Shadows (DA,XO,UC,TEEN) - 06/22 - {Complete}

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Shadows (DA,XO,UC,TEEN) - 06/22 - {Complete}

Post by Hotaru » Wed Jun 22, 2005 5:29 am



Cienie (Shadows)
Author: Hotaru
This story was translated by Amara and it was posted originally in two places:Komnata Hotaru and Forum Roswell.
Rating: TEEN
X-tremer (Alec/Liz), Ben/Liz.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or Dark Angel or characters from these shows. Only an imagination and words are mine... mine... mine... except some phrases (Sean rules!).
Summary: Standalone. Before and during Roswell's prom and during DA's 'Love among the runes'.

After Biggs's death Alec is desperate and bitter and he wants to deal with his feelings towards his twin. He went to Roswell to meet X5 - 854. She met Ben before he killed innocent people, she is one of traitors from 09... and probably she is the one person who can say something good about Ben.

AN: This short story came true when I was ill. Some thoughts may astonish you but I decided don't change it... This story is very special for me so don't blame my dirty mind...

Alec was never a good, nice boy. You could tell anything about him, except for that. Of course he was nice occasionally, sometimes he acted during his missions, however he never felt the need to be like that ... until he met Liz. Until he waited in a dark corner in Roswell, waiting for her to tell him Ben's story.

Ben ... everything he'd been through in Manticore was because of him, he learned not to feel positive emotions when he was thinking about his brother. Dammit, six months in PsyOps with sympathetic transgenics was "nice". Anything he could tell about his feelings towards his twin brother, to describe them ... it would start with anger and it would end with anger. Not that anyone asked him about it, maybe except from Max or Joshua, they did ask. It was when Max told him about Ben, what was he like in Manticore, that the source of Alec's anger was his friend's dead body, hanging on the gate. That he felt guilty because he stayed in Manticore and he survived. Manticore took away things precious to him, but he survived.

So he packed his belongings and left the city. When he was out of the state, going as far as it was possible from the place that reminded him of who he was, he dared to dial Max's number.

It was surprising, how their relationship had evolved during the last months. When he first heard about the breeding program, he have thought that Max would ever be his co-worker and a good friend. A friend who wouldn't ask why he left, just give him the information he needed.

Full address, name, photo. Data precious as life. If anyone overheard them, the girl would be dead by now. Alec prayed to any good powers to keep an eye on transgenics tonight. They knew, how important it was to them lately.

New Mexico, Roswell, Crashdown, Elizabeth Parker. Tiny brunette, so perfect, as if it was just destined for her. One of his twin's "sisters", who ran from Manticore on that night in 2009 under Zack's command. The only one who could tell him something about Ben, something good from the time after the escape. He took this chance, this small hope, that there was good in Ben, and he ignored Max's tone when she talked about 854.

When he didn't tell Logan about the character of his and Max's relationship, Max began to trust him more. Sometimes she mentioned something about her 'siblings'. When he heard that 854 met Ben four years ago, he listened carefully. But Max didn't know much. what Zack had told her before Manticore was blown up - that 854 and 493 were together for a week after they... met in New Mexico, and then drifted apart to find a safe shelter. 854 was the youngest of the escapees, she should be 18 by now. He heard that she was the hardest to find from all the escapees, she was someone who was buried so deeply in free society, that it was difficult even for Zack to find her.

He could only thank Zack for telling Max who this girl was.

When he saw a big board greeting tourists in Roswell, he started to wonder, what the hell is he was doing here. The green alien smiled at him almost mischievously. But it was too late to back down.

He drove his motorbike through dark streets. His enhanced sight scanned the streets, trying to find the small restaurant. But it wasn't a big Crashdown neon who caught his eye.

It was her.

He stopped the machine in a safe distance from the cafeteria. From the time he felt how people hate transgenics, he didn't want to put her in danger. After all this years, and many sacrifices, he wanted her to keep the freedom she fought for.

She was beautiful, so perfect that she couldn't be created by nature. Brown waves falling over her shoulders, which held an enormous strength, her girlish figure covered by a dark shirt. Her chocolate eyes smiling to a young blonde man, who was making fun of her and throwing fries up. But there was something in her smile, in the look of her face, that made him regret not listening to Max carefully when she was talking about 854.

She was suffocating. She existed day after day, not feeling life, and it was controlling her. Whatever it was, it was present in her smile, in the look on her face, darkening her eyes as she was sitting by the table, apparently having fun.

He decided to wait. A small part, hidden so deep inside of him that he didn't know even existed, wanted to be nice to that girl, respect her life, even if it suffocated her. Dammit from all the creatures on this world, he should know that nothing good comes from interfering into someone's life. So he just sat on his bike in a dark corner, which made him invisible, his eyes never leaving hers. He stayed like that for hours.

He didn't know what was the source of this desire to be nice to that girl. After everything he had been through in Manticore, the time after the escape was the worst, the worst of all the years he had spend there. He should be angry with her for all the things and the pain he experienced. But this part that wanted, also for the first time in his life, to be nice without a reason was telling him that whatever happened with 854 she had already paid a huge price. And seeing the shadows in her smile, he started wondering if the price wasn't too high.

The hours were passing by. 854 said goodbye to the blonde man, who got into his funny car, and then she put green antennas on her head and started to help in a crowded diner. Her moves were soft, sensuous, she didn't even notice other men's glances.

Soon all the guest left, and two other people were helping in cleaning. Then someone appeared, a man who was treating 854 like a daughter. So it wasn't just a perfect shelter. But why had her smile vanished after she closed the door behind the two teenagers?

He waited till the street was empty and then he came closer to the Crashdown. She was sitting by the bar, her forehead rested on the counter. Consciously he knew that something wasn't right.

He lifted his hand to knock on the door. She moved her head, like she had felt his look. He looked into her eyes and when he saw they were wide with shock he felt relieved that there wasn't any sign of fear or panic. After all the bad things Ben did, his siblings still loved him.

She approached him slowly and opened the door slightly, so the alarm wouldn't activate. He slid easily in, standing just a few centimeters from her.

He was absorbing her scent, learning her face by heart. The shadows in her eyes disappeared for o moment, exiled by this strange expression. An expression which he saw everytime he looked in the mirror.


Her perfect lips formed into a shaky smile.

"You must be twins."

No you had to be twins, just must, he realized.

Almost against himself, he touched the small scar on her left brow. Max had told him that Ben met Liz while he was breaking into someone's house. They fought. This scar, the only mark on this perfect creature, that was something she had in common with a crazy killer.

"Nobody told you?" he whispered, feeling as if his voice was his own enemy, it sounded so coarse. She nodded slightly and confirmed his suspicions. She stepped back, glaring into the darkness. She was looking for something.

"Let's get out of here. Who sent you?" she asked quietly, just as he did earlier. He couldn't help but smile. She truly was an X5. Amusement - reaction - action - questions. He pulled him outside, and then into the shadows of the street. She knew every corner of this city so following her was the best decision.


A sincere smile lit up her face. Fascinated by this sudden change he almost forgot to stop when they reached his bike. She stared with jealousy when she saw his motorcycle. He handed her a helmet.

She hesitated for a second. An then she agreed with a mischievous smile on her face.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

He was observing the school building in silence.

Becauseshe was inside.

854. Quiet, extraordinary girl, who was a secret for him. For the first time in his life he wanted to understand what what another person was thinking ... He had to know. He started to pull the right strings, to strike right chords.

But still he didn't know which one destroyed the melody. The few days spent in Roswell made him want to know more. But Elizabeth wouldn't tell him more, more than she was ready to. Not by words. But in her eyes, when she was looking at him .... there was something intimate, personal. She was fighting with not seeing Ben in him. But he was making it even harder.

And she was losing. He could see it. Feel it. It wasn't just his appearance. She observed his moves with desire in her eyes. She turned over hearing his laugh. She knew what his favorite things were without asking. Despite this she stepped back everytime he came close. Like a few days ago, when after midnight they broke into the bowling alley...

"If we get caught, you'll pay the bail!" she was climbing first. For a few seconds he could see her long legs in dark jeans. Unfortunately, there were only four floors so they got there quickly. The bowling alley was on the last one, and there were no windows. There was no chance that anyone would see them, but 854 was worried. Everything made her worry. That was sweet. But admiration disappeared when he thought cynically that he will get abscess from this.

He observed how Elizabeth quickly opened the lock in the dark. She had little, idle fingers. He wondered for a moment how idle these fingers were, but he pushed that thought away. It carried more daring thoughts. And today he didn't want to 'think' with his other head. He had a task to complete.

Elizabeth didn't say much about Ben. He could tell more from the way she was treating him. She was leaving him confused as he had never been before. She balanced between amusement and irritation, indulgence mixed with tenderness and an almost silent, dark hate. She was intriguing him and attracting him at the same time.

It would be against his nature not to notice her problems. The shadows in her eyes were something more than problems with her boyfriend. It was something deeper, darker. It suffocated her. And he would help her breathe again.

'I sound as pathetic as Max' - he laughed. But he really wanted to help. It wasn't just the will to care for another person. He wanted to protect Elizabeth. Before now... how many people had heard this from him?

He could count with the fingers in one hand.

Each of those people were hurt in some way. So maybe helping 854 wasn't a good idea.

He turned the machine on and looked at her for a while. She was nervous.

"You have never been bowling?!" he asked rhetorically. That was obvious.

She shook her head.

"I'll teach you!" he said, wondering what the hell he was doing. It was stronger than him, this desire to see a faint blush on her face. Elizabeth was shy almost all the time. "But first I'll bring something to drink."

"Uh... the bar is there"

He rolled his eyes.

"Hey don't treat me like this guy with donkey ears!"

She flushed again and he observed it with pleasure.

"Max doesn't have donkey ears!"

"But I wasn't talking about him. You said it!" He smiled deceptively. He loved to pick up her words.

She sat on the chair with resignation., waving her legs loosely. She looked like a child. Maybe beer wasn't a good idea.

"Chill out!" he smiled at her terrified face when she understood what they would be drinking. "What's the use of having a faster metabolism if we can't use it?"

"What's the limit for X5s?"

"If you take a bath in beer..." he stopped before he understood what he was saying. It was this picture of 854's idle hands that was in his mind. Sometimes being a guy sucked.

She opened her mouth slightly in amusement. He took his chance. He leaned and tasted her soft lips. She didn't step back at the beginning, giving him permission for everything.

And suddenly she broke the kiss.

"Don't do this!" she shook her head.

"Why?" He dipped his hand in her hair, not letting her step back. He could hear her heart beating fast, her hot breath on his skin. But she was still stepping back.

"We shouldn't" she moaned.

"That's not an answer." He moved back He sat down on the nearest chair and looked at her calmly.

"That was a test, right?" she asked after a while. He didn't need to nod. He wanted to be sure ... but the result was more than he expected. It wasn't just Evans.

"I have this theory..."

"I can't stop you from sharing it with me, right? You are not a person who beats about the bush ..."

"You and me ... we are two different people."

She blinked in amusement.

"That ... is a very revealing theory."

He lifted the glass to his lips, observing her carefully before asking.

"But if it's true why do I feel so much when I look at you?"



Why did she feel guilty? Why didn't she want to have anything to do with the opposite sex of her own kind? He knew that they weren't designed to be with other X5s... but this was strange. It wasn't a point of view. It concerned feelings.

Guilt? Maybe. What happened back then. What Ben did to her? Did he ...?

He froze, realizing where his thoughts were taking him.

"For example me and you .. the differences. Back in Seattle ... this city, the people ... they look at me and have this look on their faces: it's this crazy playboy Alec, I wonder who will be next? What is he up to? It suffocates me. This role I have created. Inside of this smart-alec lives a genetically empowered guy, who has no idea how to build bounds... and I can't think about my brother without feeling anger or hate. But you... when you look at me... I don't feel like I did in Seattle. And this whole thing with Evans... I was observing you. You are not together, you're not a couple ... but you won't even talk to Sean without worrying about what Evans will think. But the truth is you don't need his permission. You are suffocating. We both are."

He lifted the bowl and threw it. He missed. All the green creatures were still standing.

"But there is something more, right?" he lifted the second bowl and gave it to her, he looked at her with questioning eyes. She lowered her eyes but took the bowl.

"Step. Step. Step. Step. Stroke. Throw!"

This time it its destination.

"Not bad, 854."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Alec broke off his thoughts and came back to reality. The memory of last evening didn't solve the mystery.

Elizabeth ... what did Ben do to her? Why didn't she mention those three days she spent with his brother? She talked about their childhood, what he was like as a teenager ... and everytime her story stopped at the same moment, on Sunday. And Ben left on Wednesday. Why, when his mind was functioning properly?

Suddenly he heard shoes tapping on the floor. Someone was running, as fast as a light. There was only one person who matched to this. Elizabeth.

The look on her face, on the face of a soldier, without emotions, made him hold his breath. She was looking at him, but she didn't see him. She started to walk, so he approached her. She turned her head slightly.

"Can you take me somewhere?" it wasn't her voice, but that of a small, scared girl. Tears were gathering in her eyes, daring to fall down. In the split of a second the facade was gone. He breathed with relief. She wasn't scared to show her emotions in front of him, she didn't consider him as an enemy. Until that moment he hadn't realized just how much he'd been waiting for that.

He turned to the center of city, but he changed his mind. No, his hotel wasn't a good idea. Maybe he didn't know too much about the real world, but he knew what people would think seeing her in her prom dress, in this shape ... he grit his teeth. It would be better for that bastard to not get in his way when he learned what happened to Liz.

He stopped in the shadows of a building. She lifted her head up and he could see that she was surprised.

"The bowling alley?" she smiled slightly. The smile was supposed to be ironic, but when her brain was sending the impulse to the muscles, they rebelled ... and she smiled. It wasn't a grimace, but a real grin which directly reached his heart. "It's still open." She added, as if that made the bowling alley a bad place to stay.

"That's even better ..." he smiled, taking off his helmet and helping her get off the motorcycle. It wasn't necessary, but he liked it. He liked to touch her, even to act like a gentleman.

"Why?" she was still smiling and he wondered how big was her sense of humor. Her balance was fragile ... but she was an X5, beautiful, strong not only physically, but also emotionally. She just needed an impulse, to get out of this suffocating cocoon.

"Because many people will see us."

She frowned.

"What do you have on mind?"

"Little, innocent Lizzie Parker ... instead of being at the prom she is having fun in suspicious places with a very suspicious, gorgeous guy, who makes Sappho's daughters change their orientation ..."

She didn't manage to keep her face serious. She gave him a cuff in the arm.

"Your ego is just huge."

He smiled mischievously and blinked, then leaned above her arm. He stepped into her private space on purpose, she knew this but she didn't want to let him win. 494 was Max's opposite and he made her forget about the alien king. That was .. surprisingly nice.

"Not only my ego..." he murmured. She wanted to roll her eyes but instead she raised up, her breath caressing his ear. Her lips were so close. So close... he closed his eyes, reviling in this.

She smiled wickedly after a while. It was when he realized what she did.

"And who is suspicious?" he teased walking up the stairs. Liz of course was before him, he had to take a chance. On the fourth floor he regretted that it was just a four-storied building. He would prefer a tower block.

The bowling alley was almost empty, there was only a bartender. He gazed at them enquiringly. Well. You don't expect to see such guests everyday. Two perfect people. And Liz's dress underlined her silhouette. She didn't miss the lesson on "How to dress to drive the opposite sex mad". He was sure she didn't miss a single word.

It turned out that Liz knew the bartender. He was a regular custumer of the Crashdown . She talked with him for a while and Brad - that was his name - gave them one hour free. He turned the machine and went to the back room, leaving them alone.

"You are definitely the most suspicious ..." he laughed, when she hit all the green figures at one time. She bent over. He swallowed when he noticed a shadow hidden under the dress. Perfect. Cool off.

"What can I say?" she sighed dramatically, when she took a second bowl and gave it to him. Their fingers touched insignificantly. "It's a gift. I can't control it!"

He laughed. Took a bowl and took a shot. To seconds later the bowl was sliding down the track ready to hit those green something. He had no clue who produced them. Maybe some bored guest from Roswell's social service.

"You know ... you are so different from Ben," she said. She sat on the track and wrapped her arms around her legs, leaving bowling for him. "I like to think that he would be like you, if things had turned out differently"

"A second Alec McDowell on this world? The world wouldn't bear it."

"He would be funnier!"

"So you think I am funny?" he approached her and leaned dangerously. But it's hard to scare an X5 with an expression, when there is a drop of amusement in it.

"Yeah." She grinned. He admired her smile.

"Grrr..." she growled. He took a step back, confused. Someone could think about Liz as a kitten, but this was more likely panther's DNA.

"What?" he asked surprised. She pursed her lips, acting like she was offended.

"You are looking at me like these orthodontists."

"Like who?"

"Orthodontists," she explained patiently. "The was a convention in Roswell. Some of them where dinning in the Crashdown, I was their waitress. They were fascinated by my perfect teeth, and they asked if I could show them..." she stopped. He was laughing madly, his hands resting on his stomach. "I'll give you..." she murmured angrily. Alec managed to evade her idle hands. Not so long ago in front of the bowling alley he experienced the strength of her touch. He preferred not to risk another one.

They were chasing each other. And because the trail was slippery, soon they stopped the chase and started to slide.

"So..." Alec sat near Liz, pretending to be tired. He wasn't tired at all, just the opposite. He felt alive. He didn't know if this was because of Liz, or the sliding. It wasn't important. It was good. "So why did you said that you would like Ben to like me?" he blinked at her smiling. She sighed.

"It is how you deal with your transgenic side. You are so confident. Confident of who you are."

He snorted. She was wrong ... or it led to something. She wouldn't make with a wrong sense of observation. What was it then?

"Ben didn't know which part of him came from Manticore and and which was transgenic. You don't have a problem with that. I don't have it either. It would be better for him if he had stayed in Manticore ... if he didn't escape, like me. His life would be a nightmare ... physical tortures and emotional. But he wouldn't have lost himself."

He was shocked. It was impossible what she was saying. Impossible. Her face, her designation ... she was a traitor. She escaped. She had to!

"Don't be so shocked ... I ran eventually. They caught me when we escaped for the first time, the second time they didn't. It was Renfro's bad idea. I was in PsyOps, in a different section. Two years of extra training and seeing - what was happening with other X5s. Jesus. I saw how they dealt with heat, when it appeared for the first time. I think it helped me. Renfro wanted to send me away, so Zack could find me, and the agents would catch him. You see, I was his replacement. But when I saw what happened with those girls ... it helped me to get out of PsyOps. When I was sent on my first mission, the first thing I did was warn Zack. I knew how to find him ... Lydecker taught us well. Zack told us to split up. Sometimes in couples. It was the only way to stay free. Of course Max still complains about this. She and the 'siblings' thing..." she murmured, but in her heart she thought that she just wanted to be with her kind. She couldn't refuse her that desire. Not now, when people didn't understand them at all. "But that's not the point. We removed the locators, got rid of the tail. The rest didn't know about my extra training ... and being with my own kind. I don't have this problem. I was using my instinct, or heart. But the problems in my life began when the ordinaries appeared."

He nodded. He knew precisely what is she talking about. After he regained freedom it was hard for him to adjust to living in the world, not because it was different - people were angry and stupid in Manticore and outside of it - it was because for the first time in his life he didn't know what to do. Transgenic instincts and military habits were useful in Manticore ... but outside it was otherwise. He didn't understand humans.

Liz lifted her head followed by following her instincts. Brad was back ... he appeared in the doorway five seconds later.

"Will you be staying here?" he asked.

"Yeah. Can you leave the keys?" he smiled. Alec observed fascinated how Brad agreed without hesitation and left. Apparently, 854 learned a few handy tricks.

"Ben... witnessed Syl's heat. I found him then. Ben ... I don't know why he was in Albuquerque. He was a novice when it comes to X5's heat. That was it. He just felt the pheromones..."

"Oh Christ ..." he murmured. He understood what she was saying. Every X5 male sooner or later experienced this. He leaned his head, something was gripping his throat.

"Nothing happened. I have two years of extra training, remember?" She asked calmly, gently touching his hair. He frowned. He hadn't realized that she had crossed his personal space. "I was carried by my instincts. I knocked them out and guarded for three days. But the damage had already happened. A beast woke up in Ben, even though he wanted to ignore it or fight it. He didn't understand ... his instincts. He thought that Manticore did that to him. Being a good soldier. Perfect soldier, a killer a machine without emotions. He didn't understand himself, he didn't have answers ... till then he hadn't seen any of us. Not even Zack" she ended the story silently, but didn't take her hand from his head.

He moved slightly and looked at her. She was also looking at him, but she wasn't seeing him. Only Ben. He was frustrated so he closed his eyes not to see this look. But it was in his mind whether he wanted it or not. With photographic memory it was hard to forget something.

He sighed and just lied down, and stared blankly at the ceiling. From everything he could have suspect, he never thought he would discover this. No Manticore, no genes, no murderers ... just not being with his own kind was the reason of Ben's downfall. He didn't know, didn't understand. He had no idea that their instincts were so strong that even the hardest training in Manticore couldn't take them away. Paradoxically, they escaped to protect Max from ending like Jack ... and because of this they lost Ben.

"Who knows about this?" he asked later, glaring at her. Elizabeth's head rested on his stomach, her hair was on his shirt .... he liked this.


"Zack knew," she admitted.

He sighed.

"Only him?"

Silence. He lifted his head and slid his hand down her neck, so her face would be close to his. She twitched feeling his fingers in the place where years ago her barcode was situated. Even now, after using the laser, that place was extremely sensitive.

"Does it hurt?" he murmured. She closed her eyes and nodded.

She opened them, when she heard the rustle of her dress. Alec was gently touching her spine, drawing shapes so softly, that it felt like illusion. Too pleasant illusion. Her body was burning up and relaxing, delighted by his touch.



"Stop," she murmured into his neck. He could feel the small movement of her jaw on his collarbone. She shivered when the warn breath of her words came back to her.

Her scent was different, he realized. Now he knew what she was talking about .... but he didn't know why. Was it because of Ben or Max?

He moaned, when she didn't respond. He closed his eyes and breathed in instead of with her scent. But it didn't help. This warm body, which he had been admiring for a few days, lying beside him, which he was touching ... and now her scent felt warm, hot, encouraging ... A simple touch of his hand turned her into a pulp. He shivered, imagining how she would react to more, much more. How would her voice sound calling out his name?

His hands touched hers warm softness, wanting to feel her bare skin instead of material. Unable to stop himself he slid his fingers by the edge of her dress. She murmured something between a silent permission or a moan, he wasn't sure. Her dress glanced of a little. There was no protest. Encouraged by this he softly slid his hand under the thin fabric, gently touching her soft skin. She moaned and arched in reaction to his touch.

Some cold cynical thought came through his mind, telling him to stop, before they went too far and instead of when there wouldn't be a chance to step back, but he ignored it. He didn't want to think about consequences. But he felt her toxicating scent and with contentment realized her excitement. He was sure that she didn't react so rapid to Donkey Ears. That human boy couldn't give her what she needed. Something he wanted to give her. In that moment, that place and that time, she wasn't Liz, she was 854 and she was his.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Alec couldn't deny that something was happening, Dammit, he already knew it when he felt his protective instincts take over him and fly out to her. Last night didn't help at all. It got even worse. The memory of her soft skin, being deep inside of her, that feeling that you belong to someone and that person shares that connection ... he swallowed hard, trying to regain balance.

Despite everything inside of him screamed that 854 was his and only his, he was leaving. He couldn't stay, things in Seattle weren't good. But he didn't want to go. He wanted to stay and convince her to go with him.

That stupid, cynical voice in his head sang, that he came here to find out what drove his brother to craziness, and meanwhile he got lost himself. And he didn't want to break from this shape.

She came out of the back room, with a soft shaky smile on her lips. He swept the wisp of hair falling loosely on her face, aside. It didn't matter what happened next, he'd already won. She could breathe again.

"Are you sure?" he asked uncertainly, trying to find the shadows in her eyes. They hadn't disappeared, some of them were deeper and darker than the others, but now he could also see light in her eyes. The shadows wouldn't disappear completely, some of them were created by Manticore, some were created by themselves. But as long as there was a sparkle of light and strength he could leave for Seattle without her.

She nodded shyly.

"It's not very wise, is it?" she murmured. "But I have a few things I need to deal with."

"I know." He sighed, pulling her into his embrace. The relationships in the group, between her friends were tense ... and there were the Parkers. How would she explain her departure to Seattle with a stranger?

OK, maybe not stranger, the knew each other on a level which her 'friends' had never imagined. But they were her friends. If there was a chance to stay with them for now, he couldn't deny her that.

He buried his face in her neck, breathing in instead of with her warm scent, which from the last night was mixed with his. He smiled lifting his head to kiss her. He loved that mixture, a delicate trace of his cologne, his own stronger scent and something, which he recognized as vanilla.

She caught this protective look, and she shivered. The memory of last night appeared in her mind and she saw it also in his eyes. The need which was her filling body, the need to possess him, filling her. His lips were marking her again and her hands climbed around the back of his neck . He made her shadows go back in, she could breathe again. How did this happen? She didn't know. But it felt ... good. Like coming back home. This feeling was still in her when, with a heavy heart, she watched him put his helmet on, get on his motorcycle, just to disappear in the lane.

She turned back to enter the Crashdown. Tonight she wasn't the only one who started to live again. Isabel stopped hiding, and got out from the shadows and turned to Alex. Maybe someday when she will left, with Maria and Alex, there would be someone, who they love. Who they belong to.

The End
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Just BUMPing this to the front, because this is an amazing story that people are not reading enough! :mrgreen:
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Roswell Slayer wrote:Just BUMPing this to the front, because this is an amazing story that people are not reading enough! :mrgreen:
:lol: Well, I have nothig against, I love FB but as you can see, readers are bad guys :wink: Sequel? Nope. Nothing like this. My muse went to traitor side.

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God may have created man before woman,
but there is always a rough draft before the masterpiece.

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