Reunited (CC Teen) Ch6 9/6/08 a/n 09/01/09 [WIP]

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Reunited (CC Teen) Ch6 9/6/08 a/n 09/01/09 [WIP]

Post by behrluv32 » Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:57 pm

Title: Reunited
Couples: CC
Rating: Teen for now but Adult eventually
Disclaimer: Don’t own a thing
This was my first attempt of posting a fanfic. I wrote a few chapters and then it was put in D&B and erased, so I am reposting it with a new title and edits. I’m working on a few stories and do not have regular computer access, so if you like what you read I’ll try to post as often as possible.
Summary: What if the alien trio was adopted by the Evans, but moved to Clovis before they went to Junior High. I’m just going to go with this so your guess is as good as mine.


A slight breeze flew through the window causing a shiver to run down Liz’s back. Reflexively, she reached for her comforter yet, when she moved her hand over the bed it was not the comforter she felt. In fact, this did not feel like her sheets or even her bed. Muscular arms pulled Liz’s body towards an equally hard body, snuggling her back to his front. Consciousness was quickly forming along with the realization that clothes were not a part of today’s little equation. Mumbling sleep filled incoherences into Liz’s ear and placing a hot open mouth kiss onto her neck the apparent stranger embraced Liz tighter before falling back into a restful slumber.

Liz’s eyes shot open as the bright lights peeking through the curtains assaulted her line of vision. Her body tensed; a headache the likes of which Liz had never felt was forming in the back of her head. Awkwardly turning to look over her shoulder, she felt a slight burning sensation between her thighs; but as she turns to look into the face of one of the most beautiful men she has ever seen, images from the night before began to assault her.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

“Chica open up. Are you in there?”

“Damn it blondie, move it or loose it! I said I got this…”

“Don’t call me blondie…”


*Liz POV*

There’s a loud knock on the door, and what sounded like her best friend and someone else arguing…

“OH MY GOD!!!” Liz screams out. Panicked and now wide awake, Liz jumps out of the arms of her handsome companion, knocking him over and the bed side lamp in the process. Grabbing for the tousled white sheet on the ground to cover herself with, and looking between the startled honey eyed Adonis sprawled out naked on the floor in front of her and the turning door knob, Liz knew she was in for the start of a long crazy day.
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Re: Reunited--CC Teen A/N 09/01/09

Post by behrluv32 » Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:36 am

thanks for the fb

Chapter 1

May 22, 1989

“I’m sorry this weekend didn’t go as planned honey. But, I promise I will make it up to you. It’s just that this new client is really important. He can mean a lot of new business for us, which means more money and moving into a house instead just our apartment. You know if we have a bigger place maybe the adoption agency will see it as a better place to raise a family and maybe we’ll be placed higher on their lists of candidates. Wouldn’t that be great Di? A big house filled with lots of kids sweetie, it’s what you have always wanted…what we’ve wanted. Diane—Diane? Are you really that mad at me? It was only Memorial Day. We’ll do something special next weekend, I promise. Diane? Di…”

“Phillip, Phillip, pull over,” a panicked Diane Evans screamed at her husband as they drove through the dark desert night.

“Diane, what’s wrong?” Phillip hesitantly asked.

“Phillip just pullover the car. Look,” says Diane pointing to the small objects out in the distance.

“Oh my Lord, Diane, do you see what that is?”

Driving down the desert road late at night after a long weekend of working on a new law case in Clovis, Phillip Evans never imagined he would end his weekend like this.

“They’re children Di.”

“Oh Phillip, go get the blanket out of the trunk and give me your coat,” she hastily ordered her husband.

“Y-y-yeah, sure sweetie,” Phillip said still mildly in shock. His mind was racing with horrid thoughts. It was the middle of the night and they had not seen a car for miles. ‘What type of people would leave two defenseless children out in the desert? God they don’t have any clothes on either? What kind of parent would do such a thing?’

Slowly walking up to the two children Diane tried to placate their nerves with a small smile and soft words. The closer she got the more distinctive their features became. The young raven haired boy protectively pushed the beautiful little blond girl behind him. He held her hand firmly before acknowledging Diane with a curious look.

“Hi, I’m Diane, Diane Evans. Are you two ok? What are your names?” When no answers came she moved closer and continued. “Can’t you speak? Were you in an accident? Oh sweeties do you even understand me?” Diane gently emitted question after question, while inching closer and closer trying her best not to scare the children.

Neither child answered her but neither moved away from their positions; they just stood there staring at the woman in front of them. Unbeknownst to Diane she was having the same thoughts as her husband of two kids abandoned in the hot May desert heat.

The closer Diane hesitantly move towards the two children, the young girl wordlessly seemed to indicated to the boy, who was still protectively hiding her behind him, it was safe for this woman to approach them.

Diane wrapped Phillip’s jacket around the young boy as Philip did the same with the blanket for the girl, but neither child let go of the others hand, both holding on to each other like a life line. The children kept looking between the couple in front of them and to an unseen figure in the distance behind them.

“Do you think there is something wrong with them?” asked Philip uncertainly.

“The only thing wrong with them is that they obviously have horrible parents. They just threw them out here like they are nothing. Who does that? Look how dirty they are. Who knows how long they’ve been out here fending for themselves. God Phillip, why is their skin so cold? Poor things,” Diane began to cry as they pull the children into the car. She knew she was repeating herself but she just could not believe her eyes. “How long could they have been out here? What type of people would do something this horrible?”

“We don’t know what really happened Di. Just, just calm down. Don’t worry honey. It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay, I promise,” Philip said. He needed to placate Diane’s nerves and his as well so they could figure out their next step.

“Look, you stay here with the children and I am going to look around a little with the flashlights to see if I can spot anything or anyone. Then we can go to the police station to tell them what has happened and deal with this all in the morning. Okay?” he asked his wife.

“Okay Phillip, just…just please be careful, you don’t know what is out there.” Diane supplied worriedly.

Opting to sit in the back seat with the children, Diane tried her best to get through to the kids, even offering them snacks to eat or water to drink, while gently trying to clean off both their faces and soothing down their hair, as Philip made his way out into the desert night.

Walking with two flashlights in hand, and thinking about how glad he is that he always keeps and emergency kit in his car, Phillip walked through the hot dark desert for any clues or signs as to where these children came from, or if by any chance there was anyone else around.

After about 15 minute Phillip heard a slight shuffling and what sounded like foot steps running away behind him. Turning quickly to see what made the noise, Phillip pointed his flashlights toward the dark shadow and then…


“Ah, shoot,” feeling a slight burning in his hands Phillip drops the flashlights as everything around him went dark again.

‘What was that?’ Phillip thought to himself as he picked up the discarded and now ruined flashlights. Having nothing but the moon and stars to light a path back to the car he gave up his mission for the night to join his wife and their new guests for the ride home.

“Well?” asked Diane

“I could see anything. Maybe a wild animal or two, but these flashlights are faulty. They just overheated or something and the light bulbs popped. Let’s go home. These kids look tired. We will feed them, clean them up, and get some clothes on their backs before we report this in the morning.”

“Should we take them to the hospital first? Maybe something bad happened to them. Maybe that’s why they aren’t talking. I mean they don’t even have any clothes and who knows what this gunk is on them,” Diane started to rattle off reasons she knew they should go straight to the hospital. These kids might have some internal injuries they could not see.

“You’re probably right,” Phillip started but as they both looked down into the faces of the two children that still clung for dear life onto each other the silently decided against it. Tomorrow they’d succumb the children to that, tonight they had been through enough.

“Phillip?” Diane sheepishly asked then.

“Yes dear,” Philip replied.

“Do you think it will be possible to keep them…you know if we find out that they really don’t have parents to go back to…or if they are like dead beats or something? You know I can take care of them really, really well. Nothing like this will ever happen to them again. Please Phillip…please,” Diane finished off quickly.

“Oh honey you know it won’t be that simple,” Phillip started, “but I’ll try my hardest to make it happen.”

Driving back home to Roswell, the couple never saw the frowning little boy who watched them drive off into the distance.
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Re: Reunited (CC Teen) Ch1 7/7/08

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Chapter 2

The next couple of days were like a rollercoaster ride filled with new loops, spins, and turns at every corner. Much to the dismay of the Evans’, both children were placed directly into the orphanage the next day, as mandated by the state of New Mexico, and were filed as Jane and Joe Smith.

The police scoured the desert for any clues as to where these two children came from, but as far as they could figure the children appeared out of thin air. There were no clues, not even the smallest hint or a sign.

The story of children found wandering the desert in New Mexico was published everywhere with no exact details, to not bring more trauma or unwanted attention to the two children as need be. Local New Mexico police departments were flooded with all types of claims, some legitimate of parents just looking for their lost children and other less genuine claims of disturbed individuals trying to declare the children as theirs. Nevertheless, whatever the case was, it was more than obvious these two children did not belong to any of the people that tried to claim them.

As per the direct request of his wife, Philip’s newest top priority was to make sure he pulled any and every resource and connection he had in this town, county, or even state to make sure that they were able to adopt little Jane and Joe Smith.

Diane would not rest until those children were theirs. She wanted so much to have a have their family grow and prayed everyday that her inability to conceive children naturally would not hinder her chances of having a big family. When the Evens tried their luck in adopting, they never imagined there would be such a long list and waiting time to see if they “qualified,” whatever that meant, especially in such a small town. Diane understood that they don’t just hand out children like candy; but she also didn’t think she was being irrational in believing the agencies should just see how great of a mother she would be because she just wanted it so much…needed it. They were financially stable enough but that was hardly the only thing they had to go through.

Diane whole heartedly believed that God answered her prayers and sent her those two beautiful children just for her to find… to care for like her own. One hansom little boy with dark hair like Phillip’s and one beautiful blond girl like her, they could be the perfect family. It would be her perfect family and there was absolutely no way she was going to give up until she got her dream.


On the first day in the orphanage it seemed the children could not or would not speak. Really, they did not do much of anything, but it was just believed that they were still in a high state of shock. They were kept under constant supervision at all times because of the way they were found.

They were sent to undergo many physical and psychiatric tests that needed to be done in order to make certain that the children where healthy and did not qualify under special needs. Joe and Jane refused to be separated though. Together they clung, inherently knowing that as long as they were together everything would be alright. The physical tests were to be done first. The children were weighed, their heights checked, their temperature, eyes, throats, ears, and reflexes had all seemed to be in perfectly healthy condition, but when Joe saw the needles he pushed Jane behind him looked up at the physician with a regal look of defiance that seemed to be screaming, ‘I dare you to try to even touch us.’ The doctors could not get near the children for blood work so deciding that everything else seemed normal enough they held the blood work off till after the psychiatric analysis.

Joe and Jane did not understand how they knew that they should not let the doctors test their blood or how they could feel down to their bones that they were different, but keeping the doctors at bay seemed to be the best and safest thing for them to do.

The psychiatric test did not give the doctors much to go on either, seeing as how neither child seemed to be able to do much of anything. They either could not or refused to speak, play, or even draw anything to tell the psychiatrist something of value.

When they would be asked a question all they would do was stare intently at the person speaking, then mechanically they would follow the speaker’s mouth gestures and eventually repeat. When they where given crayons to color with they did not do anything with them until they saw other children doing coloring and mimicked what they drew. Test after test was performed and all that the doctors could come up with was that the children had reverted back into a state of what they called Freudian early childhood. They were mimicking everything as if they were learning it all for the first time, even if it were at a highly accelerated rate. By their third day it seemed that they picked up basic toilet training, eating and even speaking some, even if the words were just copied rather than learned.

Each day Joe and Jane were brought back to the orphanage, after going through test after test, the caregivers could only look upon these unfortunate children with sympathy and hope. No one could predict what was to come for these young children, but they all prayed that at the very least no more pain would come their way.


“Diane, Diane…” came a hurried scream from the front door as Philip Evans rushed into his home.

“Jesus Philip, what’s wrong?” Diane was in their room preparing to see the children at the orphanage. It has been five day since her and Philip found the wandering children and four since having to hand them over to the state, but today they were being allowed to see them again. The state had ordered the Evans’ not to see the children until all of their medical test were run and the police were able investigate not only the children, but them as well. “I’m almost ready to go; look I even bought a new sweater. Do you like it?”

Calming down a bit, then smiling down at his beautiful wife, “I always loved the way you looked in yellow,” giving her a slow tender kiss on the lips, Phillip hugged his wife and said the words that would forever change their world, “I did it honey. I pulled some outlandish strings and I did everything I could without break the law, well in most states, but…”

Cutting off her husband with a noise that was somewhere between a startled gasp and a happy and relieved cry, Diane Evans jumped into the arms of her love and began to cry, “We have them? We have our children… th- th- they’re going t-to be ours Phillip,” Diane stuttered while tears rained down her face.

“Well yes and no.” When Phillip saw the confusion and hurt passing through his wife face he hurriedly continued, “Well we’re going to be their foster parents first, then we have to go through some paper work and some other things later to make everything official, but we can pick them up today and bring them home with us, all we have to do is sign a few papers over at the orphanage and hand them these files and we can go,” he finished quickly.

Never had any words brought more joy to Diane. With a smile that would even bring a Colgate ad to shame, Diane grabbed her purse and her husband, dragging them both out the door and said, “Come on, let’s go pick up our children.”
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Re: Reunited (CC Teen) Ch2 7/11/08

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thanks for the feedback Natalie36

Chapter 3

“Hey you…you kid get back here with that,” Brendan yelled after the boy running off with the two steaks he just spent the last 30 minutes grilling, but two days picking out, seasoning, and prepping for his date tonight.

Feeling weak and extremely hungry after spending the last five days alone scrounging for food and water, the last thing this young boy could do was out run a grown man, no matter how much he wished he could.

Scooping up the little boy that couldn’t have been older than six years old, Brendan looked upon the boy with sad eyes. As the little boy tried to fight the man with all his might, Brendan held him down tight trying to placate the poor child’s nerves.

“Geeze, look at you. It’s okay. I promise. I am not trying to hurt you okay. Here you can eat this and I have more food and something to drink too. Do you want water? Water? Do you understand English? Habla español? No? Well its fine, I don’t really speak Spanish either.”

Somewhere along the questions the boy stopped fighting; Brendan didn’t know whether it was because he was beginning to trust him or whether it was because the boy was too hungry, weak, and tired to keep trying. Either way the boy allowed Brendan to carry him into the house as he munched on the still hot steaks he grabbed off of the plates by the grill.

“Oh my, well who is this you’ve got here,” asked the young woman sitting on the couch. “Hey is that our dinner?” she said with a bit of a humorous tone to her voice.

“Yeah well now it’s his dinner. I hope you don’t mind. I think he needs it more anyway. I don’t think he speaks English or well anything, at least not to me. I’m going to go get him something to drink and to clean him up with; try and make sure he doesn’t run off please,” Brendan said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Well hey there little man, where did you come from? My name is Majandra. Can you say Majandra?” After skipping a beat she tried, “What’s your name?”

Looking at the pretty blond haired woman in front of him that was gently stroking his hair he let her pull him onto the couch as he held onto the stakes with both hands and kept nibbling on them while eying her steadily. Mimicking her gesturers and trying to sound out the last few words she just said he roughly let out, “Mahda, Wasrr nem,” as Brendan enter the room with a glass of water for the boy to drink and a bucket and rags to clean him off with.

“See, I knew you just didn’t want to talk to me,” Brendan said with a smile.

“Bren, stop. Look at the poor thing he must be starving and so cold. I wonder where his parents are. God, what is all this crap on him, he’s so dirty. He doesn’t even have any clothes on, just this gunk. He must have been lost for days. How is he even alive? Why don’t you just wash him in the shower,” Majandra asked, highly concerned for the little boy who just seemed to be staring intently from person to person as he finished eating one stake and moved on to the next.

“I know. It looks like he must have just wandered in from the desert. I thought living this close to the desert might attract a wild animal or two while barbequing, but who would have thought a little kid would run off with our dinner.” Brendan was joking of course but kept throwing concerned looks over the head of the young boy to Majandra. “Well, anyway, I just want to clean this sticky mess off of him before we take him a bath. He can wear something of mine and we can call the cops, you know see what they can do. I’m really sorry our date was ruined this night was supposed to be special.” Brendan was doubly concerned, one for the young boy and two for his girlfriend. Tonight was a special night for them and he did not want to disappoint her.

“It’s okay Bren. Don’t be silly. Helping out this little guy is what’s important. We’ll let him finish eating…”

“Fwinsh eetin,” came the noise from the little man still munching away at his food, while trying to copy the words out of Brendan’s mouth along with his hand and body movements.

Both looked down into the big brown eyes of the little boy and gave him a sad smile. Picking up on what the boy was doing Majandra held up the glass of water, placed it to her lips and showed him how to drink from the cup before passing it on. Picking up the glass, the boy did as Majandra did and even though half the glasses contents ended up on the boy then the floor, he happily gulped it down and handed it back as if asking for more.

“Here Brendan, go get him more water and a towel. I’ll clean him off out back then we can get him into the bath.”

The next half hour consisted of trying to get the young boy cleaned off without completely turning Brendan’s house upside down. Once taking him out of the bath wrapped in a big fluffy towel, they brought the boy into Brendan’s bedroom to get him dressed. Majandra took out one of Brendan’s t-shirts to put on him, almost making Brendan’s eyes pop out when he saw which shirt she picked.

“Are you crazy woman? Do you know what shirt that is? He so cannot wear that,” Brendan said while almost ripping the shirt completely out of Majandra’s hands.

“Oh you big baby you have hundreds of Metallica tees, letting him wear one won’t kill you. Now hush up he looks sleepy,” she said while combing through his long light brown locks.

After dressing him in an oversized Metallica tee and an old pair of underoos Brendan’s nephew left on a visit to his house, they laid the boy in Brendan’s bed until he was sound asleep.


While the boy slept the young couple called the police. Within the hour the Sheriff came to speak with the couple as his deputies did a search of the surrounding desert area.

When newly appointed Sheriff James Vanlenti found out that another child was found wandering the desert all he could think is, “What is this world coming to.” He had a boy the same age as the children that were abandoned and he could not imagine who would do such a thing.

After the deputies came back empty from their search and the sheriff was done asking Majandra and Brendan questions, Majandra remembered a story she saw in the paper earlier in the week.

“Hey sheriff, I remember reading the other day about the same thing happening. Do you think these two cases are related in any way?”

“No, I’m sorry Miss. I highly doubt it,” the sheriff said taking off his hat. “We did a complete haul- over in the desert near and around where those other children were found with almost all my deputies on the case and we did not find a thing. What most likely happened was that someone saw the story on TV or in the papers and did a copycat of the crime. I’m guessing they left him out here within the last 24- 48 hours. There is no way such a young child could have lived out in the desert for almost a week, especially in the summer. Plus, we are pretty far from where the children where found for him to get here by bare foot.” The sheriff stopped, took a deep breath and finished, “To be honest, we don’t know much either way, but we’ll be keeping the investigation of both cases open separately.”

As Valenti finished everyone turned to see the little boy watching them from the bedroom door. Seeing that there was a new strange person in the house that obviously upset the kind lady that was stroking his hair earlier, he walked over to Majandra, stood in front of her, extended both arms on either side of him in a protective stance, and gave a deathly stare to the sheriff.

Picking up the boy from his place in front of her, Majandra said, “Oh sweetie it’s okay, you are going to be fine. This nice man here is going to find you a nice home and you’ll be okay,” she reiterated softly into his ear. She knew he did not really understand, but hoped the calming gestures would sooth him.

Although he didn’t understand what the exact words meant, when the sheriff reached out for him he understood that he was going to be taken away; and he didn’t like that idea one bit. He turned into Majandra’s arms and held onto her tight trying to express where he wanted to be.

“Look sheriff it’s really late, you have all of our information, so how about you let him sleep here tonight and we’ll bring him to the station first thing in the morning,” Majandra reasoned with the officer.

With a bit of hesitancy Jim finally agreed with the condition that instead he’d meet them all at the orphanage.

The next day came far too quickly and the couple was heart broken as they remorsefully watched the young boy as he watch them go. His eyes were full of longing and rejection. He could not understand why for a second time he was left alone. What had he done wrong?

“Hey little guy… uh look you can keep the shirt…you know it’s a bit big, but you’ll love it once you grow into it…”

Majandra cut Brendan off with tears forming in her eye, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry but we’re too young to keep you ourselves. We aren’t even married… b-b-but I know these nice people here will give you a nice home a-and a good family. You’ll see. I know you’ll be better off.” Giving the little boy with the saddest brown eyes she has ever seen one final hug, a kiss on the forehead, and a small gift package Bren put together while the boy slept, Majandra and Brendan left the orphanage with high hopes of a better future for the boy with no known name or past.

“Bettow ouff,” the boy whispered as he watched the couples’ final departure while crushing the small package in his arms.
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Re: Reunited (CC Teen) Ch3 7/13/08

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Michelle in Yonkers: Thanks for the fb and yeah, pretty much :oops: but all is not lost for young Michael...for now
Some lines were modified from Chant Down Babylon

Chapter 4
3 Years Later
September 1992

Diane could not point out a time in her life when she had ever been more excited and down right terrified at the same time. The last three years have been a heaven sent miracle for her and Phillip. After a year and a half of being foster parents she and Phillip were finally able to legally adopt the children. It took so long due to legal work and the on going investigation of the children’s original whereabouts, but when the time came, she and Phillip could not have been happier.

Diane took those first three years at home with the children to teach and mother them as best she could. She gave them everything she feared they may have been deprived of before she and Phillip found them wandering the desert. She even took time off of helping with the practice to home school the children until she felt they were ready to take that next step into the world of school and peer interaction. Now, here she was getting her children prepared for their first official day of school.

“Max. Isabel. Hurry up and finish your breakfast, so I get you to the bus stop on time. You don’t want to be late for your first official day of school do you?” Diane said as she tried to rush her children along.

“Yes,” Max said under his breath.

After hearing Max’s less than subtle mumble Isabel lightly kicked her brother under the table.

“Well I can’t wait,” Isabel stated highly enthused. She did not know whether she was merely excited about her first day at a real school or whether it was something else, but she just did know that today something special would happen. It was something she felt deep down to her bones.

Trying one last time to at least plead his case and get out of going to school, if even only by whining, Max started to beg, “Mmmmoooooom, come ooooon pleeeeease, I just don’t want to go. Why can’t you just keep teaching us, like before?”

“Oh sweetie, you’re just a little nervous, is all. You’ll see, once you get to school everything will be great. You just need to try this honey, trust me it’ll be good for you,” reaching out to grab both her children Diane continued, “Now, I love you both, so give me a hug and a kiss and get yourselves into the car. You’ll both see that after today you will be begging me to let you go to school so you can see all your new friends.” She could not stop from getting a little misty eyed while trying to convince her children everything would be okay.

“Geeze mom… okay, okay, we’ll go you don’t have to cry,” Max said rolling his eyes. He hated it when his mom and sister cried. He knew his mom used to cry herself to sleep at night because she knew he wasn’t as happy as Isabel was that they were there.

Diane would sneak into their rooms every night the first few months since they had moved in to make sure they were sleeping well.

It would break her heart to see her children so sad. Max was always so depressed because he just wanted to go home. He did not begin to feel at home until the night she gave him his toy house. She went on about how it was magic and if he held onto it, it would bring him home. He knew it wasn’t true, but just the fact that Diane would try so hard to make him happy had Max feel the need to at least try and act content, if only for her and Isabel’s sake. He did eventually start to become comfortable living there, but it was not without a lot of work.

Isabel was different though, she knew she was home and loved being with the Evans’and they knew as much. However, Phillip and Diane could not place her sadness nor did Isabel try to share. She would mask her true feelings as best she could under cheerful expressions and a false façade of control. Only Max knew why she would cry all those nights and where her deep seeded feelings of emptiness came from. They all stemmed from the loss of the boy they left out in the desert that night. Till this day, Max still finds her crying about it. Whenever Isabel would begin to wonder about what happened to him the water works would begin again. She knew her family wouldn’t be complete until they were reunited. Everyday both she and Max wished for that day.

Finally making there way out the house, Diane drove her children to the school bus stop. Today was the beginning of a whole new chapter in their lives.

Reluctantly walking off the school bus, Max never imagined that his day would turn out like this. He was not even completely down all the bus steps before his eyes caught sight of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had long brown hair, big brown eyes, and the best smile he could ever imagine existed. His whole world seemed to be going in slow motion and he couldn’t explain the feelings that were beginning to grow and turn in his stomach. Just looking at this girl made him feel more happiness than he thought he could ever feel, like suddenly some part of him he never knew was coming to life.

“MAX!!! Come on what’s wrong with you? We have to get inside, and I know you don’t want to be here but we have to so just come on,” Isabel said while pulling her brother along.

Max didn’t open his mouth to even protest, all his attention was still focused on the girl who was slowly being dragged away from his line of vision. Never once did he notice the other two little girls she was playing with or his surroundings, all his mind could process was the beauty that captivated his presence, until he was pulled completely out of her sight.
“Max, what’s gotten into you? Mom already talked to the principal and they said we just had to come to the main office and they would start us on our day.”

Only picking up the last few words his sister said, he repeated what she said but his thoughts were on that beautiful girl he just had to se again.

Half the school day had come and gone without a hitch. Max found out that the pretty girl from that morning’s name is Elizabeth Claudia Parker, but her friends call her Liz. She had the first couple of classes with him and Isabel, but as much as he wanted to go up and introduce himself he found he was to shy to do so. In the classes that they had shared together so far he had had to sit with Isabel, but Liz was always sitting next to this loud blond girl he learned was named Maria Alejandra Deluca.

The next class was about to change, but this time he would not have it with Isabel. This period she had lunch and all Max hoped was that he could at least have one period alone with Liz so he could have the time to properly study her every nuance without his sister breathing down his neck or questioning his fascination with the little brown eyed girl.
Lunch Room

“What do you mean you won’t take my food stamps? They are for food aren’t they,” Michael Guerin began to argue with the asinine teacher that had cafeteria duty that day.

Looking down at the spiky haired boy wearing a grungy Metallica t-shirt and holding slightly beaten-up tape payer, Mr. Trevors said, “I don’t take lip from welfare punks.”

Pissed beyond belief, Michael appeared as if he would about attack the tall scraggly mustached teacher with as much force as he could muster, but then he felt something. He suddenly took a step back as if having a flash of memory of something familiar, but he could not quite place it. He felt as if a heat lamp were turned onto the back of his neck. Turning around slowly and trying to ignore if not completely forgetting the comb-over victim that calls himself a teacher, Michael saw and felt where the heat was coming from.

There she was, sitting at a table all by herself staring at him with those big brown eyes. Slowly making his way towards the familiar blond, he feared that if he walked any faster she may just disappear. When he finally made his way to the seat in front of her, she pushed her tray of food over to Michael and said, “You can have my lunch.”

The gesture was so simple, so innocent, but with that slight signal Michael knew that this girl in front of him was different. She was different like he was different. She was who he had unconsciously been in search of all this time. A need and want to be constantly near her, a need to protect her grew instantly within him at such a rate it could not be put into words.

Science Class

“Okay students, today I want to partner you up for a little experiment I have planned for all my little Einsteins. This will get you prepared for all the projects we will be working on throughout the year,” said Ms. Sandy in a voice so chipper and sweet all the kids would be sure to get home with tooth aches by the end of a session with her.

After telling all her students to pair together, one boy and one girl, as assigned by their desk seats, she told the students to get a little acquainted with their partners, allowing her to finish setting up.

“Hi I’m Liz, what’s your name,” Liz asked the dark haired boy she had never seen in school before.

“Pretty, uh uhm, I…uh, I mean Li..Li..La…Liz, yeah that’s uhm, a good name, pretty….yeah, my name, my name is Max, Max Evans. I’m in your other classes too,” Max stumbled through the words as if they were the most difficult words he had ever spoken in his life, “you know with my sister, she’s Isabel that blond girl that was with me earlier, if you saw,” he finished whispering the last sentence while emitting a low uncomfortable giggle.

Blushing that the cute boy in front of her said her name was pretty; she smiled and responded to his jumbled words, “Hi Max, so I guess we’re partners. I really like science; we’re going to have fun.”

Glad that Liz did not say anything about his awkward introduction they went on through their class with a lot less stiffness, but Max was still too nervous and awestruck to do much more than respond to whatever questions Liz asked.

He learned that that girl, Maria, was Liz’s best friend and since neither of them had siblings they thought of each other as sisters more than just best friends. He also found out that she lives upstairs from a restaurant her parents owned called the Crash Down Café. When she invited him to come eat there with his family whenever he wanted Max thought he would never catch his breath again.

He listened to every word that came out of her mouth and treasured each ounce of information as if it were a King’s gold. He studied the way she tucked her hair behind her ear, her infectious giggle, and the way she bit her lip while diligently working on the experiment the teacher laid out for them.

Max did not understand what it was about this girl that had captured his attention so fully, nor did he understand the feelings that she invoked within him, but he love each moment of it and would not change a single moment. He was never more thankful he had listened to his mother that day and come to school. He would never miss another day if it meant he could see Liz Parker.
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Re: Reunited (CC Teen) Ch5 8/9/08

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thanks for reading Michelle in Yonkers & nibbles2
Some lines taken from Independence Day

Chapter 5

3 Years Later
Old Chisholm Trail Trailer Park

“I told you to do the wash and take out the trash boy,” Hank said, throwing both the garbage bag and the laundry basket at Michael.

“I'll do it later,” Michael dismissed nonchalantly.

“NOW,” yelled Hank with a menacing attitude that only upset Michael more.

“I'm not your maid,” Michael yelled angrily.

“Oh, you're right. You're good for nothing. Do what I said…NOW,” came Hanks reply. Every syllable enunciated from his mouth was toned in disgust for the boy in front of him.

“Go to hell, Hank,” was Michael’s quick reply.

Hank only saw red, ‘This little bastard never knew when to shut up,’ he thought, “No wonder your parents left you out in the desert. Who'd want ya,” Hank slurred drunkenly.

“Who are you, father of the year? You're a man who keeps me around just to collect the monthly check…” if Michael wanted to say anything else no one would know. Hank’s fist shut him up as quickly as his words sparked Michael’s initial verbal retaliation.
Blow after blow were dealt in between shouts that ranged from, “Don’t talk back to me,” and “Fucking, good for nothing bastard.” The young pre-teen could not do much but block his face and try and get in a few good swings and kicks. He knew all he needed to do was get Hank to sway a bit so he could get away. In Hank’s drunken state he would not chase Michael…he couldn’t. Running would be his only option, the alternatives were just too grim or perilous to bear.

Evan’s Home

“So Diane, what do you think,” Phillip asked his wife nervously.

“I don’t know Phillip. I really don’t know. The kids are doing so well, I don’t think this would be the best decision right now. I mean your practice is doing fine; do you really believe this is for the best?” Diane asked.

“I know it is sweet heart. Trust me. Plus, if things go well it will be so much better for us Di. This isn’t permanent and we could even come back,” Phillip pleaded his case.

“Okay, I have faith in you. So now we just have to tell the children,” Diane finished wondering how her children would take the news.

Roswell Elementary, before first period

“I don't even know how to explain it, Maria, but listen. Are you listening to me,” Liz asked making sure she got Maria’s full attention.”

“I'm listening,” Maria said anxiously.

“When Max was looking at me the other day I was so sure he was trying to get the nerve up to ask me to the sixth grade formal. It was like, I don't know, intense. Okay, it was like I saw something in his eyes that I never saw before. He’s always really nice to me, but I never thought he could like me. I mean I know he kinda likes me but I mean like, like me like me. You know, especially since he’s him and I’m just me. Plus, he’s hardly said anything to me that’s not about school since we were science partners in third grade,” Liz ranted.

“Ooh kay, ookay, stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,” Maria said.

“What?” Liz asked.

“All right, first I have to say you sound like me,” smiling at her life long best friend Maria continued, “I have just the thing for you, all right? Open your mouth.”

“What?” Liz had to ask again.

“Just open your mouth, okay,” Maria commanded as she reached into her backpack and pulled out a small brown bottle.

“Yeah, fine.” Liz opened her mouth as Maria put a few droplets of some liquid into Liz’s mouth. “Oh, that… that's really gross! What is it,” Liz said as she scrunched up her face.

“What is it? It’s called grief relief,” Maria said, as if her words explained anything.


“I got it at my mother's shop. It's this herbal remedy that shocks the body back into reality when the mind's gone into overload. Veterinarians use it to calm wild animals,” Maria finished with a smile.

“Oh, well that...that's great,” Liz said looking at her best friend incredulously.

“Here, you can have this, and any time you feel yourself spiraling out of control, especially when thinking about that really good looking male Evans, who would be lucky to have you might I add, just put four drops under your tongue, okay?” Maria said as she handed Liz the bottle. Maria knows how much Max really likes Liz, especially since he spends so much free time and even not so free time staring at her best friend. This however, was the first indication she has ever had from Liz that showed she actually believed her when she said that Max was staring at her. Maria and Alex constantly teased Liz that Max was looking at her and every time Liz looked back he would turn away in time for her not to see. However, it seemed to elusive Max Evens was losing his touch seeing as how the other day he was finally caught in action. For the first time Liz caught Max staring at her but the amazing part was that he did not turn away. This has lead to a whole weekend of questions from a highly curious Liz.

“Sure,” reluctantly taking the bottle Liz agreed without much argument.

“Now would be a good time,” Maria said as she hurriedly walked away when she saw Max heading towards them.

Eyeing Maria’s quick retreat with inquiry, Liz was more than a little stunned as she came face to face with none other than Max Evans. “Hey Max,” Liz had a shocked smile on her face as she uttered her greeting.

“Hi. What's that,” Max said eying her bottle curiously.

“Oh, um,'s nothing.”

“Okay,” was all Max could think to say.

“So…” Liz started again to try and fill the gap of silence, “You know, Max, the other day, when...when we…I mean you were at the Crash…I, um...” Liz just couldn’t get the words out properly, but Max got what she was trying to say anyway.

“Yeah.” Max could only shake his head. He’d try to prolong their conversation as long as it took to find the courage to ask Liz to the formal. He never thought that he would ever have the guts to put himself out there when it came to Liz, but there was something in the way he saw her staring back at him the other day that finally broke his resilience.

Isabel had been asked to go to their first official dance and she and their mom had been so excited. They went out to buy a dress, shoes, and new accessories to pull the outfit together, or so they told Max. Max really did not want to go. Dances were not his thing, or anything really that had to do with too much school socializing. He and Michael understood that they just had to always stay back in the shadows, and although Isabel understood that to an extent, she was never really open to anyone but him and Michael, her extraordinary beauty and height always seemed to get her into the cliques at school that put her right in the forefront of the Roswell Elementary’s social ladder and even catching the eye of the popular kids in the Junior High School.

Next year they would be starting Junior High and this was their first look into the world of dances, first dates, and more responsibilities. So if Liz was going to be there anyway, probably with Maria and Alex, and his parents were going to making him go since Isabel was going, he could not think of a more perfect feeling than walking into the school gym with Liz by his side.

Isabel and her ever so perfect timing cut their would-be conversation short however. Breaking the spell Max and Liz seemed to wrap themselves in after their initial greeting she cut in, “Something's up with Michael. He's acting weird.”

“Weirder than usual,” supplied Max.

“Yeah, no… I just saw him at the other end of the hall and he just went the other way,” Isabel said barely giving any recognition to the fact that he was talking to Liz. She was worried about Michael and Max was the only person she could see.

“Well, maybe he didn’t see you,” Max said while shooting Liz an apologetic look over Isabel’s shoulder.

“No, he was ignoring me. He practically ran into the bathroom. Will you just go in there and see what's going on,” Isabel said, leaving no room for argument.

“Right,” Max said defeated.

“Thank you,” Isabel said before she walked away, never once glancing in Liz’s direction.
Max gave Liz another rueful look before his eyes hit the floor. All he could get out was a small apology and, “I'll see you later,” before walking off to find his best friend.

“It's okay,” Liz said, her voice sounding as small as she felt. Her insides were screaming at how mad she was that Isabel interrupted. She turned back to walk to class, but not before dropping a few more drops of grief relief under her tongue.

Walking into the boy bathroom Max was surprised to find Michael hiding his face from him. He hated when Isabel was right. “Hey, Michael. You all right,” Max asked.

“Yeah, I'm fine,” Michael said harshly as he tried to turn from Max’s prying eyes.

“Cause, uh, Isabel thought...” Max continued but was cut off by Michael.

“…Can't a guy get some privacy,” Michael said while going into one of the bathroom stalls.

The class bell rang signaling the start of a new school day, but neither boy tried to rush to class. Max was more determined than ever to find out what his friend is hiding and Michael was equally determined to keep his secret. “It’s fine, I'll wait.”
Getting highly annoyed at Max’s incessant badgering Michael said, “Max, just get outta here.”

“You can't stay in there all day.”

“Max, I'm serious. Just leave me alone. I'll be out in a second,” Michael took to barking at Max from behind the stall but Max was hardly deterred.

Refusing to let it go so easily Max agreed, with no intention of letting it go. Acting as if he was going to leave the bathroom, Max walked over to the door, pushed it open and let it close by itself. Setting himself on the wash counter Max awaited Michael’s reappearance only to be faced with immediate concern when locking sight with a shocked Michael's black eye.

“How did it happen,” Max asked in a strained but controlled voice.

“He was drunk,” was Michael’s only response.

“Hank? Has it happened before?” The question left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“Couple times… This was the worst, though. Never left a mark on my face,” Michael said, once again turning away from Max’s gaze.


“Don't. I don't want you feeling sorry for me. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me.”

“Everyone's gonna ask.”

“Not if it's gone. Fix it. Please. I tried, but I...” Michael broke off, his voice becoming as shaky as his demeanor.

“And what about the next one,” Max demanded a bit angrily.

“There won't be a next one,” vowed Michael.

“Michael, you don't have to protect him. He's not even your real father.”

“No kidding,” scoffs Michael.

Max conceded and healed Michael's bruise, but as quickly as the mark was removed
Michael was moving. “Thanks…” there was an eternity of silence between them before Michael said, “I don't want anyone else to know about this.”

“Michael, you can't just...”

Cutting Max off again before he tried to talk him into something he just couldn’t do Michael said, “Maxwell, it's between you and me.” Then before making his speedy retreat he said, “Plus, you shouldn’t be any later to class,” and left Max staring after him as he walked out the bathroom.
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Re: Reunited (CC Teen) Ch5 8/9/08

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thanks so much for the fb begonia9508 and nibbles2 i am enjoying going through this story again...

lines from independence day

Chapter 6

Lunch Room

“Chica, go talk to him,” Maria said trying to push Liz towards Max’s table.

“Maria, no! Look, he looks like he’s busy. He’s seemed distracted all day. If he’s going to ask me he’ll come. Don’t push,” Liz pleaded to Maria as she saw Max and Isabel cowered together in what seemed like a serious conversation.

Max and Isabel sat together at their usual lunch table to discus Michael’s situation. “Are you saying what I think you're saying,” Isabel said worriedly.

“Calm down, Isabel. I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone,” Max said just below a stage whisper.

“Then why did you tell me,” Isabel screamed.

“Cuz I'm worried about him. I don't...I don't know what to do.”

“Max, you can't just tell me something like that and expect me to do nothing.” Michael chose that moment to come up to them, overhearing more of the conversation than he was supposed to.
Eyeing Max and Isabel strangely, he sat down greeting them both, “Hey.”

“Hey,” both respond hastily. Too hastily…

Michael studied Max and Isabel, probing the looks on their faces questioningly. Realization dawned on him quickly. Anger flared through Michael’s features as he sneered, “You told her,” before making a hasty retreat out of the cafeteria.

Jumping up to follow Michael Isabel was first to call out to him, “Michael! Michael!!! When she finally reached him Isabel loaded on the questions. “What are you gonna do? Pretend it didn't happen? You have to do something,” she finally pleaded.

“Like what?” Michael asked heatedly.

“Tell someone. Report him,” Isabel implored.

“Yeah, who? A social worker… or how about the police? Yeah, that'd be a smart idea, wouldn't it? Bring unwanted attention to all of us,” Michael said.

“Max told me this has happened before,” Isabel pried as Michael turn away.

“Look, I'm sorry, but I had to tell her,” Max interrupted.

“Look, everybody's got problems. If it wasn't this, it'd be another thing. I'm a big boy. I can handle it,” Michael tried to reason.

“Maybe you could talk to my dad. He's a lawyer. He could help. He once told me about this...this case he had where he got a kid out of a situation just like this one. Please Michael, please,” she finished just above a whisper.
After seeing the hurt look on her face Michael really wanted to say yes and just ask for the help, but he just couldn’t. “Forget it, Iz. The last thing we need is for me to go to the courts and bring up all our pasts.”
Knowing good and well that she wasn’t getting through to him she decided to try a different root, “Well, if he hurts you again, Michael...”

“He won't.”

“You could use your powers,” Isabel finished.

“I had to stop myself last night. I can't control my powers like you and Max. You guys know that. Especially in the state of mind I'm in. If I did anything, I'd probably kill him.” Michael knew how easy it could be to just let go.

“Well, all I know is you can't go back there tonight. So stay with us. At least until Hank calms down,” Isabel said with a note of finality in her voice.

“Fine, if it's gonna shut you up,” Michael said before leaving them to go to class.

“How are we gonna explain this to mom and dad?” Max wondered curiously.

“He’s just sleeping over and if it’s for longer I'll think of something,” Isabel would come up with something, anything to get Michael away from Hank, permanently.

“Are you sure this is a good idea,” Max said, knowing that his best friend would react very defensively if he felt he was being ganged up on, especially by adults.

“Yeah, in fact, I think it would be good for Michael to be part of the family.” At least she hoped.

Evans Home

Everyone was seated at the table for dinner. Michael starts helping himself to all the dishes before everyone had the chance to get to the table. “Michael, we usually wait till everybody's seated before serving ourselves,” Isabel pointed out.

“Why,” Michael asked a little annoyed.

“It's polite,” Isabel snapped.

Michael dropped the serving dish and sat back in his seat when Isabel gave him a hard stare. He felt uncomfortable. He did not want to be there, though he did not want to be home either, so that did not leave him with many options. That thought made him feel more alone than he’d ever admit to himself, let alone anyone else. Watching as Diane tried to shove some mush she called a green bean casserole in his face Michael, as politely as he could, declined. He may have been hungry, but he much rather skip a meal than have the Evans’ gawking at him while forcing goop onto his plate.

Seeing how noticeably uncomfortable everyone was making Michael, Diane tried to change the subject, “So, Michael, how long is your father away?”

“Oh, just a couple of days, actually,” Isabel answered for Michael before he even tried to open his mouth.

“What does your dad do again, Michael,” Phillip added. He was genuinely interested in knowing about his children’s friends, but thought it odd that the young boy needed a place to stay and his parents had not even called to confirm if it was okay for Michael to stay, if even for one night.

“He's not my dad. He's my foster father,” Michael added hastily, disgusted that someone would think of him as Hank’s son. Phillip’s curiosity only peaked at Michael’s rebuttal.

“Actually, he's in, um, marketing,” Isabel answered again.

Looking at his daughter warily Phillip reprimanded her. “Isabel, are you gonna let Michael answer a question?”

“You know, in these last few years that you've been friends with Max and Izzy, I don't think we've ever met him,” Diane pondered. Michael was her children’s first and best friend since they started school. They were all practically joined at the hip and both Max and Isabel treat Michael like another sibling. She figured they bonded over all being orphans because they really were so very different. She knew Michael was a good boy though with just a bit of a tough exterior.

He proved Diane’s point by mumbling loud enough under his breath, “No great loss.”

Trying to help Michael save face in front of her parents Isabel tried to cover for him again, “Well, um, what Michael means is that, um...”

Interrupting his daughter’s attempts, Phillip says, “Why don't you let Michael tell us what he means?”

Not wanting this night to get anymore difficult Michael tried to amend himself, “I didn't mean anything.” He just wanted to be done with family time and go to bed. He knew it was early but he was just tired and the third degree by perfect papa Phillip Evans. It was the last thing he wanted or needed.

Maria’s Bedroom

“So, did he ask you, or will it be a three musketeers night at the dance,” Maria asked Liz as they dug into a tub of ice cream after school.

“No, but I think he was going to until Isabel had to interrupt this morning, and then he was acting all weird the rest of the day after we saw them at lunch,” Liz said sadly.

“Well, the dance isn’t for another week and then we have summer break. Just think if you guys go and maybe you’ll date in the summer and you’ll be the first pair to couple up and be boyfriend and girlfriend when we start junior high,” gushed Maria.

Liz blushed at the thought. Max Evans could be her boyfriend. How incredible would that be? Then she thought about her father, “My dad would freak,” she said as they both laughed and spent the rest of the night talking about boys, school, their summer plans, and just how great next year was going to be.

Evans Home

Michael spoke all too soon. Family night was only beginning with dinner and now it was off to game night. After a round of Clue, ‘Miss Scarlet with a wrench in the study,’ Isabel guessed after all of five minutes and Michael was pretty sure she cheated since she was pretty adamant about not wanting to play the game, they moved onto monopoly. Michael was about ready to pull out his hair.

Rolling the dice and moving up four spaces Isabel says, “All right. As long as I'm back on Park Place, I think I'll buy a hotel.”

“Ho, oh, you're killing us here, Isabel,” Phillip teased his daughter.

“She's ruthless. You gotta watch out for her,” Max threw in a sarcastic jab though it wasn’t clear if he was teasing Isabel, their father or both.

“Okay, let's regroup. Uh, it's your turn, Michael,” Diane said passing Michael the dice.
Michael rolled the dice with barely an ounce of enthusiasm. He was already losing and now he just had to land on a property owned by Mr. Evans.

Sheepishly, Michael looked over at the older man as he told him how much he would owe. “Okay, Ah! Let's see. Atlantic Avenue… with 4 houses. That's $975.”

“Ohh! Ouch. Ouch, ouch. Wow, a lot,” came Diane’s remark.

“How about I just catch you next time around,” Michael tried after looking down at his lack of funds.

“You'll catch me on the next time around,” Phillip asked somewhat incredulously as if it was such a ridiculous notion.

“That's a new rule,” Diane interjected trying to keep the game rolling.

“Michael, we...we usually pay on arrival,” Max added. It was just a game but he knew Michael was already wired and didn’t want anything to stir any feathers.

“That's okay, I'll lend it to him,” Isabel said ready to pay his bill.

Phillip began to protest as she tried to hand him her play money, “Oh, Isabel, no. No lending except from the bank. Uh, but he doesn't have any houses to mortgage, so...”

“Just rub it in, huh,” Michael said. His sardonic tone lost on no one.

Blanking a little at Michael’s words Phillip stumbled his reply, “I...I'm not trying to rub it in, Michael.”

“What's the big deal? Why can't she just lend me money? It's a game,” Michael said, starting to become upset with Mr. Evans.

“Well, the deal is, in this house, we play by the rules,” Phillip interjected rather coldly.

“Well, I don't want to play any more,” Michael said throwing the rest of his play money on the table and getting up to leave.

“Michael, wait,” Diane pleaded then turned an upset eye on Phillip.

Following Michael who was making his way onto the front porch Isabel screams after him, “Michael. Michael! You didn't have to be so rude to my dad.”

Looking at Isabel as if she just grew a second head Michael yells, “Rude? He was sticking it to me for no reason.”

“It was a game,” Isabel reasoned.

“He doesn't like me Iz.”

“He doesn't know you.”

“I don't want him to know me,” he finally admitted.

“He could help you. You just have to speak up and tell him the truth,” Isabel said trying to bring up the real reason Michael was staying with them.

Michael was not hearing her. Adults have always been the enemy and he just did not trust Phillip.

Isabel refused to give up without a fight though. “You have to do something, Michael. Please don't just pretend it didn't happen. Please,” Isabel said with tears in her eyes as she grabs Michael into a hug. “Michael, please don’t leave. Just stay please. I don’t want him to hurt you again,” by now Isabel was in sobs. She looked into Michael’s eyes as he wiped the tear stains from her cheek. “You know you’re my brother too and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, so please just… please stay.

He could not help the initial flinch at the hug, but when Isabel started crying she broke all his resolve. “Okay, fine… just don’t cry. I’ll stay, but I’m going to hang out in Max’s room. I don’t feel like playing anymore and I’m tired.”

He walked off without another word with his head hanging low.

Max, seemingly coming out of the shadows, made himself seen after Michael walked away. He waned to give him and Isabel a bit of privacy, but even if Isabel convinced Michael to stay, Max could not help the warning in his tone. “He's not easy, Isabel. Never has been.”

“I know that.”

“You can't push him like that.”

“I'm really scared for him, Max,” Isabel said wiping the tears from her face and removing the puffiness of her eyes with her powers. She allowed Max to lead her back into the house as they continued their conversation.

“Phillip, you shouldn’t have been so mean to Michael,” Diane scolded her husband.

“I didn’t mean to. It’s just that…I don’t know, he’s either hiding something or lying about something. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something off with him. Look he went to bed, so let’s not talk about this now. I think we need to tell the kids now. We’ll be moving in about a month…”

Hearing her fathers last few words Isabel screeched, “What?”

“Oh kids…Uh listen sit down, we need to talk,” Phillip told his children motioning towards the couch.

Instead of following her father’s instructions Isabel quickly moved away from Max and sprinted to her mother’s side, “Mommy? Is he telling the truth? We can’t leave…we just can’t,” Isabel said, her voice strained and upset. They could not leave Michael.

“Why do we have to move? Is something wrong,” asked Max worried about what his parents were not saying.

“Please, just sit down so we can all talk,” Phillip requested.

Once everyone got settled Phillip began to explain how he had received an offer that could expand his clientele at a firm in Clovis. That he would still own the firm here in Roswell and allow his partner here to run it, but he had to spend a few years out in Clovis to get the acquainted with some of the business aspects. He went on to promise that it isn’t anything permanent if they didn’t want it to be, but this was something he had to do for the family. Once both parents saw the looks on their children’s faces they began pleading for them not to be upset and to see this as a new beginning full of new opportunities.

“Don’t be upset…don’t be upset? You can’t do this; you can’t just make a decision like this without us. We have lives here and friends. Why are you doing this,” Isabel began her rant at the top of her lungs.

Both parents opened their mouths intending to respond to Isabel’s rant but Max beat them to it, “Is,” Max started sympathetically.

“No, no! Don’t Max, don’t you dare tell me to calm down. You don’t want to move anymore than I do. You know we can’t leave Michael. He needs us…”

“Isabel,” he said more forcefully.

While the parents were slightly hung up on the Michael comment, everyone turned to look at Max a little shocked. No one but Isabel and Michael have seen the more authoritive side of Max, but this was the first time he raised his voice at his sister for something other than sibling bickering.

“Not now Is,” Max said.

Both now completely ignoring their parents’ presence, they began speaking amongst themselves, “So when should I say something? Should I wait till we have to start packing our suitcases? Don’t even pretend to be ok with this. What do you think you’re going to do with your time now that you can’t spend your whole day staring at Liz…”

Cutting off Isabel once again Max continued with what he was saying. “That’s enough, now. I don’t want to go either, you know that and I wasn’t going to argue with you, but Michael doesn’t want you screaming his business,” Max finished off slightly above a whisper, although his parents heard him all the same.

Both parents’ curiosities peeked. They didn’t keep secrets in this house and especially when it seemed to be something so serious. Dane beat Phillip to the punch when she asked the question they’d been wondering all night. “Kids, what’s really going on with Michael?”
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Re: Reunited (CC Teen) Ch6 9/6/08 a/n 9/01/09

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As we speak, so to speak, I am editing all of my stories. My problem is that I do not want to update a chapter until I have edited the rest of the story, and trust me there is a lot to edit :?, which is why I pulled it out of D&B. I can not believe all of my grammar errors! It's so ridiculous that in some instances I just had to leave and not get too caught up in bc it's not worth changing the story so much. I will not kill any story but need time to go through them all. As soon as I am done editing one story I'll update that story then move on to the next and keep to that cycle. I'll keep you updated as things progress. :wink:
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I'm the Man: The Christening of W.Roswell High