Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 06/12/2018

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Part Two - Updated: 06/10/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:11 pm

So glad everyone is finally together now. Parents are in shock but of course they are seeing their kids and grandkids. Love the way Max asked the kids permission to ask Liz something. Now I wonder how everything is going to be with everyone together.

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Leaving Normal - Epilogue - The Conclusion - 06/12/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:58 pm

“Lizzie,” Jeff whispered again as Nancy looked in awe at her daughter, and then the two children tightly holding her daughter’s hand as they stared at their mother, who was like them frozen in her standing position.

“Dad,” Liz said carefully, unable to say much more. This was eight years in the making and she didn’t know the next step, and she was helped by the door opening a minute later and in walked Amy, Kyle, Maria, Michael and their kids. And then a moment later, the door opened and before the room could process the newest arrivals. Max and Isabel with Evan walked in and Phillip and Diane’s world exploded.

“Oh my god,” Diane whispered as she held her husband’s hand tight as Max as a reflex went to Liz’s side, with Evan next to him as the whole axis of the room changed, as they all took in how life had change in eight years.

“Son,” Phillip asked as he saw Max next to Liz, and to turned and saw Isabel standing next to Kyle. “Isabel!”

“Hi Dad,” Isabel smiled as Diane came forward, and Isabel ran in her father’s arms while Diane came towards her son.

“Max,” Diane whispered.

“Mom,” Max smiled. “I am sorry for shocking you like this. But when we decided we wanted to come and visit, it was very last minute, and we arranged with Jim to set this up… so we didn’t have to do multiple first visits.”

“We were told you weren’t with them,” Phillip asked. “What happened?”

“It all changed last week,” Max admitted as he faced his parents as well as the Parkers. “Isabel and I arrived in Austin, and ended up reuniting with everyone and we all made a lot of discoveries along the way.”

“Who is this son,” Phillip asked, referring to Evan who was staring at the strangers with a combination of fascination and wariness that was famous Max trait.

“Mom and Dad, this is Evan… yes I know the name is unique but he’s my son. The baby Tess disappeared on me with and came back eight year ago. She took him from his new home, only to leave him a couple of a weeks ago with Liz in Austin.”

“What?” Phillip asked, outraged. “She did what!”

“Kidnapped me,” Evan said bluntly. “Then she up and dies on me after she abandons me with Liz, and her children.”

“Son,” Phillip asked.

“I know Dad,” Max nodded. “I haven’t even begun to contemplate the next steps, but until we do… Evan has been staying with us.”

“Us,” Diane asked as she looked at her son, and then over at Liz and then the two children next to Liz’s side. “Does this mean?”

“Yes,” Max said.

“Are they your children?” Diane asked.

“Yes,” Max admitted as he looked at Liz who had broken out of her almost trance like daze and looked at the situation. “Liz, do you want to make the introductions.”

“Oh, right, sorry,” Liz said quietly. “Mom, Dad. Phillip, Diane. Next to me, are Emma and Parker Evans,” she smiled as she saw her parents react to the name Parker. “Yes, they are twins, and they are eight years old. And before you ask me your next question. I didn’t leave because of them. I only found out I was pregnant after I left town, so I didn’t run because I was pregnant and the rest you can say is history. Max is the father. And you four are their grandparents. Before you also ask, I didn’t tell any of you because I didn’t tell Max until he found out a week ago.”

“Son is that true,” Diane asked as she took in the twins as well as the older boy. “You didn’t know.”

“No,” Max admitted. “Circumstances prevented Liz from telling me. We know you knew we weren’t together, and events made that impossible until recently when we were able to reunite and take stock of the situation. It’s been a major adjustment for all involved. I don’t blame Liz for not telling me about Emma and Parker. Because I could have been there with them and I chose the path I took. We just have to make the best of the situation we have now… and the future for all of us, wherever that may take us.”

“I am sorry Dad, Mom” Liz said. “I hope you don’t hate me for leaving. I wanted you to spare the danger that always revolves around us, and we felt we needed to leave because we were worried about what it meant for me, and for Michael because of who he was… and then I found out about the babies and I had to protect them.”

“We could never hate you Lizzie,” Jeff said as tears came down his face. “We love you, and we’re very happy you’re back… and thrilled to be able to meet the future,” he smiled as he looked at Emma and Parker. “I can’t believe you gave him our name?”

“I love our family Dad,” Liz sighed. “I could never think about losing that side of me, and so I couldn’t not choose that name. Parker is very lucky. And Emma, your name is to honor a cousin of mine, and niece of my mother who passed away when I was a child. I hope Aunt Rachel would be okay with that...”

“It is,” Emma said as she looked at her grandmother.

“She would be honored to know,” Nancy said with tears coming down her face. “You’re 8 years old,” she asked the twins.

“Yes,” the twins said in unison. “December 5th is our birthday.”

“You share a December birthday with your mother,” Jeff commented. “Are we going to be able to see you on your birthday,” he asked.

“We hope to stay until the start of the New Year,” Max confirmed as there was a descent into silence, and Diane broke it.

“I have to be back at work on January 2nd,” Michael said coming into the conversation as the adults were now coming to realize the scope of the room, and the fact Maria and Michael were there as well as two more young children.

“Wow Maria, on my god” Diane asked as she saw Maria and Michael. “I am sorry we didn’t welcome you fully when you arrived. So, I gather from these two beauties that you and Michael are together… right?” she asked as she saw Michelle and Amelia who were taking it all in and was amused.

“Yes,” Maria said as she looked down at their daughters. “We’re married, and these are our daughters. Michelle Rose and Amelia Elizabeth,” she smiled as she showed off her girls.”

“Beautiful girls, and beautiful names”

“Thank you,” Maria smiled as she looked around the Crashdown. “I have missed this place so much,” she said as she looked at her former bosses, and smiled at Jeff and Nancy. “How’s business?”

“Booming,” Jeff smiled as he couldn’t believe the luck he and his wife could have after so much hoping, and praying over the years, and now they were facing their dreams in having their daughter back in their lives, and now to also learn they were grandparents. Continual shocks to the system, but they were shocks they wanted to experience.

“Mommy,” Parker asked. “Is this really where you grew up?”

“Yes, I did,” Liz smiled down at her son. “I worked in this very restaurant all during high school, and even your father saved my life here when I was sixteen.”

“This is where we met,” Max smiled.

“He did,” Emma asked as she remembered back to those articles she read, and something rang a bell in her something about a shooting. “Oh right,” she murmured. “I read something about it.”

“Yes, you did,” Liz nodded.

“But you said you met Mom when you were in third grade?” Parker asked.

“Your mother didn’t even know me in third grade. But she made my world spin, when your aunt and I came to Roswell and started at school and I saw your mother. It was only later, that I could make an impression on her.”

“And an impression you did make,” Liz smiled with a rush of heat that went up her stomach at the mere look of Max, and the memories of those times in high school when everything seemed so simple and yet they grew so complicated.


“What are you doing now?” Nancy asked her daughter as Jeff had offered to take Emma and Parker on tour of the restaurant, and the apartment upstairs. Max and Isabel were cornered off and talking with their parents and Evan, and Maria and Michael were having some time with Amy and Jim, and it left Liz marveling how the last hours had changed her life. She still didn’t know how it would work out, and whether they could really think about coming back to Roswell for more than a holiday visit. But it was a start, and she was willing to take it, and she loved being able to talk to her mother.

“I am an accountant,” Liz said. “I know that probably surprises you.”

“It’s not what I pictured for you,” Nancy said taken aback because her daughter was always science minded, and was headed in that direction and to hear that she was in finance was a different field all together.”

“I had to pay the bills when we were on the road, especially once I found out about the babies. I needed to do something, and I got hired in jobs that led to doing a lot of books, and payroll. And because I knew the basics from working around here, it just seemed practical. I took a few classes here and there, and was able to certify as an accountant and I have been able to make it as a job.”

“What about the future?” Nancy asked.

“I have no idea,” Liz said honestly. “For the last eight years, I have been dealing on a day by day basis. Any thoughts of the future have not been on the front burner, and until recently, I haven’t begun to even think about it.”

“Why not?” Nancy asked.

“I guess I have part of me has been cut off from thinking about the future. Because in some ways, I was hiding,” Liz admitted. “My shrink tells me that I was hiding because I needed to tell Max about the twins, and to accept he wasn’t coming back. But I think it was partly that, but also that maybe one day he would indeed come back, and I needed to figure out what I wanted to do if he did.”

“You see a shrink?” Nancy asked surprised. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, I am fine Mom, but once I settled in Austin,” Liz said quietly. “I started having dreams, and they were messing with me. And I figured talking to someone might help, but of course I couldn’t tell all the pertinent facts and that also weighed on me and made me still have the dreams as I struggled with them.”

“What were the dreams about?” Nancy asked.

“Max,” Liz admitted. “It’s a mess.”

“What is going on with you and Max?” Nancy asked.

“We are doing our dance,” Liz admitted. “Where that leads us is hard to gage. But with Max and I, we can never stay away from each other. No matter how hard we try. He’s been getting used to fatherhood and therefore it’s been easy to ignore it, but it’s going to come a time where I am forced to make a decision.”

“Do you want Max in your life?” Nancy asked.

“I have spent too much of my life without him, so yes. But I have no idea what that means for my life, and what it means for the future.”

“Your father and I only want you to be happy,” Nancy smiled. “That is all we only ever wanted, and we hope you continue to come back to visit, if you don’t return to live in Roswell. We know you have a life in Austin,”

“Mom you will never get rid of me or your grandchildren again,” Liz smiled as she went in for a hug with her mother, and Jeff and the children came back from the tour, and she knew she was on Mom patrol again. “Regardless of where we live.”


“What are your intentions regarding my daughter,” Jeff asked to Max a short time later as he sat at a booth across from Max. Nancy, Liz and Maria along with Michael and Kyle had taken all the kids on a tour of the neighborhood, and it left Max back with his parents, Isabel and Jeff, and knew the dreaded question would be coming because Jeff would naturally go to that question as he now had his daughter back in his life.

“I love her,” Max said with determination.

“Yes, I know you did,” Jeff said. “I remember you guys back in high school.”

“I loved her then, and I love her now” Max said. “I understand she’s changed, and I have changed, and life circumstances had made the last eight years harder than they should have been for both of us, but I want her and I want the kids back in my life, and I am determined to prove to her, and to prove to you and Nancy that I deserve a new chance.”

“Aren’t you moving fast?” Jeff asked.

“Everything about us has been fast, except maybe the last eight years and maybe that proves we need to grab our chance when we have it. But seriously I know you have been talking with Jim, and I know he’s told you a bit about the last eight years, and probably have heard about recent developments.”

“Some,” Jeff allowed.

“I promise you that I won’t hurt her. And I won’t do anything she’s not ready for, and I plan to wait until she’s ready, but I intend for that day to come, and hopefully soon.”

“And if that day comes?” Jeff asked.

“We will decide together. But I want us to settle back here in Roswell. For the kids to be raised here.”

“You do?” Jeff asked as he watched Max warily, worried that he was saying all the right words and they wouldn’t lead to anything.

“Yes!” Max nodded. “So, I hope the streets are safe, and it’s no longer dangerous to be who we are, here in Roswell.”

“It was never dangerous,” Jeff said. “I know you guys faced a lot of pain and distrust, but things have calmed down with time and I do think if you guys come back to Roswell, then the kids will be able to have a good life.”

“In hiding?” Max asked.

“We were able to tamp down a lot of the speculation when you did leave, and the rumors truly did get outlandish and the backlash against the backlash did help quiet things down. Of course, we’ll never be able to stop the questions especially since how you guys did leave was mayhem, and the Special Unit wasn’t shy about using the media to spread stories.”

“I don’t want the younger generation to face the sins of their parents?”

“All you were trying to do was survive. I know what Liz wrote, and maybe she didn’t write all about your exploits, and probably left some dicey stuff out but still…”

“I appreciate that,” Max said.

“My daughter survived because of you. Regardless of the last eight years and losing her from our lives. We still had the possibility that she could still come back into our lives, and you allowed us that otherwise she would have been dead at sixteen.”

“I never imagined that day would unleash so much, and so much pain for her.”

“Growing up can be hell,” Jeff commented. “I am not one to speak given my youthful indiscretions and I do wish you guys had were easiest on yourselves back in high school, but today is another day. And if my daughter wants to try again, you both deserve the chance.”

“I want that chance,” Max said honestly.

“My daughter has come through a lot, and I suspect she’ll want that too.”

“I hope that day comes very soon,” Max said as Jeff got up as the door opened and in walked Liz, who smiled than frowned when she saw her father alone with Max. “All is okay” he said instantly as he got up with Jeff.

“Why do I have my doubts,” Liz commented.

“All is fine,” Jeff confirmed.

“Let’s eat,” Nancy said as they all got down to some holiday goodness as everyone took in the environment, and the kids all thrived in the atmosphere that had their grandparents. Meanwhile, Evan was taking it all in and was where this was leading…

“This is home, isn’t it?” Evan asked his aunt Isabel.

Isabel smiled at the boy and suspected her was right. She knew that somehow, they had all found the home they all deserved, and that included Evan.

“It is,” Isabel smiled. “Let’s just hope everyone else agrees.”


And that day came a week later when Max was able to test out the theory regarding to the future, and the quest for one in Roswell when on New Year’s Eve, the original generation was babysitting their grandchildren while the pod squad were all celebrating the spirt of the night. Max got Liz to go out on a secret destination dinner, and Maria and Michael were off doing their own thing. And Kyle and Isabel were even going out for dinner, as the rest of the gang suspected there would be something more with them before too long. And now it was the chance to celebrate the coming of a new year, and new possibilities.

“Where are we going?” Liz asked as she got in the car that Max had rented.

“It’s a surprise,” Max smiled, and a thrill went up her spine as the last week in Roswell had been a blast from a past, and a surprisingly well received one. None of the citizens of the town reacted that badly to knowing Jeff and Nancy’s missing daughter was back in town. While occasionally there were glares, and unspoken rumors but there was also silence, and the gang was able to visit their families in relative peace. As the gang also all took hotel rooms, because they didn’t want to burden their families and because they initially weren’t sure if they weren’t going to be run out of town due to all the speculation.

“What kind of surprise?” Liz asked.

“You’ll see,” Max said.

“Kyle told Maria and I this morning that he was moving back here to Roswell when the term is up next month, and he will be taking a position at West Roswell” Liz sighed. “They want him as the new basketball coach next season and a full-time history teacher.”

“Which is probably a better deal than what he had, right?” Max asked.

“He liked being assistant coach, but basketball and football was always a passion for him in high school. And he wants to be closer to his father.”

“Isabel is moving back too,” Max said.

“She is?”

“She’s decided to come back home and moving back in with Mom and Dad until she finds a job and a place of her own,” Max sighed. “I’ll miss her, but after eight years of having to deal with me, I want her to have her own life.”

“Life is moving on,” Liz commented as they stopped in front of a house on some land not that far from the Evans homestead.

“Where are we?” Liz said.

“Some place special,” Max said with a smile. “Come on, I want to show you it” he said as he opened the door for Liz and helped her out.

“Max, what are you up to?” Liz asked.

“Oh, nothing special,” Max smiled as they walked through the white picket fence, and walked up the front door, and he unlocked the door.

And walked into an all white house. No color, whatsoever and Liz gasped. “Oh my gosh…”

“What,” Max said as he followed her in.

“Nothing,” Liz smiled.

“What,” Max asked as he watched as her eyes lit up over something.

“Something I dreamt,” Liz said quietly…as her memory flashed back.

“This is a gorgeous place Max,” Liz was saying as she and Max walked around a huge home near the desert. “How did you find it?” she asked.

“I found it,” Max said as he looked at Liz with a tremendous amount of love in his eyes. “I put my connections to work.”

Liz shivered as she looked at his eyes and saw how he looked at her and how much she was truly in love with this man.

“Yes,” Max said as they continued to take it all in and noticed she was going to say something to him.

“This room needs color,” Liz said as they walked into a large white room. “It’s way too plain.”

“Liz, are you okay?”

“Honestly,” Liz smiled at Max. “What’s going on?” Liz asked.

“Liz, I know you have reason to distrust me. But I love you. I love the kids. I love our family, and I want you to give a chance on us. I know it’s still early, and the last month has made things a little tenuous.”

“A little tenuous,” Liz allowed.

“You mean the world to me, and I know it’s a little early to talk marriage. Given all you know about me, and all that has happened, but I was wondering if you…” Max said, getting down on one knee to Liz’s shock.


“Liz,” Max said as he opened a ring box and Liz could see a small diamond and she gasped because she recognized the diamond. “This is not what you think. This is a promise ring. I want to promise you that I love you, and this time I really with you. To our dying days, which I think will be together, one way or another.”


“Liz,” Max said. “I love you. I found you in third grade, and even if it took a near fatal shooting to bring you in my life. I will always love you, and we both made mistakes and I hurt you, and I will forever hate myself. And maybe I am too good for you, but I want you and the kids. I don’t know if you recognize the diamond, but it’s from that night” he said carefully as he eluded to the night he originally proposed with a “superman” created diamond out of some coal.

“Max…I recognize it” Liz smiled. “Stop, because I love you too.”

“You do?” Max asked, stunned silent.

“Yes,” Liz smiled. “And while I agree that it’s a little early to think about marriage. I do want you in my life and I want to raise the kids, and even Evan with you.”

“You do.”

“Evan deserves a loving home. And while I hate the situation that he began in, I can’t put that on a little boy. And he deserves to be with his sister and brother, and whatever child we might have in the future.”

“And it helps Tess is dead?” Max asked.

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “So yes, Max I want to create a life with you, I assume here, right?”

“Right?” Max smiled. “I bought this place when we arrived in town. I want you to make it ours, and we can renovate it so that it fits our family and our life together.”

“It is too plain,” Liz smiled.

“Definitely,” Max said as put the ring on Liz’s finger. “So is it that a yes…”

“Yes,” Liz smiled as they went in for a kiss that got more and more heated as flashes from all points of their relationship, good and bad via their eyes.

And it was only…
“Liz, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”
“Yes,” Those words were spoken only two months later when they officially got engaged, on a romantic weekend in Las Vegas. Their new home was being renovated while they lived in a temporary home they were leasing until their place was finished likely in the spring time, or early summer…

Taking no chances, their wedding was schedule for May 14th. A date that was at first bad, because she walked away from him at the chamber, back at the end of sophomore year of high school, and now a date in which they wanted to reclaim…

Emma was excited to be her mother’s bridesmaid. Parker was co-best man along with Michael. Evan had taken a new name after his father claimed him legally, and was awarded custody along with Liz, and so he took the name of the city that started it all, Austin Michael Evans and he thrived in his new home and under his new name.

Maria and Michael also moved back to Roswell and bought a home across the street from her mother and Jim, and she applied for a job at West Roswell High and after the spring semester as a substitute teacher, she was given a permanent teaching position for the following winter semester. While Maria was figuring out her job situation. Michael was trying to figure out where his next job was coming… As he didn’t want to work in restaurants upon their relocation, especially when within a few months of relocating, Maria was surprised to find out she was pregnant again, and this time she knew it would be a boy. That fall they would welcome Alexander James Guerin. Michelle and Amelia were thrilled to have a little brother.

Isabel and Kyle became an item within weeks of her relocating to Roswell. Isabel eventually found a job in a fashion boutique as she went back to college to study business and fashion.

And within a year of their marriage, Max and Liz welcomed their daughter Mia Summer Evans. After Mia’s birth, Liz went back to university at Las Cruces to study science and medicine with a goal of going into research. Max stayed home with baby Mia and took care of the twins and Austin Michael after school, until he and Michael decided to open a private investigative office in his father’s old law firm that had closed when Phillip finally decided to retire to spend time with his wife as they gladly took over babysitting duties of his grandchildren when their son went back to work.
And they all lived happily ever after…
The End!

AUTHOR's NOTE: THANK YOU to all those who read this story, commented or simply enjoyed it. It's story I first created in 2014, but didn't finish... and let it go dormant until my writers block lifted and I opened it up last year, and found that I could finish without barely a ripple and probably ended up having a much better story now than if I did it years ago. I didn't want it to be long (although it grew upon my revisiting it), given how "endless" my other story has gotten. I wanted a simple story that had a happy ending that simple and sweet for everyone. Thank you to all those who have enjoyed it or will in the days and months, and maybe years to come...

Thank you again... Sincerely, Parker1947.
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:52 pm

I'm so glad you came back and finished this story, and I like your very happy ending for everyone.
I can not even imagine the joy the parents felt when their children all came home.
Mr. P didn't let any grass grow under his feet asking Max his intentions. Love it!
Evan/Austin Michael has realized this is home for everyone, and him too.
No surprises the way the couples ended up.......there is too much history for it t be any other way.
This all makes me smile.

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:31 pm

Great ending! Only thing missing are little Valenti's running around.
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:27 pm

Great story!

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by LilLoucfer » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:47 pm

Thank you for the 3 Epilogues :D Great way to end the story! Enjoyed it all!

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:29 am

Love how you ended the story. So glad everyone got their happy endings together.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by begonia9508 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:20 am

Wow! Loved the end!

I read the whole Story in two days.... dreamed about it even... it is the only way to really take-in the Story if you read it, in one time.. this like a Marathon but ist fantastic!

Thanks! EVE :wink:
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by zaneri1 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:24 pm

Found this story a few days ago and loved it
I’m glad you finished it
Keep it going

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 06/12/2018

Post by Stefuh » Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:58 pm

“I am sorry if Emma and Parker missed out having a father because of me,” Evan said softly and sadly that it broke Liz’s heart and soften Michael’s heart even more of the unfortunate circumstance the kid found himself in. “I am not hungry,” he said before rushing out of the kitchen and away from the adults…
This scene just broke my heart, poor Evan, but I'm glad that Tess left him at Liz's house, even if she did it in an awful way, because Evan deserves to be love and to meet his dad. Anyway, even if you said this story was simple, it was quite a ride and I'm so happy I read it!! I'm glad everybody went home to Roswell at the end, and even if Tess did a lot of damage, she did reunite everyone. This was a great story, thanks for writing it!

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