Loves Awakening RevealedII AU,CC,ADULT COMPLETE P.7, 19 Nov

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Loves Awakening Revealed II (AU,CC,ADULT) Pt 46 p.14 16, Jul

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jul 16, 2005 2:05 pm

Hi Everyone :D

I have this week's part ready for you guys. I've had a really rough week and had nothing written for as of 10pm Thursday night and no clue what to write. I sat down for a hour and wrote half of this part and finished the rest of it Friday night. I hope this part doesn't suck too much. If it does, I'm sorry, I'll try better next week :wink: I just want to say thank you to everyone reading my story lurkers and feed backers alike. All are welcome here and I'm grateful for both. :wink:

Okay on with feed back.

roswellian504- Uh, well Max and Liz are well... Max and Liz. Can you blame them. I'm amazed they make it to school at all. LOL!!! Thanks for reading and for your comments :wink:

AJK001- I'm glad you enjoyed last week's part. It was funny to see how crazy Kyle got drunk. Everybody likes to write about how cute Max gets drunk, which he is of course and I did write about that too. But I thought it would be fun to see Kyle do something embarrassing drunk. I'm glad you liked that part. This week Kyle does have some funny scenes as well. I couldn't resist. I hope your two cats are feeling more calm now that the fourth of July has come and went. My dog is doing better. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this weeks part and it doesn't suck too much. I really struggled to come up with something to post for today. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi :D I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I know I'm beginning to feel like this story is moving along and I can see a conclusion in the not so distant future. That makes me sad to think about. I do have some other story ideas started and saved for future development. I thought it would be fun to show the various couples breaking the happy news to their parents with nervousness and all. I really enjoy reading your feed back each week and the sections that quote from the story. It's really nice to see that you're enjoying what I've written. Thanks for your continued reading and supportive comments. I really appreciate them. Thanks! :wink:

ayznshorti- Hi :D Well I thought it would be fun to see a drunken Kyle and just what he'd do. Yep, Mystic's just the woman to handle his antics. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying my story so far. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me. :wink:

Without further ado... Here's this weeks part. I hope it's okay.

Part 46

Well, it seems everyone unexpectedly met up at the same restaurant. All the nervous couples are happy and their moods noticeably lightened. Even their parents are in a celebratory mood chatting happily about future plans. Now the hurdle with the parents is behind them. The next hurdle to conquer is dealing with the kids at school and the reaction to the news of more engagements in their small circle of friends.

“Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea to have our usual before school meeting, especially today. It’s the last week of school so who cares what they think. They’ll be over it by the end of summer anyways,” Liz says boosting the others morale.

“She’s right. Liz and I have already broken the ice on this subject so it won’t seem quite so news worthy initially like it was with us,” Max adds.

“Okay, let’s go in and face West Roswell Highs masses,” Michael shrugs as if it’s no big deal.

Max and Liz’s group of close knit friends enter the school. Some kids stop and stare. That’s the interesting thing about living in a small town like Roswell, news travels fast. Sometimes it even arrives ahead of you so there’s nothing to really say unless questions are asked. Other students simply whisper as they walk by and marvels at the lack of notice Liz, Max and the others make of them, almost oblivious to their classmates reactions. At least that’s how it appears to others outside this particular group of friends.

“Can you believe that, they didn’t even care that we were looking at them…as if they were alien freaks or something,” one student mentions to her group of friends after Max, Liz and the others pass them walking down the hall.

“Oh please, you think anyone from West Roswell High that doesn’t hang out with your group of friends are alien freaks, or maybe it’s just the other way around. Did you ever think about that?” Sylvia, the new transfer from South Roswell High, states with a smirk loving to stir the pot and get under people’s skin with her blunt opinions.

Sandy, Sylvia’s cousin adds, “Ooh, nice burn cuz. I think that one hit a bull’s eye.” Sandy high fives her cousin and just shakes her head at how stupid other kids can be saying mean and off the wall things about others.

“I think it’s all very romantic. Maybe, they all have what we aspire to have one day,” Sylvia says conversing to Sandy as they walk to her locker to get her books for class. She adds a dreamy sigh.

“You know me cuz, don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Besides, that group of kids never caused any problems with anyone here. They just keep to them selves and are good students. Who the hell cares about the gossip mongers in this school, they’re the losers,” states Sandy.

“I heard from Pam Troy that they all are going to be in summer school. I wonder why that is. They are such good students.” asks Sylvia.

“Well, maybe they want to graduate early and go to college, or have job offers, or just anxious to get married and start their futures,” replies Sandy.

“Yeah, I’m sure its something like that. Anyways, who can fault them for being in love and wanting to graduate early and getting on with life? Certainly not me that’s for sure. Now there’s motivation alone to go to summer school to graduate this place sooner,” smiles Sylvia. The girls continue to walk to class and talk about their summer plans anxious for this first day of the last week of school to begin.

“See Maria, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Liz asks.

“You’re right, I expected worse,” sighs Maria in relief.

“Just for that you guys are buying lunch for Max and me today,” grins Liz.

“Oh and just why is that?” asks Alex.

“Hey, we did sort of broke the ice on this whole engaged or in our case married thing in high school. So now it’s not such a scandalous thing for you guys to deal with,” states Max giving Liz a nod.

“Yeah consider it a breaking the ice on the nuptials topic while still in high school finders fee,” smiles Max.

Isabel asks, “And just where did you have in mind for lunch today then?”

Liz and Max whisper back and forth as if conferring then a nod of agreement, “Um we were thinking that lunch at the Crash Down sounds pretty reasonable. I do have a craving for Men in Blackberry pie ala mode with Tabasco sauce, Saturn rings, a burger, and an alien blast,” Liz blushes in admitting to craving all that food.

“Wow, Liz I’m impressed,” says Alex with a smile.

“Hey, it’s not just me you know it’s the twin’s too,” Liz says with her arms crossed infront of her chest with a pout.

“Since when does the Crash Down satisfy your craving for an alien blast,” Maria raises an eyebrow and looks at Max blush as the blush reaches his ears.

“Maria, shush,” cautions Liz.

“You sure you want to tease me about my cravings for a particular alien blast Maria. I seem to recall hearing some very interesting things being said in your tent this last weekend,” states Liz enjoying making Maria blush and speechless.

“Yes, people this is a historic moment our little Lizzie made Maria blush shamelessly and rendered her speechless. Not even Michael is all that successful at doing both of those things at once to Maria. Liz, you are the queen and I bow before you,” states Alex making a bowing gesture as if Liz is royalty.

“People, could we please not bring up alien blasts and my brother and Liz in the same sentence please. It’s really more information than I really want to even think about,” teases Isabel.

“Oh come on now Iz, I think we all got plenty of dirt on each other after our legendary camping trip,” Kyle smiles his mischievous grin at her.

“Yeah, and you guy don’t even know all of it,” grins Mystic causing Kyle’s cocky smile to fall and suddenly finding his shoes fascinating.

“Mystic, Honey, you promised me you wouldn’t say anything,” Kyle pleads.

“Oh I did say that, didn’t I? Well, Jock boy, there’s a price for my silence, eraser room fourth period. Be there or I might just tell,” teases Mystic.

“But that’s before lunch,” Kyle states.

“And so, I thought we could work up an appetite before we meet everyone at the Crash Down for lunch. Oh and you’ll need to stop at the ATM for more cash because I think we’ll both be hungry and probably order as much as Liz,” laughs Mystic.

“Yes, well I’d never argue with my beautiful fiancé,” Kyle says giving her a brief kiss.

“Whipped, you’re so whipped Valenti,” teases Michael laughing at Kyle.

“Oh is that so Space Boy? And what makes you think he’s the only male in this group that’s whipped,” states Maria tapping her foot angrily. The girls all cheer Maria on in her calling Michael on the carpet on that one.

“You tell ‘em sis,” grins Kyle.

“Max, Bro, a little back up here would be helpful about now,” Michael says looking at Max to help him calm Maria down.

Max raises his hands in defeat. “Hey, I’m keeping my mouth shut on this one. Sorry, Bro you’re on your own,” states Max apologetically.

“See, Liz did get the good hybrid hottie, listen and learn Space boy,” Maria says shooting a warning glance at him.

Kyle coughs, “Suck up,” not so quietly so the others heard it as he looks up at Max.

“Kyle shut up!” All the girls say in unison.

“Ouch, I’m so not feeling the love here ladies. Mark my words men, they can turn on you if you’re not careful,” jokes Kyle waving his finger at the guys.

“And you ought to know right Kyle,” Alex joins in on good natured ribbing aimed at Kyle. Michael and Max laugh and high five Alex.

“Alright enough guys. Let’s get to class,” Isabel says trying to pull Alex away to walk her to class.

“Sure Princess, see you guys later for lunch at the Crash Down,” Alex says over his shoulder as he walks away with one arm around Isabel and the other carrying both of their books.

“Well Space boy, are you going to carry my books and walk me to class or what?” Maria says with her hands on her hips.

“You want me to carry your books and walk you to class too?” Michael asks knowing this will get that all too familiar sparks into her emerald green eyes that he loves so much.

“Yes, of course Michael. Don’t start something with me here and now Space boy,” Maria says throwing him one of his own patented smirks at him. Michael gulps nervously realizing Maria knows about his trick of pissing her off because it turns him on.

“Fine have it your way. Give me your damn books to carry,” sighs Michael.

“Thank you Space boy,” Maria says as she laces her smaller delicate fingers with his stronger larger ones and smiles looking up into his brown eyes. No words are needed between them; just this simple exchange says more than Michael would be comfortable articulating with his words. He leans in and kisses her lips softly.

“I suppose I should escort my fiancé to class,” grins Michael. He looks down at the feisty blonde holding his hand and smiles changing his focus to guiding her to class. Later, the gang all meets up as discussed at the Crash Down for lunch.

“Hi guys! Over here, I called Dad and had him save our usual booth. I hope this is alright with everyone unless you’d rather try our luck at the counter,” offers Liz.

“No this is fine,” greets Isabel and Alex followed by Kyle and Mystic.
“Chica are you feeling okay? I mean we’re used to you and Max being the last ones to show,” teases Maria.

“Max, are you feeling all right?” asks Maria unable to resist making Max blush all the way up to his ears.

“We’re fine Maria nothing to worry about,” Max reassures in desperate hope for someone to change the subject.

“Oh, I happen to know for a fact they are both completely normal. Who do you think we saw leaving the eraser room just before us,” Kyle grins impishly.

“Hey kids, what can I get you for lunch?” greets Mr. Parker, Liz’s dad.

Liz jumps in giving her order in hopes of deflecting attention to the particularly crimson red blush Max’s face is now turning thanks to Kyle’s blabbing to the others about Max and Liz.

“I’ll have a piece of Men in Blackberry pie ala mode, cheeseburger, Saturn rings, and an Alien blast, okay Dad,” smiles Liz.

“Don’t you think you should pace yourself on the alien blasts Liz,” teases Kyle.

“Nope, I can never get enough of my favorite alien blast,” Liz replies to Kyle grinning shamelessly.

“Maria loves alien blasts too. What’ll you have Max?” asks Mr. Parker. Michael suddenly blushes and is suddenly thirsty drinking his glass of water.

Liz and Max both telepath Kyle, ‘don’t even think about making a comment.’ Everyone at the table all turns to look at Kyle knowing he’s just dying to say something to embarrass Max more than he has already. Kyle suddenly buries his face in the menu finding it fascinating avoiding the others stares at him. Luckily, Mr. Parker seems oblivious to Kyle’s actions and is more focused on visiting with Liz, Max and their friends and juggling the lunch rush.

Kyle looks up from his menu, “What? Hey, I’m just waiting my turn for Mr. Parker to take my order. I’m being good.”

“Well now I know Kyle must be coming down with something. No witty comment or something embarrassing to say. Mystic you’d better feel his forehead and see if he’s got a fever,” states Maria grinning from ear to ear enjoying making Kyle squirm.

“You know, Isabel, I think Kyle and Maria have quickly caught on to the whole sibling rivalry/battle tactics. Don’t you think?” comments Max.

“Yes, they have. Well done,” Isabel says to Maria.

“Hey, we’re only related by marriage,” Kyle states as if that changes everything.

“True, but then most of us at this table are related or will be related by marriage,” Maria replies smugly.

“You do know that sounds really bad,” Alex says as his smile changes into laughter.

“What’s so funny about that?” asks Isabel.

“Nothing, it’s just it sounds like a topic for the Jerry Springer show or something,” replies Alex laughing. Everyone else at their table begins laughing too.

Mister Parker returns with Liz and Max’s order. “Sorry, you know how the lunch crowd can be sometimes. Now who was next to give me their lunch order?” asks Mr. Parker addressing the others. He quickly takes their orders down and rushes them to the cook putting them on the spindle. Mr. Parker takes another look at their beverage orders filling them and serves them to the kids. “Liz did tell me about how the rest of you got engaged, congratulations,” smiles Mr. Parker.

“Yeah, well we’re blaming Max and Liz. See what they started,” jokes Kyle.

“Uh huh, right it’s all our fault. I think not Kyle. Ignore him Dad, he’s just well… He’s just Kyle,” states Liz.

“Ouch, that’s the best explanation and burn I’ve heard for him yet,” Michael says high fiving Liz sitting next to him. “I’m proud of you Liz, it’s nice to see my influence rubbing off,” Michael grins proudly.

“Here’s the last of your lunch orders,” Mr. Parker says cheerfully.

“I don’t know what you’re doing to Lizzie to get her to eat like this but I’m happy to see the change and happily no more feinting spells. Good job Max, keep up the good work. I gotta go, the natives are hungry and restless,” states Mr. Parker rushing off to help the waitresses with the lunch rush.

“Kyle, I know what you’re thinking and don’t say it,” states Mystic quickly putting a napkin in his mouth as he opens it to speak.

Kyle spits out the napkin, “Honey, what was that for? I didn’t even say anything yet and I’m in trouble before I can even get the words out of my mouth.”

“Ahh poor Kyle. I have two words for you… ‘our connection,’ enough said,” Mystic explains. Max, Alex, and Michael all smile and nod knowingly.

Kyle replies, “You’re telling me she’s right. Oh boy, well then I’m totally screwed with my mouth aren’t I?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Welcome to our other worldly fun traits to share with your mate,” Alex adds and offers Kyle a brotherly pat on the back.

“I know someone we haven’t told about the engagements yet, Cal. We should call him and fill him in,” suggests Isabel.

“My mom wants to throw an engagement party for the newly engaged people. I just love saying that word engaged,” beams Maria admiring her ring.

“Since all of the parents will want to be involved and we don’t want to be stepping on anyone’s toes maybe a group engagement party. It would be fun and the parents could coordinate it. Hey, maybe Cal might be of some help with that too,” suggests Mystic.

“We could even have it at the Colony that way we could have our privacy and not have to worry about the gossip mongers spying on us,” says Maria.

“And if anyone knows anything about gossip mongers here it’s our very own Maria, queen of West Roswell high’s gossip mill,” Kyle says with a gleam in his eye.

“I’ll have you know you’re only half right Kyle. Isabel and I proudly share that crown of West Roswell High’s queens of the gossip mill and don’t you forget it. Right Iz,” says Maria.

“Yes and we’re damn good at it,” asserts Isabel high fiving Maria.

Michael stage whispers to the guys, “Be afraid when my Blondie and my sister team up on something. I pity anyone who dares to cross either of them.” The guys all smile and snicker in agreement.

“Isabel do you still have that extra tent from this weekend? I was just wondering in case Michael needs it,” Maria grins innocently.

“Liz I can’t believe you ate your lunch and helping me finish my fries too,” smiles Max.

“I told you we had a craving and now that it’s satisfied we’re happy,” smiles Liz rubbing her still small but slight bump of a stomach.

“Dad could we please get the bills for our lunches,” asks Liz.

“Liz yours and Max’s money is no good here,” states Mr. Parker.

“I know Dad, but the other guys are paying for everyone’s lunch. They sort of lost a bet,” Liz smiles innocently looking up at her father.

“I wouldn’t feel right charging anyone today, consider it my congratulations on everyone’s engagements,” says Mr. Parker in a happy and generous mood.

“Dad, that’s too generous of you. At least let us pay half,” offers Liz.

“Okay, since they lost the bet,” Mr. Parker caves giving Liz the lunch bills. The lunch bill is paid and the gang drives back to finish their first day of the last week of school.

“I hate the last week of school. It’s really unnecessary since it’s mostly just makeup test time for those that missed, and cleaning out lockers, and turning in textbooks,” Liz comments to Max on the drive back to school.

“I know Babe, but we have to play by the rules for now. Then we’ll work hard in summer school so we can graduate early. So, hang in there,” Max says entwining her fingers with his on the gearshift knob as he continues driving.

“I just thought of something Max. We might have to restrain Isabel from planning any of the engagement party stuff. We’ll have to talk to Alex about keeping her distracted so she doesn’t go all planning Nazi and take over. I love Isabel like my own sister, but she really needs to let the parents work on this one. Do you think she’ll be okay with it?” Liz asks with concern.

“Isabel hasn’t even thought about that part yet. I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’ll just remind her there will be three weddings coming up probably sometime in the near future so she can look forward to helping with that or just planning her own whatever the three respective brides decide,” assures Max.

“Good thinking, Honey,” says Liz leaning over to give Max a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” asks Max.

“That’s just for being you and thinking about other people. And just because I love you,” says Liz.

“Here we are back at the salt mines. At least it’s the last week. I’ve already started crossing days off of the calendar as of two weeks ago,” Maria sighs.

“Why?” asks Mystic.

“It cheers me up and gives me something to look forward too,” Maria adds.

“Hey, I know we need talk to Isabel about planning a party just for our group and parents celebrating that after this week we are officially seniors,” beams Liz.

“I think that’s just the distraction that Isabel might need. Good thinking,” Max adds.

“I think so too. We’ll talk to her about it after school. We’ll have her meet us at the jeep so we can talk to her about it,” Liz says.

“Thanks for thinking of a way for Isabel to plan something and not cause a problem. You’re a good friend to my sister. And I love you,” says Max leaning in for a kiss.

Maria clears her throat, “Gees don’t you to ever get tired of being all over each other?”

Max and Liz look at each other, then at Maria, “No, just the constant interruptions. By the way there will be pay back for each and every interruption…we’re keeping tabs,” warns Max with pure mischief in his eyes.

“Chica you wouldn’t let Max do that to Michael and I would you?” asks a stunned Maria.

“In a word, Maria…YES. You know what they say about pay back,” laughs Liz.

“What have you done to my sweet innocent Lizzie,” Maria says.

“That was a rhetorical question right,” teases Max.

“Max! You are so bad. You just wait until we get home later,” Liz says with a twinkle in her eye and a seductive smile.

“Hurry up. We have to get into class and get the rest of the day over with so we can go home,” says Max hurriedly grabbing Liz’s hand as they run into the school.

Maria shouts to them, “You two aren’t normal.”

“We know,” replies Max.

“See ya later Maria,” says Liz just before disappearing with Max into the school right before the end of lunch bell rings.

*********************************To Be Continued*************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II (AU,CC,ADULT) Pt 47 p.14 23, Jul

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jul 23, 2005 9:33 pm

Hi All :D

Welcome to all my regular wonderful group of readers and lurkers. You are all appreciated very much. I'm sorry that Iam late posting today I didn't feel so great when I woke up this morning and worked for several hours to finish this part and getting it ready to post. My apologies for my own tardiness. I think I should mention that I think the story seems to be winding down probably anywhere from 5 to 10 parts left. I'm not really sure but just wanted to let you guys know.

Okay on to feed back comments:

LoveIsForever- Um I might end this fic there not sure yet. You'll know when I post it I guess. I don't feel very well today and just want to go crawl in hole somewhere and die, so I'm really trying hard to get this posted. I didn't want to let any one down. I hope it's okay. You're right Max and Liz's friends getting engaged is news worthy for a little while but there's so much more stuff for teens to gossip about than facts like that. Juicy gossip is usually more interesting than the truth for teens. At least that's how it seemed when I was a teen. Yikes!!! I thought it would be fun for Max and Liz to make Maria sweat fearing their revenge for all her countless interruptions. I mean fair is fair after all, right? LOL!!! Ah, as Max once said in the show "Whats so great about Normal?" Hey, it's their normal and I wanted them to be really happy together. Gees, can't a writer wish she was them I know I do, boy do I ever. LOL!!! Shush that's a secret. :wink: I'm glad you liked last weeks part. I hope this one you'll find fun too. Take care and have a great week :wink:

ayznshorti- Aw, gees thanks. Yeah, Mr. Parker is pretty cool. He's just happy to see Liz so happy and in love. She is surrounded by good friends that care about her. He feels reassured that Max and her friends will be taking very good care of his little girl.

AJK001- Hi Thanks! Yeah Mr. Parker is a really nice Dad. Yeah, I know what you mean some of my neighbors still have some fireworks they enjoy setting off still and making my dog bark. The poor dog can't help it I'm sure it hurts his sensitive hearing listening to that. It gets to me too a little. Let's hope the neighbors hurry and use them up and stop. :wink: Take care :wink:

sylvia37- Hi Sylvia :D It's great to hear from you again. Yes, the character was named after you. I read your tag to "Everything to You" called "Everything Else" and I loved every word of it. It was a perfect ending and absolutely beautiful. Bravo!!! Now More wonderful Sylvia Max and Liz stories please, pretty please. Does begging help? LOL!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave me some feedback I'm so flattered, thank you. Take care and write and post some more of your stories okay, :wink: :D

Cherie- Hi :D Ah, no worries on missing an update. I'm glad you enjoyed that part. About BAT, sorry no I'm not going. Still getting caught up on things from my trip to Australia. Are you going? Take care and have a great week :wink:

Part 47

It’s Friday, the last day of school is finally here. During the week the whispers and stares from classmates continues to follow Liz and Max’s group of friends. However, the gang is too excited and happy about their newly engaged status to allow any of that to dampen their spirits. The sound of the final bell signals the end of the day and school year. The halls burst forth full of happy joyous teens throwing papers in the air as a celebration. Some of the kids cheer about school being out for the summer and chat excitedly about their summer plans. Max and Liz and their friends join in on the celebrations cheering because it signals new beginnings. The beginning of their new official senior status, summer school and celebrating their friends’ engagement party at the colony starting tonight.

“Isabel, did you check with the parents and Cal to see if they need for us to help out with anything before the party at the Colony?” asks Mystic.

“Yeah, I just spoke with Cal. My mom is coordinating the parent’s efforts. She wouldn’t let me help since I’m one of the engaged people the party is for. Well, actually it’s a combination engagement & we’re officially seniors’ party. No alcohol or funny stuff with our powers either,” informs Isabel.

“Did I hear that right? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I was just overheard what you were telling Mystic. Izzy it must be killing you to not have been allowed to plan any of the party. Has your mom said anything about what they have planned for us?” asks Maria.

“No, in fact she changes the subject every time I ask her stuff trying to pry the details from her, but I get nothing. Damn, it’s like its Christmas or something only worse because I’m not in control, and you know how I hate not planning and being in charge of things,” says Isabel.

“Face it Izzy, you were meant to be in charge, plan, and get things done. Yep, clearly a role model for all of us girls to follow. I know Michael hates to make Izzy angry,” says Maria.

“That’s just a sibling thing. I love getting to my brothers. They know how bad my temper is and they fear me dream walking them. Although, now I’m more afraid of what I might see if I do dream walk them these days,” shutters Isabel just thinking of what that might mean.

“Oh, anything like what I could see if I dream walked you?” teases Liz.

“You wouldn’t dare Liz,” Isabel declares. Liz smiles back at her with a big toothy innocent grin.

“Oh wouldn’t I? True, I’d most likely see an entirely different side of you and Alex, whom by the way I’ve always thought of as a brother. Scary thought, eh?” teases Liz. Someone comes up from behind Liz and wraps their arms around her and whispers something in her ear and then starts kissing her neck.

“Whoever it is don’t stop or I’ll hurt you,” moans Liz.

“Hey, what do you mean whoever it is? Who else dares lay their hands on you?” asks Max trying to act jealous.

“Oops, I’m busted. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” just kidding. “Although, if you want to really find out I’m sure you could find a quiet place to interrogate me alone for hours on end if you so desire,” Liz says looking at Max with lust filled eyes.

“Oh God, spare me. They’re at it again. I think the audio is nearly as horrifying as imagining the visual,” Isabel says managing Max and Liz both blush.

“Max, do you think you could please not indulge in foreplay with my friend in front of me and your sister just this once. I mean people are staring,” says Maria.

“I could, but I won’t,” Max smiles full of mischief.

“Okay, time to get you two out of here before we have to hose you down,” jokes Mystic.

“Hey, speaking of hosing someone down, where’s Michael,” Isabel chuckles.

“Isabel, that was so not funny what you did to me and Michael that time when we were in a nasty argument,” Maria says with her arms crossed.

“Well, it worked didn’t it. I got you two to stop yelling and screaming at each other, didn’t I,” Isabel says smugly.

“And the wet look is definitely a good look for you and Michael,” giggles Liz causing Isabel and the other girls to laugh including Maria.

“I have to admit that Michael looked completely shocked and even a little adorable slightly pissed off and dripping wet,” sighs Maria dreamily. “Hey there’s my Space boy, let’s go back to the apartment, now!” says Maria.

“What’s got her in a bossy demanding mood? I mean more than the usual,” smirks Michael addressing the guys.

“I heard that Michael,” glares Maria to which Michael smiles. “I love it when she’s like that,” grins Michael being grabbed by the hand and dragged off by Maria.

“Don’t look now, but I think she’s dragging him back to their cave. Note to self, buy Maria a club as a wedding gift,” Kyle smiles seriously contemplating where to buy that club. Liz’s hand covers her mouth to hold in the laughter but can’t contain it. Her laughter bursts uncontrolled right along with the others of their group that heard that comment.
After the laughter has subsides and everyone regains their composure Max and Liz remind everyone to meet up at the Evan’s house. They can drive behind Max and Liz following them out to the Colony. “Let’s meet at my parents’ house at 6pm and be sure to pack a bag for the weekend. We’ll be staying at our cabins at the Colony. Rasmus has prepared guest cottages for our parents to stay in thankfully, so no worries about the sleeping situation with parental units around. Okay well that’s it. Oh, and Isabel can you uh, remind Michael and Maria about that and teleconference them for me. Liz and I have urgent plans before we see you guys’ later bye,” Max says smoothly as he and Liz make their exit.

“Cool, it’ll be a truly Roswellian convoy complete with our own aliens and powers,” smiles Alex.

“You know this could be fun. Everyone at the Colony treats us like we’re royalty, right. We have the upper hand on the parents there,” adds Kyle.

“True, but they are still parents so I wouldn’t push it if I were you Kyle. Besides you still didn’t tell us about how things went the other day when you guys went out to the Colony and told Mystics father the news. Spill it Kyle what happened?” Alex says.

“Yeah, so what happened, Kyle?” Isabel asks.

Kyle replies, “Rasmus really surprised me. I thought for sure I’d be walking into the firing squad there, but Mystics father was cool about it. Rasmus said he thought it was destiny as the prophecy spoke of and he expected it to happen soon.”

“So, you’re saying you basically dodged the bullet so to speak on that one, eh?” teases Alex.

“Yeah,” Kyle sighs raking his hand through his sandy blonde hair.

“See, I told you there was nothing to worry about,” Mystic says elbowing Kyle in the ribs.

“Yes, you were right,” concedes Kyle.

“That’s not a bad thing to remember Kyle, that Mystic’s always right,” grins Alex.

Kyle glares at Alex and shouts, “Shut up, Alex!”

“Aww, love you too Kyle,” smiles Alex as Isabel drags him away.

“Alex, Sweetie, you and Kyle need to stop that or you’ll be sleeping on the couch. Am I making myself clear, no pushing Kyle’s buttons? He’s the last one that needs any encouragement, okay,” Isabel says sternly.

“Okay, you’re right. This is a family gathering and a party. You don’t need for me and Kyle to cause any problems,” agrees Alex.

“Good, thank you Alex,” smiles Isabel.

Hours later everyone meets up at the Evan’s house and gather to follow Max and Liz in driving out to the Colony in Artesia. Mystic is really happy and looking forward to seeing her father again enjoying a closer relationship than she did before. Mystic finds herself reflecting on all of this as she looks over at her fiancé Kyle besides her as he drives to the Colony, her former home. She smiles contentedly.

The ‘Destined Ones’ arrive and are greeted by Cal and Rasmus. Max and Liz smile greeting their friends at the Colony they haven’t seen for a while. No matter how many times they tell people at the Colony to not greet them so formally bowing etc, they still do. The parents are taking in all this unusual treatment being bestowed upon their kids and friends.

Diane and Phillip ask, “Max, why are Rasmus and Cal bowing to you, Liz, and the other kids?”

“We are called the ‘Destined Ones’ a part of the prophecy that is legendary among our people. It was all foretold long ago that we would come together and protect Earth and the Granolith against our enemies. Over generations, many of our people began to loose faith in this and some even forgotten the teachings of the prophecy. The Granolith is a religious icon and omnipotent being amongst other things. The Granolith never disclosed fully all of the prophecy to discern anyone pretending to be the ‘Destined one, or ones’ as it turned out to keep itself safe. We didn’t know this until we came into the knowledge of our past lives at a predestined time to reveal this knowledge to us. In a weird way we are the physical proof the prophecy and ancient teachings of our people to being true. I guess they sort of think of us as some kind of royalty or some other V.I. P. types,” explains Max. Diane, Phillip, and Amy’s jaw drops at hearing this news.

Amy comments, “You’re kidding, right? And to think I just thought of you guys as a bunch of teenagers and friends of my daughters and her boyfriend Michael’s. But that was before I found out about the whole hybrid alien thing and bonding situation. Maria, don’t ever say that I’m not open minded about this whole alien prophecy thing you’re a part of. Don’t worry Michael I’ve accepted that you and the others have more interesting DNA than some of us,” Amy smiles in acceptance of this news. She just likes to see Michael look a little nervous as if not sure what she’ll do. Amy likes keeping her future son-in-law on his toes. Apparently this is a trait she’s passed along to Maria.

Max and Liz introduce the group of parents to Rasmus and the elders at the Colony and show them to their guest cottages. The parents were surprised that their kids have their own cabins here still trying to absorb this other side of their children’s lives. Diane and Phillip were really amazed when the kids took their parents on a tour of the cabins and saw that Max and Liz’s cabin is an exact replica of their home. Cal explained it was done by request that way for them being the only newlyweds and the bonded ones of their group at that time. The other cabins were also done specifically for each of the other couples with there interests reflected in the cabins.

Phillip jokes, “You’re telling me Isabel and Alex have a cabin here and it must have what? A portable shopping mall and mini computer store in it.”

Cal replies with a slight laugh, “No, there’s no mini mall in there; but there is a very neatly designed closet organizer and full wardrobe here for Isabel. For Alex, there’s the latest in computer technology of computer gadgets etc… Alex has been very helpful to the Colony assisting the scientists with his computer expertise. Liz likes to observe and at times assist the scientists in experiments testing theories or developing them,” replies Cal proudly speaking of the young people he is honored to protect and serve. He’s even come to think of them as family just as they regard him calling him Uncle Cal at first as a cover, now it’s a term of endearment.

“Cal is the banquet area prepared as Amy and I discussed?” Diane asks.

“Yes, of course. I’ll be happy to escort you there now if you’re ready?” Cal asks.

“That would be great, thanks Cal,” replies Diane.

“If you need any help, I’d like to volunteer,” Isabel offers.

“Honey, no. This is part celebrating your engagements and that you’re now seniors and I will not allow any of you to help with this. It’s a parent’s prerogative, right Nancy and Amy?” Diane says in a motherly authoritative way.

Nancy adds, “Let us do this for you kids. It’s important to us and we’ve been having a great time planning and working together on doing this. So, don’t rain on our parade, okay. Now go, we mothers have some preparations to oversee and take care of,” smiles Nancy.

“Yeah, listen to your mothers,” adds Amy joining in the fun mood with the moms.

“Oh, okay. I was just offering. I’m glad you all have everything under control then,” smiles Isabel. She decides not to push it. It’s clear they seem to really be enjoying this and want to keep it just a Moms only thing. Isabel mumbles to herself under her breath as she walks away speculating that probably the only ones allowed helping are the Dads, Cal, and Rasmus.

“Okay have fun and we’ll stay out of your way and out of your hair until you want us there,” states Liz trying to be helpful and not let Isabel feel like she’s the only one excluded from knowing what’s going on. They watch their parents be ushered off by Cal and Rasmus to the main compound where the banquet area is located. Once there, the moms go into action putting Cal, Rasmus, Jim, Phillip, and Mr. Whitman to work moving things around and helping to hang decorations. Many of the colonists had never seen this sort of activities or setting up for a celebration before and were amazed by how much the ladies all worked together and made the men help. This idea didn’t go unnoticed by the women at the Colony that had witnessed this as they worked busily in the kitchen preparing what they were requested to make for the celebration. At first the Colonists thought this was a private celebration that the ‘Destined Ones’ wanted to hold here. They later discovered all the Colonists were invited to attend.

“I can’t believe my daughter is now engaged and officially a senior. And the really amazing thing is…I don’t mind that her fiancé is a hybrid alien or altered human in Alex and Kyle’s case. All that matters is that I can tell he loves her and treats her like she’s the most important person in the world. What’s not to love about that, right ladies? Our girls chose well in their fiancés. In Liz’s case a husband,” Amy says.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, eventhough it sounds strange to say it. I think all of the guys are really great individuals and just plain good people with good hearts. That’s hard to find at any age and I know they’re all so young, but this for some reason just seems right. I’m genuinely happy for all of the kids. You know our kids have a way of bringing us together and making us one big extended family and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world,” Nancy says as she oversees the hanging of the banner and streamers.

“Cal I’ve been meaning to ask you this. I hope you don’t mind, but are you really an alien from Antar? I mean, I know the kids have talked about their past lives and who they were on Antar and now this prophecy stuff. I guess I never really thought there was a crashed alien ship in 1947. Now I find out I have you and people on a planet far away for my Liz and Max and their friends,” Jeff says letting his pent up thoughts come to the surface and finding their voice. Cal listens thoughtfully then answers him.

Cal replies, “Yes, I really am from Antar. It’s true I was sent here to protect Max, Liz, Isabel, Michael and then Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Mystic when it was known they were apart of the prophecy as well. Arianna, who is Max, Isabel, and Michael’s mother, sent me as her most trusted protector to watch over them and Liz; but I had to remain unnoticed so I was careful to watch them from a distance as they grew up. That’s until one day Liz started getting images of me from Arianna dream walking. This was before Liz knew who I was. At first when she had the dreams and noticed me following them she was afraid until she and Max cornered me one day. It’s understandable they were scared, under the circumstances. I explained who I was and Liz just somehow knew intuitively I was telling the truth. Your Liz is a very special girl. You and your wife gave her a good home, thank you for giving her that and honoring your agreement with Claudia and River Dog from years ago,” Cal says his voice full of gratitude.

“Thank you Cal for always watching over all of the kids,” Jeff says offering his handshake of gratitude.

“It’s my honor to serve them and Arianna,” says Cal.

“So, you’ve mentioned Arianna, what’s she like?” Jeff asks.

Cal gets a faraway look in his eyes as he begins to answer Jeff. “She’s a powerful woman and symbol of all the good in our people, as are her children and their loved ones. Arianna found a way to bring her children and their bonded mates back from their deaths by cloning and reincarnating their essences. She also sent the Granolith to Earth to protect it. She couldn’t save our world from Kivar so she saved what she treasured most about Antar and sent it here with me. She still is up there helping rebuild Antar now that the threat of Kivar is removed from our people and the other planets that are apart of our home world. We have Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Maria, Michael, Kyle, and Mystic to thank for that. They are more than just teens to us, they are heroes or beloved royalty from the pages of a story that came to life and did just that. They saved our worlds both mine and yours,” says Cal looking away then turning to look back at Jeff.

“I know Liz told me some of that. It’s just good to hear your side of it. This helps all of this to make more sense and seem more real to us. When I look at Liz, Max and their friends I don’t see that but being here and talking with you does make it seem more real to me, thanks for sharing that with me. Now, if we don’t bring in some more of those boxes from my car I think the ladies will be stringing us up and hanging us from the ceiling if we don’t get busy,” jokes Jeff.

“Well, I guess women are like that no matter what planet you’re on,” replies Cal with a smile as he and Jeff share a laugh. The men walk to Jeff’s car and bring back the required boxes and get busy helping the ladies decorate and set up for the party later.

Mystic and Maria come up with a plan to keep Isabel’s mind off of not being in control planning any of this party. “Isabel, I need your help with my wardrobe. I can’t find anything to wear for tonight, and Maria’s in the same situation. You’re the queen of style and organization could you please help us?” asks Mystic with Maria both pleading for her help.

“Sure, let’s start in your cabin first Mystic since were here,” smiles Isabel happy that her friends need her help.

“Hey we could ask if Liz wants to come over,” suggests Isabel

“Are you kidding? Max and Liz are alone in their cabin and I have a feeling they aren’t going to be seeing anyone until its party time,” smirks Mystic.

“Oh, yeah right, bad idea,” blushes Isabel.

“According to Liz food isn’t all that she has cravings for,” says Maria wiggling her eye brows suggestively for effect.

“Maria! Did you have to go there? This is my brother and Liz your talking about, that’s just too much information for me and please feel free to not share it next time,” says Isabel shaking her head as if to erase the mental images she didn’t want there.

“Lighten up Chica; you’ve seen them in action just like the rest of us. Don’t forget we had to brake them free from their little world and remind them there are just some things friends don’t need to see,” laughs Maria.

“Maria, you’re in rare form today. I’m surprised, usually you’re a nervous wreck when you Mom’s around you and Michael. Amy seems to really like Michael and accepts him. I’m really happy for you two. Michael has always wanted and needed to be around those he considers family. He’s so much happier for it too because of you, thank you Maria for making my brother Michael happy,” says Isabel changing the focus from Max and Liz back to Maria.

“Okay let’s tackle your closet and see what we have to work with for choices for what to wear tonight. If we can’t find anything I have a few magazines I brought with me and we can make something from what you have with a little alien magic,” grins Isabel. After an hour and much use of powers the girls managed to whip Mystic’s closet into shape and make a few outfits for her and one for tonight. They even took the liberty to make something appropriate for Kyle to wear and lay it out for him to wear later.

“My turn at my cabin,” says Maria. “Don’t worry, Michael, Kyle and Alex will most likely be watching Brave Heart again or watching something on the 24 sports channel,” Maria adds rolling her eyes.

“Okay, let’s do this, ladies. We’re on a mission to look amazing tonight. So, let’s get to it,” Isabel says feeling happy and helpful, with thoughts of party planning gone.

“I want to look really great tonight since it’s a special night for us and our parents are going all out for this party,” Maria says.

“You’re right it is. You know maybe we could help out our moms with a little alien magic for something to wear tonight. We could call it a gift since they are doing all of this for us,” suggests Mystic.

“Okay, sounds like a plan. I think it would be fun to do that for them. We’ll surprise them and go to their guest cottages after were done getting Maria ready,” smiles Isabel. Isabel didn’t take long to find something for Maria to wear and Maria’s closet is almost as organized as Isabel’s so that took less time. This outfit will knock Michael’s socks off yet is discreet enough not to freak out the parents,” Isabel satisfied with her sense of style and what her powers accomplished. She created an outfit that compliments all of Maria’s attributes tastefully.

“Isabel, you are amazing. You should think about being a designer,” beams Maria with gratitude and amazement at how wonderful Isabel’s design makes her look and she hugs Isabel.

Maria wipes her eyes and she smiles. Maria says, “Next victim, let’s take care of the moms now.” Isabel, Maria, and Mystic go to the guest cottages and look through what Diane, Nancy, and Amy brought to wear. Isabel makes a few changes and adds some killer shoes to go with the alien altered clothes and leaves them on a bed with a note explaining it’s a little something they wanted to do for them.

“You know how men are. We should look at what my dad, Jim, and Mr. Whitman brought to wear,” suggests Isabel enjoying her wardrobe magic. “On second thought Mr. Whitman always dresses fine I think we can skip him,” adds Isabel.

“Good Idea, knowing Jim its jeans and a shirt tucked into his jeans and a cowboy boots. Mom thinks he looks hot no matter what,” laughs Maria.

“I think Kyle, gets his fashion sense from Jim,” laughs Mystic. Although, those jeans you guys altered for Kyle that time we first met were amazing on him, thank you,” Mystic sighs.

Isabel quickly looks through Jims clothes and spruces up a pair of jeans dressing them up and makes an ordinary shirt take on a new life with a little alien hocus pocus. Isabel smiles at her handy work. “What do you think, will Jim like this and wear it tonight?” asks Isabel.

“Yes, he will. It’s his style only kicked up a few notches. This is perfect Isabel, thank you,” says Maria. “I have a feeling my mom will be thanking you too,” blushes Maria.

“Maria, must you say everything thing that pops into your head. Especially about the parental units,” sighs Isabel realizing it’s a losing fight to get Maria not to speak her mind.

“Well, now that I’ve taken care of everyone. I really need to go back to my cabin and get myself and Alex ready for the party. See you in a little while, bye,” Isabel says excusing herself to get ready.

“Do you think we should remind Liz and Max about getting ready for the party?” asks Mystic.

Maria volunteers, “Um, yeah I think we should. I’ll just do the honors and see if their busy first.” Maria concentrates opening her connection to them. Realizing she hasn’t interrupted anything, she reminds them to get ready and be sure to dress nice. Maria allows her connection to fade.

“Okay, they know. They’ll be there. I think Cal mentioned earlier about sending a car for all of us,” says Mystic.

“Cool, I really miss this place you know. Everyone is so nice here and doesn’t look at us weird like at school,” comments Maria.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s nice to come back for a visit and hang out again. Not to mention I missed our cool TV and the 24 hour sports channel and other sports channels our TV here gets,” Mystic grins.

“You and Kyle are perfect for each other, you do realize that,” laughs Maria as Mystic throws a pillow at her laughing the entire time.

“We’d better go back to our cabins too and get ready. We need to make sure Michael and Kyle are dressed properly for tonight,” suggests Mystic.

“Yeah, you’re right. See you later,” waves Maria as the girls’ part ways walking back to their cabins just a short distance away.

“Maria what the hell is this that you have laid out for me to wear?” asks Michael complaining as he rounds the corner to see her dressed in an incredible outfit. He stops in mid rant and stares at her and smiles. “Is that new?” Michael asks with interest.

“Um, it’s a little something Isabel made up for me. Do you like it?” asks Maria turning around for his inspection.

“Yeah, I do. Tell me again why we have to go to this party,” smiles Michael.

“Our parents are putting this party on for all of us and they expect us to be there. I appreciate what you’re thinking but save that thought for later, Space boy. Now, go put on what I left out for you to wear,” Maria says.

“Okay, I will,” says Michael resigned to wear what she’s left out for him. Michael trusts that Maria wouldn’t make him wear something that looked stupid on him. He sighs and puts on the clothes and finds he likes it once it’s on. Michael emerges from their bathroom looking very handsome and ready for the party confident to pass parental inspection.

Maria looks at him and says, “Damn this party. Oh well there’s always later,” Maria says whispering in his ear.


“Liz I suppose there’s no excuse acceptable if we didn’t go, right?” Max asks.

“Yep, not only would our parents be upset but you know Maria and Isabel would be furious not to mention Mystic. I don’t think we could out run them,” jokes Liz.

Max laughs, “Okay, you’re right. Let’s get out of bed and take a quick shower and get ready. Did you pack something for me to wear for this party? I know I packed jeans, and Dockers and a couple of shirts etc… I forgot about something for the party. Please say you packed something for me Liz,” pleads Max.

“Honey, of course I did. I knew you’d forget so I packed something. I got you covered okay,” Liz says giving him a quick kiss. “Now let’s get in the shower so I have time to get ready. I might have to alter a few things of mine,” says Liz caressing her bare stomach’s little bulge that is their twins.

“I’m sure whatever you wear you’ll be beautiful, you can’t help that Liz,” Max says earning him a breathless kiss the reluctantly have to cut short.

“Okay, focus. Yeah, we’re supposed to shower and get ready for the party. We’d better get to it then. We don’t want Isabel and the rest of the gang plus parents hunting us down and catching us in a compromising position,” Max says mainly to himself. They shower together and start to get ready. Liz gets upset that once again her dressy clothes don’t fit. She sighs, and uses her powers to alter her clothes like Isabel taught her to do. Max comes up behind her as she begins to comb her long wet dark hair.

“Here let me,” Max says taking the comb from her with one hand and the other he uses his powers to dry her hair. “You look beautiful in that red dress,” says Max leaning down to kiss her temple as she looks in the vanity mirror to add a little mascara, liner, blush, and lip gloss. Liz stands up and turns to him.

“Do I look okay, really?” asks Liz scrunching up her forehead in doubt.

“I told you; you look beautiful. If we had more time I’d love to prove it to you but we’d never make it to the party. Then we’d be in serious trouble from everyone,” Max smiles. Max looks down at his watch and laughs. “They’re late and we’re ready. I bet they were late on purpose knowing us,” Max says laughing and Liz nods her head laughing too.

The limo arrives outside Max and Liz’s cabin but no one dares to get out. Diane climbs out of the limo and starts to Max and Liz’s cabin door. Isabel moves quickly into action, “Mom you don’t want to do that, trust me. We’ll just wait five minutes or so then call their cell phone and hurry them along,” Isabel says nervously and looks to her friends for some help. Diane is oblivious as to why Isabel is acting so strangely. Diane steps forward and starts to knock on Liz and Max’s door. Isabel says a silent prayer this doesn’t become an embarrassing moment. Just then, Max and Liz open their front door and Max escorts Liz out shutting the door behind them and greeting his mother with a kiss on her cheek. “Hi Mom, I hope we didn’t keep you waiting too long. Did you just get here?” asks Max.

“Yes, the limo just pulled up. Your sister didn’t want to knock on the door for some strange reason,” Diane comments. Everyone in the limo looks at each other blushing and sighing in relief that Max and Liz were behaving themselves and on time for once.

“What?” Diane asks still not getting the looks being exchanged in the limo.

“I’ll explain it to you later dear,” says Phillip.

“Let’s get this party started,” says Maria excitedly.

The limo arrives outside the banquet hall and everyone goes inside and is amazed at how incredible the decorations are and all the trouble their parents put into it for them. “Wow, this is just Wow, thank you,” the kids all comment. The Colonists are all there too. The group is escorted to their table large enough to accommodate all of them.

Rasmus walks up to the make shift stage and microphone and gives a speech. “I remember when this group of young people first came here we were all so skeptical of who they were and now they are all part of us. It’s good to have family back for a visit. You all are welcomed here at anytime. Now, I’d like to congratulate them all on now being officially seniors I understand that is a big deal. Plus, I’d like to congratulate the couples that have shared the news of their engagements. The colonists look unsure or what that means so Rasmus explains to the colonists, “It’s like an earth declaration of bonding.” Now the colonists understand and smile. “Congratulations to you all,” says Rasmus bowing slightly to the kids as the colonist applaud happily.

Cal’s next at the microphone. “I’d like to thank everyone here for welcoming us all here and helping with tonight’s festivities. Now, that the guests of honor are here let’s eat, dance, and have fun,” says Cal.

Everyone had a great evening and enjoyed being able to feel completely at home at the Colony. The parents noticed how relaxed the kids were and how they were accepted and even revered. It was quite an eye opener as to the importance they have to the people here at the Colony. Alex was recruited by Cal to help with music selection for the party. Alex chose all the favorite music he and his friends listen to. Cal created a Jukebox that could be programmed to play their favorite songs during the party. After dinner Cal begins playing the Jukebox allowing the music to fill the banquet room loud enough to be heard but not so loud you can’t speak to the person next to you.
The engaged couples, Max and Liz, and the parents all decide to dance. Only Mr. Whitman is left sitting alone. Isabel decided to switch off from dancing with Alex to dancing with his and her fathers. Everyone had a great time.

Max and Liz decided they wanted to make an announcement with microphone in hand, “Hi everyone. We just wanted to say it feels great to be a senior finally, and wish our friends and family congratulations on their engagements. Welcome to the family. Speaking for myself, getting married was the best thing I ever did,” Max says his eyes now on Liz as she blushes and he gives her a brief kiss.

Liz takes the microphone, “Thank you all for being here, you are all a part of our extended family. Congratulations once again to my dear friends and family. Thank you,” Liz smiles at their table of family and happy friends and places the microphone back in its stand. They remain for a few more songs and everyone comments about being tired and call their long happy evening to an end promising to all have brunch the next day.

Max and Liz are the first to be dropped at their cabin. “That was a great evening. I really had a good time and I know the parents did. I had no idea that Mr. Whitman could dance so well. Plus our parents really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I’m happy that everything went so well,” Liz comments excitedly to Max.

“Yeah it was a fun evening. The night isn’t over yet,” says Max seductively.

“Good point, how about a relaxing warm bath for two,” Liz says kissing and blowing in his ear.

“Well, I’m sold,” says Max rushing off with Liz in his arms to their bathroom and shutting the door.

The engaged couples follow similar pursuits in their own private cabins. I guess great minds really do think alike.

**********************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 48 p.7 30, Jul

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Jul 30, 2005 5:53 pm

Hi Everyone~ :D

This week's post is a short one. I'm sorry, I'm just dealing with a lot of stuff right now and not sleeping etc... Plus I'm suffering from a bit of writer's block on top of it. I didn't want to skip this week's post so this is what I could come up with. I hope it's okay. Again my apologies for the part being so short. Have a great week :wink:

On with the Feedback...

roswellian504- Welcome back :wink: Wow! You liked it. Thanks for the compliment and comments. I was afraid it wasn't a very good part and didn't feel that confident with it. I bet alot of people have been caught up in the Harry Potter craze since the new release of the newest book in the series. I hope all is well with you and you had a nice trip... Take care :wink:

ayznshorti- Hi! I'm stunned and amazed that people liked last weeks post. I didn't feel like my muse was with me on that one so I didn't feel too happy with it. But I'm happy and relieved to hear that you liked it. :wink: The quips about women I added I love guys and love to add their perspective on things. It makes it fun and honest. At least I like to think so. The girls get their quips in too so its all good. Thanks for your compliments and great comments. They're always appreciated, Thank you. :D

LoveIsForever- Hi :D Thanks for your well wishes. I'm still going through stuff it's hard to function. I've had trouble writing lately because of it and had to fight through writer's block. I didn't want to disappoint everyone and not post this week. So, I came up with a short part and decided to go with it. I'm not happy with it, but it's all I could come up with. My apologies if it's not up to parr. I'll miss reading your feed back too when this story ends. Everyone has been really great about the feedback. I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed last week's part. I hope this week's short one won't be too big of a disappointment. Thank you for your always awesome feed back, it does cheer me up. Have a great week :wink:

Cherie- Hi :D It's great to hear from you. I'm consistantly stunned that people are saying they liked last week's post. Thank you for the compliment. I tried to make it fun with Isabel's controlling obsession and with taking all the parents to the Colony. Kyle's fears were happily put to rest. Thank you for asking. I'm not feeling better its not a physical thing I'm just depressed and stressed out to the limits and can't sleep. Oh well, that's life who says you get to be happy, at least for me that's true.

I'll miss seeing everyone at BAT this time. I just read the latest newsletter and saw that Nick will be there and Brendan. That would've been cool to meet Brendan and see Nick again. I did have a great time last time. I wish I could be there but I can't. I'm sure you'll have a blast along with all the other great Roswellians. Take care and have a safe trip I'm not sure when BAT is... Have fun! :D

AJK001- Wow! Another person that liked last week's post. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope that this weeks part will be okay as well. Yeah the parents did get to see a different side of their kids. Plus the gang could really relax being comfortable that everyone there knows who they are.
Thanks for the compliments and for asking about me. Have great week :wink:

Part 48

“So, you think this was such a great idea, Sandy? I mean us going to summer school just to keep the parental units off our backs and get ahead so we can graduate early,” Sylvia says as they walk from the parking lot into the school.

“Yes, I do. They never expected us to ask to attend summer school. Now they think we are responsible and they’ll be more likely to let us go do something fun on the weekends during summer vacation,” Sandy replies.

“Hey, we might even make friends with Max and Liz and their group of friends since they’ll be here doing the summer school thing too. I really like their group of friends. I think they’re nice inspite of the stupid gossip mongers like Pam Troy aka, Spam Toy,” Sylvia giggles at Pam’s nick name.


“Look on the bright side guys. We’d usually sleep in during the summer and get up late to start the day, right? Well, being in school won’t be so bad. It’ll seem like we’re only here a few hours and then we can hurry to get homework done. Then we’ll have the summer evenings to ourselves to have fun. So, see that’s not so bad,” Alex rationalizes to his friends as they approach the front of the school.

“True. I like the way you think Sweetie,” Isabel smiles at Alex and gives him a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Oh no, now they’re at it again. Do you have to do that infront of us? I think I’ll go blind,” teases Liz. Alex and Isabel blush at Liz’s good natured teasing.

“Yeah Alex, do you have to be all over my sister in front of me,” Max says with a sheepish grin.

“What? We weren’t all over each other,” Isabel sputters defensively.

“Yeah, I mean Alex gees get a room,” Maria says joining in on the teasing fun.

“Hey, I just ate. I really liked my breakfast and I’d like to continue digesting it if you two don’t mind,” Kyle says adding his two cents into the mix. Mystic reads Kyle’s face carefully to see if the stoic expression on his face is for real waiting for him to indicate otherwise. Mystic decides not to comment. Kyle leans in and whispers in her ear that he’s kidding around.

Isabel becomes more embarrassed by the minute. “Are you guys through teasing me and Alex,” Isabel blushes sounding uncomfortable being the subject of the groups teasing comments.

Alex, on the other hand, decides a different unapologetic approach is in order. He quickly disposes of his and Isabel’s backpacks and books. Alex takes her in his arms and kisses Isabel breathlessly in front of their family.

“See what Max and Liz started…exhibit A,” Kyle states pointing at Alex and Isabel still kissing.
Kyle turns to see Max and Liz’s reaction and his smirk fades. Max and Liz are totally wrapped up in each other and kissing each other so passionately that Maria, Kyle, and Michael are pretending to cough to get Max and Liz’s attention.

“Gees, come up for air already you two. They are too good at this,” jokes a smiling Maria as she shakes her head at Liz and Max.

“Well Blondie, how about it? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Michael states with a shrug. Michael and Maria join in what appears to be a kissing contest amongst the couples.

“Kyle, you need to find something to do with that mouth of yours that won’t get you in trouble. Come here,” Mystic says beckoning him with the crook of her finger. Kyle was about to say something then he saw the seductive look in Mystic’s eyes and caved forgetting all about his witty retort.

“What? Oh, yeah right. I think we must be thinking the same thing,” Kyle says mesmerized by Mystic. She and Kyle engage in a rather hot kiss not noticing that one of them is about to trip over Alex‘s books. They trip and fall together with Kyle on top of Mystic. Their kiss was uninterrupted completely unaware of their non vertical status at the moment. Their friends start laughing at Kyle and Mystic’s bringing them back into reality and their surroundings. After much good natured ribbing Mystic, Kyle, and the others gathered their book bags and enter the school beginning the dreaded first day of summer school.

At first glance it seems that most of the people there for summer school are mainly the ones that party and skip classes, or those working on their bright future in the criminal justice system. Don’t worry, in Roswell that’s just a few kids. Max notices a few of these kids in their class and slightly tightens his grip on Liz’s hand. Max carries both book bags as he guides Liz to their seats. Liz and Max whisper nervously back and forth until the teacher walks in to begin class. In rushes a couple of girls they’ve seen around school.

The girls look around the room and decide to go sit by Max and Liz. “Hi, I’m Sylvia and this is my cousin Sandy.”

“It’s nice to see some normal people in here,” Sandy says with a sigh of relief.

Liz smiles, “Yeah, we know what you mean. Maybe, they aren’t as bad as they look.”

Max comments, “Hi I’m Max Evans, and this is my wife Liz.”

“It’s nice to meet you both. We’ve seen you and your friends around school before,” Sylvia says offering a handshake.

“So, what brings you two girls here to attend summer school?” asks Liz.

“Actually, seeing you and your friends got me thinking. If you guys are here and good students, then maybe it’s worth going to summer school as a way to graduate early. Sandy and I talked about that and thought graduating early really sounded great. The idea of being able to go to college or start a new beginning somewhere else is really exciting,” replies Sylvia.

“Yeah, I think we can understand that,” comments Max. The teacher gets everyone’s attention and begins class. Max and Liz take notes and get through their first day of classes and meet up with their friends out in the parking lot.

“How about we all meet up later for a homework session,” suggests Alex.

“Sure, come over to our house in couple of hours. It’s nice that the teachers kind of gave us a schedule of what the assignments are from week to week,” adds Liz.

“Yeah, well the teachers don’t want to be at school any longer than the rest of us with it being summer and all. This way we know what our homework is and can get it done or work ahead without having to hassle us about it. Too bad they don’t do that during the regular school session,” replies Kyle.

“I prefer it this way,” says Isabel. Everyone pairs off and says their good byes and agree to meet at Max in Liz’s in a couple of hours.

Max and Liz wave good bye to the others and drive off to their cabin. “So, what do you think of our first day of summer school, Liz?”

“I think it went well. I love that we have most all of our classes together. It was kind of scary with our first class but it was nice meeting Sylvia and Sandy,” answers Liz.

“Did you notice that the new teacher’s reaction when she did roll and asked if we were related, and we told her yes, we’re married,” laughs Max.

“Yeah, she really looked confused. Then we showed her our wedding rings. Her reaction was priceless,” smiles Liz.

“We did get a few of those reactions today. It seems that the regular staff teachers opt not to teach summer school. So, they hire new teachers to gain experience. I’m sure this wasn’t an experience they were expecting,” jokes Max.

“So the gang is coming over in a couple of hours to study. We could maybe do some grocery shopping or something,” suggests Liz innocently.

“What do you mean grocery shopping, exactly how much grocery shopping? I sort of had something else in mind,” Max says with a sexy smile.

“Like what Mr. Evans? You wouldn’t be trying to seduce me and have your way with me, would you?” Liz asks teasingly.

“Who me? Well okay, yeah you got me on that one Liz. Any complaints?” Max asks.

“Absolutely not,” replies Liz.

“Good,” answers Max.

“But could we at least stop at the little store and get a few essential snacks for the gang. We could make it a really fast stop,” Liz suggests.

“Okay, but let’s make it fast. I have plans for you,” grins Max.

“I just love the way your mind works,” comments Liz. They arrive at the store.

“Let’s get this shopping done in five minutes or less so we can go home,” Max says.

“Yes, of course anything for you,” Liz says with a heated stare.

“Okay, let’s make that three minutes tops, in the store,” says Max taking Liz by the hand as they run into the store. Max grabs the cart while Liz runs down the isle spotting what she needs and tosses it in the cart that Max is pushing behind her. They get to the check out stand and Max checks his watch.

“Yes! Three minutes and we are all done with getting snacks,” says Max victoriously.

“Thank goodness that’s the only thing we do fast,” Liz whispers to Max causing them both to laugh.

“True,” beams Max.

“We’re out of here. Now let’s go home and see if we can’t make the most of our time before everyone gets here,” Liz says looking at him appreciatively and licking her lips.

“You do realize one of these days we’re going to kill each other,” Max blushes.

“Oh but what a way to go,” Liz grins and races out of the jeep and up the stairs of their cabin.
Max is right behind her and uses his powers to open the door of the cabin. He carries Liz inside and sits her back on her feet. Liz then uses her powers to shut and seal the door of their cabin.

“Why did you seal the door Liz?” Max asks.

“I was just buying us some more time. So when everyone gets here and we are still upstairs, none of them will be able to open the door unless we want them too,” smiles Liz.

“I love the way your mind works too,” Max says as he kisses her and scoops her into his arms and carries her up to their bedroom.

********************************To Be Continued**************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 49 p.7 06, Aug

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Aug 06, 2005 4:10 pm

Hi Everyone! :D

Lurkers, first time readers, and regular readers welcome all :D I hope this weeks part will seem better it's a little longer. I've been reading LivE's Experiment series and got inspired, so I'm hoping this will be a better part than last weeks. Have a great week everyone :wink:

On with feedback!

LoveIsForever- Hi :D I'm still battling with the writers block but I think despite migrain headaches, insomina, and depression. I think managed to give you guys a better part this week. At least I hope that's the case. Thanks for your kind and understanding comments about writers block. I thought it would be fun for Alex and Isabel to be in the hot seat with everyone teasing them about being out of control with each other. Kyle even had some good things to say that were helpful... He's a good guy.
I'm glad that you liked last weeks part even though it was short. This weeks part is a bit longer and more like my usual length. Have a great week and thanks as always for reading and commenting. I really look forward to reading your comments and quotes. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi :D Your Welcome. Well, I didn't want to leave you guys hanging with out an update. It always bugs me when I get hooked on a story and the author quits updating. I try to keep going and complete what I set out to write. At least that's my aim. I'm not feeling better but I'm trying to keep on going inspite of everything. Thanks for your kind comments and for reading my story. Thank you! I hope all is well with you. Have a great week ahead. Take care :wink:

roswellian504- Hi :D Yes, it was a shorter part than usual. Sorry about that last week. I didn't want to skip an update though. This weeks post is longer I promise :wink: . The Sylvia and Sandy thing you asked about will be covered in this weeks part. You're right there's a reason for everything. You'll see. Enjoy! Thanks for reading and sharing your comments with me. I hope you'll enjoy this week's part. Have a great week :wink:

Here's this week's part!

Part 49

One Month later~

“Sandy I can’t go back to live with my father. I refuse to. He’s a drunk and he’s mean. I’ll run away before I go back to live with him,” Sylvia says with steal determination in her voice.

“Maybe you could talk to my dad about this and he’d understand. Then Dad could talk to Uncle Frank explaining that you’re going to school now and didn’t want to interrupt your schooling. He might go for that. Perhaps I could talk to Uncle Frank and explain to him that if you’re not there, he doesn’t have to deal with you or school. This frees up his time to look for work and get things squared away for him. Sylvia, you really should’ve told me why your dad had you stay with us. We never knew it was because of his drinking and fighting in bars that wound him up in jail for assault and battery. Has he ever hit you?” Sandy asks gently with concern written all over her face.

“Yes, he has hit me. Please don’t let your dad send me back to live with him. I’d do anything to avoid being around my father ever again. I just want to stay here in Roswell with you for now. I want to concentrate on school and graduating so I can work towards a future and a better life. I never want to have to look at him again. I deserve to have a life and make my choices and try for a better life than what I’ve had so far, don’t I?” Sylvia admits tearfully. She then wipes the tears from her face and straightens to compose herself returning from lunch out by the bleachers. The girls walk in silent agreement to make sure Sylvia does not return to live with her father. Sylvia and Sandy go to their lockers and get what they need for their next class.

Max and Liz added United States history as their needed elective to fulfill part of their required credits for graduating. They forgot to tell the rest of their family about it and walk into class hand in hand and smile when they see their entire gang sitting there. Sylvia and Sandy enter and find their seats. They greet Max and Liz and wave hi to the others. “Sylvia there has to be a way for you to stay here in Roswell if it’s not safe for you to go back to living with your father,” comments Sandy deep in thought and concern for her cousin. She has forgotten about now being around other people. Luckily, Sylvia looks around and notices everyone else is talking quietly. Then she finds two pairs of eyes looking at her acknowledging they heard what she said. She see’s Michael and Mystic looking at her with concern. They each offer a smile of understanding as Michael and Mystic look at each other and seem to communicate silently that they want to talk to her after class. Mystic opens her connection to the others in their group and fill them in on what she and Michael just overheard. The teacher hands out their latest graded tests back just before class is dismissed.

“Hey, Sylvia and Sandy would you like to join us for lunch?” asks Mystic and Michael.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Liz smiles encouragingly.
“Really, you want us to have lunch with you guys? Wow, ah, sure that sounds great,” Sandy accepts quickly before Sylvia mounts a protest.

“Yeah, sure that sounds like fun,” says Sylvia. She’s surprised that she feels strangely comfortable around this group of people. Sylvia’s notices that they don’t usually have anyone from outside their group join them at lunch or hang out with them making this a rare exception.
They join the others for lunch and enjoy the warm camaraderie and friendship that everyone so freely shares in this group of close knit friends.

“Alex, are you going to finish that sandwich?” Liz asks as she finishes the last bite of her Tabasco peanut butter and potato chip sandwich.

“Gees Liz do you have to eat that in front of me?” teases Alex.

“Shut up Alex, you know why I’m eating like I am, so drop it,” Liz states flatly giving him puppy dog eyes as she looks longingly at Alex’s sandwich.

“Babe, if you’re still hungry I can get you something,” offers Max as he gently caresses her back in small gentle motion that practically has her moaning.

“Um, yeah I’m really hungry today. I’d like maybe some of that fruit platter and I still want Alex’s sandwich,” Liz says smiling innocently.

“Alex, you heard the lady. Hand over the sandwich and nobody gets hurt,” teases Max. Alex surrenders his sandwich to Liz.

“Enjoy, with my compliments,” smiles Alex. “So Max, how about you buying me a burrito or something since Liz decided to lay claim to my lunch,” Alex smiles.

“Sure, come on you can help me carry Liz’s lunch, milk, and juice,” agrees Max.

Liz watches Max walk away with Alex and she naturally checks out Max as he walks away to get her lunch. Liz’s concentration on Max’s retreating form has left her oblivious to her friends noticing.

“Gees Liz, getting another Max craving? At least eat before you jump him, and preferably not in the middle of the quad where everyone can see, especially us,” jokes Maria. Liz is suddenly broken out of her erotic thoughts of what she’d like to do with Max right now by the laughter of her friends.

“What are you laughing at?” Liz asks.

“Girl, you got it so bad. It’s a good thing Max is just as bad about you too,” smiles Mystic.

Liz looks over at what Michael is eating for lunch and eyes his lunch with interest. Michael finds her staring at his lunch and he protectively moves his food closer to him while he glares at Liz. “Hey no lusting after my lunch too,” Michael says.

“Michael, I was not doing that. I was just curious what you were eating for lunch is all,” Liz smiles innocently.

“Max, good you’re back. Feed your woman before she starts stealing everyone’s lunches,” smirks Michael.

“Liz, Chica are you feeling okay? Because you weren’t eating very much and now you are just ravenous all of the sudden,” asks Maria. Liz looks down at her lunch then back up at Max and they both blush in response to Maria’s question.

“Okay, well that answers that question. I should’ve known better,” laughs Maria.

“Max they’re picking on me again,” Liz says on the verge of tears.

“Honey, ignore them. You know they don’t mean to say anything to upset you,” Max says soothingly.

“We’re sorry Liz. You know we love you. We didn’t mean to upset you,” everyone says in unison. Liz calms down and digs in enjoying the fruit platter and beverages Max brought her.

Mystic decides to change the topic of discussion. “Sylvia, I hope you don’t mind but I overheard what Sandy mentioned when you walked into history class this morning. I just wanted you to know that I understand dealing with a strained parental situation. My father and I didn’t get along at all until recently. If you need advice, help, or just want to vent we’re all here okay.”

“Yeah, I don’t like to talk about this, but I’ve been in a nightmare situation with my foster father a while back. He’s no longer in the picture. So I can relate, okay. If you need any help or whatever feel free to talk to one of us okay,” Michael offers. He notices everyone staring at him and he gives them his patented smirk. “What? You guys know all about that. Hey, I have a sensitive side that comes out every once in a while,” Michael states defiantly at the good natured laughter of his family and friends.

“Yeah, my Spaceboy has this rough don’t mess with me go to hell exterior, but trust me on the inside he’s a big softy,” Maria says giving Michael a little peck on the cheek.

“That’s not true Blondie, take it back,” Michael says trying to tickle her. Sylvia and Sandy can’t help but laugh at the interaction of everyone.

“Yeah don’t mind Michael over there, his bark is way worse than his bite,” jokes Kyle.

“I don’t know about that. He’s got a damn good bite too, amongst other things,” adds a blushing Maria.

“God Maria, did you have to share that with the class. We are trying to eat here. And don’t say it,” says Isabel.

“Oh please, don’t even pretend to be all prim and proper after that camping trip,” Maria laughs.

“All right truce, let’s not discuss anything we heard or did that weekend okay. That’s not for public consumption. Agreed?” Isabel asks.

“Okay Izzy, you win. I agree,” surrenders Maria.

“Are you guys always like this with each other?” Sylvia asks with a smile and amused sparkle in her eyes.

“Yeah, pretty much or the guys do something stupid and we have to make them stop, you know the usual,” replies Mystic.

“Hey I think I resent that remark,” Kyle says.

“Yeah, me too,” chimes in Alex.

“Men, what can you do?” shrugs Maria.

“So, girls how are your classes going so far?” asks Liz trying to regain some composure of the conversation.

“They’re fine for the most part. Science and Math are kind of hard, but I guess we’ll struggle through it okay,” comments Sandy.

“Liz and Max are the resident Science and Math experts in our group,” adds Kyle.

“What’s your favorite subject?” asks Kyle.

“We both love English and writing,” Sylvia answers.

“Well, I know who I’m going to get help from on that subject then,” smiles Kyle.

“So, how about a power study session tonight,” suggests Mystic.

Max and Liz look at each other, “Um, we don’t think we’ll be able to make it. We sort of had plans for later.”

“How about everyone else?” Kyle asks. “Okay guys, don’t make me beg. You know I need all the help I can get,” smirks Kyle.

“Yeah sure, what time you want us there, minus Max and Liz,” asks Michael.

“What time do you think Mystic? Is six o’clock okay?” asks Kyle.

“Yeah that’s fine. Sylvia and Sandy you’re welcome to join us if it’s okay with your dad Sandy,” Mystic offers.

“I’ll ask him if we can go. Oh, I should probably get a number so I can call and let you know,” suggests Sandy.

“Sure, here you go,” Mystic says jotting down her cell number and handing it to her.

Sylvia and Sandy decide to go and get their notes to go over before their next class’s rumored pop quiz. “We gotta go and look over some notes before class. See you guys later then and thanks for the invite,” Sylvia and Sandy comment as they gather their stuff and go inside.

“What do you think about Sylvia and Sandy, Isabel?” Max asks.

“You mean are they on the level? Yes, they are being honest. There are no secret agendas with those two girls. They’re nice and just don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the people at West Roswell High and I think we can all relate to that for various reasons,” Isabel replies.


Later after school Max and Liz say their good byes to their family and new friends Sylvia and Sandy.

“I only know that you told me before school not to make plans for us tonight. That you had something special planned. I noticed that you have been making calls to someone off and on today. Do I need to worry?” asks Liz with a raised eyebrow.

“What? No, absolutely not. You know I only have eyes for you. I can barely keep my hands off of you as it is, even when we are around other people. You’re my other half Liz. Now that you have me, you’re stuck with me in this lifetime and all that follows,” Max says and leans in with a passionate kiss dismissing any of her hormonally induced insecurities. “When we get home you have orders to go upstairs and take a nap. I’ll wake you up for dinner. Now go, I want you rested up for the evening I have planned for us later,” Max says in a husky sexy voice.

Liz beams, “Oh really. Planning on having your wicked way with me later, huh?”

Max smiles flirtatiously, “I’ll make it worth your while, but you’d better go upstairs and take that nap. I plan on keeping you very busy tonight. Now hurry up before the wife gets home,” teases Max.

“Sure, anything for you, Lover. You sure you don’t want to join me upstairs for that nap,” Liz says with a heated stare.

“I…Um… better not or you’d never get a nap,” Max says trying not to notice the all too familiar way Liz looks at him as if she’s ready to devour him.

“Too bad. Well you know where to find me, if you change your mind,” Liz states with a final lustful appreciative scan at Max.

Max wakes up Liz after he has everything situated down stairs. “Liz, Honey, time to wake up. Come on Love, I have dinner ready for us down stairs,” Max gently combs his fingers through her long silky dark strands. He gives her soft gentle kisses to awaken his sleeping beauty.

Liz’s eyes flutter open and she sighs the answer to all her prayers, “Max.”

“Come on beautiful. Time for you to find out what I’ve planned for us down stairs,” Max says.

“Max I don’t want to leave our bed. Can’t we start our evening here first,” Liz suggests.

“No we can’t. I promise our evening will end up here though, but only if you come with me downstairs now,” Max adds.

“You tease,” Liz giggles.

“I’m not a tease. I’m down right easy when it comes to you and you know it,” Max grins.

“And exactly how is that comment supposed to make me want leave this bedroom with you,” smirks Liz.

Max scratches his ear nervously, “Liz please. Okay you have a point. But I’ve planned something special for tonight. Let me make this a special evening for you and for us.” Max takes her hand and guides her up and out of bed. He unexpectedly scoops her up in his arms and carries her down stairs. Liz’s eyes widen taking in how everything is bathed in candle light from the stair case down to the living room kitchen and out the patio doors to their hot tub. Max begins to lower Liz beside the hot tub.

“I’ll be right back,” Max says excusing himself. He returns with towels draped over one shoulder while carrying a lasagna and salad in each hand. “I made dinner for us. Don’t worry its good. I got the recipe from Michael and he knows it’s one of your favorites. I called Mom today and asked her to pick up the ingredients and leave them here. I had Amy drop off candles at Mom’s so she could bring them over with the ingredients for the lasagna. See that’s what the phone calls were all about,” Max smiles.

“Okay sounds really yummy what’s for dessert besides you?” asks Liz.

Max bites his lower lip, “Damn Liz, you’re not making this easy for me. Please let’s just enjoy this dinner and go from their. Now, you do realize there is a dress code for this private intimate dinner for two, right?”

“What do you mean?” Liz asks.

“Clothing is strictly banned. Do you need any help undressing?” Max asks.

“No, I’d better do it. You never know when that husband of mine might show up,” teases Liz.

“Really? Maybe we could fix up your husband with my wife. What do you say gorgeous?” Max says wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh I love the way your mind thinks,” Liz smiles.

“You sure that’s all you love about me,” Max asks.

“Well, I might just need some help refreshing my memory. That’s if you don’t mind,” Liz says whispering into his ear in a breathy way that makes him melt.

“Okay, we’d better eat before dinner is completely forgotten about. Besides, I don’t want you feinting on me later,” grins Max.

“Alright, then lets eat dinner,” Liz pouts.

Liz takes a bite of the lasagna Max made, “Oh God, Max umm, this is so good.”

Max watches her enjoy what he’s made for dinner. Now he’s beginning to wish it was him that she was going on about and not the lasagna. Liz notices Max stop chewing as he stares. “Don’t worry Babe. As good as this is it doesn’t compare to you,” Liz says as she moves closer to him in their hot tub and gives him a passionate kiss.

“So what’s for dessert? You never did say,” Liz comments.

“Is that all you think about these days,” Max teases.

“Oh you mean about food and mind blowing love making with you? Um yeah pretty much that’s what I think about most of the time now. I’m amazed I can keep it together long enough to do homework or take tests,” Liz confesses.

“Can I say if this is what alien pregnancies are like, I definitely love you being pregnant. We’ll have to keep you pregnant then. I’m game if you are,” Max says playfully.

“But Max, I’m starting to get fat and I had to use my powers to alter some more clothes just this morning. I eat more than I’ve ever eaten in my life. I feel like I’m just getting fat and ugly,” Liz breaks down and confesses.

“Hey, none of that, you are not fat and most certainly not ugly. You’re pregnant with twins and you’re supposed to gain weight to feed the twins during the pregnancy. You’re still my beautiful sexy Liz, that’s never changed at all. Liz just knowing your pregnant makes you even more irresistible to me. Hey, just ask the gang. They are constantly teasing me and us about being all over each other. I love you Liz and I always will love and desire you,” Max says sealing his words with a gentle kiss. The kiss grows more intense full of love, need, and desire consuming them both. The kiss ends so they can catch their breath.

“So, just what do I have to do get you to tell me what’s for dessert, hmm?” Liz asks with a sexy smile.
“Oh let’s see the possibilities could be endless. There are a few things we haven’t tried that have post it notes on them in the “Karma Sutra” book,” Max grins.

“Max please tell me,” Liz says as she begins to kiss her way down his neck making him hiss at her assault on his senses.

“God Liz! Don’t stop…. Um, its strawberries and cream, one of your favorites, okay happy now,” Max says in a labored breath.

“I’d really like to have the strawberries and cream now, please. Could you get it for me, Babe,” Liz asks. She watches her very naked Max get up out of the hot tub and watches lustfully as the water sheets off of his perfect sculpted body. Liz bites her lip keeping in her reaction. Max dutifully returns with the platter of strawberries and bowl of cream. Max doesn’t think about what he just did might have an effect on her, but it definitely does.

“Here you go as promised. Your dessert my love,” smiles Max. He gets back into the hot tub to find Liz staring at him like he’s her last meal. Max takes a strawberry and dips it in the cream and feeds it lovingly to her. Liz can’t take it anymore and eats the strawberry he offers her. Once gone, she begins to move to straddle his lap and kisses his hand and sucks on the fingers that just fed her the strawberry.

“I thought you wanted dessert first,” Max says trying to gain his composure and control.

“I do. Who says I can’t have you first,” Liz gives him a sexy smile that’s just for him.

“God I’m so lucky. At this rate we could wind up repopulating this planet. I should probably worn Kyle and Alex. Michael’s on his own with Maria,” jokes Max.

“See this was what the scientists really had planned all along. What a way to colonize a planet, eh?” teases Liz. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you as long as we get to be together, it’s all good.” Liz adds.

“Liz, the word good doesn’t even come close to describing it,” grins Max.

“Max care to give me a demonstration for the sake of our people and colonization, of course,” teases Liz.

“I guess as the leader of our people and the Destined Ones, it’s up to me to prove it to you huh,” Max says savoring all that is Liz. He quickly takes her lips in a passionate kiss increasing the already present flames of desire and stoking them to further heights as they take their time making love and crying out each others name in ecstasy. After basking in the after glow of their lovemaking they finally decide to go inside gathering up their food and dinner dishes. Max wraps Liz up in her towel after dries her off. “I thought you were putting the strawberries and cream in the refrigerator,” Max says.

“Nope, I’m taking them and the Tabasco sauce upstairs with us for snack breaks,” Liz says grinning shamelessly. “I wouldn’t want you to feint on me Max. We do after all have plans for the rest of the evening,” Liz says wiggling her eyebrows.

“Yep, I definitely got to warn the guys about the effects of alien pregnancies. It’s good to be me,” Max grins heading up the stairs following hotly on Liz’s heals.

*********************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC,ADULT Part 50 p.8 13, Aug

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Aug 13, 2005 4:08 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Welcome to one and all! :D Okay, I'm back with another part. I hope its you'll enjoy it.

On to the Feed back:

LoveIsForever-Hi I'm glad you enjoyed last week's part. I got your message. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for your always great feedback. I'll look forward to reading what you think about this week's post later. Take care :wink:

roswellian504- Hi :D You liked the lunch scene last time huh :wink: I think you'll like the interaction of Sylvia, Sandy and the group. As for Kyle, he's a force of nature that guy. Aww, but we do love Kyle. I hope you'll enjoy what happens in this weeks post.

Cherie- Sylvia and Sandy are nice and do not represent a threat to our group at all. In fact the group sort of takes the girls under their collective wings so to speak. Well, you know I love to write Max and Liz. Have fun at BAT next week. I'm going to miss you too. I wish I could've went, but it just wasn't going to be possible. I can't wait to hear how it went though. I'd love to hear all about it when you get back. Have a wonderful time :wink: Say hi to everyone for me. :wink:

AJK001- Hi :wink: Thanks. I enjoy writing the funny stuff. I'm still trying to get a handle on how to do this writing thing. At least I can write a few funny scenes. Thanks as always for reading and sharing your thoughts. Take care and I hope you'll enjoy some more laughs with this weeks post. :wink:

Part 50

Meanwhile across town Sandy and Sylvia arrive at Kyle and Mystic’s apartment~

Kyle answers the door, “Hey Sylvia and Sandy, welcome. Come on in and make yourselves at home.”

Sylvia greets the gang, “Hi guys. Thanks for inviting us.”

Sandy smiles, “I hope you don’t mind but we stopped by the store and bought some study munchies. We kind of went a little crazy and bought a bunch since we weren’t sure what kind everyone would like.”

“That’s it, you’re our new best friends,” announces Alex and Kyle giving the girls a smile as they peak in the grocery sack.

Isabel laughs, “Yeah watch out for the guys. They’ve been known to steal food and have a food fight, which usually means one of us girls has to break it up before someone gets hurt.”

“Princess, I can’t believe you said that about me,” feigns a hurt Alex.

“Alex, Sweetie, just because you’re my fiancé and I love you. Doesn’t mean I’m blind to your other great loves in life besides me,” grins Isabel.

“You know you’re the greatest love in my life. What are you talking about?” Alex asks.

“It’s good to know I rate first. I was referring to your love of computers and food of course,” Isabel laughs watching Alex blush at her comments.

“Face it Alex, she’s so got you pegged,” teases Maria.

“Michael, do the impossible and silence your woman,” Alex says glaring at Maria. Michael shrugs his shoulders and gives in and grabs Maria and kisses her into silence.

“There, happy now Alex,” Michael says smirking at Maria’s dazed expression. Maria snaps out of it and immediately gives Alex a mischievous look.

“Oh crap, I know that look. I’m in for it now,” Alex says quickly going to Isabel’s side.

“Alex, girlfriend, do I need to remind you I know all about your new favorite game called ‘Alien Invasion’,” Maria smirks enjoying Alex blush all shades of red.

“Maria, please let’s not bring that up,” Isabel says looking from Sylvia to Sandy then settles her eyes on Maria.

“Kyle, a little help here would be nice,” Alex pleads.

“Are you kidding? I have no desire to be the target of the wrath of Hurricane Deluca. Thanks, I’ll pass on that Alex,” Kyle replies.

Mystic sighs and rolls her eyes addressing Sylvia and Sandy, “You’ll have to excuse them; they’re just being well, them. I’m sure you understand.”

“We should think about getting started on studying. I know, we can either just study the common classes we have homework assignments for or we can divide into mini study groups for the areas we might need extra help with,” suggests Isabel.

Sandy asks, “Is there any possibility of Liz and Max stopping by to study? I was just wondering because I’m having a little trouble with this new chapter we were assigned for reading.”

“What, Max and Liz show up tonight? You’re more likely to see a shooting star,” Alex laughs.

“Or more likely to meet the real Roswell aliens,” smirks Kyle. “Okay it was a bad joke; but come on, we do live in Roswell so lighten up,” Kyle says unapologetically dismissing the warning glares from his friends and Mystic.

“I think that would be cool,” replies Sylvia.

“Oh, how so?” asks Isabel.

“It’s just cool to think there’s life out there in the universe, other than Earth. It doesn’t scare me. It just makes me curious,” Sylvia answers.

Sandy comments, “Of the two of us, she’s the one that’s more into science in case you haven’t noticed.”

The group of teens breaks up into smaller groups to work on specific subjects and assignments. Three hours later they finish up.

“Homework is done. Yes!” shouts Kyle.

“Mission accomplished,” says Michael high fiving Alex and Kyle.

“Can I borrow your phone Mystic? I need to call my dad to come and pick us up. I promised him I’d call him when we were done studying,” Sandy explains.

“Sure, the phone’s in the kitchen. Help yourself,” smiles Mystic. Kyle and Mystic say their good byes to Isabel, Alex, Maria, and Michael.

Sandy returns from her phone call and finds only Kyle and Mystic. “Where did everyone else go?” asks Sandy.

“Oh they went home, eh?” Mystic smiles.

“Thanks for inviting us to come and study with your friends, it was fun,” Sylvia says.

“You’re both welcome. We’ll have to do it again sometime. Maybe a night the guys are a little less unruly.” Mystic looks at Kyle and adds, “On second thought they’re always this way. We’ve tried to break them of that but…Men, go figure,” laughs Mystic.

“Hey! Just for that you’re not watching “The Best Damn Sports Show” on ESPN later,” Kyle says smugly then proceeds to stick his tongue out at her.

“See what I have to deal with,” says Mystic sighing and shaking her head.

“I hid your remote too Honey,” says Kyle grinning proudly at his little prank.

“Oh really. Well, I can just ask Michael if he’s still got that sleeping bag handy from camping because you’ll be bunking with him tonight,” Mystic threatens with a smug smile on her face.

“What? Oh come on, I was just kidding. Be nice, I was going to break into my chocolate stash later and share it with you, but not if you’re going to be mean,” Kyle shrugs indifferently.

“Oh, Sweetie, just what kind of chocolate are we talking about here?” Mystic asks sweetly as she wraps her arm around him.

“Oh see how she is, it’s all about the chocolate. I’m just not that kind of guy,” states Kyle.

“Don’t forget the remote,” adds Sylvia with a giggle.

“See that, after one study session with our gang you’ve corrupted these two nice girls. I’m out numbered and undermanned. I’m going to drag Michael in here just to even the score,” defends Kyle.

“Michael, I need some help,” yells Kyle with Michael still in ear shot.

“Be right there, keep your shirt on,” grumbles Michael.

“Kyle what the heck is your problem now. You didn’t get Mystic drunk did you?” asks Michael as he comes through the door in a grumpy mood.

“You remember Michael earlier, he was nice. Well this is him in his natural state. Just don’t make any sudden movements around him and you’ll be fine,” jokes Kyle.

“Valenti don’t push it,” warns Michael.

“Calm down big guy. Don’t make me call my dear step sister in here,” Kyle says just to mess with Michael.

“Okay, enough Valenti what did you want?” Michael asks.

“I just thought you might like to say good bye to Sylvia and Sandy, and maybe let me watch ESPN with you at your place. Oh and I was going to ask about that extra sleeping bag, I might need to crash at your place,” Kyle says hopefully.

“She’s upset with you, eh?” Smirks Michael. “Welcome to my world. Yeah you can crash at my place. Just remember this favor for when I need a favor from you,” Michael adds taking pity on his friend.

“Are you guys okay?” Sylvia asks concerned.

“Oh that little exchange is just normal stuff for most of our group. The one exception is Max and Liz. They just have to ruin status quo. Thank goodness they’re married and have their own place far from the rest of us. Can you imagine the noise?” Kyle comments.

“Kyle, dude, you’ve been spending too much time with Maria you’re blurting again. I think you need an emergency dose of ESPN stat,” Michael teases.

“Girls, ignore Kyle he’s sort of the comedian in our group. He loves to say the unexpected just to stir things up or get a laugh,” states Mystic.

“Mystic, shush that’s supposed to be our little secret,” Kyle stage whispers to her.

“Like I was saying, he’s the comedian in the group,” laughs Mystic.

“Hey, is that your dad that just pulled up?” asks Michael pointing at the car now parked infront of the window at Mystic’s apartment.

“Yeah, that’s him. We should go,” says Sandy.

“We’ll walk you out and say hi to your dad,” offers Mystic.


The next day at school~

“Yes, finally I never thought we’d get out of that class so we could get some lunch. I’m starving,” Alex says with everyone in agreement.

“Come and eat lunch with us in the quad,” suggests Mystic.

“Sure, that sounds like fun. Let’s go,” Sylvia and Sandy happily accept. They walk with their new friends chatting and laughing amongst themselves. Then Sylvia hears a familiar voice that is angrily calling out her name. The group of friends’ happy chatter quickly is engulfed by silence.

“Sylvia, you look at me when I’m talking to you young lady. You’re coming home now, with me,” slurs the angry man who takes deliberate staggered steps toward her and yanking her from her friends.

Sylvia’s face fills with fear, terror, and embarrassment. “I’m not going with you Daddy, stop it!” Sylvia shouts.

“Uncle Frank, don’t do this please,” Sandy begs.

Sylvia’s father grabs a hold of the ponytail of her hair forcibly trying to drag her toward the front of the school by the office.

“Look buddy. I don’t care who the hell you are. You will not be taking her anywhere!” Michael says in booming voice that means business.

“I wouldn’t test him if I were you mister,” Kyle says standing beside Michael.

“Maria, call the sheriff. Now!” commands Max. Maria dutifully gets out her cell phone and calls Jim Valenti quickly filling him in on the scene at the school.

“I’ll be right there Maria. Don’t let the guy leave,” Jim says.

“I’m not listening to a bunch of punk smart mouth kids. She’s my daughter so I basically can do whatever I please to her since she’s still a minor and I’m the one that has rights and authority over her,” Frank states smugly.

“I’m sorry but that’s not going to happen mister,” Max says forcefully his voice commanding authority. Mystic carefully moves behind Frank. She edges her way towards Sylvia while Frank is distracted with the guys. Mystic wills Sylvia to trust her. Kyle’s stern expression changes; his eyes give away that something is going on behind Frank.

Frank turns around still not letting go of Sylvia and finds Mystic standing behind him. “Oh now what do we have here?” Frank says eyeing Mystic in a lewd way. He quickly grabs her by the throat with his free hand.

Mystic warns, “I was hoping you’d do that asshole.” She quickly elbows him in the gut then trips him causing Frank to fall to the ground. He gets up and takes a swing at Mystic. Michael raises his one hand taking aim as he looks around that no one is there but this group of people right now.

“Mister, you’ve worn out my patience. This guys a drunken coward taking a swing and abusing girls. I know you’re type. You’d better back off now,” demands Michael.

Mystic focuses on her powers and starts to make the ground quake beneath Frank’s feet. In his clearly drunken state he falls to the ground and the group of teens moves in around him encircling him. Liz and Maria stand off to the side with Sylvia and Sandy. “Don’t worry things will be okay now.”

“Hey does anybody have anything like handcuffs or duct tape or something to secure his hands?” asks Michael. Maria digs through her purse and hands over a pair of hand cuffs.

“I thought you left those at home,” Michael glares.

“Gee Michael do we need to ask why Maria has a pair of handcuffs in her purse?” teases Kyle.

“Shut up Jock boy,” grumbles Michael with a slight blush to his face.

“Well actually, my mom gave them to me. She thought Michael and I might have fun with them,” blurts out Maria.

“Really?” asks Liz with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Where did she get them at?” Liz asks.

“Yeah, I think I wouldn’t mind having a pair of handcuffs,” adds Mystic. Kyle blushes and grins at Mystics statement.

“There’s a police uniform store on First Street, they sell them there,” admits Isabel. “I mean that’s my best guess,” Isabel blushes. Alex suddenly looks around hoping for some avenue of escape.

“Yep, more of Max and Liz’s influence,” laughs Kyle.

The sheriffs car pulls up out in front of the school. “Hey kids, so this is the guy that’s causing all the problems huh. Come on, I think you need to take a nice ride down to the station with me,” states Jim. “Hey, nice handcuffs, those are real. Do I need to ask about those?” Jim smirks.

“I think the official word on that is no comment,” Max says as he blushes and scratches behind his ear.

“I’ll go and take care of this guy. If I need you to come down and make any statements I’ll give you a call,” Jim says escorting Frank to his squad car.

“What do you mean more of our influence? We don’t own a pair of handcuffs,” Max says defensively.

“Yet, Honey. But I think we’re going to make a little shopping excursion on the way home later,” winks Liz.

“Okay that’s it, road trip after school to the uniform shop. Who’s with me?” Kyle asks.

“Count us all in,” states Liz looking at her interested group of friends.

“Okay people, so that’s the plan after school. We’ll meet out in the parking lot then,” states Kyle.

Sylvia and Sandy listen to all of this with a mixture of embarrassment and laughter and start laughing.

“I can’t believe you guys are so open about things,” giggles Sylvia.

“Well, Max and Liz here are married and trust me, that cat was out of the bag long before they got married. As for the rest of us we’re all engaged so that’s pretty much the same thing. I like to think of the entire engagement thing as having a learners permit,” jokes Kyle.

“Kyle! That’s too much information,” shouts Isabel.

“Well, it’s true. Besides Sandy and Sylvia seem like bright girls and I’m sure they’ve heard stuff about us and pretty much knew that, right girls?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah, we have heard things but we don’t like to believe everything we hear,” blushes Sandy.

“There’s one thing you should know about this group, we are very much a family and tend to know everything about each other and forget about other people being around. Yes, we do tend to say things and give each other a bad time about things, but it’s all done in love and friendship,” Mystic says.

“I hope we didn’t scare you two,” Maria says.

“No, not scared, embarrassed yes, but definitely not scared. I went from being terrified at seeing my dad and to laughing at the whole thing with the handcuffs. You guys are great. Thanks for helping me and making me laugh,” says Sylvia.

“Sylvia, there’s something I think you should consider with your dad. It might be a good idea to think about talking to an attorney about becoming an emancipated minor. Max’s dad is an attorney and he helped me. At least talk to him and keep your options open, that’s if you really don’t want to live with your dad. No pressure, just think about it okay,” smiles Michael.

“See my Space Boy is a big softy on the inside,” Maria says giving him a kiss and circling her arms around him.

“Well, one thing is for sure I never thought any of this would happen when I got out of bed this morning,” states Sandy.

“True, but just know that you’re among friends and we’re here for you okay,” Liz says.

“So, interesting after school shopping trips you guys go on…hand cuffs huh?” Sylvia and Sandy both laugh and blush.

“It’ll never be boring hanging out with us as your friends,” laughs Mystic.

“So did you two want to tag along?” asks Isabel offering a warm smile.

“Um, sure. I’ll just have to call my dad and ask him. He’ll need to know about Uncle Frank too,” says Sandy.

“This is so crazy I can’t believe were going to do this, but okay. I never thought that summer school could be this much fun,” smirks Sylvia.

“Come on, let’s go to lunch. I’m starving,” Liz says. Everyone sits down in their usual spot in the quad and begin to eat lunch. Liz finds herself looking longingly at Alex’s sandwich and at Michael’s lunch too. Alex and Michael both smile like they’re up to something.

“Max you really need to make sure Liz eats,” Michael says.

“She did eat breakfast. I made sure of it,” smiles Max giving Liz a kiss.

“Okay, I’m not touching that comment,” Kyle grins.

“Alex what kind of sandwich is that? Ooh, you have ding dongs,” Liz says practically drooling.

“Liz, this is my lunch. You have yours, eat it. I’m sure Max will get you anything you want,” smiles Alex. Liz keeps looking at Alex’s sandwich and licking her lips.

“Oh alright, I can’t take it anymore. Here take my lunch Liz, enjoy,” says Alex with a big silly grin. Liz quickly grabs the lunch from Alex and digs in immediately. Alex takes out another brow bag lunch sack from his back pack.

“What’s that?” asks Liz.

“Well after yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to go with a plan B since I really am glad that you’re eating more now. This is my lunch. I packed two. I knew you’d be after mine again, after yesterday,” smiles Alex.

Liz looks up at Michael to gaze with interest at his lunch. “Oh okay, you know I’d do anything for you. You’re like my sister now. Here take my lunch too,” smiles Michael. Liz gets up and hugs both Michael and Alex. Michael grabs a second lunch from his book bag.

“Thank you guys, you’re both so sweet,” Liz smiles.

“More like our Chica has them wrapped around her little finger,” teases Maria. “I can’t even get Michael to make a lunch for me in the morning and he does it for you,” Maria shakes her head then smiles.

Liz just smiles broadly devouring both lunches from the guys plus the one Max bought for her.

“I was just wondering something, does anyone know if handcuffs come in different wrist sizes?” Maria asks.

“Maria!” Isabel exclaims.

“Hey, that’s a perfectly valid question. Where’s my cell phone?” asks Kyle as he looks at Mystic. She hands it to him. Kyle dials a number.

“Thank you Kyle, I appreciate your brotherly support,” Maria says.

“Hey dad, I had a question that I’m sure you can help me with or I could call Amy but that would just be creepy to ask her. Well, I was wondering if hand cuffs come in different sizes. Dad, Dad…. Are you okay? Sorry, I’ll give Amy a call then, bye Dad,” Kyle looks innocently at the group after that phone call.

“Oh my God, you did not just call your dad and ask him that did you?” asks Sylvia.

“Sylvia you have met Kyle haven’t you. He’s shameless and will say or do just about anything so don’t dare him or be fooled by his semi innocent jock exterior,” comments Mystic.

******************************** To Be Continued*****************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AUWA,CC,ADULT Part 51p.9 20, Aug

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Aug 20, 2005 5:40 pm

Hi Everyone~

Thanks for all the great feedback. It was really great to hear from everyone. Lurkers I know you're out there too and I thank all of you for reading my story I really appreciate it.

On with the Feed back-

sylvia37- I bet it did feel weird for you to write that. You're right her father's not a nice person. I'm glad you enjoyed the handcuff discussion. It seems that was a big hit with people. Gees, mention the Karma Sutra or hand cuffs and the feed back comes in. LOL!!! :lol: I really loved reading your new tag story to ETY. Please post some more soon... :wink: Things will get better for my Sylvia I promise. It's great to hear from you. I hope all is going well for you. Take care and keep on writing. :wink:

ladylou- Hi Jo :D You liked the hand cuff thing too. I had no idea that would be such a hit with everyone. I'm glad I managed to make a few people smile and laugh with that part. Thanks for the feed back it's good to know you're still out there reading my story. Take care :wink:

roswellian504- Really? You thought it was one of my best, huh? Wow, well thank you. I'm really glad you enjoyed last weeks part. You're feed back made me smile, so I thank you for that. I hope you'll like this weeks part too.

Grace52373- Hi thanks for the compliment. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the handcuff thing. I'm always glad to make people laugh if I can. Yeah the couples got inspired that's for sure. Leave it to Maria to blurt out something like that and make the others start thinking. LOL!!! :lol: Thanks for your comments and for reading as always. :wink:

cherie- Hi :D Thanks, I'm happy to hear that you liked that chapter. Yeah Sylvia's dad is seriously bad news. Yeah, well Kyle is definitely bold at times. He did shock Jim. I don't think he'd have ever guessed Kyle would ask him something like that. Have fun at BAT and tell me everything when you get back. I'm dying to hear all about it. Have a fun and safe trip. :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi :D I had fun reading your feed back and quoted sections. I'm really glad you enjoyed last weeks part so much. It's what I strive to do, just sometimes I'm better at achieving it that others. Thanks for reading and making me smile with your comments. Have a great week and I hope this weeks part doesn't disappoint. :wink:

ayznshorti- Thanks, I'm glad you like my Sylvia and Sandy. The group has sort of taken them under their wing so to speak. Yeah well the girls are finding out this new group of friends that they've made are special and will go to the mat for a friend. They're lucky to have friends like that not all of us are so blessed to have that sort of friends. Yeah Sylvia's dad is a nightmare, but she's not without support, help, and friends that want to help her out of that nightmare. I wish everyone could have that. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments with me. I really enjoyed reading them.

AJK001- Hi :D Thank you for the compliment. I'm always happy to make someone laugh. Oh another handcuff part fan, huh? LOL!!! Thanks, I'll try really hard to keep up with the writing and not disappoint you. I hope you'll enjoy this week's post as well. Thanks for reading and commenting. It's always very much appreciated. :D Have a great week :wink:

Now on with this weeks post :wink:

Part 51

~Last week we left off with this interesting conversation and phone call~

“I was just wondering something, does anyone know if handcuffs come in different wrist sizes?” Maria asks.

“Maria!” Isabel exclaims.

“Hey, that’s a perfectly valid question. Where’s my cell phone?” asks Kyle as he looks at Mystic. She hands it to him. Kyle dials a number.

“Thank you Kyle, I appreciate your brotherly support,” Maria says.

“Hey dad, I had a question that I’m sure you can help me with or I could call Amy but that would just be creepy to ask her. Well, I was wondering if hand cuffs come in different sizes. Dad, Dad…. Are you okay? Sorry, I’ll give Amy a call then, bye Dad,” Kyle looks innocently at the group after that phone call.

“Oh my God, you did not just call your dad and ask him that did you?” asks Sylvia.

“Sylvia you have met Kyle haven’t you. He’s shameless and will say or do just about anything so don’t dare him or be fooled by his semi innocent jock exterior,” comments Mystic.


“Oh you thought that was bad, guess whose phone number he’s calling now,” Maria laughs. She leans over Kyle’s shoulder recognizing the number he dialed.

“Kyle, you’re not…are you?” Mystic laughs hysterically.

“Hi Amy. You know how you told me and Maria to feel free to come to you about anything, even personal things, right? Okay, remember when you gave Maria and Michael those handcuffs. Maria and I were just wondering if you can buy them in different wrist sizes. Really? I didn’t know that. I called Dad and asked but I think he might still be spewing his coffee. Yeah, let’s hope poor Deputy Hanson wasn’t in the way. Okay, thanks for the info Amy. I appreciate having a parent that I can go to about anything. Bye Amy,” Kyle says clicking the end button on his cell phone.

“Great, thanks a lot Valenti, reminding Amy about the handcuff gift. Now the next time I see her I know she’ll be smirking at me,” Michael grumbles.
“Aww come on big guy. You know you love it,” Kyle grins. Alex looks a little nervous to be sitting between Kyle and Michael and wisely decides to duck at the right time.

“Kyle Eric Valenti, don’t you dare start this sad display of testosterone by fighting with Michael. Don’t make me get off of this bench,” Mystic warns.

“Space Boy, don’t even think about ruining my lunch by making me kick you’re a…butt,” Maria recovers from her almost blunder infront of Sylvia and Sandy.

“Beware the wrath of our women,” Alex comments earning him a glare from Isabel.

“And don’t you know it,” Michael mumbles.

“What was that Space Boy?” Maria asks.

“N..Nothing, Maria. I think I’ll get you a drink,” Michael adds excusing himself.

Miss Jones from the office enters the quad seeking out a particular student with an important phone call that’s on hold for her. Miss Jones finds the girl she’s looking for.

“Sylvia, there’s an important phone call for you in the office on line three,” Miss Jones states with a polite smile.

“Oh, thank you Miss Jones.” Sylvia turns to her table of friends, “I’ll go find out what that’s all about and be back,” Sylvia smiles wearily.

“Hello, this is Sylvia.” She hears an all too familiar voice that scares and shatters her with each uttered word.

“D…Daddy! If you loved me at all, leave me alone and be happy, please. No! I won’t go with you if you come for me. I’ll runaway and you’ll never see me again ever. No, I won’t let you turn me back over to foster care either,” Sylvia states. Her voice now registers all the pain and worry welling up from deep with in her forcing its way to the surface disturbing the calm and happiness of before.

“Is everything all right?” Miss Jones asks with concern.

“No, it’s not. But I know how to make things right,” Sylvia says wiping the traitorous tears from her face. Sylvia walks determined steps back to the quad with her fists clenched tightly at her side resolve echoes in each of her steps. She approaches her table of friends and Cousin Sandy.

“Sylvia, what happened?” Isabel asks sensing a combination of fear and rage coming from Sylvia and an unspoken plea for help.

Sylvia takes a depth breath then answers in a whispered voice trying not to allow anyone from eavesdropping. “It was… It was my Dad. He threatened to come here today and take me away again. I told him I wouldn’t go with him and he said he’d put me back into foster care. I can’t keep on like this. Max and Michael do you think you could help me. I mean, help me talk to Mr. Evans about that emancipation thing you mentioned. I think I’m ready to discuss that option now,” Sylvia says imploringly.

Michael gets up and walks over to Sylvia and gives her a brotherly type of hug. “Don’t worry, we got your back and we can help you. No one is taking you anywhere you don’t want to go. They’d have to get through me first to do it and that’s just not happening on my watch,” Michael says offering his comforting words.

“I’d be glad to help you talk to my dad. In fact I’ll call him now and let him know we need to talk to him today after school, this can’t wait. He’ll understand and help us,” Max smiles.

“It’s going to be okay Sylvia,” Liz adds reassuring along with a hug.

“You heard my Space Boy. You think my temper is bad. Michael’s temper can get down right scary. Even Max has a dark side. Trust me Chica you don’t want to go there. We got your back,” Maria smiles.

“Yeah, just give the guys an excuse to act all protective and domineering and they feel useful,” Mystic jokes.

“Yeah, they live for that stuff,” Isabel laughs.

“Hey now, I think we men were just insulted. I’m not sure. Were we?” Kyle asks scratching his head in uncertainty.

Max finishes his call to his father, “Okay we’re all set. Dad’s expecting us at his office after school.”

“Really? Just like that because I asked you guys for help?” asks Sylvia.

“We told you we got your back and we’d help you,” Alex comments.

“We’re very protective of our friends and family,” Liz adds.

“Wow, thank you all for your help. I feel like things might actually get better and stay that way,” Sylvia says with a relieved sigh.

“Hey Cuz, it’ll be okay have faith,” Sandy says giving Sylvia comforting squeeze of the shoulder. “That reminds me. I’d better call dad and tell him where we’re going after school. He might even want to meet us there. I’ll call him in a minute and fill him in.”

“Thanks Sandy,” Sylvia smiles.

~ After School~

Sylvia’s Cousin Sandy and their new found group of friends join them at Evans and Associates to lend their support. Sandy’s dad wanted to be there but wanted to make sure of Frank’s whereabouts first and check with the sheriff to see what advice he could offer.

“Hey Dad we’re all here,” Max greets.

“I’ve been expecting you. Come on into my office kids,” Mr. Evans smiles warmly. “Sylvia, can you tell me about your situation with your dad?” Mr. Evans asks.

“I thought Max told you,” Sylvia frowns.

“He did but I want to hear it from you, and in your own words,” Mr. Evans reassures. He listens intently to all that Sylvia is telling him and makes notes on his legal pad as she continues. Mr. Evans only stops her intermittently to ask her a question, then allows her to continue until she’s finished telling her story.

“I see. Well, based on what you’ve told me I think I can help you much in the way I helped Michael. The circumstances are similar. I might suggest if you were to get a job that would be looked upon more favorably by the court; and continue to get good grades. All of that speaks to your character. Also, it would be helpful for me to speak with the school about your father’s disruptive and abusive appearance at the school the day before. I’ll tell them about today’s phone call as well. We’ll need to get interviews from the school office people that witnessed that and get it all documented. This will all work out Sylvia. Maybe this will be a good thing for your father to help him seek out help with his drinking and anger issues. First thing is we need to look out for you though,” Mr. Evans offers a hopeful smile.

“Thank you Mr. Evans for your help. I’m embarrassed to say this but I don’t know what you’re going to charge me. Could you give me an idea so I know how much money I’ll need to raise?” Sylvia asks with her eyes lowered to the ground.

“Sylvia, don’t worry. This is a pro bono case. There’s no charge,” Mr. Evans explains.

“Really, thank you Mr. Evans,” Sylvia says relieved shaking his hand.

“It’s no problem. Any friend of the kids I can help, I’m happy to do it when I can,” Mr. Evans adds getting some contact information from Sylvia to leave with his secretary.

“Okay, enough drama for one day, time for fun. Let’s go celebrate at the Crash Down with some men in black berry pie,” Kyle suggests instantly changing the mood.

“That sounds nice, but my dad thinks Sylvia and I are here at Mr. Evans office. I don’t want my dad to call and find I’m not here,” Sandy states.

“No problem. You mentioned he needed to talk to the sheriff, that’s my dad. I’ll just call him and see if your dad is still there talking to my dad and I’ll fill him in where you two are at,” Kyle reassures.

“I’d let him help. This is Kyle being helpful with out all the mischief and mayhem his fully capable of on any given day,” Mystic smirks.

Sandy laughs at Mystic’s comments about Kyle, “Well, since you put it that way. I wouldn’t want to jinx this rare moment and deprive everyone of seeing this side of Kyle.”

“See, I like her. She’s a quick learner,” Maria beams.

“You see how women stick together and pull other innocent nice ones to their dark side,” Kyle grins.

“That’s right Kyle, the force is with us and it’s strong,” Isabel teases.

“You tell him Princess,” Alex can’t help but grin. The group erupts with laughter as they enter the Crash Down and hear the all too familiar door chimes signaling a new customer’s arrival. Liz leads everyone to their regular booth. The waitress comes over to take everyone’s order.

“Yes, we’d all like a piece of Men in Black berry pie please,” Liz says. “Oh and make mine alamode and bring a big bottle of Tabasco Sauce too please,” Liz adds then blushes.

“Feeling a little bit hungry?” Maria asks.

“Um, yeah I am. I think the waitress looked freaked about the Tabasco Sauce though,” Liz giggles.

“She’s new and will learn. You can always spot the newbies can’t you?” Maria replies.

“Did you see that she’s telling my Dad and pointing at our table? This should get interesting,” Liz comments.

“Well, that settles it no tip for her,” Kyle adds dryly.

“Kyle, be nice. It’s probably her first day or something. Give the poor waitress a break okay,” Liz pleads.

“Okay, I’ll try and be good but you people have dangerously come close to that wearing off, just so you know,” Kyle smiles mischievously.

“Ignore him. That’s his way of saying he’s itching to stir things up. He’s been good too long,” Mystic laughs.

“So is there any more fun after school field trips in the mix? Let’s see, we did the hand cuff thing last time. What’s next the adult book store?” Kyle pleads. “Pretty please, come on guys it could be fun,” Kyle encourages.

“Kyle!” Mystic exclaims elbowing him in the ribs.

“Ouch! You should get those things registered as lethal weapons Honey,” Kyle winces and rubs his ribs.

“Alright you two play nice,” Liz warns.

“Thank you Liz,” Kyle smiles. Liz shakes her head at Mystic and Kyle’s antics.

“Sylvia, do you feel better about things since talking to Max’s dad about your options?” Michael asks.

“Yes, I do thank you for sharing some of your story with me. It helps knowing that there’s someone that understands what it’s like. I know you’re not big on talking about all of that and I appreciate your telling me about it. Thanks for encouraging me to talk to Mr. Evans,” Sylvia replies feeling much more relaxed and less tense than earlier.

“No problem. You’re among friends here,” Michael replies.

“Oh, that reminds me. Max and I have to ask my Dad about something,” Liz says cryptically as she and Max excuse themselves from their booth.

“Hey Dad, I was just wondering if you could do me a favor or maybe I’d be doing you a favor it all depends on how you look at it. We have this friend named Sylvia that’s with us and well she really could use a job right now. She is going to summer school with us so her hours would have to work around that. So, what do you think Dad, could you use another waitress? Maria and I could explain everything to her and show her what to do even though we don’t work here anymore. Please dad, please dad,” Liz pleads with puppy dog eyes.

“Does she use those puppy dog eyes on you too to get her way?” Mr. Parker asks Max.

“Yep, she does it all the time,” Max replies with a smile.

“See, we need to come up with some kind of impenetrable defense against that. We should really join forces and see what we can come up with,” Mr. Parker says conspiratorially.

“That’s a good idea, but she heard the whole thing, so we’re busted already,” Max shrugs.

“Good point, okay well…I’ll have to get back with you on that then,” Mr. Parker winks.

“About your friend yeah, sure tell her she can start next week. This will give her time to work out her schedule and get back to me on it. That’s assuming she’d want to work here,” Mr. Parker says.

“Of course she will. We’ll even come and hang out her first few shifts and do homework while she’s working. Thank you Dad,” Liz says giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“So all of you guys with your special talents haven’t figured out a way to protect yourself from Liz’s puppy dog eyes thing, huh? I’m disappointed, I’d thought for sure you’d have something to stop that from working on you,” teases Mr. Parker.

“Nope, nothing yet has come to mind. She’s just too good at it and knows it always works,” Max smiles.

“I think it’s a female of the species kind of power,” adds Mr. Parker.

“I agree. Women, what can you do?” Max shrugs.

“Max! You are so in for it later. Daddy, I’m surprised at you corrupting my sweet husband. No more comparing notes on making the two of you cave to my will, okay,” Liz glares at both of them waiting for their agreement. They both nod in agreement like two little boys being scolded.
“It’s a good thing I love you both,” Liz smiles practically skipping back to their booth with happy news for Sylvia.

“Seriously Max, we should figure out how to defend ourselves from her sure fire weapon of puppy dog eyes. Think about it. I’m sure she’s used that on Alex, Michael, and Kyle too. We men need to stick together,” Mr. Parker laughs. He sighs watching his daughter and her husband and friends look so happy and carefree. Jeff thinks now that’s how it should always be. He’s called into the kitchen to avert some minor crisis and sighs.

“Sylvia, great news! I got a job lined up for you here at the diner, if you want it,” Liz smiles.

“You mean it?” Sylvia asks.

“Yeah, come on Maria and I will introduce you to my dad and show you around,” Liz says excitedly.

“See we told you we got your back girl,” Maria says as she points out the lockers and introduces her to everyone she knows that works at the Crash Down.

“My dad is really cool. He wants you to start next week and wants you to call and let him know your schedule so he can let you know when your shifts are. Maria and I will even come with the guys and do home work here, while you work just so if you need any help you can ask us. Maria and I worked in this diner forever,” Liz says seemingly in one breath.

“Whoa girl, breathe. You know I’m the only one who can talk that fast and say that much without taking breathe. Careful you might hurt yourself,” Maria teases Liz.

Michael sneaks up behind Maria and grabs her waist from behind, “Is she talking her head off again without taking a breath, scary huh?” Michael laughs.
“Michael you’re just no help at all,” pouts Maria.

“That’s my job,” Michael adds with a smirk.

Juan’s working the grill and can’t resist and says something in Spanish. “Hey buddy, I understood that,” Maria says. Then she rifles back with her own choice comments in Spanish, shocking the hell out of Juan. Liz just laughs hysterically.

“Yeah, give ‘em hell Blondie, better him than me,” Michael smirks.

“What was it that he said?” Sylvia asks.

“Oh nothing for you to worry about Sylvia, I put the fear of Deluca in him,” Maria adds smugly.

“Don’t worry about Juan. He likes to say things in Spanish under his breath thinking no one understands him. He’s too afraid to say anything anymore in Spanish around her now that he knows she speaks Spanish fluently and cussed him out in Spanish. That’s our Maria,” Liz giggles.

“I think I’m jealous. Blondie hasn’t even got that angry with me in a long time. Did you see her eyes, they were fiery like shining emeralds? Damn, that Juan. He’d better not piss her off again or he’ll be dealing with me,” Michael says throwing Juan a warning glare for good measure.

“Down Space Boy, he’s not worth your energy. I can handle Juan just fine,” Maria says reassuringly to calm Michael.

“Okay, so you’re all set until next week then. Just call my dad when you know your schedule. It’ll be fun working here and the tips are always good for spending money,” Liz smiles.

“We’d better get back to the booth. No telling if they left our pie alone or not. I wouldn’t put it past Kyle or Alex,” Maria says. She begins to laugh when Liz blazes past her like a woman on a mission to save her pie.

“Liz, like Iz or Max would really let them do that. No way,” Maria adds hoping to calm Liz down.

Liz was grateful that Max didn’t let Alex and Kyle lay claim to her pie ala mode. “Thank you Babe, for making sure they didn’t eat my dessert.”

“Of course Honey,” Max says kissing her a gentle brief kiss as she sits next to him enjoying her dessert.

“You’re no fun Liz, and Max wouldn’t play along either,” Alex adds.

Max glares at Alex warning him not to upset Liz.

“Okay nobody mess with Mrs. Max. I get it,” Alex says with his hands raised in surrender.

Liz just looks up at Max and smiles sweetly as she finishes the last of her dessert.

“She’s so spoiled, Max. You do realize that, right?” Kyle jokes.

“She’s my Liz, enough said,” Max replies.

“Buddy you’re so making the rest of us guys look bad,” Kyle comments.

“Well, don’t worry about how wonderful Max treats Liz and just pay attention and learn,” Mystic teases.

“Oh you’re so going to pay for that later tonight,” Kyle says Mischievously.

“Really, bring it on Jock Boy,” Mystic replies.

“Okay you two, cool it. This is the part, Sylvia and Sandy, where if we don’t break it up they could wind up arm wrestling or something. Mystic always wins,” Alex stage whispers. Sandy and Sylvia laugh at Kyle and what Alex just said.

“You guys are so funny. No one could possibly be in a bad mood around you at all,” Sandy giggles.

“We try,” Kyle shrugs.

“Yeah, well keep trying Kyle,” Alex laughs.

Liz leans over and whispers to Max and he gets up and talks to Mr. Parker. Jeff hands Max a big take out bag.

“What was that all about?” Maria asks curiously looking over her shoulder at Max and Mr. Parker.

“I just decided we should get dinner to go since neither of us feel like making dinner tonight,” Liz looks down quickly letting her hair curtain her face avoiding their knowing smirks.

“Lot’s of studying tonight then huh Liz?” Sandy asks innocently.

“Yeah, exactly. More time for studying this way,” Liz replies.

“Uh huh, Chica, sure I buy that. Don’t you Isabel,” Maria nudges.

“What, oh sorry I was keeping my hands over my ears. I didn’t want to know; I already had a feeling what the answer might be. Do not ask me,” Isabel states putting her hands back over her ears.

“Let’s call it a night guys. I’ll get the bill. Sandy and Sylvia, Maria and I can give you two a ride home,” Michael offers.

“Sure, sounds great. Thanks for the pie too,” Sylvia and Sandy comment.

“No problem,” Michael smiles.

“Okay, we’re out of here see everyone later,” Michael and Maria say with Sylvia and Sandy in tow.

“So, that went really well today with your dad. Thanks for calling him for Sylvia,” Liz confides.

“I have a good feeling about her and Sandy. I really hope everything works out for Sylvia’s emancipation,” Mystic says thoughtfully.

“Yeah it’ll work out and we’ll make sure of it,” Kyle smiles.

*******************************To Be Continued******************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AUWA,CC, ADULT Pt 52 p.9 27, Aug

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Aug 27, 2005 3:37 pm

Hi Everyone :D

Welcome~ :wink:

I hope everyone's been enjoying things so far with the story. Here's another part. Have a great week :wink:

On with Feed back~

LoveIsForever- Hi :wink: I'm glad you enjoyed last weeks part. Liz wanted to help Sylvia out and see if she could hook her up working at the Crash Down as a waitress. Yeah, the guys were really after Liz's pie. Those guys can't be trusted around food. They're however very good at making it disappear right before your very eyes. It's their gift, well at least one of them anyway, aside from being cute and unique. Thanks for your fun comments and thanks for reading. Have a great weekend :wink:

Grace52373- Hi :wink: Our gang is a really good group. I think Mystic and Michael saw some of themselves in Sylvia and wanted to help her. Both Mystic and Michael have had their own unpleasant home situations that they've come from and overcome. At least with Mystic's situation she and her father have made peace and found acceptance. Poor Michael had to endure something much more akin to Sylvia's situation only worse. Michael couldn't stand by and let someone else go through what he did, not if he can help it from happening. Maria's right he's got a very rough usually hard to win over exterior but on the inside he's got a big heart and will go to the mat for people he cares about. I'm glad you enjoyed reading last week's post. I hope you'll enjoy this week's also. Take care :wink:

AJK001- Hi :wink: Thank you for the compliment. Well, this story is the world according to how I wish it really was in real life. It's my therapy to get through the day. It's also my gift to the characters that I know and love and don't want to ever forget or see go through anymore hell as they did on the show. I'm glad you're enjoying the adventure so far. Plus I like to make people laugh, so I try to write that in there too. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments as always they are something I enjoy reading. Take care :wink:

Sylvia37- I'm glad you thought that scene with Kyle on the phone to Amy was funny about the handcuffs. I had no idea that the handcuff thing would be such a hit with everyone. I'm always happy to make people smile or laugh. Now, if I could learn to be as good of a writer as you then I might actually have a shot at being a decent writer. Oh well, another dreamers dream. Thanks for reading and commenting it's so great to hear from you. I hope all is well with you in Germany, isn't it? I do hope you'll be gracing fanatics with more of your amazing fan fic soon. Hey, you know I had to get that in there right? :wink: Take care :D

roswellian504- hi :wink: Thanks for your feedback which is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading. :D Have a great week :wink:

Cherie- Hi :D I'm glad you liked last week's post. I'm happy I made you laugh with that. Oh I can't wait to hear about your BAT adventures and see the pics... I'm sure you had a great time. Take care :wink:

Part 52

One Month later~

Max, Liz and the gang all meet down at the courthouse to show their support for Sylvia. Her cousin Sandy also is there to give her well wishes for Sylvia’s very important meeting with the judge and his decision that follows.

“Thank you Mr. Evans for your help. I’m so happy that the judge granted my petition for emancipation. It’s official now. I can live on my own now. Thanks to Liz, I have a job and a great boss that is willing to work around my schedule. I’m just so excited and thankful for all that everyone has done for me.” Sylvia tears of joy flow down her smiling face as she makes a point to hug everyone.

“You do know what this means now, right?” Michael’s smiles and exchanges a nod with Mystic.

“No, I don’t. Tell me,” Sylvia states.

“Well, first of all it means we celebrate…with sparkling cider; and we need to help you move into your own little place,” Mystic informs Sylvia cryptically.

“Oh, but I haven’t got that far yet. I just got the official word that I can be on my own. This means I should start checking the adds in the paper and see what I can afford and hope it’s not too big of a dive,” Sylvia momentarily grimaces at that thought.

“Sylvia you know we got your back on that one. See my parents have this big extra storage room that they were going to fix up as a small apartment for my grandmother to live in. She died suddenly so the apartment renovations weren’t completed. My mom and dad finally decided to finish all the remaining renovations for the apartment. I happen to know they do have a vacancy and would love to have you as a renter. It’s a really cute place and there’s a separate entrance and even your own place to park. I know my dad said he’d be willing to work out an affordable rent. I didn’t mean to mow you over with all this. It’s still your choice of course. We just wanted to help. I hope you don’t mind,” Liz says biting her lip nervously.

“Really, you mean it!” Sylvia exclaims. “Can we go over there right now? I’d really love to see the apartment,” Sylvia squeals with joy.

“Absolutely, let’s go. You can ride with Max and me,” Liz says.

“If you don’t mind I’d like to see it too, just so if the judge has any questions I can tell him I’ve seen the place and it’s acceptable. The judge did say he’d be reviewing your situation over the next three months,” Mr. Evans Adds.
“The more the merrier. Let’s all go. I’ll just call my dad and let him know the gang and Mr. Evans is coming over to see the apartment,” Liz smiles and quickly calls her dad passing along the info.

“Can I come too,” Sandy asks shyly.

“You’re included in the gang now too, of course,” Maria adds.

Liz, Max, Sylvia, Mr. Evans and the rest of the gang all enter the Crash Down and find Jeff waiting for them. Jeff offers his congratulations to Sylvia on her newfound independence and leads them out the kitchen and to a separate back entrance. They enter and are amazed at how nicely a large unused storage room converted to a very cozy 1 bed room apartment with all the amenities: a kitchen, bathroom with a tub/shower, little kitchenette and dinning area, living room and separate bedroom.

“Dad, this is so cute. You and Mom really did a great job in here,” Liz compliments.

“Thanks. Well, we wanted to keep your old bedroom just as it is so if you and Max decide to stay over you’ll have your own room, plus we’ll be adding a crib to your old room for future use,” beams Jeff.

“A what?” Sylvia asks in shock at Mr. Parker’s admission.

“I suppose it’s time to fill you and Sandy in on this. It’s not like I can hide it for too many more months. Max and I are having a baby,” Liz says lacing her fingers through Max’s as he tucks her into his side in a protective embrace.

“We’d appreciate it if you two didn’t share this news with the rest of the school. We already give them enough to gossip about and we don’t need to hear any of their nasty speculations. I don’t want anyone saying anything that could upset Liz or the twins,” Max pleads.

“Oh. Well congratulations you two on the twins. Of course neither of us will be saying anything to anyone. All my friends are in this group of people right here and I have no reason to talk to anyone else. Sandy and I got your backs on this one don’t worry,” Sylvia reassures.

“Thank you Sandy and Sylvia,” Liz says.

“I suppose I need to talk to you Mr. Parker about the rent before I get too excited,” Sylvia says mainly too warn herself.

“Nancy and I talked about that and we were thinking whatever you can comfortably afford will be fine. Besides, it’ll be nice to have some one around since Liz and Max got married and moved out to their cabin,” Jeff adds.

“Really, wow thank you so much Mr. Parker,” Sylvia says as she quickly hugs Mr. Parker and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

“You’re welcome Sylvia, just promise me no really loud music late at night and we’ll be fine,” Jeff smiles.

“You got it Mr. Parker. So how soon could I move in?” Sylvia asks excitedly.

“Well, here are the keys and you can move in whenever you like. I’d better get back and make sure Juan is not causing chaos in the kitchen again. See ya later kids,” Jeff says his goodbyes.

“Thank you again Mr. Parker and please tell Mrs. Parker I said thank you too,” beams Sylvia.

“So, when should I move in?” Sylvia asks.

“If I may offer a suggestion, how about we celebrate now, then first thing in the morning we could start organizing stuff and boxes to get you moved in tomorrow. If that sounds okay,” suggests Michael and Mystic.

“Then we can plan a house warming get together after you’re all settled in,” suggests Isabel.

“I just thought of something, I don’t have any dishes or appliances, and I don’t’ think I could afford all that stuff,” Sylvia’s enthusiasm slightly dampened.

“Go check the kitchen again and the bathroom closet. Everything you need is there. You can consider it an early house warming gift from all of us,” Maria and Isabel add.

“Just be glad we didn’t let Michael and Kyle pick out stuff for you,” Maria laughs.

“Yeah, then we’d really need to do a room makeover,” jokes Isabel.

“Hey, we’re guys, okay? We don’t need anything fancy and all matching, right Michael,” Kyle says hoping for Michael’s confirmation.

“You got that right. Just the basics such as; food, a big screen TV, cable, remote, and comfortable couch or chair and we’re good,” smirks Michael.

“It’s amazing that they hooked up with Mystic and Maria isn’t it. I guess they have a weakness for impulsive troublemaking men that enjoy sports and other things,” Isabel adds with a sarcastic smile.

“Yeah, Maria and I like a good challenge. It’s our good deed for all man kind,” Mystic laughs.

“Well, something like that,” Liz giggles.

“Wow, this is amazing. I can’t wait for tomorrow to start packing and moving in. Although, right now, I think Kyle’s brilliant idea of celebrating does sound like a really fun idea,” Sylvia says.

“Not to be a party pooper but if you want us guys to help with the moving then we should call it a day so we can be rested up for all the lifting and moving things around tomorrow. What, don’t look at me like that. My body is a temple and for this kind of perfection I need my rest,” Alex says.

“Interesting temple Alex,” Michael jokes.

“He’s just jealous,” Alex smirks.

“Come on Alex, let’s go. If you play your cards right I might just do a little worshiping at your temple later,” Isabel says flirtatiously.

“Princess, I can’t believe you said that! What am I saying? You’ve spent too much time with Maria and Mystic. They’ve corrupted my beautiful sweet Princess,” Alex says glaring playfully at the girls.

“Alex girlfriend, get over yourself. Like you’d really complain about our corrupting influence on Isabel, oh please,” Maria scoffs.

“Okay, you’re right. I’ll owe you both lunch then as a thank you,” Alex says with a smile.

“Alex could you and Isabel please not share your evening plans with the rest of us. It’s really not how a brother likes to think of his sister and friend engaged in those sorts of activities okay,” Max pleads.

“Sylvia and Sandy, I’m sorry. This group tends to talk about a lot of personal issues very openly and I’m sure it’s a little embarrassing. The truth is, it’s still embarrassing for me and Max and we’re usually the brunt of those sorts of comments. Just ignore them. We’re sort of one big crazy happy family and we talk about a lot of stuff. Just so you know, this is normal for us,” Liz warns with a smile.

“Liz and I need to leave now too. We have plans later this evening too. We’ll see everyone tomorrow,” Max says as he and Liz leave.

“Bye guys, thanks and we’ll see you tomorrow then,” Mystic and Kyle say on their way out the door.

“Sandy and Sylvia do you need a ride home?” Michael asks with Maria by his side.

“Yeah we do, thank you Michael,” Sandy replies.

“It’s no problem, Space boy and I are happy to help,” Maria adds.


“Max, could you bring that box over here? Thanks. I think that’s the last one. I’ll double check and make sure Michael, Kyle, and Alex brought in the last of everything for me,” Sylvia says wiping her sweaty brow.

“Did somebody mention food,” Alex grins from ear to ear.

“Hey, get away from my pizza,” Kyle yells at Michael.

“Don’t make me zap you Valenti,” Michael glares.

“Do they always get this way when there’s food involved?” Sandy asks.

“Yes!” Maria, Isabel, Mystic, and Liz all shout in unison.

“Sandy and Sylvia, let me clue you in about men. They are simple creatures no matter where they hail from. They love food, sports, and sex. Now, stick to that basic info and you can use that to your advantage,” Maria says.

“Yep, just remember that knowledge and how to use it, is power,” Isabel states.

“Princess, are you saying you’ve played me all of this time?” Alex asks mockingly.

“Me, play you Alex. No of course not. I was just speaking in general terms and definitely not about you,” Isabel reassures him then turns away winking at the rest of the girls.

“Damn, I think we’ve been found out,” Kyle exclaims.

“Okay, who told them rules that all guys live by. I sense a traitor in our midst,” Alex teases.

“Hey don’t look at me,” Max says with his hands up in surrender.

“Oh sure you told Liz. You know she can get just about anything out of you. Face it Dude, your wife can totally get you to give up secrets like that,” smirks Michael.

“I suppose Maria hasn’t worked her own magic on you, huh Michael,” Max replies.

Liz and Maria look at their guys arguing and just smile. “They’re cute when they argue, huh?” Liz says.

“I was just thinking Michael looks kind of hot trying to defend himself against Max’s comments. You know what I’m thinking Chica?” Maria says with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

“What?” Liz asks.

“It’s time to call it a day and take our Cavemen home and reassure them of their masculinity,” Maria says.

“Good idea, but we should stick around to help unpack a little. Great minds think alike. We’ll stay to help unpack for a while then call it a day,” Mystic and Isabel agree overhearing Liz and Maria’s comments.

Liz, Maria, Isabel, and Mystic all huddle up discussing their plan for later.

“Sylvia and Sandy if you ever want to strike fear into a guys heart just let them see you huddled up in a corner with all your girlfriends plotting and scheming something involving us guys. That pretty much does the trick. Wouldn’t you say Michael?” Kyle says.

“Yep, that’s it in a nut shell,” Michael admits.

“Of course, we’ve seen the one exception to that rule. Our very own Max and Liz they defy all of that. I don’t know how they do it but they do,” Alex says shaking his head.

After the lunch break and the last of the pizza consumed everyone helps Sylvia finish with unpacking. The boxes marked for Sylvia’s bedroom and dresser are left for her to unpack herself.

“I pretty much catch the drift that everyone else plans on their own individual couples evening. I was wondering if you’d like to stay over tonight and we can have a girls’ night, just the two of us. What do you think?” Sylvia asks.

“Sure that sounds great, but I’ll have to call my dad to ask,” Sandy says.

Liz notices her jeans tighten uncomfortably around her waist. She has to unbutton the top button to feel a little bit of relief.

“Damn it, I think I’m going to cry,” Liz says tearing up.

In an instant Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle rush to her side. “Honey what’s wrong?” Max asks as he quickly looks her over to try and see what the problem might be.

“I’m getting bigger again. God, this is so depressing. Somebody, just shoot me,” Liz says sounding depressed by this development.

“Liz you’re not getting big. You’re just pregnant and beautiful,” Max says attempting to soothe her and gives her a kiss.

“Chica, you’re pregnant. You do realize that’s supposed to happen, right?” Maria says trying to assure Liz this is normal even for her.

“Yeah, but now that it’s been happening to me, I’m seeing this change more and more. It scares me that I’ll never be me again. I feel fat and ugly,” Liz confesses.

“Liz don’t worry. When Spaceboy and I decide to get pregnant you can remind me of this conversation. You know me, I’m a total drama queen and I’ll be complaining and no doubt threatening Michael to never touch me again the entire time,” Maria says causing everyone to laugh but Michael.

“What?” Michael says with an expression of fear and confusion on his face.

“Just kidding Spaceboy,” Maria says giving him a wink. Alex just looks ahead trying to keep his expression blank. He avoids both Michael’s and Maria’s stare as his response to what she said.

“Alex you obviously have some response to what I just said. Care to share?” Maria glares.

“Um, no. I’m not saying a word. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” Alex says.

“Alex sweetie, we should get going. Remember we had that thing we were going to do,” Isabel says giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“What thing?” Alex asks in confusion.

“You know…that thing. You promised me Officer Feel Good,” Isabel blushes.

“Oh! That costume I rented and promised to strip for you in,” Alex whispers his reply to Isabel avoiding anyone over hearing their exact plans for later. “Uh, guys Isabel and I have some plans and need to get going. Enjoy your new place Sylvia. We’ll see everybody later then bye,” Alex and Isabel say as they walk to the door ready to leave.

“On that note, I think Liz and I should go. She needs to rest for awhile,” Max says wrapping his arms around Liz.

“Yeah, I should rest. I’m feeling a little tired. I hope you enjoy your new apartment. It’s really cute. We’ll call Isabel in the morning and see when she wants to throw that house warming party for you. The thing to remember with Isabel is that she loves planning things and she’s really good at it. She loves doing something special for her friends and family. We’ll tell her to keep it simple though. Just keep the next day or two open for Isabel’s house warming party,” Liz smiles.

“I understand. No problem. I appreciate her wanting to do that for me. It’s so great to have everyone as my new friends. Now, I think Max needs to get you home Liz so you and the twins can rest, right Max?” Sylvia asks.

“Right, see even Sylvia thinks I need to take you home so you can rest,” Max grins.

“That’s right, side with Max,” Liz laughs. “Okay, we’re going. Bye Sylvia,” Max and Liz wave goodbye.

“It looks like everyone’s taking off for the night. Do you have everything you need here? Here’s mine and Mystic’s cell phone numbers. If there’s anything you need or have any problems with anyone bothering you, call us,” Michael says protectively.

“Thanks Michael and Mystic. Yes, I’ll call if there’s anything I need or if anything happens. I’ll be fine. Sandy and I are having a girls’ night,” Sylvia assures.

“Don’t mind him. He sort of thinks of you as the little sister he never had,” Maria smiles.

“Wow, thanks. I’ve always wanted a big brother,” Sylvia says.

“Consider all of us as your surrogate family okay,” Mystic says.

“I’m the bratty brother that pulls pranks on everyone just in case you didn’t catch that,” Kyle jokes.

“Actually, I did notice that Kyle. Okay, well good night and see you guys probably tomorrow,” adds Sylvia.

After Michael, Maria, Mystic, and Kyle leave saying their good byes Sylvia sighs closing the front door of her apartment door. She says to herself, “Wow, this is really my place.”

“Yeah, so pick your poison Cuz. What flavor of ice cream do you want? Or should we just order something at the Crash Down?” Sandy asks.

“Since I don’t feel like doing dishes. Let’s go and get some ice cream at the Crash Down. Just a minute. I’ll grab my key, leave the light on, and then we can go,” Sylvia says smiling as she closes the door to her first apartment holding the key to her independence.


“Liz now that we’re home. I was just wondering exactly how tired are you really?” Max says flashing her one of his million dollar smiles staring at her mentally undressing her.

“Well that depends on just what you had in mind for tonight? If you can catch me Max, you can have me,” Liz smirks as she runs up the stairs to their bedroom with Max right behind her.

Max uses his powers to shut their bedroom door causing Liz to stop. “Yes, I win I get to have you now. It’s about time that I win,” Max says victoriously.

**********************************To Be Continued***************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AUWA,CC,ADULT Pt 53p.10 03, Sept

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Sep 03, 2005 4:01 pm

Hi Everyone :D

I hope all is well with everyone. I hope you'll all enjoy this week's post. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read my story lurkers and feed backers alike. I appreciate all of you, thank you! :wink:

On with the feed back:

Grace52373- I'm glad that you enjoyed last week's part and how things worked out for Sylvia. Thanks again for your kind comments. :wink:

spacecowboy- Hi welcome :D Thank you, I'm happy to know you're enjoying the story or stories so far. The group really welcomed Sylvia and Sandy into their group, but I'm not sure they're quite ready to let them in all the way. It's hard to give up such a huge secret about themselves that could have huge ramifications. Anyone that is let into their inner circle that is privy to their alien origins etc.. is a touchy subject for them and would have to be a group decision. I guess for now it's a wait and see prospect. Just so you know this story is winding up I'm not sure how many parts are left to go yet. One thing you should know is that I do update every Saturday like clock work. So, I hope that helps a little. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post your comments it really means a lot to me. Take care :wink:

roswellian504- They are getting comfortable with Sylvia and Sandy. Michael's slip up was an example of that but notice they haven't shared that part of themselves with Sylvia and Sandy as yet. No, the girls do not know or even suspect their new found friends are aliens or have alien origins at all. They are still not members of the 'I know an Alien Club'.

LoveIsForever- Hi :D I hope this week is less like a roller coaster for you. I enjoyed reading your comments and quotes. I tried to have a little something for everything last week. I wanted to resolve Sylvia's situation and not leave people hanging on that story arc for too long. I hope you'll enjoy this weeks post too. Take care and I hope this week goes better for you :wink:

AJK001- Thanks for saying you like my Roswell world. I really love all the characters and I hate knowing this particular version of them for this story is nearing its end. I have other story ideas in the works but this one will always be special to me since its the first story I've written ever even though its a continuation of the first story I consider it still one big story since it's a continuation. I really miss the show and all the characters and just wanted to give them what the network and the creators failed too. Roswell is and always be a part of me. Thanks agains for reading and posting your comments. :wink:

Cherie- Hi :D Boy, everybody wants to know the answer to that question don't they. Honestly, I don't know if that will happen or not. You'll have to wait and see. I haven't decided if I'll do that or not. Well, on the BAT photo's I'll be happy to look at them whenever things work out for you to send them. I hope you had a great time at BAT and I hope that little Zeke is doing well, he's such a cutie pie. Thanks for reading and commenting. Take care :wink:

Now on with this weeks part... Enjoy!

Part 53

A month and a half later~

Summer school is nearly at an end now with just two weeks left until the regular school year resumes. Sylvia has happily settled into her new apartment and new job. The gang let Sylvia in on Liz’s pregnancy but can’t let her and Sandy in on the rest of their secrets.

“Max, I think we need to go and visit the Colony. “Max, wake up. I think I need to be seen by one of the doctors at the colony,” Liz says trying to nudge him from his sleep. Liz sighs, “God, even in his sleep he’s gorgeous. That’s so not fair,” Liz says looking down at herself and feeling depressed.

“What? I don’t want to wake up. I just want to stay in bed all day sleeping and being with you,” Max says yawning and stretching trying to wake up. “What do you mean you need to see one of the colonies doctors?” Max says now fully awake, his voice filled instantly with worry. He quickly pulls back the covers and places his hand over her womb trying to see if anything is wrong with their twins.

“Max, no I didn’t mean to worry you. The twins are fine. It’s me that’s not feeling so great. I feel like I need to go to the Colony and talk to the doctors. Just look at me; yesterday my stomach was not that big. And now this morning I’m suddenly a beached whale,” Liz says tearfully. Max sighs with relief and begins to laugh at her silly comments.

“You had me worried there for a second, Liz,” Max replies.

“Oh sure you can laugh about this, just look at what you did to me. Repeatedly, I might add,” Liz comments with her arms crossed not the least bit amused by his lack of reaction to her concerns.

“Honey, you’re pregnant. You’re carrying our twins in there. My guess is that you’re a really great mommy to them and they are growing and thriving in there like crazy. I couldn’t sense anything wrong just now when I checked on them or you,” Max replies as he gently traces her face with his hand and tilts her chin up for her eyes to meet his.

“Really, you think so. I’d just feel better if we went to the Colony for the weekend and I saw the doctors there. Please Max, it could be fun and we could take the gang with us. Oh, but we couldn’t invite Sylvia and Sandy though. I don’t think we should grant them membership into the ‘I know an Alien club’. I really like them but I think it’s better to not let them know about that. So, can we leave tonight to go to the Colony please Max. I promise I could make it worth your while, but call the gang first okay. While you’re doing that I’m going to go see about fixing us some breakfast,” Liz smiles contently as she puts on her robe and goes downstairs.

“Damn she’s too good. She knows just how to get me to do anything she asks. I’d better call the gang and tell them to pack a bag for the weekend. Then I’m going to help Liz with breakfast and take her up on that part about making it worth my while,” Max smiles as he finishes with his one phone call to Maria and Michael. Once you tell Maria something you can be assured she’ll fill in the others in record time.

“Honey did you call everyone?” Liz asks.

“Uh sort of, I called Maria and Michael,” Max admits.

“Okay, same thing then good Honey,” Liz laughs.

“I think Maria’s faster than email,” jokes Max.

“Hey she prides herself on that almost as much as Isabel does. Even Isabel admits Maria’s got her beat,” Liz teases.

“Now that is truly scary,” Max laughs.

“Max! I can’t believe you said that about Isabel,” smiles Liz hitting him in the arm with a dish towel.

“Hey, she’s my sister so I can say that about her,” Max says defiantly with a gleam in his eye.

“Be Nice Max,” Liz says.

“That reminds me I wanted to take you up on that promise you made me upstairs. The part about making it worth my while, I’d like to take you up on that as soon as you’re finished eating,” Max says eyeing her seductively.

“Is it hot in here Max?” Liz says fanning herself with her hand.

“That depends if you meant temperature wise or just me wanting you,” Max says. Liz nearly chokes on her herbal tea she’s drinking with her breakfast.

“Wow, talk about interesting breakfast conversation. I think you’d better hurry up and eat too I wouldn’t want you to be the one suffering from feinting spells later,” Liz grins and seductively at him. She lets her gaze follow down Max’s sculpted frame from head to toe; she then bites her lip.

“You know they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” Max says quickly grabbing a bowl of cereal and pouring the milk and shoveling spoonfuls into his mouth. Liz giggles at his obvious antics. Max makes some coffee and pours himself a cup and notices Liz shaking her head at him.

“What? Hey, I want to make sure I stay a wake for all the good stuff,” Max replies with a devilish smile.

“Since when do you need coffee to keep you awake for that?” Liz says with a raised eyebrow noticing Max helping himself to a second cup of java.

“We’ll we just finished all those tests this week and I’m really tired. It’s a killer making sure I don’t falter in academic or husbandly duties,” laughs Max.

“Oh really? Well, then I’ll be sure to take it easy on you and not over tax you,” Liz replies teasingly. Besides, you know this has to do with my alien pregnancy hormones running wild.

“Did I tell you how good it is that were both aliens today? I do love the perks,” smirks Max.

“You are so bad, such guy,” Liz says shaking her head and laughing.


“Who was that on the phone?” asks Kyle.

“That was Maria rallying the troops for a road trip. We leave tonight for the Colony. Max called Maria and told her Liz has some concerns about how the pregnancy is progressing and would feel better after seeing one of the doctors there. Max thought we all might want to come along. It’s been a while since we’ve been to the Colony and it might be fun to just getaway for the weekend and relax,” Mystic says.

“So El Presidente calls Maria and she sends out the word. It’s nice to know that Maria hasn’t missed her calling,” Kyle jokes.

“Kyle! How could you say that about your step sister like that?” Mystic asks in exasperation.

“Hey, you know Maria. I have no apologies to make for that it is the truth,” Kyle grins enjoying getting Mystic stirred up in the morning.

“Leave it Max to figure out how to use Maria’s greatest power for good and not evil,” laughs Kyle.

“Just for that comment I’m taking a page out of Michael’s book,” Mystic says as she suddenly grabs Kyle and kisses him breathlessly into silence. Mystic ends the kiss only to take a breath of air into her oxygen deprived lungs. “Well, what do you have to say for yourself Kyle,” asks Mystic.

“I think Michael’s brilliant and I owe him a big thank you for his tactic,” Kyle says still dazed from Mystics kiss.

“I suppose we should go knock on Isabel and Alex’s apartment door and make sure Maria called them too,” Mystic says.

“Are you questioning the thoroughness in Maria’s ability to spread the word? Ye of so little faith,” Kyle scoffs. He hears a knock on their front door. “That’s my sister right on queue. Come on let’s invite Maria and Mr. Morning person in for a cup of my gourmet coffee,” smirks Kyle.

“Don’t let Michael hear you call him Mr. Morning person,” laughs Mystic.

“Shush that’s our secret,” Kyle says as he opens the door and greets Maria and Michael.

“I heard that Valenti. Remember aliens have super sensitive hearing. It comes in handy so I can blast the enemy,” glares Michael.

“Oh don’t mind mister grouchy. He’s not civil until he’s had at least two cups of coffee in the morning. Maria looks again back at Michael, “make it three cups of coffee, he’s one grouchy alien in the morning,” grins Maria.

“Damn it Blondie,” Michael says.

“Oh behave Space boy, sit down and drink some coffee,” Maria says shoving a cup of coffee into his hand.

“Men, they are almost completely useless in the morning,” sighs Maria with her hands on her hips.

“Hey, that’s not what you said earlier, Blondie,” Michael replies grumpily.

“Chill Space boy, I did say almost useless if you recall,” grins Maria.

“Ouch Michael, she’s a little vicious in the morning isn’t she,” says Kyle.

“Yeah she is, look at what she did to my neck,” Michael moves his neck showing the claw marks there.

“Okay, that’s more than enough show and tell even for you two and at this hour of the morning, gees,” Mystic says.

“Oh sorry,” Maria says.

“So how about some breakfast Michael,” Kyle asks hopefully.

“What? You invite me in for coffee and now you want me to make you breakfast,” Michael smirks.

“Yeah, that’s about the long and short of it. Here, drink some more coffee,” Kyle says as he pours Michael some more gourmet coffee into his cup. Michael downs that cup of coffee visibly clearing the cob webs feeling more awake than before.

“Only if you have everything on hand and I get more of that coffee,” Michael states firmly.

“Our kitchen is your kitchen,” Kyle bows to Michael motioning him to their kitchen and refrigerator.

“How does omelets and hash browns sound?” Michael asks after glancing in Kyle and Mystic’s refrigerator.

“We have bacon too, hint, hint,” Mystic begs.

“Oh okay, but only because I can’t stand to see a woman beg,” teases Michael.

“Thank you Michael,” Mystic gives him a sisterly kiss on the cheek.

“See I told you he’s a big softy on the inside,” Maria says giving Mystic a nod.

“Did you wake up Isabel and Alex too?” asks Michael wearily figuring he should make some more food.

“Yes, of course. I told them before I knocked on your door, Alex and Isabel will be over shortly,” Maria smiles.

Alex and Isabel let themselves in. “Hi guys. Is that Michael’s cooking I smell? Quick Isabel close the door before your dad picks up the scent and is over here,” teases Alex.

“How’d you get in?” Kyle asks.

“Hey, you question me now that I have powers thanks to my Princess,” Alex says giving Isabel a brief kiss.

“Oh God, not you two too,” says Michael.

“I know what you mean it’s written all over their faces. Look Isabel is glowing and Alex is beaming. Gees, it must be an alien thing,” teases Maria causing Isabel and Alex to blush. Isabel quickly helps herself to coffee and hides her blushing smile behind her cup of coffee.

“Oh like we didn’t hear you and Maria this morning,” jokes Alex.

“Remind me to ask Max about how to use our powers to insulate things,” says Isabel.

“Good idea, they ought to know,” laughs Michael.

“Do you think Liz is having any problems with this pregnancy?” asks Isabel.

“No. I think she’s just nervous and has questions. Max didn’t sound worried and you know how protective he is of her,” Maria says reassuring Isabel and the others.

“Okay so we met up at Max and Liz’s at 6pm then and goes to the Colony from there,” Michael says making sure everyone understand the plan.

“Yes sir mister second in command,” Kyle salutes.

“Don’t press your luck Valenti,” Michael warns playfully.

“Aw you know you love me Michael,” teases Kyle.

“Who better understands your pain about Maria,” laughs Kyle.

“True, okay I won’t blast you then,” jokes Michael.

“Summer School is down to the last bit, thank goodness,” Mystic sighs.

“I think my brain needs a weekend off,” Alex says.

“We all do,” replies Isabel. “I just thought of something. What if Sylvia and Mystic call and want to do something?” Isabel adds.

“We should call them and tell them we had a family emergency come up and we’ll all be away this weekend,” Maria suggests.

“Yeah, I’ll call them now. I just feel bad that we can’t tell them who we really are, but I understand the less they know the better,” Mystic sighs resigned to calling their friends to let them know they’ll all be gone this weekend.

“Maybe we could do something with them next weekend or something,” suggests Kyle trying to make Mystic feel better.

“That would be great Honey, thanks for the suggestion. What do you guys think about doing something next weekend with Sylvia and Sandy? Maybe we could go to the movies and hangout afterwards,” Mystic suggests enthusiastically.

“Sure, that sounds like fun, count us all in for that next weekend. We’ll tell Max and Liz later,” Isabel says.


Later that day on Max and Liz’s front door step the gang keeps knocking on the door.

“It’s a bit late for a nooner, don’t you think?” Kyle teases.

“Shut up Kyle,” Isabel glares.

“Max and Liz open up. You guys had better be dressed and have your stuff packed,” comments Michael as he pounds on the door again.

Max and Liz suddenly open the door and look confused by Michael’s comments.

“Hey look they’re dressed and have their bags packed. Now that’s a first,” teases Maria.

“I heard what you said Kyle. And for your information we don’t do nooner’s… we do all dayer’s,” Liz says with a smirk as she passes by Kyle noticing his mouth opening and closing like a fish. “Help me with my stuff please Max,” Liz says enjoying the cocky proud smirk on Max’s face as he looks at Kyle and walks past him.

“Damn, he just has to be the show off doesn’t he. All dayer’s,” Kyle mumbles shaking his head.

“Maybe you should find out if Max takes vitamins or something,” giggles Mystic.

“Ouch, that was un called for. You’re evil woman and I’m going to make you pay for that when we get to our cabin at the Colony,” Kyle says as he chases after Mystic running to their car.

“Promises, promises Jock boy,” smiles Mystic.

“Oh that’s one promise I guarantee I’ll deliver on Mystic, just you wait. Should we stop to get munchies and vitamins on the way?” teases Kyle.

“Only if you think you’ll need them,” giggles Mystic.

“All right gees, is there something in the air today or what?” Maria says shaking her head.

“Or What!” Alex says tearing his attention away from Isabel momentarily to make his comment then resumes whispering something to Isabel making her blush.

“Oh Alex!” Isabel blushes.

“Okay, enough let’s get on the road now. I don’t think I can take seeing anymore of this. What is with everyone? Are you guys all in season or something, or what?” Michael says shaking his head.

“Or what,” shouts Max and Liz causing everyone to laugh.

“It’s going to be a long weekend I can just tell with all of them acting like this,” sighs Michael.

“Like your immune or something, I don’t think so Space boy. I have plans for you when we get there. Better stop for snacks on the way. I have a feeling you’ll need it for later,” winks Maria.

“Yep, some days it’s just good to be an alien,” smirks Michael.

“I have no problem with you abducting me anytime,” Maria says putting her hand on his thigh as he drives.

“Yep, gotta love those perks,” beams Michael.

“Michael, just shut up and drive. The sooner we get there the better,” Maria sighs trying to think about something else for the moment. Maria ponders maybe there is something in the air or it’s just an alien and ‘Destined Ones’ kind of a thing.

***********************************To Be Continued*****************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II Pt 54 M/L Adult 10, Sept p.10

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sat Sep 10, 2005 8:07 pm

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I'm late posting. I'm going through a personal crisis and barely able to function but I tried to come up with something for you guys. I hope this part doesn't suck too much. Also My main computer has been attacked with Spyware and I've had to battle that so I'm really not in a good place right now, please bear with me.

roswell3053- Thanks for reading its nice to meet a new reader. Welcome and thanks so much for reading and posting your comments. :wink:

AJK001- Your welcome. I'm grateful for your continued support and reading of my story. I always appreciate your comments. I honestly didn't think about people thinking Liz was going into labor when I wrote it but I don't mind that it created a bit of curiosity about it. Thanks for sharing your comments. Take care. :wink:

Grace52373- Hi Grace, sorry for the drama it was unintended. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it especially now. Thank you! :wink:

LoveIsForever- I know what you mean with those caught up in the hurricane affected areas. My heart and prayers go out to all those people. I'm glad your relatives are safe and not in an affected area of Katrina's wake. I apologize for posting so late. I'm just really fallilng apart right now plus issues with spyware on my beloved desk top computer Max, and now my notebook is starting to be affected. The computer is my only lifeline so this is not good for me right now. Anyways thank you for reading and I hope your week is going alot better than last week. Take care :wink:

On with this week's part.... Thanks to all who read my story, I'm humbled by you all. :wink:

Part 54

~Weekend’s Colony Road Trip~

The caravan of four cars with happy teens stop at the Mini-Mart located just on the outskirts of Roswell. Everyone begins to grab a cart and scours the aisles for their favorite snacks and assorted munchies for the drive to Artesia.

“Hey Alex, get you hands off of the Ho Ho’s and nobody gets hurt,” Michael warns.

“You’re kidding me right Michael? You’re a Ho Ho man, huh,” Alex laughs. Maria and Isabel turn and go down the aisle that Michael and Alex just went down. Maria only hears something about Alex and Michael arguing over some Ho.

“Space boy you have ten seconds or less to explain what Ho you’re talking about and where exactly is the bitch so I can kill her,” Maria says with an angry glare scanning the store for any man stealing cheer leading hos sniffing around.. She looks as if she’s fully prepared to kick Michael’s alien butt right then and there.

“Whoa there Maria, down girl,” Alex laughs.

“Alex, you know what’s going on here so talk now!” Isabel demands.

“Okay, calm down. Damn, they look like they’ll kill us both, don’t they. Note to self never make jokes when Isabel and Maria both looked pissed and are demanding answers on the spot,” Alex says with all the amusement gone from his face as he gulps nervously looking at the girls.

“Maria, will you let me use my ten seconds to explain…so put your mouth in idle for a minute,” Michael glares at her. He then starts laughing and nudging Alex as they both laugh at the situation and the expressions on their girl’s faces.

Michael doubles over in a laughing fit and says, “We…Were fighting over the Ho Ho’s.”

Maria and Isabel look at each other then again at their guys, “Riiight, uh huh sure, like we’re going to buy that,” Isabel says tapping her foot.

Alex is laughing hysterically and pointing at the girls’ right along with Michael. Alex finally manages to reach behind him picking up one of the said packages of Ho Ho’s. See, these are the Ho’s we were fighting over.”

Maria and Isabel look at what Alex is holding and they begin laughing hard. Maria then gets a glint in her eye. She and Isabel share a telepathic conversation. They nod their heads in agreement and smile walking towards Michael and Alex.

“Okay now that scares me more than an angry Maria. When those two team up and look cocky like that, they’re about to do something to us,” Michael whispers to Alex.

“What was that Michael?” Maria says.

“Uh nothing Blondie,” Michael says watching her and he raises his hand to hover by his pocket.

“Princess, you’re scaring me. I didn’t do anything wrong,” Alex says innocently.

“How do you two feel about crime and punishment?” Maria and Isabel state with a shared cocky grin.

“Okay, I’ll let Michael field that question since they’re the ones that started the whole handcuff phenomena. By the way, your thank-you card is in the mail,” Alex winks. Isabel and he both blush at his telling comment.

“What did you just say Whitman? I’m hoping I did not hear what I just thought I heard,” Michael says out of warning and disgust.

“Is now good Isabel?” Maria asks.

“Yes, now’s perfect. Let’s do it on the count of three, okay,” Isabel replies with Michael and Alex looking confused.

“On 1-2-3, now go!” Maria shouts. The girls sprint up to their guys and grab their cart full of Ho Ho’s and make a run for the potato chip section.

“They totally played us and used us for our Ho Ho’s, damn their good!” Alex says shaking his head in disbelief.

“Lesson learned, be afraid when our women team up against us. It’s just time to stand up and be men. This means war Alex. So, now we plot revenge to steal back Ho Ho’s and cart,” Michael smirks.

“Hey you two look like you’re having entirely too much fun here; so what’s up and how can I get in on it,” Kyle asks with his usual comic flare.

“We’re just plotting to take back our cart of Ho Ho’s,” Alex explains everything to Kyle.

“Oh, well then definitely count me in. I get some Ho Ho’s out of the deal right?” Kyle asks.

“Sure, this is about the principle of the thing. They played us and took our Ho Ho’s away, the evil wenches,” Michael says with a grin.

“Watch it there Guerin, that’s my Princess you’re talking about and Maria,” Alex frowns at him.

“Keep your shirt on geek boy, and just work with me. We need to regain control of our Ho Ho’s,” Michael says.

“Okay men, I’ll distract the girls while you two sneak up on them and take the cart; sounds good huh?” Kyle asks.

“Yeah that’ll work for us, right Alex?” Michael asks.

“Okay, let the Ho Ho revenge begin,” smiles Kyle.

Max and Liz are nearby looking for whatever Liz likes to munch on based on today’s current list of cravings, plus some of Max’s favorites. They happen to look up and a sudden movement catches their eye as they see the familiar figures captured in the magnifying mirror the store has aimed at the back part of the store. They see Alex, Michael, and Kyle all huddled down one aisle. The three guys do the football break on three thing. Kyle then walks towards the next two aisles’ over where Isabel and Maria were headed. Kyle approaches them innocently and just happens to mention he found a hidden pint of ‘Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey’. Kyle taunts them by waving it infront of them. Max and Liz watch this all unfold via the security mirrors and can’t help but laugh.

“We should probably go over there and break up the inevitable arguing and threatening that is bound to happen,” Liz comments.

“Yeah, we probably should, but I think we should sit this one out and let them work it out. At this rate we’ll have no problem running interference with the twins once they’re born and trying to get into mischief when they’re big enough. The guys have trained us well whether they know it or not. Let’s just watch and see how they settle this. Besides, its fun just to watch and not have to play peacemaker all the time,” Max grins.

“Okay, well that works for me. I don’t have the energy today to deal with them right now, but I could appreciate the entertainment value in being a spectator every now and again,” Liz giggles.

“Shush Liz, I don’t want to miss what they’re saying,” Max says as he and Liz stare at the security mirror, straining to listen.

“Kyle, that’s our favorite ice cream. Could we please have that?” Isabel asks as sweetly as she can and gives him her best Miss America smile. Just then Alex and Michael sneak up from behind the girls now abandoned cart.

“See ya at the check out counter, suckers!” Alex and Michael say as they high five each other. “Oh and thanks Kyle, we owe you one man.” Isabel and Maria decide to chase Kyle.

“Hey, hands off Ben and Jerry. I can’t give you this. Mystic will kill me. She scares me more than either of you two girls and I sleep with her, I’m not stupid,” says Kyle running for Mystic.

“Mystic, Honey, save me from Izzy and Maria. They’re trying to steal the ice cream I found for you. Look, it’s your favorite,” beams Kyle. He thinks he’s safe now getting in Mystic’s good graces.

Isabel and Maria protest and explain what just happened with Michael and Alex with Kyle’s help. “I see, so what do you have to say for yourself, Honey?” Mystic asks.

“I…I was just trying to help them out. You know, it’s a guy thing,” Kyle shrugs.

“I can only see one solution to this. First, apologize to Isabel and Maria and then show them exactly where you found the ‘Ben and Jerry’s’. Then I’ll forgive you,” Mystic states with a straight face trying to keep from laughing.

“Fine, I’ll show you where I found the ice cream,” Kyle shrugs. Maria and Isabel follow hot on his heels to make sure they beat anyone else to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as if it were a matter of national security.

“Thank you Kyle, now we forgive you,” Isabel says in a majestic commanding tone.

“You’re welcome I think,” Kyle says as he opens the door to reveal the treasured ice cream. “Mystic, am I forgiven now by you too?” asks Kyle.

“Well, let me think about it…Yes, of course I was just kidding,” Mystic replies with a smile meant just for Kyle.

“See I was even nice about it. I want you to know I resisted the urge to say something smart ass to the girls just now. So, do I get a special reward for going against my true nature just for your benefit,” Kyle smiles wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at her.

“We can talk terms later Kyle, but I’m sure we can work something out,” Mystic whispers then nibbles on his ear lobe.

“That’s it. Let’s get a move on people, day light’s a burning,” Kyle shouts.

“Mystic’s got him wrapped around her little finger, well done. You go girlfriend,” Liz laughs watching Kyle and Mystic’s exchange.

“Liz, you don’t think that about me do you?” Max asks naively.

“We really should get going, Honey,” Liz smiles.

“But you didn’t answer my question,” Max replies.

“Let me answer you this way. I’ll let you have anything your heart desires once we get to our cabin at the Colony. Okay Max?” Liz says flirtatiously then seals her statement with a heated kiss.

“Whoa, you two need to cut down on the public displays of affection or you’ll be doing public service announcements on how to’s for sex education,” Maria teases.

“Hey don’t start in on us. I have plenty of ammo to use on you and Michael from our couples only camping weekend, remember,” Liz replies with a devilish grin on her pretty face.

“Alright are we going to drive on this road trip or talk all day?” Michael gruffly states.

“Somebody’s not happy,” Isabel says teasingly.

“Whatever Isabel,” Michael comments.

“Come on, were family so let’s play nice,” Liz says firmly letting them know she’s serious and doesn’t want any problems.

“Michael, remember your beloved big screen TV. It has 24 hour sports and hockey channel waiting for you and Maria at the cabin. Oh, I forgot to mention Cal called and said he requested our cabins refrigerators be restocked and waiting for us,” Max adds hoping to smooth over his brothers noticeably ruffled feathers.

“Good, but Alex and I are the only ones that get any of the Ho Hos. We won them in the heat of battle fair and square,” Michael defends.

“Gees, mister lets not stand around and talk all day. Let’s move it people, pay for your stuff and let’s get on the road. Hurry, I don’t want to be in the Jetta any longer than I have to be with a grumpy Michael hoarding his Ho Ho’s,” Maria glares trying to make him feel guilty. In a manner of a few minutes everyone pays for their purchases and exits the Mini-Mart. They resume driving to Artesia.

“You know what Kyle? This was sort of like when we first met, remember?” Mystic asks.

“That’s right it all started with me playing keep away from the girls over a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in that very store when I literally ran into you and knocked you down. I should thank Ben and Jerry for the introduction to meeting my better half and for one of the best days in my life,” Kyle says thoughtfully.

“You are so getting lucky when we get to the cabin. You know that right?” Mystic states not really expecting an answer.

“Did you get everything at the store that you wanted for munchies?” Max asks.

“Yep, I found all of my favorites, such as: smores fixings, Tabasco sauce, more chocolate, peanut butter, ham, and potato chips for my sandwich I’m going to make in the car. Oh, and I almost forgot, I grabbed some strawberries, a can of whipping cream, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, too,” Liz grins proudly at all of her goodies she bought.

“Liz, I’m happy that the store had so many of your favorites. I was kind of hoping that you were kidding about the sandwich part. You were kidding, right?” Max asks gently.

“No, in fact I’m going to make myself a sandwich right now, do you want one?” Liz asks with an oblivious smile. Liz doesn’t register that her new choice in sandwich might be a little strange, even for her and Max’s dietary quirks.

“Um, no thanks, you and the twins go ahead and enjoy that. Can we share the potato chips and Tabasco sauce?” Max asks.

“Sure, I’ll share anything with you. Some things even more than others,” Liz blushes.

“I have to say I do love the perks of an alien pregnancy. We probably shouldn’t tell the others or the population of Roswell will suddenly increase with in our group,” Max jokes.

“Now as leaders we are expected to sort of share anything we find unusual about health issues and this pregnancy does qualify. Just so the others can have an idea of what to expect. But then again, we should think about how Maria’s mother would react and probably hunt Michael down. He’d be praying for the mother ship to suddenly appear swooping down and beaming him up about then,” Liz laughs.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want an intergalactic incident on our hands, now would we,” Max replies in fits of laughter as they drive onward to the Colony.

“How much longer until we get to our cabin,” Liz asks.

“We should be there in about another twenty minutes or so, why?” Max asks.

“Just wondering what you’d like to do first when we get there?” Liz says while spraying a little whipped cream on her fingers. She licks them and stares at Max.

“Damn, I wish we could beam there for real right now,” Max says hitting the steering wheel in frustration.

“I know what you mean. We could really use Scotty’s help about now, but I’ll try to be good until we get there,” Liz smiles and turns her gaze away from Max and back to the road. She silently is reminding him to pay attention to the road and drive safely.

“Yeah sure, like I can concentrate on anything after that Liz. You’re evil and I’ll make you pay for this when we get to our Cabin. Just you wait,” Max promises.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to suffer and wait then,” Liz smirks.

“Don’t look at me like that. If the gang thought our heated kiss was a public display they’d definitely be in for far more of an eyeful this time around. Quit teasing me and behave,” Max says giving her a little slap on her butt as she turns in her seat to look for some more munchies to eat.

“Hey if I have to keep my hands off of you, then you have to do the same, you big tease,” Liz says adding an ‘I dare you’ grin.

“Feel like temping fate, huh?” Max says as he checks his rearview mirror to see how far back the rest of the caravan is. Max wonders if there are any handy options.

“What?” Liz asks noticing Max seems deep in thought.

“Oh nothing, just thinking,” Max says with a smirk.

“Right, don’t forget about the short cut?” Liz grins victoriously.

“The short cut, I almost forgot,” Max sighs relieved.

“We’re you just thinking we might be able to beat the others to the cabins first?” Liz asks.

“Yes, we should be able to,” Max states confidently

“Well, what are you waiting for Max, shut up and drive,” Liz smiles and bounces in her seat anxiously. “Hey, I wasn’t an honor student for nothing. Science and math come in handy for calculating speed, distance, and expected time of arrival,” Liz announces sending Max a heated stare.

“I know, I love you for your mind too,” Max smiles and resumes focusing on driving the remaining distance beating the others to the cabins first.

Twenty minutes later……

“Michael where the hell did Max and Liz go? I don’t see their jeep up ahead,” Maria says with concern.

“Knowing those two, they’re off somewhere trying to make the energizer bunny proud,” smirks Michael.

“No, you think… Really?” Maria comments shocked at Michael’s statement. “You know that does give me an idea,” Maria says with her hand firmly stroking his thigh as he drives.

“What?” Michael coughs and asks.

“Shut up and drive Space boy. We could be at our cabin getting reacquainted,” Maria says licking her lips and giving him a look that speaks of things to come once they get to their cabin.

“I was just thinking there must be a short cut up here. Hand me the map,” Michael says.

“I love the way you think, Spaceboy,” smiles Maria.

*******************************To Be Continued*****************************
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Loves Awakening Revealed II AU,CC, ADULT Pt 55 p.11 18, Sept

Post by NorafanofMaxandLiz » Sun Sep 18, 2005 4:45 pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I couldn't post yesterday. I'm still having problems with my desk top computer. It turns out I'll have to reinstall windows. I'm not going to do that myself. I'll have someone that knows what their doing to it. I hope I can get it fixed soon before I completely. I do have my laptop, thank goodness. The only thing is laptops can't be on as long as regular desk tops.

On top of all that I'm having major RL problems and I'm not coping too well. It's difficult right now to put one foot in front of the other right now. One thing of the few things I try to is get a part out to you guys each week. It's funny the worse my life gets the funnier and happier the parts get. I guess I want to live vicariously through my version of the Roswell gang. I wish my life could be like theirs in so many ways. They have great friends, family, and the love of their lives with them. I wish everyone could have that. At least that's one thing I can do, is give them what I wish I had. Anyways, I hope this part doesn't suck too much. It's a couples part so there's a little something for everyone.

Thanks to all who take the time to read my story.

roswell3053- Hi thanks for reading and your comments. My computer issues aren't over until I get my desk top reformatted. I'm hoping sooner rather than later. I hate not being able to trust my desk top computer. I'm always using that computer and its like losing a friend. Silly huh? I did manage a part this week. I hope you'll enjoy it. Take care :wink:

LoveIsForever- Hi! I'm curious what Anti Spyware program did you wind up buying? And how do you like it? I'm having lots of problems lately and I hate the feeling of losing my one contact I have with the rest of the world, via my desk top computer Max. I have Zan, my laptop which I'm grateful for, but I can't be on it as long. Oh well, enough about me.... Thank you sooo much for your comments. I really love reading them each week. I'm sorry if I disappointed you yesterday by not having something ready to post. I hope this part I'm posting today won't be too bad. I'm happy you enjoyed last week's part so much. I wasn't sure how that would go over. Thanks as always for reading and sharing your comments and support. Have a great week. :wink:

Grace52373-Hi :D I'm delighted you enjoyed last weeks post and thought it was funny. Thanks for reading and posting your feed back its very much appreciated. :wink:

tequathisy- Liz is pregnant and she does have her food cravings. She's just making up for early on in the pregnancy when she didn't eat much. Plus the twins growing inside of her are getting bigger and demanding more food. It's hard not to get big with her being pregnant with twins. Liz won't be big after the babies are born. :wink: Thanks for your comments I enjoyed reading them :wink: Take care.

AJK001- Really! Wow, thanks. I was nervous about last week's part. I'm happy you enjoyed it and found it funny. Thanks for your support of my story and your always great comments. Thank you! Take care.

cherie- It's good to see your posted comments. In regards to my problems computer and otherwise when it rains it pours. In my case its a bloody torrential down pour. I look forward to seeing your pics when the photobucket gods will allow it. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the part last week in the store and the Ho Ho's. Liz is just having all those bizarre pregnancy cravings, but she's eating for her twins too. She and the twins are very healthy. I enjoyed reading your comments. Thanks for reading. Take care :D

Part 55

The great battle of the Ho Ho’s was won by Michael and Alex, with Kyle’s help of course, we left off with this……

“How much longer until we get to our cabin,” Liz asks.

“We should be there in about another twenty minutes or so, why?” Max asks.

“Just wondering what you’d like to do first when we get there?” Liz says while spraying a little whipped cream on her fingers. She licks them and stares at Max.

“Damn, I wish we could beam there for real right now,” Max says hitting the steering wheel in frustration.

“I know what you mean. We could really use Scotty’s help about now, but I’ll try to be good until we get there,” Liz smiles and gazes away from Max and back to the road. She silently is reminding him to pay attention to the road and drive safely.

“Yeah sure, like I can concentrate on anything after that Liz. You’re evil and I’ll make you pay for this when we get to our Cabin. Just you wait,” Max promises.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to suffer and wait then,” Liz smirks.

“Don’t look at me like that. If the gang thought our heated kiss was a public display they’d definitely be in for far more of an eyeful this time around. Quit teasing me and behave,” Max says giving her a little slap on her butt as she turns in her seat to look for some more munchies to eat.

“Hey if I have to keep my hands off of you, then you have to do the same, you big tease,” Liz says adding an ‘I dare you’ grin.

“Feel like temping fate, huh?” Max says as he checks his rearview mirror to see how far back the rest of the caravan is. Max wonders if there are any handy options.

“What?” Liz asks noticing Max seems deep in thought.

“Oh nothing, just thinking,” Max says with a smirk.

“Right, don’t forget about the short cut?” Liz grins victoriously.

“The short cut, I almost forgot,” Max sighs relieved.

“Were you just thinking we might be able to beat the others to the cabins first?” Liz asks.

“Yes, we should be able to,” Max states confidently

“Well, what are you waiting for Max, shut up and drive,” Liz says while she bounces in her seat excitedly. “Hey, I wasn’t an honor student for nothing. Science and math come in handy for calculating speed, distance, and expected time of arrival,” Liz announces sending Max a heated stare.

“I know, I love you for your mind too,” Max smiles and resumes focusing on driving the remaining distance beating the others to the cabins first.

Twenty minutes later……

“Michael where the hell did Max and Liz go? I don’t see their jeep up ahead,” Maria says with concern.

“Knowing those two, they’re off somewhere trying to make the energizer bunny proud,” smirks Michael.

“No, you think… Really,” Maria comments shocked at Michael’s statement. “You know that does give me an idea,” Maria says with her hand firmly stroking his thigh as he drives.

“What?” Michael coughs and asks.

“Shut up and drive, Spaceboy. We could be at our cabin getting reacquainted,” Maria says licking her lips and giving him a look that speaks of things to come once they get to their cabin.

“I was just thinking there must be a short cut up here. Hand me the map,” Michael says.

“I love the way you think, Spaceboy,” smiles Maria.


Max and Liz were the first to arrive at the colony and to their cabin kicking up a trail of dust behind them in their anxious frenzy for privacy and some alone time. Max honks his horn to urge the colonists to get out of the way in his barely controlled desire to get Liz alone in their cabin and away from any prying eyes. The colonists recognize Max and Liz’s jeep and smile at them while quickly getting out of their path. The Colonists have become accustomed to the leaders of the ‘Destined Ones’ and their uniquely different way of behaving, which is so different from the usual lack of public displays of affection commonly practiced by the people at the Colony. Rasmus hears the commotion outside his office of someone’s car horn honking. He comes out of his office to see what the commotion is all about and Rasmus sees Max and Liz’s jeep whiz past. Rasmus got a glimpse of the happy couple beaming with smiles on their faces as they speed past everyone in single minded determination to reach their cabin.

“I suppose I should have warned the Colonists when Cal called that the ‘Destined Ones’ would be arriving shortly,” Rasmus shakes his head and chuckles at Max and Liz’s antics.

“We’re here, yes!” Max exclaims. Max quickly parks and removes the keys from the ignition and rushes around to Liz’s side to help her out of the Jeep. He quickly scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the cabin door and with a wave of his hand opens the cabin door and deposits his love on her feet.

“Max, now that we’re here we should probably bring in our bags and the munchies I bought. We might need those for a snack break later,” Liz winks. Liz begins to take a few steps towards the stairs. She stops and looks over her shoulder at Max.

“Liz, where are you going?” Max asks surprised by her actions.

“I thought while your taking care of bringing stuff in, I’d get ready and wait for you upstairs in our bedroom,” Liz smiles and gives him an appreciative seductive look and tucks a long silky strand of hair behind her ear. She looks away and resumes walking slowly up the stairs and unbuttoning her blouse as she walks. Max stares at her as if spellbound. He then watches Liz remove her blouse and then disappear into their bedroom.

“Damn. Now what was I supposed to do again?” Max says scratching behind his ear. “Oh yeah, bring in our bags and Liz’s bag of munchies,” Max says with a big grin on his face. He sprints out to the jeep and juggles everything in from the jeep in one trip. Max sets things down and runs up the stairs taking three at a time.

“Liz, I brought everything in from the jeep. Now, let’s see about that payback for torturing me when I was driving,” Max smiles.

“Would I do that to you?” Liz asks innocently batting her eyelashes at him for effect.

“Yes, you would. You’re my temptress and a damn good one too I might add,” Max replies.

“Was that I complaint I just heard, Honey,” Liz comments.

“Me? No, no complaining here, none what so ever. Nuh uh,” Max says shaking his head.

“Well we’re here now and all alone. I wonder what we should do Max. Do you have any ideas?” Liz asks as she continues to remove her pants and rest of her clothing.

“Oh I have a few ideas in mind,” Max answers Liz by taking her in his arms. His hands feel her soft silky bare skin of her arms. He kisses her passionately until they both need to breakaway for a much needed breath for their oxygen deprived lungs.

“I love the way you think. Great minds think alike,” Liz whispers into his ear. She begins to blaze a trail of kisses down his neck. Max closes his eyes in bliss and pulls her closer to his body enjoying the feel of her body pressed against his.

“I think one of us is over dressed Honey. Maybe I should put my clothes back on,” Liz teases.

“No!! No, I just need some help with taking mine off,” Max says.

“You’ll never have to worry about that with me around,” Liz grins innocently.

“You do realize at this rate we’ll populate our own Colony, right? Or die trying,” Max jokes.

“What a way to go Max,” Liz smiles as she quickly unbuttons his shirt and tosses it to the floor.

Max and Liz hear a bit of a commotion out front of their cabin and peak out their bedroom window. They see that the others have arrived hearing their cars pull up and car doors shut. Liz watches and starts laughing after hearing the others run from their cars up to their cabins and the slamming of three doors.

“Well, I think it’s safe to assume they won’t be bothering us for at least a couple of hours,” Max chuckles.

“Thank goodness, now let’s make the most of that couple of hours we have until then,” Liz says as she reaches for his belt buckle and undoes it.

“I wonder what they’ll be doing,” Liz giggles.

“They’ll probably be doing the same thing as us Liz, but just not as well or as long as us. Hey, we’ve had more practice.”

“True, and you’re so modest too, Honey. I should’ve known it’s always the shy intellectual and sexy types that a girl really has to watch out for.”

“Shush, that’s supposed to be a secret, Liz.”

“I guess you’ll have to find some way to ensure my silence. I’m sure you’ll think of something Max, you’re a smart guy. What do you have that I’d want?”

“Let’s see I can only offer you my love, heart, mind, body, and soul. Will that due?” Max asks gazing into her deep brown doe eyes drinking in all of her beauty.

“Deal, that’s what I want Max. It’s you Max. You’re all I ever will want or need ever,” Liz says looking into his beautiful amber eyes. She then focuses on his sexy mouth and crushes her lips against his.


“Michael, nope no fun until your work is done. Now bring in the bags please,” Maria says sweetly.

“Damn it Blondie, can’t I bring those in later,” Michael stomps off grumpily.

“You know why; because I said so that’s why. Now do it Spaceboy,” Maria glares. Maria seems to think that Michael looks so cute stomping off and pouting like this and decides to show him some mercy. “If you hurry up Space Boy, I’ll make it worth your while,” Maria gives him a heated stare.

“Damn, she’s got me wrapped around her finger and she totally knows it. Oh well, as long as the others don’t know, I guess it can be our little secret,” Michael says to himself.

“Thank you for bringing in our stuff. Now, let me take care of you,” Maria says pushing him back on to the couch he falls onto. “Now that’s definitely better,” Maria sighs as she begins what she thinks is her sensual attack on him. Michael has other ideas. He turns the tables on Maria by pinning her to the couch with him on top of her.

“Fine, have it your way this time Michael. What is it with aliens? They always want to abduct, invade, and probe,” Maria says causing both of them to laugh losing the sensual mood momentarily.

“The lady wants to be abducted, invaded, and probed. That’s just what I had in mind,” Michael says pushing away from her to stand up. Michael takes her hand helping Maria to her feet then he throws her over his shoulder cave man style and takes off to their bedroom.

“God Michael, I love it when you’re like this. Once you fall for an alien there’s just no going back. I love it when my alien goes cave man on me,” Maria says grabbing his butt as he carries her over his shoulder to their bed.


“Now that we’re all unpacked what did you want to do Alex?” Isabel says as she exits the bathroom wearing a red silk teddy and matching short red silk robe. Alex looks up from his lap top computer to answer her and gulps and gets lost in his lustful thoughts of the beauty that stands before him.

“I…I…I was going to check out some things on the internet, but I’d rather check you out instead. The internet can wait. Just give me one minute to shut down the lap top and then I’m all yours,” Alex says quickly closing out programs and shutting down his computer. “Now Princess, what did you have in mind,” Alex says wiggling his eyebrows.

“I want you to follow me. I have a surprise for us in the bedroom,” Isabel says giving him a kiss and grabbing his hand leading him to their bedroom. Alex follows her to their bedroom and silently looks up to the heavens and mouths thank you to the powers that be for sending him Isabel.

“Princess if you want to have your way with me all you have to do is just say so, I’m a willing victim,” Alex teases.

“Good, I was hoping you’d say that. Come on, we’ll have a romantic dinner I requested ahead of time. It’s ready for us to eat; and then I thought we could have dessert.”

“Everything looks great.” He sees all the lit candles adorn the small portable table with their meals and chilled sparkling cider. “Princess you planned all of this for tonight. You’re amazing. Just how did I get so lucky to have you in my life?” Alex takes Isabel in his arms and kisses her.

“It’s all part of my orders from my home planet,” teases Isabel.

“Well, who am I to argue with those kind of orders,” Alex smiles. “You never did tell me what was for dessert.” Alex helps Isabel sit in her chair then sits down himself to enjoy dinner.

“I thought we’d try something different for dessert. It was actually a suggestion Liz had and thought it could be something fun to try,” Isabel says innocently making dinner conversation.

“So, spill. Why are you being so cryptic about dessert?” Alex asks.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to make it sound that way. I got us some fudge body paint and strawberries,” Isabel says nonchalantly. “How’s your dinner?” Isabel asks quickly changing the subject trying to keep from blushing at her own boldness. Isabel wonders if maybe Liz and Max’s habits are beginning to rub off on them then. She shrugs not minding if it is or not. All that matters is that she’s with her family and the man she loves.


“I never thought I’d ever say this but, it’s nice to be back visiting at the Colony again,” Mystic says.

“The Colony has been home to you for a lot of years, so that’s understandable Honey,” Kyle says wrapping his arms around her holding her.

“Yeah, but it never feels like home for me. I never really felt like I’d found home until I met you Kyle. You’re my home now. I do know I now have you and the family that I always wanted. Plus, my father and I can finally get along now all because of you and the others. I love you Kyle.”

“I love you too Mystic. You’re my world too. Now shut up and kiss me woman,” Kyle says mischievously.

“Anxious to re christen the cabin huh?” teases Mystic.

“Hey, nothing wrong with that is there?” Kyle asks kissing her neck expertly driving her crazy.

“I thought the first thing you’d want to do was get reacquainted with the big screen TV and 24 hour sports channel,” Mystic says.

“What? no way. You’re always my first priority, then the TV,” Kyle smirks.

“So, rechristening the cabin first, then we can battle for the remote and which sports channels to watch later, right?” Mystic says.

“That’s my girl,” Kyle says picking her up and carrying her to the bathroom.

“What? Why are you carrying me into the bathroom?” Mystic asks in surprise.

“I thought we could start by taking a bubble bath together then work our way from room to room. At least that’s my plan,” Kyle says.

“Great plan Jock Boy. I love it when you have a great plan like this,” Mystic smiles and begins to rid him of his shirt and he does the same with her.

“Oh wait, just a minute.” Kyle leaves quickly rushing off to a cupboard that has candles and flash lights in it. He takes some candles and candle holders and returns to Mystic. He sits them down and waves his hand over the candles lighting them and turns off the lights in the bathroom. “There, that’s better,” Kyle says pleased with adding this romantic touch.

“Now let the re christening begin, but I still get to pick which sports channel I want to watch first,” Mystic says teasingly.

“You think so huh, evil woman. We shall see,” Kyle says. He picks up Mystic in his arms and lowers her gently into the warm bubbly bath she prepared for them while he was getting the candles.

“Take your best shot Jock Boy,” Mystic says in a flirtatious challenge.

“You’re on, Honey. I love to take on one of your challenges but I think I’m definitely up for it if you know what I mean,” Kyle smiles.

“I was hoping you’d say that, now shut up and kiss me,” Mystic says blowing a handful of bubbles at him teasingly.


Later that day everyone meets for coffee at the Colony dining area.

“Liz, have you talked to Rasmus or the doctors yet?” Isabel asks with concern.

“No, but I did talk to them a few days earlier when we decided to come here this weekend for a check up. I mentioned that I probably would need to rest the first day we arrive and that I could see the doctors the next day and they scheduled me for in the morning,” Liz replies.

“Liz is fine. She just wanted to come in for her check up and has some questions about how things are progressing. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her or the twins,” Max says looking down at Liz adoringly and gives her a quick gentle kiss.

“Good, I was just concerned. I’m glad that everything is fine then. Hey, I’m going to be an Aunt for the first time and I reserve the right to worry about my sister-in-law and my future niece and nephew okay,” Isabel says with a thoughtful smile.

“And so noted Izzy,” Liz smiles. I just really have questions about this pregnancy and how things are going. I don’t know a lot about human pregnancies except for the books I’ve been reading. I know even less about alien hybrid pregnancies. I know that all this not knowing is really starting t get to me. I can’t help but wonder and worry”, Liz says with a sigh.

“Chica, it’ll be fine. I’m sure the doctor will tell you that tomorrow. Besides, you have all of us here and we’ll look after you as much as Max will allow us too,” Maria states with a smile.

“I’ve always been protective of Liz even before the twins, and that’s not stopped me from being that way and then some with the twins,” Max admits.

“Now, let’s enjoy the rest of the day and see what tomorrow brings. I could use some help keeping Kyle in line. Do you have any helpful ideas or trade secrets Liz? Maria? Isabel? Please somebody,” Mystic jokes.

“I’ll give you my personal list of sure fire favorites that always work on Spaceboy,” Maria offers.

“What about you Liz, have any secret ways of handling Max you’d care to share with the class, G rated version of course. Feel free to omit the PDA’s,” Isabel comments.

All of the girls’ attention focuses sharply on Liz hoping she’ll share how she manages to have Max always so sweet and loving towards her. “Umm, me? I have nothing to add, sorry no secrets to share,” Liz says noticing Max looking at her with a raised eyebrow. He thinks she does have secrets but she isn’t going to mention any of them in front of him. Max knows Maria will bring it up again later when he’s not around to hear it.

“Yeah, come on Liz give us the dirt on El Presidente here,” Kyle says stirring things up a bit.

“No, really I don’t have anything to say. Well, other than Max is just this side of perfection in so many ways. I could tell you more but then I’d have to shoot you,” Liz giggles.


The next day Liz asks that all their family there, please wait for them back at the cabins. Max and Liz were nervous enough about this doctor’s visit with out the entire team Destined One’s in tow. “Guys, why don’t you hang out at the cabins and we’ll find you after the doctor’s visit. Please understand Max and I both have questions and things we want to ask about; and we’re nervous enough as it is,” Liz pleads with her best puppy dog eyes hoping her family will understand.

“Okay, no problem. But we do expect a full doctor’s report at least the parts you’re okay with sharing,” Michael says wagging his finger in Liz and Max’s faces.

“Michael, do not push it. Liz is too nice to threaten to break your finger after waving it in her face like that, but I’ll will,” Maria warns.

“You sure Maria’s not Max’s real second in command,” Alex jokes. His comment instantly lightens the mood and makes everyone laugh.

“Now go on and don’t be late to see the doctor. You can tell us about how it went when you two get back,” Mystics says in support of Max and Liz leaving for the doctors alone.

After the doctors appointment Liz and Max return to share how things went with their family.

“Hey guys, the doctor said everything is great with Liz and the babies. It’s still hard to pin point an expected delivery date but he says things are progressing nicely,” Max informs the group.

“The doctor told me the twins seem really active and seem quite advanced at this stage,” Liz smiles.

“So what does that mean exactly?” Maria asks with a worried raised eyebrow.

“It means that I might have the twins a little earlier than we thought but the doctor couldn’t say for sure. He said everything seems fine. The twins and I are healthy and all is well,” Liz replies.

“That’s great news,” Michael says giving his sister-in-law a brief brotherly hug and Max a slap on the back.

“So Chica you up for some ice cream and girl talk on the deck out back? I mean you didn’t seriously think we’d let you get off with that lame answer earlier not sharing what you do to make Max do what you want him too, did you?” Maria says waving Liz’s favorite French Vanilla ice cream in front of her.

“Come on girls, this ought to be good,” says Mystic.

“Hey after all we girls have to stick together and keep our men in line and interested,” Isabel quips.

“Yeah, and this coming from the handcuff queen,” Maria teases.

“Listen to you Maria. Remember our couple’s only camping trip? Well, I seem to recall there was an awful lot of loud screaming coming from your tent. Not to mention the things that I heard I’m still trying to erase from my brain about you and Michael,” Isabel replies.

“Okay, truce. You have to admit that was one hell of a camping trip. We should go again sometime, and to think before that trip I hated camping,” Maria adds.

“Now where were we? Oh yeah Liz was going to spill her trade secrets on Max so we can see if they’d work on our men too. Liz, please feel free to jump in and spill,” Mystic urges.

“Sorry, guys. Some things I just am not at the liberty to discuss. See, that’s half the fun of coming up with what works on your guy. I don’t think you guys need any pointers from me. When I look at Kyle, Michael and Alex, I see three very happy and very much in love guys. That’s the only secret that really matters. You’ve mastered that so nothing else really matters,” Liz says and sighs as if she was lost in her own thoughts momentarily.

“So, I think what she’s saying is she’s still not going to spill, right Liz?” Max says as he wraps his arms around her and kisses her.

“Yes, of course. Don’t worry Babe, I got your back. I’m not going to spill,” Liz grins savoring the feel of his arms around her, making her feel safe and loved beyond words.

***************************To Be Continued************************
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