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Post by Anna-Liisa » Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:29 am

Challenge #31

Name: Uptown Girl

Pairings: Kyle/Isabel (with Jesse/Isabel as well)

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Category: UC, AU without Aliens

Summary: Isabel is an uptown girl, living in her giant mansion with her wealthy parents. Often she gets presents for her uptown boys (Jesse as on of them) and always she gets what she wants...

Except true love.

So Isabel goes to downtown and there she meets a normal downtown man (or to say 'backstreet guy') whom she want to get to know better. The guy is obviously Kyle and he has seen her around and has waited for a chance to talk to her.

Isabel's parents are frustated because she was meant to be marrying Jesse, but now everything's gone wrong because of one Kyle Valenti. Will they be able to turn Isabel's mind away from this downtown boy or will they lose a perfect marriage between to rich families because Isabel seeks for happiness?

Happy ending wanted.

Other notes: Based on Billy Joels song "Uptown Girl".

The Challenge comes with a banner I made. You can have it if you take the challenge (and I can edit your name into it, too)


PM me if you're interested.

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Post by Zanity » Tue May 01, 2007 7:31 pm

Challenge #32

Name: Tricked

Pairings: Zan/Tess, Max/Liz

Rating: Teen/Mature/Adult

Category: CC/UC AU w/ Aliens

Summery: Max Evans is the crown prince of Antar, Zan Evans is his twin brother. It's been arranged by their parents (The King and Queen of Antar) and the Hardings (The King and Queen of a neighboring planet) that Max Evans and Tess Harding shall be married to politically unite the two planets.

Max and Zan's parents tell Zan that he is to go to Earth and live there for a time to find out if they were ready for contact.

Neither Max nor Zan is happy with these arrangements. Max because he wants to marry for love and not politics, and Zan because he doesn't want to go live on a backwards planet like Earth.

So they agree to switch places... Zan marries Tess (though he goes by the name Max) and falls in love with her. Max goes to Earth where he meets Liz Parker. Max and Liz fall in love and get married (Max uses his own name on Earth because no one there would know the difference, but when he makes his reports back to Antar he pretends to be Zan).

The problem comes when Max and Zan's parents die and Zan can't ascend to the throne because Max is next in line. (They have a test to tell, but Max and Zan thought they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between identical twins. They were wrong.)

Tess finds out that she's been tricked, but her marriage to Zan is still binding on Zan even though it was in Max's name.

Max has to go back and become King, but he never told Liz about being an Alien.

The news nearly breaks up both couples.

Now Zan must try and patch up his relationship with Tess now that she knows he's been lying and realizes she won't be queen.

Liz is upset Max didn't tell her about being an Alien sooner, but Max has an easier time getting into Liz's good graces initially. But when he must try and convince Liz to leave Earth to come back to Antar and be his queen, she gets upset again.

Please try and spend relatively equal time on both couples. And I'd like the majority of the story to take place after their trick is discovered and they've gone back to using their own names.

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Post by Bubblegal » Thu May 24, 2007 7:40 am


Fithwheeler/Dreamer/ What ever the other is.

Okay, this my first time in this section and i hope someone will be able to take it up.

What if, instead of Kyle, Tess goes to Alex in order to make Max jealous.

Alex is wary but he really likes Tess so he decides to date her - both of them are using each other.

Tess - instead of mindwarping Max - kisses Alex to make Max jealous but to their amazement, Alex got visions from Tess and Tess got visions from Alex.

Alex only knew of one couple that had happened to - Max and Liz.

Tess has to be torn between following her 'Destiny' and with someone she had slowly fallen for.

Remember - no one knows the truth about Tess. Alex is shocked at what happened but doesn't tell anyone as he wants to anaylse it for himself. Liz knows that something happens so she visits Tess.

Both girls find themselves developing a friendship and Tess is now even more torn because she can see how much Max and Liz love each other and no longer can hate Liz because she is becoming Tess's friend.

Slowly the truth reveals itself - Tess and Max doesn't kiss - Tess can't do it because she really likes Alex and doesn't want to betray him and she doesn't mindwarp Max any time - she tries to but Alex keeps coming to her mind.

It's up to you how it all goes from then on.

Just develope Alex/Tess relationship - When it comes to the epic 'Destiny' You can have that Max is determined that he is in love with Liz and refuses to follow it and that Tess has realised her true feeling for Alex and agrees or Tess still being torn.

Naesco must NOT know about Alex/Tess - make it seem like that Tess is getting close to her deal with Max to throw Naesco off her back.

Tess tells everyone the truth about the deal and they try and help her out of the situation.

Main Must Have:

Max and Liz never break up - Max and Tess never kissed and there is no mindwarping Max.

Alex and Tess kiss and the visions.

Isabel is to be angry that Alex has fallen for Tess and is really admant that Tess has done something to Alex but slowly gives up when she realised that she could never love Alex the same way Tess does.

Maria/Michael can be together or you can have them follow the programme by breaking up and getting back together.

NO Future version - because Tess never left Roswell, Max didn't need to come back.

Liz and Tess develope a close friendship (Mostly because those two are my fave female characters to be honest). Max and Alex begin to bond as well.

Try and not make it too angsty - keep it light humour if you can.

PM me for other details - like the time line and all that.

Let me know if you are really interested. :D
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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Mon Jun 11, 2007 5:25 pm


Kyle/Liz pairing.

--Takes place at Prom.
--Kyle is with Liz with she sees Max and Tess kissing (he didn't give her the 'I only think of you as a sister' talk).
--They both run outand as the door slams, Max and Tess break apart to see Liz's corsage and Tess's purse (Kyle had it) on the ground then they start to feel really guiltyand start to plan together on how to get Liz and Kyle back.
--Whilst they are doing that Kyle and Liz are walking back to the Crashdown, when Kyle stops and tells Liz that he wasn't all that bothered by the kiss and that he is in love with Liz. Liz then says she feels the same, they kiss and start their walking again but this time it's for Liz to get a bag so she can stay over at his house (has taken his fathers room, new bed and stuff though).
--They make love.
--The next morning Max is over at the Valenti's planning with Tess, when LIz walks through to the kitchen wearing Kyle's T-shirt and a pair of his boxers. Max and Tess are hurt, angry and confused.
--Kyle then comes through wearing only his boxers, it is then Max and Tess notice the matching hickeys that they have. Liz and Kyle are acting all lovey dovey (kissing, hugging, Liz sitting on his lap and Kyle not stopping touching her.)
--Rest of fanfic is about how their friends and family react to their new relationship. (Upto whoever takes the challenge).
--Epilogue ~ Kyle and Liz are 25, married, have twin boy 3yr olds and a 6mnth old baby girl. Kyle is a little league coach and Liz is a teacher. Flashbacks then tell us that Kyle proposed on graduation, they were married the next summer in Roswell, what happened when they found out Liz was pregnantand how their friends all eventually accepted their relationship.

My Numb3rs xo fic. Coming Soon!

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Post by Zanity » Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:21 pm

#35 Mi/T M/L Mi/Ma K/T

I think this is the right place to post this.... This is one for the abyss....

What if Isabel and Tess switched places... not in this life but in their past lives?

--Isabel is supposed to be Max's bride and Tess is Michael's betrothed
--When Tess first comes to town she's all over Michael instead of Max
--Michael being all for anything alien... dumps Maria and eagerly hooks up with Tess
--Max and Isabel are completely disgusted at the notion of being together and Max and Liz never break up
--Max still gets captured and rescued
--They still set off the orbs
--They still have to face the skins
--No one comes back from the future
--Neither Tess nor Nasedo is evil
--There is no deal with Khivar
--The dupes are switched around too so Ava and Rath killed Zan and Lonnie is the nice one
--Gradually over the course of what would be S2, Michael realizes he made a mistake and wants Maria back
--Tess over the same period of time finds herself falling for Kyle
--Maria and Kyle both are in new relationships (you can have it be with each other if you want, or for Maria you can have Sean be Sean Parker instead of Sean DeLuca and have Maria fall for him, or you can have Billy come to town early or you can come up with your own idea; for Kyle you can have him be with Isabel or again come up with your own idea.)
--At prom the couples are M/L Mi/T K/? M/? but Tess notices Michael's eyes continually straying towards Maria and feels herself becoming quite jealous of the girl with Kyle
--Michael and Tess agree to break up and help each other get with the one they love.
--No one dies right after prom!!!

How successful Michael and Tess are is up to you.

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Post by Bubblegal » Sat Jun 30, 2007 1:00 pm

Challenge 36: Alien Abyss.

Max/Liz Alex/Tess - others is up to you.

Liz has been requested by her drama teacher to direct a show(Any show but it needs to be a love one).

Alex and Tess signed themselves up for the show and in the process - they become the lead stars and they have to kiss!

Liz is frustrated because she is the one who is getting the backlash from the group (Except Max) because of Alex and Tess' scenes. Michael, because he is still on high about the FBI and any other potenial enemies that might find them.
Isabel because Alex has to kiss another girl and Tess.
Maria because of the whole Tess/Max thing and she doesn't want Alex to be Tess' victim.
Kyle because he likes Tess. Tess did like him but she had fallen for Alex.

Max and Liz had been having a secret affair behind everyone's back because they didn't want anyone to know of their relationship because of 'destiny'. Tess must be the one to catch them and to her surprise, she's not even upset about it.

Alex and Tess rehearse their lines together and find themselves slowly falling for the others but they are scared to do something about it because Alex thinks Tess likes Kyle. Tess thinks Alex likes Isabel.

Liz sees this and tries to help them - up to you how she does this.

Alex and Tess finally admits their feelings for each other.


Isabel is incredible rude to Liz and Tess and she fawns all over Alex to keep his attention on her.

Maria tries to help Isabel but in the process they are pushing Alex away from them which leads to bust up between them and Liz, who is terrified of losing her best male friend.

Max intervens and in the process parents are added to the mix.

Tess and Kyle share at least one kiss. Alex and Isabel share a kiss. Tess or Alex catches either one and misunderstandings are made.

I hope someone will take this up.

I would but i have my own stories to work on and my betas will probably kill me if i take on any more stories. :roll:
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Post by Zanity » Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:00 pm

#37 M/L, Ma/Z

The Aliens didn't grow up in Roswell. Liz and Maria both did but they parted ways when they went off to college. But they still keep in touch with nightly phone calls.

Liz goes to Harvard Max saves Liz's life with his powers when she's attacked by a mugger and they start dating/fall in love.

Maria went to college in New York and falls for Zan. But Zan keeps his alien heritage a secret. And he keeps Maria a secret from the other dupes.

As Max and Liz's relationship develops a connection forms between them that keeps getting stronger.

During Maria and Zan's relationship the secrets Zan is keeping makes Maria start to distrust him and she starts thinking he's cheating on her. She goes to see Liz to talk about it but when she gets there she spots Liz w/ Max and she thinks it's Zan.

She closes her self off from both Liz and Zan and neither knows why until eventually Zan manages to confront her. She accuses him of cheating on her with her best friend.

When she starts avoiding Liz, Liz starts feeling hurt because she doesn't know why and Max has to comfort her.

Zan vehemently denies ever meeting Liz and Maria keeps insisting she saw them together and refuses to have anything to do with him. So Zan decides to head out to Harvard to find out what's going on.

When he gets there he spots Liz with Max. Neither Max nor Zan knew there had been two sets. Max, Liz, and Zan work out what must have happened and they all go to New York together to work things out with Maria.

When Maria sees Max and Zan together she is finally ready to try and work thing out. Zan comes clean about his alien status when he's trying to explain things to her.

Must have a Happy Ending for both couples mentioned. Other couples at your discretion.

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Post by bip » Tue Aug 14, 2007 7:11 pm


Pairing: Polar (Michael/Liz)

Rating: Teen/Mature

Songfic time!

Ever heard the song The Walk by Imogen Heap? This weekend, I was on vacation and I fell more in love with Imogen Heap after actually listening to this song. Its powerful and urgent. It makes me feel something. I'm not sure. But I thought, Hey.. this would make an awesome Polar fic (my brain was going into overdrive since I hadn't had access to a computer in over a week)! I jotted down a few ideas on the back of an old Burger King receipt. This is what I got. There is no way possible for me to write this. I wouldn't be able to do neither the show nor the song justice. So I'm trusting you.. my fellow Polarist, to make it happen for me!

^Here's a link to the lyrics and a convenient youtube "video" of the song..

-Doesn't matter when it takes place.. preferably season 2 though. Or late season 1.
-Liz's POV (Not necessarily first person but.. her being behind the song)
-Like the song, the fic (and Liz's feelings) should be urgent, passionate, and desperate.
-I would like for there to be a confrontation between Michael and Liz either in her room, on her balcony, or in the breakroom with Liz saying (or at least paraphrasing) the line: "I think you better leave; it's not safe in here".
-I would like for either Michael and Maria to still be together or Liz and Max to still be together. (That way Liz would have a right to feel guilty..) Also I think it adds a bit of dangerousness to their relationship. Call me crazy..
-Liz wants to deny how she feels about him for the sake of her friendship with Max and/or Maria. Michael, being the subtle fool he is (hah!), firmly and slightly cocky-ish-ly (is that a word, oh well) insists that what she's feeling is real. He pushes her to admit her emotions.
-It would be nice to see flashes incorporated into the story but its definetly not mandatory.
-Whether Liz continues to live in her denial or succumbs to sentimental emotions is entirely up to you.

So, there you go.. please have fun.
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Post by Bubblegal » Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:10 am


This is complicated but it's AA (Kinda) But it's AU With Aliens.

I was thinking of this for a while - It's an angst story.

Liz leaves Roswell after EOTW and disappears, no one knows where she is - not even her parents.

Max and Tess grow closer because of Liz's actions.

Set 14 years in the future:

It look like no matter what Liz did, the end of the world was still going to come - the pod squad are struggling to fight back the skins and Khivar when a new vistior enters Roswell.

The Pod Squad are drawn to him like they were to Tess when she arrived in Roswell so they are excited about having someone else to help them when the visitor's actions becomes very clear.

He isn't there to help them, he is there for one mission only...

To Kill Max Evans.

Must Have:

Max and Tess are together and engaged.

Michael and Maria are married.

Alex and Isabel are married.

Kyle left straight after graduation when he got a mysterious phone call.

Mysterious Visitor - Ryan Parker Evans - He is Max and Liz's son - they both slept together before 'Future Max' came so Liz instantly knew that Future Max was a mindwarp but had no choice to go along with it to protect her baby. Ryan is 13 years old.

Liz is dead (Sorry) - she died and Ryan was brought up under the care of Kal Langley - who had been keeping an eye on Liz since she left Roswell.

Max must finds out what Ryan is his son and tries to form a relationship with him but Ryan isn't interested - as far as he's concerned, his father is dead and has been for years.

Told you it was angst.

Ryan can't be nice in this story - the only time he is nice is toward the memory of his mother and his Grandmother, Diane.

Ryan must try and kill Max but someone/something always interven.

You'll need to PM me for details containing Diane, Kal Langely, Kyle and Liz's death and for the ending.

I hope someone will take this one up.
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Post by roswell3053 » Thu Sep 27, 2007 1:03 pm

This is the first challenge that I'm posting, so here goes nothing....


Title: Dreaming About You

Pairing: Zan/Liz and Max/Serena Everyone else is up to you.

Summary: Liz was shot in the Crashdown, and Max tried to heal her. He was only able to undo the life threating damage, but not completely heal her. Due to Max connecting with Liz by trying to heal her, it starts to open up her memories in the forms of dreams. Liz decides not to tell anyone about the dreams she is having about Zan. Meanwhile in New York, Zan starts to have the same dreams about Liz. He is feeling a pull to go to Roswell to find his Queen. During Liz's dreams, she learns about Maria and Alex's true identities. Liz and Zan share a dream walk where they make love, and that finally convinces Zan to go to Roswell for Liz.

Human/Alien Status:

Zan - Alien
Liz - Must think that she's human at first, but find out later that she is actually the 4th alien
Maria - Alien (Liz's servant/best friend in previous life)
Alex - Alien (Liz's protector in previous life)
Kyle - Human
Tess - Human
Max - Alien
Isabel - Alien
Michael - Alien
Rath - Alien
Ava - Alien
Lonnie - Alien
Serena - Human

Must haves:

1. Zan must still grow up with the dupes in NY.

2. Liz was shot, but when Max tried to heal her, he couldn't completely heal her.

3. Liz is the true Queen and Zan is the true King.

4. Max, Isabel, and Michael are adopted by the Evans.

5. Alex placed Liz on the Parker's door step when she hatched out of her pod as a 3 month old baby.

6. Alex and Maria are shapeshifters, but when all Pod's hatch (8 in total) they permantely take on the age and shape of 6 year olds so that they can grow up with Liz and company. (they can retain their memories the whole time or they can remember later on)

7. Nasedo and Cal are the 2 protectors that train the kids on their powers.

8. Neither Nasedo or Cal know where Liz is or the true identity of Alex and Maria.

9. Serena and Tess are sisters.

10. Tess is only allowed to be with Kyle or alone, or you can ship her off to boarding school never to be heard from again. (you decide)

11. Rath, Lonnie, and Ava can either be good or bad. (your choice)

12. Must be a big confrontation between Max and Zan over Liz.

13. Must end with Zan and Liz happily together.

Anything else you want to add go ahead. You can chose the backstory on how and why they all came to earth.

I'm pretty open with most everything, so if you would like to change anything let me know, or if you have any questions just PM me.
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