Fanfic Award Winners Board

This is the gallery for the winners of the fanfic awards to show off their fics, and their banners!

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Fanfic Award Winners Board

Post by Kath7 » Wed Mar 05, 2003 11:40 pm

Hey all!

This is the board where I will be posting links to all fics that have won Roswell Fanatics Fanfic Awards. It is a place for the winners to show off their banners and to send people who are searching for their award-winning stories. Round 1 Winners are now all up and Round 2 Winners will go up starting on April 19.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fanartists who have helped out so much by providing the wonderful award banners. They are truly special. Thanks to Schurry, Destinee, ChrissyP47, bordersinsanity, ps_dreamer, sugarplum7, Lolita Behrbuns, Lisa1783, anniepoo and Lilac Stardust (if I left anyone out, please tell me. I will be mortified, but even more so if you DON'T tell me LOL). You are all so talented. It was a little thrill for me everytime a new banner was sent my way and I didn't even win most of them! LOL

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