, I'm back with a new part. Nice and long too. It won't have any nookie action in it, but I hope you all still like it!!! I decided to fast forward it a bit in order to get things started other wised, we'll have like 15 parts of like sex and brooding before we get the ball rolling. Alot's going on in this particular chapter. But I hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 8

Two Weeks Later...

I’m sitting at a booth alone, contemplating exactly what I’m going to say. All I know is that I can’t do this anymore. With Alec I mean. It’s just not right. Even though Max isn’t the most perfect boyfriend, or friend, or brother…or person for that matter, I can’t help but feel that he doesn’t deserve to be lied to, and cheated on. This is something keeps running through my head and since my heart seems to be keeping her silence on the subject, I’m sticking to my head.

Last night, after almost getting caught going at it with Alec in the Crashdown restroom for the fourth time, Max came through my window in the middle of the night. Big surprise there huh? Anyway, he started telling me all this stuff about how he missed the way things were before I set up the infamous scene with Kyle and everything and wanted to know if we could go back to that. Of course, he did have to put his ‘Max spin’ on it. Never really admitting that anything went wrong on his part. But insisting that all our problems started when I pretended to sleep with Kyle.

“I’m serious Liz, you just seem so distant lately and I want everything to be…good again. Like Before.”

I’d been waiting for those words to leave Max’s mouth for almost two years now, and somehow, they aren’t as effective as I thought they would be. The thought of being able to get back the old Max, my Max back would usually make my heart skip and fill with the warm sensations that Max used to produce in me every time he looked at me those years ago. Like I was the only girl in the world.

But, right now, I don’t feel a thing. Except guilt and confusion of course. But, he looks so promising, so hopeful, so much like the Max that saved me from what could have been a death and an exposure of my transgenic state. I can’t imagine being the one to shoot him down, hurt his feelings, and bring back the more recent Max. I muster a warm, sweet smile and let him engulf me in a big hug. Let him kiss me and lead me to the bed and undress me.

Afterwards, I have a gutted sensation of disgust, and guilt. Everything just feels so…wrong. What sucks the most is that I simply can’t determine why. I feel like shit. Like I’m going to heave. I sloppily get out of bed and run to the bathroom, and empty my insides into the toilet. Despite, the commotion, Max isn’t stirred from his sleep.

I take a seat between the seat and the toilet, trying to collect myself. I hadn’t even realized that I’d been crying. I’ve been too engulfed in what exactly is wrong. I realize that there is only one logical reason for my upset spirit. I’m fooling around with a brash, not even my type, more or less, stranger, when I’ve got a perfectly stable relationship just…there. As much…really enjoy if, I can’t keep doing it. It’s wrong and dangerous and irresponsible and I could get hurt or worse, get someone else hurt. That has to be it, right?

Which, needless to say, leads me to sitting in this booth alone the next day. I’m here to end whatever it is that is going on between Alec and me. I’m not sure exactly what that is. Lately, things have been a bit different between us. Every since Brin invited me to come study with her at her house. That experience was a first, mainly because that night was the first night that Alec and I sat in the same space for a long time with fighting or…screwing around. We actually had a conversation. One that started mostly because both of us weren't trying to irritate Brin with our usual trivial bantering, which in turn leads to us going at it; but went on interestingly revealing that there was actually something underneath all that walking personified sex. Still sarcastic and sharp, but…a little different yet still very... stimulating. Since then, we actually do a little more than just…well you know. Another factor that makes me want to not walk into that kitchen and tear it all to hell. But, I can’t have my cake and eat it too. I convince myself that he isn’t worth what Max and I have.

I don’t work today, which is good, considering I won’t have to be around him afterwards. I can’t do it anymore. Have I said that already? If so, it’s because it’s my mantra. What I’m continuously telling myself in order to go through with it. I’m making a wise choice, right?

When he sees me sitting there, he gives a small twitch of the corners of his mouth which, I suspect, could have been an inkling of a smile. I take the dive and slowly walk over there to the back and make sure that no one, namely Maria or Michael are back there.

“Hey.” I breathe out the word like it’s all I want to say. He looks up from his work on the grill.

“Hey.” There’s that twitch again. The fact that he wants to smile but won’t makes me want to smile. I don’t either. The risk of a relapse is too great.

“Can we talk? Just for a minute?” I wonder if he can see my discomfort. When I raise my eyes from the ground to look at him, he’s staring curiously at me. He nods an OK.

As we walk to the break room, I feel him touch the small of my back and involuntarily shiver. I force myself to get back to the task at hand. When we get in, I quickly shut the door and start talking in a rush without looking at him.

“Look, I uh…can’t do this anymore. This thing, whatever it is, with you. It’s confusing and it makes me feel like I’m going insane.” I finish, letting my hands fall to my sides heavily, making a faint slap sound. I meet his eyes after he doesn’t say anything for more than five seconds. He’s staring at me. What’s puzzling, is that he’s looking very casual. Like I didn’t just say that after three to four weeks, we suddenly couldn’t fool around anymore.

“Are you sure?” his tone is detached and nonchalant as he folds his arms and leans back on the wall. I get the feeling that he thinks I’m bullshitting him. What kind of question is ‘Are you sure?’ anyway? It’s like saying ‘I don’t want you anymore.’ Then getting answered with ‘Are you sure?’. I’m more annoyed at the fact that a tiny voice in the back of my head isn’t all that sure at all…

“Yes, I’m sure,” I say this with a sneer, then I sigh, and continue, “look, I’m with Max, and…I just wanna…not misuse his trust anymore. What we’re doing isn’t right. Max and I…we’ve been through so much and I… don’t want to risk losing it all. It’s…safe.” I say the last part staring at my fingers as they twirl little circles around each other.

“Do you want to be safe?” his voice brings my eyes back to his and the suddenness of his question seems to have shocked him also. There’s a glitch in his composure for a quarter of a second.

I don’t to answer this question. I don’t know why, but it just rubs me the wrong way. Makes me cross into a whole other subject to ponder. I say the first defense that pops into my head. Forcing a tight smile.
“I’m with Max.” There’s a slight and barely noticeable raise of his eyebrow and his smirk reappears, smug and cool. I don’t know if he’s upset or amused.

“Well then,” he starts pushing himself from the wall, “I’m happy for you.” He walks up to me and kisses me softly on the forehead. Then he walks out. Getting back to work.

What the hell was that? ‘I’m happy for you?’ Are you kidding me? I let out a frustrated sigh. I don’t know why I’m angry right now, but I do know that I am back at step one with Alec. It’s official. I hate him. Damn, I was just starting to not.


A Week Later…

I am very ashamed to admit that I’ve been thinking about Alec shamelessly, ever since I broke it off with him. Even more depressing, though, is that we haven’t even really talked since then, except for work stuff. Which puts us back to square one only without the making out and fondling…or the sarcasm or…anything for the matter. Which is, by the way, far worse. I know I shouldn’t even care, but it’s just… couldn’t he give me something? Work has gotten so boring.

I’ve trying to busy myself with school and Max and Maria whom, I’ve been kinda avoiding while getting closer to Brin and Alec. To their complete dismay, naturally. At least I can get them off my back now.

As if on que, Maria plops down next to me. She lets out a heavy sigh. I’m still in my thoughts to give it my full attention. Because of this, she lets out a deeper, heavier sigh. Noted, okay, something’s wrong and you want to talk about it. Got it.

“Is everything okay, Maria?” I try to sound genuinely interested, but it’s to no avail. Luckily, she doesn’t notice. She’s too excited about me asking in the first place. I actually haven’t seen her much since her old friend Billy came to town. She’s been spending the last week with him, I guess. She hasn’t been with Michael.

“It’s Michael,” she says this in a huff and I roll my eyes. Isn’t it always? “I just… I think he’s cheating on me.” Yesterday, she told me that Billy kissed her and then she was talking about whether or not she wanted to still wanted Michael. Also that she enjoyed the kiss with Billy. Now this?

“How do you figure that?” I’m still trying to keep my interest awake, and from straying to the gorgeous asshole in the kitchen. Also from straying to the fact that there’s two blonde walking boobs. Leaning over the counter trying to peak his interest. I feel a numb feeling in the pit of my gut. Quickly, looking away, I try and focus my attention back on Maria, who is chattering away without a care or notice.
“…every time I walk to his locker between classes, either he’s not there, or he is there talking to that bitch.” She’s clearly heated by her discussion…with herself. I’m assuming that the ‘bitch’ in this little anecdote is Brin. Just a guess from the observation that they do seem talk…a lot. I feel a slight discomfort when Maria or Max start bashing Brin or Alec because they won’t spill their guts about where they’re from and what they want. If anything at all.

“He could be just being friendly.” I know; I just heard myself. Michael, just being friendly? I mentally check myself for such an unrealistic suggestion. She offers me a similar look, crossing her arms. I don’t give a shit, really, my eyes keep grazing back to where Alec is, now chatting with the ‘Blonde Boobs’. My cheeks heating with an unwelcome seethe. I sigh, coming back to Maria’s latest issue.

“Or, he could be just trying to find out info on her. You know, like he did with Courtney.”
“Or, like you’re doing with Alec?” her voice is light with oozing innuendo dripping from it. I look up from my hands and I don’t like the look on her face. It makes me scared because she may know and then it pisses me off because she could just be insinuating. She’s smiling smugly, and I want to change that subject right now.
“Yeah.” My voice trembles and I have the urge to leave. I feel like I’m about to hurt someone, I’m getting so pissed off. By Alec and the Boobs, then Maria and whatever the hell she’s talking about. I’m done with this conversation before she’s even thought of a follow up statement. I quickly get up and walk towards the back. About to get back to work. I don’t know which one is worse, talking with Maria or working with Alec.

When I get to the back, I feel my cell vibrating in my pocket and in seeing that it’s Max, I pick it up.
“Hey, babe.” We’ve resorted to these little unimportant things like calling each other ‘babe’ to be some sort of new start thing. If he says it first, it may go on forever. It really does make me want to puke.
“I just got some new information on that ship. There’s this director, Cal Langley, he may know, he’s in LA.” No ‘hey’ or anything. Just right into business, huh, Max? I’m am once again reminded of those huge fucking lies that he hurled my way the other night.
It hasn’t been a fresh start. And it’s especially not like it was before.

“Yeah, so, I’m going down there, tonight. To check it out you know. We’ll have to take a rain check on that whole hang out thing. ” I mouth the words as he says them. So very predictable Max, “This is big Liz. If this is it, I can go the Antar and save my son.” The words sting my ears and give me an instant headache. I hate this. How did I end up back here. Listening to this…again. I mumble little words of understanding, and hang up after he sing songs an ‘I love you’ into my receiver. I hate my life at this point. For more reasons than I can count.
I few reasons being that first off, I broke it off with Alec and I’m the one miserable. I broke it off trying to do the right thing. Or at least that’s what I repeated every time I just wanted to go to the kitchen, grab Alec, and drag his pretty ass to the break room and lock it. I know I shouldn’t care, hell, I don’t know why I care, but the fact that he’s getting cruised by women everyday bugs the hell out of me. Not to mention the fact that usually when he’s getting chatted up, I’m getting dumped by Max. Something else I hate. I hate the fact that I always seem fall for Max’s shit no matter what. These last five weeks, I have never felt so…normal and yet extreme, calm and yet intense, alive in a very long time. I try to knock the possibility that Alec may have had something to do with it. I don’t even want to think about his male slut ass.
Anyway, I’ve been so…great lately and when Max doesn’t like it, he is able to simply sweep in and moan a few sweet words and no matter how I really feel, I yield anyway.

I’ve slumped into the couch and my head is in my hands. I feel hot tears swimming to my lids. I don’t even want to work right now. I just want to go upstairs and try to get as much sleep as a girl with shark DNA can get.

I hear the door to break room open and footsteps. It’s Alec. I know because I can smell him. You sleep with someone long enough, you kinda get the details down. This makes is worse and I want to be invisible. If I look up, he’ll see the tears, if I stay down, he’ll still notice that something’s wrong. I don’t expect him to say anything either way. I’m willing to bet the he’ll ask as if he doesn’t even see me.
I hear the footsteps cease in front of me. I feel the warmth of his body. Close to mine meaning he’s pretty close to me. This makes me shiver, which I hate. I hate that he can affect me even when I hate his existence.

I feel his hands, soft and warm, one on my leg resting and one taking my hands from my face. I resist up until the point where I start to feel like a kindergartener clinging to my own face. I make an angry grunt, pulling my face up to look at him coldly, waiting to hear his purpose for bothering me in my moment of self-loathing.

“What’s wrong?” his voice is low, but full of concern. This sends me into mixed feelings. I’m not only shocked by his mere concern, but I’m shocked that he’d let it show. I angry that he makes me feel even more terrible about the decisions I’ve made in the past week.

“Nothing that you should be concerned about. Go talk to the walking Boobs outside, they’re probably still out there.” I finish this getting up ready to walk off.

“What?” He sound annoyed and perplexed my attitude. Clearly my brush off of his rare concern as stung a bit. Aww. Did I hurt your itty bitty ego? He takes a grasp on my wrist, halting my movement without applying any pressure. Sending cool shivers through me that only infuriates me more. Damn him.

When I stop and turn to look at him, he levels me with a look before raising his eyebrow, in curiosity.
“You’re pissed because of those girls?” I don’t know if it’s a question or an answer. I could a rat’s ass, I’m denying it anyway.
I scoff in response. I can’t of any other defense other of a childish, ‘nuh uh!’
He rolls his eyes, exasperated.
“In case I need to remind you Liz, you are the one that ‘couldn’t do this any more’.” He says this so matter-of-factly that I want to slap him; also because he’s got a damn good point, “Not to mention that you’ve got and have had a boyfriend the whole time.” After he says this, he sigh heavily like he knows he just made it worse. This is a true statement. He did make it worse.

“Why don’t you get over yourself,” I’m ending this argument. I don’t want to talk about my feelings involving what Alec does or Alec in general anymore, “What makes you think that my bad mood has anything to do with you or anything that you do?” My voice is colder than I intended for it to be. I barely recognize it.

Alec looks down and is silent for a moment before commenting flatly, “Sorry I misunderstood it.” And walking back to the front. I stand there for what seems like an hour. In reality, it was only a few minutes, before I hear the back door widen. When I walked in, I noticed that I wasn’t shut, but I didn’t shut it. I see Michael walk in cautiously, looking back and forth slowly from me to the door in which Alec disappeared.
After a minute, he shrugs lightly.

“So, you and Alec?”



Okay, so was that too much. In anycase for those who didn't get or something. Liz was just spazing out cuz she's having a terrible day. Alec was just there to take it out on. ...LEAVE FB!!

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Hey guys!! I'm back sooner than I intended to be with the new part!!! It's as long as the last one so I hope you guys enjoy it in it's entirity.

And now, on to those responses...

binxter, I love Michael too...and yep, there might be alittle lovin between Brin and Michael... she might tell King Shit-Face
and Maria where to go sooner than you think....just not in this chapter though.

elfangel01, Liz and Alec will get back together...I can't say that they'll stay that way for too long. We still got a plot to this you know? I can say that this is 100% Xtremer insured! :D

polar vixen, I'm happy that you'll still readingand loving :oops: I'm still writing and loving :D Denial is the word of the week for Liz, and she'll realize the difference between the two guys pretty soon. I made an A/N earlier about the timeframe of DA in this. It's anywhere before Designate This. So, I let you guess on what grounds Alec and Brin are there.

mrsjbehr, Oh yeah, she will.... :wink:

WomanofMystery, I gotta stop reading you FB, I always make an ass of myself in front of alot of people, breaking out in laughter out of the blue :oops: Yeah Liz and Alec have been at it for a while. I just wanted to skip things ahead a few weeks so I can continue with the plot. Max pissed me off when he took off to LA too! :x I was always hoping Liz find someone new in that timeframe. In this story, I have the power to do so :twisted:

orphyfets,Alright, alright, I'm back I'm back....see? I'm so flattered by your compliments :oops: somehow, I never thought this would be all that good. Just a way of getting thoughts out.

Roswell Slayer, Well, this part is actually alittle longer than the last part. So I hope you enjoy that. Yeah, she'll have someone to talk about it with now. Even though Michael won't be the only one....THere is alot more hope for Liz and Alec....

Ellie, *shudder* don't even get thinking on Max/Maria breeding. it would be the end of the world, indeed :shock: Yeah they both do deserve monogomy, but sadly enough, they won't be able to enjoy it for a while. jus dropping a hint.

Zevrillion, if it isn't All Merciful One... Another update my lord. :wink:

rachelg224, I'm so happy that you love this :oops: Liz will be dumping Max and getting with Alec soon, don't worry.

Calinia, *shakes head shamefully* you don't think you can just leave without saying goodbye and come back leaving FB that's like a page long and suddenly be back in my heart do you? DO YOU? If're very much correct :D I've never blushed so hard at a FB in my life. I guess cuz it was from one of the Best Xtreme writers I've read....It means a lot coming from you considering your stories(and Littlebit's) got me hooked on Ros/DA crossovers in the first place.

I think the more important question is how Brin will react to Liz and Alec's relationship. And oh, Liz will definitly break the cycle. That cycle sucks a big one. You smell that too? Yep, it does reek of Micheal and Brin in here.... :? I'm so flattered by your praise of my make-out-and-so-much-more scenes, I never really thought I'd be good at writing such stuff. I blush quite easily :oops: Yeah, Alec was pretty understanding about the whole breaking it off thing...I wonder why? it kinda has something to do with why he's here in the first place. And Naw, Michael is so *not* a nark. :? Oh and I didn't like Isabel telling Alex that either on the show. I just wanted to put Isabel in a more understandable role. I kinda like he character...
Dammit Kat, how are we ever going to get to the story.... :lol:

bluebear01, Liz, is lacking in the brain area lately, or maybe it's just on overload, y'know. she'll regain some common sense soon...

*sighs heavily, wiping sweat from forehead* Screw going to the gym. I'm exhausted. I enjoyed replying to all guys though. And also,(because music is such an major part of my life and inpiration,) I just wanted to give a little insight of what this story is named after. It's a song called "Afterglow" by Garbage. I always listen to music while typing, and this song was on when I was writing the first chapter....It really relates to Liz, I think, plus it's a great flippin song :D

And On with the Chapter.....


Chapter 9

I swear my heart has stopped beating. I feel faint and dizzy. Michael’s looking at me torn between being amused by my reaction to his realization and worried. I slouch down to the couch and cover my face with my hands, letting out a sigh of complete hopelessness. I guess there’s no point in ending it all now, Michael knows, in turn, Max knows.

Through my fretting, I hear a very faint chuckle come from Michael. I take a peak at him from between my fingers to see him shaking his head in amusement. I lower my hands and give him a death glare.
“What are you laughing at? Is my misery just that damn amusing? If it is, then by all means, laugh it up.” I let my hands fall to my lap in a hard slap. Michael chuckles grow to a silent hysteric. If I wasn’t so shocked by the sight of Michael laughing of all things, I might want to slap him. I hate men.

“You,” he responds sobering up, “don’t be so dramatic, Parker.” He walks to a near chair and plops down, getting the last of his snickers out. All I can do is stare at him. At this point, I’m very confused. He’s not yelling or being an ass or being…Michael. He apparently reads my confusion and explains further.

“Look, it’s none of my business,” he throws up his hands in a surrender type of way, “not what I expected, but never the less, none of my business.” He shakes his head in aftershock amazement.

“How is it none of your business? You just found out that your best friend’s girlfriend is cheating on him.” I give him a look like he’s suppose to just get the point. He gives me a look that says the exact opposite.

“First of all, I didn’t just find out and secondly, I was kinda waiting for the day when you’d wake up.” He’s so casual, like I’ve been aware of his take on things all along. Wait, he didn’t just find out?

“What do you mean ‘you didn’t just find out’?” I’ll address the whole ‘waking up’ statement later…

“Well, I’ve known for some time now. It wasn’t very hard to guess. It was confirmed that day you locked yourself in the bathroom for like forty-five minutes. When you started to walk to the front, I had a peek in. Alec was in there.” I simply stare at him. How could I have been so reckless? I mean, granted I’m not like an professional cheater or anything, but still.
He seems to have read my expression.

“Hey, like I said, Parker, I don’t care. As long you keep ‘our’ issues out of it, I’m cool.” He makes a gesture around us as to show what ‘our’ is.

“Our issues out of what?” My head snaps towards the door to see Kyle walk in briskly. Casual as Michael. Goddamn it. That could’ve been someone else. Like Max or Maria. I really need to be more careful. It’s like I’m getting caught more when I’m not doing anything.

“Liz is doing Alec.” I glare at Michael’s bluntness and let out a heavy sigh. Goddamn it!
“The cook, Alec?” he points to the front shocked, raising an eyebrow at me.
“No, the post man Alec.” If I wasn’t mortified, I’d laugh at Michael’s sarcasm. I was thinking the same thing.

Kyle looks at me like I’ve grown a second head.
“Whoa…Liz... really?” he then breaks into hysterics. I’m still confused as to what is so funny. I’m getting angry. I’m still relieved that know one seems to be hating me, but they’re making fun of me and I don’t know what soooo amusing.
“Michael…” I groan this out in frustration returning my head to my hands. They’ve become glued to each other.

“What? Michael can know but I can’t? Wow…that hurts.” He points at his chest.
“Michael wasn’t supposed to know either.” I throw him an evil look. He simply shrugs. Did I mention that I hate the goddamn shrug?

“Don’t be so dramatic, Liz.” What’s wrong with these guys? I am not being dramatic.

“Since when?” Kyle asks suddenly.
“Since when what?” I’ve gotten all off track.
“Since when have you and Alec been…doing the nasty?” Doing the nasty? Michael also scoffs at Kyle’s word usage.

“Welcome to an adult conversation, man.” This time, I can’t hold in a snicker that comes out. Kyle simply ignores him. Looking at me for the answer. Kyle is now seated in a nearby chair. Both are now staring at me. I look from Michael to Kyle and realize, that I’m about to embark in girl talk with these two seemingly manly macho guys. I break a smirk. Not feeling too terrible about myself anymore. Kyle and Michael’s apparent queerness is much more amusing.

“Are you serious?” I still can’t believe that they seem completely a-okay with the entire idea. What the hell is going on here? Where are my mega-paranoid pals?
They don’t respond. They genuinely want to know.

“Okay…about a month…until about a week ago…and we didn’t ‘do the nasty’….why are you guys so okay with this?” I roll my eyes at the ‘do the nasty’ part. I want to know exactly why they’re being so…cool.

They both shrug and I don’t necessarily hate it this time. Kyle speaks first.
“I guess we felt like you needed something…away from Evans. You haven’t seemed all that…happy I guess. Wait, until about a week ago? What happened? He’s an asshole isn’t he? You want me to kick his ass?” I smile at his concern. And the fact he thinks he can kick Alec’s ass. Oh Kyle…

“He’s not an ass- well yes, he is an asshole, but that’s not why. It case everyone’s forgotten, I’m with Max. I love Max,” I’m instantly annoyed by their exchange of looks, “I can’t just continue to cheat on him. It’ll crush him. And I just don’t think that a nice piece of meat is worth all that.” I roll my eyes at Michael and Kyle’s disgusted looks at my reference of Alec to a nice piece of meat.

“Alright then, Parker. Whatever you say.” They both look slightly disappointed in me. I feel kind of guilty. Like I’ve just lied through my teeth. Maybe because you did… I mentally slap that voice right out of my thoughts.

“Anyway, you’re talking about me, what’s up with you and Brin?” I raise my eyebrow and he looks up like a deer in headlights. I need to get all this heat off of me. Quick. Kyle looks even more interested.

“Whoa, dude, she’s hot. There’s something going on with you two? Man, how come I can’t hook up with some hot new girl? This just isn’t fair.” He throws his hands in the air and leans back, shaking his head.

Michael gives me a look. “Nice avoidance trick…even though I invented it.” I simply smile.
“And you gave wonderful lessons I might add. But don’t change the subject. You. Brin….Maria?” I raise another brow at this. It’s nice to have a break from the brooding of Alec. Me. And Max. At Michael’s expense of course.

“There is no Maria,” He says flatly, leaning back, “Even if there was something with me and Brin.” I am by far shocked. She was just saying earlier how she thinks Michael is cheating on her.

“What do you mean, ‘there is no Maria’?”
“I mean, we’re not together anymore. She broke up with me last night. I think she’s with Billy, now. Either way, I don’t know if I even care.” I suddenly feel bad for Michael and place a hand on his back. I realize that this is the closest and deepest conversation Michael and I have ever had.

“Sorry, man. She’s been going over the deep end anyway.” Kyle pats on the back in that way that guys do when they want to comfort.

“Wait, I just talk to her earlier. She didn’t seem to think you guys were broken up. She thinks you’re cheating on her. Are you sure she was serious?” I’m immediately wondering why I’m defending her. I feel awful about the entire situation.

“Oh, she was serious. Maybe, she didn’t get her own damn memo.” There’s a lace of bitterness in his voice that makes me feel worse. I offer him a sympathetic expression. He shrugs it off in his discomfort.

“It’s cool. I feel like it was going to happen sooner or later. We…uh haven’t been that good lately, anyway. Sometimes, you just gotta know when to let go, ya know.”

That sentence struck me. Stabbed right in that part of my heart and brain that doubts and generally argues with the part of me that has been making the decisions lately. Doubting whether instead of letting Alec go, it was supposed to be Max. Sometimes you just gotta know when to let go…

It runs through my head like a mantra despite my desperate attempts to shake it off. Leave it to Michael to say something so profound and thought provoking accidentally and in the form of one sentence. I am broken from my muse to find both Kyle and Michael staring at me.


“Liz, don’t stay with Max just because it’s…comfortable or convenient. Not because it’ll hurt him, okay, cuz he’s a bag of douche at this point in life, but because it’ll hurt you.” Kyle’s words are completely sudden and they take me off guard. Michael has a look of complete agreement. I give them both a look of indignation.

“I’m not with Max because it’s convenient. Or comfortable for the matter, cuz I gotta tell you, it’s not either sometimes.” I don’t know why I’m on the defense. Kyle and Michael are giving me a look before finally giving up.

“Alright, Parker. Whatever you say.” Why does he keep saying that? They both get up to leave and Kyle gives me a pat on the shoulder.

“Just think about it, alright?” He says this and then they both depart. What’s with people leaving me profound words of insight and then turning to leave. It’s such a cliché.


I’ve been laying in bed for the last three hours. I don’t why I expected to get some sort of sleep. It’s a quarter to four and all I can do is think of Alec. Big surprise there, huh?

I just… well, I don’t know what it exactly is that I just. I only know that it is heavily revolved around Alec. Before I realize what I’m doing, I’ve put on clothing and am now climbing down my fire escape. When I hit the streets, I began to walk. To where, I don’t know. I’m sure my limbs have a better idea.

It’s cold and the wind is blowing very hard. I pull my jacket tighter around my body as I approach what I recognize as Brin and Alec neighborhood, a.k.a., Max and Isabel’s neighborhood. Strange huh? I walk right past Max’s house as Alec’s come into view. My blood starts to race as I think over the possibilities as to why I’m here. Something to tell Alec when I knock on his door, since I know that’s what I’m going to do anyway.

Uh…I’m here to…uh……shit! Come on, think! You’re getting closer! I…uh…just wanted to see some notes for Economics, from Brin. I just wanted to tell you that…uh…I know it said that you were off tomorrow…but you actually work, isn’t that funny? I hate myself, I’m a loser. It’s just Alec, I don’t even like him. This is my last thought as I hear the door being unlocked and Alec’s half dressed form comes into view. Hmmm…half dressed…whoa, down girl…
“Liz, are you okay? It’s four in the morning.” He doesn’t look like he was sleeping. He just looks worried. As he’s waiting for me to say something, I skim through all my previous thoughts as to why I’m here and simply stop on one.

“I….I don’t even like you.” I say this in such a rush that I can’t halt myself before the sentence is out. God kill me please. He raises a brow, about to retort in some way much more clever then my previous statement.

Before he can utter a single response, I jump up and clamp my mouth over his, pulling him to me with a hand. I suppose I’m using a little unnatural force, but he doesn’t seem fazed. An arm is snaked around my waist pulling me to him. Our bodies mesh together as he pulls me inside and shuts the door. By this time, both arms are wrapped tightly around his neck as he lifts me off the ground. I enclose my legs around his waist as a smooth yet, strong hand skims under my shirt and over my back igniting leaving a trail of goosebumps. I can’t help but shiver, wondering how I could end all of this in the first place. We began to walk backwards before his knees buckle against the side of the couch and we both tumble down on it. I make sure to still be attached to him, as my hands glide from his bare shoulders to his bare chest he abruptly pulls away.

“What are you doing?” there’s a tone I’ve never heard before. It’s so much softer, which is something I’m not used to in such a situation with Alec. Plus the question throws me way off. I give an obvious look. Clearly, we’re in the middle something that doesn’t need stupid questions like that. He reads off my look. Offering his own exasperated look.

“No, I mean what are you doing…here?” he motions to our current state of passion. He’s referring to the fact that this isn’t supposed to happening anymore. I refuse to let the guilt or rationality of anything rip me out of this dazed state, though. I want Alec now.

“I don’t know, I know I want to…need to.” I breathe out the words resting my forehead against his. Before I can finish the last syllable, his lip crash with mine, making me moan into his mouth. I’ve never had Alec like this before. You know, all breathless and worried. He usually is in control, and demanding. It only makes me more turned on, at the fact that something has changed. Making me want more. More of his touch, his kisses, his everything.

I grunt in disapproval as he breaks the kiss to remove my shirt. As soon as it’s discarded in a corner somewhere, his mouth attaches to the valley of my breast, kisses, licking, and sucking. Leaving marks I’m sure. I don’t care anymore. I can’t care anymore. I can only feel. My skin feels hot and is sparked even hotter when I feel his lips enclose around one of my nipples. I bit my lip in fighting a raspy moan. I don’t know why I’m fighting, we’re not in Crashdown somewhere.

His hand fondles with the other breast and I feel like I’m going to lose it at this moment, arching my back to his face and hands. Grabbing his hair, I pull him to meet my lips. Our kisses are deep and long. As one hand twists a nipple between his fingers, his other hand skims to my back and dips lower to my ass, squeezing it and pushing me into his arousal. He bites my bottom lip at the pressure, making me moan, loudly. The hand that was on my ass, slips to the front and begins fondling with the zipper of my jeans, wrenching it down. I suck in a sharp breath when I feel his hands on me, warm and soft. He cups me for a second before sliding a finger up to my clit and rubbing lightly, knowing just how to make me moan the loudest. He is not disappointed when he swallows them in a ferocious kiss. He does this for only a minute before using both hands to yank, or more tear, my pants off my body. I lift my hips to assist him and when I lean up, he takes a breast into his mouth. Biting lightly. When they are off, I am suddenly pulled by my legs until I’m flat on my back and Alec is hovering over me, a leg in each hand. He kisses me deeply, trailing the outline of my bottom lip with his tongue. He then, rains kisses all over me. Kissing a hot trail of arousal until he begins kissing up the backs of my thighs, my legs still in his grasp. I’m already ready to explode by the mere sensations of it all by the time I feel his lips on the juncture between my groin and my leg. I jump when he bites there, making me shiver.

I feel one of his hands slide up and down my thigh only to stop at that juncture. He slides a finger into me smoothly. I don’t even recognize the moan that escapes my lips at the sensation. I can’t seem to bate the extreme fire I feel coursing through my veins when I feel the soft wetness of his tongue on me. I almost jump off the couch. I’ve never felt this sensation before and at the feeling, I instinctively use one hand to grip the side of the couch and the other to grip his hair, pushing him further, yet holding him completely still. I’m whimpering and arching shamelessly as he drives me into a white hot oblivion with his mouth and fingers alike. When I feel the tingling of a approaching climax, I fold my legs further as if to give him more access, taking quick breaths. As if he knows I’m close, he takes my clit into his mouth and sucks hard while taking my hand from his head and entwining my fingers with his own. I feel my orgasm crash into me and feel as if I’m being washed away with the waves of it.

When the last tremors pass, I’m breathing heavily when Alec crawls up my body in languid, catlike movements. When he reaches my chest, he kisses the rest of the way to my neck, my jaw, then, my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck as his kisses me, igniting repeated arousal. I let go of his neck long enough shove down the sweats he’d been wearing, letting him kick them off. When I see the full extent of his arousal, my heart begins to race and my blood thickens with want and anticipation. I reach down to touch him and when I grasp him, he’s hard, hot, and smooth. He takes a sharp intake of air. I can’t help the uncharacteristic, throaty chuckle that escape my lips. Trill shoots through me as I give him a squeeze and he grunts capturing my lips brutally. I close my eyes and moan loudly, as he bites my lip, as he enters me with a single smooth thrust. He fills me completely and can’t help but feel… whole. Like for this moment, everything’s is just fine. My breath hitches at the feeling and when I open my eyes, he’s looking down at me, unmoving. I am once again reminded of how intense his green eyes are. I lift up to kiss him and he begins to move within me. I roll my hips to meet his thrusts as I let my head fall back in a husky moan. I feel his breath on my neck, hot and heavy. I’m shivering as I feel that waited feeling in my gut, spiraling up to complete me. I start to tremble and convulse as Alec slows down, riding me through it. I let out a cry and jerk forwards to bite him on his shoulder hard. The taste of blood in my mouth as I come down from that orgasm only to be prompted for another one. I capture his lips in mine and wrap my legs around him, bringing him closer, deeper into me. I’m burning again, ready to explode all over again. He pace is increasing, the tip of him hitting my cervix. I yelp as shocks of pleasure radiate through me, it’s enough to have me on the verge of crashing again. I began to tremble at the exact same time that Alec does. He digs a hand into my hair pulling me to his lips, while the other hand grips my hips. The roughness of it transforms my tremors and moans into convulsions and cries. He makes a horse groan into my mouth, as I feel him jerk, I hold him tighter as the waves crash through us both, rocking together.

It seems like over and hour when our breathes calm down. We’re still wrapped together, on that couch, when I feel sleep threatening to take hold of my consciousness. We don’t say anything, we just lay, slipping off into unconsciousness.

My last thought before everything went blank was that I was no longer confused about what exactly I needed to do…whenever I’d be able to walk again. I had made my choice.


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