Why just Candy?

Michael and Maria fighting/making up do it for you? Then enter the M&M Zone.

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Post by xmag » Fri Apr 27, 2007 12:21 pm

There are plenty of candies, just not here, at RF that's all.

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Post by sanaazzy » Sat May 05, 2007 8:58 pm

Very true Mag...

Im a past candy, present candy and future candy.

I don't read CC fics because as someone else has said most of them are around M/L being the main couple.

I admit most of the fics i do read tend to be fics on candy sites...but hey thats me, im picky with the stuff i read

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Post by girl afraid » Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:33 am

I generally only read fics if they have some kind of decent candy storyline, and I won't read fics where Michael and/or Maria are with other people.
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Re: Why just Candy?

Post by Sundae » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:41 pm

Stardance wrote:I can't help but wonder if because readers are so intrested in just Candy fics that they can't find or won't read others. Many CC stories also center on M&M. I mean I love Candy, but I was a dreamer the first time. I still am, but M&M's have so much too. I think I just wish the every couple could get the spot light. Sorry guys its late and I am lossing my mind slowly but surely. Keep up the good work.
P.S. I believe the reason other couples get focused on more is the "What if?" factor. What if A/I. What if K/T. What if there never was M/T, just M/L. I honestly think that Micheal and Maria had the strongest relationship.
You know...I started out as a Dreamer. When Roswell first aired I was hooked and Max and Liz were like ooohhh laa laaaaa. It was all so romantic and all so lovey dovey...but now being a dreamer is on the bottom of the list. I think it had to do with me being only 9 when Roswell first aired. I was kid and Liz and Max's realtionship was portrayed so sweetly and romantically...it was all i could see. It truly appealed to a little girl that thought that every love that was meant to be true love had to be fairy-tales and just nothing but sweet and romantic. I was kid that didn't see the faults that lied in that kind of love...it was perfect.

Then years later when I bought the Roswell DVD's...from the first time I saw Michael and Maria together I was HOOKED. It was so explosive. There was so much sexual tension, it literally drove every other relationship out of my mind (though I really did enjoy the Kyle/Isabel dynamic in season 3 a lot too)

I don't know...I grew up and found out that I liked explosive, highly energized sexual tension, vibes and the like to be so HOT.

Now I'm a fully hearted Candy, followed by a lamp trimmer, then its a toss up between stargazer and dreamer.

Though usually is a stargazer then dreamer, why? Cause I love Isabel...her character is very fun to write. Her little Christmas Nazi, organizing, supermodelish quirks are awesome.

Dreamer kinda got put away...and I think half of it is because I hate reading a dreamer fic where there is Michael/Maria bashing. I'm so afraid to open one only to find that Michael is hated on as being this recluse who jumps before he thinks. Yeah he may be that in some cases...but have you even given thought as to why or how to approach that kind of situation? I hate any fic where they bash other characters, even Michael/Maria fics where they bash the dreamers. Its unoriginal and it just shows that you don't know you're characters well or don't have a good plot line. Though I do read dreamer fic after researching to see that other characters aren't destroyed.

Also I find Liz/Max kinda....exhausting to read. Its too romantic and full of "my love" "dear love" "sweet love" :lol: ...and the exciting fics where Liz and Max hate each other or where Max is a playboy or something where its actually FUN to read...its funny how these characters are nothing like they are depicted on the show. There has to be some tension between characters when writing a story...and unless there are underlying problems for characters, you can't just drop them into a relationship and have it be exciting. And unfortunately for Liz and Max...it seems to be Tess.

Max and Liz as in roswell's Max and Liz with aliens...already have so much underlying angst that can be written about...but all of that is glossed over and their problems usually (from what I have read) tend to be external. The FBI chasing them, Tess, Michael...there can be so much written about Max and how he thinks and how he deals with things that its enough to fuel a romantic soul-searching realtionship with Liz...but you rarely find those. There is enough internal tension between the characters that problems shouldn't be just external (I'm most referring to cannon or post-grad fics)

And with the other character. Michael and Maria...have so many underlying problems...I don't' think I need to mention it. Its kinda why I love them so much...there is more going on under the surface than just the external problems. And you can also see this with pretty much every other character...they have some underlying problem (some more subtle then others) but they do.

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