On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 2 - 06/15/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:40 am

"Out everyone, out." Dr. Cook said as she came into the room to check her patient and found the room crowded. "The patient needs rest, and we have to do more testing. You can all see her later." she said as she directed everyone to leave the room, which had happened moments after discovery of Carrie and so everyone was now forced into the hallway to face the fallout of the revelations.

"Come on, son." Maria said to her son as she didn’t feel like they were needed for the bigger gathering as she looked at her watch and realized time was dwindling down. "We need to get you registered for your own operation, and then get you ready. Your father should be meeting us anytime, and I am not taking no for an answer young man. As you could see for yourself, Grace is better than she was, and if anything changes, well, I'll let you know about it."

"Can't we wait," Jake asked and almost pleaded. He really didn’t want to go.

"No," Maria demanded as she gave her son a glare he knew very well. "I suspect we should leave everyone alone and for you to go and deal with you own life."

"Fine," Jake sighed. "Uncle Max, tell me everything."

"Yes, I will Jake, good luck yourself" Max said as he saw how the grandparents were reacting to the presence of Carrie and knew he had to put some control into the situation. "Mom please give Carrie some space."

"Your name is Carrie?" Diane asked as she tried to figure how to deal with the bizarre situation her son was now in, and what it all meant for her family and of course she couldn’t help but butt into the situation and seek information.

"Yes, Caroline but I go by Carrie most of the time." Caroline said as she still felt wary of the prying eyes, and all the glares on her as the grandparents all focused on the younger teenager. Jeff and Nancy were struck at the resemblance to their daughter, and Diane was startled by the similarities to her son. “It’s usually when Mom is angry with me, or my teachers that I go by Caroline.”

"Then well hello, since my son isn’t doing the honors, well, my name is Diane Evans. I am Max's mother. So, it is an honor to meet you.” Diane smiled as she glanced over at her worried son, who was concerned about how much to put on the young girl since his mother was known to be unpredictable. “I suspect I might know where you got your name…"

"It's nice to meet you too," Carrie said as she took the sight of the woman who was very likely her grandmother. “You do?”

“Yes,” Diane smiled in a way, so she could be reassuring to the teenager. “Before Max and his sister came into the house I share with my husband. We tried to adopt a little girl a few years before we found our kids, and it didn’t go through. Her name was Caroline. But we always remembered her and told the kids about her and I am sure your father told your mother about Caroline.”

“I did,” Max smiled.

"And we are Jeff and Nancy Parker. Our daughter was, or is, Elizabeth Parker Evans." Jeff smiled as he came into the conversation.”

"You would be Mom's parents, right?" Carrie asked as she took in the adults and could see the apprehension in Max's eyes, and the wariness of not knowing where this was going. "Cool."

"Where is your mother?" Jeff asked as he looked around and didn’t see Beth, or the other girl he knew there was…

"Back at the motel," Carrie admitted.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Max said as he saw Beth coming down the hallway with Alexandra steps behind her as he smirked and smiled at his daughter. "It looks like you have been busted."

"Damn," Carrie muttered as Beth approached and saw from the anger on her mother’s face, that this wouldn’t be good. "Mom!"

"Don't Mom me Caroline," Beth said as she focused on her daughter in the crowd and ignored the others as she saw her daughter. "What on earth made you decide to come here without telling me or your sister."

"She was passed out, and you didn't look like you were awake, and I was unable to sleep so I decided to take a walk."

"Carrie, after what I went through with your sister, I expected more of you than this. If you're going somewhere, tell me, tell your sister or please at least leave a note telling us where you would be if you can’t stay put."

"I didn't know where I was going. I headed to the Crashdown, but it was closed so I came here instead."

"God, how am I going to deal with you two." Beth muttered not comprehending that they were being watched and even then, she focused on her daughter. "But I guess I should ask; did you see Grace. How she is doing?"

"She's awake and talking. The doctor forced us out while they let her rest and do any testing, but Mom, I promise you that I wasn't trying to hurt you" Carrie said as she did her best supportive daughter number. "I am fine."

"You better be," Beth muttered as she then started to notice that they had a crowd and suddenly felt overwhelmed. "Max, hello, I am sorry for intruding."

"You are more than welcome, as you know that" Max smiled while Diane, Jeff and Nancy looked in awed silence as Max interacted with this woman who is believed to be their daughter and daughter-in law. "Beth, I know this will a lot for you to deal with, but I should introduce you to my mother, Diane Evans. And Liz's parents, Jeff and Nancy Parker. Mom, Jeff and Nancy, this is Beth Evans."

"God," the adults whispered as thy hadn't even begun to deal with the reveal about Carrie.

"And Mom, Dad; Jeff and Nancy, well, this is her other daughter, Alexandra Evans."

"Damn," Jeff thought as she saw the twins together and next to their mother. It was all the evidence he needed to know his daughter was truly alive and back in their lives. "My god!"

"Hello," Beth timidly as she became aware of what this encounter did mean. "I am sure this wasn’t what you were expecting…."

"It’s certainly a surprise," Diane admitted as she faced her daughter-in-law, who looked at her as if she was a stranger. "You go by Beth?” she asked of the name.

"It’s the only name I know,” Beth admitted as she sighed because of the uncomfortableness of the unknown. “I know it’s not the name you would know me as but it’s identity that I took as I recovered so many years ago.”

“Of course, it odd, but it would be natural for you and totally understandable. So, how has it been here in Roswell?” Diane asked, and Jeff and Nancy stayed silent as they watched the girl with no recognition of her family.

“It's definitely been a learning experience.” Beth sighed as she thought of what she’s experienced since landing in Roswell and it was very surreal and almost unbelievable as she knew her girls were relishing in it. “I do remember you two from last night,” Beth asked as she focused on Jeff and Nancy. "So, I know this has got to be jarring for you?"

“It is,” Nancy acknowledged.

"Has being in Roswell brought back any memories?" Jeff asked cautiously as he prayed, they would one day get their daughter back, and that she could stop looking at them like they were strangers.

"A few, but not as much as I would like." Beth said honestly. "Although I am starting to see what Liz meant to you all, but the feeling isn't there yet... and that I know has got to hurt you” she asked as she knew from experience back in Madison when she had to deal with patients who were strangers to their families, and how much it ached at the loss of memories and to now experience it first hand was gut-wrenching in so many ways.

"You're alive, and here in Roswell. That is all that matters. Anything else is gravy." Nancy smiled as she tried to change from the uncomfortable situation and focused on something positive and smiled as she looked at Alexandra and Carrie and was truly amazed at how the twins resembled both of their parents and Grace. "Can I ask, who is older?"

"I am," Alexandra smiled as she glanced over at her sister. “Five minutes. We may look the same, but we're very different."

"Most days," Beth murmured as she was struck by how much a surprise her girls were turning out to be as they got older.

"How is Grace?" Max asked immediately as he noticed a door open and saw his daughter's doctor come out into the crowded hallway. "Dr. Cook, how is my daughter?"

"She is being prepped now to go for some scans, so I'll know more in a few hours. So far there isn't much improvement in terms of her movement, but as the swelling is reduced than we will know more."

"Thank you again Dr. Cook for all you have done for my daughter. I do appreciate it," Max acknowledged as the door open to Grace’s room, and out came some medical staff.

"Here she comes," Dr. Cook announced as Grace was wheeled out of the room, as she moved towards the gurney, "Grace, I'll meet you up there."

Grace nodded as she looked around, “Where is Jake?” she asked the collection of grandparents and even Beth.

“He had to leave,” Max said.

“Oh,” Grace nodded as she sighed. “Get me any updates, okay?” she asked as she was wheeled away towards the elevator

“She seems to have gotten a lot closer to Jake lately,” Beth commented.

“Yeah,” Max nodded as he sighed. “But if it keeps her company as she gets better, I guess I can’t stop her. Michael, Maria and I can worry about that later.”

“I wish you good luck at that,” Jeff nodded as he knew from experience that it was very hard to stop something that is rolling down the mountain.
Amy had gone ahead, and Jim had parked in the parking lot but was now entering the hospital “Where is Jake?” Jim inquired of Michael as he saw him near the entrance on his cell phone. “I figured you would up there?”

“They were doing an x-ray before they begin the operation,” Michael nodded. “I needed to check on a case I had pending. Amy went upstairs to be with Maria.”

“I figured,” Jim nodded. “It’s good that I saw you. We need to talk. And I further need to talk with Max, but given Grace’s situation… I figured I can save that discussion for now, at least.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Tommy is awake,” Jim said simply.

“Fu&k” Michael swore as he put his phone away and focused on the Sheriff. “When?”

“Sometime overnight, I got the news when I got to work this morning.” Jim said.

“Damn it, I knew Elizabeth paying that visit and openings up the gods wasn’t going to be good for us. Do you know what kind of recall he has?” Michael asked as he thought of his rule breaker of a daughter, and the fact he was looking at himself in her eyes was not exactly good for his soul.

“No, I’m supposed to see him while I am here at the hospital… I don’t know what the situation is as I haven’t talked to his doctors yet.”

“I guess it would be too good to be true if the whack on the head causes him amnesia about the incident in the park?” Michael asked as he thought of the numerous ways this could go badly for the gang, and they were too numerous to count. “It’s one hit after another” he asked of all the disasters that have come their way in only a few weeks.

“We would be too damn lucky,” Jim nodded as they walked to the elevator. “Which isn’t where the fates are leading us right now, as seriously Michael, it is going to open a huge hornet’s nest if he does have any recall of the incident, or at the most, who actually was present. Currently we have left Jake and Grace out of it, but given who we are talking about… I am not sure how we can for much longer… And add Elizabeth’s actions on top of it.”

“She’s convinced she did it for the right reason.”

“And she probably did,” Jim reasoned. “Tommy is not someone you want to mess with given his connections in this town, and Grace has woken up to that with lasting ramifications, and some of it we can prevent.”

“It’s still he said/she said.”

“Yup, and that makes it very tricky,” Jim said. “I love the career I have chosen but even I know how the law treats this kind of thing. She didn’t report it, for numerous reasons, and only later did she see that there were consequences.”

“And said consequences can’t even corroborate her story because of the circumstances,” Michael admitted as he hated how the fact they were alien, and in Grace’s case; half alien and how her heritage was complicating her human side, and the ability to prove she was attacked.

“Nope,” Jim nodded as they talked in the elevator. “It’s going to give Tommy cause to say she’s lying.”

“And finger my son?” Michael asked as he knew just who Tommy would finger if he Grace could prove her side, and it would lead right to his doorstep.

“Unfortunately,” Jim admitted as he could tell how it weighed on Michael and Maria, and even Jake to some extent. “Their little getaway leads to a mucky trail…”

“I hate this,” Michael groaned. “Maxwell and Grace do not need this added onto their latest challenges.”

“NO, they don’t,” as they reached the Intensive Care Unit and got off the elevator and went and sought out Grace’s hospital room.
“Okay, you two…I figure you’re hungry?” Beth asked. “Or I am so I think we should go down to the cafeteria and have some breakfast so that I can lecture you one more time about leaving without warning.”

“Mom,” Carrie whined.

“Well it obviously didn’t stick the first time, so, come on” she said to her kids and turned to face the others and tried to ignore the awkwardness of the encounter. “If you need me Max, I’ll be down in the cafeteria and if not, I will be checking in with the hospital back home, or with Serena but I don’t plan to leave the hospital, so you can probably find me if these two are roaming the hospital again without me keeping an eye on them...”

“Sure,” Max nodded as they watched Beth and the twins walk off. Jeff sighed, and turned to his son-law as they all watched the trio of brunettes walk down the hall towards the elevator. “Max?”

“Yes,” Max asked as he looked at the conflicting faces of his in-laws. “I know that had to be hard for you.”

“What about you?” Jeff asked. “How can you stand there, and interact with her without it showing that it kills you that it’s not the Liz we knew, and loved?

“Because pushing will drive her away. It kills me alright but given for the last nearly fourteen years we have been living under the assumption she was dead. I will take having her alive, even the current circumstances. It hurts that she doesn’t remember us, but that is a situation that can only improve while having her dead, then there is no chance of her coming back.”

“It hurts,” Nancy sighed as it killed her to see deadness in those eyes and know she didn’t have any memories.

“I know,” Max sighed. “And it does hurt me too, but all you can do is try” he asked. “And that goes for all of us. If we give her time, maybe can get to know the woman she is today, and we do have that chance, and I am not going to give that up… not without a fight”

Jeff and Nancy nodded and as they both knew they needed a break, so they walked away in the direction of the elevator. Sighing, it hurt Max deeply to see how confused and painful it was for his in-laws to be dealing with all this. On one side, their daughter was alive and, yet she didn’t know them. She had more memories of him than of her own parents, and it was painful because he knew how close Liz had been to her parents.
Michael and Jim hadn’t gone to Grace’s room – they had ended up at Tommy’s Ellis hospital room, with Michael watching through the glass window as Jim took in the room. Talking to the doctor had not given them a lot to go with as Tommy was now asleep and while the doctors were confident about Tommy’s survival. They didn’t know how much he knew. Like Grace; he knew where he was and who he was. But didn’t show his hand yet so it left Michael hopeful, and Jim worried.
The whispers had made it through the halls of West Roswell High. On numerous topics, but on this day as Elizabeth and Sue walked out of one of their joint classes was on the nature of Tommy Ellis. It stopped Elizabeth dead when she heard a classmate talking as she passed on the way to her locker. Did you hear the Tommy is awake?”

“What?” Elizabeth stopped and asked Julie Simmons.

“Tommy Ellis has been in the hospital all week, and apparently he’s now awake and there is hope he will be back at school soon.”

“How do you know?” Elizabeth asked with her breath held.

“Maya Thomas is doing work study at the hospital this semester and she knew he had been admitted, and she told her boyfriend Douglas that Tommy who was unconscious just woke up sometime last night.”

“Damn it,” Elizabeth said silently and under her breath and Sue knew something was troubling her friend and was wondering if it was part of the big family secret. “Thank you, Julie, although I can’t say I miss him.”

“Most don’t, but he knows where the bodies are buried” Maisie sighed.

“What?” Sue asked.

“Ellis is not someone to mess with, and a lot people have gotten burned along the way” Maisie reflected as she left for her class, while Elizabeth and Sue walked into the bathroom before they were separating for their final class of the morning and Elizabeth let out a violent curse.

“Damn it, damn it, Damn it!” Elizabeth swore, and kicked her bookbag against the wall in frustration.

“What’s going on?” Sue asked.

“This is the end of the world,” Elizabeth muttered as she checked each stall in the bathroom to see if they were alone. Thankfully for once, they were, and there was no surveillance camera in the bathroom. “Tommy should never have woken up?”

“Why?” Sue asked.

“Grace is the reason Tommy got injured?” Elizabeth said carefully. “I am screwed,” she muttered.

“What did Grace do?”

“We can’t talk here,” Elizabeth said as went into a stall. “We don’t know if the walls have ears, so let us just say it does no one any good if Tommy is awake and has the capacity to talk and leave it at that.”

“We have class,” Sue said.

“Let us go,” Elizabeth nodded as they walked out of the bathroom and separated to go their own classes and while Sue was headed to her drama elective, she saw that Elizabeth wasn’t headed to her creative writing elective. She was headed to the front doors and was soon out of the building all together with Sue deciding to follow her friend.
Max realized he needed to check in with his office, so while Grace was off undergoing her testing, he went to make some phone calls after walking his mother to her a taxi because he had driven, and Diane had wanted her son to stay at the hospital, and after he did so, he saw his father walk through the main door. “Hey”

“Hello son,” Phillip smiled as he approached his son. “How is my granddaughter?”

“She had been undergoing testing so I thought I would check in with Cassandra to see if she was successful in pushing off my more urgent cases.”

“Was she?” Phillip asked as he didn’t realize how much he was appreciating his lessen work load as he prepared to head into retirement but didn’t like how much of the burden would fall onto his son as he was now facing a very complicated home life. “If you need me to help out, I could…”

“Yes fortunately,” Max nodded as he appreciated the offer. “She said she was doing so for you also, so I don’t want you to think you need to pick up any of my layaways, as most of my cases are not at the critical point yet so I have a little leeway.”

“With the grandkids spending the night, I decided to spend the morning at home and coming over here. But I plan to head to the office later if you want me to check into anything for you and I am willing to pick up the slack for you if you need me Max, all you need to do is ask. I have the time, and not as many complications as you right.”

“I do appreciate the offer, but you don’t have to, but I might take you up on it later but right now everything is handled” Max sighed as he didn’t relish having to give the responsibilities on his aging father because he knew Phillip was enjoying the lessen work load, and he knew his mother appreciated having more access to her husband after so many years focused on his legal career… “Mom was here earlier” he commented as he changed the subject.

“I know,” Phillip nodded. “She phoned me before she left for home. She mentioned she met the woman who goes by Beth?”

“She did,” Max said. “I know it had to be an uncomfortable situation for her, but she did well. She also met Beth’s twin daughters, Alexandra and Carrie.”

“It is a wild situation son, how are you handling it?” Phillip whistled at the complexities of his son’s life after so many years of being a single father to Grace, and alone, and now to face so many challenges.

“I haven’t even begun to deal with it. So much is happening. Each day it’s a new thing, and it hasn’t even allowed me to sit and deal with what it all means for myself, and for Grace. There will be a lot of time for that after we know how Grace deals with this latest setback?”

“How is she, son?” Phillip asked. “Seriously Max, how is my granddaughter?”

“Seriously, it’s as serious as it gets. She hasn’t regained her movement yet when she off for her testing, but it’s still new so time is on our side. The wound was very close to the spine, so it’s possible something was nicked or it’s the matter of the swelling. We won’t know until the results come back or even days from now.”

“Well Grace is an Evans, and we’re fighters.”

“Same with the Parkers. Liz was a fighter, or shall I say still is one…”

“I am going to up to see Grace,” Phillip said.

“I have to make one more call, and I’ll join you up there.” Max nodded as he watched his father head for the elevator. Sighing about how complicated his life had turned into, he turned on his phone and saw that his phone was ringing. “Damn, now what?”

“Hello?” he asked tentatively as he adjusted his voice when he didn’t recognize the name on his phone. “This is Max Evans; how can I help you?”

“Mr. Evans?” came the voice as she was tentative in the tone, she gave him. “This is Sue Adams, and I am a friend of your daughter and Elizabeth Guerin…”

“Right Sue, I remember you, sorry about my brusque tone. So, what is the issue?”

“I am worried about Elizabeth. I am across the street from your home, and I just saw her enter it a few minutes ago. I am afraid of what she’s going to do?” Sue asked as she stared at the empty house from across the street, next to her car as she watched Elizabeth steamroll herself into Evans without even having to use a key, which confused Sue What is it with my friends she wondered to herself.

“I didn’t give her permission, but she might be there to pick up some homework for Grace to hand in,” Max asked as he tried to come up with a plausible reason for how his god-daughter would be entering his home when she knew he and Grace were at the hospital. “How did she get in?”

“I don’t know, I am not that close to see” she lied because she didn’t believe what she had seen, so to explain it didn’t make any sense. “Anyway, the reason why I am concerned is that she was reacting irrationally at school and then she showed up at your house, and I don’t know what she could be thinking…”

“How so,” Max asked.

“It all started when we found out that Tommy is awake!”

“Shit!” Max said out loud at the stunning revelation and then realized who he was speaking to, and he was chastened. “Sorry!”

“I have heard worse,” Sue assured her friend’s father as she tried to get a sense of what she should be doing to ward off disaster she figured was on the way. “So, what should I do?”

“Go back to school,” Max smiled as he also frowned at the worry on why his goddaughter would need to break into his house. “You should let me deal with it okay because it doesn’t matter to you.”

“If you say so” Sue asked although she didn’t sound too convinced.

Max disconnected the call, and text a string of messages to Michael, Why, would your daughter want to break into my house? And a second “Is Tommy awake? and a third, “Meet me at my house!” and he vanished from the hospital.
Michael was no longer watching Jim with Tommy. Given the boy was still asleep, he went in search of his wife, and own son who was now in the operating room. Apparently, the scan was as they thought the situation was, and nothing more complicated so at least that was comforting, so now he went in search when he heard his phone go. Wondering if it was Mary at the office, he saw three texts from Max in quick succession. Uh oh, he whispered when he saw the first one. Damn it.

He saw his wife in the waiting room with the outer of eye as he was looking down at his phone, why? he asked himself. “We have trouble,” he said to his wife, and he sought her out and hugged her.

“What?” Maria asked.

“Elizabeth is at Max’s house. Apparently, she broke in. Max wants to know what she wants?”

“She is going after the gun!” Maria whispered frantically. “Why?”

“Yup!” Michael grimly acknowledged. “I didn’t want to have to tell you this way but also, Tommy is awake!”

“F&ck!” Maria swore…

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 2 - 06/15/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:15 pm

Is it too much to hope that Tommy won't remember or that someone can erase his memory?
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 2 - 06/15/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:49 pm

What else could possibly happen to the Evans family?
Beth is meeting parents and in-laws, and the twins seem to be enjoying meeting more family.
To ad to the chaos, Tommy is awake. Maybe the twins will sneak in his room and wipe out his memories.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 2 - 06/15/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:31 pm

I feel sorry for Max and the Parkers. It has to be tough having all these memories of Liz and Beth can't remember them. Max and all the grandparents need to start building a relationship with the twins.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 3 - 06/18/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:55 am

Elizabeth made it into Max’s house with surprisingly ease and was now walking up to Grace’s room. She needed to make sure the gun was still there. She wasn’t rational, and she knew it. She knew Tommy was at more danger than her brother. She had more guilt given she was at the scene of the crime and did some covering up and her grandfather knew it and was putting his job on the line in protecting her on numerous fronts. But if Tommy fingered Jake, then the cops would want to ask questions and soon things would be very complicated. She had spent the last twenty minutes trying to talk herself out of doing something worse.

“I am too reckless,” Elizabeth muttered to herself as she entered Grace’s bedroom. God, Grace you deserve to be here right now, and not fighting in the hospital. Tommy will pay.

“Why are you taking it personal,” came a voice which startled Elizabeth out of her contemplation as she looked at the poster where she knew the safe was behind and she quickly turned around to see the newcomer to the room.

“Sue?” Elizabeth said as she was surprised to know her friend had followed her to Grace’s house. “Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that because I followed you and instead of creative writing, you came here… So, why are you here in Grace’s room?” Sue asked as she ignored Max’s advice and she didn’t go back to school, but instead her curiously won out and she decided to confront her friend. Plus, she knew that her friend would be busted before long.

“I needed to check on something,” Elizabeth said. “If I can talk myself into it, and not out of it.”

“What?” Sue asked.

“Something I did to protect Grace,” Elizabeth admitted as she always relished the wild side of herself and sometimes did seem to think she was indestructible due to her unique gifts but witnessing the misfortune that had come to her friend, she did wonder if she or anyone she loved who were fortunate to have the rare gifts they did could be taken down.

“What?” Sue asked as she could see that her friend was seriously trying to talk herself out of something.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you,” Elizabeth muttered. “I don’t want you to get yourself in trouble.”

“Then why are you so willing to get in trouble?” Sue asked.

“I am not,” Elizabeth murmured even though she knew that to be a lie.
“What do you mean your daughter left the gun that was used to threaten Jake in my daughter’s bedroom?” Max asked incredulously at his long-time friend Michael as he pulled into the driveway of his home and saw Michael waiting for him. Maria was staying to keep an eye on their son’s progress, but Michael felt compelled to see if he could stop his daughter from even more trouble.

“Look, I know,” Michael muttered. “I wasn’t informed of that part of the story until I got home from my trip. Elizabeth stayed at your house that night and went straight to school and therefore she couldn’t take the you know a deadly weapon onto school grounds.”

“So, she decided to keep it at my house?” Max asked.

“She said it’s in Grace’s bedroom safe, so it’s safe and sound.”

“Right, the safe.” Max asked as she remembered one of the things his daughter requested a few years ago for her room after hearing for years that her mother’s own diary went missing that Grace decided she wanted a safe guard for anything private, and Max couldn’t disagree because of the sensitivity of their family secrets. “And Elizabeth is the only one who knows the code, next to my daughter.”

“Really?” Michael asked.

“Yes,” Max nodded. “She wouldn’t even tell me. It was safer that way, she felt.”

“Do you know what she keeps in there?” Michael asked.

“Nope,” Max said. “And for my sanity, it was always better that way as she got older. So, the idea that your daughter decided to put something in there could possibility hurt Grace if this goes the wrong way.”

“The gun hurts Tommy,” Michael stated as Max unlocked his door. “And by now, it probably has my daughter’s fingerprints.”

“Jesus” Max cursed at the cruel complexities of their lives.
Upstairs, Elizabeth was still starting at the safe behind the poster as she decided to go for it, at least to make sure it was still there… because she needed to know it was safe, and that they would be safe because she couldn’t stand to think she could harm her family. As much as she knew they were safe, still she fretted even if she did know the safe couldn’t be crack by a mere human. They had put a special lock on it, so it had to be someone who had a gift to be able to open it and remove the contents or they would be repelled. Still, she needed to see, and yet she still couldn’t do it.

“Can I ask you again. Why is this so personal for you?” Sue asked as she knew her friend had made up her mind to do something and it wasn’t going to help any of them in the long run despite her ignorance on the issue.

“It’s not,” Elizabeth muttered the lie.

“Yes, it is,” Sue asked. “You are taking this a lot more personal than Grace even is, and she is the one who was victimized. Can I ask, why is that Elizabeth?”

“Someone has to fight for Grace.”

“It’s not like she’s alone in this fight. There is a whole bunch of you people who would fight to death for Grace. So why is it personal for you?” Sue said as her attention was diverted. “Hey, since when does Grace have a safe?” she asked as she saw her friend remove the poster.

“Since shortly after she turned thirteen.” Elizabeth admitted as she remembered how both she and Grace went in together on their mission to get their parents to agree for them to have a safe in their rooms, after hearing stories about their parent’s teenage antics, and how some of them could have turned on them quite easily, and especially when something as simple as Grace’s mother’s Liz’s diary went missing. The idea troubled both girls, so they put in requests for a safe for their rooms, and while Elizabeth got a more conventional safe. Max allowed Grace a more complicated one, that he had built to his daughter’s room. And it’s not like they ever really needed to use them, but with the gun, she felt she had no choice and the security regarding Grace’s safe was top notch with the added addition of her special powers encoded mechanisms. Thank you, Uncle Max, she whispered to herself as she stood looking at the safe. She knew Max took the fact that he had a lot of secrets to heart when he allowed his daughter the safe.

“Cool,” Sue said.

“It is,” Elizabeth said as she examined the safe, and wondered if she could pull herself back from undertaking this mission.

“Elizabeth, think before you do this. Would Grace want you to do it?” Sue asked. “Why are you so concerned about Tommy!”

“He’s a snake,” Elizabeth muttered as she stewed over the vermin.

“So, what?” Sue asked. “Why does it matter to you. It should to Grace because he attacked her…. Wait did he try something with you?” she asked and saw Elizabeth force her glance away from her friend. “Elizabeth, did he… Did Tommy attack you too?”

“What!” came a shout and they twirled around, and Elizabeth saw her outraged father, and her equally concerned godfather looking in on their chat fest without showing them that they were there, overhearing their conversation.

“Dad!” Elizabeth said quietly as she stood frozen as she saw the pain and outrage on her father’s face. Max wasn’t that much farther behind his best friend in his reaction, and she didn’t relish having to face them.

“Is what Sue asked, true?” Michael anger rising to a boiling point but seeing his special princess, she lowered his tone. “Is it true honey?” he asked softly as he looked at his daughter. “Did Ellis do something to you?”

“Were you attacked?” Max asked in his mix of concerned family member and experienced lawyer.

“No.” Elizabeth said in a soft mutter, and then more definitive tone.

“Elizabeth!” Michael asked quietly as he knew when his daughter was trying to hide something from him, or Maria, and could see it in the girl now. “Did he…?”
The surgery was over, and the surgeons succeeded to patch up Jake’s leg with a screw that allow the bones to be rejoined. Maria could sigh a sense of relief as she walked to her son’s hospital room. But she couldn’t stop worrying, because she now had another child to worry about with the news Elizabeth was on a vengeance tear against Tommy. “Tell me I don’t have to worry?”

“A parent’s job is to always worry,” Amy said as she heard about her eldest granddaughter’s mischief making plans. “I am downright amazed I made it through your teen years.”

“We definitely gave you a lot to worry about,” Maria muttered as she thought of her own teen years which were quite dull by Roswell standards until Liz got herself shot in the Crashdown and brought Max and Michael and everyone else they would discover into their midst, and it got crazy for a while there, and she had to agree with her mother that it was amazing they had made it through, but it didn’t mean she wanted to revisit it in her daughter or son.

“That you did,” Amy muttered at the remembrance.

“I don’t want that repeated in my children,” Maria said honestly. “Those years were hell for, Michael, Liz, Max and Isabel and me. It doesn’t seem fair to see history repeat.”

“It does seem things have been picking up steam,” Amy allowed as they continued to walk after stopping to get a drink from the soda machine.

“Where did my boring life from a few weeks ago?” Maria asked, to no one. “All I had to worry about my son partying too much or liking Grace too much. Things have taken a turn for the more extreme lately.”

“That girl of yours seems to be an old chip off the block,” Amy advised.

“I always thought she took after me,” Maria smiled. “But more and more each day she seems to be all Michael.”

“Is that good or bad!” Amy asked as they continued their walk.

“A teenage version of Michael could be dangerous,” Maria muttered. “At least Michael had Max and Isabel to keep him on a relative even terrain, and yet that still led to some downright scary times.”

“Let us hope it is not a direct repeat” Amy said as they reached the room where Jake had been taken to. “Something tells me Elizabeth knows what line not to cross, even if it might get blurry at times.”

“I hope so,” Maria muttered as they entered the room to see the one teenager she didn’t have to worry about, for that day at least.
“What are you doing here?” Elizabeth asked her father and godfather as the trance broke and she was forced to deal with the fallout of her actions and what they might have overheard. “How is Grace and Jake?”

“Your brother is doing fine, as he’s out of surgery and recovering and Grace is still undergoing testing but that doesn’t answer my question, nor should you redirect it with your own questions. Did we hear, right?” Michael asked his daughter with his laser focus. “Did Tommy hurt you?”

“He didn’t hurt me,” Elizabeth said adamantly.

“What did he do Elizabeth?” Max asked as he sternly looked at his goddaughter. “I know when someone your age is misdirecting us, and I sense it in you.”

“Honest Uncle Max,” Elizabeth said as she put up her hand to swear. “Fine, you can say he attacked me….” she said but was quick to add as she saw the anger building in her father and Uncle. “But he didn’t hurt me or do to me what he did to Grace. He didn’t rape me.”

“When was it?” Max asked as his eyes closes and opened as he tried to steady his own blood pressure.

“Last summer,” Elizabeth admitted because she knew she had to, and couldn’t hold it as a secret any longer. “Before either of you ask, I am not lying to you. I stopped the encounter from progressing further into real violence. Yes, it could have gone there but I stopped it. Luckily, I wasn’t drinking that day, and therefore my defenses were right on target and I made Tommy regret ever trying to put his hand on me. So, the violence that day wasn’t from him… but me, and now I wish I had done worse to him that day, but I didn’t, and he didn’t try anything with me after that day.”

“What did he do?” Max asked.

“He grabbed me,” Elizabeth said. “But I put a stop to it. And I decked him, or more than decked him, which is why he knows not to try anything with me after that day. I put quite a scare into him if I say so myself” she smiled at the memory. “Which is why I should have given him a repeat performance the other night, but I didn’t, I let him push my buttons and as a result Jake got hurt.”

“That isn’t the answer Elizabeth,” Max warned as he saw his best friend assess his daughter’s story, and knew he wanted to say something and yet it was good that he was silent for now.

“It would have felt good,” Elizabeth muttered. “But still, I am sorry I didn’t do something worse last summer to him or even report him because I fear I put him on track to do what he did to Grace.”

“Why do you say that?” Michael asked his daughter.

“I fear he went after Grace to get even with me. Once we were back in school last fall, and it was obvious I hadn’t talked about my experience he started to lay eyes on Grace. And well we all know what happened on New Year’s Eve, and because I couldn’t be at the party thanks you and Mom putting the kybosh on it. I wasn’t there to prevent Grace from drinking anything she shouldn’t have.”

“Even if you were at the party, you don’t know if you could have stopped it” Max advised his goddaughter. “Jake wasn’t able to.”

“But I am not Jake,” Elizabeth said. “I might have been able to do something. And still, even though I suspected what happened. I didn’t ask questions or tell her what he did to me. I allowed the cone of silence all these months.”

“You’re not to blame. Only Tommy Ellis is to blame.”

“Maybe,” Elizabeth muttered as if she didn’t believe it.

“No maybes about it,” Michael said as he took his daughter into his arm for a hug. “Your mother and I love you honey, and next time something like last summer happens… come to your mother or me. And if you don’t want to come to us, go to Max okay?” he asked.

Elizabeth muttered an ambivalent okay.

“Good!” Michael said in approval as he stepped back and faced his daughter about that other nagging issue they had to address. “Now, let’s talk about the gun.”

“God,” Elizabeth muttered as she looked at the still closed safe with her eyes. “I am sorry Uncle Max.”

“What were you thinking?” Max asked as he took a glance over at the safe and saw that it hadn’t been opened, which was good.

“I wasn’t thinking that night,” Elizabeth admitted. “But that gun is potential damaging for Tommy, and it is blackmail material now that he’s awake.”

“But it also hurts us,” Max advised as he shook his head at his god-daughter’s thought process. Sue stood back stunned at the words flung around about a gun. She didn’t understand what was happening and yet it seems second nature to Mr. Guerin and Evans, and that struck her as bizarre but then much of what she had learned about her best friends were downright strange and yet she still was here…

“How” Elizabeth murmured.

“Who knows what lies he will tell the police and Jim can only do so much diverting. If he remembers what happened with Jake. He remembers you and Grace at the park. He knows he didn’t shoot the gun. He has the capacity of bringing Grace into night’s activities. And plus, your fingerprints are on it. And it might be hiding his.”

“It’s his gun” Elizabeth batted back.

“That helps, but we don’t know anything about it” Michael said. “And not having knowledge puts us at a disadvantage.”

“I hate this,” Elizabeth admitted as the hatred for Tommy boiled her blood. “I wish we could just get rid of him…”

“We all do honey, but for moment, why don’t you leave Tommy Ellis and Tuesday night to Max and I.” Michael said. “As much as we understand your desire to do something in the name of Grace or even yourself, still, it doesn’t solve anything to go with your fantasies. So, deal with what you can control and that is to go back to school and focus on something you can manage and that won’t spin out of control into a crisis we won’t be able to manage without damage to everyone we love or hold dear. Okay?”

“We are officially on lunch,” Elizabeth said as she checked her watch, and tried to deal with loophole.

“Then go to school and make up for what you missed,” Max suggested. “You know Grace would be if she was in your position.”

“You’re no fun,” Elizabeth smirked at the reminder that Grace would do anything to be at school and hot in the hospital, trying to get her mobility back. “First, can we go to the hospital and see Jake or Grace?”

“If you’re back at school for your next class,” Michael advised as if he was one to talk given, he was hardly a regular in school when he was his daughter’s age and didn’t even graduate due to his attendance record and many other factors. “Go wait by the car, and I will drive you both to school. Sue, please make sure she gets back to her classes… okay?”

“Sure Mr. Guerin.”

And yet they knew that promise would be fleeting with Elizabeth so determined… and in the mood to do something rash, as Elizabeth moved the posters back to their spots and soon the room looked like any other teenage bedroom and one that didn’t hold damaging evidence as she stormed out of the room as Michael could shake his head. “I know,” he muttered as his best friend smiled. “I know what you’re going to say?”

“It’s like looking in a mirror” Max reminded his best friend, as Michael sighed as the left the house and Max made sure the door was locked and yet they both knew the damage that could result and hoped that it could be controlled in the short-term. But each had their doubts.
Jim Valenti was standing and observing Tommy. The teenage boy was now awake and looking like he wanted to start trouble, but the Sheriff was ready to take him, although he deep down hoped the boy didn’t cause the trouble that would envelope his family, so he stood and stared the teenager down. “So, you want to say something?”

“What makes you think so?” Tommy challenged the Sheriff.

“I was told you wanted to speak to me,” Jim asked. “So, I came, and now I sense you don’t have anything of any use to say to me. Am I wrong?”

“I hear Grace Evans has found herself some misfortune and is in this hospital?” Tommy asked.

“I wouldn’t go there Ellis,” Jim threatened as he glanced at the teenage menace.

“Why not?” Tommy challenged as if he didn’t have anything to worry about given who his parents were, and the strings that would get pulled and so he pushed some buttons and tested some limits.

“Because I am told that you did some things to Ms. Evans that a court would have dim view of it, if it ever came to a judge and jury.”

“You can’t prove anything?” Tommy taunted through his smiles. “If you could, I would be doing something about it, or I would be in jail.”

“Oh, I can do something so I think you should beware of that attitude Ellis because your name only will carry you so far, until my office takes over.” Jim smiled. “You would be surprised what I could do as Sheriff of this town.”

“What?” Tommy asked as she looked unrepentant and smirking all the way, and it sickened Jim. “There is no proof.”

“If there were witnesses at that party?” Jim asked. “They might want to talk.”

“No one was around if I were to have done anything with Grace. And if we did, Grace is the one who left with me willingly. Jake Guerin would be forced to tell that to any courtroom, and that wouldn’t be a lie and any evidence is long gone and there no proof even if there were evidence.”

The creep was right Jim muttered to himself under his breath. Grace left the party and there were no witnesses and Grace didn’t talk about that night until she told his stepdaughter some facts about it months later, when a baby was stillborn whose heritage made it impossible to confirm paternity. Oh, they could find out if it was indeed Tommy Ellis who was the baby’s father but it would open a lot more questions for the gang and they couldn’t have that.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Jim asked as he went back to the original questioning. “I don’t have all day.”

“Oh right, I hear also that Jake is having surgery” Tommy gloated. “Boy your family is having a bad run of luck, aren’t they?”

“So?” Jim asked. “And if you utter any of my family’s name in that way, you will be asking for a lot of trouble.

“You can’t do anything about it because you answer to this town, remember. I know just how close a call you had years ago. My parents tell me the stories…”

“I bet they have,” Jim muttered knowing his actions back when the gang was in high school still existed in the gossip channels, and much of the drama had died down in the drama free life his kids had lived in the years since high school but it could be stirred up if enough the drama bled into the new generation battles, but he would have it, if he could protect his kids and grandkids, blood or no blood.

“So, have you asked your grandson where he was on Tuesday night, when I got myself hurt?” Tommy menacing asked.

“Would I need to?” Jim asked.

“Yes!” Tommy smiled. “I would also think you would want to talk to Grace and your granddaughter Elizabeth, and if you try to cover it up. I could tell a compelling story, that the media would love and even the gossip hounds will certainly gobble it down.”

“What are you getting at?” Jim asked as he stepped closer to the bed, but the boy was full of gloating of what he might or might know and that was dangerous for Jim, and for the gang he feared.

“Oh, I think you know.” Tommy smiled as he started a stare contest with the town Sheriff, not caring what it could mean for him as he was having fun with this and pushing his limits.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 3 - 06/18/2019

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Oh I so wish Michael would blast this creep all the way to Antar!
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 3 - 06/18/2019

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Damn, Tommy is going to cause trouble.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 3 - 06/18/2019

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There were never truer words that Max said to Michael......"it's like looking in a mirror".
Wonder what kind of game Tommy is playing now??

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 4 - 06/20/2019

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“Tell Serena hello for us,” Alexandra smiled as she walked with her sister in search of Grace’s hospital room only when they arrived to find out that Grace was taking no visitors as she was sleeping so she and Carrie settled in the waiting room and started to read for one of their classes. While their mother decided to take the opportunity to check in with Serena after they had finished their breakfast. “Yes, we won’t leave here. Or if we do, you can find us with Grace.”

“What am I going to do with the two of you?” Beth muttered.

“You love us the way we are,” Carrie smiled, and their mother could only shake her head and head towards the internet café that resided in the hospital. She wanted to check in with Serena personally before her friend headed home for the day. Why do I have a feeling that I am seeing my teenage life in my children she asked herself.

Alexandra and Carrie did decide to do some homework. They knew they were on thin ice with their mother, so they might put on their best behavior and do some classwork while they were on the best vacation of their life, even if it was the most stressful of their mother’s fourteen-year life.

“I wonder how Grace is doing?” Carrie asked.

“Let’s hope she’s better,” Alexandra prayed as she didn’t want anything more to happen to the sister that they had just discovered.

“It does seem like it’s one thing after another,” Carrie asked.

“And they say it’s still tame compared to what the original generation dealt with back in the olden days. Which is completely weird to think about?” Alexandra asked as she wondered just how complicated their family tree was going to be by the end of this adventure.

“Yeah,” Carrie asked. “How could this be tame?”
That was what Beth was asking herself as she walked to the internet café. She couldn’t imagine how this week could be mild compared to the past, or at least that is what she had been told. She signed up for an account and signed onto a free computer and was fortunate to find there was a Skype connection.

Calling the office in Madison, she waited a few seconds as she prayed that Serena would be free to take her call. “Hey,” came the voice. “I almost didn’t take the call because I didn’t recognize the computer ID.

“Sorry,” Beth smiled.

“So, where are you?” Serena asked as she sat in her desk and cleared the paperwork she was doing as she wanted to speak to Beth.

“Am I taking you away from a patient?” Beth asked.

“Nope,” Serena smiled. “I was about to close up early because I didn’t have any more patients for today as I have the recital tonight, so it was just paperwork time.”

“Wow, it’s only Friday. It seems like I have been here a week” Beth asked out loud as it amazed her the level of activity that had taken place in only twenty-four to forty-eight hours, how am I going to last at this rate?

“Yeah, it’s only Friday. How are you and the girls?” Serena smiled as she sensed some tension in her friend’s face. “Everything is alright, right?”

“It’s definitely been an adventure, and the girls of course have been treating it as one” Beth admitted.

“So, what has happened? We talked briefly last night, but it couldn’t have gotten more exciting since then….” Serena asked as she saw the tiredness on her friend’s face. “You’re alright, right?”

“Was it last night?” Beth smiled as she repeated her question. “It’s hard to believe it’s only been hours,” she admitted.

“So, what’s been going on?” Serena asked. “I sense things have changed?”

“First, I am at the hospital, Roswell Memorial” Beth said. “I am not sure how much we talked about the last time we talked.”

“Not much, because you got called away” Serena admitted. “And it was pretty late here and what do you mean you’re at the hospital. What happened, is it the girls. Are they okay?” she asked in a frenzy state. “Do I have to fax their medical records?”

“No, slow down, Alex and Carrie are perfectly healthy, or they better be because I am not sure how much more I can take, right now” Beth sighed.

“Then tell me, what happened?” Serena asked.

“Grace was admitted to the hospital last night,”

“Ah, the mystery daughter?” Serena asked as he struggled to remember the oddities of her friend’s lost life.

“Yes,” Beth sighed. “When I was called away for our conversation it was because I heard a scream, and then I noticed that my girls were gone.”

“Oh god,” Serena asked as her eyes closed at the mere worry at the mischief that the twin could have achieved, as she opened them and focused on her friend. “What did they do now?”

“Thankfully they were out of harm, but it turns out they found some other mayhem to catch themselves up in and when I found them, they had discovered that Grace had been attacked by a knife welding mad man. She was stabbed near the spine.”


“Yeah,” Beth sighed as she shuttered at the memories of the hours that had revealed so much, and yet kept so much at bay. “I guess she and her friend Elizabeth. Michael Guerin, who you met back there in Madison, well Grace and his daughter, Elizabeth raced into help their fellow friend Sue who was being attacked by someone with a knife. And in the mayhem, he ultimately stabbed Grace.”

“Oh god,” Serena uttered in horror at the mere description of the event. “How is she?”

“They almost lost her, but fortunately she was able to be revived but because the injury was so close to the spine, there is some worry about paralysis but it’s unclear whether it’s just swelling induced or not.”

“My god Beth. How are you handling it?” Serena sighed at the complications that had befallen on her friend. She could never have imagined this would be her friend’s life when she came upon Beth’s case back when they were so young, and she was starting out in her medical studies. “It’s unreal.”

“That is a good description of it, and emotionally I must say I am detached from it still, but I know it is hurting Max and his family and friends more than it is me, right now, but I do admit that I had a rush of emotions when she woke up it hasn’t been easy, to say the least…”

“Wow,” Serena whistled. “So, you’ve seen him?”

“Max, yes, I have.”

“How is it?” Serena asked. “What does he look like.”

“He’s pretty handsome,” Beth admitted. “And of course, it’s was an emotional night for him, and all emotions are heightened, of course, but so far, he’s actually been pretty good about it. Alexandra and Caroline are in awe of him.”

“They must be,” Serena smiled. “How is he handling the idea of more children?”

“Because of the situation with Grace, it hasn’t had a chance to hit him.” Beth admitted as she knew she was only skimming the surface because she really didn’t want to dwell on the emotions of the prior evening and the passionate kiss they had shared. “There are certain other factors I can’t get into over a Skype connection in an internet café but trust me when I say it’s been a unique experience.”

“Wow,” Serena smiled.

“It really is a Wow time Serena, but I think I better let you go because you have that big recital. Carrie is really sorry she going to miss it.”

“I bet she is,” Serena said sarcastically. “She’s on her own adventure, and there will be more recitals. Especially if she’s back for the summer session. Do you have any idea when you’re going to come home?”

“I have no idea. I have called the hospital and requested my full vacation leave that I am entitled to for this year, so we will see how that goes, which is another 10 days because I took this week off prior to coming here and then I might go into my unused vacation leave.”

“Your contract with the hospital is up for renewal and renegotiation this year, right?” Serena asked.

“In December, why?” Beth asked.

“Oh nothing, I have got to go and get ready,” Serena smiled as she batted away her friend’s question. “Why don’t you send my love to the girls and if you can, try calling the house tomorrow as I will be home, okay?”

“Sure thing,” Beth said as she disconnected from the call, and left the computer.
“How’s Grace?” were the first words that Jake said when he had awoken from his unconscious state after his surgery and seen his mother and grandmother waiting for him to wake up. “Mom, Grandma, how is Grace?”

“She’s doing as well as can be expected,” Maria smiled. “She underwent some testing this morning and they haven’t allowed visitors as she rests. We will probably know more later. How are you feeling?”

“Tired, and sore” Jake admitted as he noticed his leg elevated to protect his knee. “Any idea when I get out of here?”

Likely sometime over the weekend, as they want to see how you start to heal.”

“Can I see Grace?” Jake asked. “They will let me in a wheelchair, right?”

“Your leg needs to recover,” Maria said. “You can see it’s pretty much up in a sling, and therefore no moving.”

“It can recover in a wheelchair,” Jake said. “Pretty please.”

“No as per doctor’s orders and no moving out of this bed until you’ve been given the all clear, okay?” Maria sternly told her son. “I promise you will know what is going on with Grace, but she needs time and so do you. Okay?”

“Fine, but I won’t like it.”

“Which is what I would expect from you,” Amy said as she looked at her eldest grandson. “Let your recovery start, okay, before you press to hard…okay?”

“Okay Grandma,” Jake smiled, and Maria groaned and muttered with a soft, “he listens to her, and not me.”

“I love you too Mom,” Jake said smoothly.

“Smart alec,” Maria muttered. “I am going to go check in with your father because he had some matters he was dealing with.”

“Is there anything I should be worrying about?” Jake asked.

“No, because we have other worries than just you right now, and therefore we don’t need you doing more than is required until the doctors have cleared you, okay?”

“Oh god,” Jake muttered as he knew only one other person would get his mother so wired, and it wasn’t his younger siblings who were blissfully amid their normal growing pains and nothing that rose to the despair he saw on his mother’s face when dealing with him, or his sister. Which meant it was his sister. Damn it, Elizabeth, what now? he mused, and said as much out loud. “What has Elizabeth done now?”

“You don’t need to know, just rest okay?” Maria asked. “I should be back soon” she said as she hugged her son and left the room.

“What has my sister done now?” Jake asked as he cornered his grandmother.

“Jacob Luca Guerin, you are not going to get me to open up okay.” Amy Deluca Valenti glared at her grandson. “Take the time the doctors have afforded you to recover, as there is nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow or even Monday.”

“In this family, tomorrow can be a different chapter or disaster.” Jake muttered.
“Where is Michael?” Jim said as he finally left Tommy Ellis’s hospital room and saw his stepdaughter as she came from the area where the waiting room was and was putting her phone back in the purse. She had left Jake’s hospital room and made some calls and wasn’t able to get the news she wanted so much, so she had been walking towards the cafeteria to get a coffee when she spotted her stepfather.

“Away from the hospital,” Maria muttered at the string of unanswered calls she had made in fretting over the situation with her daughter. “Why?”

“I am sure you’ve heard by now that Tommy Ellis is awake?” Jim asked as he gaged his stepdaughter’s reaction and could tell the inner conflict in Maria’s face. “Yeah, I know.”

“Please tell me it hasn’t gotten worse?” Maria asked. “Like I need something else to worry about after what Elizabeth pulled this morning.”

“What has that girl done now?” Jim demanded of his stepdaughter as he knew the last thing, they needed was the teenager to go off all rogue and become a female Michael.

“As you expect, well, she took the news that Tommy is awake, badly and so she you know decided to head over to Max’s and break in.” Maria murmured to the jaw drop of her stepfather. “Yeah, I know. Max and Michael went over there to deal with, and I have yet to get any of the fallout.

“Damn,” Jim whistled as it dawned on him of the reason why Elizabeth might have taken that extreme action. “She was after “youknowwhat” he asked so that they didn’t raise the topic of the gun in public.

“Yup,” Maria nodded. “I gather Sue called in Max and Michael because she noticed my daughter spiraling out of control. “I wish Michael would take my calls so I would know exactly what went down at the house. With Ellis awake, the last thing we need is for Elizabeth to do something that we will all regret.”

“I am sure they will talk some sense into that girl,” Jim sighed as he thought of his granddaughter.

“Which brings me to the top of the creep in question. What is happening with that creep?” Maria asked as she thought of the idiot who had harmed her goddaughter. “Please tell me that I have nothing to worry about?”

“You may. I don’t know if Tommy is bluffing and he could be, but he basically threatened to reveal that Jake was with him at the park.”

“God Jim,” Maria whispered.

“Which wouldn’t be completely horrible because they just got into a fight. It’s not the end of the world if he brought in Jake to the story.”

“But he could push responsibility for the “youknowhat” onto my son.”

“But it’s not registered to your family, right?” Jim asked. “The worry is if Grace is brought into the situation or Tommy reveals that Elizabeth was there too or adds any complexities to her story that she didn’t tell the cops about.”

“I wish Grace could claim self-defense, or temporary insanity over what he did to her?” Maria whispered.

“It would only open a lot of questions she’s not ready for,” Jim said.

“I know,” Maria said as changed her mind about the coffee because the last thing she needed to be was more wired, and so they were walking towards Jake’s hospital room. “I am hopeful that Michael is coming back to the hospital with Max…”

“Okay,” Jim nodded as they approached the room and saw Elizabeth and Sue come from the other end of the hallway and she was immediately drawn the fact they shouldn’t be in the building. “Oh god, don’t tell me you got expelled or something…” she fretted.

“God Mom do you think so little of me, no, I didn’t do anything to warrant that kind of punishment although sometimes I want to, but I don’t” Elizabeth cracked to the shaking of her mother’s head. “Before you ask, well, I convinced Dad to bring us here because we’re on lunch break.

“They do have a cafeteria at school I am told, so, why are you here. It’s nothing you can’t do later…” Maria sighed as she saw that defiant look on her daughter’s face as she knew it too well from her own teenage years, and she muttered curses under her breath.

“Mom, we were wanting to see Grace and Jake…” Elizabeth sighed. “Look Mom, I know you heard.”

“Elizabeth!” Maria said as sternly as she could muster. “Couldn’t you have laid low and let us worry about Jake and Grace. We did not need you to give us anything to worry about…”

“I didn’t do anything,” Elizabeth cracked.

“You broke into your Uncle’s house. Max’s place of all places. Damn it, why did you go there, and up the drama around this family?”

“It was only Uncle Max’s place, so it’s not like it was something I had a real concern about invading or whether I was taking a dangerous risk” Elizabeth sighed and tried to defensive even though she knew she had stepped into it… “It’s not the end of the world.”

“That would be a matter of opinion, young lady.” Jim glared at his eldest granddaughter. “Max’s place is still his place, and you need permission to get in. I don’t know why you would go there as there is no real worry.”

“Yes, there is. If Tommy is awake?” Elizabeth frowned but turned it into a deep smile for her mother and grandfather. “How is Jake, was the surgery a success?”

“Yes,” Maria groaned at the deliberate change in topic. “But you will be going back to school, right?” she asked of her eldest daughter as she hated the limits her daughter was testing, and road that rang so familiar to her own struggles when she was a teenager. She hated watching it revisited in both her daughter and Grace.

“I would expect that to happen,” Elizabeth cracked, and she knew she was testing her limits with her parents but found like she couldn’t stop herself when she should have known better. “So, can we see Grace?”

“There are no visitors!” Maria muttered as she hated how they were getting visited by ghosts of her own years of being a teenager. And wished things could be different, and easier but knew that would be hopeless.

“Why not?” Elizabeth asked as she glared at her mother. “I want to see her.”

“We all do, but she needs to rest,” Maria acknowledged. “Doctor’s orders as they feel she’s gotten too much attention in the last hours, and she needs to relax and hopefully recover.”

“That sucks. When are they going to lift this ban?” Elizabeth asked.

“They will reassess later,” Maria said. “So how about you two go back to school.”

“If we can’t see Grace than I want to see my brother, see Jake. Can we?” Elizabeth asked as she wasn’t ready to head back to school, and the worries about the unknown.

“For a few minutes,” Maria sighed as she bowed to her daughter’s wishes. “Please Elizabeth, be careful okay. We have too much going on with your brother, and now Grace. We don’t need you adding to it, okay?”

“Okay!” Elizabeth groaned. “But I don’t know why you’re so gung-ho about my education. My attendance is still better than Jake’s by a lot or even yours when you were my age.”

“You shouldn’t repeat the sins of the parents” Maria glared at her daughter as Sue could only shake her head at the limits her friend was testing, as she knew she could never get away with half the stuff she knew her friends to have gotten past their parents.

Elizabeth only shook her head as they headed for Jake’s hospital room. As school didn’t seem as interesting as this soap opera that was her best friend’s life.
The twins were roaming the hospital as their mother was taking care of some long-distance business and they had time on their hands. Usually in school, they weren’t used to having time on their hands. So, they amused themselves by doing what came naturally, finding fun to witness.

While at the same time Beth was looking for the twins and she couldn’t find them. “Oh, damn it. What they up to now?” she whispered to herself as she looked through the halls of the hospital, and so she dialed a number she only recently enquired.

“Max...” she said tentatively into her cellphone.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 4 - 06/20/2019

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Can't wait to find out what Liz and Max discuss.........
Love that the twins and Elizabeth are giving their parents lots to worry about. The past has certainly come around to haunt them.

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