AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) Ch 38 7/3 pg5

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A.N. Here is the next chapter. Hope it was worth the wait. :wink:

Chapter 20

Crashdown Backroom

Kyle waited for Jim to descend the stairs before he turned around. His father was not happy in the slightest, the veins on his neck threatened to burst as he clenched and unclenched his jaw. "Dad--how could--okay I know our family isn't the most open, hell we purposely avoid speaking about anything negative in our lives but you should have told me what I am...what you were." He scratched at his neck.

"I know son but now is not the--"

"No it is the perfect time to get into this. Not telling Liz is one thing but I'm your son, you should have told me." Suddenly an unpleasant thought entered into his mind. "God, are you even my father? Was I some weird Kryptonian experiment that you were in charge of?"

"Of course I'm your father. And you are my son by blood. Wouldn't matter if you were an experiment anyway you'd still be my son. Michelle, your mother, is also Kryptonian, when we came down to Earth to protect Liz and Clark she was pregnant." He'd never told anybody that it felt good to let his son in finally. "A Kryptonian pregnancy takes almost two years, now because Liz and Clark's biological parents wouldn't send their children down to any planet unprotected they sent us four years before they arrived."

"Where's Mom now?"

"Smallville, Kansas. She implanted her image and fake memories into the majority of the town, even made a family believe that she was their daughter and sister. That’s her strongest power, implanting things in people's heads." A note a pride could be heard in his voice.

Kyle thought for a moment. "So it's kind of like Tess's mind-warping power?"

"Yes and no. Tess has very little power compared to Michelle. Where Tess can only manipulate a couple of people's minds for a few minutes, Michelle can deeply imbed images, memories, and emotions, almost anything and keep it there till she removes it. And it's not a drain on her powers as time goes on. The function however is fairly similar." Jim explained.

Kyle plopped down on the couch in the breakroom. He never expected a tale like that. Did he believe his father--hell yes, what other choice was there? Sure he could deny everything his father said was true but than he'd be in denial. Too many things have happened to him and the people around him for him to bury his head in the sand. "What did you mean by this is tradition? What's tradition?"

"Because you're from a family of Protectors it's your job to become a Protector too. Liz was my charge and now she's yours. Even now I can feel my connection to her fading." Seeing his confusion Jim elaborated. "I had to know if she was all right even if I wasn't around. Ever wondered why I was so interested in Max Evans after Liz started dating him? I had to be sure he didn't hurt her--in anyway.”

“Being her Protector was both an honor and a curse. Honor because I was guarding one of the last few living Kryptonians and a curse because our family was torn apart. You grew up without your mother; I've lived over a decade without my wife. It hasn't been easy for me and it won't be easy for you..."

"Dad you're sucking all the fun out of being an alien." He teased. Reluctantly he stood, "We need to tell the other's this."

"Can you feel Liz getting antsy?"

"Big time. There's calmness attached to it too though. What's that about?"

"Probably Clark. Mates tend to send feelings back and forth. If one's feeling scared the other will send reassuring vibes to them, if they're feeling sad they send happy vibes. Kryptonian Mates are very connected and it's almost if not completely impossible to tear them apart."


"Liz?" Still no response. "Liz!?" Jeff rose his voice but still wasn't getting through to her. "Elizabeth Claudia Parker." That got her attention.

"Yes Daddy?" She opened her eyes and rose her head from Clark's chest. When Jim and Kyle went downstairs she closed her eyes to rest for a few minutes. She was so tired; mating with her mate tended to tucker a girl out. Not that she minded.

"Before Kyle and Jim return where were you and Clark this afternoon? Why were you so late?" He knew they'd already been asked this question before but he hoped Liz hadn't heard Clark's answer. That boy wasn't telling the whole truth and he didn't like that, not one bit.

"The mall, and when we found out we were the same species we got to talking. Kind of lost track of time. We would have called Dad really but we forgot too."

Liz was lying; she was lying to him again. Why was it that when a boy was involved she resorted to lying? First with Kyle she lied about his father being home one evening. Than with Max it was one lie after the other. He could hardly keep them straight. And now with Clark she wasn't being truthful. Liz gave herself away when she wouldn't look at him in the eye; she wasn't biting her lip so there was some ring of truth to her story but very little. For now he'd let it go, they had more important issues to deal with but he would not let the lying go on forever.

Jim and Kyle's footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs. Finally maybe now they'd get some answers. Nancy gripped her glass filled with vodka--what did you think she was kidding about that--and waited impatiently for the father and son to take their seats and begin the information sharing.

"Clark, Liz do you know who your biological parents are?" One nodded yes, the other shook their head no. "Okay, Clark, as you know your natural parents were the rulers of our planet, Jor-El and Lara. Lara was kind and generous while Jor-El resorted to other means. He wasn't a bad ruler, in fact he was quite good, his method's however were not the friendliest. Your mother and father created the perfect balance, she was there to stop him from going to far and he was there to be the back bone that she at times lacked."

"Now Liz, your mother was named Darapha--Kyle I'm sure you saw her--" He nodded and let Dad continue. "She was a scientist, it was her job to figure out who was mated to each other. It was also common for her to be apart of the experiments held on our planet. While your father Myr-ra was a liaison for our planet. He went to various planets--Antar being one--and spoke on behalf of Jor-El and Lara. For a good ten years our planet's scientist knew Krypton was going to explode in the near future. No one believed them--except Kal-El’s parents and small pockets of people. Darapha spoke to Jor-El and pleaded with him to send scouts to other planets similar to our own so our people could survive. Jor-El some extent."

"Jor-El kept the information from his people, he did send a few people out to various planets many light years away that resembled our atmosphere. Earth was one of them, Antar another. Since Earthlings weren't aware that other intelligent life forms existed outside of themselves it was important our ships remain cloaked. There had already been one incident years earlier with the Antarian Royal Four's ship we certainly didn't need an incident with Krypton's." Jim explained.

"How old are we? Are we really sixteen?" Clark asked.

"In Earth years yes. However in Kryptonian no. Roughly your and Liz's correct age is somewhere between nineteen and twenty-two. Our planet rotates a couple months faster than Earth but since our people age much slower it doesn't effect us much. On this planet unless something unforeseeable happens, you'll both live to be well into your four-hundreds."

"Okay, how is that possible?" Jonathan spoke up. "How could you not have over-populated your planet with that long to live?"

"Who said we didn't?" Jim cryptically answered. "We weren't without our predators. We had creatures that could kill us, diseases that could eat us from the inside out; many of the same concerns Earthlings have here. The only difference is we live longer naturally and unnaturally." Seeing their confused expressions he explained further. "Naturally we live a total of two-hundred years, however with our years of technology and testing we can now live up to four-hundred."

"But we're not on Krypton, wouldn't that mean we won't have access to this technology that makes us live longer?" While Liz wasn't sure how comfortable she'd be living so long that all her loved ones die she couldn't help but be intrigued by the possibility.

"Don't worry about that. All babies while in the womb are given the concoction to further their life-span." Noticing they didn't have anymore questions right now he continued with his story. "When our soldiers sent word back to Jor-El that certain planets would be ideal to send their people to he spoke with Lara. By that time she was pregnant with Kal-El, you Clark. So they waited, not long, but long enough for your mate, Livara, to be born."

Liz played with Clark's fingers, unlacing and lacing them together. "How did they know that I'd be born? How did they know that I was his mate?"

"The Hylena--or Oracle whichever you prefer. It's usually a she, sometimes there's an oops if you will and a male becomes an Hylena."

"An 'oops'?" Jeff rose an eyebrow.

"When a male receives the Hylena gifts it's not exactly a great thing, for one most men can't handle the gift, something with their brains not being able to take the constant visions. And other males would look down on him, mind powers are supposed to be a females gift, when a male receives them it's a disgrace. Anyway, the Hylena gave word to the King and Queen that Kal-El's mate would be conceived within three months and she was.”

“It was then my wife and myself were sent to Earth to make sure we would be here when you arrived. Jsynria, when we first arrived on Earth she called herself Michelle, was sent to watch and protect you Clark, while I was sent to watch and protect Liz. At that time she was already pregnant with Kyle. Now since we were sent here I don't know much of what went on in that last year and half that our planet lived but I know that we got word both of you would be sent to Earth within the day. Only a few hours later as you and Liz were hurdling toward Earth, Krypton exploded, with most of our people still there, completely clueless."

"If my protector was supposed to be watching me then who is she? Since Liz knows you I would assume it'd be someone I know but I can't think of anyone who might fit the bill." Clark asked. So much information he had to learn, he had so many questions. He only hoped Jim would be able to answer them.

"She lives in Smallville and now goes by the name Nell Potter. And she takes care of her niece Lana Lang."


A.N. I couldn’t remember Nell’s last name for the life of me so I made up my own. If it’s right great, if not that’s all right too.
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Jensen Lover 37

Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Don't worry Lana won't make an appearance in this first book, she's only mentioned. However later in the series she will have a small role but since I too can't stand her character she's going to have a very small role. I wasn't going to post this till sometime next week but I'm in a very good mood today so I figured that other people should benefit from my good mood. :lol:

Chapter 21

Clark stared at Jim in shock. "Did I hear you right?" He dropped his hand from Liz's waist to her thigh. "Lana Lang's Aunt is really your wife and Kryptonian? No way. She's completely normal--and how wouldn't I know that? I've been around Lana a lot and by default Nell too. No way is she like us."

Jealousy reared its ugly head when Clark mentioned he spent a lot of time with Lana. She had an overwhelming desire to leave his arms and run off to some far away deserted planet so she could destroy it by punching and kicking it till all its little bits and pieces were floating around space looking for another planet to cause a huge crater on.

Kyle felt the need to hurt something--more like someone--coming from Liz with such force he was pushed back into the seat. "Jeez Liz, tone it down a little will ya. I'm sure they're only friends." He rubbed his chest. Jealousy and anger weren't the only two emotions Liz was feeling. Hurt, confusion, and doubt hit his heart and body like a Mac Truck.

"What?" Her voice shaky and racked with emotion. Clark and this Lana character had a history, he said himself that he had a crush on her but she saw inside his head...he thought it was love at one point and that hurt her more than anything she had experienced before. Insecurity ate away at her, a part of her psyche questioned her ability to keep a man interested, after all Max certainly hadn't stuck around for her. The minute an alien female from his planet that he was attracted to came to town he was gone testing the waters out.

Another part however won out--Livara. Her constant companion, the one side of her that knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go out and get it. Clark--Kal--was hers and always would be. Who could deny their fire, their passion, and their bond? No one that's who. He's mine. Lana be damned; she wasn't going to give up Clark without a fight to the death...Lana's death.

"That's apparently something else we need to talk about. Whoa, tone down the violence too Liz. Don't need to see what you plan to do to the girl if you ever meet her."

Clark tilted his head to look into Liz's eyes. She'd muted the emotions he received from her. "Don't do that." He spoke with such authority that Liz started to release the floodgates keeping him from getting any thought or feeling that she didn't want him to get, but once she realized that's what she was doing she stopped. "Why are you hiding?" She caressed the side of his cheek and only shook her head negatively.

"It's nothing." Liz whispered, unsure of how much she'd reveal with her and Clark's parents right there.

Screw this, Kal growled in his head. Clark stood and carried Liz into her room locking the door and melting it with heat vision. Gasps and growled 'Come back here's' went unanswered. He held her close. "What. Tell me what's wrong. How can help if you won't tell me?" Forcing her to tell him wouldn't do any good, even Kal was against that idea--to an extent.

"When you mentioned Lana--" eyes flared red, "--God I wanted to kill her. Didn't matter that you're with me, didn't matter that we bonded, didn't matter that I know you wouldn't get back with her...I still hated her. I still wanted to rip her to shreds so she'd never have you." She pulled away and shoved her fingers into her hair. "What kind of a person does that make me? How could I think about doing that to someone, someone I'd never even met all because you said you spent a lot of time with her?"

Back Alley of Crashdown

Max stared up the familiar ladder. He'd climbed it so many times, it made him think of being Romeo on his way to see his Juliet. Now it only brought thoughts of what had been and what could have been. When he first suggested they have no contact with their human friends he didn't think it'd be forever. If anything he thought it'd last a week tops and then their friends would be back almost begging to lift their separation. It shocked him when a week passed and none of them spoke to him, it down right worried him when a month passed and still no sign that they were going to crack.

During the meeting Nasedo called at his home he spoke of the newcomers staying in the Parker's home. Apparently Tess brought it up earlier but she swore it wasn't to cause suspicion. According to her Nasedo asked about them and she only told him what little she knew and didn't think they were a threat. Their protector implored them to keep a close eye on them. He mentioned he saw the young man carrying Liz down the street and up to the Parker's home.

Max instantly argued that Liz wouldn't let anybody carry her. They had dated for a few months and she never let him carry her. Always balked saying she could walk and didn't need anyone carrying her like she a weak little thing. But Nasedo yelled back at him saying that he knew what he saw.

Neither King nor Protector was willing to budge on the subject so he changed it. Max asked about Khivar and if Nasedo had any new information that would help them against him. He mentioned that it was too soon to tell. In a couple days he might have more information on that front since messages tended to take at least a few hours to reach him here on Earth.

He straightened his gray t-shirt, he meant to change before he came here to see Liz but he needed to talk to her. Tell her that he was an idiot in demanding they stay apart from each other. He still thought he should be with Tess, continue his destiny with her, but that didn't mean he and Liz couldn't be friendly. Max grabbed the second to bottom rung and began his ascent up the well-oiled ladder.

Liz's Bedroom

Clark followed close behind her. "Breathe." Hormones raced and he leaned down kissing her exposed heated neck.

"Clark this isn't. This isn't normal. Nothing about this is normal. Every time you're near I want to mark you, scratch at your back to let anybody man or woman know that you are mine." She whirled around to face him. "There's this burning need inside of me that demands that I claim you. Should we be like this? Is this normal "us" stuff?"

"Even if it's not I certainly don't want it to stop." He hauled her up, her legs wrap around him. "Knowing that you need me, desire me, feel claim toward me." Clark nipped at her chin. "It drives me wild." Red eyes flared raking his gaze over her body seeing everything fully, thank God for x-ray vision. "Everything you feel--that desire to claim that just won't quit, I wouldn't give that up for anything. It's there for me too." He growled against her throat, Liz threw back her head in pleasure.

"Want to do--" She pulled him closer to her exposed neck, enjoying to the fullest extent his lips, tongue, and teeth leaving their impressions against her flesh. "Want to do some claiming right now." A husky groan escaped, letting him know just how much she loved his touch.

They fell on the bed in front of them, neither noticing the figure that watched them with disgust, hurt, and anger.

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A.N. Hello everyone, thank you for the feedback and bumps. ::waves:: First off I’m sorry this took a bit of time to get out. There really is no excuse except the usual school-related things, Halloween preparation and other fics pulling at me. However here is the next update, I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter, I didn’t get everything in it I wanted to but if I had it would have admittedly taken a lot longer to get posted. This chapter should really be the first half of the chapter but again if I didn’t decide to break it up I’d still have it on my hard-drive gathering dust.

Chapter 22

Jeff Parker reached the door a couple seconds after it closed. Thankfully Clark hadn’t used his super speed to make it to Liz’s room. He raised his hand to bang on the door but Jim stopped him. "Why the hell did you stop me? You better have a damn good reason for stopping me from breaking down that door and dragging my daughter out of there."

"You really don't want to interrupt them." He kept his hand against the angry father's chest. "Believe me Jeff I know how you're feeling but they are in a crucial stage right now."

"Crucial stage? Crucial stage? I'd damn well say so, that walking package of hormones is getting ready to take advantage of my innocent daughter." He couldn't fathom his little girl being the aggressor.

Martha frowned and left Jonathan’s side. Nobody talked about her son that way. “Don’t blame Clark for all this. Your daughter isn’t innocent in all this. She wasn’t pushing Clark away. Liz was receptive—“

"All of you be quiet.” Jim scowled at the parents. “I'm sorry Jeff but she's not your little girl anymore. She is just as--active in this process. There's no way Clark could force her into anything or take advantage of--" A loud thud could be heard from inside Liz's room. "Why don't we take this conversation into the living room."

Reluctantly the parents made their way to the living room; the sight that greeted them shocked them. Kyle floated above the couch, a yellow light surrounded him and his eyes were squeezed shut. Jim hurried over to him and went to grab him but the force field that hovered around Kyle zapped him and threw him back into the bookcase. "Dammit."

"What is going on. It's time you let the parents in on what their children are apart of." Jonathan demanded. He hated being in the dark. There wasn't much that bothered him more than not knowing if something was “wrong” with his son. Sure there are some things that Jonathan didn't pry but Clark’s safety was not one of them.

Jim straightened and shook off the fuzzy sensations he felt, the feelings came from Kyle’s force field, and Liz and Clark caused that force field. Instead of answering he ignored Jeff, Jonathan, Nancy, and Martha for a few moments, sighing he closed his eyes and raised his hands, palms out, facing Kyle and began to chant words that were foreign to the parents. Kyle slowly descended from the ceiling. The yellow glow dissipated but didn't disappear completely, and Jim set him gently on the couch.

A little sweat trickled down his forehead. Jim wiped it off with the side of his sleeve; his powers weren’t nearly as strong as they had been in previous years. He breathed deeply and turned back to the frustrated parents. "Because Liz and Clark, Livara and Kal, are mated pairs and as corny as it sounds, destined to be together--made to be one with one another however you want to say it, because of that they're...going through a...stage."

"Stage?" Nancy breathed out carefully. "Ok, you already said crucial stage. Elaborate."

Telling angry, worried, and homicidal parents wouldn't be easy. "Alright. To make a very long and detailed history rather short, Kryptonians are primitive when it comes to finding their mate. The women tend to be more aggressive when it comes to that. Once they chose their mate almost nothing will stop them from pursuing them. While not as primal as the women can be, the males are not to be messed with either. They hate when another male encroaches on what he considers his territory."

Angered at the explanation Jeff stood a little closer to Jim staring him straight in the eye. "Whoa Jim. Liz is nobodies territory."

"Clark may argue with you there. It's certainly not one-sided though. You didn't feel what Liz felt when Clark mentioned another woman's name. Images came into my head and they weren't pretty and all were from Liz. She wanted to kill the girl, a girl she'd never met. During this time you can't look at Liz and Clark as your children, because right now they aren't."

"You're not making any sense. Not our children? Of course they are." Martha argued. Not liking anything that Jim was spouting.

"Unfortunately you can't think that way, not right now. If you go in there you may not come out alive and I'm not exaggerating. On Krypton, approximately two hundred years before the planet imploded, there was an incident with a visiting Royal Family from Antar. Two young Krypton adults who hadn't claimed each other yet were engaged in an intimate moment. Three members of the seven Royal’s that were visiting stumbled upon them, they apologized and turned to leave but the Kryptonians wouldn't let them. They killed those three members of the Royal Family and to this day most Antarians dislike Kryptonians."

"How do you know this?"

"My brother and his destined mate were the two young Kryptonians that killed them." When Brumian and Kayla returned they had such a wild look to their eyes, their bodies covered in blood from head to toe. “After they had killed the three they continued in their mating neither caring about the blood that was smeared on their bodies. My brother admitted to me that the blood all over them was a turn on. It was a freshly spilt trophy.”

The stares of shock and horror were not lost on him but they needed to understand what they were dealing with. “Do not make the mistake of interrupting them. They are Kryptonian, no matter what they have learned in their decade of being on this planet they can’t fight thousands and thousands of years of instinct.”

“Wait—didn’t you say that Kryptonians went to Antar—weren’t you going to send some of your people there?” Nancy didn’t understand why if the other aliens hated them they’d be sending their people, possibly even Clark and Liz there.

“Politics. Kryptonians have powerful allies and the Antarian royalties knew that having Kryptonians there would give them access to those allies. For that they were willing to tolerate our peoples presence. They would have of course been placed with Antarians who were more open to us.”

Jeff clasped his fingers together and spoke through his hands. “Like who?”

“There were rebel factions in areas on Antar, mostly in the city of Jasa. Antar is smaller than Earth; two Antar’s could fit in this planet. Unlike here, Antar has one ruling faction, there are other royal families but they have very little power in comparison to the Planet rulers.”

A shout from Liz’s room broke into their conversation; Kyle still unconscious lying on the couch echoed the howl of pleasure coming from Liz. Cringing Jeff did his best to drown out the sounds coming from the room. “What the hell is going on with him?”

“He’s Liz’s protector now, I used to be but now it’s been passed on to Kyle. Because he is new and untrained he can’t close off his bond to Liz enough where he can still function. With practice he won’t be experiencing everything Liz is and he won’t be put in a coma like state.” Jim felt relieved that by the time Liz arrived to Earth he had been trained and didn’t have to feel the emotions and experiences to such an extreme.

It also helped that Liz hadn’t been a sexually active teenager. Kyle had many obstacles he had to overcome; he had no doubt however that he would be able to handle it. “Unfortunately because Kyle is so close to Liz physically he’s having more of a reaction to her and Clark’s coupling.”

“That’s one of the top ten things parents never want to know about their children.” Jeff fumed. It drove him crazy that there was nothing he could do to stop his daughter and Clark.

“Their desire for one another will never fade but their need to have sex will decrease a bit, to normal Kryptonian levels after she gets pregnant.” Jim revealed.

“What!?” The parents shouted together. Yet another thing that a parent didn’t want to hear in relation to their child.


Coming Up: Clark and Liz have some more alone time, Max vents to Isabel, and the possibility of a Khivar scene.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) AN pg14 1/17

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A.N. I had a lot of fun writing the Iz/Max scene. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 23

Liz’s Bedroom

Liz breathed in and out slowly, her heartbeat finally reached its normal level again. She lay on Clark’s chest playing with the grooves of his abdomen as he stroked her tangled hair. Content to stay right there she wrapped her arms under his shoulders and laid her hands to rest on his upper back.

“I’ve never felt this way before Clark.” Her warm breath danced across his chest.

“What way?” There was a part of him that knew what she was talking about but he feigned ignorance.

“Like I know where I belong.” Sighing she lifted her head to look into his eyes. “Ever since I knew I was different I never felt completely whole. Sure my parents loved me no matter what and my friends were always there to support me and just be my friend. But now, being with you, touching you—I don’t feel …”

“Alone.” Clark finished for her.

“You too?”

“Yes. You feel like home. This is where I’m supposed to be, with you.” He clasped his hands together on her lower back holding her to him.

The lovers lay in silence for a few minutes until Liz broke the comfortable quiet with a question. “What do you remember of Krypton?”

He shrugged. “Mostly impressions of things. Although lately I seem to remember the language and some ceremonies keep coming to mind. You?” He moved a little bit of her hair with his chin, then lifted his hand and pulled the wild strands of hair to lay softly on her back.

“I was loved.” She smiled. “The language I’ve known since I could remember. The symbols on what few pieces from our planet I have I knew what they said immediately. Didn’t know what some of the items were though.”

“What kind of things do you have?”

“A set of rings that say ‘Love and Loyalty’. A necklace that was my mother’s, I have a small memory of playing with it when I was a baby. She’d bend down and that necklace would dangle above me and I’d grab for it.” She chuckled. “The other items looked like small plaques or keys. The words it said on it were ‘Duty’, ‘Conquer’, ‘Strength’, ‘Honor’, and ‘Allegiance’. Each of the symbols coincided with a corner.”

“What about your ship? Do you have that?” He asked.

“No. I assume it’s somewhere in Smallville. Do you have yours?”

“Yes, when I touched it the ship kind of talked.” Clark revealed. Although not overly concerned right now he wondered about her ship. Where had it gone and who had it now? “How did you get the items from our planet?”

“Well, with the rings and necklace I had those with me when I was found. And then with the other items Alex found them on E-bay and my parents paid for them. There was one man who wanted ten thousand dollars for a crystal with a Kryptonian symbol. My parents didn’t even blink when they bought it.” Finding Kryptonian artifacts had become a costly venture that put her parents into debt. They still aren’t completely in the clear and they might never be.

Clark stared at Liz in his arms, her body nude and glistening with sweat. Her deep rich mahogany colored hair tickled his tanned chest, tangled and wild from his hands thrusting deep and massaging her scalp as he made love to her. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful to him.

“Clark?” Liz murmured into his chest.

“Yea?” He was beginning to doze off; content to stay right where they were for a few more hours.

Liz began to pull away from him but Clark wouldn’t have it keeping a firm arm around her waist. “Umm, we never used a condom.”



Isabel jumped out of her skin, frightened by the noise but calmed slightly when she saw Max stalking through the kitchen. “What the hell got your boxers in a twist?” He was pissed; there was no denying that.


“And this is new because…” Isabel didn’t mean to toss aside her brother’s anger but usually it was caused by either Liz or an alien matter. Both subjects tended to push his buttons to the point that he had difficult controlling himself.

“Liz and I dated for how long?” He leaned against the island in the kitchen.

“Am I supposed to know this?” She went back to making her sandwich but still listened to Max get whatever he was feeling off his chest.

He sighed. “On and off for at least six months before Tess came here.”

“Yea, so.” And she was supposed to care because why?

“The furthest we ever went was—“

Isabel interrupted before he finished his sentence. “This is information I really don’t need to hear.” But he kept talking.

“—making out and heavy petting.”

“And he tells me anyway.” She rolled her eyes up toward the ceiling. Hopefully that little tidbit wouldn’t be hanging around in her mind for long.

“So tonight I go over there to talk to her. I wanted to clear the air between us and maybe go back to be friends.”

“Sounds good.” Although why he’s breaking their decision again to stay away from the humans she’d never understand. If she went to talk to Alex he’d be furious that she went against the group, but when he does it, when the King of Antar broke the rules it’s not a big deal.

“I climb her balcony ladder—“

“Like a stalker.” Max had never used the front door when he was dating Liz; it was always that balcony. He even admitted to her that he would watch her through the window for a few minutes before making his presence known. Creepy.

“Not like a stalker, like a friend. She never minded that I climbed up there.” He argued with her.

Isabel fired back. “Did you ask her about that?”

“Not really.”

“Then you don’t really know. Anyway you were saying?” She urged him to continue. Anything to get this story out faster.

“I climb her balcony and look in through her window. There’s this guy, the guy we saw with Liz and her family at the restaurant, and they’re ripping their clothes off starting to have sex.” Max shouted knocking a salt shaker off the island he was leaning on.

“Did you actually see them having sex?” She inquired.

“No, I didn’t stick around long enough. But there was no doubt that that’s what they were going to do. Six-months and we never had sex, this guy is only around for a day or two and she’s spreading her legs for him.”

Isabel whipped around and stared at him hard. “Okay little brother, I am only going to say this once so I hope you listen. Who cares?”

“What?” Max shocked that after everything he said that was all she had to say.

“Apparently I’m going to have to say it again. Who cares? Once you two broke up she could have screwed the entire football team and it wouldn’t be any of your business.” She moved over to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk.


Isabel held up her hand to stop his mouth from moving. “No, my turn to talk now Max.” She poured the milk into a glass before continuing. “Weren’t you the one that broke up with her first? Why should this bother you so much? Does Tess mean so little to you?”

“Of course not. I care about Tess very deeply, how could I not, but it’s not what Liz and I shared.” He sighed. “This guy has only been around for a couple days…”

“Not your business.” She put the milk carton back in the fridge and reached for the Tabasco sauce. “She’s moving on, maybe you didn’t expect her to this soon but she has. Be happy for her.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“Then you have a choice to make. Be happy for her and maybe you can get at the very least your friendship back when she’s ready.”

“And if I don’t like that option?”

“Don’t be happy for her, do what you normally do and stalk her, confront her, verbally attack her, and whatever else I’m leaving out of your “normal” action when dealing with Liz. But be prepared to have Liz hate you and her bed-buddy to keep you far away from her.”

Isabel grabbed her sandwich and drink and left Max in the kitchen thinking about what she said. Hopefully Max would be smart and think logically about the situation. He was with Tess and had no say in Liz’s life. He could be concerned about her choices but in the long run he had no say in what she did or didn’t do. Unfortunately he hadn’t learned that lesson in the years since he hatched.

Max probably still thought of Liz as his and he would tell her when she could move on and not a moment sooner. That view of the world would bite him in the butt one day and she had a feeling it would be much sooner than she expected.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Ch 23 pg14 2/11

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A.N. Thank you for the fantabulous feedback. It’s wonderful to read. There will be a detailed author’s note at the end of this chapter. You’ll be getting answers to the pregnancy questions that are being asked in this chapter. Enjoy.

Previously from chapter 22: “Their desire for one another will never fade but their need to have sex will decrease a bit, to normal Kryptonian levels after she gets pregnant.” Jim revealed.

“What!?” The parents shouted together. Yet another thing that a parent didn’t want to hear in relation to their child.

Previously from chapter 23: “Clark?” Liz murmured into his chest.

“Yea?” He was beginning to doze off; content to stay right where they were for a few more hours.

Liz began to pull away from him but Clark wouldn’t have it keeping a firm arm around her waist. “Umm, we never used a condom.”

Chapter 24

Parker Household

“Excuse me? Pregnant? No.” Jeff shook his head not liking that explanation at all. “I don’t accept that answer.”

“You don’t accept it? Well you’re going to have to get used to it.” Jim chuckled.

“Not yet I don’t.” Jeff argued.

“It will happen eventually. However thankfully you’ll have some time to get used to it.” He figured he better put Jeff out his misery before he popped a blood vessel.

“What?” He looked back the Sheriff. “And what’s that suppose to mean?”

Jim didn’t get the opportunity to answer him because Kyle woke up. “Ok, what the hell happened?” He held his head between his hands. A headache pounded at his temples and his stomach rolled from the pain.

“It takes a lot out of you, you’re almost completely connected to Liz.” Jim ran a hand up and down his back hating that his son had to go through this but at the same time he was proud of him. All Protectors had to go through the pain of being connected to their charge, some didn’t survive, and others hardly had any pain.

Over the two weeks the bond between Kyle and Liz would grow until he was a full Protector. When that happened he’d be a nervous wreck. The pain Kyle felt now would probably be nothing compared to what he would feel later. He believed with all his heart that Kyle would make it through the process that didn't stop him for worrying.


At her words Clark’s eyes shot open. Naked and desperate he hurried from the bed. He moved so fast that she hardly saw him grab the pillow that was once behind his head and place it in front of him hiding his private area from her.

“We never…” He swallowed. That was not good. How could he have been so stupid, Dad had beaten into his head that when he did become sexually active he’d always use a condom until he was emotionally, mentally, and financially ready for a kid. Clark wasn’t any of those things right now.

Liz raked her eyes up his sculpted body. Her tongue wet her lips remembering the way those grooves and dips tasted. He really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed, it only gave her a better view of what she had and wanted again.

In an instant she was up from the bed, pressing her lips to his, brushing her bare breasts against his muscular chest, and pushing him toward the wall. The pillow that kept her body from his fell as he dragged her closer to him.

Liz knew she was insane, she had to be. She wasn’t a sex crazed beast but oh God she couldn’t help herself with Clark. He was so powerful and strong but soft and sweet to her. She wanted all of him. He held her so close, so tenderly. It warmed her like nothing else had before.

Clark couldn’t get enough of her unique taste. His tongue swept over hers and dared it to meet with his own. Her small hands rested on his waist and brought him a little closer. Liz trailed her fingers over the little dimple above Clark’s behind.

Growling Clark lifted Liz up so her feet dangled off the floor. He carried her like that over to her nightstand and swung his arm out getting rid the things that were on top. Clark placed Liz on the empty end table…

The loud crash of the lamp on her nightstand falling and shattering around his feet brought them back to reality. Pulling back Clark jumped over to the other side of the bed. Breathe Clark, breathe. “You stay over there and I’ll stay here.” He breathed heavily, Kal battling inside him telling him to forget everything but pleasing Livara/Liz. “We need to talk to that Jim guy.”

“Right there with ya.” Liz agreed nodding her head frantically. Livara cried and shouted in her head. Kal was too far away and she wanted him back.

The two teens dressed in a hurry; she grabbed his large flannel shirt and shrugged it on hastily buttoning it. While Clark jumped into his jeans zipping them but forgot about the button, there were more important things; right now he needed a shirt. Liz turned searching for a pair of pants, when she found a pair she grabbed them and hopped into the rough denim as fast as she could.

Against his better judgement he turned to look at Liz. She stood there facing away from him draped in his shirt; the sheer size made her look smaller and more delicate then she was. His eyes flared red but he stamped down the need and desire, even though it killed him.

Clark turned away and bent down picking up his white T-shirt that he had on under his flannel shirt. He shrugged it on and pulled it down over his stomach. Once dressed they both headed for the door, reaching for the knob at the same time their fingers brushed.

The flame of desire that hadn’t gone away flared between them again. Clark leaned down, staring down at her intently as Liz stepped closer, her bare feet lifting her up as she stretched to meet his lips.

Liz had enough brain activity going to continue to grope for the doorknob. Finally she gathered the willpower to turn and pull open the door and inched past Clark hurrying down the hall with him following closely behind.


A breathless Clark and Liz hurried out of the bedroom determined to keep their hands off of each other until they figured some things out. Like whether or not they were having a baby.

Liz couldn’t believe how stupid she had been. She wasn’t even taking birth control pills, and the saying was ‘it only takes one time’. Well she and Clark had taken many times without protection. Oh boy, Daddy was going to kill him then lock her in her room till she was eighty.

Still in the living room were her parents, Jim and Kyle. Oh crap, did they hear her and Clark earlier? This just continued to get worse and worse. A bright pink blush filled her cheeks and she brought her hands up to cover the embarrassment.

Nobody missed the tangled hair piled on top of Liz’s head or the mark on her neck, which no doubt came from Clark paying far to much attention to that area. Crescent fingernail marks stood out on Clark’s arms and an impression of teeth was on his earlobe.

Kyle smirked, guess Kryptonians could be marked but only by their own kind. “So…have fun you two?” He chuckled at Liz’s discomfort.

Liz’s blush deepened and she nervously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and played with the shirtsleeve of Clark’s shirt that dwarfed her. Damn Kyle, asking the one question she really couldn’t answer in front of her parents. She didn’t answer though instead she turned to Jim. “We need to talk. The three of us.”

She didn’t look at Clark, even though she wanted to more than anything. Was it hot or was that just her? A bead of sweat trickled down her spine and stopped when it reached the top of her pants.

Seeing her worry Jim stood and nodded. Until Kyle was a full Protector he still had a duty to Liz, and since he knew things of Krypton that Kyle did not he’d have to be the go to guy for a while to come.

“Of course. Where would you like to talk?” Jim asked.


Jim followed her and Clark into the kitchen shut the sliding door behind him and leaned against it as Liz and Clark occupied opposite sides of the room. They were trying to physically distance themselves until they got answers. He better answer whatever they wanted quickly. If they waited too long it could get ugly. Somehow he didn’t think Jeff, Nancy, Martha, and Jonathan would be able to handle seeing their kids screw in front of them.

“What will happen when I get pregnant?” Might as well cut the chase, Liz thought.

“If.” Clark brought up. Neither knew if she was or not, there was a possibility that she wasn’t, meaning if they used condoms from here on out it would be unlikely she’d get pregnant now.

“At the rate we’re going it’s going to be when not if. So far it was four maybe five times that we haven’t used anything. Gotta be realistic here.” She argued back barely glancing at him not trusting herself yet.

Jim held up a hand. “Don’t worry. Breathe Liz. You won’t be getting pregnant for a while yet. No matter how many times you and Clark don’t use protection.”

“What are you talking about? No condom or birth control of any kind usually means surprise here’s a baby.” Her heart rate accelerated with panic at the idea of having a child at her young age. She wasn’t ready. Yes, she always wanted a child, more than one actually but not now. Not when she had so many things she wanted to do before having him or her.

“Kryptonians can’t become pregnant before they’re thirty. Or here on Earth when you’re about twenty-five. Because most mates meet and become bonded during the teens and twenties Mother Nature made it so females couldn’t get pregnant until they’re thirty and males can’t get a female pregnant until they’re thirty.” He explained.

“Really? No matter how many times we…” She finally looked at Clark and saw a predatory gleam. “…have sex no baby can come of it?” Liz swallowed passed the sigh of relief she felt.

“Yea. Not yet anyway.” He too noticed the Kent boy’s lustful gleam. Immediately he knew that it wasn’t the Kent boy in the driver’s seat. It was Kal-El, the former future leader of their planet and people.

“That’s good to know Val ‘enti.” He growled. Not waiting a second longer he rushed forward picked Liz up in his arms and hurried through the house hurrying up to his room instead of Liz’s.

“Well that went well.” He sighed and went back out to the living room where the parents and Kyle were waiting anxiously.

“What did you tell them? What did they ask?” Kyle stood. He felt some of what Liz had been feeling. Nervous, scared, worried, and excited.

“They were worried about her being pregnant. As I told them they can’t get pregnant until they’re thirty or in Earth years twenty-five.” There was a collective sigh throughout the room. Noticing the time he clapped Kyle on the back. “We’re going to go. There are many more things we need to discuss but it can wait till morning. I’m fairly certain Clark and Liz won’t be down for a while.”

Nancy reluctantly nodded. “If we need you we’ll call.” She wanted to know more about what was going on with Liz but she had to agree that it would be better if Liz were there to listen as well.

Together the Valenti’s left and headed home. Meanwhile the Kent’s and Parker’s sat silently in the living room. Their children were growing up right before their eyes, having to deal with otherworldly things and there was nothing they could do to stop it or slow it down.


A.N. When I first thought up this story a couple years ago I did plan to have Liz get pregnant in Book 1. I even wrote the prologue for Book 2 in the series with Liz pregnant. However about a year ago I started wondering if I should get her pregnant yet. Even though in my story a Kryptonian pregnancy lasts about two years and she wouldn’t be giving birth for a while I just didn’t want her to get pregnant yet, especially at sixteen in Earth years. So instead there was a small pregnancy scare, of course this means that I’ll have to rewrite the prologue for the next book but that’s a small price to pay. I’d rather rewrite the prologue then abandon this story because I didn’t like where I was taking it. Plus I already have plenty of fics right now where Liz either is or is going to get pregnant.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)Ch 24 pg16 3/5

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A.N. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. Here's the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 25

July 8; Valenti Household; 6:45 a.m.

Kyle scratched his chest; he yawned and went into the kitchen. He needed coffee. Reaching up he grabbed his favorite coffee cup and filled it with water. Dad was probably still sleeping, that’s where he should be, in bed dreaming of Playboy models. Instead he was awake; he hadn’t even had a full four hours of sleep, what the hell was up with that?

After he and Dad returned home he was too wired to sleep so he stayed up till one watching TV. Then Dad came back from his room and told him to go to bed. He went to his room but he didn’t go to sleep. Not until almost three.

Now he desired coffee and coffee was what he’d get. The microwave dinged and he pulled out the hot water. He briefly entertained the idea of heating it up with heat vision…if he knew how anyway. Besides he didn’t even know if he had it. For all he knew he had strength and speed but not heat vision.

He remembered when Liz got heat vision. That was the day he found out about where she came from and his life changed forever.

As he made his coffee Dad came down the hallway and entered the kitchen. “Son.” He greeted, not quite awake enough to say much else.

“Father.” He teased.

“Very funny.” Jim reached up and grabbed the Frosted Flakes. He pulled out a bowl from the dishwasher and gently tossed it onto the counter. “How’d you sleep?”

“That had to have been the worst night sleep I’ve gotten in a long time. Couldn’t get to sleep till almost three. Then I couldn’t stay asleep to save my life.”

Jim nodded. “I was hoping you wouldn’t get that side-effect but you are my son.” He finished pouring his cereal and went for the milk next.

“What are you talking about?” Kyle took a sip of the coffee.

“During the change to become a Protector there are certain side-effects. When I was going through it I couldn’t sleep through the night either. Some sleep fine and continue as normal but others not so much.” He submerged his spoon in his breakfast and began eating.

“Great.” Father and son sat at the dining room table.

“You’ll be okay. When you’re completely changed the sleeping habits will go back to what they were before.” He lightly hit him on the arm in comfort.

Kyle stayed silent for a few minutes drinking his coffee thinking about how to ask a question that had been on his mind since last night. Insomnia gave him a lot of time to think of questions to ask Dad. This one though he wanted…no needed an answer too.

“Dad, how come…well you see how Clark and Liz are? Hell even now I can feel her love and desire to keep Clark close. Which let me tell you makes me uncomfortable.” Here he was a straight guy and he’s having Liz’s thoughts of how delicious Clark tastes. Not exactly something he needed to know.

“That’ll go away when you have better control.” Jim finished up breakfast and left the empty bowl on the table while Kyle continued with what he wanted to ask.

“Okay, well with how they are how come you’re not jumping off the walls because Mom isn’t with you? Why if we’re able to rush some place in a matter of seconds that she hasn’t come back for a visit? Not once has she called.”

Jim sighed, he should have known Kyle would be curious about his mother. After all she left when he was a little kid. He remembered when Michelle knelt down and hugged their son close telling him how much she loved him and that she always would. That was the last time either of them ever saw her or spoke to her.

“Your mother loves you Kyle. Never doubt that for a second.” He stared directly into his eyes making sure he understood that right from the start.

“If she did then she’d give me the courtesy of a phone call every once in a while. The fact that she hasn’t in over a decade speaks volumes.” He argued. Kyle hated doubting his mother’s affection but what else could he believe? Wasn’t he important to her?

“Michelle and I aren’t mates. My chosen mate died when she was only a child and Michelle was never assigned a mate. From what she told me the parents that were supposed the have a child that would have the chance of being her mate were captured by a rival planet. With Clark and Liz they’re mates so it’s difficult for them to be out of contact.” Jim explained.

“Did Mom not feel an attachment to me, her son? How could she just…”

“She had to leave Kyle. Michelle had to protect Clark. One of us would have had to leave.” Jim explained.

“Great, so Clark and Liz were more important than keeping our family together? More important than watching me grow up.” Kyle clenched his hands into fists.

“You are always more important than anything to your mother and I. Please don’t ever think you’re second to Liz and Clark.” He held onto one of Kyle’s clenched fists. “As for rushing back here, Michelle doesn’t have the super-speed that we have.”


“Not every Kryptonian gets the same gifts. There are the basic ones that most of our people got. Heat vision, strength, and hearing. However the speed, ice breath, various mental abilities, flying, and a few others only show up in a few people.”

“Like who?”

“The House of El or Clark’s blood-line. Also Hylena’s, they have their own abilities that normal Kryptonians don’t have.”

“What about Liz’s blood-line. The House of Ra?” As he and Dad spoke he slowly released his hands.

“Not being royal she doesn’t have the same abilities as Clark. Speed, strength, heat vision, and hearing she has but as for anything else that remains to be seen.”

Calm again Kyle brought up the subject of his mother again. “So why isn’t Mom here? Now that Clark’s here shouldn’t she be here too?”

“It’s unlikely that she didn’t know he was coming here. She…she might have thought I could handle it.” He coughed uncomfortably.

Seeing his father’s uneasiness he asked, “What aren’t you telling me?”

Jim sighed. “Your mother probably didn’t show up here because of me. We got an official divorce a year ago and she told me that she’s getting involved with a human. She’s fallen in love with him.” That wouldn’t smooth things over but he couldn’t lie to Kyle.

“Oh, so you a.) have been keeping in contact with her, b.) she didn’t ask to speak to me, her son, and c.) she met someone else and is starting a new family with him. Great. Fantastic. It’s nice to know we don’t matter.” Without another word he hurried off out of the house.

“Kyle!” Jim shouted after him. “Dammit.” He rested his forehead against the front door jam.

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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC)AN pg21 1/27

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A.N. Sorry this took so long to get out. The main problem is that I've stopped watching Smallville, haven't seen an episode in over a year. Couldn't stomach anymore Lana and while I know she's not on there full time anymore I've noticed she's still "connected" to Clark. Also since the end of November I’ve been rather depressed for a multitude of reasons. My muses disappeared on a month long vacation. The muses before they left let me finish a chapter on an upcoming fic but then they fled, there wasn’t a peep heard in my head for a little over a month…pure hell. Being more depressed then I had felt in a while I basically avoided everyone and everything including writing. Thankfully I can feel myself getting out of this funk but it’s taking longer than I’d like. Since I was having so much difficulty writing this chapter I’ve split it up into 2 possibly 3 sections. Which means the next 2 or 3 posted are going to be short but it’s better than nothing. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 26 A

July 8; Parker Household; 7:15 a.m.

Nancy slowly stirred the egg mixture; the fork hitting the side of the bowl was uncomfortably loud. Standing over at the other end of the kitchen were Martha and Jonathan. They held their coffee cups and drank in silence. Meanwhile Jeff got plates and silverware out of the cupboards, the loud clanking noise they made was out of place in the tense awkward air.

Neither set of parents knew what to say or knew what to do. What could they possibly say, their children were currently upstairs in the guest room Nancy and Jeff had set aside for Clark during their visit and Clark was having sex with their daughter. Somehow Jonathan didn’t think that’s what the Parker’s had in mind when they invited the Kent’s to stay with them.

“This is ridiculous.” Jonathan set his coffee cup down. “They are sixteen year old kids. Yes they are different but we are still their parents.”

“Jonathan we know this. But Clark and Liz are not normal kids. And by default we cannot be normal parents.” Nancy argued. “Liz has never acted like this before and I’m assuming from your reaction Clark hasn’t either. Figuring out solutions to—“ She pointed up to the ceiling vaguely hearing the scrapping of the bed moving across the floor, “that is not going to be in parenting guides at our local bookstore.”

“Maybe we should go back to Smallville Jonathan.” Martha simply stated. “Get them away from each other.”

Jeff leaned against the counter and shook his head negatively. “No, I don’t think you should. As much as I would love to get those two away from each other and in theory leaving would work, according to Jim that would only make them mad.”

“Forgive me for stating the obvious Jeff but we’re their parents. They are supposed to be mad at us for some decisions we make for them. It’s part of the package.” Martha pointed out.

“If I grounded Liz for taking the car for a joyride and not returning till five a.m., yes I’d say to hell with her anger. However like Nancy said these are not normal circumstances. We saw how they were behaving last night and that was in front of us. I’m worried that if we split them up it could be damaging. How I don’t know but I don’t want to take that chance, not with my daughter.” Jeff stated.


Navy blue sheets and an ocean colored quilt lay rumpled and forgotten on the hardwood floor of the Parker’s guest room. Clark stretched out nude over the twin mattress and Liz molded her equally naked body against his hard frame.

One single blue thin sheet covered their spent bodies and gave them a modicum of modesty. They hadn’t been making love the whole night, there had been hours of sleep in between loving. Clark kissed the top of her head and kept his arm loosely around her waist.

“As much as I hate to get up, I think we should go downstairs.” Liz told him.

“Why?” His voice was tired and hoarse. Clark closed his eyes but continued to listen to her.

“For one I’m hungry and two, I have a class.” She didn’t want to leave the bed but the Liz part of her personality continually reminded her of her obligations.

Clark grumbled and pulled her closer. “Sure I can’t change your mind?” He smirked.

“You probably could but that’s why I need to get up now or I’ll never leave your arms.” She pulled away and stood up. Liz grabbed the shirt on the floor and pulled it over her sated body. It felt weird to be parading around in nothing even though she and Clark had been naked with each other for hours.

“Not necessarily a bad thing.” He pointed out softly. Seeing her draped in his shirt brought a smile to his face. He didn’t think that sight would ever get old.

Rolling her neck Liz heard a bone pop easing the crick that had formed during the last love making session. At that moment she was completely sated. Livara was silent, practically purring in her mind. As she turned toward Clark, who had pulled on his pants, she made a mental note to ask Jim about Livara being like a whole other person in her head.

It was odd and something she wasn’t entirely comfortable with. She didn’t like having a second person in her mind that could take control when need be. Liz wondered if Clark had the same problem.

“Would you come downstairs with me?” Nervous now that she didn’t have her alter-ego pushing her toward Clark she avoided his gaze as she asked her question. She also didn’t want to face her parents and Clark’s alone. That would be a little too much to deal with on top of everything else.

“Sure.” At the tone in his voice she finally looked at him. Oh yea, he was feeling the same awkwardness as her and they’d have a lot to talk about before this day was done.

The two teens silently grabbed their clothes and donned them. For a moment Liz contemplated going downstairs in Clark’s shirt but that would have caused problems, a lot more problems than she wanted to deal with. So she took it off while his back was turned and grabbed her tank top.

When she pulled the shirt down and over her head she faced Clark again. He was staring at her. His eyes were wide as if he hadn’t seen her naked all night.

Smiling tensely she turned and hurried downstairs, she didn’t even wait for him to follow her. Things were so complicated, they were only teenagers and already the both of them were in way over their heads. Maybe letting Livara take charge wouldn’t be such a bad idea. That side of her knew what she wanted and didn’t care what others thought of it.

Behind her she heard Clark’s bare feet come down the stairs. For a moment she rested her forehead against the cool wood door. This was the moment of truth. Time to face the parents. The bed was looking mighty good right now. Liz turned the knob before Clark reached the step she stopped on and opened the door.


Coming Up: Kyle has a visitor when all he really wants is to be alone.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) A.N. 12/17 pg 4

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::waves:: Hi everyone, I finished this chapter up quicker than I would have thought. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 26 B

Valenti Household; 7:15 a.m.

Jim hung up the phone and paced around the kitchen. Kyle took off about a half hour ago and none of his friends had heard from him in those thirty minutes.

He wanted to follow Kyle the second he raced out the door, even got so far as a mile away from the house when he stopped. Following him would only upset him more. Once Kyle cooled down then they’d talk. Until then he called all of Kyle’s friends, both teammates and non-teammates.

Now he leaned against the kitchen counter and listened to the silence. He couldn’t stand there doing nothing, he had to do something. Khivar needed to be contacted. Information had to be relayed. He must start preparing the others for Khivar’s arrival.

West Roswell High; 7:20 a.m.

Kyle sat on the bleachers facing the football field. He stared out onto the field not moving just letting the breeze brush over him and the sun beam down on him.

“Figured you be here.” A familiar female voice called from behind him.

“What are you doing here?” He didn’t take his gaze from the field.

Maria sat down next to Kyle on the bleachers and put her feet on the back of the seat in front her. “Your Dad called. He was worried about you.”

“Then why didn’t he come himself?”

“Probably because you would have bitten his head off.” Maria quipped back. “Come on, talk to me. Tell Therapist Deluca all about it.”

Kyle breathed in and out deeply. “Basically my Mom abandoned me to go watch over Clark. Not only that while she was playing protector to him she fell in love with someone else and is divorcing my Dad. She hasn’t spoken to me in ten years—she doesn’t give a crap about me or Dad and Dad just thinks I should accept it because it’s the way it has to be.”

Maria was quiet for a moment. “Ok, forgive me but I seem to out of the loop.” Confusion was clear on her features. “Your Mom went to watch over Clark? Clark Kent? Umm, why?” She realized for sure that Clark was Kryptonian after finding him and Liz together at the mall but that didn’t explain why Kyle’s Mom went to watch over him. It wasn’t like she had any connection to the planet.

“Oh that’s right you don’t know yet.” Kyle turned and faced his friend. “Apparently Dad, Mom, and I am Kryptonian. We’re Protectors for Clark and Liz.” Kyle went on to explain the rest to Maria or at least as much as he knew.

“Oh my God. This is unreal. Is everyone in this town an alien? Am I going to be the next one to discover their alien status? Is Alex?” Maria commented in wonderment.

“Who knows? I sure as hell didn’t expect to be Kryptonian. Let alone have this destiny thing.” He still didn’t like destiny it tended to screw things up or bring out information that he never wanted to know. “What should I do Maria?”

Maria ran both hands down her legs warming them up a little. Despite it being the middle of summer some mornings still had a little bit of coolness in the air. Since she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt she didn’t have much to keep that bit of cold away.

“About your Mom?”

“Yea. Should I call her? I think Dad mentioned that he had her number…or at least knew how to contact her. Should I ignore her like she did me?” Kyle asked his friend.

Maria pushed back a strand of blonde hair that blew in front of her face. “Call her.”

“Wow that was fast.”

She shrugged. “It won’t be easy. I know that. But my reason for saying that you should call her is my Dad.”

“What about him?” He’d never met Maria’s father so he didn’t really understand what her father had to do with him calling his mother.

“If I had the opportunity to call my Dad up…knowing that he abandoned me, I’d get on the phone and call him. I’d want to talk to him. Even if it was to call him an asshole.” Maria told him. “Mostly I’d want answers for why he left me and Mom.”

“So I should take advantage of the opportunity while I have it.”

“Hopefully she’ll give you answers that your Dad might not be able to answer or doesn’t want to answer.” Maria shrugged and tilted her head a bit. “And if nothing else you can chew her ass out for never letting you know where she was. Either way something comes out of the phone call.”

“Thanks Maria.”

“You bet.” She lightly patted him on the shoulder. “Ok, I better go if I’m going to make my shift.”

“Mind giving me a lift there. I have a feeling I’m going to be needed at the Crashdown.”

“I thought you had super speed?” She teased while they walked to her Mom’s Jetta.

Kyle nodded. “I do but it’s so new that I don’t want to end up running and not being able to stop or stopping in the next town over.”

“Ah, ok. You can feel Liz right?” She asked.

“Oh yea. Right now she’s lying in bed with Clark. Their talking.” He revealed.

“That must freaky.” The two drive away from the football field and make their way to the Crashdown.

“You have no idea. It’s like I have my thoughts and feelings and then there’s a whole separate entity in my head…actually it’s more like two entities.” He realized.


“Liz and Livara. It’s confusing, it’s like a part of Liz that she doesn’t acknowledge or access unless she’s in a certain circumstance. Like when she’s angry or when she’s horny for Clark.” He chuckled then shivered in disgust. “I will never get used to her thoughts about him.”

“I’m going to try to talk to her today before my shift.” Maria told him. “I want to see how she’s doing, especially after yesterday.” She still felt a little guilty, despite Alex’s effort to make her forget her guilt, over leaving Liz alone with Clark thereby giving her virginity to him in an alien induced moment.

“Anything I should know about?” Kyle questioned.

“No. It’s something between Liz and me. We’re not mad at each other or anything I just have to talk to her.” She pulled up behind the Crashdown in the parking lot.

“Why don’t you go in through the break room, I feel that Liz and Clark are about to face her parents. See ya later.” He turned to go but before he went up the side steps leading up to the apartment above he stopped Maria for a moment. “Thanks for today Maria.”

“No problem Kyle. Now get up there help Liz and Clark deal with the parentals.” She waved and headed into the break room while Kyle hurried, at regular speed, upstairs. She would hate to be in the room when Liz and Clark faced their parent’s.


Coming Up: Liz and Clark face their parents. And Liz goes to her summer class.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) A.N. 1/17 pg5

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Note: Thank you everyone for the great feedback. Currently I'm rewatching Smallville from the beginning. I'm going to try to watch one disc a week so I can get to Season 3 quickly. I just gotta say, Lana is so boring, she always irritated me but I didn't remember that she puts me to sleep. Anyway onto the chapter. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 27

The silence coming from the kitchen slowed the teen’s forward movement. Liz’s hands sweated with nerves, she didn’t want to go in there to face her parents. The embarrassment of her parent’s knowing she had sex was bad enough but add to that the fact they knew when and with who, it became doubly embarrassing.

Clark, who had stuck fairly close to Liz, slipped his hand into hers. Her nerves quieted but didn’t disappear. He ran his thumb over her knuckles, continuing to soothing her. “We do this together.” He whispered.

She smiled up at him. He must be nervous too, why wouldn’t he be he not only had to face his parents…he had to face hers. Liz could almost guarantee that Dad would grill Clark like a hamburger. “Together.” She echoed.

“Are you two going to come in here or do we have to come out and drag you in?” Nancy asked from the doorway of the kitchen.

“Mom.” Liz’s voice raised in shock. Suddenly her nervousness spiked sky high again, even Clark keeping contact with her couldn’t stop the abundance of nerves. From the corner of eye she saw Kyle open the side door and wave at her.

“Hi, figured you could use another for breakfast.” He greeted.

Nancy kept her arms crossed over her chest. “Kyle I don’t think you should be here today.”

Kyle shrugged. “As much as I would love to not be a part of this I’m not going anywhere.” Normally he’d be one to leave the family to deal with their issues together and not be apart of it, however now that he was Liz’s protector he couldn’t butt out.

“Kyle now is really not the—“

“I’m sorry Mrs. Parker but Liz is under my protection. I’m not going anywhere.” He stood firm.

Nancy tossed her hands up. “Fine.” She reluctantly agreed. She turned away from the teenagers and went back into the kitchen.

Liz waited till Mom left the room and was out of earshot then whispered to Kyle. “What are you doing here?” Immediately realizing how that sounded she said, “Not that I’m not grateful to have you here but I never called.”

Kyle cocked his head and shrugged. “Actually you kind of did. I’m not that good yet at blocking you out. I got a huge wave of your nerves. Figured you could use the extra support.”

“Thanks Kyle.” Liz hugged her friend.

Clark watched the friends embrace. Although he felt Kal beating at him to get Liz out of Kyle’s arms he wasn’t jealous. He allowed Liz’s emotions to flow over him and he could feel she wasn’t interested in anything by friendship with Kyle. It went a long way in calming the raging Kryptonian inside him.

“Elizabeth Parker!” Jeff’s voice shouted.

“Clark Kent!” Jonathan yelled as well.

“I think we’re being summoned.” Clark said. Time to face the music.

Liz breathed in deeply and straightened her posture. “Guess we should go in.” The trio made their way into the room. Liz and Clark entered first, Kyle came in close behind them.

Clark smiled at his Mom who only glared at him. “Mom you look pretty this morning.” He tried to soften her up as best he could but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Compliments get you no where today Clark.” Martha pointed to one of the four chairs around the small table.

“Yes Ma’am.” Well, he tried. Clark quickly sat down but didn’t let go of Liz’s hand. When he sat down he pulled at her to maneuver her onto his lap.

“No, no, no.” Jeff wagged his index finger at them as Liz began to get settled on the teen boys lap. “Liz you sit in your own chair today.” He pulled out another chair and pointed at it. “You sit here.”

With great hesitation she rose off Clark’s legs and sat in the indicated chair. The chair was far enough away that she had to release his hand. She clasped her hands together in her own lap and waited for someone to start talking.

Clark however had other ideas. Clearly their touching bothered his Mom and Dad, along with hers. He however wanted to keep physical contact with Liz, he didn’t need to touch her, he just wanted too. So without thinking or particularly caring about the adults reactions he stood up and picked up the chair Liz sat in and easily carried her over to his side. He took hold of the hand he previously had and set their intertwined hands on right thigh.

Kyle tried to ease the tension by sarcastically saying, “Yea, making them let go right now…probably not the best idea.”

His attempt, although appreciated by Liz, didn’t get the same kind of response from the Parker’s or Kent’s. “They are teenagers Kyle—as are you by the way. We’re their parents. What we say goes. Simple as that.” Jeff argued. Although he had disagreed with Jonathan over how to handle the kids that didn’t mean ground rules wouldn’t be laid out.

“Actually Kyle is right—“ Jim leaned against the doorway. “—Which I told you all yesterday.”

“What is up with no one knocking? First Kyle, now you pop up unexpectedly.” Nancy snorted rudely.

“I’m here because Kyle doesn’t know everything, he’s getting closer to be a full Furya but he’s not there yet. So I’ll answer questions right now until Kyle’s ready.” Jim and Kyle shared a tense glance. They had a lot of issues to work through but now wasn’t the time.

“I’d argue and tell you that this is family business, not Kryptonian but I have a feeling it wouldn’t do any good.” Nancy mumbled.

“You’re right. It wouldn’t.” Jim stated.

Liz stared blankly at the table. Maybe if she kept her expression as neutral as possible and away from her parent’s disappointed glares she might be able to get through this without doing or saying anything too embarrassing. Liz knew if she looked into their eyes she’d spill everything. It was why whenever she lied to them she didn’t face them head on, she couldn’t lie and look at them. For some reason it just made her feel guiltier.

Jeff took a deep breath and bent down, resting his hands on the table. “Because you have school classes today Liz, I’m going to make this quick, but don’t think that this conversation is over. Understand young lady?”

Liz nodded. Of course she understood, no way would this conversation be any shorter than a couple hours. There was much to go over and much to be lectured about.

Jeff continued, “Everything inside me is telling me to yell at you, lock you in your room and throw away the key. Everything is telling me to make sure you two stay away from each other.”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock and she tightened her grip on Clark’s hand. She didn’t know what she would do if Dad did what he wanted. Being separated from Clark—as much as she rebelled against the idea of needing a man she couldn’t deny that she depended on his presence in her mind and by her side. From what she felt through their bond, he felt the same way.

“However from everything Jim has told us, doing that or something similar would be detrimental to the both of you. So instead of doing what I’d like I’m going to lay down some ground rules.” Jeff noticed Liz’s sigh of relief.

Jonathan spoke up then. “Now Clark, some of these rules also apply to you, however don’t think for a second that your mother and I will not have rules of our own to impart on you.”

Clark cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Yes, sir.”

“Liz you are not, I repeat, not allowed to be alone with Clark in his room or your room. If I find you’ve ignored that rule there will be consequences.”

Liz almost asked what the consequences were but she didn’t want Dad to think she’d break the rule if the punishment wasn’t severe enough. And she knew she’d break it at least once. From the brush against her mind she knew Clark wouldn’t be abiding by that rule much either.

“Rule number two, no sex in our house.” The kids blush, even Jim scratched nervously at his collar. “This rule is not flexible.” Jeff reiterated. “The last rule for now, three, I don’t care what is going on if you’re late you will call. That rule seems to be have been forgotten lately.”

“Dad we didn’t—“ Liz began but was cut off by her father raising an eyebrow. “Sorry.” Apparently Dad didn’t want her comments at all.

He switched his gaze between Clark and Liz. “Are any of these rules unclear to you?”

“No.” Liz shook her head.

“No.” Clark echoed.

“Good. Now Liz why don’t you go in your room and get ready for your class. Clark you’ll stay out here and eat while Liz gets ready.” Nancy dictated.

“And while that’s going on Kyle and I need to talk to the four of you.” Jim told Nancy, Jeff, Jonathan, and Martha. Normally he would tell Kyle he didn’t need to be there for the parent to parent’s conversation but unfortunately he had to be if he was to protect Liz to the best of his ability. The least he could do was keep Clark and Liz out of this conversation as it wouldn’t exactly be appropriate to tell their parent’s how stupid their rules were in front of them.

“Clark while Liz is at school your mother and I will talk to you. There is some things we need to go over.” Jonathan told him.

Clark acknowledged his agreement and waited a minute before releasing Liz’s hand so she could do what her Mom not so subtly suggested. Despite her parent’s still being in the room she leaned down and kissed Clark on the lips aware of the stares it caused.

Liz nearly giggled; she couldn’t believe she was kissing him in front of Mom and Dad after the morning and night they just had. She lightly licked at his full bottom lip before she pulled away and skirted away from Clark’s grasping hands. Teasing him had just taken on a whole new meaning. A lot more interesting then when they were younger.

As soon as Liz left the room Clark turned to the plate of food in front of him. He picked up a fork and began shoveling the eggs and pancakes down. Clark chuckled to himself, if Liz thought she could tantalize him and have him not retaliate later, she had another thing coming. He took another bite and started coming up with ways to make her just as crazy. This was going to be fun. A lot more fun than when they were kids.

While the teens were busy away from each other, Jim, Kyle, the Parker’s, and the Kent’s went to the living room.

“Your rules are crap.” Jim told them straight out.

“Excuse me?” Nancy asked offended by his statement.

“First off the rules would be fine if they were normal human horny kids but they’re not.” Jim sighed, he sounded like a broken record. Why weren’t they listening to him? “You seem to think they can control their urges. Kryptonian’s are different than Earthlings. You can’t forget that.”

“We didn’t tell them they couldn’t be together we just set down ground rules. I don’t see a problem with that.” Martha argued with the man she had only met yesterday. Had it only been yesterday that their lives changed drastically…again?

“Again, the ground rules you put down wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow from me if they were Earthlings. Clark and Liz might try to follow your rules for a day…maybe if you’re lucky two days; however you’re lying to yourselves if you think that they will bend to your rules when millions of years of ancestry are beating at them to continue tradition.”

Jonathan pointed angrily at Jim. “They’ll listen and obey the rules if they want to keep seeing each other.”

Jim shook his head negatively. “You’ll learn the hard way then.”


Next Chapter: Clark and Liz have a moment alone. Clark and his parent’s talk. Liz goes to school and encounters Max, Isabel, and Tess fortunately she has some back up.
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Re: AWA: Journey of Discovery (SV,XO,Mature,UC) AN 5/11/10 pg8

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Thank you so much for the amazing feedback and bumps. Hope this was worth the wait.

Note: Ok, the Liz/Pod Squad confrontation is going to have to wait a chapter (or two). As I reread some previous chapters I forgot about some things that I set up so I’m dealing with that in this chapter. But next chapter should be Liz/Pod Squad confrontation, if not Ch 29 then Ch 30 will have the confrontation. It's coming I promise I'm just not 100% sure which chapter it'll show up in. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 28

Clark finished his breakfast quickly; he almost choked a couple times in his urgency. He could hear the parents arguing with Jim. As soon as he finished the last scrap of bacon he rushed to Liz’s room where she sat, fully dressed, on her bed smiling knowingly at him.

“Your Dad is going to catch us one day.” Clark whispered, making sure no one out in the living room realized that he was no longer eating his breakfast.

“They’re still…discussing us. We can…” She trailed off hoping he’d fill in the blanks.

He knew exactly what they could do for a bit. Clark closed the distance between them. Crawling over her he kissed her as they backed up further on the bed till both are completely draped over the covers.

Liz pulled back for a second and giggled before reconnecting with him. Already they were breaking a rule. They hadn’t been laid down for more than a minute and they were already alone together in her room.

The two nibbled, teased, and enjoyed their stolen moment together. There would be more of these in their future, of that they had no doubt.

Clark, who kept his hearing trained on the activity in the living room, could hear their discussion coming to a close. Reluctantly he pulled away. “They’re stopping.” He kissed her once more before zooming off, nearly faltering when he caught Liz’s moan of frustration.

He sat down just as Dad came back into the kitchen to make sure Clark hadn’t gone anywhere. With a mouthful of food Clark waved and went back to putting more eggs on his plate.

A few minutes later Liz came bounding into the room. With Liz being in the room he calmed. Although he had only been two rooms away from her his worry had been more pronounced when he couldn’t see her. She filled her plate with breakfast and sat down next to Clark to eat it.

Both teens, while they put food in their mouths, snuck mischievous glances at each other that didn’t go unnoticed by Jonathan. Did something happen while he was out in the living room with the others?

Jonathan sipped at his coffee. He’d have to watch them more closely. Those quick peeks at each other were more than flirting. They had done something while the rest of them had been distracted. Maybe Jim was right about them.



Cara, a brunette concubine, hurried to the dining hall, her slipper wearing feet making the lightest of sounds as she walked. For the last couple days she had been a regular in King Khivar’s bed…and in other places. Being that close to the King gave her invaluable information. Information that in the wrong hands could cause problems.

Khivar, after using her services, told her to go to breakfast. It was good to be the King’s lady of the night…or morning or afternoon. After showering and dressing she headed for breakfast.

Reaching the door to the dining hall she passed through it, ready to feed her grumbling belly, when she abruptly stopped at the sight in front of her.

“Hello Cara.” Khivar sat laid back, fully dressed, with ice cold black eyes staring straight at her.

“Khivar…what’s going on?” She didn’t like his demeanor towards her. Not one bit. What happened to man she recently left?

He smirked coolly. “From now on you will address me as Your Highness.”

Cara trembled. After she started sharing his bed he insisted she call him Khivar. What was going on?

“Vasar.” Khivar simply called, waving his trusted friend forward.

Vasar dropped a stack of papers at Cara’s feet. “You’ve been a busy little whore.”

Cara glared at Vasar’s rude comment even as dread filled her body, if those papers were what she thought they were then she was screwed. There was no way she’d get out of this alive.

“Imagine my surprise when this first came to my attention.” Khivar clasped his hands together and laid them across his lap. “Did you think me and my people were stupid?”

Her lips trembled with emotion. “Please Your Highness—I can’t—it was only—“ she stepped forward bypassing the stack of papers in front of her. She got on her knees and clasped her hands together prepared to beg.

Khivar never took his cool indifferent gaze off the treacherous wench at his feet. “Yes?” He prodded. He’d let her speak, beg, he might even take her for one last ride but it wouldn’t change his mind on what had to be done.

Cara breathed in and out steadying her voice. “It was only a little bit of information. I never—“ her tears threatened to overwhelm her. “I didn’t tell him who Livara was. He doesn’t know what her name is on Earth.” She purposefully blurted out to him the one thing that might bring her leniency at the end of all this, the fact that the girl he was sworn to protect was still protected.

Vasar lifted his eyebrow. “So you told him some info, just not all of it?” She nodded her head rapidly. “That makes it better?”

“No.” She cautiously said. Dark brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and created curtains around her face. They weren’t giving her anything besides indifference. If either one of them had shown a bit of sympathy for her she could use that, she knew how to use that but they gave her nothing.

“You see Cara you didn’t send your contact anything.” Khivar stated simply. “Except the communications we let through on purpose.”

Immediately her head shot up. “I don’t understand.”

“Apparently you are stupid.” Vasar murmured. “Not a single transmission went out that we didn’t want to let out, some went out with major changes.”

“Oh no.” She whispered. That meant her contact knew nothing, nothing real, nothing of importance.

“You didn’t really think that I wouldn’t be monitoring the signals, both coming and going?” He was Khivar’s top man, his trust friend, and second in command. He had to be aware of what was being sent out and coming in, how else could he be prepared.

“Vasar is very good at his job Cara.” Khivar praised his friend.

“How long have you known?” The two men had talked freely in front of her many times.

“Since your first communication attempt.” Khivar revealed.

Cara did the math in her head. “That was weeks ago.” She whispered. How could they have known for so long and still speak so openly with her around. “You both—“ She couldn’t finish, they played her, she never questioned whether or not the information was legitimate, just sent it off.

“Yes. Some things were the truth, some things were lies, and we knew everything we said would be sent to your buddy Nasedo. Or attempted to be sent.” Khivar sniffed and gave her a look of disgust.

Cara licked her lips. “Why tell me this now?” For weeks she’d been sharing Khivar’s bed, meal times, and that morning, no more than twenty minutes ago she had been of service to the King.

“It’s simple really. We arrive on Earth in a couple hours.” Khivar smirked evilly.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to arrive till sometime next week.”

Vasar sighed with frustration. “A lie. Have you been paying attention at all during this whole conversation? Some info were lies, others truth. Our arrival time, lie.”

Cara swallowed nervously. “So I guess this is where you kill me.”

“No.” Khivar stood up leaving his former concubine knelt on the floor.

“No!?” Vasar and Cara said together in completely different tones. One angry and indignant, the other shocked and questioning.

“There might still be uses for you.” Khivar stated. “Take her to the holding rooms, lock her up tight.”

Three guards surround Cara. Two pick her kneeling form off the floor and drag her away while the other locked her hands together with his powers.

“Are you sure you want to leave her alive?” Vasar crossed his arms over his wiry chest. “She could escape once we’re on Earth.”

“That’s quite possible.” Khivar smirked.

Vasar sat on the table behind him. “You have something in mind.” He realized his friend and King had a plan for his former bed mate. Khivar’s never did anything without a reason. Letting Cara live would be a tactical error unless Khivar wanted Cara to escape for a specific purpose.

“That I do.” He slapped his friend on his shoulder and began to tell him his idea.

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