I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) [COMPLETE]

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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 36 (24/11/08)

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Hi everyone it's that time again .......................................

A quick thank you to all of you who leave regular feed back. Honestly, it really does mean a lot to me. When I lose confidence in my writing I look back on your feed back and it encourages me to keep going so THANK YOU.

jake 17/Carrie

My beta reader is still on holiday so there my be some mistakes but please forgive me!!!! I am trying my best not to make too many :lol: :lol: :lol: !!! Oh and also please excuse my crappy attempt at a New York accent. To be honest I've never been there so I don't really know how they talk but I've tried :lol: :lol: .

These chapters contain scenes from Cry Your Name but changed have been changed to fit my story. All the credit goes to the origingal writers and the powers that be.

Chapter 34

“NO! NO! This is not possible!” screamed Isabel. “Max you, you have to …”

“I can’t feel her Isabel.”

“NO! I can’t lose Alex.”

“It doesn’t mean they’re not alive,” he quickly reassured Isabel. “Liz has learnt how to block our connection when she wants to. If she is hurt somewhere then I might not be able to feel her if she’s already got the block up.”

“So, so it doesn’t mean they’re dead?”

“No, but I can’t be sure.”

“Jim you have to find them. I’m sure they’re not dead! I have to believe they’re not dead, they can’t be. I won’t allow it!” shouted Isabel.

Max just watched as his sister crumbled in front of him. Her usual ice façade was gone, she looked lost. He wrapped her in his arms and let a lone tear escape his eye, before he reeled in his emotions. He couldn’t fall apart, not now, everyone needed him to stay calm and find out what happened.

“Jim, I want to go to the crash site. Maybe I can help some way, you know, help?” he hinted at Jim.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Max,” said Jim worried. “I-if you see the wreckage I don’t think any of you will handle it. It’s pretty bad.”

“I have to,” Max whispered.

“We all have to,” Maria piped up.

“Maybe we should listen to the Sheriff. I-If you see anything bad I don’t think you would be able to handle it. W-What if they find her body?” asked Tess.

“I’m going!” shouted Max, through gritted teeth. “Oh and you would just love that wouldn’t you? If they found her body, you would be jumping for joy.”

“That’s not fair Max. I know I’ve made it known that I don’t like her because of what she was to you, but I would never wish her any harm.”

“Why you fucking bitch! What do you mean by ‘what she WAS to him?’ You’re talking like she’s already dead,” said Maria, as she lunged for Tess, only to be held back by Michael.

“Let go of me! That little slut is going to get what she deserves!” screamed Maria.

“Maria, this wasn’t part of the plan. What’s going on?” whispered Michael, so nobody could hear him except Maria.

She immediately calmed down when Liz’s words rang in her ears. ‘It’s going to happen on Friday night. You have to be strong Maria. You have to keep everyone in the group under control. I will contact you as soon as I have the information I need. You can let Kal in on it after it has happened, but no one else’.

“We need to contact the others. They have a right to know what’s happened,” said Maria.

“How do we know we can trust them? Everything started to go wrong when they arrived,” said Tess.

“Oh, I think we can trust them more than we can trust you!” said Maria.

“That’s only because you’ve been hanging around with them!” shouted Tess.

“STOP IT! For once can you just keep your trashy mouth SHUT!!” screamed Isabel, poking Tess in the shoulder. “Why do you think we can trust them Maria?”

“Because Liz trusts them.”

“So what does that prove?” spat out Tess, only to receive a glare from Isabel.

“Well she trusted all of you when she found out your secret. Most people would have turned you in but she instinctively knew that you were good people. She also knew that we could trust the Sheriff when Max got caught by the F.B.I. and she’s never trusted Tess. That in my book means that we can trust her judgement.”

“Michael, what do you think?” asked Isabel, slightly worried.

“I think we can trust them.”

“I don’t care what you all think. I’m phoning them to let them know what’s happened. It’s not a group decision this time. Dan loves Liz and he has a right to know,” said Maria.

“D-Dan l-loves Liz?” Max stuttered, whilst Tess just smiled.

“Yes he does Max. What? Did you just think he wanted to get into her pants? No, I’m sorry, but it’s more than that Max. He loves her like you once did, mind, body and soul. If you think winning her back is going to be easy, I would think again. If that piece of blonde trailer trash stands by your side then you don’t stand a chance.”

“Like I ONCE did? Maria I’ve never ever stopped loving Liz, even when I thought she’d slept with Kyle. Why do you think it was too painful for me to see her all the time?”

“Huh, too painful for you? God Max you make me so mad sometimes. You have no idea what she’s been going through. She’s given up everything for you, EVERYTHING!! She’s constantly lied to her parents, she’s lost all her other friends because of the alien abyss and then we start to shut her out. She’s been shot at, jumped off bridges, went to Tess’s because she had ‘FAITH’ in your relationship, god she even forgave you for kissing that slut!! She’s done nothing BUT fight for you!!”

“Fight for HIM. You’re having a laugh aren’t you? SHE SLEPT WITH KYLE and I swear to god Maria, if you call me a slut or trailer trash one more time, I’m going to blast your ass into orbit,” spat out Tess.

“Don’t you DARE speak to her that way! You touch one hair on her head, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, do I make myself clear? And Liz NEVER slept with Kyle!” growled Michael. It was taking all of his strength not to pin the blonde little tramp up to the wall and squeeze all the air from her lungs.

“Hey guys come on! We’re wasting time arguing over this. We need to get out to the crash site once the others are informed!” interrupted Kyle, trying to defuse the situation.

“Yeah I’m going to call them now. You need to wake up Max. If Liz is still alive and you really want her back, you are going to have to fight for her and I mean really fight for her. Dan isn’t going to give up easily,” with that parting remark Maria went out back to get her cell phone from her locker and get changed out of her uniform.



“Dan, what the hell is going on?”

“S-She’s g-gone Maria!” sobbed Zan.

“Oh god, no, no, no. What do you mean she’s gone?” whispered Maria, while tears streamed down her face.

“She’s gone. Our enemies have her! Why don't you come over and I can explain what happened.”

“We’re going to visit the crash site first.”

“NO!! Keep everyone away from there!!” shouted Zan.


“Rath, Lonnie and Nicholas are in town. They showed up tonight. You can’t go there it’s too dangerous.”

“I might not be able to stop them from going Dan. What am I supposed to do?”

“Then go with them. You and Michael keep an eye out for anything suspicious but don’t try to take them on your own if they show up. We had a tough time fighting them, hell I almost died tonight if it wasn’t for Liz. Use your telepathy power to contact me if you need us. It doesn’t matter if we blow our cover Maria, you would need all of us there just to survive.”

“Dan why was it so hard? I’ve seen some of the things Liz can do and I swear she could take them all out with a flick of her hand.”

“She didn’t fight Maria.”


“She didn’t fight. She just stood still while it all happened a-and then she was gone.”

“What do you mean she was gone?”

“I’m not comfortable talking about this over the phone. Once you’ve finished at the site come and see us at the mansion.”

“Is it okay if Michael comes as well?”

“Maria, Michael is one of us. Of course he can come with you.”

“Okay, we’ll come over after going to the site. Thanks Dan.”

Just as she finished her phone call Michael popped his head through the door.


“Maria put me out of my misery and tell me what’s going on”

“I honestly don’t know yet Michael. They said she didn’t fight.”


“Shush. You’ll have them all running in here!” chastised Maria. “She didn’t fight Michael and Dan nearly died tonight.”

“Shit, what the fuck is going on? I knew something was off about this plan of hers. She was left totally unprotected. She wanted it that way and said that she could protect herself, but she didn’t even fight. Something’s not right here Maria.”

“I know. I need to tell you something but not here. We need to go to the mansion after we’ve been to the site. Dan told us to keep a look out for Rath, Lonnie and Nicholas.”

“Did you just say Nicholas?”


“Ah shit, now Liz didn’t tell us Nicholas was going to be involved. She warned us about Rath and Lonnie but not Nicholas. How, are we going to go up against all of them?”

“Well Dan told us to call him, you know, call him,” said Maria, pointing to her head, “if we need their help.”

“Fine, let’s get this over and done with quickly. Then we can find out what the hell went wrong out there.”

Maria and Michael walked back out into the restaurant.


“Well?” asked Max.

“They all wanted to come out to the site to help but I persuaded them to stay put for now. I told them that there would be too many people so Michael and I are meeting them later.”

“Why is Michael going?” asked Tess.

“I’m going because Maria needs me to support her while she does this. There are going to be lots of questions flying around and I’m going to do my best to answer them.”

“Then I think we should all go,” said Tess.

“No offense Tess, but Dan can’t stand the sight of you after all the hurt you’ve put Liz through. If you showed up tonight I don’t think any alien power could save you from his wrath. I think you would be dead before you got through the front door!” said Maria.

“Why is everyone blaming me for this? I was here the whole time you know. I had nothing to do with her death!” shouted Tess.

“It doesn’t matter who is responsible Tess, he just doesn’t like you! It’s funny how nobody can stand the sight of you just lately!”

“Alright Maria, that’s enough. You’ve been picking on Tess since you found out about this and she has been here with me the whole time,” stated Max.

“That is what I was talking about Max. Sooner or later you’re going to have to choose which one is more important to you Liz or Tess. Liz isn’t going to be second best any more. If you have HER by your side then it will be over. She has a man waiting for her who will love and cherish her. He won’t be rubbing HIS destiny in her face.”

“This destiny crap is not my fault Maria. It’s just something I have to live with. I’m not in love with Tess and I never have been! I’ve tried to tell Liz this numerous times but she just kept pushing me away. What am I supposed to do?”

“Drop the tramp!”

“I can’t do that Maria. She’s one of us. I can’t leave her on her own. What kind of person would that make me?”

“I’m fed up with this conversation. You are stubborn and no matter what I tell you, you will go your own way. I’m warning you that you are so close to losing Liz for good. Soon nothing you do or say will bring her back.”

“Let’s just get out of here and go to the site. Maybe we can find some clue on what happened out there. Sheriff can you drive out to the site and we’ll follow you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine Michael.”

“Kyle, you can come with Maria and me in the Jetta. The rest of you can go in Max’s jeep. Are you alright to drive Max? You still look shaken up?” Michael placed a hand on Max’s shoulder in comfort.

“You’re not in charge here you know? You can’t make these decisions, that’s Max’s role,” sneered Tess

“Max isn’t thinking straight because one of his best friends and the love of his life have been in an accident. As second in command, I am in charge. So shut your blonde little trap and get moving!” shouted Michael, through gritted teeth.

Everyone left and followed the Sheriff to the accident site.

Chapter 35

“What the hell is going on?” asked Kyle, as soon as they were on their way.

“We don’t have all the details yet Kyle. All Dan was able to tell me was that Rath, Lonnie and Nicholas showed up. Dan was nearly killed and Liz just disappeared,” replied Maria.

“What do you mean, she just disappeared? Did she get called into the future again?”

“No, I don’t think so. Dan wasn't comfortable talking about it over the phone, so we are going to the mansion after this.”

“This wasn’t part of the plan was it?”

“Well not as far as any of us knew.”

“What are you saying Maria? Are you telling me that Liz lied to us?”

“I don’t think she lied, just omitted information.”

“Maria?” said Michael, raising his eyebrow.

“I’m not going into it here. I will tell you when we get to the mansion.”

“So you know something no one else knows, don’t you?” queried Michael.

“No, I don’t know anything for sure. It’s just some of things Liz has said that has me worried.”


“It’s better if we wait Michael. I don’t want to be repeating myself and I’m not sure if I’m right. I need to hear what Dan has to say first.”

“Maria,” Michael said, in a warning tone.

“I said later Michael, we’re here.”

When they arrived at the crash site they could see the flashing red lights of the ambulance, fire trucks, police cruisers and road cones that cordoned off the accident site. They could also see the flood lights that had been set up at the bottom of the ravine.

Everyone pulled over to the side of the road and got out of their cars.

“I’m going to get rid of Deputy Hanson and then you guys can take a look around. Wait here.”

Everyone just nodded.

“Oh my god, Max, look at all the debris on the road,” whispered Isabel.

They could see the eighteen wheeler had bad damage to the front left side.

“There’s no way they could have escaped looking at that amount of damage,” said Max.

“Please don’t say that Max. I’ve only just admitted my feelings for Alex. He, he can’t be taken away from me.”

“They might have survived, if they got thrown out of the car somehow,” said Kyle.

“Yeah maybe that’s why they can’t find, well you know, they can’t find...” Michael really didn’t want to say the words.

“Their bodies,” replied a deadpanned Max.

The Sheriff came back towards the group.

“Deputy Hanson will be going back to the office to fill out the paper work and the rest of the rescue workers will be leaving in a minute. There’s nothing more they can do here tonight. A tow truck will come tomorrow and get the car out. We’ll be able to get a closer look at it but it doesn’t look good.”

“I want to be able to get down there Jim,” said Max.

“I can’t Max. We need to preserve any evidence so we can find out exactly what happened tonight.”

“And if it was something alien related?” whispered Max.

With that comment, Jim turned to face him.

“What do you mean? Are you telling me this might not have been an accident?” whispered Jim.

“We’re not sure Jim. There was a strange man at the school yesterday, staring at Liz as if he knew her. She was terrified.”

“Why didn’t you tell me Max?”

“Because we wondered if it had anything to do with us and we always check it out first before we get you involved. You know plausible denial.”

“Have you found out who he is yet?”

“No, I tried to ask Liz but she wouldn’t tell me.”

“You don’t think it could be one of the skins or something?”

“Maybe, we just don’t know yet. That’s why I really need to get down there Jim.”

“I have a rope in the back of the cruiser but only you can go down there. I can’t have lots of people trampling all over the scene.”

“I’ll be careful,” Max promised.

After Deputy Hanson and the rescue workers had left the scene Max walked through the cones so he could investigate the road first. He started to wave his hand around in a circular motion.

“What’s he doing?” asked Jim.

“He’s looking to see if anything has been covered up,” replied Isabel.

“Covered up?”

“Yeah remember when you followed us into the woods that night, and you knew that something was on the grass, but when you looked it was gone?”


“Well we got rid of the evidence by …” she waved her hand in a circular motion.

“I knew it. There was something there wasn’t there.”

“Yeah it was a signal from Nasedo before we knew who he was. He was communicating with us. Letting us know he was here although we didn’t understand that at the time.”

“So you really think this could be alien related? It’s not going to be easy to cover this up, too many people have seen the scene.”

“Well nobody’s noticed anything unusual yet, so if it is alien related someone has clean…..”

Isabel was cut off by the sound of Max’s voice.

“DAMN IT!” he screamed.

“What is it?” asked Isabel.

Max just pointed to the ground were the outline of a large blast mark was burned onto the road.

“Oh my god, that means, that means …” stuttered Isabel.

“It means, one of our enemies have done this to our friends,” said Maria.

“It also means that someone cleaned up after themselves,” said Max, giving everyone a fright because they thought he was still investigating.

“So what do we do Max?” asked Tess.

“Jim, if it’s possible I would like all four of us to have access to the road and its surroundings. We need to know if there are any more marks like that one. If I do it on my own it could take all night.”

“Fine, but watch were your treading and don’t disturb any of the debris. What about that blast mark Max?”

“Once we’ve found all of them we'll cover them back up. I don't need to go down into the ravine any more, I think I will find everything we need here.”

“Isabel, Tess, you check over there by the rocks. Michael you check by the guard rail where the car went off the road and I will check the rest of the road,” commanded Max.

Everyone was amazed at how he was handling himself since Liz and Alex were missing. The pod squad spent the next half an hour checking the accident scene and found three more blast marks, two on the rock surface and one by the guard rail.

“So that makes four in total,” said Max, joining the rest of the group once he had removed the marks.

“Something big went down here tonight,” said Isabel.

“What I can’t understand is, why anyone would want to kill them?”

“Are you seriously saying that Max?” asked Maria in shock.

“That’s not what I meant Maria. Why kill them when they could use them against us?”

“I don’t know Max, maybe they’re sending us a message,” said Isabel.

“There’s something not right about this whole mess. Liz has been acting really strange the last couple of days and that strange man showed up at our school, I don’t know, but I get the feeling something bigger is going on here,” said Max.

“There’s nothing you can do right now, so why don’t you all go home. I have to let the Parker’s and Whitman’s know that their kids are missing, possibly dead,” said Jim.

“I want us all to meet tomorrow morning. We need to discuss where to go from here,” said Max.

“You can have it at my apartment if you want,” offered Michael.

“What’s the point in having a meeting Max? We don’t have enough information to know where to start,” said Tess.

“That’s why I want a meeting Tess, once we've slept on it maybe we can come up with some options,” growled out Max.

“Shall we say ten am tomorrow morning?” asked Michael.

“Ten am is fine,” replied Max.

Everyone got into their cars and made their journey home, except the occupants of the Jetta. They drove towards the mansion.

Chapter 36

Maria pulled up outside the gates of the mansion and pressed the intercom button.

“Come through,” was the only response she heard, as the gates started to slowly open.

As the mansion came into view, Michael let out a loud whistle.

“Maria, this place is huge,” said Michael.

“I know. Kal wanted to get a big enough house to fit us all in, if need be. We will be holding most of our meetings here.”

As soon as the Jetta pulled up outside the mansion, the door was opened by Kal.

“Come in, we’ve been waiting for you,” said Kal, as the three approached him. He showed them to one of the living rooms to the side of the hallway.

“Oh my god, you all look like you’ve been to hell and back,” said Maria, taking in the sight of her friends.

“We have Maria. We’ve just received the worst possible news,” said Kal.

“Oh no what? Is Liz dead? Oh god, please don’t let her be dead,” said Maria.

“N-No it’s worse,” said Zan.

“What do you mean worse? What can be worse than dying?” asked Maria, perplexed.

“Khivar,” was all Kal said, before Maria fainted.

Michael only just managed to catch Maria as she fell to the floor.

“I’ll go and get the smelling salts,” said Kal, heading towards the bathroom.

“W-what’s this about Khivar?” asked Kyle to Ava.

“I’ll let Kal explain, otherwise we're going to keep repeating ourselves.”

Kal came back with the salts and waved them under Maria’s nose. She groaned a little and then sat bolt upright.

“Oh my god, did you just say Khivar?”

“Yes. So, you have heard of him then?”

“H-He was the one that murdered us all wasn’t he?” asked Michael.

“Yes. He also controls Antar at the moment and he is out to kill you all over again,” said Kal.

“What does he want with Liz?”asked Michael.

“He wants the seal,” replied Maria.

“She’s right. Apparently when Liz activated the granilith, there was a rumour that spread around Antar that you were due to return. It started a new wave in fighting so Khivar has come to collect the seal himself. If he has the seal, no one can challenge him for the throne.”

“But didn't you say that he can’t take the seal?” asked Maria.

“That’s right Maria. The only way he can get the seal from Liz is if she gives it willingly but I don’t think he knows that.”

“S-So how will he try to get the seal?”

“Well the seal is held in a particular part of the brain so that it can be easily accessed for identification purposes. Like when Max went to the summit. Khivar will try to access it that way,” explained Kal.

“Oh please don’t tell me you mean literally?” asked Maria, dreading the answer.

“No, he can only access it through her mind.”

“Well what the hell does that mean for Liz?” asked Michael, now getting annoyed at the whole situation.

“Oh no that’s why they needed Nicholas. They’re going to rape her mind, aren’t they?” asked Maria.

“Yes among other things. He will eventually realise that she has to give it up willingly, but by then it may be too late to save her. I’m not sure how long she would last the mind rapes. Most Antarian’s only last about three times depending on how hard they fight it. The harder you fight, the more your brain gets damaged and the harder you scream.”

“So you’re saying to us that if we don’t get to Liz on time, she could be a vegetable or dead by the time we find her?” cried Maria.

“Yes. I’m so sorry.”

“She said she would be fine. She promised me she would be alright!” sobbed Maria.

“What are you talking about?” asked Kal.

“S-She never told me what was going to happen. I knew she was keeping things from us and I asked her about it. All she would say was that it was something only she could deal with and I was not to tell anyone about it. Every time I asked her about it she just kept on saying that she would be fine and not to worry. She never told me that she was going to be kidnapped by Khivar.”

“Maria this is not your fault. She never gave you any idea what was going to happen. There is no way you could have known what she had planned. She must have had a reason for doing this but I think she's bitten off more than she can chew,” said Kal, worriedly.

“What can we do to help her?” asked Maria.

“Nothing,” replied Zan

“What do you mean nothing?” asked Michael.

“She said that she would be fine and that we couldn't attempt to rescue her. She said it would make it worse if we tried to get her out of whatever hell hole he's put her in.”

“What the hell happened out there?” asked Michael.

Kal got everyone refreshments and food as he began to tell them the events of that evening.


Earlier on Friday evening…….

Alex had suddenly broken out of the mind warp that Tess had been doing to him for a while now. He was in pain, incredible pain. He felt like his brain was too big for his skull and it was trying to break free.

He couldn’t really hold a coherent thought in his mind. One minute he was heading towards Liz's house to explain what Tess had been doing to him, only to find himself on the front porch of the Valenti house hold.

Kyle opened the door and pointed to his old room when Alex asked if she was in. He knocked on her door but didn’t wait for an answer. He just went storming in and started arguing with her.

Kyle over heard the argument and went to his bedroom door to see what was going on, when he witnessed Tess mind warping Alex into oblivion. He came crashing down on to the bedroom floor and Kyle felt the bile rise in his throat. He had to be strong, he had to do this.

Kyle went over to Tess and asked what the hell was going on when she also attempted to mind warp him. He immediately threw up his block but could hear a whisper of what she was trying to put in his mind. So he picked up Alex’s body and placed it in the car where Rath and Lonnie were waiting.

“So watcha wanna do wid' the geek?” asked Lonnie.

“Just make it look like an accident,” said Tess. “I’m meeting Max and the rest of the gang at the Crashdown now so I will have an alibi for tonight. It’s just a shame I couldn’t include Liz in the car, then we would all have our happy ending.”

What Tess did not realise was that Ava and Liz were sitting in the back seat of the car propping up a dead Alex. Ava was warping Tess so she didn’t see them in the back seat and Liz was doing the same to Rath and Lonnie. The only person that could truly see what was going on was Kyle.

As Rath and Lonnie turned out of the street, Ava took over the mind warping of Rath and Lonnie whilst Liz started to heal Alex. It had only been a couple of minutes that he’d been dead. Liz just hoped that she could still get to him in time.

First of all, Liz connected to Alex’s brain and repaired all of the damage that was done, while Ava sent electrical shocks, via her powers, in order to kick start Alex’s heart. Just as they were about to finish, the car came to a standstill, Rath and Lonnie got out.

“We are going to have to get out of here,” whispered Ava.

“Okay everyone knows what to do. You leave first Ava and I’ll follow once Zan get’s here to help me move Alex.”

Everyone had taken up strategic positions along with their assigned guard.

Ava exited the vehicle, ran to the safety of the rocks and stood next to Nathan. She was still mind warping Rath and Lonnie at this point.

Zan ran over to the car, carried Alex’s unconscious body over to where Serena and Kal were positioned.

“What are you doing Zan? Liz told you to teleport Alex straight back to the mansion?”

“I’m not leaving her unprotected Kal, no matter what her instructions are.”

“Okay Serena and I will return to the mansion with Alex.”

Roman teleported his three charges back to the mansion as instructed, although he wasn’t happy about leaving the queen unprotected.

Zan made his way back towards Liz when the car started to move.

Just as Liz was about to get out of the car it started to move. She looked out of the back window and realised that Rath and Lonnie were using their powers to push the car towards an oncoming eighteen wheeler truck. She quickly jumped out of the car before it picked up anymore speed.

She ran over to Zan and Ava just as the car hit the truck, spun and hurtled towards the ravine. Once it had gone over, Ava changed her warp so she was only hiding the rest of the group from Rath and Lonnie.

They watched as Rath and Lonnie started to laugh when the car exploded.

Liz had been watching Ava closely and realised she was getting too tired to hold the warp for much longer. Liz gave the order for everyone to return to the mansion and was glad to see that Alex had already gone. At least she knew he was safe.

Just as Ava was about to teleport back, she was knocked off her feet by an invisible force. Nathan had used his powers to knock her out of the way of an oncoming blast which was fired from above.

Everyone looked up.

Standing on the top of the rock surface was Nicholas and the stranger, who had appeared at the school. Ava immediately shot one back towards Nicholas, only for him to flick it towards the rock face using his powers.

Ava couldn’t maintain the warp any longer. Rath and Lonnie came out of the warp to see Nicholas deflect an energy blast towards the rocks. They blinked a few times not really understanding what was happening. One moment they were laughing at the car going over the ravine, the next, a lot of people appeared from nowhere. It was then that they realised they’d been warped and weren’t very happy about it.

Apart from Nicholas and Khivar the only person they recognised was Liz, the small brunette that was surrounded by two men and one woman.

They didn’t recognised Ava or Zan because they were still disguised.

Rath fired a shot towards the petite little blonde and Lonnie fired a shot towards the blonde man that was looking protectively towards Liz.

Nathan immediately sent Ava’s blast into the rock face and Zan’s went towards the guard rail, where the car had disappeared into the ravine.

Zan was so busy watching Roman moving the blasts out of harm’s way that he didn’t notice Khivar release one directly towards him. It hit him squarely in the chest. Zan screamed and fell forward as the full burning sensation of his wound took hold.

“ZZZZAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” screamed Liz as she pushed past Ava and Nathan, running towards Zan.

“Did she just scream Zan?” asked Rath.

“Na man she’ can’t have he’s dead and tis’ dude got blonde locks.”

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry Zan,” she whispered. She turned him on his good side and knelt down so she could cradle his head in her lap. When she saw his wound she immediately began to sob.

“I-I l-love y-you Liz. I-I’m g-glad we h-had a chance t-to meet,” choked out Zan, as blood started to gather at the back of his throat. He started to cough violently and splattered blood all over Liz’s tank top and jeans.

“I love you to Zan and you are not going to die tonight!” said Liz with determination, as she gently placed his head back on the ground. She closed her eyes and concentrated on calling a past version of herself to come and heal Zan.

Ava and Nathan were trying to hold off the attack from Nicholas, Rath and Lonnie while Liz tended to Zan’s wound.

With everyone distracted, Khivar made his move. He immediately teleported behind Liz, placed his hand on her shoulder and teleported her away. The rest of his entourage disappeared also.

Only Ava, Zan and Nathan were left.

All of a sudden there was a cracking sound, almost like a sonic boom, and then Past Liz materialised right in front of their eyes.

She immediately bent down to Zan and started to heal his wound. Her hand started to glow and Zan could feel the warmth spreading through him. He could also feel an incredible itchy feeling as the skin, were it was burned and puckered, started to heal. Once Past Liz had finished she was shaking and sweating.

“I-I have to get back now, otherwise I won’t have enough strength to do it later,” she whispered, as a trickle of sweat dripped from her forehead. “Nathan, I want you to teleport everyone back to the mansion now and get Roman to clear away any evidence of the blast marks. Zan, I want you to carry on healing Alex if he needs it and I want Serena to activate his powers. You all need to practice while I’m gone.”

“Who was that man?” asked Zan, just as Roman materialised.

“That, your majesty was Khivar,” replied Roman.


“I’m so sorry Zan, but I couldn’t. You have to trust me that this will all work out. You can’t try to save me otherwise it will make it worse. You have to trust m……” Liz never got to finish her sentence as she was pulled back to the past.


Roman cleared up the blast marks while Nathan returned Ava and Zan back to the mansion.


“What the hell happened to you,” asked Kal. “We’ve been worried sick and where is Liz?”

“I’m going to kill her I swear to god Kal!” said Zan, through gritted teeth.

“Who, what has she done?” asked Kal, getting really worried.

“Khivar has her,” whispered Ava, with a tear running down her cheek.

“WHAT” screamed Kal, almost having a heart attack, well that’s if he had a heart.

“She’s been planning this all along Kal. She knew he was coming. She said we had to trust her and that everything would work out.”

“But she doesn’t know what Khivar is capable of.”

“I know but those were her instructions.”


After Kal had finished telling them the story of what happened that night Michael was the first one to speak up.

“I can’t believe she put herself in danger like that. Why? Why would she do that and why didn't she fight back?”

“To protect us all, and because she didn't want Khivar to know that she has powers,” replied Kal.

“H-How is Alex? Is he going to be okay?” asked Maria.

“Yeah I checked him out as soon as we got back and he is fine. He’s just in a really deep sleep at the moment. He must be really exhausted after the intense mind warping,” replied Zan.

“I think it’s about time we headed back, otherwise people are going to start to wonder where we’ve got to. We don’t want people asking un-necessary questions,” said Michael.

“Yeah I’m beat man. I’m not being funny, but carrying Alex’s body has just worn me out emotionally. It took me all my strength not to puke,” replied Kyle.

“Why did Liz get us three to wait at the Crashdown with the others? We could have helped blast Rath and Lonnie?” asked Michael.

“I think it was so that you could all be together when it happened. If you had been missing when all of this went down then the others would have got a bit suspicious don’t you think?” explained Kal.

“And that bitch knew all along that she would have an alibi. That’s why she set it up that way,” said Maria.


Kyle, Maria and Michael headed home in the Jetta.

“Well at least we’ve managed to save Alex this time!” said Maria.

“Yeah but at what cost Maria? At what cost?” asked Michael, thinking of Liz.

“I don’t know,” whispered Maria. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing either of her friends.

TBC .............................................
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 39 (25/11/08)

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Hi everyone it's that time again ... yep another three chapters. Wow I'd just like to say that I didn't realise that my story could envoke such emotions in people. I would just like to say a quick thank you to all those wonderful people who left feed back!!! Any is welcome :lol: :lol: :lol: !!!! I've even managed to get some lurkers out there to leave comments so I think my job is done!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: See you've all encouraged me to write another three chapters in one day!!!


Thank you to all above and to the lurkers out there that read this story!!!!

My beta reader is still away so please forgive me for any stupid mistakes.

"Telepathic Communication"
"Liz's thoughts"

Here we go again ...........................................................I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 37

Later that evening at the Crashdown ………….

“Have you heard from Liz this evening Nancy?” asked Jeff.

“No, I’ve tried calling her on her cell but it just keeps going to voicemail.”

“She should've been home by now. Do you know where she was going?”

“She said she had some things to discuss with Alex this evening.”

“Have you tried phoning the Whitman’s?”

“Yes, but there was no answer there either. I’m starting to get worried about her myself now. She would’ve normally phoned by now if she was going to be late.”

“I hope she isn’t out all night with that Evans boy again,” said Jeff, through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think so. They haven’t been getting along too well lately. I’m not sure what’s happened between the two of them but ever since that blonde girl turned up, she hasn’t been the same since.”

“Do you think that Max is no longer on the scene then?”

“I think she still likes him a lot. They don’t seem to be together at the moment but neither of them look like they’re interested in anyone else either. That little blonde thing is trying to get Max’s attention but he seems more interested in Liz.”

“I’m going to try and phone the Whitman’s again.”

“Okay honey, let me know what they say if you get hold of them.”

Just as Jeff was about to pick up the phone he heard a knock on the apartments side entrance. As Jeff opened the door, to see if it was Liz returning home, his stomach did a flip when he saw who was standing there.

“Sheriff, what brings you here at this time of night?” Jeff asked nervously.

“Is your wife here with you Jeff?” asked the Sheriff.

“Y-Yes what’s wrong?”

“Can I come in? I don’t want to do this standing by the door.”

“Oh god, it’s Liz isn’t it? NANCY COME HERE QUICKLY!” shouted Jeff.

“What? What’s wrong Jeff?” asked a worried Nancy, when she heard the urgent tone to her husband’s voice.

She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the Sheriff enter the apartment.

“Oh my god it’s Liz isn’t it?” asked Nancy.

“Can we all go and sit in the living room please?” asked Jim.

“Y-Yes of course.”

Jeff and Nancy took a seat on the sofa clutching each other’s hand. Jim sat in a chair opposite.

“There’s no real easy way to say this, so I’m just going to say it. There was a report of an accident involving the Whitman’s car.”

“OH NO!” screamed Nancy, as she broke down into tears. “Liz was with Alex tonight.”

“I know. I’m afraid the car crashed into a truck and spun off the road into the ravine.”

Jim stopped to let the information sink in.

“The car exploded on impact, but we believe that Liz and Alex may have gotten out before that happened. We-We haven’t f-found any um,” Jim didn’t really know how to say it.

“Bodies,” replied Jeff.

“Yes we haven’t been able to find the bodies. We believe that they escaped somehow but are now missing. We’ve had a search team out this evening but there wasn’t much they could do tonight because of the darkness. We intend to re-start the search first thing tomorrow morning.”

“S-So you’re saying that they may be alive somewhere?” asked Nancy.

“Yes, if they were in the car there would have been evidence of that and we didn’t find any. We believe they may have jumped out and could be laying injured somewhere, otherwise they would've contacted us by now.”

“How do you know Liz was with Alex?” asked Jeff.

“We found her belongings scattered along the road along with Alex’s. That’s what makes us believe they got out somehow.”

“Do the Whitman’s know about this yet?” asked Nancy.

“Yes, I went there first since it was their car that was involved in the accident. As soon as I find out any more information you and the Whitman’s will be the first to know. I’m so very sorry to bring you this news so late,” replied Jim.

“Thank you. Jim, please keep us informed no matter what?” asked Jeff.

“I will. Once again I’m so very sorry but I'm hopeful that this will turn out okay. I’ll let myself out, give you folks some privacy.”

With that Jim turned and left the apartment. He didn’t really want to lie to both sets of parents but with the threat of a possible alien influence being involved, he couldn’t give them the full truth. He hated being put in this position but he had to protect all of the kids not just the few.

Once the Sheriff had left the apartment Jeff and Nancy broke down in tears and then set about informing Liz's friends.

Maria was the first to receive the call from the Parkers informing her of the accident. She was asked to relay the information to the rest of the group. Maria did not like being put in this position either but she had to trust that Liz knew what she was doing.


Later on that evening in the Evan’s household …………………

Max had just received the phone call from Maria explaining that both sets of parents now knew about the accident.

“Okay thanks Maria. I'll see you tomorrow at ten am sharp!” said Max, into the receiver.

“Who was that?” asked Diane.

Max proceeded to tell his parents about the accident.

“We'll have to phone the Parkers in the morning to see if we can be of any help,” said Diane.

“Max, aren’t you and Isabel close friends of theirs? How are you both dealing with the news?” asked Phillip.

“Well we are trying to keep our hopes up. We are hoping that because they haven’t found any, any bodies, that they got out in time,” choked Max, as tears started to form in his eyes.

“Oh honey,” said Diane, as she embraced her son.

She guessed that Max and Liz were having some problems, due to the way both Max and Isabel acted when her name was mentioned. It all seemed to start when that little blonde bimbo inserted herself into their lives.

Diane didn’t like Tess one bit. When she was younger she had a run in with someone similar, trying to fight for Philip’s affection, she soon chased the little bimbo away, but this tramp seemed to have gotten her claws in.

She’d only met Liz twice. Once at the hospital when Max had his accident and the other time was when she came over to dinner one evening after Max had announced he had a girlfriend.

“I’m okay mom. I just know she is alright!” he stated firmly, not really believing himself.

How did he know that she was alright when one of his enemies had her? There’s no telling what they were doing to her at this moment.

“I’m going to go to bed mom; it’s been a long day today”

“Okay honey. Are you going to let your sister know what’s happened?”

“Of course mom, I’m going up there right now to give her all the information.”

As Max walked up the stairs he noticed Isabel waiting for him at the top.

“Max, come into my room I have an idea!” Isabel stated, in an excited tone.

Max followed Isabel into her room. He took the seat by her desk while she sat on the end of her bed.

“What is it Isabel? I’ve had a long day and want to sleep. I’m going to try and connect with Liz.”

“I think I might be able to do better than that. I know you said earlier that you didn’t want me to dream walk them but under the circumstances I think I should. If they're out there somewhere, then I might be able to get a location from one of them,” reasoned Isabel.

“Okay, do it. I need to know if they're okay,” confirmed Max.

“I’m going to need you to stay with me while I do this. I need to grab hold of someone here, so I don’t get lost in their minds.”

“Is that why you always have Alex go with you when you do this?”

“Yes, if I’m not out in about 20 minutes do everything you can to wake me, okay?”


“Pass me that year book over there, would you?”

Max passed the school year book to Isabel and watched as she turned to Alex’s photo first, he looked at her questioningly.

“I’m doing Alex first because I have more of a connection with him. He'll be easier to find. Don’t worry Max I’ll try Liz next.”

Max just nodded his head. He watched Isabel as she laid herself down in her bed and touched the photo of Alex. The picture wavered slightly and then his sister was instantly asleep. He took the chair over to her bed and held her hand, waiting for her to come back to him with some news.

Isabel was floating in the dream plane trying to find Alex. She was surrounded by grey and could see the floating bubbles of people’s dreams and nightmares. She started to fly past them in a blur as she concentrated on finding Alex’s presence. Just as she was about to give up and search for Liz she sensed that Alex was close. She slowed down so that she was now levitating between the bubbles and found Alex’s.

As she burst the bubble she was immediately drawn in to Alex’s dream. She remained on the outside looking in, so that Alex couldn’t sense that she was there.

As she looked around she was surrounded by the changing scenery of a different country. That’s when she realised Alex was dreaming about his holiday in Sweden. The scenes continued changing until this strange blonde girl came into view along with Alex.

Isabel realised that this must be the girl he was talking about before the prom. This was Leanna. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to look at what was about to happen but she had to find out what was going on. As Alex was about to kiss Leanna, Isabel decided to make herself known.

“Alex,” whispered Isabel.

Alex slowly turned around to see his beautiful Isabel waiting for him, with her arms open ready to embrace him. He ran towards her and hugged her fiercely.

Isabel pulled away from him slightly so she could talk to him.

“What’s happened to you Alex?”

“What do you mean what’s happened to me? I’m in my bed dreaming about Sweden, aren’t I?”

“N-No Alex you’ve been in a car accident with Liz and I’m trying to locate you both.”

As she said this, Alex started to slowly drift away from her and his dream bubble started to form around them again.


“Leanna is not Leanna. Leanna is not Leanna,” chanted Alex, as the scenery around them changed. Alex was sitting next to a huge computer in some sort of school or college. Isabel made her way over to the computer screen so she could see what had captured his attention. Before she could reach it, she was thrown out of the connection and back into her bedroom.

She sat bolt upright scaring Max in the process.

“Jesus Isabel, you scared the shit out of me. You’ve been under for about fifteen minutes,” said Max.

“Oh my god Max, Alex is alive. He’s alive!” cried Isabel.

“What did you find out?”

“Nothing that makes any sense,” said Isabel, as her brows furrowed in confusion.

“What do you mean? Where are they?”

Isabel realised what Max must have thought and she was dreading telling him the answer.

“M-Max, Liz wasn’t with Alex. I haven’t been able to locate her yet, but I’m going to try now,” said Isabel, in what she hoped sounded like a positive voice.

“Okay, but what did Alex give you?” asked Max, getting slightly annoyed.

“Well he was in Sweden, I think, and about to kiss this Leanna person when he noticed me. I asked him what happened and he just thought that he was in his bed dreaming about Sweden. He doesn’t even realise he’s been in an accident. When I told him he just kept repeating Leanna is not Leanna. The scene then changed to some sort of computer room but before I could get a good look around I was thrown out of the connection,” explained Isabel.

“Leanna is not Leanna. What the hell does that mean?” asked Max.

“I’m not sure Max, but I’m going to keep on trying to connect with him over the next couple of nights and see if I can get more information.”

“Fine now what...”

Max was cut off mid sentence when he heard a voice inside his head ...

“Max, don’t reveal the location of the granilith to Tess. DO NOT TRUST HER!”

“Max what’s wrong? You just flinched a little?” asked Isabel, as she saw the look on her brother's face.

“Oh my god Isabel she’s alive.”

“Who? Liz, how do you know?”

“She’s just sent me a message, telepathically.”

“Max how can she do that? She couldn’t even help you in New York without me assisting her. Are you sure it was from her?”

“It was her Isabel, I know it!”

All of a sudden Max fell off his chair, on to his knees and grabbed his head with both hands as his face contorted in pain.

“Max what’s going on?” asked Isabel.

“Pain, immense pain, can’t … take … it ... much … longer,” gritted out Max.

Isabel waved her arms around the room and used her powers to sound proof it. She gave a brief nod to Max and he let out one of the most blood curdling screams she had ever heard.

Chapter 38

The exact same time, across town, at the mansion…

Serena was sitting besides Alex in his room, whilst he slept, when she heard him whisper Isabel’s name.

“Ah shit, KAL GET YOUR ASS UP HERE QUICKLY,” screamed Serena.

Kal ran up the stairs two at a time.

“What, what’s all the fuss about?” asked a rather flustered Kal.

“I think Isabel is trying to contact him. He’s just whispered her name. We can’t let her find out what’s going on just yet.”

“Then wake him up!” shouted Kal, just as Zan came running into the room.

“What the hell is going on here?” asked Zan.

“We’re going to try and wake up Alex. We think that Isabel is trying to contact him.”

“Jesus, they can’t know yet. They may put Liz in more danger,” shouted Zan.

Kal walked up to Alex, placed his hands on his head, connected to his brain and sent a small wave of energy into it. This immediately woke Alex up.

“What the hell is happening?” asked Alex, as he saw Liz’s new friends all around him.

“Max?” he asked as he took in the sight of Zan.

“Shit Zan, in your hurry to get here you didn’t change,” said Serena, pointing to his face.


“W-What the hell is going on and why did you just call Max, Zan?” asked Alex.

“We have a lot to tell you Alex,” said Kal, making his way towards the bed.

“D-Don’t you come near me,” shouted Alex nervously.

“Alex calm down please and let us explain, this has to do with Liz,” said Serena, in a soft voice trying to calm Alex.

Kal sat down on the edge of the bed and proceeded to tell Alex the events that had happened over the last year right up to the point of how he was sitting in this strange bed.

Kal carefully looked at Alex’s face once he’d finished and saw how white he'd gone.

“Y-You mean T-Tess nearly m-murdered m-me?” stuttered Alex.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you. If it wasn’t for Liz, you would be dead right now. So you can see why we can’t tell the others yet. I’m not sure why Liz didn’t fight tonight but I’m sure it’s part of her game plan.”

“K-Khivar h-has Liz?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Then why aren’t you out there trying to rescue her!” shouted Alex in frustration. There is no way he was going to let Liz suffer because she saved him.

“Because this is how it is supposed to be. We have to trust that Liz knows what she is doing,” replied Kal.

“B-But this is K-Khivar we’re ...”

Just as Alex was about to finish that sentence, he watched Zan fall to his knees and clutch his head as though he was in pain.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Alex, pointing to Zan.

Kal quickly turned around to see what Alex was pointing at, when he noticed Zan on the floor.

He let out the most blood curdling scream.

“Zan what’s going on?” asked Kal, rushing to Zan’s side but he couldn’t get a response. All Zan could do was continue to scream as a searing pain ripped through his head.

Just as Kal was about to get help, Zan collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

“What’s just happened Kal?” asked Serena.

“I don’t know. Serena, help me get him to his room,” instructed Kal.

Serena, Alex and Kal all helped lift Zan off the floor and walked him to his room. They had just placed him on the bed when Ava came rushing in.

“What happened Kal? I heard this awful scream” asked Ava.

“We’re not sure Ava. Zan just fell to his knees, clutched his head, screamed and then collapsed in pain,” replied Serena.

“What does this mean Kal?” asked Ava.

“I think this means Khivar,” came the sullen reply.

“Oh my god, are they hurting Liz like this?” asked Alex.

“I think so,” whispered Kal.


Meanwhile back at the Evan’s household ………………

Isabel was seriously freaking out as the scream continued to rip from Max’s throat. Tears were streaming down her face and she was just about to phone Michael for help when Max collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

“Max, are you alright?” cried Isabel, as she cradled Max in her lap. He was covered in sweat and his breathing was laboured.

“G-Get m-me to the b-bed Isabel,” croaked out Max.

He tried to help Isabel but she had to take most of his weight due to the fact that he was exhausted. She placed the top half of his body on the bed as gently as she could and then picked his legs up and swung them on to the bed also.

“Max what happened?”

“I-I don’t know Isabel. I think someone is hurting Liz,” replied Max, as tears started to stream down his face and onto the pillow.

“My god, they’re hurting her,” he whispered.

“We have to find out where she is so we can go and get her Max,” replied Isabel.

“NO!” he shouted “You can’t dream walk her Isabel. What happens if they do this to her again and you're inside her mind. We can’t risk it.”

“We have to Max. This is Liz we are talking about.”

“I swear to god, if they kill her there is nothing on this planet or any other that will stop me from hunting them down!” said Max, through gritted teeth.

“What did she say to you Max?”

“Who?” asked Max in confusion.

“You said that Liz had contacted you. What did she say?”

“She said that Tess couldn’t be trusted with the location of the granilith.”

“What? So you think Tess has something to do with this?”

“I’m not sure. She was with me at the Crashdown tonight when the kidnap took place but Liz’s message was clear.”

“Maybe she didn’t have anything to do with the kidnapping but perhaps she is after the granilith for her own purposes,” offered Isabel.

“I don’t know Isabel. I’m not getting a good feeling about this.”

“Then we need to stay away from Tess.”

“If we do, and she does have something to do with this, then she’ll know we’re on to her. We have to pretend that nothing has happened until we find out what’s going on, or we can rescue Liz.”

“Who do you think has Liz?”

“Due to the pain I’ve just gone through I think it’s Nicholas. It’s the same pain I went through when he mind raped me at the school.”

“Oh god Max and they’re doing that to Liz!” cried Isabel. “She won’t survive that. You just barely survived it, let alone a human!”

“I know,” whispered Max.

“Max, I have to try and contact Liz.”

“Isabel you can’t, what if they do that when you're in there?”

“I’ll get out before they get to her Max,” re-assured Isabel. “What’s the alternative? We just leave Liz in the hands of Nicholas?”


“She’s done everything for us, never complained, always put us first. We can’t just leave her there because it’s dangerous for me Max. We have to try something to help her. Just stay with me Max. Can you stay awake while I go into her mind?”

“Yes I’m fine Isabel, I just needed to lie down because I felt a bit weak but I will be alright.”


Isabel touched Liz’s picture in the year book and went straight into the dream plane. She had been searching for what seemed like hours when she got the faint sense of Liz somewhere around her. She slowed down and noticed Liz’s bubble. She burst the bubble and entered into her dream.

Isabel doubled over in pain as she felt a shooting sensation go through her stomach. She stumbled around for a while until the pain subsided and found herself in a field surrounded by bluebells.

“Liz,” called out Isabel, as she turned around trying to get her bearings.

“Isabel is that you?” came the quiet voice of Liz from behind her.

She spun round to see Liz right in front of her.

“Jesus Liz, you scared me!”

“What are you doing here Isabel?” asked Liz angrily.

“We needed to know that you were alright Liz. Apparently, you were supposed to be in an accident but we went to the scene and revealed all the scorch marks. What happened Liz?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, Isabel. You shouldn’t be here,” replied Liz.

“Where are you Liz? We can come and help you!”

“No! You can’t help me. You need to get out of here before they come back,” insisted Liz.

“Who comes back Liz? Is it Nicholas?”

“How, do you know that?”

“Because whatever they did to you, Max felt it. He knew it was Nicholas m-mind r-raping you because he’s been through it!”

“You have to leave now Isabel before it’s too late!” screamed Liz, in her face.

“NO! I can’t. Max needs to know where you are Liz, otherwise he won’t be able to do anything,” replied a frustrated Isabel.

“GO NOW! THERE COMING!” shouted Liz, as she threw Isabel out of her dream.


“ISABEL! ISABEL!” screamed Max.

Isabel bolted upright, but this time she had tears streaming down her face. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Isabel,” choked out Max, as he gathered a hysterical Isabel in his arms.

“Tell me please,” begged Max, as he stroked Isabel’s hair.

“Oh god Max, they’re … hurting … her … badly,” sobbed Isabel.

“Are they mind raping her?” whispered Max, dreading the answer.

“They have definitely been mind raping her Max, but there’s more to it than that. When I first entered her dream I felt the most incredible pain shoot across my stomach.”

“I’m going to kill Nicholas, that’s a promise,” said Max, in a calm tone.

“I-I don’t think it’s just Nicholas, Max.”

“Who else is there Isabel?”

“I-I think I saw that stranger at the school come into view just as she threw me out of her head,” sobbed Isabel.

“What!” shouted Max. “Who is he Isabel? Did Liz tell you? How, did she push you out of the connection?”

“Liz didn’t tell me who he was Max. In fact she told us to stay away. She threw me out of the connection to save me. T-They’re about to h-hurt her again. I don’t know how she did it Max but the force that sent me out of the connection was powerful.”

“Something isn’t right here Isabel. We need to tell the others at the meeting tomorrow, what we’ve done here tonight,” replied Max.

“What about Tess? We invited her to come along.”

“We'll tell the others what happened here tonight once she’s gone. I don’t want her to get an inkling that we’re on to her. I’m not even sure if she’s up to anything but if Liz said we couldn’t trust her with the location of the granilith then I’m not sure what we can trust her with. Maybe she's gotten information from them,” replied Max.

“Are we just going to leave her there?” asked Isabel.

“No, we're going to try to find her and mount a rescue mission. We’ll discuss it tomorrow with the rest of the group. Get some sleep Isabel, I think we're both going to need it,” stated Max.

10 am the following morning at Michael’s apartment …….

Maria was already at Michael’s when Max and Isabel showed up. They were still waiting for Tess.

“Where’s Tess?” asked Max, in a deadpan voice.

“She hasn’t arrived yet Max,” retorted Maria, in a disgusted tone.

“I only asked Maria, because Isabel and I have something to tell you but not in front of Tess,” spat out Max, who was sick of Maria’s attitude towards him.

A knock at the door interrupted the group. As Max opened it, Tess gave him a sickly sweet smile that made his stomach churn. He didn’t notice the nervous look that went between Michael and Maria.



Max closed the door once Tess was inside.

“Right, let’s get this meeting started. We know that Liz has been taken by one of our enemies. We just have to figure out which one and then hunt them down.”

“What makes you think one of our enemies has her?” queried Tess.

“The scorch marks on the road Tess. They weren’t a natural occurrence,” answered Isabel.

“Who do you think it could be Max?” asked Tess.

“It could be one of the skins or maybe Nicholas.”

“What would Nicholas want with Liz?”

“Maybe he wants to use her against me.”

“If he wanted to do that, surely he would've contacted you by now or at least left you some clues,” reasoned Tess.

“That’s why we're going out to the crash site later, once the search and rescue team have finished,” replied Max.

“Okay what time shou ...”

There was a beeping sound coming from Tess’s bag.


“What’s the matter Tess?” asked Isabel.

“Oh nothing, I just really have to take this call. It’s about my house,” replied Tess.

“What? Your thinking about your house when Liz is missing?” asked an incredulous Maria.

“NO! I’ve just got to take this call otherwise they will keep phoning. I'll be back in a minute,” replied Tess, walking out of the apartment.

As soon as Tess left Isabel and Max told Michael and Maria what they achieved last night.

“So do we know where she is?” asked Michael excitedly. He wanted to get Liz out of the clutches of Khivar.

“No, she threw me out of the connection before I could get an answer. Just before she did, I saw the image of that man from the school the other day,” answered Isabel.

“We have to find out as much information as we can,” said Max.

Tess re-entered the room.

“Right, sorry about that. What’s the plan then?” asked Tess.

“We need to find that stranger that appeared at the school the other day,” said Max, watching closely for Tess’s reaction.

“Fine, but where do we start?” asked Tess.

“I need to speak to Dan to find out what Liz told him the other day,” said Max. “Do you have a number for him Maria?”

“Yes I do. Do you want me to arrange a meeting?”

“No, I’ll just do it over the phone. There’s no point in arousing suspicion on their part,” replied Max.“I'll call everyone when I have any news. In the mean time everyone’s to keep an eye out for this stranger. If any of you spot him, I’m to be informed immediately.”

“Fine,” everyone replied.

Tess and Isabel left Max to make the phone call at Michael’s apartment. Once Max had got off the phone, Maria asked him if he had any new information.

“The only thing he said was that Liz had told him the stranger was the guy who shot her at the Crashdown that day, but he also said that he thought she was lying.”

“So what do we do now Max?” asked Michael.

“We keep looking.”


Over the next few days Max grew increasingly worried and frustrated at the fact that they had no new news to report. They still had to attend school, which was cutting into his investigation time. Isabel had tried repeatedly to contact Alex and Liz through their dreams but to no avail.

Jim constantly phoned both sets of parents to let them know that they still hadn’t received any news.

The other group were on tender hooks waiting for Liz to contact them. Kal started to fear the worse when Liz hadn’t communicated with them for over three days.

Chapter 39

As her senses started to return, she realised that she lay on a concrete floor in a cold, damp and rancid smelling room. God she was so cold, so cold that she could feel it down to her bones. She tried to open one of her eyes, but the pain that shot through it made her decide to keep it closed. She tried the other eye, much to her relief, she could open it slightly. After so much darkness, the light was so bright, she almost cried out in pain. She blinked a few times to give her eye the chance to adjust.

Although her vision was blurred she could just make out her surroundings. She wasn’t in a room, but a huge warehouse somewhere. She was lying on her side with her arms and legs bent at an awkward angle. She tried to move her legs so that she could get the blood pumping around them, only to find that they were tied to her arms at the back of her.

She moved her head slightly which caused a sharp burning pain. When she looked down at herself she could see that she was naked apart from the panties she was wearing. She was covered in bruises and blood. The fear inside her started to grow as images of the past couple of days came to haunt her…..


Khivar had teleported Liz straight to the warehouse, followed closely by Nicholas, Rath and Lonnie. They were all looking at her like she had two heads.

“Well, well, well, look at what we have here. The kings little whore. Do you want to see what a REAL man can do for you?” asked Nicholas, approaching Liz with a look of an eagle stalking its prey.

He placed his child like hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly rubbed it.

“I could make you scream,” he said in a husky voice.

“Yeah, scream out laughing don’t you mean. You have the body and the EQUIPMENT of a twelve year old NICK. What makes you think that YOU could possibly ever satisfy ME?” spat out Liz sarcastically, as she shuddered in disgust at his touch.

Khivar let out a maniacal laugh.

“Isn’t she the smart feisty one!” said Khivar, through his laughter.

Nicholas raised his arm and gathered a pool of his energy into a ball ready to blast Liz. Nobody ever spoke to him that way and nobody made a fool of him in front of his master.

“You think that was funny bitch. I’d like to see you laugh when your skin gets burned off those pretty little bones of yours,” he threatened.

“ENOUGH!” boomed Khivar. “You are not to harm Liz, that is, unless I say so.”

“Don’t think you’ve won Liz. I still owe you and the brats for copper summit but I WILL be causing you immense pain soon!” smirked Nicholas.

“You know, you’re a very curious little human. You haven’t shown any fear yet, nor tried to escape? I’m sure by now you have guessed who I am?”

“Oh, I knew who you were as soon as you showed up at my school,” said Liz.

“Then why did the king let you get taken so easily?”

“He doesn’t know I’m with you.”

“What? You didn’t tell him that I was here? That was a very dangerous thing to omit. How do you know that I’m not going to go after him? Shouldn’t you have warned him?”

“If you wanted him, you would have him by now. You came for me.”

“Well aren’t you the smart one! Why do you think I came for you?”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

“Oh cat and mouse game eh? I love these! I need you out of the way so my plan can be carried forward. You have been blocking me in my quest for quite some time now.”


“That’s right my dear. How, did you know?”

“I didn’t. I only had my suspicions, but you’ve just confirmed it.”

"Max, don’t reveal the location of the granilith to Tess. DO NOT TRUST HER!”

“Ah but you see I have an added bonus now.”

“Oh and what’s that?”

Khivar let out another maniacal laugh and then immediately went serious.

“Don’t play games with me that you can’t win my dear. I know you have the seal because I felt it when I arrived here. You see, it gives off a pulse to let others know that you are taken by the king and you’re not to be touched, but it’s not complete yet. The King has not joined with you, has he? If I get the seal before he completes the joining ,I won’t need to waste any more time with my little quest and can rid myself of the King and his little entourage.”

“Why do you want the seal in the first place?”

“Oh surely you can’t be that stupid and here’s me thinking you're smart!”

“Why do you want the seal?”

“I’m bored with this little game now my dear. It’s time for me to get the seal. Nicholas, do whatever it is you have to do to get it. It’s a shame, because I was rather looking forward to taking pleasure from your company. Alas, I have a job to do. Rath and Lonnie, you guard the doors and don’t let her out of your sight,” ordered Khivar.

“Now it’s my turn to have some fun with you. On your knees,” ordered Nicholas.

Liz knew what was coming. There was no way in hell that she was going to make it easy for them, so she remained standing.

“I SAID ON YOUR KNEES,” shouted Nicholas, as he held up his hand.

“GO TO HELL!” screamed Liz.

Nicholas closed his palm into a fist and brought his arm down in a swift motion.

Liz could feel her legs being gripped by an unseen force and as Nicholas brought his arm down, her knees buckled and slammed into the concrete floor which caused a jolt of pain through her legs. It took all of Liz’s strength not to blast him. She closed her eyes and concentrated because she knew what was coming next.

“It’s you that is going to hell you little whore,” retorted Nicholas.

“That’s it Nicholas come closer, come to me!”

“If you don’t fight this, it'll be less painful but I’m hoping you will,” laughed Nicholas, as he placed a hand on either side of Liz’s head.

A blinding pain shot through Liz’s head and her body started to jerk as Nicholas raped her mind of its memories. She could see images flash before her eyes like a slide show. It started off slow at first and got faster, to the point where it was making her feel dizzy. Liz let out a continuous blood curdling scream as the pain got worse. It felt as if her brain was literally on fire.

“She is strong this one. She is fighting me every step of the way,” shouted Nicholas, over the screaming, as sweat started to form on his husk with the exertion of the mind rape.

Nicholas was going through all of her memories trying to find out where the seal was placed when it was given. As the images were flying in front of his eyes he suddenly hit a block in the form of a wall.

He made an extra effort to push a wave of telekinetic energy at the wall but it didn’t budge. He sent a stronger wave of energy towards it, but it bounced back at him effectively throwing him out of the mind rape. The force of the bounce back was so strong that Nicholas went flying backwards through the air.

Khivar sent out his shield to cushion the fall of his second in command, just before his back hit the ground. He didn't want him to disappear in a cloud of dust before his job was done.

Liz’s throat was hoarse with all the screaming she had been doing. She felt immediate relief from the pain as the mind rape was disconnected. She took in lungs full of air before her whole stomach contents came rising to the surface. She vomited violently due to the dizziness the mind rape had caused. She brought her hand up and wiped her mouth which is when she noticed the blood smeared across her hand.

She also noticed that Khivar was saying something, but she couldn’t hear him. She raised her hand to her ears and realised that there was blood coming out of them as well. She closed her eyes and concentrated on using her Biological Manipulation power, thus healing her bruised and batter brain. As the fogginess of her brain started to clear she realised that her eardrums were also perforated so she healed them. That’s when she heard a whooshing noise in her ear and then the booming voice of Khivar.

“What the hell happened Nicholas?”

“S-She’s strong. I found a wall in the images and tried to get past it but the energy I sent got bounced back, throwing me out of the connection!” replied a rather annoyed Nicholas.

“How is that possible?”

“I don’t know I think the seal is trying to protect itself. I could feel it pulsating but couldn’t push through it.”

“I’m not happy at these turn of events Nicholas. What am I keeping you around for if I have to do this myself. Surely an insignificant human can’t beat the great Nicholas,” taunted Khivar.

“Leave her with me and I will get what you want but it might kill her in the process.”

“Do what you have to do. I’m going to contact Tess and find out how things are going on her end.”

This was the last thing Liz heard before pure exhaustion took over and sent her into unconsciousness.


They had been constantly beating and mind raping her since then. She just hoped they hadn’t done anything else to her, as she remained unconscious, due to her current state of attire. She wanted to get away from there as soon as possible but her mission wasn’t quite complete yet. She could hear voices drift through her fuzzy head.

“Why do I still not have the seal Nicholas? I’m growing tired of your failure. I only have two more days on this planet before I have to return. I wasn’t supposed to be here for another month but had to risk it. If I don’t complete this now, it will take a while before the wormhole is stable again.”

“I have tried Khivar, believe me. No one has ever been able to withstand what I've put her through. She should be dead by now. I thought that the beatings would break her resolve but they haven’t.”


“I can’t get past that damn block no matter how much power I use!” spat out Nicholas.

“Hmm. Maybe we’ve been going about this the wrong way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe we can’t take the seal forcefully, maybe she has to give it willingly.”

“If that's the case how, are we going to get the seal?”

“I'll have to deal with her personally. I don’t think you possess the correct power to get her to give it to you. I need to plant a suggestion into her brain.”

“You are going to use your mind control?”


“Oh thank god the dumbass has finally worked it out! Come to me Khivar.”

Everyone’s eyes turned towards Liz as she let out an audible groan.

“Untie her and let's get this over with,” instructed Khivar.

Rath and Lonnie untied Liz and hauled her into an upright position. They had to support her because she was so weak.

Khivar approached Liz with a sadistic smile on his face.

“You’ve been keeping pertinent information from me, haven’t you dear?” he said as he traced a finger along one of her exposed breasts.

Liz just smiled.

“Cocky little thing aren’t we? Well you won’t be for long,” said Khivar, as he placed his hands on Liz’s head.


She could feel Khivar invading her mind, as he tried to put a suggestion in it. She just needed to hold on a little while longer. She could feel the change as it started to happen.

“Just a little more.”

As Khivar increased his power, a vision of the seal shot out of Liz’s head.

“We’re almost there!” shouted Khivar, excitedly.

Once the change was complete she threw a blast at Khivar which sent him soaring to the other side of the warehouse. All hell let loose.

TBC ...................................................... :twisted:
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 42 (28/Nov/08)

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Hi everyone it's that time again!! :D I've done a separate 'thanks for all your feed back' message up above so please feel free to read it!!!!! :D

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I hope you enjoy ....................................................................

"Telepathic Communication"

Chapter 40

Everyone froze for a second, as they watched the mighty Khivar soaring through the air. The force of the blast was so intense, he left a large indent in the wall when he hit it and then slid down to the ground, unconscious. The material of his shirt was melted and moulded into his burnt flesh. There was a large circular scorch mark were the blast had hit.

Rath was the first to react and spun around raising his hand to fire off a blast when something stopped him dead in his tracks. When he looked at the small, almost naked, woman he could see the maniacal look in her eyes. Her whole eyes were black but what scared him the most was the green flame dancing in both and a small smirk on her pretty little beaten face. He had seen the black eyes before, they were the eyes of the Antarian’s when they were angry, but the flame he had never witnessed.

“What the ...?” Rath didn’t get to finish that line as Liz sent a ball of green fire towards him. Rath, having used his powers since he came out of the pod, immediately raised his shield. He had to take a step back when the force of the blast hit it.

“Lonnie!” shouted Rath, trying to snap her out of the daze she was in.

Lonnie spun around and fired a blast towards Liz, only to realise that she was no longer there.

“Where, did she go Rath?”

“Dunno’ jus’ disappeared.”

“Come let’s get Khivar somewhere safe!” shouted Nicholas, grabbing his master under the arms. Rath and Lonnie ran over to help.


Meanwhile back at the pod chamber ………………………..

There was a cold wind blowing across the desert that night and Liz could feel it biting at her skin. She raised a very shaky hand to the rock surface and the door slid open.

She entered slowly to give her eyes time to adjust to the darkness, after being in the lights of the warehouse. She was shivering uncontrollably. She waved her hand by the cave entrance and it closed.

Her breathing was becoming rather laboured and she wondered what was wrong with her. She had taken some pretty bad beatings over the last few days and used most of her energy on healing herself.

She went down on her hands and knees because she didn’t have enough energy to teleport. She crawled through Max’s pod into the granilith chamber, the cold floor making her hands and knees ache, ready to call on its power.

“Just a little further Parker and you will be fine,” she told herself.

An immense pain suddenly ripped through her chest and she collapsed on the ground.

“Zan, I need you. Something’s wrong, pod cha…” she called out to him as the darkness started to take her. Blood started to trickle on to her face, as loud wet raspy breaths left her mouth.


Meanwhile at the mansion …………………………..

Zan was just about to fall into a deep sleep when he heard a small whisper inside his head.

“Zan, I need you. Something’s wrong, pod cha…”

He jumped off the bed, only to find his head spinning with the quick movement.


Nathan came running into the room.

“Yes sir, how can I be of assistance?”

“I need you to teleport me somewhere.”

“Yes your majesty,” said Nathan, giving Zan a slight bow of his head.

“KAL ,GET THE HELL IN HERE NOW!” screamed Zan.

Kal came rushing in from his room, followed by the rest of the group who had also heard Zan shout.

“What? What’s wrong now? Are they doing it again?” he couldn’t stand the thought of Liz having to go through more mind rapes.

“No, it only happened that one time because Liz blocked out everything afterwards, but she’s just contacted me. I need to get to her NOW!”

“Is she in danger?”

“I think she’s dying!”

“WHAT?” screamed Kal.

“She’s just contacted me and took the block from our connection, but Kal, she’s so weak. Nathan is going to teleport me outside the pod chamber.”


Roman instantly appeared beside Kal.

“You shouted Kal!”

“We need both of you to teleport us to the pod chamber immediately, there’s something wrong with Liz.”

“Yes sir.”

“Hey guys what about the rest of us. We all want to go,” said Alex.

“No, we can’t risk too many people going. Please, we’ll bring her straight back,” replied Kal.

Within the blink of an eye they had teleported outside the pod chamber. Zan waved his hand over the rock surface and the door opened. They all stepped inside.

“Shit man, this is amazing,” said Zan, in awe as he took in the sight of the pod’s blue pulsating lights. Although Zan had seen their own pods back in the sewers, in New York, they never had the blue hue that these had. He figured it was because of the granilith.

“Now is NOT the time to be admiring the scenery Zan!” chastised Kal.

“She’s through here,” said Zan, crawling through the pod.

Roman and Nathan just teleported Kal to the other side when he had given them the ‘well don’t expect me to do that’ look.

What Kal saw in front of him, shocked him to his very core.

“Turn around and don’t look at her,” commanded Kal, to the guards.

Both guards turned around but Roman couldn’t help the words that slipped from his mouth.

“I-I should have protected her. I knew something bad would happen, but she ordered me to protect the others. I have failed her and will take my punishment accordingly,” whispered Roman.

“It’s not your fault Roman. I was the one who told you to obey her orders. You tried to get her to see sense. I’m sure there will be no punishment.”

“Oh but there will,” whispered Roman. Kal shook his head not quite understanding that last statement.


As Zan crawled through the pod his eyes immediately sought out Liz. What he found lying on the floor first made his stomach churn and then a raging inferno of anger boiled his blood. He was shaking uncontrollably.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to look at Kal, Zan’s eyes were black.

“You need to help her first Zan. Everything else can be dealt with later,” Kal said in a soft tone.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL THEM ALL KAL!” screamed Zan, as a lone tear escaped from his eye.

Kal could feel the air charge around him.

“Zan, you have to help her first, revenge will come later.”

Zan’s eye flickered between amber and black as he tried to get his emotions under control. Liz needed him right now and he wasn’t going to let her down after she had gone through so much.

He concentrated on forming the connection which took longer than expected due to how weak Liz had become. Once he was in, he immediately concentrated on healing her. What he found when he entered her body made his blood run cold. With all the damage that was done to her internal organs Zan was amazed that she was still alive.

One of her ribs was broken and had punctured her lung, so he concentrated on healing that first. She started to breathe more easily. Then he travelled down her body and found a ruptured spleen, internal bleeding, inflamed liver and numerous torn ligaments.

By the time Zan had finished healing her he collapsed backwards, on to the floor, in total exhaustion. The sweat was pouring from his face.

“K-Kal, jacket,” Zan commanded.

Kal handed Zan his jacket and watched as he placed it lovingly over Liz’s bruised naked body. Zan had only enough energy to heal the internal injuries, her external ones would have to wait until he got his strength back.

“W-We need to get back to the mansion quickly, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on,” said a very weak Zan.

“Let’s go then,” said Kal, walking up to Liz ready to pick her up.

“NO!” shouted Zan. “I’ll take her.”

“But Zan you’re in no fit state to...”

“I said, I will take her,” said Zan, through gritted teeth, picking up Liz in his arms.

“As you wish.”

All of them teleported straight into Zan’s bedroom, at the mansion, were the whole group were waiting.

“Shit Liz,” was all Alex could say, when he looked over at one of his best friends.

Kal pulled back the covers on the bed, Zan placed Liz gently down and then covered up her small frail form.

“Everybody out!” instructed Zan.

“Zan, how is she?” asked Ava gently.

“She will be alright physically but emotionally, I’m not so sure. She’s taken some shit whilst she’s been trapped there.” The rage inside Zan started to grow again.

“Anytime man, I’ve got your back,” said Alex patting Zan on the shoulder.

Zan knew exactly what he meant by that remark. Alex was feeling the same way as he did. He wanted revenge.

“Everybody out now, please,” requested Zan. “Liz and I need to rest.”

As everyone was leaving Zan stripped off his clothes, down to his boxer shorts, and slipped in to the bed next to Liz. He gently scooped her against his body and lightly wrapped his arms around her. There was nothing sexual in his behaviour, he just wanted her to feel protected.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, before sleep finally over took him.


The guards returned to their room, the rest of the group gathered downstairs in the kitchen.

Serena started to make her famous beef and vegetable stew so that it could be heated up easily when Liz woke up.

“Are you alright Serena?” asked Kal ,watching her prepare some concoction he wasn’t familiar with.

“Oh. She’s making her beef and vegetable stew!” said Ava, bouncing up and down in her seat.


“I’m making this so that when Liz wakes up all we have to do is heat it up for her. Plus this will help build her strength up.”

Kal just looked at her strangely.

“Look Kal, when I’m nervous I cook. I can’t help seeing the image of Liz’s body in my head and I have to do something otherwise I’m going to go insane with worry,” replied Serena, as an explanation to Kal’s curious look.

“Are we going to practice again tomorrow?” asked Alex.

“Well I think some of us are,” replied Serena.

“Good, I want to stand a chance of making those bastards suffer,” said Alex.

“You know Zan is going to go after them don’t you?” said Ava to Kal.

“We are ALL going to make them suffer,” said Kal, through gritted teeth. “Nobody handles the Queen that way.”

“I don’t think Zan will get the chance when Max finds out what’s happened,” said Alex.

“We shall see. Phone Maria and let her know we have Liz,” replied Kal.

Chapter 41

Meanwhile in the Evan’s household ……………………

Isabel had just entered her room and decided that she was going to dream walk Liz one more time, when Max came in. She looked intensely at her brother and was shocked at what she saw.

He was a complete mess. Liz had been missing for a week now with no news. He was beside himself. His eyes were all puffy and red from crying. He was very pale and had deep dark circles around his eyes.

“Max, why don’t you go and lay down, you look awful. Have you even slept over the last couple of nights?” asked Isabel, very worried.

“How the fuck can I sleep Isabel when Liz is in the hands of Nicholas!” snapped Max.

Isabel was shocked at the tone Max used with her. Tears started to pool in her eyes. She was so very tired. She’d been trying to contact Liz every night since she was taken, but to no avail.

As soon as Max saw the affect of his harsh words he immediately regretted speaking to Isabel that way.

“I’m so sorry. This is driving me insane. I just keep remembering that pain she was going through and it drives me mad. I don’t even know if she’s still alive.” The last part of his sentence came out as a whisper.

“It’s okay Max. I understand, I’m just a little tired after trying to dream walk her every night but I’m still going to try again,” said Isabel, with determination.

“If you’re not feeling up to it then please don’t do it. You’re seriously wearing yourself out and we need you to be at full capacity if our enemies strike or we mount a rescue mission.”

“Max, I never understood how much Liz meant to us all until she was taken from us. We’ve treated her really badly over the past six months and I want to make it up to her. I know she hurt you but I really like having a girlfriend around to talk to and I miss her.”

“She never slept with Kyle,” Max said this so quietly that Isabel almost didn’t hear it.


“I said, she never slept with Kyle.”

“B-but you told me that she had!” cried Isabel, mortified at the fact that she has shunned Liz all this time for no reason.

“I-I saw them in bed together through the window b-but I’ve just found out recently t-that it was all a set up.”

“WHAT! Why the hell would she do that?” shouted Isabel.

“I have no idea. When I confronted her with it she said that she would explain it to me but a few days later she disappeared.”

“This is fucking ridiculous! I’m going to find out exactly what the hell is going on!” spat out Isabel. “All these lies are tearing us apart and I’m NOT going to stand for it any longer. As soon as we find Liz we ARE getting answers!”

She lay down on her bed and started her nightly ritual of trying to find Liz. Max sat down beside her, holding her hand, waiting for any news when she woke up.


Meanwhile at the DeLuca household …………………………….

Amy was out on a date with Jim when Maria received the phone call she’d been waiting for.


“Yes. Is that Serena? Have you found out anymore information? Have you heard from her? Have you found her yet?”

Maria carried on firing off numerous questions until Serena shouted to get her attention.


“Right, sorry. I’ve just been a bundle of nerves since I found out who took her,” replied Maria, calming down.

“We have her here but she’s in a bad way.”

“WHAT? What’s happened?”

“Well as far as we can make out she had a lot of internal injuries that Zan has now healed but he was too weak to heal her external wounds. He will do that as soon as his strength builds back up. He’s sleeping it off at the moment.”

“Oh my god. She must have been in a bad way if it’s knocked Zan out.”

“Maria, you should have seen her s-she l-looked so frail,” sobbed Serena, the pressure finally getting to her.

“I’m coming right over and don’t even think of saying no to me because it won’t work!”

“Alright, we’ll see you soon.”

Maria put the phone down and immediately phoned Michael at his apartment. At first he was pissed off about being woken up after midnight but once he heard that Liz had returned he told Maria he would pick her up in ten minutes.


Meanwhile back at the Evans residence ……………………………

Isabel had been wondering the dream plane for about ten minutes when she finally sensed Liz’s essence. She burst her bubble and entered her dream.

It was completely dark except for a pin point of light in the distance. She walked towards the light, it grew larger the closer she got to it and then it sucked her in.

She was on a beach somewhere and she could see a figure standing by the crystal blue sea. Isabel was unsure whether to approach the figure or stand and watch to see what happened. She didn’t want Liz to kick her out again.

Just as she decided to wait she heard a soft whisper reach her ears.


She looked around and found that the figure had disappeared.


Suddenly Liz appeared right in front of Isabel.

“My god Liz I wish you would stop doing that. You scared me half to death!”

“Sorry Isabel but what are you doing here?”

“Max is beside himself Liz. He looks awful. We’ve been trying to contact you for over a week after he felt the pain of the mind rape.”

Liz looked down ashamed.

“H-He felt that?” she whispered.

“Yes and he’s slowly been driving himself insane with the thought of what they were doing to you. I had to try and contact you again.”

“I’m so sorry Isabel. None of you were supposed to find out what happened.”

“What do you mean by that? Did you know that this was going to happen?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Isabel took Liz by the shoulders and shook her hard.


“I’m so very sorry Isabel but it had to be this way.”


“I have been awakened.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You will find out soon enough, but for now just tell Max that I’m alright.”

“Where are you? Where can we find you? He won’t rest until he’s seen you Liz!”

“You will all see me very soon!” Liz cryptically replied.

“Liz, Max told me that you never slept with Kyle, that it was all a set up now I want to know why you did that. Why have you been lying to us all this time?” asked a frustrated Isabel.

“I had to go through this process. I can see it all clearly now and you both will soon.”

“That’s not an answer Liz.”

“I will explain everything as soon as I see you. You can’t tell Tess that you’ve contacted me and that Alex is alive.”

“When will we see you? How did you escape? What has this got to do with Tess?”

“All will be explained to you shortly.”

“Do you know if Alex is alright?”

“Alex is safe, but I can’t answer any more of your questions now Isabel. I have to go.”

Isabel was thrown out of the connection again.

She sat bolt upright in her bed again and looked over at Max.

“Well? You were under for over half an hour Isabel, I was worried about you. I tried to wake you but was unable to.”

“Liz is alive and so is Alex. They’re both safe but apparently we can’t tell anyone yet, especially Tess.”

“What? Why the hell not? What about her parents? What the hell has Tess got to do with this? Where is she Isabel? I want to see her?”

“Max! I don’t have the answer to all of those questions but what I can tell you is Liz knew this was going to happen.”

“WHAT?” Max’s cheeks began to burn red with rage.

“I’m so sorry but she wouldn’t give me any more information than that. She told me to let you know that she was safe and all our questions would be answered soon.”

“HOW SOON?” asked Max, his rage increasing.

“She wouldn’t say,” whispered Isabel.

Max stormed out of the house and went for a walk. How was he supposed to process all this information? Why would Liz put herself in such danger? Why had she been lying to him all this time? Who was the strange man? Oh when he next saw Liz he was going to get answers even if he had to force her to give them.


Meanwhile back at the mansion ……………………………………….

Maria and Michael had arrived and went straight upstairs to see Liz. Although they were aware that Zan was with her, it was still a shock to see that Zan’s arms were wrapped around her protectively in his sleep. Somehow they always imagined that that was Max’s rightful place.

Maria walked closer to Liz and one of the floor boards creaked. Zan sat bolt upright and threw up his shield ready to protect Liz. Maria let out a small squeal.

“Jesus Zan, you scared me half to death!” whispered Maria, not wanting to wake Liz.

As soon as Zan realised who it was he lowered his shield.

“Sorry Maria, I’m just not taking any more chances with her life.”

“I’m not going to complain about that,” said Maria with a smile, trying to ease the tension in the room.

As she approached the bed she let out an audible gasp as she looked at the beaten face of her friend and the tears came pouring out.

“Why haven’t you completely healed her?” asked Michael in an accusatory tone.

“Because she was so bad, I didn’t have enough juice to do it all. Man she was a mess. Her brain was in perfect condition but her body was bad. She had a busted rib and lung, ruptured spleen, inflamed liver, numerous torn ligaments and internal bleeding. I had to heal the worst damage first.”

“How come her brain was okay, you said she was being mind raped which Max also felt by the way.”

“I think she used her powers to heal her brain from the affects of the mind rape. I don’t think she was able to when she escaped. She was pretty weak.”
“Oh my god, what have they been doing to her?” sobbed Maria.

“Nobody knows. She hasn’t woken up yet.”

Zan started to heal Liz’s superficial wounds but left the black swollen eye and gash to the head so it looked like she had been in the car accident.

Now all they had to do was to wait until Liz woke up. Maria and Michael finally went home once Kal promised he would phone if there was any change in her condition.

Chapter 42

Liz woke up with something warm wrapped around her naked body. When she opened her eyes she couldn’t help but feel relieved that there was no more pain. It was then that she noticed the warm things wrapped around her, were a pair of strong arms with tattoos on them.

“Zan?” whispered Liz.

She didn’t receive a reply so tried to turn around in his arms without waking him. As soon as she moved Zan just held her tighter, as if he was afraid she would disappear again.

She jumped when she heard his voice whisper in her ear.

“I swear if you ever do that to me again, I will personally kill you! Do you know what you’ve put us all through?”

Liz turned around and broke the contact between her and Zan to look into his face.

“I’m sorry Zan, but it had to be this way.”


“I had to be awakened and the only way to let that happen is to go through immense pain.”

“What do you mean awakened?”

That’s when Liz’s eyes turned black and the green flame started to dance in them.

“Holy crap!” exclaimed Zan, as he jumped up from the bed taking the sheets with him in shock. “I’ve never seen that before.”

“Erm Zan, I know you like to admire your handy work but could I please have the covers back,” she gestured to her now healed naked body.

“Nah huh!” a wicked grin came across his face.

“ZAN! Give … me … the … sheets … now,” said Liz, not amused because she was starting to feel cold. Her eyes were still dark.

Zan jumped on the bed and started to tickle Liz mercilessly. She shot a small electrical current out of her fingers into Zan’s butt which immediately made him stop.

“Hey you used your powers, that’s not fair!” he laughed, but then gulped when he saw how Liz was looking at him.

“L-Liz what’s wrong?” he stuttered.

“The pull,” was all Liz said, as her eyes turned even darker and the flames brighter.

Zan lowered his head and kissed her hard. All his pent up emotions over the last week poured into that kiss.

He ran his hands over her body loving the feel of her soft skin under his finger tips. God he loved this woman. He broke the kiss to get some much needed air and then started to brush his lips gently over her neck and collar bone.

He cupped her breast and was amazed at how well it fitted into his hand. He toyed with her stiff peak before capturing it with his mouth. Liz flipped him over and straddled his waist and dragged her fingertips along Zan’s chest.

“Oh god Zan, you feel soooo good!”

Zan immediately grew hard. Just as Liz’s hands went down towards his now erect manhood she stopped.

“What’s wrong baby?” asked Zan.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this to Max. Zan, I love him.”

As Zan looked into her eyes he could see that they were now the soulful brown ones.

“You got flashes of him didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I want you and I love you.”

“I know and I love you to Zan, but not like I do Max.”

“Just give us a chance Liz.”

Liz removed herself from Zan and grabbed the covers.

“I need a shower,” was all she replied.

“I’m not giving up Liz. I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!”


After Liz had finished her shower she went downstairs and met everyone. Alex was the first to embrace her in a fierce hug.

“Liz, please don’t ever do that to me again! We’ve all been worried sick about you, especially Maria and Michael.”

“I’m sorry Alex but it had to be done. Where are my parents this evening?”

“Apparently, they’ve become good friends with my mom and dad so they’re having dinner and then staying over there for the night. I think they are trying to come up with ways to find you.”

“That’s perfect. Serena is Alex ready?”

“Yes he’s been practicing all week.”

“Right, I want to call a meeting tonight at 10 pm with everyone.”

“When you say everyone you mean …?” said Zan.

“I mean everyone including Tess and the guards but YOU are calling this meeting to try to find out what happened to me, okay?”

“Okay, where do you want to hold the meeting?”

“At the Crashdown of course.”

“Can I ask what this meeting is about?” asked Kal

“It’s about the beginning of the end,” Liz replied.

The room was shocked into silence as everyone pondered what that meant.

TBC ………………………………………………………………. :D
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Hi everyone ... just a quick thank you to all of you who left feed back. Thank you so much for your continued support. It really makes a difference!!!!


L-J-L 76: Wow that's the longest feed back I've ever got!! :lol: :lol: Thanks. It's always great to get new readers leaving feed back.

Thank you to all the lurkers that read this story as well!

Sorry everyone but chapter 44/5 is a little long winded but I feel necessary for the story. Sorry if I bore or confuse you. Beta reader is still on holiday so please excuse any stupid mistakes.

Here we go again ...................................................

These next 3 chapters include actual dialogue from the End Of The World episode and some scenes from the rest of season 2 starting with Heart Of Mine and ending with The Departure. They will also contain scenes from all of season 3 as well. All credit goes to the original writers and owners of the show. No infringement is intended.

"Tess's Thoughts"

Chapter 43

10 pm Friday night at the Crashdown …………………………….

Michael was in the kitchen cooking cheese burgers, fries and Saturn rings for everyone to eat. Maria was getting drinks prepared for everyone and also dealing with the music that they decided to play while waiting for the others.

Max, Isabel and Tess were the first to arrive. They sat down at their usual booth, Maria and Michael brought over their food along with bottles of Tabasco sauce.

“So do we know why we’re here?” asked Tess.

“I don’t know. Dan just said he needed a meeting with us,” replied Max.

“Do you think it has anything to do with Liz being missing?”

“Probably Tess, they don’t know what’s really going on so they’re probably wondering why we haven’t found out anything yet. Why are you so curious?”

“Well, it’s all very ...”

“She’s here, I can feel her,” said Max, as the bell above the door started to jingle. Max’s heart missed a beat when he looked at the sight before him.

Although she had a massive bruise and cut above her eye she looked positively stunning in her sexy white wife beater, light egg shell blue combat trousers and long single breasted coat. Her Timberland boots finished her outfit. Max thought she had never looked sexier than in that moment but honestly couldn’t say why. She looked so confident, beautiful and … and totally ravishing. His trousers suddenly became very tight.

“The Crashdown is closed,” said Maria, not looking up from the CD’s she was currently perusing.

“What, even for the owner’s daughter?” replied Liz.

Tess whipped her head around and looked at the direction the voice came from. Maria and Michael froze to the spot watching the interaction between Liz and Tess.


“Oh but it is Tess,” replied Liz.

“Did I just say that out loud?”

“What are you talking about Tess?” asked a confused Max.

“I thought you would be …”

“You thought I would be what Tess? Dead? Sorry to disappoint you.”

“What does she mean by sorry to disappoint you?” Max looked accusingly at Tess.

“I-I d-don’t know,” whispered Tess, about to get out of the booth.

“Where are you going Tess?” asked Liz with her head slightly tilted to one side.

“T-The t-toilet.”

“Sit down Tess,” said Liz raising her arm palm facing outwards.

“Liz what’s going on?” asked Max getting a little nervous although not quite sure why.

“Oh I would like to introduce you to my friends,” said Liz, turning around to the double doors and curling her finger in a ‘come in’ gesture.

“We’ve already met your … oh my god,” said Max raising and standing in the attack stance. This is when he realised that Liz was standing the same way.

“Liz what’s going on?” asked Max for the second time that night. He noticed the dupes walking in along with the rest of the new group and someone he hadn’t met yet. They all stood behind Liz in a V formation. What confused him the most was that Michael and Maria had also joined them.

“Max, Isabel and Tess I would like you to meet Zan, Ava, Kal and Serena. Kyle, Maria and Michael you already know and finally … Alex,” said Liz, with a smile on her face.

As Liz mentioned Alex’s name the stranger suddenly waved a glowing hand over his face and Alex appeared.

“A-Alex?” Tess stuttered, turning a deathly shade of white.

“ALEX!” Isabel jumped up and was about to go running towards him when he shook his head slightly.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” asked a very angry Max pointing at his dupe. “I thought he was dead?”

“Oh you would just love that wouldn’t you MAX?” spat Zan. “Then you wouldn’t have any competition.”

Max could feel the rising anger as his frustration grew, still not understanding the situation.

“Liz, I will ask you again. What is going on?”

“You have to choose Max,” replied Liz.

“What do you mean?”

“Tess or me?”

“ALEX?” shouted Isabel, wanting to be heard.

“You and Isabel have to choose. Which side are you on?”

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” screamed Max, totally losing it.

“I’m talking about this Max,” Liz turned around and showed him the tattoo or rather the brand mark of the V constellation on the small of her back.

“What the hell is that? I mean I know it’s in the shape of the royal seal but why do you have it tattooed on to your back?” asked Max.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Tess, as she shot out of the booth and stamped her feet in what can only be described as a major tantrum. Her little blonde curls were flying all over the place.

“NO, NO, NO! You’re supposed to be dead and YOU!” she pointed towards Alex.

With that remark both Isabel and Max turned to look at her. That’s when she realised her mistake and started to walk back towards the kitchen doorway hoping to make an easy escape.

“YOU KNEW!!! ALL THIS TIME YOU KNEW!” screamed Max, slowly heading towards her. Just as Tess was about to run for it she found herself lifted in the air, flung against the wall with something tight wrapped around her neck. She could hardly breathe. She looked around the room to find out who was holding her there and her eyes widened in shock.

“Alex, when did you…?” asked Isabel, in shock.

“Lower her now Alex but I don’t want her out of your sight,” commanded Liz.

Tess floated through the air and was placed firmly back in the booth. She couldn’t move a muscle except for her mouth.

“Do you want to challenge me Tess?” asked Liz.

“It’s my birth right. I’ll challenge you, you piece of shit!” spat out Tess.

Liz walked calmly over to Tess and put her face an inch from hers.

“Are you sure about that Tess?” asked Liz, as her eyes turned black and the flames burned bright.

Tess’s eyes widened in fear, but then she reigned in her emotions.

“Yes, I challenge you!”

“Good. You do realise it’s to the death don’t you?” asked Liz, with a smirk on her face.

“Liz, what challenge and why is it to the death?” asked Max, getting thoroughly pissed off about being left out of the conversation, plus the fact that his dupe was standing by Liz’s side.

“Max, I need to take you to the pod chamber and then I will tell you everything.”


“All of it Max.”

“Okay let’s go,” Max was so excited about finally finding out what had been going on over the last six months. “We’ll take the jeep.”

“There’s no need for that Max.”

“Then how are we supposed to get there?”

“I’ve got it sorted. Alex, while I’m gone would you bring Isabel up to speed please?”

“How much do you want her to know?”

“All of it. Don’t let her out of your sight for one second,” commanded Liz, pointing to Tess. “I will inform you once it’s done Kal and then you can teleport her out to the pod chamber. Are the guards out there?”

“All eight of the guards are awaiting your instructions at the pod chamber.”

“Good. Has everyone got their mind blocks up?”

“Isabel doesn’t know how to do it yet,” replied Alex.

Liz walked up to Isabel and gently placed her hands on the side of her head. She formed an immediate connection and sent Isabel the images she would require in order for her to control her powers. She also healed the small damage that the mind warps had created in her brain.

“Alex will teach you how to access the images in order for you to use your powers at full capacity. I have placed a mental block on you so Tess can’t mind warp you anymore.”

“A-Are you telling me that she has been mind warping me?”

“She’s been doing it for quite some time now Isabel. I’ve also healed the damage she caused.”

Isabel spun around to look at Tess.

“I’m going to kill you!” she shouted.

“Oh you just wait until you find out what she did to Alex,” said Maria, with a smirk on her face.

Isabel turned towards Alex.

“What did she do to you?”

“Listen I have to go with Max now but I will send someone back to pick you all up when we’re ready,” said Liz.

Everyone nodded as Liz grabbed hold of Max’s shoulders. He looked at her as if she’d gone insane and she let out a small giggle.

“W-What did you mean when you said you HEALED her?”

“I have powers now,” she whispered.

Max’s eyes practically bulged out of their sockets with that new piece of information and he then realised that they were standing near the pod chamber.

Chapter 44

“Liz, who are they?” Max asked pointing to all of the guards.

“They are the royal guards of Antar, Max. They are here to make sure we are protected whilst we’re occupied.”

“What are we going to be occupied with?” asked Max, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Not that Max. I think that’ll be the last thing on your mind when I show you what’s been going on.”

“Liz, I’m really starting to get worried now. You keep on saying things like that.”

“I’m going to show you everything Max but it will cause you a lot of pain and heartache.”

“Then I don’t think I want to know.”

“Fine, then let’s get everyone from the Crashdown.”

“NO! Wait, Liz!” shouted Max, grabbing Liz’s arm and turning her around to face him.

“I have to know what’s going on.”

“This will change you Max. You will never be the same again, just like I won’t.”

“What do you mean?”

Liz turned her eyes black and then the flames appeared. Max took a step backwards when he looked in to her eyes.

“W-What’s happened to you Liz?”

“I’ve been awakened Max and now you must be too. You have to embrace your alien side otherwise we don’t stand a chance of winning.”

“Of winning what? I don’t understand Liz.”

“You will understand it all Max, if you go through the change. It won’t be easy because you have denied your alien side for a long time now but it will be worth it.”

“All this time, all I’ve ever wanted to be is normal and have a normal relationship with my dream girl and now you’re saying to me that I have to embrace my alien side. Do you know how much you’re asking of me?”

“Max when you healed me I was changed irrevocably but I had to go through a further change in order for me to be with you. I accepted that change and this is why I’m here with you now. You chose me as your Queen Max and I have accepted that role now. I’m now like you, a human hybrid.”

“You’re throwing all this information at me and expect me just to be able to make a decision, just like that?” he clicked his fingers in the air.

“Then let me show you the whole truth and you will understand Max. You have to trust me. This is for the best.”

“Fine, let’s just get it over and done with.”

“You have to let me connect to you Max.”


Liz cupped Max’s face with her hands and looked into his eyes. That’s when it started …………..


Max watches and see’s himself in her room, dressed in leather. At first he thought this was one of Liz’s fantasies until he heard his voice ……….

LIZ: No, you're not Max, ok? You...you're like a shapeshifter. You are like some other kind of alien, with, like, the ability to look like Max with that beard and those...and those grey hairs.
F. MAX: Do you really see grey?
LIZ: This isn't funny, ok?


F. MAX: I can't tell you too much, Liz...only what you need to know...but 14 years from now, we are taken over by our enemies.
LIZ: Uh, who's taken over?
F. MAX: Everyone. Earth. I need you to help me keep that from happening. We need to change the future. What we do here has to be precise and surgical. No one can know I'm here, especially not me...that is, my younger self.


F. MAX: Liz, what's about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us are about to change...grow deeper. We become inseparable, and nothing comes between us ever again, until...
LIZ: The...the end of the world?
F. MAX: That's right.
LIZ: What happened?
F. MAX: The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell.
LIZ: Because of me?
F. MAX: Because of me, and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us - Michael, Isabel, Tess, and I...we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts, and with one of us missing, we weren't as strong, and everything fell apart.
LIZ: So, um...you want me to help you and Tess get together?
F. MAX: Yes.


F. MAX: It's you I trust. It's you I have faith in, and because it's not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you to help me fall out of love with you.


LIZ: So, um...did we get married?
F. MAX: We eloped. We were 19.
LIZ: We were 19? Wow, that is so young. That is too young.
F. MAX: That's what I said, but you said that Romeo and Juliet were even younger than us, so we drove to Vegas. Got married at the Elvis chapel. Congratulations, kids.
LIZ: So we didn't have a real wedding.
F. MAX: Oh, we had a great wedding. You called Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Alex, and had them meet us halfway. We spent the whole night singing and dancing in some dive outside Phoenix, and at the end of the night, "I Shall Believe" came on the radio.
LIZ: I love that song.
F. MAX: I know. Everyone else was exhausted, but not us. Oh, we danced...just the two of us. And ever since then, it's been our song.
LIZ: If this works...I'm not gonna have that day.
F. MAX: No, you won't.


Present Max watches the flashbacks and can see his past and future self in the same building.

MAX: So, it was all a setup.
LIZ: Yeah.
MAX: You tried to get Tess and me together?
LIZ: Look, I know that you must hate me right now. I, um...
(Max gives Liz a long, passionate kiss.)
MAX: I felt that...and I know you did, too, and I know you think that...that I need to let you go...for the sake of Michael, and Isabel, and my race...so you went to Tess. But she can't be you. Tess can never be you.
LIZ: Max, we have to stop this. We have to. I am telling you that we have to.
MAX: Go out with me on Friday. There's a Gomez concert in Santa Fe. I have tickets.
LIZ: No. No, Max. I can't go out with you ever again. Please stop doing this.
MAX: I can't.


LIZ: I just said no to Gomez.
F. MAX: You said no the last time, too. I didn't take no for an answer.
LIZ: So we went to the concert.
F. MAX: No. The night of Gomez I came to your room. That's the night that things between us were cemented.
LIZ: Cemented. So when you say cemented, you...
F. MAX: We made love.


F. MAX: Just 25 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms...dead. Isabel died 2 weeks before that. Now you have to do this. You have to find a way. All of our lives depend on it.
LIZ: How? What can I do that's gonna make you turn away from me?
F. MAX: I don't know.


FUTURE MAX: I don't think this is a good plan.
LIZ (to Future Max): What are you talking about?
FUTURE MAX: You really think this is gonna work? I would never be jealous of Kyle.
LIZ (to Future Max): Can you turn around?
(Liz starts to undress)
LIZ (to Kyle): So that's like meditation, right? Incense, that sort of thing?
KYLE: It's really about approaching life through a spiritual place and becoming in tune with different planes of existence.
FUTURE MAX: What a line of crap.
KYLE: Am I taking my boxers off?
LIZ (to Kyle): No. Undergarments stay on.
KYLE: Right.
FUTURE MAX: If he tries anything...
LIZ (to Future Max): I've got it under control. Please stay out of earshot.
(Liz comes out of her bathroom dressed in a towel)


KYLE: So shall we hop in?
LIZ: Yeah. Um, Kyle, look...I just wanna make sure that I...I...I made it actually clear that we're not gonna...
KYLE: Consummate. I understand.


KYLE: So Evans must have really pissed you off to get you to resort to something like this.
LIZ: I told you I don't really want to talk about why I'm doing this.
KYLE: Jeez, I just figured since I'm giving you my last shred of dignity...
LIZ: I...I really. I can't.


KYLE: So...we have something in common.
LIZ: Yeah? What's that?
KYLE: We, uh...we're the only two people I know of who have died and were brought back by an alien.
LIZ: Yeah. You're right.
KYLE: You feel different?
LIZ: Yeah. Kyle...when he healed you, um...did...did you see things?
KYLE: See things?
LIZ: Flashes. Images.
KYLE: No. But since he healed me, I keep getting these flashes of Max Evans naked.
(Liz starts to laugh)
KYLE: Feels good to make you laugh again.
LIZ: It feels like this is the first time we've talked...since...
KYLE: Feels good to do that again.
LIZ: Yeah. It does feel good.


Max watches his past self show up with the Gomez tickets in hand. He sees Liz and Kyle in bed together and is shocked to his very core. He drops the tickets and leaves.

KYLE: Well, I guess it worked.

Max watches as Future Max gives Liz her wedding dance before finally disappearing.


Before Liz could show him anything else Max broke away from the connection. When she looked at him he had tears streaming down his face.

“A-All t-this t-time and y-you never said anything,” whispered Max.

“I couldn’t Max it would have meant the death of the people that are closest to us. How would you have felt knowing that we were responsible for killing billions of people including the ones we love?”

“I-I don’t know what to say Liz. Do you expect me to be grateful that you broke my heart into a million pieces? Why didn’t you come to me? We might have been able to do something different. You didn’t trust me enough to come up with a different plan.”

“It was you who told me to do this Max. Alright it was a future version of you, but it was still you. There’s more you have to learn Max. The changes we made because of this had a detrimental outcome until I got my powers.”

“So what we made it worse rather than better?”

“Yes, until recently. I will show you what would have happened first if I hadn’t intervened and then I will show you what might happen now.”

“What do you mean might happen now?”

“I have visions of the future Max. That’s one of my powers but they only happen rarely at the moment. I’m just as unsure of the future as you are until I have another vision.”

“Show me Liz.”

Chapter 45

Liz resumed her position and started to send Max more flashbacks.


Liz comes out of the Prom and witnesses Max kissing Tess. Liz runs out of the school and finds Sean at the bowling alley. She lane slides with him and at the end of the night writes in her diary about being finally able to breathe.

Alex’s car overturned on the road as Sheriff Valenti gets out of his cruiser to take a look. The Sheriff comes into the Crashdown and informs the group of Alex’s death. Max is in the van trying to heal Alex’s body. They are all in Alex’s room after the funeral when Liz announces that Alex was murdered by aliens.

Liz continues her investigation into Alex’s death and Max confronts her about how she is going about it. He tells her that he doesn’t believe her theory. He watches as the group starts to fall apart and he gets closer to Tess. Max has an argument with Liz about going to Sweden and tells her that she is no longer his friend. Max sleeps with Tess in the observatory.

Tess tells Max that she is pregnant with his child while Liz, Maria and Michael learn what Alex did while he was supposedly in Sweden. Tess doubles over in pain and Max connects with the baby only to find that the earth’s atmosphere is killing his son.

Tess and Max are being held hostage by Brody who believes he is Larek. When Max heals him he remembers his life on Antar and goes to see Tess later that night.

Max tells Liz that Tess is pregnant with his child. She lets slip that she never slept with Kyle. He says his goodbyes to her in the jeep outside the Crashdown and that’s when he gives her the pendant. He also learns of Future Max. They are all in the granilith, ready to leave when Michael tells them that he can’t go. He watches Michael leave only to be interrupted by Liz telling him that Tess killed Alex. He confronts Tess and realises that what Liz has said is true. He finds out about the deal Nasedo made 40 years ago with Khivar and what role Tess had played. He goes to kill Tess until she points out that she is carrying his son. He allows her to leave.

Max and Liz hold up a convenience store and find a spaceship. Liz gets thrown in jail. Max’s dad helps everyone get out of trouble but it cost’s Max his relationship with his family and Liz’s family.

Max goes to Los Angeles in search for Kal Langley who is the key to finding his son. He finds the spaceship and ignores Liz’s phone call. The spaceship is useless and Kal now hates Max for making him shapeshift.

Isabel and Jesse get married and Khivar shows up at their honeymoon trying to get her to go back to Antar with him.

Max is trying to use a young autistic boy, in the hopes that he has contact with his son.

Liz begins to feel the ill effects of Max healing her. Her powers start to manifest and she confronts Max about his betrayal with Tess.

Max heals an old man and then has to fight him to get control of the body. He and Liz are thrown out of the building and he manages to save her at the last minute. She kisses him and he comes back to life.

Max really wants to try again with Liz but she is reluctant. Jesse now knows Isabel’s secret. Max battles Michael to try and regain the seal after being dead.

A spaceship crashes in the desert and Michael witnesses it. They rescue one of the fighter pilots who shot down the spaceship and they find an alien artefact at the base. Max and Isabel’s parents find out about them being alien and then Tess shows up with the baby. Max finds out that she killed a lot of people at the base and now she has the Air Force after her. She gives up Zan and then blows up the base. Max gives Zan up for adoption so he can have a normal life.

Liz has visions of the group being shot at what they believe to be the UFO convention but it turns out to be at their graduation. Max stands on the podium ready to sacrifice himself so everyone else can live until Michael comes in on his bike and whisks him away. They all go on the run and Isabel has to leave Jesse behind. They are still chased by the FBI.

Four years later Khivar attacks the earth trying to find the royal three. He decides to totally destroy earth in the process. Nobody survives.



Liz comes out of the school gym and sees Max kissing Tess. She turns and throws her corsage in the bin and runs out into the rain. She feels a searing pain as her powers start to manifest. She blows up the street lamps. Kyle wraps his coat around her shoulders and she has a vision of the future. She informs Kyle of everything that is about to happen and asks for his help.

There is only one person she can trust with the secret of her powers, so she contacts Ava and asks the new group to come to Roswell. Zan watches in awe as he first meets Liz. They all meet back at the hotel were Kal explains to Liz that she is Max’s destiny. He tells her of the prophecy and the fact that she has half the royal seal. Max had bonded with her that day at the Crashdown but given her the seal when he kissed her while drunk. She would have to fight Tess for the right of the throne.

Zan turns up at Liz’s room when she’s had a nightmare. She kisses him passionately and then he realises that she is not in the right frame of mind and stops the kiss. Liz asks him to stay with her for the night because she’s frightened. She watches him as he gets undressed and gasps at his wonderful body and tattoos. She can feel the desire running through her veins but Zan again, puts a halt on everything. He doesn’t want her to regret being with him.

Liz enters the pod chamber and gets flashes from Max's pod as she touches it. She finds out that the granilith is an extremely powerful sentient being. Liz touches the granilith and starts to gain its power and knowledge. The royal guards and Queen Mother come out of the granilith and confirm that Liz is the new Queen of Antar. She also explains to Liz that Tess was the one that betrayed them on Antar and caused all their deaths. Tess has the right to challenge Liz’s claim for the throne due to her marriage, on Antar, to Max.

Liz blocks Tess’s attempts to mind warp them all in the Crashdown and Tess realises she is losing control over Max so she brings her plan forward.

Max was about to cement with Liz when she heard a voice in her head “Don’t do it Liz … at least give us a chance” and Maria started to knock on the door of the eraser room.

Liz saves Alex and then gets taken by Khivar, who was the stranger that visited her at the school. Khivar, Nicholas, Rath and Lonnie all torture Liz to try and get the seal but Liz doesn’t fight back. Khivar makes one final attempt to gain the seal off Liz. She feels an incredible pain when she fights off Khivar’s attempt to take the seal. Liz is finally awakened and the last part of the process is complete.

Liz fires a blast at Khivar sending him across the room. She fires one more blast towards Rath and teleports to the pod chamber. She calls Zan to come and help her. She wakes up naked in Zan’s bed with his arms wrapped around her. He warns her never to do that again and then starts to tickle her. She shoots a small electrical current in his butt which makes him stop. He watches as Liz’s eyes turn darker, as her desire spirals out of control. Zan bends down and kisses her hard. He feels her body and then gives his attention to her breasts. She flips him over and runs her hands down his body until she reaches his throbbing manhood. She starts to receive flashes of all the times Max had been intimate with her and she stops saying she loves Max.


Whilst Max was receiving all of the current flashes he was feeling all of the emotional and physical pain that Liz had gone through. When it got to the flashes of the mind raping and torture, Max collapsed onto his knees and roared in immense pain.

Once Liz had finished showing him everything that could have, and has happened, she lowered her hands from his head. He just knelt there and stared at her.

“M-Max say something please.”

Max’s brain was in overload as he tried to comprehend everything he’d seen from the beginning to the end.

“How the fuck could you do that to me Liz! You brought everyone in on the plan except Isabel and me. Why?” Max screamed, at her when he finally snapped out of his trance.

“If you had come to me in the first place all of this pain might have been avoided!”

“It still would've meant the end of the world Max. Khivar still would have come here to find you and destroy you all. I couldn’t take that chance.”

“You couldn’t possibly know what would have happened, if you’d told me about Future Max. You didn’t have your powers then,” replied Max.

“Your right Max, I didn’t know but I couldn’t risk all of your lives. It would always end the same until you were awakened.”


Max was totally losing it now. He’d had enough with all the lies but what got to him the most was the intimate times Liz had spent with Zan, when it should have been him.

“You will see soon enough Max,” replied Liz calmly.

“All that time you’ve been spending with Zan instead of me!! I should've been the one to help you through all of this. YOU ARE MY FUCKING QUEEN NOT HIS!”

Max’s eyes started to turn black.

“That’s it Max, get angry with me. Think about all the time I’ve spent with Zan.”

This remark sent Max over the edge. His eyes were now all black but had a green flame dancing in them. That’s when all of his memories from his previous life invaded his thoughts. He let out one almighty roar and the flames danced brighter as he shook in rage.


All the images flying around in Max’s/King Zan’s head was so confusing that he believed that Liz had also betrayed him in some way.

He stood up in the attack stance and aimed his arm at Liz.

“You want to punish me Max? Then let’s see who comes out on top!” Liz smirked, as she raised her arm in the attack stance.

“Let the games begin Max or should I say KING ZAN!”

TBC ………………………………………………………………………… :D
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 48 (05/Dec/08)

Post by Janetfl » Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:57 pm

Hi everyone sorry these chapters took so long but the good news is I will post another three in the next two days!!! I hope the wait was worth it. I'm not so sure about these chapters. I hope I've done them justice...

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the feed backers that have supported my long story!!! :lol: :lol:

Lena 7 / jake17 / AvalonRose / keepsmiling7 / pandas2001 / Natalie36 / Scorpio 6 / Addicted2AmberEyes / Cocogurl / Dreamers_fan_believe / destinyc / begonia9508 / LilLoucfer x 2:

WoW thank you so much for your continued support. I couldn't believe all of the wonderful feed back!!! Your continued support means so much to me!! :P :P

futuremrsmcdreamy: Wow thank you so much. I love it when new people leave feed back. I'm really glad that you are enjoying this story. I never thought I would get so much feed back. Thank you!!! :P :P

mezz / MetallicaGeek: Geeze you guys gave me a fright. I could only see the top line of your feed back before I scrolled down. When you said 'You know what I hate about this story???' I literally shit myself thinking you hated it until I scrolled down and then started laughing. Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment. I am so happy that you are enjoying the story. I hope my next three chapters are just as exciting!!!! :P :P :P

paper: Wow thank you so much for your kind words Paper. I was really happy that you looked at my story and enjoyed it. You gave me some fantastic comments and I'd just like to say that I love your story just as much. It's so great to see things from Khivars point of view. It makes a very interesting read!!! At least it didn't take me as long to read yours!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My beta reader is back but hasn't managed to check this yet but I thought you would rather me post it. So if there are any mistakes please forgive me!!! I've just finished typing this so I haven't had time to proof read it but I will once it's posted!!!

Right without further ado .............................................................

Chapter 46

Max pooled his energy in his hand and then fired off an energy blast towards Liz. Liz pointed her palm towards the ball and flicked her hand to the side. This sent a wave of invisible force which changed the trajectory of the ball towards the rocks.

“Is that all you’ve got Max. I thought with you being KING and all you could do better than that,” Liz taunted, with a smirk on her face.

Max’s eyes were changing constantly from amber to black. He was having an internal battle with his alien side. Max knew he didn’t want to hurt Liz but his memories were converging with his past life ones. It was making him angry and confused. With Liz’s comment, Max’s alien side took over; he pointed his fingers on both hands towards Liz and fired off a continuous stream of green flames. Liz just raised her hand and sent out her shield.

“Max, you have to embrace your alien side, not fight it. If you don’t you will never be able to harness your powers properly!” shouted Liz.

Max’s eyes turned back to amber and he immediately stopped the flame throwing. Just as Liz lowered her shield Max’s eyes turn to black again and he shot out a bolt of green electrical energy towards Liz. It hit her in the shoulder causing her to be knocked backwards and she screamed out in pain.

Roman started to run towards Liz, to assist her, when she held up her hand and shook her head to stop him. She raised her bubble shield and started to heal herself. Once this was done she lowered her shield and stood up to call the power of the granilith.

The gold bubble shield immediately surrounded her and she started to levitate in the air. The bright white light started to pulsate around her body causing it to jerk slightly. The guards looked on in awe as they watched her going through the process.

“She is the one the prophecy spoke of, isn’t she?” asked Nathan.

“Yes,” replied Roman.

Once she was finished, she was lowered gently to the ground and the shield disappeared.

“Roman gather your guards and enclose them in a shield!” instructed Liz.

All the guards gathered into a group and they used their combined powers to raise a strong shield over them.

“Oh now you’re gonna pay for that cheap shot Max!” shouted Liz.

Liz raised an invisible force field, in a circle, around herself. She raised her arms and palms in the air. Dark clouds started to form in the sky as King Zan let off several blasts towards Liz not realising she had a force field around her. The blasts bounced off in all different directions, one hitting the guards shield.

King Zan suddenly felt the air change and the hairs on his arms started to stand on end as clouds formed, blocking out the clear night sky. There was a clap of thunder and flashes of sheet lightening behind the clouds. The wind picked up and started to flap Liz’s hair and long coat backwards.

“Oh my god she can control the weather! Nobody has ever been able to do that to my knowledge,” said one of the guards.

“It’s the granilith’s power she is drawing on,” replied Roman.

All of a sudden the whole area around the pod chamber lit up as a circle of lightning bolts danced around King Zan. He gathered as much power as he could muster, in his hand, and shot out a beam of pure white light towards Liz. The force field absorbed the energy. King Zan let out one almighty roar as he felt a burning sensation on his back. The last of his energy dwindled and he collapsed to his knees in exhaustion.

Liz just stood there for a moment, inside the protection of the energy field, until she watched Max reach behind him and rub the small of his back.

“Oh thank god for that,” said Liz, lowering her shield and walking back to Max.

The guards lowered their shield.

“Max, are you alright?” she breathed out.

Both of them had been left a little breathless with the exertion of using their powers. They were both taking in gulps of air as Liz kneeled in front of Max. She touched his face as she removed a piece of hair that was stuck on his forehead.

“Are you alright …?” Liz stopped as she saw the look in his eyes.


“What the hell was that I felt in my back?”

Liz walked around to the back of Max, lifted his coat and pulled his shirt out of his trousers. She lifted them up and said …

“The awakening has been completed Max. You now have the royal seal branded on your back, just like me,” informed Liz, as she walked back in front of Max.

“What does it mean?”

“It means that you’re ready to face you’re biggest challenge.”

“Which is?” asked Max.

“To overthrow Khivar and regain control of the throne of Antar.”


Liz just laughed at the pure look of fear on Max’s face.

“H-He was the one who killed all of us in the first place. If he did it back then, when I had full power, what chance do I stand now?”

“You’ve got a few extra things you didn’t have back then.”

Max just gave her an incredulous look.

“Like what?”

“Like, me, Alex, Maria, Serena, Kyle, Ava and Zan!”

With Zan’s name being mentioned Max’s eyes turned black again.

“I don’t like that fucking guy!” said Max through clenched teeth.

“Max, you saw that I’ve made my choice. You have nothing to fear from Zan. He is here to help us.”

“Help you more like,” said Max, in the tone of a petulant boy.

“Max it’s not really his fault. He has been feeling the effect of the pull but has acted the total gentleman.”

“Yeah that was until your last encounter,” Max’s eyes turned even blacker and the green dancing flames came into them, as he remembered the flashbacks Liz had given him.

Liz walked up to Max and captured his face in her hands. She looked him directly in the eyes turning hers the same as Max’s.

“It’s you I want Max. It’s always been you!” said Liz, as she captured his lips in a passionate kiss.

Their connection flared to life and both of them could feel the unrivalled desire surging through.

Liz broke off the kiss panting.

“We, we, can’t do this yet Max.”

“Why the hell not? I’ve waited a long time for this Liz.”

“I have some unfinished business, which I intend dealing with first!”


“Yes, but we also need to talk about everything that has happened.”

“Fine, let’s get this over and done with then.”

“I need to heal you first Max. Tess has been mind warping you for over a year now.”

“I swear I’m going to kill that bitch. She betrayed us in our previous lives and she’s done it here also.”

“You’ll have to go through me first Max.”

Liz raised her hands on either side of Max’s head. She forged the connection with him and healed his brain. There was a lot of damage. She also threw in a few extra powers for Max.

“There you’re all done. I have given you all the images you require to use your powers Max. You just have to concentrate. We will have time to practice later.”

Liz instructed the guards to get the rest of the group from the Crashdown.

Chapter 47

Meanwhile back at the Crashdown …………………………

Liz and Max had just disappeared from the restaurant.

“Would someone please tell me what’s going on? Where did Max and Liz just go? How come you have powers Alex? What did Maria mean when she said ‘Oh you just wait until you find out what she did to Alex’? Where has Liz been this last week? Why has that bitch been mind warping me? TELL ME WHATS GOING ON!!!”

“Isabel, if you let me get a word in I will tell you everything. There is some very important information you need to know.”

Alex started to tell Isabel everything about Future Max, Liz’s powers, the groups arrival, the prophecy, the problem with the seal, the transfer of the granilith’s power to Liz, Liz giving Maria powers, Liz meeting her mother, the fact that she wasn’t responsible for the death of her family before she was re-born, Michaels involvement, Tess mind warping him until he was dead, Liz saving him and giving him powers, Khivar capturing Liz and torturing her and the rest up to the present day.

Isabel stood in stunned silence and then turned towards Tess.

“You killed him you fucking bitch.”

Isabel raised her arm in the attack stance and pooled her energy towards her hand.

“There’s no telling what damage you’ve also done to my brother.”

Michael watched as the light grew brighter in Isabel’s hand. He walked in front of her.

“GET OUT OF MY WAY MICHAEL!” screamed Isabel. “She knew everything, EVERYTHING and she never said one word. Liz was tortured because of this, this piece of TRASH!!!”

“I can’t let you do this,” said Michael in a gentle tone.

“Why the hell not we’re better off without her.”

“I know that Isabel but Liz has to deal with her.”


“He’s right Isabel. I told you Tess accepted the challenge. Only Liz, as Queen, is allowed to fight her now.”

“I swear to god if she doesn’t finish her off I WILL!”

Tess looked Isabel in the eye and realised that no matter what, she wasn’t getting out of this alive unless …

Eight strangers appeared in the Crashdown. Isabel swung around with her arm still raised ready to blast.

“ISABEL!” shouted Kal.

Isabel turned to look at Kal and he was shaking his head.

“These are the royal guards of Antar Isabel. They are here to protect the royal four,” he explained.

Isabel immediately re-directed her energy and lowered her hand.

“Sorry Kal. I’m just a bit jumpy since Khivar has come on the scene.”

Roman walked forward and knelt down on one knee and put his right arm across his chest in salute.

“Your Royal Highness Princess Isabel, I’m second in command of the Royal Guards and I’m at your service.”

Isabel blushed profusely but what shocked her was what he did next.

“Your Royal Highness Prince Alex, I’m at your service also.”

“What the …?” asked Alex, looking at Kal.

“Isabel must have bonded with you. All the royal guards are programmed to sense royalty.”

“W-What d-do you mean I’ve b-bonded with him?” stuttered Isabel.

Roman just shook his head.

“He means that somewhere along the line you have trusted Alex with your heart completely, therefore forming a bond. Roman will not speak of it in your presence because it would be disrespectful to do so,” replied Kal, at the look of confusion on Isabel’s face.

“Well what does that mean, that I’m bonded to him?”

“Erm it k-kinda m-means you have chosen me as your m-mate,” stuttered Alex, remembering what Liz had told him about the bonding process.

“With Max it was when he healed Liz and then he passed on the seal when he chose her as his Queen.”

“And when was that?” asked Isabel. The only question her brain could come up with while she processed the last piece of information she had received.

“I think Liz said it had something to do with that night when she went out on the blind date. When he kissed her in front of the whole school he was admitting his true feelings for her and therefore the seal transferred across to her. He basically claimed her as his!” replied Alex.

“Oh my god, so Liz is really the Queen of Antar and she is now one of us, a hybrid?”

“Not if I can help it!” retorted Tess.

“You shut up bitch. I swear if Liz doesn’t finish you off, I will for what you did to Alex!” Isabel’s face was red with rage.

Roman then walked up to Michael and folded both his arms across his chest in an X shape, nodded his head stiffly and then brought his arms back down to his side.

“Commander it’s an honour to finally be able to acknowledge your position. I’m your second in command sir. I have orders by the Queen to teleport everyone to the pod chamber, immediately.”

“I’ll just lock up the front doors and we can get out of here,” said Maria.

Tess was trying desperately to break free from her invisible binds but to no avail.

Maria came back from locking the front door.

“Okay then let’s get this show on the road,” said Maria.

Everyone paired up to be teleported by the guards. Kal took hold of Tess because Liz had put him in charge of her until she was by the pod chamber. Each of the guards held on to the couples and teleported all of them at the same time. Once the guards had dropped off their charges they returned to the town, undetected, to protect the parents if need be.

Chapter 48

Max and Liz were waiting patiently for everyone to arrive.

“So how do you want to handle this Liz?”

“What do you mean Max?”

“Well what if Tess gets the upper hand, do you want us to get involved?”

“No Max. No matter what happens you need to stay out of it. It’s between me and Tess.”

“I can’t do that Liz if you’re hurt. You know what I’m like.”

“Max you have to let me deal with this. You can’t get involved.”

The whole group arrived along with the guards. Isabel came running over to Liz and embraced her.

“Thank you so much for saving us the first time, with Future Max I mean, and then for saving Alex. I owe you big time and I promise you now Liz that I will always have your back!”

“Thanks Isabel.”

“How did it go with my brother?” whispered Isabel.

“Um, we sort of, worked out our differences!”

“Oh that’s just great!” said Isabel, jumping up and down.

“Yeah,” said Max, hearing what Isabel had whispered. “I tried to fry her ass.”


“Hey now is not the time for chit chat, we have business to attend to!” shouted Kal, holding a struggling Tess.

“Right, no matter what happens I have to deal with Tess on my own. I don’t want any interference by anybody. Is that understood?”

Everyone nodded their heads but Michael didn’t feel comfortable with the situation. He just had a really bad feeling and just lately, his feelings had been right.

“Liz, something isn’t right. I’m getting a really bad feeling about this.”

“You have your instructions if something should go wrong Michael.”

“I know Liz, but I still don’t feel right about this.”

“It has to be done. Just get everyone into position.”

“Can’t any of you feel the shift in the air? Like something’s forming?” asked Michael.

Everyone shook their heads.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” said Michael.

Max walked over to the group and listened to what the instructions were. When he found out what Liz was planning he didn’t like the sound of it.

“Liz?” questioned Max.

“It’s going to be fine Max.”

“I don’t like it any more than he does!” shouted Zan.

Max turned to look at Zan, his eyes dark and the flame dancing in them.

“I don’t think this is any of your business Zan,” growled Max.

“Not my business? Of course it’s my business, I care about Liz just as much as you do.”

“That’s it Liz, I’m not taking any more of this shit,” replied Max, in a voice that was unfamiliar to her.

“Oh god not this again,” she rolled her eyes knowing that there was not much she could do about it. She had to deal with Tess, let Max and Zan fight it out between themselves.

Zan embraced his alien side and walked out into the desert, away from Tess and Liz.

“What ya waiting for Maxie boy!” taunted Zan.

“Oh you’re going down!” shouted Max, following Zan.

“Kal let Tess go, it’s time, the alignment is almost complete!” shouted Liz.

She held her arm out ready for the fight.

The rest of the group formed part of the V shape waiting for instructions. Michael and Maria where at the back on the left, Ava was on the right waiting for Zan, Kyle and Serena were on the left in the middle, Isabel and Alex on the right and at the front should be Max and Liz.


Tess shut her eyes in concentration and sent a massive roar of fire, like a back draft creates, towards Liz, just like she had done to the skins at the school that day. She always said to Max that it scared her and she would never use it but that was just another one of her lies.

Liz just laughed and flicked her hand to the left. The fire followed and hit the rock surface.

“God Tess if that’s all you’ve got you might as well give up now,” teased Liz.

“Let’s see how well you do after this,” said Tess flicking her hand and then sending a blast straight afterwards.

As Tess flicked her hand, sand blew up into Liz’s eyes. It hurt like hell. The tears from the pain started to pour down her face. She raised her bubble shield because she couldn’t see where Tess was firing from. The force of the blast against the shield knocked her back a bit but she waved her hand over her eyes and cleared the sand out of them.

“Oh so you want to play dirty?”

Liz sent an invisible telekinetic blast towards Tess which caught her off guard. Tess went flying backwards and hit the rock surface with a resounding thud. She crumpled to the floor and placed a hand on the back of her head feeling an open wound that was bleeding.

She stood up on shaky legs and tried to heal the wound as best she could. All she could do was slow the blood flow a little.

“You can give up now Tess and wavier your right to the throne and I’ll let you live!” shouted Liz.

With that remark Tess’s eyes turned black.

“You have no idea what I’m fucking capable of do you!” screamed Tess, as she started running towards Liz at full pelt. She fired blast after blast of huge energy balls towards Liz and then changed to a continuous beam of energy almost like a laser.

Liz’s shield took most of the blows but Liz stumbled backwards a few times before getting her footing.


Max and Zan’s eyes were black and they both stood in the attack stance.

“Step down Max. I’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have!” shouted Zan, confident that he was going to win this battle.

“YOU are lucky you’re not dead yet. My seal is the one that’s in her body and the pulse would have made you aware of that but you still went after her. You know that is punishable by death on our home plant!”

“What about the seal Max? Liz thinks it was the seal that was pulling me towards her but you know what, I wanted her!! I wanted to kiss that oh so soft skin of hers and make her scream my name in ecstasy!” taunted Zan.

Max was shaking with pure rage as all the images of Liz, being intimate with Zan, came rushing forward. He raised his other arm and fired off two balls of green energy. Zan raised his shield and created a small hole in it so he could fire off a few blasts of his own.

Max just did a forward roll onto the desert floor and then stood up in one fluid motion. The balls of energy flew right over him. He was not wasting his power on his shield if he could out manoeuvre whatever Zan threw at him.


Tess stopped firing the laser beam of energy at Liz and raised her hands in front of her. She chanted a verse in Antarian which Liz could understand.

A circle of fire surrounded Liz completely and she had to shield her face from the heat with her arms. The hairs on her arms started to burn and her skin blistered. The pain was excruciating but not as bad as the mind rape she endured. Liz raised a circular, invisible force field around her to protect her from the heat whilst she used her rapid tissue regeneration power. This meant her burned skin was smooth within a matter of seconds.

Liz raised her hands towards the sky and called for heavy rain which put out the fire although Liz was now soaking wet.


Max was watching the circle of fire around Liz and was just about to go towards her to help when he was knocked backwards and a pain shot through his chest. He had taken the full force of Zan’s blast because he wasn’t paying attention.

“Didn’t you know Max that the first rule of battle is never to take your eyes of the enemy!” shouted Zan.

The fire in Max’s eyes took over and they were now a crackling green.

Zan shit himself when he saw the colour of Max’s eyes. He realised that Max was now at full power and was incredibly pissed. Kal had told him about the story of the King’s infamous eyes but whenever he tried to produce them, it never happened. He started to fire blast after blast when he realised he was in trouble.

Max just strode towards Zan flicking his wrists moving all of the energy balls out of his way. Nothing was getting between him and his target. Max grabbed Zan by the throat and raised him up in the air with one hand.

“You know I could just snap your neck and you would be dead, but that’s too good for you. I’m going to burn you alive.”

Max threw Zan onto the floor, locked his arms at his side using his knees and legs. He then placed his hand over Zan’s heart and the white light started to flow from his hand. Zan screamed in agony as Max started to cook him from the inside just like Nasedo.


Liz heard Zan’s scream and looked over to see what Max was doing to Zan. She ran over and used her powers to flick Max off Zan. He had a still glowing silver hand print on his chest.

“Max, what the fuck are you doing? You almost killed him!” screamed Liz.

Then she looked at the burn mark on Max’s chest were Zan’s energy blast had hit him. She healed Max first and then knelt down and healed Zan.

“LOOK OUT LIZ!” screamed Max.

Zan pulled Liz down and turned to the side shielding her body with his. He didn’t have time to raise his shield as the blast hit him square in the back. Zan immediately started to cough up blood.

“Max you have to heal him now!” she shouted. He took one look into her now all green crackling eyes and decided not to argue with her. He bent over Zan’s body and started the healing process.


“Oh my god, can you see her eyes?” asked Maria.

“Maria, she’s lighting up the whole damn area how could we miss them!” retorted Michael.

“She’s calling on the granilith. Everyone get ready to raise your shields!” shouted Maria, unsure of what Liz was about to do.


Liz started to levitate in the air and the golden shield surrounded her. Tess kept firing shot after shot at Liz with little impact.

All of a sudden four other people just appeared, standing below Liz, waiting for her to come down.

“See, I told you something bad was going to happen,” said Michael.

“Khivar,” stated Kal, starting to run towards Liz, arms out ready for battle, the rest followed.

TBC ....................................................................
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 49 (07/Dec/08)

Post by Janetfl » Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:55 pm

Hi everyone I'm sorry I've only done one longish chapter but I've had a loss in the family today :( and my little boy is ill at the moment :( . I 've managed to type out the rest of the battle scene and didn't want to make you wait to see what happens next!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

WOW THANK YOU for all of the amazing feed back you've been leaving me!!!!

DestinyC, AvalonRose, keepsmiling7, pandas2001, Scorpio6, Lena7, roswell4life, begonia9508, MetallicaGeek, Natalie36, LilLoucfer, Cocogurl :lol: : Gosh you are all fantastic. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feed back and your continued support. I really has made this an ejoyable experience for me!!!!

Hunter: OMG thank you so much for your lovely comments!! I love bad ass Liz as well!!! I'm not so sure about hollywood though!!! :lol: :lol: I'm so glad I met you sweetie!!!

Dreamers_fan_believe: There will be approx. another 20-30 chapters and then the story will end. Thank's for all your wonderful feed back.

Paper: :shock: OMG!!! Thank you for all your comments!!! :oops: I'm so happy that you are really enjoying this story. Sorry it's so long though! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks to all the lurkers out there too!!!

Here we go again ...............................................................

Chapter 49

When Max and Zan heard Khivar’s name mentioned they both looked at each other and a silent understanding came between them. Now was not the time to fight each other. They needed to concentrate on the enemy and neither of them wanted any harm to come to Liz.

Max held out his hand and helped Zan up.

“Let’s finish this once and for all Max. I for one am fed up with constantly looking over my shoulder to see what enemy lurks there.”

“Anything happens ...”

“Yeah I know Max, same goes for me, anything happens and you have to protect Liz.”

They both shook hands and started to run towards their enemies, arms outstretched.

The four intruders split up, Khivar taking on Max and Zan, Rath taking on Michael and Maria, Lonnie taking on Isabel and Alex and Nicholas taking on Serena, Kyle and Ava. Kal took care of keeping Tess occupied until Liz was ready.


Tess raised her arm ready to fire a blast at Kal. He just laughed, raised his arm and sent her towards the rock face. He created invisible binds which kept her in place, about a foot off the ground. He then turned around and ran towards Kyle, Serena and Ava.


Rath just stood there with a cocky grin on his face. He placed one hand on his chin, tilted his head and cracked his neck. He did the same, tilting his head to the other side. He then rolled his shoulders, laced his fingers together and cracked them also.

“Michael, ain’t it? Watch ya gonna do knowin’ that once I’ve finished YOU off I’m gonna ‘ave my fun wit’ the little Pixie here?”


“Be careful what you wish for Pixie. It just might happen,” warned Rath.

“You won’t be able to get near her you piece of shit. I’ll make sure of that! You know I’ve been waiting awhile to finish you off after you tried to trick Max into giving up the granilith,” spat out Michael.

Rath flicked his wrist and sent both Maria and Michael flying through the air. They hit the ground hard and groaned. Rath just let out a loud evil laugh.

“You t’ink you stand a chance against ME! I’ve been doin’ this a lot longer than you ‘ave!” he said as he fired two intense blasts at them both.

Maria immediately raised her shield.

“Concentrate on the images Liz gave you Michael. You may have a power you’re not aware of yet.”

Rath kept on firing at them knowing that Maria’s shield wouldn’t hold for long under the attack of his powerful blasts, she was a weak human.

“Hurry Michael his blasts are getting stronger by the second and I don’t know how much longer I can keep this shield up!”

Michael concentrated on the images that Liz had given him and his eyes shone with delight.

“Okay Maria I’m ready. Keep your shield raised until I tell you.”

Maria just nodded. She suddenly felt the air around her turn incredibly cold and started to shiver.

“M-Michael w-what’s g-going o-on?” asked Maria, through chattering teeth.

Michael put his hand on Maria’s arm and sent her some warmth.

“It’s about to get really chilly Maria,” Michael said cryptically.

She watched in awe as the desert ground around her feet started to form crystals of ice spreading out from where they were standing. A blue ball appeared in Michael’s hand. He was reducing the kinetic energy of atoms, therefore reducing the temperature and creating the ice particles.

“Can you create a hole in your shield so I can get this through?” asked Michael.

“I think so.”

Maria created a hole in her shield as Michael fired the ball. It hit Rath on his feet.

“Is that all ya got?” asked Rath laughing. “You can’t even aim straight!!”

The laughter was soon short lived as Rath felt something very cold and painful clawing its way up his legs. When he looked down his eyes widened in fear. The ice crystals were now working their way up his thigh, effectively freezing him to the spot.

He roared in agony and anger as his blood and organs started to freeze. He focused all his energy into the palm of his hand and fired at them. The ice crystals continued up his body covering his head and arms. He looked like an ice statue.

Maria lowered her shield, ran over to Rath and jump kicked him in the groin with every bit of strength she possessed. He shattered into pieces.

“That’s for threatening me you asshole!” shouted Maria in anger whilst Michael looked on amused.

“That’s my little firecracker!” shouted Michael. “Come on Maria the others need our help.


Lonnie was running towards Alex and Isabel when Alex broke away and started to run sideways, which confused her a bit. Why would the puny human leave the protection of his alien counterpart? She raised her hands and fired off a double blast towards Alex. He immediately raised his shield while still running.

Lonnie’s mouth was agape when she realised that all of the humans seemed to have powers now. Alex threw out a few shots of his own towards Lonnie who just flicked them to one side. She was so busy watching Alex that she didn’t notice the water generating at her feet. Oh she could see Isabel out the corner of her eye but the girl was just standing there not attacking. She assumed Isabel was frozen in fear.

Maria ran up to Isabel and whispered in her ear. Isabel just nodded. Maria raised her hands out in front of her and willed away the earth from underneath Lonnie whilst Isabel was creating the water. It happened so fast, Lonnie didn’t realise what was going on until she was fighting to rise above the surface of the water.

Maria and Isabel had created a deep pool of water which Lonnie was now trying to get out of. Maria had created a massive hole in the earth and Isabel had simultaneously filled it with water. Alex raised his hand and the wind around the pool started to swirl. It created a whirlpool which was sucking Lonnie back down under the water.

Lonnie was completely terrified as she realised that she was meeting her demise. She tried desperately to swim towards the surface but she just kept on being sucked further down and around the funnel shaped water. Just as her lungs were about to burst through lack of oxygen (well that’s what it felt like) she opened her mouth to take in air that was no longer there. Her lungs started to burn as the water filled them, she lost consciousness. She was dead.

Isabel waved her hand and the water was absorbed into the earth leaving Lonnie’s lifeless body at the bottom of the pit. Maria repeated the same action and the pit filled with earth as if nothing had ever happened.

Maria, Alex and Isabel got into a three way hug.

“Hey guys we rock as a team!” shouted Maria.

“MICHAEL!” screamed Isabel.

Maria froze.


Kyle, Ava, Serena and Kal were on their knees in front of Nicholas clutching their heads and screaming in pain. He didn’t have to touch them anymore to mind rape them. Khivar had taught him how to do it from afar and he gave Nicholas some of his energy reserves so he was more powerful than usual. Just a few minutes more and they would all be vegetables.

A sinister smile came across his face thinking of what he was going to do to Liz when Khivar had taken care of the boy kings. He was going to show that little bitch the meaning of pain.


Max and Zan were running towards Khivar with their combined shields raised. Khivar threw a blast of red electrical energy out of his palms in a continuous beam.

Max and Zan were thrown backwards as the force of Khivar’s beam hit their shield. The shield started to flicker and then disappear as their energy drained from their bodies.

“Shit Max, he's too strong for the both of us!” said Zan, sweating under the strain of the power drain. “There’s no way we can beat him on our own.”

“I’m not giving up without a damn good fight though!” stated Max, standing back up holding his hand out to help Zan.

Just then a blast of red energy hit Max in the side and he fell into a heap on the floor.

Zan jumped up and his eyes turned black.

“You’re going to pay for that you son of a bitch!” shouted Zan, firing off blast after blast towards Khivar. He just laughed and raised his red shield which absorbed them all.

Michael fired a blast from behind Khivar. It hit him in the shoulder but he didn’t go down. Khivar turned towards Michael and blasted him, hitting him square in the chest. Michael flew through the air and crash landed on the ground, knocking his head in the process.

Isabel screamed and Maria slowly turned around to see Michael on the floor with a circular burn mark in his chest. Maria screamed and started to run towards Michael.


All this had happened in a matter of minutes when everyone froze as they heard a guttural animalistic roar. Everyone turned towards the strange sound and saw Liz with a circular bright white light surrounding her. Her mouth was wide open and the noise coming out of it made everyone shudder, including Khivar. The seal was projected from her head as Venus finally aligned with the rest of the planets. The V constellation was now complete.

Liz threw out a white beam of light from her palm towards Zan and Max. They were now protected by a golden shield. What shocked everyone the most was another version of Liz appeared behind the shield and started to heal Max.

She threw similar beams of light at all her friends and they were surrounded by a golden shield also.

Liz’s eyes turned into a bright green light as she calmly walked towards Nicholas.

“Now you pay for your sins.”

Her friends, except the aliens, watched in awe as she spoke what they thought was, a foreign language, which was actually Antarian.

“Do you wish a quick and painless death or a torturous one?”

Nicholas let out a cackling laugh.

“What the fuck makes you think that you can take me on?” asked Nicholas incredulously.

“Slow and painful it is then,” said Liz, in Antarian.

She reached out with her mind forming a psionic link with Nicholas and started over loading his mind causing him incredible pain. He clutched his head and screamed as he started to experience memory loss. It felt as though his brain was expanding too big for his skull and it was going to crack open at any moment.


While this was going on, Khivar was firing off all different types of energy blasts at Liz but everything he tried had no impact.

Once Future Liz had healed Max she teleported to Michael behind the shield and started to heal him also. Once Michael was fully healed she turned to Maria.

“Look after him Maria. Things are going to be alright!” Liz said, as she disappeared.


Nicholas fell to his knees, all the memories he possessed flashed before his eyes as they were being ripped from his mind. Green blood started to pour from his eyes, nose and ears.

“How does it feel Nicholas?”

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Nicholas could only scream.

Liz sent a final psionic blast to his brain which fried it into the shape of a dried prune. He collapsed on the floor dead.

She then set her sights on Tess. She released her from her binds and Tess fell to the floor. What she didn’t realise was that Khivar had activated the wormhole and stepped through it. He wasn’t strong enough to fight her here. He would have to wait for his victory. Her sole focus was on her immediate threat to the throne.

The green crackling energy was flowing through her body and she gathered it in her hands. She started to speak in Antarian again.

“Ava you are charged with high treason against the royal house of Zander for allowing the enemy into the gates of the palace. This is punishable by death but you have the right to plead mercy. What is your choice?”

“I would never bow down to you! I am the rightful Queen of Antar and you are just the king’s whore!” spat out Tess in Antarian.

“Then you have made your choice.”

Liz released the crackling energy towards Tess and lifted her into the air. The tendrils of electricity wrapped around Tess burning her skin and muscle tissue from her bones. The smell of burning flesh filled the air. Tess’s screams resonated around the rock formations. Liz fired one intense pulse of energy and Tess turned to ashes.

Liz then turned around to deal with Khivar and noticed that he was missing. All the golden shields disappeared along with the bright white light that surrounded Liz and her eyes returned to normal.

Everyone ran to Liz and they all embraced in a group hug, everyone thankful that they had survived their real first hard battle.

“My god Liz, what the hell did you do to Nicholas?” asked Maria, pointing at his body.

Liz walked up to Nicholas and stamped her foot at the base of his back. There was a popping sound as Nicholas turned to dust.

“I just gave him a taste of his own medicine. I ripped out every single memory he ever possessed and then sent a psionic blast directly to his brain which killed him instantly.”

“And Tess?” asked Maria.

“That was the Antarian version of the electric chair,” stated Liz.

“H-How do you feel about this Liz?” asked Max, worried that all of this would affect Liz badly later on.

“It’s kill or be killed Max. There’s no in between with our enemies. They wouldn’t hesitate to kill us. I don’t take pleasure in doing it but it has to be done.”

“So what do we do now that Khivar has gone?” asked Alex.

That one question was on everyone’s mind, but nobody wanted to ask it.

“We go to Antar and finish this!” replied Liz.

Everyone stood there, stunned into silence.

TBC .................................................. :D Sorry it's not longer guys and girls.
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 51 (09/Dec/08)

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Hi everyone I've managed to type another two chapters so I hope you like them.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who left me wonderful feed back and condolences. You are truly wonderful people .. thanks! :D

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Here we go again ...............................................

Chapter 50

“What the hell are you talking about Liz? How can we get to Antar when Alex didn’t finish decoding the book? We don’t even have that crystal thingy you showed me in the flashes,” said Max.

“We don’t need the book or the crystal Max. In that timeline, which has now ceased to exist, Tess was trying to get the granilith and the three of you back to Antar. The book and crystal activated the granilith and changed it in to a spaceship that would get you home. She wanted to take it and the three of you back to Antar so Khivar would have the granilith, she would have the heir to the throne and Khivar would have executed all of you.”

“Hang on a minute, what do you mean she would have the heir to the throne?” asked Isabel.

Liz looked at Alex.

“What? I forgot to tell her that bit. You know there was so much to try and remember Liz,” said Alex in defence of himself.

“In that timeline, the timeline I changed by breaking Max’s heart, Tess kills Alex. None of you believe me when I say he was murdered by an alien. You all turn your backs on me especially Max.

He goes to Tess for comfort. They sleep together and she immediately falls pregnant. She mind warps Max into believing the baby can’t survive on earth. Through my investigation, with the eventual help of Michael and Maria, we find the crystal and the decoded book.

You all plan to go back to your planet. Maria, Kyle and I figure out that Tess mind warped Alex to death. She had Kyle carry his body to the car thinking it was luggage. We all come to the chamber to let you know and she blasts off with the heir to the throne and the granilith.”

“So how the hell do we get home if we don’t have those things?” snapped Michael, he did not want to think how close they had all come to screwing up.

“We don’t need those things anymore Michael. The granilith is actually in two sections. One section was brought to earth. The other section is with Max and Isabel’s mother on Antar. The granilith is a teleportation device. Max and I are the only ones that can activate it.”

Everyone just stood there with their mouths open. They finally realised that what Liz had said was no joke. She had every intention of going to Antar.

“B-But you c-can’t be serious about going back to Antar?” said Isabel, starting to feel the fear prickling her mind.

“There is no other choice Isabel. Khivar will be extremely angry now. We’ve taken out two of his most powerful allies. He’s probably starting to plot the destruction of Earth as we speak. He’ll be more powerful on Antar, but nothing we won’t be able to handle. What we really need to worry about is how many people he has in his army. We can’t take everyone on single handed. We are going to need help.”

“Who’s going to help us Liz. Everyone on Antar thinks we’re dead and how do we know who to trust?” asked Max.

“Well I don’t think we are alone in wanting Khivar off the throne, in fact I think you’ll find that we’ve a substantial army behind us when we get there.”

“Larek?” whispered Max.

“Among others, yes. Your mother and Larek have been working closely for years. He’s the one that has been protecting her all this time.”

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Isabel, as her knees buckled. Alex was there to catch her.

“This is really happening isn’t it?” she whispered.

“I’m afraid so Isabel. We are going to war with Khivar and I’m not sure everyone will make it out alive, but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. Khivar's thirst for power will destroy the five planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy and Earth. I cannot allow that to happen. I won’t allow that to happen. We’ve a responsibility to the billions of people who have put their faith in a prophecy that was dictated centuries ago. I am and will fulfil that prophecy.”

“How are we going to explain our disappearance to our parents?” asked Max.

“We’ll tell them everything.”

“WHAT?” screamed everyone in unison.

“Kyle, call your dad. Tell him to contact all of our parents and get them to meet us at the mansion.”

“Wait a minute Liz. You can’t drop a bomb shell like that on us and then not give us time to digest the information,” said Maria. “My mom is going to freak out.”

Liz could feel the fear resonating from everyone in the group.

“If anyone has a better idea, I’m all for listening to it. My parents aren’t going to be too thrilled about this either but if we want to practice freely we have to tell them.”

“What if they won’t love us anymore?” whispered Isabel.

“Oh Isabel they found out in the other timeline and they supported you wholeheartedly. I don’t think it will be any different now that we’ve changed the future.”

“What about the rest of our parents? Do you know what reaction they are going to have?” asked Maria.

“No only the Evan’s found out about Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess.”

“How did they find out?” whispered Isabel.

“I’m not being funny but I will show everyone, including our parents, everything at the meeting otherwise I’m going to be repeating myself. There is one minor problem,” said Liz, turning to look at Max.

“W-What is it Liz?”

By the look on Liz’s face he knew he wasn’t going to like the answer.

“We have to show our parents everything,” she looked pointedly at Max.

“Everything?” whispered Max.

“I’m so sorry Max but we have to do this. It’s the only way they will understand.”

“What is she talking about Max?” asked Isabel.

“The white room,” he whispered with tears in his eyes.

“What’s the white room?” asked Zan, looking at Max’s face.

“It’s were Max was taken to be tortured by the FBI,” said Michael.

“Liz you can’t show that to anyone. It’s not fair to make Max relive that,” said Zan.

“All the mistakes that I’ve made and would have made will be there for everyone to see?” said Max.

“I’m so sorry Max but it is the only way everyone will understand.”

“L-Liz I can’t show y-you that,” Max’s voice cracked as he tried to talk past the lump in his throat.

“I already know Max.”

Max whipped his head up to look Liz in the eyes.

“Know what?” he whispered.

“When I showed you everything tonight I got flashes from you. I know what made you crack. I know you held out to the very last minute until …”

“NO!” shouted Max. “Don’t say it Liz. I-It makes it more real,” he pleaded with Liz to understand.

“Jesus Max what did they do to you?” cried Isabel, when she saw the devastation in his eyes.

“They, they, I can’t say it Liz,” he croaked, looking at her and nodding his consent to continue.

“He went through all the torture they threw at him because,” tears were now streaming down Liz’s face and a strangled sob came from the back of her throat.

“The only thing that kept me alive was the thought of loving you,” whispered Max.

The whole group except Kal had tears in their eyes, yep, even Michael.

“B-But he wouldn’t give up the location of the second orb until, until he threatened all of our lives. Pierce asked Max to choose which one of us he wanted killed first.”

“THAT SICK SON OF A BITCH!” shouted Michael, making everyone jump. “I’M GLAD I KILLED THAT BASTARD!”

“Come on guys let’s just get this over and done with. I think once we’ve done this tonight we should all stay together and then we'll do something fun tomorrow. I think we all need a break from this alien shit,” said Kyle.

Everyone nodded their head in agreement.

Kyle phoned his dad, asked him to gather the parents and bring them to the mansion.

Liz telepathically called the guards to teleport the rest of the gang back.

Chapter 51

The girls busied themselves preparing sandwiches and nibbles for the whole group while the guys sorted out the drinks. Everyone stopped what they were doing when the doorbell rang.

“Well I suppose it’s time,” said Liz. They could all hear mumblings from the parents asking questions.

Have you found Alex and Liz? What the hell are we doing here at this time of night? Why have we been brought here?

All the parents stopped in the hallway when they saw Alex and Liz standing in the living room doorway.

Jeff turned around to the sheriff.

“What’s going on Jim?”

“I don’t honestly know Jeff, I didn’t know they had found Liz or Alex.”

“Well what does it matter they are both alive!” said Nancy, as she ran up and embraced Liz.

“Oh my god honey, I thought you were dead when we hadn’t heard from you in over a week. I’m so happy to see you’re safe,” said Nancy, as she checked Liz over for more serious wounds.

Jeff also ran up to his daughter and picked her up off the floor and swung her around in a circle. Liz just giggled which made all of her friends roar with laughter, who would have thought that this Liz was the same one who had just taken on the most maniacal alien being in the galaxy, well as far as they knew anyway.

Diane and Phillip gasped as they saw another twin version of their son standing next to a girl who looked like Tess, but Diane knew it wasn’t. She didn’t have the cold blue eyes that Tess had. Hers were warm and sparkly.

Charles and Carole Whitman also ran over to their son and embraced him in a three way hug. Whispering thanks and checking him over for any injuries.

“Now would someone like to tell us why we're here?” asked Amy.

“Daddy put me down please. We all have something to tell you.”

Jeff immediately put Liz down and looked in her face. He knew this wasn’t going to be good news by the look in her eyes.

“What is it dear? Are you alright?” asked Diane.

“I’m fine but could you all take a seat and we can get this meeting started.”

The girls fetched the drinks and food and placed them on the table ready for consumption.

“What I’m about to tell you might be very difficult for you to understand at first so I don’t want any interruptions. We can get through this quicker if I show you everything first and then you ask questions later.”

“Liz, you’re starting to worry me and where is Tess then if the rest of the group is here?” asked Jim.

“Dad I promise you are about to find out so please don’t ask any more questions. We just have to do this.”

Diane Evans looked at her son’s bowed head and realised that this was something huge. She gave a nervous glance towards Phillip but kept her mouth shut. She really wanted to find out what the big secret was that they were all keeping.

At first she thought it was just Max, but now she wasn’t so sure. Looking around the room, all of the kid’s faces were pointed in the direction of the floor, except for Liz. She was slowly looking around and making direct eye contact with all the parents.

Liz walked slowly up to Zan and whispered something in his ear and he nodded.

“Right, could we all join hands please?”

“I thought you were going to tell us something?” said Jeff confused.

“No, I’m going to show you something. It would take far too long to explain all this in words so if we could just all take each other’s hand and everything will become clear. Please don’t break the circle once we have started. You all need to see the whole thing.”

The parents just nodded. They watched as the group of kids got into position and marvelled at how they seemed to be with one another. It was almost like they were family and the parents were intruding.

Liz closed her eyes when the circle of hands was complete and concentrated on calling all of the images that were at her disposal.

The vision of the seal shot out of her head and the parents all gasped. The seal was then replaced by what can only be described as a projection of images, like a cinema screen.

Liz showed everything:

• The initial murder of the royal four in Antar.
• The DNA of the royal four being mixed with human DNA.
• The crash of ’47.
• The landing of another space ship in New York.
• The birth of the aliens.
• The Evans picking up Isabel and Max.
• Michael running off only to be placed in foster care with Hank.
• Tess still in the pod.
• Zan, Ava, Rath and Lonnie’s hard life.
• Max and Isabel meeting Michael at school.
• The pact that they all made when they were young; never to tell anyone their secret.
• Liz getting shot at the Crashdown and Max saving her.
• Max helping Liz say goodbye to her grandmother.
• Max and Liz falling in love (although she chose not to show too many scenes of this).
• Nasedo and Tess turning up in Roswell and destroying Liz and Max’s relationship.
• Max getting tortured by the FBI and the offer Pierce made him of which person he wanted killed first.
• The message in the cave about Max been destined for Tess and Isabel for Michael.

Once Liz had shown them up to the Prom she then showed them everything else. She showed them what would have happened if Max had not found out about Future Max and what was happening now. Once she had finished there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, well except for Kal’s.

Everyone remained seated and quiet. Diane and Phillip were white with the shock of seeing their son tortured in such a brutal way. Amy was crying because of how protective Michael had been over Maria and Liz and also the fact that her daughter now had powers. The Whitman’s were numb after realising that they nearly lost their son because of Tess and he would have been branded a suicide victim instead of being here now, living and breathing.

It was Jeff that shocked everyone the most. He stood up and held his hand out to Max which Max took. But before he could remove his hand Jeff had him in a manly bear hug.

“Thank you, thank you so much for saving my little girl that day!” whispered Jeff, with tears in his eyes.

“B-But I’ve caused your daughter to be in more danger,” stated Max, confused by the sudden display of affection.

“She wouldn’t be here now Max if it wasn’t for you. You have given me more time with my one and only child, how could I ever regret that? Besides it looks like she’s kicked some butt recently,” laughed Jeff slapping Max on the back.

Liz just stood there in shock. She thought her father would be the worst parent to tell but he surprised her.

He turned back to Liz and embraced her.

“I always knew you were special but I never thought you would be Queen of another planet,” laughed Jeff. Nancy was waiting behind Liz ready to hug her. She was letting Jeff get out his emotions first.

Diane and Phillip rushed to their kids sides and embraced them in a four way hug.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all that torture Max. I want to kill those bastards!” shouted Phillip.

“Oh don’t worry Mr Evans that man has been dealt with,” said Liz with a smile.

“I don’t think I should ask how you dealt with him should I?”

“I think that would be for the best.”

“Well Liz, you will have to start coming round for dinner so we can get to know you!” said Diane all excited that her boy was now dating. She always liked Liz and not Tess.

Diane and Phillip then turned around to Michael and stood looking at him. Tears started to fall from Diane’s eyes.

“I-I’m s-so sorry that we didn’t pick you up that night Michael. If we knew you were there we would have taken you in as well,” stated Diane.

“I know that Mrs Evans. It was my fault in the first place for separating from them. I think I have trust issues.”

“Well it’s not surprising really is it? What with, Tess betraying you on Antar and here. I’m surprised you even trust this lot,” said Diane pointing at the group.

“They’re my friends now. I didn’t trust them at first; it took me a long time to trust anyone. Now I trust all of them with my life.”

“I think we should break for something to eat and drink and then I will tell you the rest of it,” said Liz.

“WHAT? There’s more?” asked Nancy.

“Well yeah but this information I can give you the old fashioned way.”

All the parents sat down again intrigued to find out what was happening now.

“In about seven weeks time we are going to Antar to gain control of the planet and to free it’s people from the evil tyrant that currently holds the throne,” blurted out Liz.

She had said it so quick that the parents didn’t know if they had heard right. Max just looked at Liz with a look of ‘way to break it to them gently Liz’ on his face.

“W-What?” stuttered Nancy, not sure she heard right.

“You’re telling me that you are going to war, with Khivar?” asked Jim.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” replied Liz.

Every one of the parents started shouting and screaming.

TBC ............................................................. :D
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 54 (18/Dec/08)

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I'm back!!!!! YAY!!! I'm so happy!! :P :P :P I'm so sorry for keeping all of you waiting but I've been a bit ill. Anway I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all my feed backers out there!!!! Please let me know what you think as these chapters were hard to write. Did I do it justice?


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Anyways here we go again .............................................................. I hope it was worth the wait!

"Liz's thoughts"

Chapter 52

“NO!! NO WAY ARE YOU DOING THAT!!!” screamed Nancy.

“Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?” shouted Amy.

“You’re only a bunch of kids!” shouted Phillip.

“He’s already killed you once before. What makes you think you can beat him now?” asked Diane.

All the parents were firing off so many questions at the same time Liz placed her fingers in her mouth and blew a rather loud whistle, which got the parents attention.

“Diane the reason they were killed before was due to the betrayal of someone they trusted. They have all of us now to help them defeat Khivar and Max has me.”

With that remark Max stood by Liz and gently took her hand in his. The whole group of ‘kids’ gathered around Liz and Max in silent support.

“Khivar has failed in his mission to kill the royal four. He will now take his anger and retribution against Earth. Humanity will not survive because he will have been able to gain the extra resources unless we attack him soon. We have a summer vacation coming up in a week and we are going to use that time to practice. We will then to go to Antar.”

“But what if something happens when you get there? What happens if you can’t get back, or worse, if something happens to one of you?” asked Jeff.

“I have to do this now Dad. There is no other choice.”

“Well if you go, then we all go! We will help you fight him!” shouted Diane. There was no way she was going to let all of the kids face this alone.

“I’m afraid that is not possible. You have to consider what we’ll be facing. I understand that you are worried about us, but we can protect ourselves. If you all come along, then we will have to protect you as well and that will put our lives in danger. Plus, Khivar won’t think twice about using you as leverage, which I for one am not going to give him the chance to do.”

“Liz I know that you’ve been the one that’s been through all this but we are your parents. You cannot expect us to just sit here and let you go. You’re only seventeen for god sake. You shouldn’t be thinking about wars!!!” said Jeff.

“Why don’t you all come to our first few training sessions and then you can see what we can do. I am so sorry to say this to you Dad but you really don’t have a choice in whether I go or not. We are all going because if we don’t it will mean the destruction of many planets and I speak for myself when I say I will not have that on my conscience.”

“I think we all need to get some rest. It’s been a long week and a lot has happened. Once we’ve had time to digest the information we may all look at this a bit differently,” said Jim, trying to calm the situation down.

“I would agree with that. I for one am pretty tired. I’ve had a long week myself,” said Liz suddenly allowing the past week to catch up on her. “How about we meet up tomorrow morning at the mansion say around eleven?”

Everyone agreed to meet at eleven the next morning, including the parents. Now they knew what was going on they insisted that they be included in all of the discussions. Everyone left to go home and get some well deserved rest.


The following morning in the Evans household ……….

Max awoke early the next morning covered with a slight sheen of sweat as his whole body was burning. He threw off his covers and decided to take a cold shower. He started to think that maybe he was getting sick; he had never felt this way in his entire life. As he stood up to make his way towards the bathroom his whole body started to tremble.

His knees buckled from underneath him and he fell to the floor as if some unforeseen force had slammed him down. He was overwhelmed when he started to feel so many emotions rushing through him like a freight train. He concentrated really hard on trying to feel which emotions they were and where they were coming from. He had never felt anything this strong before. It felt as if someone had taken over his entire being and he was just along for the ride.

As he rode out the rollercoaster of emotions he realised that there was pain, guilt, remorse and trepidation. He heard soft cries inside his mind and that is when he realised the feelings were coming from Liz.

He arose quickly to his feet and almost ran, if he wasn’t stumbling, into the bathroom. He stripped himself of his wife beater and boxer shorts and did his usual morning business. He then turned the shower on full blast and stepped under the steaming hot water. He felt dirty like he had blood on his hands.

He quickly washed his body and brushed his teeth. He ran his hands over his body drying himself quickly. He wrapped a towel round the lower part of his body and opened the bathroom door to run into his room, when he slammed into Isabel.

“Jesus Max, what’s your hurry this morning?” asked a sleepy Isabel, shocked that her brother almost knocked her over if he hadn’t grabbed her first.

“I have to see Liz,” came his response as he moved Isabel to the side and ran into his room. He closed the door behind him, went to his dresser to find clean socks, boxer shorts and wife beater. He got dressed and started to rummage through his wardrobe. He pulled out his green t-shirt, the one he had saved Liz in, and blue jeans. He quickly threw on his clothes, grabbed his keys and ran back out of his room heading for the stairs.

Isabel stepped out in front of him blocking his path.

“Max what’s wrong with Liz? Is she in danger? Do you need my help?” She couldn’t get that look of pure panic on Max’s face out of her mind.

“No she’s not in any danger Isabel but I have to go now,” Max pushed past Isabel and started to run down the stairs when he called back. “I’ll explain later what’s going on.”

“Max you don’t need to use the jeep, just teleport yourself there, it’ll be quicker than driving. Just search the images Liz gave you and you’ll be able to do it.”

Max smiled up at his sister.

“Thanks Isabel, why didn’t we just do that the other night instead of the guards’ teleporting us?”

“I think we had enough to deal with. Now go!”

Max closed his eyes in concentration and found the relevant images. He disappeared from Isabel’s view.

Isabel gave a small chuckle.

“These powers are going to come in handy,” said Isabel to nobody in particular. She groaned as she realised what time it was and headed straight back to bed.


Meanwhile back at the Parker residence ………………..

Max popped up just outside of Liz’s balcony window. He lowered himself to look through it and found her bed empty. By the look of the sheets she had been tossing and turning all night long.

He waved his hand over the window using his powers to open it. He raised the window and stepped quietly inside Liz’s bedroom. He could hear the running water of the shower and watched as the steam slowly swirled and curled out of the slightly opened door of her bathroom. He looked at the clock and it was only six am in the morning.

He called out her name gently, so he didn’t frighten her, heading towards her bathroom. As he came near the door he could hear her heart wrenching sobs getting louder and it tore a pain right down to his very soul.

He pushed open the door and the sight before him made his heart bleed. She was sitting under the spray of the scalding hot shower, her knees tucked under her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs, slowly rocking backwards and forwards. Her body was shaking under the force of her sobs.

Max immediately took off his t-shirt and threw it on the floor. He strode over to Liz and scooped her up from under the spray. The heat of the water was like a thousand needle pricks hitting his muscular back. He gently placed Liz on the floor and ran his hands over her body drying it instantly. He scooped her back up and carried her towards the bed. She clung on to him as if her life depended on it.

He gently lowered her naked body to the bed and he brushed her hair out of her face. There were constant tears falling down her pretty flushed cheeks. She raised her big brown doe eyes to look at him and his breath caught in his throat as he saw the pain in them. His own tears started to burn his eyes.

“Liz,” he croaked. “What’s wrong?”

She just shook her head as more tears leaked from her eyes.

“Please Liz tell me what’s wrong,” cried Max, as his tears started to fall in earnest.

It was breaking his heart seeing the strong woman broken like this.

“I-I k-killed t-two p-people Max. I-I e-executed T-Tess l-like it m-meant n-nothing. I-I can s-still s-smell the b-burning flesh in m-my nose,” she sobbed.

“I-I can s-still hear h-her screams resonating all a-around m-me when I c-close my eyes.”

Max embraced Liz in a fierce hug.

“Shush. It’s going to be okay Liz. You had to do it to protect us all. We would have died if it wasn’t for you Liz. You’ve saved us all.”

“B-But I caused them i-immense pain Max.”

“Did you take pleasure in doing so?”

“NO!” screamed Liz horrified at the thought.

“Then you did what you had to do out of necessity rather than cruel enjoyment Liz. Don’t think for one second that if they had gotten to us, we wouldn’t have suffered under their hands. They would have taken enjoyment out of it. Don’t you dare even start to think that you are anything like them. You have the purest heart I have ever seen in anyone. I’m so sorry Liz.”

Being wrapped in Max’s arms, feeling his warmth seep into her was making her feel safe and she started to calm down.

“There is going to be more bloodshed before this is over Max. How are you going to feel about me then?”

“Liz, I love you and will always love you, no matter what. You are doing all of this for me, Michael, Isabel and about a billion other people you don’t even know. If that is not a selfless act then I don’t know what is.”

Chapter 53

Max broke away from the hug and cupped Liz’s face with his hands. He gently rubbed his thumbs over her tears to remove them from her beautiful cheeks. He was now acutely aware that Liz was totally naked and her soft skin had been pressed up against his hard steely chest.

“I love you Liz,” he stated, as he brought his lips towards hers.

A ripple of excitement coursed through her body as she felt his warm breath on her mouth.

“I love you too Max,” she said, as she reached around him and stroked a slender hand down the exposed skin of his back. An iridescent trail of light followed in its wake. Max’s skin started to burn, with a fiery passion that he didn’t know existed, under her touch.

“Oh god Liz!”

His tormented groan sent a shiver of expectation over her body. He brought his lips crashing down onto hers, completely devouring her. He ran his tongue across her bottom lip begging for her to open towards his onslaught.

Liz was unprepared for the urgency that engulfed her, as his tongue forced her lips apart, with a latent strength she did not have, neither the will nor the inclination to challenge. They both explored each other’s mouth as if it was the first time they had ever kissed.

Their tongues danced, played and duelled together before they had to break apart to get some much needed oxygen in to their lungs. He placed his forehead on hers as they both panted.

“What’s happening to me Liz? I-I can’t control this feeling I’ve got. I want you every second that I’m awake. I want to become one with you. I want our two souls combined into one.”

Desire darkened his eyes as his passion ran high through their connection. He could feel Liz’s sexual craving spiralling out of control as he whispered those sweet words to her.

“I-It’s the power of the V constellation Max. It aligned last night,” came her breathy response. She was trying to fight the overwhelming need to ravish his body.

“Don’t fight it any more Liz. I need you. I can’t, NOT touch you any longer.”

He captured her mouth again, kissing away all resistance, with the searing touch of his lips.

She allowed a breathy moan to escape from the back of her throat as he broke the kiss and started his torturous journey along her jaw line and down her neck, while he nipped and kissed her exposed creamy skin. He left his mark on her as he bit and sucked the tender area between her neck and shoulder.

She moved her head to the side to allow him better access and whimpered when she felt his teeth sink into her skin.

Max could feel Liz’s pleasure through the connection and could feel the tightening between her legs as he worked his magic on her.

“I have to taste you Liz. It’s been so long. I’ve been stranded in the desert, dying of thirst …” he growled as he pulled Liz around to the side of the bed. He dropped to his knees, parted her creamy thighs wide, placed her legs over his shoulders and started to kiss them alternatively working his way up to her wet core.

He could smell the sweet aroma of her sex and watched as it glistened in the light with the juices that had already been produced by his touch. He parted her lower lips with his fingers and ran the tip of his tongue along her wet folds. Her little cherry nub was throbbing with anticipation as he circled it and then gently grazed it with his teeth. The feeling of electricity shot through her body and she cried out when he grazed her nub.

Liz fisted the sheets on her bed and tossed her head from side to side as his tongue brought her closer to her release. He gently place two fingers inside her and started his rhythmic pumping, touching her g-spot with each stroke.

Liz’s back started to arch from the bed as the tight feeling started to intensify in her stomach.

“Oh my god Max I need you!” she panted.

“Soon baby, soon.”

He turned slightly and flicked his wrist at the door, locking it with his powers. He then waved his hand around the room effectively sound proofing it. There was no way anyone was going to interrupt them this time.

He went back to licking her folds whilst his thumb toyed with her nub. He could feel that she was so close now. He increased the speed of his fingers and tongue. Just as he felt she had reached her pinnacle he sent his power through his fingers and sent a wave of energy rippling through her core.

Her walls started to tighten and flutter around his fingers as she was sent, screaming his name, over her precipice. The orgasm ripped through her body leaving her breathless and trembling.

Max placed his hot mouth over her opening and drank his fill like the thirsty man he was.


Once she was spent Max stood up and removed the rest of his clothing. Liz watched as he lowered his trousers and boxer shorts over his now evident arousal and down his large strong thighs. Her desire started to increase as she watched every part of his skin becoming exposed to her.

She shimmied to the edge of the bed and as Max stood upright she placed her small hand around his large pulsating manhood. She started to move her hand slowly up and down his shaft while looking at a startled Max in the eyes.

She gave him a cheeky little smile, winked and then used the tip of her tongue to trace around the head of his manhood. He let out a deep moan from the back of his throat. He grew even bigger in her hand as she sucked the tip into her mouth. She tasted the little bit of pre-cum that came out of his tip with her tongue. Her first taste of him made her desire grow and she encased his shaft with her wet, warm mouth.

“Lizzzz!” hissed Max, as he threaded one hand through her hair, fisting it into his palm as he guided her head in to a steady rhythm. She reached out and cupped his balls gently playing with them. He could feel everything through their connection and he was losing all control fast. He felt the familiar tightening of his balls and he tried to remove Liz from him.

“I want to taste you Max.”

With that thought running through his head he reached his climax and his body started to jerk slightly as he spilled his seed into her mouth. She could taste his spicy liquid as it glided down her throat. His legs grew weak and almost buckled from underneath him. He stumbled towards the bed and fell face first into her strawberry smelling sheets.

The scent of her was all around him and he instantly grew hard again.

Chapter 54

He turned over, sat up and grabbed Liz around the waist. He lifted her around and placed her in the centre of her bed. He gently climbed over her body, parted her legs with his knees and rested himself on his elbows.

He looked deeply into her eyes and said these, heartfelt words ….

“I’m so in love with you Liz that it hurts when we’re apart. I don’t ever want to be separated from you again.”

He captured her lips in a gentle kiss and could taste himself on her lips, as could she taste herself on his. This made their passion flare into life again through the connection and Max placed the tip of his penis over her opening.

He began to kiss along her jaw line again, working his way down to her stiff rosy peaks. He gently circled one with the tip of his tongue, which sent a jolt of electric sensations surging through Liz’s entire body. Her juices began to pool between her legs again.

As he took her breast into his mouth he gently sucked and grazed her nipple with his teeth. His hand moved over the expanse of her stomach and reached down to her now wet core. He played with her nub with his thumb whilst he inserted two fingers inside her again.

“God you’re so wet for me,” he mumbled in between kissing and licking her breast.

He swapped and gave his attention to her other breast as he continued to play havoc with her nether regions. He slowly removed his fingers and licked the juices off them right in front of her. Not taking his eyes from hers for one moment. He could see her pupils dilate as she watched him.

“Tell me what you want Liz,”

“Oh god Max I want you inside me now!” she growled.

He pushed the tip of his throbbing manhood into her opening and she gasped at the sensation it caused in her body. He slowly entered her until he reached her barrier and stopped whilst she adjusted to his size.

“Are you sure Liz?” he asked her one last time. She just nodded unable to speak under his intense gaze.

He surged forward breaking her barrier as he filled her to the hilt. He stopped once again as tears sprung from her eyes at the pain that shot up through her body. He felt it through their connection and tried to place a hand over the area and heal it but Liz just shook her head.

“No Max I want to feel this. Just give me a little time.”

He stopped all movement and captured her lips in an emotion filled kiss. When he felt her nod her permission to continue he slowly pulled out almost all of his length only to slowly fill her up again.

“Oh you’re so tight,” he croaked, as the feeling of her warmth completely enveloped him. He began to move in and out of her tight, wet core as he lost all control over himself. He started off slow and gentle but gathered in rhythmic speed as her moans of pleasure began to escape from her parted lips.

She began moving her hips to meet his thrusts desperate to relieve the aching deep within her core. She gasped as each thrust of his erection brushed her clit and it sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body with each movement.

She placed her hand on his chest and emitted a white glow directly through his skin. The intensity of his thrusts became more frenzied as her power fed his body. He could feel his passion rise and the sensations he was feeling around his manhood increased twice fold. He knew that her power was somehow heightening the experience for him so he did the same for her.

Their bodies began to tremble as they both started to reach their climax. Liz dug her nails into his hard muscles as her walls began to tighten around his thick manhood. He growled out his release as he spilled his seed inside her. At the same time she screamed his name as her walls clamped around him and milked him for all he was worth.

What neither of them had noticed was that they were floating about a foot above the bed as a white light surrounded them. It was only when the two visions of the seal shot from out of their heads and joined together in the air, burning a bright green colour, that they noticed their predicament. The marks on their backs, of the V constellation, now pulsated with a golden hue. Max could feel his soul combining with Liz’s as their joining was now complete.

They watched as the seals began to flicker and then disappear before their eyes. They were gently lowered to the bed and the light that surrounded them was now gone.

He collapsed on top of her his breathing coming in long heavy pants as he tried to catch his breath. He turned to look at the clock which now flashed eight am.

“Jesus Liz we’ve been at this for two hours.”

“Shit my mom and dad will be up in a minute.”

Max slowly pulled out of Liz and kissed her on the lips.

“God Liz I can’t get enough of you,” he said in a husky tone.

“I know Max but you have to get out of here, my mom and dad will be up in about half an hour.”

“Okay do you mind if I take a quick shower?”

“No go right ahead. I’ll take one after you and meet you in the Crashdown once I’ve finished."

“SHIT!” shouted Max.

“What … what is it Max? What’s wrong?”

“We never used anything Liz,” said Max disgusted at himself for not having more self control.

“I’m on the pill Max, don’t worry about it.”

He breathed a sigh of relief at that news. He gave her another quick kiss and went to take his shower.

TBC ………………………………………………………………………….
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Hi everyone ... well I've done some more chapters again today and decided to post them tonight for you!!! I was going to hold off 'til tomorrow but I thought what the hell ....

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Right now that's over with lets get on with the story .......................................................

"Liz's thoughts"
"Max's thoughts"

Chapter 55

Meanwhile at the mansion ……………………

Zan was pulled out of a deep sleep as a searing pain shot through his head. He roared in agony as the pain intensified.

Everyone came rushing in to his room with their arms outstretched ready for battle. They all stopped by the door when they saw the sight before them. Zan was doubled over on the bed, in a foetal position, screaming in pain as the seal tried to leave his body.

“You have to let go Zan otherwise it will kill you!” shouted Kal.

His body started to jerk slightly as the seal tried to pull away from Zan.

“Fuck Zan, let it go now otherwise your brain is going to be Swiss cheese!”

“NO! I CAN’T, I DON’T WANT TO!” screamed Zan.

Kal walked over to Zan, placed a hand on his shoulder and talked to him quietly so nobody else could hear what he was about to say.

“You have to let her go Zan. She’s made her choice now, if you don’t, the seal will rip you apart.”

Tears started to stream down Zan’s face.

“But I love her Kal,” he whispered.

“I know you do Zan but it’s too late, they have joined together now. There is nothing that can come between them, not even you.”

Zan relaxed his body and stopped fighting the pull of the seal. He didn’t fight it because he wanted to keep it, he fought it with his very soul because he knew what it meant … she, the love of his life, had chosen another and that thought alone nearly killed him.

They all watched in awe as the seal broke away from Zan and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“What the hell was that Kal?” asked Serena.

“That my dear Serena was Zan’s heart breaking into a million pieces. I think we should allow Zan to rest now.”

Everyone turned and left the room closing the door quietly behind them. Once everyone was gone Zan let the tears fall from his eyes. He now felt an all consuming emptiness inside his soul. He couldn’t believe he had already lost her. What was he supposed to do now? He wasn’t king anymore and he had lost the only woman that had ever made him feel like he belonged on this shitty planet. What had he ever done to deserve such a fate?

Zan slowly closed his eyes and allowed the darkness to consume him. He was so exhausted after fighting the seal that it only took a few seconds before light puffs of snoring came out of his parted lips.


Meanwhile back at the Parker residence ………………………………………

Liz watched a gloriously naked Max walking towards her bathroom. Her eyes roamed the expanse of his muscular tanned back and down to his lovely firm butt. My god she just wanted to sink her teeth in to those cheeks.

“I heard that,” chuckled Max through the connection.

“Oh my god you can like read my thoughts now?”

“Yep, and I like it”

As he made this comment to Liz he wiggled his butt cheeks and she burst out laughing. This was the first time she was experiencing the naughty, playful side of Max Evans.

God she felt good, achy, but good. Her whole body seemed to hum with pleasure as she slowly removed herself from the bed. Something caught her eye and as she bent down to have a closer look she gasped.

“Um … Max!” she shouted.

“What’s wrong Liz?” asked Max, as he popped his head out of her bathroom door.

“Can you come and look at this please?”

Max came out of the bathroom and looked in the direction that Liz was pointing.

“Is it supposed to look like that?” she asked, pointing to the iridescent evidence of their love making.

“I don’t think so. It never looked like that before,” replied Max.

“What do you mean it never looked like that before?”

Max’s cheeks flushed and he scratched behind his ear, a gesture he normally did when he was nervous or extremely embarrassed.

“Well when I’ve um … when I’ve erm …” Max stuttered.

“Pleasured yourself?” offered Liz, with a smile on her face.

Max’s cheeks flushed an even brighter red.

“Um … yes. When I pleasured myself in the past it never came out like that.”

“Oh okay then, so this is something new to you?”

“Well yeah,” replied Max.

“Maybe it’s because you’ve been awakened.”

“It could be that. Maybe we should ask someone about this?”

“Oh my god Max I can’t believe you just said that. Who are we going to talk this through with?” asked a mortified Liz.

“I-I don’t know but we have to find out what this means.”

“Oh my god this is going to be so embarrassing Max!”

“I know!” whispered Max.

He waved his hand over the marks and removed them.

“Why don’t you go and take a shower and I will speak to someone who I trust with this information.”

“Who are you going to ask Liz?”

“A girlfriend. Don’t worry Max she won’t say anything. She is the only person I think I can actually discuss this with without dying of embarrassment.”

“Right,” Max just nodded his head and went towards the bathroom.

Liz picked up her phone and dialled the cell phone number she now knew off by heart. It took awhile before someone answered.

“Hello, Liz is that you?” said Serena, checking the caller I.D. number.

“Yes,” whispered Liz.

“What’s wrong?” whispered Serena.

“Why are you whispering Serena, is someone with you?” whispered Liz.

“NO! You’re whispering so I just did it myself. What’s up Liz?” said Serena, in her normal tone.

“Well I have Max with me and I have erm … um … a really awkward question to ask you.”

“Oh my, you’ve joined with Max haven’t you?”

“How did you know?” whispered Liz.

“Zan was in agony this morning. His seal was ripped out of his body which could only mean one thing.”

“Max is now the chosen king.”


“How is Zan taking it? I didn’t realise this would be painful for him.”

“It wouldn’t have been painful for him if he hadn’t fought against it with every scrap of his being.”

“Why did he fight it?”

“He didn’t want to let you go Liz. He was madly in love with you and wanted to be with you. He didn’t care about the seal, he just wanted you.”

“Oh god Serena. I’ve basically just broken his heart into a million pieces,” Liz’s eyes started to burn as tears developed.

“Look Liz this isn’t your fault and I don’t think Zan will see it that way either. You were put in the most difficult position a person could be put in. You had to choose one way or another. One of them was always going to get hurt. You’ve known Max a lot longer than Zan. Anyway sweetie what did you want to ask me?”

“Serena this is so embarrassing, but I have to ask you this.”

“Liz just spit it out . Honestly there is nothing that you could say that would surprise me.”

“Okay this is really hard for me to ask so I’m just gonna come out and say it … when me and Max made love he left evidence behind and it was glowing. It never glowed before so now we don’t know what this means.”

“Oh my god, are you telling me that his *ahem* his, oh god how do I say this, his sperm … was glowing?”


“Please tell me you used protection!” shouted Serena.

“Well I’m on the pill but we didn’t use a condom.”

“Liz, I think you are in trouble then.”

“WHAT!” screamed Liz.

“It’s like that because now he has been chosen as king, he has to produce an heir to the throne so it becomes … erm … like … erm … really fertile … strong, in order to ensure an heir is produced.”

“FUCK!!! So does that mean I’m pregnant?”

“No, I think you better take a test when the time comes though because I don’t know how effective the ‘earth’ pill is at stopping an alien pregnancy. There is another problem though Liz.”

“Oh no, what now?” groaned Liz.

“You both won’t be able to stop until an heir is produced,” Serena said this so fast that Liz had to wait until it sunk into her brain.

“A-Are you telling me that we won’t stop wanting each other until I’m pregnant?”

“Basically, yes.”

“Thanks Serena, I’ve got to go! I’ll see you at the meeting.”

Liz put down the phone and walked towards the bathroom. How the hell was she going to explain this to Max?

Chapter 56

As Liz neared the bathroom door she suddenly heard Max start to sing in the shower. She gave a small chuckle to herself as she stepped into the bathroom. That was until she saw the water running over his very hard, very muscular body.

He was swaying his hips from side to side in some kind of rhythm to which only he could hear. This made his butt cheeks move in a provocative way and Liz couldn’t hold back any longer.

As she stalked towards his magnificent golden body she watched him gather the soap in his hands and started to rub it all over his body creating a glossy sheen over his skin. Her desire reached fever pitch and she slowly bent over and nipped his butt cheek with her teeth.

Now although Max sensed she was in the room and his antics were making her want him, he did not realise his butt was going to get her attention and he let out a small yelp as her teeth grazed his cheek. He slowly turned around to mock chastise her.

“Why Miss Parker if I knew this was how my showering would affect you I would have done it so….”

He never finished his sentence because he had looked into her passion filled eyes and took an audible gulp. He knew he was in trouble. Liz opened the connection fully and Max slammed back against the shower wall with the force of her feelings.

He started to pant heavily when he realised what she had in mind. She slowly and seductively stepped into the shower with him. She was like an eagle stalking its prey. She ran her hands over his smooth, wet, soap filled skin.

“Liz?” Max croaked.

Liz dropped to her knees and took his now firm erect manhood in her small delicate hand and started to tease the tip with her tongue. The water was cascading down his and her body.

“Shit Lizzzz!” he hissed, as she took him fully in her mouth. Moving in a slow purpose filled rhythm while moving her tongue along his shaft. She was flicking the tip of his throbbing manhood with her tongue at the same time she was sucking him further down.

Max fisted Liz’s hair and threw his head back in ecstasy as she moved up and down his sensitive shaft. He could feel himself losing control, so in one swift movement he removed himself from Liz and scooped her up around his waist.

Liz’s smooth legs wrapped around his hard waist and she crossed her feet locking on to him. He turned her around and pushed her up against the shower wall. The water was now cascading down her breasts which turned Max on even more.

Their passion was so raw that foreplay didn’t even enter their minds as Max thrust up into Liz’s wet core. He wrapped his arms around her waist and helped her move up and down with his own rhythm of thrusts.

Liz arched her back and threw her head back as she moved her body up and down, using her strong thighs for leverage.

Max took one of her rosy peaks into his mouth and started to lick it with his tongue as well as sucking it with his mouth. He used his teeth to graze the sensitive peak and Liz screamed as the most intense orgasm ripped through her body.

Liz increased her movements as she felt another orgasm build up immediately inside of her.

“Oh my god Max!” she shouted.

“I know,” was all Max could whisper as his manhood became more sensitive towards Liz’s fluttering walls.

Liz fisted the hair at the nape of his neck and moved even faster trying to cure the ache that was now intensifying to an almost painful level. She flipped her head forward and captured his lips in a searing kiss as she continued to move in perfect time with his trusts.

They both could feel their climax coming and Max ran his hand between them and flicked her sensitive nub with his fingers. Just as he felt her flying over the edge he gave her a small blast of power.

“Maaaaaxx!” screamed Liz, as her orgasm took over her whole body.

“Liiiiizz!” groaned Max, as his seed spilled inside her.

Liz continued to move for a short period of time and then they both became still, panting, trying to catch their breaths.

“Oh my god Max that was …..”



Max lowered Liz down and grabbed her strawberry shampoo and started to wash her hair. He used his fingers to massage her head and she let out a soft groan.

“Jesus Liz if you keep that up I’m not going to be able to stop myself again and I’ve got to get out of here,” he growled into her ear.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

He continued to wash her whole body with the soap and then grabbed the shower head and rinsed her off. She did the same for him and then they got out of the shower.

Max dried himself off and started to dress, picking up each piece of clothing from the floor as he went. Once he was finally dressed he leaned down and gave Liz a passion filled kiss before he waved his hand around the room and removed his block. He also flipped his wrist towards the door, unlocking it with his power. He then climbed out the window and down the balcony ladder.

“I’ll meet you downstairs in ten,” said Max, as his head disappeared from view.

Liz dried herself off using her powers and then got dressed. She headed out of her bedroom door and down towards the kitchen. Jose was already cooking the morning breakfasts for the patrons of the establishment.

“Morning Jose, how are you this morning?” asked Liz, with a massive smile on her face.

“I’m fine Princess and you?” asked Jose.

Jose had been working for the Parkers now for at least ten years. He had watched the young Miss Parker grow up into a beautiful woman.

“Oh I couldn’t be better!” said Liz, bouncing out the door towards the restaurant. It was now nine am in the morning and the Crashdown was busy.

Chapter 57

She looked around the restaurant and saw that Max was sitting in a booth with her parents. She walked up to her Mom and Dad and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning sweetheart!” said Jeff. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Oh I’m fine thank you dad and you?” said Liz, as she slid in the booth next to Max.

“Well me and your Mom have been talking about what you said last night and we aren’t very happy about it, but we want to come and see you all at practice today.”

“I’m so sorry Mr Parker if I had never got involved with Liz this wouldn’t be happening now,” said Max lowering his head.

“First of all Max, you can call me Jeff. Secondly, if you hadn’t saved Liz that day at the Crashdown she wouldn’t be here now. I can’t say that I’m happy with all of the responsibilities she now has because of knowing you … but she wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you … it’s just going to take a little time getting used to all of this that’s all,” said Jeff, trying to take some of the guilt away from Max.

Oh he wasn’t happy with Liz having to go to war with some maniac but he couldn’t deny the fact that she would be dead if it wasn’t for Max so he had to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Thank you,” replied Max.

“Dad I think you should know that Max and I are now a couple,” said Liz, shocking Max.

“I think I’ve already worked that one out for myself Liz,” said Jeff.

“What, you don’t mind?”

Jeff’s eyes looked directly into Max’s.

“As long as he doesn’t hurt you again, then no I don’t mind,” said Jeff, through gritted teeth.

One minute he was looking at his little girl and over night she had turned into a woman of strength. He knew that if he even attempted to put a block on their relationship it would be him that would suffer not them. He knew his daughter would not accept anything less. But so help him god if Max ever hurt her again, he would hunt him down and kill him!

“I would never intentionally hurt her Jeff,” said Max, in almost a whisper. “I love you daughter too much to ever want to hurt her.”

“Then you have my blessing on this matter but I swear to god Max you better look after her.”

“With my life Jeff, with my life!” replied Max.

“Right well now we’ve got that all sorted what do you kids want for breakfast?” asked Nancy, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’ll have a pile of strawberry pancakes with maple syrup and cream please!” said Liz, she was absolutely famished after her lovemaking session with Max.

“And for you Max?” asked Nancy.

“Erm … I’ll have the same but make it blueberry pancakes instead please.”

“Right these will be on the house as well Max. In fact you won’t have to dip into your pocket again when you eat here. It’s the least we can do since you saved our daughters life,” said Nancy.

“Oh no Mrs Parker I couldn’t do that you have to let me pay. I don’t want anything in return.”

“Well alright then but for today it’s our treat, alright?”

“Alright,” replied Max smiling.

Nancy went and put the orders in before she called over Jeff.

“We’ll meet you at the mansion unless you need a lift,” said Jeff.

“No we're fine thanks Dad. We have our own way of getting there,” said Liz, with a smile on her face.

“I’m not even going to ask” said Jeff, getting up and walking over to his wife.


“Wow Jeff you know I’m really proud of you!” said Nancy.

Jeff eyebrows creased in confusion.

“Why’s that love?”

“Because I honestly thought you were going to have a fit over everything that has been going on without us knowing. In fact I wasn’t too thrilled with what I learned last night.”

“I know but the problem is the kids really have no choice in this matter. Look at what our government did to Max when they found out what he was. He never hurt anyone and yet they wanted to use him as a lab rat. Jesus they even used a scalpel on him when he was awake. What sort of sick bastard does that?”

“Oh god what they did to that poor boy and yet look at him sitting there with Liz. You wouldn’t believe that he had gone through something like that. All because he couldn’t let her die.”

“I know which is why I’m trying my hardest not to interfere in their relationship. This is something we can’t even begin to understand Nancy and I think if we try and do anything, we will only push them away and to be honest I think if she had to choose between us, we would come out the losers.”

“Yeah but I think it’s the same with all of them. Did you see the way they all grouped around each other last night when we started to protest about them going to Antar? All of them just gathered around Max and Liz in silent support. I don’t even think they realised it themselves.”

“I know which, is one of the reasons I’m allowing this relationship. I don’t think we are ever going to comprehend the connection they all seem to have with one another.”

“I suppose we are going to see just what these so called ‘kids’ are capable of today at the training.”

“Yep but to be honest I am kind of intrigued to find out just what their abilities are!”

“Yeah me too. Let’s give them some privacy” replied Nancy.

Both the parents left the restaurant and went upstairs to get ready for the meeting.


Just as Jeff was out of earshot, Max turned to Liz.

“Jesus Liz, you could have given me some sort of warning that you were going to tell your dad that we were a couple. You could have, you know, given me the heads up silently,” chastised Max.

“Max if I’d have done that you would have just argued with me and I knew it was the right time to tell him. He’s not the big bad ogre you make him out to be you know,” smiled Liz.

“I don’t think your dad is an ogre Liz, but what if he hadn’t handled it so well?”

“I knew he would Max. I could sense his feelings. It’s one of my powers and I knew now was the right time to tell him.”

“So your dad doesn’t think I’m a freak then?” asked Max, curiosity getting the better of him.

“NO! In fact he thinks you were very courageous to put your life on the line like that for me. I think showing everyone the experience you had in the white room was the right thing to do Max. I’m so sorry I had to do that but it made all the parents understand just what you were willing to go through for all of us!” replied Liz, with tears in her eyes as she recalled the awful images in her mind.

“You know in some sick twisted way it has kind of helped getting it out in the open. I didn’t have a nightmare about it last night and that was the first night I’ve experienced unbroken sleep since it all happened.”

“Oh my god Max you were still having nightmares! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because we weren’t together Liz and I didn’t want to burden you with it.”

“So you’re telling me that this past year, every single night, you’ve had a nightmare about the white room?”

“Yes,” whispered Max

“Except last night?”


“Oh my god Max, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you,” cried Liz.

“I didn’t tell you this to make you feel guilty. I told you because since we’ve shown everyone what happened, it’s like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Liz cupped Max’s face and gave him the softest emotion filled kiss she could muster and she felt him relax under her touch.

They broke away from each other when they heard a cough from beside them.

Agnes had brought their breakfast. She placed the plates on the table and asked if there was anything else they wanted.

“Can we have some Tabasco sauce please and a couple of cherry cokes.”

Agnes just looked at the couple in disgust but went to get what they requested. She returned to the table with the cherry cokes and Tabasco sauce and placed them down before going to get her other orders.

“Sweet and spicy just like I like it!” said Liz saucily.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish Liz,” said Max seductively in her ear.

“Who said I wouldn’t finish it Max?” said Liz seriously.

Max just gulped and turned his attention towards his breakfast. He could feel his jeans becoming too tight.

TBC ......................................................................... Please check out my new fics.
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Re: I'm Lost Without You (CC,M/L, ADULT) cpt 60 (22/Dec/08)

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Hi everyone it's that time again. A quick thank you to those who left me wonderful feed back again:

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Right on to the story .......................................................................................

"Liz's thoughts"
"Max's thoughts"

Chapter 58

“We have a small problem though Max,” said Liz, as Max shovelled some blueberry pancakes into his mouth, after dousing them in Tabasco sauce.

“What’s that Liz?” he said, around the food in his mouth. My god he was famished.

“I spoke to Serena earlier, you know, about our little problem,” whispered Liz.

Max stopped mid chew and looked at Liz. He knew what she was about to say was not good news.

“She told me the reason that your … um … your stuff was like that is because now we have … joined … you have been chosen as the true King of Antar … which means that … um … oh god Max I’m not sure how to tell you this,” said Liz, her cheeks flushed red.

Max finished chewing his pancakes and swallowed.

“Just tell me Liz,” he said softly knowing how hard this was for her.

“Your stuff is likethat because you need to produce an heir to the throne so it has become more … potent!” Liz said it so fast that Max had to digest the information first.

“W-What?” asked Max, not sure he had heard right.

“I said your … stuff … is like that because you need to produce an heir to the throne, so it has become more potent,” Liz said slowly.

“Are you trying to tell me that my … um … my um … sperm has become potent because it wants to produce an heir?” questioned Max, still not sure the information was sinking into his thick skull.

“Yes,” whispered Liz, “but there’s more!”

“Oh fuck Liz, what else?” Max said slamming is fork down ready to really listen to what Liz was about to say. He was getting really worried for her now.

“Um … we won’t be able to stop until an heir is produced,” she whispered.

“So you’re telling me that we are going to keep on wanting each other ALL THE TIME, and I do mean ALL THE TIME because right now I want you so bad and we’ve only just finished one round!” whispered Max.

Liz’s cheeks flushed under his admission.

“Yes Max, we aren’t going to be able to resist one another until I become pregnant,” whispered Liz.

“That could cause a problem when we’re in the midst of a battle,” smirked Max, laughing at the absurdity of it all.

“Max this is SO NOT funny!” exclaimed Liz.

“I know Liz, but what the hell are we going to do about it?” asked Max, getting serious again.

“I don’t know Max,” whispered Liz.

“We need to find out if there is a way around this Liz. I’ll be honest with you. Nothing in the world would give me greater pleasure than to have a child with you, but we are still really young and I don’t think your parents are going to be THAT understanding, mine either!” said Max.

“What if we can’t find a way out of this Max?” asked Liz.

“Then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” said Max, stuffing his face with more pancakes.

Liz put a generous helping of Tabasco sauce on her pancakes and started to devour them like she had been on hunger strike for a week.

They sat quietly for awhile while they ate their breakfasts. They were both so hungry that neither of them wanted to stop eating. Once they were finished it was Liz who spoke first.

“Max, we’re going to have a small problem when we get to the mansion.”

Max turned in the booth and sat with his back to the wall so he could look at Liz while she was talking.

“Okay, so we have another problem, what is it Liz?” asked Max, gently when he saw the tears starting to form in her eyes. God could this day get any worse.

“Zan knows,” she blurted out.

“Knows what?” asked a confused Max. My god he could be thick sometimes.

“About us Max, the seal left his body this morning. That’s how come you are now the true King of Antar. He was heartbroken Max. He tried to fight it because, because he didn’t want to give me up but it just caused him pain.”

“You really did care for him didn’t you?” asked Max.

“I still do Max, but just not in the way he wants me to.”

“Liz if that had been me instead of him, I might not want to face up to today. Maybe we should call this off until tomorrow. Give the guy a chance to get over it,” Max offered.

“No Max we can’t do that. We can’t let our feelings get in the way of our objective. We just have to be careful around him, you know, like no kissing when he’s around.”

“Okay that’s fine by me Liz. I don’t want to flaunt this in Zan’s face. I know how I would feel if the shoe was on the other foot so to speak.”

“Thanks Max.”

“Right shall we go to my place; I think I might need to save Isabel from my parents? They’re probably asking her about a billion questions on why I left so early this morning.”

“Yeah let’s go then.”

“I didn’t bring the jeep Liz.”

“Oh you just popped over,” said Liz in understanding.

“It was quicker that way,” he smiled.

“Well shall we take the SUV or should we just pop over there?”

“Nah, let’s just pop over there. I’ll drive us to the mansion in the jeep.”

“Okay, I’ll just tell Mom and Dad that we’re leaving.”

Liz and Max got out of the booth and went through the back. She walked up the stairs with Max and shouted.

“Mom, Dad we’re off now. We’re just going to Max’s before we all meet up.”

Jeff popped his head out of the living room door.

“Okay sweetie.”

“Oh dad we are going to use my room quickly, just so that nobody can see us leave,” said Liz when she saw the frown on her father’s face.

“What are you talking about?” asked Jeff, in confusion.

“Alien lesson number one dad, we don’t need transport to get around. We can teleport to where we need to go, but obviously we can’t do it in public,” said Liz.

“Oh right sorry I aske….” Jeff didn’t finish his sentence because he watched as Liz and Max disappeared before his eyes. They just … popped out of view.

“Oh my, this is going to take a whole lotta getting used to!” said Jeff to himself.

Chapter 59

Meanwhile at the Evans household ………………………

“MOM SERIOUSLY I DON’T KNOW WHEN MAX WILL BE BACK!!!” shouted Isabel. God her mother had not shut up since she realised Max had already gone out early this morning.

“Well what on earth made him leave the house before six am? I know he did because I was up by then.”

“Mom, I’ve told you that I was asleep when he left so I DON’T KNOW!”

“Don’t you take that tone of voice with me young lady!” replied Diane

Isabel was about to explode when Max and Liz suddenly appeared in the living room.

“OH THANK GOD!” cried Isabel.

“MAX! Where the hell have you ….” Diane didn’t finish because she noticed Liz was standing next to Max.

“G-Good morning Mrs Evans,” said Liz quietly, slightly hiding behind Max.

“Mrs Evans? Liz honey, you can call me Diane.”

“Mom I need to talk to you a second, in private please,” said Max.


“I’ll be back in a minute Liz,” said Max, kissing her on the cheek.


Diane and Max walked off to talk and Liz turned around to face Isabel.

“Morning Isabel, how are you this morning?”

“Apart from my mother driving me completely insane with her questions, I’m fine but what about you Liz? Max ran out of here so fast this morning. At first I thought you were in danger but he said you weren’t. The last time I saw that look of panic on his face was when you were kidnapped by Nasedo that’s why I was worried.”

“I’m so sorry Isabel. I-I was really bad this morning I kept on having nightmares about what I did last night. I-I could still hear her screaming a-and …”

Isabel got straight out of her chair and gave Liz a hug as tears started to stream down her face.

“Oh god Isabel what kind of a person does that make me,” she whispered re-calling the intense pain she had caused Tess.

“Liz we all killed someone last night. Maria, Alex and I all got rid of Lonnie. Michael got rid of Rath and you dealt with the two strongest members of that mad mans team. If it wasn’t for you we would have lost Kyle, Ava, Serena and Kal last night to Nicholas and Michael after he got hit. YOU saved them all Liz. There is no way we could have defeated them if it wasn’t for you. You SAVED a lot of lives Liz and I for one am grateful that you are on our side otherwise we might not have been here now.”

Isabel was trying desperately to soothe the pain she thought Liz was in. Yes she wasn’t proud of the fact that she took another’s life last night but all she had to think about was how they had treated Alex and the regard for his life and it just made her blood boil.

“I wouldn’t have Alex now if it wasn’t for you saving him Liz. Hell I probably would have lost Max too because of all the mind warping Tess had done on him. You had to go through all that pain of the mind rape just to be able to defeat Nicholas. They deserved everything they got Liz. They had no regard for human or alien life.”

“She’s right you know,” said Diane walking in on the conversation.

Max had just finished explaining to her why he had to leave so early in the morning and what had upset Liz so much.


“Well, you are right Isabel. I would have lost you both if that bimbo managed to carry out her plan. You would have left with her only for her to have you executed when you arrived on that planet. As far as I’m concerned you did what you had to do Liz and I don’t think you should waste time thinking about them.”

Diane went over to Liz and gave her a massive hug.

“Plus the fact that you’ve made Max the happiest I have ever seen him. You have my support no matter what, okay honey?”

Liz just nodded; she couldn’t believe everyone was being so supportive.

“Phillip!” shouted Diane.

“I’m here dear no need to shout,” said Phillip as he walked into the living room.

“Right then let’s get to the mansion.”

Max, Isabel and Liz got into the jeep, set off towards the mansion while Philip and Diane went in their car. There was no way they were going to get into that rickety old thing.


As Max pulled up outside the mansion and he noticed that Amy’s car, Michael’s motorbike, the Whitman’s and the Parker’s SUVs were already there.

“Looks like we’re the last ones to arrive,” said Max.

Philip and Diane parked next to the jeep and got out.

“Wow,” said Diane. “I didn’t notice how beautiful this place was last night.”

“Yeah. Kal has been really kind to us,” said Liz.

Just as Max was about to ring the door bell the door was opened by Kal.

“Good morning, come on in,” he said, gesturing everyone inside.

“Everyone is in the living room,” said Kal, pointing to the room to the left of the hallway.

As everyone entered the living room Kal gently pulled Liz back.

“Everyone is in there except one,” he whispered.

“Where is he Kal?”

“Upstairs, he won’t come down, says he wants to be on his own. Liz I’ve never seen Zan like this.”

“Do you think I should talk to him, or just leave him alone? Maybe I’m not the best person for him to see right now Kal. Maybe Ava should go up there.”

“She’s been trying all morning. He won’t even open his door.”

Oh my god she wasn’t sure she could handle this today. What with her guilt over the deaths she’d caused and then all the information she’d had thrown at her this morning she wasn’t sure that she could handle anything else. There was only so far a person could be pushed before they snapped. But hey she was the great Liz Parker, human hybrid, extraordinaire wasn’t she? Queen of Antar, keeper of the peace, all powerful being, blah, blah, blah!!

She slowly made her way up the marble stairs, steeling herself for the talk she was about to have with Zan. She gently knocked on his bedroom door.

“Go AWAY!”

“Zan, it’s Liz.”

She heard some kind of movement and then the key turning in the lock. He left the door ajar but didn’t open it completely.

“Okay so he’s not going to make this easy.”

She placed her small hand on the door and pushed it open. His room was so dark. All of the thick velvet curtains were shut, only letting in a tiny bit of light from around the edge of the curtains.


Once her eyes had adjusted to the dark she realised that he was laying flat out on his back, with his arms underneath his head, staring into space.

“Zan why are you lying in the dark?” she couldn’t think of anything else to say as she quietly closed the door behind her.

“That’s all you’ve got to fucking say to me!” spat out Zan.

She flinched under his heated words. His voice was filled with anger and hatred.

“I’m so sorry Zan, truly I am,” whispered Liz, tears starting to pool in her eyes.

“You’re sorry, you’re fucking sorry!” shouted Zan.

He was on her in an instant. She didn’t think anyone could move that fast. He had pushed her up against the door, grabbing her arms and holding them above her head with his strong hand. His body was pressed tightly into hers. Even now he marvelled at how well they fitted together.

She immediately closed her connection to Max and put a block on her mind so he couldn't read her thoughts. She was trembling with fear right now and she didn’t want Max to know or he would come there in an instant.

As Zan’s face got closer to her she could feel his warm breath on hers and that’s when she noticed the tears streaming down his face and the broken look in his eyes. They weren’t soulful any more just full of pain. His face was so close to hers that she thought, for one moment, he was going to kiss her but he turned at the last minute and whispered in her ear.

“Do you remember that night you called for me and I came to you?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“And you kissed me?”


“And I stopped you because I knew you were hurting.”

“Yes,” came her breathy whisper.

“Well I wish I hadn’t because that scene keeps playing in my mind and if I had given in to temptation then, I would have you now. Do you know how that makes me feel Liz? It's killing me slowly inside.”

“I’m so sorry Zan,” cried Liz, her tears starting to fall.

He grabbed her hand and placed it over his heart.

“Can you feel that Liz”

“Zan please,” begged Liz.

“THAT always beats for you and no one else Liz. I gave you that the first day I saw you and do you know what?”

God she didn’t want the answer to this question.

“You ripped it out and shredded it into a million pieces,” he spat out.

“Zan please, please stop!” cried Liz, her sobs starting to wrack her body.

“And my soul Liz, it’s dead now. I have an emptiness inside of me that’s growing by the second,” he was still whispering these harsh words in her ear.

“God Zan, I’m so sorry.”

“You never gave us a chance Liz, never! That’s all I asked of you.”

“Zan please,” begged Liz she wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take.

He still held her hand on his heart.

“I would never have hurt you like he did Liz, never because I knew how special you were!”

“Oh god Zan I-I can’t take this much longer,” cried out Liz.

“I FUCKING LOVED YOU AND YOU SHOVED IT BACK IN MY FUCKING FACE!” screamed Zan, as he punched the wall besides her creating a big hole in it. His whole body was shaking with the force of his sobs and the hurt he felt inside.

Zan pushed Liz to one side, opened the door and slammed straight into Max.


Meanwhile downstairs ………………………………………..

Max turned around to seek out Liz for support for the upcoming discussion when he realised she wasn’t there.

Diane and Philip carried on walking to the other side of the room and joined the other parents when Max broke away from them and headed towards Kal.

“Where is she Kal?”

“She’s gone to see Zan. I asked her to because he wouldn’t come out of his room.”

Max went to move past Kal but he put a hand on his shoulder stopping him.

“They need to do this Max, to clear the air. If they don’t get past this we may lose him,” said Kal trying to stop Max from going any further.

Just then the facial expression of Max changed.

“What is it Max?” asked Kal.

“She’s closed the connection and is blocking me. He must be doing something to her,” said Max trying to push past Kal again.

“Max, no. Let them sort this out,” begged Kal.

Just then Max heard a thud against the bedroom door and muffled voices but he could hear Liz’s sobs and he just snapped. He flicked his wrist towards Kal and he went flying across the hallway.

Max ran up the stairs shouting …

“I swear to god Kal that if you ever stand between me and Liz again you won’t live to tell the tale,” his eyes had turned black.

Kal knew he meant every word and shuddered.

He raced up the stairs to hear Zan shout something about loving Liz and then heard a loud cracking noise.

“Oh my god he’s hurting her,”

Just as he reached the door he heard a thud, the door opened and Zan charged right into him.

They both stared at one another. Max could see Zan’s tears and the pain in his eyes. He was reminded of the pain he felt when he found Liz in bed with Kyle.

“Oh don’t worry Max. I didn’t hurt your precious Liz. I could never hurt her like YOU did!” spat out Zan.

Zan pushed past Max and ran down the stairs. He slammed the front door with such force that it nearly fell off its hinges. Ava quickly followed him out of the door.

Max rushed into the room to find a very distraught, sobbing Liz lying on the floor.

“I’m going to FUCKING kill him,” said Max, as he took in the sight of Liz.

“No please Max h-he never hurt me. Well not physically any way,” said Liz, through her sobs.

Max fell to his knees and scooped Liz into his arms, carried her over to the bed and sat her in his lap.

“Oh my god Liz, are you alright?” he asked as he pushed her hair out of her face and stroked her wet cheek with his thumb.

She just cried even harder.

“O-Oh g-god M-Max I-I really h-hurt him,” said Liz through her sobs.

“Shush, Liz. I’m so sorry your hurting right now,” he whispered in her ear.

He held her tighter in his strong arms and sent her all the comfort, love and warmth through their connection, which Liz had now opened again.

“Please don’t ever block me again Liz. I was so worried.”

“I-I had to M-Max. I needed to h-have this out with Z-Zan,” sobbed Liz.

God she was trembling so hard.

“Which is her room Kal?” asked Max, as he noticed Kal standing by the door.

“Come on, I’ll show you.”

Max followed Kal to Liz’s room and gently placed her on the bed.

“Do you want me to stay with you, because I will.”

“No Max go and deal with our parents. I … I just want to sleep right now.”

“Okay, I’ll be back up later.”

Liz just nodded her head and curled up into a ball.

The sight of Liz made Max’s heart ache but he left her to go and carry on the meeting like she requested.

Chapter 60

When Max and Kal walked back into the room everyone turned towards them with a questioning look.

“WHAT the hell was that all about?” asked Jeff. “And where is Liz?”

“She’s fine Jeff; she just needed to lie down. She’s very tired after everything that happened last night. She’s sleeping at the moment.”

“Why did Zan run out like that?” asked Diane.

“He has a few issues he needs to work out and needed some space so he left for a little while,” said Max.

Everyone just looked at him not really believing a word he was saying but they didn’t push it. They could all see how distressed he was.

“Liz asked me to carry on this meeting without her at the moment. She will be down in a little while to join us.”

“Let’s all sit down and get this meeting started,” said Kal, trying to distract the attention from Max.

Everyone sat down while Max remained standing.

“I’m sure some of you have some questions so go ahead and ask,” said Max.

“Are you still intent on going to Antar?” asked Amy.

“Yes we have to,” replied Max, “but we have seven weeks to train. We have the royal guards who are going to help us and we are going to contact our mother.”

With this remark Diane and Philip went pale.

“Y-Your M-Mother,” stuttered Diane.

“Yes Mom our mother is still alive and has been hiding from Khivar all this time. Liz has already met her but we need to see her concerning these matters. Don’t think for one minute Mom that she will replace you and Dad. You are our parents, you are the ones who have looked after us all this time,” said Max trying to calm his Mom.

Isabel nodded in agreement.

“We n-never told you our secret because we were afraid that you wouldn’t love us anymore, now we know that’s not true. We’re so sorry for not telling you but we love you and YOU are our parents, nobody will ever be able to replace that,” said Isabel.

Diane and Philip just nodded their acceptance. What else could they do? They were still afraid that they would lose their kids.

“How are you going to get there and back?” asked Nancy.

“We have something called the granilith which can teleport us to Antar and back.”

“So you can come back then, you won’t get trapped there?” asked Jeff.

“No we will not be trapped there unless something happens to the granilith on this end or on Antar. It’s under the watchful protection of the Royal guards,” replied Max.

“Isn’t there anything that we can do to help you?” asked Jim.

“No, as Liz said, Khivar won’t think twice about using you as leverage against us and you can’t protect yourselves like we can. I would like you all to learn the same combat training we are going to have and maybe how to shoot, so that you can protect yourselves when we aren’t here. We will have guards strategically placed around Roswell to protect you but I would feel happier if I knew you had the extra training,” said Max.

“Is it really that bad?” asked Diane.

“You have no idea Mom,” replied Isabel.

“Look there is a lot we have to do over the next couple of days to get everything organised so I think it would be best if all of us stay here,” said Max gesturing to the aliens and their friends.

All the parents looked at one another and came to a silent agreement.

“Okay, BUT we want to know exactly what is going on at all times and we want to see that you can protect yourselves before we agree you can go to Antar without us,” said Jeff.

“We will include you in all the meetings we have and in the training as well. Will that be acceptable to you all?” asked Max in leader mode.

“Yes,” said all of the parents.

“Now that is settled how about we go and get some training done,” said Max, concluding the meeting.

“Kal can you get the royal guards and meet us at the quarry?” asked Max.


“Max one last question?” said Diane to which Max just nodded. “When you meet your mother we would like to be present if that’s okay?”

Max looked at Isabel and she nodded.

“Of course mom,” said Max. “Now I’m going to get Liz and then we’ll show you exactly what we are capable of.”

Max left the room and ran up the stairs to see Liz. As he walked into her bedroom she slowly sat up.

“Are you alright?” asked Max.

“I’m fine now Max. I want to get started on the training. We have to be prepared,” said Liz, with determination.

It never ceased to amaze Max just how strong Liz was.

“We’re going to the quarry now to show them what we can do.”

“Fine, let’s get on with it then,” said Liz, getting off the bed and heading towards the door.

Max gently grabbed her arm.

“Are you sure you’re alright to do this Liz? You can take a break for one day.”

“No Max, I have to do this!” said Liz.

“Okay but the first sign of tiredness and we are stopping,” said Max, concerned at how pale she was looking.

“Okay, now come on and let’s go,” she said, with a smile on her face.

TBC ……………………………………………………………………………….. :D
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