Well Look Who's Back! (M/L TEEN) epilogue 5/29/11

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Well Look Who's Back! (M/L TEEN) epilogue 5/29/11

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Genre: A/U w/Aliens CC

I have absolutely nothing to do with the show Roswell nor any of it's constituents. I have borrowed the name of the characters simply because I like them.


Summary: Isabelle and Michael are the only two that stayed on earth, Max and Tess left ten years ago…there was never a search for Max’s son nor any incarceration in Utah for armed robbery but Max did know about Cal Langley. The Special Unit had been disbanded with the help of Philip Evans and Jesse Ramirez and also Charles Whitman with the help of his ties to the Federal Government. Had it not been for the Special Unit his son might still be alive.

Max has just returned to Earth via the Granolith, battle scarred and weary. It’s now 2010 and a lot has happened since he took off with Tess 9 years ago. Liz is now a Doctor of Microbiology, Maria is a famous recording artist living in N.Y…Jesse and Isabelle live in Boston and Isabelle has her own interior design company. Michael is Maria’s manager and they have an on again off again romance going as always. What happens when Max comes back to Earth looking for a cure for an unidentifiable virus running rampant on his planet. Will Liz care enough for the Antarians to help or will she ignore the man totally.

A/N Okay everyone, this is my very first attempt at a sci-fi fic and I like fluffy stuff so I hope this works. I can’t promise that this won’t be fluffy, no matter how hard I try to make bad things happen they don’t…my mind just won’t let it happen so here’s my best shot. It’s kinda’ like my husband described me to one of his cronies once…you give Ginger horse shit and she’ll plant tomatoes. That’s me guys…



The cave wall opened as it always had and Max stepped out into the desert sunlight looking exactly like the person he was, someone from outer space. His hair was long, touching his shoulders and pulled back with a tie, same as you would do for a little girl in kindergarten. He sorely needed a shave and the scar running down the left side of his cheek was evidence of his many battles, he chose not to heal it with his powers. He felt he didn’t deserve to be healed though God knows why.

He surveyed the landscape, breathing in the almost lost memory of how dry it could be in this part of the universe. It had been a long time. He slowly turned and made his way back into the cave and decided to rest before setting out on foot to make his way to Roswell. He wondered if there was any feed back from their entry, had they caused any disturbances to any equipment? He needed to do this one last thing, he had to find the answer for this horrendous disease and then he could walk away from it all. He had done all he could for the inhabitants of Antar and it was time to lead his own life and make one for his son. He didn’t even know who he would go to for help but it had to be here somewhere he thought as he tried to sleep, he held his son close, as much for his own comfort as for the eight year old boy. The scientist lying next to them had her own concerns…all three of them were all worn out from the long journey, a journey home for Max.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) Prologue 4/6/11

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Extingman: Thank you for your kind thoughts and I hope I don’t disappoint you with this one. No, Liz is not with anyone… :)

Carolyn: SURPRISE!!! I made this banner a long time ago and decided to add a story to it. I’ve given it my best shot. As you know, I don’t like to post stories until they are complete so, if you have a question that I don’t answer I’ll try to. But let’s give the story a chance first. :D

Eve: Yeah, it’s true about the tomatoes…best garden I ever had. As for the mysterious lady, she has a name in this chapter…and you’re on the right page! :)

XAF RU208: So glad to hear from you and here’s a little hint…if you log back on you will see that what you posted is there nine times out of ten.

Cardinal: So nice to see you and thank you. As for your questions about Max’s life, I think I explain what he’s done without going into a whole lot of detail. As I’ve said before, the minute I start writing angsty “Stuff” I need Mylanta and that just won’t do. So it’s fluff as usual. :D LOL

Chapter 1:


(Words in Italics are private thoughts)

“No Dr. Harvik, I haven’t been able to identify the parasite just yet…but I feel that I’m closer than I have been in what seems like forever. I have isolated it to one of three possibilities and I should have an answer for you soon, I hope. The remainder of the tests are going very well and the cultures are all progressing. Was there anything else you needed?”

“Liz, how many times have I told you to call me John.”

“It’s alright Dr. Harvik, I don’t mind being professional. It keeps the men separated from the boys so to speak.”

I love this job but I sure as hell wish this man would get a serious disease and leave me alone.

“Well, as you wish Liz. Are you planning on working this evening? I could have some dinner sent in for us.”

“No Dr. Harvik…I have other plans this evening. These cultures will grow quite nicely without me but thank you anyway.”

Oh you miserable dirt bag…I could have had this stage of the job completed a week ago if you would just leave me alone.

“Oh, are you planning on having a fun evening then?”

“Well, I hope it’s fun.”

I’m doing laundry you bastard.

“Well, if that’s what you’re looking for I hope you find it.”

“Thank you.”

I have a good notion to zap you into another world, that’s what would be fun.

After the prick left the lab Liz set her petrie dishes carefully into the refrigerator with their labels clearly visible and gently closed the door, she wanted the cultures to slow down while she was gone…she’d worked too hard on these tests to lose her data now, not over some horny old ass hole who belonged in a cage with apes.

“Good night Dr. Harvik…I’ll see you in the morning, tell your wife hello for me.”

“I’ll do that Liz…good night.” What makes her think I have a wife?


Liz left the lab walking as fast as she could without breaking into a dead run. She couldn’t get away from that man fast enough. Little did she know that the security camera’s were on her at all times and Charly, the night guard, had strict orders to keep an eye on the young doctor.

Too many of the labs good female researchers had quit without giving any reason whatsoever but the CEO had a pretty good idea why. Harvik! But Harvik had a very good contract with the company and they needed just cause before they could fire him. None of the previous young women would give them any reason except that they had found a better job. George, the CEO, was very proud of the packages they gave their employees and he couldn’t imagine any other company offering anything better so that left Harvik. He could transfer the man but that would not eliminate the problem it would only move it elsewhere so they needed more information and they wanted to get rid of him. Maybe Dr. Parker would be their answer. She didn’t seem to be afraid of the man, just cautious. She was too good at her job to lose her and if they got rid of Harvik they would promote her into his position. ‘Just hang in there for us Dr. Parker’ George thought to himself.



“Michael, are you in there?”

Maria had just come into the office that Michael used to manage her career. It became too difficult a task for just one person to handle about six years ago and now Michael had a secretary that did most of the grunt work while he set up meetings, tours and recording sessions…keeping it all straight on a huge dry erase hidden behind a pair of closet doors in his office. Maria nodded to the girl at the desk, she never really did have time to remember these people’s names. They didn’t stay long enough to bother. (Had she made an effort to know them they might.)

“I’m in the back office Maria, what do you need? I’m kinda busy here.”

“I’m going to call Liz tonight and see if she can spare us some time when we’re in Dallas, do you want to join me for some dinner and convo?”

“What time Maria? I have plans for later.”

Shit!!! The self made diva thought to herself.

“I don’t know, what time can you make it?” Maria didn’t want to hear that news from Michael at all.

“How about 6:00. I can be finished here by 4:00 and home by 4:30. I guess I can be at your place by 6:00. Is that too early?”

“No Michael, 6:00 is good. Chinese okay?”

“Chinese is great Maria…why don’t you throw in one of your mom’s Coconut Pies?”

“Well, if I leave now I guess I could make one…are you sure you want coconut?”

And Michael walked out of the back room with a stack of folders just as she finished her question…

“Does a bear shit in the woods Maria? Yeah…I want coconut…see you at 6:00 then.”

“Okay, later Michael.” And Maria picked up her bag and headed out. It would take a good hour to bake a coconut pie from scratch and she needed eggs and cream if she was going to do that.

Liz should be at lunch by now so I’ll just give her a quick call and tell her that Michael and I will be calling her at about 6:00 her time…that will be about 7:00 our time or maybe a little earlier. This time difference could really mess up a person’s plans but… it would be a little easier if Michael wasn’t planning on leaving so soon. Oh well, they would work it out…she really did want to see Liz.



Well, I guess I shouldn’t have said that to her but I’m not in the mood for her roller coaster this week. We need to move on, but if she’s calling Liz then I’ll go over for that. We haven’t seen her in quite awhile now and it would be nice to hook up.



“Jesse, I’m home love. Are you in your office.”

About that time Jesse came through the doorway leading to the kitchen to greet his wife. He paused and took in her appearance before speaking, after all these years she still made his heart pump faster…

“Right here Isabelle…need any help?” And he smiled.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you…no, I’m good.” And Isabelle smiled at her husband before she gave him a peck on the lips and then she set her packages down on a hall table.

“How was your day Jesse?” …Isabelle was totally sincere when asking her husband about his day, it was important to her that he was happy with life.

“Yeah, I did…how about you?” And Jesse grabbed his wife’s hand and headed to the couch in the living room.

“Oh it was wonderful. You know that truly snooty neighborhood that we’ve always kidded about moving into some day?” Isabelle asked as she kicked off her shoes and situated her feet under her.

“Yeah, what about it?” Jesse asked as he turned toward his wife in earnest now…what was she up to?

“Well, I got a job there today. Jesse, this place has to be 20,000 square feet if it’s an inch. They want to redo the living and dining rooms and they are having the kitchen redone also, but someone else is doing that. I swear Jesse, even if we could afford it I don’t think I would want to live there…it’s just too big and impersonal. I don’t believe there is anything we could do to make it less impersonal unless we closed off half of it and rented it out.” All Jesse could think of now was ‘thank God!’.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way Isabelle because I don’t think I would want to live like that either. Although I do hope that we can expand our family someday and maybe need a few more bedrooms. That would be nice, but 20,000 square feet…huh uh.”

“Yes, it would…and speaking of family expansion, just how soon would you like this to take place.” Isabelle had been thinking about this for quite awhile now and was a little skeptical about broaching the subject. They really weren’t quite sure about the alien/human compatibility situation.

“Are you trying to tell me something Isabelle?”

“Yeah, I am. I talked to Liz today and she said that Kyle and Ava are compatible and she is certain that there is no reason why we aren’t. She also said that, if I was afraid that I should make a trip to Texas, stay with her for a couple of weeks and she would run some tests…but she truly doesn’t believe it’s necessary. She said she could contact her friend at the FBI and see if any of their files had been preserved after they shut down the special unit if I wanted her to. I told her NO! Absolutely not! Please let sleeping dogs lie and she giggled in Liz fashion and said okay. What do you think?”

“If that’s what you would be comfortable with then do it Isabelle but I think Liz is right. I don’t believe there is any reason not to have a family. Of course we might have to keep our children under close scrutiny until they are old enough to realize they can’t go around waving their little hands over things because they want mayonnaise instead of ketchup. It was one of the promises to the government when they found out who you were you know. The less people that know about you the better…no sense in stirring up the natives.”

“You’re right Jesse…I don’t want our children to be a curiosity to people either. I sometime have nightmares about the whole thing though. It’s like they’re saving us as some secret weapon or something although I feel comfortable with my life I don’t feel completely secure.” Isabelle had never gotten over the special unit and what they did to Max.

“Oh Isabelle, you know you shouldn’t feel that way.”

Isabelle took a deep breath and thought about it …

“I know. I just wish Max would have let Tess take off in that contraption herself ten years ago. God knows what he encountered when he got back to Antar. I miss him Jesse.” And Isabelle had a tough time controlling her emotions for a minute or two.

“I know you do Isabelle, I know you do. And think of how much your mother and dad miss him as well. The shock was absolutely heart breaking for them, especially your mother. She still can’t understand why you couldn’t have trusted her with your background once you found out about yourselves. Your father could have been a great ally Isabelle.”

Jesse couldn’t figure out why the kids hadn’t confided in their parents either…it was all a big puzzle to him but then again he wasn’t in their shoes either.

“I know that now Jesse but Michael and Max were terrified and we were just kids. We had no idea what we were all about and truly, the only thing we really knew is what Nasedo and Tess told us and I don’t think that information was worth the powder to blow it to hell.”

Jesse wrinkled his brow for a second before answering his wife…

“I know, I know. Come on…I’ve got dinner almost ready and then you can take a nice long bath while I set up the DVD player. It’s a Ramirez night in.” And Jesse kissed Isabelle on the cheek and headed back to his duties in the kitchen.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch. 2 4/16/11

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Carolyn: Yes, Harvik is a real creep and it’s a shame that some of us have had to deal with those types of creeps in real life. EWWW!!! Shiver and shake it off! Glad you like the story so far. I’m so hoping I don’t disappoint. I have some fb from some truly great critics and now I’m apprehensive about this. :?

Cardinal: Yeah, Kyle and Ava, I always thought she was a real sweetheart and I am surprised they never brought her character back. But, there’s a lot about the show that surprised me. As for the “special unit”, since this is fluff I thought it would be a good idea to just eliminate them from my fic. all together. :D

cjeb: Thank you so much for reading…I hope I don’t disappoint you. :wink:

Welcome to my fic and I’m not sure about a little Ramirez yet but they are thinking about it. Liz is just what Max needs, let’s see how they do. :wink:

Chapter: 2

When Liz arrived at her nice four bedroom home in the suburbs she smiled to herself as she thought of the tiny apartment above the Crashdown Café that she grew up in with her parents. This almost bordered on the ridiculous she thought to herself. All of this room for one person but she could afford it, it was a good investment and she enjoyed every inch of it. Besides all of that, she absolutely loved being able to have week-end guests, especially her parents…they were a real hoot and she enjoyed every moment with them. Occasionally they would bring Amy and Jim with them and that was truly fun. It was so nice to not have any secrets from them anymore. To think of all the times she brought them worry and heartache and for what? Well, there was the fact that they were just kids when you got right down to it and they really did do the best they could with the information they were given by that deranged shapeshifter and his poor misguided charge.

she told herself. She didn’t need to be thinking about the alien abyss tonight. She was going to work in her flower beds for awhile and then fix herself a nice huge chef’s salad. Lord knows it was too hot out there for much of anything else. Just as she entered the foyer her cell phone started and she reached into her jacket pocket and retrieved the thing, looking at caller ID she smiled…

“Maria! How are you?”

“I’m great Liz. Hey, listen, are you going to be home in about an hour or so?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well Michael is coming over and we thought we’d call and catch up. Have some news for you if that’s okay?”

“Of course it’s okay Maria…I’m going to change my clothes and go out and do some weeding but I’ll take my phone with me. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.”

“Great…til then.”

And Maria hung up.

‘Well, since when does she set up phone dates?’
Liz wondered and made her way upstairs to change her clothes and put her back yard bikini on. It didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination but it gave the opportunity for a great tan.

She would turn on the hot tub before going out and when she was finished weeding she’d soak for a bit. This will be nice she thought to herself as she grabbed a towel and headed on downstairs with her sandals flapping against the heels of her feet.

She smiled as she went through the small library and out onto the large pool area of the back yard. It was always so peaceful out here and then she looked up and noticed a flash pass through the clouds. ‘I wonder what the hell that was? Hope it’s not a surprise visitor. Not everyone knows about those things and I’d like to keep it that way.’ She thought to herself…

She shook her head, walked over to the patio table, laid her towel down, picked up her hat, gloves and small pruning tool box and made her way to the other end of the patio. She had her cell phone tucked into the side of her bikini bottoms and she took it out and set it on the ground next to her as she worked. Life was good and Liz was enjoying it. The powers she had gained from being healed by Max so many years ago would have allowed her the ability to just remove the weeds with the wave of her hand but she preferred the ‘normal’ way….it gave her something to do, a purpose, and she liked that.

It was about 45 minutes later that her phone started ringing and Liz removed her gloves and checked caller ID…

“Hi Maria…is Michael there already?”

“Hi Liz, I’m here. How are you?”

“Oh Michael, it’s so good to hear your voice. I’m fine and you? How are you?”

“Great Liz. Did Maria tell you why we’re calling?”

“No…only that you were going to. What’s up?” And Liz made her way over to a chaise lounge by the pool.

“Well, we’re going to be in Dallas for five days…next week, Wednesday through Sunday and we were wondering if we could get together.”

“Oh my God…this is wonderful. Of course we can get together, can you stay here? As in, stay with me…at my home?” Liz almost lost her balance and went into the rose bush she was trimming.

“Well…do you have the room Liz? Are you expecting anyone else.”

“I’m not aware of any other visitors next week and even there are I still have room. Would you like to have your mom and Jim come Maria? I know there’ll be room for them too.”

Liz could hear some commotion in the background…

“No Liz, we think we’d just like to have this visit be with just you this time. It’s been so long since we had the chance and it is a concert that I’m coming for so it’s going to be hectic enough…but we’d love to stay with you. I’ll probably be busy most of the time but Michael will be free.”

“That’s fine Maria…would you like me to pick you up at the airport?”

“No sweetie…we’ll rent a limo for the week …we’ll most likely be there on Wednesday to set things up as well as Thursday and Friday before Friday night’s concert if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course it is, you know it’s alright and bring your swim suits along. The weather has been wonderful. What do you do during these things Michael?”

“I usually don’t go along Liz but since it’s in Dallas I decided I would go out and say hello to an old friend.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re coming. I’ll make sure to get Thursday and Friday off so I can spend time with you. Michael, you and I will go to the stockyards in Fort Worth again.”

“Well, it so happens that is where Maria is going to be performing on Friday night, Billy Bob’s, so I guess we’ll be right handy won’t we?”

And Liz giggled…

“We certainly will. Oh I’m so excited. Anything special that I need to stock up on?”

“Cereal, juice, toast … nothing special Liz. If we need anything else we can pick it up at the local market can’t we?”

“Of course. Oh I am so excited…I wish you hadn’t called me until the week-end… I don’t know if I’ll be able to get through the rest of the week without busting a gut. God, this is wonderful!”

“Well, you just relax and we’ll be there in no time. Talk to you later Liz.”

“Yeah, later.” And the three friends hung up.

The sun had started to set already and Liz headed over to her pile of tools laying next to the flower bed and started to gather them up when she felt a sudden chill go over her. She looked around as she tried to shake off the uneasiness…she hadn’t felt like this in a lot of years and suddenly she knew where the feeling was coming from. It was hard to forget something like that…’he’s back!’ she thought to herself and then she thought…’damn it, why?’ and she continued to gather her stuff. ‘To hell with it, my life is going to go on and he can go to hell.’ She stomped her way to the little area where she kept her tool box, put her hat and gloves inside the patio door on the floor, picked up her bucket of weeds and headed to the side yard where the green waste container was housed. She dumped her weeds and stomped back through the side yard toward the pool and dove in. ‘Shit, shit, shit!’ and Liz swam laps for an hour before she had herself under control…but the feelings were still hanging around, right on the outskirts of her conscious mind. “Damn Him!”

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.3 4/18/11

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Carolyn: I hope I’ve left some surprises for all of you, but keep in mind, I’m “fluffy”! :D
Jan: so nice to see you…the story is finished so just hang in there with me okay. No big angsty “stuff” going on here, just some fun. :)
Cardinal: Hang in there buddy, I think I cover all of your questions. :)
Eve: Yes, this Doctor Harvik is a real creep…he shows up again and again and then a little more. Don’t worry about Liz and Max too much, they’re all grown up now. At least we hope so. As for the special unit, well it’s served it’s purpose and after Tess blew up the air base let’s just say the government decided to do a little investigating and came to the conclusion that it served it’s purpose.(that is not my idea, it belongs to one of the author's on this site and I can't remember who to give credit to...just know that I borrowed the idea. Sorry to the right person.) :oops:
Nitpick23: Yep, she still senses him and right now she’s not too happy about that. :wink:


Chapter: 3


Max woke up a lot later feeling a bit more rested than he had in a long time and finally he got himself oriented. It took him a second to realize that he was in the cave with the Granolith. He checked his son to make sure he was okay and then he made his way through the lowest pod and out to the larger part of the cave and headed to the rock to exit the tomb that housed the Antarian artifact. When he got outside the sun had already started to set and it was at least 10 degrees cooler than it was when he had arrived. As a matter of fact he felt a sudden chill come over him and then he smiled. ‘It’s been a long time since I felt that’ he thought to himself. I hope she’s well and happy. He relieved himself and went back into the cave to check on the other two and then he woke Serena up and told her that there was ample supplies and to wait until he returned and to stay inside the cave. He showed her the spot where she could move the rock if they needed to go out but not to stay out. She understood the necessity of the secrecy. They had no idea what was waiting for them and then Max left and started walking. There was very little traffic on the old highway and Max was thankful for that. He knew he must look a sight even by Earth’s standards. He had seen some of the ‘desert rats’ as they were called in his younger days and he was sure he could put a lot of them to shame with his appearance right now. He figured it would take him at least two hours to reach the city limits and he wondered as he walked if his parents still lived in Roswell and if he would be welcome. He felt he should find Jim Valenti first but if he showed up at the Sheriff’s station looking like this he just might get his ass thrown in jail for vagrancy. He really wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do at this point but he knew he had to get to Roswell.



“Hey Ava, how’s it going out there? Do you need any help with anything. You know the folks will be here shortly.”

“Yeah, I know Kyle but everything is under control.” And about that time the phone rang.


“Ava, hi. It’s Liz…Liz Parker.”

“Oh get real Liz, I know you’re Parker, what’s up?”

“Okay, quickly before I chicken out…Max is back. I can feel him. I don’t know where he is Ava, but he’s here.”

“Okay sweetie. I believe you. Jim and Amy will be here shortly for dinner. I’ll send Jim and Kyle out that way and see what they come up with and call you back. How are you?”

“Right now I’m pissed at myself for giving a shit but I know he’ll be confused. Please don’t give out information on me okay?”

“Liz honey, you’re delusional…you know we won’t have to tell him anything. All he has to do is follow his heart and he’ll find you.”

“Damn! Damn! Damn! I know it Ava. How have all of you been?”

“We’re all fine Liz and I promise to call you back.”

“Okay…love to everyone.”

“You bet.” And they hung up.

“What in the name of Buddha did Liz want?”

“She needs you and Jim to head out toward the pod chamber…Max is back.”

“Max is back? Are you nuts! How does she know this…did he call from ?” And he pointed up… Ava giggled…

“No, she can feel him Kyle and trust me, their connection is that strong…even after all of these years. She knows.”

“Okay…okay, let me call dad. Amy can come over in their car and I’ll go pick dad up in the truck.”

“Fair enough and good luck Kyle.”

“Yeah…you take it easy Ava.” Ava was ready to pop any minute and Kyle didn’t like being too far from home and not have someone with her…

Kyle had gone to UNM Las Cruces and while there he ran into Ava who was also in attendance. They each did their graduate work and married now they were going to be parents, very soon…

“Will do.”

And Kyle headed out the door to go pick up his dad just as he and Amy were driving in.

“Where’re you headed son? Did Ava forget something at the market?”

“No, I’ll explain in the truck dad. Amy, Ava is waiting for you inside go on in.”

And Jim got into Kyle’s truck without any explanation at all. They had all learned a long time ago not to question each other when it came to actions such as these and they were off in a flash.


Max was walking off the highway enough to allow traffic to pass but not far enough to stumble into ruts off the berm of the highway when Jim spotted him. At first he wasn’t sure but that walk gave him away immediately. He was older of course and the hair was certainly unlike the Max he remembered as were the clothes but it was Max. Kyle whipped a U-ey and pulled up along side the man and Max looked up ready for war when he recognized his old friends.

“What the hell? How did you know I was here? And God is it good to see you.”

“Liz called Ava and told her you were back…Ava sent us out to find you. Hop in, Ava and Amy are waiting for us.”

Max shook his head in disbelief…the connection was still there, even after all of these years.

“How is she Kyle?”



“I’m not allowed to talk about her with you…I have my orders, and I follow her orders or I’ll get my head blasted off.”

“Whose orders? Liz’s?”

Kyle laughed…

“No Max. Ava and I are married and she’s expecting our first any time now. Her orders from Liz were to come and find you and not to dare say anything about her to you. So, to make a long story short, I found you, I’m taking you home and I’m not talking about Liz to you. Although Ava did try to explain to Liz that we wouldn’t have to tell you anything, that you would know without us saying a word and after seeing you sitting here I think she might be right.”

Max pondered that for a minute and then nodded. He understood perfectly what Kyle was saying and he didn’t blame Liz one bit for the way she felt. It wasn’t anybody’s fault for the way things happened. They were all kids and doing the best they could which, under the circumstances, wasn’t too bad. But according to Liz he slept with the enemy, which was true even though he didn’t know she was the enemy at the time. What a mess was the only thought running through his mind…and now that he was here he had no idea who to turn to for help for his planet. They finally overthrew Khivar but the devastation was almost too much for Max to bear. He had introduced democracy to his world and the people were still finding it difficult to deal with taking responsibility for themselves but if he didn’t find a cure for the virus that was running rampant throughout his world he wouldn’t have to be concerned because they would all be dead within the year.

Jim noticed the frown on Max’s forehead as Kyle was driving and thought he was concerned about Liz but when he got Max’s attention Max jumped at the sudden noise and Jim patted Max’s hand that was resting on his knee.

“What’s bothering you Max? You look like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

“I do Jim…my world anyway. There’s an unidentified virus killing all of the inhabitants and none of our scientists know what it is. To be honest, I think it’s something Khivar might have set free when we finally overtook him and his forces. I need to find a cure and quickly or they’re all dead.”

“I see. Well there’s only one person I know of that can help you and I’m not so sure she’ll be willing. What happened with Tess Max? Or is it any business of ours.”

“Oh it’s a long story Jim but to make it short, she sold us all out to the enemy and when Zan was born he checked out totally human. I led a rebel raid on the castle and managed to get him. He is the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet but there was nothing I could do for Tess.”

And Jim Valenti wanted to cry for the man sitting next to him.

“Are you now their king Max?”

“Oh hell no! I’ve got an electorate set up with a government working for the people and things were starting to progress quite nicely when this damned illness started taking lives left and right. We’ve tried everything. They are all counting on me Jim, I can’t fail them…I told them that I would send them any information and medication I could back with the Granolith but I would not be returning. The planet now belongs to them and it is up to them to make it work. They no longer have a king…they have a president and they are responsible for making it all work.”

“Well, let’s just hope that Doctor Parker is reasonable Max…and I’m sure she will be in time. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too much time either.”

“I know she’s not in Roswell Jim, the connection is too faint but she’s not that far away either. Will you contact her and see if she can at least point us to some one who can help us. I did bring some valuable artifacts back with me that we should be able to sell in order to pay for any services that we can get.”

“I’ll let Ava call her and talk to her Max. In the meantime you just relax.”

About that time they pulled into Kyle and Ava’s drive way and Max grinned…

“You didn’t move too far away did you sport?”

“Nah, dad moved in with Amy so Ava and I just sort of fit in here. She has her degree in foreign languages and teaches Spanish at Roswell high and I’m the Phys. Ed teacher. Works out nice for us actually…it’s just the right size.”

“Yes it is Kyle…congratulations, and you too Jim.”

“Thanks Max. Let’s go eat.”

And the three men exited the truck and headed to the front porch. That’s when Kyle got a good look at his old friend and he decided that being a king wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. The man looked older than his dad.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.4 4/19/11

Post by mary mary » Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:00 pm

Cardinal: You’re probably right…but right now she really is angry with herself because she doesn’t want to care one way or the other.

Carolyn; Yep, that Khivar was one nasty dude…as for Zan, wait and see. He’s extremely precocious and he hasn’t learned to lie yet. :lol: :lol:

I hope you continue to think so. I’ve done some ‘stuff’ over on the no alien side so we’ll see how it goes? :)

Charlie: You are just too kind and I’ll try to keep up with the regular updates. Sometime my naps interfere with my intentions but I’ll do my best. :lol: lol

XAF RU208: Oh Xaf, I hope I don't disappoint you. :)


Chapter: 4

Liz was pacing back and forth between her family room and the kitchen not knowing how she truly felt about all of this. She wanted to make sure that Max was alright but she definitely didn’t care if she ever saw him again as long as she lived but how could she get rid of this connection. It was driving her nuts. She grabbed her phone and placed a call to the only person she truly trusted on this planet…

“Hello” the sleepy voice answered the horrible ringing instrument on his night stand.


“Hey Liz, what’s up? And don’t lie.”

“I won’t lie Michael. Max is back and I need to know how to shut off this damned connection before I go nuts.”

“First things first Liz…you can’t and you know it. As long as there’s a shred of caring you can’t. Next question, my turn. When?”

“This evening, right after I got off the phone with you and Maria. I felt him and called Ava. She sent Kyle to the desert with Jim. She’s going to call me back but in the meantime I need to get rid of this connection Michael, I don’t want to see him, ever again.”

“Honey, I know you don’t mean that but, like I said, you. can’t. close. the.connection. You must still have feelings for him or it wouldn’t be there.”

“Maybe it’s him? Maybe he’s the one keeping it open.”

“Liz…if it’s him then he has feelings too. It won’t just go away. You need to find someone to replace him, then if you’re lucky it will go away. Maybe he’s just here for a visit. He can take it back with him to Antar.”

“Yeah, that’s why he traveled across the universe, just to turn around and go back.”

“It could happen.” And they both laughed.

“Right, Earth might not be the best place in the universe but it’s better than the alternatives.”

“Yeah, I guess. Anyway Michael, I’ll call you back tomorrow and bring you up to date on any news. Either way, we’ll talk before next week. Hey Michael, don’t tell Maria. I don’t think I can deal with her right now.”

“Gotcha. Night Liz.”

“G’night Michael.”

As soon as Michael hung up Liz dialed Ava again.

“Hey Liz…how’s it going?”

“Cut the crap Ava, did they find him?”

“Yeah, he’s in the shower right now, we’re getting ready to sit down to dinner. Your line was busy…he looks awfully tired Liz and Kyle needs to talk to you.”

“Ava, I don’t…”

“Hi Liz…how’re you doing?” Kyle was trying to be sweet as hell here.

“I’ve been better Kyle…what do you need to talk to me about?” Liz snarked out.

“Well, I was hoping to wait until later but now is as good a time as any. There’s some kind of plague or virus or something on Antar that is killing the population. Max needs to find a scientist that will be able to isolate the bug and manufacture a serum that he can send back in the granolith. It’s killing the population as fast as a speed racer. If it isn’t contained soon the entire planet will be void of population within a year.”

“Hmmm…sorry to hear that, I really am sorry Kyle, honest. I’ll see if I can locate someone for him and get back to you. Kyle, there might be someone at Medi-Chem that can be of help. I’ll check it out and call you back. Under no circumstances is he to get in touch with me Kyle.” And Liz sounded very determined and Kyle had no problem understanding what she meant.

“I understand. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Right…enjoy your dinner. Bye.” And they hung up and as Kyle turned around he saw Max looking at him like a lost, forlorn soul. Although Kyle had empathy for Max he certainly had no sympathy for him… Kyle was sure the man loved his kid but as far as Kyle was concerned that was the only person Max Evans ever loved besides himself.

“Ava, are you ready for us yet?…Max is clean.” And everyone laughed as Kyle led Max to the dining room. They may live in the same house that Kyle grew up in but a few things had changed in that time and all for the best, for one thing there were enough chairs for everyone to sit on.

Max wasn’t used to Earth food anymore but he found that he was enjoying the meal and the company very much. It had been a long time since he was able to sit at a table, relax and talk about nothing in particular while having a nice meal with people he truly trusted besides Serena.

Amy caught Max up on the current status of Maria and Michael, his sister and Jesse which really surprised Max, he had no idea that Isabelle was married let alone married to one of his dad’s lawyers and when the subject of Liz came up Ava promptly told Amy to please refrain from speaking of Liz per Liz’s request. Amy looked a little surprised but nodded and kept quiet…the conversation came to a screeching halt and then Jim spoke up…

“Max? Do you want to call your mom and dad?”

“Do they still live here?” Max asked.

“Of course they do Max. I’m sure they would be glad to see you.”

Max suddenly felt like he was about to fight the worst battle of his life and then he looked around the table and realized, nobody here seemed to be put out with him and even Liz made an attempt to insure his safety.

“Yeah. I guess I need to do that then don’t I?” And Max looked down at the floor and then up into his old friends blue eyes once again…

“Just do it Max. Once it’s over with you’ll feel better. Stewing about it isn’t going to make it go away.”

“You’re right. Ava, do you mind?”

“Of course not Max…do you need the phone book?”

“Not unless they’ve changed their number…it’s embedded in my brain forever.” Ava nodded and walked over to the phone, removed it from it’s cradle and pointed to Kyle’s old bedroom which was now a nursery and Max went in and closed the door behind him.

He looked around at the cheerful little room with the rocking chair over in a spot all of it’s own, he took a seat, a deep breath and readied himself for one of the hardest things he would ever do…the hardest being talking to Liz if it ever happened again.

He dialed the very familiar number and when the voice on the other end answered…

“Hello.” Max started to cry. Real tears started rolling down his cheeks uncontrollably and he cried…

“Mom?” And his sobs wouldn’t stop.

“Max…oh Max. How are you honey. Come home so we can talk.”

“Okay mom.” And Max hung up. He sat in that rocking chair and cried, without shame or remorse, he deserved it and he cried until he couldn’t cry anymore and then he went out and asked Jim Valenti to take him home, he sighed loudly, it was time to be strong again.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.4 4/19/11

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Cardinal: Keep in mind that only a few hours have passed. Max had no idea what he was coming back to so he made sure to keep his son safe with someone who he knew would protect him. He had absolutely no idea, after 10 years, what he was going to run into or who.

I know I’m updating faster than I usually do but I find that I like to read stories without having to refresh my memory also. Age does that to us dammit. I’ll be headed up to Washington to see a baseball game soon so I might skip a couple of days but I think I’ll be able to go with the flow so to speak. This isn’t going to be that hard to follow.

Eve: Yes, it’s hard to forget when someone you love as deeply as Liz loved Max hurts you and it seemed so deliberate. But as I said, they’ve grown up a little in the last 10 years.

Appreciate the years that have passed and they’ve all grown up and lived some different lifestyles, so yes, Liz’s friendship with Michael has evolved and Maria has become a little self obsessed.

Chapter: 5

Diane Evans had just hung up the phone when Philip walked into the kitchen and saw the look on her face.

“Diane? What’s wrong sweetie? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”

“It’s Max Philip. He’s back.”

“Back where? When?”

“That was him Philip…on the phone. That was Max, he sounds awful Philip, he’s on his way here.”

“How…where is he?”

“I don’t know but he’s on his way Philip. Relax, you know as much as I do.”

And about that time the front door bell chimed and Philip and Diane both rushed to answer it…when they opened the door they just stood there and stared in disbelief. The man before them looked like their son but then again he surely didn’t either. He looked as though he had been through hell and back and Diane couldn’t stand it…she threw he arms around her son and wept. Philip managed to get them into the house and then he noticed Jim standing to the side of the door waiting. Philip motioned for Jim to come in and Jim just shook his head and motioned Philip out. He told Philip all that Max had told them, which wasn’t a whole lot really because Amy, being Amy, managed to keep the conversation rolling at Kyle’s house. Jim also told Philip that Liz was the one that called and sent them out to find him. She knew the minute he got back and Philip just looked at Jim in wonder.

“How Jim? How could she know?”

“Philip, there’s apparently a lot you still don’t know about the teen aged aliens but the connection between Max and Liz was beyond this world. They had that love that transcends time and then Max got Tess pregnant and had to leave the planet or his son would die… then he wound up losing him to this Khivar for a time and now there is this virus that is going around his mother planet killing everyone off. That is why he’s back…for a cure. I guess he brought samples with him and he needs a scientist to find a cure so he can send it back on the Granolith. He doesn’t plan on going back, ever again. He will explain it all to you I’m sure. He’s very open about it all…but Liz refuses to talk to him. She said she wants nothing to do with him but I’m sure she doesn’t mean it.”

“Hmm…if she’s anything like the Liz that left for college 8 years ago Jim, she means it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more determined person in my life than that girl. They may have a connection but there’s no way she’s going to let him break her heart again.”

“Philip, they were not together when Max impregnated Tess and it was Liz’s idea to break up not Max’s. Let’s give the guy a chance here…after all he really didn’t cheat on her. What are you supposed to do when a female refuses to see you. Sit around and pine after her? No, this breakup and the whole Tess situation was as much Liz’s fault as it was Max’s. I think the thing that bothered Liz the most was the fact that she caught Max and Tess making out at the prom when Max was her date. That really ticked her off. They weren’t really going together then either but he was her prom date.”

“Jesus Jim…I had no idea he pulled that on her. No wonder she was pissed…I’m surprised she didn’t castrate him.” And Jim Valenti laughed.

“Well, they were just kids Philip. I have to get back to the house and get Amy home or she’ll have poor Ava dizzy before she ever gets the last dish loaded in the dish washer.” And Philip and Jim bid their goodbyes.

When Philip got back into the house Diane and Max were in the kitchen having some coffee and Max was sitting across from his mother hanging on to both of her hands as they talked. He immediately got up from his chair and hugged his dad. It was so good to see them…thank God he didn’t have any tears left to shed.

“Max, the sheriff filled me on some background stuff but I still don’t know what happened in the last ten years. I don’t need a blow by blow description, it’s obvious that it wasn’t easy just by looking at you, but some background would be nice.”

“What do you want to know dad?”

“Well, it’s my understanding that you left with Tess for your home planet because she was pregnant. What happened with that? Do you have a child?”

“I have a son dad. He’s here, he’s safe. I didn’t bring him with me tonight because I didn’t want to take any chances that we were still in danger. He’s not alone, he’s with one of Antar’s scientists at the cave. She’ll protect him with her life. Khivar is the man that overthrew our planet, he’s the one responsible for killing the Royals and taking over the planet in the first place. We are trying to make sure that it is safe for Zan before introducing him to Earth.

I’m sure Isabelle told you about the mixing of the DNA and the incubation pods. Well, apparently we weren’t supposed to go back to Antar. That was something that Nasedo had conjured up with Khivar in order to get back to Antar himself. Tess was supposed to return home with the heir to the throne and take us along with her and we would be terminated. It didn’t work out that way. The rebels met us on the return trip and rescued me…Tess went with Khivar’s men and when Zan was born he was completely human. Khivar was going to have a public execution but I gathered a bunch of rebels and we stormed the castle and captured Zan who was only a few weeks old. We left Tess there, it was her plan she could deal with it. They hung her in the public square and I can’t say I’m sorry, I know that sounds cruel dad but it’s honest…it’s how I feel, she jeopardized our son's life and I will never forgive her for that.

Anyway, we finally gathered enough forces together to overthrow Khivar and that’s when he released the virus, just before he was taken down, and by taken down I mean eliminated. I introduced a democratic government to the planet, we held public elections and things started to work out really great but people started dying. If I don’t send a serum back soon dad the entire planet will be void of population within the year. That’s the entire story in a nut shell. No, it wasn’t a picnic and there no longer is royalty on Antar. I was the last and I abdicated the throne. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough but I can’t just sit back and let an entire race of people die either…not when there’s hope. I think that Khivar released an Earth virus into the eco system…and if it’s an earth virus then we need an earth cure. The finest scientists on the planet are working on it and they can’t find a thing to kill it. It’s kind of like the Antarian Gandarium that we had to find a way to kill when we were juniors in high school.”

“You did what when you were juniors in high school?”

“Oh, some of the biological cells escaped from our ship and got into earths underground, threatening our waterways and were threatening the planet. Kyle and Alex got trapped in their nest. The queen managed to make herself at home in that geologist’s body, Grant Sorenson, it killed Grant and Michael had to kill the queen. That’s where Maria and Michael were that week-end Amy thought they went camping. They were saving the girl that the Gandarium was after. You remember Sorenson mom, he’s the one that gave Isabelle those really expensive roses for her birthday.” Diane nodded her head in disbelief and listened silently as her son told them his story…

“Good God Max…did you kids ever have it easy?” Philip was flabbergasted…

“Some of it was good dad. When we weren’t fighting Antarian aliens, the special unit of the FBI and crazy bugs from another planet we managed to have some fun. It wasn’t all bad, I guess.”

“Well, let’s see if we can’t find someone who can identify this bug of yours and get you some normalcy for a change. I know someone who can probably take care of this problem for you but getting her here to do it is another thing all together.”

“Yeah dad, Liz. But she’s already put out the word. Stay away…and I will.”

Philip nodded and patted his son’s shoulder…he needed to make a trip to Dallas.

“Come on Max, you look exhausted. Go on in and crawl into your old bed…it’s still the way you left it. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

Max got up out of his chair and hugged his mom and dad before heading to his old room. He felt like he was a hundred years old.


“Diane, I’m going to Texas tomorrow.”

“Oh God Philip, why would you do that to that poor woman. Don’t you think she’s done enough already. She called Ava to get someone to go out into the desert to find him. Did you know that?”

“Yes. Jim told me. Did you know that he took Liz to the prom and she caught him and Tess making out and she left. Max didn’t even miss her.”

“No! Max did that??? Well, I don’t blame her one damned bit for not wanting to see him. I don’t think I’d want to see him either.” Diane was appalled at her son’s actions.

“I know Diane, but it doesn’t sound like something Max would do. You know that sneaky little blond might have had something to do with that Diane. As I understand it that girl had some serious powers working for her and she surely did know how to use them.”

“Yes, Isabelle told me quite a bit about her and her mind control. Can you imagine someone being able to make you believe things were happening that weren’t. I just have a really tough time wrapping my mind around that. Isabelle said that Ava can do that too but she doesn’t use her powers. Apparently Liz has developed powers from Max also and it seems that you wouldn’t want to get into a scrape with Michael…he’s just as apt to blow you up as to look at you and they all seem so sweet and normal.”

“They are normal Diane. Remember what Isabelle told us…we all have the capability of doing this we just don’t.”

“Well, I’m glad we don’t. Come on Philip, let’s go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. Let’s hope some of Max’s clothes still fit him…did you see how short Kyle’s pants were on him. It was almost comical if it wasn’t such a serious situation.”

“I know sweetie…come on. Lights out. I’ll check the doors.” And off to bed the Evans’ went but not before Philip went to his computer and made a plane reservation for tomorrow morning. He needed to talk to Liz and he wanted to do it in person.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.6 4/22/11

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Eve: Let’s hope this chapter answers some of your questions for you, and thank you for your compliment. No, Zan never knew his mother. The reason Nasedo and Tess didn’t go back to Antar alone was because they weren’t welcome. Nasedo was supposed to be the “protector” of the four royals and Khivar overthrew the royal government. Nasedo made a deal that he would bring the royal four (hybrids) back to Antar, Tess would bear the heir to the throne therefore making Khivar the official ruler in everyone’s eyes because he would make himself guardian of Zan. Max, Michael and Isabelle would be killed and Tess would be Khivar’s queen as she was the mother of Zan. He was one mean a-hole but Nasedo bought into the scheme but was killed before his plan took fruition. Then Max was the only one to go back with Tess, in this story anyway. :)

Charlie: Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts…I truly appreciate it. :D

Carolyn: Thanks, and yes, one UT this year. I’m not sure I’ll go for it though because the graduation celebration will be in California since most of the relatives live here. The same was done for her sister…Judy used their time-share at Laguna and threw a big bash for family and friends. Guaranteed a large attendance that way and we all got to see one another without it being a funeral. :lol:

Nitpick 23:
Yes, Nicholas was working as Khivar’s rep. when they had the summit meeting in N.Y., they wanted the Granolith back on Antar but...Nasedo had to follow the king’s orders and Max had him under tow. After that I have no idea what the writer’s decided as far as Nasedo was concerned except they killed him off. I have the DVD’s and I listened to Jason Katims’ explain that they needed to get rid of Nasedo in order to take away the protection Nasedo offered the kids so they could have more drama. His idea not mine. I sometime think they were all on hallucinogens when it came to writing the scripts. I do know that there are a lot of fics. on this site that make a whole lot more sense than theirs did. :roll: :wink: :D

XAF RU208: Thank you, like Charly said, it’s easy reading…but I hope it’s a little interesting too.

No…Max didn’t bring it with him, as in he’s infected, he thinks Khivar released it into Antar’s Eco System. Max did bring samples of the virus back to earth with him in the form of very guarded testing samples along with a scientist, Serena. In Ch. 5: (I guess he brought samples with him and he needs a scientist to find a cure so he can send it back on the Granolith.) The only thing I can say about the story is, it’s pretty straight forward. I don’t think there’s any twists and turns, if there are they’re easy to figure out. They run into some problems but nothing they can’t handle with a little help from a surprise friend. His character has been altered a little from the show to suit my needs. :wink:


Chapter: 6

After Max and Tess took off for Antar Isabelle, Michael, Maria and Liz all became very good friends and were regular visitors at each others homes. Diane and Philip therefore became friends with Jeff, Nancy and Amy and Jim. They belonged to the same dance club and shared many stories of their children’s lives. The Whitman’s were also included in this little “I Know an Alien Club” since Charlie Whitman was such a big part of the reason for bringing down the “Special Unit”. Therefore Liz and the Evans’ were very close.

The next morning, bright and early, Philip Evans was on his way to the small airport outside the city limits of Roswell and catching a hop to DFW. Upon arrival he had a rental car waiting for him and he set the GPS he had requested to the address of Liz’s place of employment and as soon as he entered the lobby he was met with the cutest little blond sitting behind the biggest desk he had ever seen in a reception area. When he approached the young woman he noticed a mountain of cubbyholes on the other side of the large desk and something that resembled a huge mail bag sitting on a roll around cart. The young woman was sorting mail and Philip just stood there and shook his head.

(Eve: DFW Is the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport in Texas)

“Why good morning sir, may I be of assistance?” Came the cutest accent Philip thought he had ever heard.

“Yes miss, would it be possible for me to speak with Dr. Parker.”

“Y’all just hold on one minute and I’ll buzz’er for ya.” And Philip grinned, he couldn’t help it.

Then he heard the melodious little voice sparkle out…

“Good morning Liz…I have a gentleman here that would like to speak with y’all if yer not too busy…” and then she looked at Philip and he handed her a card…

“Yes Liz, it’s Mr. Philip Evans, attorney at law. Did y’all rob a bank Liz?” And then the girl giggled and listened for a minute while Liz apparently gave her instructions.

“Mr. Evans…Dr. Parker said for y’all t’ make yourself comfortable over there in the lounge area and as soon as she completes her tests she’s runnin' she’ll be up. She also said that ya should decide what kind of food y’all would like because she’s just about ready for lunch and she knows you’re always up for a good feed.”

Philip checked the desk plaque sitting in front of the young woman and smiled…

“Thank you Kathy. I will definitely look for something interesting in the brochures that I am sure are laying on that side table over there.” Philip said, pointing over to what seemed to be an information desk and helped himself to some very interesting looking brochures. He was totally engrossed in his reading material when he felt a tap on his shoulder and when he turned around he was looking at a vision. She had matured into one beautiful looking young woman and Philip smiled and took her into his arms and held her for what seemed like forever.

After listening to Max last night this young woman had been put through more danger than any one young human being should ever dream of and Liz could only return the hug. It was so nice to have someone from home hug her and she hadn’t realized just how much she missed it.

“How are you Liz?”

“I’m fine Philip and you?”

“I can’t complain, love the new do, it suits you.”

“Thank you…did you find any place you would like to go for lunch. How long are you here for?”

“I really wasn’t looking for a place to eat…I got so engrossed in the other sights to see that I forgot about eating. How long do you have for lunch?”

“Well, I signed out for the day since I figured that you aren’t here on a social visit so my time is your time. What’s up Philip and if this is going to be lengthy just follow me home. We can eat and talk there in privacy.”

“That sounds like a swell idea.”

And about that time the sleeze, John Harvik, showed up.

“Well, hello Liz. Is this the man you have been keeping a secret from us.” John whined out in his nasally, monotone, obnoxious voice.

Liz’s shoulders immediately stiffened up and Philip picked up on it immediately…

“The conversation here is totally private sir and if I find out that you have harassed my friend in any way, any way at all, I am sure that you don’t want to know what the consequences will be. Do I make myself clear?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about sir.” John continued, making Phillip want to knock the man’s light’s out.

“Oh, I’m sure you do. And if you know what is good for you I don’t think you want to be messing with her. Good day…Liz, let’s go.”

And Philip took Liz by her elbow and led her out the door of the huge building as Liz giggled. She had forgotten what it was like to be taken care of by an Evans. Now she knew first hand where Max got it from and she smiled the whole way to her car.

“Philip, you know you didn’t have to do that don’t you?”

“I know Liz, but I’ve seen men like him before and he gives decent men a bad name. He makes my blood crawl.”

“Well, I’m sure you know that I can take care of myself. You as much as said so back there and if worse comes to worse I can knock him on his ass so to speak.”

“I know, but you don’t need to go around displaying your power to the world and you shouldn’t have to. As Isabelle explained it to me the fewer people who know the better.”

“Well she’s right, but I surely wouldn’t let some ass hole hurt me in order to keep my secret Philip. Now follow me home. It’s only twenty minutes…and only 10 minutes from the airport in case you have a return flight today.”

Liz hadn’t lied, they pulled into her driveway in exactly twenty minutes and she opened her garage door and motioned for Philip to pull into the garage as well.

“This way my neighbors won’t get nosy and start calling me to tell me I have a strange car in my driveway…but they do mean well.” And she grinned at Philip.

Philip was impressed. She lived on a tree lined street, was situated on the knoll of a short hill overlooking a small park. It was very nice, very nice indeed. As a matter of fact he had Liz turn around so he could take a picture of her outside to show Diane. Liz smiled and motioned him in.

“What would you like to eat Philip. I can fix us just about anything and I think we’ll go out for dinner.”

“How about a grilled ham and cheese and a cup of coffee,”

“Two grilled ham and cheese’s coming up and sit down and make yourself comfortable while you tell me what Max needs.”

Philip chuckled…

“Straight to the point aren’t you?”

“I know he’s back Philip, I don’t know why but if you’re here then it’s important because Max would never cross me or my wishes and I know he’s already been told not to contact me.”

“Fair enough Liz…” and Liz continued to make sandwiches and coffee as Philip told her about the world of Antar and the state it was in. Liz’s brow wrinkled occasionally and Philip didn’t know if she was thinking about his story of Max or the sandwiches. He was sure the sandwiches weren’t all that interesting though and he continued to watch her. She cut up some fruit and added some yogurt to the bowl, she retrieved some chips from a pantry and put them into a matching bowl that she took from the cupboard under the large island and then she took a large pitcher from the refrigerator and put some ice cubes in it and set it on the table…never missing a single word Philip had to say. In a half hour they were both seated at the table eating their lunch when Liz finally interjected a thought…

“Did Max say he brought the samples back with him? I thought Medi-Chem would be best for this but now I’m not sure, if he has samples they need to be isolated. We don’t want the Gandarium issue repeating itself although we are better equipped to handle such problems now. You say he brought some valuables with him … Philip, we need to build a safe place to do this. Are the Air Force labs still available? You know they captured Max and did experiments on him in there don’t you?”

“My god no! When?”

“When we were sophomores. Nasedo, pretending to be Max, kidnapped me and used me as bait to get rid of the special unit and it backfired on him and they got Max instead. We had to rescue him. It wasn’t fun Philip, for any of us.” And Liz continued on with her story.

“My God Liz, the more I hear about what you kids went through as teen-agers the more heart broken I become. I’m beginning to think that maybe we ought to let the damned planet whither up and die.”

“Oh Philip, we can’t do that and you know it. We’re talking Earth citizens here not Antarians. Earth people did this to him Philip, we won’t stoop to that level. Now we need to set up a facility to do these experiments safely, we'll be dealing with dangerous chemicals and such. You go home and tell Max that he needs to make this happen. We can’t be releasing germs into our eco system from another planet again.”

“That’s just it Liz…Max thinks these are Earth germs.”

“I’m inclined to agree with him but we have to be sure Philip. We can’t go about endangering our own planet while trying to save his.”

“Wrong Liz…it’s not his planet. He has no intentions of going back. He’s going to send the serum back on the Granolith with the scientist he brought back with him. The Antarians will be on the look out for her. Max set up a democracy and destroyed the royal house…it is no more. When he sends the cure he’s finished with the entire place.”

“Well, that remains to be seen. What happened to Tess?”

“Khivar executed her when she didn’t provide an heir to the throne. Max said he and his rebels rescued Zan just in time to save his little life but they didn’t even try to save Tess. Max said she made the deal with Khivar, she could deal with him. Apparently it didn’t work in her favor.

Liz winced…she didn’t want anything to happen to any of them…”where is the child now?” she asked…

“Apparently the scientist and Zan are at the cave. Max wasn’t sure how he would be received and didn’t want to take any chances. When Zan caught the virus Max saved his little life but, like Max said, he can’t cure the entire planet alone.”

“I see…You can spend the night can’t you Philip? Maria and Michael will be here next Wednesday, it’s too bad you can’t all be here for that. She’s performing at the stock yards in Fort Worth Friday night, then at the arena on Saturday afternoon and evening and then again on Sunday afternoon. They will be staying with me, wouldn’t you like to come and bring Diane?”

“I would love to come under different circumstances Liz but I think we should pass this time. And yes, I can stay this evening and head back in the morning. How will you be able to work from Roswell?”

“I’ll take a leave of absence as soon as Max has everything put together. I’ll give you a bill of goods before you leave in the morning and you can set up a lab and order the stuff to get started. I’m sure we will need more supplies but your main concern right now is to make sure the lab is secure and not anywhere near underground aquifers and we will need secure disposal areas as well. Tell Max that the caves would be an excellent place to dispose of any waste material. We will have Michael destroy it to make absolutely certain everything is safe.”

“Fair enough Liz. Now, where can I take a shower?”

“Right at the top of the stairs Philip. The bedroom directly at the top has an en suite bath, that’s where you can put your things. Just make yourself at home. There’s no TV in there but there are three down here so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a comfortable spot somewhere.” And Philip laughed.

“Thank you Liz. Where are you going to take me for dinner tonight?”

“Oh Philip, are you going to enjoy this. We’re going to the stock yards. Since you can’t come next week we’ll go tonight and do some real shit kickin’.” And Philip laughed at that and Liz just grinned as she started to put things away in her kitchen.

Philip went upstairs and walked straight into the bedroom at the top and was taken back to a time when the world was fun…the room was decorated in a French motif with a canopied bed and the works and he stood there and grinned. The girl had a fierce sense of humor that’s for sure and then he turned around and noticed the bedroom door was open across the hall and he looked in there…yep, this one was the lesser of two evils that’s for sure. The other room had a huge white wrought iron bed, rose colored walls and pink accessories…yep, he’d settle for the black canopy bed and the apple green accessories with the pink feathers attached to the overhead chandelier. It worked for him.

Philip unpacked his overnighter and took out a pair of jeans, he had no idea why he brought jeans but now he was glad he did, and then he grabbed his cell phone and called Diane.

“Philip…how are things going?”

“They’re going great Diane. I’m spending the night at Liz’s and we’re going to the stock yards for dinner. She said we’re going shit kickin’…Diane, she is one beautiful young woman. Jeff and Nancy can be so proud of her and I’m looking forward to spending the evening with her. You can’t believe the things that these young people have been through Diane…it is unfathomable to think that all of that was going on around us and we had no idea. Did you know that the special unit had kidnapped Max and performed experiments on him?”

“My God Philip…when?”

“When they were sophomores. That so called protector posed as Max, kidnapped Liz and then when Max showed up to save her the unit nabbed Max. The kids saved him with the help of Jim Valenti…they killed the head of the unit. Diane, these kids have been through hell together. No wonder Liz doesn’t want to get mixed up in this again. Frankly I don’t blame her.”

“Oh Philip, I wish they would have confided in us. I don’t know how we could have fought the government but there must have been something we could have done.”

“I know how you feel Diane but it’s over. Listen, I’ll be home tomorrow and we’ll all talk then. How’s Max doing?”

“He’s been sleeping Philip. It’s like he can’t keep his eyes open. He got up and ate some breakfast, went out in the back yard for a bit, came back in and laid on the couch and went back to sleep. I woke him up for lunch, he ate and went back to sleep. I’m beginning to think he’s sick too Philip.”

“I’ll talk it over with Liz. See what she has to say.”

“Is she going to help him Philip?”

“Yes Diane, but she has some pretty strict rules and she’s going to need the help of Michael. I’ll talk to you about it when I get home tomorrow. I need to get ready to go ‘shit kickin’.” And Diane laughed.

“You have fun Philip and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow. I love you Diane.”

“Love you too Philip and thank you.”

“He’s my son too remember.”

“Yeah…good night.” And they hung up.

I think the next chapter has Max getting Zan into the picture for you...but I won't swear to itl :D

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch. 6 4/22/11

Post by mary mary » Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:05 am

Okay, before I try to answer your questions without blowing the story let me just say that I am thoroughly enjoying all of this feed back. I’m sitting here smiling like a damned fool and wanting to tell you that you are all thinking too hard and in some cases too far ahead. Some of your questions are not covered in the story so I’ll just fill you in as I go. Appreciate that I wrote this in about four days so a lot of the details you are asking for are pretty much covered in the series and differences are pointed out. So let me give it my best shot here…okay. Oh: you have to wait until chapter 8 to meet Zan, I think you’ll like him. I do and that’s what counts after all!!! :D :D :D

Yes, I think Liz and Phillip have a great understanding of each other and Liz has grown into a very mature young woman with a very responsible job which she takes quite seriously. She is more than willing to help save lives…as for the “shit kickin’” Well, I’ve been to “Billy Bob’s” when I was much younger and my husband was still alive and let me tell you it was great.

Eve: I think the next chapter is where they go for Zan and Serena. Keep in mind that they are quite comfortable and safe where they are. As for Phillip taking care of Harvik…well it’s been my experience that the world is full of his type and while you don’t want to make something more uncomfortable than it already is you sometimes just have to be blunt and take care of it.

Extingman: Liz and Serena’s meeting is going to go very well for both young ladies. Serena looks very human, without really going into it too deeply, let’s just say that the Antarians can look human. There are skins who don’t need skins, and shapeshifters who do whatever they want to do with their appearances and the regular dark eyed, elongated fingered beings as well as the human looking beings to make themselves easier on our eyes, like Max’s birth mother did. Max did know that Tess mindwarped Alex to death but he had to see to it that his son was okay. He did not know that she planned on turning the three of them over to Khivar at the time of departure, that was a surprise. I thought I covered that a few chapters back but I probably was not clear on the subject. Khivar was killed five years ago, that’s when he released the virus. It has taken that long for Max to set up the democracy and get things stabilized before leaving. The doctors/scientists have just realized why all of the inhabitants are dying….it takes time for any populace to figure out that the same symptoms have spread world wide and it is incurable. The gestation period for an Antarian pregnancy is not one month and is covered somewhere down the line when Maria questions Zan’s age. Max isn’t sick, he’s just tired. I hope I did okay with this…I’m still smiling. If I ever decide to write another one of these I’m going to run the chapters by you guys first!

Nitpick23: You have to remember that Max has left Serena and Zan in a pretty comfortable place while he’s off trying to see if it’s safe for them…they really aren’t that bad off, honest…and Max will go after them. As for the rest of your ponderings… :) :) :) I think I cover them.

(Had to check out how you spell your name, just in case I ever screw it up it’s my daughter-in-law’s name too, one ‘L’)

First, thanks for the fb.

Now…you guys are giving me far too much credit for this story. It truly is a simple little tale without a lot of twists and turns.

Next: Liz didn’t say she didn’t want to see Max because of the “kiss at the prom”, that was Jim throwing ideas at Phillip. She really doesn’t want mixed up in the “Alien Abyss” anymore bless her heart, that’s one thing you all have right…she’ll just have to suck it up. (Oh, I got your pm after I wrote this.)

As for the virus getting to Antar, well I cover that somewhere in here, not quite sure where exactly. It’s just a short fic. only 30 chapters or so...so it’ll show up soon.

Okay, Max is going to go get his travel companions soon. So far a lot of people have come onto the scene and Max is getting his bearings so to speak.

As for blaming Max for everything, I’m really not. I’m blaming the fact that they were kids, bottom line. No matter how smart teen-agers think they are, let’s face it…they haven’t really experienced a whole lot. Granted some more than others, but when you get right down to it, they’re kids, hopefully they’ve matured a little in the past ten years.

I’m truly shaking my head at how hard all of you are thinking about this, it’s amazing. Oh, and the lab, I chose Eagle Rock because of the fact that it would be easier to get rid of the crap safely, that I’ll give myself credit for. :P :P :P

Cardinal: I think Zan is going to have a large impact on everyone, and Liz knows in her heart that Max is also ten years older but, I think deep down, she figures that what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. :wink:

**~*~** On With the Show!!!! :D

Chapter: 7

Diane didn’t know if she should call Isabelle or not and about that time Max came into the kitchen, his hair all disheveled and hanging in his eyes and Diane stood there shaking her head…

“Max, would you like to go to the barber shop before dinner?”

Max could only look at his mother and grin…she was certainly making him feel cared for that’s for sure.

“Sure mom, you drivin’”

“Of course I’m driving. I’m glad to see some of your clothes still fit you too. One thing about jeans, they never go out of style do they?”

“No, I guess not. Just let me get a shirt and some shoes on.”

And Diane smiled.

Max took a look at himself in his mirror when he got to his room and shook his head…he leaned over and looked at the scar and decided that if the hair was going then the scar needed to disappear as well. He didn’t need anything to remind him of where he had been, he’d never forget it and he didn’t need a physical reminder, he reached up and passed his hand over the long scar and it was soon gone. He grabbed a comb and ran it through the long matted mess on his head and shrugged his shoulders as he put a shirt on over his t-shirt and left his room. It was as good as it was going to get.

When he got to the kitchen his mom was waiting with her purse next to her at the kitchen table and she looked up and noticed the scar was missing. Thank God, she didn’t want any more reminders of the trouble her son had seen than she already had. She grabbed her purse and they both headed out the back door to the garage.

“Where’s dad mom…did he have business out of town today?”

“In a way yes…according to his phone call about an hour ago he’s going ‘shit kickin’ with Liz.”

Max did a double take and looked at his mother in shock.

“He’s doing what?”

“Liz is taking him to the stock yards in Fort Worth and she told your dad she was taking him ‘shit kickin’…I would assume that they are going to have bar-b-que for dinner and then they are going line dancing.”

“Dad line dances?” Max scratched behind his ear as he was pleasantly shocked to say the least.

“Of course he line dances…we both do. Jeff and Nancy Parker, Amy and Jim, we all do. It’s a lot of fun.”

“Well how about that!” And max chuckled as he tried to picture his big burly dad and little Liz Parker line dancing. That had to be a sight to behold.

“Wait a minute…you mean dad went to see Liz?”

“That he did. Early this morning.”

“What did he say?”

“He said that Liz is going to help you and that he would talk to us tomorrow. I guess she has a lot of rules for you.” And it was Diane’s turn to grin…

“I’ll just bet she has.” And that was the last thing Max said as Diane pulled into the parking lot next to the barber shop, it was about 2:00 p.m.

“Get in there and cut that shit off your head Max…you look like Jesus reincarnated. It’s one thing to know where you’ve been I don’t need the physical reminders.”

“Yes mom. I’ll be good.” And Max’s grin grew wider…

Max went in and got a nice short hair cut to please his mother and himself…the long hair really was a pain in the ass. When he came back out Diane just smiled, he looked ten years younger with that stuff off his head…last night he looked older than Philip. But, of course, 15 hours of sleep, a shave and the removal of the scar didn’t hurt either.

“Where would you like to go for dinner Max?”

“Mom, I would love a juicy hamburger and does Amy still bake the pies for the Crashdown?”

“I believe she does Max…do you want to go there?”

“Yeah. Liz knows I’m back so I guess it won’t matter who else knows.”

“No it won’t. A greasy hamburger it is.”

“I didn’t say greasy mom, I said juicy!”

“I heard you Max…let’s go.” And Diane took off.


When Diane and Max walked into the Crashdown Nancy and Jeff Parker were just about to leave and they both stopped dead in their tracks…Jeff didn’t know whether to smile or kick the shit out of the young man who had just walked in and then he noticed Diane and figured a smile was the better choice of the two.

“Diane how good to see you, and Max…when did you get home?”
Diane smiled and Max answered…

“Yesterday and yes, Liz knows I’m here, she called Ava. Dad is with her right now and I guess they are going line dancing.” Max wanted to tell Jeff what Liz had said but thought better of it.

“Oh, she’s taking Philip ‘shit kickin’ as she likes to call it. She’s had us to the stock yards a couple of times too. Billy Bobs, it’s quite famous and it’s a lot of fun. When is she coming home?”

Jeff knew his daughter…no matter what she said vocally or how loud she said it she’d be home.

“I don’t know. She won’t talk to me, maybe mom knows.” And Max took a seat in his favorite booth and picked up the menu that was propped up against the wall.

Diane looked at Jeff and smiled,

“Philip said she has a list of ‘rules’ before she comes to town and that we would be discussing them when he gets home tomorrow. I’m sure Liz will be calling you. Apparently Max needs a little help on a project and Philip took it upon himself to go to Texas and discuss it with her. He’s spending the night at her house and heading home tomorrow.”

Jeff and Nancy both chuckled…

“I wonder if she’ll give him the rose room, the green room or the yellow room.”

“What’s so comical?” Diane asked…

“Well, Liz lives in a four bedroom home alone…and she decorated the home for a woman living alone. The rose room has a king sized white wrought iron bed and pink accessories…the green room has a black canopy bed in it, the yellow room has white furniture, very fru fru and her bedroom is done in various shades of blues and accented in hues of gold and red. It’s all very nice and all very feminine. She makes no excuses for the décor. If you don’t like it you can always get a motel and she’ll tell you that.”

Nancy grinned…

“Diane, it’s not that bad, honestly. The canopy bedroom furniture is all black and there is no canopy cover on the bed but she does have it draped in a long white scarf. It’s very nice really and yes, the rose colored room is a little over the top with pink but it’s very nice also.” Jeff explained and Diane grinned…

“I wonder where she put Philip?”

“Oh I’m sure he’s in the canopy room, it’s the least fru fru of the three spare rooms.”

And Max smiled to himself as he overheard the conversation about Liz’s home. Good for her. He was glad she was successful and could afford a home. She deserved it.


“Jesse, I have the strangest feeling… it’s like something ominous is going on and I can’t shake it. Is everything okay at work?”

“Of course it is Isabelle. You’re just over tired is all. You get yourself into the tub and soak for awhile and relax. I’ll order something for dinner. What would you like?”

“Anything but pizza…I’m all burned out on pizza, I’ve had it for lunch everyday this week. The only restaurant within a reasonable distance from this new job is a pizza parlor so no pizza please!”

“Okay then…is Chinese okay or would you rather have chicken?”

“Chinese sounds great. I’ll just go soak and you get whatever you think sounds good.”

“Great” And they headed off in two different directions.

Isabelle, still feeling uneasy, drew a steamy bath for herself and filled the tub with some pretty awesome smelling bubble bath then proceeded to crawl in and lean back. She was asleep in no time, dreaming about her brother. She hadn’t done that in quite a long time but the dream was not disturbing at all…as a matter of fact it was quite peaceful and when Jesse came into the bathroom to see if she was ready to eat she was asleep with a smile on her face. Jesse decided that they could heat their dinner when she woke up and he left her sleep.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch. 8 4/25/11

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Eve: First off, she doesn’t really “fall” back into his arms so to speak and no…she hasn’t had much experience with men up to this point, she’s been too busy to bother with them and her first real experience at “Love” kind of made her a little leery of the male species and this “Harvik” that has been bugging her for the past five years hasn’t helped any.

As for the stock yards…Well, they are just that. That is where they bring in the cattle to auction off and send to market for slaughter but in this case, these ‘stock yards’ are located in Fort Worth, Texas. (You can google them, they are quite famous here in the Western part of the U.S.) At one time they were the stock yards where most of the cattle were brought. I’m not so sure they still use these yards for cattle auctions anymore though. It’s all very modern and very ‘cement’ covered. There are restaurants, shops and this huge night club type place called “Billy Bob’s”. It’s a tourist trap for sure, but really a fun place to go to and they definitely have live country western music and dancing. Really a lot of fun. It’s where I bought my grandsons their first western hats…they were three, four and five at the time. (The youngest one is in my banner, I don’t take chances with copyrighted photos too much.)

I would have slept like the dead too…and as for the laundry room, well you need to check out “Lyin’ Eyes” and Max’s “mansion”, that’s quite a place I conjured up in my mind. The story drags as most of mine do but this place is awesome. As for Liz’s decorating, well, it’s hers and she does do what she wants with it that’s for sure. Oh, I’ve got to tell you, speaking of flares for decorating…my son-in-law goes out of town about two weeks of every month and now that the girls are grown and gone my daughter gets bored…So, she decided to paint the family room. It has 20 feet ceilings and the place is huge. She had painters come in and paint the entire place, ceiling and all, dark brown. She called me up and said…”Mom, you’re not going to believe this. I’m living inside of a big brown turd! I’m a dead woman, honest to God…send tulips, I like tulips.” That was last year, it’s still brown…I think my son-in-law now leaves for three weeks a month, I’m not sure.

Anyway, as for Jeff knowing that Max saved Liz, I really hadn’t touched on that but let’s assume he does know because he knows all about the aliens, he knows Max is an alien king and… he just hates Max for some reason and that is covered also.

Yeah, those bedrooms are something else. They get mentioned a little more a few chapters down the road. LOL

Izzy’s next on the list…Diane wants Max to do it and he’s still digesting everything that has happened here on earth and trying to wrap himself around the things that need to get done.

Jan: Hi there, take your time. Hope all is well in England and the little ones are happy campers. Yes, Liz is quite aware that she’s the one that ended the relationship with Max. It’s the fact that, in her mind, Max took off with Alex’s murderer…that truly pissed her off more than anything. Of course, like I keep saying, they have grown up. I hope.

Chapter: 8

Max and Diane didn’t know they were going to have company for dinner but when Nancy slid into the booth across from Max and Jeff slid in next to her Diane had no choice but to make Max scoot over and make room for her. The four sat there for a second and then Jeff couldn’t hold his tongue any longer…

“So Max…I hear you are king of some far off planet. What brings you back to our neck of the woods?” And he definitely sounded a little surly…Max could deal with surly and it’s a good thing he was Liz’s father otherwise he would just get up and walk out.

“That’s right Jeff…believe it or not my dad is the dead king of Antar and I guess the throne was mine if I wanted it. I abdicated and set up a democratic system for the populace, refused to run on an open ballot and now they are learning an entirely new way of life. If they live long enough they just might make it work.” And Max looked the man straight in the eye as he spoke. He didn’t want any bullshit…he only wanted a hamburger.

“I see. So, does that mean you are here to stay?”

“Well, I don’t know if I’m going to stay right here but I definitely will staying on earth with my son. I intend to make a life for us here and hope that he can adapt to this primitive society. It really is far beneath anything he’s accustomed to.” And about that time Diane Evans almost choked…and then she kicked Max under the table.

Max turned and looked at his mother and raised an eyebrow. He was not going to sit here and allow Jeff Parker to interrogate him after what he had been through the past ten years. He didn’t feel the need to explain his life to Jeff nor any body else for that matter. He would give his parents and the people he called his friends the courtesy of answering their questions but definitely not Jeff Parker, the man was just an irritant that Max tolerated for the sake of Liz…now he didn’t have to.

Nancy caught on to the actions between mother and son and then she too took the opportunity to render an offending kick to the shins of the man sitting next to her. When Jeff scowled at her she returned as good as she got and Jeff settled himself.

“What are your plans now Max?” Nancy asked, not really looking for information as much as she was trying to ease an uncomfortable situation.

“Well, I have to stop at a childrens clothing store and pick up some size 8 to 10 boys clothes and head on out to the desert and pick up my son who is waiting for me along with a friend of mine.”

“Oh, would that be a female friend?” Jeff snarled…

“As a matter of fact she is a female friend Jeff. A very good female friend. She will be heading back to Antar as soon as we have accomplished our mission here on Earth. I hope that satisfies your curiosity for the moment. Mom, I’m not all that hungry any more…let’s go. We can do the drive thru at McDonald’s.” And Max all but pushed his mother out of the booth. Diane smiled at Nancy, frowned at Jeff and she and Max left the Crashdown together.

“I’m sorry Max. I had no idea the man would act that way. What’s his problem with you?”

“Oh it goes back to high school…way back mom. You’d think the man had better things to worry about than me. Apparently he’s blaming me for taking off or something…hell I don’t know and frankly I really don’t care. Let’s go get some clothes for Zan and drive out and pick him up along with Serena. She can stay in Isabelle’s room can’t she?”

“Of course she can Max. Come on…let’s go to Sandy’s Children’s shop. We can get everything there.”

“No mom, we don’t need those high priced clothes that will only fit for about 6 to 9 months…that’s ridiculous…Penney’s, K-Mart, Wal-mart, they're good enough. We can get everything we need there too.” So off to the mall they went…Max got a hamburger at the food court and then they hit the stores. Jeans, shirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, pj’s, and even a watch with a leather band. Just like the one Zan was so enthralled with that Max used to wear. When Diane was certain they had all of the little sizes they needed she wanted to know if Serena might need some stuff. Max smiled…

“If she does mom we’ll bring her back tomorrow. We’ll have to get Zan signed up for school for next year too. I’m sure he’s up to fifth grade level but we’ll see what the school thinks…I guess they’ll have to test him but I made sure he was taught everything I could remember from my childhood.”

“Oh Max, I am so excited. Who does he look like?”

“I think he resembles me mom. He has dark hair and hazel eyes but he’s slight of build.”

“So were you Max…you didn’t start to fill out until you were in high school if you’ll remember. That one year we couldn’t keep up with your wardrobe…you just kept growing out of everything.”

“Well, we’ll see. I miss him mom…let’s go.”

And so Max and Diane headed out to the desert and to Zan who knew his father was on his way. everyone thought he was 100% human, but like his father he hid himself quite well. He was very excited to see what his father had told him so much about and he especially wanted to meet Liz. His father never talked about the lady with the long brown hair but he knew her from his father’s dreams. When his father held him close at night Zan could feel Liz Parker and he knew he loved her, he just needed to meet her.


“Jeff, how could you be so rude? Diane is a friend of mine and I thought you liked her too.”

“I do like her Nancy, it’s that pompous brat she adopted that I can’t stand.”


“I don’t know Nancy…when that little blond started coming here with the kids I just took a nasty taste to Max. I never could put my finger on it, I just didn’t like him.”

“Well, you’d better straighten up your act Jeff Parker because I can tell you right now that your daughter loved that young man more than life itself and I’m quite sure, when she returns, that you’re going to have to get used to him and his son. And don’t you dare mistreat that child Jeff Parker. Did you see the look on that man’s face when he said they needed to find a childrens shop. Pure love Jeff, absolute love…the same look he used to have for our daughter and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that the look will soon be back. I wonder what mission he’s on? It sounded very important.”

“I don’t know and right now I don’t care. I hope Liz uses some good sense and keeps away form him.”

“We’ll see Jeff, we’ll see.” And Nancy motioned for Jeff to let her get out of the booth.

“Come on, we still have groceries to buy and since it’s gotten so late we can go to Senor’ Chow’s for dinner.”

And so the Parker’s left the Crashdown on the quest they were on when Diane and Max had shown up.


When Max and Diane reached the desert turn off Max told his mother that he thought he should drive the rest of the way and so they switched places and Max took over. He pulled up behind the cave and parked the car, retrieved a flash light from the trunk in case they needed it later and started the hike up the side of the large outcropping of rocks while hanging on to his mother’s hand to make sure she didn’t slip. When they got to the spot Max was looking for Diane just stood there and watched. She wondered what in the hell they were doing on the side of this mountain when Max reached up and touched the large boulder and the stone started to roll back…it reminded Diane of the tomb where Jesus had been buried but she knew her son was no angel and she sort of chuckled to herself.

“What’s that mom?”

“Oh nothing Max, just a thought…not important. Is this where you and Isabelle came from?”

“Yes. It’s safe, you can come with me.” And the two of them entered the cave and Max closed the entry behind him before going further into the darkness. He projected a light from the palm of his hand and Diane smiled…this was better than any sci-fi movie she had ever seen she thought to herself.

About that time a little dark head poked through something that was stacked against the cave wall and the next thing Diane knew a young boy came running through the cave and Max held his arms open as the small boy leaped into his daddy’s arms and hugged for all he was worth.

“We were worried about you Dad…is everything okay?”

Max chuckled and set the boy down next to him and cupped his cheeks…

“Everything is fine Zan and I’d like you to meet your grandmother.”

Zan looked up and smiled at the woman standing next to his father and then he held out his little hand to shake and Diane started to cry…She stooped down to Zan’s level and took the child into her arms and held him to her as tight as she could. When Zan made a small connection with Diane he knew that his grandmother truly loved him and he returned the hug just as hard as he could. He was glad to see her also and Max stood and watched with a far away smile on his face. Serena joined the group in short work and surveyed the situation with a smile…this was going to work out fine she thought to herself.

“Is everything okay Max?”

“Yeah, it’s all coming together just fine Serena. Dad will have instructions for us tomorrow and I think we’ll use the cave here as our lab. I know it isn’t as sterile as you or Liz will like but I feel it’s the safest place for all things considered.”

“You may be right Max. I think we can clean it up and make it quite workable. What are our plans now?”

“Well, we’re all going back to mom and dad’s. We’ll be staying there until the project is complete and you are safely on your way back to Antar. We got some things for Zan today and Mom wanted to know if you needed anything but I felt that maybe you would want to choose your own things so you can go shopping tomorrow…how’s that?”

“That’s perfect Max…don’t you think Zan would have liked to choose some things for himself as well?”

“Well Serena, it’s like this. There is a mountain of things out there that I’m sure he will like and be confused about, so let’s just give him a chance to get acclimated, watch some TV, see what the rest of the kids are doing and let him get the lay of the land first…There’s also a place called Toys-r-Us that I’m sure he’ll need to be introduced to and when Michael gets here I know they will be spending a lot of time there so we’ll wait.”

Diane and Zan had broken apart from each other by that time and Zan looked up at Diane with a puzzled expression…

“What’s Toys-r-Us grandmother?”

“Oh Zan, tomorrow we will go there. You will love it. It’s a huge toy store full of wondrous things for little boys and girls to play with. Honest, it’s going to be awesome!”

“Is awesome good grandmother?”

“Awesome is very good Zan.” And Diane smiled down at her grandson as she held her hand out to Serena and smiled…

“I’m Diane, Max’s Earth mother and you must be Serena.”

Serena smiled at the older woman and took her hand. Max was correct in so many ways when he spoke of his mom. She was wonderful and then they all left the cave after Max went into the Granolith chamber and picked up a small box. He would see if Liz wanted to have a look at a sample before coming to Roswell. If she did he would overnight it to her.

“Is that safe Max?” Diane asked as she pointed to the container.

“Yes mom, very safe.”

“Okay then…but why is it necessary to bring it out now if you are going to set up shop here?”

“I just thought maybe Liz might want to have a look at it.”

“Put it back Max…She’ll see it when she gets here.” Serena gave Max a look and he walked back into the chamber and replaced the box.

“Max, can I see what this machine looks like?”

“Of course mom…you’ll have to crawl through that opening though.”

“I can do that.” And Diane took Zan’s hand and they headed to the chamber together. When Diane got inside she couldn’t believe that a machine such as this made travel between planets possible…

“Do you know how it works Max?”

Serena took the floor…

“Diane, it breaks down molecules sends them through time and space and they reappear in another space altogether. It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds when you erase everything logical you have ever been taught and just believe.” Diane thought about that for a minute and then she remembered the tomb, the rock and the greatest book on earth. You just have to believe and she smiled.

“I understand Serena, and thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Now let’s get going Max, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting very hungry.”

“Me too!” Zan shouted and they all laughed.

“You’re always hungry Zan. Come on, let’s get you home and see if all of your new clothes fit you. That way we can exchange anything that doesn’t fit when we take Serena shopping tomorrow. Okay?”

“Okay dad…let’s go grandmother, come on Serena…let’s look at Earth!”

And off they went.


“Well Philip, how did you like the stock yards?”

“It was great Liz…now a question for you. Are you going to come back to Roswell to oversee this project of Max’s?”

“I will Philip, but I have an important project going on here that needs my attention first. It shouldn’t take too much longer. I think I will go over Harvik’s head this time and go directly to Mr. Chapin’s office with this request. I really don’t feel like dealing with the man and this is too important. I don’t want to be let go because of a leave of absence request and I don’t want to go in there and tell them that a world depends on this either. I’ll just request some personal time. I have about 8 weeks vacation built up plus a month of comp time. If we don’t have an answer in three months then I’ll just have to figure something else out but I surely don’t want Harvik knowing my whereabouts. The man just gives me the creeps.”

“I understand. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you when you return Liz and this evening has been a real blast. You say Maria is going to be performing here next Friday?”

“Yeah, she and Michael will be arriving on Wednesday. Maria will be tied up with rehearsals and getting things organized but Michael and I are going sight seeing. This will be one of the fun things we do. I’m sure he’ll enjoy seeing Bio-Labs as well. It really is a fascinating place, it’s too bad you couldn’t stay longer Philip. We could do that tomorrow.”

“No Liz, I think I’d better get back home. There’s an awfully lot going on there and I think Diane would appreciate me being there if only for some moral support. She and Max had a very traumatic reunion but I am sure they have settled down by now and I know there is a lot more to do so I’ll just head on out. Besides that, like you, I do have a job.”

Both Philip and Liz chuckled at that and then they were home again.

“What time is your flight Philip?”

“Seven twenty…I should be out of here by at least 6:00.”

“I’ll be up…see you then and Philip, this was really nice. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Liz and thank you. I didn’t know you liked to line dance.”

“Oh yeah…love it. Dad taught me.”

“I see. Well goodnight.”

And the older gentleman headed up to his canopy bed for the night…but before turning in he called his wife to see how things were going…they talked for over an hour, filling each other in on the events of the day and life went on. Philip was very excited about meeting his grandson…he would wait to break that news to Liz…someone else should have that pleasure…and Philip slept with a smile on his face for many reasons.


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Re: Well Look Who's Back! (M/L Teen) ch.9 4/26/11

Post by mary mary » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:13 am

Eve: Keep in mind that things have changed a little bit and that Jeff does know that Max is an alien king and he has been riding Max’s behind for a long time…it’s been 10 years, Max is older and right now he’s tired, he has a lot on his mind, he misses his son and he doesn’t need Jeff Parker’s BS, whatever the reason. Haven’t you ever just reached a point in your life when you’ve told someone that really didn’t matter all that much to you in the first place to just ‘back off!’. God, I have, and to people who really meant a whole lot more to me than Jeff means to Max as well. :roll:

I think you’ll all be surprised when Liz meets Zan…it’s going to take some figuring out but it all gets sorted in the long run, keep in mind "it's fiction!". :D

Nitpick 23: You are starting to figure this out aren’t you? Keep in mind that Zan was only a couple of weeks old when Max rescued him so he really never did know Tess.

XAF RU208:
So far you’re on the right page. I’m not telling you anymore than that….

Keep in mind that Michael has grown into his own person and hasn’t had to deal with the “Alien Crap” for a lot of years. Yes, he loves kids, always has and Zan is going to have all of them eating out of his hand before long, but he is a very good kid who has led a very sheltered life.

As far as school is concerned, Philip can take care of that for him with the help of Alex’s dad. He seems to have a lot of important connections.

Remember when FM told Liz that she and Serena would be friends some day, Liz will remember immediately when she hears Serena’s name. That’s all I’m going to tell you.

Chapter: 9

The next morning Liz was up and in the shower by 5:30, the fact that she had just gotten to bed at 1:30 went unnoticed. Actually, she was too wired to be concerned about lack of sleep, and by the time Philip came down with his overnight bag the coffee and some scones were already on the table waiting for him.

“I don’t know whether you like scones or not Philip but there’s a bakery next to the lab that has some delicious baked goods. It’s not as good as Amy’s but it’s pretty tasty.”

“This is great Liz. Just right, thank you sweetie. You know you didn’t have to get up with me don’t you?”

“I know Philip, but it’s so rare that I have someone to talk to in the morning that I thought I should take advantage of it. I’ll be talking to Michael later today; is Max at your home?”

“Yes he is Liz…and there are a couple of others with him. I probably shouldn’t say anything but nobody told me not to so I guess it’s okay. Zan is with Max and also a scientist from Antar. Her name is Serena and Diane said she seems very nice. She speaks with a slight accent and as soon as there is an answer to this problem she will be taking the serum back to Antar in order to set up a facility and to reproduce whatever you develop here. Max and Diane went shopping for Zan before they went to the pod chamber to pick up the boy and Serena and Diane said he is a real sweetheart and seems to be enthusiastic about everything. She said Max mentioned Toys-r-Us and the kid practically went ballistic over the fact that you can go to a store and buy only toys. Diane said he looks an awfully lot like Max did at that age and is very open to anything you have to say. I would say that grandma is very happy to meet her grandson.”

Philip watched Liz very closely as he spoke, trying to watch her reaction to the fact that Zan was here on Earth and that he was Max’s son and as near as he could tell the news didn’t seem to bother her too much. She actually smiled when he mentioned Toys-r-Us.

“Did Zan give any indication at all as to what he liked in the way of entertainment?”

“No…Diane didn’t mention anything in particular, just that he seemed happy to be here.”

“Uh huh…well, if you find anything that he’s particularly interested in will you let me know. I would like to take something with me for him when I go to Roswell. I have a feeling that he and Max will be a huge part of our experiments and I want him to be comfortable around me and not afraid of anything that I may need to do. I don’t want him to be as terrified as his father was when he was experimented on…although I won’t be conducting any experiments on him like that but I will need to take blood samples, cheek cells and things like that. I definitely will be needing samples from Max. His healing talent may be just the answer we are looking for.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Liz and most certainly will call you with some suggestions. When are you going to talk to Michael?”

“Well, it’s close to seven there right now…if I wait until nine our time it will be ten there, he should be up by then. Being Maria’s manager gives him very flexible hours and knowing Michael he is most likely not a morning person.”

Philip laughed at that.

“Well honey, I have to get going. I will call you with any information that I have.”

“Thank you Philip and I left a bill of materials on your computer in the form of an e-mail. If this scientist of Max’s can think of anything tell her to add to it and I will be there in about a week, Maria’s last concert is on Sunday so they probably will be leaving on Monday. I’ll talk to Mr. Chapin today, finish up my work on the experiment I’ve got going, categorize my notes and clean up any other projects sitting around before making my exit. As soon as Maria and Michael head back to New York I’ll lock it up here and take off. It will only take about 12 hours to drive there allowing for rest stops. I’ll let you know. I’ll have to make arrangements for a gardener and pool service while I’m gone and get a security system set up That should take care of it here. Just a matter of getting on line and having my mail forwarded to Roswell. I don’t think my neighbors need to know I’m gone. I can go months without running into any of them as it is so it should work out fine.”

“Well, it sounds like a plan to me.” And both Liz and Philip grinned.

Philip hugged the young woman and then made his way to the garage and opened the automatic door. Liz watched as he drove off and she felt suddenly empty and lonesome. It was nice having company she thought to herself…and then she realized that she didn’t especially like being alone so much. She liked her home but she didn’t like not sharing her home.

‘you’re not making any sense Liz Parker.’
She thought to herself…no sense
at all…And then she smiled at the thought of meeting Serena. She remembered future Max telling her that they would be friends one day and she suddenly remembered why and she shivered. This was 2010, four years, and then the logical part of Liz’s brain took over…she and Max were married in that time line. Things were different now and Khivar was dead. Then Liz got ready for work.


Back in New York a very sleepy Michael Guerin answered his phone…

“This better be good.”

“Wake up you sleepy head…it’s ten o’clock for God’s sake!”

“Liz? What in the hell has gotten into you?”

“Come on Michael…I told you I was going to call you. I had company last night…Philip Evans came to Dallas and spent the better part of yesterday with me, spent the night and he left at 6 this morning. Michael, I’m going to need a couple of months of your time. Can you get away for that long?”

“What the hell’s going on Liz?”

“Max, Antar, plagues, virus’s and the like. He’s back with Zan and an Antarian scientist by the name of Serena, you remember? Serena. Apparently your home planet is dying and they need a cure. Max thinks Khivar turned an Earthly virus loose on the planet when he got overthrown. Can you help me?”

“What do you want me to do Liz? I don’t know a damned thing about virus’s and the like and you know it.”

“I know Michael, but I need someone I trust to dispose of anything lethal without it getting into the Earth’s atmosphere and you’re the only person I trust. Besides Michael, I need a friend.”

“Alright Liz…you know you can count on me, you didn’t have to call me at the crack of dawn to find that out.”

“Michael, it is not the crack of dawn and you know it…just get your ass up and start moving around. I’ll see you Wednesday.”

“Right you are Liz…later.”

“Later Michael…love you!”

“Yeah, yeah.” And they hung up.

About that time Mr. Harvik came into Liz’s lab and she just glared at the man…

“You know Mr. Harvik, I have a schedule that I follow religiously and if you would please check that schedule you would know that I don’t have time for you right now so please leave.”

“Do you tell all of your people you love them Liz?”

“Only the one’s that I love Mr. Harvik and I definitely love the person on the other end of that call…now is there something you needed?”

“No Liz, nothing at all. I was informed that you will be taking an extended leave is, anything wrong?”

“Mr. Harvik, the only thing that I can think of at the moment that is wrong is you in my lab. Now, please leave so I can sew things up around here before I take off.”

“Well, I would think that you should have gone through me before making decisions such as this. I am your superior after all.”

“Mr. Harvik, let me explain something to you. I am leaving so here’s how it works. You are not, have never been, nor will you ever be my superior. So get your over bearing ass out of my lab before I call security. I was told that I do not have to put up with you or your slimy ways any longer so just leave. What I do is none of your business, personal or otherwise.”

“But Liz, you don’t…”

“Oh Mr. Harvik, I do. I have the authority to ask you to leave and should you not do as I ask then I can have you escorted out. Now go before I really get pissed.” And Mr. George Chapin watched on his monitor as the young doctor took care of her problem. He only hoped that taking her out of the clutches of Harvik would bring her back to them after the three months she requested off.

Mr. Harvik left Liz’s lab without another word. He would just have to use other means to get the information he needed from her. Apparently the woman did not like him and she finally made it perfectly clear that he should leave her alone. The cold shoulder treatment she had been giving him for the past five years was not an act…she really didn’t want to be around him. This is taking far too long, far too long indeed.’ He thought to himself.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.