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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 9, ch 20, Jan 1, 201

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begonia9508: Liz is suffering from her experience with Sean. There will be seen several other things in her youth, back to high school which make relationships difficult.

mary mary: Nicholas was a strange creature. Go back to season 2, Harvest" and Wipe Out." Nicholas introduced himself as a confidant of Kivar. He stated that he had romantic interest in Vilandra. He wasn't killed when Tess destroyed the rest of the skins. Then we meet him in "Max in The City." He appears to be speaking for Kivar. I brought Nicholas to Earth again as an extension of Kivar's power. For some reason Nicholas's sexual interest in Vilandra only existed when he was in the presence of Kivar. On Earth the clone of Vilandra was just another tool for Nicholas.

Natalie36: May we have a better year in the future.

keepsmiling7: Freewill will plague all the humans into the next story. This is so far two parts, maybe, three. The second part is finished. Part of freewill is responsibility. Tess put this to Alex as they were rushing to save Isabel. Much like the Asimov short story collection "I Robot," not that silly movie, the next part will deal with responsibility, freewill and prejudice against aliens of many types.

Author's note. The granolith is getting impatient as it tries to nudge Liz along with dreams.

Chapter 21

Michael now, had over half of his possessions stored at Maria’s place. Michael wasn’t into justifying what he did. He just did things. Maria, on the other hand had convinced herself that she wanted Michael on a permanent basis. Whatever that meant. Ever since her father had left, when she was very young, Maria did not believe in forever anything.

Once inside her apartment, leaving gunfights, alien power blasts and even advice she had received from her best friend Liz outside in the cold reality, Maria pushed Michael back into an easy chair and disappeared back into her bedroom.

Michael had learned that soldier thing, about taking rest at any time he was allowed. He and Max had worked all day among the aliens. Most of this time, they had suffered the pain generated by Isabel. Max called them his people. When Michael was very young, he knew that there was something different about him. It took knowing the Evans twins to define what this was. At that time, Michael dreamed about being called back to his people. His people, they certainly were not part of the welfare system. Michael was now grown up. He had survived the welfare system. He had at least two friends, Max and Isabel Now, Michael had a woman who was more than he ever imagined. That didn’t mean that if no one was bothering him, he couldn’t take a quick nap.

Through the dream haze, Michael heard what he knew Maria called jazz. As the jazz got louder, Michael, still in a partial sleep, opened his eyes a crack. He wasn’t awake, but he no longer was dreaming in any deep sleep. It would seem that the schoolgirl in front of him was falling into the room. At the last moment, she caught herself by grabbing the door jam. Michael’s education in the public schools was sporadic at best. He did remember many girls walking a little further down the street to the Catholic girl’s school. They all wore uniforms. He didn’t remember the skirts being quite that short, the leggings being that long or the blouses opened almost all the way down, showing a magnificent pair of breasts. He didn’t remember any of the Catholic school girls wearing high heels either. Michael didn’t remember any up-skirt flashes seen as a boy to show a thong. At that time, Michael was sure that he hadn’t know what a thong even was.

Maria let go of the door jam and it seemed as if she would fall. At the last moment, she caught her balance and spinning, she again caught the door jam, looking over her shoulder, glaring at Michael with mock anger, surprise and finally pleasure that he enjoyed seeing the short skirt rise. Maria began posturing and posing, showing her body to the best she could. Michael saw that the open blouse was too short and now, it had worked out from under the skirt. Michael watched her sway her hips as the skirt, now that the waistband was un-buttoned, worked its way down her legs. Another spin and a kick and the short skirt went sailing across the room. Another kick and her heel was resting on Michael’s shoulder. Michael tried to keep his eyes on her face, but as she leaned forward, her breasts falling out of the loosely hanging blouse, her hands now rolling the leggings down to her shoes, his eyes were drawn to the length of her leg. He followed her leg all the way up to… A short kick and the legging with shoe flew across to join the almost forgotten skirt. When she repeated the removal of the other legging on his other shoulder, Michael never looked up. His sight was fixed firmly on her upper thigh. His hands went to her waist finding two bows holding the thong. Then, Michael stood up and scooped Maria into his arms, he carried her to her bedroom, not a bit surprised that she had already turned down the sheets. “Maria, I don’t need that much foreplay. I always want you,” Michael stated.

“I know,” Maria giggled. “I enjoy seeing you, seeing me and knowing you, enjoy everything you see.”

Michael did not bother removing her blouse. It was opened, anyway. He dropped her the short distance to her bed. It took Michael less than a minute to complete his own disrobing, of course with less drama. Even though tired, they made love. Humans, aliens, Nicholas and silver handprint murders were forgotten.


The more he was around her, the more he had to think about. Working in Alex’s detective squad, Max had grown to despise the two women who drained resources from the real police work and always had more support than real, working detectives. Max and Michael had tried to believe that the silver handprint murders were the product of some weirdoes sniffing paint. Even while rousting Jimmy, Max was starting to understand that the alien abyss was catching up to all of them. Meeting Tess was a shock. To know his people had created her in the lab as they did all the clones, then they cast her aside as a nothing, was difficult. In one way, it had been Kivar and Nicholas who had saved her life.

Tess had explained to Max about the symbol. She had told him to look for the person, to whom he had given the symbol.

Tess also explained to Max that Isabel would change. That was too hard for Max to believe. They had been raised, as brother and sister, by a human family, with conservative values. It hurt Max when the rumor spread, in high school, about Isabel fucking the captain of the football team. It hurt even more when the fool told all his friends about the defrocking of that Isabel Evans. Of course, in the next game, the captain was hit hard, by two linemen. The snap of his leg was heard in the stands. His senior year was not of parading his ability before talent scouts from the big colleges. He did get to play football in one of the junior colleges in state.

That was when, Max understood. Isabel would live a romantic social life, but it would be on her own terms. Following her life in the tabloids, Max saw that Isabel was always in control. Seeing her in Lieutenant Whitman’s arms, Max was beginning to understand what Tess had said.

Now, that other thing. There had been no sign of any romantic interest between Max and the lieutenant. The lieutenant was efficient in what she did. Max saw his distain for her fade and slowly an admiration that she took cases that the other detectives couldn’t solve and found solutions. His admiration grew as, like Sherlock Holmes, Little Napoleon looked at the impossible and then concentrated on what was left. She had accepted aliens as the only remaining theory. After their two battles together, Max was sure that Liz felt that alien activity was more than just a theory.


Alex carried Isabel into the bedroom indicated by Tess. “Wait outside Alex and I will get her cleaned up,” Tess said.

Alex sat in a Lazy Boy recliner while he thought what was he going to do. He understood that these aliens might have different ways to do things. Alex was not in a frame of mind to compromise what he believed was right. Alex cast around to find a magazine. He saw two fashion magazines, a copy of Elle written in French and a stack of tabloids. He flipped through the tabloids. There right beside the article “My Baby Has a Father Who is an Alien,” he found in depth articles about Isabel and her latest flame. Alex looked through several of the tabloids and saw that Isabel had many love interests, but they all looked the same. Their pictures were all taken on some beach. They were all wearing brief swimsuits, their chest hair extending down below the waistbands. To hear of their exploits, they all had dicks more than twelve inches long. How they folded this appendage into that small pocket of their swimsuit, mystified Alex. What could a woman like this want with a policeman like him who had spent most of his life being a geek?

Alex was still musing on this thought when Tess called him into the bedroom. She had turned up the heat in the room and turned down the sheets. Isabel was restlessly sleeping half under the bedclothes. Alex could see that she was wearing an expensive nightgown. He laughed to himself, as if he knew anything about nightgowns. Alex hadn’t gotten past shaking hands with Libby and her boyfriend, the Cro-Magnon. He knew that Judy probably would rather sleep in the buff before spending that much money for a night gown. “Alex, Isabel has got to have someone to hang on to if she is going to get well. From what she has said the last few days, you are that someone,” Tess declared.

“Tess I was reading those tabloids in the front room. Isabel has had hundreds of guys to hang on to. I am not like any of them. What makes you think she would want me?” he asked.

“Alex, you weren’t listening,” Tess replied sharply. Then in a more gentle manner, she continued. “Those were human relationships, she is looking at you for an alien relationship. That takes a lot more than beach boys.”

Alex frowned, “Is this like some insect thing or the other. Will she eat me after we sleep together?”

Tess giggled. “Alex, you read too much science fiction. Rest assured that what Isabel wants from you, you are quite able to give. Knowing Isabel’s rich tastes, you probably will be able to give it very well,” she concluded.

Tess held out her hand and taking his she sat him on the bed. “Hold on to her. You can get undressed as you want or not. I will knock before I come back in. The bathroom is through that door and there are fresh water bottles on the side tables. Call if you need anything,” with that Tess left.

No matter what Tess said, Alex was not about to get into bed with Isabel with any of his clothes removed except for his shoes. Alex went to the bathroom and washed up. He laid his Glock on a chair along with his sports coat. Isabel was thrashing as he sat down beside her. Taking her hand, she calmed down. Alex turned down the light and then, he lay down, fully clothed beside her. Alex had pulled all nighters before so this wouldn’t be too bad.

Holding Alex’s hand, Isabel turned over towards him. He could feel her steady breathing as she leaned against him. Her breathing soon lulled him to sleep. All Alex knew was that in the morning, Isabel was still asleep, but she had turned over so she was holding one of his hands and had her arm around his neck. It was very hard to untangle himself from Isabel.

Alex had slept in his clothes. The feeling was not pleasant. He, finally, disentangled himself from Isabel and went to the bathroom to wash his face. Isabel wasn’t awake, but Alex smelled the fragrant coffee that Tess had brewed. As he entered the kitchen, Tess spoke, “Good morning, Alex. How was your night?”

Alex shook his head. “Okay, I guess. I didn’t think I could sleep, but I was out like a light as soon as I lay down beside Isabel,” Alex answered.

Tess laughed, “What else do you remember?”

Alex frowned. “I remember beautiful dreams. Funny, now, I can’t remember what they were. I just remember they were very pleasant.”

Tess chuckled, “All that and you didn’t even take your pants off. Do you wonder what would have happened if you had removed your clothes?”

Alex blushed. He had blushed many times thinking about Judy DeMills. Somehow, Alex imagined that being with Isabel would be very different from the brief encounter with Ms. DeMills. What had Tess said the other night. “Isabel is looking for an alien relationship.” That implied some sort of forever.

Alex looked over at Tess as she poured a fresh cup of coffee. “What happens when the beach boys come back? Do I have to go into a backroom or something?” he inquired.

“Alex, the name ‘alien relationship’ may be badly chosen. From my genetic memory and that damned teaching machine I lived with for so long, I think aliens are not any better than humans about fidelity and strong relationships. Maybe, we should coin a new word. Let’s try clone relationships. We were conceived in a test tube. The only family we have is what we make. All four of us want family. Something that would not be taken away from us. Isabel took the initiative with you. You have to be her choice,” Tess explained.

Alex frowned. There was that predestination again. “Do I have a say in this?” he asked.

Tess smiled, “Of course you do, Alex, you aren’t stupid. Where are you going to find any situation better? Do you know any women better than the sister of the king?”

Alex was confused, hadn’t he heard something about Isabel being Detective Evans, sister? Tess so easily dismissed the previous affairs that the tabloids so gloriously had covered. Would Alex find himself in the tabloids some way? Alex would much rather take down a youth gang, single handedly, than subject himself to this celebrity stuff.

Tess changed the subject. Alex stand up,” she commanded. Alex had no idea what she was about to do. He could feel her behind him as her fingers went under his shirt. He felt Tess play with the waistband of his boxers. “Now, bend over she commanded as she stepped in front of him.” Now Alex felt her fingers running along the collar of his shirt as she pulled his face down only inches from her cleavage. “That’s all, Alex. I have your clothes sizes. Now, I will buy you something so you can clean up,” she stated.

“Shouldn’t I go back to work?” Alex asked.

“I would rather you wouldn’t. Isabel isn’t ready to be left alone,” Tess said with a worried look. “I took the liberty of telling your captain you needed a couple of days off,” she concluded.


Liz was dead tired. She had left Evans back at the station. Didn't these aliens need sleep? Her squad had solved the silver handprint murders or so she believed. Now it turned out that they were the only team with the ability to take down the killers. Liz hadn’t known the aliens for very long. If this silver handprint episode worked out as well as it seemed, she might request Evans and Guerin full time. There might be crime in the alien population that they hadn’t been willing to report. If they wished to belong to the community, they deserved protection, as did any other citizen. They needed avenues to citizenship. They needed to become taxable members of the community.

As she prepared for bed, images of Maria and what she had declared she wanted to do to Michael during their girl talk and the visage of Lieutenant Whitman carrying that Eventide woman, made her a little sad. Well, it wasn’t as if all the team and others she knew were pairing up. There still was Evans. Oops, he was engaged to some human woman. Then, there was this Tess woman. She claimed she had completely given up Evans. Was she doing this in some martyrdom to remain single for the rest of her life? Consciously, Liz had not thought about marriage. Sex, yes, relationships, yes, but to have some man at the center of her life with the results of family and children were always clouded by the love of her job.

Looking at her clock, there were only a few hours before she had to get into the office. Liz knew she needed all the rest she could get. Nicholas was still out there. Nicholas was still a danger. She finally fell asleep with the vision of the crippled Nicholas going through the door that Alex blew up. How badly was he hurt? How quickly would he cure himself?

A green field of grass appeared before m’lady. In the distance on a hill was a castle like she had seen once at Disneyland. Liz looked down. She was dressed in a gown of some remarkable lace material.

A young man walked near her. As he passed he kept his eyes down cast. Liz spoke up. “Young man, yes you, can you tell me where we are?” she asked.

At her voice, the young man looked at her. It seemed that with her question came permission to look upon, what in all probability, would be his queen. “Yes m’lady, we are in the fields in front of the royal palace of Antar. Everyone has gathered to hear the announcement of the queen to be,” he stated.

“And, pray tell, who is that?” Liz asked.

The young man ducked his head and mumbled, “I don’t know m’lady and if I did, it would be unseemly for me to speak. Only she who bears the symbol of the king can first announce this.” The question had confused him. Once she asked who the queen would be, he closed up.

Liz noticed that there were a group of women glaring at her. They were all dressed much like she, but there was no look of friendship that passed from them to her. When she stared at them, they all ducked their heads and disappeared into the crowd. Except for the servants, Liz saw that there were no men in the crowd. It composed only of women of several ages. There were some young girls, Liz would have guessed that they would be in grade school if the dream was at home. As it was, they were the only ones not ducking when she looked at them. Like a movie fade out, the characters all darkened and soon, there was only darkness. Liz heard as she started to wake up. “I guess, we will have to wait. I was so hoping that she would announce herself tonight.”
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 10, ch 21, Jan 7, 20

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mary mary: At this point they are not sure of anything
begonia9508: Liz will have many issues and she has a history to get over. We will see that there aaare two sides to Isabel. She and Tess understand the two sides, Alex will have some trouble doing this.

Chapter 22

Another body was found. It was down by the tracks. This was the general area of the first two bodies. Michael and Maria were investigating. They had the assistance of a couple detectives from Lieutenant Whitman’s squad. Maria phoned in to Liz, “This one is much like the first one. There are handprints all over the body. We have a few uniforms looking on the tracks for us just to make sure, but I will bet the farm that they will not find anything to connect this body to the railroad. It is too much like Goldblum. Someone was very angry. If there is only one killer, we need to discuss his psychological profile.”

Max was still reading papers that Mrs. Goldblum had brought in. “I would say that the killer was trying to get information out of Goldblum. He was trying to find out what Goldblum had passed on to Miller. He was satisfied that Miller just had to be silenced. Remember, he killed Livingston with a power blast through the heart. The killer knew that José and his staff might come out into the back parking lot any moment. Donnie was just in the way. He also wanted to show his power to you and Maria. He wanted speed. Willy was killed like we would swat a fly. He was in the way and instead of pushing him aside, the killer did what was in his nature. Now we need to find out who this latest victim is and why was he subjected to so much trauma,” Max summarized.


Captain Valenti didn’t know if he was excited or pissed off. He had received a phone call requesting a couple days off so Lieutenant Whitman could take care of a Ms. Evantide. So that is what they called it now days. The request, as far as Kyle was concerned, was for Alex to have a couple days to screw that blonde dame who had been seen walking through the offices the other day. Then, there was the other thing. The caller identified herself as Tess Harding. She was the little bitch who had told Kyle that there would be some day when he could help her when he was willing to give up all women for her. Finally, Kyle voted for being pissed off. Where in the hell did that bitty piece of ass get off asking Kyle to buy her coffee this afternoon? The problem was that Kyle was pretty sure he had agreed.

Kyle walked over to Little Napoleon’s office. He might as well check up on their progress on the silver handprint murders. “Yes, Captain, there has been another murder. We are pretty sure that this is the work of one and not more than two perpetrators. Yes, we do know the identification of one of the perps. It is an alien going under the moniker of Nicholas Crawford. Now, this Nicholas fellow had Isabel Evantide prisoner the last few days. We took him down and rescued her. That is where Alex is now. He is taking care of her. We know Nicholas has people working with him. We don’t, yet, know if his associates are involved in the murders, but we are sure several of them were involved in the kidnapping. Some of them are alien and some might be human,” Lieutenant Parker explained.

“Is he the same one my father investigated back in Roswell?” Kyle asked.

“We don’t know yet. Evans has been digging around in some government papers. That Special Unit killed a lot of beings. With the usual temper of the feds, they killed those they suspected, not always with real cause,” Liz stated.

“Why didn’t you request Swat to help in rescuing Ms. Evantide?” Kyle asked.

“We had to do it fast and dirty. Any large group would have gotten Ms. Evantide killed,” Liz stated.

“Did you capture This Nicholas?” Kyle asked.

“No, we were lucky to get Isabel free. Nicholas was wounded, but he got away,” Liz said.

“Does this Nicholas have some agenda or do we have a truly serial killer without any motive?” Kyle asked.

“Liz looked at Max. “Evans has a theory about the murders. Let him tell you,” Liz said.

“Captain, There are a hell of a lot of aliens in the southwest. Many of them are not of this Earth. This Nicholas has tried to stir them up into some sort of revolution.” Then, Max told Kyle what he thought was the motive for each of the five deaths. “Goldblum was a shyster lawyer who represented many really low lifes among which was Robert McKracken. McKracken had something to do with Eloy Padilla. Padilla is selling drugs and weapons. We think he is selling something to the aliens. Goldblum and Archie Miller, a reporter, were working on a story about aliens. Goldblum was tortured to get to Miller. Miller was killed to silence him. We have explained some of the other killings, but we don’t know anything about this latest one. DeLuca and Guerin are working on that one and haven’t brought anything in yet.

Kyle spoke up, “And, we know all of this how?”

“Maybe, we lucked out. The lieutenant and I picked up one of those who were with Nicholas; she is sort of an alien,” Max started to explain.

“What do you mean, sort of an alien? Either she is human or alien,” Kyle interrupted.

Max shook his head. “Captain, if it was only that simple. Look, you are used to dealing with several races. Race is not quite the correct term. On Earth the dominant creatures are of the human race. You then have racial types or maybe, even you should say body types. Humans since the middle of the last century have been pretty mixed up. Now with aliens, you have several species. This is made difficult because the lady we have in custody has DNA made up of both human and one of the alien species. She is a hybrid clone,” Max instructed.

“And, where do we keep this clone,” Kyle demanded.

“She has been under the care of Isabel Evantide,” Max replied. “Isabel was severely wounded last night. Whitman will advise us when she can talk,” Max stated

“Do I, or pop, need to interview this so-called clone?” Kyle asked.

“Probably you should,” Max said. “I understand that she has an appointment with you this afternoon.”

“Naw, it won’t happen. I have a date with this blonde chick this afternoon. No one told me anything about interviewing an alien,” Kyle snorted.

“That blonde chick was never conceived on Earth,” Max stated.


Tess was a little nervous. It was almost half an hour past the time she had asked the captain to have coffee with her. The condition she had placed on him before was that there would be a time when he would give up all other women for her. Tess knew that he was nowhere near this, yet.

Kyle approached the waiting woman. From a distance, she looked so small and vulnerable. He was watching her as he walked up to her. She said he would be willing to give up all women just for her. Now, Kyle knew that wasn’t gonna ever happen. Kyle’s mother had left when he was very young. Kyle didn’t have that feeling about the love of someone. He knew very well the thrill of a new sex partner, but to think that he might be with only one woman the rest of his life. He didn’t have it. Now, he had the knowledge that she was. What had Evans called her, a clone? Evans had said that she was a mixture of alien and human. Now, Kyle wasn’t ever called prejudice. He had had, Anglos, Hispanic, Native American, African Americans and even Chinese lovers. He wouldn’t mind screwing an alien from out of this world, but to think of her as someone he would give up all other for, that wasn’t Kyle.

Kyle was brought down to Earth. Evans said he and his father ought to interview this woman as someone who might know a lot about this Nicholas person or alien whatever. “Ma’am, you asked me to take you to coffee. Is this social or is it business? Kyle inquired.

Tess gave Kyle her best smile and that set off a hard-on that he had to quickly conceal. “We have police business first, but captain, we have to prepare for the time you accept me on a social basis. You aren’t ready for that yet. When you see that I will be the best you ever had and the best that you could ever have in the future, then it will be strictly social,” Tess explained.

The captain nodded, but he had just gotten his impromptu hard-on under control when as they walked across the street to the coffee shop. Tess took his arm. She pulled him close to herself, his arm pressing against her soft breast. Once again, Kyle felt his body getting out of control.


“Lieutenant, Max, it is just like Goldblum. Someone really hated this guy or, at least, they enjoyed making him suffer. The lab is getting his prints sent off for identification. The body is covered in silver handprints. I am scared that one of the lab techs is going to snitch to the feds,” Michael told them.

“We need to find some connection to Goldblum and Miller. If not, we are in for another series of murders,” Maria stated.

“Yeah, we can’t explain this death like we did the bouncer, homeless guy or Donnie. This was a planned and executed mission,” Michael stated.

Maria’s face softened. “What have you heard about Isabel today?” she asked.

Liz looked up. “Nothing recent. Tess is trying to domesticate Captain Valenti, We don’t want to call or do anything to disturb Alex or Isabel.” Then Liz laughed, “Domesticating Kyle, maybe, we should suggest she seduce the deputy chief, instead.”

Maria’s face immediately fell. “No, Big Jim may have a girl or two on the side, but my mom has a real thing for him back in Roswell. She knows he isn’t all sewed up for presentation yet, but I don’t think she would appreciate it if I had anything to do with causing any more philandering,” Maria explained.

Max spoke up, “Tess just got out of being a tool of Nicholas. I would hate to suggest using her like he did. What she is doing to Kyle is her own choice. We may gain because of that, but we aren’t asking her to do things that are not her own idea and will.”

For a minute, Liz felt a bit ashamed. Yes, she had suggested using Tess without regard to her wishes. That wasn’t right. Liz had always stood up for rights, especially women’s rights. Shouldn’t alien women have the same rights as human ones? “Sorry, guys. That was a bummer suggestion. Hey, sometimes the deputy chief has been an ass-hole, but to give him credit, he has supported us on this alien deal. I wonder what Tess has in store for Kyle. He has been a horn-dog since his first touchdown in high school, I understand,” Liz stated contritely.

The three members of her team were all looking very serious. “Alien sex has many dimensions,” Max stated.

“Lieutenant, Kyle has issues about women because his mother left Big Jim when Kyle was a child. I understand that Tess has issued him an ultimatum. The guys at the water cooler say that Kyle has been bragging, if you can call it that, about this woman saying he could come to her when he gave up all others. I understand that Kyle’s brag is not getting much sympathy. The joke is that most of the men, looking at Tess, say they would give up even their wives for a woman like that,” Maria told them.

“My apologies to the lady,” Liz stated. “More power to her if she can get to Kyle. We might retain more female rookies if Kyle would settle down. So far, for us we just want Kyle to leave us alone. With Big Jim’s support, we haven’t needed Kyle’s help, Yet,” she continued.


Andy Hernandez was a young man who had watched too much television. He had collected every CSI DVD out there. He was busy collecting the collections of “Bones,” but his real interest was to be like “Horatio Cane,” in CSI Miami. Andy had bought the same sunglasses he saw his hero wear on TV. He practiced daily taking them off and looking stern at what ever was around him. At the moment, he had a simple start up job as a lab-rat for the investigations lab. He was a bit disappointed when he learned that working for the forensics department in real life was more like college chemistry than the adventures of riding around in a black Hummer rounding up bad guys. ... 50&bih=922

He had noticed Lieutenant Parker’s unit to investigate special crimes. That sounded like “X Files,” to the impressionable young man. From the lab director on down, he saw that the lieutenant was not liked. She wanted too many special tests run and she wanted them run yesterday. The finger prints came back and because the lab sent them they were returned to the lab. The lab director tossed the results into the out box. They would be picked up and delivered either this afternoon or maybe even tomorrow morning. Then, there was that other thing. Andy had heard what he understood was undermining to the lieutenant. The director had said, “That women is out of her league. I don’t know what has gotten into chief Valenti, but what we have should be turned over to the Feds. That woman has no business trying to handle it herself.”

Those words, coming from the lab director who constantly berated the geeky Hernandez, did not seem like department solidarity to Andy. Andy wasn’t a snitch, but the director had made fun of his sunglasses this very morning. When no one was paying attention to him, he grabbed the finger print results and headed up stairs.

Andy noticed that Lieutenant Whitman was not in so there was no one to stop him from going directly to Little Napoleon’s office. Andy thought that being compared to Napoleon should be a complement. “Thanks, Andy,” Liz stated as she took the envelope.” She noticed that he seemed to want something else. “Andy, is there something else I can do for you?” she asked.

Andy looked down at the floor for a minute. Then, he looked up at Liz. “Lieutenant, the lab techs, or at least the director of the lab, wants to turn this silver handprint stuff over to the Feds. Will this cause you trouble?” he asked.

Liz looked at Andy very seriously, “Yes, Andy, it will. I have the people to investigate this. The Feds have had cases like this for years and never brought anyone in,” Liz stated.

Andy nodded and returned to the lab. He felt no allegiance to the lab director. If he learned anything else he was going to take it directly to he lieutenant. Hey, Napoleon conquered much of the world one time.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 10, ch 22, Jan 15, 2

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Michelle in LA: The selection process will be explained later. The need for immediate selection was because of the appearance of Tess.

Cardinal: The relationship between Kivar and Nicholas will be explained later. Keep watching for Liz's rabbi. (I use lower case, rabbi when speaking about influence peddlers and Capital Rabbi when i am speaking about the religious leader.


begonia9508: Kyle is used to pursuing women, now he has to learn to earn one.

Author note for Michelle and the rest if you are interested:
Michelle, I am glad you see some of the issues that my stories always raise. Do the Antarians have any right to be on Earth? Of course not. I come from New Mexico, most of the people here have no right to be here. If you are Hispanic, then all of the Anglos have no right to be here. If you are Native American, none of the others have the right to be here. Native Americans worked hard running off the primitives who they found living in caves using crude spears and such to kill the giant tuskers. Like Great grandma, who said General Sherman had no right to be burning her plantation almost 150 years ago in Georgia.

We don’t have a problem with emigration in the southwest. What we have is a problem of the social welfare system that the emigrates use up at a disastrous rate. When I was young, my uncle was a coyote. He brought many people in, but they all worked on farms and ranches. Once he took a load of young men to Chicago. They all had degrees in computer programing. They were not after welfare. We didn’t have any social welfare program for them to take.

The Nazi-esque nature of abduction and experimentation were discussed on “Stargate One,” when they met the Asgard. The whole concept of information derived from terrible experimentation was once presented best in the series “Babylon 5” when the doctor used information derived from a war criminal who performed these experiments. The quandary was do you throw out the information because it is tainted? The NAZI papers are still studied by medicine to learn about the stresses humans can take. Do past evils of ancestors enforce destruction of information gained by their actions?

If you read carefully, the queen mother intended to take over Earth. The accident which delayed Max, Michael and Isabel making an appearance, allowed the aliens a chance to establish themselves in clandestine and viable communities working with and among the human communities. Max refused the throne. That was because of how he was raised by Philip and Diane Evans. Maybe this was all arranged by something.

Nicholas wanted to start a revolution, but as Max said, Antar was taken by a revolution that had not happened before for thousands of years. On Earth we have some half-pint dictator starting revolutions every year. The aliens starting a revolution would have opened a blood bath, but Max was always sure that humans would prevail. Humans were used to revolution. They knew how to start them and how to end them.

Do the gifts pose a threat to humanity? Sometimes we try to see an egalitarian world where all people are equal. As Snowball the pig said in “The Animal Farm,” some are just more equal than others. When the cheerleader dropped her panties in front of the football halfback, she mind warped him permanently. If they went to college and got married, when she presented him with 2.8 kids, they called it love. The 7’ 6” African kid who came to college basketball, was an unfair advantage to the 6’ boy from Kansas. The youths from East India, China who all have ethics of study, instead of messing around have unfair advantages to the frat boys and their honeys. A basis for imagined superiority, and a rationale for dominance exists all the time.

As to their healing ability upsetting the balance, we did this in Africa and in the Amazon where the lions and jaguars are helped by infant mortality in keeping the population under control. DDT did a lot to this lower mortality by removing many creatures carrying pathogens. We also slowed down the lions and jaguars, by hunting the man killers. Theses things surely upset the balance of things. With healing techniques, we just wait for a new balance,

When beautiful women or any woman for that matter walks across the testosterone laced detective office, they don’t need mind warp. The detectives are almost as smitten as the fullback above. Witness detectives and uniforms all alike honor the Monroe-esque picture of Maria. My copy of that picture, which is part of the banner, is a 11 X 8.5 picture on my hard drive. The clones will find what they best think of as a reason for Isabel’s excess in her social life. Tess explains that clones do not have families except for what they make for themselves. Isabel’s former life will return to haunt her many times, but she now wants to join her brother and Michael in public service. Like them, she wants a family. “Ho” and “tramp” are products of our culture. Recently in research for the story,
The Regent I was reading that in early Anglo-Saxon times, the queen was expected to have her own romances and she was not expected to remain celibate or faithful, only for the king. Besides, Kyle wasn’t a tramp, he was considered a stud. Gender differences of culture not nature.

Go back and you will see that Liz received the sign of the king when she and Max first faced Nicholas’s men and captured Tess. Someone had to receive the sign or Tess would have taken it. Max at this time didn’t know anything about the sign. He and Isabel had to study to learn what it was. Liz has trouble with this sign even though she doesn’t yet know for sure that she has it. Her last boyfriend was cruel to her and he made a sex tape which he put on the internet. This sort of thing, if discovered, would have ruined Liz as a cop. She wants what Maria has, but Liz admits she doesn’t have the outgoing character of Maria. Liz worries about a sex tape and Maria worked her way through college strip dancing in José’s club.

Liz worries about freewill as do the other humans associated with the aliens. Surprisingly it is Alex who shouts, “God bless the machine,” when the humans face that the granolith may have been directing them. This is in part two. Tess faces the question of Freewill when she is talking to Alex. “Tess looked at him. ‘What about you, Alex? You are driving as fast as you safely can to follow a king you do not believe in and support a woman who is clearly your rival, to save another woman you hardly know? Do you have free will? I don't think so. We all do what we are supposed to do.’ With that, Tess again became quiet. Alex saw that she had tightly closed her eyes and appeared again, to be in great pain.”

Your last point I want to address is “Will the aliens create chaos?” And “With this active, huge, and homicidal population of illegal aliens, I wonder when the Feds will get involved.”

The answer is yes, but we are already going to face chaos in the next few years unless something magical happens. The Attorney General, Eric Holder already attempted to destabilize the southwest by selling guns to the drug lords in Mexico. He managed to make the administration of the town Columbus New Mexico all get arrested. They all thought they were following the orders of that “politico” from Washington. The word has gone out that traveling on US 10, the southern rout into Arizona is dangerous because of the Federales and drug lords bringing their battle to the States. Ranchers on the border are arming for war. Immediate citizenship of emigrants will dangerously unbalance the electoral system. We are looking at world wide destabilization of the monetary system. With what we are doing to ourselves, a few thousand aliens from Antar shouldn’t be a problem. This is not politics, it is facts. The feds may get involved, but on whose side?

So far, the second part of Little Napoleon will bring human and aliens together to fight secret alien and human organizations. Liz will get all her fears erased and she will embrace her love for Max and her position of Queen. The third part is being written now and I am not too sure of it. The story is BEMs (bug eyed monsters) coming to earth and aliens and humans coming together like the Navajo did with other Americans in WWII, to fight a common enemy.

I like making layers of reason when I write and worry many times I don’t bring out the intentions I have when I make the stories. I am a math teacher not a word’s smith, after all. Please always feel free to inquire.

Ken r

Chapter 23

“Okay, so you know all about this Nicholas guy?” Kyle started.

He was nursing his coffee, black, straight up. This was sissy stuff, compared to what was served in the wardroom. He had noticed that Lieutenant had taken that Evantide woman to this place. Maybe, the geeky lieutenant was getting soft. Kyle always had doubts about anyone who hadn’t ever played football. Kyle accepted that the woman across from him was drinking a double Latté, two sugars. She might be an alien, but anyone with eyes saw that she was quite a woman. “Yes, Kyle, in a way, you might say that he saved my life,” she said.

“Then you have feelings for him. If so, why are you with us? Shouldn’t you be supporting him in killing people?” Kyle asked.

“There is more to understand, Kyle. I am a clone. I was created in a laboratory. I have no family. The queen mother had made me to be with her son. She intended for the aliens to come to Earth and conquer it. There are commands inside of me that I would have to obey. The strongest was to go to the king and become his mate. At the last moment, the queen mother changed her mind. When she sent the other clones, she had me removed from the ship. Her intention was to destroy my fetus. I was never supposed to be allowed a birth from the pod chamber. She was killed in the revolution before she could carry this out. The despot, Kivar, and his associate, Nicholas, found me partially programed to go to the king. They smuggled me in with a group of refugees. Nicholas was hiding in this group, also,” Tess related.

“Just a minute, how many god damned aliens were sent to Earth?” Kyle demanded with a frown.

“Just a few thousand,” Tess replied. “Most of them are very peaceful and cause little trouble. It is those who follow Nicholas that we must worry about,” she concluded.

“You were a follower of Nicholas. Why don’t I think I should just kill you as a damned alien who is hurting Earth people?” Kyle demanded, again.

“Kyle, that was the advice I offered the king. I told him he should kill me as a danger to himself. Once I learned that he had passed his seal on to an Earth woman, I had no other purpose. Nicholas and Kivar saw fit to only amplify the queen mother’s intention. They added that I was to bring the king’s allegiance to Nicholas and thus to Kivar. They have just learned that the king is no longer available. So they no longer have any control over me. My fate, from now on, is what the king’s sister, Isabel, decrees. I am a loyal subject to the king and his followers, if no longer a candidate to be his mate,” Tess told Kyle.

Current events and history were never Kyle’s strong subjects. Intrigue, kings and revolutions were not something he easily assimilated. “Who the hell is this king? It seems I should have a go at him. We don’t deal with royalty in these states. If they don’t make movies or star in sports, then they are just normal folks and need to toe the line like anyone else,” Kyle almost shouted. He was loud enough that many at the coffee shop looked at the two of them sitting there.

“The king is one of your men, Max Evans. He has renounced the throne, but he is still looked on as a leader of our people,” Tess told him.

Evans, that prissy son-of-a-bitch! The only reason Kyle even tolerated Evans, was once before he became captain, Kyle entered a bar fight with Evans. Evans put three of the ruffians in the hospital without raising a sweat. One of the perps pulled a knife on Kyle. Evans took the maggot out with a sleep hold. Wait a minute, wasn’t it a sleep hold that was used by that Spock character long time ago on TV. Spock was a Vulcan or something like that. Vulcans weren’t real. They were just characters on the tube. What the hell was Evans? Now this piece of tail was saying that Evans was an alien king. Oh shit, Kyle hoped the summer leagues would start soon. Sports were something that made sense. “Evans is the king! Who the hell is supposed to be his queen? Kyle asked.

“I can’t tell you,” Tess replied. “It is forbidden for any, but the queen elect to first announce the royal marriage.”

“Bet I could sweat it out of you,” Kyle stated.

“No, Kyle, you could kill me, but I am incapable of telling what I know of the royal couple until they allow it,” she stated.

Kyle leaned back looking at the small woman. “What a woman!” he thought. Wait a minute, where did that thought come from? Kyle had known many women. Except for their skills in bed, Kyle had mostly dismissed them in his mind. Kyle considered himself a good, but rough interrogator. For a strange reason, when she told him that she could resist with her life, pressure to divulge the name of the queen, he believed her.

“Kyle, you could take me to a ball game some night. I don’t yet know a lot about sports, but I am a fast learner,” she said. Kyle was so stubborn, Tess saw that she might have to lead him a ways. There were many blank pages in her life where she could allow Kyle to write all he knew about sports. Kyle would find her the perfect sports mate. Eventually she would show him her physical powers were, also, superb.

Kyle, again, wondered as he heard himself say, “Hey, Tess that sounds like fun. I will give you a call.” Kyle had the intention of grilling this alien for all she was worth. He had figured that over coffee she would be put off her guard. Then, he would return to the interrogation with her in cuffs or not and she wouldn’t get out until, he, Kyle, the captain of the detectives knew all about her and about all the rest of the aliens. Instead, he was getting that warm fuzzy feeling, you know the feeling you get after a very good fuck. Her next words made his mind even more confused.

“Now, Kyle I am only promising to allow you to take me to a game. nothing else. You still have a way to go before we bed each other,” she said as she handed him her card.

Kyle shook his head as she left. He had just promised to take a woman to a game and been assured that she promised him no sex. He went to games with guys because he didn’t want sex with any of them. Women were for fucking, and guys were for drinking and sports. Kyle wasn’t happy that his world was changing. “We bed each other.” That bothered Kyle a lot. Kyle did like to be on top. Having sex with this blonde implied that this would be something they did together. He, also, had no doubt that some night he would take her to a game and spend the whole evening telling her all the fine points of it. Kyle had no doubt that he would completely enjoy her company, even with out any screwing. Any love making in the future would be totally mutual, also, something they would enjoy together.


Lieutenant Parker had assembled her team in her crowded office. She held the envelope that Andy had brought to her. “Octavian Munoz, Is his name. Folks, find out what his connection is with any of the murdered victims. If there is no connection, then we must make ready to face another string of murders. Octavian wasn’t killed by chance. I lot of thought went into this murder. The killer took a lot of time, either to enjoy the pleasure of giving pain or extracting information. With this nut, we don’t know. I am sure that after that meeting with Alex, Nicholas has lost a bit more of any sanity in his possession,” Liz told her group.

It was Maria who called out first, “Hey, Munoz works for a publishing company.”

Ten minutes later, Max stated, “I just talked to his secretary. I explained that we were tracing some people and the trail had lead to their office. I didn’t say anything about Munoz’s death. I don’t think his next of kin have been notified yet. She does know Miller, but none of the others struck a bell with her. She says that the reporter, Miller, sells a bit piece now and then to her boss. They run several tabloids and a couple of magazines.”

This stirred the lieutenant into action. “Maria, Michael, get over to the Munoz office. Pick up a warrant and go through their files. Get what ever they have on Miller and feel the staff out about what they think of Munoz, Miller and anyone else you think of. Go ahead and tell them about the death. Evans, saddle up. We are going to bring the news to the family. If we have any photographs of the other victims except for the death pictures, bring them. No blood and guts, but it would be nice to find any connections the wife might make. Maria, Michael, you might check into any pictures we have that can be shown around. Let’s go people! Make a connection or not, but find out what is going on,” Liz ordered!


“Mrs. Munoz, I am Lieutenant Parker and this is Detective Evans. May we come in?” Liz asked

Mrs. Munoz stood aside as the two detectives entered the home. They went down a short hall and Mrs. Munoz said, “Take a right.”

That led into a room that had been set aside, almost like a turn of the century parlor. “Mrs. Munoz, when was the last time you saw your husband?” Liz started.

“About a week ago. We are separated and planning to get a divorce,” Mrs. Munoz answered. “What has that dumb bastard gotten himself into now?”

“How long have you been separated?” Liz again asked. This case was, maybe, taking a twist.

“About three months. ‘Tavin got that promotion to editor at work and that brought in his secretary. Katie Prinz, she is the bitch who split my marriage,” Mrs. Munoz continued.

Liz hadn’t seen that coming. If it wasn’t for the silver handprints and the connection to Archie Miller, Liz might have turned this case back to regular detectives as normal murder case. The spouse being the number one suspect. Instead she said, “Mrs. Munoz, I have bad news for you. We found Octavian Munoz’s body early this morning. He was murdered.”

As Liz said that, both she and Max looked carefully at Mrs. Munoz’s face. It would be important how she took this. In a low voice Mrs. Munoz stated, “You don’t know how many times I thought about killing ‘Tavian. Maybe, even taking a swipe at that Prinz woman. We were married twenty-five years. She could swing her ass in ways that I didn’t know how to do. ‘Tavian starts working late and then working overnight. Finally, he tells me he found someone else. He was very blunt. He found someone else who could swing, that was his word for it, her ass better than I ever did. That really hurts.” Mrs. Munoz stopped and looked at Liz. “Do you think I did it? Do I need a lawyer?” she inquired.

Max and Liz both took note of Mr. Munoz repeating the parting insult that her husband had left her with. “We know you didn’t do it. Did you hire someone to do it for you?” Liz asked.

“No, no I didn’t hire anyone.” Mrs. Munoz kind of drifted off for a few minutes. “No, I was coming to terms with ‘Tavian. Is there a ‘Killers R Us’ club somewhere? I wouldn’t know where to start to hire someone,” Mrs. Munoz mused.

When Max and Liz finally left, neither of them thought that Mrs. Munoz had anything to do with the killing. “Max, don’t rule her out. I have seen stranger things than this,” Liz cautioned.

Lieutenant, how does a person go about finding a killer for hire? Max asked.

“I haven’t the foggiest, Max. The only ones I know about are subjects talking to someone like Maria’s friend, José. Usually then, the strip managers or bartenders quickly inform the police and the last few I knew about were given an undercover cop as a hit man until they said enough to make a case,” Liz narrated.

Well lieutenant, I will keep that in mind. She could be guilty as hell, but there is too much alienness in this case! Killing because of infidelity is not alien. Clones would take infidelity harder than true aliens. Clones have only the family they make for themselves. To loose this is a disaster. Aliens would move on much like, I suppose, humans would. I know we need to keep open minds, but I don’t like her much for a suspect,” Max stated.


“Ms. Prinz, we have a warrant to go through your office. Octavian was murdered last night,” Maria stated in her roll as sergeant.

Both Maria and Michael, much like Max and Liz, watched the faces as they announced the murder. Ms. Prinz was devastated, unless she was putting on a show. John Cotta, a fellow editor, did not look shaken, but then, he stated, “Now, we all have to take up the slack. Shit! We are going to take weekends to do his work along with all of ours.”

John clearly didn’t care much for Octavian, but Octavian’s death only brought him more work. Not a good reason for murder. Maria needed to take Ms. Prinz into another room and interview her as Michael started on the files. This seemed like a monumental task, until a woman pulled at his sleeve. “Can I help explain, Detective?” she asked.

Susan Houser was promising much more than a little help or a little explanation, as she batted her baby blues at Michael. Well, she was offering help, this was not the time to explain that Michael had just started building his family by a relationship with Maria. It would be a stupid clone who tried to change this build without good reason. Michael doubted that Susan could dance worth a damn in the nude, anyway. She was offering help. That didn’t mean that Michael owed her anything after.

“Archie Miller was getting good,” Susan stated. “The last three stories he brought in were all hits. Archie was part of the reason that Octavian was promoted. I don’t know what the next story was, but Octavian said it would blow all the others out of his way.”

“What was your relationship to Octavian?” Michael asked.

“Oh, we screwed now and then. You know, late nights, storeroom on boring afternoons, but I never promised him anything, not like Katie. Katie had her hooks in him. I heard he was leaving his wife. You know the wife has all the money. They promoted him to editor, but you know there are editors and there are editors. Octavian was still a little fish. Katie believed she found a big fish on his way up,” Susan told Michael.

“How did you feel about that?” Michael asked.

“Hey, I was looking, but Octavian wasn’t what I was looking for. Until I find that someone, I am still open for a good time, if you know what I mean,” Susan purred.

About that time Maria finished her interview with Katie Prinz. Maria came into the room where the file cabinets were kept. Susan quickly ducked her head and almost ran out of the room.

Michael looked up and with a straight face he said, “Damn it, Maria. You just kept me from getting laid.”

“Michael, you can get laid anyway you choose. Don’t let me stop you!” Maria said sharply.

“Aw Maria, she can’t dance as she takes her close off. You know I could never go back to making love the simple way again,” Michael stated.

Maria was still scowling. She wasn’t sure if she had been complemented or not. She changed the subject to business. “You find out anything in these files?” she asked.

Michael held up an empty folder. “Yes, but I think someone beat us to it,” he disclosed.

The folder was labeled, Archie Miller. “I guess we know now, why Munoz was beat up so badly. Someone wanted to know if he had any of Miller’s papers. How do you guys describe it? Cook small parts of his body until he confesses what you want and where it is kept. The rest was probably easy,” Maria stated.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 11, ch 23, Jan 21, 2

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Michelle in LA
mary mary

Author's note: Lucky Kyle? Maybe, poor Kyle. Tess is contriving to make them more compatible. Her education, they call it programing, is from Isabel, now, the question is which Isabel, the one of the tabloids or the new Isabel who is desiring to be so respectable? The queen mother "bought" Ava to control her son. She created Teresa to control the clone of her son. Watch as the story develops. Some species was willing to embed a princess into the royal family of Antar. With Troy, Greeks had their gifts and with Ava who knows. Is there a princess to control her son or is there a princess to subjugate the foreign power? The clone of Ava is assembled. The queen mother’s intentions are included and everyone was killed, except for the infant clone. Nicholas and Kivar grab her and hatch their own plot. You buy a hard drive and put it into your computer, but are you sure there isn’t something already written on that hard drive. The queen mother’s and Kivar/Nicholas’ intentions depended on Teresa taking the seal and power from Max. Once Isabel built self, within Teresa, are we sure that something from the species of her donor wouldn’t kick in. They weren’t selling their princess into slavery, they were embedding their daughter so she could lead these strangers to better relations with themselves. Now the strangers are no longer Antarians, but human. Kyle may find himself groomed and led to greatness and power.

What does the granolith think about this? The granolith is not infallible. It chose the queen mother.

The story is about finding and destroying Nicholas. There are four very different love stories also. Michael and Maria are thrown together. From lust they develop a love. They both desire a family and they see that they can give this to each other. Isabel suddenly finds that she must change her ways and take on responsibility. Her brother is moving to take his place helping his people and he is asking for her help. Nothing she had ever done before had given her any sort of family. Tess, the granolith and the situation all brought her to Sergeant Whitman. He was a man of responsibility, a man of intelligence and a man of strength. He might not know much about people, but Isabel knew enough for both of them. Kyle was a hunter and pillager. He could be powerful, but he needed to be taught a lesson. He needed to meet the one woman he would give up all others for.

Max and Liz are the problem. As the king he chooses to be, Max must not abuse his power. Before Liz comes to him, she will have to learn many things. Max offers her not only the security of love and marriage, but she will have the power to bring two peoples together. As Little Napoleon she has become independent. She has also become lonely. She will not come to Max because some machine tells her to. Only when she learns what the machine knows will she see that Max will be the best thing she will ever find.

Chapter 24

Isabel was now up and dressed still in her night gown, but now, she had a housecoat over it. She was also wearing some fuzzy slippers. She was sitting with Alex drinking coffee. “You know I lied. I told Maria that I understood all about mind rape. I had memory given to me from my genetic host. She had experienced almost every perversion possible. Now, I know from my own experience. Nicholas never intended for me to live. The garment you found me in was an execution shroud. What he did to me was to make the alien population fear him. My fear was transmitted to them. My death would bring them all down and he would approach them as a savior even greater than the king,” Isabel related.

“What do you do now?” Alex asked. “Will Nicholas come for you again? We hurt him, but we certainly didn’t kill him.”

“I don’t know. Hopefully, I will sense him and be able to call for help. Maybe, I will even be able to fight him myself. He took me completely off guard. I was searching for aliens after my lecture. I knew that there was an alien presence, but I didn’t know it would be him. I do know that this point must be a change in my life. Max and I always knew that there would be a time in our lives when service to our people would be our duty. Max saw his chance through his friendship with Michael. Nothing was demanded of me, so I did as I pleased. The life of a jet setter gave me freedom to experience all of what I thought was being human. Michael learned the underbelly of humanity in the welfare system. Max got his Ivy League education and learned from the affluent of society. If we are guided, someway, Max was learning to be king. I became an example of the excesses of humanity. Maybe, I was prepared to see the excesses of the royals. Our memory is filled with the belief that the queen mother was directing the movement to Earth. It is strange. She never believed in the despot. She might have gone along with the migration as some sort of an invasion. There is a memory, not placed there by any of the royals. That scrap of memory says there is something else guiding our people, even the queen mother could not control this guidance,” Isabel was silent for several minutes. This long speech to Alex had brought forth something that had before been hidden from her. Yes, she was about to make a change. The jet setter who had more lovers than most men had socks, was no more. Isabel, now needed Alex to hold on to. If he wasn’t willing to be that person, she wasn’t sure what her next step would be. It was as if everything hung onto what Alex would do next.


Somewhere in the hills some distance from Roswell, the old timers had always claimed to hear a hum. They claimed it was a very low hum almost below human perception. Older cowboys said their horses became alert when they rode in these hills. Some cougar hunters said their dog pack would not follow the scent into these hills. They also claimed that the cougar only went a short distance into the hills and riding around the hills, the dogs picked up the trail again as the cougar fled even faster from the sound as he did from the dogs. If anything had been in these hills except for a few blue jays, they might have detected a hic-cup in the hum. The granolith had completed one part of its program, now, to go on to the, next phase.


Maria and Liz were comparing notes in the office. Max and Michael were back in the alien communities looking for traces of Nicholas. Alex was still out, presumably with Isabel. That left only Kyle to bring Liz any information that the uniforms might turn over to the detective squad. After Donnie’s death, it had been reported that the uniform duty sergeant had chewed the whole force a new one. The orders were to find and observe. He didn’t want any more bodies to mess up his schedule. Hero’s were for TV. Reality was, “Follow your orders.”

“Mrs. Munoz had a case,” Maria started. “Katie Prinz had her hooks into Octavian. Mrs. Munoz did not see fit to mention or maybe, she didn’t know, Octavian was screwing more than just Katie. There is another woman there, a Susan Houser who tried to seduce Michael and confessed to him that she had more than a passing relationship with old Octavian.”

“Tried to seduce Michael, what did you think of that?” Liz asked.

“Not much, Michael claims he didn’t believe she could dance and take her clothes off at the same time. Guess my time at the Brass Pole is paying off, at least with Mikie,” Maria laughed. Then she went on in a serious tone, “Liz there is more to these alien clones than I first thought. Talking to Michael and after my session with Isabel the other day, I see that the clones are sensitive about not having any family. They are anxious to build relationships that are stable. Relationships are the only family they know.”

“That doesn’t add up very well, looking at Isabel, does it?” Liz again asked.

“I sat with that secretary of Isabel’s the other day. Tess, I think her name is. She claimed that Isabel is changing because of the threat Nicholas makes to the alien population,” Maria stated. “Tess says that Isabel is setting her cap for the lieutenant.”

It was almost quitting time when Michael and Max returned to the office. There was no information about Nicholas in the alien communities. Maria left with Michael leaving Liz and Max in the office. Max had stated that he wanted to catch up on some notes and Liz was finishing a report to the deputy chief. Desk Sergeant Kevin O’Brian called Liz’s desk. “Lieutenant, everyone else I report to is out. I guess this information gets on your desk anyway. Two lads in uniform have reported seeing that Nicholas fellow you all are chasing. He is in a pool hall down on First Street. That is about a block south of central where that first murder victim was found.”

“Thanks sergeant, now, I know you never speak evil of a fallen officer, but you tell those uniforms that, surveillance means what it sounds like. We don’t want any more Donnie Richards on our hands. We will take the call; they are not to try anything themselves,” Liz hoped that the desk sergeant who fancied himself the father to all the men in blue could get her command across. More officers down might bring the feds here for sure.

They didn’t have time to call Maria and Michael. By the time they could get to the scene, it would all be over. Liz had to think that there had been a time when the shops on First Street were all for tourists and rail riders. At one time, they were fancy places with even themselves seen in movies from time to time. As you traveled south on the street, the bars became more and more seedy. Vice had posted that the pool hall was probably a front for something. Narcotics watched it from time to time. The college kids all went to the pool hall on campus. There was a family pool hall about ten miles north east of this place. Max and Liz entered ready for anything. Liz this time was carrying a shotgun. They both had filled up on magazines for their Glocks. It wasn’t a purse, on the Lieutenant’s arm, it was a shell bag, it held enough shotgun shells for a whole round of Skeet, but that wasn’t her game this day. As they entered, Max whispered, “Liz, most of these people are aliens.”

Liz thought, “Aliens, where Nicholas had been seen, meant they were supporters of his revolution. They would not have any allegiance to Max their king.”

Liz put the wall to her back, but she stayed near the door. Max walked among the many aliens. “I am looking for this person. He doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Don’t believe him when he says that we can take over the humans. He has had confrontations with humans and every time he has lost. When he loses, our people die. He wasn’t your friend back on Antar and he isn’t your friend now,” Max stated.

“Clone,” the man spat. “What do you know about Antar? That witch, the queen mother, made you to bring the royals to this place,” the man continued.

“Yes, I was created to bring the royals to Earth and I have refused. Instead, I have sought assimilation. Most of us are not going back to be under the despot. If you liked him so much, why did you migrate?” Max asked.

Another alien spoke up, “Your honor, he ain’t here. Lowerry, here, don’t speak for all of us. Nicholas, stopped. Nicholas spoke. Nicholas left. He is recruiting for his, so called, revolution.”

“Yeah, Router, you would betray your own people!” Lowerry shouted.

“It’s Robert, asshole. I am on Earth and that is where I intend to stay! Here on Earth, my name is Robert,” he said as he glared at he other alien.

Max put a friendly hand on Router’s or rather Robert’s shoulder. “The only honor I have is what I make in my life time. Here, I am only a subject trying to care for his people,” Max politely informed them.

“Gentlemen,” Liz spoke up. “Nicholas is no hero. He leaves trails of the blood of humans and dust of aliens in his path. You start a fight while we are here and I will cut both of you into dust. You follow Nicholas and your dust will fill the air. I am supporting Detective Evans. He is a detective under my command. You want to kill each other, wait until we leave and make sure your dust blows away so we never have to see it.”

“Elizabeth, where did that, come from?” Max asked as they left. ‘Your dust blows away so we don’t have to see it,’ is the curse the royals gave to Kivar when he first appeared.”

“I honestly don’t know, Max. It seemed that the occasion called for some drama. That is what I came up with at the time,” she explained.

“Elizabeth, you are truly destined for greatness! Every time I am with you, I see that,” Max stated. Then, Max opened his hand. It held a card. “Robert gave it to me when all attention was on you. He says that Nicholas is going from bar to bar seeking aliens to follow him,” Max explained.

“Then, we better get going. The dialog between Lowerry and Robert, if they don’t kill each other, might make a lot of the aliens think where their best interests are,” Liz said.

They worked their way south. Many of the bars, now, were no longer part of older buildings, rather they were small buildings built for that one reason and set back off the road to give a large parking lot. Liz covered, each time near the doorway and Max again mingled among the patrons. They seemed to be mostly human. There would be someone who would state, “Yeah, I saw that ass hole. He came by, but didn’t say much. He just left with the men who were with him. None of them bought any drinks.”

Max whispered to Liz, “They are aliens; they aren’t drinking.”

Liz wasn’t sure that they were even in the city any longer. All City officers also, carried deputy sheriff commissions to ease questions of jurisdiction. It was a pain in the ass, because every time they elected a new sheriff, his first duty of business was to sign several hundred commission cards for the city officers. In the distance, they saw an old warehouse. It had rudimentary lights in the parking lot, which was full of cars. Something was being conducted inside. Max and Liz decided to have a look. When they first entered the door, a power blast was directed at them. Max caught the blast with his green shield. Liz couldn’t see who sent the blast and she was not willing to consider every one present an enemy. That wasn’t the way police operated.

They moved around the edge of the room. Liz didn’t have a clear shot with her shotgun, but the aliens knew that unlike power blasts, the shotgun would cut a wide path of destruction. Max wasn’t returning power blasts either. He couldn’t identify who was firing at him. They came to a pile of boxes and crates. As they passed the pile, they saw a narrow hall. There were several barriers of merchandise in the narrow hall so Max and Liz quickly ducked into the small hall. It didn’t appear to have another exit. They were behind stacks of boxes and crates. They were safe for the time.

Suddenly, there was a creaking sound. Two doors closed off the hallway. “Max, we are trapped. This is a semi-truck trailer. We are now locked in,” Liz stated.

Max began to build up a power blast. He would blow the rear of this trailer completely off. The walls glowed green for a brief time and Max sat down. “They have changed the molecular structure. I can’t blast through it. Liz, I am afraid we are trapped,” he concluded.


“Maria, you ain’t putting that wolf’s head mask on me,” Michael fumed.

“Aw, come on Michael. It loses effect without the ‘Big Bad Wolf,’” Maria pleaded.

“Maria, do your dance. That, I like to see. I don’t know why I have to be part of it?” Michael growled.

Maria sat beside Michael and sighed. “Please, Michael, do it for me. I am not inspired unless I have the Big Bad Wolf looking at me,” Maria said.

Finally, Michael took the mask and before he put it on, Maria soundly kissed him. “Thanks,” she breathed. I won’t disappoint you.”

It took several minutes for Maria to get into costume. Michael didn’t understand this because her costumes were so skimpy, it would seem that they could be put on quickly. Michael heard a tape. It started off with the Walt Disney song, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” Because of the prepared tape, Michael was assured that this would one of her skits from her days at the Brass Pole. Maria had told him that she had never performed for a single person before. Michael was determined to believe her, but there was always that doubt.

Maria made brief appearances in the door way. Than she finally entered. Her costume was a red and white dress. The skirt barely covered her butt and her bouncing around, showed the bright red thong she wore under it. A small red bonnet was tied about her head and she was wearing red high heels. Her red stockings went up to the red garter belt she wore over the thong.

As the Disney song played out, Maria danced and flounced her skirt at Michael. When she turned her back to him, it was kind of like an old movie he had seen. The movie was about can-can dancers. The movie had been in black and white and the girls all wore ruffled panties under their skirts. When Maria did this it was just her pink butt, covered the minimum by the strap of the thong. When the Disney was over, Michael didn’t recognize it, but the song on the tape was from Prokofiev’s, “Peter and the Wolf.”

Maria was pure ballet as she danced this one. As the strings playing ‘Peter in the garden,’ she jumped and twisted. Her short skirt flew up with every bounce showing an almost naked Maria. She wasn’t wearing Ballet slippers, so she couldn’t go up on her toes; but she spun, her arms making a circle above her head. The French horn playing the wolf’s part made Maria hide as if the wolf was near. When she came out of hiding at the bird songs of the flutes, her bonnet was barely hanging by its string. Her continued dancing, finally, stripped off her small dress. When the grandfather’s bassoon played, Maria feigned embarrassment. Now, she only wore the thong and her stockings. As she danced through the forest music, she slowly stripped down first one stocking then the other to lie rolled at her ankles. When the French horns of the wolf returned, Maria took off first one rolled stocking with her shoe then the other. She appeared to offer the wolf both items. She was now dancing bare footed. At the return of the wolf, Maria presented herself to Michael in surrender. As the hunters appeared, Maria turned to protect the wolf. Now to those who are familiar with this music, that is not the way it was supposed to go. As the tape volume decreased, Maria pulled the strings of her thong and fell into the wolf, or rather Michael’s arms. Maria was sure she had done it a lot better than Prokofiev. Even Michael, not a lover of classic music, believed she had made a real presentation. They made love several times as the music ended.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 12, ch 24, Jan 28, 2

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mary mary
Michelle in LA

Chapter 25

Alex was back at work. His sergeants still were briefing the men before they did their shift. They left their notes for the last few days so Alex could catch up. He had a lot more on his mind than Little Napoleon and her silver handprint murders. There was a note in his in box from Zapata. “Nice job, Lieutenant. You hurt him, but he is still working. Taking the princess away from him, probably hurt him more than did the pain you caused.”

That explained one thing, Zapata was someway connected with Nicholas.

There were memos from both the deputy chief and from the captain about following orders strictly. Donnie wasn’t mentioned, but it was clearly what they were referring to. Alex went over the auto thefts and the burglaries. There was one gang fight, totally human, on the west side. The detectives were all over all these things. Alex had a good, well-oiled squad.

Leaning back in his chair, Alex took the time to reflect. Tess told him to hold onto Isabel that first night. She gave him tacit permission to remove his clothes. After looking at those tabloids waiting for Tess to get Isabel prepared for bed, the idea of Isabel waking up beside the naked body of a geekie cop, terrified him. Why did he think he could dare to be naked in the presence of the jet set darling who regularly bedded studs who must have had equipment a foot long? After Tess had left to go shopping, Isabel had opened up a lot to Alex. He knew that she wanted more, but he wasn’t sure what it was from himself. Isabel had excused herself from the table and walked through the bedroom into the bathroom. Alex presumed she was going to get dressed. A few minutes later, she stuck her head in the kitchen where he was sitting with his coffee. “Alex, could you come in here, please,” she asked.

Isabel indicated that she wanted Alex to sit on the bed. He still had no idea of what she wanted. Alex did see that she no longer wore the housecoat or the fuzzy slippers. Dressed only in the nightgown of last night, Isabel busied her self about the room. The nightgown hung from her frame, giving tantalizing visions as she moved. It was made of a soft form-fitting material. Alex wondered what she wanted him in her room for. Maybe, she was still insecure and needed to know that she had protection from someone close. Finally, Isabel walked toward the bathroom. She stopped at the door and stretching behind herself, she released the clasp of the gown. With a shrug of her shoulders, the gown fell to the floor. The naked body of Isabel stood in the bathroom doorway for several minutes. “Alex, he never touched me. All you see, he made my body do to itself,”

As she stood there with her back to Alex, he saw, first, the beautiful form of the female body, the ripple of her shoulders down to the curves of her hips. Then, Alex saw what she wanted him to see. She was covered in contusions. Something had bruised her many times. “Alex, I was a vessel of pain. He used me to hurt all the aliens. Even as he was making my body hurt itself, I saw into his mind. I don’t think he cared. He didn’t try to hide his plans for me. Pain until my body could no longer handle it and finally give me my death, which would tell all the aliens that they had no chance. Give into Nicholas, or suffer the fate he had dealt the sister of the king.”

The night the six entered the warehouse, five officers and the civilian Tess, Alex had experienced no fear. By plan, they entered the warehouse and by flexible initiative they carried Isabel out, alive and safe for the moment.

Looking at the naked body standing there, the fear was, could he be what she wanted? No matter what Isabel could be, her past made her not the girl his mother prayed about, for him, every night. Isabel, finally, entered the bathroom and not closing the door, she started the shower. Alex could hear her as she moved around. When she emerged, fresh from the shower back into the bedroom, she was still naked, this time facing him. Alex did notice that she had used make up or something to freshen her face. Alex, did see on her breasts, on her arms and on her thighs, she also was bruised. Alex was brought back to the rape cases he studied at the academy. Like all officers, Alex had attended workshops on the subject presented by law enforcement training. Without hearing her words or knowing of her alien status, Isabel would have been a classic victim of vicious rape.

What did he mean to Isabel? Before she had pulled him down into her bed, Isabel told him that she now wanted stability. They had talked all that day about her former life. She had seen the world and now, she wanted a family and position in the community. She explained she already had this in the alien community. Alex knew that they had made love. There was evidence on both of their bodies when they got up this morning. It bothered Alex that he didn’t have more vivid recollection of what had happened. He did remember her plea, “Alex cleanse me from my past.” That is what he tried to do. Isabel explained that this was alien love. She said it like it was some rich alien gift. He would better understand when he was more used to her. She kissed him as she assured him that there would be many more times of the same. When he left this morning, Isabel and Tess had their heads together, talking about something. Isabel only rose up to Kiss him good by and say she would see him when he returned. Alex saw that Tess had piled several packages in the bedroom.

Now, Kyle came by asking if Alex knew where Little Napoleon was? That brought him back to Earth. Seems that Detective Evans was missing today. Little Napoleon was missing, also. Maria and Michael hadn’t come into the office, either. Alex didn’t worry about that, as if they were together, Maria never could get anywhere on time. Parker and Evans absent, had Alex missed something between them? He could imagine what Maria and Guerin were doing or had been doing. After his last evening with Isabel, that was understandable, but Parker, Little Napoleon, off with Evans? Everyone said that Evans was engaged or something like that. Would Parker, the straight-laced Parker, be diddling with an engaged man? Alex didn’t think so. Then he thought, “The kings choice was to be an Earth woman.” Little Napoleon a queen, he didn’t think so again. Yet, it is said that for every woman there is her soul mate somewhere. Alex had only known Liz at the office. He knew her as a dedicated police officer, if not a royal pain in the butt. “Royal,” where the hell did he get that. Parker and DeLuca were just two pains in the butt, nothing more!

Alex looked up and saw that Kyle, this time, was followed by a balding man with a light beard. Kyle didn’t look happy. “Lieutenant, Whitman, this is Agent Stevens. He is here about silver handprint murders.”

That was what was bothering Kyle. Agent Stevens was clearly FBI. “Sorry, I only know what I heard from Lieutenant Parker. I haven’t been following that case very closely. You need to talk to her.” Alex wasn’t about to mess anything up by saying any more than he had to.

Kyle spoke, “We can’t find Lieutenant Parker or Detective Evans either.” Kyle turned to Agent Stevens, “You can talk to Sergeant DeLuca and Detective Guerin as soon as they get in. We have had some hard days recently.”

Agent Stevens nodded. After all what could he expect from a Valenti?

Guerin and DeLuca were laughing as they crossed the office space. The captain called to them and seeing Agent Stevens beside Kyle, their laughter ceased immediately. Maria thought, “F B I, give me everything you have and screw you if you want anything back!” Few rank and file officers wanted to work with the FBI unless their budget didn’t allow them anything else. Yes, the FBI was good to shove off stolen cars on to. They would trace the vehicle across state lines or even shrug their shoulders with a smile as they explained the car had been taken across the border into Mexico, untouchable there.

“Sergeant DeLuca, maybe you can bring Agent Stevens up to speed in the silver handprint murders. We haven’t been able to find Lieutenant Parker this morning.” Kyle’s tone said gobs without any words. “Do you know where Lieutenant Parker and Detective Evans are? And, don’t screw up DeLuca and sell the entire farm to this fed.” This was not vocalized, but Maria immediately understood.

“Well, we have six murders to consider. Three of them all link together. Goldblum and Miller were working on some story. Goldblum, the first murder, was tortured to find out what he had told to Miller. Miller was killed to stop the story. Then, there was Octavian Munoz, Miller’s editor and publisher, who was killed slowly to find out if he had any of Miller’s papers on file. Now, Willy was a homeless man, apparently killed as being a nuisance. There is no evidence that he was a threat to anyone. Ed Livingston was killed, apparently because he threw Nicholas Crawford out of the strip club. His murder appears to be for vengeance. Nicholas is whom we mostly want for these murders. Now, we lost an officer. He wasn’t following orders and tried to make an arrest without proper backup. Nicholas killed him in front of several witnesses.” Kyle loved DeLuca. She did not lie, but she didn’t give Agent Stevens any info to bend to any private agenda.

“What do you know about this Nicholas Crawford fellow,” Stevens asked.

Michael spoke up, “He is a mean little bastard! From what we hear on the streets, he’s as perverted as hell. Of course, we will try to bring him in, but if something happens to him out on the streets, it would solve a lot of problems.” Michael thought, “We don’t even know how to bring him in or of how to hold him if we had him in custody.” Michael didn’t know that it was Nicholas, a curiosity the FBI had been following for years, who brought Agent Stevens to the Metropolis Police Department.

The detectives were doing magnificently for Kyle. They knew who Stevens was or who he appeared to be. They, carefully, didn’t lie, but they didn’t feed him much either. Kyle wished he knew how to get rid of this man. Something was dawning on Kyle. It wasn’t like either Parker or Evans to be unaccounted for. Kyle would rather spend time and resources looking for them than wasting time on this federal asshole.

Big Jim was a politician. He kept his position by knowing which ass to kiss. He protected his department by experience and street smarts. He knew the minute Stevens entered the door. There was a reason he gave Desk Sergeant Kevin O’Brian a case of the best Irish every Christmas. Kevin protected his boyos and he also protected his deputy chief. Stevens was a Fed. Feds were bad. And, the chief would know how to deal with them.

Big Jim walked into Kyle’s office. “Agent Stevens, long time no see! No phone calls, no Christmas cards, no invitations to dinner. Where have you been?” Before Stevens could answer, big Jim continued. “Last time I saw you, we were belly button deep in aliens. Well, they are back again. Everywhere you look, there is a damned alien. They are slapping their silver handprints of death on men, woman and children. We could surely use your help,” Big Jim said as he wrung the agent’s hand.

Kyle was wondering what was his father up to. Few police departments really wanted to work with the Feds knowing their history of cooperation only going one way. Kyle saw confusion on the agents face as he desperately tried to retrieve his hand from Big Jim’s grasp. “You keep me informed,” Stevens demanded. “I have a man who is the second coming and two UFOs that just landed in the middle of the World Series. These need a lot more attention from me than what little you have here.” With that statement, Stevens almost ran out of the office.

“Dad, what was that all about?” Kyle asked his father.

“You were too young to remember,” Big Jim explained. “I lost a lot of creditability over that silver handprint murder in Roswell, but Agent Stevens saw his career stall over those aliens. That son-of-a-bitch used to call Gramps, “Sergeant Martian.” Gramps knew what he was talking about. Kyle, Stevens sees that you are the head of the detectives handling these murders and he sees that I am head of the department. The poor bastard only wants to put miles between us and his future. I think he will leave us alone for a while. Kyle, even your failures can come back to be used in your favor,” Big Jim explained.

“Now where in the hell are Evans and Parker? Get to it son. Find them!” Big Jim ordered.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 12, ch 25, Feb 4, 20

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mary mary

Chapter 26

Alex received an email. Try as he did, he couldn’t figure out where the email originated. It simply said, “They have two of yours.” And it was signed: Zapata

Alex did not want to even acknowledge Zapata’s pseudonym. It wasn’t that he mistrusted his fellow officers, it was that he felt responsible for Zapata’s safety. He didn’t want to place this burden on anybody else. “Captain, I just heard from an informant that Parker and Evans were captured by Nicholas,” Alex informed him.

The Captain had several decisions to make. First, the word was already out to find Nicholas and if found, contact Little Napoleon. Well not exactly worded that way, it did say contact Lieutenant Parker or someone in her squad. Most of the officers always thought Little Napoleon whenever they saw Lieutenant Parker’s name, anyway. The only ones the captain had contact with in her squad were Sergeant DeLuca and Detective Guerin. Leave it to Kyle to have seen Maria’s act at the Brass Pole, long before she applied to the department. Kyle didn’t have to be a genius to know that DeLuca was a hot woman. He didn’t have to be a genius either to learn from others who tried to get a piece of DeLuca and learned, what the emergency room was for. Then, Kyle’s mind as a policeman said, “How would Nicholas react if the word was out that the police knew he had Parker and Evans? Could this be traced back to who ever was Alex’s snitch? If that happened, they would have no information about what was happening to the missing officers.”

“Hey, Guerin, call in that Jimmy Nose character. See if he has any knowledge about Nicholas. He was pissed off about his buddy getting killed; maybe, he will feel strong enough to help us put Nicholas away permanently,” Kyle called out to Guerin.

There was a fleeting annoyance with the captain. Officers could decide to put their snitch in danger; it was their choice, but the captain was ordering him to use the snitch. Then, rationalization set in. To Kyle, two officers were in trouble. He was using any resource available to attempt their rescue. Michael had to remember that one of the officers was his best friend. The other officer was probably his queen. Michael caught himself. Until the Queen to be, announced the fact, no matter what the alien community felt, it was not yet so. To his knowledge, Liz didn’t even know of this herself.

Michael and Maria hit the bricks. First stop was for Jimmy the Nose. Michael was carrying a package. It was the smallest can of acetone that he could buy. Michael wanted to show appreciation to Jimmy, but a large can might make Jimmy over dose before he had any information. “Jimmy, we hit that dirt bag hard and we hurt him! He isn’t dead. This time he has two of our officers. We need help badly,” Michael explained.

Jimmy wrestled with the bag until he saw the acetone. Michael had even loosened the top so Jimmy could get at it easily. The next stop was the Brass Pole. As said before, José never let anything tarnish his police record. His relatives and other people he might know were not that clean. José loved Maria. Well, maybe, he loved the revenue Maria had brought in with her dancing. Maria might call Michael her partner, but José didn’t miss the gleam in either of their eyes when they cast looks at each other.

Maria was a cop. José knew that Liz had pulled Maria along with herself as she advanced. It was Liz who realized that Maria was so much more than a piece of meat for men to leer at as she danced. Liz never looked down at Maria’s exotic dancing. For that reason alone, José cared for Little Napoleon. Yes, even he, knew what the other officers called Liz Parker.

“Hey, I don’t care what you guys say, I want to empty a 45 in that pendejo’s head,” Jose growled.

Maria knew that the word “pendejo” was even more a catch-all word for infamy than the more common cabrón. Cabrón, pronounced in the southwest with a “v,” meant goat and if you ever raised goats on a ranch you might know that, many times, they flat stink. Like the English word “bitch” taking on more than just a female dog, the word “cabrón” in Spanish had its own nefarious meaning. Pendejo had one meaning of pubic hair. That should explain it’s meaning when applied about a bad person. “Don’t even think it, José. He isn’t human,” Maria cautioned.

“You mean he is la fantasma,” José said in surprise.

Michael thought, damn it, first they had to come out of the closet with the department, Max bringing his sister back, everybody talking about aliens. Then, Maria declares the aliens to her boss and what is his reaction? Pop a 45 in his head! Didn’t these humans have any other solution? Couldn’t they see that there were things that they couldn’t handle? Michael was giving into frustration as he spoke up for the first time, mocking José’s Spanish, “No, José he isn’t a fat-ass-mama, he is an alien and I don’t mean he crossed no dry river either. He is from up there,” Michael explained as he pointed to the sky. Michael usually wasn’t that rude. He had had it up to here with everyone facing the silver handprints that, they clearly didn’t understand and then, wanting to use normal human ways to solve it.

José frowned, disregarding Michael’s rude comment as he slowly perceived what these two cops were saying. “Madre de Dios, is it possible to kill a son-of-a-beetch like that?

Michael looked at him. “Yes, José, I can kill him. I just don’t know how, yet,” Michael stated. Maria hoped Michael was right.

“What makes you so special, Gringo? Last time, you didn’t believe even you could do him in,” José said with rancor.

“Genetics, José, genetics and I am learning more about Nicholas all the time,” Michael stated as he held his hand over the bar. This called for a demonstration. The cat was already out of the bag. For a few minutes, José saw his bar turn into marble stone. Then just as suddenly it turned back to mahogany.

José turned to Maria, “Madre de Dios, hija (daughter). Marry him. With your looks and his magic, your children can do anything.”

“We will see, José, we will see,” Maria stated.

José turned to Michael, “Hurry and kill this baastard. You need more time to make babies.” This even embarrassed Maria.

Maria and Michael were still laughing as they got back in their squad car. “He said we were wasting time,” Michael stated.

“Calm down, SpaceBoy. You are going to have to do this the Earth way. I want flowers, chocolates and work up. I want a big mother ring. You aliens claim you can change matter so buy your self a ton of coal,” Maria laughed.

Then, Michael became deathly cold. “We can’t do anything until we find the king. The lieutenant is special, also.” This brought Maria back to the severity of their present problem again.

Alex had most of the uniforms and all of the detective squad looking for Nicholas. He hadn’t announced that Evans and Parker were missing. That might give away things about Zapata that no one was ready to make public.


Isabel had grown up with Max Evans. She knew every thing there was to know about his mental signature. If she concentrated she could usually find him from extreme distances. Tess hadn’t been contaminated by as much human influences so she was even stronger in mental sciences than Isabel. “Isabel, there might be something new forming that I can’t talk about. As it forms, it might even be stronger than the essence of your brother,” Tess said.

Try as hard as she could, Isabel could not make Tess be more specific. That something she couldn’t talk about could be the queen. That would explain why Tess couldn’t say anything else. Isabel had been thinking that maybe, the queen was someone they all already knew. If so, Isabel couldn’t say anything about it either. Only the queen could make the first announcement. However, if the queen was who, Isabel was starting to think she was, she would have a strong signature wherever she was, also.


Except for the hum, which Max said was changing the molecular structure of the trailer, it was quiet. Liz was pacing, but that was only making her fatigued. Max sat and appeared to do nothing. “Evans,” Liz said. “What are we going to do?” she asked.

“Rest, Lieutenant. There is nothing at the moment that we can do. There is bound to be a time when Nicholas makes another mistake. We have to be prepared for that time. Look, he faced Michael. Michael proved he was stronger than Nicholas thought. He over looked the cell phone, which allowed Michael and Maria to get help faster. He tried to kill Isabel and we were all too strong for him. He is strong, but he is not unstoppable. He gave up his secret weapon, Tess. He hoped she could seduce me. You know how that went,” Max informed Liz. “The minute Tess found that she couldn’t be the queen, she lost her ability to control me. Only the queen could command me now,” Max said.

Liz, had at least sat down. “How did that go over? Have you and the lady made contact, yet?” she asked.

Max shook his head. “As a Matter of fact, we haven’t. I can’t do any thing until she realizes that she is destined for me,” Max informed Liz.

“That kind of cramps your style, doesn’t it?” Liz asked. “No candy, flowers and moon light declarations of undying love; how are you going to impress the lady?” Liz asked again. She thought, “Evans’s problems at matrimony were of no concern, but they had to have something to talk about. Lord knows, she didn’t have any spicy things to disclose.”

“Liz, things are different with me, even than they will be with Maria and Isabel. Maria may be a little flighty, but I don’t think she will ever give up Michael. It might be the same with Isabel and Alex. I haven’t talked with Isabel or Tess recently to know how that is going. I am sure that the days spent together letting Isabel heal, were not wasted only on chit chat. However, I have wait until the queen designate, decides that she wants me. Then, I can woo her in whatever cultural way that is demanded,” Max stated.

“What if she never sees her destiny in you? What do you do then? Is there anyway you can jog her along,” Liz asked a little playfully.

“If she never sees her destiny in me, even though she bares the mark, than it will be bad for both of us. She, likewise will be unable to find any happiness with anyone else,” Max said.

“It sounds like the both of you may be trapped. It is kind of unfair to both of you to not be allowed to seek other relationships if this one fails,” Liz mused.

“If she wouldn’t eventually come around, she would never have been given the sign,” Max said emphatically.

“Did you check her out before you gave her the sign?” Liz asked.

“I didn’t give her the sign. It was given by something I can’t explain. Even the king doesn’t know everything,” Max explained.

“The king doesn’t know everything. That is good to know that there is a place for a lieutenant in working with you. You still need to learn from somebody,” Liz laughed.

Max was very serious. That bothered Liz. “Lieutenant, you have much to show me and I am sure you will,” Max declared.

No one bothered them through the night. It was cold and Liz huddled against Max for warmth. Max had arranged several of the cases, containing he didn’t know what, as a barrier so they could have privacy for nature calls. “Left for boys and right for girls,” he stated.

Looking through some of the cases, he found several drinking beverages. None of them were what either Liz or Max would have picked on their own. Liquid was liquid so they kept their hydration up. Max found cases of canned meat so even if the flavor was near cardboard, they wouldn’t starve. So far, no one had bothered them in the trailer.

They could tell it was day as the air in the trailer began to heat. Just as it had been so cold last night, now the lack of insulation made the enclosed space an oven. Max gently tested the trailer walls from time to time. Nothing he was able to do affected the trailer at all. They were completely trapped.

For a while, they had the beverage and they drank as much as they could. The stickiness of drink was making them feel sick. It was liquid, but they would have appreciated some cases of bottled water.

The heat continued to build up. “Sorry, lieutenant, but we both are going to have shed some clothes,” He declared.

Max removed his suit jacket and his $200 shirt. Liz saw that he didn’t give it a thought as he threw both items of clothing in the corner. They probably represented more than the value of most of her wardrobe. Liz removed her jacket and bullet proof vest. She, then, removed her blouse. Max was holding the vest. “Lieutenant, remove your bra, but for the time being keep the vest on. We don’t know when things might start popping. I can make barriers to protect us, but if you get hurt, I might not be able to continue a fight,” he said.

Liz watched for any sign of a smirk or any thing lascivious in his face as she disrobed in front of him. Max was looking her right in the eyes. This was a tiny bit disappointing to Liz. He could have been embarrassed, he could have licked his lips, showing some lust, for her standing half naked before him. Max was the same unmoving person she had known since Whitman had sent him over to work for her.

Max could hardly contain himself. Above her right breast nearer to her shoulder, were five red marks. They could just be seen above the vest. Liz was rubbing them as she said, “I may have brushed against something I am allergic to. These spots have been with me for several days.”

It took all the will power Max could bring to keep his own marks from showing. He worried what it might be like in the dark. Max knew that his royal sign glowed sometimes when he was stressed. Liz still had a ways to go to be comfortable with what they meant. Liz hadn’t shown him any special interest, yet that he could recognize. That worried Max. Was he socialized enough to even know if a woman was especially interested in him?
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 13, ch 26, Feb 11, 2

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mary mary

Chapter 27

That night, again they were faced with cuddling up for warmth. “How will this mysterious wife take you cuddling with another woman?” Liz asked.

“I am sure she will understand,” Max replied.

“Max, you don’t know a whole lot about women, do you?” Liz asked.

Max shook his head, “Not really. I depend on Isabel to keep me straight. Maybe, now I can depend on Tess to give me advice. Especially since she is now free to find relationships of her own.”

Liz changed the subject. “Max, I assume you know who your bride is. What is she like?” Liz asked.

“She is smart, she is very, very smart. She has to be because she has to fill in an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge about humans for me. She is very responsible, she will keep me from making mistakes which could hurt my people or hers,” Max related.

“Then you are sure that she is human. She isn’t some part alien being who can willfully be with an alien king? Liz asked.

“Yes, Liz she is completely human. She was given the mark so she would help me work with both of our peoples. The choice was made to help both of us,” Max replied.

“What about love?” Liz asked. “I would want to completely be in love with anyone I was willing to spend my life with.”

“I am completely in love with her. She hasn’t decided about me, yet. I don’t always understand what causes humans to make decisions, especially female humans,” Max explained.

As the night grew colder, Liz pulled herself closer to Max. She felt his lips against her forehead. “Careful, Max. You go to far and no human woman is going to understand,” she mused as sleep slowly over took her.

With Liz asleep, Max could now afford to use his powers a little. When she was awake, any thing that Max might do to her would also open his life to her vision. Whenever aliens created a connection with another creature, there was the danger that the connection would go both ways. Other aliens, might, for political correctness, close that two-way connection, but humans had no idea that they even had that connection. Exciting the molecules between them did cause Liz to have an interesting dream.

The dream Liz had before, again appeared. She was back in a field at the foot of a fairy tale castle. She was in a gossamer gown that she had never worn in any awakened life. Most of those surrounding her were women, except for a few young boys who were servants. All of the woman seemed to be watching her. Liz had no idea of what she was doing there or what was expected of her. Finally, an older woman approached her. The woman did not have a pleasant expression on her face. “Well, you were not of my choice,” the woman said. Then she continued, “The granolith does not consult me, much to the bad. If you were the choice of the granolith, then you might as well make your announcement.”

When the elder lady made this comment, Liz saw frowns all around. For some reason, the lady had displeased everyone present. Liz sensed that the elder lady was a person of power, but she had committed a terrible faux pas. “I am afraid I don’t know what you mean?” Liz stated.

“Silly girl, you are not even of Antar, much less high born! It is foolishness to follow the dictates of that machine rather than the words of experience given from one such as I, who at least knows where the royals are going. You might as well be on the side of the despot. Maybe, the machine is angry because some of us no longer hold it as sacred. Pull its plug, I say. The royals will rule until eternity. Go ahead announce that you will be queen and rule beside that insolent son of mine,” she finished.

Now all the crowd was mumbling. The queen mother had gone way too far. Zan was liked and it was hoped he could bring the despot down and bring peace to all the people. It was known that the queen had purchased a consort for her son. She was hoping to force him to give the consort his seal. Those who knew her intentions had warned her over and over that Zan did not give the seal. The seal was given, by the machine and the machine never made mistakes.

By now the dream Liz, was, getting mad. The queen mother had violated all common rule. Liz glared at the old woman as she announced, “I have the seal of the king. I will be the next queen.” Then, a troubled Liz woke up.

The troubled Liz thrashed violently in his arms. That brought Max fully awake. “What is wrong, did someone make any move against us?” Max asked.

Liz was still trying to catch her breath. “I don’t think so. I just had the most troubling dream,” Liz mumbled.

“Dream, what was it about?” Max asked.

“It was personal, I don’t want to say, yet,” Liz said. She brought her hand up to her right shoulder. Liz looked down but she couldn’t see her own shoulder. Bringing her hand up did reflect a glow. What ever those spots were, now they were glowing.

It had been two nights and a day since Evans and Parker had disappeared. Isabel and Tess had been scouring the city. There were a myriad of things that could be hiding any sign of Max. Isabel felt a personal need to go to Alex, but she knew that he was, also, employed in finding her brother and maybe, her brother’s future bride. Isabel and Tess said nothing about Liz. The queen mother might scorn the choice of the machine, but Isabel and Tess were both keeping protocol. Isabel loved Max as her brother and Tess, even stripped of any influence, could not deny a certain affection for the king. Neither woman would willfully do anything to hurt Max or his bride to be. Both Isabel and Tess had some feeling that if they found Max and Liz, it would be somewhere west of town. On the west side, there were many warehouses and abandoned buildings, much like the building where Isabel had been kept by Nicholas. They were sure that Nicholas would not dare to return to that place, so they were looking for sign of any alien activity. Isabel had been sensing her brother all of his life. This was the first time she could not feel his presence, no matter how weakly. Tess was searching for anything of Nicholas.


Many of the homeless people had respect for detective Guerin even if he did have that monstrous friend, Doctor Strangelove. When most of them had had any dealing with the detective squad, it had always been Guerin who stood between them and the doctor. Now, it was known that Guerin wanted that Nicholas man, who killed without reason. Guerin had promised that he would do all he could to kill that creature. The homeless saw things differently. Their people were those who had neither home or hope, people who lived from day to day on what they found. Then, there were those who preyed upon these unfortunates. Some of these were the police, not detective Guerin, but others. At the top of this list, had risen Nicholas. He was unthinking and unfeeling. They might have said he was inhuman, but again, they didn’t think this way. There were a few, like Detective Guerin who helped them, brought them gifts and like Father Ryorden, who cared for them and gave them shelter. Only Detective Guerin could be trusted with any information about Nicholas. A bright spot, maybe, Detective Guerin would turn Doctor Strangelove loose on that Nicholas. He would get to use his dental picks. That was a nice picture to hold. With Jimmy the Nose spearheading the move, the homeless and other desperate people in the streets were all concentrated on looking for Nicholas. Nicholas, in his completely unthinking action, had killed a creature he didn’t even know had the name of Willy. A creature who had a friend. He shouldn’t have killed Willy.


Nicholas sensed the movement of the police. They were all looking for him. Evans had value to the police that Nicholas didn’t understand. That stupid bride of the king also had value to the police and like Evans she was becoming important to the Antarians. She hadn’t made an announcement, but Nicholas had made a brag that he now had both the king and the future queen. By this time, it should be clear that Nicholas was not Antarian. He had been brought to the system of Antar by Kivar. He was both servant to Kivar and friend to him. Nicholas was truly the only creature who Kivar could really trust. Kivar even willingly shared his mistress, Villandra, with Nicholas. She had been Kivar’s pathway into the palace. Once in the royal fortress, Kivar gave all the royals to Nicholas, knowing that Nicholas killed without any feeling.

Kivar saw that it was too late. Nicholas had killed all the royals he could find, including the mistress for whom, Kivar might even have had some love. The old queen mother had already sent the first ship off to Earth containing the three clones. The refugee ships had followed closely. Kivar found his servant/friend studying the pod containing the infant fourth clone. Nicholas hadn’t killed her. “My lord, she has already been programed to control the king. That old lady wasn’t about to give up power. Let me take the pod to Earth and, maybe, I can rescue the mission to rule all Antarians.

Kivar thought he had seen Nicholas enjoy the royal Villandra. Maybe, he wanted the infant clone to come to age and comfort himself. Kivar didn’t know much about Nicholas either. Whatever he did with the pod, Kivar was sure that it wouldn’t give aid to the enemy. Kivar was light years away. He didn’t know that Nicholas had lost the clone and she was, now, living with the enemy. Nicholas knew that the clone he had lost and the other clone of that Villandra creature were looking for him. He didn’t kid himself. They both now wanted to bring him down. Nicholas was immortal, nothing could kill him. That troublesome future queen and the present consort of the Villandra clone had hurt Nicholas worse than he had ever been hurt before. Nicholas was now plagued by a tiny shade of doubt. After all, they both were merely human.

Isabel and Tess were accomplishing two separate things. Well, they were attempting one, that is, to find Max and Liz. The other was they were broadcasting to any alien near that Isabel had escaped from Nicholas. The two human policemen had hurt him and they, again, were looking for him to destroy him forever. Nicholas could have loosened an army of Antarians to attack, Isabel and Tess. It would have been felt by nearby Antarians if either clone was killed. That would show Nicholas’s power. The clones had been designed by the queen mother. That old lady might have been a bitch to all who had to deal with her, but she did know her genetics. Loose an army against the two clones, the army might prevail, but there would be causalities; causalities, which would be felt by the Antarian population, causalities of an army against two females, which might indicate a weakness in Nicholas.

Even damaged, Nicholas could still conjure up a whopper of a power blast. He directed this against the car holding the two clones. He was able to render them unconscious.


“He now has four!” That statement from Zapata was sitting on Alex’s desk. Alex had sent Michael and Maria to check on Isabel and Tess. They were missing.

“So we know now, that Nicholas probably has Tess and Isabel as well as Max and Liz under his control,” Alex said to the two detectives in front of him.

Guerin was seldom very communicative unless he had something definite to say. DeLuca spoke up, “Isabel is still reeling because of being captured by Nicholas only days ago. What was she thinking?”

Michael grunted, “Probably that only aliens could find the king and Liz,”

“Michael if that is true, you are the only alien we have left!’ Maria exclaimed.

“Typical human response. We have an entire alien population if we can just get them moving,” Michael declared.


Kyle had just learned that the piece of tail, who was with Isabel was also missing. He had the report from Little Napoleon about rescuing Isabel. That Isabel and the woman named Tess had, again, gone into the abyss didn’t seem smart to Kyle. The little bitch had promised Kyle that she would be the greatest lay he would ever have. Now, she was missing before Kyle had even tasted what she had to offer. Kyle was a child when his father’s wife had left. He had a difficult time thinking of her being his mother. In Kyle’s formative years, Big Jim had been very bitter. Loosing his wife didn’t make Big Jim celibate, but it didn’t make him respectful towards women in general, either. Even at an early age, if Kyle asked his father where he had been last night. The response might go something like, ‘I was fucking that woman I met at the soccer game last week.”

Like many fathers who have been hurt by women, Big Jim carried his own bitterness to his son. As big Jim aged, he was coming around to the fact that he hadn’t been the greatest husband either. He tried, but he couldn’t forgive his ex-wife for deserting their son. Recently, Big Jim had been seeing a woman back in their former town, Roswell. She wasn’t totally exclusive, but Jim was sure that he wasn’t solely the only one she was seeing. Funny part was that she was so different from Big Jim. Like many policemen in the southwest, Jim had been a cowboy growing up. This woman had been a hippy. She had been a single mom as he had been a single father. Turned out that getting past their younger years, they had a lot in common. Jim wondered what it might take to make her his permanent squeeze. Big Jim was toying with the idea of giving marriage another shot. Jim knew that he had to convince her that he had a lot to offer.

No one knew about Jim’s plans. Kyle had been informed that the little blonde would come to him and be the greatest lay he would ever have, only if he came to her exclusively. Tess had promised she would be everything if he only would be serious in being with her. Tess wasn’t interested in messing around. Whatever spell she had cast on him was making Kyle think about matrimony, also.

Hey, lieutenant, is it true that The Isabel dame has disappeared along with that secretary or something of hers?” Kyle asked.

That was some thing that Alex had not yet announced. Kyle distributed many bottles of Irish him self every Christmas. It was hard to keep secrets within the department. That is why Alex told nobody about Zapata.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 13, ch 27, Feb 18, 2

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mary mary

Chapter 28

Maria was dressed in her French maid costume. Again, the short, black skirt barely covered the cheeks of her butt. She was wearing a white thong and a white apron. In her hair, she had a white cap that was a suggestion only. She curtsied several times as she addressed Michael who was sitting up in bed. “Does Master want me to dust here?” she asked as she flounced the duster about the dresser. “Does Master want me to straighten up his clothes?” she asked as she picked up the pants Michael had left on the floor. Maria turned and curtsied to an imaginary person somewhere beyond the bathroom door. “No, Mistress, there is no reason to come up here. I am taking care of Master just fine.” Thus giving Michael a view of her rear covered only by the strap of her thong.

These skits were fun to watch, but sometimes, Michael wanted to grab Maria and rip off what little she was wearing and show her he didn’t need any suggestions to want to make love. Right in the middle of her dancing and posturing, the phone rang. “Yeah, this is Guerin. How many did you get? Did you get someone to mind walk them to see if Kivar had placed any plants? Yeah, so far, Nicholas has three of our people and one human. What do you mean she made the announcement? If she made an announcement, why don’t you know where she is? You mean only the woman of our people heard the announcement. The announcement was stronger than whatever is shielding them from us, is that right? Michael talked on.

For Maria, sitting in her brief costume, it was infuriating to only hear half the conversation. It had to be important as Maria sensed that Michael had lost the spell of her skit. Finally, Michael hung up. “Maria, get dressed. Ely Stone has organized some of the aliens to help find Isabel and the rest. He has heard from Liz, they are still alive, or at least he thinks. He doesn’t know where they all are, but Liz has announced her engagement to Max,” Michael informed her.

Fine kettle of fish. Three aliens and the lieutenant all held captive by a serial killer and Liz announces her engagement to Max. Maria had told Michael that she wanted the ring, the kneeling and the whole thing. Michael had replied that aliens did things differently, not that he minded doing the things that Maria requested. Maria just wished, some of Liz’s energy had been focused to their location.

Maria got dressed as quickly as she could. She glanced over at Michael and he was busy adjusting his Glock in its holster, not paying any attention to the partially naked woman just across the bed. The time for love making was over for Michael. His king, his friend and fellow police officer was in danger, not to mention another two women and his lieutenant. Michael was clearing his head for war. Maria was preparing to stand beside him. In the police force, Maria was a sergeant and thus, superior to Michael. I this case, it was marshaling forces of aliens and Maria was willing to allow him to lead.


Alex responded to a call on his cell phone. For the last few nights, he had been spending time on the couch in his office. Most of his hope was in the mysterious agent, known only as Zapata. All correspondence with Zapata had been destroyed. So far, only Alex knew of Zapata’s existence. The call wasn’t from Zapata, it was from Sergeant DeLuca, “Lieutenant, the aliens have received word from Lieutenant Parker. We don’t know where they are, but the aliens are sure they can narrow things down. We are coming in to the squad room. Please tell the desk sergeant that there will be about 20 men who need to be directed up to our office.”

Alex felt that Kyle was acting very abnormal. He had stopped by on his way out, stating, “Lieutenant, please call me if you have any news about Ms. Evantide and that woman who works for her.” Kyle seldom was interested in any woman that wasn’t on the most wanted list.

“Captain, we just heard news from Lieutenant Parker. We think, she along with Detective Evans, is with the two women you asked me about.”

Kyle wakened instantly. Two officers under his command along with two women, one of which Kyle was becoming very interested in, were thought to be held by the serial killer. No one griped more about Little Napoleon than did Kyle. She was no Donnie Richards. Kyle had to admit that Liz Parker did more than pull her own weight. Kyle didn’t want to have to write an eulogy for her. Besides, the team of Evans and Guerin was top notch. Half of that team was missing. Evans, Kyle could only hope would find a way get out information or at least when they found him, be able to aid in the fight for his release.

Kyle shook his head. Who was he kidding? His most angst feelings were for that little blonde who promised him something out of this world. He would be down town in a few minutes.


Again, the night was cold in the trailer. Liz found Max infuriating. He mostly sat and gazed at the walls of their prison. His answer was, “Lieutenant, there is nothing I can do now. When the time comes, I want to have all of my strength. Nicholas has to be killed. I have to figure that I am going to face him alone. To survive, I have to prepare myself.”

Liz had also taunted Max about that dream she had last night. She didn’t explain it all to him, but she did ask more about his supposed queen. “How does she know she has been chosen?” Liz had asked. She was starting to think that Max didn’t know that much about it either.

“She will just know,” was his reply.

“How long have you known her? was Liz’s next question.

“A few weeks,” was his reply.

“A few weeks, is that enough time to decide you want to spend the rest of your life with her?” Liz asked.

“It is for me. She may take a bit longer to decide she wants me,” Max said.

“What was she like that made you pick her?” Liz asked.

“I already told you, I didn’t pick her. I didn’t even like her much before she received the seal. Now, I am sure she is the best choice, for me and all our people,” Max concluded.

Liz shifted against Max in the cold. “Max, tell me, do you love her a little, now?” she asked.

“With all my heart, lieutenant, with all my heart,” that was Max’s final statement on the subject, at least, for the night.

Liz breathed one more statement before sleep over took her, “Max, I am starting to envy her. Imagine what it must be like to have that convincing of a lover.”

As he chatted with Liz and she babbled, Max was using the rest of his mind to search for the new feeling. There were aliens near and they weren’t the enemy. At first, Max was filled with hope; then, he got the feeling that these aliens were prisoners, also. Max, then, asked himself, would there be power in company? Maybe, Max would see when he woke up. Now he had to rebuild his strength again.


There were two straight chairs where Isabel and Tess found themselves. There was no bathroom, no place of privacy, no food and no water. They had been cordoned off by a very strong green shield. Visuals could pass through the shield, but the light was not completely clear. They could be seen by those on the outside as well as see their captors. There was one wall that seemed to have a double shield. It was hard to see through the two shields, but it appeared that there was a truck trailer backed up against their prison. The back of the truck was what was double shielded. There was blood on the front of Isabel’s blouse. For a time, they had sat against the rear shield while Tess attempted to tend to Isabel. Tess had talents which were in mental control, but she was trying every thing she had learned to help Izzy get better. At first when Isabel began to bleed through her nose, Tess feared that being taken twice in so short of time the weakened Isabel might go under. The nose bleed finally stopped and Isabel attempted to clean her self. She didn’t have that much strength and for both of them strength was waning as cold, thirst and hunger were manifested.

Finally, they both sat in the chairs, trying to keep what little strength they had. Alien or not, Isabel knew that the body she was in would soon die from thirst. Isabel had been training Tess, but the concept of self had not yet been strongly established. Ever since she had left Nicholas’s side, Tess had been subjected to possible execution. The old queen mother had placed this in the clone in case she didn’t work out with her son. The old queen mother had no intention of giving up ultimate control. Nicholas extended this in case he wanted to rid himself of the clone. Isabel thought, maybe this lack of any fear of death might be used somehow as a weapon for their salvation.

It was the second night they had spent not using their powers to keep warm. Their bodies were fighting to keep alive, at least Isabel’s was. It was then Isabel felt the announcement made by Liz. With aliens, there were few statements as important as the acceptance of her sign by the future queen. Isabel imagined even Kivar back on Antar felt this. Unfortunately, none of the royals any longer were alive on Antar. All the aliens on Earth immediately knew they now had a subject to become the queen. The king here on Earth had been so different from kings back home that they could only hope that the choice of queen would be different also. Especially, when they learned by some mechanism or the other that the new queen would be human. She was to be a human and from a culture that didn’t accept royal privilege. Max had already shown he held the kingship as more an obligation to serve, than opportunity to grab power. Tess shook her head. This was not the way she would have accepted being queen. Programed by the queen mother, Tess would have made many executions. That was the proper way to bring a people in line. The Tess Isabel had been building shuddered. Isabel had implanted no desire for her to be known as Teresa, the Terrible. Tess had been building within her self the desire to be known as Mrs. Valenti, the gracious wife of Captain Valenti of the Metropolitan Police Department. Instead of executions, Tess, with Isabel’s help, had been imaging parties with the wife of the mayor, charity events to help families of fallen officers and passionate love from the captain once he reigned in his philandering and directed all his passions to her. If they didn’t change their situation soon, all these dreams would be for naught. Isabel would never know the pleasure of helping the career of one Lieutenant Whitman, either.

Once again Liz was in the field in front of the fairy castle. Once again she was wearing the gossamer gown. Liz was having trouble figuring this out. Liz loved picnics in the mountains. She usually wore Levis and covered her self with copious amounts of sunscreen and bug spray. Liz stood as tall as she could, which wasn’t that tall. “I will accept the will of the granolith and be the next queen,” she announced.

The queen mother was standing on the east side of the field. If she didn’t get her anger under control, she was going to turn to dust, leaving Liz her silver slippers trimmed in ruby. This messed even more with Liz’s mind. Obviously, the queen mother had taken on, in Liz’s mind, the wicked witch of the east. Now Liz had seen the movie when it came out from its many reruns. Her parents had bought her Frank Baum’s book soon after. Frank used silver slippers, but the movie, “Wizard of Oz” was just experimenting in color and used ruby because it looked better. Liz questioned her own dream about how it mixed the two tracks. Oh well, silver slippers trimmed in ruby were still something to behold. The temper of the queen mother was even higher when a blonde lady, almost the size as Liz, stood before her. Liz’s mind ascribed the name Tess to that alien clone who Max and Isabel were tending to.

“My queen, I offer you all my power and aide. I am free from the power of a king who would never love me. I will always be at your call,” Tess said.

Probably at this point, the queen mother did not have even enough power to kill herself. Liz’s arm around Tess, she faced all the women present. They all bowed, even the queen mother, although unwillingly. Liz would be given all the power of being queen, even if she was only a human.

Of course with all of that, Liz woke up. She looked at Max. How much did he know? As far as she could tell, Max had been studying the two doors that he hadn’t been able to open. Max stood and stretching out his hand the doors glowed a bright orange.

Isabel didn’t have much left. She had snoozed and that is about all either she or Tess could do. They had no way to keep living and to escape from their prison. Looking at the two trailer doors, she saw them glow orange. With her last bit of strength, she turned to the doors and cast the last bit of energy she had. Tess quickly added what she had and the back end of the semi trailer blew up. Max and Liz were now in the same prison with Isabel and Tess. They brought food and drink from their prison.

Nicholas was not present. The aliens watching what had happened realized that now they had three aliens or was it four aliens all with sufficient food and water to regain their strength. The alien captors began to wonder if the prison Nicholas had created would, now, be strong enough.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 13, ch 28, Feb 26, 2

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begonia9508: she could ask for help if she really understood the granolith.

mary mary

Chapter 29

Ely Stone and the 20 or so aliens who followed him all felt it at the same time. This time the message was not only for the women of Antar, but for all the people in exile. The queen had been announced. She and the king had partially broken out of their prison.

Maria had been driving her cruiser and for once Michael was glad. Maria looked at him and thought for a minute he was having a spasm. He was choking and coughing as she pulled to the side of the road. “Maria, the lieutenant has now declared herself queen. She and Max are the most powerful force on Earth. They don’t know this yet,” Michael announced.

“You mean my friend, our lieutenant is going to marry Max and rule as queen?” Maria almost screamed.

“It is a lot more complicated than that, Maria, but it does mean that Nicholas is going to have his hands full. Alone, Nicholas is way too powerful for any of us. We have no idea of what kind of a being he actually is. Together, we can fight him, but like last time, he is very strong. With the king and queen now together, Nicholas may find himself toast,” Michael sounded hopeful for the first time. Michael had told José that he could kill Nicholas. He wanted José to believe in him. Now, he was sure that the refugees would win.


As they walked out of the trailer, Isabel, as the king’s sister felt she had privilege to cast her arms around Liz. It was good that she did so as she almost passed out from her deprivation. Liz carefully sat her down as Max brought out some of the packages of food and water or rather the sticky sweet that they had been drinking. Tess knelt before Liz. “My queen, now all can see what I did when we first met,” she stated.

Liz spoke softly, “Tess, in my dream we walked together. I lift you now to make this dream real.”

Max thought, there had never been a queen as strong as Liz was turning out to be. Like Max, her strength would not be in power, but it would be in her feeling of obligation.


Sergeant Kevin O’Brian was facing Ely Stone and about 20 men. They were not a rabble. They clearly looked to Ely to lead them. “I be wanting to see the detective lieutenant,” Stone declared.

O’Brian could not place which county the accent was from. But, he was sure that in someway, Stone had kissed other stone, the one in good old Ireland, when he was younger. “Just you be wanting to go up to the office or do you intend to take all the boyos with you?” O’Brian asked.

“Be for a certain, sergeant. Where I go, my boyos go also,” Stone informed him.

O’Brian called upstairs. “Lieutenant, there be a strange lot of men who want to come up to your office. Do you want me to send you a couple uniforms to keep them in line?” He asked.

Alex chuckled, “They are aliens, Sergeant. Send them up, I have been expecting them.”

“Of course, they are aliens. Every one of these men could be wearing the shamrock. Question I have is, what boat did they just get off of?” the sergeant asked as he waved the men toward the elevators.

“Sergeant, we will worry about their legal status after we free our people from the serial killer,” Alex stated.

O’Brian shook his head. That Alex feller was showing a lot of promise. Recruiting rough necks from the emerald isles was a masterful stroke. A group of Irish boyos could clean out half the crime in Metropolis. The sergeant always was proud of his department. His father and grand-da would be as proud to work for these men as Kevin was.


Ether Eddie had been mad for weeks. Normally, he had a nice place to sleep. He had been careful not to allow anyone else to know where it was. Let one of those bums know and pretty soon, there would be so many that the police would have to check it out. No, Eddie had a place all his own. That is, until those men appeared.

Eddie, in his way was an environmentalist. Maybe, he was more of being part of an environment. Eddie got along with the creatures that were already present. In his house which was the vast warehouse, Eddie tried to make as small of an impact as possible. The rats, the cockroaches and even a rattle snake or two were roomers, Eddie shared the warehouse with. He didn’t pay rent so he didn’t make any demands on the others. Occasionally, he even shared his bounty with his fellow boarders. None of them took to acetone or paint, so it was when he found an almost complete dinner in the garbage of the Italian restaurant that part was set out for the rats and cockroaches. The snakes ate some of the rats so Eddie felt he had shared with them, also. The new people laughed as they threw lightning at the rats and roaches. The snakes, in ways of their kind slithered quietly away. Quietly, like the snakes, Eddie too stole away.

Eddie had to return to the streets and alley ways. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Eddie was a kook who liked rats. Many times when he was down and had nothing else, Eddie ate rats. Like any rancher or farmer, Eddie took care of his reserve food supply. These men were indiscriminately destroying that very supply. Like rustlers, they were putting him out of business.


Jimmy the Nose was also a canny man. He was constantly observing what was happening on the streets. That is, when he was sober. With the latest rumors about strangers and strange handprints, Jimmy had been restricting his bouts with inhalants. Jimmy wanted things to go back to normal. Seeing Eddie on the streets at night wasn’t normal.

Jimmy hated going to the station, but that was the fastest way to find that policeman named Guerin. The desk sergeant was just nasty. He seemed to feel that it was his business to chase off people like Jimmy. It was the distain that he conveyed that bothered Jimmy so much. That cop would have liked to see Jimmy squashed like some rat or roach. Finally, Jimmy heard, “Hey Guerin, there is something here to see you. What’d you want me to do wit it?”

“Send him up, sarge,” was the reply.

It was infantile and probably in very bad taste, since he might later be turned over to the desk sergeant by an officer other than Guerin, but Jimmy couldn’t help sticking his tongue out at the sergeant as he made his way to the elevator. “He shouldn’t have killed Willy,” was the first thing Jimmy said to Michael. “Now, he is taking away the home of Ether Eddie. Detective, he is a very bad man. You guys roust us all the time and we don’t hurt nobody. You gotta do something about him.” Jimmy pleaded.

“We are trying, Jimmy. What did Eddie say about the people taking over the warehouse?” Michael asked Jimmy.

“Eddie says there is something strange about the back wall. It glows. There’s two women being held there, also. One could be the same woman he had before. Eddie don’t want to go back there no more. He says they are zapping the rats. Them rats is what Eddie eats when things are slow. These men don’t eat them; they just lets them go to waste. He does say that he doesn’t think that man should have taken the women that way,” Jimmy explained.

Michael quickly looked up. “In what way, Jimmy? What has he done to the women?” he demanded.

“They’s knocked out. He and his men slapped them around a bit before they was taken into the building. Eddie don’t like that shit very much, but he’s ‘fraid to go back. There’s nutting he could do, no how,” Jimmy related.

Michael turned to the men with Ely Stone. “Our King and our future queen have been taken by the true alien, Nicholas. Nicholas is worse than a spy from the despot. He is not of Antar. He is truly alien, even though he tries to look like us. We have made a home for ourselves here on Earth and the stranger, Nicholas, comes from the despot Kivar,” Michael turned his head and spit. Alex saw that each of the men with Stone did the same. If Alex had been an anthropologist, he might have know that this gesture was also practiced by many cultures. That might have given him pause as he thought how close the Antarians were to Earth humans. Alex was beginning to think metropolis recruitment needed to look to these men in the future. Maybe, they would all enjoy a poster of DeLuca saying, “Come work with me.” He was sure that they were human enough to enjoy the picture of Maria. Men of any species relating to human, should react at the sight of her heavenly body.

Michael continued, “Humans have found his location and human lives are at stake in what Nicholas does next. We have to destroy him once and for all! He must never threaten our people or our future queen, again.” Michael’s speech greatly stirred the men in the office.


Life was coming back to Isabel and Tess. Food and drink brought back their powers. Nicholas still hadn’t returned. The aliens who were aligning with him were in a quandary. They were facing something they were very unsure of. Nicholas had always dodged the king. The only time they met had been when Isabel had been rescued. Nicholas had chosen to face the two humans, rather than face the three aliens and Maria firing on him from the opposite side. The humans had hurt him badly. Did that mean that Nicholas feared that the king might actually destroy him? Both Women were embracing Liz as the queen. That was being broadcast to the whole alien community. That they were all in captivity was starting a rumble felt by aliens across the universe. Nicholas was going to have to face a showdown soon or he would loose all credibility.

The background of Nicholas was unknown to any of the aliens, even Kivar. Nicholas came from a dying planet that Antar had never heard of. This had been a violent place where life and death had no value. A creature could live or die in an instant and no one would care. These creatures, were sent away from the parents as soon as they were weaned. The few who survived in the nursery, would came back to the adult society to take their place where ever they could make it. The minute they were announced as adults, they were fair game as either hunters or hunted. Their planet had untapped minerals of which one was the mysterious ganderium. Ganderium allowed DNA to mix between any two unlike creatures. Those of Antar never landed on the strange planet. Most did not even know where it was. If they had found it, they never landed and returned to tell about it. The transaction was made in space and neither culture had any interaction with each other. The meeting of Kivar and Nicholas was purely accidental.

At the time, Kivar was working on a commercial transport. His dreams of rebellion and conquest were still just writings in adolescent notebooks. Kivar was still very young and no one particularly paid him or his ideas any attention. Because he was young, because he was thought dispensable, Kivar was assigned to make the actual transfer of goods to the planet of Nicholas and to receive the container of ganderium. Years later, when Kivar was organizing his revolt, the stranger appeared. Naturally, he was not recognized. Nicholas was a shape changer and now he looked like any Antarian. His gift of ganderium was recognized and the sale of that was what funded Kivar for many years. Kivar had succeeded in revolt and now, Nicholas made one more change. In an acceptable human form, he followed the refugees to their new land. Here, he intended to conquer both the aliens and their unknowing human hosts.

Kyle walked into the room where Alex and the alien group were assembled. Kyle’s mind was a mixture of emotions. He hadn’t yet sorted them all out. First was the promise of that blonde woman. She promised she would be the best thing he ever had if he turned to her alone. Kyle knew nothing of her fantasies about being the wife of an important individual of the police department. The hosting of parties with the mayor’s wife wouldn’t have made any sense in his macho mind, anyway. “Shit, if she wasn’t that good, he could always say he lied,” he thought. Not ever having the chance to check her out was bothering. Some asshole stealing her away was unacceptable. Then, if Alex was going to lead this rag tag bunch against what ever they were against, (That didn’t make much sense to Kyle, but what the hell, Alex was definitely against something and that something held the woman Tess.) Kyle wanted this bunch to have some semblance of being legal. Kyle handed out badges of special deputy. All hands raised and they were sworn in. “What you guys do to non humans is your business. Make sure that any human that gets shot is by a department weapon,” Kyle stated with a nod to Alex, Maria and Michael.

Kyle went just outside the room and dragged in a large bag. From this bag, he took the department Thompson machinegun. He also took out two rotary magazines. Slinging them in a carry bag, he turned to the room. “Are you ready to rumble!” he shouted.

“Hell yes!” Alex’s aliens shouted showing that swear words were usually the first expressions learned by foreigners.

Out side the station, Kyle had ordered up the SWAT van and team along with a police bus to transport everyone. Fred Garman was driving the SWAT van. Kyle had chosen him because he knew that with his experience, there would be no grand standing. Kyle also trusted him not to go crying to the Feds if things went south. Fred had loyalty. Kyle wanted this mission to be as quiet as possible. He had alerted his dad and that should be enough to keep a low profile. The old man was already making plans to pacify powers, if something went wrong. Of course, if everything went well, there would be no use of telling anyone of what had gone on.
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Re: Little Napoleon, AU, mature, CC, pg 14, ch 29, Mar 3, 20

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Chapter 30

With their alien metabolisms, Isabel and Tess were making fast recoveries. Nicholas’s aliens were all using every bit of their energy keeping the green barriers up and running. So far, none of the prisoners had tested the power of the shield. If Nicholas didn’t return soon, they were going to have to flee or face the wrath of the king and his followers. Nicholas had promised them power and prestige if they returned to Antar victorious.

They were all nervous. The power of the king and his new queen were deep in their psyches. The original king and queen mother had been far away when Nicholas was allowed to kill them under the command of Kivar. They had also been old. The fact was accomplished and those loyal to the throne, all fled the rebels to the new world. The words of Nicholas about the greatness of Kivar were making many of them yearn for the world they once knew. They hadn’t given Kivar a chance. They had to be careful how they voiced this as there were many royalist who would book nothing good about the despot. That spitting was a curse upon him.

Nicholas instinctively knew that the police were coming. He could save his mission if he returned and with the help of his followers killed the king, queen and the rest of these loyalists. Nicholas had learned that dead bodies went a long way to impressing loyalty. Nicholas had perfected a way to preserve a alien body after death. Normally, aliens had the dignity to quickly return to dust. With his method, the royal family had been put on display. For a people not used to seeing a body after death, this display stopped most opposition. Nicholas was hurrying back to the warehouse. He would marshal his people and when the earth police arrived they would be devastated at what remained. Nicholas would take back the preserved bodies of the king and his new queen. Nicholas at this time did not know of the alien men who were following Ely.

Nicholas stood in front of the barrier, which imprisoned the four hostages. He had plans to slowly destroy each, one at a time, while the others looked on helplessly. There would be no time for that. Now those stupid humans were approaching making him speed up his plans. His men were arrayed on either side of him with their palms up ready to direct their deadly force. Nicholas raised his arms to direct the dismantling of the barrier. He made his greatest effort to command these physical forces to obey his will. To his surprise, nothing happened. The hostages had hijacked the power away from him. The four hostages were all facing him. The barrier, no longer a prison, now, was a fortress.

When he had possessed the naive fourth clone, Nicholas had sensed her as nothing more than a simple slave. He could have killed her or done anything else he wanted, she would have acquiesced with no question. Now, she had tapped into very strong mental powers, even the queen mother had not recognized. A thought went through Nicholas’s mind. That old woman might have had more than she could handle with the original. The queen mother had never questioned why a culture was willing to sell her a princess. She was too much into her perceived power. Ava, the original might have been a plant. Her people might have sold her with the intention she would control the young king and thus bring favoritism to them. Maybe, that was the reason the old lady had removed the clone know as Tess from the other three. At the last moment when she was manipulating the DVA the queen mother might have seen what was in the clone. That wouldn’t do for her plans. Well, that wouldn’t do for Nicholas’s plans either. It was now too late.

The two female clones were sitting facing their captors. The king and his new queen were standing, holding hands glaring at Nicholas with stares of raw steel. This was not an aged royal couple, it was a couple just discovering each other. Their power was growing by the minute. Power in a human was something that Nicholas wasn’t prepared for.

The fact that Nicholas had survived puberty in his own culture showed his power and strength. The nursery of his world was utter chaos. Only the strong survived. Their birth rate was very high, but living to adult hood was a very small probability. The wars he had been in along side of Kivar were a snap. Kivar was suitably impressed at his strength. The only Antrian not terrified of Nicholas had been Kivar. He sensed no hostility in the stranger towards himself. Except for the fact that Nichols was totally alien, Kivar might have questioned this loyalty. There might have been mind control. Kivar had never known how powerful Nicholas actually was.

Now, the power of the green shield was moving against them. They were all being forced against the wall. Several had managed to fight their way to a door or opened up their own portal in the walls. They prepared to flee. Not so for Nicholas. For the first time in his life, he had been held fast.


The SWAT van had arrived along with the bus. All the passengers had formed a group facing the warehouse. No one, yet, had voiced a way to get in. Ely had talked with Michael and he was of the opinion that they could just destroy the walls of the old building. The hostages would be behind some barrier and Ely assured Alex that they would be safe. That was when the doors opened and many of Nicholas’s followers emerged into the fire of power blasts from Ely’s men.

Kyle thought, “Were these men under Alex’s control or the control of Ely the alien? As long as they only destroyed aliens, maybe, it wasn’t important. Kyle now, saw what the reports meant from Little Napoleon. There were no bodies left. There was a dust storm. Kyle marshaled the SWAT team about himself. They quickly secured the back side of the building. “Be prepared for the unthinkable,” Kyle had shouted and as he did, openings formed in the blank wall.

There was sporadic gunfire around the building where the SWAT team found stragglers finding ways to get out of the building without using doors. Kyle hoped that whoever the SWAT men were firing upon, they would always turned to dust and not leave bodies for him to write up.

You could hear the sharp staccato of the Glocks along with the deeper roar of Kyle’s Thompson. Kyle with the SWAT team covering the back was getting a lot of action. If they made a mistake, he wanted to know about it. Many of the aliens would weaken a side of the walls and step through. It had been decided that unless they surrendered immediately, they would be shot. If they did surrender, then, they would be turned over to the alien community. It would be up to the aliens to punish or detain their own. No one had any intention of capturing Nicholas. Michael had explained to the SWAT that Nicholas was the most dangerous person here. He would be dangerous until he stopped moving. Bullets could hurt him and slow him down, but if he was given a chance, he would quickly recover.

As the main group with their newly formed alien army approached the doorway, the barrier shrunk leaving one rectangular prism glowing brightly and containing one man. Isabel and Tess were sitting in the two chairs, while Max and Liz were standing behind them. The men under Ely immediately formed a circle about the prism, lending their power to keep up the prison The four hostages gave a sigh of relief. They now could relax a little.

There were deep frowns on the face of Little Napoleon. Both Kyle and Alex couldn’t understand. They had freed the hostages. They should all have expressions of relief. Alex and Kyle didn’t know that Liz had sworn that she would tolerate no executions by men under her command. Now that she knew more about him, even Liz, saw the need to destroy Nicholas. The aliens and the other humans, had no problem, especially those like Isabel and Tess who had both suffered under him. There was disappointment in Maria. Her power rested in her Glock. Nicholas would not be allowed to come beyond the boundaries of his small prison. For the time, he was preserved from her wrath. There were two times that Nicholas had tried to kill Isabel. Tess had been a tool with no life of her own until rescued by the king. Ely’s men had seen the death of their own people because of Nicholas. The word had been that Nicholas was directly responsible for the death of the royal household back on Antar. Nicholas was a conduit of Kivar’s power brought to Earth. Nicholas must not be allowed to live.

In the end, even Liz held her hand, palm facing Nicholas as he disappeared under the force of the entire alien group. No dust cloud for Nicholas. The aliens had no idea of where they banished him to. He was just gone.

It was an unsettled group who left the warehouse.

Still holding the now smoking, hot machinegun, Kyle went searching for “His” alien. She had made promises and for the moment, Kyle was willing to forgo his dalliances. If she was a good as she claimed, maybe, he wouldn’t let the memory of his mother turn him away from any strong form of love.

Kyle found Tess leaning against one of the walls. She had regained some strength from the time she had been abducted. She had expended much of it against Nicholas. Tess was easily willing to accept Kyle’s arm and as they moved outside, she was willing to accept his carrying her. Tess leaned her head against his chest. She didn’t mind holding the machinegun in her lap as Kyle cradled her in his arms. Kyle couldn’t think of anything else to do so he took her to his unmarked patrol car. Kyle kept thinking, “I am not into rape. I am not into rape.” He was determined to give her every chance to be what she said she was able to be. Kyle would take her home, but he would protect her virtue even from himself. Kyle would give her a chance to prove her self without any ties.


Maria was standing in front of her wardrobe. What kind of dance could she put on for Michael tonight. She hadn’t said anything, because they had all been concerned on rescue. There had been a ton of coal delivered to her back yard. Most houses in the southwest used natural gas for heating so when the truck arrived they dumped it on her flower bed behind her apartment. When she checked the back door to make sure it was locked, she noticed that the coal was all gone. Michael must have moved it someway. She would be pissed if he had destroyed her petunias. They were just getting started. She wondered what Michael had done with the coal. Also, when he had time to remove it. They had been together most of he time.


Alex had immediately gone to Isabel. Twice, she had faced Nicholas. Twice she had turned to Alex after the shock. “Alex, quit questioning the reasons for my choice. We will have a lifetime for me to explain. Remember, I am part alien. We have powers that don’t even originate within ourselves,” Isabel had leaned her face against Alex’s chest as he walked her to his car. Alex looked up and he saw that Tess was now under the protection of Kyle. If Kyle could only be smart enough, he would find out how strong her passion could be. Alex was learning to be comfortable with Isabel. Her previous times of passion didn’t count. She was now his. Not to shake his male ego, but Isabel now knew that he was hers also.


This left Max and his lieutenant. “Max, let’s go back to the office and talk. I made some announcements that I need to have explained. I said things that were in my mind. You need to explain how they got there.” Liz whispered.

They walked past the night sergeant with a nod. If it had been anybody other than Little Napoleon and Detective Evans, he would have suspected hanky panky. Evans, with his thousand dollar suits, sometimes looked like a ramrod had been shoved up his ass. He wouldn’t in a million years be accused of activity unbecoming a policeman. Then, there was little Napoleon. If Evans even lifted a finger against her, the sergeant had his money on the lieutenant. No, the night sergeant was sure that what ever their business this late night, it was legit.

Max sat behind his desk, his fingers forming an arc and his gaze going over the arc at the lieutenant. Liz sat on top of her desk also glaring back at him. “Max, several times I declared myself queen. I take it, that I am to be your fiancée. Is that true?” she said.

Max stood, taking off his long coat, his expensive suit coat and then, pealing his shirt off his shoulder. There, just above his wife-beater undershirt, were five glowing pimples. The five dots were in a lazy “V” on its side. “Lieutenant, you have the same symbol on your shoulder. You were given the sign of the king,” he answered.

“Shouldn’t you have asked, before placing a brand on me?” she demanded.

“Lieutenant, I didn’t give you the sign of the king any more than I gave it to my self. These things are not controlled by us, there is more going on than you think or I can explain,” He stated.

“Then, who does know about these signs and can explain why something is attempting to force me into some sort of marriage against my will?” Liz demanded.

“Liz, you only think it is against your will, now. When you finally understand, you will agree that this is what you want also,” Max explained.

“Max, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. How can either of us think of marriage together?” Liz asked a little hysterically.

“Oh, lieutenant, I know all about you. I know that at one time you wanted to be a scientist. You wanted to go to Harvard, but your father had business reversals so you settled for a state college. In high school you had a boyfriend who disappeared and returned later, claiming he had been abducted by aliens. That is why you joined the police. You felt that you could do a better job in investigating than was done by the local police. I know that you were betrayed by a man you thought loved you. By the way, Sean will recover from his erectile dysfunction sometime after our wedding. The tapes have already been removed from the Internet.

A few weeks ago, I knew you only as Little Napoleon, who siphoned off resources that real cops needed to solve real cases. Since meeting Tess, I know everything about you. Liz what should be troubling to you is you know nothing about me. That is the problem,” Max informed her.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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