Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 5 - Updated: 11/08/2018

Post by begonia9508 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:07 am

And back in the Roswell anlieness again!... lol

After months of Rowell' abstinence, I discovered this new Story and I am looking Forward for falling again in the Roswell famous world!
Started really well...

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Lost & Found - Chapter 6 - 11/12/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:00 am

Max couldn’t help but stay with Molly for another forty-five minutes before departing once she finally fell asleep, succumbing to the medication to help with the pain so he went to the department again to deal some cases he was overlooking while he concentrated on Molly’s case as he also worked to forget the past.

Walking into his station, and nearing his desk, he noticed his Chief coming out of the back room as he had left a meeting when he saw Max entering the room and therefore came towards the Detective at his desk, which stood next to Serena’s. “Say, it’s good to see you Evans, how is the kid?” the chief asked as they stopped to talk.

“It's touch and go, but she is awake and alert? The doctors are optimistic at his point. How much she remembers or knows is another question?

“As long as she makes it,” The Chief acknowledged. “Is there anything on the Davidson father?”

“Well, they are in the wind,” Max groaned. “I wish we could find a beat on the family.”

“Well we got some word on the brothers, as they were spotted in Bakersfield, but they got away before we could apprehend them and bring them in for questioning,” said the Chief, which was news to Max but welcome news that at least the kids were spotted. Which meant they had to be safe, right?

“Do you think they are meeting up with their father in a secret location?” Max asked as he dreaded that as a possibility. Abusive parents and spouses keep their targets under a spell for longer than they should, Max thought.

“The patrol who spotted them couldn’t make out what their goals were there in that town, but it’s possible I guess” The Chief said as he was handed a request from a passing secretary, and he looked down and was reminded of something he had to ask of his lead Detective.

“Hopefully we can find the boys, and then we can get the father to turn himself in?” Max murmured as he spotted Serena coming into the squad room. “And we can get to the bottom of whatever happened at the house and get justice for Molly.”

“Say, Evans, do you still have your affiliation with FBI? The Chief asked of his detective, which caused Max to turn his attention back to his boss.

“I have some contacts, and occasionally I will do small assignments?” Max admitted. “When the case load is low on our side, why?”

“How long were you with them, before joining the force?”

“A few years. I took a break from the field before I joined up here,” Max sighed as he remembered the dark place he was in between time at the FBI, and his settling back here in Los Angeles, the cases he worked had led him to go down dark ally’s, and he hated it and needed a break from law enforcement all together before he found himself back on the police force. “The work load at the FBI was darker as I did mostly child location cases, or darker murders of the adult variety, although with the children, it was usually simpler stuff and not as dark as we’re facing with Molly or her brothers, why?”

“Would you be willing to do something for them?” Chief Gibson asked of his detective.

“I guess so. I owe them a lot? Max admitted, despite the absurdity of it.

“We need someone to go to a conference in Las Vegas next week. It's being put on by the Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and the FBI would like someone who has expertise in locating missing children with a current police background to talk to them? They knew of you, and was wondering if you were willing?”

“How long is the conference?” Max asked, as he hated to tear himself away from Molly’s case and his other work load, to go to a conference where he was needed only for a certain voice.

“Two days, maybe more, maybe less?” Chief Gibson said. “I’ll get Tessa to forward you the information”, not seeing the flinch that Max said at the name Tessa, although the Chief’s assistant didn’t look like Tess in the least. But the name still brought back bad memories, and silent curses.

“What would I have to do?” Max asked, warily as he concentrated back on the request from his boss.

“Make a speech on location techniques in today’s age, and why children stay missing for longer than they should in today’s modern world.”

“But no one really know why children are not always found?” Max murmured. “I am not sure I can be much use.”

“Well it's a currently a hot topic in the country thanks to a missing girl that has been gone from her home for a year. Her family brought her case back to the attention of the media last month. People are wondering why there are no clues as to why she disappeared. We need you to explain that there are plenty of reasons that someone takes a child and vanishes without a clue.

“All this after one media story?” Max asked warily.

“Seems the little girl is the granddaughter of a Sheriff down in New Mexico. He had put a lot of weight behind the case, and it’s gone national as is often the case.”

Max flinched at the mention of New Mexico, as no one in the squad room knew he came from New Mexico. He kept it a secret where he came from, and yet news that again his home state was calling out to him was unnerving… especially after all the wounds opened up by his call to his sister, as he sighed and muttered something unrecognizable to himself and switched back to his boss “Well, it's not going to be easy to explain WHY when no really knows. Kids turn up every day and the experts can't figure out how they disappeared and how they came back?

“Missing children, especially a pretty young girl who had a lot to live for causes people watching to want answers -- even if there aren't any answers. Try to explain that, and maybe they will leave me alone?”

“When was this interview?” Max asked.

“Last month as the hometown did a piece with her devastated mother, and it went viral as it was on the anniversary of the abduction. It’s been one year, and there hasn’t been any clues in months.”

“So, someone from the family will be at the conference?” Max asked.

“Yes. I believe the mother of the girl will be there? A single mother who has risked a lot over the last year looking for her daughter? The girl is an only child?”

“This must have been very hard on her? Losing her daughter?” Max asked as he looked over at Serena who was talking on the phone. He knew his partner was deeply attached to her two young daughters and he couldn’t imagine how she would face losing either one of them.

“Yeah, from what I can gather the mother woke up one morning to find her daughter missing? No clues in the house or outside to where the child went?”

“Was it a professional job?” Max asked, as his interest was piqued about the child missing in his home state as he couldn’t remember hearing about the case, but then he tended to or tried to tune out any mention of his hometown, and anything related to that area of the country.

“I am not that up on the case, but there was nothing to indicate it, but it is a small town,” Chief Gibson acknowledged.

“How old was the child?” Max asked.

“9 years old when she disappeared. She would have celebrated her 10th birthday days before the anniversary.”

“Why is it always the 10-year old’s?” Max asked weary of the fact another little girl was in a life-threatening situation, that is if she was still alive because he knew full well kidnapped children not found, could have been long ago killed.

“What?” The Chief asked.

Our girl in the hospital. Well, she is 10 and I hate when stuff happens to kids that age. It’s never good, no matter how old you are… But, something about the young kids get me every time.”

“Just go to the conference and make a speech?” The Chief suggested. “I am not asking you to work the case, just to make that speech.”

“Is there any chance I can see the interview and footage?” Max asked.

“I'll have Tessa send for the footage and have it to you by the end of the day,” Max nodded, and headed for his desk but his thoughts were on his hometown and wondered just what would be on this road he was going down.


Roswell Memorial

Liz was still unconscious, while Maria was on watch outside the room as she watched through the window. She had a friend at work taking the day newscasts, so she could be at the hospital with her best friend. Tears came to her face as Liz looked so pale, and weak as she slept in her hospital bed. Sighing, wiping the tears, she turned to her husband. “How can we help her, if she won’t help herself?”

“Maybe this is a wakeup call,” Michael asked as they noticed Isabel coming down the hallway towards the rooms. “We can hope.”

“At least she’ll get stronger,” Maria sighed as the doctors revealed they didn’t have to operate, and yet her fever was still registering as too high, but the medication had stabilized Liz for the moment. But it still could turn for the worse, if Liz didn’t have time to recover. Maria just prayed they could keep her in the hospital to take that time, when she woke up and realized where she was… She knew Liz would want to get home and work on Bella’s case. “Good morning,” she smiled to Isabel. “Where is Kyle?”

“Work,” Isabel sighed. “He wanted to come, but he needed to deal with his team because his assistant coach is out sick himself.”

“I am glad to see you,” Maria smiled as he sensed something was amiss with her friend. She noticed that the glow that Isabel had exhibited for so long in regarding her recent wedding and new baby on the way had lessened, and now there was true pain on it. “What’s wrong?”
Michael who hadn’t been paying attention immediately took note of his wife’s question and glanced at his lifelong friend and noticed she was withdrawn. What’s wrong Iz…”

“Nothing… but everything at the same time,” Isabel muttered as she lacked sleep because she had been tossing and turning. “I am not sure how to say what I have to say,” Isabel said sadly and Michael’s interest in the conversation piqued as he had been searching his phone for messages from his office.

“What,” Michael asked warily to his childhood best friend. “Is it the baby?”

“No, the baby is fine” Isabel smiled as not many people knew of her pregnancy because she was not yet showing and because of heritage it meant her pregnancy was different from the average human pregnancy, so she will deliver on a different timeline from a normal pregnancy. I heard from Max,” Isabel said softly as both the jaws of Michael and Maria dropped. “I know. It surprised me to, as it came out of the blue. With no warning.”

“He called,” Michael asked as the atmosphere in the hallway, outside of Liz’s hospital room changed in an instant… Michael’s attention beamed straight at Isabel, as he concentrated on his friend. “Is something wrong?”

“No, he says he’s fine.” Isabel muttered. “I thought so too, but he said he’s doing well. He did want to apologize for losing touch. He says he’s sorry.”

“Out of touch is an understatement,” Maria said through gritted teeth. “It’s been a decade. Why now” she seethed as she hated this, hated how Max’s departure messed up her husband and doubly hated how it destroyed her friend’s life. “Why the hell now…”

“He didn’t say, and he was cagey with what he’s up to” Isabel admitted. “He still maintains he’s not coming home.”

“Then why call?” Michael asked. “Why stir it up for all of us… after all this time, if he’s not going to come back?”

“Hell, if I know,” Isabel muttered. “I tried to guilt him with how much my life has moved on, but I don’t know if anything landed. I let it slip that Mom and Dad and the other parents in our family tree know the grand secret and he was of course shocked.”

“How did he react?” Michael asked with curiosity that intrigued him. He had long given up on Max ever coming back to them as he focused on his relationship with Maria and making something of himself for her, and for their daughter Betty. It hurt to think of his friend. He knew why Max had to leave, but he didn’t understand why he stayed gone.

“I don’t think he knew how to react as I shocked him with the news,” Isabel muttered as the hurt was plain on her face. “He forgot that he sent that letter to you Michael about Tess.”

“Huh,” Michael asked as he thought back to that letter they got a couple of months after Max disappeared.

“I know,” Isabel said as she thought of that letter. She remembered the hope she had when they got the letter, and Michael had sent for her to come because he had received word. “I had to remind him that we knew that Tess conned us all.”

“Weird,” Michael sighed. “Where is he, did he tell you?”

“Los Angeles,” Isabel groaned.

“What, are you kidding me? He’s been there all this time” Maria asked as her anger at Max hadn’t lessened any with the evaporation of time. She might have been telling Liz to contact Max to tell him about Isabella, but it didn’t mean she forgave the guy for running out on them, and for hurting her friend. “Didn’t you say your father checked in California years ago, and there was no sign of him.”

“Yup,” Isabel nodded. “All Max said was “he was back in L.A”, so he might have left only to go back there…”

“Why not come back to Roswell?” Michael asked. “Why would he go back to California, and not come back here…”

“I wish I knew,” Isabel said. “I suspect it’s the Liz factor…”

“Well he’s such a piece of work then…” Maria muttered as she looked through the glass at her sleeping friend. “Why couldn’t he come back and make peace with the past. It would have done a world of good for both Liz and Bella.”

“I know,” Isabella agreed, and her glance went through the glass, as she spotted Liz sleeping. She and Liz were on solid ground despite the fact she had married Liz’s ex-husband, and Liz’s true love had been her brother. It was such a small fraternity she mused to herself.

“Are we going to tell Liz?” Maria asked as she looked through the window, and spotted eyes opening and indications that her friend was waking up and moving her fingers and squirming in the bed to indicate she was awake.

“Liz doesn’t need the stress that comes with any thought of Max,” Isabel muttered. “We should keep it to ourselves for now.”

“I doubt Max is far from her mind, which is why she’s so stressed out” Michael wondered as he thought of his lost best friend and wondered if one day he would come back home.


Inside her hospital room, Liz was waking up after being unconscious since her admittance to the hospital. The painkillers and tranquilizers had made her pass out, and she hadn’t awakened as she enjoyed the painless sleep, because when her eyes were open. She was awash in pain. She looked around and spotted her friends outside in the group discussion. She sensed they were tense about something…

And then she saw they knew she was awake, and moments later in came Maria. “Hello sleepyhead?” she smiled as she instantly was relieved to see some color back in her friend’s face. The sleep might have done wonders for her friend.

“Where am I?” Liz asked, as she looked around and soon realized where she was waking up. “Don’t tell me the hospital?”

“Yes, you’re here at Roswell Memorial. Liz, you scared us.” Maria smiled as she was soon followed by Michael and Isabel, who came into the room.

“What happened?” Liz asked as she struggled to remember the events that led her to be rushed to the hospital. “My mind is fuzzy.”

“It’s probably the medication they have you on,” Michael said as he came into the conversation. “You collapsed at your parent’s place, and Jeff and Nancy rushed you here to the hospital? It was touch and go apparently.”

“I remember now, I arrived at Mom and Dad’s place and I was looking at some pictures in my old room, and then came out into the living room and suddenly I felt pain, and I remember falling. Was it food poisoning.”

“Nope chica. You have developed a bad ulcer and have a very bad case of pneumonia?” Maria said softly. “You’re lucky they got you here when they did, you were pretty touch and go there for a moment or two.”

“It's not that bad,” Liz said as she struggled to sit up, but found she couldn’t move as she was exhausted. “I feel better,” she insisted. “When can I go home?”

“You may feel that your back to your stubborn self? But, you will need to be hospitalized until further notice,” Isabel smiled.

“I can't? I need to go to the Missing Children's conference in Vegas next week. It’s for Bella’s sake, I have to go?” Liz cried. “I need to be there to keep the attention on my daughter. So that maybe someone out there will see it, and she can come home.”

“Sorry for the next week or longer, you will staying here at the hospital and you definitely won’t be doing any traveling, and if you do get released from this place, than you’re going home and resting and you won’t be getting on any plane to Nevada.” Maria demanded.

“No, I have to go to Vegas and I will… No one can stop me!”
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 6 - Updated: 11/12/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:25 am

I have a feeling that in Vegas Max and Liz will meet and everything will come out.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 6 - Updated: 11/12/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:57 pm

Welcome back EVE to our alien world. You have been missed.

Now this story is taking lots of interesting turns. Glad Max is keeping his eye on Molly's progress.
Since Max has FBI experience, maybe he find the guy that had Molly locked up.
Also, I can't wait for the Las Vegas conference on missing children. And Liz needs to be there no matter how she is feeling.
Please hurry back,

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 6 - Updated: 11/12/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:10 pm

What will Max do after seeing the TV interview. He has been told that it is the sheriff's granddaughter. Will he still go to Vegas and see Liz.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 6 - Updated: 11/12/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:48 am

Oh no Liz is in the hospital for running herself to sick. That is so not good. So Max is finally going to find out about Liz. What is Max going to do when he sees the footage? Will Max go to Los Vegas? Will Liz go to Los Vegas? What will happen when Max and Liz see each other? Will Liz tell Max about her daughter? What will Max do when he finds out about his daughter? Is Molly Max and Liz's daughter? Will Max and Liz sit down and talk? Will Max and Liz talk about why Max never came back? Will Max and Liz find their daughter? Will their daughter be ok? Will Max and Liz talk more? What will Michael, friends and family do when they see Max? Will everyone be happy to see Max or not? Will Max and Liz try and work things out? Will Max tell everyone what he has been doing in Los Angeles? What will everyone do when they find out? Will Max and Liz get togethet? Will Max and Liz fall for each other? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Sorry for the questions I was just wondering. Please please come back and post more really really soon? Can't wait to find out if Max and Liz will finally be face to face in Los Vegas.

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Lost & Found - Chapter 7 - 11/14/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:45 pm

“You really think I am going to allow you to walk out of the hospital and travel all the way to Vegas. Liz, there is absolutely NO way” Maria said as she demanded her friend stay in the hospital to get better and she was prepared to put up a fight to get her friend to stay in the hospital and recover. “Your parents won’t allow you, and Kyle definitely won’t.”

“Well, they can’t stop me,” Liz demanded with genuine anger because she knew she had to be at that conference the following week if only for her daughter’s sake but hers too because she needed to be feeling like she was doing something to find her little girl. “Kyle is no longer my husband.”

“Fortunately, he’s still your proxy on any medical decisions, as he’s still your next of kin,” Isabel said. “The doctors are not going to let you sign yourself out when there still miles to go in your treatment.”

“Fu&k” Liz muttered darkly as she had forgotten she never took off her ex-husband off as her next of kin. “My daughter is out there waiting for me to find her. That conference is important for getting the message out there about Isabella. I have to do this, guys, I have to be there, don’t you understand” she cried. “This is not about me, this is about Bella.”

“I need you to calm down Liz please. Take a few deep breaths and relax, because I think you know that everyone in this room realizes why it would be important to be at that conference, but the conference is not more important than your health” Maria said as she tried to get her friend to settle down as she knew this was not going to help her overall condition. “You need to take the time to recover…”

“You won’t get me to calm down until you promise me that you will talk to the doctors and get them to have me released in time for me to go to Vegas for the conference, promise me.”

“Not on your life Liz which is exactly what you almost lost, your life” Maria muttered defiantly. “So that topic is off the table and it won’t be happening anytime soon because Liz, I know it would be about Bella, and it’s exposure for her case but there will be other conferences.”

“Michael” Liz asked.

“No,” Michael said as in agreement with his wife and friend. “There is no way the doctors are going to agree, and with Kyle as your proxy, he’s not going to allow it” he sighed and once the curses started, he got up and walked out of the room only to be followed by Maria and Isabel as they weren’t going to be sitting there while she ranted and raved.

As the room emptied out, Liz found herself talking to herself, “That is great Liz, great!” How am I going to help Isabella if they won’t allow me out of this hospital? Maria warned me, didn’t she?” she thought of her family and friends warnings that she was putting her health at risk.

She knew her blood pressure was spiking, and she knew she wasn’t going to get out of the hospital if she didn’t get better, as she closed her eyes and then heard the words, “So you had to almost die to get some rest?”

She opened her eyes, and she almost fainted when she saw a vision in the room, as she rubbed her eyes. “Am I hallucinating?”

“No,” came the voice as he showed up in her hospital room and smiled up at her as she stared in disbelief. “Your sanity is healthy, but I needed to talk to you before you found a way to kill yourself.”

“You are dead,” Liz cried as her dearly beloved friend stood in front of her bed, and she realized how much she missed him.

“That I am,” Alex Whitman smiled at her as she rubbed her eyes once again. “You’re very much alive Liz, and if you want to stay that way. You will need to stay here and work on getting better because I guarantee if you do, good things will happen for you.”

“My Bella is missing, and I need to find her, and I need to go to that conference. Can’t you see that Alex, please force them to let me out. I need to be there for my daughter.”

“You can let the experts look for Bella while you take the time to recover. You are not going to do anyone any good if you’re dead when she comes home.”

“Bella is my life. She is the only thing I did right in this life. I need to find her and bring her home.”

“I know that you have thrown yourself into raising Isabella since Max left you, and then that idiot you married left.”

Liz saw that a button in her was pressed and she responded in kind, and it made her snappish at Alex, despite the fact she was dead and was able to just leave. “This isn’t about Max!”

“This is about the life you’re leading Liz,” Alex said soothing. “Maybe this should be a wakeup call for you. To be there for Bella when she comes home, and whatever life brings for you. You need to be strong, and to do that, you need to get better. Also, the truth does set you free. Maybe it’s time to find Max and tell him the truth.”

“Max is gone Alex. He’s not a part of my life, nor is he a part of Isabella’s life. Kyle is her father.”

“Kyle has been amazing. But Bella has only one biological father, and maybe if the truth is told… then maybe you will be surprised by how you feel about your life.”

“Are you saying Bella isn’t coming home because Max doesn’t know the truth?" Liz asked wearily and a bit angry at the ghost lecturing her.

“No,” Alex smiled. “But one day she is coming home, and you want to be here for her, and maybe you need to accept all that happened in the past, and all that is looking for you to take advantage. As I said, the truth does set you free.”

“God, I am losing it if I am getting a lecture in truth from a ghost,” Liz muttered as she closed her eyes and cried genuine tears. “I want my little girl home, and I need her in my arms again. Don’t you see that?”

“She’s coming home Liz,” Alex said as he felt for his friend, and hated to see her so upset but needed to get through to her that she was only hurting herself but keeping on this path, that would lead to no one’s happiness.

“REALLY,” Liz asked as her tired eyes snapped right open. “Do you promise me?”

“I can only promise that it will happen when the time is right, and that day is coming. So, you better shape up, so that you can be the mother that she needs,”
he said as he vanished and for the first time Liz felt there was hope at the end of the day.

Closing her eyes, she drifted off to sleep as memories of her little girl and in those dreams… Bella came up a long and winding path with a wide smile as she was followed by her father… Max… as they all hugged each other as they formed a small unit together.


At the Sheriff’s department, Jim was sitting at his desk. He had been re-instated at town Sheriff at the end of his son’s senior year, and now was fully in command of the office once again. As he searched for his granddaughter, Isabella. Sighing at the acknowledgement that very little had been learned in the month since Liz’s interview went public. Cursing it too as the door opened and his daughter-in-law came into the office. “What’s up?” he asked because Isabel didn’t come into the office much.

“Max called,” Isabel said simply as she didn’t like to talk to Kyle because of what it meant for him, so she sought out her father in law, who knew the dilemma she was in regarding her brother.

“That’s a surprise,” Jim muttered because Max was considered to have vanished a decade ago, with no signs to where he might have gone. He wasn’t back on the job yet when Phillip came to him and asked for help, and there was only so many resources he could devote to the job but once Hanson left for another job and he was re-instated as Sheriff, he looked but when he didn’t find any hits and so Phillip told him to stop. If Max wanted to come back home, he would. So, the matter laid dormant and especially when Kyle and Liz married, and Kyle took on Isabella as his daughter which made him her grandfather. It was all so odd, but they tried their best, and it was sad when Liz and Kyle couldn’t do it anymore, and they divorced but he and his son stayed on as Bella’s family.

And now to know Max is out of the wind and has made contact. He couldn’t help but wonder what it all meant because they all knew Max was Bella’s biological father. Liz had been very creative in making Sean Deluca the father of record and had been consistently lying ever since and they knew it to be a lie. Bella was Max and Liz’s daughter. She was exactly like them, right down to those special powers. Mostly dormant before she disappeared, but it was known she would test her mother and Kyle with her uncanny adventures along with her best friend, Betty Guerin and therefore she had to be special in more ways than just being who she was.

“It was strange all right, right out of the blue?” Isabel tried. “I told Kyle, but you know…”

“I know,” Jim nodded as he thought of his son, and despite the fact he and Isabel were expecting a new edition, Bella was special for Kyle. “If your brother comes back, he stands to lose a lot.”

“I hate this,” Isabel sighed as she wanted to throw some chairs against the wall, and break down and cry, but she had to stay strong. “I am so conflicted.

“I know,” Jim nodded. “What do you want me to do.”

“I need you find my brother,” Isabel said softly. “I need to know what is going on with him. He says he’s fine but was cagey about his life. I need to know he’s not in trouble.”

“Wouldn’t he have told you if he was in trouble?” Jim asked.

“No because you know my brother. He’s been out of touch for a decade and suddenly he calls me up, for no reason. All he wanted to know was that I was okay.”

“Maybe he has a reason,” Jim asked as he thought of the reasons why Max would out of the blur call his sister up and stir up the hornet’s nest back here in Roswell.

“That is why I need to know what it is,” Isabel sighed. “Can you help me?” she asked of her father-in-law. “I need to know. He missed my wedding, and now he dials me up. I need to know he’s okay.”

“Did he give you anything?” Jim asked. “Anything to help me?”

“Just that he’s in Los Angeles,” Isabel said quietly.

“Not the smallest of towns,” Jim commented.

“I know,” Isabel said. “He said he hasn’t been there the whole time, but he was back there now… I don’t know what he meant about that…”

“Let me look in it, okay?” Jim nodded. “How did he contact you. Did he call your landline or cell phone?”

“Landline, as I changed my cellphone over the last decade. So, he wouldn’t have had it,” Isabel said. “I was at home doing some paperwork when he called last night.”

“Okay,” Jim nodded. “I’ll try, but in the meantime promise me that you will take it easy okay,” he smiled. “Take care of my newest granddaughter or grandson, okay?”

That got Isabel to smile, as she agreed and soon left the office, which left Jim to head for his computer. “Johnson” he called out the door into the pen of the office, where his deputy, “Eric Johnson” soon came into the office. “Yes Jim.”

“Get me the phone records for Isabel Evans, home line” as he was aware the name change to her married name wasn’t official yet, and the house and phone were under Isabel’s name as Kyle had moved into her home when they got serious.

“Isn’t that your daughter-in-law?” Deputy Johnson asked, as he had seen Isabel enter the Sheriff’s office.

“Just get me the information. I only need yesterday’s records, okay.” Jim gruffly ordered his deputy, as he wanted a starting point to see what Max might be up to because he knew Isabel was right, it was strange after so many years of no contact, why would Max reach out now? Was he in trouble?

“Sure,” Deputy Johnson nodded before leaving the office as Jim went to his computer and sought any information on a Max Evans of Los Angeles, and he hated to type in the words as he never imagined Max would have vanished, and not come back to Roswell, so she prayed they would get some answers.


Los Angeles

Tessa came over to the desk that Max worked, with a box full of material that her boss had ordered she give Detective Evans. She knew that Max wanted it as soon as possible.

Here are the tapes that the Chief requested be given to you?” Tessa muttered as she wondered why Max was always skittish around her. She had tried to invite him out to dinner, but always when he was around her or her name was mentioned, he just made sure he wasn’t around for long.

“Thank you, Ms. Douglas,” Max said as he took the material.

“Call me Tessa, as the Chief wanted me to warn you that some of the tapes are long, and don’t have a lot of substance. But there is a lot of information,” she smiled at Max, and Max nodded and tried to ignore the woman and Serena noticed.

“What is it with you and Tessa” Serena asked. “You always go funny when she’s around.”

“It’s nothing,” Max said as he surfed through the book, and saw the many tapes and paperwork associated with material he was supposed to look over before he headed for the conference.

“Was she one of your nightly you know,” Serena laughed.

“No,” was all Max said as Serena only shook her head because she wasn’t so sure as he knew he was ridiculous to be skittish over a woman because of her name and how it was so like someone who betrayed him, and he turned to the tapes.

“What does the Chief want from you anyways?” Serena asked.

“I am supposed to go to a conference in Vegas next week, one focusing on Missing and Exploited Children. I am supposed to give a speech,” Max muttered.

“Interesting,” Serena nodded. “Not your usual thing, right?”

“Not since I was at the Bureau, apparently there is a missing girl out of New Mexico, which is why they want me there and so I needed to do some research on the matter before I go there…” Max muttered as he picked up the box of tapes and prepared himself to head to the hospital to check on Molly. “I am headed to the hospital.”

“Say hello to Molly for me,” Serena smiled as she sensed there was pain underneath Max’s veneer, and wondered what it was all about, and if anything could make her partner happy again.

Max ignore all, as he walked down to his car with a box full of tapes he would view when he got home that evening. On top was a tape, that was mislabeled, ELIZABETH VALENTI, and he ignore the name and preceded to walk to his car, and head to the hospital.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 7 - Updated: 11/14/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:56 am

I love that our dear sweet Alex is there to guide Liz. I wonder how Max is going to react to the tape.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 7 - Updated: 11/14/2018

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Maybe things will start coming together fast now......I hope.
It appears there are road blocks up for Liz making a Las Vegas trip........maybe Kyle or someone else could go in her place. Or Maria, it was her interview that came on the scene.
Love that Alex made an appearance and gave Liz some hope.
It's interesting that Kyle is still the responsible person of record and that Max is trying to reach out to Isabel.
The name Tessa gives me the creeps too.......I can understand Max's situation.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 7 - Updated: 11/14/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:19 pm

Sorry Liz you aren't going anywhere. Max is going to be surprised when he finds out who the missing child is.
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