Our Normal (CC,M/L,YTEEN) Chap 8 - 3/27/09 [WIP]

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Our Normal (CC,M/L,YTEEN) Chap 8 - 3/27/09 [WIP]

Post by behrluv32 » Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:34 pm


Title: Our Normal

Couples: M/L and CC

Rating: Don’t know yet put lets start of w/YTEEN and see where it goes

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Summary: This picks up in the episode, “Leaving Normal” where Liz calls Max when her grandmother is in the hospital and how the show unravels from there.

Note: Why am I starting another story??? Because this has been bugging me. Don’t judge me…
-Okay but seriously, the first couple of chapters will take words from the episode.

Chapter 1

I’m not sure what it was that possessed me to call him. I only meant to step away from everyone for a second to buy a soft drink and take a quick breather, but when I passed the pay phone, I couldn’t not call Max.

“Hi, it's Max...I'm not here right now, but please leave a message.” I don’t know what I would have said if he’d actually picked up the phone, but once his voicemail ended I found myself stumbling through my explanation anyway.

“Hi, Max...it's Liz. I'm at the hospital. Something happened to my grandmother. We don't know if it's serious, but it seems really bad. I'm just scared. Look, I don't even know why I'm calling you. I guess I just wanted to hear your voice or something. Now I just feel completely stupid. Look, don't come here or anything because everyone is here. I'll just see you in school tomorrow. Sorry for the weird call. Bye”

I walk back towards the hospital lobby again and with my head low I sit next to Kyle, my boyfriend or something, I remind myself. He looks at me questioningly, but I just open my can of soda and begin to sip it slowly.

I don’t want to look at him right now. I don’t want to even think of what my actions a few minutes ago meant because right now my grandmother, the person I most admire in the world and who I love so much, is in the hospital and we don’t know anything about her condition.

Kyle continues to whisper to me, but I have blanked my mind out to the events around me. I’m numb to those feelings right now because that is all I can think to do to hold onto my sanity. Only the night before I was wondering whether everything could go back to normal and now I’m not too sure if I want to handle what normal entails. Life…death, I’d rather not know. Subconsciously, I know that is part of the reason I called Max, the other reason is far more selfish, but luckily the doctor came out before I let myself think any further into that subject.

“Dr. Sanchez,” my father greets. It’s his mother that’s in a hospital bed; I can only imagine what is running through my father’s head right now.

“ Jeff, hi. Nancy,” the doctor greets back.

“Thank you for coming...we're so glad you're able to be here.” My mother made sure Dr. Sanchez would come out to check on my grandmother’s condition. He was the best cardio specialist in New Mexico and had been there to help my grandfather through his first heart attack. It was his second one that took him from us and it almost broke my father. I hope Grandma Claudia’ s condition is better and that it wasn’t a heart-attack; I don’t know if my father could take it. I know I couldn’t.

‘Of course,” was the doctor’s simple reply.

“How is she?” my father voices the questions we’d all been waiting to know the answer to.

“Jeff, your mother's had a stroke. This is serious, but she's been responding really well. Her vital signs are good. She's stabilized.” I don’t think my gasp was audible, but I could feel my eyes bulge and my body tense at his words.

“Is she going to be ok?” The question came from my father with a soft sincerity but it was really all too much. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience and was watching the doctor tell us all this horrible news from somewhere else, non-the-less, I felt Kyle’s eyes on the back of my neck as I looked back and forth between my parents and the doctor.

“A lot of people fully recover from a stroke like this, but it's early. We're going to need some time to determine what the repercussions are.” Dr. Sanchez’s words were meant to be comforting, but to me they were anything but. All he’s said is that it can go either way. And to me that means my Grandmother’s chances are 50-50 and I don’t like those odds.
I hear my mother thank Dr. Sanchez, and his parting words of, “We have reason to be positive here,” but once those words left his mouth, a movement from the window of the swinging doors caught my eye.

As Dr. Sanchez leaves through those doors my heart starts beating profusely. It’s Max. He’s entered where the doctor left and his name falls from my lips. I feel a small smile forming and even if I could stop it I wouldn’t dare.

“Hey.” He says so much in that minute word and I feel compelled to tell him everything. I’m holding back the tears in my eyes, but I just know he can make everything better.

“My grandmother just had a stroke,” I begin.

“Oh, I'm sorry...how are you doing, you ok?” My sad smile widens.

I can tell how much he cares, but I can also tell he’s holding himself back from reaching out to me and that is when I’m trusted back into the reality of my situation. “Yeah, thanks...” I say, but then turn to the small audience I’m sure we have and say, “Everyone this is Max.”

“Hi there,” my father says.

“Hi,” Max says back and as I’m about to ask the words I already know the answer to, Kyle beats me to it.

“So, what are you doing here?” though he said it in a much harsher tone.
I see Max forming a lie without a second thought. I guess with practice it would come easily to anyone, “My cousin got into a…” he begins, but I don’t let him continue.

“I'm sorry,” I say the words but I’m not even sure who I am directing them to. I looked back into Max’s eyes, and say, “I called him,” answering Kyle’s question. I hear him scoff something along the lines of “Unbelievable,” but I really can’t bring myself to care.

“You came,” the words barely left my throat. I felt like I was choking on them as I found myself jumping into Max’s arms and I let the tears finally fall.
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Re: Our Normal M/L CC Teen 12/28

Post by behrluv32 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:39 pm

thanks for the fb guys:
begonia9508: he has a right to be jealous
Stars at Night10
Raychelxluscious: thanks so much i wasnt even thinking (im slow that way sometimes)

okay i've changed this like 3 times bc i want to incorporate a lot into this so i hope you like what ima do here...enjoy

Chapter 2

Max is holding me close as I take deep breaths into his shirt. The tears are coming down still, but I hold in the sob that’s been tethering to spill out of my throat since he caught me in his arms.

I am fully surrounded by Max, his smell… feel… touch. I burrow deeper into his brown leather jacket as he runs a hand down my hair, while the other holds me tight around my waist. The feel of his hands on me is soothing. I don’t want him to let go.

Soft whispers of reassurance reach my ears. “Liz it’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay.” I pull back. He wipes the tears off my cheeks. He kisses my forehead. I look into his eyes and his look of sincerity makes me believe, gives me hope. I believe in his words because Max can make anything be true. He makes the impossible possible.

It’s only Max and me here.

And at that thought it hit me what I was doing, “Oh God Max,” I start as I pull away from him. “I am so sorry, I’m just sorry,” I keep repeating as I shake my head. I can’t stop from rambling now, even knowing Kyle and my parents were behind me. “I- the rules, I know I’m not supposed to…”

But he cut me off, he didn’t let me finish where my thoughts were taking me.

“No Liz,” he tries again but I can’t stop the guilt that’s already building up. We promised that we’d stay away from each other and now here I am all over him. I had to control myself. He feels and sees that change in me immediately. Calmly he calls me to his attention like he did the day he changes my life forever, “Liz, hey Liz, you have to look at me. You have to look at me.”

Our eyes catch each other and that’s when the connection started—a few fleeting memories of our times together and more of him just watching me… watching over me. The images are powerful, but more than anything the feelings behind them were overwhelming. Moving close to my ear and whisper softly he says, “You don’t have to hide from me. Broken rules are what got us where we are now and to be honest with you Liz, at this point, I don't think I have any secrets left.” I only nod my head and give a weak smile, but then he said something completely unexpected.

“Hey, hey come on don’t cry. Don’t you know that one of my powers is that I’m clairvoyant?”

I don’t know how he managed it but I let out a laugh, a real, hearty laugh that had different types of tears falling down my eyes. It wasn’t even all that funny, it was just so random. I wipe my eyes and with a smile on my lips I ask, “Really and what do you see?”

Placing his hand on my cheek he says, “That only good things can happen to someone with a heart like yours…” I can’t help but hit his chest and tell him to “Shut up!” but then he laughs along with me, and asks, “Too much?”

“No… just right,” I mutter. Then I smile again, I can’t help it around Max, and say, “Thank you.” The words weren’t original, but what else could I say. His real power is the one he has over my emotions. I can’t describe it in words so much, but he makes me feel everything I never knew I wanted to feel before. So I say two simple but heartfelt words that hopefully show Max my gratitude.

“There’s no need. You—” It was now Max’s who got cut off, but not by me.

“You do realize I am here right. Your boyfriend,” Kyle said making his presence known. Max tries to step back, but I grab onto his hand and don’t let go. I need his support too much right now.

“Kyle, I…”

“So what, it’s you and Max now?” He says pointing to our joined hands, “Not that this is the time or the place, but you do realize we were on a date tonight?”

“Kyle, I—” I begin, but then look to my parents and see their curiosity in this whole situation. Kyle was right about one thing, this is not the right time or place. My grandmother is in the hospital and the last thing I want to think about is the status of my relationships with any guy. “Can we talk outside?” I ask though I never let Max go. He tries to pull away again and this time I let him. This is something I should’ve taken care of a while ago. Kyle gives Max a hard look and shoves past him as he follows me out the door. I lip an, ‘I’m sorry,’ to Max before going completely out the doors he entered earlier.

We walk outside and the cold desert night hits me. I don’t even have my jacket on. I feel Kyle’s eyes boring into my back as I lead him outside. When we get to an empty area outside the hospital I turn to look at Kyle and before I can think of my first words he says, “So this is my kiss off or something now?”

But he doesn’t let me answer.

“Look I know this is probably the worst timing and I get that, but I have to say this. I don’t know what is going on with the two of you, but I don’t like it. For the past month, since the day of the shooting, he’s decided to hang all over you, and then you call him when I am already here for you. I care a lot about you Liz. You’re my girl, but I can’t accept this.”

“You can’t accept this?” I say my tone slightly outraged.

“Would you? If it was me?” and I know he’s right. We’ve been dating since school let out last year. That is June to October. Has it really been over four months now? Kyle is technically my boyfriend and even if Max and I never got together, I know I don’t have the same feelings for Kyle as he does for me.

I didn’t want to do this here or like this, but here goes nothing. “Max and I are just friends… good friends. A-and I called him because I really needed and wanted him to be here. I’m sorry if you can’t understand that, but he makes me feel safe. Max and I aren’t together…” I see Kyle’s shoulders relax in acceptance and I know the next words will hurt, “and neither are we.”


“Kyle, I just, I really don't think that we should be together anymore.” I tell him and I see his anger growing.

“So, you're going to break up with me so you can be with Max?” He won’t let it go.

“No, it's complicated.”

“It's because of Max.”

“No, I told you that Max...you know what—STOP! I can’t do this now. I just won’t! Thank you for being here, but I think it’s time for you to go home now. I don’t want to argue with you and I have to go see my grandmother.”
I don’t mean to use my ailing grandmother as an excuse. It is the truth though. I need to get back to her because I’ve spent too much time with this as it is.

Right now Kyle is just not top priority and even less so Kyle and our relationship.

“But it’s okay for Max to stay.” He had to throw that last one in.

I shake my head and say the only thing I can, “I'm sorry Kyle.” His head slumps down and I turn away. I can’t worry about Kyle right now. I finally did what I have been putting off for weeks and I have to get back to the ER.
Realization quickly dawns on me then, ‘Oh my God, the ER where I left Max alone with my parents,’ I think as I rush back into the hospital.
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Re: Our Normal M/L CC Teen 1/21/08 Ch.2

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Thanks to everyone who left feedback it was really great :D here's the next part and i hope you'll like it...

Chapter 3

“So Evans as in Phillip and Diane Evans,” Jeff asked the young man that obviously had something going on with his daughter. At Max’s nod Jeff continued, “I’ve seen you in the restaurant a lot with your sister and the boy with the hair.” Jeff said making gestures with his hand around his head.

“Yes sir.” Max said, then after a pause he started again, “I am really sorry, you know, about your mother. Liz didn’t tell me much, but I know how much she means to her.” Max didn’t know what else to say. There really wasn’t anything else to say. Max didn’t know anything about Liz’s grandmother and had only met Liz’s parents in passing or as they were serving him. So after he said his part he just put his head down and grew quiet.

Neither parent knew the importance of this young man to Liz, but it could also wait. They had other things on their minds and figured Liz was dealing with a lot too.


When I get back the waiting room I am frozen in my spot for a moment. My parents are sitting close together with their arms wrapped around each other and Max is sitting nervously across from them with his hands in his pockets, his head low and his foot tapping.

My mother sees me first.

“Liz,” she says her voice a bit raspy.

Max turns and sees me then.

I gesture for him to come to me and give my parents a small smile. I can only wonder what they must think.

Max follows me and we stop just outside of my parents’ line of vision.

“I’m sorr…”

“So you’re going to start with that again,” Max says stopping my words once more.

He hasn’t asked the question I know must be running through his mind. It doesn’t even look like he’s going to try and for that I am grateful. I’m not in the mood to explain anything about Kyle. That part of my life is done…well for now at least and most definitely for tonight.

“I’m glad you’re okay Liz, but I should probably go now too,” Max said breaking me out of my thoughts.

He’s saying good bye. No he can’t, he can’t leave yet.

“Max.” It’s my voice that is raspy now. “Don’t…please, not yet.”

“Liz,” Max is shaking his head now.

I don’t let him argue. I walk into his arms and wrap mine around his waist. His arms naturally wrap around me as well. “Liz,” my name comes out as a whisper from his lips.

“I can’t explain it…I-I don’t even understand it, but you make things okay. Everything feels better when you’re holding me.” I feel his body shaking. I know he’s holding to the last vestiges of his control and as I squeeze him tighter. I can literally feel that control slip away completely.

“It’s okay, I’m here. I am not going anywhere,” he says and I smile into his chest.

“Thank you,” I say again and we spend how many untold minutes just standing there in our embrace.

I’m not sure when I started to cry again, but I guess Max felt it too because he pulls back to look me in the eyes. His fingers wipe away the final tears that escape their ducts. My eyes close at the gentle contact and miss him leaning into me. My eyes pop open when I feel his lips on my head. His smooth, gentle, full lips pressing against my forehead are making me tremble. Who ever got weak in the knees over a soft brush of someone’s lips on their forehead? I don’t think I can even comprehend what more than that would do to me.

Max starts to speak again but this night has made my mind into mush. What is he talking about? Doctors what?

I give him a strange look and he repeats, “I said did her doctors say anything? Have you seen her?” He asked genuinely concerned.

“No, we haven’t been allowed in yet. The only thing they said is that she had a stroke, but they got her stabilized and she has good vitals. She’s so strong Max. She’s the strongest person I know. She’s smart and so brave. She’s just the best. I really want you to meet her. Everyone that meets her just loves her.”

“Like grandmother like granddaughter,” Max says and I laugh.

“No Max, she’s just…”

“Like you. Just by the way you talk about her I can tell you two are a lot alike.”

“Thank you for saying that.” How does he always know what to say to make everything feel like it’s going to be okay?

“Do you think that you’ll be able to go in to see her soon?” Max asks then.

“No, no I doubt it. I think it’s going to be a while before they let us in. Doctors always make you wait forever.”

“Do you want to go somewhere, anywhere to get out of here for a little while? You know not too far, but to just get some air.” I think about my answer for all of a second. I shake my head yes and tell him to go out front and that I’d meet him there soon. I walk over to my parents, but honestly don’t even know what to tell them. They both give me questioning looks and when they notice I’m alone, my mom is the first to ask the obvious.

“Is everything okay? Did Max and Kyle both leave?”

“No mom, well yeah Kyle left but Max is waiting for me outside. I need to get some air, but I promise we’ll be back really soon.” My mom looks like she’s about to protest, but my father steps in then.

“Don’t go to far away honey, I want you to be here when she wakes up. We should go in as a family.”

“I know daddy. I want that too.” The words come out a little choked but I cough it back. My dad notices though and gets up give me a hug and a kiss.

“I’m not sure who this boy is, but if he can make you smile in a time like this then I’m glad he’s your friend. Be back soon,” he finishes giving me one last tight hug before sending me off.

I meet Max at the hospital entrance. We don’t say anything. He holds out his hand and I take it as we begin to walk passed the parking lot and towards the old Cedar Hills park. It’s nothing but a few benches, a basket ball hoop and a swing set, but it’s quiet and there are a few lamp posts illuminating the dark night.

It’s getting colder. Max notices my shivers. He pulls off his jacket to put over my shoulders. We walk to the swing set where he has me sit as he begins to push me softly. Momentum picks up though and for a small time, I am gliding through the air with the wind rushing through my hair. It was freeing. It was refreshing. It was exactly what I needed.

When I began to slow down again, I think about my grandmother and a revelation hits me. I turn to Max and break our comfortable silence. “I think she's going to be okay. I mean, if anyone can pull through this, it's her. She's so full of life. I was thinking that when she gets better, I'd really love for you to meet her. I mean I know I said that before, but I want you to get to talk to her like we could all go out. She’s lead the most fascinating life and she just published an article on the first findings of the Navajo Indians in hundreds of years. It’s called Lost Treasures and it's going to be in the American Journal of Archeology. We should celebrate that, shouldn’t we? I mean it isn’t just any old writer that can get published in a journal like that. It is very prestigious.” I look to see Max smiling down at me and I blush.

“Come on I’m ready to go back. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce you tonight if she feels up to it,” I say excitedly pulling him back through the park and towards the hospital. Before we make it back through the entrance I stop us. Taking Max by surprise and myself as well, I lean up towards him and plant a kiss on his lips. I smile when I step back, but don’t say a word. It felt more fitting to the night not to speak. The fingers of his right hand move up to brush his lips, so I grab his other hand and continue to lead our way back to my parents in the waiting room. They are sitting in the same position I left them. I sit down beside them and bringing Max with me. Sitting between my father and Max, I join my free hand on top of my parent’s joined hands and grasps Max’s hand a little stronger as well. On any other night this may have been awkward, but not tonight. Tonight, it was exactly what I needed.

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Re: Our Normal M/L CC Teen 2/18/08 Ch.3 A/N 4/6

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Chapter 4


“Oh Max, are you just getting in now? It’s so late. Where have you been?” That’s my mother, always concerned, always doting.

“I was at the hospital,” I say and when her eyes lift to mine in shock I realize those may not have been the best words to use. I haven’t actually seen my mother in two days, since Kyle’s friends roughed me up, because I didn’t want her t see my bruises. It’s funny how I completely forgot about how my face must look.

“Oh my God Max what happened to you? PHILLIP!” My mother yells effectively bringing my father and Isabel barreling out of their separate corners of the house. My mom does not usually scream so they came quickly.

“Mom, stop. It’s nothing, that’s not why I was in the hospital,” I try to explain to my mother as she fusses over me, but all I do is have my father and Isabel jump into the confusion as well.

“You were in the hospital? What happened to your face? Did you get in an accident? Why didn’t you call us?” That’s my father now replacing my mother in front of me.

Isabel doesn’t see me before she opens her mouth, because if she did she would have noticed the bruises on my face where the same from earlier that afternoon. “My God Max, they put you in the hospital this time?” She says and stops with an, “Oh,” when she sees me and the looks on our parents’ faces.

“Will everyone stop!” I say louder than I expected to come out, but effectively getting three pairs of hands out of my face. “Nothing happened to me. My friends grandmother was in the hospital, she had a stroke and I was just there to help her?”

“Her who?” That’s my mother for you. She only heard what she wanted to hear.

But not my father, the lawyer in him heard every word, “No, wait, then what happened to your face and why did Isabel say, ‘They put you in the hospital this time.’?”

I glare at Isabel the best I can with the slight swell in my eye. She lips a ‘sorry,’ though part of me doesn’t believe her. I told her I was staying away from Liz only this afternoon and here I spent most of the night with her anyway.

“This,” I say gesturing to my face, “happened yesterday; it’s nothing I just fell.”

“Fell and landed on someone’s fist Max? You were never one to lie to us, so don’t start now,” my father scolds.

Isabel steps in when I hang my head low. It’s been a long few days and I don’t need my parents crap to mount onto everything else. “Max likes a girl who already has a boyfriend.”

“Thanks, Isabel, big help,” I don’t think my voice carried the sarcasm enough.

She doesn’t stop though and I wonder what she’s pulling. “He lied to me the first time too. Some of Liz’s, the girl, boyfriend’s friends beat him up the other night after they saw Max and her together.”

“Isabel shut up,” I have had enough.

“Is that where you were? With Liz tonight? Is her grandmother the one who had the stroke?” My mother asks.

I only nodded my head. I was too tired to argue the story. At least it wasn’t a lie.

“Oh Max, you should have told us this happened,” came my mother’s worried voice.

“I want all of these boys names Max. We’ll press charges in the morning,” my father said walking over to grab a pen and paper on the counter.

“Dad that isn’t necessary. It’s all over.”

“Max these boys assaulted you,” Phillip argued.

“Liz’s boyfriend is the Sheriff’s son” Isabel threw in and I only respond with a dirty look. She seems determined to spill my guts for me.

“Well that is no reason not to press charges Max…” my father continues but I am done.

“ENOUGH!” I bark getting everyone to stop in their tracks. “Look I’m tired. It has been a long night and I am not pressing any charges. What happened, happened so just drop it.” I charge to my room without another word, slam my door and lock it. I need to be well rested for tomorrow. I want to be there for Liz in case she needs me. I need to be there for her. I would still be with her at the hospital if it weren’t for her parents. I knew they needed some time alone as a family and they had not had that yet. They all planned to stay night in the hospital, so after a few more hours reminiscing in the hospital about Grandma Claudia and all their times together, I left feeling as if I knew her almost as well as they did.

This whole situation has been really hard on Liz and as she walked me out to my jeep we spent a few moments in each other’s arms. Before I drove off I wiped the tears from her eyes. I wanted her to promise me those would be her last tears shed tonight but I knew better. I just hope her grandmother’s condition does not worsen. I don’t think she can take it, not tonight.

I hear the knob turning back and forth and I turn my eyes upward. “Isabel so help me God if you open that door…”

“Max it’s me,” I hear my mother’s soft voice through the door and I kind of wish it were Isabel.

I walk to the door and take a deep breath before letting her in. “What mom,” I say already walking back to my bed.

“So you really like this Liz girl?”


“Well I don’t like you seeing a girl who already has a boyfriend. That can only cause trouble.” I know she’s only trying to protect me but it really isn’t necessary. I’m about to tell her as much but she does not let me. “However, dating is not married and if you really care about this girl… you do don’t you? I wouldn’t think you take a beating for her and then still go console her if it wasn’t just a passing fling.” My mother reads the shock in my eyes. She is not usually so…blunt.

She’s still probing and I find myself saying more than I ever expected. She’s the only person who would want to know and actually care anyway. Isabel and Michael, well they were Michael and Isabel and they did not approve of even a friendship with Liz. “I-I like her, I like her a lot. I always have.”

“Well does she feel the same way about you?”

“I don’t know. I think so.” I don’t mean to let my insecurities show, but I can’t help it. Liz very well may not have as strong of feelings for me as I do for her.

“I’m sure she does honey,” my mother says as if it were ridiculous to think anything else.

“Mom you don’t even know her.”

“I know you honey, I know you. Good night Max.” She says kissing my head. She stops at the door then and turns back to say, “When things settle down with Liz invite her over for dinner.” She closes the door and a smile forms on my face. I go to sleep with thoughts of Liz.

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Re: Our Normal M/L CC Teen 6/29/08 ch.4 a/n 10/15

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thanks Daydreamer23 and everyone who has left fb before, but as you can see all of it was erased when this went to D&B. i didn't even notice I took this long to update :roll: and a special thanks to evansgrl who's letting me post this with her comp. I hope you like this bc i really enjoy writing it :D

Chapter 5


I wasn’t supposed to come to school today. When I left the hospital, as per my mother’s wishes, I was headed home; but I did not want to be home alone or even sitting at the Crash having everyone distributing condolences. So I walked, I walked with no real direction or plan and about 45 minutes later I found myself at the entrance of West Roswell High.

I think I would have laughed if I didn’t know exactly why I came straight to school. Straight to where Max would be. ‘Huh, typical,’ I breath as I shake the thoughts forming in my mind. Although everything that happened with Max last night is still fresh on my mind, I can’t help the feeling that Max has enough on his plate to add me and my problems too. We aren’t even supposed to be seen together in public and even if Max doesn’t mind, Michael and Isabel will. I suddenly remembered I am still wearing his jacket. I haven’t taken it off since he put it on me last night. I smile at the thought as I walk into the school building.

I check my phone for the time and notice third period is well under way and the last thing I want to do is go to class. I look down at the clothes I have been wearing since last night too, the ones I slept in, and I suddenly want to shower. I’m glad I have a towel and an extra set of clothes in my gym locker. I don’t get out of the shower until I hear the gym bell ring. I get out and change quickly, before the rush of girls come to do the same.

‘Max has gym fourth period… Max has gym fourth period… Max has gym fourth period,’ and that is all I can think of as I pace in front of the boys’ locker room. I know what I am doing; I also know I shouldn’t be doing what I am doing. I just, I really need him right now and I don’t want to care what is right or wrong or what Michael and Isabel think, so I pace until I catch sight of him at the end of the corridor.

He doesn’t notice me yet. His eyes are downcast and he’s not really paying too much attention to his surroundings. My eyes widen when I see two guys in letterman jackets push pass him on both sides and bump into him. They make Max drop the books in his hand, and then kick the books out of his reach when he tries to reach for them. I’m too far to see the jocks faces as they walk off, but as I reach Max his reaction is clear. A controlled anger as he tries to stop himself from doing what we both know he’s capable of, but would never actually execute.

“Oh God, Max. Are you okay? What was that about?” I ask as I hand him the notebook he missed.

I can visibly see the anger leave his features as a consoling smile forms on his lips. “Hey, how’s your grandmother?” he asks, brushing off my questions.

“The same still. We’re waiting, but I’m confident that she’ll be up soon. The doctors gave her a lot of medicine last night, so we knew she wouldn’t be up for some time. My mom wanted me to take a break though so…”

With a bit of a laugh Max asks, “So you came here?”

I smile and lower my head, “I-I didn’t really want to be home alone, just waiting,” I say as Max puts his hand on my cheek and my eyes lift to meet his.

“You really shouldn’t be here tough. Do you want to go somewhere? We could sit and talk? Have you eaten yet?” He sounds so concerned, I catch my heart beating double time.

I’m about to answer, but my stomach does it for me. My eyes widen in mortification, “Wow, okay that wasn’t even a little embarrassing,” I say in a low whisper as I wrap his coat tighter around me.

He just smiles, “It’s not, don’t worry about it.”

He moves his hand onto my shoulder easing the tension in my muscles. “I- you forgot your jacket.”

“No I didn’t. You needed it more.” Everything he says makes me blush. I pull his coat tighter. It smells like him and makes me feel as if he is wrapping me in his embrace.

“So, about last night,” I start, “I’m glad you came. It really meant a lot that you were there. I know I probably shouldn’t have called…”

“Liz we went over this already. Any time you need me I’ll be there, so stop apologizing. It isn’t necessary.” What is more comforting than Max’s silky toned voice? The truth behind his words. I know he means every word. Max is quickly becoming a fixture at all the most important moments of my life and I don’t mind it one single bit; in fact, I revel in it. “I’d really like for you to be there with me when she wakes up,” I blurt out then. I needed to say that before I lost the nerve. I am asking him to spend another day sitting in the hospital with me and my family. He’s already offered to miss the school day and even as the words leave my lips I can’t help but feel guilty.

I think he sees my hesitation but doesn’t comment. “Of course I’ll be there. You want to get out of here now?” He asks as he shuffles his books to one hand.

“I don’t want you to get in trouble. I already made you late to class…” I stop mid-sentence when Max puts his arm around my shoulder and starts guiding me towards the exit. He kisses me atop my head and I burrow closer to his side.

“I know just the place we can go.” If anything were ever simple between Max and I we would have made it to his car without any interruption, but it is us and drama seams to follow us.

Michael comes out of the boys’ room just as we are to pass it. The disapproval on his face is evident. “This is unbelievable. The two of you are just looking for trouble you know that.” His words are harsh and even knowing the truth behind them. I hope Max doesn’t take it to heart.

“Michael…” Max tries to explain but Michael isn’t hearing it.

“No, go ahead and hold hands in the hall. Why don’t you just start making out with her at football practice, so Kyle and his friends can just finish you off.”

“Michael,” Max is stern with just that one word shutting Michael up. He moves his arm off of my shoulder, but before he gets to Michael I stop to ask the obvious.

I think back to the guys in the letterman jackets pushing Max and then look at the bruises on his face. “Those aren’t bruises from a fall are they?” but I don’t let him answer. “Oh God, I’m so stupid. I’m sorry…I never. You’re the last person in the world that could ever deserve that Max.” My voice hitched like three times and I am so embarrassed it’s my entire fault.

I turn away from them not knowing what to do from here. He doesn’t need for me to get him in any more trouble. First the Sheriff and now Kyle and his friends, any time Max does something to help me he gets hurt.

“Liz wait,” Max says before I take a step away from him.

“Liz?” Maria comes up to my left and I go straight to her arms.

“Petunia, what are you doing here?” I feel her turn towards Max and Michael and I try to hold back the tears.

“Liz we’ll still go, just give me a second please,” his appeal is strong and I can’t help but argue anyway.

“Max I don’t think—”

“Liz please, let me just talk to Michael.” I nod my head but the remorse I was feeling before multiplied tenfold as they step off to the side.

“What was that about? What are you doing in school? How is she?” She’s throwing too many questions at me and I stop her after the third one. She’ll go on forever if I let her.

“I was in the hospital all night with my parents… and Max.”

“Max stood with you and your parents in the hospital all night?” shock and awe are written all over Maria’s face.

“Well not all night, he came by not too long after it happened. He stood with us for a few hours and then went home,” she was giving me the ‘is that all’ look and I say what’s been plaguing me since I saw Max again, “Well, I kind of kissed him.”


“It was an innocent peck on the lips,” I add for good measure.

“Innocent,” she looks all too skeptical.

“He was just so sweet and perfect last night Maria. He made me feel so much better, like I didn’t have anything to worry about. He was wonderful,” I heard the awe in my own voice now. “He’s always there for me Maria. Max is gong to take me out now so we can eat and talk.”

“Liz…uh putting aside any reservations I may have about you having any type of a relationship with the E.T. crew, I thought you two agreed not to be seen together in public for a while. And I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but you do still have a boyfriend that if I am not mistaken, you had a date with last night before everything with Grandma Claudia.”

“Kyle was there when I called Max to come to the hospital. A lot of stuff happened but I broke up with him last night,” Maria’s eyes just bugged out and I know she has 101 questions but I see Max coming towards us and I whisper quickly what I want her to know, “Kyle and his friends on the football team beat Max up because of me and I don’t know what to do.”

Max walked up beside us and I can only imagine what we must look like to him. Maria’s inspecting his bruises with an intricate eye and I know my shame must be clear as day. He knows we were talking about him but doesn’t comment. “Hey, sorry about him. Hi Maria.”

“Max…hi, uh we’re not quite done yet do you…”

Maria has a lot of questions, and rightly so, but Max and I have a lot to discuss and I don’t even know where to begin with him. “Maria, I’ll tell you the rest at work tonight okay,” I say trying to ward her off.

Maria just let out a sigh and said, “No, you’re not working tonight.”

“No, Stephanie’s on vacation, Karen’s pregnant, and those tooth people are going to invade. I cannot leave you by yourself.” Have I said what a great friend I have in Maria? She’s great but she can’t possibly run that place by herself.

“Liz you should be with your family today. You shouldn’t be at work or even at school, okay? I can handle the Crash Down.”

“Are you sure?” I have to ask anyway.

“Absolutely, and besides I’m not alone I have Agnes,” just that argument alone makes me want to protest some more, but she isn’t hearing it. Directing Max now she says, “Take care of her,” before giving me a hug waving her bathroom pass at me and walking into the girls’ room. Max puts his hand on my back, guiding me to where his car is. We don’t say anything as he opens the car door to let me in.

I want to apologize for what he’s had to go through since saving my life.

I want to run over to Kyle and strangle him.

I want to ask Kyle what right his friends and he think they have to even touch Max.

I want to cry because I feel so guilty.

Guilty about everything I’m doing to Max.

Guilty about leaving Maria to run the Crash Down.

Guilty that it’s been about 10 minutes since I’ve even thought about my ailing grandmother.

Guilty that all I really want is for Max to pull over and hold me like he did last night.

I turn to look out the window as we drive.

I wipe the tears that reach my cheeks and hold in the sob that threatens to escape my lungs.

I pull myself back together quietly, hoping that Max doesn’t notice my mini meltdown.

I need Max.

I want Max.

But he doesn’t need me.

And even if he may want me, everything in his life was so much better before I came into it. I make his life complicated.

If it isn’t complicated, he probably isn’t a soul mate.

Words my grandmother spoke float back into my head and oddly enough words that were so comforting yesterday do little to sooth me today.

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Re: Our Normal M/L CC Teen CH. FIVE 10/17

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Chapter 6

Max P.O.V

We’ve been driving for a few minutes and Liz has yet to say one word or even look in my direction. I keep glancing back at her but she seems to be finding the scenery fascinating that or the urge to be away from me is growing stronger with every mile I add to the car. If I had the top down she’d already be out the window. I sigh knowing I should say something to Liz, but I am scared she’s going to renege on her offer to spend the day with her.

I really wish we made it out of the school without running into Michael. If she heard anything he said, we would have never made it out the hall way let alone to the jeep.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Michael was never one to be subtle.

“Michael let it go,” I try to dismiss the situation but he can’t see past Liz and me together.

“You made promises Max and twice you have broken them because of her. Here I am going the extra mile to help you out and…”

“What do you mean? What did you do?” Why don’t I have a good feeling about this?

“What did I do?”

“What the hell did you do Michael?” I know I’m going to regret knowing.

“I’m helping you out…”

“How?” I ask getting aggravated that he’s avoiding my question. “What did you do?”

“What I did is what you should have done. I am taking care of those guys that beat the crap out of you so you can what… go around holding hands with another guy’s girl in front of the whole school. Are you stupid? Here I am helping you…”

I’ve had enough. “No, you're not helping me out. You promised me that you wouldn't do anything to those guys.”

“I promised I wouldn't hurt those guys. Just like you promised you were staying away from her.”

“You're putting us in danger, Michael.” I tried not to scream, because the last thing I wanted was for Liz to hear any of this.

“You're the one who put us in danger when you saved Liz. You're the one who screwed up and keeps screwing up.”
It took a lot for me not to get violent with him right then, but I turned to Liz who was being consoled by her best friend and instead I said, “Yeah, and I'd do it again right now.” And I would, in a heart beat.

“Let's hope we can trust her.” There was so much defiance in his tone but he just doesn’t understand. Liz would never betray us. She’s just not like that.

“I trust her. We can trust her.” I all but plea for him to understand, but well it’s Michael.

“Well, I don't trust anyone these days.” He walks away, but I don’t call after him. We both need to cool down and Liz needed me more right then.

Michael will come around; he just needed more proof than my words could give him. I only hope he doesn’t do something foolish to verify what I already know. I’d trust Liz with my life…I already have.
I am the first to break the silence, “I want to apologize again for Michael,” I start but then I notice why she has not turned to look at me since getting in the car. When I hear her sniffle I pull the car over.

“Liz?” She still doesn’t turn, not until I put my hand on her shoulder.

Pulling me into a hug Liz startles me into silence as she starts apologizing for things that I could never blame her for. “This is my fault…I’m sorry. They had no right to touch you and here you are going through all of this because of me and I ask you to put yourself out there more. I promise I’ll talk to Kyle and fix all of this…not like he’ll listen to me after we broke up, but you don’t have to feel obligated to do anything Max. You don’t have to come to the hospital or…”

I don’t let her finish. They broke up? She never, I never… I pull out of her hug and say, “I am not doing anything out of some weird sense of obligation Liz. I’m not doing this only because you asked. I want to be there for you so stop feeling guilty. You don’t have to talk to Kyle or make anything right. We’re friends and friends are there for each other in times like these. So what you are going to do now is wipe your tears okay. I am taking you to get some food and then I want to show you something…”

She wipes her tears but it doesn’t stop her protest, “Max I don’t…”

I am not so easily swayed either. I put my hand on her cheek and am about to say something anything to make her feel better, to convince her that I want to be here for her, but I have already said all that and more. When she looks into my eyes I see guilt in hers. My thumb moves across her lips and both our eyes follow its movement but before I know what’s happening my lips descend on hers. The kiss is brief, both our lips opening slightly, her tongue reaching out to caress mine, one stroke, two strokes and then another, while one of her hands is behind my head and the other resting on my thigh. We pull back and I can’t hide the smile on my face anymore than Liz can conceal her blush. “Friends,” I say then but my smile widens with her counter.

“Good friends.”

I pull back onto the road in a more comfortable silence than the first time around. Liz turned on the radio and moves to sit closer to me. I put my arm around her as she rests her head on my shoulder. After a while she asks where we’re going.

“Just this little dive to pick up some food and then I wanted to show you some place,” I say keeping it a mystery for now.

We stop by a diner I stopped in one time with my parents. They make the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted in the state of New Mexico and I tell Liz as much. She smiles and we order two plated of food and some drinks to go. We get back onto the highway and Liz starts to take in the scenery.

“This is so cool,” she says in awe.

“It’s the old highway. My dad used to take this when we drove to Albuquerque,” I say as I point out a group of wild horses out in the distance grazing across the plane.

We drive a bit further before we arrive at our destination. Her eyes look on in pure wonder, “Oh my god Max this is so beautiful. Where are we?”

“It’s Valley Scenic View,” I say as I pull out the blanket in the back of my car and set it out for a picnic. We’re surrounded by mountains, trees and large natural lakes, “This is one of the basins that the Pecos River empties into,” and all I can see is Liz’s beauty, “maybe another time we can go out down there and take in the scenery up close.”

“I’d love that,” she says standing off a bit into the distance. Her arms are wrapped around her body as she takes in our whole surroundings before saying, “Grandma Claudia would love this place; do you think we could come out here with her too after she gets out the hospital?”

“I’ll drive you both out here myself,” I say and she gives me a beautiful smile that lights up her whole face. She walks back to the blanket and we spend a few hours eating and talking about everything and nothing at the same time. We laugh and joke until we hear the announcer on the radio say it’s four o’clock. We pull our stuff together and I hold out my hand to help her up, our destination Roswell Medical.

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Re: Our Normal M/L CC Teen CH. SIX NOV. 15, 2008 a/n 11/17/08

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Chapter 7

Liz P.O.V

I did not realize how far out we drove until it was time to go back. Just as we were getting onto the road again my parents called to check up on me and let me know there had been no change. The news broke my heart; no change means she still has yet to wake up, and the doctors said the longer it takes, the less likely waking up will be a possibility. After the incredible afternoon I spent with Max, where he helped me forget momentarily that I had any problems, I was brought back into said present with a screeching halt.

After I informed Max of my parents’ news he took my hand and held it, to comfort me through the drive. It was almost an hour before we reached the hospital and only when he parked the car did he let go just to hurry out the car and open the door for me, where he proceeded to reach out for my hand again. I’d find the whole situation comical if for the whole ride I had not been thinking of asking Max for a favor I had no right to ask.

I held my breath as I entered the waiting room.

“Dad, Mom,” I said in a raspy tone. ‘My God they look awful,’ I thought. Guilt of a new kind started to form. My parents have not left the hospital in nearly 20 hours and the wear of sleeping scrunched up on chairs the night before mixed with a day of worry and no real answers was wearing heavy, especially on my dad.

They look up at me and I see so much pain in my father’s eyes but he tries to mask it with a smile. I smile up to Max and give his hand a quick squeeze before letting go to run into my father’s arms. I give him a tight hug and then feel my mother put her arms around us both.

“There has been no change since this morning. She hasn’t even opened her eyes,” my mother says getting my attention.

“Can I go into see her?” I ask and my father nods in response.

“We’ve been sitting with her talking all day, but the doctors needed to run a few more test and that’s when we called you. She should be back in her room soon then you can sit with her,” my father choked out and it made a ball form in my throat.

“Dad, I’m here now okay. Please go out with mom for a while and get some food, both of you should shower and change. I’ll stay with her,” when I saw my father about to protest I rushed, “Max is here with me. He’s going to keep me company and everything is going to be fine. You told me the same thing this morning too. You said I needed a bit of a break well so do you, the both of you. If—when she wakes up or if anything changes I will call you right away. You don’t want grandma to wake up and see you all haggard and wearing your greasy shirt from the Crash Down last night, do you?”

“I love you so much sweetie,” my father said hugging me tight one more. When he pulled back he stood looking at me with an expression I’ve never seen before, “You are growing up right before my eyes and I can believe I didn’t see it before now. I always just thought of you like my little girl but you’re a young woman,” he said and I blush. I have no comment, not that he needed one. My mother just smiles beside me and nods her head in agreement. “I’ll stop a nurse and let them know to get you when they bring in your grandma.”

Before they leave they stop to greet Max who has just been standing a bit away letting us have our moment. My dad shakes his hand then gives him a pat on the back and my mother hugs him and whispers something in his ear that visibly surprises Max, but I see him just nod his head and blush. My dad holds out his hand for my mother and leads her out the waiting room doors and I smile at their loving gestures to one another.

“What was that about,” I ask Max as he sits next to me.


“Come on, tell me,’ I pursue a bit more.

Max is a bit easy to break. “She said thank you and then said I was a good boy,” Max said with a sheepish smiles as he blushed again.

We sit for a bit longer before Max breaks the silence and my nervous jittering leg by saying, “What’s on your mind?”

I think about making something up but in the end I cant. I don’t want to. I’m glad we’re alone right now because what I have to say is private—personal. I look into his eyes and say, “So I've been thinking about why I called you, you know, yesterday from the hospital. Because I knew it was against the rules and it led to that whole awkward moment with Kyle... and then another one with Michael. But, I called anyway. Sort of couldn't help it. Because when something like this happens, what's happening to my grandmother, you don't listen to logic to what you're supposed to do. You listen to your heart, and my heart told me to call you. Because you were the one person in the world that I really wanted to talk to. Max, I've been thinking something, and I'm really not going to be able to get it out of my head unless I just say it. I'm really sorry for asking you this, but is there, is there anything that you could do for my grandmother, you know, do?

I see the sadness and regret in his eyes long before the words come. “Liz, when I saved you, it was because you were shot, and there was a bullet in you. Something was happening to you that wasn't supposed to happen. It was before your time. But I can't just heal people. I'm not God.”

“I know,” I say nodding my head as a few tears drop before quickly wiping them away.

“I’m sorry,” Max begins but I can’t possibly let him feel sorry over this.

“NO! Don’t you feel bad about this. I won’t let you. I asked because I just needed to know if you could, but you can’t. And that’s fine. You can perform many miracles Max but I don’t expect you to be able to do everything. You can’t blame yourself because I don’t and if you do, I’ll feel even more terrible than I do now for even asking.” I say trying to keep my composure.

He was about to say something else but the nurse entered the waiting area and quickly stopped his words. “Hi, are you Ms. Parker,” I nod and she continues, “Your grandmother was just brought back to her room, so you can go in at any time.”

I smile and thank her before turning back to Max. “Max, I—could you give me just a couple of minutes alone with her and then I’ll call you in?” I don’t want him to get the impression that I am doing this for any reason but wanting a few moments alone with Grandma Claudia.

“Yeah, okay. Take all the time you need. I’m going to the bathroom then I’ll be right outside her door, so just call me whenever you need me,” he said before leading me to my grandma’s room and leaving me with a kiss on the head.

I sit by my grandmother’s bed and see how much she’s seemed to age over the course of a day and I want to cry but I stay strong. I move my chair close up to her, take her hand in mine and I begin to talk to her. I tell her about my day and tell her all the things I wanted to tell her about Max yesterday, but was too embarrassed to confess. I tell her that mom and dad will be back soon but before they do that she’ll get to meet Max. I tell her that Maria wanted to be here too except she is covering for me at the Crash right now, but she’ll be in not before long and probably bring Amy too. I explain that Alex is away with his parents this week at their family reunion and that he’d be really upset if she weren’t around next week to see all the pictures from their five day Halloween themed event in Salem, Massachusetts. I tell her everything but the goodbye that I can’t bear to have to deliver when I’m not sure if she can even hear me. No I can’t say goodbye and I won’t because I still have hope.

Max P.O.V

I walk up to the nurse that came to the waiting room and ask, “Excuse me nurse, but what information can you give me about strokes?”
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i was watching evan almighty yesterday and evan was telling god that building an arc just was not part of his plans for that day...well god just laughed and laughed and asked something along the lines of "Your plans?" before he started to laugh again. well i think that's what god does to me every time i leave an A/N because the day i left my note my power cord broke in two. and since my story was saved on my comp. well you get the drift :roll: so i bought a new cord (not a very good one, but semi-suitable for my needs) and i started writing again. so thank you to everyone for the lovely feed back, it does make me want to write till my fingers cramp up from pure exhaustion :D.

thanks to all these feed-backers and the lurkers as well :wink:

Chapter 8


The nurse gave me a small but sad smile. She agreed of course because how could she say no when my friend’s grandmother is in the hospital. We talked for a little while before we stopped at the nurse’s station, where she printed a few papers for me to read. She smiled at me again before saying, “It’s sweet… you know that you want to know what’s happening to your girlfriend’s grandmother.”

I was going to correct her then, but decided against it. If there was anyone who could think that Liz was my girlfriend without it being a problem it was a complete stranger.

I pull up a chair outside of the hospital room and wait for Liz to call me in, while I delve into my research. I don’t know what I could do, if anything at all, but I want to try to help any way I can.

I’m not sure how long I waited, but I had gone through all the information the nurse gave me several times before Liz came out to get me. Her eyes were red a puffy from crying. She may have wiped away the tears but she can’t hide the sadness in her eyes. I fold the papers into my back pocket and turn my attention back to Liz. I still don’t know what I plan to do but I know I have to do something.



I took my time talking to my grandmother. Some part of me keeps saying it was to make up for the time I missed with her when she first arrived another knew it was ridiculous but the latter got fazed away the more I babbled. The babbling led to crying and the last thing I wanted to do was just sit by her bedside and cry. It seemed wrong and I couldn’t take it anymore so I got up, took a few deep breaths, wiped my eyes and went to find Max. I wanted him to come in and join us because this one-way communication was becoming unbearable.

I open the door and find him deeply studying some papers. I take a few moments to watch him, but he quickly notices me. I must look a mess and I can see the worry in his eyes immediately, but I ignore it. I motion for him to follow me into the room and he pulls up his seat next to me.

He holds my hand. It’s sweet.

“What were you reading?” I ask.

“Oh nothing…just a homework thing.” I nod my head about to respond but a noise in the room catches my attention.

The beeping monitor brings doctors and nurses in pushing me away. I faintly hear ‘Code Blue ICU,’ but it’s all just background noise. All I can see is my grandmother convulsing on the bed until I feel hands wrap around me to pull me out the room.

“Liz!” Max screams to get my attention, but as I turn to face him all I can say as the tears stream down my face is, “She’s not going to be okay? Is she Max?”

I know he doesn’t know what to say, who would, but he pulls me close and hugs me as I try to concentrate on the beeping.

“Liz, I know things don’t look good now, but she could still come out of it,” Max says but I just nod my head against his chest. I stay that way until I finally hear a steady beeping instead of one long droned out note. I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding and squeeze Max tighter. Is it wrong that I just want to hide inside of him for a little while?

The doctor finally comes out of her room and the look in his eyes says it all. He first asked for my parents, but Max quickly jumped in. “They went home to freshen up; is she okay?” He asked for me before the doctor could say anything along the lines of ‘we should wait for them to come back.’

“We got her steady, but… only time will tell now Liz,” Dr. Sanchez said putting a consoling hand on my shoulder before leaving Max and me alone again.

After a few minutes another doctor comes up and tells us we can go back to visiting with my grandmother. She looks worse than she did before and all I keep thinking is about what the doctor said, ‘only time will tell now,’ before I burst into a rant that I can tell quickly caught Max off guard.

“I can't believe this. I mean, you should have seen her yesterday. She was so full of life. I can't believe I went out. I was out all day. I wasted all that time in the video store. I had all this time that I could have just spent with her and I left. What was I thinking...I know, it's irrational...I'm being irrational.”

Max just looks at me and no not like the crazy person I know I’m being but with the most gentle eyes. How is it that even Max’s eyes are soothing? “Liz, I'm glad you're being irrational. I mean, this is hard. This is really, really hard. You have every right to be irrational.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just so hard to see her this way. I don’t know what I’d do if—if…” I can’t even finish my thought as my words get caught in my throat.

“Hey, hey don’t even think that way. The doctor said all she needs is time okay so let’s let her rest and we’ll just stay here and keep her company,” Max said with a smile as he pulls two chairs back up to her bed for us to sit. I try not to think about how the chairs that were once neatly placed by her bed seemed to have been strewn to the side, probably because they were in the doctors’ way.

Max leads me to one chair and takes the other as he begins to talk to my grandmother. He tells her that she gave us a bit of a scare there for a second, but that we’re glad she’s getting better. He begins to tell her a little about our day and then he starts to tell her about…well me. He tells her how smart, pretty, and good I am, but how he’s sure she already knows it. He goes on to gush about me in an animated way that I’ve never seen from Max Evans that makes me blush and leaves me in awe. I’ve seen how he felt about me when we connected after the healing, but to hear him say all the things I saw him feel is overwhelming. I know he’s saying all the words to her and not directly to me, but at the end of it all, he turns to me, while still speaking to Grandma and says, “She is the most incredible person I know,” and I am floored. Me smallest of small town girls is nowhere near incredible, especially sitting next to someone not even born in this galaxy, but god he sounds so sincere I just hope I don’t do anything to burst his bubble because even if he believes it’s true I know it’s not.

“Max…” I start reaching for his hand to hold but I’m glad we’re interrupted because what I want to say after all of that will drastically change our ‘Only good friends’ status.

“Knock, knock,” comes a familiar voice at the door.

“Maria, Ms. Deluca, hi.”

“Hi sweetie, Maria and I wanted to come during our breaks and just peak our heads in. I’m so sorry this is happening. Claudia is such a wonderful, strong woman. I know she’ll pull out of this.” I merely smile and nod, ignoring the way Maria is staring at Max and my held hands.

“Hey chica I’m sorry we can’t stay long. Hey Max,” she continues with a knowing smile. “I just wanted to stop by and drop these off to Grandma Claudia and then we ran into an orderly coming here with these too from the Evans’ family.”

Max’s eyes seemed to be opened in shock so I guess this wasn’t from him directly. He rustles through the assorted mix of flowers and pulls out the card to read. “‘Get well soon, from the Evans’ family,’ it’s my mom’s hand writing.”

“Well isn’t that sweet,” Amy says smiling, “I’m Ms. Deluca by the way. It’s nice to meet you Max.”

“Yeah the Evans’ clan is just chockfull of surprises today, aren’t they,” Maria says all too vaguely. I try to pull more out of her but she steers clear of my questions.

We continue with a bit of small talk before they both have to go and Maria says she’ll call me later. I didn’t care much for how she said it though but I’m glad they came to visit. I know grandma would appreciate it.

Max and I continue to talk about everything and nothing like we have the whole day until my parents come back with food from the Crash. With a heavy heart I tell them what happened earlier. I hold back my tears when I see my father’s tears begin to form. It’s been such a long day and there are still too many hours left before the day is set to end.

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