Mr. & Mrs. Guerin (AU,M/M,MATURE) COMPLETE - 5/20/13

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Re: Mr. & Mrs. Guerin MM,mature, pg5, ch20 May 20, 2013

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Chapter 21

“Not so fast, Jeeves. Watch the traffic, Jeeves. Turn right up there. Take a right, take a right, Jeeves,” Maria prattled.

“Maria, damn it, cut it out. One more word and I am going to get out and leave this hulk stranded in the middle of traffic,” Michael stormed.

Maria giggled. She enjoyed needling Michael. “I am just trying to help you get into the feel of being chauffer, lover,” Maria replied.

“You better hope I can stay focused. The minute we get out, we better be ready to fight. You packing baby?” Michael asked.

Maria patted the baby Glock strapped to her thigh. “Baby is all wrapped up and under cover,” She said.

To Michael there was nothing more sexy than seeing Maria pull back her split skirt and pull baby from the orthopedic Elk hide holster strapped to her thigh. Orthopedic elk was misnomer. It actually was cowhide, specially tanned to be worn, next to the skin. And where Maria wore it was oh so perfect skin, at least in Michael’s eye. With the baby Glock Maria would have eleven quick shots of nine millimeter bullets to protect herself. Of course, Michael preferred a 40 caliber or maybe a 45, more shock, but fewer bullets.

Looking west, Michael saw that they had maybe forty-five minutes to an hour before the moon set. Once the moon set, the canyon, shielded from the city lights, would be black indeed. Michael had a flamethrower electric light under the seat. Right now he also hoped he had a lot of luck.

Michael was sure that somewhere Kyle was waiting with his SWAT team. He couldn’t get too close or DeLuca would detect them. No, for several minutes Michael and Maria would be on their own.

Michael slowed the large automobile. The road was rough and full of ruts. High centering this battleship would expose them to the mercies of the DeLucas and they wouldn’t get that chance to talk to them, which this was all about. The trail led into a shallow arroyo which ran between two hills. Michael hadn’t grown up in the city. Kyle would have known exactly what to expect, but Michael was flying blind. Once past the hills, the arroyo went one way and the trail the other, climbing up the low bank into what was known as Dead Horse Canyon. They were there alone for only a few minutes. A Hummer entered the entrance and pulled up several feet away from the town car.

Doors of the Hummer opened on the far side from the limo and in the darkness a voice called out. “Hey, cousin, don’t you have any other cars. Driving a limo must have been hard.”

Maria replied, “You don’t expect a lady to arrive in a truck or some army surplus vehicle.” Maria waved her hand towards the hummer. She hoped this stung, because the hummer was a civilian model outfitted out as well as her Caddy at home. Besides, I don’t drive anymore, I have a chauffer for that,” Maria said as the liveried Michael stood up.

“Hey cousin, I told you to come alone,” the voice shouted.

“I am alone, you don’t count the servants, do you?” Maria asked in a shout back.

“Boy cousin, that money surely went to your head. I bet you don’t do anything for yourself.” Then the voice was directed to Michael still in the uniform of the chauffer. “Hey you, this is between me and your boss. Stay out of things and keep your nose clean and you will get to go home no matter what happens.”

Now for the first time, Maria understood Samuel. Michael always counted on the servants being ignored by others. Michael had told Maria that Samuel was the first line of defense. Maria surely could wish that Samuel was here now to stand beside Michael. She shouted out, “I thought we were here to talk. So far, all I hear is shouts from someone afraid to show themselves.”

There was a chuckle as a man stepped out. He was fairly tall and had a round face. Maria could see that he was starting to get bald. Two other men stepped out and Maria shouted, “Alone, I thought you said alone.”

Again that chuckle, “Surely you don’t count my boys. They are just here to do as I tell them. Like you said, you don’t count the servants, do you?”


Kyle and his boys were waiting for word about what was happening. There was a squawk on the radio and Kyle heard, “Detective, the limo turned up the trail to Dead Horse Canyon. About fifteen minutes later a Hummer turned up the same trail. Now get this, a second Limo has just followed the other two and it has Chicago Illinois plates. Any instructions?”

“No,” Kyle replied. “Hold fast and keep an eye on things.”


There was another phone call to Alex this time. “Hey Alex, Emilio here. We are in the hills just above Dead Horse Canyon. The Guerins have arrived. There was a four wheeled drive Hummer right behind them. Now, guess what. A second limo has blocked off the exit to the canyon. Who the hell are they?”

“I don’t know, Emilio. Hold fast and I will see if the police know.”


“Kyle, what is going on at Dead Horse Canyon?” Alex asked. “I am told that the Guerins have arrived, followed by a Hummer and now that a second limo is blocking the road,” Alex asked.

“Hey, Alex you got eyes in there or something?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, sort of. Emilio and his boys rode in on horse back and are in the hills above the canyon. What is with this second limo?” Alex asked.

“Beats me, it has Chicago plates. You think Sully has taken a shine into the proceedings?” Kyle asked.


“Well we are waiting, what do you want to talk about?” Maria asked.

“Cousin, it don’t seem hardly fair that you got all grandpa’s money and I got almost nothing,” Sean whined.

“Hey, Sean, take it up with grandpa. He gave the money to Paul, my fathe,r to do with as he chose. Not my fault that your side of the family had a falling out,” Maria shouted back at the mobsters.

“Gramps is long gone. It still don’t seem fair that my father left me a bookie office on the Westside, a stack of bills and a slew of gambling markers scattered across the country. Maybe you ought to walk away from the DeLuca money and let me have a chance at it,” Sean shouted.

“Sean, I don’t think that would be Paul’s intent,” Maria said.

“Yeah, I saw how he put that paternity test with your birth certificate so no one could accuse that whore of a mother of yours to have been fucking someone else,” Sean stated.

Michael was sure that this statement would set Maria off. He wasn’t disappointed as she stepped out from behind the limo and spreading her legs apart, lifted the split skirt to clear her holster. Mesmerized by the peep show, Sean and his boys were staring at Maria’s bare thighs and neither saw the holster nor were they looking at Michael. Michael drew and took a shot at Sean. In the low moonlight, he missed dead center and hit Sean in the shoulder. Sean spun around and went down in the dirt. Michael turned to the next of Sean’s body guards. Maria must have been closer or maybe she saw better than Michael. Something had drawn her attention to the other bodyguard.

Three shots dead center, Michael heard her murmur, “Lear at me, you bastard. Take that and choose a new line of work.”

The crippled Sean and the other body guard had made it back to the Hummer. Michael and Maria emptied a couple magazines each into the Hummer; it was going to be the devil to sell after this. They hadn’t hit anything vital in the car or the driver. The hummer went steaming off toward the exit.


“Hey Alex, all hell is breaking loose. You want me and my boys to go down and help the Guerins?” Emilio called.

“No, Emilio, in fact you clear out. Kyle is coming up the road with his SWAT team. You go down there and you will just get hurt by friendly fire,” Alex ordered.


DeAngelo nudged Sully in the ribs. “You wants the boys to take them or do we do it ourselves?” he asked.

“Hey, we be getting soft if we don’t keep our hand in things,” Sully answered.

They quickly ran around to the trunk of the limo. They pressed a secret button which opened a secret compartment. Taking two Thompson machine pistols, they walked to the front of the limo. They opened up on the racing Hummer. The Hummer had to stop as it saw the way was blocked. The windshield let go and the mobsters could see that no one could be left alive in the driver’s compartment.

Looking back over their limo, Sully and DeAngelo saw red, blue and yellow lights coming their way. They quickly hid their machine guns in the secret compartment and signaling the driver to pull off the road, they awaited the officers.


Kyle dropped one squad off at the limo. Then, he dropped the second car off at the site of the Hummer. The remaining two cars roared up to where Michael was leaning against their limo. Maria was seen to be seductively sitting on the hood leaning against Michael.

Michael spoke up, “Family business, Kyle. Simply family business. You toss a boat load of money in front of family and you got trouble for sure.”

Kyle listened to his radio for a minute. “Hey Mikie, how many bullets did you get in Sean?”

“Only one Kyle, I was aiming for his heart, but I imagined I hit him in the shoulder,” Michael answered.

“Well Simmons says he is lying down the road with a dozen holes in him. Don’t suppose you got jittery with the trigger finger do you?” Kyle said with raised eyebrows.

One of Kyle’s officers had walked over to the man Maria had shot. “Hey who planted four holes in this guy? You can put a playing card on the group.”


Getting a night’s sleep was more than the Guerins could wish for. Not so with Kyle. Kyle’s office was full of feds, lawyers and district attorneys. They had gone over the limo holding Sully and DeAngelo. Not a thing. Kyle imagined they would have to crush and junk the limo to find where anything was hid.

“Hey, me and Guerin are brothers. If I had that eighteen inch dick he has, I could have women lining up all over the place. That missus of his is some apricot. With his equipment, no one could ever get her away from him,” DeAngelo laughed. “As to who shot DeLuca, we sees a bunch of riders on horseback. You ain’t got no wild Indians around here do you?” Kyle was the only one getting this joke and he didn’t want to get Emilio in trouble. After all, Emilio was a fellow Roswell High graduate.

Kyle and his men didn’t get the joke about Guerin. DeAngelo must have explained everything to Sully as the Chicago mobster was almost rolling on the floor. Hey, did he say a eighteen inch dick. Michael was well liked by most of the department except for Hanson. Maybe, that was the answer. Stir Hanson and Michael up and maybe, they would get into a pissing contest. Mike was a friend and all, but eighteen inches that was world’s fair viewing.

DeAngelo and Sully didn’t cooperate in allowing the limo to be crushed so they finally were freed to go. Sully even pledged a couple hundred thou to rebuild Robert’s restaurant.

The feds stepped in and cautioned about looking too closely into Sean’s death. Kyle got the idea that Sean might have been following his grandpa a might. The feds all got nervous when too much conversation was directed toward Sean.

“Maria, I talked to Philip. He went through all of this when you and your mother first inherited DeLuca’s money. The tax authorities are satisfied that Paul DeLuca was within his rights when he willed everything he had to you and your mom,” Alex stated. Alex had gone over all of this with Philip Evans the night before.

“You mean all that I have is blood money stolen from others,” Maria asked.


“Maria, stolen is a harsh word. Your grandfather wasn’t a poor street boy who worked his way up the gang ladder. Wherever he was from, in Europe, he had his own fortune. No, Grandpa DeLuca came to America to play with the colonists. He hit the ground running. He organized street gangs to fight those already here. It was a game to him. When he was young he was a poor little rich kid, who had real living toys to play with. It was later when he developed a conscience. He saw in Sean senior a mirror of himself. Gramps sent Paul out here so he could become different. He didn’t count on Paul falling love with a little hippy girl,” Alex told them.

Maria still wasn’t satisfied. “Alex, where did the money come from in the first place?” she asked.

“Maria, men get rich because they work harder than others. Men get rich because they are smarter or cleverer than others. Some men are lucky and yes, some men steal from others. Exactly how grandpa got his money is too complicated for this short history. It has to be enough that your father wanted you and Amy to have this money and that the old man agreed. I think we can say that if they saw you and how you have managed your inheritance, they would be pleased. That paternity test was so no one could cut you out of the DeLuca inheritance. Maria, I am sure that you should go on with your charities and fund drives. Besides, Mike, Kyle and me like seeing the tits and ass which come to your parties,” Alex said.

Maria swiped a slap at him; of course Alex ducked. He loved his wife, but the guys were all human. Looking at the rich broads, at the parties their wives threw, were the main entertainments they had.
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