I Wake Up Screaming (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 2/6/13

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:21 11/8/12

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Carolyn: The answer is coming, honest...I promise. This is as mysterious as I get; although I do keep Christmas secrets pretty good. :)
Eve: God, I hope she doesn't!!! Max would really have nightmares then, and the reason for the nightmares is really stupid when you rationalize it from an adult standpoint. :wink:


Chapter: 21

After Liz and Maria had finished with breakfast and Michael was stretching on his machine Liz placed a call to the hospital administrator and was prepared to leave a message on his private line when he picked up when recognizing who it was. He held Liz in very high regard or he would have allowed the call to go to voicemail. She told him why she was calling immediately and asked for a referral for a friend. She explained the problem to John and he told her that he felt that a Doctor McHenry was probably the best in the L.A. area and gave Liz the number.

“Liz, I heard about Maria, is she okay?” He hoped that Maria wasn’t the one with the problem; he knew both women and didn’t want to see either of them suffering needlessly.

“Oh she’s fine John; just a little scratch and of course shaken up mentally but she’s dealing with it quite well. Oh, and she has a date tomorrow for a recording session with Capital to cut a demo. She’s quite excited about that.”

“Well, I can imagine she would be. Tell her I wish her luck and Liz, Dr. McHenry is in the hospital right now if you would like me to page him for you.”

“Oh, no thanks John; I think my friend should be the one to handle that for himself and thank you so much. You have a nice day now and don’t work too hard on your day off.”

“Thank you Liz, you too.” and they rang off. Liz didn’t feel the need to go into her schedule of three to three with the man, that wasn’t why she called. After writing the information on a piece of note paper for Max she took a shower and got into some clean clothes since she had slept in the ones she had on yesterday…’what a night’ she thought to herself.

After she had straightened up her room, made her bed, such as it was she headed over to Michael’s room to make sure that the equipment was working the way it should. She found that Michaels’ leg was stretching quite nicely and he didn’t seem to be in any additional pain from it at all…nothing like he had been suffering the first few days and she smiled.

Maria was sitting in the chair next to his bed singing along with a tape recording of an instrumental and Michael was laying there enjoying every refrain. She smiled and left the two of them to enjoy their quiet time as Michael stretched.

“What’s up Max?” She found Max sitting at the table with a folder of papers in front of him.

“Oh, just reading through tomorrow’s script…there doesn’t seem to be a lot of dialogue here, just a lot of facial expressions…a director and cameraman’s nightmare actually. The rest of us will sit around for hours waiting for the director to explain to the camera man what he wants and then we’ll get called in to stand on our spots and express feelings that the writer has conjured up on paper. Very exciting stuff here Liz.”

“Boy, it sounds like it. How do you put up with it?”

“The pay’s good?” Max winced at his remark and they both laughed.

“Hey, is there any special place you would like to go Liz, or any preference to what type of food?”

“Nope…I chose last time; it’s your turn.”

“Fair enough.” Max answered and closed the make shift book he had been reading.

“Do you like Mexican food?”

“Is the pope Catholic? But we just finished breakfast.” And they both laughed…

“Well, I thought we’d go to Olvera Street and since it’s also a tourist trap maybe we can just tour and graze.”

“That sounds like fun Max, let me tell Maria.” And so Liz told Maria and Michael they were on their own for a few hours and met Max at the back door…

They arrived at their destination right at 11:30 and Liz had to giggle…they were ahead of the tourists and it was great, they could browse and look over everything without having to crane their necks and wonder what was going on…Max reached across the seat, invading Liz’s space, and reached into the glove box, pulled a ball cap out and placed it on his head. He got out of the car and made his way around the front of the car to the other side and helped Liz out. She looked up at him and grinned…he did look a little different but not that much. Well, if it worked for him it was okay with her... “Do I get one too?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“If you want one I think that can be arranged, let’s look around.” And Max returned her grin and then asked,

“Would you like to go into a restaurant or …”

And before he could finish that statement Liz looked up into those honey colored eyes and was almost taken in for a minute before replying…

“No, I think I’d just like to graze, like you said Max, a little of this, a little of that, okay?”

She didn’t understand the sudden butterflies in her stomach; she thought she was over that a long time ago when it was ridiculous to start something that wouldn’t last but a month or two…no, this wasn’t going to happen again. Their lives were too different…

“Sure…what would you like first?” Max noticed the strange look on Liz’s face but he wasn’t about to question her, if something was wrong she’d say so. He didn’t feel that she was the type of person to hold anything back and since she had shared his bed the last two nights he knew she wasn’t afraid of him.

“I think some taquitos to start; I love them, even if I’m not in the least bit hungry.”

“Taquitos it is.” And they made their way over to the street vendor and ordered two orders to start.

They walked up and down the street, in and out of shops and ate as they walked. They sampled everything they saw.

“Do you think Maria and Michael are expecting us for dinner?” Max asked, he knew Michael wouldn’t care one way or the other but he didn’t want to impose too much on Maria.

“Why don’t I call and tell Maria we’ll pick something up and bring it back with us…and ask her what time she’d like dinner.”

“That’s a great idea…ask her if she likes barbecue…I know Michael likes what I’m thinking about but would Maria.”

“Maria loves barbecue Max and so do I so just let me give her a call.”

It was close to 3:00 when Liz called and Maria told her that she and Michael had eaten a sandwich about 1:00 so they probably wouldn’t be ready for dinner until about six or so.

“Great, Max and I are going to stop and pick up some barbecue, just a sec okay?”

“Max, are we getting sandwiches, entrée’s or what”

“We have our choice, what do you think?” Max answered as Maria listened in,

“Well, should Maria get any sides ready?”

Max thought for a minute…

“No, they have sides where we’re going and anything else we want we’ll stop and get them. Tell her Michael has paper plates in the pantry and to use them…we won’t need china tonight.”

“Did you hear that Maria?”

“Yeah, and it sounds great. I’ll tell Michael. He’s asleep right now; I think that machine takes a lot out of him.”

“I’m sure it does Maria and those pain pills will make him drowsy too. Sleep is also a good healer. We’ll see you in a bit.”

“Okay, and Liz, have fun.”

“I will Maria, honest.” And the old friends rang off.

Max smiled and raised his eyebrows in question…

“She wants us to have fun.” And Max grinned…

“Liz, would you like to go out this coming Friday, out on a proper date?”

“Oh Max, our folks are all coming in on Thursday. Maria’s mom is a wreck and doesn’t believe that she’s okay so she has to see for herself. My parents are coming in with her because Maria’s mom is kind of flighty and they don’t want her traveling alone. Maria says she won’t leave Michael so we will probably be over at Michael’s. I’m sure we’ll see you there, right?”

“You can count on it Liz. And thank you for spending this afternoon with me.” Max wanted to kiss her so badly but he knew she would probably balk at the idea so he gave her hand a squeeze as they walked to the car and he smiled when she didn’t pull away.

After the two left Olvera Street Max headed over to Griffith Park Planetarium and they made it just in time for the 3:00 p.m. showing and then he headed to Michael’s and his favorite barbecue place in the entire Los Angeles area, a little hole in the wall that had been there since WWII. Max ordered pork ribs, barbecued beef sandwiches and barbecued chickens. Whole chickens.

“Max, who’s going to eat all of this?”

“Michael and me, we’ll leave some for you honest.” And Max grinned.

“Come on Liz, now let’s head over to the Colonel’s and get some coleslaw, corn on the cob and some biscuits.”

“You’re insane.” And Liz was laughing at Max and all the food he was buying. He did limit the corn to 8 ears, since they were only corn sections, and one quart of coleslaw. By 6:00 p.m. they pulled into Michael’s drive way and started unloading the car…

“Michael said I should come out and help you. He seems to think…” and then she stopped and her eyes got really big…

“My God what did you buy Max?” And Liz started laughing…

“I think they are planning on inviting the neighbors Maria.” Max grinned as he said…

“Michael and I are very selective about who we share our barbecue with, consider yourselves lucky.” And he headed on into the house with his arms full of food. Maria and Liz picked up the slack and followed behind. Liz didn’t know if she was going to survive Michael’s recuperation or not without gaining a hundred pounds. One thing was for certain, she intended to swim laps tomorrow before she ever left for work.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:22 11/16/12

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Carolyn: Hey, sometime it's the best medicine! :D
Eve: Hi Eve, I left two messages for you explaining Liz's reasoning.... :D
Cardinal: I'm not so sure she treated him 'poorly' as much as she treated him 'rationally'. Maybe it will become clearer soon? I hope! :D


Chapter: 22


Max left early in the morning for the studio and Liz helped Maria get Michael ready to go with her and then she cleaned up the kitchen from the breakfast they had before taking Maria and Michael to Capital Records. She then drove herself home and did some laundry; made sure the spare rooms were ready for visitors and got herself ready for her twelve hour shift. She wondered if Max had taken the time to make an appointment for himself with Dr. McHenry. She would find out soon enough.


Maria and Michael made it into Capital right on time without any problems and Michael was handling his crutches like a pro, Liz would be back between 1:00 and 1:30 to take them back to Michaels. Maria was slowly getting comfortable with the entire accident ordeal and Michael couldn’t have been more pleased.

The CEO himself was there to greet them as they entered the building that lead to the executive elevator to his office and he escorted both of them to his penthouse office on the 34th floor. To say the CEO was impressed with Maria’s representative was an understatement…Michael may have only one client but his reputation well preceded him, it was very well known that Max Evans definitely had one of the shrewdest business reps in the business.

After Maria had made her introductions and was assured that Michael was comfortable, which made Michael grin in spite of himself, she asked Mr. Ericson if he had her contract ready for Michael to read, which he assured her he had, and that Michael could make himself comfortable reading it while he called for his attorney to join them as well. Michael nodded in assent and Mr. Ericson excused himself to make his phone call.

Michael read the contract over and explained every detail to Maria as he proceeded and then asked her if it met all of her criteria and if there was anything she would like to change and she said it was exactly as she wanted it.

“Maria, Michael I would like to introduce you to Capital Records contract attorney, Ed Johnson. Ed this is Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca. We all know why we’re here so let’s get down to business shall we?”

Michael stood on his good leg and shook Ed’s hand and then nodded to Maria as he said…

“Nice to meet you Ed; I’ve read the contract you have prepared for Maria and find that everything is in order and to Maria’s specifications so it won’t take long to complete the legal end of her deal…then she’s ready to start recording.”

“Well, I’m happy to hear that Michael, are the monetary agreements to your liking as well?” Mr. Johnson wanted to know.

“Maria, are you okay with the monetary provisions?” Michael wanted to know. He personally felt that they were more than adequate for the time being.

“What do you think Michael?”

“I think they are fine as written, I would like the opportunity to renegotiate at a future date should the demands on your time be increased. Is that agreeable with you two?” Michael nodded to the CEO and the Attorney in question.

“Absolutely, we will add a new paragraph to the deal if you’ll just give us a second or two.” And Ed Johnson reached down into his brief case and retrieved his lap top, made some entries and it wasn’t but two minutes later that a secretary walked in with new copies of the contract ready for signatures. Ed Johnson tore the original copies in half and handed them to the secretary with explicit instructions to shred them before doing anything else and the woman left.

“Here you go Michael; see if that covers what you had in mind.”

Michael took the newly printed contract and read it, pointing out to Maria where the new clause had been inserted and nodded his approval.

“Well, it looks like everything is in order. Would you like to sign these Maria?”

“Of course, I want Michael to sign as witness to the deal after you sign as well Mr. Ericson.”

Ericson smiled, she had either been well schooled or she knew a whole lot more about the business world than she was letting on…and then he remembered, a record company had tried this once before. She learned well.

It was about 10:00 a.m. when Maria and Michael finally headed down to the recording studio for a meeting with the music director to choose the songs that would be on her album and Michael sat and listened as the discussion between the two people got involved…the director tried to throw in a couple of songs that Maria wasn’t too pleased with and she looked to Michael, who had placed himself strategically at the end of the discussion table and tried to remain inconspicuous. Michael looked at the director and smiled…then said,

“She has final say…it’s in her contract, just call Ericson. If she’s not comfortable with it she doesn’t have to do it.”

“Since when?” The director was getting just a tad testy…

“Since 10:00 a.m. this morning. She has final say about what she does and doesn’t do. Bottom line, she tells you what’s going to be.” Maria was impressed; Michael wasn’t going to let anyone push her around and she knew she had made the right decision.

“When would you like to start recording; I need to let my friend know whether or not she has to pick us up today. If you want to start recording today we will have to arrange for transportation because my friend, who dropped us off, has to be to work by 3:00.” Maria explained, and then she looked at Michael…they needed to get him home; he was starting to look a little puny.

“How about next week sometime Maria, by the time we get the arrangements ready and the musicians lined up it will take a little time. Are you sure you just want to go with twelve songs on the first CD? We could add a couple more.” Al, the director wanted to know.

“I’m sure twelve is enough. Let’s save some good ones for the second CD.” And they all laughed. She was definitely sure there were going to be a whole lot more than just one CD.

“Fair enough, and while you’re at it you think about which one of these you want to do a video of okay. The video will definitely sell the CD Maria. Call your friend and tell her to pick you up anytime. We’ll be in touch and let you know when we’re ready. Mr. Ericson wants us to put this at the top of the list so it shouldn’t be too long.”

“Thanks Al, all of my data is in the computer I’m sure. We’ll be in touch.”

Maria and Michael left the recording studio and headed back to the main lobby to wait for Liz.

When Michael and Maria exited the elevator Liz was just entering the front double doors and was ready to leave her name at the receptionist’s desk when she noticed her friends exit and how animated Maria was. She could only assume that the meeting had been everything Maria was looking for.

Michael looked a little tired but none the worse for wear and Liz smiled. She was extremely happy for her friend and only wished that she and Michael could have met under different circumstances but either way they seemed to be enjoying each other tremendously.

“Hey guys, you both look happy; things went well I take it.” Liz smiled at her friends as she spoke and hugged Maria warmly.

“Yeah Liz, it was all written up just the way I wanted it and they are going to make a video of a song that I get to choose. Maybe we could all choose something together. You know, four heads will be better than one or something like that.”

Liz and Michael both smiled at the statement and then Liz spoke up when a thought crossed her mind…

“Maria, let’s wait until the folks get here and let them help, I’ll bet they’ll love it. We can use Michael’s media room as an audition room; what do you think Michael?”

“I think that’s a great idea Liz, that’ll be perfect.”

Maria and Michael both smiled, Liz was right. It would be like a private show with all of them deciding what they liked best, why they liked it and throwing in ideas that maybe one or more of them hadn’t thought of.

And so the discussion went as they drove back to Michael’s; it would be a lot of fun to hang around for the rest of the day but duty called so Liz dropped her two friends off and headed back out to the freeway to make her way to work.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:23 11/23/12

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Carolyn: I think we're getting close to the truth about the nightmares, and yes, Maria and Michael are doing great. :D
Natalie36: I truly am happy you're enjoying to fic. For some reason the song, which is the title, just sort of helped things along. :wink:
Eve: Glad the notes helped and yes, it helps to have someone who understands the ins and outs of contracts to be there with you, definitely.


Chapter: 23

Traffic was moving right along, much to Liz’s relief, and she was exiting the elevator on her floor right at 2:45 and was greeted with smiles from practically all of her coworkers. She returned the smiles and wondered what the attention was all about when Jenny greeted her with a weekly media rag that had been circulating on the floor…

“So Liz, just how is Max Evans these days?”

Liz grinned and thought for a minute and then decided to just go for it, what was the use in denying anything, the truth was always the easiest when things like this came out…

“Well, he’s not much different now than he was when we were in high school. Maybe a little bit better looking but not much and he still has the same sense of humor and is always the perfect gentleman. I don’t know what else I can tell you. He’s Michael’s best friend, and I’ve known Michael that long as well so-ohhh, what else do you want to know?”

“Do you mean you went to high school with him?” Rosemary asked with awe in her voice…

Liz giggled out loud at her co-worker then answered...

“No, we didn’t go to high school together. He grew up in Roswell, New Mexico where my aunt and uncle own a restaurant/diner type of establishment. I worked there one summer and Michael was the short order cook. All of the teen agers hung out at the diner and Max was among them. We became acquainted then; I was only there for 2 ½ months. My parents had spent that summer in Europe and I spent the summer in Roswell. That’s where we met and then got reacquainted two weeks ago when Michael was brought in with his injuries. If the opportunity arises I will definitely introduce him to you…I am sure you will like him.” And Liz smiled as they all stood there slack jawed as Liz continued...

“We all grow up somewhere girls, and that’s where Max grew up.” Liz added as she put her keys in her pocket and started checking charts.

Jenny grinned as Liz busied herself and those that were leaving at three made themselves scarce as the other two brought the three coming on duty up to date with the new patients. Then Jenny went over and whispered to Liz when they were alone….

“What’s he really like Liz?”

“Jenny, I wasn’t kidding. I did meet him in high school and Maria is staying with Michael as is Max. I was there over the week-end overseeing Michael’s therapy and his overall care, making sure the equipment was working and Maria and Max had a handle on everything.

Max and I went to Olvera St. for lunch and had a nice visit catching up. He introduced Maria and me to that barbecue place across from Griffith Park and let me tell you that food is scrumptious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat like those two in my life. Honest to God Jenny, they ate beef, pork, chicken and sides plus bread and anything that wasn’t nailed down. Maria and I sat and watched in true amazement.

Oh, and Maria got a recording contract with Capital and will be on MTV soon. Can you believe it? So don‘t believe everything you read in those rags Jenny…the poor man has a ball cap in his glove box that he puts on in the heat of the day trying his best just to have a normal afternoon in the public sector. It’s positively disgusting the way people act sometime.”

“Well I guess it would be kind of difficult to try to live a normal life when people won’t even allow you to enjoy a taco in peace with your girlfriend." Jenny quipped.

“Well I’m a girl and Max is an acquaintance but I would not classify myself as Max’s girlfriend Jenny, not even close.” Liz answered.

“Hmmm, well the tabloids don’t agree with you Liz. Apparently the only time Max Evans has been seen with a female companion is at a premiere or a staged event. He has never been linked with a female in the tabloids before this week-end.”

“Well, trust me; there was nothing romantic about this week-end. The man gets up at the crack of dawn; he works long hours and he is very conscientious about his work as well. He and Michael hang out a lot and mostly spend time working out together in their spare time. He doesn’t keep that body looking like that just by watching his diet, trust me. And the way those two eat he must spend every spare minute in a gym. “

Jenny looked at her friend and smiled…”It’s your story Liz but I think you need to look at the pictures they’ve got posted of you two. They surely don’t look like a couple of friends posted there.”

And she handed the paper to Liz who read the headlines before checking out the photos; what she saw took her breath away. Max Evans was looking at her like she was his next meal. The hunger in his eyes was so apparent that even a kid would be able to see what he was feeling and she wasn’t making it up. It was there and she was returning the look pretty much the same way. “Oh God” she thought to herself…she did not want her mother seeing this; she’d be on the phone the first chance she had. “Damn!” She truly didn’t want to have to listen to this.

“Jenny, that is totally in your imagination, honest.” Liz denied what the pictures were saying.

“If you say so Liz, but it sure looks like you two are really into each other.”

“Well, it may look that way but look at it from where I’m sitting. Max is an actor, he makes his living by emoting and I’m enjoying a conversation. That’s it. Nothing else! Okay?”

“Yep, it’s okay; now let’s do rounds before I leave.” And the two nurses started to make their rounds together, checking on their charges.


Max was just about ready to head out to his trailer when he was met with one of the producers of the show heading his way with a big grin on his face and what looked like a paper rolled up in his hands...

“Max; anything you’d like to share with the class?” Max wasn’t really sure he liked this man or not and right now he was pretty sure a definite decision was about to be made.

“What’s up Joe?” Max asked, just a little more than confused about the man’s question and his uninvited intrusion into his space. He was permitted a break occasionally and this was one of them.

“How were the tacos?” Joe asked. Max looked confused.

“Tacos?” Max queried…

Joe held the paper out to Max who merely took the rag and held it as he waited for a reply.

“Tacos, young lady, Olvera St, Sunday?”

“Well, if you’re referring to my day off and my trip to Olvera Street with a friend then I have to admit that the tacos were very good as always and the company was most welcomed. Do you have a problem with my choice of locales for lunch?”

Max was trying very hard to remain civil with the man but the effort was rapidly losing ground; he had been up since 4:30 and was in dire need of a rest if not a good long nap while the cameraman and the director got their shit together.

“No, not at all Max, your time is your own I was just wondering who the lovely lady is?”

“Well, I’m glad to know that I’m not breaking any rules by having lunch with a friend and who the lovely ladies are that I choose to have lunch with goes along with the privacy clause in my contract. I’m not so sure she would appreciate seeing her name blasted out there for the entire world to see when the only thing that was going on was lunch. Now if you’ll excuse me I really need to get to my trailer; some personal business to take care of, if you know what I mean?”

Max left Joe standing in the parking lot as he entered his trailer still carrying the paper the man had shoved into his hand. He had to see for himself what the hell was going on and then he took a look.

‘Oh my God! Whoever took these deserves a medal…Liz looks positively enchanting and the looks on our faces, damn. I hope Liz doesn’t see this!!!’

and then he laughed…”Fat chance of her missing this” and he really laughed. It would be all over the world by 5:00 p.m. Oh well, the camera usually doesn’t lie and Max liked what he saw.


Maria decided to use up all of the barbecue that was left over to make dinner for her and Michael; Michael assured her that Max would eat at the studio before coming home. The days they actually shot scenes were very unpredictable and sometime Max actually spent the night in his trailer. Maria was fine with that news…she felt that Michael had over done it today and he had fallen asleep before he had even used his therapy machine; Liz was going to kill them.

“Michael, you need to use that machine, now!” Michael had to laugh; she was so serious sometimes…

“Maria, chill…I think I had more than enough exercise today.”

“Michael, Liz will take us both out…no you need to use the machine. That was not good exercise; not the healing kind. Now let me hook you up and then we can eat in here while you just sit there and stretch. After that we can get comfy and watch a movie.”

“When does your mother get here Maria? I’m going to miss you.”

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be here with you; she’ll be fine at the apartment.”

Michael was shocked that Maria would ignore her mother’s visit to stay with him but he knew from experience that she needed the reassurance that he was going to be fine in order to get through this without totally losing it. Max had told him all about the chapel episode and Maria truly needed to be with Michael during his recovery and it was turning into a whole lot more for Michael; he just hoped that she was feeling the same way.

“Well, you know I have plenty of room here if you want to invite her to come and stay here with you. It would make it easier for all of you…Liz can bring her folks too. I think it would be nice to have a house full for a change. What do you say?”

Maria was in a state of shock…Then she thought about it,

“You know what Michael; I think they would like that. I’ll ask them after I talk it over with Liz.”

“Great Maria, let me know. I may have to call the grocer and have an order delivered, let me know what you need.” And Maria looked at Michael like he’d grown a second head.

“You order your groceries delivered?”

“Yeah, only when I need more than a box of cereal and a gallon of milk; I just call them up and tell them what I want and they deliver it, saves me an awfully lot of time.”

“Michael, you represent Max, how much time does that take?”

“You’d be surprised Maria. Appreciate that I have no office or administrative help. I do it all myself so there’s a whole lot more than you are aware of. Someday maybe I’ll hire a secretary but right now I’m fine dealing with it all myself but the fact that I don’t shop does help. So, you make up a grocery list and I’ll take care of it. Just invite them all over here. The name of the cleaning lady is on the kitchen eraser board hanging on the inside of the pantry door. Give her a call and tell her to prepare all of the bedrooms and bring some extra ladies for a good going over before Thursday.”

Maria looked at the beautiful man lying there in bed and wanted to kiss him but their relationship had not reached that level; yet!

“Okay Michael, but I still think I should discuss this with Liz.”

“Go ahead, but I’m sure she’ll be fine with it.”

“Great.” And Maria left Michael to his stretching while she headed back to the kitchen to prepare their left over dinner and to make a few phone calls.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:24 11/29/12

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Cardinal: Hey there big guy, the photo gave Max a "TINY" nudge in the right direction, not much this chapter but it's a start! :wink: As for Maria, I'm just not sure where she's headed right now...you're probably right, maybe she needs to see a shrink with Max!!! :roll:
Carolyn: :) A trip to the grocery store used to be fun for me too. My husband actually sprayed my kids with the vegetable sprayer on many occasions and if the piped in music played a song he liked he would grab me and start dancing...yep, grocery shopping was fun! :)
Natalie36:So happy to have you reading along. Max and Liz have a talk about the photo this chapter, I think the conversation went well. :wink:
Eve: I think they're figuring it out... :D

Chapter: 24

Liz had just entered the cafeteria to have a snack and a much needed rest when she was joined by Max who remembered her work habits quite well.

“Hey Max,” then she noticed what he was carrying, “I see you saw it. I don’t think my mother has yet, no phone calls.”

And Max laughed. She was taking this whole thing a lot better than he was…he wanted so badly to keep this as quiet as he possibly could. He wanted a chance to pursue a relationship in a normal manner and not have to hide like a criminal to keep it out of the public’s eye. Of course he wasn’t sure Liz wanted what he wanted just yet but he was definitely doing his best to work up to it.

“I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t want you to have to hide from life like I do…it’s a damned shame we can’t even enjoy a taco on Sunday afternoon without the world making a federal case out of it.”

“It’s okay, really Max. Have you taken a good look at the pictures? They aren’t half bad considering they weren’t posed for; don’t you think?” Liz took a sip of her juice as she looked at Max and smiled…

“It looks like this is bothering me more than it is you.” Max snorted.

“Well, I was confronted with it the second I got off the elevator at a quarter to three so I sort of got myself used to it by now. It’s okay, honest. I told the girls the truth such as it is…that we’ve known each other since we were teens and that I would introduce them to you if they’d like. I didn’t know how else to deal with it. Are you okay with meeting them?”

Max sighed and then nodded in agreement before speaking…

“Of course I’ll meet them but let’s not set up any autograph appointments just yet okay. I’m sort of locked in this week. Oh, and have you heard from Maria? Michael has invited everyone to his place for the extended week-end. He has the room and told Maria to call the cleaning crew in. He also has the name of a really good cook if you guys want to just relax.”

“No, I haven’t heard the news yet but it sounds like a very reasonable solution under the circumstances. You know Maria planned on staying at Michael’s and just visiting with her mom and then she and Michael both had the idea that we should all be in on choosing which of Maria’s songs should be used for her video. This way we can use Michael’s media room for the audition.”

Liz giggled as she made quote marks with her fingers for the word audition…Max joined in on the joviality of the situation.

Max was hoping Liz would agree to the week-end arrangement since it would give him a chance to get to know her folks without the media being a problem. He figured he was now going to be living in a great big fish bowl for quite a while and he wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

Liz finished up her light snack with a pat on Max’s hand and excused herself to go back to work and Max saw her to the elevator…

“Max, do you want to come up and say hello to the ladies?” She gave Max a sly little look and he grinned.

“Do you want me to?” He was holding the elevator door open for her,

“Nah, I’m just teasing. There are a few new patients up there today and I don’t think we should add any outside excitement to the situation this evening. You would probably cause a huge disturbance if you just showed up for a little visit.

When you were there to visit Michael it was a dire situation and thank God they had the manners to leave you alone but the emergency is over now and who knows what they’d do now. Especially since they know that we are friends.

No, let’s leave it to a better time. And thank you for coming over tonight Max; I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and I am okay with the tabloids, honest. As long as they stay away from the hospital I’m fine.”

Max smiled…

“Liz, they really don’t know who you are yet so I think you might be safe. I’ll try to stay away from here and keep them off your trail as long as I can but I just had to make sure you were okay.”

“It’s okay Max, I understand…and I am okay with it. I know you’re a public icon so I guess it goes with the territory.”

“Well, I don’t know about the icon but yes it does go with the territory but it still doesn’t make it any easier. I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon.”

“I should be up about 9:30 or so…then I’m headed over to Michael’s to make sure things are okay over there so I’ll talk to you later.”

“Great, and if I don’t see you before I guess I’ll see you on Thursday.”

“Yes you will, goodnight Max, sleep tight…oh, and did you call Dr. McHenry?”

“Yes, I see him on Friday. Thank you.”

And Liz touched his arm as she entered the elevator; Max couldn’t resist…he leaned in and kissed her forehead before releasing the door, standing there watching as it closed.

Liz reached up and touched her forehead and smiled the whole way to her floor…it would have taken a bomb to remove that smile and Max Evans practically danced to his car that was parked in the upper visitor’s parking lot.

It was right at 7:00 o’clock, 9:00 Roswell time, when the phone rang at the nurses’ station…Rebecca was the one to answer,

“Third floor surgery, Rebecca speaking.” Becky was a little surprised that the person on the other line wanted to speak with Liz. Usually this phone was for hospital use only and the person on the other end would normally identify themselves before making a request. So when they asked to speak with Liz she was taken aback by it all.

“Liz, this is for you; I have no idea who it is, she didn’t say.”

Liz looked concerned as she took the phone from Becky and smiled as she mouthed a ‘thank you’ to the young nurse.

“Hello, this is Liz. How may I help you?”

“Hi Liz, this is mom.”

“Mom, I know why you’re calling and it will have to wait. I’ll call you tomorrow with our new plans and the pictures are not what they seem. Goodbye.” And Liz hung up on her mother. ‘Damn’, she hated to do that to the woman but she knew better than to call her at work. ‘Shit’, I should have told her to call Maria.

“Becky, I’m going to the ladies room, be right back.”

Becky smiled, she understood how mothers could be and she sympathized with Liz; ‘her mom knows better’ she thought, ‘and it’s not like it’s a life and death situation; poor Liz.’

When Liz got to the ladies room she turned the cell phone on that was in her pocket and noticed she’d had five messages from her mom since 3:30 p.m. Oh hell…she didn’t have time for this. She speed dialed Maria…

“Maria, call my mother for me. I know you haven’t seen the blasted paper with all the pictures in it but call and explain to my mother about Max Evans. Someone took our picture at Olvera Street and it’s all over the front pages of that rag that keeps showing up everywhere. She’s called my cell 5 times and now I just hung up on her at the nurses’ station. The woman knows better, just call her for me. I have to go.”

Maria started laughing…

“I’ll definitely call her Liz, will you be able to stay here at Michael’s. I know we need to talk….” Liz cut her off.

“Maria, Max came by on my break and talked to me…yes we’ll come. Tell mom about that too and anything else she wants to know. I have no secrets and no time. Bye.” And Liz hung up. Sheeese!!!

“What was that all about?” Michael wanted to know. He wouldn’t have asked except Maria’s eyes were practically dancing out of her head…

“Liz and Max were apparently captured on film at Olvera Street and now her mom is calling her at work. She wants me to call her mom and answer any and all questions. Oh…and apparently Max went to the hospital and spent Liz’s lunch break with her. She said the week-end here sounds fine. He actually went and sat with her for 20 minutes Michael. Can you believe it?”

“Yeah, I believe it Maria. Hey, do you think you can run out and get us a paper? I’d like to have a look at these pictures that are causing all of this uproar and I am happy that they are all coming here for the week-end. It will make things so much easier on all of us. Now, go give Rosie a call and get a pencil and paper. We need to make up a grocery list.”

Maria just smiled as she dialed Nancy’s cell.

“Hi Nancy, Liz told me to call you. What’s up?”

And so the conversation went on until Nancy Parker was brought up to speed on everything the girls had been doing since the accident and then Maria finally had to beg off.

“Nancy, it’s time for Michael’s therapy and if I don’t take care of him Liz will kill me. I’ll see you Thursday afternoon. Just drive to Liz’s and she’ll bring you over to Michael’s.”

“Maria honey, are you sure there’s enough room?”

“Trust me Nancy, the Tumbleweed motel doesn’t have as much room.” And both women laughed, as did Michael.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:25 12/6/12

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Ken: Just keep well old friend. :D
Carolyn: She's giving it her best shot! :wink:

Chapter: 25
Liz arrived home right at 3:30 a.m. dog tired and ready for some much needed rest when she noticed the answering machine blinking its little heart out on the kitchen counter. She looked at it and thought…”No! It’s mom, five messages on my cell phone wasn’t enough! God, get over it already!” She threw her keys and purse on the counter and made her way to her bathroom, took her tooth brush out and gave her teeth a quick going over, crawled out of her scrubs, released her hair from its tie and headed to her room. She couldn’t get there fast enough…her phone started. She took one look at the thing and unplugged it from the wall. To hell with the world, she was tired and she crawled into her bed with nothing on but a pair of underpants and a bra. ‘God… this feels good.’ she thought and she was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Max was just getting into his car when he thought about Liz and wondered if she got home alright. He was sure she had but he couldn’t get her off his mind and then he smiled. ‘She looks so cute in those damned scrubs, especially the pink ones like she had on tonight. Pink is definitely her color…and that freshly scrubbed look of hers’… and he growled, literally growled out loud. ‘Well, so much for trying to be cool Max Evans, it’s not going to work. You’re still hung up on her and I don’t think that fact will change anytime soon. Maybe in 50 years or so but not a minute sooner’…and Max Evans resigned himself to the fact that he was hung up on Liz Parker. He had been since he was 16 years old and that was never going to change.


Liz woke up right at 9:20 and felt like a new person…she was ready to take on the world once again and she stretched out and vaguely remembered the phone she had unplugged before crawling into bed…then she smiled. ‘It’s fine the way it is’ she thought to herself and just laid there, taking her time waking up and enjoying the feeling of a good rest.

‘Peace, that’s what I need, Peace!’ And she stretched one more time before throwing the covers back and rolling over to put her feet on the floor. Today was going to be a good day…she would see to it; and she smiled really big as she remembered a very tender, very sweet kiss to her forehead.


It was 10:30 Roswell time when Jeff Parker met his wife on the steps leading to the dining room of the Crashdown Café and asked her why she looked so tired.

“Nancy, didn’t you sleep well? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really, I called Liz and she hung up on me and then had the nerve to have Maria call me back and explain that paper to me.”

“Nancy Parker, did you call her at work?”

“Well, she wasn’t answering her cell phone and I left numerous messages on her house phone. She acted like I was intruding.”

“Well Nancy, you were. You know better than to call her at the hospital and she probably didn’t answer her cell phone because she was at the hospital. I can’t believe you would do that to her.”

Jeff Parker could not believe his wife. Liz was 27 years old, left home at the age of 18 and now all of a sudden her mother is infringing on her privacy. Nancy would have never tolerated this from her mother, not in a million years.

“Jeff, you saw those pictures. That’s Max Evans for God’s sake.”

“Yes it is Nancy and Betty told you that he grew up here in Roswell and that Michael used to work here. They were all friends and they all knew each other. What the hell has gotten into you? They were eating a taco for God’s sake and some idiot took a picture of them and now they’re making a federal case out of it. I don’t blame Liz for hanging up on you. What did Maria have to say?” And Nancy grinned as Jeff got a sheepish look on his face and led her back into the Crashdown and took a seat in the back booth where they could continue this conversation.

“You’re curious too. Maria is staying with Michael; he’s the one that plowed into her when she stopped dead on the freeway because she couldn’t see.

“She’s taking care of him, with Liz’s help, and Max is helping her with some of the care as well.

“Max took Liz to Olvera Street for tacos on Sunday and then they went to the planetarium because Liz loves the stars and besides that’s where they picked up the food for Sunday dinner, in the same park “Griffiths’s Park”.

“Max brought Liz back to Michaels, Liz made sure they knew how to adjust Michael’s machine and on Monday Liz went with Maria and Michael to Capital so Michael could look over the recording contract that Capital has for her.

‘We are going to be staying at Michael’s while we are there and Maria wants all of us to help her decide which song to use for her video in order to sell her album. That’s all that Maria had to say.”

“Well, it seems to me that Maria was very news worthy. What did she have to say about those pictures?”

“Maria said that people hang around all of the hot spots hoping to get a glimpse of a star…they take pictures and sell them to anyone who will buy them. That’s what happened with the photos. Maria said that Liz feels sorry for Max; that he even carries a ball cap in his glove box trying to remain anonymous…apparently it doesn’t always work. Maria said that they may have to buy Liz a ball cap as well now that her picture is plastered all over the world. We laughed at that remark but she’s probably right. Nothing spectacular is going on that Maria is aware of.”

“Well, the looks on their faces didn’t look like “nothing” if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I know what you mean but Maria said ‘no’ so I believe her. I don’t think she held anything back. She said Liz told her to tell me anything I wanted to know and I think she did.”

“Well, good for Maria. I’m glad to hear she has a contract, the girl has a beautiful voice and I for one am excited about helping her choose a song.” And Jeff meant every word.

“So am I Jeff and Amy is beside herself with excitement as well; I think this is going to be a great little side trip.”

“I think you’re right.” And the two older Parkers sat and drank their coffee while contemplating the pictures that “didn’t” mean anything.

Liz went over to see Michael and Maria before going to the hospital and Maria filled her in on everything that had taken place with her mother.

“Liz, why don’t you call her, you know she’s dying to hear from you.”

“Not really Maria, she’s dying to hear the gossip and you’ve filled her in on it. That’s all she needs for today. It’s just too nice to have my mom on my case about things rattling around in her brain. Better you take care of her I’m not in the mood.”

“Well, if you say so girlfriend. And I have a confession to make. Michael only got two therapy sessions yesterday and I’m worried we screwed up. He fell asleep when we got back from Capital and I just couldn’t bring myself to wake him.”

Liz looked at Maria and smiled, she was taking her new job very seriously and, although it was serious, Michael would be fine.

“It’s alright Maria, his rest is as important as his treatments. I’m sure he’s doing fine, now let’s have a look.”

And so Liz followed Maria to the family room where Michael was sitting up on the couch lengthwise reading a book looking none the worse for wear.

“Well Michael, I hear you’ve been neglecting your duties. How do you feel?”

“Actually I feel great Liz. I haven’t needed any pain killers today and the leg really felt great after the therapy. I don’t think yesterday’s lack of exercise has harmed me in any way.”

“Well good, I’m glad to hear it. Let me take a look and see how that brace is holding up. Sometime they need a little tweaking after they’ve been used for a while.”

And Liz made herself busy checking the locks on Michael’s brace while Maria made herself busy in the kitchen getting lunch for all of them. She knew that Liz would be eating in the cafeteria again tonight and the salad she usually ordered would not be sufficient nourishment so she was doing a baked chicken breast sandwich for all of them with fresh fruit and a tossed salad. That should tide her over for a while.

Soon all three young adults were sitting around the kitchen table enjoying their lunch when Rosie came through the back entrance. Michael smiled and introduced the girls to his ‘occasional’ housekeeper and instructed Rosie to clean seven of the bedrooms and baths, they all needed fresh sheets and then the rest of the house should get a good going over. He wanted it all finished by Thursday afternoon and if she needed any extra help to go ahead and bring in some more girls.

Maria and Liz were both impressed and Rosie smiled as she left the kitchen to get busy. She told Michael that she would know better by this afternoon whether or not she needed more help and he just nodded as she left them to their lunch.

“Maria, do you want to hire a cook for the week-end too?”

Liz looked at Maria and the young woman smiled…

“Michael, I think my mom might be insulted if we did that. Why don’t we play it by ear and see how she feels. My mother loves to cook and I think she just might enjoy having the opportunity to cook for someone. I’ll call her, how’s that?”

“Please do. If she wants to cook that’s fine but if she would just rather relax and enjoy herself then we’ll call Angelina. She fixes just about everything you could want and if she doesn’t know how there’s always the internet.”

“I’ll call her Michael, and thank you.”

Liz just sat there and listened as she enjoyed her lunch. Angelina might be a good cook but Michael Guerin didn’t know what he was missing when it came to Amy DeLuca and cooking.


Across town Max Evans was listening to the director as he explained what he wanted from a love scene he was about to take part in and he remembered kissing Liz on the forehead the night before and got this huge grin on his face. She had the softest skin he had ever touched and then the director got a look at his star and said…

“Are we keeping you from something Max?”

Max looked at the man for a second, wondering what the hell he was talking about and then shook it off…

“No. No, go ahead. I’m with you.” And he smiled once again. He hadn’t even had a nightmare last night.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:26 12/13/12

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Carolyn: Hey, I know what you mean but I've found Marie, Callendar that is, does a fairly decent job on a lot of things. :wink:
Natalie 36: I'm glad he's alright too, anything else is just not acceptable... :D
Lizza: I have it on good authority that things are going to work out just fine!!! :D
Michelle: Hey Yay...if you miss this one then there'll be more down the road... :D
Eve: Just think "FLUFF" and you'll be happy! :wink:
Cardinal: Keep in mind that not all mother's are like that...according to my daughter some of us try so hard to not be like that that we go to extreme's the other way. There's just no pleasing some of the people is there? :P


I need to apologize for not finishing the update yesterday...I was ready to pitch the computer out in the driveway and then just gave up...so here we are today, success I hope.

Chapter: 26

Thursday Afternoon….

Liz had awakened right at 9:30 Thursday morning and had a nice leisurely swim after brushing her teeth and taking her vitamins. She had poured herself a glass of orange juice, grabbed herself a fluffy towel and made her way to the pool before 10:00. Maria had managed to serve some healthy lunches to her before she went to work but she still felt bloated and a little listless. She was used to a whole lot more activity than she had been getting for the past two weeks and she took advantage of the fact that she would only have this morning to herself for the next few days. Just as she was about to dive in and swim her laps her cell went off next to her towel and juice…


“Hi Liz,” She smiled…

“Hi Max…what’s up?”

“Just wanted to make sure the group would be at Michael’s this evening. I was going to call and see if Michael had everything ready and wanted to make sure of the number of guests before setting up reservations at The Alexander for dinner.”

“Oh Max, you don’t have to do that, that’s too much…we can barbecue or something.”

“No, I want to…we can barbecue tomorrow. I have an early day tomorrow and I’m meeting with Dr. McHenry at 2:00 so I should be able to be over at Michael’s by 4:00 at least and then we can do a nice barbecue and maybe listen to Maria. Maybe make some plans for Saturday. What do you say?”

“I’ll tell you what Max…dinner sounds good tonight and then we can talk about the rest of the week-end during our meal. How’s that. You know Michael is still recuperating and we don’t want to tire him out. He only had two therapy sessions on Monday and we don’t want too many repeats of that.”

“No I guess we don’t. What are you doing now?” Max didn’t want to hang up…

“I was just getting ready to swim laps when my phone rang…why? Did you have something in mind for this afternoon?”

“No, nothing at all, just wanted to hear your voice. I’ll see you tonight. Is 7:00 good enough for dinner and how many exactly are we talking about?”

“7:00 is fine Max and if you count yourself there will be 7 of us total, unless Amy is bringing a guest. According to mom she and Jim Valenti are getting quite close.”

“Maria’s mom and the sheriff? That Jim Valenti?”

“One and the same. I guess Amy is going back to Roswell instead of Florida. I’m not sure whether Maria knows this or not so please don’t spill the beans…I’ll talk to you later Max.”

Max chuckled…

“Yeah Liz, later.” And they rang off. Max couldn’t believe Amy and Jim were an item…will wonders ever cease and he chuckled some more.

“Come on Michael; let me help you into the bathroom.”

“Maria, trust me, I can make it to the bathroom very well on my own. I’ve been doing it for quite a few years now.” Maria laughed…

“Michael, we really overdid it today with the therapy machine. It was your first day with a two hour session and it has to be tiring. I don’t want you falling.”

“God Maria, you are going to drive our kids nuts.” Michael didn’t even realize what had just spewed forth from his mouth but Maria heard him loud and clear and pretended that she hadn’t…God, ‘our kids’, “the therapy does not tire me out, if anything it makes me feel better now let it go, you are not going to help me to the bathroom.”

About that time Rosie came in with clean sheets in her hand and looked at Maria standing there with a puzzled look on her face…

“Maria, if you want something to do you can help me change Michael’s sheets for him. This is the last room to do before I leave. I want to wash the dirty laundry and then the house is yours. Will all of your guests be staying the entire week-end?”

“Yes Rosie, they’ll be leaving Sunday. My mother is headed back to Roswell and Liz’s folks will be flying back to Florida. I think we will have a nice visit and Mr. Evans is taking all of us to dinner this evening.”

“I saw his picture in the paper with a young lady, is that your friend?”

“Yes it is. Liz has known Max and Michael since they were teenagers and it’s been nice catching up. Liz and Michael used to work together in Roswell.”

“Oh, so this is not romance for Mr. Evans?”

Maria giggled, Rosie is pumping for information…I wonder who wants to know?

“No Rosie, this is friendship for Mr. Evans. Liz is also the nurse who took care of Michael in the hospital and she is overseeing my care of Michael to make sure I am doing a good job. The only way Michael was permitted to leave the hospital was if someone would be here to take care of him so I said I would stay with him and Liz stayed the first couple of days to make sure I was doing things correctly. Max has been helping as well. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I have met Mr. Evans many times and I did not think he had a female friend but then the papers showed the pictures and it looked like a girlfriend, I was just wondering.”

“Well, we all know those papers make things up just to sell papers. You can’t believe everything you read.”

“No you cannot but you sometimes have to believe what you see and that did not look like friendship to me.”

Maria laughed, the woman was certainly observant…

“Well, in this case I think maybe you’ll have to forego what you saw. They have been friends for a very long time Rosie.”

“If you say so.” And the woman kept on changing sheets.


About 1:00 p.m. the doorbell rang to Liz’s apartment and she was ready to greet her guests. Clothes all packed for a long stay at Michael’s and everything was ready to go.

“Mom, Dad, Amy…it’s so good to see you. I hope you had a good trip.” And she proceeded to hug everyone.

“Liz, its’ so good to see you honey. Why didn’t you return my calls?” Liz stepped aside as they all entered the apartment and she rolled her eyes as she closed the door. Her father didn’t miss that action at all and was waiting for it…

“I won’t lie to you mom, I was busy. I have a very demanding job and you know it and yet you took it upon yourself to leave five messages on my cell phone which you know is turned off during work hours. That wasn’t good enough for you, you had to call the hospital and then when I get home the damned answering machine would have lit up the sky. Then, to top it off, my phone starts ringing at 3:45 a.m. Come on Mom, get real here. I called Maria on my break and told her to call you, to tell you the truth, which you don’t appreciate and besides I didn’t feel like talking to anyone; I was tired.”

Jeff made his way to the kitchen and took a soda out of the fridge and Amy headed for the bathroom. As a matter of fact Amy was a little surprised that Liz would speak to her mother like that and Jeff was relieved to hear his daughter, it took the limelight off him for a while.

It wouldn’t do any good for him to talk to Nancy like that, when she put her mind to something it wouldn’t make any difference whether it was going to upset someone or not. It was what she wanted and to hell with everyone else. Jeff knew this, Liz knew this and most everyone else just dealt with it but Liz had to stop the bullshit before they left the apartment so she lit into her mother. It wouldn’t bother Nancy at all and Liz knew it.

“Well, I think you could have called.”

“I’m sure you do but Mom, I had nothing to say to you about anything. Now, did you have a good trip, nothing spectacular happened did it?”

Jeff just sat at the counter drinking his soda and taking in the scenery out the kitchen window. It faced the pool and the scenery was looking pretty damned good to a middle aged man...

“Jeff, what are you looking at?” Nancy demanded…

“Bikinis Nancy, many bikinis…beautiful bikinis!” And Liz Parker laughed out loud at her dad while her mother grinned…’so much honesty, how in the hell was she going to cope with both of them around for four days?’

About that time Amy came out of the bathroom and remarked at how nice everything was.

“Not much has changed since your last visit Amy. We got a few new pictures at an artist’s street show a while back but that’s about it. How have you been?”

“Oh just fine Liz, I think I might settle down when I see Maria.”

“Oh she’s fine Amy, honest. And I really believe that taking care of Michael is the best therapy she can get right now. Seeing him improve daily and knowing that he won’t be paralyzed is the best medicine she can get and she’s doing a wonderful job with him. I don’t want to rush you but I am packed so we can leave whenever you’re ready.”

“Are you finished with your soda Jeff?” Nancy wanted to know.

“Sure, I’m ready when the rest of you are.” And Jeff took his can to the sink, rinsed it out and set it on the counter. He saw Liz’s two bags sitting by the front door and walked over to retrieve them while Liz made her way to the table to pick up her keys.

“We can put those in my car dad. I’m sure you have a load in your car. Just follow me, it isn’t too far once we get on the freeway. You’re going to really be impressed with Michael’s “estate”, and that’s exactly what it is. He bought it for back taxes and it’s truly a wonderful place. He only uses a few rooms and managed to keep all of the furnishings that came with it so don’t go thinking he has a female helping with decorating. Maria made sure she toured the entire place and of course, Maria being Maria, had all of her questions answered before her bags were unpacked.”

They all laughed as Liz made her way to her car…

“What’s this Michael like Liz?” Amy wanted to know.

“You’ll meet him in about twenty five minutes or so Amy and then you judge for yourself.”

Amy smiled a little and they all piled into their cars to make another short jaunt before relaxing.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Carolyn: Have a safe trip and a good time. I know that's pushing a lot of celebrating into a few days but just be sure to relax and enjoy it. My daughter had so much going on this year that she actually had her house decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving due to commitments and the Grace Cottage volunteer program they have every year. Never fear, she's the product of her mother!!! How's that for blowing your own horn. :roll: :lol:
Michelle: I think we've all discoverd Maria and Stauffer's is pretty good too. I also like Gorton's fish! As for the nosey maid...well, let's keep her guessing for a while. :wink:
Eve:Your snow is going to stop and we've been having flurries off and on for a week...As a matter of fact, I was watching a movie the other night that I had never seen before in my life. I have a satellite dish and five minutes before the movie was over I lost reception. I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on and when I looked out the window it was snowing like hell. My dish was full of snow and my tv was off for 2 hours. I never did figure out what happened. Oh well, so much for reruns, they do have their advantages. :)
Natalie; I think Liz is aware of the chemistry...she's in denial. :D
Ken:Don't feel old, even the young get worn out, honest. I think it would be very difficult to be married to a celebrity but I remember hearing Robert Mitchum say once in an interview what he was most proud of in his life and he replied: My 35 year marriage. I have no idea how long he had been married when he passed away but apparently he had only the one wife his entire life and he was proud of it. It raised him up in my esteem at that point. You have to remember that he was a star when I was very young and frankly I didn't like him because he scared the crap out of me as a kid. I was really too young to be seeing those movies but I went with my older cousins and I think it was my grandmothers way of getting rid of me for an afternoon. :roll:

Chapter: 27

Just as Liz predicted they were at Michael’s in exactly 25 minutes and Liz was keying in the code to open the gates. The three adults riding in the car behind her just gaped as they drove through the impressive iron gates and wound around the driveway to the back of the estate. Maria was there waiting, dancing around like a puppet on a string and Michael watched from the kitchen window; he felt safer there for some reason; actually he had good sense.

Liz was the first to get out of her car and before Jeff had his engine turned off Maria hadn’t even given her mother a chance to scoot across the seat of the rented vehicle before climbing in and hugging her fiercely. She hadn’t realized until just a minute ago that she was this excited about Amy’s visit…this was so wonderful and the others just stood and observed with tear clogged eyes.

“Oh mom, I’m so glad you came.” Was all that Maria could choke out and Amy wasn’t doing much better…

“It’s good to see you too honey. I am so happy to see that you are okay; you have no idea how worried I was. You made national news you know?”

“No, I didn’t know that. Michael was the only one that was seriously injured and with time and Liz’s constant mothering he’ll be fine. She keeps us on the straight and narrow so to speak. She’s been a real gem mom, so is Max. He is so helpful and he stays and gets Michael in and out of the shower safely, helps with meals and makes grocery runs; although Michael would rather do his hygiene chores himself Liz threatens him with sending him back to the hospital so he lets us help him. I think you’ll like him mom…he’s representing me at Capital…”

About that time Liz grabbed Maria by the head and looked her in the eye…

“Maria, Maria, look at me; let’s go into the house. Come on, they’re going to be here until Monday morning. I had dad change their tickets…now let’s go in. Max can grab the bags when he gets here.”

“Lizzie, go in, I’ll follow…we don’t need a lackey.”

“Alright dad, but I’ll help you then. Maria, take them inside and introduce them to Michael. We ARE his guests after all.”

Maria grinned,

“Michael said this is cheaper than the hospital and a whole lot more fun so I don’t think he minds.” And they all laughed.


Liz helped her dad in with all of the bags, took him up to the second floor on the small freight elevator off the back entrance and deposited the bags in the two extra bedrooms that Rosie had cleaned especially for them. They were definitely far enough away from Max’s room just in case he had another nightmare and her dad, well he was truly impressed.

“Liz, just what kind of money do these boys earn that they can afford to live like this?” Jeff Parker wanted to know... “The last I heard of Michael Guerin he and Max moved out here to California because Max was discovered by some modeling agency. Now look at them.”

“That’s true dad. A talent scout spotted Max at a photo shoot and the rest is history. Right now Max is in a weekly series that they just started shooting and when he got his first big break he paid for Michael to go to UCLA where he got his law degree. Now Michael is Max’s representative and it seems he has taken Maria on as a client also. They are very down to earth guys dad and lots of fun. You’ll like them; oh, Max is taking us all out to dinner this evening.”

“Well, I’m not so sure your mom and Amy brought any fancy clothes Liz…”

“I wouldn’t worry about it dad, Max would never take us somewhere where we had to put on the dog for anyone. He likes barbecue from a little stand in the park and tacos at Olvera St., he’s not one to put on airs if that’s what you’re worried about. Oh, if you don’t like these rooms, there’s more to choose from.”

“My God Liz, what’s not to like, this place is amazing.”

“Yeah it is isn’t it? Michael didn’t change a thing…he said he moved in with his clothes, his computer and his CDs, some books; everything else was here.”

“Well, it seems he was in the right place at the right time wasn’t he?”

“He sure was. I told Max if he ever came up with another place like this to let me know, but of course I probably couldn’t afford the taxes on the place. He just laughed at me.”

“Liz, you and Maria have a lovely place.”

“Yes we do dad, and it suits two single women but it isn’t ours. There’s the rub, it isn’t giving us any return on our money.”

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker, I can’t believe you just said that.” And they both laughed, “I guess you paid more attention to me when you were younger than I thought you had.”

“I guess I did dad.” And Jeff followed Liz down the long hallway to the stairway. Liz wanted him to see the view from the balcony, it overlooked this huge entry way with a beautiful marble floor and Jeff was very impressed to say the least…

“Isn’t it beautiful dad?”

“It certainly is.” And about that time the front door opened and a very tall, handsome, dark haired man entered and looked up and smiled at the young woman at the top of the stairs before taking notice of the man standing next to her…

Jeff followed those amber eyes and got a knot right in the middle of his stomach…’friends my ass, that boy’s in love.’ he thought to himself.

“Max, you’re early.” And Liz smiled as she all but ran down the steps to hug her ‘friend’.

Max hugged her back and watched the man, he assumed was Liz’s dad, descend the stairs. He was sure looking at him funny but then when he got to the last step he approached Max and held out his hand…

“Hello Max, I’m Jeff, Liz’s dad.”

“Hello Mr. Parker, it’s nice to meet you.”

“No, no Max, call me Jeff.”

“Jeff it is; have you been here long?”

“No we just arrived. Liz took me up with the bags on an elevator but she wanted me to see the view from the balcony so we walked back down. I’m glad we didn’t walk up though, I think Amy and Nancy packed for a year instead of a couple of weeks.” And Max and Liz both laughed.

“Liz needs to give them lessons. When she comes over to see about Michael’s care she has a back pack and that’s it.”

“When I come over to see about Michael’s care I can drive 25 minutes down the road and get what I need, mom and Amy can’t.”

Both men nodded and then Liz insisted that they find everyone else. Max was still confused about the way Jeff kept eyeing him and Liz was too excited to notice.


Everyone was seated very comfortably around the huge circular coffee table in the large family room having soft drinks and coffee, enjoying the snacks Maria had prepared that morning and then the subject of her recording session came up…

“Maria, why don’t you tell your mom what we’d like to do regarding the song you’re going to sing for your video?” Michael smiled at the young woman who had invaded his home as well as his heart.

“Right now Michael?”

“Now’s as good a time as any; you have a complete list of songs that you want to record already, some of which you want to save for your second album so let’s see what everyone likes. You can choose one of your own for your video or you can pick one out of the standards that are in your repertoire. I especially like “I can feel it in the air” but that’s just me; I haven’t heard all of them.” Michael said.

“Well, okay. Liz has heard most of mine because she listens to me pound them out on the keyboard or on the guitar but the rest haven’t heard many of them.”

“Well then, dig them out and let us read through the list and see what the titles sound like.”

“Well okay…” And Maria made a bee line for her room; she smiled at the thought of ‘her room’; she entered the space that held her possessions although she knew it wasn’t where she would be sleeping but it still made a good first impression on her mom. It also made her feel good to know that she had a room at Michaels; she really and truly liked him.


While Maria was gone Max asked everyone if Liz had told them they were all going out for dinner and Jeff spoke up right away…

“She told me Max but I haven’t really had a chance to tell Nancy and Amy yet…”

And Jeff was interrupted immediately…

“I hope you haven’t planned anything fancy Max; we haven’t brought anything with us to wear to a fancy place.”

Liz started to giggle and Max turned three shades of pink before speaking,

“No Nancy, nothing fancy, just good food I promise; although I hope you don’t think it’s a dive. You look fine the way you are, both of you look lovely.”

“Well, thank you Max but I think Lovely is pushing it a little.”

“Quite the contrary, you really do look lovely and pant suits are quite appropriate where we’re going.”

Liz smiled and nodded to her mother, she trusted Max completely… and yet she didn’t know why.


About that time Maria came back into the room carrying a huge folder full of music and they sat and laughed at her, she was not kidding when she said she had songs they had never heard before. There was a baby grand piano sitting over in the corner of the room and she went over and made herself comfortable and started playing songs. One after the other while everyone sat and enjoyed the private concert. Each one was as good as the other and when it came time to choose nobody could offer an idea.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:28 12/27/12

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Michelle: I think Maria is in her zone as they say, this is right up her alley. :wink:
As for fathers being like Jeff??? I personally have never met one that bad, not even like the one on the show. Although that stunt in the convenience store was a little bit much and I don 't blame him for ordering Liz not to see Max anymore based on the information he had...of course we all know how that turned out. It was usually the mothers who acted like Jeff and the fathers just watched on in silence until the storm was over and then talked it over with the moms. God, my son still calls me the little general sometime! :lol:
Lizza: Hi there, here's some more fuel...I think you'll like this one. We're still not at the real answers you're all looking for but this is ch: 28, in ch. 33 you'll find out more. :wink: :wink: Patience Lizza! :)
Eve: Well it certainly looks like everyone else sees something Liz isn't aware of...yet! :wink:
Cardinal: First off, thanks for the great Christmas present...wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! :D Now, to get back on this subject, I think these ladies might just be too enthralled with the eye candy and their surroundings to notice much more...yet. They'll get there, honest! They're really going to enjoy this visit! :D
Carolyn: I'm glad to see you think the pace is okay, some of my feed backers seem to be getting a little bent out of shape that the big question hasn't been answered yet, but it's on its way...honest. :)

Chapter: 28

Their first evening together went swimmingly, they never did choose a song for Maria’s video but they enjoyed the concert and decided to give it another go this evening after dinner, which they all chipped in to cook, first they eliminated the songs they didn’t think would work. They laughed and talked their way through dinner and to say that the three older adults were impressed with Liz and Maria’s new friends would be an understatement. All three of them were impressed with the two young men that their girls seemed to like a little more than they were admitting.


Max had made arrangements with the studio to shoot around him for the week-end; supplying the director with just enough truth to make it believable why he needed the time off.

He told him he had a doctor’s appointment and that he had no idea how long it would take, which was the truth, he just didn’t tell him what kind of doctor. The director understood a statement like that. You just never knew about those things and since Max didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn today last night was very pleasant indeed and he enjoyed sleeping in as well…it was a little lonesome but he managed to hug a pillow and get himself comfortable; Liz was doing the same thing in her room just a door away and everyone was relaxed and enjoying the quiet.

When Maria finally got up and made her way to Michael’s room, she had decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest to sleep in her own room, he was already awake and trying to adjust himself to get into his machine and she damned near had a heart attack!

“Michael Guerin, what in the name of all that’s holy are you doing? You shouldn’t be moving your leg into that position…lay back down there. Have you been to the bathroom?” She was about ready to have a coronary and Michael had to laugh.

“Relax Maria, my God; you’d think this was a life and death situation here the way you’re acting.”

“Well Michael, it might not mean your life but it certainly will determine how you walk for the rest of your life. Don’t let Liz find out you tried to do this, she’ll come down on you like the thunder of Thor.”

And Michael Guerin laughed, actually laughed at her as she ranted…about that time Jeff walked by and poked his nose in to see what the turmoil was and Maria began to tell her side of the story…

“He’s trying to get his therapy machine hooked up by himself Jeff, not that it’s that difficult to do but it puts his leg into a weird position in order to make the adjustments and if it sets wrong he’ll not walk properly and Liz will kill both of us.”

Jeff Parker wanted to laugh at Maria but knew better and besides she was right; he also knew how Michael felt about it all as well and decided to add a little to the conversation…

“Michael, accepting the help of the girls is not a bad thing you know. Liz really does know what she’s doing and Maria trusts her implicitly. It’s no disgrace at all Michael; now is there anything I can do to help get this show on the road or do you have enough hands in here already?” And Jeff smiled…he felt Maria calming down some and that was his intent all along.

“No Jeff, we’re fine; I can take it from here.” And Jeff smiled as he exited the room…

“Is everything under control in there?” Max asked as he peeked his nose out of his room.

“All under control for the time being…see you in the kitchen?”

“Yep, I’ll be down in about 15 minutes. Just need a quick shower and brush my teeth. It won’t take long…I have an appointment at 10:00 but there’s plenty of time. Do you think you can find everything okay?”

“If I don’t see it I’ll look for it; how’s that?”

Max grinned,

“Works for me.” And both men headed in their own directions.


By the time Max made his way to the kitchen Jeff had made the coffee and had cinnamon rolls baking in the oven; it smelled like heaven and Max grinned.

“I raided the freezer; I knew if Liz and Maria had anything to do with the shopping that I’d find these in there. They always have them on hand when we visit. I think you’ll like them; they aren’t as good as my mother’s but they are quite tasty.”

“It smells like it. Boy, I’ll probably have to hit the gym every morning before work if I keep eating here while the girls are here. They cook some pretty good food for busy ladies.”

“Yes they do, I admire them for taking the time; too many young people just eat on the run and then they don’t get the proper nourishment but Liz and Maria seem to be on the flip side of that coin. Maybe it’s because of Liz’s profession but I don’t think so…she’s always enjoyed home cooking so it only stands to reason that she would take the time to cook for herself and Maria. Of course, Maria is no slouch in the kitchen either. I guess she takes that after her mother; Amy has a small bakery there in Florida and it’s a very popular place for all age groups.”

“Really, Maria didn’t say anything about that.”

“Yeah, she’s had it since Maria was quite young. When Maria’s dad took off after she turned two he left Amy with a little money and not much else. Amy rented a small unit in the mall where she could keep Maria with her and she started out there. She now has her own building and a small crew working for her but she doesn’t want to get too big. Her theory is that if she gets too big the product will become sub-par and she doesn’t want that. She supplies quite a few of the better restaurants in town with pies also.”

“Well, how about that…then it does make sense.” Max agreed as the timer on the oven signaled that the buns were ready to be taken out. Jeff grinned as he prepared the bag of icing that would top the cinnamon rolls and started a zigzag pattern across the top of them.

Max sat and watched as he sipped his coffee and his mouth could hardly wait…

“Oh, it smells like dad is in the kitchen.” Liz said as she walked in and stood behind Max and watched her father with his project.

Both men smiled and said ‘good morning’ in unison and Liz returned the sentiment as she walked over to the cupboard to retrieve some plates to put the buns on, reached into the fridge and got out the butter and then went for the napkins and silverware. She sat everything on the counter next to the baking pan and helped herself to a cup of coffee and one of the buns and then joined the two men at the table.

“Well, what should we have when everyone wakes up besides these?” She asked as she pointed to her plate.

“I’m fine with just these for now.” Max answered and then Jeff looked at her while pondering the idea.

“How about we wait for the rest of the group to get down here; the way I figure it Michael has about thirty more minutes before Maria allows him the courtesy of taking care of himself,” Max and Liz both choked at that remark, “and then we can see what they would all like.”

“That sounds like a great idea dad, but if I eat these the way I want to eat them this will be more than enough.” Liz interjected…

“Well, if you eat those the way you want to eat them there won’t be any left for anyone else will there?” Max laughed at Jeff’s remark because Liz was definitely going to have help eating those, that’s for sure.

“Aw, come on dad, I’m not that bad.”

“Hmmm, we’ll see.” And Jeff continued to eat his cinnamon roll.

Before too long the kitchen started to fill up with people and they all made way for Michael to allow him to get himself comfortable while Maria tended to his every need. Michael was becoming quite embarrassed over the attention and Amy just smiled and squeezed his cheeks as she passed a plate containing a cinnamon roll on it. He didn’t know if he was going to survive the two DeLuca women for the next three days or not…they were actually like two peas in a pod.

Around 9:00 Max excused himself and made his way up to his room to get ready to leave for his appointment with Doctor McHenry and then he heard a knock at his door…

“It’s open,” He said in a raised voice and the next thing he knew Liz was standing in the doorway watching…

“Max, would you like me to go with you?” Max almost choked on his next words…

“Uh, no thanks Liz. You stay and enjoy your company; I’m fine with this, honest. When I get back maybe we can take the folks out to do some sightseeing. Hey, why don’t you call Culver City Limo service and hire us a stretch for the day?” Max reached into his pocket and handed Liz his credit card...”Here, use this. Set it up for pick up around 2:00. By that time you will have had plenty of food and conversation and we can end up at the pier in Long Beach and have some fun there for dinner or maybe San Pedro. Do you think they would like that?”

“I’m sure they’d love that Max, but we don’t want you spending all of this money on us, honest. We can pay for this…you just go take care of yourself and today the entertainment is on us. I’ll order up the limo and you just worry about taking care of yourself okay? I think this is a great idea…Michael will have room for his leg to stretch out, we can all enjoy the scenery and the limo driver can just take us on a guided tour…it’s fantastic Max!” And Liz ran over to Max and gave him a great big hug for his suggestion and then whispered in his ear…

“Thank you Max, you’ve been such a big help.” Max held Liz close for a little longer than he should have and whispered back, as a shiver ran down his spine, “It’s been my pleasure Liz, honest.” And he let go and moved away…

“Now, I have to get out of here or I’m going to be late. You take care of the arrangements and if I’m not back by 2:00 go ahead and leave without me and then I can give Michael a call on my cell and he can let me know where you are and I’ll meet you.”

“No, that’s not acceptable Max…we’ll wait for you and I’m sure you’ll be back by 2:00. McHenry eats lunch too you know.” And Liz giggled as Max shook his head at her…

“See you later short stuff.” Liz sort of giggled as she tried to act indignant, but it didn’t work…actually she kind of liked the nick name Max had just saddled her with and she moved out of his way and let him exit through the door…

“We’ll be waiting for you Max.” And Max grinned as he backed out of his room thinking ‘well that went well’ and he smiled a huge smile as he made his way down the stairs.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:29 1/3/13

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Carolyn: "Short Stuff" sticks in this story and I think this is the big revealing chapter, I could be wrong though becasuse I had a different number to put up on that nameless web site... :D
Eve: Short stuff was meant in the nicest of contexts, honest...and endearment actually. :)
Ken: You are causing my stomach to rumble with all that good "stuff"...I started a diet today since my granddaughter is getting married in May and I don't want to look like the "walrus" from California but if you keep it up I don't think I'll have the will power to stick to it. I hope all of those rolls were as good as they sounded. :D
Mihele: I think this is the chapter...As I said, I could be wrong, but it just may answer your question. :wink:

Chapter: 29

Max arrived at Doctor McHenry’s office about 15 minutes early, he figured he would have to fill papers out and such and he wanted to take advantage of every minute the doctor could spare him. He knew in his heart and soul what was causing his nightmares but he couldn’t for the life of him get them to stop.

After announcing himself to the receptionist and filling out the necessary information Max made himself comfortable in the waiting area with one of the books lying on the table in front of him. He had to laugh as he picked up one of the so called magazines that had his picture displayed on the front cover and decided to read things about himself that he wasn’t aware of.

These magazines always shocked him when he read them and he had learned a long time ago not to pay any attention to them…This was a weekly and there was a picture of him and Liz on the cover with headlines speculating who his love interest was this week? ‘This week my ass,’ Max thought to himself, ‘try the last ten years’. And he chuckled out loud, bringing the attention of the receptionist to him. Max just looked over in the girls’ direction and smiled and pointed…

“Something I didn’t know about myself again”…and she smiled knowingly.

They had a lot of public figures as patients and it was the same story over and over again. The sad thing was that the general public bought this stuff, including the doctor’s office.

It wasn’t long before Doctor McHenry came out into the waiting area and introduced himself…

“Hi Max it’s nice to meet you, come right in.” And Max followed the man’s lead into a very pleasant room that looked more like a den than a doctor’s office. There were comfortable chairs situated around a nice cozy fireplace, whether it was real or not Max didn’t know, and a very nice looking built in book shelf lined with many leather bound novels that were not necessarily books of the doctor’s trade and Max was impressed.

“Do you read Max?” The doctor asked as he noticed Max eyeing his collection of literature.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I do. It helps in my line of work to be familiar with many aspects of literature. There’s some pretty bad stuff out there and there are also some “great works” that I personally feel are trash as well. But hey, I’m not the expert, but yeah, I do read.”

Doctor McHenry laughed at Max’s statement, he had similar feelings regarding some of the ‘greats’ himself.

“Max, can you give me some idea why you’re here today. I understand that you are a friend of Nurse Liz Parker.”

“Yes, that’s correct. We met ten years ago when we were just teen agers and ran into each other again a few weeks ago.”

“I see, I understand you’re having nightmares that “would wake the dead” right?” Doctor McHenry indicated quotes in his statement regarding Max waking the dead…

“So I’m told, I know I wake up screaming but I don’t know about waking the dead.”

“Uh huh, and do you have any idea why you do this.”

“Yeah, I think I do…I just can’t seem to stop the dreams though.”

Now this statement shocked the doctor…most of his, no make that the majority of his patients had no clue what the cause of their problem was.

“Well Max, that’s a surprise. Can you tell me your theory on this problem?”

“Yeah, this Liz Parker, the one I just ran into again…I’ve been in love with her since I was sixteen. I know this sounds insane, but it’s true.

“When she came to stay in my home town for a couple of months one summer I did everything I could think of to get her to go out with me and she refused to have anything to do with me.

“She never gave me a reason for this and it was driving me nuts.

“Then, one Saturday evening, I saw her go into the movie theater with one of my classmates and the dreams started. I have no idea why. But in this dream I’m in a room, I’m all dressed up like a groom and then there are shadows on the wall. Then Liz walks by and I wake up screaming. I don’t have a clue, I just wake up screaming and this has been going on since I was 16.”

“I see. And this school mate of yours, did Liz continue to see him all summer?”

“I suppose, I don’t really know. My best friend worked in her aunt’s café also and he’s the only one I’ve ever confided this to, he said that she never showed any interest in any of the guys really. He said she was friendly with all of them but these dreams are becoming annoying to everyone around me and I would definitely like to be able to figure out how to stop them.”

“Well, let’s see if we can walk through this step by step and analyze just what you were feeling and are feeling after all of these years. You say you are still having these nightmares.”

“Yeah, just as loud as ever and it’s very annoying to other people.”

“Okay, walk me through this step by step.” Doctor McHenry urged…

Two hours later Max had surmised when he was a teen, with the help of Dr. McHenry, that he was not good enough for Liz and that she was hooked up with Kyle…his sub conscious had taken over and fixed him all up with an entirely bogus set of facts which, with the help of Dr. McHenry, he was able to rationalize in his adult mind. He left the doctor’s office with a new spring in his step and a promise to set up and appointment with him in the near future and he would bring Liz with him if he was not able to rectify this matter on his own.

Max Evans smiled as he entered his car and started the engine right at 12:45. It would give him plenty of time to get to his place, get a change of clothes and be back at Michael’s by two. He was also hoping for some alone time with Liz but this week-end was not about him and if he waited 10 years a couple more days would be nothing. He only hoped the nightmares were gone for good now that he realized that, as an adult, he was able to better deal with these things.


Max pulled into Michael’s driveway just as the limousine was pulling up to the front door…He pulled around back and parked in his usual spot and let himself in through the backdoor with his own key and made his way to the entry way where almost everyone had congregated….

“Max, you made it. I’m so glad. Did Doctor McHenry help any?”

Max smiled, his heart was fluttering he was so happy…

“Yes he did Liz and thank you. Where’s Michael?”

“Oh Maria is trying to help him into his pants and he of course doesn’t want her help, maybe you can speed things up, what do you say?”

“I’ll give it my best shot.” And Max made his way up the winding staircase to Michael’s room where he heard…

“Maria, this will go a helluva lot faster if you just get out of the way…now move.”

Max chuckled as he stuck his head in the doorway…

“I wonder who’s the most stubborn in here. Come on Maria, go get a coat and Michael sit your ass down on that bed so I can get that skinny ass pant leg over that brace for you. Why don’t you just put the pant inside the brace with the leg?”

“I don’t want it to look that conspicuous Max.”

“You don’t…” Max trailed off “ah for God’s sake Mike, put the damned pants on and let’s go. You aren’t dressing for the Emmy’s for Christ’s sake you’re going for a ride in a limousine…now come on. This is damned ridiculous, especially for you, come on…get real here.”

Maria overheard the conversation as she was getting her stuff together and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing…he was worried about appearances when it was the rest of his life at stake here??? Sheese, and then she had to laugh, it has to be the damned pills; he can’t be serious? But, she kept her mouth shut and made her way downstairs. It wasn’t long before Max and Michael appeared from the other end of the hallway leading from the elevator and everyone smiled.

Maria had not told them about the conversation she had overheard and she smiled along with everyone else. They were all glad to see that Max was able to deal with the situation and now they could leave.

Max smiled at George, the limo driver, and helped Michael out to the car first in order for him to get situated and everyone else followed suit. They were all ready for a day’s fun in the L.A. sun so to speak even if they wouldn’t be lounging on the beach.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:30 1/10/13

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Michelle: The chapter you've been waiting for!!!! :D :roll: :wink:
Carolyn: I think this chapter might be a surprise...no? :D
Ken: I think every person on earth sees themselves differently than others do and we all see things in others differently as well...I think we take what we need from each other and sometimes what we get isn't so very nice but we learn to deal. You are right, God helps all of us even if we don't agree with the help we get sometime. :wink:

Chapter: 30

The limo driver, George, drove them through the Hollywood Hills, Brentwood, past the homes of a lot of famous people, not only stars, asked if they wanted to tour a studio and Max shook his head “no”…that could be saved for another visit and eventually they wound up at the San Pedro Harbor for dinner and some souvenir shopping.

Everyone was having a terrific time just hanging out, enjoying the sights and getting to know each other a lot better.

“Michael, you and Max went to school with Sheriff Valenti’s son Kyle, right?” Amy wanted to know…

“Yeah, we did. We graduated together as a matter of fact; whatever became of him?” Michael asked and Max’s ears perked up…

“Oh he married that cute little Tess Harding who went to school with you. She’s a nurse now too Liz and Kyle is the basketball coach at W. Roswell high; they have the cutest little girl you’d ever want to see. She’s got blue eyes and blond curls just like her mom. Jim carries a wallet full of pictures of her. I haven’t met them personally but I’m sure I will when I go back to Roswell on Monday.”

“What do you mean you’ll meet them when you go back to Roswell mom? Aren’t you going back to Florida with Nancy and Jeff?” Maria was shocked…

“No honey, I’m going to stay with Nancy’s sister for a while. Jim asked me to come back and I think it’s a good idea since we didn’t really have a chance to get caught up in the short time I was there. I think you’ll like him Maria, he’s a nice man.”

“A nice man, were you going to wait until after the wedding to bring this up?” Maria asked her mother in a very short and curt manner.

Liz grabbed hold of Maria’s hand and gave it a squeeze as she remarked to Amy,

“I think that’s a swell idea Amy…I met Jim and Kyle when I was in Roswell a long time ago and you’re right, they are very nice. Kyle was quite the gentleman back then and I think Aunt Betty had something to do with him asking me to the movies a couple of times because he definitely had his mind somewhere else as I recall.

“Now that you mention it he was probably thinking of Tess the whole time we were out, I hope it didn’t cause him any problems with his girlfriend.” Liz said, and Max never took his eyes off her as she told her side of the story…it was nothing like he had envisioned.

He was certain they were headed for the aisle while he was trying to get her attention back then. He never really paid that much attention to who was dating whom at the time so Tess never entered his mind; he had to have known.

“Liz, I asked you out a couple of times while you were there and you turned me down flat. What was that all about?”

Liz giggled, herein lays the truth, damn…

“Max, I turned you down because I was only going to be there a short time and I didn’t want to get involved and that’s the honest truth. Why start something that wasn’t going anywhere and I think it would have. We were only kids and I didn’t want a summer romance, pure and simple so that’s why I always said no.”

Liz smiled at Max and saw a look of disbelief, maybe relief, cross his brow as he smiled back at her. Maria and Michael looked at each other and smiled also. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Max, it was because she did like him and wouldn’t have wanted to say goodbye.

“Hmmm, I wish I would have known this sooner.” Was all that Max said and the three adults wondered what was going on in the head of the young man seated at the table with them.

By the time the limo dropped them off back at Michael’s place it was well past 1:00 a.m. and all of the inhabitants of the vehicle were spent. They were actually tired from doing absolutely nothing but sitting all day and they all said their goodnights as each headed in their own direction.

Liz made her way to the kitchen to grab some warm milk and Max followed.

“Liz, I really wish you would have told me your reasons for not going out with me ten years ago.” Max said as he stood with his hands resting on the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator.

“Why Max? God, we were just kids and Lord knows we didn’t need to be saddled with a long distance relationship at the age of 16…it certainly wouldn’t have been healthy for either of us. I look at it this way Max, if it’s meant to be it will be…and here we are ten years later. We have the chance to explore this friendship we’ve started and to see where it takes us. Had we done the exploring when we were sixteen God knows where we’d be today. No, I think what I did was the best way to deal with it at the time.”

“You do huh? Well, remind me to tell you a little story someday, I think you’ll find it very interesting.” And Max kept getting closer and closer to Liz Parker, and she didn’t back away…not even one little step.

Max took the milk carton from her hand, sat it on the counter next to the microwave and wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her in close.

“Pucker up Liz because this is long overdue”…And Max kissed Liz like he’d never kissed anybody in his life. He kissed her hungrily, he kissed her passionately and then he kissed her sweetly, just the way she deserved and she relished each and every one of those kisses just as though she had been waiting for them her entire life…and she had, at least the last ten years anyway.

She smiled as Max looked down at her with a twinkle in his eye…

“When you’ve finished telling me your story Max I’ll tell you mine. Okay?”

“Deal…now will you come to bed with me and keep me dream free?”

“Absolutely; now about those dreams, was Dr. McHenry any help at all?”

“Very much so but I think the talk at dinner was the biggest help. I’ll tell you about it sometime.”

“Good, now about that bed you offered…shall we?”

Max put the milk back into the refrigerator and followed Liz up the back stairs that led directly to their rooms, switching off lights as he went.


Liz headed straight for Max’s room where he found her sitting on his bed waiting for him as he entered…not really prepared for this visit neither of them knew what the other expected…

“So Max, will you tell me about your visit with Dr. McHenry’s now that we’re alone?”

Max smiled at Liz, nodded to the bed and pulled the covers back for Liz to make herself comfortable and he headed into his bathroom for a minute. When he returned he had on a pair of sweats and it was apparent that he had nothing else on under them. Liz stood, smiled and motioned toward the door with her thumb as she nodded to the bed…”I’ll be right back Max.” And she made a bee line for her room where she retrieved her toothbrush and her shorty night gown.

She found Max propped up into a sitting position with a pillow at his back and the other pillow propped up next to him…’thank God’ she thought to herself. She wanted to talk to Max and the heat that he stirred up in her in the kitchen still had her reeling but she wasn’t quite sure just how she wanted to handle this…

“Now, come have a seat next to me and make yourself comfortable while I tell you a story.”

Max smiled as he patted the place next to him on the bed. He knew they needed to have this talk before they moved forward; it was necessary for both of them and if that kiss in the kitchen was any indication of what Liz was feeling he was definitely prepared to tell her anything and everything she wanted to know.

Liz smiled as she put her robe over the chair next to the bed and crawled into the bed next to Max. She laid her toothbrush on the night stand next to the clock and then turned to smile at him…”Okay Max, tell me a story.”

Max grinned and pulled her in close, looked at the wall across from the foot of the bed, taking her hand in his he started…

“Well Liz, I’ve known for a very long time what the nightmares were about I just wasn’t too sure how to stop them until Dr. McHenry pointed something out to me today. We really aren’t kids anymore and I needed to confront my demons so to speak in order to get rid of them.

“You see, the nightmares were about you Liz. I fell in love with you ten years ago and I had visions of you marrying Kyle. That’s what these horrible screams were all about. I’ve loved you for so long and I just couldn’t move past it. How’s that for a story.”

“Oh God Max, how awful for you. I am so sorry, but I liked you too…so much, and I was afraid that if I went out with you, even once, that I would never make it back to Florida and I had to go home…I knew it, there was no getting around it. I was sixteen and my parents would never have allowed me to stay in Roswell. The only reason I was there in the first place was because they were in Europe that summer. But let’s look on the bright side Max; we did get together again…now all we have to do is see if our dreams were real or not.”

“I guess, but I’m pretty sure I know what I want out of this relationship Liz. I know we’ve only reacquainted ourselves for the past few weeks, but it seems I’ve waited a lifetime for you. Will you be my steady? And after a reasonable amount of time, if you’re so inclined, do you think you would think about becoming my wife?”

“Max, are you proposing to me?”

“Yeah, I guess I am…what do you say?”

“Can you give me a minute here Max…I think I should think about it for a minute don’t you?”

“You want my honest opinion?”


“Well then, NO, I definitely don’t think you should think about it. Just answer the question.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Okay, you’ll think about it or okay you will?”

“Okay, I’ve thought about it and okay I will. How’s that?”

Max smiled as he turned slightly to pull Liz in just a little closer and planted a great big happy, loud, juicy kiss on her lips before reaching over her and turning out the night stand lamp.

Things got very quiet in Max’s room, except for some moans and sighs, and then there was total silence. Two happy people were sound asleep in each other’s arms once again only the positions were slightly different than they were the last couple of times they shared a bed and all was good with the world once again.


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