Romancing The Heart{CC,AU,Mature}The End 3/7

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 146 Pg22 3/3

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 147

As the days passed Max and Liz spent everyday together doing something fun. Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex hardly saw Max and Liz. But they were glad that Max and Liz were close.

Max was up early. He lit the candles and played soft music. While the music was playeding he fixed an early dinner. He kept looking at the clock and saw it said 4:00p.m. dinner would be ready by 6:00p.m. After Max had dinner fixed he went and got dressed and went and knocked on Liz's door. When the door opened Liz stood there wearing a black off the shoulder knee length dress, her hair was curly and Max thought she looked very sexy.

"You look, wow," Max said

"Thank you," Liz said

"Are you ready to eat?" Max asked

"Sure," Liz said

"Come with me," Max said

Max and Liz walked into the living room Liz saw candles lit everywhere; she was surprised. Max helped Liz into a chair then he went to get the drinks and food. It took a few minutes for Max to set the plates and drinks down and then they ate dinner and they talked. After dinner was finished Max put his hand out to Liz and asked,

"Will you dance with me?"

"Yes," Liz said

Max and Liz went into the living room where Max pulled Liz close to him while a slow song began to play.

They looked at each other as they danced and then they stopped dancing and leaned in and kissed. The kiss started out soft, gentle and sweet then turned into a passionate kiss.

As they kissed Max walked Liz backwards toward the couch where Liz fell backwards taking Max with her. While Max and Liz were kissing they were undsressing each other. After their clothes were off Max and Liz looked at each other as Max entered Liz in one quick movement. Max and Liz moved quickly against each other. They both went over the edge moaning each others name. Max and Liz rested their heads against each other as they tried to catch their breaths.

"Wow," Max said

"Yeah, wow," Liz said

Max and Liz looked at each other and smiled. Then Max leaned in and kissed Liz tenderly. Then the kiss became passionate again. Max and Liz started to move against each other. They both went over the edge moaning each other names once again. 2 hours later Max and Liz were making love to each other again. As Max and Liz were flling a sleep Liz's cell phone started to ring. Liz wrapped a blanket around her and went to get her cell phone. Liz picked up the cell phone and flipped it open. She put the phone to her ear.

"Hello," Liz said

"Liz it's me mark. Can you come to Philips? It's time," Mark said

"Yeah. Give me 30 minutes and I'll be there," Liz said

Liz walked back into the living room and grabbed her dress, underwear and bra. Liz walked back into her bedroom and got dressed. A few minutes later she walked out of her bedroom wearing a pair of hip hugger jeans and a black short sleeve t-shirt. She walked into the living room where she saw Max dresses in a white t-shit and blue jeans. He was blowing out the candles and then he turned and saw Liz.

"What is going on?" Max asked

"Your father wants to see me alone. I'd better go and see what he wants," Liz said

"Oh," Max said

Max watched as Liz grabbed her purse and left. She shut the door behind her and walked down the hall then 2 flights of stairs. When Liz passed the living room she saw Michael and the others sitting on the couches. They saw Liz and all stood up and walked over to her.

"Liz what is going on?" Michael asked

"Philip wants to see me alone. I think he may know where my father's men are hiding out. So I guess I'd better go. Talk to you later," Liz said

"Liz be careful. It looks like it's going storm," Alex said

"I promise I'll be careful," Liz said

Liz walked to the door and was about to open it when she heard......

"Liz wait," Max yelled as he ran down the stairs; soon they were standing face to face.

"What?" Liz asked

"Liz," Max said

Liz kissed him on the cheek and said,

"I'll see you later,"

Liz opened the door and walked out, walked to her car and got in and drove off. A while later Liz pulled into Philips driveway. She got out of her car and walked into the house.

"Philip, Mark?" Liz yelled

"In here," Philip said.

Liz followed Philip's voice and walked into the office where she saw Philip at his desk and Mark sitting in a chair in front of the desk.

"Ok. I'm here what is the plan?" Liz asked

"Easy, your going to drive from here where your car crashes into a wall then goes into the water," Philip said

"Do I need to drive my car?" Liz asked

"No. We've got you a duplicate, a stunt driver, to do all of that. You need to stay out of sight while we take care of faking your death," Mark said

"Where?' Liz asked

"Don't worry. Where you are going is going to be like a witness protection thing. The only ones that will know where you are is Mark and me," Philip said

"No. I can make myself disappear. I will call you to find out if you have anything on my dad's men and to find out how Max and the others are," Liz said

"Ok. We will do it your way. Here is some money to buy a place to live, clothes and a car," Philip said as he handed Liz a briefcase.

"Ok. I've got some money with me too so everything should be fine," Liz said

"Good," Philip said

"Um, when do you want me to leave?" Liz asked

"As soon as the crash happens," Mark said

"Ok," Liz said

Philip, Liz and Mark all walked out of the office andthen left the house.

They got into a van and watched as the driver drove Liz's car at 100 mph. The stunt driver vanished as Liz's car hit a wall, drove through it and went into the water. The van stopped and Mark handed Liz a wig and some other things. As Liz changed her looks her cell phone started to ring. Liz looked at the screen and saw it was Max calling her. She handed Philip her cell phone as they looked at each other.

"Here take this. Max is calling me," Liz said.

"Don't worry everything will be fine," Philip said

After Liz changed her looks she hugged Philip and Mark got out of the van and disappeared into the night. Philip and Mark couldn't see Liz anywhere.

They drov back to Philip's house and put everything into motion. Mark had his men playing the police and ambulance drivers. The men did what they were supposed to do and Philip waited 4 hours to call Max., the phone rang 3 times before some one answered.

"Hello," Max said

"Max it's Philip. Did Liz make it home yet?" Philip asked

"No. She's not here. Why? How long ago did she leave?" Max asked

"She left here 2 hours ago. We were talking about a new case when she said she was tired and wanted to go home," Philip said

"No one has seen her. I'll call you if I hear anything. Call me if you hear anything," Max said

"You know I will. I'd better get off the phone in case she tries to call you or me," Philip said

"Yeah, ok," Max said

Max wlked out of the apartment and headed down stairs. He walked into the living room where Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel were watching a movie. Michael and Maria turned and saw Max standing in the doorway.

"Max what is it?" Michael asked

"I just got off the phone with Philip and he said Liz left his house 2 hours ago. He thought Liz was already here. I told him she wasn't, it seems no one knows where she is," Max said

"Liz is missing?" Maria asked.

"It seems so. Philip said he will call us if hears anything. And I told him we will call if we hear anything," Max said

"I can't believe this is happening," Maria said

"Lets stay down here incase she calls or she coms in," Alex said

So they all sat down and finished watching the movie. 3 hours later everyone was asleep.

In the morning:

Max and the others awoke and sat up. they all checked their phones and saw they didn't have a call or message from Liz. Max, Alex and Michael checked all through the house and didn't see any sign of Liz being home or had been home. Max and the guys came back down stairs and walked into the kitchen where the girls were making coffee.

They were drinking their coffee when Max's cell phone strted to ring, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone he flipped it open and put it to his ear.

"Hello," Max said

"Is this Mr. Max Evans?" a voice asked

"Yes. this is Max Evans," Max said

"I'm sorry to inform you that we found a Miss Liz Parkers body," The Voice said

"What? What happened?" Max asked

"It looks like Miss Liz Parker lost control of her car, hit a wall, then went into the lake. We just found her body today sir," The Voice said

"Is she?" Max asked

"I'm afraid to inform you that Miss Parker is no longer with us. We did some tests and found out she died when she hit the wall before going into the water," Voice said

"Did you tell a Mr. Philip Evans?" Max asked

"We couldn't get a hold of him. She had you as an emergacy number," The Voice said

"Thank you for calling," Max said

"No probelm sir. And I wanted to let you know Miss Parkers body is at the funeral home if you want anything done," The Voice said

"Thank you. Um what is the name of the place?" Max asked

"Hope Springs Funeral Home," The Voice said.

"Thank you. We are on our way," Max said before closing his cell phone.

Max returned his cell phone to his pocket and then turned and looked at the others. They all looked at Max.

"I've got some bad news," Max said

"What is it?" Maria asked

"Um, there was an acciden, Liz lost conrol of her car and it somehow ended up hitting a wall before it went into the lake," Max said

"Is Liz ok?" Isabel asked

"No. Liz, um, passed away when the car it the wall. They just found her body," Max said

"Where is Liz right now?" Michael asked

"She is at a place called Hope Springs Funeral Home, if we have everything we need to go now," Max said

"I want to go," Maria said

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 147 Pg22 3/24

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 148

"Ok. We'd better go change and be back down here in 10 minutes," Max said

Everyone ran upstairs to their rooms and changed clothes. A few minutes
later they were back downstairs and ready to leave. They walked out of the house together and got into Max's car and drove off.

An hour later they pulled up to Hope Springs Funeral Home and got out of the car and entered the building. Max looked around and saw a man sitting behind a desk and Max walked up to the mand and got his attention.

"Hello. May I help you?" The man asked.

"Yes. I received a call that a Miss Parker is here," Max said

"Let me check," The man said.

He looked at a list he had in front of him and then he looked up at Max.

"Yes. She's here in the back. Did you bring something for us?"

"Yes we brought a black dress for her to wear," Max said

"Come with me sir,"

Max and the others followed the man to a back room where they saw Liz laying there wearing the clothes they last saw her in. The man turned and looked at Max and the others

"Here she is sir when would you like to have her funeral?"

"This Friday if possible," Max said

"Let me check while you change her and say your good byes," the man said.

Max and the others watched as man left the room then they turned and looked at Liz, they all stodd there looking at her remains and none of them could keep their feelings hidden very well. Maria and Isabel both had tears running down their cheeks while Max had to leave the room. He started to sob out loud and went to the men's room for some privacy.

The funeral director followed Max into the men's room and waited until Max composed himsel and then asked his questions regarding the funeral.

"Sir. Friday is fine. Do you want to have a showing? Do you want an inside or an outside funeral?"

"No on the viewing and Liz once told me that she wanted an ocean view when she was buried," Max said

"Ok. We can do that. Um do you have an address of a cemetery where Miss Parker wanted to be buried?"

"Yes, we brought it with us," Max said as he handed the guy a piece of paper with an address on it.

"Ok. We will be there at noon. sir,"

Max and the others walked out of the funeral home and left.

When they got home they went to their various apartment and Max went to his room and shut the door. For the rest of the day they all stayed in their own rooms trying to get themselves to believe that Liz was gone. They were already missing Liz.

Meanwhile at Philips

Philip put the notice in the paper about Liz's death and the information about when and where her funeral was going to be. He hoped this would be enough to get Mr. Parker's men to come out of hiding. so they could end this once and for all.

2 days later:

It was the day of the funeral and all of Philip's and Mark's men were at the funeral. The Preacher walked up to the casket and began,

"We are gathered here to lay to rest our angel Miss. Elizabeth Parker. May God take her into His fold and keep her there for all eternity. May Miss parker watch over us and guide us. May she always be in out hearts and souls. May we meet again in heaven where she will wait or us,"

Philip and Mark noticed the Preacher was not really a preacher at all; It was someone they had never seen before. They were both thinking it was one of Mr. Parker's men. Phil'p nodded and 2 men appeared and took the preacher quietly away and then Philip and Mark noticed some extra men had walked in a few seconds later.

Mark and Philip nodded their heads. and a few seconds later all the men that had shown up were rushed away by Philip and Mark's men.

Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex all watched as these men were being taken away. They didn't know what was going on.

After the funeral Max and his friends all went home while Philip and Mark went to their base.

Meanwhile at the base:

Philip and Mark took all of Mr. Parker's men and put them in holding cells awaiting trial for punishment for their crimes, they would be in prison for life.

After they put them in their cells Philp and Mark went into Philip's office and shut the door and sat down.

"I'm glad this is finally over," Mark said

"Yeah, I agree with you there," Philp said

"No more trouble," Mark said

"True. Have you heard from Liz?" Philip asked

"No I was about to ask you the same thing," Mark said.

"I wonder where she is," Philip asked

"I don't know. I guess we will have to wait and see," Mark said

"You're probably right?" Philip said

Philip and Mark finally left their base and went home to sleep.

Somehwere in the middle of nowhere:

Liz was in the doctors office waiting for the results of a test. She has been sick now for a month , she thought it was the flu. A doctor walked in and looked at Liz.

"Well Mis Paqrker everything is fine. You just have the flu. If it doesn't go away in a couple of days come back," the Doctor said

Liz nodded her head. She left the doctor's office and went home to bed.

2 months past since Liz's funeral

Max and the others were still trying to get their lives back to normal; they would hang out together and worked but Michael and the others knew Max may never get over the death of Liz.

All they knew was that they needed to help Max.

Philip and Mark still went to the office everyday to work but they were very worried about Liz. They didn't know where she was or what was going on they only hoped that Liz was ok.

Where Liz was:

Liz took a test when she realised that she was late then she went back to the doctor to find out for sure. She had to wait for quite a while until the doctor showed up and when he finally did she looked up and waited anxiously.

"I have your results Miss Parker," the Doctor said

"Yeah," Liz said

"Well it seems you are pregnant," Doctor said

"How far along do you think?" Liz asked

" You are 3 months ,c ongraduation," the Doctor said before leaving.

Liz put her hand on her stomach and looked down.

" Wow I'm going to be a mother. How am I going to tell Max?" Liz asked

Liz stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hand was still on her stomach.

"Don't worry baby. Everything is going to be fine. Well see your daddy soon," Liz said

Liz walked out of the doctors office and headed home to rest. She knew she needed to call Philip and let him know but she was afraid to tell him. When she got home she went to her room and laid down. And a few moments later she was fast a sleep.

One day:

Philip had Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex to his home for dinner when his cell phone started to ring. Philip reached into his pocket and pulled his it out and said,


"Hi Philip," Liz said

"Exus me," Philip said as he stood and walked into his office.

When he was safe in the office he asked,

"Where the hell are you?"

"Philip don't worry. I'm fine. I've got something to tell you," Liz said

"What is it?" Philip asked

"You better sit down for this," Liz said

Philip sat on his desk and looked towards the door.

"Ok what is it?" Philip asked

"I'm pregnant," Liz said

"Who is the father?" Philip asked

"It's Max's, he is the only one I have ever slept with," Liz said

"Oh God that means I'm going to be a grandfather. Does Max know?" Philip asked

"No, not yet, I just found out a week ago," Liz said

"So when are you coming home?" Philip asked.

"Is it safe to come home?" Liz asked

"All of Mr. Parker's men are in prison for life. They will never be set free," Philip said

"Whenever you want," Liz said

"Good. Get home now," Philip said

"Ok. I'll see you soon," Liz said before closing her cell phone.

Philip walked out of his office and went to finish dinner with Max and the others.

After everyone ate dinner Max and the others went home to get some rest.

As the days past:

Liz went to the doctor again and while she was at her doctor's she found out that she was going to have twins, a girl and a boy. After that news she went home and sat down in shock. A couple of days after Liz found out she was going to have twins she started to buy Maternity clothes, clothes for the babies, cribs, bottles, blankets and anything eles she could think of to buy for the babies. After shopping for for days Liz went back to her place and collapsed.

She had bags everywhere...she sat down for a while and then went and took a bath. While Liz was taking a bath she kept rubbing her stomach and smiling. After the bath Liz got dressed and went to lay down and fell fast asleep.

Meanwhile at Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex and Max's house:

Max was in his room when he decided he wanted to go out and drink. Max walked out of his apartment and went down the two flights of stairs and out the front door. He headed to a club called Hells Bells. He walked up to the bar and ordered 3 straight shots of vodka. By the time he was on his third drink a lady walked up to him and tried to flirt with him. Max ignored the lady and kept on drinking

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 148 Pg23 3/29

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 149

After a couple of hours of drinking Max reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number and let it ring a couple of times before someone picked up.

"Hello," voice said

"Can you come and pick me up Michael?" Max asked

"Where are you?"

"I'm at a club called Hells Bells in town," Max said

"I think I know where that is. I'll be there in a few minutes," Michael said

"I'll be here," Max said before closing his cell phone.

After Max closed his cell phone he put it back into his pocket and waited for Michael.

Meanwhile at Michaels:

Michael turned and looked at Maria

"What is it?" Maria asked

"I need to go pick up Max. , he's drunk," Michael said

"Do you want me to go with you?" Maria asked

"If you want to come then come on we need to leave now," Michael said.

Michael and Maria walked out the door and out to the car and drove off.

As they were driving past Philip's house they saw the lights were on; Michael drove on by and into town and it took about 45 minutes before he found the club called Hells Bells. He parked the car and then turned and looked at Maria.

"Maria wait here. I should be back in a few minutes," Michael said

"Ok," Maria said

Maria watched as Michael got out of the car and walked into the club.

Meanwhile in the club:

Michael walked into the club and looked around; it took a few seconds before he finds Max sitting at the bar. He walked up to Max and stood beside him and Max turned and looked at Michael.

"Hey," Max said

"Hey, you ready to go?" Michael asked

"Sure," Max said

Max stood up and almost fell over; Michael helped him stand up and then walked him out to the car. When Michael and Max got out the door Maria was standing outside of the car with the door open waiting for them.

Michael helped Max to the car.

Maria and Michael helped Max into the car and then tey drove off. When they got back to the house Maria and Michael both got out of the car and had to help Max into the house. They got into the house and helped Max upstairs to his apartment where Michael unlocked the door and got him into his rooms. He walked Max to the couch and helped him lay down and Max fell fast asleep.

Michael and Maria left the apartment and went back to their own rooms where they went to bed and before long they were fast asleep also.

As the days passed Max and everyone else were trying to live their lives normally execpt for Philip, Toney and Mark. They were wondering where Liz was and if she was coming home soon. Philip was worried what Max and all their friends would say when they found out Liz was not only alive but also pregnant.

One night Philip, Toney and Mark were in Philips office looking through papers when Philips phone rings. Philip touched the speaker so everyone in the room could hear who it was.

"Hello. This is Philip,"

"Philip it's me, Liz,"

Philip, Toney and Mark all looked at each other stunned and then looked at the speaker.

"Liz where the hell are you?" Philip asked

"Philip I got intio town 2 days ago," Liz said

"What? What have you been doing?" Philip asked

"I just moved into the house that is 2 houses down from you," Liz said

"Oh," Philip said

"I just wanted to let you know I've got everything in and unpacked," Liz said

"You didn't lift anything did you?" Philip asked

"No. I didn't lift anything, but, I've got some news for you though," Liz said

"What is it?" Philip asked

"It's about the baby," Liz said

"What about the baby?" Philip asked

"I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and um," Liz said

"Liz, please, tell me there isn't anything wrong with the baby?" Philip said

"No nothing is wrong. I don't know how to tell you this," Liz said

"What?" Philip asked

"Philip I'm haing twins a boy and girl," Liz said

All of a sudden Liz heard a loud bang.

"Philip are you still there?" Liz asked

"Um yeah, I'm still here," Philip said

"What was that loud bang?" Liz asked

"Um that was Toney and Mark. They um just passed out." Philip said

"Oh, Um I don't know what to say now," Liz said

"Don't worry about it. So you got a house 2 houses away from me. Is it big? How many rooms does it have?" Phili`p asked

"It's a nice house; it has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big yard with a swing set and an in ground pool," Liz said

"Wow that sounds great. I can't wait to see it," Philip said

"Philip you are going to love it. Are Toney and Mark ok?" Liz asked

Philp turned and saw Toney and Mark standing next to him.

"Yeah, Liz we are fine. Um congratulations on the twins," Toney said

"Yeah, congratuations on the twins," Mark said

"Please don't tell anyone? I want to be the one to tell Max," Liz said

"We promise not to say a word," Toney and Mark said

"Thank you," Liz said

"No problem," Mark and Toney said.

"So do you have the babies room set up?" Philip asked

"All I have left to do is set up their cribs, play pen, changing table and set up their play room. And I will be finished," Liz said

"Do you need some help with those things?" Toney and Mark asked

"How are you guys going to do that when Max and the others are right up the street from here," Liz said

Easy. No one knows Mark is in town. He can pick Toney up from his house and go to your house. Toney and Mark could probably have the stuff set in a day. Right guys?" Philip asked

"Yeah, we can probably have it done by then," Mark said

"Do you and Toney want to help me?" Liz asked

"Sure let us know when," Toney said

"Whenever you have free time is fine with me," Liz said

"We've got free time tonight and tomorrow," Toney and Mark said

"Sounds good to me," Liz said

"Good. We will be there in 30 minutes," Mark asked

"I'll leave my car here. Philip if anyone asks will you say I'm here even though I'm not here?" Toney asked

"Sure. Go and help Liz," Philip said

"Question, how are we going to let Max and the others know I'm back and alive?" Liz asked

"Easy. Tomorrow is Friday. So I'll have Max and the others come to dinner and you show up," Philip said.

"I'm going to be there. I want to know what happens," Toney said

"Fine. But don't get involved if anything happens," Philip said

"Ok," Toney said

"Good. Everything is set up," Philip said

"Ok. Liz we will be there in a few minutes so be ready," Toney said

Toney and Mark walked out of Philips house and got into Marks car and drove to Liz's house. When they got to the door Liz opened it and let Mark and Toney in.

When Mark and Toney walked into the house and saw Liz there was a baby bump and they both smiled.

"Ok. Where is the crib, play pen,changing table and where is their play room?," Toney said

Upstairs the second door is the babies room the third room is their play room," Liz said

"Ok, we'll get started on the nursery while you decorate the 4th bedroom and the bathrooms," Mark said.

"Um ok," Liz said

Liz walked upstairs and went down the hall to the 4th bedroom it was white with a hint of hunter green in it. The border under the window was a hunter green vine and the curtains were white and the blinds were a light green. Liz went and got the bedding; hunter green sheets and a hunter green comforter for on the bed. Beside the bed Liz put white lamps on the night stands and after she set the room up she looked around and smiled, she was very pleased with all of it.

A few hours later Liz walked into the babies room and saw everything was set up and ready and then Liz walked into babies play room and saw everything was set up and ready there also.

"Mark, Toney where are you?" Liz asked

"Down stairs," Mark said

Liz walked downstairs and into the living room. where she found Toney and Mark sitting down.

"What is going on?" Liz asked as she looked at the both of them.

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Authors note pg24 5/5

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 50

"Liz everything is set up.All we need to do is rest before we go home," Mark said

"Fantastic," Liz said

Liz walked in the babies bedroom and saw that the cribs, play pen and changing table were all set up.

The cribs were white. One crib had a pink pillow, sheets and blanket with a pink bear and bunny sitting in the middle while the other crib had a blue pillow, sheets and blanket with a blue bear and bunny sitting in the middle of it.

The play pen had a rainbow colored blanet with 2 matching pillows and one other blanket. The changing table had a rainbow cover on it.

Liz smiled as she looked everything over, she thought the room looked really cute then she walked across the hall and into the babies play room where she saw all the babies toys, she saw two walkers, things to help the babies crawl, walk, swings, little tables snd chairs. Toys the kids could ride and play with. Liz was surprised but also happy. After she checked everything she went to her room and laid down. A few seconds later she was fast asleep.

A couple of hours later Toney walked up the stairs ands own the hall. He into Liz's room and saw she was asleep. Toney walked up to the bed abn pulled the covers over her. Toney left Liz's room and went back downstairs where he saw Mark looking out the living roomwindow.

"What?" Toney asked as he saw Mark...

"Nothing. We better go before the sun comes up," Mark said

"Let's go then," Toney said

Mark and Toney walked out of the living room and out the front door. They both got into Mark's car and drove off. Mark dropped Toney off at his house and then drove off.

In the morning Liz woke up and looked around and found a note on her night stand next to her bed. Liz lifted the note and begin the read.

Dear Lizzie,

Toney and I went home. I guess we will see you around. Call us if you need anything else and let us know how it goes at dinner.

Mark and Toney

AfterLiz read the note she sat up and looked around, stood up and went to grab some clothes. She went and took a shower and a few minutes later Liz she walked out of the bathroom wearing jeans and a short sleeved baby doll shirt. She walked down stairs and into the kitchen where she grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and then poured some juice into her cup. She turned and walked into the living room and sat down, turned on the TV, and watched a couple of romantic comedies. As Liz was watching the movies she set her cup down and laid down with a blanket covering her. A few seconds later Liz was asleep.

Meanwhile at the Evans and whitmens house Max sat on his bed. He had a really bad hang over. He knew he shouldn't have gotten drunk but he was sad that Liz was gone.

Max missed Liz so much that he didn't want to live without her. He grabbed some clothes and went to take a shower and a few minutes later he walked out of the bathroom wearing jeans and a black button down shirt. After Max was dressed He opened the door to his apartment and saw Michael standing at the door. The two men stood and looked at each other.

"Max how are you feeling?"

"How do you think I'm feeling. I got a hell of a hang over and my roommate is dead," Max said


"Michael Liz is gone. I promised to protect her. But I didn't and look what happened,"

"Max that was not your fault ok. No one knew this was going to happen," Michael said

"I should have gone with her. Liz would be alive and with us right now," Max said

"Max it was not your fault. Please stop it. There is nothing.....,"

"Michael I know it isn't my fault. But I keep thinking I should have said something to her. But I didn't," Max said

"Max Liz will always be in your heart. She was a great person to know,"

"Yeah, And she could also be a pain in the ass sometimes," Max said

"Yeah, that is true," Michael said

"But Liz also knew how to keep you on your toes around her," Max said

"Liz sure did. Max you need to remember all the good times you had with Liz. She will always be in your heart," Michael said

"Yeah, I know. I've got to call Philip," Max said

"Good luck. I'd better go so you can make that phone call," Michael said

Max reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Philip's number and waited for him to pick up.

"Philip here," Philip said

"Hey it's me Max,"

"Max what's going on?" Philip asked

"What was going on at Liz's funeral? Who were all those men there?" Max asked

"Do you want the truth?" Philip asked

"Yes I want the truth, tell me the truth," Max said

"I had some men there because Mr. Parkers men showed up. After we were sure they were all there we had them arrested. they are all in jail right now and will stand trial and will spend the rest of their lives in prison," Philip said

"Why didn't you tell us, we could have helped?" Max asked

"You all were upset over losing Liz. We didn't want to bother you with it," Philip said

"Ok. I understand that. I just wish Liz could have seen it," Max said

"Yeah, me too. I think Liz would have been happy," Philip said.

"Liz probably would. So what now?" Max asked

"Nothing we need to try and have a normal life again," Philip said

"You know that is going to be kinda' hard to do," Max said

"Why?" Philip asked.

"I don't know if you knew this or not but Liz and I shared a place together," Max said

"What do you mean?" Philip asked

"The house we live in has 3 floors. So we turned each floor into an apartment. Liz and I shared the 3rd floor together," Max said

"Oh, I didn't know that," Philip said

"Yeah, I'm leaving Liz's things in her room. I'm not ready to get rid of them yet," Max said

"That is understandable. Max don't worry. Everything is going to be fine," Philip said

"I hope so. Because right now this really sucks without Liz here," Max said

"Yeah, I know. Oh before I forget we are going to wait awhile before I can have dinner with everyone again,"Philip said

"Why? What is wrong?" Max asked

"I have a few things I need to take care of," Philip said

"Do you need help with anything?" Max asked

"No. I can handle it on my own," Philip said

"Call us when your ready then, to have dinner again that is," Max said

"You know I will. I'd better go. I have some paper work here," Philip said

"Ok. I'll tell the others about the dinner," Max said

"Thanks talk to you soon," Philip said

"Yeah," Max said before ending the call.

Max stood up and walked towards the front door, walked down the hallway and down 2 sets of stairs. He walked into the living room where he saw Isabel, Alex, Michael and Maria sitting on the couch. They turned and looked at Max.

"What's up?" Michael asked

"Remember how Philip and some of his men were at the funeral," Max said

"Yeah what about it?" Alex asked

"Philip told me all of Mr. Parkers men were there. Philip and his men arrested Mr. Parker's men and put them all in jail," Max said

"Wow," Michael said

"Yeah I know, good news, right?" Max said

"So we won't ever see them again?" Maria said

"No. They are never getting out if I know Philip," Max said

"Good maybe now we can have peace," Isabel said

"Isabel Philip told me to tell you that he will call us later for a dinner night. He is busy with work right now. That it may be awhile before we can all have dinner together," Max said

"Oh ok," Isabel said

"Sorry, I wanted to let you know," Max said

"Thanks. How are you doing?" Isabel said

"I miss Liz. It was always fun to get her mad, well sometimes it was," Max said

"You both loved to get each other mad. But sometimes it was funny when you argued," Maria said

"I know, somehow one of us would get mad at the other and we would start arguing," Max said

"I remember Maria and I breaking up a couple of the arguements. Boy you two argued a lot," Michael said

"I know," Max said

"You both were being so headstrong. It was so crazy," Michael said

"I know. But I guess that is how we got along," Max said

"I hope Liz is watching over us,"Alex said

"If Liz is watching over us she would be wondering why we are not trying to move on with our lives," Maria said

"That is kinda hard to do. Since her funeral was only a month ago, we are not ready," Alex said

"I don't think we should say good bye to Liz til we know for sure we are really ready to," Isabel said

"I agree with Isabel," Maria and Alex said

"I feel the sme way. But right now2 I can't be anywhere near Liz's room. And I don't know what I am suppose to do," Max said.

"I'm sorry Max," Isabel and Maria said

"How about we all go to the cabin for a couple of days? You know, to get away and relax for a couple of days. What does everyone say?' Michael aked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 150 Pg24 5/24

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Romancing The Heart

Chapter 151

"I say that is a good idea,"Maria said

"What do the rest of you think?" Michael asked

"Yes," Isabel and Alex said

"Max what about you?" Maria asked

"Sure why not. When do we leave?" Max asked

"We leave tonight. We've got an hour to pack," Michael said

"What... an hour?" Maria and Isabel asked

"Yeah an hour. So come on let's go pack our things," Michael said

Everyone went up stairs to their rooms and started to pack everything they would need and an hour later they met into the living room.

"Are all of you ready to go?" Michael asked

"Yeah," they said.

"Ok. Lets go," Michael said

they all grabbed their bags and went out the door to the car. Max and the guys put the bags in the trunk while the girls piled into the car. After everyone and everything was in the car Michael drove off.

A while later Michael pulled up to the cabin. Max got out of the car first and looked at the cabin, remembering the last time he was with Liz.

Isabel and Maria were surprised when they saw the cabin and watched while Michael, Max and Alex grabbed all the bags and and made their way to the cabin. they walked into the cabin and all went to their rooms.

When Max walked into the room he and Liz had shared he saw that the room was still the same as it was when he and Liz had left that day.He set his bag down and started to unpack his things and soon everything was unpacked. He sat on the bed looking around. He didn't know how he was going to handle this, but he knew he needed to.

Max turned and stood up. He walked to the door that lead to the bacony, walked out onto the bacony and looked out, all he saw was water and woods.

While Max was looking out there was a knock on the door and then it opened and there stood Isabel. Isabel walked into the room and out onto the bacony. They stood side to side.

"Is everythingok?"Isabel asked

"Yeah, I'm just remembering when I brought Liz here; it was when we were trying to get away and we ended up here," Max said

"Did you and Liz talk?" Isabel asked

We argued more than talked. That is all we ever did was argue buy it was kinda' fun," Max said

"Why was it fun to argue with her?" Isabel asked

"I don't know,for some reason it was just fun to argue with her," Max said

"It seems you and Liz were more than friends," Isabel said

"Yeah, I guess we were," Max said

"That's good. Max do you miss Liz?" Isabel asked

"Yes. But I will never be able to tell her," Max said

"Max what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know; I'm thinking of moving out," Max said

"Where are you going to go?" Isabel asked

"I don't know. But me staying in that apartment Liz and I shared is a little hard to do," Max said

"I know it must be hard but please don't leave me?," Isabel asked

"Isabel, I'll probably move into a house close to you and te others," Max said

"You promise?" Isabel asked

"Yes I promise. Now don't cry," Max said

"Ok. But you do realise you are going to have to tell Michael, Maria, Alex and dad right?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, I know. I just hope it will be ok with them," Max said

"You never know til you tell them," Isabel said

"I know. Will you be there when I tell them?" Max asked

"When do you want to tell them?" Isabel asked

"After this. That way all of us can have some fun together," Max said

"Good Idea," Isabel said

"Thanks. We better get down stairs before everyone wonders where we are,"Max said

"True," Isabel said

Max and Isabel walked off the balcony and headed down the hallway and made their way down the stairs together. They walked into living room where they found Michael and Alex playing WII while Maria was painting her nails. Max and Isabel looked at each other and then looked at the others.

"Is this all we are going to do today?" Max asked

"No! We are going fishing, swimming, boating and water skiing," Michael said

"Ok. I was just wondering," Max said

"So what are we going to do now?" Isabel asked

"We are going to relax after that long trip before we go out and do anything like that," Michael said

"Whatever. Maria move over I want to paint my nails too," Isabel said

"And what am I suppose to do?" Max asked

"Go play games with Michael and Alex,"Isabel said

"Fine," Max said

"Here Max take my remote," Alex said as he handed Max his remote.

Max took the remote as Alex passed him. Alex went and sat across from Isabel. As hours passsed Max and Michael kept playing games til 1:00a.m. Everyone went to their rooms and slept.

As the days passed Max and his frinds started to have fun. They all started to become closer friends than they had been for quite a while. They went climbing, hiking, swimming, cliff diving, camping, Water skiing and had lots of fun

Meanwhile at home:

Liz sat down on the couchored to tears, she reached and grabbed her cell phone and dialed Philip's number. The phone rang 3 times before someone answered.

"Hello. This is Philip,"

"Hey Philip," Liz said

"Liz. How is everything? Are you ok?' Philip asked

"I'm fine. I was wondering what you are up to?' Liz asked

"Nothing. Why?" Philip asked

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to go to the doctors with me today," Liz said

"Sure what time is your appointment?" Philip asked

"It's at 1:00p.m," Liz said

"Well it's 9:00a.m now. So I'll be there to get you at noon. Can you be ready by then?" Philip asked

"Are you sure?" Liz asked

"Yes. I'm sure. Can you be ready by noon?" Philip asked

"Yeah, I can, have you heard from Max and the others?" Liz asked

"No. I haven't heard a word from them. I think they are all okay, they already went camping or something," Philip said

"Oh," Liz said

"Are you ok?" Philip asked

"Yeah, I'm fne," Liz said

"Ok. I guess I will see you in a few hours," Philip said

"Ok. See you then," Liz said

After Liz closed her cell phone she turned and watched tv til it was time to go.

As Liz was watching Tv she thought about Max and wondered what Max would do when he found out about the babies. Liz was hoping Max was going to be happy about them. But if it didn't go well Liz would raise the babies without Max. Max would still be in the babies lives even if they were not together.

Liz heard the car horn and walked to the window, when she pulled the curtain back and saw Philip getting out of the car talking to someone on his cell phone. Liz turned and and walked up to the door where, by this time, Philip standing there. Liz took a step back and let philip walk into the house, he shut the door after himself and Liz left him standing there as she walked into the living room and grabbed her purse.

"So who was on the phone?" Liz asked

"Oh, that was Toney and Mark. They had something to check on for me," Philip said

"Are you ready to be a grandpa?" Liz asked

"Yes I believe Iam," Philip said laughing.

"Come on," Liz said

Philip walked out of the house and Liz turned and set the alarm. After the alarm was set Liz locked the door and followed Philip to his car, got in and drove off. As they were driving Philip kept looking behind him, he noticed a black ford car following them. Liz turned and looked at Philip then tried to look behind her and didn't see anything then she turned and looked in front of her.

"Where are we headed?" Philip asked

"The 5th light. We need to make a right then go down the street til we get to the next 5th light and we make a left. I'll tell you the rest when we get to the second 5th light," Liz said

"Ok," Philip said

Philip drove to the 5th light then made a right. He drove to the next 5th light and made a left..

"Ok. Where now?" Philip asked

"We go down this road til you see a hospital called Saint Marys. That is where we need to go," Liz said.

Philip did what Liz said and They pulled into a parking lot and parked in front. After they parked the car they got out and walked into the building, they went into an office. Liz walked up to the front desk and signed in while Philip sat down. After Liz signed in she went and sat down next to Philip.

Liz waited for an hour before the doctor called her back. Liz and Philuip walked into the back room together where nurse told her to lay down. The doctor walked in and started to check on Liz. After the doctor checked her Liz sat up and looked at him.

"How is everything?" Liz asked

"Everything is good. You're eating good and walking is good for you. The babies both look good and healthy. I don't see anything wrong," The Doctor said

"Good. When do I need to come back for another check up?" Liz asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 151 Pg25 6/14

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Authors Note:
Hey Everyone
I just wanted to say thank you for reading and for leaving feedback. I hope everyone will keep reading and leaving feedback til the end of the story. I hope everyone will keep reading to find out what will happen next for Max, Liz and friends. I hope everyone will like the chapters to come.

Your wish has been granted. Here is another chapter for you to read.

Thank you for liking the chapter.Don't worry Max will find out soon about Liz being alive. Yes it is sad for Liz. Yes Liz wants Max with hereven if she has Philip.Don't worry Max and the others will find out about Liz being alive really soon. You need to keep reading to find out when Max and the others will find out Liz is alive and pregnant.

Keepsmiling 7{Carolyn}
Yes it is good the babies are doing well. And yes Philip is taking care of Liz and the babies.

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 152

"Well since you are 6 months pregnant now, you need to come back every 3 to 4 weeks. I want to make sure the babies are doing alright and I also want to make sure you are doing good too," The Doctor said.

"Ok. See you in 3 to 4 weeks," Liz said

"Good. Here hand this to the nurse and set up your next appointment," The Doctor said as he handed Liz a piece of paper.

"Ok. See you then doctor," Liz said as she took the paper.

Philip and Liz walked out of the examining room and went to the front deck. Liz handed the paper to the nurse and then the nurse started to type on a computer then she looked up and Liz.

"Miss Parker would you like an appointment in the morning or afternoon?"

"Can I have a morning appointment?" Liz asked

"Sure. How about 10am? Sound good to you?" She asked

"Yes. That's fine," Liz said

"Here is your appointment card. See you in 3 weeks," The Nurse said as she handed Liz the card.

Liz turned and looked at Philip and then they walked out of the office. Philip looked around as they walked to the car and then they drove off.

As they were driving Philip kept looking out the rearview mirror and then, about an hour later they pulled up to Liz's house. Philip and Liz both got out of the car and walked to the door which Liz unlocked and walked in. They walked into the living room and Liz turned and looked at Philip.

"Philip what is going on? And why did you keep looking behind us when we went to the docotrs and when we left?" Liz asked

"Do you really want to know?" Philip asked

"Yes I want to know," Liz said

"There was a black ford following us. I don't know who it was. But I know for sure someone was following us," Philip said

"What do we do now?" Liz asked

"I've called Toney. He is going to stay with you," Philip said

"What?" Liz asked

" Liz whoever this is could be dangerous. I don't want anything to happen to you or my grand kids," Philip said

"When will Toney be here?" Liz asked

"Anytime now," Philip said

"Ok," Liz said

Right at that moment the door bell rang and Philip walked up to the door and opened it. There stood Toney holding a box. Philip took a step back and let Toney walk in. Toney walked into the house and into the living room and set the dox on the table. Then Toney turned and looked at Liz.

"Hey," Toney said

"Hey," Liz said

Toney and Liz turned and looked at Philip and Philip looked at Toney.

"What is in the box?" Philip asked

"Liz asked me to bring this over," Toney said.

"Liz do you know what is in the box?' Philip asked

"It's family history. I want to have them so I can put them into a family album.," Liz said

"That is a good idea," Philip said

"Can you bring something from your side of the family?' Liz asked

"I'll start looking when I get home," Philip said

"Thanks," Liz said

"Anything for you Liz I'd better get home. I've got paper work to do," Philip said

Liz and Toney watched as Philip walked out of the house then Toney walked over to the window and pulled back the curtain and watched as Philip drove off. A few minutes later Toney turned and looked at Liz.

"Liz what is really in the box?" Toney asked

"Just my family tree and a lot of history and there are some family pictures in the box too," Liz said

"What are you going to do with them?" Toney asked

"I'm happy to have an album of my history so that when the babies grow up they will have something with them to remember us by," Liz said

"Sounds cool. So, do you need some help?" Toney asked

"No thanks, I've got it. But can you please take the box into my bedroom for me?" Liz asked

"When are you going to start on this album?" Toney asked

"Hopefully today," Liz said

Toney picked up the box and carried it upstairs to Liz's room and Liz followed Toney set the box next to Liz's bed then he turned and looked at Liz.

"Are you sure you don't need any help?" Toney asked

"I'm sure. What are you going to do while I am doing this?' Liz asked

"I'll be downstairs keeping an eye out," Toney said

"Ok. Good luck," Liz said

"Yeah good luck to you too," Toney said before walking out of the room.

Liz shut the door and then went to her bed and sat down. She reached down and opened the box; it was full of pictures and papers. She saw a note on top; she reached in and grabbed the note Note:

Dear Lizzie,

Here are some family history you should know. Your mom's parents are no longer living. As for my family my mother passed away and I don't know about my father. Maybe he is in some of the pictures, Lizzie if you see your grandfather I hope you will understand.

Your Father

After Liz read the note she set it on the bed and turned and looked in the box where she found 6 notes addressed to her.
she reached in and took all the notes out. She started to look through the box where she found a lot of pictures. When she got to the bottom of the box she found Birth certificztes and death records. She didn't know what to think but she was surprised. When she checked the time she saw it was midnight. She changed clothes and went to bed while Toney was downstairs protecting her.

As the days passed Liz read every paper and looked at all of the pictures in the box. She didn't know what she was looking for but she knew she had to keep looking for anything that didn't seem right.

One Night Lizfound some papers and photos and she noticed something was weird. As
she looked through the photos she noticed something she hadn't realised before. She put everything in her bag, stood up and walked to her bedroom down and went down the stairs. She walked into the living room where Toney was sitting and when Toney turned and saw Liz he noticed Liz had a scared look on her face.

"Liz what is it?'' Toney asked

"We need to see Philip now," Liz said

"Ok. Lets go," Toney said

Liz and Toney walked out the door; Toney set the alarm and locked the door behind them. They went to Toney's car and got in and drove to Philip's house. When they arrived at Philip's house they got out of the car and walked in where a maid walked up to them.

"Can I help you?" She asked

"Where is Philip?' Liz asked

"In his office miss," The Maid said

Toney and Liz walked down the hallway to the office and opened the door and saw Philip sitting behind his desk. Philip looked up and saw Liz and Toney.

"What?" Philip asked

"You need to get Michael and the others back now," Liz said

"What? Why?" Philip asked

"Because we re all in a lot of danger," Liz said

Philip looked at Liz and knew something was very wrong. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. The Phone rang 3 times before someone answered.

"Hello," Max said

"Where are you?" Philip asked

"We are at the cabin. Why what is wrong?' Max asked

"You and the others need to come home right now," Philip said

"Why?" Michael asked

"Figured you put me on the speaker phone. Just get your asses to my house right now," Philip said

"What is going on?" Michael asked

Liz wrote a number down and told him to say that to Maria, Alex and Isabel. Philip nodded his head in understanding.

"Are Maria, Alex and Isabel there?" Philip asked

"Yeah we're here. What is it?' Maria asked

"Maria it's a code 4114. You and the others need to get to my house right now," Philip said

"Wait. Did you just say code 4114?" Maria asked

"Yeah, why?" Philip asked

"We will be there as soon as we can," Isabel said

"ok. Just hurry and get to my house quickly," Philip said before closing his cell phone.

Philip and Toney looked at Liz.

"They said they're on their way. What is code 4114?" Philip asked

"Code 4114 means a family member that is supposed to be dead is alive and doing/causing problems," Liz said

"What did you need to show me?" Philip asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 152 Pg25 6/21

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 153

"This," Liz said as she put the file down on the table.

"What is this?" Philip asked

"Has my father ever talked about my grandpa?" Liz asked

"No," Philip said

"I found something on my grandpa. But then I found his death notice and it said he is dead but that is not true. Here look at these pictures from when I was little. You see this man, that is my grandpa," Liz said

"Ok, I see him," Philip said

"Well here he is again while we lived here. How can he be alive when he is supposed to be dead?" Liz asked

"Ok. Where are you going with this?" Philip asked

"Ok. Remember when you said my dad vanished. Then came back different," Liz said

"Yeah," Philip said

"Well here is his boss with him and his men," Liz said when she set the photos down.

Then Philip looked at Liz's grandfather.

"You're telling me he started all of this," Philip said

"Yeah, and he's not finished, he still has some things to take care of," Liz said

"What things could that be?" Philip asked

"His son, his family and revenge," Liz said

"You mean?" Toney asked

"Yeah," Liz said

Right at that moment Liz's cell phone rang. Max and the others were standing against the wall listening. Liz touched speaker as she looked at Philip.

"Hello," Liz said

"Hello granddaughter," Grandpa said

"What do you want?' Liz asked

"Question, did you kill your father, my son?" Grandpa asked

"Why do you want to know? You were never in my father's lifeq what do you care and I hace a Question, who did you kill?" Liz asked

"You know better then that. Now you answer me did you kill your father?" Grandpa asked

"What if I say yes?" Liz asked

"Then I'm going to get your kids and you will never see them again. If one of your friends killed you father then I will kill them," Grandpa said

"God you're just like my father. A heartless son of a bitch. You made him just like you," Liz said

"Answe the question bitch," Grandpa said.

"I'm not telling you anything. You can't do anything," Liz said

"Oh, yeah look outside," Grandpa said

Philip, Liz and Toney walked to the window and they as they stood in front of the window 2 cars blew up. Philip pushed Liz down and after the smoke was gone Liz and Philip slowly sat up. When Philip turned he saw Liz had glass in her arm.

"Liz?" Philip asked

"Please get the glass out?" Liz gasped...

"Toney get over here," Philip yelled

Toney crawled over to Philip and then Philip and Toney worked the glass out and stopped the bleeding. While they were working on Liz's arm they heard laughing on the phone. Liz stood up and walked to her cell phone and raised it to her ear.

"You listen to me. You leave me and my friends alone," Liz said

"Just tell me who killed my son," Grandpa said

"Go to hell," and Liz hung up.

Liz turned and looked at Philip and Toney.

"What do we do now?" Liz asked

"We have to keep everyone safe til we can catch him. Question though, who did kill Mr. Parker?" Philip asked

"Um that would be me," Liz said

"No. I think it was Max that killed Mr. Parker," Toney said.

"It doesn't matter who killed Mr. Parker. Because none of my friends are going near my grandpa. He is mad man," Liz said

"What are you going to do?" Philip asked

"I'll do whatever it takes to make sure no one has to deal with him. Oh myGod," Liz said

"What?' Philip asked

"He knows where we are," Liz said

"And that means what?" Toney asked

"It means we are trapped. We can't get out and no one can get in," Liz said

"Are you sure?' Philip asked

"Hand me a golf ball Toney, open the window," Liz said

Toney opened the window and Liz grabbed a couple of golf balls that Toney had gathered and she threw them. When the golf balls landed they blew up then Liz turned and looked at Philip and Toney.

"Great, a guy has us trapped in here," Toney said

"Yeah, Hopefully Max and the others are hiding well," Liz said

"You know they will be fine," Philip said

"I hope you're right," Liz said

As they sat down on the couch Liz, Toney and Philip were devising a plan. Liz stood up and walked to the window.

"Liz what are you thinking?" Toney asked

"If he calls I'm going to take the blaime. But before I do you both have to promise me something," Liz said.

"What is the promise?" Philip asked

"That you get the babies away from him," Liz said

"What do you mean?" Toney asked

"If they are born while he has me you get the babies out and raise them as your own kids," Liz said

"Are you serious?" Toney asked

"Yes," Liz said

"He could kill you," Philip said

"Yeah so. I'm suppose to be dead anyway. Max and the others won't find out this way. They can live their lives in peace without any trouble," Liz said

"What about the babies?" Toney asked

"Easy Maria and Isabel will help you with the babies," Liz said

"Are you going to let Max know?" Philip asked

"Yeah, I'll let him know," Liz said

Right at that moment Liz's cell phone rang, she reached into her pocket and took out the phone.

"Hello," Liz said

"Hey," Voice said

"Just the person I was hoping to call," Liz said

"What do you need?' Voice said

"I just found out who my father's boss is. And I need your help to end it for good," Liz said

"Sure. What can I do?" Voice asked

"Hold on for a minute," Liz said

Liz turned nd looked at Philip.

"I'll be right back," Liz said before walking out of the room.

Max and the others went down the hallway and stood where Liz couldn't see them. They made sure they could hear what Liz had to say.

"I need you to get explosives," Liz said

"Why? what are you going to do?" Voice asked

"I'm going to make sure no one bothers us again," Liz said

"Wait, are you telling me you are going to blow up his house?" Voice asked

"Yes I AM. It needs to stop and this is the only thing I can think of. So will you help me?" Liz asked

"Yes I'll help you. But you do realise it may be a little hard to kill him," Voice said

"Yeah, I know. But I want Philip, Max and the others to finally have a life with no one bothering them," Liz said

"I can understand that. Call me when you have a place and time," Voice said

"Yes," Liz said before she ended the call.

Liz walked into Philip's office and saw Philip and Toney sitting on the desk looking at her.

"Well what is going on?" Philip asked

"My friend said she will help me. All I have to do is call her with a meeting place and time. And she will set everything up," Liz said

"Will you tell us what you're going to do?" Toney asked

"No. I need you guys to do something for me though," Liz said

"What is it?' Philip asked

"You're going to have to keep Max and the others here," Liz said

"I thinik we can handle that," Toney said

"When are you planning on calling grandpa?" Philip asked

"Right now. Hopefully we will be able to meet somewhere soon," Liz said as she dailed a number.

After Liz dailed the number the phone rand 3 times before someone answered.

"Hello," Grandpa said.

"It's me. I want us to meet somewhere and talk," Liz said

"Where do you want to meet and what time?' Grandpa asked

"I want to meet you at a place called The Diner. It's about an hour for me to get there. so can we meet there?" Liz asked

"Yes I can be there. What time?" Grandpa asked

"I need to change. And you need to make sure I don't die when I leave this house," Liz said

"Fine. I'll stop the explosions," Grandpa said

"Good. See you at the Diner in an hour," Liz said

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Authors note Pg18 7/7

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Romancing The Heart

"Good see you then," Grandpa said.

Liz ended the call. Then she dailed a number. The Phone rang 3 times before someone answered.

"Yeah," Voice said

"You need go to the diner, I'm meeting grandpa in an hour," Liz said

"Ok. I can do that. See you then," The Voice said before ending the call.

Liz looked at the phone then looked at Philip and Toney.

"How long has it been since you saw your grandpa?" Toney asked

"I haven't seen grandpa since I was 12," Liz said

"I still can't believe your grandpa and dad are the ones that started all of this," Toney said

"Yeah I know. But it has to stop," Liz said

"Liz honey, it will, hopefully tonight. Are your sure you want to do this?' Philip asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. How are you going to keep Max and the others here?" Liz asked

"Don't worry about it. Do you want to do anything before you leave?" Philip asked

"No. I'm just hoping everything goes as planned," Liz said

"Me too," Philip said

"Philip, when this is all over Maria and I have a surprise for you, Max, Isabel and Michael," Liz said

"What kind of surprise?" Philip asked

"Sorry, I can't tell you," Liz said

"Maria might tell me," Philip teased,

"No she won't" Liz said

"Ok," Philip said

"Sorry you are going to have to wait and see like the others," Liz said

"Yeah, I know," Philip said

Liz's cell phone started to ring. Liz reached into her pocket and pulled it out and held it to her ear.

"Hello," Liz said

"Hey I just wanted to let you know that I'm setting everything up now. All you have to do is meet him," The mystery Voice said

"Who did you get to help you?" Liz asked

"Mark is here helping me,"

"Good I'm glad he is there with you," Liz said

"So how is everything there going?" Voice asked

"Everything and everyone is good. You know what has to be done tonight. Can you and Mark handle it?" Liz asked

"Yeah, we're getting everything ready. Are we still meeting at that place?" the Voice asked

"Yeah," Liz said

"Ok. Are you sure you want to do this? You're 6 months pregnant," Voice said

"Yes. I'm sure I want to do this. And I know how many moths I'm pregnant," Liz said

"Is the father still gone?" Voice asked

"Yes. I'm trying to leave before they get here," Liz said

"Ok. We got everything ready. All you need to do is meet us at the place,"

"Ok. I'm leaving now. I'm going to call grandpa after this,' Liz said

"See you soon," Voice said

"You too," Liz said before ending the call.

After ending the call Liz looked at Philip and Toney, they looked at Liz.

"Are you leaving?" Toney asked

"Yes, I'll see you really soon," Liz said

As Liz walked out of the office she dialed her grandpa's number. A few seconds later someone picked up the phone.

"Yes Lizzie," Grandpa said

"I'm leaving now. Don't have your men kill me when I walk out the door. I'll be at the diner in 45 minutes," Liz said

"They won't hurt you. See you in 45 minutes," Grandpa said before ending the call.

Lizwalked to the front door and opened it, looked around as she walked to her car, unlocked the door and got in and drove to the diner.

As Liz was driving she kept looking behind her and didn't see anyone following her. It took Liz about 15 minutes or so to get to the diner and then, when shr got there she saw the place was packed. Liz parked the car and walked in. She looked around and soon found her grandpa sitting in the back.

As Liz walked to her grandpa's table everyone started to leave. Liz stood in front of him and he finally looked up and saw Liz.

"It's good to see you," Grandpa said

"I wish I could say the same about you. What do you want?" Liz asked

"I see you are pregnant. Congraduations," Grandpa said

"Again what do you want?" Liz asked

"I want to know who killed your father?" Grandpa asked

"I don't know who killed him,' Liz said

"You're lying. You know who killed him. You'd better tell me now,'' Grandpa said

"Whatever," Liz said

"No, not whatever. You'd better answer me now," Grandpa said

"I don't have to," Liz said

Grandpa stood up and grabbed Liz's arm and held her arm so tight that Liz knew there would be a bruise. She tried to jerk her arm free but her grandpa's hold on her arm got tighter and tighter.

"Let me go," Liz said through clenched teeth.

"No. I want answers and I want them right now. Who killed your father?" Grandpa asked

" You really want to know who killed dad?" Liz asked

"Yes I wnt to know who killed my son," Grandpa said.

"Fine you want to know. Fuck You," Liz said

Grandpa back handed Liz twice. The he punched her in the face. After the punch he let go of Liz and let her fall to the ground.

When Liz looked up at her grandpa she tried to stand up and then when Liz stood up she spit in her grandpa's face, Her grandpa back handed Liz a couple of more times.

On the last time Liz blocked him then tried to punch him but Grandpa grabbed Liz and twisted her arm. Liz bent over and her grandpa pulled her arm behind her.

Liz twisted her harm free and then she kicked her grandpa. That was the start of a fight.

Meanwhile at Philips house Philip and Toney were sitting at Philip's desk when Max and the others walked in. Philip and Toney turned and looked at allf them.

"Hey guys," Philip said

"Was that Liz we saw leaving a few minutes ago?" Maria asked

"Um, yes that was Liz," Philip said

"How can that be? Liz is dead! Unless you..... No," Max said

"Yes. We faked Liz's death. We were trying to get her father's men. And you know how that went," Philip said

"What is this about Liz being pregnant?" Maria asked

"You will have to talk to Liz when she gets back," Toney said

"Where is Liz?" Isabel asked

"She went to meet someone," Philip said

"Who?" Alex asked

"She had to go meet her grandpa," Philip said

"What?" Isabel said

"How long ago did she leave?" Alex asked

"About 30 minutes ago,' Toney said.

"Why?" Philip asked

"Philip, Liz's grandpa is a very dangerous man. If you piss him off he can have you killed with a snap of a finger," Maria said

"He's that bad?" Michael asked

"He's your worse nightmare," Maria said

"And Liz is meeting him alone," Alex said

"Why do I have a bad feeling all of a sudden?" Isabel asked

"I'm agreeing with Isabel," Maria said

"So what do you think we should do?' Max asked

"I don't know. All I do know is that something bad could be happening to Liz while we are here," Alex said

Maria, Alex and Isabel turned and looked at Philip and Toney.

"Do you know where Liz was while she was gone?' Alex asked

"No. She vanished on her own after we faked her death.," Philip said

"So, Liz vanished for a month without anyone knowing?' Maria asked

"Yes," Toney said

"How long has Liz been back?' Isabel asked

"For 3 weeks now," Philip said

"Who knew Liz was back?' Max asked

"Just Toney, Mark and I knew about it," Philip said

Right at that moment Philip's cell phone rang and Philip picked up his phone and put it to his ear. Max and the others watched and listened to what was being said. A few minutes later Philip closed his cell phone and looked at Max and the others.

"What is it Philip?' Maria asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature} Chapter 154 Pg11 7/9

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 155

"I"ve got some news to tell," Philip said

"What is it?" Isabel asked

"The place where Liz met her grandfather just blew up. A person called and said that Liz and her grandfther were in the place when it blew up," Philip said

"What?" Max asked in shock...The poor man didn't even know he was going to be a father, let alone the father of twins.

"It blew up," Philip said

"I want to go down there," Maria and Isabel said

"Ok. Let's go," Philip said

Everyone left nthe house and all got into Philip's car and drove off. Fifteen minutes later they were where the diner once stood. Philip and the others got out of the car and saw the diner and cars were all gone. Philip turned and saw Mark looking through the rubble. Philip walked away from Max and the others and walked toward Mark. Mark looked up and saw Philip standing in front of him. What Philip and Mark didn't know was Max and the others were watching them closely.

"What happened?' Philip asked

"I don't know. All I know is I was suppose to be here when Liz walked in," Mark said

"Who told you to be here?" Philip asked

"The Person Liz was talking to before she came out here," Mark said

"Who was this person?' Philip asked

"We don't know. We all call her the voice," Mark said

"Who is we?,"Toney asked

Mark and Philip turned and saw Toney standing in front of them.

"The only people that know about the voice are Liz, Maria and me but I don't know who else knows her besides us," Mark said

"Great, what are you doing here?" Philip asked

"I was asked to look into this. Hopefully we will know what caused all of this," Mark said

"Yeah, hopefully. I'll help you with it, that way we can find out a little quicker what happened here," Philip said

"I believe we are going to need all the help we can get here," Toney said

"What are we going to tell Max and the others?" Mark asked

"They know Liz was here. and they know she could possibly be dead," Philip said

Mark looked behind Philip and Toney and saw Max and the other standing a little back from them watching.

"You'd better send them home, there is nothing they can do here," Mark said

"Max and Michael walked to them and Philip, Toney and Mark turned and looked at Max and Michael.

"What is going on?" Max asked

"What are you doing here Mark?" Michael asked

"Some of Philips men and I are here trying to solve this," Mark said

"Do you think Liz is dead?" Max asked

"I don't know. I'm hoping she got out before the explosion," Mark said

"But you never know right?" Michael asked

"Yeah, that is true, you never know," Mark said

"When you find out anything let us know," Philip said

"You know I will, I think you and the others should leave now," Mark said

"Why?" Max asked

I don't want Maria and Isabel here if we find any bodies," Mark said

"You're right, They don't need to see that," Michael agreed

Max, Philip and Michael took Maria, Alex and Isabel to the car, got in and Philip drove off.

Philip drove straight back to his house and turned and looked at Max and the others.

"Are you going to come in?" Philip asked

"No, we are going to go home. Will you let us know if you hear anything?" Michael asked

"You know I will. You all be careful," Philip said

"You know we will," Max said

Max started the car and drove off and a while later they were home. Thery walked into their house and went to their respective rooms since no one knew what to think about what happened but they were all praying that Liz was alive.

It has been a week since Mark told Max and the others to leave and Max and the others didn't know what was happening. They were starting to get more and more worried as they waited for any news.
Max was sitting on the baLcony looking out at nothing when his cell phone started to ring, he grabbed the phone and put it to his ear.

"Hello," Max said

"Max it's me Mark. I've got something to tell you," Mark said

"Did you find Liz's body?" Max asked

"No. The thing is no one can find the body. Liz's body seems to have vanished," Mark said

"How is that even possible? You said people watched her go in," Max said

"I don't know. But we can't find the body at all. I've got to go but I just thought You should know," Mark said

"Thanks Mark, Bye," Max said

Max closed his cell phone and looked out over the banister then he looked down at his hands, he couldn't believe what Mark just told him. Max wondered if Michael and the others knew.

He stood up and walked back into his room then through the apartment, went to his front door and opened it, headed doen the hall and the 2 sets of stairs. When he finally got to the entryway Max turned and walked into the living room. There he saw Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel watching TV, Michael turned and saw Max looking at him.

"I just heard from Mark," Max said

Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex all turned and looked at Max.

"What did Mark say?" Michael asked

"It seems Liz did walk into the diner but for some unknown reason they can't find Liz's body. Mark said it seems that Liz's body has just plain vanished," Max said

"So does that mean Liz is dead again? Is that what Mark is saying?" Maria asked

"Mark doesn't know, hopefully he can find out more and let us know," Max said

"So what do we do now?" Isabel asked

"We have to wait I guess. I don't know what eles to say or do," Max said

"That makes all of us: I just wish we knew more about why Liz was meeting her grandfather," Maria said

"The only one that knows that would be Liz. I don't even know if Philip would know or not," Max said

"Maybe we could ask Philip. Maybe he knows something he didn't tell us before," Isabel said

"I don't know if that is a good idea or not," Michael said

"Why? We need to do something. Sitting around here is not helping anything and it's driving us crazy. We all need answers." Alex said

"I agree with Alex," Isabel and Maria said simutaneously

"Girls, we have to wait and see if we can talk to Philip and get him to help us," Michael said

"Why wouldn't he want to talk us and to help us? We are his kids. We need help to find these answers to all of these questions," Isabel said

"Yeah we know that. But you never know about Philip," Max said

"So what are you saying we do?" Maria asked

"We just need to think about what could have happened. And then I guess we talk to Philip," Max said

"You do realise a lot of things could have happened. We may never know what happened to Liz. But we do need answers," Alex said

"I know we need answers, but we may never find answers to what happened to Liz," Michael said

"I think we know that but we still need to try and find out," Isabel said

"Max don't you want answers as to why Liz did all of this?" Maria asked

"Of course I do. But I will probably never find out," Max said

"Are you ok if you don't find out?" Alex asked

"As of right now I don't know. All I know is no one can find Liz's body," Max said

"Max we all need answers, you do to. I think it is time that we start seriously start looking for those answers," Maria said

"Yeah, and for some reason I think Philip might have some of the answers we are looking for, we just need to get him to tell us the truth," Max said

"So, who is going to call dad?" Isabel asked

"You are," Michael and Isabel said as they looked at Max.

"Gee thanks alot," Max said

Max walked over to the phone on the desk and dialed Philip's number. As the phone rang Max punched the speaker phone button on with a hard stab and a few seconds later Philip answered the phone.

"Hello," Philip said

"Hey Philip. Did you hear from Mark?'' Max asked

"Yeah, he told me he told you what was going on," Philip said

"Yeah, some. Philip we have some questions andwe think you have the answers to our questions," Max said

"What are the questions you think I have the answers to?" Philip asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 155 Pg18 7/14

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 156

"Like, why did you guys fake Liz's death? Where was she when she disappeared? When did she come back?" Maria asked

"The reason is because I wanted to draw out Mr. Parker's men. I don't know where Liz was when she disappeared, she never told me where she was. Liz was back, I think a week, before she went to meet her grandfather," Philip said

"Is that how long you knew she was back?" Max asked

" Yes," Philip said

"Were you ever going to tell us that she was back?" Michael asked

"Of course I was going to tell you, but I guess it is too late for that now," Philip said

"Yeah, it is too late," Max said

"Do you know anything about what is going on?" Isabel asked

"No. All I know is that Liz and I were talking when her cell phone rang. I found out she was talking to her grandfather," Philip said

"Why would he call her after all these years?" Maria asked

"Liz told me he wanted to know who killed Mr. Parker. Liz told him that she did and then her grandpa wanted to see her and talk to her. Liz went to see him," Philip said

"So Liz took the blame for killing Mr. Parker?" Alex asked

"Yes," Philip said

"I wonder what happened when they met," Michael said

"We probably won't ever know," Philip said

"True. But in my guess is they are both mad each other; mad and started fighting," Maria said

"Why would you say that?" Philip asked

"Because Liz and her grandpa never got along. They always argued," Maria said

"Ok. That sounds bad," Max said

"It was never good for them to be in the same room together," Maria said

"Well, good thing to know," Max said

"Well, you asked," Maria said

"Yeah, and now I'm hating that I know," Max said

"Where is Toney?" Michael asked

"Toney had something, or work, to take care of. He should be back here soon," Toney said

"Does Toney know about Liz?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, I called him after I talked to Mark earlier," Philip said

"So what are we going to do now?" Alex asked

"All I can say is that we wait. I don't know what eles we can do. I've got to go. Someone just sent me paper work and now I have to fill it out. Talk to you later," Philip said

"Later," Max said before turning off the speaker phone.

After Max ended the call he turned and looked at Michael and the others.

"What do we do now?" Max asked

"Lets try and figure out what has to be done. Liz might be alive some where passed out," Alex said

"Yeah, that is true. But we don't even know where to look," Isabel said

"I say we start looking in hospitals and shelters. You never know Liz could be hurt. And plus it couldn't hurt to look," Michael said

"Yeah, that is true," Maria said

"We need to find a picture of Liz and make copies to hand out to all the places she could be," Max said

"Ok. Lets get to work," Isabel said

Max and the others went to their rooms and started to look for pitcures of Liz...a few minutes later they all met in the living room to decide which pitcure of Liz to use. Afer taking a while everyone decided on a picture. The picture was of Liz sitting on a swing smiling at the camera. After they decided on the picture they started to make copies and write some information on the paper. They had 40 copies to pass out. Alex handed veryone 10 copies each. Max and the others were surprised at how good the picture and information was.They looked at each other.

"Well lets go and hand these out," Max said

Max and the others grabbed their things and walked out of the house. Maria, Michael went to Michaels car while Max, Isabel and Alex went in Max's car. They drove off in different directions. They went to all the hospital, shelters and stores. After 4 hours they all came home to rest. Max and the others went into the living room and Michael turned on TV and started to flip through the channels. A few minutes later they were all fast asleep on the couch.

What no one knew was that the voice, Mark and Toney were all at Liz's house. Toney carried Liz upstairs and took her to her bedroom. When Toney walked into the room he laid her on the bed and took a step back. Toney and Mark turned and looked at the lady Liz called "ther Voice". The Voice looked at Liz.

"You need to make sure this house is dark in every room. We can't let anyone know Liz is here," The Voice said

"Ok. Anything else?" Mark asked

"We need to make shopping trip, include everything, soup, water, sprite; make sure to add toliet paper, and trash bags too," The Voice said

"Ok. Well leave now and be back in a few," Toney said

The lady watched as Toney and Mark left. She turned and looked at Liz. When she looked at Liz she saw Liz's eyes were open. The voice lady walked up to the bed and sat next to Liz.

"Diane is that you?" Liz asked

"Yes it's me. Are you ok?" Diane asked

"I'm so tired and cold. I have something to tell you," Liz said

"Don't worry you will be better soon. You can tell me later sweetie," Diane said

"I don't know how to tell you this. But to just tell you," Liz said

"Tell me," Diane said

"I'm pregnant with Max's babies. You're going to be a grandma," Liz said

"What?" Diane asked

"I'm pregnant with Max's babies," Liz said

"Oh my God, I'm going to be a grandma. How far along are you?" Diane asked

"Yes you are going to be a grandma. I'm 6 months pregnant," Liz said

"Who knows your pregnant?" Diane asked

"Philip, Mark, Toney and now you. I'm so sorry. Please don't be mad?" Liz asked

"I'm not mad. I'm shocked and surprised. And I'm also happy too. We'd better get you better before the babies come," Dianre said

"Thank you for not being mad. I think you're going to make a really great grandma," Liz said

"And I think you are going to make a really great mom," Diane said

"Diane I'm scared. What if I drop them or something," Liz said

"Liz don't worry everything is going to be fine," Diane said

"Will you please stay with me before and after the babies are born?" Liz asked

"Of course I will. Now try and get some sleep," Diane said

"Ok," Liz said as she fell asleep.

After Diane was sure Liz was asleep she walked up to the window and looked out. A
couple of hours later Toney and Mark walked into the room. When they walked into the room they saw the voice standing by the window. The lady turned and looked at Mark and Toney.

"So did you get everything I asked you to get from the store?" Diane asked

"Yes. We got everything. How long do you think it will take for Liz to get better?" Toney asked

"Hopefully it will only take a couple of days " Diane said

"What is wrong with Liz?" Mark asked

"Liz has a cold. We need to rake care of it," Diane said

"I hope it is just a cold,"Mark said

"Make sure everything is closed up and the food is put away...this may take a while," Diane said

"Ok," Toney said

Toney and Mark leave the room and go down stairs to close everything up. Toney and Mark put dark curtains and blinds up. An hour later the house was dark. After they did that they went into the kitchen and put the food and drinks up. A few minutes later they had everything stocked up. Toney and Mark walked up the stairs and into Liz's bedroom. When they walked in they saw the lady still looking out the window while Liz was sleeping. The lady turned and looked at Mark and Toney.

"Is everything closed up?" Diane asked

"Yeah, everything is closed up and put away. Now what do we need to do?" Toney asked

"We just have to make sure Liz gets enogh food, rest and that she drinks enough," Diane said

"That sounds easy enough," Mark said

"Question, besides you, who is going to stay with Liz?" Toney asked

"That is easy you will stay for a little while. Mark is going to need to show his face," Diane said.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm just worried about Liz," Toney said

Right at that moment Toney's cell phone stared to ring. Toney pulled it out of his pocket and flipped it open. Toney put the phone to his ear.

"Hello," Toney said

"Toney it's me Max. When are you coming back? We've got something to tell you," Max said

"What do you need to tell me?" Toney asked