TAT: In The Beginning (M/L, AU, Mature) (Complete)

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Post by CheriBomb » Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:22 pm

I hope you feel better soon, hon! *hugs*

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Post by Evans3 » Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:21 am


I know what you mean about the cold! At first, I got allergy and then it turned into cold. When I thought I am finally got over it, I got sinus infection and upper respiortiory (spell?) infection in third week. I was like...when will I ever get better!? Doc said my immune is very low. So as soon I got over the sinus, I got broncitis infection. All together, it took me 6 weeks to get better. I hate when my immune gets too low. Too many shots for me. Ugh, needles!

I hope you gets better soon. See the doc if it is not working with the over counter medicines. Sometimes seeing doc is best thing to do because doc can give you anitbotics and shots...well maybe not shots. My situation is kind of different from you. Smile. :lol:

Anyway, take it easy!
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TAT In The Beginning, Part 15

Post by Breathless » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:00 pm

Note: Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me. Sickness, and then hand surgery, have severely impacted my writing - or rather my lack of writing - lately. I’ll try not to keep you all hanging too long between parts, but updates might be a bit slow for the next few weeks since I go back for more surgery next week.

I hope this part will tide you over …

In The Beginning
Part 15

Footfalls echoed off metal alloyed walls; the distant drone of engines carried a layer of calming comfort, not unlike the sound of a mother’s hum to the unborn baby inside her womb. Maybe that’s why ships were referred to as ‘she’, he mused. ‘Female’. During the long flight ahead, she would protect the occupants inside her, nurture them within her metal body, provide the necessities of life while floating through the void of space.

He walked through the hallowed halls of his ship, anticipation gripping him. This wasn’t just another mission. He could feel it in his bones. At the end of this journey, something awaited him.

He touched the walls with the palm of his hand, but the inanimate surface yielded no clues, no portent to guide him through whatever fate lay ahead. A hand gripped his shoulder from behind – large, strong, familiar.

“If you’re gonna pilot this bird in the morning, shouldn’t you be getting some sleep tonight?”

“Don’t worry about me,” he answered. “I can fly her with one eye closed. Besides,” he looked his shipmate up and down, “who are you to talk? I don’t see you sleeping.”

“After tomorrow, we’re gonna be in deep freeze for a long time. I plan on living it up tonight.”

“You do that,” he chuckled. His first officer could be a bit of a hot head, a risk taker, and definitely liked to live to the fullest between missions. He didn’t blame him – you never knew if your next flight might be your last – but that wasn’t his style. He liked to spend the night before embarkation in quiet contemplation, becoming one with his ship.

“Believe it or not, there’s more to life than this,” his first officer said, sweeping an arm around the command module. “You should try it sometime.”

“Try what?”


Max woke, stretched, the memory of the dream already hazy, his connection to it distant. He’d had a lot of dreams over the past few weeks, but they rarely stayed with him, usually forgotten by the time his feet hit the ground to start his morning. He wasted no time dwelling on what the dreams might represent; his days were too full, his nights too satisfying.

He reached for his bedmate, raking his hand through the thick fur that served as a cushion for their slumber, but this morning he found it empty, the fur cool against his palm. A rustling sound drew his attention to the far side of the hut; the first rays of morning light spilled across the floor as the flap opened, with LeeLee’s silhouette framed in the doorway.

Max sat up, dislodging the fir hide that covered him. It wasn’t like her to steal away from their bed without waking him.


The flap fell back into place as she silently made her way across the hut. His eyes readjusted to the darkened interior as she neared, noticing how her hands pressed against her flat stomach. Even in the dim light he thought she looked a little green around the gills.

He reached for her, sitting her down to the edge of their bed of furs. Worry spiked his tone. “Are you okay?”

She nodded, though he could tell it was without much conviction. The next word out of her mouth proved he had good reason to worry.


“What?” he pulled his legs out from under the hide cover and sat beside her with an arm around her shoulders. “You’re sick?”

“Sick,” she repeated, nodding slightly with her hand rubbing her stomach. She rattled off a long sentence of mostly unfamiliar words, but the gist of it was clear. She’d woken up feeling ill, had gone down to the river’s edge where she’d gotten sick to her stomach.

His hand covered hers, not as tribal Shamah, but as a man worried for his mate, and that’s when he felt it. He snatched his hand away.

She tilted her head to the side, for the moment more concerned about him than she was about her upset stomach. “Max?”

He couldn’t take his eyes off her stomach. What he’d felt there hadn’t been normal, not in his realm of ‘normal’. He reached out his hand again, hesitating briefly before touching her. When he did, he let out a sharp gasp.

“LeeLee …”

“What is?” she tried to read his face. He was Shamah. He knew things no one else did.

As he lifted his gaze to meet hers, the tawny color of his eyes glowed with a deeper intensity than she’d ever seen before. There was magic in his eyes, and awe inspired wonder in his voice.

“You’re … we’re … LeeLee, you’re pregnant. We’re gonna have a baby.”


“Neelo,” Max splayed his hand across her bare stomach, feeling the life growing inside her. Much to his relief, her bout of morning sickness now made perfect sense, a natural occurrence in the early stages of pregnancy. Inside he rejoiced, outside he couldn’t stop grinning.

Her hand covered his, weighing the accuracy of his announcement and finding it valid. All the signs were there. “Neelo, yes. Max happy?”

“Happy?” he nearly choked on the word. He pulled her onto his lap, declaring, “Happy doesn’t even begin to describe it!”

He kissed her hard, then covered her belly with his hand again, amazed by what they’d created together. LeeLee snuggled into his chest, smiling now herself, all thoughts of morning sickness pushed out of her mind. He made her feel warm and safe; she made him the happiest man on the planet.

* * * * *

The dull roar of the waterfall, a constant companion within the boundaries of the village, faded into the background as Max led LeeLee down a well worn path through the trees. The sun’s rays streamed through the foliage overhead lighting his way with splashes of color, highlighting the natural beauty surrounding them. He held her hand, at peace with the world and all it had to offer.

“Almost there.”

His voice, soft and soothing, held the promise of something else as well. A note of anticipation. A hint of barely suppressed excitement. He darted a look at his love, unable to keep the smile off his face. “Close your eyes.”

“Why?” LeeLee asked, puzzled by his secrecy, but swept up in the energy radiating from him.

“Because,” he said, lifting his hand to close her eyelids, and then kissing first the right one, and then the left, to keep them closed.

Behind shuttered lids, she chided, “’Because’ not goohd answer!”

She smiled when that made him laugh; the sound of it like a sweet serenade, filling the air with warmth and resonance.

“Indulge me,” he spoke softly into her ear, brushing his lips intimately across her skin.

Curiosity popped her eyes open. “What mean, indulge?”

“Let me have my way,” he kissed her eyes closed again, “and I promise it’ll be worth it.”

“Max!” she squeezed his hand, as exasperated as she was excited by whatever it was he had in store for her.

“This way,” he guided her down the path, making sure no obstacles blocked her way that might trip her or catch her foot. She felt the hard packed dirt give way to the soft cushion of lush green grass.

“Where –”

“Just wait …”

He led her into the center of a meadow, the very one he liked to rest in and contemplate the sky. He’d daydreamed about what a perfect spot this would be, and now his dreams were about to become a reality.

He brought her to a stop, standing face to face with her, holding both of her hands in his. He let out a deep breath and said, “LeeLee –”

“Can open eyes now?”

“No,” he laughed. She wasn’t making this easy for him. “I’ll tell you when.”


“Okay. Just listen, okay?” He took another deep breath to steady his thoughts, then rushed on before she could interrupt him again.

“Where I come from – my tribe – when a man and a woman love each other –”

“LeeLee love Max.”

“I know,” he leaned down and kissed her, grinning from ear to ear. “And Max loves LeeLee. That’s why I’m doing this.”

“Do what?”

“Well, if you stop talking, I’ll get to the point.”

“Max take too long!”

Struggling not to laugh out loud at her impatience, and silently admitting this wasn’t going exactly as he planned, Max wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

“Okay,” he kissed the top of her forehead, “you can open you eyes.”

He felt her eyelashes flutter against his throat and he held his breath, waiting for her reaction. He wasn’t disappointed.


Her voice was filled with awe, which was the exact reaction he was hoping for. Her gaze swept around the meadow, taking in the myriad of carefully planted flowers, ablaze with every color known under the sun. She looked upward, taking in the arched trellis above them, made of green vines adorned with white flower buds, the first flower he’d ever picked for her. A symbol of his love.

“Max, you do this? Make lazy place all pretty?”

Once again, she made him laugh. Her eyes were big and wide, and sparkling with the kind of honesty and enthusiasm for life he’d rarely, if ever, seen in his life. Hers was the kind of face that harbored no secrets, whose soul held no hidden agendas. He thanked the stars every night for bringing him to her.

“Yes, I made my lazy place all pretty. For you.”

“For me?”

“Yes, for you.”

Birds soared in the blue sky high above them; leaves rustled softly on the warm breeze; sunlight gleamed in her dark hair, highlighting her ethereal beauty. Just looking at her nearly stole his breath away.

“LeeLee,” he cleared his throat and took her small hands in his. This was the place where they’d made love for the first time. Quite possibly where their child was conceived. It seemed the proper place for what he wanted to do now.

“It’s customary among my people when a man and a woman love each other, and live together, and make babies together, that they formalize that union in a marriage.”

“Marriage?” LeeLee’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“A ceremony,” Max explained, “where a man and a woman are bonded for life. An agreement that they’ll always be together. I don’t have a ring to give you, or even a name, but what I can give you is my solemn vow that I will love you without end, through rainy seasons and drought, through good hunts and bad. I’ll heal you when you’re sick, and cherish you when you’re well. I promise you LeeLee, if you agree to be my wife, I’ll love you until the end of time.”

“Max,” LeeLee sighed. He could see the love shining in her eyes, making his soul soar into the heavens, and then she said, “What means ‘wife’?”

“My mate,” Max chuckled. “LeeLee, will you be my mate? To live with me always? To love me as I love you?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “LeeLee love Max for all time. Be goohd wife.”

Under the shadow of the flower filled trellis, with promises made and vows accepted, Max leaned down, smiling from ear to ear, and sealed their marriage vows with a kiss.

For this moment in time, the universe smiled with him.

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Post by Natz » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:23 pm


That was a great update and so happy leelee(Liz) is pregnant.

But side note hope you feel better soon and everything goes ok on your surgery next week.


Take care

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Post by Itzstacie » Sun Apr 23, 2006 10:13 pm

That was so sweet. I am so happy they are having a baby...Now bring on the angst, I know your gonna so let's get it over with lol.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Post by isis7777 » Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:16 pm

OH so beautiful! Thank you..even tho you've had a tough time lately...and hand surgery??...are you typing with your teeth? :lol: I hope you get things fixed and are better real soon!

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Post by Jason's Lover » Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:51 pm

Great part! Something tells me that was the calm before the storm.

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Post by Zanity » Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:54 pm

I loved this part. Max and LeeLee married and with a baby underway. Good luck with the surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Post by Thanette » Mon Apr 24, 2006 12:35 am

Thanks for this wonderful part. I hope the surgery goes well.
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Post by sylvia37 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 3:35 am

Sigh.....so sweet......

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. They're going to come looking for him aren't they? :roll: I"m paranoid.

Hope the surgery goes well.

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