Adia (CCUC Adult M/L, Z/L etc) - CH34 Epilogue2 - 11/17

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Adia (CCUC Adult M/L, Z/L etc) - CH34 Epilogue2 - 11/17

Post by kyliemou » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:12 pm

Title: Adia
Author: Kylie / kyliemou
Author's Personal Journal:
Pairings: Max/Liz, Future-Max/Liz, Zan/Future-Liz, Zan/Liz, Max/Liz/Zan, and bits of: Michael/Maria, Rath/Maria, Rath/Lonnie, Alex/Isabel, Alex/Lonnie, Kyle/Ava, etc.
Rating: MATURE to ADULT.
Summary: Based around the episodes The End of the World and Meet the Dupes. Future-Max had travelled to the past and told present-Liz that she had to help her present-Max fall out of love with her. As a last resort, she pretended to sleep with Kyle, thus her plan succeeding enough to change the future. But what if Future-Liz had come back to the past to change the future that present-Liz had created? What if the Dupes aren’t evil? What if Zan is alive and well? What if Future-Liz left something behind for Liz? What will become of Max, Liz, and Zan? Alex is alive and well. Nasedo is alive too.
Warnings: This story contains content that may be offensive such as cursing, sexual content, self-infliction/self-injury, strong language, and violence. It may also contain spoilers and lines/scenes from certain episodes of Roswell.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any other character, location, or whatever is mentioned in the works of Melinda Metz or Jason Katims, FOX, WB, and UPN.
Alternative Link: .

Author's Note: I used to go under the penname MLDreamer69 for Roswell fanfiction and then I switched to gryffindorkylie for Harry Potter fanfiction. Lately, I have re-fallen in love with the Roswell fandom and this will be my first Roswell fanfic since roughly 2003. I am a little rusty with all the Roswellian terms, so please forgive me if my characters are very OOC (Out of Character). Thank you and I hope you enjoy this.
This first few parts start out a bit slow, but afterwards, everything will speed up, I promise.

Story Note: There are lines/scenes taken from “The End of the World” (Season 2, Episode 5) in this chapter. I am assuming the actual The End of the World episode occurred in October (since it was aired in that month), but I am switching the months and dates so it will work within the story. Please pay attention to the dates!

July 27, 2009:

“Adia” won Fanfic of the Month (May) at A Roswellian's Fantasy Convention board! YAY! :D
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“Adia” won Runner's-Up on on Best Lead Portrayal in a UC fic for Liz, and Best Dupe Fanfic.

‘Cause you’re working.
Building a mystery,
Holding on and holding it in.
Yeah, you’re working.
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully
“Building A Mystery,” Sarah McLachlan.
2027, Friday:

“This song goes out to Adia,” said the rough voice of the host of the radio station.

Her eyes nearly fell out of her sockets. Her heart pounded in her ears. The radio seemed so far away from her when it was right in the cubicle over. God, it couldn’t be!

“Adia,” said the host, “you know who you are.” Her eyebrows shot up in alarm and in question.

“Wherever you are, turn around,” said the host.

Her forehead crinkled in confusion. Running her tongue across her suddenly tight bottom lip, still desperately gripping the table, she slowly stood up and turned around.

Chapter One:
Tres das sin verte mi amor,
Tres das llorando por ti,
Tres das que miro el amanecer.
Noms tres das te ame
Y en tu mirar me perd
y hace tres das que no s de ti
Donde, donde ests? 0
Con quin me engaas?
Donde, donde ests?
Qu ests haciendo?
Tres das que no s
qu es alimento
Solo llorando me he podido consolar

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Tu amor me va a matar.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Yo qu voy a hacer.
Si me niegas alma ma tu querer?

“Tres Dias,” Lupillo Rivera/Selena.

(Thanks to Erin aka Roswell 10/2/00 and my good friend, Anna!)
[Some lines may have two different but similar translations.]
Three days without seeing you, my love.
Three days crying for you/Three days crying over you.
Three days that I see the sunrise.
I only loved you three days/I only loved for three days.
And in your eyes, I lost myself.
It's been three days that I haven't heard from you
Where, where are you?
With who are you cheating on me?
Where, where are you?
What are you doing?
Three days that I don't know
what food is/what nourishment is.
Only crying has consoled me/Only crying has been able to console me.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
Your love is going to kill me.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.
What am I going to do?
If you deny me your love, my soul.
November 24th, 2000, Friday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Future-Max felt himself being swallowed by the power of the granilith, trapping him inside, only to stare back out at his beautiful wife. He tearfully watched her as he felt his body rip and explode into billions of molecules. Before he disappeared, he placed his hand against the inside of the structure and whispered, “I love you” to his wife, not getting the chance to hear her say it back to him.

The next thing he knew before being torn away from the teary eyes of his wife, like in a split second, he was on his feet, crashing into a brick wall. Gasping at the sudden burst of pain from the impact, his eyes darted back and forth, trying to recognize where he was—Liz’s balcony. What year is this? What month? Day? But all those questions left his mind when he saw something move in Liz’s room. Walking towards the window and crouching down, he gasped at the sight in front of him. A young Liz Parker was wrapped in white lace, staring back at herself in the mirror, with a smile on her face.

“I, Liz Parker, take Max Evans to be my hus—”

“Liz,” he gasped out, hating to break the silence of watching the younger version of his wife pretend she was marrying him.

Her petite figure tensed and turned around. God, those eyes, thought Future-Max. He pushed the butterflies rumbling in his stomach away and proceeded to enter her room through the window. She was as beautiful as he remembered.

“Max?” she questioned, her eyes wide with fear. She clutched the lace cloth in her hands. Nothing but fear was etched on her face. Her forehead scrunched upwards in confusion.

He walked closer to her, his arm reaching out towards her. She stumbled back into her mirror, dropping the cloth to the ground. “No, no, I don’t,” she whispered out, trying to get away from this… this stranger!

“Liz, please. It’s me,” he pleaded. He kept walking closer to her.

“I don’t know who you are, but you… you’re not Max!” she yelled.

He knew she would have a hard time believing this. Here he was, trying to convince level-headed brainy scientist Liz Parker that he was Max, only seventeen years older than the Max of her time. If he was her, he wouldn’t believe himself either. It was hard enough for him to convince her he was an alien the day after she was shot. Frowning, he felt horrible that he was the one that had made her so scared. This wasn’t going the way he had planned. Not that he had planned anything in the first place.

“Liz, I know this is all hard to believe, but you have to believe me. It’s me.”

“No, you can’t be! You’re not Max, okay? You—you’re like a shapeshifter! You are some other kind of alien with the ability to look like Max with that beard and those… THOSE GREY HAIRS!” she cried, pointing at his hair.

His hand automatically rose to his head, touching his long hair. “Do you really see grey?” he questioned, forgetting the panic he was putting in Liz for a second. Had he aged that much in fourteen years from now? Liz stared at him with such disbelief.

“This isn’t funny, okay?” she yelled.

As she tried to run towards the door, he grabbed and pushed her lightly against the door, trapping her with his body. He tried to keep his body’s desires under control at the feeling of her in his arms.

“No! Let go of me!” she screamed.

“Liz, Liz, it’s me. Look, it’s me. I’m not a shapeshifter.”

“No, no—“

“Liz, just listen. Please, just listen,” he begged her. But she wouldn’t listen. She kept struggling against him. Inside, he praised her for her feistiness. Atta girl, he thought. He knew it would come handy in the future. No, it was now his past. Perhaps she wouldn’t need to be this strong when things change. He pushed that feeling aside, along with the desire to ravage her at the feeling of her body pressing against his. How many times had he taken his wife, his Liz Parker, up against the door? How many times had she playfully struggled against him? How many times had he taken her?

“Liz, the granilith—LIZ!” he yelled, capturing her attention. She stopped and stared. “Listen. The granilith, it has an enormous amount of power. We were able to modify it to artificially create a tear in time space.”

“WHAT? There’s no such thing as time travel! It goes against every rule of physics, of reality, of everything!” she retorted.

His grip tightened on her as she tried to knee him, but he successfully blocked her by bringing his leg up. “Shit! Look Liz, I realize this is overwhelming, but I’m telling the truth. If I were a shapeshifter, there’s no way I could tell the future,” he said, licking his dry lips in nervousness. “In approximately 10 seconds, I will show up outside your window and begin singing to you,” he gulped, “accompanied by a mariachi band.”

Liz glared at him and scoffed. “A mariachi band,” she said dumbly. “Max wouldn’t do anything that cheesy.”

“3… 2… 1…” he counted.

Nothing but absolute silence filled in the air.

“Well?” she questioned.

“I said approximately,” said Future-Max as he cursed for his younger version to hurry up.

Then the sound of guitars filled the air, faintly at first but getting stronger by the second. Liz looked at her window, stunned. She heard the singing voices of Spanish men.

Tres dias sin verte mujer… tres dias llorando tu amor… tres dias que miro el amanecer.”

She looked at Future-Max with disbelief and he nodded. He let her go, cursing at himself for holding onto her so tightly. She slowly made her way towards the balcony and looked over the ledge, finding present-Max whipping off his hat and staring up at her lovingly. Future-Max walked onto the balcony, but carefully remained hidden.

“I spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store,” he said.

Nomas tres dias te ame… y en tu mirar me perdi… y hace tres dias que no se de ti,” sang present-Max.

Liz blushed at the sight of Max with three semi-chubby men behind him. “Wow, that’s really embarrassing,” she said with a chuckle.

Donde, donde estas, con quien me enganas? Donde, donde estas que estas hacienda?”

Future-Max smiled, recalling the lyrics in his head. “I know, but I had to do something to get your attention. You had shut me out.” Though this was technically his past, he still remembered the pain of Liz not being around. How it had hurt him down to the very core of his soul. He remembered promising himself that he would do everything in his power to have her again, to never allow them to feel such pain again of being separated.

Tres dias que no sé que as alimento. Solo tomando me he podido consoloar.”

Future-Max cursed at his feet that wanted to sway with the music. God, watching his past self singing to Liz made him want to laugh at himself. The things he did for her, they were ridiculous, but he didn’t regret any. Present-Max revealed red roses behind his back and threw it up to Liz.

“As I threw the flowers up to you, I remembered you preferred white roses,” said Future-Max.

Present-Max, using his powers, changed the color of the roses in mid-air. She caught them with a smile and burrowed her nose into them, taking in the sweet smell.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay,” sang present-Max as he tried to concentrate on singing the correct words all the while trying to impress Liz.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

Ay, ay, ay, ay. Ay, ay, ay, ay.”

“I can’t tell you too much, Liz. Only what you need to know… but fourteen years from now, we are taken over by our enemies.”

Ay, ay, ay, ay, tu amor me va a matar.”

Liz tried to concentrate on what this older man was telling him, but it was hard to concentrate when the love of her life was singing to her as if she was real-life Juliet Capulet and he was real-life Romeo Montague. “Uh, who’s taken over?”

“Everyone. Earth. I need you to help me keep that from happening. We need to change the future. What we do here has to be precise and surgical. No one can know I’m here, especially not me… that is, my younger self.”

Yo que voy hacer. Si me niegas alma mia tu querer.”

“Uh, what is it you want me to—“

“Shh, not now. Your dad is coming,” said Future-Max, quickly hiding behind a pot of plant.

Jeff Parker knocked on his daughter’s door. “Lizzie? What the hell is going on out there? What is that ruckus?” he asked as he crawled through the window and walked to where Liz was. “Is that Max? It’s 11:00. Tomorrow’s a school day,” he said, watching Max and his mariachi band walk away, singing.

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay…”

Liz turned to her father, completely red-faced. She watched her father blink at Max and then turn to her. “Was that Max and a mariachi band?” he questioned. All Liz could do was laugh. Future-Max cupped his mouth, trying to swallow his laughter. She pushed her father out, apologizing. Closing the door, she turned around to find this… this future Max leaning against her desk.

“I…” Liz started, but she didn’t know where to begin. “Okay, I have some questions.” She watches him nod. “If you need Max to do something, why don’t you just go to Max directly?”

“It’s complicated… but if a person encounters himself in another time period, there could be a… a reaction,” Future-Max said, rubbing his beard. I need a shave, he thought to himself as he sat down on Liz’s bed. Knowing Liz, this explanation could take a while. “I don’t entirely understand it myself, but Serena said,” he trailed off, noticing her raise her eyebrow. “She’s going to be a friend of yours one day. It has something to do with quantum mechanics, but in essence, Max and I would both be destroyed if we actually came into contact.”

Liz sat down on her bed, but keeping her distance from him. Future-Max felt hurt. “Liz, what’s about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us are about to change… grow deeper. We become inseparable, and nothing comes between us ever again, until…”

“The end of the world?” Liz finished for him.

He tried not to smile at Liz’s intelligence to pick up things quickly. “That’s right. The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell.”

“Because of me?” asked Liz.

“Because of me,” he said, knowing it hadn’t sounded like a bad idea with Tess leaving town, “and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us—Michael, Isabel, Tess and I—we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts, and with one of us missing, we weren’t as strong, and everything fell apart.”

Liz tucked her bangs behind her ears and stared at the ground, avoiding his gaze. “So, um... you want me to help you and Tess get together? I mean, why don’t you just go to Tess? Why me?”

Future-Max wiped his hands on his leather pants (not that it helped) and shifted closer to her. Liz turned towards him when she felt the bed dip towards her direction. She tried not to gasp when his hands cupped her face. He stared into her eyes as his face eased in closer to hers. At that moment, Liz truly believed everything he had told her because of his eyes. She’d recognize those eyes anywhere, those soulful eyes that screamed she was the sun that rose and set, those dark eyes that expressed how much he loved her. But there was something a little different about them. They were older and slightly colder.

“It’s you I trust. It’s you I have faith in, and because it’s not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you to help me fall out of love with you.”

She swallowed whatever there was to swallow in her dry mouth and leaned in. She watched as his lips parted and all Liz felt was the heavy breaths of Future-Max against her lips. In that moment, she swore he was going to kiss her, but he pulled away, turning away from her. He stared at the ground as if it was the most fascinating thing ever.

To be continued.
I promise things will move more quickly after the first few chapters. Don't give up on this story just yet! Feedback is much appreciated and keeps me writing! :D
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Adia - Chapter 2 - 3/6/2008 (pg1)

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Thanks for the feedback!: tinie38, totallizfan, jake17, XYZ, ruthandnina, roswell3053, Tanya7496.
I really appreciate it

Rating: Adult (or tasteful Mature, but just to be safe).
Author's Note: I suggest it would be best to pay attention to the dates because I will be jumping from date to date in each chapter.

There are lines from “The End of the World” (Season 2, Episode 5).

Chapter Two:
Come to me now
and lay your hands over me.
Even if it's a lie,
say it will be alright
and I shall believe.
I'm broken in two
and I know you're on to me,
that I only come home
when I'm so all alone.
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
you think it ought to be.
It seems like every time I try to make it right,
it all comes down on me.
Please say honestly you won't give up on me,
and I shall believe,
and I shall believe.

Open the door
and show me your face tonight.
I know it's true
no one heals me like you
and you hold the key.

Never again
would I turn away from you.
I'm so heavy tonight.
But your love is alright
and I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
you think it ought to be.
It seems like every time I try to make it right,
it all comes down on me.
Please say honestly you won't give up on me,
and I shall believe.
I shall believe,
and I shall believe.

“I Shall Believe,” Sheryl Crow.
November 25th, 2000, Saturday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Liz tried to get present-Max to fall out of love with her, but his love for her was strong, stronger than she had anticipated. She felt frustrated that her plans had failed, but at the same time, they excited her because no matter what test she had put Max through, he remained loyal to her. He truly loved her. But she knew what she had to do, for the sake of the world, for the sake of everyone’s future. She told Tess some of Max’s interests, trying to give her some conversation tips in making Max realize they had more in common than he thought. That backfired when Max caught sight of her watching them from across the street. He strutted over, determined, leaving Tess behind, and began to tell her how much he loved her and that no matter what he did, he would love only her.

After Max left with the usual out-of-this-world kiss, she was yelled at by Future-Max. He unleashed his anger on her, reminding her exactly why he had come to the past, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen, to be yelled at. Her feelings were overwhelmed by the kiss and by the fact that Future Max had told her earlier that they had gotten eloped at the tender age of nineteen at an Elvis chapel in Las Vegas.

Finally, she went to the extreme. She asked Kyle for his help: to lay together naked in her bed. Present-Max had stopped by to bring her to the Gomez concert, but saw them together in bed—completely naked, which meant only one thing to him: they slept together. All he could remember was seeing the creamy legs of Liz’s peak out from underneath the blanket that had rose up. While Max stumbled backwards with tears that threatened to pour down, Future-Max stood in the bathroom. He had opposed to this idea the second Liz mentioned it. He wanted any other plan but this. But whenever Liz put her mind to something, it normally went through. She never did change that, not even in his time. He didn’t need to see what was going on. He felt it. These new feelings of present-Max’s rushed over him, but they weren’t new feelings to Future-Max. To him, they were feelings of the past that were being relived.

When present-Max took off, so did Kyle. Kyle didn’t understand what was going on, but knowing that Liz needed his help and this was her secret, he didn’t question her. Liz heard a bunch of nonsense spew out of Kyle’s mouth and she figured it had something to do with his new found religion: Buddhism. After Kyle left, Future-Max came out of the bathroom just in time to see Liz wrap the towel around her naked body. He growled at the sight of her creamy skin and went straight back into the bathroom, trying to calm down the tent that bulged out of his leather pants. It didn’t help that this was his second time trying to calm the monster down when Liz was standing in front of the bathroom mirror in nothing but a towel. He had taken the time to admire the soft milky skin of her back and how her silky hair fell over her shoulders. He felt guilty for feeling this way. “Get a grip on yourself, Evans,” he hissed at himself. This wasn’t his wife. She may have looked like her and they may have the same personality—hell, in essence, they were the same, but she wasn’t his timeline. And he was so much older than this Liz. He felt almost as if he was cheating on his wife with herself. God, all he could remember was how innocent Liz was in his timeline during this moment. How she clung to him when they first cemented, whispering nothing but her love into his ear as he took her over and over again gently.

He completely avoided Liz the entire evening until later that night when he found her sitting on her lawn chair on the balcony, staring up at the sky. He sat down at the end of the chair. “I’ve fought a thousand battles… but watching you do that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” he said. It had nearly torn out his heart that he made Liz go through that, that he—his past-self—went through that.

Liz bit her lower lip, trying to hold back the tears. “The look on his face,” she whispered. “The look on your face!”

Future-Max didn’t want to say what he was going to say next, but he had to for the sake of Liz’s happiness after he put her through so much pain already. “Maybe it’s for the best. For you, I mean.”

“What do you mean? I’m going to be alone now.”

“No, I saw you with Kyle. He’s turning out to be a,” he forced out, “a great guy. Maybe it would be better for you to be with a human.”

Liz rolled her eyes, wiped away her tears, and moved closer to him. She lifted her hand up towards his rough cheek and forced him to look at her. “Don’t you realize what you are to me? And what you’re always going to be? You’re the love of my life. Everyone is going to be second best,” she said. “There’ll never be another you.”

He tried to fight back the tears that developed. He stood up and held his hand out towards her. Liz tilted her head in curiosity. “From now on, the future is to be determined. It’s what I’ve always said to you, Liz. We create our own destiny. But… but before our destiny comes, before anything else changes, I want… I want to give you your wedding dance.”

She smiled and took his hand. He spun her once as she got up from the chair and held her in his arms. She sighed while his hands dropped to her waist. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she rested her soft cheek against his rough stumbled cheek. The scratching of the shadow on his jaw sent shivers down her spine.

“Did you know our wedding song was ‘I Shall Believe’?” he breathed into her ear as their feet danced gracefully on the cement ground.

“That’s my favorite song!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“I know,” he said, burrowing his nose into her hair. God, she smelled like his Liz. She felt like his Liz. In this moment, she was his Liz.

As they slowly danced, swaying back and forth, spinning one another, he sang softly into her ear: “Even if it’s a lie, say it will be alright, and I shall believe.

She sang right back: “I know it’s true, no one heals me like you, and you hold the key.

They turned towards each other. In Future-Max’s eyes, this was his Liz, just only younger and pure. In Liz’s eyes, this was her Max, just only older with his battle scars. Their love for each other was just as strong. In this moment, it didn’t matter to them that they were from different time dimensions or that their age difference was great. For Max and Liz, no matter what timeline or lifetime, there was one thing they both know they will never be able to resist—and that’s each other.

Liz’s eyes fluttered close as her fingers played with his long hair. Feeling her fingers dance from his hair and to his neck and seeing her pouty lips part, he growled and captured her lips. She tasted of strawberries—exactly how he had remembered her. She moaned, tightening her arms around him, clinging to him like he was her lifeline in the vast open sea. He kissed her roughly and all she could do was hold on, trying to match his passion. He pulled her hips closer to his, unconsciously grinding into her. Liz gasped as she felt the hard bulge against her thigh.

She broke the kiss and led him into her room. “Liz,” he choked out. She saw he was fighting for control and she smiled. He was just like her Max. No, he was her Max, just later down the road of life.

“Shhh, just let go,” she whispered against his lips, snaking her tongue out to lick his bottom lip. “Please, I may never get the chance to… to be with you. Please,” she whispered as she pressed herself against his chest.

Once he felt her soft breasts press against his own hard chest, he groaned, unable to control himself. His hand flew to the back of her neck and crushed his lips to hers once more. All she could do was open her mouth when she felt his tongue force his way into her mouth. Their tongues dueled against each other until they couldn’t breathe. They savored each other’s taste like they had not eaten in days. They searched for every crevice, trying to get under each other’s skin just by kissing. Out of breath, Liz pushed him down to her bed, catching him by surprise. Feeling nothing but love, she laid on top of him. His hand quickly travelled down from the curve of her breast, down her hip, and cupped her ass, pushing her heat closer to his.

They made love to each other’s mouths as they stripped their clothing off of each other. Liz ran her fingers down the impressive abs Max had. She knew present-Max had a great body, but apparently as he got older, his body became even more toned, more rippled. The muscles under her fingers tensed and then relaxed. Her fingers danced across his arms, down his chest, and followed the light trail of hair that led her to what made Max Evans purely a man.

He broke the kiss and rolled on top of her. His heart skipped a beat at the sight before him. Her lips were swollen, cheeks flushed, with her hair fanned out on her pillow. She was beautiful. She was like an angel that craved for his touch and only his touch. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed heavily. Her nipples were dark and hard, jutting out as if they were calling for him. He closed his eyes, fighting this. “Liz, we can’t.”

“We can,” she whispered.

“This is wrong.”

“Please,” she pleaded, wrapping her arms around him. “I love you.” She licked the outer shell of his ear, nipped at his jaw, and began planting kisses all his neck.

Groaning, he knew he could not fight her. Not when her supple body was under his. Not when her mouth was discovering his body. Not when she was begging him. Not when she told him that she loved him. He whispered, “I love you too,” before re-capturing her lips once again.

He explored her body till there was not a span of skin that was left untouched. He brought her to an orgasm with his talented tongue and fingers. Allowing her to collect herself, he hissed as her lips came into contact with every scar on his body. She pressed her lips against the puckered skin, caressing each one with her tongue as if she wanted to heal them away with her kiss. He felt warm and hard on top of her. His scent was everywhere just like hers was on him. He felt her nudge her heat against his penis. Losing all restraint he had left, he slowly slid into her, claiming her as his. All the guilt he felt about taking this Liz’s innocence away vanished. It was in her warmth, it was until he was inside of her, that he felt like he was home. As they moved together nervously at first and then with impatience, they fell into ecstasy together.

To be continued.
Should I continue? If you guys have any questions, ask away! =]
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Adia - Chapter 3 - 3/11/2008 (pg2)

Post by kyliemou » Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:13 am

Feedback keeps me happy. Thanks to: roswell3053, tinie38, ruthandnina, LizMichael 4 Ever, totallizfan, garcia88, Illyria.

Author's Note: Just to let you know, I plan on updating this at least once a week. Twice if school doesn't kill and eat my life.

Please NOTE the date and location in the story! ;] All spelling errors in this chapter are deliberate.

Chapter Three:
It doesn't mean much.
It doesn't mean anything at all.
The life I've left behind me is a cold room.
I've crossed the last line from where I can't return,
where every step I took in faith betrayed me,
and led me from my home.

And sweet,
sweet surrender
is all that I have to give.

“Sweet Surrender,” Sarah McLachlan.
December 1, 2000, Friday; New York City:

Sighing and rubbing her hands against her red cheeks, Liz Parker cursed at her stupidity for wearing such a light jacket. She could’ve sworn it was thicker when she had felt it the first time at purchase, but now it felt worn down to the very last layer of threads. “Ahhhh,” she breathed out as the wind seeped through the strands of her wool jacket and made contact with the skin of her stomach. It was a windy night with a cloud or two and the moon shone brightly in the sky, but not as bright as when she saw it from home.

Digging her hands in her pockets, she jingled the coins in her pocket, estimating how much she had by the sound. She walked into the nearest diner that reminded her of the painting, “Nighthawks,” by Edward Hopper. It was a small run-down diner with yellow walls, but it had such a cozy feeling that made her feel at ease. The bell on top of the door rang as the door closed behind her. Looking around, she noticed it was pretty much empty, except for the waitress behind the counter, a scruffy-looking elderly sitting in one of the booths, and the cook waiting for his shift to end. She sat down by the counters in the high chairs and rubbed her hands together.

“What can I get ‘cha?” said the blonde waitress as she smacked the gum lazily in her mouth.

“Coffee, please,” she replied. She reached into her pocket and dropped the coins onto the table. Scattering the coins, she proceeded to sum the total up to pay for the coffee. The waitress watched her with a raised eyebrow and gave her a look mixed of disgust and pity. Liz pushed the coins towards her and picked off the lint that came from her jean pocket that was wrapped around one of the coins.

Taking the coins, the waitress pulled a plate from behind the counter and set the cup on top of it. Pouring coffee into it, she slid the plate to Liz. Hastily grabbing it, she sighed at the sudden warmth in her hands. Taking a quick sip and burning her tongue, Liz closed her eyes and smiled. The steamy goodness travelled down her throat and into her stomach, leaving her an odd feeling of warmth that was surrounded by the coolness of her stomach muscles—she knew that was impossible, but it felt that way. Yawning, she drank the coffee as much as her mouth could tolerate. Closing her eyes, she let the aromas fill her senses—a hint of lemon from the cleaning products, the smell of greasy food from the burgers and french fries, and coffee.

Liz let her head drop low. Her purple-streaked bobbed hair created a curtain around her face. She let the steam from her cup coat her face. “Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock,” said the clock. The seconds turned into minutes. Time ticked away, starting innocently at midnight and rushed to 1:30am in a matter of seconds. How long had it been since she had a proper night’s sleep? How long had it been since she was a hundred percent warm? How long had it been since she was in one place for longer than an hour? She frowned as her stomach rumbled. She didn’t have enough money for food. Heck, she didn’t have enough for one more cup of coffee. Feeling herself dozing off, Liz struggled to keep her eyes opened. The coffee didn’t help keep her awake, but only provided warmth. Giving in, she let her head rest on top of her arms.

“Hey, no sleeping here!” squawked the waitress as she tapped the table next to Liz’s head. Liz groaned and began to lift her head, mumbling an apology.

“Yo lady, leave ‘er alone. She wiped out aite?” said a deep scratchy voice.

Her eyes snapped open as the hairs on her neck rose. Raising her head, she turned towards the voice. When and how did he get there? Why hadn’t she heard him? Hell, the bell on the door didn’t even ring!

“You’re—You’re—” she stuttered.

“A lil spaceship told me you’s lookin’ for meh,” he replied with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“I was—,” Liz sighed as she fought to get the words out. “I was hoping. I wasn’t sure if you were even still—“

“Why you’s lookin’ for me?” he growled.

“I need your help.”


“The royal four, they need your help.”

“I dunno whatcha talkin’ ‘bout.”

Liz scoffed. “Well, the tattoo on your arm tells me differently,” she said with great amusement. Her hand, having a life of its own, slowly traced the four square tattoo with her fingers. He moved away from her as if she burned him. “Anyway, the usual saying is ‘a little birdie told me,’ not ‘a little spaceship’,” she said humorously with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Oh, you’s so smart now, eh?”

“Smarter than you,” she retorted.

“Listen lady, I dunno what yer trippin’ on, but no one talks to me dat way!”

With a smile, she extended her hand out into his direction. “Liz. I’m Liz Parker.”

Feeling compelled as if he knew her from a past life (and the fact that she intrigued him so), he stared at her tiny hand curiously before grabbing it with his larger own. “Zan.”

To be continued.
I know, I'm evil. I admit it! =]
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Adia - Chapter 4 - 3/14/2008 (pg3)

Post by kyliemou » Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:24 pm

Thanks for all the feedback!: totallizfan, garcia88, tinie38, and dreamerfiend.

Author's Note: I constantly worry that you guys may not like my story. Hey, have you guys heard that Jason Behr's movie, "Frost," is going to be playing in NYC on April 7th, Monday ($30, 7:30-midnight [after-party])? I want to go, but I don't want to go alone. Any takers? =) More information: here.

All spelling errors in this chapter are deliberate.

Chapter Four:
… See, she’s my type of hype and I can’t stand when brothers tell me
that I should quit chasin’ and look for something better,
but the smile that she shows makes me a go-getter.
I haven’t gone as far as asking if I could get with her.
I just play it by ear and hope she gets the picture.
I’m shootin’ for her heart, got my finger on the trigger.
She could be my broad, and I could be her (nigga),
but all I can do is stare...

… Now she’s more sophisticated, highly edu-ma-cated.
Not at all over-rated, I think I need a prayer
to get in her boots and it looks rather dr.
I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye.
Although she’s crazy steppin’, I’ll try to stop her stride
‘cause I won’t have no more of this passin' me by.

And I must voice my opinion of not even pretending she didn’t have me.
Strung like a chicken, chase my tail like a doggie.
She was kind of like a star, thinking I was like a fan.
Dude, she looked good, down side: she had a man.
He was a rooty-toot, a nincompoop.
She told me soon your little birdies gonna fly the coop.
She was a flake like corn and I was born not to understand.
By lettin’ her pass, I had proved to be a better man.

She keeps on passin me by...

“Passing Me By,” The Pharcyde.
December 3, 2000, Sunday; New York City:

Elizabeth Parker had spent a full week in search of Zan. She had gone to social services in hopes that he was in the system when he was a child, but he wasn’t. Neither was the rest of his pod squad. She had literally travelled across time for him. Truth be told, she wasn’t even sure if he was alive. She had only recalled overhearing Max’s protector, Cal Langley, say that there was a duplicate set of the royal four that had been sent to New York. But with the war that had broken out on Earth, the duplicates were the last thing on everyone’s mind.

On her time plane, she and Max had eloped at the young age of nineteen at the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas. Because of their love, Tess Harding—the fourth alien—left town and betrayed them all by joining Khivar’s side. Khivar—the reason why Antar was destroyed in the first place and why the royal four had to be cloned and sent to Earth—had landed on Earth with two goals: to kill the royal four and to take over the planet. Within the first few months, it was a struggle. The royal three’s powers were no match for Khivar’s because they were Halflings—clones that had both human and alien DNA mixed (just only with a little more alien). They were not pure alien, resulting in them having only half the amount of power they would have had if they were completely alien.

Then one day, the group had made a plan to infiltrate Khivar’s base, but their plan backfired. Isabel was the first to be killed. Khivar, feeling betrayed that the clone of his past-lover turned against him, only hissed her Antarian name at her—“Vilandra”—and sent a surge of energy at her chest. She was killed on impact. Michael was next. Tess Harding had swallowed him with her flames. When the fire died out, there was nothing left of Michael but scorched marks on the floor. Khivar’s soldiers had come after Alex, Kyle, Jim, Maria, and Serena, and they were killed instantly. Max and Liz barely escaped (but not unscathed) and took the opportunity to go to the granilith. With Serena’s help earlier, they were able to modify the granilith to be a time machine. Max knew what he had to do to save everyone, to prevent anyone from dying—he had to go back to the past to stop their marriage, to stop them from being together. As much as it had pained both Max and Liz to stop their future together, they knew it was the only thing they could do. It had all gone downhill because of their relationship. So Max left.

Liz was left in the cave by herself, staring at the cone. She had felt so alone and so cold. She could hear the blasts from outside and the screams of people dying. They were coming for her. “Max,” she whimpered. He had only been beside her a few moments ago and then inside the structure, and now he was gone. She was alone and the granilith was empty inside. Feeling the cave rumble, she let out a cry in fear and in pain, afraid of what was coming for her. Max was now in a place before the war, where everything was peaceful, and she was stuck in the warzone alone. They would come for her and kill her like a mangy dog, and Max was alive, stopping their past from being together. Reaching her shaky hand out towards the cone, she pressed her palm against the cool metal. This machine was all that she had left of her love. Ready to say goodbye, she gasped. Unable to prevent it, the images flooded her mind.

Flash: Kyle and Liz are in bed together, naked. Max is standing by the window, staring down at them in surprise and grief.

Flash: Max and Tess are having sex by the granilith.

Flash: Jim walks up to Maria and Liz. He takes off his hat and sadly says, “There’s been an accident. Alex is dead.”

Flash: A man hands Liz a receipt that had 11100100100111011001 written on it.
“I thought it was weird how he signed it. Does that mean anything to you?” he asks.
Liz whispers, “It means I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep…”

Flash: Tess and Kyle are in his room.
“Kyle, can you help me carry this duffel bag out?” she asks sweetly.
“Sure,” he answers, but in reality, he is carrying Alex’s dead body.

Flash: “I didn’t mean to. His brain was so weakened by the mindwarp. Look, none of this matters now. The time is almost up,” says Tess.
“Life matters, Tess! My life, your life, his!” yells Max.
She yells back, “What matters is getting home, but you could never understand that, could you? I might have been able to teach you, but that stupid bitch had you wrapped around her—“
Max raises his hand to her face.
“What are you going to do, Max? Kill me? Look at how fast you run to her defense. Why couldn’t you ever feel that way about me? I’m your wife, Max! I’m carrying your child!” screams Tess.

As quickly as she had found herself attacked by the visual flashes, Liz found herself back in the cave with her hand clutching to her chest. What in hell? Alex was dead? Tess still betrayed them? Max and Tess had a child? “Oh god,” she whispered to herself. Ever since Max had healed her, her body changed. She became part alien. One of her powers was blowing up things like Michael had, dream walking like Isabel (though this power wasn’t successful all the time), and the other power where she could see the future. But this sudden premonition wasn’t her future, not on her time plane, and she didn’t understand what was going on. All she knew was her Max going back to change the future was wrong. People still died there. Then she knew what she had to do—she had to go back to the past and find another way to change it.

That’s how she found herself in New York. She honestly hadn’t even been thinking about coming here, but the granilith had sent her here. It wasn’t until she saw the subway map of New York City did she remember about the duplicates. She had absolutely nothing to lead her to Zan, except for half of the Antarian necklace that Max had given to her before he left her. They had broken it in half so each could wear it—Max had the left while Liz had the right. She tried to call out to him and dreamwalk him from the other time plane, but she didn’t have a connection with him. So she did what she had to—she went to Kinko’s, made copies of the necklace (she flipped the image of the necklace so they looked as if they were one), and posted flyers that said “Found necklace. Reward: Your past.” She knew it was dangerous for she didn’t know how many aliens were roaming the planet, but it was the last resort.

And it worked. Two days ago, he hunted her down. She explained what happened to the Earth in her time and what she saw was going to happen to Earth if she didn’t try to fix things. But Zan wasn’t easy to convince, not that she wasn’t surprised. As he took her to his home, he told her his story, but only because Liz kept hounding him question after question. The four were born in pods placed in the dark and gritty abandoned subway stations. Their protector was either dead or had abandoned them—they hadn’t bothered to find out. So being as their birth place, the royal four grew up in the subway tunnels, now currently drifting from the abandoned station of City Hall and Worth Street (both on the East Side line). They used their powers to steal so they could clothe and feed themselves. They didn’t have parents like her royal four had. They never went to school, only reading what they could from the books they stole from libraries or newspaper stands, or what they saw in the movies. They grew up on the streets, only relying on each other. On normal days (before she came along), they mostly sat around, graffitting the walls, stealing, skateboarding, and causing as much fun (or trouble in her eyes) as they could.

After much hounding for the biography of Zan earlier, she explained her story to the duplicates of how she came to the future to find them, to ask them for their help, but she was less than welcomed with open arms. Lonnie, the Isabel-look-alike, used her powers to lift Liz into the air against a wall, threatening to squeeze the oxygen out of her. Rath, the Michael-look-alike, pitched in only to ask if he could fuck her before Lonnie killed her. Ava, the Tess-look-alike, remained quiet, sitting on the sofa as if she was still deciding whether Liz was trust-worthy or not. Zan, the Max-look-alike, was the one that stopped Lonnie from snapping her neck.

“Lon’, don’t. I believe her,” he said.

“Ya believe dis bitch? Com’on Zan, no one eva came for us. What makes ya dink we so important now? We trash,” Rath said.

“Bro, listen to Rath. He’s right. Why now? Jus’ ‘cause she say a bunch of scrubby peeps from da hood need our help? She just gonna use us and den dump us aftah da deed’s done. Worse, she may turn us in to da enemy,” said Lonnie.

“I’m da man. Don’t forget dat. NOW PUT ‘ER DOWN!” growled Zan, using his authoritative voice.

Lonnie dropped her hand, resulting in Liz dropping to the ground with a crash. Ignoring the explosive pain of her gluteus maximus, she placed her hand on her neck, trying to breathe. While she was thankful for the sudden oxygen that filled her lungs, she snickered inside because Zan, being a leader, sounded exactly like her Max when he argued with Michael. Some things don’t change, she guessed.

“You’s better not be lettin’ yer dick talk, bro,” said Lonnie as the royal three left the room.

Zan hovered over Liz. He helped her up and ran his hand over her body to make sure nothing was broken. She watched as the glow travel throughout her body. Liz snickered again, but only this time, the laugh left her mouth. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing. You’re just like Max,” she said with a smile. But the smile didn’t remain on her face for long. The next thing she knew, she was pushed up against the wall by Zan with his hand wrapped around her neck. God, what was with people and neck-grabbing?, she thought as she struggled against him.

“Ya hear me clear,” he spat out. “I ain’t nothin’ like yer boy, Max. I ain’t nothin’ like him, so don’t go confusin’ him and me as da same person. I’ll kill ya in a second if I hafta. The only reason you’s still standin’ is I believe yer sorry ass needs mah help in savin’ the goddamn fuckin’ world. I’m all ‘bout da violence, but not on da innocent.”

All she could do was nod fearfully. Zan tried to calm his breathing down, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t the anger that made him out of breath. It was something else. The skin on her neck felt soft under his calloused hand. He could feel her windpipe vibrate against his palm. She wasn’t wearing much—a wool jacket that looked as if she picked it up from the Salvation Army, leather pants that seemed to hug her small round ass and a black tank top that made her breasts look as if they would spill out if she moved the wrong way. She was petite when compared to his size, but she would come right under his chin if he held her. He was a man, of course. Any man would find this woman to be attractive, but there was something about her that was so… mature yet innocent. Something he had never seen in the other women he’s had before.

Then something in Zan’s eyes flickered. Liz noticed his eyes had darkened and she knew what that meant. He was like Max in more ways than he knew. Max always had that same look whenever he— Then his lips crushed hers, but she didn’t respond until he cupped her bottom and gave it a squeeze. She gasped at the sudden pressure and he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She felt the cool metal ball drag against her tongue as he ravaged her. He bit at her lower lip, tugging on it with his teeth before recapturing her lips. In mid-groan, she thought he tasted just like her Max. Then she froze. He wasn’t her Max. He was his doppelganger. In fact, he was some stranger that just simply had her husband’s face. Coming to her senses, she pushed him away.

“Don’t! You say you’re nothing like Max, then don’t do that again,” she growled, before walking off to the bathroom. She didn’t even bother to look back at Zan’s reaction.

Once the door shut, she stared at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed and her lips looked like they were stung by bees. Ignoring the slight ache between her legs, she turned on the water and splashed the cold water against her warm cheeks. When she looked up, she could barely recognize herself. She knew he wasn’t her Max. They looked the same physically and may have some similar personality traits, but they were different. Her Max was gentle and calm while this one was rough and wild—dangerous, even. Cursing silently, she let go of the sink that she had been death-gripping.

“Get a hold of yourself, Parker,” she hissed at herself.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 5 - 3/20/2008 (pg4)

Post by kyliemou » Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:29 am

Thanks for sticking with me and this story so far! I love my feedbackers: tinie38, forever dreamer, totallizfan, ruthandnina, Roswell 10/2/00, KiaraAlexisKlay, roswell3053, dreamerfiend, and garcia88.

Here are some responses to some of the questions some of you had asked (I know, it was long overdue):
ruthandnina wrote:Years ago I was hoping to see more from Future Max and Liz in the serial. But the writers were of another opinion. :( And now you wrote the scene I was hoping to see. Future Max and Liz made love together.
LizMichael 4 Ever wrote:I agree with ruthandnina. These are some of the questions that I had. Please come back soon.
I satisfied my own craving to see Future-Max and Liz together. Ever since I saw that episode, I was hoping they would at least kiss, but nothing. It really is too bad that there aren't more people writing their own take on The End of the World. I mean, there are but nothing solid of the Future-Max/Liz pairing. I'm glad you liked it!
ruthandnina wrote:And now she’s back on earth meanwhile Future Max is with her younger version. And to make matters worse she’s attracted to Zan apparently. How crazy! Now I’m anxious to find out about the feelings between Zan and Future Liz. Much as I love to read more about Zan and Future Liz I would love to hear from Future Max and Liz too!
Doesn't the craziness of Future-Max/Liz and Zan/Liz just drive you crazy? That's literally a lot of so-called "Dreamer-ness." ;)
Roswell 10/2/00 wrote:this story is wonderful keep it up! I love the song choices you are using in this story it is great!
Thanks a lot, Erin!
KiaraAlexisKlay wrote:wow. this is so COOL! a nice twist on the whole End of the World angle, it's so refreshing. nice to see that zan is not some cheap max rip-off and rath had me laughing.
Thanks! I do hope I will be able to stick to Zan's real character. :)

Author's Note: At first, I wasn't planning on using a song for every chapter, but then I changed my mind. XD I added a song to Chapter 1 (pg 1) and Chapter 4 (pg 3), so check it out! If anyone would like me to upload the song choices for you, either leave me a comment here or PM me with the song you want. =]

Alright, you guys have to bow down to me now. Why? Because originally, I planned on Chapter 2 being Future-Max’s last appearance but seeing as I could not bear to see him go so soon (and how many of you loved him), I belted out one more chapter. Here is his real final appearance in the story.

There are lines taken from “Sexual Healing” (Season 1, Episode 15). Note the date has jumped back!

Rating: Adult.

Chapter Five:
Go on and close the curtains
'cause all we need is candlelight.
You and me, and the bottle of wine,
Going to hold you tonight.

Well, we know I'm going away
and how I wish, I wish it weren't so.
So take this wine and drink with me.
Let's delay our misery...

Save tonight
and fight the break of dawn.
Come tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'll be gone.

There's a log on the fire
and it burns like me for you.
Tomorrow comes with one desire:
to take me away… It’s true.

It ain't easy to say goodbye.
Darling please, don't start to cry
'cause girl you know I've got to go
Lord I wish it wasn't so.

Save tonight
and fight the break of dawn.
Come tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'll be gone.

Tomorrow comes to take me away.
I wish that I, that I could stay,
but girl you know I've got to go, oh
and Lord I wish it wasn't so.

Save tonight.
Fight the break of dawn.
Come tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'll be gone.

Tomorrow I’ll be gone.
Tomorrow I’ll be gone.
Tomorrow I’ll be gone.
Tomorrow I’ll be gone.

Save tonight
[till the end].
Save tonight
[till the end].
Oh yeah, that’s right.
Save tonight
[till the end].

“Save Tonight,” Eagle Eye Cherry.
November 26, 2000, Sunday; Roswell, New Mexico:

As Liz rested next to the warm sleeping body, she couldn’t help but notice how young Future-Max looked, even with the white hairs gracing his luscious head of hair and even if he was 31 years old (compared to her age of 17). Despite the battle scars on his body and how thin he had become, he still looked perfect to her. With a smile on her lips, she planted a kiss on his arm. Her tongue peaked out to taste the saltiness of his skin.

Flashback: Trailing her fingers down Future-Max’s back as she sat on his back, she tried to memorize each ripple his muscles made, each puckered skin marring this beauty, and each freckle that spanned across his body. She could feel him squirm underneath her but she was determined to burn the very image of him into the back of her mind so she would never forget. She wanted to know him both physically and emotionally so if she wanted to, she could paint him on a blank canvas. She wanted this memory to last for lifetimes. She kissed each scar, hoping it would disappear under her tongue. She wanted to heal them, to make them go away, to make him forget what he went through in his past life, but she could not. She was only human.

“I can’t make them go away,” she said softly, disappointed as she traced the one large scar that trailed from the middle of his back down to just where his buttocks began.

Future-Max turned over and tried to avoid brushing his hard cock against her center. She drove him mad with desire when he felt her heat resting on one of his butt cheeks. One of his arms wrapped around her tiny waist while the other reached under her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Liz, you’re healing me. No, you did heal me. You can’t see it. It’s on the inside,” he said, repeating the similar words he had once said to his wife when they first had almost slept together in Michael’s apartment. Sitting up with Liz on his lap, he nipped at her jaw and captured her lips.

Liz had never felt such passion in her life before. Granted, she never had sex before either. But this… She finally understood what her mother had meant when she said: “Once you enter that world of sexual intimacy, everything changes.” Everything did change. This act they shared together, it was more than words could describe. It was soul-consuming, mind-boggling, and explosive, but even those words couldn’t come close to what she felt. It was as if this ache had always been inside her and was awakened last night, and then finally taken away.

Before her Max Evans came crashing into her world, healing her on that faithful day, she never knew what true love was. She was dating Kyle at the time, but Kyle was just… He was someone there. He didn’t stir the same feelings as Max did. He was the guy that all girls wanted to date—Sheriff’s son, Captain of the Football team, jock, and not a bad looker either. But hell, he couldn’t even compare to Max Evans. Max was intelligent, the most kindest and caring person in the world, and he had these soulful eyes that she could just get lost in for days. In fact, Max risked everything to save her life, even when they were never really friends outside of school. Ever since their first kiss on her balcony during that awful heat wave, Liz Parker knew she could never go back, that Max had ruined all potential men in her future for they could not come close to him at all. Not that she wanted any other man. She wanted only Max, but because Max had a destiny, because he was the King to his planet, they were never able to be together for long.

With that first kiss, sex had plagued her mind. If one single kiss from her Max could turn her legs into jello, what would happen if they made love? Would she die from overload? Not to mention, would she die from having sex with an alien? But now here she was: lying next to Max—not her Max, but a future Max—and still quite alive. In fact, she never felt so alive in her whole life before. It felt like she could feel everything’s presence. She was more sensitive, more in tuned with everything in the world. And it was all thanks to Future-Max because she knew she could never be with her Max intimately like this. Not if she wanted Future-Max’s life to not take place in her lifetime.

She glanced over at the clock. It read 2am. The day had barely just begun, but all was still asleep. Stretching lazily, she laughed silently to herself. She couldn’t sleep. Not after what they did just a few hours ago. Her body tingled at the thought of his hands moving across her body. Tucking herself under his arm, she buried her nose into his long hair and took in his scent.

Flashback: “This is wrong,” Future-Max said, trying to move away from Liz who was under him.

Not wanting him to leave, she quickly wrapped her arms around his shoulder and brought his body back down on hers. “Please,” she pleaded. She was a virgin and had no idea what she was doing, but she knew she wanted this. She wanted to give her body, her soul to the one man she would forever love. Licking the outer shell of his ear, her lips travelled down to his jaw and finally to his neck. “I love you,” she murmured against his adam’s apple. She felt his throat vibrate as a growl escaped his lips.

How could he resist her? If anyone ever wanted to bring King Maxwell Zan Evans down, all they had to do was dangle Liz Parker in front of his face and he would quickly fall. She was his weakness and it was proven to him on that day he was captured in the White Room. Quickly soundproofing the room with his powers, he said, “I love you too” against her lip and he stole the air out of her lungs when his lips descended on top of hers. She was naked underneath him and she felt wonderful. She was soft against his calloused hands. She was smooth as silk and seemed too good to be real. Her lips tasted of strawberries and vanilla. He couldn’t get enough of her. She was so responsive to his actions. His hand fell from her hair, slid down to her hip, and then with a graze, he cupped her breast in his hand. She sighed as he began to softly knead the mound. “You’re so beautiful, Liz. So beautiful,” he whispered, dropping his lips to where his hand was. Nipping against the sides of the soft flesh, he lured the nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue up the tip of her nipple before swirling it in its entirety.

“Max,” Liz moaned as she felt the almost-burning heat of his mouth on her breast. His tongue repeated the action and then he sucked on it. She bucked against him as a shot of aching pain travelled down to her core. “Oh god,” she groaned as her legs suddenly tried to close together. But Future-Max’s hands stopped her and parted them wider. He rested in between her legs, letting his penis brush against the inside of her leg. The ache—it grew bigger and Liz didn’t know what to do. She wanted to relieve it. She wanted something but she didn’t know what. She could feel herself grow wetter down there.

He detached himself from her chest and slid down. He knew what she wanted. He knew what she craved for, what she needed him to do. With his wife, he had always slowly teased her till she couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew how sensitive her nipples were and he would often bring her to an unexpected orgasm that way. He had many times made sweet and slow love to his wife. Then there were times when foreplay was forgotten and they just needed to join their bodies as soon as possible. But tonight and in this life, this Liz was a virgin. He would go slowly with her, even if it took all ounce of control in him to not just bury himself deep inside of her. He would show her exactly how much he loved her—in this lifetime and in his past life.

Dragging his lips down to her stomach with his tongue dipping into her belly button, he was welcomed with the sight of Liz’s womanhood in front of him. He could smell her. He knew the scent of her was something he could never get enough and from the way it glistened at him, he knew how much she was turned on. “Max,” she said, trying to push him away, embarrassed. “Don’t, I don’t—“

He only held her legs further apart and remained where he was. “It’s alright. You’re beautiful. Every single part of you—you’re so beautiful and I can’t not taste you.” Parting her folds, his tongue snaked out and licked the full length of her. Her body arched off the bed and her hands grasped at his hair. God, he didn’t know how he had controlled himself around Liz when they were teenagers. They had come a long way from making out in his jeep in the desert. His tongue dipped back, finding the small nub. He flicked at it and smiled against her core as she let out a small yelp.

The things Future-Max was doing to her, she couldn’t breathe and think rationally. She never liked the idea of a guy going down on her. In fact, she didn’t want anyone to ever go down on her. But when she felt him begin to eat her out, all thoughts of protest flew out of her mind. He gathered her wetness and took it all in, dipping his tongue into her slit, trying to draw out more. She could feel his tongue against the outer parts of her walls. It was like nothing she could describe. She could feel something building inside her. With each second that passed, it grew and grew. A plethora of pleasure, that’s what it was.

His mouth enclosed around her core, licking and sucking at whatever she offered him. He slowly dipped an inch of his finger inside of her as he found her clit in his mouth. He began to thrust only a few inches of his finger out of her slowly as he ate her out. He wanted her to adjust to the new feeling of something inside her. Liz licked her dry lips, trying to take in as much air as possible. He knew she was so close. The ache between her legs grew at the same time it was being satisfied. Her body felt torn. It felt like her body didn’t know what to feel or how to handle what she was feeling. She bit her lower lip and held him down by his hair, never wanting him to leave. Wrapping his lips around her clit, he sucked on it hard. Her body began to tremble and moments later, she threw her head back as her first orgasm took her body.

He licked his wet lips, appreciating the taste of Liz on them. He crawled back up to her body and stared into the face of a panting and close-eyed Liz. Her hand flew into her hair and a small gasping laugh erupted from her. “That was… Oh my god, that was… It was so….”

“Intense? Amazing?” he finished for her.

“I never, in my life, thought I would feel something like that!”

“Don’t worry. You’ll feel plenty more. The night is still young and I am not done with you yet,” he growled into her ear.

Liz tried to bury her giggle into his arm as Future-Max snored lightly. He was so exhausted from last night. After he took her and then healed away any pain, she wanted more right after. She was insatiable. He had opened a whole new world for her and she never wanted to leave it. If she had a choice, she’d stay in bed with Max forever, doing nothing but make love all day long. His arm tightened around her as his snoring ceased. Peeking one half-opened eye at her, he smiled when he saw Liz’s beaming face.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he said, his voice deeper than normal from sleep.

“Good morning,” she meekly said, shivering at his voice. Suddenly she yelped as she was flipped over onto her chest. Future-Max held her down and began to plant open-mouthed kisses from the back of her neck and dragged them down to her lower back. Liz giggled at the tickling sensation. “Max!”

Flashback: Resting on his arms, Future-Max let out a husky groan as Liz’s hands found their way to his ass cheeks, cupped them, and forced him to rest his full weight on top of her. “Liz, I’ll crush you,” he said.

She shook her head. “No, I want to feel you. I want to feel all of you.” She spread her legs further apart, interested at the organ that was mischievously twitching against her as if it wanted to jump inside of her. Her hand dropped down and wrapped around the full length of him. He hissed as her small hand grabbed at him. She adjusted her body so the tip of him found her entrance. It was thicker and longer than his finger. In fact, she knew Max was possibly the biggest she’d ever seen (thanks to Maria and her internet pornographic adventures). She was afraid while intrigued at the same time. “Please, I need you,” she pleaded. The burning had come back again and this time, even his mouth and fingers couldn’t relieve it.

Closing his eyes, he could feel the soft puff of breaths from Liz against his face. Those four words… She had no idea what they did to him. He kissed her softly, not wanting to rush anything. One hand rested beside Liz’s head while the other travelled down to connect them together.

“You feel so good,” Future-Max panted against Liz’s neck. He held her hips down, stopping her from trying to thrust herself more on top of his penis. He wanted to control this. He wanted to see her lose control. He slowly, very slowly, slid back into her. It was too slow for comfort, but boy did it prolong the pleasurable trembles that Liz felt. He could see his penis disappear into her dark glistening curls. The feeling of her tight walls enclosing around him nearly sent him to the edge. His hands pushed her body deeper into the bed as he withdrew and pushed back in.

Her hands gripped at his arms and then found their way into his long hair as she desperately tried to get him to thrust into her harder and faster. “Max, please, I can’t—I can’t take this,” she said, burying the side of her face into her pillow. He smiled down upon her, enjoying the sight of her body stretched out underneath him. He took one nipple into her mouth and quickly slammed himself into her. Her body arched off the bed, pushing her breast into his face. He gave attention to the other mound and withdrew slowly until it was only his tip left inside of her only to surge back into her. She let out a cry as the sound of their bodies roughly smacking each other bounced off the walls of the room.

Flashback: After the pain had slowly begun to disappear, Liz wrapped her legs around Future-Max’s waist, welcoming his quick and powerful thrusts. His lower body pounded into her like there was no tomorrow. She was so tight, too tight. He couldn’t get enough. Bracing his arms on the sides of Liz’s head and burying what his fingers could reach of her hair, he unleashed the monster inside of him and took her as fast and as deep as he could. He wanted to hear her cry out his name. He wanted her to sob with nothing but pleasure. He wanted her to feel what no man could ever give her.

She clung onto his muscular arms, crying out with each impact. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t move. She could only feel. It was nothing like she had ever felt before. A part of Max was literally inside of her. The thought of this turned her on even more. She could feel herself grow wetter as his organ grew harder inside of her. His chest roughly grinded against her hard nipples. It was too much. She couldn’t handle it all. Biting her lower lip and tugging on his long hair, she let out a cry of both pleasure and distress.

Future-Max plucked her lower lip from her teeth with his finger. “Don’t do that. If you want to bite your lip, then let me,” he said huskily. He then took her lips with his and bit her lower lip, not releasing it till he was satisfy it would bruise. He repeated this action till he forget all about it as he became solely focused on bringing Liz and him to a state of ecstasy.

Future-Max grunted as her walls fluttered around him. She was so close. He was so close. Her legs unconsciously wrapped around him, trying to force him deeper inside of her. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. More, he needed more. He flipped them over and sat up with Liz in his lap, never once leaving her body. He brought up and back down on his cock, growling as her breasts bounced in his face. Liz’s hands flew to the headboard, slamming her lower body down onto Future-Max’s. “Max, oh god, oh god, I’m so close,” she panted, licking her lips.

Flashback: He rested his forehead against hers and gripped at her hips. God, he felt like he was going to break her, but he couldn’t get enough of her. It was as if she was made for him. He fitted perfectly inside of her. Knowing he wouldn’t last long, his finger reached down and flicked at her clit. Liz stiffened, arched her back, and let out a shrilling scream.

“MAX!” screamed Liz as now he fucked her on the edge of the bed. He stood awkwardly by the bed with her legs wrapped around his waist. With every thrust, he pulled her legs at him, pulling her further and further off the bed. God, at age 31, he still had enough stamina to last, but he could not compare to the young age of Liz who seemed as though she could make love at least three times in a row. He was almost there, almost there. Dropping his sweaty head down onto her chest, he slammed into her one last time, causing a shriek to erupt from Liz as her fingernails dug into his arms. Once her walls clenched around him, he lost it and spilled himself inside of her.

Flashback: Trying to catch their breaths, they held onto each other tightly without a care that they were sweaty. They slowly nodded off to bed as their bodies were exhausted to the extreme. Completion, it was two souls joining as one.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 6 - 3/28/2008 (pg5)

Post by kyliemou » Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:43 am

I love waking up every morning to find feedback in my mailbox. It makes me so happy. It's something I look forward to after a long day of school and work. Much hugs and kisses: totallizfan, Natalie36, roswell3053, ruthandnina, kay_b, jake17 (x2), Zanssoulmate08, and Egyptian_Kiss.

totallizfan wrote:If and when F Max leaves or disapears. Liz is not going to want to let Max go after experiencing that round of love making. Knowing what it's like to be with him and now having to give him up will be so hard. F Max and Liz sleeping together is ok because it's Liz. But if F Liz sleeps with Zan that will be cheating cause Zan is not Max.( Just had to throw that in from the previous chapter.) Really love this fic.
Thanks! I love your comment because this is what this chapter is basically about. Did you read my mind or hack into my computer to read the next chapter? ;P To me, Zan is different from Max, but in essence, I find them to be the same person. It's just that Zan grew up differently, leading him to be the way he is today. I am sure if he had the same opportunities as Max, he'd be almost the same. But I can understand why you would say it would be cheating.
Natalie36 wrote:very hot , very hot, must have more
roswell3053 wrote:The only thing that I can add is that now I need a cold shower... :lol:
Would you guys believe me if I got a little turned on myself after finishing the chapter and reading it over to check over for mistakes? XD
ruthandnina wrote:After this, it’s hardly imaginable, that Future Max will disappear somewhere in the universe. How will Liz manage his sudden disappearance and will Present Max be on her side, if she will break down maybe? But this is a Zan and Liz Story too and I can hardly wait to read your next chapter. What will happen now between Zan and Future Liz?? Your wrote:
Here is his real final appearance in the story.
Like I said before, it’s hardly imaginable, that this will be the last appearance from Future Max in your great story. Maybe we are able to convince you to write a final scene about a reunion between Future Max and Future Liz – maybe a final appearance in an epiloque?
Well, at the moment, I'm having it as one of his final appearances. I'm sure he will be mentioned but he might not be physically present. Who knows? The course of this story is still up in the air at the moment. Teaser: Next chapter will be Zan and Liz interaction. I'm trying to do a back-and-forth kind of thing, but last chapter was kind of an impromptu chapter due to the love and demand for Future-Max and Liz together.
kay_b wrote:I like the twists you've created on this fic. I didn't like End of the World (though I didn't mind seeing Jason in leather, lol), but this is definitely one of the better versions.I have to wonder though what exactly is going on between Max and Liz? Future Max having an effect on Liz and vice versa is understandable since they are basically the same person only from different timelines. But for Zan to have the same effects as Liz does with Max, I would need more answers to that one. Can't wait for the next part. Please post again soon.
Thank you so much! The End of the World was one of my favorite episodes but often I wished it had turned out differently. It's been how many years since I saw that episode on television--Almost 8 years ago? Basically, this story was 8 years in the making. ;)
Egyptian_Kiss wrote:Color me stunned- I wasn't sure this was going to be all that good at first because of the many Liz pairings, but I'm loving it. This last chapter was sexy and I can't wait to see more, but I do agree with what other reviews said- Liz is going to have a very hard time letting go of Max now because of his future self. This could be either really outstandingly written, or turn into an overwritten soap opera- but you seem to be a great writer, so I'm going really outstandingly written. Update soon. EK! :D
I do realize it is overwhelming with all the Liz pairing, but I am a huge Dreamer and Awakened Dreamer fan, and I just had to find a way to get them all together, including Future-Max and Liz (I'm not sure if this ship has a shipping name). Hopefully I meet your expectations. Any time I don't, please let me know and I'll try to stay away from having this story turn out like a soap opera. =)

Author's Note: Remember, if anyone wants the songs I use in my story, PM me and I'll send them to you! =) P.S. Who wants to make me a proper banner for this story? ;P

Since I am changing the events that happened in “The End of the World” episode, I am also changing the fact that Liz did not go with Maria to see the psychic. She went on her own.
There are lines taken from “The End of the World” (Season 2, Episode 5). Notice the date!

Chapter Six:
Falling from the western shore
to find yourselves alone again,
Wondering where you have been.
Your lonely voice calls across the starlit coast,
reaching out to be seen.

She cries your name,
three times again.
She cries your name.
How long can this love remain?

Cut beneath the surface screen of what we say
and what we seem is a trick to be seen.
She keeps crying out your name,
but her scream sound the same.
How fickle fate can be.

She cries your name,
three times the pain.
She cries your name.
How long can this love remain?

Birds that scream for territory can learn to sing euphorically.
Give him time an' he's real.
And there's a wasteland in your soul.
The burned out trees will leave you cold.
Living out an ideal.

She cries your name,
three times again.
She cries your name.
How long can this love remain?

She cries your name,
Twelve times again.
She cries your name.
How long can this love remain?

“She Cries Your Name,” Beth Orton.
December 4, 2000, Monday; Roswell, New Mexico:

When Future-Max and Liz had fallen asleep in each other’s arms after spending most of the night and morning discovering each other’s body (re-discovering for him), Liz awoke later in the afternoon to find her bed empty. A sense of dread filled her because she knew he was gone. Feeling something rest against her chest, she pulled the blanket down, finding a necklace that was broken down the middle. It was the necklace with the strange alien symbol on it that she had seen her Max carry around with him. Future-Max must have placed it on her while she was sleeping.

God, how long had he laid there with her in his arms, waiting to cease to exist? She couldn’t even imagine what went through his mind. Turning over, she tried to catch a whiff of him on the pillow next to her but there was no smell. It was as if he wasn’t there. No… He wasn’t there in the first place. Placing her arm over her eyes and blocking all sunlight, she sobbed. She was overcome with grief and happiness all at the same time. She was happy that this Max had showed her what she would have never gotten to experience. She was grieving because Future-Max had ceased as in death. She was torn apart at the fact that she would never ever experience this love again, not even from her Max. To everyone, Future-Max had never existed and they had never shared what they did last night. It never happened and that pained her to no ends.

She forced herself out of bed and noticed the faint silver handprint over her abdomen. Placing her smaller hand over the larger print, she smiled at the fact that Future-Max healed her when he took her virginity last night. She wished the handprint could stay there forever because that’s what Max did—forever mark her as his. He really was like her Max. Then Liz’s eyes widened as her hands flew to her mouth. Her Max. God, what he must have felt after catching her in bed with Kyle. Her stomach lurched. In a way, she envied Future-Max because he didn’t have to deal with the consequences. But who knows where he was now… if he was dead or somewhere new. Who knew?

She spent the next several days walking on egg shells while looking like a heartbroken zombie. She went to school, worked, ate, and slept. It became a numbing mindless routine. She felt different with the new experience of what her body felt with Future-Max, but now all possibilities of that gone forever, she couldn’t help but feel she went from a normal person to becoming like a nun. Her body would hum, desiring to feel that pleasure once again but she couldn’t. So she forced herself to become numb, almost disgusted with her own body. Max hadn’t shown his face at the Crashdown and she was grateful he hadn’t come because she didn’t even know what to say or how to act around him. She had never been in this situation before. Did he feel as horrible as she did? Would he notice something different about her? Did he completely hate her now? Would he go to Tess? So many questions plagued her mind, but honestly, she didn’t want to know the answers. It would only hurt her more.

“Liz,” said Maria, snapping Liz out her thoughts.

“Yeah?” she asked nervously.

“I think the table is clean.”

Liz looked down at the table cloth in her hand. Her fingers were pruny and she had been gripping the towel as if she was choking someone. Fingernail marks were now embedded in the palm of her hand. How long had she been furiously wiping at the same spot? How long had she been digging her nails into the cloth and into her own hand? She sighed, annoyed because lately this wasn’t the first time she had been lost in her thoughts. She walked to the backroom, dropping the towel into the sink. Maria followed.

“What’s going on, Liz?”

“What do you mean?”

“I know something is wrong. I can see it on your face. You look like you’re ready to burst.”

God, was she that obvious? But then again, Maria was her best friend and she always knew when something was wrong. How was she supposed to keep this secret from Maria? She told Maria everything.

“Nothing is wrong. I just have a lot on my mind. You know, college and the future,” she lied.

“So then would you care to tell me why Max showed up at Michael’s apartment in tears?”

Suddenly, Liz felt nervous and almost sick. What if Max told Michael or Maria, or everyone? She felt like such a slut, garbage, filth. Deciding to play it cool and trying to keep back the tears, she replied, “Did he? I don’t know why.”

Maria’s eyes squinted at her, knowing better, and placed her hand on Liz’s shoulder. “I know something happened between you two. He wouldn’t tell me, but I expect better from you. God Liz, I’m your best friend!” she exclaimed. She noticed the sadness in Liz’s eyes that didn’t seem to go away even when she gave her a small smile. “Chica, I’m here if you need. Let me know when you want to talk and I’ll come flying over with ice cream,” she said, smiling.

Liz was grateful she had such a great friend. As much as she wanted to tell her, she couldn’t. Future-Max trusted her and only her. This wasn’t her secret to tell. “Is he alright?” she asked.

“No, he’s moping around. He doesn’t talk or eat. He just lays in bed, crying, all day long.”

It hurt Liz to see Max suffer. It hurt Liz to hurt Max. She could picture him in tears, wasting away. She had done that to Max. Even though it was Max himself who asked to be hurt, she was the one who did it. She knew Max wouldn’t just fall out of love with her. She knew that he would hate her now. It was for the best—Max and Tess will be together now. This was the way it was meant to be and she knew that from the beginning when they first heard the message from Max’s mom, stating that they were husband and wife. God, if she could, she would take his pain away and wish it upon herself. She would take all the hurt and let it consume her life because she was willing to give up her life for him.

“Thank gosh he came over when he did. The gerbil tried to sink her claws into him.”

“What did you say, Maria?”

“Tess. She was behind him when he showed up. She kept trying to talk to him, to comfort him, but Max wasn’t having any of it. Michael kicked her out of the apartment because she kept on whining. God, I’ve never seen anyone so annoying before, other than Pam Troy.”

“What?! WHY?” Liz yelled. She silently cursed at Michael.

“Woah, woah, Liz! You sound like you wanted Tess to be there!” Maria said, holding her hands up in surrender when Liz looked like she was ready to attack her.

Liz cursed at herself for almost letting the secret slip. She shook her head from side to side. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Max was supposed to find comfort in Tess. She wasn’t meant to be kicked out by Michael. He was supposed to be in her arms, spilling everything to Tess, and she would hold him till morning and he would realize what he had in front of him. They were supposed to be together now. He was supposed to fall in love with Tess and they would experience things that she and Max never got to experience. The thought of them sleeping together nauseated her. It was supposed to be her—Liz—and Max, forever. M.E. + L.P., that’s what he wrote on her wall during her blind date. She groaned and buried her face into her hands, hating that she had to give him up, that everything wasn’t going the way she wanted.

“Liz, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Maria. I’m just tired. I’m gonna go on my break now,” she said, opening the back door to the alley. She needed to get away from Maria, from the conversation, from everything. Once it was closed, she leaned up against the brick wall and stared up at the night sky.

The irony of it all… All this time, she had truly thought they were supposed to end up together, that true love would survive anything, that they were modern day Romeo and Juliet, but that turned out to be false hope. But then again, Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy and love doesn’t always conquer all. Nothing can ever be too good. Something will always bring it down and this was it.

The fortune teller’s verdict had been false too.

Flashback: Hearing from Amy DeLuca at how good this Madame Vivian was, she took her parents’ car and drove to the little psychic shop a little outside of Roswell. Upon entering, she was quickly seated by a Spanish boy who only smiled at her. As the psychic sat down, she studied Liz as if she already knew her fortune. She began to lay the cards over and said, “I’ve never seen the cards fall like this before. The boy, he’s… different.” Liz held back her laugh and continued to listen to the lady. “He’s very important, this boy. He’s a leader.”

She held back the urge to say “duh” and forced her eyes not to roll at the psychic. “Yeah, he is. He has this whole other destiny… one that doesn’t include me,” she replied, thinking back about the day Max’s mother told them that Tess was his wife.

“No,” said the psychic, quickly catching Liz’s interest. “He chooses love. He chooses you.”

“No, no, no, see, that’s impossible!” Liz said, shaking her head in disbelief.

The lady smiled as she held up the Lovers card for her to see. “The reading is clear. You marry your true love. You have happiness. See this card here? Intimacy. Sex. You will not be left wanting.”

Liz could only stare at the card with a smile that lit up the world.

And now here was Liz, using the wall as support and her emotions in turmoil. She never got married. She did, but not in this lifetime and never again in any other lifetimes. She wasn’t happy with the outcome. She wanted her marriage. She wanted true love. Most importantly, she wanted Max. But now she would never have him. She would never be able to kiss him, hold him, and show him just how much she still loved him.

There was one thing that the psychic was sort of right about: she did have intimacy, just not with her Max. Problem was she was left wanting more. She was sure in any lifetime with Max Evans, their ability in bed would be just as amazing as proven by Future-Max. Scoffing, she thought, Aliens—even fortune tellers couldn’t predict that.

As the tears began to blur her sight, she let out a cry, “Damn you!”, at no one in particular. “DAMN YOU!” she screamed as the hot salty rivers fell down her face. She didn’t even know who she was yelling at. Perhaps it was Future-Max. Perhaps it was God or fate. She just wanted to scream, anything to make the pain and loneliness building up inside of her go away.

To be continued.
Good chapter, bad chapter? Let me know. Hopefully this chapter satisfies your expectations!
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Adia - Chapter 7 - 4/3/2008 (pg6)

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Hugs and kisses to: jake17 (x2), Natalie36, forever dreamer, roswell3053, Egyptian_Kiss, tinie38, and Erin aka Roswell 10/2/00.

Roswell 10/2/00 wrote:Damn can you write. I hope to be as good as you someday. You mentioned that you needed the English translation to Tres Dias here is it. Keep up the amazing work!
Thanks so much for the translation, Erin! I gave you credit (pg1). I used your translation and my friend helped me fine tune it a bit more. Hey, what do you mean—you so can write too! Never let anyone tell you different. Everyone has their own writing style and each one is unique. I should really listen to myself because I don't think I can write at all. =(
jake17 wrote:bump :oops:
no pressure I just love this story! :D
No pressure? Hahaha. I feel pressured to try to make this story as good as I possibly can! =P

Author's Note: I'm trying really hard to keep this story as good as the previous chapters so far. It's been difficult, but I'm trying. I'm not very good with writing. I'm trying not to let RL affect me and this story, but on a good note, two of my literary pieces got submitted and accepted into my college's literary magazine. SQUEE, so happy (but at the same time disappointed because I wasn't expecting those two to be accepted. I had others that I thought would get in)!

If anyone wants a song that I use in my chapters, please PM me or leave me a comment here and I will send you a download link of the song choice you want. =]

All spellings errors are deliberate.

Chapter Seven:
Watch out! He’ll charm you.
Smoother than the L.A. weather, that’s how he holds himself together.
He’s colder than the winter, I wrap my coat around together.
Cataract, it’s charm attack that leaves me hungry well.
I’m not a savior, but I tried to save you.
And he stamps out every emotion and
he dampens each and every explosion.

“Charm Attack,” Leona Naess.
December 4, 2000, Monday; New York City:

While present-Liz tried to keep herself from suffering a breakdown, Future-Liz slept like a baby on the sofa of the duplicates’ home. Never taught any manners, Zan threw a pillow and a blanket at the couch. “You sleep there,” he commanded in a monotone voice as he went into his room to sleep on his comfy queen-sized mattress. But Liz didn’t mind sleeping on the couch. It wasn’t comfortable but it had been a while since she had a warm place to sleep at. She came to the past with barely any no money and with only the clothes on her back. She couldn’t afford to sleep in a hotel, so on the first night she slept on the cold streets. Then after, she slept at homeless shelters.

The duplicates’ home was cozy in the sense that they tried to make it as normal as possible. Since they lived in the empty rooms of the subway tunnels, the place was quite large. The walls were covered with graffiti, mixed with past hoodlums who wanted to tag the walls with their names and by the doppelgangers’. On the wall were the four pods that made Liz think of her own pod squad’s pods. She shook her head sadly. She thought, God, they were born in the sewers. She couldn’t even imagine what they felt or thought when they first saw this place. They deserve so much more than this. They deserve a home and loving parents, she thought.

There were four bedrooms—each with their own but Lonnie tended to sleep with Rath. Their rooms were all on the opposite sides of each other. Zan said it was to keep each other from hearing the others’ bedroom businesses. Liz couldn’t help but light up at the thought that Zan and Ava weren’t romantically linked. There was a couch and a coffee table with one leg that was ready to break off in the living room. The kitchen was small and didn’t have much, but the necessary stove and refrigerator. The plates and utensils were sitting on the counter next to the sink. The bathroom was just as unimpressive as the kitchen.

Zan and Liz hadn’t said much after she had reappeared from the bathroom from their kiss. Her lips still tingled from the rough kiss, but that was always the effect that Max had on her. Zan looked like he didn’t care as if kissing girls was his hobby. That pissed her off. Maybe he didn’t feel what Max felt for her. Not that she cared, Liz told herself, but she knew that was a lie—she did care.

Waking up in the middle of the night, Liz took a sniff at herself. She reeked. God, how could Zan even kiss me when I smell like this? I don’t even want to know what I look like right now, she thought. Peeling the blankets off of her, she tiptoed into the bathroom. Again, it wasn’t anything impressive—a small dingy four-walled bathroom with graffiti on the tile walls, a mirror that was cracked on the bottom right corner, a toilet that looked like it came from a jail cell, and a bathtub that looked like it hasn’t been washed since day one. Not to mention there was a pile of dirty clothes under the sink. She bet the aliens were just too lazy to wave their hands over their clothes every time they wore them. They probably used their powers when they ran out of things to wear or just stole new clothes to wear.

Sighing, she peeled off her clothes and stood under the warm running water. As the steam filled the air, Liz grabbed the shampoo and poured some into her hand. Slowly lathering it into her hair, she loved how the water felt on her body. This was better than showering in the homeless shelters, which were never cleaned. She rinsed off the shampoo and grabbed the small piece of soap, working it into her skin. The water trailed off her body and hit the tub, revealing the grayish water. Had it been that long since she had a decent shower? No wonder she felt awful.

After rinsing off and satisfied that she was clean, she cursed. She didn’t have a towel and she never dried herself using her powers before. She didn’t want to accidentally explode herself, so she grabbed one of the towels (there were four). Bringing it to her nose, she smiled. On her first try, she had picked Zan’s. He smelled like Max too—completely male and a scent that was genuinely them. Wrapping herself with the towel, she closed her eyes. The smell of them filled the air and for a moment, Liz imagined she was in the arms of Max again. She imagined he came up from behind her, took her into her arms, and kissed her senseless against the bathroom wall, not caring he was getting his clothes wet. For a moment, she was back at home with her love.

Then the sound of the door opening tore her from her fantasy. She cursed and tried to push the door shut with her body. “Yo, wha’ da fuck?” cried an angry voice on the other side. It was Zan.

“Someone is using the bathroom!” Liz yelled.

“Com’on, wha’ da fuck? It ain’t like I haven’t seen naked bitches before!”

“Well, you haven’t seen me naked before!” Then there was silence and a heavy growl. Liz still kept her guard up just in case Zan decided to shove his way inside again. There was no telling what he could do.

“Fine, hurry up!” he grunted.

Liz sighed as she rested against the door. She really should tell them to put a lock on the door. How did they manage to never walk in on each other? She shuddered at the thought of Zan encountering Lonnie, his own sister, naked in the bathroom and cringed at the thought of him walking in on Ava. Perhaps they don’t even care about nudity, she thought. Grimacing, she quickly dried herself off, waved her hands over her dirty clothes to make them clean again, dressed herself, and left the bathroom.

She was greeted with the sight of a shirtless Zan lounging on the couch. Suddenly her mouth went dry. His arm muscles flexed as he groggily scratched his head. His chest stretched out, revealing the hard outline of his abs. A soft thin trail of hair travelled from under his bellybutton and disappeared under the band of his boxers, which hung low on his hips. Tattoos graced his arms and chest. She even saw a tattoo that extended from his chest and disappeared to his back. His legs were spread out, but his boxers didn’t help cover what she already knew. She could just barely make him out in his boxers, seeing the outline of his penis through the thin fabric. He was more than gifted in the sex department both in length and girth.

“Uh,” she started. “Uh, I’m done. It’s all your’s. I… I used your towel. I hope you don’t mind.”

He grunted as if he didn’t care, got off the couch, and walked into the bathroom. He was still groggy from his sleep. All Liz could do was watch his strong tattooed back and his bubble butt disappear into the bathroom. She let out a breath of frustration and walked into the kitchen, set on making breakfast for the group, hoping this would push the image of a semi-naked Zan out of her mind. She looked inside the fridge and saw only a carton of eggs, a block of cheese, ham, and something moldy that she swore that moved and pointed at her with an evil laugh.

“Omelets, it is,” she said to herself as she took out the ingredients. Cracking the eggs into a bowl, she began to beat it with a fork. She then began to chop up the ham and cheese. Hearing the bathroom door open, Zan stepped out with the towel hung over his shoulders. For a second, Liz mistook him for Max with the wet slicked back hair and the confident walk. The piercings and the tattoos made her remember he wasn’t Max. God, I miss you, Max, she thought, hoping Max could hear her but he couldn’t. Tearing her eyes from his delicious sexier-than-a-model’s body, she dropped the ingredients into the bowl of eggs.

Zan enjoyed his shower because he saw how Liz eyed his body earlier. He knew he had a great body. All the countless chicks he fucked never complained. They were always begging for more when he left them. He enjoyed his shower even more when he smelled the scent of Liz on his towel. He took it with him into the shower, trying not to get it wet. He buried his face into the towel and began to touch himself, letting himself cum onto the tile wall. He felt disgusted with himself for letting himself feel this way. It was so pre-pubescent of him, jerking off to a woman. He never had to jerk off. He was hot enough to find a woman to satisfy him. He didn’t need his hand for help. But never had he wanted someone so badly. Never had anyone turned him down, besides Ava. Never had someone affected him so much and in barely two days! Never.

Toweling off, he walked into the kitchen. The sight of Liz cooking tugged at Zan. He knew it was a sight he could get used to. He hated feeling… whatever he was feeling. He feared it, unsure of what was growing inside him. Just the thought of what he felt made him a little sick to the stomach. How can this woman affect him so much? As much as he tried to deny it, tried to push the feelings away, he couldn’t control himself around her.

“I thought I’d make breakfast for everyone,” she said, avoiding his gaze.

He didn’t say anything. He reached for a pan and began to pour a drop of oil into it. Watching him turn on the fire, Liz smiled. “Thanks,” she said. She began to pour some of the liquid batter into the pan. Waiting for the omelet to cook, she felt Zan’s presence behind her. She tried to ignore him, but she stiffened when she felt his fingers run through her wet hair. His nose buried into the strands of her hair and took in her sweet scent. She turned around, ready to tell him off, but she stumbled back into the counter, finding him staring straight into her eyes.

“Zan,” she said nervously. All she saw was his face and his muscular arms.

Biting her lower lip, she kept herself from moaning as she felt his fingers continue to run through her hair. She wanted to push him away but his arm trapped her to the counter. Suddenly, her scalp felt warm and she realized he had dried her hair using his powers. “Thanks,” she smiled. But soon a different feeling washed over her. Her body shivered with anticipation under Zan’s hungry stare. His nose bumped and rubbed against hers. Her eyes fluttered shut automatically and waited for the kiss. She cursed herself for letting him have such power over her. She couldn’t help it. She knew she was cheating on Max for wanting Zan and by God did she love Max, but her body reacted naturally. She couldn’t control herself and the scary thing was she didn’t want to be in control. But the kiss never came. Instead, he ripped himself from her and turned her around towards the stove. He licked the outer shell of her ear, nipped her earlobe, and growled, “Your omelet is burning.” He was gone as soon as he said it.

Confused, she stood there with heavy eyes as the scent of him disappeared with him. Realizing what he said, her eyes snapped open and she instinctively flipped the almost brown omelet out of the pan onto the nearest plate. Trying not to scream in frustration, she thought, Goddamn him. She cursed at herself for falling his… whatever she was falling for. It wasn’t his charm, she knew that much because he didn’t have any. She knew what he said—the omelet was burning—but god, the way he said it… It reminded her of when she often teased Max until he couldn’t handle it anymore, until he took her roughly without even letting her get ready, until he slammed into her not caring if she had an orgasm or not (but she always did), until he growled like an animal into her ear and said “I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby. You won’t even be able to walk straight. I’m going to fuck you over and over again, and you’ll be begging for it. You’ll want nothing else but my cock in you all day long. You hear me? I’m going to fuck your brains out.” All she could ever do was whimper and comply then. But the way Zan had growled into her ear, she was damn sure it was one of the sexiest things she had ever heard.

To be continued.
Feedback gives me motivation to bust out more chapters. ;P
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Adia - Chapter 8 - 4/10/2008 (pg6)

Post by kyliemou » Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:04 pm

Much thanks to: jake17, Erin aka Roswell 10/2/00, forever dreamer, KiaraAlexisKlay, ruthandnina, and garcia88.

So I met Jason Behr on April 7th, 2008, Monday. It was amazing. He is so much better looking in person, even though he was a bit on the thin side. He's very sweet and kind. I got a photograph with him and an autograph. Sorry for the copyrighted text. I just don't want people using my photos. Thanks!

Image Image

jake17 wrote:I AM LOVING THIS!!!! Especially the last paragragh ..whew! :oops: please please come back soon!
kyliemou wrote: two of my literary pieces got submitted and accepted into my college's literary magazine.

Congradulations!! That is awesome news! How could you possibly doubt yourself now? I think you should celebrate by coming back quick and giving us another juicy update! :D
Awww, thanks. :) I would've posted sooner, but meeting Jason has put me in a daze with everything in my life.
Roswell 10/2/00 wrote:Wow future Liz I think is going to have a problem with Zan the Man! Lucky girl she gets to have Max, Future Max, and in the future have Zan! Where can I Sign up for time travel! :twisted: Hoep all is well! Can't wait to see you this weekend!
Hey Erin. I would totally sign up for time travel just so I can insert myself into Jason's life. XD Thank you so much for meeting with me to meet him. I had so much fun. =]
forever dreamer wrote:Wow, what a great part!! How do you do it?? Every chapter tops the last one, and I just don't get how you do it!! Amazing!! Please post again soon. Rach x
Thank you so much, Rach. Like Bleeker said in Juno, "I try really hard, actually". ;P
KiaraAlexisKlay wrote:Wow. Zan is could I be so attracted to Zan and yet repulsed by Max? Though your FMax made me like Max all over again as I hadn't in years..... Poor really must be genetic. Her head knows that it is not Max, but his body is so much like the one that has loved and cared and protected and healed and pleasured her own that she can't help but react to his presence. Zan even smells similar to Max so how is she not going to go all tingly with that on top of it? Gah...Zan....hmmm....he can sizzle my omlettes any day....or night.....or twilight....hehehe. I love Zan's attitude, so proud and unashamed, cocky to the point of arrogance and confident in who and what he was and don't care what anyone else thinks. He see's what he wants (Liz) and he's going after her....perhaps her protesting and trying to deny the attraction is what eggs him on? Oh....I want present Zan and present Liz to meet! I want it, I want it, I want it! *pouts* Please? ~kristin
Kristin, I'm glad I made you like Max. He's really not a bad guy. Just certain things were thrown in his way that screwed him up. If Max and Zan existed, or Jason had a twin, I know I'd become a wanton slut for them. XD And for Present-Zan and Present-Liz, all I have to say is: patience is key. In due time, in due time. ;D
ruthandnina wrote:All I can is "Wow" :D I so loved this part. :D It is a long time since I’ve read such a good characterization from Zan. Your Zan is so smoking hot. Just wow! :D In your part you’ve described him as a person who is trying to ignore his impulsiveness feelings for Liz, because he is frightened of himself. There were so many scenes I loved to read like the “towel scene”. You did an excellent job writing this. :D Now I’m lurking here for your next part because I can’t wait to read more about your Zan and your Future Liz! Ruth :D
Thank you. I'm trying really hard to bring some life to Zan. I'm trying not to let what other people have written about him affect me, but of course, it's hard since there wasn't much of him to go on from the show.

Author's Note: I'm not really too happy about this chapter, but I just needed to get it out. With all the drama and sexual tension, I needed Liz to have a breather from it all. Also, I don't really like leader-Max and I wanted to show how the two slowly come together again. I promise you all will enjoy the next chapter. ;)

There are lines taken from “Tess, Lies, and Videotape” (Season 1, Episode 17), “Max in the City” (Season 2, Episode 9), and “We Are Family” (Season 2, Episode 12).

Chapter Eight:
Even though I once believed our love was never ending,
I had to face the fact you ruined it all.

“Right Behind You,” Tribal Ink.
December 11, 2000, Monday; Roswell, New Mexico:

It had been a long week for Liz. Christmas was soon coming up and her father was driving her up the wall with the constant bickering of how they should start hanging decorations up in the Crashdown. In that same week, Isabel managed to rope her and Maria into being elves for the upcoming Christmas pageant. Along with work, her schedule was packed. She buried herself with the long hours of work and school to keep her mind off of the current situation with her and Max. The gang knew something had happened between Max and Liz, but they didn’t push the subject. It wasn’t the first time that Max and Liz had a falling out. Too often had the two fought with their friends trying to reconcile them, but ended up only causing more trouble. They knew they eventually would be told what happened and in due time, everyone would heal again and come together as a group like always.

After working a particularly long shift today by herself (Maria had left in the afternoon to do some Christmas shopping with Alex and Kyle), Liz was grateful that it was closing time. She began to put the chairs up onto the tables. Paper topics and outlines, and a potential list of Christmas gifts rushed through her mind. She wanted to keep busy. She didn’t want to think about— She then snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a light tapping and saw Max at the door. “Damn,” she thought. With a gulp, she walked towards the doors and opened it for him. He brushed past her without a look and sat down in one of the booths. Maria had told her that he had been staying at Michael’s, not wanting to be alone and having Isabel and his parents hound him with questions about his state.

She closed her eyes and let out the air that she had been holding in. Staring out past the doors into the darkness, she willed all the courage she had and turned around. She sat down across from him. He didn’t say anything. No, he didn’t have to say anything because when he finally looked up at her, his eyes and the emotions flying across his face told her everything. In that moment, Liz felt her stomach lurch. The pain in her chest was growing. She felt horrible that she had caused him such pain. She knew. She knew she had hurt him. But seeing him up close made it all seem much more real. His eyes were bloodshot as if he had been crying for days. His nose was red to show how harsh the tissues were on his face. His cheeks had sunken in, showing he had lost weight. The dark heavy bags under his eyes showed his lack of sleep. He looked like a zombie. The silence was deafening. A few more seconds of silence and she was going to run out of there. She gripped onto her alien head apron, trying to find the strength.

“Max…” she started, wanting to break the tension.

“No,” he said sternly. She blinked in confusion. “I… I need you to listen to me,” he croaked out. She nodded, afraid of what he was going to say.

“Every time I tell myself that you wouldn’t—that you couldn’t—that you didn’t sleep with Kyle, I can’t help but keep picturing what I saw,” he choked out. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down. His hands closed into fists.

Oh how she wanted to tell him the truth so badly, but she knew she couldn’t. The world was literally resting on her shoulders at the moment. If she told him, all the efforts of Future-Max would be wasted. Tess will leave again. The group will fall and worse, die. She started to say his name again, but Max quickly held his hand up to stop her. She bit her lower lip in anticipation.

“I know what I saw. Nothing, nothing, can change that. I keep trying to tell myself that it was just my imagination, that my eyes played some sort of trick on me, but I know it’s not,” he said.

Liz recalled herself feeling exactly the same not too long ago. It was when Tess had first arrived in Roswell. It was when Max had left her in the Crashdown, telling her that she was the one he wanted to be with, that fate had brought them together, that she was the only one for him. Only then moments later was he wrapped up in the arms of Tess, kissing her in the rain. “It’s like everything I see with my eyes tells me that he’s cheating on me. But everything I felt with my heart tells me that he’s not,” she recalled herself once saying to Maria. If only she knew back in the beginning of this all on how this would all turned out, she would’ve stopped herself from pursuing a relationship with Max. She snapped out of her thoughts and licked her tight lips, uncomfortable with the sudden dryness in her mouth.

“I have to ask and I promise I’ll never ask it again... Did you sl—… Did you sleep with Kyle?” he struggled to ask. Her voice betrayed her; she could only nod her head. As his jaw clenched, he firmly said, “I love you. I love you, Elizabeth Parker.”

“Max,” Liz said, ready to say something along the lines that she didn’t want to be with him, that she no longer loved him, which were all lies.

“No, I need you to just listen okay? I love you and I will forever love you, because for me, you are the only one that matters. For me, you are the one. We’ve been through a lot together, but I thought we would always end up back together. But now I realized this is unfair… to you. The day I saved your life, I ruined your life.”

“No, Max. Quite the opposite,” whispered Liz. How could he think he ruined her life? If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t even be here today. She wouldn’t be living and breathing. She wouldn’t have been able to see her parents or her friends again. She wouldn’t have seen Grandma Claudia one last time. She wouldn’t have experienced what it was like to fall and be in love. If it weren’t for him, she would’ve died at a young age where she hadn’t experienced a single thing she was supposed to.

Max continued: “Maybe not ruined, but I managed to suck you up into all this mess. Every day, it’s a danger for every single one of us—not knowing when we’ll get captured or killed. I want you to have… I want you to have a normal life, as normal as possible.”

“Max…” she breathed out. Hearing those words from Max, she recalled that he had once said to her: “What’s so great about normal?” But now things were different.

“Please, let me finish. I love you too much to see you hurt. It killed me that day to see you with Kyle. I nearly died that day, Liz, and maybe I’m still dying. I never felt such pain before! Not even when I was in the white room because the thought you kept me alive… But it would kill me even more to see you hurt and alone, or worse, killed. That is why… That is why I’m letting you go,” he said, letting a tear slip out. “I want you to be happy. I want you to do the things you’ve always wanted to. I realized that it’s our right to see the world, to live our dreams. It’s different for me, Isabel, Michael, and Tess, but I don’t want to hold you back. Everyone we touch gets hurt in some way or another.”

“That’s not true,” she replied.

But he continued. “Five years from now, I don’t want you to open your eyes and realize that… that you missed out. You’re part of the group. You always will be. But you need to be allowed to… to grow. If you decide to be with Kyle or go off to—I don’t know—Sweden, then do so. I won’t stop you.”

Liz watched as the tears fell down Max’s face. She knew he was having a hard time dealing with this. She knew he was only saying what he thought she wanted to hear, that what he was telling her was all lies. She knew he really wanted to profess his love for her and want her to tell him what he saw was wrong. She knew he wanted to hold her and kiss her till the pain went away. She knew exactly what he wanted, but he couldn’t have it. She wanted to scream that she wanted him to be with her, that wherever she went or whatever she did, she wanted him to be by her side, that he was the only one for her as well. She just wanted him to be right alongside with her, experiencing the same things she would, with their hands entwined together as a symbol of their love.

“But I’ll be watching you, Liz Parker. Whatever you do, wherever you go, I’ll be here,” he said. At that moment, Liz got up and hugged Max. She had to. She wasn’t expecting him to forgive her so easily, but maybe he hadn’t. Maybe he loved her too much to not have her in his life. She didn’t know, but she knew one thing: Max loved her enough to let her go just like she him. This meant the world to Liz. They stayed that way for god knows how long. Friends, they were going to try to be friends. All this time, they were hanging by a single thin thread, but now… that thread had been cut and replacing that emptiness was a new rope with many new threads tangled together.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 9 - 4/17/2008 (pg7)

Post by kyliemou » Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:43 pm

My heart goes out to my feedbackers: kay_b, tinie38, garcia88, roswell3053, forever dreamer, Natalie36, paper, jake17, and totallizfan.

kay_b wrote:Oh wow, that was... :shock: That was just heartwrenching, Kylie. I keep picturing how broken Max is after running that speech over and over in his head then saying it to Liz. I can't even fathom how this will get fixed. But don't worry, I'll still be reading, this fic is simply too good to ignore. And not to mention the pics, I'm still on cloud 9. AAAHHH, my life will never be the same, lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :D
Kay, your welcome, babes. Oh, I'm really slow! I have read your fanfics and I didn't even realize it was you! Ugh, I have the tendency to go straight to the story without a care of who wrote it. Very bad, huh? =P But I just wanted to let you know that I love all your stories (Blindsided, the What If series, and Please Remember) and you need to update My Favorite Regret like now-status! UPDATE IT NOW!
roswell3053 wrote:You are so lucky, and I'm so jealous.
paper wrote:
...meeting Jason has put me in a daze with everything in my life.
You are a very lucky lady, indeed!
Thanks! Is it possible to be jealous of myself because I feel like I didn't meet him and it was all a dream. =[ I still can't believe it. I made the photo my cellphone wallpaper, but every time I see it, I don't believe it.

Rating: Adult.
Author's Notes: As apologies for giving you such a "heart wrenching/heartbreaking" chapter, as most of you said, here is a long chapter of sexy-goodness! But then again who said the drama was over? ;) I wrote this chapter all in one go and then kept going back to revise it. Hope this satisfies you all!

All spellings errors in this chapter are deliberate.

Chapter Nine:
I never thought that I could be so satisfied.
Every time that I look in your angel eyes,
a shock inside me that words just can’t describe
and there’s no explaining.

Something in the way you move, I can’t deny.
Every word from your lips is a lullaby.
A twist of fate makes life worthwhile.
You are gold and silver.

I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head,
but then pop! goes my heart.
(Pop! goes my heart)
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again,
but then pop! goes my heart,
(Pop! goes my heart)
and I just can’t let you go.
I can’t lose this feeling.

These precious moments, we have so few.
Let’s go far away where there’s nothing to do but play.
You show to me that my destiny’s with you
and there’s no explaining.

Let’s fly so high.
Will you come with me tonight?
In your dress, I confess you’re the sole sunlight.
The way you shine in the starry skies,
You are gold and silver.

I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head,
but then pop! goes my heart.
(Pop! goes my heart)
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again,
but then pop! goes my heart,
(Pop! goes my heart)
and I just can’t let you go.
I can’t lose this feeling.

A twist of fate makes life worthwhile.
You are gold and silver.

I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head,
but then pop! goes my heart.
(Pop! goes my heart)
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again,
but then pop! goes my heart.
(Pop! goes my heart)

I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head,
but then pop! goes my heart.
(Pop! goes my heart)
I wasn’t gonna fall in love again,
but then pop! goes my heart,
(Pop! goes my heart)
and I just can’t let you go.

“Pop! Goes My Heart,” PoP! (aka Hugh Grant).
December 11, 2000, Monday; New York City:

Like Present-Liz, Future-Liz was having a rough couple of days of her own—only sexually frustrated more like it. The cocky but sexy Zan happened to appear at every corner at every moment, slightly grazing himself against her. He’d whispered things into her ears that weren’t necessarily sexy, such as “Pass me the butter,” “You dropped your sock in the bathroom,” or “Want food?” But god, the way he said them made her shiver like a young wanton woman like her husband had once done to her. Zan would breathe heavily against the side of her face, whisper his sexless sayings, and lick the outer shell of her ears. Who knew the ears were so sensitive? He’d teased her by running his lips down her neck, only every once in a while letting his hot tongue drag against her skin. He’d brush his fingers along the top of her breasts and sought out her already hard nipples. He’d too often brush his rock-like erection against her backside, letting her feel exactly what she was missing out on. And every time she’d lose self-control, overwhelmed with the want to satisfy the ache in between her legs, and was ready to attack him, he would leave her high and wanting more. She remembered trying to grasp onto his arms and his shirt, but he’d quickly maneuver himself away from her with a smirk and a wink. He would walk away, still staring at her with such lust, licking his lips as he disappeared into his bedroom with the door shut.

It would always end the same way: she would scream in frustration once he was gone that always brought a smile to Zan’s face. He’d even given her a nickname—“Angel”—because apparently she looked oh so innocent to him. He said something along the lines that she was sent there for him. How can someone so cocky yet insensitive still turn her on? Max was nothing like Zan both mentally and emotionally. Max cared for her and made it known to her every day. He kissed with her with such love that she never doubted their feelings for each other. Sex wasn’t just sex for him; it was making love. But with Zan, it seemed like primal lust as if they had to do it according to nature. He said nothing of his feelings for her, but only letting her know how much he wanted to fuck her. Fuck being the word, not love.

Zan knew what he was doing to her. He enjoyed seeing this strong petite girl flush when he rubbed himself against her. Watching her moan with her head thrown back in need of more turned him on like never before. Sure, he had been hard before, but not like this. The erection she gave him felt unsatisfied even when he spilled his semen. He couldn’t will it away nor would it fall. It was as if he had Viagra in his system twenty-four-seven.

Zan was a lady’s man, simple as that. He fucked them with pure sexual passion and left them still high. Not that most of the women minded anyway. They enjoyed being taken passionately by some stranger and he would leave them completely and utterly satisfied. Then there were those who wanted him to commit to them, never experiencing what he gave them before, but he couldn’t. No, he didn’t want to. Sex was the only thing he was good for. Those women didn’t care for him; they only wanted his body. There was no room in his life for emotional attachments or commitment. He was the perfect fantasy for women to curl up in bed and read about in those steamy Fabio-covered novels. He fucked them, got off, and left as if he was a figment of their horny imagination. Never had he had a feeling for the hundreds of women he slept with, but with Liz, it was different. Just watching her do the simplest things such as throwing out the garbage turned him on. When she washed the dishes, he took notice of her tight bottom that seemed like a perfect fit in his hands. When she wiped the table, he noticed how her body swayed back and forth as if she was privately dancing for him. When she watched TV, he noticed how her mouth parted open and wondered what it would feel like with his cock buried in her small hot mouth. He wanted her like he never wanted anymore before. Her constant rejection had hurt his ego a little, just slightly bruised. He had never put so much effort in trying to fuck someone before. Most of the time, the women came to him or they just melted once he took them into his arms. But Liz—she was an enigma. She put up a brick wall and many times, over and over again, spurned him, but he could see the desire in her eyes. By the heavy panting of her opened mouth, he noticed her flush, wanting him to satisfy the burning he caused in her. He knew why she resisted him. She was torn apart with the idea of being with him and cheating on her husband (who, sadly, looked like him), and that’s why he wanted to break down her walls, wanted her to beg for him, wanted her to want him back. He wanted her to want him and only him. He wanted her to want Zan.

He was alarmed of the feelings she stirred inside him. He tried to ignore it, but it was hard when he was constantly hitting on her. He could pretend all he wanted, but he already knew he was falling for her—something that had never happened before to him and he hadn’t even fucked her yet. He hadn’t even fucked her yet! What the hell was that? How could he love someone without even knowing what she felt underneath him? What she felt around his cock? Or what she tasted like? At night, he would toss and turn, frustrated by his constant perverse dreams of taking her forcefully and marking her as his property. He had even developed a closer relationship with his hands and that disgusted him to no ends. Zan was the man. Zan does not go to his hands for comfort. Zan could have any women he wanted. Willing women would spread their legs, moaning to him to slip his cock into their hungry pussies. Zan does not go to his hands. Zan was THE man. But even Zan da Man could not ignore it all.

He knew she belonged to his double from the future. Cursing himself every night, he wished that he had met her first, that he had a different life—one that involved her. Hell, he wouldn’t mind being his double in this current time because that means he would get to be with this amazing woman. He would be able to watch her grow before his eyes. He understood why his double had set his sights on her. She wasn’t just beautiful. There were no words to describe just how amazing she looked. She looked oh so angelic yet the confidence in her walk and the passion in her eyes told him different. She had a small button nose, pouty lips, and cheeks that blushed whenever he was near her. She was strong yet wise and her eyes held something innocent in them. She was smart and quick on her feet, able to battle him to the end of their wits on any topic. She was small, but her curves made up for it. She wasn’t overly large in the chest or ass department, but she was perfect in that she would fit in the palm of his hands. It was as if she was made deliberately for him. Yes, Zan da Man was jealous and head over heels.

Suddenly, he was elbowed on the side, snapping him out of his, once again, somewhat perverse thoughts. He brought his attention back to the group sitting around the wobbly table. He was sitting to Liz’s left with Rath to her right. Lonnie to Rath’s right and Ava to Lonnie’s right. Their eyes all focused on him. “What?” he asked, not paying attention to what they were talking about.

“Where’s yo head at? Focus man,” said Rath. “We’s were sayin’ dat we’d leave in four days. Head up to Roswell, New Mexico. Do yer bitch’s biddin’ and scram.”

“I’m not his bitch,” angrily said Liz as she pinched Rath’s arm.

“Hey!” Rath rubbed where she squeezed his flesh and pinched her back. “Don’t touch me!”

“Don’t touch me!” she mocked.

“Yo, King. Git yer whore under control!”

“I’m not his whore!” Liz then launched a feminine punch-slap attack on him (which she had long ago learned from Maria).

“Stop it, woman!” he said, trying to avoid her slaps, which ended with him putting Liz in a head-lock.

“Let go!” she screamed, struggling to break free.

“Say it!” he roared with a snicker.

“Get off!”



“I ain’t lettin’ go till ya say it!”

“Fine, you want me to say it? RATH LOVES TO TAKE IT UP THE ASS!”

Rath sputtered with a growl. “Oh, dat’s it! Ya wanna be funny? Ya wanna be funny, huh? I show ya funny!” he cried, adding a knuckle-sandwich. “How do ya like dat, ehh? How do ya like dem fruits?” he said, grinding his knuckles harder into her head.

“STOP, RATH. STOP IT! STOPPP!” Wanting to be free, Liz shrieked, “FINE, FINE! RATH IS GANGSTAAAAAAAAAA!” Then her head dislodged from Rath’s arms. A little dazed, she rubbed her head and kicked him in the shin in revenge while she tried to fix her now frizzy hair.

Ava, Lonnie, and Zan stared wide-eyed in confusion. When had Rath become so chummy with Liz? It was only just last week that Rath was threatening to kill Liz and now they were friendly-attacking each other.

“Someone wanna explain what jus’ happ-ed?” asked Ava.

“We bonded ova a slice,” said Rath.

Rath had wanted to interrogate Liz some more, seeing as he was probably the only one in his group who truly cared about going home, about understanding where he came from, and meeting his true family. He always felt that Earth wasn’t his home and right off the bat, Liz knew Rath was exactly like Michael who always searched for something more. He had cornered her outside when he went out for a smoke and saw her coming back with the pizza. She had wanted to get some fresh air so she offered to pick it up. After a few minutes of yelling at each other like a brotherly-sisterly relationship (why they were arguing in the first place, they could no longer remember), pizza became the peace offering. They bonded, sitting on the sidewalk, eating pizza slices. In the end, Rath felt nothing but brotherly love for Liz, wanting to protect her against all things evil alien. He, of course, was the General. Protection was his job; that and blowing up things.

Lonnie rolled her eyes and said, “I ain’t even gonna ask,” as she picked off an imaginary lint off her pants. Zan scowled at how Rath had easily placed his hands on Liz like he had claim over her.

“So we head up to New Meh-he-co and den what?” asked Ava. “I don’t think they’s gonna welcome us wit’ open arms.” She crinkled her nose and scratched her head. Her blonde and purple hair fell over her eyes and she blew it out of her face.

“The problem is,” Liz bit her bottom lip and stared at the floor, “I won’t be able to come with you guys.”

All three heads snapped towards her directions and cried out, “WHAT?!”

“I mean, probably not the entire way. Look, a friend of mine told me that if I were to come into contact with my past self, we’ll both be obliterated, so there’s no way I can be in Roswell. You know, just to be safe so I don’t happen to turn around the corner and bump into… myself.”

“Why didn’t ya tell us soon-na?” asked Zan. She knew he was angry. He practically had flames seeping out of his eyes and smoke out his ears. Not to mention, she saw his drinking cup crack from the corner of her eye, but not enough for the liquid to seep out.

“I was going to, but with everything so far, I’d figure I’d tell you later.”

“Like when?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, the day we leave?”

“Wha’ da hell?!” he yelled. The crack in the cup widened. Oh, Liz was pushing his buttons.

“What else ain’t ya tellin’ us?” asked a concerned Ava.

Liz really didn’t want to tell them this part. Truthfully, she had kind of enjoyed this group. She knew that in many ways, they were similar to her group, but they were reckless and wild. They lived freely without a care of what other people thought because they knew they were special. They embraced their difference and accepted it completely. The fact that they were abandoned by absolutely everyone with no one to take them in made them tighter as a unit, tighter than her own group sadly. Where in her group, if one were to cause trouble, the group would be torn apart, where as with this group, even when they argued, they brushed it off like it was no big deal.

“If you guys successfully achieve, no… When you guys succeed in changing history, a different version of the future will take place. All the events that led to who I am fourteen years from now will be different. The woman I am now will…” Liz didn’t want to say it for the thought of it was too horrible for her to want to admit. “… will cease to exist,” she choked out.

She saw the shocked looks on their faces, but Zan’s face… It was currently unreadable. Then the cup exploded into pieces. Oh, Liz had done it now. The next thing she knew was she was being lifted off her feet and plopped over Zan’s shoulder. “ZAN! What are you doing?! Let me down! LET ME DOWN!” she cried as he carried her into his bedroom. The group stared at Zan’s retreating back with a flailing Liz on his shoulders, rolled their eyes, and began to eat dinner with Rath fixing the broken cup as if it was a daily occurance.

Once in the bedroom, with the door slamming shut behind Zan, he dropped her down onto the bed like a heavy luggage. As soon as she came back down to Earth, she got back up on her feet and shoved him. “What the hell is your fucking problem, Zan?!”

He was taken aback by the push. No one pushed him like that, not even Rath. Once regaining his balance, he advanced on her. “What is my problem? What is your problem? How could ya not tell me?”

“I was going to!” Liz tried not to back down, but it was hard to go against a six-foot-one body made of nothing but muscle. As his face closed in on hers, she felt the back of her knees hit his bed.

“No, I mean sooner! Why didn’t ya tell me sooner?!”

“I don’t know!” She ran her fingers through her hair, frustrated. Walking away from him and the bed, she felt awkward that she was in his room. This was the first time she had been in his room. His bed was unmade with two pillows tossed carelessly in the middle. On either side of the bed were two drawers. The left cabinet had a lamp with a stack of worn books on top of it. The right had a box of tissues and a clock on top of it. Across the room was another drawer, but bigger; she assumed it was where he kept his clothes. To the side of the left cabinet by the bed was a closet with a mirror attached to the door.

Zan saw Liz analyzing his room, but he could care less what his room looked like to her. He was furious and he demanded some answers. He wasn’t just plain angry. He was furious. He was a volcano that had already erupted and was still blowing up lava, wanting to wreck havoc on the civilization around him. “TELL ME!” he yelled. The lamp suddenly exploded due to his anger that had leaked out his powers. He grabbed her arm so she could focus on him and pushed her into the wall with his body.

Liz hated when Max cornered her with his body against the wall when they were fighting. It made her feel weak and weak she wasn’t. But Zan was doing the same to her now, evoking the same weak feelings she felt with Max. He pressed her against the wall firmly and she hissed when she felt his hands grip her arms tighter. “Stop it, Zan. You’re hurting me,” she whimpered.

“TELL ME!” he yelled once again as he pulled her an inch away from the wall and pushed her back into it. Anything movable in the room started to shake. The light began to flicker wildly.

God, he’s going to hurt me, she thought fearfully. She never had seen Max this angry before and judging from Zan’s nature, there was no telling what he could do to her. Suddenly, she felt afraid for her life. This man that stood before her was not just an alien but he was definitely not human at this moment. He was an animal. She could feel the violent heat radiate off his body and the heavy breaths on her face. She had to tell him. She had to. If she didn’t, he may… “I was afraid!” she admitted, tearing up.

Zan blinked. He wasn’t expecting that response from Liz. He was hoping to hear some half-assed response so he could release more of his anger at her. He wondered how she could not tell him what will happen when they changed the future. He shook his head, almost in denial. How could she keep something this important from him? How could she not trust him with her thoughts and feelings? And most importantly, how could she not go to him? But upon hearing her choke back her tears and at the sight of her trembling lower lip, he suddenly regretted his brutal ways. He felt all the anger drain from his body and uneasiness took place. He didn’t mean to be so rough with her. He wasn’t a monster. He wasn’t abusive. He never hit a woman before. He just… He couldn’t control himself, especially not around Liz. Silently cursing at himself with a frown, he raised a shaky hand to the side of Liz’s face and noticed her flinch. He clenched his teeth, hurt that she would think he would hit her. He would never hit her. Never. He would rather die before he hit her. He rubbed his thumb back and forth against her cheek, showing just how much he was sorry. “Afraid of what?” he asked softly, hoping to understand.

She was surprised by his sudden change of tone. One minute, he was abusive and the next, he was gentle. She decided he was either bipolar or the fact that how he grew up never taught him how to be in control of his emotions. In fact, perhaps it was just in his DNA. She remembered when Max had once grabbed her as roughly as Zan did. Once their argument had calmed down, Max quickly repented. She knew Max hadn’t meant to be so rough with her and in this moment, she knew Zan hadn’t meant to be so violent with her either. Or was she just that easy to manipulate when it came to these two men in her life? Still unnerved yet unable to help but forgive him, she responded, “If… If I say it, then I admit it will happen. If I say I will cease, then it will happen.”

In the short period of time Zan knew her, he knew nothing but her strength. It was in this moment that he truly saw how fragile she was, that she was upset with all the events that happened in her time, that she mourned for the loss of her husband, that she was afraid of disappearing. “Liz, baby,” he breathed out. His hand went under her chin and tilted her head up so their eyes could meet. He sucked in his breath when he saw the tears slipping out from the corners of her eyes. He pressed his forehead against hers.

Liz tried to move her face away, trying to get away, but he only forced her to look back at him as his fingers wrapped around the back of her neck. “Don’t,” she pleaded, closing her eyes to avoid his gaze.

“Angel, look at me.”

“I can’t.” She was too afraid to look at him. She was afraid because of the feelings of her impending death, but in this moment, mostly because of the feelings he stirred inside of her. She had been fighting him for so long, but now… if she were to look at him, she knew she couldn’t restrain herself anymore.

“Please, Liz,” said Zan, his voice turning husky. “Look at me.”

Biting her lip, she opened her eyes and immediately regretted it because she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. His eyes had darkened till they were almost pure black. His breathing had quickened with his jaw clenched tightly. She could smell the spiciness in his breaths. She saw how close the mole on his upper lip was to her. Oh how she wanted to taste him. He rubbed his nose against hers, enjoying the feeling of this close proximity. His fingers trailed down her collarbone, grazing against the top of her breasts that were ready to spill out of her tank top.

“Zan,” she breathed out almost in pleasure at the feather-like touch. They couldn’t deny it anymore. They both wanted each other and in this moment, they both needed each other. With a growl, he went to take her lips, but stopped short. He wanted to make sure she wanted this. He didn’t want to take her against her own will. He didn’t want her to regret this. Suddenly feeling brave, Liz’s tongue flicked at his lower lip, tasting only a small preview of Zan. That was the answer he needed. His lips quickly descended down onto hers. Their lips nipped at each other’s before his tongue found its way into her mouth. Oh god, after a week of sexual frustration, she was finally given what she had been craving for. He was eating her alive. His lips were everywhere, nibbling, biting, and sucking. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his left hand slid down to her leather-covered bottom, lifting her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. His other hand tangled itself into her hair. She couldn’t help but moan as his hot tongue slid against hers. He tore his lips away, trailing them down her neck while his hand kneaded her ass.

Liz rubbed herself against him, unable to control the ache in between her legs that wanted to be satisfied. He was hard against her heat and she desperately rocked herself against it. Zan growled at the friction and nipped at her jaw as she panted into his ear. His hand slid under her tank top to find she wasn’t wearing a bra. With a deep growl, his fingers quickly found their way onto her nipple and pinched it, enjoying how hard it felt in between his fingers. He tugged at it, enjoying its bounce. She threw her head back and once her neck was exposed to Zan, his lips latched onto the pulse of her neck.

“Bed now,” she moaned out as he cupped her breast entirely. She fidgeted in his arms as his hand softly kneaded the flesh.

That was all he needed to hear before he stumbled his way to the bed with Liz in his arms. Dropping down, he quickly dissolved their clothes with the wave of his hand. She smiled. Being an alien had some of its perks, she thought. His body was gorgeous. He was ripped in all the right places. His pecs and abs were so defined that she was sure her chest would have an imprint of his chest. The sight of the tattoos that graced his body turned her on even more. They told her the life story of Zan. They were a part of him. She felt his penis tap against her womanhood. God, he’s so big, she thought. Her hand reached down and grabbed his engorged penis while she caught his bottom lip in between her teeth. He hissed in pain which quickly turned into a groan when he felt the tip of his cock rub against Liz’s vagina lips. Her wetness coated the tip of his cock. He was right—she was more than beautiful. Her breasts did fit in the palm of his hands. She did have curves in all the right places. He licked at the freckles that danced across her chest, deliberately ignoring her soft mounds, and groaned when he caught sight of the triangular patch of hair in between her legs.

“Please,” she whimpered, wanting to satisfy the ache. She was so far gone that she didn’t care about foreplay anymore. She wanted him buried deep inside her now. She wanted to feel herself stretch to accommodate him. She wanted to feel him invade her body. She wanted to feel him slide against her walls. She wanted him to bring her to heaven and crash her back down to Earth. Zan rubbed his unshaven chin against her neck and down the valley of her breasts, finally capturing a nipple in his mouth. The scratchy feeling of his beard against her skin made Liz tingle. She let out a moan as his tongue repeatedly dabbed at her nipple. His hands then held her breasts, softly pushing them together as if she was wearing a push-up bra. His hot mouth trailed from one breast to the other, licking and sucking.

Liz pushed her heat towards his penis, managing to slip only the head inside of her. It wasn’t enough, but it was a start. God, the girth of him, she thought, the girth! Zan nearly came when he felt how good she felt. He shook his head. He was barely even in her! It was just the tip. Liz mewed when he slipped out. He could hear the wet suction of her tight pussy. Unable to control himself anymore, he pressed his lips against her temple and pushed his full length into her heat. His eyes rolled back at the sudden feeling of her tight warmth completely surrounding his organ. Liz cried out loudly with her eyes clenched tight at the sudden feeling of being filled. Completion—they both were exactly where they wanted the other to be.

He couldn’t believe they were finally joined. It felt like a dream to him. All the nights he had dreamed of taking her this way, of her underneath him—it was finally here. He bit his lower lip and pulled out his lower body as far as he could. His penis threatened to slip out and he quickly surged hard back inside of her. Her body jerked at the invasion as she tangled her fingers into his spiky hair. She held on as his hips began a fast pace of re-joining their bodies. Her legs wrapped tighter around his waist, forcing him to go faster and deeper. “God, baby, you feel so tight,” Zan panted out. Capturing her lips one more time, he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder. “Fuck!” he cried out as he sank deeper inside her.

“Oh god!” groaned Liz as she thrashed head to the side.

His grip tightened on her leg as he thrust deeply into her. Out of all the times he’s had women, never had it felt this amazing. She was tight like she had never been with a man before. The walls of her vagina burned him and milked him for what he’s worth. He buried himself hard into her, his balls nestled nicely against her ass cheeks. The sweat on his forehead fell onto Liz’s chest, causing her breasts to glisten. He watched her body jerked as his cock reappeared and disappeared into her dark curls. Her constantly moving breasts taunted him. Panting heavily, her hands found their way to his headboard, stretching and exposing her body even more. He felt her clench around him, letting him know she wasn’t going to last and neither was he. His hand dropped down from her leg to her center and his thumb found her nub. “OH GOD!” cried Liz as she sunk her nails into Zan’s shoulder.

With him inside of her and the bundle of nerves attacking her body, it was too much for her to take. He dropped her leg back down onto the bed and placed both his arms on either side of her head. She curled her arms around his as his body pressed heavily against hers into the bed. He pushed inside of her, his entire body rubbing up against hers. She could feel his balls slapping against her flesh. Her legs were so wide open that she could feel his lower body hit her clit with every thrust. “Come for me, baby. You know you want to. I want to feel you come on my cock. Come on my fucking cock,” he growled into her ear. As if on command, her body arched off the bed as her orgasm washed over her. She let out a yell as her walls pulsed and tightened more around him. His hips bucked against hers and with one final push, he came, coating her insides with his milky semen.

Spent, he collapsed onto her body, shivering just as much as Liz was. He nuzzled his sweaty face into her breast, enjoying the softness and the bounce. Slowly slipping out, hating to leave her body already, he wrapped her in his arms, rolled them over so she was on top. Liz rubbed her flushed cheek against his chest, trying to regain control of her body once again. They enjoyed the feeling of being in each other’s arms; they didn’t want to be anywhere else at the moment. As their breathing evened and their eyelids became heavy, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued.
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Adia - Chapter 10 - 4/24/2008 (pg8)

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You guys make this fanfic possible: totallizfan, roswell3053, forever dreamer, tinie38, jake17, KiaraAlexisKlay, Natalie36, kay_b, and ruthandnina.

I met Milo Ventimiglia and Seth Green! I also saw (but did not take a photo with): Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring, Kal Penn, Neil Patrick Harris, and Brendan Fraser.
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ruthandnina wrote:Hi :D I love your fic so much, but I have to admit, that you take a toll on my dreamer heart, because I hate it to have to say good bye always to your wonderful couples, you’ve created for us. First Future Max/Liz, then Max/Liz and now Zan/Future Liz. You have truly talent for writing stories like this and I’m sitting here awaiting eagerly your next part.
Thank you so much for your kind words, Ruth. I'm using this story to play out all the fantasies I've had about couples that are meant to be (Max/Liz) and couples that should've been (Future-Max/Liz, Zan/Future-Liz, etc).

Rating: Adult.
Author's Note: I am not too happy about this chapter, but that's entirely up to you guys. Good? Okay? Bad? I kept trying to go back to this chapter over and over again to fix it (extending it from six pages to eight pages), but I got to the point where I can't even look at it anymore. I even considered holding this chapter from you guys a few more days, but I couldn't bear to do that. I know what it's like to wait for a long time for a new chapter for a story. =P Let me know if there's anything I should change about my writing style or etc. I'm open to all sorts of comments and questions. I want a proper banner for this story. *pouts*

All spellings errors in this chapter are deliberate.

Chapter Ten:
Wake up in the morning,
I shall wake up and so shall you.
And I wake up.
The sun is beautiful
and it is warming you and I.
Fragile as we lie.

“One Day I Slowly Floated Away,” Eisley.
December 12, 2000, Tuesday; New York City:

Future-Liz woke up with a smile on her face. She hadn’t rested so well in such a long time and her body still tingled from the sexual activities. Last night, when Zan took her… It was explosive. It was mind-blowing. It was pure animalistic passion. It left her satisfied like she hadn’t been since she came here. How was it possible she was ready to go another round? She thought she had been sexed out last night. The memory of Zan’s heavy body on top of hers made her ache. His burning wet mouth on her skin… His palms kneading her breasts and ass… His cock surging inside of her… Oh, how she wanted him!

She was resting on top of Zan with the blanket tangled around their bodies. Propping herself on her elbows, she stared down at the sleeping Zan. How young he looked when he was asleep. She saw past his tattoos and his piercings. She saw past his threatening look and his rude cocky attitude. Underneath him was just a little boy in search for something more and being a little cocky herself, she knew that something was her. Swiping her nose against his chest, not wanting to break free from his embrace, she noticed how Zan still had his arms around her. He trapped her to him as if she was going to up and leave any moment, not that she would. She enjoyed the feeling of his muscular arms holding her. She felt warm. She felt safe. She felt loved. She felt like she was at home.

Trailing her finger on the tattoo on his arm like the very first day they had met at the café, she felt him roll them over with his body on top of hers and bury his face into her neck. Zan was resting peacefully, which was unusual because he never slept with someone in his bed before. No one had ever slept in his bed before, not even Ava. On the nights he fucked some stranger, he always went to her place. It was easier for him to leave in the morning. The person also wouldn’t stalk him outside of his home. Not that the person would if she knew he lived in the subway tunnels. He wondered what Liz had done to him. Sleeping with her made him feel like he’s never had sex before. Kissing her made him dizzy. Touching her overwhelmed him with want. Looking at her made him long for her. She had bewitched him and she terrified him.

When he felt Liz touching him just now, it was as if his body had suddenly been shocked to life. Every nerve lit up and pulled him out of his dream world (which he was having a very nice dream of pounding into Liz senselessly in the steamy shower). Controlling himself, he forced his mind to clear away the fog. Suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of being used, he tightened his hold no her, heavily pressing his body against hers. “I’m not him,” he said in a deep groggy voice, sinking his teeth into her neck as if he was marking her as his. “I’m not Max.”

She stiffened at his words while trying to ignore the unshaven hairs on his chin scratching against the side of her neck. She knew she was supposed to feel guilty about sleeping with Zan. God, she had cheated on Max, her husband, the love of her life! Yet for some odd reason, she didn’t feel guilty. She couldn’t explain why, but she felt comfortable with him, just as comfortable as she did with Max. She knew they were total opposites, except for their leader-like qualities and their interest in her. They weren’t the same person. Max was not Zan and Zan was not Max. They weren’t just identical twins but fraternal twins as well. But if it was one thing she knew, it was things had changed for both her and her Max when they came back to the past. Everything and anything was up for grabs. Things were different now. “The future is to be determined,” she thought, remembering what Max had always told her. Yes, everything was different now.

Planting a long tender kiss on Zan’s shoulder, she knew he was afraid that she was using him as a replacement for Max. Sure she loved Max—no, she still loves him—but somehow she loved Zan just the same amount. Was that possible? Reminding her own self that she was in another timeline where anything was possible, she reassured him, “No, you’re not. You’re Zan.”

“Good. Jus’ so we clear on dat,” he said, rolling off her and onto his back. “Right,” he mumbled to himself, rubbing his stomach. Liz could feel her body tingle at the sight of Zan’s hand touching his own abs. God, his body is so…, thought Liz. She coyly wiped the side of her mouth to make sure she wasn’t drooling. Getting off the bed, he revealed his incredible naked body to her. He placed his hand on his chest and with a glow of his hand, his clothes quickly reappeared onto his body. He was about to place his hand on Liz’s arm to clothe her as well, but he changed his mind.

She was curled up in his bed like a sexy nymph. The sight turned him on like the many times of the sight of Liz. “I dink I like ya naked in mah bed,” he said, playfully baring his teeth and snapping his teeth together as if he was trying to eat her. She pushed him away with a giggle. Suddenly, he looked uncomfortable. His eyes flickered back and forth from Liz to the door. “Uhhh…” He looked around, scratching his head, unsure of what to do.

Liz snuggled into the blankets some more, slightly cocooning herself, and smiled at him with a playful roll of her eyes. “Let me guess, you’ve never done this before,” she chuckled out.

“Done wha’?”

She wanted to kiss him senseless just at how adorably dumb he was at the moment. “You know… Sleeping in, sticking around after the girl wakes up, making conversation, dealing with the aftermath,” she said, sitting up and leaning against the headboard.

Zan smirked at the sight of the blanket dangerously falling to expose her breasts. Scratching his unshaven jaw, he replied, “Guess not. Nuttin’ worth stickin’ ‘round for, ya know?”

She couldn’t stop the grin from forming on her lips. She knew Zan was a lady’s man, she knew she was number a billion something in the girls he slept with, but who would have thought that she would be the first to actually see Zan after sex—to truly see him. She felt special. She felt honored. She felt… Catching what Zan was staring at, she giggled and pulled the blanket down, exposing herself from the waist up. She made a point to take a look at herself. “If I should say so myself,” she teased, trailing her fingers down the crevice of her breasts, “I think this is worth sticking around for.” Zan stood there flabbergasted, which was something he never did. She grabbed his hands and pulled him back to bed. She scooted closer to him, still sitting up.

“Oh definitely,” he breathed out as his mouth latched onto one of her nipples. It was hard and pressed up against the roof of his mouth. His tongue lazily dragged along the tip, enjoying the taste that was uniquely Liz. Her mouth parted in a heavy pant. Sex machine, Zan, you’re a fucking sex machine, she thought to herself. While his mouth lavished at her, his hand cupped the other mound, pitching her nipple. She squirmed as a shock of electricity travelled down to between her legs. She could feel her vagina walls clench, wishing he was inside of her. She wanted more. Tugging at his hair and pulling him off her breasts, she sloppily kissed him. “You taste good,” he panted as he nibbled on her lips.

“Mmhhmm, so do you,” She quickly said in between kisses, her tongue dueling with Zan in a fight for dominance.

Pulling away, he pulled her legs so she was lying flat down on the mattress. He admired her naked body. She was soft to the touch and she was … She was perfection. Trailing his burning tongue from her ankle to the inside of her thigh, he closed his eyes and heavily breathed in her scent—spicy, his favorite. Burying his head in between her legs, he finally tasted her true flavor. “Zan!” cried Liz. His tongue sought out her folds as if he was discovering a lost civilization. She tasted like ambrosia. He swirled around her clit before moving to her slit. He thrust his tongue into her opening over and over again like a miniature cock. He’d never tasted anything as good as this and he never wanted to stop. He wanted to feel her walls on his tongue. He wanted to feel her clamp down on him. He wanted to make her come into his mouth. He looked up while he was lapping at her juices to find Liz pinching her own nipples. His hand quickly shot down to his penis and squeezed, trying to keep himself from coming right there at the sight of Liz groping herself.

Slowly her fingers trailed down her body and began to search for her clit. She needed to come. God, the things he was doing to her… She knew he could kiss, but god, his tongue! When her index finger dived into between her folds, Zan licked at her finger and batted her hand away. She mewed in desperation.

“You want to come that badly?” he asked with a glint in his eyes. His finger lightly trailed around her opening, teasing her. He could feel her walls trying to suck his finger in.

“Yes, I want to come,” said Liz, breathlessly. “Make me come, Zan.”

He smirked. “I’ll make you come. I’ll make you come so hard you won’t come back down for hours,” he growled. Giving her clit one last lick, he dissolved his clothes once again and quickly buried himself inside her.

He was right; she didn’t come back down for hours.
- - - -
December 13, 2000, Wednesday; Roswell, New Mexico:

Liz Parker was glad to have her life go back to normal. Well, as normal as it could have been. Max was talking to her again and this time around, he was trying really hard to be friends, just friends. Hell, Max hadn’t even punched Kyle but then again, he hadn’t talked to him, not once. He mostly ignored him, but Kyle was fine with that, never really liking Max in the first place. After all, Max stole Liz from him and threw him into an intergalactic world of the unknown that went against all his beliefs. But all in all, the group hung out like they never did before. There were no FBI agents chasing after them. There were no evil aliens ready to take over the world. Not yet anyway, Liz often pondered. In this moment, to anyone looking from afar, they were simply teenagers having the time of their lives.

Despite everything going back to “normal,” Liz couldn’t help but feel like there was a dark cloud hovering over her head. She knew things wouldn’t last this way for very long. In fact, she knew too much. Ever since she slept with Future-Max, she began to have flashes, like the ones she had gotten with Max but they were not as clear. They were more like blurred images with an explosion of emotions with each visual. It was as if her senses were heightened by a thousand times. She couldn’t make sense of it all, but she knew they were past memories of Future-Max. She didn’t understand why she was having flashes of his life since he was gone.

When she went to bed at night, she would wake up in cold sweat, frightened by the dark. She felt everything Future-Max had felt: weak and worn out, the grief with the unstoppable tears, and oh god, the smell and taste of blood—lots of it. She couldn’t even imagine what he had gone through. She only knew that everyone he cared about had died and judging from these dream flashes, he had killed many as well in return. She couldn’t help but feel as if the blood, literally and figuratively, was on her own hands. No matter how many times she showered and scrubbed till her skin turned almost bleeding red, the blood was still there.

She had an idea of what was to come in the future, but not knowing how much of the future she had changed, she was at a disadvantage. Will the enemies still take over the Earth? Will Tess still leave or will she be with Max now? The big question was, will this future turn out to be for the best when compared to Future-Max’s own lifetime? Or will it turn out to be for the worse?

Afraid of what was to come, she mentally prepared herself for the day when she would see her family and friends die. It wasn’t like her to be this morbid, to be this cold, but something about feeling what Future-Max had felt changed her. Future-Max’s character influenced her, not necessarily for the better, but not for the worst either. Being a leader was always a quality Max had, but what Future-Max became was different from the Max she knew now. He was older, colder, and fearless in the decisions he made, not caring who would be affected. Her Max was headstrong but he always weighed his decisions that were the best for everyone. Liz was able to think as a whole instead of just worrying only about her friends and family. She, like Future-Max, was now able to make a decision without in regards to others. She didn’t like this new side of herself, but she had to embrace it. Someone had to be prepared, someone had to be ready for the worst, and that somebody was her, seeing as no one knew what she knew.

She knew the tremendous power that the Granilith held. She had a feeling that she knew where it was located, but the blurred visuals didn’t help her make sense of anything. But what she didn’t know was how to keep it safe and from having it fall into the wrong hands, or how to tell her friends about it. Surely they would ask questions. How would Liz, a human, know more than the aliens did about their own technology? How could she explain her knowledge of the future?

Restless, her nights were. She would get no more than a few hours of sleep before she woke up in a state of panic. Staring back at the Crashdown’s bathroom mirror now, she saw her cheeks had sunken in. The bags under her eyes that were never there before were now present. She had lost so much weight and she knew this without even weighing herself. She could feel her ribs underneath her work uniform. With a sigh, she rubbed her face with her hands in frustration. She was tired and it was etched all over her face and body.

“Liz?” asked a voice on the other side of the bathroom door.

Recognizing Maria’s voice, Liz turned on the sink faucet and filled her cup with warm water, popping a Tylenol. “I’ll be right out!” she replied, settling the cup down on the sink countertop. Straightening out her clothes, she walked out to find her best friend with her hands on her hips.

“What’s wrong?” asked Liz. Oh god, thought Liz. Does Maria know I’m hiding something from her? Does she suspect something?

“Rush hour, that’s what!” said Maria, placing her hands on Liz’s shoulder and pushing her back into the packed diner. Liz felt relived—Maria didn’t know.

As they walked into the crowded diner, Liz saw Alex and Kyle sitting by the counter. ”Hey guys,” she said. She tried to smile, but she couldn’t fake it as well anymore. Her smiles looked more strained, but she tried.

Kyle gave her a look from head to toe. “You look like hell!”

“Oh, thanks Kyle. That’s so nice of you,” she said, glaring at him.

Alex placed his hand on her arm. “My god, your arm… It’s like pencil thin! Liz, we love you and all, but seriously, have you been eating? You’re like a walking skeleton.”

Kyle nodded in agreement. “Very unattractive, Parker.”

Liz narrowed her eyes at him. “Of course, I’m eating! It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.”

“I’d kill to have my food go nowhere on my body,” said Maria who just gave in an order to the cook and joined in on the conversation.

“It’s nothing. I just can’t sleep. Nightmares, you know?”

“Oh man, I once had nightmares for a whole week!” replied Maria. “It was when I first found out about the Czechoslovakians, you know? I was afraid they were going to rip my head off with their tentacles.”

“They don’t have tentacles,” said Alex.

“Well, that was before when I thought they did.”

Kyle went off to talk about his nightmare that involved a blonde model trying to sleep with him and then having Buddha yell at him for giving in to his bodily pleasure. Liz rolled her eyes. As much as she loved her friends, they were clueless sometimes. Picking up an order freshly made by José, she went to give it to the customer.

“Here you go,” she said with another fake smile.

The bells on the diner doors rang and she looked up to see the pod squad walking in. Max gave her a small smile while Michael nodded at her and Isabel waved. Tess gave her a look that made Liz uncomfortable. It was a mixture of a glare and a you’re-up-to-something look. There was no friendliness in her face. She watched as Tess grabbed Max’s arm and led him to a booth. Looking away in disgust, Maria knowingly bumped into her. “God, look at that gerbil! She’s clinging to him as if it was the end of the world.” Liz looked away, staring at her feet. Those oh so familiar words, the end of the world, repeated in her mind. Then the next thing she knew was the floor was pulling out from under her feet. She could faintly hear Maria yell her name from afar, even though she was right next to her.

She realized she never hit the ground and felt a pair of arms around her. Focusing her eyes, she realized she was in Max’s arms. “Liz, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” asked a worried Max, pushing her hair out of her face. And that’s when the flashes came.

Flash: “I love you Liz,” whispered Future-Max as he cupped Liz’s face and slid into her body.

Flash: “Harder,” she whimpered as she clung onto Future-Max’s shoulders. More, she wanted more. Their bodies set in a rhythm, rocking back and forth.

Flash: “I love you,” she moaned as her head flew back in orgasmic pleasure.

While the flashes were playing like a video, she pulled away, afraid of letting Max see. “NO!” she screamed, moving away from him. Trying to stand up, she crumbled towards the floor. She let out a blood-chilling scream as she felt her body tear into two. She was in so much pain. She couldn’t breathe. It was as if all the oxygen in the room had been sucked out by a vacuum.

Flash: “You’re going to get what you deserve, bitch!” yelled Tess as her hand closed around Liz’s neck.

Flash: “You’re going to die just like they all did!” screamed Khivar as light emitted from his hand.

Flash: It was night time and the clouds decided to cry. Future-Max and Future-Liz were running down the streets of Roswell, wounded and weary. When they got to the safety of the Crashdown, they tried to regain their strength. “They’re dead, they’re all dead!” sobbed Future-Liz as she broke down. Future-Max held her in his arms, crying into her hair.

Then the flashes stopped. The pain in her body quickly stopped when the visuals ceased, but her head throbbed furiously. Her eyes darted all around the café, sickened by the curious stares of the customers on her. She looked over at Max and saw nothing but coldness in his eyes. Her stomach lurched and she felt the contents of her stomach rise up her throat. Oh god, she thought to herself. Getting up on her feet, she ran out of the diner and up to her bedroom’s bathroom where she began to try to throw up what felt like her entire stomach organ.
- - - -
Liz spent the rest of the day in her room with her friends acting like mother-hens, constantly hovering over her to make sure she was comfortable. She wasn’t comfortable. She was in silent agony. She hadn’t spoken since she saw the hardness in Max’s eyes. They reminded her a little of Future-Max’s cold eyes when he was telling her what happened in his world. How much did he see? wondered Liz. If Max saw what she thought he saw, it was all over. All of Future-Max’s efforts would be wasted.

“Liz, honey, tell me what’s wrong…” said Maria as she laid next to Liz, softly stroking her hair. Alex was lying down on the other side of Liz. “Liz, you can tell us anything,” he said. Kyle sat on what little space was left for him on the bed. Alex and Maria cocooned her in their arms with Kyle resting against her legs.

“I—“ Liz started, but choked on her hiccups. The tears were now rapidly overflowing down her face. “I never asked for any of this. I never asked for any of it!” she sobbed.

“Asked for what?” they asked, but Liz didn’t say anything else. She just cried. She couldn’t tell them. She was truly alone and in pain. Damn you, Max, damn you for doing this to me!, she cried silently in her head.

Meanwhile Liz was crying, Max was sitting in the Crashdown booth with Michael, Isabel, and Tess. He stared hard at the table with his jaw clenched so tight that his teeth would have been worn down to the gums. The rest of the pod squad were all trying to process what happened, but it was hard seeing as no one knew what happened… except for Max. It was all so sudden. One moment Liz was fine and the next thing she was on the ground, screaming as if she was about to die.

Michael was the first to speak up, always unafraid to voice out his thoughts. “Do you want to explain to us what happened, Maxwell?”

“I don’t even know what happened myself,” replied Max, still blankly staring at the table

Isabel frowned. “You saw something, didn’t you?” she asked, knowing full too well of the connection Liz and her brother had.

“I don’t want to talk about it” was his answer.

Persistent on finding out what happened, Michael sternly said, “Just tell us what you saw.”

Max sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to get out of this. Perhaps it was time to tell them. Then maybe he wouldn’t feel so alone, so burdened, so hurt. “Liz… She… She…”

“She?” said Tess, trying to get him to finish his sentence.

“She cheated on me.”

Both Isabel and Michael said, “She what?” Tess looked almost pleased for a moment as if she had expected Liz to do that and quickly covered it by frowning.

“She slept with Kyle. I—… I knew this already.”

“Oh my god, Kyle?” Isabel said in disbelief.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” asked Michael. Max remained silent.

“What happened, Max?” asked Tess, placing her hand over his, urging him to continue. Comfort, that was what she was offering to him.

“Today, when I caught her, I saw her… Oh god!” Max said, gulping. He finally met their shocked eyes with his own tear-filled ones. He was trying to make sense of what he saw, but deep down, he knew what he saw. “I saw her cheat on me. I caught her red-handed, but this time, oh god! I saw and felt her cheat on me through her eyes!”
- - - -
December 15, 2000, Friday; New York City:

“Do we hafta, angel?” asked Zan with a frown on his face.

“You know we have to,” replied Future-Liz.

“But why can’t we jus' stay here a little longer? We could fuck some more,” he said, waving his eyebrows at her in a suggestive manner.

Liz smiled. “As appealing as that sounds, you know we can’t. The longer we wait, the less chance we have to save this world.”

“I just… I just…” I just don’t want you to leave me was what Zan really wanted to say, but he couldn’t get the words out. He was never good with words, but he knew if they went now, his time with Liz will be cut short and he didn’t want to let her go.

Liz laced her fingers with his. “I know, I know.” He didn’t want her to leave and she didn’t want to leave, but it was for the best. This wasn’t her time; she didn’t belong here. If things didn’t change, it would be a bloodbath all over again.

They walked out of his bedroom, hand-in-hand, and sat down on the couch in the living room. Ava, Lonnie, and Rath were already sitting there, waiting for them.

“Finally, da horndogs appear!” smirked Rath. “If ya guys stopped fuckin’ like rabbits for a sec, we could’ve—“

“Rath, shut da fuck up!” yelled Zan. Future-Liz only blushed. “We jus’ needed to talk.”

“More like tryin’ to hump each other.”

Zan glared at his second-in-command. “Jus’ ‘cause ya ain’t gettin’ any from Lon ‘ere, don’t mean ya gotta git up on mah case. We already discussed the plan. Rath, ya said so yerself earlier: we leave tomorrow. I ain’t got much to pack, so I’m good to go.”

Rath pouted. “I git plenty.” Lonnie shook her head, mouthing the word “No” to Liz.

Ignoring Rath, Ava said, “I already git the car.” She winked and tapped of her index finger to her temple. “Gotta give props to da warps,” she said with a chuckle.

“Now if ya can bag a guy wit’out warpin’ him,” teased Lonnie.

“Piss off! Ya just jealous ‘cause Rath gets all Tarzan-ape-shit when some ass comes near ya wit’ his cock hangin’ out,” retorted Ava.

No matter how many times Liz told herself that this Ava wasn’t her Tess, she couldn’t help but feel dread. Mind-warp—it was a power with no limitations. Ava and Tess could get anyone to see and do whatever they wanted all by simply using their power and their imagination. To her, it was like gift-wrapping and handing Hitler an atom bomb as a present. But slowly, Liz was beginning to like Ava. She was so different from Tess. Ava was spunky and kind. She never said anything bad, unless provoked. One thing Liz had liked a great deal about Ava and that was she didn’t believe in the whole destiny crap. She had told Liz that Zan and her slept together a few times but that was in the past. They were nothing more towards each other than just siblings whereas Tess was constantly persistent on making Max hers.

“’ey, I’m jus’ lookin’ out for her,” Rath replied.

“Lookin’ out! More like acting like a jealous gorilla,” Ava said in disbelief.

“Wha’ was dat, pipsqueak? Say it again,” he said, wielding his fist in the air, “or you’ll meet Mr. Fist.”

Ava smirked, unafraid. “I SAID—“

“Yo, ya two chill it out, okay?” said Lonnie with a roll of her eyes. “Ava, stop pickin’ on Rath. You know he’s a juvenile. Rath, stop actin’ like I’m yer girl.”

“But yer are mah girl!”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe, but ya don’t see meh goin’ crazy on yer ass when ya got some hoe suckin’ on yer dick.” Rath half-pouted and half-scowled. He was trapped. He didn’t like seeing Lonnie with other men, but for him, he didn’t mind being with other chicks. “Anyway, back to the plan—I gots the cash,” Lonnie replied. “ATMs suck when up against the mojo of an intergalactic person.”

“I got nothin’,” said Rath with a huge smile.

“I got—“ Zan started, but was cut off by Rath.

“A shitload of condoms?”

“Fuck off, Rath!”

Liz cursed at herself silently. They didn’t use a condom, not once in the billion times they’ve slept together.

To be continued.
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