Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 11/14/13

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Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 11/14/13

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Rock My World
By: Ginger

A/U C/C (all) w/aliens Teen/Mature

Summary: Just a bunch of teenagers trying to grow up in a world inhabited by some aliens of the same age and the aliens are having the same problems of their own only they have some other worldly problems as well. Oh, and in this story Cal Langley is a good guy again, a very good guy, and don’t ask me why…it just worked out that way. I kind of liked the guy for some reason and someone had to have control over Ed Harding in order for this to work.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with the show Roswell or any of its constituents. I’ve chosen the names of the characters to suit my needs simply because I like them.

Chapter: 1

“Come on Liz!” Maria begged as she stood in the middle of her best friend’s bedroom trying to convince her that going to the carnival on the outskirts of town would be fun.

“Maria…NO! I’ve got a huge exam in biology tomorrow and I can’t count on that new girl to be of any help…she just sits in class and watches Max Evans. I don’t know why Mr. Seligman changed my partner…and if he had to he could have at least given her to Max and allowed me to work alone.”

“Come on Liz…you know exactly why he gave her to you, you’re the best in the class and you’ll have her caught up in no time.”

“That’s just it Maria, I’ll have her caught up and it’s going to cost me my “A” and that’s just not acceptable.”

“Liz, you know this stuff in your sleep now come on. Mom won’t let me have the Jetta tonight and I really want to go…come on.” Maria whined.

“Maria, get Alex to take you. Now leave!” Liz was adamant and Maria was hurt.

“Boy! You sure are a grouch tonight. How about I go downstairs and check out the dining room and give you an hour?” Maria wasn’t about to give up and Liz was ready to kick her down the stairs.

“Maria, go!” And with that Maria started out of Liz’s room reluctantly and then turned to say something else when Liz looked at her with a determined eye and Maria got the message.

“Can we go tomorrow? You really need to drive that birthday present you know. The belts will rot if you don’t exercise them.” Liz had to giggle at that. She pointed to the door and Maria left.

Max was sitting at his desk reading his biology book when he heard a noise at his window…’SHIT!!!’ was all that was running through his mind right now.

“Michael, what are you doing here? Is there some big crisis I should know about or is Hank drunk again?”

“No man…I just thought we could go over to the carnival tonight and check it out. How about it? It’s only going to be here through the week-end. It looks like fun. We could probably win some good stuff…” Michael said as he rubbed his fingers together.

“Michael, you know I have a huge biology test tomorrow and since I’m working alone, without a partner, I have to do all of this on my own. So NO! I don’t want to go to the carnival. What’s so special about tonight, we can go tomorrow night. It’s Friday and we’ll have the whole week-end.”

“Actually, I’m bored. So what’s with this biology stuff anyway? You know you know this stuff why are you making such a big deal out of it?”

“Come on Michael, you know it’s a big deal. I really don’t like the subject and you know it.”

“Well, why aren’t you working with Liz anymore? I thought she was the reason for taking the silly subject in the first place.”

“Well, she was, sort of. You know what though; I find it very interesting Michael and I’ve discovered some things about us that have me puzzled.”

“Oh yeah? What sort of things?” Michael was curious now.

“Look!” And Max turned the page of his biology book to a picture of some human cells and then took a tooth pick laying on his desk, rubbed the inside of his cheek and poured some liquid over it, swabbed it onto a slide and slid it under the microscope lens on his desk. Michael took a look and then looked at his friend.

“What does this mean Max?” Michael was puzzled to say the least.

“I’ve no idea Michael…but it surely is green! Like plant cells.”

“Max, are you saying we’re plants?”

“God no Michael! I’m saying it looks like plant cells. We really don’t know what we are but I don’t think we’re plants. Now go downstairs and watch some TV and we’ll go to the carnival tomorrow. I need to brush up on this. Maybe you should have showed up for biology when you were supposed to then you would know this stuff instead of getting kicked out for absenteeism. What’s wrong with you anyway Michael, you’re not stupid. You’re a fast learner but you don’t apply yourself to anything. You just wander around doing nothing.”

“None of that stuff interests me Max. You know that.” Michael was a little hurt that his friend would talk to him like that and Max picked up on it immediately.

“Michael, something has to interest you…you can’t just wander through life not caring about anything except finding a way home and we both know that may never happen.”

“You don’t know that Maxwell, I care more about going home someday than you can possibly imagine…you know, home.” And he pointed up. Max rolled his eyes.

“Michael…there’s a reason we’re here. Maybe we don’t know what it is but there’s a reason. Maybe that reason is to make a life here, to find happiness here…to find a mate and live like humans. Did you ever think of it that way? Michael, we may not be from this planet but we are beings regardless of where we’re from. It doesn’t matter really, all that matters is how we live our lives.”

Michael thought about it for a second and then looked at Max…

“No, I don’t believe that.” Michael answered matter of factly and that was it. Michael left Max’s room and headed to the kitchen for something to drink. He’d spend the night just as Max suggested but he had some things to seriously think about; what if Max was right?

Diane Evans was sitting at the kitchen table when Michael walked in to help himself to something from the refrigerator and she looked up at the young man and smiled. She didn’t know too much about Michael’s background but she knew that he was a regular visitor to Max’s room in the middle of the night which could only mean that things couldn’t be too pleasant at his home.

“Hello Michael…are you hungry? I can fix you something real quick or, there are some leftovers from dinner in the fridge.”

“Oh, no thanks Ms. Evans…I ate already, just some Snapple.”

Diane smiled, she knew Michael loved Snapple and kept a supply just for him…he really was the only one of the kids that drank the stuff but there was always plenty on hand. She also knew that Michael was one of the children found in the desert about the time she and Philip had found Max and Isabel…she only wished that they would have found Michael too. It was a shame that he got stuck in the foster system the way he did. It really was a bad break for the boy…he seemed so nice and so lost sometime.

“If there’s none in the fridge Michael there’s some in the pantry off the laundry room.”

“Thanks Ms. Evans…I’ll find it.” And off he went…Diane continued to smile as Philip came in from his study.


Diane looked up and smiled. Philip knew she had a soft spot in her heart for the boy and he wished that they could have found him just as much as Diane had wished it but you had to play the cards you were dealt and Michael was dealt a pretty lousy hand as far as Philip was concerned. Maybe someday he would find some happiness; Philip could only hope so; in the meantime they would do what they could to make his life a little more pleasant.
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Re: Rock My World A/U with Aliens C/C (all) ch.2 1/10/13

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CandylisciousLover:Welcome and enjoy.
Lizza:Hi there, here's another one for you...enjoy
Carolyn: Let's just say that this Michael has somewhat evolved.
Sarah: God I hope you're not disappointed...
Alix: In this story Tess is a good "guy" don't keep waiting for that shoe to drop. Let's hope there enough bad guys to keep your interest.
Michelle: Baad Michelle, you need to look at it as author's license :lol: We all know what a mess they made of things, that's why we're here and I really think you should join us. Oh, and that dye, I've been thinking about that. When I took college biology, a hundred years ago, we just scraped and looked. The only thing that fascinated me was the shape of the cells and they didn't look like those cells on the show!!! More author's license. :roll: Did you eat?
Michelole, 2X: Remember we talked about this a long time ago and I told you Tess was nice in this one...she is honest!
Eve: Cal (Kal?), for this story Cal works, is quite a good guy and takes his job as guardian quite seriously.
Michelle:3X Hey, I"MMMMMMM baaaack!!! :D Claire just told Jamie about her visit to the king...not all of it but just what he needed to know!!! :wink:
Liz: Neve fear, I'm here. And when I get the last 20 chapters the way I want them I will insure a complete fic by sending this to Michelle and make her responsible for posting in case I croak! :roll:

Chapter: 2

Maria found Alex sitting in his usual booth in the Crash dining room and seated herself opposite him while he played with a French fry and read his history book…he looked up when he felt the table move and smiled…

“Hey Maria, what’s up?”

Maria sort of had a semi scowl on her face and Alex chuckled at his friend and said…

“Liz not playing nice?”

That pissed Maria off …

“Both of you need help Alex! Really big help!”

And Alex laughed.

“What was on your agenda tonight that Liz wouldn’t go along with?”

“I want to go to the carnival!” She pouted.

“Maria, some of us take school really seriously and want to go on to a University. I know you don’t really want to wind up working at the Cheese Factory so you really do need to think about this stuff …time’s a wastin’ Maria and you’re going to be left out in the cold if you don’t do something about it now. Are you going to keep on waiting tables the rest of your life or do you want to do something different some day? You have to make a decision Maria and you need to decide soon.”

Alex did his best to convince his friend that wasting her life now was going to be a reckoning she wasn’t ready for down the road….

“Leave me alone Alex. If you don’t want to go to the carnival then sit here and read your history book. I’m going for a walk.” And out the door she went.

Michael took a Snapple from the case in the pantry, thanked Mrs. Evans and then told her…

“Ms. Evans, when Max comes out of his room…if Max comes out of his room, tell him I’ve gone for a walk.”
Diane smiled and nodded to Michael and said,

“I’ll tell him Michael. Should he leave his bedroom window open?”

Michael snorted and looked at Diane for a second and said…


Diane nodded…

“I’ll tell him Michael.”
And that quickly Michael was gone.

Maria was crossing Main Street and Cypress when she saw the tall, spiky haired Michael Guerin coming across from the other direction and if she hadn’t sidestepped the boy he probably would have bowled her over like a ten-pin.

(Eve, a 10 pin is a large bowling pin and a duck pin is a small bowling pin size.)

“Hey! Watch it buddy!” She yelled … Michael looked at her as if she was gum on his shoe and kept on walking.

“Michael Guerin, you ignorant ass, don’t you have eyes?”

Michael turned around and eyed the pixie looking girl yelling at him and he had to laugh. She was cute and certainly had no problem voicing her opinion, a fact everyone that had ever heard of her already knew.

“Maria? Maria DuLuca…what is your problem?” Michael tried to snark out but it came out a little less belligerent than he intended…

“My problem is you almost knocked me over and you didn’t even apologize.” Maria all but yelled back.

“Well, if you need an apology for walking right into my path then I am truly sorry for being on your planet.” It was sincere as far as Michael was concerned.

It didn’t sit well with Maria at all…

“Do you call that an apology Michael Guerin?”

“Well it’s as good as you’re going to get Maria DeLuca so I’d just take it and shut up if I was you.”

About that time a car came to a slow stop in the middle of the intersection and the driver sat calmly while the two teenagers yelled it out and he smiled. Ed Harding was gaining some insight as to what one of his charges was like and it seemed the young hybrid wasn’t afraid of a public confrontation…how very Rath of him, and then he smiled once again before he rolled down his window and asked the two young people to take their fight to the side walk.

Maria and Michael both took the time to look at the man, Maria glaring and Michael taking a protective stance to the front of Maria before taking her elbow and leading her back across the street to where she had just come from… never taking his eyes off of Ed Harding. Maria looked up at Michael and suddenly had a new respect for the young man. Well that was a surprise she thought to herself as Ed Harding drove off.

“Are you okay?” Michael asked.

“Of course, he just needed to go by I guess. It was better than honking at us; we really should have been somewhere besides the middle of the road. He was right you know.”

“I know, but he gave me the creeps. His smile was just too creepy…what are you doing out at this time of the night by yourself?”

“Michael, its only 8:00 o’clock.”

“It might only be 8:00 o’clock but it’s dark and dorks like that driver are out. Where are you going anyway?”

“I wanted to go to the carnival but neither Liz nor Alex would leave a book long enough to go check it out. How about you? You’re all alone out here too.”

“Oh, Max wouldn’t leave his books either. Want to walk over and check it out?”

“What? Like together?”

“Yeah, together. I’ll walk you home later. We won’t stay too late; I know you want to be at school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay. Don’t you have to be at school too?”

“Well, I should but if I don’t feel like it I just don’t bother.”

“Well, what do you do when you skip school? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of you getting into trouble or anything only you just skip school a lot. So what do you do?” Maria rattled on like a magpie…

“I mostly hang out at the library, read books on astronomy and study the stars. I find them fascinating?”

Michael said as he continued to walk next to Maria, his hands dug deep into his jeans pocket.

“Really! My mother may have some books you might find interesting. When we get back from the Carnival maybe you would like to come in and check them out. I don’t think she would mind if you borrowed them.”

“Yeah? That would be great. How about we do that tonight and then tomorrow we can go to the carnival? Maybe Liz and Max will be able to tear themselves from their books and we can all go together? Would that be okay?”

“You mean like a date?” Michael looked down at the chatty young girl and grinned…

“No, I don’t think a date would be a good word, but it would be sort of setting up a date to do something wouldn’t it? Let’s just all go as friends. You and Liz would be safer that way.”

“Sure, Alex will probably want to go too, is that okay?” Michael thought for a minute and added…

“Sure, why not. I’ll ask Isabel if she would like to go also, do you mind if she goes?”

“Well, Isabel really isn’t one of my favorite people you know. She is kind of a snob.” Maria added, she didn’t want to say no but she wanted Michael to know how she felt too.

“She’s really not like that; she just makes people think that. She’s really nice deep down.”

“Well, she hides it well… being nice I mean.” Maria said matter-of-factly as she adjusted the collar on her jacket and Michael laughed.

Soon they were at Maria’s house and Maria opened the door and held it for Michael as Amy came in from the kitchen.

“Maria honey, I thought you were going to the carnival?” Amy was surprised to see her daughter standing there with a young man she’d never met.

“I was mom, but Liz had to study so Michael…” Maria pointed to Michael and smiled

“Mom, Michael, Michael, Mom. Michael walked me home and I discovered that he likes to study the stars. You won’t mind if he looks at your books will you mom?”

“Of course not honey. It’s nice to meet you Michael…do you go to school with Maria?”

“It’s nice to meet you too Ms. DeLuca…and yes we go to school together. I’ve asked Maria if she and Liz would like to go to the carnival with my friend Max and me tomorrow night since Max couldn’t leave his books either. Is that alright with you?”

Michael didn’t know where all of this conversation was coming from, he didn’t usually talk to strangers like this but they seemed so nice…like Mrs. Evans…and Amy smiled.

“Yes Michael that would be fine. But Maria doesn’t Alex want to go with you and Liz?” Amy was a little puzzled…

“Oh, he’s invited too as is Max’s sister Isabel if she wants to come. I think it will be fun to go in a group.”

“I agree honey…come Michael; I’ll show you where I keep my books. They are on a shelf in my bedroom; you’re welcome to go in and have a look for yourself. Take whatever you want. Just be sure to return them when you’re finished with them.”

“Thank you Ms. Deluca…I surely will.”

And Amy took Michael to her room while Maria went to her room to get rid of her jacket and purse and then she headed to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate for her and the strange boy from school. He actually seemed very nice…let’s just hope he is.
Max was just falling to sleep when he heard his window raise up and he automatically reached for the baseball bat propped next to his night stand, something he did out of habit. He knew it was Michael but he always played it safe. When his friend made it through the opening unscathed Max glared at him…

“Michael, if you’re going to spend the night the least you could do is show up before everyone else is in bed. This is getting old.” Max knew it was a useless conversation but he was just dozing off and here he was wide awake again.

“Sorry Maxwell, I had other pressing matters to attend to.”

“Other pressing matters? What? Did you save the world?” Max was still miffed.

“No, I walked that Maria girl, you know Liz’s friend Maria…I walked her home. It was dark and this weird man told us to get out of the road so I walked her home. I met her mother too and she lent me some books on astronomy.”

Max looked at his friend like he had just grown another head and then he asked…

“Who are you?” And Max was serous as hell.

Michael looked at him quizzically and said…


You’re not Michael! Who. Are. You?” Max raised the bat…

“Maxwell, it’s me man! What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? You walked Maria DeLuca home? You borrowed books from her mother? No Michael, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothin’ man, honest. She wasn’t safe and that old man gave me the creeps. She wasn’t safe man…we were arguing and then this old fart sticks his nose in and tells us to take it to the curb…basically…and I didn’t like his attitude so I walked her home. We have dates tomorrow night too…to go to the carnival, all of us.”

“You’re not Michael! Now who the hell are you?”

“Max, it’s me. She wanted to go to the carnival tonight but everyone had to study so I asked her if she wanted to go tomorrow night. Her and Liz … and she said Alex would probably want to go too so I told her I would ask you and Isabel and we could all go together. She’s really nice once she settles down and talks normal like. She even made us hot chocolate. You’ll like her Max.”

Max stood there looking at this person that looked and sounded like Michael but something wasn’t right. He scratched the back of his head and then looked at Michael once more, relaxing the hand with the bat just slightly…

“Michael, you know we shouldn’t be doing this, right?”

“Well, I kinda’ thought about what you said about us being here to make lives for ourselves and Maxwell, maybe you’re right. Maybe there were problems where we came from and they sent us here to save us. We don’t know if we’re the only ones here; we only know about us. What if there’s a whole bunch of us scattered around, all living like normal earth people. What if we got separated from everyone else and they are all living here making it work. We don’t know anything Max and I think we should make some friends and have some fun. That Maria girl seems like a lot of fun Max…she’s not all wrapped up in school work and good grades and stuff like the rest of you, you’ll go tomorrow won’t you?”

“Get some sleep Michael. We’ll talk with Isabel tomorrow.”

And with that Michael got his sleeping bag from the other side of Max’s bed and made himself comfortable. He went to sleep with a smile on his face and Max laid there frowning…still not convinced that some doppelganger hadn’t just made himself comfortable on the floor of his bedroom.

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.3 1/10/13

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Carolyn :D
Natalie :D
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Alix: many msg. :roll: :)
Michelle: Many more msg. :roll: :)

You all must forgive me for not addressing each of you individually but I have a house full of company and expecting my daughter from Tx. in the morning...I'm so excited!!!!

Chapter: 3

The next morning Max and Michael made their way to the kitchen for breakfast and Philip sort of raised an eyebrow but Diane ignored him and set another place at the breakfast table as Isabel made her appearance looking like a princess from some foreign province and Max had to chuckle.

“Trying to impress the world Isabel?” He asked…she glared.

“Good morning Michael, stay over again?” She asked rather flippantly.

“Yeah; Max, pass the juice.” Michael answered her, ignoring her attitude completely, and then announced that he had made plans for her this evening to go to the carnival.

“What do you mean Michael? We’re all going to the carnival?” Isabel ran a hand in a circle indicating the three of them… “I don’t think so.”

“Yeah Izzy, we are, so dig out your jeans. I made a date for you.”

Isabel was livid.

“YOU DID WHAT?” She yelled, causing her mother to drop a plate of toast on the counter.

“I told that Maria girl that we would all go to the carnival together. She couldn’t get anyone to go with her last night so I told her we would all go tonight. So dig out your jeans.” Michael continued to help himself to breakfast as though nothing unusual was happening.

Philip Evans excused himself from the kitchen and Diane turned her back on the three teenagers sitting at the kitchen table. The carnival was not something Isabel would have chosen to do and Diane Evans knew this as well as her husband and to have made a “date” for her was absolutely the ultimate faux pas.

“Well you can just tell that ‘Maria girl’ that I’m not going to any carnival Michael Guerin. Have you lost your mind?”

Max watched as Michael calmly buttered his waffles and listened to his sister. This was truly interesting….Michael rarely put more than two sentences together and he still wasn’t too sure that this was Michael but it was fun to watch.

“No Isabel, as a matter of fact I think I just found it. The carnival sounded like fun so I planned an evening for all of us.” Michael almost looked pleased with himself… “Maria is going to tell her friends Liz and Alex and we are all going to go to the carnival and have fun.” And with a flourish that wasn’t at all Michael’s personality, Michael took a big bite out of his waffle. As far as he was concerned the subject was closed…

“What if I have other plans Michael? What about that?”

“Well, do you?” He wanted to know.

“I don’t know yet.” Isabel yelled.

“Well, now you do have plans Isabel…so don’t make any new ones. Just dig out your jeans and a pair of tennis shoes and we’ll all go to the carnival. I think we should meet there at 7:00 don’t you?” And Michael continued to eat as Max and Isabel looked on in amazement. Max was almost certain this was not their Michael now but he grinned at his sister who was now five shades of angry.


Liz was standing at her locker getting ready for class when Maria approached her and smiled…

“Hey Liz!”

“G’morning M’ria…wha’s up?”

“We have plans for the carnival tonight and I wanted to make sure you didn’t do anything else like tell Kyle you’d meet him or something.”

“What do you mean WE have plans for tonight? What have you done now M’ria?” Liz huffed.

“Nothing Liz. Michael walked me home last night and we sort of agreed that all of us should go to the carnival this evening. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Michael? Michael who?” Liz queried…

“Michael Guerin. He’s really nice once you get to know him Liz. He said that he would ask Max and Isabel and I would ask you and Alex. We can all meet there. It will be fun.” Maria jumped and wiggled and Liz looked at her like she’d just lost HER mind, it must be something in the air,

“Maria, I think you’ve lost your mind. I don’t want to go to the carnival with anyone I don’t really know. You know that.”

“Liz, how are you going to get to know people if you don’t get out there girlfriend. Come on, this will be fun!” Maria whined.

Liz wanted to kick her best friend right in the shins at that moment and then suddenly there was Alex standing in front of them with his usual morning smile…never a sad face on Alex…

“Good morning ladies and what are we talking about?” The lanky teen-ager smiled as he spoke.

“Good morning Alex…Maria has set us up on dates for this evening…don’t you think that’s just grand?” Liz snarked out…

“What do you mean, dates?!?”

Maria jumped right in…

“These are not dates! We are meeting Michael, Max and Isabel at the carnival tonight as a group, to have fun.” Maria was so pleased with herself she couldn’t stand still…what was wrong with these two?

“When was this decided?” Alex wanted to know. Now he was getting ready to hyperventilate…he’s had a crush on Isabel Evans since middle school.

“I ran into Michael last night, it was dark and he insisted that he should walk me home. We got to talking and he’s very nice and we had both wanted to go to the carnival but all of you were too busy so we decided that we should all go tonight, together. It’s not a date Alex, it’s a group activity.” Maria was like a chatting wind up doll, she couldn’t shut up…

“Well, I guess that will be okay then…all of us together. What could happen in a group?” And Liz wanted to scream at the both of them.

“Okay, I’ve got a biology exam to get to. You two discuss this all you want to I’ve got plans for right now.” And off Liz went leaving Maria and Alex watching her back fade away in the distance of the school hall.
About that time Michael came up to Maria and smiled at Alex and asked…

“Are we all set? I think we should meet at 7:00… is that good for you?”

Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing, or seeing for that matter, and Maria gave Michael a great big smile and said…

“Yes Michael, that sounds great. You know Alex right?”

Michael nodded to the dark haired teen and Alex nodded back. That was the extent of their introductions and then the first bell rang. The halls were alive with teenagers walking briskly to class rooms and then, as though a magic wand had been waved, the halls were silent once again.

“Ahhhh, peace!” The Janitor thought as he came out of his little room with his large broom, ready to sweep all of the morning trash away.

Max walked into the biology lab and saw Liz putting her backpack on the floor beside her in readiness for the test and he walked over to her and whispered…

“Liz, have you heard about tonight and our plans?”

Liz looked up at her old lab partner and smiled

“Maria just told me out by my locker Max. If you don’t want to go I’ll understand.”

“No…no, honest, it’s okay. I was just wondering if you were up for it. Michael dumped this on Isabel and me this morning and Isabel about had a fit. This isn’t like Michael to do something like this and we aren’t quite sure how to handle it.”

“Well Max, I think Maria might have had something to do with this also and the easiest thing to do is to just humor the two of them and go to the carnival. I did sort of tell Maria I would go tonight because there’s no school tomorrow so it wouldn’t be right not to go.”

“Okay then…7:00 at the ticket gate?”

“Seven it is Max. See you then, good luck on the test.”

“Yeah, you too.”

The new girl, Tess, had been listening in, truly unintentionally, to the conversation between Max and Liz and from what she could tell they had been set up by their friends. She wanted to go to the carnival too, but her guardian would have no part of it.

“Liz, are you guys going to the carnival that’s in town?”

“Yeah; my friend Maria set it up with Michael Guerin last night, unbeknownst to us, so we are all trying to wrap our minds around it. Would you like to go with us Tess? I can pick you up around 6:30. Just give me your address and you can ride with Maria, Alex and me. We’ll be meeting Max, his sister and Michael there at 7:00. You should come. It will be fun.”

Tess was elated. Not only would she be going to the carnival and making new friends but she would also be meeting her fellow hybrids. She didn’t think she would tell Nasedo about the hybrids though. He didn’t need to know anything about them yet. She wanted to see what they were like on her own.

“I would love to go Liz. I’ll write my address down for you in a sec., and thank you for asking me. It sounds like a lot of fun. Are you sure you have room?”

“Of course I do.” About that time Mr. Seligman came into the room and closed the door behind him…

“Alright ladies and gentlemen the only things on those tables should be your pencils and your hands. Everything else will be stowed away.” And the class was silent as all students prepared for their usual end of chapter exam.


After first period Tess gave Liz her address and the two girls went on their merry way and then Kyle caught up with Liz in her next class and wanted to know if she would like to go to the carnival with him that evening.
They had casually gone on a few dates here and there but nothing serious and then Liz thought if Kyle meets us at the carnival then things will be evened out. Nobody was actually paired with anyone so this should work out just fine. No odd men so to speak.

“Kyle, a bunch of us already have plans to go tonight so why don’t you just join us. I think it will be fun. Maria, Alex, me and the new girl Tess…the Evans’ and Michael Guerin. You’re welcome to join us, what do you say? 7:00 p.m. at the ticket gate?”

Kyle thought for a minute, it wasn’t his usual group of buddies but it did sound like fun and that new girl was a real looker, so…

“Yeah Liz, that does sound like fun. I’ll be there and thanks.”

“You’re welcome Kyle… I know we’ll have a good time.”

“Yeah, I’m sure we will. Later Liz.”

“Bye Kyle.”

Well, this is really going to be interesting Liz thought to herself. Let’s just wait and see how it all plays out. And off she went to her next class.
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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.4 1/24/13

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Lizza They'll get to that carnival soon. :)
Carolyn: I can see Maria doing this but to have Michael planning a party was just too hard to pass up. :wink:
Jan 2X: Hey, I don't even pretend to be in the same league as Gabaldan, God, I have to tear myself away to just post a new chapter...I started these on 1/3 and had the first 3 completed by 1/13. If my daughter hadn't come for a week I'd be on #5...I understand...just a thank you for reading this at all. :roll: :P
Michelle (several times): Bad girl Michelle...look at what you've done. I must say though, my daughter brought her book too and we would read to each other, both of us in stitches...I took her to the airport today and this place is so quiet that I feel like crying...but I have my book. :( :wink: :( :P
Alix: I think the next chapter is when they finally converge on the carnival. .. and Jan, unputdownable is a very good word. Good indeed, it fits! :D

Chapter: 4

Maria met Liz for lunch after fourth period and Alex joined them as usual. Tess had been walking past Liz and Maria on the way and Liz grabbed Tess by the hand and asked her if she had anyone to eat with and of course

Tess said no, she was just getting her bearings so to speak and after two days of cafeteria food all alone she decided that most of the kids brought their lunch so she decided to do the same. It beat standing in line and making decisions over which were the best of the worst that’s for sure. Tess was pleased that Liz would invite her and Maria seemed to be a little miffed about it but after Liz made her introductions she seemed to settle in.

When the girls plus one found a table Kyle ambled over to join them along with Paulie and Tommy. Soon Michael made his way over to sit with Maria to make sure none of their plans had changed since last night and then Maria seemed to calm down.

“Hey Maria, are we still on for tonight. I think Max and Isabel are coming for sure.”

“Absolutely Michael. Liz and Alex are coming also.”

Then Liz pops up with her additions…

“I’ve invited Kyle and Tess along too Michael. Tess, this is Michael Guerin and this is Kyle Valenti, the other two are Paulie Serben and Tommy Thompson. Kyle and Tess are two more of the group we will be meeting this evening. Max and Isabel are Michael’s friends…I’m sure you’ve seen them around this week even if you haven’t been introduced. Max is in our biology class, he’s the one I was talking to this morning. Isabel is his sister…I think you will like her, she’s very pretty.”

That’s about all Liz could say that was positive about Isabel, she really didn’t know her that well and truly wasn’t into gossip.

“Well, that’s about all any of us can say about Isabel. She’s an ice cube…maybe she’ll thaw out a little tonight. Who knows?” Maria interjected her thoughts on the subject, welcomed or not…

“Maria, that’s enough.” Liz said and then Kyle popped up with…

“Does everybody have a ride?”

Tess answered immediately because she was intrigued with Kyle; she’d seen him in the halls this week and thought he was quite a nice piece of work!

“Yes, Liz is picking me up at 6:30 with Alex and Maria…Michael?”

“Yeah, I’m riding with Max and Isabel. I guess that leaves you Kyle.”

“Hey, I already intended on taking the mustang so I guess we’re all covered then. I’ll meet you at the ticket gate at 7:00 right?”

Kyle couldn’t keep his eyes off Tess and the rest sort of got a kick out of it, especially Liz who was actually relieved. She liked Kyle but really wasn’t that interested in starting up a relationship that was going nowhere.

“7:00 is good Kyle.” And Michael walked off.

“Well Maria, you were right! He does seem nice”, about that time the bell rang and the entire group disbanded and headed their separate ways.

Tess’s next class was with Liz so they walked along together and Tess had to ask, since it seemed that Liz really didn’t know Michael…

“Liz, do you know any of this group?”

“Maria, Alex and I have been friends since pre-school. I know Kyle of course and Max and I have been lab partners for two years now but I really don’t “know him” know him and Michael and Isabel are just class mates. Maria ran into Michael last night and they set this whole “group” activity up but I think it will be fun.”

“Yes, I do too, and it will give me a chance to get to know some people.”

“Yes it will and me too.” Both girls giggled as they entered their AP English class.

Michael ran into Max and Isabel before heading in to school and informed them that two more had been added and Max just looked at Isabel who stood there grinning at the fact that Michael Guerin was planning a party?!? Would wonders ever cease? And Max returned the grin as he entered the school.

When the bell rang at 2:30 that afternoon the entire school seemed to be in an extra big hurry to leave and as Liz went to her locker to get things she needed for the week-end she saw Tess coming around the corner.

“Hey Tess…need a ride? I could take you home and then I wouldn’t have to read while I drove this evening…or have to listen to Maria or Alex bark out instructions too late.”

Tess giggled…

“Sure Liz. My car is still in transport so my guardian dropped me off this morning and I was going to take the bus home. Thanks, I really appreciate it.”

Liz picked up on the guardian remark immediately but didn’t want to ask questions that were none of her business. If she and Tess became better acquainted then maybe she would ask why she had a guardian and where her parents were. Tess watched Liz’s face change expressions several times and then she figured it out…’stick with the story Tess!’ She thought to herself.

“My parents are both dead Liz. I live with my uncle Ed. I have since I was a baby so, although I know I had parents I never really knew them. Uncle Ed has been my guardian forever and although I would imagine that parenting is not one of his stronger suits he does provide me with everything I could possibly want or need. It’s not so bad really.”

“I see. I’m sorry Tess, I know you don’t miss what you’ve never had but I really wish you could have had a mother…for many reasons but like you said, it can’t be too bad…you seem happy and healthy.”

And Liz smiled warmly at Tess as they exited the school and headed to her brand spanking new convertible parked clear in the back parking lot so no one could possibly dent it.

“So this is yours? Wow! I saw it sitting out here on Monday and thought it looked rather new.”

“Yeah, it was a birthday present from my grandmother. My parents about had a cow over it and Maria wants to go everywhere now but I think I should use good sense with it. It’s got to last me a long, long time…clear through college so I need to take care of it.”

“Wow, it sounds like you’ve got some good plans for yourself Liz!”

“Well, you’ve gotta’ have a plan Tess.” And Liz nodded her head once in agreement with herself and then smiled at Tess.

The girls climbed in and soon they were pulling up in front of a really nice home in one of the newer sections of Roswell and Liz smiled as Tess grabbed her backpack from the back seat and bid her goodbye.

“I’ll see you around 6:30 Tess.”

“Yeah Liz, bye,” and Tess was opening her front door in no time at all only to find Ed Harding standing there glaring at her.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m coming home from school Ed and then I’m going to the carnival with a group of kids from school. I’m making friends and blending in, which is something I’ve never done before and it feels good.”

“You know it’s too dangerous for you to be doing this. You have to stay low key Tess. You know this.”

“No Ed, I don’t know this. The other three are making friends; they are going to the carnival as a group. There will be eight of us, no one is dating anyone, they are all friends and it sounds like fun. You know, that little three letter word, F,U,N,, the word I’m not very familiar with. Relax! I’m going.”

And with that Tess left Ed Harding standing in the foyer of the large home and headed to her room on the second floor.

Ed just stood there shaking…he didn’t know what he was going to do about this girl…she never disobeyed before, never. Maybe alien teenagers weren’t any different than human teenagers and his life was about to become very difficult whether he liked it or not.


Liz arrived home right at 3:15 and her father was standing there in the back of the Crashdown pointing to his watch just waiting to see what she had to say for herself. She was 15 minutes late.

“Where were you Liz? Its 3:15, you’ve been getting home right at 3:00.”

“I took the new girl home from school today so I would know where to pick her up tonight when we go to the carnival.”

“Who said you could go to the carnival?”

“I did…we’re all going. Maria, Alex, me, Tess the new girl, Kyle the Evans’ and Michael. We’re meeting at the ticket gate at 7:00. We plan on leaving the carnival at 11:00 or so and you know what would be nice dad…if you left the front door open so we can come back for snacks after.”

“And who is going to pay for all of this?”

This sent Liz into a real snit…

“You know what dad…I just met a girl who has lived with her uncle since she was a baby because her parents were killed. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have parents and she seems very happy with the raw deal she got so I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I have two loving parents…I’m going to take a great big advantage of that dad.” Liz stopped for a breath…

“Now, I’m going to the carnival at about 6:15. I would imagine that I will be home around 11:00 or so depending on when we leave and I’ll be dragging seven more teenagers with me. I might even have a sleepover with Maria and Tess if Amy and Tess’ guardian are agreeable and Kyle can give Alex a ride home. So suck it up dad…I’m taking advantage of my blessings.”

And with that Liz snapped her head, turned her little ass toward the stairs and left her dad standing there slack jawed.

Jeff Parker suddenly had an epiphany…

'You know, she’s right. She’s never given us a reason to not trust her and she is growing up…and she should be able to bring her friends in for some fun on Friday night. I’ll set up the grill and French fryer for her and set a couple of pies out before going upstairs. I’ll just set the alarm for an hour earlier and clean up before opening. I’m glad we’re here for her. I can’t imagine someone else raising her. My sister-in-law would be good to her, even Mom, but she’s right…we’re her parents, thank God.' And Jeff Parker got a lump in his throat just thinking about it.

“Maria, would you like to spend the night here with me after the carnival. I think we should all come back here for burgers and fun. How about it…I’m going to call Tess and see if she can stay too. Kyle can take Alex home after the carnival party. Do you have Michael’s number, can you call him and then he can call the Evans’ and I’ll give Kyle and Alex a call.”

“Great Liz. Sure I can stay. Mom is in Albuquerque buying merchandise at one of those shows they have. What do you think of the new girl?”

“So far she seems nice. She lives in the new sub-division with her uncle. She was orphaned as a baby and she said she doesn’t need nor want for anything. The only thing she’s missing really is a mother. You know Maria, you may not have a dad but you are certainly lucky to have a mother.”

“I know Liz…I don’t always act like it but I know it. I will call and let her know that I’ll be at your house though. I don’t want her to call and me not answer. I’ll see you around 6 or so. Are you picking up Alex?”

“Yeah, I’ll make the rounds…you, then Alex then Tess. I’ll give her a call right now and see what she says.”

“Great. See you later Liz.”

And they rang off as Liz grabbed the land line to call information for a new listing for an Ed Harding.

When the house phone rang Ed Harding looked up from his fried chicken and frowned. He didn’t like interruptions of any kind but Tess jumped up from the table and had the thing in her hand before he could splay his hand to silence the offensive contraption.

“Hello.” Tess smiled…

“Hi Tess, it’s Liz. Hey, after the carnival we’re all coming back to the Crash, my parents own it, for some burgers, cokes and fun and I wanted to know if you would like to sleep over with Maria and me. Maria’s mom is out of town tonight so she’s staying over and we thought it would be fun. Would your uncle be okay with that?”

“Just a minute Liz…”

“Ed, Liz has invited me to a sleep over at her house tonight after the carnival. I’m not going to be home until tomorrow morning.”

Ed Harding damned near choked on his Colonel Sanders chicken leg and scowled at his charge. Tess learned a couple of months ago to stop asking and start telling. So far it had worked pretty well, ‘let’s see how he handles this’ she thought.

“Fine…leave a number for me. I want to talk to her folks.”

“Liz, he wants to talk to your folks, can I have your phone number? And yes, I’ll bring my pj’s with me when you pick me up.”

“Great Tess and the number is…” and Liz rattled off their home phone number.

“Tess, tell your uncle that he can just call the Crashdown if he wants to…my dad usually picks up the phone in the back office.”

“Thanks Liz I’ll tell him. Ohhhh, I am so excited.” She squealed out…

“Me too Tess, I’ve never done anything like this before and I am really looking forward to it. We’ll probably have to clean up after ourselves so Dad can open in the morning but I think it will be worth it.”

“Oh me too, I’ll be glad to help.”

“Thanks Tess, I’ll see you about 6:30 or so.”

“Thanks Liz, bye.”

“Oh Ed, this is going to be such fun…I’ve never had a friend before and now there are a whole bunch of kids my age just ready to hang out together and have fun. This is wonderful.” Tess could hardly contain herself.

“Tess, I am happy for you, honest I am, but you know you have to be careful.”

“Ed, if Michael Guerin is who we think he is and the Evans’ are who we think they are they are all going to be there too so I can’t see any problem with me going also. The rest of them are making friends and living normal lives why can’t I?”

“Because you have a higher goal in life and it doesn’t include Earth.”

“So you’ve said.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, let’s just say that this other life seems to be pretty remote if you ask me and I’m here now, living here now, I want to be young, I want to act young, I want to have some fun. I can’t pretend that I’m happy when I’m not. I don’t think I even know what happy is Ed. I have a chance at some fun for a change and I want to take it. And if you’re right I’ll be having fun with those of my own kind.”

“Very well…go have your fun but don’t forget who you are Tess Harding. You are not of this Earth and you know it.”

Well, if I’m not of this Earth then what the hell am I doing here?’ She thought to herself. ‘I don’t think I believe this man’s bullshit anymore. Yeah, I have powers, things other people can’t do but what difference does it make. I live here, I look like these people and I function like these people. My blood cells are different and that’s all.’

Tess was making herself angry now and she didn’t want that, she wanted that feeling of happiness she had just a few minutes ago and she sat back down at the table and started to eat her dinner. She was going to have fun…

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.5 1/30/13

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Alix: This weeks "episode" gets them to the gate, Ihope you enjoy... :wink:
Michelle: :lol: :lol: yep, both girls seem to be moving right along. Just keep in mind this is NOT canon. :)
Eve: This Michael has a slightly different personality than the "canon" Michael, bit I kinda' like him. :) Jamie Fraser is a character in a series of novels beginning with "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldan. It's sort of like time traveling, if you can get hold of the first novel in Sweden I can guarantee you will love it. There are many written after the first one, each picking up where the other left off. I've read four since Jan. 3 and that was with a week off to visit with my daughter. Give it a try if it's'll thank "Michellein LA" :D
Lizza: They have arrived at the gates of the carnival today...let the fun begin! :)
Carolyn: Don't let Tess worry you this trip...I swear, she's nice!!! :D
Natalie: We also wish that show was a little different that's why we're here!!! Damn producers anyway. :roll:


Chapter: 5

Michael had just entered his room in the back of the single wide that he called home when Hank came busting through the door with a basket of laundry….

“When are you going to do the wash?”

Michael looked at his foster dad and shook his head…’drunk again’.

“Hank, there’s two towels and some underwear in that basket. Put it back in the bathroom and I’ll do it when it’s full.”

“You’ll do it now boy!”

Michael looked at the man, took the clothes basket from him and set in on the floor in the corner of his room.

“Get out of my way Hank...I’m going out and I won’t be back until much later. Go have another beer.”

Hank reared his hand back to give Michael a taste of his fist and Michael took hold of the man’s fist in his own right hand, held it in place with a force that brought a sobering breath to the drunks face, and Michael just glared at him and said very slowly, very calmly…he would not lose it tonight.

“Don’t even think about it Hank…that won’t work anymore. If you want to continue getting that monthly check just back off or suffer the consequences. Now I’ll do that laundry when there’s enough laundry to do. You got that?”

Are you threatening me boy?” Hank shouted, not really sure that his threats meant anything…

“No. I’m promising you. Now get outta my way. I’m gonna be late tonight, if I come back at all.”

And Michael pushed his way past the drunk in the doorway and left to go over to the Evans’. Hank stared at the retreating back and wasn’t sure of what just happened but he knew that Michael was a force he did not wish to reckon with, not tonight, not ever.


Diane Evans answered the phone in the hallway and heard a very sweet young voice on the other end ask for either Max or Isabel. She smiled; the girl seemed very young…

“MAX! TELEPHONE!” She yelled toward Max’s room. Isabel was in the shower, she heard her go in a few minutes ago, and that could take hours.

“Hi mom, do you know who it is?” Max smiled as he approached his mother…

“A young girl.” Diane smiled as she handed the phone to Max.

“Oh”….”hello.” Max answered in a somewhat confused voice.

“Hi Max, its Liz. Hey we’re all coming over to the Crashdown after the carnival tonight and I wanted to let you know so you can tell your parents. They can call dad to confirm if they want to. We’ll have some burgers and music…I think it will be fun and it will give us a chance to get to know the new girl. Since we’re all going to be together anyway we can have a little private get together. I figure it should probably break up around two or so…my parents know about it…what do you say?”

“Just a second Liz…” and Liz could hear Max talking to his mother in the background.

Diane looked at her son and smiled a huge smile, it was about time they started to make friends and do things that were fun. She knew Jeff and Nancy from the Business Club meetings held in the Civic Center and they were very nice people.

“That sounds great Liz. We’ll be there and Mom said she doesn’t need to call your dad. Michael will be there too, he’ll probably stay here tonight. I’ll see you around 7:00 at the carnival.”

“Yeah Max, great!” And Liz hung up, she was so excited she thought she’d burst with happiness…then she called Kyle…

“Kyle, its Liz. Hey we’re all coming back to the Crashdown after the carnival, tell your dad okay? He can call my dad if he wants to verify and Kyle, tell him that teenagers are going to be driving home in the middle of the night and to put the word out. We don’t want anyone getting tickets for being out after curfew. Max, Isabel and Michael will be in the jeep, you in your car and Tess and Maria are staying with me. Can you drop Alex off after the party?”

“Yeah, sure Liz. Sounds like fun. I’ll let dad know and he can tell Owen and Hanson to lay off.”

“Great Kyle. See you at the gate around 7:00”

“Yeah, later.”

And Liz rang off, she was one happy camper. This was going to be so much fun. She decided to call everyone herself, not that she didn’t trust Maria she just wanted to make sure they all knew to tell their parents to call her dad if they had any questions.


After all the phone calls had been made Liz made her way downstairs to the back office to check on her dad and found him sitting there making a list of some kind…

“What are you doing dad?”

“How many kids did you say were coming back here?”

“Including me, eight.”

“How many burgers do you think you’ll need?”

“Well, they always order just one, so I would imagine one each. Why?”

“Well, I’m trying to figure out what I should have out for you when you get here.”

Liz’s heart melted…she smiled at her dad and then said…

“Thanks dad. We’ll clean up after everyone leaves. Tess and Maria are going to spend the night…I’m going to get the two cots out of storage, okay?”

Jeff thought for a minute…

“Would you rather sleep in our room and use the king sized bed?”

“No, I think I’d rather just stay in my room dad. It’s what Maria and I are used to and Tess isn’t very big. It will be fine, but thanks. If it’s nice maybe we can just sleep out on the roof.”

Jeff Parker grinned at his daughter and shook his head…

“No Liz, you know how I feel about you sleeping out there. It’s just not a good idea. I’ve never been real comfortable with that private “sanctuary” of yours, as you call it, in the first place and even with a group of you I don’t think I want you sleeping out there.”

“Okay dad, I’ll just get the cots…and thank you dad.”

“You’re welcome Lizzie, now let me figure out what you need for your party. I’ll put the tables back here for you when I close up at 10:00 and you guys can use the booths. I’ll leave the grill and French Fryer on as well, do you think you can do the cooking or would you rather I do it for you?”

“No dad…that’s okay. Maria and I can do a burger and fries. It’s no big deal. Do we have any extra pie or cake?”

“Sure, there are a couple of “Men in blackberry” in there and your mom made a beautiful chocolate cake yesterday that hasn’t been cut into yet. There’s a dozen donuts as well…help yourself.”

“Thanks dad…and we’ll clean up too.”

“It’s alright Liz. I thought about what you said and I wouldn’t want you to have to live without parents any more than you would want to; so have fun.”

“Love you dad and thanks!” She leaned over and gave her dad a hug before leaving his office…this was great, just great!

Liz couldn’t believe the change in her dad and she couldn’t wait for everyone to meet up.

She ran upstairs, took a shower, grabbed an apple off the kitchen table and prepared to read her English assignment for Monday. She wanted everything to be ready for the week-end. She didn’t have a shift in the Crash until Sunday morning so she was planning on having a great time and she smiled really big for the first time since arriving home from school.


Back at the carnival a very young looking man was spouting orders to all of the people involved in making this show a success. If their information had been correct the Royal Four were living here among the natives and it was time to seek them out. They had no idea what they were looking for but if their sources had been correct Nasedo had brought his charge to Roswell and he wouldn’t be doing that unless he had found some news about the other three. They had been watching Harding for years now and they intended to find that Granolith and go home one way or the other.


By six o’clock Liz was dressed in her new jeans, a strapless tube top, a pretty lace cover up and her cowboy boots. Why she wanted the boots was beyond her but it seemed like the right thing to do. She grabbed her keys, stuck some cash in her jeans pocket along with her drivers’ license and headed down to the back of the Crash to bid her parents’ good bye.

Her mom took one look at her and her heart clenched at the sight. Her daughter was beautiful, not just on the outside but on the inside as well and she smiled. Jeff was having similar feelings of his own and then they both said…

“Have a good time sweetie and be careful.”

“I will…we’ll be here around 11:00 or so dad. Everyone’s parents are okay with it. Did Mr. Harding call?”

“Yes he did…I assured him we were well aware of the evenings activities and we’re okay with it all. So just have fun and be careful.”

“Thanks.” And Liz smiled and waved good night to her parents.

She hopped into her car…opened the T-top and took off. Oh life is great when you’re sixteen.

Her first stop was at Alex’s home and Mrs. Whitman was there with a big smile on her face to wave to Liz who waved in return.

“You know Kyle will bring him home Mrs. Whitman.” Liz yelled…”it will be after two but Kyle is telling his dad that they will be out after curfew. There shouldn’t be any trouble.”

“That’s fine dear, if there is we’ll just sic Charles on him.” And Liz and Alex both laughed.

“Thanks Mrs. Whitman.” Charles Whitman had an in with the army and it was a standing joke that Mr. Whitman could take care of anything.

Next was Maria, who looked so cute in her cut offs and tank top; Liz looked at Alex and he smiled. Leave it to Maria. She came out of the house with her back pack slung over one shoulder…Liz was sure she had it packed with her night things so she popped the trunk and Maria stowed her ‘luggage’ before climbing into the back seat.

“Well Alex, are you excited to be going to the carnival with Isabel Evans?” Maria teased her childhood friend as she climbed into the back seat of the ‘delicious’ car…her words not Liz’s.

“Cool it Maria, how about you and Guerin putting all of this together. I can’t believe you. How did this happen?”

“He walked me home last night, said it wasn’t a good idea for me to be out alone and we just got to talking. He’s really nice Alex.” Maria tried to reassure her friend.

“Yeah, since when. He scares the crap out of me Maria.” Alex wasn’t buying it.

“Ah! Poor baby. No, Alex, I’m not kidding, he’s really nice, just you wait.”

About that time they pulled up to the Harding’s and Tess was out her front door in a split second. Mr. Harding was standing there glaring at the teenagers in the car and Liz ignored him. What else could she do? Tess had a back pack with her also and Liz popped the trunk again and Tess smiled as she stowed her gear next to other back pack and closed the lid. She waved to Ed, hopped in the back and smiled at Maria.

“It looks like we’re going to be on time. Thank you Liz, for inviting me, this is going to be soooo much fun. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

And Tess couldn’t seem to sit still. Maria looked at the cute little blond and had to smile, she certainly was a bubbly little thing she thought to herself.

Liz thought for a minute and then said…

“Neither have we Tess. Alex, Maria and I hang out a lot, go to movies together and stuff but we’ve never done anything as a group before. You’re right this is going to be fun.”

Just as they turned into the lot where the designated parking area had been cordoned off they saw Michael, Max and Isabel right in front of them and then Kyle pulled in right behind Liz. She smiled a great big smile as she pulled in next to Max and then she pushed the button to replace her T-top and everyone started piling out. Kyle got out of his mustang and closed his top off as well but Max left his down…who would want the old thing anyway, Liz introduced Tess to Isabel and Max and they were all off to the ticket counter where there seemed to be an awfully lot of choices to make.

They all decided that they should just get the package for $25.00 each and that included everything, which they all felt was very reasonable. Unlimited rides and games, that way they could just walk in and out of whatever they wanted to do, food was extra. They got their hands stamped and the entire group converged into a world of surprises and revelations.
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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:6 2/6/13

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Michelle: I can honestly say that Isabel wasn't invited because neither Maria no Liz know her very well and they wanted to make a comfortable sleepover for Tess. I'm sorry I didn't make that more apparent, I really did think of it when I wrote it, honest. :oops:
Eve: The skins are there and read my explanation to Michelle regarding Isabel, sorry!!! :P
Carolyn: You know "You've gotta' have a plan" Liz. Always prepared! :D


Chapter: 6

All eight of the teenagers were giddy with excitement…Kyle was the only one that had been to a carnival before and the rest were just excited to be there for varying reasons. Max was finally getting to see Liz from a different slant than school and she was absolutely gorgeous in that outfit.

Kyle was going to have a chance to possibly get himself a new girlfriend since he and Vicky had a minor disagreement and Alex was getting to enjoy some fun with Isabel. Michael didn’t know how he felt about that Maria girl but she sure seemed like fun and Liz and Tess were just happy to be there.

Liz had been noticing Max for quite some time but he always seemed so unapproachable that she almost got the feeling that he didn’t like girls. Tess knew she was supposed to pair up with Max but she surely did like Kyle. He was so much more fun and a lot less brooding than Max…and Max seemed to have his eye on Liz anyway. She made up her mind to just have fun and be a teen-ager for a change and to hell with this ‘destiny’ crap that had been forced on her for her entire life.

This was a fun evening anyway, they weren’t here to make lifelong commitments that’s for sure but Liz noticed that it seemed as though a couple of them had sort of started paring up.

Michael and Maria were now talking and doing things together while Kyle had Tess over at the shooting gallery and was very close to winning her a really cute stuffed monkey. Alex finally convinced Isabel to go on the Ferris wheel with him, telling her that they should be able to see most of the city from up there and that left Max with Liz.

“Hey Liz, how about an ice cream cone?”

“Sure, that sounds like fun, just plain vanilla Max. Aren’t there any rides that interest you? Or maybe the ring toss?” Liz almost felt sorry for her ex lab partner…he seemed as though he didn’t know how to have fun.

“Uh, yeah, maybe the ring toss…want a teddy bear or something?” Max scratched the back of his ear, not really knowing what to say or do; he was extremely uncomfortable and totally out of his element.

“Yeah, sure…let’s give it a try.”

Liz was willing to try anything to bring him out of his shell.

And so the two teens made their way over to the ring toss as Liz licked on her ice cream cone and Max tried to keep his groans silent and his groin in check as he watched her pink tongue sneaking our of her mouth to lick the ice cream they had just purchased.

‘She has no idea what she does to me.’ He thought to himself as he picked up his six rings and showed his hand stamp to the barker.

Liz smiled an encouraging smile and Max tossed his first ring; it landed right over the bottle sitting in the middle of the display. Liz raised an eyebrow as did the boy behind the counter and Max picked up the next ring and gave it a toss. Well not a toss actually, he held his hand out flat and he sort of launched the ring easily toward the bottle and caught his second one. Now a crowd was gathering to watch…the barker started to smile. It would be worth it for the kid to win a bear just to show the folks that it could be done. As the sixth ring sat atop the last bottle Liz squealed with delight and stood on her tip toes and gave Max a nice big juicy kiss on the cheek.

He smiled wide as she chose her teddy bear and Max was suddenly into this whole carnival thing as they moved on toward the tilt-o-whirl. This idea of Michael’s wasn’t so bad after all.

Maria had Michael in the tunnel of love for some reason and Michael was thoroughly enjoying the ride; not a bad idea even if he did say so himself. When they exited the boat Liz and Max were just rounding the exit of the tilt-o-whirl and they both got this “what the hell” look on their faces and then Liz started laughing. ‘This was so Maria’ and Max was thinking…’this is not Michael, it definitely is not Michael’. Michael just stood there grinning,

“Try it Maxwell, it’s alright!!!” And then he actually laughed at Max.

Max looked at Liz and shook his head and about that time they heard an awfully lot of commotion coming from the center of the grounds where the Ferris wheel was located and they all took off running.

Tess had her little stuffed animal in her hands, Liz had a teddy bear almost as big as she was and Michael was practically carrying Maria…There, before them, was one of the seats to the Ferris wheel hanging by what looked like one lag bolt.

Alex was hanging on to Isabel protectively as they seemed to be just dangling, hanging on for dear life right at the top of the Wheel and the operator was just standing there watching.

Max grabbed Michael and they both approached the operator and demanded the man do something.

“I’m afraid to do something man…if I move it I’m afraid it will come apart altogether.”

Max reached into his pocket as did Kyle and both young men got on their phones. Max with a 911 call and Kyle to his dad. Max knew if the seat came loose that he could put up a shield but he didn’t want to even think along those lines…they didn’t need to be advertising any powers, especially this publicly.

“Dad, dad…bring a crane. The Ferris Wheel broke and Alex and Isabel are trapped in a seat that’s going to come barreling down any minute. Hurry, dad…hurry.”

Max was on the phone with the emergency operator telling her the same thing and the operator of the Ferris wheel had his eye on the group of teenagers that showed up with Tess Harding waiting to see what they would do. So far they didn’t seem to be showing any signs of any powers whatsoever, they all just seemed to be scared. Maybe they were wrong about her all along or maybe this group was not who they were looking for.

Michael yelled up to Isabel and Alex to try not to move…help was on its way and Alex agreed. Isabel knew that nothing would happen to them if worse came to worse. She knew her brother would prevent anything bad from happening; she just didn’t want him to have to use his powers.

Tess didn’t know what to do…finally she went over to Max and confessed who she was to him. His eyes got huge with disbelief.

“Max, I don’t know what your powers are but I can make all of these people believe that the Ferris wheel came down by itself if you can do something to get them out of there.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m one of you Max…you know, a little green around the gills... we’ve been looking for you for a long time. Max, I can help if I have to.”

“Not unless we positively have to Tess. We don’t do anything with our powers…Isabel does for fun but that’s it. We feel safer that way. If that seat breaks I’ll put up a shield and ease their fall but only if I have to. You can make people think something else then but only as a last resort…understand?” Max was more terrified now than he was before the confession of the little blond…what the hell!

“Yes Max…” And that's all Tess said, she would do as he said.

About that time the fire department showed up and put the ladder up for Alex and Isabel to get down from the top of the Ferris wheel and the operator looked a little sheepish. He had hoped that their plan would have brought one or more of the hybrids out of hiding but all it did was shut down the ride.

In the meantime Nicholas was having a childish fit in his private trailer. “What damned fool thought that one up. They might just have the entire carnival red flagged now” the young boy yelled to any and all who were listening.

Soon Jim Valenti showed up in the Sheriff’s vehicle and found his son and seven other teenagers all standing in a group trying to act calm.

“What the hell happened here Kyle?” The man was close to losing it he was so terrified.

“We don’t know dad. The operator said a weld came loose.”

A WELD CAME LOOSE!?! A weld came loose? Well we’ll just see about these welds.” And Jim Valenti went over to the operator and demanded to see the person in charge.

Soon Nicholas came out of his trailer and met with Tom Greer and told Tom that he should talk to the sheriff… they all knew that a kid wasn’t going to work in this situation. Damned that Kivar and his sick sense of humor; making sure that he got this body.

Tom Greer made his way over to the Sheriff and introduced himself.

“Sheriff, I can assure you that this was a fluke. It had to be a manufacturing problem because this particular piece of equipment is only six months old. We both know that this is nigh on to impossible for this to happen under normal circumstances. It has to be a manufacturing problem; these rides are gone over with a fine tooth comb every time we set them up. We will shut it down until every one of these welds has been checked out.”

“No Mr. Greer. I think you will shut down all of the rides until they have been checked out. You can keep the concessions and games open but the rides are on lock down until our mechanics have had a chance to look them over. Thank you.”

Tom Greer shook his head in acceptance and then looked at the operator like he had just taken his last breath.

“Close it down Scooter and then get over to the main trailer. We are going to have a discussion…a very serious discussion.” And Scooter gulped. He knew his hour was up, nobody screwed up with Nicholas. He should have thought this through before taking matters into his own hands. Had it worked he would probably have been given a medal, but now he had just received his death sentence.

Jim Valenti walked over to his son and his friends and noticed a couple of the girls with their stuffed animals and he smiled…ah to be young.

“Are you kids okay?”

“Yes, thank you sheriff.” Seven of the eight replied.

“Yeah dad, we’re cool. Thanks for coming we really appreciate it.”

“It’s alright Kyle. Are you guys going to hang around awhile or are you going to go back to the Crashdown?”
Kyle looked at his group of friends…

“Do you want to stay for the dance at nine or should we just leave?”

“I’d like to hang around for a while; after all it did cost us twenty five bucks to get in here.” Michael said.

“Yeah, we could probably get our money back or we can win some more stuffed animals and then dance for awhile before heading out. The Crash is open until ten and dad isn’t expecting us til 11:00 or so, why not?” Liz said.

They all agreed and the sheriff was happy to see that they had made a group decision to stay. It looked like they were having fun in spite of the trauma. Of course what he didn’t know was that four of them were having a different kind of trauma than the other four.

Max looked at Tess strangely and she just smiled and sidled up to Kyle and went on her merry way. Max was terribly confused to say the least and he didn’t know if he should share his knowledge with Isabel and Michael or just wait. She seemed like a nice enough person but how did she know about them. If she knew who else knew? He was truly puzzled, bordering on terrified!


Isabel led Alex over to the basketball hoops and suggested that they toss a few in and Alex just sort of stuttered his way around it…

“Uh…Isabel, I don’t play basketball very well. I don’t even play dodge ball very well, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Sure, come on Alex it will be fun.” And Isabel asked the booth operator for a couple of basketballs. You had to make three hoops in order to win and when Isabel got a load of how Alex set up a shot she managed to keep a straight face and proceeded to give him a couple of pointers.

When she took hold of the ball to show Alex how to handle it she noticed it was out around and made some minor adjustments to fix the ball and then handed it off to Alex who seemed to grasp what she had said and when he lifted off she sort of moved her hand up to her eyebrow and the ball sailed through.

Alex was beside himself with glee and Isabel hadn’t felt that good in a long time. How something so simple could please someone so easily. Alex managed to sink two more balls with the help of Isabel and the booth operator couldn’t figure out how this skinny nerd managed to do that with fixed basketballs, let him wonder.

Isabel chose a great big pink and white bunny with a straw hat on its’ head and Alex beamed.

The operator knew they were there to look out for the royals but he had no idea that one of them was right in front of him. The little blond with that short kid was the one they were supposed to keep an eye on but she didn’t seem to be doing anything strange either. They weren’t any different than any of the other kids at the carnival and there were a lot more than just four of them in the group. If she was the one then where were the other three?

Michael won a stuffed animal for Maria at the milk bottle/baseball toss and soon all eight teenagers headed over to the food concessions and got themselves a soft drink before going to the outdoor dance floor where they were giving line dancing lessons.

It was explained to them before entering that the front of the dance floor was for line dancing…the outer ring was for the free dancing and the far end could be used for swing. They all followed Maria to the front of the dance floor and put their various prizes on the sidelines and got in line for the dance lessons.

All eight of them lined up and soon they were laughing and pointing at each other, missing steps, bumping into each other and even Max was laughing as Michael was managing to hold his own. The girls weren’t having any problems at all and then a slow dance came on. They just grabbed the first guy that was free and they paired up perfectly with each other, just as it was written in the stars.

Max held Liz close as they swayed to the music, Michael was doing his best to keep his feet off Maria’s toes, Isabel and Alex were moving together like pros and Kyle and Tess fit together like a glove. Their classmates all just sort of moved together and watched as the eight kids they went to school with didn’t even bother to look around to visit with anyone.

They were all wrapped up in their own little world while Pam Troy and Vicky DeLaney stood there in disbelief. When did these people all start hanging out together? They never paid any attention to each other in school. What was going on here? Both girls couldn’t wait to get on Face book with this news. Imagine what the gossip ring would do with this information and then Pam and Vicky both started snapping pictures with their cell phones for their sessions on face book when they got home, Kyle really managed to tick Vicky off by showing up with that new girl…She’d show him alright! And Kyle just kept on enjoying himself, unaware that Vicky was even there.
Back in the private trailer one Nicholas had Scooter backed against a wall and was actually torturing the skin that had tried to make a name for himself.

“What possessed you to bring attention to us like that? We will find out what we want to know eventually. Now you’ve got the whole town watching us like hawks and if the royals are out there we sure aren’t going to pick them out very soon now are we? We’ll have to devise another plan you idiot” …and with that Nicholas sent a blast and Scooter was dust…literally. The kid floated all around the trailer and then Nicholas waved his hand over the dust and it disappeared.

“Get out of here. Leave me alone…I need to think.”

And Tom Greer left the boy/man to his own thoughts.

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:7 2/13/13

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone

Lizza: i'm not too thrilled with Pam and Vicky either but some people are like that...I think things are about to start getting interesting here, let's hope so. :wink:
Michelle: Couldn[t agree with you more...started the 5th book last night, gave up at about 3:30 a.m. and then had to absolutely run errands today, but it's sitting there looking at me...It's saying..."read me, read me, read me" and I believe it!!! I bought the damned thing, the library didn't have it! :roll:
Natalie: So happy to see you back and you've got to believe me on this one, it's not canon and Tess is a good guy. Hey, if you haven't read "Happy Valentines Day" it's in the completed AU no aliens...I think I might have written it in 2011, not sure. I think you'll like it. Of course it's the third in a series but it stands on it's own. :D
Eve: Hey, did you get those curtains finished yet? :D I think Max will do alright with his "shyness"...he's going to have some help and he's a fast learner!!! :D

Chapter: 7

Right at 10:30 Liz spoke up when the musicians took a break and announced that they should probably head on out to the Crashdown and the entire group agreed. Liz looked over at Tess and smiled as she managed to get the girls attention…

“Tess would you rather ride over with Kyle?” She quietly asked…

Tess grinned and shook her head as she eyed Kyle…

“No, not really, I think I’ll stick to our original plan. If things are going to happen they will… eventually. I kind of like the group thing for right now, it just seems more comfortable.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I think this is new for all of us. Maria, Alex and I have been friends for most of our lives and Kyle and I have been to the movies a few times but we’ve never hung out as a group and this was a whole lot of fun even with the Ferris Wheel fiasco. Come on, get your stuffed animal and we’ll head on out.

"I’ll need to unlock the back door for us but I know Dad will be waiting for us in his office. He most likely will cook the burgers and fries, not that he doesn’t trust Maria and me but he had everything all planned out when I left so we really should be on time. He opens at six and I don’t want to keep him up too late.”

By the time Liz had finished her speech everyone was ready to head to the parking lot and they all exited the amusement park together. Each leaving in the vehicle they came in as a group of carnival workers kept an eye on them as well as a couple of high school busy bodies.

Pam looked at Vicky and raised an eyebrow…”well, they didn’t leave as couples.”

“No…I wonder what that’s all about. After the way they acted all evening you would have thought they would have left in pairs. I would have.”

“Well, we all know Liz is a geek and Alex is a nerd. I’m not sure just where Maria fits in with those two but they are thicker than thieves. As for the rest of the group, well all but Kyle, I would say they are a bunch of misfits too. They never socialize with anybody. That Isabel’s nose is so high I’m surprised she doesn’t drown when it rains, Michael acts like a hood and Max doesn’t have anything to say to anyone, good or bad. I wonder where Kyle’s jock buddies are tonight? And that new girl, she sure picked a sorry bunch to hang with.”

Tom Greer stood and listened to the ramblings of two teenage girls and wondered why they didn’t have anything better to do but to stand around and criticize their fellow students. He was totally aware of why they were here but all in all those kids seemed to be quite a nice bunch when you got right down to it. They didn’t cause any trouble for anyone, they stuck together and they seemed to be having a good time. Too bad the little gossips couldn’t have done the same. All he wanted to do was to find that Granolith and get to hell back to Antar and right now it didn’t look like any of those kids seemed to be the ones they were looking for.


Back at the Crashdown Jeff and Nancy Parker started to stack tables in the back room and setting up a place for eight teenagers to have room to dance or mingle or to do whatever teenagers do.

Nancy and Jeff had little gatherings at “Chuckee Cheese” when Liz was younger but they had never done anything in the apartment or used the Crashdown as a place for Liz to entertain, so even though Liz sort of forced the issue on them they decided that it was a better idea to have the kids here than out wondering what they were doing with themselves.

Diane and Philip Evans had come by right at 10:00 to see if they could help with anything and Jeff told them that there really wasn’t anything to do, “You’re welcome to stay if you would like” Jeff offered.

Diane and Philip decided that this was a kid thing and to let them have their time together. This was a first for both sets of parents and, although they wanted to make sure the kids had fun, they didn’t want to interfere either, “No Jeff, I think we’ll let this be for the kids”. Jeff nodded in understanding and he and Nancy told them good night

Jim Valenti actually sent Owen out in the squad car to make sure the kids were safe as they drove back to the Crashdown and he would pick up the 2:00 a.m. watch. So as far as the parents were all concerned the kids were being well taken care of.

Ed Harding had shifted into a burly looking cowboy and took an old truck out of the garage and made his way to the carnival grounds to keep an eye on his charge and when he saw who was running the show the shape shifting alien got cold chills up and down his spine…oh this was not good.

He had walked around the carnival grounds a few times and overheard some of the kids talking, complaining about the rides being shut down after the near fatal accident on the Ferris wheel and then he noticed Greer watching the kids. Ed made a special note to follow the man as closely as he could without being suspected and then he witnessed the action in Nicholas’ trailer and didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to blow his cover so he managed to keep in the background and make sure nothing happened to his charge. He was ready for anything but he certainly didn’t want to take on those skins without help, a lot of help.

When the kids left the park he noticed a sheriff’s vehicle following them and he picked up and followed as well not knowing exactly what was happening so when the kids all arrived at the Crashdown and Jeff Parker unlocked the door to allow entrance Ed relaxed and drove on as did Owen. It was then that Ed decided that everyone only had the kid’s best interest here and Tess was safe for the evening. He was sure that Michael, Max and Isabel were the other three he was looking for but he still wasn’t certain.

On his way down the block Ed saw two unsavory looking characters walking down the sidewalk and wondered if he should follow or not but then decided to just call and report what looked like a break in at, looking at the address and then up toward the sign over the building Ed smirked and said…the UFO center. Jim was in his office when the call came in and told Owen to man the desk while he went over to check it out.

Ed parked the truck and watched as he stood unseen in the shadows of the building down the block.


When Michael, Isabel and Max joined everyone in the dining room of the Crash they were as surprised as Liz and Maria…Mr. and Mrs. Parker had a stereo system set up in the corner with a bunch of CD’s they had taken from Liz’s room. There were place settings and condiments sitting on the tables and a lineup of coke and milk shake glasses on the counter ready to have their drinks of choice.

Mr. Parker was standing at the order window and Nancy was there with her apron over her jeans and antenna bobbing on her head with a big smile for everyone and the only thing Liz could do was smile and mouth a big thank you to both of them. She was shocked.

“Well, kids you all know the menu so shout it out and we’ll take care of it.”

Nancy and Jeff knew everyone but Tess so Liz took the new girl over to her parents and introduced her and Tess was overwhelmed. No one had ever made her feel so welcome in her life and she loved it. She was as flabbergasted and happy as Liz was and Nasedo watched from his shadow across the street as the two strangers continued on their way down the sidewalk seeming to check everything out as they approached the diner.

Jim showed up about 10 minutes later and started to jiggle the handle to the UFO center when he noticed the two men as well and returned to his car and pulled away from the curb and turned into an alley and shut it down. He wanted to see what these two were up to, they didn’t look as though they were doing anything wrong but they didn’t look very upstanding either. Nasedo watched and smiled…’good, the sheriff isn’t any happier than I am about those two. I’ll worry about those skins tomorrow when I can get some help.’ He thought to himself.


Inside the Crashdown eight kids were having a great time all getting to know each other, munching on ‘orbit rings’ and choosing the music they wanted to hear as well as arguing over the music they wanted to hear.

Isabel looked at Max with a grin and informed him that there wasn’t any “Counting Crows” while Michael looked for “Metallica”. Liz, Tess, Maria and Isabel found something they all liked and proceeded to take over the middle of the Crash down and to give their own renditions of the latest versions of MTV moves causing hysterical giggles from all four of the young girls, as the boys munched and watched.

Tess was having the most wonderful time of her life. She had never done this before except in her bedroom, where she was sure she wouldn’t be seen, and it was so much fun to share in the joviality with others her age. Considering she was sixteen and had only ten of those years in the real world it was wonderful.

It wasn’t long before Alex, Kyle and Max made their way behind the counter and started pouring themselves some sodas from the dispenser while Michael made his way back to the grill, grabbed an apron hanging on a hook, and started helping Jeff flip burgers and shaking fries in the basket of the French fryer. He nodded to Jeff and said, “Michael” and that was the only word Jeff heard out of the young man but he was extremely impressed with the way Michael handled a spatula and worked the kitchen. The kid was a natural.

After Alex had made himself at home in one of the booths a song came over the speakers that really got his attention and the next thing the girls knew they had company on the dance floor and soon they all stopped and stepped aside and gave Alex free reign.

He carried on to the point that Isabel was practically rolling on the floor in hysterics, Maria was holding her stomach trying to contain herself and Liz and Tess were hanging onto each other in hysterical disbelief. Max and Kyle just sat there in total amazement while Jeff and Michael watched on from the kitchen. Nancy had to put her tray down and hung onto her sides she hurt so badly from her laughter. She wondered if Marlene Whitman had any idea that Alex could do this…he was a riot.

After they contained themselves Jeff looked up at Michael; they had a large platter of burgers, baskets of fries, onion rings and another platter of hot dogs and a large bowl of chili, cheese and onions ready to pass through the window to Nancy who started lining the food up on the counter buffet style.
Then Jeff spoke for the first time since Michael said his name.

“Michael, tomorrow you come by and let’s have a talk. I could use someone like you in my kitchen if you’re interested.”

“I sure am Mr. Parker. What time?”

“We open at six Michael, so any time after that, and thank you for your help this evening"

“You’re welcome Mr. Parker.”

Michael was beside himself with happiness, a feeling he wasn’t quite used to and he wasn’t sure what to call it but it really felt good.

About that time two men walked through the front door; Nancy approached the two, told them it was a private party and politely asked them to leave.

The bigger of the two grabbed Nancy and the smaller one pulled a gun…Jim Valenti saw the whole thing from his vantage point across the street and took off running as Nasedo started to work his way toward the café as well.

By the time Jim had gotten there all the kids took cover except for Liz who just stood there staring at her mother with her eyes practically bugging out of her head…Nancy yelled for Liz to get down but Liz didn’t move.

Jeff Parker came out of the back room holding a small pistol in his right hand and reached for his daughter just as the man with the revolver shot toward Jeff, missing him, and Liz went down.

The two men took advantage of the chaos to run out the door just as Jim made it to the Crash side of the street. He took off after the two men and Max Evans got up and ran to Liz. Everyone in the Crashdown stood there in shock as Max knelt in front of Liz and watched as blood poured from her side.

Her mother was screaming at Jeff who could only stand there in shock along with everyone else and then Max lifted Liz’s head in his right hand and told her to look at him as he lifted her shirt to check the wound.

“Liz, look at me! You have to look at me Liz.”

Liz could barely open her eyes as Max hovered over her. Max put his left hand over the gaping hole the bullet had left and watched as Liz gazed into his eyes. Max held his hand steady as Liz’s entire life flashed before his eyes and soon Liz’s eyes were clear and she had stopped bleeding.

Max turned and saw the expressions on everyone’s faces, some in shock others unexplainable. The unexplainable was on his fellow alien’s faces.

Max helped Liz up and Jeff grabbed her to him. Max went into the restroom with Michael hot on his heels and as Max washed his hands Michael stood there rubbing the back of his head not knowing what to say.

“They all saw.” Michael was near hysteria,

“Max, we have to leave!”

“No Michael, calm down. We aren’t going anywhere. Let’s just go out there and act like nothing happened.”

“Are you insane?!? Nothing happened! Max, you have to think man.”

“I am thinking. That new girl Tess, she’s one of us. She told me…now we know there are more of us so there are only six others that are unaware of our existence out there. Michael we have to deal with it.”

“Deal with it? Max, this is nuts.”

“No Michael it’s not nuts…let’s just go out there and see what happens.”

So the two teens exited the men’s room and the rest of the group stood there and waited.

“What just happened Max?” Jeff Parker asked the young man.

“Well Mr. Parker, I can heal wounds as you just witnessed but before we get into that I think Liz should go change her top. What do you think Liz?”

Liz just nodded her head and Maria and Tess went with her. When they got to Liz’s room Tess asked Liz if she felt all right.

“Yeah, I’m a little shaken but I’m all right. Who were those men anyway?”

Tess almost giggled she was so happy, elated, excited, choose a word! …’she wasn’t concerned about what Max did she was concerned about the shooter’ she thought to herself, not the event just the shooter.

“Liz, aren’t you upset with Max? About what he did?”

“No. Maybe I’ll have some questions for him later but I’m not upset. Not hardly, if he hadn’t done what he did I’d probably be dead. Do you know what he did Tess?”

“Yes, but I’ll let him tell you about it. Now let’s get you cleaned up and back downstairs before anybody else shows up. I’m sure the police will be here. Surely someone reported a gun shot.”

When the girls got back down to the main dining room everyone was seated in various spots of the café as Max explained what he had done to Liz. Jeff Parker could only look on in amazement and Nancy Parker hugged the young man to the point of embarrassment. Kyle didn’t know what to say and then the sheriff showed up and told Jeff that he put out an APB on the two perps and started to ask questions.

“Was anybody hurt? I heard a gunshot.”

Jeff jumped right in…

“No one was hurt sheriff…” then Jeff looked at his daughter and then at her savior…”I think the gun was loaded with blanks Jim. I don’t see any bullet holes anywhere. I think they might have thought we were open for business and came in to rob the place. When I came out of the back room with my little revolver the one carrying the gun fired once, the other one who had Nancy from behind let her go and they took off. It sure did put a damper on Liz’s party.”

“Well, it looks like the kids could use some nourishment or something. Why don’t you kids all chow down and I’ll start taking statements from each of you. Maybe we can get some good descriptions of these characters and get them out on the wire before they get away.”

“I can draw you a picture of them if you want me to sheriff. Mr. Parker, do you have a pencil, I’ll use the back of one of the placemats if it’s okay?” Michael suggested.

“Of course it’s okay Michael.” And Nancy handed over the pencil she had stuck behind her ear.

Kyle didn’t know what to do about all of this…he felt he should tell his dad but he didn’t know what to tell him so he just grabbed a hot dog, poured some chili over it and dressed it all up with cheese, passing on the onions just in case and proceeded to eat. And he ate three more besides. Tess sat there and watched him with a grin on her face…she knew he was scared, confused and bewildered so she just sat and picked at some French Fries while Kyle ate himself sick.

Liz, Nancy, Jeff and Max all sat at a booth and Nancy couldn’t quit hugging Max and Max suddenly wasn’t afraid of his secret getting out as much as he was afraid he had just grown another appendage.

Was this woman ever going to let go of him and Liz sat and grinned at his discomfort, knowing just how shy Max was it was hard to keep the smile off her face.

“Max…I don’t know what you did or how you did it but we are going to be in debt to you for the rest of our lives. Thank you. And when you’re ready to tell us how you did this I’ll be more than glad to listen.”

“You’re welcome Mr. Parker…but what are you going to tell the sheriff?”

“I’ve already told him what happened Max. I just hope everyone else tells him the same.”

“They probably will, except for Kyle. I’m not so sure what he’s going to tell him.”

About that time the sheriff came over to Kyle’s booth where he was stuffing his face with chili dogs and then he looked at the cute little blond sitting there with his son and said…

“I’ll come back when you’re finished eating son.” Kyle looked at his dad with his mouth full of food and nodded, Tess just smiled. Then Tess figured it out, this is Kyle’s dad and she took matters into her own hands and closed her eyes. She replayed the entire event while omitting one very important scene, Liz. She was not shot…there was a gunshot but it wasn’t a real bullet. Kyle kept eating and then seemed to relax. When he gave his statement to his dad it was the same as everyone else’s and no one was any the wiser because they had all said the same thing.


Outside, while all of this was going on Nasedo managed to find the two men who had tried to rob the Crashdown and he had them pinned to the wall in back of the UFO center.

“What did you two think to accomplish back there? That wasn’t too bright.”

“We were paid to go in there and shoot someone.”

“Who? Who were you supposed to shoot and who paid you?”

“The boy that works at the carnival, he gave us each a thou to follow those kids and to shoot one of them.”

“Which one?”

“The kid didn’t care; he just wanted one of them shot.”

“Idiots!” Nasedo hissed…

And with that statement out of his way Nasedo finished the two men off…leaving no trail for anyone to find.

He didn’t leave his usual hand print this time, he wasn’t trying to make a statement; he was trying to stay safe. He needed to get help. He took out his cell and dialed a number he was hoping he would never have to dial in his life.

“Cal, we have a problem.” And he hung up.

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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:8 2/21/13

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Liz: Thank you for the very nice compliment, I will try to keep things moving along. :)
Carolyn: I'm writing this one from my POV sort of...I know if someone had saved my daughter's life I wouldn't care one damned bit where they were from and if they had gills for ears. :wink:
Eve: My sentiments exactly...let's just see how Cal and Nasedo handle things... :)
Lizza: I hope I don't disappoint you...I'm using my son's new computer so let's just see how things work out for us. :D

Chapter: 8

By the time the sheriff left the Crashdown it was well past two a.m. He suggested that Kyle follow him home and Liz suggested that Alex spend the night on the couch, Nancy agreed and told Alex she would call his mom. The kids were all worn out from the evening’s activities and all the turmoil but they figured they should all meet up on Saturday and figure things out.

“Look everyone, our house is really big and there’s a great rec room in the cellar, why don’t we all get together over there, say three or so and hash this all out. I know there are a lot of questions to be answered and we should all just get some sleep and work it out tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Parker you are welcome to come as well since you saved the night for us and I know you have questions too.” Tess was really trying to hold it all together and she knew that Ed Harding would be a wreck over all of this.

“Thank you Tess.” Jeff said…”but I think we’ll wait until Max is ready to tell us about himself in his own way some day. We have questions but they can wait. It can’t be all that bad and Liz is alive, that’s all that matters.”

Tess smiled as did everyone else and the kids all started to pick up trash, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and Isabel grabbed a broom and started sweeping as Maria and Tess took wet cloths and towels and started wiping down tables.

Soon all seven kids, all working together, had the Crashdown put back in order and ready to open for business in four and a half hours. Jeff and Nancy were both impressed and grateful for all their help and when the door was locked and the last light turned off Nancy looked at her husband and broke down.
Owen was outside waiting to follow the Evans’ home along with Michael…Jim followed Kyle home and everyone was where they should be in no time…safe and sound.
“It’s alright Nancy, whoever or whatever he is it’s obvious that he’s a good person and I think he likes our daughter…a lot. And besides, we know the Evans’ and they’re good people.” And Jeff Parker kissed his wife on the cheek as he led her to the stairway to go to bed.

In Liz’s room three young girls sat on Liz’s bed and started talking.

“Tess, what do you think happened tonight?”

“You were there Maria; whatever Max did I think it was brave as well as wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone outside the bible who could do that.”

“What??? Are you saying he’s God?!?”

“Oh my no! Good Lord Maria, No! I’m saying there are probably others out there that can do that too. I’ve heard of ‘healers’ but I’ve never really believed any of it.”

Liz watched the two girls as they talked and then she started to giggle…she was still shook up and when she got nervous she giggled and that quickly Maria knew what was happening…

“Oh damn…come on Liz, let’s get out on the roof. You’ll have your mom and dad in here any second now.”

Tess didn’t know what was going on and Liz just sat on her bed and giggled…it was getting louder and louder and Maria looked at Tess frantically and motioned for her to help. Tess took an arm as Maria did and both girls pulled Liz toward the window and Maria literally pushed Liz through it.

“When she gets upset she laughs.” Maria explained and Tess nodded in understanding and followed Maria through the window to the roof.

Tess looked around and thought to herself…boy this is cool. Talk about private and then she noticed the telescope in the corner all covered up in clear plastic. 'Interesting, she likes the stars', and then she took a seat on one of the chaise lounges and waited for Liz to calm down.

She would wait until tomorrow to dump their ‘other worldly’ status on them…Nasedo would have a fit but they all seemed cool enough to handle it but she wasn’t so sure about Kyle; he seemed very nervous.

Nasedo stood lurking in the shadows, watching the lights coming from the roof.

It looked like a fire escape but then he heard laughing...he tried to hear what was taking place up there…’this is more than just a fire escape’ he thought to himself.

“Liz, do you watch the stars?”

“Yeah Tess, I love it. They are so interesting and the names the ancients have given them took great imagination as far as I’m concerned because I really don’t see the animals and figures they did. But I guess if you’re going to base a lifestyle on something it’s good to give them names the way they did. The big and little dipper make sense to me and some of the others but not all. And, of course, over time, some have disappeared and others have taken their places.”

“Do you believe in life on other planets?”

“Of course I do. And it’s got nothing to do with Roswell and 1947. I just can’t imagine that, in that vast universe out there, we are the only intelligent beings in existence. That would be very narrow minded of me, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I agree. How very perceptive of you actually. What made you come to that conclusion?”

“Oh…Liz is our resident science geek. She and Alex have been studying the stars for as long as I can remember. Picture us lying on Alex’s lawn on a clear night with a book trying to pick out the various shapes with our naked eye. I’m more into music, which Alex is also, but Liz is more into stars and science. How about you? What are you interested in?”

Tess smiled at her two new friends and was so happy to have met them…

“I’m interested in the stars also Maria. Also a lot of the paranormal that you hear about and I think I’ve just added fun, yes, I’m interested in fun. I had fun tonight, even with the strange events, and I’m interested in having some more of it.”

Nasedo got a worried look on his face at that last remark but it was interesting that these young girls had befriended his Tess. This might work out after all. Then he made the decision that he would not leave the area until daylight just to be sure no one else tried to bother them.

He was amazed at the way Liz’s father handled the situation with the two thugs Nicholas had hired. They were going to have to deal with that bunch and soon. So far they only have suspicions but they are getting too close.

In the meantime, over on the other end of town a couple of men were trying to manipulate the lock on the back door of a very new house in a very new subdivision to no avail.

“It’s like its welded or something. My power is not working!”

“Well, it’s just a suspicion, we’d best get out of here before we’re found out.”

“Yeah, hey you’ve got a piece of your arm hanging down over there.”

“Damn…” And the culprit shook off the piece of skin and headed out to the back gate where they entered.

Nasedo stood guard over his charge well into the dawn of a new day and smiled to himself as he thought about the prattle of three teenage girls who never brought up the occurrence in the dining room at all.

'You would have thought that would have been the main topic of discussion…Tess must have erased the memory from their minds…good girl'. and the shape shifting alien walked to the end of the alley, got into his truck and drove home.

He parked in the garage next to Tess’ SUV which had arrived that afternoon , reached down and changed the color of his vehicle back to dark blue and used the side door to exit the structure. That’s when he noticed the flake of skin laying on the hedge. No! No, we need Cal to get here quickly…and the balding, thin looking man made a rapid dash to his back door.

Once inside he took out his cell phone and called Cal Langley once again.

“Nasedo, what are you doing calling me. We haven’t spoken in over fifty years what’s the deal?”

“The royals are in danger. The skins have found our location and by “our” I mean our. They aren’t sure who all of the teens are but they know me and they know Tess. We need help here… and I mean help now. I can’t handle the entire cell alone.”

“I’ll fly in today…you hang tight. See if you can get them all to safety.”

“I’ll do my best.” And the two guardians rang off.
Jeff Parker went up the stairs about 9:00 a.m. and knocked on his daughter’s bedroom door and got no answer at all. He opened it up and, much to his dismay, he saw the bedroom window open and when he looked out, there he found three teenage girls all hunkered down in chaise lounges, wrapped in blankets sound asleep.

He wondered just how long they had stayed up last night and then he smiled. He could only thank God that Max Evans was there last night to save his daughter…never dreaming that maybe Max Evans was the cause of it in the first place.

“Hey ladies…are you going to sleep all day?” He asked.

Maria was the first to stir and smiled as she looked at her best friend’s dad and her boss…

“Good morning Mr. P. What time is it anyway?”

“It’s past nine Maria.”

“Well, can you give us a little more time? We did get to bed very late last night, it’s Saturday and we don’t have to work until tomorrow.”

“Very well, but the breakfast menu is only good for another hour.”

“That’s fine Mr. P. We’ll find something.”

“All right Maria, go back to sleep and I’ll see you when you get down stairs, oh and thank you for cleaning up.”

“It didn’t take long at all Mr. P. everyone helped.”

“I know and it was very much appreciated.”

“Oh, and Mr. P. Tess wants all of us to come to her house this afternoon and you and Mrs. P. as well. She said there are some things we should know, were you there when she made the invitation?”

“Yes Maria, I already talked to Tess about it but… alright Maria, I’ll see how Nancy feels about it today; now go back to sleep.”

“Thanks Mr. P.”

And with that Maria climbed through the window with her pillow and blanket, went to the bathroom and then curled up on Liz’s bed for some stretched out rest.
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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:9 2/27/13

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Carolyn: Well at least they're all assembled this chapter, revelations are still to come. :)
Lizza: This is just the assembly, enjoy, introductions are in order first. :wink:
Ken: Hey there, we all hit a slump big guy and this little fic. was either last year or the year before. Can't remember now so just hang in there dude.
The last carnival I went to was with my grandsons when they were still preschool and their favorite was the roller coaster. Liked to take ten years off my life. Of course we took them in the afternoon so there wasn't any trouble. You take care. :)
EVE: I've been out of town for a while and kind of busy, but I'm home again and trying to play catch up with everything...I think you're going to like the kids in this story, there's enough crap going on that they don't need to have anything bad going on in their friendships. :wink:
Michelle: Well, so far I'm glad you're with me here. I think the kids really need each other, and needed each other actually, so I'm doing it my way!!! STUBBORN, that's what I am. :roll: :lol: :wink:


Chapter: 9

Early Saturday morning in a private hangar at LAX a short bald man, along with an entourage of some strong burly looking characters boarded a private jet bound for Roswell, New Mexico. The self-important prepossessing man didn’t look all that happy with the world but was very aware of his duty and resigned himself to the fact that he was needed.


In a very new house in a very new suburb of Roswell an anxious shape shifting alien paced the confines of his foyer and dining room wondering what to do about his current situation while across town three young hybrids sat on the bed of a nervous blond haired sixteen year old girl wondering what the hell happened the night before.


In the apartment above the Crash down café Jeff Parker was trying to convince his wife that they should attend this meeting the new friend of their daughter’s had called.

“Jeff, I don’t think I want to go. What happened last night was terrifying and could have turned into a personal tragedy for us but for Max. I know what I saw but I’m still not sure I believe it. I would rather believe your side of the story and call it a day. Jeff, this is insane!”

“No Nancy. It isn’t insane and Tess said it can be explained. I want to know what happened, Nancy I need to know what happened. I’m going to go and I want you to go with me. Nancy, we need to find out what happened if only for my sanity. Please!” Jeff was all but begging his wife.

“God Jeff…can’t we just pretend that this never happened at all?”

“Nancy, you know that’s not possible…now let’s get Tess’s address when she’s ready to leave and we will go over there with the kids and find out what’s going on.”

“Alright, but I’d still rather stay home.”

“Nancy, hiding won’t change a thing and you know it.” And he smiled and gave his wife a hug just as three tussled young girls came into the room looking like they hadn’t slept in three days.

“Well, don’t you three look wide awake? How late did you stay up anyway?” Nancy asked.

“God, I don’t know mom. We went out on the roof so we wouldn’t wake you up and the night just got away from us. What time is it anyway?”

“It’s almost noon. If you plan on being home for a three o’clock meeting Tess I’d suggest the three of you go get busy getting washed up and dressed and I’ll make some burgers and cokes and bring them up for you.”

“Okay Dad and thanks; and good morning mom.” Liz went over and hugged her mom and kissed her cheek…Nancy grabbed the young girl into a fierce hug and smiled as she hung on to her. “Oh Liz, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too mom. Thank you.” And Liz stayed put until her mother let her go of her own volition. She knew how she must feel because she was still a little afraid to think of the night’s events herself.

Tess and Maria just stood there and watched; Tess could only imagine how it would be to have a mother care that much for her…anyone for that matter and she smiled.


Over in the new sub-division a worried Nasedo paced as a long stretch limo pulled up to the curb and one short bald man wearing a black cap along with eight burly looking hulks extricated themselves from the vehicle. It didn’t take long for Cal Langley and his crew to make it to the front door. When the bell rang, taking Nasedo out of his concentration, he walked to the door carefully, uncertain of what he would find and opened it to a smiling Cal Langley and he stood there in shock.

“Well, you said you needed me, what’s the big emergency?” Cal asked a shocked shape shifter.

Ed Harding looked at the characters standing behind Cal and raised an eyebrow before speaking, although he did step aside for the men to enter.

Cal looked at Ed and nodded his approval and Ed spoke,
“The skins are here in Roswell looking for us, they are under the guise of a carnival. The sheriff shut the rides down last night due to a ‘faulty weld on the Ferris Wheel’” Ed made physical quote signs in the air then continued, “that almost took out Princess Valondra and her class mate. The kids all remained cool throughout and the fire department got them down from the uppermost chair. Then they all went to a party afterward at one of the local’s café that the parents of one of the girls own when two men, hired by Nicholas, shot the young girl who was hosting the party.

“Max, our king, healed her in front of their local friends and the girl’s parents. So far I don’t know what the kids told the sheriff when he showed up but I caught the two men in an alley and questioned them. That’s how I found out about the hit, it didn’t matter who they shot as long as it was somebody. I eliminated them, not in the usual way, I just disintegrated them. I didn’t want to leave any evidence behind. But…the skins are here and they are determined to find us and the Granolith and get off this planet. We can’t be worried about any mating rituals while this is all going on.” And Ed Harding finished his almost hysterical speech.

Cal Langley just stood there in deep thought.

“We need to get those kids together and take care of this. How well do you know them?”

“I don’t know them at all. Tess just started school here on Monday and made some friends. They all went to that carnival together last night; there were eight of them total. I’m sure that three of them are who we are looking for and after the healing I know for certain one of them is…and as close as he is to the other two I’m certain that they are also. Come into the kitchen and have a seat, I’ll make us some coffee or tea. What would you prefer? I personally like the tea with a lot of lemon. I’m beginning to taste it.”

Cal smiled.

“I’m sure my men would like some coffee but like you I prefer the tea or just lemonade, no sugar.”

The eight men winced but knew well what their boss’s likes consisted of. Nasedo gave his rendition of a smile to the men and made himself busy as the front door opened and a frazzled Tess came into the house with two young girls following behind her. She was shocked to see the extra bodies in the dining room since no one, and she meant no one, ever came to their home. Especially inside the house…occasionally a couple of armed army men would stand guard outside the front door but that’s all.

“Uncle Ed, what a surprise.” She exclaimed and Liz and Maria recognized the academy award winning director immediately. They both had a grin a mile wide on their faces.

“What are they doing here?” Ed barked as Liz and Maria both jumped back, grabbing each other as the man glared at them.

“Calm down there big guy, they’re here because I invited them. We have no secrets from them and the rest of the party will be here in about 20 minutes for some explanations.”

Tess pointed at Liz, “this is the girl that got shot last night and everyone saw Max work his magic. I invited them here to explain what is going on since Max, Isabel and Michael don’t know very much either. We told the sheriff that the gun was loaded with blanks to explain no bullet hole. Everyone agreed except for Kyle, who seemed a little torn as to what to do because his dad is the sheriff, so I worked a little magic and he only saw the guys run out after firing a blank to scare all of us. We’ll decide what to do about him some other time. In the meantime we stopped and got some cokes and do-nuts. Now who are your guests?”

Cal Langley liked this young Ava, she was quick and wasn’t in the least bit afraid of Ed Harding which was good. They needed someone like this on their side. She wasn’t the least bit hysterical and the dark haired beauty standing there next to her friend didn’t seem too frightened of any of them either. Now the pixie with the blond hair was another story all together. She could be a problem if not handled correctly.

Ed Harding looked at Cal who only gave him a smile and he introduced Cal to Tess who in turn introduced Maria and Liz to both shape shifters. Cal only nodded toward his crew and said “they are with me and right now names are not important.”

Liz nodded as Maria stared and then Tess smiled and asked the men if they would help bring in the food that she and the girls had picked up at the local 7/11. Cal nodded to two of them and they got up and followed Liz and Tess to Liz’s new car.

“Sweet ride.” Number one said as they approached the T-Top Camaro and Liz smiled…

“A birthday present from my grandmother…I think so too, thank you.” And both men nodded and grinned…nice grandmother they thought.

After they got back into the house and had the refrigerator loaded with soft drinks and the do-nuts on a pretty platter Tess had retrieved from the cupboard Ed asked the girls if they had a good time. Tess was beaming…

“It was the best night I’ve ever had Uncle Ed, except for the damned Ferris wheel breaking and scaring us to death and then the shooting. But yes, I had a wonderful time.” Liz and Maria smiled and nodded in agreement but Maria was still a nervous wreck.

About that time the doorbell rang and Tess ran to answer…it was Max, Michael and Isabel and right behind them Jeff and Nancy Parker arrived with Alex. Tess showed all of them into the living room and then told her ‘uncle’ to go prepare the rec-room for visitors. It seemed there was going to be a whole lot more people than she originally planned. Cal noticed her counting heads silently and smiled at her.

“It’s alright Tess, they know the story and under the circumstances I would prefer that they remain up here. They know what to do in an emergency and I have protected them from any onslaughts. They will be fine up here.”

Tess nodded, still wondering who this person was. Liz and Maria knew who this earthly being was but they weren’t sure if that’s all he was. Tess motioned for everyone to follow her down an open stairway to a very large room filled with all the latest state of the art entertainment equipment and to say that they were impressed was an understatement.

Cal nodded to Nasedo and said…

“Well, it looks like you’re doing alright for yourself Ed. I’m impressed!”

Again, Ed gave his rendition of a smile and took a seat as Tess passed around small plates, napkins and donuts and took drink orders. Liz, Maria and Isabel all stood and headed to the stairway to help when Tess nodded in the negative.

“It’s okay, I’ll just run up and set everything on the dumb waiter and send it down. It won’t take but a minute and we’ll have coffee, tea and soft drinks. Uncle Ed, would you like to start?”

“No Tess, I think I’ll let Cal take over this meeting. He’ll probably want to start by answering questions…Cal?” And Ed pointed to his fellow shape shifter.

Cal smiled as he stood…

“First, are there any questions?”

Liz raised her hand and Cal nodded for her to take the floor…

“Only one…are you Cal Langley the director?”

Cal grinned and answered the young girl…”yes.”

Liz nodded and sat down.

Max was next…Cal nodded,

“Who are you besides a movie director?”


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Re: Rock My World (AU,CC,MATURE) ch.:10 3/7/13

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Michelle: Don't worry about Nancy, she's only being a mom, honest! :wink:
Eve: I agree with you about Cal/ seems that if protecting the king was the primary purpose of these two protectors that Cal/Kal should have been put to more use than a money hungry movie director. Hence my take on the problem... :wink:
Lizza: Hey, the questions are not a problem, honest. Just keep reading sweetie. :)
Carolyn: I finished book 5 of the Outlander series last week and have been reading Linda Lael Miller's accounts of Montana, Arizona and Nevada from the 1800's to present time and if you like good Westerns these are very easy reading, very predictable and very entertaining. BUT, the Outlander serires stands alone! As I e-mailed you, the baseball player is making a name for himesel... :lol: We're all proud of him anyway. This chapter will show the color of Cal's personality pretty well I think...I hope. :wink:
Kettle: Carolyn has the book, she just needs to find a couple of days to devote to it, we both know she's going to have a problem putting it down.... :D Pot!

Chapter: 10

“Well, that is why we’re all here isn’t it?” Cal smiled at Max.

“Let me start this explanation out by telling all of you a story. I know, from what Tess explained to us earlier, that you are all aware that something different happened last night.”

“Well, that’s an understatement, but thank God it did!” Jeff lauded, looking at Max.

“Yes, thank God indeed…but I’m going to tell you a story and then you can ask questions, alright?”

And Cal Langley proceeded to tell the entire room about the murderous Kivar, the actual abduction of compatible humans, the cloning of the royal four and why… and the crash of a space ship in the desert of New Mexico in 1947. He emphasized the fact that it was a crash.

He explained how there were eight pods all together, how four were preserved in the caves of the New Mexico desert and four were sent to New York. He didn’t leave anything out.

He also explained that there were other aliens on Earth. Aliens who were looking for the Royal four because they wanted a religious artifact from their planet, an artifact that had been entrusted to the young royals, specifically the king…these other aliens want to use this artifact to return to their home planet, though he couldn’t figure out why because Earth was a much better place to live. He continued with his story right up to and including the present moment. Then he paused and looked at Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess, “do you four have any questions“

“Why are you looking at us?” Max queried…

“You mean you actually don’t know?” Cal asked in astonishment…

“Know what?” Max asked.

“You are the king Max. You are the one they are waiting for. You are the hope of a world Max.” Everyone in the room looked at the young 16 year old boy and marveled. Max just sat there and shook his head in disbelief…

NO! No, I’m nobody’s king. I’m a 16 year old kid from Roswell, New Mexico who can heal things…heal people. That’s all I am. I don’t know why I can heal but I can. That’s all I am. No! No. I’m not a king.”

Max started out very loudly but was now down to a whisper, he did not want to believe this… NO! This wasn’t true, it couldn’t be true. And what is this Granolith they’re talking about? Let them have the damned thing was the only thought running through his mind, and Cal Langley could understand how the boy felt. This had to be overwhelming for him so he waited. Max just sat there stunned, they knew they were different but this was not real, it was not happening.
Isabel and Michael sat there as numbed by the announcement as Max; Tess just waited. She knew of the story since she was a little girl but only knew of the dangers from the FBI not the skins, this was news to her.

“Yes Max, you are, and you need to know that the skins are not your only enemy but some humans want you as well. They are looking for aliens to study. They know more about you than you know about yourself thanks to a runaway, psychopathic fool. He, we, are compelled to follow the kings orders Max. You need to issue an order to make these random acts of murder stop. Do it right now Max, before this meeting goes any further, I urge you your majesty.”

Max looked at Cal, very bewildered, and Cal was staring Nasedo down with a glare…Max caught on even though he didn’t want to believe Cal…

“All killing stops right now…I order it. Cal will decide who the enemy is and how to deal with it. Is that understood?” Max announced in a very low, very demanding voice.

Nasedo glared at Cal who looked to Max with a new found admiration. Max was truly capable of dealing with this, much to the man’s surprise. Max had a determination about him that was unmistakable…he WAS the young king.

Nasedo looked at Max and bowed his head slightly…everyone in the room looked on, some in shock a couple with pride and one was very pissed off.

“As you wish.” Nasedo answered quietly and Tess was almost floored by her guardian’s response. She had never seen him act this way before but she also knew that he was scared. Cal Langley didn’t seem to be but she knew Nasedo well enough to know that the man was scared, truly scared and she in turn picked up on the danger.

The guests in the room just sat there and took it all in. Jeff didn’t give a damn one way or the other where Max was from or what his status was, the boy saved his daughter and he was willing to go to the depths of hell for the kid as was his wife. Maria just sat there in a daze, not wanting to believe what she was hearing but knowing all too well that this was really happening and Liz, well Liz just sat there and smiled.

The scientist in her couldn’t wait to find out how this all happened and what they did to accomplish it. She quietly waited until Max had calmed down and all of his questions were answered before she started in with her questions and she had plenty.

She started, “Mr. Langley, just what processes were used to clone the royals and what took them so long to develop?”

Cal Langley raised an eyebrow and Isabel answered… “Liz is our class biology geek.” And six of seven kids laughed, Tess didn’t think it was so funny.

Tess looked over toward her new friend and raised her right eyebrow in question and Liz smiled her reassurance, letting her know that all was okay in her book. Tess returned her smile before returning her attention to Cal and the rest, waiting for an answer.


Nicholas was pacing back and forth in his trailer throwing a childish tantrum while Tom Greer watched with anxiety. ‘This boy/man is becoming a real pain in the ass’ was the only thing the man could think right now. Scooter didn’t really deserve to be turned to ashes and to think he could get away with murder in front of a room full of people was about as asinine as you could get. There wasn’t a single thing Greer could say to the boy/man at this time due to his current behavior. He was totally out of control, beyond reason. They had heard of the New York four and just what in the hell did he think the New Yorkers could do for them in the first place. They were as useless as tits on a boar hog. There wasn’t a full brain between the four of them as he understood it.
Cal Langley looked at the group of kids sitting there watching each other after he had completed a long and drawn out explanation of cloning and wondered what was going through their brains right now.

“Are you sure the sheriff’s kid is going to keep quiet Tess?” He finally asked.

“Yes. I mind warped him into believing what mister Parker told us to tell the sheriff. He thinks the gunmen were there to rob the Crash and shot a blank to scare everyone. I’m sure he’ll never know the difference unless we tell him. I don’t know if we should or not…not unless we tell his dad as well.” Tess puzzled over that last statement.

“His dad is Valenti is he not?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, the sheriff’s dad was an alien hunter, that’s why he lost his job and eventually was put away. Maybe he’s better off not knowing right now. We’ll decide later if his life becomes endangered, we’ll see.”

Jeff Parker took it upon himself to ask a question now...

“What do you mean? If his life becomes endangered…how?”

“Well Mr. Parker…the reason those men were in your store last night was not to commit robbery. They were there to shoot someone. It didn’t make any difference who got shot as long as someone did. They achieved their goal…they wanted to draw Max out and they did. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Nasedo stopped them from reporting it to the people who hired them.”

“Do you mean they wanted to harm someone so Max would heal them? That is preposterous.” Jeff was beside himself by this time.

“Yes it is but that is what they were hired to do. These people, the people at the carnival, want to get their hands on this Granolith and they will stop at nothing to do it.”

“Then why don’t we give it to them. If they can use it to go back to their planet then let them go. Good riddance.” Isabel was on a roll now and the rest of the teens agreed.

“We can’t let them have it Isabel…it is a very powerful artifact and has many powers besides getting you back to Antar. That’s the name of your home planet by the way. It was placed here under your protection and only Max can activate it. It takes a certain key to start the process and that key is hidden; the skins know that only the king can activate the Granolith and that is why they want him. We need to protect it at all costs.”

“Then I order you to go get rid of it.” Max stated nonchalantly.

Cal laughed and Nasedo took in a deep breath…both shape shifters knew this wasn’t possible but to Nasedo the thought was terrifying. Cal Langley thought it was the answer to everything actually. Send the ass holes back to Antar and let the beings up there deal with them; simple solution to a big problem really.

“If it was only that simple Max…I wish we could… really.” Cal answered.

“Why is it so difficult? It seems to me that sending them back with the thing would solve a lot of problems.”

“Yes, it would solve an immediate problem but only cause more problems for many, many planets… if the Granolith got into the wrong hands. And the ruler on Antar is not one of the good guys, he is the one that assassinated the royals in the first place and wants to rule the universe. A real ‘bad ass’ Max and as nice as it would be to just send these idiots back we just can’t do it. They would eventually take over earth as well as the other planets in your solar system. He also wants Isabel as his bride.”

“WHAT!?!??!” The three hybrids asked at the same time and Cal Langley nodded as he watched the horror on their faces turn to absolute fear. ‘Now that got their attention’ the shape shifter thought to himself with a hidden smile.

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