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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by joannelittle84 » Tue Dec 09, 2008 6:09 am

roswell and twilight crossover

relationship liz and jacob

set after departure in roswell and the end of the four in twilight

liz start experiences dreams about the cullens and goes to the town and forms friendship with edward and bella
late it turns out edward and liz are brother and sister you can make up the story line on why liz is his sis

liz meets jacob and the is attraction between then and star dating
but late on in story someone comes to get revenge on edward and jacob and use liz and bella as bait

you make up the reason why etc>>,,.......................

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Haley James Scott. » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:17 pm

# 114 – Supernatural/Roswell crossover : A Michael-Dean-Sam adventure (not slash)

Two years after Graduation, the group has split up. The two couples, Kyle, Isabel are living their lives as best as they can. One morning, Maria and Liz wake up and don’t see their husbands by their sides. In fact, they don’t feel their connection at all with them. After discussing with Kyle and based on Liz’s visions, they realize that the aliens have come during the night and have abducted their king, second-in-command and princess, to bring them back to Antar and to fight the war. They had no interest in Maria, Liz and Kyle so they were left behind.

5 years later – Sam and Dean, who are camping, see a UFO flying low over their head. They head towards the desert mountains where this UFO seems to have landed and they discover a huge cave where this UFO is being hidden. Three aliens get out, Michael, Max and Isabel.

The two groups collide. Sam and Dean are sceptical at first, but they have to admit what's under their eyes and they take them near Roswell to contact Valenti and have information about where Maria and Liz are. Liz is in Boston, studying, Kyle is working in New York, and nobody has heard from Maria, she has vanished, presumed dead.

Michael doesn’t think she is dead since he can feel her. So with Sam and Dean, he will go on the road, looking for Maria.

Must have :

- the three buddies (Michael, Sam and Dean) having fun, fighting demons, traveling the country, so lots of adventures for them, and Michael learning everything there is to know about demons and how to fight them. He is like a student learning from the teachers,

- Michael having flashbacks of what had happened on Antar and of his time with Maria in the past, after Graduation,

- a B plot with Isabel being in a bad mental shape, having lost her powers and being traumatized. Her parents and being in a familiar environment will help her. No ship for Isabel.

- another B plot is Liz. She has her life in Boston, is she ready to start again with Max, a Max who is tougher than before, who has lost his illusions on life and on people, a Max who walks with a cane and who refuses to be healed, as a memory of what had happened on Antar.

- I’ll pm you the reason why Maria has disappeared.

- Can take place anytime during Supernatural. You can have ships for Sam and Dean (with OC?), or you can keep them single and having one night stands or flirting with girls, as you want.

Happy Candy ending. I would like a happy dreamer ending too.

I'd like to give this one a try.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by Bubblegal » Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:12 am

#140 - X-Files/Roswell Crossover

Couples: Max/Liz Mulder/Scully - if you want

Roswell - season 1 (the White Room/Destiny). X-Files - er...Season 6 would be better - I liked that season more than I liked the others.

Summary: When Max was taken by the FBI, Liz phoned the one person who she could trust - Mulder. Once Mulder gets the phone call, he comes straight down to Roswell (Breaking all speed limits etc) to help Liz get Max back. Scully can be with him or she gets the message on the phone.

Plot: Liz and Mulder are related (they are cousins, Niece/Uncle) Up to you. Mulder knows something was up with Liz since the shooting (He doesn't know about it, only the rumours as the case crossed his desk but Liz had told him that it was nothing, he didn't believe her but let it go). When he gets the phone call from Liz asking for his help, he comes down to Roswell (W or W/O Scully).

Liz explains everything to Mulder when he arrives and the two of them meet up with Sheriff Valenti and both of them make up plans on how to get Max out of the Special Unit hands. Liz is having flashes of everything Max is going through and what happens to Max, happens to her (the electric shocks, dousing in ice water, the high pitch, the pictures and eventually the cutting).

Mulder goes undercover and approaches the base where Pierce intercerpts him. Mulder tells him everything that happened to his sister and how he believes that Max holds the answers to what happened to Samantha. Pierce, believeing that Mulder is on his side, allows him access to Max - leaving them alone. Mulder tells Max that he is here to save him and that Liz sent him - Max doesn't believe him till Mulder tells him something only that Liz knows (It can be anything - Max giving permission to date Kyle to the strawberries).

Max plays along and Mulder was in the process of getting him transferred when Liz paged him a warning only for the alarms to go off - the Pod Squad, Maria and Naesco had decided to go their own way of busting Max out of the base (Alex was involved because he wanted to hear Liz's plan first).

The gang get Max out of the base and ends up getting chased by the FBI (namely Mulder) - he told Pierce that he had created a bond of trust with Max and would be able to get him back. Pierce allows this.

Liz is pacing the Crashdown with Alex sitting at one of the booths when the gang burst in with Max. Liz rushes over to Max and pulls him away from the gang, comforting him and trying to patch him up when Mulder comes into the Crashdown. Michael and Naesco raise their hands to blast him away, Liz steps in front of him, stopping Michael but just pushes Naseco on further. Just as Naesco was about to blast them - Max steps in front of them and somehow uses his shield, a new ability that none of them had seen before and a power he shouldn't have been able to use due to the drugs that Pierce had given him.

Max collapse at this, causing Liz to ask Mulder to help her carry Max into her room. Isabel and Michael move over to help them only for Liz to tell them to back off, she leave them alone in the Crashdown. Liz stays by Max's side while Mulder calls Pierce and tells him to meet him over at the UFO centre because he has 'captured' Max but it has to be the next night as it's daylight.

Liz confesses everything to the gang, that she was the one who brought Mulder down, that she knew that he was the FBI and that she had told him everything. Mulder, Isabel, Tess and Naesco must be pretty pissed off with this - for Michael and Isabel, telling Alex and Maria was the torable thing but telling an FBI just tipped the Icebergh over and they demand to see Max but Liz refuses because she knows that Max doesn't want to see them. Naesco and Tess decides to use this against Liz to make her break up with Max - if she could willingly put Max's life in danger by telling people about him, she obviously doesn't love him enough to protect him.

Maria is torn - on one hand, she wants to stand by her best friend, she knows that Liz loves Max will all her heart and soul and that she only ever told them about Max because they threatened to put him in danger with Sheriff Valenti but on the other hand, she can't understand why she would go to the FBI for help when they had made up a plan to get Max out.

Alex is standing beside Liz, he knows that Liz had never once put Max's life in danger - all she did was try and protect him from everyone who kept demanding answers and he understands that Liz has a good instincts when it comes to trusting people and is willing to back up Liz - hurting Isabel in the process as she thought he would side with her.

Mulder comes down and Sheriff Valenti enters the Crashdown, he tells them that he had saw everything that had went down - including Michael and Naesco trying to use their powers and Max protecting Liz and Mulder. He and Mulder make up a plan what to do with Pierce - there was no way Pierce would let Max go. This leds to conflictions between the group as they all have different ideas that isn't seemed suitable by the others.

Liz goes back up the stairs during this and lies down beside Max, who wakes up and tells her that he doesn't blame her or hate her for calling in Mulder, that he would have done the same thing if the situation was reversed. Liz just hugs Max and cries over everything that had happened to him and wonders how she is supposed to him.

The gang finally sort out a plan, Mulder and Max knock Pierce out and tie him up to a chair (Kyle being watched by the FBI and following Max is the same, Pierce dying and Kyle being shot and Max healing him is the same).

Max, Liz, Tess, Michael, Isabel and Naesco end up at the pod chamber where Naesco takes over for Pierce and they try and use the orbs - problem is, it won't work. Naesco is confused about this and suggest that Liz being in the same room is interuppting the flow or that Max's desire for Liz is overcompensating his human side. Either way, Max doesn't care and walks away with Liz, all he wants to do is get over what happened to him and get his life back on track...with Liz.

Max and Liz talk about the white room - Liz brings it up by showing Max the cut she has on her chest and Max heals it before confessing everything that had happened and it slowly heals him. Max and Liz take their relationship to the next level, dismissing all warnings Max had recieved from Nasesco and Tess about mating with a human being and ends up cementing their relationship for good that they are now essentially married and for some reason, Max seems to get stronger in powers.

Scully get the message that Liz had left on the phone for Mulder and follows him to Roswell only to walk in on a situation that brewing between Mulder's family and friends. Scully is eventually let into the truth and Max checks her over after being told that she had been abducted by aliens only to tell her that her ova hasn't been removed at all and doesn't understand why she had thought that in the first place.

The gang are still arguing over Mulder knowing the truth when Diane finds out the truth - you can have that she caught Max and Liz in bed together and saw Max trailing a glow down Liz's arm (Now that they have cemented, the glowing had started occuring regulary and Liz can now do it to Max as well).

It's up to you if the Skins comes in - ever since they didn't active the orbs, they didn't let their enemies know of their postion. Mulder is still looking for the truth to the disapperance behind Samantha that he actually allows Max, Liz and Alex access to his files, eventually Michael and Isabel once they find out what was happening and they find out a lot of things - all the aliens that has arrived on earth, the abductions, the lanaguages (Do not use the black oils aliens or the indestructable aliens - some of them are actually like Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess - they landed more safely and are a part of the Pod Squad's world - they are the ones who tell the truth of the so-called Destiny - they were actually meant to mate with human beings in order to breed).

Everyone gets together, including Tess and Kyle, Jim and Amy. It's up to you what happens to Nasesco and it's up to you if anyone else of the parentals find out about the aliens' inhertiance. Liz also develops powers, bonding her and Max closer.

This has been running around in my mind for a while and I just wanted to see what anyone thought.
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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by behrstars » Thu Dec 25, 2008 7:59 pm


Set sometime after the Roswellians go on the run. And for Supernatural sometime after "In My Time of Dying.

Liz leaves the group because she's pregnant and she knows Max dosen't want the baby. I would prefer that no one knows about her being pregnant. Sometime after she leaves she has a run in with demons(which demon is up to you, could be YED or any other). Either they are after her or her baby or both is up to you. Dean and Sam swoop in to save the day and end up taking her with them to keep her safe. They go to Bobby's. While there he notices something familiar about Liz. He realizes that she is the daughter of a female hunter.(this means that Liz is adopted) He knows that her real mother was killed by the YED and that before he could get to her she was placed in the system. Turns out that John had a one night stand and fathered a child he didn't know about. Liz is a Winchester. Bobby tells them and they take it really hard at first. Then of course they fall into the brother & sister role. After Liz has the baby they take every precaution to keep it safe. Max and company show up eventually and Dean and Sam exercise their rights as Lizs brother. How much of a beaten Max gets is up to you. I don't want Liz and Max to get back together. And I would like for Liz to raise the baby with Dean and Sam.

Any Questions just pm me.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by behrstars » Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:56 pm


Ok so I was going through all my dvds and came across my wildfire sets. Unfortunately I only have two seasons since the others have yet to be released yet. Anyhow. I've seen many different shows crossed over but i've never seen one with Roswell/Wildfire. Now that could be that no one else has watched it or no one just never thought about it. So thats where my challenge comes in. I really would like to see one and I don't know if I could do it. I just started writing my first CO with Supernatural and i'm still wet behind the ears in the story writing department. So....


As far as pairings i'd like Liz with either Matt or Junior and whoever she isn't with i'd like Kris to be with the other.
Now since Dannie can't be left to her own devices I thought maybe Kyle could come along for the ride but really any of the Roswell guys would do except Max.

I was thinking that when Liz and Max got busted in Utah that Liz didn't get off. She was sent to Camp Lagrange. Where her and Kris become best friends. Sometime after Kris becomes a member of raintree Liz is released and ends up at either Davis farms or Raintree. Dosen't really matter. Now every story has to have bumps in the road. They all just can't hook up and live happily ever after thats just no fun. They could test out both relationships just like Kris did on the show, i'd be happy with that. I really don't need Liz to become a jockey you have free reign with her. She could just be a farm hand or she could be important to some other aspect of the farm. Or she could live and work in town but she hangs out with the others a lot.

At some point the Roswellians need to make an appearence. Have to shake things up a bit. Max has to be his usual self. Begging Liz to come back. Really whatever makes you happy. The pairings for the Roswellians are up to you.

The decision as to whether or not the Wildfire crew know about the aliens is up to you. Also whether or not they know about Liz and Kyles powers. Hell maybe Liz and Kyle don't have powers. In the end i'm hoping for a happily ever after. And i'd like for there to be some explanation as to whether or not they get married, have kids. You could write it into the story depending on how in depth and long you want to go or you could wrap that into a epilouge.

So there it is. I really hope someone is interested and if you are and have questions just pm me.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:18 pm


Roswell/Dark Angel

eventually Liz/Zack or Liz/Alec
can be either w/aliens or wo/aliens

What if the whole time that Max G. is looking for her siblings theres one right there in Seattle. Liz was one of the ones to escape in 09. She's the youngest of the escapees. Lets say that Liz was found by the Parkers and spent most of her time in Roswell. She built friendships with the other Roswellians during her time there. When she was twelve the Parkers were killed and Liz was sent to Seattle to live with relatives. They are very horrible to her and shes abused. These relatives are into some very high crime deals. Logan is out to take them down. His eyes only report gets them hauled off to prison. During the raid on the family they come across a girl, Liz. Logans police friend asks him to help find her a home. When Liz goes to stay with Logan he realizes that theres something different about her. Max comes over to help Logan with something and sees Liz. She thinks that she looks familiar but she can't place her. It takes her a few days to realize that Liz is one of her sisters. One that she didn't know escaped, being that she was so young. When Zach shows up in Seattle he's startled to find that shes there. He didn't have any idea either.

You can follow the show or you can make up your own story. I would however like for Manticore to shutdown. And at some point I would like for Liz to visit Roswell. Anything else is up to you.

Any questions just pm me.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by emmareed » Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:49 pm


Roswell/Stargate Atlantis

Liz/Ronan or Liz/Shepherd

Liz awakens to find that she is in Atlantis, i dont mind what story line there is but i want Liz to be a daughter of one of the female Wraiths but is somehow human. She hates the Wraith and she also has the same powers as the Wraith and the same as the Roswellians. If any characters from Roswell are used i would prefer Michael, Alex, Ava, Kyle and please no way Max or Maria, but Isabel is optional.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by xmag » Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:47 pm

# 45

Fandom : Crossover with NCIS

Pairing : Kyle focused and M&M

Summary : I had this idea about Kyle becoming a NCIS investigator (Graduation never happened the way it did in the show, Tess never came back so it happens before that) working with Gibbs and his team. Kyle and Tony would compete with women because they would be both sex obsessed. Then one day Maria shows up at the NCIS headquarters, wanting to see Kyle and everyone thinks that she is his girlfriend. Kyle arrives and they hug and the others are betting on whether Maria is "the flavor of the month" or something more serious. Until she says that she is getting married (with Michael, of course), and that she needs Kyle's help because since Michael is offering her a ring, then there's no reason for her to not offer him something and she wants to offer him... a Harley Davidson .

Gibbs and co would wonder about this weird couple, with Maria dressed up as a hippie/flower girl who wants to offer to her fiance a Harley, and also about how surprising it is to see Kyle not flirting with a girl and how he seems to be friend with her.

It would be a fluff idea/story.

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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by PeytonLeigh » Sat Feb 21, 2009 8:43 pm

I'm actually working on a fic that's like this, but it is highly doubtful it will ever see the light of day, thus I give the idea out to anyone who wants it.

Roswell/Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow has a little sister in the form of Elizabeth Sparrow. Elizabeth or "Little Lizzie" as Jack likes to refer to her, is vicious and sharp. She knows how to keep her brother in line. Unlike Jack, she is not really a pirate, but more like a thug for hire. If a pirate crew needs an extra hand, she'll do it, if a company needs protection from pirates, she'll help... As long as she gets paid, she has no issue with the "morals" behind it and she loves playing sides against each other: pirate against navy. However, she's also playful and fun like her older brother. The problem is discerning when she's being ruthless and when she's having you on- hence why Jack is weary of her. Once he's figured out her mood, then he acts appropriately (he either runs away or fools around, having fun in typical Jack fashion)

-Jack's crew must not know who she is when they first see her with Jack
-Elizabeth Sparrow meeting Elizabeth Swann-Turner
-One meeting with Liz and Jack's father (the keeper of the code)
-Jack and Liz pirating together for a while before Liz betrays him to the navy for money. They later meet up with no hard feelings because he's done it to her before too; it's like a family tradition.

-No Liz/Max... ever!
-No aliens
-No romance for Liz: she can be flirty and have one night stands, but nothing serious or long-term

-The Roswell Crew
-Will Turner
-The East India Trading Company
-The Navy


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Re: Crossover Challenges

Post by syikana » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:51 pm

simplyshiny wrote:#137
Dr. Who Challenge

Couple: Just cannons, dont think of of it much as a romance fic...

Category: Dr. Who

I was thinking it'd be cool to have a Dr. Who Cross over, but since I only really watched the first two seasons, I'm ot really the one to write it! We'll say it's set in the beginning of Season 2, the TARDIS is attracted by the beacon they send out, and the Doctor can't stop from coming to Roswell. Something's attacking, they have to save the day, yadda yadda yadda...I set this on Jack and Rose as the companions, but if you want to change it go ahead

Must Have
-One or two of the girls are attracted to Jack, causing fiction between said girls boy-toy and Jack and Rose and said girl
-Rose sees one of the aliens using their powers OR Michael and Maria find the TARDIS (coming or leaving) when they are fighting somewhere
- Whether it be the Skins or the Gandarium, Daleks or, Slitheen; whoever, it is, they come and everyone band together to fight! (Yeah!)

- The Doctor was present during the '47 crash debacle
- Rose tries a job at the Crashdown
- The Doctor has been to Antar
- Milton may be still around if we want a little comedy, or Brody...I just think Milty would be funnier...
-Valenti arrests one of them (Rose, the Doctor or Jack) when they first arrive, and need to be broken out!

soooo if you have any questions PM me...or if I did this wrong...
I wouldn't mind giving this a shot.... just trying to get my mind out of 10th Doctor and into Ninth Doctor would be the difficult part.

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