The Island (ADULT/AU/CC) *Starting - 6 needed*

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The Island (ADULT/AU/CC) *Starting - 6 needed*

Post by madroswellfan » Sat May 20, 2006 12:01 pm

Under NO circumstances can anyone under the age of 17 read or participate in this RPG. NO if's, and's or buts...

Title: The Island

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I don't own anything "Roswell" related, "Lost" related or "Ed TV" related (The name True TV is from this movie) or anything else mentioned in this roleplay!

This is a little bit like "Lost" but not very much and its not a crossover.

Rating: ADULT

Couples: ML MM AI TK
Other couples are entirely dependant on players

True TV has come up with a new concept of a show.
They decide to make the people on camera believe they were in a plane crash, and see how they survive on a desert island.
Sounds rather dull so far doesnt it.
Which is why True TV decides to talk to the top agents in the world, and arrange for their celebrities to be on the plane. (The celebrities have NO clue whats going on.)

The island is rigged full of hidden cameras were no one will spot them. There will be around 50 people who "survive" the crash. They will think the others died...when in reality they were actors in on the plane crash and hurried off the island by boat on the other side

Max Evans - Big Soap Star
Liz Parker - Big Hollywood Movie Star
Alex Whitman - Bass guitar in big English band
Maria Deluca - International Popstar
Michael Guerin - Allstar Football player
Isabel Evans - Model / Perfume advertiser (she is related to Max and this is how she first got into the limelight)
Tess Harding - Talk show host
Kyle Valenti - Hollywood Producer

Any add ons MORE than welcome.

You make up the entirety of there backgrounds other than whats given above. They can have abused there position as a celebrity before the island (drugs, depression etc) or be totally happy or generous, or anything you wish. Each celebrity must also have a reason for being on the plane (eg, there agent told them they were going on holiday...they think there going to a gig...etc)
They can know/heard of/have no clue of the other celebrities (except Max and Isabel, obviously)
You can either go with with previous backgrounds (as shown below) or your welcome to create new ones!

In your posts you can lie to the others about your background if you want to. Just make clear that you are.

True TV want to get the public involved, by each week creating a poll to see what happens next on the island. True TV will do anything to get expect surprises. These will be done through votes.

(These won't be like tasks, and these are informal votes, probably done by PMing me...if you have any ideas please PM me :D)

Couples can be CC or UC. Totally as you want to play them.

Please feel free to add addons! There are meant to be 50 on the island after all!

Max ... ason15.jpg

Max is the star of the well known soap "Emergency Room" in which he plays the fit young doctor. He has a huge fanbase and is known as the good looking sweet guy of the Soap world.
In reality, Max is heavy smoker. He has experimented with drugs, and has recently been told he has been axed from the show. He filmed his last episode the day before boarding the plane.
Fortunitely the news of his impending departure from the show has not leaked.
Max is a ladies man, and is definitely up for a good time.
Is there anyone who can reform him back to his good boy days?

Maria ... ariaTI.jpg
Marianna Deluca became a bubble gum pop princess before she could drive. Her career has spanned over 7 years and produced 15 number 1's and she's still going strong with her sweet voice and syrupy lyrics ,but she can't help but want something more. Against the advice of her record label she has began writing her own songs and peforming them with a more grown up approach. The world wants her to remain the same innocent little girl she was when she started in the business. Although she grown into a mature and sensual woman with plenty to croon about. Unlike her stage alter ego who sings about cutsy love that goes right Maria has had no such luck. Her last boyfriend was a rather famous older man who is in a legendary rock band. He hit her so she hit him with a restraining order. He was not the first to inflict violence upon the singer. This was just the first time she fought back. She was on her way to the court hearing when the plane "crashed". Will she break her pattern or is she destined to find love in all the wrong places?

Liz ... /lizTI.jpg
Liz is a big hollywood actress. She just recently got done filming the movie "Love Truth and Lies" before getting on the plane to the Island. Liz wants to appear naive and innocent though she's far from it.

She's calmed down alot though and now she's hoping for somerest and relaxation and maybe something else along the way

Isabel ... abelTI.jpg

Isabel Evans

Isabel always had aspirations to be a famous person,be on the cover of a magazine,be the face of a perfume company.She has basically achieved everyhting she set out to do when she joined the modelling world 5 years ago.But at what cost?She has struggled with her weight,being a naturally curvaceous woman,she tried smoking to knock off the extra pounds to fit in with the stick thin women of the modelling world,also had a tryst with bulimia.Luckily her agent who is also her friend found out and insisted she get help.It is now,after recovering from it and learning to love her body just the way it is,that she decides to take a trip to the Bahamas to get away from the madness of her world,and hopefully get her life back on track.Hence she boards a plane destined for... ... alexti.jpg

Alex Whitman, crazy party goer and all around nice guy, is bass guitarist and singer in the alternative band Windows in Doorways. For two years, the band rocked out, landing a platinum record, two hits on Britains Top 40, and a huge gathering of fans. Life was good, him and his bandmates got along great, and even though they were famous in their hometown of England, they didn't lose touch with their original style. Everything was good, until one of the bandmembers let a girl take over his life and he left the band, forcing them to go on hiatus until they could get a new member. Fortunately, Alex took the time to record a solo accoustic album, and was on his way to a gig when the plane crashed. On the other hand, now he's sworn off girls, thinking they'll only lead to more problems. Maybe there will be someone on the island to help him realize he needs to change his priorities.

Tess ... tessti.jpg
For many years Tess Harding co-stared on a number of T.V series but she was never able to get a lead role. Her bad luck changed when she recieved a phone call from KBL saying that they wanted her to host a show as their old host quit on them and of course she said yes. Tess has been hosting "Tess Talk" for two years and is about to start the 3rd season. As a specail treat for her and the veiwers they are going to film the 3rd season premier in none other than the Bahamas and after words Tess would be free to do as she liked. But of course it did not go as planned and on the way to the Bahamas her plane crashes onto an island and she finds herself trapped along with 50 other people.

Michael ... ichael.jpg
In highschool and colledge he was on the football team. After years of hard work and rejection Michael finally made it on the "Tigers" and has been playing ever since. Shortly after joining the team he fell in love with one of his fans and married her. Three years and a child later they got a divorce. Trying his best to juggle raising his new born daughter and his career Michael books a plane to Las Vegas where he hopes he can unwind a little. His parents offered to take care of his daughter so everything was all planned. But what was supposed to be paradise turned into a living hell.

Marc ... awson3.jpg
Marc followed in his father's footsteps and became a doctor, but after one year of practice, Marc quit to do what he really loves...acting.
True TV immediately snapped him up as the agents had insisted on having a doctor on the island.
Marc is the only one on the island who knows that this was not an accident. He knows everything, but under no circumstances tell anyone else, as he has been told he is liable for any finacial losses on True TV's part.
Marc has a chip inserted in his ear, which allows the TV bosses to communicate with him. It is not visable.
Will Marc be able to play the game?

Daniel ... /main1.jpg
Daniel is an accountant....the agents accountant. He has been fiddling there books for years. When the agents finally caught on to him they decided for some revenge, and therefore told him they were paying for an all expenses paid holiday...
Daniel is money hungry and will do anything for it.

Fiona ... ostess.jpg
Fiona is an air hostess. She is not particularly good at her job, and has switched airlines often.
So when the airline was approached about having a hostess on the Island's plane, the bosses immediately said Fiona.
Fiona's a free spirit and wil go whereever the road...well...the skies, take her.

Hunter ... /photo.jpg
Hunter is an undercover cop. He was seeking a money counterfitter.
The True TV agents saw him at the airport and decided he looked an intresting character for there show and therefore got the airline bosses to direct him on to the wrong plane.
They don't even know who he is.

Miami ... _99993.jpg
Miama is a prostitute. She slept with one of the True TV bosses, and they decided she'd be perfect for light entertainment on the island. She has been convinced that she's won a free holiday.

Sean ... ateral.jpg
Sean is a drug lord. He had two stashes of cocaine on the plane, one in his suitcase....and the other on his person.
He doesn't normally take it himself, he likes to be in control and have others need it and therefore need him.
One of his many clients is one of the agents, who in turn gave it to one of his male actors.
The True TV bosses convince him that they know of a huge star in England who needs some, and so he travels to see them.
They want to see what happens when the drug lord meets his actor client, that for which taking drugs ruined his career.

Cassandra ... kate15.jpg
Cassandra's father is Pierre, a famous french race car driver. She is spoilt rotten.
The True TV bosses wanted a child on the show with a famous parent, so when they come across these two they quickly get the plane bosses to switch there planes.
(Pierre having being in the toilet at the back of the plane at the time, was hurried off the plane along with all the actors who filled the tail end of the plane, leaving Cassandra alone. They did not realise there mistake until too late.)

Hailey Carrington ... an/aa2.jpg
This best selling romance novelist's life is mundane compared to those of the vivacious and free spirited characters she has created. This young idealistic writer has many expectations about love and what it is supposed to be. No man has ever measured up to the high standards she has set for the position of her soulmate. Never giving up her dream to become the next Danielle Steele the naive hopeless romantic worked her way through college.

As fate would have it the imaginative brunette recieved a call from her favorite proffessor who had on a whim showed a publishing collegue her work. The elegent business woman was amazed at the young talent and signed her immediately. Not long after that she released her first book which was placed on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Along with everything she has came out with since. It seems every thing she touches turns to gold.

With her millions she could live anywhere in the world, but she chooses to reside on a small conservative ranch in the country. She thought she was on the way to a book signing when the plane "crashed". Hailey has everything she could ever possibly want. Except her gailant hero.

Max - MadRoswellFan
Liz - Zansgirl
Michael - *open*
Maria - FaithfulAngel24
Alex - *open*
Isabel - KarenEvans
Tess - MadRoswellFan *temping*
Kyle - *open*

Add on's:
Marc - MadRoswellFan
Fiona - *open*
Daniel - MadRoswellFan (DEAD)
Hunter - Fehrs'Bear
Miami - ~*Marly*~
Sean - Zansgirl
Cassandra - *open*
Hailey Carrington - FaithfulAngel24

(Anyone wishing to play one of the above add-ons please say. You can change there bios if you wish. Also if anyone else has anygood ideas for add-on's please say!)
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Post by Zansgirl » Sat May 20, 2006 3:06 pm

Can I's have Liz and Sean?
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Post by madroswellfan » Sat May 20, 2006 3:07 pm

There yours :) Would you like to keep the bios as they stand or do your own? Either is fine :D

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Post by Zansgirl » Sat May 20, 2006 3:20 pm

Da bio's are jus fine. :D
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Post by FaithfulAngel24 » Mon May 22, 2006 7:56 pm

I still want!! :wink:

I'm so glad you are restarting this! :wink:
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Post by candyGazer » Thu May 25, 2006 9:11 am

I am new to RoswellFanatics, but I have roleplayed before. Can I have Michael? And maybe Alex too?
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Post by madroswellfan » Thu May 25, 2006 1:21 pm

Absolutely :D

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Thu May 25, 2006 7:26 pm

I know I dropped out of this one, but I'd like to try again and just take Hunter, if that's alright?

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Post by ~*Marly*~ » Thu May 25, 2006 7:26 pm

Can I be Miami? :D

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Post by madroswellfan » Fri May 26, 2006 2:09 am

Absolutely, and absolutely :D

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