Lost Soul (X-Over Lost * Slash*ADULT) AN 2/10

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Lost Soul (X-Over Lost * Slash*ADULT) AN 2/10

Post by magikhands » Fri May 20, 2005 5:35 am

Title: Lost Soul
Author: magikhands
Rating: ADULT/ Slash/UC
Category: Crossover Lost/Roswell
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Lost or Roswell. I just love their men
Summary: Boone finds out the mystery behind the metal hatch that he and Locke found.
Warning: There are scenes of character deaths

AN: This is for Yelsir since he threw the idea out there one night during a chat. As I pondered the picture of these two men together and how in the world to get one on this island in the middle of nowhere, an idea formed. I do have to place a warning here for those who usually read my work. This is actually a story with angst, sex and a few surprises. I don't know how it will do on this board so fb is ALWAYS welcomed. This is my first X-over.


Chapter 1

Boone sat down on the piece of grassy ground and let out a sigh. He looked at the large metal hatch and shook his head. He didn’t think that they would ever get into it. He and Locke had been coming out here for over a week, digging and trying to find a way in, since they had found it. So far, without any major tools, they had gotten nowhere. No one else even knew it was out here. It was just their secret.

In the quiet of the woods, Boone heard a click from the metal near him and then a hissing noise. He jumped up and looked down at the hatch. They had found no handle to open it but suddenly it was starting to move, knocking the dirt free from it. Fear rushed through Boone as he looked around only to find that he was alone. Locke had gone back to the beach for some supplies. Determined to make progress today, Boone had said that he would stay behind and keep working with the meager tools that they had brought with them.

His fear increased as the hatch lifted more, the hissing sounding louder. Boone picked up the small shovel that they had made and held it ready, waiting for someone or something to emerge from the hatch. The metal stopped moving and the sound stopped. He stood there for several minutes and waited, his heart pounding wildly. He was a businessman, not a fighter. He rarely fought growing up in his pampered life and only since crashing on this damned island did he start learning to defend himself. He was tired of being the wuss and was determined to become tougher. But at that moment, his fear had his feet frozen to the ground. He could neither run nor move closer.

Boone held his breath and waited. There was no sound except for the normal sounds of the jungle. Taking a deep breath, he forced one of his feet forward. It felt heavy like lead but he managed to take step after step until he was right in front of the metal that lay in the ground. He stopped and waited, listening. Nothing moved, nothing sounded. He used the end of the shovel and gently pried the metal open, it moved easily.

Boone looked around again before bending down and pulling up on the hatch. He took a step back and raised the shovel, ready for whatever jumped out but nothing did. He stepped forward and cautiously peered down. He found a metal ladder on the side of the hole that led down into darkness. Boone stepped back and looked in the direction that Locke went back to the beach. He briefly wondered if he should wait for the other man to return.

But as he looked down into the blackness, Boone felt that he had to go and see what was down there. He felt drawn to it, as if something deep inside called to him. Beckoned him down to discover its mystery. It was as if the thing waited for him to be alone to disclose its secrets.

Taking a couple of supplies, including a flashlight he carried, Boone carefully started down the iron ladder. Halfway down, he had to turn on the flashlight but it was not very strong and did not penetrate far into the darkness but he kept on with his descent. When he finally reached the bottom, he carefully swept the light around him but he saw little. The temperature down here was a lot cooler than the moist heat outside. He didn’t know if it was the temperature change or the creepiness of the place that sent shivers through his body.

There was a loud clanking sound above him that made him look up. He watched as the hatch closed on it own and then a loud click sounded, indicating that it had locked back. Boone turned and took hold of one of the iron rungs with his hands and prepared to climb back up when dim lights turned on around him. He looked behind and found also that a rainbow of color of lights lit; some steady while others flashed on what looked to be consoles.

Boone let go of the ladder and slowly walked up to the console. The dim lights allowed him better view of where he stood and found that it was a large cavern. There were still corners that were filled with dark shadows and his eyes kept darting toward them, unsure if anyone or anything would jump out from them. He looked down at what looked like a control panel and found strange symbols etched on the metal however these glowed brightly up at him.

He looked up and watched as a black cone, the tip almost touching the ground, slowly lit. Boone gasped and stepped back from the strange contraptions. The cone had turned into a swirl of lights, a mixture of purple, white and black but that was not what gave him the shock. Inside the cone was a male curled up in a fetal position. The man had his back to Boone and all he could see was that he had long dark hair.

Boone felt pulled to the man that lay literally floating inside the strange object, the colors swirling around him. He was fascinated by how such a thing could happen. He stepped toward the device again, this time sidestepping the console so that he could stand right next to the cone. Boone looked up at the man. He looked young and he could see a tattoo on his right shoulder. There was a small upside down triangle in the middle with two swirls going in opposite directions around it. It looked a little like a rough drawing of a whirlwind pattern.

Thoughts of who this man was or rather what he was entered Boone’s mind. As he stood there observing quietly the figure, he ached to see the man’s face. Would he look human, is he human? Boone raised a hand and reached out. He didn’t know why but he felt as if he HAD to touch it. He feared yet anticipated what would happen when he touched it. He couldn’t describe what he was feeling. It was as if he was being led to do this.

When Boone’s fingers touched the smooth surface, he felt that it was vibrating. A hum filled the room but still he could not remove his hand. The vibration ran through his hand, up his arm and into rest of his body. He moaned at the sensations that it caused. It was a very pleasurable feeling and had to close his eyes. His breath quickened as the pleasure built inside. Another moan escaped his throat as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He’d never felt anything like this before.

Suddenly a bright light appeared, filling the cavern. The strange vibrations caused Boone to cry out as his pleasure exploded. His could no longer hold his weight causing him to fall to his knees, finally breaking contact with the device. His breath still labored, he opened his eyes and found that the man who had been floating in the cone now lie before him on the floor.

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Chapter 2

Post by magikhands » Mon May 23, 2005 5:23 am

As always, thanks for the fb guys :) Oh, and Scottie...you are special :P, now go check your email :wink:

Chapter 2

“Holy shit.” Boone whispered. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The man was still curled into a fetal position but he could clearly see that the man was alive, his body trembling.

Boone moved closer, still wanting to see his face. He moved so that he was on the other side of the body and what he saw made him freeze. The man was young, looking no older than 20 years old. He watched as the man’s body continued to tremble when his lips began moving. Boone bent down, trying to hear what the man said.

“They’re all gone.” He heard the man say in a very soft, harsh sounding voice. He could barely hear it but the man was saying it over and over again. Boone sat back up and saw that tears ran from his closed eyes.

Boone didn’t know what to do. He quickly looked around and saw a large cabinet across the room with a small cot nearby. The thought of how ordinary those things were for a place like this was fleeting in his mind. Boone rose on his still weak legs and rushed over to the cabinet. He flung open the door and found a lot of ordinary, everyday supplies. At the bottom, he saw a blanket. He plucked it from its place and went back to the man who still lay on the hard cold floor.

Boone placed the blanket over the shivering being and, not knowing what else to do, sat beside him and took him in his arms. He didn’t know why he did such a thing but it seemed to be the right thing to do at the time. He quickly looked around again, still making sure that no one else was there.

“Liz.” Came a harsh whisper.

Boone looked down at the man in his arms and locked eyes with the most beautiful amber eyes he’d ever seen. Images rushed through his mind. They sped by with a speed that his brain was unable to grasp however he did manage to take hold of a couple images. What he saw frightened him. The images showed a battle that had taken place out in the desert. There were bodies spread around the ground, dead. There was also blood, red human blood.

“Kyle.” The harsh voice said again before the man fell unconscious and closed his eyes.

Boone couldn’t believe what had just happened. Once again, he sat there shocked, looking down at this handsome man’s face.

“What the hell are you?” He asked softly. He looked around again. “What the hell am I supposed to do with you?”

His eyes looked to the small cot then down at the man. Slowly, he rose and lifted the man with him. Boone was happy for the years he’d spent in the gym. He wasn’t as muscularly defined as other men, but he was strong. Boone laid the man on the cot and adjusted the blanket snuggly around him. The man’s shivering had calmed down to a slight tremble.

When Boone adjusted the blanket, he saw a slight glow coming from the man’s chest that he had not seen before. He pulled the blanket back and looked wide-eyed at the five glowing dots on his left chest. They were in the shape of a V, the bottom tip pulsing with the man’s pulse. At the top of his stomach, Boone saw a scar. He pulled the blanket back more and found a long, jagged scar trail down to his hip. He reached out and lightly trailed his finger down the whiteness of the scar. Boone wondered how he got such an ugly mark.

Boone pulled the blanket back up over the man but did not move away. He used a hand and gently brushed the long hair from the man’s face. It was youthful and peaceful at the moment but Boone knew from seeing his eyes earlier that this man had seen a lot of pain in his life.

“What happened to you?”

The man continued to sleep, his chest rising and falling in a smooth rhythm. Boone let out a breath and finally moved away. He went back to the ladder and began to climb up, the darkness engulfing him. When he reached the top, he pushed upon the hatch. It didn’t budge. His hand went all around the top, he found nothing but smooth metal.

“Fuck. Now what?” He asked himself. He didn’t know what to do. Would Locke even know that the hatched had opened when he came back? How long before anyone realized that he was gone? He had to wonder if Shannon would care?

“No!!!” A shout came from below startling Boone. He quickly went back down the ladder and rushed to the man that still lay on the cot. His body was covered in sweat and his head was shaking back and forth as he seemed to fight something in his dreams. Boone knelt beside him and tried soothing him.

“Shhhh…No one will hurt you.” Boone said quietly. He used a hand to sweep the sweat soaked hair from his forehead. With his touch, the man seemed to calm down and was soon back to a peaceful sleep.

Boone turned around and leaned his back against the cot. He was feeling frustrated at not knowing what the hell was going on, who this man was or even where he was. He closed his eyes and tried to relax. He knew that panicking would do no good.

There was a battle going around me from all sides. Guns were popping as were energy blasts. The heat of the day was well upon them, which I knew was a good thing against the skins. But not all of our enemies were skins and were unaffected by the desert heat.

I lifted my hand and sent energy out of my palm at the ones who called me their enemy. I did not know who they were, only that they wanted to kill me and my family. I looked to my left and found my wife shooting energy from her hand. Her aim was perfect and hitting everything she aimed. On my right was my lover. Kyle was using his shield to deflect the blasts sent our way. We worked well as a team, always had, since we admitted our true feelings.

I felt numb inside. This war had been going on for hours now. We killed many of our enemies but I had also watched those that I love fall. The first casualties were my Earth mother and my wife’s mother. One by one, each parent fell, then Maria. Her beautiful face now lie staring silently up at the clear blue sky. Isabel died when Khivar and Nicholas captured her. She killed Nicholas in the process and managed to hurt Khivar. Michael was the last to fall, only moments ago. His brave actions, took out all but a handful of our enemies.

It was just the three of us left fighting. I could feel their fear and sorrow flowing through my body as they silently pushed back their grief just as I was doing. After all of this, we could grieve.

The hair on my neck rose as I swerved around to find five enemies just yards from us. They had somehow snuck up behind. A blast shot out and hit Kyle in the back. I felt a piece of my soul torn from my body. Instead of numb, I felt empty.

“No!” I screamed as I watched my lover fall to his knees then lie on the sand, eyes closed. Dead, like part of my soul.

I swiftly took care of the five but not before they grazed my with their weapons. I could feel the blood trickle down my arms and legs. Exhaustion and pain wanted to overtake me but I refused.

Liz’s scream made me turn just as she crumbled to the ground. She had rushed over to Kyle’s body and stood next to it while I was killing the five that had snuck up on us. I looked up and saw Khivar standing just feet away with a large grin on his face, looking pleased.

“It’s just you and I Zan. This world is mine now, just as Antar is.”

“I’m still standing Khivar. As long as I live, Earth will have a defender.” I said. Before this all started, I vowed that as long as I lived, Khivar would not take over my home like his did in my past life.

“Not for long hybrid.” He raised his hand just as I did.

Smoke and lights from our energy swirled around us. We got closer and began a hand to hand battle. I felt a searing pain across my stomach. When I looked down, Khivar had a small dagger in his hand. He had used it to cut deep into my skin. Gathering as much energy as I could, I disarmed him and fought him until he was lying upon his back on the ground. I put my hand upon his chest and pressed my powers into his body. I felt the heat under my hand as his insides began to melt. Khivar screamed in agony as I watched him die. My enemy for two lifetimes. The man who had now taken two sets of families from me.


I turned and found that Liz was looking up at me. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. I crawled over to her, my body finally feeling the strain that I had placed upon it and the wounds that had been inflicted.

“Oh god, Liz.” I removed her hand from her stomach, the place that Khivar had shot a blast at her. She was dying and I had to save her. I placed my hand over her wound and tried to gather my energy. I felt her hand try to tug on mine. I looked down.

“No Max. Not this time.”

“Liz.” I cried, tears finally falling upon her. “Let me heal you.” I begged.

“Use what energy you have left and heal yourself Max. You have to live.”

“I can’t. Not without you…or Kyle.” I look over to where my lover lay. Death had claimed him as soon as he fell.

“Kyle and I made peace with our deaths before this battle started. It is not yet your turn.”

“You knew that you were going to die?” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. She knew that she was going to die out here and still she came. “Kyle knew?”

“We saved Earth but you still have a job to do.”

“What? Rule a planet that I’ve never seen? Fuck that Liz. This is my home. You and Kyle are my home. I can’t do this without the two of you.”

I watched as Liz closed her eyes for a few seconds and coughed. She was dying in my arms. My wife was dying and I could do nothing to save her. My whole life had fallen apart in a matter of hours. My family, friends, gone. All gone. Now my lover, the man I’d loved for so many years but was afraid that he would reject me, lay dead next to me. We wasted so much time with the pettiness while we were in high school. Time that I could no longer get back. I could not even say goodbye.

Time with my wife was wasted also. We had let too much come into our lives and take the little time we had left. We were so thoughtless. I took a hand and gently brushed back a strand of hair behind her ear. Even as she lay dying, she was still the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I felt so drained and knew that I would not have the energy to heal her.

She opened her eyes and looked lovingly up at me. “I have loved you with all I had to give, just as Kyle has loved you. We will always be with you but you will love again Max. You will find strength in that love to do the right thing.”

“No, no. You can’t leave me.” I cried, holding her closer to me. “I will never love again.”

Liz took several shaky breaths. She felt heavy in my arms. I was growing weaker. “Find your son. He needs your knowledge. He needs someone to guide him as he grows. But don’t do it alone. He will find you and he will love you as much as Kyle and I did.” She coughed several times, blood spewing out. “I love you Max.” She reached up and touched the side of my temple. There was a small glow from her hand and I felt a rush of love flow through my body. Within my mind, images of Liz and Kyle’s lives rushed in. All their happiness and grief accompanied it. Her hand gently caressed my face as it moved to my heart. “We will always be here.”

I watched as her hand slipped down my chest and her eyes close. She took her last breath and then she was gone. I felt the last remaining part of my soul die. With each death of my family, a piece was taken until I had nothing left.

“NO!” I screamed as I held her tightly against me. I rocked her back and forth. It was too soon. We had spent such short time together. My eyes went to the body of my lover and wept for him. All around, I saw the bodies of my loved ones, dead, bleeding. “I want to die too. Please let me die.”

Boone’s head jerked up as he woke suddenly from the dream. His chest hurt as he felt his heart squeeze tightly in his chest. He looked over at the still unconscious man.

“Holy fuck!”

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Chapter 3 5/30

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Chapter 3

Boone was unable to fall back to sleep after his dream. He felt restless, unable to get the images from his mind. His heart felt heavy with sorrow, as if somehow, the grief the man in the dream felt was transferred to him. Boone stood and decided to take a look around the room.

After about an hour of inspecting the place, Boone decided that this cavern was some sort of fall-out shelter. He found supplies and food within the cabinets and a closet. There was a door that led to a small bathroom with running water. This amazed him. Everything seemed in working order but the equipment were only several years old.

Once he took inventory of all that was there for use, he went back to the console. His fingers traced the strange symbols that decorated the panels. He touched a symbol that looked much like an eye and it lit then he heard a sliding noise. He took a step back and looked down to find that a compartment under the console had opened. He knelt and looked in. There were several objects inside. One by one, he took them out. The last item he took out was a stack of journals. He placed them next to the other objects and took the top book. It was brown and looked worn. Boone let his curiosity get him and he opened the cover. The writing was neat and legible, proof that a girl had written it.

September 23, 1999
Journal entry one.

I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird....

That first sentence got his attention but before he could read further a voice sounded in the quiet chamber.

“Where am I?”

Boone put the book down and went over to the man. He knelt by the cot and looked into the man’s eyes. No visions or flashes occurred like last time and felt relieved at that. He’d had enough strange things happen since crashing on this damned island.

“I honestly don’t know. I was hoping you could tell me.” Boone said.

The man looked him with confusion. “Who are you? And how is it that you don’t know where we are?” His voice was low and scratchy and he coughed, trying to clear it.

Boone got up and retrieved a bottle of water that he found. He opened it and helped the man sit up so that he could drink some of it. When he laid the man back down Boone rubbed the back of his neck.

“My name is Boone. And as far as I know, we are on an island in the middle of nowhere.”

The man struggled to sit back up but was unable without Boone’s help. Once he was settled sitting up on the cot, his back leaning against the wall, the man took several more sips of water.

“My name is Max. Max Evans. And you say that we are on an island?”

Boone nodded. “Actually, right now, we are beneath it. You don’t know how you got here?” He was trying to be patient with this man. He tried to remember that he had come out of some strange cone shaped device and had been out of it for hours.

Max shook his head. “Right now, my head is a jumbled mess. I barely remember who I am. Please, will you tell me how it is that you found me?”

“Well, it is really quite strange really.” Boone started.

“I have a feeling that strange is normal for my life.” Max said with a slight smile.

“Ok, well, about five weeks ago I was on a plane going home to the United States from Australia. Suddenly we hit some turbulence and the next thing I know, it’s total chaos on the beach. The plane broke into three pieces, those of us in the middle were the only ones that really survived.”

“How many?”

“I’m not exactly sure but at least 40 of us.”

“But doesn’t the aircraft have black boxes to track them.”

“Yeah, that’s what we were hoping for but something happened and we ended up 100 miles off course. The pilot, before he died told Jack and Kate that. We’ve been doing signal fires at night but really we are just trying to survive. There are things on this island. Things that are dangerous.”

“Like what?” Max asked, curious.

“Well, we killed a polar bear. And some strange man kidnapped on of the survivors that is pregnant, then there’s some mysterious French woman that is crazy who’s been here for 16 years. Now, Locke, he’s another survivor, while we were out looking for Claire found this hatch.” Boone pointed above him to indicate that it’s the opening to where they were.

“Where is Locke?” Max looked around the room for another person.

“Up there somewhere. We’ve been coming here for a week trying to find a way in. He left me alone to go back for some things and that’s when it opened all by itself.”

“And you came to investigate?”

Boone nodded. “But the hatch closed when I got in here and I can’t find a way to get it open. You….you were floating around in that.” He pointed to the cone device.

Max followed where his finger pointed and stared at the now black cone. “The Granolith.” He whispered.


Max moved and tried to get up from the cot. He was weak and struggled. Boone automatically helped him stand.

“You really should lie back down Max.”

“No. Take me over there.”

Boone helped Max over to the strange thing. Max let go of his shoulder and leaned on the side of the console.

“What did you do?” He whispered to himself. “Why did you do this? I wanted to die. I wanted to be with my family.”

Boone was confused. Who was Max talking to? Was he as crazy as the French woman that Sayid told them about? He watched as tears gathered in Max’s eyes. He felt the sudden urge to comfort this man, to sooth his pain somehow.

Max reached out and touched the cone. It flared to life again, colors of purple, white, and black swirling around. There was a bright flash that made Boone squint his eyes but he clearly saw the blue light that traveled to Max’s hand, up his arm, and through his body. Once more the tattoo of the five dots glowed, the point pulsing the brightest. Max moved slightly and saw that the strange swirl tattoo also glowed.

“Max?” This was really scaring Boone. He didn’t know what was going on.

The lights calmed until they faded as did the tattoos on Max’s body. Max fell to his knees sobbing. Boone knelt beside him.

“Oh god. I remember it all now. They are all gone. Dead. But I’m alive. I don’t deserve this. It should be me that’s dead. Me! They all died because of me.”

There was so much anguish and pain in Max’s voice; it brought tears to Boone’s eyes as he listened to him. The dream that he’d had was very vivid in his mind again. He saw again the dead bodies lying around the desert sand. He felt the pain that the man in the dream felt as his wife and lover died right before his eyes.

“That was you, wasn’t it?” Boone asked as he laid a hand on Max’s arm. “That dream I had. Of the battle in the desert. That is what you are talking about.”

Max lifted his head, his pain evident in his tear filled eyes. “You had a dream? You saw a battle?”

Boone nodded. “Liz was your wife. And Kyle…” his voice trailed of as realization hit. He backed up from Max, fear shining in his eyes. “But how…how did you do that?”

Max shook his head. “I don’t know. I was supposed to have died but the Granolith.” He looked up at the swirling colors. “Somehow it saved me. What year is it?”

“What are you?” Boone asked, not seeming to hear Max’s question. He backed further away, scared of what he’d seen, what had happened to him.

“I told you who I am.”

“No.” Boone shook his head. “You’re not human. You’re…I don’t know, but this.” He waved his arms indicating the console and Granolith. “This is not human technology.”

“Calm down.” Max stood and finally realized that he had no clothing on. His face flushed red and looked back to the cot where the blanket that had covered him had fallen to the floor. He felt that his strength had returned. It was the Granolith that had done this to him. It had cleared his mind and returned all of his memories. He walked over to the cot, picked up the blanket and wrapped it around his waist before turning back to Boone.

“I have a story to tell you. It is rather long so I would suggest that you make yourself comfortable. Will you sit and listen before you freak out on me again?” When he used the word ‘freak’, an image of Maria surfaced. He fought the grief that accompanied the memory, knowing that she’d never call him ‘girlfriend’ again. He pushed it back and waited for Boone.

Boone looked at Max, his mind turning the images that he saw over and over in his head. It was Max that he had seen in his dream. It was he that had lost all of his loved ones, that felt so much grief that he wanted to die. But he also realized that he was stuck in this fall-out shelter with the same man who wept over his loss. Would an evil alien do that? Seeing that he really didn’t have a choice, he reluctantly nodded but he sat on the floor where he stood, not wanting to get closer than he had to.

Max sighed. He’d just woken from who knows how long of a sleep and he was already tired. His emotions were a mess. He didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. He saw that Boone was not going to move closer so he sat on the cot and took a deep breath.

“First off, what year is it?”

“It’s 2005.” Boone answered.

“Oh Buddha.” Max mumbled. “Great, now I’m sounding like…” The thought of saying his lover’s name brought tears to his eyes. He would never again feel Kyle’s body next to his, never hear his name come from his soft, kissable lips. Max stopped that train of thought and steeled himself to travel back to memory lane.

“Well, really it all started when our ship crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947.” Max began his tale.

Max told Boone everything. From emerging from the pods, to healing Liz, to running away from Roswell on graduation day.

“We were on the run for about eight months when Khivar found us.”

“Khivar, as in the evil alien who killed you in your past lives and tried to get Isabel to go with him back to Antar on her honeymoon?”

Max looked at Boone impressed. He was actually listening to what he was saying. Whether he believed it was still unseen. He had also noticed how Boone had slid closer to Max as he told about his life in Roswell.

“Yes. We decided then that it was time to go back home. We thought that if we were on our own turf, then we could win. When we returned, our parents joined in the fight with us.”

“So this is the big war that Future you told Liz about.”

“I think so but since we completely changed the future, it came 12 years earlier.”

“This battle that I saw in my dream…it was your last one against Khivar?” Boone asked.

Max nodded. “I believe so.”

“Then what? How did you happen to get into that?” Boone pointed to the Granolith.

“After I finally let Liz go, I made my way up to our pod chamber.”

“Wait, I thought it was destroyed when Tess took the Granolith.”
“It was but the chamber that held our pods were still intact. I thought that since I was born there, I could die peacefully there and join the others.” Max stopped and looked up to the swirling mass of colors. “I don’t know what really happened. I remember lying on the ground, waiting for my body to die, for my wounds to finally bleed until I had no more blood. There was a bright flash of light and I felt warm.”

Max paused and looked like his mind had drifted elsewhere. “And?” Boone prompted.

Boone’s voice broke Max’s reverie. He turned back to Boone. “I remember hearing Liz’s voice again. Telling me to find my son. My mind felt crowded as memories that weren’t mine flowed through them. They were Liz’s, Kyle’s, Michael’s, Isabel’s, and Maria’s. My head was pounding, the pain overwhelming. It was as if a computer had downloaded them into my head but I couldn’t hold them.”

Max paused again and scratched at his eyebrow. He noticed was he was doing and stopped and looked at his hand.

“What?” Boone asked, confused by Max’s actions.

“Nothing. Anyway, suddenly all that I felt in my head felt like it was gone yet it was still there. I heard this beeping noise and opened my eyes to find myself floating in a mass of color. There on a strange map that hung in mid-air and there was a light blinking on it. Somehow I knew it was my son, Zan. He was out there. Alive and I hoped safe. Then everything went black. The next thing I remember is waking up here. Three years later.”

Max looked into Boone’s deep blue eyes. They reminded him of Kyle. As he looked at this man, Max could not help his gaze wandering from his eyes to his lips that were red and full. He was very handsome and Max felt a sudden attraction to him. He felt something he never thought he’d feel again. He felt a click in his brain that seemed to open a floodgate of emotions. He bit his tongue, trying to keep control of everything that was flooding his system. It was too soon. It was just yesterday to him that he’d lost the loves of his life. He didn’t need or want anyone to take their place. He didn’t even know why he was still alive.

Boone stood up and paced the room. He didn’t say a word as he kept walking the length of the floor. He would occasionally look over to where Max still sat but he would quickly turn away. The story that Max had woven seemed unbelievable. There can’t be aliens here on Earth. Can there? He talked about a Special Unit that hunted them, of strange jelly-fish alien being possessing humans, of wild, punked out duplicates and mind warping crazy bitches. Surely it was a just a story. But then he would look to the device that Max called the Granolith. That was not human technology. And the dream and vision he had. Where did those come from?

Boone held his head in his hands and stopped walking. He turned and went to Max and knelt.

“What are you doing to me?” He asked Max.

Max shook his head. “I don’t understand. I’m not doing anything.”

“I don’t know what to believe. Something so crazy as what you told me just can’t be real yet…it’s too outrageous and detailed not to be. This can’t be happening.” Boon lowered his head and closed his eyes. His head was pounding and he couldn’t seem to think straight.

“Boone.” Max said softly.

Boone did not raise his head. He felt Max’s hands gently touch the side of his face and lifted it until they were looking at each other.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why me?” Boone asked. Why was he the one that found Max? Why is it that when he looked into this man’s eyes, he felt something for this complete stranger? Feelings that he’d not felt in a long time.

“I don’t know.” Max said, his face coming closer to Boone’s.

Boone watched as Max came closer. He knew what was going to happen and he didn’t move to stop it. He wanted it to happen. He wanted to feel those lips on his. He wanted to forget everything, just once. No crash, no polar bears or monsters in the jungle, no spaceship crash, or aliens. He needed this man like he’s never needed anyone before.

From the first touch, Boone felt the sparks of electricity rush through him. It felt as if his body was humming and it felt good. He opened his mouth and accepted Max to him, letting the soft, tentative kiss deepen. He felt Max’s tongue slip in and caress his. His body grew warm, his arms rising so that his fingers ran through Max’s long, thick hair. Despite the fact that he was floating in an alien device for three years, the hair was soft and silky. Boone moaned and pulled Max closer.

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

I sighed with pleasure as I slip smoothly into Kyle’s tightness. No matter how many times we are together, it feels as wonderful and tight as our first time. I bend my head and bite his shoulder hard, leaving my mark on his beautiful body.

“Damn it Evans!” Kyle hissed but he pushes his body against mine at the same time, loving everything I’m doing to him.

“I don’t need another lesson in healing Max.” Liz says as she kisses Kyle’s shoulder, soothing Kyle’s pain with her tender touch.

“Blame it on Kyle.” I moan. “He brings out this primal urge to mark my territory every time I’m with him.” I watch lustfully as Liz kisses Kyle deeply as I continue to rock in and out of our lover’s body. The sight of Kyle and Liz together makes my dick swell as the flame of desire inside of me grows.

Liz breaks away from Kyle, who groans from the loss of her lips on his. She moves and claims my mouth, her tongue aggressively stroking mine. My rhythm slows with Kyle but the inferno inside was on the verge of exploding. Liz moves away from me while one of her hands slide up and down my back with the lightest touch.

“I love watching the two of you together.” Her voice is husky and filled with a need that I’m very familiar with. “Make him cum Max.” She demanded as she brushed her lips against mine again. I have found it very hard to deny Liz of anything and want nothing more than to make her happy.

“Yes my Queen.” My voice is filled with playfulness.

I began to thrust faster and harder into Kyle while I watch as Liz kisses and caresses our lover’s body. I reach around and take Kyle’s thick, hard cock into my hand and begin stroking it. He moans with pleasure as Liz and I take him closer and closer to the edge of his orgasm.

Liz moves her body and slides beneath Kyle. I feel her mouth take hold of my balls and suck as I still pump in and out of my lover.

“Yes…fuck!” I groan. The sensations that assault me consumes my body.

She releases me and I feel her move over to Kyle’s dick, taking it noisily into her mouth. I cold feel my balls slapping against her chin and heard Kyle’s groans mixed with curses as we cause him sweet torture.

I can feel Kyle’s ass begin to clench under our ongoing teasing. He tightens on my swollen cock and I close my eyes only for an instant, letting the ecstasy flow freely through my veins. But when I opened them, it was no longer Kyle that I was fucking and Liz was nowhere to be seen.

“Max.” Boone cried out in ecstasy as he came, his cock in my hand throbbing with each spurt.

Despite my shock, watching Boone cum, his head thrown back in surrender and calling out my name, was deeply erotic. I slammed my dick once more hard into his tight ass and let my seed flow within him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Max jerked away from Boone, tearing his lips from the other man. Shock settled in at what he’d seen. A memory had turned into something that had never happened. He turned to the Granolith and saw that the colors were swirling faster than before and brighter. Max got up and walked over to the machine.

“Why are you doing this shit? What do you want from me?” He screamed at it. The only response he got was the colors glowing brighter as if it could actually hear him. “They are all dead and I should be with them!” Max’s anger rose as his emotions swirled dangerously inside much like the colors in the Granolith. The pain of losing his family was still fresh. To him, it had just happened, not three years ago. He felt cheated of death and the ability to be with those that he loved.

Behind him, the water bottle that he’d sat half empty on the floor by the cot exploded, sending water and plastic flying. Surprised, Max turned and looked at it, his heart beating wildly. Realization of what just happened hit him like a ton of bricks. He turned back to the Granolith and shook his head.

“No, you…no, you couldn’t…Damn you…” Max’s voice was filled with disbelief and pain. He took a step back from the Antarian object. “How? No…there’s no way…” He denied as tears slipped from his eyes but he knew that it was true. Somehow, it had been able to do it. In defeat, Max sank to his knees and sobbed. He finally gave in to his pain and sorrow, finally seeing that his family was really gone and they were never coming back. They’d died but he’d been left to suffer the consequence of having no one.

When his lips made contact with Max’s, Boone was able to watch as Max made love with Kyle and Liz. He felt like a voyeur but he could not break the connection. It seemed to be some sort of memory and he felt like an intruder.

Boone could actually feel the love that Max had for Kyle and Liz. The two people that he had risked everything to save. As he watched the three show the love that filled them, Boone could not help but react to the scene that unfolded before him. He felt his body growing warmer and the crotch of his pants tightened. He was very turned on as Max glided in and out of his lover. He could practically feel the pleasure of it.

These strange feelings grew as the image of Kyle changed to himself. It was as if he could truly feel Max fucking him, feel Max’s balls slapping against his body. Boone groaned in response into Max’s mouth. He could feel himself swell and felt as the orgasm took control of his body.

The feeling that had consumed him faded when Max jerked away but the image did not. It was burned into his mind, never to be forgotten. While Max got up, Boone sat in stunned silence, the images running over and over in his head. The water from the exploding bottle splashed on him and knocked him back to reality.

His eyes immediately sought out Max and found him kneeling, sobbing in front of the Granolith. Compassion filled Boone for Max. He’d lost everyone precious to him in a violent way to save Earth from invaders, only to be saved from death by some alien machine and kept hidden away for three years. From these strange visions or flashes, or whatever they are called, he knew that Max was struggling to comprehend everything that had happened.

Boone sighed and pushed the images that still played to the back of his mind. There were more pressing issues to deal with than his own fantasies. He got up off the floor and walked to the closet. He picked out a pair of jeans that he’d found and went over to Max, kneeling beside him.

“Max.” He said softly. He laid his hand on Max’s shoulder drawing the attention he wanted. Max looked up at him with vacant eyes. This tore at Boone’s heart. He hated looking at such beautiful eyes that were so empty. Even when Max first woke, Boone could see they were full of expression. He could see that Max had eyes that betrayed his every emotion but now…they were like blank slates. Nothing.

“Let’s get these on you then let you get some rest.” Boone took charge and helped a despondent Max up and dressed in the jeans. Taking Max by the hand, he led him back to the cot and helped him get settled in. Boone knelt next to Max. He could not resist the urge to run the back of his knuckles across Max’s cheeks where a stray tear had fallen from his bloodshot eyes. It worried him that the only response he got back was a blinking of the eyes.

“Max? That thing…you were yelling at it. What did it do to you?” Boone asked. Though he’d been stuck in his own thoughts, he was able to hear Max’s anguished cries.

Max turned his head to look at Boone. The silence hung heavy in the air and Boone had resigned to the fact that Max was not going to tell him. He put his hands on the cot and prepared to stand up when Max’s soft voice made him stop.

“It joined them to me forever. It took all of their essences, powers, and memories and it placed them in my head.” Max turned away from Boone toward the wall. This action stopped any other questions that Boone might have asked.

Boone felt the urge to somehow comfort Max but he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know this man or what would possibly help. His hand reached out to touch Max’s but stopped mid way. He didn’t have anything to say so he retracted his hand and stood. He quickly cleaned up the water mess and retrieved several blankets that he found in the closet. He set up a little make-shift pallet next to the cot, not wanting to be far from Max.

Before he lay down, though he needed the rest desperately, he approached the Granolith. He was still no closer as to figuring out exactly what this thing was. From its reaction to Max, it seemed alive but how can a machine be alive? He couldn’t help the feeling of awe that fell over him every time he looked at it. This…thing had healed Max and kept him alive for three years. How is that possible? He looked over to the resting Max then back to the Granolith.

“Why are you doing this to him? All he wanted was to be with his family and you took that away from him.” His voice was low, almost a whisper.

‘Find your son. He needs your knowledge. He needs someone to guide him as he grows.’

The words that Liz spoke to Max before she died lingered in the room. Boone turned to where Max slept to see if he had heard it too. There was no movement from him. He turned back to the Granolith. Surely he didn’t just hear the voice of a dead person…did he? Well stranger things have happened recently decided Boone.

“But why me?” his whisper could barely be heard but he watched as the Granolith answered only by swirling faster and becoming brighter before dying back down to a calm, steady pulsing rhythm.

Weary and still unsure about what part he will play in all of this, he walked over to his pallet and lay upon it. It took a long time for his mind to calm down, Liz’s words of what Max needed to do echoing. He closed his eyes and finally slipped into a dream filled slumber.

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Max woke and still couldn’t believe that he was truly alive and three years had passed. His mind tried to continue with its grieving; thinking of the friends and family that he lost but he pushed his grief back, tired of the emotional roller coaster. He was alive no matter how it happened.

He lay on the cot, looking up at the darkened ceiling of the shelter that had kept him safe. He closed his eyes and he could not stop the thoughts of the last time everyone was together. It was the day before their battle with Khivar in the desert. The six weary travelers had returned to Roswell days before and reunited with their parents. The Government was no longer on their tail but Khivar had been able to track them down. As a group, it was decided that they would return home and fight there.

Max remembered all of the parents’ reaction to their return. They were welcomed with embraces and words of love but then it all turned to –I’m parent, you child- lecture. Liz had sent her journal to her parents and they shared it with the others so everyone was up to speed on the events that had happened to their children for three years of high school. The lectures were actually refreshing after being on the run for eight months so none really minded at all.

The Parkers were not happy that Liz and Max got married already, especially without them being there to witness their only child tie the knot. Nancy had pulled Liz aside and actually asked if she was pregnant. Liz took it good-naturedly and smiled, answering her mother truthfully, no. Nancy was relieved and they did not haggle them about it any longer. What was done was done they said and seemed genuinely happy that their daughter appeared very happy.

Isabel was reunited with Jesse. He did not leave for Boston after his wife left but stayed behind in Roswell with the hope that she would one day come home again. He swore that they would never be separated again. Max knew that they died together, Jesse trying to save her from Khivar and Nicholas. Never to be separated again.

Michael had to adjust to the sudden attention from Amy and the Evans’. They had swooped down on him in an instant. Max and the other’s could not help but laugh at the sudden panicked look that came over his face as they continued to pour attention to him.

Maria and Kyle were not happy at all when it was announced that Valenti and Amy got married shortly after the six left. They both started freaking out a little and pacing the floor while talking to themselves. That gave everyone a good laugh. In the end, they resolved themselves to being siblings and vowed never to allow a discussion about what their parents did behind closed doors start. They just didn’t want to think that their parents still did those type of things. In the eight months that they had spent together traveling around the US, Maria and Kyle had already started acting like brother and sister so they didn’t think it would change much.

The hardest part about confronting their parents was telling them about the relationship that he, Kyle and Liz shared. This shocked all six adults. The three stood there, hands interlocked with each other while Michael, Maria, and Isabel stood on either side of them for support. There was no other explanation that any of them could give but that Max loved both Liz and Kyle. He had formed a connection, a relationship with them long before he healed them. His power of healing had only brought it up to the surface and allowed the young teenagers to deal with their repressed feelings.

Max didn’t think that the parents really understood that relationship but after everything that they’d been through, they let it go and accepted them for who they were and glad that they had all watched out and loved one another.

That last night together, the entire group met at the Crashdown that Jeff had closed early just for this occasion. Little did Max know that it would be the last day it ever served food again. They had a relaxing dinner, and tried hard not to think of any up coming events that were sure to occur. Khivar was coming, they all could feel it but that night they concentrated on enjoying their family.

After their dinner was done and clean up was finished, Kyle had insisted that he, Max, and Liz had a night to themselves. He had already booked a room where the three spent the night together. They ended up in bed, limbs tangled together and making love all night long. As Max looked back now, he realized that one last night together was Kyle and Liz’s way of saying good-bye. They knew what was to come and they wanted Max to know that he was loved by them.

Max broke out of his reverie and opened his eyes to look down at the man who had somehow brought him back to real life. He lay there and studied the man. His boyish good looks were covered up by a several day old hair growth on his face with smears of dirt clinging to his skin and clothing. His dark hair was tussled and long, falling nearly over his eyes. Max let his gaze trail down the lean body then back up to the pretty face. He was not built as muscular as Kyle or even Michael but this man was very appealing to the sight.

He continued his inspection of Boone and found that he actually looked peaceful as he slept. His face was relaxed and the stressed expression that he’d seen since waking from the Granolith was gone. Boone looked so young but he had to guess that he was in his mid-twenties. Though Max still felt as if he were only 20, he was now 23 and that felt weird knowing that he’d lost three years of his life. But it seemed to be a path his life took. He’d spent 40 years in an incubation pod developing then three years in an alien machine. He could only hope that it the cycle was done.

Boone turned over in his sleep, bringing Max’s thoughts back to the man. Yes, he was very handsome and he felt a strong physical attraction to him. But Max knew that it was too soon. He could not phantom the thought of loving anyone other than Liz or Kyle. Boone was a stranger to him.

‘We will always be with you but you will love again Max. You will find strength in that love to do the right thing.’

Liz’s words echoed in his memory but he denied the thought of ever loving anyone else. But even as he vowed off love, he reached down and swept a section of hair from Boone’s face, the movement filled with tenderness.

“I can’t Liz. Not now, not ever.” He whispered into the room but even as he spoke the words, a familiar warm tingling ran through his body. It was not as strong but it was the same feeling he got every time he watched Liz or Kyle sleep. He sighed as he stared at his new ‘roommate’. Inwardly he denied the feelings that were fighting to surface. He would not, could not afford to let anyone get that close to him again. He was determined to try and stay detached from Boone. But the feel of the man’s lips on his was still vivid in his memory. Boone’s lips were soft, his taste musky. As much as he wanted to sample the sweetness again, Max knew that he had to stay away from that temptation.

Max ran an hand through his hair then got up and walked to the bathroom where he would take the hottest… ok, maybe the coldest shower he’d ever had as he found the crotch of his pants pushing tightly upon his stiffened dick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Max emerged from the bathroom sometime later feeling refreshed physically and emotionally. It was as if the water has swept away most of the confusion and cleared his head. He put the jeans that Boone had slipped on him again along with an olive green button up shirt that he’d found with some other clothing in a closet by the bathroom door.

Max’s gaze fell on Boone who was now awake and sitting up, his back against the cot. In his hands was a book that he was reading and a small stack lay next to him on the floor. His eyes looked over the rough, dirty appearance of the other man.

“You know…I would have thought that after six weeks stranded on an island, the first thing you would have done was make use of a hot shower.” Max said, making his presence known and walked toward him.

Boone looked up and his heart seemed to have stopped pounding. The man that was walking toward him was not the same one that he remembered coming from the Granolith. Where a scared, grief-stricken, confused boy had been, now stood a majestic, confident man. It was a complete turn about in his demeanor. Max now stood straight and had a certain aura about him…a Kingly one.

Boone also had to ponder how such a gorgeous man could look sexier fully clothed. He had to consciously make sure his mouth was closed and no drool dripped from his lips. The shirt was of perfect fit, accenting his muscles in all the right places, the color accenting his honey colored eyes, while his hair, still damp, brushed the collar of his shirt. Boone quickly shook away the sexual thoughts that seeped into his mind and let out the breath he had been holding slowly.

Boone tore his eyes from Max’s graceful body and looked down at his soiled, smelling clothes and wondered why he hadn’t thought of making use of the shower that he’d seen in the bathroom.

“Oh…well…yeah, I’m sorry. I must really be smelling this place up.” Boone started in embarrassment, his head hanging.

Max chuckled, the sound stopped Boone’s stammering attempts at an apology. The warm deep tone sent a shot of desire straight to Boone’s groin, making it tingle. He could feel his blood heat as the sound vibrated in his ears. He bit back a groan with the way his body was reacting.

“It’s alright Boone. You’ve had your hands full taking care of me and I want to thank you. You didn’t have to do all that you’ve done for me.”

Boone raised his head and looked at Max. “It was no problem, I’m glad that I could help. Besides, it’s not like I can get out of here or anything.”

Max sat next to Boon on the blankets. “Yeah, true but I’ll find a way to get us out of here.”

Boone mearly nodded but his thoughts were reeling at the possibility of what would happen if Max found a way for him to get out. Would Max come with him? Did he really want to return to the others? He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind, something to think about when the time came.

“You seem to be feeling better.” Boone observed. “You’re…I don’t know if this is the right word but happier.”

Max shrugged. “More like resigned to the fact that I’m still alive. It still hurts a lot because it feels like everything happened yesterday, not three years ago. But I should have died three times now in my life…but Liz.” He smiled as he said her name. He had always loved how it rolled off his tongue. “She saved me each and every time. It is apparent that I have a purpose to fulfill in this life. I’m not really sure exactly what yet, but my family sacrificed a lot for me, Liz the most, so how could I not find that purpose?”

Boone only nodded and looked blankly down at the book in his lap. What Max said made since and he felt a little envious of Liz. This woman had meant so much to him, when Max said her name, it was almost like he was saying it in reverence to her. Boone had always longed to be loved that way, to have someone give him the love that could withstand any cruelty that the world threw at them.

As they sat in silence, Max looked over at the book that was lying in Boone’s lap. It was Liz’s first journal, the one that she’d sent back to Roswell to her parents.

“So…” Max broke the silence that weighed heavily in the room. “Do you believe that I am what I say I am?” Max wasn’t sure that he wanted to hear the answer. Boone had been so generous as he cared for him during the trauma he suffered from waking from the Granolith. He’d been nothing but patient with him. But did he think that Max was an absolute crackpot, like one of those people you see that swear that aliens have abducted them?

Boone closed the book and laid it on top of the others. “It’s hard to believe that you’re an alien hybrid king of another planet by just looking at you. And the things that you’ve gone through and the things that I’ve read so far in this.” He indicated to the journal. “It’s like some strange Sci-fi show that they would play on TV. Just you being here says that life on other planets actually exists, that they can take our DNA and mix it with theirs making beings that are just like us. That is really scary.”

“But?” Max prompted when Boone paused.

“I’ve seen some crazy shit since we crashed here. And this…” He indicated to the room that they sat in and the Granolith. “There is no other way but to believe you. My eyes have seen too much not to.”

“Yeah, it’s a pretty wild thought isn’t it? But you are not in some delusional dream, it’s real and I know it can be scary.” Max said and offered a slight shy smile, trying to add a little comfort to his words.

“Thanks.” Boone returned a small smile. “Well, I’m going to get this stench off my body and out of these clothes.” He said as he stood.

“Use a set of those clothes in the closet. They look like that they will fit you fine.”

“And how would you know that they would fit me?” Boone asked good naturedly, raising a brow.

Max chuckled. “I grew up with a sister who was a fashion nut. She was definitely a true Princess.”

Boone smiled. How he loved the sound of Max’s laugh and the smile that accompanied it. “I know exactly what you mean. You should meet my sister.” He said as he walked over to the closet, took some clothing out and went into the bathroom.

Watching Boone, Max realized he knew very little about him. He didn’t know what he did before getting stranded on this island, didn’t know where he was from, if he had family, was he on the plane alone?

‘Are you sure what he is telling you is the truth?’ A voice sounded in his head.

This brought doubt crashing down on Max. He’d had so many people lie to him through the years, how could he ever trust anyone again? Was Boone really who he said he was? Were they really on an island where his plane crashed? Or maybe he was really the enemy who had finally found a way to stop him from whatever he had to do.

Max shook his head. No. Somewhere deep inside, he knew that Boone was telling the truth. He liked Boone and was very impressed on how well he was taking this whole aliens walk among us news.

What Max did not know, was that Boone was at that moment standing in the shower, the hot water running over his body but he kept trembling as if it were freezing cold water that pounded his body. The realization of everything that had happened and what he’d learned had finally set in. He sank down to his knees and just sat there. The images that he’d received from Max hit him full force along with everything that had happened since the plane crash. He bent over and vomited but he had little in his system so his body reverted to the painful process of dry heaving. It seemed an eternity before his body finally calmed down and his mind quieted. He rose slowly to his feet and hoped to enjoy the rest of his shower.

Meanwhile, Max turned and looked down at the stack of books that were sitting near him. He reached out and lightly caressed the cover of Liz’s journal that Boone had been reading. He’d never read it but he knew that Liz had started it right after he saved her life. It told of who he, Michael, and Isabel were. He knew that it contained all the ups and downs of their three years together in high school.

Max could remember the day she told him that she could not find her journal, that it had gone missing. He was so scared. He knew that if the wrong people found out about them, then their life as they knew it was over. And that theory was proven just a short time later when Pierce came to town and later when they graduated. He remembered being pretty pissed at Liz for being careless with such important information but he didn’t let her know how he felt.

In the end, it all turned out well. She said that she found it. When Max had asked where it had been, she simply said that a friend had it. She never did tell him who it was and Max never asked. He figured that everyone had a small secret here and there.

Max moved the journal and found the Destiny book that Tess had brought them lying underneath. Under that was Alex’s translation. The reason he died. Guilt rose in him, even after all these years. When Liz was so adamant about an alien killing Alex, Max had a hard time believing her. He was proven to be very wrong. That had been a hard time in his life and he still was not completely convinced that Tess was not working her mind warping tricks on him.

Max let a chuckle escape as he picked up the next book. “Buddhism of Idiots” It’s bright yellow and black cover standing out even in the dimly lit room. This was definitely Kyle’s idea. He opened the cover and found a note written on the inside in Kyle’s messy scrawl.

In case you need a different kind of peace. It worked for me.
We will be together again,

Max blinked back the tears. He was tired of crying, tired of grieving. It was time to start living. He smiled as his fingers ran over the dry ink. In his mind an image flashed. Kyle was sitting at the kitchen table with his father. Kyle had the book on the table and a pen in his hand. The two were laughing about something but it was gone before he could see more.

He closed the book and gently set it aside before picking up the bottom book. It was Liz’s second journal. The one that she started after they left Roswell. He had not read this one either though she offered him to read it several time. He refused each time knowing that what she wrote were her private thoughts. Who was he to intrude in them?

But as the book lay in his hands, he could not resist opening the front cover. Maybe it was time. Maybe he will find out more of how she knew what was going to happen. Why she thought that he had to be saved above them all?

Max looked down and was greeted not by Liz’s beautifully, neat script but two white envelopes. He picked them up and saw that his name was written on each one. The top one was in Kyle’s handwriting while the second on was undeniably Liz’s.

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Max laid the journal down and held the two envelopes. He turned them over several time then used his fingers to lightly trace his name on both of them. They were definitely Liz and Kyle’s handwritings. He closed his eyes, fighting back the tears that were trying to build up and took a deep breath. A sharp pressure landed on his chest. He wanted so desperately to find out what they had to say yet he was terrified at the same time.

Making his decision, Max placed one envelope in his lap then tore open the other. He gently pulled out the paper as if it were a fragile treasure. With great care, he unfolded the paper and began to read the beautiful handwriting that had been written.

My loving husband Max,

This is the first time in my life that I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into words along with the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. I’m sitting here alone in my old room and looking around at all the memories. There are both good and bad that surround me here but the most prominent are those that have you in them.

I can’t sit here and tell you good-bye. I’m hoping to do that in my own way, especially if Kyle has his way. Max, no matter what happens, never be sorry that you saved my life. You gave me a second chance at life, a life with you in it. A short life with you in it is much better than a long life without you.

I know right now, you are probably confused and angry with me and I’m sorry. But I’ve done everything I have to save you. Yes, I’ve known about the battle for a couple of months now and I’ve tried several times to change the future but the vision kept coming over and over, never changing. I’m sorry I couldn’t save everyone else either but it is meant for only you to survive.

You are probably wondering how you were saved and where you are. Well, that is mostly because of Kyle. The Granolith was the one that contacted him. Yes, he and I have known about its existence on Earth for about a month now and no, we told no one about it. I’m not sure how or why it was able to connect with only Kyle but it did and we saw it as our tool to save you. This great alien machine was able to somehow build the area you’ve been housed in and Kyle and I made sure that you have plenty of supplies and the things that you would want or need. I really can’t explain it more just for the fact that it even has my scientific mind baffled and I don’t want to spend the little amount of time I have left trying to figure out that specific mystery.

Max, through it all, I’ve come to realize that your time on Earth is finished. Since we left Roswell, running first from the government then Khivar, I’ve had many visions. All of them had you in them but none of us. But the one that I’ve seen over and over in my dreams is the one of you standing in front of your throne, your young son by your side, and your consort on your other side.

Max, you have to find your son and take him home. He is not completely human. He is going to grow to be a very powerful man and he will need your help to keep him on the right path. He’s adorable Max. So handsome and smart. He’s got blonde hair much like Tess but his eyes…they are your eyes. A beautiful amber color that are full of expressions. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with him again the first time you lay your eyes on him.

And Max, don’t let your heart grow cold. I couldn’t bear to think that I did everything I have and you not be happy. He’s there, right in front of you and though you may fight it at first, he’s there for the long haul. He will stand by you through everything and will always love you. I know that you’ll never love anyone like me or Kyle and that you’ll never forget us, but Max, he’s right for you. Don’t fight it. You’ve always gone by your instincts. That’s why you saved me and Kyle. You knew deep inside that you needed us. Give him that chance too. He’ll make you very happy.

Ok my love. I must go. It’s time for me to put on my smile and go meet up with you and the others. Know this Max. You have always been my true love and one day we will be together again. I will be able to hold you in my arms and feel your soft lips upon mine. But first, you have a purpose to fulfill and that part of your life doesn’t include any of us from Earth. Take your son home to Antar. Take your throne and be happy.

All my heart and love,

Your loving wife,

Elizabeth Parker Evans

Max sat and wept when he was finished with Liz’s letter. Yes, he was upset that Liz had not told him about her visions. He was upset that she didn’t let him try to help change their future. But he still loved her with all of his heart, and like everything else that had happened in the past, he forgave her. She had truly sacrificed so much to be with him and what he had told her the night that he proposed to her rang true. Whether they had 12 days or 12 years together, he would gladly take what he could as long as he was with her.

Max gently folded the letter and placed it on top of the journal. He picked up the second envelope and hesitated only a moment before opening it. Kyle’s messy scrawl filled the pages.

Dearest Max,

Wow, I never dreamed that I would actually be writing those words. In fact, I never thought I’d have to write this letter to you but Liz said that it would help bring closure with your loss. You know that I’m not really the writer, that’s always been Liz’s job but I will try my best.

First off, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you Max for saving my life. I never did say those words to you in person and I hope you don’t mind me finally saying them now in this letter. I blamed you for a long time as the reason I got shot but now I know that it was me at fault and not you. I wanted so much to see what my father’s obsession with you was that I could not help but follow you that day. I had to see why he was constantly enthralled by you. That day, I found out. And I saw the real you.

I saw the Max Evans that I saw that night that Liz had her blind date. The man that I fell in love with. I guess that it is in my blood, to be attracted to aliens. My grandfather, who everyone thought had gone crazy ranting about aliens walking among us, then my father who was sure that something was not right about you, and now me. That night, the kid who always hid in the background came out, amazingly with only one sip of alcohol.

Did you know that I wanted to kiss you that night. That you were so close to me that all I had to do was lean in just an inch or two and our lips would have met. I have to wonder how different our lives would have been if I’d done that. But I believe that things happened when they were supposed to.

Know that I love you Max and I wish that we could have had more time together. I know that we both let small petty things get between us for too long of a time. You saw the real me the night you healed me yet you waited until I made the first move. Thank you because I don’t think I could have handled it sooner. You’ve always had good instincts and now you are going to need and trust them more than ever.

The Granolith will help you. It will help you achieve your goal and find your son. I’m not sure why or how it was able to contact me. I thought that it was still on Antar but apparently, what was in the pod chamber only moved locations once Tess left Earth. I was able to connect with it and with Liz’s help we were able to use it, to keep you alive. Liz has told me about her visions and together we made sure that your survival happened.

I know that right now you are confused and hurt. You are grieving for your loved ones but we will all be waiting for you when it is your time. I want you to be happy Max. My love for you will always stay in your heart and be a part of who you are but let him in also. Liz has seen him and he sounds quite handsome. Dark hair like Liz and gorgeous blue eyes, reminding you of me. He will truly love you and help you. Let him. That’s all we want, for you to have your time of grief then live. Finish living your life and be happy.

Your son is special Max. The Granolith has been keeping track of him. He’s going to have a great power that when it comes known that he lives, people will want to use him. Protect him. Guide him. Be a good father like Philip was to you, Jim was to me, and Liz’s father was to her. Take those examples and use them to help you.

Before I go, inside this envelope is a key to a safety deposit box in Roswell. Your father helped me set it up but inside will be everything that you need to find your son. Before going back to Antar you will have some unexpected company in your quest. You will be reluctant to accept their help but trust them Max. You will need their help and support. You will build another family unit with them and they will help you achieve your goal.

My hand is now cramped and my tears can no longer be stopped. I don’t want to let you go yet but I know that I have to. I love you Max and thank you for giving me a family that was full of love and support. Thank you for making my life worth living and meaningful.

All my heart and soul,

Kyle Valenti your friend and lover

Max wept for his lover. He grieved for his loss until his tears dried and his heart felt a little lighter. Liz was right. These letters helped him bring closure to their deaths. No, he didn’t understand everything that had happened but he trusted Liz. She did what she thought was right and he could only do as she asked.

When Boone finally emerged from the bathroom, he felt very refreshed. His private breakdown had lifted a lot of grief from his shoulders. The hot water had worked its magic and he felt really clean for the first time since leaving Australia.

Max was standing at the Granolith pressing buttons and reading the symbols that popped up on a screen in front of him.

“What are you doing Max?” Boone asked as he approached.

“It’s time to leave.” Max said not looking up. “I have to get my son and return to Antar.”

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“It’s time to leave.” Max said not looking up. “I have to get my son and return to Antar.”

Boone looked at Max in disbelief. He’s leaving? How? And what about me? Do I get to be stuck in here until I die? Boone thought to himself.

“You’re leaving?” He asked, forcing his voice not to crack as fear rose. “How?”

Max continued pressing symbols on the keyboard and looking up at the core of the granolith where there were a series of lights and symbols flashing in the swirling colors.

“The Granolith. Right now, it’s programmed to take us to Roswell, then back here before we go to Antar.”

Max’s words slowly absorbed into Boone’s head as he watched him continue on with his work.

“Us?” He asked before he realized the words coming out of his mouth.

Max stopped his work and turned to Boone. A small smile graced his silky looking lips. “Yes, us Boone. You and me.” He looked at Boone a little more carefully. “You don’t think I could leave you here?”

Boone lowered his eyes, ashamed that he was thinking just that. Who was he anyway to this man? Max didn’t know him; he didn’t have to have him around. It was Max who had been saved from a terrible war that saved Earth, though no one knew it. He was just a normal man who happened to be on a plane that crashed on this strange island.

Max approached Boone and used a hand to lift Boone’s head, gaining his attention. He looked into the most beautiful and unique blue eyes he’d ever seen.

“I can’t leave you Boone. Whether you believe me or not, we are connected somehow. It was because of you that the Granolith finally released me, it was you that took care of me, and you that the Granolith has chosen to help me.”

Boone gazed at Max. The man was saying that they were connected. From the flashes and from what he’d read in Liz’s journal, he knew that when Max connected to someone, it was a powerful thing. It was something that didn’t go away, not even in death. As Max said those words, deep inside something acknowledged it was true. Who had chosen Boone? They didn’t know, but he was to be with Max.

“I’m sorry. I just thought…”

Max placed a finger on Boone’s lips, silencing him. “It’s alright.” Max’s finger lightly traced the lips that it touched, Boone sighed as he closed his eyes as sensual vibrations ran through his body. Max withdrew his finger but did not step away. Boone opened his eyes and stared directly into Max’s expressful eyes. The powerful image of Max pounding into him emerged in his head and he had to bite his tongue to keep the gasp from escaping from his throat. It was as if he was experiencing it all over again, the feel of Max filling every inch of him, the breath on his neck, their skin rubbing against each other.

“Why don’t you pack us an extra set of clothing and whatever else we may need while I finish this.” He said as he turned and went back to work at the Granolith.

Boone stood there and watched Max. He knew that Max had been affected as much as he. He could see Max’s chest heaving, trying to control his breath as he tried to work. Boone gave a quick smirk thankful that it wasn’t a one sided occurrence.

“If it can get us to Roswell, why not go up onto the island first before we leave?” Boone asked as he put a couple of sets of clothing into a backpack he’d found.

“It’s programmed to take us to Roswell first so that I can find my son, then it will bring us back and I can take control of it.”

“I thought you said that you have no family left. Why Roswell?” Boone walked back over to the Granolith and watched Max press more symbols and read what came up on the screen.

“Just like this chamber was prepared for me, things were left for me to retrieve. There’s a safety deposit box there that has the papers for my son’s adoption. It will help us track him down.”

Max continued working and Boone watched in silence. He gazed upon Max’s intense look as he concentrated on the task before him. His brows scrunched together and his teeth worked on his bottom lip. Boone wondered if it was a habit he’d always had.

“How do you know how to do that? I thought you said that you didn’t know Antar’s language.”

“I spent three years in this machine, it seemed to have transferred some knowledge into me along with the others’ essences. I also found out that the Granolith is not even from Antar. It was actually brought to Antar to serve the Royal family and help rule the planet.”

“Who brought it?”

Max shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know.” He finished and turned to Boone. “Are you ready?”

“How can I leave Max? The others up there are probably searching for me.” He indicated above them. “They have no idea what happened to me. Shannon…She’s probably thinking a polar bear got me and blaming Locke for it. It’s just not right leaving them like that. I wish there was a way to let them know that I’m ok.”

“There is.” Max said.

“What? Wait…you mean I’ve been down here for who knows how long, and the entire time you have a way for me to contact my sister.” Boone’s voice grew rough with anger.

“Boone…calm down and let me explain. My sister…she had this ability to go into people’s dreams, their subconscious. We called it Dreamwalking. I could try it with you.”

“But how do we know if they are sleeping? Can you still do it with them awake?”

“I think so.” Max said. “Before…well, before that day, Kyle and I had been working with her, helping her strengthen her ability. I think I can do it. But you have to show me who I need to try and contact.”

“How? I don’t have pictures.”

“I need to connect with you. Will you let me?” Max asked, wanting to get Boone’s permission before invading his mind. It reminded him of a day long ago, when he stood in front of Liz wanting to share himself with her.

Boone nodded and Max reached up and placed a hand on each side of his temple.

“Just relax and clear you mind. Then focus on those people you want me to reach.”

Boone nodded, his blue locking with his amber eyes. He cleared his mind of all that had happened since leaving for Australia and focused on an image of Shannon. It was difficult as he stared into Max’s eyes. The color beckoned him, threatened to draw him into their depths. But Bone was able to focus enough to give him an image of his sister. He also thought about Locke, knowing that Shannon may not believe him, thinking it was just a delusional dream. He thought it would be best if more than one person had the same dream, maybe that would convince them that what he was to tell them was true. With that in mind, Boone brought up an image of Sayid.

Boone looked around and found himself surrounded by darkness. He turned in a circle but saw no one.


“I’m here.” Max’s voice came from behind.

Boone turned and found Max several feet away. “Where are we?”

“I’m still new with this so I didn’t put us in any certain place.”

“Boone?” He heard a female voice behind him. He turned and barely caught a flying body was that flung at him. He immediately knew it was his sister, her blond hair flying in his face as her arms squeezed him tightly.

“Shannon.” His voice was filled with relief. Reluctantly, he pried her from his body. He didn’t know how long Max could hold this little adventure. “You have to listen to me.”

Shannon looked around for the first time and he watched her expression fall. “Where are we? Wait…” She looked at Boone and stepped back from him. “This is a dream. That’s all it is. You are not really here. You are…”

“No Shannon. I’m not dead. I’m here, it’s just on a different plane.”

Shannon shook her head. “No, Locke said that you disappeared when he left you. He said that there was no sign of you but he found tracks around the place he left you to rest.”

“No Shannon. Let me explain. I don’t know how long I have. Locke was wrong.”

As if his name summoned him, Locke suddenly appeared behind his sister. Next to him was Sayid. They both looked around the darkness in confusion.

“This is…” Sayid started as he went to stand next to Shannon and take her hand.

Boone saw this action and was surprised that he felt nothing toward it. It looked right and there was no jealousy rushing through his body now.

“I need to explain so you don’t worry.” Boone started as he looked at his fellow crash survivors. “That hatch that we found Locke…it opened after you left.”

“What hatch?” Sayid asked.

“You didn’t tell them?” Boone asked in disbelief. “I disappear and you still don’t tell them about the hatch?” He couldn’t believe that Locke would do that to him. He’d rather hide the knowledge of the mysterious hatch and let the others think that he died.

“Locke and I…we found this hatch.” He said as he glared at Locke. The man didn’t say anything but Boone watched as his eyes fell to the floor with shame before meeting his again. “We’ve been digging around it, trying to figure out what it is. There is not way to open it but when Locke left me there by myself, it opened. I climbed down to find out what was in it.”

“That was stupid Boone. You should have waited or come and got someone.” Shannon started scolding her brother.

“Maybe but I’m glad that I didn’t. After I got down there, the hatch closed again and it won’t open until things get accomplished.”

“What are you saying?” Sayid asked. “What did you find?”

“I found a person. Someone who can help us get off the island but we have another thing to do first.”

“Who did you find?” Locke finally spoke, Boone’s find peaking his interest.

“His name is Max. I really can’t explain everything right now but please trust me…I’m alive and quite well.”

Shannon approached Boone again and let her hand go down his cheek. “You feel so real but we are not on the island are we?”

“No. It’s like a dream plane.” Boone turned his head and made sure that Max was still behind him. “This is Max. I’m going to help him with something and then I’ll be back. I’m just wanting to tell you guys so you are not worried about me.”

Shannon looked at the dark haired man that stood a little behind Boone. She didn’t have a good view of him but from what she could see, he was good looking. She watched as he stepped closer and found that she was correct in her thinking as he stood behind Boone. He was actually a gorgeous man. She saw his hand rest easily on her brother’s shoulder and how Boone relaxed at his touch. She nodded.

“I don’t understand but I believe you. How could I not after everything I’ve seen.”

“It’s time Boone.” Max said softly.

Boone reached out and pulled Shannon into a hug. “Thank you. And I’ll be back as soon as I can and I’ll get you home.”

Shannon backed away and nodded. “Be careful.”

“I will.” Boone turned to Sayid. “Take care of her.”

“I will.” He said as he took her hand again.

Boone gave Locke a glare, still angry that he let the others think he was dead. “Show them where the hatch is Locke.” He said with venom in his voice. Locke simple nodded.

Boone turned and took Max’s hand before they disappeared, waking in back in the chamber.

“Wow. That was wild.” Boone said as Max moved away.

“Yes. Izzy used to take me on some of her little trips.” Max pushed a few more buttons on the Granolith. “Ok…it’s all set. Are you ready to go to Roswell?”

Boone sighed and nodded. “How do we do this?”

Max held out his hand. Boone looked down and hesitated only a moment before taking it into his own. “Now what?”

“Hang on tight.” Max said smiling. He pushed the whirlwind symbol and touched the Granolith with his free hand.

The swirl of colors brightened for a second before the two men disappeared, leaving silence in their wake as the colors dimmed and slowed.

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Boone looked around feeling dizzy. His balance was off and only holding tighter to Max kept him from falling to the ground. The room finally stopped spinning and he was able to take in his surroundings. They were in a darkened room surrounded by shelves of boxes and strange artifacts. It smelled musty and old. Beside him, Max was still gripping hand but laughing. He thought it quite odd for Max to acting like this.

“Uh, Max? You ok? Do you know where we are?”

Max nodded and calmed his laughter to a chuckled so he could speak. “Yes. We made it to Roswell. This is a storage room in the UFO Center.” Boone didn’t see anything funny and raised a confused brow at him.

“I’m sorry but it’s just a little amusing that the Granolith would chose this place to drop us. I used to work here when I was a teenager.”

“In a UFO Center? Now, that is amusing.”

“Yes. It was the whole hide in plain site strategy. I mean, who would ever look for an alien in a UFO Museum?” Boone smiled, understanding Max’s amusement.

Max went to the storage room door, never letting go of Boone’s hand. Boone went with him without hesitation. He didn’t know if Max had forgotten that he still had his hand tightly grasped in his or if he was purposely keeping hold of him. Either way, Boone was not complaining. He liked the feel of Max’s strong hand in his. A surprising warmth radiated up his arm, soothing his uncertainty of what they were doing.

Max slowly opened the door and peeked out. The main hall was deserted, the lights dim and all was quiet.

“It must be after closing. Let’s go check things out and see what time it is.” Max pulled Boone with him out of the room.

Not much had changed Max noted. There were still the large eyed alien dummies on the autopsy table and other exhibits that were there before. After his experience with Pierce, that scene made his skin crawl and he would often avoid the area. Framed pictures and newspaper clippings were spread throughout the hall. There were a few new exhibits but nothing that called out to alien existence until one clipping caught his attention. He walked over to the wall and began reading it.

It was dated the day after their high school graduation. The article talked about the strangest graduation ceremony that Roswell had ever seen. It mentioned a male student that had taken the stage and made a moving speech. It spoke of a motorcycle barging through the aisle with the speaker getting on, disappearing into the night. It mentioned that three other students had gone missing during the ceremony also. The article didn’t mention the FBI barging into the hall right after Michael had swept him to safety or that they were there to kill four innocent teenagers. But it did promise that it was a graduation that would go down in history.

“That’s about you, isn’t it?” Boone asked as he read the article.

Max nodded; glad names were printed and wondered at the same time why it was in the UFO Center.

“Hello Max.” A voice said from behind.

Max swiftly turned and held his hand out, his shield going protectively around he and Boone. His true instincts won out over Michael’s spontaneous essence that urged him to blast first. He saw Boone flinch out of the corner of his eye. This was the first time he’d actually witnessed the physical powers that Max held and knew he was not prepared.

Looking through the green plasma that surrounded them, Max saw a thin man with blonde hair. He looked familiar and it took a minute for him to realize who it really was.

“Brody?” He kept his shield strong, waiting for confirmation.

Brody smiled. “Yes, Max. It’s me.” He said, his English accent showing through. “I’ve got pizza in the office if you’re hungry.”

Max was confused by Brody’s reaction. He didn’t know that Max was an alien yet the sight of the shield does not faze him. Max briefly wondered if it were a shape shifter.

“Brody…I don’t…” Max started.

“I understand. You want to make sure it’s really me.”

Max nodded. “If you would, answer me a question.” Max said, knowing that only the real Brody would know this. “When you first took over the UFO Center, did I help you set up your equipment?”

Brody smiled. “No Max. When you came in to work, I sent you home. I didn’t want you to see all the expensive equipment I was bringing in.”

Max lowered his shield, still cautious. He knew that it was a 50/50 chance of answering it correctly but he had to try.

“Are you hungry? The pizza is cold because you came later than I thought you would.”

“You knew I was coming?”

“Yes. Larek told me.”

“Wait a minute. You know who Larek is?” Max asked in disbelief.

Brody nodded. “Yes, he’s the one who’s been using my body through the years. Because of that I was healed of my cancer. Let’s go up to my office and I’ll tell you about it.”

Brody turned and started up the stairs that led to his office. Max looked at Boone and then back to Brody. He was unsure whether to trust Brody. So many strange things have happened since he has woken, he didn’t know why this would be any different. He sighed. He had dropped Boone’s hand when he threw up his shield, but now he took it again and pulled him toward the direction Brody went.

When they entered the office, Brody was opening a pizza box and taking out a couple of paper plates. The second the smell hit his nose, Max’s stomach rumbled. Technically he’d not ate for three years and he was feeling the hunger pains now. Beside him, he heard Boone’s stomach growl in response to his. He looked at Boone and they both laughed. They’d been so caught up in all that had happened, neither had suggested eating.

“Thank you.” Max said when Brody handed each of them a plate with a couple of pieces of pizza. Max waved his hand over both plates to heat them up.

“Handy.” Boone said. Max nodded and smiled.

Max had tried to ask Brody questions but he told them to eat and then they would talk. He went over to the small refrigerator in the corner and pulled out a couple of Cokes. Boone almost groaned in pleasure as he took the first sip. This was one thing that he missed since crashing on the Island.

“This is Boone. A friend who is helping me.” Max said when they sat down to devourer the food and drink offered. “Now, tell me how you know Larek and how you knew we were coming.”

“Remember how I told you that I had lost periods of time that I could never remember?” Max nodded. “Well since that one day that I had that accident here. You know the one where I was electrocuted and had the memories of Larek and myself?” Brody saw Max’s look when he mentioned that day and chuckled. “Don’t worry Max. I’m not freaking. You healed me that day but you also changed me. Since then, the memories of those times have been slowly seeping into my conscious mind. It was a slow process and it was easy to adjust to the knowledge.”

Brody paused making sure that Max was keeping up. “So you remember those times that I saw you as Larek?”

“Yes. I knew that something extraordinary was happening and didn’t say anything. I didn’t want people to think I was crazier than my reputation already was. I was gong to finally tell you about what was happening when you suddenly disappeared. So I kept my secret and continued my life. That was until that day.”

“What day?” Boone asked even though Max already knew.

“The day of the battle.” He answered Boone and turned to Max. “I’m sorry.”

Max nodded his acceptance of the sympathy that Brody was giving him.

“Larek came to me. I don’t know how he knew but he told me to go out to what you call the Pod Chamber. He told me that I had to gather the bodies. I went. I was terrified and sickened by the sight before me but I did everything that Larek had told me to do. It wasn’t easy but I did it.”

Brody paused and took a deep breath. He still remembered how Max’s dead loved ones looked. How the smell of their scorched skin smelled up his van for a month. How he’d vomited several times before he finally got the job done.

“I brought them back into town and went to the Crash Down. Using the back door that was left unlocked, I put all of them in there. Then…” He paused again, closing his eyes.

“What did you do Brody?” Max asked, his stomach churning, threatening to relieve his gut of the pizza he’d just eaten. He could also sympathize with what Brody had to do.

“I set the place on fire. The fire marshal said the cause was a gas leak and there was no way the people inside had warning and could not get out in time. There were 13 bodies found and 12 identified, the 13th one was unidentifiable and they assumed it was you. I made sure that they are all buried in the cemetery.”

Tears flooded Max’s eyes. He blinked rapidly, keeping them at bay. He’d cried enough. He didn’t want to break down again. Not yet. This was not the time.

“Thank you Brody. You didn’t have to do that for my family.”

“Yes I did Max. I never got to thank you for saving my daughter’s life. I know now it was you that healed those children in Phoenix. It was your kind, caring heart that drove you to help her and the others. What I did for your family was little compared to saving mine.”

Max nodded, accepting Brody’s thanks.

“Listen, it’s still hours before the town wakes. Why don’t the two of you crash here until daylight? Then you can use my car to do what you need to do.”

“Thank you again Brody.”

“Like I said, no problem. I’m going to go and do some work and I’ll wake you.”

Max and Boone nodded and made themselves comfortable on the couch that was in Brody’s office. There were two pillows and they set themselves up, a head on each armrest, trying to get a few hours of rest. Brody left his visitors and went downstairs to work on some of the exhibits that had needed to be updated.

Several hours later, the sun rising in the sky, the three men stepped outside of the UFO Center. This was Boone’s first glimpse of Roswell, and Max’s first view in three years. He looked across the street and his heart failed. What he saw made his heart stop.

“No one wants to rebuild it. It’s like no one wants to disturb it.” Brody said, seeing how Max was staring at what was left of the Crash Down Café. A Roswell landmark that’s been around for years.

Brody reached over and put a set of keys in Max’s hand. “It’s the blue Explorer in the parking lot. It’s there whenever you need it. I’ve got to go home for a bit but I’ll be around here whenever you need me.”

Max didn’t hear much of what Brody said but he started across the street. With each step his feet fell heavier and heavier, like concrete had been poured around them. He crossed the street and went around to the alley. The building’s walls still stood strong but everything inside had been gutted by the fire.

He stopped a moment in the alley and remembered serenading Liz with a Mariachi band. He’d spent some time learning that song. He reached the ladder and slowly climbed it, remembering all the times his feet tread this same path during both good and bad times. He stepped off and tested the flooring. It was still strong and sound despite the fire that had raged beneath it. He heard a noise behind him and found that Boone had followed him up. He said nothing, only sat on the edge and waited, watching.

Max turned and went to the window. The one that he’d crawled in and out of hundreds of times. The one that he and Kyle had gone in and out the night Liz had her blind date and the one he looked in and found Liz and Kyle in bed together. This sill offered happy and sad times but now the glass was gone and the inside was blackened and empty. He turned and remembered the night that he proposed to Liz. How happy he was when she had said yes. A single tear trailed down his cheek.

He turned to the brick wall and waved his hand over it watching the red heart reappear. Inside were his and Liz’s initials. He had never erased it, just covered it after he showed her that night so long ago. His fingers gently traced the letters before altering the heart and adding Kyle’s initials. This time he didn’t cover it, leaving it for all to see. Reluctantly, he turned and started away from his memories. Without a word, he went back down the ladder and walked toward the UFO Center parking lot, Boone following.

Boone knew that this was Max’s time. His time to say good-bye to his wife and family. It was sad and it hurt him to watch Max go through this but he knew that if Max was ever to go on, it had to be done. So he just followed behind quietly, ready to support him when he would be needed.

Max handed the keys to Boone and went around to the passenger side and got in. Boone got into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle. He looked to Max and waited for directions. After a moment, Max told Boone how to get to the bank. Boone put the vehicle in drive and started out of the parking lot.

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Max pulled out the envelope that contained Kyle’s letter and removed the key along with his driver’s license. With a wave of his hand, he changed his name to the one attached to the key along with his age and appearance. Maxwell Philip Evans was dead as far as the world was concern. He’d never be able to go by that name again while he was on Earth. He altered his appearance slight to match that of his license and took a deep breath.

He and Boone entered the bank and received admittance to the safety deposit area. They waited until they were left alone before Max found the box and removed it from its resting place. He laid the large box on the table and stared at it, not touching it or opening it.

“Max? Are you alright?” Boone asked standing next to him.

“Yeah, I’m just…” Max hesitated. He rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m scared.”

Boone took Max’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’m here.” He didn’t know if it would help but he tried.

“Thanks.” Max said taking a deep breath before reaching out and lifting the lid of the box. The metal cradled piles of bound bills along with several different sized envelopes. Max lifted the small envelope that had his name on it. He immediately recognized the writing to be his father’s. He had to force his fingers to tear open the paper. He slowly pulled out the paper and unfolded it.

Max, my son,

If you are reading this, it means that we did not survive the battle with Khivar. I know that this letter is a surprise but I could not help writing this. Let me start off by saying that your mother and I love you. You’ve been our son since the day we found you and Isabel. We went with you into battle because we wanted to. It was our choice and we knew the possibly outcome. Don’t feel guilty about our deaths. We’ve lived happy and fulfilled lives. Our only sadness is that we will not be able to watch our grandson grow up.

Ok, now down to business. In this safety deposit box is plenty of cash to help you along your journey to finding your son. You are probably asking yourself how I knew what you were here to do. Kyle came to me right after you got back to town. He told me what he and Liz knew about the future and together, we gathered everything you would need.

When you first came back to Roswell and told us about you and Kyle, I felt very confused. I looked at you and Liz and I could see the love that surrounded the two of you. It was there every time you looked at each other and touched. Then when I watched you with Kyle…I was amazed to see that same love. I know that what you had with Liz and Kyle was difficult to tell us about but I’m glad you did because it was at that moment we saw our son truly happy. As you will soon find out, that’s all a parent wants for their child.

I’ll admit that it was hard on me at first. When a father learns that his son is bisexual, the first thought is where did we go wrong. But then I looked at your mother, I understand that you can’t control who you fall in love with. I’m glad that you are being you. It’s hard enough being young man in today’s world, let alone adding that you’re an alien hybrid King to that situation. As I said earlier, I love you for you, not who you love, though as Kyle and I spoke, I can see the qualities in him that drew you to him.

Here I am getting off track again, sorry. Everything you will need to find Zan is in the envelopes. I know that you wanted to protect him from the alien abyss but I took a liberty with the adoption. We didn’t tell you when I arranged the adoption but your mother and I put a clause in the agreement. It allows you to have contact with Zan if the time ever came that he wanted to know who his parents were or if you wanted to one day contact him. His adoptive parents agreed to these terms. All the legalities of it are in the paperwork.

Also I’ve included access to a Swiss Bank account for you to do with what you want. After the Parkers and Amy learned the truth about you and what had been happening during those three years, we got together and realized that even though you were gone from Roswell we were not completely safe. We were the ones that raised the six of you and privy to information of what you really are. Any of your enemies could easily go after us to get to you.

With that in mind, the seven of us got our affairs in order. We each set up wills so that if we went missing or died, our children would have access to our assets. When Kyle described what Liz had seen in a vision I approached the other parents. It was hard to discuss and even harder to do when there was a possibility we would not live to see the next year. But I’ve learned that the future is never set in stone so we had hope that what we did was all for nothing. What we decided upon was that after our deaths, our properties and other assets were to be liquified and transferred to this account for access to any of the 13 of us. Use the resources at her discretion.

Max, know that your mother and I have always been proud of you. You’re loyal to your loved ones and willing to sacrifice everything for us. Liz assures me that you will be happy and I believe her. Don’t let the guilt that I know you are feeling ruin your chance at a life with your son. Be happy and know that we love you.


Max folded the letter and placed it back in the envelope then put it in his pocket with the other two. He wanted to find a dark corner, curl into a ball and grieve. The trauma of losing his family had not lessened but he was able to hold it at bay better. He’d cried so many tears since he woke and he found it exhausting.

“It’s time to go.” Max said.

Boone placed the money in the backpack along with the envelopes, emptying the box. Max put the box back and locked it then put key in his pocket. Together, he and Boone left the bank and went back to Brody’s car, Boone sitting behind the wheel.

“Now where?”

“Let’s drive around for a bit.” Max said almost emotionless. He’s emotions had already taken a roller coaster ride so far but he felt as if he had to say good-bye. Max led Boone through Roswell. Their first stop was the Valenti house. The house was being occupied and he saw a small car parked outside. Memories flooded Max of all the times that he knocked on the door. Valenti had rode Max hard that first year after Liz was shot, but then once he saved Kyle and knew who they were, Valenti had become their advisor and protector, being the only adult in on their secret.

This was also the house that Alex had died in when Tess had tried to mind warp him one too many times. Kyle had helped carry him out because of Tess’s mind warping abilities, thinking that it was a duffle bag. Max knew that Kyle truly never got over what she made him do. For a time, he had nightmares about it. Max and Liz tried to calm him and tell him that it wasn’t his fault but he always felt that he should have known that she was using her powers on him. It was a difficult time but after time, the three of them came to a comfortable awareness that no one was completely to blame but Tess. Of course that didn’t stop the occasional slide in that theory from all three of them.

They drove by Maria’s old house and the apartment that Michael had occupied for so long and where Max had lived their last year in Roswell. Max told Boone about each place along with some of the memories that he had related to them.

Finally, he directed Boone to park across the street from a white house in a nice neighborhood. By now, it was nearly noon and outside on the lush green lawn was a boy and girl around the age of 10. They were playing with a ball and racing around laughing. Max smiled as he remembered how he and Isabel often played in the yard like that. It seemed like a hundred years ago.

“This is the house I was raised in. Where my parents raised and loved a boy and girl they found wandering in the desert. Two children who could not speak and had to learn everything like an infant would.” Max’s voice broke with emotion.

Boone looked at the house and could see that it was a good place to grow up. They sat there in silence, Boone not knowing what to say. He’d been raised by a Nanny but he knew what it was like to have a sister around, someone to keep the loneliness away.

“Let’s go.” Max said and directed him to the last place he was to go in Roswell. Boone parked in the lot and they both got out of the vehicle. He walked slowly behind Max as they weaved their way through the concrete blocks. After some searching he stopped between two of the stones. He kneeled on the grass, while Boone stood a few feet behind.

“I owe you a lot Dad.” Max started looking at the tombstone on his left. “It’s hard to believe that you are really gone. That all of you are gone.” Max paused and caught his breath. “Thank you Dad. Thank you for all the times that you helped me. Whether it was with homework, or just being there. You were there for Michael when he needed you, you helped when Liz and I got arrested even though you didn’t understand what was happening.”

Behind Max, Boone raised a brow at him, mentally noting that he’d have to ask Max to tell him about that adventure.

“You were the best father a person could ask for.” Max tuned his head to the right and read the inscription on the cold, gray stone.

“Thank you for giving two lost children a home Mom. Thank you for loving support through the years. I’m sorry that we didn’t tell you about who we were sooner. Isabel pleaded with me for years but I was scared. I was afraid that you wouldn’t love us…wouldn’t want us anymore. I saw how stupid I was…and I’m sorry.” His voice hitched. “Just remember that Michael never blamed you for not seeing him that night. He was scared, and I know that if he’d been with us you would’ve taken him in also. He knew that and always appreciated how you treated him through the years.” He reached out and touched the words Beloved Mother. “I love you Mom.”

Max went from grave to grave, saying his good-byes. He apologized to the Parkers for not being able to protect Liz like he wanted. He reminisced and professed his love for Michael and Isabel, offered thanks to Amy for being a strong woman who raised a beautiful and equally strong-minded daughter. To Maria, he laughed saying that ‘girlfriend’ would never have the same meaning again and thanking her for giving Michael the love that he deserved. He showed gratitude to Valenti for everything that he’d done to help them and thanked him for being a friend and mentor to their small family. Max couldn’t help but stop by Alex’s grave and apologize for putting him in danger and not seeing what Tess was doing to him.

At last, he kneeled between the last two tombstones. Brody had made sure that Kyle and Liz were buried next to each other.

“What can I say Kyle? We started as enemies, finished as lovers and friends. I love you Kyle. You will forever be in me.” Max huffed. “And that’s literally. I know that you loved me and I take comfort in that even though we only spent two years together. It was better than not ever knowing you. I will miss you but it’s time I moved on…” Max glanced back at Boone and smiled. “Liz was right, he’s gorgeous.” His smile faded. “I love you Kyle. Thank you…thank you for returning the love and letting me share a time in my life with you.”

His voice started cracking as he paused to catch his breath. He wondered briefly if he could really do this. He closed his eyes and hung his head. This was so hard, but he needed to do this. He would never have this chance again.

“My darling wife.” He let a small smile grace his lips as he said the word wife. “I always loved calling you that. You were a perfect wife. You loved me and accepted me for who I was. You readily accepted my feelings and love for Kyle, not questioning any of it. You were my soul mate, completing me. You were purely selfless as you willingly sacrificed a lot through the years proving your love for me, yet we always drifted back together. It was meant to be, I knew it from the beginning and I’m glad that you finally saw that and accepted my proposal. This last act…” He wiped at the tears that had started, determined to finish. “Thank you. I’m sorry that we won’t be able to grow old together but I’ll always remember your strength and love. I’ll be a good father and pass on to him everything that you and the rest have taught me. I love you…” he couldn’t go any further as he finally broke down sobbing, giving in to the grief that lay heavy on his heart.

Boone was immediately at his side, his arms wrapped around him, holding him tightly, letting him grieve. Max laid his head on Boone’s chest and cried. Boone said nothing, only holding him until he calmed and Max pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” Max wiped at his cheeks and looked down at the ground.

“Don’t be. I understand.”

Max looked up and saw the sincerity that his eyes held. He turned to the stone that stood next to Liz’s.

“That should have been me and they saved me. They gave me another chance. But what if I can’t do it? What if I can’t go on without them?”

Boone reached up and ran a thumb across Max’s cheek in a tender caress. “It will be hard, but you can Max. You will find your son and give him a family. Your friends and family may be physically gone but they will always be with you.” Boone’s hand moved from his face to rest over his heart. “Besides, you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here with you every step of the way.”

Max lifted a hand and placed it over Boone’s. He felt a slight shock of electricity rush through his system and it was comforting.

“Thank you. Are you ready?”

Boone nodded. Max kept Boone’s hand in his as they left the cemetery.

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Boone and Max settled in a motel room outside of town after they picked up some take out. Max had said his good-byes and didn’t want to risk anyone recognizing him in town. They sat together and went through the paperwork Philip had gathered and found that a family in Asheville, North Carolina had adopted Zan. That was the first place they would look, and then go from there.

Max called Brody and asked if he could do a little research on the people and where they could find them when they reached North Carolina. He also asked if Brody would make airline reservations for them but then changed his mind when he watched Boone’s face lose its color. He’d forgotten what had brought Boone to him and knew that he wasn’t ready to board a plane. Brody offered his vehicle for their use and Max gladly accepted. Brody said he’d call them in the morning with the information that he finds.

“Sorry…I just…” Boone started apologizing when Max got off the phone.

“If there is one thing that I understand Boone, it’s fear. So don’t worry. We’ll take a nice road trip, get to know each other.” Max smiled.

They sat next to each other on the bed and watched the news. Boone had been out of it for a couple of months and couldn’t believe how quickly things happened in the world. He was tempted to call his company and tell them where to look for the others but they would probably think he was nuts. He trusted Max and when they got his son, he could help the others.

Boone sighed and looked over to Max who was now sleeping. He looked so peaceful and was glad that he was finally getting some well-deserved rest.

Max stood at the sink and picked up the next plate. He sighed feeling bored but at least he was making some money. He turned and saw Michael standing at the grill cooking. They all were. His mind wondered to what day it was. They had wandered the country for nearly two months before settling in this not so small town. It was easy to blend in and they all had jobs, earning money for their needs.

Max turned to place the plate in the dish machine when he felt suddenly dizzy. His hand went lax and the dish fell from his grasp as he felt Kyle call out to him. He looked around the kitchen dazed, looking for the voice he’d just heard. He looked to Michael who was watching him with concern. His mouth was moving but he could not hear the words that were said. Kyle’s voice called out louder but Max realized that it was in his head, not in the restaurant’s kitchen.

“Kyle.” Max stated looking to Michael.

Max felt that something was wrong. Kyle voice was not soothing and calm. It was panicked and clipped. His stomach rolled at the thought of his lover being in danger. He and Isabel had the day off from their jobs and were going to spend the day at home, relaxing. They were there alone…

He watched as Michael tore off his apron and takes Max by the arm and head toward the back door.

“…get the girls and head back to the house.” Max’s head finally cleared but the feeling that something was wrong with Kyle was still strong.

Max picked up his pace and barely heard Michael tell their boss Joe something about a family emergency. Out the back door, they headed down the alley toward the café at the end of the street where Liz and Maria were working. Before they reached the café Liz and Maria emerged, Maria dragging Liz much as Michael was doing to Max.

“She says that Kyle is calling out to her. That they are in danger.” Maria said, looking to Max who seemed to be in a semi state of shock like Liz before looking to Michael.

Michael nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.” He didn’t question either Liz or Max. He knew they were connected to Kyle and though Kyle had yet to show his powers, he trusted Max and Liz.

Together, the four went to the old van that Kyle had worked long and hard on the past month doing repairs and piled in. Michael sat behind the wheel and headed toward the house outside of town that they had rented.

Max sat in the back seat with Liz, holding her close. His daze was lifting but he still felt the urgency that Kyle was transmitting.

“Liz…try and see what is happening.” Max said softly to his wife.

Liz nodded though her eyes were still glazed over. He knew that she was feeling the same thing that he was. Maria looked back from the front seat, concern filling her expression.

“Max, what’s happening? She just stopped what she was doing and called out for Kyle.”

Max shook his head. “Kyle is reaching out to us. They are in trouble. I don’t even think he knows what he’s doing.” He turned back to Liz and watched as she closed her eyes and concentrated. He had her hand in his and could feel it warm.

“They are inside the house…in the hall.” Liz said, her voice emotionless. “They are huddled in the back with no windows near them. Isabel is trying to keep the doors and windows sealed so they can’t break in or throw in gas. Her energy is waning.”

“Who is outside Liz?” Max asked gently. He could still feel Kyle’s fear inside of him mixing with his own. His voice was soothing to his wife but Michael and Maria saw in his face that he was going into King mode and taking charge..

“Men…in black uniforms…black suits…the FBI. They have the house surrounded…”

“Show me Liz.”

Liz took a deep breath and nodded. Her hand that lay in Max’s began to glow and she drew Max into her vision. Max looked around and found that they were standing outside of the house. He noted every position of the agents and who was there. He noted an agent that had been able to track them since they’d left Roswell. They thought that they’d lost him but he’d somehow managed to track them down again.

With a blink, Max was back in the van with Liz slumping on his shoulder. Her breath was heavy from exertion. When she projected herself, it always took a few minutes to recover. He squeezed her tighter to him while he told Michael what he saw. Together they formed a plan and Michael parked a block away. They knew the area better than the people who had lived there many years. They made sure that they had several escape plans in case they ever needed to run again. They had just hoped it wasn’t this soon.

Maria stayed in the van behind the driver’s wheel. She kept it up and running; ready to leave when Michael led the others back. Michael, Max, and Liz split up and approached the back from different angles.

“Don’t kill them. Just knock them out.” Max had ordered. Michael reluctantly nodded. He didn’t argue. They were not killers but he still wanted to protect his family.

Quietly, the three took out the men who were in the backyard. Max used his powers to override Isabel’s and entered the house. It didn’t take much, he could feel her weakness.

“Izzy…Kyle…” Max called out softly, letting them know that they were there.

Isabel stood and relief washed over her tired face right before she collapsed back down to the floor. Kyle barely caught her before she hit the floor but when she passed out, her defenses gave out. The sound of the front door breaking in sounded loud in the house as shouts also intruded the silence.

Max, Michael, and Liz turned swiftly, hands up and ready to protect themselves against their enemy. Kyle was trying to keep Isabel’s weight leveled so he could carry her out. Several Agents rushed down the hall, Max threw up his shield blocking their darts. With the perfect concise timing Max lowered it so Liz and Michael could throw the agents back. Kyle stood behind them holding a weak and barely conscious Isabel. Max threw up his shield; his concentration was on the agents rushing toward them. He didn’t see the agent that had snuck into one of the bedrooms and slowly opened the door to the left of them.

“Max.” Kyle’s voice was soft and was barely heard over the noise but Max heard him clearly in his head.

He turned and watches Kyle sink to his knees, his arms releasing Isabel and a hand going to his neck. His fingers pulled out a dart, the tip covered in blood. Their eyes met for a moment before his blue ones close.

“KYLE!” Max cries.

Max jerked up in bed screaming Kyle’s name. Boone jerked up to the sound of Max’s voice. He was not quite asleep but neither was he awake. He was in that between stage of sleep.

“Max…it’s ok…it’s alright.” Boone tried soothing Max, wrapping his arms around him.

Max was trembling and sweat dripped down his body. Boone pulled him closer not knowing what else to do. How do you comfort someone when you didn’t know why they needed the comfort? He’d woke screaming Kyle’s name in terror…was it a nightmare? A memory? What do you say?

Max wrapped his arms tightly around Boone’s body. The dream was still vivid behind his closed eyes but the warmth of Boone’s body was comforting and calming. His breath was beginning to slow, his racing pulse followed. He knew that it was just a tranquilizer that had hit Kyle that day but reliving it again had done nothing but give him a scare. He and Michael had managed to get them all out that day safely without the loss of FBI either.

He lay there tucked in Boone’s arms feeling safe and…loved? As he quietly calmed his body from the nightmare he felt a tingle in his mind. It was something that he’d felt on that day that Kyle had called for help. It was only present when Kyle called out to him. But as he looked inward he felt a change in that tingling. It flowed through his body from his mind like a stream rushing down a mountainside. Something inside was changing, growing. It didn’t hurt but the tingling spread as another feeling entered his consciousness.

He felt desire. It was strong and he knew that it was not his but it matched what he’d been feeling since he woke from the Granolith. Max moved his cheek against Boone’s bare chest, feeling its smoothness against his skin. The desire inside climbed, growing more intense. He could no longer distinguish which feelings were his own or Boone’s.

“Boone.” Max moaned softly, pulling his body closer, practically crawling on top of Boone.

“Are you ok Max?” Boone asked, shifting his body to accommodate Max’s movements. He didn’t mind having Max’s scantily clad body pressed upon his own.

Max nodded then began kissing Boone’s chest. He took a deep breath, taking in Boone’s scent, making his head spin as Boone’s maleness filled him. Max moved his lips up Boone’s body, over his neck until they finally found Boone’s lips. His breath was coming out as pants now, his body trembling with need. The desire was almost too much for him to bear.

“I need you Boone. I need to feel you inside of me.” Max whimpered between kisses.

Boone felt intoxicated by Max’s touch and kisses. His body filled with a longing that begged to be fulfilled. He burned to do just as Max said as his desire escaladed. The image that had burned inside of his mind popped up encouraging his body’s reactions. He felt Max’s hand cup his hardened length that was pressed hard against his pants. This brought a gasp from Boone and made him pull away. The coolness of the air hit his body and brought him back to his senses.

“Max…we can’t…” He said but held little conviction in his tone. He wanted Max desperately but he didn’t want to take advantage of him. Max was still recovering from losing his family and he was around and convenient. They barely knew one another…but that didn’t stop his own lust for Max.

Max pulled his lips away just enough to look into Boone’s eyes. “Yes we can. You want this as much as I do. I can feel it.”

Boone looked at Max confused. “How can you feel it?” He knew it was a stupid question considering Max cupped his hand around the proof of his arousal.

Max smiled. “One of Kyle’s abilities was empathy. He could feel the emotions of others. And it appears to have decided to make an appearance.” He fought off the urge to continue kissing Boone knowing that it wouldn’t take much more to drive him over the edge but he could sense Boone’s confusion.

“So you are feeling my…” Boone finished his sentence with a slight blush and a look down at where Max’s hand was caressing him through his pants.

“Yes. It’s strong…just like my own.” Max admitted. This time he gave in to his urge and claimed Boone’s mouth as his own. His tongue dipped in, feeling out the moist wetness that he was already becoming familiar with. Boone’s moan vibrated within his mouth and Max swallowed it greedily.

‘Fuck me Boone.’ Max said within Boone’s mind. He felt the body beneath him stiffen in surprise but their mouths stayed locked. ‘We can share a pleasure like you’d never dreamed of.’

Max felt Boone’s body relax then felt a spark of a connection. There were no flashes but Max could sense Boone’s surrender of his body. Max let his body melt into Boone’s and he could feel how well their toned bodies fit together.

Boone had never felt like he did at that moment. Max’s body covered his and he tingled everywhere Max touched him. It had freaked him out a little when he’d heard Max’s voice in his head but he had to remind himself that he was with an alien hybrid that had a variety of abilities. He briefly wondered if the feelings that Max was acting on were completely his or if he feeding Max’s feelings.

“Max…are you sure?” Boone had to ask one last time, an inch of doubt was still buried in the back of his mind.

“Yes Boone. Not because I feel what you are feeling, but because I want to, I need to do this. It’s time to move on.”

Boone flipped them so that he was now on top of Max. He looked down and gave Max a mischievous smile before claiming his mouth. When they broke apart breathless, Boone shifted only enough to pulled off Max’s pants and his own before resuming his position over Max who had laid there, his eyes glued to Boone’s movements and not saying a word.

Boone’s mouth explored Max’s neck and chest, finding that he loved his nipples to be played with. Max groaned with pleasure with each of Boone’s touches.

“Boone…you’re killing me…please.” Max pleaded, his body being teased and tortured deliciously. His own hands had been openly exploring Boone’s body but his body was demanding more.

Boone let one of his hands finally slid down and caress the hair that surrounded Max’s hard length. He felt the shiver that passed through Max’s body and was please by the effect he had on his soon to be lover. His fingers play in the curls teasingly, just barely brushing the length it surrounded. He didn’t let his hand grasp hold of Max until he was withering and pleading with him.

Max groaned loudly when Boone finally touched him, wrapping his hand around his cock. Fire shot through his system and he nearly came but he somehow was able to hold it at bay. He wanted to feel Boone inside of him, to feel the long dick deep inside, filling him. Max spread his legs wider giving Boone more access.

Boone sat up and placed his hard, ready cock at Max’s opening. “I don’t have any lubricant.”

Max could hear the rough desire in his voice and watched his chest heave with each breath. “It’s alright…we don’t need it.” Max moved one of his hands from Boone’s body to lie on the inside of his thigh. There was a slight glow to it.

Boone pushed the tip of his dick into Max slightly, testing the waters, so to speak. He wanted nothing more than to shove his dick all the way in but without lubrication, he didn’t want to hurt him.

Max groaned with pleasure. “Do it Boone. Give me all of your cock.”

Boone didn’t hesitate. He didn’t have to be told twice. With one swift movement he thrust his hips forward and let the entire length sink into Max’s body. They both shouted loudly as their bodies joined.

Boone looked down. “Are you ok?” He panted, dying to start moving but he wanted to make sure Max was well.

Max moved his hand away from his thigh and met his lover’s eyes. “If you don’t start fucking me…Uugghh.” He gasped as Boone pulled out slightly, not letting him finish his sentence but ending it with a groan.

Boone started with a light slow rhythm, wanting it to last as long as possible but he soon found that he didn’t have the patience for it. With all the visions that floated in his mind and the foreplay along with the sexual tension, he was close to cuming. He quickened his pace, encouraged by Max’s verbal sighs and noises of approval.

Boone took hold of Max’s cock and pumped it while thrusting hard into his body. He felt Max tighten around his cock and it pulled him over the edge, his cum shooting out of his dick and deep inside of Max.

Max could feel his orgasm approaching and lost all control when Boone touched him. He let it roll over his body wave after wave, his cum squirting out onto Boone’s body.

Boone collapsed on him and rolled over to the side, dragging Max with him. They stayed that way while their breathing slowed and they drifted off to sleep.

“No more nightmares.” Max muttered before the darkness of exhaustion claimed him.

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