Isabel, her secret love M/L, M/M,I/?complete sep 22

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Isabel, her secret love M/L, M/M,I/?complete sep 22

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Rating: Adult sort of.
Canon pairing, M/L, M/M, I/?
Disclaimer: I do not consider the characters of Roswell mine in anyway. I simply try to bend the story at a certain point and see what happens. I, as always, hope I respect the characters from the books and the TV show. I give a little review to bring readers up to the point where my story begins.

I have long wanted to make a study of Isabel. Reading authors chatting of writing about her at an open chat on Roswell Heaven I decided I would try. My second Fic, I will Return For You, My Love had Isabel standing beside Max and supporting him as he won Liz away from an unhappy marriage. She was a strong supporting character. In the Fic, Goodbye Mr. Evans, Hey Max she was the manipulative cousin who set Max the teacher up with Liz the student. I wrote several AU fics where she always stood beside Max and also later stood with her lover when she found him. In the canon Fic You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday she was a strong supporter of Max but in all of these she was only in a supporting roll. I wanted to study her as an individual.

This story was stalled until I was chatting with the author Icalynn. She made a simple statement that made the story just take off. My story was at a point where Isabel was going to have a terrible life and I couldn’t see anyway to get her out of it. Icalynn suggested I make her a teacher and away it went. Strange that I didn’t think of it because as many of you know I was a teacher. This shows the importance of chatting with other authors. I hope you enjoy my story.

Everything happened just like the TV show up to the time when Jesse asked Isabel to marry him. You must remember that she at first refused then she accepted and then refused again. In the show she went to his house but in my story she waited and he had left to return to Boston by the time she got there. His mother was not too happy about the way Isabel had treated her son so she didn’t tell Jesse that Isabel had come to see him again for a long time.



Isabel Evans stretched like the cat some said she was. Sometimes even she felt that was the best way to describe her self. She had been gone from Roswell for over three years. At the moment, she had no interest in ever going back. Roswell held a cornucopia of bad memories. First and foremost, there was her brother. How do you love someone so much and yet, hate them the same amount? She remembered the first day they had come out of the pod. She had emerged before him, but she had been unwilling to leave until he joined her. There had been another and he was already out exploring their surroundings. Isabel remembered like children remember things that happen to them when they are very young. She remembered more from their conversations about what happened than from the actual memories themselves. The first child didn’t feel just right. He was skittish and even pulled away from her. When the child who would soon be named Max emerged, it was clear too her, even in her infantile mind, that they belonged together. There was one other pod but they took no notice of it. The first child, who would be later called Michael, was already outside looking around. Isabel had waited for Max and he rewarded her by taking her hand. They were that way until almost throughout high school.

At that magical puberty age you no longer wanted to physically hold hands with your brother, as brother and sister was the relationship they had developed, she still accepted him as someone very special to her. They both had been adopted by a bright, upper middle class, lawyer family. They were raised as brother and sister and that feeling held through almost every thing that happened to them. The first child had disappeared only to reappear as the foster child of a troubled alcoholic. Throughout grade school and middle school, the three of them were very close. Isabel had always been more outgoing. It was almost as if she was born to society. Max had always been restrained and Michael had developed all sorts of tendencies toward depression, sometimes violence and rebellion, which was easy to understand looking at the life he found himself in.

She and Max had still maintained a close bond even though Isabel began to find superficial friends that she, at first, joined and, then later, allowed to follow her lead. Max remained secluded and shy. Where Isabel would share her interest among many different people, Max became fixated on only one girl. This was the source of their first clash. Isabel had always worried about letting people know her too well. She didn’t let any one person remain close for any length of time. Her girl friends never got to that sharing part of a girl’s life where they shared secrets and confidences. Boy friends, when she was old enough for her parents to allow her to date, never lasted long enough to really start a game of baseball, not to mention getting much past first base. With Isabel, you might only get a couple dates before you found yourself replaced by the next member of the guy of the week club.

Yes, some of the guys would invent stories about how they made it round the bases with Isabel, but she was so well known that no matter how they tried to embellish their story no one would believe it. Isabel was popular, and others wanted to be like her. Her friends never saw how smart she was. Her brother invested himself in Advance Placement classes and science, raising himself to be one of the smarter students in school. Isabel, who was just as smart as Max, preferred to take classes where she didn’t have to demonstrate her abilities. This kept the masses, who lusted for her body and for her friendship, always in the dark about what she could really do. Isabel never worried that anyone would get close enough to her to ever discover her secret. She, her brother and their very unlikely friend were aliens. They had hatched out of incubation pods at the apparent age of six instead of going through the normal birth trauma and those many years of helplessness. They knew they must have had real mothers sometime since they had navels, indicating at one point in their existence that they were within a womb. It took the combined efforts of the three of them to arrive at the knowledge that they had been part of the Roswell crash. A lot of things didn’t fit together, but every year they lived they became more and more convinced that this was their story. A story they shared with no one outside of their group of three. That is, until her tunnel visioned brother with his fixation on a single girl broke all the rules. Max saved Liz’s life. He told their secret and from that day forth, it seemed that the number of others sharing their lives had been growing. Isabel had to admit that there had been a lot of good that came from her brother’s confession, but a lot of grief had also come with it.

There had been that fourth pod. The one she and Max had paid no attention to. It had burst forth later and the remaining alien had fallen under the care of a servant whose only concern had been to return to their home world. Tess, the forth alien to be hatched from the pods, being abandoned by the others, had only the guardian as a guide. She became self-centered, selfish and even more myopic than Max. The servant was not a complete person. He hadn’t needed to be. He was to guard the children as they grew and to carry out their bidding. Tess. not knowing that he was only a servant, looked to him as a father. She looked to him as a guide, telling her the things she needed to know. Not ever having the other three in her development, she only knew what the servant, Nasado, told her.

When she finally met the other three, they were already involving themselves with humans. This was not in the program of the servant, so he used Tess as a wedge to attempt to get himself, along with the others, back to their home system. Nasado, all the time knew that their enemies would at the least kill Max and Michael and, maybe, even Isabel and Tess her self.

Nasado and Tess managed to destroy the lives of the others, but with their ineptness, did not get any of them back to the home world. Only Tess, maybe, or maybe not, pregnant with a child of Max took off. That was it. Max could cry and threaten, but Isabel had ever as much power as he and, finally, Max had to realize that the close bond they all had, was permanently broken. They, who once vowed that both of their worlds existed within each other, were now estranged. Isabel had to admit that the two women that had come into their world had, in the end, been strong supporters of herself. It was Liz, the girl who Max should have never given up on, that finally told Max that if he wanted to play king, he could do it in someone else’s sandbox. That freed Isabel from the demands of her royal brother, who abdicated the throne in real and figurative meanings.

It was Maria who brought laughter, music and, occasionally, level headedness to their group. She had toyed with the heart of the alien, Michael, neither of them knowing when the other would surrender to their passions. First Michael, in his youth not wanting to commit because he had worries of inadequacies in his loyalty to Max and Isabel. Then, it was Maria who, as she grew up, feared losing a dream of her childhood. Their biggest obstacle was in timing. Isabel felt that, eventually they would in fatigue, quit dancing around each other and settle down to a loving relationship.

Her clueless brother! They had been so close. It was she who had feared him sharing something with another. She didn’t dislike Liz. In fact, she was a little jealous of her. Where Isabel had been all about appearances, Liz was just what you saw. Where Isabel had created complexities about her self, Liz was just trying to be herself. When Max, in one of the breakups in a relationship that never truly was, got Tess pregnant or so Tess said, Isabel had began to fight against the tyranny she was seeing in Max. He was ruining his life and, then, he seemed bent on ruining everyone else’s along with it. There was a mountain of truth in the statement of power ultimately corrupting who ever wielded it.

In the three, almost four years she had been gone, she would call her mother and father occasionally. She had made it clear to both of them that she wanted to know nothing about what was happening to her brother or what was happening to Roswell itself. The Evanses knew that Max had screwed up a lot of his life and he would have to find his own way to straighten it. They, also, knew that Max had hurt Isabel in his almost psychotic humors that he had developed. The Evanses were trying to support Max, but they understood that Isabel wanted nothing to do with him.

Isabel had thought about the men and boys she had know in Roswell. She shed a tear every morning for the fact that knowing Alex had cost him his life at the hand of Tess. That wasn’t Isabel’s fault, but she couldn’t help feeling that it had been a function of knowing her that had brought him into contact with Tess in the first place. There was Grant, a man who Isabel had mildly flirted with. He was much too old for her. The only reason that she had been interested in Grant had been to throw Alex off base. Later, Isabel had been so sorry. If she only had had foresight, she would have embraced Alex from the start, taken him to bed and made such passionate love that it, probably, would have scared the hell out of him. At the thought of allowing what she was sure was in Alex’s dreams from the start to terrify him, she had to smile, but then, she thought if he had to die, he should have, at least, tasted love once. If Alex had been allowed to become close, she wouldn’t have let the Grants of the world anywhere into her life. At the time, she told herself that as a femme fatale, she was using her sex and charm to get information from Grant that the others needed. Later, Grant was killed in a strictly alien related matter and that left the pain she had caused Alex on her conscience.

Later there was Jesse who was almost eight years older than she. He had been working for her father’s law firm. She had almost married Jesse. It had been her parents, her brother and her own indecision that caused her to call off the marriage. After that, her mother learned that she could not console her daughter. The best she could do now was be supportive from a long distance. Isabel thought about the other human in their group. Kyle had been a stud in high school. Maybe, even one of those who lusted after the beautiful Isabel. She had never dated him. At the end of school, Kyle was working in a garage with a dead-end future, much of which had been brought on by his and his father’s knowledge of the aliens. Kyle had wanted to get closer to Isabel, but he, finally, had to realize that she was so far out of his league that nothing could ever come of it. Could anyone imagine Isabel Evans going with an assistant garage mechanic?

Well, that had been her life in Roswell. Now, she was in Albuquerque. It was not that far away from Roswell physically, but in her mind, it was a different world. Isabel used the sight of the mountain that rose 5,000 feet above the already high altitude of the city to the east as a barrier to shield her from her memories. She imagined the single mountain pass as impassable and that none of the events or persons from Roswell could ever cross.

The first year had been so Déjà vu from high school. As most out of city freshmen, Isabel had lived in a dorm. It was so much high school done over. The cattiness of the girls, as they were learning to use their sexual powers in progressing their way through school, was like the social cliques of high school. The social life, the quest for mates and the drives in newly discovered feminists all were so like the past. Isabel dated with her three-date limit and she made it clear that a steak dinner was not a ticked into her pants. At first, she had been seen as someone to follow. Her perfect body, her perfect wardrobe and her perfect poise were all deemed to be marks of someone who was on her way. Her reputation of not putting out and not giving in to sexual persuasion was causing the in-crowd to start to pull away from her. Isabel was now determined that she was not letting anyone into her body until she felt right about them in her heart.

The second year she had met, through a name given by her father, a company involved in design. Since that was her major, she was able to talk her way into a summer job which led to the financial ability to get her own apartment. Isabel was also getting her teaching credentials in English. The design knowledge was putting her through school, but she would, in the end, be able to teach if that became necessary.

Isabel was now a senior at the university. She was dressing the part of a woman executive. Working on the same work that she was studying at school was doubly challenging. She had finished her student teaching and upon graduation, she would be certified to teach grades six through twelve, her subject, English. Isabel was, now, sure that she had two choices in her life. She could stay in a big city and either teach or work for corporations like she was doing now or she could teach which could lead to living almost anywhere. The social part of life would just have to be on hold for a while. At school she was, many times, mistaken for a woman much older that her age of just 21. She had been loaned to an architectural firm as a consultant in the layout of an office building. No one at the architectural firm knew that she was still completing her college work. Nor did they know that the tall blond was also qualified to teach.

On the first day she had worked at the architectural firm, she was greeted by many scowls by the women at the office. They expected her to be flirting her way up the office ladder. She was more amused at the looks of some of the middle-aged executives as they preened themselves like peacocks in her presence. Because they didn’t realize her age, they assumed that she would catch any handle given to work her way into more secure positions. They all felt the size of their handles would be grabbed gratefully. Isabel saw this job as an experience. She, in no way, intended to let her career end here. The year she spent working for this firm was, to her, an educational and life experience.

She was to graduate and her parents were to be there to see her. She didn’t care about her brother or any of the others she had left behind. The phone call came right after she received her diploma. Isabel hadn’t seen her parents, but she was sure they wouldn’t miss this for anything. The crowds were gathering outside the “Pit”, that semi-famous basketball arena. Isabel was walking around in her cap and gown looking for the familiar faces when she felt the vibrations of her cell phone. It was Liz. Isabel’s father had had a heart attack. They hadn’t even made it out of Roswell. They had called, but the excitement of about the greatest event of her life had masked the subdued alarm of the phone. Yes, she would come home tomorrow.

Isabel arrived at noon the next day in Roswell. She went straight to the hospital. There she embraced her mother. She nodded to Liz, who was standing with Max, but she could only glare at her brother. Diane and Isabel went into the room where her father was fighting for his life.

Max turned to Liz. “She could have at least spoken to me.”

“Max, you tried to take over her life. You were making threats about her reputation and threatening to demean her with your parents and her teachers. Max, you did everything possible to stop her marriage. You can’t expect her to just forgive you like I did.” Liz stated.

Max sullenly replied, “It was for her own good! We needed her to stay close to us. Jesse was all wrong for her.”

Liz was firm. She loved Max, but it had taken her sometime to learn to divert his bull headiness. “Max, it was for your own good. You never gave a thought to what she wanted or what she needed. It was for her to make mistakes or good choices. Her marriage to Jesse should have been strictly her decision not yours,” Liz explained. There would have been a time when Max would have stomped away from such a rebuff. Liz had come back to him in spite of all of his faults. She had, for herself, forgiven him for what he had said and done to her. She had extracted a price for this. She told him that when she came back she would always speak her mind. If he wanted her back, he was going to have to accept this. Max, to his credit, realized that she had become his conscience. While she was apart from him, he had made some of his worst mistakes. One of them was in losing the bond he formerly had with Isabel.

Isabel and Diane exited the hospital room. Isabel was crying and, without acknowledging any of those waiting, they proceeded to her car and then to the Evans home.

The doctor came in to talk to Max and Liz. “You father is resting now. We will just have to wait to see how he does. He has a fighting chance and we all are hoping for the best.” With that, he left. Then, Liz and Max returned to the Crashdown where they were staying with the Parkers.
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chapter 2 july 9

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Begonia9508 I always felt that Isabel was scared. She appeared to have friends but they were not close and they gave her no support. I never thought Isabel to be one to just sleep around. She never was given a suitable partner during the show. When they were developing the character of Alex. It appeared she would have someone except that Alex was still too immature to support Isabel. Jesse was too old as many had said but he was sophisticated and that is what Isabel would have wanted.

The fact that you even start one of my stories makes me very happy but I will understand if you later feel it is not the type of read you desire.

Flamehair I guess you might say I have been dipping into the devils world. I have been attending my vampire and my UC stories. They were something different so I could gain more experience. See what I said about Isabel to Eve above. The Evanses do not know of Max and Isabel being alien, but it would not matter. Max’s ability worked for traumas that didn’t involve old age. Remember Grandma Claudia. This story will involve alien powers but it will revolve around normal human feelings. I have two AU stories both with aliens being worked upon. I also have another canon fic about Kyle and Tess with a different twist. I do not know what will appear after this story. The stories sort of tell me which one wants to be worked on. I know this is a lousy excuse for lack of self determination.

Kjever I hope you got my pm. your story helped me greatly in seeking a direction for a future story. I hope I can continue to capture your interest. There is a lot about Isabel and I think I will try to study her more in the future. She is so easy to use as a supporting character, but alone she is vulnerable and strong both at the same time. In my story The Loves of Maximo Delgato set in the late 1800’s she was so strong to stand beside Max and Michael as they fought off outlaws and later when she was raped by a man she thought she loved, which at that time was a death sentence for any sort of marriage, she was so dependent on those around her. I think we see both the strength and the weakness in the three seasons of the show.

Chapter 2

That afternoon, Maria and Michael stopped by the Evans’ home. Maria tearfully hugged Isabel and even Michael embraced her in an almost unknown show of emotion. After a tearful exchange of information about the condition of Phillip Evans, the conversation moved on to personal agendas. “Michael finally got a GED and we are working our way through New Mexico State at Las Cruces,” Maria proudly stated.

Isabel was clearly happy for them. Michael had had such a hard time that it was great he was finally getting good things happening to him. Isabel would bet that a lot of his drive was Maria. Maria was studying music and they were sharing an apartment in the old section of the city.

“How about you, Isabel, any hot men in your life?” Maria asked.

Maria could have bitten her tongue. She saw Isabel look down. “No, Maria I am afraid that all of the men in my life, hot or otherwise were taken away. I haven’t found anyone since I left Roswell,” Isabel replied.

“Kyle is still around. He and his dad lost their house. Jim plays in a dance band, but it is Kyle who brings home the only sure check. He still has that job working at the gas station,” Maria informed.

“I think Kyle still has a thing for Tess, even though he says he hates her. He did live in the same house with her for a time,” Isabel said.

“I think he has always had a thing for you,” Maria stated while carefully watching Isabel.

Isabel smiled and gave a nervous laugh. “Yes, he might. Kyle never had anything going for him after his athletic scholarship fell through. I can barely find my own direction much less see him through his. Kyle was just never able to pull himself together after Tess hurt him so much.” Isabel felt sorry for Kyle, but she was having too hard a time with her own pains to worry too much about him.

They talked for a time. Then Michael and Maria with a parting hug, went home.

That night, Isabel was sitting with her mother eating micro waved Frozen dinners. Diane hadn’t cooked anything since Philip had had his attack. “You haven’t said anything about school. You say so little when you call. We both missed you so much. Don’t you think you might find a way to come home a little more often?” Diane said as she took her dinner out of the microwave.

“Mom, you know that there is nothing for me in Roswell anymore. Anyone who was ever important to me is now gone. I just do not want to bring up bad memories if I do not have to.” Isabel intoned as she studied her metal trey of almost tasteless food.

“What about the people you have met in Albuquerque? Are there any men in your life?” Diane asked.

Most of the men I meet in Albuquerque are old and married. After Jesse, I don’t really try to meet guys anymore. I understand he has moved on and married a lady lawyer in Boston. I just, no longer, want to put myself out to be hurt anymore,” Isabel stated.

“Isabel, you know Jesse was not right for you. It would have been a disaster for you to have married him,” her mother pleaded.

“No, mom, he wasn’t right for you. I will never know if he was right for me or not. All of you ganged up on me and I caved in. Okay, now he is gone and I don’t seem to find anyone else. So, I will be traveling solo for a long time.” Isabel didn’t want to get angry with her mother at a time like this, but they all had to realize that she must be allowed to make her own mistakes and suffer for them on her own. Just as they wouldn’t help her through her life or give her the support she needed, she felt they shouldn’t interfere or be a part of her life now. Diane, with a lot more guilt than she was ever willing to let Isabel know about, went back to pecking at her food.

Late that night just before bed time, there came a knock at the door. It was Liz. Isabel got up to go into the other room when Liz called out, “Isabel don’t leave. I want to talk to you. I am alone. I made Max stay home.”

Isabel was still scowling as she sat back down. Liz was wringing her hands as her nervousness was apparent. The first thing Liz said was, “The doctor said, just after you left, that if your dad made it through the night, he had a good chance.”

“Thank you, Liz. I also want to thank you for calling me. I guess I had my cell phone turned down during graduation,” Isabel said.

“Wow, graduation, how does it feel? Max and I might graduate next year with luck. We are both working and it is hard to take a full load of classes that way.” Liz was envious in a way, but she was also happy that Isabel had made it through college. That last year in Roswell, they were more worried about living through the year much less going to college.

“Yes, I now have a degree in design with a minor in English education. I am working for an architectural firm at the moment. I don’t intend for it to be the defining object of my life. I will just have to see what happens next,” Isabel informed Liz.

Liz looked at Isabel. “Oh my, you can be a teacher if you want. That is fabulous.” Then Liz continued, “He still loves you, you know. He still misses you.” Liz looked at Isabel searching for some indication of forgiveness for Max.

“Maybe, but he threatened to lie about my reputation to my parents and teachers. He also threatened to use his powers to force me to not go away to school.” Isabel indicated Liz, “Max went ahead with his life, I see. Liz, as much as I used to love my brother, I think that you are much too good for him.”

Liz was playing with a ring on her finger. “Max and I were married. It was a simple ceremony. The only people there were both sets of parents and Michael and Maria. I wanted to tell you, but you know how stubborn Max can be. He insisted that no one else was to be informed.”

Isabel leaned forward and embraced Liz. “I truly wish I could have been there for you, but I am not sure my brother and I can be in the same room together with out fighting.”

“Isabel, do you think you and Max can ever reach some sort of understanding?” Liz was reaching out, but she knew that it was an empty gesture. The years she had known Max and the two years she had been married to him had taught her of his stubbornness about admitting he had been wrong. The only concession Liz had ever gotten from him was that going against her, Liz, his conscience, had been the biggest mistake of his life. He just wouldn’t see that his other actions had been just as wrong.

Liz, there are many times when I almost wish I could initiate the reconciliation, when my mind rambles through the good times we had in childhood. Then, yes, I think about picking up the phone. But when, I enter the lonely apartment and always adhere to my three-date limit, then, I am first angry with myself for listening to those I thought I could trust and then, I am so angry that none of them could be trusted to support me. At that time, I do not think I can forgive anyone, even myself.” Isabel told Liz.

“Have none of the people who you have met since you went to Albuquerque been such that you could form a relationship with?” Liz inquired.

“In my work, they are either married or players. Players are the worst. They see love as just a toy and the woman they are with as just someone who they can brag about later. Sometimes, they are both players and married and that is twice as frustrating. I am sure there are other Alexes and even Jesses out there, but so far, I haven’t found them. Or maybe, I don’t know how to recognize them any longer. How about yourself? When I left you were almost as angry at Max as I. What happened?”

“Well, I had evey intention of leaving and not ever seeing Max again. It was the night just before I was to leave when he came over. We talked the whole night. He really wasn’t prepared to be a king like they told him he was to be. I think that kings need to be prepared for kingship for their whole lifetime. Max and I talked about you. I told him that he had no right to be a king to you. I also told him that I loved him very much but he was going to have to change a lot or I would leave. I think this scared Max. We then talked some more. It was the first time he would admit how scared he had been when he believed he was to be a king. I found that although Max is very smart, he has almost no ability to see consequences. That is what I brought to his life. The condition of us staying together has been that he would listen to me. I promised that I wouldn’t boss him, but that he was going to have to learn not to boss others. We have had our times, but for the most part, when I remind him I am his conscience, he calms down and we rethink the problems together. You brother is really bright, but he needs guidance. I have always loved him so much that I am willing to accept him on these terms.” Liz sat back. This was the first time she had really put her relationship with Max into words.

Isabel again hugged Liz. “Liz, I think you must have been a saint in some former life. To put up with my brother and to rein in his tantrums is something I hope you will be rewarded for someday.”

Liz smiled and rubbed her belly. “I think that day will be soon, Isabel. We do not know if it is a boy or girl yet, but we should be parents by mid fall.”

Isabel felt the joy she knew was in Liz. She, also, felt it because now she was to be an aunt. An aunt, if she could ever mend her fences with her stubborn brother. Then, Isabel had a shadow of sadness flood over her. Yes, she was to be that maiden aunt who doted over her nieces or nephews but was never to have any children of her own.

With the congratulations and emotional hugs out of the way Liz went home. Isabel sat with her mother and sighed. “Max and Liz are going to have a child. That is one of the things I wanted for myself more than anything,” she said to her mother.

Diane was a bit at a loss as what to say. She started, “Isabel, maybe you can someday find the person who would be right for you. You are older and better able to make a decision, now.”

“Yes, mother and you can be sure I won’t allow you or anyone else to ever over ride my decision when and if I make it.” Isabel was looking straight at her mother as she said this.

The next morning when Isabel and Diane were at the hospital, Liz and Max were there also. Isabel nodded at Liz again, but this time, she sort of included Max in her greeting gesture. The Doctor, Juan Sanchez, came in. He had been the personal physician to much of Roswell for so long. Although Philip was under the care of several specialists, Doctor Sanchez still felt that he was the one to give information to the family, whom he had know for many years. “Philip is resting comfortably now. His vital signs have improved. There is, now, a very good chance that he will recover completely.” Then looking at Isabel, “Maybe, you can get a video of the graduation and sit with him so he can still relive it. He has several times, when coherent, talked about his sorrow at missing this event.”

This caused Isabel to break down in tears. There had been a few minutes when she couldn’t find her parents that she thought that they didn’t want to attend her graduation and had missed it purposely.

Max frowned a bit at this. Deep down, he was also sorry that he hadn’t been there for Isabel when she faced graduation, the greatest moment, so far, in her life. Well, he hadn’t been there other times when he should have either. The only thing that kept him anchored now was the tight grip he felt on his arm from Liz. Liz, the person who now guided him and continually suggested that he had to find a way to approach Isabel and once again, be her loving and supporting brother. He felt the strength of Liz on his actions. Now, if he could only figure out how to implement what Liz had been telling him for so many years.

Diane and Isabel went in to see Philip. Max and Liz sat in the waiting room with their own thoughts. Max was musing. He had always felt that the aliens should be there for each other. Michael had fore gone everything in his life to be in a position he thought to support and protect Max. They had been convinced by their brief contact with Nasado that the four of them would only be strong if they were together. That was the compelling ideology in the life of Tess. They must fulfill the prophesy explained to her by Nasado. Michael was to be with Isabel and Tess was to be with Max. They would be a power that was straight from their former lives. In that former life, Isabel was a flighty person who took her pleasure from anyone she could. Reportably, even from the enemy of their family. Michael, in the other life, was a power who rose to stand beside her and, presumably, he had accepted her dalliances.

In this life, Michael wasn’t a power. He had managed to survive by the greatest chance. That he was attending college was more to the influence of his girl friend, Maria, that any greatness within his character. Isabel hadn’t become an object to be desired and trifled with, either. They now lived totally different lives and when Max abdicated his throne they were free to live out their own new destinies.

It was only in a deep discussion with Liz one night that Max finally came to the obvious conclusion that they never had been a power. The four of them together had only managed to get themselves killed in that other life.

Max looked up surprised. It was Isabel who approached him. “Max, daddy wants you to come in to see him along with mom,” Isabel delivered the message Philip had sent. Then she sat with Liz as Max hurried into the room where his father lay.

Isabel turned to Liz, “He is so frail. You know that when you are little you feel that your parents are so strong that you feel safe within their arms. When you grow up, you find that they are fallible and weak like everyone else. At first, you feel that everything they say is in your best interest. But then, you grow up and find that they have lapses in judgment and their advise should be filtered, just like you do to the advice of others in your life. Now, I see he had so many hopes that were dashed just like mine. None of us get through life without pain.”

Liz smiled and patted Isabel on the arm. If anyone had felt pain over the number of years she had been associated with Max, it was Liz. Liz had been strong enough and, ultimately, Max had been wise enough so that they now had a fairly stable relationship. Max sometimes shivered at what would have happened if she had permanently left him.

Stories by ken_r
The Young Vampire is a light hearted story about a vampire. Max becomes the health manager of women he feeds upon. He is looking for a life time partner and through his fear of immediate commitment he might now lose her forever.
The Castaways is a story about four people who are trapped together after a ship wreck. They were destined for lives they didn’t want and now they have a chance to make their own lives over and also discover their hidden strengths
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 3 july 15

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Begonia9508 . Not only should they support each other but they must refrain from figuring out who wronged who first. I was an only child and now I have only my wife and one son to be my family. If you have family it should be cherished.

Flamehair I hope you appreciate that is Liz’s foot under the table which starts the reconciliation. Max might be able to heal but Liz keeps him busy when he doesn’t do what he ought to.

Chapter 3

Max and Diane came out and with a nod to Isabel, Max took Liz’s hand and they left. Diane was softly crying. She and Isabel also went back to the Evans home. That evening after two more trips to the hospital, Isabel and Diane were sitting in the living room. Philip was getting stronger and the doctors all said he now had an excellent chance of recovery. There was a knock at the door. Isabel answered it and it was Kyle. He was dressed in slacks and his face and hands were pink with the scrubbing he had subjected them to. There was a faint odor of gasoline that those who work on automobiles many times can’t seem to rid themselves of. Isabel hugged Kyle and led him into the living room. Diane made her greetings and, then, discreetly disappeared to leave the young people to themselves.

Kyle was plainly nervous, “I just want to offer my best wishes for your father’s return to health. I am glad, though, to see you.” As he was speaking, Kyle was looking at the young woman before him. Her clothes probably cost more than his weekly salary. Isabel was still the fashion icon and her poise allowed her to settle into this position perfectly. Max and Liz were married and going to college. Michael and Maria, in their ever so unlikely relationship, were moving on to finish college someday and probably a marriage. Here, Isabel was already known as a woman on the move, reportably an established person in a large design company. What had he accomplished? He was still working in a dead end job trying to hold his father’s and his own lives together. His father was living like an irresponsible teenager allowing Kyle to support their home, what was left of it. Jim had showed no incentive to look for a solid job and remove some of the burden from his son. True, his band was fun and it was a dream, but he was making Kyle pay for it. “How is your father tonight?” Kyle continued.

“He is stronger and the doctors are hopeful,” she replied. “How have you been?”

“Oh, you know, working for the man. I am trying to stay ahead of our creditors. Dad is still with his band, but it doesn’t pay very much,” Kyle explained.

“Maybe, you are going to have to make a break and find a life for your self,” Isabel stated.

Kyle looked up with a strange smile, “You mean like you did?”

“It hasn’t been easy, Kyle. But, at least my mistakes from now on will be mine alone. I feel that I have taken responsibility for my own life.” Isabel wondered if this was really true.

They talked on into the night about school, friends and the others who had been so close before. Kyle even opened up about Tess. “She was so close I just, sometimes, can’t understand why she killed Alex and endangered all of the rest of you!”

“Tess had a whole ‘alien’ set of values. I do not think we are ever going to be able to understand her. I wonder what happened to her? Max, for so long, had the idea that she was still alive and she had his son. Sometimes, I even wonder if she was even pregnant anyway.”

Kyle shrugged and, with a slight tear in his eye, he again made his best wishes for the regaining of health of Philip, her father, and then, he left.

Diane returned when she heard the door close. “Kyle has had such a hard time. He is the only sure support of his father and himself. Jim seems to have lost all initiative in finding a job. Jim just wants to play around with his band. Kyle still has strong feelings for you, you know.”

Yes, mom, I know. Kyle has let himself fall into a trap of living his life like others want him to and not progressing himself to whatever were his own dreams. If I had stayed in Roswell, I would have fallen into that same trap. Jesse had offered me the life of being a professional woman. With him, I would have had the chance to finish school and start my own career along with maybe being mother. Now, all I have is a cold apartment and a daily life in the company of lecherous men who want lots and promise nothing. It was my final decision and I do not blame any of you. Maybe leaving Jesse was for the best, but it is a lonely life I see ahead of me.”

Diane said nothing because the last few days she had faced the fact that she would have been facing a lonely life returning to an empty and cold house if Philip had died.

The next day at the hospital, Isabel again faced Max. This time, she was cordial but not inviting. Their father had almost died. Their own problems should not darken his hope for recovery. The four of them were sitting around a table. All of a sudden, Max let out a yelp and reached for his ankle. Liz just sat there with a fixed look on her face. When Max got up to hobble over to the drinking fountain, he was favoring his left ankle. When Liz wanted his attention, she had a hefty kick. When he returned, Max stuttered, “Is..Isa…Isabel I .. I mean, we need to talk. Will you walk with me out into the garden?” Max pleaded as he extended his hand. His eyes searched Liz pleading for her help, but she had been adamant this morning that this was something he was going to have to do alone. Max had to search within his own psyche and find if his love for his sister was stronger than his inherent stubbornness. Max was going to have to find a way to say he was sorry that he had interfered in her life and to convince her that this was Max’s idea and not something forced upon him by Liz.

When they had left, Diane reached across the table and took both of Liz’s hands. She gently squeezed them. Diane knew that her son’s sanity had been stabilized by this small woman, who had a big heart and wonderful mind. Philip had been, likewise insistent to Max that he find a way to mend his relationship with Isabel. When Max started to explain, his father reached up and put his hand to Max’s lips. “No, Max, find a way. I want to be the father of a family and not of fractured pieces of personalities. This experience shows me time might be running out. You must find a way to make up with Isabel he pleaded. You have Liz to support you, but Isabel has no one. She needs to heal her feelings with you so she can look for feelings in others.”

Max nodded. His father was right, of course. Max had Liz but he had always had Isabel before. He missed the support they had had for each other. He remembered when they had almost left the earth. Both of them had reaffirmed the fact that their worlds were not out there somewhere in the void, nor were they found on the solid rock on which they were standing. Their worlds resided within each other. This last few years, even with Liz’s support, had been partially empty because he felt Isabel was so distant. No, not distant physically, but in their caring for each other. Max held the door for her and he ushered Isabel into the small garden just outside the hospital. There were several tables with concrete benches around them. They reminded Max of the tables at high school where the group had crowded around so many noon times when they were all younger.

They sat across from each other. There were several minutes when the awkwardness of each would not allow speech to start. Finally, it was Max as his father so ordered, who spoke, “ I want to start and say I am sorry for everything I have done to hurt your life.”

Isabel was still cold to what was trying to happen. Yes, she wanted to make up with Max, but it still seemed he had everything and she had been left with nothing. Max had Liz. He had gone against the wishes of the other two aliens, Michael and herself. At times like this, Isabel was more angry at herself than Max. She should have just ignored what he said and made up her own mind. She should have been willing to accept her own capacity to make mistakes and do what was in her heart. She should have searched her own mind and, then, if what she did was wrong it would be on her shoulders alone. Then it was, that Isabel realized that was what Max had done. He had when he won Liz back, affirmed that he had been wrong to go to Tess, no matter what she offered. Max had been allowed to make a mistake and have a second chance with his life. She Isabel was not going to be allowed that opportunity. She was going to have to go out and meet completely new people and go through the process again. This time it would be totally alone without any support because she couldn’t trust even her own family anymore. This made the statement and apology of Max almost empty. “Max, I know that you are sorry. You have every excuse in the book for your actions. It just might not be enough. I have to try to rebuild my life and I no longer can trust anyone in my family for support. That means I must be strong enough to find my own way alone. Max, it is very difficult when you do not think you have any support anymore from anyone.”

“Does that mean that we can’t reconcile our relationship?” Max asked.

“No, I do not think we can ever have our former relationship, but we might build a new one. It will be different. It will not be the closeness of childhood when we were afraid of being deserted again or afraid of being returned to the desert. I would look forward to being in the life of your child. I want to be loved as an aunt. That might be the only love of a child I will be afforded. I have been close to Liz since I left Roswell. I think we must go ahead with some sort or civility for our parents. It would have been on each of our consciences if daddy had died with the memory that his family was split apart,” Isabel replied.

Max nodded. He knew this was a start. Liz had told him that he must make a start and, then, he could try to earn back Isabel’s trust. They walked back into the hospital and Max nodded to Liz. Liz smiled. She knew that Max and Isabel hadn’t completely make up, but if they were talking to each other, that would give a small hope that they might move forward later in the future. She also knew that she wanted her child to know well the loving and beautiful aunt it would have.

It was several days later when Philip was discharged from the hospital. He had a couple of young assistants who had taken Jesse’s place when Jesse moved back to Boston. The doctor told him to trust the young men and to relax. He still had a way to go before he could go back to work full time.

Technically, Isabel’s internship had terminated when she graduated. She had finished the project that she was doing when on loan to the architect. The firm with which she had the internship had offered her a position, but they understood about her father. She wrote them and thanked them. If they had a position available when she returned, she would like to apply. She explained that right now she had personal business to attend to. Max and Liz wanting to be close to Philip for the moment, had not returned to their apartment in Las Cruces. They, for the time being remained in Roswell. Liz wouldn’t be going back to college next semester, anyway.

Isabel, after a careful consideration, decided to apply for a position with the Roswell school system. She was offered a junior high, or middle school, depending on how you called that interim time in children’s lives. She took it.

It was now five years later. Philip Evans was still careful about his health. He had learned to allow his interns to take over a lot of his business. They were, now, partners in his firm. He had learned to be the senior partner to whom they deferred when they had questions and to whom they always looked to for evaluation for their actions. Liz and Max had finally graduated and completed their master’s degrees. Max was working, as a medical technician at the hospital and Liz had remained teaching at the Roswell extension of New Mexico State University. Maria and Michael had also graduated. Maria was teaching music at the Roswell High School and Michael was a sketch artist for a firm in Roswell doing design and landscaping. Yes, upon graduation Michael asked Maria to marry him and, of course, she agreed. Kyle had informed his dad that he no longer would support the two of them. Kyle, then, had moved out and entered the Roswell extension university where Liz was teaching. Jim, at first, was devastated. Then, he was embarrassed at what he had done to his son. He, just in those years since he had been sheriff, had not thought of how hard it had been on Kyle. He still played in his band, but Jim had, finally, been reinstated with the Sheriff department.

As the first year that Isabel had remained turned into the second year, she and Max had worked very hard with their relationship. Privately, Max still thought what he had done was correct, that is, until he would confront Liz. Liz would remind Max of how he would feel if she left him. She told him to consider how lonely Isabel was living alone. When Max tried to decry any responsibility for that, Liz would remind him that he had gone against the decisions of the other aliens to come to her. The aliens should support each other, but they couldn’t live each other’s lives. By the fifth year, Max and Isabel were held together by their worry about their parents and with the hefty kicks from Liz’s foot under the table. They were now able to attend family dinners on Sundays and, in general, speak as you would expect for brother and sister. Max still missed the closeness they had had growing up, but he was coming to terms that he had broken this closeness. He would have to settle for what he could get. Their daughter and then two years later, their son loved their aunt. They called her Tía Isabella and she returned that love. Isabel found satisfaction in her teaching position. Teaching, at that age, is a gift. You either hate it or love it. No matter, those were the most important years of a child’s life. They were discovering themselves and, also, discovering each other. Isabel was happy teaching eighth grade English.

Isabel had, now, been teaching seven years. There had been some surprises for Isabel when she started. Down the hall there was a lady she remembered from her high school. Pam Anderson, known years ago as Pam Troy, a divorcee, was teaching seventh grade history. Isabel and the rest of the girls hadn’t liked Pam very much in high school. Pam had been almost as insistent as Tess, in trying to capture Max’s attention. Pam was almost apologetic as Isabel approached her. “Isabel, it is good to see you! How have you been?” Pam was tentatively trying to see how she would be accepted.

“Fine, Pam, and you. I see you have married?” Isabel returned.

“Yes, and divorced. I still am looking for Mr. Right, but I think there might be many more Mr. Maybes to be checked out first.” Pam giggled, a bit embarrassed. “I see that handsome brother of yours is finally married,” Pam continued.

“Yes, Pam, and he has two children. He is working at the hospital now.” Isabel informed her. Through the next few years, Isabel and Pam genuinely formed a friendship. Their friendship was never as strong as that held by Maria and Liz with Isabel. Those three women not only were considered themselves family, but they were, also, support for each other with their secret.

Stories by ken_r
The Castaways
The Young Vampire is a light hearted story about a vampire.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 4 july 23

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Begonia9508 is it a commendation or a condemnation of our time. Students work hard for 4 years learning anatomy, disease, and pharmaceuticals. Then when they become doctors they find that diagnosing ailments takes technology. Talking to a radiologist who was discussing X-rays, I learned that he had seen so many hundreds of pictures of people that he could tell from a shadow or a line what the xray was showing. A tech could look at numbers and predict problems in blood and other body fluids and samples. The whole technical aspect of medicine now has its own experts. They advise the doctor what their instruments indicate in the health or lack of health of a person. Thus we have assistants to the medical doctors which are the medical technicians.

Siblings must be very important. I am an only child so there is much I have missed. We always promised my older son that his brother would be there for him but that did not work out.

I know so many people who missed out on finding soul mates when they were young and now do not seem to be able to connect at all. So many of my teachers who were unmarried had stories of parents who had forbidden their children in the loves they found. I know we want to protect our children but sometimes it is best that they find ways to make their own choices and as parents we support them when things go bad. Then I know some children who wouldn’t know a good choice if they ever saw one.

Flamehair. I was trying to make the point that Isabel needed to find a love that was not as crippled as she was in her soul. She told Kyle what he needed to hear. There comes a time when you have to shut out the advice of others and just try to live your life on your own.

I hope people do not see me as Max bashing. In that second and third season he was a bit unbearable. I am trying to show he found his balance with the inclusion of Liz. I always thought she was the stability of the whole story.

Chapter 4

There was a coach who came to her school. He had transferred there in her seventh year. He had been a friend of Kyle’s. Isabel had a difficult time being cordial to him. She remembered the time he had beat up her brother in the name of protecting Liz as a possession of Kyle. Kyle had denounced Pauley, but they still had a slight friendship as formed by men who just do not have that many friends.

“Hey, Isabel, remember me?” He called out.

How could she forget Pauley? First, he had tried to humiliate her brother. Then, he had tried to pounce on Tess when they were all still together. Pauley was as clueless now as he had been then. Later, Isabel was talking to Pam, in the lounge. She had known Pauley since high school.

“Pauley is a good lay, but I am now looking for more substance. When Jack, my former husband, was playing around I went with Pauley just because I was lonesome. I date him from time to time, but I would never expect much out of him. He is much too full of himself,” Pam informed.

Isabel grimaced. It looked as if the lecherousness of men had not been left in Albuquerque. Every time they were in a teacher’s meeting, Pauley would sit beside Isabel. He was continually insistent in asking her out for a date.

Pauley was determined to melt the ice princess. He was sure that it was just a matter of time. Pauley was thinking, maybe, Isabel was still a virgin. Wouldn’t that be a coup to defrock the great Isabel Evans? He could just see himself bragging to all his friends. That would be something to hold over Kyle. Pauley knew that, privately, Kyle had had a thing for Isabel for many years.

The truth was, Isabel hadn’t been a virgin for many years. True, she didn’t sleep around and she didn’t allow her dates to get close enough to know of her love status. That last week when she and Jesse had gotten close, just before he asked her to marry him, they had gone to a hotel. She had been living at home and so was he. They were so close and she remembered how she had lost Alex with no memories of love to keep in her heart. She was 18 and there was only her own volition to keep them apart. It had been she who had suggested she wanted to spend the night with him. Jesse had been surprised. He had been willing to wait until after marriage. He had been planning on asking her to marry him soon. That she desired him was a bonus in their relationship. Yeah, a bonus. Shortly after they had given in to their passions, he had asked, and she had at first refused him. Then she quickly accepted. Then, after she had talked with her parents, she again told him she couldn’t. These messages were too much for Jesse. He had simply turned his resignation in to Philip, effectively immediately, and left Roswell. Later, he had been told that she had gone over to his mother’s home trying to see him, but he was long gone and his mother wasn’t willing to allow this privileged child of affluence to toy with her son. She didn’t say anything to Jesse for several weeks. By the time he heard, Isabel had split with her family and she was in Albuquerque in college. Maybe, the fault was his. He had fallen in love with a girl much to young to know her own heart. He moved on, but his heart never completely left Roswell.

It seemed the more Isabel refused him, the more insistent Pauley became. It now was an affair of honor. Pauley would conquer the frigid Isabel by his prowess. He would be known as the man who had the balls to take the virginity of Isabel Evans. Pauley was becoming obsessed with her. There was the one night when Isabel was at a school game. Several of her kids were on the basketball team. They had begged Miss Evans to come to the game and give them hope. Basketball was difficult for boys at this age. Height, which is so important in basketball, was so variable. There were seventh graders who had almost reached their full potential. Then there were eighth graders, who in the next two years, would hit a growing spurt. The coaches had to maintain the interest in these boys for this sport if they were to do their job in sending them on to high school, but now, it could be very discouraging.

Isabel was sitting in the bleachers and Pauley sat down beside her. Through out the game, Isabel tried to pay as little attention as possible to him as she could. Pretty soon, his arm had snaked itself around her shoulders. Isabel angrily shook his arm off. Pauley was a firm believer that when women said no, it meant work harder. He could not, in anyway, see why a women wouldn’t want to spend the night with him. He told himself, just as his mother had always done, that he was so handsome that any woman would be proud to be seen with him. He just waited and, again, slid his arm around her again. Pauley was already undressing Isabel in his mind. Those soft white shoulders, those wonderful full breasts, he could imagine the rest of her down to the place in her body where he would shout victory. He became more and more bold. At the half time, Isabel was ready to try to escape and go home early. Pauley wouldn’t leave her side. “Pauley, your attentions are not appreciated,” she told him.

Pauley just smiled, “Isabel, you do not know what you are missing and I intend for you not have to wait.”

Isabel was a bit worried. Without making a scene which could be interpreted by the administration as an action on her part, Isabel was not sure of how to get rid of Pauley. She knew that Pauley was a close friend of the principal.

Reginald Breckworth had quit his job. He had come to Roswell seeking something. He had many secrets in his life and the knowledge he had of Isabel was one of them. As Isabel was almost wrestling with Pauley, Reggie came up to her. “Isabel, darling, I have been looking all over for you. Remember we were supposed to meet tonight? Maybe, we should leave the game. It is too crowded anyhow.” Then Reginald bent down and kissed the surprised Isabel. As he did, he whispered in her ear, “Pam sent me over to rescue you.”

Pauley started to object, but Reginald’s was using his command voice. He had used the same voice when ordering dignitaries around to assure their safety. Pauley just looked at him. He was confused. This was that Math teacher, Breckworth or something. Who did he think he was? There had been no indication that anyone else was interested in Isabel. If there had been, he would have been more assertive about protecting his rights. All he could see was that Isabel, his prize, was being taken away from him.

Isabel didn’t recoil from the embrace of Reggie as she had done from Pauley. He led her out to her car and, to her surprise, he spun her around and kissed her again. At her look, he smiled, “That is my payment for your rescue.”

Saturday morning, Isabel called Liz and informed her that she needed to talk and, if Max was available, she might need to talk to him slso. When she arrived at the younger Evans’s home, Isabel as always, felt as ease with Liz, but with Max, there was still some tension.

“Pauley has been trying to make me go out on a date with him ever since he transferred to my school. Last night, he was completely insistent that I go with him. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He and the principal are in tight so I have to be careful not to make a scene.” Isabel was explaining what had happened at he game.

Max was concerned. He didn’t like Pauley and hadn’t since they were in school together. He found it amusing that Pam, the girl he used to hide from, had instigated someone to rescue Isabel. “Who is this prince charming who came to your rescue?” he asked.

“His name is Reginald Breckworth. He is a math teacher who has newly come to the school. I know nothing else about him except that he knows Pam Troy.” Isabel explained using Pam’s maiden name.

“If he comes around anymore, you should investigate him yourself. You still dream walk, don’t you?” Max inquired.

Isabel made a face. When they were children, Max had always been critical about her dream-walking invasion. She had used it to check out Jesse and that was how she knew that Jesse was not an FBI plant. Isabel had dream walked Liz several times. At that time, she felt that Liz was a boring subject. The only dream Liz had of interest was marrying Max. “Yes, Max I can still dream-walk. Do you think Reggie is a danger?”

“Isabel, until we better understand his intentions, we should consider him an enemy. You have to admit, kissing you was a pretty bold move.” As soon as he said it, he regretted the tone he had used. As he was expecting, he received another kick under the table from Liz. Max wasn’t about to let up though, “Izzy, it would be better if we never had to allow anyone else in.”

“Yes, Max, you can say this from the comfort of your family. I hope you remember me every time when I enter my empty apartment. Max, this is the same tired rhetoric that you used before. You have your comfortable existence and Michael had his, but you never wanted me to have mine.”

With that, Isabel stood up and the over seven years that they had tried to rebuild their brother and sister relationship started to crumble. Isabel went to the door and Max started to stand also. The kick he received from Liz, this time, really hurt. Liz followed Isabel to the door. “Isabel, he means well and he is worried about your safety. I wish so much that something would happen to bring you happiness. Every time you found a friend, I so much wished this one would be one you could build a relationship with. He is right, though. Be sure to check this guy out. Then we can just pray he might be the one.” Isabel bent and hugged Liz. This small woman always spoke from her heart. She understood what Isabel had gone through and she knew that if Max hadn’t capitulated, she, herself, might have had to go through the same loneliness

When she went back inside their home, Liz didn’t spare any words on Max. She informed him he was doing the one thing she had forbidden. Max was, again, trying to be king. He was trying to run other’s lives. Max was a chastened man. He was worried about his sister and he knew no other way to deal with this problem. Liz just told him, “Find a way. She is your sister and she is my friend.”

The next Monday at school, Isabel was dreading very much. The first person she saw was Pam. “Izzy, did you get home safely?” Pam inquired.

“Yes, Pam, and what do I owe you for sending the white knight?” Isabel asked.

Pam giggled, “The look on Pauley’s face was worth it. I said he was a good lay, but he is way too overbearing. I am glad I could help.”

“How do you know Reginald?” Isabel wondered.

Pam smiled, “He is my cousin. He recently quit his government job and took up teaching. When he moved here, he applied at my school.”

Alarms were now ringing in Isabel’s mind. Government job. What sort of government job? Pam either didn’t know or she had been cautioned not to tell. Max was right. In this point, Isabel was going to have to do some investigation.

As Isabel was walking down the hall, she passed Reginald. “Hello Miss Evans, are you all right from Friday night?” he inquired.

Isabel smiled and replied, “Yes, thank you.” Then, Isabel proceeded to her room. Isabel needed a picture to concentrate on if she was to dream-walk Reggie. She remembered that the small school paper had done a report on all the new teachers. Miss McCleland had run the paper for years. No one else wanted to run it so she had adopted it as her baby. Now, she would have fought to save her child. “What can I do for you, Miss Evans?” she asked.

“May I have a copy of the first edition you printed this year? The one that had the stories about the new teachers.” Isabel requested.

Miss McCleland smiled. “Here it is. The story about Mr. Breckworth is on the second page.”

Isabel looked at her, but the smile she was seeing from Miss McCleland was genuine. “Dear, don’t be surprised. That coach Pauley is an ass and I am glad he was not able to bother you further Friday night. If you take my advice you should set your cap for Mr. Breckworth. He is a gentlemen and he also has a soul. He would be a nice man for you to go with.”

“I assure you, my interest is not romantic,” Isabel stated.

“Dear, don’t make the mistake I did. My father forbid me to marry the man of my dreams. I was a dutiful daughter and, thus, now the only family I have is a cat. You are still young. Whatever kept you from finding the man of your dreams in the past, must not let you quit looking for him in the future.” With a smile, Miss McCleland went back to the copy tables where the other part of her family, the school paper, resided.

Isabel folded up the copy of the small paper and put it in her purse. She returned to her room. When she got there, Pauley was waiting. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a thing going with that Breckworth character?” Pauley asked.

“Pauley, I do not, at this time, have anything going with Mr. Breckworth, but I do not and never will have anything going with the likes of you. Pauley, if you do not back off, I am going to file a sexual harassment suit against you! How do you think that will effect that principal friend of yours?” Isabel was angry that she had to defend herself against a stupid man like Pauley.

The Young Vampire is a light hearted story about a vampire. This story is finished this week. It was fun and i hope some of you enjoyed it.

Really there is too much sex in this story but Max of fiction is up to the task. The Castaways I was just trying to see if i could do this kind of story.
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chapter 5 july 29

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Begonia 9508 I always saw Isabel as a scared person trying to trust but being afraid. I hope I don’t disappoint you too much as I try to explain this. It is just my take on this part. I worked really hard to explain it in an interesting fashion. The bitchiness I found distasteful but I try here to see this the reaction of fear.

Flamehair I was worried that something happened to you. if I do not see your feedback may you have my blessing on the up coming event.


That night, Isabel turned the lights low. Dressed in comfortable lounge pajamas, she leaned back against the pillows piled against the head board of her bed. Her fingers were tracing out the face she saw in the paper. As she slowly allowed herself to drift off to sleep, she kept trying to imagine seeing the handsome Reggie.

There he was. He was just wearing boxer shorts. His body was something to smack her lips at. Isabel wandered over to him in her dream. She allowed her eyes to roam his body. Voyeuristically, Isabel was thinking of how good he looked. This was unusual for her. Although she was able to get into anyone’s deepest thoughts Isabel had avoided the temptation of being just a mental peeping Tom. She tried to get into his dream. Nothing. Either Reggie didn’t have any dreams or there was something wrong with Isabel. The whole experience was just looking at him strutting in his boxer shorts. She just couldn’t get any deeper. Isabel woke up. This had never happened before. She had even been able to get into Max and Michael’s minds, but here, all she saw was the man in his shorts. The first thing she thought was, “Could he be alien?” There was nothing alien like that she could detect. Next, she thought she was loosing her touch. She hadn’t been practicing as much as she should have the last few years.

Tuesday, Isabel returned to school. She spoke to Pam and when Reggie came by, she smiled at him. Pauley was there asking her to have a drink with him after school. He was getting to be really a bore. Isabel supposed that she had no other choice other than to file a suit with the office and with the union.

That Thursday, something happened. There was a cute little Hispanic boy who was new to her class. His name was Carlos Rameriz. He was a remarkably good-looking young boy. He was just eleven years old, but he had tested out of the sixth and seventh grades. He had been in a private school back east. His parents had recently moved back to Roswell and the school was still trying to find the correct placement for him. He was slender, had jet black eyes and his hair was also black and curly. Isabel’s heart jumped in her chest. She was sure he was Jesse’s child. The little boy was shy, but he could answer anything she could ask. The counselor asked her to evaluate him for a week and see if her room and grade level was where he belonged.

Isabel was still trying to formulate her thoughts. She was straightening up her room preparing to go home when there was a tap at her door. Isabel looked up and there, standing in the doorway, was Jesse. “Isabel,” he said just as she remembered so long ago. “I need to know if Carlos being in your room will be a problem, “Jesse said as he kept eye contact with her looking for anything, he didn’t know what.

“Jesse, he is a darling little boy. I am sure he will be a delight to have in my room,” Isabel choked out.

Jesse just shrugged. “I never knew why you turned away from me that time so long ago. I wanted to make sure that there would be nothing that would hurt Carlos.”

“Oh Jesse, it was so complicated. I can never explain what happened. I went back, but you had already gone. Your mother felt that I had done enough damage and I had tended to agree with her. My behavior was very bad. You deserved so much better! But Jesse, I would never do anything to hurt a child. You can rest assured that Carlos will get the best attention I can give him.” Isabel expected Jesse to leave. Instead, he sat down in one of the desks.

“Isabel, I know you and your brother were always involved in secrets. What was it, that kept you from me?” Jesse was pleading for her to say something that would give him answers.

Isabel sat at her desk. The desk was forming a comfortable barrier between her and Jesse. It was not that she feared Jesse, but rather she feared herself. Being in his presence, even though she knew he was married, was very un-nerving to Isabel. Seeing him for real Isabel knew that she had not gotten over him. During the eleven years that she had been away from him, she had been so bent on fighting with her brother and being mad at her mom that she hadn’t taken time to rationalize how she felt about Jesse. Isabel was sure that if he had asked her, she would jump into bed with him again. Just like she had done so many years ago. The bright eyes of Carlos floated before her. She could not do that to one of her students. She respected Carlos and that meant respecting his father.

Jesse stood up. He looked at Isabel. “Isabel, I miss you so much,” and with that, he left.

Isabel was determined not to cry. But, so much for good intentions. She wept bitterly. She hadn’t bothered closing the door, but most of the teachers had left anyway. She shook with her grief, a grief that she could direct to none other than her self. She had allowed others to make decisions for her. First, there had been Max and, then, her mother. Neither wanted to let go of Isabel. They both had their lives, but by interfering in hers, they had stolen it from her. Isabel had messed up her entire love life from the first. She really couldn’t blame anyone else. She had played coy so long with boys that when she finally thought she saw something in Alex, she couldn’t do anything different. When Alex stood out from the crowd in her life, she should have quit the games and, just like Max, gone to him without reservation. You can’t get over bad habits that quickly. You also, can’t get over fear that quickly either. Isabel thought back. She couldn’t remember when she had not been afraid. Max showed his fear. Their adopted mother tried to help him by giving him a toy house. The house was supposed to stay with him so he would always think he had a home close by. Isabel, then had tried to appear brave. She wasn’t and she never would be as brave as she appeared. When dating, her gifts worked against her. From dream walking, she always knew what boys wanted from her. No matter how well she knew a boy, he was still a stranger, a foreigner to her origins and feelings. Isabel had that drive to fit in and that required dating. For her, dating became a game to stay popular and, at the same time, remain aloof from what she saw in the minds of her dates. When she met Alex, she was still in that coy mode. This was not what Alex could understand. Alex loved Isabel unconditionally. He actually saw inside her façade. Alex did, by instinct, what she did with her powers. When she looked inside him, yes, she saw lust. But it wasn’t the “Slam, bamm, thank you, Ma’am” that she saw in so many of her other suitors. Alex wanted her body as any normal boy would, but he wanted more. He wanted her soul. Her games were just so wrong. Now that he was dead, Isabel could only think that he died without ever knowing love. He died without ever knowing what it was like to hold a girl against his chest. He died never feeling the bare flesh of a girl in his hands. He died without ever hearing those precious words, “I love you, Alex.”

Isabel had turned to Jesse desperately seeking a love. Jesse was ready to get married. He had worked hard. He was an Hispanic boy from New Mexico back east in the prestige schools. His scholarship forced him to curtail many amorous adventures. When he met the young, intelligent girl who showed interest in him, Jesse was overwhelmed. Isabel knew that he was getting close to asking her to marry him. She had unabashedly dream-walked him. First, to ascertain that he wasn’t a FBI plant and then, after she saw herself in his eyes, just for the pure joy of doing it. Isabel, again, was afraid. She just knew that something would happen. She so wished she had offered Alex love before it was too late. Now, she was determined to find physical love with Jesse before the doom she always saw on the horizon struck. Yes, the doom was partly of her own making. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy. The pressure of Max and of her mother were responsible, but it was her own indecision and fear that, finally, had made her break off from Jesse. Her rational mind tried to rescue her romance, but by that time, it was too late.

Isabel felt strong hands on her shoulders. The hands lifted her to stand and, then, embraced her against a strong chest. It had been some time since Isabel had smelled the strong manly scent, not weakened by cologne, but the scent of a man in the afternoon after he had been all day at work. She remembered her father when he would come in after working out after his day at the law office. That was the smell of security. Through her tears, she looked into the strong face of Reginald Breckworth.

Isabel, let me take you to dinner. We can go somewhere quiet and talk. I won’t intrude. Just let me be there so you won’t have to face what ever it is, alone.

Isabel looked up at him. Yes, she didn’t want to return and eat alone tonight. She scribbled her address on a paper and handed it to him. “I will meet you there in thirty minutes.” That would give her time to get home and pull herself together.

When Reggie came to the apartment, he knocked on the door and it was answered by Isabel. He could see that she had scrubbed her face and repaired her makeup. Isabel grabbed a sweater and she was off with Reggie. They drove to a quiet Italian restaurant named Casa Luna, the house of the moon. That is where she wanted to be as far away from reality as possible. Maybe, that was on the far side of the moon.

Instead of questioning Isabel, Reggie just started talking. He had held a government job. Isabel noticed that he never really told what the job was. He had traveled and Isabel got the hint that it was very adventurous. As he talked, Isabel began to feel comfortable. Soon, she was telling him about the falling out she had had with her brother. Of course, she didn’t mention any thing alien. She told of the man she had known when she was in high school. She stated that his death was caused by some sort of accident. Then, she began to talk of Alex. She told Reggie that he had been murdered by a person she had thought of as a friend. Reggie thought that must have been terrible. Finally, Isabel got to Jesse. She told Reggie that Jesse had been eight years older than she was. She told of the secret romance they had, of course, neglecting to share the fact that they had gone to bed together. She mentioned that when he asked her to marry him, her brother and mother had done everything in their power to stop her. Then, she told him that she had given in to their demands led by her own indecision.

“You know that good-looking man walking the halls this afternoon. That was Jesse. I have his son in my class.” Isabel stopped that was the end of her tale. She just folded her hands in her lap and gazed down at the pasta salad.

Reggie said nothing for sometime. Isabel appreciated that he didn’t try to make some sort of condolences or other words. He left her to her thoughts. They silently sat and ate their meal. When they were finished Reggie looked at his watch. We have a couple hours before it is too late to be out on a school night. With that, he drove her to a dance club. It was a place where they played a lot of swing music. They danced and Isabel started to be herself again. She didn’t forget Jesse, Alex or even Grant, but she was starting to think more about Reginald Breckworth. As they were crossing the parking lot, out of the shadows a man stepped out in front of them.

“Cutting in on my girl eh?” Pauley was quite drunk. He had three friends with him.

Reginald just looked at Pauley. “Pauley, I do not want to take advantage of you. Why don’t you go home to sleep it off?” Reggie asked.

“Naw, you don’t want me to do that. We are going to teach you a lesson and you are going to leave other guy’s girls alone.” Pauley was made braver with his three former team mates.

Isabel was distressed. She was almost at a point where she would use her powers. It was only strict discipline that kept her quiet. The three men jumped at Reggie at the same time. They also all went down on the ground at the same time. Isabel couldn’t see what he did and neither could the men. They started to get up when Reggie put his foot on Pauley’s neck. “Stay down, Pauley. You are way out of your league. Just leave Isabel alone.”

With that statement, Isabel and Reginald left. Isabel wondered what would be the payment that would be extracted when Reggie got her home. She felt obligated when she asked him if he wanted to come in. “No, Isabel, tomorrow is a school day and we both have to get up and teach classes.” With that, he did pull her to him and gave her a slow kiss.

The next day was Friday. Little Carlos was as Isabel thought a delight to have in class. The only problem was that he continually reminded her of his father. She saw Pauley from a distance. Reggie did come by and asked her to go on a date. Isabel thought that this might prove to be a godsend. The date was on Saturday night so she would have plenty of time to prepare. That night, Isabel took out her paper. When she was ready for bed, she traced the picture with her finger as she had done before. This time, when she drifted off to sleep, she, again saw the man who she had spent yesterday evening with. He was still dressed in black boxer shorts. He was flexing his muscels. She had to admit, he was a good looking piece of man candy. Try as she could she couldn’t get past that man strutting in his shorts. She couldn’t get into his subconscious. That was worrying her.

On Saturday morning, she was at the Evans’ home talking to Liz. “I just couldn’t get into his mind. That is the first time I have ever not been able to mind walk a guy.” Isabel was worried about Reggie.

“Isabel, do you think he might be alien? You said he took on those three guys without any trouble. Could an alien block you?” Liz asked.

“Liz, an alien feels different. You know how it feels when you are with Max? Well, dream walking an alien also has a different feel to it. It’s hard to describe, but it is different. With Reggie, he feels like an ordinary man. I just reach a barrier and can’t get past it.” Isabel was very disturbed and perplexed. This had never happened to her.

While they were talking Max came in. He started to say something, but the look that Liz gave him convinced him that he would talk to Liz later and rely on her to talk to Isabel.

That night, Saturday, was the big date. Yes, it was big because Isabel hadn’t had many dates recently. Her three date limit was not even in use. Since leaving college and getting her teaching position, there had, indeed, been few opportunities. When she had first started teaching there had been a fellow teacher. He was single and had asked her if she would like to attend a ball game with him. Perhaps you could call that a date. They were both supposed to attend a certain number of extra curricular activities. He was a pleasant man, but he had no imagination. Isabel could well see how his students complained of being put to sleep in his lectures. Isabel could tell that he wanted an invitation to come into her apartment, but she could see this relationship leading to a state of boredom that would not help her. There had been an insurance man who knew her parents. Her mother had set that one up. He was searching for a fan club to cheer his life on as he lived it. He made no bones about it. Looking at Isabel as they were eating he stated, “We will be going up to your apartment after dinner, won’t we!” Isabel pleaded fatigue and managed to be busy every time he called for a rematch. She had her share of errant parents, men of course stopping by ostensibly to talk about their children, but indicating they would enjoy her company any evening. Isabel was afraid that Jesse might be heading for this group. She still had a thing for him, but Isabel had a thing for marriage, especially the marriage of someone else. As much as she missed and was fond of Jesse, she hoped he didn’t burst the illusion of his character by attempting to rekindle any of their affection.

Now, there was Reggie. He seemed to be in that category, which had been sparse for some time, of being a good choice. The only thing that bothered Isabel was the fact that she couldn’t get past the barrier into his subconscious.

Reginald had promised her a night of dining and dancing. Isabel got out a classic dress that was sufficiently low cut to show off her charms. She was wearing medium heels. It had been so long since she had worn extremely high heels that she was not sure of her balance. When Reginald picked her up, he was dressed in a sports jacket and slacks. They went to the best dinner club that Roswell offered. At first, Isabel was worried about the prices. She remembered when she was young, she wouldn’t think twice about this. But, she had been teaching for several years now and being conscious of prices had become ingrained in her while living on a teaching salary. Reginald didn’t seem to notice the prices. This caused Isabel to watch him more carefully. He did several things different from a person who had been in teaching for many years. Well, he said he had recently quit a government job to take up his teaching position. Later, when he gave a tip, he just handed the waiter a twenty without even thinking about the correct amount. This was not the action of someone who depended upon their teaching check to make it through the month. Most of the evening went well. Some of the babbles Isabel charged to the fact that she had not gone out that much in the last few years. Reginald handed his keys to the man waiting for him at the door who took their car and parked it somewhere. Reginald checked the light wrap Isabel was wearing without a thought. Reginald asked Isabel what she liked and he ordered without even looking at the menu or worrying about the price. Even Her father didn’t ever do that and he was all about appearance when he was taking a client to dinner.

The conversation was light, but entertaining. As all teachers do, they got their pet peeves of the week, out of the way. The other time she was with Reginald, he had been trying to cheer her up by telling her stories about world travel. Now, they talked about current world affairs. Isabel was surprised at how he could cover so many subjects, but later, she could tell nothing of his politics or personal opinions. He maneuvered the conversation like a diplomat. Isabel was constantly comparing him with others she had known. With Grant, it was Isabel who was immature. The few conversations she had with him studied in retrospect, made her wonder how he, as an adult, contended with her adolescent prattle. Thinking back, she was sure that Grant saw her maturing body with more allure than their age difference should have allowed. Alex had been her same age. He had had few more experiences than she, so their conversation was at the same level. With Jesse, they were straining to find levels where they could converse. Jesse probably really loved her and he was old enough to understand what love was. Her few other dates in college were almost strictly with leering males who saw in Isabel, a body to possess. When they found the three-date rule, they had nothing else to say. With Reginald, it was almost as if he was setting the conversation so as to show off Isabel to her best advantage. He mixed his narratives with comments and questions that she could relate to, even though he knew that she didn’t have the world experience he had. Isabel was thinking that he was too perfect. She stopped herself and reprimanded herself for being paranoid. This was one of the best evenings of her life. She should not seek problems that didn’t exist, but rather, simply trust that this was her evening to enjoy. Then, she began to wonder what the payback of this evening would be. Was he now entitled to demand wild intense sex? Would he expect her to have the experience commiserate with her age, not realizing she had been sheltered for many years by circumstance?

Dinner, Dancing and, finally, a walk leaning against his strong arms. No, Isabel was not prepared for this heavenly evening. When they were finally home and she was wondering how she was going to react to what ever overtures he would propose, Reggie just held her close to himself, kissed her and, then, taking her key from her hand, he opened her door. After kissing her again, he left.

Sunday noon. They were having dinner with her folks as usual. Isabel was very silent about her date. Liz was curious, but she didn’t want to discuss anything in front of the elder Evanses. When dinner was over, Liz suggested that Isabel follow them home and then they could talk.

Isabel could not say one thing bad about last night. The only thing worrying her was still that thing about dream walking. Reginald was perfect as far as she could tell. He ordered the right foods and he picked the right music. Then he made all of the right moves and when things started to get complicated on leaving, he did all the right things. “Isabel, you make him sound like a god. Was everything he did perfect?” Max askied.

Isabel sat for several minutes going over the night in her head. “Yes, he seemed perfect in every way. Maybe, I am just getting more mature where I am not so picky or…”

Max looked at her, “… someone had read a report on you.” Max hated himself the minute he said that. He knew that he would have to answer to Liz later, but this had been at the back of his mind and he had to blurt it out. “Isabel, he just might have been too perfect.

The rest of Sunday afternoon, Isabel spent getting her lessons ready for next week and thinking about what Max had said. In her mind, she had always conjured the men that she had lost into perfect companions who were taken away. Now that she had a date, she didn’t know how serious to consider a man who seemed to really be perfect. She remembered he told the waiter to hold the broccoli and she had never told him or anyone else that she didn’t like broccoli in years. Isabel had always liked the Latin dances, but she never could get the polka down without tripping. She remembered that they danced until they were almost ready to drop, but when a polka came up from the band, Reggie stopped and suggested they rest. It was perfectly possible that these were all coincidences, but that was stretching it.

Sunday evening, Isabel went to the Crashdown, the restaurant that Liz folks owned, but now, it was run mainly by José, the cook. Max and Liz were sitting on one side of the table. They only had a little time before José would close up for Sunday evening. Isabel sat opposite Max. As they were eating and talking, a figure approached the table. Isabel looked up. It was Reggie. “Hi, Isabel, I had heard you came here often, I was driving by and I just wanted to stop.”

Isabel indicated first her brother, then Liz. “Reggie, this is my brother, Max, and his wife, Liz. Liz’s folks used to run the Crashdown when we were all young.
Reggie looked at Liz and smiled. “What? Is something wrong?” Liz inquired.

Reggie laughed, “I heard about the antennae and I was just imagining several teenage girls running around with the bobbing things in their hair.”

Liz gave a weak grin, “Yes, my father thought they gave the place atmosphere, but the girls who had to wear them, me included, were always embarrassed.”

Max was frowning, “Reggie, where did you hear about the Crashdown. Have you been in Roswell before?”

“No, Max, I just heard of it somewhere. Imagining the teal green uniforms and the bobbing head pieces must have been really something,” Reginald stated.

Reginald stood, he shook hands again with Max and nodded to Liz. Then, he caressed Isabel’s face with his hand. To Liz, it looked as if he might kiss her, but he resisted. Reginald was gone.

Max crumpled his napkin. “He knows too much. Who is he, Isabel?”

Isabel was sitting with her head in her hands. She was softly crying.

Liz was remembering the look on Reginald’s face as he brushed his hand against Isabel. If he was an enemy, he had strong feelings for Izzy. This, Liz was sure about.

During the next week, at school, there were no real surprises, but there were many little things. A case of paper that Isabel had ordered arrived and Reginald just happened to be going her way to deliver it. Isabel dearly loved those little chocolate cakes with the cream filling. As they were eating lunch, Reggie just happened to sit down beside her and in his lunch bag there were three of them. Without a word, as they were talking, Reginald slid two of them to her place. Danny Martinez was cleaning the erasers for Mr. Beckworth. He just happened to stop by and ask Isabel if she would like him to take her erasers out to clean, also. These were things that Isabel dreamed of happening to her. She had seen both Max and Michael do these little niceties for their girl friends and, for a time, Alex would do them for her just before he was killed. The nostalgia of it brought tears to Isabel’s eyes.

It was Friday morning. Later that evening, it would be the night of the big basketball tournament. As Isabel was preparing to leave, she heard a honk. It was Reggie. “Why don’t you just ride to school with me this morning? We can go to the tournament together after school. Then we will only have one car to worry about.

That night after the game, Isabel found herself snuggled up against Reginald’s shoulder as he drove her home. She wondered what he would he expect tonight when he left her off. Truly, Isabel was starting to wish that he would have expectations because she was beginning to have very strong feelings for him.

The moon was full and the quiet street where Isabel lived was lined with trees. The slight breeze made beautiful shadows in the moonlight as it moved the branches above them. It was late. At least, it was late for school teachers. True, it was a Friday night and there was no school tomorrow. Reggie and Isabel had stopped at an all night diner for pie and coffee. She would probably be sorry that she had drunk that coffee as she tried to sleep tonight. Isabel wasn’t sure that it would be coffee that would be keeping her awake. Isabel found herself wishing that she had more experience with controlling end-of-date affairs. This was a time where she might have initiated the invitation to come in and, thus, spend the night. Isabel had only slept with a man once and though he was a man, she was, technically, still in her teens. Isabel was now just shy of thirty. Pam Troy would know what to do. She was the same age and, already, she had worn out one husband and was shopping for another; like a pair of shoes trying them on to see how they fit. Isabel couldn’t imagine a man as good looking as Reginald not having a long line of conquests.

As the car drove up to the quiet apartment, Reginald stopped the motor. He turned and, taking Isabel in his arms, he began kissing her. She leaned against his arm and as he pulled her into him, she felt her body beginning to respond. She felt something else. She couldn’t quit define it. It was a secret. Kissing Reggie was revealing that he had a secret. It was a big secret. Isabel felt her mind being sucked into questing after this secret. As their emotions intensified, automatically Isabel’s alien powers began to dig at his secret. Reginald removed his arm and came around to her side of the car. Isabel was all a quiver. In a few minutes, she would know if he was going to come inside with her and she would have her second time at love. Reggie opened the car door and helped Isabel out of the car. With her still under his arm, he walked her to the door. As they kissed under the moon light, Isabel, from a far distance, heard him say. “Izzy, this has been a splinded evening and I will see you next week.” With that and one final kiss, he was gone.

Isabel entered the cool dark apartment. She didn’t bother turning on the light. She flung her sweater across the room and slumped in the one easy chair she had. She kicked off her shoes and with just her hose on her feet, she sat thinking what happened. Was there something wrong with her? She had prepared her self to go as far as Reggie wanted to go tonight. She was even anticipating the event that she was sure was coming up. Then, she began to think. He had been so intense. She was sure that he had been attracted to her. Then, the secret rose up in her mind. What kind of a secret held that much importance? Isabel had been an expert at keeping secrets. She had kept the secret for years that she, Michael and Max were aliens. She had kept this secret form her parents all of her life. She had kept the secret from Jesse and that was, probably, the obsticle that made her back out of her wedding. Max had insisted that it would be so unfair to tell Jesse and bring him into the abyss that they all found themselves in.

Max had told Liz when he healed her. Liz had told Maria and later, Alex. That had given them all human partners. That is until the fourth alien, Tess, killed Alex and drove a wedge between Max and Liz. Isabel knew secrets almost as well as she knew flavors of ice cream. This secret, that she couldn’t penetrate of Reggie’s, was as intense as that of the aliens.

Isabel sat up. Suddenly, the tingles of sex, or almost sex, fled her body. They were replaced with the wonder at what this secret was and whether it had meaning for all of the aliens.

Isabel took a long shower. She needed to wash away the disappointment of Reggie not staying with her that night. She had to calm her mind about her new fears of what the secret was that he held. Was the secret of concern to her? Then, she had the problem of figuring out whether or not he had the power to block her when she attempted to dream walk him. Dressed in her satin lounging pajamas, Isabel decided to give it another try.

Isabel took the old school newspaper. She, again, traced his picture. Isabel had no idea how dream-walking worked. She had no idea how Tess could mind warp people into seeing things that were not there. Michael and Max had formed some idea of the use of power. They had a theory that there was a step in physics that had not been taken yet in humans. Somehow, aliens could focus the energy of what ever made up the universe. What ever power they focused, would disrupt what ever was in its path. Isabel had tried to explain what she saw when dream walking. She said it was like bubbles floating in space. Whatever bubbles she was concentrating on, would, sooner or later, come by her when she was in a semi-sleep state. Tracing the picture of Reggie was her way of calling the bubbles. When the correct bubble approached, Isabel could enter if she was careful. If she was not careful, the bubble would break and Isabel would be without the ability to make contact with that person for sometime. This was a lousy description, but it was the best Isabel had. It sufficed to let her into the dreams of others.

The dreams of others drifted by. They always seemed to be the dreams of those in her mind. She could see Liz, Max, Maria and Michael. Since they were sensitive to her, she would avoid intrusion or there would be hell to pay tomorrow. The dreams of Pam Troy drifted by and Isabel ducked her head inside. Pam was buck-naked making love with someone Isabel didn’t know. This wasn’t a sight that she enjoyed seeing, so she began to duck back out. Just before leaving, she caught a glimpse of Reginald. Yes he was Pam’s cousin. Isabel caught Pam wondering what his job had been when he was working in the government. Isabel waited instead of immediately leaving as she had intended. Pam was wondering why Reggie had written asking her for information on Isabel Evans? How could he leave a job that paid close to six figures and be willing to come to Roswell to take a teaching job? Why did he do it when she had told him that first, Isabel Evans was working at her school and, second, that there would be a vacancy in the math department this past fall? As Isabel sat at the edge of Pam’s dream, the questions about Reggie faded. She went back to screwing whoever it was she was doing when Isabel had arrived. Isabel quickly left.

Isabel shook herself in her dream state. That girl could really go at it. She still was seeking Reginald. Soon a bubble that had the feeling of Reggie appeared. Isabel stepped up to it. This time, she could get in a little just inside. It was crowded and there seemed to be a barrier, so she couldn’t go any deeper. What she saw in the outer edge of the dream was instructive. Isabel found herself there with Reggie. They were sort of waltzing and he was kissing her. As they danced, Reggie began to remove her sweater. She had been dressed just as she was this evening. They moved in a circle just on the outside of his dream. As they moved, the area they were dancing in became a bedroom. She assumed that it must be his. He was showering her with kisses and he was crushing her breast against his chest. It was his bare chest. Somewhere he had shed his jacket and shirt. Isabel couldn’t see when or how. Still kissing her, he stepped back and began to unbutton her blouse. As he got to the last button, he pulled it out of the waist band of her skirt. As he took the blouse off Isabel in the dream, she gasped. She was wearing the same bra that she had worn in real life that night. He must have been paying really close attention to her clothes that night. Maybe, he was dreaming of undressing her all along. If so, why didn’t he just ask to come in and do it?

As they were still kissing, the dream walking Isabel was spell bound. Reggie began to fiddle with the waist band of her skirt. The standing Isabel just watched, not being able to move, so intense was the vision before her. Reggie began to unbutton the waist band and he pulled down the zipper. The skirt fell to the floor. It was a shock for Isabel to see her self seduced this way, standing in front of him just in her bra and panties. Then, it hit her. It hit her so badly that she fell inward away from the edge of the bubble, falling against the barrier. It was not a soft barrier, but rather, one that repelled her away from it. The force of repulsion was so great that Isabel was thrown out of the bubble. She woke up in a cold sweat.

Her panties were black but she had bought them because they had two little flowers embroidered one on each side. When she wore the panties, she felt like she was keeping a sexy secret. No one, unless she allowed them to undress her, would know about the black panties with the two white flowers. Isabel was sure that, in no way, did Reginald get that intimate with her to have that knowledge. How did he know about them? What was that force that threw her out of the dream? She had never had that happen to her before.
Please remember the panties they are very important later.

Stories by ken_r
Really there is too much sex in this story but Max of fiction is up to the task. The Castaways I was just trying to see if i could do this kind of story.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

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chapter 5 august 5

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Flamehair we are all hoping for you. As Begonia says below Jesse was a good looking man and he was at the age and place in life when he wanted marriage. I hope you find out about Reggie, not this time but I believe next time. Does he meet the criteria that Max and Michael would accept?

Begonia9508 yes Jesse was a good looking man. He could be anyone we wont know yet.

I am trying something I am going to change the title a little to see if that makes a difference in attracting readers. The story is fixed and I am satisfied with it. So that won’t change

Forty years ago today I married the girl I was dating. She was 20 and i was 25. we had been penpals for seven years.

Chapter 6

Isabel was laying on her back staring up at the ceiling. Her pajamas were soaked. She was in a nervous sweat. Her eyes were wide awake. The intensity of the dream walk was strong. The intensity of falling against a forbidden barrier was also strong.

Isabel got out of bed. She shucked the wet garments and went into the shower. The water running over her body was almost sensual. Probably the touch of anything would be sensual after that experience. She got out of the shower and, for a time, she just walked around the apartment naked letting the night breezes flow over her body. Finally, she walked to her dresser and put on a knee-length gown. There was still no way she was ready to go to bed. She pulled the drapes open and sat at her table. She had poured herself a glass of milk and turned on one of the lights in the living room. In the dim light, she sat cross egged on a kitchen chair drinking her milk as she thought. For a person who hadn’t gotten anything this night she felt run through the wringer.

Why had she entered the dream of Pam? True, she did get some information. She had found out that Reggie was indeed Pam’s cousin and he was very interested in her, Isabel. Seeing the rutting of Pam had made Isabel feel very wistful. Then, finding that Reggie was having almost erotic dreams about her, was a point in itself. It made her feel strong that she could induce such passion in a man, even if it was only in his dream. Then, there was the intimate knowledge of her panties that Reggie apparently had. Just how could he know and see those panties so clearly? Lastly, there was that barrier. Isabel had never come up against such as this in her life. Even the brief alien encounters had been nothing like that. She couldn’t get through it and if she pushed against it, she would be thrown out. Isabel knew she needed to talk about this night, but there was no way she could say any of these things to her brother or to Michael. Maybe, Liz and/or Maria could help her make sense of this . Both of them had experienced alien sex to the point that they might help her with these feelings.

All next week, Reggie continued to do nice things for Isabel. She tried not to appear different to him. It was as if he had been viewing her naked and, now dressed, she was supposed to not act differently around him. Reggie asked her if she would like to go out that weekend. Isabel pleaded that she had a bunch of work that she had to finish this weekend but would he give her a rain check for next weekend? He seem to be all right with that.

Saturday night, Liz and Maria had informed their men that they were having a girls night with Isabel. They expected their men to baby sit and ask no questions. Liz brought several quart packages of ice cream and several spoons. Maria stopped by the bakery and picked up a collection of pastries and little cakes. Isabel had a supply of several chips and dips along with varied cans of soda. Tonight, they would talk and sing. The word diet would not be allowed. Tonight, Isabel hoped that Liz and Maria would help her understand her body, her fantasies and her fears.

They started the night with CDs, girl locker room jokes and dips. Isabel described the dream walk she did on Pam. Everyone enjoyed that. Then, the discussion got to the date Isabel had with Reggie. She tried to describe the intensity. Her first question was, “When you were getting intense with your lovers, did you see visions?”

Liz went first, “From the first time Max and I touched, I saw things in his head. That is why I was able to forgive him. I really knew how scared he was of being king and having that responsibility. As we progressed, I saw more and more about, first his life, and then, I saw how he saw me. It got so that we couldn’t lie to each other because each of knew what was in the other’s heart. Even now, when we make love, it is like we are in each other’s bodies. We both know how to find pleasure for ourselves and, also, to give pleasure to each other.”

Maria shook her head. “When Space boy and I would kiss, I would feel nothing more than I felt when I made out with any other boy. The night when you were getting ready to leave with Tess was the first night he told me that it wasn’t me. It was him. He deliberately shut down his emotions and kept me at a distance. He didn’t want me to see many of the things that had happened to him. That night, he opened up and I was flooded with every thing he had ever felt for me and about everything else. Since then, when we make love, it is a rollercoaster. When he is angry, I get the full brunt of what is bothering him whether it is me or someone else. When he is happy, I get a double share of all the joy he is capable of having. I have mostly gotten the love that he has for me and I now know that there is no where else that I could get that intense love.”

Isabel took a deep breath. She had never opened up to anyone as much as she intended this tonight. “I have tried to tell you about the dream walk. You know how I described it as bubbles. If I am careful, I can stick my head or even enter the bubble and watch the dream along with the person owning it. I never had the intensity you were describing with a man or boy. I never told anyone, but I made love to Jesse just before we broke up. I was as shut down as Michael. I was so afraid to let him see me, that I kept my emotions in check. Last Friday night when we got back, I didn’t know what I wanted. On one hand, I was hoping that Reggie would want to come into my apartment. On the other, I was afraid just like I was when I made love to Jesse. When we stopped in front of my house, we were kissing. I was so hoping that we would soon be in bed together. I felt that barrier and I couldn’t get through it. We walked to my door and every step of the way, I was prepared to have him spend the night. He kissed me and then, he left. It was the biggest let down I think I have ever had. I decided to dream walk him one more time. That was when I found the Pam Troy bubble. In it, I did find that Reginald has been researching me. He left a job paying almost a hundred thousand a year to come to Roswell and take a teaching position at the school where I worked. I think we have said enough about the fantasies of Pam for the moment. I, finally, got into Reggie’s dream. He was having an erotic dream about me.” Isabel paused. Both the women looked at each other.

“Wow,” they said in unison. Liz thought she saw herself as Max undressed her and it was stimulating, but to have a comparative stranger do this that was something. She wasn’t sure what else to say.

Isabel continued, “Well, that is not the best part. I watched as Reggie took off my sweater and blouse. I watched as he kissed me in his dreams and the kisses were still fresh in my mind from that night. Then, he took my skirt off.” Both Liz and Maria giggled. This was like watching a very intimate romantic movie, but they were talking to the leading lady and she was describing the acts that she was experiencing through the dream. Isabel went on, “He took my skirt off and I was wearing black panties. They were my special secret. They had a white flower on each side. There was no way he could know about this. I didn’t let him get his hands under my skirt at all and he didn’t even try. How did he know about the panties? I was so shook up that I fell against a barrier that I couldn’t get through, It threw me out of the dream.”

Isabel went on, “The whole night, while kissing him, I kept feeling there was something about a secret. It was a secret much like the one that I have kept all of my life. That man has a secret and I do not know if it is dangerous to us or not.”

Liz looked at Isabel, “Do you think he is alien?”

“No,” Isabel replied. “I think I would recognize an alien. We did have a lot of experience with them over the last years in high school.”

“What about some sort of alien you have never seen?” Maria asked. “I am sure there are many different types of aliens.”

Isabel frowned, “Maybe, that is something that I just do not know.”

Liz looked at Isabel, “I don’t think I am wrong. I saw how Reggie looked at you and how he caressed you as he left you when we were at the crashdown. Whatever he is, I think he is in love with you.”

“Then why didn’t he insist in coming in that night. I would have said yes. What is this secret that seems to be in his way as much as our secret is in our way? What is he afraid for me to see about him? I know that he is intense when dreaming about me, but there is something that is holding him back. I think it is that secret. If he is human, how does he keep me out of his mind so well?” Isabel needed to talk to these women so much. They were the only people she could have any of these conversations with.

The night was warm and the women were in their gowns and robes. As they talked through the night, they, finally. lying on the bed or on pillows on the floor, all dropped off to sleep.

The next morning when the women woke up, they showered and got breakfast. Then after helping Isabel pick up everything, they left and went back to their homes. For a night, they had felt as carefree as they had in high school, but they weren’t high school girls any more. It was good that they could be there for Isabel. No conclusions had been found, but information had been shared. Now, it was up to the women as to how much they would share with their men.

Both Max and Michael were all for direct attack. It was for Liz and Maria to point out that, mentally, Isabel was the strongest of all of them since Tess was no longer around. “Max, if the mental barrier is so strong that it keeps Isabel out, a direct attack might just prove impossible. It is never a good idea to attack until you understand what you are up against. There is strong evidence that this man genuinely loves Isabel. We need to understand him before we confront him.

Max looked at her, “What about Kivar?” It has been a long time since we heard any thing of him. Maybe, this man is Kivar or an agent of his. Kivar might have really loved Isabel. We just do not know.”

Liz grimaced, “ Izzy, does not feel that he is alien, or at least any alien she is aware of. There is a secret though and she needs to understand it. Max, she is terribly in love. If there is a way for it to happen, we must help her.”

At first, Max was getting stubborn, but Liz was pointing out that they were better off now because they had more information. They needed to use this information and figure out what to do.

Back at school, Isabel made a date with Reggie to go out the next Saturday night. There was a drama at the playhouse that Reginald had gotten tickets for. Isabel liked dramas and she was enjoying the company of Reggie, except for the worry about his secret.

They went to the play and it was a good performance. These performances were usually by amateur groups, but their enthusiasm made up for some of their inexperience. Reggie and Isabel went out for late coffee and a lot of talking. “Reggie, if we are going to continue this relationship we need to be truthful with each other. I feel you are keeping secrets.”

Reggie, as he sipped his coffee answeered, “Yes, Isabel I think we should be truthful. I will tell my secret, if you will tell yours.”

Isabel feined shock, “I have secrets? What would I have a secret about?”

“Isabel, I think you have many secrets. I will tell all of mine, if you will tell all or yours,” Reginald said.

Isabel toyed with her pie, “I lost a boy who I wanted to be a lover when I was in high school. I had a crush on a man way to old for me before I was 18. I made love once, just before I broke up with a man who wanted to marry me. Aren’t those enough secrets?”

Reginald stood, he placed enough money for the coffee, pie and a tip under the saucer and held her jacket for her. “No, Isabel those aren’t your secrets. When you are ready, I will return whatever secrets I have. Until then, I guess we are going to have to trust each other.” With that, they left. Isabel was, again, snuggled against Reggie. He felt so good and so secure. When they stopped in front of her apartment, they kissed and he held her. His hands wandered over her body. This felt so good that Isabel began to wonder what she could afford to tell him to get him to continue. Her mind again probed his to see if she could see what his secret was. It was just like before. She could see herself as he saw her and she could see herself loved, but there was still that barrier that kept her back.

Their make out session was deeper this time as Reggie opened her blouse and cradeled her breasts. Isabel hadn’t allowed a man to do this since she was with Jesse that night. The kisses she returned were passionate. Isabel was wishing there was something she could do to not lose this man as she had lost so many before. The fear of his secret took second place to the feeling of love she felt when she was in his arms. Max had been so adamant, and she had so agreed with him, that it was dangerous to let others into their world. Liz had been able to accept them the easiest. Maria was next, and as she grew closer to Michael, her loyalty became even stronger. Maria had replaced her desire for her personal family that she had’t had with only a mother, to be taken over by her feeling and protection she gave to the aliens, beginning with Michael. When they had children, she no longer felt herself an outsider as she had growing up. Yes, Maria was firmly entrenched in the ‘I love an alien club.’ Alex had become a loyal supporter. If Isabel had had any sense, she would have loved him as much as Max loved Liz or Michael loved Maria. Alex had given his life because he knew about the aliens. What more could you ask? Now, how would Jesse have faired? They would never know. Isabel had fled his presence. By the time she tried to return, it was too late. How would she handle Reggie? Would she be able to conceal her secret from him? Isabel knew that if she did, she would never be able to get the true love that Max and Michael were experiencing. To allow true alien love, she would have to be open with him. Would Max tolerate that and would she trust enough to open up to Reggie? “Reggie, guess what? I am an invader from outer space.” “Oh, that is OK, Isabel, I have my secret so, now, I can tell you what it is!”

Would this scene ever play itself out? For right now she would never know. Isabel would have to be satisfied with the kisses she was receiving. Maybe she could play them into a stronger session inside. Isabel had her hands inside of Reggie’s shirt. She felt like a teenager making out in a car parked outside in front of her house. They were adults. There was nothing stopping them from going inside and making mad passionate alien love. Oops, that was it. They couldn’t just open up to each other because they both had some terrible secret that they just couldn’t share with the other. Well, maybe, they could make the next best thing. It would be good to just make love, period. The feeling of being important, physically, to someone was becoming strong in Isabel.

As she was maneuvering within the confines of the front seat of his car, Isabel’s elbow felt Reggie’s groin. She could feel the swelling and she knew he was attracted to her physically. She could feel his hands playing across her breasts. “Reggie, we can go inside?” Isabel breathed.

Reginald straightened up. “Isabel, I really am beginning to love you. I just have to find a way to break my secret to you and not have you run away. I have to think about this for a while, I can’t think when I have my hands on your body and see your face before me.”

Reginald straightened his tie and buttoned up his shirt. He got out and went to the other side of the car. Reginald opened the door for a clearly pouting Isabel. Her body had prepared itself so much for the love that his had promised that she clearly was going to have a hard time calming down tonight. “Isabel, think about trusting me completely. I must have a strong faith in you to ever tell you my secret. We are going to both learn to believe in each other and to trust each other.” With that, Reginald walked her to her door and kissed her. Then he left.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 7 august 11

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Flamehair. I got your PM and we are waiting your announcement. Hoping everything is going perfect. Well whey you get time here is your answer but not the answer of what Isabel is going to do.

Begonia he does just know to much. Wait until you see how he learned all of this

Chapter 7

Isabel went into her dark apartment. She stumbled against a chair that had been left out. Isabel violently kicked the chair and hurt herself even more. She just had to destroy something. She slumped into her chair and began to weep. Was this relationship going to be like all the others? If it did go ‘south,’ then it would be all her fault? No one was telling her what to do this time and Isabel was finding that she needed someone to. She had a choice. She could get across to Reginald that she didn’t care about his secret. Would he ever concede that her secret could be bypassed and be willing to give himself to her as she wanted to give herself to him? Isabel had to scream at someone. It was one o’clock in the morning. Isabel called Max.

Max and Liz, of course, were fast asleep. Isabel was incoherent as she tried to talk on the phone. Liz could hear her from across the bed. She pulled at Max’s shorts. “Tell Isabel we will be over there as soon as we get someone to stay with the kids,” she said. Liz was sure this was a crisis for Isabel and she didn’t want to trust Max to be there on his own. Maria was, also, fast asleep. Liz called her and apologetically explained the situation. Maria agreed that they didn’t need Max to confront Isabel alone and start problems all over again. It would be about 30 minutes before she could get over there, but she was on her way. With a kiss to the drowsy Michael and command for him too watch over their kids, she departed. By the time Max and Liz arrived at Isabel’s, it had been almost 40 minutes.

Isabel was a wreck. Her blouse was still undone and Max, assuming the worst, was preparing to go look Reginald up and deal him a dose of alien vengeance. Liz using her command voice said, “Max, wait until we understand what happened. Let Isabel tell us her self.”

Max was mollified somewhat. He turned to Isabel. “What happened? Did he hurt you someway? I told you he might be dangerous!”

Max had forgotten about Liz’s right foot. This last statement earned him another kick in the ankle. He sat down, now, willing to listen to what Isabel had to say.

“It’s the secrets. It is the goddamned secrets! I can’t get away from what I am and what I did to people!” Isabel was still crying, but Liz was sitting beside her holding Isabel’s head in her hands. “Max, you and Michael were presented with caring humans in your lives. They learned about our secret through accidents. They have been your supports through out your life. I was supposed to have a support. Alex learned of my secret and he was willing to accept me. Tess stold that away. I threw Jesse away because I was afraid to tell him my secret. Now, I have another chance. Max, this might just be the last chance I ever have. Now we both have secrets and these secrets are getting in our way of finding any sort of love. I am way too afraid of telling him of my secret. It has been kept, by me, for so long, that there is no way I can talk about it. Don’t say anything, Max, just let me finish!” Max had no intention of saying anything. He couldn’t stand another kick to his ankle tonight.

Isabel was sobbing but with the comfort of Liz, she was able to continue. “We were making out like teenagers in the car tonight. Max, that was enough when I was a teen, but that was a long time ago. I want more no! I want to feel love. I want to be more than an aunt. I want a family just like you and Michael have. I want to come over for afternoon barbeques and help my children wrap birthday presents and watch them as they eat ice cream, letting it run down their clothes. I want to talk to Liz and Maria and gripe about the kids leaving their things out on the floor. Max, I want it all. I want mom to spoil my kids and be able to complain about it. Max, if I loose Reginald, will I be able to even look for someone again? I had almost given up hope when he came along.”

Max started to say something, but looking at Liz he closed his mouth. It was Liz who phrased his thought much more tenderly than he would have. “Isabel, what Max and I are both worried about is that Reginald did seem to purposely look you up. He seemed to have researched your life. What does he not want you to know about him?”

As the ever passionate Liz held Isabel’s head against her breast, the sobbing Isabel retold everything she knew about Reginald. Max had heard most of this from Liz, but he sat still and listened again. Isabel, his loving sister, needed to retell this story in her own way. It was way after four in the morning when Max and Liz relieved Maria. With a promise to tell her everything later, Maria went home to her own problems.

Liz spent a lot of time that weekend talking with Isabel. Nothing was resolved, but Liz continued to think that unless they uncovered something dreadfully bad about him, Reginald was perfect for Isabel. Max had learned through many painful experiences to trust Liz’s judgment. Michael didn’t argue with Liz, but privately, he was very worried. Isabel finding a lover was just another weak link in their lives. Michael had to admit that without Liz and his Maria, both he and Max would be in a bad shape. It just was these people had come into the group a long time ago. The thought of letting someone new in scared him.

The next week at school, Isabel wasn’t sure but she thought that Reggie was a little cool toward her. This feeling was strengthened when Pam came by one of the afternoons. “What is going on with you and my cousin?” Pam asked.

“What do you mean, Pam?” Isabel was evasive because she could think of several things that might be going on. ‘What did you do to upset my cousin? Is my cousin madly in love with you? Are you and my cousin now a couple?’ These questions were running through Isabel’s fertile mind.

“When Reggie came over for dinner Sunday, you are all he would talk about. How do you know him? He wrote me last summer asking what I knew about a girl named Isabel Evans. I told him I had gone to school with you and that you were now teaching at my school. He immediately wrote back and asked me what openings for employment would be available at the school that fall. I knew that Mr. Weinberger was retiring from the math department. When I wrote him about this, he sent in an application immediately. His application was processed so fast that the next letter I got told me he was on his way. Isabel, he gave up a government job that paid over $90, 000 a year! What does a beginning teacher make in Roswell? I ask again. How do you know my cousin?” Pam was standing at the door looking at Isabel as if she had never seen her before. Well, Pam was convinced that she had never known Isabel Evans like Reggie seemed to have before he came to Roswell.

“Pam, what did your cousin do when he had his government job?” Isabel queried.

Pam just shook her head. “I don’t know, Isabel. It was something hush, hush. He never would say. He traveled and he had some sort of police training. I knew that he carried a gun a lot and many people seemed to respect him.” Pam really knew little more than did Isabel.

Reggie would eat lunch beside Isabel, but he said little to her directly. It was funny because the rest of the teacher’s lounge had decided they were now a couple and the Sunshine Fund would soon have to cough up the money for a wedding present. It was Wednesday before Isabel could get up enough nerve to put her plan into action. “Reginald, would you like to have supper with me Saturday evening?” she asked.

Reginald smiled, “Isabel, I think that would be delightful.”

With this in play, Isabel made her calls to her two best friends. Isabel could cook many things, but Liz made the best salads in the world. Maria had learned to make pies from her mom. They were the pies that had been served at the Crashdown for years. Isabel would start a roast and, with luck, they would have the dinner ready by six o’clock Saturday afternoon. Max asked her what she was going to do about her secret? Isabel just looked at him and replied, “You know, Max, I just don’t know. It would help if I knew what Reggie’s secret was. I will just have to play it by ear. Right now, I don’t feel any safer than you about letting anyone else in on it.”

At six o’clock Saturday afternoon, Reginald was right on time. Isabel had just changed into a loose dress that was comfortable while Liz and Maria had safely existed out the back door. Reginal was wearing slacks and a sports shirt. The afternoon was warm and it had been a beautiful day. Everything was perfect. The roast was rare and the vegetables she had prepared with it were well seasoned. Reggie had brought a bottle of wine. It was a California wine of a good vintage. Isabel didn’t know a lot about wine, but she appreciated that he had good taste. Reggie had also brought a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet had roses, lilies and baby’s breath as a filler. The roses were beautiful and the lilies gave off a wonderful fragrance. The whole beauty was set off by the delicacy of the baby’s breath. Isabel put the bouquet in a vase and sat it in the middle of the small table. They chatted as they ate and Reginald remarked several time on the excellence of the meal.

After dinner, they went into the living room. Isabel had chosen a movie called, “Everything You Want” with Shiri Appleby. She chose this because it was a relationship marred by secrets. They popped some microwave popcorn and, with a glass each of wine on the table in front of them, they watched the comedy of a girl who had a secret since her childhood. When the secret was discovered by her perhaps boyfriend, she lost everything. Now, since this was a movie, in the end the boyfriend was standing there with forgiveness, ready to take her forever.

After the movie, Isabel turned off the tv and turned on her CD player. She had programmed several Jazz instrumentals and a couple of blues singers. The slow jazz and the crying of the woman over lost love seemed right for tonight. Isabel sat on the couch and looked at Reginald. “She had a secret and when it became known, it almost destroyed her,” Isabel said.

But, if she hadn’t had the secret in the first place, there wouldn’t have been any problem. The man would have felt free to date her and all would have been well,” Reggie stated.

Isabel looked at him, “What if the secret was very dangerous to many other people? If she told it, he might hate her for what she was and he might hurt the other people?” Isabel inquired looking at Reginald.

“That is where trust comes in. Isabel, you are a wonderful person and I couldn’t ever understand someone wanting to hurt you.” Reginald spoke calmly.

Isabel sighed, “There have been many people who wanted to kill me in the last few years. Trouble is that they also wanted to kill those around me.”

Reginald frowned, but his words were unexpected, “Isabel, I do not want anyone to ever threaten you again. I want to be there to protect you. I can’t if you do not develop trust for me.”

The full meal, the low lights and the soft jazz, along with the wine contributed to Isabel and Reginald both getting sleepy. Isabel had coiled up under his arm and he was casually stroking her body. Reggie was whispering in her ear, “Isabel, you have to trust me for me to tell you my secret.

Isabel murmured, “I want to love you and forget secrets.”

“I do too, Isabel, but sooner or later we have to face what each of us is. There is nothing you can tell me that would shock me, but I am not sure you could take my secret.”

Isabel squirmed as she settled against him, “You would think me a disgusting monster if I told you my secret. Can’t we just make love and not worry about secrets right now?”

“No one who had read your report, Isabel, could think of you as a monster.” Reginald stated as he kissed her.

It registered on Isabel what he just said. She summoned every bit of her energy and put it into her mental ability. She felt resistance. Then, the resistance just fell. Reginald was FBI and more than that, he had been in the special unit. Isabel reacted. She reached for the wine bottle and slammed it over his head. Reginald Breckworth went down.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chspter 8 aug 19

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Begonia9508 I am showing that even the special unit had factions. They did not work as one thought. Reggie was hired to be a thinking person and the trouble with hiring thinking people is that they think. They come to their own conclusions. A young man, very lonesome, reads about a beautiful girl and make his own decisions.

Mezz it is so good to have you as a reader again. With the world so full of really good fics I count every reader as a blessing. Remember that Max was becoming a bit of a difficult person after he found out he was to be king. In my story Liz realized this and with a hefty right foot she set him on the right path even if he had to hobble down it. Please see what I said to Begonia above about Reggie.

Flamehair Talk about a big bouncing baby boy. I think you have presented the fic world with a superlative. Carole and I are so happy for you. I hope you enjoy him as much as we did our two sons. All of your friends in the fic world I have talked to also wish you much happiness. Remember that when healed by Max Reggie owed him something. So Reggie may pay for the concussion, but it is probability a price he is willing. Just think he has already given up a job paying over $90,000 for a teaching job which pays about $30,000 to start. Plus you have to face the little hoodlums with out any weapon. Remember I did it for 30 years.

Chapter 8

Isabel was incoherent. She didn’t know what to do. First, she called Max. When he answered she fairly shouted. “Max, the bastard is FBI and he was part of the special unit!” After that, she slammed down the phone. What was she going to do? What was she going to do? Isabel was asking her self questions to which she had no idea of the answers. She grabbed a suitcase and started to cram clothes into it. Then she thought, she was a teacher. She had to leave something so the classes could continue. She went to the phone and called the automated number. When the robotic voice answered, Isabel forced herself to be calm. Isabel Evans, Eighth Grade, Roswell Junior high, Lesson plans on the desk, personal emergency, I will call back later to give you the details. The call was terminated before Isabel remembered she hadn’t given her employee number nor had she told them that it was an English class. Oh well, they would just have to sort it out. Isabel ran to her car with the clothes she had just packed and was gone.

Max dialed Michael, “Isabel’s boy friend is special unit FBI. I will be there in a minute. He turned and saw that Liz had already pulled on a pair of jeans. “Just where do you think you are going?” he addressed Liz.

“Max, shut up. Get the kids up and in the car. We will drop them off at Maria’s. Don’t give me any lip! If we have a confrontation, I am going to be there. This is not a time to quit listening to me.” Max started to whine a bit, but the look on her face convinced him that Liz was right.

Maria was waiting for them as she steered the sleepy kids into her house. Michael was dressed and when he got to the car he looked at Liz. “Max, what the hell is she doing here? It might be too dangerous!”

“Shut up, Michael. Get in. We don’t have time for this nonsense!” Liz ordered. Michael started to argue, but he also saw the look of determination on Liz’s face.

When they got to Isabel’s apartment, the door was wide open. Max and Michael went in first and Liz didn’t object. They found Reginald out cold on the floor. Liz went up to him and felt his pulse. “Fix him, Max. We don’t have time to mess around.” Liz ordered.

Michael looked at both of them. “Why not just let him die? He is an enemy. We will probably just have to kill him later,” Michael said.

Liz looked at Michael as she was talking, “No, Max, I told you to heal him. Do it quickly! He is in bad shape.” Then, she turned to Michael, “Listen, first we don’t want Isabel to have the guilt of killing someone she thought she loved. Second, we have to have information and dead he is just spoiling meat. Hurry, Max, do it now!”

Michael was quiet as Max bent to feel Reginald’s head. Reginald was moaning as Max held his head in his hands. “Look at me Reginald. Look at me.” Max requested. Reginald’s eyes fluttered. He made enough of a recognition for Max to get in. First rule was to stop the bleeding. Wow, Isabel had quite a wallop! Max traced the bleeding and repaired the small vessels. He worked on the bone structure to relieve the pressure. Max worked for almost an hour. When he stood up, he stated, “Tie him up. I am pretty sure he will come around in a few minutes.” Max commanded.

Reginald awoke to the cold ice packs that the two Lizzes were placing on his head. In front of him with their arms folded, were two men from his memory of the file. They were named Michael. As Reginald rotated his head, the two Michaels rotated about each other. Then, two Maxes looked in his face. They were swimming around in his head and something in his head wanted out. The pain Reginald felt was terrible. He started to raise his hands up to hold his throbbing head. He couldn’t. They were securely tied. He couldn’t move his legs either. They seemed to be tied to what ever he was sitting on. The two women were washing his face with the cold water. It was the only relief they were allowing him. Michael and Max each took a kitchen chair and, turning them backward they sat in front of Reggie. The Lizzes still sat beside him bathing his head, face and neck in the cold water. All the people started to come together, sort of. His mind started to sort them out. He could hear them talking to him. They seemed angry. They had no reason to get angry. He was tied up in a chair with a splitting headache. Finally, the voices seemed to get closer. “Breckworth, where is Isabel?” He couldn’t see who was talking and he didn’t know the answer. Isabel, yes, he knew her. He was supposed to have dinner at her house. Someone had hit him and put him out. Liz held a glass of water to his lips. They were parched. The cold water trickled down his throat and dripped down the front of his shirt. It felt good either way.

As they continued talking to him, he heard one of them say, “Max, clear his pain so he can talk. If he refuses, you can put the pain back.” The one called Max put his hands on Reggie’s head. He felt a warmth come from the hands and, then miraculously, the pain subsided.

“Where is Isabel? What did you do to her?” Max was asking.

“I … I don’t know. I… don’t know what happened.” Reginald was mumbling. He couldn’t get his words clear.

“What is the secret you had that upset her so much?” again, this was Max. All the while they were talking to him, that angel with the cold water continued to bathe his head.

“Why did she say your were FBI?” it was the gruff voice of Michael.

Reginald strained to gather his thoughts. “That was the secret. I read the file on all of you before it was destroyed by Pierce, or who ever was pretending to be Pierce. I kept the file on Isabel.” Reggie was straining to keep his mind focused. If the file was right, these people could be really dangerous.

“Why is the special unit opening up a file on us now? They have left us alone for a long time.” This was Max.

“The special unit was disbanded. I doubt if there are more than two or three people who even remember the project to find and capture aliens,” Reggie stated over the cobwebs in his brain.

“Then, Asshole why are you investigating us?” Michael was angry. Reggie remembered the assessment that if there was an imminent danger, it would be from Michael.

“I am not investigating you. I came here to find Isabel.” Reginald really wished they would all go away and just let him be.

“What did my sister ever do to you that you come hunting her?” Max asked.

“Nothing, I am not hunting her. I am trying to court her. I fell in love with the story and picture in the file. That is why I stole it.” Reginald stated.

Liz looked up at Max and nodded her head. She asked in a much softer voice, “Reginald, what happened? We need to find out what happened to Isabel.”

“I just don’t know. We were talking about secrets and the wine was making us drowsy. Were kissing and, suddenly, she started screaming FBI. I have no idea how she saw that. I have been taking the drugs that the special unit developed to make us impervious to the powers of aliens.” Reginald was clearly confused.

Liz began to loosen his bonds. They helped him to Isabel’s bed. He lay down and Liz handed him the ice pack. He heard her as if in the distance. “The mood and the wine and his own libido probably weakened the drug which blocked Isabel from dream walking. When they were kissing, she probably got flashes.”

They heard him ask, “Where is Isabel? Did she do this to me? What upset her so much?”

Liz chuckled. “The special unit didn’t know everything about us. When we get emotional or intense in our feelings, the aliens see flashes and they also give flashes. These are just fragments of thought that are wondering about in our minds.”

The special unit thought that the aliens were mind reading. That is one of the reasons they were trying to pursue them. The spy boys have always wanted someone who was a mind reader.”

“You are Liz, the one who was healed right? You are not an alien are you?” Reginald ask her.

“No, I am not an alien, but I have lived with them for so long I feel just like they do.” Liz explained.

“What are we going to do about Isabel?” Reginald inquired.

“We are going to do nothing. The rest of us are going to try to find her. You have done enough damage.” Michael stated strongly.

“Michael,” this reprimand was from Liz. “He may genuinely love Isabel. She needs a chance. You always said we were not going to tell anyone else about the aliens. Well, Reggie already knows all about the aliens.”

Reginald nodded his thanks to Liz. He was studying her. She was small in stature, but she controlled a large power. Her power seemed to come from her ability to reason. The file had said she wanted to be a scientist. He wondered if she made it. She was married to the leader. Reginald took a deep breath. “Please listen to my story and, then, help me find Isabel.

“I was 20 when I graduated from Harvard. I was a child prodigy. I had majored in several subjects. One of them being math. I was looking into a law degree. I do not know what I would have done with that. I looked my age and even younger when I wanted to. I was looking for excitement when someone from the FBI mentioned that they were looking for a system’s analyst. This sounded easy enough and I was looking for some excitement. In the FBI, I met several men who were forming a secret unit to go after terrorists. I joined and, pretty soon, I was in charge of reading files and predicting what would happen, given certain conditions. I came across a file about some teenage aliens. At first, I thought it a joke. Reading the whole file I saw that as far as the special unit was concerned, they were serious. A lot of what they thought just didn’t make sense. Then, I read the individual files. The files on Max and Liz just seemed to be a love story. There never was anything that could lead to the thought that these teens were plotting any overthrow of the government or anything. Most of the files were about the supposed powers. There were many comments in the margin of the document about how these powers could be used for military purposes. I was pretty sure that was what was feeding the frenzy to capture and study the aliens. The files showed that, at one time the aliens, were all paired up. They stated that one of the pairs, Kyle and Tess seemed to not be pairs any longer. Then, the pair of Max and Liz seemed to be breaking apart. There was a death in the group and the pair of Alex and Isabel was destroyed. That was when I started to follow the information of Isabel.”

Max looked at Reggie, “I thought you said that the special unit was disbanded way before this?”

“Yes, I did, but you do not understand bureaucracy. There is an old story about a king who commanded that a soldier be sent to scare the birds away from a fruit tree in the courtyard every day. The king was deposed and the fruit tree cut down, but no one rescinded the order to stand there and scare the birds away. Well, no one gave the order to cease sending in information about the teens in Roswell. None of the people sending this information had any idea of what it was about. The information was sent to a file. There was an order to destroy the contents of the file so the information just kept coming and was put into the shredder. I was in a position to channel this information. Through the years I fell in love with the subject, 9984, who was Isabel Evans. Finally, I just decided to seek her out and see if she was as wonderful as I thought she would be. I was correct and, if I recover from the concussion she gave me, I want to start over. You now know my secret and I have always known yours.”

Michael looked at Max and, then, they both looked at Liz. She nodded. The next problem was to find Isabel.

Michael looked at Reggie. “Can’t you use your super stuff from the department and find her; trace her cell phone or something?”

Reginald sighed, “Yes, if we wanted to bring her back up in the sight of the radar. I think you want to find her without any help from any authorities.”

Liz nodded, “He is right, guys. We do not want to attract any attention to Isabel that is not needed. Hopefully, she will call someone and talk to us. The problem is to convince her that we are not being held hostage and forced to tell her to come home.”

Reginald went back to his home. He wanted to be told if Isabel called, but after all, he had a class to teach. Max went to the Roswell Junior High and reported to the principal that Isabel had an unexpected emergency and she would be gone for a few days. He told them that he would keep them advised of her situation. Pam caught him before he left and asked about Isabel. “Does this have anything to do with my cousin?” she inquired. I know that he is smitten with her, but I don’t know how she feels about him.”

Max didn’t know what to say so he just told Pam that Isabel would explain when she returned. It was the middle of the week at midnight, when Isabel called. Liz answered the phone. “Liz, is it safe to talk? Did they come by and search you or anything? Are Max and Michael all right?” Isabel had only questions.

Liz sat up in bed. “Yes, Isabel. It has all been a big mistake. You need to come home or let one of us come and get you.”

“Liz, do they have Max? Is that why you are trying to lure me back?” Isabel was very guarded.

“No, Isabel, he is right here. Let him talk to you,” and Liz handed the phone to Max.

“Isabel, we need you to come home,” Max intoned.

“Max, do they have mom and dad? Is that why you are trying to get me to come back?” Isabel inquired.

Isabel, there is no they. It is a misunderstanding. We need you here.” Max said again, loosing his patience a little.

Liz reached up and plucked the phone from Max. “Izzy, Reginal loves you. The part about the special unit is complicated. You need to be here so we can explain it to you.”

“Liz I saw him reading my file just before I hit him. By the way, did I kill him? I know I hit him pretty hard.” Isabel explained.

No, Izzy, Max healed his head and, except for a broken heart which is beyond Max, Reginald is fine. What you saw was him years ago going through files, most of which are destroyed by now. He is a little bit of a stalker, but he is not a danger to all of us.”

Liz, what should I do? Did I mess up things, again?” Isabel sounded like she was about to cry.

Izzy, just come home. We can straighten every thing out when you get here.” Liz was pleading. Isabel hung up.

I like to write as many diffferent ways as i can. Smugglers of Antar this is a mystery which ends up Sci Fi. It is a sequel to the story Liz of the Desert.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 9 aug 27

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Begonia I think most problems develop from distrust. How can we really trust anyone. The fiction of the aliens is that they can read emotions and catch flashes. That is well and good in aliens. I am usually pretty good at reading body language that is why; even when I was courting I avoided the telephone. Unfortunately reality doesn’t give us enough time to learn how to see people. Isabel like many of us is really desperate to find somebody and this would make her slow to trust her instincts. She fears her desperation.

Flamehair such a grand and noble name for a little fellow. If you get a chance to ever see the movie “Every thing you want.” You see what loneliness drives a person to. I envisioned a young man not fitting in the masculine conversation of sexual conquest of those he worked with and reading about another obviously lonely girl. His intellect, so much greater than those around him allowed him to see and then fantasize the girl into a woman of his dreams.

To all readers. I hope you didn’t think the concern of a teacher, even in times of desperation is un natural. Isabel would have concern for her classes and even though in fear of her life she would call in. I know from experience that the automated system we use when asking for a substitute induces mistakes like she made in not giving her subject or employee number. It is lucky when your substitute is qualified to teach your subject. If they are qualified they usually can quickly get a job full time teaching. This Sub was a retired teacher as many good ones are and she knew her work. No matter what kids usually prefer their own teacher. Please follow her students take on her romance the next couple weeks.

Chapter 9

They called Reginald and told him they had heard from Isabel, but any more than that, they couldn’t say.

On Friday morning, Isabel called again. She would be home that evening. Max contacted the school and told them Isabel would be back Monday so they could release the substitute. Max picked up Reginald and they were all sitting in the living room when a soft knock was heard at the door. Max and Liz had a doorbell, but Isabel had knocked. Liz opened the door and Isabel froze when she saw Reggie. Liz put her hand on Isabel, “its all right Isabel. We brought him here so you could talk to him. He has let all his barriers down. You need to see that he is not dangerous.”

When Reggie extended his hand, it was a very nervous and hesitant Isabel who took it. Max left the room and as soon as Liz was sure Isabel was going to give Reggie a chance with out harming him, Liz joined Max in the kitchen. The children heard the noise and wanted to know what was going on. Liz called them into the kitchen and after explaining that Aunt Isabel needed to be left alone for a while, they sat with their parents drinking milk and eating cookies.

Isabel looked at Reginald. He had a bump on his head. “How hard did I hit you?” she giggled nervously.

“Pretty damned hard! Your brother had to fix a lot of bleeding. He also fixed the skull where it was cracked.” Reginald grimaced.

Isabel made a face, “I could have killed you.”

“Yes, you could have. I was lucky that your brother was near,” He said.

“Then, you know all about us. Is there anything you don’t know about the Roswell aliens?” Isabel asked.

“Liz says there is a lot. Liz says that a lot of the information that the special unit got was incorrect. She says I need to make a study myself to really understand the nature of the Roswell aliens, especially one of them.

Isabel looked down at her hands nervously. “Are you sure you want to learn that much? It is said that we are dangerous.”

Reggie smiled. “Only dangerous if you are keeping secrets and that is why I am here. I want you to see that there are no more secrets.” As he leaned forward and as his lips met hers, Isabel felt him open up. She saw the boy who was always younger than the rest of his class. She saw the boy who was not allowed to associate with those in his school class because he was a minor and they were all over 18. Then, she saw the boy seeking excitement in the FBI and growing into a man browsing over files, looking for information that others had missed. She felt the twangs of his first crush. There was a girl who he only knew by pictures and by file number. She saw how this crush became almost an obsession. She saw him listening to the lectures given by the leaders of the special unit as they painted her and her brothers as monsters. But, there was one alien who would never turn into a monster. Isabel saw the end of the special unit and the young man still going through files carefully plucking out pages that were heading for the shredder and placing them in a special file which he kept under a coded number. For some reason, Isabel had thought Reggie was much older than he really was. After a time, Isabel stated that she wanted to go home. Max took, first, Reggie and then her back to their respective apartments. Isabel would retrieve her car tomorrow. Isabel felt she could sleep for a week. She didn’t dream walk anyone this night, but she did develop some pretty erotic dreams herself.

It was noon when Isabel awoke. She had never felt so worn out and, also, so relieved. At least, she hoped she was relieved. Reginald Breckworth was not an enemy and he loved her. Max had even brought him to their house last night to reassure her that Reginald was an all right guy. It was about 2:00 that afternoon. Isabel went over to Liz’s house. Even though she arrived unannounced, Liz acted like she had expected her. They sipped coffee and talked for several hours. Liz would have to work hard on Sunday to catch up her housework for the weekend. Isabel was mostly worried whether she would be able to mend things with Reginald or not. Monday at school, Isabel told the principal that she had an emergency that was personal and she was willing to take unpaid leave for that week. Max had covered for her and she had called a substitute. So beyond expressing the hope that this wasn’t a reoccurring event, Isabel was back in good standing. Pam was the first to come by her room. “You sure worried my cousin. He wouldn’t talk about, it but he was jumpy at every word spoken about you.”

“I am truly sorry Pam. I hope I can mend any misunderstanding with your cousin.” Isabel said.

Pam harrumphed, “He probably will agree to anything you say. He is so smitten by you. It is the worst case of love sickness that I have seen since high school.”

Isabel smiled. She only hoped it would be that easy.

The week went well. The students were so happy to see their teacher back. The substitute had been unusual. She knew what she was doing. She was even an English major. She had followed the lesson plans that Isabel had written and she had left a page of suggestions that she said she had used long ago when she was a full-time teacher. The students though, missed their teacher and they assured Isabel that there was no substitute for the real thing.

Reggie stopped by and asked what their status was. Isabel asked him if he would come by the next Saturday for supper. He agreed, but he told her he would bring flowers, but no wine or rather wine bottle.

When Reggie arrived at Isabel’s it probably was to his credit for bravery. He had realized that if Max hadn’t healed him, he would have died. Isabel met him at the door. She took the flowers and gave him a kiss. He found this meal was very plain. It consisted of veal cutlets and vegetables. Isabel did have one of Maria’s pies. She served the meal with coffee. After the meal, they retired to the couch. Isabel got out the movie for the night. Reggie smiled when he saw her choice. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was the DVD that Isabel had picked out. He looked at her, “Why?”

“Well, it is about a mature woman finding love and I think I identify with that. It is about a man accepting foreign views and going with an alien qualifies for that. Then finally, it is about two people trying to find themselves and searching within themselves to find reasons to be with each other. I just thought it might be appropriate.” Isabel was looking at Reggie as she outlined her reasons.

Reggie chuckled. “Okay that might be right for tonight.” And he went to the DVD and set it up. Isabel brought the microwave popcorn and the movie proceeded. They laughed as the many Greek actors made fun of, and, thus also, celebrated their culture. The lights were low and Isabel was coiled under his arms. Reginald couldn’t help himself. He glanced around to see if there was anything heavy near Isabel. He did reach over and removd a marble bookend and placed it on the opposite side of the couch.

As they watched the home remedies and the colloquial sayings of the movie, they pulled closer to each other. Isabel was leaning against Reggie’s chest. She snaked her hand inside his shirt. He was not wearing an undershirt so her hand was playing with the hair on his chest. She ran her fingers over the nipples on his chest. She could feel his body shudder at the sensations she was creating. Reggie had one arm around her and with the other, he was softly stroking her leg. He reached the hem of her dress and pulled it up displaying her knees. With his fingers, he traced circles around her knee cap. This tickled and caused Isabel to giggle. Reggie, watching her face for permission, pulled the hem of her dress higher. He was running his hand over her thighs. Isabel shuddered slightly and spread her legs apart letting him feel the entire soft velvet-ness of her inner legs. Before the movie had gotten to the wedding, Isabel reached for the remote and turned it off. Maybe, sometime later, they would watch the end, but now, Isabel felt that they would make a story of love that was their own. She stood letting her skirt fall back down and reached out a hand to lead Reggie into her bedroom. He sat her on her bed and standing before her, he slowly removed her blouse. They almost simultaneously both kicked off their shoes. Reggie was now straddling her legs and still standing he held her face between both hands. “Isabel in the many days I spent reading about you in the many reports that would come in, I would imagine that I would be someday standing just like this looking into your eyes. The reports would be of your activities, but my mind would fantasize what you were thinking as you did these activities. The reports were always so cold and so clinical that when I was reading, I had to imagine the warmth that was really you and that everything that I read was the thoughts of a real woman who I only hoped, at that time, I would someday meet.”

Isabel smiled. What more could she say? Reggie had given up the life that he had, to chase a phantom dream. Would she, in real life, measure up to that dream? Isabel reached up and began to undo the remaining buttons of his shirt. She roughly pulled the garment out of his waistband and the shirt fell open. As he was holding her face, she ran her hand around his torso and felt the rippling mussles of his abs. Reggie pulled her face to his bare stomach. He bent and was nuzzling her hair, taking in the scent of her shampoo and, also, her body. She wrapped her arms around his bare body and pulled him even tighter. They stayed that way for several minutes. Isabel was thinking about how long she had waited to do this to a man. He was considering how close he now was to completing the discovery of his dream. Reggie stepped back. He removed his shirt never loosing eye contact with Isabel. Isabel unfastened the waist band of her skirt and leaning back, she allow Reggie to pull it off. This was the first time he was to see her black panties with the white flowers. He ran his fingers over the flowers and smiled. “I knew that you would be wearing these. I saw them in my dream.”

Isabel frowned, “How could you know about the panties with the flowers? They are not that common and you have never seen me this naked before? Was this somehow in one of the reports?” Isabel was a little concerned about how intimate the reports must be if they even detailed the items of her under wear.

Reggie smiled, “No, Isabel, but remember, you were also in my dream. Even if I didn’t realize it at the time, you were giving me pictures of yourself as well as observing.” There are many things that you do not know about your abilities.

This gave Isabel pause because she thought of the many times she voyeuristically had cruised the dreams of many boys in high school while laying on her bed clad only in panties and her bra. That she might have, at the same time, been exporting visions of herself to these over-sexed young males was disconcerting. Well now, the only thing she could do was giggle in embarrassment.

Isabel pulled herself up on her bed with her elbows. Reggie was standing before her without a shirt. Isabel was appraising him as he removed his slacks. He let them drop to the floor. Then, he climbed on the bed beside her. He was wearing black boxers as she had also seen. Reggie, laying beside his Isabel, was finally arriving at the place he had dreamed about since he had joined the special unit. Inwardly, he cursed at those old withered bastards who recommended that the aliens be incarcerated as dangerous. The thought of anyone imprisoning his Isabel was repulsive. He had been carefully trained in defensive and, also, in offensive tactics. In his mind, he pledged that he would use all that his training provided and the more that his own innovation had created to always protect the creature before him.

They lay in each other’s arms in their half naked state for several minutes. Isabel was not knowing what she should do next and Reginald thinking that he was so close to his dream that he didn’t want to rush things and hasten the finish.

Finally, Reginald played with the fastenings of her bra. Working blindly as he fiddled behind her, he finally got the mechanism to release. Isabel was gracefully endowed with full ample breasts. Released from their imprisonment, they flowed against her body. Reginald thought that no report in the world would do justice to what he had in his arms at the moment. Isabel shifted her body, lifting her hips so he could slide her panties down her silky legs. When he had removed them, he paused and looked carefully at them. The vision he had received had come from Isabel as no other observation could have detailed the flowers as much as he remembered.

Now, she was completely naked and completely in his arms. Isabel, even the time she had slept with Jesse, had not been this vulnerable. Nor, had she ever been so determined to keep herself open. Reggie shifted and removed his shorts. His arousal was evident even before he committed himself to this liberating act. Now, they were completely ready to create a work of love in the same way a painter would as he set out a landscape. The culmination of the many nights Reggie had spent pouring over reports of what he was quickly growing to consider his dream girl and of Isabel’s fears that this event was to never be hers came together as they made love that both hoped would be repeated again and again.

Afterward, both of them were spent in endurance and in mind. They lay holding each other in their arms and caressing from time to time the other’s body with kisses. The flashes at the height of the love making were replaying like movies which would run eternally. Alien love was usually permanent because now each had a collective view into the entire life, history and facts of the other. There were no more secrets nor could there ever be more of them, unless they both agreed to part company forever.

Reggie, while reading the reports, had missed the anguish that the teen girl had for the difficulties of her life. These difficulties were not quantified by the observers. Now, he knew that she had grown up, her body growing faster than either her mind or her sexual desires. She had been the object of so much lust. Now, that appeared in some small way to be her own fault in her dream walks, and she became calloused toward the attentions of most of the boys who pursued her. All the time, she was keeping her distance, to preserve the secret that she feared would destroy her.

Isabel acquired a better appreciation for the intelligence and the responsibility that went with it as she relived the adolescence of the man holding her. Being so much younger than his classmates, he had simulated a dream girl. When he was working for the special unit, he assimilated that dream girl into the report that he found so interesting and spellbinding. She also was finding there were more similarities to the movie they had shared before, “Everything You Want.” Reggie had, also, for a time had a make-believe girl. Now, Isabel hoped she had converted the make believe into reality.

Without dressing and lying just under the top sheet, they fell asleep and being so close, they shared a dream of togetherness. Max and Liz, several streets away, were awakened. Max looked quizzical at Liz. He wasn’t sure of what woke him. Liz reached up and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. “Isabel forgives you now, but you must promise to completely support her from now on. At first, Max was a bit perplexed. How did his fully human wife manage to interpret strictly alien feelings? Especially those that were transmitted in ways that only aliens could feel.

Liz pulled him on top of her and she was giving him kisses of desire. Max lost his wonder at the happenings of Isabel in the wonder of the desire of the woman beneath him on his bed. His hands were soon cruising her body and stimulating moans of pleasure as they also made love. Their love was made to insure the number of years they had been together and, also, the love that the birth of their two children had brought. It was hoped that their love also would continue holding together for a long time.

As Max again drifted to sleep, Liz murmured in his ear. Max, every year I become more attuned to the aliens like you and you become more introspective to the reality of situations, like I do. Max, that is what marriage to an alien is all about.
Some time ago I wrote a story Liz of the Desert
it was about a young anthropologist who learned about her self and about life while she was on a quest to discover artifacts that were strange to the southwest. I really like the character I created. I now am posting a sequal of what will eventually be three or more stories abou this lady. She is now older and if anything she is stronger. The story is Smugglers of Antar this is a mystery which ends up Sci Fi. It is a sequel to the first story.

Stories by ken_r
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chapter 10 sept

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Flamehair if you get a chance the made for TV movie “Everything You Want” is a neat movie of Shiri being Shiri. It takes the infamous imaginary friend to the limit. This is what happened to Reggie. He was lonesome and he invented an imaginary girl friend upon whom he superimposed the file of Isabel. I am not a big movie person but those two movies fit my story so well.

I have used that line in most of my stories like the problem most men have with the clasp which hold brassieres together. Human or alien there must be mysteries that women will always have. Also the mystery of why women can undo a man’s shirt buttons so easily when those little ones on a ladies blouse are so hard to wrap male fingers around.

Author note: I hope you enjoy the character Shelly Crites. It wasn’t me, but the lady who was her teacher was almost driven mad with Shelly’s desire to be seen as grown up. She would ask questions of intimacy that kept the poor woman jumping. When a teacher is close to their students where they feel comfortable bringing to the teacher their own personal problems, the students sometimes will ask personal questions of the teacher that require skill and delicacy to answer. I thought that Isabel handled Shelly well. She showed she respected Shelly yet tried to curb Shelly’s curiosity about personal matters.

Chapter 10

Reggie and Isabel awoke. The cool air was a better alarm than the clock. Reggie opened his eyes and looked at Isabel. She was cradled in his arms. She sleepily opened her eyes and said, “Now what? We have taken the first step.”

Reginald smiled and said, “I think we should talk of marriage. Dating is so couples learn each other. There is nothing you do not know about me and I have every memory of yours locked up in my heart.”

They got up and took a shower together, embracing the knowledge of each other’s bodies that they now possessed. It was Sunday and both of them had to prepare for school. Reginald regretted leaving. He was going to propose that they move into his apartment later. At school, Isabel thought that, in someway, everything was brighter. Her students smirked, because they also knew of the romance between the English and the Math department. Pauley finally admitted to himself that the wonderful Isabel was probably, completely beyond his grasp. In the Roswell extension college, Kyle sighed. He had done that with every man who had become part of Isabel’s life. Now, maybe, he could concentrate on finding his own soul mate. He silently cursed Tess because after Isabel, he had felt that she was the closest he had ever come.

At the elder Evans’ home, the news precipitated a comment from Diane, “I hope she knows what she is doing!”

Philip just put his finger to her lips, “Whether she does or not, we are going to support her. If things go wrong, we are going to console her. This is to be her decision.”

Max and Michael had come to some sort of rationalization that they were now going to have a former FBI man in their family. Everyone did a double take. Now, like it or not, Pam Anderson, formerly Pam Troy, was now about to become a member of the family.

Even in these modern days, appearances for a schoolteacher are important. Reggie suggested that Isabel move in with him and she thought seriously about it. Already, there were worlds of gossip at the school about their affair. There were questions about where Isabel had gone that week. She declined to comment on her absence, other than to say that it was personal. Reggie’s answer was to ask for an early wedding. When they announced this, the questions became even more numerous. Isabel was beginning to see that an early wedding was advisable. She was having more difficulty in keeping up with her schoolwork. Reggie would come over and they would spend most of the evening correcting papers together. That is most of it. Their passions were becoming so great that correcting papers did not go on for the whole evening any night. By bedtime, they would find themselves in each other’s arms. Many evenings Reginald Breckworth just didn’t make it home. On some of those evenings, their living apart became more of a convenience for propriety, than a moral statement. Since they had taken to going to school together, unless they were again under the scrutiny of the FBI, it probably wasn’t noticed.

They would soon be faced with a problem. The principal had already talked to them about it. After they were married, it would be frowned upon if they continued to teach at the same school. Reginald did not have to conceal the fact that he had worked for the FBI any longer. He could use his former experience to find several different jobs. Right now, there were two considerations. He could go back and work for the state department and be a consultant in security matters. That would mean that they would have the chance to travel extensively. Then, he could also work for the state of New Mexico and find a position in Santa Fe. They would live in Albuquerque and, with the new rail system promised, the frequent commutes would be much easier. Liz told Max to keep his mouth shut and Maria indicated that it would be best if Michael did the same. Isabel left Reggie to decide on his own and she promised to support whatever he decided. In the end, Reggie applied for the job out of Santa Fe. Max was surprised when Reggie talked to him. “Max, I think it is best that Isabel isn’t separated too far from her family at this time. Albuquerque isn’t that close, maybe. But, if she needs you or you need her, it isn’t that far either.” Max was surprised at Reginald taking Isabel’s relationship with her family into his consideration. He wouldn’t have been, if he had only known how much Reggie loved Isabel.

The students and faculty both had gossip now that it was obvious that Isabel and Reginald were an item. There already were all sorts of rumors about the week Isabel had been gone. There are always some, when a lady disappears, that suggest with their oh, so, serous faces, “Maybe, she was pregnant. She went out of town without announcement because she had an abortion. When it was clear that Isabel and Reginald were going to be married, this sort of died down. There, also, had been the stories that, maybe, Isabel had a mysterious lover. But, why would she need one when she had, right in the school, the man who obviously loved her? Pauley was trying his hardest to understand why Isabel would go out with Reginald and not him. His mind conveniently forgot the ease with which Reggie handled him and his friends that night. The students wanted their teacher to have mysterious, wild adventures. The girls, wrapped up in fan fiction and Harlequin novels, could close their eyes and see the scantily clad body of Miss Evans being held by some marvelous man. Those who had already experienced sex were jealous that sex with a real man must be better than the awkward stumbling of the boys they had made. They talked so much about the romance between Mr. Breckworth and Miss Evans that several of the parents became concerned. Most of the boys had never seen a naked woman unless they had sisters or they had peered across the street at the girl, who knowing exactly what she was doing every night, would dress and undress in front of a un-curtained window. They would wonder what it must be like to have their hands on the soft breasts of Miss Evans. They thought that Mr. Breckworth must be a fortunate fellow indeed. The few boys who had already experienced what passed for sex at this age, would sit and think what it must be like with a grown woman. They, along with several others, just experienced a wet dream because of their imaginations.

Shelly Crites was an experienced young lady. Why, she had had Danny Mora’s hand down the front of her dress after the football game. And Jimmy Johnson had his hand up her dress and under her panties on the bus trip. Yes, Shelly Crites should be able to talk to Miss Evans as one experienced woman to another.

“What is he like? In bed I mean?” she asked Isabel one afternoon when just the two of them were getting ready to go home.

This shook Isabel to the core. She wouldn’t have this conversation directly with Liz and she and Liz had become very close, besides being sisters-in-law. “Shelly, I don’t think it would be right to talk to others about my personal life,” she declared.

Shelly just shrugged, “I have seen the bulge in his pants when he has been talking to you. I just imagined he must know how to use his tool if he is thinking with it in simple conversation.”

This shocked Isabel. She, truthfully, hadn’t been aware of any arousal that she caused in Reggie except when they were in private and, usually, in bed. Isabel sat down and taking Shelly’s hands in hers she said, “Shelly, what Mr. Breckworth and I do in private should not be for speculation. We hope to get married this summer, but until then, we try to be respectable in public. Don’t make it hard for us.”

Shelly didn’t say anything. She had gotten the answers she wanted. She was sure that Miss Evans and Mr. Breckworth were having sex. They were both her teachers and she felt a little superior with this knowledge.

No one had ever said anything about Pam Troy and her activities. But everyone knew what to expect from Pam. Isabel had appeared so untouchable that she was gist for the rumor mill. Pauley had always tried to be careful about the girls in his classes. That would be all he would needed to get involved with a minor. His few times with Pam, a fellow teacher, had been just for fun. The only ones he had told about them had been his fellow coaches when they were out for beers late after school. Now, he was getting a case of the morals as he nodded his head when someone would mention Isabel and Reggie. Yes, it was scandalous how some teachers carried on!

Pam found herself defending Isabel. She felt that they had become friends. If her cousin was happy with her, Pam would be their ally.

That Friday evening when Reggie came over, Isabel had a talk with him. She told him about Shelly. “Reggie, you are going to have to control yourself better,” she stated.

To Isabel’s dismay, Reginald only laughed. “Izzy, that day Shelly must have been watching while we were talking. All I could think about was getting you home. The physical side of those thoughts just happened. What we need is for you to wear me out on the weekend so I won’t have the strength for such thoughts.”

Isabel wanted to be mad at Reggie, but his arms and his kisses, something that had been denied her for so many years, just overcame anything she could think to say. Supper that night was delayed. When they ate, it was only snacks, because the rest of the time, they were in the throws of love. All the while they were making love, Isabel was sparking like a radio tower. Her whole life was in Reggie’s head and he became cognizant of everything in her life, including her consternation with Shelly. Isabel found Reggie at these times becoming less and less complex. The more they made love, the more that became a fixation with him. Holding her, the fantasy he had built for so many years, he just couldn’t see anything more important.

Max had been experiencing changes also. He hadn’t been kicked in the ankle since Isabel had returned. That Friday night when he came to bed with Liz, Max felt entirely different. The anger he had felt for so long seemed to dissipate. He had just been told by Isabel’s fiancé that he would always keep Isabel near her family in case they needed her. There was no reason for Max to assert himself. He and Michael had always had an understanding. Now it appeared that he was at peace with Isabel. He was thinking how his father had challenged him to find a way to fix things with his sister. Max wasn’t sure what he had done, but apparently things were now fixed. Max had to have a cause, but as she took his face in her hands, Liz told him all of his passions could now be directed toward her.

Max needed no second invitation. As he held the woman who had kept him sane and protected him from himself for so many years, he saw that he was a king. He was a king of her heart and why would he want anything more? Love is so different when you are mature. It is so different when you have children. You do not have to prove anything. You simply have to consider your partner and make her the center of your life. You have to open yourself to her when you are making love and, if you are an alien, it means you are sharing everything with her. Of course, she is sharing everything with you also. With three alien-human pairings, the alien vibes were becoming strong. Of course, you have to do all of this while listening for the pity pat of little feet coming to your door and asking for a glass of water at positively the most inconvenient times.

Michael had been under the storm that was Maria for so long he had forgotten what it would be like without her. Now that Isabel was becoming secure in her life, he was becoming more agreeable of an FBI man being her choice. The storm named Maria was becoming a summer breeze. They had always had an active sex life. Their making up after they had a tiff was all part of their way of loving. Now, with so much romance in the air and so many alien vibes floating around, Michael and Maria were becoming so passionate that Michael was fearing that some morning he might even forget to get out of bed and go to work. Each alien had found a human to complement themselves. This wasn’t the destiny that they had seen for themselves when they were in high school. This wasn’t the destiny that Tess had foreseen. They did now have a destiny of their own making. They were stronger, all together, than separate.

School was soon out. Shelly Crites was watching to see any more evidence that Mr. Breckworth couldn’t keep his hands off Miss Evans. Even when she didn’t find any, she could still dream couldn’t she. She could imagine Miss Evans coming to the door in a negligee that Shelly had seen in a forbidden copy of Fredericks of Hollywood. She could see Mr. Breckworth taking Miss Evans in his arms. Then she would drift into the latest Fic or novel and place Mr. Breckworth and Miss Evans in the key roles, reading the dog eared and underlined parts of her book. She would shudder and dream of when it would be her turn, maybe this weekend. Danny had asked her to go out to a movie. Would this night be like she imagined it was for Mr. Breckworth and Miss Evans or like the stack of novels on the shelf above her bed? Somehow, she doubted that Danny would have that much suavity about him. Oh well, a girl has to start somewhere.

Philip Evans was happy that Isabel seemed so sure of her choice. Mrs. Evans, likewise, was following her husband and celebrating her daughter’s upcoming wedding. There weren’t many people who Isabel wanted to come to her nuptials. Liz would stand with her as matron of honor. Max would stand with Reggie since he didn’t have many people he knew in Roswell. Reggie told the aliens that he wasn’t too anxious to call on some of the people he used to work with. Some of them might remember the files on the aliens. Reggie had called his folks and they were making arrangements to come to Roswell. They would also like to visit with the Troys. They hadn’t seen their relatives in years. Maria would be a bride’s matron, as would Pam. Michael would also stand with Reggie, as would Maria’s cousin Sean. Sean had been a surprise. He had dropped into town just before school was out. They needed someone to pair with Pam so Maria cornered him.
Liz of the desert two or better known as "Smugglers of Antar is a mystery which ends up Sci Fi. the first story of the series is
Liz of the Desert if you should want to read it also. the first story is about a hard driven lady who meets a strange man and learns what is iimportant.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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