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Re: Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch21a 1/31

Post by behrluv32 » Wed Feb 27, 2008 11:11 pm

I'll have you all know that i have a mid-term tomorrow so i have NO FREAKING IDEA WHY i'm here, but i am :roll: so anyways here's the next part and thanks for the fb...also i split this chapter in two so i'll try to be back sometime next week...



Ch 19:
Liz could not believe her ears. ‘Did Maria and Michael have sex? Does she know? What if she doesn’t? How could she not if they did?’ these thoughts rushed Liz’s mind but then the thought that Michael could have sex with Maria and not say anything about his alien status to Maria she said, “That Jerk,” aloud.

Chapter 20:
Isabel’s eyes went wide when she heard Max and Liz’s conversation. She was hoping Max and Michael would show up at their usual lunch table but when neither showed up she finished eating and came to the library. She was looking for a book she needed for a psych paper she was working on when she heard her brother’s voice.

“Can I see it again? I think your right. Does it hurt? Do you feel different??”

When Isabel caught sight of Liz on Max’s lap through the stack of books she couldn’t stop the disgusted look that crossed her face. She wanted to find her book quickly and get far away from them before she had to see anything else. Liz’s next words caught her attention though and realization dawned on her. “No it doesn’t hurt, but yes I do feel different. Ever since you left this morning I haven’t been able to think of anything but kissing my boyfriend.”

‘Max wouldn’t have been dumb enough to sleep with her, would he?’ Isabel thought too stunned for words.

Chapter 22a

Journal Entry 22

What was that I said about the unexpected being great? No, no sometimes the unexpected could be bad, very, very bad…


“Max, why don’t we just go back to my place? How many times do we have to get caught before we learn to not make out in your room,” Liz whispered as Max’s lips paid close attention to her neck and shoulder.

Stopping for only a moment to get Liz’s mind back on track Max said, “The door is locked, in a very special way that only the Jaws of Life could pry open…”

“Yeah, the Jaws of Life or Michael and Isabel,” Liz retorted.

Max lost his grin and said, “Okay yeah true, but Michael is working and Isabel and Maria are at his place decorating, so they’ll be occupied for a long time.” Max said moving back in for a kiss, but Liz averted his attempts.

“Do you think we should help?” Liz asked the question innocently enough but Max only saw the possibility of losing Liz out of his bed for an afternoon with his sister and friend. He did not think that was a good compromise.

“What? No, you know whatever they do he’s going to hate. We can’t help. No, I told Isabel that as long as they leave his posters, music and TV alone everything else is free reign and they bought him groceries so he’ll be great. They don’t need us now.” He emphasized his last words while playing with the bottom edge of her top.

“And your parents?” Liz couldn’t help but ask even though she knew the answer.

They always have the same conversation on his bed since getting caught, so Max was ready with responses, “Dad and Uncle George are golfing at the country club and they’ll be gone till right before dark and Mom took Aunt Gail and my cousins shopping. Relax Liz. No one’s coming back for hours and you know we can’t go back to your place now. If Amy sees us she’ll get on us and we won’t have any time alone for days.”

“Yeah, yeah your right. I’m sorry it’s that I had this whole weekend set and mom goes and tells Amy to keep an eye on me... on us,” Liz says rolling her eyes. “And the last thing we need is for your parents catching us again.”

Rolling off of Liz Max said, “Okay, that’s it. You are too wound up. Here move to the middle of the bed and turn around.”

“Max, what are you doing?” Liz said as she saw Max rummaging through his draws.

“Looking for this,” Max said producing a large bottle of lotion. “I’m going to give you a massage. You need to unwind. You're too tense and I want you very relaxed while I’m kissing you,” Max said stealing a few kisses.

“Hum, are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to get me out of my top?” Liz said teasingly.

“Maybe…do you have a problem with that?” Instead of a verbal response Liz turned around, unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and threw it onto Max’s head. Then, she grabbed his two pillows putting one on her stomach and the other under her head.

“Okay you can start,” Liz said muffling the smile tugging at her lips at Max’s audible gulp.

‘Oh yeah this afternoon was going to be great,’ Max thought as he lathered up his hands with a lot of Jergens’ Shea Butter Cream.

“Damn it Maria, the only way we are going to agree on anything is if we split the work up,” Isabel all but screamed. ‘God,’ Isabel thought. What Michael could possibly see in this girl she would never know. She is definitely an accident waiting to happen.

“Fine!” Maria huffed. Isabel was getting on her last nerve and her Ice Princess tendencies were ringing high that day. “I’ll start the bedroom…”

“I’ll do the kitchen and bathroom…”

“And we’ll both decide what to do about the living room…” Isabel and Maria concluded together. It was the first thing they had agreed on all day. They had gone shopping together that morning to pick some things up for Michael and continue onto his place to surprise him after work, but Isabel knew that if they did not go to their respective corners she’d be all too tempted to zap Maria, and she didn’t think either of her brothers would appreciate that. Or Alex for that matter. ‘Oh, where did that thought come from?’ Isabel said to herself as she caught Maria’s retreating figure and turned to start putting the kitchen in order.

“I want to work. I want this job. I like to have money to pay for my bills.” Michael kept chanting little words of encouragement to himself to stop his mind from going crazy off of hamburger fumes. It was barely midday and already he was exhausted, but he did decide to work opening today so he’d be home in time for the hockey game. “This job equals cable, so I can watch more than three channels. I could just get free cable if Maxwell would just help me connect to the damn neighbor, like it would take him more than a wave of his hand…”

“Talking to yourself is never a good sign Michael, people around here will start to call you crazy,” Kyle jested to the mumbling cook.

“What do you want Valenti? If you haven’t noticed I’m kind of busy,” Michael said, trying to stomp out a small fire with his spatula.

“Actually, I’m looking for Liz. Is she around?” Kyle asked too innocently for Michael's liking.

Giving Kyle an annoyed look Michael grunted, “She’s probably off with her boyfriend, Max. You know Max, right?”

“I’m not trying to step on your friend's toes Guerin. It was just a question. I needed to ask Liz something and I was around so…”

“Yeah, well like I said, she’s with Max, her boyfriend,” Michael finished going back to work and effectively ending the conversation. “I hate my job,” he mumbled to himself again.

Alex was starving. He had just gotten done with band practice and he was in dire need of nourishment. He had just gotten back into town early that morning, leaving his parents at his grandparents home for the long weekend, and they had neglected to stock the fridge with any form of pre-made substances. There was plenty of food, but it was the type he’d have to cook for himself, so after practice he hauled the band into the Crash Down and had one thing on his mind. FOOD! Or more specifically, a Will Smith burger with extra everything, large Space fries, a Mercury Milkshake, and an orange soda to wash it all down with and after that he was torn between a Hot fudge blast off or an Asteroid pie, “Maybe I’ll have both,” he thought aloud.

“Alex your stomach is talking for you again,” said Wendy Lavely the Whits lead singer, a tall, slender brunette with deep blue eyes that contrasted her tanned skin well, and a voice to rival Mariah’s, Whitney's and Christina's.

“It hasn’t shut up for all of practice. We need to get this boy some food,” said Christian Thomas, the beefy dark- skinned drummer with twists in his hair. He was the new drummer and welcome addition to the band. They had so many change ups but everything finally seemed to sound right with this mix.

“Well, he can fend for himself. Nicky wants some Takeoff Tacos, a Chilli Rocket Dog, and a Tommy Lee Jones bacon basket. WAITRESS!” let out Nicky Santos the lead guitar player, a punked out Mexican kid with spiky black hair. All of Alex’s talk about food on the ride over had his and Alex’s stomachs rivaling for attention.

“Dude, that’s so rude. Plus, like five of the waitress here would seriously spit in our food for something like that,” said Markos the tall lanky blond haired blue eyed rhythm guitarist.

“Nah, Alex has got it in with those two hot waitresses he’s always hanging around with,” threw back Nicky.

“That may be true, but if you haven’t noticed they don’t seem to be here and Maria would still do it even if you are my friend. Go grab some seats guys, just not in that section over there. This is Agnes’ section and not only will she spit in our food, but she’ll do it after getting it to us 30 minutes late,” Alex said gesturing to the section of tables in the middle. “I’ll be right back.”

Alex was too hungry to wait for food, he had a mission. “If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain,” he said to a group of confused friends on his way through the back room of the Crash.

“Alex! Hey how you doing?” said Kyle a little anxiously . I’m looking for Liz. You wouldn’t happen to know where she is?”

‘Damn it, with the damn obstacles,’ Alex thought, ‘I’m so close.’ Letting out a deep breath and putting a hand on his upset stomach Alex said, “Oh hey Kyle, you know she’s probably upstairs or something. It’s her weekend off and she said something about doing Liz and Max stuff all weekend, so that probably a good place to start,” then back tracking quickly, “Actually it may not be. You don’t need to be scarred for life like the rest of us have been, just leave her a message or call upstairs or Max’s or something. Look, I got to go. I’ll talk to you later,” Alex said blowing past him and going into the kitchen.

“Michael hey,” Alex started.

“Why does no one respect my domain and the closed door?”

“Yeah, well sorry I was just…do you mind if I grab something in the fridge? I’ll pay for it. I’m just starving,” Alex started.

“Whatever man.”

“Thank you so so much,” Alex said as he walked straight into the fridge to grab a large piece of Asteroid Pie. “So can I just place my order with you too? I really am dying here.” Alex continued with his head in the fridge. When he grabbed a fork and dug into his first bite he couldn’t help his words. “Mmm, now this is heaven.” Alex said.

“Oh, so you’re going to eat that here?” Michael asked.

Alex was unfazed by Michael’s rudeness, now that he is long since used to his best friend’s boyfriend’s rough exterior. It was still a bit weird to think about them dating, even though he’s known about their relationship slightly longer than most. Writing his order with one hand and eating with the other Alex asked, “What’s got you in such a good mood? I thought you’d be ecstatic having two beautiful women spending their morning fixing up your place. It’s one less thing for you to think about,” as he dug further into the pie.


“What? What?” Alex asked with a mouth full of whipped cream.

“What did you just say?” Michael asked getting anxious.

“I don’t know? Pie?” Alex replied. All the sugar had yet to make it back into his system and he wasn’t sure of much right now.

“What two girls?” Michael reiterated.

“Oh... did you not know that? Was that supposed to be like a surprise or something?” Alex said thinking Maria was going to kick his ass.

“What two girls?” Michael asked again.

“M-M-Maria and Isabel,” Alex stuttered.

“Great, just great,” Michael screamed as he went back to his burning food, “Crap.”

Trying to placate his slight error, “You know it wont be so bad, I mean they went there to like clean the place up and decorate and stuff,” Alex said still eating the pie and making his way back into the fridge for some ice cream.

“Yeah right, between all of the candles, incense, and plants Maria’s going put everywhere it’s going to smell like bath and body works then I have to worry about Isabel who’d turn my place into a Pottery Barn catalog and add her own touch of flowery girl crap everywhere. And if I don’t act like I like it then I’ll be fighting with both of them. Yeah great, just great, best freaking day ever,” Michael said all but trying to kill the already dead slab of meat on his grill.

As Michael went back to murmuring to himself Alex slowly started to back out of the kitchen, “Wow, yeah so uh I’m going to leave my order right here and I’m just going to take this and go…”

Walking back to his band mates, all Alex could think about was how he just stuffed his giant foot into his big mouth.

“Hey, how are you eating already?” Nicky asked.

“I went to the mountain,” Alex said.

“What?” came Nicky’s reply.

“Look guys, I’m going to take my food to go. I placed the order in the kitchen, but I forgot I had to do something.” Alex said thinking that he needed to warn Maria of his flub before Michael did.

“You finally got a little food in your system and your brain started to work again Alex,” teased Wendy.

“Yeah, heh that’s it. I got some strength back,” Alex said aloud. And boy was he going to need it he thought.

Baby it's no mystery
You're bringing out the best in me
And though I've been in love before

Max was not kidding about the great afternoon. After the massage he gave Liz she was more than relaxed, she was excited and so was he. Before either of them knew it Max’s shirt joined Liz’s on the floor and Liz’s bra soon after.

I've never had the kind of love that made me feel secure
I never thought that give and take
Mentality was right for me, hmm

To be truthful, Max had long since unhooked her bra, innocently of course. It was just so he wouldn’t get any lotion on it, but once he reached that point there was no going back. He started placing kisses wherever his hands went until Liz turned back to him to return them.

You made me open up and see
That it's for real
And there's no other place I'd rather be

With her bra already half off and Max’s lips coming closer and closer to her breast, well who really need the intrusion of the bra in the way at all? And before long, neither had the barriers of clothing covering the upper half of their bodies.

I think about you all the time
24-7 babe

“Oh Max,” Liz’s voice boomed through the room.

Max had really begun to perfect the way his hands and lips touched her body. It was always electrifying. Max was examining Liz’s body with such an intense perusal. He studied her every movement with his own body and touch, listening to what made Liz moan, groan, squirm, tense, scream, her every action was being memorized and logged away for use in his arsenal for later use. He wanted to know what made her feel good… great… and what made her feel like she was flying. He wanted to know her inside and out so he could make her feel as loved as she made him feel everyday.

The love I have inside for you
Is more than any words can say
I pray to God on bended knee

Before she found out Max was different, things were always intense between the two of them. However, after... well, Liz didn’t know whether it was because she knew who Max really was or because he finally decided to let go of his control around her, but every part of their relationship was better than ever. They were now really free to discuss anything and everything, no-holds-barred, because there were no longer any barriers between them and it was freeing.

We'll always be together babe
You and me
If there's a high or low

It made everything they did together that much more intense and neither were oblivious that people around them were beginning to notice. It’s only been about two weeks or so since he told her the truth, since their relationship changed for the better, but if the odd looks they’ve been receiving the past few days were any indication they were going to be confronted soon. Their friends and family had not gone as far as commenting yet, but both knew it was only a matter of time.

Unfortunately, this meant that Max and Liz’s alone time has been seriously cut by supervision on all fronts, and any alone time they had now seemed to be purposely interrupted and very obviously. They were both used to Max's parents by now, and now slowly Liz’s mother, but Isabel was a bit of an anomaly.

Last time Max and Liz decided to stay in to rent movies at his place Isabel went as far as sitting between Max and Liz one night, then she huffed up and left mad when Max spoke up about it. As a matter of fact Isabel was acting possessive when it came to Max and sometimes down right rude when it came to Liz... and Maria for that matter. Max knew he needed to speak to her about it, but he didn’t really understand where her attitude was coming from.

Max’s only worry at the moment though was Liz and how perfect she felt beneath him. Her soft skin was intoxicating and he’d let her know as much. Pulling back slightly Max took time to look at Liz. ‘She was really amazing,’ he thought.

Anything you need babe
I'll be there for you to pick you up off your feet, yeah
I pray to God on bended knee

Liz was in a passion filled haze. Max was making her feel amazing. She opened her eyes and found Max staring at her. He did not say anything for a moment, he just stared, but Liz did not feel the least bit uncomfortable. With Max the concept seemed foreign. She did not feel shame or need to hide herself because Max was just as open. Liz reached a hand up to brush the bangs away from Max’s eyes and Max caught her retreating hand, kissing his way up her arm, Max didn’t stop until he reached her lips for another searing kiss.

We'll always be together babe
You and me

Max pulled back again and smiled at Liz’s mild annoyance. Hearing her annoyed tone as she moaned his name, Max pulled back a little more, but not too much to lose contact. He’d been dying to say something to Liz for as long as he could remember and he just could not keep to himself any longer.

“Liz, I don’t know if this is the best time to say this or even how you’d feel about it, but I want you to know how I feel. I need you to know how I feel because nothing ever feels more perfect then when I am in your arms.”

The love I have inside for you
Is more than any words can say
I pray to God on bended knee

“I feel the same way,” Liz said causing a broad smile across Max’s face.

We'll always be together babe
You and me

“Good, good, because Liz, I lo-…”

“Holly shit!”

“Dude! Whoa!”

Max never got to finish his last words, the intrusion at his window made sure of that.
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Re: Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch22a 2/27 pg 15

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Thank you for the fb it was all great :mrgreen:
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Chapter 22b

“Wow, my first real boob,” Aaron Evans exclaimed as his older brother reached to cover his eyes.

“Oh my GOD,” Liz screamed as she pulled Max’s body down to cover herself from the intruders.

“We didn’t see anything,” John Evans quickly replied and shut his eyes as Liz screamed.

“GET OUT!” Max’s voice boomed through his bedroom.

“I did too…” Aaron argued. He couldn’t believe what he just saw and couldn’t wipe the goofy grin off his face. He was 12 years old, almost 13 now, but had already been interested in girls for some time. He had met a number of his cousins’ friends since they’ve been in Roswell, but had a growing crush on his cousin’s girlfriend since meeting her a few days before. However, seeing Liz now made that crush grow ten folds.

“No we didn’t,” John countered. This was seriously the last thing he expected to walk in on. He knew Max and his girlfriend were somewhat serious, but he was also sure it was a new relationship. The last time he had come to visit his family in Roswell was this past summer, before he went off to college. Max had always been as straight arrow as they come, so this caught him beyond surprised.

“But…” Aaron disputed while trying to remove John’s hands off of his face.

“OUT NOW!” Max screamed again not moving from his position on top of Liz.

“Eyes closed, closing the window, but we’re locked out… so yeah we’ll be out front when you’re you know…” John started but Max wouldn’t let him continue.


“Already gone,” were John’s parting words.

“Wow!” Both Max and Liz heard Aaron exclaim in glee as John closed the window behind them.

“Oh my God! Oh my GOD!” Liz yelled then turned to Max red faced and in outrage asked, “Are you laughing? Are you seriously laughing right now? You are!” Liz said slapping Max’s bare back.

“Oww, oww, oww, okay—I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I just though about how excited I was the first time I saw you topless and I was 16, if I was able to see you that way when I was a prepubescent 12 year old, I think I would have passed out. He’s going to remember you for the rest of his life,” Max teased, but knew it was the truth.

“Yeah well so is your hot older cousin.” Max’s face drops. “Yeah not so funny anymore, huh? Max, that was mortifying. I won’t be able to look them in the eye again.” Liz said as she buried her face in the nook of Max’s neck.

“Well Aaron isn’t tall enough…”

“Shut up, it’s not funny.”

“I know baby, I know. I’m sorry. I know it isn’t. It’s just… typical.” Max said as if only now realizing the truth behind his words.

“I swear you’re going to have to find a spaceship, and then we are going to have to get directions to your home planet and then…AND THEN go to a remote corner on your furthest moon the day we ever think to take this relationship to the next level without an audience!!!!” Liz exclaimed.

“I’ll try to work on that.”

“Yeah you do that.”

“You know your cousins are still outside.” Liz reminded Max as he started placing soft kisses on her shoulder.

“Yeah, let them stay out there for a bit.” Max said drawing lazy circles around Liz’s stomach with one hand while the other ran up and down her arm. “I’m pretty sure they won’t be coming back any time soon.”

“Max, MAX! Oh my, are you doing that on purpose?” Liz said as she noticed a glow on her arm.

“Huh? What? What are you talking about?”

“Max, your hands I’m glowing,” Liz said in awe. Everywhere Max touched her, a glow followed.

“No, no I didn’t, I don’t know why…I’m sor—”

“It feels incredible.” The wonder never leaving Liz’s voice. Moving her hand over his chest Liz said solemnly, “I can’t do it to you.”

The feel of Liz’s hands on his chest was almost too much to bear. He knew they couldn’t get into anything heavy then and there, but he had to speak from his heart, “I'm glowing toes, my heart. You can't see it. It's on the inside.”

“If we ever…you know, could I, uh…could I get sick?”

“I don't know, I don’t know anything. I don't even know who I am.”

Looking deep into his eyes Liz said, “I know who you are, I know everything that’s important because I know you here,” Liz said touching his head slightly, “and here,” she said touching his chest right above his heart.

Shaking his head, Max voiced a worry he’d been having for a long time, “I can't ask you to do anything that might hurt you in any way.”

“I know.” Liz said simply.

“And I have no idea what could happen...or what's right...or wrong.”

“I know. Everything about us is so intense. I mean... you know things...about me that you, um...that you shouldn't know. And my mother, who I love, is just gonna kill me...if I don't die from this.” Liz argued never once stopping her hands from feeling Max, or her lips from kissing him.

“You're right,” Max breathed between kisses.

“But, I can't stop. This is crazy.” When Max deepened the kiss Liz got a series of flashes of shooting stars and deep space. She pulled back quickly. “Did you see that?”

“I saw you,” Max said and Liz only nodded. She’d tell him about it later.

“Max. We can't do this now,” Liz said getting serious. So much was happening. It all felt like a powerful head-rush.

“I know.” And he really did, but something more powerful than him was making it hard for him to stop.

“Max, Oh Max,” Liz moaned as he bit gently onto her neck. “We, we really…I mean you-you have to put on a shirt and go deal with your cousins,” Liz said trying her best to pull away from Max. “Give me sometime to get myself together. I don’t know if I can go out there to see them. I may just sneak out the window and come back later.”

Max was about to protest, but then thought against it. He didn’t want Liz around for when he tore it into his cousins. “You can go out the front door. You don’t have to use the window.”

Thinking about it quickly Liz said, “I’d rather use the window. I’ll see you tonight. I promise.”

As Max got dressed, Liz laid back to catch her breath. Max leaned in for one more kiss before they parted. Liz waited till she heard Max and his cousins enter the house before she put herself together and snuck out the window.


“Never thought I’d see Perfect Parker sneaking out of a guys window. Even if it is Max’s.”

“Kyle!” Liz squeaked. “Don’t call me that and Jesus you scared me,” Liz said thinking she’s become overly religious over the past few hours.

“Sorry, I’ve been looking for you everywhere and then here I find you coming out through the side of the house. I assume through Max’s bedroom,” Kyle said teasingly.

Liz just rolled her eyes and said, “You know what they say about people who assume.”

“Funny Parker.”

“What are you doing here Kyle?”

“It’s nice to see you too,” Kyle said following Liz as she walked toward the front of the house.

“Seriously,” Liz said curiously.

Stopping Liz directly when they reached his cherry red convertible in the driveway Kyle said, “I came because of this.” Kyle handed Liz some papers and stepped back as she quickly flipped through the sheets.

“KYLE! No way! You got an ‘A’” Liz said reaching to give him a hug.

Kyle hugged Liz back giving her one quick spin around. Putting her down Kyle said, “I just wanted to say thank you. You know, usually I don’t really care about this stuff, but if I don’t keep a C or better in all my classes I can’t do any sports. And well you know, this paper and history in general were really kicking my ass, so you know, thanks,” Kyle said one last time before giving Liz a small peck on the cheek.

A planter beside them suddenly burst and Kyle grabbed Liz pulling her behind him. “What the hell was that,” Kyle cried as Liz squeaked.

Opening the door Max looked onto his cousins unpleasantly. He did not say one word until the door closed behind him, “What the—”

John cut in before Max could continue, “Look before you say anything, one: We really didn’t see anything but a little side boob because everything happened so fast and it was at a weird angle, and two: We didn’t mean to. We were locked out and Aunt Diane said you’d still be home, so when you didn’t answer our knocking out front, we went to your window. Max, you know it was all an accident."

Max knew his cousins were right but damn he was frustrated and wanted to take it out on someone. “What are you guys even doing here? I thought you’d be shopping all afternoon,” Max said a bit too gruffly.

“Obviously,” Aaron mocked never wiping the grin off his face.

“Stop smiling,” Max said still upset.

“I can’t help it. Liz is so hot,” Aaron said dreamily.

When John saw Max’s nose flaring he said, “Alright, alright that’s enough. It happened we’re…well I’m sorry and that’s it. We didn’t feel like spending the afternoon shopping with the women folk okay, so we came here. They’ll be hours still so let's get on with the day. There’s a football game on and we can all just sit here and watch like nothing ever happened.” John tried to placate the situation but Aaron had only one thing on his mind.

“So, uh where’s Liz?”

Nostrils flaring Max said, “Don’t you worry so much about Li—Liz?” Max’s tone changed at the end of that sentence as he saw Liz out the front window reaching up to hug Kyle. Ignoring the conversation he was just having he walked directly to the window where he saw Kyle spinning her around and then kiss her. A flare of energy Max couldn’t explain quickly took him over.

Kyle stared at the shattered planter in shock and Liz looked towards the window where she saw a sheepish looking and equally shocked and upset Max looking towards her and Kyle. Not letting on to Kyle and ignoring his comments, something about firing squad and shootings, Liz said, “You know the Durden’s live up the block and their youngest son has a be-be gun, I bet it was him. A stray bullet or something,” Liz said gesturing with her hands as she directs Kyle to his car before asking for a lift to the Crash DDown.

“That’s dangerous; they can take out an eye on someone. Those things hurt. I think I should let my dad know.” Kyle said uncharacteristically concerned as he looked around. When he saw Liz giving him a strange look Kyle continued, “He could have damaged Bambi,” he said as he hugged his steering wheel and rubbed the dashboard.

“Shut-up and drive,” Liz said gazing back to Max at the window one last time.

“Who’s that?” Aaron said upset that some guy was driving away with Liz.

Gruffly Max pushed away from the window and said, “No one. I need to shower. You guys know where the TV is,” as he left back into the direction of his room.

“Don’t waste the cold water,” John couldn’t help but joke as Max hurried by.

And Max couldn’t help the uncharacteristic, “Fuck you,” that left his lips as he slammed his door.

“You can waste cold water?” Aaron asked obliviously.

John just laughed. “Never mind... I was joking. Go turn on the TV. I’ll get us some food.”

“Yeah, but why is that funny?” Aaron said more to himself as John headed to the kitchen and he went to turn on the set.

Walking into the Crash Liz bumped into Michael as he was getting off his shift. No pleasantries, not even a ‘hi’ as a greeting, just a direct, accusation from Michael as soon as he bumped into Liz. “You knew too, didn’t you? Everyone did?” Liz confusion isn’t lost on Michael so he elaborates, “My apartment.”

It dawns on Liz quickly, “Oh.”

“Yeah ‘Oh,’” Michael mocks.

“Good luck with that Michael,” Liz said laughing. “I’ll see you tonight at Max’s," and with that she ran up the steps to her apartment.

And Michael, well he was left mumbling home. Michael found himself mumbling a lot lately.

Opening the door to his apartment Michael was greeted with two screaming girls and a scared looking Alex between them.

“Michael!” Alex said a little too happily. “Hey look who’s here ladies, it’s Michael,” Alex said again moving towards him as he spoke. ‘Thank God,’ Alex mouthed so only Michael could see.

Michael knew Isabel was being extra touchy lately, but he also knew how loud Maria could be. Whatever they were fighting about he wanted none of it.

“Ugh, finally Michael! Here you can decide. Which curtains are better? These beautiful masculine ones I picked out for you that match perfectly with the kitchen, or that crap over there Maria picked out,” Isabel said irritated.

“Crap!” Maria screamed. Before she had gotten to know Isabel and her friends and family, Maria could have easily admitted (well to herself anyway) that Isabel made her nervous and a bit off edge, but now, no now she just bugged her. Who did she think she was anyway? Maria had a sneaking suspicion she knew what was happening and she didn’t like it one bit.

Michael just got off of work and he did not want nor need this. “They’re curtains! They’re girly and frilly and I was fine with the curtains that were there before.”

“They were Spiderman bed sheets,” Maria and Isabel both said in outrage and in unison, looking at each other strangely after.

“You can each take one window,” Alex suggested then. He got two unhappy glares and one annoyed one before raising his hands in defense. “It was just a suggestion."

“We’re supposed to be at Max’s in a few hours. I want to shower and take a nap. I don’t care what you do, just don’t touch my music or posters,” Michael said.

Maria walked up to Michael and made a show of putting her hands around his shoulders and kissing him on the lips slowly. “I’m sorry baby. I know you’re tired.” Then in a whisper that was meant for everyone to hear she said, “I’ll even give you a little back rub when you get out.”

“Eeww, gross! You know what, I’m out of here,” Isabel said disgusted. But before she left she leaned into Michael and said, “I was two seconds away from zapping your girlfriend."

“Hey, I’ll give you a ride,” Alex said also disgusted at Maria’s little PDA moment, but looking for any way to get alone time with Isabel. Alex reached for his jacket and followed Isabel who had let out a grunted a ‘Whatever’ as a reply.

When the door closed Maria cut the lovey-dovey crap and pushed Michael hard.

“What the hell,” Michael said rubbing his shoulder where Maria pushed him.

“You could have agreed with me, or maybe you know defended my tastes. And what’s with her whispering sweet nothings into your ear,” Maria said getting angrier by the minute.

“Woman what are you talking about?”

“Duh Michael.”

“Duh, what?”

“Wake-up Michael. Isabel likes you.”

Rolling his eyes heavenward Michael said, “Haven’t we been through this once before?”

“Well maybe, it’s just you that has sibling like feelings, maybe she feels differently about you. Don’t you dare laugh at me Michael! I’m serious.”

“Damn, I should have known that whole sweet act was more for show. Shit, I could have used that massage you know.”

“Michael…” Maria said annoyed.

“I don’t know why you’re jealous…”

"Pshaw, urgh I am not jealous,” Maria said turning away from him.

“Maria,” Michael started a bit wound up, “There is nothing, there never has been anything and there never will be anything between me and Isabel. It’s just not gonna happen so get those thoughts out of your head, okay?” Michael finally finished.

“Yeah, yeah okay, I’m sorry. It’s just that she obviously has an issue with me and the two of you are really close and she knows so much more about you than I do…” Maria let off.

Michael pulled Maria along with him as he went to sit on his couch. He ran a hand through this hair and scratched a spot on his eyebrow out of habit, before turning to Maria, “Look, I’m not used to this talking crap okay, so let’s just say yeah there are things about me that she’ll always know more of. Iz has been like a sister to me since I was really young. Her and Max are my family and that’s just how it is and you’re going to have to put up with their crap sometimes,” when he saw her about to argue he quickly continued, “But you’re my girl and they have to put up with your crap too.”

“Gee thanks, I think,” Maria said not really knowing what to take of Michael’s speech.

“Now about that back rub,” Michael couldn’t help but try again.

“Shut up and go shower,” Maria said jabbing Michael in the chest, but he caught her arm.

“How about you join me,” he said pulling her into a kiss.

“HA! In your dreams,” Maria said pulling away. “Just go shower bud. Go wash that lovely burger smell out of your hair. I’ll be waiting for you when you get out. With the curtains I picked on the windows.”

Michael just grumbled, but then perked up when he heard Maria say, “If you don’t take too long in the shower, maybe we’ll get a little time know before your nap.”

It’s no wonder Michael was in and out in less than 10 minutes rushing towards Maria’s lips with a quickness. Nap be damned!

Lines used from Sexual Healing
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Re: Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch22b 3/6 pg 17 A/N 6/17

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Chapter 22c

Liz's Apartment

“Blow-up any cacti on your way over?” Liz asked as she opened the door for Max. She was still slightly peeved with Max, but as soon as he walked into the door all her senses could comprehend was that Max smelled about as good as he looked. However, Liz was more than willing to fight her urges until she got her point across.

Max was in the same boat, but he was expecting a bit of hostility. Quickly covering up the sheepish grin that appeared at Liz’s question Max countered, “I don’t know. Have you hugged any more jocks of the human variety lately?”

“Ha, cute, but seriously Max what was that about?” Liz asked moving away from her door to let Max into her apartment.

“Look I’m sorry. I don’t even know where that came from. It’s just, I saw Kyle hug you and spin you around… what was that any way?” Max had to ask veering off his thoughts.

“Max, you don’t have any reason to be jealous, especially of Kyle. He was just saying thank you.” At Max’s raised eyebrow Liz continued, “He got an ‘A’ on the paper I helped him on. It was really important to him, but that was it. It was really innocent and I’m offended that you would think something else.” Liz said the last part as she turned away from Max with her arms crossed and threw herself onto the couch in a pout.

Max walked towards Liz, but did not reach out to her. He needed to keep a bit of distance if he wanted to think clearly. Max knew he was wrong with what happened this morning, but it was not his intention. In fact, it had caught him completely off guard. His powers have been finding a mind of their own when he was around Liz. It was mostly small things such as heightened senses, intense flashes, but he could not explain the glowing or the blown up potter. It was not like him at all and it scared him to lose that type of control, especially where Liz was involved.

He’d been feeling different lately…more odd really, and he thought it had a lot to do with what was happening with his and Liz’s relationship. However, he could not be sure and that’s what worried him…the not knowing. “Liz, I can’t explain what’s been going on, but the last few days... I’ve been having this pull to you. I mean I always have a pull towards you but... I-I just don’t know. I don’t think… It is not normal. I don’t know what normal would even be for us but…” Max saw the change in Liz’s features and hesitantly asked, “You feel it too, don’t you?” He didn’t want to come off as callous but he needed Liz to understand what was going on. Something about their relationship has been changing the last few days; everything was intensified, every touch, smell, taste. His senses were overrun with thoughts and feelings of Liz. They knew the people around them had been noticing their closeness, but they both felt it was so much more than teenage hormones.

Liz slowly turned to Max as he tried to explain. The mood changed quickly. She lost the pout and put down her crossed arms before confirming what Max was already piecing together. “I know,” Liz hesitated before saying, “When we kiss… recently, when things between us have become more pa-passionate… I get these flashes… not like normal though.” When Max gave her a questioning look Liz elaborated. With a tone of awe in her voice Liz said, “The last few times we kissed, I saw all these stars Max. But it was more than that; I felt like I was rushing through them and each time... I’m almost sure it looked so different. I know it didn’t come from me and I know I’m not just making it up. Then, today when you made me glow, I felt it everywhere, not just my arm. It was as if my whole body was on fire and I didn’t want you to stop touching me Max.”

By this time Liz had moved closer to Max. She grabbed his hand and placed it back onto her arm seeing if the glow would come back. “Every time you get closer to me it’s like I have to touch you and I know we are moving too fast because we are too young…I am too young and I am not…” Liz’s voice cracks as she breaks off the rest of her sentence, “not ready to have…to do…you know ‘it.’”

“Liz I would never…” Max tried to defend himself but Liz would not hear it.

“No! Max that’s not the point. I know you wouldn’t; it’s just whenever I’m near you and you touch me, all these weird and amazing things happen. I forget what I want because you just feel so right and everything feels so intense.” Max and Liz unconsciously found their bodies entwined as Liz went on. “But you’re right. It wasn’t like before. You don’t think it’s because you told me your secret, do you? You know since there are no more big secrets between us this could be your body’s natural way of opening up more. Maybe this is normal…natural for your people.” Liz knew she could continue to grasp at straws but neither of them knew what was really going on. All Max knew right now was that he could not stop touching Liz.

'Maybe it was not the best idea for them to be left alone together,' Max could not help but think. That however didn’t stop his lips from finding Liz’s. Max moved to her neck and couldn’t stop himself from biting down hard when he heard Liz moan.

“God Max, what is this?”

Max didn’t know and she knew it. “Liz I have to tell you something,” Max said every word between kisses, never wanting to stop touching her. “The day before yesterday, I broke into the school, you know no one’s really around during Thanksgiving break, and well, I went into the girl’s locker room.” His words caught Liz’s attention enough for her to slightly break away from their kisses.

“Why?” was her simple question.

“Like you’ve been seeing things, I’ve been seeing things too; and one of those things was us in the girl’s locker room.”

“You saw my fantasy?” Liz questioned, already knowing the truth.

“I had to know if... if... what I saw was... really from you or if it was just my imagination, definitely...definitely could have been. Except...I've never been in the girls' locker room. And now that I see it, and...well, is the same room...I know I didn't make it up.” Max tripped through his whole explanation as Liz’s body slightly tensed. He really was stumbling through everything he was trying to tell Liz today. Why was nothing coming out right?

“This is really horrible.” Liz knew she was being unreasonable. They’ve done and said so much since even before she knew the truth about him, but Max knowing one of her most erotic fantasies without her telling him seemed intrusive… she felt naked and not in a good way. She did not want to have secrets from Max, but that did not mean she wanted to share every thought that passed her mind. It was embarrassing.

“No, Liz. It's incredible, really.” And to Max it was true. Nothing else could possibly feel more incredible than knowing the girl he loved felt exactly the same way he felt, despite knowing his deepest secrets. Incredible was not strong enough of a word.

“This is not incredible,” Liz said moving completely out of Max’s grasps.

“Wait. Please, listen. Please! The main thing is...I didn't just see what you saw. I felt...what you felt...when you saw me. And I never thought anyone could really...ever feel that way about me. Not while knowing who I really am.”

“Really? Max of course I…”

“Liz,” the voice and knock at the door cut their conversation short.

Liz pointed to behind the couch where Max quickly ducked as she went to open the door.

“Ms. Deluca, hi. How are you?”

“Oh sweetie you know you can call me Amy. And I see you got to the door fairly quickly, which is good that means you and Max were probably still fully clothed.” At Liz’s blushed cheeks and Max’s perfectly timed knocking over of the corner table Amy continued, “Yeah, I came into the Crash Down and saw that Max’s car was outside and yet neither of you were anywhere downstairs, so I figured I’d come check on you. Aren’t all you kids supposed to be at Max’s for dinner?”

As Max stood up he said, “I was just looking for my shoe,” he said lamely.

Amy countered, "OH! You mean the one on your foot?”

“Hey look at that, well since that’s settled I’ll wait for you in the car.” Max said quickly leaving the room.

“Coward,” Liz whispered as Max rushed by.

“Liz, I thought your mother and you agreed that if you would be staying here by yourself it meant no boys, specifically no Max and you alone in this apartment.” Amy reminded Liz. She did not want to chastise Liz, but it was her job to look over her while her mom was away. These were the rules Nancy left and Liz had agreed to them before she left.

“Ms….Amy, he was just picking me up, honest. Plus, my mom is completely overreacting. Max and I aren’t going to do anything wrong. I don’t know why she doesn’t trust me.”

“Liz sweetie this is a conversation for you and your mother, but teenagers are rarely known for their self-control, let alone when it comes to their boyfriends,” Amy said knowingly. “Plus, if you did not know you are talking to Miss Teenage Rebellion here, but you’re foremost talking to a mother. And, I know your mother is just worried that you’ll grow up too fast. Max is your first boyfriend and she just doesn’t want you not having supervision to give you an excuse to act uncharacteristically.” Amy tried to explain how she’d feel in a similar situation.

“Yeah, I want to get it, but you know if we really wanted to do…you know anything… well we would. Banning Max from the apartment doesn’t change that.” Liz said it and immediately regretted the words.

“Again as a mother you’ve just scared the crap out of me, but I have every intention of ignoring the fact that I already knew that. Now I’m going to go call Maria and make sure she’s not doing anything that would give me a heart attack and as soon as Maria gets to Max’s make sure she calls me again.” Amy said as she walked Liz out of the apartment.

When Liz reached Max at the car she shoved him playfully and said, “You jerk. I just shoved my foot in my mouth and it’s your fault, so if Maria’s mad after talking to her mom right now I’m gonna blame you.” At Max’s questioning look Liz shook her head and said, “Just drive,” before kissing him lightly and turning to look out the window. ‘Damn, Maria was going to kill her if she finds out about her little slip,’ Liz thought.


Evans’ Living Room

“Oh look who finally decided to join us,” Isabel’s cheery sarcasm was missed by no one. She got up off the couch and walked to the kitchen without another word.

Max and Liz just looked at each other knowingly. ‘Typical,’ they both thought but decided not to voice.

Liz looked over at Max’s cousins who were sitting where Isabel just left. She could not stop her arms from crossing over her chest and only give a small wave in greeting. When Aaron started to stare then giggle Liz grunted something about going to the kitchen.

Max watched Liz leave as he turned to his cousins. “Aaron!” Max scolded, but John stopped him with the raise of his hand.

“Aaron, I know this is difficult for you to comprehend at the moment, but you need to at least try and control yourself. Or, the least you can to is try in front of Liz.” John tried to reason with his little brother for the sake of a peaceful non-embarrassing night.

Lowering his head, Aaron tried his best at an apology, “I know. I’m sorry, I am. It’s just... Liz is really nice and pretty.” He was down to a whisper by the end of his sentence.

All Max could think to do was rub his head and turn to sit next to his baby cousin. “Listen, I was a little hard on you before. I’m sorry. I know it wasn’t your fault, but do us both a favor and tone it down a bit okay?” When Aaron just nodded Max teased, “We need to get you a girlfriend your own age so you can stop drooling over mine,” Max said ruffling his hair and taking him into a headlock.

“So, when are your friends getting here with the movies?” John asked Max when he started to get board again. For John he never felt there was anything much aside from alien themed nonsense when it came to Roswell and his break from college was quickly becoming a snore. He just wanted to get through this long weekend and convince his parents to let him go home early.

A knock on the door answered John’s question, and when Max opened the door to a beautiful short haired blonde John wanted to take back his last thoughts. He only hopped that neither of the two guys that came up behind her were her boyfriend.

Evans’ Kitchen

Liz was pretty sure she knew what was bothering Isabel. She had been mulling it over for some time now and decided to approach the topic slowly. “Isabel?”

Isabel jumped slightly at the intrusion knocking over her glass. As they watched it reach the ground and break into pieces Isabel let out an uncharacteristic grunt then turned to Liz and let out an annoyed, “What?”

“Sorry,” Liz said quickly.

“ That's great,” Isabel barked as she moved to grab the broom.

Liz quickly came up to Isabel with the paper towels just to have it ripped from her hands. “I was just trying help… to be nice,” Liz said lightly.

“Well don't, okay? Why are you even here? I didn’t think you and Max could be in the same vicinity without being attached by a body part.”

Trying to take things slowly with Isabel only gave her an easier and quicker way to attack, so Liz tried the band-aid tactic. Liz moved directly in front of her and said, “Isabel...I'm...I'm not trying to take him away from you. I mean...I could never even do that.”

“I know.” She knew she was being unreasonable, but the two people in the world that she was closest to were now finding new people to spend all their time with and from what she could tell they were all becoming way too intimate for her liking.

“I care a lot about Max. I more than care for him…” Liz tried to explain.

“I know you think that,” Isabel said quite harshly.


“No, listen. Max is your boyfriend and that’s what it is, but he’s my brother. You don’t know him; you don’t know anything about us. You think a few letters over the years and a month of making out makes you an expert but you’re wrong.”

Liz wanted to tell Isabel that she loved her brother, but she hadn’t even told Max yet so she thought she’d keep that to herself for now. Liz also knew Isabel was just scared of what Liz may find out, what she already knew. Shaking her head Liz tried again, “Fine, maybe I don’t know everything there is to know about Max Evans, maybe he does have secrets,” Isabel’s eyes widened when she heard this, “but not one of those secrets could make me not want to be with him. And just because you don’t want me to know whatever is too sacred for my ears, what if one day I do find out? Would your secrets take him away from me? Would you take him away from me?"

Isabel didn’t answer her. They had a short staring competition before Max walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, everyone’s here,” Max said. Max felt the tension in the room immediately and caught onto the little staring match. Awkwardly Max said, “So how are my two favorite women doing?” He put his arms around both of them only to get one sarcastic smile from his sister and another weak grin from his girlfriend. “That good huh?” he asked getting a chuckle out of Liz and an eye roll from Isabel.

Isabel moved out of Max’s arm and said, “You guys get the snacks going, I’ll go entertain the guests,” as she walked out of the kitchen.

“What was that about?” Max asked as soon as Isabel was out of earshot.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” Liz said as Max’s other arm reached around her, but when Max started kissing her she countered with, “Max do you think this is such a smart idea seeing as how every time you start touching me like this I glow.” She said the last sentence laughingly but Max had no intention of letting go of her neck.

A guttural moan escaped Max as he said, “Don’t you want me to make you see stars again?”

Liz laughed and pushed Max away. Then she quickly thought about it and responded with a short but very sweet kiss on the lips. “Later, definitely later,” she said before turning back to the mission at hand…snackage!!!

Evans’ Living Room

As soon as Maria entered the living room, John made sure to fix his hair back, straighten his shirt and smell his breath before standing to greet her. “Hi, I’m John Evans,” John said as he reached out his hand to greet her, “Oh, and this is my baby brother Aaron.”

Shaking John’s hand Maria looked at Aaron and winked, “Hey John, it’s nice to finally meet you, but this little one I have met. He was gushing about his big brother in college at the Crash last night.”

“Really?” John asked with a goofy smile.

“I’m Alex, if anyone was wondering.”

“Huh, oh yeah hi nice to meet you Alex. Hey Michael, it’s good to see you again.” John said each word without ever taking his eyes off Maria. His smile was wide, his palms were sweaty, and he never once noticed the glare he was getting from Michael or the snicker that was coming off of Alex’s lips.

“Hey, did you guys get the movies?” Isabel asked as she walked into the crowded room.

“H-h-hi Isabel,” Alex barely got out and all he got for his troubles was a half smile.

Maria decided to ignore all the obvious sexual tension. She was less than oblivious, but figured it would only help her to keep Michael on his toes. Plus, she had to step in to help Alex before he drooled on the carpet. She did not plan to flirt with the adorable sandy haired Evens cousin, but acting politely unaware Maria batted her eyes a bit towards John and then turned to Isabel. “We picked up a few movies,” she said holding up the video store bag and handing it over to Isabel. “So where’s Liz?” Maria asked. When Max let them in, he said was going to get Isabel and Liz. Now, here was Isabel but not so surprisingly, no Liz or Max. “You didn’t leave them alone did you? I do want to get through at least one of these movies tonight. Plus, my mother’s already called me twice and the night hasn’t even begun.” Maria ranted on as she looked around the room.

“They’re preparing the snacks just give them a few minutes,” Isabel said in a blasé tone.

“Ahh!!!” Everyone looked over at the kitchen where a clatter followed by Liz letting out a scream and a giggle and no one really wanted to go help the lovebirds. A joined roll of their eyes followed as they started to get reasonably comfortable around the living room.

John noticed with a frown how Michael pulled Maria to the loveseat with his arm around her. Isabel sat in the recliner and Alex pulled up a chair next to her and smiled before starting up a conversation with a less than enthused partner.

Aaron was sitting down observing everything in morbid fascination. He loved coming to Roswell. He always got to hang out with his big brother, older cousins, and now all their friends. Plus, all the cool alien and science fiction stuff made it a little boys dream. Only one thing could make it better, “I’m going to go help Liz,” Aaron said jumping off the couch.

John caught him mid run though. “Nope buddy, I don’t think so.” Then turning to the group John semi-joked, “If they don’t come back with the food in the next 15 minutes whoever draws the short straw goes to get them.”

Evens’ Kitchen

The popcorn was made, the pizzas were warming in the oven and there was a little cooler full of drinks in the living room. They were almost done minus the fruit Liz was cutting when Max came up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and started to nibble on her neck. “You need any help,” Max let out while enjoying a little feast of his own.

Liz giggled then moaned, “Not that kind of help Max.” Liz didn’t stop him though. She continued cutting up little pieces of fruit, but when Max hit a particularly sensitive spot on her neck Liz’s eyes closed, her lips parted and something in the back of her mind told her he was going to leave a mark, but she’d be damned to stop him. “Ah shoot,” Liz yelped.

Max felt Liz tense and he pulled back. His eyes widened when he caught sight of the blood running down Liz’s hand. “Oh Liz I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” Liz said holding up her finger. “It’s a deep cut though.”

“It is my fault, I distracted you,” Max said capturing her hand softly within his own.

When Max looked into her eyes then, Liz smiled and said, “I think I know the way this works.”

They stood in the middle of the kitchen, eyes locked on one another, bright smiles on their faces almost matching the bright white light emitting from their joint hands held out between them. The light faded out as quickly as it had faded in and Max scarcely heard Liz say, “My hero,” as a belated eek caught his ear.

Both Liz and Max turned to the doorway where a petrified Maria and an equally shocked and pissed off Michael were standing at the doorway. “What the hell!” Michael screamed at Max. He didn’t quite know what to do. A few seconds ago he volunteered himself and Maria to help Max and Liz with the food, but he really just wanted to grill Maria about the attention John was giving her. Michael’s eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw Max hold Liz’s bloodied hand. ‘He wouldn’t,’ Michael thought. ‘Max was only examining it,’ he told himself as he and Maria walked further into the kitchen. But, when the light emanated from Max’s hands both he and Maria froze in their spots on the floor and the first thing that pulled him out of the quick shock was Maria’s scream. Michael looked down at Maria’s terrified expression as she clung to his back.

Maria however never took her eyes off of Liz. With both fear and awe in her eyes she asked her, “What was that? Who—what are you?”
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Re: Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch22c 6/23 & 6/27 pg19 + A/N pg20

Post by behrluv32 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:00 pm

Thanks for the feedback
dreamsatnight: thanks for starting this, i hope you continue to read
AnEndlessTale: i had a surprise guest this weekend :roll: so yeah im a few days later than i said...

I hope everyone reading this enjoys the next chapter but before you read here's what happened

Previously on Pen Pals...

Chapter 19:

“Okay, Lizzie. I love you.”

Liz frowned slightly then, she loved her mother but only her father and grandmother called her Lizzie, “I love you too mom.”

“I know that look. When was the last time you spoke to him?”

“Not too long ago…last week actually.”

“Why don’t you call him tonight? I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.”

“We haven’t talked much since we moved out here,” but not wanting to put all the blame on her father Liz continued, “I guess we’re both been kind of busy.”

“Even if you don’t talk he asks about you a lot.”

“You’ve been talking to him?” Liz asked surprised. She always thought the biggest reason for them moving to Roswell was to get away from the memories of what a happy family they were.

“Here and there,” was Nancy’s vague response.

Chapter 20:

Isabel’s eyes went wide when she heard Max and Liz’s conversation. She was hoping Max and Michael would show up at their usual lunch table but when neither showed up she finished eating and came to the library. She was looking for a book she needed for a psych paper she was working on when she heard her brother’s voice.

“Can I see it again? I think your right. Does it hurt? Do you feel different??”

When Isabel caught sight of Liz on Max’s lap through the stack of books she couldn’t stop the disgusted look that crossed her face. She wanted to find her book quickly and get far away from them before she had to see anything else. Liz’s next words caught her attention though and realization dawned on her. “No it doesn’t hurt, but yes I do feel different. Ever since you left this morning I haven’t been able to think of anything but kissing my boyfriend.”

‘Max wouldn’t have been dumb enough to sleep with her, would he?’ Isabel thought too stunned for words.

Chapter 22a:

Journal Entry 22

What was that I said about the unexpected being great? No, no sometimes the unexpected could be bad, very, very bad…


“I feel the same way,” Liz said causing a broad smile across Max’s face.

We'll always be together babe
You and me

“Good, good, because Liz, I lo-…”

“Holly shit!”

“Dude! Whoa!”

Max never got to finish his last words, the intrusion at his window made sure of that.

Chapter 22b:

“Wow, my first real boob,” Aaron Evans exclaimed as his older brother reached to cover his eyes.

“Oh my GOD,” Liz screamed as she pulled Max’s body down to cover herself from the intruders.

“We didn’t see anything,” John Evans quickly replied and shut his eyes as Liz screamed.

“GET OUT!” Max’s voice boomed through his bedroom


Opening the door to his apartment Michael was greeted with two screaming girls and a scared looking Alex between them.

“Michael!” Alex said a little too happily. “Hey look who’s here ladies, it’s Michael,” Alex said again moving towards him as he spoke. ‘Thank God,’ Alex mouthed so only Michael could see.

Michael knew Isabel was being extra touchy lately, but he also knew how loud Maria could be. Whatever they were fighting about he wanted none of it.


Chapter 22c

When Max looked into her eyes then, Liz smiled and said, “I think I know the way this works.”

They stood in the middle of the kitchen, eyes locked on one another, bright smiles on their faces almost matching the bright white light emitting from their joint hands held out between them. The light faded out as quickly as it had faded in and Max scarcely heard Liz say, “My hero,” as a belated eek caught his ear.

Both Liz and Max turned to the doorway where a petrified Maria and an equally shocked and pissed off Michael were standing at the doorway. “What the hell!” Michael screamed at Max. He didn’t quite know what to do. A few seconds ago he volunteered himself and Maria to help Max and Liz with the food, but he really just wanted to grill Maria about the attention John was giving her. Michael’s eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw Max hold Liz’s bloodied hand. ‘He wouldn’t,’ Michael thought. ‘Max was only examining it,’ he told himself as he and Maria walked further into the kitchen. But, when the light emanated from Max’s hand both he and Maria froze on their spots on the floor and the first thing that pulled him out of the quick shock was Maria’s scream. Michael looked down at Maria’s terrified expression as she clung to his back.

Maria however never took her eyes off of Liz. With both fear and awe in her eyes she asked her, “What was that? Who—what are you?”

Chapter 22d

Maria did not know what to make of the sight before her, but she had little doubt that what she was seeing was most definitely real. Unfortunately for the two dumb struck friends before her, Maria’s frightened shriek caught everyone’s attention and just as quickly as the question, “Who—what are you?” falls from her lips a rush of four more people dash into the kitchen.

John was the first person to reach the kitchen immediately seeking out Maria. “Maria, are you okay?”

As worried as John was his words did not penetrate Maria’s fog. Slowly, Maria stepped behind Michael and held onto his shirt, but her eyes were rooted on Max and Liz.

They stood in front of the group still grasping each other’s hands tightly, neither knowing what to say or do. The fear in Maria’s eyes was as palpable as the anger blazing off of Michael. He had Max in a heated stare down, but not a word had passed either’s lips.

The rest of the group was left standing in general confusion. They did not understanding what exactly they had walked in on but knowing it had to be something big by the looks on their friends’ faces.

Alex was going to step in next as he held out his hand to Maria. He saw the panic on her face and wanted to say something, but before he could ask anything Aaron pushed his way between everyone trying to reach Max and Liz. “What happened? Are you okay?” His innocent questions were directed towards Liz but his movement towards them was what had Maria move into action.

“Aaron, NO!” Maria yelled as she stepped up to pull his shoulders back.

Max was the first to push through the shock of getting caught. Cautiously, Max pushed Liz slightly behind him, and even though his eyes did not leave Michael, he directed his question towards John. “John, do you mind taking Aaron to my room and giving us a couple minutes alone.”

John wanted to protest, but then thought against it. This was clearly a private matter that did not concern him and probably was too mature for Aaron. He conceded quickly, but did not like it one bit. Apparently, Aaron felt the same as the group in the kitchen heard him complaining all the way to Max’s room.

“Everyone leave,” Michael’s voice boomed through the kitchen causing everyone to flinch at the unexpected sound.

“Mich-” Max started but Michael was not hearing it.

“You told her,” the flagrant accusation in Michael’s voice was met with a heavy sigh.

“Guys what’s going on here,” Isabel finally jumped in. Maria looked all but ready to bolt as she’d been inching back out of the kitchen since John left and Isabel could just feel the rage pulsating off of Michael.

“I said everyone out! The three of us need to talk,” Michael started, but then when his eyes fell to Liz he amended, “No actually the four of us.”

“Michael back off,” Max started as he saw the way he was looking at Liz.

“I can’t believe you would do this.” Michael came back again.

Isabel was getting sick of this and put herself between Max and Michael. They both look dangerously close to throwing a few blows and she wanted to know what caused the sudden spat. “Guys, what happened?” she tried again.

Liz was caught in an odd position. She knew this was severe but did not know if it was her place to say anything. She was watching Maria trying to seemingly escape only to colliding into Alex’s chest. Turning around to face Alex she unintentionally answered Isabel’s question, “Oh my God…Dios mio Alex, Liz was glowing.”

Alex just looked at Maria confused as both Liz and Isabel’s eyes bugged out of their heads.

Promptly understanding the reasoning behind the vein that was about to burst in Michael’s neck Isabel turned to Max and said, “You did, didn’t you? You told her everything. How could you?” Then joining in on Michael’s train of thought she turned to Maria and Alex ad said, “You should both leave,” then pointing to everyone else she continued, “We need to talk. NOW!”

“No, I know what I saw. Liz was bleeding and then…” Maria conjured up an ounce of bravery not exactly knowing where it came from, but with an iron grip on Alex’s arm she directed the conversation back to her. She saw the anger on Michael and Isabel’s faces and she did not understand anything that was going on around her, but she just needed to ask, “Why was Liz glowing? What’s going on?”

The anger on Michael’s face slowly changed to that of slight fear. All his attention was previously focused on Max and what he could have told Liz, but now Maria…she’d seen too much.

“Maria calm down you aren’t making any sense,” Alex intervened. He was more confused than anyone.

Glaring at the people left in the kitchen, Michael’s mind was on high alert as he determined the most pressing threats. He needed to focus on one task at a time. Michael could not handle Maria right now. She did not know anything and they could tell her something later; he had no idea what, but anything would be better than the truth. Alex knew even less and was the least of his worries; he’d probably take in Maria’s mad rambling as just that. At the moment, the most pressing concern was finding out how much Liz knew; once Michael knew that, they could worry about what their next step would be.

“I said, ‘Everyone out!’” Michael screamed as he roughly grabbed Maria and Liz’s arms in an effort to have them out of his hair while he dealt with Max.

“Michael?” came Maria’s confused question.

“Hey…” Alex yelled as he went to protect his friend, who screeched in pain as her boyfriend manhandled her.

Max, having more than enough of Michael’s antics, forcefully pulled Liz away from Michael.

“I’m not a rag doll,” Liz said bothered by the entire situation. Max tried to apologize but she ignored him. She turns to Michael wanting to scream at him for the way he was reacting, but decided against it. He had reason to be upset and if he was right about anything it was that he needed to speak to Isabel and Max alone. “The three of you talk. We’ll be in the living room and I’ll explain to Maria,” Liz said trying to ease the situation. She looked at Max knowingly as she tried to guide Alex, who was holding a shaken Maria, out to the living room.

Max knew she would not tell Maria or Alex anything; Liz would just keep them occupied as he, Michael and Isabel spoke, but when Isabel and Michael were about to argue what exactly Liz would say Max stopped them. Before Liz left he stopped her and whispered so only she could hear, “I trust you. Whatever you’re about to do, I trust it.” Mustering up a special smile just for her he laughed when they both said, “It’s going to be okay,” at the same time. Max kissed her forehead then her lips softly and ignored Michael grunting his name. They knew this time would come sooner or later, but both were hoping for later and more importantly on their own terms; but who’s to say a plan, especially one as un-thorough as this, would not unravel.

As Liz lead the others out of the kitchen she gritted her teeth and ignored both the question Isabel asked and the way Alex and Maria gawked at her when they heard her too.

“You’re sleeping with her, aren’t you?” Isabel’s question came out more as an accusation. She took Max’s shocked look as a guilty admission. “That’s why you told her…it was since the day before Hank left,” Isabel said remembering the conversation she overheard in the library a couple weeks ago.

If she was honest with herself, she’d confess that the major part of the reason for her attitude towards Maria and Liz especially was because she guessed this long ago. “How stupid can you be? You think you know her because you’ve written a few letters to her over the years and she’s let you into her pants? What’s to say that when you two break up she won’t go running her mouth to anyone that’ll listen?”

“Isabel that’s enough…” Max bellowed over his sister’s tirade. He knew they had a right to be upset but she was crossing too many lines. “You don’t know what you are talking about. What has or hasn’t happened between Liz and I is none of your business… either of you,” he said pointedly.

“It is our business when you go out blabbing your mouth. We made a pact a long time ago and you broke it,” Michael charged. “You had no right.”

“I know you don’t understand, but it’s different with Liz and I...” ignoring the incredulous looks on Michael and Isabel’s faces he continued, “We have this connection. We’ve seen into each others soul.” The sincerity in his voice was lost on no one, but it did not mean they believed him.

“Do you hear yourself? How do we know she’s not out there right now spilling her guts out to them because she wants her new “best friends” to like her?” Michael said stomping to the living room.

Max stopped him with a hand to his shoulder, “Because I know her and I know she would never do that.” Max turned to face Michael and looked him right in the eye as he said, “She won’t say anything Michael. I trust her.”

“See that’s where we’re different, because I don’t trust anyone,” Michael said piercing Max’s eyes with his stare.

“Michael,” Isabel said all but above a whisper. Everything was falling apart and she hated it.

Pushing Max hard into the counter behind him Michael stepped away from him and walked towards the back door. “I see now where your priorities lie Maxwell,” he said storming off but Isabel tried to stop him.

“Wait, you aren’t going anywhere. The three of us have to figure out what to do,” Isabel stated firmly.

“Why? Max will just do whatever he wants anyway.” Michael said his whole body humming with anger and each word laced with sarcasm. “Why don’t you just tell everyone? Please tell my girlfriend for me and Alex too.” Turning to Isabel, Michael scoffed and said, “See if he’ll still be following you around like a sick puppy once he finds out. How about you two put up a flashing sign in front of your house too? I’m sure you’d all love to destroy the little fantasy world your family has going on here all because Max doesn’t know how to date someone and keep his mouth shut.” With those parting words Michael slammed the door and left. Max could only watch him go.

“And I thought I was pissed,” Isabel sneered.

“It’s not what you think. Liz is special. We have this connection,”

“Spare me the details Max…”

“No, listen,” Max was pleading now. “I see things inside of her and she sees things inside of me, when we kiss, when we touch. You know how we get flashes when things are intense…well, it’s like that but more. I’m not stupid Isabel. I thought about this and there was more going on then you know. I wasn’t going to keep it a secret. We were going to tell you, but we needed some time to ourselves relationship wise. Please try to understand.”

Isabel didn’t know what to say. The hesitation in her voice was evident before she answered, “You’re right; I don’t get. I don’t get it and as much as you warble Liz’s praises I can’t help but think you’re just taking this crush…”

“You’re not listening to me. It’s not just a crush. Isabel I love her…”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.”

Isabel was shaking her head disbelievingly, “Max,” she started, but Max continued wanting her to hear him out.

“If I didn’t tell her, I could have lost her. I would have lost her.” Max beseeched for his sisters understanding or at least for her to make an attempt. “I was going to tell her eventually. I mean I wasn’t at first, then I told her but she didn’t believe me… we almost broke up because she knew I was lying to her, but then she got hurt really badly and she was dying…”

“Wait, what?”

“I healed her,” Isabel’s eyes widened in comprehension. “She was dying Isabel, and I was so scared that I could have lost her. I had to tell her everything after that; I wanted to and she was all right with it, more than alright. All it’s done is made us stronger, closer. She won’t tell anyone and I know it, so please if you still don’t trust her trust me. Trust that I know what I am doing.”

“Look Max, it doesn’t even matter what I think any more because you already told her and we can’t erase that, but we need to do something about Maria now. This can’t go any further than Liz.” Isabel saw the disappointment in her brother’s face, but knew she couldn’t do anything about it. They had different opinions and feeling about what was happening and Isabel could not be swayed by a few words, but she did have one thing she had to tell her brother before they dealt with their guest in the living room. “I have faith in you Max; I may not agree with you, but I know you did what you had to do. We’ll deal with Michael later… after he cools off a bit, then we’ll go to his apartment. Let’s go deal with everyone else now,” Isabel said although she truly felt no compulsion to handle this situation.


“You’re sleeping with her, aren’t you?” Isabel’s question made Liz cringe as she lead Maria and Alex out of the kitchen.

Liz gritted her teeth and walked faster into the living room ignored both the question Isabel asked and the way Alex and Maria gawked at her when they heard her it too.

“Uh why don’t we just sit,” Liz said noticing how Maria stood plastered to Alex and watching her warily. Rolling her eyes Liz said, “Oh come on Maria you’re being ridiculous. I don’t know what you think you saw…”

“Uh uh no, I saw you. I want to know what’s going on. And what the hell was going on with everyone in the kitchen. Michael knew too? Or something with him and Max? I saw it, Liz you were glowing and bleeding and then you just weren’t, but don’t sit here and lie to me like I’m stupid,” Maria said never once backing down or letting go of the death grip she has on Alex’s hand.

Liz merely nodded her head then looked at Alex’s very confused eyes before taking a breath and deciding she had to say something. “If I were to tell you what’s really going on and why everyone’s acting this way, I need you to promise me you won’t freak out, the both of you.”

“The way all of you have been acting I’m ready to freak out,” Alex said with his voice sounding teasing but his face looking all too sever.

“Just say it Liz,” Maria replied.

“Maria this is really important. What I am about to tell you is not something you just say so bear with me okay,” when her two friends nodded she continued, “I know you two haven’t known me for a very long time but I think of you as my closest friends. When things between Max and I were a little shaky you were both there for me and I don’t want you to think I’m a different person when I tell you this. I am still me and I hope you understand that.” Taking a deep breath Liz scanned the room quickly before spotting the new age magazine spilling out of Maria’s bag, before Liz knew what she was saying words were falling out of her mouth, “You know how your mother always goes on about those holistic medicines and doctors…healers of sorts, well I kind of have this gift…”

“A gift?” Maria questioned.

“Yeah, you see… I don’t really know when it started but when I was younger, really young, I got hurt, badly, badly hurt on this excavation my grandma Claudia brought me on… at this Indian Reservation,” Liz didn’t want to look at them while she lied to their faces; she just hope they took her staring down at her hands as a sign of nervousness. “You see she brought me to their Shaman and they did something to me, I’ve never been to clear on the details, but they healed me. Later, I found out that I could just heal minor cuts and scrapes on myself without even trying. I just think I want it gone and this glow appears and it’s gone just like that. I’ve never told anyone but Max about this, and this thing just kind of spiraled out of control with Michael and Isabel… but I never wanted to tell anyone. I was so scared people might thing I’m crazy or a freak. I can’t even really control anything that well and it just happens sometimes when I am being careless.” Then turning a scared eye on both her friends Liz finished with, “You can’t tell anyone, not even my mom knows. I am still me and I just don’t want to lose our friendship.”

“Wow,” Maria said kind of scared but feeling silly all at the same time. “I am so sorry I reacted like that,” moving closer to Liz she grabbed her hands and said, “The whole situation just freaked me out Liz. I’m so sorry. This is weird, I mean definitely weird, but I read about this before actually about healers and my mom goes on about this stuff all the time but I never…it’s okay really I understand. I don’t care if you’re a little different,” Maria said throwing a smile to Liz.

They both turned to Alex who was wearing an unreadable expression before he said, “Oookay, I get it. This whole thing was like an elaborate get Alex routine…hahaha, where are the candid cameras. Very funny guys you can come out now,” Alex called out before a slamming door caught all their attention.

“Alex I’m not kidding, but even if you don’t believe me just promise me you guys won’t bring this up. It isn’t anything bad but I just don’t like to talk about it. I don’t mention it and I was just being careless because I was with Max,” Liz pleaded feeling bad the entire time. She did not want to lie to her friends but protecting Max was all she could see.

“I-I-I don’t know, uh whatever as long as Maria’s okay I guess,” Alex said confused by the complete situation.

“I have so many questions, but not now. I mean yeah okay so wait, I still don’t get why everyone was freaking out, what did I miss?” Maria asked she still had a bone to pick with her boyfriend at how he was acting.

“You know that’s something you’re going to have to ask Michael, but I just wanted to explain what was happening with me. That other stuff has more to do with Max and Michael and their complex relationship,” Liz tried to blow off with some hand gestures and a roll of her eyes.

Maria took it all in stride and stood up, ran her fingers through her short bob and said, “This is so Roswellian… next you’re going to say Max is an alien,” Maria snorted as Liz’s eyes bugged out and Alex just shook his head. He didn’t know what to make of anything.

“…Max is an alien,” came floating out of the foyer in Maria’s distinctive voice.

Isabel’s eyes were ready to fall out of their sockets, “Trust her…you trust her,” she let out in a high whisper as she stomped into the living area and spotted the three humans laughing as Max was hot on her trail.

“What’s going on,” she said shooting glares of accusation at Liz.

Letting out a few nervous laughs Liz said, “I was explaining to Maria and Alex about my ability to self-heal…”

“You told them…” Max started questioningly but Liz cut him off. She did not want him to ruin her story.

“Yeah, I know Max I had to tell them, but they’re okay with it really…anyway Maria was laughing about how this is so Roswellian and how the next thing you know I’ll be telling her you’re an alien,” laughing a bit too nervously this time Liz gestured with her eyes for Isabel and Max to just go along. “Isn’t that funny?”

“And you two are okay with Liz being how she is?” Isabel asked skeptically.

Maria did not like the accusation she could hear in Isabel’s voice and after all the fighting they’d done today she wasn’t going to sit around and let her put her down some more. “What you think I’d turn my back on my best girlfriend. Liz has been nothing but a good friend to me since she came to town and I am not going to let that she’s a little different make me change my mind about her. You think you’re the only one that can be open-minded? Alex and I are so okay with this.”

Turning to Alex Isabel said, “So you don’t care that Liz’s glows and heals and whatnot?”

“I don’t really know what to believe…there’s a whatnot?” Alex asked still looking around for the hidden cameras.

“No he doesn’t and neither do I,” Maria said making a point to give Liz a big hug before whispering in her ear, “We need a girls’ night and you’ll explain more in depth this whole thing over lots of ice cream.” Then turning back to Max and Isabel Maria asked, “Where’s Michael?”

“Oh, yeah…We kind of fought and he went home I think, or maybe just for a walk…I don’t really know,” Max said jumping in. He didn’t know what to say. Liz obviously made up some story about her being a healer of some sort and not only did their friends not care but where hugging her. He was really confused.

A worried Maria asked, “Should I go after him; I mean I drove him here. What happened with the two of you?”

“You know, I don’t think you should right now. Movie night is kind of a bust, so I was going to drive Liz home and then head over to Michael’s. This is kind of a thing between me and him and I was just going to let him cool off a bit.”

Maria just nodded her head and let it be, but she had every intention of going after Michael herself. She knew how long it took Max to say goodbye to Liz and had no doubt she could get something out of him. “Yeah, okay…but since we’re cutting tonight short uhm do you think you can give Alex a lift too. I am sorry Alex, but you know my mom has kind of been riding me the last few hours. I think I’m going to deal with that right away,” Maria said trying to come off as nonchalant as possible.

Max and Liz looked a little guiltily at each other before, Max nodded his reply.

“Actually you two go, I’ll give Alex a ride,” Isabel offered much to the confusion of everyone in the room but Alex, whose smile brightened up the whole room.

“I can go for that,” Alex said a little too quickly.

As they all dispersed out the house two heads crept out of Max’s room in complete bafflement, “Where’d everybody go?” Aaron asked his big brother.

“I don’t know,” John said wondering the same thing as they searched the house for anyone. All they found was an empty kitchen full of pre-made snacks but no one to share them with.

“Oh my god Max!!! I don’t know how I even came up with that,” Liz squealed as Max placed kisses down her neck, “I mean I feel bad…I kind of feel bad, but I just kept talking and talking until it all sounded real. You know I’d do anything to protect your secret Ma—”

Liz was cut off by Max’s lips. He didn’t want her to have to lie to her friends, but it was part of knowing who they were. If he was being truthful he’d say how much he loved that he knew she would say all the right things and how much it turned him on. He knew he could confide anything in her and it made him want her more. After they got to her apartment he had every intention of leaving right away but just one kiss and that thought was gone. They didn’t get past the living room couch before their lips found each other, one hand in her hair, the other bunching her pink cotton tank top from the back. Every touch felt more incredible that the next.

Liz was seeing stars, literally stars passing by her quickly, and then the earth was becoming clearer in the distance. Max was kissing every part of exposed skin and touching skin that he was helping expose. He was pushed further with every groan Liz let out and the way her hands were pulling at his body. Before she knew it, she felt as if she was passing through the Earth’s atmosphere and then a sudden jerking had her pushing Max back as her whole body wrenched upward. Her eyes jolted opened piercing an aroused and perplex Max sitting beneath her. Moaning out in pleasure and complete bafflement, Liz looked down at Max and with a whimper said, “Oh God, Max I think I just saw the crash.”

Max stared at Liz both their faces awed by whatever was transpiring between them, “Liz—” Max’s question was cut short as both their eyes went to the door. The sound of the door unlocking and creaking open caught both by surprise.

“Liz,” came a rather surprised female voice at the door.

“Mom?” Liz whispered her body still hot and shaking from the flash.

“I swear Mrs. Parker I was just leaving,” Max said before he even saw her face, not that the position Liz held above him gave any indication that he was in the least bit lying. Max quickly helped Liz off of him and gave her a slight push towards the door.

“Lizzie?” came a deeper voice behind her mother.

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it's still the 6th in lots of place

Chapter 22d

Liz was seeing stars, literally stars passing by her quickly, and then the earth was becoming clearer in the distance. Max was kissing every part of exposed skin and touching skin that he was helping expose. He was pushed further with every groan Liz let out and the way her hands were pulling at his body. Before she knew it she felt as if she was passing through the Earth’s atmosphere and then a sudden jerking had her pushing Max back as her whole body wrenched upward. Her eyes jolted opened piercing an aroused and perplex Max sitting beneath her. Moaning out in pleasure and complete bafflement Liz looked down at Max and with a whimper said, “Oh God, Max I think I just saw the crash.”

Max stared at Liz. Both their faces were awed by whatever was transpiring between them. “Liz—” Max’s question was cut short as both their eyes went to the door. The sound of the door unlocking and creaking open caught them both by surprise.

“Liz,” came a rather surprised female voice at the door.

“Mom?” Liz whispered her body still hot and shaking from the flash.

“I swear Mrs. Parker I was just leaving,” Max said before he even saw her face, not that the position Liz held above him gave any indication that he was in the least bit lying. Max quickly helped Liz off of him and gave her a slight push towards the door.

“Lizzie?” came a deeper voice behind her mother.


Chapter 23

“So—,” Isabel began when the car stopped in front of Alex’s house. The drive was not very far, barely four minutes; in fact, they could have walked just as easily. Alex chattered the whole way while Isabel merely nodded. She wasn’t paying him much mind as she focused on her driving and thought over the night’s events. She thought about what it meant that Liz has known the truth about them for some time now and not only was she fine with the knowledge, but she potentially put herself in danger by covering for Max with Alex and Maria. She thought about what Max had told her; how he professed his love for Liz and how happy she knew Liz made him. She thought about her reaction and Michael’s then about how cool Alex and Maria seemed to be with what Liz told them. It may have been a lie about Liz but it was more or less a watered down version of their truth.

Isabel truly found the whole situation absurd. All these years of not telling a soul and now not only did Liz know but in a span of a few minutes Alex, Maria and even her cousins almost found out as well. Would they re-act the same if they knew that she, Max and Michael were aliens. All Liz told them was that she had some unexplained powers, what would two people who were raised in Roswell their whole lives feel like knowing that real live ALIENS do exist and that you’ve been going to school with them, hanging out in their home, dating them. No there was no way they would have such a laid back reaction, would they?

She, Max and Michael knew so little about themselves and on some level they had stopped looking into it so much deciding to hold off until a real lead came by rather than their blind searches. Especially after subsequent dead ends that had their curiosity growing beyond curious left them without even a single answer. They felt it more important to live their lives for the time being and that’s what they were doing, living their lives and allowing people in. And Isabel liked her life, her friends, her volunteering and most of all her family. Even if she did not feel she could fully know who she was without knowing more about her past and where she came from, not knowing has been her greatest motivator to harness the part of her that she does know. It’s why she tries to keep her family close and why she felt she had to be extra protective with her brothers, even if she seemed a bit overbearing when it came to aspects of their lives like their girlfriends.

Reasonably, Isabel knew that someday they had to let some people in on their secret, but she never imagined someday would be this soon and to Liz of all people. Truth be told, she always wished it would have been her mother, really both her parents first. She had been dying to tell them her entire life, but Michael and Max never would have agreed to it but seeing how neither of them mind doing their own thing she was starting to wonder what was stopping her from doing what she wanted.

Why couldn’t she just tell her parents?

Why not tell the people she loved most in the world? Would it not bring them closer? Max said it brought him and Liz closer, why not Isabel with her parents? Maybe it would bring Michael more into the family too.

But the truth was she did not say anything because she was scared. She was scared to lose her parents if they could not see past her differences.

“I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like I’ve been talking to myself. You’ve been somewhere else since we left your house. If you are worried that I am going to say anything I am not. Your secret is safe with me… I mean Liz’s secret, I mean…I would never say anything. Truth be told, I think it’s all a bit far fetched to begin with. I mean it doesn’t make much sense to me but Maria and her mom have always believed in that whole healer thing and if Liz believes she can do it who am I to stand in the way of that, but I would never break a trust like that. Liz has been a great friend and if she needs me not to ever mention this thing again then hey it’s forgotten,” Alex said still slightly wondering if Isabel was hearing him at all.

They had officially been at his driveway for longer than it had taken them to drive to his place and he was just glad for a few more minutes of Isabel’s time even not so much for the odd subject matter.

“You’re a good friend Alex,” those were the first words to indicate to Alex that Isabel had heard anything he said the last few minutes.

He smiled wide at Isabel’s comment. “Well,” Alex began with a slight blush.

Isabel had a lot on her mind and she wanted and needed more information before she could form any answers. “You really are okay with all of this aren’t you? You don’t care that she has these abilities and that Liz is different?”

“Look, I am not going to sit here and lie like I really understand what is going on or if any of this makes any sense to me because it doesn’t. Whatever is real or isn’t about what Liz can do, I know one thing for sure,” at Isabel’s questioned glance Alex continued, “She’s not really any different. I may know more about her now, but she still the same girl that spills her guts out about Max every time something happens with them, even the parts I don’t want to know. She is the same person I watched bad sci-fi movies with till too late at night and that comes to my band rehearsal and cheers even when we sucked and who’ll help me with any favor no questions asked. I know Liz, and whether she thinks she’s a healer or a lighthouse, I’ll stand by her. She’s smart but more than that she’s a good person. You know that too and I know that’s why you kept her secret.”

“A lighthouse?” Ignoring the comment whether it was because of some deep seeded guilt or some other feeling that were manifesting because of the night’s events, Isabel questioned Alex’s reference instead.

“Like on Bewitched when Samantha was trying to tell Daren she was a…”

“Never mind, I get it. So… okay, if I were to tell you right now that I don’t know, I’m a witch and I have powers, what would you say? Would you still look at me the way you do now?” Isabel pondered freely taking a chance with Alex she never would have before tonight.

“I’d say, do you use them to come into my dreams at night?” The words came out before he could stop them but he did not regret them.

Isabel’s eyes widened in surprise and Alex took the alarmed look as shock over the figurative words rather than the literal ones. “What I mean is, I don’t believe in witches, aliens, or really even healers, I never have but…”


“But, if you ever wanted to tell me anything, anything at all about you or what you feel or don’t… nothing you could ever tell me about yourself would ever make me feel any different about you than I do now. You’re right I do watch you…not in a creepy stalker way…he-he*cough* uh, what I’m saying is that I know you too Isabel. I know you’re a good person who cares a lot about people. You care a lot about your family and your friends of course, but I know how much you care for others too. I know you volunteer all the time and that you play off this cool exterior because you don’t want to let just anyone in. I get that, but it just proves that your interior is just as beautiful as your exterior.

“Alex I—”

“I didn’t mean that like it sounded. It wasn’t a pick-up line. I just mean—wow I just mean a lot of things apparently, I—”

“I get it Alex,” Isabel said getting back the same small smile she gave. “Well we’re here,” she said then making it obvious the night was over as Alex heard the locks click open.

“Right, yeah okay,” Alex said reaching for the door handle to leave.

Stopping Alex before he stepped out the door Isabel gave him a peck on the cheek, “Thank you for that.”

Bringing a hand up to his cheek where a lip stained print now marred his once pristine cheek, Alex repeated, “Thank you,” before getting out the car happier than he’d ever remembered being.

Isabel had a lot to think about tonight but not a lot of time alone. She had to head over to Michael’s to meet up with him and Max now, but decided to take the long way. She at least had the time for that and she’d use her time wisely.


“W-what are you doing here?” Liz questioned her mother, and then more curiously, turned to her father with a baffled expression, “What are you doing here?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that same question?” Nancy countered instead as Max walked into view. Scanning her daughter up and down Nancy had no doubt as to what had been going on in her home.

But Liz ignored her mothers question, her eyes were still riveted on her father, while Jeff averted his gaze to the ground. Whatever his expectations may have been at seeing his daughter for the first time in months, they certainly did not include such an in depth perusal.

“The two of you aren’t supposed to be up here alone and you know that. You both do,” Nancy stressed as she looked at Max. “As a matter of fact, all you kids are supposed to be at Max’s,” Nancy said the words with a load of suspicion in her voice, but she quickly discerned Liz wasn’t listening at all.

The truth was, Nancy was just as surprised Liz was home as Liz probably was to her mother coming home a day early, let alone with her father. When she planned to get home early, with Jeff in tow, she thought they’d have a few more hours to get settled before Liz arrived and they all had to speak together. She was not prepared for her daughter’s presence and knew Jeff was even less so. That however, did not squelch the disappointment that Nancy felt at the thought that Liz still did not seem to understand that she did not want her 16-year old daughter alone in their house, any house, with her boyfriend.

“What are you doing here dad?” Liz inquired again bringing Nancy’s attention back to the issue at hand.

“Is that any way to greet your father?” Jeff Parker asked with his arms slightly out-stretched as if asking for a hug from his daughter.

The suspicion Liz held in her eyes was palpable. Everyone felt the chill that crept into the room, but when Liz felt Max behind her, she stepped back into his chest; she held a rigid, defensive pose against her parents. If Liz noticed the sad expression that passed Jeff’s eyes she ignored it.

Jeff only nodded his head in understanding schooling his features as best he could. He let out a fake cough as if to brush away his previous gesture.

“Liz-,” her mother began to admonish, but Jeff stopped her.

“It’s alright Nance,” Jeff replied less than convincingly.

Max had one hand on Liz’s waist and the other squeezed her hand in support. He did not want to interrupt this moment, so he stood behind Liz and tried to demonstrate his support physically. Max literally felt how tense Liz was at her father’s surprise visit; and now he was rethinking whether to go deal with Michael now or stay to be with Liz. He’d do whatever she needed.

Snapping out of her sudden daze, Liz felt the need to swiftly apologized, “I-I’m sorry. This is just… unexpected… very unexpected,” Liz muttered as she moved the few steps forward to great her father, “Hi, daddy.” However, after she gave him a quick peck on the cheek she promptly moved back to Max.

If Jeff was disappointed he didn’t let it show. Something was better than nothing when it came to his daughter and he’d take what he could get. A lot was about to change in their lives and the adjustments would not be easy. He gave a small, soft smile and turned his attentions to the young man in front of him. “Max Evans, I guess?” Jeff said as Max nodded his reply.

“We have a lot to talk about Liz, as a family,” Nancy said then with a wary stare towards Max. “But, we didn’t expect you to be home quite yet, honestly. Why are you here instead of where you told Amy you’d be? Liz if I can’t trust—,”

“Mom, stop overreacting,” Liz wanted to say Nancy was not supposed to be there at all, but thought better of it. “Max and I just got here. You never trust me anymore; I wasn’t—we weren’t doing anything. And even if we were, it wasn’t anything to warrant you treating me like I don’t know any better,” Liz was getting upset but Max brushing her arm and made her stop to veer back on course. She always felt extra defensive around her mother. “Movie night was cut short okay. Everyone kind of split up,” at her mother’s disbelieving look Liz continued with a half truth she’d hope would appease her mother. “Max and Michael got into a figh-argument…well more like a disagreement and Maria and I decided they needed a little breather.”

“Oh my,” Nancy sighed but knew there was more to the story.

“I know,” Liz replied looking between Max and her mother. “Max is going over there now to work things out, but came to drop me off first.”

“Well fine then,” Nancy said taking the bait. “I don’t like to hear about you boys fighting you know. Michael is just so, so—well, fragile. Don’t give me those looks; you both know what I mean. He may come off rough and tough on the exterior, but you kids are the closest thing that boy has to family.”

Directing only Max now, Nancy continued, “Well now, since you brought Liz home I think you should go do what you were headed to do. We need some time here anyway, but stop by the kitchen downstairs before you go and pick up a few sandwiches for Michael and a desert too. Maybe some fruit. Is he eating properly?”

Liz broke out her first smile since her parents’ arrival. Her love for her mother shone in moments like these. “Mom that’s nice of you, but Michael’s fine; between Mrs. Evans, Isabel, Maria, and you feeding him, and the constant supply of Crash Down food, I doubt he’ll go hungry. I’m going to go walk Max out. I’ll be back.” Liz said as she dragged Max out the door. She could not help but continue to cagily eyeball her father as she went. She could sense her parents were up to something, but what it was, she had no idea. Though she had little doubt she was about to find out soon. Her blathering was becoming more than usual too, much to her own disdain, probably due to a high level of stress she was dealing with, but this situation was making her nervous. Trying to decipher her father surprise visit would only cause her grief so she let it go for the time being. Although her mother’s little surprise mounted atop the flashes, where she was sure she witnessed the crash, made it so her body was still trembling and over heated from the experience. Controlling her body in front of her parents was too difficult a task to bear for too long. Things were happening so fast and all at once, but as soon as she hit the steps and closed her door Max had her in his arms.

“Are you okay?”

“Let’s just go downstairs first,” Liz brushed off.

Max followed Liz to the kitchen and watched her anxiously pull out premade pieces from the fringe she knew Michael would enjoy. She had yet to glance back at Max and the more time she spent fretting in the kitchen the more noticeably her body began to shake. She tried to hide it from Max but it was no use. He had been watching her fidgeting and waiting for her to readily go to him, but he could not take seeing her like this any more. “Liz? Liz,” Max’s only response was her stopping her actions. When her eyes turned to his, he immediately grabbed her up in his arms and held her close. “I can stay if you need me to. I’ll go around back and wait in your room, so when you’re do--,” Liz stopped him there.

“You need to go straighten things out with Michael tonight and I have to deal with my parents,” he only nodded his consent, knowing she was right.

He didn’t want to bring up the giant pink elephant in the room, but her anxiousness made that impossible, “Uhm about the f-flash…”

“Yeah, we need to talk a lot don’t we?” Liz said with a slight smile, mirroring Max.

“We don’t have to right away, but—” He left the but hanging a it too long.

“I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight with how my mind is racing, so how about you come to my balcony tonight when you’re done at Michael’s and we’ll get it all out.”

“Okay,’ Max agreed. He packed up the bag of food and gave Liz one last kiss. 'I love you,' the words were on the tip of his tongue but he stopped himself. It was most definitely not the right time. “If things get hairy, I’m only a phone call away. Don’t be so nervous; it’s your dad. He loves you.” Max stole one more sweet kiss from her lips before dashing off to his car. If he didn’t run a little kiss would have become much more and they both had things to handle tonight.

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Re: Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch23 10/6 pg6

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thanks for all the wonderful feedback and for the not letting this go even though i keep leaving you for so long, but i do have a bit of good news, even if it doesn't seem it Pen Pals is only a few ch. shy of being done and then i have decided it will have a second story but this story is/was supposed to be about these two pen pals meeting and falling for each other more in person and getting to know the 'real' pple behind the letters, emails and calls. after that it will be onto their next saga of sorts :roll: that's all i really want to say about that till this is completely done. i feel like that's too much in itself. :oops: also an apology that about 1/3 of this update is a straight knock off of a section in toy house, but it was necessary and so please just trust me on that and i'll try not to go much further into taking big chunks of the tv show like that (a few lines is one thing but i OD' a bit)... now onto the chapter which i love so i hope you do too :D

Chapter 24

“What do you want,” Michael’s gruff reply came when Maria’s Jetta slowed down beside him.

Through the slightly cracked window her reply was just as rough. She was upset at how Michael treated her and then just ran off without an explanation. She did not understand his actions tonight at all. “Want to tell me why you were acting like a Neanderthal before you ran off?” Maria said slowing her car beside him but not stopping. She did not want him to think he could treat her badly and get away with it. When he didn’t answer her first question she moved onto the next. It had been bothering her since the incident in the Evans’ kitchen, “What happened with you and Max?” when he continued to walk and evaded her again Maria started piecing together the night and did not for one second like the conclusion she was coming up with. “You…you—You bigoted asshole!” That got his attention.


Her car came to a halt then as she stomped out to yell at her boyfriend. “You! You don’t like Liz because she’s different!” Maria accused none too lightly. “That’s why you were acting that way with them before. You found out about her, but then when you saw her using her powers you freak out,” when Michael looked at her strangely she misinterpreted the look as accusation, “Yeah okay, I freaked, but for a minute and that’s was that. Everyone else is fine with it, but you could barely look at her earlier and you started screaming at Max.” She wished she remembered exactly what Michael said, but truth was she was a little more freaked than she let on and all that was clear was Michael’s screaming voice and gruff hands. That didn’t stop Maria’s outburst though because the last thing she wanted to think was that the guy she was falling hard for was as narrow minded enough to treat someone like Liz like an outcast. “What the hell is wrong with you? She is still the same person she has always been you jackass. She’s one of my best friends and you need to get over your intolerant ass.”

Michael’s head was spinning and his chest was hurting from Maria poking him to enunciate her words, but one thing was for certain he had no idea what she was talking about. Liz had powers? Grabbing Maria’s poking hand and stopping her assault, he planned to get some answers. “What the hell are you talking about? What do you know?”

Still very angry Maria flipped around to fold her hands over her chest. That’s when she saw the noisy onlookers that were hanging around the streets. Thinking back to her little tirade with Michael she prayed no one heard what she had said. “This is no place to discuss this, get in the car,” she ordered and did not wait for a response as she got into the driver’s seat.

Michael would have fought harder if he wasn’t as curious as he was. He wanted answers now. “I want to know what you know.”

“Liz told me everything okay. She told Alex and me, plus I already know you and Isabel know so stop looking at me like that.”

“What do you know Maria?” Michael asked more carefully.

Rolling her eyes but thinking she understood nonetheless, “I know that Liz is a healer. That’s a good thing Michael and you have no right to treat her like she’s a freak for it."

Michael’s eyes widened but he quickly schooled his features. Does she not know about Max? About him? Carefully he asked, “And what did Max say?”

“What do you mean, 'What did Max say?' Liz is his girlfriend, he accepts her and—and I don’t think I can be with you if you can’t come to terms with this Michael.” Maria was fully concentrating at looking at the road as she voiced her thoughts. “There are things in this world that don’t fall into the realm of ‘normal,’ but that doesn’t make them bad. The fact that you can just cast someone aside because they are a little different says things about you that I don’t like Michael. Liz is special, and yes she’s different, but she’s a good person. She’s not the only one you know. I know you think she’s a crackpot but my mom’s psychic is incredible. She can read an aura a mile away…” she pulled into Michael’s housing complex before she looked at him again. The look on his face was unreadable. “What Michael?”

A million questions were flying through his head. Was Liz like them? Is that why Max told her? Why wasn’t Maria freaking out about this? Maybe he should have stayed to see how the night played out. One thing was clear though, one thing he never thought possible, Maria didn’t know anything about him, Max and Isabel, but if he ever told her she would be just fine with him being different. That thought brought a smile to his lips and stronger feelings to his heart than he wished to acknowledge. “You want to come in?”

“Michael we’re having a serious discussion…”

“That we can finish upstairs…”

Shaking her head, she didn’t want Michael turning things around on her, “Michael…”

He didn’t let her talk though. Michael knew one sure fire way to shut her into stunned silence, and even though in most circumstances he would not admit what he was about to, he did now, “Maria I was wrong,” the shocked expression on her face was enough to bring a bigger grin onto his face, “You’re right,” her eyes were about to bug out of her head. “I’ll talk to both Max and Liz later and straighten everything out.” He wanted more answers than Maria obviously had and he had every intention of getting answers quickly, but he was sure Max wasn’t home and rather face him first on his own than with Liz. “Come inside and we’ll talk,” talking was the last thing on his mind as he saw Maria’s beautiful full lips open in surprise. He couldn’t wait to get her alone.


“What are you doing here?” Isabel and Max both said stopping in front of Michael’s door.

“I’m here to check up on Michael,” they both said together again giving each other funny looks.

Max motioned for Isabel to walk in ahead of him. His hands were full with a bag of food from the Crash and a case of Snapple he picked up at the convenient store after leaving Liz’s place.

Isabel knocked on the door a few times with no answer. “He’s probably walking around Roswell blowing some steam,” Isabel told Max as she took a quick look around the hall before placing her palm on the doorknob to unlock it.

“You know we both have copies of his key,” Max joked lightly with his sister as she opened the door.

She would have replied but the words got caught in her throat at the sight before her. “Oh God, what is wrong with you freaking horn dogs? Does no one talk anymore? I can’t walk into a room without someone being half naked and hands in inappropriate places,” Isabel huffed as she turned her eyes away from the shirtless Michael illuminated only by candle light and flipped on the light switch by the door.

Maria was still fully clothed but that didn’t mean Max hadn’t caught exactly where Michael’s hands were coming out of when the light turned on, or that both Michael’s shirt and belt were littering the floor. Max looked everywhere but at the couple as he sheepishly asked, “Uh, bad time?” as Michael and Maria scrambled to get themselves together.

“No impeccable timing, thanks for letting yourselves in.” Michael said dryly.

Maria couldn’t help but blush at being caught but threw in her own little jab, “I guess I know what it feels like to be Liz,” she said as she patted down her hair. “Well I guess that’s it for us tonight, anyway my mom is probably going to have a fit if I don’t get home soon." She gave Isabel a smug look before stopping in front of Max and whispering, “Don’t be too hard on him. He knows what he said was wrong,” before winking and walking out the door. “See you tomorrow Michael,” Maria threw over her shoulder before leaving through the open door.

Michael just finished putting on his shirt before mumbling, “I’ll be right back,” to his two smirking house guest as he grabbed a shiny object off the floor and ran out behind Maria.

“Hey, hey you forgot this,” Michael said catching Maria at the front door of his apartment. His lips descended on hers, one hand tangled in her hair and the other held her tight against him.

Maria gasped and moaned Michael’s name before he pulled away a little to look her in the eyes and smile. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget that,” Maria breathed much to Michael’s confusion.

“Oh, no I meant these,” Michael said holding out her car keys.

“Oh, well still valid,” was her only reply.

“So you know they won’t be here very long, you know if you want to continue this tonight instead of tomorrow,” Michael said nibbling her lips, chin then neck, in an effort to persuade Maria.

As tempting as it sounded Maria didn’t know if that was the smarted idea for many reasons. “How about you give me a call after they leave and we’ll see,” Maria said leaving the topic hanging for now.

Michael shook his head ‘yes’ but didn’t stop his lips movements on Maria’s neck. “You know if I go home with a hickey there is no way we’ll see each other again tonight without my mother and a sharp object between us,” Maria joked but it was enough for Michael to relent. “You really are a great guy underneath all that gruffness,” Maria said then with a bit of a smirk in her tone, giving into one more kiss and pushing Michael back towards his apartment.

Maria walked back to her car with a smile on her face and Michael turned back to his more neutral face as he went to face Max and Isabel.

Max was glad when Michael ran out behind Maria. ‘Tonight won’t be as bad as I thought,’ he said to himself with a smile. He knew Isabel still wasn’t happy about Liz knowing but he knew she’d forgive him, Michael on the other hand, Max knew would be exceedingly more difficult.

Michael walked into the apartment, closed the door behind and took in his two guest warily. He got straight to the point not needing to rehash what happened tonight again. “Does Liz have powers? Is she one of us? Is that why you told her?”

“No, no, and no,” Max responded in an even tone.

“Then why? What happened tonight that Maria thinks Liz is some kind of healer?” Michel asked genuinely interested.

“I see finding those answers bothered you so much you two really felt the need to talk about it in-depth,” Isabel couldn’t help but remark snidely.

Ignoring her remarks Max continued, “Liz made up a lie to protect us. She said it was her with the powers to heal and that that was the glowing Maria saw. She asked her to keep it a secret because only we knew,” as he saw Michael nod without a word Max told Michael and Isabel everything with less resistance than he ever thought possible. They didn’t argue or even interrupt once, but listened intently. Both had been caught up in Max’s explanation and the thoughts running through their own minds. He told them about his and Liz’s connection, about the stormy night he saved her life and she found out their secret, about the flashes she’s been having recently, and how he thinks they were a chronological series of event’s because tonight, as he explained, “Tonight Liz thinks she saw the crash, you know ‘The Crash.’”

Michael finally broke the silence, “So she’s known the truth since the day before Hank left… what, and she was just fine with it? There was no problem? I mean she knew about you, about us and she’s acting like it isn’t a big deal.” Michael wanted to ask why, knowing what she knew, she’d let him stay at the Crash Down when Hank left and then, helped him get a job there? Why she didn’t care she was in a serious relationship with an alien. Why she never told Maria? Michael wondered all this and more but didn’t know how to voice the words without showing his serious insecurities. He was still trying to comprehend what all this meant, so instead he asked what he figured was the most logical question in line with Max’s explanation. “And you two didn’t like do it or anything? I mean, you would have told me that right?”

“Michael!” Max admonishes, blushing a bit.

“It’s a valid question Maxwell. It’s not like you haven’t been keeping other secrets, why not that?” Michael couldn’t help the jab, “So, okay no sex, but a “connection” that makes Liz glow and see things like possibly the crash that landed us here, which happens in visions Liz gets when you two are getting hot and heavy.”

“It’s not like that…it’s not that sim—,” when Max saw the expressions on Michael’s face change from serious to mocking, Max’s attitude changed as well. “Shut up.”

“You’re one lucky S.O.B, you know that Maxwell?” Michael replied with a smirk.

“So does this mean you’re not mad anymore?” Max asked Michael.

“Yeah I am. We made a promise, a pact and you broke that. Even if nothing happened to Liz that night, you would have told her anyway. Don’t lie and say any different. I can tell by the way you talk about her and the visions. I’ve seen things in Maria, but I know she hasn’t with me. Maria wouldn’t have kept that quiet and I think I know how, or at least why it happens. You know how when things get intense we get flashes? You let all your guard down with her and that’s probably why she can see things in you, you didn’t even know about. Maybe that’s why she’s seeing what she is. It could all be her overactive scientific imagination, we don’t know, but it’s dangerous and you shouldn’t have done it.” Michael didn’t know where the calm, cool and collected speech came from. He knew it was a complete 180 from earlier in the night, but the night’s events had him doing some serious thinking. Once Maria caught up with him in the Jetta, he thought he was about ready to blow something up, but after everything she said about acceptance and tolerance and the way Liz not only kept their secret, but put a shining light on herself and was still kind to him even knowing who he really was, started to make him question all the doubts he’s had over the years about ever letting anyone else in. Maybe letting people in wouldn’t completely blow up in their faces. There was still a lot to ponder and even investigate, but what was for certain is that not many answers would come tonight.

“Liz isn’t going to say anything. She would never…” Max started but Isabel cut him off.

Isabel broke through Max’s words and Michael’s thoughts, “We aren’t telling anymore people, let alone Maria,” she said looking pointedly at Michael. “We live in Roswell, land or the scary aliens, she’ll freak. Liz may have gone well, but Liz and Maria are very different. Maria is not stable,” she said pointedly to Michael, “And plus, if we get to tell anyone else first it’ll be our parents.” Both guys looked at her as if she were insane.

Shaking his head, Max cautioned, “Isabel…”

“No just listen. Maybe…maybe we’re supposed to connect with humans and that’s how we find out about ourselves? Maybe that’s what’s going on with you and Liz and I think Michael will agree with me and say that we think you should explore that more. She already knows a lot, so see if she is actually seeing the crash or anything else. Maybe we can get some of the answers we’ve been looking for without exposing ourselves any more. Since she already knows, we can maybe explore more of who we are through... eh don’t make me say it. Just—I can accept that okay, but you have to at least hear me out. Why is it okay that you tell your girlfriend, Michael wants to tell his…”

“I never said—”

“But I can’t tell mom something I’ve always wanted to tell her.” Isabel finished cutting off Michael and pleading with her eyes to her brother.

“It’s not the same,” Max reasoned

“He’s right,” Michael agreed.

“Yeah it is different. They are our parents; they love us and they wouldn’t do anything or say anything bad about it. They love us uncondi—,”

“Isabel you don’t know that,” Max started.

“Yeah but you ‘knew’ with Liz right?” Isabel mocked outraged.

“Yes, I did. You don’t get it. When I told you we have a connection I’m talking about something real. It’s not just a feeling. It’s tangible. I know it and stop talking about Liz like that. I am not using her to find out about us. Whatever happens…”

“Way to change the subject Max,” Isabel said rolling her eyes.

“It’s that you don’t get it. Look, I don’t know if its alien or what but I can actually see inside her, feel what she feels. I knew she would be fine…more than fine with knowing the truth. I’ve—I have seen into her soul.”

“You’re a sensitive guy Max-a-million, and I respect that. But, you have the ultimate line available to you with, ‘It’s going to help me find my home planet,’ and you’re refusing to use it. No guys that sensitive.” Max knew Michael was only half joking which was disturbing in itself, but he didn’t get to answer him back.

Isabel was pissed. No one was listening to her and she had every intention of being heard. “This isn’t a joke to me. You guys aren’t going to just blow this off. I want to tell our parents.”

“No Isabel, the answer is no. We are not telling them, all right? Stop it,” Max said with a finality that would usually leave no room for argument.

However his sister had other ideas, “Stop speaking to me like that.”

“Like what?” Max said clueless to his automatic hardheaded response toward Isabel.

“Like you’re the final word on everything,” Isabel said, becoming more agitated with every word.

“I didn't say I was!” Max couldn’t see why Isabel didn’t see the difference. Their parents didn’t know anything about who they really were. Them knowing would change their whole lives.

“Listen to yourself! Look, I know that we agreed never to tell her, but—”

Michael had had enough. He knew exactly why Max was arguing against this and voiced what was too hard for his friend, “But what? If your mom finds out about us, our lives are a ticking bomb. It'd only be a matter of time before she told the wrong person.”

“Michael, relax. No one's telling anyone anything,” Max said again trying to squash the conversation.

“What the hell is your problem?” Isabel screamed at her brother. He was talking to her like she was a petulant child crying to get her way. “You don’t control me. I want to tell her the truth,” she said defiantly. Then, more reasonably she replied, “Look, I understand how you and Michael feel. But I've wanted to tell mom. I've wanted to tell her every day for the last 10 years.”

‘Isabel, I know how you feel.”

“I don't think you do. I'm her daughter. A mother and a daughter... it's just different,” Isabel’s voice was pleading now.

“What if mom found out it's all been a sham? If we took her family away from her, it would destroy her.”

“Maybe it would make us all closer.”

“I don't think so.” Max said honestly.

“What are you saying?” That if we tell mom the truth about us, she won't love us anymore?” Isabel refused to believe that. She wouldn’t.

“I'm saying we'll never know the answer to that question.”

“Max, this isn't just your decision.”

“I know that,” and he did, but he also knew he didn’t want to tell his parents. He may love them, but he didn’t trust them. Not with this. He did not trust that they would accept them. He could count all the people he trusted in less than one hand, but Isabel trusted them. She trusted her mother like she did them. Max wished that was enough, but now it just wasn’t. It couldn’t be.

“Do you?” He wasn’t acting like it.

“She's not your mother. She's not related to you in any way. Know that.” Michael was mad. They kept going in circles and the one simple truth was that their parents were too much of a liability.

“But if there's any adult that we can trust, it's her…them”

“Look, Isabel...” Max started already shaking his head, but Isabel wasn’t going to give up so easily.

“No, you look. Maybe it'll help us out one day to have an adult on our side.”

“Here's the problem...when you tell her, she's not gonna be on your side. Maybe she loves you now, but there's no such thing as unconditional love,” and that’s when Michael made up his mind for himself. He didn’t know what he and Maria had or even what Max and Liz had, but love wasn’t unconditional. Feelings change, people change and trust was not a luxury. Max and Isabel were both blinded by their loves, however different they may be. A plan was slowly forming in his head; one he knew would upset many people if they ever found out.

“Michael, maybe you really don't understand, but she does love us and it is unconditional.

“Are you sure about that?” Michael countered a little too harshly.

“Michael's right. She's not our mother. We are alone here. We always will be. Stop pretending it's different. We're not telling her, Isabel. That is final,” Max finally broke, contradicting all his points to his previous denial of who had the authority in the conversation.

“Alone! You have Liz and she knows everything, you have Maria and I see it in your eyes that you’re just itching to tell her…who do I have? Who the hell do I have?” Isabel screams with tears in her eyes.

Both young men are stunned silent as Isabel cried. They had been too harsh and were only now seeing it with how deeply they hurt their sister. Quickly snapping to attention, they tried to fix their error and comfort the wailing Isabel. “I—we’re sorry. We didn't mean…” Michael tries but he’s at a loss for words.

“You have us Izzie. You’ll always have us,” Max tried but it wasn’t enough. Right now they were merely words to her ears. Her feelings were too raw.

Isabel’s eyes traveled up to the curtains in Michael’s window, the ones Maria picked out for him. “No, no I won’t,” Isabel said with a sad smile. She tried to pull out of Max and Michael’s embrace but it was useless.

“No Iz, listen. It’s always going to be the three of us no matter what. We’re family; we have the same blood running through us. We will always be here for you. We are really sorry,” Michael said then soothingly running his hand on her back.

She knew to an extent that they were right, but to another, she also knew that they wouldn’t always just be hers. She was so used to playing big sister even mom at times that it was hard for her to share them…to let go. “I'm sorry. I just...I just wanted her to know. I wanted it so bad.”

Max hugged Isabel tight and gave her a kiss on the head before he said, “I know. I know you did… we have each other. We're gonna be okay, Iz. We're gonna be okay.”

After a few moments, they all separate to calm down. They spoke more calmly around the food Nancy sent for Michael for a while before a collective silence fell over the group as they ate. When Max and Isabel finally left Michael’s apartment, Michael moved to sit in front of his home phone to contemplate his next move. His hand hovered over the phone for a minute before he breathed out, “Two steps forward, three back,” as he took his hand away. Grabbing his jacket, he walked out his door with one mission on his mind.


“So I guess we had an argument,” Max said as he walked Isabel to their mom’s car.

“Yeah,” she said no louder than a whisper.

“It was interesting. I'm sorry, Iz,” Max felt the need to reiterate.

“It’s okay. It’s good to get that stuff out sometimes,” she said a bit lighter than she felt.

“Yeah, it's gonna be okay.”

“So, I’ll see you at home,” Isabel said before they separated.

“No, uhm… I told Liz I’d see her tonight. Her dad appeared tonight and I want to check up on her and the flashes and all. I’m sorry. I know it’s not the best timing—”

Isabel merely nodded her head. She needed time alone to think anyhow. “Her dad really? I didn’t know…”

“Yeah neither did she. It wasn’t so much a welcome surprise.”

“So, let me guess, ‘Hey Iz, can you cover for me?’” Isabel mocked in her best Max tone.

“Yeah that would be nice… I love you, you know that right?” Max said seriously.

“Yeah, I know little brother. I love you too. So you are sleeping over at Michael’s tonight?” Isabel said using air quotes.

“Yeah basically,” Max said hugging Isabel before she got into her mother’s sedan and drove off.


Kyle tried ignoring the ache at the pit of his stomach that told him he really needed to get out of bed and…well, for lack of a better term, ‘hit the head.’ He was so comfortable and warm that he did not want to get out of bed. Kyle peeked one eye open and saw the clock read 12:52 am. Slowly he rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. His eyes were focused on the floor; he didn’t want to be up right now because if he was half asleep tomorrow morning when his coach wanted to meet with the team he was sure he’d be in it deep. The toilet flushing and the door opening didn’t catch his attention as much as the shapely legs he’d followed up to a shirt that was most definitely his father’s, even though the person in the shirt was most definitely not his dad.

“Kyle!” The high whisper made Kyle cringe.

“Hey, Ms. Deluca,” Kyle choked out.

“I—uh we though—why are you up?” Amy asked though she really didn’t want to have this conversation or any conversation with her boyfriend’s son while half naked. Her lips seemed to fly faster than her mind at this late hour, with her late hour activities.

“Amy, baby, where’d ya—” Jim began to whisper but the sight before him cut off his words.

“Kyle, hey…what are you doing up?” his father said having the nerve to blush, although no one could see as much in the relative dark.

Taking in his father’s boxer clad appearance and then his own he suddenly felt very naked. He opened his mouth a few times to say something, anything, but nothing came out until he finally shook the awful images of what was going on while he was asleep and what will probably happen as soon as he goes back to his room. Kyle finally put his feelings into words, first just talking to himself, “WHY? Why oh why, won’t my eyes just eat themselves.”

“Kyle,” Jim began, but what could he say?

Then he turned to his dad and said, “I needed to pee, but now, now I just need to throw up and work on that eyes eating themselves thing.”

“Uh, I’m just going to…” Amy said pointing to Jim’s room. She patted Jim on the back as she walked by. As awkward as this was she was just happy it happened here and not with Maria.

Before Jim could say anything Kyle stopped him. “Don’t, just don’t. The creep and -ick factor in old people sex is already there, but throw in your dad and his girlfriend…just don’t bother. I can’t and don’t want to. So, you two continue, but I’m staying at Pauli’s tonight.” Kyle said with his back to Jim as he walked into his room.

Jim was about to protest but thought against it. They’d talk about this tomorrow at a less uncomfortable time.

Jim was still in the same spot when Kyle walked out his room, blanket wrapped around himself and pillow, cell and car keys in hand. “Uh, be careful,” Jim said as Kyle walked out the front door.

“Yeah, I think that should be my line,” Kyle mumbled, but his dad heard him just the same.

“Crap,” was all Jim could say as he walked back into his room to find Amy in the middle of his bed sans his shirt.


Kyle's serious need for sleep assailed him once he turned on his cherry red mustang. Yawning, he thought about Pauli living clear across town and how close the Deluca’s lived. Pulling out of his driveway he had a new destination in mind. Grabbing his phone he dialed a number that was becoming all too familiar.

Michael it’s late.

Kyle heard Maria’s groggy voice over the phone.

“Interesting, but not exactly…”


“The one and only.”

I’m hanging up now…

“Don’t get too comfy blondie. You better wake your ass up and let me in. I need somewhere to sleep…” he says already reaching her block.

What? Why?

“Your mom, my dad…bad half naked moment…must I continue?” Kyle said dryly as he pulled into her driveway.

Oh god please don’t. I do not want that image.

“Yeah, well I got it. Now I’m out front,” Kyle said reaching her door as she was opening it.

Kyle walked in with his comforter wrapped around him and a pillow in tow. Both he and Maria had equally disgusted looks on their faces. “I really don’t want to know anymore. I need to sleep and not think about any of that so the couch is all yours,” Maria said locking the door behind him.

Maria went straight to bed and Kyle was out like a light once his head hit his pillow.
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Re: Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch24 a/n 11/02/09

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So I haven't worked in three weeks and last week I got the flu and then pink eye a few days later...both of which I actually still have and am recovering from :roll: though now that im reading this it seems a lot more dramatic then it is but basically, ive had a shit load of time on my hands and have been writing my bum off so here's the first part of this's a bit of a teaser before the full update.

Thank you so so much for sticking with me and still reading my stuff even though I haven't been updating at all for like ever, and through all my seemingly empty promises. I have a bit of the writing bug today, so let's see if I can get more up soon.

Obsessed Roswellian

Chapter 25A/N

So if you haven’t noticed or forgot because of the VERY long absence everything from chapter 22a to now is all in the same day. It’s full circle back to that journal entry…

From Chapter 22
Journal Entry 22

What was that I said about the unexpected being great? No, no sometimes the unexpected could be bad, very, very bad…

Chapter 25 Teaser

Journal Entry Continued…

After Max left, my mother properly chastised me; then, she spent the next hour explaining our new “situation,” as she put it. Apparently, my parents have been trying to work things out in their relationship. They had not mentioned anything to me earlier because they didn’t want to involve me if things got messy again. My parents explained that ever since we moved back to Roswell they have been speaking on the phone every night; and now, have decided to try and work on their marriage. They have been hitting it off again and things are in a place where they felt their relationship was strong enough to let me know.

My dad is moving into an apartment nearby and there are going to be a lot of new changes. My parents are going to be taking over the whole Crash Down from Amy, and she’s going to be expanding her store with the buyout. My mom is going to be finishing up at her job by the end of the year and the Crash will fully be “Parker property once again,” or so my father explained enthusiastically. I am happy for my parents, I really am… but, I don’t know what else to feel. This has been such a long day and all I really know for sure is that I need to see Max. The vision today was so different than before. I felt like I was living every moment and I know what I told Max was right. I saw the crash! His crash, their crash into earth… When Max healed me the flashes changed into something deeper…more intense, tangible.

I know what I saw were his memories from flying through space, landing in the desert and then something being buried. What that thing is I don’t know, but one image keeps plaguing me so I just had to draw it…


“Liz,” Max called from the alley, before climbing the fire escape.

Liz put down her journal and greeted Max at the top of the ladder with a long kiss before pulling back. “How was it?” they both ask curious about the other’s night.

“Forget it. That can wait. Uh look at this Max. I saw something when we was something being buried, and it felt like it was something...something important. It was here,” Liz said showing Max her sketch.

“I know this. This is the old radio tower by Highway 42.”

“Max. Highway 42. Isn't that...”

“Yeah. Just a couple miles from the crash.”

“Well, there's something buried there.”

“Okay let’s go,” Liz said enthused as she grabbed Max’s hand and lead him to her ladder.

“…but Liz, what about your parents?” Max asked stopping Liz in her tracks.

“Max this is so much more important. And my parents aren’t going anywhere.”

“Liz it’s okay. I can go with Michael,” Max said all too unconvincingly.

“Is that what you really want to do?” Liz asked already seeing the answer on his face before Max could reply.

“No, it’s not that…”

Liz stared Max directly in the eyes as she began her speech. There was no way she was going to allow Max’s insecurities to stop tonight from happening. “Look Max, whatever this is… I feel like I should be a part of this, like I am a part of this. We are in this…whatever this is together and, and if we are going to do this… it has to be now tonight!”

Max was so in awe of Liz that the next words slipped out as if he’d said them every day, all his life, “God, I love you.”

Liz was stunned. Caught off guard, she did not know what to say at first. Then, her stunned reaction quickly turned to that of happiness, “Really?” she questioned.

“I’ve been trying to tell you that for a while, but it never came out right… or we got interrupted. But I just had to tell you that no matter what, I have loved you since the first time I saw you in the third grade Liz Parker, and finally being able to be with you, honest and open about everything, it’s better than all my fantasy’s brought to life,” Max would have continued to ramble had Liz not stopped him with a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I love you too Max. I love you too,” Liz repeated before kissing him again. They stayed in their embrace for a while, enjoying the moment before Max pulled back.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Max said looking into Liz’s eyes.

“Which part?” Liz asked a bit confused.

“Any of it. Us, these flashes…everything that’s happened since my pen pal moved to Roswell, New Mexico.”

“We’ll believe it buddy because you’re not getting rid of me that easily. Plus, I’m not done getting back at you for all the boneheaded moves you pulled before telling me your secret,” Liz kidded as she stepped away from Max to put away her journal.

“Are we?” Max asked gesturing towards the alley below.

“Yeah, come on. Let’s Go.” Liz said following Max down the ladder.

This day is far from over yet.
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