Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Thirteen - Completed: 02/22/2019

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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Eleven - Updated: 02/09/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:34 pm

Evil evil evil! You can't leave it there! Wait I forgot you can you wrote it! Get back here with the next part.
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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Eleven - Updated: 02/09/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:38 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:Isabel is a good friend (aunt) to Claudia. This is a difficult time for everyone.
What, you left bodies on the floor..........who......why.....??
Please hurry back!
Agree with keepsmiling7. Please please don't let Max and Jim be really dead? Please say Max and Jim are alive? Please say Max will return to Liz and Claudia alive?
Please say Jim will come back to Roswell alive?

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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Eleven - Updated: 02/09/2019

Post by Superman86 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:08 pm

Nooooo!!! I can't believe you left that cliffhanger...please hurry back soon. I hope Max and Jim are ok

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Against all Odds - Chapter Twelve - 02/14/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:58 am

T-20 minutes to the ceremony and the park was full of motion. Seats were set, and guests were sitting down. Michael was waiting with Kyle near the gazebo as the bride and her attendants were due any minute. “I can’t wait for this to be over,” Michael grumbled as he waited with Kyle.

“It’s almost time,” Kyle said.

“Where is your father?” Amy Deluca asked as she arrived in the first car, as the second one would be bringing her daughter; the bride, Liz and Isabel. “He should be here by now” he asked of her boyfriend’s son.

“Don’t know,” Kyle said quietly as he knew just why his father was missing in action. It had something to do with the matter why he couldn’t tell his girlfriend that her brother was alive and was a government witness.

“Why do I sense you know because I know you and your father talk about everything,” Amy asked.

“I am sure he’ll be here any minute Amy,” Kyle insisted but knew his father should have been here by now because he left hours before to take Max off…

“He’s giving Maria away,” Amy warned.

“He’ll be here Amy,” Kyle promised.

“I hope so…” Amy sighed as she was getting worried. She knew Jim and knew he would have been here by now. But still she fretted about other things as she saw the limousine arrive with Maria, Liz and Isabel. “I’ve got to go…”

“What do you know Kyle…” Michael asked his friend as he was now deeply suspicious of what was being kept from the group.

“I can’t talk about it,” Kyle said simply and knew the skeptical look he was getting from his friend “Look Michael, I wish I could talk about it, but I promised my father I wouldn’t and believe me I would like to because it doesn’t do me any good to be quiet about this…”

“Why do you know?” Michael asked.

“I stumbled onto it and Dad was forced to let me in on it, on the promise that I would keep it a secret, okay. So, why don’t you concentrate on Maria and getting married and the fantastic honeymoon you’re getting. You don’t need to worry about something that doesn’t concern you today, okay?”

“I can concentrate on both,” Michael warned.

“Concentrate on getting married,” Kyle said wearily. “I’ll go and see if my Dad is here yet…”

“Why are you evading?” Michael asked as Kyle walked away. While nearby, Maria was worrying. “What do you mean Jim is not here yet.”

“I promise he will be here any moment…” Amy assured her daughter even thought she had yet to be able to get a hold of her boyfriend on the phone but knew Jim had been honored when Maria had asked, and Jim accepted. Without her father in her life, she knew her daughter wanted that moment and Jim with whom she had gone through a lot over the last nearly five years was a piece of that life.

“Are you sure?” Maria asked as she tried to keep her dress straight. She had decided on a small veil to go with the dress; her first choice over the white goddess one shoulder. It was very vintage, and perfect for Maria.

Liz nearby eyes had gone up with concern at the acknowledgement that Jim wasn’t back yet, and she worried given he had left with Max hours before and he should have been back by now since she knew how much Jim wanted to be here… “He’s not here…” she asked seriously.

“I promise, he will be here…” Amy asked.

“Let me try?” Isabel asked as she got out her phone from her little purse and dialed, and her eyes went into a frown when it went straight to voice message. “That is strange” she murmured. “Let me try the station,” she said as she dialed. “Hello Carl, is the Sheriff there… No, wow, do you know where he is. He left this morning to transfer a witness, thank you. Let me know if you hear from him, okay as he’s expected at a wedding right now as he is supposed to be giving away the bride.”

Liz had grown quiet at the discovery that Jim hadn’t even checked in with the station as she knew the exact witness Jim had been escorting. Maria sensed escalating tension in her maid of honor and added the fact her friend had been MIA until that morning; she now wondered just what was happening in her odd little world.

“We can’t delay. Michael and I have this area only for a short time” Maria worried.

“Honey, it’s okay.” Amy sighed. “You will have the wedding of your dreams. Jim would want that for you.”

“Maria, it’s fine” Liz assured her friend even though her inner brain was going all crazy with worry. Jim should be here by now Liz mused as her mind flipped over what might have prevented the arrival given, she knew how touched Jim had been when Maria had asked him to give her away.

“I know I know…” Maria struggled to figure out what she was going to do. “I wanted Jim to give me away. To thank him for everything he’s done for us, now and back in high school” she murmured as she had to remember only Jeff and Nancy partially knew what had happened otherwise no one truly knew what happened on that September day in the Crashdown. “Mom…”

“Honey, it will be fine.”

“I know, well, if Jim can’t be here and it’s not looking good… Can you give me away?” she asked as she knew Jeff Parker who was like a second father would be busy getting ready for the reception. “I really want you to give me away.”

Touched Amy had tears come down her eyes, as she steadied herself. “I would love to honey. You are amazing, and you and Michael show what love means despite age and even with the challenges you’ve gone through. I am proud of you, and proud of both of you…”

“I love you Mom!” Maria cried as she tried not to mess up her makeup. “Thank you for being there of me, even when it got hard.”

“You’ll always be a Deluca, remember that…” Amy smiled through her tears.

“Okay, if we have that decided… let’s this going because we have a wedding to get through” Isabel said with full smiles as they all got into the mood of the festivities.
Two people injured were in a car driving towards Roswell, and the only place they could go at this moment. The didn’t know how they got into car, but they had, and the car didn’t look the greatest, but they had made it into it alive, and was alive to show it. “Amy is going to kill me” Jim sighed as they drove.

“You are alive, which is more than I was until yesterday” Max murmured.
Little Claudia sat on her grandmother Nancy’s knee as Liz walked down the aisle. The little girl was dressed in a cute little black dress. The picture of her mother, and her father. Liz stopped at the end of the aisle and smiled at Michael. This was a long road, during the last nearly five years and she was happy for her best friend. Michael was a good guy, and she was glad they had reached this day. She just wished she could find her own happiness one day. Stepping aside, moments later Maria in her wedding dress showed at the top of the aisle. Amy Deluca was on her daughter’s side as they walked down the rose pedaled aisle.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” the pastor asked.

“I do,” Amy asked as she stood aside and nodded to Michael who smiled. He had looked around before the ceremony and hadn’t seen Jim, so he wondered who would be walking his bride down to him and he was happy it was Amy.

“We are here to celebrate the love between Maria and Michael, and they come today to celebrate that love with their family and friends, so who here has any reason why they should not be united, speak now or forever hold your silence…”

Silence filled the area.
The damaged car made it to targeted location. The men banged up, got out of the car and started to walk and hoped they wouldn’t attract attention although having the Sheriff look like he had been through a battle might attract attention. “This way,” said the Sheriff. “Nothing to look at here folks,” he muttered even thought it was probably a shock for them to see their Sheriff so banged up. “Go back to your own lives…”

They did…
“I pronounce you husband and wife… I give you Michael and Maria Guerin,” the pastor called out into the audience, and there was fits of audience clapping. As Michael and Maria turned around to glance out into the crowd, happiness on their faces… they stopped frozen….

That suddenly was the commotion echoing in the crowd. Liz thrilled turned around and she also stopped cold at what she saw…

There was a scream. Not Liz’s scream as Isabel next to went immediately tense by what she saw as Kyle groaned but had outrage on the brain with what he witnessed...

It was Diane Evans scream as she recognized her… son.

All bloody but alive…

“Oh my god Max…” Diane Evans asked in a wail to the fascinated crowd… as those near and dear to Max were going pale in shock…

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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Twelve - Updated: 02/14/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:31 pm

Well Max and Jim are alive at least. There are going to be about 10 million questions that need answers.
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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Twelve - Updated: 02/14/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:50 pm

I'm glad that Max and Jim survived. Isabel is going to be mad at Kyle. At least Liz knows that Max is alive. Poor Diane got the shock of her life. Hopefully Max is home to stay.

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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Twelve - Updated: 02/14/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:03 pm

This wedding is a real miracle.
Where was Jim when he was suppose to give Maria away.....
But he and Max were together........and suddenly appear at the wedding after it is completed.
Now is the time to start finding out what was going on!

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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Twelve - Updated: 02/14/2019

Post by Natalie36 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:30 am

oh my the suspense

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Re: Against all Odds (CC, Mature) - Chapter Twelve - Updated: 02/14/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:17 pm

RoswellFan68 wrote:I'm glad that Max and Jim survived. Isabel is going to be mad at Kyle. At least Liz knows that Max is alive. Poor Diane got the shock of her life. Hopefully Max is home to stay.
Very much agree with RoswellFan68 Hope Max and Jim have answers for everyone.

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Against all Odds - Chapter Thirteen - The End - 02/22/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:08 pm

“Only you could upstage the bride and groom Jim,” Michael murmured through gritted teeth thirty minutes in the backroom of the Crashdown; which was closed to hold the reception. They had an hour minutes before the guests would be making their way to the café. The group that had clustered together didn’t know how to respond as Jim and Max stood in the middle of the crowd. Both men knew Michael wasn’t talking to Jim, but of Max. Silence had befallen on the crowd at Diane’s scream.

A fascinated crowd which had mostly made up of friends from high school or colleagues; so many of them knew Max Evans and knew he had disappeared before the end of senior year and had been a chief cause for Liz’s crash and burn before she picked herself up. Little did they know the true events about how Max had aided in Liz’s recovery albeit giving her a much harder road than one would wish on someone.

“I take it that is meant for me?” Max asked as interrupted the code of silence. Amy Deluca was with the help of the first aid kit from the Parker’s home helping clean up Jim’s cuts. Max only needed a change of clothes once he washed his face. He hadn’t sustained any true injuries, just some sand rash for being forced down to the crowd. He knew he had Jim to thank for not dying for real in the shootout and he would be forever grateful.

Liz stood in the mayhem with Claudia in her arms as the child was looking up at her Mom as both mother and daughter looked at Max who only had eyes for them. Staring at them gave him strength as he wished he could sweep them away, and hide and just concentrate on them instead of sitting and feeling like he was before counsel awaiting his faith while at the same time, he did know he deserved this given the lies…

Nancy was organizing the staff to make sure everything was set while Jeff stood watch of a situation he barely understood as the gravity of the situation was starting to seep in as he observed his own daughter, and while Liz was oddly silent… she also didn’t have the aura of near collapse to her which left him to wonder just how in the dark his daughter was… or did she know more than she had let on?

Isabel and Maria were looking on in mystified stupor. Michael looked like he wanted to kill someone, but he needed answers first… “So, you’re alive and have been all this time…”

“Simple answer, yes.” Max said he sighed deeply because he knew his was going to be hard to explain.

“How can it be more than simple?” Michael asked.

“You wouldn’t believe how complicated it was” Max murmured as he turned and directly looked at his mystified parents. “Mom and Dad, I am sorry. I understand that you were under the belief that I was dead, and I am sorry for the confusion to you and to you Isabel. I never wanted that and if I had my way, I would have prevented all the pain you guys suffered because it wasn’t my choice to hurt you like this or to hurt Liz, but I did, and I know it… so I am sorry.”

“I don’t understand son…” Phillip asked as the confusion reigned on his face as Maria wanted to sink further because the Evans were operating under her explanation of the situation. “They may have mentioned that Liz had a stalker back in Vermont at that boarding school, and you died protecting her…” he murmured. “Is there more…”

Max’s eyes could only go up at the explanation that was given to his parents. Clever guys clever he mused to himself deep in himself. “Yes, there is more to it… it’s way more complicated then that and it has more than the easy backstory that goes with it… so I will get into the easy stuff, and leave the heavy for later…”

“We want the truth” Diane asked of her son. “I think we deserve it because it’s obvious that we have been oblivious for too long, and we have been lied to more than once…”

“Mom, I know you do, and you do deserve it. I am sorry for hurting you, and as I said if I had my way, I would have been back here…”

“Why couldn’t you have your way?” Amy Deluca asked as she put the final band aid on her boyfriend’s face, as she saw the tension in both Jim and Kyle and suspected there was more than what meets the eye.

“As I told Liz, I wish I could…” Max said to the wince in Liz, and knew he had stepped into it by acknowledging that she knew…”

“Liz, you knew…” Isabel asked deeply stung. You knew my brother was alive?” she asked as she and Maria were hit by the knowledge, they were among the last to know…” she asked of her friend.

Having been noticeably silent during all this, Liz truly didn’t know how to respond or whether she had the strength as she held her daughter and took in the strength from her little girl to feed her ability to stay standing.

“Only last night Isabel. Don’t blame Liz, because I blindsided her as she was planning to head to your mother’s place Maria…” Max said in a hurry. “And given the circumstances of today; I would expect her to want to wait to tell you anything weighty… Right Liz?”

Forced into talking, she nodded. “I would have told you, but I didn’t want to interrupt your day, and really I thought Max was gone again…”

“What…” Isabel squeaked.

“It’s true,” Max sadly said again. “I thought I had to leave, and I was planning on it, but I got ambushed and Jim saved my life otherwise I likely would be dead for real…

“WHAT!” gasped the group.
As the group was reeling from the drip drip of information, a “I knew…” came from Kyle as he revealed his own secret as Isabel took her hand immediately out of his hand that she had been holding for support. “Liz, you don’t have to take all the pressure for knowing yourself because not only Dad knew, but I found out far longer than you did, and I kept it a secret when I found out nearly a year ago.”

“You did,” Liz recoiled from the information. “You knew all this time…”

“Only because I saw a mystery car following you after Claudia was born and so I forced a friend from school who works at the department now to run the license plate, and it came across Dad’s desk and he was forced to tell me…”

“I am not happy to say that I was following Liz,” Max revealed. “But I couldn’t reveal myself and I had done too much damage in the months before, so I thought I was being good in just observing and I do appreciate that you cared about Liz and Claudia enough to be worried…”

“Okay,” Maria muttered. “This is headache inducing, as I need answers… and now. My reception is about to begin, and I would like to know what in the fu@k is happening before I go enjoy the evening.”

“I am sorry about this,” Max said again. “I was following Liz, and Claudia once she was born because she, Liz I mean, she believed me to have died in the February of senior year when I visited her when she was at boarding school.”

“We know that…” Maria muttered as it this was repeating a very bad episode of their lives.

“Some of us don’t…” Amy reminded her daughter. “But I agree, we need to fasten this up because the reception should be starting anytime.”

“I’ll go out front and make sure everyone feels comfortable when they arrive,” Kyle offered, and they all nodded. “Isabel, I am sorry, we can talk about it later…”

“You bet we will be talking…” Isabel muttered as Kyle went out front as she was not happy to know all the secrets that were being kept.

“So,” Michael asked calling them back to the situation at hand.

“So,” Max said.

“Can you talk about this?” Liz asked of Max and Jim. “Isn’t he in legal trouble or something if he tells more people about what happened back then…”

“It’s all clear,” Jim said. “I’ll explain more when we get to that portion of events,” he sighed as he knew this was going to sit well with anyone as it wouldn’t if he had been kept in the dark, and the fact Liz apparently knew what was going on was not going down lightly with the others.

“To simplify it,” Max sighed. “Liz believed me to be that day, and in some ways, I did die but in a process that is very difficult to fully explain… I didn’t die that day, and instead I ended up in a hospital near the boarding school. Liz assumed I was dead and reacted in the only way she felt she could… she came home with Maria who was visiting her at school, but I ended up having to make a deal with the federal government to be a witness against a very bad person.”

“What the hell…” Maria said as she searched her memory for back then. “How…is… that possible…”

“Maria, you know how it would be possible” Max glared and Maria went silent because it was already difficult enough making the excuse plausible without having to go into the gory details about aliens, vanishing into dust and finding yourself a spirit in a new body and then having to fight to come back out, and only certain people knew… “Mom and Dad, Jeff… well it’s a very difficult story and I can explain more later. I don’t know how legal the deal they made with me, and Dad if I had it to do over again than I might have gone to you to get advice, but I felt I had to act because I felt I had to protect everyone.”

“Are you really serious son… The federal government?” Phillip asked. “You didn’t come to me, or someone else like Jim to see if it was legal?”

“Deadly serious. The agreement I made was that they would protect me, and I would allow everyone to assume I was dead or gone depending on how much people back here at home knew of my disappearance and what transpired. Everyone assumed I was dead, and to some degree I was. I was in a very different life. I was told if I made this deal that they would keep an eye on Liz, and the others in my life and maybe some day I could come home when it was all over.”

“So, witness protection?” Isabel murmured.

“Basically,” Max confirmed. “I felt I had no other choice otherwise decisions would be taken out of my hand, and things seemed to be going well enough until the situation went badly, and they were going to be move me, likely out of the country but I wasn’t told where I was going to be moved but because I knew I was leaving, for maybe good, I went rogue yesterday and sought out Liz and revealed myself to her and told her some of what happened. Still, I turned myself over and was prepared to leave Roswell and everyone here, but we got ambushed. Luckily Jim sensed it before it was too late and was able to save my life before I got myself hurt or killed. Unfortunately, he ended up banged up, but he saved my life, and the ambush made an impact on both of us, so I think you can safely say my protection is over, because the mole that was behind me being moved was under covered and I am safe.”

“How are you safe?” Diane asked of her son as she looked at the town Sheriff. “Jim…help us…”

“The mole is dead and doing some follow up on the ride here I am told that the deal Max made was very flimsy in the first place and they are skating on a fine line, so they rather just close it up, and be done with it. They know you guys would have a case against the government because of the way they conducted the operation and because they didn’t follow up on the agreement, they made with Max. They will go another way, without Max’s help.”

“Why would we have a case?” Jeff asked.

“Max was under 18 which means…” Jim sighed as he didn’t realize it until it was too late when he was looking at the paperwork.

“They needed the added agreement of his parent or guardian and while he may have been living on his own, he wasn’t legally emancipated like Michael was…” Phillip explained as it dawned on him. “We allowed Max to live with Michael, but he wasn’t 18 until March, so if this happened in February… he wasn’t legal yet.”

“Oh my god,” Liz whispered.

“Yeah,” Max nodded. “Given the circumstances of these days in question. I thought I had to agree otherwise they had some serious ammunition to go after me, and they could ruin those I love back here… so I believed them. I wish I didn’t, but I did, and, in the meantime, I thought they were keeping an eye on those I loved like Liz… later, I found they weren’t…”

“I was in a spiral?” Liz admitted.

“Max nodded. “So, I am not happy about what I did to stop it once I knew Liz was so devastated over my presumed death.”

“Oh my god,” Maria breathed. “You’re ‘Rob Roy’?” she said as she looked at Max in a different light as it came to that if Max was truly alive than he would have found out Liz was spiraling down a hole, and he would have done something to stop it.

“No, you’re not…” Nancy said coming into the conversation as she glanced at Max, and it didn’t gel with the man she saw that day. “I saw him, you’re not him…” she asked confused. “Maria, everything is ready. You don’t have to worry about a thing…”

“Thank you,” Maria nodded as she wanted to get back to this soap opera coming alive at her wedding reception.

“I was in my disguise,” Max said matter of flatly as possible to the new tension into the room. “Liz wouldn’t have known the real me, but that day I came to her again… she sensed something in me, so I had to vanish and until yesterday I didn’t see her again.”

“If you were this ‘Rob’” Jeff asked. “That means…”

“Yes, I am Claudia’s father…” he said to stunning transformation of the room as the new information changed everything. “When I saw that Liz was reeling, I came to see her… and under my disguise, I was there to comfort for her… She didn’t tell me her name, but of course I knew it while she told me her Vegas alias, so I used my Vegas alias and for one night we created magic and I am not proud of it because I feel like I took advantage of her… and put her in a situation she wasn’t ready for…

“Claudia saved my life,” Liz admitted. “You gave me what I needed, but I just didn’t know you had given me that gift…”

“Oh my god…” Diane asked.

“Yes Mom, Claudia is my daughter. So, she is your granddaughter.”

“I should have known. Claudia was such a dead ringer for you, and we could see it. But we didn’t know why…” Isabel mused.

Max nodded.

“I am very sorry for all the pain and grief I have given you all. But I am back now, and I am determined to try to pay for it and be here…” Max was saying as the door to opened and Kyle came in. “Maria and Michael, the party is starting. You might want to come out and make your grand entrance.”

“That we can do,” Maria quipped with a smile at Liz who now openly smiled. “Let’s get this party going. So, I guess I should say ‘Welcome back to the land of the living Max’,” she said warmly because while she might have some serious doubts about how her best friend was treated like her reputation was worth nothing, still, he saved her that day, and got her to come back to them and for that, well, she could forgive anything.

“Thank you, Maria and Congratulations, on your wedding… I am glad I was able to experience a part of it.”

“I guess we shouldn’t expect any differently,” Maria murmured as soon the guests were all in the main part of the restaurant and Maria and Michael were being announced as Michael and Maria Guerin as they entered the party.

And the gang partied it up.
A short time later in the corner stood Liz. With Max off talking to his parents and Jeff and Nancy were working on the food stations as they were being prepared. Liz was observing the party atmosphere as she noticed Isabel who was still miffed at Kyle, so she wasn’t in the mood to dance with her boyfriend, so she was standing solo as she too noticed Liz in the corner and she approached as they watched as Maria and Michael were dancing to a slow song. “Michael’s become a better dancer since prom…” Isabel murmured as they watched the newlyweds.

“He loves her, so he’ll do anything for her” Liz commented as she searched the restaurant for Max and finally spotted him just as Max spotted her and he smiled, and she melted. Jeff had given Max a new shirt to wear and so he didn’t look like he came from a bloody ambush, which of course he had, but having him in her proximity was unnerving as it was welcoming.

“You’ve forgiven him?” Isabel asked of her brother.

“I thought I had lost him to death, so it puts it all in prospective” Liz thought. “I did get angry at him when I realized the events of what happened, and how he came to me and yet lied about who he was and made me see a version of him that wasn’t real but then I wasn’t sober that first night otherwise I might have sensed something off, and maybe I did but I went along for the ride because for one night it felt right.”

“It’s unreal…” Isabel allowed.

“He felt he was protecting himself. We all know the Special Unit and they would have gone to extremes back here if Max had denied them and tried to come back. He was in a no-win situation Isabel, so I can’t blame him because he was protecting the secret and he does feel tremendous guilt over what he did as Clayton Wheeler. So, they had him… and he knew it.”

“So much could have prevented if only we had known…” Isabel murmured.

“He was protecting us,” Liz said defiantly. “I have Claudia because of him, so I can’t be mad. Forgive Kyle Isabel,” she suggested. “It wastes a lot of time being angry when Kyle was just being concerned for me and Claudia and then he was forced to keep the secret to protect Max and the operation we thought was legit. I am sure he would have told you if he could, but he couldn’t so he was trying to be respectful.”

“I know…” Isabel murmured.

“Think about it this way Isabel, against all odds we have Max back, so I am not going to be miffed at any secrets when we’re by our very natures a secretive bunch. And until we can be honest with everyone than how can we be angry when we become victims of those secrets to protect one of our own.”

Isabel nodded. “I guess you’re right” she murmured as she saw Kyle come back into the main part of the restaurant and take a drink from the bar. “Thanks for the advice,” she murmured as she left her friend and approached Kyle and soundlessly smiled while he smiled back. She took his drink from him and put it on the bar and took him to the dance floor as they moved to the beat as their relationship became officially official with no secrets between them.

Liz could only smile as she saw Max break off from his parents as the beginning of Phil Collins “Against all Odds” played on the juke box. How appropriate she murmured as she decided to take her own advice as she approached him as he felt entranced as he saw her approach with her sexy walk as he could only thank his lucky stars that he had this chance… “Hi,” he said softly as his beauty came his way. “We haven’t had much time to talk since you know…”

“You came back alive…” Liz smiled with a tender smile as the song changed and a slow song started, as he took her hand, and they went into each other’s arms and started to dance unaware of anything in the room, as they felt in their own dream world. “No, we haven’t…

“It truly feels like magic…” Max asked. “I dreamt about it a lot when I was away, during the many nights I couldn’t sleep and when I couldn’t stop thinking about you… about how it would be to come back and regain my life, but to have it be real, to know I can see you and touch you anytime I want, it feels like magic…”

“We were always unexplainable,” Liz murmured. “From the very beginning…”

“That we have…” Max murmured as they felt the wave of desire come through him as they stood in each other’s arms. “But you’re real now…”

“Just promise me that you won’t leave me again…” Liz asked as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Not on your life,” Max in a murmur as they leaned for a kiss as it struck a passion that had been untapped for so many years as they kissed like they didn’t have tomorrow… and yet they knew they finally did have tomorrow…

She truly knew she was lucky, and she wasn’t about to let that love go anytime soon…
Days later as Claudia Maxine Evans turned one years old. Max got down on his knee and popped the question, “Will you Liz Parker do me the giant honor of becoming my wife.”

“YES!” she said as the crowd went wild. Claudia being held by her newfound grandmother Evans reacted by reaching out to be held by her father. In the previous days Claudia had melted and fallen for her father, and Max took to fatherhood like it was a dream come true and now as he held his little girl, well, he felt a tremendous love for both his daughter and her mother and he didn’t know how he could have gotten this lucky as he and Liz stood and kissed.

Only mere months later, on New Year’s Eve and in a winter wonderland Liz walked down the aisle and married her Prince Charming in her royal and regal wedding dress she tried on that day. She kissed Max under the glistening snow as they walked out of the small chapel as Maria handed her Claudia who looked up at her parents with plenty of giggles in her green dress, as the three walked into a new future together!

Against all odds…


(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thank you all very much for the support you gave to this story that was pretty angsty, and yet I hope it showed how much Max and Liz were in love with each other. It started as a strange tale in the vein of a major subplot of Ghost Whisperer in Season 4 and 5 which I guess was a ode to Chant Down Babylon LOL. Anyways, I just couldn't figure it out and so it morphed into a more realistic tale and it worked pretty well with the facts as we knew them to be... Anyways, thank you again. And this was always a simple story without going to any other avenues so I hope you're content with the ending...)

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