The Devil Inside (AU M&L CC ADULT) (Complete)

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Re: The Devil Inside (AU M&L CC ADULT) Part 20 pg 2 05/16

Post by WR » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:52 pm

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for the delay in getting this chaptrer posted for you. No excuses. It just took a while to get around to it. Anyway, hear it is. :) Hope the anticipation was worth it :) :) :)

The Devil Inside

Manip by RosDude

Chapter 21

Max Evans stood on his balcony overlooking his patio and stared off to the distant skyline - if it could be called that - of Roswell. By the time he would be trying to go to sleep that night, Max would be in New York, and Liz... Liz, the love of his life, his new raison d'etre, she would be in San Francisco, still watching the sun go down. As always, when he was there, thinking of Liz, his eyes sought out the area of town that held the Crashdown. He wondered if she was on her balcony, looking up at these very hills, and wondering, like him, whether their relationship would last. He was missing her.

It had been more then twenty four hours since they had last been together. They had woken up together, yesterday morning, after spending what they knew would be their last night together for who knew how long? They had stayed awake the whole night, making out, making love and generally talking until the sun rose over the countryside to the east of them. After showering and breakfasting, both tasks performed together, they had both returned to their respective parent's homes to spend their last day with family.

His heart painfully straining to keep itself functioning with some semblance of normality, Max pulled his eyes from Roswell and looked down upon the patio that had been so instrumental in bringing him this relationship. It seemed empty now, the only movement the dancing shades that twinkled on the surface water of the swimming pool. Heaving a deep sigh, Max gripped the rails, released them and turned his back on the view. After he stepped back indoors, Max turned the key and allowed the security shutters to descend.

He made his way to the empty bedroom, and cast his eyes on the spot where the bed once stood. The image of Liz, dressed in that black dress, sitting on that bed, begging him to take her... Max released another sigh and with a shake of his head, closed the door behind him.

At the bottom of the stairs, the last of his luggage not sent for storage until he found himself someplace to live waited for him in the darkened, cold hallway. Max dipped and picked up the single suitcase. Taking a last look around, remembering how Liz and Toby played that game of Guess Who there, how Toby had watched those cartoons sitting over there, how he and Liz had made love just there, Max opened the door and stepped out into the morning heat of New Mexico. He threw his case into the back seat and climbed into his Chevy.

He took his phone and pressed a speed-dial number.

"Hey, Mom," he gave a weak smile. "I'm just leaving. Yeah, I'll call you as soon as I get checked into a hotel tonight. Yeah, no matter what time it is, I know. Bye, Mom."

He tucked his phone into his pocket, leaned forward and turned the ignition key. The car fired first time and Max just sat there, staring at the hacienda, his eyes distant, his mind elsewhere. Yes, it had been a wise decision to rent the property out rather than sell it. Perhaps, one day, he could truly call this home. But only if Liz was sharing it with him. Finally, he reversed into the gap, pulled forward and without a backward glance, drove away from what had been 'home'. If only for a few short weeks. Before Liz, it had just been a house.

* * *

At the same moment that Max was looking toward Roswell, Liz was indeed standing on her balcony, looking up at the hills where the other half to her heart, her soul, was even now, getting ready to leave her life. God, she hoped it was not forever. At dinner the other night, their last together, Liz had confessed to Max the depth of her love for him and how she could never envision having anyone else in her life, ever. It had made Liz's heart swell when Max had admitted to feeling pretty much the same way about her.

As far as Liz was concerned, the timing of all of this sucked. Why couldn't Max have been born the same year as her instead of Isabel? Why couldn't Max have gone to school with her, and choose the same college as her?

Because then, he would not be the amazing person he was, she sighed.

Looking up at the hills, Liz wondered if Max had taken time to look out across to her? She wondered if he was feeling as lonely and miserable as she was. Because she was feeling pretty damned low just now.

Oh, sure. They had talked about regular contact, daily phone calls, text messages and IM chats, complete with Webcam. Yes, they had laid plans to fly out to visit with one another on regular weekend, as well as winter and spring breaks. They could talk all they wanted about being there for each other, but Liz's grandma had a saying. The proof is in the eating. In her heart, Liz suspected that Max would forget about her well before Christmas. She strongly suspected that they would both quickly grow bored with things and one of them, Max in all probability, would decide that it was time to move on.

"Liz," her father called from the doorway. "It's time."

With a heavy heart, Liz crawled through her window and back into her room.

"Coming," she called to her father, following him down stairs.

Liz's luggage had already been shipped to her dorm in Berkeley. All she had was a small carryon case containing some essentials in case the rest of her stuff was delayed.

As she stepped into the diner, Liz half expected to see her friends there, but they had all said their good-byes yesterday. An interminably long day without Max - a taste of things to come? Following her father, they stepped out into the morning heat and climbed into the car.

"All set?" Jeff looked at her with a smile.

"Yeah," Liz nodded, lying through her teeth. "I'm all set."

Pushing the indicator down, Jeff checked his mirror and pulled into a gap in the mid morning traffic. As they drove away, Liz cast a backward glance at the Crashdown diner.

* * *

"You don't have to come in," Liz shook her head when her father parked the car outside of the Roswell Airport terminal. "We'll only sit in silence and feel awkward."

"Liz," her father spoke in a half whisper. "I only... I did what I did... I reacted how I did, because I love you. You are my daughter. You'll always be my daughter and I will always love you."

"I know," Liz nodded. "And I'm sure that I'll forgive you. I know we'll get past this... but not just now."

"Got your tickets?"

"Right here," Liz nodded, clutching her purse. She opened the door. "I'll call you as soon as I get settled. It'll probably be late with that stopover at Albuquerque."

"Okay, munchkin," he gave a weak smile. "Call me as soon as you can."

Heaving her bag from the back of the car, Liz took a last look around, gave a wave to her father and turned to head for the terminal.

* * *

The line at the ticket desk was not very long. As Liz stood, waiting her turn, shuffling up a few feet every time someone else finished, pushing her case with her feet, her mind went back a few weeks. Las Vegas. God, she sure had lived while she was with Max.

"Liz?" a surprised voice spoke from behind her.

A voice that did strange things to her body as well as making her heart race.

"Max?" she was already speaking as she turned. "What... I thought you were flying to New York today."

"I am," he nodded, placing a bag at his feet. "I'm catching a connecting flight from Albuquerque."

"Me too," Liz grinned. "I mean, to San Francisco. Not New York."

"So you're on this flight?"

"Yeah," she beamed. "Can we sit together?"

"Try keeping us apart," he smirked.

* * *

Like her time with Max before this day, the flight to Albuquerque went by way too quickly. The flight was only half full and they sat alone, their hands clasped together, tightly gripping the other, afraid that they might disappear. At Albuquerque, they were very quiet as they made their way from the plane and into the transit lounge. They stood in front of a bank of monitors, studying the departures. The San Francisco check in desk was one direction while the New York one was the other.

"Well," Max sighed, his thumbs caressing the backs of Liz's hands. "I go this way. So..."

"I guess this is it, huh?" tears rimmed Liz's eyes.

"It will work, Liz," Max urged, gripping her hands tighter. "I promise you."

"How, Max?" her fears could no longer be contained. "You're bound to meet someone else. Someone..."

"My age?" Max raised an eyebrow. One that was not hiding his own concerns. "The same goes for you, you know, Liz. You might meet the star quarterback or something and fall head over..."

Liz looked away, her tears falling freely.

"Don't give up on me, Liz," he begged. "Please?"

She did not respond.

"Alright then," his voice trembled with something close to terror. "How about we m-make a deal. Wait for me for six months, Liz. Six months from now, if you are not happy, if you don't think you can take any more, I... I w-will let you g-go."

"Six months," she nodded.

"Don't give up on me, please?" he begged once more.

"Only if you don't give up on me," she launched herself into Max's arms.

For a long time, they kissed. For an even longer time, they just held each other.

"I better... go," she finally whispered in his ear.

"Yeah," Max released a heavy sigh of reluctance.

He let her go. Max walked backwards from her, with Liz standing, watching until a crowd of tourists walked between them. When they cleared, she was gone. Blinking back his own tears, Max turned and headed for the distant check in desk.

"Can I help you?" the smiling woman asked as Max stepped up to her desk.

"I have a transfer to New York," Max handed over the ticket.

"Ah, yes," she gave him another smile. "Mr. Evans. Your seat has been pre-booked. The flight is on time and you can board any time now. Gate 12."

Looking around, Max saw the sign for gate twelve. Collecting his boarding card, Max gave the woman a polite nod and turned to head for the gate. At the plane, he handed the card to the stewardess and made his way to his seat. As he sat, waiting for the aircraft to start moving, Max looked out across the asphalt, at the other planes lined up along the apron. He wondered which one was taking Liz away from him. He resisted the temptation to take out his phone and text her. He pulled down the window blind, leaned back and closed his eyes. He wanted no part of the next half hour.

* * *

* Two Months Later *

Liz Parker sat on the bench in the small park on Embarcadero, close to pier 39 and stared out at the flotilla of small yachts in the marina there. She had taken to coming here most Saturdays ever since she had arrived in San Francisco. Having lived in the desert all of her life, she found the distant water strangely therapeutic. She was missing Max, and on Saturdays, days when her friends all went off with their boyfriends, she missed him all the more.

They had stuck to their plan. They talked on the phone, or over the internet, daily. They exchanged emails constantly. And when they were feeling particularly lonely, they would text one another for confirmation that they did indeed still love one another. Max had even flown out for the weekend, just two weeks ago, a surprise visit. In keeping with their luck, however, it was most definitely the wrong week for Liz and in spite of them not being able to make love, Max told her that just being with her was all that mattered.

He had seemed strangely upbeat, that weekend. Almost too upbeat, Liz thought, as if he was trying to hide something. Although she did not let her feelings show, Liz was starting to suspect that he had already found someone else. The feeling did not go away when, ever since he returned, Max was suddenly finding that he was having less and less time to talk with her. In fact, he had even missed their scheduled webcam 'chat' last night. He had not appeared online all yesterday. Neither was there an e-mail from him. Max had asked her for six months and he had barely given her six weeks in return.

Usually, when she sat here, she would daydream of her next meeting with Max; how she would wait for him at the airport wearing just a dress and a smile, and would ravish him the second she got him into her dorm. Or, she would plan out her latest love letter to him. Other times, she would remember their previous encounters, and smile to herself as her arousal grew. Today, however, she could not bring herself to do that. Today, she was going to ask him for a definitive answer to a definitive question.

Had he found someone else?

Her hand was holding her phone, the text message had already been typed. Liz had considered a phone call, but felt that hearing his voice would allow him to say pretty much anything to her and she would accept it, should he try to keep her hanging on while he was maybe seeing where this new relationship of his was going. No, it was easier to demand a simple answer to a simple question.

Have you found someone else? Yes or no.

Even if he no longer loved her, she knew one thing about Max. She knew he would not lie to her. She believed he might try to deflect the question, try to delay his answer, but he would not lie. Faced with a simple choice, she knew that he would give her the simple answer.


Perhaps that was why she had not pressed the send button yet. She was not ready to hear his answer.

It's not like Liz had been left to wallow in her own company. Of course she had gone out with her friends for a meal here or a day out in the park there. Of course she had come to the attention of any number of the single young men attending Berkeley. And yes, she had been asked out on numerous dates. Some of the young men with whom she had participated in some group activity had certainly been nice, but she had declined each and every request for a date, stating that she was not on the market at that time.

But, perhaps things would be different now? Perhaps she would be back on the market, once she received her answer... and allowed her broken heart to mend. When that 'yes' came back, she knew that for a while, there would be an empty space inside her, an empty space just like the cleared lot behind here where they had recently finished demolishing an old block of offices. One day, someone would build something there, just like one day, someone else would fill that void. But the skyline would never be the same again. She would never be the same again.

To her left, a small group of people came into view. They were her age and their laughter reached her, even above the noise of the traffic. As they drew near, she recognized them. She had participated in a couple of group activities with most of them; declined dates from a couple of the guys. They recognized her, too. Some of the girls gave her a wave. Some of the guys talked to one another, casting glances at her. Finally, after a round of what appeared to be paper, scissors, rock, one of the young men walked over to her.

"Hi, Liz," he sat beside her, leaving a small gap for personal space.

"Hey, Joey," she gave him a smile.

"How come you're here on your own?" he asked. "Want to join us?"

"That's okay, thanks," she shook her head. "I'm uh, sorting out a few things. You know... home and that."

"Right," nodded. "Nice day, isn't it"

Liz looked up at the blue sky and then out at the ocean.

"Yeah," she gave a surprised shrug. "Really nice."

"Too nice to sit here looking all forlorn and miserable," Joey added.

"Is that how I look?" she raised her eyebrows.

"Kinda," he gave a weak smile.

"Sorry," Liz's shoulders slumped.

"Boyfriend trouble?"

Liz nodded, tears stinging her eyes.

"Want to talk about it?"

Liz shook her head, the tears building up.

"Then let me guess. Long distance curse strikes again. He's found someone local."

Liz gave the ubiquitous 'I don't know' shrug but the tears falling from her eyes told their own story.

"You know what, Liz?" Joey's voice held a touch of anger. "Screw him. You don't need him anyway. It's his loss. Why don't you join the rest of us? And tonight, how about you and me go out and see if I can't put that smile back on your face."

"Oh, sorry," Liz shook her head. She held up her phone. "I really need to sort this out, you know?"

"Fair enough," he nodded. "But tonight. You and me... and I am not going to leave you to finish your phone business until you say yes." He waggled his eyebrows for emphasis, apparently thinking this was humorous.

"We'll see how I feel, 'after' my phone business," she gave him a half smile.

"Well," he grinned brightly. "That's better than a no. I'll call for you at eight. And don't forget. I know where you live."

Liz couldn't help shaking her head with a feigned smile as she watched him back away to join his friends, where he touched fists with one of the other guys. Feeling energized by the fact that there were guys out there who wanted her, even if Max no longer did, Liz pressed the send button. But, as the icon showed that the text message was in the process of being sent, Liz panicked and tried to change her mind. Too late. The message was sent. She would soon have her definitive answer.

Are you seeing someone else? Yes or No.

Liz stared at her phone. When would he reply to it? Should she send another text, apologizing and reaffirming that she will wait for him? Should she run home and check her emails, or see if he was online? Should she...

Her phone chimed out a new message received jingle. She stared at the phone, the message from Max. Her heart pounded wildly and her vision seemed to fade in and out. Should she read it? What if it said yes? What if it said no? Would he be concerned that she was feeling weak? Oh, god. What should she do? What should she do?

She opened the text.

"What kind of question is that, Liz?" read Max's reply. "Is everything okay?"

Oh, god, Liz squeezed her eyes. She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw her phone at the ocean. She wanted to strangle Max. He fingers flew over the small buttons.

Just answer the damn question, Max! Are you seeing someone? Yes or No.

"Yes, I am," a soft voice whispered hotly in her ear. "And I love her so much, it hurts when we're apart."

"Max!" Liz turned in her seat.

Leaning over, right behind where she had been sitting, was Max, as large as life.

"Max!" she threw herself at him. "Oh, god! Max. I thought... I thought..."

But then, cold, icy fingers started to surround her heart. He 'was' seeing someone else. And he loved her so much it hurt while they were apart. And he was here, in San Francisco. To break up with her. She started to push herself away from him.

"Have you given up on me already?" Max frowned.

"You said..." the words choked her. "You just said yes. You are seeing someone else."

"No," Max shook his head, lifting his phone. "I'm pretty sure I said yes, I am seeing someone. And that someone... I hope... is still you."

"Me?" Liz's voice was very small.

"I wanted to tell you the other week, Liz," Max smiled. "And every day since, but I wasn't allowed to. I even had to sign a non-disclosure sheet. Liz, that big contract? The company is in New York. But the building is right here in San Francisco. In fact," he turned to the vacant lot. "Right there."

"You mean..." Liz was blinking. Too much was happening, too fast. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, Liz," he smiled. "That I'm moving to San Francisco. Actually, I've already made the move. And the first thing I did was come here to tell you. I am going to be here for the next five years. And I don't know about you, but Liz? I'm really, really hoping that you haven't given up on me. I'm really hoping that you're not dumping me for that Joey guy."

"You heard that?" Liz's eyes widened.

"I've been standing here for the last twenty minutes, Liz," Max confessed. "Just watching you. You looked so sad. I really thought... I was so afraid that you were trying to find a way to tell me you were..."

"No," Liz shook her head. "God, no! I was so afraid... You know, these last few days... and you've been so... and I thought..."

"I love you, Liz Parker. I'm here, now. I'm here to stay. I just need to find an apartment so that Toby can fly out to me for visits. And I just need to see if my girlfriend is still my girlfriend."

"She is!" Liz threw herself at Max, her arms clasping to him for dear life. "Oh, Max! I'm sorry I ever doubted you. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry."

"There's something else," Max held her just as tightly. "I spent a lot of time wandering around New York, thinking about you and how I want you in my life. And I was kind of wondering..."

"Yes?" Liz narrowed her eyes.

"I was wondering if you wanted to maybe... upgrade our relationship?"

"Do you mean, do I want to move in with you?" Liz kissed him soundly. "Yes."

"No," he chuckled. "Well, yes. Yes, I want that. But I was thinking more of a... formal upgrade."

"Formal?" Liz leaned back and frowned.

"Yeah," Max eased her from their embrace. He then dropped to one knee and produced a small black velvet box. "Liz Parker. Will you marry me?"

It was too much for Liz. It was well over an hour before she could form a rational thought, let alone a cohesive reply, even if it was only one word long.

* * *

"Looking sharp, Joey," his roommate gave a nod of approval as Joey emerged from his dorm, dressed for an evening of planned seduction.

"Feeling sharp, Matt," Joey paused by the mirror and smoothed his hair back.

"Who's the lucky lady?"

"Liz," Joey turned and gave his friend a smirk.

"Liz Parker?" Matt's eyebrows raised. "No way."

"Yes way," he nodded. "Let's just say, I caught her on the rebound. And after a night of my usual charm and suave conversation, Liz Parker won't be a virgin anymore."

"You sure she's a virgin?" Matt narrowed his eyes. "I heard her last relationship was pretty serious. He even flew out here the other week."

"I happen to know that Liz Parker was not up to giving up her cherry that week if you catch my drift. Pillow talk with her room mate. And that Liz Parker, she is so a virgin. At least, for the next few hours."

"I don't know, man," Matt shook his head. "Not only has she blown everyone off for the past two months, I really think she's a one man girl."

"Well, she dumped that one man earlier today. By text message. I saw the whole thing."

"Really?" Matt looked surprised. "She doesn't strike me as someone who would do that any other way than face to face."

"Fifty says I score her cherry tonight."

"Hey, I can't resist that," Matt smirked. "One, I think she'll turn you down. Two, I reckon she's no cherry to start with. You gotta watch the quiet ones, Joey. Still it's your money. For the next few hours."

Joey was practically singing and dancing as he made his way up to Liz's floor. He sashayed down the hallway, making his way to the room that Liz shared with Melissa, his girlfriend of last week. From his pocket, he took out the key that Melissa had loaned him. He wasn't going to let Liz use 'didn't hear you knock' as an excuse. Letting himself in, he slipped across the small living room to the door he knew was Liz's bedroom. Maybe she was already waiting for him? He actually hoped that she was crying her heart out. That made things so much easier. He placed his ear to the door and heard a soft, low sound. Perfect. She 'was' crying.

Taking a deep breath, Joey opened the door.

"Oh, god, Max!" facing away from him, Liz was straddling a pair of naked legs. As her body rose and fell, Joey saw way too much. "Coming! Fuck me, Max. Fuck your little slut!"

Joey closed the door, hoping that neither of them had spotted him. That was something he was never going to forget in a long time. As he let himself out of the room, two thoughts came to him. Someone had beaten him to her, she had given herself to someone else. And she had just cost him fifty bucks. Jeez, who knew the girl was a slut? He wished he had gotten to her sooner.

* * *

The End.


* Four Years Later *

The sun was slowly setting, almost dipping into the ocean on the distant horizon. A young couple were walking along the beach, their arms intertwined as the walked, oblivious to almost everything around them. Just by looking at them, any bystander would know at once that this was a couple very much in love. They stopped, near the water's edge and turned to face one another.

"So," Max held her close, smiling into her eyes. "Graduation."

"Yeah," Liz nodded, her heart on display for him to see. "I know. Where did those four years go?"

"Do you still want to be with me?" he asked, softly. "I mean, now you're leaving college and can make your own way in the world. Maybe you don't need my money anymore."

"I don't know," Liz shrugged. "I mean, have you seen some of those hunks on campus?"

"No," Max answered with a dry voice. "Can't say that I've noticed."

"I mean, you are getting old, now, Max," she continued in a flippant manner. "You're what? Thirty two, now?"

"I'm still thirty one," Max growled.

"Oh," Liz nodded with a laugh. "And that makes all the difference."

"You, young lady," Max smirked, "are still not beyond a spanking."

"Are you sure you're up to it?" her eyes twinkled as she gave him a kiss.

"I'm sure," Max nodded. "And just in case you haven't noticed, the girls seem to eye me just as much as the guys eye you."

"You need to get your eyes tested," Liz chuckled. She leaned in and kissed him. A long, slow lingering kiss. "Besides. You're all mine. So... A busy weekend coming up, huh?"

"It is, indeed," Max nodded. "Your graduation ceremony coming up tomorrow. Will your mom and dad be coming over?"

"Dad's arriving first thing in the morning," Liz nodded. "I said you'd pick him up. Not sure about Mom. Oh, Tess is flying in, too. Same flight as my dad."

"I'd better rent a van," Max nodded. "My mom and dad wanted to come, too. And, uh... Alex and Isabel."

"Isabel?" her eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yup," Max grinned. "I guess she's finally forgiven you."

"Wow," Liz gave her head a little shake. "Wonders never cease. So it's going to be a really big dinner party tomorrow night."

"And growing all the time," Max nodded. "Michael and Maria are coming in, too."

"I'm so glad that Maria and I became friends, Max."

"How could she not become friends with you, Liz?" Max smiled, caressing her hair. "You make me happy. Anyone who makes me happy makes Maria happy. I knew she would like you once she got to know you."

"Are they bringing Stuart with them?" her eyes started to grow dewy.

"Of course," Max chuckled. "Like Maria would ever leave their son behind for a family thing."

"This really is a family thing," Liz's eyes grew wide with wonder.

"Yeah, well, they're not just coming to see you in that sexy cap and gown, you know."

"It's not sexy, Max," Liz rolled her eyes.

"It is if I know you're naked underneath," Max smirked.

"Maxwell Evans," Liz growled. "I am 'not' going naked under my gown. Besides, I have to hand it back afterwards. Are you sure you want everyone out there to see me totally naked?"

Max thought for a moment.

"Okay," he nodded. "You can wear garters."

Liz slapped his shoulder.

"I can't believe that your building finished ahead of schedule," Liz smiled. "I mean, how great is it that we have the opening ceremony the day after I graduate?"

"I told you," Max nuzzled his lips behind her ear. "I didn't want to find myself stuck in San Francisco while you went gallivanting off across the country."

"I would have stayed with you," she confirmed.

"But now, you don't have to," Max kissed her cheek. "Where you chose to go, I will follow. I think I can safely say that I am going to find work wherever we go. But we go together. God, I can't believe that everyone who means anything to me, will be here for both of our big days."

"And then," Liz's eyes sparkled. "We head back to Roswell.

"Where in less than six days, fourteen hours and twenty seven minutes, you will become Mrs. Max Evans. Man, I so can't wait to see everyone's face when we get married. All those people who keep giving me those glares..."

"You forgot something, Max," Liz leaned into him.

"Oh?" her raised his eyebrows. "What?"

"I think I heard something about the threat of a spanking?"

"'A' spanking, Liz?" Max gave an evil grin. "I think you earned three or four of those."

"Or five or six?" Liz raised an eyebrow hopefully.

Max started to chuckle, pulling Liz in for another hug.

"Aww, gee whizz," an eight year old boy groaned from a short distance away. "Are you guys doing the mushy stuff, again?"

"Hey, sport," Max grinned at Toby. "In another eight years, you are going to be wanting to do this, yourself.

"Yuk," Toby screwed up his nose. "Can we go get a hamburger now? I'm starving."

"Not just yet, Toby," Liz shook her head. "You haven't heard it yet."

"Heard what?" Toby frowned.

"Look," she pointed out to sea. "Watch the sun. And listen."

"What?" Toby stared at the big red ball as it reached closer to the water.

"If you listen carefully," Liz gave him an earnest look, "you can hear it hiss when it meets the water."

Toby stared hard at the sun, listening carefully, for a whole minute before he realized.

"It does not," he rolled his eyes.

"She got you there," Max chuckled, tousling his son's hair. "Think you can get her back?"

"I could always try the spider, again," Toby shrugged.

"Nah," Max shook his head, looking at Liz. "You need to think bigger, son. Liz doesn't scare easily."

"You know what?" Toby looked up at the two adults. "I think I'll let her win. It's neat when Liz pulls this stuff on me, cause then I can pull in on Becky."

"Becky, huh?" Max started to smile. He turned to Liz. "Sounds like she might be his first girlfriend."

"Not his last, though," Liz shook her head.

"I wonder who his last girlfriend will be," Max wondered. "I wonder what she's like."

"She's not even born, yet," Liz shrugged.

"Excuse me?" Max gave her a puzzled smile.

"Like father, like son," Liz winked.

"Liz," Max smiled at her. "I always knew you had a little devil inside you."

"No!" Toby called at them. "No more mushy stuff. Hamburgers!"

* * *

Well, there is is. All done.

Sorry I had to do that to you guys :(

I have one or teo ideas, but I am going to take a long break for now. I don't envisage myself writing anything until the summer is over so I hope to be back around September/October time.

Have a great summer everyone, and thanks for reading!