Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 3 - Updated: 11/02/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:48 pm

This certainly has taken a dark turn. But you warned us.
Who is Molly??? I hope Max and the other police can help her.
Where is the father?
Many questions to be answered here.......soon I hope.
Thanks, Carolyn

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Lost & Found - Chapter 4 - 11/05/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:54 am

Horror stricken Max went into action and immediately called up to Serena who was searching the house upon her arrival at the house while the others took the neighborhood in search for the missing kids. Hearing the yell from downstairs she came to the door to the stairs and Max yelled up for her to have an ambulance dispatched immediately. Then he rushed back to the room, and the little girl eyes opened once again as she was staring at him with wild eyes of terror. The startling eyes telling him that she needed help desperately!

“Don't close your eyes, okay? We're getting you help? Max said quietly to the child as he gripped her hands and tried to prevent anything hidden in terms of his abilities come out, even though he wished he could solve her horror in her eyes, but he couldn’t for fear of being found out, so he held her hand fiercely, and she took his hand equally as strong despite her weaken state. “Stay with me, okay sweetheart.”

The little girl just laid there staring at him, she tried to speak but only wispy strangled sounds were coming out! He noticed that there was bruising on her throat, like someone tried to strangle her and it didn't work.

“You shouldn’t try to speak. Why don’t you just nod your head; up and down or side to side? Okay?” Max suggested as the little girl gasped for breath as she could sense there was severe trauma in her throat, and lung problems maybe…

The little girl nodded her head!

“Good! Are you Molly Davidson?” Max asked as he concentrated on the girl.

The little girl didn't respond or try any head movement.

“Too confusing, huh--okay? Do you know where you are?” Max asked as he assessed how much she remembered, if her memory was impacted.

The little girl nodded.

“Do you know who put you here?” Max asked softly as he checked her over with his eyes and noticed how beaten she looked, as it looked like she got worked over and the mere idea horrified him. He had seen a lot, and experienced a lot during the last ten years, but nothing prepared him for what he saw in the eyes of the little girl as she laid in front of him as she battled to hang on and not fade away.

The little girl made sounds to indicate she didn't know as he couldn’t stop from viewing her eyes as they were intense and wild so obviously she was very scared, and barely alive.

Serena came down after requesting more backup and checked on the timeline for the paramedics. “Jesus!” she swore as she saw the child, so small and so weak.

“I know?” Max said as he left the little room to consult with his partner, so that the girl didn’t hear anything she shouldn’t.

“How bad?” Serena asked as her glaze was on the child, and in that moment all she could think about were her own two daughters at home with the father as they weren’t school age yet.

“She is barely hanging. I was afraid there for a moment that maybe I had lost her. How long will the ambulance take, I don't know how much time she has with us if they get delayed any longer” Max said softly as he willed the ambulance to come to them, so they could save the child who depended on them.

“It should be any minute?” Serena asked as she also prayed for the ambulance to get there, and for backup to give them some help assessing the situation. While Max concentrated on Molly, she had looked around the house and saw that kids all had vanished on them.

Just then the sirens of the ambulance were sounded, and the paramedics storming the house, and down into the basement as they quickly assessed the situation.

“I don't know how long she has been here, but it looks like quite a long time. We were here this morning, but nothing was registering? Max said softly to the lead paramedic.

“It's looks like she could have been here hours or days?” the lead paramedic asked as he assessed the girl, and didn’t like what they were finding, as the child was severely dehydrated and barely hanging on with the thinnest of life in her.

“Will she make it?” Max demanded of the paramedic. They couldn’t lose her not when they could have found her hours before, and they had left and abandoned her.

“Let's hope?” the paramedic sighed as they ordered for the backboard to be brought down, and for Molly to be placed on it as her eyes never left Max’s, and Max’s never left the little girl as she was attached to the board and IV placed into her arm, to help with the pain. “It’s alright Molly, the doctors will help you now.”

Molly’s head nodded, and moments later her eyes closed as she drifted to sleep as he stayed nearby until she was in the ambulance due to the fact she seemed to fidget whenever Max tried to leave the scene, so he stayed. “Remarkable,” the paramedic commended. “Do you have any children?”

“No,” Max said simply.
At the hospital, Molly was rushed into emergency with Max nearby the whole time, and moments later even though it felt like an eternity, a doctor appeared on the scene.

“That little girl is lucky to be alive? Do you have any idea what happened and where her parents are?” the doctor assessed as she looked over the injuries.

“The mother is dead, and the father seems to be on the run?” Max commented.

“She has multiple broken ribs, fractured skull, both broken legs, broken left arm, her right hand is fractured plus her throat has sustained a great deal of damage, she may not be able to talk for long while? The fractures look days old.” The doctor said as she made a quick assessment.

“God! Is she asleep?” Max asked.

“We have medicated her and will likely be prepping her for surgery within the next 12 hours, if not sooner.”

“Is that necessary?” Serena asked as she looked at the child who was now sleeping, with the aid of medication.

“Yes, some of the injuries are days old meaning that she needs corrective surgery and we still haven’t gathered all the intelligence on her injuries so there might be worse trauma that we are missing”

“How long ago are the bruises?” Max asked as Serena made notes for the case file.

“I can’t give you real answers, but they appear to be starting to heal and that can be a problem, but the most recent bruises were added in last day or so?” the doctor muttered as she filled in the detectives. “Fortunately, sexual assault isn’t indicated.”

“So, someone only used her as a punching bag?” Serena asked softly as her heart went out along with Max’s as they thought of the girl as she tried to hang on and didn’t slip away on them…

“How long before I can speak to her?” Max asked as ached for the girl although he thanked god that the girl only had the bruises to heal from, as if it wasn’t enough he thought as his heart went for the girl who had been victimized so brutally but someone unknown.

“You may need to try back in the morning? We don't want to upset her at this stage, as it’s clear she’s lived through a lot?”

“Doctor, I just want her to be okay” Max said softly.

“I understand?” the doctor nodded. “My name is Dr. Donna West.”

“Take care of her Dr. West,” Max said softly, as he watched the doctor head back to assess Molly’s condition. Max and Franklin decided they needed to leave the hospital and they went back to the station to start an investigation into what was happening at the house. They put a new APB on the Davidson brothers, and continued the press for a BOLO on the whereabouts of Davidson, Sr as they added to the paperwork that it was now urgent, and the man should be considered dangerous.
Channel 5

“This Maria Guerin and thank you for joining us on Roswell at 6 and join us at eleven for an update on a recent expose we gave you on a baby selling market. And we welcome Ricki Carlson as our new contributor who will handling everything Washington and of course Sports. See you later…”


Maria got out from behind the desk as this was her big debut as she had been elevated to sole anchor that day after the surprising departure of her partner of the last two years, when Jonathan Miller had accepted a job in Seattle. He had left the day before, and now the show was all hers as the producers were happy with how she handled the show, and they wanted to give her a try and she was taking it on with gusto.

She notices her husband and daughter waiting so they could go for an early dinner before she had to be back at the studio for the 11 p.m. newscast!

‘Well done,” Michael said with a genuine grin. “Congratulations on the promotion.”

“Thanks, Jonathan’s news was a surprise, but I can’t help but say that I don’t love the added responsibility” she said as she concentrated on her young daughter. “Sweetie are you ready for dinner?”

“Yes,” Betty Guerin replied as she smiled up at her mother. She had been named Elizabeth DeLuca Guerin at birth, but she had taken on the name Betty by her family and friends.

“How's work?” Maria asked as she asked about her husband’s private investigation firm that had focused more on in the last year on Bella’s disappearance which made him more of an expert in the field, and he now did a lot work on missing children cases as he tried to figure out where his goddaughter and honorary niece had disappeared to.

“Brutal? Liz came in for the meeting, but her heart wasn't in it?” Michael groaned as he remembered how dejected his friend looked during the meeting they held once a month to talk about the status of Bella’s disappearance and of course nothing had come up in the last month which only made for a painful meeting.

“She mentioned it at lunch. Michael, I am concerned about her?” Maria sighed as she thought of her friend. “I hate this.”

“Me too?” Michael sighed as they both thought of their friend and what could have been…

“Can I have a chocolate sundae for desert?” Betty asked as he brought her parents back to the present, and something that was positive.

“We'll see? Better get going, since I need to come back here after dinner?” Maria smiled as she signed out, and they all left for a dinner that meant the world to them as it gave them time to be a family. Thankfully it was a short walk to their dinner establishment.

Walking into the Crashdown, they took a seat at a booth, and preceded to have a family bonding dinner, something both he and Maria were happy to have the ability to do, and they were having a enjoying being together when Michael’s cellphone rang, and the table groaned as both knew it only meant one thing. Bad news because they both knew that Michael always put their family dinners ahead of any business that may come into his office!

Hello?” Michael said through gritted teeth. “Janet, I told you that I was off duty for the rest of the evening as I am with my wife and daughter” but it wasn’t his assistant and office manager, Janet Woods. It was someone else, someone who if he was calling… it meant trouble.

“Michael, where are you? We have been trying to reach you for hours. I tried the studio and they said Maria also had left? Kyle Valenti said in a panicked voice, as at the sound of the question Michael looked around and saw that the Parker’s weren’t around and that was a surprise because one or both were always down in the main body of the café, and so he sensed the call had to be about Liz.

“We are at the Crashdown as Maria had some free time before her next broadcast and so we brought Betty for dinner before Maria has to get back for the evening telecast… Why?” Michael said through a tense voice and uneven voice that worried Maria as she couldn’t help but listen in as she checked her own phone and noticed several messages on her phone that was on mute. She unmuted her phone, and she begun to listen to them, and her face paled at the same time Kyle was filling in Michael.

“Liz was rushed to the hospital earlier” Kyle said quickly. “Jeff and Nancy are here at the hospital, and I am waiting for Isabel to arrive, so I can have some company.

“What happened?” Michael asked wearily as he cursed god in inaudible mutters. “Tell me she’s okay.”

“We don't know. All we know is that she collapsed. She was visiting her parents for dinner up at the apartment when she fainted, and she didn’t immediately wake up, so they have brought her here to the hospital.”

“Where are you?

As I said, I am here at the hospital. They called me first because I am still listed as her next of kin. Jeff and I here at Roswell Memorial. Nancy is expected any moment. We don’t know how she is, but they are still with her so it’s anyone’s guess when we will know something…”

“I'll be right there” Michael said quickly and hung up and looked at Maria’s face who was hearing the same information via her messages and she was ghost pale. “I know.”

Go to the hospital. Because it’s only me, I am going to need to get back to work. I can’t get a fill in this quickly. But I'll take Betty to the studio and she can sleep in my office? I have some work to do before the newscast at 11. “Does that work?”

“I’ll let you know what happened,” Michael said quickly as he gave her a kiss and got up from the table and quickly left the restaurant. Betty looked at her mother, and asked “Mom, what’s going on?”

“Nothing sweetheart,” Maria said warily.

“Is it Isabella?” Betty asked quietly. She missed her best friend. She and Bella had been thick as thieves despite Betty’s younger age, and she was devastated when her friend vanished. She really missed her and wanted her home and so she was sensitive to any change in her parents as she feared news that would make her heartsick all over again.

“No, it’s Aunt Liz. She’s sick, and Daddy needs to go and see how she is because I need to get back to work. Do you want to come with me, and I’ll let Elaine give you a makeup lesson?”

The eight-year-old smiled and giggled and for a minute Maria got her daughter to forget her fallen friend but knew just like they all missed Isabella. Betty missed her most of all, next to her mother.

Picking up her daughter’s jacket, she made sure they had everything and once Betty finished her sundae they were off to the studio. Elaine was delighted to give Betty a lesson in makeup while Maria worked hard on her story so that she and her daughter could leave as soon as it was lights out at the end of the 11-news tele-cast.
Meanwhile Michael rushed over to the hospital, and truly hoped this was all minor incident. The last thing Liz needed was for her health to turn for the worst. So, he rushed into the emergency room and spotted Jeff Parker, who was pacing along with his wife. Isabel had arrived and was now with her husband, Kyle.

She and Kyle had married three months before, and now were expecting their first child. They hated to get married without Bella at the wedding, but they didn’t want to wait and felt the celebration would brighten up the spirits among the gang, and it did for a couple of days at least.

“What is it?” Michael asked.

“We don't know what it is. We were having dinner up in the apartment, and suddenly she doubled over in pain and started to vomit blood while also starting to hallucinate and experience delusions, of both Bella and Max, she was almost unconscious when we got her to the hospital. They have been looking at her for hours, we haven't been able to see her!” Jeff said with fear on his face.

“She just suddenly doubled over, no warning?” Nancy cried. “We can’t lose her, not with Bella gone.”

“Was there anything that happened before she collapsed, like a phone call or something about Isabella?

Jeff shook his head. “No, there was nothing?”

Just then Ava Johnson came out from behind the doors that held Liz in while she was being examining. Always when they saw Ava, it was a pure shock because she looked so much like her clone Tess and Michael didn’t know if he liked the fact she was taking care of Liz. But then she had also shocked everyone when she arrived back in Roswell not long after Max left town, as she had in the time away had turned her life around and suddenly developed an interest in medicine and she finished high school with the gang and she went to Las Cruces, and was now an intern at Roswell Memorial. To many it was like she took over Liz’s career path while Liz went in a completely different direction after she and Max broke up, and she ended up having Bella not long afterwards.

Because she didn’t go to university, Liz had worked at the Crashdown and moved on up to manager when Bella disappeared, and since then, she had been a shadow of herself and her parents had been picking up the slack around the café after being able to depend on their daughter for much of the last decade.

While Ava the year before had married a fellow deputy of Jim’s; Eric Johnson and supposedly they were very happy. Yet whenever they saw Ava, they saw a form of Tess and that still to this day gave Michael and Isabel shivers.

“Ava, what is happening?” Michael demanded of the blonde doctor who was wearing a white lab coat as it was her rotation in the emergency room this quarter, and she had been shocked when Liz had been wheeled in. She had wanted in on the case and was allowed and now she had deal with a hostile group of family.

“At the moment, Liz is suffering from a dangerous case of pneumonia and she has a very bad ulcer which is likely the cause of the intense pain she has been suffering along with the blood. But we’re running further testing to see if there is something we’re missing.

“But she was fine, and then she was in pain?” Jeff asked as he tried to figure out how it could go completely wrong for her daughter. He and Nancy like Maria had been worried about her health, but they hadn’t seen the signs… “I don’t get it.”

“You have said that she has been very stressed over the situation with Isabella and that she has been functioning with virtually no sleep for weeks and even months?” Ava asked as she made notes. “I amazed she could keep up on that kind of routine as long as she has…”

“I guess. All of us have been on her to slow down and rest as she was running out of steam, but she wasn't listening?” Nancy cried as she hung near her husband as she fretted over their only child.

“And knowing Liz, she probably has also been ignoring the urgent warning signs?” Ava muttered as she checked over the chart assigned to Liz. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”

“Maria was even trying to get her to take a breather just today?” Michael muttered as he worried for Liz, for more reasons than he was willing to acknowledge. The last decade has been one of surprises for them all, and he knew for his lost friend, well, they couldn’t lose Liz otherwise Max would never forgive them. Even if he would be lucky if they could forgive him for vanishing on them. And on Liz and Bella.

“How is she?” Jeff asked as he stormed through Michael’s thoughts of his long-ago-friend, and back to the present day that they had to deal with…

“We are still trying to get her to stabilize as for some reason she is not coming out of it like we had hoped and therefore she is still pretty sick, and her system might have a different view of the situation than we do. We have to do more testing in the short-term.”

“What needs to be done?” Jeff asked.

“Medication is usually the best course of treatment for an ulcer as it’s usually brought on by stress but because she has a fever, there is only so much we can do so we might be forced to take more drastic measures if we can’t get her fever to break. We might even have to operate to see if there is something we are missing. In the meantime, we are pumping her full of antibiotics but because her system is so dehydrated and weakened… we don’t know how she’s going to respond.” Ava admitted.

“How long until you know something?” Kyle asked as he took the hand of his wife, who fretted for her own reasons. She missed her brother, and she knew they couldn’t lose Liz after they lost her namesake.

“A few hours at least” Ava sighed. “We’re hopeful.”

“Thank you Ava,” Jeff and Nancy said together. “When can we see our daughter?”

“No problem. Before you visit her, I do have to go and check in on her and make sure everything is going to be alright for visitors.” Ava admitted as she left to go back to her patient, while leaving Michael along with Jeff, Nancy, Kyle and Isabel as they pondered how to help their friend or ex.

“She looked tired when she showed up at the meeting this morning. I didn’t see any signs.” Michael muttered.

“She had just arrived at the apartment, and I was preparing dinner when I heard the noise from the living room, and I found her on the floor. I called out for Jeff, and we tried to get her to wake up. I didn’t see any signs that she was near collapse,” Nancy fretted. “I should have seen the signs. She has been completely overwhelmed, especially in the last month since Maria’s news piece brought newer attention to Isabella’s disappearance.

“Maria wanted to be here, but she needed to be at work. Since her promotion, she’s the only one unless they had advanced notice” Michael said softly, and the Parker nodded. “Liz will be fine. She’s stronger than she looks, and somehow, someway she’ll make it through this.”
“I hope so,” Jeff murmured. “I don’t know how much more my daughter can take before we can’t get her back.”
Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Max was busy as he focused on Molly’s case and his many other cases after his day at home got rudely interrupted. He found himself not able to go home, but back to the hospital to check on his littlest of his cases.

Spotting Dr. West, he couldn’t help but ask about Molly. “How is she. How is Molly?”

“Unfortunately, we almost lost her not long after you left, she suddenly went into cardiac arrest. We managed to revive her, but it was very close?

Max was stricken at the thought of losing Molly. She was so young and deserved a chance at a new life, and he prayed nothing bad would happen to her and that she could make it through. Sighing, “when was this?”

“Somewhere around 4 p.m.” Dr. West sighed as she thought of her patient and how the staff was pulling for the little girl to make it as she had yanked all their hearts as they witnessed the brutality that had been visited on her, and how she was so small. “Fortunately, she came back to us, but it was too close of a call.”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 4 - Updated: 11/05/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:12 pm

Intrigue.......this is a wild set of events......all tied together it appears!
So precious, that little Molly's eyes never left Max. I am thinking she recognizes him.
What terrible shape she is in........if only Max knew that Bella was missing, or even existed. I hate to think of what action Max would take, policeman or not.
I can't believe someone would use Molly for a punching bag.
This isn't bad enough and Liz faints........after a vision of Bella and Max together.
I'm glad Kyle is still involved in Liz's life even though he's married to Isabel.
Poor Liz, she is really sick but I hope Dr. Ava will take good care of her.
And Molly had a close call................Michael, it is time to contact Max!! You can do it.
Thanks for this great story,

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 4 - Updated: 11/05/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:17 pm

I got a feeling that Liz getting so sick is tied to what happened to "Molly". Hurry back with more.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 4 - Updated: 11/05/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:32 am

Roswelllostcause wrote:I got a feeling that Liz getting so sick is tied to what happened to "Molly". Hurry back with more.

I'm think Roswelllostcause might be right. Are Liz and Molly linked? Is Molly Isabel? Will Liz survive? Will Molly
Survive? Will Max find out the truth about who Molly really is? Will Liz and friends find Isabel? How will Liz and others find Molly? How will Max find out about Isabel? How will Max find out about Liz? Will Max and Liz see each other? Will Max and Liz talk? What will happen when Max and Liz talk? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Will Max and Liz fall for each other? Will Liz find out about Max's life in California? What will Liz do when she finds out about Max's life? Sorry for the questions I was just wondering?

L-J-L 76

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Lost & Found - Chapter 5 - 11/08/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:56 pm

Max hated the thought of the battle that Molly was facing as he thought of the little girl. Something drew him to the girl, and he didn’t know why. He had stayed away from kids generally over the last decade unless it was case related because they reminded him too much of what drove him away from his home and family, and especially Liz back in Roswell. It was all a lie, Max muttered to himself. He hadn’t faced too many cases involving kids over his career, since he began at the LAPD as he let Serena most of the time take the little ones, because of her own experience with kids. Yet Molly drew him in, and he needed to make sure she was alright.

“Where is she?” Max said quietly.

“We did some testing and Dr. Benson decided that with Molly’s condition so fragile, that they needed do some of the initial surgery right away, so she is in the operating room. We will know more about her condition, once she comes out.”

“So she will need more surgery?” Max asked as he hated finding out that the little girl was in surgery. “How is her ability to talk?”

“We may, but we won’t know until we have more access when the bandages come off, and we deal the more pressing issues with her health. So far, she’s hanging, and we have reason to optimism, but one never does know until we see how she responds.

“Will she make it?” Max asked as she made notes for her file.

“We won’t know until we how she responds to the surgery, and how it goes. But none of her challenges should pose a risk, but given how much abuse she has experienced, well, you never know.”

“I am going to around,” Max said as he wasn’t sure about leaving the hospital. How much longer?”

“Well, the surgery just started, so it could be a few more hours” Dr. West warned. “We won’t know until they open her up” she said softly because she could sense how invested Max was in Molly’s case. It was rare to see a cop so attached to a subject of one of his cases, but intrigued her to see Max attached to Molly, as she muttered. “Have you caught the monster who did that to her?”

“It looks like he slipped away, for the moment. But we are still looking, and we’ll find him.”

“I pray that you catch him and punish him” Dr. West admitted as Max nodded his affirmative to the wish.

“Call me when she’s out of recovery,” Max asked, and the doctor nodded as he turned to head back to the station, and when Serena actually forced him back home, by driving him home, he walked into his house and saw the emptiness of the rooms and he couldn’t help but wonder how his life had ended up like this. Thinking of Molly made him think of Roswell, and how it all ended, and the family he shunned by walking away over the last decade. It was all on him for staying away. He didn’t fault his family, or Isabel and Michael, or most of all Liz.

He had intended to go home to Roswell and to Liz, once he dealt with all that Los Angeles brought, when he came to investigate the Joe Ferini case and that led him to their other watcher, Kal Langley and his search of the ship so he could find his son and get answers.

That was a boneheaded move Max, he muttered to himself as he took a beer out of the fridge. He didn’t care that he wasn’t supposed to drink, but he drank too much on nights where memories of Liz came on full force and thinking of Molly and how the small child made him think of Liz, and his hatred of how badly it had gone.

Once he got answers to his son and found out he was lied to as he had managed to make it to Antar, and was shocked to find out that Tess lied, and was dead. After having tried to deceive Khivar, they killed her. She was never pregnant. She mind-warped everyone into believing she was pregnant, and that she needed to leave town to protect the baby, and when he stayed… he sent her off, thinking the baby needed to be protected. Only she hadn’t been pregnant, and when she got to Antar, well, they found out the truth, and they had killed her.

Max barely made it back to Earth, and when he did, he wasn’t in one piece. Some major health problems kept him preoccupied and why he hadn’t gone back to Roswell because he didn’t want to burden them when he didn’t know how he was going to be, if he was forever changed.
Well he was changed, but once his health stabilized, and he was able to pick up his life, well, he knew he couldn’t go home and continue to lie to his parents. So, he surprised even himself and went to Quantico, and spent time in the FBI which was a fun irony filled stint given it was that branch of the federal government who wanted to terminate him, but eventually he decided to stop, and settle on a low-risk branch of law enforcement, and he joined the LAPD, and got partnered up with Serena.

Because he hadn’t gone back to Roswell, memories of the girl he left behind weren’t far from his thoughts. He tried somewhat successful to move on and try to ignore Roswell. He tended to lie about where his hometown was as he generally said that he was from out of the country – which was true in some ways but not, in others.

Taking a sip of his beer, he picked up his phone and made a call… and as his stomach flipflopped over the dread of making the call he was making as he waited for an answer to the call. He almost wished, I hope you’re not home.

“Hello” came a commanding voice from the other end of the phone and Max paled at the memories, and it made him silent. “Hello,” the person asked again. “If this is a prank, stop it or I’ll stick my husband on you.”

“You’re married,” Max asked as he broke the silence, as he was stunned. “Don’t tell me you married that guy, Jesse,” as he remembered the guy his sister was hung up at the time of trip to California, despite her trying to say it was nothing.

“Max,” came the shock reply from a home in Roswell, where Isabel was sitting doing some paperwork to finalize her recent marriage as her spine stood up straight as she put her hand to her mouth as she tried to comprehend the instantaneous shock to her system. “Max is that you?” she whispered out words she hadn’t thought she ever would. “Max…” she repeated when she heard silence… “Max…”

“Isabel,” Max said after a moment of silence, and tears came down Isabel’s eyes as she heard the voice she hadn’t seen or heard in nearly a decade. “Are you there?”

“Max,” Isabel said as she pulled herself to together as Kyle came through the back door of the kitchen as he was arriving home from the hospital, and instantly frowned to see his new wife so upset and he knew he must have missed the beginning of her comment. “Are you okay?”

“I am… now,” Max as relief instantly came to him as he smiled as he listed to his sister’s voice. “God how I am sorry.”

“That it’s been almost a decade,” Isabel said with tears coming down her face, and she knew she was a mess as she tried to think of how she was going to tell her husband who she was speaking to. “Why now?”

“You have a right to be upset,” Max said softly as instantly he felt at home and knew he had messed up greatly. “I would be too, if it was vice versa. I needed time” he whispered even thought that excuse he knew was weak as much as it was a lie.

“Time Max is a week, or a couple of weeks on the road when seeing the country. Time is not a decade Max, why now…” Isabel cried as Kyle eyebrows shot up when he heard the Max’s name, and he mouthed Max!!! and she nodded, and he was rightfully upset on his wife’s behalf.

“I know why you’re angry,” Max sighed as he knew full well that his sister had a right to be upset and knew everyone back in his hometown a right to be angry with him, as he had behaved badly.

“You better,” Isabel said angrily as she got up from the table paced the kitchen as Kyle took a seat to keep an eye on his wife because there was no telling how aggravated she was going to be after the phone call as he knew how she missed her brother. “Why now?”

“I was thinking of you guys,” Max said as he felt shame coursed through his body. “I thought I would check in.”

“10 years too late,” Isabel snapped.

“I am sorry about that,” Max sighed. “I wanted to call before now, don’t think I didn’t. But circumstances prevented me in the beginning, and then time got away from me and I thought because I hadn’t called, then you guys would be better off if I didn’t call.”

“We’re never better off without you Max,” Isabel said as her anger vanished, and her tears began again. “Are you okay?”

“I am Izzy,” Max said softly. “I promise you that I am fine, and I want you to know that you’re always on my mind.”

“Where are you?” Isabel asked as he thought back to the days after Max had left ten years before and remembered the dream they shared, to be able to talk. “I asked you in that dream we shared when you left town, but I never expected that would be the last I would hear from you. You closed yourself from me, and I couldn’t reach you while Dad even tried the old fashion way, and he struck out. So, where are you now?”

“Los Angeles” Max admitted and hated the thought that his parents tried looking for him and didn’t succeed. Probably was around the time he was on Antar, and unsure if he would even make it back to Earth… he still didn’t know how he did it. So, if they tried looking, he was long gone…

“LA” Isabel asked shocked. “You’re still there…”

“I came back,” Max said as he kept it as brief as possible. “I am sorry for not keeping in touch.”

“You better be,” Isabel muttered as she thought of her brother being in California all this time. “Why are you still there, when we all know what Tess said and did was a lie.”

“You know?” Max asked as his eyes closed at the mention of Tess’s name.

“Max, you sent Michael a letter,” Isabel eyes shot up at the lapse in her brother’s memory. That is the last thing we ever heard from you, don’t you remember?”

“Oh,” Max said softly as he thought back a decade and wondered if that is something he might have done during that time he was facing medical treatment for his adventures on Antar, and his mind wasn’t how it should have been as it was too fractured to even think most days. It slipped his mind he wrote a letter to Michael talking about Tess’s final betrayal.

“Oh, what Max,” Isabel asked.

“It’s nothing,” Max was quick to answer as he tried to form some thoughts of how to proceed with the conversation and how much he wanted to say. “I am glad you guys know,” he paused. “So, enough about me, what about you?”

“I don’t know enough about you Max,” Isabel insisted. “What are you doing in Los Angeles.”

Not wanting to admit to his career in law enforcement, he diverted the topic. “Maybe another time. What is going on back home, what about you. You’re married?”

“Yes,” Isabel acknowledged. “And you missed it.”

“Who is it?” Max asked. “You could have told me…”

“I didn’t know where you were jackass,” Isabel muttered into the phone and Max winced. “I was dating Jesse, but that broke off because I was missing you and he took another job elsewhere, and later I found someone else…”

“Who?” Max asked.

“Kyle…” Isabel said as she glanced at her husband. “We got married three months ago.”

“Wow,” Max asked. “Where did that come from…”

“If you were here, you would have known” Isabel muttered as she didn’t mention how Kyle was divorced from Liz, and that Max had a child who Kyle was raising as his own as the whole family knew Liz’s lie that Sean Deluca was Bella’s biological father was a lie, and Max was the only possibility because they knew Liz. Even if she had tried to muddy up the waters with her actions in the wake of Max’s departure. You don’t name your daughter after your ex-boyfriend’s sister if he wasn’t the father to herself, but not out loud for fear of her brother hearing the words, even though her husband was thinking about it. It made it tricky that her stepdaughter was her niece. We are a weird strange family she smiled to herself.


“Right,” Isabel said as she came back to the land of reality and reentered the conversation. “We’re happy.”

“I thrilled for you Izzy,” Max said softly. “I mean it.”

“If you mean it, you will tell me when you’re coming home?” Isabel asked as Kyle only shook his head and got up and left the kitchen as she knew if Max did come back and found out the truth, what Kyle stood to lose if they managed to find Bella. But she needed her brother back as she needed her family back.

“Is…” Max said. “I am not coming home.”

“Mom and Dad miss you, I miss you.” Isabel cried. “Come home, if only for a visit why don’t you.”

“I can’t lie to them,” Max said.

And then Isabel dropped the biggest bombshell to hit the clan in years, when she revealed the truth. “Max, Mom and Dad know.”

“WHAT!” Max yelled as he took another deep sip of his beer and he closed his eyes as he processed this newest bombshell to unsettle his life. “I don’t understand.”

“I told them. Michael and I told them years ago,” Isabel said quietly as she stopped pacing and stood in the kitchen as memories of that time flashed through her mind “If you had checked in, I could have told you.”

“What happened?” Max asked as his eyes were closed as braced for the worst.

“It’s nothing important right now,” Isabel muttered as it did nothing to tell him to the truth that the secret came out in association with Liz’s actions in the months after Max left town. There was genuine fear in the air, and so Isabel and Michael sat the parents down and told them the truth.

“How bad was it?” Max asked.

“They took it as well as it could have been Max,” Isabel admitted. “Sure, there were some adjustments to make, but they recognized we were in a hard spot and they knew why we were worried about their reaction. Amy Deluca had the toughest time since Michael and Maria were still doing their dance. And Parkers were just grateful their daughter was still alive” she said as she left out to muck up her life.

“I don’t believe it,” Max sighed as he took another sip of beer as she made plans for another one, sobriety be damned.

“Come home Max,” Isabel pleaded as she cried for her brother, and the decade that was erased by the phone call. The memories flashed of their family, and how close they were, and how it was so brutally severed when Max didn’t come home, nor did he call.

“I can’t Isabel,” Max said as they both knew why he couldn’t come home. “Tell Mom and Dad I love them, but I can’t…”

“Is it Liz?” Isabel asked.

“No,” Max lied as his need to talk once the love of his life’s name was mentioned vanished, as he looked at the clock and shook his head. It was getting later. “I’ve got to go, I am expecting a call, a work-related issue. I love you sis, and I want you happy.”

“I am happy Max.”

“I hope Kyle makes you happy,” Max said softly as he got ready to hang up. “I really am.”

Knowing Max was about to hang up as she knew her brother, and the mention of Liz had weakened him, and her anger returned, and she wanted to express it. “I am pregnant Max, and if you want to meet your niece or nephew someday, then come home.” Isabel spat as she slammed down the phone, and in Max’s home, well, he felt weighted down by the reveal.

His sister was married and becoming a Mom and he was missing it and he hated that feeling as he cursed his life, as he picked up the file he had stored in his desk drawer, and went down to the couch and started to view it… Why, why do I do this to myself as he went through the folder for the umpteenth time.
Meanwhile Kyle returned to the kitchen and found his wife crying as she had sat at the table, sighing, he sat and held his wife as she hugged him. “I know, I know.”

“I know what it means if he comes back and learns the truth,” Isabel said in a small voice. “I am sorry honey, but I want my brother back.”

“Honey, I want that for you too.” Kyle said although he was still a little ticked off at his brother-in-law for what he put his sister, and parents through and especially what he put Liz through, despite her insistence that was it her that had put the brakes on her relationship with Max, still he had seen the heartache every day in her face as she braved the life she now faced.

“Even what it means?” Isabel asked.

“Yes,” Kyle smiled. “I love Bella, and she’s my daughter regardless what happens with Max. Even if he claims her, as we all know they are father and daughter despite Liz’s denials. She will always be my daughter. But for Bella’s sake, when she comes home… and especially for Liz, I want Max to come back and face the music.”

“I want that too,” Isabel said sadly. “I miss him.”

“I know you do,” Kyle nodded as they got up from the table and walked of the room as she he took her to the bedroom to rest.
While back in Max’s house, well, he was drinking and burying himself into his sorrows as he went through the folder and picked up the pictures of Liz… and picked up pictures of Isabel and Michael and then picked up pictures of his parents. “I miss you guys. I am sorry about the mess I made, and how I hurt you guys” he admitted to himself and out loud to the room.

Finally, he picked up a wedding announcement that always put a dagger into his heart every time he reminded himself of it and noticed the Roswell Gazette heading… Crashdown Café’s owners Jeff and Nancy Parker announces the marriage of their daughter, Elizabeth Parker to Sean Deluca. The newlyweds will continue to live in Roswell, and Liz as she known will work at her parent’s establishment as she finishes high school.
Putting down the article, he drunk the rest of the beer and the last one in the fridge before he passed out on the couch, with pictures of Liz falling out of his hand.

As the date of the wedding was, the day after Liz’s 18th birthday.
Waking himself up the next morning and working to get over his hangover, he tried to concentrate on Molly’s case rather than the past. He received the news that Molly was now out of recovery and moved into a private room in the ICU. He would be able to visit, and check on her progress anytime that afternoon, so since he needed time to snap out of his hangover, he knew he was in no condition to head to the hospital and face the injured girl; he puttered around his home until he knew he was full awake while also checking in with the station over his other cases. Finally, he found himself walking the halls of the hospital as he headed for Molly’s room. Walking into the private room they had put her into, he felt it so disheartening to view such a beautiful little girl looking so fragile with so many bandages all over her body. There was practically no area that the normal eye could see on Molly that wasn't covered at this point. She looked like a mummy, except for those beautiful eyes that were so piercing and so memorable…

“Molly, do you remember me?” Max asked as he came closer to the bed, so that the little girl could see who he was, and so he could take a better look at the patient.

Molly intently looked at him and through her bandages, she nodded her head.

“You went through a lot in the last 24 hours?” Max asked as he sat by the bedside and smiled at the little girl.

Molly could only look at him.

“Are you in any pain?” Max asked as he gave her a board to scribble some notes on, to indicate her answers since her throat was still raw.

Molly wrote down No.

“Have your brothers shown up to see you yet?” Max asked as he knew from his enquiries that the Davidson boys were still in the wind, and had yet to surface anywhere, and certainly not at the hospital.

Molly’s eyes took a fearful look, that worried Max.

“Do you remember what happened at home? How you got injured?” Max asked as he saw genuine fear in her eyes. “Hey, you’re going to be alright. I promise you. The doctors are first rate, and they won’t let anything happen to you… and I won’t let you go anywhere we don’t know is safe, okay?”

Molly’s eyes indicated wariness.

“Take it easy as we will find out what happened at your own time?” Max smiled as he took her hand and pressed it with his. He couldn’t explain it, but the child drew him to her, and he would do anything to make sure she was safe. “You don’t have to worry, okay?

Molly’s eyes relaxed.

“Do you remember your mother?” Max asked as he tried a different tact to elicit some information for the girl. From what he knew of the family, he knew the Davidson mother tended to be a positive person, and her death from cancer had destroyed the family, so he wondered how Molly felt about her mother.

Molly’s eyes suddenly had tears in them. “Hey, it’s okay” Max said softly. “It must have been a hard six months since she died.”

Molly only response was to close her eyes indicating that she didn't want to talk about it, and therefore Max had a sense that something was funky but he didn’t want to press it since her health and recovery was so fragile, while at the same time he promised justice for the little girl who had touched his heart. He would be getting to truth, whatever that may be and wherever it led him or her…
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 5 - Updated: 11/08/2018

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Well at least Max let someone know he is alive. But he really needs to take this girl and go home.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 5 - Updated: 11/08/2018

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Well I now know more about Tess, the baby and the situation Max was in. These answers don't come by very easy.
At least Max called Isabel......and he was surprised she knew about Tess's betrayal. Yes Iz, it is weird that your stepdaughter is really your niece.
It seems that all of the family is aware of Bella's true identity. The marriage to Sean in high school didn't fool anyone.
I am mad at Isabel for not mentioning that Liz's daughter was missing. Max would have come home to help out there wouldn't he??
This story has be sitting on the edge of my seat wanting Max to realize who Molly really is.
Thanks for your great talent,

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 5 - Updated: 11/08/2018

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Wow so Max finally called someone in Roswell. So it seems Max has been keeping an eye on everyone in Roswell. Yes Max made a huge mistake by not coming home. Agree with Isabel and Kyle that Max needs to come home and face the music. And Max needs to find out about his daughter. Glad Max is there for Molly. Max needs to get off his butt and find out the truth about Molly and who her real parents are. Please please come back for more really really soon? Can't wait for Max to find out the truth and to go home and find Liz.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, MATURE) Chapter 5 - Updated: 11/08/2018

Post by begonia9508 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:06 am

And back in the Roswell anlieness again!... lol

After months of Rowell' abstinence, I discovered this new Story and I am looking Forward for falling again in the Roswell famous world!
Started really well...

Thanks EVE
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