The Long Way Home (AU,M/L,MATURE) [COMPLETE]

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The Long Way Home (AU,M/L,MATURE) [COMPLETE]

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 8:38 pm

Title: The Long Way Home

Author: Tanya - Behrsgirl77

Rating: MATURE

Category: M/L - No Aliens

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Roswell or it’s characters, which I think we all know already. The idea for the story is also not mine; it belongs to LoveIsForever.

Summary: Liz Parker lived for her career, she worked hard for it and gave up everything for it. Max Evans has always been in love with Liz Parker, but after high school they never saw each other again. What happens when they meet again years later and Liz has to make a decision that will effect the rest of her life?

A/N #1 – For those of you who can’t wait and must know just about everything click on the link below to read the challenge; its #15. I will state that the ending of the challenge was removed per my request. If you are die-hard and NEED to know the ending before I get to it, just PM me and I’ll give you the rest.
LoveIsForever Challenge Thread

A/N #2 – I don’t have very much of this written in fact I only have 5 and a half chapters plus the ending written, but I decided to post it and see if you guys even like it for me to continue. I’ve never written a story based on a Challenge so if I’m doing it wrong I apologize. Anyway let me know what you think or if I should quit while I’m ahead.

Special Thanks to: Tiffany, thanks for listening to me babble about this story for a month!


Chapter 1

Elizabeth Parker was at work late again tonight as she had been every night for the past three years. She was dedicated to her work, or so she told herself. Although she was dedicated the fact that there was no one to go home to played a big part in the decision as well.

She was finishing up some paperwork she wasn’t able to get to earlier in the week when there was a knock on her already opened door. When she looked up though the smile on her face dropped, she could not stand him.

“Hello Mr. Lawrence, working late tonight?” Liz smiled despite the fact that she could honestly care less what Mr. Lawrence was doing. However, he was her boss and had been for the past year, so she had no choice but to be polite although she was seething inside.

“You know I am Ms. Parker. Now if you wouldn’t mind could you come to my office for a few minutes?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there in just a minute.” She said while clearing off her desk. When his words stopped her.

“Right now would be preferable.” He smirked at her and walked down the hall to his office.

“What an asshole.” She mumbled to herself. She just couldn’t believe that Mr. Lawrence Sr. allowed his son to take over the day-to-day operations of the company. When she first came to work for the pharmaceutical company, she loved the job and her boss for that matter. She was promoted after a year to a Senior Marketing position and heads up her own department. For the past year however, she has still kept that position but has had very little opportunities since her new boss, couldn’t stand her, at least not now.

When Jack Lawrence Jr., was brought in by his father, her first impression was that he was a very good-looking man. That impression fell quickly from there after their very first meeting. He would hit on her every chance he had and Liz was quick to turn him down. She didn’t want to jeopardize her career for anyone or anything. She worked hard to get to where she was and she was not willing to throw it away for him, or any man for that matter.

She straightened out her black pin striped suit and made her way out of her office. She took a deep breath before she entered his office.

“Please have a seat Ms. Parker.” He was being awful polite, which he never was when they were alone. She didn’t like his entire demeanor, and she was getting worried. Liz tried not to focus on that and took a seat across from him.

“Ms. Parker you have worked for our company for three years correct?” Like he didn’t know, she thought.

“Yes I have Mr. Lawrence.” He just nodded and clasped his hands together on top of the desk.

“Very well, I feel that it is my responsibility to advise you that during the course of my day-to-day activities,” Activities? Liz thought. Was he taking into consideration all the female employees he was trying to undress with his eyes, or with his hands when they gave him the time of day? In any event she tried her hardest to focus on what he was trying to tell her.

“I have found several employees that find working with you to be very stressful and at times demeaning.”

“Excuse me? Who?” Liz was getting more and more aggravated by the moment. She didn’t understand who would have said those things about her. Yes, she kept to herself but she thought she worked well with others and…

“That’s not important or your concern for that matter. It’s mine. Therefore it is with great reluctance that I have come to the decision I have come to.” Decision? What decision? Surely he wasn’t firing her right? Liz didn’t let her panicked state show, but inside she was screaming. If she lost this job she would not be able to maintain her over priced apartment, she was barely making it by on what she made, the cost of living in a city like Boston was well beyond her normal means. She would either have to find another job quickly or be forced to move back home. She groaned inwardly at the thought.

“I’m sorry Ms. Parker but we are going to have to let you go.”

“What?! You have to be fucking kidding me!” Liz hadn’t realized what she said until it left her mouth. At that point though it didn’t matter what she said, she was unemployed and she knew trying to talk to this arrogant bastard was useless.

“You can clean out your office tonight, I don’t expect to see you tomorrow morning.” There was nothing left for her to say, so with her head held high she left his office and proceeded to pack up her things before heading home.


2 Months Later

Life officially had gone down hill for Liz Parker. She had tried looking for another job, the day after she was fired but after two months of declinations; she was left with no choice but to pack up her things and head home…to Roswell.

She had been in town for a week, she went to visit her parents who automatically asked what she had done wrong in order to end up unemployed. Liz didn’t expect much from her parents, they always pushed her to do well and try harder. They forgot though that most of those times she was just a little girl, or a teenager dealing with high school. So when the time came for her to attend college, she picked the furthest school she could and applied there, knowing with her grades she would most likely be accepted.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love her parents because she did, but they expected her to be something that she wasn’t. She wasn’t going to solve the problems of the world, nor was she going to find a cure for a disease, but she would try and do the best that she could with whatever challenge lied ahead. For the Parkers though, that was just not good enough.

Liz had found an apartment a few blocks from her parents, after all it was Roswell, New Mexico there weren’t very many places she could chose to live. Her savings account was almost completely depleted after losing her job therefore she wasn’t left with very many choices. She hoped to find a job in town and work for a few months before making her way back to Boston, in hopes of obtaining another job.

It was early in the day and Liz had just left her third interview for the day. She of course was over qualified for the positions she was trying to apply for. Things were definitely not looking good from her position.

She walked down the all too familiar streets and noticed all the people passing her by without a care in the world. She wondered what it felt like to not worry about things so intensely as she had her entire life. At that point she thought about all the things she missed out on, friends, a boyfriend and the chance to live like a normal teenager. It was too late for that she thought, she was twenty-five, unemployed with a car payment and rent that needed to be paid.

Before she knew it she was passing by the Crashdown Café, a local place that had been there for years. In high school everyone would hang out there, in fact she herself had worked there for two years. It was a tough job but the benefit of being around kids her own age and just being able to interact with them for just a little while would subside her longing to belong somewhere. Deciding quickly that since she hadn’t eaten a thing that day, she pulled open the doors and walked in. She stood for a moment taking in her surroundings; it looked exactly the same.

The wallpaper was still a burnt orange color with teal colored space ships and white alien forms all over it. The booths were even the same color orange. She just smiled and took a seat in a booth off to the right side. After taking a seat a waitress approached her, handed her a menu and took her drink order.

Liz knew exactly what she wanted and decided that in the mean time she would check through the newspaper she was carrying to see if she missed anything, but before she had a chance she caught wind of a telephone conversation that was taking place. It was the man in the booth right in front of her; his back was to her. The voice sounded familiar, very familiar to Liz but she couldn’t quite place it. She was trying to remember where she had heard that voice from before, but was interrupted by the waitress ready to take her order.

By the time the waitress stepped away, the gentleman’s phone conversation was over. She decided that it wasn’t a big deal and turned her attention back to the newspaper. A few minutes later her order was delivered, but before Liz had a chance to begin eating her cell phone rang.


“Yes this is. How can I help you?”

“Oh, okay, well thank you anyway.” Liz hung up the phone even more depressed than when she started out a few hours ago. It was a place she had interviewed for a few days ago, they thanked her but said that she was just too over qualified. She took a sip of her soda and searched her table for the ketchup bottle, which was nowhere to be found.

“Great! Well doesn’t that just polish off my afternoon?” She mumbled to herself and then decided to ask the gentleman in front of her for a bottle of ketchup.

“Excuse me? Do you think I could get your ketchup if you’re not using it?” She says and sees the man reach for the bottle and turn around to hand it to her.

Their eyes met again for the first time in years.

“Liz Parker.”

“Max Evans.”

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A/N - Can't say that I'm not happy you guys enjoyed that first part. *hugs* Just so you know I will be updating this story on Sunday's (despite the fact that today is Saturday)

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Smac – Thank you. I’m glad that there is an improvement in my writing and that you pointed it out to me. Sometimes when I write I’m not so sure of that so thanks! And I know another story, but don’t worry I’ve already finished BHE weeks ago, and last night I wrote the last 8 Chapters of Confessions, and STYL is just about done so actually this is the only story I’m writing right now ;)
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On with the show...

Chapter 2

They were both awe struck when their eyes first locked. He thought she was still as beautiful as ever, her hair was longer, it came more than halfway down her back now and she looked more mature but still the Liz Parker he fell in love with so many years ago.

Liz couldn’t believe that the quiet and shy Max Evans turned out to be this gorgeous man in front of her. Not that she didn’t think he was good looking in high school, but there was something different about him, he was more mature and handsome but just as reserved as he always had been. She took the opportunity to drink in his features and didn’t realize how much she missed seeing him everyday until that very moment. His hair was definitely shorter and a bit spiky in the front, he definitely grew into himself, she thought.

Shortly thereafter, the waitress returned to Liz’s table to check on her, thereby breaking their moment.

“Ah yes, I’m fine thank you.” Liz said tearing her brown eyes away from Max’s golden gaze to address the waitress. Max wasn’t sure if he should take a seat at her booth or just pass the ketchup and move along. He was still so unsure of himself around her, he still couldn’t believe that she was right there in front of him. He sighed internally.

“So Max, why don’t you bring over your plate and we’ll eat together.” Liz smiled at him; she could see he was still just as shy around her. All through high school girls would line up to just get a glimpse of Max on the basketball court, but he never gave them a second look, she wondered why because some of them were the most popular and sought after girls of West Roswell High. In fact she never saw him date anyone, he had friends that she knew for sure, but never a girlfriend. Liz decided to save those thoughts for later since Max had joined her table.

They smile at each other before eating their lunch; they both wanted to say something to the other but decided it would be best to wait until after they finished eating.

“So Liz, are you in town visiting your parents?” Max asked taking a sip of his cherry coke. Liz shook her head, “No actually I just moved back and am currently seeking employment.” She giggled a little at the way she phrased her sentence, and Max thought his heart would stop beating at the sound of her tiny giggle. He tried hard to focus on her question but it was becoming increasingly impossible for him to even breath.

“You still live here? Or are you just visiting?” Liz asked watching his features, his eye lashes are so long, she thought. She had been up close and personal with Max when they were lab partners in Biology but she didn’t bother herself with staring too much since most of the time he was standing beside her, not in front of her.

“No, I still live here, I’m actually a pediatrician.”

“Really?! Wow that’s so great, do you have your own practice?” Liz was really interested in finding out more about Max’s profession. Somehow just looking at him she knew he was probably great with kids. That of course made her wonder if he was married, he didn’t have a ring on, but that didn’t mean too much. She decided to push those thoughts to the side and focus on what he was saying.

“No, I would like to one day, but right now I have an office at Roswell Memorial.”

“Oh so, do you work in the Emergency Room at all or no?” Liz didn’t know much about working in a hospital or being a doctor, so she hoped she didn’t come off like she was unintelligent. She suddenly didn’t know why she even cared that Max Evans might think she was unintelligent.

“Sometimes yes, I do get called in for emergencies but it really depends on the situation.” He finished looking right into her eyes and Liz couldn’t help herself; she concluded that he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. She decided she would tell him as much.

“Thanks.” Max smiled shyly. He thought he would loose it right there, she thought he had a beautiful eyes, should he say something back? He didn’t know how to act around her, luckily though he didn’t have to worry too much, because the waitress came over and asked if they needed anything else.

“No, just the check please.” Liz said looking at Max for confirmation he simply nodded. After the waitress left Max decided he’d like to find out why after all these years she came back home.

“I worked for a pharmaceutical company back in Boston for three years, and well I got fired.”

“Fired?” Max couldn’t believe it that is not like her at all.

“Yeah, well my new boss was an asshole and he didn’t like the fact that I wouldn’t sleep with him, so he did me dirty and fired me. Anyway, I came back here to find another job because well I couldn’t afford to live in Boston without a job.” Liz just shrugged and pushed the ice cubes in her glass around with her straw.

“I’m sorry to hear that Liz, really I am.” Max was not just sorry he was pissed off that someone wanted to take advantage of Liz that way, but if he was honest he was also thankful otherwise she wouldn’t be with him at that moment. They paid the waitress. Liz then decided she needed to leave; she still had to finish some things before heading home.

“Thanks. Well I have to get going, people to see and more jobs to be turned down from.” She smiles and they both stand up, not really sure of what to say to one another.

“I guess I’ll see you around, bye Max.” She was leaving already. He wanted to say something to make her stay but he couldn’t come up with anything.

“Bye Liz, it was really good seeing you again.”

“You too Max.” With that she turned and walked out of the diner.

He hesitated for just a moment before running after her, “Liz wait!” Liz stopped in her tracks at the sound of Max’s voice. He jogged up to her and she just waited for him to say whatever it is he needed to say.

“Maybe I can help you.”

“Help me how?”

“You know with a job, I do know a lot of people and maybe I can help you out in the meantime, until you find another job doing what you were doing or…maybe not…that is if you want to…but…” She thought he was adorable, still so shy, it was endearing to Liz, there weren’t many men like Max Evans in the world today, she hoped he never changed.

“Actually Max, that sounds great!”

“Okay, well then let me get your number. I should have an answer for you in a couple of hours.” Max couldn’t believe he actually asked Liz Parker for her number, he would have never had the guts to do it, but he needed it for the job. Of course having her number was a big deal for him, and he berated himself for not being that upfront about his feelings for her during high school. Maybe this was his second chance, he thought.

Liz digs through her purse and finds a piece of paper and pen, writes down her home number and her cell phone number and hands it to Max. “Here you go.”

Max grabbed the piece of paper from her delicate fingers and held it like it was the most precious thing in the world. To him it was. He hoped he had the guts to complete the plan already forming in his head.

“Alright well I’ll talk to you later.” Max nodded and stepped back, heading towards his car. Liz just stood on the sidewalk watching Max walk away and wondered just what it was about Max Evans that got to her.


A few hours later Liz had managed to get some grocery shopping done as well as take a long hot shower. After she and Max parted ways she went to two other local establishments who were hiring, but this time instead of being over qualified she wasn’t qualified for the jobs. They were for secretarial positions, something Liz honestly had no background in.
“Maybe I can go back to work at the Crashdown.” She quipped to herself. She was flipping through the television when her telephone rang; she leaned over the arm of the sofa to answer it.


“Hi Liz, it’s Max.” If she thought he had a sexy voice in person, it didn’t even compare to his voice over the phone. She shook her head trying to erase those thoughts. He was trying to help her and her mind was slowly sinking into the gutter.

“Hi Max, what’s up?” She turned off the television as to give him her undivided attention.

“Well I think I have something for you, actually a few things but I need to know about your background.”

“Oh sure, what do you need to know?”

“Actually Liz I don’t have a lot of time, I have a patient waiting for me, but I’ll be free after that, how about we meet for dinner or something?” He actually did it! He couldn’t believe how easy the words slipped off his tongue.

“Sounds good Max, I’m starving already. So where should I meet you?” Liz was kind of excited, after all this was a dream come true for her in a way. She secretly had a crush on Max all through high school, but never put much thought behind it. He was really nice to look at everyday; it never went past that for her since she was always so busy.

“How about, in front of the Crashdown?”

“Yeah that’s fine.”

“Okay, then I’ll see you in about an hour?”

“Yes, oh but Max what should I wear?” Max had a little trouble breathing. The thought of Liz changing or just…what was she saying again?

“Just casual dressy.” Was that even a category for dressing? He didn’t know and suddenly he thought he was making a very bad decision in asking her to dinner.

“Perfect! I’ll see you soon Max, bye.”

“Bye Liz.”

Liz jumped off the couch and ran into her bedroom in search of something to wear for tonight. She didn’t know why she was so excited; it wasn’t like she had never been on a date.

“Date?” She mumbled to herself. “This is not a date, it’s a business meeting.” She tried to convince herself but she still felt all giddy inside. About forty-five minutes later she was ready and walking out the door.

When she arrived, Max was already standing outside. Her stomach fluttered for a moment, she thought that was weird but brushed it off as total starvation. She approached him slowly, taking in his appearance. Apparently he had enough time to change, now he was wearing a pair of black dress pants, a white button down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled and pushed up to his elbows. The sun had not yet set and she took in the fact that he appeared much tanner then he had that afternoon.

“Hi.” Max was lost in his thoughts but when the goddess stopped in front of him and he heard her angelic voice, he swallowed thickly before speaking.

“Hi Liz.” She looked so beautiful to him. The summer breeze blew through her long brown hair, the strands danced around her lightly before falling back into place. He smiled softly at her and he took in her appearance, she looked incredible to him. She was wearing a red spaghetti strapped dress it came just above her knees, along with cute matching sandals. She was perfect.

“You ready?” Beautiful. He of course couldn’t say that, the fear of rejection was too real for him.

“Yes I am.” Liz smiled and slid her arm into his bent one.


An hour and a half into dinner, they were laughing and joking around comfortably. Max was still in shock about how easy it was to open up to Liz; she was intelligent and funny, just like he knew she would be. She had lived up to his expectations; in fact she had surpassed them already.

For Liz the experience was somewhat surreal. Here she was having dinner with Max and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Here he was, joking around with her and she had never known how funny he was. She for the first time felt alive, and it was because of him. That scared the hell out of her though, no man had ever affected her the way a few hours with Max had.

The end of the night was growing nearer and with great reluctance they had to go their separate ways.

“Okay so Liz just meet me at the hospital tomorrow morning around nine, and I’ll show you around and introduce you to Nina, who will give you a binder full of paperwork to complete and they basically give you the choice of positions; since we have so many available.” He smiled down at her and she simply nodded, “Okay sounds good, night Max.” Liz leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek softly, he’s so warm and smells so good, she thought.

Max froze he was in total shock. Did she just kiss him? She did! He just couldn’t believe it, granted it was a quick peck on the cheek but it was still a kiss. Her lips were so soft and warm and she smelled incredible; like delicate rose petals kissed with a hint of strawberries. He decided at that moment there was nothing better than the scent of her.

“Night Liz.”

Falling into bed shortly after returning home, Liz couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the fact that she went out with Max ‘Mr. Shy Guy’ Evans and had a great time. The best time ever, there she felt it again; a small flutter in the pit of her stomach.

“You’re losing it Parker.” She mumbled to herself before shutting off the light and falling into a deep sleep.


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A/N - Thank you guys for the always amazing feedback, so happy you are enjoying it. To answer a few questions and make a few comments...

Dreamer06 - Liz's job in Boston was in marketing for a pharmaceutical co.

g7silvers - Yeah I know once a week sucks, but my muse was on vacation for 3 weeks and I couldn't write a thing, but it appears to be back so hopefully soon I can get this one up to twice a week :wink:

Raychelxluscious - Hi! Well I'm glad you came out of lurkdom :wink: Don't worry the angst will come and I will fix it. I also have to say I'm happy to hear you will try and tackle my other stories...I miss writing Borrowed Heaven, so I hope you enjoy it!

To all of you just itching to know the ending...HOLD OUT PEOPLE, you can do it! I'll make it worth it...can't say it will be a happy but hmm I'd really love it if you could, only because I'd like some of this to be a mystery.

***In case any of you missed my note...This is Dreamer Insured***

Chapter 3

The next morning Liz woke up early, after all she didn’t want to be late for work, in addition to the fact that she didn’t know what to wear, so she went with a black skirt and a light blue blouse.

As soon as she arrived, she found Max waiting for her in the main lobby.

“Hi Max, I didn’t expect see you here just yet.” Max just smiled and took in her appearance, she looked very professional, he thought. Her hair was even pulled back in a tight ponytail, allowing for an unobstructed view of her beautiful face.

“I figured it would be easier if I waited for you here. You just have to sign in and we can head upstairs.”

They walked down the fifth long corridor, and Liz thought to herself, that this place was a lot bigger than it appeared to be from the outside.

“Hello Dr. Evans.” Liz was a little surprised when she saw a pretty redhead approach Max and call him "Dr.", that was definitely different, but she liked it.

“Hello Nina, I want to introduce you to, Elizabeth Parker.” The petite redhead reached out her hand to greet Liz.

“It’s nice to meet you Ms. Parker.”

“You too Nina, and you can call me Liz.” Liz watched with great interest the way nurse Nina eyed Max, somebody has a crush, Liz thought. After all Liz knew exactly what a girl with a crush looked like, that was her all through high school being Max’s lab partner.

Max had given Nina specific instructions on where to bring Liz; once he was done he turned back to Liz.

“Okay she’ll show you where you need to go and I’ll come by later and see you, if not and you need me for any reason you can ask one of the nurses to page me, or you can come to the pediatrics ward.” Max smiled at Liz and gave her arm a quick squeeze before heading to his office.

Liz watched him walk down the hall with his white lab coat that had a superman patch on the pocket area. She just smiled when she first saw it and when Max caught hold of her gaze he explained that one of his patients gave it to him the other day, before being released from the hospital. He had such a good heart and she didn’t need to get to know him to know that.


It was finally quitting time and Liz wanted to stop by and see Max before she left, but she of course could not find his office to save her life. She stopped at one of the nurse’s in the hallway and asked if she knew where his office was. Well to Liz’s surprise once again it seems that this nurse knew Max, or rather Dr. Evans, she told Liz exactly where his office was.

Liz approached his office and peaked her head in, his head was down and he was writing something down, so she knocked lightly.

“Yes?” He said without looking up and she just strolled inside taking a seat in front of him.

“Well doctor I was wondering if maybe you could help me.” Max dropped his pen and snapped his head up to see none other than Liz sitting across from him.

“Liz, I’m sorry. How did it go today?” Liz smiled and told him everything went well. She would be working in the main office, assisting the head of radiology.

“Right that’s Dr. Stevens, did you like him?”

“Yes, he was really friendly and didn’t throw a fit when I said that I had never done this kind of job before, which was refreshing.” Max smiled and just absorbed every word she said. He was upset that he wasn’t able to see her at all today, but duty called and that was his first priority.

“Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say thank you and let you know that I would be heading home now. So I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz rose from her chair and Max wanted to find a way to get her to stay, but that was impossible he needed to finish up a few things before heading home for the evening.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Liz. Goodnight.”

“Night Max.”


After work Liz headed straight home to make dinner. Of course since she hadn’t bothered to look in her fridge for the past few days, she didn’t realize until she opened it that she needed to do some grocery shopping. She quickly changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt before heading out.

Max finished his work and needed to stop off and grab something for dinner. He was in the store for a few minutes and couldn’t decide what to get, he was about to turn down the next aisle when he heard a familiar voice.

“Damn it! Who the hell puts this stuff on the top shelf?!” He peaked his head around the corner and saw none other than Liz trying her hardest to reach a shampoo bottle that was apparently on the highest shelf.


“Holy shit Max! You nearly scared me to death.” Liz said somewhat flustered. She was tired and hungry and things were just not working out.

“I’m so sorry Liz, it’s just that I heard you around the corner and figured you could use some help.” He reached up over her head and pulled down a bottle of the strawberry shampoo she was reaching for moments ago.

“Thanks Max. It’s just a little frustrating sometimes being so short.”

“You’re not short Liz, you’re…you’re….” He couldn’t say it. As much as he wanted to he just couldn’t.

“I’m what Max?” Liz queried she wanted to know what he was going to say. She knew that his shyness came in at the most inopportune moments but she found that completely adorable.

“Your perfect Liz.” She gasped softly and Max dropped his head not wanting to see her disapproval. Instead though she titled his chin up to face her and she smiled, “thank you Max.”

The moment afterward was awkward, so Liz decided that maybe she should just leave him be.


“Yeah Max?”

“You want to come over to my place for dinner?” There he said it, she would accept it or she could reject it…and him, he thought.


“Yes now.” He smiled softly waiting anxiously for her answer.

“I’d love to Max.”


Max had cooked Liz dinner and she was actually very surprised that he could actually cook. She figured he could make simple things but when he exited the kitchen with steak and mashed potatoes her jaw dropped. Max had to assure her several times that he had indeed cooked their dinner.

“So how was your first day Liz?” They were now seated on the couch and Liz was searching for something to watch. Max loved the fact that she seemed so at home in his house.

“It was really good Max, everyone is very friendly and nice. I know I already said thank you, but seriously I don’t know where I’d be living next month if you hadn’t of helped me out.”

“Living? Liz, surely you could have moved in with your parents.” She just mumbles something under her breath and Max pulls her arm gently in hopes of getting her to face him.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing Max, it’s nothing.”

“No, Liz tell me.” Liz sighed heavily and threw herself back on the couch next to Max. It had gone unnoticed by her how close she was sitting to him, but that fact did not escape Max’s attention.

“It’s just that I’d rather live on the street than live under my parents roof again Max. You don’t know what it was like growing up in that house.” She looked away sadly and Max wanted to kick himself for upsetting her, he apologized for even asking.

“It’s okay Max, you didn’t know. Let’s just say it was really hard living up to expectations set by two people who, when it came down to it, didn’t know you at all. They wanted me to be someone I wasn’t and I tried, so hard, but it was never good enough. Hell even now they think that me getting fired was my fault.”

“Your fault? How’s that possible, the guy was or rather is an asshole, who just wanted to sleep with you. No job is worth that Liz.”

“Thanks for saying that.”

“It’s the truth Liz, I’d never lie to you.” Max vowed and Liz looked deep into his eyes at that moment, to see what it was about him that affected her so much. She didn’t know what was happening between her and Max but surely it wasn’t serious, they were just friends.

“I guess I should get going, early day tomorrow but it’s Thursday, so that’s good right?” They are now standing at his front door, and Liz turned to Max for confirmation.

“Yes and lucky me has off this weekend.”
“Do you usually work on the weekends?”

“Sometimes, and then some nights I’m on call, but that’s only when I’m covering for someone on vacation or out sick or something.” Liz just nodded and decided at that moment she would ask him to lunch tomorrow.

“Yeah, but you’ll have to come and drag me out of my office okay?” He jokes with her.

“I will don’t worry.” This time instead of Liz initiating the kiss, Max does. He places a soft kiss on her cheek before telling her goodnight.

“Night Max.”


Max laid in bed that evening thinking about spending the evening with Liz. In his eyes she was perfect and he wished that he could just tell her how he felt about her, but he was afraid of the rejection.

It’s not that he didn’t think he was good looking, that wasn’t the problem. No, the problem was he didn’t think he would be interesting enough to keep her attention. After all she never dated anyone in high school. It must take some kind of man to date Liz Parker, he thought.

He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer that he was that man.

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A/N - I just want to make it perfectly clear that this is dreamer insured so don't worry. Everything will be fixed, it's part of the challenge *lol*

Thank you guys so much for the feedback...I'm seriously struggling with this story and I don't give up because of you guys so thank you. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 4

“It’s lunch time Dr. Evans!” Liz stepped inside Max’s opened office door. He looked up at her and she saw his entire face light up.

“That it is Ms. Parker. Shall we?” Max walked around his desk to stand in front of Liz and smiled down at her.


“So Max are seeing anyone?” Max almost choked on his food. Why did she want to know? He wasn’t sure why she did but regardless he would answer her truthfully.

“No, I was seeing a girl for a few months but it wasn’t working out.” Max shrugged and took a sip of his soda.

“I’m sorry.” Liz said taking his shrug as disappointment.

“Don’t worry about it, she just wasn’t the one for me.” He looked up and gave her a small smile. He wanted to tell her she was the one, but he couldn’t.

“How about you Liz? Has some tall dark and handsome man caught your eye yet?” He joked with her and was rewarded with her classic smile.

“Funny Max, I never knew behind all the shyness was a funny guy.”

“That’s me!” He said seriously and then they both burst out laughing. Liz couldn’t believe how great it felt talking to him. She never experienced that before, she had yet to find that one person that makes her completely comfortable.

“To answer your question, no I’m not seeing nor have I seen anyone since college.” Max was completely shocked by her candidness; he figured that someone like Liz Parker would have been swept off her feet long ago. He couldn’t say he wasn’t happy to learn this new and important fact.

“Why not Liz? I mean surely you can get a date.” That comment earned Max a kick in the shin.

“Parker I didn’t know you were so violent.” Liz rolled her eyes.

“Whatever Max, no seriously I just don’t have time for that. My career was my life you know?” Max looked into her big beautiful brown eyes, he couldn’t believe after all these years they still had the power to draw him in.

“Yeah, I guess you were really busy in high school as well.” Max saw a change in her eyes, minutes ago she was smiling and happy, but now he could clearly see the longing in her eyes.

“Yes I was, I had to keep up with school work and everything. I couldn’t let my parents down. Expectations run high in the Parker household.” Max simply nodded, they were having a great time and he didn’t want to bring her down with the conversation.

They sat in silence for a few more minutes finishing their lunch, and Liz looked around the cafeteria contemplating asking Max her next question. She chanced a quick glance at him from the corner of her eye and she saw he was staring at her but trying to act like he wasn’t. He was just so gorgeous she couldn’t believe he wasn’t married with like ten kids. She decided to not let her mind wander and just ask the question.

“What are you doing Saturday night?”


“I just thought that maybe I could make you dinner, you know as a thank you for helping me out and maybe we can watch a movie or something.” Once the words left her mouth she felt ridiculous. He probably didn’t want to spend his day off with…

“I’d love to Liz. What time should I be at your place?” Max asks trying to stop his heart from pounding steadily in his throat. He couldn’t believe he was going to spend the evening with Liz. It was a dream come true for him but he didn’t want to come off desperate either.

“How about six?”

“Six it is.” They finished their lunch and headed back to their respective offices.


Since Liz hadn’t asked Max what he liked she decided to make her homemade pizza. Surely he liked pizza, she thought. It was a recipe that she stumbled upon when she moved into her apartment in Boston. It was the one thing she could make that always turned out good. After all she wanted to make a good impression.

Right on time the doorbell rang and Liz straightened out her clothing. She told Max it would be very casual. And so she dressed appropriately, in a simple light blue t-shirt and black jeans. Taking one last look in the hall mirror she opened the door.

“Hi Max.” She gave him a beautiful smile and Max wanted to scream out that he loved her at that moment but decided he didn’t feel like having the door slammed in his face at that particular moment. Instead he decided to thrust the bouquet of white roses he had behind his back at Liz.

“White roses, thank you Max, they are so beautiful. I love them they are my favorite how did you know?” He wanted to tell her that he knew more about her than she thought, but he couldn’t. Instead he opted to tell her it was a guess.

“Well then you’re a pretty damn good guesser, come in.” Liz stepped to the side, closed her eyes and breathed in the sweet scent of the roses. Max watched her closely, if she only knew how he felt about her.

“I’ll just go put these in some water, why don’t you take a seat in the living room and I’ll be out in a minute. Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure I’ll take a coke if you have it.”

“Of course I do, in fact…” She trailed off making her way into the kitchen to put the flowers in water and get a drink for both her and Max.

She reemerged a few minutes later and she took notice that Max was sitting on her couch looking somewhat uncomfortable. Maybe he didn’t want to really be there, but he was just being nice and accepted the offer, she thought.

“Max are you okay?” Liz said as she approached him and he seemed to snap out of a daze.

“Yeah I’m fine. I just have a lot on my mind.” He reached out his hand to help her with the glasses. Liz gladly handed them to him and took a seat beside him.

“Okay I just wanted to make sure. So you do like pizza right?” She asked waiting until he took a sip of his soda.

“Cherry coke, you remembered.” He sounded surprised, and he was. He couldn’t believe after all these years she remembered that one-minute detail. Liz smiled at his expression and then waited for him to answer her question.

Max just stared into her eyes and saw she was looking for an answer, but to what? Oh that’s right she wanted to know if he liked pizza.

“Yes Liz pizza is great. So did you make it yourself?” He elbowed her gently and she slapped his arm in response.

“Of course! What did you think? I’d invite you for dinner and order out?” She waited for him to deny his thoughts but that time never came.

“I don’t believe it! You really think I would do that?!” She said as if she was upset but one could easily tell she was completely joking around with him. She told him that dinner was ready and then headed into the dining room.

“Well I’ve had it done before so nothing surprises me.” He shrugs and follows her into the dining room.

“You have? When?” She settled the pizza on the table, which was already set.

“My ex, she would swear that she cooked that food but I’m telling you there is no way. I mean the girl couldn’t find her way out of a small room with no windows and a neon exit sign.” Liz almost spit out her food.

“Come on she couldn’t have been that bad.” Liz said in disbelieve, he was dating the girl and she knew he was very intelligent so she couldn’t have been that stupid.

“I’m serious.” Max said savoring another piece of the delicious pizza.

“This is really good Liz. Seriously you need to market it, and slap your label on the box.” Liz ducked her head self-consciously and thanked him.

“How long did you date her?”

“About a year.”

“A y-year? Why so long?” Max shrugged once again.

“Well I had a good time with her, but to be honest I didn’t know how to let her down without hurting her feelings.” Liz just nodded and they finished their dinner with casual conversation.

Afterwards Max helped Liz clear up the table and they then made their way back into the living room.

“So I have two movies and because I didn’t know what you liked I got a safety movie.” Liz smiled shyly up at Max who simply smiled back before taking a seat beside her to see the movies she picked out.

“Okay let’s see, Collateral, The Bourne Supremacy and SuperMan.” He chuckles to himself and then turns to regard her, “you have a thing for the action hero huh?” Liz blushed and took the movies from his hand.

“So which one?” She said standing holding them up. And Max decided to mess with her a little. He leaned back into the couch and rubbed his chin as if he was deep in thought.

“Actually Liz I don’t like any of those movies.” He said with the most serious face he could drum up. Surely she would know he was joking, after all SuperMan is a classic, how could he not like it?

“Oh well, I mean…we could just…uhm…we…I….” When Liz heard Max chuckle softly she turned and picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at him.

“Jerk! Here I was feeling terrible that you didn’t like what I picked out.” Max quickly stood from the couch and grabbed the movies from her.

“I’m sorry Liz. I was only playing around with you. Forgive me?” He asked sincerely but the moment their eyes connected the world seemed to have stopped. He felts her tiny puffs of air on his neck and he could smell her sweet scent. He wanted to kiss her so bad at that moment, but decided it probably wouldn’t be welcome, so he backed away.

“So I guess we’ll watch…what do you want to watch Liz?” Liz didn’t hear his question, she was too busy staring into his amber eyes and she could feel his warm breath on her face, the scent of his cologne was intoxicating to her. Finally she blinked when Max snapped his fingers in front of her.

“I’m sorry. What did you ask me?”

“Movie? What movie did you want to watch?”

“Oh we can watch, how about we stick to the classic.” She grabbed the box from his hand and made her way to the television. Was it getting hot in here? She thought to herself.

Max couldn’t help but let the smile stretch across his face at her reaction to his close proximity. He knew he shouldn’t get too excited but he couldn’t help it. Here he was in Liz Parker’s apartment alone. He silently thanked the powers that be for that moment.

“Sounds good.” After popping in the movie Liz took a seat beside Max. About halfway during the movie Liz felt a chill and Max quickly, without a second thought of course, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and Liz molded herself into his side.

From the moment he placed his arm around her, Liz couldn’t help the question that was plaguing her mind, so she decided to go for it and ask him.

“Max?” She said looking up from beside him.

“Hmm?” Max said turning away from the television to look down on her. For a moment he was sure she was going to kiss him, but that was a fleeting moment because he knew that would never happen.

“How come a good looking guy like you was so shy in high school? I mean girls would practically throw themselves at your feet but you didn’t even bat an eyelash. You’re not gay are you?” Liz said as seriously as possible, two can play the game she thought.

Max’s eyes almost popped out of his head when she asked him that question. “Gay? No Liz I assure you I am very much heterosexual.”

“Really?” Max couldn’t believe it she didn’t believe him?

“Yes really!” He said a little firmer and then he sees the twinkle in her eye and knows she’s just getting him back from before.

“Payback huh?”

“Damn right Max! It’s a bitch isn’t it?” Liz smiled up at him.

“You have a beautiful smile.” Liz ducked her head in embarrassment, no one ever told her that before.

“Thank you.” Max smiled at her and there was so much he wanted to say to her, but decided it would be better to leave it for another time.


“So…” Max tilted his head towards the television and Liz simply nodded.

When the credits began to roll Max realized that she had fallen asleep beside him and his first reaction was to wake her up, but he quickly decided against it. Instead he took that opportunity to watch her. She was still pressed against his side, wrapped in his arm. She was absolutely breathtaking to him, with her eyelashes brushing softly against her cheeks, her parted lips and her soft snore. He knew at that moment being next to her like this was what he wanted for the rest of his life. Just like he also knew it was something he would never have with her.

He stayed that way with her for a few minutes longer and decided it would be best if he left. He stood and gently laid her down, pulled down the quilt from the adjacent chair to cover her with.

“Goodnight Liz.” He took one last look at her before closing the door behind him.

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A/N - I'm back with a new part...I think I finally have some direction with this story and so I want to thank you guys for giving it a shot and letting me know what you think :wink: Your words of encouragement and kind words help me so much! You are what keeps me writing :wink:

Here's the next part...I *know* you'll enjoy this...

Chapter 5

Liz had called Max the following morning to apologize for falling asleep. She was absolutely mortified that she had passed out on him. Max quickly reassured her that he wasn’t too far behind her in slumber.

The next week at work went by fairly quickly and they were able to talk briefly between their breaks but hadn’t really talked since dinner.

Max had finished up a telephone conversation with his long time friend Michael Guerin. He and his girlfriend, as well as a few other people from high school, were getting together and he was calling to find out if Max was interested. Which at first he wasn’t, but then decided that maybe it would be a good opportunity to ask Liz out. Not on a date of course, because they were not dating, just as friends. Or so that is what he told himself when he found himself standing outside near her car late Friday evening after work.

“Max, hi.” Liz smiled when she finally approached him.

“Hey Liz, I wanted to ask you something and you can feel free to turn me down.” Max rushed out quickly.

“I’m sure I won’t turn you down but go ahead.” Liz said coming to stand beside him.

“Do you remember Michael and Maria?”

“Yes, I remember them, I haven’t seen them since graduation.” Liz finished somewhat sadly which did not go unnoticed by Max. “Well, they’re getting together with a few people from school tomorrow and I was wondering if you’d like to come with me?” Max finished trying to sound somewhat upbeat, while his heart continued to pound loudly in his chest.

“That would be great Max! Thank you.” Max couldn’t believe it was that easy but now she was standing there waiting for him to respond.

“Your welcome Liz, so did you want me to meet you at your place or did you want to meet me at mine?”

“How about you pick me up at my place?”

“Sounds good I’ll be there around seven tomorrow.” There was an awkward silence surrounding them and Liz decided it was time for her to leave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then Max, have a good night.”

“You too Liz.”


Max was a complete basket case the following evening. He wasn’t sure if Liz thought of tonight as a date or not. He’d like to think it was a date, but he didn’t give his hopes up. He would just wait and see.

It only took him a few minutes to get to her house and when he reached the front door he didn’t have a chance to even ring the doorbell because Liz had seen him drive up.

“Hi Max.” She smiled brightly at him; she thought he looked so good in a simple dark blue button down shirt and jeans.

“Hi Liz, how are you?” He was so nervous but tried not to let it show. She looked so beautiful to him; her hair was pulled back from her face and she was wearing a red tank top with a matching jacket over it and light blue jeans.

“I’m good, thanks. So you ready to go Max?”

“Yes.” Max reached out his hand to her and she took it without hesitation.

“So, Max where are we going?” Liz tried to break the silence in the car. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but usually Max was a little more talkative than he was being at that moment.

“We are going to meet up with my sister Isabel at her fiancé Alex’s house, then we’ll all meet up with Michael and Maria for dinner.”

“Sounds good. So, Max what are you up to tomorrow?” Did she just say that? It was the most normal thing for her being with Max. She wondered briefly what it would have been like dating him in high school. However Max’s answer interrupted her thoughts.

“Probably going to play some basketball with Michael in the morning and after that I’m not sure. How about you?”

“Honestly, nothing at all. Maybe I’ll just watch some television or something.” She honestly didn’t have much to do in town. Besides the fact that Max and her parents were the only people she knew, it was hard to just go out by herself.

“If you want you can stop by and we can have dinner or something.” Max couldn’t believe his boldness lately when it came to Liz. Maybe it was the fact that he was so glad to have her in his life after all these years.

“Really?” Liz didn’t want him offering out of pity but if he meant it then she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“Really.” Max turned quickly and smiled at Liz and she smiled back shyly. “We’re here.” Max announces pulling up to a yellow two story house. Liz turned to the house and saw Isabel and Alex walking out the front door, it was Alex Whitman, and Liz couldn’t believe her eyes. Isabel Miss Popularity Evans and Alex The Computer Geek Whitman are getting married?

“Yeah I know hard to believe those two are getting married, but it’s true.” Max said when he saw her shocked expression.

“I’m sorry it’s not that…I just…” Liz wasn’t sure what the hell she wanted to say. Max reached across the seat and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Hey Max.” Isabel leans in the driver’s side window to kiss her brother on the cheek.

“Hey Iz, Alex. You guys remember Liz Parker?”

“Wow! Is that really you Parker? All grown up, huh?” That earned Alex a jab in his ribs from Isabel.

“Yes that’s me. It’s good to see you guys. Oh! And congratulations on the engagement.” Liz smiled feeling extremely awkward at the moment, not to mention the fact that Isabel was giving her a death glare that would frighten Satan himself. Max missed the glare because he was too busy asking Alex if he wanted to follow him.

“Sounds good, where are Mike and Maria going to meet us?” Alex asked hanging in the passenger’s side window. He wanted to get a good look at Liz, he thought she looked so mature but still as pretty as she always was.

“They are going to meet us there, so let’s get going. You know how Maria gets when Michael rushes her so that they’re not last, and we show up late. I’ll have to hear him bitch about it all day tomorrow.”

“I feel your pain Max, he’ll call me and bitch to me too.” Alex says and leans over to kiss Liz on the cheek, “Good to see you Liz.” Liz just blushes and Max rolls up the windows as they start out back down the driveway.


“Is…is this where we’re going?” Liz asked a little hesitantly because they were now parked in front of a miniature golf course.

“Yes, why?” Max turned off the car and was reaching for the door handle when he turned and took one look at Liz’s face and became worried.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He reached out a hand to her shoulder. She was nibbling her bottom lip and wringing her hands in her lap.
“I’m fine Max. It’s just that I don’t know how to play.” She turned her worried eyes towards him and he couldn’t help but smile, in addition to the fact that he, at that moment, fell in love with her innocence all over again. He knew that she didn’t go out much in high school so it really didn’t surprise him that she didn’t know how to play.

“It’s okay I’ll teach you.” He smiles at her and gives her a wink that makes her stomach flutter before he gets out the car to let her out. She couldn’t help the blush on her face, she never had a man wink at her and give her one of the sexiest smiles she’s ever seen in her life.

“Hey Maxwell, you up for getting your ass beat?” Michael says giving Max a nod and taking a double take when he finally got a good look at who his friends date was.

“Right Michael, you couldn’t beat me on my worst day, so just keep dreaming.” Max quipped back taking notice of not only Michael’s knowing smirk but Maria and everyone else’s standing outside in the parking lot.

“Oh my God, Liz Parker!” Maria practically screamed which made Liz jump slightly to Max’s side. Max of course did not mind at all that she was that much closer to him.

“Hi Maria, Michael, how are you both?” Liz said after she realized that Maria wasn’t going to lunge at her.

“We’re good, but what brings you by?” Maria asks earning her a nudge from Michael for her lack of self-control.

“I actually moved back here a few weeks ago.” Liz answered softly she was feeling very self-conscious, there were about five other couples, some she recognized and some she didn’t.

“Really? Why?”

“Maria, I think it’s time we move this night along unless you are going to stand here and interrogate Liz all night.” Max says realizing that once Maria starts the round of questions it will never end until she’s satisfied with each answer.

“Fine, we’ll talk later Liz.” Maria winks over her shoulder while being dragged away by Michael.

“Thanks Max. I felt so…” Nervous, terrified and extremely cautious. Although her and Maria had worked at the diner during high school, they were not best friends. Besides the fact that they were essentially the “popular kids” and she never hung out with them. It just felt all too surreal for her and very overwhelming.

“It’s okay Liz, she makes everyone feel that way or did you forget?” Max gives her a warm smile trying to ease her worries. Liz is so amazed at how he knows exactly what to say to make her feel better instantly. He put her at ease and changed the subject to get her mind off of things.

“So you ready to learn?” Max asked reaching out his hand to her and she slipped her tiny hand in his as they made their way inside.


“I can’t do this Max! I suck!” Liz threw her hands up in exasperation. They had been practicing outside while everyone else was inside for over a half hour and she still couldn’t get the ball in the hole.

“Liz, just calm down it’s okay. Let me show you what you’re doing wrong okay?” Liz nodded and waited for Max’s next move. His palms were sweaty and his heartbeat began to thump loudly in his chest. He was about to come in very close contact with Liz Parker and he couldn’t help the smile that stretched across his face.

“Max?” Liz watched as different emotions flash across his face. She saw him look at her and blush before coming to stand behind her. She smells so good, he thought. He snaked his hands around her waist and placed his hands over hers on the club and instructed her on how to stand and swing gently.

“Okay I think I got it Max.” Liz was getting a little nervous about how she was feeling with Max that close to her and decided that she needed him to move away from her as soon as possible. She was enjoying the feel of him next to her a little too much. No one had ever made her feel that way and she wasn’t sure she should even be feeling that way about him. They were just friends.

Max felt Liz pull away and hoped that he didn’t upset her in anyway, but she smiled at him and he realized she was probably just anxious to join everyone else.

“I did it Max!” Liz dropped her club and jumped into his arms excitedly. Max didn’t have a chance to think of what was happening when she lunged at him he just held onto her making sure he didn’t drop her. She felt perfect in his arms, he had decided she was meant for him, of this he had no doubts.

A few minutes later they made their way inside joining everyone and they decided to start a new game with teams.


“No fair!” Michael says while taking a bite of his burger. They had finished two long rounds of miniature golf and Max and Liz beat everyone both times.

“Don’t be jealous Michael. Be a man and get over it.” Maria says while taking a sip of her chocolate milkshake.

“Oh Max stop rubbing it in.” Isabel says throwing a balled up napkin at her brother. “I’m not, I just can’t help that Liz and I make a perfect team and that we whipped all your sorry asses.” Liz blushed bright red at Max’s words. She was trying to hide her embarrassment, she couldn’t help but feel giddy that her and Max did kick everyone’s asses. She played the game for the first time and she did great, she turned to her left and looked up at Max who didn’t notice her watching him intently. He was absolutely amazing to her.

Max felt her eyes on him, he turned his head from the bickering and looked down at her sipping on her strawberry milkshake and he thought she was so adorable. She did so great and he felt his ego swell at the fact that he knew with his help she played a great game and had a great time.

The night was coming to an end and after they finished eating, they all parted ways. Max reluctantly drove Liz back to her house. They were now standing on Liz’s front porch having a very awkward moment.

“So Liz, did you have a good time tonight?” Max asked and watched her features change from nervousness to complete happiness. “Yes, Max I had a great time! I felt like a teenager again, thank you.” Liz smiled up brightly at Max. She really did feel like a teenager out on her first date. Date? Did she just say date? She did and it was, as much as she wanted to rationalize the situation; her and Max were on a date.

“I’m glad Liz. So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” He looked at her and it was taking all his willpower not to wrap his arms around her and kiss her breathless. What was he saying? He would never be that bold, but standing here with the moonlight kissing her delicate features he felt very bold.

“Yes…tomorrow.” Liz licked her lips that had suddenly became dry and Max felt his heartbeat quicken. It’s now or never Evans, he thought. He stepped a little closer and waited until her eyes connected with his before he leaned in and brushed a feather light kiss against her lips. Liz couldn’t believe it, he was kissing her and she thought his lips were as perfect as they looked.

Max pulled away slowly, praying inside that she wasn’t upset, but when he opened his eyes he saw that hers were still closed. He let out a soft breath that he didn’t know he was holding and sealed their lips together once again. Liz leaned up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck when she felt his warm lips press up against hers once again. Max took advantage of the situation when he felt her soft arms wrap around his neck, he snaked his hands around her waist and pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

He slide his tongue along the bottom of her lip and waited for her to respond, and when she did he caressed her tongue with his, enjoying the feeling of having her perfect body pressed against his and her warm lips over his. There was no better feeling in the world at that moment for both of them.

Minutes later they pulled away and released their hold on one another, trying to regain their composure.

“Goodnight Liz.”

“Goodnight Max.” Max leaned over and kissed her cheek before heading towards his car.

It turned out to be an even better night than either of the two could have imagined. And what was even better was that tonight, Max Evans and Liz Parker shared their first kiss.


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A/N - I'm back with a new part...I'm quickly gaining on the parts I already have done, which means I need to get to writing on this one. Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for the great feedback, so happy you are all liking it so far. :D

Chapter 6

“So you and Parker?” Michael asked while checking the ball back to Max. “Yeah.” Max said completely his jump shot. “Why?” Max had to ask because he sensed Michael had something to say but wasn’t sure he wanted to hear it.

“I just…I don’t know. I mean you never talked to the girl in high school and all of a sudden you’re dating her.” Michael said while dribbling the ball preparing for a lay-up.

“First of all, I talked to her in high school, she was my lab partner, something you would know if you attended school sometimes and secondly, I’m not dating her.” Max defended himself. He and Liz weren’t dating; at least he didn’t think they were. They only went out once and they had dinner once. Granted tonight they were having dinner again, but just as friends. Right?

“Hey it’s your business Maxwell, I just don’t understand you helping her out and…”

“So I can’t help her out? I should just let her be homeless?” Even though technically she could go to her parent’s home, Max remembered when Liz spoke briefly about the experience of being with her parents and if it was the last thing he did, he would never subject her to that treatment again.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying but you don’t know her Max and you just have a soft spot for her, I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Michael says walking to the sidelines and taking a seat on the bench. He grabbed a towel from his gym bag and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Since when did Michael get sentimental? Max wondered. There was something going on and he needed to get to the bottom of it.

“Nothing, look just be careful and don’t fall too fast.”

“Fall? Michael what the hell are you…Isabel?” Max figured it out faster than Michael thought he would.

“Isabel has nothing to do with this.” Michael tried to cover the slip up; he knew that Isabel’s plan wouldn’t work and that Max would see right through it.

“This has Isabel written all over it, so spill.” Michael looked up at Max who was now standing in front of him; arms crossed which let Michael know that Max was not dropping the subject until he got his answers.

“Fine, but I didn’t tell you.” Max took a seat beside Michael and waited to hear what his dear sister had asked Michael to do.

“She just said that you had this major crush on Liz in high school, which of course I knew about, anyway she said that now that Liz is back you would just trip all over her and get in deep. She said that this time you had a lot to lose.”


“Yeah, Max you know you make a shit load of money and…”

“Wait? So you guys think Liz is with me because of my money?” He felt disgusted that his friends who pretended to like Liz the previous evening thought so little of her. Was he the only one that saw what an amazing person she was?

“Look, I’m just telling you what Isabel said.” Michael shrugged. After meeting Liz he didn’t see all the things that Isabel talked about last night after Max and Liz left, and honestly to him it didn’t matter either way, so long as Max didn’t get burnt.

“Well, you can go back to my little sister and tell her that I’m a big boy and I can take care of myself, and that if she has a problem with me dating Liz then she can talk about it with me to my face.” Max bit out angrily. Was he a child and he forgot to take notice? Isabel was constantly doing that with girls he dated, it’s any wonder he managed to get a date in college. Considering Isabel decided at the last moment she was going to attend the same college as Max.

“I thought you weren’t dating her?” Michael asked smugly.

“What?” Max asked somewhat distracted.

“Liz, you said that if Isabel has a problem with you dating Liz…”

“Shut the fuck up Michael and let’s play.” Max said snatching the ball up from the ground and making his way back on the court.


Max was just finishing up dinner when he heard the doorbell ring. He swung the door open and Liz smiled brightly at him. He would never grow tired of seeing her smile.

“I brought wine and dessert!” Liz said as she entered Max’s house. “Thanks, they will go great with dinner.” Max leaned in and kissed Liz’s cheek softly. Liz couldn’t help but blush. For Max it was like second nature being with her. For Liz the feel of his lips invoked something in her she never felt before, something she wasn’t sure she was ready for.

He took her jacket from her and hung it up in the hall closet as she moved into the dining room. Liz placed the wine on the table and waited for Max to join her before she made her way into the kitchen. Max went about serving the food onto the plates and Liz couldn’t help but think he looked really good.

He was dressed very causal in a pair of faded blue jeans and a red T-shirt. She couldn’t help but notice how the fabric of the material seemed to be stretched to full capacity by his bulging arm and back muscles. For a moment Liz thought about what he would look like without his shirt on, she found her eyes roaming over his entire body. Liz licked her lips unknowingly and thought about the kiss from the previous night. She went to bed and his scent lingered around her the entire night. Needless to say she slept like a baby.

“Ready?” Max turned around with two full plates and made his way out into the dining room. He completely missed the hot looks Liz was raking over his body. He was trying hard to keep his focus with the scent of her perfume raking havoc on his senses. Max laid in bed last night thinking about the kiss they shared, it was perfect and everything he thought it would be, the only problem? He wanted to do it again very soon.

After dinner, they moved their conversation into the living room. Max had placed the dessert, which was a Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cake, in the center of the table along with their wine glasses. He refilled them and they took seats on the floor in front of the couch. Liz sliced two generous pieces of cake and placed them on the serving plates Max had brought out.

“So, Max tell me about college.” Liz took a bite of her cake and a sip of her wine. Max wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to know but decided to just dive into the conversation.

“It was actually a great experience, but I never want to do it again.” Max smiled and waited for the question he knew Liz would ask.

“Why? Did some girl break your heart?” Once the question slipped from Liz’s lips she wanted to retract it but deep down she still wanted to know why Max didn’t already have a girlfriend. She didn’t see a point in dancing around the heart of the matter.

“No, I didn’t date anyone too seriously in college. I mean I was seeing a girl for a little over a year but we were once again too different. It’s like you know how when you first start dating someone, in the beginning you are so polite and just not really yourself?”

Liz just nodded knowing exactly what Max was talking about; after all didn’t everyone in the world do that? It took quite a while before you truly learned who the other person is. Liz learned that the hard way, but she tried not to focus on that, she decided to focus all her attention on Max.

“That’s what it was, except for me, I am always me, I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not, it takes too much work. Anyway, I thought she was someone she wasn’t. She wasn’t in it for the right reasons, she just wanted to have a good time and once that was over, she was done.” Max couldn’t believe the candidness of the conversation, but couldn’t help but revel in the fact that he never felt comfortable sharing this information with anyone, that is before Liz.

“I know exactly what you mean Max, I was dating this guy in college and I thought he was great and just perfect for me. Well, once he got what he wanted, he left me. I guess I knew deep down I really didn’t know him at all, but sometimes you just…” What was she trying to say, now that she just basically told Max she lost her virginity to some asshole that later dumped her ass after giving it up?

“I’m sorry Liz, some guys are assholes and they don’t care who they hurt in the process, but I guess it’s all a learning process. Sometimes you have to experience the bad to realize when it’s really good you know?”

“Yes, exactly.” Their eyes locked once again and their hearts began to thump wildly in their chests. The moment was intense and neither wanted to break eye contact or make a movement in fear of loosing the moment.

Unfortunately the shrill of the telephone interrupted their staring match. Max excused himself to answer the phone. Liz watched him leave the room and grabbed her napkin wiping the perspiration from her forehead. “That was intense.” She mumbled under her breath.

Max returned a few minutes later and saw Liz cleaning off the table, he took a look at his watch and realized it was getting late and they both had an early day tomorrow. “It’s okay Liz, I can take care of that.” Max came to stand beside Liz, removing the plates from her hands, but Liz refused.

“It’s okay Max, it’s the least I can do. You cooked a great dinner and just let me do this for you.” Liz said softly and Max stepped back and let her clean off the table. After she was done depositing the dishes in the sink she made her way back into the living room. What she saw though made her stop in her tracks.

Max stood up and was stretching his back, and at one point he lifted his arms above his head, giving Liz a nice eye full of his perfectly sculpted abs. Again, he missed the moment Liz stopped and raked a very hot look over his body. She needed to get control of her hormones, it had been a long time but she didn’t know what was going on between her and Max and she would not presume to know.

“I’m going to head home Max, long day tomorrow.” Liz smiled softly and waited for Max to approach her. He came to stand directly in front of her, he wasn’t sure if he should kiss her or not. Would he be overstepping their boundaries? Not that he had a clue as to what the boundaries between him and Liz were.

“Okay, let me walk you out.” Max said placing his palm against the small of her back and then helped her into her jacket. He was prolonging the process only because he didn’t know what to do. She didn’t get upset the first time, so he went ahead with his decision keeping that in mind.

“Drive safe and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz turned around and didn’t realize how close Max was standing to her; their lips were a mere inch from each other. He could feel the warm puffs of breath against his neck and he needed to kiss her at that moment. He reached out one hand and placed it gently around her waist and pulled her that much closer to him before he saw her closer her eyes and lick her pink lips, he resisted the urge to groan out loud when she did that.

He closed his eyes and sealed their lips. Liz was so overwhelmed whenever Max kissed her. The first time he kissed her, she thought what she felt was because it was their first kiss, but now as she enjoyed their second she realized that it was something more. She melted into his embrace and Max reached a hand to caress her cheek as their lips slanted over one another over and over.

They finally pulled away, the need for air became too great and they both released their hold on one another. Max placed his forehead against hers and wanted to tell her that at that very moment he loved her and that she was everything he ever wanted, but he couldn’t. This was all new to him, nothing he ever felt with any of the girls he had dated was as intense as a mere kiss with Liz was. He didn’t want to rush anything; he wanted it to be perfect for her, because for Max that was what she deserved.

“Goodnight Max.”

“Night Liz.” She leaned up on her tiptoes and brushed a light kiss on his lips before slipping out the front door.

Max waited until she pulled away to close the door and lean his head against it. He couldn’t believe how intense the kiss they shared was. Max knew now more than ever that he wanted to pursue Liz. The only thing he needed to find out was if she wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her.


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A/N So glad you all enjoyed that *kiss* Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, this story will skip time frames a little just to keep things moving along :wink: Thank you for the great feedback :wink:

Chapter 7

The next few weeks Max and Liz found themselves spending all of their free time together. Liz was having such a great time with Max and she enjoyed the fact that there was no pressure for her to be perfect or anything other than herself.

Max was hopeless and he knew it, he needed to find out where he and Liz stood but he didn’t want to ruin what they had. Therefore, he decided to keep his feelings to himself until the time was right, he just hoped that time came sooner rather than later.

They had just finished watching a movie and were making their way towards Max’s car but he stopped when he noticed his sister crossing the street.

“Hey Iz, what brings you by?” Max said giving his sister a quick kiss on the cheek and waited for her to respond. Isabel turned to Max and smiled, “Just in the neighborhood and then I saw you here with Liz.” Isabel turned to Liz and from what Liz could deduce, gave her the sorriest excuse for a smile she had ever seen. Liz didn’t know why Isabel was always either throwing her death glares or being completely fake towards her.

“Hi Isabel.” Liz decided that she would not stoop to Isabel’s level, after all because she is Max’s brother, which meant that Liz would see more than her fair share of Isabel.

“Liz. So Max are you headed home?” Isabel didn’t regard Liz at all; in fact she wished to not be in the girls presence much longer than necessary.

“Yeah, I’m bringing Liz home first though, why?” Max asked not really aware of what was going on between the two girls at that moment, or the glares that his sister was throwing over to his date.

“No reason, look Mom asked me to tell you that her and dad are going to have a party for their wedding anniversary in two months, so to keep your calendar clear.”

“Will do. We’re just going to get going, I don’t want Liz to freeze to death out here.” Max said smiling and taking hold of Liz’s hand. What Max missed was Isabel’s scowl at Liz. She didn’t like the girl and only put up with her because of her brother. Isabel decided she needed to have a talk with Liz and soon.


“It’s a surprise Liz, you can’t ask me to tell you.” Max said not even trying to conceal his amusement as she leaned back in her seat and pouted. He thought she looked so beautiful but for Max there was never a time that Liz didn’t take his breath away. Although they had been going out for a few weeks, nothing was discussed between on whether or not they were officially dating. Max knew that Liz was not going to make the first move that’s why he decided that tonight he would be asking her out officially.

“Are we there yet Max?” Liz said while leaning over the seat to change the radio station. She was having such a great time with Max, they had been going out on dates for a few weeks and each time she enjoyed herself more than she could ever express in words to Max.

“Liz, you just asked me that not more than ten minutes ago, and the answer is still the same.” Max pulled off the highway, they were actually very close to their destination but Max liked to see her whine a little, it made him laugh.

“Okay, so tell me what’s in the box back there?” Liz said pointing to the box that Max had placed on the back seat wrapped in light pink paper; her favorite color.

“It’s a present for you, but you can’t open it until I say so.” Liz batted her eyelashes at Max and he was slowly caving, she knew it…he knew it. He told himself to be strong, to not give into her pretty big brown eyes but after she leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek, he was toast.

“Fine, you can open it now, but you won’t understand what it means until we get to where we’re going.” Liz of course only half listened to what he was saying she was too busy leaning over the seat to grab the box. Once she pulled it into her lap she began to quickly rip away the paper and lifted the box open.

“Oh Max it’s so cute! I love it! Thank you!” Liz pulled out a light pink football jersey with the name “Parker” across the back. She then places it back in the box and wrapped her arms around Max’s neck, almost causing him to swerve out of traffic, but he kept it under control.

“You’re welcome Liz, I’m glad you liked it. I know you were complaining last week while we were watching that game that they should have girlie jersey’s and I found this one and had it made with your name on it.” Max smiled at Liz’s lit up face.

“I did say that, didn’t I? And here I thought you weren’t paying any attention to me at all.”

“Liz, I always pay attention to you, even when you think I’m not.” Max said without really thinking about the implications of his words.

“Oh really? So does that mean that when we were in high school you were paying attention to me when I thought you never even noticed me?” Liz teased, but never expected the answer she got from Max.

“Liz, I noticed you, trust me.” Max couldn’t believe he just told her that, but he was so comfortable with Liz at that point. A few weeks ago he wouldn’t have dreamed of telling her something like that, but now that they spent all their free time together, talking to her was the easiest thing the world to him.

They both looked at one another and Liz quickly turned her head to focus her attention back on her shirt. She wanted to put it on, but she didn’t know where they were going and she thought she might look ridiculous wearing a football jersey to, well, wherever it was they were going.

The other thing she was trying to do by looking away from Max was to hide her rosy pink cheeks. She was completely embarrassed, but in a good way, that Max had actually noticed her. That was something that left her feeling all giddy inside, just like a teenager. That’s what being with Max was like for her.

Max wanted to ask her at that moment but chickened out, he didn’t want to ruin the night by asking her and risk the chance of her saying no, thereby leaving them in a very awkward position. He would wait, besides they were just a few blocks from their destination.

“Max…what…are you serious?!” Liz jumped up in her seat and placed both palms against the windshield when she saw the stadium come into her full view. They were going to a football game and she couldn’t believe it.

“Surprise!” Max said smiling at Liz. She was practically hanging out the window at that point and he was afraid she was going to fall out.

“I’m okay Max, really I won’t fall and if I do I know you’ll be there to pick me up right?” Liz said beaming brightly at him.

“Right.” If she only knew what he would do for her. He didn’t want to scare her with his feelings, he would take his time, after all they had all the time in the world.


“I knew my team would win!” Liz said as they exited the stadium with her new pink jersey on. She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if she tried. She had never been to a live game before and it was so thrilling and energetic. Max had promised to take her again real soon, which earned him a kiss.

“You can stop rubbing it in Liz, I’m sure the entire stadium hear you scream at the winning touchdown.” Liz’s cheeks burned once again and she slapped Max’s arm playfully.

“I told you Liz, you are so violent. And here I thought you were so sweet and innocent and…hmm.” His words became mumbled when Liz jumped into his arms and placed her lips over his in a kiss. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and he had to lean against a car in the parking lot for balance.

“Thank you Max, I had one of the best nights of my entire life tonight.” Liz smiled as she leaned her forehead against his. Max was still trying to get his breathing and hormones in check after the mind-blowing kiss she just planted on his lips.

“You’re welcome Liz, I’m glad you liked it.”

“I l…o…v…e…d it Max!” Liz jumped out of his arms and grabbed his hand to pull him towards his car.


“Liz w-what are you d-doing?”

“It’s called taking advantage of you Max. I’m sure you’re used that by now.” Liz winked and ran her hands down his hard muscular chest. Max wasn’t sure how they ended up in the position they were now in. Sure they kissed and made out but it was usually while they were still standing up.

Right now however, they were not standing up. No, at this particular moment they were laying down on his bed and Liz was slowly snaking her soft warm hands up the front of Max’s shirt. His breathing became almost erratic and all she was doing was touching his hot flesh.

“L-liz?” Max swallowed thickly before he began. He needed to ask his question before things went any further between them. He just hoped she wouldn’t stop touching him…ever.

“Hmm?” Liz was straddling his lap and was waiting for him to ask his question. She was only half paying attention; at the moment she was getting a better feel of his muscular torso, she couldn’t believe how hot and silky he felt. He needed to lose his shirt, that’s what she thought at that moment. Liz leaned back a little further and tugged on his shirt waiting for him to help her but he didn’t. Instead his hand stopped her.

“Liz I need to talk to you for a minute.” Max said sitting up and pulling Liz with him.

“Can’t we talk later Max? I mean there are about ten other things I could be doing.” Liz said while playing with the rim of his shirt.

“Me too Liz, but first let me just ask you something okay?” He was getting really nervous at that point, he didn’t want to spoil their day but he had to know where they stood.

“Okay Max, this seems serious and important to you so I’ll be patient for a little while.” Liz smiled mischievously at him and waited for his question.

“Liz, we’ve been going out for the past few weeks and I’ve had a great time with you and I guess what I wanted to know is if we are just having a good time or is it something more…to you?” Liz was waiting for that question for a while now, she knew it was coming but honestly she hadn’t thought of a really good answer yet. She was having a great time with Max, the best time of her life. He made her feel things that no other man had before, but she had never been in a relationship, if that was what they were in. Liz was so unsure of everything but she knew that she really liked Max and enjoyed spending time with him and so she told him as much.

“I’m glad to hear that, so my next question won’t be too much of a shock then, I hope.” Liz waited she knew it was coming. His eyes never lied. He held so much emotion in them and at times Liz could swear that Max was holding back, something she was as much anxious as she was grateful for.

“Go ahead.” Max wrapped his arms around her tighter, trying to reassure her that he wanted to be with her, without words.

“What are we Liz? Are we friends? Are we more than friends?” Max looked away quickly, not wanting to face rejection. That was what he was most terrified with, that Liz didn’t feel the same way he did. Liz couldn’t help but smile at his questions. As far as she was concerned they were definitely more than friends, but he wanted to make sure of how she felt instead of assuming. She wondered if he could possibly get any sweeter.

“We’re more than friends Max and I like it like that.”

“Yeah?” Max looked at her in disbelieve but Liz quickly dispelled any negative feelings he may have been having and kissed his lips softly waiting for him to respond. Which he did without a moments hesitation.

Max pulled her down against him and began to devour her mouth. He ran his hands down her back and reveled in the feel of her petite frame molded perfectly against his. She was so soft, so pliable in his hands and he loved it. He loved her and would love her for what felt like the rest of his life.

Liz couldn’t stop herself from falling into Max’s embrace and his warm, wet open-mouthed kisses along her neck. She needed to feel him against her, not waiting for his protests she quickly sat up and pulled off his shirt.

Her breath hitched in her throat for a moment when she saw Max’s upper body exposed to her completely for the first time. She had no idea he looked that beautiful underneath his shirt. She skimmed her fingernails over his chest and hardened nipples, enjoying the feel of his chest rising and falling with each touch. Liz looked up at Max for just a moment before leaning her head over his erect nipple. She swirled her tongue over each one before trailing kisses back up to his lips.

Max couldn’t take it a moment longer, he ran his hands up the back of her shirt and reached her bra, he quickly unsnapped it and moved his hands to the front of her shirt over her soft mounds. She was perfect in everyway, he thought. He covered her soft lips with his as their bodies became entangled in one another.

A few hours later they laid in silence, Max running his hands down Liz’s exposed arm, they had made out heavily for over an hour, but Liz was the one that pulled back. She didn’t want to rush into sex with him. Not only was she not that experienced, she didn’t want to go down that road with him because she was not ready for that type of relationship.

“Stay with me Liz, just for tonight. Let me hold you and wake up with you next to me.” Max whispered out softly, a part of him hoping that Liz had fallen asleep and the other part of him hoping that she heard him and would accept.

“Yes Max, I’ll stay.” He turned over, pulled her against his body and kissed her lips goodnight.

In her arms is where he wanted to be forever. Max took a deep breath and hoped that Liz wanted to be in his forever as well.


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A/N - Hi guys...I'm back. I'll be leaving again in a few short days. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately, things did not work out but I have to believe that was what was meant to be :wink:

With that is the next part I hope you enjoy it. I know you all have questions about Isabel's intentions, to be honest I know what the Challenge calls for, I'm just not done shaping Isabel just yet, so that's really the reason why I haven't answered the question...but I promise you will get an answer soon :wink:

Chapter 8

“Liz it can’t be that bad.” Max said while carrying Liz’s groceries into her kitchen.

“Yes it is, you have no idea, it’s like having dinner with the devil and his wife.” Liz sighed taking a seat on the counter. Watching as Max unloaded her groceries, she could help him but then she wouldn’t be able so see him flex his muscles and bend over placing the lettuce in the bottom drawer. No, the counter was looking pretty good to her right now.

“The devil? Liz they are your parents. I know you don’t get along with them, but they are the only parents you get, and some people don’t have them so just remember that.” Liz hated it when he was right, which was most of the time. It had been a month since they defined their relationship. Relationship. Now that was a word Liz did not think she would be using anytime soon. But with Max she found it easy to use words like that, she often laid in bed awake at night thinking about it, but for the life of her she just didn’t understand what was happening to her. She tried not to over analyze the situation; she took it at face value and kept on smiling.

“Oh all right, but because you feel it’s necessary to defend them to me, you have to go with me.”

“First of all I already told you that I would go with you, all you had to do was ask and secondly, when is this dinner taking place?” Max asked turning around and wrapping his arms around Liz awaiting her answer.


“What? Tonight? Liz I told you I had plans to go out with Isabel. She’s been nagging me for a week and you don’t want to see her angry.” Max said and continued to put some things on the top shelf for her. Thereby missing the disgusted look that crossed Liz’s face at the mention of Isabel’s name. Liz thought it might get better between her and Isabel especially after Max announced to everyone that they were officially dating, but it just got worse.

“I know Max, but I mean…you know what it’s okay I’ll go by myself. I don’t want Isabel to be mad at me.” Liz said grabbing some boxes and putting them in the cabinets, making sure not to face Max.

“Liz, come here.” Max called her and waited until she stepped into his embrace.

“Why do you think Isabel will be mad at you? She’ll be pissed off with me.” Liz just shrugged she didn’t want to tell Max what she thought of Isabel, after all he would probably take her side anyway.

“It’s nothing Max, I have to hurry up and take a shower before I leave.” Max felt Liz withdraw her hold from around him, and he didn’t like the cold feeling he was getting from her and decided he needed to know what was going on.

“What’s wrong Liz? And don’t tell me nothing, because I’m getting tired of hearing that from you.” Max reached out and grabbed her by the waist before she escaped.

“Max it’s…” She was going to say, nothing, but decided that she would be honest with him.

“It’s Isabel, she doesn’t like me and I don’t know what I did to her.” Liz finished sadly. She knew how important Max’s sister was to him and she didn’t want to come between them, but she also couldn’t lie to him any longer.

“Why do you think she doesn’t like you? I mean she’s never mentioned anything to me about you or about not liking you.” Max said somewhat confused, surely if his sister didn’t like his girlfriend she would not hold her tongue.

“You don’t see the way she looks at me, like I’m her nemesis or something.” Liz said trying to hide the pain. It was hard enough to make any kind of friends at work in Boston, but to have to come back to Roswell and have everyone treat her the way they did in high school was too overwhelming.

“Liz, I don’t know but I’ll talk to her.” Max wrapped his arms around her more tightly. He couldn’t stand to see Liz hurting in any way.

“No! Max you can’t talk to her. Just leave it alone, I’m probably wrong.” She shrugged and he dropped it but he would be talking to Isabel just to find out what she thinks about Liz, no harm right?

Liz had just finished getting ready for dinner with her parents. She would rather face Isabel than her parents at that very moment. She looked around the living room for her keys and with her purse in hand, swung open her front door.

“Max?” Not that she wasn’t happy to see him, but he was supposed to be out with Isabel. She actually groaned out loud at the thought that he blew off Isabel for dinner with her parents.

“It’s not what you think. I mean it is…but it isn’t.” Max finished quickly.

“What are you doing here?” Liz said closing the door behind her and standing in front of Max on her porch.

“I told Isabel I had something that I needed to do and that I would meet her later for coffee.”
“And she was okay with that?” Liz asked somewhat irritated. Did he not listen to what she said earlier about her thinking Isabel didn’t like her?

“Yes, she was Liz I promise.” Max said when he saw how upset she was. That was not his intention, but he could understand. She was afraid of coming between him and his sister, for which he loved her even more.

“Alright, risk taker, let’s get going before I’m late and my parents tell me how irresponsible I am for not being prompt.” Liz rolled her eyes and kissed Max’s lips softly.

That wasn’t enough for Max though; he pulled her back against his body and covered her lips once again. He cupped the back of her head and slid his tongue along the bottom of her lip and waited for her to respond. Liz loved the feel of being in his arms, she felt him devour her mouth and she melted against his body. No one kissed her like Max did. Sometimes he did it with such urgency that it made Liz feel like she was his air, and without her he couldn’t breathe.

Little did she know how true that statement was. Max loved the feel of her in his arms she fit perfectly and she tasted amazing. Her lips were so soft, her mouth so warm and her body so perfect. She was all he ever wanted and needed. He waited years to be with her and now that he had her he never wanted to let her go.


“Hi Mom…Dad.” Liz tried to sound as enthused as possible but was failing miserably. The only thing keeping her from bolting out the door was Max.

“Liz honey, I’m glad you made it on time.” Liz rolled her eyes and Max couldn’t help the slight chuckle that escaped his lips.

“Yeah Mom, if it wasn’t for Max I would have been late.”

“Max?” Liz realized that she didn’t introduce Max; she was going to hear it for that one.

“I’m sorry, yes Mom, Dad, this is Max Evans. Max this is my mother Nancy and my father Jeffrey.” Max reached out and shook both of Liz’s parent’s hands. They settled down to dinner shortly thereafter.

“So Max what is it that you do for a living?” Jeff asked Max and Liz wanted to throw her hands in the air. It wasn’t so much that her father asked the question; it was the way he asked it. It was as if he was expecting Max to say that he was a bartender or something superficial, as her father would put it.

“I’m a pediatrician.” Max stated and reached under the table and placed his hand on Liz’s knee silently urging her to calm down.
“Oh really? Well Lizzie you have outdone yourself.” That was it! Liz pushed her chair away from the table. And looked at both her parents. “I’m sorry but Max and I have to leave.”

“Liz, why are you so upset?” Nancy asked not really understanding what had just happened. They were having a pleasant conversation and once again her over active daughter found something wrong with it.

“Upset? Oh I don’t know mom. Could it be that my father just insulted my choice in men? Or could it be that sitting here having my father look down on Max before he even knows anything about him, is making me sick?”

“Max, I’m sorry but I think we should leave.” Liz said not really waiting for a response.

“Mr. & Mrs. Parker, it was very nice meeting you, but I do have to meet my sister shortly. So I apologize for eating and running so to speak.” Max smiled and left to meet his girlfriend in the living room.

“I don’t believe them! I mean what the hell is wrong with them?! Why do they insist on putting me down? I have never even brought a guy home before so how they hell do they know about my tastes or if I’ve outdone myself?!” Liz paced the floor once they got back to her place and Max thought she looked sexy as hell with her arms swinging widely in the air and her nostrils flaring.

“Why are you looking at me like that Max? This is serious.” Max just reached out his hands to her and she quickly curled into his embrace.

“Liz it’s okay, it doesn’t matter what your parents think of me. It only matters to me what you think of me.” Max said placing a kiss on her temple. Liz pulled away and looked at Max only this time it was different for her. He understood her, and he comforted her when she needed it most. She was not used to that, she always dealt with everything on her own.

“Thank you Max, thank you for understanding.”

“Welcome baby.” Baby? Did he just say that out loud? Oh hell he did, he couldn’t take it back and when he saw the look on Liz’s face, he didn’t want to take it back. In fact he wanted to let those three little words roll of his tongue, but the sound of his cell phone broke that moment.


“Yes Isabel, I’m on my way right now.” He rolled his eyes, and Liz buried her head in his chest. She knew exactly how he felt.

“I’m sorry Liz, but I have…”
“To go. I know Max. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Max leaned in and kissed her, wrapping both arms around her waist. Liz lifted her hands and wrapped them around his neck and deepened the kiss.


After Max left, Liz decided to take a nice long bath. She needed time to think, she needed time to figure out what the hell she was going to do, because she believed she was falling in love with Max. And she couldn’t, she had plans and things that she wanted to accomplish in life, and being with Max just made her forget all of those things.

No, she cared about Max and liked him a lot but she was not falling in love. They were just dating and having a good time.

That’s all it was, she hoped.


“Max what took you so long?” Isabel asked as she saw her brother approaching her table. She had been waiting about an hour for him to show up.

Max shrugged out of his jacket and took a seat in front of Isabel. The coffee shop was pretty busy, something Max was very thankful for at the moment. He knew his sister would not blow up at him in public.

“I told you I had something to take care of and…”

“Liz?” Isabel said and looked at her brother who looked guilty as sin.

“I had dinner with her parents.” Max avoided looking his sister in the eyes; he knew the lecture was coming. Why didn’t she want him to be happy?

“What? Why Max, don’t you get it?” Isabel sighed, she knew her brother was jumping into things with Liz feet first and she just knew he would get hurt.

“What don’t you get Iz? I like spending time with her and I like being with her and there is nothing wrong with that.” Max said as softly as possible, noting the waitress approaching the table. After their orders were taking Isabel decided she needed to help her brother see the light, so to say.

“How serious is this?”

“Very serious.”

Isabel was about ready to protest once again, but Max decided to be completely honest with his sister. He thought that maybe if she understood where he was coming from, and how much he cared for Liz, she would understand.

“I love her Isabel and I can’t help it.”

“And does she love you Max?” It wasn’t that Isabel didn’t want to see her brother happy; she thought he didn’t smile enough as it was. And she would admit that she knows that his recent good mood has a lot to do with Liz. That wasn’t Isabel’s concern, her concern was how bad would Liz Parker break her brothers heart?

“I don’t know.” Max finished softly. He didn’t want to think about the fact that maybe Liz didn’t feel the same way he did, but he knew that she cared about him and eventually if she didn’t already, he knew that she could love him.

“You are putting everything into this relationship and she’s not giving you anything in return? Max she’s going to hurt you.”

“No she won’t Isabel. You don’t know her.”

“Neither do you Max, you have been infatuated with her for years, but now you’ve spent what, four months together and you know her?” Isabel hissed out at her brother, sometimes he was so thick headed, especially when it came to Liz Parker.

“I didn’t say that Isabel, but I do know Liz. And she’s very honest and I trust her Isabel.”

“Do you trust her enough not to break your heart Max?”

“Yes.” Max answered as if he’d bet his life on it.

They sat in silence for a few minutes and then Max decided it was time to find out why his sister despised his girlfriend so much.

“Why do you dislike her so much?” Max asked casting a piercing look at his sister.
Isabel was a little taken aback by Max’s question, she was not expecting him to ask her that. “Because I don’t want her to hurt you Max, you are giving her your whole heart and I don’t want her to ruin you for anyone else.”

“You don’t get it do you Isabel? There is no one else I want to be with, so as much as I appreciate it, you need to just accept that we are together.” Max finished with finality in his voice that left no question about his feelings.

Isabel knew it was now or never, she needed to talk to Liz. If her brother wasn't going to help himself she would have to do it for him.

On the other hand Max decided after his little speech to his sister that he wanted to be with Liz for the rest of his life. She was everything he ever wanted and now that he had her he couldn’t see himself without her in his life. And before the year was up he would
make sure she was his forever.

TBC…FYI; I will be updating Confessions and posting my new story Forever Was The Promise today :wink:

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A/N - Well I'm totally off posting schedule and honestly I can't even remember when I usually post, so here's the next part! Thank you guys so much for your kind words I appreciate it... And to all of you leaving me feedback thank you!

Just two lil' notes:

Rigel - I'm glad you like the background on Liz and yes I am using it to try and bring the picture together on what's going to happen very shortly. Thank you.

Believer2 - I'm back! Thank you and I'm glad to know you are enjoying it!

Chapter 9

Two months later

It was the night of Max’s parent’s anniversary party and Liz still needed something to wear. Tonight would be the first time she ever met his parents. She had seen them around town when she was in high school, but she was never introduced to them.

She was nervous and she felt sick, not over meeting his parents but because Isabel would be there. Liz didn’t want any confrontations with her, she just wanted to go and have a good time with Max and his family. Things were going so well for them and she hated for anything to ruin the evening.

“Liz are you ready?” Max yells from downstairs. He had been waiting close to an hour for her to come downstairs, and they needed to leave in ten minutes in order to get there on time. He knew how nervous she was about meeting his parents, but he knew she had nothing to worry about. They would love her just as he does.


That was a word that was on the tip of Max’s tongue every time he saw Liz. It was becoming increasingly difficult to go about his day-to-day activities with her around, and not tell her.

He thought about the reasons why he hadn’t told her and all of them seemed logical in his mind, but his heart took more convincing.

The very first thing that was holding him back was the fact that he didn’t know how Liz felt. He knew she liked him, but did she love him? Could she love him? Based on their conversations, he knew that she never had a steady boyfriend even after college. Thereby leaving him guessing on what she was looking for in a relationship with him.


That was the word that was haunting Max. Not for fear of commitment on his part, but mainly because Liz had referred several times during different conversations, that they were in a relationship. So didn’t that mean that he was free to tell her how much he loved and wanted to be with her? Was that against the rules?

All of this was new to him, being with Liz was his dream come true, he never thought he’d get the opportunity to be with her, and now that he was he was terrified of scaring her off. He knew that her plans were to stay in Roswell for a little while, until she was back on her feet, and then head back to Boston. But would that change if he told her how he felt? Would she stay for him? And most importantly, could he trust her with his heart, once he gives it to her completely?

“I’m ready!” Max was broken out of his thoughts at the sound of Liz’s voice filtering down the stairs. When he saw her, he first thing he thought was, how is it possible for her to grow more beautiful by the day? And the second was how gorgeous she looked in the long red dress she wore.

“Wow, you look…so beautiful Liz.” Liz couldn’t help but blush. Max said the sweetest things to her; no one had ever said things like that to her.

“Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself handsome.” Liz stood in front of him and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Max resisted the urge to pull her back against him and show her exactly how beautiful he thought she was. Instead he took a deep breath and reached out to her hand, leading her out of the house.


They finally arrived and entered the banquet hall and Max could feel the nervousness flow off of Liz in waves, so he pulled her to the side to calm her down.

“Liz, calm down okay?” He ran his hand down her bare shoulder and slid his arm around her waist, pushing her closer to him.

“I am calm Max. What if they don’t like me?” Liz said softly and Max couldn’t help but smile. She had no idea how wonderful she was, but he hoped to have a lifetime to show her. He smiled and kissed her lips softly and then whispered into her ear, telling her that no matter what he would be there for her, that he would always be there for her.

Liz couldn’t help the tightening I her chest at Max’s words. He had such a way with words, she thought. She still couldn’t believe he didn’t have a girlfriend, or a wife. He was truly a great guy, so loving and tender and completely honest. She didn’t think honest men existed anymore, or if they had ever did before.

She looked into his eyes and saw the worry there, the worry for her, which completely blew her away. He cared about her so much; she knew that without a doubt. So summoning courage she didn’t think she possessed, she gave him the brightest smile and took a deep breath and thanked him.

Max lead her into the main room, and suddenly all eyes were on them. Liz felt extremely uncomfortable. Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought. Then suddenly she felt Max tighten his grip on her and lead her fully into the room, and straight over to his parents.

“Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet. Liz Parker.” Max smiled proudly and his parents took notice. They had already heard of the girl, not only from Max but from their daughter as well.

“Hello, Mr. & Mrs. Evans, it’s really nice to finally meet you.” Liz said sincerely, because for her it was. Surely two parents that could raise a son as amazing as Max, must be pretty wonderful themselves, she thought.

After a brief conversation with his parents, Liz needed to excuse herself to find the ladies room, which turned out to be a big mistake.

“So Liz, I see you’re having a good time.” Liz tensed when she heard Isabel’s voice right as she was going to join the party again.

“Yes, I am. It’s really beautiful here.” Liz smiled, but that smile faded when Isabel stood before her, not looking very happy.

“I just want to let you know, I’m keeping an eye on you Liz.”

“For what?” Liz asked because honestly she still didn’t understand all the aggression Isabel threw at her, and for no apparent reason.

“I don’t want to see my brother hurt.”

“If you think that I’m going to hurt him, you don’t have to worry because I don’t plan on it.”

“You don’t get it do you? No one ever means to hurt someone else, but Max has a lot invested in you and your relationship, so just remember that.” Isabel spit out venomously. She knew this girl had the potential to bring her brother to his knees, and she would not sit back and passively watch it.

“I know that. Why do you hate me so much?” Liz bit out angrily. She was tired of listening to Isabel school her on being in a relationship with Max.

“I don't hate you. I just don't trust you with my brothers feelings.” Isabel knew she was going about this all wrong. Her main concern was her brother feelings, but she didn’t want to drive a wedge between Liz and her brother. He was important to her, and she didn’t want to lose him over a girl. So Isabel tried to explain a little better.

“He adores you Liz, always has. My brother was shy, hell he still is in some instances but he's grown up and the thing is, is that it would break my heart if someone broke his heart and his spirit.” Isabel let out a tired sigh when she was through.

“I won't Isabel.” Liz promised. It was a promise even she didn’t know if she was going to be able to keep, but she would try.

Liz watched as Isabel turned on her heels and left her brothers girlfriend with her thoughts.

Liz waited a few minutes before joining the party again, and as soon as she entered the room, Alex pulled her to the side.

“Hey Liz, how are you doing?” Alex could tell something was bothering her, and if he guessed right, he knew it was Isabel.

“Alex, hi. I’m doing okay. It’s just a little overwhelming.” Liz said trying to take her mind off of her conversation with Isabel.

“It gets easier. So how about a dance?” Alex reached out his hand to her and lead her onto the dance floor.

Max was across the room speaking to his father, when he noticed Liz on the dance floor with Alex. He saw her laughing and was thankful for Alex keeping her entertained. He knew how hard it was for her to be here, especially since he knew his sister had said something to her. He was furious with Isabel, but he didn’t want to ruin the day for his parents, so he would save that conversation for another time.


“Dance with me Parker.” Max cut in a few minutes later and thanked Alex for keeping an eye on her for him.

“I was beginning to think you didn’t want to dance with me Evans.” Liz smiled and allowed Max to kiss her lips. She placed both her palms against his chest and waited until he wrapped his arms around her waist before they danced.

“I saw you talking to Isabel.” Max said after a few minutes of holding her. He felt her stiffen a little and he pulled away slightly to tilt her chin up to face him.

“Liz? You okay? What did she say to you?” Liz didn’t want to upset him, but she wouldn’t lie to him.

“I’m okay Max. We just came to and understanding that’s all.”

“I’m sorry Liz, she’s just worried about me.”

“She loves you Max. I can’t be mad at her for that, she doesn’t want to see you hurt.”

“And she thinks you will hurt me right?”


“Will you Liz?”

“No Max. I don’t want to and I don’t plan on it.” Liz smiled brightly and initiated their kiss. She lifted up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Max felt the urgency in her kiss, and he pulled her closer and slanted his mouth over hers, and only stopped when he heard her soft breathy moan.

They stood on the dance floor for a few minutes staring at each other, trying to get their breathing back to normal. And then they both smiled at one another, once they realized what they just did in front of everyone.

They both thought that this night was absolutely perfect.


After the party, Max and Liz left and headed back to his place. As soon as Max closed the door, Liz launched herself into his arms. His knees almost buckled the moment she began to grind her body against his. He knew he wanted her, but he wanted to make sure she was ready.

“I’m ready Max, I’ve never been more ready in my life.” Liz smiled and kissed him once again. Max groaned lightly and devoured her lips, sliding his tongue across hers causing her to moan and tighten her grip around him. He carried them upstairs to his bedroom and placed her on her feet.

“Liz…I…” She cut him off with a finger on his lips. He was going to tell her he loved her, but decided that she was probably not ready for that. Liz stepped away from him and then reached out for his hand and placed it on her shoulder, giving him the okay to slide the straps down her arms.

A few minutes later, she was standing in front of him, naked and completely breathtaking. He had never seen anyone look so completely innocent, vulnerable and as beautiful as Liz looked at that moment. Liz felt a little self-conscious standing naked in front of him, so she began to remove his clothing. Her heart was racing at the thought of seeing him completely exposed, and when she did, he didn’t disappoint. His body was perfect, sculpted, toned and amazing.

Max watched as she raked her eyes over his body, and after a few seconds he couldn’t wait any longer. He lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed. Liz reached out her arms to him and they worshiped each other’s bodies, touching and kissing each other in the most intimate ways.

Soon it was becoming too much to wait any longer, and Max pulled away slightly to regard Liz. He saw such raw passion and hunger in her eyes, and he knew this was what she wanted. He leaned over and pulled out a condom from his top drawer and after placing it on, he settled between her and kissed her mouth softly as he joined their bodies for the first time.

Afterwards, they laid in each other’s arms waiting as their breathing evened out. Max covered their cooling bodies and held Liz close to him, kissing her softly and making sure she was okay.

“I’m great Max. Night.”

“Goodnight Liz.” Liz snuggled closer to him, enjoying the warmth his body provided to her. Liz couldn’t control the tears that slipped from the corners of his eyes, Max was being so gentle with her, and no one had ever cared about her feelings. It was always about the guy. However, being with Max, it was about the both of them and she felt her heart constrict in her chest. She was falling in love with him, as hard as she tried to fight it, it was happening.

Max on the other hand; fell even more in love with her at that moment, he felt complete. Like for the first time in his life, he was home.

TBC…Saturday I *think*

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A/N - Thanks for the amazing feedback. I know you are all throwing death glares at Isabel and rightfully so, can't say it's going to get better :twisted:

...It has begun...

Chapter 10

Over the next few months their relationship finds them getting closer, Liz barely spends anytime at home. She comes home from work and heads straight to Max’s place. Usually she gets their first so she makes dinner for them.

Today however, she was late. She returned a phone call after work, and she couldn’t wait to get home and tell Max the good news.

Max left work early to set up everything for their dinner tonight. It was his and Liz’s six-month anniversary. He had a picnic prepared for her, and a special surprise for her. He was planning on changing their future tonight, permanently.

Earlier in the day, he decided that since he had tried and failed several times to tell Liz how he felt, he wrote her a letter. Not a long one, just a short note about how he felt about her, so later, if he lost his never, she could read it and understand what he was trying to tell her tonight. In case it came out all wrong, which he was sure it would.

He placed the letter under her door, knowing that she would return tomorrow to check her mail and messages.


Liz bounced up the front steps and swung open the door prepared to tell Max her good news, but as soon as she saw him standing in the kitchen preparing what appeared to be a picnic basket, she just smiled and all thoughts of what she had to tell him left her mind.

“Happy Anniversary!” Liz said as she walked into the room and came up behind him. She placed her hands around his waist and then under his shirt. Max bit back a groan and turned around and sealed their lips. He kissed her hungrily, wanting to absorb her, she was so soft, so pliable in his arms and he wanted her forever.

“Happy Anniversary Liz.” Max said pushing her hair back away from her face and placing a kiss on the underside of her jaw. Liz couldn’t resist she ran her hands through his hair and sought out his mouth, in a wet open-mouthed kiss. She loved kissing him, and would never grow tired of it.

“So, what’s in the basket Mr. Evans?” Liz asked peeking over his shoulder, when they finally broke their kiss. Max was having a hard time thinking about anything then taking her on the kitchen counter, but he shook his head and tried to focus on what she was asking him.

“Oh, well that’s dinner baby. So go change and we’ll leave.”

“How sweet! Okay I’ll be right back down.” Liz smiled and bounced out of the room. Max however just gripped the side of the counter trying to get his breathing and hormones in check.

Liz ran up the stairs and changed, and soon thereafter her and Max were on their way. He drove them out to a lake he had taken her to a few weeks ago. She loved it there. It was private and secluded.

Max laid out a blanket for them to sit on and once they were done with their dinner, Max pulled Liz into his lap. They sat there in silence just staring up at the stars. Max couldn’t help but stare at her, and Liz felt it. She turned in his arms and asked him what he was looking at.

“You. At how beautiful you are.” Liz ducked her head. It wasn’t that he had never told her that before but there was a twinkle in his eyes when he said it this time. Max quickly tiled her head back up to face him as he continued. He was trying hard to get the words out.

“I always thought you were beautiful Liz.”

“Really?” Liz asked in disbelieve. Max Evans could have any girl, always could have, but here he was with her.

“Yes. And smart as hell. I just love everything about you Liz. I…” He was getting nervous, this was so important to him and he didn’t want to mess it up. He looked into her eyes and saw her waiting for him to finish. Instead he reached out his hand to her brushed back her hair away from her face and kissed her. The kiss grew into something more, quickly and Liz pulled away panting, “Let’s go back to your place.”


They don’t make it to the bedroom. Instead Max pulled the blanket Liz uses on the couch across the couch and placed it on the floor in the living room. He undressed her slowly, cherishing every piece of her creamy skin unveiled to him. He kneeled before her and kissed her stomach before removing the last barrier of clothing from her.

Liz then kneeled down in front of him, and pulled him in close for a deep kiss. She trailed her tongue along the bottom of his warm, soft lips before dipping her tongue inside his mouth. Loving the moment she felt him give in to her, she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back to the floor. She kissed every piece of tanned flesh she could on his body before joining her body with his.

Max couldn’t believe how good she felt, he ran his hands over her soft breasts and enjoyed the feeling of her heart beating frantically underneath his palm. He never wanted that moment to end. When he felt their end approaching, he leaned up and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly until she collapsed in his arms, breathless and satisfied. He kissed her damp forehead, then her cheeks and finally her lips.

Liz was still salivating over their joining when she felt Max begin to kiss her softly, delicately. She opened her eyes to find him staring at her intensely.


“I love you Liz. I love you so much.” Max finally broke down and told her exactly what he had been feeling for her for so long.

Liz however, just tensed up at his words. She didn’t know what to say to him. She was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that this great man loved her.

“Liz, tell me you love you baby.” Max pleaded with her; he wasn’t deterred when she tensed in his arms, not in the least. The reason being is that he knew she was never in a serious relationship and she never had a man tell her that he loved her before, so he knew she would be scared. However, Max knew that so long as Liz loved him, they would be okay.

“Max I need to tell you something. It’s actually really good news too.” Liz tried to smile, and she knew she was completely avoiding his question, but she didn’t know what to do. This was all new to her.

“What is it?” Max asked somewhat confused. He had just professed his love to her, and she has something to tell him?

“This afternoon I got a call from my old job. Apparently when the owner found out what his son did by firing me, he got in contact me, because he wants me back.” She looked at Max’s face and knew she was hurting him but it was her career and she couldn’t pass the opportunity up, not even for him.

“So that’s it? I tell you I love you and you leave?” Max released her and removed her from his lap. He quickly pulled his pants on and sat on the arm of the couch. He was trying not to freak out, maybe there was more to the story, maybe…

“Max, I mean it was great being with you but this is my career. This is what I have worked my whole life for and I was devastated when I got fired.” She knew it was a terrible excuse; she wanted to tell him she was terrified, that she didn’t know how to love him but she couldn’t. So she took the easy way out.

“Yeah and this is my life Liz, my feelings and they mean nothing to you!” Max bit out angrily running a hand through his hair in frustration. Why was she doing this? Why was she breaking his heart?

“I don’t know what you want me to say.” Liz said gathering the blanket up over her chest. She knew she was doing the one thing she promised she would never do, break his heart.

“Nothing. Just go Liz.” Max mumbled out, not even looking at her.


“I mean it, just go Liz. It’s what you want anyway.” Max shrugged and got up from the couch, making his way upstairs.

Liz sat there for a few minutes crying because she knew that she just destroyed the best thing in her life. But maybe it was for the better, she thought. She would have ruined him anyway. She didn’t know the first thing about loving someone. He would be better off. She got dressed and left his house shortly thereafter.


Once Liz reached her apartment, she pushed all the mail out of the way and placed it on the dining room table. She couldn’t think about that right now, but then something caught her eye, it was a long white envelope addressed to ‘Liz’, and it was in Max’s handwriting.

She sighed and brought the letter into the living room. Pulling her shoes off she curled up into a ball and read the contents…


You are probably wondering why I’m writing you a letter and more importantly why I slid it under your door. That’s easy, because in case I totally screw up tonight and fail to tell you how I really feel, you can have this as a reminder.

I love you Liz. I have loved you my entire life, but I was just too shy to ever approach you. I was terrified that you would reject me, but now…now Liz, fate has brought us back together. And I know that you are the only one for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I can only hope that you feel the same.

Love always,

After reading the letter three more times, Liz cried herself to sleep. He loved her, always had and what did she do? Nothing. She had a decision to make and she knew it. Does she choose a possible chance for love that might last her lifetime or does he choose her career?


Liz gave her employer two weeks notice, and then spent the rest of the time calling Max. He of course wouldn’t accept her calls, until two days ago he finally answered her call. Max told her that unless she had the answer he was looking for, not to bother and call him. She felt bad, she really cared about him, but she couldn’t think about that.

Ultimately, the decision came down to something she promised herself a long time ago. Which was that she would never choose her career over a man, even if he was great and perfect and everything she ever wanted.

She needed to stay focused; she was going to see Max after work. Her flight was due to leave in the morning and she didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.

First she needed to stop by her parent’s house, to bid them farewell. They of course had been hounding her about her relationship with Max and finally she broke down and told them that she was leaving him. They of course did not understand and told her what a mistake she was making, but Liz just got angry and stormed out of the house.

Her final stop of the day was Max’s house. With a heavy heart she rang his doorbell.

Max tensed up the moment he heard the doorbell; he knew it was Liz. She was either going to tell him she was making a mistake, or she was going to say goodbye to him. And although he was angry with her, he would forgive her in a second if she told him she made a mistake. Letting out a heavy sigh, Max answered the door.

“Hi Max.” She tried to smile but it was nearly impossible. He didn’t even look at her and that hurt more than she ever thought it would.

“Liz.” Max stepped away from the door to let her in.

“I just…I wanted to say I’m sorry Max.” Max’s ears perked up, was she apologizing for hurting him? Was she going to tell him that she loved him?

“I’m sorry that I hurt you. I never meant to do that to you. I know you don’t believe me but it’s the truth.” Liz finished softly trying to hold back the tears swimming in her eyes.

“What are saying Liz?” He pinned her with a confused gaze. She swallowed thickly.

“I’m saying goodbye Max. I’m leaving tomorrow and I wanted to…”

“Go.” Max whispered out hoarsely. He was trying not to break down in front of her.

“Max I…” Her voice cracked, this was wrong, she knew it was but it was too late, or so she thought.

“Liz, I won’t ask you again,” Max said flatly and made his way over to the front door to let her out.

“Goodbye Liz.”

Liz couldn’t stop the tears from flowing at his coldness, she knew she deserved it but it still hurt like hell. She just nodded and walked passed him to stand on his porch.

Taking one last long look at one another, Max closed the door. He gripped the door handle and rested his head against the door as he crumbled to the floor, allowing his emotions to take over. The tears slipped from his eyes uncontrollably. It hurt that she was leaving, but it didn’t hurt as much as knowing that she never loved him.