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Taken Challenge Thread

Postby ISLANDGIRL5 » Tue Jan 17, 2006 9:05 am

<center>***This is the thread for TAKEN CHALLENGES***</center>

Hey folks!

Sorry to change things around on you yet again, but I’m in the process of getting this forum as organized and neat as possible. I want to get rid of some of the clutter, so that things in here are easy to find. So, Please, read:

Here are the rules for the new challenge threads.

There are 4 challenge threads, listed and described below. The challenge threads will not be in stickies, they will be left to float around the forum. However, you can find and get to each of the challenge threads from the links left in this thread. It is now MANDATORY for authors to post challenges in the respective challenge thread. Author’s – don’t start a separate thread for your challenges. Figure out which of the four challenge threads your challenge belongs in, and post your challenge there.

The fifth thread is the Taken Challenge Thread. This is the thread where the author of the challenge, or the author that took the challenge will post a link to the story, and the number of the challenge.

Link to the Old Challenge thread Here.

Link to the (old) New Challenge Thread Here.

The challenge threads linked above will be deleted on February 15, 2006.

CHALLENGE AUTHORS: You can repost your challenge here, if you still want it to be open for someone to take. Simply repost what you put in the other thread. However, you must read the rules below first.


1. Choose which Challenge Thread your challenge belongs in. Challenge threads available are:

  • Conventional/Cannon Challenges – Something that picks up where the show left off, or something that picks up after a certain episode. General rule of thumb, same as the fanfic forums…if Max healed Liz in the Crashdown in September of 99, then your challenge belongs here. CC couples only, meaning Max/Liz, Maria/Michael, Tess/Kyle, and Alex/Isabel or Jesse/Isabel. Example: A challenge for a story where Future Max gets Liz pregnant, and how the characters deal with this.
  • Alternate Universe Challenge – If your challenge takes place in a universe different than the one portrayed on the show, then your challenge belongs here. Examples: Challenges for stories that involve no aliens, stories in which human from the show turn out to be aliens, stories where Max doesn’t heal Liz, and the things on the show never happened. Example: A story where Liz does get shot, and ends up in a coma, or a challenge with no aliens, where Max and Liz are best friends, and fall in love.
  • Unconventional Couple Challenges – If your challenge is for a story that puts together a couple NOT seen on the show, then the challenge belongs here. Example: Polar challenges, Ground Zeor challenges, In-Crowder challenges, etc. If the couples are not Max/Liz, Maria/Michael, Tess/Kyle, and Alex/Isabel or Jesse/Isabel , then your challenge goes here. Examples: Challenges where Liz leaves Max in Destiny, and marries Sean Deluca instead.
  • Crossover Challenges – If your challenge is a crossover challenge, meaning involving the Roswell storyline and or characters with that of another show and it’s characters or storyline, then your challenge belongs here. If your challenge incoroprates any character from another show, then it belongs here. Example: If you write a challenge where Liz runs away after Destiny and ends up in Smallville, where she falls in love with Clark, then your challenge belongs here. If your challenge involves Lucas from One Tree Hill moving to Roswell and getting involved in the Alien Abyss, your challenge belongs here.

2. NUMBER YOUR CHALLENGES! Make sure that your challenges are numbered, and go in numerical order. If you are reposting a challenge from the Old Thread, remember that the number WILL not be the same. Post the same challenge, but number it according to the numbering on the corresponding challenge thread. EACH CHALLENGE THREAD HAS ITS OWN NUMBERS!

3. Challenge authors: When one of your challenges is taken, you MUST go back to your original post and edit it. Leave the Challenge number in your post, and the title if you wish. You MUST leave the challenge number, so that the numbering system won’t get confusing, and new challenges posted after yours will still be in numerical order. ERASE the challenge, and leave word that it was taken, and to go to the Taken Challenge Thread for a link. Erasing the challenge after it is taken makes it easier for writers looking for a challenge to know which ones are still open.

3. Authors who take a challenge: Once you take a challenge and commit to write it, it is your responsibility to contact the author of the challenge and let them know the challenge has been taken. Let them know what number challenge you took, what challenge thread it was on (Conventional, Alternate Universe, Unconventional, or Crossover), and what page of the thread you found it on so they can go back and edit their post.

4. It should be worked out between the challenge author and the author who took the challenge which one will post a link in the Taken Challenge Thread. We don’t need both posting a link to the fic. BUT--At least one of you needs to post a link if you're going to list it in the Taken Challenge Thread.

5. When posting in the Taken Challenge Thread, it is up to you whether or not you want to repost the challenge. I would suggest you repost it so people looking for a certain challenge story will know which story it is they are looking for. Reposting the challenge is up to you, but you must put the challenge number in your post as well as what thread it came from. Some people may look for stories based on the Challenge number.

6. Do not post new challenges in the Taken Challenge Thread, and do not post taken challenges in any of the four active challenge threads. That’s how the other thread got so long, and so confusing to read.

If you have any questions or comments about the new rules and/or new threads, PM them to myself, or Bordersinsanity, or post them here. BUT--DO NOT POST NEW CHALLENGES ON THIS THREAD!!

I think that’s about it….so, Happy Challenging!
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Postby behrlyliz » Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:05 pm

Edit - Taken

Challenge taken by *zans-gurl*. Here's the link for Evil Comes Quietly

#232 - AU/NA (maybe AU/WA if you can tie it in). M/L, M/M, A/I, K/T

Challenge based on the television show Super Natural.
This is not a cross over but AU/NA or maybe AU/WA

Diane Evans was killed late one night, 21 years ago while she checked on her 8-month-old twins, Max and Isabel due to hearing Max cry. Once in their nursery, she found a stranger holding Isabel. Diane yells for help and by this time Phillip and Michael (4 years old) enter the nursery. Phillip grabs Max out of his crib and hands him to Michael telling him to run. During this time, the stranger turns his attention to Diane and shoots some type of super natural power out of his hand, which sucks the life force out of her. Diane collapses to her death. Phillip is unable to reach the stranger before he causes some type of vortex to open up and he walks through it with Isabel in his arms.

Now 21 years later, Michael is on a cross-country journey looking for their father, Phillip Evans who is on the hunt for the ‘being’ that killed his wife, Diane Evans and kidnapped Isabel. He travels to Boston, Mass, where Max is currently attending College. He tries to talk Max into searching with him but Max doesn’t want to give up his comfy life. Max is in his senior year of College and shares an off campus apartment with his girlfriend Liz Parker. Also unknown to Max, Liz has a secret. Max and Michael get into an argument about family loyalty. Michael is pissed because Max doesn’t want to help him search for their dad. During this argument they hear Liz scream and walk into the bedroom just in time to see the same ‘being/stranger’ that killed their mother and kidnapped Isabel walk off with her into a vortex.

So now Max and Michael are both on the hunt for their father whom they believe is the only person able to help them find this ‘being/stranger’.

Max is fashioned after the character of Sam
Michael is fashioned after Dean.
Liz’s secret is actually an asset to Max and Michael’s mission.
They meet up with Maria in one small town. Maria is searching for her brother, Alex.
Alex has disappeared in much the same way as Liz and Isabel.
They also meet up with Kyle in another town who is searching for his missing girlfriend, Tess.
There’s something that ties all of these disappearances together.
All couple pair up must be CC.

If you’re interested in the challenge send me a pm and I will tell you what Liz’s secret is and explain the details of the ‘being’ and what he is after.
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Postby behrlyliz » Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:08 pm

# 253 M/L, AU/NA - TAKEN

Max and Liz married young for all of the wrong reasons and now they’re divorced. They were high school sweethearts, in their senior year at West Roswell High when Liz got pregnant. They actually married a month after graduation. Liz was five months pregnant when they wed. Max and Liz had a lot of love, actually plenty of love but that old saying, ‘sometimes love just isn’t enough’ played a big part in the failure of their marriage and add to the fact that neither was really ready for marriage and essentially married due to the pregnancy, the odds where stacked up against them from the very beginning. Their marriage only lasted four years and while it ended very amicably, it was still bitter sweet.

Now four years later, even though Liz is remarried to wealthy land developer, Tristan Cuthwright and Max is happily dating Tess Harding, the two remain very close. All is going well in their lives until, their eight-year-old daughter is hospitalized and diagnosed with some life threatening disease. She needs a bone marrow transplant. Human leukocyte antigen testing is performed on Max, Liz and their six-year-old son, but to the dismay of everyone, none are a match. It’s at this time that they turn to their family and friends who all have HLA testing performed on them but unfortunately no one is a match.

Kiera Evans’ doctor, Alex Whitman has searched the National Marrow Donor Program Registry for an unrelated donor but doesn’t find a match. He realizes there are so many people in need of transplants that the reality of her getting a donor is slim, especially since she has Max’s rare blood type and her little brother, Riley wasn’t a match. It's in the hospital that Alex explains to the family (Max, Liz, Riley, Tristan, Tess, both sets of parents, Isabel, Kyle, Maria and Michael) how you inherit half of your HLA antigens from your mother and half from your father, thus your best chance of finding a match is with a brother or sister. After explaining this to the family, Isabel suggests that Max and Liz try to conceive another child. Tristan blows up at the suggestion of his wife having sex with her ex. He and Max aren’t particularly fond of one another and have a very volatile relationship. Isabel explains that she meant that Max and Liz should use a fertility clinic to try and conceive. Max and Liz are gung ho on the idea. They would try anything to save their little girl. Begrudgingly a few days later, Tristan finally agrees with the idea after having a heart to heart with Liz.

Their dealings with the fertility clinic are unsuccessful. The clinic took samples from Max and Liz and none of the procedures take. Max and Liz are devastated and are the only ones that know of the failed attempts. They planned on telling their families the truth until Max and Liz confide in Maria about the outcome and Maria half jokingly/half serious suggests that this is a sign from above, that science shouldn’t be relied upon to accomplish what should be done the old fashioned way. Maria is a big Max and Liz supporter and thinks the two should get back together, since Max is the Moon Doggie to Liz's Gidget and they are each other’s soul mate. Despite Maria’s belief that Max and Liz should be together, she only spoke what Max and Liz both were internally thinking. Max suggests to Liz in private that they keep the results a secret and that they make love in hopes of getting pregnant. Max is a little more inclined to the idea since he isn’t married and although, Liz is taken aback by his words, she eventually concedes. So the decision to have sex with Max isn’t an easy one. She and Max are just so desperate to save their daughter so they feel that they must do what they have to, to save her. They end up not telling their families about the results from the fertility clinic and spend a night together (**note** Just think of a believable enough reason for Liz to spend a night away from her husband**). The two make love all through out the night. It’s that one night together that causes all of those dormant feelings to resurface for both of them but neither reveals their true feelings to the other. A few weeks later, Liz learns that she’s pregnant. Not only is Liz overjoyed but also she’s very confused and feels guilty about not feeling guilty about sleeping with Max because she enjoyed her night with Max. She knows that what they shared that night was more than having sex. It ran deeper cuz’ they made love and conceived this baby, which could potentially save their daughter’s life.

Tristan and everyone else except for Maria and Michael, thinks that the artificial insemination was a success. It’s not until the baby is born that Tristan and Tess learn the truth about how the baby was conceived (**Note** make up how they find out**), essentially that the two cheated on them. That’s when all heck breaks loose.

Musts haves:
Liz and Max remain good friends after their divorce
Max and Liz’s marriage didn’t end because of infidelity. It simply ended because neither was ready for marriage.
Must end with Max and Liz reuniting.
Liz and Tristan have only been married for ten months.
Max and Tristan dislike each other for obvious reasons
Maria strongly dislikes Tristan. She’s very vocal in wanting her two best friends back together.
Neither Kiera nor Riley cares for Tristan. They feel that he’s trying to take Max’s place.
Liz loves Tristan, just not the way she loves Max. Her love for Tristan is comfortable. The love she has for Max is and has always been exciting and passionate.
Neither Tristan nor Tess can be portrayed as a**holes. Both must be likeable, after all Liz married Tristan so he has to have some good qualities.
The baby turns out to be a match and their daughter gets her donor.
Michael is Liz's brother.
Michael and Maria are a couple.
Alex and Isabel meet due to him being her niece's doctor and start dating.

Please send me a pm if you're interested in taking the challenge.
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Postby Zanity » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:09 pm

Old Challenge Thread #230 M/L Mi/Ma I/A Taken by To_Kiss_A_Frog

I recently chatted with To_Kiss_A_Frog and he says with RL he doesn't have time for this challenge. So I'm reposting it in th Cannon Challenge Thread if he or anyone else would like to take it they are welcome.

Mods feel free to delet this post.
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Postby Lillie » Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:37 pm

Challenge -- TAKEN by kalyku.
http://www.roswellfanatics.net/viewtopi ... 09&start=0

Liz Parker and Max Evans have been mortal enemies since they were children. They were always at odds with one another, and always played pranks against the other, challenged each other for valedictorian, everything. Their behavior towards one another was something their parents hoped that they would leave behind once they grew up. But sadly, that has not been the case. Even though they are in thir twenties, they never miss an opportunity to do something to the other.

By a chance happening, the two get stuck alone. Snowed in, with absolutely no idea on when they will be able to leave. During the course of these days, the two realize that maybe they were wrong about the other. But are the two most stubborn people in the world able to admit the feelings that they have for the other?

--AU. M/L. You can have the rest of the characters are pretty much whatever you want, whatever floats your boat.

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Postby Jezebel Jinx » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:29 pm

(#6 on my challenge thread) Genie Challenge Taken by Drogyn

Be Careful What You Wish For

~Liz is a freed genie, and has been for about 50 years. She keeps the bottle that she lived in for so many centuries because she can't bare to part with it.

~Michael after pulling double shifts at the Crash asks Liz if he can crash in her room, and she says yes. While in her room he spots a beautiful jeweled bottle sitting on a shelf. When he opens it he sees it's decorated on the inside with furniture (the author can pick the color scheme, but I do ask that it's not pink, that's all I ask on that).

~Deciding not to think about it too much until after he is rested he falls asleep on Liz's bed.

~Now there is a rule in the genie worls that if your a freed genie, and someone figures out that your a genie you become trapped again and have to grant the person that found out 7 wishes.

~Michael after resting confronts her and saying sarcstically 'What are you a genie or something?' and right before his eyes her once bare wrists are now encased in solid gold cuffs indicating that she is now trapped again.

~Automatically Liz tells Michael's the rules about his wishing.

~Rule 1: She can't bring people back from the dead.
Reason: During plague's and wars too many people wanted their dead brought back to life. So there was a rule placed that no one dead could be returned to life by a wish.

~Rule 2: Can't make some fall in love with someone.
Reason: The heart is to sacred to tamper with.

~Author can decide what wishes Michael asks for.

~I would like at least 2 wishes to be sexual wishes with Liz. And Liz tells him that those are a waste of a good wish because he's wishing her to do something that she's wanted to do for a long time. And the last wish will have to be Michael wishing Liz free again.

~Rating: Adult

~Happy Mi/L ending.
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Postby Jezebel Jinx » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:30 pm

(#11 on my challenge thread) Traitor Challenge Taken by Hotaru

Past Life Part

~Liz was a concubine on Antar. (I'm going to be calling Liz, Liza, so no one gets confused between past life and present life. But the author can choose the name for Liz’s past life.)

~Liza’s family does not know that she is a concubine. She ran away a couple years before she met Khivar, and some of the money that Liza saved up went to her family because when Liza left since her parents could hardly keep food on the table, so Liza is helping out in her own way.

~She was brought to Khivar during a time when Vilandra wasn’t allowing him in her bed.

~After spending a week with Khivar Liza realizes that she’s in love with him. And Khivar is confused about his feelings since he loves Vilandra but he is beginning to have feelings for Liza as well.

~When Vilandra finally allows Khivar back into her bed and life, she finds that he’s around less and less and spending more and more time in his private chambers.

~Vilandra one day got fed up with Khivar never being there and wants to find out what he’s doing and finds him with Liza. (Now normally I like the Isabel/Vilandra character, but when I was thinking of this challenge I saw Vilandra/Isabel as being vicious, conniving, jealous, and vengeful person.)

~After many failed attempts of getting Khivar away from Liza she decides to go for the most extreme action. Vilandra kills Liza. Khivar finds Liza dead in his bed and finding out right then that she was pregnant because the child connected with Khivar, it’s father, before it died.

~Khivar is livid and knows who killed Liza and their unborn child. In retaliation Khivar kills the Royal Four.

(I would like the first few chapters to be about their past lives, or I would like there too be scenes of their past lives as the story progresses.)

Present Day

~This takes place post EOTW

~Khivar kidnaps Liz knowing that she is Liza. When she wakes up he tells her why she there and who she was. Liz tells him that she had been dreams about their past lives, but she never figured that they were real.

~I going to sum this part up in 12 words…they connect, they shag, they go back to Roswell as a couple. This all takes part in at least a week but no more than a month.

~During this time the group is searching for Liz to no avail.

~When Khivar and Liz come back some of the others see them on the street near the Crashdown kissing and wonder who he is. I want the aliens to confront Liz about seeing someone who doesn’t know about the aliens. And have Liz say something to affect that he does know, and have the aliens get all pissed. Then have Khivar show up revealing who he is and all hell breaks loose. That’s really all I thought through in this challenge.

~Isabel has to be like Vilandra (jealous and conniving). It’s up to the author how Max acts, doesn’t really matter to me.

~Has to be Adult

~Happy Khivar + Liz ending
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Postby Jezebel Jinx » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:31 pm

#13 (on my challenge thread) X-Men Movies

Taken by Littlebit

Pairing Liz/Wolverine (Logan)

Rating: Adult

Summary: Liz is a new teacher and new X-Men member at "Mutant High", and Wolverine makes her feel really welcome.

-Liz hasn't been in Roswell for over 4 years (she's a mutant). The reason she left can be because of EOTW or not but something major happened that made her want to leave.

-Lots of smut between Liz and Logan.

-One of the Roswell gang (possibly Maria) sees Liz in New York and tells Max, who hasn't given up hope of finding Liz, and he comes to New York to get Liz back.

-Logan kicks Max's ass.


-Entire 'I Know an Alien' Club coming to New York to find out why Liz just left (they thought an enemy might have taken her.)

-Rogue being jealous of Liz

-Liz being in some kind of mortal danger and getting injured.

-Liz + Logan getting caught either making out or having sex on her desk in her classroom.

-School dance

-Logan and Liz go out on a date.

-Liz going back to Roswell with Logan for a vacation or school break.
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Postby tequathisy » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:31 pm

reposted challenge as fic never written.
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Postby Jezebel Jinx » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:32 pm

#14 (on my challenge thread) X-over w/ The Fast and the Furious

Taken by Lindsey

I Feel the Need, the Need For Speed (Dead and Buried)

Taken by Skittles1983

Fast Cars, Furious Passions (Complete)

Couple: Liz/Dominic Toretto (Dom)

Rating: Teen-Adult

AU. Liz has never been popular at school (author can decide why she isn't popular). She only had two friends (Alex and Maria.) The popular kids are Isabel, Lonnie, Tess, Max, Michael, Rath, Kyle, Pam Troy, and Maria. I want some of the popular kids to be really vicious when it comes to tormenting Liz. And others to be indifferent, not really caring one way or the other.

When Liz is 15 the torment to her gets so bad her family sends her away from Roswell to go live with a relative. Now she's in a new town where she doesn't know anybody. Mia (Dom's sister) takes an instant liking to Liz and helps her gain confidence, dress sexier, and get a more bad-ass attitude. While hanging with Mia, Liz is instantly attracted to Dom.

Dom and Liz, either a short while before Liz turns 18 or after (I want Liz to still be in high school), start to date and she becomes a member of his racing gang. Now her father is sick and she goes back to Roswell to help her mother take care of him. (I want Liz to go by herself but Dom and the other's are about 2 days behind her since they had to take care of some stuff, but they still want to support Liz while her father's sick).

The popular kids that used to tease her heard she was coming home because of her father and want to be at the Crashdown to cause her more pain. But they don't recongize her so she just walks right past them. They find out it's Liz somehow before Dom and the others get there.

The guys are instantly attracted to her and the girls (minus Maria) are instantly jealous of her. I want a confrontation to happen out on the streets and Dom and the gang come riding up evening the score.


Either Lonnie, Tess, or Pam trying to get with Dom and he turns them down flat.

Max or Rath (I normally love Rath but I see him as an asshole in this) trying to force himself on Liz and Dom saving Liz.

Dom and Liz getting caught making out or having sex in his car.
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