The Little Princess (AU,CC,TEEN) COMPLETE - 7/19/12

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The Little Princess (AU,CC,TEEN) COMPLETE - 7/19/12

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The Little Princess

Title: The Little Princess
By: Ginger

Genre: C/C with Aliens

Rating: teen

Summary: This is a total fairy tale, complete with unimaginable events that take place; totally and absolutely unrealistic.

It’s just a little over ten years since the special unit chased the young adults from Roswell and their families but things have been resolved, the special unit has been dissolved with the help of many influential people our young adults have managed college and made lives for themselves in an adult world of Roswell, New Mexico.

Max’s baby daughter Abby (Abigail meaning ‘Father Rejoice’) is having trouble sleeping so he proceeds to tell her a story while some not so very nice things are occurring throughout the universe.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the show “Roswell” or its constituents…I have borrowed the names of the characters because I like them.


When stars are in the quiet skies,
Then most I pine for thee;
Bend of me, then, thy tender eyes
As stars look on the sea!

-Baron Lytton

Max could hear little sounds and wondered, for just a second as he gathered his thoughts about him, where they were coming from and then he listened…the baby monitor. He looked over at his sleeping wife and smiled, she had had a really busy day and he felt it only fair that he go see what the little gurgles were all about and he smiled as he quietly got out of bed. Life couldn’t get any better. One thing he forgot to do before he left the bedroom was to turn off the monitor that lay on the night stand close Liz’s sleeping head.

He entered the baby’s room and surveyed the position of the crib in respect to the moonlight peeping through the window and he smiled. There was enough illumination from the moon that it wasn’t even necessary to have the night light on, which it was of course, on anyway.

Max made his way over to the crib and stood watching his baby daughter talk to the little teddy bear that was painted on the head board of her crib, thanks to Uncle Michael, and his smile grew broader.

She had managed to turn her little body sideways, lying with her head twisted at an angle so she could look at the Teddy Bear square on. She was so beautiful; she had her mommy’s big brown eyes and just a whisper of dark hair on her tiny little head but her smile was what caught everyone’s heart. She had Liz’s smile and it could grab a heart quicker than anything he could ever describe.

“Good morning princess, can’t you sleep tonight? Are you wet? Maybe you need a fresh diaper…come on up here and let daddy see you for awhile.” And the baby girl looked up at her daddy and gurgled and smiled just for him and Max’s heart melted; he felt a warmth spread throughout him that he would never be able to describe to anyone even if he tried.

Liz heard some voices through a sleepy haze and managed to open her ears to the new sounds of the night rather than her eyes and soon she figured out who was doing the talking and who was doing the gurgling and she smiled and went back to sleep.

Max changed the baby’s diaper and took a seat in the rocking chair and held his baby close to his heart as he bent down and kissed her forehead. This kind of love could easily burst a man’s heart wide open he thought to himself.

His little angel just lay in his arms, looked up at him and smiled and then she kicked her feet and waved her arms in happiness and Max chuckled at her as she squealed in delight and filled her daddy full of baby talk news.

When she was happy she got tickled all over and then she shivered…that meant she needed another diaper, Max was very well aware of that action. She would get happy, shiver and wet herself and he grinned at her.

“Well, okay, but let’s hope this is the last for awhile. You should be empty by now, don’t you think?”

And his baby girl grabbed her feet and continued to smile at her daddy. He was a very handsome daddy she was sure; he was always smiling.

After the second clean diaper was attached at the sides Max returned to the rocking chair and stared at his baby girl as she laid there in his arms holding his little finger with her tiny hand watching his every move. Then Max started…

“You know sweetheart, you are a princess.” And his little angel smiled and it made Max wonder if she understood what he was saying.

“Yes, you are a princess from a land far, far away in another galaxy. I don’t know very much about it but I know that you would be loved by a lot of people who live there. You had a loving grandmother and a grandfather who was a king and someday, when you are older I will tell you all about that part of your life.”

His little princess snuggled farther into her daddy’s chest and her eyes started to close, then just as quickly she would open them up again, smile at Max and flutter those eyelashes closed once again as her little forehead relaxed.

She finally remained that way and Max smiled as he kissed her tiny head before laying her back into her crib. What he didn’t see was the V formation flicker on her forehead…it came and then left just as quickly but it was there.

And back in New York there were a couple of Shifty looking characters heading down into the sewers under the subway to have a powwow with a visitor from somewhere up there!
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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen ch: 1 4/8/12

Post by mary mary » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:52 pm

Lizza: I'm so happy you found this and thank you. I decided to post chapter 1 sooner than I normall would since the epilogue was so here goes.
Carolyn: It's just a short little fairy tale with some nasty crap, but, like a said, not a very long one...too gushy really. :wink:
Eve: Thank you, I can only remember my own kids and how much fun they were as they grew from infancy into really nice adults...I definitely will omit the teen-age years, best forgotten, they are nice adults but were very normal teens and very lovable babies... :roll:


Chapter: 1

In a vacant building in the heart of New York City a group of characters were sitting around a large conference table when the two residents of the New York sewers sashayed in and took their seats.

Larek was the first to speak since it was Brody’s body he was occupying and he knew the man was fast friends with Max Evans, the abdicated King of Antar.

“Nicholas, I see you’ve managed to bring all of us together again. Let’s hope that you aren’t trying to stir the pot so to speak. Sero, Kathana, Hanar and I are all living a peaceful existence and it would be a shame to have you start trouble again. I can only speak for my planet but I know we will not tolerate another battle from you. If my sources are correct, Khivar agrees with me. We have been free trading between the planets for years now and we are all prospering. I think you are wasting our time; what have you got to tell us that we don’t already know?”

Larek had no patience when it came to Nicholas.

“There is an offspring to the heir of the throne. Khivar is not happy about this. Tess was to return with the heir but we all know how that worked out, a totally human child that she kidnapped from the palace and brought back to earth; born to her and the heir apparent but not his queen, the young king chose a human as his queen. The king does not have possession of this child, he adopted it out to protect it from the Earth swine and it’s just as well, but there is a new child, one that bears the seal, the child of the heir and his chosen. We need to decide what should be done about this new situation.”

“Why doesn’t Khivar show his face at these meetings? Is he so paranoid that he cannot even address a council on his own behalf? What does he expect us to do about this child anyway? Tess brought the Granolith back to us and it’s merely a glorified space ship that was used to brain wash all of us into thinking it was so much more as we soon discovered and besides the king has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with neither us nor his home planet.

Why doesn’t Khivar just accept the fact that he has no competition and move on. He hasn’t made an appearance in years…I’m beginning to think that you are the manufacturer of all this chaos Nicholas…you thrive on it. As for the Granolith, just forget it… the only problem we have here is with your greed, which has nothing to do with the Granolith. I see no problem with this offspring.”

And the meeting continued as Max continued to tell ‘fairy tales’ to his little baby girl.



When I walk into the kitchen this morning Liz is in her terry cloth robe and fuzzy slippers and my little princess, Abby, is in her little pink sleepers looking as fresh as a daisy.

I guess her late night visit with her daddy didn’t bother her rest at all. As for me, well…I’m just too happy to be tired at the moment. The two of them are my life. Liz looks at me and smiles as I approach her and kiss her on the cheek and hold my baby’s little hand in mine. I wonder if we’ll have a late night visit again tonight

When Max kissed Liz she had a flash: people were sitting around a table and at the head was that little slime, Nicholas. It didn’t look good and Liz shook the vision away and continued with her morning ritual which was to have breakfast with her husband and feed her baby girl but she would not forget; she would just move it out of the way for a while, keep it until she was sure of what it meant, and she knew she would she would figure it out shortly.


I finish off my cocoa puffs and just as I put my bowl into the sink I hear a knock at the door. Michael used to just honk the horn but now he shows up twenty minutes early and comes in for a visit every morning. I have to chuckle to myself as I watch him approach Liz and then I watch his eyes, they literally dance as Abby actually squeals with delight, gets both arms and legs moving as fast as they’ll go until Michael takes her from Liz, it’s all Liz can do to hang on to her. We all laugh including Michael.

She eats her breakfast before Michael comes in but Liz saves her bottle, a habit that started about a month ago. Abby is in love with her uncle and if the sight didn’t make me so happy I swear I would be jealous. Liz reaches around and retrieves the bottle from behind her on the counter, which she had placed there earlier, and after Michael raises the little body above his head and sticks his mouth on her belly to blow raspberries to the tune of more squeals and laughter he retrieves the bottle and then takes a seat at the kitchen table with his little buddy sitting securely in his arms. It has become a daily ritual…she is the smartest baby on the planet…no, make that two planets. Just you wait, I know you will agree.

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 1 4/8 12

Post by mary mary » Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:31 am

Lizza: I'm glad you are enjoying the story...this is going to wind up being one very smart baby before this fairy tale is over!!! :|
Eve: I think teen-agers are the same all over the world, they go from sweet loving little kids into the beings that are hard to identify. Thank God they grow out of it...or maybe we do??? :roll:
Carolyn: Yep, there's nothing like husband and I used to have a friend that was that way with our daughter...she adored him, though I don't know why. He was the ornriest person you'd ever want to meet except with her. :lol:

Chapter: 2

After Abby and Michael have had their morning visit I grab my lunch, kiss my wife goodbye and hug my little princess as does her uncle and we head off to the UFO Center which we bought from Brody for a song when Brody found out it was me that healed his daughter. He couldn’t thank me enough and when he decided to move closer to Sydney he wanted to give the place to me, which I refused to take, so we set up a payment plan which is a joke, truthfully. Michael has been redecorating the place with much of his own artwork, which is quite good actually, and he and Maria are doing their best to not kill each other. I’m sure they will sort their relationship out some day but they continue to bicker like no one I’ve ever seen. “Virginia Wolfe” had nothing on Maria DeLuca!

Isabelle and Jesse live in Boston and get to Roswell occasionally but, for the most part, it’s Isabelle that visits home the most often. Jesse has been trying to convince Mrs. Ramirez to move to Boston to be near him, and Isabelle has been trying to convince her that it’s a good idea as well but Mrs. Ramirez likes Roswell…says it’s her home. I can’t blame her, she’s been here all of her life, her friends are here and she still has family here so it’s a good thing really. Jesse and Isabelle need to leave the poor woman alone.

As for our other worldly problems, well, so far it’s been about six years since anybody’s bothered us from earth or Antar. After Tess blew up the air base and the military invaded our commencement the town of Roswell, it’s citizens to be exact, demanded a huge investigation and the white house came down on the special unit pretty hard. The head of the unit couldn’t justify their existence to any government body in Washington but while these investigations were taking place we had an awful time playing cat and mouse with the people in unmarked black SUV’s carrying large weapons.

All the physical evidence the military had on us was destroyed in the blast at the air force base and it couldn’t be proven that the explosion was caused by an alien although they couldn’t find any other reason for it either. The only thing they had was that tape of Isabelle and somehow it managed to disappear too. In fact there were a lot of people in Washington that questioned the sanity of the people making the allegations. After the investigation that took place with Pierce and Congresswoman Whitaker there were a lot of disbelievers.

We in turn try to keep a very low profile. Liz and I did manage to get to college after my dad contacted us through Isabelle’s dream walks; she kept in touch with mom and dad that way and dad convinced us that it was safe to come home.

I got a degree in business and Liz in microbiology of course. She teaches at W. Roswell High and loves it. People who think teachers have it easy are all wet…Liz works a lot more than eight hours a day, but she does have summers off, this is by choice, which she relishes for more reasons than I have time to explain. Maybe she’ll take some time off now that we have Abby and wait until Abby starts to school to go back to work. I hope so. She can always come over to the UFO Center and help if she gets bored.

Maria teaches music at the conservatory and loves it. She writes as well and her music tends to reflect the mood she’s in at the time the piece was written. When she and Michael are on good terms the songs are very cheerful and up beat but if they’re on the outs the music definitely reflects that mood.

I think about Zan occasionally but not with worry, just curiosity. I wonder how he is doing and what his interests are. I wonder if he knows he’s adopted or if his adoptive parents are keeping that news until he’s older. I wonder if he’s healthy and I can only hope that he’s happy. I did leave a little memory of me tucked safely away in his little brain when mom and dad took him back to New York…I only hope he finds me someday. I would like to get to know him.


It has been a very long day today for some reason and Michael and I are on our way home when my cell rings.


“Hey Max, ask Michael if he wants to join us for some tamale pie this evening. I got a little carried away and made this huge casserole.”

“Hold on…”

“Michael, Liz wants to know if you want to come over for some tamale pie.”

Michael grins…a Maria is coming over grin, and I nod knowingly…

“Liz, he has a date tonight and I think he wants to be alone.”

“Well then tell him to come in before going home and I’ll have some of this wrapped up for him.”

“Michael, Liz wants you to come in and take some home with you.”

Michael nods…

“He’s agreeable to that, see you in a few. I love you Liz.”

“I love you too Max…see you in a few.”

And we hung up. We always end our conversations with an “I love you” even after the ones that aren’t so pleasant. After what we went through as teenagers we don’t take anything for granted, no matter how peaceful it is.

“Michael, what story do you think I should tell Abby tonight?”

I’m really getting into this ‘fairy tale’ business. I truly enjoy my late night visits with my daughter.

“Max, what damned difference does it make…she doesn’t understand a word you’re saying anyway. Just make it up as you go.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, but it sure seems like she understands.”

And Michael gives me this look, a look that says, ‘you’re out of your mind’ and I grin. He’s probably right, but she does, understand, I know it! I just won’t share that with anyone.


Michael stopped in and picked up the casserole that Liz had made up for him and he smiled and bent over to give Abby a kiss on the forehead before leaving and she watched every move he made with those big brown eyes of hers, then she noticed me standing there watching her and her feet and arms started to go 50 miles an hour and Liz and Michael both laughed. I picked her up and gave her a great big daddy bear hug and she snuggled into my neck and made everything in the world wonderful again. I swear there’s nothing like it.

Michael bid us good bye and took his leave, casserole in hand, and Liz started to get our dinner ready to put on the table as I sat in the kitchen holding Abby as she watched every move her mommy made. Things weren’t always this happy for us and I can only thank whoever it was that was watching over us for the peace we’ve finally found and then I decided how to start off with little stories…eventually I would build up to the not so good stuff but I figured, if Michael was right, she didn’t understand what I was saying anyway. I also intended to tell her about a brother somewhere out there that she most likely would never meet and I suddenly felt a little pang of sadness… Then it was time for dinner.

Liz and I talked about our day, as usual, and Abby sat in her little seat and watched every move we made…sticking her two cents in when she thought she wasn’t getting enough attention, which was the farthest thing from the truth, and we spoke to her about her day as well. That seemed to satisfy her. Her mommy even told me all about the long nap she had taken and then it was time for bed. I told Liz that I would put her down tonight; she started sleeping all night a few weeks ago and is it nice. I told Liz to go in and take a long bubble bath and I got a great big smile, a nice long kiss and then a promise of better things to come…that got my attention pretty damned quick let me tell you. That woman certainly knows how to get my attention and keep it.

Abby and I made our way into her room after she had a bath in the sink, where she managed to kick up a small storm I might add, then I took out some clean jammies, powdered, diapered and dressed her all up then I took my place in the rocking chair and let her hang onto my little finger while my hand rested on her little tummy, it seems to make her happy, and we got started on tonight’s story.

I looked down into her beautiful dark eyes and smiled, the way she was looking at me it seemed as though she was waiting for me to start. She wasn’t really smiling, just waiting.

“Ah, where to begin; you know little one, I never was a little baby like you.” And she looked at me strangely…here goes,

“Once upon a time there were eight little children, well hybrids actually, who traveled many, many miles across a universe in a space ship to visit a new world and to prepare to return home and save the world they came from but their space ship crashed.

There was a big bad man that came with them on that space ship and that man’s name was Nasedo and he did some very bad things while he was on this world. There were many other bad people on this world too besides this big bad man and they wanted to use four of these children for their own purposes while leaving the other four to grow up alone without anybody to love them.

These eight children were kept in protective containers called pods and that is where they lived until they could walk and take care of each other.”


Liz came out of the bathroom and took a seat on the edge of her bed to rub some lotion on her legs when she heard Max’s voice coming through the baby monitor and she started to listen to what her husband was saying.

‘What in the name of all that’s good is he telling that baby?’ She thought to herself. Then she got an idea…Abby would never know what her daddy was telling her now but someday it might be important for her to know so she went and got an old tape recorder that she used when she was in school and started to tape Max’s story. The way he was telling the story was almost sad, and then she thought to herself, it was a sad story…a very sad story, but with a very happy ending.

Max looked at his daughter and said aloud, “Uncle Michael is wrong, you understand what I’m saying don’t you?” And the little princess smiled up at her daddy as her eyes got heavy and closed for the night. Max bent over and kissed the little one on top of her head as he always did and as he arose carefully from the rocking chair he failed to notice once again the V formation on the baby girl’s forehead.


And somewhere across the United States in the city of New Jersey a young boy of about ten had just been wheeled into the hospital emergency room along with his parents, who had been pronounced dead at the scene of an accident. And two unsavory looking characters watched, hoping the gurney carrying the young boy was in fact carrying a dead body also. Maybe this would be their ticket home.

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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 3 4/18/12

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Eve: Thank you for your kinds reply...I know this is gushy but babies are just too cute and cuddly to not want to gush over them...Charly does seem to be in some sort of danger right now yes.
saori_1902: Welcome to ' my fluff'. I am so happy to have you aboard and I most likely will be updating every Wednesday or so in case you're interested... :)
Lizza: He sweetie, you are just too's Wednesday so here you go!



Well, this morning is no different than any other week day. Michael brought Liz’s dish in with him and Abby was waiting patiently in her chair this time for her uncle to show up. The feet and hands started waving and Michael’s response was the same as every morning. It was like he couldn’t wait to see her and his smile was radiant. He picked the little one up carefully and carried her to the counter where her warmed bottle was waiting and took his place at the kitchen table and proceeded to talk to Abby as he fed her. Liz just smiled, poured him a cup of coffee and then asked…

“So, how was your dinner Michael? Did you have company?”

Michael smiled at both of us as I finished my breakfast and spoke very softly so as not to disturb Abby while she was eating…she liked to pick at the vest that he wore over his shirt for some reason. The strangest things fascinated her.

“Yes Liz, you know I had company and dinner was great. Instead of going out we stayed in. I made a salad to go with the casserole and Maria totally enjoyed it and said to tell you thanks. She didn’t understand why we hadn’t come over here but I explained that it was my fault, I didn’t want to.”

Then I got a strange feeling and looked over at my brother and had to ask…

“Why didn’t you want to have dinner over here Michael? Was there something special going on last night?”

And Michael looked up at us and smiled really big and nodded…

“I asked Maria to marry me and she said yes. I told her that we could fight with each other just as easily as husband and wife as we could as a couple and she laughed and agreed. I want this Max…I want a family. I want this feeling of creating something this beautiful. I want my own children to be as happy to see me as Abby is to see you. I know, she’s happy to see me too, but I have to leave her here and I don’t want to Max. I want this, I want all of this. We have been through so much and now it’s time.”

I got up from the table and went over and hugged my old friend, my brother, and Liz was right there with me. We were so happy for him and then Liz asked him if he and Maria would like to come over this evening for dinner. She would fix something special and Michael smiled…

“I would love to come over Liz and I know that Maria would also…but we’ll bring dinner tonight. You cooked last night so it’s my turn. I’ll do Italian; how’s that?”

Liz smiled….Michael made a mean lasagna and my mouth started watering just thinking about it.

“That’s sounds great Michael. I’ll do a salad and garlic bread then.” And Michael smiled also.

Soon Abby’s bottle was finished and Michael kissed her little forehead, gently put her over his shoulder, rubbed her back until we heard the loudest burp you could imagine to ever come out of a baby, then handed her to her mommy and we were off for another day at the Center. We are busy interviewing more employees in order to give ourselves some days off, hopefully week-ends together so we will be able to plan some fun things as a group. Right now I take Friday and Saturday off and Michael takes Sunday and Monday off…it would be nice if we could both take a couple of days at the same time. Maria and Liz think so too.


Back in the emergency room of a hospital just outside of Hoboken New Jersey, young Charles Alexander Swift lay in a coma as doctors frantically worked over his young body trying to determine all of the injuries the child may have sustained. They had removed the personal effects from his father’s pockets and put them inside of his mother’s purse which was now part of the child’s personal effects. The police officer that accompanied the ambulance was now going through the dead man’s wallet to see if there was any possible information regarding a contact in case of emergency and the only thing he found was a business card of a New York lawyer.

The investigating officer made a call and the voice of a very pleasant woman answered the phone and then the lawyer was summoned.

“Hello? This is David White, may I help you?”

And John Susa identified himself and explained the circumstances of the phone call. To say that David was shocked was an understatement. He couldn’t imagine what young Charly was going through. Good God, there weren’t any relatives to notify. None!

“Officer, how is Charly?”

“The young boy is in a coma. There’s a medical team frantically working on him as we speak and he doesn’t seem to be responding. The one doctor informed me that he doesn’t seem to be suffering from anything at all. He was in the back seat, buckled up, but his parents were hit head on and killed instantly. The front end of the car was totally demolished but from the rear seat back it looks as if nothing happened. Isn’t there anyone that you can contact?”

“Yes, let me get in touch with my friend in Roswell New Mexico. Charly is adopted and I know the man in New Mexico knows who the natural parents are. They were teen-agers at the time, maybe they’ve grown up since then.”

“Thank you Mr. White, let’s hope so…Please call the hospital here at this number and ask for Dr. Leeds. He is the one overseeing Charly’s care at the moment.”

“I will be calling you back within the hour Officer Susa. Will you still be there?”

“Yes, I have to wait for child services to show up and I don’t want anymore strangers than necessary dealing with this poor kid than there already are.”

John Susa had little ones of his own and God forbid they would ever have to go through something like this.

“Sit tight then and let me make a phone call.”

No sooner did the two men hang up than David White was on the phone with Philip Evans…

“Phil, Dave White here. We have a problem. Your grandson, the one I found a home for? Well the parents were in an accident today and Charly, that’s his name, was the only survivor. There are no living relatives. I wanted to check in with you before we turned him over to Child Services.”

“Oh dear God Dave, don’t let that happen. I’ll be on the next plane out of here and I may have someone else with me. Just don’t let them take him. Is he okay?”

“He’s in a coma Philip and they can’t find anything wrong with him. I’ll definitely get over there and make sure he’s taken care of. Take care until I see you.”

“Yes Dave and thank you.”

Philip called Max immediately and filled him in on what was happening and Max felt like someone had just hit him in the stomach with a 2 X 4. He had to get to Zan.

“Dad, make those reservations for two, I’ll meet you over at the house.”

“No Max, you sit tight, I’ll pick you up. Let me get on the internet and find out what’s available and I’ll get right back to you.”

After Max told Michael what was going on he headed home to talk to Liz. He only hoped this would go well, he was so close to tears right now that he could hardly see straight.

And young Charly kept on sleeping…


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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 4 4/26/12

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Cardinal: I think you might just be on the right track here...
Saori_1902: It really is Wednesday my time...honest!!! :wink:
Carolyn: I think Charly joins us in this chapter...I didn't proof read it before posting, which I usually do because I find things I missed on the first go around, so if there's something screwy let me know and I'll fix it. :)
Eve: Zan/Charly is just biding his time until his daddy shows up...this chapter I believe so I'm not giving anyting away... :D
Lizza: All of your questions will be answered in due time and who doesn't love a little baby, especially one as bright as Abby? :P


Chapter: 4

Max made it home in record time and Liz was just getting ready to take a shower…it had been a very long morning for some reason. Abby seemed very agitated and wouldn’t settle down no matter what Liz had tried. She fussed at everything.

Liz was shocked to see Max and when she looked at her husband she knew immediately that something bad had happened and all Max could do was hold her to him for a minute before explaining what was going on.

“Liz, there’s been an accident in New Jersey. Dad’s friend, the one who found adoptive parents for Zan called and the couple was killed in an accident. Zan is in a coma and there aren’t any relatives to contact. I have to go to New Jersey Liz…I just have to go.”

“Oh God Max…yes you do.” And then Liz had a shiver run down her spine and she thought about Abby.

“Max, Abby and I are going with you. Max…she knows! Don’t look at me like I’m nuts, but she knows Max. She has been fussing all morning. Something is upsetting her and I think it might be this. We’re going with you.”

And Max just nodded, he believed her. He headed up to the attic to get luggage while Liz prepared a diaper bag with bottles and all the necessary emergency things she would need before deplaning in New York.

Max called his dad to tell him to book first class tickets for the three of them also and then Philip informed him that Diane was going as well. Her experience with social services in New Mexico would come in right handy once they got back there.

Philip in turn called Dave back and told him that the child’s father was coming with him as well as Diane, his daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

“Dave, can you find us a furnished house to rent for awhile? Just until we straighten all of this out.”

“Philip, why don’t you stay in the Swift’s home. When Charly wakes up I’m sure he’ll be more comfortable in familiar surroundings even if he isn’t around familiar people.”

“Dave, are you sure about this? How is this going to look?”

“Phillip, who’s going to be looking, the neighbors? For all they know you’re relatives…and in a way you are. You’re Charly’s relatives.

“Dave, that’s just it…I’m not his natural grandfather. Max was adopted as well but Max is his father, make no mistake about that. His natural mother is deceased but Max’s wife has no problem with this at all. It’s her idea to come along and to bring the baby. We’ll be there at 11:00 p.m. your time and I know Max will want to go directly to the hospital so if you can give me some addresses we will rent a car and take it from there.”

“Fine Phillip but I’ll be at the hospital when you get here just in case Charly wakes up. I don’t want him to be all alone.”

“That’s a great idea Dave and thank you. I’ll see you somewhere between twelve midnight and one or so. We’ll have plenty of luggage with a little one in tow, even though Liz is used to hauling the necessities there will still be luggage needed.”

“I understand Phillip. See you then.”

And the two old friends rang off.

Max took a damp cloth and cleaned the suitcases before he laid them out on the bed and Liz just opened dresser drawers and started loading them up with underwear, socks, tee’s and anything else she thought they would need and then she started on the closet; jeans, shirts and a warm jacket for each of them. Then she took a smaller suitcase over to Abby’s room and started in. Even though the baby’s clothes weren’t all that big she would need a few outfits and sleepers along with a little pair of shoes and a warm little jacket to go over her sweaters in case it got cold plus a couple of baby blankets. Spring could be very unforgiving some time, especially in the east.

Abby just lay in her crib and watched her mommy. She knew something wasn’t right, she could feel it but she also knew it was going to be okay soon so she just watched quietly and waited.

Liz just knew her baby girl was aware of all that was happening and she suddenly felt like she was losing her mind. This little baby girl was only six months old, but she knew!

Back in New Jersey a young boy lay and waited. He could feel that it wasn’t time to wake up so he would wait in the fog until she got here, she was so little, why was she so little? But he knew her just the same.


Up on Antar a nervous Nicholas was trying to convince an old man by the name of Khivar that they needed to return to Earth and find the new heir to the throne. Khivar looked at the boy/man and shook his head.

“Nicholas, you need to realize that the king doesn’t want any part of this planet. He never did. It was your mistake in ever thinking it was necessary to kill him in the first place. We have the Granolith, it does nothing but sit in that glorified case you made for it and collect dust. The people don’t care anymore about it than I do and you know it. It’s nothing that we were told…it was a glorified space ship that was supposed to bring the royals back to here and they didn’t want to come. Bottom line Nicholas, these beings are human. They choose to be human and they want no part of us. There is no reason at all to be concerned about Earth or anyone on it. You thrive on chaos Nicholas, but there is no chaos to be had. Relax, find yourself a concubine and occupy your time that way.”

Nicholas was not happy with his leader. The man was getting too old to rule, he needed to find someone that would listen to him and then they could take over the throne and go to Earth and get rid of these insects once and for all.


Michael drove all of the Evans’ to the airport in his SUV and wanted to make absolutely certain that Max didn’t want him to go along before he dropped them off. Max assured Michael that he could handle this. He had legal counsel and his wife beside him and he felt that would be plenty of support. He did ask Michael if he and Maria could fix the spare bedroom up for a permanent visitor and Michael grabbed his brother’s shoulder and smiled.

“You know we will Max.”

And then they were off. Max felt a sudden calm come over him like he hadn’t had in a very long time and when he looked over at his baby daughter in his wife’s arms he noticed she was smiling up at him as if to say ,’ it’s going to be alright’. Max reached over and rubbed her little hand and smiled down at her and she gurgled an acknowledgement and went to sleep. Liz looked down at the baby and then at Max and she couldn’t hold it back any longer…

“She knows Max.”

Max smiled at his wife and answered…

“I know.”

And they were quiet for the rest of the plane ride that took approximately two and a half hours. It was now 9:00 p.m. New Mexico time but 11:00 p.m. New York time when they landed. Max reached into the overhead bin and took out the large diaper bag Liz had packed and her huge purse which also doubled as a diaper bag most of the time and then he blocked the aisle for Liz to exit with Abby, who had smiles for everyone including the stewardesses, and then they were off.

Diane and Phillip were right behind Max and Phillip took off to the car rental booth while the rest of the travelers headed to the luggage claim turnstile.

Max was still feeling very calm and Liz could see the change in her husband as the evening progressed and it made her smile, she knew that Abby was dictating her daddy’s mood but she kept this a secret. She still hadn’t told Max about her vision…she had hopes that it was nothing. This incident with Zan was not what it was about at all though and she knew it.

By the time Phillip showed up at customer pick-up Max had all of their luggage on a cart and they were waiting for him.

They loaded everything, including Abby’s baby stroller, and were off to the hospital. Phillip keyed the address into the GPS and soon they were on a main highway headed right over the Hudson River and into New Jersey.

When they pulled into the hospital parking lot they found a spot and then the circus started. Unload the stroller, get the right diaper bag that contained bottles, diapers and a clean pair of sleepers just in case and they were off, Max carrying Abby and Liz pushing the stroller full of baby supplies.

Dave met them in the waiting room where all of the niceties took place and soon they were standing in a hospital room where a very small young boy lay very quietly and one Abby Evans started waving her arms and legs as if her little life depended on it and Max took her over to the bed with the young boy in it and Abby reached out for him…Max didn’t know what to do, Philip, Diane and Liz stood back and left Max deal with the situation. The three of them knew something other worldly was going on and poor Dave had no clue.

Max sat Abby down next to Zan and held her away from the boy to make sure she didn’t pounce on him and little Abby just reached out and touched Zan’s hand that was laying next to him. She smiled at the boy and made a happy gurgling sound that Max and Liz were very familiar with and the young boy opened his eyes and smiled at the baby girl. The first person he would see upon waking from his coma and little Abby gurgled and squealed with happiness.

Max looked at his son and if anybody doubted who this boy’s daddy was they needed their heads examined…right down to the ears on either side of his head and those caramel colored eyes. And Max smiled.

“Hey Charly, how do you feel? I’m Max and this is Abby.”

Charly smiled at the man whom he knew from his dreams and said hello then he looked very serious…

“I feel okay. Are mom and dad dead?” A very small voice asked…

Max got a huge lump in his throat. He didn’t want to be the one to tell the boy that the only parents he had ever known were gone but some one had to do it…Dave just stood and watched. Charly looked just like Max, no doubt about who Max was.

Max sucked in a huge gulp of air and looked at his son…

“Yeah Charly, they died in the crash. I’m so sorry.”

“I knew it when that truck came at us, I wish that hadn’t happened.”

“Me too Charly. Dave is here to see you; would you like us to leave?”

“No, I’ve known you all my life…You’ve always been with me. I don’t know how but you have and I know my baby sister too. Mom told me I had a natural father somewhere and someday I would meet him but I never told her I could see you in my dreams. I knew when, what’s her name?” Charly asked, pointing to Abby…


“I knew when Abby was born too. I could feel it.”

About that time a nurse came into the room to check Charly’s vitals only to find him wide awake and talking to, his brother? No, that’s not right; there are no living relatives according to his chart…

Max could see the confusion on the nurse’s face and Charly spoke up for him.

“This is my natural dad, I was adopted when I was a baby, and these are my relatives. Right Max?”

“Right Charly.”

And Max wanted to cry…just plain cry. This was bringing back so many heartbreaking memories and little Abby just looked at Charly and smiled while waving her arms in the air. Liz was as close to tears as Max and Diane and Phillip wanted grab this boy up and catch the next plane back to Roswell but they knew they had a lot of legalese to get through first.

“Well as soon as the doctor comes in in the morning we will get our young man all checked out again and have him released. Who is going to be responsible for him?”

And Liz and Max both answered at the same time…

“We are.” And there wasn’t a doubt in anybody’s mind that this was exactly what was going to happen.

About that time little Abby started to yawn and Liz was going to put her back into her stroller when Charly moved over and made room for her next to him. Liz smiled, shoved a pillow down the side of the railing for protection in order to let the baby sleep with her brother, then she reached over and touched Charly’s hand and when she did she had another vision…

Lonnie and Rath were forcing a huge truck into the opposing lane of the highway and forcing it into a head on crash. NO! Was all Liz could think to herself.

Little Abby smiled, rolled over on her tummy, stuck her butt in the air and closed her eyes as quickly as that and Charly closed his eyes as well and Max Evans smiled at his wife and felt relieved for so many reasons…and being married to Liz was one of them. Liz hated to have to tell Max what she saw but she was going to have to do it and very soon. They needed Isabelle and Michael right away.

Diane, Phillip and Dave all headed out to the cafeteria for some coffee and to catch up and Max and Liz stayed in the room with their children and made themselves as comfortable as possible on the plastic chairs along the wall and Liz waited until she was sure things were quiet enough before breaking the news to Max. She absolutely hated to add this to his current problems but he had to know.

Tomorrow they would have to make arrangements for a funeral before they did anything else and then they would start legal proceedings to get custody of their son and he was definitely their son. After that they would have to deal with some other worldly problems.


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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 5 5/3/12

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Eve: This one is going to surprise you I think... :wink:
Natalie36:..I agree...crap! :roll:
Carolyn: I've had a few of those "trips" myself...
Saori_1902: Yep, it's about to hit the fan that's for sure! :P


Chapter: 5

Chapter: 5

The hospital room was very quiet, both children were in a very deep slumber, and Liz looked at Max and wanted to cry. Max knew his wife well enough to know that all was not well.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“I had a vision this morning, or yesterday morning I guess, and I saw Nicholas conducting a meeting with the leaders of your home galaxy Max. I thought it was just a coincidence until I touched Charly just awhile ago and Max, Rath and Lonnie caused the accident that killed Charly’s parents. I think we need Isabelle and Michael Max…and we need them fast. For some reason these insane beings are after us again.”

“Jesus Liz, are you sure?”

“Yes I am Max…Rath and Lonnie killed Charly’s parents. Make no mistake. Was the driver of the truck killed?”

“I don’t know. We’ll have to ask Dave when he gets back and see if he knows. What in the hell are we in for now, an interplanetary invasion or something?”

“I don’t know Max, but we need reinforcements. We have your mom and dad to take care of too.”

“I know. I wonder if Lonnie and Rath know where the Swift’s live. Maybe we shouldn’t stay there.”

“Well, at this point I don’t think it matters where we stay Max, they’re going to find us so we just might as well dig in where Charly knows the lay of the land. That poor kid…what a mess and you tried so hard to keep him safe.”

“I know, but we’ll make it through this Liz…we’ve made it through everything else and I do know where these two live. I wonder if Ava is still roaming around loose; we could use her help too.”

“Maybe Isabelle can dream walk her. We do have a picture of her you know. I took one when she was in Roswell. I think she would be more than glad to help us.”

“I’m going out to make some calls Liz, will you be alright in here?”

“Of course Max. Go! Get them here as quickly as possible. Tell Michael to get the picture out of the album in the living room marked 1999-2000. It’s in there.”

Max grinned, Liz has been criticized so many times for her organizing and planning skills but they definitely come in handy when an emergency arises that’s for sure.

Max left the hospital room just as two unsavory looking pierced up stamped individuals started walking his way and he stopped dead in his tracks and raised his hand in a defensive gesture when the two hybrids recognized the king immediately and they turned and headed the other direction. Max reached in his pocket and hit Michael’s number on speed dial immediately and a very sleepy Michael Guerin answered his phone.

“What’s up Max?”

“Michael, we need you fast…Lonnie and Rath killed the Swift’s and I just saw them in the hospital headed for Charly’s room. I think they came to finish the job.”

“Holy Crap Max!!! Are you sure?”

“Yes I am Michael and bring Maria…I think that we might have some other worldly visitors as well and I think Maria is going to be safer with us than left alone. Call Valenti and see what he has to say about all of this and if he and Kyle want to come they are welcome too. We will be staying at the Swift’s home…I have no idea how big it is but we will make do. And Michael, hurry…I’ll call Isabelle right now.”

And as Max and Michael rang off Max was on speed dial to Isabelle who was also sound asleep.

“Izzy? I need you to come to New Jersey.” And Max proceeded to tell her the whole story. To say she was shocked was an understatement and then she said…

“I’m bringing Jesse Max. He’s safer with us.”

“I agree Isabelle, and hurry. Charly will be discharged this morning and we will be headed to the Swift’s. Dad has the address…I’ll leave a text on your phone.”

“Thanks Max, I’ll be there as soon as I can get there. Are Liz and the baby with you?”

“Yes and Charly recognized me and knew about Abby too. He’s a very nice boy Isabelle.”

“How could he know about you Max?”

“I planted a little memory in his brain before he left. He said he’s known me all of his life.”

“Well, that’s one good thing about all of this; at least he knows he’s among friends.”

“Yes he does and I’ll see you soon Isabelle…and thanks.”

“Oh Max, you know you don’t have to thank me…just be careful. We’ll take care of this.”

And they hung up as Max entered Charly’s room once again only to find his wife standing next to the window and watching, like a sentry in the night.

“Hey, you okay?” He whispered to Liz as he crossed the room.

“They were here weren’t they?”

“Yeah, but they took off as soon as they saw me. Michael and Isabelle are on their way and Iz will try to dream walk Ava.”

“I wield a pretty mean blast myself Max.” Liz assured her husband and he had to smile as he pointed to the two children in the hospital bed…one not as big as the length of his arm and she nodded. He was right, they needed protection also and she hugged herself as she turned to the window again.


“Well, it didn’t take him long to get here did it. This kind of puts a little crimp in our plans, but we’ll be okay.”

“I know.” The short haired woman said as she swaggered down the street.

“He’s here alone this time, he has no back up, we shouldn’t have any problems with him at all.” Rath answered.

“We shouldn’t but let’s not rush this. We need to think this through. We need to contact Nicholas.”

“Why? He’s never been able to do anything for us before. He sits up there in that throne room with Khivar acting important and everyone knows he’s nothing but an annoyance. Khivar tolerates him because as long as Nicholas is there Khivar knows what he’s up to.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But what are we going to do about this kid?”

“Well, his daddddddy’s here. Why don’t we just take care of both of them?”

“That might work.” The short haired street scum answered.


Back in Hollywood California one Cal Langley had just been informed of an incident that had taken place in New York and he started to network a message to all of his contacts all over the universe. If something was going down he needed to be aware of it right now and if those New York rejects were stirring up chaos they had to be stopped. They never should have been allowed to hatch in the first place.

‘I may not be too happy with the King but it is my job and he hasn’t bothered anyone in a very long time. I’m still duty bound to see to his well being, like it or not.’

And then his phone rang.

“Hello…” He all but shouted…Max was unfazed.

“Cal…Max Evans here. Do you have any idea where we might find Ava? The New York Ava?”

“No Max, I don’t, but I’ll do some checking around and see what I come up with and let you know. Do you need anything else?”

“Well I’m sure, with your connections, that you know we’ve run into a little trouble back here in New York and if Liz’s vision is correct, and they always are, we are headed for some more trouble from upstairs…if you know what I mean?”

“I heard about the two miscreants in New York not ten minutes ago and I’m not too happy about those actions but I’ve heard nothing about the other. Are you sure?”

“As sure as I’m standing here. They are holding a summit with the boy/man sitting at the head. I wonder if Khivar knows about it. He’s getting up there in age isn’t he?”

“Come on Max, you know we age differently up there.”

“Is he a skin too?”

“No, totally Antarian, but the boy/man is and he’s one mean little bastard if you get my drift.”

“You don’t have to tell me anything about him. I don’t understand his problem. When he was here all he wanted was a way home. He got it so what’s got him riled up now?”

“The little man thrives on trouble Max…he needs it to prove himself a man. Let’s face it, who would believe it if they looked at him?”

“I guess…it just sounds sick to me. Cal, if you can find Ava tell her to call Liz. Liz still has the same cell number and she and Ava sort of became friends when Ava was there in Roswell. We could sure use her help. As Liz pointed out she can blast as good as anybody, but everyone else needs protection too. We can’t leave them all unattended.”

“I understand Max. How is Charly taking this?”

“Well, I don’t think the whole impact has hit him yet. I planted a little memory in his brain before he left Roswell and he recognized me, he knew about Abby and he actually saw the crash. I think it’s a lot for him to digest but he likes Abby. She seems to calm him down.”

Cal Langley smiled…

“How is the little princess Max.”

“Beautiful, what else? And Cal, I would only say this to you and Liz, I think she knows what’s going on.”

“She does Max, never doubt it for a minute and don’t be surprised if little Charly develops some alien wizardry as well.”

“What do you mean Cal?”

“I think Charly has latent powers Max. I think they remained latent for his own protection. You know some strange things take place on Antar.”

“Cal, you know some pretty strange things take place here on earth also.”

And Cal Langley laughed.

“Max, I’ll be getting back to you shortly and you are not in this alone. You know I still think you’re ‘a selfish little prick’ but we’ll fix this I promise.”

Now it was Max’s turn to laugh.

“Thanks Cal. I’ll talk to you later.”

And the two “enemies” rang off.


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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 6 5/10/12

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Carolyn: Well Rath never was known for his intelligence and Lonnie only had street smarts so we'll see what the "Not So Smart" do...
Eve: I agree, Ava is okay and you're right about Cal, he is supposed to take care of them, like it or not. :wink:
Ken: Nice to hear from you, hope you're feeling well...warm weather is on it's way it should help. :wink:


Chapter: 6

Michael called Maria the minute he and Max disconnected and informed her that they needed to get to New York as soon as possible. It had been a lot of years since Maria had been told something like this but it was something you never forget. It lives there, right on the fringes of your brain, and never leaves.

“How long do you think we’ll be gone Michael?”

“I don’t know Maria; take enough for two weeks at least. I’m sure there are laundry facilities where we’ll be. We’ll be safer together. Max is calling Isabelle as we speak. As soon as I have our reservations and I’m packed I’ll be over to get you.”

“I’ll be ready Michael, should we take mom?”

“Let Max deal with that when he calls Valenti. I’m sure Valenti will have something to say about all of this.”

“Okay Michael…but I do have to tell her where I’m going.”

“I know Maria, just hurry.”

“I love you Michael.”

“And I love you.”

They rang off using the same words as Max and Liz had used, they had the same habit, life was too short, too many surprises to leave your loved ones not remembering the good things.


In Boston the same scene was taking place only Jesse was being a little difficult about having to go along…

“Jesse, you know what this is like…you can’t forget that quickly what we are capable of and those that are after us are ruthless. They are far more dangerous than the Special Unit ever was. They aren’t from around here Jesse, and they leave no evidence. Now pack a bag, I can’t be worried about you and help my brother at the same time. We’re leaving.”

Jesse looked at his wife and decided it was just easier to go along with her than try to reason with her. Something had her terribly upset and when he got her settled he would catch the next plane home.

Isabelle just looked at him and knew what he was thinking but it made no difference as long as he got on that plane with her. They would all have to contact employers and make up some story but they should all be together to do that. ‘I thought this nightmare was over when they disbanded that damned unit. Damn, damn, damn.’ And she started grabbing clothes to jam into a suitcase. Jesse grabbed her arm, pulled her to him and held her close.

“Isabelle, you have to calm down. We’ll deal with whatever it is just like we always did…except this time I’ll be with you.”

“That’s what scares me Jesse…I don’t know if you’re safer here or with us. Max thinks we should all be together. We’ll give you some instructions on how to defend yourself against some of our enemies but the majority of them will have to be dealt with by us. Just trust us Jesse. Please!”

“I trust you Isabelle, you know I do. I’ve seen what the four of you are capable of.”

“There’s only three of us now Jesse.”

“No Isabelle, Liz also blasts or whatever it is you call it. Remember? And maybe Kyle does too. We don’t know about him so much anymore.”

“Well, as far as I know he’s never developed any powers and neither has the sheriff. It would be interesting to find out though. We might be able to incorporate them into our battle. Max wants me to dream walk Ava when I get there…hopefully she’s still on earth and can meet us.”

“You’re really calling in all the guns aren’t you?”

“Yes Jesse, our dupes, Rath and Lonnie have killed young Zan’s adoptive parents and now they’re after Zan which means we’re next and Jesse, they can’t win. I don’t know what’s got them stirred up after all this time but we won’t let them win. I thought I had put all of these feelings behind me but I guess you never truly hide from your past.”

“No Isabelle, you don’t. Now why don’t you just settle down and finish your packing. I’ll send some e-mails out and say that we were called out of town on a family emergency and then we can catch a plane. You know Isabelle, we could probably drive as fast as we can fly. By the time I make reservations, we drive to the airport and do all the pre-boarding and get everything done we could be halfway there.”

“Then we’ll drive Jesse. Just get moving!”

And so Jesse and Isabelle Ramirez, residents of Boston, Massachusetts took off in a nice comfy Lincoln for the suburbs of New Jersey while Michael Guerin called his and Max’s assistant manager and explained that he and Max had been called away and Maria Deluca sent the same type of e-mail to her employer and soon they were taking off from Roswell, New Mexico. Michael called Jeff and asked him to check on the UFO center while they were gone and told Jeff who he had put in charge. Jeff understood perfectly and wondered if maybe he and Nancy should take a little side trip somewhere also.

One Cal Langley had an army of people trying to track down one little blond hybrid somewhere in the U. S. while Cal himself was getting in contact with some beings far, far away and little Abby Evans slept next to her brother and smiled in her sleep like all little angels do.

Jeff called Liz, he knew that she would have enough to worry about with Abby and he also knew she could pretty much take care of herself, but if he and Nancy could be used as hostage negotiations then he felt that they should get out of town and hide from danger. They should probably take Amy along.

“Liz, it’s dad. Michael just called and asked if I could look in on the UFO center and I thought I’d get Sean to oversee it for a few weeks…Liz? Do you think your mother and I should leave town for a while and take Amy?”

“Dad, I don’t know what to tell you right now. The other podsters have killed Zan’s parents. You know, Max and Tess’ son…the one he put out for adoption. The lawyer that handled the adoption called Phillip and when we got here Max saw the two of them in the hospital hallway and they took off.

“We have everyone else coming in so we can take care of things here…but yes, maybe you should get lost for awhile. Check with Valenti; he’ll be able to rationalize this I’m sure. Tell him what’s going on and we think we may have some trouble brewing upstairs as well, if you know what I mean. Something is going on and it doesn’t look good. I’ll keep in touch dad and you take care. I love you…tell mom too.”

“I will sweetie and I know that you’re in good hands. Be safe. And Liz, fight dirty!”

Liz had to giggle…

“I will dad, no doubts there. Goodbye.”

And they rang off.

Jeff no sooner rang off with Liz than he called Jim Valenti.

“Hey Jim…have you heard about the trouble?”

“Yeah Jeff, Amy just called me. Kyle and I are thinking about getting out of town for a couple of days would you and Nancy like to join us. You know we have a couple of surprises of our own, not as much fun as the rest of the group, but they’re better than nothing.”

“Yes Jim, we will join you but we’re going to ask Sean to oversee the UFO Center for awhile. After we take care of that and get Jose’ to take over the Crash for awhile we’ll be ready.”

“Amy can take care of Sean Jeff, you get your business in order and I’ll pick you up in about an hour or so.”

“We’ll be ready. Have any ideas in mind.”

“I think we should wait until we get on the way before I say anything…what do you think?”

“I agree. We’ll be waiting in the apartment.”

“Great, I’ll see you then.”

When Jim hung up he called Kyle and told him to pack a bag; that he would take care of the sheriff’s department. They both had overdue vacations and sick leave coming…they would just call in an emergency leave and go. No one needed to know what kind of emergency was taking place and then he started to throw things into a duffel bag. And as promised, he and Kyle were at the Crashdown in no time flat. Jeff and Nancy were waiting.

When they were on their way Jeff asked Jim where they were headed and Jim looked at his old friend through the rear view mirror and grinned, the Mesa Liko Reservation and Jeff smiled. There couldn’t have been a better place under the circumstances.

Jeff filled Kyle and Jim in on all of the information that he had so far and told them that he would be calling Liz later and Jim then told Jeff not to tell Liz where they were headed, only that they would be safe and Jeff understood. Riverdog would be ready for them when they got there and he would have comfortable accommodations for all of them as well.


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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 7 5/17/12

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Chapter: 7
Up on Antar Khivar had just received a message from one of his loyal servants that Nicholas was planning an attack on the Earth royals. Khivar wasn’t totally surprised by this news: he had hoped that Nicholas would have let it rest but just the same this was not good news at all and Khivar had to find out in a big hurry just who was and wasn’t loyal to him.

He really had allowed his duties to slide in the past year or so, he had gotten too comfortable. Well, he would just have to show the man/boy who was in charge once again and he really didn’t want to be bothered if the truth be known, but he wasn’t going to allow all of his hard work go down the drain either. The people of Antar accepted their lives, such as it was, and bore allegiance to their leader and he would have it no other way. He would have to make an example of Nicholas this time, there can be no more revolts; he just would not tolerate it.

Well, Nicholas had other plans.

Khivar took a photograph of his advisors to his room with him that night and proceeded to dream walk the entire lot of them to see if they were loyal or not. If they weren’t they would be imprisoned the very next morning. He found that his chief advisor was the most faithful of the group and the rest were somewhat trustworthy so he therefore planned a meeting in his chambers the first thing that morning…they were forbidden to tell anyone, especially Nicholas, of this meeting and when the advisors arrived Khivar welcomed them in himself. There were no other ‘people’ present and this surprised all of them.

“What is this all about your Majesty?” His chief advisor asked in a surprised voice.

Khivar proceeded to tell this elite group just what Nicholas had planned and the panel of advisors was all in shock…

“What would he do that for? The Earth Royals want no part of Antar; they are completely happy where they are. They always have been. Why start to make waves now?”

“Because the little twerp thrives on chaos. There is a new heir apparently, a baby girl, born to young Evans and his wife. Nicholas thinks she should be eliminated…I think we need to eliminate Nicholas.”

Khivar spoke in a semi agitated tone although the advisors knew that their ruler never said anything that he wasn’t truly thinking of doing.

“Your Majesty, do you think this is wise. Nicholas has made many friends.”

“Yes, I think it’s wise and yes I know he has made many friends. We have to find out just who these friends are; find out who our friends are and deal with it. If Nicholas is gone there won’t be anyone for his friends to follow and maybe we can get back to a normal existence once again. I don’t like having to live like this. I like the peace we have enjoyed and I want to keep it that way. I am sure the young Evans’ would like to keep it that way as well. Find out what’s going on and we’ll deal with it.”

“Yes your Majesty.”

And the meeting was closed, the panel of advisors left as quietly as they came and Khivar remained livid, growing angrier by the minute; he would end this once and for all.


Cal Langley looked up as Brody Davis entered his study and took a seat across from Cal as he sat at his desk.

“Larek? What have you got to tell me?”

“Well, it looks like Nicholas is on the rise again and Khivar is ready to eliminate him. Nicholas thinks they need to do away with the new baby girl...Khivar wants no part of it, if you can believe it, so it looks like war is about to break out on Antar.”

Cal looked over at his old friend and shook his head…”We should have taken him out years ago.”

“We should have but we didn’t so now we have to deal with it. That’s all the news I have really. Are the pod people okay?”

“Three are so far…two are after the three and we’re searching for Ava. You wouldn’t have any ideas of her whereabouts would you?”

“Try the New York City Ballet…the last time I heard she was in the chorus. Easily hidden in plain sight… even if she was to be the lead ballerina. She’s a beautiful dancer Cal. You could probably use her in some of your work.”

“I had no idea she had that kind of talent. I’ll phone Max immediately, what’s her stage name?”

“Your going to love this one Cal…Lizbeth DeLong, we worked it out together. I didn’t want to call her DeLuca so we went with DeLong and she really liked Liz, so she’s Lizbeth DeLong. Clever don’t you think?”

“Very…Max is going to love this. I’ll get right on it.”

“That’s all I have for you Cal, I have to give Brody his body back but I’ll get in touch if I find out anything else. Watch out for the man child.”

“You know I will, take care Larek and although Khivar is not one of my favorites tell him that we are keeping a close watch down here as well.”

“Will do Cal. You know Khivar has to reestablish his army since he doesn’t know who is or isn’t loyal to him, it’s sad really. All of this chaos for nothing.”

“You are so right; it all stems back to that damned Nasedo and his ridiculous scheme. That was one insane alien.” And both aliens laughed.

Larek took off and returned Brody to his body at the airport where he could find his way home quickly. Brody just shook his head and boarded the first plane with room. This was truly getting old he thought to himself.


Isabelle and Jesse were probably 2 hours out of Hoboken when Isabelle’s cell went off once more.

“Hey Isabelle, how soon do you think you’ll be here?” It was Max

“We’re driving Max, so I figure maybe another 2 hours or so. It was just as fast to drive as it would have been to fly what with all the hoops to jump through. We’re half way there, what’s up?”

“Do you have a pen or pencil…I have an address for you. Come to the hospital and we’ll caravan to the Swift’s home. Charly, that’s Zan’s name, and Abby are both sound asleep right now but Charly won’t be released until the doctor has checked him out and makes sure there are no hidden injuries. He’s fine though, I checked him out myself. Physically he’s doing great. I talked to Cal and he assured me that we are not alone in this. He also called back and said that Ava is with the New York City Ballet dancing under the name of Lizbeth DeLong. We can find her listed in the roster at the ballet company. I think Cal may be doing that for us. We can use all the help we can find Isabelle. This isn’t just Lonny and Rath. Nicholas is at it too.”

“God Max, what’s the twerp’s problem now? Maybe he should find himself a new husk and then he could feel more like a man…what do you think?”

“Right now I wish his back would find the blunt end of a sledge hammer if you want to know the truth.”

“I’ll bet you do Max. How’s Abby?”

“Beautiful Iz, absolutely beautiful and so much fun. Iz, there’s nothing like it and when this is all over you and Jesse need to consider parenthood. Did I tell you that Michael and Maria are engaged?”

“No! Honest? I am so happy for them…it’s about damn time!”

“Yes it is…they’ll be here shortly also. Liz’s folks and the Sheriff, Kyle and Amy are all headed out on emergency leaves as well. Are you ready for this address?”

“Yes Max, go ahead.”

And so Max gave Isabelle the address of the hospital and they rang off. ‘What a nightmare’ was the only thing going through Isabelle’s mind.


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Re: The Little Princess C/C teen chapter: 8 5/24/12

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Eve: For some reason my reply didn't make the cut...but thanks for the pics, they were beautiful.
Michele:Well, I think we exhausted the subject of this POS, but the XP part of it is working I discovered, so at least part of it is okay. I just hope I don't lose it. I sure am making sure everything is backed up, especially the parts to my new stories I've got going. The others are all on another flash drive. I hate this! :wink:
Thumper: Hey, I hope my pm explained all of this. Before Dell moved to China I never had any problems...honest! Anyway, glad you're reading along. This probably gets dumber and dumber since i haven't a clue how to win a war let alone a battle with aliens...just take a gun and point I guess. :roll:
Carolyn and Ken: I left you fb at the onset but I want you to know I appreciate you. All of you are so kind. :D

Chapter: 8

Brody found himself roaming around New Jersey and Larek managed to get himself to the Antarian Palace of the self appointed king just before things started to settle in for the night.

Khivar’s most trusted servant entered the king’s chambers and verbally delivered Larek’s message to him explaining to the king that Larek wanted to be absolutely certain that nothing was leaked.

Khivar quickly grabbed a pair of pants, removing his nightshirt, pulled a sweater over his head and went out to meet the ruler of one of their sister planets.

“Larek, what has you out at this hour?” The Antarian ruler asked in surprise…

“And what could be so important that you had to send Cyrus to see me in person?”

“Nicholas is on Earth stirring up trouble along with Lonnie and Rath who have killed the adoptive parents of Max and Tess’s son. As you know Max gave the child up for adoption ten years ago in order to protect him.

“Somehow Lonnie and Rath located the people and caused an accident that was to kill the entire family but young Charly, as he’s now called, was in the backseat and survived.

“The lawyer that arranged the adoption was also a friend of Max’s adoptive father and he contacted the man immediately. The entire Evans family went to the child’s bedside immediately and Max saw Lonnie and Rath in the hospital. Max and his wife have a six month old baby girl that Nicholas wants to eliminate.

“Max is calling in all of his forces, his wife has powers as well, and they are all converging on New Jersey as we speak. Max is terrified for his family and I don’t believe he will rest until Nicholas and all of the skins are dead.

“Cal Langley and Ava are joining forces with Max and Langley is bringing his army of goons with him. I’m sure you are familiar with the term ‘goons’? Not really soldiers but just as armed and just as dangerous, maybe moreso.

“Nicholas is gathering an army of skins along with the troops he has managed to amass on Antar and has convinced these people that Max’s baby daughter is the next ruler and needs to be stopped. Max wants no part of Antar. He wants to live his life in peace, on earth, and enjoy his status as a human. He wants no part of Antar but this imbecile you think is your friend just can’t stand peace.

“I am speaking for the other four planets here Khivar…we do not want any part of this war but I CAN convince them to help Max if it comes to that.

“Nicholas called a conference on earth in your name and he was informed of our feelings at that time and now I’m informing you, this is your battle with your second in command. Deal with him.”

Khivar sat there and listened to Larek as he spoke and wondered just what had possessed Nicholas to take this upon himself and then to use his name in vain. This needed to be dealt with immediately.

“Nicholas brought this subject up to me a while back and I thought I had made it clear to him at that time that it was his need for chaos and to drop it. I thought he had.”

“Well, it looks like you have another thought coming Khivar, because he didn’t drop anything. Now get your armies together and stop Nicholas’ forces from leaving Antar.” And Larek excused himself and left the palace.

Khivar reached out with a dream walk and called his generals to an emergency meeting and then used his mind warping abilities to put the rest of the army to ‘sleep’ so to speak. His powers were beyond imagination…even stronger than Nicholas’.


The Valenti’s and the Parker’s all converged on the Mesa Liko reservation together and were all met by River Dog who took them to a secluded cabin back on the edge of the reservation. It had been cleaned and made ready for them complete with made up beds, food, and hot running water. The five tired adults were very grateful for the accommodations and expressed their thanks to River Dog to the point the old Indian was getting embarrassed. He explained that he had been helping Max and the kids for years and Jeff and Nancy could only stand there in awe.

“God Jeff, talk about not knowing your kids! Can you imagine?”

“No Nancy, I can’t. This is beyond comprehensible. Jim, just how long have you known about all of this. You know we didn’t find out until graduation.”

“I found out when they were sophomores Jeff. Max healed Kyle too…it was all that agent Pierce’s doing. We’ll probably have a lot of time to talk about what those kids went through before they came back. I just hope they can get this latest drama taken care of. They should have a lot more help this time than they’ve had in the past.


Cal Langley arrived in New York and headed straight for the ballet company he knew Ava was dancing for and managed to convince the doorman that he was making a delivery, a little Antarian magic, and then he made his way into the rehearsal hall and found his little blond stretching and preparing for rehearsals. He caught her attention and motioned for her to come to him, the piercings and the colorful hair were all gone.

“What’s up Cal?” Ava knew him from a time or two before.

“Nicholas is gathering forces to kill Max and his family, Max needs us right now.”

Ava looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes and nodded. She went over to a gray haired gentleman who was wearing a black leotard and black ballet slippers and Cal wanted to gag. Didn’t these guys know what an old fart looked like in those things. Hell, even some of the young ones weren’t that great and he stifled a laugh as he watched.

Apparently the old codger was not pleased with what he was just told and when he was about to give Ava a hard time he suddenly smiled and kissed her on the cheek. Cal smiled…

‘Well that should take care of him’ Cal thought and Ava returned with her back pack and a grin; he didn’t have to be told what had just taken place.

“We need to go back to my place so I can pack some things Cal. It’s just around the corner, up over a club. I didn’t want to have to be too far from work in order to keep Lonnie and Rath away from me. Hide in plain sight, isn’t that what they say?”

“Ava, you never had to hide, you could have come to me.”

“Don’t want to be a bother. Let’s go.”

Cal took the young ladies arm and led her out of the rehearsal hall and back to the sidewalk where he could walk her safely home. God knows what was out there watching and waiting.


Isabelle and Jesse arrived at the Swift’s estate in New Jersey about the same time as Michael and Maria; after a quick phone call from Max they all decided to go to the estate since Charly got a clean bill of health and was released immediately, still with no explanation for his coma. Everyone was there now except for Cal and Ava who had called an hour ago and said they would be there shortly.

As Max was filling everyone in on what was going on a little squeal came from another room and Michael got up immediately and went looking for his niece and Isabelle got confused. Max and Liz just sat there and waited…

“What’s with Michael?” Isabelle asked and Max, Liz and Maria all grinned as Max answered his sister.

“She heard Michael.”

“What do you mean ‘she heard Michael’?” Isabelle asked. Everyone who knew Abby knew what Max meant but his sister was clueless.

“She loves Michael Iz…I think she’s in love with Michael.”

Isabelle grinned….

“You mean to tell me Michael Guerin is taking care of a baby?”

“He feeds her every morning and she waits for him too. Just wait, it’s a beautiful sight.”

And about that time Michael came in with his niece, holding her high up in his right arm, supporting her back with his huge left hand as she smiled and patted his face. Michael looked as though he was in seventh heaven

Isabelle watched in disbelief as she arose from her chair to go over and have a look at the little angel…she couldn’t believe how bright and beautiful she was and Abby looked over at her aunt and smiled and then she reached for Isabelle.

Isabelle couldn’t believe how alert and friendly this tiny baby was and Max and Liz were beside themselves with happiness to see that Abby wasn’t strange at all with her aunt, they knew how excited Isabelle was to see her; she hadn’t seen her since she was born.

Then, just as things seemed to be going great Abby looked around and started to fuss….

“Where’s Charly?” Liz asked and Max was up that fast and out of the room.

Max came back carrying a very sleepy ten year old that should have been walking on his own but the boy was sound asleep and Max didn’t want to disturb him. Abby took one look at Charly and started to kick and gurgle immediately.

“What is going on Max?” Maria and Isabelle both wanted to know.

“She doesn’t like Charly out of her sight. She knows we’re in danger Iz and don’t look at me like I’m nuts…she knows.”

“I don’t think you’re nuts Max, but my Lord, she’s only six months old.”

“We’re very aware of how old she is but she knows. She knew that Lonnie and Rath were in the hospital. I don’t know how she knew but she did. She wouldn’t leave Charly’s side, even slept in his hospital bed with him and when we tried to move her she just wouldn’t settle down so Liz stuck a pillow in the side of the bars and left her alone. She snuggled right in and Charly didn’t mind at all. It’s her brother Iz, and she knows it.”

“Well good for her I guess. Where does she sleep now?”

“In Charly’s room, with the door open; Charly doesn’t mind at all. We can’t seem to separate them. I don’t know what we’re going to do when we get back to Roswell and Charly has to go to school.”

“I think, when this is all over, she’ll be fine.” Liz chimed in. “She senses the danger and wants to make sure Charly is okay. When she gets home she’ll be more than happy to let Charly alone for awhile. I’m not so sure Charly will want to let her go but that’s okay, if he wants to share a room with her for awhile then that’s what we’ll do. He’s going through an awful lot Max and there’s a lot more to come. I just hope we can keep it all away from them and deal with it quietly.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see, but I do know one thing…we are never going to have to go through this again. This is the final showdown, they’re dust.”

“Agreed!” They all said at the same time. There was an awfully lot of fire power in that room but they were going to be up against a lot of fire power as well.

About that time Cal Langley pulled into the extensive driveway with Ava…

“Nice digs Cal. Yours?”

“No, this one belongs to Charly now.”


“Yeah, Philip Evans did right by the boy that’s for sure.”

And they went up to the front door and rang the bell.

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Michelle: This story is a little different since Khivar is a character, in the series he was just a handsome hunk who showed up to haul Isabelle off, in this one his character is slightly different, I hope! :D As for the kids, well lets just say that kids are my weakness... :wink:
Carolyn: Hey, the reason I've got Michael and Abby so close is the search I did on Brendan's web site for a banner and there he was with his first daughter, really tiny little thing, and they were laying together on a couch. I just thought it was so unlike him and all it took was a baby of his own. I loved it. :)
Eve: Khivar has misplaced values but I think he sees the light eventually. :wink:
Michelle: #2, Hey, I like that true. Just think, someone was thinking... :)


Chapter: 9

Back in New Mexico at the Mesa Liko Reservation Jim Valenti was holding a meeting with River Dog who knew all about the “visitors”.

Jim was explaining to Nancy, Jeff, Amy and River Dog how to deal with the skins should they show up at the reservation. It was highly unlikely but it was best to be prepared rather than think of it as hind sight.

He explained that the skins had husks to protect them from the earth’s atmosphere. He took his night stick and explained to them about the ‘snap’ type apparatus at the small of their back, just about belt high. They would have to hit that spot on the alien’s back and it would turn them to dust.

The women sat in utter disbelief and River Dog nodded and told them that he would equip them with tools to do the job, then he said he would have to hold a meeting with Eddie and the rest of the tribe to prepare them for any surprise visitors.

“How will we know if they are skins?” River Dog asked Jim.

“We can’t tell by looking at them,” Jim explained and then went on to say…”but a good whack across the back of an enemy isn’t going to hurt us in any way and it will let us know what we need to do for protection. If striking them at that spot doesn’t do the trick then shoot at them, stab, kick…do whatever is necessary to bring them down.”

“This is an absolute nightmare!” Amy exclaimed…

“Yes it is, but we’ll get through it.” Jim had never let any of them know that he had developed a few powers of his own. It was his secret to tell and he never felt like sharing. He was certain Kyle had developed some as well but he wasn’t sharing either, some things are best left alone. Now that the time was here he felt he just might have to reveal himself, and what better time than now.

He motioned for Kyle to take a walk with him while River Dog was there with the women.

“Kyle, what powers do you have?” Jim looked at his son very seriously.

“I can power blast dad…a little bit of intuition but I’ve never worked on any of it. How about you?”

“Same here, I can power blast as well. I think I can communicate with my thoughts although I’ve never felt the need to push it. I’ve tried it a couple of times on Amy when I didn’t want to watch a certain TV program and I think it worked because she always made some kind of a remark like ‘and why are we watching this again?’ I would just sit and agree with a smile. Just little things like that.”

“Well, if we’re confronted with these skins you know they have powers too dad…I’m not so sure we should be playing mind games with them. Let’s just get rid of them.”

“Agreed son. Now let’s get back to our family.”

And they headed back to the cabin.

Back on Antar there was a very angry self appointed alien king. He had to think…he didn’t want to go to earth and cause a disruption of a planet he had no intentions of warring with but he needed a few key ‘people’ to get down there and dissolve a very disturbing situation.

He sent out a simple ‘brain’ message to Larek who in turn replied…

“Larek, can you reach Max and relay a message?”

“Of course…what would you like to say?”

“Tell him to hang in there, I will send the necessary forces to deal with this situation. Ask him what he needs?”

Larek replied, “This may not be very wise of you, do you think he will believe you?”

“Let’s hope he does…I do not want a war with the young heir. We have had peace for quite a few years and I would like to keep it that way. Granolith knows what will happen to us as a planet should the young heir ever decide to return. There would be chaos everywhere.”

“Khivar, take my word for this. Max wants no part of Antar nor does he have any desire to rule a planet. He is very much in love with his young wife. He has found his son again, although the circumstances could have been a little brighter, and he has a beautiful little daughter that he adores. We as natives of nations that have never been privy to that kind of love and devotion cannot understand it but I know he will not want to give it up for anything. He just wants to be left alone, and Khivar, we both know the granolith is nothing more than a space ship; a glorified space ship that was used to brainwash five planets, nothing more.”

Khivar smiled, not often that he did but he smiled indeed.

“I will do everything in my power to resolve this situation to the best of my ability. We cannot converge on that planet with forces; that would be extremely unwise. We cannot take the chance that anyone would think there was an invasion taking place therefore we will have to take care of it from our people on earth. Tell Cal Langley to let me know what he needs. I will see to it.”

“Khivar,” Larek said in a very placating manner, “trust me when I say this…Cal Langley neither needs nor wants your support. He is quite capable of taking care of this himself. He is a very wealthy man and wealth buys many toys as you well know. But, I will relay your message to both Cal and Max and we’ll talk later. Just make sure your troops stay on Antar where they belong. Do NOT, under any circumstances, allow them to join forces with that imbecile.”

“That part I can guarantee. Good luck Larek…you know I don’t want to jeopardize what I have here.”

“What have you got Khivar…a lonely castle, void of friends and family and the fear of being overrun at any given moment of the day? I don’t think anyone truly wants your life…you are welcome to it.” And Larek cut off the communication that Khivar had initiated. Larek shook his head as he prepared himself to again take over poor Brody’s body.

Khivar readied himself once again to start dream walking the various generals of his army to see if he had missed any traitorous leaders of his forces. They would have to be stopped at all costs. Damn that Nicholas the aging leader thought to himself.


Back in New Jersey Ava and Cal were now seated in a room full of aliens and a couple of terrified lawyers also known as family members. Dave White, the Swift’s lawyer, had left much earlier to go home for some much needed rest and to prepare for a funeral. That left a room full of aliens and one confused little ten year old boy who didn’t feel threatened but lonesome and sad at the same time. His life as he knew it had just changed forever and although he liked these new people it didn’t help any of the other things that had happened to him in the past day and a half.

“Charly, would you like to go upstairs and take a rest?” Liz asked…the child looked absolutely wiped out.

Charly looked around the room and really wanted to stay but he was so tired…then he looked at the sleeping Abby in her uncle’s arms and smiled.

“Abby can go with you if you would like. She needs to rest too.”

Charly smiled at Liz and looked at everyone in the room and smiled at them as well.

“It was nice meeting all of you and I will see you in the morning. Good night Max.” He singled out his father and gave him a smile as he led Liz to his room. Liz took Abby from Michael and Isabelle picked up the diaper bag that was sitting next to the stroller and followed them up the stairs.

When they reached Charly’s room Liz noticed that he had a set of bunk beds and one had a railing on it…she smiled at Charly and asked him where he slept.

“I sleep on the bottom bunk Liz but if you pull on that rail up there it will slide out from under the mattress and we can make a railing for Abby down here. I won’t roll over on her honest.”

Liz smiled as Isabelle took the rail down and slid it under Charlie’s mattress for Abby. She handed the sleeping baby to Isabelle who could only look at her niece and smile as warm and fuzzies rushed through her body. Liz knew exactly how she felt, it was written all over her face and it was something she experienced every day since the child was born, and then she put the upper bunks pillows down between the railing and the mattress and made a safe spot for Abby.

They laid Abby down on the bed to change her and put her pj’s on as Charly watched in amazement. Abby never moved a muscle…only the ones her mommy manipulated to get her dressed and then they were ready for nighty-night.

Charly started to crawl into his bed and Liz reached out and gave him a hug and kissed the top of his head…Charly smiled and crawled into his bed next to the wall and Isabelle laid Abby down next to him, on her back, and Liz waited. Abby started to scoot around, rolled over, and stuck her butt in the air, found her thumb and was out like a light. Charly reached over and touched the baby girl’s little arm for a second and got himself comfortable and started to go to sleep too. He was still in shock and Liz knew this and tried to keep things as calm as she could around the young boy. Her heart ached for him.

Liz held a finger up to Isabelle and retrieved a pacifier from the diaper bag and she carefully removed Abby’s thumb from her mouth and stuck the pacifier into her mouth in place of her thumb as Isabelle and Charly both watched and then it happened, the pacifier flew out of Abby’s mouth, hit Charly in the chest and the thumb went right back into the baby girls mouth where Liz had just removed it. Charly laughed and Isabelle had to control herself. Liz just stood there and grinned at both of them…she felt Charly could use a little fun before going to sleep and Abby never failed to spit that pacifier just as far as she could.

“God Liz, how can you stand it…she’s so sweet.”

“I know Isabelle, it’s enough to make you want to fly and she loves everybody, it’s amazing and she’s so smart. She knows something is wrong and she just can’t leave Charly out of her sight.”

“I think Charly feels the same way…it’s almost magical.”

“You’re right Isabelle they seem to know each other…it’s probably other worldly but whatever it is it’s a good thing. Charly needs her right now, the full impact hasn’t hit him yet and when it does I just hope we’re enough for him.”

“Oh Liz, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. He’s a fine young man. It will take time but he’ll be fine eventually.”

“I hope so Isabelle.” Liz reached into the diaper bag and pulled out the baby monitor, plugged it in and put the other half in her pocket as she looked at Isabelle…

“Now we’re out of here.”

Isabelle took one more look at the sleeping children and smiled. She needed some of these…she had to talk to Jesse right now and she was off.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.