Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 52 Complete 4/1

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 10 2/7

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:35 am

L-J-L 76 Max is trying to be there for Liz, but she is very messed up right now. Her childhood was bad so she can't bring herself to trust Max or Serena right now.

saori_1902 Yes Kivar!

Part 10

Serena walked down the sidewalk with her boyfriend of the past two years Kyle Valenti's arm around her waist. She smiled when she saw Max with Liz at the corner. When they reached the other two she pulled away and pulled her sister into a hug. Liz pulled back after a minute.

"Liz, this is Kyle Valenti. Kyle my sister Liz Parker." Said Serena
"Nice to meet you Liz. Serena has told me a lot about you." Said Kyle
"Funny she never said a word about you to me. So how long have you been together?" Said Liz
"Uh really? We been together for two years." Said Kyle
"You having sex with her?" Asked Liz
"Liz! I don't think that is any of your business." Said Serena turning bright red.
"Liz, don't embarrass your sister." Said Max
"Fine." Mumbled Liz

Max gently took Liz's arm and the four of them started to walk down the street. Liz watched Serena with Kyle. She could see that they were happy together.

"Kyle are you going to marry Serena?" Asked Liz
"Uh maybe one day." Said Kyle

Liz just nodded. She really didn't know what to say. She had never been real close to Serena. Max watched Liz and could see that she was trying to make an effort. As they walked he could see people watching them. They had been walking for nearly an hour when Max felt Liz stiffen. He looked at her and saw her eyes go wide in fear. He followed her gaze and saw Kivar pulling a young girl roughly into one of the medical buildings. He gently pulled Liz aside and looked into her eyes.

"Liz, was it Kivar that hurt you?" He asked softly
"That is Kivar?" Asked Liz
"You didn't know what he looked like?"
"No. That is the soldier that raped my mom, and me." Said Liz in tears.

Max pulled her close and held her.

"Mind telling me what is going on?" Asked Serena
"Sorry Rena. Liz asked me not to." Said Max
"Damn it Max I have a right to know I am her sister!"

Liz looked at Serena anger flashing in her eyes.

"You really want to know? Fine I will tell you! Lord Kivar back when he was in the army, is the soldier that spent five years forcing me to watch home beat and rape my mother! Then the night he took her from me, he raped me too! He told me he would come back for me one day!" Said Liz bitterly.
"God Liz I had no idea." Said Serena
"Yeah, well not maybe you can understand why I am not a big fan of antarians." Said Liz
"Yeah I get it. Kivar is an ass. But the fact is not all of them are like him. I'm not like that. Liz, you are my sister and I love you. I know you don't feel the same about me. But it doesn't change the fact that I love you!" Said Serena crying.

Liz pulled away from Max and when over and pulled Serena into a hug.

"I do love you Rena. I always have. I just never wanted to admit it. I don't have friends because I am scared. Scared that I will let someone into my heart and they will go away and I will never see them again. Like my mom."
"Oh sweetie. I promise I won't leave ya. Max isn't going to leave you."

Liz just nodded.

"Rena, will you take her some where to clean up?"
"Sure Max. Come on Lizzie."

Liz left with Serena leaving the two men alone.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 11 2/8

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:49 am

begonia9508 Liz is very bitter. But it won't last. Max understands that she is a very damaged young woman. He will give her time to heal and see that he is not like Kivar.

L-J-L 76 Liz, had to admit what happened to her in order to start to heal. It's been eating away at her for a long time. Max, right now wants nothing more then to protect Liz.

keepsmiling7 Yes Liz, was traumatized and it has led to a lot of anger. Deep down she knows Max won't hurt her. She wants to trust him but is afraid. Sorry Kivar is going to be around for a while.

Part 11 Four months later

Max knocked on Liz's closed door. He smiled when she opened it.

"Morning Max."
"Morning. Uh Liz, I am going to ask you stay here in your room today."
"I have meetings with both Kivar and Sean today."
"Liz, I don't trust them near you. Kivar already hurt you and Sean is just someone I don't trust."
"OK I will stay here."
"Thank you."
"Just let me know when they are gone."
"You know I will."
"Yeah Liz?"
"Thank you for protecting me."
"You're welcome."

Max leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on her cheek. For the first time in six months she didn't try to pull away. He turned to walk away.

"Uh after your meetings do you think we can spend time together?"
"I guess."
"Max, I don't hate you."
"Glad to here it."

Max left Liz and walked into his office. It was a short time later that Sean DeLuca walked in.

"My Lord." Said Sean with a bow.
"Sit down DeLuca." Said Max coldly.

Sean sat down. Max opened a file on his desk.

"You have been the overseer of Gathtown for the past five years right?"
"Yes my lord."
"You have three wives?"
"Did any of them choose to marry you? Or did you force them?"
"Does it really matter?"
"To me it does! They have the right to say no! If I find out you forced any other woman to marry you I will strip you of your position is that clear?"
"Yes sir."
"Oh and if you so much as look at Liz Parker or speak to her, you are a dead man!"
"Yes sir."
"Now get the hell out of here! Oh and next time I find out you paid the prison guards to beat someone. You will be thrown in that prison and have the shit beat out of you."

Sean left with his head hung low. Max knew that the bastard wasn't going to change. He would have to do something about him. He still had time before his meeting with Kivar. So he was reading over the file again. It was an hour and half later when Kivar walked into the office.

"Lord Governor Evans." Said Kivar
"Lord Kivar sit down."
"Sir what is this meeting about?"
"This is about what you did ten years ago."
"Sir I was in the army ten years ago."
"Yes in this region for a while. Spent five years here."
"And you when into the home of a woman named Nancy Parker."
"Yes. I had the right to a human whore."
"Now while that maybe true. But not forcing her young child to watch you force yourself on her mother."
"The girl was going to be nothing but a whore like her mother."
"You didn't know that!"
"You were nothing but a boy at the time. I did what I had to, to keep those stupid humans in line!"
"Ten years ago you raped a twelve year old girl!"
"The same girl you have as your own whore!"
"Kivar you will not speak of Liz Parker like that again!"
"Don't tell me you haven't taken that bitch for a ride yet."
"Shit, you're in love with that vermin!"
"That is enough! If I find out that you are mistreating any human, I will have you stripped of all power and executed is that clear?"
"Yes my Lord."
"Now get out!"

Kivar left in anger. Max stayed in his office trying to clam himself. He wished that there had been more he could do. But Kivar's crime was ten years old. There was nothing that could be done. He had finally gotten word from Antar. Nancy Parker had died two years ago from a virus only found on Antar. He knew that if he ever took Liz there she would need the anti virus first.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 12 2/9

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:49 am

saori_1902 Thanks x2

L-J-L 76 Max, knows that Liz right now can't handle being near Kivar. He has never trusted Sean. Max holds power over both of them. But just because they have been ordered to stay clear of Liz doesn't mean they will.

Natalie36 Yes Max is taking care of business. He wants nothing more then to keep Liz safe.

begonia9508 Eve, Kivar already knew that Max has Liz. Max, while younger then Kivar does out rank him in the government. Max, is the clone of the King. So he has a lot more power then Kivar. Oh don't trust Kivar! :wink:

Part 12

It was an hour after Kivar left that Max knocked on Liz's door.

"Come in." Came Liz's voice

Max walked in to find Liz on curled up in a chair by the window reading. When he got closer he saw that it was a book of Antarian folk tales, in Antarain.

"I didn't know you could read Antarian."
"They teach it in schools. Speaking it is a different story. I nearly failed that. But I can read and write it really well."
"Good to know."
"How did your meetings go?"
"Neither Sean or Kivar will bother you again. If they do they will pay the price."
"Liz, there is something else."
"You know what happened to my mom don't you?"
"Yeah. I'm sorry Liz, she died two years ago. She got the Yarta virus."
"What is that?"
"It's is a very deadly virus. All antarians are given an anti virus. All that does is prevent it from becoming deadly."
"Is there a cure?"
"Yes. But it takes nearly a year worth of treatments to work. It can also be painful. Anyone traveling to Antar from Earth is suppose to be given the anti virus. That was put in place from the start. I don't know why your mom wasn't given it."
"I guess part of me always knew that I would never see her again."
"I am sorry Liz."
"At lest I know no one can hurt her any more."

Max watched as Liz got up and walked over to the window. She had tears falling down her face. He walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. He just held her as she cried. After a few minutes she pulled away.

"Liz are you OK?"
"I will be. I just need time to grieve."
"I understand that."
"Max, I do want to tell you that, as much as I have tried to fight it. I am starting to have feelings for you."
"What kind of feelings?"
"Well it's not hate."
"In case you haven't noticed I don't pull away when you touch me now."
"Oh I notice."
"Max, while I do have feelings for you. I can't sleep with you. Not yet anyway."
"Liz, I can handle taking a few cold showers."
"They don't work really well do they?"
"Not as well I would like."
"Max can I ask you something?"
"Why did you let me get away with being such a bitch for so long?"

Max laughed and pulled the young woman close.

"Liz, I don't mean to laugh. But the thing is. I could tell that you were hurting. That something had happened in your past. A past that you didn't want anyone to know about. When you admitted to me that you had been raped, I truly understood why you acted the way you did."
"Can we go walk in the garden?"
"Yes, if that is what you want."
"It is. My mom loved flowers, and your garden has some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen."
"OK let's go."

Liz took Max's arm and they headed for the garden.


Serena walked into her apartment dropping her keys on the table by the door. She smiled when she saw Kyle come out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Hey Red."
"Hey Kyle."
"How was your day?"
"Long. There are so many kids that have nothing."
"Yeah. You work to hard at trying to help them."
"Kyle, I need to help them."
"This is about Liz isn't it?"
"I should have been there to help her!"
"Honey, you were just a kid yourself."
"I still could have done something!"
"Red, you can't blame yourself for what happened. Kivar is the one to blame for raping Liz."
"Damn I hate when you are right."
"Max, is taking good care of your sister. Besides have you noticed how she looks at him when she thinks no one is watching?"
"Yeah, it really is kind of sickening."

Kyle laughed and wrapped his arms around Serena. Serena leaned in for a deep and passionate kiss. They headed to the bedroom. Once there Kyle made short work of Serena's clothes. They climbed into bed and Kyle pushed his rock hard penis deep into Serena's hot wet core. She let out a moan of pleasure at being joined with him. His thrust were hard and fast.

"Kyle, yes! That feels so good."
"Baby, you are so tight."

Serena moaned as she got closer and closer to the edge. With one last hard thrust she dug her nails into Kyle's back as both reached their climax together, Kyle's seed pouring deep within her. Kyle rolled off her and on to the bed next to her both covered in sweat.

"That felt so good Kyle."
"You are one amazing woman."
"I love you Kyle."
"Love you Red."

Serena curled up close to Kyle as both fell to sleep.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 13 2/10

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:07 am

begonia9508 Liz, knew Max wasn't responsible for what happened to her mom. Kivar is going to be a problem.

L-J-L 76 Yes Liz has feelings for Max. Don't count on Sean and Kivar listening to Max. Though I don't think Max will have to take cold showers all the time for much longer.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 13

Max walked Liz to her room later that night. Liz bit her lip as Max headed to his room.

"Yeah Liz?"
"I don't want to spend the night alone."
"What are you saying?"
"Will you hold me while I sleep?"

Max ran a hand through his hair. He wanted something like this. Hell he wanted a whole lot more.

"Liz, I don't know if that is a good idea."
"Liz, the truth is it's a fight for me not to throw you in bed and have my way with you."
"Max, please? Remember you told me once to let you know if I needed anything. I need this."
"Shit. Fine. Uh my room or yours?"
"Yours? You know I have been here six months and not once been in it. Though you come into mine all the time."
"OK. Uh knock on the connecting door when you are ready."
"Thank you."

Liz walked into her room and changed into a pair of shorts and tank top. She then when over and knocked on the door between her room and Max's. After a couple minutes Max opened the door dressed only in a pair of sweatpants. Liz swallowed taking in his musclaur chest. Max smiled at her reaction.

"Like what you see?" He asked

Liz turned bright red realizing she was staring. Max let out a soft laugh.

"It's ok Liz. I mean you are a woman." Said Max gently

Liz nodded and walked into his room. The first thing she noticed was the heavy oak king size bed. It had been stained a deep brown. The bedding was all shades of blue. There were heavy dark blue drapes covering the windows. The rest of the furniture matched the bed. On the desk sat a computer.

"My mom and sister decorated it."
"I don't think I have met your sister."
"You haven't. Isabel and her husband Alex don't live nearby."
"Uh Alex Whitman."
"I knew an Alex Whitman when I was in school. He had dark hair was kind of tall and lanky."
"Yeah that's Alex. Though he has fill out some."
"He was always kind to me. Even when I wasn't to him."
"He is a good guy."
"Uh yeah."
"Liz, are you sure this is what you want?"

They made their way to the bed and climbed in. Liz laid down and Max laid next to her and wrapped his arms protectively around her. Liz snuggled close to him and drifted off to sleep a short time later. Max watched as her breathing became even and felt all the tension in her body leave. He on the other hand had trouble falling to sleep. Holding her like he was, was causing a painful bulge in his groin. But he could do nothing about it. He just laid there holding Liz as she slept. It was in that moment he realized that the nightmares that had bothered her since she arrived were staying away. He placed a gentle kiss on her head and started to drift off to sleep. As sleep was finally claiming him he heard Liz start to talk in her sleep.

"I love you Max."

He smiled, not caring if she really meant it or not.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 14 2/11

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saori_1902 Yes it was a big step.

begonia9508 Eve, we find out here if she really feels what she said :wink:

L-J-L 76 It was a big step for Liz to tell Max how she felt.

Part 14

Liz woke to a strong hand squeezing her breast. She could also feel Max's manhood pressing against her butt. She was surprised that she wasn't uncomfortable with this feeling. She pulled away a little causing Max to wake.

"Damn Liz I'm sorry!" Said Max wide awake realizing what he was doing.

Liz rolled over and looked at him.

"Max, you did nothing wrong."
"Liz, I made you a promise."
"And you didn't break it."
"I was groping you!"
"Max, look at me. I wasn't a sleep when I said what I did earlier."
"Said what?"
"Don't act fucking stupid! I love you Max!"
"You love me?"
"Yes. Now why don't you kiss me like you have been wanting to do?"
"Uh Liz if I kiss you then I will want to do a hell of a lot more to you."
"Do you think I will stop you?"
"God Liz. I don't just want to fuck you!"
"Max do you love me?"
"God yes!"
"Then it won't be fucking me."
"Are you sure about this?"
"Max, I am sure."

Max grinned and lowered his head taking Liz's lips in his. He heard her groan as her lips parted. That was all the invitation he needed. He slipped his tong into her mouth and started to dual with hers. Max, reached for her shirt and gently pulled it over her head. He started to kiss her down her neck he reached the valley between her breast and looked into her eyes. He saw nothing but trust in them. He moved slowly down to the waist band of her shorts. He hooked her fingers into them and pulled them down. Liz lifted her hips to make it easier for him. Once the shorts were tossed aside Max pushed her legs apart. He pushed one finger then a second inside her. He heard her moan with pleasure. He pumped his fingers in and out of her. It didn't take long before his fingers were covered in her juices. He pulled them out and licked them.

"You OK Liz?"
"Yes. I trust you."

Liz reached for his sweatpants pulling them down. Her eyes when wide when she saw him.

"Liz are you OK? We don't have to do this."
"I'm fine. I just wasn't expecting you to be that uh big."

Max chuckled and kissed her.

"Don't worry I'll fit just fine."
"I wasn't worried. I was just wondering when you were going to do something about it."

Max lifted Liz's legs over his hips and slowly pushed his throbbing manhood into her. He let out a groan at how tight she was. Once he had fully entered her he waited for her to adjust to the feel of him inside her. After a minute she shook her hips letting him know that that she was ready. He slowly started to move in and out.

"Max, go faster."

Max nodded and picked up the pace. His thrust became faster and harder. Liz started to moan as he hit her sweet spot. Her juices began to flow faster over him. Liz wrapped her legs tightly around him force him to sink deeper into her. Liz's arms wrapped around him pulling him closer. Her nails dug into his back and she bit down on his shoulder as she when over the edge. Max followed only seconds later as his seed shot deep within her causing both to cry out. Max rolled off Liz and laid next to her breathing hard. He pulled the sheet back over their cooling bodies. Liz rolled over and placed her hand over his heart and head on his bare chest. He placed a hand on her back.

"You OK?"
"Perfect. That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt."
"You know if your sister finds out about this she will be pissed.
"Let her be. I love you Max Evans."
"Love you Liz."

Liz fell to sleep feeling happy for the first time in a very long time.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 15 2/12

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saori_1902, L-J-L 76 Thanks!

Part 15

Liz woke and reach for where Max should be only to find that she was alone in bed. She opened her eyes in a panic looking around the room. Max was no where in sight. Tears started to fall down her face. Max walked out of the bathroom and saw her crying and ran to her. He pulled her into his arms.

"Liz, it's ok. I am right here. I am so sorry for leaving you."
"Max, I was so scared."
"Baby, I will never abandon you. I just had to use the bathroom."
"I feel so stupid for panicking."
"You are not stupid. You are a beautiful, smart and caring woman. Yes, you had a shitty childhood. But things will get better I promise."
"Thank you. Max, uh is there a chance I got pregnant last night?"
"Would it be a bad thing if you are?"
"No. But I don't know if I am ready to be a mom."
"Liz, you aren't pregnant."
"How do you know? Have I been given some kind of birth control?"
"No sweetie. Antarians, even hybrids have a connection with their child from conception. So relax."
"Is there some kind of birth control?"
"Yes. Do you want me to make you an appointment to see Dr. Kara?"
"Yeah. Max, I would love to have your child one day. But, I am just not ready."
"I understand. Besides, I would rather have the mother of my child as my wife."

Liz bit her lip. She wasn't sure at this point if she would ever be ready to marry Max.

"Liz, sweetie relax. We don't have to rush things."
"Max, I'm not afraid to marry you. It's the part of having to go before King Zan."
"I understand."
"Max, what if in order to get my freedom he makes me have sex with him?"
"Honey, if that day comes we will face it together."

Liz nodded. Max just held her close.


Serena sat in Dr. Kara's office waiting for her to confirm what she already knew.

"Sorry Serena. I had to deal with a girl with." Said Kara
"It's OK. So the test confirm it?"
"Yes. Serena, you are pregnant."
"Max, called earlier."
"Oh is Liz OK?"
"He didn't say. Just asked if I had time to see her."
"He better not have hurt her or I will kick his fucking ass!"
"Little over protective of your sister aren't you?"
"Shut up!"
"OK. You should head home and tell that man of yours he is going to be a daddy."

Serena got up and headed for home.


Liz walked through the halls of the house that had been her home for the past six months. She was heading to Max's office. When she reached the closed door she knocked.

"Come in." Came Max's voice.

Liz opened the door to see Max talking with his mother.

"Is something wrong Liz?" Asked Max
"Uh not really."
"Liz what is it?"
"My skin is really itching. Uh under the wrist bans."
"Max, you should take a look at them." Said Diane
"Have a seat please Liz." Said Max

Liz sat in the chair next to Diane. Max knelt in front of her gently taking one wrist and opening and removing it. The skin under it was dry and starting to chafe.

"Does it hurt at all?" Asked Diane
"No just itches." Said Liz
"Mom, top right desk drawer there is some skin cream Kara gave me in case this happened."

Diane got up and got the cream from the drawer and gave it to Max. Max opened it and rubbed some over the wrist. He placed the ban back on and then did the same to the other one. The whole time Diane was watching the two young people. She smiled she could see that that they were in love.

"Thanks Max." Said Liz
"We will put more on later OK? If it doesn't clear up in a couple days we will ask Kara about it when you see her OK?" Said Max

Liz gave Max a kiss on his cheek and left the office.

"Maxwell Philip Evans! What is going on with you and Liz?" Asked Diane
"She told me she loves me last night."
"What changed in her? I mean she was so full of anger last time I was here."
"We talked and I understand why she hates antarians so much. But she has learned that not all of them are the same."
"Good. Just don't break her heart. I don't think she can take it."
"I won't mom."
"Good. I will see you in a couple months. I'm going to see your sister and be there when the baby is born."
"OK. Tell Izzy, I love and miss her."
"I will."

Diane left and Max when to find Liz.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 16 2/13

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begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

L-J-L 76 Liz is starting to learn that she doesn't have to face the world alone. That there are people who care about her. Max loves Liz and wants nothing more then to keep her safe.

Part 16

Max walked into his room and smiled not surprised to find Liz curled up in the big over stuffed chair near the window. She looked at him with a big smile.

"Hey." Said Liz
"Your mom gone?"
"Yeah. Liz, I told her everything you have been through."
"Liz, she was worried. She knew something was going on. I didn't tell her anything about last night. Well except that you told me that you love me."
"What she said about that?"
"That I better not break your heart. That you couldn't take it."
"She's right. Max, while I do love you. I can't take heart break. I guarded my heart my from everyone for a long time. I denied it, I refused to admit it, but I have always loved Serena. She is my sister."
"Deep down Rena, knows it."
"She won't use her empathy on me."
"I told her my feelings were none of her business."
"You understand that blocking your feelings does put a strain on her."
"I won't order you to stop. But it will be a lot harder on her if she gets pregnant."
"I will tell her to stop next I see her."
"Good. Liz, we need to talk about what Kivar did to you."
"No we don't."
"Damn it Liz. This isn't healthy."
"Max, it hurts to think about."
"I know sweetie. But the fact is it's been slowly eating away at you for a long time."
"I was a kid! Why did he do that to me?"
"I don't know."
"How do we know he isn't doing that to some other kid?"
"The truth is he might be. Liz, he does have girls as slaves. Anyone twelve and older can be made a slave. So if he has a girl that young he can have sex with her."
"Why make anyone a slave?"
"It was put in place over five hundred years ago. It is as a form of punishment for those who don't conform to antarian law."
"I wish that he could be punished for what he did to me."
"I sent a report to King Zan. It is in his hands. Ten years is a long time. At this point only Zan can punish Kivar."
"I understand."
"Liz about last night."
"I don't regret it."
"Liz, I wanted to make sure I wasn't to rough. Uh I had never been with anyone like that before."
"Really? Wow. Uh no you were really gentle."
"Good. I never want to hurt you."
"I have to say I am surprised. I would think that someone with the kind of power you have would have had a lover or at lest a slave before."
"You have met my mother. Do you really think that that she would put up with me if I treated a young lady like that? That she wouldn't kick my ass if I mistreated you?"
"I guess you are right."
"Besides have you ever seen Serena when she is pissed off? When it comes to you she is worse then a mama bear protecting it's cub."
"Yeah she is kind of scary when she is mad."

Max smiled Liz is really something else. He pulled her into his arms and gave her a sweet and soft kiss.

"Something you two want to share?" Asked Serena walking into the room.

Both Max and Liz turned to look at her.

"Uh Rena, you might want to sit down for this." Said Liz

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 17 2/14

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L-J-L 76 Max sent a report to King Zan. It maybe a while before we learn what happens to Kivar. We see how Serena reacts here. Max is very sweet to Liz. She does need to talk about what happened but won't for a while.

begonia9508 These laws were put in place in the middle ages and one has thought to update them. But things might start changing before to long. :wink:

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 17

Serena sat down in a chair and stared at the two of them.

"Well tell me what is going on!" Said Serena
"Serena first, drop your block on your empathy." Said Liz
"Why? Liz, you made it clear that you don't want me picking up on your emotions a long time ago." Said Serena
"I have changed my mind."
"Just do what she asks." Said Max

Serena nodded and let the block fall for the first time in years. She was over whelmed for a moment at what she felt coming from Liz. Then she looked at her sister with tears falling down her face.

"You have fallen in love!" Said Serena
"Yeah Rena, I have." Said Liz
"And with someone that has antarian blood." Said Serena
"I know. But, I really do love him."
"Now Evans, you better not hurt my sister." Said Serena
"Wouldn't dream of it." Said Max
"Good. Now for the reason I came by. Liz, you are going to be an aunt." Said Serena
"You're pregnant?" Asked Liz
"Yes. I would love if you are part of my baby's life."
"You know I will be."
"Congestions Rena. I'm going to let you two talk." Said Max

Liz kissed Max and he left.

"So when did you realized you were in love with Max?" Asked Serena
"A couple days ago. But didn't admit it until last night."
"You had sex! I'm going to kill him!"
"No Rena! I wanted to. It was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life. He was so loving and gentle. It was nothing like what that monster did to me."
"I just never thought this would happen. Yeah I hoped it would but I didn't expect it."
"I really should thank you. I mean you kind of set me up with Max."
"Yeah, I did. So has Max found anything out about your mom?"
"Yeah. She died two years ago."
"I'm sorry honey. She was always good to me. Even with what was happening to her."
"Yeah. Rena, I really am sorry I was always such a bitch too you."
"I don't blame you! Liz, you were treated like crap for a long time."
"But not by you. I never should have taken my anger out on you."
"We are cool."
"Thanks. So when do I get the chance to get to know the father of your baby better?"
"Uh he is kind of busy."
"Max, put Kyle in charge of the human section of the prison. He doesn't want what happens to you to happen to anyone else."
"Sure he gets a day off."
"Yeah. I'll talk with him and see when we can get together."
"Liz, you need to be careful being with Max. As far as I know you aren't on birth control."
"Yeah, Max is making me an appointment to see Dr. Kara to get me on it. I mean I would like to have a child maybe one day. But right now I am just not ready."
"You are still young. Liz, do you want to marry Max one day?"
"Maybe. It's the whole going in front of Zan that scares me."
"When that day comes, Max and I will be there with you. Max already promised me I get to go with you."


Sean DeLuca walked into the office of Lord Kivar and bowed his head.

"You asked to see me my Lord?"
"DeLuca, it seems we share a problem."
"That half breed shit head."
"Max Evans."
"Help me destroy him and you will be able to ride his slut whenever you like."
"Lord Kivar, I have had my eye on that bitch for years."
"Yes, I am aware of that. But you see she will belong to me. I have been inching to get my dick back inside her for the past ten years. You see DeLuca, I am the one that fucked her for the first time."
"She a good ride?"
"She was a kid. Should be better now."
"I will do whatever you need me to my Lord."

Kivar grinned knowing that he had found the perfect lacky, and not very bright either. Oh sure he would let the stupid human overseer have a ride on Max's slut. But then he would have him gutted like the vermin he is.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 18 2/15

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bgonia9508 You want Kivar and Sean dead? Sorry they both stick around for a while.

saori_1902 Yes Kivar and Sean are idiots!

L-J-L 76 Give it a little time and Kivar and Sean will both get what is coming to them! Liz and Serena are really starting to bond like sisters. I think Max and Liz's relationship is going to move a long very well.

Part 18

Liz walked into the exam room in the medical complex. She was nervous about the exam. She followed orders changing into the hospital gown. She laid on the table and was strapped down. The nurse left and a few minutes later Kara walked in.

"How are you feeling Liz?"
"Good. I mean there is some inching under the bans."
"Is Max using the cream?"
"Yes, and it has helped."
"Good. I know you have to be uncomfortable strapped down the way you are. I am sorry about that. But I can't have you move to much. I don't want to hurt you."
"I understand. Doc?"
"About when I was here before. You know after Max took me out of the prison. I'm sorry I was such a bitch to you."
"Liz, I know your history. I never blamed you for acting the way you did."
"Thank you."

Kara started her exam. Liz bit her lip as she felt Kara's hands on her. Kara used different equipment during the exam. After seeing the results of one of the scans she made a face.

"Doc is something wrong?" Asked Liz
"I'm not sure. Liz the scans don't look right. To confirm what I think it is I will have to use a probe."
"You mean put the probe inside me?"
"Yes. It will give me a better scan. I will numb you as much as I can. But it will still be very unpleasant."
"There is no other way?"
"I'm sorry."
"Do it."

Kara picked up a syringe and injected the drug into Liz. Liz winced as the needle pierced the very tender skin. After about five minutes Kara slow started to push the probe into her. Liz winced as Kara moved the probe to see different angles on the screen.

"Shit that is what I thought." Mumbled Kara
"What's wrong?"
"I need Max to come in."
"Doc please tell me."
"Liz, you will be fine. Max needs to know this. It will be his choice in what is done."
"Is this serious?"
"No. Liz, you are very healthy."

Kara got up and asked Max to be shown back. He arrived a couple minutes later.

"Kara, is everything ok?" Asked Max
"Depends, it is nothing that will harm Liz. But if you want a child one day with her it will be very hard. That is unless we do something about it now."
"What do you mean?"
"Liz's reproductive system has a small block. It isn't a complete one. But unless we remove it now, it could become worse and make it very hard for her to conceive."
"Is it something she has always had?"
"No. I looked at the scans from when she was a child. It wasn't there. I would have picked up on it six months ago. But the beating that she under when was so bad I was more concerned with making sure she didn't die. My guess is this happened a long time ago." Said Kara
"Kivar." Said Liz softly
"What about Kivar?" Asked Kara

Max looked at Liz who just nodded.

"Kivar raped her ten years ago." Said Max
"I wish I could kill that bastard." Said Kara
"Is there something you can do to fix it?" Asked Liz
"Yes. It will require surgery. Max, this is your choice." Said Kara
"You haven't done anything like this before have you?" Asked Max
"No. But Dr. Kaz has." Said Kara
"Who is Dr. Kaz?" Asked Liz
"He his full blood antarian. Very good." Said Max
"Do you trust him?" Asked Liz
"Yes. He won't hurt you. Liz, I want you to have this surgery."
"Like the doc said. This is your choice." Said Liz
"Kara do it." Said Max
"I'll get everything set up." Said Kara.

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Re: Finding Love (AU,M/L,Adult) Pt 19 2/16

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saori_1902 Yes the surgery needs to go well if Max and Liz want a family together.

Natalie36 Sorry Kivar and Sean aren't going to be going anywhere for a while.

Part 19

Max paced in the waiting room. He was worried about Liz. He looked over when the door opened and Serena and Kyle came in.

"What is going on?" Asked Serena
"Kivar, put a blockage in Liz's reproductive system when he raped her ten years ago."
"Oh god! Is she going to be ok?"
"Kara and Kaz are in there removing it now. They have to do surgery."
"Max, you know they won't let anything happen to Liz." Said Kyle
"It's just I love her."
"I know. Liz is tough. My sister isn't going to let that bastard win."
"Red, you need to relax. It's not good for you or the baby." Said Kyle
"Rena your pregnant?" Asked Max
"Uh yeah did I forget to tell you?" Asked Serena
"Yeah congregations. Did you at lest tell your sister?"

Just then Kara and Kaz came out. Max looked at them trying to tell how it went.

"Liz, is doing fine. We removed the blockage." Said Kara
"So she will be ok?" Asked Max
"Lord Evans, Miss Parker is a very healthy and strong woman. She did better then anyone I have ever seen." Said Kaz
"Can I see her?"
"She isn't awake yet. We want to keep her here over night. There is one other thing. She will need time to recover. Two weeks without sex." Said Kara
"I understand. But can I see her?"
"Of course my Lord." Said Kaz

Five minutes later a nurse came out to show Max to Liz's room. He looked at her laying in the bed looking so small. He sat in the chair next to her and took her hand kissing it. He gently push the hair that had fallen across her face away.

"Liz, there are no words for how much I love you." Said Max
"She really does love you Max." Said Serena from the door.
"I know. Rena, why has she had to live such a hard life? If I had known how bad things were for her I would have done something."
"I know. Max I didn't know until shortly before she was arrested."
"I am putting a team together to improve things in Gathtown. Just because the humans there aren't ass kissers doesn't mean they have to live without food and being abused."
"Won't stop the soldiers from raping women there."
"I know. But if I find out that any of them rape a child like Kivar did to your sister I will have them punished."
"Max, in case you forgot on Antar twelve is the legal age for a sex slave."
"We aren't on Antar and no one there is a slave."
"Just be careful."
"I will be."
"Max, do you have plans to marry Liz?"
"Only if she is willing. Rena, I hate that she has that tracker inside her. I hate that she has to wear those bans on her wrists. I sure as hell hate that she lives in fear that I might send her away. That is something I will never do."
"I know. Just take care of her and show her how much you love her. She has finally opened her heart to someone, and that is you."
"I know."

Serena hugged Max and left. Max stayed by Liz's side not wanting her to be alone.


Kivar watched from his bed as the girl walked into the room. She was dressed only in a robe. She was only sixteen. But he had owned her for a year now.

"Take it off!" He ordered.

She did as she was told. She made her way to the bed and got in. Kivar got on top of her and entered her roughly. She bit her lip as he pounded into her hard. She hated that her life was like this. That she was this man's whore. Kivar grunted with each hard thrust. She didn't think that sex should hurt this much. Her mother had told her that there was nothing like being with a man you cared for. But this man didn't care about her. He only cared about his own needs and just used her to fill them. He let out a finally grunt as his seed poured deep into her body. Once he removed himself from her she quickly got out of the bed grabbed the robe pulled it on and left the room.

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