The Real Ava(AU, CC, Teen/Mature) - COMPLETE -

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The Real Ava(AU, CC, Teen/Mature) - COMPLETE -

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Title: The Real Ava
Sub-Title: First Impressions May Fool You
Author: Elizabeth Kivana (Liz)
Rating: Teen/Mature
Parings: CC
Couples: Max/Liz, Zan/Ava, Rath/Lonnie (others are as given – Michael & Maria, Isabel & Alex)
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended. Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended. Quotes from the show common.
Any songs or lyrics used in the peace will have the name of the performer or writer below them.

Prolugue: My name is Ava. I come from the planet Antar. My life has been completely confusing with all that has been going on. But I might as well start at the beginning. In my past life, I was a queen, the queen of Antar. My marriage was arranged but I loved my king since the first moment I saw him. We had a great life together, despite its sort duration. But no matter how long it lasted, I was happy to love and be loved in return, even for that short time.

I died in my husbands hands. A war was raging between our five planets. There were creatures not happy with the way Zan ruled but I always believed that he was a great leader and he made his parents proud. After my death, he learned of a terrible plot. You see, his mother had made a plan to return us to life, to set things right. Our enemy learned of that plan and messed with our reincarnations that were still in pods. Zan had little time before he died and he told his mother what he had learned. Our enemy, Khivar had planed a game on the pods. He switched mine with one of his mistress’s. My husband’s mother had to re-put me into the space craft. But it was already too late to change anything there. Instead, she took what little she had from us so she activated another set of them that were set to follow. Khivar didn’t know about that one so he couldn’t mess with those.

With a new plan in motion, all any of us could do was sit back and hope that everything would work for the best. I just wish I can be there and see ‘Ava’s’ face when she realizes she not real. That she’s a nobody.
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Chapter 1

The year was 1947. A ship crashed in the desert of Roswell. Two shape shifters walked out of it, smoke was every where. They quickly adapted to a human shape. But the government caught up with them. They took the two in, along with the pods.

After a long struggle, only one came out alive, with the pods. He stashed them into a cave in the desert. Five pods of children. Four together and one apart. He had no idea who was in the fifth was but he cared not to question the old queen.


The place was New York City. How a spaceship got into it, nobody could explain, but nobody really even tried. Two shape shifters landed their ship safely and placed the pods safely in the sewers. The two then took human forms. A bold man, average looks. A woman, long fire red hair and brown eyes, young.

They left the pods there and took off. They had yet to wait.


The year was 1987. The place was Roswell, the cave where the shapeshifter had placed the pods. The four that were together, peacefully hibernated. All of a sudden, the fifth that was on the left wall opened. It had hatched.

Several seconds later, a small girl, barely looking like a four year old came out, naked. She had short brown hair and big brown eyes. She looked around and saw the four, they were still asleep. She walked to them and placed to hand on the left down, a boy was inside. And she knew exactly who it was.

But she couldn’t stay. She knew that. She walked to the rock and it opened. She took one last look at the four before she left and then she walked into the light, naked and barefoot as the doors shut behind her.

She walked forever, when finally she heard giggles. She walked towards that and saw a young couple. She walked to them, they had a light next to them and they set on blankets. As soon as they saw her, the red head woman rushed to her.

“Oh, hunny, are you alright?” – the little girl heard her say. She knew her. Every bit of her small being told her that she knew this woman. She reached her arms to her and the woman took her into her hands.

The woman carried her back to the man who pulled out his jacket from the car and put it on her. He watched his wife who had a sad face. –“Sweetie, you shouldn’t get too attached.”- he tried to tell her.

“No. How can I not? Look at her. Please, dear, can we keep her? She needs a home?” – he watched his wife, her eyes were begging.

“Alright. But you need to name her.” – he told her. She nodded and looked at the girl. –“I want to call her Elizabeth Alvira.”- she said right away and looked at her husband who only nodded and put his arm around her.


The year was 1989. The place was Roswell again. A boy hatched from his pod, after him a girl. They waited patiently the boy that was below them hatched. When he finally did, they walked to the doors. The boy, with black hair and brown eyes suddenly stopped and turned back. He walked back to the one pod that was still closed. A small girl with blond hair was still in there. He put his hand over her but he wasn’t sure who she was.

Someone pulled him. He looked back and the girl stared at him. He took her hand and the three walked out of the chamber.

They walked forever. Finally a car drove towards them. The third boy that had hatched first hid behind the rocks. The girl looked at him, waving her hand to him but she didn’t speak.

The car stopped and looked at the two children before them, holding their hands. –“Phillip, who would do such a thing?”- the woman asked her husband as they walked out of the car and to them. Both took of their jackets and put them on the boy and the girl. The girl took the woman’s hand firmly but the boy wouldn’t let go of her.

“They must be siblings.” – finally Phillip commented after a while. They drove away from that place as the two looked into the back glass and stared into the night. Nobody answered him. –“Diana?”- he called his wife. She just looked at two with a big smile on her face. He knew he would never be able to separate them from her.


New York at day. It was only the day after Diana and Philip Evans had met their children. In the sewers, you couldn’t really tell if it was day or night any way. A hatch broke. A boy with black hair broke free first. After came a blond hair girl. As soon as she was out, the boy hugged her and she hugged him back. They knew each other.

Then the boy with amber eyes hatched. He walked to the black haired boy and blond girl and the three hugged at the same time, without a word.

After a few moments, the last pod started hatching. The black haired boy broke from their grip and walked to it. Seconds later, he could see her clear. She was shorter then him and she had brown hair and brown eyes. He knew her eyes from the first second.

They stood there in silence for a moment. –“Zan.”- the girl finally spoke and smiled to him. She was the first of them to speak and she spoke the boy’s name.

TBC? (Just some thing, there are only: prologue + 10 chapters + epilogue. It turned out to be pretty short.) Feedback more then welcomed.

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Thank you guys for the feeback.

extingman - preprogrammed? You'll see. It's yet to really start. It actually starts with ch 4, all before is just explaining to that point.
L-J-L 76 - You have a whole lot of questions and if I started answering them now, I'd answer the whole fan fiction.
pandas2001 - That will actually be explained sometime in the end.

Chapter 2

(Small thing, a few lines will be from the pilot as this relives those events.)

In Roswell, the two siblings were named Max and Isabel Amanda Evans. At first, neither talked; Isabel said her first words to her mother. Max started to talk about 6 months later. They both got great parents. But both had that boy from the desert on the back of their minds. They wondered what had happened to him.

The first day of school came. He sat alone as his sister talked excitingly to a bunch of girls. Then, his eyes felt to the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had brown hair little under her shoulders and big brown eyes that he could see all across the school yard. She had a big dress on cup cakes and he could see in her eyes that she hated it.


A boy sat in a chair silently. A woman in a suit spoke to a couple. The two didn’t seem all that special. He looked like a farmer pushed to the city and she like she had seen the pope, the boy thought. The woman in the suit suddenly turned to him. –“Michael, this is your new family.”- she said pointing at the couple.

”Hi, Michael. I’m Rachel and this is my husband Hank.” – she told him as she kneeled next to him and shook his hand. –“We’re gona be good friends. And we’re gona do loads of stuff together.”- she smiled to him.

It took him forever to finally return the smile. She was a nice lady. And he had a feeling that she would keep to her word.


It was September 18th. Liz Parker worked in her family diner as everyday, wearing the stupid uniform with the antennas on her head and the aqua short dress. She had sworn to herself when she turned 7 that she would never work here. But she loved her parents to death and she could refuse them a damn thing. She seriously needed to fix her priorities.

“Max Evans is staring at you again.” – her best friend Maria DeLuca declared all of a sudden. Liz blushed looking at her. –“No Way!”- she paused. –“Maria, that is so in your imagination.”- she finished.

But with the back of her eye, she looked at the booth where Max Evans sat with his friend Michael Guerin. She saw his look that suddenly turned the other way. She quickly did the same too.

Maria could see her cheeks burning. Liz Parker was never up for hiding anything from her, especially when boys were the topic. Liz stood at the back counter as Maria walked in the back. Liz didn’t wonder why. She looked at Max again, he was looking at her. She smiled and quickly turned away. Was she flirting with Max Evans, she thought.

“ ask me to give you another day!!?? You're running outta time.” – Suddenly everyone in the diner could hear. Liz turned to see what it was about. Two guys at the table. –“I want the money today. NOT tomorrow!!”- the same guy shouted.

The second guy took his gun out the next moment. The guy who was shouting got into a struggle with him for the gun. A gunshot went into the air. Everyone ducked down, expect Liz. Max could see that. She froze. Another shot was fired. Every body screamed and Liz fell to the ground. The guy with the gun ran out.

Max rushed to Liz and kneels next to her. Michael came after him. “Maxwell, we have to go!” – his friend pointed out. But Max tore Liz’s dress open, only too see where the bullet went in and a whole lot of blood around it.

He placed his hand over the wound. –“Liz, I need you to listen to me! I need you awake.”- Max spoke to her. He needed her awake. –“Liz, I need you awake. Don’t leave me here.”- he kept talking to her. She opened her eyes as his hand began glowing.

“Zan . . . ” – a whisper came across Liz’s lips. At that moment, Max didn’t take his time to think about it. He got hit by a million flashes. When they first met and when they first spoke. And something confused him. He saw her as a little girl, maybe at the age of four, she was naked and her mother, Nancy Parker took her into her arms. ‘Sweetie, you shouldn’t get too attached’; he heard Jeff Parker’s voice. Then the flashes turned blank.

The glowing had stopped and any connection that was made ended now; he pulled his hand away from her. –“You’re going to be O.K.”- he told her and took a bottle of ketchup and spilled it over the place the blood once was.

“You’re going to be alright. Please, just don’t tell anyone about this. Please.” – he barely could say before Michael pulled him through the diner and put. Liz stood up and covered herself staring at him, until he was finally out of sight. She had no idea what just happened there.

“You alright?” – Maria’s voice came from the behind. She nodded. –“I’m fine. I need to go lay down.”- she said and walked into the back and up the stairs.

She sat on her bed thinking. She was completely aware of every moment that took place downstairs, after she got shot. She heard Max’s words but she also heard herself whisper ‘Zan’. At this very moment, it meant nothing but the fact that it was the name that came to her lips when she thought she was dying clearly did mean something.

She needed to get to the bottom of this. She needed to know. And not just to know Max’s secret but there were things about her that she didn’t understand. She rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.

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Thanks for the feeback.

dreamber19 - thanks
Ansleyrocks - Oh it will take him a while. Yes, Liz has powers but I'll leave that for Zan to explain.
belloftheball - Thanks. And thanks for joining.
Luna_Seer - Wait, you dout that she is Ava? Naturally that Tess is evil. And now, Liz won't be telling them anything on her own. She was four years old, she barely understands her own memories.

Chapter 3

It had been years since the four had hatched. They were still living at the same place. They were not what anyone would expect. Zan, Rath, Lonnie and Ava. Those were their names.

Lonnie and Ava were best friends since they could remember. Lonnie was Zan’s sister and Zan meant the world to Ava. He was the man she loved and it was the man whose soul she knew from top to bottom. Rath was Lonnie’s boyfriend and Zan’s best friend. This meant he was friends with Ava too. They were all a family.

It was a day like any other. Lonnie sat on the old couch in their home. She wore green baggy pants, black top with no sleeves. Her hair was short with several highlights of different color. Nobody really knew for sure what her natural color was but they didn’t bother with things like that. She had a few tattoos too.

Zan was almost like his sister. He had military pants, black t-shirt and a smile jacket with the sleeves cut out. His hair was up and he had also a piercing on his face, On his left eyebrow. He also had a bunch of tattoos but one was the same, to someone else it meant nothing but to the four it meant that they were family.

Rath had black baggy pants and a old dark blue shirt with a jacket over it. His hair was up too and he had two piercing in his face. One in his nose and the other in his eyebrow. He three had a lot of tattoos from which only one was the same as Zan’s and Lonnie.

Ava was different. All four made their choices about the art decorations. She chose not to pierce her face or have too much tattoos, just the family one. She wore baggy pants with the belt sliding down and a top that ended little under her belly. She had long brown hair with several white high lights.

Lonnie didn’t really want to be bothered at that point and she didn’t even bother to open her eyes when someone sat next to her. When she heard a sigh, she knew that it was Ava so she couldn’t really ignore her, no matter how much she wanted to.

She opened her eyes. Ava sat on the couch with her feet up and her hands over them. Lonnie looked at her; feeling her friend’s gaze, Ava looked up.

“What?” – Lonnie tried to make this quick. –“I can’t help wondering that something went wrong with the others. That they got stuck with the enemy.”- she whispered to her best friend.

“Com’ on! Can’t ya trust yarself?” – Lonnie pointed out, thinking it was over. –“She came out early, Lonnie. Ya know that.”- Ava continued.

Lonnie suddenly leaned to her and put both of her hands on Ava’s shoulders. –“Look, ya’re my best friend and I love ya, girlfriend but I’ll kill ya if you don’t go crying yaself to someone else!”- Ava didn’t have to hear it twice. She got up without saying a word,

Lonnie closed her eyes not caring where she went. Rath and Zan returned. She really couldn’t get any rest. She opened her eyes again as the two sat down on the chairs, laughing. She had her eyebrow raised. –“Well?”- she asked them.

“Well what?” – her brother came back with an answer. –“What’s so funny? Can’t a girl get some rest?”- she smirked to him. He just ignored her.

“Where’s Aves?” – he continued. She shrugged. –“Beats me. Told her to take a height. Need m beaty sleep, bro.”- she explained and closed her eyes. Zan looked at Rath for a moment and then got up.

“Ya shouldn’t be like that to them.” – Rath commented to his lover once Zan was out of site. Lonnie opened one eye and looked at him, before closing it back again. –“I iz know she’s a pain in da ass but she’s da queen, Lons.”

”I know that, Ra.” – she hissed. He just shook his head and decided not to say another word.


“Aves?” – Zan called out, walking out of their residence and entering the tunel. He found her sitting on the floor, in the dark. She looked up at him, with her eyes filled with tears. –“What’s da matter, babe?”- he asked as he sat next to her and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m just worried, Zan.” – she explained. –“’bout what?”- he asked her. –“My dupe. She’s all alone out there, not knowing. Even if she’s with her man, she doesn’t know he’s her destiny because of da bitch.”- she sighed. He just nodded.

“What d’ ya wana d’?” – he felt her shrug under his arms and just sat there in silence. He wanted to help her but he couldn’t he didn’t know what to do. No, wait, he did. He just hit him. –“I have an idea.”- he suddenly said. She looked at him as they both got up and rushed into their place.

“Lons!” – he said as soon as they came to the couch. His sister sat right up and looked at him. –“Dreamwalk her dupe.”- Zan told his sister, holding Ava’s hand. Lonnie looked at Ava, Rath and then back at Zan. –“What?”- she asked, not fully following.

“Ya heard me. She could be knowin’ my dupe and not know that she’s ‘is lady. She needs to know.” – he explained. She nodded. He was right. They just hoped that she could do it right, without any image of her.
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existingman - Told ya before. It starts with chapter 4. This is all, 'previously'. No, she didn't like she didn't on the show. Lonnie's good in this. And, yeah, there's Ava. But Ava's still Ava. She doesn't know for sure how Liz looks today. She could have changed her nose or something.
EclecticRoswellian - Nope, there's only one gerbil. Like it says in the prologue. The second one is was sent after the first one was messed with. Thank you for reading. And thanks for the feedback.
Liz2Infinity - Thanks.

(This is where it actually starts, around the end of episode 'Suprise'. Keep in mind, that this is where things go different. No future Max.)

Chapter 4

Summer had ended and Liz returned to Roswell from Florida. So much had happened last year. She learned that Max, Isabel and Michael were aliens. She also learned there was a forth alien, Tess, who later turned out to be Max’s bride.

After that, Liz couldn’t take it anymore and she just took off. She knew that she shouldn’t have. Max had just had a terrible experience in the white room and he was given a terrible weight by his mother and she just left him.

But she had done it. She sat in an empty booth, looking around the café. It was still in the party decorations. Isabel’s surprise party had just ended and she, along with all of her friends, wasn’t here to say good-bye to all the guests. Liz was stuck doing it instead.

She took a deep breath and rested her head on the table, not wanting to think about the conversation that she shared with Maria, only five minutes ago.

Maria told her that it was Whittaker who kidnapped Tess. Isabel had to kill her to protect them. Liz couldn’t believe it. She had worked for that woman.

Not to mention that Whittaker was now the second person that the aliens had killed. First Pierce, and now her. She wondered what they were becoming.

She sighed and closed her eyes. A second later, she fell into complete silence.


She looked around, there was nothing around her. Not even any sounds. She knew or understood what was going on. “Hello?”, she called out but no answer.

“Ava.” A voice suddenly said. It didn’t take long for Liz to realize that it sounded like Isabel. “Is . . . Isabel, is that you?” she called out.

”I ain’t Isabel. Da names Lonnie. Short for Velondra. Ya Aves aight.” Isabel’s voice continued. But Liz noticed her hard accent this time. “My name is Liz. Who’s Ava?” She asked her.

“That was yar name in that other life.” Lonnie explained. “Other life? What other life?” Liz insisted. “Look, it ain’t easy to explain. Ya were probably raised as a human. But ya ain’t. Ya come from da planet called Antar. Ya my brother’s bride.” Lonnie explained. And suddenly Liz picked the peaces of what this Lonnie was telling her.

“You must mean Tess. She’s Max’s . . . bride.” Liz barely said it. For a second, it seemed like she heard growling. And then she finally saw this Lonnie. She looked like Isabel, only with short hair, baby clothings, tattoo’s and piercings. She grabbed her hand and pulled her to her. “This Tess is an imposter so ya don’t complete yar destiny. Ya da real queen. Ya don’t believe me? We’re da big city. Yar dupe’s ‘ere too.” Lonnie hissed to her.

“My what?” Liz almost ignored the pain Lonnie was giving her, just by holding her, because of her words. “Yar duplicate. She looks like ya. Just as I look like my dupe. Isabel.” She explained.


”Liz! Liz!” – She heard Max calling her. She opened her eyes and looked at him. As she looked around, she was confused. –“What happened?”- she asked him, deciding to ignore the dream or what ever it was, at least for now.

“Isabel killed Whittaker. Tess is all beat up. ” – he informed her and watched as she rolled her eyes in annoyance. –“Liz, I don’t like her anymore then you do, but she got real bad today.”- he reached his hand to hers but she pulled back. –“It’s not about disliking her. It’s about the fact that she is still alive all that she has done.”- Max blinked at her words and her eyes that shivered to complete black for a second.

“I’m tired. I’m gona get some sleep.” – she got up and began walking pass him. He grabbed her hand. She looked at her hand and then at him. He let her go and she walked pass him and into the backroom.

”What was that all about?” – Michael asked, as he sat down in Liz’s seat. Max looked at his friend as he shrugged. –“Just something she said. Never mind.”- he told his friend, but his mind wondered back to her words.

Liz looked back for a second at his back and then headed upstairs, wondeirng about Lonnie. Lonnie refered to herself as Isabel’s dupe. She said her name was Velondra. Her looks confirmed it and her name . . . it sounded so familiar. But she knew for sure that neither of the aliens had ever said it. And yet she knew it.

And then there was the part about Liz’s dupe. Lonnie said her name was Ava. She wondered if any of it was true. She wondered if she was really Max’s destiny as Lonnie told her. She shook her head, trying not to think about it.

She walked into her room and closed the doors behind her. As much as she wanted to forget about it, all of it, her mind rushed back to it. She needed answers, yet again, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for them.


Lonnie jerked from Rath’s embrace. Everyone looked at her. She looked at Ava and nodded. –“I got to her. Liz. She knows her man.”- she told and turned to Zan. –“Da imposter goes by Tess. Liz believes that Tess is ‘er man’s destiny.”- she explained. He nodded and looked at Ava, as he strocked her back.

At least they knew that she was with her own kind. But now, they had to deal with this Tess girl, before anything went further on.

The next day, the four walked around the streets of New York. –“Yo, duke.”- Lonnie got his attention. He looked at her. –“The summit’s up. We’re called.”- she told him. –“We ain’t the four. We can’t go, Lons.”- she nodded but she wasn’t just about to give up. –“Can’t we find them? I’d for one like to head home.”- she pouted.

“Lons, this is home. Deal.” – Ava’s sharp voice came from the back. The siblings looked as she walked up to them. –“Why?”- Lonnie hissed again, her head slightly lowered as she gazed her best friend. –“’Cos we make our destiny. And we are each other’s destiny. Antar ain’t what it used to be. We don’t belong there.”- Ava explained and continued to walk.

“What if we get Tessie 'ere?” – Rath suddenly spoke. Ava stopped in her tracks and turned around, looking at her mate’s second in command. –“Talk.”- she ordered him.

”Well, we make a plan. we make ‘em believe Zan’s dead. We take Maxie and Tessie to da city. And we deal with ‘er.” – he gave his idea. Lonnie looked at Zan, who then looked at Ava. No matter his status, this was her identity and she had the right to have the final say in it.

“Fine. If ya go, I stay behind.” – she looked at Zan. –“Just for a bit. I’ll stick around Iz and get her to remember our life and help her get her powers, without the others knowin’. ”- he nodded. She turned to Rath and Lonnie. –“When ya meet them and they ask about the forth, ya say there was none. That ya still haven’t found her.”- they nod. They didn’t understand where she was going with it but they agreed anyway.
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Thanks for the feedback.

extingman - yes, there will be a need to protect her, for a bit.
Asabetha - thanks
Erina - Aw, stop! Ya makin' me blush!

Chapter 5

They gathered in Whittaker’s office. Max, Isabel, Michael and Liz. Liz sat on the congresswoman’s desk, Michael took her chair while the siblings stood on their feet by the doors. Liz was on the phone as the three aliens went through the files. –“Yes. It is really tragic news. Yeah, me too. Alright, I’ll do that. Have a nice day.”- she hung up and looked at them.

“Usual.” – she told them and she looked at the mail. A letter struck her. She took it into her hands. - “The Universal Friendship League.” – she read it out loud, getting everyone’s attention to her. –“That mean anything to you?”- Isabel asked her, to which she shook her head.

”No. It’s marked personal.” – she explained and looked at it again. –“Cupper Summit.”- she read the postmark and then opened it.

“Dear member: Your failure to report as scheduled violates protocol. We must receive word by the 25th of this month or terminate your membership, effective that date."

“That was yesterday.” – Isabel pointed out. –“That’s why it was on the news today.”- she commented.

“Sincerely, T. Greer, senior coordinator, V . . .Velondra project” – she almost couldn’t read the name to the end. –“Velondra?”- Isabel asked. Everyone looked at her. –“Does that name mean anything to you?”- Max asked his sister and she just shook her head. He looked back at Liz. She knew something but he couldn’t tell what.

“Why would they call it like . . . ” – and then she paused and looked at Isabel. –“Did Whittaker tell you why she took Tess?”- Isabel began to shake her head and then stopped. –“She said that we don’t look like we did back at home. That she wanted me. She . . . she didn’t say why.”- she quickly added.

“That’s why it’s called like that.” – Liz mumbled to herself. Michael, being the closest, heard her. –“What?”- he spat out almost instantly. Liz jerked off the table by his harsh table. –“What is it, Michael?”- Max asked his friend.

“She said that that’s why it’s called like that.” – Michael stared at Liz. The siblings looked at her. –“Liz?”- Max called her name. –“Look, I don’t know much but I think that was Isabel’s name. Velondra.”- she said.

“How would you know that?” – Max asked. –“Have you been getting flashes from me?”- she shook her head, biting her lower lip. –“It could be nothing.”- she tried to get out of it. –“I should get to home. I have a lot of work to do.”- she said and looked around the office, not wanting to look at Max.


“What are you thinking, Maxwell?” – Michael asked Max, who was driving the three of them home. Max noticed Isabel’s face in the mirror. –“How would she know the name? When we don’t even know it?”- he asked, his eyes still on Isabel’s in the mirror. She just shrugged and looked away. They didn’t say anything else as they dropped Michael off.


She got into her bedroom and climbed straight out on the balcony and sat on her lawn chair. She didn’t know what to think. She had hardly slept the last few days. Part of her wanted Lonnie to come to her dreams again and talk to her and the other part was scared of what she could learn. And yet, again, she wanted to know. She needed to know, all of it.

She didn’t even realize it but the next moment, as she leaned back on the chair, she closed her eyes and fell into sleep.


She looked around, and almost too familiar darkness. “Lonnie?” she called out, as soon as she looked around. “Good to see ya remmeber me.” Lonnie said through laughter. A moment later, the darkness was given light and she was in what seemed the subway. Lonnie leaned on the handle of the stairs. “This is pretty much where we live.” She explained. “Didn’t like that shitty room.” Liz nodded.

“So, um, do I really have a dupe?” Liz asked right away, causing Lonnie a wide smile on her face. ”Yep, ya do. Just hope ya haven’t told anyone this. We don’t want da imposter Tessie to hear about this. She could be one powerful bitch.” She hissed, talking about her.

“Wow, you don’t like her.” Liz said as she walked to the stairs and sat on them. Lonnie said down beside her a second later. “I don’t. My dupe got stuck with her, instead of ya. And Ava’s was my best friend in that life, just like in this.” Liz smiled to the thought. Maria was her best since she could remember, and now, it seemed like she had another.

“So, um, what are the other’s names?” “Zan’s da king and Rath’s the second.” She answered her. “Max’ is Zan and Michael is Rath.” Liz quickly informed her. “I don’t have much time, Iz. Ya don’t mind me calling that? Ya can call me Lons if ya want.”

”Iz sounds nice. Isabel won’t like it, since she’s Iz too. But I like it, Lons.” She told her and then waited for Lonnie to say what she had to say. “We’re coming to town. Just Rath and I. We’re gona say there is no forth and that Zan died.” Liz covered her mouth. “Rath’s idea. Don’t worry. He’s alive. And when we leave town, Ava’s gona come to ya and help ya get yar powers together.” She nodded.

“Can I ask you something?” Lonnie nodded. “Velondra Project and the Universal Friendship League in Cupper Summit. Ring any bell?” Lonnie didn’t understand what she was asking her.

“Congresswoman Whittaker was a skin. Isabel killed her, protecting Tess. In her hometown, there is this League thing. When she didn’t report yesterday, they speed the word that she’s dead.” – she explained.

“The whole place could be full of skins them. Don’t ya go near there, Iz. Ya don’t know how many are there and they can’t protect each other without ya.” Lonnie warned. “My time’s up.” She suddenly said and got up. Liz got up the same moment.

“It’s good to have another friend. You’re my friend, right?” Liz eyes her. Lonnie nodded and hugged her. The two girls hugged for a second and then Lonnie pulled away and took Liz’s hand teaching her something she and her family did. Fist touched and then hands intertwined. “That’s how we know each other. When we come to town, that’s how ya’ll know us.” Liz nodded.


”Lonnie?” – Liz called out her, finding herself back on the lawn chair, with one difference. Max sat on the wall, looking at her strangely. –“What?”- she asked him, sitting up. –“You are talking in your sleep.”- he explained.

“Well, what did I say?”

“Max is Zan. Michael is Rath.” – he repeated her words. –“And Tess?”- she didn’t understood his question. –“You clearly know what our names were, what’s Tess’s name?”

”I don’t know.” – she answered sharply and stood up. –“Did you want something?”- she asked him, slightly irritated. –“We’re going to Cupper Summit tomorrow. We need you to go, since you’re the only one with the real connection.”- she shook her head.

“Max, it could be dangerous. The place could be crawling with skins.” – she warned, remembering what Lonnie told her. –“We won’t know until we see.”- he said. –“Max, do you really think you can handle a population of skins? The three of you?”

“Four. You’re forgetting Tess.” – he whispered. –“No, how could I forget Tessie?”- she hissed, using the name Lonnie did. “But trust me, the three of you. Now leave. I said I had work to do.” – she instructed him and climbed through her window, shutting it before he could say another word.
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Thanks for the feedback!

Erina - Like you said, Max is Max.
pandas2001 - Of course she does. Like she said, Aves is 'er best friend.
roswellian love - Tessie. Tessie. She will be seeing a bad but in the end, a good fate, for a human. Liz ain't all that brutal.

Chapter 6

The gang went to Copper Summit despite Liz’s warning. Isabel, Max, Tess and she went. Michael and Maria stayed in Roswell to search on Courtney. When the four returned, they had to deal with the skins who messed with the town. Maria, Liz, Kyle and Jim were out of town so they didn’t get sucked up into the other dimension. Jim, Kyle and Maria faded eventually, leaving Liz alone. This was the ultimate proof. She didn’t fade as humans did. She was not human. She finished what needed to be done and brought back her friends, without telling anyone how she stayed.

She paced around the room. Max called a meeting because of a stupid star. He would really get on her nerves sometimes. But she was more worried because of Lonnie and Rath. She knew that they would arrive soon. For some reason, she felt it. She felt Ava coming, despite the fact that they had never met.

When she arrived into the UFO Center, everyone expect Alex was already there. –“Sorry, I’m late. Had to help my dad.”- she explained, receiving a nod from Max. A moment past when Alex came walking down the stairs. –“Alex, you’re late.”- Max commented, but Alex kept pointing up.

”Yo, over here!” – Michael’s voice came from up. Everyone looked up and saw a Isabel and Michael’s look alike in a punk style. Liz smiled looking at them. “How there’s only two of you?” – Michael suddenly asked.

“Our duke was killed.” – Michael look alike explained to them. –“I’m Rath.”- “I’m Lonnie.”- the two said. - “And our duke was Zan.” – Lonnie quickly added. Max’s eyes fell to her instantly as he heard those names.

“I’m Max.” “Michael” “Isabel” “Tess” – the four aliens said their names. –“And these are our friends Alex, Maria and Liz.”- Max introduced their friends.

“We’ve met.” – Lonnie suddenly spoke and looked at Liz. The two smiled at each other. –“Heard a bunch about ya, Iz.”- Rath said, looking at Liz. –“Can’t say the same.”- she replied. The Roswellians watched their little conversation before Rath turned to Max. –“Can we talk somewhere, privatly?”- Max nodded and led him into the office, giving a look to Liz on his way.

“He looks stuffed up.” – Lonnie said as she sat down on the stairs. Liz felt a familiarity in this scene. She joined Lonnie down. –“Excuse me?”- Isabel hissed at her duplicate. –“Well, he does.”- Lonnie commented.

“How do you two know each other?” – Michael crossed his arms in a full second mode. Liz and Lonnie looked at each other before looking at him. –“Never really met but we do.”- Liz quickly answered. Her friends looked confused.

“Where’s my dupe?” – Tess suddenly asked, coming before Isabel and Michael. Liz looked at Lonnie, who played innocent and confused. –“And ya are?”

”Tess. I’m the queen.” – she added boldly, almost too bold, Liz noticed. Lonnie began to laugh. –“Ya hear that, Iz. She thinks she da queen. Newsflash, Tessie, not gona happen. I don’t know ya but ya ain’t the queen.”- Tess opened her mouth to speak. Lonnie cut her off.

“I remember our life, I was best friends with her. Ya ain’t the queen.” – she told her and leaned back on the stairs, supporting herself on her elbows. –“So what do ya do?”- she asked Liz, who mirrored her position.

“My dad owns a café with an alien theme. The Crashdown.” – she explained. Lonnie nodded. –“Seen it on da way. Yar uniform?”- she asked.

“Aqua blue, short, and antenna on the head.” – Lonnie burst laughing. Liz looked the three aliens and her two best friends with the back of her eyes, seeing that they were not so pleased with what this turned out to be. –“You could do better?”- she suddenly challenged, causing Lonnie to stop laughing.

“I just might.” – she answered. –“So, what’s New York like?”- Liz asked out of the blue. –“She didn’t say she was from New York.”- Isabel pointed out. Lonnie and Liz looked at them and then each other. –“Amazing. Ya can get lost in it, and still be in the same avenue. And the food . . . divine. And then stores. Ya can catch a whole bunch of guys there. Hot with money. And hot.”- she giggled as Liz shook her head. –“Seriously, Lon.”- Liz said, using the name that Lonnie told her to call her. –“It’s great. We leave in da a sewer, where we were hatched but that’s life. One of us had to be da unlucky ones.”- she said, looking at Isabel. –“Ya?”

“I live with my parents above the crash. My balcony has an escape ladder.” – Liz said , raising both of her eyebrows with a clear statement. –“Ya naughty bitch!”- Lpnnie said, nudging Liz.

Rath and Max came from the back around this time. The two moved away to their own corner while the Roswellians moved to their own. –“You were getting a little too tight with her, Liz.”- Michael commented, causing Max to turn his attention to the two. –“What?”

“While you were inside with Rath, Liz got a little too friendly with Lonnie. Talking about a lot of stuff, Liz’s uniform, New York City, where they apparently live. Which Liz knew before Lonnie said.” – Michael said, looking straight at Liz.

“Liz, is this true?” – Max asked looking at her. –“Yeah, it is. Whatever.”- she said and mumbled the last bit to herself but everyone heard it. –“Do you know them?”- he suddenly asked. Everyone looked at him. –“Max, let it go. I’m going home.”- she turned and walked away. Max noticed that the dupes heard her two and there was a nod exchanged between her and Lonnie.


“He’s going with us.” – Lonnie said, climbing through her window. Liz knew that she told her how to come in the Center but she didn’t really expect her to do it. She nodded anyway. –“Alone?”- she asked, not really sure that she wanted to know the answer. Isabel’s dupe shook her head. –“Tessie.”

Liz lay on the bed taking a deep breath. She was right, she didn’t want to hear it. Soon Lonnie followed her move and the lay on the bed next to each other. –“Don’t worry, Iz. This was da plan. She comes and we solve her in N.Y.”- Lonnie calmed her. Suddenly it hit her.

“Wait, what do you mean solve her?” – she said, rasing herself to her elbows. –“You can’t kill her, Lon.”- she told her. –“Says who?”- Lonnie challenged.

“I. You won’t kill her, Velondra!” – Liz’s voice turned sharp. Lonnie almost fell on her back by it. She knew that voice well. Ava actually used it only twice in their life but she knew it. She nodded and looked down. –“Fine. But do we tell Max while we’re there?”- she asked her. - “He won’t listen without Ava. She’ll try to mind warp him again.” – Liz thought about out loud.

“Fine, we won’t. We’ll try. But don’t ya worry, we’re stronger then ‘er mind warps.” – she said. Standing up, she looked around the room. –“Gotta bounce. Think he’s coming up.”- Lonnie suddenly said, looking outside. The ladders shivered gently. Liz nodded and got up. They made the move with their fists hitting and hands intertwining and then hugged. Not a moment after, Lonnie closed the doors behind her and Max tapped the window glass. She wondered if he had seen her.

She walked up to it and opened it, not remembering how it got closed. –“Hey.” “Hey” – they said at the same time as he climbed in. He leaned on it as he looked at her. –“So, what’s up?”- she asked.

“I’m going to New York with Rath and Lonnie. And . . . Tess is coming with me.” – she looked away. She was hurt but not surprised. –“Tell me not to go. Just tell me and I won’t.”- he whispered, taking a step closer to her. His nose touched her soft cheeck. She could feel his breath. But she couldn’t. She refused to be with him before he knew the truth. She won’t be the human girl.

“You should. You should see what this is about.” – she said, talking a step back. He looked away, disappointed. –“I’ll still be here when you get back.”- she told him, a smile appearing on her face. He looked at her, with home in his eyes and nodded. He began climbing through the window. She reached her hand to hold him. Kneeling down, he looked at her as she leaned to him and kissed him shortly on the lips. –“That’s for good luck.”- she said and left him stunned there as she left her room.

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Thanks for the feeback, guys.

irish_girl - See, that's where you're wrong. You'll see later.
L-J-L 76 - A lot of question. They will be answered through the story, no worries.
aussietrueblue - On your toes? Cool.

Chapter 7

Max walked with Tess to the car that Rath and Lonnie drove to town in. Rath nodded to them when they say them. –“In da back, duke.”- he said, as he moved the drivers seat forward for them to come in. Max watched closely as Lonnie took her cell phone, which he didn’t even know that she had, and dialed a number. She spoke quietly but with all his focus, he could understand what she was saying. –“Yeah, it’s done. Yeah, she knows. Good luck.”- hanging up, she looked at her brother’s dupe in the mirror.

The drive to town was quiet. They barely spoke unless to ask some questions, and most of them, they didn’t like to answer. Max noticed the constant ice glares towards Tess but he said nothing about them now.


Liz sat on her bed, holding the same old photograph of Max and her. Of the times when they were themselves. When there were no Tess, Nasedo and destiny. It was just them. She didn’t have it anymore. Now, she knew a whole lot more about destiny but she didn’t know how to bring it up, without drawing everyone away from her.

She heard a tap on the window. Looking up, it seemed like she was staring into a mirror, only her hair cut. She got off the bed and walked to the window, pulling it up. Without a word said, the girl reached his fist towards her. Liz understood instantly. Their fists touched and then hands interwinded.

The girl then smiled. –“Hey, Iz. I’m Ava.”- she finally spoke. She had her voice and yet her accent was as hard as Lonnie’s. –“And you clearly know who I am.”- Liz replayed, motioning her to come in. Ava climbed in and Liz closed the window behind her.

When she looked around, she found her dupe already sitting on the bed. She joined her and they sat in silence for a while. –“So, ya got questions for me?”- she suddenly asked. Liz nodded to her words.

”Um, how is it possible?” – she saw Ava’s confused face. –“I mean, I’ve checked my cells and they’re human. They’re nothing like Max’s.”- she explained her question.

“Ya were hatched a year sooner.” – Liz nodded. She knew this by now. It was barely memories but she had them. –“I . . . I remember stuff about it. How I hatched and how the four of them continued to sleep. And how I found my mom and dad.”- she explained.
“Describe yar mom.” – Ava suddenly said out of the blue. Liz’s was surprised. –“Mind If I have a go?”- Liz nodded, unsure. –“Fire red hair, brown eyes? Getting warm?”- Liz nodded.

“That’s my mom. How?” – she suddenly asked. Ava winked. –“She’s my protector. She’s da female protector of our group. But she knew ya’d be alone so she took ya in. She ‘ere? I’d like to see ‘er.”- Ava’s face shinned, talking about her. Liz noticed how she actually desired to meet her mom. She nodded.

Getting of the bed, she walked to her doors and opened them, slipping outside. She found her father in the kitchen cooking and her mom sitting at the table, in the same room. –“Mom, can I talk to you?”- both of her parents looks up. –“Don’t worry dad. Nothing’s up. Mom?”- her mom nodded and followed her into her room.

“Liz, what’s . . . ”- Nancy Parker froze in her face whens he saw the girl on the bed. Liz closed the doors behind her. –“Ava, mom. Mom, Ava.”- Liz explained shortly. –“Alvira?”- Nancy suddenly said. Ava nodded and the two rushed to each other.

“Are we related? I mean, really?” – Liz suddenly asked. Nancy and Ava looked at her and shook their heads. –“No, Nana was Nana. Our governess . . . babysitter. Teacher. She raised us. That’s why they sent ‘er on this trip.”- she explained, bringing a smile to Liz’s face.

“That’s why I knew you.” – Liz said, sitting on the bed. Ava and Nancy looked at her, not completely following. –“I remember, in the desert, when I came to you and dad, I felt like I knew you.” – she explained. Her mom sat on the bed and hugged her. Liz hugged back as Nancy waved her hand to Ava. The three hugged at the same time. –“I’m so glad all is well now.”

“Nana, it ain’t.” – Ava pulled back first. Liz followed her move. –“Da imposter is still ‘ere. And she got Iz hocked up on letting ‘er man go. Tess.”- Nancy looked at Liz. –“Tess Harding?”- Liz nodded.

“Then . . . ” – she paused thinking. –“Ed Harding is one of the procetors?!”- she raised her tone. Liz nodded. –“Oh dear Lord. Is it Ermas?”- she looked at Ava, who nodded.

”Where is he now?” “He died. A skin killed him. To be more correct, Congresswoman Whittaker is that skin.” – Nancy covered her mouth. –“To think that I looked up to her. Well, it’s good that he is dead. He was traitor.”- Liz didn’t expect the cold from her mother.

“Don’t look at me like that, Lizzie. I’m not proud of my thoughts but Ermas made a deal with Khivar a very long time ago. One of the last things that he actually did, for the queen and king is add you to the pods. And it was only because he didn’t know who you were.” – she explained. –“If he did, he would have let you die.”- she explained.

“Alright, girls. You’re joining us for lunch.” – Liz rinckled her nose. –“Mom?”

“Sweetie, your dad knows. He always has. I told him before we married. He wouldn’t talk to me for a whole a week and then he came around.” – she explained. –“Come on, we’ll get José to make you something. The old people know you were adopted and we’ll say there was another that we didn’t take.”- the older woman stood up and reached out her hands.

Liz and Ava got up at the same time and each took one hand. As that, they walked out of Liz’s room and into the kitchen, to find a very confused Jeff Parker. –“So it’s true. All that you said.”- he said. Nancy nodded.

A moment didn’t pass before Jeff Parker smiled and opened his arms for both of the girls. They took the hint and launched into his arms. –“It’s Ava, right?”- he asked, hugging them. His daughter’s dupe nodded. –“Ava, you always have a home here. I am Liz’s dad as much as I am yours.”- she nodded and hugged him tighter.

“Alright, let’s eat.” – he announced as the girls pulled away. –“Jeff, they haven’t seen each other . . . ever. Shouldn’t they got downstairs and talk to each other?”- Nancy suggested. He agreed and the girls left them to their talk.


The four arrived to New York City. They led them into the sewers. Lonnie led the way while Rath stayed in the back. They explained that it was for protection. As they entered the place, Rath’s grabbed Tess but before he could cover her mouth, she screamed. Max turned around and aimed for Rath.

“Let her go.” – He warned. –“Duke, chill. We doin’ this for yar own good.”- Rath wanted to explain but Max hardly wanted to listen.

“Bro, he doesn’t wana listen!” – Lonnie screamed behind him. She seemed scared. He decided not to look at her.

“Rath, let her go.” – Another voice came from behind, matching his own. Tess ran to Max’s side as he turned around and came face to face with his own dupe. –“I . . . I thought you died. They said so.”- Max barely said through his shock.

”Yeah, well, I ain’t. This was to get da bitch here.” – he said, nodding at Tess. Max stood more infront of her to protect her. –“Keep yar pants on, we ain’t gona kill her. Yar queen’s too human.”- He could see Max confused now.

Rath and Lonnie came behind him and Max could see hatred forwards Tess the whole time. –“What are you talking about. Tess is the queen.”- he was even surprised in his own words.

”No, she ain’t, duke.” – Lonnie cut in. –“Our enemy put ‘er so destiny can’t be done. There’s only one destiny, ya and yar queen.”- she explained and nudged her brother. –“Show ‘im da photo, bro.”- she told him.

He looked at her and nodded and pulled out an old photograph and showed it to Max. Instantly, he took it into his arms and stared at it. He could see his duplicate with Liz. But when he looked closer, it wasn’t. Her eyes raged with the same maturity as his dupe’s and her hair was short and in a mess. He looked at him with confusement. –“What’s going on? Who’s this girl?”

“Aves. That’s my Aves. My woman. And my queen. But I’m decoy. Yar queen is the real thing, just like yar are.” – Zan said and took the photo. He kissed the image of Ava and put it back in. He looked back at Max. –“Tessie dearest is a imposter so ya don’t get destiny with yar woman. Yar woman hatched a year before ya. That’s why’s still human. Don’t worry. We sent Aves there and she’s gona teach her ‘er powers. She’s gona be a lot stronger then da rest of ya ‘cos, ya see, she’s been hiding inside her, not knowing it’s really there.”- he explain as he and Lonnie sat on the couch.

“Wait, Liz is Ava?” – he asked, still not fully convinced. Zan nodded. –“Yep, Iz is da queen.”

“Duke, ya know how Iz and I were cousy?” – Lonnie said, causing he nodded. –“I dream walked her one night, actually two nights. One to tell her who she is and then to tell her about this plan of ours. We’re keeping Tessie alive only because she ordered that she is alive. She’s too soft if ya ask me. Who’re we to go against da queen?”- she shrugged and leaned back.

Max looked at Tess for the first time. –“You knew this.”- he realized, looking at her eyes. –“You knew all along.”- he voice was getting sharp, as well as his face. –“ANSWER ME!!”- she began shaking.

“Y . . . Yes. I did. I remember that life because I was hatched later. Nasedo found me and he also told me about it. That stupid bitch hatched sooner then it was supposed to be. I was supposed to hatch with you and then he would come back later and killed her. Because he didn’t know who she was when he put her in.” – she was shaking but she tried to keep it cold and strong.

Max reached his hand, ready to put it around her neck when he felt someone stop him. He looked at the person holding him, it was Zan. –“Don’t do somethin’ ya ain’t ready to do. ”- his dupe warned him. He waited for a few seconds to make sure that Max wasn’t going to do anything and then he let his hand go.

Max sat back. –“Don’t you ever talk about Liz that way. You’ll never be half of who she is. You’re not worth of carrying. You’re nothing, Tess.” – his chest moved rapidly as he stared at her. He felt something in the end of his head, calming him down. And then Tess got hit in the back of the head and she fainted. He looked up at Lonnie.

“Why did you do that for?” – he hissed at her. Tess was his problem and he wanted to deal with her himself. –“She was gona mind warp ya, duke. Couldn’t let it be.”- she explained and sat back down. Max looked back at Tess. –“How did you know?”

“We’re more alien and we feel her shit. Mind warping ain’t a royal four power. Never was. Never will be.” – she explained and looked at Zan. –“What . . . what does Ava? I mean, what is Liz supposed to have?”

“Future.” – Zan simply answered. Max narrowed his eyes. –“She gets visions of da future when she comes in contact with people. And astral projection. She also has hell of a blast and fire blasting. Whole nine yards if ya ask me. And that’s just her. I’m thinkin’ yar girl is a lot stronger. Or will be when Aves finishes ‘er.”

”What do you mean finishes her?” – Max asked, confused. –“Aves gona help her unlock ‘er powers. She’s got them in but she hatched sooner so she’s gotta be more human. But don’t worry. It can be solved.”- Zan assured him.

”Solved? What do you mean?”

“Look, duke. He ain’t meanin’ nothin’ bad. Iz is too human. Which is cool in her world. But our world is full of bad guys that we deal with. And we all need ‘er. Don’t worry. She’ll still be Iz when it’s done.” – Lonnie promised, with a smile. It seemed almost honest but it was also devilish.

“Gotta call our girl.” – Lonnie suddenly announced and took her cellphone.


Michael and Isabel were worried about Max. He didn’t tell them where he was going so they decided to go to the one person who could know where he was – Liz. When they came to the doors, they saw Liz sitting on the counter with a girl with short brown hair. They were eating ice-cream. Michael knocked on the glass, causing the girl to turn around. A shock. She was identical to Liz.

Liz jumped off the counter and walked to the doors, unlocking them. She nodded with a smile to both of them and returned to the counter, taking her spoon again and taking yet another bite of the strawberry and vanilla ice-cream. Michael and Isabel slowly walked to one of the tables in the middle and sat down as they stared at Ava.

“Ya gona make a whole in my head of yar staring.” – finally she spoke and looked at them, raising her eyebrow. –“Who are you?”- Isabel asked.

Before she answered, Ava exchanged a look with Liz, who only nodded. In their own silent language, she told her that she could trust Michael and Isabel. Ava turned back and smiled. –“I’m Ava. I’m Iz’s dupe.”- she explained like they knew the whole story. Seeing their puzzled faces, she knew she had to go on.

“Ya know how Lonnie said there was no forth?” – both nodded. –“I’m da forth.”- they seemed even confused. She jumped off the counter and walked to them. She could see Michael was weary and ready to blast her. She raised both of her hands in a sort of surrender. –“I ain’t gona hurt her, Mike. I’m just gona show ‘er something.”- she said, nodding towards Isabel. Michael looked at Isabel who seemed to be willing to allow this.

Ava walked closer to her and silently asked her if she could touch her. Isabel nodded and Ava cupped her face. Almost instantly, Isabel got hit by flashes.


Two girls sat together and giggled. The language they spoke was strange but for some reason understandable. “Velondra, you’re really naughty. You’re going to hurt the poor boy’s feelings.” – “I know, Ava. That is pretty much the idea.”

The two girls that seemed far more older now, looked through the window of a bed chamber. The girl called Ava seemed worried. “So what is he like, Velondra?”, she would ask, glancing at the window all the time. “Do not worry, Ava. My brother is a good man. And he will be a great husband.”, her friend assured her as she joined her and took her hands.

It was Ava’s wedding day. She was preparing when Velondra entered her chamber. Her Nana walked over to the princes. “Princess Velondra, she is not yet prepared.”, she warned strictly. “Nana, please.”, Ava begged and the woman allowed it, leaving the two girls alone. Velondra walked up to her. “It is a beautiful dress, Ava.”, causing Ava to blush. “I only hope your brother will like it.”, she admitted. Velondra nodded. “I’ve seen the look on his face, my dearest friend. He will like you in any kind of clothing. Perhaps even without any.”, they giggled.


“What are you doing to her?” – Michael snapped and pulled Ava away from Isabel, who only continued to stare at her. Liz left the counter and came to Isabel, making sure she was alright. Snapping out of her gaze, the princess looked at Liz as a tear fell down her face. –“I don’t see how I could have forgotten you.”- she whispered and pulled Liz into a hug. Michael just stood there confused as Ava broke out of his grasp.

“You remember, Isabel?” – Liz asked as they hugged. –“I saw only so little but I remember everything else now. I remember you, Liz.”- she broke the kiss and looked at her, before looking at Michael. –“She’s one of us, Michael. I know it.”

“What about Tess?” – he asked, scared of what this would mean. If Liz was one of them, then they let in a complete stranger into their group. All three girls looked at him at the same time. He searched Liz’s and then Ava’s face for an answer. But he didn’t really need to search for it. He knew it. She was not one of them. And they let her in. –“I’m sorry, Michael.”- Ava finally spoke. –“The ultimate kick, Khivar’s curtsey.”- she added.

“But there are four pods in the chamber.” – he continued. –“You’re the forth?”- he said, looking at Liz. She shook her head and looked at Ava. He followed her look. –“After I died, my husband learned of Khivar’s plan. The fake one was already implanted with you guys. His mother convinced your protector to take the firth one. She saw it was Velondra’s handmaiden or something. I don’t know for sure. He took her and added her. He would have killed her if he knew the truth. And from what I understand, he learned eventually. If she didn’t hatch sooner, she’d be dead.”- she told them. Before she could say more, her cell phone rang.

She pulled it out of her pocket and read the ID. “It’s Lons.” – she informed them and picked up. –“Yellow. Yeah, we’re in da Crash. Michael and Isabel are ‘ere and they know. Aight, ya dealed with ‘er. And Max? Aight, cool. I’ll tell ‘er. Love ya too.”- she hung up a moment later and saw all three were impatient.

“What she say?” – Liz asked right away. Ava put her phone back. –“They’re in da crib. Max knows about Tess and ya. And they didn’t kill her. They knocked ‘er out ‘cos she tried to mind warp yar man.”- she explained and then looked at Rath’s and Isabel’s dupes.

“Liz is at her beginning. Unlike, she was raised a human. She didn’t have anyone and our Nana, Nancy Parker, she couldn’t tell ‘er sooner. She needs ya to get her powers. I can only help ‘er open them not control them. She will be more powerful ‘cos she’s da queen and ‘cos she’s had them locked up for all this time.” – she informed then, getting a nod from each of them.

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Thanks for the feeback!

Erina - Yes, they do.
irish_girl - Bad Gerbil is going to be fixed. With something Like to call, the Irish dance. You'll see.

Chapter 8 - ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank

“Well?” – Zan asked a soon as soon as Lonnie hung up the phone. Max and Rath were sitting now two and Tess remained unconscious on the floor. –“She’s with Iz and mine and Rath’s dups. She’s explain’ it all to them. It’ll be cool now.”- she said, looking at Max, as if she was letting him more then her brother or lover. He nodded at her words.

“How about we deal with the summit now?” – Zan suddenly said. –“Ya got it, duke.”- Rath said getting up. –“Come on, Max, I’m takin’ ya to da emissary.”- Max nodded and got up but before he moved, he looked at Tess.

”Don’t ya worry, Max. She can’t mind warp us and we ain’t letting ‘er get away.” – Lonnie told him and he nodded, following Rath out of their home.


Isabel, Michael, Liz and Ava decided to meet in desert the next morning. When Michael and Isabel drove in the jeep to the rocks, the formation, the found Liz and Ava already training. And it was 7 am, but they didn’t say anything about it. Instead, they watched as Liz quickly progressed.

“Alright, blow up the small rock.” – Ava order. Liz nodded and looked at the rock that was 12 feet away from her. She focused on it hard and moments later, it blew up. –“Next one.”- Ava’s voice came from behind her. She focused on that one and again, like timed, it blew up, just like the smaller one before it. –“Keep going.”- Ava’s voice came again. The next rock was a little bigger. She blew it up. It surprised her that she didn’t have to focus on it. The next one was even bigger. It blew up as soon as she looked at it. Then the next, and the next and finally the last. It was huge. It was actually half of her. She could hear Michael talking in the back. –“Isn’t that a little too big, Ava? Even I can’t blow that one, when I’m pissed off.”- he commented. She didn’t look at him. She just focused on the rock and then to everyone’s surprised, including hers, it blew up in a million peaces.

Because of the straight of the blast, the peaces fell through out the desert. Several peaces flew dangerously towards her. She heard a gasp behind her but she didn’t move. She worked quickly as she raised her hand and a green shield that reminded so much of Max’s opened up. As it appeared it was huge enough to fill the entire desert but she focused on making it smaller, as it appeared only before her. The peaces hit the shied and then fell on the floor. Moving her hand down, the shield went away.

When she turned around to the three, she had something to see. Ava was clearly impressed, Isabel looked like she had seen a ghost and Michael seemed, well, she couldn’t really make out his face but it definitely wasn’t the same ‘Stonewall’ that everyone was used to.

“What?” – she asked casually. –“That it blowing up?”- she said, turning her face to Ava, who only nodded. –“Yeah, ya got this covered. How about, we astral project now.”- she added quickly.

“What’s that?” – Isabel said, turned her face to Liz’s dupe. –“Ah, the coolest thing. Basically, ya ‘ere but there too. Wherever is there. And it’s like ya project yar image and yar voice.”- she explained. –“And Liz can do this?”- Isabel continued asked. - “Alvira could and so can we.” – Ava answered her.

“Alvira?” – Michael joined in. –“That’s my full name. Ava’s a nickname. And if I know my Nana good, Iz’s middle name.”- Ava answered, turning to Liz, who nodded. –“Aight, let’s go see yar man.”- Ava continued, walking towards her dupe. She took her hand. –“Just focus on Max. Not where is or who he’s with, just his face, his voice. Ya can do it.”- she told her. –“I’ll give ya a bit of help and then I’ll leave ya to it.”- Liz nodded and both closed their eyes.

For a moment, she saw nothing but the darkness. She focused on Max, just like Ava had instructed her. She felt light flash. For a moment, she was in a weird place. There was a table in the distance and she could she Nicholas, Brody at the table with several others that she didn’t know. One of them had their back turned to her and somehow she knew it was Max. She also saw Rath and Lonnie standing away. She looked at Lonnie an pictured her image in her hand, focusing on her. She felt Ava let her go. The next moment, there was another flash before Lonnie turned to her.

Liz quickly put her index finger over her mouth. Lonnie nodded across the room, understanding and turned her attention back to the table. Liz walked forward focusing on Lonnie to hear through her ears. She heard them talking. She watched as Max stood up and refused the deal. She watched as all of them walked away saying him about making enemies. Both she and Lonnie noticed Nicholas slip away. She turned back to Lonnie and smiled. Once there were only Rath, Lonnie and Max, she nodded towards Isabel’s dupe.

“Max, we’re gona leave ya ‘ere for a moment” – Lonnie spoke. Max didn’t understand. –“Don’t ya worry. We’ll be back in a few minutes.”- she told him and she and Rath started walking away. She focused on Lonnie for a little londer as she heard him explain to Rath. –“My girl’s powerful. She’s ‘ere.” – with that Liz focused harder and hard her on Max.

And that’s when it happened. She felt absolutely solid again and there was only darkness. –“Liz?”- she heard Max call her name. She opened her eyes, not sure what she had done. Max walked to her. –

I'm not a perfect person
As many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

“Liz, how did you get here?”- he questioned her but before she could answer, her cell went off. She took it reading Isabel on the ID. She picked it up. –“Isabel. I’m alright. No, I just pushed too hard. I’m in New Your, I think. Tell her too calm down. Alright. Thanks.”- she hung up and looked at Max.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

“Liz, what’s going on?” – he asked again, sitting back at the chair he was already sitting in. She followed his lead and she sat in the chair Brody was using. –“Um, you know, right?”- he nodded.

I'm sorry that I hurt you
It's something I must live with everyday
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears
That's why I need you to hear

“Ava and I were practicing our powers today and this would be astral projection. Or astral travel. I was here like a spirit during meeting. And then I, I guess I focused too hard on you.”- she explained, not sure of it herself either.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is You

They sat there in silence for a while before Max made the first move. He reached his hand and put it over hers. She didn’t pull away this time. As their eyes met, she smiled.

and the reason is You

“I was thinking, Max. Maybe, I was right all along.”- he shifted in his seat, listening. –“You really should follow destiny.”- she smiled as her eyebrow lifted, in a suggestion. She watched as a smile came to his face, a smile Max only gave to her.

and the reason is You

Finally he nodded. –“I really should have listened to you. Just like you should have listened to me.”

and the reason is You

“How yeah, why is that?” – she asked, playfully.

I'm not a perfect person
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

“’Cos, I’ve told you, over and over again. You’re my destiny.”- both continued to smile as Max took her hand into his and lifted it to his mouth, kissing her.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

“Let’s go home, Liz.”- she nodded. They both got up and started walking.

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

They were met half way by Lonnie. –“Ya two cool now?”- she asked and got a blush from Liz and answer. Max wrapped his arms around Liz as they walked. –“’bout time, ya guys.”- she only commented as they left.


“Where is she?” – Michael insisted, pacing around the place where Liz was just standing. Ava stood close to him and Isabel kept calling Liz on her cell. Finally Isabel returned to them, causing both to look at her. –“Everything is alright. She just. . . pushed to hard and . . . she’s in New York with Max.”- she explained. Ava smiled. –“I told ya, she’s gona be powerful. Wait until she gets her full straight and kicks Tess’s ass!”- she giggled. –“Lets go, she ain’t comin’ without Max.”- she said and they walked away.


When Lonnie, Rath, Max and Liz arrived to the sewers, Tess was tied up and Zan was pacing around. –“What is this bitch doing here?!?!”- Tess started screaming as soon as she saw Liz. When Max looked at Liz, Tess’s fury was mirrored in the girl of his dreams. She let go of his hand and walked closer to Tess before he could stop her. As he tried following him, he felt someone grab his hand. He turned around and saw Lonnie shake her head.

“You did not just call me a bitch, Tess?” – Liz’s voice brought him forward again. He watched as Liz leaned into Tess’s face. –“Get out my face, slut.”- Tess answered her back in the same tone. Suddenly, Tess’s face froze in fear. Max watched with surprise as she scene played. Glancing at his dupe, he could see Zan’s worried face.

“Atea, you are a full.” – Liz’s voice was suddenly sharp and cold. –“Even when you let Zannder believe that you were his wife, he still did not want you. I suggest you give up and your death will painless. Defy me again and I will kill you for every life you have taken. It will not be pleasant or quick, I assure you.”- Tess’s face seemed in so much more fear as she looked at Max, beginning for help. He was surprised on how much she feared Liz right now.

Following Tess’s look, Liz turned her head to the side and looked at Max. To what he saw, he jerked slightly. Her eyes were completely black. It reminded him lot of the night of Isabel’s party when they only flashed this way. He saw the smirk on her face as she turned to Tess. –“Atea, Zan will not help you. You betrayed him just like you had done every time you went to Khivar’s chamber.”

Her words struck Max with absolute surprise. When he looked at Zan and then Lonnie, he noticed they weren’t surprised. Tess was Khivar’s mistress. And she was here to destroy them, to separate him and Liz. He just moved back and sat on the couch, not wanting to watch anymore.

Liz moved her palm down Tess’s cheek. –“You have something that belongs to me, Atea. Remember, you scared the skins with it.”- she gave her a little hint as Tess showed a dull face. It returned Max’s attention to the conversation. –“What?”- he said, causing Liz to look at him. –“The ragging illusion of fire, even the actually fire starting. It’s mine. It’s was one of my greatest gifts.”- turning her head back to Tess, she continued. –“Now, I will take it back.”- with that, she reached her hand over Tess’s forehead.

Almost instantly, the blond girl began screaming. The whole thing reminded Max so much of Nicholas trying to rape his mind. But he said nothing as Tess’s screams got louder. He just watched as a weird red color flew through Liz’s hand through her entire body. But she didn’t move away. She continued to keep her hand up and Tess continued to scream. Until finally, she had nothing to scream about. Once the screams were over, Tess’s head fell down and Liz removed her hand from her, standing up.

“Is it done?” – Zan asked, coming close to the two. Liz looked at him, her eyes still black and nodded. –“She’s dead. She will not be a problem anymore.”- Max quickly got up and rushed to them. –“Dead? You killed her?”- he quickly asked, causing Liz to snap her head towards him.

“Not that you should care, my king, but no. I’ve killed her alien side. Atea is dead and all her powers are in me. Tess Harding is a human girl with no recollections of her life. Only what I’ve placed personally.” – she explained and raised her hand above one of Tess’s tied hands. The ropes on both of her hands disappeared. –“Now, perhaps, Tessie would like to meet London. Or Paris. What do you think?”- she asked, in general.

”How ‘bout ya send her to Dublin?” – Lonnie came from behind. Liz grinned and nodded. –“I’ll be right back.”- she said before taking Tess’s hand and closing her eyes. The next moment, she was gone. Max looked at Zan and then Lonnie.

”Look, Max. Everything’s aight. Liz took out her alien side and made a new history for her and now she’s gona ship her off to Dublin and put her into a family. She’s gona make them all believe that she’s their family. She’ll at least be loved. And she will be no bother to us.” – Lonnie explained and a moment after, Liz appeared, her eyes unchanged. –“It is done. She is no longer Tess Harding but Patty Shaw.”- she giggled. In the process, her eyes changed to her normal brown eyes. –“Alright, so she maybe did all that back then but she deserves another shot. Without Nasedo.”- she said and nodded, mostly talking to herself.

”Let’s go home already.” – she then said, looking at Max, who only nodded. –“You guys wana come with?”- he asked, looked at the rest. –“Well, my woman’s still there so hell yeah.”- Zan said and then looked at his sister who smiled and nodded twice as Rath wrapped his arms around her waist. –“Let’s go see this home.”- the second command added.

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aussietrueblue - Gone for good.
L-J-L 76 - Alright, let's just say this. This started at 'Suprise'. Some of the events that happened in the show happened here too. Future Max is not one of them. There is no need for him since Liz is the forth alien. The one they need to be part of the unit.
irish_girl - Nope, Tessie is out of the picture. And yeah, the illusion power was always cool for me.

Chapter 9

It was actually pretty crowded in the car. Zan and Max were in the front while Liz, Lonnie and Rath were in the back. Lonnie was in the middle and Liz was behind Max, who wasn’t driving. It was a long and cheerful drive and it felt like forever since they could actually laugh. Nobody was shooting glares at anyone or being uncomfortable. It felt right. It felt like that for the first time in a long time.

When they drove pass the sing ‘Roswell – 2 miles’, Liz leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Max’s seat and his neck. His hands instantly went over hers as she rested her head on the side of the seat. Things would be alright now. They would be happy and they would together. A smile crept over Liz’s friend and as she saw Lonnie’s face in the mirror. From knowing Lonnie, she had gained for the friends, Tess was out their life, and finally, she felt like she was where she had to be. In Max’s arms. Not just as Liz, the girl worrying if Max was with her to normal. But a girl who was a kick ass queen in her past life. Finally to be happy with the man she loved so much then but her again.


It was after closing in the Crashdown. Isabel, Maria, Alex and Ava sat in Max’s usual booth as Michael continued to pace around. –“When did they say they were coming?”- he insisted again as he paused and looked at Ava. Instead of answering, Ava just looked at the doors. –“Right now, Michael.”- Liz answered him from the doors. As everyone turned to the group of five standing there, she smiled.

Maria quickly got out of the booth. –“Chica! Oh my God!”- she rushed to her and hugged her. Liz hugged back but she didn’t stay like that long. Instead, she walked to Ava and hugged her, leaving Maria puzzled. But Liz didn’t stay with Ava long either. Instead, she looked across the table until her eyes landed on Alex. –“Come here, Alex.”- she told him. He did as told and got up, coming close to her. He hugged her for a moment but as they pulled away. –“Relax for a second.”- he nodded and she reached her hands to cup his face. Almost instantly she knew she was right. Tess had been playing with his head for a very long time. Letting his go, she turned to Max.

“Max, Tess has been mind warping him for a long time. You need to heal him before it kill him.” – she was honest in her words. Max quickly made it to them. He didn’t know if he could but he was more then willing to try and save their friend. –“Alright, Alex. I need you to keep your eyes opened and mind blank.”- he instructed Alex and got a nod as an answer.

Not being able to do it like that, he also instructed Alex to sit. Once higher, he placed his hands on top of Alex’s head. Right away, his hands began to glow as he connected with him and began fixing the whole mess that Tess had created in his mind. He was not only able to fix it but he was also able to see the things Alex didn’t remember, things about Las Cruses. As he stopped, he stumbled back and tried to catch his breath. Liz rushed to his side right away and held him. One of her hands was holding his and the other was on his back. He felt a slight energy from her hand to his and he looked at her as she smiled.


Maria took Liz upstairs for a one on one time. –“So, Chica . . .”- but before she could say another word, Ava marched into Liz’s room with Lonnie and Isabel behind her. –“Hey, I was thinkin’, maybe we could have ‘a chick flick night’.”- Liz’s dupe announced as soon as she jumped on the bed, causing Maria to move a bit. Liz watched Maria’s reaction before nodding slowly. –“Yeah, sure. There are some movies by the TV set. Could you, guys go pick something out?”- she asked, referring to Isabel, Lonnie and her dupe.

She watched as Ava glanced at Maria before looking back at her. The smile, followed by a nod on her dupe’s face meant that she understood. –“Ya heard da queen, girls.”- she said and walked out, followed by the two. Lonnie went last and she didn’t close the doors behind her.

Liz looked at the doors for a second and then waved her hand, closing them, without getting up. Once that was done, she turned to Maria, ready to have the talk her friend wanted but she met a fascinated face of her best friend. –“What?”- she said with an unsure smile.

“You didn’t tell me anything about powers, Liz.” – she commented. Liz just shrugged. –“Well, I’ve known for a day or anyway. Which is why we here.”- she paused. –“And they are out there.”- she pointed at the doors. –“So we can have our talk. How’s that, Ria?”- she smiled and got a nod as an answer.

“Alright, so ask away.” – she said with confidence. She knew this would be long but it was Maria. –“Alright so how did you find out. And when?”

“On Isabel’s birthday party. When you guys left me there. I sort of drifted to sleep and Lonnie dream walked me. She didn’t give me much, just a little something to pick my brain with. Then a few days later, right after the congresswoman died. She told me they were coming. What their plan was. And that Ava would be here once they left.” – she talked and talked. She was soon going to be running out of breath but she couldn’t stop before she said everything otherwise she’d never get a chance to speak again.

“But I still wasn’t sure. She just told me I had to a dupe out there and that I was actually meant to be with Max. And then when I saw Ava, I was sure. We spent two whole days together, talking and training my powers. And then I tried astral projection. I just pushed too hard and it turned into some kind of astral travel. Before I knew it, I was there. And now I’m here.” – she took a deep breath once she was finished. Maria took this as an offer to kick right in.

“Wow! Liz! And Tess? – she asked right away, before Liz got a chance to take a moment. –“I stripped Tess from her alien side. She is completely human. I also took all memories she had from this or the other life. Now, she’s just Patty Shaw, girl from Dublin with five older brothers and loving parents. I’m not cruel.”- a wicked smile came to her face. –“Five older brothers? She won’t be able to breathe.”- Maria commented and both began giggling. –“Like I said, I’m not cruel. But also not that forgiving.”

“Leave ‘hem be, Lons.” – they heard Ava’s voice from outside, followed by a knock on the doors. Before Liz could answer, the doors opened and Lonnie sticked her head out. –“Ya comin’ in out? Ya gona miss ‘Save da Last Dance’. Even da guys came to watch it.”- she said with a wink and left the room without an answer.

Liz and Maria exchanged looks. –“Why would the guys watch it?” – Maria asked it first as the two got up and walked through the doors finding what they didn’t expect in the living room. On the couch were Zan and Ava in his arms; Isabel next to Alex. On the armchair was Michael, clearly waiting for Maria. In the back, leaning on the side of the couch were Rath and Lonnie, clearly busy in a make out session and finally there was Max. He sat on the floor, leaning on the couch, beside Isabel. Everyone looked at the two as they walked in.

Liz and Maria looked at each other again. –“Well, I guess I’ll make popcorn.” “I’ll get drinks.” – the two said at the same time and turned around, leaving them confused with which said what. They returned five minutes later. Liz was carrying two large bowls of popcorn, one red and the other white. Maria came carrying a lot of paper cups and two huge bottles of coke. She put the bottles and the cups on the small table in front of the TV and curled in Michael’s lap.

Max got up to help Liz. He tried to take the white popcorn but she didn’t let him. –“Hey, those are for the humans!”- she told him and handed him the other one. As she sat down, she reached the white popcorn bowl to Isabel who had no idea what to do with it at first. The next moment, Alex took it and started eating.

“I happen to like my popcorn in the bowl.” – Liz the whispered to Max and took a few peaces in her mouth. Before he could ask her about it, he heard Maria. –“Alex!!”- he yelled. When he turned around, he had something to see. Alex was throwing popcorn at Maria, who seemed to have her own set of ammo and was throwing them at him too. As Alex got up, Max and Liz sat on the couch two. The young queen expanded her bowl to her dupe who only took a bit without even looking at it. Nobody was watching the movie any more. They all looked at Alex who was running after Maria as they threw popcorn at each other and giggled.

Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder and closed her eyes as he kissed the top of her head. Almost instantly, she fell in a dream state.

She kissed Max and then turned around leaving him in the pod chamber. She knew right away that it was right after they heard the message from his mother. She walked down the rocks as Max followed her. She heard him call her name and she turned around and put her tears on display on him. She turned around to run again but she stopped. Michael came to Max then. She stopped and again and looked at him. –“I’m still, Max. Sometimes, I just need you to follow me.”- she said as her eyes completely watered. She turned around and took another step.

The next moment, she felt someone grab her hand. She turned around saw him in front of her. With his free hand, he cupped her face. –“Liz, you’re my destiny. I know it. We’re meant to be together. I knew it when I got off from that bus. Please, believe me. I don’t want Tess. Being a king will to work if you’re not by my side. I love you.”

She smiled weakly and leaned to him, kissing him. –“I will stand by my king, always and forever, my love.”- she whispered and watched him smile.


“I will stand by my king, always and forever, my love.” – Max heard her mutter. When he turned his head to her, he realized that she was asleep. And a moment after, he realized that all of the aliens were up on their feet and staring at her. Michael and Isabel were as confused as he was but the dupes smiled with a nod. Ava put her hand over his. He looked at her. –“That’s it. She’s made up her mind for her. Ya’re a lucky dude.”- she smiled.

”Yep, and that’s are que.” – Zan added getting up. –“You don’t have to leave.”- Max told them but he didn’t move. Rath looked at him. –“If she picked ya, man, she picked ya through the whole thing. Ya gona be busy tonight.”- he said and then scratched her eyebrow. Isabel and Michael didn’t have to hear it twice. Instead, Michael waved and Isabel leaned in, kissing her brother on the cheek before both went to pick take Maria and Alex home. The dupes followed and Liz and Max were left alone on the couch.

She was still sleeping at this time. He trailed his hand down her other hand and saw it light again. A smile came to his face. He loved doing that to her. Then again, it’s been forever since he could actually do that to her. And he missed it, just much he had missed her.

Before he could do it again, he felt her head lifted. She looked at him and put on a sleepy smile. –“Hey.”- she said and looked around, realizing they were all gone. –“Was I out too long or is it burning somewhere?”- she asked. He smiled wider as he shook his head. –“Nah, you didn’t sleep look. And apparently, this is where it’s burning.”- he told her and almost instantly he mentally kicked himself. He believed he knew her well and she’d be asking him about his words. He didn’t want to say it because it would mean he was putting pressure on her and he couldn’t allow that.

But she knew him a lot better then he knew her. At least now, she didn’t just know Max Evans but she also knew King Zan. She only smiled and looked the other way. –“Who won?”- she said, looking back at his puzzled face. –“Maria and Alex. They wouldn’t just give up.”- she explained. –“Um, I don’t know. They just left. Isabel and Michael made the effort or something.”- she just nodded. –“I’ll ask them tomorrow.”- she added and rested her head again, on his shoulder.

“So, um, where are your parents?” – causing her to look up at him. –“My mom dragged my dad to some convention in Washington.”- she explained. –“Which is odd ‘cos, you know, she never does that. She hates them.”- she commented mostly to herself and then just waved her hand. –“Oh well.”- she only said and got up and began walking.

She stopped in the middle and looked back at him. –“Aren’t you coming, Max?”- she asked, as if this was a completely normal thing for them. He was confused but he got up and walked to her, taking the hand that she offered him. –“Maybe I should just go home.”- he said as they entered her room. She closed the doors behind her. As she turned to face him again, a smile filled her face. –“Now why would you that, Max?”- she asked him with a playful tone. –“I’d say you have everything you need . . . ”- she pushed him down in a sitting position on the bed. –“. . . right here.”- she smiled as she sat on his lap.

“Max?” – she called his name as he looked at her eyes. –“I want you to make love to me. Here and now. With no interruptions.”- she could see his surprise in her boldness. –“Um, you sure?”- he asked, causing her to smile. –“Max, you’re the man here. You’re supposed to take initiative, hunny.”- she gave him a hint. He nodded, a bit unsure.

Before he could say more, she leaned closed to him and kissed him.

TBC? (Two more to go)