Without You (CC,A/I,K/?,TEEN) Part 7 - 17/4 [WIP]

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Without You (CC,A/I,K/?,TEEN) Part 7 - 17/4 [WIP]

Post by syikana » Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:51 pm

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Title: Without You

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any parts of Rent you may see. (Just briefly)

Rating: TEEN

Summery: Jennifer Coleman and Ray Anderson have been best friends since the day they met. They have things in common that neither of them realise and one joint person that keeps on connecting them to a past that neither of them remember.

Authors Notes: Takes place about five years after Graduation but it will follow cannon couples. Just exploring the interest of Jennifer Coleman's story and TESS FRIENDLY


Where were you?” Billy Darden demanded. Jennifer Coleman looked at him steadily.

“I’m sorry I’m late…” She started, looking apologetic and he held up his hand.

“I know. You lost your keys, no, you went for a walk; you had to see your mother” He picked up his guitar, “and how’s Benny? I’m going to work on the roof tonight” She bit her lip.

“Wait, I should tell you… I should… never mind” She said with a sigh.

“Happy spring.” He said bitterly heading upstairs. Once Jennifer was sure he left she threw a packet of white powder angrily across the room. She softly begins to sing.

Without you
The ground thaws
The rain falls
The grass grows
” It now revealed that she’s on a stage and there are different scenes going around her. Jennifer continues to sing with ease. However she looked somewhat surprised when as she sings flashes of a blonde woman and Ray Anderson the blonde was in red dress and Ray was in a suit. They where dancing and Ray lent in and kissed her.

Jennifer faulted slightly but in the wings she saw her co-star Billy who smiled at her in the wing and she managed to continue on with ease. The show went on and soon they where onto the final scene. The whole cast was standing together on stage.

Without you
The hand gropes
The ear hears
The pulse beats
Life goes on
But I'm gone
'Cause I die
Without you
I die without you
I die without you
I die without you
” Jennifer and the other actresses sang while the actors sung their parts. However once again another scene of Ray and the blonde flashed in her mind. Only this time they where in a school gymnasium dancing with a lot of people around. As well as a familiar blonde in the background. Tess. The name came to her as she felt a shiver up her spine.

No day but today” Jennifer finished in chorus they took their bows she felt a squeeze from Billy and she smiled at him. They then waited for the curtain to fall and she started to head off stage.

“You did brilliantly” A voice commented, “for your first performance that was brilliant, Jennifer. My only concern is that you need to work on the song without you, but you still did brilliantly” Jennifer gave the person talking a smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Langley”

“Please, call me Kal.” He said with an equal smile, “Welcome life on Broadway, Ms. Coleman.”

To Be Continued…
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Re: Without You CC A/I, M/M, M/L, K/? Prologue 19/1/09 MATURE

Post by syikana » Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:51 pm

A/N: Thank you to chanks_girl and begonia9508
Part One
“Oh this is just perfect.” She grumbled as she opened the door and spotted two figures on the couch. She raised an eyebrow at the male, “this is why you missed my opening night?”

“Jen-“He protested. She threw a shirt at him and studied the woman behind her. It was a blonde in a red dress and she snorted slightly, “You always have a thing for blondes in red don’t you?” She asked remembering the scene that had flashed past her briefly that night.

“What are you talking about?” He asked looking confused, “Look I’m sorry for missing your opening night. Things just got a-“

“Little busy” She held up her fingers and did air quotes as she said those two words “Right, so where did you pick her up from?” She questioned nodding at the blonde in front of her.

“Can’t remember to be honest with ya.” He said with a shrug, he turned to the blonde in question, “where did I pick you up from?” A smack was heard and Jen felt a smirk play on her lips.

“YOU IMBISCLE” She yelled. He raised his eyebrows.

“The blonde knows a big word. I’m impressed.” He drawled.

“I thought you reminded me of someone. You’re a far cry from him” She exclaimed. He raised an eyebrow.

“Really…” He tried to remember her name and Jennifer was almost giggling now. This was almost as good as watching a sitcom.

“Pam.” She said bluntly, “Pam Troy.” Jennifer watched curiously as his eyes widened slightly and then narrowed.

“And who did I remind you of?” Jennifer looked surprised at his question. She knew he had had memory blanks since she’d met him but she was surprised at this.

“A guy I knew who passed away when I was in High School in Roswell.” Pam admitted, “I wasn’t close to him but he seemed like a nice guy… and sometimes I feel bad that I didn’t give him the time of day… you kind of look like him. Well what an older version of him might look like”

“Maria, you’re rambling.” He said without thinking and his eyes widened. Pam and Jennifer looked at him surprised.

“My name is Pam and you are?” Pam questioned her eyes narrowed but the rest of her seemed to be calm. He studied her curiously.

“Ray, why?”

“So I know the name of the guy I slapped twice in one night.” Her hand then went across his face and Jennifer almost doubled over in laughter. In about two seconds Pam was out the door with a stunned Ray Anderson left behind. Jennifer was giggling and he raised an eyebrow.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” He questioned.

“Yep,” She said bluntly with a smile. “Serves you right for missing my first opening night.” She stated folding her arms across her chest.

“I’m sorry, Jenny.” He said tugging her over to him. She reluctantly leaned into him, “how was it?”

“It went of without a flash.” She said, at the mention of flash she bit her lip.

“What is it?” He questioned looking at her steadily.

“It’s… nothing.” Ray gave her a look of disbelief and she instantly folded something about him always made her spill, “it’s just when I was singing Without You I had a flash of you dancing with a blonde in a red dress. Then the same thing happened when I was singing No Day but Today only this time round a girl named Tess was there and a few others.” Not knowing why she flinched at the name Tess.

“You had flashes of me?” He questioned in somewhat amazement.

“Yes…” She trailed off Ray looked somewhat lost as Jennifer studied him. She bit her lip wondering what was going on in his mind.

“With…Isabel…” He said softly.

“Isabel?” She couldn’t help but question. Ray however didn’t pay attention. He got off the couch causing Jennifer to fall back in surprise and with out a word he headed to his room shutting his door behind him. Jennifer looked on in wonderment.

What was going on and who was this Isabel?

In his room Ray was breathing heavily. Maria? Isabel? Where on earth where these names coming from? He couldn’t figure it out. Then another thought came to him.

“Leanna is not Leanna. Tess is not Tess” he mumbled to himself. Very faintly he could hear Jennifer knocking on the door to his room. Shouldn’t it be louder? He questioned himself. However as that thought came to him darkness surrounded him and he barely made it to his bed before he collapsed.
She had been going to check on Jesse when another dream called to her. She was surprised as nobody else’s dreams had ever done that to her before. When she went in Isabel Evans was immediately surprised.

It was the Roswell High School Gymnasium. There seemed to be nobody in it but herself. Isabel gasped as she remembered the familiar scene. She looked down at her self; she was in a sulky red dress. She felt her hair on her shoulders. It was a length she hadn’t had in years. Steadily she looked at her hair. It was blonde a color she hadn’t had been in years.

This was just a coincidence. She told herself.

“I always did like ladies in red.” She nearly jumped. It was his voice yes, but oh so different.

“Alex?” She said hesitantly. It wasn’t possible. He was dead. The man before him shook his head.

“Ray Anderson,” He said softly. Something about that name was familiar but she couldn’t figure out why.

“Isabel Rameriez” She said going back to her married name, something about Ray screamed Alex. but she had to find out more. Why was she so drawn to her?

“So Isabel, can I have this dance?” Ray asked. Isabel nodded shyly and he took her hand and a familiar music started to play. It was their song. She bit her lip. But that couldn’t be possible.

Alex was dead.

She knew that. So what was going on here? She asked herself. Did Alex have a brother? Could that be the explanation?

“So Ms. Rameriez, why are you my dream girl?” Ray questioned and she bit her lip. How was she going to answer this honestly?

“Your subconscious brought me here?” She suggested and Ray seemed to agree with that conclusion, “but why a school gym?”

“Dunno, guess I’ve been here before.” He said out loud while twirling her around, “mind you that makes no sense I’ve never been to Roswell High.” He pulled her close slightly and she smiled.

“So Mr. Anderson.” She drawled slightly, “you have a thing for girls in red dresses?”

“Well I’d say blondes in red are better.” He pulled her in for a kiss and in that kiss every moment Isabel had shared with Alex flashed before her eyes. When they pulled apart both Ray and Isabel looked at each other shocked.

“Who are you?” He demanded. However a few seconds later before she could say anything the room faded and she was back in her apartment and Ray was back in his.
To Be Continued
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Re: Without You CC A/I, K/? Part 2 2 /2/09 MATURE

Post by syikana » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:01 pm

Thanks to: chanks_girl and vilandragirl

Authors Notes: It's a day late but still here :)
Part Two
Jennifer watched him closely from the side of his bed. She sat up slightly as he started to move as he gave her a wry smile. She studied him carefully and then she hit him on the head.

“Ow! What did you do that for?” Ray grumbled.

“You had me worried you idiot.” She retorted, “collapsing like that? You haven’t done that in years.” He nodded in agreement. He gave a sigh.

“How long was I out for?” He questioned sounding a little bit defeated. Jennifer put her hand on his shoulder.

“Half an hour,” She said softly, “did you have a dream?” He bit his lip.

“Yes… but this time was different…” He trailed off and Jennifer looked at the man she considered a brother with interest.

“Go on,” she prompted a little unsure whether or not she should be. But they had to go on any leads they could. However before he could say anything more her cell phone rang. They both jumped and she looked at her phone slightly surprised.

“Who would be ringing at this time of night?” She asked and Ray looked at her with a slight smirk.

“Maybe you should answer it to find out?” He asked dryly. She picked it up and a somewhat familiar voice came on the line.
Isabel shot up out of her bed and Kyle Valenti looked up from where he had been sitting somewhat surprised. He quickly went over to her and looked at her slightly worriedly.

“What is it?” He asked softly trying to keep Isabel calm, “did Jesse say something?” She shook her head somewhat wordlessly and looked at him for a couple of minutes.

“No…” She stuttered out. Kyle’s eyes went from worried to concerned in a matter of seconds. Something must have happened to make the Ice Princess loose her cool.

“What happened? Do you want me to get Max?” He gently questioned her. At the mention of her younger brother her eyes shot up.

“No!” She said firmly, “Max would kill me if he knew I was doing this…”

“What about-“

“So would Michael.” She said dismissively, “Compromise our positions we’d have to move again, blah, blah, blah. You know how paranoid they both are these days.”

“For good reason,” Kyle pointed out reasonably. Isabel rolled her eyes, being the only singles in the group she and Kyle had bonded only in a brother/sister relationship, causing Michael to respect Kyle a little more especially since now it seemed she had three ‘older protective brothers on the scenes.’

Except for that minor detail she was still older than all three of them.

“So what happened?” Kyle asked drawing her out of her thoughts.

“Well… I was heading towards Jesse’s dream orb and well I felt a pull to someone else’s.” She paused reflecting, “It turned out that we ended up in the Roswell High Gymnasium.”

“You dreamed walked someone from Roswell?” She bit her lip but shook her head a little unsure.

“That’s the thing. The person there said that they’d never been to Roswell High, but…” Isabel paused, Kyle knew a lot of things that had happened that the others didn’t, “I was in the same red dress as I was when I had dream walked Alex the first time round and it was the same song that was playing, for a second there I almost thought HE was Alex, an older version of Alex yes but yeah”

“Isabel…” Kyle started but she put up her hand.

“I know it sounds crazy Kyle trust me but I’m not finished. We danced and then he um…” she trailed off looking slightly sheepish.

“He what?” Kyle demanded looking at her.

“Drop the older brother act Kyle.” She said with a slight laugh, “but Ray and I- that was his name… kissed and every moment I had with Alex flashed before my eyes.” Kyle’s eyes widened and he moved over to sit next to her.

“Are you…”

“Don’t you dare say are you sure I was Dream Walking or I swear I will give you naked dreams of Michael for the next three months” Isabel informed him, “I was Dream Walking, Kyle.”

“Okay, okay just please don’t give me naked dreams of Michael.” He said waving his hands up and down. Isabel laughed.

“You know you want them” She teased poking him on the side.

“No I don’t.” Kyle said folding his arms and pounting for a few moments. He then looked over at Isabel seriously, “so what are you going to do?”

“I… honestly don’t know”
Two hours later Jennifer and Ray where sitting at a late night café. Ray glared at her which caused Jennifer to roll her eyes slightly.

“What is it?” She finally snapped at him. He looked slightly sheepish for a couple of seconds but then returned to glaring at her.

“I still don’t see why I have to be here.” He said folding his arms and looking at her.

“Because Kal asked you to be here and before you ask I don’t know why Kal asked you to be here.” Jennifer said raising an eyebrow. He sighed and started to stand up, “wait, where are you going?”

“To get some coffee. If I have to be awake for god along knows how long I’m going to need some. Do you want some?” Jennifer shook her head and he nodded and headed over to the counter.

When he got to the counter eyed the front door trying to remember if he had ever met the demanding Kal Langley and the problem was, from what he could remember in his life he couldn’t.

Which caused him to wonder what Kal Langley actually wanted him for.
To Be Continued.

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Re: Without You CC A/I, K/? Part 2 2 /2/09 MATURE

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Authors Note: For the purpose of this fic, Kal didn't loose his human side.
Part Three
“Sir?” A female voice brought him back from his gaze at the door and Ray turned around. He gave a smile.

“Sorry, um can I get a long black with some sugar,” He asked, the waitress nodded slightly wary. He looked back at his table.

“Anything else?” She questioned sounding bored.

“And do you have tobasco sauce?” He bit his lip knowing how odd it sounded but knowing deep down he wanted it. It had been a quirk for as long as he could remember but he didn’t know why.

“If there isn’t any on your table sir you are welcome to grab one from another.” The bored waitress responded she entered the amount on the till, “that will be three dollars” He handed over the money with ease.

As he waited for his coffee his gaze turned to the door again. He didn’t know what to think about this meeting, something just seemed off for some reason. He sighed and turned back to the waitress just as she handed over his cup of coffee.

He gave her a fake ‘thank you’ and headed over to the table grabbing a bottle of tobasco sauce and a couple of packets of sugar on the way. He sat back at the table and took the top of the cup and put some sugar in it and then followed with tobasco sauce.

Jennifer shook her head with a smile as she watched her friend. She never did understand his dietary quirks but then again- neither did he. Just something from his past they both figured.

She heard the door to the café open and her gaze headed to the door. There she saw Kal and a female behind her. She couldn’t see the female properly but something about her gave Jennifer a bad vibe.

Jennifer waved Kal and the female over and Ray turned around to see who she was waving at. Now the blonde was in view and Ray ended up dropping a spoon and he looked to be in complete and utter terror.

“Now, Alex… calm down.” The blonde started to say,

“My… name… is… Ray” He stuttered out. Jennifer watched as she turned to look at Kal.
“You took away his memories?” She demanded glaring at him, Jennifer watched with interest as Kal flinched and looked somewhat remorseful.

“I had to your majesty. Your duplicate had done a number on him. Just like she had done with the Seer, here.” He motioned to Jennifer who now looked confused.

“It’s bad enough that you made his friends think he was dead the fact that he can’t remember them? That he can’t remember his love for Isabel?” She started to rant but Kal just looked only somewhat remorseful.

“At the time we didn’t know how long it would take to heal him, my Queen it was the same with the seer if you remember.” The woman stared at Kal in a slight disgust.

“And what about his parent’s Kal? He can’t go home to them”

“If he wanted to go home to Roswell, my Queen it would be to see Princess Vilandra and she hasn’t been in Roswell for five years.” This time the woman looked a little surprised.

“She hasn’t?”

“None of the remaining six have been, my Queen. Apparently something happened during their graduation causing them to run. My contacts state though they are in New York City though”

“They’re here?” She asked in disbelief. This was when Jennifer decided to speak up.

“Hello? Two very confused people here.” Jennifer said motioning to herself and Ray. The woman looked up slightly surprised while Kal looked mildly amused.

“Leanna always did have a sense of humor” Kal murmured to himself.

“Leanna is not Leanna…” Ray murmured for a second the woman looked stunned and then she composed herself.

“Right he doesn’t know” Ray looked up looking rather cross.

“He doesn’t know what?” Ray questioned looking nervous, “Why I’ve been dreaming about a girl in a red dress for the last six years? Why I have these weird food cravings with Tobasco sauce? Why I don’t know a thing about my past? Why I have no clue who the hell you are but I do know the fact you give me a bad vibe?” He started to stand up.

“Ray, calm down” Jennifer tried, “you’re…”

“Don’t tell me I’m causing a scene Jen.” He glared at her and then looked slightly defeated, “I just want to know my past.”

“I know you do, Ray.” Jennifer said looking at him steadily, “I know Kal. He’s a decent guy. Let’s see what they have to say huh?” She watched as he bit his lip and she instantly knew he was going to give in.

“All right,” She smiled instantly.

“Why don’t you sit down?” She motioned to Kal and the blonde woman. They exchanged looks.

“Actually, perhaps this could be better explained at your apartment Ms. Coleman?” Jennifer bit her lip and exchanged a quick glance with Ray who reluctantly nodded.

“Let’s go.”
~ * ^ * ~
“Ava has been spotted in New York” It was a couple of hours later and Isabel was staring at her brother in shock. He had called an emergency meeting and Isabel had known it was going to be a long night.

“Come again?” Michael demanded looking steadily at his best friend.

“Ava has been spotted in New York.” Max Evans repeated Isabel watched as Liz Evans gave her husband a warm smile and nodded in encouragement, “Kal Langley as you know moved from producing movies/television to producing Broadway.”

“What does Kal have to do with Ava?” Maria DeLuca asked slightly confused.

“Kal, was the protector of the dupes.” Max responded with ease he then continued, “half an hour ago I was out getting some shopping for Liz and I and I spotted Kal and Ava heading into a twenty four hour café together.”

“So what do we do?” Kyle questioned.

“We do what we came here to do to. Find Ava.”
To Be Continued.

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Re: Without You CC A/I, K/? Pt 3 pg2 7/2 MATURE

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Part Four
Authors Note: This chapter is loosly based on the Lost format :)
“We’re going to New York.” Tess looked the protector in surprise.

“Why? We found the others.” Nacedo snorted and raised an eyebrow at her.

“You know so little,” A flash of irritation fell past her.

“Maybe that’s because you have neglected to tell me certain information.” Tess told him coldly, “now why are we going to New York?”

“To meet the other set.” Tess looked confused for a few seconds.

“The other set of what?” The irritation was clear on Nacedo’s face but she had no idea what her so called protector was talking about.

“The other set of you. Now pack your things.” Tess bit her lip and nodded, heading to her room.

“Remember only the necessities”
There where times in her life that she could remember feeling nervous. She could also remember feeling worried, scared but never downright terrified. When Max had been put in the White Room she had thought she was terrified then but now?

Tess Harding was completely and utterly terrified- of people that had no idea who she was.

She studied the woman Kal had mentioned her name to her and for the life of her she couldn’t remember it, she knew it had started with a J… Jessica? No that wasn’t right, Jasmine? No that wasn’t right either. Jennifer, that was it.

Kal had also called her Leanna but that had been her name before Kal had wiped her memories almost in a way how Alex’s name was now Ray, but on Alex it seemed wrong. Ray didn’t fit him and if she knew Isabel the way she thought she did- Isabel would agree.

Thinking about Alex made her study the man that had been Alex in front of her. He was looking back at her and she blushed slightly under his study. In a way she was reminded of the old Alex. But he was a lot different than before as she watched him he crossed his arms and suddenly looked thoughtful.

“Tess is not Tess” He stated out loud and she looked at him in slight shock. Did he know? But he had said that he couldn’t remember, maybe he was regaining his memories again and if so… what had caused it?

“What was that?” Kal questioned and Tess knew that he was surprised as well, which surprised her because as far as she was aware she had never known the man to be surprised around her.

“What was what?” Alex asked him surprised. Tess looked at Kal slightly confused. What was going on?

“What did you just say?” Kal repeated.

“He does this from time to time.” The girl, Jennifer spoke up, “He’ll say something like Tess is not Tess, or Leanna is not Leanna and then not remember that he’d said it.” Tess watched as it was Alex’s turn to look at Jennifer confused.

“Huh?” He said blankly, “I’ve said things I don’t remember? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have remembered saying it if I had told you, Ray?” Jennifer said practically. He just sighed in response and shook his head.


“That’s why I didn’t tell you.” She responded giving him a smug look. Alex pounted for a bit and Tess was struck once again at how different the boy she had met briefly before that eventful summer that changed everything.

On the road yet again the blonde queen looked at her protector in annoyance. She studied her protector and inwardly frowned.

“I should be in Roswell with Max.” Tess commented, “With Liz out of the picture…”

“You have no chance with King Zan,” Her protector snapped and she looked at Nacedo with hurt, “not with him so in love with that human.” The way he said human made Tess shiver. Deep down she liked Liz and the other humans.

So what was so bad about them?

“You have the potential to be a strong Queen.” Nacedo commented his eyes focused on the road in front of her, “you just need to be around the right people for a while.”

He stopped in an empty parking space and Tess looked around slightly surprised. Through all her brooding she hadn’t even realized that she was in New York.
“Out of all the places in the world she ends up going to the place she ran away from?” Maria observed out loud while wondering the streets with Kyle.

“Maybe she felt more at home here. She did grow up here after all,” Kyle pointed out.

“I suppose there is the theory hide in plain sight”

Kyle nodded absentmindedly. He wasn’t sure what to think of Ava, after everything that had happened with Tess- could they really trust someone who looked exactly like her?

He thought back of his memories with Tess. It was almost as though right after the summer after he got shot she’d had a personality transplant. He never could pinpoint why but she just seemed different after he’d got back from Baseball camp.
“Woah,” He crashed into her and their books dropped with a loud bang. First day back and you’re already banging into someone. Good one, Valenti. He told himself. Then he got a second look at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Watch where you’re goin!” The girl exploded and Kyle raised an eyebrow.

“Tess right?” She glared at him.

“And you are?”

“Kyle Valenti? Met you just before school went out….” Kyle frowned slightly when he noticed a look of distaste come a cross of her.

“Right one of the humans.” Kyle faked a loud laugh.

“Good one Tess,” He put his arm around her, ignoring her tense shoulders “Big secret isn’t it?” He asked as they walked down the hall.
~ * ^ * ~
Somehow over that summer she’d changed. Kyle wasn’t quite sure how but he had noticed that something wasn’t right. He just never could figure it out.

Maybe now he could finally get some answers.

To Be Continued
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Re: Without You CC A/I, K/? Authors Note 19/2

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Authors Note: Here it is part five for your reading pleasure. Thanks for your paitence and all the reviews :)
Part Five
The first thing he heard was a steady beep. Then he groaned slightly and tried to open his eyes. It was harder than it seemed, he tried again. This time he succeeded but he promptly shut them again. He heard a gasp and then a panicked female voice.

“Doctor, I think he’s waking up!” He willed himself to open his eyes a third time and keep them open no matter how bright the light was. He blinked for a couple of moments before groaning again.

“Mr. Anderson?” Was that his name? It didn’t sound all that familiar to him. But then again nothing did he didn’t know why but it didn’t. He tried to respond but it came out as another groan, “Mr. Anderson, you’re at a hospital. You’ve been in a coma for the last few weeks- can you blink your eyes twice if you understand me?” A tall dark haired man with glasses came into view. He was a little twiggy but he supposed the doctor knew what he was doing.

He blinked his eyes. However he was still a little confused. Why was he in the hospital? What had happened to him to get this way?
Ray stared at the blonde in front of him. Something about her was familiar but he couldn’t figure out what. Then he had a flash of a similar female but with pink streaks and piercing on her face.

“Tess is not Tess” He murmured with out thinking. He heard a gasp from someone but he wasn’t paying attention. Who was she?

“What was that?” Kal’s voice brought him out of his thoughts. He blinked twice, almost feeling like he was back in that hospital room again.

“What was what?” He questioned looking blankly at Kal.

“He does this from time to time,” Jennifer spoke up and this time he turned his blank look to the woman that he considered a sister.

“Huh?” He bit his lip feeling somewhat nervous, “I’ve said things I don’t remember? Why didn’t you tell me?” He felt somewhat violated.

“Would you have remembered if I told you, Ray?” She asked with a smirk on her face. He gave her a look but then sighed.

“No.” He admitted, his voice sounding soft even to his own ears.
The room was quiet now. He was supposed to be asleep but as he looked around the room he felt a slight shiver. White. Cold. Sterile. Something about the room didn’t sit well with him.

He looked up when he heard the door open. It was the blonde lady who had been there when he’d woken up. She gave him a bright smile and he responded with an uncertain one back. Something about her seemed familiar to him but he couldn’t figure out what.

Or whether or not he wanted to.

“Oh, the doctors said that you would be asleep” She said somewhat uncertainly.

“Couldn’t.” He said somewhat bluntly. He bit his lip at the taken aback look she gave him, “sorry been a rough couple of hours.” He admitted.

“I’ll bet,” she said sincerely. He was starting to warm to her although something was telling him to be hesitant, “oh right you probably want to know who I am,”

“I could settle for knowing who I am,” He said with a small laugh to show he was joking. She laughed along with him.

“Right, anyway my names Tess…” she paused for a couple of moments before saying her last name, “Parker”
Tess and Kal had excused themselves to talk so the living room was quiet. He bit his lip. There had been something prominent about blondes in his life. First his ‘dream girl’, then Jennifer and now this Tess woman.

“What are you thinking about?” Jennifer’s voice drew him out of his thoughts. There was something claming about her voice that he never quite understand. But it always managed to calm him down.

“Just how blondes play a part in my life” He said wryly a snort came from.

“Or lack of,” She quipped and he pouted.

“You know you love me.” He teased

“You still have to make up for missing my opening night.” She pointed out. He winced.

“It wasn’t my fault she came on to me” He whined.

“Face it, you’ve always had a thing for blondes in a red dress”

“I know, I know”
“Hi I’m… Ray.” He looked around the room slightly nervous, “a couple of weeks ago I was in a car accident.” He then looked uncertain.

“It’s alright take your time,” The support person said and Ray took a deep breath looking around the room once more, focusing on a blonde haired woman sitting almost directly in front of him. He bit his lip and then continued.

“The thing is I’m not even sure who I am, whether my name really is Ray Anderson. I can’t remember anything of my life apart from when I’ve woken up. I guess one of the problems is that I don’t know whether or not my parents know where I am. Or even if my parents are alive. I guess I may never know” He stopped.

“Alright Ray why don’t you take a seat next to Jennifer, Jennifer raise your hand for Ray,” The blonde woman Ray had been focused on raised her hand. They shared a smile as he sat down next to her.

Ray focused on Tess when she walked into the room. There was something familiar about her but he couldn’t put his mind to it.

“Now I know you’re probably confused as to why I’m here.” Tess started off, “First I need to tell you neither of you where in car crashes” Suddenly it clicked. Where he’d known her before.

“You where at the hospital” He breathed. She nodded but flinched slightly.

“Yes I was,” She turned to Kal, “I thought you where going to wipe his mind of that memory”

“I couldn’t. It was too dangerous for him. Ava did a number on him my lady.” She nodded and Ray couldn’t help but bite his lip.

Wipe my mind?”

Wipe his mind?” Jennifer said at the exact same time but all Ray could focus on was Tess and wonder what the hell she and this guy where.
To Be Continued

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Re: Without You CC A/I, K/? Part 5, Pg 3, 29/3

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Part Six

“Ray is there any reason why you’re studying my tattoo?” Jennifer teased jumping into the pool. She bit her lip, tracing her tattoo on her thigh fondly. The symbol was different. She knew that but there was something familiar about it which was why it stayed. She smiled as she watched him blush slightly.

“No, it’s just different that’s all” Ray admitted and she studied him slightly.

“When, have you known me not to be different?” She teased slightly. He splashed her.

“It’s just that symbol. For some reason I feel like I should know it.” He said for the first time since she had met him Jennifer felt weary about Ray. She turned around so said tattoo was out of his eyesight.

“It’s just a symbol.” She said coming of a little bit standoffish which caused Ray to step back and fall into the pool causing water to spray around them both, “RAY!” She screamed laughing and the moment was forgotten.
Jennifer studied the blonde in front of her. Normally she was good with the vibes of people- Ray had given her a positive one right off the bat and she’d been right with everyone else except her.

Something about her gave Jennifer two different vibes and she didn’t know which one to trust. Kal, she trusted. But as soon as she mentioned wiping minds she wasn’t sure.

“You are going to restore their minds aren’t you?” Tess half questioned half demanded and Kal instantly nodded.

“Yes, my lady. Their minds have healed enough from your duplicates work to have their original memories back. They won’t however remember what she did to them.”

“Their?” Jennifer interrupted looking steadily at the director in front of him, “what do you mean their?” Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Tess blush and turn away.

“I guess now would be the best time to explain.” Tess admitted and a grin came across Kal’s face.

“Sit down kiddies, you’re in for a wild ride.”
Sometimes Jennifer thought that she was missing something. That someone was waiting for her somewhere although she didn’t know where. She admitted it to one day to Ray, looking down when she did as she didn’t want to see him laugh. When she did she realized that he was looking at her in surprise.

“You do as well?” He breathed. She nodded not knowing if she could talk, wondering if she should have brought it up. There where a couple of moments of silence when finally Jennifer dared to speak.

“This is spooky.” She admitted looking at him. He nodded.

She stared at the two with her mouth open in disbelief. She looked at Ray in beside her. He looked just as engrossed in the tale as she had been.

“You can’t seriously expect me to believe this.”

“Leanna,” Kal started and she glared at him.

“My name is, Jennifer.” She snapped.

“Oh boy, she’s pissed.” Ray murmured out loud. She turned her glare on her friend.

“Don’t push me, Ray.” He waved his hands backing slightly away from her.

“Not pushing.”

“Jennifer,” Kal started again, “every bit of this is true.”

“But that just says everything I’ve ever been told is a lie. Do you really expect me to believe that?”

“Have you ever truly believed everything you’ve ever been told?” Tess spoke up looking steadily at her, “Have you ever thought someone was out there, waiting for you?” At this both Ray’s and Jennifer’s eyes snapped up.

“How did you know that?” She demanded looking at this so called queen- who looked more like a gerbil in her point of view.

“Or why that symbol on your thigh looks so familiar?” Kal supplied.

“Get. Out.” She growled out looking steadily at Kal.

“Jennifer-“ Tess started.

“I said, get out.” Jennifer stated pointing towards the door. Ray looked open mouthed at his best friend while Tess and Kal looked helplessly at Ray.

“Don’t you two want to know your pasts? Remember who you where?” Tess questioned.

“If you don’t get out right now, I’m calling the cops.” Jennifer threatened however she noticed Ray was now looking at Tess, “I mean it.”

Tess sighed and started to gather her things. Kal lingered a bit more looking at Ray.

“Mr. Anderson, we can help you. Help you find who you’re looking for.”
“I stopped feeling him.” Jennifer said almost disappointed one morning coming into the kitchen, “I just woke up and he wasn’t there.”

“He?” Ray asked blankly.

“You have a dream girl; I have a dream guy, remember?” She started to make some coffee, absentmindedly putting in some Tabasco sauce, “anyway I think something happened.”

“Uh huh.” Ray murmured. She was amazed as to how much he’d changed over last couple of months. It was as if New York was giving him a different side to him and Jennifer quite honestly wasn’t sure if she liked it.

“Are you even listening to me, Ray?”

“Can’t feel dream guy anymore right got ya.” He quoted and then looked at the time.

“Don’t you have an audition to go to?” He questioned. This time it was Jennifer who looked at the clock and gasped.

“Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?” She demanded.

“Maybe because I was asleep….” He suggested wryly opening a can of orange soda as she started to rush back into her room to get changed. A few moments later she was out the door, “Jen? Break a leg.” She ran back in and gave him a hug.

“Thanks Ray.”
“I’m Jennifer Coleman; I’m here to audition for the role of Mimi” she said briefly glancing at the signup person.

“Take a seat in the auditorium, Mr. Langley will see you shortly.”
To Be Continued

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Re: Without You CC A/I, K/? Part 7, Pg 3, 17/4

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Part Seven
Isabel looked steadily out the window. One part of her was crying to go back. Crying to go back to Jesse and drag him along with them. The other part was urging stay quite, to keep going. He had been a distraction. Just like Alex had been.

She nearly snorted at the irony, sounding like Tess. But she was fine without him. She’d only been with him for a year. It wasn’t as though they where Max and Liz. They had been the dreamers, while she and Jesse where the ones that weren’t meant to be.

For some reason it didn’t hurt as much as finding out that Alex had died. But she supposed it was because she had made the choice to leave him. Alex had been cruelly taken away. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Max and Michael exchange a glance. She knew they where worried.

Yet she didn’t care. This was Max’s fault anyway. That startled Isabel but suddenly she realized that yes it was Max’s fault.

Not that he chose to fall in love with Liz, therefore starting everything completely.

That she couldn’t blame him for. It was for giving up on Liz so easily when she supposedly slept with Kyle. She was still skeptical of that. Kyle had confined that he was still a virgin. So something major had to have happened for Liz to lie to Max about that.

She respected her for it.

“Isabel?” She nearly jumped at the sound of Liz’s voice.

“Yes?” She snapped. She may have respected Liz but she still wasn’t in the mood for talking.

“We where ah… just having a break and I wondered if you wanted anything from the ah gas station” She looked around in surprised. She hadn’t even noticed that they had stopped. Isabel put on a smile.

“Sure, I’ll come in with you”
“Never mock my love for Broadway again.” Isabel looked up from her place in the living room as Maria entered the apartment without knocking.

“Hello Maria, come on in. Don’t you ever knock?” She simply asked, going back to her paper.

“Turn to page six and say Maria you are a genius.” Maria instructed, before turning around and pulling out her cell phone, “do it Iz and thank me later.”

“Fine,” She grumbled out. She turned to the page and started to read it out loud, “Washed up Hollywood Producer heads to Broadway. We knew that already, Maria” She said putting down the paper.

“Keep reading.” She said putting her mouth over the phone, “hello Liz? What took you so long? Scratch that I don’t need to know. Anyway get todays paper got it? Read page six.” Isabel started reading again.

“Kal Langley, once a famous producer in Hollywood is now bringing back the hit show Rent staring a relatively unknown but talented cast. Langley, has been reported seen with a curly haired blonde who is reportedly his PA, Tess Parker.” Isabel stopped and then read the last sentence over again.

“Yes you did read that correctly.” Maria said both to the phone and to Isabel

“But Tess Parker? I understand Parker but Tess?”

“Maybe Ava was too unique or something I don’t know I’m not the woman.” Maria responded with ease, “Keep reading.”

“Parker commented that they had a brilliant first night with upcoming broadways stars Billy Darden and Jennifer Coleman having brilliant chemistry between each other.” Isabel paused, “why do those names ring a bell?”

“Not sure about Jennifer, but Billy…” Maria trailed off somewhat sheepishly, “yes Liz. Billy’s apparently on Broadway. No I didn’t know. Feel like doing me a favor bestest friend in the whole wide world? Fine lets see if I cover for you and Max next time round.” Isabel watched as Maria hung up the phone.

“No Maria.” She said instantly.

“But I haven’t even asked you a question yet.” Maria protested. Isabel gave her best Ice princess glare.

“Because I already know what it is. No Maria I’m not telling Michael that Billy’s staring on Broadway. If you want to do that you’re going to have to do it yourself.”

“But Iz…” Maria protested.

“No.” She said bluntly while going back to the article.
“Are you sure this is going to work?” Isabel questioned a few days later while watching Maria head into the building with Kyle, “it just seems a little too easy.”

“Kal won’t recognize Maria or Kyle, neither will Ava. They’ll find out the necessary info and be out of there.” Max said confidently.

“She’s going to try for an audition, Max. She hasn’t had the time to practice for it, or sung in public for years.” She added almost as an after thought.

“She’ll be fine.” Liz said confidently sounding almost like Max had earlier, “she knows all the songs to Rent by heart.”

“Trust me I know,” Michael added with a slight grimace, “If I have to hear Take Me or Leave Me one more time…” Liz laughed at that.

“She always wanted to be Maureen.”

“What about Kyle?” Isabel then asked, “Do you really think he can pull off being an agent?” At this the van fell quiet.

“I should have gone in there…” Michael started but Max shook his head.

“Langley would have recognized you, same with Isabel and Liz, Kyle was our only option.”

“What’s Kyle going to do? Blast him with Buddha?” Michael snapped.

“Nothing’s going to go wrong.” Liz spoke up, “Kyle and Maria will be fine.” However as soon as she said that Liz’s cell phone went off.
“Hello?” She froze at the sound of a woman’s voice on the other end of the phone. Although it had been two years it still hurt, “hello is anyone there?”

“Serena, honey, who is it?” His voice in the background made her heart break slightly. She had done the right thing. She told herself.

“Nobody’s there.”
The woman said sounding rather confused, the popular, cruel part of Isabel couldn’t help but smirk. Blonde bimbo ten o’clock. Suddenly Jesse’s voice came over the line.

“Hello, is anyone there?” His voice sounded a little older but it hadn’t changed. She didn’t think it ever could, “If this is James I’m going to call your parents….” Isabel took a deep breath.

“Goodbye, Jesse”

“Isabel?” Jesse’s voice breathed and Isabel knew if she didn’t hang up now she wasn’t going to be able to do it. So she did, knowing the divorcé papers that where on her desk would be in the mail tomorrow morning.

It was what was best for Jesse. She reminded herself, but as she broke down she knew she still wasn’t completely over him. She didn’t know if she ever was going to be able to.

He might have started out as a distraction from her heartbreak of Alex but she had grown to love him.
To Be Continued