When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) COMPLETE 12/11

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When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) COMPLETE 12/11

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:06 pm

Author: Roswell_Fan86
Title: When Reality Sets In
Couples: Definitely Dreamer-M/L, M/M, I/J & K/?
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. They belong to the show.
Rating: Adult
Summary: This takes place after Baby it's you, but with a little bit of twist. Trust me total Dreamer insured!
A/N: I'm new to this writing thing, so don't kill me. THANK YOU MARY MARY FOR THE WONDERFUL BANNER!!!!


Ch. 1

Max stands starring up at the ladder that he's climbed many times before leading to Liz's balcony. He hadn't been up that ladder in a couple months now, he thought to himself but he knew he couldn't turn back now. Even though he knew Liz would be upset with him for invading her space he just had to talk to her, about everything he argued with himself. She had been avoiding him the past couple weeks and he knew exactly why. It hurt him to know that she wouldn't even look at him. How could everything end up so badly he asked himself? All he ever wanted was to be with Liz...and when they had been together it was a dream come true but then Tess came into town with all the destiny crap, it had ruined everything. It still bothered him how easily Liz ran from him but then again he gave her no reason to have faith in them...in him. She had every reason to want to run to Florida. When Liz got back though he had vowed they be together again. Of course Liz fought him every step of the way, even went as far as telling him in so many words she wanted nothing to do with him, pretty much that he disgusted her...went as far as trying to push him into the arms of Tess and then Kyle....no he wouldn't think of that. He knew everything now but at the same time he still couldn't figure out how exactly to tell Liz. He needed her to open up to him first, admit the truth to him about a few things.

Max slowly began his descent up the ladder. Taking a deep breather he saw her, she was sound asleep on her lawn chair with her journal laying on top of her. She had been crying. He couldn't blame her. The past few months had been torture on everyone but especially for Liz...for him. He thought to himself. They had reconnected in Las Vegas he thought, hell they even went to prom together but that ended badly. He shook the thought out of his head, he knew the truth he kept telling himself. He just had to remember that, but sadly some things couldn't be fixed, Alex, he thought sadly to himself. He was Liz's and Maria's best friend, his death rocked Roswell to it's core and sadly Max too had lost a great friend. Alex had risked his life to save him and he couldn't return the favor. Everyone took his death badly, the worst seemed to rear its ugly head out of everyone at the time. He didn't think things could get any worse between any of them. He nearly lost his sister and Michael during some ugly things that were said. Isabel of course had grown quite fond of Alex, Max knew she loved him and she never got a chance to tell him. Alex's death changed everything and everyone for that matter...Max shook that thought from his head too he couldn't think of that right now.

Max quietly walked over to where Liz was sleeping and sat down next to her, still deep in his own thoughts. He watched Liz sleep taking the time to think about the past few weeks.

At the park-

Max sat there in complete silence as Tess spoke, "I'm not sure how to say this...but...I'm pregnant." Max looked at her shocked. 'Pregnant.' The blood ran from Max's face.

-End flashback-

Max sat there hating knowing how he had treated Liz after seeing her talking to Tess but he knew all that would be fixed if Lz let him explain things. He placed one hand on one side of her face, threading his fingers through her silky hair and his other hand on the other side of her face trying not to wake her. He wasn't sure if he was ready for her to know he was there. As he was careful not make the connection with her that he knew they shared he scanned her brain to check to make sure she was okay.

-At Valenti's in Tess's Room-

"Max I'm keeping this baby." He heard Tess say as he sat the books down and stood up. "Thanks for the support." She mumbled.

Max touched her hand, "I said I'd support you." He told her with an unemotional even tone in his voice.

"Don't sound too excited." She snapped back.

Max was annoyed, "Hey! My whole life changed overnight...I think I earned the right to be freaked out a little!" He argued with her.

Tess glared at him, "And I'm not? Don't you think I'm flipping out..." Tess grabbed her stomach in pain. Max rushed by her side instantly.


"Tess what's wrong?" He asked concerned.

She gritted through the pain, "The baby, somethings wrong." She said as another jolt of pain went through her. Max didn't hesitate, at that moment he made a connection with the baby. He saw everything and just as quick the connection broke. "Max what is it? What's wrong?" She asked concerned sitting on the side of her bed. Max looked at her, trying to recover from what he saw.

The next evening at Michael's Apartment:

"WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS TO US?!" Isabel yelled furiously at no one particular. Max was sitting next to her on the couch and Michael just stood there starring at the wall. None of them could believe what Max had told them. "Where is she Max?!"

"Isabel, I know your upset but I can't have you running off like this." Max said wrapping an arm around her.

Isabel just shrugged his arm off and buried her face in her hands. He knew she was upset. But he was glad he could get Michael and Isabel to remember everything. "I don't understand, why would she do this to us?" She asked again.

Michael spoke with venom in his voice, "Because she doesn't care about anything but herself and that damn destiny shit. Damn it!" He yelled turning his back to Isabel and Max as he slammed his hand down on the counter in anger. "I could kill her now." He said furiously. "I swear if Maria or any of them..."

"It will be okay Michael, they won't be." Max said to him, trying to convince himself more then Michael. "When will they be here?"

Michael turned around to face Max, "Maria said she'd be here in about 10 minutes, she was picking Kyle up but Max..."

"What?" He asked him confused.

"Maria said Liz refused to come. She didn't feel the need to any more." Michael said calmly. How could he blame her with the hell she's been through, Michael thought to himself.

Max nodded, "Its fine..."

"Max!" Isabel said startled.

Max shook his head, "Its okay Isabel, I'll talk to Liz..." Isabel nodded. "Besides I think I need to talk to her alone anyways." He added. Just then Maria and Kyle walked through the door.

"What the hell Michael?" Maria huffed, "Why did you call me at 1130 at night and tell me to get Kyle and get our asses over here?! There better be an explanation for all this." She stated angrily glaring at Max.

"There is. It's about Tess." Max said calmly not to alert anyone.

Kyle looked confused, "Then where is she?" Everyone looked at each other. "Well?" Kyle demanded.

A week later at the quarry

"So what the hell am I supposed to do Evans?" Kyle yelled angrily. "She's pregnant living in my house with me and my dad!"

"I know that..." Max said rubbing his temple.

Isabel looked at her brother sympathetically, "Kyle, Max made sure that you and your dad were safe from her powers, if she's trying anything, she's only thinking she's succeeding." Isabel explained, not that it calmed Kyle down anyway.

"What about Liz?" Maria asked concerned for her best friend. Michael squeezed Maria's shoulder trying to comfort her. "She won't come to any of 'our' meetings Max and if you get anywhere close to her she runs the opposite direction...maybe you should just let me tell her?"

Max shook his head, "No, Maria. I'm going to make sure Liz is ok, besides Tess is playing this pregnancy thing to her advantage, she won't risk getting caught by going after her."

Maria and Kyle looked confused, "Max told her that the baby was dying, that he couldn't survive here on Earth." Michael explained. All of them were exhausted but Max most of all he could tell, healing Maria and Kyle on top of his-self, Michael and Isabel he was drained and trying to fool Tess was a job in and of itself. "So, she thinks that me, Max and Isabel are looking for a way to get home."

"Home as in, up there?" Maria asked Michael pointing up to space.

Michael nodded, "She thinks we are trying to decipher the book."

Maria nodded in understanding, "Which we are." Isabel said.

"Uh why?" Kyle asked this time.

"Because, we want to send her back as soon as we can, once we get rid of her the threat to us all will be eliminated." Isabel told him. "I just wish there was..." She stopped herself seeing the pained look on Max's face.

"I can't believe the last few months..." Maria said hugging Michael closer to her. "I don't know what was real and what wasn't? How are we supposed to tell what she planted in our minds and what really happened?" She shuddered thinking of all the horrific nightmares she had been having lately.

"It will all start slowly coming back to you." Max said. "Like it has for the three of us."

"It will be okay Maria." Michael said reassuringly, "We'll get this all worked out." He promised her. The silence between them all was deafening. The looked at each other scared and confused.

Kyle broke the silence, he had to ask, "So what really happened to Alex?" Kyle said demanding to know the truth. He knew Tess had made him carry the body out making him think it was her bag. He got angry. How long had she been mind-wrapping him and his father? He asked himself. Thank god for Max. But he wouldn't let Max hear him say that.

-End of flashback-

"Max what are you doing here?" Liz asked slowly coming to. Startled she thought she had been dreaming but when she opened her eyes, she saw Max sitting on the edge of her chair just looking into space. Max turned startled from his thoughts. "Max, I asked you what you were doing here?" She said again this time getting a little upset.

"Liz...We need to talk." Was all Max said knowing she was about to be put through the ringer.
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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 1 6/10

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:21 pm

A/N: Thank you so much to Mary Mary, I would love if you could help me with the banner. Also to begonia9508, Natalie36, Keepsmiling7 & Evans-Dreamer. This part is dedicated to you all.


Liz cautiously sat up not meeting Max's look. She pushed a strand of hair out of her face and rubbed her sleepy eyes, glancing her behind she took a look at the alarm clock, 2 a.m? Liz shook her head, "Max it's 2 in the morning." Speaking softly before looking at him. Her eyes met his and she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "Is everyone okay?" She asked concerned.

Max nodded, "Everyone...Everyone is fine." Now...He thought to himself.

Liz took a sigh of relief, "Then what's so important that you couldn't wait to tell me in the morning?" She asked getting frustrated.

Max had to chuckle, "Maybe because every time I try to get anywhere close to you, you run the opposite direction." Max stood up before finishing, "Or maybe its because you refused to meet any of us at Michael's or the quarry." He added. "Even at Maria's request."

"Sorry but I really don't know if there's any reason for me to be around for these meetings." She said shrugging her shoulders, "I honestly don't see the point, you made your feelings very clear a couple weeks ago." She mentioned referring to when she was talking to Tess about mind control. She remembered it clearly. She was so embarrassed but mostly hurt that Max went completely ballistic on her in front of Tess and Kyle. It was scary to see such anger on his face.

Max grimaced at the memory, "Liz..." He rubbed his temples before turning around to face her, leaning back against the wall of her balcony. "Look, I didn't come here to fight with you." He said softly.

"So why did you come here, Max?"

Max pushed himself off the wall and sat down next to Liz, "Like I said, I need to talk to you and what I'll have to tell you, you won't like." Thinking a moment before he continued, "In fact, you're going to have a lot of questions and I'll be happy to answer them all for you..."

Liz nodded, "Okay."

"I just want you to know that I'm going to be here for you..." Max started to say but Liz interrupted him.

"Max just get on with it please." She snapped angrily.

"Okay, there's no easy way to say this so I'm just going to say it." Max said to her. "It's about Tess..."

Liz shook her head, "No, stop right there!" She said pointing a finger at him, "Is that what you came here for?" Max looked at her confused, "Did you come here to throw it in my face that you and Tess slept together?" His look of confusion changed to a look of surprise. "That's right...I know. I know all about you and Tess being together." She accused him trying not to yell so loudly. Last thing she needed was her parents catching Max out on her balcony.

"Liz, no, of course not and I didn't say it was about Tess and I. I said it was about Tess." He pointed out stopping his rant.

Liz laughed, "Then maybe you should go talk to her if your having problems in your love life." She said sarcastically.

"STOP IT!" Max snapped at her. Catching her look of fear again, he softened his tone, "There is no me and Tess." He added trying to explain. "That's what I came here to tell you, Liz. It's about Tess....would please let me explain before interrupting?" He asked her laying a hand on her knee. She flinched at his touch causing a pain in his heart. He hated this situation, he hated how things were between them right now.

"Fine, Max." Was all Liz said before crossing her arms and starring at where his hand laid.

Max took a deep breath, "Okay, first off I wanted to apologize for everything."

"You came here to apologize?" She asked in disbelief.

Max smirked, "I thought you said you wouldn't interrupt?" Liz snapped her mouth shut, "I'm especially sorry for what I'm about to tell you." Before she could open her mouth to interrupt again, he silenced her with his next words, "The last few months or so, hasn't been what you think."

"Wha..What do you mean?" She asked concerned.

"You see, I wanted you to tell me in your own words a few things but I think its just better I tell you." He explained to her, seeing her nod for him to continue he went on, "I know everything Liz...and when I mean everything...I mean about you and Kyle."

He almost wanted to laugh, her mouth was wide open, she tried to find the words but no sound came out. He couldn't have known, how could he? She thought to herself. "What are you talking about?" She asked him slowly.

"The whole thing with the future me coming to visit you..." Max continued to explain. "I know about him coming to you for help...to save the world. To try and push me towards Tess." He said sadly.

"What...How did you find out?" She decided to ask figuring there was no point lying any more. Hell, he already knew the truth, Alex was dead, what more could happen? She thought to herself.

Max took her hand in his, she didn't try to pull away, "Tess..." He felt her try to pull away once he said her name but he refused to let her go. He needed some kind of contact with her while he explained this mess of situation they were in. "Tess is pregnant Liz." He said not looking her in the eye.

Liz couldn't help the sound that escaped her lips, Max looked up immediately and saw her eyes tearing up. "And you thought I had to find out like this why?" She asked as her voice was breaking trying not to let the tears fall. "You had to rub it in?" She asked him again hurt.

Max shook his head, "No!" He immediately said, "I'm telling you because that's how I found out about the future me." He explained.

Liz shook her head swallowing past the vomit that wanted to come up, "I don't understand what does Tess being pregnant with your child have anything to do with the future version of you?" She asked confused.

Max took in a deep breath, "Because, she mind wrapped you into thinking it was the future version of me that came to you that night." Taking a chance he scooted closer to her, she didn't move nor did her face show any emotion, so he continued explaining, "That night was the night she started putting her plan into motion Liz. She knew that I wasn't going to come to her on my own..."

It started to hit Liz like of town of bricks, "So she used me...as her pawn." The memories started to flood her. She could hear Max talking to her but the images were a huge head rush.


Standing in front of the long mirror, Liz lifted the pretend veil and started speaking aloud, "I, Liz Parker, take thee Max Evans to be..." She turned towards her window hearing music playing from outside. As she stepped over the window sill she peeked her head over the side of the balcony, it was Max and he was singing with a...with a Mariachi band? She started to giggle. She caught the bouquet of flowers that Max thrown to her from below, he had changed them from red to white, her favorite. She sniffed the scent closing her eyes before looking at Max again.

Hearing a knock at the door she still couldn't pry her eyes off Max, "Lizzie..." Her father called, he appeared next her before she knew it, "What in the hell is going on? Its a school..." He was cut off when seeing Max walking away with the band, "Is that...Max? Oh god!" He said having to laugh.


Liz was taking out the garbage, it was late she had just closed up the cafe. Throwing the bag in the dumpster she wiped her hands on her apron, "Gross." She mumbled. Hearing footsteps behind her she whipped around with a yelp, "Max?"

"Hey..." he said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." He said stuffing his hands in his pockets.

Liz smiled, "Well I suppose its better then you showing up again with the mariachi band." She joked with him.

Max scratched the back of his head embarrassed, "Well I had to get your attention somehow." Liz smiled, "Liz listen...I wanted to ask you something."

Liz stepped closer, "What is it Max?"

"I want you to know, the entire time you were in Florida all I could think about was you...about us." He explained, "That I don't want feel any kind of roman...anything towards Tess. Sure she's one of us, we think of her as a friend but that's it." He told her.


Max stepped closer to Liz so that his lips were mere inches from hers. Taking her hand in his, he looked her in the eye, "Go with me Friday...There's a Gomez concert in Santa..."

"Max." She said again. Max stopped mid-sentence. She had a smile on her face as leaned up on tip tippy toes, she placed a soft kiss on his lips before pulling back, "I love you, you know that, but I just can't." She said before taking a step back.

"But Liz..."

Liz shook her head, "I just can't Max." She said before walking back inside leaving Max watching her retreating form.


Liz jumped at the tap on her window, she had been moping all week around her room about telling Max no to Gomez. Surprised, she saw Max outside her window, sighing, she walked over to the window and opened it, stepping aside to let him in, "Max...what are you doing here?" She asked him.

"Gomez." He said holding up the tickets. "I want you to go with me. If you can honestly tell me you don't feel anything for me after tonight, I'll leave."

Liz shook her head, "That's not fair Max..."

"Your right because you know that we still feel something for each other...but you refuse to let it happen." He told her getting frustrated. "I love you Liz. It will always be you, only you." He said framing her face with his hands before bringing his lips down to hers.

At first Liz resisted trying to pull away before the connection was made. It was too late, Liz eventually let it happen. She saw when he healed her, the love he felt pouring through the connection, their first kiss, their first date. She saw them dancing, jumping off the bridge running for Pierce, her running away from the cave. Him seeing her the first time when she got back from Florida. She felt Max pull away, her breathing was heavy, his came in heavy pants. "Max..." She moaned with her eyes still closed her fingers touching her lips. If she had opened them she wouldn't have seen Max smiling at her.

"I know you felt that. I did too...I know you think that I need to be with Tess but your wrong, the only way that I can do anything to save my race is if I know your by my side." He explained. Liz opened her eyes to look him in the eye, "I can't do this without you, please don't ask me too." He begged.

Liz stepped closer placing a hand over his heart, she sighed before looking him in the eye, "Max...I love you..." Was all she said before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. Her lips attacking his. It was from years of wanting. Years of not being able to feel his lips against her own. She felt his arms snake around his waist, heard him let out a groan from his throat before picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. "God Max..."She moaned out aloud as she felt his lips trailing down to her neck. She felt herself being lowered to the bed, she felt him pull away from her and whimpered at the loss.

"Liz, if we continue, I won't be able to start." He said his voice raspy. She the look of desire in his eyes, "Liz please...don't look at me like that." He pleaded.

"Max just shut up and kiss me." Was all she said before Max started kissing her again. "Mmmm. God Max, please don't stop." His hand snaked up underneath her shirt unhooking her bra before slipping his hand underneath the material. His fingers started to tug at her nipple, first the right, then the left. He reluctantly pulled his lips away and pulled his hands out from underneath her shirt. He started to unbutton her shirt as she started pulling his shirt over his head. Once they had their shirts thrown to the grown along with Liz's bra, they couldn't help but stare but it didn't take long. Liz made the first move unbuttoning his pants with one hand while the other ran a finger over the bulge in his pants.

"Liz..." He hissed. He leaned down and trailing kisses from her lips down her neck and then started suckling one nipple like a starving newborn baby before switching to the other causing her to moan he felt her push his pants down with her feet once he was in his boxers he started to unbutton her jeans not once removing his lips from the fire he was stirring inside of her. She lifted her hips up to help him take them off throwing them to the floor he sat up and starred at the beauty in front of him.

End Flashback

She faintly her heard Max's voice as she shook her head, "All I know is that she heard us that night in the alley talking, she knew I wasn't giving up."

Liz looked at him for a minute, "I know." She whispered.

"What?" Max asked confused thinking he heard things.

"I remember, you came to me. I don't remember everything but I remember us...you asked to go with you to the concert. I said no but you came to me the night of the concert and we...did we?" Liz asked not remembering yet what happened clearly still.

Max nodded, "We made love instead."

Liz blushed, "Max the saint walking around with a condom in his pocket." She teased not helping the smile that formed on her lips.

Max laughed, "Yea...um..." He scratched behind his ear like he always does when he's nervous.

Liz turned around in the chair so that she was sitting next to Max, throwing her legs over the side of the lawn chair, "I'm guessing there's more."

Max nodded sadly, "You weren't the only one she mind wrapped Liz." Liz looked down, "She did it to us all at some point making us believe what wanted us to. Maria, Kyle, Valenti, and..." Max trailed off.

"And Alex." She said sadly in a low whisper.

"Yes. And Alex too." Max said wrapping an arm around her. "He got the worst of it." He explained to her. "Alex pulled out of the mind wrap found out what she was doing to him."

"So she killed him?" Liz said heartbroken and angry. "He never went to Sweden did he?" She asked him, Max shook his head, "And LeAnna? Is she...does she have anything to do with this?"

Max shrugged, "I'm not sure yet Liz but I promise you she's not going to get away with what she did to Alex." He took her hand in his again, "I healed everyone...they are all starting to remember the truth..."

"I guess reality its going to start sinking back in for me too soon then?" She asked him. "Do I want it to?" She asked him but was really asking herself.

"Liz, there's more..." He said trying to stay calm.


"Yes..." He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb, "Liz, the reason Tess killed Alex is because she was trying to get him to decipher the book." He told her.

"Why?" She asked confused. "Why does she need the book now?"

Max hesitated before continuing, "Because she's trying to find a way back so that she can take the next heir of the throne back to our planet."

"When you say home, you mean up there?" She gestured pointing up to space. Max nodded, "And by heir you mean your baby?" Max nodded again, "But I thought..."

"I didn't sleep with her Liz, I swear and you'll know that once your memories come back." He told her.

"So whose the father of the baby?" She questioned.

"Liz, the baby she's carrying isn't hers." Liz looked confused again, "Its ours." Liz gasped but Max continued, "When she mind wrapped you she knew we slept together and that you were pregnant so she somehow...somehow transferred the pregnancy to her instead but because of that the baby is dying. That's how I found out about everything. I tried to heal the baby and when I made the connection I saw it all."


Max and Liz sat on the park bench together in silence. Liz was crying, "Max...what are we going to do?" She asked him scared.

Max turned to look at her, "It's going to be okay..I promise."

"How, we're too young to be parents." She cried.

Max smiled, "Marry me." Was all he said pulling a ring out of his pocket.

Liz looked at him shocked, "I was going to do this before you told me anyways..." Liz started crying, "Don't cry baby. I love you and this baby was made out of love, marry me so that we can spend the rest of our lives together."

End Flashback

"Oh my God." Liz sobbed, "My baby."

"Liz I promise you, she won't take our baby from us." Max said kneeling down wiping the tears from her face, "I'm going to fix this, we all our."

"She made you think you slept with her and got her pregnant, but its my baby...our baby!" Liz cried angrily. Max nodded, "How?"

Max shook his head, "I don't know sweetie."

"What else has she taken from me, from all of us, I need to know..." Liz begged him.

"Liz its better to let it happen naturally." He said knowing what she wanted.

Liz stood up angrily, Max standing up at that point too, "NO! I need to know. She mind wrapped us all, she took my memories, my baby! She killed my best friend! I need to remember now!"

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 2 6/13

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:00 pm

Episode 3-

Liz's VO-

I still can't believe it, it just seems like when things go bad, they go really bad. Here I stand yet again wrapped up in the worst possible nightmare ever. In million years I could have never imagined myself feeling like I could kill someone, but right now that's exactly how I feel. Alien powers or not, if I ever see Tess Harding again I she'll regret ever being hatched from that pod. She's taken everything from me. She tried to steal Max from me, she killed my best friend, she tried to kill anyone I cared about, she took my memories and implanted false ones and now she's taken my baby from me. What mother would let anyone get away with that?

At the Quarry-

Liz stood at the edge of the quarry starring at nothing particular. She could hear Michael and Max's voices, sometimes arguing and bickering. Max had told her everything last night and then after demanding that he help move the process along quicker, she argued with him to connect with her and show her what was actually reality and what was implanted. Then after much bickering, he did just as she requested. She squeezed her eyes shut remembering the night before. The memories....it wasn't that they were bad, they were amazing, except for one of them.


Liz was locked in the pod chamber, she felt groggy as she sat up looking around. She knew instantly where she was. She placed a hand on her stomach, "It's going to be okay little one." She whispered rubbing her belly. Her head whipped around hearing footsteps from behind her and a chuckle, "Tess?!" She exclaimed surprised.

Tess smiled at her, "Liz, Liz, Liz..." Tess hissed at her, "Look at you, what Max ever saw in you, I'll never understand, your nothing. Your just a little weak human."

"I guess Max prefers that, human rather then an evil bitch from hell." Liz snapped come back at her.

Tess put a mock face on, placing a hand over her heart acting as if she was hurt, "Ouch Liz, I think I might cry." Tess smirked, "It doesn't matter anyways..." She said walking behind Liz.

Liz refused to look at her, "What do you want Tess?"

"Isn't it obvious Liz?" Tess asked her crouching behind her, "I want your baby."

Liz was shocked, how did Tess know, trying to play dumb she manage to speak, "What are you talking about? What baby?"

Tess shook her head, "I know you and Max slept together and I know your pregnant Liz. Pregnant with what should be my baby!" She yelled at her causing Liz to flinch, "But none of that matters now." Tess told her wrapping a blindfold around her eyes. Liz tried to fight back but she had her handcuffed behind her back her feet bound together. "No point in fighting Liz. Don't worry you won't remember a thing." Tess whispered in Liz's ear.

"Max will come looking for me. He's probably already looking." Liz threatened. "When he does find me, he's gonna kill you but he'll have to get in line because I'll be the one killing you first." Liz told her calmly.

Tess just laughed, "You don't get it you little slut! No one will ever remember these past few months, everything will be er..."

Before Tess could finish Liz heard the cave door open, "Are you stupid?" Liz heard a man say but she couldn't recognize the voice.

"What does it matter, she's not going to remember a damn thing." Tess argued with the man.

"Shut your trap now and lets get this done! If you had done what you were supposed to we wouldn't be in this mess." He told her walking over to Liz. "Once this transfer is completed you won't have much time to find a way back." He told Tess. "Lay down next to her." Tess did as she was told.

"What are you doing?" Liz said fearfully. She couldn't move. It was if someone was holding her down but there wasn't.

"We are taking the next heir from Zan." The man told her ripping her shirt off causing Liz to cry. "Don't worry this won't hurt a bit." Liz screamed for help but it was useless, she could feel heat radiating from her stomach and then just as quick as it came it was over and darkness overcame her.

End Flashback

"So what is it you want us to do exactly Max?" Michael argued with him, "Just sit around with our thumbs up our ass's?"

"You can't expect us to let her just stay at our house!" Kyle yelled. "She's long wore out her welcome."

Maria sighed, "Can we stop arguing please?" Maria begged. Michael hugged her to him. "I just...Look guys, I want Tess to pay too but we can't go into this blindly. We have to be smart about it." She explained looking to Max, "So what's your plan?"

Max was looking at Liz who had her back turned to them all, "Tess still thinks we are all being mind wrapped. That she has all under her control. Pretty soon she's going to figure it out."

"What do we do then? You can't keep this charade up pretending you don't know what's going on Max, you can't keep going over there." Isabel told her brother concerned for his safety.

"I know Iz." He told her placing a hand on her arm, "How far have we gotten on the book?" He asked Michael.

Michael shook his head, "Me and Maria have been exhausting all resources, but we're not getting anywhere."

Liz turned around and walked towards them, "Alex." Was all she said causing everyone to whip around at her statement.

"What about him Liz?" Maria said confused.

Liz looked at Max, "We need to go to Las Cruces."

"Las Cruces?" Max asked her, "Why?"

Las Cruces University

"So care to explain to me what we are doing here exactly?" Michael said leaning over from the backseat.

"It says here LeAnna stays here in the dorms." Maria told him going through the file, "Liz how did you get all this?"

Liz shrugged, "I asked the Sheriff. I had to know who LeAnna was."

"I still think you two should still stay in the car. We still don't know if she's dangerous." Michael said to the both of them.

"Absolutely not space boy." Maria argued back.

"Alright enough." Max said. "You two stay here." He said referring to Michael and Maria. "I've had enough of hearing you two bickering." He mumbled getting out of the jeep.

"Max..." Michael groaned.

"No Michael, you two stay here. Me and Liz will take care of LeAnna."

Liz looked at him, "Take care of?"

Max just looked at her, "Let's go." Was all he said.

Crashdown Cafe

Back at the Crashdown, Isabel and Kyle were sitting with the Sheriff. "So what exactly does Max have planned for Tess?" Valenti asked his son and Isabel.

"It's better if you don't know Sheriff." Isabel told him.

Kyle shoved his fries around on his plate, "What was she doing when you left?" Kyle asked about Tess.

"Sleeping...I just can't believe all this." Valenti said shaking his head.

"Sheriff I promise you that Tess won't hurt you or Kyle. She won't be able to hurt anyone after tomorrow." She promised him, "I...We all are sorry for getting you guys involved in this."

"Isabel this isn't anyone's fault but Tess's. She chose to do this." Valenti told her. "Don't blame yourself."

"But if it wasn't for us being around, Alex would be alive today." Isabel said sadly. Kyle wrapped an arm around her. Isabel smiled at him.

Las Cruces University

"What is Max going to do Michael?" Maria asked keeping an eye on the doors where Max and Liz disappeared behind.

Michael was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, "He's going to deal with LeAnna." Was all he said.

"When you say deal, you mean kill?" She asked him. Michael nodded. "Then what? Kill Tess too? When did we become murders?"

"About the same time Tess decided to kill Alex." He told her coldly.

Inside Max and Liz were climbing through the vents of the university until they reached the vent of LeAnna's room. "Max what are you going to do?" Liz asked nervously.

"Liz you should wait downstairs for me." Max said.

"Not until you tell what your going to do Max." Liz argued but she saw the look in his eyes and she already knew the answer, "You can't kill her!"

Max shook his head, "I don't have a choice."

"You don't even know that she's working with Tess for sure." Liz saw the determined look in his eyes, "We can't just kill her based on assumptions, what if Tess.." Liz and Max turned and looked through the vent when they heard LeAnna yelp. She had pricked her finger with a needle she was using to sew a button on her shirt, "Why didn't she heal herself?" Liz asked Max.

"I don't know." Max said confused.

Then it dawned on her, "I have an idea come on." She told Max before heading out of the vents. Before Max could stop her she was knocking on LeAnna's door.

"Liz what are you doing?" Max hissed.

Before Liz could answer LeAnna's door opened, "Can I help you guys?"

Liz chose her words carefully, "Um, my name is Liz and this is my boyfriend Max. We were wondering if by any chance we could talk to you?"

Max stood there anxiously as LeAnna looked him and Liz over, "About?"

"Do you mind if we come in?" Max asked her gesturing to inside her room. LeAnna stepped aside and then noticed how Max lead Liz in by the back.

"Do you two attend the university?" LeAnna asked them closing the door. Liz took that chance to grab the tissue that LeAnna had used to wipe the blood off her finger.

"Uh no." Liz said quickly hearing the door shut. "We actually were close friends of Alex Whittman, he was here taking some computer classes." Liz lied, "He told me he knew you?"

"Alex Whittman?" LeAnna said confused, "I don't know any Alex's?"

"Are you sure?" Max asked.

LeAnna laughed, "Yes I'm sure." Noticing the way Max was starring at her made her very uncomfortable, "What is this about?"

"I'm sorry." Liz said, "We must have gotten your name mixed up with someone else." Liz grabbed Max's hand getting his attention, "We should go." She told him. Max looked down at Liz and nodded, "I'm so sorry for the mix up, but I just need to ask you one last thing, could you tell me where the computer lab is?"

Liz and Max were sitting in front of the computer, Liz grabbed the paper from her back pocket and logged in, "Liz what is this about?" Max asked leaning down next to her.

"I'm not sure, but I don't think LeAnna is involved. First off if she was an alien, she would have healed herself when she pricked her finger and secondly, she didn't have any pictures of Alex in her room nor did she hesitate when we asked her about Alex." Max nodded, "I found this stuff in Alex's file, the stuff Valenti gathered from his room. This a code, one I didn't understand. It didn't go to any of the passwords to his laptop but now that I see it...look." Showing Max the paper, "It says A.Wit@LCU.EDU and the password is Ss3Tdes.doc. Alex was trying to tell us something." She explained as she logged in. Sure enough once the screen came up there was a file sitting in the middle of the desktop. Liz double clicked on it and when it opened both Max and Liz were shocked, "Oh my god..."

"He did it." Max said scrolling down the screen. Liz and Max exchanged looks.

"Do you think Tess found out he did it?" Liz asked concerned thinking about their baby before looking back at the screen.

Back at outside-

Michael saw the two doors slam open and Max and Liz come running out. "Maria wake up." Michael said waking her from her slumber.

"What's wrong?" Maria asked looking around concerned.

Michael pointed to Max and Liz, Liz opened the door to the jeep and got in behind Maria and as Max climbed in behind Michael, "Maxwell what is it, what's wrong? Did someone see you?"

Max shook his head, "We need to back to Roswell...Alex did it, he deciphered the book."

"What?!" Maria exclaimed shocked.

"Shit." Michael said speeding off. "That means..."

"Tess. We need to take care of this tonight." Max said looking at Liz.

"What are we going to do?" Maria asked.

"We do nothing, I'm going to end this tonight." He said taking Liz's hand in his, "I promise Liz, I'll get our baby back." Liz tried to smile but both of them knew something bad was coming. They could feel it.

TBC...I know this may be confusing right now but everything will be explained in the next chapter.
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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Episode 3 6/14

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:31 pm

A/N: Mary Mary-a special thanks to you for working on my banner, Natalie36, Begonia9508 and Keepsmiling7 for your latest feedback. I can't express how grateful I am to have this feedback. This part is dedicated to all of you!

Chapter 4-

Michael's Apartment

"Absolutely not Liz!" Max argued with her, "I'm not risking losing you too." He told her getting frustrated running a hand through his hair.

"Tess took everything from me Max, don't you think I have the right to be there?!" She argued back, "She put everyone I care about in danger, she killed Alex, she took you from me, my memories and she took my baby!" She yelled. They had been fighting since they got back from Las Cruces. Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle and the Sheriff were talking out in Michael's kitchen or so they thought. They couldn't help but ease drop on what was being said through the thin walls.

"Maria!" Isabel hissed, "What are you doing?"

Maria shrugged, "I wanna hear."

Michael and Kyle exchanged looks then shrugged before rushing over to the door to press their ears up against the door too, "Unbelievable." Isabel said shaking her head exchanging a look with Jim. Jim couldn't help but smile.

"Liz I just can't risk losing you." Max said softly to her as he leaned his head down so that their foreheads touched, stroking his cheek with the back of his hand, "Please don't ask me to you come..." He begged her his eyes closed as he spoke. "I promise you I will do everything in my power to save OUR baby and I will make sure Tess pays for what she has done to Alex, to you, to us, to everyone..."

Liz sighed, "Okay Max...."She said giving in. Liz leaned in and pressed her lips against his. Max framed her face with his hands as they kissed. "Just promise me one other thing." She said as she pulled back from the kiss.

"Anything." He told her.

Liz sighed, "Please come back to me...I can't lose you either." Max nodded before kissing her. Their tongues dueling as they fervently kissed one another as if were their last.

"I can't hear anything can you?" Kyle asked Michael and Maria.

Michael shrugged, "All I can hear is heavy breathing..."

"You don't think they're..." Kyle started to say, Maria looked at him one eyebrow raised, "Well you know? Doing it?"

"Gross Kyle, that is my brother you know!" Isabel said making a face. "You guys are being so immature right now..."

"So I know I am but what are you?" Kyle mocked at Isabel.

"Hush, I wanna....ahhh!" Maria, Michael and Maria screamed as they felt themselves falling. Looking up at the sound of someone clearing their throat they started laughing.

"Uh, guys?" Liz asked trying not to smile, "What are you doing?"

They stood up quickly, "I uh...I uh dropped my earring!"

Max and Liz nodded, "I see." Liz said, "Eavesdropping?" They exchanged looks like guilty parties do, "Wow..." Was all Liz could say.

"What's the plan Max?" Jim asked getting to the matter at hand, they would have time later to joke around.

Max walked over to grab his jacket, "Tess is meeting me at the pod chamber in a hour. I told her that we needed talk about the granolith. She thinks I found a clue on how to get home."

"We're going with you Maxwell." Michael said slapping a hand on his shoulder. Max looked at Isabel who had the look saying, 'Don't even think about saying no'. Max knew not to argue with his sister. Max just nodded. "We'll hide until Tess gets into the cave and we'll be waiting right out front." He told Max.

"We better get going." Max told them. He looked at Liz. Liz walked over to him giving a soft but passionate kiss, "I'll be back, I swear." Liz just nodded. He saw Michael and Maria embracing before a placed a kissed on her head. Isabel led the way out the door and before the humans knew it, their alien counterparts had left.

Maria walked over to Liz, "Okay, now what?"

"We pray." Liz said quietly looking at the closed door they had just walked out of.

Pod Chamber

Max stood starring at the four pods. He couldn't understand how he could have ever loved someone like Tess in his past life, was he like her back then? He wondered. He shook his head. He looked at his watch knowing Tess would be there any minute. He heard his phone beep, looking at it, he saw a text message from Isabel. Tess's headlights just pulled up. Be careful! Sighing he took a deep breath and awaited Tess's entrance.

Tess walked in through the cave's entrance, she looked pale and rough. 'She's playing this part rather well.' Max thought to himself taking in her appearance. "Max, I came as quick as I could." Tess said a little out of breath, "I still don't understand why we had to meet here Max. I'm exactly in the position to be climbing up rocks you know?" She said rubbing her belly. Max clenched his fist beside trying not to blast her on the spot at the sight of her rubbing her stomach, "What's so important? You said you had a clue about the granolith and the book?" Max nodded but still didn't say anything, Tess fidgeted under him starring her down, "Max, what's going on?" She asked again feeling that something was off.

Max shrugged, "You tell me Tess." He said calmly as he took a step towards her. She didn't move and still looked confused. Max just nodded, he decided to go a different route seeing how she wouldn't just right out with it. "Funny thing Tess...I got an interesting call yesterday afternoon."

"Ok...what does that have to do with getting home? We don't have much time...the baby..." Tess said rubbing her stomach again.

Max just shook his head, "It was from Ray, in Las Cruces."

Tess looked surprised, but tried to shake it off, "Who...whose that?" She stammered.

"I think you know Tess." Max said crossing his arms.


Tess was standing behind Alex, "Your name is Ray." She whispered in his ear.

"No my name is Alex Whittman." Alex cried covering his ears.


Alex is screaming at Tess, Kyle listening closely, "You did this to me, you sent me to Las Cruces!"

Tess was scared, she swallowed past the lump in her throat, "Okay, Alex let me fix your mind, you're not thinking straight."

Alex took at step back, "You mind warped me for two months while I decoded that silly book for you and now there's nothing left for you to mind warp. You destroyed my mind! How could you do this to me?!" He yelled at her, Tess saw Kyle walk in the room.

"What's going on?" Kyle asked hesitantly.

"Get out Kyle, Alex isn't feeling well." Tess told him. Kyle didn't move. "Kyle go!" He still didn't move.

Alex shook his head, "You mind wraped me and now there's nothing left!" He continued to yell. "I might as well be dead!"

"Calm down, Alex." Tess closes her eyes, "You won't remember anything..." Next thing Tess knew Alex collapsed.

"What did you do?!" Kyle cried out, but before he could move Tess focused on Kyle.


"Duffel's all loaded Tess." Kyle said throwing the bag into the trunk.

Tess smiled at Kyle then placed a kissed on his cheek, "Thank you...go inside now, I'll take care of everything from here." Kyle nodded and ran back inside like a lost puppy.

End Flashback

"I didn't mean for it to happen." Tess whispered to Max.

Michael's Apartment

"I can't believe she was living under our roof this entire time and I carried his body out. She made me..." Kyle told his dad, Maria and Liz.

"It's not your fault Kyle." Liz told him.

Kyle nodded, "So what's the big thing you don't remember Maria?"

Maria sighed, "Nothing actually. She just made me forget that Liz and Max were really happy. I remember now her telling me she was pregnant." Liz smiled remembering the day she told Maria. They had been buying the pregnancy test, she remembered Maria asking if it would be able to show up because of an alien pregnancy possibly being different. Liz chuckled at the thought. "Liz..."

"It's okay Maria." Liz said. Jim looked confused, Max had come to realize that Jim was the only one Tess had barely touched to mind wrap. He was surprised but figured the only things deleted from his mind and replaced was the fact that he was told Liz was pregnant and Max and Liz were married. Liz tried to smile, "Tess tried to erase my memories of Max and I being together the first time." Liz explained blushing, "Our pregnancy, our wedding." She said her smile fading.

"But you remember now. Right?" Kyle asked her trying to make her smile again but Liz didn't answer.

"Oh my god Liz!" Maria screamed as she rushed over to Liz who had started going into convulsion's on the couch. Jim and Kyle quickly rushed over to her side too, "What do we do?" She asked them.

Jim and Kyle exchanged looks, Jim looked down at Liz, "My god..."Jim said out loud. Maria and Kyle looked down where Jim was starring.

"What the...." Kyle and Maria said at the same time starring at Liz.

Pod Chamber

"You just killed him, no remorse Tess?" Max asked her getting angry. Tess said nothing. "TELL ME WHY?!" He yelled causing her to flinch. Tess opened her mouth to speak. "I'd chose your words very carefully Tess." He warned.

"I didn't mean to. His brain was just so weakened by the mind warp, and...it wasn't planned." Tess told him.

"Bullshit Tess!" Max screamed at her, "You took a life, you planned to make it look like he went to Sweden to get the damn book decoded and he had been in Las Cruces. I could have healed him!" Max yelled at her.

"Fine Max." Tess huffed, "So I killed him but that doesn't matter now..." She said shaking her head, "What matters is getting home, but you could never understand that could you?! I might have been able to teach you but that stupid bitch has you wrapped around her..."

Max stepped closer, "DON'T YOU EVER CALL HER THAT!"

"You see how you jump to her defense? Why couldn't you ever feel that about me? I'm your wife, Max!" She hollered at him.

Max just laughed, "What gives you the right to steal other people's memories, to erase them?" He asked her.

Now Tess laughed, "Please Max. Don't play dumb with me." She told him, "Now that you and that little pathetic human have gotten your memories back you expect me to apologize. It's not going to happen. You wanna know something...yes I planned every bit of this, and you wanna know how?" Tess smirked at Max's look on his face, "With Khivar's help." Taking in his shocked expression she continued, "That's right Khivar helped me, Nasedo made a deal with him 40 years ago."

"I could have never loved you, not now, not in the past and certainly not in the future." Max told her. "Your nothing but an evil manipulative bitch." Max seethed.

Tess laughed again, "Ouch Max...That hurt..." She said acting as if she were truly hurt, "But you know what, I don't care that you, Michael or Isabel let alone those pathetic humans have all the memories back. I'm guessing since you remember everything and that you found out where Alex was, he decoded the book." Max said nothing, "Give it to me and I'll let you and Liz live in peace." She told him.

"Give us our baby back first and I'll give you the book." Max told her. Tess shook her head, "Look we want you off this damn planet as much as you want to get off it, so give me mine and Liz's baby back and I'll give you the book on how to get home."

"Do you think I'm stupid Max?" Tess asked him seriously.

Max smirked, "Do you really want me to answer that Tess?"

Tess shook her head, "The baby died Max..." She said smiling.

"I don't believe you." He said.

"Scan me yourself, you'll know if I'm mind wrapping you and that way you can see if I'm lying." She said stepping towards they were mere inches apart. Max thought about it a second, she was right, she couldn't mind wrap him anymore they could feel any time Tess was in his or Michael's, and Isabel's head. She had tried it earlier in the week and they could feel the difference immediately. Max placed a hand on her stomach. Instantly he made the connection. He saw everything...Tess yelling at Khivar's human form asking him why it didn't keep, what went wrong. Telling him he better hold up his end of the bargain. Max stepped away from Tess gasping. Tess laughed, "I told you that pathetic embryo didn't even last a month...." Max had enough, before he knew what was happening she was thrown against the cave wall.

"Get up bitch." Max turned at the voice. Tess looked up shocked, "I said get up bitch!" Tess was thrown up against the wall again.

"Liz!" Max said shocked to see her, her hands crackling in green.

TBC....Hopefully that explains some, but as the story progresses so will the rest of the flashbacks which will answer alot of people's questions and I know you may be mad for me killing the baby but you'll see what happens don't be mad!
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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Episode 3 6/14

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:49 pm

Ch. 5-

"Liz..." Max said starring at her hands that were crackling in green energy. Isabel and Michael weren't far behind her. He could see Maria, Kyle and Jim standing behind them. "Liz!" He yelled trying to get her attention.


"What the hell is that?" Kyle asked looking at Maria.

"Why are you asking me?" Maria asked just as shocked. "She's green, you think I know what the hell is going on you idiot?"

"Both of you stop!" Jim yelled at them, "Liz!" Jim yelled trying to wake her. He tried to shake her but the green energy floating around her hands shocked him away.

Kyle and Maria gasped, "Are you okay?" Kyle asked him. Jim nodded, "Look!" Kyle said Liz started coming to, "I think she's waking up."

"You think genius?" Maria said, "Liz are you okay?"

Liz's eyes shot open, "We need to go." Was all Liz said before sitting up quickly practically running out the door. Maria, Kyle and Jim exchanged weary looks before getting up and running after her.

End Flashback

"How the hell did you end up with powers!" Tess yelled dusting her pants off.

Liz stepped closer, "Funny thing Tess, being pregnant by an alien and being healed by one, you develop certain powers from them."

"But your not pregnant!" Tess yelled angrily.

Liz shook her head, "As true as that may be, I know my child is still alive!" Liz yelled at her, Max looked at Liz taking a step forward towards her, "She's lying Max, the baby isn't dead, alien pregnancies work differently she had the baby two nights ago."

Max looked back at Tess, "Is this true?" He asked her. "ANSWER ME!" He yelled.

"She's not going to tell us anything." Isabel said speaking up finally. "What did you do Tess?!" She yelled now.

Tess laughed, "God your all pathetic."

"Pathetic?" Maria yelled from behind Michael, "I'll show you pathetic you piece of dog sh..."

Kyle smirked but Michael held her back, "Maria, stop." Michael told her.

"It's too late anyways." Tess said smugly. She felt herself shoved against the wall, Max had his hand around her throat. "You don't have it in you Max." She said trying to gasp for breath, "You can't live with yourself if you kill someone, besides what would you tell your son?" She choked out.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't snap your neck." Max gritted out, "Any planet would be better off with you dead."

"Kill me, you kill your child." Tess told him, Max glared at her.

Max felt Liz place a hand on his shoulder, he looked at her and saw the look in her eyes, he turned and looked at Tess again before loosening his grip but not letting go, "Your lying." Liz told her. "You have no connection to our son."

Tess took a breath, feeling the air return back into her lungs, "True...but..."

"But what?" Michael asked cautiously seeing that Max was about to snap.

Tess laughed, "If I'm not back on Antar in 72 hours Khivar will kill your child."

"You gave the baby to Khivar?" Isabel gasped. "Why?"

Tess shook her head, "Because, that baby was the heir to the throne...he was everything we wanted." Tess told them not caring any more, "That child was supposed to be mine but instead you fell for that pathetic human." She spat out talking to Liz. She felt Max's grip tighten around her throat, "I was your wife Max! You loved me, we were sent down here together to conceive the heir to the throne but you..." She looked at Liz, "You ruined everything!"

"How do we get him back Tess?!" Max asked spitting in her face as he yelled, "Tell me!" He yelled.

"Its too late...Khivar will raise him as his own." Tess told them all.

Isabel and Michael exchanged looks, "Then why does he need you if he already has what he wants?" Michael asked.

Kyle saw the look on Tess's face, "He doesn't need you..." He said aloud. "If he did he would have taken you with them when he took their baby."

"He's right." Michael said looking at Max and Liz.

Jim looked confused, "So why is she still here on Earth?" He asked.

"Because Khivar never wanted her..." Isabel whispered to herself, "He wanted Liz." She said exchanging looks with Michael and Maria.

Tess laughed, "Khivar never wanted anything to do with Liz."

"So why..." Maria started to say. "Why leave you here and risk putting his precious plan endanger?" She said glaring at Tess.

Max saw the look on Tess's face, "The deal Tess, it was to deliver us to Khivar wasn't it?" He asked her as it dawned on him. "To what kill us?" Still no answer.

"Maxwell..." Michael tried to grab his attention.

"Answer me!" Max yelled again.

"MAX!" Michael yelled at him, "Not us..."He said when Max turned and looked at him, "Liz."

Max looked down at where Liz stood next to him, she was starring at Michael and then back at Tess, "Is this true?" She asked Tess in anger.

"When will you realize that you are nothing!" Tess told her with venom in her voice, "But because you got pregnant by the king here, Khivar couldn't wait to get his hands on you to try you out himself." She said evilly.

Max caught on to what Tess was saying, but before he could speak Maria did, "You nasty piece of trash!"

The next thing that happened surprised everyone, Max had thrown Tess across the room without using his powers. Michael and Jim rushed over to him pulling him off Tess. Isabel stepped in front of them to block Max's view of Tess, "Max, look at me!" Isabel told him trying to get him to calm down, "If you kill her we won't be able to find your son." Max slumped over.

Maria went over to Liz, "Liz, are yo...Liz!" She yelled everyone looked over at Liz, her hands were crackling in green again.

"Liz!" Max yelled seeing her step in front of Tess.

"You stole everything from me Tess." Liz said crouching down next to her.

Max stepped forward but Michael stopped him, "Let her..." He told him referring to Liz. Max looked ready to pounce, "She needs to do this Maxwell." Max turned and looked at Liz and Tess.

"Tell me how to get my son back." Liz warned one last time, "This is your final chance Tess."

Tess shook her head, "Kill me I don't care but no matter you won't ever see that bastard son of yours again." Liz cocked her head to one side, and then back slapped her across the face. Tess grabbed her cheek in shock. Liz smiled this time, "I promise you that I won't kill you, but I will make your life a living hell if you don't tell me." Tess said nothing, Liz nodded as she stood up, "Okay, have it your way."

Liz walked over to Max, she placed a hand on Michael's shoulder, "Can you watch her for a minute?" She said referring to Tess. Michael looked at her and nodded, "I need to talk to Max for a minute."

"Liz..." Isabel started to say.

Liz shook her head, "I need to talk to Max, Isabel." She told her not taking her eyes off Max. "Please just keep an eye on Tess make sure Jim, Kyle and Maria stay out of harms way." Isabel nodded as she walked away over to Maria. Kyle and Jim walked over towards the girls. Jim saw Michael calmly standing in front of Tess who was just sitting there. He was surprised she didn't try to escape.

Tess looked up and saw Jim starring at her, "What?" She asked him sarcastically.

Jim walked over to her, Isabel tried to stop him but Jim brushed her hand off, Maria walked over to Michael, he wrapped an arm around her and they listened as Jim spoke softly to Tess, "I trusted you. Kyle trusted you." She looked at Kyle, she met his gaze before he looked down at his feet, Jim continued, "We took you into our home. We loved you, treated you like family, protected you!" Jim said starting to get angry, "You were like..." Jim stopped mid sentence and thought a minute, "No you were my daughter." He shook his head. "How could you do this to us?" He asked her.

Kyle saw his dad breaking down, Tess showed no emotion, "Forget dad, she's not worth the tears." He said laying a hand on his dad's shoulder. Jim placed his hand over his son's and stood up. "I want you to know Tess." Kyle whispered as crouched down beside her, "That if they don't decide to kill you..." Tess looked at him surprised, "I will." He promised.

"Kyle..." Maria cried as she walked over to him, he stood up and saw Maria crying, "Don't be a killer like her." She told him before hugging him, "She's not worth your life." She told him in his ear. Kyle nodded hugging her back.

Isabel decided it was her turn, "I trusted you...Alex trusted you..." She said sadly thinking of Alex. "Why would you do this to us? We took you in as family Tess. You could have had a family here with us." She told her pacing in front of her.

"You didn't have to kill Alex, Tess." Michael spoke up. Tess snorted, "Did you just wake up one morning and decide to be a bitch?" He asked her sarcastically. "Could have?" He continued, "Isabel's wrong, you did have a family with us, you were one of us..." He looked her up and down with disgust in his eyes.

Maria snapped around at the comment, "No Michael, she's not one of you." She said taking Michael's hand in hers and glaring at Tess, "She's a murderer. An evil bitch from hell. You guys are nothing alike."

Tess starred at them all, "You all done now? You think if you break me down with sob stories I'll start to cry and tell you I'm sorry and that I'll help you get the baby back?" Tess said in a mocking tone.

Maria shook her head, "No Tess, it will just make it all that easy to hand you over to the FBI." Maria told her coldly. Tess looked at everyone as if she thought Maria was bluffing. "Scared Tess?" Tess said nothing, "You should be." Maria said before slapping her across the face, "That is for Alex." Tess grabbed her cheek again, before she had a chance to react, Maria slapped her again, "And that was for Liz...and this is for me." She looked at Tess a minute before spitting in her face.

"You crazy bitch!" Tess said having enough before standing up, she raised her hand but Michael reacted quicker blocking Maria from Tess.

Michael blasted her against the wall, Tess sat up coughing up blood, "Don't. Move." Michael gritted out between his teeth, "I won't hesitate to kill you." He said to her. Tess glared at him.

"Neither will I." Isabel told her standing next to Michael. Kyle was hugging Maria to him as Jim starred at Tess.

Outside of the cave Max and Liz stood there talking, "What are we going to do?" Liz asked Max. Liz knew they didn't have a choice. Her son had already been born and now he was on Antar with Khivar. Max shook his head, "We can't go there Max, Khivar will be expecting that." She told him.

"So what you want to leave him up there?" Max asked her confused and hurt.

Liz shook her head, "No, of course not." Liz sighed, "Maybe we should give Tess what she wants, maybe if she goes back there to Antar, she'll be forced to get our son home to us."

"What are you talking about? You mean let Tess go? Absolutely not!" Max snapped angrily Liz flinched, "Then we'll never see our son if we do that."

"Would you rather Khivar kill our son?" Liz snapped back, running a hand over her face as she got frustrated, "Max, what are we supposed to do?" Max turned his back on Liz, "Max look at me." He didn't turn around, "Max if we let Tess go to Antar, then she won't have a place there, maybe if we offer her immunity here and promise to let her live, she can go back and save our son for us. She knows she doesn't have any place on Antar. She knows Khivar wants nothing to do with her."

Max shook his head, "It's too risky she's our only link to finding a way to our son." He said turning around to face her, "What your saying, its insane."

Liz nodded, "Then what do you suggest Max, what are we supposed to do?" Max looked at Liz and then back at the cave, "Max?"

Max looked at Liz, "I have an idea." He told her, "Come on." Max took Liz's hand and led her back into the pod chamber.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 4 & 5 6/15

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Ch. 6

A/N- Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I really appreciate it all!!!

UFO Center

"Can someone please explain to me why we are here?" Michael asked shoving Tess down in a chair. This place gives me the creeps, he thought to himself looking at all the alien stuff. Tess glared at Michael. "Go ahead try something, please." He begged her glaring at Tess.

Ever since they figured out Tess had been mind warping them, Max and Isabel had discovered a way to block her powers against them and the others. She was now sadly just as human as the others which of course frustrated her more then words could describe. She tried everything to mind wrap all of them but hit a wall and then immediately following she would be either blasted against the cave walls of the pod chamber or some nasty snide comment from Maria or more nasty threats from Max but now here she sat in the UFO center looking at all the alien artifacts. Tess rolled her eyes. "Yes, what are we doing here?" Tess asked sarcastically.

Max turned and looked at her, "Well, Tess I'm giving you two options here." Tess cocked her eyebrow in disbelief.

"What?!" Maria said shocked.

Max ignored her but could feel the eyes of everyone burning holes in the back of his head, he took a chance look at Liz who was very confused, "Your first option is that you help us defeat Khivar Tess...you help us defeat him and save my son..."

"Or what?" Tess dared him.

Max smiled...it was scary. Max never smiled like that and it scared everyone. "Or we can turn you over to the FBI." He told her shutting her up very quickly.

"You wouldn't." Tess said surprised. Would he? Tess had to ask herself. "You don't have the balls to." She egged him on further thinking he was just bluffing.

Isabel walked over to her brother's side, "They are still technically looking for an alien." She said aloud eying Tess up and down in disgust.

"It would get them off our backs." Michael said shrugging. "We'd have our lives back." He finished smirking at Tess.

Maria nodded agreeing, "Like it was before Tess arrived."

Max barely heard a word of what they were saying he was looking at Liz. Her hand tightened around his when he mentioned handing Tess over to the FBI, she wouldn't look at him and she didn't show any emotion on her face, he couldn't tell what she was thinking, he looked at Tess, the look on her face was pure fear, "So you see Tess, you can either help us and live or be handed over to the FBI." He told her.

"And if I do help you, then what?" Tess asked hearing out all her options.

Isabel walked over to her, "Are you trying to bargain with us?" She asked her angrily. Tess just looked at her refusing to back down, "After everything you've done, you expect us to agree to some kind of compromise with you?"

"You can't expect me to risk my life to help you save your bastard child." She argued looking at Liz and Max, "And not get something out of it."

Liz tensed next to Max, this time he tightened his grip on her to restrain her from attacking Tess, he couldn't blame her though, but he knew that if they ever wanted to see their son again they had to stay calm, "What is it your wanting Tess?" Max asked her calmly.

"I'll help you defeat Khivar." She told them.

Maria snickered, "But?"

"But you have to let me return to Antar...alive." Tess added smugly.

The three aliens exchanged looks, "So you can come back and ruin our lives?" Kyle asked thinking to himself that this was a bad idea to even consider, "Look I get you want your kid back." Kyle told Max and Liz, "but do you honestly think she's just going to help us kill this guy and then leave us alone if we let her go?" He asked all of them.

"I agree son, but what choice do we have?" Jim sighed feeling like it was a no win situation.

"Liz?" Maria asked coming to stand next to her best friend who hadn't said a single word since they left the pod chamber, "What do you think?" Liz looked at Maria, tears welling up in her eyes. "Oh sweetie." Maria sighed hugging Liz. Liz returned the hug, feeling herself in a terrible tug of war.

Max looked at her, sadness overwhelming him, she knew what she was feeling. The need to avenge Alex's death and what Tess had done to them all but also the overpowering need to save their son, "Fine, we'll put it to a vote." Max decided figuring it was the only way to settle this.

"I vote we send her sorry ass to the FBI." Kyle said in disgust without hesitating.

Jim looked at Tess and then at Liz then back at Tess, "I vote no, but not because I don't want Tess to suffer but because if I were in yours and Liz's position," He said talking to Liz and Max, "I'd do whatever I could to save my son." He told them looking at Kyle at that point. Kyle looked down at the ground.

Isabel shook her head, "I can't...I'm sorry Liz...Max...I have to vote to send her to the FBI." Liz nodded understanding, Max placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Maria hugged Liz tighter before releasing her and taking her hand in hers, "Alex was my best friend." She looked at Liz, "So are you Liz...I know you want your baby back." She looked at Max, "Both of you...but what Tess did...I just know if we let her go she's going to maker our lives miserable. I'm sorry but I have to agree with Kyle and Isabel." She whispered sadly.

"Okay so we know Max and Liz's vote..." Kyle said looking at Michael, "It's a tie man, your the deciding vote."

Michael looked at Maria's pleading eyes and then at Max and Liz. Max was looking at Liz who had tears rolling down her face. He wanted Tess gone, he wanted her to suffer, but at what cost he asked himself. Taking a deep breath, he saw Liz look up at him, her eyes meeting his. "I vote no." Was all he said.

"What?!" Maria asked. It seemed that word kept flying out of her mouth a lot lately. "Michael..."

Michael shook his head, "I've made my choice. I want Tess to pay too...what she did was...was just down right unforgivable, I agree with that." He tried to explain to the shock faces around him, "But this is Max and Liz's child...I'm not going to kill their child to get even with Tess. There are better ways," He pointed out to them. He saw Tess's smug face and walked over to her, "I want you to know that once this is over, we will find a way to kill you whether you're here on Earth or back on Antar." He threatened her before walking away from them all.

Tess smirked, "Whatever Michael. So we have a deal then?" She asked knowing the answer already but just wanting to rub it in.

Max didn't answer her. Liz saw Michael walk away and went to follow him feeling Max tug at her hand she smiled at him, "I'll be right back." Max looked up and saw where she was heading. Max smiled back at her before releasing her hand." He walked over to where the others were standing.

"So what do we do now?" Jim asked him.

Max hated that everyone always turned to him for answers, he wasn't a King here, he was just a kid. A kid who had a baby he was trying to save. Here he stood 18 years old, with a child out there somewhere and literally the weight of the world on his shoulders. "I need you to go back to the station, Jim." He said taking on the authority role he so badly wanted out of, but for now he had to be King. "Our parents are probably going to be looking for us soon, we didn't exactly plan this all out." He explained rubbing his neck looking at Tess. Jim nodded, "Maria, you should go on home." He told her, seeing her about to argue he stopped her, "I need you to cover for Liz. Jim can only cover for us so long." Maria wanted to argue back but knew he was right so she just nodded understanding. "Kyle, I'll need you to drive Maria home, you guys can stop by the Parker's and our house get some of Liz's and Isabel's things to make it look like Liz and Isabel are staying over your place Maria."

"Okay so what, I'm just the chauffeur?" Kyle asked sarcastically and little angry.

"No." Max said getting annoyed, he was beyond tired and didn't need Kyle giving him lip, "I need you to cover for me. Your dad can tell my parents that Michael and I are going on a camping trip with you and your dad." He explained, "My folks won't ask question's if you say your dad is going with us." Kyle nodded, "Plus..." Max added pulling a tissue out of his back pocket, "I need you and Maria to run this." He said handing it to Kyle.

"What is it?" Maria asked looking at the blood on the tissue, "Whose blood is that?"

"It's LeAnna's." Max told them.

"LeAnna, as in Alex's Sweden girl..." Kyle trailed off seeing Isabel's head snap up in anger.

Max nodded, "Yes, that LeAnna, we didn't get a chance to test it at the university." He told them looking at Liz now, "We don't think she's an alien but we want to be sure." He told them. He turned his attention to Jim, "I need you to run a background check on her though."

"Why?" Jim asked him confused.

"I need to know everything I can about her to be sure she wasn't helping Tess in any way. Alex had a message on his email saying LeAnna isn't LeAnna so, anything the three of you can find out I'd appreciate."

Jim hesitated a moment, "Do you think..."

"I don't know." Max shrugged, "She could just have been a pawn in Tess's game but, I want to be sure."

Jim nodded understanding, "Okay, come on guys." He said referring to Kyle and Maria, "I'll drive you guys back to Maria's."

"Max, please...take care of Liz and Michael." Maria said wrapping her arms around Max. "I'm sorry I couldn't..."

Max wrapped his arms around Maria's waist, "I understand, I'm not mad..." He whispered in her ear.

Maria smiled at him as he pulled back, "Tell Michael I love him." Max nodded before Maria headed up the stairs after giving Tess one last look. Tess just smiled at her.

"Be careful man." Kyle told Max before following behind Maria. Jim just looked at Max and Isabel then at Tess before nodding and heading up the stairs after Kyle and Maria.

Isabel watched them disappear up the stairs and then looked at Max who was staring at Tess. "You really think this is a good idea?" Max just looked at her, "That's what I thought..." She mumbled.

Meanwhile, Liz had walked over to where Michael was now standing seeing him lean against a bookshelf in the back of the room. He knew he was now struggling with his choice he made to keep Tess around. He wanted to avenge Alex's death for Maria's sake and so did she but she also knew that he wanted to help Max, his best friend, his leader. "Michael..." Liz said quietly coming up behind him.

Michael just tensed up as he her speak, "I didn't do it for Max." He said without turning around confusing Liz.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I didn't do it just for Max." He continued trying to explain better as he turned around. " I did it for him too, but I did mostly because of you Liz." He told her in almost a whisper.

She thought she was hearing things, "I don't understand...."

"You gave up a lot knowing us Liz...you've saved our ass's on more then one occasion. Put your life in danger to help us. You lost a lot knowing the three of us." Michael told her. "I couldn't let you lose your son too....not after Tess took away so much from you...and Max." He said trying to smile.

Before Michael knew what was happening Liz had wrapped her arms around his neck, shocked he just stood there a minute before wrapping his arms around her. "Thank you...thank you so much Michael." She sobbed into his ear. Pulling back she wiped her eyes off, before looking at him, "I know how hard that must have been for you...I know you wanted to get even with her, to do it for Maria."

Michael nodded, "I did, and I'm not going to let Tess get away with what she did." He told her. Liz nodded, "But right now, we need to take what we can get." He looked down for a minute, "Your part of my family too Liz." He said slightly embarrassed at his self for being emotional.

"Your my family too Michael." She said cocking her head to one side trying to look him in the eye. Michael looked up at her and smirked, "Your like the brother I never had."

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever...sis." He joked with her.

Liz went to say something else but was interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind her, Michael's eyes get big, causing Liz to turn around nervously. She saw Max and Isabel walking towards them, "That's very sweet." The man said sarcastically.

"Larek?" Max asked coming to stand next to Liz.

"We need to speak Zan..." He told him glancing over his shoulder to see Tess refusing to meet his look. "It's about your son."

"Wha-What about him?" Liz asked this time nervously.

Larek tried to smile but it wasn't in his nature to try and comfort humans, but this girl had carried the next heir to throne so he tried to put on the best act possible, "Larek, what's going on?" Isabel asked him again.

Michael noticed the way he was staring at Liz and then at Tess and then back at Liz. He didn't like it one bit and he could tell Max was getting antsy too. "I'm afraid I come with bad news, sir." Larek calmly told Max. Max and Liz exchanged weary looks. They knew whatever Larek had to tell them wasn't going to be something they would be happy to hear.

"What is it?" Michael asked noticing the way Max and Liz were hesitating to ask the question they all feared to ask.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 6 6/19 Pg. 3

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A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a little while. But I want to thank you for all your guys wonderful feedback it really is appreciated. I have a few new story idea's in my head but don't worry I will be finishing this one.

Ch. 7-

1 year later

Liz carefully climbed the hill that she was so familiar with now a days, she could climb it in her sleep. Finally reaching the top she sat down and looked up at the sunny, clear sky. Shaking her head she took a deep breath before speaking, "Well, Zander...it's mommy again." She whispered softly to no one. "Daddy isn't here with today...I just needed to talk to you alone. It's been so hard to know that you might still be out there somewhere, but all I have to go on is what Lar-Larek has told us..." Sighing she felt a tear fall down her cheek quickly wiping it away she felt her phone vibrate. She took a quick look and saw it was Max. Turning it off she stood up, "We haven't forgotten you baby...I promise, I don't know what Khivar has planned for you but I promise you we'll get you home safely." She cried to herself, "I have to believe that your still alive...I can still feel you in my heart so please just know that I love you." She placed a single red rose in front of the pod chamber before making her descent down the hill again.

Pulling up into the driveway she turned her car off looking at the house she now shared with Max. It had been exactly a year since that dreadful day. She remembered it as if it were yesterday.


"I'm afraid Zan that it's about your son." Larek spoke calmly. Liz started to cry as Max wrapped an arm around her shoulders, he fought the tears back as Larek continued to speak, "I come with both good and bad news."

"Well how about you spit it out then." Michael barked angrily.

Larek nodded, "The good news is that your son is alive." Liz gasped a felt a wave of relief flood over her, "He's being cared for by Khivar's wives." Larek informed them.

"Wives? As in multiple wives?" Michael asked confused.

"Yes, he considers them wives because they are legally bond to serve him but they were women from our planet that surrendered to him to stay alive." He explained.

"So they're more like slaves then?" Michael asked again interrupting him. Max shot Michael a look and Michael just shrugged, "What?"

Max looked at Larek to continue, "Yes they are his slaves. Your son," He started to say looking at Liz, "Is okay, he's healthy and alive...for now." He added hesitantly.

"Why do I feel a but coming up?" Michael asked him taking a step forward. Larek refused to look him in the eyes. "What's going on?"

Max noticed Larek's silence at Michael's question, "Larek...what is it?"

"Your son is showing no sign of being..." Larek thought to himself quietly for a moment choosing his words carefully, looking at Tess who caught his stare before looking away, "When Tess transferred the pregnancy from Liz to herself, she forgot one very important fact."

"Which is what exactly?" Max asked him concerned looking down at Liz and then behind his shoulder at Tess and back at Larek.

"You chose Liz, Max. When you and Liz decided to cement your relationship and you conceived your heir, you transferred part of the royal seal to Liz." He told them looking at Liz, "You were chosen as his queen." He looked at Tess, "Which Tess was not aware of, if she had she would have waited for Liz to have given birth."

"I don't understand what does this have to do with our baby?" Liz asked frustrated.

Larek sighed, "Because you didn't give birth to the heir Liz, the royal seal was never transferred to your son, which means your son is currently being rejected by our people. If he's being rejected by them Khivar has no reason to keep him alive." Liz started to cry, "I have my people working on trying to rescue your son, if there is any way, I will bring him back to you."

"And if you can't?" Michael asked looking at Max and Liz who were holding each other tightly, he knew the answer already.

Larek looked at Michael, "Then I fear the child will be executed." Michael closed his eyes at those words he heard Liz sobbing into Max's chest, he could hear Max trying to soothe her.

Michael glared at Tess, "What about her?"

Larek turned to see where Michael was looking, "I understand you have blocked yourselves from her powers?" Michael nodded, "I suppose she has no purpose left then." He said with no emotion, "We can dispose of her."

Liz's head shot up at this, "NO!" Max looked at her confused, "She has to pay for what she did, we can't just kill her, that's what she wants."

"Then we turn her into the FBI." Michael told them, "That's the best thing for everyone."

Larek shook his head, "No...I have a better suggestion."

End Flashback

Liz walked in the front door shutting it behind her, "Hey." She looked up seeing Max sitting on the stairs. "I was worried about you...where..." He didn't have to finish he saw the look on her face and knew instantly where she had gone, "You were with Zander?..." He had more said then asked. Liz nodded, "Liz..."

"What?" She snapped, "I can still feel him Max." Placing a hand over her heart, "In here...I still believe he's alive with every fiber of my being."

Max stood up placing his hand over hers that laid over her heart, "It's been a year now and we haven't been able to reach Larek. I want to believe too that everything is okay and Larek will bring him home to us, but..."

"So you've just given up hope?" Liz asked in disbelief, "It's our son Max!"

"Don't you think I know that!" He snapped back getting angry, "Don't you know I go to bed every night praying that our son will be okay...don't you think that I want him to be okay?" Liz looked surprised, "Liz I want to believe our son is okay...but I have to also believe that maybe he's not." His voice softened as he spoke to her quietly.

Liz sighed as she wrapped her arms around Max, "I'm so sorry Max. I didn't...I wasn't thinking."

"I miss you Liz....I miss us." He whispered in her ear.

Liz pulled back from their hug and looked at Max placing a hand on his cheek, she used her thumb to wipe away a tear that fallen down his cheek, "I miss you too Max." She placed a soft kiss on his lips before resting her forehead against his, "I'm sorry sweetie its just I can't think that he's not okay." Max nodded, "I just have to keep hoping but your right, I also have to accept the facts."

"I know if Larek can find a way, he won't fail us." He told her as he took her hand in his leading her into the kitchen.

Deciding she needed to change the subject she sat down on the bar stool as Max poured them a cup of coffee. "Have you talked to Jim?"

Placing the cup in front of Liz he leaned against the counter, "I called him this morning looking for you...I though maybe..."

"You thought I went to see Tess?" Max nodded, "I wanted too, I still do but I don't think it would help any." She sighed running her finger across the rim of her coffee mug.

Max looked down at his coffee, "They still have her in the warehouse, I told Michael to go today, I wanted to stay home with you..."

Liz smiled, "Yea?" Max smiled back at her, "Really?"

"You seemed surprised." He told her walking over to sit next to her, he straddled the stool next to her and pulled her closer to him, "'I was thinking, it's been awhile you know since we erm..."

Liz raised an eyebrow at him questioningly, "Max Evans!" She teased him.

Max laughed, "That too, but I meant that it's been awhile since we just had a normal day together, just the two of us."

"When have we ever had normal Max?" She asked snickering.

"True, but I think we owe it to ourselves...don't you?" He asked her seriously. Liz looked at him, She could do this, she needed to. It was time for her to start living again. She not only owed it to Max and herself but she knew that if her son came back to her that she had to make sure her life was in order...that she wasn't a shell of a person. She thought to herself. Smiling she kissed him again but this time she slowly snaked her tongue out seeking out his and immediately she felt at home again. Liz felt Max pull her closer to him feeling the heat radiate from his body. She couldn't help the moan that escaped her throat. He lifter her up and sat her on the counter top leaning into her. She ached for him, it had been a very long time for them both. She missed him just as he missed her much if not more. "Max..." She moaned as he pulled his lips away from hers trailing a blaze of kisses down to her neck. She felt his hand move under her shirt caressing her back as his other hand stayed on her hip.

He pulled back to look at her, "Liz...I..." She looked ravished, her lips puffy, she was breathing heavily, her hair was tousled, she looked beautiful. He wanted her badly, but not like this. Other then the one night that was taken from them by Tess this would be their first time and what he had planned wasn't including the counter top between the fruit basket and dirty dishes.

"Max what?"

"Trust me I want this badly Liz." He told her trying to regain composure of himself, "But I want...can you just do me a favor?" He asked her smiling. Liz nodded hesitantly and self consciously. "Go get changed...something comfortable...I have a surprise for you...I already have us packed."

Liz looked confused he had to hold back the laughter, "Max what?"

"No questions asked, but just put something comfortable on, please?" He half begged and half ordered. Liz pulled herself off the counter, "I promise you won't be disappointed."

"I already am." She pouted as she sauntered up to him running a finger down his chest teasingly. Max smirked. God He looked good enough to eat. She thought to herself taking in his appearance again. He was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a plain white T-shirt, "Max..." She moaned.

Max laughed at her. "C'mon, go get dressed."

Wiggling her eyebrows at him, "Wanna help?" She asked suggestively. Max shook his head laughing still as she walked away and headed up the stairs, Max watched as she teasingly swayed her hips and couldn't help but stare at her ass.

Trust me, I want to baby. Max thought to himself. Sighing he walked back into the kitchen and grabbed his cell and his coffee before walking out on the back porch to make a phone call. But this surprise will be worth it. He thought.

Back in town, Michael parked his motorcycle in front of the warehouse, he heard the car pull up behind him, "Iz?" Isabel walked up to him. "What are you doing here?"

"I called Maria...she told me Max asked you to come." Isabel told him as she followed him in the warehouse.

Michael sighed, "Max didn't want you involved in this Iz, you know that." He told her pointedly. Isabel nodded, "So why are you here?" Isabel shrugged, "Fine but if Max asks I fought very hard to keep you away." Isabel laughed as they walked through another set of doors. "Good morning Tess."

Isabel glared at the girl who had taken Alex's life. She sat there with a chain that was cuffed to her ankle like the dog she was. She took a look around and saw the crystal's were still in place. Larek had given them the crystal's as protection and way to keep Tess in place. She had already tried to escape once and they had found her laying unconscious in the middle of the floor. She was powerless against them, she looked awful. Isabel couldn't help but smile at that. She had huge bags under her eyes, her clothes tattered, her hair flat and greasy looking from not being brushed or washed, pale from not being out in the sun. "Tess." Isabel said coldly.

Tess peered up at them, "Now what?"

"You know the drill Tess." Michael said lifting her up and putting her in the chair that was near the door. Isabel stayed as far back from Tess as possible knowing if she got close she'd kill Tess. "Here." He told her handing Tess some clothes and a brush along with a sandwich.

Tess just looked at it before looking at Michael, "A sandwich? That's it?"

Michael shrugged, "You can either take it and eat it or I can throw it away." Tess glared at him before snatching the things from his hand, Michaell bent down to look her in the eyes, he grabbed the syringe from his back pocket, "You know what this is right?" Tess looked at it before looking away. "You can stop all this if you tell us what we need to know."

"I already told you everything!" Tess screamed at him. "You have the crystal and the book plus the granolith, it's everything you need to know to get back to Antar."

Michael shook his head exchanging looks with Isabel quickly, "That's not what I'm talking about and you know it."

Tess shook her head, "I'm not going to do it. You can forget it!" She spat out.

"Fine have it your way." Michael said before injecting her while she screamed. Throwing the syringe in the trash he looked at her, "You can stop all this Tess..." Tess's head fell back, her eyes rolled back into her head, then she let out a high pitched scream. The pain was excruciating. Her head was on fire it felt like, her arms were burning. She tried to focus but everything was blurry, she couldn't see straight. She knew what was next and started to cry.

"Is that how Alex felt before you killed him?" Isabel asked her venom in her voice. Larek had supplied them with some items from their home planet that they used to torture their enemies with to get information that they needed. Isabel wasn't a violent person, none of them were but they knew Tess wanted them to kill her so that she'd get off easily for killing Alex and not help them save Max and Liz's son. They knew better.

Tess laughed, "Worse." She told Isabel. When Isabel said nothing back Tess continued, "He begged for his life like a little puppy."

Isabel couldn't take it, she back handed her across her face. Tess spit out the blood, "Isabel..." Michael said warning her to back off. Isabel turned away and leaned against the pole of the warehouse.

"Alright Tess..." He told her before injecting her with another syringe. She screamed in agony feeling the hot fluids run through her veins, then she couldn't see at all. All she could feel is blinding pain, no one was really doing anything to her, just felt like needles poking at her. Fire being touched to her skin and burning her, acid being poured down her throat.

Michael turned to look at Isabel, "Is she ever going to break?" She asked him seeing her scream out in pain. "She won't will she..." Michael didn't answer he just turned and looked at Tess as tears leaked out the side of eye's. She couldn't move, she opened her mouth to scream but this time no sound came out. She had to break, no one not even Tess could endure much more of this torture. He thought to himself.

Maria's house

"Vegas?" Maria said over the phone, "Are you kidding?" She listened as the other voice on the phone spoke, tapping her nails on the table, "And how are you planning on pulling this off?" Maria laughed, "Well duh of course we'll go, but what about Tess?" Maria sighed, "Jim's okay with this?" Silence again, "Well no, it's just...okay yeah, Michael should be back soon. He left about a hour ago but with Is...opps." She said realizing her mistake, "Yes Isabel went with him....Max...Max...." She rolled her eyes. "I know Max, but Michael won't let her. We'll see you at the Crashdown in a hour and a half." She told him interrupting his rant, "Max, I'm hanging up now, I have to go pack and call Kyle. MAX!" She yelled, "Why don't you just call or text Iz and tell her yourself!" She said huffing before hanging up on Max. "Geesh..."She said to herself, "You'd think he was some chick the way he rants on." She laughed before heading into the bedroom that she shared with Michael now. Smiling she looked around the room that she had redecorated remembering the way he complained about her turning into some weird Martha Dean or Paula Stewart. She laughed thinking about how he got the names messed up. Heading to the closet she grabbed the suitcase and got to work.


"Sire...you called for me?" Thewoman asked him bowing her head to the man in front of her.

"Where is the child?" He asked.

The woman risked a glance up at him, "Sir, he's sleeping." Trying to stall for time.

"Bring him to me."

"But sir...the baby, he's only a child."

Khivar snapped, "HE IS TO BE SENTECED TO DEATH! BRING HIM IN AT ONCE!" The woman shook in fear she searched her brain for a way to buy more time. It was too soon, Larek, she had to get to Larek first.

"Sire, our servants may have found something last night..." She lied, "A way for our people to accept him, he may be of use to you...they just need more time."

Khivar laugh, "They have 48 hours before the execution of Zan's heir..." The woman nodded before running out the room to warn Larek of the time table. They had to get the baby off Antar tonight.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 7 6/27 Pg. 4

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Max and Liz drove out to the desert in Max's Jeep. Liz had tried to dig it out of him on what the surprise was. Max just smiled at her every time shaking his head and telling her no. Liz stared out the window as the desert scenery passed by her. Max noticed how quiet Liz was and looked over at Liz, she was beautiful, her silky hair was down blowing in the slight breeze that was blowing around her as they drove, he noticed as the sun hit her skin only making her sun-kissed skin seem even more beautiful and smooth, she was wearing a pair of denim daisy dukes with a cute white tank and pair of flip flops. He couldn't help but laugh he was wearing a similar outfit himself, denim shorts, a white T-shirt that hugged his biceps along with a pair of flip flops, Liz noticed. She looked up at Max and smiled, "Max where are we..." She noticed up ahead that Maria's Jetta was parked a few feet ahead of them. "Max what's going on?" She asked him confused.

Max looked at her sheepishly and just smiled before parking the jeep. Liz watched him walk in front of the jeep and over to her side, she took his hand and let him lead her over to the rest of the gang, "Hey chica." Maria said hugging her.

"Maria what's going on?" Liz asked her quietly in her ear as she hugged Maria back. "Why is everyone here?"

Maria pulled back and looked at her confused before looking at Max. "You haven't..." Max walked over to the girl's shaking his head.

"Okay somebody start talking..." Liz demanded getting annoyed now.

Max took Liz's hand pulling her off to the side, Maria stepped back as she flashed Liz a big smile and thumbs up. Liz looked at her like she was crazy, she saw Michael and Isabel even smiling at her and she could have swore Michael was even blushing a little. Kyle just waved, he actually waved. Have they all been abducted? Liz asked herself. "Liz, I know that these last few years knowing me hasn't been easy." Max told her still holding her hand. Liz looked at him and smiled, "But I want you to know that having you in my life is the best choice I ever made. Knowing you has made me human." He told her, he got down on one knee causing Liz to gasp in surprise and shock her free hand flew to cover her mouth, "I know that we are already legally married Liz Parker-Evans, but that night was taken from us." He explained a bit of sadness to her voice, "I want nothing more then to be your husband for the rest of my life, to prove to you that your my soulmate every day, that I love only you." He pulled out a beautiful engagement ring, it was 1ct princess cut diamond that sparkled as the sun hit it. "Will you marry me again?" He asked her seeing her start to cry as he placed the ring on her finger.

"Max...yes..." She cried out in happiness, "Yes Max, I will...I will marry you!" Max smiled as he stood up, taking her in his arms he spun her around as everyone else clapped. Max sat Liz down on the ground and slowly leaned down and placed a soft intimate kiss on her lips. It started out slow but slowly the passion between them began to grow. Liz had her hands in Max's hair a growl low in his throat as he heard her moan his name. Their tongues snaking in and out, Max's hands slowly crept down to her butt only to be pulled out of their haze by someone clearing their throat behind them. Angrily and frustrated Max not letting go of Liz snapped around, "What?!" He growled at Kyle.

Liz giggled into Max's chest, her face flushed, her body still humming from the kiss they had just shared. She looked up to see Kyle with his hands up in defense, "Whoa man, I was just saying don't you think we should get going?"

Liz looked up at Max, "Going?"

Max took a deep breath to calm himself down, he looked back down at Liz, "That's the other part of the surprise." Liz looked at him suspiciously, "I thought we could go to Vegas this weekend."

"Vegas baby!" Michael yelled, "Ow!" He glared at Maria grabbing the back of his head, who had just whacked him upside the head, then glared at Isabel who was snickering behind her hand. "Damn what the hell was that for?" He asked her.

"Because your an idiot!" Maria said rolling her eyes.

Liz laughed, "Vegas? Max..."

"Liz listen, Tess took that from us, our wedding night. I want that back. I want to start over..." Max told her trying to explain, "This could be a new beginning for us Liz..."

"But Max...what about Tess?" She asked trying to be reasonable. How could they start over without their son? She asked herself.

"Jim has Tess under control, besides she can't use her powers any more and she can't escape, if anything happens Jim will call us and we'll be on the first plane back." Max told her. "We need this Liz."

Liz thought a moment, "Max, what about LeAnna?" She was grasping for straws now, not sure if a new beginning was something she wanted without her son. She wanted to start living her life with Max but a new start, it scared her.


1 year ago-

"What did you find?" Kyle asked setting a glass of water down on his desk for Maria. Maria was looking at a slide under the microscope.

Maria sighed, "Liz and Alex were the..." She stopped mid sentence before pushing herself away from the desk frustrated, "As far as I can tell they are human blood cells." She told him before looking back through Alex's files. "But according to this he had a file that kept saying LeAnna isn't LeAnna."

Jim walked in with another box of files from Tess's old room, "What did he mean by that?" Maria and Kyle looked up, "I didn't know if it would be of any help or not, but Tess had this stuff under her bed..."

Maria tried to smile, "Thanks Jim."

Jim nodded sitting on Kyle's bed, "So, what did Alex mean by that?"

"I'm not sure but there's records from her teachers saying that LeAnna would be missing classes for long periods of time and when she came back she seemed very confused." She explained to them before reading on, "Also, friends say that there were times she'd be moody...not herself....act like she didn't even know who she was or who they were...." Maria trailed off thinking to herself, "Oh my god."

"What?" Kyle asked peering over her shoulder trying to see if she had read something surprising. Still no answer, "What is it?" Kyle asked again looking at his dad who just shrugged.

"Think about it Kyle!" Maria said, "When Brody gets possessed by Larek what happens?" She asked him but Kyle didn't know what to say he just looked at her confused, "He doesn't remember anything...nothing and remember that time he was gone for a long period of time and then he showed back up at the cafe and when I asked him where he had gone he just told me he didn't know, only to find out Larek had been using Brody's body."

Then it hit Kyle, "Oh my god, LeAnna, she was..." Maria nodded.

Jim caught on soon after, "But by who? Who is possessing LeAnna?"

End Flashback

"What about her Liz?" Max asked starting to wonder if she wasn't ready to start over. "Liz, what is it? What's wrong? Are you...you not ready to get married?" He was afraid of what her answer would be. She had said yes but did she not mean it?

Liz sighed, "No Max that's not it at all...I want to marry you, I am ready." She explained quickly, "We just haven't found out what LeAnna is hiding yet or who was possessing her."

Max nodded, "I know baby and trust me we will, I promise but right now our hands are tied, there's only so much we can do and right now, this is what we NEED." He told her.

She couldn't help but smile at him, his eyes were peering into hers practically begging her to agree. She loved him and even though they were already married she knew he was right, now was the time to start things over. Things needed to be fixed, only then could she continue with her life. She didn't want her son coming back to a home that was just a shell of one, just a shell of herself and Max. "Let's go." Was all she said.

"Now you can say it." Maria joked with Michael as they all piled into the jeep and jetta to head to the airport.

Michael hesitated a minute, "Vegas here we come...again..." He added laughing with Kyle.


Back on Antar, Khivar tapped his fingers impatiently on the arm of his soon to be throne. The people would have no choice but to accept him as their king. With no heir their was no other king and with Zan not returning to save his heir the people would have to look upon Khivar. The woman spoke non sense explaining something about how Antar still has to accept the child as their leader if Zan were killed. "ENOUGH!" He yelled, "Where is the child?" The two woman exchanged weary looks this didn't go unnoticed by Khivar, standing up he hovered over the woman who were bowed in front of him, "Where is the child?" He asked again in an even tone that sent shivers down their spines.

The woman named Kyla looked up at him and smiled before standing up, "He's gone Khivar."

Khivar came to stand in front of her so that he was mere inches from her, she could feel his hot breath on her face, "And where did he go?"

She smiled, "He's being taken away from here...he was taken last night!" She was met with a blast that sent her flying across the room and before she knew Khivar was in front of her again grabbing her up by her neck. "Your too late, Zan's heir will be sent back to the King and you won't be able to stop it!" She hissed. Khivar smiled at her before snapping her neck.

"You, go fetch my wife now!" He yelled at the woman left bowing in front of the throne, not looking up at him, she nodded before running out of the room quickly to do as she was told, he paced the room for a minute then looked up when the doors opened, "We are returning to Earth." He told the woman who walked in with an evil smile on her face, "You my lover will be queen and I will be King...but first we must destroy our enemies and find Larek my so called trusted advisor."

"Larek?" His wife asked him, "Why?"

Khivar smirked, "He was sent here by Zan to retrieve his son...and he did, he never waivered his loyalty from his king, I should have known better. You were right, Allya." He whispered before blasting the wall in anger causing her to jump.

"We'll seek your revenge, come we must go now before Larek gets to far ahead of us." Allya told her husband calmly leading him out by the hand. Allya had been a good friend to Larek long ago, but after the ship was sent down to Earth, Allya had felt that Khivar would be better ruling Antar then some half human hybrid. She had switched sides and convienced Khivar that Larek was worth keeping around. Larek of course played the role rather well knowing this would be the only way to keep tracks on Khivar and help the royal family but Allya had soon found out too late that Larek was making private trips to Earth to run the royal's. Khivar refused to believe Allya saying that Larek wouldn't do such a thing to his leader, Larek was his trusted advisor and believed Larek was truly on his side. He was wrong and now he had managed to sneak away with Zan's heir. It was time to go back to Earth and destroy the royal family and the heir to cover any loose ends. Allya smiled, she hated being stuck in some pathetic human's body but LeAnna's form worked rather well thanks to Ava. Come to think of it, she hadn't heard from Ava at all the past few months she would have to look into that when she go to Earth. Of course Khivar would possess a human body that belonged to quite a fine specimen named Kevin. She smiled at Khivar before they shared a passionate kiss and walked into the chamber that held the ship.

"Just you wait Zan, you'll pay for taking what's rightfully mine." Khivar whispered to himself angrily.


The gang stepped off the plane and walked to grab their luggage. If anyone looked at them they would say they were a bunch of happy normal teenagers on vacation for the week. "Alright gang! Let's get to the hotel shall we!" Maria said excited grabbing her bag from baggage claim. Michael rolled his eyes and walked outside to grab some taxi's.

"Nope..." Isabel said shaking her head grabbing Liz's hand and pulling her from Max's grasp. "You two don't get to see each other before your wedding!" Isabel teased them.

Max groaned, "Iz...."

"Isabel's right man." Kyle told Max shaking a finger in his face, "Follow tradition!"

"Kyle get your finger out of my face..." Max threatened. Kyle looked at his finger and quickly hid it behind his back.

Liz laughed, "It's okay Max, they're right, we'll see each other tonight."

"But Liz..."

Maria stepped in front of Liz and looked at Michael, "Max I'm sorry but no smooching, no peeking, and no whinning!" Maria threatened him, "We don't want any more bad luck following us around now do we?"


Maria interrupted him agian, "Ah..." Waving Michael over, "Michael take him!" Liz looked at Max pouting playfully at him before blowing him a kiss and having Isabel and Maria shove her into the cab, she saw Max being pushed into the other cab by Kyle and Michael before they drove off in seperate directions, "Alright Lizzie, let's get you a dress!" Maria exclaimed clapping her hands together. Isabel laughed as Liz just shook her head, "Dude, get us to the best bridal shops in town." She barked to the cabbie.

Meanwhile back in Roswell, Larek ran down the dark alley leaning up against the wall to catch his breath. He knew he didn't have much time, Khivar had already sent men down to track him and the baby down. Looking down at the baby, he took off running when he heard a noise. He had went to not only the house Max and Liz shared, Michael and Maria's, Isabel's apartment, Valenti's and to the Sheriff station to only realize to many people were there to expose himself so he headed to the UFO Center, to Max's human parents house and now he was at the Crashdown trying to track them down. He hid behind the dumpster seeing Jeff and Nancy Parker walk out, "I don't know Nancy. Max called and said that he and Liz needed some time away." Jeff told his wife as he took the trash out. Larek listened carefully, "I'm sure everything's fine." Jeff said trying to comfort his wife.

"Well when did they leave? Why didn't Liz call me?" Nancy asked hurt.

"Today." Noticing the disappointed look in his wife's eyes he chuckled, "Honey, I think Max had wanted to surprise Liz. I think he was planning on proposing today...you knew that Max came to us a month ago to talk to ask us for our blessing to marry Liz...he wanted to surprise her today that's all." Walking Nancy back in he continued to speak, "I'm sure Liz is fine and will call you later with all the details, they probably just went to celebrate honey with their friends, don't worry. Max said they'd only be gone for the week."

Nancy sighed, "You don't think they are eloping do you?" She asked, Jeff laughed as the door shut behind them.

Larek saw someone jump out their car and run into the cafe he quickly jumped in the car setting the baby on passenger floor careful not to wake him before driving off, he saw in the rearview mirror the man yelling for him to stop but he just pushed his foot down on the gas and sped off in the night, "Don't worry little guy, we'll get you back to your parents..." Larek whispered out of breath to the sleeping baby.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 8 6/27 Pg. 4

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A/N: I'm sorry for not posting this sooner, I was busy moving and working and then I got sick, bummer...but here's the next part.

Ch. 9

Max patiently waited on the bed waiting for Liz in their 'honeymoon suite'. He heard Liz moving around in the bathroom, he couldn't help the smile that came across his face. He had immediately attacked her once they got they opened the door but Liz had insisted that she get freshened up first. With much reluctance Max agreed and watched her disappear into the bathroom, that was about 20 minutes ago. The wedding had gone off without a hitch. It was like a dream come true. Sure they were already legally married and living together but Max knew that their dream wedding had been taken from them by Tess. They remembered them getting married but now thanks to Tess, it had taken them so long to have that memory back and Max had wanted them to renew their vows. Give Liz a wedding they'd never forget.


Liz slowly walked down the aisle towards Max with a smile on her face. She saw Michael and Kyle standing as groomsmen for Max and Maria and Isabel for bridesmaids for her. It wasn't anything fancy, she had wanted it to be simple just like when they had married last year. She was so grateful to finally have that memory back. She would always cherish it but now she would cherish new memories too. Liz had chose a simple but elegant dress, that was a spaghetti strapped with little crystals on a chiffon overlay that Isabel had personally done as her own little touch and had a corset back and a sweep train. She couldn't tear her eyes of Max though, he was wearing black slacks with a white button down shirt and black dress coat, perfect was all she thought.

Liz finally reached Max and placed her hand in his. She shivered at the first touch of his hand before smiling up at him. They turned to face the minister but still were in their own little world but listened as the minister spoke, "Friends and relatives, we have come here today to share in the joy of renewing the vows of Max Evans and Liz Evans on this beautiful evening. This outward celebration that we see and hear is an expression of the love and devotion they have in their hearts toward one another." The minister looked at Max and Liz before gesturing to have the two face each other, "The two of them have decided to write their own vows, Max..."

Max took a nervous breath inward, not once taking his eyes of Liz he began to speak, "Liz Evans, I promise to take you as not just my partner but as my best friend, loving what I know of you already, and trusting what I do not yet know. I look forward to the chance to get to grow together, getting to know the woman) you will become, and falling in love a little more every day. I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you and only you. I love you." He finished seeing tears run down her face as he placed the wedding band on her hand.

Liz could hear Maria and Isabel crying behind her and she could feel the tears fall down her own cheeks, not bothering to wipe them away she looked at Max and smiled again showing him it was tears of joy, before speaking her own vows, "Max I take you to be husband, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love for the rest of our lives. I promise to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow." She emphasized to him, "I promise to love you unconditionally, to stand by you no matter what life may throw at us, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you. You Max are my soul mate, the love of my life. I love you always and forever." She finished placing his band on his finger.

Max and Liz smiled at each other hearing briefly what the minister was saying all the Max needed to hear was, "I now pronounce you man and wife...again." He joked, "You may kis..." He didn't get to finish the sentence. Max could hear his friends clapping for them as kissed Liz. His lips slightly brushed against hers as if asking for permission. Liz felt the swipe of his tongue against hers and couldn't help the moan that escaped her, he framed her face in his hands as she snaked her hands around his neck. Finally feeling the need for air they broke apart both of them breathing heavily and panting.

They turned and hugged their friends before they walked out of the chapel together. The next stop was their reception and then the honeymoon, Max thought to himself, it was working out perfectly.

For the reception, they had opted for an intimate dinner with their friends, their family. They were all sitting around a round table waiting for their food. The guys were laughing and joking, while Isabel and Maria were talking about their dream wedding. Liz had excused herself to use the restroom. She was freshening up her make-up and couldn't hide the smile on her face. As she applied the last bit of her lip gloss she heard a small noise behind her, "Hello?" She called out to no one. Shrugging her shoulders she zipped up her hand bag before heading towards the door. Just as she reached her hand for the door, she heard the noise again, she stopped mid-step before she had a chance to turn around darkness consumed her. The woman stood over her smiling.

End Flashback

Max heard the bathroom door open, he quickly sat up, he swallowed past the lump in his throat drinking in the sight that stood before him, there Liz stood nervously in a white lace negligee. She slowly took steps towards the bed where Max sat, clearing her throat before she spoke she took a chance look up at Max, "Um...I didn't...I hope you..."

"You look beautiful baby." Max said quickly standing up to walk towards her. Once he reached his destination he took her in his arms, "Absolutely gorgeous."

Liz smiled at him, "Really?" Max nodded, "Why don't you show me just how beautiful I am..." Liz teased him. Max smiled at her. He picked her up and walked her towards the bed before laying her down. Leaning up on his forearms so not to crush her he slowly leaned down to kiss her, just before he leaned down the door slammed open causing both of them to jump up startled, Max placing Liz behind him and took his stand ready to fight whoever came in.

Meanwhile, just a few miles outside of Vegas, Liz slowly started to wake up, shaking her head to clear fog that was trying to consume her, she soon realized she couldn't move, her hands were bound behind her and legs tied to the legs of the chair. She tried to scream but to no use, she was gagged. She heard a door creak behind her, then a voice, "Sorry my dear for such the uncomfortable bounds but it was necessary." The deep voice explained causing a chill to run down her spine. He placed a hand on both her shoulders, she tried to shake them off but to no avail, "Don't worry, I don't want to harm you, in fact, you look like you'd be a bit fun." He chuckled evilly, "But I'm a taken man...if that's what you want to call me." He added before walking around the chair to look Liz in the eyes before leaning down. He raised a hand to stroke her cheek but she shrugged it off. "Don't worry, my lover is quite persuasive, and very soon she should have your Max in bed and she should be pregnant with the next heir within the hour." He told her causing Liz's eyes to grow wide. He just smiled before getting up to walk away. Once the door closed Liz fought against the bounds the tied her to the chair. This couldn't be happening, she thought to herself. Max would know it wasn't her, wouldn't he?

"Max!" Larek breathed heavily putting his hands up in defense.

Max put his hand down taking a step towards Larek, "Larek, what...what are you doing here?"

Liz looked at Larek cautiously, Larek and Liz exchanged looks, "I have good news for you, Max but first we need to get to Liz before its too late." Larek explained carefully not once taking her eyes off the girl who stood behind Max.

"What are you talking about? Liz is fine." Max told him confused not understanding he looked at Liz then back at Larek, "We've been trying to contact you...are you okay?" Max asked Larek.

Larek ignored him, "Where's Khivar?" He asked the impostor taking behind refuge behind Max. Max took a step forward, "Max, that's not Liz...."

"What?" Max said aloud even more confused now. "Of course she is."

Larek shook his head, "No she is Khivar's mate. They came here themselves to stop me. I have your son." Immediately Max looked at Larek, as if knowing exactly what Max was thinking he spoke, "He's safe...on Earth." Larek explained not letting his guard down. He raised his hand ready to attack.

"Earth?" Max asked out loud. Larek nodded, "He's okay." Larek nodded again, but still kept his eyes trained on the impostor. Max was standing directly in the middle of them. Looking at Liz he waited for a reaction about the news Larek had just delivered, but it never came. It hit Max like a ton of bricks, it wasn't his Liz, Larek was right. "Liz..." He whispered almost begging her to tell him it really was her.

Liz showed no emotion she glared at Larek then at Max before laughing, "You are such a pathetic human." She said before waving her hand and throwing both Larek and Max against the wall. She looked at Max who was trying to catch his breath, "I told Khivar this plan of his would never work..." She said before snapping her fingers, the image of Liz faded and now stood in front of them Allya.

"Allya...I should have known." Larek said struggling to stand up.

Allya laughed, "Larek, my husbands trusted advisor, I tried to tell him you'd never betray Zan." She said cutting her eye at him, "And you fooled him, where is the heir."

Max was now on his feet, he raised his hand and blasted her against the wall, trying to ignore the fact their was an innocent girl in the body Allya was possessing. He recognized her instantly it was LeAnna, "Where's Liz?" He hissed walking towards her with determination.

"It's too late...Khivar has her and if I don't show up in the next 2 hours pregnant with your child, the next heir to the throne, she's as good as dead." Allya said trying to fight against the invisibly force against her throat.

"And what's to stop me from killing you here and now." Max challenged her, "Where's my wife?!" He yelled at her causing her to flinch.

At that point, Michael, Kyle, Isabel and Maria rushed into the room. They all saw Max with his hand raised up and LeAnna up against the wall and then Larek standing sluggish off to the side poised ready to attack though. "What the hell?" Michael yelled out.

"Where's Liz?" Maria immediately asked surveying the room noticing she wasn't there. Instantly panic sunk in, "Oh my god..." She said gasping one hand flying to cover her mouth.

Isabel and Michael rushed over to Max and Larek. Michael helped Larek to a chair while Isabel took her spot next to Max, "Max..." She said placing a hand on her shoulder.

Max kept his stance and not releasing his hold on LeAnna, he looked at Isabel, "We have to find her." Isabel nodded, "We have to Iz..."

"We will Max, I promise. You have to let her go though." Isabel said gesturing towards LeAnna, "It's the only way, she won't be any use to us if she's dead."

Max released LeAnna instantly realizing Isabel was right. Isabel rushed over to LeAnna quickly and grabbed her arm, "Don't even think about trying anything funny." She warned the girl, LeAnna just glared at her as she gasped for a breath. "Where's Liz?" Isabel asked her as she threw into a chair binding her arms down.

LeAnna just smiled, "She asked you a question bitch!" Maria said wanting to know her best friend was safe. Max saw Isabel, Michael and even Maria trying to interrogate LeAnna or Allya in other words. Taking this chance he walked over to Larek.

"Where's my son?" He asked Larek who was drinking a glass of water Kyle had gotten him.

"What do you mean, he's here?" Kyle asked confused. Maria chose that moment to walk over to the three of them hearing what Max had asked Larek.

Maria hopefully looked at Larek, "Liz and Max's son...you found him?" Larek nodded. "Where is he then? Here on Earth?" Asking yet another set of questions.

"Maria let him speak." Kyle tried calming her.

Larek smiled thanking Kyle who just shrugged, "He's safe. He's here on Earth, but we need to find Liz first and

destroy Khivar and Allya, otherwise they'll come after your son again if we don't." He warned them. "She knows where Khivar is, and where ever Khivar is Liz is sure to be."

"Okay, any suggestions then on how we find him?" Kyle asked him a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Kyle." Max said as if warning him.

Larek shook his head, "You may not like what I have to offer...."

"What is it?" Max asked him.

"Tess....we need Tess's help." Was all Larek said causing all of them to exchange looks in confusion.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: When Reality Sets In (AU,CC,M/L,ADULT) Ch. 9 7/17 Pg. 5

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A/N: Okay so I know you all seemed upset with the fact Max couldn't tell the difference between an alien and a human...and also about Tess needed for help. But I decided to change the story about. I was reading some old fan fiction stories and decided to go a different route,

Ch. 10-

Valenti kept glancing in his rear-view mirror looking at Tess who was just staring out the window as they drove down the highway. Tess could feel his eyes on her but wasn't sure what to say. She was shocked to have seen him show up at the factory and untie her. He had led her to the cruiser without so much as a word to her. She had wanted to try to use her powers to try and make an escape but had stopped herself from hurting Jim. Truth be told, she had honestly thought of him as her father. She never had a real father, Nasedo raised her sure, she thought to herself but he was a killer and only told her she was here for one reason. Never made her feel like she was important for anything maybe that's why she turned out the way she did, maybe if she had been raised like Max, Isabel and Michael had she'd be more...human. She sighed thinking of the thought, she wasn't sure if she should throw up or start crying. Either way she was starting to become a little bit too much of a human. Huffing she couldn't the silence any more, "You obviously have something to say, so why don't you just say it already?" She snapped not meaning to.

Jim tightened his grip on the steering wheel clenching his jaw, "Are you really going to do what's right here Tess?" He asked her trying to stay calm. Inside he was nervous as hell. Max had called him and told him he needed bring Tess to Vegas immediately to help save Liz. He wasn't sure what Tess was capable of but Max had assured him her powers wouldn't work on him and she would be powerless until Max and Larek gave her her powers back.

Tess smirked, "I don't have much of a choice, now do I?"

"Tess, I know there has to be something good inside of you...the entire time you lived with Kyle and I, I know that you weren't just putting on an act that entire time." He prayed hoping he was right, "Please Tess tell me I'm right." He pleaded with her. Tess wouldn't look at him, shaking his head in disbelief, "You were like a daughter to me Tess. I loved you like I loved Kyle. Can you honestly sit there and tell me that you didn't care for us?"

Tess felt a tear fall down her cheek at his words. She had, she had cared dearly for them and would have protected them from any danger that threatened them, but she had to do what she knew was right...or was it that she had made an awful mistake, was it possible to fix the mess she had gotten herself into. She had plenty of time lately to ponder her choices, she wasn't proud of them but it was a snowball effect. Once she got in too deep she couldn't dig herself out and now here she was, powerless, stuck on Earth, with Khivar wanting to kill her too, so what is she to do now? She asked herself. Finally she looked up and caught Jim's eye, "Where are we going?" She chose to play it safe.

Jim's eyes went back to the road, "Vegas."

Tess looked surprised and confused, "Vegas? But why?"

"Max called...all he said was to get you and bring you to Vegas."

"They all went to Vegas?" She asked softly.

Jim could hear the hurt in her voice but ignored it, "Yes, they went to Vegas Tess. The question is, are you going to finally do something right, and start trying to make up for your mistakes and help Max and the others?" He asked her forcefully.

Tess looked out the window and thought for minute before turning to look back at Jim, "Why should I Jim? What good would it do?" She questioned him not giving him time to answer, "They'll never forgive me, what I did..." She stopped mid sentence carefully choosing her words, "It was unforgivable." She admitted.

He couldn't disagree, he knew what she was saying was right, "I won't lie to you Tess...It won't be easy, you betrayed their trust, but do you honestly want it back?" Tess could only nod, "Then this is your chance to prove to them you do truly have a heart. Help them..."

"Could you ever..." She began asking him.

"I don't know Tess...I really don't." Was all he said causing Tess to look back out the car window. "But today would be a good start to show EVERYONE you do want that...forgiveness that is." Smiling at her, he continued to speak, "And if you do then I can promise you one thing...that I'll do everything I can to forgive you."

Tess turned and looked at him and smiled, "Thank you Jim." Pausing a moment the next words out of her mouth were barely above a whisper but Jim heard it loud and clear, "I'm sorry...for everything."

Back in Vegas, Larek, Max, Michael, Maria, Kyle,and Isabel sat outside the warehouse that Larek had told him he had tracked Khivar to. Allya laid in the back of the SUV they had rented knocked unconscious by Larek's gift he had brought with him to block her powers. Isabel sat in back with her in case she had woke up but luckily she was knocked out cold. "So she's in there?" Max asked Larek not taking his eyes off the warehouse.

"Khivar's in there, and if Khivar is in there then so is Liz." He explained.

Max nodded, he was kicking himself for not realizing sooner that something was off with Liz. The way she had wanted to rush back from the reception and not celebrate with their friends should have been his first clue. The second clue should have been the fact that he didn't feel the connection they had shared when he kissed her before she rushed into the bathroom. All he could think about now was getting to Liz before Khivar tried anything funny. He knew that Khivar wanted to punish Max and would go to great extremes to do it, but now all they could do was wait for Jim and Tess. Tess had the power to mind wrap and they needed that to help get passed Khivar and get Liz safely out. Their was no way to win a battle against him without Tess and Max knew that. He could only pray that Tess wouldn't stab them in the back but right now he wasn't so sure what to expect.

"Alright, so what's the plan?" Kyle asked snapping Max out his thoughts.

Max looked behind him to where Kyle and Michael were waiting for an answer, Maria was biting her nails nervously and Isabel was trying to focus on a picture of Liz to dream-walk her but hadn't been able to succeed yet, she had been trying since they left the hotel to tell Liz to hang in as long as she could but they had assumed Khivar was blocking her out of Liz's mind. "Jim and Tess should be here any minute." He started to explain.

"Tess?" Maria said aloud. "Why? Why would you have him bring her here?" She gritted out angrily.

"Without her Maria, we won't stand a chance." Michael told her trying to calm his girlfriend down.

"As I was saying, once they get here, Maria..." Max said turning his attention to her and Kyle, "You and Kyle wait with Jim, while Michael, Isabel, Tess, Larek and I go in and get Liz. Larek will get Liz out and the five of you go back to the hotel. The rest of us will meet you there." He explained seeing headlights pull up behind them.

"What are you guys going to do?" Kyle began to ask him but when he caught his look Kyle knew the answer.

Kyle and Maria hoped out of the SUV and walked over to Jim's cruiser. Kyle walked over to let Tess out, "You
better not screw us over again Tess." He threatened her.

Tess nodded, "I won't Kyle. I promise..." She swore and at those words Kyle almost believed her but huffed in disgust before climbing into the backseat of his dad's police cruiser.

"You better Tess because alien powers or not, I swear we won't have to call the FBI because I will disect you myself." Maria hissed in her face.

"Maria, I know your angry with me and you have every right to be but...I want to tell you that I am..." Tess started to say but was met with a slap to her cheek. Shocked she held her cheek.

Maria pointed a finger in her face, "Don't. Even. Say. It." She bit out holding back her anger before yanking open the passenger door and getting into the cruise.

"Tess." Max said causing Tess to turn around still touching her cheek that Maria had just slapped.

Tess shook her head promising herself she wouldn't cry, "I'm here Max now lets get this done and give Khivar what he deserves." Was all she said before leading the way into the warehouse. Michael, Max and Isabel exchanged wary looks not quite sure if to believe she was truly going to help them. Could they? They looked at Larek who just gestured for them to lead the way. Max started walking behind Tess soon followed by the other three.

Inside the warehouse, Khivar was growing agitated. He couldn't reach Allya and wasn't sure why. Slamming the door behind him as he stalked over towards Liz. "They're coming for you aren't they?" He more then stated instead of asking her.

Liz just smirked, "Max is going to kill you."

Khivar just laughed causing Liz to frown, "Oh, I'm sure he's going to try my dear...but trust me he will have to wait for that, especially if either of you want to know what happened to your son." He jabbed at her causing Liz to gasp, "That's right, I held your son as well as did my wife. Do you want to hear how he cried when we excuted him for being human?"

"NO!!!!" Liz cried out feeling her heart break, it couldn't be true. Her son was alive. "Zander..." She cried.

"Your son was nothing but a pathetic human...just like his whore of a mother!" Khivar said before placing his hands on either side of her face burning a memory of her son crying out in pain. Liz started screaming and crying out his name. "Now you know exactly how he felt when took his last breath..." Khivar whispered into her ear.

"I'll kill you...I'll kill you!" Liz growled out fighting against her restraints.

Khivar just stood up laughing when he heard the door open causing him to look up, "Allya?" He whispered to himself but Liz heard him. Khivar rushed over to her quickly leaving Liz to cry out in agony. "Are you okay my lover?" He asked her.

Allya nodded, "Come my love, we need to speak..." She urged him as she led them out of the room.

Liz continued to sob, hanging her head down in complete despair, only to look up again when she heard her name, "Liz...god, its okay, I'm here." She heard Max say to her as he worked on trying to untie her from the chair.

"Your not real." Was all she said. "Nothing is real any more, he killed my baby..." She murmured.

Max shook his head framing her face between his hands making her look him the in eyes, "Liz! NO! Listen to me. Zander is okay, Larek saved him, I don't have much time to explain but you have to trust me." He quickly told her. Liz looked at him a moment hesitating, "Please Liz...trust me, I love you..." He said before placing a quick but intimate kiss against her lips. Pulling away he felt Liz sag against him, "Larek get her out here." He ordered him.

Larek nodded placing an arm under her knees and picking her up swiftly before giving one last look at the four of them, "Good luck." He wished them before running out the room with Liz.

Max watched until they were out of eye sight, "You ready Maxwell?" Max looked at Michael before nodding, "Isabel! Tess! Now!" Michael yelled. Tess quickly broke the mind wrap and heard Khivar yell out in anger realizing the Allya he was talking to was a mind wrap. Running over to take her stand next to Isabel, Max and Michael they raised their hands up ready to fight.

Khivar blasted through the door and came face to face with the four of them, he looked around the room for Liz but to no avail realized she had already been saved, "Well, well...what do we have here." He tisked out teasing the four of them.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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